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The old lady has worked so hard to raise you up.Seeing you like this now, the old lady is so anxious that she has fallen ill in bed.I m afraid it won t be a problem.The whole family will take care of you, but this It s a treason case, if you are really convicted, the entire Zhou family will be implicated.These were the last words that the mother in charge said to her.I understand, Zhou Rujun nodded, No matter what happens, I won t admit to things I haven t done.At that time, she thought that her grandmother and uncle were afraid that she would plead guilty in a muddle headed manner, but let her take care of what her mother said later.See the facts clearly.The second master and the third master said that if you make a mistake in the prisonthey will try their best to keep your reputation.They were trying to persuade her to commit suicide.Cui Zhen owed her a favor, and they would have the opportunity to continue their relationship.There are indeed too many coincidences in the whole incident, so this is probably a game set up against Cui Zhen, but she still doesn t know what the person who set up the game wants to achieve.It s a pity that Zhou Ruzhang accidentally lost his purse, and the clues failed to reach Cui Zhen, but since those people wanted to deal with Cui Zhen, they would use other means.Cui Zhen will have to spend a lot of effort to find out this matter Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin walked into the room, Wait a minute Mother will take you out right away.Mrs.Lin s face was full of smiles, but her eyes were filled with sorrow.According to the news, the official who prepared the war horse with the master committed suicide in fear of crime.The monk .

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took Gu Mingzhu a few People took it to the backyard.Zhou Ruzhang looked at Gu Mingzhu, who was acting stupidly in every move, and immediately thought of the scene where the purse was thrown into the lake.Instead of facing such a fool, he might as well talk to other female relatives, maybe he can find out some news.Brother in law is already very angry with her now, if this continues, she will really have no chance to enter Cui s house.Sister Mingzhu, take a rest here first, Zhou Ruzhang said, .

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I remember that I need to make a connection with two Buddhist scriptures and bring them back to enshrine.My wife will come after a while., maybe she would be disrespectful, before Gu Mingzhu could speak again, she turned and walked out the door.After a while, monks brought refreshments.Baotong poured a cup of tea and handed it to cbd and thc gummies near me Gu Mingzhu.will be different.Cui Wei said Brother is worried that someone will deliberately involve Xungui in it.Use less of our manpower, so as not to be calculated by others, Cui Zhen said, If it is a simple robbery case, it is best how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control if no one is behind the scenes.Once someone wants to stir up the wind and rain, we can still leave a gummy cbd orange tincture retreat for ourselves and use those people in the market to investigate the case, they do not belong to our hangaroo cbd gummies Dingninghou Mansion, what he does may or may not have anything to do with us.Cui Wei bowed Brother is still far sighted, he said with a sigh, There are constant internal strife in the court, and we don t know when it will end.Besides that, Cui Zhen said, we must also guard against the Wei family.I always I don t understand why Wei Yuanchen is always against the elder brother, Cui Wei said, Our Cui family and the Wei family have never had any feuds, but .

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Wei Yuanchen repeatedly refuted the elder brother s face, relying on his status as a foreign relative to do whatever he wants.Mrs.Cui once helped the government arrest the Pearl Thief , and she is by no means ignorant of this case, staying at Cui s smilz cbd gummies official website house is convenient for her to inquire about the news.Now it s up to who can t hold back to show their feet first, and I hope Nie Chen can gain something.Gu Mingzhu got out of bed and walked to the table, reached out and turned on the lamp on the table.Baotong immediately handed over the prepared book.Miss, Baotong looked at Gu Mingzhu, you d better take a good rest after a day of exhaustion, and stop reading.Baotong is really distressed.After the young lady recovers from her illness, she has to write and read every day.She can read some words and wants to be a caring companion to read, but in the books that the young lady reads, many of the words she They clearly know each other, but they don t understand what it means when they are connected together.Fourth Master Cui shrank his fingers slightly, and immediately said I ll just say the original words of Lord Hou.No one dares to make mistakes at this time, it is enough for Lord Hou to worry about it on weekdays, so don t make things difficult for Lord Hou.Cui Zhen said no more.Master Cui Si swallowed Mrs.Tai asked someone to write a letter saying that Zhou s grave would be moved, do you want No, Cui Zhen replied simply, I have never believed in those rumors about gods and ghosts.Everyone dies.After five years, I cbd gummies for leg pain still have to ask her whether my Cui family is prosperous or not She can live in a corner thanks to our Cui family.Busy agreed.As soon as the words were said, the steward came in and reported Master Hou, the fourth master, Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou and Miss Gu are going back to the small courtyard at home.Before smilz cbd gummies official website the master s case phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies was finished, Mrs.Tai began to best cbd gummies australia smilz cbd gummies official website criticize them like this.In such a critical moment, shouldn t the clansmen watch over and help each other Mrs.Cui Si didn t dare to say anything, so she had to order her mother in charge to bring the account book.Unexpectedly, Mrs.Lin didn t read it, but this kind of news came from outside.Ma am, Wu s mother beside Mrs.Cui Si whispered, Could it be that Mrs.Tai did something Mother Wu saw Mrs.Cui Si being reprimanded just now, and felt distressed and uncomfortable.Now that she heard the news, she only hoped that Mrs.Tai did the crime herself, otherwise she would have to blame her for this incident.After all, Mrs.Tai came to Taiyuan Mansion Just for the sake of the ancestral cbd gummies for pain near me smilz cbd gummies official website grave, I was picked up by the ladies yesterday to Ya Sheng Ye and Yan are colloquially pronounced ya.Baotong nodded, and his eyes fell on the little rabbit again.On the body Miss, what should we call it The whole body is dark without any variegation.To choose an appropriate name, Gu Mingzhu said Let s call it Yuanxiao Yuanxiao Baotong was a little taken aback, isn t the Lantern Festival white Could it be that Miss is referring to the black sesame stuffing Sure enough, the lady is knowledgeable.Gu Mingzhu rested on the bed for a while, and then she heard Baotong come to report Mrs.Lin has sent someone over, please go to Cui s house.If she can t hide it anymore, Mrs.Lin is afraid that the Cui family will be embarrassed, and she wants to save face with her natal family.The uncle who works in Shaanxi can help Cui Zhen at a critical moment, and they, the fallen nobles, are still useful to stand there.Wei Yuanchen did not speak, waiting for Langzhong Sun to continue.Sun Langzhong said Let s not talk about Miss Gu s dementia.There is no effective medicine for dementia.Miss Gu also has blood deficiency and other diseases.Miss Gu was unable to get out of bed for many years because of this disease.It has been gradually cured in recent years.Let s talk about this disease first.I read the prescriptions that Miss Gu used.In the past five years, Miss Gu s pulse condition has been somewhat different from the prescription.Comparing the prescription with the pulse case, you will It was found that Miss Gu s condition improved too quickly, either the recorded pulse record was wrong, or Miss Gu had used best cbd gummies australia smilz cbd gummies official website other medicines.Sun Langzhong added another sentence after finishing speaking Miss Gu s disease is best in my Sun family s line.The room was quiet, Wei Yuanchen s face flickered under the candlelight.I asked people to find them and told them that the return of the Pearl Thief would reveal the truth of what happened back then and help them out of danger, Nie Chen said.They didn t want to believe it at first, until I told them They saw one thing, a few strings of copper coins and a handful of rice seeds, which were given to them by the Pearl Thief to smilz cbd gummies official website help them tide over their difficulties.After the accident on the painting boat last night, they must now believe that what I said is true The truth.Wei Yuanchen didn t have any emotion on his face You know the Pearl Thief very cbd gummies and tylenol well.Nie Chen s face was firm In order to lure smilz cbd gummies official website those people back then, find out the truth of the case, and avenge my master and the innocent people, I have been investigating for many years, and few people know these details better than me.Cui Zhen s attitude was indifferent Don t make these things at home anymore, they are all deceptive tricks.Mrs.Lin Tai said When you go out to fight, it is smilz cbd gummies official website not because I pray for the blessing of the Buddha in the nunnery every day so that you can return safely, but now you say such things.In the future, mother will not have to ask for it, Cui Zhen said, I can also win battles Mrs.Lin opened her eyes wide, and cried out for a while, feeling unspeakably wronged.Cui Zhen ignored Mrs.Lin, and Mrs.Lin grabbed Cui Wei It s not that the ghost of Mrs.Zhou has been haunting me for the past two nights.Maybe she is here now.It s so unlucky.How can our Cui family be better , why don t you move Zhou s tablet out.Cui Zhen frowned, he could understand that his mother had always disliked Zhou, why today he was afraid of Zhou again.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows, those cold eyes were like a puddle of wrinkled water gently rippling, and his gaze gradually deepened, as if thinking of that time.The third master was are cbd gummies safe seriously cbd gummies 14221 injured, and he was deliberately made things difficult for him, so he didn t receive timely diagnosis and treatment, which caused the wound to fester, and the pus and blood had to be drained and washed every day.I used some datura flower juice to save the third master from being too harsh again.What a pain, Sun Langzhong sighed, Later, Rujun used this method to change the third master s dressing in the prison.Thinking of those pasts, Wei Yuanchen s armpit wound began to ache.So every time she came to change the dressing, he could smell a faint fragrance of flowers.She concentrated on changing the dressing, while he lay on the ground, looking at her quietly with the faint light.It s as if they came here on purpose to fight the autumn wind.Chu Jiu swallowed, wondering if the Gu family had beef for breakfast.Master Wei, wait a moment.Mrs.Lin turned around to make arrangements, and Miss Gu jumped off her chair to follow.Wei Yuanchen sat for a while and went out of the house, walked into the courtyard of Gu s family, his eyes smilz cbd gummies official website fell on the grass beside the bluestone road, the maid beside Miss Gu was bent over and busy there.Master Wei, Baotong turned around and saluted when he heard the footsteps, The maidservant is picking smilz cbd gummies official website grass for the young lady, and the young lady likes this straw rabbit the most.Miss Gu s life is very comfortable, no matter where she goes, there are people coaxing her Play.Wei Yuanchen looked at the stone table next to him, and motioned for Baotong to follow.These inferior horses could not stand the inspection, and soon They will be seen through, so they have to pretend that the horse is lost, and they will be charged with deception by the court.If you think about it this way.She guessed that Han Yu would confess to colluding with the officials of the Taipu Temple, reporting more horses in order to ask for more fodder from the court, and selling the excess fodder would be a fortune, and then slowly report the loss of war horses during the breeding process, no problem Thinking of their father s coming to Shanxi, they had no choice but to use inferior horses to make up the number.As a result, his father invited the imperial court to review the horses.This is really the case.Why is Zhao Gongren so concerned about the war horse case There is a meaning that there is no silver three hundred taels here.Although the Zhao family s children studied since childhood, not many of them became officials, and the most powerful official reached the fifth rank.Zhao Gongren s father also failed in many trials, and later entrusted his relationship with him to join the army.Military merit is not so easy to earn.After seeing the hardships of the border troops, Mrs.Zhao changed his mind and prepared to go home, but at this time he met Lin Sizhen.Since I can t do it myself, smilz cbd gummies official website who invented smilz cbd gummies it s not bad to find a promising son in law.Mrs.Zhao probably had this in mind before talking about this marriage.Lin Sizhen has been unknown in the army.Later, with the help of Mrs.Lin Tai and the Zhao clan, Lin Sizhen was appointed to the Suzhou Guard.Gu Mingzhu went to Zhao s shop after thinking about it.Liu Su said The Zhao family has three shops in Taiyuan Mansion, all selling cloth and brocade, this is one of them.Out of her heart.Just like her rabbit, it was bright black, with no stray hairs all over its body.The steward of the Zhao family stared at Mr.Wei and the Yacha, his palms were covered with cold sweat.He kept looking towards the door, hoping that Mr.Zhao Gong would come earlier.A little further to the side, Nie Chen called to the yamen below, what s that place The yacha looked at the screen wall in front of him.They passed by here several times but did not find that there was a gap next to the screen wall that could allow one person to walk through.There s nothing there, the manager of Zhao s family hurriedly said, This is the screen wall, and the gap next to it is for drainage in the yard.Wei Yuanchen glanced at Chu Jiu, who immediately walked over quickly.Nie Chen also brought Gu Mingzhu down from the roof.Wei Yuanchen continued How can I rest when people come and go in the inn That s not easy, Zhao Gong said, I used money to make the store stop accepting other guests, and we were the only ones in the inn for those two days.Wei Yuanchen said So Zhao Gong has been resting all the time Zhao Gong said That s natural.Wei Yuanchen then asked Where are the two young masters Have you gone kangaroo cbd gummies amazon out or met anyone Gu Mingzhu raised his head when he heard this, Zhao Gongren lied to Wei Yuanchen when he was in Gu s house Concealing his whereabouts, now that he found the key clue pointing to the second master Zhao, Wei Yuanchen therefore guessed that Zhao Gongren and the second master Zhao had met.This man has a very keen mind.Both she and Cui Zhen knew about this matter, but it was because the mother in charge of Zhao s family informed her.Hearing what Sun Langzhong said, Wei Yuanchen shook his head Don t worry, sir, I m fine.Sun Langzhong still took out the pillow to check Wei Yuanchen s pulse The third master just suffered from an old illness before, and he can t take care of it at all.It won t work if it goes on like this.I still say the same thing, the third master should not think too much about the past.The courtyard was very quiet, and Wei Yuanchen s heart was also He was not disturbed, and he felt very comfortable talking to Mr.Sun at this time.Wei Yuanchen said smilz cbd gummies official website I told my husband that I often see Rujun in my dreams.Sun Langzhong nodded Third Master thinks about it every day and dreams at night.Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea After she went, I always felt that I really saw her.I saw her lying motionless on the bed, surrounded by many people serving her, but no how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control matter how I fed her, the medicine would always flow out.Zhao Er.If it was Mr.Zhao Er, we will bring Let the soldiers go, and they will be caught right away.Yacha said with excitement on his face, and the case of Mr.Zhao Er would make progress, and their hard work was not in vain.Take people there immediately, don t use torches on the way, so as not to startle the snakes.After Lu Shenzhi finished speaking, the Yamen immediately retreated, and Lu Shenzhi also prepared to dress up and head to the north of the city together.My lord.Junior sister Nie Chen s voice came from oncali cbd gummies behind Lu Shenzhi.My my lord can can you listen to me.Lu Shenzhi thought of the conversation between Nie Chen and his junior sister.The girl had some insights into the case, so he stopped and looked over.Gu Mingzhu whispered in Nie Chen s ear and asked Nie Chen to pass a message to Lu Shenzhi.Lian, there are so many loopholes from the beginning to the end, if someone criticizes and framed the prince, what is the crime Lu Shenzhi was completely stunned, loopholes Yes, the case has been investigated here smoothly, and there are indeed many loopholes.Holding Mr.Zhao Er up the mountain and letting the woodcutter find their tracks is the biggest loophole.Not to mention that there are still many details in this case, such as Wang Daochang s death Gu Mingzhu said My lord Tieshan Mine This kind of big case Logically speaking it has nothing to do with Mr.Wei Mr.Wei only came to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case, but if he is accused ofdeliberately designing to frame the prince, it will be hard to saymaybe everything was arranged by Mr.Wei.Han Yu, In the Tieshan Mine case, everything may have been arranged by Wei Yuanchen, with the purpose of purekana premium cbd gummies phone number framing the crown prince.Chapter 108 Who is Gu Mingzhu looked back from the window.In the carriage, Ziyuan said softly, Just get out of the carriage and walk with me.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Ziyuan clenched the handkerchief a little tighter, she had seen many scenes, and it was the first time she was invited to the prince s residence like this, she still couldn t help being nervous.Yan Hao was released from prison, she had no intention of doing anything, someone came to her door earlier, offering a lot of gold and silver, and asked her to play a song, she immediately refused because of her health, until those people mentioned that it was the prince She felt that the matter was of great importance, so she sent people to find Nie Chen.There is a turmoil in Taiyuan Mansion, and they will get the news soon.Yan Hao s case made her know people like Nie Chen.What should I do After opening Gu Mingzhu s sleeve, Gu Mingzhu s snow white arm was covered with rashes.The mother in charge of the East Palace exclaimed when she saw it Why is there a rash, quickly send her out and pass it on to the crown prince, and you will all lose your heads.Chapter 112 How can there be sick people around the beautiful crown prince This is thanks to not being in Beijing, otherwise the news would have reached the ears of the imperial concubine and empress.At the beginning of the year, the crown prince fell ill, and how many people were punished in the East Palace.The mother in charge remembered clearly.The crown prince is not only the master of the East Palace, but also the person that the entire Zhou Dynasty depends on, even if it hurts a hair, it is a sin.The mother in charge said bitterly It s all the fault of those who were ordered to go out to choose Qin Niang.Later, when Princess Yongkang said that the Empress Dowager was also looking for a son in law for Princess Huairou, she realized that the reason why Princess Huairou asked her was not because she cared about her marriage contract, but because she wanted to learn more about these things through others.Two years ago, when Gu Mingzhu heard HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies official website her mother mention this Princess Huairou, she realized that after she married into her husband s family, everything went wrong.There were even rumors that Princess Huairou wanted to reconcile with her son in law.Gu Mingzhu thought of this, and Princess Huairou who walked to the front raised her head, showing a tired face.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being startled.In just five years, Princess Huairou has changed a lot.She has a round bun and a pearl headband.Although the dress on her body is dignified, smilz cbd gummies official website she still looks old.He asked the mother in charge of the Zhao family to tell the things that the second best cbd gummies australia smilz cbd gummies official website master Zhao was most concerned about, and full spectrum cbd gummies side effects specifically mentioned Zhao Gongren, in order to let the second master Zhao understand the current situation and win a glimmer of hope for the Zhao family.If the second master Zhao provided clues, he said Maybe the imperial court will be lenient and not involve the entire Zhao family.The most likely survivor is naturally the newborn child.In fact, he doesn t know whether the second wife of Zhao has given birth or not.Everything is a lie to the second master Zhao.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he untied the bound hands of Master Zhao Er, and Master Zhao Er grabbed Wei Yuanchen, and his fingers quickly slid in Wei Yuanchen s palm.People around all smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia leaned over to watch.Wei Yuanchen watched Miss Gu crept into the darkness, her stealthy appearance seemed to be invisible to others, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and she immediately followed after Cui Zhen left, she was very concerned about her that cousin.As Nie Chen said, they are doing their best for Cui Zhen.Wei Yuanchen was a little unhappy, of course it was because of Rujun, other than that, others would not let him have any mood swings.Nie Chen caught up with Cui Zhen Master Hou, there are still some clues about Wang Daochang and Lin Sizhen.As he spoke, Nie Chen handed Cui Zhen the jewelry sketch he had copied from the yamen, and handed over the sketch of the jewelry in Dongdaxiang.He said about the woman again The identity of the smilz cbd gummies official website woman has not yet been ascertained.If Lord Hou has any clues, he can order us to investigate.The most important thing is that if it is not well controlled, it will harm the people in the frontier.There smilz cbd gummies official website should be no military chaos in the border town, even if there is a change, it must be harmony premium cbd gummies calmed down in the shortest possible time, no more than three days, otherwise there will be changes, he sent a letter to the capital to warn, but he is afraid that Lin Temple is really prepared.Although Suzhou Wei was far away, it seemed that he would not be able to reach it for a while, but who said that Lin Si would really stay in Suzhou Wei honestly.A month ago, he asked the women from Dongdaxiang to move out.They had been investigating the case in Taiyuan Mansion for so long, leaving enough time for Lin Sizhen to plan the way forward.Wei Yuanchen pushed the tea aside again, and Chu Jiu took it away with his mouth pursed.Before Zhou Ruzhang could make a move, Wei Yuanchen gave an order Let s smilz cbd gummies official website leave soon after Xie, there is still a distance from the post station, so you can be safe when you arrive earlier.Wan took the guards around him and galloped forward.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help saying Master Wei is really vigorous and resolute in his actions.Not only did he act resolutely, but he also didn t show any sympathy.Let s go, Mrs.Lin looked at Cui Zhen and said, Master Wei is also reasonable, we will be safe when we arrive earlier.Cui Zhen waited for the Cui family and Gu s family members to get into the car, and then led the guards to lead the way.Zhou Ruzhang, who was in the Zhou family s carriage, bit his lip.If Mr.Wei spoke later, she would leave.Wei Yuanchen grabbed the reins and was about to move forward, when he saw another woman in front of the carriage looking over here, that was Zhou Ruzhang.These people came to snatch money.Cheng Yi secretly regretted how much cbd in hempbombs gummies it, he booked the Yifu Inn, and asked the innkeeper and the staff not to come out, but now suddenly someone broke in, and there was no one to report to the government.However, what is the use of informing the government Even if he survived, his mother would probably be killed.Let s talk Cheng Yi remained clear headed at the critical moment, This is not the best solution.As long as my mother is still alive, I will do whatever money you want Before Cheng Yi finished speaking, his arm As soon as it hurt, he had already been hit, and then his leg was suppressed.It was too late for him to break free, and his right leg knelt on the ground, half of his body was completely restrained.When he raised his head, he saw Chuang The man in black who entered the room had a bundle in his arms, which he used to hold the bank notes.Why did the son in law come to Shanxi The mother you mentioned just now is referring to the biological mother who has passed away for many years Wei Yuanchen sat on the chair and poured two how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control cups of tea, Would the son in law tell the truth After Wei Yuanchen said this, he looked at the sky outside It s almost dawn, I have to ride back to the post house, and follow the prince to escort the prisoner back to Beijing.The time for the son in law and me is running out.He said That s right, I ve been on the road all night, and it s time to start when I get back to the post house.When we were in the posthouse, Wei Yuanchen had just finished his business and lay down to rest, when Nie Chen sent a message saying that the people living in Shiliting Yifu Inn were suspicious, and he ordered Chujiu to take people to follow Nie Chen Check, Chu Jiu was about to take someone away, so he changed his mind and prepared to come in person.Both Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen held sharp weapons, and their every move was extremely fierce, leaving no room for it.Wei Yuanchen s attack can also take the opportunity to turn defense into offense.Every move of the two of them looks very dangerous, and if there is a slight difference, they will definitely die.Marquis Ding Ning and Master Wei have fought in the field of the lieutenant colonel before, and both of them were injured.It seems that they will not give up casually today.The prince stared at the long sword in Cui Zhen s hand, wishing that the sword would immediately send it to the sword.Into Wei Yuanchen s chest, this way he will have one less trouble, the Wei family will go to Dingninghou if they want to pursue, it has nothing to do with him.Suddenly, Cui Wei yelled Brother.Wei Yuanchen stabbed Cui Zhen s throat with a sword, and everyone was stunned Mrs.It flapped its wings to stabilize its body, and then rushed towards the yard with its big buttocks swaying.Gu Mingzhu saw the Wu Hei Chicken who seemed to be fleeing for his life, and immediately ran forward cheerfully, hugging Wu Hei Chicken in her arms, and then she looked towards where Wu Hei Chicken came from.How could it be such a coincidence that the chicken got out all of a sudden and ran very fast.Miss, Baotong came over panting, Youyou found Xiaobai.Baotong looked at the five black chickens with resentment on his face I ran out just after dawn, causing my lady to search everywhere, but luckily ran back to smilz cbd gummies official website Master Wei.Miss, please put this chicken down, this chicken It was originally raised by Mr.Wei Gu Mingzhu was obviously very unwilling, and ran out with the chicken in his arms.Chu Jiu coughed and said, I need to trouble Miss Gu and Miss Baotong to take care of this chicken.Is it because I didn t rest greenhouse research pure cbd gummies reviews well because of my elder brother s business One step ahead, the Cui family members will rely on you, you must not let down your vigilance at all times.Cui Wei looked at Mrs.Lin s frown, and her aunt seemed phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies to be particularly worried today Is there anything difficult for my aunt Brother, tell me when you leave.You must take good care of Auntie and Zhuzhu, and if Auntie has something to do, just let me do it.Chapter 161 begins Mrs.Lin promised Princess Huairou to keep it a secret, not to mention that Cui Zhen didn t tell Cui Wei about this matter, there must be something Naturally, she would not reveal any concerns indiscriminately.What s the matter Mrs.Lin said, It s just that the horses and horses are exhausted and a little tired.If there is any trouble, I will tell you.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he followed Tao Duo to order generals.Wei Yuanchen was about to mount his horse.He turned his head to look at Wufeng Mountain.His men had sneaked into the cave of Tibetan soldiers.Whether he could rescue Mrs.Zhao would depend on Mrs.Zhao s own fate.How about the team going to Beijing Wei Yuanchen looked at Peng Liang.Peng Liang said When we escaped, the team was breaking through the siege and heading east.Wei Yuanchen suddenly felt a little worried, as if there was a thread pulling him, and Miss Gu s words came to mind.face.She is so smart and she will be safe.Tell the son in law to let him find the female relatives who came to Beijing, and protect them well until we come back.Wei Yuanchen turned and mounted his horse after finishing speaking.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, I ve sent someone to inquire about the news.She walked very lightly and at a very fast speed.In this way, she was similar to Miss Jiang.It seems that Nie Chen is not so dull.After all, she is a good detective, very sensitive and vigilant.The darkness under the lamp was temporarily blinded.Gu Mingzhu quickly walked down the village fort.Uncle and Lord Lu came back.They were guarding here, so she went to find her mother so that she would not worry Open the door, open the smilz cbd gummies official website door quickly.There was a shout, and the gate of the village castle opened to welcome Zhou Qiye, Lu Shenzhi and others.Zhou Zesheng rushed into the village first, and was about to take the guards to fight against the enemy with the villagers.After entering the city, the situation in front of him immediately made Zhou Zesheng stunned.what is this Catapult He just left for a while, why is there a catapult in the city The village chief greeted Zhou Zesheng Zhou Qiye, what about our catapults Maybe they will be useful Time is too tight, we only make three, and after tomorrow morning, I will let people continue to demolish the houses and build them.I haven t seen her for a few days, but she has learned to draw a bow and shoot an arrow again, and she is very accurate.He was only wearing light armor, and her arrow was heading towards his chest.If he didn t dodge or evade, her arrow would go straight through his heart.When the arrow reached his chest, Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand smilz cbd gummies official website to grab it, the tail of the arrow was beating in his palm, as if it was alive, trying to drill into his heart with all his strength.As heartless as her master.If he had known smilz cbd gummies official website earlier, he would have gone straight back to Beijing, so he didn t need to take her arrow.Wei Yuanchen really wanted to just turn around and leave like this.Since Marquis Huaiyuan is here, his cooperation with Miss Gu will come to an end.She helped him solve the case, and he also gave him something in return.Wednesday s hand so painfully.Mrs.Zhou frowned.The Gu family is still so impolite.Don t they have the slightest repentance after suffering so much Zhuzhu, come here, Mrs.Wednesday wished to release all the anger and grievance in her heart at this time.It s not easy for the soldiers.It s not all because of us that they are injured and bleeding.There are no rules like this, and we don t know when it is.Who is breaking the rules A mid spirited voice sounded.Mrs.Wednesday raised her head and saw a tall and mighty figure approaching.She looked carefully at this man and it seemed to be Marquis Huaiyuan.Mrs.Zhou opened her mouth wide Hou Lord Hou Since the little girl came to the village, she has been helping the doctor make medicine and take care of the wounded soldiers.What s wrong with her going to see the wounded soldiers Very majestic, smilz cbd gummies official website no longer the smiling face of the past, what he hates the most is saying this kind of thing in front of people, it seems to be a statement of righteousness, and it is not stepping on others to show himself, obviously he is in a mess, but he does not carefully reflect on what he has done , but to find face from others.With such an end, I just hope that Mr.Wei will not be implicated by it.Gu Mingzhu grabbed Mrs.Lin s hand and yawned.Mrs.Lin smiled and told Baotong Blow on the lamp, Zhuzhu is sleepy.Madam, go back and rest, Baotong reached out to help Mrs.Lin up, Miss, it s good to have servants here.Madam Lin nodded, she was more or less frightened when she met the rebels on the road, but Liu Su prescribed a few medicines for her, and she felt much better, with strength in her body, His spirit has also returned to his previous appearance.He is really not a person by his appearance.A young servant next to Mr.Wei is as good at medicine as those doctors sitting in the middle of the capital.Mrs.Lin walked out of the door, Baotong said in a low voice Nie Chen is back.Baotong said in a low voice Nie Chen stared at Mr.Why is Gu Chongyi so lucky every time.When Gu Chongwen s two daughters heard the news, the inner house immediately exploded.That silly girl, Gu Mingzhu, is back.Chapter 193 Fate is not good in the capital, the Zhou family.In the Zhou family of Daming Mansion, the ancestor of the Zhou family was a peddler, selling goods in the streets and alleys to support the family, and the rest of the money was used to buy books.When they HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies official website met acquaintances, they would laugh You can t read, why buy books Ancestor He always said I don t know it, and my children and grandchildren have to learn it.At that time, he hadn t married a wife, and people laughed when they heard this.Later, the ancestors got married and had children, and they devoted all their attention to making their sons read and write.First, someone in the Zhou family passed the examination as a scholar, and then someone else won the Juren.If this person is not found for a day, sooner or later there will be another disturbance.This person is thoughtful, whether it is the Shanxi Mutiny or the Taiyuan treasury bank case, they are all used by him.It is true.Not to be underestimated.The emperor couldn t help sighing when he heard the Shanxi mutiny Is there really something else going on in this case Yulin Guard let Da Zhou lose 17 generals, and they all took responsibility for Da Zhou alone.The emperor thought about this matter.Unexpectedly, there was no words for a long time, and after a while, he said Zhen will order the Ministry smilz cbd gummies official website of Punishments, Dali Temple, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate to thoroughly investigate this case.Wei Yuanchen bowed.The emperor continued This case will continue to be investigated.The Shanxi mutiny and the spies in the East Palace these may still fall on your shoulders.Thinking of what happened five years ago, Mrs.Wei couldn t help but have a sore nose, she wiped the corners of her eyes from the veil without leaving a trace, and said Don t worry, mother, brother Chen will be fine.Yes.After serving Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Wei went to Wei Yuanchen s room to do needlework, and the surroundings were peaceful.After a while, Mrs.Wei raised her head to look on the bed, and saw her son s face that somewhat resembled her deceased husband s.Worry and longing were mixed together, which made her a little dazed for a while.Wei Yuanchen slept soundly this time, and when he woke up, the lamp had already been lit in the room, and his mother was doing needlework under the lamp.Mother.Wei Yuanchen spoke, and Mrs.Wei immediately stepped forward to check happily.Mu Qiu brought the medicine up and served Wei Yuanchen to drink it.History.Master Wei said just smilz cbd gummies official website now that Shen Shoufu s younger brother is the deputy capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, and Shen Shoufu s second son is Guozijian Jijiu, this is the relationship between the Shen family, the Cheng family and the Zhao family.Did the Yuan family know that Mrs.Zhao was deliberately killed by the Cheng family Now that Mrs.Zhao returned to the capital safe and sound, it was a great shock to both the Cheng family and the Yuan family.Can we find some clues at this time, and find out who is behind Mr.Shen Now that he was talking about this, Wei Yuanchen couldn t help but said The third prince and the fifth prince have nothing to do.One continued to study knowledge in the mansion, and the other continued to preach to the imperial doctor to cure diseases.No one was sent cbd gummies and inflammation to the Wei family to inquire about the news.Yuan Shi looked at the mother in charge When you showed the crested hairpin to the Zhao family, what did the Zhao family look like This is what she likes to hear the most.Mother Du immediately smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia said At the beginning, Mrs.Zhao was still putting on airs, like a wife in charge.After seeing the hairpin, her face immediately changed, and her whole body was shaking.Mrs.Zhao can be regarded as a ruthless character.Wait until the old lady When she entered the door with the old man, she changed her face, as if nothing had happened.The slaves couldn t understand, how could such a shabby household have the nerve to show up in front of people, but anyone who has a decent face has long sought death.Yuan Shi Facing the mirror, she gently smoothed her haircut She thought that no one would know what she did, and she cbd gummies garden roots could 100 pure cbd gummies for type 2 diabetes get away with it casually.Good boy, Mrs.Li managed to stabilize her emotions, We were still talking about you just now.Mrs.Lin nodded, and before she could speak, she saw Wei Yuanchen bowing down again.She froze for a moment, not knowing What is cbd gummies for pain near me smilz cbd gummies official website the purpose of Mr.Wei s obeisance Wei Yuanchen said Before, my grandson didn t tell my grandmother and mother.When I was in Taiyuan Mansion, my grandson suddenly suffered from an old illness.It was Mrs.Huaiyuanhou who saved my grandson s life.Mrs.Lin was at a loss.thing Master Wei was talking about the time he fainted in the Gu family s house But she didn t do anything, she didn t even give medicine, she just asked Chu Jiu to carry Master Wei around to hide.Mrs.Yuan looked nervous Brother Chen was hurt again smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia when he was in Shanxi How is it now Thinking of Mrs.Huaiyuan Hou s help, she looked at Mrs.At that time, no one can escape.Chapter 252 Troubled Cheng Yi walked on the promenade of Cheng s house, and immediately ran into Second Master Cheng and Third Master Cheng who were full of filial piety.To this elder brother, Cheng Er and Cheng San only had resentment in their eyes.Second Master Cheng said viciously How does my mother treat you When you were young, the good things were sent out and you were selected first.Even your Princess Shang, your mother went to the palace several times to try her best to facilitate this marriage.You don t think of your mother s kindness.That s all, but now it s killing her.Cheng Yi looked at his second brother, half brother, he watched them grow up, when they didn t understand anything when they were young, they would chase him and call him big brother.As long as you tell the truth, Cheng Yi said, the fourth brother is my own younger brother, I will naturally do what a brother should do.Aunt Gui finally breathed a sigh of relief at this moment, she knocked on the ground He raised his head three times, and looked at Cheng Yi with an apologetic expression Master, this concubine knew about Mrs.Zhao s murder.These days, Mrs.Yuan summoned my concubine to rub her legs to force her to tell the inside story, because There are cbd gummies for flying anxiety not many old people who stayed in the mansion twelve years ago, and my concubine is one of them.Cheng Yi s heart was agitated, and his mother s case was really going to be clarified through this matter.You bitch.Master Cheng charged his head angrily, wishing he could kick the woman kneeling on the ground to death, he just took a step forward and was immediately stopped by two figures, it was Cheng Yi and Third Master Cheng.Master Cheng in the yard heard the words in the room intermittently, his body strength was pulled away, and suddenly Hands and feet are weak.Hui Xiang, who was kneeling on the ground, also panicked Madam hanged herself, you can do an injury test, I don t know anything, you can t wrong me yes I was outside when Madam hanged herself I didn t do anything, Does this mean that I will be condemned It is not written in the laws of the Great Zhou Dynasty.If the slaves are not rescued in time, they will be punished as homicide.Besides, Yuan er has seen it too.I am guilty, and Yuan er is also guilty.Xue Laotong sentenced the general His eyes fell on Hui Xiang Mrs.Yuan put powder on her face, and smeared snails under her eyes, just to look haggard.She told you a long time ago.If she kicked the stool, you shouted for help, but You didn t do what Madam Yuan told you, and stood in the yard and watched Madam Yuan hanged.After working for a long time, both the case and Qiao Song were more useful than him.How dare she compare him with Yuan Xiao She is the only one in this world, there are smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia flower cakes for Lantern Festival, does he have them Finished the errand, the 9th day heaved a sigh of relief, looked down at him, and found that his legs were still in control, he was a little worried, even the private seal of the third master would choose a tree to live in, he was afraid that his legs would betray him one day With conscience, he ran to Miss Gu s side as a guard.What should he do then In the ninth day of the ninth day, he pulled out his waist nervously, and took out a soybean wrapped in sweet fruit, which made a click sound.This was given to him by Miss Gu, and it tasted very delicious.Something flew and hit his hand, and the purse in his hand disappeared immediately.The stewards and servants of the Huaiyuanhou s mansion had already followed behind the girl.Seeing Gu Mingzhu s disappearing back, Gu Mingwan was overjoyed, the idiot had just left, and she could go up to talk to the third prince and concubine instead of the idiot.Chapter 277 Damn her Miss Gu has always been free spirited, even Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife can only coax smilz cbd gummies official website her, no one here can control her.Mrs.Zhang looked at the housekeeper of the Gu family who left in a hurry, and smiled and explained to Mrs.Gu Zhu Zhu will inevitably be a bit playful when she comes to the Taoist temple for the first time, zatural cbd gummy bears so don t worry.The third concubine gave Mrs.Zhang a meaningful look Well, Mrs.Zhang really took extra care of Zhuzhu.It seems that the rumors heard by her family steward were correct.The Cui family and the Gu family wanted to get married.Of course, a very small amount of medicine may not be noticed by people, but premier hemp cbd gummies review after Bai Gong took the medicine she gave, he was already in a trance, and if he smelled the scent of datura flowers, he would definitely have hallucinations.She is very familiar with things like datura pollen and grass crow, so the smell in the room is about to dissipate, and she can also catch the strangeness.Could it be Senior Brother Mo who brought the mandala pollen to the quiet room smilz cbd gummies official website Speaking of Datura pollen, Sun Zhenren remembered a story.The Pearl Thief wounded the prefect of Han with a sleeve arrow in Shanxi.The medicine on the sleeve arrow was similar to a poison she had prepared by herself back then, but the wound of cbd full spectrum gummies free shipping the prefect Han was already safe., it can be seen that the medicine on the sleeve arrow is not poisonous, she judged that it might be datura pollen.Seeing that he was about to meet Gu Mingwan, Sun Zhenren was hit hard on the leg.Fortunately, she was very steady in her footwork, and she stabilized her body after only a few staggered steps, but Mo Yangming behind her had already caught up.Sun Zhenren frowned, someone was hiding in the dark to help.It must not be someone from the government, who could it be Sun Zhenren had no time to think about it and had to deal with Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming said Brother, this is the end of the matter, you don t need to run away anymore, you should go to the yamen and make HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies official website it clear, it is also atonement for yourself, take a good look at the Shangqing Temple, the master will be in your hands, and you can see how you can turn this place into something What does it look like The Taoist holy land hides filth, cbd gummies for pain near me smilz cbd gummies official website you are a cultivator, what do you want the money for Sun Zhenren was fighting with Mo Yangming while guarding against the people around her.Mo Yangming s breath was a little messy, and it could be seen that the toxicity infiltrated into the body from the wound had already appeared.After Mo Yangming took the medicine, Gu Mingzhu said worriedly Really Mo Yangming waved his hand I m fine, I cleaned up the toxin in time, just take the medicine a few times and you ll be fine.Mo Yangming thought After thinking about it, he struggled to get up again, and modified the doses of several medicines on the prescription.The female crown next to him smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia came to receive the prescription, and Mo Yangming looked at Gu Mingzhu Follow the female crown and give the prescription to the people in the yamen.There are several medicines that require special attention, do you remember them all Gu Mingzhu nodded I remember.Mo smilz cbd gummies official website Yangming rarely showed a gratified smile on his face, she lived here all year round and rarely talked to the disciples in the temple , I never expected to meet this Miss smilz cbd gummies official website Gu.Wei Yuanchen didn t know what he was thinking, and stood there without making a sound.Gu Mingzhu didn t ask, but continued to tell Wei Yuanchen about what happened in Kunning Palace I made a lanyard with the empress, and the empress gave me one.Gu Mingzhu put the phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies lanyard in her hand Handed it to Wei Yuanchen, the netting was not good looking, and the Fang Sheng on it was crooked and uneven It would be ugly at first glance, but people who smilz cbd gummies official website like it will naturally not dislike it.Wei Yuanchen held the zipper in his hand, rubbing the pattern on it with his fingers After a long while, Wei Yuanchen said After the second prince rebelled I have never seen my aunt, and no one in smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia my family has ever been called into the palace.Gu Mingzhu knew that the emperor intended to suppress the Wei family, so it was naturally impossible for the Wei family to communicate with Queen Wei.The candied fruit of Pinxianglou is different from other people s, it can t be stored for too long, it s best to make it now and eat it now, the young lady likes this the most.It s not easy for the cook, Gu Mingzhu said, Next time, I ll reward the cook with more money.It s done so early, don t just stay up smilz cbd gummies official website all night Slaves are also like this.The people in Pinxianglou said that the cook can t sleep at night and has nothing to do in her free time.Now it seems that the eldest lady has a good fortune.Last night she asked the kitchen to make three bowls of noodles for Mr.Wei.Today The restaurant of Wei s family made candied fruit early in the morning.Why does Gu Mingzhu feel like reciprocating This could not be Master Wei s order In Gu Mingzhu s mind, the scene of smilz cbd gummies official website Mrs.Wei asking her for candied fruit appeared, his eyes were clear and warm, and he took the fruit bit by bit into his mouth.It is Zhuzhu s cbd gummies calm anxiety blessing to do something with Mo Zhenren.My wish with Lord Hou has been fulfilled, no matter what Zhuzhu does, as long as she is happy Cui Zhen looked at his aunt s happy and grateful appearance, the soft place in his heart was also touched, and he couldn t help thinking of his father s serious Face let him practice riding and shooting.Mrs.Lin said I have heard from your uncle that you have handed over the military power and cbd gummies for pain near me smilz cbd gummies official website are going to rest at home.This is also very good.These years of non stop fighting outside can be regarded as taking this opportunity to take a breath.The power in Xungui s hands is too easy.Being slandered by others is not a good thing.At least you can reunite with your family and have more children with Mrs.Zhang while you are young.Your skills must be passed on.Meng would not be able to cope and make mistakes again.Gu Chongyi stood in the yard, the drunken old man Gu immediately let go of the clerk, walked quickly to Gu Chongyi s side, grabbed Gu Chongyi s arm with his hand Chongyi, you are here, you can feel at ease when you are uncle.After the old master Gu said this, his body leaned against Gu Chongyi and slid softly to the ground.Gu Chongyi handed over Mrs.Gu to the steward and watched the yamen take away the relevant objects and people before preparing to leave the lotus alley.Gu Mingwan kept staring at Marquis Huaiyuan in the courtyard.Something happened to his father, and Tan Zigeng didn t know what was going on.She was really anxious.Seeing that Marquis Huaiyuan was about to leave, Gu Mingwan gritted his teeth like Gu Chongyi ran away.Uncle, Gu Mingwan hurriedly blocked Gu Chongyi s way, Uncle, my niece wants to ask you Seeing Gu Mingwan s appearance, Gu Chongyi already knew it in his heart Do you want to ask your father or Mr.Mrs.Zhang smiled slightly.Gu Mingzhu picked up a candied fruit and put it in her mouth, did she read it right just now When Mrs.Zhang mentioned Cui Zhen s victories in northern Xinjiang, there seemed to be a special emotion in his eyes.If Mrs.Zhang didn t mention it, she still didn t know that Mrs.Zhang and Tan Zigeng s mother met at the Shen family, which meant that the Shen family had known about Tan Zigeng s situation for a long time.Master Wei asked someone to inquire about the situation of the Zhuangzi in Daxing.The owner of Zhuangzi has not been found yet.A monk can run away but can t run away from the temple.When these clues are gathered, they will inevitably point to something.They don t know how long they will discuss, Mrs.Lin looked at Mrs.Zhang and said, Don t worry about it.Let s do some sewing, have some refreshments, and wait slowly.Thank you Yu Zhenhai for your kindness The Second Master Fang ordered someone to take Yu Zhenhai to the Zhuangzi.After the person left Master Fang looked at the oil lamp on the table, this matter must be done quickly, otherwise it is very likely to sink deeper and deeper.Yu Zhenhai tremblingly opened the gate of the Zhuangzi.He looked around.Although the Zhuangzi didn t look too big, it could at least have tens of acres of fertile land.It was close to the capital, so it would definitely sell for a good price.The Fang family handed over the wind lamp in their hands to Yu Zhenhai, and went back to report to Master Fang Er.Yu Zhenguan had a good gate, and he walked in the Zhuangzi with unconcealed excitement, wishing to see the whole Zhuangzi clearly.After walking half a circle, he suddenly remembered that he hadn t seen the fish scale book, and without the fish scale book, how could he prove that the Zhuangzi belonged to the smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia village All of them, Yu Zhenhai immediately walked to Zhuangzi s main house.Shen heard her heart beating wildly, and managed to stabilize her mind.The master is not at home.All the people in the house depended on her, so she panicked if she got any news, Is it because of the smuggling case Cao Huai nodded.In fact, Madam Shen had expected something, and now that she got the exact answer, her complexion couldn t help but change accordingly.This afternoon, Ding Da came to report that they followed Mr.Fang Er to deal with everything, and asked her to send a letter from home to him, so as not to worry him.Mrs.Shen took a long breath, and said seriously, Will it involve our family What the master and his cronies did outside, she didn t tell her many details, she only knew that the master wanted to protect the third prince, At the beginning, she was full of worries, how could the Shen family deal with the concubine s party, this time the East Palace was abolished, and the third prince was crowned King Huai, she was relieved, and before the joy smilz cbd gummies official website was over, something went wrong again.Gu Chongyi had seen Wei Yuanchen s skill, if even Wei Yuanchen couldn t avoid being injured, we can see how dangerous it was at that time, Gu Chongyi said Who would have thought that those people would arrange it like this, if you were someone else, I m afraid you won t be able to avoid this conspiracy.Wei Yuanchen said Thanks to someone who discovered the clues in advance, otherwise I don t know how many people will die tonight.Zhuzhu reminded him at a critical moment, and then he saw the strangeness in the room and escaped.It s a pity that I can t tell Hou Ye clearly, otherwise the kindness of the Gu family will be deepened.There are pros and cons.Zhuzhu s secret allows them to get together frequently, but it becomes an obstacle on the bright side, but this obstacle will slowly penetrate and disappear invisible.Mrs.Zhang s eyes turned red, and she wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief.Okay, don t cry, Cui Zhen amount of thc in cbd gummies said, An Sheng takes care of his body, I will help you make some arrangements first, so that it will be convenient for you to housekeeper.He knows Zhang s temperament, Zhang only wants to give birth how to cancel natures boost cbd gummies to his son, He didn t care about the rest, and he shouldn t be harsh what ate cbd gummies on Mrs.Zhang.Since he wants such a wife, he needs to be more patient.Cui Zhen continued I will tidy up all the servants in the inner house.The old family used by my mother in the past can receive money and go home to take care of them.There are some redundant people who are sent to the village.There are no idlers in the mansion.Assign the rest to the task.So sorting out clearly, Cui Wei s eyeliner can also be found out, naturally he can t tell Zhang about this first, Zhang s whining temperament can t bear such a heavy burden.This year, because of the case of Prince Huai s Mansion, the imperial court did not issue a document until now.Only three days left.There is a Chinese New Year atmosphere in the public, and the various ministries of the imperial court are still checking officials.From the Ministry of Rites to the Ministry of War, and the Metropolitan Procuratorate, many people have been found out, and the prison of the Ministry of Punishment can hardly hold it.Although there was the support of the Royal Concubine s Party, the Prince Huai s Mansion did indeed form a party for personal gain behind the scenes, and nearly a hundred officials and family members, large and small, were implicated.With the support of the Shen family, Prince Huai s mansion will be able to compete for the position of crown prince in the future.Wei Yuanchen said Master Wailang Jiao, a member of the Ministry of War at that time, but he was training soldiers and horses in Andongwei, and it was Tan Dingfang, Minister of the Ministry of War who built the fort.Old Xue was silent in the sentence.Now that the case is so clear, they doubt it any more.Tan Dingfang needs to have real evidence.I m going back to the yamen to sort out the case files, said Xue Laotong as if smilz cbd gummies official website a fire was burning in his chest, smilz cbd gummies official website cbd gummies for dementia at least keep the statement from Shandong first.Old Tongpan stays here, it is better to let him do what he wants to do.Xue Laotong bid farewell to Wei Yuanchen, turned around and walked out without hesitation, no matter what difficulties he encountered this time, he would investigate to the end and fight those people to the death, in exchange for Yan Shen s justice.Qing girl didn t know that she was pregnant at that time.She was a little girl.It was the first time I went through personnel affairs, and I never expected that I would have the flesh and blood of Lord Hou.In order to prove what Jiang s mother said, the mansion invited a doctor to treat Qing girl.The doctor was sure that Qing girl was happy.The evidence is convincing, although Qing girl is pregnant She was pregnant but she killed two people, the Cui family couldn t tolerate her, no matter Qing girl begged, your mother still let Qing girl pour abortion pills, and sent her to the yamen after Qing girl gave birth.Qing girl just found out that she After having a child, he was drugged again, thinking that the child would disappear like this, and he would also be charged with smilz cbd gummies official website murder, and all thoughts were lost, so he tied his belt to the bedside and committed suicide.Empress Wei s expression seemed calm as water , but her heart couldn t best cbd gummies australia smilz cbd gummies official website help but move, the last time Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the Guo family to help investigate the case.Mo Zhenren did not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing to extend her smilz cbd gummies official website hand.After Yan Shen s death, there was not smilz cbd gummies official website much he could do.He didn t have Yan Shen s ability, so it was impossible to find out the whole case, but he could persevere in finding someone, and that was the only clear clue Yan Can left him.So he trekked across mountains and rivers with a cargo box on his back, went north while selling goods, circled various villages, delivered groceries to the guards, and encountered Tatars, lost the cargo box, and escaped by luck, but He never thought of giving up.When he was the revealer, he thought about what such a small existence like them could do.Things that even the skilled members of the public family can t do, and the murderers who can t be caught, wouldn t it be self defeating for them to go after them But seeing the deeds of those murderers, seeing those poor sufferers, the blood will boil in the chest, they are always stronger than ordinary people, some people will feel that they are strong when they look at the weak, although They are not as strong as they think.Wei Shi dared to use such words to satirize him, describing him as the kind of monarch who only uses checks and balances to calculate others.The emperor was furious The Wei family walked out of the Kunning Palace several times, but I pretended not to know it.I didn t expect her to make an inch of it.Now pass it on.Wei s words are useless, and the saint has lost his morality.From today on, she is not allowed to come out of the Kunning Palace again.Ninggong, the sixth palace is not allowed to have any further contact with Kunning Palace.Huang Chang didn t hear the answer, the emperor looked over and said, My will will be spread smilz cbd gummies official website to all the six palaces, if anyone in the palace dares to disobey the decree, Immediately after you find out, you can stick to death.Huang Chang responded.When Huang Chang retreated, the emperor grabbed the tea bowl on the table and slammed it on the ground Kunning Palace.It is said that they escorted King Huai to leave the capital.The emperor stood there, as if he had turned into a clay sculpture.Which is true and which is false, it is difficult to distinguish between loyal and evil.Father and son, brother, who is plotting against him, is King Huai fleeing to rebel, or is he being plotted again The emperor gritted his teeth and said ferociously Catch King Huai back.After saying this, a stream of blood trickled down the corner of the emperor s mouth.Huang Chang yelled Imperial doctor, please hurry up to the imperial doctor.Chapter 440 There was a panic in the Hall of Mental Cultivation of Blood Books, and the envoy of the imperial hospital entered the hall panting.The emperor was lying on the soft bed chill cbd gummy bears in the inner room.The envoy controlled his careful breathing, and with trembling hands he was examining the emperor s pulse.When the nala cbd gummies cost wind dies down, he will look for another chance to work for the Lord.After walking smoothly for a long time, Zheng Ruzong heaved a sigh of relief, he is getting more and more safe now, and after walking for a while, he will be able to change another road and go to Tongzhou Wharf, smilz cbd gummies official website where the Lord will send someone to pick him up.Chapter 447 In the woods beside the Fool s Road.Qiao Zheng, the head of the Ministry of Criminal Justice, listened to the Yamen s report Zheng Ruzong was not found in the caravan out of the city.Guanshi Xiong left Zhuangzi with the caravan.Could it be that Zheng Ruzong disguised himself halfway and acted separately from the caravan What a cunning.However, that ordinary person who has followed Zheng Ruzong for several years will not let Zheng Ruzong go, right Qiao Zheng couldn t help laughing at martha stewart gummies cbd himself when he thought of this, since when did he expect so much from people in the market , maybe it was because of Yan Shen s case that he had to re examine those people.Peng Shi s face was gloomy, and he turned his head to look at Qiao Song Lord Qiao, it seems that the person the emperor ordered me to capture is quite capable.Sending people to Tongzhou to set up a card, the documents have just been delivered, Zheng Ruzong here got the news, what does this mean Zheng Ruzong has eyeliner in the court.It was Mr.Wei who proposed not to arrest people immediately.The purpose was to attract Zheng Ruzong s accomplices.From this, it can be seen that the common people really understood Zheng Ruzong s abandonment.Mr.Wei s statement that the common people have been tracking him for six years should be true.Peng Shi can report these to the emperor, and those who have contacts with Zheng Ruzong will naturally have to be arrested.interrogation.How many people will tip off Zheng Ruzong Qiao Song finally let out a long sigh, and the gentle expression on his face became a little more serious at this moment I also misread, the real mastermind behind the scenes is someone else.The arrests continued.Wherever people like Zheng Ruzong went, they would be cleaned up.Qiao Song looked at all this with deep eyes, and now he has to admit that the Wei family is really powerful, and Wei Congsheng gave birth to a good son.My lord, Long Jinwei told Peng Shi, people in the market need to catch Zheng Ruzong s eyeliner.Those eyeliners were mixed among the people, and it would be easier for the people in the market to pick them up, and they should smilz cbd gummies official website give some credit to the people in the market, Peng Shi nodded It is a promise.Peng Shi s do hemp gummies contain cbd reply was passed on to Nie Chen and the others, and Lu Guang showed a smile on his face Brother, our chance to make how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control contributions has come.Nie Chen said, Go, don t embarrass your adoptive father.Lu Guang responded and left Thinking about it phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies before Knocking off gold teeth isn t shameful, is it Nie Chen said with a straight face, No.All palace personnel must report to the Supervisor of Rites , if this is the case, let s find out where the palace people have been and who they have talked with, Aijia thinks that she can t do anything alone, she must have accomplices.A palace lady who died for death will die People who can do things may not be able to do things, and those who can do things will never be easily taken as scapegoats.Jiang Gongren is not a thoughtful person.The Queen Mother expected Jiang Gongren to follow other people s arrangements step by step.As soon as the Empress Dowager finished speaking, someone stepped forward and blocked Jiang Gongren s mouth, restraining her so that she would not seek death.Taking advantage of this time, Mo Yangming said The Taoist went to see the concubine De.The queen mother turned to ask smilz cbd gummies official website the emperor Does the emperor think it is okay The emperor nodded Mo Zhenren has excellent medical skills, so I invite a real person to treat the concubine De.The emperor glanced into the inner room, so at least Concubine De knew about it.The emperor clenched his hands tightly, intending to murder the prince and frame the queen, how could she do these things.At this moment, a groan came from the inner room.Everyone couldn t help but followed the voice, and then Mo Yangming came out from the inner room and saluted the queen mother and the emperor The concubine De is fine.The concubine De is not dead.The emperor was stunned, his body turned into a clay sculpture, he couldn t move at all, and he couldn t tell what kind of mood he was in, whether he was delighted or shocked, or maybe there was a little happiness wrapped in resentment.The female officer s eyes widened, and the palace man who confessed was also stunned.Even Chen Xiang, the eunuch who was imprisoned on the ground, raised his head involuntarily.Feng Anping calmly said, Does Mrs.Zhou know Cui Wei Mrs.Zhou nodded subconsciously cbd gummies dont work Yes, butwe are not very familiar with Cui Wei, because the Cui family and the Zhou family are related by marriage.Feng Anping looked serious This manager Xu in your family has close contacts with Cui Wei.He not only knows the eyeliner who works for Cui Wei, but also helps Cui smilz cbd gummies official website Wei manage a small village.Xu Gui, who was detained, looked pale, but But he pursed his smilz cbd gummies official website lips tightly, as if unwilling to utter a word.Feng Tongpan s words and Xu Gui s appearance frightened Mrs.Zhou.Cui Wei was a traitor, and the steward in her family had contacts diamond cbd chill extreme delta 8 fruity mix gummies with the traitor.We really don t know about this, Zhou Zerui s voice was a little hoarse.If he was implicated in the rebel party, the Zhou family would be over.Your Excellency, we know nothing about this matter.After the eldest wife left, Jiang Yue felt ashamed to live on, so she also left with the phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies eldest wife.Gu Mingzhu also remembered some of what Mama Wang said, and she asked this to make sure that what Mama Wang said was true.At that time, she suddenly suffered from pox, and her grandmother asked someone to clean up a yard a little far away in the yard to recuperate her.The mother stayed up for several days, and finally saw that her condition was getting better, so she went back to rest.She remembered that her mother also said that when she got better, she would make sweet red bean cakes for her to eat.Unexpectedly, when she was able to walk on the ground, she heard that her mother was gone.Without the gentle voice of smilz cbd gummies official website the mother, without the smile of the mother, there is only the dark coffin in the yard.Northern Xinjiang is in chaos now, it s not that the Great Zhou didn t have enough troops to deal with King Liang, if King Liang was really boulder farms cbd gummies powerful, he wouldn t use those tricks behind his back.Even if the emperor doesn t want to recognize Wei Yuanchen, the current situation is indeed as Wei Yuanchen said, and doing so is most beneficial to Da Zhou.After all, the Wei family still has the ability to lead troops, but unfortunately they are a group of wild wolves who are phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies not familiar with feeding, and if they are not kept together, they will bite the master back one day.The emperor sighed a long time thinking of this.Your Majesty, don t worry, Concubine De said softly, My concubine comes to serve the Emperor every day to drink medicine, and the Emperor will soon be healthy.When the Emperor recovers, everything will be fine.The daughter in law is afraid that after the revelation of Concubine De, King Su will do something.The soldiers and horses borrowed from the Queen Mother are to prevent King Su from changing.If King Su had no intentions, my daughter in law would not use these troops.Besides, if someone takes the opportunity to attack the city at this time, the generals we can use will guard the city gate and wait for reinforcements.The Queen Mother Nodding, the queen was worried that if the capital was in chaos and someone would take the opportunity to attack the city, the soldiers and horses guarding the capital would be hard to deal with.Arrangement first, after all, is to grasp the opportunity in one s own hands.Okay, said the Empress Dowager, it s urgent, let s arrange it Empress Wei got up and was about to leave when she remembered something again and said in a low voice Tomorrow morning, I have to trouble my mother to pass Master Mo Zhenren into the palace.He still came, a sneer appeared on Cui Wei s face, and he said righteousness to others all day long, but he was the most cold blooded and ruthless person, exactly like his father.General, let the guards protect you and go first I can t go anymore.Cui Wei said indifferently, he knew Cui Zhen, and Cui Zhen wanted to fight smilz cbd gummies official website him to the death.Cui Wei drew out the long sword at his waist, it seems that Cui Zhen should know everything.Two soldiers and horses stood facing each other.Cui Wei looked at Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, who was sitting on the horse.Before he could speak, how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control Cui Zhen drew a feathered arrow from his quiver.Whoosh shot at him.Then Cui Zhen didn t look at whether the arrow hit or not, and came to kill Cui Wei with soldiers and horses like a sharp weapon.Cui Wei s eyes shrank, and his whole body was wrapped in fear.At this point, Huang Chang calmed down instead.He nodded, As expected of the empress, it turns out that the empress knew everything and stopped my messenger.Having said that, Huang Chang sneered, and looked at Concubine De in disgust.However, I still have a chance to fight.It s a pity that this stupid woman exposed everything.In this case, I don t have to cover it up.The empress is right.I can t help King Su ascend the throne.How could I be a good for nothing A fool serving his life Not to mention letting the son of the Hunjun be in charge of the Zhou Dynasty, otherwise what is the point of me entering the palace I entered the palace to watch the Hunjun kill his own son with his own hands, and then I will kill the Hunjun again.Huang Chang laughed loudly Look, how am I doing Chapter 510 Stroke When Huang Chang said this, he saw Shen Lan next to him and heaved a sigh of relief.make plans.Empress Wei took off a jade pendant from her waist and tied it on Gu Mingzhu herself Next time you enter the palace, you don t need a palace badge, just wear it.Gu Mingzhu nodded to express his gratitude to Empress Wei, and then followed Mo Yangming together Withdrew from the Hall smilz cbd gummies official website of Mental Cultivation.Mo Yangming looked at the jade pendant on his disciple s waist.If he wanted Zhuzhu to come and go in and out of the palace at will, he only needed to inform the guards.How could he use tokens Why did she feel that the empress seemed to have just found an excuse in order to give Zhuzhu something close to her.Before Mo Yangming left the palace, he first went to the Palace of Compassion and Ning to report the whole matter to the Empress Dowager.The queen mother breathed a sigh of relief The Ai family has been worried for many years, and now it is finally stable.Lu Guang lay quietly in the pit When do you think the third master Wei will bring the soldiers and horses He has been waiting for a long time, and the third master Wei s plan will smilz cbd gummies official website not fail, right Then they won t smilz cbd gummies official website be able smilz cbd gummies official website to grab it this time.Chapter 517 The bandit best cbd gummies australia smilz cbd gummies official website Lu Guang finished speaking, but found that there was no response.He couldn t help poking Zhu Wu who was lying beside him, for fear that Zhu Wu would be frightened stupid by the scene in front of him.It would be a lie to say that I am not nervous.This is the first time I have seen such a scene.If I make a mistake in the panic, the consequences will be disastrous.Zhu Wu had smilz cbd gummies official website been staring intently at the battlefield, when he was suddenly pushed, he turned around to look at Lu Guang, What s wrong, brother Lu Guang s eyes fell on Zhu Wu s hand, which had a black It was a firearm made by Zhu Wu himself.When I went to see my mother in the palace, the imperial doctor saw it, Wei Yuanchen said, There is nothing serious.Gu Mingzhu was very happy for Master Wei when he heard this.After more than 20 years, the mother and son finally recognized each other.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, you don t have to worry anymore.Thank you very much, Wei Yuanchen said, My mother was able to walk out of the Kunning Palace smoothly, because you helped me after clarifying the case.Gu Mingzhu said It turned out to be very A long time ago, the case of King Liang linked everyone how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control together.Thinking carefully about how much humiliation the empress had the best cbd gummies for the money suffered at that time, in order to keep Lord Wei from dealing with the emperor, even after giving birth to Lord Wei Once pregnant.The empress must have struggled and did not want to get pregnant again, because the empress has exhausted all her efforts to keep Lord Wei, and it is impossible to keep the next child.He thought about going to the Wei family to ask Mrs.Li about the situation of the queen.Although Mrs.Li denied it, he did not let go of his suspicions.As an older clan of the former emperor, he should actually remind the emperor to check carefully.But because of his relationship with the Wei family, he hesitated.Old Mr.Wei had been in charge of Nandanwei before his death.Guangxi Chief Envoy Si Neng was so stable.Old Mr.Wei contributed a lot, and he happened to be Guangxi Chief Envoy Si Jiufan.At that time, Old Mr.Wei often went to Pingle Mansion.The two of them They have similar temperaments and have a good chat.After how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control Mrs.Wei passed away, the Wei family also had contacts with him.Wei Congcheng treated him like his own elders.He hoped that the Wei family would be good from the bottom of his heart, not to mention that the daughter of the Wei family could marry the King of Lu, and he would agree with him.There were two people standing in front of her, one was Liu Su and the other was Master Wei.Gu Mingzhu smiled Didn t your lord go home You re going to court soon.It s the empress who handles the court affairs now.No hurry.Wei Yuanchen Ruifeng s eyes .

do cbd gummies make you fail a drug test?

were not disturbed, Are you going to find Nie Chen Gu Mingzhu nodded For Zhang s case, since Cui Zhen asked the people in the market for help, he should do his best to help him cbd gummy sun state hemp settle it.Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Wei was always hostile to Cui Zhen because of her, so she stretched out her hand and gently tugged on Master Wei s sleeve, and saw a smile in Master Wei s eyes.Wei Yuanchen took Gu Mingzhu s hand The steward of the Zhang family admitted that the Zhang family would marry into the Dingninghou s mansion because Cui Zhen killed a rebel general of the Zhou Dynasty.Do you want to give me some rewards Mrs.Tai muttered a sentence in her heart, and ordered the beezbee cbd delta 8 gummies mother in charge to hand over the prepared purse to Wei Congzhi.Wei Congzhi held it in his hand with a smile Did mother give less It s really not easy for me to hold several jobs by myself.Tomorrow, brother Chen and Zhuzhu salute, and I have to go to the Gu family.Mrs.Li frowned slightly What are you doing at Gu s house smilz cbd gummies official website Wei Congzhi said, I m also a guest of Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, and I should go to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion for dinner tomorrow.If it weren t for the people from the Wei clan coming and going around, Mrs.Li would have to use her feet to measure Measuring the youngest son s ass, this bastard, brother Chen got married, and he actually thought about going to the Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion for a feast, HCMUSSH smilz cbd gummies official website wouldn t he be afraid of being kicked out by his in laws Get out.Wei He thought about it for several phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies months but couldn t figure it out.We can t all be called adoptive fathers, it s too unfamiliar to call adults.Liu Su was also pondering in his heart, if there is a father, there must be a mother, so is it possible to call Mrs.Wei s adoptive mother Second brother, Zhu Wu said softly, Did you notice something Liu Su didn t answer.Zhu Wudao Our status has also risen.Why didn t he realize that his life is so good, and having good parents is more important than anything else phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies Ziyan and the others are not up to the task, so someone called the door open.The younger generations of how much cbd in hempbombs gummies cbd gummies for blood sugar control the Gu family and the Lin family laughed and how many cbd gummies should i take for tinnitus told phil mickelson cbd gummies how much cbd in hempbombs gummies each other that a string of supervisors was no better than a school official.Mrs.Lin was very nervous at first, but it was much easier to hear this.Cui Zhen was about to recover from his thoughts, when he glanced away, he happened to see Zhuzhu smilz cbd gummies official website lift smilz cbd gummies official website the fence and stuff a piece of red bean cake into her mouth, then her eyes twinkled slightly, and her face was full of smiles.A flash of lightning seemed to flash across Cui Zhen s mind.At this moment, his mind went blank.It took him a while to recover, but he was still a little confused.The situation in front of him overlapped with the scene he saw back then.Zhuzhu s movements and that playful smile were exactly the same as the girl in his memory.Is it a coincidence, or is his memory messed up Cui Zhen stared blankly, some things were clearly in front of his eyes, but he felt that he couldn t see clearly.Zhuzhu picked up a piece of red bean cake and put it into Wei Yuanchen s mouth, the two of them talked to the aunt with a smile, and then left the shop with the red bean cake.Gu Chongyi was about to walk forward, but Wei Congzhi hugged his thigh.Brother, you saved me this time.I am willing to be a cow or a horse.Get up, how decent are you Are you afraid of losing face to the Wei family , Wouldn t it ruin his reputation if people saw it Wei Congzhi held Gu Chongyi s trousers tightly There must be some place in the Hou s mansion where the golden house hides the beauty, stuff me in it, and let me hide for ten days and a half months before the Mu family left me.Just come out, from now on I will belong to you, big brother.Fart.Hearing these words, Gu Chongyi s hairs all stood on end, is he his Bah What else did you say that he is in a golden house It s really unlucky, how stupid is he, to think of such an idea Gu Chongyi ordered Please ask the steward of the Wei family to come in, just say that the second master Wei drank two glasses of wine in my study, and now he is drunk, and needs them to help him back.However, smilz cbd gummies official website I have to go and talk to my mother first, Wei Congzhi said, If mother agrees, I will go to the southwest with you.He has been away for five or six years, and his mother will definitely be reluctant.If his mother insists on keeping him, He can only reject the Mu family, it s not that he doesn t want to keep the promise, he still has his mother to serve.Seeing Wei Congzhi go out, the servant girl stepped forward and said in a low voice Miss, don t you like Mr.Wei Er Why don t you just let it go Mu Wushuang nodded.In five or six years, if he couldn t really love her, Then she won t force him.Dad said that if he is not sincere, he will not be happy in the future.But she thinks it must be possible, otherwise Wei Congzhi would not have asked the groom to turn around to check when he heard that someone was about to jump into the river.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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