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Musician, to be honest, have you ever talked about a girlfriend Sister Chen, why would you think of asking this Han Zhaoyang was surprised and subconsciously stopped.Looking at the document just issued by the Political Department of the Huayuan Police Station, Chen Xiujuan, an employee of the Huayuan Police Station, said impatiently If there is, there is, and if there is no, there is no.Hurry up, I m busy.No, really not.No, just right, Zhou There is a blind date event on the second floor of the Royal Court Hotel at 9 00 a.m.on Sunday, organized by the District Youth League Committee, and I will help you put your name on the report, besides you, there are Guan Xiyuan and Wu Wei, so how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit remember to go when the time comes.Blind date Han Chaoyang thought it was very funny, but it would be nice to have how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit a chance to see beautiful women, but thinking that that villain Wu Wei would also go, he immediately said, Sister Chen, I really want to go, but can I get away The police department can t Liren, if you really go, the leader will criticize you if you don t know.

The Qian Da Chess and Cards Room facing the street was equally lively.It was only 7 30 in the evening, and more than a dozen automatic mahjong tables were filled with mahjong players.Qian Da was busy making tea for the mahjong players The two cabinet type air conditioners have been turned on to the maximum, and the innermost table is still screaming hot.Qian Da put down the kettle and hurriedly went in to move the fan The plan was better than a change.He thought max sex cbd gummies he would be able to close the net in the evening, but stared at him all afternoon, and the two male suspects never returned to Factory 527.The female suspect, Huang Qiuju, had how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit dinner alone, changed into a loose nightgown after taking a shower, with a mobile phone hanging around her neck and a small bag in her hand, chatting with an old lady waiting at the gate of Factory 527 and came here Mahjong parlor.

After not fishing for a long time, Han Chaoyang was very childlike.He fished with Mr.Tai s spare fishing rod for ten minutes, and when he put it down, the fish would bite the hook.There will be one here for a while, and Uncle Lei and Mr.Tai will continue to harvest.Although they are not big, and the largest is no more than two taels, they are all wild, and eating fish is not as fun as fishing.An instant sense of accomplishment.Uncle Lei yelled that he came to the right place.Mr.Tai decided not to withdraw his troops if he didn t catch five catties today.They had a great time fishing, and Han Chaoyang couldn t accompany them here.He once again told them to pay attention to safety when fishing and on the way back.Wash your hands by the river, take a bus on the side of the road and go home.Go early and come back not too late.

The landlord himself has to go together, and he has to take the rental house to record and register.In other words, it is not so easy for them to get a residence permit smoothly, at least in Chaoyang Village.Xu Hongliang would not explain these things to them, and while walking to the second room, he continued Please cooperate again and take a photo at the door of the room with your ID card.What photo Execution For official business, please cooperate, and it will be ready soon.Xiaojing, the patrol team, took out his mobile phone, asked the two to stand holding their ID cards, and snapped two consecutive photos.Nowadays, humanized law enforcement is emphasized, and street leaders and working group leaders have considered it comprehensively.If they want to move people, they must find ways to solve the problem of where to move.

If I don t stay how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit with the suspect, the superiors will have to skin me.This is a matter of principle and cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit should not be treated as a joke.The problem now is that he controls the initiative, and everyone listens to him Seeing him signal Captain Tang to get on the where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies co pilot of the official car that escorted the suspect, Han Chaoyang didn t dare to hesitate any longer, and hurriedly said, I ll go, I ll escort you with me.That s right, get in the car quickly.Thinking of the police station As people were rushing here, Director Cai raised his head and shouted again Qirong, Xiaotang, let s walk down the East Street, with double flashing lights on at all times, we must follow closely Repeat offender, Director Cai didn t panic.He checked the rearview mirror to make sure that the people from the police station did not catch up.

Law enforcement must be humane and not accident prone, so I went around in and out, and arranged all the old, weak, women and children waiting for punishment to be blown on the air conditioner in the conference room.The security brigade of the sub bureau and the people in the institute arrived.The instructor didn t come, but Deputy Director Xu, Lao Hu and Yang Tao came together.Han Chaoyang really wanted to go up and say hello, but he thought that there were so many street officials, community officials, village officials and people waiting for punishment in the yard.It was so embarrassing and shameless, I just pretended not to see it and continued to patrol the crowd.Officer Han, how much is the fine A sun umbrella in front of him was suddenly lowered, and a delicate and familiar face appeared in front of him.

I called Factory 527, and they are already ready.Our security guards will be able to move in this afternoon.Director Cai also coordinated with the street office and the street units, and arranged to move in at noon tomorrow.There is a construction site on how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit what do cbd gummies do reddit Changfeng Road, and the construction party agrees that we will be responsible for the security, so you take some time today to meet with the project manager with Lao Jin, and try to sign the security service contract.How to support people without money is indeed a business.Han Chaoyang agreed without hesitation Yes, this afternoon, I have time in the how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit natures only cbd gummies customer reviews afternoon.Then there are official vehicles and law enforcement vehicles on the street.The superior requires all buses to be equipped with GPS positioning.Anyway, the superior is more and more serious about the management of public vehicles.

My cousin is a classmate, she often went to my uncle s house to play when she was a child.Your sister in law also met her father yesterday, and the white haired man gave cvs cbd gummies for sleep the black haired man, it s really pitiful.As the first policeman to arrive at the scene, Didn t know anything about the case.Han Chaoyang was very embarrassed by being asked these two stop smoking with cbd gummies days.He kept trying to understand the case, so he couldn t help asking Captain Tang, who do you think she will offend HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit I am several years older than her, and she is a girl, so it was impossible to play with her when I was in school.Later, I joined the army, took an examination in the army, and worked until I changed jobs.If it hadn t been for her accident, I wouldn t even think of her.What about sister in law, does sister in law know her well Your sister in law and I don t usually go back to our hometown, and your sister in law doesn t know her very well, only her father.

The exit rate of the suspect is very high, and it can be confirmed that there is no time to commit the crime Someone will ask her about other things later, Han Chaoyang took his mobile phone back to the community police office, and nodded slightly with Team He.He Yichang was somewhat disappointed, worried that the suspect would notice something, and continued to ask about the details of the loan fraud while the iron was hot.The first step is to get a complete set of information.Jiang Huaiyu glanced at Grandpa Gu again, and said anxiously That is, ID card, bank card, mobile phone number, as long as you want to buy these, you can buy them online.The cheap one is one thousand three four, and the expensive one is two thousand.I am worried that those ID cards have been used and that there are problems with those ID cards, so I generally don t cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al buy them online.

For grilled sausages and meat skewers, Su Xian has always laughed at herself as a neighborhood committee aunt who doesn t care if she is fat or not, and asks the boss to add everything that can be added, and even asks the boss to add more peppers.Snacks are also eaten with relish.After eating and drinking enough to see that there was a stall on the opposite side, he went shopping at the night market.Huang Ying didn t send Su Xian to the neighborhood committee until after seven o clock.The opportunity is rare, Su Xian naturally won t just let her go.He forced her to get out of the car, opened the back door of the police room and said with a smile, Come on, come in and have a look, come in and have a glass of water together.What s there to see Just stay with me.What the finance office said, Huang Ying suddenly thought about what the unlucky guy was doing, tightened her shoulder bag and smiled, Okay, just take a look, it seems that I haven t gone in yet.

The girl was married early and was already the mother of the child the second time was when she was in junior high school.One, don t blame me this time, I was seduced.The daughter of the brick and tile factory manager Yang wrote me a love letter.I was young and ignorant.I held hands with her.Yes, it s also cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit physical isolation, and how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit I was transferred from class one 1 to class one 4 Chapter 148 Leniency for Confession 2 What about the third time The third time You can t blame me Han Chaoyang felt that this explanation was not intuitive enough, so he took out his phone and opened QQ, found the photos in his how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit mother s QQ space, pointed at himself when he was a child and said with a smile See, I was very handsome when I was young, He is not trolli cbd gummies only handsome but also has both civil and military skills.

Lao Song turned on the light and was about to call the boss, but found that the boss s bed was empty.Several workers sat up and looked at the three of them blankly through the mosquito net.Er Gui, where s Boss Xia He was still there just now, did he go to the toilet This bastard either ran or hid.Han Chaoyang took out his police phone and walked downstairs, dialing the contractor s mobile phone, as expected, the guy really turned off the phone.Hello, who is in charge here, who is the project manager Han Chaoyang ran to the steel pipe guardrail fixed with fasteners, took out a flashlight and shined it on the management personnel below and asked.What s the matter, who to call I m Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.There are workers on your construction site who are in the hospital for emergency treatment.

The task force has just divided up the work in the blue jay cbd gummies afternoon.Deputy Chief He and Bureau Feng in Dongguang are responsible for investigating the drug case, and Chief Xi Hongbo is responsible for the murder case, but the murder case involved When it comes to the drug case, the identities of the two suspects suspected of killing Qiao Xianhong s family of three must be kept absolutely secret, otherwise they will not be escorted out at night to identify the scene, and they will have to wear hoods cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al when they come out.The special case team has the discipline of keeping secrets, and even the leaders of the original unit are not allowed to speak nonsense.Liang Dongsheng didn t want to disappoint the trainer, and he couldn t violate the principle.He could only say what he could say.He subconsciously turned his head to look at Han Chaoyang who was following him, and sighed It s impossible to solve such a foolish murder case so quickly.

Thinking about how how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit a corpse that has been dead for a month will be decomposed, just think about it.afraid of people.Fortunately, he is just a policeman, fortunately, he is just a soy sauce tonight.After thinking about it, Huang Ying couldn t help sniffing him, but it turned out that there was no smell other than the smell of sweat.Then she made a face with Xie Lingling, who was covering her mouth and nose, and went back to her and sat on Director Su s bed together When you are a policeman, it s normal to encounter such a thing.Director Su was not as delicate as the two of them, and raised his arm and pointed in the direction of the Chaoyang Village how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit Memorial Hall.Some time ago, Chaoyang Village moved the graves, and more than 50 skeletons were dug out, and some villagers even burned them on the spot.

, plan for laced cbd gummies the worst. It s just a dog, it s impossible to shoot it on the spot Would you be quicker to draw your gun and aim, or is it quicker for the dog to jump up and bite you Liang Dongsheng asked back, frowning tightly, and said, We can neither Shoot easily, let alone waste time.You are a professional anti narcotics, you should know better than us, or you how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit don t do it, you must do it quickly, you can t be muddy, and you can t be pestered by a dog.In the past few days, 7.The 17 task force has made major progress one after another.The murder case has been solved, and now it is mainly a drug how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit case.The owner of the villa outside the woods is a big boss who runs a company.He has bought methamphetamine from Chen Yabing s next family more than once, and there are signs that people are gathering in his mansion to take drugs at this moment.

Jiao Da and Liang Dongsheng are both in their forties, and they cannot be compared with these young men.The second batch of policemen who climbed over the wall how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit just opened the iron gate from the inside, and just opened a crack, he pushed open the heavy iron gate and rushed into the yard, Running in the living room of the villa, he shouted Old Liang, go and see Xiao Wu, the others will follow me With so many people rushing in, it s not a big problem if one more or one less goes in.Liang Dongsheng was very nervous, so he ran to Wu Wei and quickly put away his gun, grabbed the wolf dog s upper and lower jaws, and said eagerly while breaking it Hold it down so that it doesn t move around, I ll open its cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit mouth I m pressing it, clamping it, it can t move It was bleeding, and the apprentice s hands were full of blood.

Now you want to participate in a singing concert.You need to have a loud voice and a good voice.You understand It must be better than you, Xiaokang is a graduate of the police academy, unlike them who were soldiers.They participated in the chorus when they were in the police academy.He said proudly You guys shout and sing HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit together in the army.Han University will definitely not do that.Since you are participating in singing It HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit should be a mixed chorus, that is, divided into bass and treble and harmony.This is a political task, street cadres must participate, community cbd plus gummies pineapple coconut security patrols must participate, and the sub bureau must also organize police to participate.How many people can there be in the sub bureau, and if they want to organize a whats cbd gummies choir, they have to call in policemen from how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit various grassroots teams.

Huang Ying was so confused, she peeked at the back of the unlucky guy, and said calmly, He came to Yanyang to buy a house with a lot of money, and the bank has so many loans.borrowed.I haven t written a word with him yet, so why should I be asked to write my name on the real estate certificate.Yingying is right.Parents must feel uncomfortable mentioning these people now. I think there are some things that should be mentioned or should be mentioned.You think everyone is like you.Marrying a daughter is like selling a daughter.Huang Ying was frightened by them, so she simply used an excuse to go to the bathroom, got up and ran away When Huang Ying went out for a circle and returned to the stands, it was time to consider All the exams are over.Han Chaoyang went over to talk with Mr.Liang, then turned around and said, Comrades, please be quiet.

He paid the money and ran away before the examination was completed.They said it was a fall, but Director Yu didn t look like it.Anyway, it s suspicious.If you can t make it through, I ll tell you Call 110 Lu Jiaxi stood at the door of the emergency center, looking at the disappearing figures, looking around anxiously.Chapter 185 Chasing and intercepting 1 how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit natures only cbd gummies customer reviews If you pay the money but don t see a doctor, you either have a problem or how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit you are mentally ill.Moreover, what Lu Jiaxi said was not an ordinary patient, he had trauma, so it was suspicious no matter how he thought it Han Chaoyang didn t dare to delay for a moment, so he immediately turned on the police lights and sounded the siren, and while rushing to the Sixth Hospital, he held up the walkie talkie and shouted Xiaokang Xiaokang, I, Han Chaoyang, hurry up and wake up Officer Yu, blow the whistle and assemble I received it, call Officer Yu, and blow the whistle to assemble urgently.

, the comrades at the police station chased them, but failed to catch them.Lao Lu looked up at the street lights around him, and said helplessly There are not many security monitors in this area nearby., By the way, check if there are any of these people in the surrounding factories.Since the launch of the Skynet Project , there have been more and more cameras in Fengyong County, but no amount of cameras can achieve no blind spots and full coverage.And the monitoring is classified.At this stage, the public security can only see the monitoring of the main road in real time.Party and government agencies, hospitals, banks, and schools belong to the second category of surveillance, and they are not connected to the command center of the Public Security Bureau, let alone the civilian surveillance installed by enterprises, communities, and merchants along the street.

I think that part of it can be paid according to the overtime pay standard of the security company, and the rest of the money can be used for a dinner.At that time, I will go with the trainer and toast the players to express our gratitude.Good dinner, Liu Suo, I don t think Director Su and Lao Jin should have any objections.The leader was worried that the distribution of money would become a routine, which would make it difficult to carry out work in the future, and he wanted the team members to accept this situation.It s funnier to think about it.Liu Jianye nodded again, and continued By the way, 10,000 of the 20,000 is a reward for the cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit people who reported the crime, at least that s what the Zhou Bureau told the brothers and county bureaus.But the reward of 10,000 is too much, and the influence of spreading it out will also be great.

The two how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit big sisters in the street consciously stepped aside and smiled meaningfully before leaving laugh.I stayed up late again.I heard that how many more murderers have been arrested Huang Ying asked with a smile as she handed over a bottle of water and stood in the shade.I stayed up until dawn, but I didn t catch those suspects.I was in charge of blocking the outer intersections.Soy sauce all night Almost.Han Zhaoyang smiled and raised his arms Say hello to the grandparents who are coming one after another.Huang Ying took a look, snickered how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit natures only cbd gummies customer reviews and said, Your mother called me and said that she would bring me sweet corn in a few days.Since there is really no special product in my hometown, and there is not even any land, Han Chaoyang murmured My family has sweet corn Your family doesn t have it.

Did you mention to Xiaowan about finding a job at night, yes, yes, how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit I think so too, You are more familiar with the construction unit than I am, so you can ask later.Okay, I ll go right away.Grandpa Gu saw several young people who specialize in debt collection being stuffed into a police car by Yu Zhenchuan, Wu Wei and other policemen, and then Holding up the mobile phone, she reminded I didn t have supper with Yingying last night, remember to call Yingying to express my humility.Oh, master, I just remembered that she was with me when you said that.Then go to the street, return the car, and apologize in person.Chapter 200 New situation in the jurisdiction Rushed to the sub district office, parked the car and went straight to the office of the Finance Office.Township finances are managed by the county, and the finances cbd gummy bears with thc for sale of the streets are also managed by the district.

Don t say such sweet words, Han Chaoyang, you always make me feel insecure.It s not my fault that you are handsome.Can you be serious, can you stop being so narcissistic Okay, serious, I m just as insecure.You re so beautiful and you re in such good condition.Being my girlfriend is like a flower on cow dung.But my pile of cow dung is different from other cow dung.Not only does it not smell bad, but it is also rich in various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that flowers need She began to talk nonsense seriously again, and Huang Ying burst out laughing.Laughing means that you are not angry, and that you are fine.Han Chaoyang s hands suddenly felt a pair of soft hands, Huang Ying s delicate body trembled, and she tightly grabbed his hands Don best cbd thc gummies for sleep canada t do this, what are you doing, it s too late, I should Before he could finish speaking, he was pulled around.

He took a deep breath and said with a smile Xiao Han, do the school leaders pay attention to it Is there any funding Can you recruit them When it cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit comes to art students, let s put it aside for now, and tell me how many musicians are needed to form an orchestra.I m free where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies and I m free, let s chat with you, not to mention that I m really interested in this topic.Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, and said like a few treasures Generally speaking, to form a medium sized orchestra requires about 65 musicians, that is to say, at least 65 instruments.There are 22 violinists, including 12 first violinists.People, 10 second violins, 6 violas, 8 cellos, 6 double basses, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 3 trumpets, 4 French horns Wait, let me make a note.Knowing that this is an impossible thing cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al to do, he actually took it seriously and took out his mobile phone to record it in the memo.

The training objects are generally pianists or guzheng players.The harp score and piano score are basically the same.For those who can play the piano, there is no big obstacle in reading the harp score, and they can concentrate on practicing playing the harp.However, practicing the harp is very hard, and the fingers will develop bleeding blisters, which will be very painful, but stick to it and wait until the blood blisters turn into cocoons.It doesn t hurt anymore.If you practice hard for the first half of the year, you can join the band and participate in rehearsals while practicing.If students who play how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit the guzheng go to learn the harp, the movement of the guzheng is similar to that of the harp, and the hands will suffer less, and it is the same as the guzheng The harp also needs to be tuned frequently.

Crawfish are delicious, but also difficult to make.She and the two old mothers have been busy all afternoon to wash them one by one, and to adjust the intestines from the tail.It seemed that they had been pinched by a lobster.Han Chaoyang felt a little funny, and hurriedly got up I didn t play with my phone., I called Hongliang just thc free cbd gummies uk now.What did Hongliang say I m happy, I ll invite us to dinner after we re done.He has a conscience, but what he says doesn t matter, Lingling has already found a job.How much money does a music producer make in Donghai in a year, and how much salary can a year go to PolyU. What kind of music producer, her current job is not as bright as you think.The domestic music industry is in a downturn.The market only focuses on harvesting, regardless of sowing.Original power is pale, talents are out of stock, and works are lacking.

Officer Miao, I m on a business trip in Donghai, and I m visiting a client.It s inconvenient to talk now, so I ll call you later., I dare not drive the car in, I park it outside every where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies day, set up the owners meeting, set up the owners committee, I have no objection, I raise my hands to support, sorry, I still have something to do, you can figure it out, see Do it, it doesn t matter if the property fee is more or less, as long as it can be done.I can figure it out, I can figure it out, I m not the owner, it s your business, okay Miao Haizhu was about to collapse, but thinking that she couldn t bring her emotions into work, she resisted and dialed the fifth number.Officer Miao, are you really a policeman Really, if you don t believe me, you can call the Xinyuan Street Police Station to check.Where did I know the phone number of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, I know 110.

Sweep the floor, open the cellar door, take the pots and put them in the yard.After finishing, he ran into the house to find a shovel, ran up the path behind the house, and built a side ditch with soil.One end of the side ditch was connected to the road, and the other end extended to the entrance of the water cellar behind his house A series of actions were as follows The order is tense, like a well trained soldier.Xiao Han, let s go in and have a meeting.Instructor, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit are you ready Han Chaoyang felt embarrassed when he wanted to help but didn t know what to do.It s done.As long as there is water on the ground when it rains, there will be water in the cellar.However, things did not go as planned.The two chatted in the yard while waiting for the rain with the old lady.Kneeling down and touching the ground, he said helplessly The ground has just been wet.

Tell me you may Believe it or not, several villages here did not get electricity until 1994, and the villagers did not watch TV until 1994.Now all seven villages in the township have access to electricity, mail, roads, and telephones.Hang trainer added with a smile.It wasn t until 1994 that the electricity was turned on So the conditions are good now, Director He lit a cigarette and sighed, I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document to transfer some college students.Entering the public security system.Being a policeman, wearing a police uniform, is so majestic.I signed up impulsively, but was assigned to Jiangli s hometown, and worked in the gronk cbd gummies Caodian Police Station for several years.At that time, there were only three people in the police station, the director and the instructor.

Rather than saying that this is a protection station of Donggu Forest Farm, it is better to say that it is the home of the forest rangers.The male host is in his forties, with dark skin and wrinkled face.The hostess was also in her forties.When everyone came in, she was watering the small vegetable garden outside the yard with the dirty water from washing clothes.Compared with Lao Chang, Jiang Li and other policemen who stick to the Xinying police station, it is even more difficult for them living in the deep mountains.There is nothing around them, and there is no one to talk to.They are really isolated from the world.The leader of the county bureau greeted the male host and requisitioned his living room as the headquarters.The criminal police and anti narcotics police who came in the same car opened their bags one after another, took out their bulletproof vests and put them on, and seized the time to check the guns and ammunition.

The other side of the mountain is Tanjiagou.There is a cliff ahead, and this time there is no way can go.I don t know how far it will take to go back the same way, and I don t know how long it will take to reach Tanjiagou.The fifth squad leader, Lu Gang, walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.He turned around and said, Officer Jiang, the top is steep, but the bottom is not very steep.How about we go down here.I m not well prepared, I don t even have a rope, it s too dangerous to go down like this.Think about it, a living person can be suffocated by urine.Chaoyang, take off your belt.Everyone, Let s tie the armed belt and trouser belt into a rope, and see if we can connect it for five or six meters.Officer Jiang, this branch is very strong, and I think there is no problem.Lu Gang squatted down and tugged at the branch to confirm that it can be borrowed , took the lead in grabbing the branch and sliding down.

They tried one by one, and succeeded repeatedly.We and the Internet Police Brigade followed through the bank account numbers, and I don t know how many companies we how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit went to.The bank, whose legs were almost broken, finally managed to lock their location, and finally smashed this black industry chain of cracking Apple user ID accounts and passwords, remotely controlling mobile phones, and extorting money.Great, Team He, you Really powerful.No matter how powerful you are, I will call you to beg you if you are so powerful.He Dui, don t be joking, what s the matter, just ask.Are the political commissar and Fan Bureau by your side Not here, they seem to go to smoke again.It s best not to be around, it s like this, the bureau just assigned a task a few days ago, even if I don t tell you, you will know when you go back, let s promote the WeChat public of the branch No.

On the afternoon of the 30th, the proprietress prepared more than 20,000 cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al cash, put the money in the bag, and put the bag in the small bar, and there were many people eating at night, so are walmart cbd gummies good I didn t bother to put the bag away when I was busy.Han Chaoyang rubbed his nose habitually , and continued He went there that night, and the waiter clearly remembered that he stood by the bar for a long time, waiting for the master to finish his work, the proprietress suddenly remembered that the bag was not put away, and suddenly remembered that there were more than 20,000 cash in the bag , When she thought about it and went back to the bar to look, she found that the bag was gone.I wish you good luck The waiter said that although there were many customers that night, he was the only one hanging around the bar.

But Chaoyang Community Security Company is not only a security company, but also a voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community under the guidance of Huayuan Street Police Station.Han Chaoyang didn t want the team members to be on the news, so he asked in a deliberative tone, Director Wang, since you know you ll be blackmailed if you do this, can you change the way, anyway, the wedding is held in the city.No, there s only one girl , The girl will get married once in her life.The parents hope to marry the girl in a beautiful way, and the girl also wants a beautiful wedding.I can understand that the woman is really nice, just such a little request, what else No, not only did not ask for a bride price, but instead gave money to Mr.Liang where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies s grandson to buy a house, and the down payment for the wedding house was paid by him.

Except for sending sand There are usually no outsiders for the stone and gravel.In other words, the body may have been pulled over by some ship owner inadvertently.It is possible, but there is a question, how did the body get ashore from the cabin Han Chaoyang was very close and could hear clearly.He subconsciously looked towards the crane and conveyor belt by the river.When unloading sand from the boat to the shore, under normal circumstances, the big bucket on the crane should be used to grab the sand what is in eagle hemp cbd gummies first.It can catch a lot of sand, but it is obviously not clean.The remaining sand can only be shoveled onto the conveyor belt, and the sand is brought ashore bit by bit through several long conveyors.No matter uno cbd gummies amazon how big the bucket of the crane is, it is impossible to catch a dead body and not be discovered by the master driving the aj squared cbd gummies HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit crane, let alone the conveyor belt.

Sweating and crying, anyone would be angry.Han Chaoyang put down his phone, and continued It s understandable for someone else to post these life how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit philosophies.But he is not an ordinary person, he is the director of the police station, so I always I feel a little a little weird.Not only is it weird, but from the perspective of employing people, such a policeman is no longer suitable for leadership positions.This topic is too heavy, and Political Commissar Huang pretended to be relaxed and said with a smile I didn t expect that He Pingyuan is a bit level and literary.He graduated from a normal university and is an undergraduate.No wonder the writing is so good.Political Commissar Huang He picked up his phone to check the time, then stood up It s almost 9 o clock, let s go.Chapter 314 Better than luck Han Chaoyang left, and Master Xu came.

I don t know much, and now there how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit is only one clue, there are at least two or more murderers in this murder case, at least two people when the body was dumped, and they were driving a commercial vehicle with taillights up.As he expected, Xu Hongliang really wanted to achieve something.Touching the corner of his mouth habitually, he pondered A commercial vehicle with vertical taillights, so we should check the model online first.Only after confirming the model can we conduct targeted interviews and collect clues.I searched the Internet, and the task force probably also Checking the car.Should we race against time to find that car in front of the high tech district bureau, and then use that car to locate the murderer Yeah.Does Chaoyang know Yes, otherwise he can let you come It s fine if Chaoyang knows, Xu Hongliang thought for a while, and then said In terms of resources, we definitely can t compare with the special case team.

Now it can be confirmed that the sand and gravel field is not the first site, and even under the approach bridge of the Second Beitai River Bridge is just the site of corpse dumping.It is not convenient to set up the headquarters in the steel market where it is not only inconvenient to go anywhere, but even to buy things.Suitable.I don t know if the suspect has been identified.Wu Wei didn t want to miss the arrest, so he turned on the police lights and sounded the siren and rushed back.When he arrived at Yuanfeng Hotel, he didn t care whether the laundry before rest last night was dry or not, and put it directly into the plastic bag.Plug, not to mention stacking.He rushed to the second squadron in a hurry, identified himself with the auxiliary police on duty in the lobby, and ran up to the third floor in one breath under the guidance of the auxiliary police.

According to my brother, in order to allow Aunt Wu to set up a stall in the community, the old man not only found the property of the community, but also worked for the residents of the community.The stall has been set up for several years.Some residents of the community were not very welcoming from the beginning.I have become accustomed to the existence of Aunt Wu s stall.If Aunt Wu doesn t leave the stall for a day, the residents who often take care of her business will even call her.In short, she is very grateful to Grandpa Gu.It is impossible for her not to help when two apprentices of Grandpa Gu came to the door together.I don t know Xiao Cai very well.When I came back from the army, I occasionally went to my stall to buy breakfast.I m tall and thin, and I don t like to talk very much.

You are afraid of trouble, I am not how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit afraid, hand them over to me, and I will help you solve these troubles.The problem is that they will not leave now, some have to call the city leaders, some have to hire a lawyer, all in Changlin Street The police station is making trouble.It s great to be rich.Where is our Public Security Bureau If they are handed over to your Gaoxin District Bureau, or just let go, where will I put the face of the bureau chief What credibility will the branch have in the future, let alone Talk about deterrence.Aren t you afraid of trouble I am afraid of trouble, but no matter how troublesome it is, I will gnaw off this hard bone, dare to challenge the public security organs, and see how I will investigate and deal with it severely Three hundred and fiftieth Chapter Five Going Home smilz cbd gummies bialik 1 Zhou Ju talked about him, but he didn t mention the handover.

Just as he was feeling secretly, Grandpa Gu suddenly smiled and said Old Ding, Chaoyang, you two discuss who is on duty tonight.The Kang Institute is not very familiar with the engineering headquarters.I am familiar with the leader, so I can accompany Kang to the office, and see if I can find an office to help Kang settle down first.Lao Ding thought to himself that you are a third level police supervisor anyway, who is the leader of the engineering headquarters I won t even give you old face, and it s impossible not to give you old face, and hurriedly said Inspector Gu, I will be on duty at night.I have something to do with my family in a few days, and I may have to ask for leave, so It s okay, it doesn t matter, who doesn t Do something Kang Suo, let s go first.Grandpa Gu picked up the luggage after finishing speaking, Kang Suo asked his old man to help him carry it, quickly grabbed the luggage and opened the door, and asked him to walk in front.

She is more delicate, she is about to become a mother of a child, and she usually lives like a child.Her lover calls her baby at home.The baby is obedient, the baby is good, the baby is really obedient, the baby is so good Hahahaha Han Chaoyang said As he spoke, he couldn t help laughing again.Chapter 396 Poetry and the Distance Time flies, and a month has passed in the blink of an eye.From Han cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al Chaoyang s point of view, this month has changed a lot.Several large construction sites are digging foundations.Hundreds of workers and various construction machinery are working all night.Trucks carrying dozens of tons are constantly pulling the excavated did shark tank really endorse cbd gummies soil out., Transport various building materials to the construction site.The personnel changes in the community neighborhood committee were even bigger.

Surrounded.Old Gu, you re retiring, congratulations Old Xu, how did you know You said last year that you knew you were going to retire, but you didn t expect that you would.A seventy year old The old man walked in with him, and said with a smile It s good to retreat, this person has to obey the old, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and now it s the world of young people.I saw it, I saw it clearly.Grandpa Gu looked at the big banner on the stage and the crowd looking back at him, and suddenly realized what kind of event this was.At this time, a few children held freshHua, led by two policewomen, came up to greet her.She first raised her arms to salute the Young Pioneers, then raised the flowers and said in a childish voice, Grandpa Gu, I wish Grandpa Gu an honorable retirement Look this way Several reporters gathered around, holding up their cameras and snapping pictures.

Does this mean you have nothing to do It was really clear to a bystander, and he guessed it Zhang Zhishu looked at Han Chaoyang s pensive look, and hurriedly said What do you mean by not having Chaoyang The superior s smile cbd gummies review affirmation of Chaoyang s leadership.Han Chaoyang really didn t think about it so much, and said sincerely This is the best evaluation from the superior.After all, the work is done by everyone, and the results are also everyone s.I, Han Chaoyang, cannot always be remembered.The key point is that this meritorious service is useless to Xiaobin and the others Contributing meritorious service how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit is an honor, so why is it useless Besides, there is no bonus Han Chaoyang was how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit talking when his phone rang suddenly.It was the master calling.Master, I m Chaoyang, what s the matter Grandpa Gu, who had just finished a symposium with his old comrades, looked up at Director Du, and asked to the landline that had just pressed the speakerphone I know that the Municipal Bureau credited the patrol team.

What instruction, are you It s not itchy anymore Chen Xiujuan chuckled, and picked up a folder as a gesture to show him some color.Of course, Han Chaoyang knew she was joking, so he put on a distressed appearance and ran away in a hurry.When he was marajuana cbd gummies about to reach the stairs, he heard her shouting behind him Chaoyang, the summons is just the beginning, and there will be .

do cbd gummies help with erectile dysfunction?

more to come.There are a lot of procedures, I am in the office every day, and my mobile phone is on 24 hours a day, so you can call me anytime you need to go through any procedures.Okay, thank you, Sister Chen It feels so good to be truly accepted by colleagues, Han Chaoyang really Feeling the warmth of the collective, he smiled and greeted the policemen and auxiliary policemen who were eating in the yard, and opened the door to drive back.

He glanced at him I usually ask you to read more books and learn more about business, but you always end up not doing your job properly.Now you know that you are cramming for a while It is as important as any other job.If Chaoyang hadn t taken root in the community and sincerely solved problems for the masses, how could the masses trust him as much as they do now, and where did he get so many clues about crimes To be honest, I used to feel that Chaoyang It s just good luck.It s ridiculous to think about it now, this is not luck, this is the reward after hard work.Finally, there is a sensible leader who helps to speak Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and couldn t help pointing at the eldest sister Do you understand now, Comrade Miao Haizhu, you really should reflect on how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit yourself.You actually look down on community work.

How can I I didn t expect that Wang Jianping slapped his forehead and said eagerly Chaoyang, can you find a way to check his bank card, find out which bank it belongs to, and finally find out the bank card number.Debit card, I have already taken a picture of the card number, and I will send it to you.Great, send it quickly Han Chaoyang was very happy to be able to help.After sending the photos, he thought about dialing Wang Jianping s cell phone again, looked at the hotel gate through the rearview mirror and said, Team Wang, this line must be checked, but I don t think it s possible to transfer the money.Xiao Wan Who is Xia, the chief culprit of a drug gang, she is so cautious, she is unlikely to make such a low level mistake.What if she makes a mistake, chaos will arise when she is busy, she may make a mistake, no matter what, there will always be clues It s better than having no clues, first send the card number back to check.

There are also restaurants, small hotels, and farmhouses near the scenic area.As long as you want to do it, you won t starve to death.What about you, are you working in a scenic spot or opening a shop in a scenic spot Open a farmhouse, if you always want to play, you can go to my place for dinner.Chapter 453 The soldiers were divided into two groups.Grandpa Gu was inquiring side by side, and Sister Wei also needed someone to help cover, so they chatted for more than half an hour without knowing it.Miao Haizhu took Xinxin to the youth hostel, Wu Junfeng drove Manager Zhang s car and parked at the door, Grandpa Gu excused that the children came back from other places, and left with the snacks packed by the young and beautiful proprietress.Just when Sister Wei s heart suddenly became empty, Wang Jianping, who was approaching the exit of Yanyang East Expressway, received the latest notification from Han Chaoyang.

Thank you.After she finished putting on her makeup, Han Chaoyang turned and opened the door.Wang Jianping, Lao Song, and Qiu Genmao walked into the office again, but Grandpa Gu didn t follow.Han Chaoyang, Kang Haigen, and Miao Haizhu walked out of the office tacitly, and even handed over the suspect and the office to them.Grandpa Gu asked Wu Junfeng and Xiao Liu to stand guard at the door, and then said in a low can you drive after taking a cbd gummy voice, Captain Wang agrees how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit to her meeting with Ling Bin and her child here, but you must be present when the meeting takes place., Subconsciously asked Master, why me Grandpa Gu sighed softly Help people to the end, if you are not present, they will be present.They stand on the side, how uncomfortable will it be to meet this face Especially children , meeting so many strangers at once, I will definitely be terrified.

Captain Wang, I m Chaoyang, what s the matter Chaoyang, report a situation, Wang Jianping looked at the suspect who was being stuffed into a police car by several criminal policemen, and said excitedly, Zhang Boyu has been arrested, and this bastard is still selling drugs., More than 900 grams of heroin were seized at the scene, as well as an imitation May 4th pistol.The accomplice where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies who did not come into our sight and the two accomplices who developed later were also arrested at the same time.The arrest operation went smoothly and no policeman was injured.Great Han Chaoyang was so happy, he couldn t help asking Team Wang, how did you lock them , Organized the police force to monitor the hotels where he often stayed, and after three days of guarding, he really showed his face.Captain Wang, does this count as meritorious service Of course Wang Jianping knew who he was asking, so he hesitated and said This can only be regarded as a confession, and we can only strive for leniency.

The idea was recognized, and Xie Lingling was even more excited, and said with a smile The melody is familiar to everyone, and everyone can sing the songs.Three days of rehearsal is enough.Shooting is no problem, there are several art colleges The students understand this, and they have the equipment, and they are very professional.The problem now is where to go for the pop up.Knows where to go.What a fun flash cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al Huang Ying was very enthusiastic about it, and even prepared to participate, she couldn t help laughing and said, What about the People s Square There are so many people in the People s Square There are very few real tourists, and there are often performances in the square, and there are old people dancing square dances and even playing and singing.What we need is a hit How can it be a hit To put it bluntly The purpose is to amaze people who see our flash mob.

They are better than security guards recruited from the society in every way.Old Ding, it s not that I misunderstood, it s you who misunderstood.Manager Qi really felt cheated, and what is cbd gummy bears made of turned around and said, I m talking about this, not that you guys can t do it.If I knew this, why would I seek him Why don t you just contact the police academy and hire people directly from the police academy Lao Ding realized that he felt very unhappy about Xu Hongliang taking a 10 cut from it, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Manager Qi, if you say something unpleasant, go to the cbd gummies for energy and focus police.The school may not be able to invite people.They come to the Chaoyang community voluntary security patrol team for an internship.After the internship, our institute and the community patrol team will give him an internship appraisal.

As the crowd was discussing, a twenty three or four year old woman squeezed into the crowd and cried, Bebe, Bebe, where did you go You re scaring mommy to death Did you know it She cried and complained, and the child cried even harder when she saw her, and stretched out his hands while calling for his mother.Mr.Ji confirmed that cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al she was the parent of the child, let go of his hands, and said angrily, Why are you crying Now that you know how to cry, what did you do I m sorry, I just answered the phone.The child s mother obviously didn t understand Situation, after hugging the little guy, I wanted to go back, and even said politely Master, thank you, my luggage is still in the ticket office.Beibei, listen to mom, don t run around anymore, okay Let s go together Go get the luggage.As soon as Mr.

Xiao Yu, go in and ask where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies how much these tables cost.It s best to bring the menu and let Boss Yan buy the bill first. Yes Han Chaoyang couldn t speak but could see, just as he got close to Lao Ding, Xiaokang actually ran out from the hall and knocked on the car window.There must be something wrong, as soon as he opened the door and jumped out of the car, Xiaokang pulled him aside, pointed inside and said, Han Da, do you know who I saw Who Mo Yunhu, with this guy in the car Sit at a table Who is Mo Yunhu He is a parole prisoner under the supervision of the how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit judicial office.Han Chaoyang never expected that he would get together with these guys, so he frowned and said coldly Go and tell Wu Wei, let him Wu Wei said hello to Team Lu and brought him out.Okay.After waiting outside for two or three minutes, Mo Yunhu hung his head when Wu Wei and a special police came in front of him.

If it weren t for Secretary Yang, I, Han Chaoyang, would not be where I am today.Yes, I just want to know when you and Xiao Huang will hold their wedding.The police should contact the case handling unit.Why did you call Xi Chuan without permission Before the identity of the suspect is confirmed, our Xinyuan Street Police Station is the case handling unit, and I, Yu Zhenchuan, are the case handling policeman I suspect that he is traveling with Xi Chuan.The suspect in the statistics is the same person, call to ask which article or paragraph the situation violates Han Zhaoyang laughed, and couldn t help but say It sounds reasonable, at least before confirming the identity of the suspect, you have a clear understanding of the case.We really have jurisdiction.So we must act quickly and catch the suspect before his identity is confirmed Afraid that the younger brother would not help, Yu Zhenchuan emphasized This is also what Bao Suo and the instructors mean, especially the instructors, He said that your kid is lucky, and I must ask you for help in this kind of thing.

The tire repair of the car was delayed.No matter how urgent you are, don t be in a hurry for three to five minutes, Lao Hu took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, and held up the photo of the suspect sent by Han Chaoyang in front of him Your business is getting better and better.Big, I must know a lot of chefs who deliver food to more than 20 restaurants, take a closer look and see if you have seen this guy.It turned out that he was looking for someone Miao Si er came to his senses, took the mobile phone and looked at it carefully for five or six seconds, and murmured It looks familiar, I seem to have seen it before.Old Hu was amused, and immediately asked Where did you see that After a few mouthfuls, he pondered for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, I remember, I saw him in the wholesale market He seems to be the chef of the China World Hotel, and he went shopping with the purchaser.

I will also hide it from Bao Suo and Gu Instructor.After all, this is the case of the Huayuan Street Police Station. I know.Sometimes you are in a difficult situation.After all, Lunan is under the jurisdiction of our police station, and Lubei is under the jurisdiction of Xinyuan Street Police Station.Lao Xu and I are your old leaders, Bao Qingshan is your senior brother, and Lao Gu is also your old leader.But still There are some differences.You are a policeman who walked out of our Huayuan Street Police Station, not from Xinyuan Street Police Station.You should be closer to us emotionally.Liu Suo, I know what you mean, but sometimes You need to distinguish between public and private.In the future, we have to deal with each other, and we can t push the young man too hard.Liu Jianye and Xu Weizhong looked at each other, and then changed the subject Yes, we must distinguish between public and private.

The squadron leader confirmed the identity of the suspect and immediately organized the arrest.Gong Mulan rushed into the KTV box with his comrades and successfully captured five suspects, including a woman.She is the only female criminal police officer in the squadron, and she can t leave work even after the operation is over.She not only has to assist in the interrogation, but also helps in custody, otherwise the suspect has to go to the bathroom, and the police and auxiliary police will be caught blind.Just after the interrogation, and was about to let the female suspect read the transcript, the auxiliary policeman Lao Le came in knocking on the door, leaned into her ear and said, Mulan, Han Da has something to do with you.Han is not an uncommon surname, but there is no The captain and deputy captain surnamed Han, Gong Mulan subconsciously asked Which University of Han Lao Le glanced at where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies the female suspect curiously, and explained Da Han of the newly established voluntary security patrol team, he called your mobile phone I didn t get through, so I called the duty room directly, and I didn t hang up, he was waiting on the phone.

Yanyang is how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit the most handsome policeman, and he is very popular on the Internet, but you don t know Qian Nana put down HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit the mouse, and continued I interviewed him and fought with him a few times.The first time we met, he was not only handsome but also very capable.Although he was only a community policeman, he tried every means to form a community patrol team to carry out public security patrols, crack down on illegal crimes, and actively participated in emergency rescue and disaster sunstate hemp cbd gummies review relief.A murderer for one year, he was selected as an outstanding policeman in Yanyang City some time ago, if you don t believe me, go to PolyU to ask, who doesn t know him, and who will question him. The most handsome policeman in Yanyang Well, you can search online.I I know that a police officer has become popular on the Internet, but I didn t expect it to be him.

How to manage it First of all, as you said just now, we must manage what we have the right to control.The authority manages their department.I am not familiar with industry, commerce, taxation and transportation management.Either I am not familiar with them or I have not dealt with them much, but I am very familiar with the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of the street.Speaking of which, Junfeng is also the coordinator of the comprehensive law enforcement team.Wu Junfeng came to an enlightened understanding, and couldn t help but say, Those who sell magic playing cards and fake leather shoes are operating without a license and occupying roads, and the law enforcement brigade has the right to manage it.Let me talk to Team Tang.He will definitely support him.The specific work must be done by He Hong.

The door is closed, there is no business, the boss can t continue to work, so he closes it.I found a few big trucks and moved things away at night.Many people signed up as members and charged a lot of money.The boss didn t refund them.During the days when the door was closed, a lot of people came and made trouble, and it only stopped in the past few days.Wu Junfeng was dumbfounded, and couldn t help turning to look at Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang was also stunned, thinking that those who do business now are too unreliable, they will organize various discounts and promotions as soon as they open, and change the way to let customers recharge and sign up for membership, but they close the store after they don t spend a few times.But now is not the time to condemn those unscrupulous businesses.Han Chaoyang opened the where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies car door and asked, Is there a phone number how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit from the boss I can t get through.

Sun Guokang said with a bitter face ButBut we don t understand either Han Chaoyang turned on the police lights, held the steering wheel tightly and said with a smile, If you don t know, you don t know, but you have to go, otherwise he really smashed the weak electric box, and if you can t see the Spring Festival Gala He s not the only one, maybe the residents of the whole building won t be able to see the Spring Festival Gala or even access the Internet, and it s deliberately sabotaged, so we ll have to call the police. What s the matter, when our police are omnipotent.Isn t that what the community police do Han Chaoyang asked back, concentrating on driving without saying anything.Hurriedly rushed to Xinjiang Garden in Taoyuan Community, found the caller according to the address forwarded by Xiaokang, knocked on the door and saw that there was an old man in this house, his wife passed away half a year ago, the portrait was placed in the living room, and in front of the portrait was filled with up fruit.

Xiaokang lit a cigarette and added And they drove the person here by themselves, not the ambulance.It s really busy, Director Yu and the others haven t had a meal yet, so no matter how hard we fight, we won t lose this lawsuit.The relatives can understand how something like this happened during Chinese New Year.Han Zhaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to ask why Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu were not there, Xiaokang pointed inside and smiled, Han Da, Sister Yingying is here.She is in the office and just fell asleep. Han Chaoyang muttered, and immediately ran into the police room.Huang Ying dozed off on how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit her desk, and woke up with cbd gummies show on drug test a start at the sound of footsteps, raised her head and yawned and asked, I m back, what time is it It s past four o clock, why are you sleeping here I can t sleep when I go back alone.

The second senior brother who went in How can I accept a red envelope from someone when we meet for the first time.Han Chaoyang was about to decline, when Bao Qingshan took the red envelope and stuffed it into his pocket Accept it, Brother Ni is one of us, don t be shy..If you want to accept it, you can accept it.Why are you so pretentious when it s Chinese New Year Bao Qingshan held down his hand cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit that was about to take out the red envelope, and then introduced Chaoyang, this sister in law, this is brother Ni s daughter Jiajia No wonder Bao Suo came thc free cbd isolate gummies here early in the morning, and he was waiting for the second senior brother s family, and if he didn t come, the master might not let the second senior brother in.Han Chaoyang came to his senses and smiled quickly Hello Brother Ni, sister in law, when did you come back I came back the day before yesterday.

A police car came outside, and a colleague who was neither very familiar nor unfamiliar got off.Han Da, you are here.Mao Kangle, the criminal policeman of the Second Squadron, took out two official documents from his bag and said with a smile, This is Dai Lishi s residential surveillance procedure.The bureau has decided that you will be in charge of implementing it.You, nothing to do with our Second Squadron.Two official documents, one is the notification of the residential surveillance decision of the Yandong Public Security Bureau, and the other is the copy of the residential surveillance decision.Having been working for more than a year, this was the first time I saw Han Chaoyang, the clerk of residential surveillance, because the Huayuan Street Police Station was determined not to do residential surveillance if it could.

Your cousin lent you his ID card, what can he do by himself, it s so inconvenient without an ID card. He usually doesn t How do you go out You can t use it at home.Xiaonian touched where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies his face and added I plan to send my ID card back to him when I find a job in Beijing.Send me the certificate.Seeing that Han Chaoyang didn t speak, Sun Guokang asked, What s your surname and name My surname is Zhang, Zhang Yifan.Gongchang Zhang It s not that Zhang, it s Zhang of the regulations.The young man took a deep breath, and said in a low voice, Elegant Yi, the mortal cultivator passes on that Fan.Seeing Sun Guokang turning his head again, Han Chaoyang took out his police phone and asked while asking, Go on, leave me alone.Yes.Sun Guokang put down the young man are cbd gummies good for dogs s mobile phone and asked I lost my ID card, I should remember the ID number, report the ID number.

Diagnosed, he is undergoing dialysis.Dai Lishi took a deep breath and lowered his head again.Brother Dai, Lishi said that the disease is very serious, but it is not so serious that there is no cure.As long as he can get dialysis on time, the problem is not very big.You two know his situation better than me.Even the farmer He didn t get insurance, and he couldn t claim any medical expenses.Although he was not very competitive in the past, and even got into fights with his neighbors over trivial matters, he is only this year old, and he will have a long time in the future.Sure enough, when it comes to money, Dai Lijun and Dai Liyang was silent.Dai Lishi really wanted to ask his two cousins to borrow money, but he didn t open his mouth when facing them, and he kept his chin in his mouth and said nothing.

One sits in the fourth row at the back, and the other sits on the left side of the aisle.A group of Lao Hu, Wu Junfeng, and Xiao how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit Gu followed the bus in an off road vehicle with a local license plate borrowed from Liusuolian Night Management Bureau, and even applied for a Beijing entry permit.Anti how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit drug is no ordinary action Both Lao Hu and Wu Wei are equipped with guns, all their gun certificates, and even some bulletproof vests in the trunk of the off road vehicle.Considering that communication is more important than anything else, each person has a power bank, the mobile phone and power bank are fully charged at night, and there are mineral water and ham sausage in the carry on bag, everyone is ready for a protracted battle.One, two, three, four, five, six Twenty one, twenty two, Master Huang, all of them are on board, not a few.

Thank you very much, if it wasn t for your help, We don t know what to do because we don t know each other very well.The young man took the initiative to propose a proposal, which is to act vigorously and resolutely Ni Guoxiong s evaluation of Han Chaoyang was a little higher in his heart, and he stopped being polite, saying bluntly Han Da, Lao Hu should have reported to you.The attitude of our branch office is very clear.If the family is in Beijing, we will The two joint investigative offices will work together to fight the chain.If the next home is in Beijing, the two of us will still jointly investigate, but we will only be responsible for the next home in Beijing, and we will not intervene if the next one is hit.The person in front of him is a professional drug dealer Yes, what cases have you never seen, what kind of drug dealers have you never caught There are many things that cannot be concealed, and people can find out that something is wrong after two days.

, and reported the case cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit to Jiao Da.Five police officers came from the sub bureau, and they were divided into two cars.Jiao Chengle and Liang Dongsheng sat in the police car in front, and Yu Zhenchuan drove the car.There was no outsider in the car.Appreciating that the young man from the Xinyuan Street Police Station could understand the case more quickly, Jiao Chengle clicked on the speaker icon on his phone.After listening to Han Chaoyang how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit s report, Jiao Chengle frowned slightly and asked, All the stolen goods have been recovered, and it has been verified that at least 300 yuan have been sold.To overcome ice, that Liu Qingjun is still lucky, and still refuses to speak Team Song from the anti narcotics team of the Nanshan Sub bureau is currently interrogating.Lao Hu and Wu Junfeng from our patrol team are also in the room.

Guan Jie s psychological quality is far from that of Liu how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit Qingjun s.When she saw the photo of Liu Qingjun s hands being handcuffed, her legs suddenly softened.One hundred percent is an accomplice, otherwise I wouldn t be afraid where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies to become like this Jiao Chengle breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and said, Xiao Jing, Xiao Liu, you two are optimistic about her.Xiao Yang, let s search.Yes Just as Jiao admitted that when someone rushed into Guan Jie s rented apartment, almost A police car suddenly drove up to the door of the chess and card room.Zhang Yiyang, the anti narcotics team of bearvana cbd gummies the Nanshan Branch, and several security policemen and auxiliary cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit policemen from the police station got out of the how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies car and rushed into the chess and card room.The proprietress who was pouring water for the how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit natures only cbd gummies customer reviews guests was stunned.

What way Build a few three dimensional garages, like The one behind the Sixth Court.We re talking about business, what are you kidding, do you know how much it costs to build a three dimensional garage Who are you kidding, it s just that I can t think of a better way than building a three dimensional garage.Miao Haizhu glared at him, and then muttered There is another way, dig the basement and build an underground parking lot.The first floor is not enough.Two floors, no matter how difficult it is, it is easier than building a subway, and the construction difficulty is not too great.It is useless to talk about these things, and it is how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit tantamount to saying nothing.Huang Ying and Xie Lingling couldn t help laughing.However, the words of big sister reminded Han Chaoyang, his eyes lit up, and he couldn t help laughing Boss Zhang, Hong Liang, and sister Miao s two plans are too expensive to implement, but there is no parking condition Creating parking conditions is a way of thinking.

Sometimes attitude can really determine everything.Han Chaoyang reacted, and agreed immediately If the parents can actively compensate, and he has a good attitude of pleading guilty, even if he doesn t say hello, he can win leniency.After all, he is only 17 years old.That s what I mean, no, it should be That s what Lao Yu meant.In short, I won t let you violate the principles, and I won t make it difficult for you. Okay, I ll report to the Criminal Police Team first. Okay, I ll wait for your news. In the past, Han Chaoyang might really be too lazy to report to Mao Kangle.But now it s not like before.Since I became a team leader, even if the team leader is only voluntary, I still have to look like a team leader, and I can t compete with my brothers for credit.After receiving the notification from Han Chaoyang, Mao Kangle immediately rushed to the computer, logged into the intranet to check in a hurry, and said with a smile Okay, I will check right away, and if I find out where he is hiding, I will lead someone to arrest him.

Wu Junfeng patted the man s shoulder tacitly, and said with a smile, Dude, do you have a lighter Let me borrow one.Ah The man woke up subconsciously, raised his head subconsciously, rubbed his eyes and asked, What When the suspect committed the crime Wu Junfeng is in Beijing.He has never been to the scene of the crime, nor has he seen the surveillance screenshots.Miao Haizhu was the first to arrive at the scene.He checked the surveillance with Mao Kangle, and immediately recognized the kid in front of him as a fellow who snatched the rich money from Professor Zhang s family at the Polytechnic University., shouted sharply Bao Haibing, do you know why we are looking for you Bao Haibing was startled when his name was called out.But his reaction speed was very fast, and his psychological quality was beyond his actual age.

Lunch was arranged in the cafeteria of the Public Security Bureau.There was a large table full, and it was very sumptuous, but there was no alcohol like other units.After dinner, accompanied by Director Liu, I visited the Online Police Station of the County Bureau Command Center and the Political Department, and then went to visit the only first level police station in Qingshan County Public Security Bureau Chengnan Police Station, and held a small symposium at the Chengnan Police Station , and did where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies not return to Linshan Town with Qisuo until after 4 o clock in the afternoon.After sending where to get cbd gummies in pelham al Han Chaoyang to the downstairs of the teacher s dormitory of Linshan Junior High School, the Qi Office was still thinking about what Deputy County Magistrate Wang had told him.Chaoyang, Lao Jiang sent me his daughter s WeChat account, I cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al will push it to you, you can add it later.

Dr.Yang has seen too many life and death, even if he hasn t seen it, he can t care about being sad with him now.Those who pinched Liu Chengquan s mother helped with artificial respiration, then put on an oxygen mask for Liu Chengquan s mother, and then where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies checked Liu Chengquan s mother s heartbeat and pulse until Liu Chengquan s mother woke up.Born in October of pregnancy, the son who was pulled up by shit and urine said he was gone and he was gone The white haired man was going to give the black haired man away, but Gu Lanying couldn t bear the blow, she beat her feet and chest as soon as she woke up, and cried loudly.Crying heartbreakingly, crying and crying and crying again, Dr.Yang began to rescue again with the assistance of Chen Xiujuan and Chen Jie It was not until Liu Chengquan s sister and brother in law arrived with their children that the two elders emotions stabilized a little some With her younger brother gone, Liu Chengyan was heartbroken, crying and trying to persuade her mother.

After the memorial service, they will be cremated.The bureau will coordinate with the funeral home.Well, come tomorrow morning to pull the body, and after pulling it back, organize the best makeup artist to tidy up the remains.Eat something, people are iron and rice are steel, how can you do without food.A familiar voice that can no longer be familiar When it came from behind, Han Chaoyang realized that Huang Ying was there, but he didn t notice it just now.Han Chaoyang took his wife s hand and said in a low voice I m not hungry, I want to drink some water.Okay, I ll pour it for you.Thank you.Lao Ding looked at the young couple and lit a cigarette , and continued Hongliang, Xiaobin, and .

do cbd gummies make you feel anything?

Junfeng just came here.They said that Chengquan is not only an auxiliary police officer of the sub bureau, but also a member of the security company.

He held a farewell ceremony, and your sub bureau held a memorial service for him, held a farewell ceremony, and the party committee and government of his hometown also held a grand ceremony for him to welcome the hero home.The matter is almost settled, and the next step is criminal and civil lawsuits, to investigate the criminal and civil responsibilities of drunk driving drivers.Knowing that they are hard to accept this cruel fact.Qiu Ming how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit took out his mobile phone and played the farewell ceremony and the video of the farewell ceremony, as well as the news pushed by the official Weibo and official WeChat account of the Yandong branch.2.Case 12 is a key drug target case supervised by the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and needs to be kept strictly confidential.As soon as Wu Wei and Xiaokang entered the special case team, they changed their mobile phone numbers.

Hu, naturally have dinners.When he returned to the hall again, Mr.Hu and the two men wearing hard hats had already left, and Da Ben who was parked outside was gone.While helping to clean up the coffee table, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Mom, Mr.Hu is alone.How can I book two rooms Who said he lived alone Several people Huang Ma looked back at the corridor to confirm that no guests came out, and said with a smile Usually two people live, and how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit there is a woman , 21 or 20 years old, with a good figure and pretty looks.I didn t come out of the room just now, and you didn t see it.Now I m going out to dinner with Mr.Hu and the others.Huang Ying asked gossipingly Mr.Hu She looks forty, but that woman is only in her twenties Don t make a fuss, isn t that what rich people do.They live together Well, they live in 110, which is the big bed room on the east side.

Three minutes later, Bao Qingshan and police officer Guo Yanfeng walked in with a stack of transcripts.Han Chaoyang hurriedly got up to introduce, and Mr.Tao hurriedly took out a cigarette.Smoking was not allowed in the institute, not to mention that the person in front of him was here for business.Bao Qingshan also politely declined his offer, and while beckoning him to sit down, he talked about the business Mr.Tao, Hu Songping, Song Yunkai, Li Shanwen and The four of Zhu Hongyu were suspected of gambling.There is no doubt about it.The facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive, and they gambled a platinum cbd gummy lot.According to the regulations, not only the gambling funds will be confiscated, but they will be fined and even detained. I know, so please ask Bao Suo, I m not afraid of your jokes.The four of them are project managers of our third construction company.

Miao Haizhu, Wu Junfeng, Wang Jiayong, Xiaogu, Zhang Bin and Liu Yishan and other anti pickup team members have all equipped.Old Ding, Old Tang, and Grandpa Gu are here.Most of Dai who went home to rest came, some stood chatting at the door, some sat drinking tea inside, and some smoked in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit the backyard.Master, Da Dai, why are you two here Han Chaoyang was embarrassed that the captain was the last to come.This is the first major operation of the branch s voluntary security patrol team since its establishment.We must come and see it.Grandpa Gu looked back at Dai Da, and then at Miao Haizhu, who was whispering with Jiang Xiaomin inside, and said with a smile Xiao This girl Min is fine, she collected clues about crimes when she first came here, didn t you ask Junfeng and the others to go to the North Gate of Polytechnic University this afternoon to see what happened to the courier packages Go in vain, and catch a kid who steals express mail in the chaos.

You ve already said you re your trubliss cbd gummies at walmart own, so don t be so polite. Yeah, with us here, there s no need to rest assured.The female doctor smiled sweetly and walked to Jiang Yan s side Little Jiang is right, let s go, I will take you cbd gummy bears hemp bombs to familiarize yourself with the environment, and get a white coat by the way.China is really a society of human relationships, and it is completely different between having acquaintances and not acquaintances.Confirming that fellow villagers should how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit natures only cbd gummies customer reviews not be bullied here as an intern, Han Chaoyang begged again before returning to the cbd gummies best source police office.As a result, as soon as he entered the door, Liu Hui, who was answering the phone, said eagerly Director will cbd gummies make me high Xing, Han Da is back Instructions Chaoyang, the Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station that you found out last night have already reported to them.

Han Chaoyang was really fooled, thinking that the two of them were arguing everyday, he hurriedly said Uncle Ji, you are always a senior with real skills, otherwise my master would not be able to invite you and Uncle Wu to go out, but we really can t get involved in this case.First of all, how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit Director Liu has dispatched so many persons how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit in charge of units and so many key case handling personnel, we are not even qualified to assist in visits and inquiries to collect clues.The masses You always talk about mobilizing the masses and collecting clues What s wrong with that The influence is not good.The influence is not good, yes, the current leaders are worried about this.But we are not ordinary people.No, take us to the old fertilizer factory.Uncle Ji, last night the sight was not good blood thinners and cbd gummies and I couldn t see clearly.

Don t know, let alone their family situation, especially the situation of their children.Mr.Ji also realized that it would be impossible to check through this line without making some efforts, so he couldn t help asking Old Wang, please recall again, among the more than 30 people including the factory leaders, is there any child with weak legs and feet Problems Is there a problem with your legs Yes, there are problems with your legs, such as lameness.No.Mr.Wang thought about it and confirmed I moved to the city later.Although I didn t have much contact with them after I moved here, I definitely have to chat with them when we meet.After all, we work together in the same factory.Seven or eight years.Most of the family members and children of the leaders and employees have seen it.I have never heard of any child with leg and foot problems.

Han Chaoyang looked at the wound on his face sympathetically, and said slowly, Boss Hu, it s not that I didn t help, but your wife called 110 and claimed that you were a prostitute.The command center of the sub bureau ordered us to call the police.Clearly, how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit you have to report to the police station.Your worry is justified, your wife is very excited, but don t worry, this is the police room, she should not dare, and we will not allow her to do anything.Officer Han, she How can you believe what you say, and besides, Xiaotong and I are not in the same day or two, you know these things, how could it be prostitution I know, but the superior doesn t know, so I will ask her about the situation later, do it A transcript, let her go after clarifying the situation.How about this, you ask Xiaotong first, and make a transcript for Xiaotong first.

It is even harder to be found by the river.Why did he throw the body by the river The second is that the murderer does not need to go to the septic tank if he wants to wipe the grass.The river is full of grass and he has to go to the septic tank If you don t go along the way, you should know that he is a lame man, walking more strenuously than normal people, and there are more than ten meters back and forth, why does he take this wrong way Then how do we investigate next Dai Da said just now that we should keep a clear head, check if we are sure, and don t be influenced by the outside world.I think we will continue to follow this line of thinking.The old workers in the fertilizer plant are still under the leadership of me, Lao Wu, and Lao Gu.Responsible, you divide the work, and you are responsible for finding men who match the characteristics of the suspects around the fertilizer plant.

Three, don t be nervous, we just understand the situation.Miao Haizhu smiled slightly, sat in front of them with the two old men, took out his mobile phone and found the victim s photo and asked Boss Yang, lady boss, Xiao Xu, This person should be familiar to you, right The hotel owner took a look and said without hesitation No stranger, this is Xiao Teng The proprietress asked in surprise, Comrade policeman, Xiao Teng hasn t come to work for several days, and the phone call is not working.Can t get through, do you know where he is, has something happened to him Chapter 751 Sleepless Night 7 When Han Chaoyang s work relationship was transferred from the Huayuan Street Police Station to the command center, the bureau leader cbd gummies in my area where to get cbd gummies in pelham al asked him to Zhou how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit spared one day to be on duty at the command center.

Let him give advice.Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said Hahahaha, Chairman Yang s WeChat account should be pushed to Mr.Kang.This is really okay, Grandpa Gu also found it funny, and continued Chairman Yang has even more headaches.The strange thing is that those old comrades not only wanted him to read the works, but also called him every three days to ask how he could join the City Writers Association and even the Provincial Writers Association.He was old enough to write whenever he wanted to, just for self entertainment.If you want to join the Writers Association, you have to be recognized by others.Chairman Yang can t say that their creative level needs to be improved, but he can only coax them like a child every day.Chapter 770 International Marathon 1 Smile and feel better a lot of.

Chapter 775 Something happened to Boss Hu s construction site 1 The patrol team will not disperse, so pick up instead The team will not, but it is difficult to return to the past.Due to the distrust of the patrol team by the new director, Xu Hongliang, Zhang Beibei, Li Xiaobin and other talkers in the Chaoyang community no longer believed in the sub bureau.As for the anti pickpocketing team specifically, it can be described in one sentence when people lose their barstool sports cbd gummies minds, the team is not easy to lead No matter how persuasive they were, Wu Junfeng, Xiaogu, Wang Jiayong and other brats still decided to go their separate ways after three months of work.Thinking that it was impossible for them to be security guards for the rest of their where to get cbd gummies in pelham al doozies cbd gummies lives, Han Chaoyang did not insist anymore, and simply took advantage of the opportunity of accompanying the new director and political commissar to visit the Provincial Judicial Police Academy, and with the help cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit of Xu Hongliang, reached a talent introduction agreement with the academy leaders in private, recruiting from the Judicial Police Academy.

I really can t afford to pay for it alone.Now it s hard to get a job done, and it s also hard to find a construction team.Hu Songping didn t want to chill the hearts of the small contractors who worked with him because of this, and asked in a low voice, How much can you pay Three hundred thousand, at most three hundred thousand.Okay, let Jiang Jianxing talk to Xu s family first, No matter how much you have to pay in the end, you pay 300,000 yuan, and I will take care of the rest.Thank you Mr.Hu.Don t thank me, who made us encounter such a bad thing.Hu Songping sighed and stood up Prepare to ask the waiter to pay the bill.Mr.Tao has dealt with Hu Songping for many years, although Hu Songping is very disorderly in his private life and likes to gamble.But when there is a project, I still think of him first, not because of anything else, but because he is loyal enough.

Haizhu was as heartless as ever.We enforce the law impartially, but in Director Wang s opinion, we are doing nothing.As long as we don t support their work, is it doing nothing Laughing, he turned around and said, Guokang, this is the first time you have encountered this incident today, but it will definitely not be the last time.If you encounter similar situations in the future, you must remain calm.You must know that our law enforcement is based on the law.We must not do anything without permission, and we must not be fooled by others.Once the masses are dissatisfied, our life will be difficult, and if we fail, we will be suspended or even punished. Don t worry, Han, even if I am criticized I would do that kind of stupid thing. It s good to understand.Thinking of his current job, Han Chaoyang couldn t help sighing, We re okay, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit we re only responsible for temporary handling and not for dealing with it, and we don t do much to offend people.

Xu said Mr.Xu said that the branch office might second me from Fengyong Come here.The news is very well informed Han Da, so this is true The relationship between Xu Hongliang and the branch leader is as bad as possible, and Xiaokang was a member of their security company before he was admitted to the police and civil servants, so he knew about it It s normal, don t even bother to ask.Now that the young man already knew about it, Han Chaoyang simply confirmed It is true that there is such a thing, and Director Du agreed in principle, but I don t know if the secondment procedures have been completed.You go to report first, go to work first, and wait for the news while you go to work.With Han Chaoyang s confirmation, Xiaokang immediately beamed with joy.It is normal for people to go to high places and water to flow to low places.

She was preparing to wash in the dormitory.Wu Wei in the clothes immediately regained his spirits.Han Chaoyang looked back at Huang Ying and the others, walked into the conversation room again, and said, That s Boss Xu, whose surname Jiang wanted to find him to work on the Leken project, and claimed to know Luo Weixing.From the tone of his voice, he could tell The relationship what does cbd gummies help with Luo Weixing is not ordinary.But since he is engaged in engineering, we how long for cbd gummies to kick in how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit have visited and asked so many people in the river, it is impossible not to know his existence.It s a bit strange, otherwise, let s call and ask.Maybe they know but we didn t think about it when we asked.It s not realistic to go to Leken just based on an ambiguous clue.Call the person inquired.Still following the order on the list, Mr.Jing was the first to contact.

You are both the captain and the case manager.The person in charge, remember to report the ticket for me later.Chapter 808 Chasing and Escaping 14 Leken is a prefecture level city with a small airport, and the flight Han Chaoyang and others took was at Leken Airport It s just a stopover, and I will fly to the South China Sea later.At 1 46 in the morning, the plane landed safely.Passengers flying to Leken disembarked first, and passengers who stopped at Leken and flew to South China Sea got off the plane later.Because the airport is not big, the plane does not rely on how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit the corridor bridge, and the passengers also disembark.There is no need to take a shuttle bus, but walk down the gangway and walk directly to the exit.It s warmer here than Yanyang in North China.Even though it s late at night, you still don t need to wear the jacket you prepared.

People, even know the leaders, help to find a way I know many leaders, but the leaders may not remember me, even if they remember, it is impossible to help say hello against the principle Don t complain to me, give me Let me put it bluntly, HCMUSSH how long do cbd gummies take to work reddit will you help me price of cbd gummy bears with this favor Zheng Yutong didn t come to He Qiyuan for no reason, and they were not just ordinary seniors and juniors.A fair lady, a gentleman likes a girl, He Qiyuan has been chasing after Zheng Yutong, the campus belle, and Zheng Yutong also has a good impression of this senior, which has become an open secret of PolyU.He Qiyuan didn t want to disappoint the girl he liked, so he said with a bitter face Yutong, you are making things difficult for others Forget it, I will find a way, but you don t have too much hope, it s best to make mental preparations for the school auditorium.

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