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Iron Cross please recommend The news that the third company of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Supplementary Battalion relied on the strength of the company to seize the British position at the cost of one person s death quickly spread throughout the Somme.This is simply a miracle in the eyes of the Germans How on earth is this done The name of Lieutenant Ernst Brahm also spread throughout the Somme region.The Creator of the Miracle of the Somme.From now on, people have begun to recite this name Ernst Brehm the creator of the miracle of the Somme Lieutenant Ernst Brehm The commander of the nature boost cbd gummies shark tank supplementary battalion with a serious expression Major Dunxiwei looked at Lieutenant Ernst standing how to make cbd gummies at home puritan cbd gummies canada in front of him.Although he tried his best to maintain the seriousness of a German officer, he still couldn t hide his joy The excellent performance of you and your third company in the G position, You have won a high reputation for the supplementary battalion and the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment, and I award you the Iron Cross First Class The Iron Cross was worn on Wang Weiyi s chest, and Wang Weiyi stood upright I will always remember this honor In my heart, puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies and always remind myself of the responsibility this honor brings to me Everything is for Germany Everything is for Germany.The shells are so powerful.Guo Yunfeng patted the dirt on his body, whether he was stupid or calm, he seemed to be a normal person I almost thought I was dead.There was a companion beside him There will always be a feeling of relief, Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing and called out his nickname Si Dao, everyone has withdrawn, it s just the two of us.Two is two.Guo Yunfeng is obviously not used to the nickname Four Knives.Success, let s go to you, we have to go out.Wang Weiyi pointed to the east See, now the German artillery fire has temporarily blown the British back, and we have to find a way to get out from there.Guo Yunfeng took cbd gummies help diabetes Picking up the Mauser rifle, after checking, there were only three bullets left Lieutenant, how did you learn our local dialect.Ah, I have a Chinese teacher.Wang Weiyi perfunctorily led Guo Yunfeng out position.But Wang Weiyi couldn t care less.Since the task of holding on to the B position can no longer be completed, then simply leave a reputation of being crazy in this era.attack miyan bialick oros cbd gummies attack Leave the most brilliant reputation with the craziest offense.The three tanks are like three monsters on the battlefield, showing ferocious fangs, waiting for the master s order at any time, and then tearing apart all obstacles in front of them There is only one problem now.The sudden appearance of three powerful tanks will attract the attention how often should i take cbd gummies for pain of the British, French and German high level officials sooner or later.How will it end then Won t this wreak havoc on spacetime It s just that these issues are no longer in Wang Weiyi s consideration.For a person who is about to die, who cares if the sky will collapse A plane appeared in the sky, it was a German reconnaissance plane, flying very low, aiming at the position of the destroyed Prince Soberk s battalion. Hunting Game Start Lieutenant Conk led his people to the forest without any hesitation.The honor of an officer is to complete the tasks assigned by his superiors without any room for bargaining He dispersed the soldiers into more than a dozen teams, and slowly groped into the woods with a fan They didn t know that the muzzle of a god of death had been aimed at them Looking at a A figure of a soldier appeared under his gun, and Wang Weiyi showed a cruel smile at the puritan cbd gummies canada corner of his mouth.On such a battlefield, there is absolutely no need for any form of sympathy The Enfield rifle has locked on to a target Wang Weiyi s hand is terribly steady, and his heartbeat is gradually slowing down.Even if a bomb explodes beside him now, Wang Weiyi can be sure that he will not move The target was locked Wang Weiyi s hand touched the trigger shot The bullet flew out of the chamber, and the crisp sound of the gunshot alarmed the forest that seemed so silent at first.About the day before yesterday, I had dinner with His Majesty the Emperor and the Queen.During the dinner, His Majesty talked about you endlessly, so let I also have some interest in you, and I really want to see with my own eyes what kind of person you are Now Wang Weiyi understands a little bit.No wonder the Countess took the initiative to find her, it turned out that it was because of William II.He didn t interrupt the Countess, but listened to her continue Actually, it was not my idea to invite you as a guest, but His Majesty s.His Majesty also knew something about Nicholas interest in you, but He never believed that a German hero would betray his motherland.However, His Majesty does not want to meddle in the affairs of the Military Intelligence Bureau, so there is amazon best cbd gummies only one way, to grant you a title, so that Nicholas cannot come to puritan cbd gummies canada him unless he has solid evidence Your troubles, but even so, His Majesty is still not at ease.Is Ernst afraid Richthofen was puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies a little dissatisfied.Indeed, his subordinates did not dare to stand up after being subjected to such torture.It is really not what an officer should do.If it was Richthofen, he would go to the He stood up for his subordinates.No matter what price he paid for it Manstein shook his head No, you are at a loss, I believe Ernst must not be such a person.If a person can face tens of thousands of enemies without fear, do you think he will be afraid of Nicholas But Wang Weiyi s attitude also made Manstein puzzled.What exactly did Ernst Alexson von Brahm want to do Perhaps only he himself knows the reason When Colonel Nicholas puritan cbd gummies canada hurried back to the Intelligence Bureau, the Chinese had already been taken away.This made Colonel Nicholas very angry.The Chinese was a very important prisoner, and perhaps evidence of the collusion between Ernst Brehm and the British could be obtained from him.How could Ernst humiliate them so nakedly in France Felix pondered for a moment, and then Nodding his head slowly, Wang Weiyi s tone was unusually calm If you duel with your enemy, will you continue to take his life when the opponent is already seriously injured Please note that this enemy is someone you hate very much, His Excellency the Marquess of Yoxor.Felix was silent there for a long time, and then he said This question is difficult to answer.If I really hate the other party so much, then from the bottom of my heart, I want to kill him.But in fact, I will spare him and fight him again after he recovers from his wounds.I think every honest gentleman with a sense of justice and compassion would do that.Thank you, Your Excellency the Marquess of Yoxor.Wang Weiyi said frankly I think everyone here will make the same choice as Lord Marquis.Wang Weiyi sighed softly I will handle this matter well.But I am very strange.It stands to reason that this person should be brought back by you for review Foroman knew that the other party puritan cbd gummies canada had always maintained hostility and vigilance towards the Military Intelligence Bureau Major, we have investigated carefully, and he has no value that can be used.We have successfully arrested his superiors, and the higher level ones It s not something he can know at this level Wang Weiyi nodded silently The soldiers of the supplementary battalion were quickly summoned, and everyone thought that there was a new mission, but they soon discovered that the major s face didn t seem so good looking.This time, we carried out a special mission.I don t think there is any need to hide it from everyone now.Wang Weiyi said slowly We went to Lance and did some things.

Adolf always said that there is a mystical power there, ha, I don t really believe in the mysticism.However, if I have the chance, I think I will visit China.We can go together.Rommel said slowly.Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of a very interesting thing.I will stay here until the end of the war, and then follow the Ziguang military base for a new crossing.There is no way to go back to China with them.butjust but After joining the Tsinghua Unigroup military base and traveling back to China ten or twenty years later, at that time, Rommel and Manstein fulfilled their promises and came to China.What kind of scene will it be when they meet again Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing when he thought of this, he thought too much, it s hard to say whether he can live to the end of the war Major, the Chinese and Bon Crayley have caught One person Ma Li s report interrupted the conversation with only a few people, and Wang Weiyi frowned Let them bring it up.One more thing is better than one less thing.When the things here are completed, I will quietly go back to the United States.Where will the Baron Skeleton find me That is not because I have broken my promise The car moved bumpily on the road and was very close to the buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada destination.The road was very peaceful, and I didn t see any Russian troops.Even if a few Russian civilians passed by, they did not pay special attention to these passing trucks.It s going well, Wang Weiyi thought in his heart.To puritan cbd gummies canada create such a situation, the Russians have their own embarrassment.On the one hand, they have to deal with the heavy pressure on the battlefield, and on the other hand, they have to deal with the continuous wave of strikes in the country, which makes them stretched.Some unimportant places can only choose to give up the attitude.Judging from buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada the size of the room, the area occupied by this bookcase is a bit large.And especially all the furnishings and furniture in puritan cbd gummies canada this room are very exquisite, only this cbdfx cbd gummie bears bookcase looks bulky and rustic, which doesn t fit the style of the whole room at all.Is there a secret passage behind Such an idea popped into Wang Weiyi s mind.Xiao Ling, are there many secret passages and basements in the homes of Russian nobles Many, Nicholas I, Alexander II, and III were very cruel kings.There are murders everywhere.Therefore, many nobles have prepared secret passages and hidden basements at home to escape or hide in critical moments That s right Wang Weiyi He muttered, carefully inspecting the big bookcase, and soon he discovered a mechanism that would never be discovered without careful observation.left.Colonel Sergey also knew very well that he had reached this point and there was no turning back.If he could not stand out here, with so many crimes added up, he could only be hanged to meet him.The only hope of life is on the opposite side Sergey frantically urged his soldiers to launch wave after wave of attacks.The casualties of the 27th Infantry Regiment were rapidly increasing, but no one cared about it at this ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep time.They are not fighting for any forces now, they are just working hard for their own survival Live or die The position was actually torn open by these Russian soldiers who had no intention of fighting at all.The ability to survive in a desperate situation is astonishing.Those Russian soldiers let out a lunatic Ulla sound, and then rushed towards this gap in groups Major, those Russians really opened up the position Rush Get out, get out Major, my tank is cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies unable to move forward Guderian, give up the tank Don t worry aspie world cbd gummies about anything.Baron Alexon immediately got to the essence of the problem.She thought that although the other party was famous, it was built on the battlefield.She didn t understand business, but she didn t expect such a result Hermione nodded Yes , Baron Alexon, when my father was still alive, he had already begun to transfer huge assets abroad, especially in the United States and now, I am just implementing my father s established plan, And now I am more determined Why The countess became more and more curious.Obviously, the relationship between Hermione and the Countess is extraordinary.In front of the Countess, Hermione didn t hide anything Because we don zillas cbd gummy bears t think the Allies can win this war The Countess was taken aback, and even Yu s hand that was holding the wine glass trembled.A person who has dual identities of Germany and Austria Hungary, but is not optimistic that his country can win the war Wang Weiyi was also a little cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies surprised, this woman s power of observation is so keen Hermione looked very solemn and said Baron Alexon, I didn t mean to offend you and your army.Wang Weiyi smiled wryly, this is not very good, and he how to make cbd gummies at home puritan cbd gummies canada will have to turn off the tracker when needed in the future Found that He rushed to the hotel with a carriage, and transported the three suitcases into his room.Not long after, Hermione came as scheduled.Seeing that what Baron Alexon said was ready and exactly as he said, Hermione showed a shocked expression again.It turns out that Baron Alexon really has so much wealth After a rough estimate, the total value of that batch of diamonds and gold jewelry has reached more than two million Reichsmarks.Hermione originally wanted to do a careful calculation The specific value, but Wang Weiyi thinks it is not necessary, so it is calculated according to two million marks.After calming down, Hermione took out the contract and showed it to Wang Weiyi.Colonel Gustav was promoted to Brigadier General, Major De Sade was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel After suffering such a big loss, these generals who failed were actually rewarded and promoted.The French can do it.But what is the inside story These French people are very clear in their hearts Now, they have to face that nasty Ernst Brahm again.If they fail again, I am afraid that the high level military will not be able to keep them Brigadier General Gustav, it s up to you now.El.General Raffarin looked at Gustav, who had already commanded the 79th Infantry Brigade of the French Army, and said The enemy is showing off their power there.Take your troops to defeat them I will aim the artillery fire that can be mobilized at Cinuo.Greek position, you will launch an attack after the bombardment Be sure to pull down do cbd gummies give you a body high that damned skull flag Yes, General Gustav said loudly, I will take Ernst Bly Brought to you He was also extremely resentful towards Ernst Brahm in his heart, this person was brought back to Lance by himself, and now he has become the laughing stock of those who know the insider Damn the skeleton flag, the damned skeleton baron This is the best of times, and it s also the worst of times Wang Weiyi holds Flipping through the book A Tale of Two Cities , I read this passage gently in my mouth.

Judging from the information provided by the Military Intelligence Agency, Gustav is an arrogant, arrogant, and timid general.He graduated from the Military Academy with top grades in all subjects.From the first day he entered the army, he was highly regarded by General Raffarin, who was still a colonel at the time.Since then, his official career has been prosperous and smooth, but unfortunately He thought Liao thought It s just talk on paper, no matter how good you learn in books, but once it comes to practice, it s useless at all.Gustav is exactly that kind of man We had an attack and he was very puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies panicked, I guess General Raffarin will order Gustave to take the position back at any cost, I will let He regained ground.Once lost things are regained, they will be doubly cherished.If my judgment is correct, the first thing Gustav wants to do now is how to prevent the position from being lost again, not to attack.The French army can only be victorious under the command of a woman and a foreigner.Rommel thought for a moment, then laughed loudly.Yes, Joan of Arc is a woman, and Napoleon is a Corsican.It seems that the puritan cbd gummies canada French army can only win under the leadership of women and foreigners.Ernst, Ernst, what s going on in his head One hundred and ninety five.The progress of the death war is exactly the same as Wang Weiyi s judgment.Brigadier General Gustav didn t have any intention of continuing to attack.He has achieved a brilliant counterattack victory , why should he continue to take risks that should not are keoni cbd gummies legit be taken Therefore, after the start of the spring offensive launched by the French, the rest of the battlefields were in full swing, and only in the Ci Nuoxi area, it became extremely calm.Both sides are confronting each other very patiently.But in short, I will only do this once, and I promise Hey, don t promise it so early.Wang Weiyi said with a smile No one can say anything in this world, you are so strict with the procedures people finally broke the procedures to save you.Me Wang cbd isolate gummies Weiyi thought for a long time, and HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada decided to call Xiaoling a human , since machines don t have such rich emotions Fly your plane.Finally, Xiaoling spat out a sentence very stingyly According to my analysis, if you can t complete the landing within seven minutes, then the gods can t save you All the energy was put on this rickety plane Everyone on the ground turned their eyes to the sky.The Red Baron is attacked.The news that the Skeleton Baron took off into the sky even alarmed the high level officials, Lian Feng.General Galwitz came too.The First Flying Wing has all been dispatched, but the anxiety in General Galwitz s heart cannot be expressed in words.Nossa was safe all the way.Mr.Officer.A local asked timidly Are you German Yes, we are German.Wang Weiyi answered the question with a smile My name is Ernst.Bram, I hope our arrival didn t frighten you.What a polite officer, thought the Italians with a sigh.Two hundred and eighteen.These Italians, the polite German officer and his team, had seen Bonosa.The Italians seemed unprepared.They believed that the Swallow brigade led by Brigadier General Soqualia was fighting ahead, and there was no need to worry delivery cbd gummies about the appearance of the Germans here.The mentality of the Italians is like this, and they will never show their energy unless the danger really appears.In fact, even if danger does arise, what attitude will they adopt When the first unit led by Wang Weiyi arrived in Bonosa, he will never forget the panicked expressions of the Italian soldiers in the telescope.Not easy to find.Come on, Sergeant Ouyang, I m sorry, I ll get you some after the battle is over.There, arrange another machine gun.Wang Weiyi cheekily slipped away from Ouyang Yu, yelling loudly.Hey, that s great, you still have this.Ouyang Yu was dumbfounded.The battle has not yet been fought, and I have suffered heavy losses, including half a pack of cigarettes Captain, the Japanese army is preparing to attack All enter the position and prepare to fight Wang Weiyi s shout made Ouyang Yu get rid of all distracting thoughts, and commanded his unit to enter the combat position with a gun in his hand.This is a battle personally commanded by the officer of the zh ngy ng Teaching Corps.Can he achieve the greatest victory at the least cost The brothers here in the 18th Division are looking forward to it.Zhang Xiaolin and the bodyguards around him were shocked.At this moment, Wang Dehai, who was sitting in the front co pilot seat, suddenly turned around and pointed a pistol at them Wang Dehai, you These words just came out of Zhang Xiaolin s mouth, and the gun in Wang Dehai s hand had already fired Zhang Xiaolin, one of the Three Big Tycoons in Shanghai, died just like that.He hasn t even had the chance to complete his Han Jian great cause.Then there were two more gunshots, and the two bodyguards of Zhang Xiaolin also fell on top of their boss.Wang Dehai smiled, and said to Zhang Xiaolin s body, Boss Zhang, I forgot to tell you, my name is Wang Weiyi.He patted the driver beside him and said, Si Dao, the work is finished, let s go.The car got off and patted on the clothes.A car was already waiting there, and it was Elena who was smiling in the car Zhang Xiaolin, one of the Three Tycoons of Shanghai , was shot dead, It quickly shocked the French Concession and shocked Shanghai.But the weirder thing is It happened again Everyone s description of General Ernst is different Everyone who fought side by side with General Ernst has firmly engraved the general s appearance in his mind , They swear that no matter how many years have passed, as long as General Ernst appears in front of them, they will be able to recognize it at a glance.But But they found that they could not describe it with their mouths Some people said that Ernst General Te s face is more oriental, such as Rommel.But this statement was quickly refuted by Manstein No, Ernst looks completely German Then Richthofen put forward his own Opinion I had the best relationship with Ernst and we went through detention together.He should look like thisso Presumably a mix of Eastern and Western faces Hell, hell Ernst s HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada face is in my head, I know him better than my own wife, but why can t I say it When these problems were brought back to Reich F hrer Adolf Hitler, Hitler was very angry.

As soon as the front foot left, Wang Weiyi asked Zhang Lingfu to bring someone to collect the weapons.Looking at the weapons and ammunition piled up like a hill, Zhang Lingfu s eyes were straightened.God, where did Wang Weiyi get so many weapons France, Britain American light and heavy machine guns, grenades, hand grenades it s like having an exposition ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep there.It s a pity that tanks and combat vehicles are not available now.Wang Weiyi cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies still looked a little regretful I will get a few more tanks in the future, and our equipment will be more powerful.Wang Luzuo, I am convinced.Zhang Lingfu said the same thing as Qiao Zhihe My mother, since the Battle of Shanghai, all the troops have been worrying about weapons and ammunition.It s good for you, let me choose.It s over, since this is the case, I won t be polite to you anymore Zhang Lingfu showed his fierce face , since he has met a rich man, why should he be polite Directing the people he brought, what good things do cbd infused gummy bears have thc do you see Just take anything, just ammunition is piled up in a truck.This is Shanghai After Hiroshi Yamaguchi said this, the person behind him said coldly, I know this is Shanghai.Since we dare to come in, we have nothing HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada to fear.Then, Hiroshi Yamaguchi said The brain was hit hard, and he fell into a coma When Hiroshi Yamaguchi woke up.Find yourself in an unfamiliar environment.The lights in the house are turned on brightly, and the owner here doesn t seem to like the dark very much.Zhou Wenhao, your Japanese has improved very quickly.A voice that was very familiar to Hiroshi Yamaguchi came into Hiroshi Yamaguchi s ears.It puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies s all taught by Lu Zuo.A voice that was obviously flattering sounded.Hiroshi Yamaguchi suddenly called out strangely Eight Karma Wang Weiyi That voice puritan cbd gummies canada belongs to Wang Weiyi Hiroshi Yamaguchi stood up unsteadily, and he saw clearly the person sitting there talking with his subordinates Wang Weiyi Shankou, don t get excited.They didn t know each other s name, identity, or each other.s position.But that doesn t affect anything.On the battlefield, this is the most exciting thing.The ninth Guo Yunfeng evacuated immediately.At this puritan cbd gummies canada moment, with the sound of Dang , a bullet hit the place where he was hiding just now.It s HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada dangerous, in just a few tenths of a second, as long as he leaves late, Guo Yunfeng has already turned into a corpse.Guo Yunfeng immediately lay down on the ground, took off his hat, put it on the muzzle of the gun and raised it up.However, nothing happened.Guo Yunfeng immediately made a judgment in his mind That is, the target he was looking for found an excellent shooting position on the west side of the hill.The action of that Chinese sniper just now was really too fast, he had obviously locked on the target, but at the moment when his finger pulled the trigger.Air support Air support is here When the decisive battle in Jiuhu Town broke out, the Chinese Air Force ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep appeared in the blue sky That is the Fifth Flying Group of the Chinese Air Force This is the order personally issued by the Military Command Department of the National Government Military Commission.They knew what kind of unit they had on the front line in Changshu it was a trump card unit of the National Revolutionary Army Commanding this force is a star level general who has attracted national attention Wang Weiyi He is Xue Yue s beloved general, he is a disciple of the Son of Heaven, and he is the God of War who is regarded as a hero by the people of the whole country Therefore, no matter how difficult it is, we must give him the most comprehensive support The Fifth Flying Battalion defended China s airspace fiercely.The rise and fall of the country, just cbd gummies 250mg reviews everyone has a share.I wanted to serve, buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada but I have passed my age.Fortunately, I have a son, so I volunteered consciously.Give the flag and carry it with you at all times.Wipe the blood when you are injured, and wrap it after ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep death.Go forward bravely, and never forget your duty.That is the flag of the Chinese nation facing death Yes, the Anti Japanese War will be won in another way.The plane began taxiing.Wang Weiyi came to the cockpit.The pilot turned around and said, Walker, are you ready That s Guo Yunfeng Go back to the base, we still have one last task to complete.Wang Weiyi said lightly.The plane took off and quickly disappeared into the sky What The Political Department of the Military Commission asked Wang Weiyi to go to ch ngq ng Damn, where did such a thing happen Why didn t I know Xue Yue roared into the phone There is no such order, no Go puritan cbd gummies canada to ch ngq ng What Where did that plane come from Where s the passenger seat The passenger seat is in danger Don t mess up The passenger seat will be fine, no I order, all departments stick to their positions , ready to launch an attack on the 3rd Division Zhang Lingfu, damn it is our brigade seat Ouyang Yu, have you HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada forgotten what the brigade seat told you when you left Everyone fell silent instantly In the 27th year of the Republic of China, on April 6th, 93 AD, Wang Weiyi, Major General of the Huben Guard Brigade of the National Revolutionary Army, disappeared mysteriously.It was Tostokaski who spoke The Baron and Mr Tedroux.Mr.Gregory, Marquis of Bierstoka, was extremely grateful to His Excellency the Baron and his friends, and at this moment he was most needed to express his feelings at the moment Thank you for your trust in me, Your Excellency the Baron.My Talent is not enough to hold this high position, but as you said, in order to let the light of freedom shine in Russia again, I am willing to take on this important task without fear until the day of my death What a noble marquis Wang Weiyi once again praised the marquis ideally Then it s settled, when the brutal regime in Moscow is eliminated, I will return the rights to the Russian people and let them hold another election.This In puritan cbd gummies canada a word, it immediately stimulated those Russian nobles who were sour in their hearts.Attack Moscow in the north.Completely gain the initiative in the war.Generals, do you still have any objections to my decision now Generals, including Germany Including Adolf Hitler, the head of state, all let puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies out a long sigh of relief.Now .

where to buy cbd oil or gummies?

they finally know the real strategic purpose of Marshal Ernst He wants to obtain Turkey, where he can eliminate the strength of the Allied Forces to the greatest extent.Then, get ready for the showdown.He even thought about the time of the decisive battle 1943 There is no doubt, no one has any doubts, since Marshal Ernst has decided to do so, then what the generals have to do is to fully cooperate with Marshal Ernst.Mr.F hrer Wang Weiyi jars for cbd gummies cast his eyes on Adolf Hitler Have you prepared everything I asked you to prepare The general knew one more thing.The battlefield, and the head of state has long known about this strategic plan Yes, Marshal, I have mobilized all the troops you want.

Then attract the Allied forces to Turkey and cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies eliminate them, laying the most solid how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies foundation for your next plan.War always serves politics What cannot be achieved in war may be achieved in politics.This is what Wang Weiyi wants to get in the end Marshal, you came back just right this time.Adolf Hitler said at this time To celebrate your victory in Kharkov, we will hold a grand military parade tomorrow When it comes to the military parade, Wang Weiyi remembered Has Britain continued to agree to the free French movement to hold a military parade in London It s really curious, there is no movement at all in London.Adolf Hitler became a little excited Get up I think your stern warning in France must have played a role.The British are afraid.No, the British are not afraid.Wang Weiyi shook HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada his head slowly If we expect to rely on my The warning can make Britain succumb, and the war does not have to continue.They didn t know which people Marshal Ernst brought back ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep for them this time, which deserved such a grand ceremony.You know, the ones staying here are the marshals of the empire and the invincible German generals on the battlefield After a while, two trucks drove into the base.There were about thirty or forty people in the car, and they didn t look like generals who would be all powerful.The sentries at the base saluted, watched the truck pass by them, and then stuck out their tongues, God, who are these people It turned out that Marshal Ernst himself acted as their driver.Adolf Hitler and his generals were also shocked.What qualifications do these people in the car have for the baron to drive for them Wang Weiyi got out of the car first, and then those people in the car got out of the car one after another.These are not the most deadly, the most deadly is the damage caused by those shells to the eagle hemp cbd gummies to quit smoking Turkish army.The positions built by the Turkish army with great painstaking efforts were gradually destroyed by the German army.Groups of officers and soldiers of the Turkish army were wiped out by the German army.At the end of the battle, the Turks were desperate Even their officers, who were strapped with explosives and grenades, rushed towards the Germans in groups.Explosions sounded here one after another, and countless bloody corpses fell in front of the position.It s horrible to watch, but for soldiers who are used to seeing death, this is nothing more than a common thing and some German reinforcements have appeared, and the balance of victory in the war has been completely tilted To the German side How long can you last Lieutenant General Higru, who appeared in front of Marshal Gleluman, shook his head in despair.At that time, I kept thinking, who is the Baron s cbd gummies health food store real love Is it me, or Elena Maybe even he can t answer this questionElena is dead , and I am getting old, I will eventually leave the baron and buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada go to heaven to accept the call of the Lord, but the baron cannot be without someone by his side Hermione shrugged That shouldn t be that little movie Star.Hey, what s wrong with you, Hermione.Leonie looked extremely relaxed Do you think the baron will really fall in love with that Reman No, you are wrong, some men will never lack women , but it s just their playmates, I ve seen too much of that in the past.But somewhere in the deepest part of these men s hearts, there s always a woman they really love, even though they won t admit it Who is the Baron really in love with Hermione asked curiously.I thought Leonie would say it was me, but I didn t expect Leonie to smile I don t know, I really don t know.All not a single dollar left The only thing he got was the glass of rum that Mr.Garcia gave him Williams, who slipped out of the back door, knew that it was absolutely impossible for things to end so soon, when the puritan cbd gummies canada sun rose tomorrow , he will be completely finished.All his properties were mortgaged in the bank, that is to say, not only did he become a poor man again, but he also owed a large sum of money to the puritan cbd gummies canada bank It was not until late at night that he dared to go back to the bank quietly.own home.The mansion that he was once proud of soon no longer belonged to him He looked around quietly, after making sure that there was no one there.Then ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep he dared to sneak into his home.After closing the door firmly, Williams was relieved.After leaning against the door in a daze for a while, he turned on the light.This famous British general will never follow the plan designed by the enemy.Even domestic attitudes did not affect him.When he thinks that the situation on the battlefield is suitable for attacking, even if his own country orders him to stop attacking, Montgomery will refuse without hesitation.Now.The problem was put in front of Wang Weiyi How can the passiveness on the battlefield be reversed Wang Weiyi said slowly This time.I have delivered a new engine and a large amount of fuel for you.The German officials almost cheered.Once the new engine and a large amount of fuel are replenished, the African Legion will be able to rejuvenate.Your supplies will arrive tomorrow.Wang Weiyi s voice is still so calm Next, let s think about how to defeat Montgomery.Marshal Rommel , Do you have any plans The situation is very difficult.The British gold bee cbd gummies for sale army was desperately blocking the enemy s attack.If it weren t for their bravery and perseverance, General Alexander would have become a prisoner within ten minutes of the start of the battle General Montgomery, who was commanding at the front line, learned of this After the news of the mutiny, he was also shocked, and hurriedly dispatched the 12th Royal Cavalry to reinforce General Alexander.But the Royal Cavalry was blocked by a battalion of the 6th South African Armored Vehicle Regiment General Alexander s situation was already in jeopardy The rifle battalion in his hands suffered heavy casualties, and all the fortifications on the periphery were destroyed by the South African army, and the remaining defenders could only be forced to resist in a very small fortification.Afterwards, Wang Weiyi, who learned the news, immediately asked General Canlemu to issue an order, calling on all Egyptian rebels to fight to aid the South African Army.

Hiromoto, don t forget that this is China and Manchuria.These Chinese people are difficult to teach, and they must be bitten by a dog to obeyDo you know what is the best dog Hiroshi Yamaguchi paused, and turned his eyes to the vast horizon, but there was a grim cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies smile in his eyes The best dog is an obedient, biting and ruthless dog, Duan Although Yimu is a greedy dog, how much can he eat Compared with the benefits we have gained in Manchuria, it is only a drop in the bucket.Give him some sweetness, so he can bite people harder.As for puritan cbd gummies canada his talent, do you use it Judging by the standards of our empire.In China, for a successful leader, business and ability are not the most important, and it does not lie in how many gentlemen he can lead, but how many villains he can control From this point of view, Duan Kazuki couldn t be more suitable.They Enter the building and climb up to the second floor.Heisenberg found a window here.Be ready to shoot at any structure.The other snipers in Heisenberg s class did the same.Heisenberg leaned out part of his body cautiously again, observed the distant buildings with the reticle of the scope, and soon found the target he was looking for.An enemy sniper is targeting the building where Heisenberg is located.He had a smaller scope attached to his rifle, and just as Heisenberg aimed at him, the Russian sniper fired.Heisenberg imagined that one of his comrades was killed by the opponent.He couldn t allow the other side to continue shooting.So, he gently pulled the trigger.The bullet passed through the opponent s left cheek, and he fell.Throughout the day, this process repeated itself over and over again.Small boats moved slowly to and fro, pulling the bodies of sailors and marines out of the oily water.A total of 19 warships were sunk or damaged, including all combat ships of the Pacific Fleet.According to statistics, the United States lost 265 aircraft, most of which were blown up when they were neatly arranged on the ground.A total of 2,403 people have died in the United States.1,178 were injured the Japanese lost 29 planes and 55 pilots.The Pearl Harbor incident was the worst tragedy in the history of American military affairs.As Roosevelt, supported by his son James, made his way to the House podium, there was thunderous puritan cbd gummies canada applause after another, and the Republicans applauded too.For the first time in years, political animosity has evaporated at a time of national emergency.Pearl Harbor united the American people in support of Franklin Roosevelt.Perhaps in the dark, God is really paying attention to everything here.At this moment, the assassins outside could never have imagined that the assassination target of the two people who were completely at a disadvantage would have a way to escape, which made them a little frustrated.Dozens of people quickly approached the library Five minutes at most, reinforcements will arrive Major Luo Jieming whispered.The surroundings were pitch black, and Wang Weiyi lowered his voice Major, until the reinforcements arrive, we are still fighting alone.Hey, have you seen that, here may be able to buy us as much time as possible Major, try not to use guns Major Luo Jiemin nodded I don t know why, but he is full of confidence in the baron.He had heard too many legends about the baron.No one could capture or kill the skeleton baron, whether in the Somme or in Montfaucon.The appearance of these steel monsters is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Russians who are attacking.The German army began to counterattack A large number of tanks roared and appeared on the battlefield.Accompanying them are groups of German commandos.The Soviet army suffered heavy losses in the offensive.They lacked the necessary armor strength.Under the sudden counterattack of the German army, they quickly fell into a passive state.They had to meet the powerful impact of the German tank troops with their own flesh and blood A seasoned German commando.Then you can relatively easily engage in annihilation operations.The most painful ones are undoubtedly the tankers of the 81st Armored Army of the Soviet Army.If they still have tanks now, even if the t 34 is not an opponent of German tanks.They will also be able to fight them without hesitation for puritan cbd gummies canada the honor of the armored soldiers However, now they can only watch the German tanks raging on the battlefield to their heart s content Major Liaokov can fully experience such pain now His family was a Russian aristocrat, and his grandfather was one of the founders of the Russian Tank Corps, from a very young age.When Wang Weiyi s last word was settled, Dimilenko and Anna actually laughed Such a bold and crazy plan, probably only the Skeleton Baron can come up with.The whole plan is crazy, but simple.In fact, the simpler the plan, the more likely it will be successful.We must start operations at the same time.Wang Weiyi said slowly Anna, you are mainly responsible for taking your children to the pick up location we agreed on.Remember, timing is very important.And you, Timilenko, you You can act as an gummies cbd fx informer Timilenko was a little worried Baron, in fact, your part of the whole plan is the most dangerous.What if you are really surrounded Our whole plan will I failed because of this.Moreover, I can t bear such a responsibility. Don t worry, hundreds of thousands of Soviet troops can t catch me on the battlefield, let alone here.In the early morning of the 8th, Budyonny committed suicide in his headquarters.Semyon Mikhailovich.Budyonny was born on April 25, 1883 in a poor peasant family in Kozyulin village, Rostov region.He was drafted into the army in 1903 and participated in the Russo Japanese War in 1905.In 1908 he graduated from the Petersburg Cavalry School and served does cbd gummies raise your blood pressure in the Coastal Dragoons.During World War I, he fought on the German, Austrian and Caucasus fronts.During the preparations for the October Revolution in 1917, Budyonny was successively elected as the Chairman of the Cavalry Cavalry Division Company Soldiers Committee, the Chairman of the Regiment Soldiers Committee and the Vice Chairman of the Division Soldiers Committee.Later, he served as the commander in chief of the Southwest and the commander in chief of the North Caucasus.

The days go by so fast, and it s almost the end of the month again.Do you have a new monthly pass in your hands If you have any, please vote for the spider, thank you for your support, bow Seven hundred and eight.The sunshine of love on the battlefield is no longer warm, on the contrary, the sunlight shining on the earth is full of strong smell of blood.The corpses all over the ground made people look horrible, and it was impossible to look directly at them.The gurgling blood seems to tell everyone what kind of tragedy happened here yesterday.Some women s ambulance teams appeared on the battlefield.They examined the dead bodies, hoping to find some soldiers who were still alive.Surrounded by countless snipers from the German army, their guns had already aimed at these Russian women, but most of them, after thinking about it, quietly lowered their guns.If Comrade Marshal can really do this, then he has full confidence in defending here for a long time.But in fact there are some things Zhukov did not tell his subordinates that the troops of these two divisions are his police guards and a vital force to defend his headquarters.Zhukov actually didn t have much reserve team in his hands.However, in order to strengthen the confidence of the frontline soldiers, he had to do so.If he can win, he is even willing to throw the last company around him into the battlefield. The enemy s firepower is too strong.In one day today, more than half of our armored forces and artillery were destroyed.Despite receiving reinforcements, Yershakov decided to tell what happened on the puritan cbd gummies canada battlefield today.Marshal Zhukov I m afraid the battle will be even more puritan cbd gummies canada intense tomorrow Yes, the battle will be more intense tomorrow Looking at the batches of wounded transported down, Zhukov The expression on his face was so dignified Comrade Ershakov, are you confident to complete the task I am confident, Comrade Marshal Ershakov said firmly.You really can t stay, Lieutenant At this moment, Adolf Hitler resumed the address he had when he first met Lieutenant Ernst.Adolf, my mission has been completed.I am a wanderer and will not stay in one place forever.Now that Germany has become stronger again, I will continue to pursue my mission.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Hitler said unwillingly Why can Manfred follow you on an adventure, but I can t He can give up the position of Marshal of Germany, and I can also give up the position of Head of State You are different, because you are The head of the country You still have obligations to this country Wang Weiyi said this, looking at his friends The same is true for you, you all have unfulfilled obligations, my friends.Rommel watched him silently Will we meet again Ernst, my friend Maybe there will be a chance, maybe we will never see each other again.Female spies There are many famous female spies in history.There are ancient ones, modern ones, eastern ones, and western ones.However, Wang how to make cbd gummies at home puritan cbd gummies canada Weiyi doesn HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada t approve of women being spies, even though they are easier than men It was successful.However, the sacrifice a woman has to pay to act as a spy is often very high.Seeing Ernst hesitating there, Nelia best price for cbd gummies raised her voice slightly Master Baron, I heard that they are all That s what you call it.Honorable Lord Baron, in my life, revenge for my father, mother, and sister is my only wish, please promise me no matter what The tone in her words was so firm that it was impossible to refuse.Wang Weiyi stared at her Are you really going to do this Yes, no one can change my resolve.Nelia replied more firmly.Okay, then I can promise you.Wang Weiyi thought puritan cbd gummies canada for a while The Romans attack will come soon.Now, almost most of the Germanic tribes have been mobilized.They What we have to do is to stick to it firmly and wait until reinforcements arrive And in the team commanded by Guo Yunfeng, those Germanians were also in high spirits.They were originally used to delay time, but they did not expect just cbd 750mg gummies to defeat the Romans in the first confrontation, which is self evident for the improvement of their confidence.These Germanians were born warriors, and their desire for battle and blood was hard for outsiders to understand.They are so fierce on the battlefield, but when the battle is over, they quickly fall into a state of carnival.Plenty of wine and food.It has become the best channel for them to vent their happiness.Although the vast majority of women have been assigned to the third echelon, there are still a few brave female warriors who joined the front line against the Romans.Centumarus came in with a spring face.When he saw Caesar, he said Caesar, my friend, I heard that you launched the second war of punishment against the barbarians.I think you must have won, ah, why are you still here This damned, vain guy, he puritan cbd gummies canada probably knew that he had failed.So he came here to laugh at himself, right Caesar held back the anger in his heart Unfortunately, I failed.Failed This is simply incredible.Centumalus seemed very surprised You are the invincible Caesar.You lead the most powerful Roman legion, how could puritan cbd gummies canada you lose to those ignorant and backward barbarians Caesar was not irritated by him at all Centumarus, I think you probably still don t understand those barbarians at all.They have become stronger and united now.Centumarus sneered Barbarians are puritan cbd gummies canada barbarians, and the Roman Legion can thc cbd gummies reddit easily wipe them out Ah, yes.When he HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada Powerful officials, generals who have won battles, or rich people like myself. Among them, the poet Krasicius seemed to be particularly interested in Wang Weiyi, and he kept saying some irrelevant words beside Wang Weiyi, and kept asking Wang Weiyi if he had heard this poem cbd gummies from shark tank to quit smoking or that poem.Poetry is too difficult for Wang Weiyi to understand, especially the poetry of ancient Rome, what is in it is simply a bible for Wang Weiyi.But despite seeing that Spulius didn t understand poetry at all, Krasicius showed no displeasure.Not only that, he even started to tease Wang Weiyi with words Tease a tease from a man In an instant, both Wang Weiyi and Richthofen understood that this is a man who likes men.In Rome, there were men who liked women, men who liked men, and men both men and women.In the eyes of the Romans, this is not a big deal.

Heilman s handsome and resolute face became gentle Rehhagel, your father and uncle both died in the Danube, so there is no relative to make weapons for you today.However, I made a short spear with my own hands last night.A shield.They are yours as he spoke.The chief attendant held up a short spear made of black iron and an oak shield.Hellman put the weapon lightly in Rehagel s hand, I don t know what color you like, so the shield is not painted, it s up to you to do it yourself.Little Rehagel s teardrops finally It was pouring out uncontrollably, I will dye it red with the blood of the Saxon enemies Rehhagel, you are a man now.Hellman smiled with relief, The tribe has built for you Your own wooden house.The Saxon leader pointed to the three small wooden houses beside the camp, Go and have a look.After being quiet for a while, he continued Yes, we will definitely take revenge, but the serious question now is, what should poor Centumalus do .After a meeting, the veteran of Orvis fought and said We feel very sympathetic to what happened to Centumarus, but we have reached a consensus before.Rome will never compromise with the barbarians, so this ransom cannot be paid by Rome.Bear it.Pompeo, did you forget the previous buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada meeting Ah.I haven t forgotten, Orvis.Pompeo nodded I m just worried about Centumalus, but now this The problem has been solved This is beyond the expectations of the elders, solved How was it resolved Pompey looked around Has Senator Spurius come Yes, Pompeo, I m here.Member Spurius Wang Weiyi stood up.Ah.Young Congressman, please come to me.Pompey called Wang Weiyi out Now, please tell these respectable people.Xiaoling told himself that he had changed too much history.The time and space disaster predicted by Dr.Qin may appear cbd hemp bombs gummies reviews anytime and anywhere, and no one can grasp the future history.Could it be that he brought this Everything Maybe all of this is caused by you Xiao Ling expressed his thoughts Germany should not have won the Second World War, but because of your existence, all Everything in the world has changed, and the track of history has entered an era that no one can grasp.Or I can put it more clearly, Germany won because of you.Also failed because of you.This is the terrible change brought about by forcibly changing history.You must take responsibility for all this This is the terrible change brought about by forcibly changing history.You must take responsibility for this time Xiao Ling s words kept hitting Wang Weiyi s eardrum like a heavy hammer.Who will maintain 24 hour uninterrupted communication with me directly and accurately report the situation on the battlefield Analyze the enemy s dynamics I.Elena stood up.Heinrich Elena von Livinsky return Elijah.Sevia.Wang Weiyi smiled confidently again Since our enemies want war, then we will return the cruelest war to them Skeleton Commandos Returning Skeleton Commando Return I suggest you not to reveal the identity of the Skeleton Baron for the time being Xiao Ling reminded him Otherwise, it would be too shocking Wang Weiyi clicked Nodded I know, I will appear in front of everyone as the Skeleton Baron at the right time.but.I must give confidence to the German soldiers and people in a special way, telling them that the skeleton baron never abandoned them So, I think maybe this is what you need With the voice of the little spirit, a huge battle flag appeared at the base it was a blood red banner.Angette s face Some red Do you have a husband, Agent Annette Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.Ah.No, I m not married yet Just like a child who was found stealing candy by an adult.Annette replied in a panic.At this time, the two of them ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep had arrived at the highest point of the castle, looking puritan cbd gummies canada from here , all the sights can be seen at a glance.Wang Weiyi stared at the front in a daze What a beautiful city.Annette didn t understand the meaning of the words, but subconsciously said Yes , Yes, it s a beautiful city, but it has changed a little after our bombing.Wang Weiyi s complexion changed, but he soon returned to normal I just puritan cbd gummies canada said that it is very tragic for a beautiful woman to have no puritan cbd gummies canada man to take care of her.So what about you, Agent Annette, with your beauty, why do you lack the love of men There was obviously some provocative meaning in these words, and Annette became more and more flustered Ah, probably because of my work, I don t when does cbd gummies wear off allow any contact with other strange men except my colleagues, and now I am in such a dangerous place.Then returned to the room, at this time Agent Annette was fully dressed.Her face looked complicated, obviously trying to explain to Major Davyn what he had seen.Wang Weiyi smiled and comforted her.I feel a little guilty in my heart.After she successfully escaped, Agent Annette would inevitably be investigated, and perhaps her identity as a CIA agent could no longer be maintained.But for the sake of the whole, anyone s interests can be sacrificed Brigadier General Johnson and Major Daveyne arrived at the residence of Baron Platt on time.The baron dismissed his butler, and then took out some things from the room Look, gentlemen, what did I how much melatonin is in chongs choice cbd gummies find Then There are some ornaments made of gold, only a few of them.But it was enough to make the eyes of Brigadier General Johnson and Major Davyn glow with a strange color.Major David got into his car with ease and led the way for the Baroness.With Major Davyn leading the way, they left Dessau without any hindrance.When saying goodbye, Major Davien was slightly regretful Madam, you probably had an unpleasant time in Dessau.I puritan cbd gummies canada apologize to you and hope to see you again when I have the opportunity.Probably you are only in the Netherlands Only then can I see me Madam s face appeared from the car window Major, send my regards to General Johnson for me.Thank you and him for taking care of me.If you have the opportunity to go to the Netherlands, you Be sure to receive my hospitality.I ll try to go, delta 9 gummies cbd good bye, ma am.Good bye, Major.Carlysler quickly disappeared from Major Davyn s sight.When Dessau got further and further out of sight, the Chrysler stopped.Leonie stepped out of the puritan cbd gummies canada car, butler Videlio and Depsey immediately removed the back seat of the car, and then, Colonel Carl Chelus got out of the small space.

Kars was not in a hurry to annihilate these Germans immediately.He could see that the German soldiers were very determined to resist.If you attack by force, you may only cause your troops to suffer greater losses.He has plenty of time, and the Germans will run out of ammunition and food soon, when that time comes.He can easily stand in front of the German commandos in a victorious posture.Cals s calculations were not wrong at all.Max and his commandos were equally aware of the situation they were facing, but they didn t care.From the first day they fought with Major Moyol, they had made up their minds that they would not survive.Under the sudden attack of the enemy, they became losers, and the shame of the losers must be washed away with blood.Either your own or the enemy s They ve done so many miracles with Major Moyol that they don t care if it s tomorrow.No, we can t help.Max replied to his subordinates in a daze.However, neither the Americans nor the Germans probably thought that this was just the beginning.The fighters at the base are ready.They will arrive at the battlefield in two minutes.Xiao Ling s voice sounded, and this time it was Wang Weiyi s turn to be stunned.Xiao Ling, you can t afford to mess with him once Xiao Ling makes a real move, it will definitely be earth shattering.The tank retreats, and the fighter plane will arrive in a minute.Retreat, retreat Wang Weiyi shouted into the tank.The m60, which has been raging here for a long time, began to retreat, but the Americans were still hiding on the ground in fear, no one dared to look up.America s new nightmare has arrived Three black dots appeared in the air, and gradually approached the battlefield.A series of orders were issued, and all the orders revolved around a central point Major Moyol and his skeleton commando must be successfully rescued.For this, General Olitz did not hesitate to pay any price 804.Going home with a swagger now, this is the only dream in the hearts of all the skeleton commandos.No matter how difficult it is, they must try their best to return to HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada Berlin that is their home the last home There is still a long way to go, the Americans will not give up, they will definitely catch up with them, but this is nothing, as long as one person can go home, then it means that all the commandos have gone home.Enemy planes appeared in the sky from time to time.Obviously, what the Skeleton Commandos did before has thoroughly angered the Americans, and they are trying to find the traces of these German commandos. He continued to say loudly Don t you dare to come Don t you even have the ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep courage to shoot Then, it s up to me to kill you now Ah a strange cry came, and the American soldier turned around and ran away Wang Weiyi smiled, the death of his two companions had seriously stimulated the American soldier, all his fighting spirit was wiped out in the bloody death. Wang Weiyi stood up Alan Alan appeared, and this young German commando was full of disbelief.God, Major Moyol killed two enemies and scared one away in this way Wang Weiyi took an M16 from the body of an American soldier and threw it to Allen Look, we have weapons now.Two M16s.Aha, there are six grenades.Major, how did you do it What Holding the m16 in his hand, Allen still can t believe that they cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies have weapons.Experience, combat experience.He had to raise his voice to the highest level What are you doing here Support Wang Weiyi also raised his voice Colonel Guy has received definite information.There is a group of enemy commandos preparing to attack here.Ah, those damned Germans The sentinel was very dissatisfied Captain, please wait a moment, I have to make a phone call to confirm, I am very sorry, Captain.Ah, it doesn t matter, you go.When When the sentinel turned around.The submachine gun flashed out in Wang Weiyi s hand, and then the muzzle jumped a few times rapidly.The poor sentinel fell to the ground in one fell swoop.then.Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen stood up at the same time, and what is full spectrum cbd gummies the jeep also stepped up the accelerator and rushed towards the sentry post.Several submachine guns erupted with terrible flames Those unprepared American sentries all fell in a pool of blood The gun battle that broke out here was ways to make gummy cbd gummies completely covered by the rumbling artillery , Those American gunners didn t even realize what terrible things had happened.I know, I probably will never be able to go home The chaos of time and space was caused by me, and it will be made up for by me.I promise, I will not let Germany be destroyed.And I need you to wake up.He took out a cigarette, but he didn t light it.His expression looked a bit painful It s hard for me to believe that my son William actually started such a war.That s my son, he The United States and Germany were supposed to remain allies.I arranged for him his future buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada path, but I didn t expect him to do this I really want to ask him why in person, but I can t yet.The enemy is attacking Berlin, you don t have to sleep anymore, wake up my friends.Wake up, Rommel wake up, Guderian wake up, Germany The biggest secret of Germany soon will shock the whole world Xiao Ling, are you ready Ready.Ten minutes later the transport of everyone to the base began.But on this battlefield, they can show their strength to their heart s content They fought back against the enemy s attacks with the artillery fire from tanks and assault guns, and steadfastly used bullets and grenades to kill and wound everyone.Enemies attempting to charge up.Time and time again, no matter how violent the enemy s attack was, no matter how many times the enemy launched an attack, the officers and soldiers of the Dutch Homeland Storm Division were always firmly nailed to their positions.No army is an ace army when it is first established.Any so called ace army needs to be forged with blood and life.Such as the 3rd Skeleton Division of the Waffen SS.When the force was formed, it simply inherited the name Skull Commandos.But with the start of the Battle of Demyansk in World War II, the Skeleton Division became famous all over the world.

But Wang Weiyi is unwilling to wait for a moment.He must use thunderous means to eliminate all possible hidden dangers.Anyone who is suspicious Ondet.Krupp was secretly arrested, and in order to dispel the doubts of the Krupp family, which has made great contributions to Germany, Wang Weiyi also specially sent someone to invite Ondt s father Alfred here.Both Alfred and Ondt looked panicked.But this kind of panic looks completely different Marshal Ernst, I don t understand what we did wrong.Alfred said with one mouth We are doing our best to defend Berlin.And work hard, but why arrest us Mr.Alfred Krupp, if I have caused you any discomfort, I sincerely apologize to you, but this matter has nothing to do with you.Wang Weiyi said politely, and then set his eyes on Ondt Mr.Ondt Krupp.As the next heir of the Krupp family, do you have anything to say Ah, I don t understand what you mean, Marshal.Then, one after another, extremely familiar figures appeared from the recovery cabins Heinz William Gu Derian reports to you.Marshal Ernst Long Live Germany Bun Crayley.Heisen reports to you.Marshal Ernst Long Live Germany All Skeleton Commandos report to you.Marshal Ernst Long Live Germany The former members of the Skeleton Commando stood here.The meritorious field marshals and generals of Germany stood here.The Skeleton Commando, return with glory At this moment, Richthofen standing next to Wang Weiyi And Elena, tears also poured out.Back, except for Manstein and Riddle who were still fighting for Germany at the front, all the members of the Skeleton Commando are back.Skeleton Commando Return Germany Come back Wake up at this moment, Skeleton Commando wake up Germany wake up At this moment, glory what is green lobster cbd gummies wakes up with them Tears flow down everyone s cheeks, no one is an exception.In all the offensives launched by Berlin, the Second Panzer participated in it, which also won Colonel Marshall a huge reputation.But this time it is completely different After the German artillery attack began, the Second Armored Regiment, which was at the forefront of the division, suffered the most terrible blow, and its losses were the worst in the division.But at this moment, what they were facing was the most terrifying opponent the baron s guard This guard is born for the baron, and fights for the baron When the baron s counterattack order was issued.They are fearless, they are well armed, and their morale is high.Under the powerful impact of armored forces.The delta 8 cbd gummies drug test Second Armored Regiment quickly lost several important positions, and the whole regiment was on the verge of collapse.Colonel Marshall is still faithfully fulfilling his mission until now.Is it really Baron Alexon No, I still can t believe it.Hell, my heart is pounding.Major, don t waste time, I m getting nervous Ah, I wish it was the Baron, and I d have the honor of seeing the Baron himself for the first time Although these German officers said so, to be honest, they still didn t really believe that Baron Alexon would appear here.Impossible, this is absolutely impossible, His Excellency the Baron is commanding the battle in Berlin Wang Weiyi did not expect that because of a mistake at the base, he was actually sent to Aswan, which was in the middle of the war, and commanded a small German commando to fight.If this gets out, the entire battlefield will go crazy.Now is not the time to consider these issues, he must quickly help the Germans win in Aswan.According to Xiaoling s analysis, the German army s attack on Aswan was purposeful.As a descendant of the British, to be honest, he never put the Germans in his eyes.The truck stopped, and the soldiers got out on foot.Morto was puritan cbd gummies canada in front of them, and the enemy didn t seem to notice them.Hey, let me say, brothers, let me assign some tasks.Second Lieutenant Gyunthal said in English Sergeant Nord, you lead your men to attack from the north of the village, and my men and I will attack from the front Lieutenant Fiers, your men attack from the south and take it in one fell swoop.But buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada I think I can persuade them to surrender if possible.You can speak German.I can understand, your English is a bit Second Lieutenant Fiers, as a native English speaker, couldn t understand, The South African guy actually understands German.The arrogant Second Lieutenant Gyunthal said.He was somewhat racially discriminatory.Annette turned around with a serious face Tell me.What the hell are you doing puritan cbd gummies canada in Cairo Looking for you.Wang Weiyi replied without hesitation.Listen, I don t have the time to listen to your sweet words.Annette said still sullenly Your tricks don t work for me either.You now have two options, either tell me the truth here.You can suffer less.Either go back with me, you know, those people have a thousand ways to get you to talk to someone like you Okay, okay, I guess it s time for me to be honest.Wang Weiyi said solemnly Since I separated from you in Dessau, ah, or separated from you in an unfriendly way.I think about you every day, and then I found out that you were in Cairo, so I risked my life to find you.Although I know that none of what the other party said is true.But it is still a little happy to be complimented by others.Several of their soldiers withdrew from the stairs on the other side.Two or three American soldiers puritan cbd gummies canada blocked the way, but they were quickly killed.After they ran out of the house, they ran back.The machine guns of the American tanks kept Sweeping wildly in the back.They ran back about 100 meters, and finally saw their company commander, Captain Urne, and battalion commander, Major Lubeauf.They were stubbornly blocking the U.S.troops with machine guns in the tunnel.Gattle and the others hurriedly rolled in In the tunnel, he escaped the sweeping fire of the buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada US military and recovered his life.Major Luberf was counting the number of people and puritan cbd gummies canada found that his battalion had lost two thirds.Especially Shostka and the others just now these soldiers he liked so much did not withdraw, which made him anxious.

Okay.I will no longer stop you from doing anything.Wang Weiyi said solemnly Although the Italian army is not strong in combat power, it will not have any substantial impact on Germany, but once they withdraw from the war, it will be like the first domino being overturned, which will cause a chain reaction within the Allied uly keto cbd gummies forces.of.It may even cause the entire battlefield to collapse.I have commanded battles in North Africa and the Middle East.Whether it is South Africa, Egypt, or Bulgaria, they are not really willing to join the US led coalition Pippondu fully understands the stakes in this, and he can fully understand the great responsibility on his body Don t worry, Baron, Italy is currently proceeding as I envisioned, and I believe that in the next two months, the essence will emerge.However, the premise now is whether Berlin can last for two months.The blood is flowing out quickly, and it seems that there is no hope.At this time, the whistle of the special call of the bomber when it dives is heard in the sky Sound.Hewitt looked up.In the direction of the sun, a bomber took cover against the sun and swooped down quickly and accurately like an eagle.Hewitt saw its magazine open, and a black bomb Huhu s bomb fell off.Hidden Hewitt rushed towards Nora, who was concentrating on bandaging the wounded.Unaware of the imminent danger, Hewitt had to jump up and throw her down.Boom The bomb exploded not far from the German army, and the dust from the explosion fell on the German army.However, the target of the enemy plane s attack was not the German army, but the tank that Hewitt had just left.Hewitt s command vehicle He was directly hit by the bomb and was blown into a pile of fragments on the spot.Constantly urging them to speed up, constantly coordinating the speed of progress.But this is good news for Travert, at least in his own ears There is no need to hear the annoying nagging of the chief of staff all the time.Your Excellency, our team appeared in front of usthey got in touch with us, and they belonged to the 11th Infantry Division.From the 11th Infantry Division What are they doing here Although he didn t look like an officer at all, Travitt still had a general idea of Robin rogan cbd gummies Stahl s situation Did they say what they were going to do Ah, it is said that it is heading in HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada the direction of the Amister Bridge This bunch of incompetent waste, the Amister Bridge has been blown up, what are they going to do there puritan cbd gummies canada melatonin and cbd gummies Travert shrugged.Yes, General.Travelt yawned.It wasn t bad news.At least he could take this opportunity to take a good rest.Grand Duke, I will kids ate cbd gummies by mistake do as you say.Migroski, you are my most capable assistant The Grand Duke s tone became a little more friendly Actually, I can tell you some truths.That terrible Baron Alexon has returned.Whether we can still win the war, no one is sure.I personally saw I have puritan cbd gummies canada seen the horror of Baron Alexon, he possesses a mysterious puritan cbd gummies canada power.He can make the war proceed as he envisioned.The Americans are not his opponents, and neither are we So, we I have to think more about my future He would never tell others about his relationship with Baron Alexon He would never say that if there was no Baron Maybe my whole family will starve to death Everything I have is given by Baron Alexon, but I have betrayed the baron at this moment, and what is even more troublesome is that the baron has miraculously returned Yes He was born with a deep rooted and inescapable fear of the baron.After getting everything from Khmelitsky s father, his husband was worthless in Gregory s eyes, and he deprived Khmelitsky of everything that originally belonged to him.If the husband has some backbone.Then he should take his wife and leave here far away, but Khmelitsky is not such a person.He continues to live like a dog under Gregory s contempt.What are you going to do with a woman like Rona Nova A black car suddenly stopped beside Ronanova.At first, Ronanova thought that her husband had changed his mind and came to pick her up, but she didn t expect that when the car door opened, a black gun was pointed at her, and then a A cold voice sounded Don t move.Marquis of Kardish, please get in the car with us, I promise I won t cause any harm to cbd gummies miami ways to make gummy cbd gummies you.Rona Nova is a smart woman.She knew what choice to make under such circumstances The car drove for about 20 minutes, stopped outside a dilapidated church, and then the door opened, and the hostage Ronanova s people said The Marquis of Kardish.No one has a choice in the artwork.Migroski, who has become Wang Weiyi s new ally, no longer considers any unrealistic fantasies.He decides to wana sour cbd gummies combine his fate with Mr.Petergoff was firmly tied together.Two days later, he met Gregory, the Grand Duke of Bierstoka, and told him excitedly that the oil well that had just been erected had begun to produce oil.Facts proved that , the oil reserves owned by Armenia have reached an astonishing level.This is the best news Gregory has heard these days.Just before the news of the fall of Orbjok came, in the powerful Under the joint attack of the German and Ukrainian troops, Orbjok s Russian army was almost devastated.Not only that, the German Ukrainian coalition forces have begun to march towards Kursk.The enemy is getting closer and closer to MoscowGrigory knew very well that with the strength of the Russian army in Kursk, there was no way to stop the enemy s attack The problem he faces now is that the Americans seem to be no longer willing to support him, and a special investigation team has been established with only one purpose, to investigate the whereabouts of those US aid funds to Russia.Because of this pain, we ve all gone through it.Gregory actually felt a little guilty Think about it carefully, I really felt sorry for these children in the past He drank a few sips of water.Grigory felt more comfortable, and then he remembered the most important thing My dear daughter, is that suitcase still with you Rhonanova was a little disappointed Father, you should eat something first Go.No, no, I can still hold on.Gregory had forgotten his hunger at this time, and his mind was HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada full of his own money The box.Give me the box quickly.Father, at this time Are you still only thinking about your own money Rona Nova quickly couldn t hide her disappointment We don t want that money, maybe we can live another life.She was giving her father the last chance the Baron had spoken to her.No matter what happened to Gregory, he would never change.

They ve been arguing about chasing the same girl in middle school until now The scenes of getting along with Flotz were reflected in Pozik s mind like a movie, and he couldn t get rid of it.Everything turned into a blood red bubble, and Flotz s voice has since become a illusory memory in his mind.Too fast, everything is coming too fast Pozik simply could not accept such a cruel reality.Lieutenant Lieutenant The medic s roar brought Pozik back to reality.Pozik looked back at the medic, and then vomited out all the sour things in his stomach.After a few hours.The sound of guns near the blue landing area gradually became sparse, and it seemed that the battle for the blue lz point was basically over.The soldiers slowly straightened up from behind the cover, and carefully inspected the city ravaged by war.Coordinates feba093 Suspicious sound source, are your people setting up defenses there Over.No, over.Understood, the call is over.Then what the fuck is going on They may be enemies.Don t Fire up and keep watching That sounds a little off, it sounds like they re playing an instrument That s right That s probably their charge horn, or some shit march, they re just trying to boost morale , Regroup the troops and prepare for puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies the next large scale charge.In my opinion, we are dead, they will puritan cbd gummies canada blow our ass open ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep Taylor, who was lying on the side, cursed in a low voice Chris, shut up Mouth Damn it.Your mouth is worse than the ass of a black sow on my farm Shh Don t make noise Gawyn put his finger in front of his lips.He paused silently for a moment, then slowly squirmed toward buy cbd gummies for tinnitus puritan cbd gummies canada the corner, grabbing his weapon.Wittgenstein s words are over yet.The directors were reluctantly quiet.Wang Weiyi still said with a faint smile I said that any investment needs to be returned.We are not those hypocritical philanthropists.We are just a group of vampires., We must completely squeeze out every cent of the surplus value of those depositors Whistles and cheers sounded, these few words were the words that this group of guys were most willing to hear Dewey Bank will start a large scale investment wave again Wang Weiyi said in a tone that was enough to puritan cbd gummies canada cheer everyone up The financial crisis can only be a terrible crisis for those groups with insufficient funds, but for the consortium with huge wealth, it is an unlimited business opportunity We ll buy up bankrupt businesses that have underlying value and turn their machines back on so that they continue to provide us with wealth We ll do it in France, in Europe, in the U.Johnson patted him on the shoulder Bring the blasting tube and the explosives God, this is enough for them to be happy.Hadley took the explosives and other blasting tools brought by the soldiers and smiled.Come on.God bless us, mission accomplished The private first class picked up a blasting canister.The rest was divided among the other two sappers.You will succeed, good luck Johansen shouted loudly.Anyone knows how dangerous the frontal blast is.This is a mission that never returns, but they are still resolutely making final preparations.Come on, cover fire Johansen ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep got up and raised his gun, and fired violently at the machine gun bunker in front of him, and more than a hundred other soldiers also fired collectively.Machine gunner, don t be stingy with bullets, you fucking bastard Hadley drew a grenade and Griphook threw it.When interviewed by reporters, Captain Hayes said General Robito has not been given the respect he deserves.He should have puritan cbd gummies canada been awarded the rank of Marshal.The Khatri government has not fulfilled this promise that has been fulfilled, and the National Assembly should also have the rank of Marshal first.To His Excellency the General.Until His Excellency has received the honor he deserves.My companions and I will accept no decoration of any kind, never This greatly embarrassed the National Assembly, and their authority and majesty were also compromised.A big blow In fact, General Robito s promotion to Marshal has already been proposed by the National Assembly.It is said that there were still some disputes within the National Assembly.Some believed that Robito how to make cbd gummies at home puritan cbd gummies canada should be awarded the puritan cbd gummies canada can you carry on cbd gummies rank of Marshal.He will stay in this position until the general elections six months later.The French government was born.The emergence of this military government is very special, and countless things that could not have happened have catalyzed the establishment of this government.What are the consequences of military power Not many people have thought that all the French are tired of war, and the most important thing for them is how to end the civil strife as soon as possible and return the French to a safe and peaceful environment as soon as possible.Maybe Robito is not the most suitable candidate, but is there anyone more suitable to lead France in the current situation No one, so the French had to pin all their hopes on Robito.After becoming the President of France, Robito quickly made his first somewhat surprising appointment the appointment of former French police chief Fertime Berkeley as the prime minister of the French government.What do they need Maybe all the traffic conditions in the UK are What they are most interested in.For example, which road is kept open for 24 hours, such as which road is about to be bombed.Or which road has adopted some special policies La Torrefort fell silent Yes, he is fully aware of what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said.In order to cope with the upcoming landing operations, road traffic across the UK has been re deployed, and some Especially important roads and bridges are even ready to be blown up.This will delay the enemy s advance to the greatest extent.Also, the smooth flow of major traffic passes is also crucial.Once these conditions are mastered by the enemy , they are equivalent to giving their army two eyes that can see everything If it was put in the past, La Torfort would never agree to such a condition.

Listen to me patiently.Wang Weiyi stopped Captain Roger who was about to speak Listen, I know better than you that this is an act of betrayal of the country, but now you have no choice.Either the national interest, or one s own wife and children.Your daughter is only 12 years old this year.Do you want her to live on the street and be raped or even killed Captain Roger couldn t help shivering.The situation Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said could happen to his beloved daughter I think you can only hope Put it on my friend Wang Weiyi said without stopping, I can still tell you.I ve already cooperated with him, you can get out of here now and report me.But what you must understand is that once you do this, what you have to face is even more serious than before Captain Roger s buttocks puritan cbd gummies canada moved, but he still didn t leave his seat after all Wang Weiyi showed a faint smile on his face It s beneficial to both of us to do so.Of course, this loyalty is not very stable, but I firmly believe that he will serve us until the end of the war.Sir Grislow of Monlington was not sure whether what the baron said was correct, but it seems that there is no better choice now.And judging from the baron s past actions, he has never missed a shot, and he has never missed anyone.Well, Sir Monrington, we still have much to do.Wang Weiyi stood up Poor Colonel Jed is still waiting for the joy of Olawiecki, but our Captain Roger is about to sit in a position that he could not have imagined at all.Everyone wants to see it, right Sir Monrington laughed, yes, the result everyone wanted to see 1106.Exposure You really don t know what s going on, Colonel Jed Colonel Jed shook his head in confusion.He didn t know what happened.In the HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada middle of puritan cbd gummies canada the night yesterday, Captain Roger suddenly entered his home with a group of CIA agents, and then secretly brought him back to the central government.Within a few hours, the casualties of the 52nd Canadian Infantry Division under Frank s command exceeded 300.This made Frank annoyed and frustrated.Before the real battle with the Axis had begun, he Lost so many subordinates, and the turmoil does not seem to subside at all, but intensifies.Once the day breaks, the Axis forces will attack again.This will bring huge troubles to defensive operations.We must use stronger means to deal with HCMUSSH puritan cbd gummies canada it Those rebels, tell them, who is the real owner here More than 30 captured British were brought before Frank, and Frank stared at them coldly, and then almost said every word from his mouth He burst out and said, Tell me, where is the headquarters of the Freedom Army Where are your companions No one answered his question, not a single one.Tell me, tell me Frank almost roared there Otherwise I will shoot every one of you Finally someone spoke again Do you want to ask where the headquarters of the Freedom Army is Do you want to know where Mr.Romeo and Major Stroop knew that in the city Lord Alexon was wielding a great and unimaginable influence.There was no break in puritan cbd gummies canada the attack.It exploded almost immediately.Countless German soldiers and Her Majesty s soldiers stabbed straight towards Southampton like a sharp arrow.Everyone understands that the time for the decisive battle has come.This will be the best opportunity they can face Don Tanner could no longer take care of that much.The only ways to make gummy cbd gummies cbd gummy for sleep thing he has to think about now is how to get through this difficult day, how to continue to be a hero of the Allied Forces today Frank and the Canadians under his command could not count on it.Fortunately, he still had a reserve force Major General Bacchus and his 6th Army Division.Although Bacchus has been there to emphasize that his 6th Division is also under attack, it is clear that the situation of the 6th Division is not that difficult.I want can i buy cbd gummy bears in san francisco to lay down my arms, I have my father and mother waiting for me to go back.I respect your choice, soldier.Colonel Depra nodded You can put down your weapons.The soldier put down the gun in his hand, then took out a white handkerchief and waved it to leave the position.He didn t feel any regrets, and he could be sure that Colonel Depra would not shoot himself in the back.Then, another soldier stood up, and then another.In less than ten minutes, more than two thirds of the American soldiers chose to give up, and even the soldiers of the Axis Army didn t know what happened.What happened.Colonel Depra watched his soldiers leave just like that, and Don Tanner just watched his soldiers leave like this.What more can he say He can t say anything more.From this moment on, he knew that he had lost everything.Brigadier General Luke nodded When we attack, you can take a Unimportant people leave to prove your loyalty and to ensure that you can continue to lurk in the underground resistance organization.Brigadier General Luke knew very well that even if the leaders of the underground resistance organization were captured, he would not be able to stop the war s failure.When Queen Elizabeth II returns to London, he still needs reliable people to continue lurking.For example, people like Mr.Tuna Olaviecki A group of people, led by Brigadier General Luke, quietly approached the venue.Not even a single guard.When he came to the door, Brigadier General Luke made a gesture, and several agents and agents dispersed.Then, Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson kicked open the door, Commodore Luke was the first to rush in Gentlemen, I am Brigadier General Luke.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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