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Cui frowned, If I knew this, I shouldn t have written with the Zhou family, thinking that their cbd gummy allergic reaction total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews Zhou family is also a famous cbd gummy allergic reaction family, it should be Knowing the rules, women who pass cbd gummy allergic reaction the book should stay in the boudoir, why not go to the princess s mansion to have a banquet, and it will be embarrassing for our Cui family to cause trouble.Mrs.Cui finished speaking and looked at Marquis Dingning next to her You don t have to say anything to the Zhou family, I ve done my best to send some money to the Zhou family.Miss Zhou s reputation is still preserved by us, and the Zhou family should really thank us.Cui Wei pursed her lips Mother, cbd gummy allergic reaction that Miss Zhou held a sharp weapon in her hand.Even if I didn t let someone shoot an arrow, she must have committed suicide for the sake of fame.Mrs.Cui put down the teacup when she heard this It s quite a shame to go to jail early in the morning.Although the family background is in decline, it is enough to support a silly girl, but what about the baby If you can t get married for the what age can u buy cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies stay in your system rest of your life, it s okay when your parents are there, but catalina island cbd gummies you will inevitably end up miserable when your parents leave.The steward of Cui s family stepped forward and said, Miss Tuesday, I will help you to change your clothes Zhou Ruzhang nodded and breathed a sigh of relief.After all, it was just a false alarm Gu Mingzhu walked into the garden and looked up at the blue sky.After she was killed in the prison, cbd gummies walmart cbd gummy allergic reaction she woke up again and became Gu Mingzhu.At the beginning, she was in a state of depression, and she was asleep most of the time.The Gu family took care of her carefully, and it took several years for her to recover gradually.In the past, her parents left too early and never had .

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a chance to be married, but now they made up for her all at once.The master and servant walked to the table and sat down, Bao Tong took the cake and handed it to Gu Mingzhu, Gu Mingzhu ate it with relish.Zhou Ruzhang tightly clutched the handkerchief, looking at the lake not far away, the boat continued to move forward, farther and farther away, Zhou Ruzhang s legs and feet felt a little weak.Ms.Zhang, come and sit down.Mrs.Zhou said again on Wednesday, and Zhou Ruzhang walked back.She really didn t see clearly just now, and she couldn t say with certainty that the purse was hers.Even if it was hers, how would she get it stand up If it was another person, she could still ask a few questions carefully, but she met a fool.Zhou Ruzhang was so upset that he didn t know what to do.The boat landed quickly, Zhou Ruzhang got up and wanted to talk to Gu Mingzhu, but Gu Mingzhu yawned Sister in law, I want to sleep.Cui Zhen said Do you know if there is a person in Taiyuan Mansion who is extremely light hearted Nie Chen couldn t help asking cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies Who is Hou Ye referring to Cui Zhen said I saw the figure of that person, but I couldn t catch him up Afterwards, he took people to check Cui s house up and down to make sure that the person was no longer in the house.Nie Chen .

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shook his head Taiyuan Mansion offered a reward for catching the bandits.Recently, there have indeed been many good fighters, but those who can escape in front of Lord Hou and avoid the Cui family s guards are by no means ordinary people.Cui Zhen said If you see such a I must send a letter to the Cui family immediately.Nie Chen responded, After taking the reward from Lord Hou, I will do my best, and I will report to Lord Hou if I hear any news.Every time she successfully retrieved the message, she felt that she was very good.Taking out the paper from the bamboo tube, Gu Mingzhu saw what was drawn on it.Is this a ghost painting talisman Baotong couldn t understand again, and rubbed his eyes vigorously.It s a person.Baotong said in disgust, That s really ugly, it doesn t even have a nose and eyes.Don t draw those, Gu Mingzhu stretched out his finger, He s telling me, where did this person get hurt , Do you have any special marks on your body.If you want to know what this person has done, you don t have to ask him to say it, you can also find clues from him.Everything they have done will leave some marks on their body.Said After finishing this, Gu Mingzhu frowned.The murderer was cbd gummies portland me going to die, not because she pushed him off the hillside, nor because he bit off his own tongue, but because he was already seriously ill, and he was not long to live.Moreover, she has seen this kind of disease before, not cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies only has she seen it, but she also often gives medicine to such patients.Gu Mingzhu looked at the medical books on the table, is she going to start here Looks like I m going to do another night tour tonight.Chapter 12 The medical woman Cui Zhen returned to the front yard to rest for a while, only to realize that Master Cui Si had come to ask several times.After a brief grooming, Cui Zhen asked someone to invite fourth master Cui into the door.Master Hou.Fourth Master Cui saluted first.Cui Zhen nodded and motioned for Fourth Master Cui to sit down Didn t Fourth Brother go to Zhuangzi Why did you come back suddenly Fourth Master Cui said Taiyuan Mansion is not peaceful recently, and I got news that Lord Hou will be coming soon.Back to the ancestral house, the women of the Zhou family would also come to the door, after thinking about it, they were still worried, so they sent Guan to go to Zhuangzi to support them, and when they entered the door, they heard about the Jinta Temple, and they were really shocked.My wife asked you what s the matter Liu Su s slightly leaf boss cbd gummies hoarse voice sounded.Wei Yuanchen looked at the doctor again, and the doctor shrank and hugged the medicine box even tighter.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Chu Jiu took out a piece of silver Tell me everything I heard in upstate cbd gummies that house just now, this silver is yours.Wei Yuanchen walked 7 out 10 cbd gummies a little further, only waiting for Chu Jiu to question him wanted news.Third Lord, Chu Jiu walked over and said, The doctor came here tonight to see the people here, and was invited to that house to treat those people.Chu Jiu raised his hand as he spoke The medicine bag in the bag This is her magic medicine.Magic medicine Chu Jiu lowered his head under Wei Yuanchen s gaze, the third master must have been very disappointed with him, and asked him to ask questions instead of taking any magic medicine, but he asked several times, and all the doctor knew was this.Don t worry, the first feeding will definitely fail, and the first time is raw and the second time is ripe.Nie Chen is very confident cbd gummy allergic reaction in the deduction of the elder, and the elder is good at Trying to figure out people s hearts, he got a letter before coming this time.The elder said that he can only tell the truth when he meets Mr.Wei, because he is too smart, and his lies cbd gummy allergic reaction total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews will be exposed.People around Mr.Wei can use more careful thinking.This little jerky is The Elder prepared it for him.He was also curious about why the Elder knew this, but the Elder quickly gave him the answer in the letter, because the Elder had seen Lord Wei and the people around him, and smelled the smell of meat from the people around Lord Wei.Meaty.What kind of meat Nie Chen caught up with Ah Jiu and took a breath Don t you want to know what jerky this is Chapter 24 Scared to death, Ah Jiu didn t want to talk to Nie Chen.There was a faint aroma of red beans on the cake.It s soft and not greasy.Even Zhou Ruzhang thought she loved sweet scented osmanthus cake, how could the Cui family no cbd gummies on amazon know her true preference Is it a coincidence The red bean cake is cheap, so the Cui family hit the right button.After she became Gu Mingzhu, she has always followed Gu Mingzhu s preferences so as not to attract suspicion.Gu Mingzhu likes sweets, and the desserts in Gu s kitchen are all too sweet.She has never made red bean cakes like this, so she also Haven t eaten these cbd gummies to relieve anxiety things for a long time.The red bean cake in front of her looked so tempting.She is a doctor who is greedy for money, so there is no reason not to be tempted when she sees these foods, and it is reasonable to eat pastries.Gu Mingzhu reached out and picked up a piece of red bean cake, put it on the tip of her nose and smelled it, there was no strange smell, presumably, no one would poison a dead person.Why don t you wait until the daytime to cbd gummy allergic reaction let the doctor come Everyone is not together during the day, and we must not disturb the girls rest.There will be a big businessman coming tonight, and the girls have to serve them carefully.Hurry up, so as not to be punished by your mother.Is there a distinguished guest in the Fugui Pavilion Master Ding is going to do big business, I hope Mr.Ding will go well, so that everyone will have a reward.Gu Mingzhu found that A Jin was very concerned about the news of this Mr.Ding.Is there a doctor There is no one in my room right now.Come and help me take a look.I have never seen you before.A Jin said that your medicine is good, but do you have Bizi Tang Gu Mingzhu happily took out her The herbs wrapped long ago were handed to the girls.As the night gradually deepened, the boat became more and more bustling, guests began to board the boat, and almost all the herbs in Gu Mingzhu s cbd gummy allergic reaction medicine box were sold out.Seeing Mr.Ding standing up and walking away, Gu Mingzhu was also preparing to leave the banquet as if nothing had happened, but before she could move, she found that someone was holding cbd gummy allergic reaction down the corner of her skirt.Gu Mingzhu opened her eyelids and took a quick look at Wei Yuanchen, and immediately met those well knit eyes.What does Mr.Wei mean now is not the time It was rare for him to remind her at a critical moment.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, when a string of silver bell like laughter came from beside her Sister Ziyuan, why worry, let s have fun together again.Gu Mingzhu felt that someone pushed her hard, her The skirt was already held down by someone, unable to move all of a sudden, the whole person fell into Wei Yuanchen s arms.Chapter 35 Jumping off the boat Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes, feeling her body sinking, and then pressed Mr.When he got the news and arrived in Beijing, Mr.Zhou had already been buried.He hurriedly went to the grave to pay respects to Mr.Zhou, and then went to see Mrs.Zhou at Zhou s ranking of cbd gummies for pain house.Mrs.Zhou hugged him.The little Rujun looked sad, and he persuaded Mrs.Zhou that she was dead, and she must raise the child.Mrs.Zhou nodded in agreement, and also asked him not to mention the relationship with Mr.Zhou to anyone, not even the Zhou family.Later, Mrs.Zhou hanged herself.Although he had doubts in his heart, how could Mrs.Zhou cruelly abandon him Little sister Jun But after all, Mrs.Zhou was a female family member, so he couldn t go to check on the body, so he had to listen to the news outside.In the end, the yamen s official came to check and confirmed that there was no doubt that she had hanged herself, and Mrs.The Gu family s yard is not big.After walking along the bluestone road for a long time, they saw a few figures.The girl who was running in the front suddenly jumped forward, and the maids immediately ran over to check.I didn t catch it, I ran away.There, there Hush, listen to the sound.There was a faint buzzing cbd gummy allergic reaction sound, and everyone became tiptoe again, all staring at the girl cbd gummy allergic reaction s movements.The girl lifted up her skirt and focused her attention on the grass.The Zhuzhi she had been chasing stopped not far away.She bent her waist and carefully knelt on the ground, leaning forward with her five fingers folded together.Knocked over.Her hand hadn t come down yet, but a foot stretched out from there, cut off the beard from mid air, and stepped firmly on the crotch.The girl s eyes widened immediately, and the corners of her mouth that were naturally curved suddenly dropped, and the joyful expression disappeared without a trace.To find such a thing, it was not because of his good luck or God helping him, but because of his boldness and carefulness.Feng Anping said I didn t dare to open the bamboo tube privately.Such things should naturally be handed over to Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen opened the small bamboo tube, and a note appeared in it.Feng Anping next to him opened his eyes wide and leaned over to take a closer look.Wei Yuanchen unfolded the note, and there was a line of small characters written on it Seven years ago, I was injured with a poisoned cold arrow, and now I still have an arrow, it is hard to appease the hatred in my heart I only hope that the truth will be revealed as soon as possible, and there will be no more unjust cases in the world.Feng Anping leaned over and took a look, his face was full of surprise Seven years ago What does this mean Wei Yuanchen s eyes were slightly deep.Wei, right Then elder sister may underestimate the Wei family.The Wei family is a foreign relative, how can they value these money I m most afraid cbd gummy allergic reaction that if you steal the chicken, you won t lose the rice, and if you don t get any benefits, you will get more involved.Who are you talking to Mrs.Lin Tai said angrily, I am your elder sister no matter what, even if we both marry If you are married, you have to think about the Lin family.Without the support of your mother s family, you will not be able to hold your head up in your husband s family.Don t you know these things I never tired you before, but now I have no choice.If this method is found out, you can just say you don t know, and push it on me, cbd gummies 450mg and I will take the blame for you.You are all afraid of being implicated, but I am not.Hidden, pretended to be stupid, nothing has happened, will the tree fall and the monkeys scatter Mrs.It s the same party, maybe the elder sister will go to accompany her sister in law next time.It was the first time in so many years that she said such a powerful word in front of her elder sister, and she suddenly felt very happy.It was happier than she thought.Chapter 96 Unlucky Mrs.Lin Tai never expected that the sister who was usually as soft as a dough person could say such a thing.Lin Qi inherited this branch, cowardly and incompetent, and has long since lost his status in the Lin clan.Even if Gu Lin married Xungui, it was because of her favor that he could have such a marriage.There is such a reason, No matter when and where, Gu Lin will be a head shorter than her.Now Gu Linshi dares to stand here and contradict her.You, Mrs.Lin pointed at Mrs.Lin, do you have a conscience I am not only your eldest sister, but also your benefactor.Wei Yuanchen s gaze was slightly deep, and before he exposes her, maybe he will think about it, her intention of doing this, don t even think about it now, Gu Mingzhu came here on purpose to disrupt the situation, she must know some news.Ninth day.Wei Yuanchen called out.Chu Jiu immediately stood in front of Miss Gu reluctantly.The third master treated him very well.He would always be asked to do such unpopular things.Zhuzhu, what are you doing Mrs.Lin just arrived and took Gu Mingzhu s hand.Wei Yuanchen looked carefully, Mrs.Lin s expression was natural, her brows were worried and anxious, it didn t seem fake, could it be that Mrs.Lin really didn t know her daughter s true face Even her mother was lied to, Miss Gu is really extraordinary.My officer said that no one is allowed to enter during the interrogation of Lin Runzhi.Chu Jiu watched Cui Zhen s movements and glanced at the third master.The third master s face remained unchanged as usual.Chu Jiu felt anxious and coughed, could the third master be holding Cui Zhen right This Cui Zhen used his in laws to touch Miss Gu, and the third master could bear it The third master seems to be all right now, he won t suffer from internal injuries and get sick when he returns home, right Wei Yuanchen looked at Cui Zhen and Gu Mingzhu, Cui Zhen was very protective of this cousin, when one day Cui Zhen knew that Miss Gu was not only not stupid, but smart and cunning, what would happen Do you hate her, or do you value her more Gu Mingzhu is now targeting cbd gummy allergic reaction total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews Mrs.Lin because of this case.After this case is over, the Gu and Cui families are still relatives by marriage after all, and they will definitely continue to communicate with each other.Lin went into the main room to see Mrs.Lin.Mrs.Lin Tai was carried to Ruantang, her clothes were messy, her hair was in a loose bun, her face was red and swollen, she was even more embarrassed than the last time she was in Zhuangzi.You let him go just like that Mrs.Lin opened her eyes and looked at Cui Zhen, Whydon t you kill him Iwhat do I need you for Still calm in the yard, he looked at Mrs.Lin steadfastly Does mother want to take the entire Cui family to be buried with you Mrs.Lin s lips trembled What do you mean Wei Yuanchen just insulted me, Do you want to step on your mother again My son said it long ago, but my mother refused to listen, Cui Zhen said, I have nothing to do with my mother, but when my mother walks out of Cui s house, I should know that not everyone should.To save face for you, today is a slap, tomorrow I don t know if my mother will be sent to prison directly.Wei never glanced over.It seemed that she would bother to mention him later.Gu Mingzhu s gaze shifted again, and another figure came into view, that was Cui Zhen, and Marquis Ding Ning didn t seem to be drunk at all, Cui Zhen should have guessed that something would happen tonight, so he still kept clear.After everyone sat what age can u buy cbd gummies down, the servants also set up the piano and served incense.The smoke is curling up, and the refreshing fragrance is overflowing.The prince clapped his hands.The deep and distant timbre of the lyre immediately spread in the hall.Chu Jiu sniffed the incense, the smell made him drowsy, and when the piano sounded, his eyelids became even more heavy.The most boring part of the banquet came, Chu Jiu stood there, feeling that he was going to hug Duke Zhou But at this moment, the subtle sound of breaking the air approached from far away, and Chu Jiu immediately became energetic.Just now The prince is doing well, but who would have thought that he would what age can u buy cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies stay in your system suddenly become irritable, Cui Zhen cbd gummy allergic reaction put down the wine glass in his hand, and carefully watched the situation during the banquet, the prince has been the crown prince for so many years, and he would not embarrass Qin Niang just because he played a wrong tune.What s going on in the middle Cui Zhen s eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen, Wei Yuanchen s cbd gummy allergic reaction face was cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies indifferent and he didn t know what he was thinking about.Your Highness.Mr.Shen hastily entered the door.When he heard that something happened at the banquet, he rushed over immediately Your Highness, calm down.Now that we are in Taiyuan Mansion, we can t make any mistakes, not to mention there are important things to do tonight , he received news that the people from the yamen searched on the mountain, but cbd gummy allergic reaction they still haven t found Mr.Zhao s accounts are no cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies more .

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than the horses.Just a small part, if all the ironware in the private mine is used to exchange for war horses, then there will be a huge batch of warhorses missing, and of course the ironware can be used for other purposes, so where did this batch of ironware go Prince Edward Hearing this, he couldn cbd gummy allergic reaction t help being startled, he subconsciously went to see Mr.Shen, how many war horses did Master Zhao buy and sell every year How much iron did you get Does it match the account in his hand Who took those horses that weren t on the books Where did the irons go Wei Yuanchen looked at Master Zhao Er s body, I suspect that s why those people attacked Wang Daochang and Master Zhao Er.Everything will be dead without proof.The crown prince finally understood Wei Yuanchen s meaning, if what Wei Yuanchen said is true, then someone is using his cover to seek personal gain, just interrogate Wang Daochang and Wang Daochang.Hearing the yamen s report, Lu Shenzhi s face was serious Go and find out who lives there.The yacha responded with a cry and withdrew.Gu Mingzhu listened carefully, now it seems that finding the woman will take a lot of effort, but the more trouble, the more it proves that the woman has a problem, and she left a month ago.When she came to Taiyuan Mansion to investigate the case, so she was avoiding Mr.Wei Now that Wang Daochang died, it would be even more difficult to verify her identity.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su, who nodded to indicate that it was almost time.After a wild night, she should go home and rest.The next thing to do is to wait for Nie Chen to send her news.Gu Mingzhu looked at Lu Shenzhi Master Lu, I have something I want to ask the Wang family.Lu Shenzhi nodded.This girl Jiang is smart and smart, and she may find something else.She used to like bamboo dragonflies very much.When she gently twisted them with her hands, the bamboo dragonflies would fly very high.At that time, she always thought that it would be great if she could become a bamboo dragonfly and fly out of the palace wall.Unfortunately, although she flew out later, everything was far from what cbd gummy allergic reaction she expected.Princess Huairou looked at can you take cbd gummies with kidney disease Miss Gu I ll fix its wings, so it can fly again.Before Miss Gu could speak, Princess Huairou stood up Come on, come in with me.Princess Huairou is very skillful with her hands.When she was in the palace, she made a lot of bamboo dragonflies by herself.In addition to using wood and bamboo sticks, she also tried to use feathers to make wings, so repairing the bamboo dragonflies in her hand is very important to her.It is not difficult.There are constant struggles in the court, both openly and secretly, and the son in law has never discussed the political situation with her.Even if there is any disturbance in the Cheng family in the court, she still hears the news from other people.The son in law had a big quarrel, and the son in law accused her of meddling in political affairs, she could not ask questions on weekdays, but she is Cheng s wife after all, if something happened at home, she should sit firmly in the princess mansion The son in law s complaints are nothing more than a separation from her and unwillingness to take advantage of her.In her anger, she even said the words of reconciliation, and the news that she was going to reconcile with the son in law spread all over the capital.She was more polite and rarely entered her door again.Gu Mingzhu told Liu Su You go first Report the letter, and I will make arrangements here.After sending Liu Su away, Gu Mingzhu took Baotong to the east courtyard, and Baotong said in a low voice, Miss, what do you think Mr.Wei raises a chicken for If it is For food, it shouldn t be a big problem, I promise to stew it deliciously and sweetly, and then bring it to Mr.Wei Gu high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction Mingzhu said, What if it s not for food That.Baotong was at a loss for words.What the hell did you do Gu Mingzhu sighed inwardly, since Baotong talked about eating , the situation of that chicken is worrying.Who asked it to eat the flower cakes for the Lantern Festival.I wanted to drive it away, but it refused to go away with a stubborn face.When I got angry, I tied its feet.Flower cakes are made of dried flowers and grass plus dried fruits.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were burning brightly, and Chu Jiu felt that he was burning up instantly, and he took two steps back The Gu family is sure I will also send us wound medicine.Chu Jiu didn t dare to say the following words, although there is some closeness, there will always be some expressions, and I hope that the third master will feel better after hearing this.Wei Yuanchen said coldly Why don t I let you return to Beijing with Cui Zhen Chu Jiu hurriedly waved his healthergize cbd gummies hands Of course I want to stay with just cbd gummies 1000mg best price hallo the third master Oh, third master, why did your clothes get ripped open Are you injured Wei Yuanchen was cut under his left armpit.Chu Jiu s complexion changed drastically, if she was really hurt, it would be a big deal.Wei Yuanchen looked down, he didn t notice it just now, it can be seen that Cui Zhen s knife was really fast, but since he cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies didn t feel any pain, even if the injury was not serious, there was no need to deal with it.A stone in her heart was put down.Fell asleep.Everyone seemed to be sleeping peacefully On the official road from the capital to Taiyuan, there are still people traveling with stars and moons.It was Marquis Huaiyuan.The continuous rush made the horse under the crotch breathe heavily, and the four hooves of the galloping became slower and slower.Master Hou, take a break The guard rushed forward and said, The horse will not be able to support it if you go on like this.Huaiyuanhou had to rein in the horse, and he hadn t traveled like this for many years, and the pain between his legs was sharp., but he had to be anxious, after receiving the news from Jingzhong, he knew that the previous plan was wrong, and his wife and Zhuzhu failed to leave Taiyuan Mansion for Shaanxi.He really didn t expect the case to be investigated so quickly.Shen said Mr.Cheng knew about this a long time ago.This time I came to Taiyuan Mansion because Mrs.Zhao was kidnapped by mountain bandits.Mr.Mrs.Cheng is looking for hundreds of households where Mrs.Zhao remarried Then what There is something in what Mr.said.Mr.Shen said I found something strange about the princess.I asked the guards to watch quietly, and found that things were getting worse, so I took those hundred households.The prince s eyes widened.It was Mr.Shen who did things so neatly.Now I think that the kidnapping of the Zhao family has something to do with the Shanxi mutiny case.The people who kidnapped the Zhao family may not be trivial.They are not bandits.Cheng Yuma and the princess have been fooled.Chapter 159 The Shameless Prince heard Mr.Shen s words, vaguely Some thoughts emerged.To Da Zhou and Ao Er Du Si, they were edible gummies 1 1 thc cbd online no medical card too insignificant, and it was impossible for him to achieve his reputation as a hero.In the end it was defeated.As the blazing sun shone down, all the lieutenants around Lin Sizhen were destroyed, and Cui Zhen came towards him with a knife.Lin Sizhen suddenly stretched out his hand to press the wound on Mrs.Lin Tai s shoulder, and Lin Sizhen suddenly woke up from a daze.Lin Sizhen lifted Mrs.Lin Tai from the horseback.Elder Sister, Lin Sizhen said softly, Look at how your eldest son killed his uncle, Eldest SisterI lied to you when I said I used you to blackmail him, I didn t want you Die, I just want your eldest son to give our siblings a way to survive, but he refuses.Eldest sister, if you survive, you will avenge your younger brother, live well, live longer than him, and don t make it easy for him.Although all this is a coincidence, It was he himself who happened to bring his face closer, but Mr.Wei probably wanted to kill someone at this moment Fortunately, Gu Mingzhu can solve the things that she can t solve.She just needs to calm down and let cbd gummy allergic reaction total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews everything take its course.Gu Mingzhu was stunned for a moment, then immediately calmed down.She gently retracted her fingers to Wei Yuanchen s cheek, and pinched his face with two fingers.His handsome face was slightly deformed by her pulling, and she withdrew her hand just right.It s so beautiful.She cbd gummies walmart cbd gummy allergic reaction raised her face, showing a sincere praise, and gave all her sincerity and flattery.When he heard her sweet voice, at that moment, he suddenly felt that she was telling the truth.There was still a little goat s milk on the girl s mouth, and her expression was so innocent that no one could bear to blame her.It HCMUSSH cbd gummy allergic reaction was rare for her to plan so hard for Zhou Qiye.He also got a bowl of soup for nothing under Zhou Qiye s favor.Understood.Wei Yuanchen said flatly.Liu Su saluted and retreated.There was no one else in the room, Wei Yuanchen stood there silently, the quiet needle dropping could be heard around.Zhou Zesheng on the bed opened his eyes, and he turned to look at Wei Yuanchen.After Miss Gu put her hand on his wrist after entering the door, he was very surprised.He had paid special attention to Miss Gu because of Wei Yuanchen s explanation before, and always felt that Miss Gu was not a stupid person, but just always No concrete evidence has been found, and now the suspicion seems to be confirmed.But then Miss Gu raised and lowered her fingers alternately, not quite like a pulse diagnosis, but more like a child playing around.Wei Yuanchen wanted to look away, but saw that the sugar on the cockscomb had melted and dripped down slowly.He unconsciously took the syrup, put it to his mouth and took a sip.Third Master Chu Jiu happened to enter the door.Wei Yuanchen pursed his lips, put the syrup back in his hand, and looked at Chu Jiu unkindly.The are cbd gummies illegal in virginia syrup stained on his lips slowly melted away in his mouth, causing his lips to rise slightly.What are cbd gummy allergic reaction you looking at Wei Yuanchen frowned to meet Chu Jiu s gaze, then coldly threw the teacup on the table over, Change for a cup of teait s so bitter.Chu Jiu immediately brought the teacup In my hand, why is the tea bitter again Picking up the tea and walking out of the room, Chu Jiu couldn t help but lift the tea bowl and smell it.A faint tea fragrance, nothing wrong with it.It s the appearance of the third master just now, which is a bit weird compared to usual, his face is full of anger but a little less powerful, especially the appearance are cbd gummies legal in tennessee of pursing his mouth I thought of the way the third master bought it at the market six or seven years ago.The two stopped and saluted at the emperor s station.Did any of you harm elder brother The emperor s eyes suddenly became very sharp.I dare not.The third and fifth princes said in unison.The emperor said coldly If you reveal the truth earlier, I may not take heavy responsibility.If you refuse little egypt cbd gummies to admit it, I will find out about it in the future, and your crime will be aggravated.I have never been to northern Xinjiang, I have never seen Nalin Temple, and I only met Han Yu once.The fifth prince s face was pale Father doesn t even know who Han Yu is.Catch the traitor behind that.The emperor lowered his eyes and looked at the two sons kneeling at the bottom of his feet I hope you don t let me down.Let him down, there will be no good results Wei Yuanchen walked out of the palace gate, and immediately saw Second Master Wei waiting beside him.If the Wei family didn t take care of this case, it would be difficult for his wife and Zhuzhu to take care of him.Chu Jiu reported Everything is fine, my lord asked me to come and meet the princess and Lord Hou.Fortunately, he was smart enough and didn t say he wanted to pick up five black chickens.Gu Chongyi nodded That s good.However, they were about to arrive in the capital, how could Mr.Wei be so polite He also made a special trip to get someone to answer him.Just as Gu Chongyi was best sleep gummies cbd thinking, he saw .

what do gummies with cbd do?

Chu Jiu s eyes looking in the direction of the Gu family s carriage, and the guards of the Wei family were looking at the carriage following Madam and Zhuzhu.what s on that car Gu Chongyi s heart skipped a beat, and he immediately thought of the five black chicken.Could it be that the Wei family came here for that rare bird After figuring this out, Gu Chongyi felt much more at ease, as long as he knew the purpose of his visit, the Wei family s concern for them in Taiyuan Mansion already made him uneasy, and if this continued, he would not be able to sleep well at night.These are the real relatives.Except for the royal family, no one is more noble than the Wei family.Dressing up like this, Mr.Wei must have won the emperor s award.Dressing like this is also a deterrent to the party of noble concubines.No matter how lonely the Wei family is, they are still dignified.However, this body also needs some money, right Gu Mingzhu secretly calculated in her heart, Mrs.Wei is really rich, cbd gummy allergic reaction it seems that her bill can be charged a little more.More than ten taels of silver, presumably Mr.Wei would not care.The jade pendant around Mrs.Wei s waist is also quite beautiful, such a net made of gold thread can cover the traveling expenses of ordinary people.Wei Yuanchen cbd gummy allergic reaction felt Zhuzhu s eyes fall on his face, but soon she moved away to look at the jade pendant on his waist, and then moved to his robe.Cheng thought of this, she saw a lady with a familiar face pulling the girl to her side.Mrs.Cheng frowned.She had no time to think cbd gummy allergic reaction total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews about it when she was flustered, but now she is much more sober.She had been asked before that the princess was entertaining guests in the mansion today.Although it was not clear who was hosting the banquet, she didn t take it to heart.She just wanted to make a scene known to everyone, and it didn t matter who the guests were.But the situation nowis different.Old lady Cheng s heart sank.If it was her, the Cheng family would really be speechless.Come here.Princess Huairou sternly yelled, If you don t stop, no matter who it is, I will kick them out.This is Princess Huairou s mansion, not Cheng s.It s fine for old ladies and elders to come without invitation.It also disturbed the female relatives of Huaiyuanhou s family, Mrs.Yuan Shi looked at the mother in charge When you showed the crested hairpin to what age can u buy cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies stay in your system the Zhao family, what did the Zhao family look like This is what she likes to hear the most.Mother Du immediately said At the beginning, Mrs.Zhao was still putting on airs, like a wife in charge.After seeing the hairpin, her face immediately high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction changed, and her high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction whole body was shaking.Mrs.Zhao can be regarded as a ruthless character.Wait until the old lady When she entered the door with the old man, she changed her face, as if nothing had happened.The slaves couldn t understand, how could such a shabby household have the nerve to show up in front of people, but anyone who has a decent face has long sought death.Yuan Shi Facing the mirror, she gently smoothed her haircut She thought that no one would know what she did, and she could get away with it casually.Zhao has gone through so many things, and her heart is stronger than ordinary people, but now Such fragility must be due to an unresolved knot in his heart.If the son in law is really hardened, it may be counterproductive.Princess Huairou turned her head to look at Cheng Yi My son in law, listen to your mother and don t go to Cheng s house to find them.If mother is in a bad mood, I will accompany you to talk.Princess Huairou signaled Cheng Yi to go out.Cheng Yi s eyes fell on Mrs.Zhao, and he nodded after a while I don t have to go, but motheryou taught me not to be a weak person.If there is any difficulty, can we really make it through When my grandfather was defending Yulin Guard, he already knew that he was framed by Tatars on the one hand, and Dazhou, who didn t trust them on the other.Seriously, you Xicheng Bingmasi It s a godsend, in such a big West City, you just know that there will be a case here Lord Wei actually knew where Tang Qianhu was, the captain was in a state of confusion, he didn t know what to do, he could only wait until the court really came to interrogate , He tried to find a way to communicate with Qianhu.My lord, what they said just now has been clearly recorded.The clerk handed gummy cbd pure hemp tincture over the Chinese document in his hand to Wei Yuanchen to check.You, the school lieutenant stared at the document, without hesitation, You came prepared.Wei Yuanchen slightly raised his phoenix eyes to add a bit of power You let people stare at this place, cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies and you Went to eat a bowl of flat food, and before there was any exclamation from the room, you were outside the inn.The two people in the room were not killed by Peng Liang.The shopkeeper s eyebrows and eyes stretched The trauma prescriptions you sent before are pretty good.Does your master know how to heal old wounds Now there is a business, do you want to take it Liu Su nodded My master is good at these things.If the shopkeeper has customers, I will definitely I will not let the shopkeeper down.The shopkeeper waved his hand I saw that the prescription you sent was very good before, and I asked the sitting doctor to test you, and I remembered you when I got business, butyou are new here, and you should only take some small orders.I shouldn t take care of tonight s business.Fortunately, that lady has been injured for seven or eight years.Doctors, big and small, have seen it all over the capital.Everyone knows that the disease is incurable.If you go there, you can t do it.In addition, how could such an injury cause Bai Gongren to hurt like this, and Bai Gongren s pain did not seem to come entirely from the injured leg, so it was futile for all the doctors to heal Bai Gongren s legs.After reading these, Gu Mingzhu walked on contentedly.The doctors outside the door were still pondering whether to wash the wound with prickly ash or use a knife to release the bruise, but Bai Gongren s legs did not seem to have bruises and sores.What is this for A voice sounded.Master.The stewards and servants of the Yuan family saluted one after another.Gu Mingzhu looked over, and this person should be Yudu Yushi Yuan Zhixing.With a sullen face, Yuan Zhixing glanced slowly over the doctor, and then looked at the mother in charge Madam has an old illness Yes.Before the mother in charge could explain clearly, Yuan Zhixing strode into the house, looking very He was concerned about Bai Gongren tranquil leaf cbd gummies price s body.He bowed and saluted Mrs.Li.The room was silent, and Mrs.Li was completely frozen in place.She watched Brother Chen grow up little by little.Brother Chen was very cute when he was a child.She loved watching Brother Chen smile the most.A few small teeth make people s hearts melt.Later, brother Chen gradually grew up and had his own thoughts.Although he talked less, he was still thoughtful.In Cong Cheng s words, he was less scheming and more sincere.Thanks to Wei Sanye, he was neither the eldest son nor the grandson., Just be a happy kid from a rich family.Brother Chen also knows what they are thinking, and he has always done it properly.At that time, brother Chen, with the flashing light in his eyes, always gave people a feeling of spring breeze blowing on his face, which made people feel at ease.Wei can let people in.Master Su, Wei Yuanchen said, you have to be prepared, Daning Dusina used to be the domain of Liang Wang.Sure enough, Su Fu sighed in his heart, what he was worried about had come to pass so quickly.Daning Dusi is not only the domain of King Liang, but the second prince cbd gummy allergic reaction also wanted to use the troops of does now nutrition have cbd gummies Daning Dusi back then, and the Wei family was also implicated because of this.In recent years, things involving Liang Wang s domain have been more bad than good.The wind and rain are about to come, and the house is full of wind and rain.In the past few years, the governor of Shuntian Mansion has been too stable, and there should be some storms.One can t be too dissatisfied.Thinking of this, Su Fu glanced at Wei Yuanchen, and said that the Wei high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction family should be more afraid of touching on these things back then, if they were not careful, they would be involved in it, Wei Yuanchen, a young man, is so safe, why should he panic.The hall was quiet for a moment, and after a long while the emperor looked at the courtiers and said indifferently I have reprimanded the crown prince a few years ago, but who would have thought that he would not change after repeated admonitions, and I am also at fault for causing today s troubles.I ask the emperor to punish you.A mistake is a mistake, said the emperor with a solemn and calm face, I am never afraid of admitting my mistakes, as long as it is beneficial to the society, so what if I punish myself There is a fault, but the prince is even more unforgivable.If he is abolished today, he will never be restored.The rest of the princes can take this as a cbd gummy allergic reaction warning and don t let me down again.The third prince and the fifth prince knelt down and saluted My son will definitely Keep it in mind.It seemed that she cared about her and wanted to win over her father.She was curious about what the third concubine would do While talking, several people came to the gate of Taiqing Temple, and a thirties year old Kun Dao female Taoist priest was waiting there with several female crowns.This Kun Dao had clear eyes, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his face seemed With a hint of a smile, the smile is not ostentatious, hidden on the slightly raised corners of the mouth, other than that, there is no other expression, and after a long time, it only feels unfathomable.Fusheng Wuliang Tianzun.Sun Zhenren stepped forward and saluted.The third prince and concubine said I haven t seen you for a long time.How is the real person Is this journey going smoothly Sun Zhenren said The patriarch of Sanqing protects you and brought back the relics of the senior brother.The third concubine thought carefully, how could Miss Gu be able to marry in an ordinary family with such cbd gummy allergic reaction a disease Although Mrs.Lin has caused a lot of trouble now, after all, Cui Wei also has military exploits.Even if he is not as good as his elder brother in the future, he will have a good official career.It is normal to do this in order cbd gummy allergic reaction to get closer.After marrying and going home, raise them up, and then find a few beautiful concubines to serve by your side.Miss Gu is sick, and the Gu family can t say anything.It is not easy to marry a daughter, who really expects Gu Mingzhu to be a decent mistress, in charge of the middle class, and to deter the servants With such a female family member, who can really respect her when she entrusts her with such a huge family business The daughters of high are cbd gummies legal in maryland ranking officials and dignitaries all want to marry high, but Gu Mingzhu is impossible.Kong Laofu looked at Wei Yuanchen hesitantly, and seeing that Mr.Wei had no intention of stopping, he said truthfully Yan Shen just said that it s a pity for Miss Bai s family.What does this mean Gu Mingzhu thought in her heart, if Ah chan was killed by someone, Yan Tanhua would have said he died a wronged death , why would it be it s a pity.Kong Lao said Yan Shen rarely talks, and I will have a drink with you afterwards.After drinking, I left, and please don t tell his master the inside story, he doesn t want to implicate others until the case is clarified.Wei Yuanchen said, Did Yan Tanhua go to see Miss Bai s body Kong The old man shook his head cbd gummies walmart cbd gummy allergic reaction Yan Shen didn t tell me.After asking about this matter, Wei Yuanchen got up and sent Kong Laowei away If you think of high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction anything in the future, let someone find me.He ordered Long Jinwei to go forward to save the queen and princess.No one in Long Jinwei dared to do anything at the moment, and a young guard who had just joined the job recommended himself to go.As a result, he only rescued the princess, but Queen Wei came from the Baojin Pavilion.fell down.Chapter 309 The love is exhausted The emperor still remembers the moment when Wei Shi s figure fell from the high platform, it seemed that the past of him in the hidden mansion also came back to his mind at that time.The Wei family who accompanied him to the battlefield in military uniform, the Wei family whose face was blushing when he lifted the hijab, and how much cbd to take gummies the Wei family who was named the queen by him and the mother of the world fell down at this moment.Although at the critical moment, some guards stepped forward to rescue Wei Shi, but Wei Shi was seriously injured.Before Gu Mingzhu could speak, Wei Yuanchen seemed to have an answer, took out two books from his arms, turned around and put them on the table This is a book about gold and stone carving.Gu Mingzhu thought of the private seal, and Wei Yuanchen The adults reminded her all the time to repair the seal.How about entering the palace today Hearing Wei Yuanchen s voice, Gu Mingzhu remembered the string in her purse I followed Master to Kunning Palace and met the empress., Gu Mingzhu watched Mr.Wei s eyes darken, and he said after a while How is my aunt Gu Mingzhu said The queen is a little thin, but her vitality is not bad.She should go out and walk around frequently.The old injury on her waist The pain is severe on weekdays, and the master said that recently he will often go to the empress for treatment.I will ask the family to lead someone to investigate.Gu Mingzhu happily poured a glass The tea was given to Wei Yuanchen Your Excellency, you have worked hard.Wei Yuanchen took the teacup, this time the tea is not cold water, as expected it will be different after work.Wei Yuanchen said I heard the trial together with Qiao Song.Bai Gong confessed that Yuan Shi s death was also arranged by Yuan Zhixing.Yuan Zhixing has no way to deny it this time.The Ministry of Criminal Justice will also investigate Ah Yu and the Lu family.The imperial concubine party has always wanted to arrest them.The people who harmed the prince will not be idle when they get the news, and if we have more people to arrest those people, we can save some effort and continue to pursue other clues.Gu Mingzhu smiled and said Your Excellency should be far sighted.Often come often In the past, they were very clear about these things, that is, the master was kind, otherwise many people would die in this Anjiyuan every year.Seeing that cbd gummy allergic reaction the people brought here performed their duties, Tan Dingfang heaved a sigh of relief, and followed him to the Anji Courtyard.However, just as he stepped into the gate of the courtyard, he felt something unusual.There seemed to be many people in the Anji Courtyard.There are some people, these people are busy on the roof.With his familiarity with this place, he can detect few strange things.Tan Dingfang glanced over the roof, and then settled on a figure.The man was wearing a bamboo hat and coir raincoat.After seeing him, he squatted there quietly, like a big monkey.Tan Dingfang immediately raised the lantern in his hand to shine upwards, and asked, Who s there .So he couldn t understand whether the Tan family was black or white.Go to sleep, Gu Chongyi put his arms around Mrs.Lin, You still have a lot of things to attend to tomorrow, so you can t go to the Wei family banquet with a does cbd gummies interact with medications haggard face.Mrs.Lin nodded, turned around and closed her eyes.I know you are afraid that the lotus alley will blame me, Gu Chongyi said, Tan Zigeng s own affairs have nothing to do with others, if he can speak clearly and frankly, I will go to the Tan family to take a trip to the lotus alley.Family court is important, but one s character should not be sloppy.Now that he has come to this point, Gu Chongyi mentioned Cui Wei I rejected Cui Wei, not only because of Zhuzhu s illness, but also because Mrs.Lin is too calculating.Wei is modest on the surface, but there is always a ruthlessness in the secret, and this ruthlessness will definitely make him do something in the barracks in the future, and I am afraid that he will use it for other things.I was shocked when I saw Aunt Zhen for the first time.There cbd gummy allergic reaction are so many people, it s not surprising that the two of them look alike.When the real person came to Anjiyuan, I was afraid that Aunt Zhen would stir up the real person s sadness, so I didn t mention it to the real person.Mo Yangming s expression remained unchanged This Anjiyuan How many people have seen A Chan Yu Zhenhai didn t know Mo Zhenren s intention of asking this question Why does the real person ask these things IThinking about it carefully, Miss Bai has been there for many years, and so are the people who came to Anjiyuan.In and out, I m afraid there is no cbd gummy allergic reaction one but me Yu Zhenhai s voice was obviously slightly lower after speaking, as if he couldn t even convince himself.How could Mo Yangming not see something strange Is there really no one else Yu Zhenhai simply didn t look into what age can u buy cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies stay in your system Mo Yangming s eyes Nono one else.Wei Yuanchen looked at the entourage beside him, who immediately pointed to one of the Fang family nursing homes.At this time, Fang s family members were restrained by Yacha, who stepped forward and pulled the guard s hair, exposing his face to everyone.It s him, it s him.He said his name is Ding Da.I thought he was honest and honest, so I let him board the ship.But when he arrived at the pier, he disappeared.The owner of the ship has a fleet that runs through the north and the south.He did not expect that there were more Tamba mushrooms in the cargo this time.The Gu family was arrested, and the goods of the seven merchant ships of the ship owner were also detained.His hard work will be in vain, so he wholeheartedly cooperates with the court to investigate the case.Now that he saw the suspicious handyman, his eyes lit up.The emperor said Why does she want to see me The servant glanced at Huang Chang, and then continued The Concubine Mi said Said The imperial concubine and the empress have harmed Prince Hui s cbd gold gummies lineage, and begged the emperor to help her and Prince Hui Make the decision.Absurd, the emperor slapped the case, What does it have to do with the noble concubine that King Hui died of illness Huang Chang who was next to him thought for a while and said, Your Majesty, is it because Concubine Mi asked the adoptive clan children to inherit King Hui The emperor didn t agree to the same line, so Concubine Mi couldn t think about it for a while.The emperor said coldly, That s not going to be crazy.Hearing this, the servant kneeling in the palace raised his head Your Majesty, the concubine in the palace People say that the reason why the concubine became insane is because she took the fairy medicine.Veins floated on his forehead, and he stared at Chen cbd gummy allergic reaction Weicheng.Tan Dingfang said You were the ones who forced her to death.If you hadn t pushed her every step of the way, how could she have committed suicide It was all you, and you are the murderer.I will kill you to avenge Ah Chan.Tan Dingfang kept moving his hands.Tighten it up, Chen Weicheng s face turned red, and he began to struggle to pull Tan Dingfang s hand, his eyes kept turning upwards, if Tan Dingfang put in more effort, Chen Weicheng would be strangled to high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction death here immediately.My lord, my lord, the steward beside Tan Dingfang began to stop him, It s absolutely impossible.If you kill him, how do you want to explain to the court But I really can t tell.Chen Weicheng s struggle became weaker and weaker, his eyes It s full of red threads.Chen Weicheng looked excited Master Qiao, you must not be deceived by him, you can check carefully , These things have his shadow all these years.Qiao Zheng didn t speak, but turned his head to look at the Zhuangzi Take him down, and the rest will go to the Zhuangzi with me.Chuang Tzu found enough evidence.Now that the case has been investigated, he doesn t want the greatest credit to be taken away by others Wei Yuanchen looked at Zhuangzi in front of him.Several carriages in the huge manor were full of boxes and cages, and all the people in the manor were fully dressed, obviously preparing to flee HCMUSSH cbd gummy allergic reaction with their goods.The boxes and cages are full of brocade and porcelain.If one hadn t seen it with one s own eyes, no one would believe that there are so many valuable objects hidden in such a village.At that moment, he also hesitated, for fear that he might make a mistake in his judgment, and Zhuzhu was afraid that he would have a knot in his heart.Although Zhuzhu cbd gummies in ga s words were different from what he expected, it was also because she was worried about him.Wei Yuanchen nodded and walked back to the yard.Gu Mingzhu was about to go to see the rescued women with Liu Su, when he saw Mrs.Wei going back and forth, holding her fallen fence in his hand.Gu Mingzhu was stunned, so many things happened at once, she almost forgot to cover her face.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up Mi Li, but Mr.Wei bypassed her hand, put Mi Li on her head, and carefully arranged the gauze on it.Wei Yuanchen bent down and said in a low voice Really Mo is here, you should wear it properly so that your identity won t be seen through.How can HCMUSSH cbd gummy allergic reaction someone say that about his nephew No wonder the Wei family almost forgot .

what is green ape cbd gummies?

about Wei Congzhi.Gu Chongyi looked at Second Master Wei with disgust Come in, and speak clearly.The two entered the study, and Second Master Wei immediately told Gu Chongyi the news brought by the Wei family.Gu Chongyi was startled when he heard this That s why Prince Huai s Mansion bribed the Metropolitan Procuratorate and Wucheng Bingmasi, not only transported imported goods, but also gunpowder, saltpeter, etc., and made so many firearms, just to kill the people who went to investigate the case. This news will again shock the ruling and opposition parties.Are King Huai and the Liang family already so unscrupulous cbd gummy allergic reaction Gu Chongyi frowned and thought about it for a while and looked at the second master Wei What did the third master Wei say Brother Chen hasn t come home yet, said the second master Wei, Although he was injured, he is still busy in the village.Empress Wei sat down to make tea for the Empress Dowager Although the emperor did not agree to move King Hui to the cemetery of the former emperor, the concubine s tomb where Concubine Mi is buried is not far from the tomb of King Hui.Get together.Hearing these words, the Empress Dowager felt a sense of loss, sometimes she was just like Concubine Mi.There is no need to talk about the dead, the queen mother lowered her eyes slightly, the queen should have heard the movement in the imperial concubine s palace in the dowager s place.Empress Wei nodded and said, I heard that several people from the palace of Prince Huai were arrested in the imperial concubine s palace.Eyeliner, last night a palace official committed suicide by throwing himself into a lake.The fairy medicine used by Concubine Mi was also found in Concubine De dr phil dr oz cbd gummies s palace.You are Master Shen of the Imperial College Jijiujiu, Nie Chen said, I am Nie Chen, the person in charge.Master Shen Er stood up and let Nie Chen sit down on the chair.Nie Chen said directly I know why Master Shen Er came here.Before signing the document, I have a few questions to ask Master Shen Er.If Master Shen Er is willing to answer, maybe we will consider helping to investigate the case.Prepared in his heart, he nodded Please tell me.Nie Chen said The Lu family in Daxing Zhuangzi, but the Shen family ordered them to kill them No.The second master Shen answered very simply.The eldest brother told him that although the court found that the person who killed the Lu family was working for the Shen family and was one of the people with a foreign surname recruited by the Shen family, the eldest brother only asked him to take care of the Fang family and did not let him kill people.He had expected that what happened in the prison was not that simple.Wei Yuanchen said None of those people can escape.In the blink of an eye, there was a layer of frost on his eyebrows.Gu Mingzhu said My lord, let s drink tea Those things are over.Even if everything happened again, it was their turn to kill the Quartet.She didn t care about all the things back then, and she didn t want to make Master Wei feel sad because of her.Gu Mingzhu didn t know how to comfort Master Wei, she looked at the small box on the table, took out a jujube and a few goji berries from the box, thought for a while and put a big dried longan.Jujube nourishes the middle and Qi, wolfberry nourishes the kidney and blood, longan is strong nourishes the heart and spleen.The girl talked about these treasures.Wei Yuanchen watched her put more and more in the tea bowl, the girl seemed still dissatisfied, and took a few slices of hawthorn from the box before nodding.Mo Yangming said If you ask the Guo family to investigate, it means you want the Guo family to get involved here.It s not easy for the Guo family to live a stable life.The queen mother frowned slightly.She didn t want the Guo family to be involved again.She has made up her mind that whether the emperor lets the noble concubine s child take over the throne, turd nation cbd gummies or supports the third and fifth princes, it has nothing to do with her.Even if the imperial power is involved, even if she has the last laugh, it may not be a happy ending.The Guo family lived in peace and stability like this, and then became an official after three generations.This was the best result she could think of.But at this point, seeing the emperor acting more and more disorganized, he couldn t really make Da Zhou mess up.The queen mother finally stopped and made up her mind The Ai family will ask someone to write a letter to ask the Guo family to check the shipyard in private.If those Tatars were related to this case, wouldn t they be saying that the Shen family was collaborating with the enemy The Shen family thought that Yan Shen was using this to blackmail the Shen family to get more benefits, and even sent a bank note to make Yan Shen cbd gummy allergic reaction shut up.Who are those people Claiming to be from a scholarly family who came from the chief assistant of the two dynasties, they are all idiots with good looks on the surface but dirty inside.Pooh If they hadn t asked Yan Shen for help, Yan Shen had already joined Dali Temple, how could there be today s catastrophe The elder of the Shen family, the Minister of Rites, even came to threaten Yan Can.If Yan Shen dared to blackmail the Shen family again, the Shen family would not give up.Naturally, Yan Can refused to accept the money sent by the Shen family, and he never told anyone what the Shen family had done, and he didn t even reveal a single word in front of Mr.The emperor stood up and walked forward.He is the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty, and no one can fool him.The emperor coldly ordered Then go and see, to see if King Huai will do this.After the emperor finished speaking, he looked at Long Jinwei who walked into the inner hall Remember, if King Huai does it You can t let him go until It s better not to have a son who wants to plot against him After Wei Yuanchen left the palace, he changed his clothes and rushed to Princess Huairou s mansion.He still had a few words to tell his son in law.After a while, when Captain Long was free, he would go to Wei s house to watch him.He was not afraid that the emperor would suspect him, he stayed in Beijing to deal with Tan Dingfang and Liang Wang behind him.Wei Yuanchen dismounted at Princess Huairou s mansion, and his son in law Cheng Yu was already waiting at the door, and the two walked into the study together.The Zhang family entered the Gu family and wanted to kill his mother and Zou Xiang.In the future, it will form mutual evidence with other clues, which will prove why are gummies cheaper than cbd oil that his father and Cui Zhen are not the same as the Zhang family.Party, easy to get out behind.Especially for Cui Zhen, the Zhang family is his Yue family, even if Cui Zhen goes to the palace to expose the Zhang family, he will still be suspected by the emperor.Cui Zhen can get rid of the suspicion earlier, which is beneficial to the situation in Datong.Well, everything has been arranged, and it s Zheng Ruzong s turn next.Gu Mingzhu tapped the table lightly with her fingers.What Yan Tanhua didn t finish, now people in the market will help him complete it.Although six years late, this day has finally come After dawn, Zheng Ruzong packed up his things as usual and cbd gummy allergic reaction took his people all the way south.Seventh Master, Gu Mingzhu made her voice sound calm and natural, you can catch Tian s mother who is next to Mrs.Zhou, and it s best to interrogate with Master Wednesday and Xu Gui, so that Tian s mother can see what Xu Gui looks like in the prison.Zhou Zesheng nodded.The Seventh Master will make arrangements first, and I will come after I ask the rest of the people for their confessions.She wants to use a ring of evidence to nail them there, so that the world can see clearly what s going on in their stomachs What a heart.Mother Tian watched Master Zhou Qi angrily walk into the inner courtyard, and she began to feel uneasy.She knew the relationship between Master Zhou Qi and the eldest house very well.Take a breath, so do walgreens sell cbd gummies Will Master Zhou Qi find out about the eldest wife Mother cbd gummy allergic reaction Tian was thinking about it when she saw Master Zhou Qi returning to the front yard, and Master Zhou Qi s eyes were fixed on her face.This government has sent someone to pass on the work of the clerk who came to Zhou s autopsy and the official who wrote the documents for you.Are you willing to tell the truth after they have all arrived Zhou Zejing couldn t sit still any longer, he got up and bowed to Su Fu Your Excellency Su, I sent someone to the yamen that day, and I also spent money to arrange it.Hu Fang and Wu Zuo just want to properly handle the affairs of my eldest sister in law, if I ask Wu Zuo to check carefully, it will hurt my eldest sister in law s face, and many women s family members do this when they die.With a snap , Su Fu put the tea bowl in his hand back on the table So, Mr.Zhou is not at fault in any way Mrs.Zhou has been wronged to this day, and I cbd gummy allergic reaction still want to thank you for covering up the evidence with the yamen officials Don t dare, Zhou Zejing said, Please calm down, magistrate, if I had known that there was something wrong with my eldest sister in law, I would definitely not have ordered someone to go and sort it out.In addition to the things left by their cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies father, they are also thinking about their mother s dowry.It s really ridiculous, but think about it, if she hadn t been reborn on Gu Mingzhu and asked about the case back then, all of these would have fallen into the hands of the Zhou family.Miss San, don t be fooled by outsiders.The mother in charge of the second room persuaded in a low voice.Zhou Ruzhang said coldly I myself have eyes to see.Zhou Ruyue is hiding in the corner with evil intentions.As the saying goes, a dog that bites does not bark, and every one of you second wife is like this.What is it like Mrs.Tuesday couldn t help but came out and scolded Zhou Ruzhang, What time is this You re still so clueless.Mrs.Tuesday looked at the clerks and people in the government office.On Tuesday, Mrs.Mother Tian couldn t help swallowing even more when she said this.I don t know if it was because of fear, or because she recalled the tragic situation of the eldest wife over and over again and couldn t help but feel guilty.Mother Tian said Later I found out that the back of the eldest lady s bun was full of blood.She must have broken her head.The blood dripped on the ground and on the eldest wife s dress.The ground can be wiped clean.That dress is absolutely not acceptable.I was afraid that people would find out, so I changed the clothes for the eldest lady, and took the dress to the garden and burned it.At this time, the old lady came.With the old lady are cbd gummies legal in minnesota in charge, I felt more at ease and disposed of the clothes.After that, I went back to the room, covered the scars on the eldest lady s neck and face with hosta powder, and then tidied up the eldest lady s room under the old lady s orders.If the emperor falls ill that day, the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty will be in danger.Empress Wei said You need to make some preparations.I heard that King Liang of Northern Xinjiang has recruited many talented cbd gummy allergic reaction total pure cbd gummies 300mg reviews and learned people, and he is writing a letter, saying that it is evil for the emperor to kill his brothers and feet before he ascends the throne.It s unfilial, it s unethical to get close to the treacherous party after ascending the throne, and cause Zhongliang to die tragically The official statement has not yet been issued, and just a few words have disturbed the people in the court.In addition, cbd gummy allergic reaction the northwest and southwest frontiers also began to be uneasy, and they all wanted to take advantage what age can u buy cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies stay in your system of the chaos.If the war in northern Xinjiang is not contained in time, I am afraid that there will be fires everywhere, and the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty will fall into a more difficult battle.Zhou Zejing was very restless in his heart, even if he threatened the Cao family, he had to be measured, and he could not anger King Su, otherwise he would not have a good life after King Su ascended the throne in the future.When working for the Cao family, he was a confidant, and once he was no longer useful, he would become an ant, but he couldn t do nothing.Zhou Zejing turned cbd gummy allergic reaction the cup in his hand, drinking his tea thoughtfully, until a familiar figure appeared in his sight.It was a middle aged man in gray and short brown.He looked a little bloated, with a kind smile on his face, and he walked with heavy steps, as if he could make a sound of shaking mountains.But these are just appearances, Zhou Zejing knew that this person was extremely agile, and when killing people, his movements were neat and without leaving any traces.After all this fueling, the imperial concubine and the prince finally decided to act first, so the prince pretended to be assassinated in the Yongkang eldest princess s mansion and created a rebellion case.Aroused the dissatisfaction and resentment of what age can u buy cbd gummies how long do cbd gummies stay in your system court officials.And all of these were planned secretly, and no one found out that it was all her hands and feet.As a woman, no one is smarter than her.Although there are difficulties at the moment, she will definitely be able to overcome them and let her son sit on the high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction throne in the end.At dawn, Empress Concubine De got up to wash and wash, and she would go to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to meet the emperor and her son in a while.Chapter 503 Redemption At the gate high wellness cbd gummies cbd gummy allergic reaction of Shangqingguan, Mo Yangming and Gu Mingzhu also got into the carriage.Gu Mingzhu looked up at the sky, and the sky was clear.One, two, three Zhu Wu silently counted how many people were left beside Mr.Wei.There are fewer and fewer people, drowning in the torrent of rebels.Zhu Wu fumbled for the firearms in his arms.Zhu Wu had cbd gummies hemp bombs dosage a problem with always saving the best ones for last.The last two bowls of flat food on his flat food stand must have the most fillings.At this time, the firearms in his arms were also powerful.maximum.Now that it has been made, there is no reason not to sell it.So Zhu Wu stared at the rebel lieutenant general who had been cut off by Master Wei with a single blow, and dragged that lieutenant into the pit.Putting on the armor in one go, Zhu Wu began to walk forward step by step.If he could get close to the rebel formation and throw out the firearm in his arms, he might be able to help Master Wei.If he didn t have the armor on his body, Zhu Wu would have died.Lu Guang didn t seem to have any wounds on his body, but his pulse condition was large and hollow, and he could vaguely see the symptoms of a weak pulse.There must be blood loss, and the injury needs to be dealt with immediately.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu were both victimized by Han Yu s private mine.They were forced to dig out the ore in a narrow hole.They managed to escape but could only hide in the mountains.They also lost confidence in the court and even wanted to To cbd gummies for mood swings rely on their own revenge, but after being rescued by Mr.Wei, they regained hope in life and morals.Now they are fighting for Da Zhou and their beliefs.Most of the common people are like them, with cbd gummy allergic reaction natures only cbd gummies en español pure minds and low demands.They only need to be stable in this world, have enough food and clothing, but they will be used and harmed by those ambitious people in King Liang.The moment he stepped out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, a gust of wind blew, King Huai realized that his clothes were soaked in sweat, and he shivered.It s too scary, it s better for him to close the door of the mansion tightly and not ask about foreign affairs.This time, no matter who it is, no matter what how long do the cbd gummies last the situation is, don t let him have anything to do with the reserve position.He has no ability to sit on the throne, and sitting on it will only lead to catastrophe.It s fine now, the queen mother is helping to take care of the government affairs, and everything is stable.Just go on like this forever.King Huai fled in despair, the emperor only felt the anger rushing through his body, as if his whole body was about to explode.His throne, but his son did not want it.King Huai is so afraid of the Wei family.A figure stood in the yard wearing a long fence.Chu Jiu and Liu Su stepped aside.I haven t seen Master Wei for a long time, and Gu Mingzhu felt a little nervous cbd gummy allergic reaction unconsciously.Two figures with lamps approached gradually.My lord.Gu Mingzhu reached out and took off the fence above her head.When the moonlight fell on her, Wei Yuanchen stopped involuntarily.The girl was wearing a blue Taoist robe, a moon crown on her head, and her eyes were shining brightly.The girl s Taoist robe spread slightly in the wind, as if she was not touched by the dust of the world Taoist Ling Jing, I learned from Mo Zhenren, and I have met good people.There was a silence in the courtyard.Chu Jiu and Liu Su, who were peeping, held their breath.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei quietly, wondering if Master Wei always liked to expose her Why are you standing there silent this time Chapter 533 Really Sweet My lord Gu Mingzhu called out again tentatively, Master Wei s complexion seemed to be not very good, she was going to say that she would continue the Shangqing Temple.Now that Wei Yuanchen knew what Master Zhou did, he would try to take the portrait from Prince Gong, and when he saw Wei Yuanchen, he would ask him personally.Cui Zhen said No need, did you ask Mr.Zhou who painted that portrait Wang Jing said Yes, I have already sent someone to look for that person.If that person has something to hide, he will definitely take the portrait.Get it back, and I will never let the portrait of my wife fall into the hands of others.Cui Zhen ordered Do it After Zhou s parents learned that Zhou Rujun was killed by Cui Wei and Zhang, they wanted to come forward and move Zhou Rujun.He cbd gummy allergic reaction did not agree to leave Cui s ancestral grave.He has already dealt with many matters in the Dingninghou Mansion, but the matter of the Zhou family is overachieving cbd sour bear gummies always on his mind.Cui Zhen was about to turn around and go back to the desk when he suddenly changed his mind and called to Wang Jing, I ll go with you.This time I didn t think of the dang dang sound of the iron ring hitting, everything was real.Wang Jing, Cui Zhen ordered, tell Zhou Zesheng that I promise to move Miss Zhou out of Cui s ancestral grave, but I will personally carry the coffin back to Zhou s family after I recover from illness.Wang Jing responded.Cui Zhen closed his eyes.Rather than staying in Cui s house, Miss Zhou wanted to go back to her parents.The honors and offerings he thought about in the past were just wishful thinking.After this time, he finally figured it out., rather than wronging Miss Zhou, he would rather do what she wants.Even so, it s a big deal.Think about Zhou Rujun in his dream, he has never seen Zhou Rujun before, why can he dream of her appearance Perhaps it was to crown and wear the woman he had seen before On the tenth day of September, Dingning Hou Cui cbd gummy allergic reaction Zhen and his eldest son Cui Xiang sent Zhou Rujun s coffin to the Zhou clan.The female relatives They all scattered.At this moment, the noisy sounds outside seemed to be far away from her, only the sound of her own slightly rapid breathing, and the clinking of pearls and emeralds on Di Guan s crown could be heard.It wasn t until the corner of the auspicious robe caught her eyes that everything returned to normal.Immediately afterwards, Wei Yuanchen s voice sounded Zhuzhu, I m here to pick you up.Wei Yuanchen bowed first and took Gu Mingzhu s hand.Bridesmaid has a clear mind, she doesn t need to guide the bride, she just needs to remind the couple what to do.Gu Mingzhu followed Wei Yuanchen s strength and stood up.Wei Yuanchen said softly, If you can t see clearly with a hijab, just follow me.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Wei Yuanchen said Then let s go out.Xi Niang smiled and opened the way ahead, and Wei Yuanchen led Zhuzhu along the way.I ll get it for you.Gu Mingzhu nodded.As soon as he moved, she rolled off him and lay back on the bed.Immediately after a cup of tea was brought to her mouth, Gu Mingzhu took it and drank it all in one gulp, taking advantage of Wei Yuanchen s time to put the teacup, she hurriedly got back under the quilt.Wei Yuanchen put away the teacup and lifted the quilt, Gu Mingzhu s heart beat like a drum, feeling him slowly approaching, she hurriedly closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep now that it would be too late.Zhuzhu, are you asleep She nodded, but how can a person who is asleep have a promise Wei Yuanchen said softly Then go to sleep, but if grandma asks cbd gummy allergic reaction about it tomorrow, you can cover it up so as not to worry grandma.Gu Mingzhu couldn t help asking Why is grandma worried Sighing deeply, Gu Mingzhu turned around curiously, as if she had something to hide.It s just dawn, why not go out to practice boxing first, so that you can sleep with her for a while when you come back.Wei Yuanchen thought about throwing off the quilt and getting up Gu Mingzhu slept very deeply this time, her eyelids seemed to be locked, and she couldn t open them no matter what, she finally struggled cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety what age can u buy cbd gummies to wake up for a while, and seeing Master Wei still lying beside her, she fell asleep peacefully again.Lord Wei gets up very early every day, he hasn t woken up yet, so it must not be too late now.Gu Mingzhu didn t know that Wei Yuanchen fell asleep again after practicing his fists and kicks.When Gu Mingzhu woke up again, there were chirping birds in the yard, and the sun had already shone in through the window.She hurriedly looked at the hourglass on the table.Chen Shizhong has passed.When he reached the post station, Wei Congzhi saw a carriage from a distance, and there was a deafening snoring sound from the carriage.It was cbd gummy allergic reaction obvious that the driver was sleeping in it and was going to look for work at dawn tomorrow.Wei Congzhi got into the carriage and woke up the coachman, and handed over five taels of silver Let s go now, go south.Seeing that Yinzi was awake, the coachman immediately went to lead the horse and harness the cart.Not long after, Wei Congzhi sat in the car.It seems that something happened outside.The coachman faintly heard shouts.Hmm.Wei Congzhi responded.The coachman said When I came here, I heard that a little girl was going to the river to find her husband tonight.If she couldn t find her husband, she would jump into the river.Wei Congzhi was surprised How do you know The coachman said I came from the middle of the capital, passing by the river, and that little girl was looking for someone to arrest her husband in law Oh, what a pity.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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