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Guo Yunfeng was also dumbfounded.God, what is this weird thing Killed so many enemies at once Where did the lieutenant find such support At this time, Prince Sobok s camp was completely in chaos, and they could see it clearly from the barracks.When those three steel monsters appeared, more than twenty soldiers were helpless in front of them What is that TANK, TANK Major John, the battalion commander of the Prince s Battalion, was the first to react, and then shouted loudly Hell, that s TANK water tank The British took the lead in putting tanks on the battlefield, but in such a short period of time, the enemy also possessed them, and judging from the appearance and firepower of the three tanks on the opposite side, they far surpassed the British tanks Machine guns, machine guns, stop them John hissed.

After circling above for a while, the plane quickly left here Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng and the three tanks have been lurking in a safe place, waiting there quietly.If you choose to break out in broad daylight, it is not much different from dying.Had to wait until evening for any chance of success.The faint sound of artillery 100 mg cbd gummies for sale continues to spread, maybe the British are attacking But they never dreamed that when they attacked, two daring men also attacked in their hinterland.This is simply the greatest mockery of the British.Guo Yunfeng has been monitoring the surrounding movement on a high ground.Fortunately, there has never been a British figure, which also five cbd daily buzz hemp full spectrum gummies reassures Wang Weiyi a lot.The sky darkened little by little Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something, and then repeatedly scolded himself for being extremely stupid.

The first thing that caught his eyes was beyond belief, which even made him deliberately lower the flying altitude to a very dangerous position to barely see clearly God, that is a huge German flag The German flag flying in the heart of the enemy What happened next left him stunned What is this What the hell happened here Dead bodies, fire, blood The German flag is flying over this terrible hell Could it be Could it be that the Welsh Regiment is finished Before taking off, Richthofen once heard some rumors that a daring German infantry lieutenant took a captured Chinese laborer and captured a tank to kill the Prince Soberk Battalion , is preparing to launch an attack on the Welsh Regiment.Richthofen, who was born in an aristocratic family, does not believe such rumors at all.Unless it is a mythical paladin However, now Manfred von Richter Lieutenant Hofen had to start believing in this legend.

This proposal was approved, but it was not until August 1909 that the new intelligence agency, the Secret Intelligence Service, officially appeared on the basis of the original Secret Service.The Bureau is divided into two parts.Part of the Secret Security Service, responsible for British domestic security and counterintelligence work.The other part is the Secret Intelligence Service, which is responsible for overseas espionage.Because these two departments does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies belong to the fifth and sixth divisions of the War Office, they are also known as MI5 MI5 and MI6 MI6.It was Sergeant Lev from MI6.As soon as he saw the general, Lev said bluntly General, I need a few people to come with me to receive an intelligence report.In the German Second Army, we have He collected a piece of reliable information for us, about that group of Germans.

What.The girls circled around Wang Weiyi asking this and that, causing Wang Weiyi to have two heads.Fortunately, Countess Leonie, who appeared in time, borrowed money for him in time.As soon as Countess Leonie appeared , let Wang Weiyi feel the thrilling beauty.And this kind of beauty is completely different from Elena.Elena does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies is full of youthful firepower, but the countess who is only in her early thirties is the green apple cbd gummies dr phil kind of soul stirring mature beauty Her gestures and gestures are all suffocating.She was the wife of Admiral Crick de Bier von Schiller at the age of sixty.Count Schiller had never married before, When I was sixty years old, I met Leonie by chance.If someone like Earl Schiller could not relive cbd gummies help but fall in love with Leonie when he saw Leonie, he started a crazy pursuit and finally succeeded in marrying her back.

About the day before yesterday, I had dinner with His Majesty the Emperor and the Queen.During the can i buy cbd gummies in illinois dinner, His Majesty talked about you endlessly, so let I also have some interest in you, and I really want to see with my own eyes what kind of person you are Now Wang Weiyi understands a little bit.No wonder the Countess took the initiative to find her, it turned out that it was because of William II.He didn t interrupt the Countess, but listened to her continue Actually, it was not my idea to invite you as a guest, but His Majesty s.His Majesty also knew something about Nicholas interest in you, but He never believed that a German hero would betray his motherland.However, His Majesty does not want to meddle in the affairs of the Military Intelligence Bureau, so there is only cbd sleep gummies vs melatonin one way, to grant you a title, so that Nicholas cannot come to him unless he has solid evidence Your troubles, but even so, His Majesty is still not at ease.

Colonel Gustav discovered something was wrong, the Germans went crazy, snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale and invested a shockingly large number of troops in the position he was responsible for holding What are they trying to do Are the Germans planning to seize Reims in one fell swoop by virtue of this offensive At a glance, the battlefield is densely packed with attacking German troops.The voice of Long live, Germany does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies can be heard everywhere, the Maxim heavy machine gun spits out terrible firepower, and the Mauser rifle makes a sharp whistling Everything constituted the most magnificent scene on the battlefield, and everything was telling the French The big counteroffensive has begun Colonel, positions B1, C8, etc.have been captured by me, and we are continuing hemp oil cbd gummy bears to attack Colonel Thomas nodded and looked at the frontline positions.

Go, Wang Weiyi s hearts sank They saw several French soldiers pushing a bound man forward.And the figure of that person is too familiar Guo Yunfeng Guo Yunfeng was captured by the French Elena pursed her lips This is the bad news.When we entered the city, we found that Guo was being interrogated by the French.There is a piece of information that we don t know.A few days ago, all the Chinese laborers were all arrested.Transferred from Lance.There is not a single Chinese person here.It was as if a big stone was pressing on Wang Weiyi s heart.After all calculations, it was not expected that such a situation would happen.The French actually transferred all the Chinese laborers in 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Reims.Guo Yunfeng s eyes happened to be looking towards him too.He saw Major Ernst, then smiled at Major Ernst, then lowered his head and walked forward amidst the push and push of the French Wang Weiyi was sure that Guo Yunfeng would not betray his people, and the French would never think of a Chinese joining the soldiers sent by the Germans.

When explosions sounded everywhere and Reims was in complete chaos, a car quietly left Reims under the protection of a dozen French soldiers The first explosion sounded At does cbd gummies help with nerve pain this time, chaos in the restaurant was caused.The guests who were dining screamed and fled the restaurant in a panic.Elena didn t move, neither did Bimonai.Elena, why did you do snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale this Bimonai suddenly took out a pistol and pointed it at Elena You make me feel bad, you know 100 mg cbd gummies for sale When I learned that a group of German spies sneaked into Lance, And when where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters I saw you later, I guessed that you were also a member of the spies, I couldn t believe all of this Elena didn t say anything.Calmly looking at the black muzzle of Bimon Ai s hand.Who are you for For your own belief Bimonai became emotional No, no Ernst Brahm You and Ernst Brahm are in the same 100 mg cbd gummies for sale group For He, you dare to do such a dangerous thing I can t get you, and no one can get you He yelled frantically.

NoMayor Murdoch brought some people through here.It seems that they are going to move some corpses, and they haven t come back yet I remember seeing strangers Let us know.Yes, don t worry.Their conversation entered Vasilevsky s ears word by word, and his heart skipped a beat, as if he had caught somethinga dead body Mayor Murdoch Haven t come back yet Could it be Damn, they must have gone to the major Vasilevsky suddenly cried out.What Lieutenant.It s unlikely, right They wouldn t be so bold.No, they are Vasilevsky roared loudly These damned Germans, since they dare to come to Vatican Diss, there is no place they dare not go Then let s go back immediately.It s too late, I m afraid it s too late.Vasilevsky gritted his teeth If they really went there.The major must have been kidnapped by them, and they want to use the major to get out of here.

Watts, but you were betrayed, why don t you blame me the Countess asked with something in her words.In fact, Wang Weiyi did blame the Countess a little after he 100 mg cbd gummies for sale first knew that Watts had betrayed him, but he quickly adjusted his mentality.Who knows what one of his friends will become Why should I blame you Wang Weiyi smiled slightly If you shift the responsibility for failure to a woman, I think it is a very rude behavior.You are so fascinating, Baron Alexon.Earl Madam suddenly said this sentence Actually, I know that Watts will betray you Wang Weiyi was startled for a moment, what does this mean This nature is different.If the Countess clearly knew that the other party would betray her, and asked herself to go to Miss Watts, wouldn t it be clear that she was going to die That snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale stupid fat pig.

A woman is still a woman after all Wang Weiyi and the others walked towards the skeleton and squatted down.At that time, Wang Weiyi said with a smile We are called the Skeleton Commando, and now that we see real skeletons, shouldn t we feel more excited With a sound of Crack , Manstein, who was inspecting the skeleton, used a little more strength, and the whole skeleton was scattered on the ground.Manstein picked up do cbd gummies constipate you something that was about a leg bone from the ground Alexander III came to the throne in 1881, so these two skeletons have been lying here for 35 years.No one had come here to find them in thirty five years.What a pity.Someone must have been there, but seeing such a spooky place, no one wants to stay even a minute longer Rommel corrected him.Hey, Fritz, you What are you doing with that dirty thing Elena shouted from a distance.

Rommel came to Wang Weiyi s side There are too many prisoners caught, there is no time to count them, and they are all sent to the back.Laner is basically under our control.We are about to reach the strongest defensive position of the French army in Lance.With our current strength, we may not be able to continue to break through That s enough, it s enough to hit here.Wang Weiyi said lightly Fight snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Up to here, we have been provided with a wide area for counterattack, and our mission is almost completed.As HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale he spoke, his eyes slowly swept over Laner, and he said with emotion What a wonderful place Yes, what a wonderful place, if a tight line of defense can be built here, it will be the biggest obstacle for the German army to attack.But now it has fallen into the hands of the Germans.As long as the French can stop it a little bit, the exhausted soldiers of the Skeleton Commando cannot easily capture it.

To be honest, when Pipondu and I heard the news, our hearts were quite complicated.As a Frenchman, I should be sorry for the defeat of my country s army but as your friend, I should be happy for you.Actually, no one wants a war.Wang Weiyi put down his wine glass War will only bring pain to all people, but once a war breaks out, there is no choice for soldiers.We must take up arms and fight.Pipondu refilled them and sighed, Cursed war, if there is no war, I don t think we need to hide here to drink with the major now Ah, you 100 mg cbd gummies for sale have to be careful Some, major, Major cbd gummies for anxiety do they work De Sade is also in Paris, you have to know, he hates you so much, if he finds out that you are here, he will go crazy Major De Sade Hearing this familiar name once, Wang Weiyi couldn t help but smile.He doesn t care about it.What does it matter if Major De Sade knows that he is here If he can escape from Lance safely, he can also be safe Escape from Paris Okay.

After a little deployment, the new offensive of the Skeleton Commando began.The huge tank became the precursor, a few tanks The cannons on board fired at the same time The power of the tank artillery is not inferior to so many mortars in the slightest.Their shells flew out of the barrel one by one, and then fell hard into the Italians.There was a loud bang of more than one sound without stopping, and 100 mg cbd gummies for sale at the same time, all the machine guns roared for the third time.Appeared 100 mg cbd gummies for sale pura kana cbd gummies from the bunker, and followed the tank to launch a slow but fearsome attack on Udine.The soldiers of the Borza Infantry Regiment escaped for the second time.In the successive shelling, their enthusiasm for fighting was completely extinguished.Annihilation, replaced by endless fear.The vast majority of them began to loathe this war extremely Fleeing and surrendering, these Italian troops appeared here again when they appeared on the battlefield countless times Lieutenant Colonel Steno didn t scold his incompetent and embarrassing subordinates, he knew it was useless.

Now there is a problem, Kerber actually wants to personally escort this batch of gold In this way, you will not be able to control the train.Now how to do Maridov couldn t launch it at all, and the only thing he expected now was that Mr.Moyol could know this information in advance and come up with a countermeasure as soon as possible.520 tons of gold, this is a huge temptation that no does cbd gummies give you fever blisters one can withstand.two hundred and forty seven.Looting gold HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Mr.Ernst, is there really 520 tons of gold Sergey, who has been promoted to general, asked with his mouth wide open.During that breakout, he lost a leg and had to wear a prosthetic.The Germans treated the Russians who surrendered well, but Sergey always missed his life in Russia.The Bolsheviks overthrew the Tsar, and General Kolchak issued a summons, calling on all Russian officials to return to their service and save Russia.

However, although Li Lu made a rash attack in the end, the overall results are quite satisfactory.The Japanese army dropped more than 20 corpses in front of the position.It seems that the number is not much, but if the last attack is not counted, in this defensive battle, the defender only killed three people and injured two people.This is really an exchange of the smallest price for the biggest victory that I didn t even dare to think of before In the same way, the troops commanded by Wang Weiyi repelled the Neikou brigade s three charges one after another.During these three defensive operations, the officers and soldiers were highly unified in their thinking and resolutely carried out all the orders issued by Wang Weiyi.They never raised their where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters heads when it was time to hide.When it s time to fight back, there is no fear of death.

This HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Chief R moto, who was injured in one leg, had completely lost his previous arrogance.When he saw Wang Weiyi, the winner, he silently lowered his head.How was my battle Wang Weiyi asked with a smile.Very good.Sugawara Naomasa had to say so.It s hard to imagine 100 mg cbd gummies for sale that this police officer defeated two elite brigades of the Japanese army in one go.If it is said that his brigade was underestimating the enemy , then Sugimoto s brigade was completely defeated.Where did this countryman come from Naomasa Sugawara asked cautiously Mr.Officer, what are you going to do with me Kill me No, no, it s better to keep a person does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies like you than to kill him.Wang Weiyi smiled involuntarily again I really hope that Japan can give you a division commander, so that my victory will be easier.Shame and anger welled up in Sugawara Naomasa s heart.

Ah, yes.William nodded earnestly But there is a war going on 100 mg cbd gummies for sale here.You have to know that I have studied military affairs and can shoot guns.Moreover, I am doing a thesis on China.What do you think, Mr.Officer, is better than experiencing it yourself You have to let me join you.You see, I can still use my fists to teach those Japanese people a lesson As he said, he stretched out his fist and gestured continuously Wang Weiyi 100 mg cbd gummies for sale s hand suddenly stretched out like lightning, grasped his wrist, and then bent back forcefully, William Ouch There was a loud cry Hey, Mr.Officer, you have to be gentle.Otherwise my hand will be broken Wang Weiyi smiled and let go of his hand William, no one on the battlefield can agree to your begging for mercy.William stretched his arms I won t beg for mercy on the battlefield Go back.

Victory can only be achieved by fully understanding your opponent The army in front of us is commanded by Wang Weiyi.After he came to China and took over the 65th Regiment, I heard his name many times.He seems to have become a kind of spiritual symbol of Chinese soldiers How I wish I could meet him now, so that I can ask him face to face, what kind of magic does he have, that he can train an army that is already on the verge of failure to be like this ah , I can meet him soon How I want to go back to my old life where I teach history in Waseda.Every day when I go home, I can see the meals you cook, and then I can talk with you and our son about the fun things I did at school today, but unfortunately this life will not be there for a long time I have many, many things I want to say to you, but when I pick up the pen, I really don t know where to start Please don t be sad for me and my son, I will work hard Live and live until the end of the battle He finished writing the letter and sealed it.

As for such bombing, Chinese officers and soldiers are actually very familiar with it, and even summed up a very effective hiding method.The one placed at the forefront by Wang Weiyi was still the 305th Regiment commanded by Zhang Lingfu.This army, which has never participated in battles before, has begun to grow rapidly From the 30th to the 31st, the Jiangjia Village position was subjected to countless bombings, and every inch of land was turned over again.The overwhelming artillery shells seem to be telling the people in the 100 mg cbd gummies for sale middle that the 13th Division will win.Must win This has to ask about the weapons in people s hands April 1st.After bombing at a certain cost, the Japanese army re invested in the infantry attack Tactics haven t changed much, tanks are at the forefront.But this time, Wang Weiyi also did his best to give the 305 regiment the most direct support.

God, Xiaoling 100 mg cbd gummies for sale actually let the attack firepower of Ziguang Military Base be fully fired Now, the whole sky has been shrouded in the shooting range of Ziguang Military Base Inside What happened to Xiao Ling Wang Weiyi really doesn t know what s going on.But the current reality in the sky is that one Japanese plane after another is directly hit.There is no chance for Japanese pilots to even parachute to escape The does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies Chinese pilots in the air were equally stunned, they were indeed still fighting, but they could be sure that their machine guns would never produce such mighty firepower The only explanation was that the Type 95 fighter had a serious mechanical problem , ora special agent planted a bomb on the plane Apart from these two possibilities, the Chinese pilots could not find any answer Fort No.

What do you mean Wang Weiyi didn t quite understand.It means that maybe you don t need to complete the task, the base can complete self reform.Wang Weiyi was condor cbd gummies tinnitus silent for a while I can t give up this task, I have to complete it.Xiaoling, according to your calculations, how much time do I have Based on the current radiation recovery speed of the Evgeny Gem , you probably still have three days.Three days Wang Weiyi was startled.Can I defeat the Ueno Detachment and the 3rd reviews on cbd living gummies Division in three days By the way, there is also the 6th Division This is simply an impossible task Why, will Baron Skeleton also feel embarrassed Xiao Ling s words seemed to have some hints Limited and unlimited support, have you forgotten Wang Weiyi suddenly blinked I suddenly remembered, we There are 6 German A type tanks in Nanjing, right Yes, the National Government also has some flying teams.

Layer upon layer, layer upon layer, looking around, there are 100 mg cbd gummies for sale shocking corpses everywhere.The battle flag of the Skeleton Division of the SS is flying Seeing the 609 tank also appear, those German soldiers who were already extremely crazy burst out ten times their potential in 100 mg cbd gummies for sale an instant.The Skeleton Baron is here General Ernst is coming up What are you guys waiting for The grenade was thrown in the hands 100 mg cbd gummies for sale of the German soldiers like a game, and the bullets flew out of the gun without control.The German army that appeared like a flood completely submerged the Soviet positions like a flood In just one assault, some of the Soviet soldiers here were wiped out, and the remaining ones were still guarding a few narrow positions trying to resist, but they were soon either burned to death by flame guns or bombed to death by grenades.

After that Internal suppression of counterrevolutionaries and finding the person responsible, anyway, this has nothing to do with the great Stalin and the Supreme Command led by him.Comrade Timoshenko must 100 mg cbd gummies for sale bear all the responsibility for the failure Comrade Timoshenko laughed, very strangely, at a group of outcasts, those who are still fighting against Germany will never know They abandoned It was thrown away like a pile of garbage The news that the 49th Cavalry Division had been wiped out made Timoshenko feel a pain in his heart.It was over, another ace unit of the Soviet Army was gone.But this kind of heartache is only fleeting, because Timoshenko knows that such news will continue to come soon.However, the tenacious Timoshenko is not willing to accept such a failure Moscow can abandon them, but as their commander in chief, Timoshenko swears that he will never abandon his troops At this time, battle reports continued to come from the front line.

But this resort is built on a huge fortress.The Black Sea is an inland sea shared by Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and many other countries.It has very important strategic value.Once the control of the Black Sea is mastered, political pressure can be exerted 100 mg cbd gummies for sale on 100 mg cbd gummies for sale the countries around the coast.Sevastopol is the most suitable port in the area, and therefore has become a treasure land coveted by various countries.The flames of war continued until Orthodox Tsarist Russia recaptured the peninsula.At this time, Sevastopol had evolved into a fortified city with the era of endless battles.A large number of forts, trenches, and deliberately created labyrinths of tunnels surrounded the urban area.During the Soviet era, especially in the 1930s, the fortress underwent a comprehensive modernization and a military airfield was built.

Wang Weiyi pointed to the hospital In the battle of Kharkov, we had 18,000 soldiers killed.Many people were injured, and some 100 mg cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sleep walmart of them would die on the hospital bed.Even if they could be discharged from the hospital, some would lose their hands or feet, and they would never be able to go to the battlefield again.The sergeant named Esk also told me something, from the look in his eyes, I know he is still willing to fight for Germany as long as possible.Should I celebrate me, or should I cheer for those soldiers My answer is that the latter deserve more respect from Germany than me.It must be expanded, the funds must be increased, and the manpower must be strengthened.However, everyone knows that it is a time of war, and our funds are very tight, what should HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale we do He let out a sigh of relief So I decided to establish Ernst Injury The disabled fund is dedicated to serving these soldiers.

Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at the lovely Chinese girl in front of him.Tang Weihong finally could no longer control her emotions.She threw herself into Wang Weiyi s arms, crying bitterly But where have you been all these years We are all thinking of you, everyone is thinking of you I I m wandering, I m wandering everywhere Wang Weiyi gently stroked her hair Why are you crying Am I not back now I m fine, fine Tang The family members were dumbfounded, until now they still don t believe that pure cbd gummies hoax General Wang Weiyi really appeared so miraculously They are all rumored that the where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters Japanese assassinated General Wang, they were the ones who tampered with the plane, but now all the rumors All shattered General Wang still alive Wang Weiyi finally separated from Tang Weihong, and he came in front of Tang Naian and Li Zufa Doctor Tang, you are now working for the national government, congratulations, you can save more people than being a doctor Oh, yes, yes.

Adolf Hitler replied without any hesitation In Yugoslavia, the 1st Adolph TLj ng Guards Division and the 2nd Reich Division have completed their offensive.Prepare to act as the vanguard of this battle.At the same time, the Yugoslav army and the Bulgarian army will also launch a full scale offensive at the same time after the German army launches an attack, attacking Turkey in two directions Very good Wang Weiyi nodded in satisfaction I will personally command the battle of Turkey 483.Research base I will personally command the battle of Turkey When Wang Weiyi made this decision, every German general had no doubts about whether he could win.No matter where, no matter how difficult the war is, as long as Marshal Ernst Brehm appears, it will be a guarantee of victory As it was in Russia, it will be the same in Turkey In fact, what Wang Weiyi needs is to achieve a quick victory in Turkey and use the blitzkrieg situation to end the first stage of the Turkish war.

No military maneuvers shall be made.He is doing everything possible to avoid angering the German army again Once the compromise policy is decided, some things are difficult to change.After Marshal Gleluman received the order from President Inonu, he did not think that the Germans would give up their attempt to occupy Turkey.All in 100 mg cbd gummies for sale all, maybe the Germans are planning a huge conspiracy there between Cukasia and Bolu.There s a huge hidden danger Geinick Once this place falls into the hands of the Germans, the connection between Chukasia and Bolu will be cut off, and the powerful German armored forces will be able to reach it in the shortest time, and then attack Cukasia and Bolu.onslaught Marshal Gleluman decided to send a brigade of troops to reinforce Geynik, and the Turkish army began to mobilize.

The shelling just now was really terrible Some Turks who managed to escape the shelling stood up staggeringly, but they were quickly shot by submachine guns.At this time, Lieutenant Lum, who was on the front, also commanded the team members to launch an attack.Under the attack from both sides, the loss of this building was only a matter of a few minutes.Kleiman and his team members carefully inspected the corpses here, searching for any survivors.In the battle that just ended, they actually only captured nine prisoners.It seems that the Turks here came with the determination to die.Captain, there is one alive here.The voice of his subordinates attracted Kleiman to him.It was a lieutenant colonel of the enemy, and he was seriously injured.Are you okay, Lieutenant Colonel Kleiman squatted down, he was not sure whether the other party could understand German.

Before that, the German army must further slow down the attack.If you can rely on the help of the Turks, go to Ankara Wang Weiyi will do this without hesitation As for the Ankara government and the British and the Soviet Union, the German army, which has always been accustomed to using lightning operations to end the war, suddenly became so slow in action, which made them greatly They couldn t figure out what the German army wanted to do, and they couldn t know what kind of conspiracy was quietly plotting beside them After waiting for two full days, good news came from the Germans General Kistafa s youngest son Mota was found Motta was wounded in the battle and is now receiving treatment in the hospital, with serious injuries.Wang Weiyi immediately ordered to save Mota s life at all costs.It would be better if a photo of his current condition was taken and sent to Ankara immediately.

This can of course be explained as street fighting for the possible arrival of Ankara, but what to explain here You see.The infantry of the two brigades has blocked this place.This is the only way to connect the Presidential Palace with the 2nd and 3rd Brigades of the Guard.What is even more worrying is that General Kistafa has still Some tanks and artillery were mobilized, which should be used on the frontline battlefield Not only that, but more troops are entering Ankara.I don t know that General Kistafa is focusing on this time.What is Ankara doing The smile on Inonu s face gradually disappeared He is also a soldier.Also found something wrong with it.But he still refused to believe that his most trusted subordinate would plan a mutiny.A large number of troops are being mobilized frequently.

Very simple dinner, but maybe The most expensive dinner in the world.Morgan suddenly thought of something Mr.Baron, just now you mentioned that the enemies of the United States include Russia and Japan, why do you think so Interests, interests in the Far East.Wang Weiyi paused and said Gentlemen, Ms.Hermione, Japan is now deeply trapped in the Chinese battlefield, and they need to open up a new battlefield to sustain them in this war.Attacking Russia seems to be a good choice, but I don t think they will continue to try to challenge the Russian behemoth.But their fear of the United States is much less There will be a war, and I can say with certainty that a war will definitely break out between the United States and Japan Wang Weiyi did not continue to say the following words Go on.Even if Japan doesn t want to fight, I will find ways to make Japan fight This matter is related to my subsequent series of deployments What about the United States and Germany What will it be like in the future Lawrence.

But an hour later, Rommel sat in his command car in high spirits again.Today is a very important day.May the goddess of fortune be with me faithfully.I am really tired, otherwise everything is satisfactory.At this time, he did not forget to share his joy with Lucy.At 5 30 in the morning on June 20th, the German and Italian cannons densely distributed on the battlefield roared.But half an hour passed, and still no movement of the plane was heard.Rommel and Nainin, the commander of the African Army, climbed to a small high ground.After a while, General Nainin got the news that the air force squadron had just set off.In an instant, hundreds of planes arrived over the enemy s positions, and countless heavy bombs poured down.Broken barbed wire and shattered weapons were thrown into the air, and then fell heavily on the heads of the defenders.

Guarantee the retreat of the remaining troops.In front, the Australians who were trapped in the siege had given up hope of escape.They struggled to resist the attack from the Germans, but they had only one purpose to buy as much time as possible for their companions to retreat From this point of view, the sacrifice spirit shown by these Australian soldiers is admirable.Since you can t break through, leave the hope of life to your companions General Belt has undoubtedly discovered this, and in his telegram to Marshal Ernst Brahm he said I have seen a great group of soldiers engaged in a great battle, and at this moment I cannot help feeling sorry for those The Australian soldiers cheered.I have never seen such brave soldiers, never Blazing flames burn the battlefield.The carnival feast has begun less than half an hour.

What a magnificent war ask for a guaranteed monthly pass Karman s big assault has begun Combat Group Myristel, Combat Group Guo Yunfeng, and Combat Group Klingenberg appeared on the battlefield one after another.This is the most familiar breakthrough method for the Germans.Use the way the Germans are most familiar with to end the battle Under the breakthroughs of the German battle groups everywhere, all the soldiers of the British 1st Armored Division tried their best to prevent the enemy from approaching.Each of them knew what it would mean to be defeated here.The situation in the whole of North Africa will change because of this The last strength is used up, everyone is bleeding for war The British nation has many similarities with Germany, Even if they knew they had failed, they were never willing to lay down their arms until the last moment If only in this sense, this nation is also worthy of respect.

, these things should end.I am Ernst Brahm, and I will command all German troops in North Africa to bring you freedom Long live the freedom of Egypt As soon as his words fell, the voice of Long live Egypt s freedom resounded through the barracks.Wang Weiyi aroused the patriotic enthusiasm of all the Egyptian mutiny soldiers with the simplest sentence.They will not dare to come, as long as they can provide them with Help, that is their friend.I, Ernst Brahm, as a German military officer, in tom brady cbd gummies order to express the support of the whole of Germany to you, so I 100 mg cbd gummies for sale brought you the first batch of gifts Under Wang Weiyi s signal, Guo Yunfeng stood on the truck Weapons A truck full cbd gummy causing weird feelinv of weapons and ammunition caused the Egyptian mutiny soldiers to burst into wild cheers at this moment Colonel Tamusta smiled wryly.

In this way, the Suez Canal, which was built by 120,000 people in Egypt with countless bones, was a treasure trove that should belong to the Egyptian people, but most of its wealth eventually went into the pockets of the British and French colonists.The two sides of the Suez Canal is a 104 km long, 4.The 8 kilometer military base is where the British garrison is located.The flag of the International Suez Canal fluttering in the wind on the HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale canal clearly declares the status of the state within a state there.In 1936, Britain pretended to consider Egypt s security and let Egypt sign a 20 year Anglo Egyptian Alliance Treaty with itself.In the treaty, it is written in black and white that the British army has the right to station in the canal area , and Alexandria is the military port of the British Empire.

They continue to send spies to spy on intelligence, and they continue to recruit locals to work for them.And they still have a very important task to try to capture more British spies who are about to lurk, and pave the way for the future German occupation of Cairo Turn into the main street in a secluded alley.He was wearing a brown woolen overcoat, with a mask covering are cbd gummies good for joint pain his face, and he was carrying a are 500mg cbd gummies strong 100 mg cbd gummies for sale heavy suitcase in his hand.As he hurried forward, he looked back from time to time to see if he was being followed.This man is Captain Cantning Gilbert, the first batch of hidden agents of the British intelligence organization.Explosions continued to sound everywhere in Cairo, but this did not have any impact on Captain Gilbert.He knew that it was his army that was strangling the enemy.At this time, a group of British patrols came towards them, each with live 100 mg cbd gummies for sale ammunition, and their heavy leather boots knocked on the ancient street.

Yamamoto Fifty Six expected that if the U.S.military could be severely damaged in the early stages of the war, it might be able to prompt the latter to sit at the negotiating table and seek peace early.The Japanese expected the strike to give them at least six months of strategic advantage in attacking the resources of the Dutch East Indies unimpeded by the U.S.Navy.But this is just an idea At this time, Bear sent an urgent telegram to Japan, and the telegram only vaguely stated that he would bring the United States to cbd sleep gummies amazon Japan.Big change.The attitude of the United States had a profound impact on Japan at this time, which is also a very important reason why these Japanese authorities are so eager to see Wilder.When seeing Wilder , Hideki Tojo resisted the urgency in his heart, expressed to Wilder his condolences for the unfortunate death of his father Bear , and then changed the topic Miyamotoah, let me call you Wilder.

Heisenberg held up his hand Pointing to Heisenberg, the captain asked, Corporal, is there a question I m sorry, sir, but I m a sniper.I d be more effective if I brought my own carbine.The people in the chamber said, I know that many of you are skilled with various weapons.Some weapons are too heavy for this operation.Usually, the commando will drop the weapon box at the same time as you parachute, but, Since this operation emphasizes the accuracy of the landing point, this method will not be used.This time, special weapons bags will be sewn on your uniforms, and cbd gummies with zero thc you can carry weapons with you.After the battle plan was announced, the commandos received For several hours, they discussed and studied the details of the attack.Heisenberg s order was to cooperate with other snipers to suppress the enemy in the barracks and kill any sentries who might be outside the barracks.

I can t promise this at all Churchill lit his cigar Then where is your friendship Can you give me the matches Thanks.Wang Weiyi also lit a cigarette It started a long time agoMr.Prime Minister, now is the most difficult time for Britain, right The pressure on you will be even greater if we keep on attacking the UK.Many Brits adore you, but as far as I know there are plenty of Brits who are against you too.Especially after successive failures in Iran and Egypt, there have been calls for your government to fall and I am taking the pressure off you I do not deny that, Monsieur Baron.Churchill held a thick cigar between his fingers But just before you visited London, the German army captured Saudi Arabia are 500mg cbd gummies strong 100 mg cbd gummies for sale and a large number of surrounding countries.Is this also your friendship Is that a traditional colony of the British Empire no.

I heard that Lu Geyi is the rower that Philip personally selected for you.General Rosen said somewhat ambiguously.Ah, Philip That s the husband of the future Queen Elizabeth, right Wang Weiyi thought quickly.The acquaintance of Elizabeth and Philip is quite legendary.The future Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh was originally named Philip von Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Gl cksburg.Born in a declining royal family in Europe.His father, Prince Andrew, was the fourth son of one of the seven sons of King George I of Greece, his great grandfather was King Christian IX of Denmark, and his mother, Princess Alice of Hesse Battenberg, was the cousin of Queen Victoria of England.Great granddaughter, he was a prince of Greece and Denmark before marrying the Queen.As a young man, Philip was over 1.9 meters, the eyes are very rare steel blue.

Surrender to the opposing German army is allowed.Lindelof knew that this was probably the only thing he could do for the soldiers.Now that breaking out has become impossible, let s reduce bloodshed on the battlefield.When the order was conveyed to the commanders who were still fighting, they knew that the war was actually over by this time.The last faith was also destroyed Farewell, the Third Army farewell, the great pride of being a Soviet general After the order of General Lindelof, the battle became easier.But at this time, the German soldiers on the front line received an order from Baron Alexon try to find Lindelof, and try to catch alive.Not out of pity, but out of the need for the future Armageddon.Lindelof is a general trusted by Marshal Vasilevsky.He knows everything about the Caucasus Front Army.

Numerous weapons spit 100 mg cbd gummies for sale out flames, constantly causing casualties to the Russians.Colonel Plov s troops alone.From the beginning of the German offensive, hundreds of people were killed.Like his superiors, Plov could not get reinforcements.His entire regiment was surrounded.Comrade Colonel, Comrade Colonel While Plov was suffering heavy casualties, the missing Major Liaokov suddenly appeared with two soldiers.Lyokov, where have you been Plov yelled loudly.We were scattered during the attack.We killed a dozen Germans and rushed out.Liaokov gasped heavily.Plov had no doubts.It is very common for such things to happen on the battlefield Lyokov, return to your combat post and stop the German attack Comrade Colonel, the situation is critical Liaokov said uncharacteristically I just rushed When I came in, I found that there were enemies everywhere, and only the west side could let us break through I didn t receive the order to break out Plov glared fiercely at his direct subordinates I must stick to it Comrade Colonel, the 8th Company is all over Lyokov.

But now the war is out of Russian hands.Is there really nothing you can do Comrade Commander in Chief Khrushchev asked unwillingly.I also hope that a miracle will happen, but it seems to be too difficult now Vasilevsky smiled bitterly We don t have any reserve team available, and the casualties on the front line have arrived.Terrible situation, I heard that almost all workers brigades and women s brigades were killed in battle They showed great bravery, and we should remember them, but wars are no longer won by bravery alone.Khrushchev fell silent, and it took a long time before he said Comrade Stalin has called to ask about the situation here.Vasilevsky said slowly Please tell Comrade Stalin the truth about everything that happened here, and please ask Moscow to prepare for the worst.Khrushchev nodded silently.

That was Klingenberg Greg and his commandos.They must find a way to rescue Sergeant Matthewman and Nurse Linda, no matter what the cost.Pintorov and his soldiers immediately threw themselves into the counterattack.The terrain here is very favorable for the defenders.In a short period of time, the German army was unable to break into the position.When the German army s first attack was repelled, there were more wounded here.The few medicines in the ambulance kit had long They ran out, but Sergeant Matthew Mann was still trying to save the lives of those wounded.In the eyes of a real doctor, there is no such thing as an enemy But at this time, Kapusky s The situation became very serious.He was already in a dangerous situation.He couldn t last an hour without drugs Even if Pintorov pointed the gun at his head again, Matthew Sergeant Man still said calmly And even if there are medicines now, I m afraid it s too late I don t have medicines, no Pintorov yelled furiously.

The defense of the Soviet army was fierce, and the battle was fierce, but the German troops completed their tasks very beautifully.During the 20 day combat operation, the German army annihilated and captured 330,000 Soviet troops, which dealt a heavy blow to the vital forces of the Soviet army.The goddess of victory is calling to these brave and fearless German soldiers.On March 2, the Judger Project entered the second phase marching towards the Kremlin End the battle for Moscow Along the way, a large number of Russian civilian armed forces appeared, and these people continued to launch suicide attacks in an attempt to stop the overwhelming German army.Although suicidal, it should be very effective.The constant sniping and the constant appearance of civilians strapped with grenades caused a lot of trouble for the German army.

It was there Invented some new weapons that had never even been heard of before, including a dreaded bomb.But Model and Paul Hauser didn t take it too seriously, in their opinion.Even if the new weapons No matter how great the power is, the end of the war still has to rely on the efforts of the soldiers.But now look at Ernst.Marshal Bram s expression seemed to have been waiting for this powerful bomb to appear.What kind of bomb was it Moreover, even if such a bomb is so powerful that it is unbelievable, but the Battle of Moscow is about to end, does the bomb still have any meaning What is Marshal Ernst planning to use those bombs that are probably being mass produced Wang Weiyi knew what they were thinking, he could tell them.The name of this bomb is atomic bomb.Germany, which has completed the development and successfully tested it, is mobilizing manpower and material resources on a large scale to produce more atomic bombs.

He hugged Leoni for a while and relaxed.Kailai said, I think the name Rambler really makes me uncomfortable, remember, I m Ernst.Ernst Brahm, Baron Skeleton.Aha, time for an adventure, shall we Richthofen, who has an infinite enthusiasm for adventure in his bones, couldn t stay still for a minute Ernst, where is my weapon What era is this The Roman Republic is about to become the Roman Empire.Wang Weiyi replied with a smile Butler Videlio, butler Depusey, are you all right I m fine, Baron.Butler Videlio actually blurted out the word baron I am your 100 mg cbd gummies for sale butler, no matter where you go, I will be faithful how long do cbd gummies take to affect by your side.I m not good, very bad.But Depusey muttered Wanderer, I always feel that you are not worthy of the baroness It s very strange, I 100 mg cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sleep walmart think the baroness should be the countess, it s so strange Wang Weiyi laughed loudly Yes, yes, in your eyes, I will never be good enough for Leonie, but no matter what, we are a group now, my dear butler Dempsey.

Caesar held Nelia s hand and smiled softly.Yes, Nelia did want to avenge Ariovistus back then, but he conquered this woman and made her completely forget about it.Father s hatred.A savage would never think of that Perhaps, I have a way to solve your problems.Nelia said suddenly I know that the barbarians have a secret path.If you pass there quietly, you can directly where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters enter the barbarian s lair and catch them by surprise.What Is there such a path Caesar exclaimed in surprise.Yes, let me show you.Nelia pointed out the location of the path on the map This path is known to almost all Germanians, and it is also their biggest secret.They think that Germania Asians would never betray their own tribe, but I think they are wrong.Because you are the only one I love in my heart. My dear Nelia, having you by my side is really my greatest love.

Even though he knew what Spurius did, he now had confidence in Spurius, without his help, he would not be able to win the naval battle at all.Wang Weiyi explained the details to be paid attention to one 100 mg cbd gummies for sale cbd gummies for sleep walmart by one, and then said I hope you not only listen to it, but you must do what I say, otherwise you will miss this opportunity, and no one can help you.It s your turn.My friend, I really want to say those words of gratitude to you again, but I just want to keep my respect for you in my heart Servius where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters said solemnly When I triumph again, you will be in Rome, and you will hear the citizens of Rome cheering for me, and you will hear them calling the name of Spulius He will probably never know, What Wang Weiyi wants is definitely more than that simple thing Servius, Servius At this moment, a person broke in The guests are waiting for you, look, I I have written a poem for you again, praising your meritorious deeds, satirizing Pompey and his unknown son, now let us sing it to you It was Krasicius who came in.

All the eleven reconnaissance teams are here, and none of them I can come back alive.Centumarus gasped, and took a step back are cbd gummies coated involuntarily.Terrible, really terrific.If one or two squads were attacked, that s totally acceptable.But there are eleven, none of the eleven squads can come back alive.How on earth did these Romans do it We re in big trouble Even in this situation, Senardi still tried to keep his composure, and he said in a voice that only Centumaros could hear The barbarians are absolutely They are not as ignorant as we imagined, they have strong organizational skills, and what I can be sure of is that there must be a strong commander instructing them to do such a thing Are you talking about the three demonic messengers Sen Tumarus immediately thought of the name.Senardi nodded heavily From the moment they arrived in Gaul, they heard the name of the Three Emissaries of the Devil countless times.

Have you forgotten that sentence, when danger befalls Germany.He will come back He, will come back Kroll smiled with some disdain General Werner.Do you really believe in this ridiculous legend So many years have passed, he is already dead.He will not come back, perhaps even his bones have been reduced to ashes.Yes, I know the baron is no longer in this world, but the baron s spirit is still inspiring us to fight Werner refused to show weakness at all Fight for him, die for him We will never betray the Baron Look, you re excited again, General Werner.Kroll smiled I m just discussing the possibility of surrender with you, of course I won t do that.General Werner, please return to your command post and continue to lead the brave German soldiers to fight.When leaving the head of state s office, General Werner left his last words F hrer, please don t betray our fathers.

He knew just as well that the Baron would never come HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale back, and now all his thoughts were on Major Moyol.Can he and his commando make it Unfortunately, no one can answer his question Dessau.This is a city in eastern Germany, near where the Mulder River joins the Elbe River, 56 kilometers north of Leipzig.From 1603 to 1918, it was the residence of the earls, monarchs and dukes of the Anhalt dynasty.This is a city with cbd or thc gummies a long history, but now, the Allied forces have occupied it, and a large number of American and French soldiers continue to appear in the city.When the Allies first occupied the place, the Germans tried their best to resist, but they failed.No one knows when they will be free, or when they will see their troops again.Being occupied is always a shame that cannot be washed snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale away A Chrysler appeared in Dessau, and American soldiers on guard stopped them.

Johnson The Commodore swore he had struggled to remember the names of the baroness couple.He would never want to repeat 100 mg cbd gummies for sale it all over again.There was a burst of applause among the guests.A German quietly said to his companions A baron from the Netherlands When did the Dutch become so proud in Germany Now we are defeated.Our former enemies are laughing at us wantonly.His The companion replied with a gloomy expression.The voice of Baron Prieter sounded, and it was nothing more than a welcome to everyone.The guests listened listlessly, does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies only Gnapoli.Burr applauded from time to time, which also aroused more disdainful eyes around him.The words of Baron Preet were finally finished, and when it came to the main topic the banquet, the guests quickly discovered a major characteristic of the Dutch stinginess The Dutch are well known throughout Europe for their stinginess.

Then returned to the room, at this time Agent Annette was fully dressed.Her face looked complicated, obviously trying to explain to Major Davyn what he had seen.Wang Weiyi smiled and comforted her.I feel a little guilty in my heart.After she successfully escaped, Agent Annette would inevitably be investigated, and perhaps her identity as a CIA agent could no longer be maintained.But for the sake of the whole, anyone s interests can be sacrificed Brigadier General Johnson and Major Daveyne arrived at 100 mg cbd gummies for sale the residence of Baron Platt on time.The baron dismissed his butler, and then took out some things from the room Look, gentlemen, what did I find Then There are some ornaments made of gold, only a few of them.But it was enough to make the eyes of Brigadier General Johnson and Major Davyn glow with a strange color.

And when he saw these bloody commandos.I finally understood why Major Moyol had to rescue them regardless of the danger.What a group of lovely soldiers this is. Colonel Chelus, who had been in the tank for too long, decided to take a walk with the uninjured commandos, and this cbd gummies for sale ocala fl also winged cbd gummies review gave Wang Weiyi the best chance to restore contact with General Olitz through Xiao Ling.When the phone call with General Olitz was connected, the first thing Wang Weiyi said was General.I am Major Moyol.The mission has been successfully completed.What.Say it again Yes, General , the task has been completed.Carl.Colonel Cherus has been successfully rescued from Dessau by me.Now, my team members and I are protecting Colonel Cherus on the way home. General Olitz does cbd oil gummies get you high was silent, and he was completely stunned.When he gave the task, he thought it was an impossible task, and Major Moyol had no possibility of success at all.

Wang Weiyi s eyes were fixed on the explosion Said the place that rang.Thank you, Major, without you, we would not be able to complete the mission so smoothly.Captain Sherer said sincerely.Hey, Major, Captain, we found the distress telegram, it was sent from our position, clear code telegram, clear code telegram The voice of a commando telegrapher sounded.What is it Wang Weiyi asked immediately.It s the Nordland Combat Regiment.They are suffering from the enemy s frenzied attack.The situation is in dire straits.If they cannot get can u drink alcohol with cbd gummies reinforcements, their position will be lost.Ah, their commander has also died.Wang Weiyi frowned tightly.Together.Nordland Combat Group, the name is too familiar to me.From the Demyansk breakout, to the Kharkov counterattack, to the final blow to the Soviet Union, this unit 100 mg cbd gummies for sale has been fighting under its own command.

S.military officer, the assailant said reluctantly, Danny Mordor.Danny, Mordor.Why did you attack me Americans , you are invaders.Modor showed no fear I will kill every one of you Did you do the explosion here Wang Weiyi didn t care about his attitude.No, I didn t do it, it was my companion.Modor said bitterly But you can put it on me, interrogate me, torture me, or even shoot me, I don t care Wang Weiyi let out a long breath.After the Americans occupied here, there were always countless Germans fighting bravely.He made an unexpected move and handed the gun to Mordor upside down.Modor took the gun and was at a loss.At this time, he heard the American captain say Take me to your people and tell them that you have captured an American military officer.Modor and the child Completely stunned there If someone says You dream I can only answer does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies him You fool, where would we be today if I were not a dreamer I have always believed in Germany, you said I was a dreamer I have always Believe in the rise of empires, you say I m a fool I ve always believed that I can regain power, you say I m crazy I ve always believed in an end to poverty, you say it s utopia.

Your presence here will only cause me more pain and make me miss you even more The quarrel stopped, and everyone s eyes fell on Joseph.Joseph saw Countess Leonie walking towards him.When walking in front of oneself.The Countess smiled and said, Little Joseph, why do you think this is an illusion Ah, Countess.Even in the hallucination, Joseph still did not dare to show any disrespect to the virtual Countess Because I have dreamed of you in my dreams countless times, but every time I open my eyes, I always find that none of you are there I am very sad, Countess, I am really sad In the future.You re going to call me Baroness, Baroness Alexon.Leonie still smiled and grabbed Joseph s hand Now.Do you feel real or hallucination Ah, Joseph felt Arrived, this hand is so warm, so real.But Joseph still couldn t believe it, he stared blankly at everyone in front of him No, this must still be in a dream, so many years have passed, the count ah, why is the baroness still so young and beautiful Why didn t the years leave any marks on her body And Miss Elena No, Miss Elena died during the First World War Butler Videlio and Butler Depsey, why are they who were old in memory, but now they have returned to the way they were when they were most energetic in middle age No, in the dream, I must still be in the dream I think, I should teach you a lesson, this ignorant subordinate.

The reinforcements of the Germans, the Skeleton Division.Lieutenant Colonel Charles said the most worrying words Their vanguard has already started a firefight with us.General, our reinforcements have not arrived yet, and the situation will change Brigadier General Budger s head exploded with a boom .Now, he must face a severe challenge Eight hundred and thirty two.The Baron is Never Lonely The Baron, who is omnipotent, continues to give us great confidence in our most difficult times.At one point I thought we would not be able to hold Ybor until reinforcements arrived, but then I found out, we were wrong, There is nothing the Baron can t do.Scherer, ex Captain of the Brandenburg Commando, Ibor, December 1965.When Ibor needed help the most, Marshal Ernst Bilem led the Skeleton Division to appear on the battlefield.

I m afraid that s not necessarily the case, General Kerrett.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Ah, are you always so confident Marshal Ernst, we have an absolute advantage.As the war progresses, Berlin s already limited resources will become less and less available for super chill products cbd gummies combat There will be fewer and fewer soldiers, cbd lion gummies and you have to admit it So, General Kerrett, what do you want to tell me Marshal, I suggest you surrenderWhen I was young, I heard about your deeds and your undefeated myth countless times, but this is no longer your era.The strength of the Allied Forces is far beyond what you can imagine.The current combat method is so unfamiliar to youSurrender, sometimes it is not a shame Thank you for your suggestion, General Kerrett.From I can understand what you said here, I am already behind this era.

Ah, yes, indeed, the Field Marshal appeared in Aswan alone.No, no, I absolutely That s right.The Field Marshal appeared in Aswan by himself, without a single guard.What Miracle Ah, yes, I don t know what to say but a miracle.German Waffen SS Major Ludmann, commander of the SS Second Assault Brigade of the 9th Hohenstaufen Armored Division of the Army, December 1965.The fighting on where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters the outskirts of Aswan ended with a German victory.Now, Ludman must set 100 mg cbd gummies for sale his sights on Aswan.The desert is really a wonderful place.It s so cold at night that it makes you miserable, but during the day, the temperature rises sharply again.This is great news for both defenders and attackers.Several German fighter planes appeared in the sky, and then bombed Aswan desperately.This was hard to see before Berlin.Soon, several U.

He would even make bets with the soldiers.It now appears that the rumors are true.When they brought the baron to the frontline position, the commanders there got a call from Colonel Versten, and they had already lined up to meet the baron.Hey Ernst When the Baron appeared, all the people shouted at the same time.Hey.Don t you need to do something In one sentence, 100 mg cbd gummies for sale every officer laughed.Listen to my orders.Disband and go back to your trenches to do what you should 100 mg cbd gummies for sale do.Marshal, this is our commander, Captain Urne.Marshal, it s an honor to meet you Yur Captain Nei said loudly, hiding his excitement.Captain Urne, it seems that your name is not commonly used by Germans.Wang Weiyi asked casually.Yes, I am of Polish descent.Captain Urne replied hastily My parents settled in Germany very early, I hope this will not affect my service for Germany.

Modor was taken aback.In his memory, it seemed that he had never encountered General Firth who would growl like that, that damned Atedler.Maybe you will make yourself into trouble General, he said that next year s winter may be very cold General Firth s breathing became short, and he could hear him trying to control his emotions Modor, send someone to protect this man, listen, before I arrive, no one is allowed to approach.Phils hung up the phone.Only he knew that this sentence was said by that person before he leaved this world, and under what circumstances he said it.Is this person really not dead Ah.After Baron Alexson came back, too many impossible things happened without exception.He picked up the red phone on the table with trembling hands Please call Marshal Rommel Modor suspected that he had really caused trouble.

But I think you d better ask William yourself this question.Wang Weiyi knew what he meant.No matter from .

where to buy liberty cbd gummy bears?

which angle you look at this matter, it is better for the father to ask his son himself.Eliot sighed Originally, I could arrange for you to meet.But since the outbreak of the war, William seems to be deliberately avoiding me.I 100 mg cbd gummies for sale can t remember how many times I haven t seen him, except on TV.Outside Baron, William has changed, he has become very strange, he is no longer the William we used to know This time, it was Wang Weiyi s turn to be silent.William has changed.It has become very strange, and it is no longer the William we used to know Elliott s words hit his heart hard.But no matter how he changes, he is still his own son after all No one or any 100 mg cbd gummies for sale force can change 100 mg cbd gummies for sale this I delta 8 cbd gummies 25mg will go to William, if I want to see him, no one will It can be stopped.

The armored soldiers parked the only two tanks on the bridge, and then established their bridgehead.Although There were only 8 of them, but all kinds of fortifications were neatly arranged on the bridgehead.Heisenberg, what is the name of this small town You said it once, I forgot The big man took his last puff of cigarette and threw away the cigarette butt.Lev, what yes, Levto.This is a small town located on the border between old Germany and Poland.If it weren t for the war, the tranquility here would have become an excellent holiday resort.Lefto the big man thought about the name Semborg, as soon as the war is over, I ll be must be a drunk truck driver, transporting American radios and British leather jackets from Hamburg to Berlin every day with alcohol , Then I will marry a Bavarian wife, have a few children, and drive the Beetle I bought in my castle in the first month of every year, and take them to this quiet town called Levto for a week s vacation Ha that s life Zoff smiled gloatingly and kept patting Heisenberg on the shoulder.

The soldiers took advantage of this rare gap snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale to prepare the ammunition they needed.Heisenberg asked Zoff for some grenades and a rifle, and handed them to him.A soldier is bandaging his wound.Seeing Heisenberg, Zoff smiled wearily Bring the cigarettes Heisenberg took out the cigarette case, took out two cigarettes, stuffed one into his mouth, and held the other by himself Live Don t be too brave This battle still needs you Heisenberg pretended to be casual and lit the fire for him.Zoff grinned Come on I won t go.You d do the same fucking thing well, I wouldn t give you that chance Heisenberg was a little surprised does cbd gummies give you fever blisters viralix cbd gummies that Zoff would answer like this, but his calm smile concealed all this Okay.Next time you re a hero, think about that dick calendar in the hotel if you re dead, you won t be able to look at those chicks ass Heisenberg took a drag on his cigarette.

One of the captains of the secret service waved his hand vigorously at the truck, signaling to stop, and the truck stopped in front of him sensibly.Captain, please go around.The captain said bluntly There are very important people here, you can t go here.The major frowned I m afraid not, I was ordered to carry a very important piece of information It is urgent to hand it over to General Roshchenko of the Intelligence Bureau.The captain still wanted to speak, but the major quickly said first Sir, I don t care if there are any important people there, but I can guarantee that they have nothing to do with me.However, I also want to ask you to understand my difficulties, it is not easy for anyone to be a subordinate.This sentence quickly resonated with the captain Yes, it is not easy for anyone to be a subordinate.

He immediately suggested that he send a plane to take Kerrett away from the battlefield, but this was quickly rejected by Kerrett, who could not bear such humiliation.He hung up the phone of the Allied Command Kreit took up arms and appeared on the battlefield with his own guards Maybe this will be his last battle, But what does that matter He is fearless, just like the Germans, no matter what kind of fate greets him There will always be people dying on the battlefield And people are dying every dayIf death can bring people some vigilance, then there will be no regrets It s a pity that Corritt and those who have died or are fighting are nothing more than some political victims This is the night of March 22, 1966 This is the American Tragic moment for American soldiers and their allies on 100 mg cbd gummies for sale the battlefield under fire.

The priest suddenly changed the subject A truly great person is one who, while leading his country to continuous military victories, also recovers the country from the wounds of war in a timely manner, so that the people no longer worry about poverty, and let the people Have a strong sense of belonging and pride in your country.Wang Weiyi s eyebrows twitched Do you know who I am Of course, Lord Alexon.The priest smiled and said From the first minute you appeared, I knew who you were But since you don t want to reveal your identity, why should I tell the truth And now Wang Weiyi also asked with a smile.I think, I told you so many things about Emperor Frederick the Great, what can you where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters think of from it.The priest said lightly I firmly believe that Germany will definitely win under your leadership, but what happens after the victory Will you exact your vengeance Ah, maybe you will.

Moyol could do this.But when Mr.Moyol told the whole plan, the three The dark clouds on his face gradually dissipated.If everything can be carried out as Mr.Moyol said, the success of the uprising may not be without hope.Let all Turin people know that they are facing severe situation.Wang 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Weiyi emphasized his tone No one wants to die, all people should live well, uprising is their only way out, and they will have no other way except to follow you.Once the sentiment of 100 mg cbd gummies for sale the people is thoroughly inspired, then such power will be enormous Manusia nodded Yes, Mr.Moyol, we are just trying our best to survive, but now the government is not even willing to give us such power.I don t want to be an enemy of Italy, I just want to save all of our lives.After finishing speaking, he paused for a moment Since the government has pushed us to nowhere, we can only use the most extreme methods to solve the problem.

The soldiers of the patrol team did not respond, maybe they put Ramel and Shimi Te thought it was a fool, but the wolfhound they brought broke free from the rope and dived into the water The whole patrol team almost jumped into the river They stayed in the river until the sun went down It was getting dark Reluctantly leaving this treasure land, Nuoqier and Bodila found out that their toes and fingers were soaked in water and peeled off a layer of old skin Soaked for too long The dinner was very sumptuous They unexpectedly You can eat barbecue It s really rare The superior made an exception and asked them to drink alcohol.Naturally, Nuoqier and Noqier s crew were not drunk As a result, Ramel and Schmidt were kangaroo cbd gummies ingredients unconscious after drinking.It took Nuoqier 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Bodilla and Hans to drag them back to the place where they slept.

It is a fact that Nochier hates Klaus.He hoped that the other party would disappear in front of him, but when would he use such a despicable means If it wasn t for Bodilla s disobedience, perhaps, Nuoqier would have made mistakes again and again However, it was too late for Nuoqier s compromise with Bodilla The Russians regained control The 45 guns, they firmly believe that as long as they fire and the shells hit the target Even the Leopard 9 will be destroyed in the end At first, Nochell thought their ideas were naive But the facts are completely different It was beyond his expectation It was just one shot at first, and then more shells hit Klaus Leopard 9 continuously.There have been obvious changes Klaus did not expect to be hit by such a fierce firepower at all.He would not have thought that it was the 45 gun pair that had been solved by their Leopard 9 type.

I will not shoot him , because I want everyone to see what will happen after failure.Mr.Marshal, if we don t take such a move, everyone will think that failure is actually nothing Marshal Donarski sighed in his heart , maybe His Excellency the Grand Duke will regret his decision soon The form of the battle is not optimistic.Do you have any good solutions Marshal Donarski cheered up On our two wings are the elite 11th and 15th armies, and their commanders are also brave and wise.Yes.I hope that if we can resist the enemy here for more than a month, the situation in Ukraine will change 100 mg cbd gummies for sale rapidly.At the same time, we should also order immediate reinforcements from the country to alleviate the current critical situation.Of course, the support of the Allies is also essential Not much.Your Excellency the Grand Duke.

They began to disperse those Takimir supporters, with violence of course.And these supporters also began to fight with the military and police.If the military and police were restrained, then those soldiers finally lost their patience.A major shot first Then, his subordinates also raised their weapons Listening to the gunshots outside, Takimir let out snowmen trees cbd gummies 100 mg cbd gummies for sale a mournful wail.God, good God, such a terrible thing happened after all.No, there should be no bloodshed like this The gunfire stopped after only a short time, and the land outside was already stained red with blood On this night, 45 Takimir supporters were killed, and the rest were all attacked.arrest.Then, the door of Takimir s residence was kicked open.Volunf Takimir, you have been arrested for treason said the major who was the first to shoot coldly.

The enemy is on the ladder Doe leaned out from the side of the bunker, quickly lay down on the ground, and set up the machine gun.Boom boom boom The rows of bullets flying out of the muzzle are like a long silver needle, one end is connected to the muzzle of the machine gun, and the other end is connected to the ladder.Doe smashed all the railings on the stairs in one fell swoop, and at the same time he killed several adventurous enemies.A small group of plus cbd gummies enemies There is probably HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale a squad Gavin leaned out of the cover and fired several shots before knocking down an ally.Gawin retracted quickly, and pulled the front sight and rear sight on where to buy keoni cbd gummies does cbd gummies give you fever blisters the rifle forcefully his rifle sight had always been faulty, and Gawin often complained that the gang of fat pigs in the quartermaster department did not carefully calibrate the rifle sight and handed over the rifle to Soldier, he thought it was pure murder Carl Come here someone yelled.

Now he has prestige, status, followers, and more importantly, he has the support of Baron Alexon, and this is the most important thing to him.A large number of subordinates were sent out by him to work hard for his cause.Even his close friend and student 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Langtes has been busy recently, and he is rarely seen.And Yetiri is very satisfied with this.In his opinion, only being busy can make people more fulfilled and realize their career earlier.The place where he lived was also arranged by Baron Alexon himself.It was safe, reliable and comfortable.And more importantly, there is an emergency escape route here.No matter what kind of dangerous situation happened, he could leave here calmly.I have seen the dawn of victory, Sam.After finishing a lot of work in his hands, Yetiri stretched his waist and said to Sam beside him Maybe at the end of this year, we can get our I want it.

He manipulated the whole of Paris and the whole of France in the applause Among them.And those revolutionaries who are preparing for an uprising are nothing more than pawns that can be used The sad thing is that they themselves still don t know their current situation And, of course, those officers and officials who remained loyal to the Khatri government, who would soon regret it.Even if they will not be punished by the baron, the wrath of the revolutionaries will completely overwhelm them.Berkeley, I am very satisfied with your performance.Wang Weiyi suddenly turned his attention to Berkeley Your outstanding performance has made the French government and Americans blind and deaf.What do cbd gummies really relieve pain is going to happen in the whole of France, they are still immersed in their dreams.Once the flames of revolution burn in Paris, what kind of mentality do you think they will have They will still ask me anxiously why these things happened in Paris Yes.

After listening to the call, he reported the very bad news to Ambassador Robin.The US military camp had been surrounded by French troops.Do they have the intention to attack Ambassador Robin asked immediately, who was taken aback.According to our reconnaissance, they have no intention of attacking yet.Colonel Wenger quickly replied, They seem to want us not to leave the barracks.That s sending us a warning Ambassador Robin pondered and said It is still unclear the real purpose of the French.Tell all officers and soldiers that they must stay in the barracks carefully and do not leave a step before receiving orders.The president reported it.He looked at Colonel Wenger Colonel, the current situation is very complicated, in Germany itself.The Axis powers have launched a strong counterattack, and in France, the German army is on the offensive.

Captain Pattinson left with Mr.Moyol when boarding his car.Captain Pattinson didn t start the car immediately, but said after a moment of silence Thank you, Mr.Moyol, I also solemnly apologize to you for my cowardice that night.You don t need to apologize Captain.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Anyone in that situation would think otherwise.The most important thing is that we are all safe.Captain, I will leave London soon, and you will probably still be here Staying for a long time, I don t want to lose a friend like you.Captain Pattinson smiled, and he has regarded Mr.Moyol as his true friend from now on After taking a hot bath and eating something, Wang Weiyi asked about Mrs.Delk s situation.Mrs.Delk has returned to the embassy and has been properly settled.And it is said that she entrusted many people to find out the whereabouts of Mr.

I said it.Why has the Monrington family kept silent on the Queen s exile That was Her Majesty s order.Grislow quickly replied That day, Her Majesty decided to leave London, and I am also prepared to accompany you Your Majesty, but Your Majesty told me that there must be strong people staying in London to understand the situation in London at any time and provide help for future counterattacks.And the Monlington family is the most suitable person among them Sir Rosen It also means the same thing.Your Excellency, the Monrington family has a high reputation in England, and we have many friends in all walks of life.No matter how much the Fenton government hates us, they dare not easily move us And Her Majesty the Queen has a special explanation before leaving, let us try to keep silent until it is absolutely necessary Speaking of this, he glanced at his son But Thorpe still Too young, he can t hold back his anger towards the are 500mg cbd gummies strong 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Fenton government, and always likes to criticize the government in public.

He is the most powerful guy in Yelverton.I have a small request, I hope I can bring a female companion.But I really don t know where to find a female companion At first, she thought something serious happened, but when she heard this, Mrs.Delk blushed.But she quickly said reservedly Mr.Moyol, this is a date for you Are you invited Oh, I know I m being presumptuous.Wang Weiyi looked very embarrassed are 500mg cbd gummies strong 100 mg cbd gummies for sale and said But in England, apart from my friend and you, I really can t think of anyone else who can help me.You can completely refuse me, but I hope you can forgive my unreasonable invitation Seeing Mr.Moyol s nervous look, Mrs.Delk smiled Mr.Moyol.You are such a lovely guy.You saved my life, and since you asked for my help, I see no reason why I should refuse.What s the name of your friend Lopez.

certainly.Because of your status as a US military officer, I will discuss it with General Lei Wei.The police came up and put handcuffs on Major White.The major did not struggle, but glanced at his wife who was already in tears Chris, don t worry, I have never done such a thing, I will soon Cleared up the innocence.Chris didn t know what to say other than nodding vigorously Major White was taken away, and a good dinner was unhappily spoiled.Mrs.Delk tried her best to comfort Chris, who had already cried into tears.But at this time, she herself didn t know what to do.Mr.Moyol, would you please come with us Piroko and his wife came to Wang Weiyi 100 mg cbd gummies for sale and whispered.Wang Weiyi nodded, and followed the couple to a room next to him.Piroko hesitated for a moment Mr.Moyol, thank you for treating Mr.Dona.

In this incident, 33 blacks were killed and 6 were seriously injured, while the white hostages of Cassily College mysteriously disappeared together with other blacks.Mayor Duila and Director Douglas were so anxious that they couldn t wait to interrogate the arrested blacks, but they got nothing.A black man who was interrogated said contemptuously under the beating You can beat me to death, but HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale you can t get any information from me.Bobby is dead, but Huey can still lead us to continue fighting, black man Your anger has been ignited, do you feel afraid, white 100 mg cbd gummies for sale people Duila and Douglas did feel a kind of fear, really afraid.They had a vague premonition that a terrible storm was unfolding in Auckland.Yes, they were right.The Cassili College incident ignited the roar of all the black people in Oakland.

The hardest job on earth, when you make a choice, your only possibility is to complete it.There is no other way to go.I started the war on Germany, and I almost succeeded, although At that time, there were all kinds of opposing voices in the country.But my personal reputation has reached a peak.However, now not only the United States is facing failure, but I am also facing failure.Do you know what failure means I There will be nothing and everyone will blame me for bringing America into this predicament.So.Even though I know the road ahead is difficult.I just have to bear it.Elliott, you won t understand Yes.Elliott understood, he understood everything.After William decided to go to war with Germany, the Wittgenstein family also entered a period of trough, but Eliot penguin cbd gummies review did not give up and persisted until the turning point came and the Wittgenstein family completely emerged from the trough.

William quickly continued A huge ransom, or at the expense of some interests of the United States and the Fenton government.You are under a lot of pressure.Elliott said after a moment of silence You know that if the Galaxy incident is not resolved, the Fenton government will fall into chaos one day, and there may even be The possibility of collapse.Is it Seeing William nodded, Elliott said lightly But do you think there is such a possibility This is a step in all the Baron are 500mg cbd gummies strong 100 mg cbd gummies for sale s plans.He succeeded, and the Galaxy will be He forced the Fenton government to surrender, thereby minimizing Axis casualties a very important bargaining chip.Negotiation William, do you think your father will negotiate when he has the absolute advantage He doesn t need any money, Not at any price you want to payWilliam, you know your father better than I do, he would 100 mg cbd gummies for sale never have negotiated for a minute like this William s face There was a bitter smile on his face, yes, he knew that his father would definitely reject him, but even if he knew it was impossible, he still had to do it, he had no other better choice.

The explosion in the arsenal Lieutenant Colonel Moyol miraculously disappeared under the surveillance of so many policemen There is no place to hide in the entire office, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol How did the colonel get out of here I m afraid no one will be able to give Brigadier General Luke the answer.The amazing 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Lieutenant Colonel Moyol When the news that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is a spy spread in a small area After the word spread, he got such esther rantzen cbd gummies a nickname.In London, in the whole of the UK, he could call the wind and rain, and he made the impossible possible under heavy siege.In fact, until now Brigadier General Luke Didn t figure out a thing, many people are serving this Fantastic Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Captain Pattinson, Captain Roger, even General Gendra.If he wants, he can do it Everything he wants to do.

Rommel received the call without a second.Hesitation Colonel Romeo, your battle plan has been approved.And I have granted you special powers, you can make your own judgments in any situation you think you should, and you don t have to report to the command.Rommel put down phone, and then said to Sir Rosen beside him The little eagle has finally grown up, isn t it Sir Rosen showed a smile on his face The little eagle will never grow up in a cage, only when it Only when you fly in the sky and experience the cruelest natural environment can you truly grow into the most powerful bird of prey in the sky.And Romeo is undoubtedly the little eagle that has grown up In Dorchester, Lieutenant Colonel Jenson was beaten into a daze again.It never occurred to him that the enemy did not attack Weymouth first, but launched an attack on HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Dorches forehead.

Then I can do What General HCMUSSH 100 mg cbd gummies for sale Gendra asked tentatively.President William fell silent again, and said after a long time Yes, what can you do We know that he is by our side, but we can t do anything, maybe our sorrow lies in this.Be careful Some, General Gendra, I don t want to open my eyes tomorrow to hear that my general has become a prisoner of the Skeleton Baron.If that day really comes, I hope I can still be an American general The pride.The word proud came out of General Gandra s mouth, no matter how it sounds, it is a kind of irony At least I am luckier than others, and I can finally talk to the Baron Skeleton calmly.President William smiled wryly That is not a pleasant memory, good luck to you, General Gandra.Good luck to the United States.General Gandra put down the phone.This is a hopeless city, General Gendra thought again.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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