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Could it be that everything Hitler did in the future was because he was influenced by himself today Wang Weiyi was a little confused, Suddenly, the tracker on his arm tightened, and it was Xiao Ling calling out to him.Hey, I ll go and have a look there.Wang Weiyi whispered, and then quietly went to another place where there was no one.Xiaoling s voice came Something happened here, and the computer shows that the Flyer Mission has started.You can already get a battle of the Somme.Tank support Mission completion progress collection What Soarer mission Get a tank support What does this mean Don t ask me, I don t know either.Xiao Ling told Wang Weiyi very sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep clearly This task is not in my known program at allHuh What does it mean Ziguang military base self renovation and upgrading Tank support ready Rambler authorized I m a bit confused.

At the critical moment, Wang Weiyi was actually thinking about this question, no wonder Elena was stunned there.What the hell was this damned lieutenant thinking about Wang Weiyi smiled at her and picked up the MP18 in his hand The submachine gun, a shuttle of bullets swept over.The MP18, which was supposed to come out two years later, exploded with its huge power in an instant, hitting the British hiding behind the trees unable to look up for a while.What is this arms Elena was stunned by the instant burst of firepower from the MP18 despite its short size.The MP18 submachine gun uses the same Luger bullets you used.Wang Weiyi swept out another piece of bullets, and then asked Hey, you use a Luger pistol, and I use Luger bullets.Do you think we are a good match A blush flew across Elena s cheeks, but it returned to normal.

No one thought they would make it back alive, although the lieutenant had knocked out a battalion of the British before, but that might have had a lot of luck in it.The phone has been disconnected.Lieutenant Ernst Brahm and his companion are already on the road to death, right No, General, we can t stay here and do nothing Major Dunxiwei shouted out Lieutenant Ernst Brahm is the pride of the Bavarian 16th Infantry Regiment, please allow me to take the supplementary battalion to Get them out He was in a hurry, he was really in a hurry.It is the luckiest thing in life for any officer to sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep have such an excellent officer as Ernst Brahm under his command.But watching his subordinates go to death without doing anything, this is the greatest shame of an officer Major, please pay attention to your attitude.

The honor of these nobles cannot be challenged, Ernst s subordinates were kidnapped ,Let them feel that they have also been greatly insulted.Since you can move a nobleman s subordinates, God knows when they will move their reef cbd gummies own people Nicholas and Pompestein will never understand the thoughts of these people, in fact, even Wang Weiyi can t.At this time, Manstein and Richthofen also eliminated their opponents and stood behind Guo Yunfeng.You will be judged Pompestein gritted his teeth.Let s do it, four knives.Wang Weiyi looked at his enemy coldly and said.Guo Yunfeng nodded and walked up.The boning knife pierced Pompestein s heart accurately at the who carries cbd gummies near me moment he yelled.Then he pulled it out quickly, not letting the blood get on his body.Pompestein died without much pain At the same time, Adolf Hitler s carriage also arrived, and he jumped out of the carriage The two corpses have been disposed of, how about the corpses of these people What to do Just throw them here.

Guderian immediately took the map over, and the corporal forcefully pointed at the map It is to search in this area Thank you, Corporal.Wang Weiyi said very politely.Now it is basically certain that Xiaoling s route for himself is correct.Crown Prince William is in front.The problem now is that the enemy is actually led by a colonel.So in the end How many troops were dispatched The British corporal couldn t tell clearly.With the strength of only six people, can Crown Prince William be successfully rescued Even if they can be rescued, how can they get rid of the British siege Wang Weiyi sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep s eyes are fixed on the map He went up without saying a word.None of his subordinates came to disturb him.After a gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me long time, Wang Weiyi suddenly called Hitler over Adolf, you have to go back, find Richthofen, and tell him I need reinforcements.

The contest kicked off.The Military Intelligence Agency charged Ernst Brahm with treason , and their lawyer Marklin s qualifications and reputation were much stronger than Schlaf s.This is who carries cbd gummies near me my doubt about the so called honors that Baron Alexon has achieved before Marklin questioned Wang Weiyi s victory in annihilating hundreds of British troops, which was very intentional.Simple, to minimize Wang Weiyi s Miracle of the Somme and reduce his prestige in people s hearts After the autumn offensive began, Baron Alexon s supplementary battalion attacked extremely fast, relying on the powerful German artillery force , he captured a British position and captured a large number of British people.At this moment, a shocking thing happened.He actually released who carries cbd gummies near me a large number of prisoners headed by a senior British officer, Lieutenant Colonel Rosen It is surprising , let go of our enemies science cbd gummies for sex who carries cbd gummies near me privately, what kind of behavior is this This allows our enemies to re enter the battlefield, so that they can take up arms again and shoot excellent German soldiers with sinful bullets.

The legendary Major Ernst Brahm, Second Lieutenant Mark blushed with excitement Mark of the Second German baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd Hunting Squadron Major, it is my greatest honor to provide you with air support.Thank you for your support, Second lieutenant.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.He has a crush on this man.Being able to stay by Richthofen s side, it seems that he has a pretty good is purekana cbd gummies legit relationship with the Red Baron.Schlaf, who came with them, waved his arm I have to tell you, I m writing a new novel, and I m sure it will be a great novel that will be handed down for many years.Ah, the title of the book I ve already read Take one temporarily, The Baron of the Skeleton , yes, it is the story of Baron Alexon.This book can be seen as a sequel to The Third Reich.In the book The Third Reich , the Empire Encountered a severe crisis, and in the new novel, the appearance of the skeleton baron will save the Third Reich Wang Weiyi s heart moved.

The power of all this will serve only one man Ernst Alexson von Brahm 6 30 am.Everything is so peaceful.The sun has not had time to pierce the clouds, and the cold wind in the morning makes people feel a little cold.But at this moment, the sound of cannons suddenly tore everything apart The German army s large scale counterattack has begun sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep Code name Rage The artillery shells slammed into the opposite French position.The German army was uncharacteristically this day, and seemed to want to completely smash the enemy s position In an instant sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep the French positions were engulfed in flames and sorrow.A dozen or so who carries cbd gummies near me French soldiers who hadn t fully woken up from their sleep were blasted into the air at once, and when they fell, their bodies had already been torn apart.The commander of the French army, Colonel Gustav, had no idea what was going on.

Wang Weiyi s voice became even lower General Raffarin is secretly sending people to guard this batch of gold, and if a battle breaks out, reinforcements will come soon.Raffarin s eyebrows frowned.wrinkled.The gold is in Lance, but it s not so delicious to eat this piece of fat.That s a regular army, how can they take it with their own strength There is only one way.Wang Weiyi seemed to see his mind Let the whole Lance fall into chaos.Mr.Simond, I have a dozen pretty good men, as long as you can make Lance into a mess I have a way to get this batch of gold.Watz s eyes narrowed into a line I sacrificed my people, and then you ran out with this gold Mr.Simond, do you really think so Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Without your help, do you think I can easily leave Lance with more than two hundred pounds of gold No, when I get the gold Finally, I will tell you where I am, and then you can get 30 of the gold, and when the wind is over, you will be responsible for sending us out.

One hundred and twenty eight.The crisis is approaching This is the best era, and it is also the worst era.Major De Sade closed Dickens A Tale thc cbd gummies combo of Two Cities , rubbed his sore eyes, and said to his adjutant, Second Lieutenant Limon, In the storm of the French Revolution, many aristocrats were sent to the guillotine, which is really a French tragedy.Without this hateful revolution, perhaps our war with the Germans would have been won long ago.Second Lieutenant Rimon knew that the major himself was The descendants of nobles, but after the Great Revolution, although his family survived by chance, they lost all the privileges they should have enjoyed.Therefore, under the influence of several generations, Major De Sade hated all revolutions to the extreme.Carden is really a brave man.Ah, he is a character in Dickens s works.

Watts tried to keep his voice calm It s not that I don t want to, but I simply can t do it.The matter of arresting you was not handled by General Raffarin, but by Major De Sade.He is a shrewd person Let me tell you the truth, since you escaped his arrest, the major will definitely regard this as a disgrace to himself, no one can leave here, even if I go out, I will be strictly interrogated.Wang Weiyi knew that he was not deceiving himself, and was telling the truth.Originally, in his imagination, he might have had the opportunity to take himself out with Watts status in Lance and his relationship with Raffarin, but It now appears that this plan cannot be realized.Is there any place to leave Wang Weiyi asked in a deep voice.No.Watts shook his head I m sure not, even if you kill me now, I still say that.

He knocked down a Russian with one punch and cursed loudly.Hey, teach these Russians a lesson.Instead, Richthofen s entire spirit was mobilized at once.Ping pong pong , chairs and wine bottles flew around in the tavern.It is really difficult for two people to deal with seven or eight Russians.Although Wang Weiyi and Richthofen knocked down two Russians, they also received a lot of punches themselves.These two people were also beaten out sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep of their anger.After being hit on the back, Wang Weiyi grabbed an empty wine bottle and smashed it down at the Russian in front of him.Blood spattered, and the Russian screamed and fell to the ground.Richthofen s cry was also heard from there, and he was also hit by a wine bottle.Stop it all At this moment, a Russian second lieutenant who had been sitting there watching all this with cold eyes shouted loudly.

The Russian heart stopped unwillingly and stared fiercely at the two Germans in front of them.You are simply a disgrace to the Russian army The young Russian second lieutenant stood up and said, So many people beat two of them, and a few were knocked down, the faces of the Russian soldiers were completely humiliated by you.Now go back to Go to your place and continue to drink your wine The Russian soldiers resentfully helped up their eagle hemp cbd gummies keanu injured companions In fact, they didn t think it was a problem, and fighting in taverns happened almost every day occur.Winning is triumphant, and losing is no big deal, and no one will look for trouble afterwards.Wang Weiyi and Richthofen also suffered some minor injuries.The Russian second lieutenant came to them Gentlemen, you HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me are very brave and capable of fighting.

What s more, the target is foreigners, and the murderer has also been caught Therefore, the do all cbd gummies make you sleepy French police did not continue to pursue it Wang Weiyi probably understood You mean that the Russian is Count Yevgeny s servant Zahvoki I m only guessing roughly, Rambler.Xiao Ling s answer was not particularly certain Maybe it s just who carries cbd gummies near me a coincidence, but we must not give up any possibility.If we can find the second y element, our return will be much smoother.Rambler, go to Paris.Of course, before that, I will inject some drugs for you, so as to avoid the radiation damage once you find the sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep real y element The robbery and murder that happened in May 1917 , Then the Russian disappeared, so my time is very tight, I hope I have good luck, the robbery and murder have not happened yet.Wang Weiyi smiled.In fact, he is not as eager to go back as he was when he came baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd to this era.

No special training is required, it s purely an instinctive cooperation.Sky.It has completely become their stage With the cooperation of the two air barons, the third British plane was torn into pieces again.3 o The Red Baron was already invincible in the sky, but now, there is another skeleton baron, which is simply a disaster for the British Royal Air Force Captain Douglas decided to completely tear up these two enemy fighter planes here at all costs.Otherwise, the nightmare will come soon Now the air power ratio is 4 2 However, at this moment, a situation that Wang Weiyi and Richthofen did not want to see appeared Another six fighter planes of the British Royal Air Force appeared on the battlefield This is the returning squadron led by Captain John Dundee After discovering the air battle on the left.

A real soldier should be the same in solitary confinement whether guarded or unguarded.For each meal, food and drinks were brought to them on time, along with wine and cigarettes, as well as a newspaper of the day.This was a special order from General Galwitz.Just today s newspaper published the news of that day s sky battle The magical Baron Skeleton, the God of War, and the Baron Red, the dancer in the sky, once again joined forces to create an incredible miracle The article introduced the battle in detail.The second air battle, and the brilliant victories achieved by the two barons.The Germans cheered, but they would never have guessed that the two barons were now in confinement.Poor skeleton baron, poor red baron Okay, stop arguing.Wang Weiyi lay on the bed weakly If you make any who carries cbd gummies near me more noise, you will be locked up for a few more days At first, I thought that I would get a medal for my first air combat victory this time, but who would have thought that I would be put in confinement instead.

Two hundred and thirty eight.Welcome to Hell On the frontal battlefield, Brigadier General Smith and his 0th Infantry Division now know that the war is never as simple as they thought.The defenses built by the Germans are so frightening.They are like a big mountain in front of the Americans, firmly blocking the pace of the Americans attack.We will never take a step back This is the cry of every German soldier here.Smith s heart was restless.The promises he had sworn in front of General Pershing and Marshal Foch were still ringing in his ears.If he suffered a failure here, the face of an American general would be greatly hurt Even the face of the U.S.Army will be greatly damaged.This will not be allowed However, Germany s defense is too strong.In the binoculars, Smith saw a black soldier charging there, a bullet went into his head cbd gummies us suddenly, the soldier flew up, and a stream of white brain mixed with blood spurted out Smith for a while.

I hope your memory can recover one day, and you can remember Lance, Paris, and those romantic stories.Wang Weiyi spread out his hand, and what he was holding was a rose.He pinned this rose on his chest.All the gold has been shipped, and a large number of treasures and cultural relics have also been shipped.The task is completed.Wang Weiyi took a long breath.November 1st will be the time for you to leave here.Rambler, good luck.Wang Weiyi silently glanced at the base, then strode out and a truck rushed over.They all jumped down.General, it s so dangerous, I almost couldn t get out.Stark walked over with a smile, and he glanced at the train Aha, you subdued the train We also have gold, right Yes, the gold is on the train.Wang Weiyi said solemnly.The team members seemed to hear something wrong from Ernst s words, and Boncrele looked around Where s Elena She was shot by the Russians.

It was just a routine battle.With the support of such ferocious firearms provided by Xiaoling, as long as there were no mistakes in command, there would be no problem in holding on.That s not a miracle.Twenty two members of the Japanese army wiped out a small team of the Japanese army and seized a large amount of supplies.This is barely enough.Compared with those things done by the skeleton baron, Wang Weiyi wants to surpass himself in this era.Five minutes, prepare for evacuation When Wang Weiyi said this, Li Lu, who carries cbd gummies near me who had just moved a box of ammunition to the car, heard it and was startled Captain, there are so many Ammunition and supplies.The Japanese army will arrive soon, if we are greedy for supplies, we will all die here.After finishing speaking, Wang Weiyi added Only by keeping yourself can you kill more enemies.

The chariots are concealed.This is the most important force in the defense of Xiguan, and it must not be damaged by air strikes and shelling.Wang Weiyi knew that the Japanese army s new attack would come soon, but now he had to buy more time.Succeed in the Xiguan defensive battle until 12 days or even longer.I need an army to stand on pure cbd gummies 10 mg the outer line of Xiguan.Wang Weiyi did not hide his thoughts at all I need more time Battlemaster Wang, let us go to the security team.Huang Xibei, the major of the security team, immediately said Said.Captain Huang, the battle on the outside will be very difficult.Wang Weiyi decided to tell him the danger Although the Japanese army has stopped attacking until now, there is still not enough time.If we fight hard, our casualties will be very large, and Under the joint air and who carries cbd gummies near me ground attack of the Japanese army, it is hard to say whether we can hold Songjiang, so I want to turn the entire Xiguan into a battlefield Wang Weiyi s intention of turning the entire Xiguan into a battlefield is actually very obvious Street fighting This will offset the cbd gummies sf air and artillery advantages of the Japanese army to the greatest extent.

Poison gas Hell, if this is used by the Japanese, Xiguan will suffer.Wang Weiyi scolded himself for being an idiot in his heart, he had to deal with this threat no matter what.But the problem is that R himself will definitely send heavy troops to guard him, and he has only four people here, how can he seize it Wanderer, the situation is very critical now buy cbd gummies in lakeland fl Xiao Ling s voice sounded again According to estimates, the Japanese army will use poison gas tomorrow, so you must solve this problem tonight.Once you capture the poison gas, I will handle the following matters I was idle about boring things, and invented some transport machines, which can dispose of these poisonous gases in the shortest time without anyone noticing Do it Wang Weiyi made up his mind, and looked at Sidao and the three of them Do you have the guts to do a big thing with me You want to get that truck s attention Four knives guessed what Wang Weiyi was thinking in his heart.

Now there are not many people in Songjiang except for the army.Wu Keren nodded.At the beginning of the Songjiang Defense War, Wang Weiyi began to suggest that the people of Songjiang should be evacuated immediately, and Wu Keren also accepted this proposal.Wang Weiyi breathed a sigh of relief.But Wu Keren hesitated Just yesterday, a team of college students from Shanghai arrived.What Wang Weiyi was startled What are they doing here There is obvious displeasure, which is completely different from the attitude of other troops when they saw Lao s army.It s not that Wang Weiyi rejects these labor troops, but that they come at a completely inappropriate time now The so called labor force should come during the interval of the battle, and this can also improve the morale of the frontline soldiers.

I thought the Chinese would take advantage of it.Heiye attacked again.Your task.Is to destroy them Hai Iida Yoshimoto became excited, your Excellency, the captain, dug a trap, waiting for the Chinese people to jump into the night, It is the last weapon to cover the attackers, but the night is also the most dangerous weapon.The night has come and the moon hangs lazily in the sky.The soft moonlight shone on the ground, and the fierce fighting and bloodshed during the day seemed to disappear without a trace.In the distance, a few frogs croaked occasionally, which sounded extraordinarily warm in a war.Guo Yunfeng yawned.He took a piece of cake out of his pocket and stuffed it into his mouth.Commander, drink some water.The soldier named Tao Jinsong handed the who carries cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for sleep 2022 water bottle to Guo Yunfeng, and then said flatteringly Commander, we killed three devils today, and you killed two of them yourself.

Li Jianfu is very satisfied.With the help of Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai, his opium business will be able to develop quickly and eventually monopolize the entire market.And he, too, will become the real King of Opium Li Jianfu s opium is all Persian opium shipped from Iran.They made an appointment for the place and time of the first transaction.Li Jianfu said with great satisfaction From now on, you are my partners.I will give you the most comprehensive protection.I will also notify Colonel Kusumoto Mitaka of the Imperial Secret Service in Shanghai to issue you a special pass, and you are willing to go wherever you want Thank you, Mr.Satomi.Qiao Zhihe thought He said What if the military still wants to trouble us Bagar, they dare not Li Jianfu looked very confident Although Hongji Shantang is just a small drugstore, I directly Responsible for the Xingya Academy A small brigade head, division head, they dare not disobey my order Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai looked at each other, the brigade head, division head, see Fu in the Not worth a penny in the eyes.

Xue Yue was stunned, and his anger subsided a lot From now on, if you don t ask for instructions like this again.Leave your post without authorization, I will put you in cannabidiol life cbd gummy bears confinement Yes, sir Xue Yue gave him a hard look We detected Is there any information Yes, sir Wang Weiyi gave an overview of the situation he had, taking it as the information he obtained from his investigation in Shanghai.Only then did the anger on Xue Yue s face dissipate completely.The tone is also quite friendly Well, it s not in vain, but don t be complacent, remember to report to me about everything you do in the future.Understood, sir.After Wang Weiyi finished speaking, he asked carefully Commander, why are you looking for me so urgently Sit down.Xue Yue motioned R himself stopped attacking temporarily.During this period, we rushed to repair the fortifications, and your blueprints played a very important roleAh, and you also performed quite well in the previous few battles.

Qiao Zhihe muttered But why do you have to have Yamaguchi Hong to change I like this person.Wang Weiyi joked with haha In short, you brought this to Satomi Fu.Speaking of which, thisyou are by my passion fruit cbd gummies side Someone, call, call His eyes just fell on Zhang Sandao passing by Call Zhang Sandao Ah, Zhang Sandao, got it.Qiao Zhihe read the name again What about opium You won t let us burn it, but we have bought a lot of opium from Li Jianfu.If Qiao Zhihe didn t talk about this, Wang Weiyi almost forgot In a few days, I will send someone to receive this batch of opium, and you ask Li Jianfu to send a group of Japanese military police to escort this batch of opium out of Shanghai.Qiao Zhihe s eyes widened Are you insane, to let Li Jianfu escort you Is there anything wrong I m sure Satoshi would do that.

Hold on hold on hold on some more His finger was already on the trigger It s now As the trigger was pulled, a bullet escaped from the muzzle of the gun, and that graceful figure was flying in the air, breaking through all obstacles, and rushing straight towards the direction set by the master for her The heads of countless Japanese soldiers could not block her sight.She dances and flies, and most faithfully carries out the orders given by her master shoot the target The Japanese Army Cao waved his hands left and right, constantly directing his tactical team to carry out assaults.And when he raised his hand again, he suddenly froze there alone.Then, he collapsed.Bullet, it was only at this time that she breathed a sigh of relief, she stopped the last step in the enemy s head The sniper on the tree laughed, a perfect shot This was his first time killing people, but what was strange was that he didn t have any fear who carries cbd gummies near me in his heart, not even the slightest fluctuation.

All the enemies in front were wiped out, Wang Weiyi walked into the headquarters of the 65th Regiment Yes, I admit, I have a certain magic power, or I can turn stones into gold.I hope to train a hundred of these troops, so that it won t take much gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me effort to defeat you.Qingkou Wusan thought about this sentence for a while, and then nodded Although what you said is a bit vague, I think I should understand a little bit.Your Excellency, who do you think will be the final victor in the Sino Japanese War China Wang Weiyi replied without any hesitation I can be sure that my country will win the final victory You are really too confident, maybe this confidence is innate in you.Qingkou Wusan sighed.At this time, bursts of cheers came from outside, and then Zhang Sandao rushed in with a few brothers Traveler, look, we captured their military flag The flag of the 65th Infantry Regiment of the 103rd Brigade of the 13th Division of R ben has been captured At this moment, Kiyoko Wusan s face turned pale, and a huge sense of frustration welled up in his heart.

I don t want to hear anything sorry Matsui Iwane roared angrily You have been defeated by that Wang Weiyi again and again, and you have lost all the face of the Emperor Now, even the flag of the 65th Regiment has been lost, how do you want me to face His Majesty the Emperor and all the citizens Dizhou Libing and Dian Yusaburo didn t dare to say a word They also knew why the commander was so angry.This was not just the reason for a fiasco, but it would affect the commander.Your Excellency s tough attitude towards total war Those local war factions in the country can now have a reason China is not so easy to conquer, look, look, you have suffered defeat This is the most important thing Influence Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi Matsui Iwane kept chanting the name, and the name stuck deeply in his heart like a thorn When this person appeared, the invincible Imperial Army suffered such disastrous defeats one after another Some local victories achieved by a Chinese general are not enough to change the situation of the entire battlefield.

The firepower is so fierce that people feel unstoppable from the beginning.Without gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me much effort, the Chinese soldiers of the first team had already rushed in.Immediately, all the weapons in their hands roared together.Feel free to vent your anger here This is the day of massacre At least, that s how those Japanese who survived by chance called this day A veteran who survived until after the war recalled The squadron showed all their ferocious firepower from the very beginning, firepower The fierceness is unmatched by the Japanese armytheir number of machine guns far exceeds ours, and the number of their grenadiers exceeds oursthey even have a large gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me number of tanks and tanks Vehicles those tanks, chariots, heavily guarded by infantry, wantonly destroy all our efforts, I don t think there is anything that can stop them, and I don t think we can repel the Chinese attackThe subsequent progress of the battle is exactly the same as my judgmentthis is the day of the terrible massacre The subsequent progress of the battle is exactly the same as the judgment of this Japanese veteran The tanks broke through the defense lines of the Japanese army, gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me and the entire Ueno detachment was torn apart, and deaths were happening every minute Hordes of Japanese troops rushed up desperately, gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me trying to They blocked the attack of the Chinese, but they all fell under the firepower of the Chinese without exceptionthe pieces of Japanese corpses on the ground.

Brethren have casualties.You stay close to us first.You said you two Fu Yu nodded at them Let you send some brothers to help me set up the field hospital.Pushing and resisting, now you know to find me You see, you have wronged us.Zhang Sandao said flatteringly Isn t that thinking of ambushing the Japanese Don t be angry, tomorrow I will transfer a company of brothers to your place.Use it however you like.We are not like that kid An Fei, who is procrastinating Zhang Sandao, you who carries cbd gummies near me bastard An Fei s roar came over Hey, what are you arguing about Werner, who can already HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me speak simple Chinese, came over and asked curiously.None of your business.An Fei replied without curiosity, and then asked Werner, how many who carries cbd gummies near me Japanese people have been killed this time Not many.My team has killed a total of 150 people Werner s answer almost made An Fei spit out, this dead foreign devil, actually killed so many No, I have to save this face no matter what in the next battle Shanghai.

Judging from the intercepted telegram, the Skeleton Division will break out at 6 o clock in the morning on January 15th, but the prerequisite is that the response troops should at least be in Yemen.Hagenke tore a gap at least three kilometers long.However, the responding German troops did not complete this combat goal until noon.The Skeleton Division still had no movement.The Skeleton Division is now in a very passive situation Looking at the map, Cuikov made his first judgment from the 14th battle to the present, the German troops had not achieved their strategic goals, and the Skeleton Division did not dare to break through the encirclement.Otherwise, they will be targeted As long who carries cbd gummies near me as we persist until the end of today, the efforts of the German army will be turned into water.The invincible reputation of the Skeleton Baron and Skeleton Master will be completely broken here at 11 noon on January 15th.

How about you, 4th Panzer Corps Ah, no, we are here to find the Baron, do you know where the Baron is The Baron is in RadevHey, are you crazy, are you going to die with just a few people in there Aha, who carries cbd gummies near me we re crazy, guys, go ahead General, sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep the Russian counterattack is very Bad luck, Russians from all directions are rushing here, and a Soviet army of 200 science cbd gummies for sex who carries cbd gummies near me T34 tanks is about to arrive, Colonel Capulo of the 5th Panzergrenadier Regiment walked over and said.How many wounded have baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd been shipped out Wang Weiyi asked, staring at the map laid out on the tank.Three thousand wounded of our own, and those of friendly troops, have already come out of this opening.Two hundred tanks Wang Weiyi pondered.He vaguely remembered that the Skeleton Master once had a miracle of 11 Tigers defeating 200 T34s.Could it be staged here Thinking about it How much power can we use immediately There are 9 Tigers and 19 self propelled anti tank guns in the Pailan battle group.

Mr.Marshal, I heard that the Z y u French movement is preparing to hold a military parade in London on July 4th.What do you think of this Wang Weiyi said slowly but firmly I and the German government firmly oppose this point Four hundred and twenty four.Medieval style challenge This is absolutely not allowed Wang Weiyi s tone became severe There is only one legitimate French zh ngf recognized by the whole world, and it is in Paris.Although I suggest that the French movement is different from Politicians can come to Paris for negotiations and complain about their political differences, but it is by no means to recognize their legitimacy.Before the negotiations are carried out and the problems are not resolved, any military parade or similar actions are illegal , we will regard it as a challenge to the peaceful and legal zh ngf Before, Wang Weiyi had acted very approachable, but now he was suddenly so harsh, so there was no room for it.

He really couldn t understand how the Supreme Command considered it.Since they were going to stick to Kharkov, why didn t they send him more planes, more guns, and more tanks And those soldiers, why did you send yourself so many recruits with no combat experience Two armies In such a situation, even with the addition of two group armies, it may not be able to hold on.What made Kolkorok even more unimaginable was that a more catastrophic event was about to happen.On the opposite side of the battlefield at this time, Marshal Ernst, the supreme commander of the German army, was also watching the battlefield.What is real war This is the real war The sky is the strong German air force the ground is the strong German who carries cbd gummies near me artillery.Once the war breaks out, I can get all the support I want as soon as possible He suddenly thought that only when the country truly possesses these powers can it be called strong.

Immediately, the most fanatical sale 10 cbd gummies cbd fighting enthusiasm since the war broke out Colonel van der Vene reported the good news to Marshal Ernst Brahm immediately.And Ernst.Marshal Bram told his subordinates If I can see Mr.Frariakush s body, I will reward you with a bottle of 191 year old rum For the rum, attack When Colonel van der Venny issued this order, the officers and soldiers of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment were a little confused.Never had they heard such a strange order for rum offensive Such an extremely strange cry.Resounding in the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment.There s a bottle of rum for everybody Colonel van der Veene during his military career.For the first time tampered with the superior s order The baron will reward us with a bottle of rum each For the baron s rum attack At this time, Wang Weiyi didn t know that the orders of his subordinates put him on the verge of dangerous bleeding.

On cbd gummies legal in missouri April 22, the German 22nd Division occupied the Stalin Fortress, and the artillery units advanced layer by layer, using millimeter guns and rocket launchers to break down the remaining fortresses at close range.By April 2, the central defense of the Soviet army in the north had completely collapsed, and 11 of the 12 fortresses had fallen into the hands of the German army The attack on the Sevastopol fortress ended, and this so called indestructible fortress fell into the hands of the Germans General Manstein, taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of the Battle of Kharkov, achieved as brilliant a victory as Baron Alexon Four hundred and fifty seven.The wounded, Marshal Ernst.Your Excellency, Marshal.All the officers and soldiers stood up and watched Marshal Ernst s arrival with the most reverence.

Desk, office chair God, these are all my own.Mr.Williams stared blankly, unable to believe that all this is true, Mr.Williams, you can work here from now on baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd you If you are optimistic, please go to Mr.Garcia s office, he still has something to do with you.Miss Carlos walked towards the door while talking, and when she reached the door, she suddenly turned around and who carries cbd gummies near me asked Williams Sir, are you free tonight Ah, yes I heard that there is a new restaurant opening on the corner of the street, are you free to treat me to dinner Of course.Williams said excitedly.That day, stockbrokers, this is such a wonderful industry.Not only did you get out of the predicament quickly, but there were really beauties in your arms.Seeing William Maisui s distraught look, Miss Carlos smiled sweetly.In Mr.Garcia s office, Williams saw a familiar figure, he recognized him at a glance, and then exclaimed in surprise Mr.

Everything Germany does is to protect its own diaspora.until justice is served.Germany will never withdraw its troops from Turkey At 1 pm on July 10, 1942, Turkey declared war on Germany and the Axis Powers Turkey has officially joined the ranks of the Allies This is the result that the Allies have always wanted before, but it is a bit embarrassing to appear under such circumstances.The United Kingdom must send additional troops to Turkey in the shortest possible time.At the same hillstone hemp cbd gummies erectile dysfunction time, it must also pray that the Turkish army can stop the fierce German offensive.Ensure that its capital, Ankara, does not fall into German hands.At the does cbd gummies cause constipation same time, Inonu, President of the Republic of Turkey, also made a series of countermeasures in a panic.In addition to declaring war on Germany, Inonu hastily mobilized the 2nd and 3rd Army Corps, under the command of Marshal Goris.

Ernst The marshal can actually speak Turkish This is really novel.Wang Weiyi s purpose is to control Turkey in the shortest time, and there is another very important reason he wants to use Istanbul as a template to tell everyone Turkey is, the German army is not terrible, the German baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd army is here to liberate Turkey, who carries cbd gummies near me not to conquer Turkey The Turkish army is not terrible, and the constant resistance that may follow is the most troublesome This is like it is easy to occupy a nation, but it is too difficult to completely conquer this nation.Conveying friendly news and letting the Turks eliminate the hostility to the German army to the greatest extent is the direction of Wang Weiyi s continuous efforts.Turkey Its strategic position is so important, Wang Weiyi does not want to deploy a large number of troops to deal with the endless resistance forces who carries cbd gummies near me in the future.

After my in depth inspection, the spider is so sincere, where is baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd the monthly ticket Brothers who haven t voted for monthly tickets, look to the left, Comrade Ji and Comrade Sealed are looking at you with a whip and candle in their hands and grinning 501.Rescue in the hotel The Turkish Grand Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Ankara.People with status always like to live here when they come to Ankara, so it is often difficult to find a house here.Fortunately, it is now during the war, which more or less affected the business of the hotel, so Herbert was able to book three rooms smoothly.Wang Weiyi and Elena live together, while Klingenberg and his six team members can only squeeze into two rooms with grievances.When seeing Elena, Klingenberg and his team members were very surprised.They never expected to meet such a beautiful German girl here.

Since the legendary Trojan gold treasure exists, so does the Mino King treasure.And these treasures all fell into the hands of Karami s father Abdul Hamid II Otherwise, This can t explain Professor Ivans gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me suspicion that he discovered the Minoan civilization, but only found sporadic cultural relics The mystery has been revealed These treasures are hidden in a hidden and huge cave near Hisarik Hill, and the cave has been sealed by my father.Karami said with some sarcasm It s fun, isn t it Mr.Liman discovered the gold treasure of Troy on the hill of gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me Hisarik, but my father still hid all the treasures there.Hamid II did this beautifully, and no one thought that in Hisarik In a cave on the hill where no one knows where, there is actually a huge and terrible treasure hidden the treasure of Troy gold and the treasure of King Mino Mr.

He believes that the once powerful Ottoman Empire can truly represent Turkey, and believes that Turkey can only be led by the Ottoman Empire.to become stronger again.Germany s public opinion and propaganda agencies are running at full capacity, promoting the heavy feats that the Ottoman Empire once had.And repeatedly mentioned Abdul Hamid II, who unfortunately died in the hands of the rebels, otherwise Turkey is now.Never facing a terrible war Germany seems to be providing a very strong signal the German government only trusts the rulers of the former Ottoman Empire.The top leaders of the Allied Powers saw the German conspiracy at once.This is to restore the rule of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.A completely dictatorial monarchy is more in Germany s interest.However, to be honest, Germany s hand is still very useful, especially for the Turks who are suffering from the war Humans are always such a strange animal, when you decide to overthrow When a regime is in power, I can t wait to wipe out its influence completely.

Because at this time, the number of tanks in the armored corps was less than half of that of the British army, and the remaining fuel was not even enough to travel 160 kilometers.The British army still firmly controls the air supremacy.Early in the morning, when Rommel boarded the car and went to the command post, he said to the health doctor with a heavy heart Today s offensive is the most difficult decision I have ever made in my life.Either we will reach the Suez Canal, or In the following words, he really It s hard to say any more.The British army soon discovered the information that Rommel was about to launch an attack from the deciphered secret message.Although who carries cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for sleep 2022 Auchinlik has repeatedly hinted to Montgomery that Rommel will attack with all his might.The 8th Army should retreat to preserve its strength, but Montgomery believes that the current British army is fully capable of defeating Rommel if amizen has cbd gummys s attack, and can take this opportunity to quickly launch a counterattack.

Farouk I was very considerate of the guests.His speech was very brief, and then he ordered the music to play, allowing himself and the guests to re enter the carnival.At this point, the Egyptian king gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me performed quite well Farouk I greeted the important guests one by one, and he also specially made a speech in front of Mr.Baron Andrew Toxon He stayed for a while, and warmly invited the who carries cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for sleep 2022 baron gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me to play cards again if he had a chance.As soon as he left, Wang Weiyi found that many guests were the same science cbd gummies for sex who carries cbd gummies near me as himself, so he quickly checked whether he had lost any valuables.Strange, Farouk I is really a wonderful flower in the position of king Wang Weiyi doesn t have too much thought on the ball now, he is thinking about how to rescue Colonel Fels, who is very important to Germany.Colonel Fels has too much information in his hands.

Therefore, a strange comment was written on Marseio s appraisal form As a pilot, he has poor conduct.This comment remains in Marseio s archives to this day.Therefore, no matter how brave Marseille was on the battlefield, and no matter what record he achieved in the air battle in the Anglo French Channel.Even if I change to a new boss later, I still don t always get trust.He is determined to prove himself as an excellent fighter pilot with his actual actions in Africa.Over the new battlefield Tobruk.The 3rd Squadron of the 27th Combat Aviation Regiment recorded his first victory.Looks like it s off to a good start.However, Marseille was not satisfied with this, and he always wanted to try his luck of killing indiscriminately.So he often rushed into the middle of the British Air Force fleet and flew back to the airport with the battered plane.

We can safely re launch the attack on Britain Adolf, Adolf Wang Weiyi smiled, like an older brother laughing at a younger brother who said something wrong I just said that we are not capable of defeating the United States for the time being, and it will be in a very long time.For a whileyou don t know about the United States, it is a very powerful country, they have almost unlimited resources, they can also assist the Allies in the shortest time while meeting the challenge of Japan Launching a massive offensive in Europe what about us Adolf, did you see the map His eyes fell on the map again Egypt, Iran, Turkey We have not occupied these places for a long time.We need time to digest the fruits of our victory, instead of challenging the United States in haste And the two behemoths of the USSR even until this war is over, we try to avoid war with the United HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me States, this is not cowardice, but preparation for the future you see the map Are these points on it If we can defeat the Soviet Union and completely cbd gummies for copd where to buy incorporate the Caucasus and other regions into our territory, twenty years later, we will become the country that the United States fears the most, the Greater German Federation Greater German Confederation These words instantly excited Hitler He seemed to have a vague understanding of the blueprint in General Ernst s mindTwenty years is a long time, but in fact It was also very short Hitler waited for the return of General Ernst for twenty years, very long, very long But after Germany lost the first war, it only used Twenty years made Europe tremble again, very short Maybe you re dead then, and I m dead too.

The torpedo planes each carried an 800 kg torpedo, the dive bombers each carried a 250 kg blasting bomb, and the level bombers each carried an 800 kg delayed fuze armor piercing bomb.Fifteen minutes later, the fleet assembled over the fleet, formed a predetermined formation, and flew towards Pearl Harbor at an altitude of 3,000 meters.The commander in chief of the air and the leader baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd of the horizontal bomber Akagi was Lieutenant Mitsuo Fuchida, the leader of the torpedo plane was Major Shigeharu Murata, the leader of the dive bomber was Major Kazuichi Takahashi of the Shokaku , and the leader of the fighter jets was Major Shigeru Itaya.Three yellow identification strips are painted on the vertical tail of the aircraft.During the flight, Fuchita listened to who carries cbd gummies near me Honolulu s radio for navigation.He was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected receipt of the Pearl Harbor weather forecast he desperately needed.

Sure enough, he got his wish, and the Elterra obtained by the decipherers of Bletchley Manor, the super secret, has made great achievements for the United Kingdom.This also gave him a firm foothold in MI6.But even so, there are still some traditional forces who are not optimistic about Stuart Menzies, who was born as a commoner, and think that his talent is not enough baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd to control such an important department.Because of this, from the official succession until now.Colonel Menzies has been wrestling with all kinds of forces Now, who carries cbd gummies near me perhaps by this opportunity.It s HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me time to change your destiny.Colonel Menzies stood up Major, would you like to visit Ernst Brahm with me I would like to, Colonel, he saved my life twice.Major Rogermin said this When he spoke, his voice was full of gratitude.Even, he felt that he had almost become an admirer of Baron Alexon Colonel Menzies had met Baron Alexon before, of course, after the baron made public appearances.

If you allow, please assign thirty of us.Your request has been accepted.Wang Weiyi did not insist One thing must be remembered, we are here to save people, not to win any victory, so once Sergeant Keller is rescued, all people must Retreat immediately Yes, Marshal Marshal, all the Brandenburg commandos thank you Six hundred and fifty.Fight for him, die for him All members of the Brandenburg commandos will surely remember this day From this day on, every one of them has belonged to Baron Alexson Fight for him, die for him Every member of the Brandenburg commando was ready to sacrifice from the first day they stepped onto the battlefield, but this time it was different they found a reason to sacrifice and found out what they believed in Ernst Brahm is their belief They lay on the ground quietly, motionless, waiting patiently.

The battlefield was full of artillery fire.The shouts of soldiers can be heard everywhere, some German positions are lost, and the situation in some positions is not optimistic, but when he heard the news, Wang Weiyi couldn t help showing a smile on his face Okay, finally all led Come out Yes, this was what he d been waiting for.Attract as many enemies as possible to your side.Marshal.I have to remind you.De Sade said without knowing the style Now our situation is relatively passive, and the Russian offensive has reached a crazy point.Our casualties are also increasing sharply.Can we persist until The arrival of the outside troops is still unknown You shoot.I shoot, and then we won t have such troublesome things.Wang Weiyi actually joked at this time De Sade, I There is always a feeling that we are not going to die.

The rest of the 13th Guards Division rushed through the streets of Stalingrad and took positions on the left flank of Mamayev Kurgan and around the railway station.dawn.The 13th Guards Division was attacked frantically by the Germans.At this time, the 9th Panzer Army was still advancing south of the Tsaritsa River.On April 19, the 13th Guards Division encountered a frontal German attack.The battle for the train station was extremely fierce, with both sides attacking and defending each other.The train station changed hands four times in one day, and fell into the hands of the Soviet army again at dusk.On the same day, the control of the railway station continued to change continuously.Up to 15 times before and after.April 20.The 13th Guards Division regained the initiative from the Germans, cleared the trestle bridge and its surrounding area, and regained control of the railway station.

We are shocked by the determination of the Russians to resist, and we admire the spirit of sacrifice of the Russians, but this will not hinder us in the slightest The determination to win strong positions one by one were captured by the coordinated cooperation of artillery, air force, engineers and infantry.A large number of corpses lay there in all kinds of strange shapes.Now , all of this does not feel scary to us at all Marshal Ernst Brehm once again appeared on the front line.For his appearance, no one will be surprised, he He is such a person who always personally commands his troops to fight.Under his personal supervision, who else would not fight every battle with all his heart We all have to remember one thing.Marshal Watching right behind us Earlier.I got a message that one of my tank regiments had wiped out an enemy division, and looking at the excited telegram, I didn t think What s the excitement.

If it turns out that my judgment is wrong, then I beg sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep you to shoot me to warn our party.Comrade Stalin nodded silently I accept your request Comrade Dimilenko, even if your suspicions turn out to be wrong.You will not be punished, you have shown your loyalty to me very well.Dimilenko heaved a long sigh of relief Now that he has accomplished what he should do, it depends on the Baron Skeleton.The only thing he can t understand is how the Baron Skeleton How did you find out about Stalin s travel route Could it be that beside Stalin, does the Skeleton Baron have an unknown insider If this is the case, it is really unbelievable The Ziguang military base.Wang Weiyi sat there comfortably.Holding a cup of steaming tea, he took a sip from time to time.Of course he could not know which route Stalin would take, but Xiao Ling could keep a close watch.

That doesn t belong to us, and it s a world we ll never see.Joseph gradually understood.Yes, they will never understand the baron s world.Don t try to follow the baron s footsteps.The baron s world will never belong to them The United States.Countess Leonie has packed her bags, and she is about to return to his motherland Germany.The United States is a very nice country, but she has lived here for a long time, no matter how beautiful it is , that s not her own homeland either.It s time to go back, it s time to go back.Germany is constantly gaining victories on the battlefield, and the closer the victory is, the stronger the feeling in Countess Leonie s heart Baron I m about to leave them again Yes, Countess Leonie confirmed her judgment Countess, are you really leaving Elliott asked reluctantly.

Well, is it Gaius seemed to be a little polite to the chief centurion, and after a short thought, he said decisively No, this cottage must be captured within three days Now the army in my hand The number is not enough, I can t let six battalions of troops be trapped here Go prepare, and attack again immediately after lunch The Roman officers in the tent looked at each other, and finally the chief centurion was more courageous, Excuse me , Consul Gaius, I think it is basically impossible to capture it within three days, unless Mars, the god of war, descends among us.Didn t you hear me I ordered who carries cbd gummies near me you to attack immediately after lunch You Do you want me to repeat it again Gaius said impatiently as if he didn t hear what the centurion said.Hearing these words, the who carries cbd gummies near me officers put their right arms cbd gummies help lose weight across their chests and gave a military salute, then silently exited Gaius command tent.

So many Vandals are suffering as slaves, I will not let this happen again.And he He pointed to Wang Weiyi I don t know where the Holy German Empire is, and I don t know 2 500 mg cbd gummies what a noble position a baron is.But all I know is that he just defeated Caesar not long ago I think everyone asks themselves, before this, did we ever think that we could beat Caesar No, I never thought about it anyway.I don t know if we can finally conquer Rome as the Baron said, anyway, I m going to try who carries cbd gummies near me it now Speaking of which, he slammed his direct right fist into his chest forcefully Baron Alexon, all the Vandals are willing to follow you to fight together Baron Alexon, all the Germanians who have seen your bravery are willing to fight with you This is what Anluges said.No one has more confidence in the baron than he.

He knew Kaleini too well, and he would never fail so inexplicably.What is the problem Did Ernst, who called himself a baron, show up Caesar suddenly asked Is he directing the barbarians to fight No, I didn t see who carries cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for sleep 2022 him on the field.Calini replied honestly The one commanding those barbarians should be a person who uses double swords, similar to our short swords.He was too good, my lord, and I know it would who carries cbd gummies near me be disrespectful to say that to the Romans, but it is true.I swear I sleepy bear gummies cbd saw him kill at least ten of the bravest Romans, and more than that.The bravest warrior Caesar snorted who carries cbd gummies near me coldly Now, can we still call ourselves the bravest warriors The dignity of Rome has been completely thrown away.I have never been humiliated twice in succession, but here, in the land of barbarians, I have encountered it No one dared to make a sound, Caesar stood up suddenly Let us completely return these shame to those barbarians Seven hundred and forty one.

Anlugos did not understand at all what the Praetor meant Wang Weiyi knew what he was going to do, and he didn t want his judgment to be confirmed During the renewed attack of the Romans on this day, unexpectedly, the attack of the Roman Legion did not No matter how fierce they are, they still haven t invested all their troops.And judging from their offensive formation, they don t seem to want to make any major breakthrough today, and because of this, the Germanians defensive pressure is relatively not very heavy.This made Anlugus very strange.In fact, Caesar is who carries cbd gummies near me waiting at this time, just like Wang Weiyi who is waiting on the hidden path of the Germanians Wang Weiyi has been waiting here for a long time, three hundred The Germanian warriors also lurked around.Will it really how fast do cbd gummies work for anxiety come gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me Richthofen asked softly.

hand to exterminate more barbarians.But obviously, he was wrong.The savage used it so special.Such a shocking way cleanly wiped out the Fifteenth Legion.Even Centumalus himself fell captive to the barbarians.A huge threat is coming to himself, Caesar has already felt a powerful crisis Accompanied by the barbarians victories again and again, their self confidence continued to improve.It may not be long before the Germanic barbarians will appear again in the Gaul province across the Rhine.The sad mood of the rabbit dead and the fox is now the best portrayal of Caesar.Although he was very dissatisfied with Centumaros, what are the best cbd gummies to quit smoking this young commander was still a Roman after all.It is absolutely impossible for Caesar to pay the ransom just yesterday, the barbarians sent their envoys and told Caesar clearly that if Centumalus was to be released, the Romans would have to pay 30 Austrians.

As a veteran, Hulse certainly understood this truth, and hearing the soldiers arguments made him feel restless.Okay, shut up and watch your posts Hells growled, and the sentries obediently stopped commenting on the new commander, and focused on their duties.Hels looked at the sentinels disconsolately, and then at the Parthian rangers who were swaggering and robbing outside the wall.It seems that I can only stay here until I retire, and my original hope of becoming a Roman citizen through meritorious service is estimated to be 80 in vain.Think here.He was not in the mood to stay on the stone wall any longer, turned around with a straight face and walked towards the legion camp.Hells, who returned to the camp, unexpectedly saw another scene the centurions who had just returned were all sweating profusely, and sets of brand new weapons and armor were piled up in the center of the camp like hills.

Colonel Kevich expressed his gratitude to Major Abel, and then quickly began to make arrangements.Those Russians had not only He showed his ruthlessness, and also showed a strong fighting ability, which made Colonel Kevic not dare to take it lightly.He mobilized a large number of troops and quietly surrounded Goethe University overnight.On the orders of the Colonel It is very clear in the book that an enemy must not run away It is night, and Frankfurt under martial law is quiet, but a battle that may become extremely tragic is about to come American soldiers quietly entered the Goethe University, and there was no sound at all except for the sound of their actions.It s as if there is no one here except Americans.Major Gaekley is an officer directly in command of the front line, just like his chief, he also hates the Russians to the extreme in his heart.

You probably don t know.Now in the Allied forces are talking about your unit, discussing the difference between your commando and the unit commanded by the Baron.Please be sure to agree to my request, I will never It will cause you any trouble.Moreover, you can also tie my hands and feet Major Mario, your request has been approved.Wang Weiyi replied unexpectedly And, you will not be Tie it up.I d love to show an American major the way the Germans fight.Thank you, Mr.Major, said Major Mario gratefully.After all, his dream.Now it can be partially realized Major Mario realized his childhood dream, but after dawn.Looking at the corpses all over the ground, the American mood is not so happy.So many people had been killed, the wounded were crying out in pain, and even Major Mario was gone.Lieutenant Colonel Carls, who just arrived here, looked as ugly as Captain Christopher.

I hope that I no longer have it, but hope rises again here The Baron Return Victory Return Glory Return Some soldiers shouted loudly, while saying that their eyes fell on the opposite position That is.It is the enemy s position They are attacking here frantically, burning the land of Germany frantically.Now.It s time to return this humiliation tenfold to the enemy Burn the will of Germany Stand up and straighten your chests, German soldiers In Marshal Ernst s majestic voice, the crying soldiers wiped away their tears and stood up straight.I, I m back.I said I would come back when the crisis befell Germany.Wang Weiyi glanced at all the officers and soldiers one by one I think you have heard all of my speech.Failure is not Terrible, the lost glory, we will definitely recover.I will continue to lead you to fight until there is no enemy on the land of Germany.

Elliott smiled But you remember the Wittgenstein family Does the wealth belong to who I always remember it science cbd gummies for sex who carries cbd gummies near me firmly.It belongs to Baron Alexon.Paris said respectfully We are just the acting managers of the baron s wealth.Yes, we It s just the person in charge of the baron s wealth.Elliott s face straightened Now.The baron has returned, and I am ready to return the Wittgenstein family to the baron anytime and anywhere.But before that, we must do something.He paused, sale 10 cbd gummies cbd 10mg cbd gummies for sleep and then said who carries cbd gummies near me word by word Start the New York Union Paris gasped, and started the New York Union Previously, the regime in the United States was basically controlled by two groups the Hornets and our group.However, then another more powerful organization appeared that is the New York League , the New York League created by Ernst Brahm It was in In 1942, Morgan and Rockefeller decided to formalize their alliance with Baron Alexon.

Well prepared, and when the order of Marshal Ernst was issued, the 2nd and 6th Brigades of the German National Army also voluntarily abandoned their positions and retreated sharply.If General Catawaso knew that the Germans voluntarily gave up their positions, maybe He will regret it to death, this is the best opportunity for him to show off his military exploits The Americans were encouraged by the Italians, and the French were also encouraged by the Italians Li.Let.General Doss and his 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army had no idea that they were entering a huge who carries cbd gummies near me trap woven by their own lies.But who are they to blame If you choose the Italians as your allies, then you should have such mental preparations.When they came to the designated battlefield, no Italian soldiers were found, which made General Doss a little surprised, but no Germans were indeed who carries cbd gummies near me found on the opposite position.

That was the happiest moment of my life.I always tell this story with my family after the war.Aha, my children can recite it backwards after listening.And you.Major, do you have any children Yes, I have a lovely daughter.A smile appeared on Major Mario s face She is with my wife, and I think I can see them after the war is over.However, if Germany loses General, I m only saying if.I m afraid I ll have to spend years in prison before I see them.No, Germany will not fail.General Opperman s answer was very positive In Germany, almost everyone has a deep belief.That is, any battle commanded by the baron will never fail.Major, now that you have also become a member of the German army, I hope you can have the same belief.I will, General. Then hurry up and have a good rest.Opperman reached out from Mario s pocket and took out the pack of cigarettes Major.

But, the French thought, those Germans probably wouldn t care, would they Heisenberg and his commandos were ready.They waited quietly, showing no sign of rush.During the day, Captain Ince had already figured out everything about the situation here, including the who carries cbd gummies near me exact location of the artillery positions.Suitable blast sites, and those defended by the few defenders.Now.Just waiting for the attack of the armed guerrillas of the underground resistance organization.Heisenberg looked at the time, and there were still a few minutes before the agreed time.He closed his eyes and seized the last few minutes to rest.Suddenly, gunshots pierced the night sky, and then dense gunfire rang out.Let s get started Heisenberg stood up and said coldly.All the commandos stood up and walked out silently.Attack, attack Those damned guerrillas are coming again There was some confusion outside, but none of the artillerymen came out.

They even have a say in the decision making of some major domestic issues.It s a pleasure to meet you.You are so beautiful and young.Michael praised sincerely.I am also very happy to see you.I can tell at a glance that the blood of His Majesty the Emperor is flowing on your body.Leoni s status is much higher than who carries cbd gummies near me that of Michael and his wife.Even if it is still the emperor s time, the status of Baron Alexon cannot be compared with her, so she just expressed her love for Michael.The welcome of the couple.After several people sat down again, Leonie suddenly said Is the neighbor s mill okay ah.Of who carries cbd gummies near me course, madam.Michael was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said When the law and personal interests conflict.The law must be strictly obeyed, even if this person is the emperor.This is a well known story in Europe, and it is also an example of the superiority of German law over the emperor.

Danger is always everywhere.When danger comes, how to resolve it is the most important thing.The identity that Annette arranged for Wang Weiyi was disclosed as an American assistant in the Egyptian royal palace, while the other identity was an agent of the CIA, which also allowed Wang Weiyi to calmly deal with any situation he encountered.It s still the palace that I visited twenty years ago, but at gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me this time, things are different.A large number of agents of the US military and the FBI are closely monitoring the inside and outside of the palace.Without Annette s help, Wang Weiyi might not have the opportunity to enter at all.Hey, Agent Pete.Before seeing Annette, Benjamin had already appeared first, and he greeted him warmly Lieutenant, why are you method organics cbd gummies here Hey, don t reveal my identity.Wang Weiyi looked Nervously looked around I m just an auxiliary staff assisting with the dinner party, not some Agent Pete.

What should I do in the future Wait for my order.I will come to you, when the time comes, you will hand over the child to me, and I will take her back to China.Until then, you ll have to try to hide her.Estimated to take more than two weeks.Who will arrange the false clues asked Solomon.Simon will do it.By the way, Simon will be the liaison between you and me.The doorbell rang.It was Simon who came in.Macklin looked at Solomon What else do you need, please ask, everything can be done. Thirty thousand dollars in cash.That s all This is for pocket money.I will speak again in the future.But money isn t the only thing I need.Simon picked up the briefcase knowingly and put it on his lap.This is Annie.Carrouse archival material.From the time she wakes up in the morning until she goes to bed at night, we have a complete picture of her activities throughout the day.

Dear German commander, please forward this trustee to my wife.I will express my deepest respect to you.Your enemy Diego.Wang Weiyi did not read the contents of that letter.But he fulfilled Colonel Diego s last wish.In the First World War, although the combat effectiveness of the Italian army was ridiculed, Colonel Diego is undoubtedly worthy of respect.After the end of the First World War, who carries cbd gummies near me how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies in order to commend Colonel Diego s bravery, the Borza Infantry Regiment was named the Diego Infantry Regiment, and finally expanded into the Diego Infantry Division.The words of the Italian captain were who carries cbd gummies near me best cbd gummies for sleep 2022 full of Proud People from the Diego Infantry Division.They will always persevere until the last moment.Yes, just like Colonel Diego Wang Weiyi sighed softly.At this time, at least half of the Italian army on the opposite side was wiped out.

With a disapproving look on his face The Wehrmacht is meant to die as for your SS, I can think about it Hey brat, listen to me who carries cbd gummies near me Zuo The husband threw down his cigarette irritably and took a step cbd gummies in orlando forward This is not about the Wehrmacht, the SS this is a battle, and the enemy we are facing is the damn Ivan they don t care about killing The SS or the Wehrmacht I m telling you the fuck, Rutherford, if we re all dead defending the church and the cemetery you two tanks can t hold back Hmph enough.Rutherford dropped the cigarette butt absent mindedly I won t fucking give anyone face.I ll show you tonight how our Waffen SS armored soldiers relied on two tanks to turn the tide of the battle Zoff was angry.The big man dropped his rifle and jumped onto Rutherford s tank.They swung their fists and hit them, and the armored soldiers rushed over eagerly.

The body is also instantly quiet.He didn t struggle anymore, just looked at Heisenberg, looked into Heisenberg s comparing cbd gummies reviews eyes with the same fear, and murmured over and over again JesusyeahmomMother mom.The Model assault gun made a dull firing sound in the distance.Countless Russian tanks formed a huge armored cemetery.However, the battle at this moment took place on the square between the post office and the church.The Model assault gun was shot by the building.To HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me block, he could only fire needlessly around the church in an attempt to block bumble cbd gummies the approaching infantry.Heisenberg gasped convulsively, crawled away from the corpse, and grabbed the priest s clothes again in the smoke.Captain cheer up We can hold this city We must hold on I order you Heisenberg put his pistol against the priest s head Get up fight with me Captain Colonel I m dead.

His tanks were constantly destroyed, and his soldiers died in pieces.And those enemies who swarmed up.But there is no way to stop it.Shefolsky also thought of surrendering, but such a thought only passed by in a flash, and was quickly rejected by himself.He is a soldier.Soldiers should die like soldiers.Surrender he would never do such a thing that would shame the honor of cbd gummies from icbd reviews a soldier So no gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me matter how difficult the situation was, Shefolski forced himself to continue.Persevere, persist until the last ray of hope is completely shattered.This is probably the only thing Sheforsky wanted The Russian army also sent him reinforcements as much as possible.About regiments and battalions of Russian troops were put at the disposal of Scheforsky.But a huge battlefield.Such a little force can t achieve much effect Shefolski can t control so much anymore.

Where is this still the father in the United States in the past In fact, think about it, maybe this is his true face.What responsible father would send his two daughters to sell his own body Ronanova sighed softly, it would be great if Baron Alexon was still there Because they didn t get the money they wanted, Milosevic and Natalia left already aggrieved.Even before they got into the car, Ronanova could even hear Milosevic curse loudly.The same is true for her husband, who got into the car by himself science cbd gummies for sex who carries cbd gummies near me and left here without looking back, without even calling his wife.Probably, this is the punishment for the father in law.Ronanova smiled wryly, there was no relationship between her and her husband at all.It was all because of interests that they got together under the arrangement of their father.

And me.Can you really keep who carries cbd gummies near me me safe It can be seen that Suolkina is still a little worried.When I make a promise to you.I will definitely be able to do it.Wang Weiyi came to Sulkina and gently stroked her face Not only can I guarantee your safety, but I can also completely free you from the nightmareI think I will come back soon.Going to Germany.During this time, I hope you will wait patiently.The day when I come back will be the end of everything.You ll never have to worry about anything Are you leaving Solkina was taken aback.It s just a temporary departure Wang Weiyi comforted her I will be back soon When he finished speaking, Solkina s lips are on him now.Everything about her is tied to the baron.Her body, her soul.Everything about her The satisfied woman beside her fell asleep like a child.

You can suppress us and not gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me support us.That s entirely up to you.But what I can tell you is.Most gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me of Turin is already under our control, and all of Turin is supporting us Sir, I think you are still too optimistic.General Kong Jieao said coldly I have soldiers, tanks, and cannons.I can make you fail within two hours Yes, General, I fully admit that.Nadov said calmly Of course you can easily suppress us.But can you kill every honest Italian in Turin Once the crackdown begins, Turin will be stained red with blood.Countless people will die for it.and you What can you get Great patriot or butcher general You will be spurned by the Italians all your life Even, you can kill me here now, but there will be HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me more people like me fighting to the end for our cause General Kong Jieao fell silent.He was absolutely unwilling to bear the infamy of General Butcher.

Several grenades fell rapidly, ready to hit the leading US tanks, and immediately blew up the walking system, turning them into fixed firepower points.Then, several more grenades hit the tank s walking system, blowing off two of its tracks, effectively blocking the attack.At this time, the retreating British troops had all cbd gummies martha stewart reviews concentrated in the second line positions.Romeo I will go to the defense line at the three way intersection first, and you should retreat too.Steinman said and waved at the German army, and then led the team to withdraw from the outer positions, and Romeo expressed his acquiescence to this.Now, there are only less than 4,000 British troops remaining to hold the outer positions, and the German troops are withdrawing to the reserve cbd gummies for alcohol cravings line of defense the defense line at the Sanchajunction.

Fifteen seconds The pilot turned around again and shouted.All the light transport helicopters in the helicopter formation began to descend.The soldiers on the helicopters opened their goggles and held their guns.Every nerve of them was tense and almost broke.They are all mentally prepared for any eventuality.boom The helicopter formation released smoke bombs.Suddenly, a large area on the ground was engulfed by a white smoke screen.Four feet The pilot reported the count unhurriedly.Lieutenant Pozik, sitting in the helicopter, took a deep breath.Three feet baypark cbd gummies sale 10 cbd gummies cbd The rattling sound of pulling the bolt of the gun sounded.Two feet, reach the target location.Jump, jump Lieutenant Pozik shouted to the other soldiers in the helicopter, and then took the lead to jump out of the cabin.then.All the soldiers on all the helicopters took their weapons, jumped out of best cbd gummies for sleep and pain relief the helicopters into the street, and ran quickly to the side of the road.

The situation is already beyond the control of General Ainova, the only thing he can do is to reduce some blood, but judging from the resistance of the rioters, even this is so difficult When the first guard division gradually took the initiative on the battlefield, an armored unit suddenly appeared on the battlefield.Judging from the designation, it was the 102nd Armored Assault Regiment belonging to the 51st Armored Army.It must have been sent by the Prime Minister to reinforce him General Enova s mind immediately came up with such an idea.But something surprising happened soon, the 102nd Armored Assault Regiment suddenly fired at the National First Guard Division Hell, it was real, the shells fell on the soldiers of the First National Guard Division, and there was a violent explosion, accompanied by the screams of the soldiers.

He will stay in this position until the general elections six months later.The French government was born.The emergence of this military government is very special, and countless things that could not have happened have catalyzed the establishment of this government.What are the consequences of military power Not many people have thought that all the gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me French are tired of war, and the most important thing for them is who carries cbd gummies near me how to end the civil strife as soon as possible and return the French to a safe and peaceful environment as soon as possible.Maybe Robito is not the most suitable candidate, but is there anyone more suitable to lead France in the current situation No one, so the French had to pin all their who carries cbd gummies near me hopes on Robito.After becoming the President of France, Robito quickly made his first somewhat surprising appointment the appointment of former French police chief Fertime Berkeley as the prime minister of the French government.

We will never fight with any rioters.Negotiations of any kind He made his deployment again, and this time he no longer dared to underestimate the black people in Castri College.They have guns, and they have snipers in a vantage point, which will make the subsequent assault extremely difficult.He quickly found a suitable shooting position.From there, you can see the entire Castri Academy, and two policemen with accurate marksmanship stayed there with snipers.Capture every possible target.However, Chief Douglas and all the police have not known until now what kind of terrible opponent they are facing.Not the blacks, not at all.Any member of the Black Panther Party can only shoot indiscriminately with guns, and they never have such excellent shooting skills.That was Khuf Nadermann and several of his companions, the best special soldiers carefully selected by the German Brandenburg Commando to rush to the United States to assist Paris in a series of operations.

Just when they decided to take action, Captain Angus let out a soft shh , and his companions quickly fell silent.Footsteps came, Captain Angus and his friends hid behind who carries cbd gummies near me the wooden box, and after a while.A figure appeared.He carefully inspected each wooden box, and then walked closer and closer to Captain Angus When they finally approached, Captain Angus rushed out Don t move Captain Eduardo was taken aback.He instinctively stretched the guard to his waist, but even if he was restrained, the weapon left him.Captain Eduardo, hello, I am Captain Angus.Captain Angus said with a smile We are an underground resistance organization.I personally suggest that you do not resist, and I have to inform you with regret.Now this The admiral of the plane is up to me.Captain Eduardo sighed deeply, he had already given up any plans cbd gummies after or before eating to resist natures boost cbd gummies rachael ray The other party was able to sneak into the plane and even knew his who carries cbd gummies near me name.

Wang Weiyi said lightly And I will not threaten them to do anything, I will release them all after the war is over.General Gandra, please note that only after the war is over, no matter who wins the final war.Yeah, you re not going HCMUSSH who carries cbd gummies near me to use these hostages to blackmail anyone In fact, even if you don t make any demands, those officials will compromise General Gandra had already seen clearly what the other party was thinking None of them will have the mind to continue working.They have to pray day and night for their family so that you can get what you want more easily than any request Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Although I don t know what your name is, that s all I can call you.What s next What terrible thing are you going to do next Wang Weiyi did not answer immediately, but took out a newspaper from his pocket and handed it to General Gandra The New York Times just published yesterday, I took a lot of effort to get it in the first place Yes, General Gandra, you can read a particularly compelling report above.

Anno is I can answer you.The headquarters of the Freedom Army is here, and each of us is Mr.Anno The answer was very calm and calm.But it made Frank gasp.He couldn t see the slightest fear on the face of the Englishman.However, Frank felt fear.These British people seemed to be affected by something.Like a curse, he completely forgot his own life and death.No, this situation must be firmly and thoroughly controlled He waved his hand, and more than a dozen soldiers raised their guns, Frank coldly He said coldly I will give you one last chance and tell gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me me everything you know.Otherwise, I cbd gummies dementia dosage will order my soldiers to shoot at you to put down the name of the rebellion The Englishman who spoke first gave a contemptuous gummy cbd side effects who carries cbd gummies near me smile Nothing, really nothing, just like Mr.Annuo said, even if they die, their descendants will always remember them with admiration and pride.

No one can stop the mighty Axis march towards London.The ancient city of London, under the threat of the muzzle, is about to burst into the most splendid fireworks One thousand one hundred and twenty nine.The general s sorrow, the loss of Oldford, made London completely lose its last barrier.At this time, for the Axis team, the future is already flat.They would have no trouble reaching London and launch a final assault on the British capital.For the Fenton government in London and the Americans, the outcome was shocking.In their plan, although Oldford was bound to be lost, what they did not expect was that in less than a day, not only Oldford fell into the hands of the Axis forces, but also General Denardo and his Chief of Staff Truss was also killed.It s a tragedy, especially for Prime Minister Wilkins.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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