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2023-02-28 fun drops cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit And organic vegan thc free cbd gummies cbd gummies for depression.

The second lieutenant of the armed police felt that the young Pian er policeman was a bit funny, so he patted Han Chaoyang s arm to put on a confident look.Be careful, too.It s okay, just hold its head down.Just say yes, and I are smilz cbd gummies legit ll leave the rest to you.The reinforcements came, and Han Chaoyang was relieved.He had just taken the elevator with the four of them to the 11th floor when his cell phone rang suddenly, and the manager of the property company called.Officer Han, Zhang Dajun of my real estate company, you guessed it right.The python is a pet kept by the owner of 1204.She is rushing back.Let s not hurt the snake.She said that the snake is very docile and will not bite.Said that the snake is worth more than 100,000 yuan, and whoever hurts are smilz cbd gummies legit the snake will be responsible for it Keeping a snake as a pet, and keeping such a big snake, what kind of mentality does the owner of 1204 have Han Chaoyang really couldn t understand it, but kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies one thing was clear.Why can t I speak up when I have something to say Why do I want to scold people Comrade policeman, this store belongs to me.He neither pays the rent nor moves out.He also scolds me and says he wants someone to beat me.You have to make the decision for me The girl s tears rolled down, really so I feel pity.A southerner actually ran here to control the locals to collect rent.Han Chaoyang felt that this was a bit strange, and while signaling to Lao Xu to maintain order, he asked, You called 110, and you called the police Yes.What s your name Zhang Beibei, this is my ID card.Comrade policeman, look at her ID card.She is clearly from Jiang Province.She has nothing to do with our Chaoyang Village.She suddenly ran over and said my house.It s hers, she wants me to collect the rent, wants me to move out, comes every day, comes at mealtime, doesn t let me do business, you judge me, you say I m not angry.All the things here are mine, and I rent the house, regardless of their business.Intuition told Han Chaoyang that the seemingly honest middle aged man was the real boss , .

can cbd gummies help with depression?

and said coldly, Did I ask you Shut up.When you are in the office talking.Xiaobin, Xiaobin Fang, take them to the corner and let them squat down.Get up, be honest What s the point of guarding the door all day in Dongming Community, the boys morale was high, and they set up the four suspects and took them to the corner.To be sure, they took off their belts as planned, searched their bodies, and confirmed that there were no daggers or other weapons before ordering them to squat along the wall.Officer Han, all the mobile phones are here.This is their ID card.From now on, it will not concern himself as a small community policeman.It was too magnificent , too shocking, and too shocking.Liu Suo watched it for a while before he recovered from his nerves.He forgot the real purpose of the trip, and asked the instructor to stare at the room, and called Han Chaoyang to the Outside the door, he asked blankly, What s the matter with the security guards inside The security guards in Dongming Community are either veterans or police academies.They are politically reliable and military capable, and they are completely trustworthy.And I have agreed with Manager Zhang of are smilz cbd gummies legit the community property.Now, the community is going to set up a voluntary security patrol team, they are all volunteers, and they will participate in security patrols in the future.I didn t see it, and I didn t expect that this kid actually recruited a team in just a few days.Slap him to death, so as not to beat the snake to death but be bitten by the snake instead.Chapter Thirty seventh There is money, there are people There are funds for land acquisition.Director Su called and said that he would take care of lunch at noon.The salary is not high, and it is a little bit to save a little.Han Chaoyang immediately called Xu Hongliang and rushed to Chaoyang Village Committee to get a boxed lunch.Two meat and two vegetables, one bottle of mineral are smilz cbd gummies legit water per person, one standard for leaders and ordinary cadres.The only difference is that the secretary of the street working committee, the director of the street office, and several heads and deputy leaders of the working group eat in the activity room with a better environment, while others can only eat in the large conference room.Director Su, what did the leader say Han Chaoyang was taken aback, and rushed out to greet him.I agreed, it exceeded our expectations.Su Xian turned her head to look at the cadres of the working group who were looking at the same kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies direction by coincidence, suppressed her excitement are smilz cbd gummies legit and said calmly, Let s go, Secretary Yang and Director Gu want to see you, and want to talk to you.talk.The secretary of the street working committee is a member of the standing committee of the district committee, and the official is bigger than the director of the bureau.Han Chaoyang has never seen such a big leader, and asked anxiously Secretary Yang wants to see me Don t worry, good news Secretary Yang is actually quite talkative No airs at all.What did Secretary Yang want me to talk about Work, what else can we talk about besides work Oh.I m a community policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.Manager Jin are smilz cbd gummies legit should be going to work soon.Please sit down for a while and interview when Manager Jin arrives.There was a crutch on the shoulder, and I thought it was an auxiliary policeman, but I didn t expect it to be a regular policeman.A young man who graduated from the Judicial Police Academy looked enviously at the public security armband on his sleeve, stood up and said, Thank you, Officer Han.Officer Han, smoke.You re welcome, I won t smoke, I still have some I ll see you later.They were all strong and strong young men, among whom there seemed to be five veterans who were party members, and their ID card information was all in their resumes.In order to be sure, last night, I checked them one by one with the police report to prevent criminals or ex convicts from mixing into the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.

A path.It s been considered comprehensively, so let s do it this way.Deputy team leader Ren nodded with a smile, signaling Han Chaoyang to continue.We have a total of three patrol and interrogation terminals, which can be divided into three groups for simultaneous interrogation.Considering that the are smilz cbd gummies legit superior has strict regulations on law enforcement, we will not divide the troops into groups.We will start with one team and come in rows one by one.The security guards at the terminal are swiping their ID cards at the door, and I can see it from the outside, so I just push from south to north.There are many rules in public security, isn t it just a patrol to check the terminal, and I don t trust others to use it, so I have to watch it with my own eyes Director Su thought it was a little funny.Han Chaoyang didn t know what the leader was thinking, and continued The entry registration and rental house registration of community cadres and comprehensive law enforcement officers are carried out at the same time as the ID card checks, and they advance from south to north at the same time.Wang Bing has seen that suspicious looking guy.Have you ever seen him He doesn t know him when he stands in front of you.Obey the order and don t play childish temper.Why don t you let them change There is no end, obey the order and listen Command Okay.The young man had are smilz cbd gummies legit no kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies choice but to put down his equipment and jump out of the car angrily, and ran to the small east exit.After a while, Wang Bing, the team member who found the suspicious person, arrived.Without Han Chaoyang s order, he led everyone to the third courtyard in Luxi tacitly.Li Xiaobin didn t need Han Chaoyang to say more, he didn t follow, but drove the patrol car around to the back row to prevent suspicious people from jumping out of the window and running from behind.Director Cai, Director Gu and others who were checking the ID card at the intersection just now also realized that there was a situation here.I d like to see how they end up.Judging from the leader s tone, it should be that the Huayuan Street Police Station also knew that the Huayuan Street Comprehensive Management Office caught a murderer are smilz cbd gummies legit when they entered the house to collect basic information and register migrants.He reported to the bureau impatiently without going to the scene to take over the suspect.They want to make meritorious deeds, and the Street Comprehensive Management Office also wants to make meritorious deeds.Why do people hand over suspects to the police station If they want to show their faces and make great contributions, they have to send them to the police station, and no matter whether it is a voluntary security patrol team or a public security joint defense team, they have the right to turn over criminals to the public security organs.Seeing Han Chaoyang, Jiang Xiaolan was really a little scared, but she didn t want to show the slightest timidity in front of so many neighbors.Pointing to the tombstone, she mustered up her courage and said, Officer Han, I m here to relocate my mother s grave.Is this a violation of the law Graveyard is not against the law, and insulting others is against the cbd gummies stop alcohol cravings law.Han, you are determined to make trouble with our sisters Jiang Xiaofang, I, Han Chaoyang, have never thought of making trouble with anyone, I am just performing my duties and enforcing the law impartially.Han Zhaoyang snorted coldly, and shifted HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit his gaze to their lovers I advise them to relocate the grave, don t mess around, don are smilz cbd gummies legit t make trouble for nothing, and don t blame me for doing business.Now that they have already gone to court What s the benefit of confronting the police now that there s a lawsuit Jiang Xiaolan s husband didn t want to cause trouble, so he hurriedly pulled Jiang Xiaolan aside.With me here, do you still have opportunities You have never seen a man, and you are not afraid of being laughed at by others, Huang Ying scolded with a smile He said a word, hurriedly made a silent gesture, and then said carelessly Unlucky, my sister was eating at the restaurant behind Xinglong Department Store, and forgot to bring cash, and mobile payment is not available here, hurry up and send some money to my sister.Han Chaoyang, who had just finished the interview and sent Officer Feng and the reporter away, was dumbfounded.He nodded and greeted his brother who had just cbd gummy san diego arrived at the police station, and asked, Sister, I m on duty, so I can t leave.Why don t you discuss it with others to see if you can get some cash.It s troublesome to find someone, and besides, I don t know you.It s not troublesome to find me Isn t it when you sunshower gummies cbd 10 mg are your own Let me say, Are you coming or not The phone was very loud, and Yu Zhenchuan could hear it clearly, so he couldn t help but say, Chaoyang, if you have something urgent, I m here.Going back to the office today, Han Chaoyang can clearly feel that the attitude of the leader and colleagues towards him has undergone subtle changes.It can be imagined that this is related to having a master with a detached cbd gummy for sleep identity and becoming the most handsome in Yanyang overnight.Police related.Regardless of the reason, this is a good change, and perhaps it will are smilz cbd gummies legit do cbd gummies help you sleep be truly recognized by them in the near future.Han Chaoyang really felt like a salty fish turned over, thought about it and asked Sister Chen, how is the investigation of the murder case in Yangguan Village Many most handsome have emerged one after another, but this one is the first one around Yanyang and even the whole province I looked at the phone just now, not only the official Weibo of the Municipal Bureau was reposted, but even the official Weibo of the Provincial Department was reposted this morning.

Han Dejiang was already prepared, patted his thigh and smiled Don are smilz cbd gummies legit t worry about money, our family has had no major issues these years, you didn t spend much money in college, you can still get two to three hundred thousand, if it s not enough, don t worry about your uncle, Sister in law, uncle and aunt in law borrow some money, whoever buys a house does not borrow money, we all have formal jobs, and now our wages are guaranteed, and we pay them every month, and we will pay them back slowly. I have 13,000 here.Don t touch your money, keep it with the person you are smilz cbd gummies legit are talking about, we will pay the down payment, and you don t have to worry about the mortgage.I have inquired that the son of the village chief Yu cbd gummies minneapolis mn of Dongguang Township also works in Yanyang, and our provident fund can also cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit be used for loans in Yanyang.After the call got through, Han Chaoyang was are smilz cbd gummies legit a little bit embarrassed.The day before yesterday, I told him that I couldn t afford it, and now I want to see the house again.I didn are smilz cbd gummies legit t expect that he didn t know what to say, so Huang Ying asked instead Chaoyang, do you want to see the house in Fairview Do you know If you want to buy a house, of course you have to look at a few more real estate properties.My mother wants to go and see, but I don t know if it s convenient, and if your friend has time.What s the inconvenience, wait Come on, let me call and ask.It seemed that cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit she had cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit an unusual relationship with are smilz cbd gummies legit the landlord, and she HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit called back after a while, saying that he was free in the afternoon, and even offered to accompany the two of them.Han Chaoyang was embarrassed, Thank you in a hurry.Don t be afraid of not knowing the goods, but be afraid of comparing goods As soon as she arrived near Splendid Future, Ma Fengying fell in love with the surrounding environment.Miss Zhang is enthusiastic about public welfare and actively supports the work of our police office and our patrol team.A member of our patrol team.Ms.Zhang, this is Huang Ying, Yingying works in our street finance office, and has helped me a lot like Director Su.Not only did Su Xian know about the recruitment of voluntary patrol members, but she also printed posters All the money was approved by her.Since the recruitment is open to the whole community, if people meet the conditions, they don t even ask for anything kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies in return, so they can t be driven away.Su Xian really regretted giving him the money to print posters in the morning, but thinking of the title he used in the introduction just now, from the title he could tell how close he was to these two beauties, she felt much more comfortable, and didn t move Sensitively said Ms.He was not liked by his leaders and colleagues.After being assigned to Chaoyang Community, he was transferred immediately, and he made a lot of achievements one after another.To catch murderers and provide clues for the detection of murder cases, not every policeman has the opportunity.From this point of view, he is are smilz cbd gummies legit not one or two lucky, not to mention that he is still the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.Huang Ying felt that his future was finally a little brighter, but it was only a little and not a piece.After all, it was too difficult to get promoted in the public security system, and the superiors repeatedly demanded that the police force be downgraded.Thinking that he would not say these words for no reason, he raised his head and asked with a smile You mean that in the future, there will be a chance to be transferred to a government office, and you can commute to and from get off work like normal people I think there should be a chance, besides, there is a master, he The old man will definitely help me.Those who know her know that she is your senior sister.I don t know Some people will think she is your own sister How can I put it, she is a tomboy She got very good grades in school, and she did whatever the teacher asked her to do.At best, she has a sense of responsibility, and at worst, she likes to use chicken feathers as a pawn.Ling Jian, let her be the class good cbd gummies for sleep monitor, she manages more leniently and stricter than the class teacher.The teacher likes her, but no one likes her classmates.I didn t expect that nothing has changed in so many years, and I guess no colleague in their unit would like her.Listening to the teacher when I was in school.If so, I must listen to the leader now.When she was in school, she was very responsible, and she could regard the monitor as the head teacher.Now that she is working, no matter what the leader tells her, she probably will complete it to the letter.Chapter 180 The truth comes out Angkor, don t move, I ll come Help you untie it.Look, you re hot, your shirt is completely soaked, and your wound can t get water, I ll squeeze a wet towel for you.When Wu Wei came yesterday, he brought his luggage, and there were only two sheets in the police nature support cbd gummies room.One of the beds belonged to Han Chaoyang, and the other belonged kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies to Yu Zhenchuan.He simply lived in the dormitory of the security company, probably because he had served in the army.He was injured, and as soon as he came back from patrol, the boys scrambled to help him untie his multifunctional belt, and helped him fetch water and wash towels.Thank you, I m sorry to ask you to wait on me.Wu Wei seemed to have returned to the army and liked the atmosphere very much.He raised his arms and thanked him again and again.

3 machine, received by the No.3 machine.Received are smilz cbd gummies legit just cbd hemp infused gummies by the No.4 machine, and will be here soon.The large screens on both sides of the north and south banks played the pre recorded promotional video fun drop cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit in a loop.Meaning, Director Le are smilz cbd gummies legit resolutely broadcasted a live broadcast to the uninvited guests on Huayuan Street.As soon as the two camera crews arrived, he squeezed beside Han Chaoyang and asked with a smile, Young man, are you in charge of these three bands Yes They all listen to you, and they know that you are in charge at a glance.My surname is Le, and my single name is Zan, the director of the party.You can play until 6 55, but you must give me a playlist.It turned out to be the general manager director To be are smilz cbd gummies legit able to play until the official start of the party, there is such a good thing Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and immediately called his brother, Lao Pan, and Factory Manager Wang over.How could Huang Ying know such a high ranking and important person, she had an incredulous expression on her face.Facing the most important decision in his life, Han Chaoyang really had no appetite, so he threw the remaining half of the egg filled biscuit into the trash can, returned to her and said, Principal Nie wants to form a student orchestra, which can improve PolyU s performance.It can also enrich the cultural construction of the campus and promote the artistic cultivation of teachers and students.To form a band requires a professional teacher.He said that he has been paying attention to me for a long time and thinks that I am suitable.The bad luck really changed, and he was actually hired by the president of PolyU.Pay attention, and follow for a long time Huang Ying was so excited that she didn t care to eat any more.Fun is fun, but Huang Ying still doesn t feel at ease after thinking about it.If there is anything to worry about, I have explained it to Chang Sheng.Besides, it is only assistance, it is only to maintain order at the law enforcement scene, and she does not need to temporarily seize things.She s full of energy now, and snooze cbd gummies when the enthusiasm passes, she ll realize that you re playing tricks on her.This is work too, so it s okay if you play tricks on her.Chapter 236 The phone was hijacked Enough weird things happened tonight, and it turned out there were even stranger things.I thought that although I moved to the faculty dormitory of PolyU, I couldn t be lazy because of it.I was going to go out as usual, patrol around 12 o clock and then go back to sleep.Not only did Huang Ying go there first without making excuses, but let me wait.Xiang Yuqing s spirit was about to collapse, and she choked with tears and said Officer Han, II discussed with Wan Xin just now, the money didn t fall from the sky, so it s not a problem if it goes on like this, wewe plan to When Binbin s condition stabilizes, he will be discharged from the hospital and returned to his hometown for conservative treatment.Thanks to you, we may not be able to repay you in this life, but in the next life As she was talking, she couldn t continue, she put down the phone and lay down on the bed to hug her The child burst into tears.Wan Xin was heartbroken, and she covered her are smilz cbd gummies legit mouth with her hands and wept HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit silently.Han Chaoyang can understand their mood at this moment, and also thinks that burning money is not an option.In fact, what Aunt Ye said the day before yesterday was to comfort them.Officer Miao, I m on a business trip in Donghai, and I m visiting a client.It s inconvenient to talk now, so I ll call you later., I dare not drive the car in, I park it outside every day, set up the owners meeting, set up the owners committee, I have no objection, I raise my hands to support, sorry, I still have something to do, you can figure it out, see Do it, it doesn t matter if the property fee is more or less, as long as it can be done.I can figure it out, I can figure it out, I m not the owner, it s your business, okay Miao Haizhu was about to collapse, but thinking that she couldn t bring her emotions into work, she resisted and dialed the fifth number.Officer Miao, are you really a policeman Really, if you don t believe me, you can call the Xinyuan Street Police Station to check.Where did I know the phone number of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, I know 110.And she is several years older than me, not a child.Wasn t it the same when I was first stationed in the community police office She has a lot of work and arduous tasks, so I can be more relaxed than her Chaoyang, I know Haizhu is like a tomboy.You may have some opinions about her, but you can t just because If she is capable, let her be used to death Mom, don t worry, no one will use her to death, that s what the community police do.If you are tired, Zhen Chuan was just transferred to the case handling cbd gummies fredericksburg va team.One case after another, dealing with several cases at the same time, she is more tired than she knows.Besides, she will be tired for a year even if she is a little tired.After one year of training, she will go back to the provincial office to sit in the office.There is air conditioning in summer and winter With heating, maybe he will be promoted as soon as he returns, so he is much happier than your son Thinking about it, no matter how hard and tiring it is, it is only one year for Miao Haizhu.

There are only a few people in total, how do you search in the middle of the night Just when he was burning with anxiety and almost desperate, God had eyes, finally got news, finally came a phone call.Chaoyang, where are you Jiang Li stopped in his tracks and asked eagerly, holding on to a small tree.I don t know where I am.I m lost.Are you okay It s okay.Han Chaoyang are smilz cbd gummies legit looked back at the unconscious fugitive, and said half jokingly I m fine, but Feng Changdong has something to do.He died He lost a lot of blood and was seriously injured.Now he has heartbeat, pulse and breathing.It will be difficult to tell later, so report to the headquarters .

what age can u buy cbd gummies?

immediately.You caught Feng Changdong Well, he is by my side.It s under control, the gun is in my hand, don t worry.He captured the fugitive with the gun with his bare hands, he was fine, the fugitive was injured, but what happened to the gun just now Jiang Li couldn t believe his ears, but he was sure that Yanyang s colleagues would not joke about this issue, so he hurriedly said Chaoyang, wait a moment, stay where you are and watch the fugitives do not move, I will report to the superior first.The family members who came to the ceremony together were not only her, but do thc gummies have cbd also Ning Junde premium jane cbd gummies reviews s lover Ke Jing.Although Xiyuan doesn t have a girlfriend, if he has one, the bureau will also arrange it.As a result, organic vegan thc free cbd gummies live well cbd gummies they rushed to Longdao County excitedly, but Han Chaoyang was not there.Old Fan, what s the matter, you didn t tell Bureau Wang and the Political Commissioner for Discipline, and you didn t inform Xiao Han It was not easy to ask during the meal just now, but as soon as we returned to biocare cbd gummies the hotel, Political Commissioner Huang helped Huang Ying ask Bureau Fan.Political commissar, you have to ask your little family.Huang Ying, what s the matter I want to surprise him.Huang Ying smiled sweetly, feeling a little embarrassed after thinking about it, and hurriedly lowered her head.Surprise, it s good to give him a surprise, you young people really know how to play, Political Commissar Huang smiled, and continued Anyway, the ceremony will be held tomorrow, and he will definitely return to the county tomorrow.The implication of Wang Ju s words is very clear, not to adjust his position, but to make such a decision must be under pressure.Thank you Bureau Wang, thank you political commissar.From the incident until now, He Pingyuan finally felt a little warmth, holding on to the door frame, tears streaming down his face.Chapter 280 Greeting the New Year 1 A new day, a new beginning.Waking up every morning, Han Chaoyang would habitually think of this sentence that his mother had said for more than ten years.In fact, for everyone, the day that is about to start is a new day.But for the students who will come to PolyU to register and go through the admission procedures, today is really a brand new start Because of this, although Han Chaoyang went to bed late, he woke up very early.The street granted Huang Ying a week s leave, but she returned early from the Northwest.Besides, since I made this call, since I opened my mouth, I must explain the matter clearly.Han Chaoyang took a deep breath, and said in an almost certain tone Shi Ju, although we don t know the details of the case, the two of us are more familiar with the scene than anyone in the special case team.Not only is there no one here at night, but also during the dayThere is nothing around, cbd gummies and children and the road is so difficult, who would come here to kill people in the middle of the night.Even if the murderer lures Cao Shengkai here to kill him, he is unlikely to choose this way to hide the body.Regardless of whether the corpse is destroyed or There is only one purpose for hiding the corpse, which is to worry about the corpse being discovered and being found by the public security organs.Burying the corpse in the yellow sand that may be transported away at any time is obviously an extremely stupid cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit way to hide the corpse.It happened for a reason, and there really was no better way.You want to explain, right Let me explain Fan Ju didn t care about any good men who don t fight with women, so he asked calmly No problem, I ll let them arrest as many as you want.Fan Ju, don t get me wrong, I have no other choice.Understood, how about I ask the security manager and the security team leaders to turn themselves in, let them go now, they should be able to arrive before 5 00 p.m., and I will be in charge before the people arrive at 5 00.The promise was very happy., but the tone is obviously wrong.Ji Yuqin was stunned instead, and hesitated for a long time before saying in a low voice Bureau Fan, thank you for calling me, otherwise we will really investigate are smilz cbd gummies legit do cbd gummies help you sleep it as a case.Otherwise, I will report to the county leader first , I ll get back to you later.I m a good person Making a mistake, he slapped his face several times, took out his mobile phone and dialed Wu Wei Angkor, Pei Qimin has been arrested.This kid will not die until the Yellow River, and he is so stubborn even to this point.There are so many workers in the mixing station, and Chang Mazi s cousin is at the door of the office.It was really inconvenient for Wu Wei to go out just now, and he was worried that if Qi Wenli, who had just been told, was taken out of the house and put in a police car, the people at the mixing station would inform Pei Qimin to confirm that Pei Qimin had been arrested.He finally relaxed and said excitedly Don t worry., Make no mistake, he will speak soon.What should I do next Report to the superior.Which superior should I report to Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.

Xiao Han, let me ask you, I How is Laohou I don t have anything to say.Although we haven t dealt with each other much before, you have been in my gravel yard for several days, how do I treat you There is nothing to say.Then tell me the truth, how did Chang Mazi frame me Han Chaoyang pulled him into kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies the office, sat down on a chair, and greeted him to drink the beer Mr.Liang asked the old factory manager to bring, while laughing Said Mr.Hou, the case is under investigation.According to regulations, I can t disclose the details of the case, but you really have nothing to say about your behavior.I violated discipline and kept it secret.Chang Mazi really didn t frame you, at least not in this matter.He I don t even know. I don t know, Xiao Han, what are you kidding, it s really hell if he didn t instigate this.I said it s a big deal, isn t it just a person.Xu Hongliang got into the cab of the police car, He are smilz cbd gummies legit do cbd gummies help you sleep took out his mobile phone and dialed the 110 duty room of the PolyU Security Office.After chatting with Zhang Jinhai, the director of the school security team, Zhang Jinhai agreed to arrange two security guards to come over.Wu Wei was stunned, and asked in disbelief Hongliang, you are from the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, or from the PolyU Volunteer Security Patrol Team.Why do you know the PolyU Security Office so well Xu Hongliang put down his are smilz cbd gummies legit phone and clicked He started the engine, supported the steering wheel to reverse the car, and smiled proudly Didn t you ask them for help some time ago, did you go to the stadium to perform security tasks together Chaoyang was communicating in the Northwest at that time.Anyway, the public said that the public is right and the woman is saying that the woman is right.Wu Wei reacted and subconsciously asked If one person is sick, Take medicine for the whole family Almost, the bureau leaders think that we should take a warning and make amends.As long as they are police cars of our branch, all the police cars must be equipped with driving recorders.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang s eyes lit up and he stared at the police car.Wu Wei asked Angkor, how long can the video taken by the driving recorder be saved It seems to be a loop shooting, one section covers another section, it should not be stored for a long time, maybe only five or six minutes.You are an old calendar By reviews trubliss cbd gummies the way, you have a driving recorder installed in your car, how long can you keep it Han Chaoyang are smilz cbd gummies legit shifted his gaze to Xu Hongliang.After the arrest, mandatory measures of detention will be taken.Several people have been arrested since the beginning of the battle, but there is still no news of this Ren Guoneng. So the local court is also looking for this car Well, I just didn t expect the car to show up in our Yanyang.Cao Shengkai has never been to Dongguan City, so he has nothing to do with this old Lai Is it possible that this was caused by a private loan dispute In a murder case, is it possible for Cao Shengkai to help people collect debts, but in the end the debts were not collected, but his life was lost instead It is possible, and the possibility is extremely high.Just think about it, if a person like Cao Shengkai is engaged in a proper job, he can save money in a short period of time.Earn so much money in just a few months Vice Captain Gong nodded, thought about it and added It must be ill gotten gains Xiao Han, are smilz cbd gummies legit what do you think Teng Da suddenly turned around and asked, Han Chaoyang Startled, he felt that Wu Wei seemed to be pushing him behind his back, Han Chaoyang finally regained his composure, and said with an embarrassed face Report to Teng University, I I have no opinion, I have never learned investigation, I am not Criminal police, I really don t understand these things, I really don t know how to solve the case.On the afternoon of the 16th., it was the afternoon of the second day after the incident Han Chaoyang suppressed the excitement in his heart, and asked Aunt Wu, how old is that person and what does he look like What kind of pattern is it Wearing a string of black beads, he looks scary and rich, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he said how to say, his teeth are not good, a mouthful of rotten teeth, yellow and black, and there seems to be a few missing here.Yang Jiandong is not like this.of Judging from the situation reported by Teng University, although Yang Jiandong was not pampered in the past few years, his small life was also very nourishing.Not only pays great attention to maintenance, but also pays attention to image.At least from the few photos he has obtained, Yang Jiandong s teeth are neither black nor yellow, and he should have no tattoos on his body, let alone make himself look like a nouveau riche.There are Mr.Yang from Changsheng Chemical Industry, Mr.Li from Yanxing Automobile Trade, Mr.Li from Yangfeng Real Estatethat s all I know, and there are a few others who don t, not Li.Mr.Li and the others introduced him, anyway, it is impossible to play with us without an introducer.How did you get into this circle I was introduced by Mr.Yang from Changsheng Chemical Industry.In Gaoxin Where do you play in the district, and the specific location Once in the factory area opposite Luojiuzhuang, a high tech zone, and once in the office building of the old water conservancy station on the bank are smilz cbd gummies legit of the Beitai River.I don t know the place in advance, and I only know when I go.Tian Jiming lit another cigarette, took a puff and continued When you get on the bus, you will be searched just like the security check.

Bureau Xu was in a hurry, so he called deputy head Luo first, and then called the leader of the Municipal Bureau on duty to report, asking the leader of the Municipal Bureau to coordinate.The amount involved in the case was tens of millions.Of course, the leaders of the Municipal Bureau had to ask clearly.They immediately called the Yandong Sub bureau to verify, and finally are smilz cbd gummies legit told Bureau Xu that these were just two related cases.The gambling case was first detected by the Yandong Sub bureau, and should be investigated and dealt with by the Yandong Sub bureau s security team, which requested the Gaoxin District Sub bureau to hand over Yu Qinggong and his wife, who facilitated Yang Jiandong s gang to open an underground casino, to the Yandong are smilz cbd gummies legit Sub bureau.At the same time, the Yandong Sub bureau is required to actively assist the Gaoxin District HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit Sub bureau while investigating and handling the gambling case, and provide clues and relevant evidence needed to solve the murder case.After waiting for about ten seconds, there was a burst of electric current HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit from the intercom.The second squadron has received it, the second squadron has received it, Han Da please tell me.The first squadron received it, the first squadron received it, it s over Han Da Han Da, the third squadron received it, the third squadron received it Everyone Squadrons, all squadrons, there is an urgent arrest mission.There are nine suspects in total.They are eating at the Sichuan Restaurant outside the west gate of PolyU.Please send four of you to gather at the south gate of PolyU.You must act quickly, I will be there right away.The first squadron received it, it s over The second squadron received it, it HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit s over Although PolyU is also obliged to patrol the security team, although PolyU cbd gummies and dr oz is closer, Han Chaoyang still I think it is more convenient to command the voluntary security patrol team in Chaoyang Community.Do you want to act Dozens of team members went here at once, and there was no one on duty here, so Director Su asked us to come and help.I am here, and Lao Xie is also here, and he is at the south gate.Almost forgot, buy cbd gummies in lakeland fl after Chaoyang Village was revoked Some of these village cadres were assigned to the sanitation station, some were assigned to the comprehensive administrative law enforcement brigade of the street, and some automatically transitioned to the community neighborhood committee and became community workers of the neighborhood committee.However, considering that they are both village cadres and villagers, their original home was demolished, and they needed to find a place to settle down for the whole family, so they gave them a month s leave.Han Chaoyang was about to ask him if he was renting a house or bought a house in the city, when he suddenly opened the door and said with a smile, Accountant Huang, we haven t seen each other for a long time Hello Zhang Zhishu, Zhang Zhishu, what have you been up to these days I haven t seen you go to the office for a long time.Is the Yanyang police right I go often.Okay, I ll give Boss Qian a call first.Okay, thank you very much.It can be seen that Boss Chu is also very generous, not only to communicate with Boss Qian first, but even go to the side to call.Han Chaoyang sat by the welding machine for welding rebar and waited for more than ten minutes.Boss Chu came over after making the phone call, sat down and said, Officer Han, Boss Qian said that even if you don t look for him, he will look for you.When I went to Myanmar for the first time, I asked a local person to help me find out.The person just called him yesterday and said that he saw a restaurant owner who looked very similar to Huo Xuebin, and secretly took some photos and sent them to him cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit on WeChat.Really Han Chaoyang asked eagerly.Yes, we can all recognize the ashes of that dog day.Xiao Han, this is fun drop cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit Section Chief Lei from the No Management Bureau, and this is Comrade Yang Xiaopeng from the No Management Bureau.Hello, Chief Lei, hello, Brother Yang, Han Chaoyang raised his arms in salute, then held Chief Lei s hand and said sideways The equipment installed by the suspect is in the attic of Room 3301, and the antenna is on the roof.The house is not Renovation, it s not easy to climb, I borrowed a ladder from the property manager, you two are experts, help us find out what the suspect is doing.Okay, let s go in and take a look first.It s important to do business, and it s already off work time.Chief Lei didn t show any politeness, and walked into Lao Fan s house with a box containing monitoring instruments.It was also the first time for Kang Haigen to encounter such a case.Without thinking about it, Chen Xiujuan handed the completed summons card in front of him, and said half jokingly Even if I ask you to do it, you can t do it.You, the third level police superintendent, are the same title as are smilz cbd gummies legit Wu Wei, awarded by Liu.Fake fun drop cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit police are not much better, they don t even have the power to enforce the law, and they can t sign on the interrogation records, and if Kang Suo and Lao Ding don t participate, you have great abilities and can t play. Hurry up, it will be real in a few days.Police In a few days, you still won t be able to handle it alone.No matter what case, no matter what task you perform, you must have two policemen so that they can supervise each other.Even if you become a regular, you still have to ask Kang or Lao Ding for help.That s it, Han Chaoyang stuffed the summons card into his bag, and said with a smile, Sister Chen, Kang Suo is waiting for me, let s go first, and come to receive your instruction when I have time.

If you can t find out anything, you can only hand it over to the No Management organic vegan thc free cbd gummies Bureau.There is no loss.And he will become a regular in a few days.He is an official policeman.He can t always handle cases.Said it was an exercise.Only then did Xu Weizhong realize that Han Chaoyang has been working as an auxiliary policeman with the salary of a probationary policeman, regardless of his achievements since he started working, and has never been approved, never really.Handled a case.What kind of policeman is a policeman who can t handle cases Thinking of this, Xu Weizhong couldn t help laughing Lao Gu is too incompetent to be a master.He didn t even teach him how to handle cases It s not that Lao Gu hides his secrets, it s that Lao Gu has never handled a case in these years Handling a case is so troublesome, and the Changfeng Street Police Station can t let him do such things as sorting materials and running for approval, so a community policeman like Lao Gu can only You can bring out competent community police, but you can t teach competent case handling police.Lao Ding is also a member of the police department now, and the case being investigated can be regarded as a case of the police department.Lao Ding also wants to make some achievements, so he took it and checked to confirm that there is no problem, and immediately rode an electric car to the police station to find Signed by the are smilz cbd gummies legit leader.The work was divided at night, and today s main task is to assist the food and drug, industry and commerce departments to enforce the law.I don t know how Kang s coordination is going, all Han Chaoyang can do is wait, and simply go back to the room and lie down on the desk to take a nap.I didn t rest well at night, I was too sleepy and tired, so I fell asleep after laying down for a while.Chaoyang, Chaoyang Oh.Hearing someone shout, Han Chaoyang raised his head hastily.You are different from them.You not only need to Evidence should also be collected to assist in the investigation.This involves whether the case can be successfully filed and whether the criminal responsibility of the suspect can be investigated, Han Chaoyang blurted out Understood Lao Tang, who took the initiative to ask Ying to help, also divided his troops into three groups.Kang Haigen and four team members took Bi Xunchang to Zhonggui Building to identify the scene.It was clearly written in the transcript that he used the first set of equipment seized to set up a black broadcast in Zhonggui Building, but the only confession was that Not enough, there must be evidence.Miao Haizhu and Chen Jie went to Yanyang Airport together, and asked the airport control tower and the airline operating the Yanyang route to find out whether they had received the broadcast signal transmitted by the suspect s illegal occupation of the frequency before, and if they had received it, would there be any impact on the airline dispatch, especially the flight Taking off and landing caused an impact Lao Tang took a team member to visit Yanyang Railway Station, Provincial People s Broadcasting Station, Municipal People s Broadcasting Station and other units.It s very nice, with an atmosphere and style Thank you.Zhang Beibei tore off the receipt and put it together with the room card Put it on the bar Sir, the two of you live in Room 106 with beds No.7 and No.8.Go through this door, and the second room at the end of the corridor is the second room at the end of the corridor.Please are smilz cbd gummies legit lighten up when you enter, so as not to disturb the rest of your roommates.We This is a non smoking hotel, and you are not allowed to smoke in the room.Okay, if you can t smoke, don t smoke.Wu Wei noticed that he was peeking at the passenger registration book, and immediately walked up to him and said with a smile I ll send you two Go over here, please.Thank you.The tall man picked up the bag but didn t rush in, and turned around and asked, Beauty, do you have are smilz cbd gummies legit instant noodles and ham sausage here close the door Yes, here you choose.Wang, please come out.Is there a problem with your ID card It is every citizen s duty to cooperate with the public security organs in the interrogation He and Wu Wei brought a policeman to check are smilz cbd gummies legit the house, Wang Jianping was a little surprised, subconsciously asked Young man, what do you do Sorry, I forgot to show my ID, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.What a colleague Wang Jianping felt that this was absurd, so he lifted the quilt, put on his shoes, and walked to the living room diagonally opposite, looked back at Wu Wei and asked with a smile, Are you a policeman too Wu Wei, a policeman from Huayuan Street Police Station.Questioning in front are smilz cbd gummies legit of suspicious looking people.It s normal to be interrogated, but the key is to startle the snake.Wang Jianping was so depressed that he looked in the direction of the hall and said calmly, Comrade police, what do you want to know It s not convenient to talk here, let s go Backyard.Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked, holding a small notebook, What do you mean Broadcasting Miao Haizhu shifted her chair and explained, Many drivers are used to listening do walgreens sell cbd gummies to the radio, so they can go to the radio station and the music station to advertise.The advertising fee of the radio station is not expensive.Please invite the host During the program, read the notice of missing person, if Wan Xiaoxia takes a taxi or drives, she may hear it.I thought it was a brilliant idea Han Chaoyang opened the notebook, looked at her with a smile and said, Ling Bin is willing to spend money on finding Wan Xiaoxia.Not kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies to mention the radio stations in the city, he has even been to the Provincial People s Broadcasting Station.As long as we are now The broadcast frequencies that can be listened to basically have advertisements looking for Zhang Ziyue , and it was not read by the host, what is the difference between cbd gummies and hard candy Ling Bin and Xinxin specially recorded for several minutes what they wanted to say to Zhang Ziyue.

However, Ling Bin has set permissions on the photos in Qzone, only friends can see them, and he has not added new friends these days.But this does not mean that Wan Xiaoxia can t see Xinxin s photos, because Ling Bin edited Xinxin s latest photos in the letter to Zhang Ziyue on the blog, but there are not so many in the space.To abide by the discipline of secrecy, Han Chaoyang can t talk nonsense about these words.Just as he didn t know how to perfunctory, his mobile phone rang suddenly.When he checked the caller ID, it was Qian Nana, a reporter from Yanyang Daily.Reporter Qian, I m Han Chaoyang, do you have any news about the last time I asked you for help Officer Han, I m sorry.It can t be arranged.This is expected, after all, they have to consider the ratings.Our print media is about to be wiped out by the Internet, and their TV stations are just as difficult to work with, and the pressure is just as great.Return the farmland to the forest, and all the people in the mountains have moved out.Don t you know It s not a bad thing to chat, so I simply turned around and said, I m from the mountains, and I moved are smilz cbd gummies legit out when the farmland was returned to forests.You can go and play.Why don t I buy tickets Old people over 70 years old are free.Now it s Grandpa Gu s turn to be depressed, but now is not the time to be depressed.After thinking about it, he asked curiously Big sister, will the government give you a subsidy for letting you go down the mountain There was a subsidy in the beginning, but now it s gone.Subsidies, and you can no longer grow fruit trees or crops, what do you live on Didn t you give some subsidies before, there were not many people in the mountains, and now there are fewer and fewer old people, and some young people go out to work , those who haven t gone out can go to work in the scenic area, the salary is not high, and they have to live in the mountains every day like before, so young people are not willing to do it.For this reason, Manager Zhang specially signed a letter of responsibility with the owners of the community, because the property does not care what happens to the open roof, and you are responsible for the consequences.Now it seems that the roof is still locked.Han Chaoyang walked through the clotheslines hung with sheets and quilts, walked to the side of the guardrail facing the sun, squatted behind two thick quilts hanging on the guardrail, and through the gap between the quilts, there was indeed a faint I saw a figure squatting on the side of the guardrail on the sunny side of the roof of Building 16 just like myself Master, look.I saw it, it seems to be a person.What does it mean to be so big as a living person HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit Your eyes are so good, how old am I, can I compare with you Grandpa Gu turned his head and stared With a glance, he turned his attention back to the third row in front of the roof again, and said worriedly She was right next to the guardrail, and she fell down as soon as she flipped over.Shopping malls are all diagonally across, with a lot of traffic.The city leaders can see it again, give it a good flash, it will definitely catch fire Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said I don t know if it will catch fire, but the important thing is to make some noise.Miao Haizhu regained his composure, giggled and said Chaoyang, you shouldn t be a policeman, you should go to the Propaganda Department, it s a pity that people like you don t go to the Propaganda Department.Stand firm, and I will find a way to transfer you there.You really think highly of me, I don t have such a great network, even if I have a network, I wouldn t go to any propaganda department, being a policeman is good, I like being a policeman.Chapter 466 It s not a surprise that Boss Miao came to Yanyang to buy a house during the Spring Festival travel season.On the contrary, this has become their arrogant capital.The auxiliary police and security guards are worried about being retaliated against, so they often choose to turn a blind eye.Their worries were not unreasonable.The year before last, a security guard in his twenties was stopped and beaten up by several people after get off work, and the murderer has not been caught until today.Han Chaoyang felt that this place should focus on rectification, and said in a low voice You are busy with your work, I will go does condor cbd gummies work around and ask for you.Call.Okay.Han Chaoyang was not in a hurry to help them visit and inquire, and went back to patrol in front of the three security checkpoints, walking through the crowd, focusing on not bringing luggage, blinking eyes, or seeing him Just hide on the person.I turned around and questioned a few people who seemed to be acting suspiciously, but found nothing.It s just the icing on the cake.Be smart in the future, no matter what is going on, ask for instructions and report more, especially the work of the anti pickup team, you should take him as the direct leader, so that he feels that the anti pickup team was set up by him alone.Disbanded, others will think of Cao Zefang when they see or hear about the anti pickup team, and he will definitely take the anti pickup team s work as his own.There is no fuel efficient lamp in the organization Han Chaoyang was so impressed that he couldn t help laughing and said, We don t want any achievements, as long as we control the incidence of property infringement cases on the street, it is an achievement for us to reduce the incidence of crimes.Finally got the hang of it, Liu That s what the instructor and the instructor mean.

Han Chaoyang thought to himself that a leader should be like this, how can he be a leader without any responsibility, took the phone and said with a smile Okay, I ll go and bring him out Chapter 483 A World Without Thieves There are a lot of things going on today, and Han Chaoyang didn t escort the suspects to the case handling center of kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies the sub bureau last night.I got up and called my mother and girlfriend.After breakfast at the PolyU restaurant, I rushed to the police station.Although I arrived 15 minutes earlier than usual, I was still late.The two legendary veterans were already sitting in the police station.In the police room, he was talking and laughing happily with Grandpa Gu, smoking a cigarette and drinking tea.Old Ji, Old Wu, let me introduce you, this is my apprentice, how is it, handsome or not What a talent, this most handsome policeman really lives up to his name.These are what I should do.It would be great if every are smilz cbd gummies legit teaching staff could think like you.Closer to home, I watched the video three times just now and found that it makes sense for the students to become popular on the Internet, regardless of their performance level or typhoon.Just a cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit few days later, there will be an exchange activity with Tunghai University of Technology.They came to us last year, and we will go to them this year.You and Xiaoxie hurry up and prepare a few songs, and then organize students to go together.The original principal Show off too Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and forced himself to smile and said, Principal Nie, it s okay to prepare for the show.Anyway, the band rehearses every day, but I may not be able to go., ask your leaders to take a leave, just two days, fly to, fly back, it will not affect work.Come on, you represent the branch office Huang Ying has never encountered such a funny thing before, and turned her head Master , look at him, he s a sheriff, isn t he a sheriff in name only Grandpa Gu thought to himself that he is in name only now, and it won t be in a few days.Considering the great uncertainty in the promotion of cadres, especially for such a young policeman, he calmly said If the name is not correct, the words will not 300 mg full spectrum cbd gummies go well.This arrangement in the bureau is indeed conducive to the next work.Huang Huang Ying didn t understand, so she thought about it and then turned around and asked This is the good thing you said, what s the trouble The police area has a large area of jurisdiction, and the pressure on public security is also great.Han Chaoyang took a deep human cbd gummies reviews breath, and continued The bureau leaders may be worried that the three patrol teams will have accidents, and they require formal management and regular construction, which is obviously obligatory.It s the same with the elements, compare performance with achievement, and whoever is not convinced will arrest two murderers and recruit two voluntary security patrols The young man s achievements are obvious to all, and this ideological work should are smilz cbd gummies legit not be difficult to do.Liu Jianye sighed softly, and said with a wry smile Two at a time, Bureau Du said they would arrange for two policemen to come over, but they are all newcomers, and they are undergoing training at the police officer training center.Don t say that you won t be able to get on duty for a while, even tomorrow Just to report for duty, you have to practice for a year or two before you can stand alone.It would be great if there are two like Xiao Wu.I told Director Du that we have to choose this time, and Director Du agreed.That s good Obtaining a marriage certificate is also a big deal Huang Ying purposely put on the wool coat and sweater she bought a few days ago, thinking that Han Chaoyang didn t even have a suit, so she waited for the mall to open and bought one.The environment is average, and the grade are smilz cbd gummies legit is naturally not high, which is more suitable for working class consumption.There are usually no customers in the lobby, but tonight the business in the lobby is surprisingly good, all the tables are full, and a bunch of guys with crew cut or even bald heads, who don t look like good people at first glance, are eating and drinking some are shirtless, They punched their throats, some smoked and cbd gummies peru chatted while eating and drinking, making the good hall full of smoke Wu Wei was standing by the garbage organic vegan thc free cbd gummies live well cbd gummies at the stairs, smoking a cigarette and pretending to be on the phone, but his eyes were always looking at the bald men in their 30s and 40s who were sitting around the main table intentionally or unintentionally.Manager, how many more dishes are there I m sorry, sir, all the dishes are already served.But you can t have too much frosty bites cbd gummies hope for our school, after all, we are different from Secretary Cao and the others, and we can only help solve a little bit as much as we can.The community voluntary security patrol team is a community security service company, The better the patrol team is, the more profits the security company can get.For example, the bureau will help facilitate some security business.In contrast, PolyU is truly obligatory and cannot allow other people to pay more money as well as people.Han Chaoyang held Zhang Jinhai s hand tightly, and said sincerely and gratefully It s not easy to help us with a little money, no matter how much, I will thank you.Don t thank you, you are quite busy, Tomorrow, I will go to the East China Sea with Principal Nie to exchange ideas, and there seems to be a meeting tonight, you are busy with review of smilz cbd gummies your work, hurry up and arrange work.

This is the drunkard s intention not to kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies drink.As long as the District Political and Legal Committee admits it, then it can manage the special funds for the comprehensive management and stability maintenance of the Political and Legal Committee.And there must be this reason, it s just a matter of more or less.As for whether he will be used in the voluntary security patrol brigade after he arrives, that s up to him, otherwise he wouldn t be known as Zhou Papi.But in any case, it is a good thing to get money, and what the branch lacks most is money.Political Commissar Huang couldn t help but said, Okay, I ll let Xiao Feng complete the materials early tomorrow morning.Zhou Ju smiled, and continued The staff are mainly from the street, and the small courtyard that Lao Du helped coordinate is also from the street.Deputy Director Xing changed the subject, looked at him with a smile, and said, The bureau leader is right.The leader must have told you that your voluntary security patrol team can no longer stay in a corner.Under the leadership of the sub bureau, you must assist the relevant units in emergency response.In order to better coordinate and cooperate with the relevant units, you will also be on duty from next week Director, we have a shift in the police office, and I have to be on duty every week.I mean to come to the command center to be on duty, and come back to be on duty 24 hours a week.Bureau Du specially explained that this is beneficial Work is also good for management, otherwise who would be in charge of your boy Tian Gao Han Zhaoyang suddenly realized that this is not just good for work and good for management , it is the leader s attention Seeing Deputy Director Xing s half smile, Han Chaoyang said embarrassedly Director Xing, don t be joking, I can come are smilz cbd gummies legit do cbd gummies help you sleep back to be on duty, but I can t be a commander, firstly, I have no experience, are smilz cbd gummies legit do cbd gummies help you sleep and secondly, I don t have any experience.Did you see that This is the one who ran away.Yu Zhenchuan clicked the mouse to pause the screen, then raised his head and said, The real name system is required on the Internet.Even if you didn t meet those five last night, we can still find them.Internet cafes have their identities.The monk who escaped could not escape the temple.The one who escaped was different, and we found that the ID card was real, but not his own.The video just played showed that the ID card used by the suspect who fled in fear of crime was his own.It was taken out of the inner pocket of the jacket, and it was not provided by the Internet cafe for doing business in violation of laws and regulations.That is to say, it can be confirmed that the twenty seven year old man with a crew are smilz cbd gummies legit do cbd gummies help you sleep cut is wearing a short down jacket on the upper body and a black one absolute nature cbd gummies on the lower body.Lao Ding seemed to have mentioned this in the morning, Han Chaoyang reacted, and said lightly We are assisting the Xinyuan Street Police Station to investigate a suspect.Last night at the Xinyuan Street Police Station There was a fight in an Internet cafe in the jurisdiction, one hit five, not only won the fight, but also ran away, smashing the Internet cafe to pieces.This is not a big case, it is better in winter, and fighting cases often occur in summer.Lao Hu didn t think about other things, but said enviously Chaoyang, you are really going to be promoted to the deputy department this time.When I came out, I saw the announcement posted by the organization department on the Internet.I wanted to make a phone call to congratulate you.As a result, Liu Suo and the trainer were all calling you, and I couldn t get through even though I wanted to, but I didn t expect to meet you here, congratulations, formal congratulations, congratulations in person.If you have to are smilz cbd gummies legit explain anything, arresting a wanted criminal suspected of robbery and murder is the best Confess That s true, even if the provincial leaders know about it, they won t say anything.But we have to criticize what should be criticized, have you called Bao Qingshan and Gu Zhongjie, when will they come Notified, immediately Arrived.Eager for quick success and quick profit, benefit of thc cbd gummies they almost made a big mess for us They are not Han Chaoyang, so don t give them a bad face later Zou Shengnan was very efficient, and he investigated the matter clearly.It can be said that Han Chaoyang was just unlucky Dan, he was implicated cbd gummies legal texas in a daze, and the real culprit was the director and instructor of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.But in any case, they succeeded in capturing the murderer, and they served as the instructors of the director of the department, and they were resigned in danger.It was so shocking, and the strong reaction of netizens was completely expected.Director Wen and I felt that this It s just the beginning, after all, it s only been two hours since the video was uploaded, and as netizens continue to forward it spontaneously, the impact will become bigger and bigger.So Han Chaoyang will become more and more popular Definitely.Promoting the most handsome policeman is promoting the Yandong branch.How can Zhou Ju miss this once in a lifetime opportunity, pondering Isn t there still a few paragraphs, you should study it, grasp the rhythm, and choose the best time to post it on the Internet one after another.We are responding to netizens doubts, and we can t just publicize are smilz cbd gummies legit that the young man has How heroic, but also to show that the young man has leadership abilities.

Including the police chief of our police area Today, there are five policemen and seven anti pickup team members on duty at the station.Counting the station security and community voluntary security patrol members who assisted in security after the Spring Festival travel began, the security force reaches 28.There are also six anti pickup team members in plain clothes at the station Patrol around the station.Director Wang stopped and looked around, and asked lightly Five policemen, where are you, why did I see you alone Report to Director Wang, Comrade Han Chaoyang, the police chief of our police district I was here in the morning, and .

what is purekana cbd gummies good for?

then I received a call from the masses, and led an anti pickup team to the police, and the other two policemen also sent out to the police, and there were policemen in front to assist the street comprehensive administrative law enforcement team to enforce the law.Wu Wei was equally excited about destroying drug dens where people gathered.Han Chaoyang signaled are smilz cbd gummies legit Sun Guokang to drive faster, and at the same time called the command center with his car phone.During the Spring Festival, the bureau leaders took turns sitting in the command center.When Du Bureau, who was on duty today, heard that there was a major police situation, he immediately asked the police officer to connect the call signal to the decision making room, raised the communicator and ordered Chaoyang Chaoyang, you organize immediately.The police and team members went to the past, the drug case is not another case, and the actions must be clean and neat when destroying the dens to arrest the gambling people, and they must not be given a chance to destroy the evidence.Han Zhaoyang recognized the voice of Du Bureau, and assured Du Bureau Don t worry, I ve been to Karoti s performing arts bar several times, and I m familiar with the scene environment, so I won t give them a chance to destroy the evidence.Jiao Da climbed to the small platform outside the fire door on the fourth floor, and suddenly moved away.His subordinates walked to the door tacitly, and took out an iron crowbar about one foot five from the padded jacket, and put the bent and flat The other end protrudes through the gap in the fire door.Why are you standing still, give an order.Jiao Da reminded.Oh, Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, and hurriedly called Sun Guokang Guokang Guokang, I, Han Chaoyang, we have arrived at the back door, we will act according to the original plan, act according to the original plan Chapter 586 New Year s Eve 4 It took time for Sun Guokang and Liu Chengquan to rush downstairs from the standby position.Jiao Da was not in a hurry to let his subordinates pry open the door.He just stood on the platform and waited for about two minutes, then nodded suddenly.Xu Weimin had no face to face Mr.Xu, drooping his head Squeak again.Han Chaoyang didn t expect that Dai Lishi wouldn t go back home, and would rather pick up trash outside than ask his relatives for help.But such a person must not be allowed to continue wandering.He must be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible, regardless of whether he commits crimes after escaping control.Get up, Han Chaoyang pulled him up again, and said sharply, Go, come with us to the west of the city, and take us to find Dai Lishi.Why don t you send him to the hospital for treatment Old Master Xu was angry again, pointing at his nose and growling If you tell you to go, go, why are there so many things Chapter HCMUSSH are smilz cbd gummies legit 592 New Year s Eve 10 On New Year s Eve, only half of kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies the police officers and auxiliary police officers at the Huayuan Street Police Station were on duty, and there were even more police officers than usual.The last thing Ni Jianguo wanted to talk about was these topics, but the master and the two juniors were talking, and it was not good to keep silent, so he could only smile casually Chaoyang Don t trust Qingshan, no matter it s troublesome or not, being able to catch fugitives on the Internet is an achievement, and the bureau leader s letting you take charge is a sign of trust in you and affirmation of your ability.Just kidding, those who are able work hard, I hope this kind of thing will not happen again in the future.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, Grandpa Gu revealed that Xiao Wang continued to tune the master , and then sighed This is Dai Lishi who has fixed assets.Yes, what if there is no fixed asset Master, it cannot be blamed on the detention center.Bao Qingshan threw down the last 2, and said helplessly The management was not in place before, and a series of abnormal deaths of suspects occurred in other places.What did you do last night He Yichang knew very well that the most handsome policeman would not make this call if he had nothing to do, so he stopped joking, got up and opened the window and said, During the Chinese New Year, not only you are busy, but we are as busy as economic investigators, maybe even more busy than you.A real estate developer ran away with a broken capital chain, leaving behind four unfinished buildings.More than 400 owners can live well this year, but they can t.It was a good year for us as well, the policemen in the squadron did not rest, and they have been busy until today. You handled the case in Jinronghua Mansion You know There are also residents in our jurisdiction who bought a house in Jinronghua Mansion.I saw it in the group on WeChat a few days ago.I didn t expect that this case was handled by you.

In addition, remind Xiaosun to keep an eye on Xiaosun, not just to keep an eye on the suspects, but also to keep an eye on them.Ni Guoxiong thought from the bottom of his heart that the leader s worries were very reasonable, so after asking for instructions and reporting, he dialed Xiaosun s mobile phone.Introduce what s new and convey instructions from the team leader.Xiao Sun couldn t believe his ears, he was stunned for a while, and then asked with a bitter face Captain Ni, since they don t know anything, and they haven t even filed a case, what s the point of me continuing to follow, isn t it a waste of time and energy What I said just now is very clear, they dumped people here, we can t throw face at them.More importantly, whether you dare to fight fugitives with guns kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies with only a wooden stick in your hand, or Judging from the current incident, the kid surnamed Han definitely belongs to the kind of daring master.He had just wiped his hands clean and was about to go to the lobby to thank the proprietress when his cell phone rang and Political Commissar Huang called him himself.Downstairs is not a place to talk, so Han Chaoyang said modestly, ran to the upstairs room and said, Political commissar, we may be too sensitive, and we are not the only ones who are ashamed of this matter, they are also embarrassed to spread it everywhere.Regardless of the case Is there any problem, but it is our case after all, they saw that Lao Hu and Wu Wei brought guns, they regarded it as a big case, and they wanted to intervene, which is obviously to grab credit.The .

do cbd gummies make you pee?

authorities are really confused.I was confused yesterday.First floor.Commissar Huang smiled, thought about it and asked, Xiao Han, what s the situation now, have they made things difficult for you, have they shown you face The ass decides the head.Sun Le smiled, and held up Xiao Gu s cell phone again Inspector Hu, Inspector Hu, we have already circled in front of the suspect, and the car he was riding in has entered the traffic control center are smilz cbd gummies legit Sight, this road is also considered the main road into the city.There are many surveillance cameras along the road, so he will never be able to escape.There are many vehicles and the road is congested.Forcibly overtaking is very dangerous.Don t worry., That s great, we ll pay attention, if we can surpass it, we ll pass it, but if we can t, let it go.Han Chaoyang was relieved that the suspect couldn t escape.Just as she picked up the glass to drink water, Huang Ying called suddenly.Tomorrow, the sixth day of the month, the unit will officially go to work, and my parents will rush back today, and they are ready to return home.Brother Sun, he s gone to Luxi I see, Xiao Sun added his lips and patted the driver s arm Keep driving forward, turn around are smilz cbd gummies legit when you can turn around, and go around to the entrance of the express hotel.Okay.Lao Hu was relatively far away, so he had relatively plenty of reaction time.Seeing an unremarkable alley more than ten meters in front of where the white BYD parked, he immediately raised his phone and shouted, Wu Wei, Wu fun drop cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit Wei, there s an alley ahead, follow me.Got it.Xiao Sun The online car hailing car with Xiaogu just turned around at this moment.Although it is far away from the express hotel, Qiao Peiming can clearly see Qiao Peiming standing at the door of the hotel as if talking on the phone, and immediately shouted Inspector Hu, Inspector Hu, the connector The people must be hiding nearby to observe, you should quickly find a place to hide, you must be steady, and you must not be exposed We found an alley, and we entered the alley.We know that we want to live What does it mean if you have to tell the truth but still refuse to speak What are smilz cbd gummies legit s the problem Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.It means that he is delaying time, that he has an accomplice, and he is covering for his accomplice if he refuses to speak up If the accomplice finds that he hasn t returned, or if he doesn t answer the call, he may realize that something happened to him and will abscond Ninety nine are close to ten Jiao Chengle started to fight against drugs before the sub bureau established the anti drug brigade.He didn t know how many drug cases he had solved, and he didn t know how many drug dealers he had met., this may be a family run drug gang, and he will only cbd gummies for gut health refuse to confess in front of iron evidence for the sake of family members.Yes Jiang is still old and hot, Han Chaoyang admired him, and hurriedly hung up the phone Open the door to find Team Ni.They asked me to find you a hotel and arrange for you to rest.What are you concerned about This is clearly an order to evict guests Han Chaoyang didn t dare to leave when the reinforcements arrived, and hurriedly said Thank you Jiang Da for your concern.We have booked a hotel, opened a room, and all our luggage is in the hotel.I have opened a room, and now I will not refund the money when I check out.It is a waste to open it again.In this case, I will arrange a car to take you there to rest. Jiang Da, it s still early, why don t we go there later, we have our own car.Jiang Da thought to himself that you would be of help here, even a little bit of a hindrance.Moreover, the leaders of your city bureau and even the provincial department have reached a consensus with the city bureau are smilz cbd gummies legit s anti narcotics department and sub bureau on the next investigation.

The young man gave face and handled the matter beautifully.Professor Zhang also gave me face.Vice Minister Jiang was very proud and very happy.He looked at Zhang Xiaoyun cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit with a smile and said persuasively Xiaoyun, I know you are very angry, but you have to think about it the other way around.If the kid s parents are unreasonable, or simply Don t pay attention, if such a thing happens, you will be heartbroken, just treat him as if you don t have that son, and care about his life.If it really happens, your bag will be thrown away by him again, and all your money will be spent by him.So what if the case is solved, what if the person is caught, and how to recover the economic losses caused Yes, yes, Minister Jiang is right, the first thing is to recover the loss, and how to deal with it is up to the police.Maybe because the speed of the car was too fast and he was too drunk and unconscious, he avoided the car that came out of the hospital and rushed towards us.In order for Han Chaoyang to understand the situation at that time more intuitively , Sun Guokang ran to the gate of the Sixth Hospital to make gestures, then returned to the gate of the police room and said, Sister Miao and I were inside.It was too fast at that time.When the car that caused the accident hit the first electric car, I heard a sound but didn t respond.Come here, until the car that caused the accident hit the police car and hit the steps, I didn t realize that something serious happened.I ran out and saw that Cheng Quan fell here and was knocked out three or four meters.The bastard was in the car, the airbag was full of air, I couldn t see his face clearly, and there was a person sitting in the back row.Martyr certificate, and reported to the Civil Affairs Department of the State Council for the record.Moreover, it is very important whether the sacrifice plot is particularly prominent whether it can be judged as a martyr, that is to say, whether the sacrifice is cbd gummy and alcohol heroic or not What is considered heroic and what is not, depends on which martyr you compare with.He also sacrificed a precious life, but the heroes in the peacetime are certainly not comparable to the revolutionary martyrs in the wartime.Director Wen was most afraid that Liu Chengquan s relatives would make this request, but he didn t expect Han Chaoyang to make the request first, so he could only explain patiently Xiao Han, this matter is not as simple as you think, Xiao Liu is such a good boy, just sacrificed like this Well, I, the political commissar, and Zhou Ju are as distressed as you are, and those who can win in the bureau will definitely try their best to win for Xiaoliu, but there is really little hope of judging the martyrs.Sleeping in broad daylight is not about laziness, let alone becoming a leader and specializing, but for big actions at night.Every time there is a large scale investigation, there will be some gains.No matter what kind of criminal suspects are captured, no matter what clues are collected, the organization and even the police involved in the large scale investigation are busy, pure cbd gummies maximum strength and they don t know how long they will be busy when they are busy.Rest early to recharge your batteries.Before going to bed, I not only set the alarm clock, but also called Huang Ying.Huang Ying didn t call him after get off work, and didn t go to the youth hostel.Instead, she went directly back to PolyU, went to the big cafeteria to have dinner, took a meal to take back to the dormitory, and then sat in the small living room to read the previous paragraph.Call, ask them to work hard to investigate the 19 suspects on our side, and they will report to you and the Kang Institute in time if they find anything, and remember to tell me if you find anything.Okay, no problem.If it is really a pyramid scheme, the woman driving the BMW is probably the main culprit.And the woman lived in the Xinyuan Street Police Station area.Han Chaoyang felt that there was nothing wrong with investigating together.He put down his phone and briefly reported the situation, then frowned slightly and said, Kangsuo, we only focus on investigating that technological development at night.How many people are there in the company, and I forgot to ask whether they went to the Yangguan Village Police Office to register themselves or some technology company registered for them.Let me ask.Liu Qiuping emphasized to his old comrades through the Bluetooth in kana cbd gummies for pain organic vegan thc free cbd gummies the car that it was not the case yet, and at the same time drove to Yandong in a strange way, wanting to take a closer look at this familiar yet suddenly strange place.The first police workstation I saw from Zhongshan Road was the police office of the Zhongshan Road Police District in are smilz cbd gummies legit the No.Handsome police officer Han Chaoyang knew that Han Chaoyang was the youngest deputy policeman in the Yandong branch, and that an auxiliary policeman in the police station died on duty at the gate of the police station.Seeing that the entrance of the police room was full of people, Liu Qiuping simply turned on the turn signal, drove the car into the Sixth Courtyard, found a parking space and parked it, and walked to the police room to see what was going on.

The security guard of the Sixth Hospital and Wang Jiayong, who was on duty in the police room, controlled the situation in time and took him to the police room.Han Chaoyang criticized and educated the man as soon as he are smilz cbd gummies legit came back.As a result, just after saying a few words, an aunt who came to the Sixth Hospital for treatment went to the police station to report that the helmet hanging on the handlebar of the electric car had been stolen.A helmet is not worth a lot of money, but the auntie saw that it was not a fuel efficient lamp.She could neither ignore it nor make a record to send her away.She had to accompany her to the Sixth Hospital to adjust the monitoring, and finally found out that she had a bad memory.Great, I didn t wear a helmet at all when I came to the Sixth Hospital, and I called her wife to ask her, and the helmet was indeed at home are smilz cbd gummies legit There are no big things, but there are many small things, and almost all of them are invalid alarms.It was just me and Lao Xu.Lao Xu is still here and at home.When you are a bare handed commander, you are a bare handed commander, anyway.As a team leader, I have no name at all, and I am not afraid of being laughed at by others.The new bureau chief wants to promote regularization and strengthen team management, and there is nothing wrong with it.But in actual work, it is completely different whether there is an auxiliary force of voluntary security patrol brigade.Grandpa Gu encountered this kind of thing for the first time.He felt that it was a pity that the patrol team broke up like this.After thinking about it, he asked, You went to the engineering headquarters with Fan Ju in the morning.What did Director Huo say The 400,000 funds should not be a big problem.It s easy to do if you have money Grandpa Gu s eyes lit up, plant md cbd gummies reviews and he couldn t help laughing Chaoyang, you should think about it the other way around, Junfeng and the others can work in the anti pickling team for a year or two with iron clad camps, don t they Competent for three or four fun drop cbd gummies are smilz cbd gummies legit years The turnover of personnel is normal.Liu Qiuping shook his head Don t count on the district.At first, I was worried that few people would participate.I also considered that the civil servants in the district lacked exercise.A notice was issued a few days ago, requiring all units to organize comrades over the age of 20 and under 40 to participate.Long distance running.If you can t run a full marathon, you can sign up for a half marathon.If you can t run a half marathon, you can participate in a health run.If you can t even run ten kilometers, then the person in charge of the unit will organize the staff to exercise.After all, the body is revolutionary Capital, how can we work if we are not in good health Why didn t we receive the notice We are responsible for .

can t chew cbd gummies will well they still work?

security, who will maintain order after we all go running.Chapter 772 International Marathon 3 Liu Jianye received Bureau Feng s phone call, put down the work at hand, and rushed to the branch office to ask Liu Qiuping for reimbursement of the expenses.The marathon, especially the whole marathon, is different from the five kilometer training of the army.It depends on one s ability.Shan Ketian didn t think the marathon was so scary, and smiled proudly Mr.Xu, it s original miracle cbd gummies not the same.We have to be fully armed in the army training.The backpack, water bottles and guns add up to tens of kilograms.Marathon doesn t need to carry weight.There is no time limit, just run slowly, and cbd gummies for enlarged prostate are smilz cbd gummies legit it s really not a problem whether you can run the whole distance Don t talk too much Xu Hongliang knocked on the table and said very seriously The gap between a five kilometer cross country and a marathon is huge.Big, I have learned that if most people can persist in the five kilometer cross country and half marathon with their will, then the whole marathon really does not depend on human will.I would like to express my gratitude to the old branch secretary who understands righteousness.Xu Hongliang even organized the security guards to get off the car and line up, arrange their clothes, and collectively salute and say hello to Liu s father and Liu mother.The Liu family had known that the leader of the Yandong Sub bureau was coming, but they never expected that they would come all of are smilz cbd gummies legit a sudden to be so safe.Looking at Han Chaoyang, Xu Hongliang, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, Xiaokang and other comrades in arms of Liu Chengquan before his death, they suddenly lost their minds.I don t know how to arrange so many people to eat at noon.Han Chaoyang had already thought about it, and he took Liu Ma s arm and said, Auntie, don t worry about lunch, we brought dry food.And and we have a lot of work at work, so we won t be here for a long time, so let s go to your house for a while , and then put a grave for Chengquan, and then I went back.Can you help us ask if they are interested, are smilz cbd gummies legit and if they are interested, they will bring instruments to the wedding.If there are not enough people, we will draw a tune from our band.The little girl is so eccentric that she can think of such a way.Kang Wei suddenly found out that it was really feasible, and smiled happily They seem to have invited more than a dozen college students.Let me help you ask, it should be no problem.Great, I will trouble you about this matter.Zheng Yutong s voice As soon as he landed, Nie Xuan grabbed the phone suddenly Teacher Kang, there is one more thing.We want to surprise Teacher Han and Teacher Xie.When you ask, tell the other teachers to keep it secret for us.Chapter 10 Chasing and Escaping 16 Jiang Yonggen asked Luo Weixing to take a car and wait near the airport, not because he was worried about Boss Qian s problem, and he didn t think the police would set up an ambush at the airport.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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