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They were at a loss, and everyone s charging pace stopped there.what is this Wanderer, the tank support has arrived, waiting for the order to fire Wang Weiyi took a deep breath, and then said forcefully Fire Fire Six MG137 on three tanks.The machine guns of the 91mm machine gun spit out flames at the same time The firepower organized by the cbd gummies in uk six machine guns was invincible.Amidst the screams, the stunned British soldiers were swept to the ground in pieces like a whirlwind.That s our support Wang Weiyi said loudly to Guo Yunfeng, and then rushed to the tank, where he found a hanging leather bag.Opening the leather bag, there was a Bergman MP18 submachine gun, a dozen magazines, and a radio communicator inside.After putting away the radio communicator, Wang Weiyi turned back and threw the submachine gun to Guo Yunfeng Hey, Sidao, use this to kill those British But before Guo Yunfeng could hold the weapon tightly, another small Ling s voice The sweep is over, hit target 21, confirm, hit target 21 Wang Weiyi was stunned, so fast Looking outside the position, sure enough, twenty one British soldiers fell under the almost crazy sweep of six machine guns.

Relying on their help, we successfully persuaded two British tanks to surrender, and this is how it happened.I was a little fortunate in my heart, fortunately, I had colluded with Guo Yunfeng a long time ago lines.Guo Yunfeng didn t bother to think about why the lieutenant asked him to say that, in short, he did what the lieutenant told him to do.Elena was obviously very puzzled Is it that simple It s that simple.Wang Weiyi shrugged I also want to make up many exciting stories, but the process is far less complicated than you think.Maybe that s true, Elena thought to herself.Although it is impossible to know the whole story, it is true that Lieutenant Ernst and his Chinese companions were born and died.If Colonel Nicholas of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff catalina island cbd gummies Department had not ordered space candy strain cbd gummies him to do so, he would never have wanted to question a German hero like this.

You have 24 hours.If you exceed this time, I will consider your mission a failure and the base will be exposed.I must enforce the bombing warrior cbd gummies order It cannot be changed Repeat it again, It cannot be changed Wang Weiyi smiled wryly.Baron Alexon Now the baron was at a loss as to how to rescue one of his men.Ah, by the way, I was just about to contact you.Xiao Ling s words sounded again I said earlier that you have completed the first phase of the Flyer Mission , and you have received new reinforcements, but it was not shown before.Now it is displayed.According to the tracker, you have been promoted to captain, and you will receive six aircraft reinforcements in future wars.You can choose to use it all at once, or you can choose to call for support in six times.Rambler has obtained Support Authorization, Aircraft cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears Support Status Standby Oh Got aircraft support That s a good thing.

Don t hesitate, Ernst.Richthofen let go of his hand Time is very precious.There is only one and a half hours before the banquet.If you want to act, you must hurry up.Wang Weiyi calmed down Thank you.Manstein said seriously Now is not the time to say thank you, Ernst, tell us your plan, we know you must have a perfect plan.At this point, Wang Weiyi also No longer hiding anything, he brought several people back into the house, and spread out a hand drawn map on the table According to the information from Elena, Pompestein is a very cautious person.Except for actions, he stays in the intelligence agency almost all day.We only have one chance.He has some problems with his heart, so the doctor advised him to He walks for super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies half an hour every day.His walking route is fixed, and he is always accompanied by four people from the intelligence agency to protect him.

The elite unit St.Ernst When the cheers spread, a new myth has been born Ernst Alexson.Von Brahm, a creator of true miracles on the battlefield No one deserves the title but him Saint Ernst Even General Gedell, who arrived later, couldn t believe what he saw.What kind of officer is this He has only been in Russia for a few days, and he has created such a series of miracles He was surrounded by the enemy, and even captured a Russian general General Boris, who had come to his senses, lowered his once high head In front of these happy and extremely morale Germans, he was just a sad loser Adolf Adolf Adolf When the exhausted Adolf Hitler got off the truck, he actually received such cheers from the officers and soldiers Adolf Hitler was a little at a loss.In his memory, he had never received such cheers With his own bravery, Adolf Hitler, the future head of the Third Reich, welcomed him The first fanatical cheers in his life, ushered in the respect of so many people for the first time in his life Hitler gradually got used to it, and found that enjoying such cheers was really a pleasant thingAnd all these honors were brought to him by Major Ernst Brahm He actually remembered that when Major Ernst was a lieutenant, he was a member of the third company of the supplementary battalion Tradition.

Wang Weiyi smiled In short, when he established the empire, he encountered many difficulties and setbacks, and was almost killed several times, but he was never discouraged.One difficulty after another At the same time, there are many capable people around him helping him, I think this is also a prerequisite for his success Lieutenant Colonel, There s something wrong with the position here.At this time, the words from Stark interrupted their conversation.Wang Weiyi stood up Adolf, I will tell you this story later Hitler nodded and watched the lieutenant colonel leave.He opened his diary again Just now, the lieutenant colonel told me a shocking story about a commoner.How to build a huge empire, God, if it is not from the mouth of the lieutenant colonel, it is really unbelievable If a beggar can build such a great feat, I think many people can too Now I suddenly remembered that Lieutenant Colonel Ernst was also born as a commoner, but with his incomparable feats, he was promoted space candy strain cbd gummies to the ranks of nobles.

And once the whistle of the officers sounded, they would mechanically jump into the trenches and shoot the bullets out of the gun chambers as quickly as possible The nerves of both sides had reached a critical point of space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs collapse Point, now, it depends on who is the first to be unable to bear such horror and fall At the headquarters of the 2nd Army of the French Army, General Petain is watching the front line anxiously At the Second Army Headquarters of the German Army, General von Galwitz was anxiously watching the front The French were watching, the British were watching, and the Germans space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs were watching General, The Skeleton Commando has persisted in Cinohi for a full twenty eight days.Colonel Rolle felt that he had to tell the general about the situation Almost all the troops on the front line have been rotated, only Ernst s Troops, there is no one to replace them.

Hitler A little dazed, he had never encountered such a thing before.Guo Yunfeng is a second lieutenant, he has to listen to the second lieutenant, but the Chinese can only understand very simple German, so he has to help the Chinese second lieutenant to make up his mind.The other party thought there was a large force behind him Ah, it must be so.Hell, you can t let them know that there are only two of them, or they will definitely resist But did the two run to the Italian positions This is simply courting death Sergeant, please come with us.Sergeant Tony turned around with his subordinates They didn t even forget to take off the grenades on their bodies to show that they were free of any weapons.Hitler was riding a tiger, and now he could only take one step at a time He winked at Guo Yunfeng, and walked beside the nine prisoners with a gun in his hand Guo Yunfeng didn t quite understand what Hitler wanted Where to go with them, but he didn t want to ask too much.

The shells kept falling towards the position as before, repeating the terrible scene experienced by Italians.How many shells did the Germans have When are they going to fight No one could answer the Italian s question, and the space candy strain cbd gummies machine guns began to shoot again, and the intensity seemed to be even more intense than last time.Now, what little confidence the Italians had left was rapidly disappearing.Most of them have already had the idea of fleeing under such a terrible attack.Lieutenant Colonel Stino knew that his troops were about to collapse.The scary thing is that the enemy didn t even invest in an infantry attack, and just relied on mortars and machine guns to completely lose the confidence of their troops.This time the shelling was shorter than the last time, but the already fragmented position was even more dilapidated.

As a result, the Italian army began to retreat on a front of more than 3,000 kilometers.The Italian army headquarters lost its ability to command the troops, and the soldiers fled around throwing away weapons, artillery and military supplies.The first phase of the Battle of Caporetto ends.At this stage, the reassure hemp extract gummies contain cbd cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears German Austrian coalition forces have achieved brilliant victories, and there is only one brightest star in it the Skeleton Commando This miraculous team captured Tolmezzo and Udine in a row.This was the result of a fast moving operation that no one could space candy strain cbd gummies have guessed before the battle began.Now, it s General von Bello s turn to have a headache.He had promised the Baron Skeleton that if he could capture Udine, he must find a way to win the Grand Iron Cross for him in front of His Majesty the Emperor.

Continue to attack Fanowei.The gunshots on the position rang out, and shells continued to fall around the position.The four Mark tanks commanded by Guderian of the fourth unit were all scrapped.The four British tanks completed their final mission.The two a7vs are still fighting, continuing to provide the infantry with maximum space candy strain cbd gummies support.The firepower spewed out of the machine gun firmly blocked the enemy s way forward, and all the German officers and soldiers went forward one after another, struggling to support Fanowei from being broken through.Reinforcements What they need most now is reinforcements However, there was no sign of reinforcements.The German army is desperately attacking on all fronts, but their war resources are being exhausted little by little.On the day of the 2nd, the Skeleton Commando barely survived in the most difficult way.

Also, we have all experienced more dangerous things than this.So many enemies in the Somme River have not been able to do anything to us.What do Americans have to be afraid of What Yeah, what are Americans afraid of Wang Weiyi smiled Si Dao, let us perform a miracle here.With my brothers around, there space candy strain cbd gummies cbd condor gummies is nothing to be afraid of Stike, Bon Cray, Sean Here I am going to divide the ranks into three formations again.I command the first division, Steck, and you are the interim captain of the second division, Bon Crayley.You are the interim commander of the third division.Yes, Colonel.Sean.I will give you all the opportunities to command and form a machine gun team.Wang Weiyi called his three old subordinates to his side Smith didn t take us to heart, then we will give him a good.Stike, you and Sean stay and block the enemy from the front.

Wang Weiyi A confident smile appeared on his face I m just performing my duties as a soldier.There is nothing wrong with this.Unless he is guilty of massacre, any soldier should never be tried Are you A soldier who looks forward .

are cbd gummies detectable in urine?

to peace and continues to win.Beasley also sighed.He felt that there was a kind of contradiction in the Baron Skeleton, and it was difficult for such a person to truly understand what he was thinking.However, with the information currently in hand, it is enough to make the headlines of the New York Times Colonel, it s time.Wang Weiyi stood up Mr.Reporter, I m sorry, I can t let you leave yet.I must keep our marching route.Frustrated, but became excited all of a sudden Aha, Colonel, look, that s exactly what I thought.It would be my greatest luck to see the battle commanded by the skeleton baron with my own eyes.

From now on, you can call him General Ernst There was a burst of cheers space candy strain cbd gummies Get up General Ernst In fact, Ernst Brahm would not have been promoted to general so easily if the normal procedures were followed.However, the failure of the German army s five offensives severely affected morale, and the Supreme Command must think Ways to improve the morale of the officers and soldiers.And to achieve this goal, there is only one person who can do it Ernst Alexson von Brahm In the five offensives, any combat mission that the Skeleton Commando participated space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs in They all completed their tasks perfectly beyond imagination, and invincibility has become an inherent habit of Baron Alexon and his commando.Under the shadow of failure, a legendary, undefeated, and repeatedly created miracles The Baron s promotion to general will attract the attention of the whole of Germany Ernst Brahm, the youngest and most magical general in all the warring countries It is also under such circumstances that Ernst Brahm Brahm was urgently promoted to major general General Kassel couldn t know the real situation, but he knew one thing very well, that is, Ernst Brahm would never Any accidents can happen Otherwise, no one can bear this responsibility.

Suddenly, a Chinese soldier with grenades strapped all over his body suddenly stood up My mother ancestor He suddenly pulled the fuse of the grenade, rushed forward desperately, and machine gun bullets hit him all over his body They were all bullet heavenly candy cbd gummy bears are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies holes, he staggered forward a few steps, and then jumped up into the air with his whole body, Boom boom The ground fell silent, My mother s father A second lieutenant stood up with red eyes When he got up, the machine gun in his hand spit out flames like crazy.Fight, fight r he fucked his ancestors, and fought with this group of bastard little devils The second lieutenant fell, and a sergeant rushed over, grabbed the machine gun and shot at the devil again.The sergeant fell, and the one who rushed up was a corporal.He fucking ancestors The bully has come to Lao Tzu s house, fighting with this group of space candy strain cbd gummies bastard little devils Zhu Yaohua braved the flying bullets ivermectin cbd gummies and came to the battlefield.

It depends on Naomasa s own good fortune Matsui Iwane has issued an order to continue a fierce attack on Matsui.And Wang Weiyi who was in Songjiang at this time.In fact, it was not at all planned that Japan would give up Songjiang.All he wants is one thing time On the day when the Japanese army stopped attacking, he had bought enough time for himself.The cbd gummies chill remnants of the 43rd Army and the security team were all incorporated into the Guard Battalion, and now Wang Weiyi has 1,600 troops under his command.Some weapons have been distributed to the new entrants, and the battle to fully defend Xiguan is about to begin.This is the lifeline to stop the Japanese army from directly attacking Songjiang The fortifications were rebuilt overnight.Especially under the command of Wang Weiyi, a large number of simple air defense fortifications were built.

Werner said easily, We have known each other since we were young.You have to know that my father and their father are both members of the Skeleton Commando..The jeep stopped.Wang Weiyi stared at Haisen Who is how long does 25 mg of cbd gummy last your father Werner felt very strange about the major s actions My father is Bunkley Lei, General Bunkley Lei Haisen.Wang Weiyi looked at Werner s eyes changed, becoming so gentle and tender.Bunker Ray Heyson Werner Heyson I am used to calling him Bang Crayley , but I have always forgotten his full name is Bun Crayley.Hyson.Now.His son is right space candy strain cbd gummies in front of him.An old comrade in arms, the son of an old subordinate, just like Kroll and Hannah.Once, their father fought side by side with themselves, now.Their children are by their side.God may have arranged everything long ago, in Germany.He and those team members fought bloody battles, but now, their children are accompanying him in the country Major, what s the matter with you Werner felt that the major s gaze made him a little restless.

What if they refuse to leave Long Yin asked.Use guns to force them cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears to leave.Wang Weiyi was a little helpless, but there was no hesitation in his voice Maybe those ordinary people will scold us now, but we are saving their lives.Plant a large amount of explosives.Among the materials sent by the Germans, there is a batch of landmines, and I will use them all.Jiuhu Town can hold it, hold it If it can t hold it, it will turn into a piece of scorched earth Yes Long Yin said loudly replied.The teams are already in action.This is the time to test the ability of those captains to fight alone.They did that once in Xiguan.This time it is slightly different from Xiguan, but the essence HCMUSSH space candy strain cbd gummies is still the same.Over there, Zhang Sandao glanced at Guo Yunfeng Competition You are not an opponent.Guo Yunfeng knew what the other party wanted to compare with him Let you three.

Isn t it the third time that the Chinese caught him Is there any other possibility The only strange thing is, where did the Chinese get the warrant from General Matsui s headquarters And hearing this news, Kobayakawa Koi was actually relieved, which meant that his student s secret could be kept.After his own two sons died for the empire, now Hiroshi Yamaguchi, his favorite student, has become his most and only sustenance Kobayakawa Koi even hopes that Chinese people will never bring this possibility to himself and his students The ill fated Naomasa Sugawara is back and Hiroshi Yamaguchi wonders if he is one of the lucky ones.The secret is kept, and I can stay in the army, but I have become a personal puppet Wang Weiyi What is even more shocking is that someone really sent him a letter, and the letter actually space candy strain cbd gummies contained a photo of his wife Rieko and daughter Yumeko.

If Wang Weiyi didn t have much confidence in these Germans before, he can be sure of one thing now German soldiers are still trustworthy on the battlefield, no matter whether they were real or not before.soldier That concept of war has been deeply rooted in the brains of every German Three hundred and sixty six.Firepower absolute advantage The two groups led by Wang Weiyi have completely suppressed the Japanese army here And when the main reinforcements of the skeleton team arrived, there was no suspense in the battle that took place here.There were Japanese corpses all over the place, but the skeleton team only lost three people.This is a complete victory When the Japanese army s advanced tactical concept met the master and creator of the advanced tactical concept, everything turned into clouds.

When he buy cbd gummies santa rosa traveled cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears through time and space with you, and Another time and space met a person from the previous time and space.It is that Lu Daxiong, there may have been some mutations This passage is a bit like a tongue twister, Wang Weiyi nodded, maybe there is such a possibility.The transformation and upgrading of the base is very fast now, which has surpassed the first German crossing, and, remember the Yevgeny gem you brought back from Paris Look Following Xiaoling s order, a mechanical arm appeared holding a gem wrapped in a special transparent material Yevgeny Gem the second Y element However, there are some changes in this gem , its whole body began to show some flickering light, and it seems that it has some similarities with the Y element, the core component of the base.It is regenerating radiation Xiaoling s In a word, Wang heavenly candy cbd gummy bears Weiyi almost jumped out.

Adolf Hitler whispered.We shed too much blood in Russia and sacrificed the lives of too many outstanding soldiers.Wang Weiyi s voice became low The Russians can lose hundreds of thousands of troops, but we can t, we can t bear it.Such a loss You did a ridiculous thing at a ridiculous time Now in front of us stand the British, the French, the Russians We can t take England, and France surrenders, but continues to resist And Russia is fighting back Generals, Germany is on the verge of life and death If someone else had said that, the generals would have thought him crazy, but it was General Ernst Brehm who said it.Germany is on the brink of life and death General, I did a stupid thing.Adolf Hitler said frankly I completely space candy strain cbd gummies misunderstood what you said to Field Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff.

Head nurse, what s the name of that nurse Wang Weiyi asked in a low voice, pointing to the blond nurse.Sophie is my best nurse.Do you have any questions You, soldier Wang Weiyi pointed to the soldier beside Sophie and said, What s your name Chem Rodkchem Soldier Qiemu, I now order you to search for this beautiful nurse beside you When Wang Weiyi gave the order, the faces of the head nurse and Sophie changed.Chem smiled.Marshal, I protest.Before the head nurse protested, Wang Weiyi said indifferently Sophie, I personally suggest that you don t move around, or I can kill you in seconds Sophie originally wanted to lift His subordinates froze there.Wang Weiyi then smiled calmly So Sophie.I suggest you take out the things yourself.It s not good to be stretched into your chest by a strange man.Of course, I still advise you not to do anything wrong.

It was a beautiful nj cbd gummy age battle, and those damned Bolsheviks were completely defeated by you.I was very happy after seeing it, God is still so merciful, and you came to America this time, I think you have a purpose For some It s a personal matter.Wang Weiyi replied casually.He knows these fallen nobles all too well.They were driven out of Russia by the Bolsheviks and lost everything they had.Their anger at the Bolsheviks far outweighed their hatred of their former enemies.Gregory nodded Then why do you want to help us Ten thousand dollars I can t remember how many times I haven t seen so much money, but I believe you must ask us to do something for you For ten thousand dollars, I can kill someone.Ilya muttered beside her.Ilya, please dr jamie richardson cbd gummies pay attention to your manners.Gregory said seriously.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly I platinum x cbd gummies 1000mg learned from Rona Nova super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies that your situation is not very good.

On the German side, Ernst.Marshal Brahm personally formulated the battle plan for the second phase of the Battle of Kharkov.The combat code name is Three headed Banshee.This is a contest between the two best marshals of Germany and cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears the Soviet Union Winning or losing will even affect the future direction April 11, 1942.The Soviet army took the lead in attacking Under the cover of the air force and artillery fire, the 9th Army of the Soviet Army Kharitonov rushed towards the German positions aggressively.In front of them is the skeleton division of the German SS Facing the ferocious Soviet army, the Skeleton Division immediately stepped back after a brief resistance.This abnormal behavior of the German army immediately aroused the vigilance of Marshal Timoshenko.The SS Skull Division has a reputation for fighting hard.

And we have also interrogated some prisoners.The enemy s commander Timoshenko is in this encirclement.And we confirmed that he has a high probability In the enemy s 5th Guards Army Listening to his subordinates report, Wang Weiyi suddenly asked, General Kleist, you said that capturing or killing Marshal Timoshenko would be of great help to us.What are some benefits General Kleist was stunned Of course there are many benefits.This is a marshal of the Russians This can greatly boost morale and defeat the enemy s confidence, which will cause a sensation Besides that What about outside Wang Weiyi slowly asked Can we make him play a bigger role Kleist had no idea what the marshal meant by asking this.Wang Weiyi pondered and said It is indeed very good to capture and kill a marshal of the enemy.If he can be used by us, I think it will be even better Marshal.

Second Lieutenant Erne sighed If you are a soldier, you must be the best soldier Baron Andrew smiled, and he looked on the pier What is that We aid supplies to the Turks.Baron Andrew frowned The supplies we aided the Turks Did they just throw it away here so is cbd gummies legal in canada casually That s right Lieutenant Erne seemed a little helpless There is really not enough manpower.They give priority to transporting supplies that are in short supply on the front line, such as tanks and artillery.The things that are not available are still piled up here Baron, we can t even deploy enough cbd gummies pain relief manpower to protect these materials Baron Andrew blinked If What if the enemy s spies got in here Then I can only beg God to bless Second Lieutenant Erne smiled wryly I hope this kind of thing doesn t happen You know, our weapons are also not rich, if here I think our government has no choice but to send troops directly to Ankara Baron Andrew shrugged Second Lieutenant, you are really a dedicated person.

Rommel hurriedly reported to Hitler The entire fortress of Tobruk surrendered, and a total of 25,000 enemies were captured, including some generals.The whole of Germany was boiling.Five hundred and thirty five.The biggest challenge the third one Rommel s series of dazzling victories in Africa made him a marshal of the German Empire and pushed his personal reputation to the peak.But this does not give Germany a victory in Africa.The British appointed Montgomery to command all Allied forces in Africa.Erwin Rommel met the greatest enemy in his life.On August 12, 1942, General Montgomery flew to Africa and was ordered to take over the command of the 8th Army.Montgomery has a hawk like face, and his high pitched, English nasal voice doesn t sound very friendly.He is similar to Rommel in many ways.

So young, so brave, so determined.In front of him, any difficulty will become insignificant Have you never been afraid, Mr.Baron Finally, Colonel Fels couldn t help asking.Scared, of course I have been afraid.Wang Weiyi replied very calmly What about you Colonel Fels, have you ever been afraid Colonel Fels was silent for a while Yes, I am also afraid Baron, maybe you space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs don t know, when my identity is not exposed, every night is the most difficult for me, I never have a good sleep, always wake up in the middle of the night I always They are all worried that their identities will be exposed Until the day I was arrested, my heart was relieved, and I could finally sleep soundly Wang Weiyi can fully understand the feelings of Colonel Fels.Many people think that spies Career is a very romantic career, beauties, flowers But not many people know the fear and despair this career brings to spies They live in nightmares all the time, all the time Fearing that their identities will be exposed.

The name Operation Lightfoot has a source.The first to strike is the infantry, who will not trigger the anti tank mines.Because they are so light in weight.While the infantry advanced, the sappers would open a safe passage for the following armored units.The passage would be 24 feet wide, just enough for the tanks to advance in single file.Engineers were required to cut a five mile tunnel through the Devil s Garden, the nickname for the anti tank mines laid by the Axis powers.It s a daunting taskfor this Operation Light Foot.The Allies mobilized nearly every resource they could.Commonwealth forces used a series of deception tactics in order to catch the Axis powers off guard when the war started.Not only are they chill cbd gummies bobbi brown trying to trick them on where the fight is going, they re getting them the wrong launch time.

They always like to appear on the battlefield in person and command their troops to fight bravely.Facing the enemy s artillery fire, they have never been afraid.A few times, Rommel was even almost killed by a British plane because of this But he never changed his habit Wang Weiyi has also not changed.Whether he is a baron or a marshal, Wang Weiyi always regards himself as the walker.The troops defending the British command acted bravely, knowing that General Woodrow was here and that the Germans would not be able to break through under any circumstances.At 1 45, a telegram from the British High Command was delivered to General Woodrow, inquiring about Kalman s situation in the telegram.Make final preparations Then, he began to order the destruction of classified documents to make final preparations.

Please rest assured, General Canlemos, victory The light will soon shine on Egypt.Wang Weiyi said solemnly.General Canlemu let out a long sigh of relief.Now, he must cooperate with the Germans unconditionally Five hundred and eighty two.Egypt s Response Monthly ticket for the fourth update General Canlemu, who came to the mutiny barracks without any hesitation, cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears immediately used the radio to issue an uprising order to all the troops he could space candy strain cbd gummies control.The speed of the movement is unimaginable.In Egypt, there is an even more unimaginable situation the fanaticism for leaders.Or, to be more precise, a kind of religious fanaticism.The Ahmed family that Canlemu belongs to is the largest, most powerful, and most respected family super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies in super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies Egypt.When Canlemu issued an order calling for an uprising throughout Egypt, the fun drops cbd gummies website whole of Egypt was completely boiled.

The curtain of a new war in the Greater German Federation is slowly opening in an extremely weird way.And Wang Weiyi who instigated all this, after accepting the order of the Japanese military department, returned to Berlin under the escort of the Ziguang military base.At this time, Berlin is wildly celebrating the great victory of Marshal Ernst Brehm, Marshal Erwin Rommel and the great African Army in North Africa.Wherever the Skeleton Baron appeared, there was always a guarantee of victory, no one doubted that.When he came to North Africa, his initial mission was to stabilize the situation in North Africa, but no one expected that Marshal Ernst Brehm would be able to capture the most important country in North Africa Egypt No matter how imaginative people are, they can never imagine the victory in Africa that the Skeleton Baron can achieve in such a short cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears period of time.

Heisenberg s heartbeat began to increase, and he space candy strain cbd gummies felt that he was being dragged into an extremely dangerous situation We believe that there are about 1,200 defenders in the fortress.You will be outnumbered, but your advantage is surprise attack The captain paused slightly As I said earlier, You are handpicked soldiers.You have your own skills.Among you are seventy four of the most capable soldiers in the unit, including two commandos from the Brandenburg commando and five Demolition experts, three medical soldiers, and three communication experts.He pointed to the huge super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies armored roof of the fortress and said This is the landing point for your parachute.When you land, there should be no guards here.This is a very Good landing zone.The captain pointed again to several armored turrets that housed the guns.

Captain Hipple it was he who created what would become the Brandenburg Force.A cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears prerequisite for joining the Brandenburg Army was the ability to speak at least one foreign language fluently, and the fact that recruits could speak multiple foreign languages showed the ambitions of the Third Reich.It can be said that there is no country in Europe that the Brandenburg players are not familiar with.The personnel recruited by the Brandenburg Army must belong to the German nationality.These people live twin elements cbd gummies amazon outside the empire.Germans living in Eastern Europe can speak Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, and they can also speak the languages of these regions.peculiar dialect.Germans living on the Baltic coast speak Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish and of course Russian.The other Brandenburgers came from families who colonized German territories in South America and Africa and spoke the local language fluently in addition to English, Spanish and Portuguese.

He explained his thoughts to Marcel with seriousness, knowing that he could not undertake such an important task alone without assistants.He made the driver swear not to speak to anyone about it.Weeks passed.He hasn t made up his mind yet.Thinking of the meaningless life in the past, he became even more obsessed with realizing this crazy plan.He got a space candy strain cbd gummies pass to Paris and went on business in an official capacity.Instead, go buy books on building airplanes.After buying the book, he worked hard to study it.At first, he was in a cloud of mist, because he had already forgotten most of his knowledge of trigonometry and mathematics.Had to buy more books to get a better grasp of aerodynamics.Hour by hour he wandered through imaginary worlds.Sudden.He thought of an old friend of his father s life.This person is a professor of mathematics at a certain university.

At 5 space candy strain cbd gummies 20, Trovic gathered all the troops he could concentrate , made the last and strongest attack on Samilos.But without any suspense, under the continuous increase of German troops and fierce firepower, this attack failed again.All lying on the ground were Corpses, the smell of blood filled the air.The evening wind whimpered, as if it was also mourning for this war to change the curse.Six hundred and fifty four.The big attack on February 8, the Soviet army Four fifths of the officers killed in action in the frontline troops was a shocking number.This also means that the strength of the Soviet officers on the frontline was space candy strain cbd gummies basically wiped out.What is even more incredible is that, although from the very beginning Samilos, which was defended by the Germans, seemed to be in danger, but in the wave after wave of Soviet attacks throughout the day, the casualties of the German army seemed insignificant.

Celebrating the victory that has come.And it was he who brought us this victory the great Baron Alexson It was he who came back in time when Germany was most difficult, who appeared in time when Germany needed help most, and who brought Germany the most A great victory There is no doubt that this article, full HCMUSSH space candy strain cbd gummies of praise, proves that Recker is indeed the most loyal follower of Baron Alexon.Actually, in Germany.Who is not a follower of the Baron There is no suspense about the outcome of the war, and now all that remains is when the battle here will end.The night goes away, and the day comes.The gunfire on the battlefield is no longer so violentRussian tanks are burning there, and the pungent smell stimulates everyone s nerves.If it is paired with the unpleasant smell of burning corpses, it is simply disgusting.

Some of those collaborators brought back more than a dozen people, and some brought back hundreds of people The most astonishing thing is.A collaborator actually brought more than a thousand surrendered Russians at once This collaborator used to be a colonel in the Soviet Army.All he found were his former subordinates.It is completely conceivable, but what kind of mood did those Russians feel when those completely desperate Soviet soldiers saw their officers suddenly appear in front of them and asked them to surrender.The officers who used to sing about fighting to the death for the Soviet were the first to surrender, which is really ironic Ludwig was really convinced this time.After the Battle of Erklin broke out, German officers repeatedly tried to space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs persuade the Russians in the encirclement to surrender.

The early morning wind was so refreshing that a large number of students appeared on the campus from early in the morning.The good news of the Elklin Victory also spread to the university.Every simple student is excited by the great great victory achieved by the great Soviet Red Army.Several students were giving speeches.They read aloud the speech of the great leader, Comrade Stalin, that victory must belong to the Soviets.Around them, countless students continued to burst into cheers of Ulla.At this time, a black car drove into Moscow University, which did not attract the attention of many students.Accompanied by two officers, a Soviet colonel got out of the car, and then hurriedly walked towards the Political Office of Moscow University.I am Colonel Madrov of the Cheka.Ah, Comrade Colonel, I am Lieutenant Colonel Tenkovsky of the Political Department of Moscow University.

Comrade Stalin was space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs also worried about the commander in chief.Khrushchev considered whether to Vasilevsky s remarks were reported to Stalin, but at such a time, he still mustered up his energy and said Comrade commander in chief, although you have just been promoted to marshal, in fact, in the army, many commanders think that With your qualifications and military achievements, you should have been a marshal a long time agoI don t mean to flatter you, but just want to tell you that you are expected by everyone, and you are not inferior to Comrade Zhukov.It is expected that you will what do cbd gummies do for sleep command the Battle of Stalingrad, and because of this, I firmly believe that under your command, we will be able to win the final victory Vasilevsky smiled wryly, who said that Khrushchev Is the husband just a reckless and rude countryman There is no one who can hide himself better than him Well, Comrade Military Commissar, I hope to achieve the final victory as you said.

There are not many officers willing to command troops to continue cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears space candy strain cbd gummies fighting.Continuing to fight now means death, and not everyone is determined to die for their beliefs.Being able to survive is already the greatest miracle.28th night.When Voroshilov learned that several major armies, including the 1st Guards Army and the 5th Assault Army, were completely annihilated by the German army, space candy strain cbd gummies he knew that the war should end here.No power can save them anymore Voroshilov sat there silently, smoking one cigarette after another.The smog enveloped the Soviet marshal.His mind went blank.Can t think of anything what to think No matter how much you think about it, can you still make a miracle Not so long ago.Comrade Stalin s telegram has arrived, and the wording of the telegram is terrifying.But with Vasilevsky, there was not even a telegram of inquiry So Voroshilov was able to judge that Vasilevsky had given up on himself.

At this time, a report interrupted their conversation, and Zhukov picked up the hat green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies occupied on the table Comrade Stalin, then I will go to prepare.All right, Comrade Zhukov, I believe you can accomplish all miracles on the battlefield Seven hundred and one.Comrade Stalin s anger Comrade Timelenko, how is the current situation in the city Victory in the Second Defense of Moscow.Of course, there are also wavers who are not firm in their positions.Under your guidance, we captured and executed a large number of defectors and attempted defectors.Very well, the war is coming soon , we must turn Moscow into a big melting pot, and throw all the traitors and our enemies into it and melt them.Stalin nodded with satisfaction Then, why is it so important that you are so eager to see me Something, Comrade space candy strain cbd gummies Timelenko Yes, and it is very urgent.

And now, this word is what does cbd gummies do to your brain about to be confirmed Klingenberg slowly stabbed the dagger into Pintorov s thigh, little by little.stabbed in, and then said word by word in an extremely fearful tone Now, it s time for you to repay all this Seven hundred and ten.Hunter Project The outcome of the Great Battle of Moscow Although most people have expected the outcome, at least until now the direction of the war is still in a state of stalemate.The Russians will never give up their capital easily At the same time, it was also the last position they could defend.The whole of Moscow was mobilized, everyone men and women.Generals continued to appear on the front line and personally commanded troops to fight.This also caused the death rate of the middle and senior officers of the Soviet Army become bigger and bigger.

Then, one tank after another drove out of Ziguang military base.The Soviet army waiting here to meet the train probably would never have thought of it anyway.In a place they thought was absolutely safe, so many enemies unexpectedly appeared.Most of these Russians don t know what they are here to respond to this time, and they don t even cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears know the importance of this mission.So when a large number of German tanks appeared and attacked them immediately, the Soviet transport battalion was completely in chaos.They didn t carry tanks, they only drove a large number of cars, and as transport soldiers, they also lacked the necessary means to protect themselves.When the brutal massacre ended, a large number of Russians fell here.They died inexplicably. Wang Weiyi did not go after the escaped Russians, this is not their mission this time.

At this time, gunshots rang out again.That s the German SS commando fighting at night.Ershakov said quickly Comrade Marshal, these SS commandos are quite a headache.Their combat quality is beyond ours, and their ability to cooperate and cooperate with each other is almost perfect.To put it bluntly, our soldiers are compared with them.They are simply a group of children fighting with adults.Especially at night, they have nowhere to go No.It seems that their purpose is not to seize many positions, but to directly threaten us psychologically.I know, that is the trump card in the German army.Zhukov nodded, feeling a little helpless On the quality of individual soldiers In terms of team quality, our soldiers are completely comparable to them, but we can t make up for this weakness at all.We must let our soldiers defend in their positions, no matter what the situation is, they are absolutely not allowed to leave the position Yes, I gave the order just according to your intention Zhukov s heart was full of worries about the inspection of the front line.

It is recommended to give priority to Hiroshima.Immediately afterwards, the planes that went to Kokura and Nagasaki for reconnaissance also sent back weather reports one after another the weather conditions over the target were good.Can drop bombs.Marcello thought for a while and decided to bomb Hiroshima.And sent a telegram back to the base decided to bomb the first target.Previously.Alarms sounded over the city of Hiroshima, and several German planes flew into the sky above Hiroshima, circled for a week and left in a hurry.About half an hour later, the sirens sounded again, and Heracles and the two observation planes were approaching Hiroshima.The citizens of Hiroshima seem to have been indifferent to this kind of air raid siren that they are accustomed to, so few people enter the air raid shelter to hide.

Seeing that the baron had already made space candy strain cbd gummies up his mind, Anlugues couldn t say anything more.But in his opinion, the baron s actions were too reckless and crazy.There is definitely no way for him to come back alive Wang Weiyi didn t pay attention to his thoughts, and he felt tired after running around all day.But just when he was about to rest, the butler Depsey appeared in front of him with a livid face Baron, do you think people can live here God, although I have been mentally prepared, the harsh conditions are still very bad.Far beyond my imagination, this is not a place for such a noble person as the baroness to live.And the food, God, I really don t know how you can swallow it Wang Weiyi Some headaches My dear Depsey butler, what do you want I need a bed, and a clean quilt and pillow.Depsey butler made an unbelievable request Even if cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears In this way, I also wonder if there are fleas and those unknown bugs here.

Under the sunlight that leaked through the gaps in the clouds, the Roman phalanx looked extremely mighty.The neatly arranged shields make the entire formation look extremely thick, and the bronze helmets reflect the color of the metal, like the waves of the ocean the stars shine on the tips of the spears.As if to pierce the thick clouds above their heads from time to time there was a flash of lightning in the formation, which was the terrible light of the Roman short sword.Contrary to the practice of Roman commanders, Gaius walked at the front of the phalanx.He looked contemptuously at the rout soldiers running past him, and soon came to the foot of the mountain, where he stopped and looked up the mountain intently.Go The little advantage that the Germans had in the charge just now gradually disappeared, as the Celtics retreated step by step.

Splashing, a terrible welt appeared on the originally smooth back, and the screams brought by the pain replaced the begging pleadings.Gradually, the voice from the human vocal cords became weaker.Only the whip made of animal skin remained.The sound of piercing the air was sharp and whistling.This unknown animal was conquered by humans space candy strain cbd gummies before it was alive, but it was not expected that its leather would conquer humans in this way after death.After the whipping was over, the two captains fainted The soldier who was still dizzy from the pain in the past was dragged to the prepared tree stump, and the young soldier with bloody back barely opened his eyes until the drumbeat started to beat fast.The sharp ax appeared in front of my eyes The ax wielding lieutenant who cut off the first head wiped the bones and blood off the ax blade with a rag, kicked the head aside, and looked at the next group of ten soldiers who were about to draw lots.

This is just for them to embolden their courage.No.Caesar pondered and said I once heard Ernst say that there .

how does cbd gummies affect you?

was a great Han Empire in the far east.Although he was a spy, I felt that he was not lying.I am very curious about this person, there must be many secrets hidden in him.When I catch him in the future, don t hurt him.I will interrogate him personally.As he what is cbd gummies do said that, he sneered It s really courageous, I will do my best to defeat the full spectrum organic cbd gummies Roman legion time and time again until they dare not make any attempts against Germania Did he really think he could defeat me again Did he really think that with the barbarians in his hands, he could defeat the Roman Republic My generals, now that the enemy has brought shame upon us, let us return the same shame to those barbarians tenfold Governor, please issue an order The Roman generals said vigorously.

Singaroa.Wang Weiyi He said lightly It depends on my business situation.If it goes well, I think I will leave soonOf course, the focus of my business has returned to Rome.I think I will see you often in the future.Your Ah, that s really great.Singroa was a little excited I am honored to invite you to come to my house when you want, as a reward for your generosity, You will receive the best hospitality.Thank you, Mrs.Singaloa.Wang Weiyi knew that sometimes a valuable gift can be of great value.This is especially true for people who are greedy for money, whether men or women Ancient Roman gladiatorial arena.Wang Weiyi has been standing here for a long time.This arena can accommodate more than 90,000 spectators.There are three floors of seats.The lower, middle, and upper floors, and the top floor has a stand that super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies can only be stood.

This dream has never been realized.He became suspicious again, in order to fulfill his dream.He has made a lot of efforts, but none of them have been successful, and it is only because of this that Spurius, who has not returned to Rome for a long time, can he really do it As if seeing his doubts, Wang Weiyi said slowly If you trust me, I will be able to solve it.But you must be patient, and you can t hold such a grand and space candy strain cbd gummies luxurious banquet anymore.I don t want you to give the elder I don t want to leave a bad impression on those people in the academy.At the same time, I also ask you to stop publicizing the victory of this naval battle, and act as if you have never participated in a naval battle Seve Us listened very carefully there, and Wang Weiyi nodded his head when he said something.As long as he can return to the battlefield, he can agree to any conditions.

The power possessed by the Romans, especially Caesar, was completely beyond the expectations of these Germans.It was originally thought that a simple The uprising resulted in heavy casualties.The only thing that makes people green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies feel strange is why the Romans suddenly withdrew their troops when the Roman legions were about to annihilate them Sders, his most experienced tribal leader Hellman died in battle, space candy strain cbd gummies and his beloved wife Hesnia also fell into the hands of the Romans.Now, what should he do Before his death, Hellman clearly instructed himself to become the leader of the tribe and lead all the tribes to find the Germanic Alliance.However, is he capable of leading the Saxons Where did I go to find the Germanic League Sdeers was in a state of confusion The team was quiet, no one in the huge fleeing team was willing to talk much, and the atmosphere became extremely oppressive.

Cherusi people heavenly candy cbd gummy bears are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies are willing to listen 10 to 1 cbd gummies to your command Dunket is tired and willing to listen to your orders Wang Weiyi looked at them and nodded silently From now on, the thing he has been looking forward to for a long time has finally come the whole of Germany is finally completely united together.For the Germans, this It is the greatest blessing, for the Romans, the most horrifying scene finally happened the Germanic League From this day on, the Germanic League was formally formed, and every Germanic people worshiped a common King Ernst Alexson von.Bram Baron Skeleton In the 3rd century BC, the Germans began their great migration.They traveled down the Elbe River to the northern part of Bohemia, and then along the Saale River into the Thuringia region.At the end of the 2nd century BC, the Germanic tribes settled in the Jutland peninsula invaded the Mediterranean cultural area and confronted the Romans directly.

A large number of Parthians were captured, and like the piles of armor and weapons next to them, they have now become trophies of the Roman legion.These captives were forced to take off their clothes, leaving only a close fitting underwear to cover their shame.They attracted the eyes of another kind of vulture some bold slave traders could not wait to come to the battlefield, and the slaves at this time were the last cheap.They used skilled eyes to assess the Parthian men standing in piles in front of them.Unfortunately, most of the captives were bruised, and they might lose money if they bought them back and died on the road, so they selected them very carefully.There are also some soldiers searching for valuables on the corpses.Just now people fought like wild animals.Now, they are not even as good as beasts.

What do you think Are you willing to negotiate with us Of course, my friend.Wang Weiyi s smile is even brighter If I don t want to challenge Gaul Attack.My request is also very simple, all the Romans evacuate Germany Oh, this request may be too much.Gaius became hesitant I don t think Caesar will agree Why don t you agree Wang Weiyi said indifferently Since the German uprising, there are actually not many Roman soldiers left in Germany.We have the means to wipe them all out.It space candy strain cbd gummies is beneficial for you to agree to this.Good.Is Caesar really planning to let these Romans die in Germany Gaius thought about it carefully, maybe what the other party said was not unreasonable.After the Uprising green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies of the Germanic People s Congress, although it was suppressed by Caesar, Caesar did not dare to stay here.It soon retreated to Gaul, leaving only a very small force here.

A German family was driven out of their residence by a Russian police officer.The host was arguing loudly to the Russian police officer, but was quickly beaten by the Russians.The host, with a bruised nose and a swollen ingredients in keoni cbd gummies face, barely stood up amid the cries of his family members.He had to watch helplessly as his house was occupied by the Russians.Richthofen tried to get out of the car several times to teach these Russians a lesson, but he was stopped by Wang Weiyi every time.Now is not the time to be impulsive.Manfred.Wang Weiyi whispered We will always come back for revenge, trust me.Richthofen suppressed his anger Four Knives.Wang Weiyi called out the word Four Knives.Guo Yunfeng has already interrupted him Hey, have you forgotten that I am not Sidao now I think the name Guo Sidao is known to many people like Baron Skeleton.

The phone was connected quickly, and when General Olitz heard the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol again, he was a little surprised Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, why are you at this time I Not Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Wang Weiyi space candy strain cbd gummies said indifferently Please call me Marshal Ernst General Olitz was completely shocked for a moment, and the voice on the other end of the phone also became trembling I m afraid I didn t catch it clearly, what should I call you Marshal Ernst, Ernst Brahm.Baron Alexson, conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, Adolf Brahm Honorary Grand Marshal of the German Armed Forces appointed by Hitler Wang Weiyi calmly gave the other party such an answer.I is this true Are you really back I m back, and I m on the Skeleton Master s position Although it was impossible to tell the truth from the fake, General Olitz s voice was so respectful Olitz, the Second Armored Army, respectfully obeyed your orders.

Avril nodded quickly The enemy s attack was very fierce, and German soldiers fell from time to time.Those who escaped are lucky, but there are still a large number of Germans who cannot escape successfully from here.If it was normal, Second Lieutenant Kruman would have given up.But not today, there are still so many unarmed people who need their protection.However, Lieutenant Kruman also knew that they had lost any hope and several more German soldiers fell.Second Lieutenant Kruman was completely desperate But at this moment, behind the enemy commando, there were suddenly intensive gunshots, and then the enemy became a little confused.Second Lieutenant Kruman looked there in surprise, and then he saw several tanks showing up in a show of force that up.Second Lieutenant Kruman is very familiar with the fluttering flag.

Not only that, a large number of outstanding generals were persecuted by him, they died unjustly, and some were forced to leave the army.Like space candy strain cbd gummies General Fels.In space candy strain cbd gummies this series of actions, Oliver and Wolfe, the new head of the Intelligence Agency, obviously played a very disgraceful role.Wang Weiyi roughly understood that some kind of conspiracy must have been reached between Kroller and William.Kroller became the head of Germany, 10mg cbd gummies effects and William successfully became the president of the United States.After all this happens, Kroller s repayment to William will officially begin Oliver carefully explained everything he knew.Although there were many top secrets of Kroller that he didn t particularly know, it was enough for do cbd gummies work for ed Wang Weiyi.As long as Kroll is caught, all the secrets space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs will be unlocked.Of course, there is also something about William.

Klingenberg said vigorously I would love to command the troops personally again, but I know my responsibilities.So I already have candidates for that.The 21 commandos of the general attack will go deep behind enemy lines to carry out destruction, and the commander in chief of these commandos, I think you also recognize him, is Colonel Heisenberg who accompanied you many times in World War II. Colonel Heisenberg Wang Weiyi immediately thought of the young guy from the Bradenburg commando with a shy smile back then Is he already a colonel now Ah, this is a good candidate.Tell Heisenberg that he can make whatever choice he thinks he should, when he returns victorious.Come green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies meet me again.Yes, Marshal, I will tell him what you have said.At this time, the air defense alarm came to mind again.Wang Weiyi ignored it at all Generals, many of you have followed me to fight together.

The arrival of night increases the difficulty of pursuit, but this is not the most important thing.This counterattack is not to completely destroy the enemy, but only to severely damage the morale of the enemy.The roaring German army also knows this well The National Army was extremely excited about things.They never thought that the battle could be fought like this.These irregular military forces who have temporarily enlisted in the army can actually chase after a group of regular troops looking for teeth everywhere.If every battle is carried out like this, maybe all the enemies will be driven out of Germany soon.A small group of enemies probably got too flustered and lost their way.What makes people feel ridiculous is that after they made a big circle, they actually went back to where they were.

This is just the beginning Colonel Stam, who was still hiding in the headquarters, didn t understand how such a failure happened until the failure came.He originally organized a tight defense here, and was able to wait until reinforcements arrived.Everything was arranged so flawlessly.but.He still lost the victory of this war inexplicably Colonel Stam also understood that he would continue to resist under such circumstances.Then there is only one possible ending for facing oneself death He is only thirty five years old this year, and he has already become a colonel.According to those famous people in the American military circles, he is very likely to become a general before the age of forty five.His future is bright.Moreover, he has a wife and children.If he died like this, he would have nothing.

Before that, you will be in charge of the uprising in the entire Egypt, and all mobilizable forces must be fully mobilized.Attack the enemy on various battlefields., to cooperate with the frontal offensive of the German army.At the same time, it is necessary to retain its own strength to the greatest extent I will.Kan Lemu said solemnly.Wang Weiyi set his eyes on Luosang and Nolak As for you, I can t order you, I can only ask you to mobilize the Egyptian people as much as possible to support the uprising.Hold on until the arrival of the German army.Can you accept my request Robsang and Nolak s admiration for this man in front of him can no longer be space candy strain cbd gummies described in words.He can always do whatever he wants to do easily.What makes cbd gummies with thc florida them even more gratified is that Mr.Moyol is not He didn t show any arrogance in this way, on the contrary, he still upheld considerable respect for them.

Colonel Nesko happily accepted the task assigned to him by General Roshen.Moreover, he decided to complete this task himself.What could be more exciting than seeing yourself defeat the Skull Baron with your own hands 200 U.S.troops were gathered by Colonel Nesko, and were divided into ten groups to start a search quietly.Fabaman is only so big, the skeleton baron super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies must be somewhere in the city.At this moment, every corner of the city is fighting fiercely, and the German army simply doesn t have that much strength to ensure the safety of the Skeleton Baron.This, perhaps, is my best chance Marshal, we just captured an American prisoner.Eric quickly appeared in front of Wang Weiyi, and his face was full of worry A new emergency situation, the US military has formed more than a dozen assault The team is looking for you in the whole city.

Second Lieutenant space candy strain cbd gummies Eric and the others appeared behind three old German made tanks.However, the quality of this shell is really bad, and it just cut a hole in the US tank.The tank was not finished yet, and the German tank without the aiming device continued to fire, but none of the shells could hit the American tank, but several American infantrymen were blown away.A U.S.tank fired two shots in succession, and the turret of the German tank flew out.With the sound of an explosion, another shell went in through the gap of space candy strain cbd gummies the U.S.tank.The U.S.tank was destroyed, and the occupants inside were also killed.At this time, two American tanks appeared out of nowhere, and the German tanks were destroyed in the blink of an eye.During this space candy strain cbd gummies small scale tank battle, Second Lieutenant Eric and the others ran for more than 200 meters through the fire and thick smoke, and they arrived at the arsenal soon.

74 people The big man squinted his eyes and calculated in his heart 18 times 10.Well, add 48 times 20, and, uh, green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies 8 times 50 equals Zoff was an excellent fighter, but if measured by a soldier s math ability In terms of combat power, Zoff might not even be able to enter the reserve team Huh In the endhow many times did I just say 1000.Heisenberg smiled and patted his big shoulder You want to tell me.We have 48 Wehrmacht soldiers, 18 SS, 8 Panzers.A total of 10, 20, and 50 Russian lives can be dealt with So how much can our improvised 74 man battle group add up to offset 1000 ivans Ah Heisenberg that s what I mean The big man raised his head proudly, and the sunshine between the dark clouds shone on his face impartially Think about it.Plus you and me.We are worth at least 100 Russian lives Number of people We don t fucking suffer Fighting is probably not such a simple conversion.

Swell The Russians began to fight back, and a shell flew towards the green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies Leopard 9 tank.It s just that the shell hit the tiled house at the rear, and the space candy strain cbd gummies tiled house collapsed immediately as a result.Hydraulic 150.2 o clock direction, dock core space candy strain cbd gummies armor piercing projectile, launch The 001 tank rushed out, it moved quickly to the side, and the terrifying speed of the powerful engine when it was fully powered was the Leopard 9 tank A winning weapon.While on the move, Tiger s second shell hit the mantlet of the Victor.The members of the Victors who were reloading were stunned by the huge kinetic energy, and the turret was jammed.Swell The third armor piercing projectile hit the driver s cab of the Victor , and the driver was shocked to death on the spot.The winner must die Swell The fourth shell hit the rear of the Victor from the side and rear, and the Victor burst into flames.

A fat man was giving his speech impassionedly there The wise and brave Grand Duke has personally gone to the front line.Those rebels will soon be defeated by the Grand Duke and the brave Grand Duke.The Russian army is defeated His words drew applause.In fact, what happened in Ukraine has nothing to do with these people.What they did was nothing more than showing their privileges they can know that space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs ordinary people unknown things As the commander of the Moscow garrison, I have to admit that Mr.Duyoshenko has the most say on the situation.One person flattered.At this time, a lady asked Mr.Duyoshenko, what do you think of the war between the Allies and Germany I heard that we suffered a big defeat in Robinstel, and even Walter Marshal Tuksky almost became a prisoner.Ah, one defeat is not enough to turn the tide of the war.

Ah, that is such a pity.Fu Yunfeng was somewhat disappointed My mother later accidentally learned that there was a very great general in Germany, also named Guo Yunfeng, so she asked me to come to Germany to see with my own eyes whether you are the same person.Unfortunately, I cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears also want to It s the same person.Guo Yufeng said lightly, Tell me, soldier, is it true that your mother has never been married Guo Yunfeng on the battlefield, she always thinks that the hero in her heart is not dead.For a moment, Guo Yunfeng felt like crying.RS nine hundred and forty nine.The cruelest battlefield Russia, March 1966.Captain, didn t you say that we can reach the supply station on the third day The face of the loader appeared in front of Takot.Uhhow many days is it now Tucket reluctantly opened his eyes, feeling as if his face was covered with somethingheavy and tired.

Moyol is undoubtedly a man who keeps his promise.He really found the weapons that the Italian insurgents needed.Enough to equip a company with weapons.This undoubtedly boosted the confidence of Mannicia and his companions.The great uprising is about to break out At the last meeting before the space candy strain cbd gummies uprising.Manicia made an impassioned agitation Gentlemen, Italy has reached the most critical moment Our enemies are trying to destroy us We have only two options, either to capture without a fight.Or to resist to the end Gentlemen, we are not fighting for our own interests, but for the whole of Turin, for the whole of Italy The great dictator Mussolini is dead, but his son is still alive Continuing to rule Italy and make our lives more impoverished.What choice do we have Are we really willing to die under the knife space candy strain cbd gummies of the enemy No, our fate is always in our own hands We can save ourselves from the dangers we point out if we will All tyrants do is enslave obedience and passive obedience to the people.

Bertrul doesn t have much energy to take care of this Catadona and his assistants have arrived in Rome to join the new government.as a compromise.Catadona was appointed prime space candy strain cbd gummies minister of the Italian interim government, and his aides green lobster cbd gummies tinnitus were arranged accordingly.On the surface, it seems that the two factions are living in peace for the time being, even very harmonious.But as time goes by, new political struggles will soon begin.Many people are staring at the seat sitting under Bertrul s buttocks The new general election will be held soon, and then it will be the time for the two sides to decide their lives.And at this stage, getting more external help is obviously the most important.The strategy of the Catadona faction the so called Turin faction is to lean on the American side.After arriving in Rome, Catadona met with the American ambassador Denton frequently, expressing his loyalty to the United States.

I will not shoot him , because I want everyone to see what will happen after failure.Mr.Marshal, if we don t take such a move, everyone will think that failure is actually nothing Marshal Donarski sighed in his heart , maybe His Excellency the Grand Duke will regret his decision soon The form of the battle is not optimistic.Do you have any good solutions Marshal Donarski cheered cbd gummies for hair growth heavenly candy cbd gummy bears up On our two wings are the elite 11th and 15th armies, and cbd gummies kruidvat their commanders are also brave and wise.Yes.I hope that if we can resist the enemy here for more than a month, the situation in Ukraine will change rapidly.At the same time, we should also order immediate reinforcements from the country to alleviate the current critical situation.Of course, the support of the Allies is also essential Not much.Your Excellency the Grand Duke.

Murderous.Before Naba could draw out the bayonet, he felt a gust of wind cutting towards him from behind.Almost an instinctive reaction, Naba immediately abandoned his gun and jumped.A wise decision saved the Killed Ending.Sure enough, the attacker from behind looked annoyed at the missed attack, then looked at Naba who was space candy strain cbd gummies empty handed, and continued to press.Pfft.Naba had been waiting for the opponent s attack for a long time.Seeing the opponent stabbing straight at him, Naba dodged calmly, grabbed the opponent s gun with both hands, and then pulled it hard.Sure enough, Naba, who was strong and strong, naturally had a great advantage.The gun was pulled out of the opponent s hand, and he was tripped to the ground.He stabbed hard into the opponent s back.A few seconds later, there was another corpse on the ground.

One of the parties, Milosevic, was not notified of his participation in the vote, and the fact that his house had been watched by the secret police made him terrified.Didn t it mean that Khmelitsky had been successfully assassinated Why didn t he die And why did Similov betray himself Milosevic simply couldn t figure out these things.He quickly thought of running away Khmelitsky would never let himself go so easily The only person he could still trust was Andreas.He hurriedly found the Russian Finance Minister to discuss about escaping together, but Andreas flatly refused What are you thinking, Your Excellency the Marquis What Khmelitsky hopes most is that you can escape, so that you have no space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs way to turn over.You look from the window, although the secret police are outside.But the surveillance is not strict at all, leaving you enough to escape Space, his purpose is just that As long as you are not in Moscow, no matter how wronged Khmelitsky wronged you, you have no chance space candy strain cbd gummies to defend yourself But, I will go tomorrow I have been questioned by the temporary investigation team, how should I face them Milosevic asked in horror.

As soon as he got out of the bunker, four heavenly candy cbd gummy bears are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies figures gradually approached, and Steinman walked towards him quite fast.The figure spoke Well, the captain s order is God, of course When I walked in, I found that the four figures were Cole, Jonis, Ruth and Sasha, and the person who just spoke was Cole, a sniper from the German SS, with a great sense of humor, completely subversive The stereotyped and cold image of the Germans.Steinman smiled wryly, and cbd oil in gummy bears stepped forward to reconcile with the four Are you ready, we space candy strain cbd gummies have to act.As he spoke, he pulled the bolt of the gun, indicating that he was ready to fire.Drink The four chanted a loud and inspiring slogan at the same time, and then took off their weapons from their backs.This time, we are going to engage in guerrilla warfare and assist in the defense of the Sanchajunction position.

These brave tanks of the German army are like a tiger with wings.And the overwhelmed US tanks one hundred and nine.Turton bang bang bang bang bang , when Steinman s tank was fully firing, several shells hit the side of the tank, but they all bounced off because of the angle.At this time, a voice came out of Steinman s headset Steinman, the jamming bomb has failed I can hear you space candy strain cbd gummies talking and know that the jamming bomb has failed Steinman smiled bitterly.He didn t expect the jammer to fail so quickly.No wonder the side was attacked.It seemed that the US military was going to fight back.The infantry relied on the wreckage to cover the rear of the tank The German tank smashed through the wreckage again, super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies and began to stab deeply towards the US tank group.Boom, boom, boom The space candy strain cbd gummies German tank rushed and hit, breaking through the firepower net of the US tank immediately with lightning speed.

Those billowing torrents of steel cannot be stopped at all.From the first minute when the space candy strain cbd gummies tank battle broke out, Wang Weiyi didn t even ask about the battle situation of the Kirk tank assault group.He knew very well that his subordinates had never let him down.They know how to fight and how to win.This is a bunch of soldiers any commander needs But Dolby was completely different.He kept just cbd delta 8 gummies anxiously asking about the battle situation on the front line, but the battle situation reported to him was not optimistic.Colonel Joaquin of the 126th Armored Regiment even made a request to retreat.The colonel believed that it was an unwise choice to continue attrition with the enemy.The German army had surpassed its own troops both in terms of tactics and morale.If it continued, the 126th Armored Regiment might soon lose the battle.

I personally received the commendation condor cbd gummys from the commander in chief of Westmoreland, and new reinforcements are about to arrive.This battle will inevitably engrave his name forever in the history green otter cbd gummies official website space candy strain cbd gummies of the Allied forces Dear Major Howell, can you 40mg per gummy cbd help me find a bottle of wine Here comes his adjutant, Major Howell Marshal, we have captured almost all of Hannover s outside positions.Tomorrow we will launch a general attack on Hannover.General Caroner said, pointing to the map.However, what is strange is that Wang Weiyi didn space candy strain cbd gummies t have the slightest expression on his face.He looked at the map indifferently General Caron, our enemy is very tenacious, isn t it He nodded and cbd gummies for pain walmart cost admitted Yes, the enemy s tenacity here is beyond our expectations, and the attack is not smooth to some extent, but I can guarantee that we will be able to capture Hannover within two to three days.

Connor accidentally killed Mista by mistake The last round of machine gun fire was over, and the fighter jet formation began to return, and the U.S.military was beaten to pieces.Pozik grabbed the walkie talkie and roared All the combat units in row A advance a hundred yards and establish a defense line in area B.We will drive them all back Huh The US military could no longer hold on , ready to retreat.The German firepower began to gradually increase.Hurry up, the enemy has retreated, we must seize the time to strengthen the defense line Donald and Sally recovered from the surprise, and tried their best to control Connor who was on space candy strain cbd gummies the verge of collapse.They dragged Connor away.Like a real criminal, Connor dragged himself to the ground, crying, Kill me I killed him I killed him The rain didn t stop until the next morning down means.

Bouvitch stared at the building through the bullet holes in the wall, without even blinking.Everyone stretched their nerves like a string.Will snap almost anytime.Someone asked in a low voice I was blowing the charge horn arrogantly just now, why did the sound suddenly stop What are those idiots waiting for They are considering whether to blow your ass open.Really Damn that s a good sign There were whispers of cursing all around Gavin, you did a great job If we get killed because of you, I ll take a knife and cut the skin off your cock, and then Then make octopus rolls and throw them on the side of the street to feed the dogs Quiet If you say another word, I ll push your ass away The enemy is moving At this moment, the Americans in the distance re emerged Started playing their music, only a lot louder.

And the Morgan family or the Rockefeller family sometimes come to me to discuss some things Rotini and his son in law and daughter are completely dumbfounded Oh my god.This Mo Mr.Joel is either a powerful guy.Or he s just bragging.The Wittgensteins, the Morgans, the Rockefellers, what kind of families are they Their wealth combined, no government can match However, in the mouth of Mr.Moyol , these three major families seem to be nothing in his eyes However, Pipondu s words quickly verified that Moyol Mr.Moyol is not bragging Yes, sometimes we have troubles in the United States, and we will ask Mr.Moyol to help us solve space candy strain cbd gummies them.This time M.Moyol came to Paris.It is our honor, so we will also receive our warmest hospitality.Rotini became excited.God gave me such an opportunity to meet such a miraculous figure as Mr.

Hahaha You cunning guy, I said that I will torture you slowly, and now the game is getting more and more interesting Ryan deliberately shot the opponent s right arm just now, so that the opponent has no ability to fight back.Ryan pulled the bolt leisurely, stuffed a new magazine into the chamber, and then approached Eric recklessly, shooting at him as he walked.Come out German You can t escape Haha Ryan laughed arrogantly.As soon as Eric gritted his teeth, he didn t even care about bandaging the wound, and he didn t even want the sniper rifle.He covered his shoulders and ran into the depths of the woods.How could Ryan let him go, and followed him from behind.In the dense woods, Eric and Ryan are separated by a distance of 50 meters.They are almost parallel to each other and run in one direction at the same time.

Ah, Mr.Wittgenst, he is a member of the Wittgenstein family at all, no wonder he can control a huge fund at this age.Wang Weiyi greeted these French people with a smile A good show is about to begin After the simple welcome ceremony, Rotini wasted no time Gentlemen, As we all know, Dewey Bank has gone through a very terrible storm not long ago.It almost made it impossible for us to continue, but it is gratifying, relying on the efforts of all of us.We have maintained this traditional bank.It will go on However, we have to face the reality that the climate in the whole world is not very good, and New York, the world s financial center, has also suffered severe turmoil.Our investment in the United States has received extremely serious Impact.Some of the American HCMUSSH space candy strain cbd gummies businesses that we poured huge sums of money into are now bankrupt, and I have to admit that is the last heavenly candy cbd gummy bears are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies thing we want to see The room quickly fell silent.

It cannot declare war on the people in the name of the people.The king A year and a half ago He and the queen were put on the guillotine, leaving only the last words I hope the blood I shed can become the coagulant to heal the wounds of the French nation.God At the beginning of the revolution, the church was the target of the revolution, and many priests took off their robes Participate in the revolution and more priests are sent back to God by the guillotine The Utopian edifice has come crashing down, and the dream republic super cbd gummies 300 mg where to buy space candy strain cbd gummies has become a disorderly, violent world dominated by mobs The dream republic has become a Rank up in a violent world dominated by mobsters When Madame Roland, the leader of the Girondins, was led to the guillotine, she raised her head to face the Statue of Liberty in the square amidst the cheers of the crowd, and said Liberty, Liberty, how many crimes have been committed in your name testimonials.

Most of the French joined the uprising, but there were also some who took refuge in their homes because of fear.They don t know how such a thing happened, and they don t know why such a tragic thing happened all of a sudden.Fatiha is one of them.This poor woman is from Algeria, which used to be a traditional French colony.There are also a large number of Algerians living in France.Affected by this, many Algerians regard France as a paradise in their minds, and because of this, they want to come to this country at all costs and get rid of the poor life brought about by their poor motherland.But reality is always crueler than ideals.They found that not only could they not be recognized by the French, but it was also difficult to find a job.All they could do was to secretly do odd jobs for black factories to support themselves and their families, and they had to beware of those ubiquitous police.

She didn t care, and she would do anything to regain everything that belonged to her.don t care anymore General Cacchino is here When the voice sounded, the headquarters became extremely quiet.After a while, General Cachino in military uniform appeared in front of everyone.Your Majesty, please accept a sinner s most sincere apology As soon as he opened his mouth, General Cacchino said something like this I cowardly became an accomplice of the puppet government.I have failed you to me Trust me, no matter what punishment you give me, I am willing to accept it.General, there is no need to blame yourself too much.If I were in your position, I might do worse than you.Queen Elizabeth II s words are very The somewhat embarrassing atmosphere in the headquarters was soon resolved Okay, let s talk about the Second Armored Army.

This would make them instant legends in the espionage world, something the Piroccos firmly believed.It s all for a common goal, for our victory.Wang Weiyi especially emphasized his tone Victory, I think maybe it s not far away from us.These Americans didn does insurance cover cbd gummies t understand this sentence at all.The true meaning cbd gummies for constipation of the words one thousand seventy one.Stephen Duke Wang Weiyi has a new identity Senior Investigator of the US Intelligence Agency.This identity is a very good cover for him, and it relieves countless restrictions on his actions in London.At this time, he can openly do many things he wants to do.Even if Lieutenant Colonel Mills wants to check whether he is really this identity, it is not an easy task to contact the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States again.It will take time, but this time is enough for him to go Carefully deployed.

I will shift my focus to what you said in the near future.After all, this will play a decisive role in the future.Help , but during this period of time, I hope you can take over my job.This is something Wang Weiyi never thought of Originally, according to his plan, he just wanted to continue to attract the Americans and the British.And the infighting between Jed and Mills, but he never imagined that Jed would let himself take over his job.This is probably what it feels like to have a pie in the sky Perhaps Fenton was the one who was most horrified by Nash s death.You know, Nash was one of the people he relied on most, especially after the fall of Treasury Secretary Yess.Now that Nash has died, intelligence work in the entire UK has completely and completely come to a standstill.Who will continue to collect intelligence for themselves Who can deal with those pervasive underground resistance organizations Fenton had no idea what to do.

He always thinks that all black people should Disappeared from American soil Our wounded black brothers are space candy strain cbd gummies still in Carsley College Bobby said with a heavy tone We used to want to send them to the worst condition Good Auckland City Hospital.But there was a rule there that no Negro would be accepted so long after President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation.Severe racial discrimination can still be seen everywhere in the United States, a country that promotes democracy and freedom.Isn t this a satire on this country Blacks are doing the lowest jobs in the United States, enjoying the lowest wages, and all our rights and interests cannot be guaranteed.Even hospitals are refusing to accept our right to see a doctor.This is not something that can be seen in a civilized and progressive countryI think maybe such a terrible situation can only happen in the United States He was silent there If this is still It is not enough to explain the seriousness of racial discrimination in the United States.

Wang Weiyi said calmly I m curious, Captain Pattinson, what mysterious things are you talking about Yeah I can trust you, but I hope General Gundra and the Special Investigations Team can too.Wang Weiyi smiled What do you think, Captain Pattinson Captain Pattinson space candy strain cbd gummies had some bitterness.Will the special investigation team believe these words No, space candy strain cbd gummies they won t believe them, they will only think that they are making excuses there.Captain Pattinson was silent for a while I think, maybe It was the accident in this marriage that cbd oil gummies texas made Eduardo a little desperate, so he would do such a crazy thing.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, I think you know me as a person.I hope you can say something for me in the special investigation team.I have a family to support, and I can t be involved in these terrible things.Everybody doesn t want to get themselves involved.

The hostage exchange has become a mess in the United States, which directly affects the ongoing war in Britain.The situation in the United Kingdom is not much better than that in the United States.Officials have been arrested and died one after another, which has caused the entire Fenton government to become fragmented.The hijacking of the Yinhe also escalated this crisis suddenly.Now, within 24 hours a day, Prime Minister Wilkins, who is mainly responsible for handling the Galaxy crisis, will receive countless calls, all of which are from the family members of the hostages.They kept asking about the condition of their loved ones, and when they would return to their side.However, Prime Minister Wilkins simply did not know how to answer.The German side has always remained silent, and they refused to make any response to the Yinhe incident.

Wang Weiyi especially emphasized the word friend In addition to helping you get rid of the bank s debts, my friend space candy strain cbd gummies cbd gummies to quit smoking and detox lungs can also provide your wife with a You know, it s hard to find a job at this time.Captain Roger asked Lieutenant Colonel Moyol for a cigarette and smoked desperately.At this time, his heart was full of contradictions.Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry to ask him to promise something immediately Captain, I will do everything possible to replace Colonel Jade with you, and then you will return to China and command all the agents of the CIA in a safe office.Go to work on time, get off work on time, and you can space candy strain cbd gummies see your beautiful wife and lovely children every day.Captain Roger stubbed out his half smoked cigarette If I refuse to cooperate with you, then I will really Did what you said happen Yes, I can guarantee this.

Everything is just the beginning.Using his influence and connections in the army, space candy strain cbd gummies Colonel Reeves successfully planned two armed helicopters belonging to the police department to mutiny that afternoon and joined the side of the Irish Republican Army.This scene is a little funny.The armed helicopters that had been attacking the rebels were now strafing and bombing the government forces frantically.The morale of the army became chaotic, and General Rolando had no choice but to order to stand firm and resist, and at the same time asked the government to immediately reinforce heavenly candy cbd gummy bears are cbd gummies the same as hemp gummies the reinforcements.But how could it be so easy for the reinforcements to arrive immediately There will be major changes again soon, very soon.Wang Weiyi looked very satisfied with the situation on the battlefield, and he said with a smile At most one more day.

And this is what Duke Stephen and everyone hoped SEE Turning all of England into one gigantic battlefield 1126.Farewell to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol The number of jobs has also increased suddenly.As the new heads of the two departments, Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson are not optimistic about the future of the United Kingdom.Maybe some officials are not clear, but they are all too aware of what London is about to face What is the situation.They also wanted to leave this damned, cursed city long ago, but they couldn t do it.The task on their shoulders was heavier than anyone else.Even the day when London falls to the Axis powers they cannot leave, their mission is lurking Damn, who would want to do that But who made them US military officials But to be honest, they are not that worried, because they also have a talisman Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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