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Mr.Zou is polite, it s all thanks to everyone Bruce Lee said a few words rather modestly.Brother Xiaolong, what s the matter with you today A young girl next to him looked at Bruce Lee in surprise.Bruce Lee asked puzzledly, What s the matter Kexiu This is not the Bruce Lee I know.He is full of confidence.He should high cbd gummies be able to say it at this time.Then Miao Kexiu raised her chin slightly, narrowed her eyes slightly, imitating Bruce Lee in the past Said confidently, This movie will definitely break the box office record of Xiangjiang moviegoers Touched Miao Kexiu s forehead.Haha, that s right, what Kexiu said is right, isn t this the Bruce Lee we know Zou Wenhua was stunned for a moment, he was a little slow to react as a middle aged man, and then he understood what Miao Kexiu meant, and he burst into laughter laugh.Okay, finally I don t need to eat Zhang Dong stood up excitedly, and before just cbd gummies groupon he could say a few more words, the nausea hit his throat again.One day today, Li Guohao waited for Zhang Dong to go all over well known tea restaurants and dim sum shops such as Mong Kok in Tsim Sha Tsui, and tasted all the very popular pastries in the market.I found that these things are more authentic, although they may not be as delicious as later generations, but they also have a special flavor.It s like peanut candy and wife cake, both of which are very traditional, without much change in taste, and each family s craftsmanship is different, and the taste is also different.But in later generations, these two things have been played out.Various flavors of wife cakes and peanut candies, although deviated from the traditional taste, but also just make these pastries adapt to the growing innovation of modern society.In fact, the first prize ticket was not given to Zhang Dong to pretend to claim it.After all, the relationship between high cbd gummies the two families is so close that it is easy for some neighbors to suspect it.So he thought about it, and put the first prize ticket into the box.Just because you can put it in, it doesn t mean you can t do some tricks, for example, stick the first prize ticket on the top of the closed box with transparent tape.Under normal circumstances, no one would pay attention to this.This person was able to win the lottery, most likely because the scotch tape was not sticky enough, it fell off, and he happened to be able to touch it.Li Guohao took a step forward, stopped the excited young man, and said with a smile, Congratulations to this big brother for winning the first prize, a TV set worth 1,000 Hong Kong dollars.Seeing that Li Dexiao actually had the tendency to rebel, Li Huifang immediately slapped the table and roared loudly to consolidate her position.Mom and Dad, I m going back to accompany Grandpa first Seeing that his mother Li Huifang was going to make a big move, Li Guohao ran away in a hurry.When I left the tea restaurant, words like My wife, I was wrong, please save me came from behind me from time to time.Chapter 15 Maiqi Decoration Company Guohao, Dad agrees with you to open a shop there, you must do it well, understand the strongest cbd gummies Facing Li Dexiao who was in pajamas, looking at the biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews thick dark circles on his eyes, Coupled with his messy beard, Li Guohao suppressed a smile, nodded and agreed, Don t worry, Dad, I will take care of it.It biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews turned out that Li Dexiao was banned from going home by Li Huifang last night, and he was left alone at the tea The restaurant spent the night alone.Li Ji s Palace is in full swing here Dim Sum, but the Rongji Bakery, which is an old fashioned store tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies opposite, is empty.Xiao Sun, Xiao Sun, come here quickly Rong Bingcai looked at the Palace Dim Sum across the road, and saw the queue at the door like a long queue.While feeling angry and anxious, he was also very angry at the employee who reported the letter before.What s wrong with Master Rong Seeing that the big boss was angry, Xiao Sun was also cautious, for fear of offending the other party.Didn t you tell me that the opposite side is a coffee shop Why is it open now It s a pastry shop Did you tell me that the opposite side sent me to numb me Rong Bingcai shouted angrily.To be honest, if the opposite shop has not opened yet, Rong Bingcai will also carry out promotional activities on the day when the shop opens, and let the two shops high cbd gummies compete to see who has more regular customers But the opposite party has already opened, and some nearby residents and white collar workers have been attracted by the promotional activities of the other party.Then it s better to be careful, the money has to be deposited in the bank every day.I know, I ll go back to the bank tomorrow.This doesn t need to be reminded by Li s mother, Li Guohao naturally knows that he is thinking about another thing at cbd gummy bears 5 pack this moment , that is to open a branch.That s right, the new store just opened on the first day, and he was thinking about opening a second chain store.In fact, according to Li Guohao s original idea, it is to see how the store s income is.If the income is good, he will probably open a second branch in a place a month after the store opens.But the world is unpredictable, and I didn t expect the business on the first day to be so good.Although I don t know what the future will be like, it gave Li Guohao confidence that Xiangjiang in the 1970s had the ability to spend.I know, it s just a little uncomfortable.Li Huifang had heard her son explain the current situation in the store before, and now seeing that the business has really declined, she felt a little empty.After all, yesterday s profit was 130,000.Everyone else s business is getting better and better, but their own store is doing well, and the business is going from bad to worse.By the way, I almost forgot.I heard A Dong say today that you are going to open a second branch Are you in such a hurry to open a new branch Will there be any problems Li Huifang asked worriedly.It s okay, it s still the same as the store we are opening now, with a membership system, basically we will quickly gather funds in a short period of time, and then we will rely on this money to open the third store and the fourth store In this way, In less than a year, there will be pastry shops opened by our Li family in the entire eighteen districts of Xiangjiang.Li Guohao laughed and said, It s fine if I don t tell Manager Mai, but I m a little thirsty.Why do you think it s so dry today Go upstairs and rest for a while Zhang Dong was very sensible, and immediately turned around to pour water.Li Guohao was very satisfied with Zhang Dong s actions, he couldn t help nodding his head and said, Well, you re so good Watching Zhang Dong leave, Li Guohao suddenly thought of Zhao Yazhi, and he didn t know what she was doing at this time At this time, the Zhao family.Sister, what are you doing A Zhen, the younger sister, looked at Zhao Yazhi who was sitting motionless on the stool, and asked curiously.Zhao Yazhi came back to her senses, glanced at her younger sister and said, What are you doing Ah Zhen could clearly see that her sister s expression was not the same as before, and tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies asked, Are you thinking about the Doctor Huang that your mother is introducing to you For the word doctor, Zhao Yazhi frowned obviously, No, don t mention these three words in the future.

Training here for half a month, of course, there is no salary for this half month.There were more than a dozen applicants before.Knowing that training is needed and there is no salary, more than half of them left, leaving only five.Shangguan Xiaobao and his assistant managed to squeeze in, and when they saw Li Guohao in the glass wall behind the cashier, he was about to tell the cashier to call the boss, when he turned his head and looked at him.Congratulations, Ah Hao I wish you the best of luck in opening your new store Shangguan Xiaobao stepped forward to congratulate him when he saw someone walking out.Li Guohao smiled and said, Brother Yuan, why do you have time to come over hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español today Didn t you say yesterday that you would visit all the newsstands and bookstores in Hong Kong to check the sales of Kung Fu Panda Yes, today is not only the opening of the Central store The day is also the day when Kung Fu Panda is sold.After Zhang Dong sat down, he suddenly remembered an incident during the day, and asked with some concern, By the way, Ahao, there are always some young and Dangerous boys wandering around the No.1 store recently, staring at tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español the store from time to time., Do you think someone will be watching us Young and Dangerous Li Guohao frowned, Since when did it start Those young and Dangerous boys who slashed and killed people in the street were as simple as eating, and the 60s and 70s were the most rampant period for the evil forces in Xiangjiang.I only discovered it in the morning, and a little girl in the store reminded me that she said that when she stood at the door every day these days, she often found some people dressed in special standing at the bus stop not far away.At first She thought she was waiting for the bus, but that person has been standing there for the past few days, not getting on the bus, just looking at our store, so she told me about it in the morning.On the contrary, some parents who dote on their children are looking around to see if such a palace pastry really exists. nathan.A large truck stopped at the entrance of Li Ji Palace Pastry Shop.Zhang Dong walked out suspiciously, and saw Li Guohao get off the car.A high cbd gummies Dong went in and asked someone to come over and help, and move all these in Li Guohao called out.Hearing the sound, the employees in the store came out one after another.What s in it Zhang Dong looked at Xiaorengao s box and asked suspiciously.A Bao doll.Muppet Why did you get so much money I said how did you spend the money so fast It turns out that you were wasting it everywhere.Zhang Dong curled his lips in dissatisfaction.No wonder he always felt that the money in the store was spent too quickly.The two stores have collected at least one million in cash so far.No, you are wrong.If a good company wants to develop, it must have a welfare system.As I said before, this is a way to cultivate employees sense of identity with the company.If the benefits are good, the employees will be happier.Work hard high cbd gummies in exchange for corresponding benefits.Li Qiang said this, pointing to himself and giving an example When I worked at McDonald s in the United States, I only worked for a few months and got the corresponding benefits., do you know what I thought at the time My thought was that this company is very humane and treats its employees so well that you can participate in the travel activities organized by the company after only a few months of work Zhang Dong retorted You are in the United States The company organizes tours, you are completely calm cures cbd gummies overthinking, what kind of company is McDonald s, and what kind of company are we How can we compare with McDonald s Xiangjiang also has McDonald s, and I also have friends there Why didn t I hear him say that he has these benefits after doing something Your friend works HCMUSSH high cbd gummies at McDonald s, maybe it s just a part time job, and the salary is calculated by the hour.After all, there is a market for cartoons these days, but they are basically offline, that is, Copyright Peripherals.Unless you make animated films, show them in theaters, or become world renowned like Disney, it is difficult, not impossible, to make money purely from animation.Li Guohao suddenly thought of copyright, and thought of another thing In fact, there is another cooperation method, but I don t know if high cbd gummies TVB is willing.Wu Guohua asked curiously What cooperation method We can sell it to TVB at the cost price, but I hope Uncle Liu can help me sell the copyright of Kung Fu Panda to Southeast Asia and other countries.Selling the copyright to other regions and countries is the main source of money for most Hong Kong films.It doesn t matter whether you make money locally, as long as you can recover the cost, and then sell the film copyright to the island countries, the Gulf, the Bangzi country, and Southeast Asian countries, you will make a lot of money.Such an idea, and I also told myself that at this time, the second boss intends to expand the store, naturally it is to fulfill Brother Rong s wish.I agree with Boss Rong s expansion of the store.I have enough manpower here.Recently, a few people have come to the store as apprentices.It is completely possible to open a store in the same way as an old master and a newcomer.But getting a loan from a bank, isn t that a bit of a problem Adventure I m going to take a one time loan of two million In addition to occupying the rest of the Kowloon Peninsula, I m also planning to open branches in Xiangjiang Island and the New Territories.Two million Boss Rong, Master Rong knows about this Master Wang was shocked.I ll tell him later, the main purpose of calling Master Wang this time is to ask you to take charge of the affairs of the Xiangjiang Island branch.When he searched for Japanese and Korean instant noodles on Taobao, he found a seafood flavored instant noodle.The global market for instant noodles is huge, beyond imagination.Not to mention the whole world and the mainland, but Xiangjiang and Taiwan, instant high cbd gummies noodles are a huge market.When watching old Xiangjiang movies, Zhou Xingxing made movies, and there were scenes of instant noodles many times.This also shows that the sales and popularity of instant noodles are still very high among the lower level social workers.Li Guohao picked up an orange on the table, peeled it, put a piece of orange flesh into his buy cbd gummies australia mouth, and said vaguely Grandpa and grandma natures only cbd gummies stop smoking are spending Chinese New Year at Uncle s place this year Li Huifang nodded and said, Yes, at Uncle s place.Chinese New Year, by the way, when we were in the third year of junior high school, we were going to Taiwan to pay New Year s greetings.

Dinglingling A series of hurried phone rings rang in the store.The employee in the store answered the phone Hi, hello, this is the palace pastry.I, this is the Nathan Road branch, I m looking for Boss Li Trembling voice.Boss, the store on Nathan Road is looking for you The employee shouted at Li Guohao who was helping store manager Wang in front.Li Guohao put down what he was doing, walked quickly to the bar, picked up the phone on the table and said, Hello Boss, I m Xiao Min, something happened in the shop, come here quickly Xiao Min can cbd gummies help sinus problems listened Hearing Li Guohao s voice, unconsciously, his eyes turned red and tears flowed down his face.What s wrong, Xiao Min Why are you crying Hearing Xiao Min s cry, Li Guohao asked anxiously.Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomy After all, she was only a seventeen or eighteen year old girl.According to Xiaomin, when the door opened in the morning, the layout of the store was still the same.In this way, it was obvious that an acquaintance committed the crime, and he was very clear about the layout of the store, so it was so smooth.Throw it into the baking high cbd gummies room with the mouse.Therefore, Li Guohao was already 90 sure that it was the conspiracy of Liu Dafa and Rongji.In the afternoon, the Department of Health sent a message saying that there was nothing wrong with the pastry, the quality could be guaranteed, and it did not violate the current food safety regulations.Li Guohao, who got the news on the spot, also let out a long sigh of relief, and then notified Xie Hong and the TV station that contacted Li, trying to get them to send reporters over for interviews.In this day and age, there is no internet or self media.I heard him say that he planned to send them in the afternoon, but his girlfriend came to him in the morning and let him He went home with her in the afternoon, and happily left early.Hearing that Mai Xiaomin asked Zhang Dong to accompany her home in the afternoon, Li Guohao smiled and said, It seems that we will drink Zhang Dong soon.It s the wedding, this kid won t tell me Li Guohao was aware of Zhang Dong s affairs before, but recently because of Rongji s affairs, he was so noisy that he didn t have the time to deal with it, and now he heard the news , I am also happy for Zhang Dong.Haha, it s about the same.When will you drink Boss Li where can i buy clinical cbd gummies s wedding wine Li Qiang asked with a smile and glanced at Li Guohao.Me It s still early Don t worry, you are so old and don t have a girlfriend yet.Li Guohao is not ready for marriage, let alone has no girlfriend, so why talk about marriage I m not in a hurry.I discussed with the chairman before and decided to set up a product technology department, hire some pastry chefs with unique insights into pastry, and develop new pastries.I believe everyone knows that the rose wife cake was invented by our chairman.A novel stuffing.We authorized the signboard to others, what if that person makes trouble, or the same problem as Rongji happens Xie Honghe asked.Our marketing department and the franchisee management department that will be established next will be fully responsible for this.Li Qiang added Next, our company will establish a franchisee management department to be responsible for the training and guidance of franchisees.As well as all the business and other issues.For details, you can take a look at the document just sent out, which has a detailed franchisee business model.Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads and looked at the manuscript in their hands.Franchise business model.The franchisee model, I believe readers should be aware of it, is a way to pay the franchise fee, and then the company will send a special person to help you open the store.Start by looking for a high cbd gummies storefront and analyze whether the location is profitable.Some powerful companies can accurately analyze the average daily revenue of the selected store.After that is to guide the decoration, machinery, production and baking technology.Clatter In an instant, the sound of paper flipping sounded in the meeting room.Li Guohao leaned over to Li Qiang and asked, Brother Qiang, do you buy stocks What Do you want to buy stocks Li Qiang replied in a low voice.Well, I have a certain way to make money, but I always feel a little scared.After reading the manuscript, only a handful are still watching it.There is only one way of franchising our palace cakes in Xiangjiang now That is franchising, what is franchising, I believe you already know it before you come here, I will not say anything here.If you choose to join our company, that is Agree with the future development of our company and have the confidence to achieve a new business.In principle, our company s plan in Xiangjiang is to open a total of 18 pastry shops, yes, that s right, only 18, which belong to In 18 districts of Xiangjiang.Our company has already opened eight branches, so there are only ten stores left for you Boss Li didn t say that before We have so many people here now, ten stores Isn t it too little A man with a thick beard said a little dissatisfied.Someone took the lead, and the rest of them naturally opened their mouths and said, That s right, Boss Li, we have at least 30 people here, and there are only ten stores.Shen Long time no see, Boss Li.Madam Shen nodded politely, and said, I m very greedy for the palace cakes made by Boss Li., especially the new dim sum you mentioned today.Big Brother, is high cbd gummies this the palace pastry opened by Papa Goose Arjun stepped forward and asked curiously when he saw that the person who came was the boss.Li Guohao glanced at He Chaoqiong in surprise, and then caught a glimpse of a mixed race girl beside him.He thought to himself that it should be the two young ladies mentioned earlier, nodded and smiled and said, Yes, this is the palace run by Papa Goose in Kung Fu the best cbd gummies for depression Panda.Cakes, the pastries that appear in comics, we have them in our store.Look, sister There really is a palace pastry opened by Papa Goose, and you lied to me before that there is no such thing Arjun raised her head and looked at He Chaoying complainingly A long time ago, Aqiong asked her sister if Xiangjiang had palace cakes, but Aqiong said no.

In addition to the retail space on the first floor, the second floor is a leisure place similar to a coffee shop.There are four boxes, namely the couple box and the party box, and the rest is the public leisure area, biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews and there are also a lot of tables and chairs for entertaining customers to rest and chat again.As soon as he entered the box, He Chaoqiong shouted excitedly Wow, my sister has a lot of dim sum I is kelly clarkson selling cbd gummies saw a variety of Chinese dim sum on the table, at least more than 50 dishes.All of them were made by Li Guohao himself.It took him more than four hours to make these thirteen dim sum dishes, and the rest were filled with dim sum made in the shop.Looking at the snacks on the table, He Chaoying was also surprised by the scene in front of him There are indeed quite a few Although there were a lot of desserts at the banquet, most of them were in quantity, and there were only a dozen varieties at most, but there were more than fifty dishes in front of them, and none of them were heavy.The surname, right I know it s great.Zhao Yazhi said cautiously.Zhao Yazhi doesn t really believe in that Master Dong, but she agrees with what he said in her heart, um, it s probably about marriage.After all, most girls have never tested their marriage, whether it s temples or later generations.of some test sites.Yeah, I see.Li Guohao smiled helplessly.The two walked around Temple Street, and it was already lunch time.Are you hungry Li Guohao asked.A little bit.Zhao Yazhi rubbed her stomach.She didn t eat anything when she was in the teahouse before, so she was naturally a high cbd gummies little hungry after walking around for so long.Then let s go eat something.Li Guohao pointed to some vendors not far away who were pushing small carts to sell food on Temple Street during the lively festival.Little boy, do you want a bowl of chicken wings Seeing Li Guohao and Li Guohao approaching, a grandma asked enthusiastically.You have also seen that many things like pastries can be reformed and innovated.This snowy mooncake has abandoned the traditional baking process of mooncakes in the past and adopted a new technique, so when you are researching new dim sum in the future, you can completely Learn from western pastry, and you can change it appropriately.Li Guohao has a lot of new pastry making methods in the future, many of which are very different from the present, but he can t take them all at once, so the company will have high cbd gummies no problems.innovative mind.I ll go and learn about the process of making pastry.Huang He nodded.Western cakes are not very common in Xiangjiang, and most of them are Chinese dim sum.There are also pastry shops, but the price is much more expensive than ordinary dim sum, which is not affordable for ordinary people.What You are not welcome The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, and I have prepared a gift kanha cbd gummies review for you After speaking, Cai Lan smiled and raised the two boxes of snowskin mooncakes in her hand Yishu s home.Dongdong Here we come.Yi Shu opened the door, only to see a young man standing at the door, frowning and asking, Who are you Hello, is cbd gummies organic matter is this Ms.Yi Shu s home The young man He looked at the paper in his hand and asked.Yes, I am.Oh, I am delivering things for someone.After finishing speaking, the young man handed over the packed box in his hand.Yi Shu took a look, and there were four large characters of Snow Skin Mooncake written on it Ming Pao newspaper.Mr.Jin sat in the office and was about to look at today s incoming documents when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a box of moon cakes biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews on the table.Snow skin mooncakes Mr.Jin looked at the mooncakes on the table curiously, and shouted keoni cbd gummies reviews high cbd gummies towards the door, Xiao Liu.What s wrong with Mr.Jin The secretary Xiao Liu outside the door came in and asked.Who put this mooncake here Oh, this was sent by Mr.Cai before.You went out for lunch at that time, so I high cbd gummies helped put it on your table.Cai Lan Well, it s Mr.Cai Lan.Chapter 135 Liu Peilin s ambitions are all over Xiangjiang, most of the newspapers, weekly magazines, etc., Li Guohao sent people to send snowy mooncakes to them one by one, and also discussed with them about advertising in the next week things.For this Mid Autumn Festival event, Li Guohao has made great efforts to promote it.company.Dingling bell Hello Li Guohao grabbed the phone handle.Ahao, I m Cai Lan.The person on the other end of the phone is Cai Lan.Moon cakes are instant, ready to eat.That is to say, the best selling time for most mooncakes is during the Mid Autumn Festival.Moreover, the shelf life of moon cakes is not very long, so it is best to eat them within a few days after buying them, otherwise they will deteriorate after a long time.In order to prepare for this Mid Autumn Festival, Liu Peilin put in a lot of effort.He not only rented two factories in Xiangjiang Island and Kowloon at a high price, but also started making mooncakes two weeks ago.At that time, the production volume was not very large.After simply sending them to those shops for sale, the sales volume was very good, and they were all sold out within two days.As soon as Liu Peilin gritted his teeth, he decided to increase investment and manpower.Thousands of moon cakes to cope with this Mid Autumn Festival.Chapter 137 Dudu Yuen Long Bus Station.A group of commuters are waiting for the bus.One person asked Did you read the Ming Pao yesterday Why didn t you read it The man said Mr.I haven t finished writing yet, how could I write a new book so quickly, besides, the day after tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, isn t it normal to write an article about Mid Autumn Festival But Before he finished speaking, I only heard the rumbling, rumbling sound, which shook the sky and resounded all around.People near the bus stop looked sideways.I saw a refrigerated truck coming from a distance, and then a One after another followed closely.Toot There are too many 200 refrigerated trucks, and they stretch like a long dragon.It just so happens that this road is the only way to go to Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island On the road, the refrigerated truck drivers tacitly honked their horns all the way to avoid accidents.

Looking at Ah Qiong who had gained a lot of weight, Li Guohao smiled and said Miss He wants to eat, you can come to our shop next time, a lot of new cakes have been released recently.nod.Zheng Jiachun said Ahao Aying, I have something to high cbd gummies go first.Yeah.After Zheng Jiachun left, He Qianjin asked Boss Li was planning to open a pastry shop in the Macau Casino Not bad I plan to let Ms.He be the general franchisee of Macau Palace Bakery, and all the business of Macau Palace Bakery will be handed over to Ms.He in the future.Li Guohao nodded, this general franchisee is equivalent to the general agent of later generations, representing a region brand.The business of Macau Palace Bakery Franchise Store is quite good.Relying on the exquisite and delicious dim sum, it has also opened up its popularity in Macau.Miss He, you re here too.Boss Li.He Qianjin greeted, and suddenly said, We don t allow female companions inside.Li Guohao frowned.Zhao Yazhi hurriedly said It s okay, Ah Hao, I ll just wait for you outside.He Qianjin also said Why don t Ms.Zhao sit in my room for a while Ah Qiong is also a little sleepy.Zhao Yazhi glanced at Li Guohao , Seeing him nodding slightly, he agreed Then please trouble Miss He.At this time, Huo Zhenting and super cbd gummies website Zheng Jiachun also came up together, and after seeing Li Guohao, they took him into the conference room together.Soon, the conference room gradually became more crowded, with about thirty people.A middle aged man in his fifties, wearing a suit and greasy hair, walked to the center of the conference room.Everyone here is Zhou s close friends, or the younger generation, and some new friends.This movie was also a starting point for Li Guohao to go to Guangzhou to learn Cantonese tea.It will cost a lot of money to hold such a large pastry contest Wang Zhengdao This is much more than the cost of advertising in newspapers and TV To hold a game, at least there must phone number for cbd gummies be preliminaries, group matches, semi finals, finals, championship matches and other messy events.What s more, since it is a competition, there must always be a bonus, and others are not willing to participate if there is less, and it is not worthwhile if there is too much.Who said that competitions have to cost money Li Guohao smiled.There are many competitions in later generations.Not only did they not spend a dime, but they also made a lot of money by relying tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies on competitions.But you still have to try it out.Huh It doesn t cost money to host the competition Wang Zheng asked in surprise.Okay.Wang Zheng sat down and said, According to what you said before, President, I have changed the content and made some expansions.Well, tell me.Li Guohao was not angry at Wang Zheng for modifying his own content.After all, he was only briefly speaking based on the content of some competitions in later generations, which may not meet the requirements of this era.At first I thought that Li Guohao would be a little angry, but looking at him, he didn t seem to care at all.Wang Zhengcai let go of his heart and said Previously, President, you said to open 18 districts, but there are only seven or eight really developed areas in Xiangjiang, and there are so many districts.There is absolutely no need in the district, and the traffic is also developed now, if you want to participate in the competition, you just need to take a car and register, and then pass the preliminaries.Where did you see it No, I have never been to the United States.Aqiang, do you still remember that Guo Haomin from the year before last Uncle Chang asked.Remember, that Chinese doctor.Li tribe cbd gummies Qiang nodded.When he first came to the United States, he heard many local Chinese talking about this man named Guo Haomin.Damn this brat, you really hurt us Uncle Chang cursed loudly when he said this.Is it still the problem of MSG Yeah Not long ago, the news admiral said MSG was very serious.He also said that MSG can cause developmental delay in teenagers, hair loss and memory loss in adults, and he even said MSG.The harm is huge.It also gave the so called Chinese restaurant syndrome to the so called people who got sick from eating MSG No one dared to come to the Chinese restaurant for those foreigners who made it Even the Chinese in Chinatown, many people don t want to come I don t use monosodium glutamate when I eat in restaurants.Thinking of the first time he heard chicken essence in his previous life, he also subconsciously thought it was made of chicken, but in fact, after becoming a chef, he was bored and used the condiment After looking at all the recipes on the website, I was surprised to find that the proportion of chicken is only 1 , the remaining half is salt, and the other side is monosodium glutamate.But it is undeniable that once the chicken essence comes out, the subsequent major restaurants , Basically, this is the main reason.After all, there are a lot of seasonings in chicken essence, and the taste after adding it to food is much better than monosodium glutamate.Open a chicken essence factory Make chicken essence After thinking about it, Li Guohao shook his head and said I don t have time to do this now, let s talk about it later.One star good restaurant worth stopping by two stars first class cooking, excellent food and wine pairings, worth the detour, but not cheap three stars perfect and consummate cooking, Worth making the trip for biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews superb food, a good selection of house wines, impeccable service and superbly refined dining, but it will cost you a fortune.The chef is the same.Samsung selection.In a word of arrogance, if Michelin praises a person who has just learned cooking skills as top notch, then no matter whether the cooking of this person is delicious or not, he will definitely become the object of competition among many restaurants.Of course, this is just a joke, Michelin will not smash its own brand.In the same way, the main purpose of Li Guohao s establishment of such an association is still to influence, and now it is only in the pastry industry, or Xiangjiang.

Let s leave this matter for now.After all, when the contract was signed, it was indeed stated that the price should be re priced according to the market situation.In order to obtain a lower ex factory price of flour, Li Guohao also signed this contract to change the price according to market conditions, otherwise he would not have signed such a stupid contract.Yes, I see.Luo Bin nodded.After Luo Bin left, Gu Qianqian who was next to him said at this time Chairman, Maxim s Cakes will open in about three days.Here are their total stores and addresses.So soon Half an hour Are all the renovations done Well, they have people from Landmark Real Estate to help, and the renovation speed is much faster than the normal renovation time.Gu Qianqian handed the report to Li Guohao.Li Guohao cbd gummies concord ca took the report and turned to the first page, only to see that Maxim s Bakery had opened new stores in many important neighborhoods in the Kowloon Peninsula.But this is still too little, let alone opening franchise stores in Southeast Asian countries, we do not have this raw material resource.Before, I was planning to ask the flour mill, but the sudden price increase at this moment was caught off guard.Gu Qianqian said.This is a problem Li Guohao high cbd gummies tapped the table high cbd gummies lightly.The main reason now is that the background of the palace cakes is too bad.There are not many good alternative flour suppliers.Now there is only one flour factory, so they have cbd vegan gummies strawberry champagne 300mg raised prices now.He couldn t refuse.Li Guohao said No matter what, when you go out later, talk to Manager Xiong and ask him to try his best to keep in touch with those who are interested in joining.As for Maxim s Bakery, you should also pay more attention to it.By the way, discuss with Manager Xie about some promotional activities recently.Chapter 183 Earned 100 million the next day.Li Guohao went to the certification company.Some time ago, Du Deye had reported to him about the stock price of Xiangjiang Antenna, but Li Guohao had gone to the United States before, and Du Deye could not contact Li Guohao, so he called again yesterday.Mr.Li, you really don t think about keeping it for a few days You have to be clear that the current stock price changes every day, and it is rising every day.Xiangjiang Antenna stock is a high quality stock.Even at such a high price, many people think You can t even buy it Speaking of this, Du Deye looked at the latest stock price sent by the staff just now, and said Just now, in one morning, it has increased by another 50 cents.It has increased by another 50 cents. Li Guohao said in surprise That s already 40 yuan Calculated from the stock price, it s more than 90 million Du Deye himself was surprised, the company was really optimistic about this stock at the beginning, so it recommended it to Li Guohao.Sir, you just threw out the garbage.We are the cleaning brigade.I hope you will come with us and be judged On both sides of the road, desperately ran to the opposite side.Several people from the cleaning brigade looked at each other, thinking whether to chase.At this time, reporters and photographers from TVB also ran over.Huh The female reporter took a long breath, glanced at Li Guohao who ran to the other side of the road, and saw a few people from the cleaning brigade standing there, and shouted What are you doing here Why don t you hurry up Chase Yeah, high cbd gummies but we re just doing a publicity campaign, and that person just now doesn t seem to be the person we arranged before, so it s not very good to catch up.One of the cleaning brigade said with a frown.He had just seen Li Guohao s appearance clearly just now, thinking that he must have mistaken the person.When the female reporter heard that it was not someone who had been arranged in advance, her eyes lit up, and she hurriedly said, Isn t this just right Here is a living example.After the TV broadcast, let others understand that no one can litter Several people from the cleaning brigade stood there in embarrassment.They took a closer look at Li Guohao biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews s clothes and attire just now, and they knew that he was not an ordinary person.If he offended a rich man because of this matter, the loss outweighed the gain.When the female reporter saw that the people from the cleaning brigade couldn t pass by, she stomped her feet, but she had no choice but to turn around and continue to let the camera follow the garbage bugs who were entangled with several other cleaning brigades gallop all the way.Finally, on a street where even Li Guohao himself didn t know where he was, he stopped running, panting heavily, leaning his right hand on the wall beside him, and muttering pantingly What the hell is this Just now Li Guohao was afraid of being a bad person, so he thought of countless thoughts at that time, robbery Kidnapped Torn tickets The speed at which he ran away was simply killing Liu Xiang Bolt in seconds.Hearing this, Li Guohao immediately looked at You Jinjie with admiration. TVB.Sitting in the office, Shao Daheng watched the shooting status and ratings of some TV dramas recently.Dongdong Come in.Fang Yihua walked in slowly, and seeing Daheng Shao opened his mouth, he said, Brother Six, Li s TV station is the final of the pastry competition tonight.I I know.Shao Daheng raised his head and glanced at Fang Yihua, and asked, What will we broadcast later Dong Xiaowan Fang Yihua thought for a while and replied.Shao Daheng pondered for a while and said Recently, the ratings of several programs of Li s TV have surpassed ours.Do you have any good ideas The TV station best cbd thc gummies for pain 2022 is not very good at TV dramas, we have Shaw Brothers behind us, we are much better than them in terms of resources, connections and actors.Introducing people is a relatively common thing.At this time, many housewives like A Lian, who heard others say that the stock market makes money, rushed to the stock exchange to open an account to buy stocks.In fact, these people are worse than Li Guohao , Even the stock is half knowledgeable. the other end.Li Guohao hired Ni Xingqing as his personal financial advisor.The reason for hiring the other party was not because of the stock market crash, but because I usually didn t manage my personal property very well, so I thought about finding someone to advise me.There is also good news from Jin Jiashi, saying that the flour mill on the Wanwan side has let go, and biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews it will not be long before they agree to their quotation, thereby reducing a certain cost.Ninety percent of the flour business in Xiangjiang is occupied by Xiangjiang Flour Mill and Nanshun, and only 10 percent, or even less, is for some large how much is uly cbd gummies international food raw material suppliers.

You must know that Xiangjiang is very close to Southeast Asia, and the shipping and transportation are extremely developed.Whether it is import or export, it will make a lot of money The current stock price of Nanshun is about 60, and the market value is hovering around 700 million Hong Kong dollars.This is because Nanshun announced the soaring price after acquiring the Xiangjiang Flour Mill some time ago.It was only in the hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español 40s before.Regardless of whether it is based on the current stock price or the stock price before the soaring price, Li Guohao has no ability to acquire Nanshun at all.500 million and 700 million are both sky high prices in Li Guohao s view.Selling him may not be able to raise so much money.But if you know the stock market crash in the near future It would be easier to buy the shares of Nanshun Group by taking advantage of the stock market crash.The daughter is very familiar with it, and she high cbd gummies smiled in the name of the younger generation at the bay park cbd gummies mayim bialik moment.Yes, sit down and chat.Bao Daheng said with a smile, calling for everyone to sit down and chat.I heard that, Li Sheng, you want to take away Nanshun s shares from me Bao Daheng is very direct and busy in business, so usually small businesses should be resolved as soon as possible.This time, if it wasn t for Li Guohao s request He Qianjin, I m afraid I might not even be able to meet him face to face.Mr.Bao, you are being polite, just cbd gummies stress and anxiety call me Ah Hao.Haha OK, Ahao.Li Guohao also nodded with a smile when he heard Bao how long does cbd gummies take to kick in Daheng calling himself Ah Hao, and said Yes, I really want to buy Nanshun s shares from Mr.Bao.I don t know why you want to buy Nanshun s shares, Ahao As far as I know you seem to be in the bakery and food business.They have already fallen to this point, and everyone did not expect to be able to To recover costs, or to make money, the big deal is to hold stocks for a longer period of time, and it may rise after half a year or a year.To put it simply, an item was originally worth 100 yuan, and it was not sold at 50 yuan.When it fell to 10 yuan, everyone didn t care whether it was sold or not.Anyway, it has fallen to this price, so keep it in your hand high cbd gummies Let s wait and see.Jin Jiashi said Boss, in fact, you don t need to acquire Nanshun s entire capital.You now hold more than half of the stock, and you can completely control the power of the company.I know.Li Guohao nodded and said I have also thought about only controlling Lam Soon, but there are still many plans to be implemented in the future, it is better to spend more money now and fully acquire and delist On the one hand, Li Guohao plans to acquire Lam Soon, In addition to making flour, try to make some raw materials for catering, ranging from vegetables and fruits to small ones such as rice, oil and salt.Although he liked the role of King Kong played by Xu Guanjie very much, it didn t mean he could tolerate the other party s attitude.He snorted in his heart.Xu Guanwen also noticed that Regarding the situation of my younger brother, I heard Li Guohao snort again, I didn t know the relationship between that Miss Zhao and Li Guohao just now, so I was afraid to offend the other party, so I hurriedly said Ajie Hearing Xu Guanwen s words, Xu Guanjie just came to his senses and quickly withdrew his gaze.Cai Lan was also very dissatisfied with Xu Guanjie s unreasonableness, and his original good impression was greatly discounted in his heart, but after all, he was the person he brought, so he had no choice but to try to calm down Ah Hao came to you this time because of something.I want to trouble you.At this time, Father Zhao walked into the kitchen from the living room with a teacup and was about to pour water.Seeing Mother Zhao walking back and forth there, he asked curiously What is my wife doing Is the meal ready Eat, eat, eat, you will know how to eat Zhao s mother gave Zhao s father a blank look, and then said That kid, Ah Hao, proposed to our girl what Father Zhao was surprised and said, Really hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español Dad, it s true.I heard it at the door just now A Zhen said with a smile on the side.After Zhao s father heard it, he patted the back of A Zhen s head, and said speechlessly You girl, you still go to listen to the corner, who did you learn from Mom told me to go Ah Zhen said aggrievedly.There was a bang.Zhao Yazhi s bedroom door was opened.Hearing the sound, Zhao s mother hurriedly said Ah Zhen, go out and greet my sister and them to watch TV.Angrily, William put down the newspaper in his hand, glanced at Cao Xiujie, nodded slightly, and said, Well, the land in Pok Fu Lam will be completed as soon as possible, and the project of the new garden community will start this year.Yes.I will move the pasture as soon as possible Let s go, by the way, Chairman, does Dairy Farm s Wellcome supermarket need to be merged into Hongkong Land s supermarket Cao Xiujie asked.William pondered for a while and shook his head and said, No, the Wellcome Supermarket is still under the milk company.At the end, William remembered the biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews matter of Nanshun Group and asked, What s going on with Nansun Did Hongkong Land acquire one third of their shares Yes, we did plan to acquire Nansun s shares to increase our deployment in the catering industry, but at the time newspapers and news were reporting on the stock market crash, and at the same time it was mentioned cryptically that it was because Our acquisition of the milk company led to the stock market crash, so we did not take too many actions at that time, but, who would have thought of killing Cheng Yaojin halfway Cao Xiujie was also very depressed, the pressure of public opinion at that time was indeed too great Almost all the stockholders in Xiangjiang were severely damaged due to the stock market crash, and some high cbd gummies cbd miracle gummies even committed suicide by jumping off a building, and ran to the stock exchange with a gas tank, demanding that the stock exchange return their money.What kind of underworld, what is Infernal Affairs, what is lame man, Li Guohao has watched these movies, and he also understands that the evil forces in this era are extremely rampant.In the 1990s, even the son of Li Jiacheng, who was the richest man in HCMUSSH high cbd gummies Xiangjiang at that time, could be kidnapped Let alone ordinary people.Traveling back almost three years, Li Guohao was thinking about his own cbd gummies ky personal safety, the safety of his parents, and the safety of his girlfriend for the first time.What s the use of spending so much money You can t always count on others high cbd gummies to help you The first time he returned to Nanshun, Li Guohao called Jin Jiashi to come and see him.Jin Jiashi knocked on the door, and the secretary in the room, Xiao Liu, also stepped forward to open it quickly.This high cbd gummies cbd gummies relax is a female secretary newly recruited by the company.

An ordinary pastry chef who works in a small shop on weekdays, and then accidentally saw the advertisement for the pastry competition Li Guohao said that the idea of this new movie is completely based on the original pastry competition, almost an alternative movie According to the advertisement, if this kind of movie is left in the future, it will almost be a movie that hits the street to the hometown.A lot of other stuff, like using tai chi when making pastries and flour, or putting in an element of comedy.After Xu Guanwen heard Li Guohao s idea, he immediately understood that the other party didn t actually want to make a movie, but just promoted his company from the sidelines.Gourmet movies, not to mention the global film industry, but in Xiangjiang, it is almost the only one in the world.Later, he got full attendance rewards.Almost everyone can get it every month.To nearly 1200 or so.This is high cbd gummies already considered a very high salary in Xiangjiang.Even some contracted actors of TVB and does purekana cbd gummies work Shaw Brothers are only two to three thousand yuan a month, and some unknown ones are even less.Although the flour mill is a food factory, but because of the problem of flour, there are always some workers who will inhale a little bit from time to time.Even if HCMUSSH high cbd gummies they wear masks, it is inevitable.Inhaling too much dust is not good for the body, so in terms of wages It is also relatively high, almost around 1500.It s about a thousand yuan.The salary of ordinary workers in the Nissin Instant Noodle Factory was more than one thousand yuan before.I was paid by the management, and I got more than three thousand yuan a month., As for the remaining nine of you, if you are willing to participate, stand aside, and if you don t want to, stay where you are.The five people who were selected were first happy, and they didn t consider Li Guohao s last words for the time being.Only pay attention to the previous salary and personal treatment.The remaining nine people look at me and I look at you.One of the men who said before, A good boy is not a job , was also the first to step over and stand beside him.After that, several people walked out one after another, but only three people remained in place.Glancing at the only three people left, Li Guohao smiled and didn t say much, but said to Chief Zhou, Boss Zhou, there are only eleven people left.Thank you for your help this time.In that case, Mr.Li, I estimate that a large number of people will be eliminated in the next batch.Mr.Something.Yu Weicheng hesitated for a while, then asked anxiously.Is it a security company I m already looking for someone to prepare, and I m also looking for someone to arrange for the training base and office building, but I need some of you to help with the training base.After all, my people are not familiar with training these things.I don t really understand.Li Guohao smiled.Regarding the matter of the security company, Li Guohao is planning to strip off a portion of the land he bought in the New Territories and use it as the company high cbd gummies s training base.He has already thought about it, except for the people recruited from the secret team this time.Train as many ordinary people as possible to form an industrial chain, just like the Blackwater company I saw online.At the end, Li Guohao suddenly asked curiously, Among you, can you choose four who are the most able to fight and the most conscious Although there are some personal resumes in the file, but the real situation, it is best to have a look.When she was about to take a break, Zhao Yazhi happened to be drinking tea and eating there.hehe Come in then.Looking at Zhao Yazhi who was so angry before, Li Guohao also guessed what the other party was thinking, and couldn t help laughing.Zhao Yazhi also blushed when someone noticed her inner thoughts.I made a big fuss over a molehill.Miss Zhao is here.Watching Zhao Yazhi enter the door, He Qianjin greeted with a smile.Hi Miss He, are you busy How about I go out first No need, I ve finished talking.Since Ms.Zhao has something to do with Mr.Li, I won t bother you.Let s go first.He Qianjin stood up, smoothed the wrinkles on the clothes and said goodbye to Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi with a smile, then turned and opened the door and went out.Li Guohao sat down on the boss chair, took Zhao Yazhi s hand and let him sit On his lap, he also asked in a rather ambiguous posture, Why See me chatting with Ms.He alone and getting jealous No.How can I be jealous if there is nothing Zhao Yazhi raised her head arrogantly, and shook her head, expressing that such a magnanimous person, how could she be jealous of such a small matter.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi is so cute, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing, and then secretly kissed her He sneaked a kiss on the left side of her cheek, leaned into her ear and whispered, Since you don t like it, then next high cbd gummies time I won t meet Miss He alone, okay.Hearing her lover s voice and the warm breath coming from the bottom of her heart, Zhao Yazhi s face turned red, and she lied in Li Guohao s arms.She turned her head and gave him a coquettish look with her big beautiful eyes, Okay.Chapter 243 The old society called Xiangjiang Banshan Villa District.Since Li Guohao bought how long for cbd gummies to take affect this villa, he called Zhang Dong and asked him to send someone over for renovation and maintenance, and asked Zhang Dong not to tell Li Guohao about this.Zhang Guangming is just annoyed, afraid that he will be fired.After all, the boss has a better candidate.I m a lot of age, what really happened, my arms and legs may not be able to compete with others.Okay, I ll find out later Sit down well, what do you look like.Li Huifang pulled Li Dexiao and asked cbd gummies for male enhancement reviews him to sit down properly.Now that her son s status is different, she felt that the second elder should not embarrass her son outside. Asheng, what s going on with the security company and the base Li Guohao asked.Chen Sheng turned his head keoni cbd gummies reviews high cbd gummies and said, Boss, Zou Yu and a few people at the base have been following the construction team recently, and the company Zhang Bowen, Tong Liqin and others are also formulating new bodyguard rules according to your instructions, boss.Well, as soon as possible.

Without me Order no one to stand up, otherwise don t blame me There were seven people in this operation, except Brother Qiang and a younger brother who drove a van and followed Li Guohao s car, there were four people here, and one person was On a secluded wharf in Kowloon, where there is a dilapidated tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies diesel boat.For the kidnapping of Li Guohao this time, they have already prepared complete countermeasures.As long as Li Guohao himself can be caught, a group of people will sail across the sea to the slums of Macau for a few days, and then they will call Li Guohao s home or company, let them prepare the ransom.Damn it, who told you to shoot Raptor walked over quickly with a submachine gun and a gun in his arms, slapped Vietnam Boy, and cursed angrily.Vietnam boy was slapped in the face and the whole person was stunned.high rise residential buildings.We over the mountains Li Guohao was stunned.Just now I called the police station.I think the police station should send police to help.Pok Fu Lam Village is too small.When I came in, I took a look and there were only a few dozen families.Well, as long as those people search one by one, they will be able to find us very quickly.When the time comes to block the door, we will not be able to follow.We have to run up cbd gummies for copd reviews the mountain to have a chance biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews to escape Then let s go Hearing Chen Sheng s words, Li Guohao also felt that it made sense.Although the barren hills behind were not big, they were dense enough to biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cover people s tracks.In addition, the mountains were not conducive to chasing, so the three of them had more hopes of escaping Brother Qiang leads the team himself, with a charge in his hand.Damn it You actually entered the mountain Brother Qiang snorted coldly, and then a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, We are strong in finding people in the mountains and forests With a wave of their hands, the six of them rushed up the mountain The Mid Levels police station closest to Pok Fu Lam Village also sent more than a dozen police officers to support, because it was mentioned that the gangsters were armed with assault guns and other high cbd gummies cbd miracle gummies heavy weapons, and the police officers also rarely brought anti riot equipment.These were only used during the 68 riots, and they have been piled up in the police station for ash in the past few years.Are you the village chief of Pok Fu Lam Village The chief of the police station looked at the panic stricken villagers in front of him and asked.Yes.I am happy to think that I can actually have a chance to win.It s thanks to Master Wang s craftsmanship Li Guohao let out a long breath.If he didn t have Master Wang s skill in making sugar figurines this time, so what if he made a candy skin, and he wouldn t know how to make it.Thinking of Master Wang, Li Guohao realized that he hadn t seen him all day, and asked, Where is Master Wang Why didn t I see him today.Sitting on the other side, Chang Xiaotu said Master Wang, he seems I m still resting, and I really exhausted Master Wang yesterday. It seems that Master Wang may wake up at night, you go and prepare some food, and when Master Wang wakes up, warm it up for him. I Got it.In a villa in London.Anna, a blond beauty, was watching a BBC TV program.After the program reported on the pastry competition, Anna suddenly exclaimed Come on, Ma Rui The man called Ma Rui came over after hearing the news, What s the matter dear.so much Li Guohao was keoni cbd gummies reviews high cbd gummies stunned for a while, and asked quickly, Why are there so many people joining Maybe it tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies s because of the business of other franchise stores.Well, you ve been busy with the affairs of this group recently, so you may not know some things about the company.So far, we have more than 50 franchisees in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other places.Each franchisee has almost recovered the cost of the store within three months, and now almost all of them are making pure profits.This leads to more people wanting to join our company.After almost half a year, relying on some of the original overseas business of Nanshun Group, more than 50 franchise stores of palace pastries have been opened in various countries and regions.The unique decoration style and novel palace pastries are also the reason for these Franchise stores have formed a trend in the local area, tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies and the business is booming.He just stood on the second floor and watched Zheng Jiachun play with the friends he called.He was not familiar with those people.If he was playing downstairs, some friction would be difficult to deal with.He Qianjin today He was wearing a skirt, and he didn t invite any girls high cbd gummies to play today, so he didn t end up.Seeing Zheng Jiachun s sweaty and dirty appearance, he laughed and said, I said that it s rare for Brother Zheng to see you.You look so embarrassed.Ha ha It s fun.There are no places for leisure and entertainment on weekdays, except for the racecourse and the nightclub.Zheng Jiachun said with a hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español smile.He heard Zheng Jiachun pointing to Li Guohao and said, I said, Ah Hao, the place you repaired is too small.It only takes me a few minutes to run back and forth At this time, the live action shooting game site was only two acres in size.These things pile up There are already a lot of people in one place, and they have already had conflicts of interest with many companies.If they set up a soda factory again, they will offend more people.You must know that the largest soda factory in Xiangjiang now belongs to Lijia, and Lijia is an old brand in Xiangjiang.Rich family, TVB TV station is jointly opened by Lijia and Shao Liushu.Lijia is the high cbd gummies dominant position, and the sixth uncle is just a dickhead.Li Guohao frowned, looking at Huang Yaohua s uneasy look, remembering that he learned about his family background when chatting with him.It is clear that if the other party directly refuses and hits the other party, if the other party agrees, the group will be too complicated, not only difficult to manage, but also difficult to transfer personnel.

This beauty pageant is a reminder to me.In the future, if we are a TV station or Shaw Brothers and need new actresses, we can choose from them.I know this.I will tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies sign an agreement with the contestants of the Miss Beauty Pageant, that is, they are not allowed to sign any acting contract with any film company or individual during the competition.Fang Yihua nodded, she still understands this.The Miss Xiangjiang Contest is the first large scale event program held by TVB.It can be said to be the only one in the whole Xiangjiang.None of these contestants who can compete for the title of champion is ugly.Of course, ugly ones are not eligible to be contestants.Because they are all beauties, and the TV programs have gained a certain popularity, if they are not guaranteed, the film company will intercept them halfway.Grandpa was not interested in the beauty pageant, so he HCMUSSH high cbd gummies went back to his room early to rest.A family of three rarely have time to sit together and watch TV.A Zhi is still beautiful in a cheongsam Seeing Zhao Yazhi s figure on TV, Li Huifang looked at her daughter in law happily and smiled.Li Dexiao nodded, In the past, Xia Meng was also very beautiful in cheongsam.When everyone was young, there were more or less dream lovers, and Xia Meng, as one of the most eye catching movie actresses of that era, Naturally, she is sought after by many middle aged and elderly men, even Mr.Jin is not immune.It is said that the heroines in many of Mr.Jin s novels are based on Ms.Xia Meng.Huh When Li Huifang heard the name Xia Meng, she immediately glared at her husband.Li Dexiao shrank his head and said, Of course, my wife, is the rating on cbd gummies for the whole thing you look better in cheongsam.Although he has defeated many karate masters, it does not mean that he has no sense of accomplishment after defeating one.He is still very happy to teach these arrogant guys a lesson how long does a cbd gummy take to work The small hundred people gathered in the martial arts hall cheered for the winner one after another.Immediately, there was a warm applause in the martial arts hall.Seeing Bruce Lee s gesture of HCMUSSH high cbd gummies victory with his hands raised high, Li Guohao asked Kimura Takezhi next to him Brother Xiaolong used to Is it so fast to solve it with others This is really too fast.Li Guohao thought that at least it would be a back and forth fight.He believed that Bruce Lee would definitely win, but a minute should be needed.He never thought that he could solve his opponent in just a few seconds.No.Takeyuki Kimura shook his head and said I learned Jeet Kune Do from high cbd gummies my master a long time ago.HSBC Bank has branches in the United States.It is completely possible to withdraw money across borders, so there is not much problem in exchanging US dollars.the next day.On the eve hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español of the opening of the New York Stock Exchange in the morning.Ni Xingqing came back from the bank.Boss, the money from HSBC has arrived.Ni Xingqing said with a sullen face.Hmm Li Guohao nodded dully.He sent a fax to Di Yimin yesterday, and he only had about 20 million Hong biolife cbd gummies hazel hills cbd gummies reviews Kong dollars, which was not enough at all.There was no other way, Li Guohao could only find a way to contact Shen Bi from HSBC, and asked him to take a loan of 100 million Hong Kong dollars.finally.Shen Bi still loaned another 100 million Hong Kong dollars to Li Guohao, and told him that if he didn t repay part of it next month, maybe the HSBC headquarters would send someone directly to Guohao Group to collect the debt.Li Guohao only needs to work a little bit and choose a few well known industries in the future, such as real estate, entertainment, computer, Internet, etc.can become The man on the world s richest list.However, Li Guohao hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español has a wish, or an idea from time travel, that is to become the most powerful catering giant in the world It s just a dream.The question now is how to spend the money.Li Guohao no longer cares about the interest in the bank.Chapter 304 Maxim s Restaurant Opens After about an hour.It was past four o clock in the afternoon.The car slowly drove to the door of Li s villa.Zhang Bowen quickly got out of the car and pressed the doorbell on the wall outside the gate.In a moment, less than thirty seconds, the electronic lock of the gate opened automatically.Li Guohao, who was sitting in the car, was taken aback.At this moment, Li Guohao suddenly saw Li Guohao taking out the diamond ring again, his heart was agitated, and his eyes rolled out.Why are you still crying Li Guohao looked at the beautiful woman crying and pitiful, and couldn t help but sit on the bed and help her wipe away the tears.No, I m just happy.Zhao Yazhi laughed through tears.Seeing Zhao Yazhi crying and laughing at the same time, Li Guohao went in without knowing it, and his mind was a little confused.Placing her head on Li Guohao s lap, Zhao Yazhi said softly Ahao.Zhao Yazhi immediately sat up and stared straight at Li Guohao, wanting to see what he would high cbd gummies say next.Having never seen Zhao Yazhi s cannibalistic expression before, Li Guohao swallowed and said, This is just a ring for you.If it is a wedding ring, I will buy you a bigger and better one It s not too bad Zhao Yazhi suppressed the joy in her heart and pretended to reluctantly agree with Li Guohao s answer, tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies but the beautiful arc drawn at the corner of her mouth revealed her truest thoughts.Okay, now that we ve finished talking about the palace cakes, let s talk about the national hero Nanshun Li Guohao changed the topic and mentioned Guohao Nanshun, the only company he has wholly owned at present.Most of the employees here are left over from the previous Nanshun, and there tom selleck cbd gummies high cbd gummies is still some lack of emotional ownership.This is also the reason why Li Guohao held such a large scale company meeting, in order to stabilize the hearts of these people, and let them know that they don t have to follow the emperor from the beginning Chapter 317 The culture and core value high cbd gummies of Guohao Group An hour passed.Li Guohao talked a lot, from the palace cakes to the newspaper office that is being organized recently.In one sentence, the development of the subsidiaries within the group has been steadily increasing, but there are still many shortcomings and areas for improvement.

Okay Yes, I have also talked a lot, let s go back to the topic at the beginning, why I was in a daze.After Li HCMUSSH high cbd gummies Guohao finished talking about the group s past two years, he changed the topic to hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español his own daze at the beginning.He said Before I said why I was in a daze, I believe you all remember it.After that, he said again What kind of company is our Guohao Group Speaking of this, we must talk about the group culture and core values.The concept of corporate culture existed in ancient China a long time ago.Of course, some concepts in ancient times and modern times must be different.The ancients paid attention to five character business training, which are It is the innate wisdom and the foundation of business the land is the acquired practice, and it is based on integrity human beings are benevolent and righteous, know how to choose and reject, and pay attention to a gentleman loves money, and get it in a proper way Ghosts are scheming, flexible techniques, and can turn hands into clouds, cover hands into rain.What What s the matter, Lingling Li Guohao glanced at his cousin Li Lingling, who has been in Xiangjiang for more than half a year.Perhaps because of the soil and water, her skin is much better than when she first came to Xiangjiang.Can I ask you something After finishing speaking, the cousin secretly glanced at the aunt who was playing mahjong.Let s talk. I I don t want to study anymore, I want to go to your culinary school to learn how to make pastry.Li Guohao frowned and asked, Is it your own idea high cbd gummies Ok Facing this unfamiliar cousin, but with an adult air, Li Lingling nodded weakly.Thinking that her cousin seems to be only 16 years old and has not graduated from the sixth form, Li Guohao asked again Why don t you think high cbd gummies about it read I don t think I can continue to study.I didn t study very well in Wanwan.When I came to Xiangjiang, many textbooks have different knowledge points, so I couldn t continue to study.Li Guohao said earnestly Then you have to study.There is no future in learning pastry.If high cbd gummies it weren t for the fact that he was tired of reading in his previous life, and he had traveled through forty years and had an extraordinary memory, I m afraid Li Guohao would still choose to study.Then cousin, didn t you also start with pastries step by step Li Lingling said unyieldingly.Seeing what his cousin said, Li Guohao rolled his eyes at her speechlessly, I m different.If it s useless to learn pastry, then what kind of chef school do you open Hearing this, Li Guohao sighed helplessly.Indeed, in his opinion, learning to be a chef is definitely not as good as studying.This may be a habit developed by later generations.Tour guide Zheng slowly introduced the current underground black boxing in Thailand That s why I said, Boss Li, you are here on time.It s time, now is the day when all the boxers in Thailand come to Bangkok to compete, and today should be the day when the Chiang Mai boxing champion will compete with the Prachinburi boxing champion.Is it life or death Li Guohao asked curiously.Yes, but there are very few now.In the past, the winner was determined by the death of one side.Now, because more and more people come to watch the game from abroad, coupled with gambling, the organizers of the black boxing can earn a lot of money.More.There are fewer and fewer black fighters, so now it s just a matter of which side admits defeat first.But there are also life and death ones, and that kind is endless.Lao Zheng has been in Thailand for more high cbd gummies than 20 years, working as a tour guide It has been more than ten years, and it is not for nothing.At noon, they finally arrived at their destination.It s really not easy to come here.In the temporarily rented village house where the company was stationed in Roi Et Mansion, Li Guohao took off his coat regardless of his appearance, and fell directly on the floor high cbd gummies cbd miracle gummies of the wooden house to lie down with Ge You.No way, we have been in Thailand for more than three months, and there are more things suitable for planting in Roi Et Province.In addition, there are no hills and forests here, and most of them are wilderness, so it is convenient to plant and harvest.Chen Xuewen smiled and finished, and said Chairman, this room is rented to you, and everyone else is around.If you are tired, take a shower and rest for a while.The environment here is not good, there is no shower, you can only Make do with the water in the bucket for dry cleaning.A group of people stayed in the meeting room smokiez cbd gummies for more than three hours.It is suggested that food factories produce some lower high cbd gummies priced foods, including the low end food market.Some people also suggested to ask the people in Dalian to find a way to hazel hills cbd gummies reviews put it on the shelves again.Anyway, various suggestions gave birth to various problems.I was busy for several hours, but I didn t discuss why.It s fine to talk for a little longer, Huang Yaohua and the others are fine, although they got up early, they slept through the night yesterday, but Li Guohao really couldn t bear it anymore.No, let s open our own supermarket At the end of the discussion, Li Guohao got angry and slapped the table fiercely.At the time when the people from Nanshun got stuck in the flour, Li Guohao was thinking about swallowing the elephant in that situation.Look, I m just sitting and waiting.I I m not nervous, I just feel that time passes too slowly, it s not even eight o clock yet Li Dexiao stammered nervously and retorted.Li Renzhong looked at all this with a smile while stroking the beard on his chin.The situation at home is getting better and better, which means that the family is getting more and more prosperous.The Li family used to be in Anyang in the inland area.The local big family, just collapsed due to the war, can now regain their prestige in Xiangjiang, reopen their ancestral business, and show signs of catching up with the past, which makes Li Renzhong laugh from ear to ear.Yes, today is keoni cbd gummies reviews high cbd gummies tea The preparations for the opening of the restaurant started at the end of last year.It took about three months from site selection, decoration, and staff training.

Well, boss, don t get out of the HCMUSSH high cbd gummies car. I know.Since he was almost kidnapped last time, Li Guohao has cherished his own life very much.This bulletproof car was bought abroad with a lot of money.It s not because he didn t go to ask in person.It s mainly because it s best not to Going down, maybe the other party has accomplices or something.After going down, Ajie whispered a few high cbd gummies words in Chen Sheng s ear, only to hear Chen Sheng say to the man who stopped the car What do you want from our boss My name is Huang Yulang, brother bodyguard, you can tell Mr.Li that he will know.Seeing hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español high cbd gummies that there was a turning point, Huang Yulang spoke instantly.After hearing this, Ajie turned and walked to the side of the car.Li Guohao rolled down the window and asked, What does he want He privy peach cbd gummies said his name was Huang Yulang, and he said that you would know the name as soon as you heard it.Okay, then I ll hang up.A blind voice came are cbd gummies legal in rincon georgia from the microphone, Li Guohao was obviously stunned, and a helpless smile crossed the corner of his mouth, Sighing in his heart, Zhang Dong was his only good friend when he first started his business and opened the store.But now, hazel hills cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies viagra en español except for the hundred day banquet or the birth of a child, I will be notified of happy and good events, and basically I will rarely call to find myself, let alone sit down and chat, drink tea and count the money In fact, Li Guohao didn t have the idea of despising or unwilling to make friends with friends who had no money in the past when he became a rich man, but Zhang Dong couldn t help himself thinking this way, who is the reality of this society.After contemplating alone in the company for a long time, at the end, Li Guohao called Zhao Yazhi who had just left, told her about Mai Xiaomin s child s 100th day, and asked her to help prepare a gift.provide funds and solve their board and lodging problems, and provide every graduate student with an opportunity to start a business. In this short period of three years, he has done things that countless people would never be able to do in a lifetime, not only in He has achieved superhuman achievements in his career, and he is also obliged to improve the social high cbd gummies environment and actively participate in social services to take on his social responsibilities He has made indescribable contributions to motivating many young people in Hong Kong to be proactive in hugs cbd gummies their personal careers and social services With the spirit of role models He He is the chairman of the Guohao Group, the chairman of the Palace Bakery Company, the chairman of the Child Friendly Charity Foundation, the chairman of the Chinese Food Promotion Association, the chairman of the Chinese Pastry Promotion Association Li Guohao Mr.After listening to the three people s words, Li Guohao glanced at Cartier.I saw Cartier s head Alan Sike hesitated for a moment, thinking about Xiangjiang s business, and then he gritted his teeth and said We at Cartier now have the world s largest pink diamond discovered in South Africa in 1938.If Mr.Li needs If so, we can help Mr.Li make the best jewelry style.Xiao Liu, the secretary on the side, swallowed subconsciously after hearing the pink diamond, she had never seen this legendary diamond with color.Pink diamond Upon hearing that it was a pink diamond, Li Guohao became interested and couldn t help asking How big is it 53.9 carats In order to be able to intuitively show the size of his own pink diamond, Ellenske rummaged through the photos he brought, and handed the photo of the largest diamond to Li Guohao, saying It is twice as big as this one Twice as big Li Guohao looked at the huge diamond in the photo, and heard that it would be doubled in size, and asked in surprise Is it so purekana cbd gummies near me big yes Seeing that Li Guohao was interested, Alanske continued This pink diamond is the largest one in the world so far.The Government of Hong Kong Li Guohao muttered in a low voice.Did the chairman hear something The government intends to issue a third TV license Well, I heard someone mentioned that the government intends to issue a free TV license.In the afternoon with Wen Guoyang While drinking tea at the Peninsula Hotel, I heard people at the next table talking about TV licenses, and they talked about it in a colorful way, which made Li Guohao think of the third TV station in Xiangjiang and the fastest bankrupt TV station, Jiayi TV Station.Speaking of Jiayi TV high cbd gummies Station, it can be said that it opened with glory and closed down sadly.TVB has made a large number of actors popular, and Jiayi TV Station has also done the same.The TV programs it has produced include Legend of high cbd gummies the Condor Heroes and The Legend of Condor Heroes.Li Papa Immediately there was warm applause in the venue, and the applause of thousands of people resounded in the hall.Li Guohao, who was at the farthest end of the stage aisle, heard Shen Dianxia calling out his name, and walked slowly with a little nervousness HCMUSSH high cbd gummies and expectation in his heart.On the stage.A white shining light shone from above the head, and the eyes of the audience were focused on Li Guohao.Being watched by thousands of people, Li Guohao did not increase his tension, but gradually eased his original nervous mood.After calming down, he walked towards Shen Dianxia slowly step by step with a smile on his face.After arriving at Shen Dianxia s side, Shen Dianxia followed the procedure and asked with a smile Li Sheng, are you happy today Happy Very happy.Are you happy Happy Very happy.I love you In an instant, the emotional women in the venue burst into the warmest applause of the wedding with tears in their eyes.And Zhao Yazhi cried like a little cat, throwing herself directly into Li Guohao s arms, and burst into tears Seeing the bride crying like a child, Li Guohao was also excited and patted her on the back with a doting smile.I remembered the brief exchange between the two when they first met, the pretend boyfriend as clich as a romantic drama, and then Competing with the blind date All kinds of clouds and smoke from the past hang in my heart.For high cbd gummies the first time, Li Guohao felt lucky and happy about his time travel.I m so envious.If I get married in the future, I will definitely have such a grand and romantic wedding.A young girl high cbd gummies about 20 years old was wiping tears from the corners of her eyes, looking at the couple on the stage full of longing, feeling With this romantic atmosphere, the whole person was melted.

However, the New Territories Real Estate Company sent high profile personnel to every street to notify the acquisition of New Territories Real Estate from door to door, and informed them to participate in the acquisition meeting of New Territories Real Estate.This also alarmed Superman Li.Seeing this, Li Chaoren knew that there was no way to make the acquisition quietly, so he had to call Ma Zhengkang back high cbd gummies and ask him to go to Yuen Long Town to hold an acquisition meeting, but the time was after the New Territories real estate acquisition meeting.Chapter 592 Hot Acquisition Scene In this acquisition conference, Zheng Jiachun has great ambitions, and wants to sign acquisition contracts with all the residents and residents at once today.For this reason, two activity plans were specially formulated.Aunt Zhang, did Aunt Zhang hear that The premium per square foot is 20 I m afraid your family s thousand square foot mansion will make a lot of money this time If you agree or disagree, the rest of the matter will naturally be left to the chairman and the general manager and staff under him to make arrangements.after an hour.Buddy Films.Under the leadership of Xu Guanwen, Li Guohao walked to a small movie theater run by the company.Modern Bodyguard has finally completed editing and dubbing after half a year of filming.Originally Hui Guanwen sent out an invitation and hoped that Li Guohao could watch it, but he had no hope.After all, so many films have been completed in the past, and Chairman Li Guohao has never been here a few times, except for the first one at the beginning, and never again.Zhao Yazhi smiled at Li Guobang and Wu Xiaohua with a smile on her face.Li Renzhong noticed this and also shouted Ah Zhi, come quickly, let me introduce you to Grandpa and Grandpa.Immediately, Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi s hand and walked over.Grandpa and the others saw Zhao Yazhi with a big belly, and they all congratulated Li Renzhong for becoming Grandpa Zeng again, which made Li Renzhong laugh out loud and overjoyed.Chapter 697 Thirty years later, Bao A County must have more rooms than Li s Villa in Xiangjiang.Even one room is more than enough for one person.With the help of Mother Li, Aunt Huang, and Aunt Zhang who just came back, a room was prepared for everyone.The meal that was supposed to be eaten in the morning was forgotten until noon because of the arrival of the crowd.In the afternoon, several old people were a little tired because of the boat and car ride, so they went upstairs to rest early.If the improvement is unsuccessful, the set meals will be withdrawn and replaced with new ones.These are just technologies related to eating, and other technologies, such as fresh keeping ohmic heating technology, high cbd gummies canned fruit processing technology, dried nut processing technology, quick frozen product processing technology, lactose free milk technology, etc., which have been researched in the laboratory, Guohao Group are all under development.It s just that these are just the heroes hiding behind the scenes, and it s the delicious delicacies that really come to the market.After all, when everyone is eating canned fruit, no one thinks about how long it will take to make a bottle of fresh and delicious canned food, and the technical content involved In a hurry, the time came to January 1982.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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