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After graduating in December 1908, he joined the Royal Warwickshire Regiment stationed in India , as a second lieutenant platoon leader.After the outbreak of World War II, Montgomery entered France to fight.In 1916, when chasing two German soldiers, Montgomery was unfortunately seriously wounded.Thereafter he did not show any performance in World War I.Montgomery He is not an excellent soldier, not even qualified.But this does not mean that he will not be able to do anything on the battlefield in the future.There is no equal sign between a soldier and a generalWang Weiyi would never have thought that Montgomery would appear here, otherwise maybe he would spare Montgomery s life here at all costs.Under the order of the supreme officer Montgomery, he fled out of this terrible forest in embarrassment after leaving a lot of corpses.General Galwitz looked at the time, his expression was so serious.General, General von Bello s First Army is ready Colonel Roll put down the phone General von HCMUSSH sun state hemp cbd gummies review Bello expresses his deepest respect to Lieutenant Ernst Brahm of the Second Army, Germany will win General Galwitz nodded How is the mood of the soldiers I have never seen such a strong desire to sun state hemp cbd gummies review fight Colonel Rolle couldn t help but exclaimed cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review There is a rumor going on in the army.In a word, All for Ernst General Galwitz was clearly shaken in some way.In just a few days, the name of Ernst Brehm had spread throughout the German army.All for Germany, all for Ernst General Galwitz did not doubt the correctness of his decision to launch a counterattack in advance.Now morale in Germany is at its peak All for Ernst Time passed by every minute, and the atmosphere in the staff department was suffocating.Another important point is that they are also very dissatisfied HCMUSSH sun state hemp cbd gummies review with the actions of the people in the Military Intelligence Bureau cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review of the Army Staff.The honor of these nobles cannot be challenged, Ernst s subordinates were kidnapped , In fact, Pompestein did not know that Manstein and Richthofen were not all for Guo Yunfeng, they were all for Ernst Brehm.Another important point is that they are also very dissatisfied with the can you take cbd gummies on an airplane actions of the people in the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff.The honor of these nobles cannot be challenged, Ernst s subordinates were kidnapped , In fact, Pompestein did not know that Manstein and Richthofen were not all for Guo Yunfeng, they were all for Ernst Brehm.Another important point is that they are also very dissatisfied with the actions of the people in can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff.There must be a spy who passed on best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review my entire itinerary to the British, and they have a whole set of means of delivery, otherwise they wouldn t let the British know the information so quickly.Auguste replied with certainty The spy must It s from within us, and someone I trust very much.A look of surprise flashed in Booker s eyes keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis A person you trust Have you already had a target of suspicion Baron Booker, I have indeed already There are suspicious targets.August pursed his lips There are only two people who know all my action routes and can send the information in time, and one of them is you Your Highness, I will never betray you, and I will never betray Germany Baron Booker seemed to have been greatly insulted.Baron Kirijens von Booker, I have never doubted your loyalty.August smiled slightly, and then his face became serious There is another person, what the best cbd gummies for anxiety and stress and that is our Major Marison.I was ordered to HCMUSSH sun state hemp cbd gummies review act as your guide, to show you the way after entering Lance.This was an order issued by Field Marshal Hindenburg himself.She handed an order to Wang Weiyi, and Wang Weiyi saw that it was actually signed by Marshal von Hindenburg himself.Power This is the role of power Wang Weiyi knew Elena without even thinking about it.He must have used his status to get Marshal Hindenburg, the majestic German chief of staff, to personally sign this order Women, you shouldn t be involved in wars.Richthofen muttered That old man doesn t know what he thinks either.The old man he was talking about was undoubtedly Field Marshal Hindenburg.Indeed, in ancient R rman, women, the elderly, and children had the same status.Farming was their job, and heavy physical labor was their job.Men only needed to be responsible for best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review fighting the war.So far, we haven t figured out the specific residence of von Kierock.Manstein said straight to the point HCMUSSH sun state hemp cbd gummies review The spies who were supposed to connect with us here have not yet appeared, and we have no information at hand The spy didn t show up Wang Weiyi frowned.Manstein shook his head affirmatively.What s wrong Once the spy who responded to him was captured by the French and confessed to the special unit, the situation would suddenly become complicatedeven the whole team would be in dangerto complete the kidnapping For von Kierock s mission, can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review intelligence has become a crucial best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review point, but now this most important point has been cut off at once.There was an agreed knock on the door, and everyone picked up the weapons in their hands.Guderian stood up and opened the door, and the horsepower came in.Found the whereabouts of that Chinese man.He looked at Mrs.Watts At a glance, I found that the expression on this big fat man s face was too complicated frustration, pain, distress, anger Wang Weiyi put away the diamond bluntly Mr.Simond, we need to live with you for a while.One night, of course, we still need some supplies, I hope you can provide us Just as he was speaking, Manstein walked in, with some blood on his body Major, everything is resolved, there is Two people wanted to resist and were killed by us.Watz s face changed drastically when he heard that.These eagle cbd gummies to quit smoking professional soldiers are never soft on killing people.Thank you, Fritz, please go to Mr.Simond s house to search for anything we can use.Wang Weiyi said politely, and then continued to say to Mrs.Watts When tomorrow dawns, I need you to zoetic cbd gummies take us all out of Lance.This is impossible.The German positions lost the support of their heavy machine guns.Rifle bullets best thc free cbd gummies 2020 have also become very limited, and almost all grenades have been thrown out.Only bayonets and sapper shovels can give them support.This will be the last battle this position faces Colonel sun state hemp cbd gummies review Thomas lit his pipe and took a few deep breaths.When the French army got closer and closer, he exhaled a puff of smoke Boys, let s get started.The gunshot rang out The battle was still going on fiercely, with bullets flying across the air, and people kept screaming and falling down.Shouts mixed with gunshots rang in everyone s ears keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis Suddenly, the gunfire on the German positions stopped Colonel, we have no more bullets.Colonel Thomas nodded Wolf, I leave it to you.It s my honor, Colonel.Major Wolf took out a whistle and blew it vigorously.He has stopped breathing The Russians are in a mess, the colonel is dead.The colonel is dead Colonel Samgerov s body was lying motionless on the ground, his eyes were still wide open, it seemed that he still didn t quite believe that he would die here He just passed by Fandis occasionally The gunfire on the opposite side became more violent, and Vasilevsky hurriedly dragged Major Kiriyenko to hide in a safe place.Their heavy machine guns were placed at another intersection, and they hadn t been able to get there yet, but so what if they did Vasilevsky knew very well that the fighting qualities of the soldiers on both sides were not at the same level at all.He hated his country a little bit.The territory of this country is so large and the population is so large.There have been so many famous players.The countess didn t think there was anything strange.it s here.It is often possible to see some victorious generals at cbd gummy ingestion the gambling table, at least the countess has seen several.These people simply regard gambling as a profession.Cheating doesn t exist here, it s a scorned thing.What s more, that person was introduced by the respected Marquis Xindel Leaning in front of the bar, Martins pointed to a gaming table Look, that s the man.Looking there, the man looked about thirty years old, with a glass of wine in front of him.Look very focused.Blackjack is the so called blackjack.Players count cards to ensure that the points in their hands do not exceed 21 points, trying to beat the dealer.In front of Kugla was a Q and he took a sip from his wine glass No more cards.An 8 was placed cedar creek premium hemp extract cbd edible gummies in front of the dealer, and when a card was raised, another 8 appeared.The Russian captain swallowed Yes, there are other things, a large number of shellsMr.Officer, there is a serious shortage of shells on the front line.Under the repeated pleas of General Kashanov , Grand Duke Nicholas tried his best to get a batch of shells, which are now stored in Kasmidov Wang Weiyi s eyes lit up, a large number of shells This is a good opportunity.He looked at his subordinates and found that these desperadoes were as eager to try as he was.The elite troops of the Russian army They were all concentrated on the front line, and the Russians in Kasmidov were completely vulnerable, and there was a mutiny at the most appropriate time.This surveillance is the best opportunity God has given to the Skeleton Commando Major, Don t wait, do it.Major, while we still have time, we must go to Kasmidov s ball.God, it doubled eleven times What kind of concept is this Of course, thanks to this war, the rest of steel will always develop at the highest speed in the war.Countess Leonie was not surprised at all, maybe it was because of her wealth, maybe it was because she didn t have much concept of money.We have acquired 70 of the shares of the Alps Metallurgical Group, but this year we are not going to continue to increase the number of shares we hold Hermione continued However.We sun state hemp cbd gummies review are planning to acquire seven companies in the UK and the US, This will best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review be a huge investment Do not increase the shares of Alpine Metallurgical Group That is a company that can bring huge wealth.Britain and the United States What are you going to buy there the sun state hemp cbd gummies review Countess was curious asked.But Wang Weiyi immediately understood Hermione is a very careful woman, and she could see something from Wang Weiyi s expression immediately Baron Alexon, do you have anything to say Wang Weiyi smiled Do you want to transfer huge assets abroad Let the Wittgenstein family gradually move out of Austria Hermione was a little surprised.Yes, I did.Wang Weiyi nodded seriously Later, he joined an army organized by peasants.He started as a soldier and became a general step by step.He ruthlessly wiped out all the forces that opposed him.Under the watchful eyes, he unified China and established a powerful empire Hitler listened very intently, and he was greatly shocked by this short story.A beggar can actually build a huge empire What an amazing person this is.A person who can become a marquis, earl, or general or prime minister is irrespective of his background, and anyone has the possibility.The words of sun state hemp cbd gummies review the lieutenant colonel are worthy of people s attention Taste.Lieutenant Colonel, can you tell me about this person in detail Hitler asked hopefully.Ah, this story is really too long.I m afraid I won t be able to finish it all today.Countless tongues of flame wove the most brilliant beautiful scenery in the air Then, a large number of trucks appeared, and the Maxim heavy machine guns and Madsen light machine guns erected on them fired at the same time, which made the original The chaotic Italians lost their fighting spirit even more.Those officers were the first to escape They didn t even give orders to their subordinates, they hurriedly climbed out of their positions and fled towards the rear in a hurry The officers ran away, what did the soldiers still stay on the ground for As a result, a large number of Italian soldiers threw away their weapons and followed in the footsteps sun state hemp cbd gummies review of their officers Those who had no time to escape simply sat in the position and raised their handsAnd someone yelled Hey, Korlaci, what are you doing Damn, put down your guns and put your hands up like me Polly, Polly, stop your machine guns This will cause those Germans to be enraged and beat us to death The Italian soldiers who wanted to continue fighting, after hearing the calls of these comrades, finally gave up the last illusion of fighting to the end Germany Soldiers rushed to the position one after another, and the Italian soldiers who surrendered sat there in silence.The Skeleton Commando was entrusted with the task of attacking the Fanowi line in Amiens.at this time.The skeleton commando, which has expanded to 4,000 people, is supported by planes and tanks.Launched three attacks on Fanowei in succession, successfully driving the British out of Fanowei.On this day alone, the British army lost 4,800 can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review people, and the Skeleton Commando lost more than 1,000 people.This is the biggest loss since the establishment of the Skeleton Commando.The war is getting more and more cruel.Every victory of the Skeleton Commando is now accompanied by huge casualties.The support of German artillery fire is obviously not as violent as in the past.More often, the skeleton commando must complete combat missions alone.Fortunately, until June, that fiery red plane still kept appearing in the sky.hitler.You ll be back, sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane won t you, General Hitler asked with red eyes.I will, I promise you, I will definitely come back Wang Weiyi hugged everyone, and when he hugged Hitler, he said softly Treasure, my friend.It flowed down We have no way to fight with you, we will be used as a reserve team, take care, Ernst Rommel said word by word Remember, promise me, you must come back On the Marne River, I said that I will definitely come back, and now, I still assure you that I will definitely come back Wang Weiyi answered his friend loudly, and then he said Treasure, my friend All present, stand at attention, General Ernst, salute Everyone raised their hands Wang Weiyi also raised his hand slowly, saluting Ernst, you shameless guy Richthofen couldn t bear it anymore, and his voice became choked up You won t let me go to the sky, but You yourself are going to the battlefield You must come back, Ernst Wang Weiyi smiled, his eyes turned red at this moment, my friends, I will come back, maybe not tomorrow, not a year, not ten years, but cbd oil gummies near lake worth sooner or later One day, I will definitely come back Take care, my friend About Elena, a brother raised this question, and the spider can be sure that in future plots, Elena will not be a puppet, or Elena with flesh and blood, and the follow up plot will be more exciting.Hitler raised his hand straight up All for Ernst All for Ernst End of the first volume of Infinite Military Base All for Germany.Volume II My National Wedge Chancellor of Germany.On his political path, he received strong support from the elite sun state hemp cbd gummies review of the former Skeleton Commando Erwin Rommel, Fritz von Manstein, Heinz William Guderian, After Manfred von Richthofen was elected Chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler signed the decree At Berlin Parisplatz for former Skull Commander Ernst Alexson von.Baron Bream erects a huge statue.It was a gallant officer, with a heroic, resolute countenance.His chest is full of medals, the Iron Cross First Class, the Blue Marx Medal, and the Grand Iron Cross.On his neckline, he wears a striking skull badge.That is the symbol of the Skeleton Commando.His right hand is holding a P1 submachine gun, and his left hand is holding a rose.Dilemma in Neikouyan Temple Offensive the squadron uses this mode to consume you not offensive then what are you doing here What s even more hateful is that no matter how slutty they are, the Chinese just stay in their own positions and won t die.I don t come out, you bite me Another point, it seems that those Chinese soldiers have gained experience in how to deal with aircraft bombing and artillery strikes.These combat methods that have been tried and tested on the Shanghai battlefield can t achieve any decisive effect on the Sanhuqiao position now.Neikouyan Temple really wants to fight to the death with swords face to face like those ancient warriors Also save yourself from such torture, Your Excellency, Captain, please pay attention to your safety, these are too close to the front line What I want is the Sanhe Bridge, not my safety Hayi Suddenly, Neikou Yansi saw hope in the direction of the Sanhe Bridge, and for some reason, the defense line of the Chinese Army showed signs of loosening.Yes, at that time, he and Nicholas were really in a fight, wishing to put each other to death.But the battle of Mengfukong has completely untied their knotsIt s just never expected that Hitler still held grudges in his heart.Fortunately, at the request of Rommel and others, Kl ll Nicholas was not implicated.This time he followed Steck We came to the country together Is it really Stark Yes, it s Steck, your former strongman, best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review who is now a major general of the German Wehrmacht Do you still want to know the whereabouts of your friends think.Wang Weiyi answered without any hesitation.Richthofen is now the commander in chief of the Luftwaffe, and Goering is his helper Rommel and others needless to say Bonkley Both Lei and Ma Li became major generalsand Ludwig joined the SS and worked in the SS command headquarters, gaining Hitler s sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane trust Wang Weiyi listened carefully When he finished listening, he asked, Have I had a chance to meet Stark Will this surprise them This is your business, I have no right to interfere Wang Weiyi didn best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review t know whether he should go to see Stark After thinking about it for a while, he smiled bitterly Forget it, these Let s talk about the matter later, let s talk about the mission, how should I deal with Zhang Xiaolin What does this have to do with me, this is your task, not mine.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and eighty seven.The legendary security guard of cigarette butt The team of 400 heroes successfully bought time for the Guards Battalion.One Sugawara Naomasa and one security team successfully interrupted the sun state hemp cbd gummies review overall offensive deployment of the Japanese Army.Wang Weiyi got what he wanted Now, it is the Guards Battalion s turn to provide The brothers of the security team have revenge The planes of the Japanese army continued to appear in the sky, bombing Songjiang, but they did not bomb Xiguan.It seems that the Japanese army thought that this place was not worth bombing.The artillery fire quickly covered Xiguan.The guard battalion did not fight back.Then he said loudly All for the Baron, the skeleton will live forever.During this time in 1935.The influence of the Skull Club is still not big, and it can even be said to be negligible.But in 1936, as more and keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis more young people joined the Skeleton Club, some politicians with ulterior motives began to take a fancy to this open organization.No one knows what impact it will have on the future Thinking of it, Stark s heart tightened, and he felt like crying.Quickly lit a cigarette, and managed to calm down.General Ernst should not be just respect and nostalgia, but gratitude.After the war, the homes of many dead and disabled members of the Skeleton Commando received a mysterious remittance every year.No one knew where the remittance came from, but the remittance arrived on time every year.They survived the most difficult and depressed period in Germany after the war.Repelled 11 Japanese attacks in one go In front of the position, Japanese corpses were piled up like a mountain.Guo Yunfeng was still holding a gun, carefully aiming at those corpses.Any Japanese person who sun state hemp cbd gummies review is not completely dead will be shot and killed by him as long as he raises his head a little bit Unlike in the European battlefield, there is no need to think about demeanor when treating R himself Do everything you can to kill every r person you can Here, called country Here is a prelude to a nation that is suffering but will eventually rise Because a person who did not belong to this era appeared Wang Weiyi Xiguan.It is an iron wall The battlefield is an insurmountable steel defense line But it is not made of flesh and blood.Instead, it was exchanged for the calmness of the officers and the firm and strict execution of tactics by the soldiers.Battalion Commander, Battalion Commander.Tell us how you beat the devils Battalion Commander, why are you retreating Wang Weiyi s brows were cbd gummies in system furrowed by the chaotic shouts, and he calmed down the students , pointing to a male college cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review student wearing glasses and said, You talk first.Yes, Battalion Commander sun state hemp cbd gummies review The glasses said with great interest, Battalion Commander, you used a battalion of troops to kill and wound more than 2,000 Japanese troops.There are still so many troops in the city, why should we withdraw Stay here and fight the devils.We are all willing to stay and help you.Help me Good Wang Weiyi smiled, and suddenly took out a pistol from his waist, He fired a shot at the top of the glasses with best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review a bang.The glasses were so frightened that they sat down on the ground, and the students beside them were also terrified.Several reconnaissance groups have come back before, but nothing has been found.Survey detected said these words, Captain Ma was immediately refreshed, only to hear Wang Weiyi said mysteriously Captain Ma, I heard that those troops belonged to the Tiger Guards, and the leader is sun state hemp cbd gummies review Wang Weiyi.Wang Weiyi Captain Ma was stunned.Wang Weiyi who fought against Sanhuqiao and Songjiang I don t know, I met their people at the time, but I really didn t dare to ask more.Wang Weiyi said It is said sun state hemp cbd gummies review that this regiment was ordered to come to reinforce Changshu, but They knew that they were weak and did not dare to confront the imperial army sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane head on, so they had to disperse and harass everywhere in a guerrilla situation.Okay Captain Ma patted hard There are so many scouting teams, only you can detect these, I will credit you I learned that someone has sneaked into Baixuan County Captain Ma s complexion changed, seeing Feng Degui wink at him, he immediately understood, and let a few of his subordinates go out first.Li Zufa graduated from Yale in the United States.Tang Weihong is the youngest daughter of the Tang family.Her father His father, Tang Naian, once studied in Germany and is a cbd gummies info famous doctor in Shanghai.Hearing the words study in Germany , Wang Weiyi was a little bit concerned, only to hear Lu Mingzhai continue I heard that there are four chefs in Tang Jiaguang, and two chefs are in charge of cooking.For dim sum, one chef is in charge of making Western style dim sum, and another chef is in charge of cooking.The sisters go to the dance party, and the equipment is very expensive, not to mention jewelry, a pair of exquisite embroidered shoes is worth two hundred snowflakes.Wang Weiyi listened I m speechless.Lu Mingzhai said even more vigorously There are no less than a group of men who pursue the Tang sisters, including celebrities like Song Zi and Yang Xingfo.When Luo Lisa returned to the room.His gaze stayed among the guests again for a while.How much she wanted to see that familiar figure among these guests, but she knew that this was simply impossible Lucas came to the pasture late, when the piano music sounded.The guests are all dancing.Lucas stood there calmly watching for a while.Some male and female guests who passed by him couldn t help but take a few extra glances at this guest wearing a strange mask.Although it is a masquerade.But there s no need to get such a mask Can you play A Midsummer Night s Dream Lucas came to the pianist and asked.The pianist noddedLucas took out a ten dollar bill and put it on his piano Can I play a piece The dreamlike tune of A Midsummer Night s Dream quickly Sounded Mr.Prossie, I need a break.Okay, ma am, would you like something to drink Ah, no Mrs.What else can I do except obey Wang Weiyi nodded the necklace on the table I don t want to give something to others, no one can get it, but the things I send out will never be taken back.Yamaguchi, it s your choice.Hiroshi Yamaguchi hesitated there for a long time, and then a trembling hand finally touched the necklace Three hundred and fifty three.Naomasa Sugawara, the head of the general, is missing again This time it s missing, but what s the difference Those Japanese who knew the inside story were almost numb.Captured again and again, rescued again and again, and then continued to be captured.God, when is this going to happen Although it is said to be disappeared this time, who would believe it A car that claimed to be sent by General Matsui picked up Naomasa Sugawara, and then there was no news about him.After a while, he said slowly Brother and so many brothers are doing good for the country, but I, An Fei, are still alive, man If you can t die for your country, what face do you have to live you are wrong.An Fei turned his head and saw that it was Wang Weiyi who was speaking, and Wang Weiyi said indifferently Only by living can you take revenge better.General An has been martyred, and those of us who sun state hemp cbd gummies review are alive should live on.Tang Nai an sighed Brother An, your father s people are moving around in Shanghai sun state hemp cbd gummies review trying to rescue you.They don t know that you have been rescued.I will inform them now No need.An Fei stared at Wang Weiyi Brigadier Wang s life saving grace, An Fei will never forget it.I have a family feud with the Japanese pirate country, and I have to avenge it.Brigadier Wang please accept me as a pawn in front of the horse.Once the open fire point is destroyed, the enemy begins to charge aggressively.The sudden appearance of dark fire points, in addition to inflicting heavy damage on the attacking enemy, can also severely damage the morale of the enemy.This point was also repeatedly explained to his officers by Wang Weiyi before the attack was launched Now, this really saved sun state hemp cbd gummies review the lives of a large number of Chinese soldiers.The Viktank driven by Niu Zhenliang appeared, and the muzzle slowly turned to the direction of the firepower point The shell came out of the chamber, and then a violent explosion sounded.After a little firepower, he became dumb.But the tank still seemed worried, and fired two more shells one after another.Continue to attack continue to attack The Chinese soldiers in full formation moved forward steadily under the loud command of the officers.William certainly didn t understand what this meant.General Wang had just saved his life, so he should say thank you as a matter of course, but when he wanted to ask At that time, Wang Weiyi had already rushed out and hand to hand combat erupted on this small position.The Germans had an absolute upper hand in terms of height and physical strength.What s more important is that all the members of these skeleton teams carry pistols, which is simply the worst nightmare for Japanese soldiers with quite good stabbing skills After a while, a pile of corpses of the Japanese army lay down on the ground.In the eyes sun state hemp cbd gummies review of the Japanese, this is a very moral close combat.One side uses a bayonet, while the other uses a pistol to shoot.In fact, no matter what method is used on the battlefield, there are only two words in the end Victory Wang Weiyi would never be so foolish as to let his men go to play hand to hand combat with R himself when he clearly has an absolute advantage and victory is in sight A fool would do that Most of the Japanese army on the ground was wiped out, and the remaining enemies also knew that they were no longer able to stop them, so they fled one after another.Yes, General, I will do as you say Four hundred and twenty eight.Nurse, Wanderer, St.Mary s Hospital has finished searching.In the utility room of the hospital, there are twelve people hiding, carrying submachine guns and grenades.Xiaoling s words made Wang Weiyi laugh, which is why he dared to announce himself so boldly.The foundation of the itinerary.When the car stopped at the entrance of St.Mary s Hospital, Wang Weiyi suddenly said before getting out of the car General Ovitz, can you help me with something There will be some good discoveries in the hospital, of course, you need to bring more people and weapons.Ovitz was surprised God, I have already sent someone to check carefully in the hospital. The enemy is always unpredictable.Yes, right Wang Weiyi walked out of the car with a smile.Wang Weiyi said indifferently This will scare other patients.The reporters who finally reacted hurriedly recorded everything Su Fei, you did a very stupid thing.Guo Yunfeng handed the pistol to Guo Yunfeng No., you have no chance of success.I never thought that such a beautiful lady could complete such a dangerous task of assassination.Second, even if If you succeed in the assassination, you will only receive the strongest revenge from the German side, and countless French people will die chill gummies cbd content because of your stupidity.Third, I forgot to tell you that all your companions have been arrested In a word, Ovitz had already walked in General, according to your instructions, we captured twelve members of the resistance organization and a batch of weapons in the utility room, keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis ah, and a batch of grenades.Whether in Anna s description or in the stories he heard, Baron Alexon has never suffered any failures.He is synonymous with victory.The next day, Anna handed over the arraignment certificate and a passport to Wang Weiyi.The names on it were all the names of Ivan Samonovich Kashenmok, deputy director of the State Security Bureau.It is not difficult to get a certificate with his signature.The key is to see how Wang Weiyi can convince people that Kashenmoke did this and that Timilenko will never be implicated.Wang Weiyi is confident about this.He decided to do it, and the first person to be transferred was Hodwich, who was always staying in the War Elimination Committee.In the afternoon, he called Hodwig.On the phone, Colonel Kantelski was eager to see Comrade Hodwig.Of course, he had something to give Hodwig when he met alone.The letter told General Kolkorok that the Germans had arranged a big house for them and paid them a lot of money.They can come in and out freely, and no one will interfere General Kolkorok is completely relieved In Moscow, he will be worried anytime and anywhere, maintaining a high degree of vigilance , because any negligence, even a wrong sentence, may become a victim of the next cleaning.But in Germany.Such worries are completely non existent And all of this was brought to me by Marshal Ernst Use a grateful heart to repay everything the Marshal has brought to you Z y u Russian Legion , now has the size of a brigade.The pace of development is slow, but all soldiers are hand picked by General Korkorok.They must be absolutely loyal to the z y u army.Must be willing to fight for free Russia, officers must also have a certain military quality.Major Orvis, hello, how are the arrangements going sun state hemp cbd gummies review Look, there are two snipers over there , there are three over there, anyone who tries to force their way here will be shot by us, those snipers are elite commandos.Very good.Manu, Brown, come and see Major Orvis, This is Detective Manu, who will work with Detective Brown to personally protect Mr.Oppenheimer.Thank you.Detective Manu, Detective Brown, must personally protect Mr.Oppenheimer s safety, he The code name is z.Major Orvis looked around Director Frank, have you checked in the clinic Ah, I checked, and I sent my best man, Agent James, to personally Check.Major Orvis heaved a sigh of relief.The stubborn Mr.Oppenheimer must come to New York to check his health.General Glovis has nothing to do about it, he can only agree to his request , and sent his best Major Orvis to work with the FBI to protect Oppenheimer Mr.Besides, we need to hire a large number of security personnel, buy a large number of weapons, even including artillery and tanks I don t think the Germans would let us ship the gold that easily.That guy named Erwin Rommel is willing to exchange all the good wine in his house for some shares in our company Laughter broke out.A reporter asked loudly Mr.Joe Cole , we already know that the Germans are also eyeing this gold mine.What if they are going to forcibly stop you from sending gold We will fight back without hesitation Joe Cole put away his smile and acted so solemnly Don t forget, the American flag is flying above our heads Hula There was a round of applause.What a patriotic and inspiring speech Now, the news of the gold mine has been confirmed, and the stock of the gold mine is about to 1 to 1 cbd thc gummies be issued.In other words, he is simply a controller.He holds everything that happens and controls the direction of everything.When he finished deploying everything, all he had to do was sit on the sidelines.Get out of the car and enter a luxurious New York hotel.After asking for the key of his own room, just as he was about to go back to the room, there was a surprise cry from behind Mr.Moyol Looking back, it was the actress Rui Man.Ms.Ruiman, hello.Although after hearing Beasley s description of what the actress did, Wang Weiyi still had a very polite greeting.Mr.Moyol, hello.Rui Man also replied and said, Did you leave after watching the movie that royal cbd gummies coupon code day I even sent someone to find you.Ah, I m so sorry, I have Lots of things to do.Are you still in New York I have a new movie and an agent is negotiating it for me Rui Man replied Do you live here Yes, I live here, room 912.While ordering all the Turkish troops in Cukasia and Bolu to join the upcoming attack, he ordered his troops to recapture Geinik as soon as possible, and then sent a telegram to President Inonu The German army is attacking Only these few words He waited anxiously for a call back from Ankara.But after waiting sun state hemp cbd gummies review for 20 minutes, I finally got a telegram from President Inonu himself This is impossible, the German negotiators are in Ankara Marshal Greluman almost collapsed 20 minutes.A full 20 minutes Every minute and every second on the battlefield means a change in the battle situation, but he waited for 20 minutes but only waited for a suspicious telegram from President Inonu.He almost gritted his teeth and sent another telegram On my soldier s honor, the German army is attacking After this telegram was sent, Marshal Gleluman made the most important decision in his life no longer Follow Ankara s instructions Now, Turkey needs a hero to stand up, win or lose, regardless of personal honor.The only thing he can do is to cooperate with the Germans to the sun state hemp cbd gummies review end, even if he bears more infamy because of this, No hesitation.The sky in Ankara is gradually being covered by clouds brought by a heavy thunderstorm.Five hundred and fifteen.Skeleton Commando Reorganization Quietly staged.The mutiny will star two men Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm and General Kistapha.The mobilization of troops on the best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis front line began quietly.General Kistafa also gave a perfect explanation for this Due to the rapid loss of Sale Oba, he had to make a new deployment But President Inonu still Some problems were found from different sources Mr.President, the tanks are completely under the control of General Kistafa.Without his orders, not a single tank is allowed to move.At the Presidential Palace In the same day, Casadis, who was in charge of commanding the three guard brigades, expressed his concerns with concern Moreover, he also tried to make the tanks and artillery of the guard brigades belong to his unified command, but I refused.I don t expect them to establish any alliance with us.The only thing I hope is that the United States can give us more time.Just keep a wait and see attitude and never join the war.Otherwise, it will have a very big impact on Germany Wang Weiyi is no stranger to the United States, he has entered this country many times, but it is the first time to enter this country with such a special status.Second.What can be obtained in the United States What kind of tacit agreement can be reached Wang Weiyi has no idea.President Roosevelt is a very strong leader.Can he win in a head to head confrontation with him That is another battlefield, hard Sex is not inferior to the battlefield where wars are raging.Wang Weiyi s new test has arrived, a test full of challenges, a test related to the future of Germany s destiny Wang Weiyi did not enter the United States through normal channels.There were twenty of them, but if they wanted to kill a brigade of British with twenty people, it was not much different from dreaming.Come on, Elena, tell us if there is any way.Wang Weiyi knows Elena too well, since she is so calm and calm, she must have a solution.Elena showed a smile on her face There is a way, but it may not be successfulHere, Hibinku There is a company of New Zealand soldiers stationed here, and they have just withdrawn from the front line.General Raus was in charge of commanding the British, and it was impossible sun state hemp cbd gummies review to completely block Giza with a brigade, so General Raus used a large number of troops that retreated from the can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review front line for rest to increase the defense of Giza as a whole.Hibinku s army is the New Zealand A.Smith company.It has certain combat capabilities, but I must remind you that they are a company after all Twenty people deal with a company, and the difficulty is still huge Yes, but it s much easier than dealing with a brigade.Commanding them was neither General Wolfgang von Sch del of the 10th Armored Division, nor General Jurgen von Arnim of the 5th Armored Army, nor the 164th Infantry Division.Division Commander General Dietrich von Kuhn.It s the Skeleton Baron Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm His arrival has kept the German soldiers fighting high, and they can t wait to join the war immediately At this moment, Baron Alexon was as calm as a rock, and no wind or rain could shake it a bit.The news from the front kept coming the Italians were routing, the enemy was desperately attacking, the Greek 1st Infantry Brigade was advancing at an astonishing speed, etc Wang Weiyi didn t take these things to heart at all.In Karman, The enemy will know what a real terrible war is At 1 30 pm, the fastest Italian troops had passed Kalman.In October of the same year, as soon as Napoleon s taxation order was issued, the uprising leaders, elders and scholars responsible for propaganda and agitation called on Muslims to hold an anti French uprising.In the morning, 1.50,000 insurgents took up arms one after another, held massive demonstrations, shouted Allah grants victory to Muslims , and the entire Al Azhar district became the center of the cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review anti French struggle.The angry rebels armed with earthen guns, spears, broadswords and clubs rushed at the French army and attacked the French army in various areas of Cairo.The French army, which was suddenly attacked, withdrew from Cairo in a hurry.Upon hearing the news, Napoleon led the main force to come.Ordered to bombard al Azhar and the rebels.Due to the superiority of the French army s armed forces, the armed uprising that lasted sun state hemp cbd gummies review for 3 days was extinguished.At least until now, Mussolini still regards himself as the master here Guo Yunfeng is lying quietly on the keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis roof of a building, and the little spirit in his hand is specially for him.The sniper rifle provided gave him cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review even more confidence in his ability to successfully hit the target this time.Although he didn t understand why the Wanderer did this, what the Wanderer said always made sense The Italian dictator had already appeared, the road into the city specially arranged by the Germans, and Guo Yunfeng personally chose this location, which completely exposed Mussolini s body to the gun.Shooting with such an advanced sniper rifle, it must be foolproof Killing him is absolutely no problem, but the difficulty is that it can only hurt Mussolini, so there can be no mistakes in it.Guo Yunfeng took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then leaned back on the scope, and slowly touched the trigger with his finger Now shoot With cbd day gummies the pull of the trigger, bullets fly out like lightning Mussolini, who was waving his arms, suddenly fell headlong into the convertible, and the noise around him blocked the gunshots.Hou Dalei was startled, but seeing that Liu Yishan had no intention of objecting, he knew that Mo Guangzhi had already passed the work there, He hurriedly got into the car.When Hou Dalei finished packing up, Mo Guangzhi was about to lead the team in when he suddenly froze.The sound of running in unison came from the end of the street.You don t need to look, just listen to the sound, which is the movement of military boots.Grandma, why did the Japanese gendarmerie come here Hou Dalei looked at Mo Guangzhi in panic.Even though Mo Guangzhi was quick sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane witted, he was also stunned at this moment, his head suddenly hurt badly, and he couldn t stop cursing in his heart Duan Yimu, you bastard, didn t you promise well to inform them not to interfere But scolding turned into scolding, seeing the gendarmerie soldiers with loaded guns running closer and closer, Mo Guangzhi quickly put Duan Yimu s face behind him, took a deep breath, and bravely went up to him.Beautifully done So much so that when Yuan Wang stood in front of Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the head of the Kwantung Army s intelligence agency in Harbin was full of praise for Mo Guangzhi.You can continue to return to the position of chief of the criminal section.This is a compliment from the Empire of Japan.Hiroshi Yamaguchi said with satisfaction.Thank you, thank you Chief Yamaguchi.Yuan Wang looked to the side, then went to close the door.Hiroshi Yamaguchi didn t know what he was going to do, so he saw Yuan Wang took out a small cloth bag from his pocket and put it in front of Hiroshi Yamaguchi Director, thank you for letting me copy it.Take it first.Hiroshi Yamaguchi glanced at the cloth bag, and he could tell by the shape that it contained gold bars, and there were at least four or five best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis royal blend cbd gummy review of them, and there was a smile on cbd gummies on a plane his face Mosang , It s really too polite.He actually died in a latrine A Japanese lieutenant general who died in a latrine Six hundred and nine.In the most terrifying trial, Tsukata Kou died, and he died at the headquarters in Shanghai, Japan What is even more unspeakable is that the Japanese lieutenant general died in a latrine.Is there anything more absurd and incredible than this The Japanese in Shanghai were in complete chaos.Chinese spies have infiltrated the headquarters Moreover, the target of this Chinese spy may not be Tsukada Kou, but Wilder No one doubted Wilder , not at all.This is the son of a Japanese super spy who came back from the United States.This is the first meeting between him and Tsukada Gong, and there is no hate between them at all.If he really had some ulterior purpose, he would never risk assassinating Tsukada Gong at this time This is the blind spot of people The headquarters is facing an enemy, emergency martial law, and interrogation Wild is strictly protected, and until now, no one will Doubts are on his head The Japanese will never imagine what kind of person Wilde is among them, and they will never imagine how brave this person is how big.At the same time, Germany compiled an 85 page Swiss Military Handbook for such a tiny place in Switzerland.If Hitler didn t want to attack Switzerland, he didn t need to spend so much time and money doing it.In 1940, the German High Command formulated several plans for the rapid occupation of Switzerland by means of surprise raids, collectively known as Operation Fir Tree.It s not that Germany was not prepared to attack Switzerland, but in the end Switzerland was spared from the war.What s the reason According to the Swiss government s explanation, the inviolability is due to Switzerland s status as a permanent neutral country.This was an agreement signed at the Vienna Conference in 1815, but the history of Swiss neutrality did not start at this time.As early as 1291, when the Swiss permanent federation was established, Switzerland has always played the role of a neutral country.Sergeant Keller ordered him back to his seat, and he leaned against the back of the car and vomited.I m sorry, Sergeant, said the soldier.He sat back in his seat, looking a little ashamed.I m just a little scared, sir.The sergeant said to the people in the car Fear, good for you It will keep you alive Just don t let it kill you.Overwhelm it.Keep your head clear.Just do it like you did in training.Understood, sir the men in the car said in unison.At about 4 how long do cbd gummy bears stay in your system 50, the assault team continued to advance.The other divisions followed the commandos.An armored division spearheaded the blitz.Push ahead of the convoy of trucks.In addition to the infantry division behind them, Heisenberg saw many tanks and artillery, but Heisenberg was sure that this was a large attacking force Heisenberg tried to hear something through the sound of countless engines, but found nothing.Some people even waited for seven hours to donate blood.On December 12, the assault formation on the way back received an order from Yamamoto to send some troops to support the landing operation on Wake Island.According to this order, Nanyun dispatched two aircraft carriers, two cruisers and two destroyers to support the landing operation on Wake Island, and led the main force to continue returning.Admiral Nimitz, who later succeeded Kimmel as commander of the U.S.Pacific Fleet, believed that Nagumo limited the time of the assault to one day.The assault targets were limited to a limited range, and this hard won golden opportunity was not maximized.Yamamoto Fifty Six evaluated Nagumo as mediocre.It is said that when he was directing, he was like a thief burglarizing a house.At the beginning, he was determined to win and was bold, and when he succeeded, he was guilty and timid and eager to slip away.This character probably originated from her mother.When the Second World War broke out, Elizabeth was 13 years old.She and her sister, Princess Margaret, went to Barr, Scotland Morrell took asylum.At that time it was suggested that the two princesses should maximus cbd gummies go to Canada for asylum.They were opposed by their mother The children cannot leave without me, and I cannot leave without the king, and the king cannot go anywhere case leave.In 1940, Princess Elizabeth made the broadcast for the first time.It was aimed at all keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis the children in refuge Wang Weiyi took a sip of Earl Gray tea and found that it was not to his taste.He put down the cup and heard Elizabeth say again When Prime Minister Churchill reported to my father, I heard some rumors, such as the United States has declared war on Japan, such as the Baron Skeleton arrived in London Speaking of this, she glanced at Wang Weiyi Said To be honest, not only me, but about half of the British people in London are interested dogs and cbd gummies in Baron Skeleton.I don t have the skills of those spies.I can remember these materials so clearly, but I have the most powerful weapon Xiaoling Comrade General.I think you have misremembered, my superior is Comrade Demitesev Oh, yes, yes The war is so busy that I keep misremembering the names of people I don t know.Tasotsky seemed to suddenly realize It s Comrade Demitesev Ah, I forgot to tell you that I have asked Demitsev to send the files of you and your comrades, about It can be delivered when the attack is launched Wang Weiyi sun state hemp cbd gummies review was shocked, but he still listened calmly to Tasotsky s words Please don t worry, Comrade Major Waderos, I am not Not to doubt you, but as a commander, I must be cautious about everything.Of course, as an intelligence officer, you should also know this Yes, Comrade General, I am willing to accept any review.Whoever wins will completely change the trend of the battlefield.Under the guidance of false information, Linde Lieutenant General Rove made a wrong judgment.He firmly believed that the entire German army in Erklin was falling into a kind of chaos, and this was a great opportunity for the Third Army.They needed a beautiful victory and needed Capture Elklin to lay the best foundation for the entire decisive battle The shells roared, every cannon screamed, and the sound of rumbling explosions drowned the battlefield.Everything, the deafening sound, as if Thor is swinging a sledgehammer to hit the ground.Terrible battlefield, terrible death Tasotsky used all the cannons he could use to bombard the German position without interruption, but on the Erklin side, there were very few counterattacks, which once gave Tasotsky the illusion Is it true that, as Major Waderos said, the German army had a big problem in Erklin If this is the case, then the victory may not be in vain Just as the war is in full swing, a person the platinum series cbd gummies extreme strength is watching all this with cold eyes the Skeleton Baron Although he himself is also facing great danger, this is just a routine for Wang Weiyi.When he came to the battlefield, he immediately selected a large number of Russians from the Soviet prisoners, organized them, and began to use various methods to lure them to cooperate with the Germans.Ludwig who came to the front line was very strange.How did Birjanlowski see that these prisoners were willing to cooperate with the Germans When he raised this question, Biryanlowski said humbly and confidently General, I can tell at a glance who in the Soviet army are diehards and who are willing to cooperate with us.This is a kind of natural acuity.Smell, just like you always win battles Please sun state hemp cbd gummies review believe me, within an hour, I will find all the people I need Ludwig shrugged, he really Can t understand the mystery of this However, the facts proved that Birjanlowski was correct.More than 90 of the manpower he selected agreed to the surrender request put forward by the collaborator brigade , and they rebelled.If the rest of the German army cannot complete the anti encirclement and carry out a devastating blow to the Soviet army in time, then the Central Assault sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane Group is also in an extremely dangerous situation The Russians will never give up such a good opportunity Regardless of the Soviet army, attack all the way Wang Weiyi issued an order that cannot be changed Kenklar, defeat the 81st Armored Army, and advance to the Terek River Now, he has made up his mind Assault a reckless assault The safety of his own wings is handed over to friendly troops Race against time, race against the enemy, and use the form valentine cbd gummies of anti encirclement to completely defeat the enemy s encirclement.I made a mistake, but who said that sun state hemp cbd gummies review a mistake cannot be turned into an opportunity for me Comrade Commander, the assault group in the German army has been surrounded, but the encirclement is too large for us to do it Don t reveal the gap, the German army may forcefully break through with the support of outside troops When the news reached Vasilevsky s ears, he thought for a while and asked, Comrade Military Commissar, if you were Ernst Brahm, what would you do in such a situation s Choice Khrushchev frowned and pondered for a while If I were the commander of the German army, before the encirclement circle was fully formed, I would order to break out of the encirclement immediately to the east or west As he said, he came to the map On his left is the German West Assault Group, and on his right is the East Assault Group.The evening wind whimpered, as if mourning for those who died.Shells are still flying across the night sky, with a shrill whistling sound Commandos continue to appear on the battlefieldNight is the best opportunity for them to camouflage snipers love the night too.They hid in the darkness, held their guns, and patiently waited for the next target to appear.Maybe one night they get nothing.Maybe they can kill many enemies in one night The officers are checking the losses, re directing and repairing the position, and facing the new battle after tomorrow daytime Everyone is busy, mechanical of.They don t super sour cbd gummy bears need to be ordered by their superiors to know what they should do at this time.The loss was not too great, at least for the Central Assault Group, but Wang Weiyi did not dare to take it lightly.The flame breathing soldiers organized a sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane sea of flames in front of the position, quietly waiting for the prey to throw themselves into the net.The current Russians are like moths.Even though they know that the front is full of dangers, they have no possibility of stopping For the Soviet Union go forward Inspired by this slogan, the Soviet army s tragic attack began There is no denying keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis that.These Russians are some very good soldiers, if trained strictly.Coupled with perfect tactics, they will become a terrifying force on the battlefield.Unfortunately, this is just a hypothesis.The Russians now continue to launch crazy assaults on the enemy s positions wave can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review after wave in a suicide attack.Mountains of corpses and seas of blood, mountains and rivers mourning.Those German machine gunners kept pulling the trigger with expressionless faces, watching the Russians fall in pieces under their guns.Varennikov said coldly But Dawamirsky was young at that time, and he He was protected by Zhukov.You know, Comrade Stalin respected Zhukov quite a bit, so in the end Davamirsky was allowed to escape the trial he should have been given.Voroshilov knew all these things, but what he needed was himself One of his subordinates said Yes, I have heard some of this history, but does this explain it I think Dawa Mirsky betrayed his faith during his captivity Lennikov said murderously The 56th Army has such a powerful force, how could it fail so quickly Don t you find it strange And now he is still missing I think we should immediately report our suspicions to Moscow Voroshilov pondered for a while I am still a newcomer, Comrade Davamirsky, but out of loyalty to our cause, I agree with your suggestion, Comrade Varennikov, please arrange it.Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry, but waited patiently for his final answer When the smoke in his hand burned to the end Timlenko put out his cigarette butt Mr.Baron, tell me, what do you want to do when you come to Moscow this time Save people.Wang Weiyi decided not to hide anything anymore I came to Moscow last time to save people, but I did it easily that time, so I didn t come to trouble you, but this time is different, the people I saved were a little difficultMarshal Timoshenko Anna and Dimilenko gasped at the same time.God, Marshal Timoshenko This is simply an impossible task.Since he returned to Moscow, he has been under strict surveillance, and Stalin has repeatedly Ask about Timoshenko s recent situation.If it weren t for his high morals, he would have been executed by Stalin Now, the Baron Skeleton is actually going to rescue him Dimilenko suddenly thought, could it be Did people like Timoshenko collude with the Germans If so, then I should be lucky to have a friend like Baron Skull Baron, it s not that I don t want to help you, but there are too many difficulties.On the battlefield where he appeared, there was nothing he could not accomplish.He saved Germany again and again, and continued to lead Germany forward until they reached the place they dreamed of.When the moment of victory really comes, no one will be surprised, sun state hemp cbd gummies review it seems that all this is a matter of course.Only he can do it Adolf F hrer.Hitler sent an impassioned telegram, in which he praised Baron Alexon and the heroic German army for the victory brought to Germany at length, and he looked forward to seeing Moscow with his own eyes soon.He even said.With Baron Alexon, all he has to do in the head of state s office every day is to wait for the victory news.The Great Berliner Zeitung also published a front page with a photo of the battlefield.on the photo.A German marshal is standing sun state hemp cbd gummies review on a tank, with his arms raised straight to the front, commanding the German soldiers to move forward bravely.I promise I promise If one day Germany is in danger again, I, Ernst Brem, the HCMUSSH sun state hemp cbd gummies review Baron Alexon bestowed by His Majesty the Emperor, will definitely come sun state hemp cbd gummies review back.I promise This is the second time Ernst Brem told himself So many friends made a promise again He can do it, this baron who is always creating miracles, if he talks about it he will definitely be able to do it Guderian sighed suddenly But even if you can you swallow cbd gummies whole will come back at that time, we are no longer in this world.You have won the favor of death and will never grow old.But we can t.Wang Weiyi smiled, and then he asked Guo Yunfeng to take out the parting gifts for his friends.One by one, I gave my friends This is a tube of injection, which is valid for 50 years, when the god of death finally comes to you.Please go to the Berlin Scientific Research Base, where I have people build A huge cold storage, please inject this tube of injection into your body before you die.When they reluctantly put on their clothes and returned to the screaming crowd, these Germanians had no idea what happened to the most beautiful female warrior in their tribe with Guo Yunfeng just now cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review The night dissipated, and the sun shone on the earth again.Those Germanian fighters who had been partying for most of the night were not affected by the alcohol last night in the slightest.When they woke up from sleep, they were able to devote themselves to the battle at their fullest in the first minute.Shisia got up too, as if nothing happened to her last night, exactly the same as before.But only when her eyes fell on Guo Yunfeng, could something strange appear in her eyes tenderness, admiration, enthusiasm The Romans will attack again soon Guo Yunfeng summoned him All soldiers Our task is to defend here for one more day.Within the scope, if there is a next opportunity, I will continue to make a new investment without hesitation.Every investment is not guaranteed to sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane be recoveredand you still Promised me the position of a member of the Senate, I think this can already make up for it Pompey cheered up Yes, I will fulfill my promise.Tomorrow, the Senate will hold a meeting.I will solemnly push you out at the meeting and appoint you as a new member Wang Weiyi nodded So what about Servius, how are you going to treat him This ungrateful guy Upon hearing this name, Pompey couldn t help cursing He doesn t know what gratitude is at all.When he was ostracized by Caesar and had to go back to Rome in desperation, it was I who gave him a helping hand.I gave him that luxurious house, but when I needed help most, he But he stabbed me hard in the back, I swear I will never forget this lesson Wang Weiyi was a little how much cbd gummy should i take amused by Pompey s gritted teeth, but he immediately said seriously Pompey, I know you The heart is full of anger at the moment, but anger will make people lose their correct judgment.In times of war, you should also go through dangers with him.The oxen in the yoke, the horses in the bridle, and the weapons are to affirm this meaning equilibria cbd gummies The beautiful Hesnia raised her head Sirders, I brought a pair of leather armor I made by myself as my dowry, which I have spent countless nights carefully stitching bit by bit.May it protect your body.However, only your bravery and my prayers to the gods can truly protect you in danger.I will pass on the wedding token you gave me unscathed to our son, and through him from their wives to their sons.Solders embraced Hesnia keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis in his broad and solid arms, and kissed deeply on the bride s delicate lips With ree drummond news cbd gummies you, besides sun state hemp cbd gummies review gaining honor, I will There is nothing to pray to Odin The two lovers kissed each other passionately, even ignoring the cheers that sounded at this moment.But what they don t know is that a group of ghosts are always swimming around them that is Wang Weiyi and his attack team Under Guo Yunfeng s meticulous training, although the frontal confrontation ability was still not comparable to that of the Romans, the attack ability of the Germans had been greatly improved compared to before.They know how to take advantage of their familiar terrain.Come and sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane carry out continuous raids against the Romans, disintegrating the enemy s strength bit by bit.And those Roman cbd gummies cape town scouting squads.It was their first target Wang Weiyi personally joined such an attack He and his team hid in the dark, hidden in the woods, patiently waiting for the arrival of those enemies.He has used this sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane method countless times.Whether it was the British, French, or Japanese back then, they all suffered greatly from attacks like the Skeleton Baron.Everyone Corporal Kambonan raised his head slightly higher.When he was about to give an order, he suddenly felt something passing through the side of his cheek, he was taken aback for a moment, and then fell to the ground covering his face and let out a miserable cry Oh, damn it, I Shot His mournful cry sounded so inarticulate sun state hemp cbd gummies review a bullet went from one cheek to the other.Sergeant, don t move.An American soldier was trying to approach the corporal.But suddenly he fell to the ground.he died.Don t move, don t move.There are enemy snipers Corporal Kambonan shouted in an even more inaudible voice.But he used too much force, and the torn wound made him feel unbearable pain Sergeant Max put away his sniper rifle and quickly shifted his position.A good record, the opponent had one death and one injury, and this sun state hemp cbd gummies review was just the beginning.What sun state hemp cbd gummies review Is it adulterated asked Martin, putting down his book.No no just a little um Too many preservatives added.Is your character inherited from your family asked Denise.No, um This can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review suggestion was made by me.Damn profiteers.Corporal Denis said helplessly.It s better to milk the milk on our farm, but it s a pity that it s all gone now.Sergeant Nord said.It should be rotten by now sun state hemp cbd gummies review if you haven t drunk it all.This is the consequence of not adding preservatives. You profiteer, shut up I went to see a doctor when I got home.Corporal Denise said angrily.Sergeant Cram yawned and said, Stop arguing, take a good rest, and let s guide the artillery with that second lieutenant Gyunthel tomorrow and let those guys go back to their hometowns. alright.sleep We are still on the battlefield here.Sergeant Nord fell asleep after finishing speaking.Where are you from Hearing what the other party said, Modor was a little angry.But he still suppressed his anger and said Listen to me, I am Danny.Mordor, German intelligence service.Sir, if you don t want to get into trouble, please do as I tell you immediately.Military Intelligence.Atedler smiled again I heard that sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane Phils is the director there now.Mr.Mordoll, please help me find a place, and then let Phils come to see me.Crazy, probably the man is crazy.He wants General Fiers to come and see him in person.It s urgent, my friend.Atedler said lightly If Phils can t arrive within half an hour, I think all the responsibilities will be borne by you.Ah, I m afraid you can t afford it either.There are also some people, you must also let Phils be notified in the shortest possible time.Rommel, Guderian, and all officers above the first rank of general Crazy, this person must be crazy, Modor confirmed his thoughts., for the sacrifice of his comrades, and more for his unpredictable future and fate, Hewitt shivered and put the bloody photo in his arms.Sir, let s go A deep voice sounded in Hewitt s ear.Hewitt looked up, and it turned out that the three motorcycle guards zero thc cbd gummy bears from the battalion can you mail cbd gummies sun state hemp cbd gummies review headquarters had abandoned their motorcycles and faithfully surrounded Hewitt.The one who was talking was a 20 year old corporal, holding a gun in his hand.sniper rifle.Somewhat moved, so Hewitt asked him What s your name Sir, we all call him killer , he is in every way.A second class soldier next to him interjected.Everyone laughed, and Nora laughed too.Okay, let s go.Hewitt nodded, took Nora s hand, and retreated to the Amister Bridge with three guards.They walked along the streets that had become ruins.There were ruined walls, broken bricks and tiles everywhere.Dear German commander, please forward this trustee to my wife.I will express my deepest respect to you.Your enemy Diego.Wang Weiyi did not read the contents of that letter.But sun state hemp cbd gummies review he fulfilled Colonel Diego s last wish.In the First World War, although the combat effectiveness of the sun state hemp cbd gummies review Italian army was ridiculed, Colonel Diego is undoubtedly worthy of respect.After the end of the First World War, in order to commend Colonel Diego s bravery, the Borza Infantry Regiment was named the Diego Infantry Regiment, and finally expanded into the Diego Infantry Division.The words of the Italian captain were full of Proud People from the Diego Infantry Division.They will always persevere until the last moment.Yes, just like Colonel Diego Wang Weiyi sighed softly.At this time, at least half of the Italian army on the opposite side was wiped out.Quick, retreat quickly Heisenberg opened his eyes.Look at the little captain with shrapnel all over his face and blood everywhere.Go follow me Heisenberg tugged at him.But he pushed it away My legis goneit s over.Fuck it you take the brothersgo away Heisenberg touched it with his hand, and there was only a bloody mass of meat left on the left leg of little Paul, and the bones poked out in a daze The explosion just now killed the Russian outside the door, but was too close to himself.Quick go He pushed Heisenberg away.Take it.Heisenberg untied a grenade from his waist and stuffed it into do cbd gummies make you feel anything his hand.This was the best reward Heisenberg could give him I will take care of my brothers.Heisenberg finally took a picture his shoulders, and staggered off the porch.The soldiers of the Wehrmacht were still shooting wildly outside the church, kenai farms cbd gummies amazon several soldiers fell to the ground and cbd gummies from colorado struggled, but Heisenberg could no longer hear the hissing of mg62 outside the door.Or use sun state hemp cbd gummies review a tank grenade to attack the weakest part of the tank Because the Destroyer 3 tank was well hidden, the Americans first did not know where the attack was coming from, and opened fire blindly.After paying heavy casualties, the hiding place of the German army was discovered, but the German army was behind a solid bunker and in a terrain that was easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the U.S.tanks were helpless.The Germans could take their time and eliminate the remaining tanks in a dilemma.One after another American tanks were blown up.It really was a massacre The entire American tank company was wiped out.It became the cemetery of American tanks.Witnessing the destruction of one s own tanks, the morale of the American infantry battalion occupying the ruins was demoralized and the morale of the army was shaken.As the sky gradually darkened, the outside of the manor suddenly became extremely lively.All kinds of Russian upper class guys, wearing gorgeous dresses, came to Andreas manor in expensive cars.Most of the wealth of Russian society is in the hands of these people.They can live a life of luxury and get what they want without scruples.As for the poverty and sharp social contradictions in Russian society, they don t have to worry about it at all.This is a special class with privilege If you want to enter the manor, you must go through strict interrogation, and the invitation letter signed by Mr.Andreas is absolutely indispensable.When Wang Weiyi got off the car, he held such an invitation letter in his hand.Capone s ability to handle affairs is absolutely trustworthy.He still used the name Mr.Milosevic keoni cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pain and arthritis also reacted I don t think anyone is more suitable for such a thing than Khmelitsky. It is my greatest honor to have the opportunity to serve you.baron.Khmelitsky wished to make a contribution in front of the baron now I will go to him in the afternoon and tell him what happened and what he is about to lose.Baron, everything is in your hands, you are the most perfect avenger.Yeah the Avengers Wang Weiyi glanced at him Do you know the story of the Count of Monte Cristo He is also an Avenger, but I think his revenge is not perfect, some damn people are still alive.And now, I m going to play this revenge story without any flaws.We sun state hemp cbd gummies review will be your best and most loyal helpers.Khmelitsky raised his voice and said Maybe we would really be ungrateful to others, but we dare not do so in front of you, because we have witnessed the horror of your revenge with our own eyes, and we will never Be the second Grand Duke of Belstorka, we promise Remember what you sun state hemp cbd gummies review said today.von Brahm This is a day that is enough to be remembered in historyOur motherland has suffered enough, this time the counterattack will be The beginning of the end of misery No one can be ravaged on German soil, the days of being bullied will never come back, this is my oath, the head of cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review a Reich.We will use all our efforts cbd gummies for back pain relief sun state hemp cbd gummies review and loyalty to give our troops the greatest help German soldiers, German citizens, I ask all of you to fight to the end for the glory of Germany Long Live Germany Long live the German people Long live the German Army The cry of long live resounded throughout Berlin and the entire battlefield The phone of the frontline headquarters kept ringing, and Wang Weiyi calmly looked at the battlefield that had been completely covered by gunpowder smoke.What he wanted to see finally appeared before his eyes On the radio, Adolf Hitler s speech is being played over and over again, and the whole of Berlin has already taken action.He also understood.Its goal is its own 098.Bodilla took his headset off his head.I glanced out from the side window of the turret Hurry up Reverse the car and we re going to die The two guns didn t deliberately bombard the grenadiers, they shot crookedly Nuoqier yelled loudly Reverse Quick Get out of this The skills of those Russians are not very good.This time they had nothing to gain, they just collapsed a large pit with a diameter of 1 meter on the ground not far from the side of Nocher s 098 car body.At this time, 098 has gradually exceeded the range of the big 5 gun The retreat of the German army prompted the Russians to attack.It cannot be said that they were eating but not fighting, because the German army was indeed in chaos.If Nochier is the commander of the Russian army.The order to attack will also be issued Their 098 was lucky not to be hit or destroyed by shells in the true sense It was just patronized by some small caliber bullets, and what was produced was only some flying sparks.This is a complete profiteer, Ilya cursed in his heart.But his greed for money has completely blinded him.Even if it is only 30 of the original price, it is good in his opinion.Besides, when he has made a lot of money , can also be redeemed from the other party.Tomorrow, if you are free, I would be happy to take you to see my collection.In the end, Ilya revealed all her intentions Assuming cbd hemp gummies for kids you are really interested, we can discuss the price of the mortgage. Ah, it is my greatest honor to be able to see those precious things.Elliot raised the cup in his hand Let s toast to the collection, I can t wait until tomorrow.Ilya, like his father, fell into the same trap as his father, but for him he still thought he had found the right path.Greed always leads people astray When Ilya left here, Wang Weiyi said lightly This is Gregory s sun state hemp cbd gummies review last possession.Now.This scam has completely and completely plunged Gregory into chaosThe government can no longer afford a single ruble Those demonstrators shouted Return our hard earned money , Let our relatives go home , etc.slogan, and they firmly demanded that the Grand Duke Bierstoka step down and accept the investigation of the special committee.Even the army began to become chaotic.Those officers and soldiers knew that they should have been paid a long time ago.It is completely understandable for the Duke to throw himself into a non existent scam.Even mutiny may happen anytime and anywhere Apart from these, what makes Gregory even more anxious is that his own His own son, Ilya, has been completely lost.God, Gregory knows exactly what terrible things this means.All his wealth is in the hands of Ilya If Ilya really shows up If there is any problem, then I will become penniless Gregory is absolutely unwilling to have just cbd sour gummies such a terrible thing happen, and he keeps trying to restore the connection with his son.Here, here.Steinman said and stopped in front of a window, and below this window, several American artillery teams were deploying artillery emplacements.Cole, grenade.Steinman took out a grenade from his waist and held it in his hand, while Cole put down his sniper rifle and took out a grenade from his waist.1, 2, 3.Two grenades fell from the window The bang bang grenade exploded, and shrapnel flew across.The screams of infantry and the sound of fire and explosion soon came from below.Be careful Steinman heard something strange behind him, and when he turned how do i contact eagle hemp cbd gummies around with a gun, he found several American infantrymen who suddenly appeared behind him.Steinman quickly released his left hand to push Cole away.Then he took a rifle with one hand and fired a burst.Da da da da da da burst of fire, several American infantry fell, this is Boom A shell hit the house where Steinman was staying.Behind the huge landing force is an endless fleet.The fleet is like a forest of steel, densely extending towards the sea level.What a formidable aura and shock this is, being in such a steel sun state hemp cbd gummies review are cbd gummies allowed on airplane legion.How small I feel.The soldiers in the cabin desperately took deep breaths to adjust their emotions.For soldiers, whether to go home or not is aimed at this battle.No matter how good the previous battle was.As long as you can persist until you come back alive this time, you will be the winner.Arrive at the target in three minutes.Received, the target is in sight Understood, keep the heading at thirty five degrees, over.Received, the heading at thirty five degrees.A large group of fierce armed helicopters came from sun state hemp cbd gummies review cbd gummies for smoking shark tank where to get botanical farms cbd gummies the helicopter Sprinted out in formation and reached the city before the entire landing force.Coordinates feba093 Suspicious sound source, are your people setting up defenses there Over.No, over.Understood, the call is over.Then what the fuck is going on They may be enemies.Don t Fire up and sun state hemp cbd gummies review keep watching That sounds a little off, it sounds like they re playing an instrument That s right That s probably their charge horn, or some shit march, they re just trying to boost morale , Regroup the troops and prepare for the sun state hemp cbd gummies review next large scale charge.In my opinion, we are dead, they will blow our ass open Taylor, who was lying on the side, cursed in a low voice Chris, shut up Mouth Damn it.Your mouth is worse than the ass of a black sow on my farm Shh Don t make noise Gawyn put his finger in front of his lips.He paused silently for a moment, then slowly squirmed toward the corner, grabbing his weapon.Wang Weiyi still had the smile that made Berkeley look so hateful France Mr.Berkeley, Superintendent of Police, has a dishonorable background.He uses lies to maintain his status.The husband ruthlessly abandoned his mother and crush Ah, I think this is going to cause an uproar By the way, Mr.Berkeley, I must remind you that you cannot transfer your mother and sister.They have been transferred by me to a safe place, of course in your name.Or, I can consider arranging a pretty good press conference for them Berkeley s mouth was trembling Sold weapons to the enemy country, let the enemy s spies go without permission, no He will be cast aside by the whole of France.When everyone sees his dead body, they will say with infinite contempt Look, this is That shameless Berkeley He couldn t imagine such a scene I can destroy you, but I can also let you continue to sit in this position, and even bring you to a wonderful world that you can t even imagine Li Wang Weiyi said lightly It s up to you, die impassionedly, or be a dog beside me, which is not very nice but can enjoy the glory and wealth Bo Clay knew that the moment to decide his own destiny had come This would be the most important choice in his life He was silent there, and Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry, he was very Patiently lit a cigarette and waited for the answer he neededYes.But what I can be sure of is that those damn rioters will never let us go.Ah, and those damn rioters Americans.Where are all their previous promises going now Berkeley, you must now honestly tell me if you will be able to protect the key officials of the government should the most terrible things happen Leave Paris safely He finally said what he wanted to say most Berkeley didn t answer immediately, but pondered for a while before saying I think.This is also One of my duties.Your Excellency, Prime Minister.I can assure you that I will definitely bring important figures of the government out of Paris, but there is one thing that worries me very much cbd gummies calm Said Express your worries, there is nothing to hide now.Berkeley then said The 102nd Armored Assault Regiment has mutinied, and the 51st and 52nd Armored Corps have also mutinied.Maybe you won t understand his love for you until many years later He picked up his hat, and said one last word to William Goodbye, William.Goodbye, Elliott They spoke in such a polite tone as if they were two friends who hadn t known each other for long.When this goodbye was said, all the former friendships had been completely and deeply buried.These two former friends will really take two completely different paths from now on Now, the whole of America has been plunged into chaos.What seemed like a simple incident at first caused so many things one after another, which no one expected before.New York has become as much a battlefield as Oakland, which was unimaginable before.The financial center of the world is now flooded with protests, strikes, and confrontation between black and white.In Auckland, Mayor Duira has already been prosecuted for eight crimes, but what happened to Mayor Duira did not show any signs of calming down the turmoil in Auckland.But why is this such an important project After it was leaked, the German side didn t react at all Did they not know that the plan had been leaked, or there were some other reasons in it that we don t know Turner said I don t quite agree with this point Mr.President, our intelligence personnel have made great efforts to obtain this plan But our enemy is a terrible person William slightly He raised some of his own voice Since he appeared in London.Countless weird things have happened.And the New Sea Lion Project was leaked from that time.Why Is it a coincidence Or is there something inevitable in it connection Turner knew that the person Mr.President was talking about was the terrifying Baron Alexon that everyone feared Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.William sneered a few times It s ironic that Baron Alexon calmly used the name of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, which he has been using since World War I.He tried his best to direct the battle, and tried his best to let the few troops in his hand deal with the enemy as much as possible, even though he already knew the final result.Those American soldiers also worked very hard.After the initial panic, they began to organize a resistance that might not seem particularly strong, but very conscientious.Romeo, who appeared in Dorchester for the first time, realized more clearly from the performance of the US military that it is by no means as easy to defeat .

how do you feel after taking cbd gummies?

all the enemies as imagined, and the enemies are not so vulnerable.And such an enemy also inspired his strong fighting spirit.There is nothing more satisfying than defeating a stubborn foe.Romeo quickly put the troops in his hands into the attack on the main position, and he has been standing on the front line to command the battle.Yes, the police station is about to fall.I ask for your permission to surrender if necessary.Yes, thank you for your understanding and good luck.Ah, I will take care of myself.He let it go slowly Phone Mr.An Nuo, I think you have successfully convinced me that I will order my subordinates to stop fighting, but you must ensure their safety.Moreover, my subordinates will never participate in your war.An Nuo heaved a long sigh of relief in his heart, but a relaxed smile appeared on his face You are from England, and so am I.I don t want to see my compatriots kill each other.Deputy Director Weitake, I am very grateful to you I am even more convinced that Her Majesty the Queen will thank you after she finds out.Whittaker doesn t need anyone to thank him, and in such a situation, everyone will think about their future.Goodbye, my dear Tesla sun state hemp cbd gummies review Goodbye, my dear General.Two dull gunshots rang out.At 21 00 on the night of October 13, 1966, General Denardo, commander of the Oldford theater of the British government army, and Colonel Tesla, his chief of staff, shot and killed each other when they were surrounded and had no possibility of escape.If General Denardo s command ability is not worth mentioning, his bravery and loyalty are worthy of everyone s respect.When they heard the news of the general s suicide, those British soldiers who surrendered made a request to collect the remains of the general and staff officer Han.Major Stroop complied with their request.To be honest, he also retains sufficient respect for General Denardo.A commander who can love his soldiers so much .

do condor cbd gummies really work?

on the battlefield and can use do cbd gummies make you sleepy the most tragic method of suicide to ensure the dignity of soldiers is always worthy of respect The battle at Oldford sun state hemp cbd gummies review was ended in the swiftest fashion, and the gates to London were opened.No one can stop it.All the Fenton government and the Americans can do is just watch.The news of General Vincent and the Milton Keynes sun state hemp cbd gummies review British uprising spread quickly in London, and the shouts of Long live resounded throughout the city.With the sound of the rumbling guns, every British person has already seen the hope of victory.Outside the city, there is the continuous attack of the powerful Axis forces inside the city, there are countless British people who are fighting.The uprising in Milton Keynes also completely cut off the last hope of the Allied forces.Now the whole of London has been completely surrounded.At 8 00 am on October 18, two hours after General Vincent and the British Army in Milton Keynes announced the uprising, Queen Elizabeth II and the Axis General Command issued a joint statement, Welcomes General Vincent and the British uprising in Milton Keynes and promotes General Vincent to Field Marshal of the British Empire.Many of them are still young.There are still a lot of days to live, why should you bury your life when you are already doomed to fail At 9 00, the Axis General Command issued an ultimatum to all Allied forces that continued to resist.Allied forces must surrender unconditionally by 12 00 on October 20, 1966.They will ensure the safety of those who surrender and pledge that international conventions will be respected.If the fighting in London was not over by the time of the event, the Axis forces would have to use all means necessary to annihilate any enemy who continued to resist.At 9 10, all senior officers, including the commander in chief of the Axis Army, Erwin Rommel, gathered neatly in their temporary headquarters.When that familiar figure appeared, every officer raised his hand.There was a loud cry Long live Ernst Ernst Alexson von Brahm Now there is no need to worry about anything.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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