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It s not good, Captain Qin, Zhang Lili s body suddenly disappeared Chapter Nine Presumptuous Qin Zheng told the little policeman not to panic, and then brought me and the little policeman to the morgue.After Zhang Lili s body was taken out of the school, it was put into the morgue.Just now the forensic doctor wanted to take the body for identification, but found that the body had long since disappeared There was no previous record of a dead body disappearing, and no one would be so bored staring at a dead body for 24 hours, so that it is impossible to know when Zhang Lili s dead body disappeared.I don t know if it s a psychological effect, but when I stood in the morgue in broad daylight, I felt a chilly feeling, as if something was blowing cold air on the back of my neck, waiting for Qin Zheng to take me out of the morgue In a split second, I realized that my hands and feet were getting colder and colder.Then Junli threw the quilt to plain jane cbd gummies review me, and asked me to choose a room on the second floor, and then went up to the third floor, leaving me alone standing there with the cold wind blowing.The decoration of Junli s home is very grand will cbd gummies make me sleepy and very European style.Each room has its own characteristics.I just found the one near the stairs and lived in it.All night, I lay on the bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep.I picked up my phone, only to find that it was past twelve o clock, but I have escaped from there for so long, let alone a missed call, and even a text message.Not received.Could it be that he escaped and was not discovered yet I wanted to just shut down the phone and let it go, but I suddenly thought of Su Xiu.If she hadn t been with me all this time, I would have been imprisoned and wanted to commit suicide.At that time, there was no Huangpizi grave behind the West Building.It turned out that the place was the backyard of the West Building.It was a large forest.The west side of the forest was a lotus pond, and the east side was specially used by the West Building to store firewood and the like.sundries.That year, the manager of the Zhao family planned to vacate the place where the firewood was piled up, and wanted to build a warehouse, so he sent a few long term workers to move the firewood.But as they moved, there were always a few best water soluble cbd gummies yellow skins coming out of the pile of firewood.When the manager of the Zhao family saw it, he felt annoyed for a while.After finding the nest of yellow skins, he asked Changgong Artemisia to make some wormwood, mix it with cow dung and hay, and set it on fire to smoke the skins.Since the older generation in our cbd gummy worms 750mg place, there has been a saying of revenge, people are a little bit upset, and the long term workers don t really want to do this job, but the manager of the Zhao family is urging them, so they have no best water soluble cbd gummies choice but to bite the bullet and take the grass.Stack it at the entrance of the hole and fan the smoke into the Pizi hole.After smoking for nearly half a point in this way, the pile of wormwood that had been burned to ashes was removed, and then started to move firewood.The firewood on the top gradually decreased, and the opening of the hole gradually expanded.The long term workers were a little dumbfounded.I saw dozens of small furs in the exposed big fur nest, some of which had just grown fluff, and all of this litter was smoked to death, and no one was alive.In modern times, the mound is as tall as a person.The old people in the village all said that it was the soil piled up by the dead skins when they went to the grave.Surely, no one can just go there every day and wait to see how the mound grows As for the Zhao family steward s family, it gradually began to feel uneasy.At the beginning, in the front yard of the West Building, some dead chickens and ducks were thrown in every now and then in the middle of the night, and the bitten and fragmented chicken and duck carcasses and feathers were thrown all over the yard.Chicken blood and duck blood, splashed pillars, a bloody piece in the porch, torn intestines, hung under the gatehouse and on the railing of the building, all smelly.He had best water soluble cbd gummies heard about Pi Zi s revenge a long time ago, but the manager of the Zhao family didn t believe in it.I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, suppressed all my emotions, and asked grandma.Calculating your loved ones, is it good Chapter 24 He came, but grandma didn t speak to me again, and turned around and walked to the kitchen.Is it for sure that I won t run away Standing in place looking at the old grandmother s back, I sighed, now I really won t escape, because I don t know where to escape, and I can be taken in.Back in the room, I fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus suddenly remembered a person The landlord s old lady, Liao Cuilian As soon as the thought flashed across my mind, I quickly took out my cell phone and turned it on, wanting to call the landlady s old lady.The phone was just turned on, and it was stuck for a long time, and then many text messages popped up.There were messages from those who missed calls, and messages from Su Xiu, Qin Zheng, and Chen Yanjin, but the ones from my uncle were missing.The strange breath made the tip of my nose suddenly sore.I really miss the ink fragrance on Junli.But he suddenly laughed at himself in his heart.My uncle and grandma plotted against hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies Junli like that, he probably hated me long ago, how could he show up to save me at this time Su Xiu shook her head fiercely at me, power house cbd gummies telling me not to follow Gu Yicheng, even Qing Jingzi, who was knocked into the air, kept shaking her head at me.I don t know the relationship between Gu Yicheng and the Xiao family, but even a fool can know it.If I was really taken away by Gu Yicheng, I m afraid there will be no scum left in the end.The moment Gu Yicheng wanted to take me away, five sounds of Boom, Boom, Boom sounded.At the same time, five black shadows flyed in from the window.Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that someone had thrown them in from the window and the five Although he has been helping my uncle imprison me, he stepped forward at such a critical moment.Come here.I bite the bullet and walk towards Gu Yicheng step by step.There was a strong yin qi around me, so cold it almost made me suffocate.And I just walked in front of Gu Yicheng, but he touched my hair with a smile like a flower, and kissed my forehead lightly.I said, I will marry you.One sentence, like a lightning strike, frightened me into a stiff body.Although Gu Yicheng said several times that he wanted to marry me.The promise best water soluble cbd gummies that the man cbd gummy to ease anxiety who raped me that night made to me is still vivid in my memory.In addition to the nightmare I had that night, the faces of Junli and Gu Yicheng kept switching in my dream.Suddenly, I had an ominous premonition.Gu Yicheng stretched out his hand, and just when I thought he was going to hug me into his arms, he pressed his lips to my ear and said softly.Although I don t know anything now, and I don t have any foundation, but seeing how Liao Cuilian is like, she is determined to give me everything she has.Thinking of the tragic death of being pierced by so many silk threads, I couldn t help shivering and almost told Junli about Liao Cuilian and me.I secretly took a few deep cbd gummies for dementia on shark tank breaths, and under Junli s dubious gaze, I changed the subject.The whole day, Junli didn t go out, but stayed with me at home until nightfall, when I was about to go back to the room after dinner, I found Junli had followed me in.Because I was going to sleep, I didn t turn keoni gummies cbd on the light, and I could only rely on the moonlight to maintain the light in the room.I was just about to ask Jun Li what he was doing in my room, but I saw him start to take off his clothes one by one.

But this book not only records in detail the method of cracking the Yin Yang coffin of the three evil spirits, but also clearly records the ghost fetus.After only a few pages, I turned over these two things that almost killed me.If I kept flipping through, the recorded things would probably be against the sky.However, why is such a powerful book in the hands of the landlady s old lady Who is she Moreover, did she pass this book to me because she really liked me and wanted to find someone to inherit it, or did she have her own selfish motives After flipping through a few more pages, I gritted my teeth and hid the book in the side effects of cbd gummy cabinet, afraid of becoming addicted, so I dared not read it again.I know better than anyone else that I can grow very quickly after practicing this sorcery, and I can even handle them well without them knowing.But I also know very well that practicing sorcery is a road of no return.If I really practice the above things, my life will undergo earth shaking changes.You haven t been forced to a dead end yet, so you haven t reached the point of practicing magic, right I closed my eyes fiercely, and then opened them.It was already clear.When I went to knock on the door of Suxiu s room next door, I found that she was no longer in the room.Just as I was about to go down to find her, I received a text message on my phone.Leave for a few days, something cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies happened to my master.The sender was Su Xiu.When I saw this text message, I became more fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus and more flustered for no reason.When Su Xiu was around, I was already being counted against.If she leaves now, wouldn t I really have to fight alone Sure enough, just after nightfall, I heard the sound of babies crying, one after another, which seemed particularly scary in this quiet night.If you refuse to compromise, do you think Junli will save you Gu Yicheng twitched his lips slightly, full of disdain.It seems that behind the scenes, there are many things that I don t know about.It s just like.Uncle is also sure that I will ask him.Because he also knew that Junli would not come back.My right eyelid twitched violently, and I asked subconsciously.Why As soon as the words fell, he cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies realized that he had exposed his weakness.Sure enough, in the next second, someone slammed me on the floor, accompanied by Gu Yicheng s angry voice.Xiao Xiao, I ve changed my mind.Before I got up from the ground, I heard Gu Yicheng say again.You don t want to have an abortion because you think the baby in your stomach belongs to Junli, right When I mentioned the baby, my eyes widened instantly, and I wanted to ask, fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus but I swallowed it hard.Are we into the corpse pile Chapter 42 The coffin was just an instant away, and all the corpses of the hanged women on the surrounding trees raised their heads, staring at Junli and me with those white eyes.Black smoke covered the surroundings, and gusts of cool wind blew past, blowing the fallen leaves and dust on the ground everywhere.I swallowed in fear, and shrank even more towards Junli s side.Although this is not the first time I have seen a corpse, but where have I seen such an occasion before There were constant sounds of the rope breaking, followed by the sound of something falling from the tree to the ground.I was so scared that I didn t dare to raise my head, but Junli held my hands tightly at this moment and asked in a low voice.Are you afraid I nodded, and the moment I nodded, Junli said something in a low voice.Early the next morning, when I was sleeping deeply, I was woken up by Su Xiu s phone call, and I got up abruptly to pack my things.When I went downstairs, I found that she and Qingjingzi were already waiting for me downstairs.I greeted them and got in the car.The tomb of Fuyan is in Qinghai.Suxiu already booked the air ticket yesterday.When I arrived at the airport and got on the plane, it was already noon after I got off.Since everything was prepared in advance, I don t need to worry about it.Just follow them.I have nothing to do , actually carefully looked at Minsheng behind them.I stared at the cover of this book for a long time, and suddenly found that this book, which is dedicated to teaching people cbd gummies for inflammation and pain canada how to take shortcuts to practice evil ways and kill chain ghosts, is actually called Minsheng When I thought about it suddenly, I felt a little weird.After all, having this map can really save a lot of trouble.Looking at the map in Qing Jingzi s hand, I was a little shocked.It was an exaggeration for Su Xiu to say best water soluble cbd gummies that the tomb she entered in Xiangxi had hollowed out three hills.However, eight of these tombs have been hollowed out Chapter 54 Omens of Ominous Omen The eight hollowed out mountains represent Kai, Xiu, Sheng, Injury, Du, Jing, Death, shock, eight doors.It is precisely because the eight mountains have been hollowed out that there are eight gates to enter the tomb of Fuyan.The gate of death we went to yesterday is one, and the gate of life where Wuming Village is located also has one.And the scale of this Tomb of Huoyan is so large that a mere map is far from being able to sum it up.What s more, apart from marking dangerous locations for us to avoid evil, this map does not show where the main tomb is After reading the map, Su Xiu and I turned our gazes to Qing Jingzi, the meaning in our eyes was obvious, where are the eight entrances Qingjingzi didn t speak, but took out a pen, and set up a game in his hand, first rehearsed the Ganzhi of Shichen, Dingyin shield, and then put the land, Tianpan, Jiugong, Bamen, Jiuxing, Jiushen All settled.Jingmen is a little far away from Shengmen, about two hills to climb, Qingjingzi held the map in one hand, and stared at him with the other.He walked in the front, and Su Xiu and I followed behind silently Voice.It s no wonder that someone at Gu Yicheng used Qimen Dunjia to predict that Su Xiu and I would be noticed by Suxiu.It turns out that Qingjingzi is an expert who knows Qimen Dunjia.But no matter how I think about it, I still can t figure it out.Why do I feel so familiar when I see Qing Jingzi start the game with Qimen Dunjia An unbelievable thought flashed through my mind, my eyes widened suddenly and I slowed down Could it be the ghost of that evil book in the bag Maybe it s because my movements were a little big, Su Xiu didn t understand, so she looked back at me and asked.What s the matter I smiled awkwardly and said it s okay.The whole night HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies I was disturbed by Tang Maru, I didn t dare to sleep until I watched the sun rise outside.I just fell asleep with sleepy eyes.When I got up, it was already evening, and I was best water soluble cbd gummies the only one alone in the dark room.An inexplicable sense of loss suddenly rushed into my heart, and two words kept appearing in my mind.Junli.Although Master said she was fine, I was still very worried about him.After all, on the day he left, he was stabbed in the chest and fought with his grandma with serious injuries.After thinking about it, I called Master, but she seemed to know that I would ask Junli about something in advance, and said something to me before I opened my mouth.You can ask me anything you want.If you want to ask Junli, I ll hang up the phone.In one sentence, I swallowed the question I wanted to ask in an instant.

When Tang Maru came in through the gate of life, she would kill me best water soluble cbd gummies pretending to be mad after breaking free from his confinement, and told me not to Fear.I nodded, but in the next second, I was quite frightened by the blood girl in front of me.A gust oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies of wind blew up all around, and the whole air was stained red with a piece of red blood.The evil and yin qi blended together, and the air was constantly filled with the smell of blood.Just for an instant.My feet were off the ground, a stench came directly to the tip of my nose, my neck was pinched by the blood girl, and the back of my head was slammed into the wall, I was in pain, hiss best water soluble cbd gummies With a loud giggle giggle ghostly laughter came from my ears, and the evil spirit in the air almost made me suffocate.The bloody girl s appearance seemed to have gone berserk, her whole face was hideous and scary, and the wild flying around her kept blowing her hair up, there was no facial features, only a bloody face, it was even worse to say it was a monster.The bloody girl was imprisoned in place instantly, staring at Tang Maru with wide eyed eyes in disbelief, her eyes cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies were already full best water soluble cbd gummies of blood and tears I recognize the mantra recited by Tang Maru.It s also written in evil books that it s a curse to kill ghosts He, a beast, knew that the blood girl was made a secret contract by others, and he couldn t take it away tonight, and no one else could get what he couldn t get, so he even wanted to kill the blood girl My chest was instantly covered with anger, I couldn t help looking at the blood girl s appearance anymore, and cursed secretly in my heart.Girl, are you stupid You have already been killed by him once, if you fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus are killed by him a second time, you will have no chance of reincarnation But the voice of the blood girl sounded from the bottom of my heart, she told me Said two words.The prerequisite for not being a burden is that I am strong A few days later, Tang Maru came to see me in person.At this time, he couldn t see the tragedy of a few days ago.He asked me in detail about everything that happened that day, but he asked me all the time.He repeatedly asked me how the blood girl appeared to kill me, whether there were any suspicious characters before she appeared, and asked me if this was the first time I saw this woman.I answered truthfully one by one, there was no suspicious person, I was suddenly strangled by a woman while I was sleeping, but Tang Maru didn t believe this at all, the suspicion in his eyes was quite obvious.But his questioning eyes can only change my indifferent look.After all, what I said is the truth.Tang Maru didn t doubt me and asked me if I did it, and there was really nothing suspicious.You ve learned how to play the game for a few days and you re already very proficient.Don t you want to try to judge whether it s accurate , Yunjing brought a pen and asked me to create a game in the palm of my hand to calculate the relationship between the blood girl and her boyfriend.Although I know that Qimen Dunjia can be counted as feelings, it is the first time I have seen such an awesome thing as Qimen Dunjia.I m really right about the relationship between the blood girl, can I predict Junli and I I couldn t help turning my gaze to the blood girl, and just about to ask her opinion, but she smiled best water soluble cbd gummies at me.Forget it, I want to know too.But I ve never done this kind of emotional situation, and just turned my gaze to Yunjing, but Yunjing asked the blood girl to silently recite a number from one to nine in her heart, and choose a number of her own.You can t see it as it is.The originally resplendent hall on the first floor changed in an instant, but Junli s anger was constantly spreading in the air For a moment, I couldn t understand why Junli was so angry Obviously he left Yunjing and me, causing us both to almost die, and he was the one who got angry in the end Before I could recover, Yun Jing was already running towards the stairs on the second floor like a puppy, my face turned black instantly, where is the agreed upon Xuannv Palace Mistress Gao Leng Why is it like taking the wrong medicine when meeting Junli I don t know why, but now when I see Yunjing so close to Junli, standing with Junli, I have the urge to hit him with a whisk.But Yunjing looked at my black face and said something very kindly.Chunxia, I know you didn t protect me well, you don t have to blame yourself for this.Xiao Xiao is really in the village Why did she come into your tomb Yun Jing s voice sounded, and he set his eyes on Jun Li, but Jun Li replied with a smile, I don t know, but I know, Her grandma will be here soon.When Yun Jing heard that grandma would come here soon, his complexion changed suddenly, and without saying best water soluble cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work anything, he directly took out a pen from his pocket, and followed the previous steps to start a quick start.I looked at Yunjing s fluent steps to start the game, but there was a difference in my heart.This Junli has been by our side the whole time, and he didn t do anything.He best water soluble cbd gummies didn t borrow anything to predict before.How could he know, grandma is coming soon Found here The next second, I widened my best water soluble cbd gummies eyes and pursed my lips tightly, remembering that before my grandma left, she asked Junli if she would help find Xiao Xiao s direction.go home.When the woman turned her head, I felt a smile on that face without facial features, and she nodded to me and said something.Yes, I took you home.The woman led me towards the direction of the white light.The white light was still very dazzling, and cbd gummies that reverse type 2 diabetes I couldn t HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies see where it was behind the white light.Until I stepped into the white light, how much are purekana cbd gummies best water soluble cbd gummies half of my body was about to sink into the white light, Jun Li s voice suddenly came out in my mind.Don t go My reason was suddenly pulled back by myself, and I quickly shook off the hand holding the woman.I was about to turn around and run towards the darkness, but the woman grabbed me by the shoulder.Aren t you going home I subconsciously turned my head to look at her, but the moment I turned back, I was frightened and fell into place.Oh my god what kind of face is this If it was said that the blood girl s face was very scary before, then her face is both horrible and disgusting, making people s scalp numb and goose bumps all over their bodies at a glance.But this idea just flashed in my mind, but I dismissed it with a smile.Living in seclusion in the mountains, away from disputes, is simply a dream For some things, once you fall in, you will either get stuck in the mud here, or you will remove all obstacles and vaporfi cbd gummies come out of it dignifiedly.Due to such .

does cbd gummies help with alcohol cravings?

a long time of running around, the blood girl chatted with me for best water soluble cbd gummies a few words and then went back to the blood amber to rest.I was thinking of staying with Junli for a few days as Xiao Xiao, but I received a letter from my master SMS.She asked me if I got the pills back.If I got the pills back, I should hurry up.Don t dawdle, the involvement is endless.She also vaguely wanted to reveal something to me, and added a sentence behind her I replied to her, what does it mean that time waits for no one, but she changed HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies the topic directly, telling me to go and get busy with my own affairs, and change back to Zhang Chunxia when I should change back, I should learn Qimen Dunjia, I should practice Taoism, I should change back to Zhang Chunxia.

At this moment, Yi Xue clung to my ear and explained the layout of Xuanzhen Sect to cali cbd infused gummy candy florida me in a low voice.There are three teams of people standing in the cabinet, one team is directly under Gu Yicheng s control, the specific division of labor is unknown, one team is from Hanmei Palace, and the other team is from Youlan Palace.There are at least a hundred people in each batch of teams, and behind me.There were only a dozen or so people including me, but it was just these ten or so people who were able to withstand the arrogance of all of them.I chose a small corner to stand low key aside, looking at Gu Yicheng on the high platform, but saw him looking at me with a smile on his face, looking at me made his scalp numb and oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies his back feel cold.If I hadn t had to hold on to the situation, I guess I would have escaped in despair It wasn t until everyone arrived that Gu Yicheng looked away and began to talk about the purpose of this regular meeting.If his attitude towards Zhang Chunxia and Xiao Xiao s two identities were not too different, I could really think that I was the one who was forced by Gu Yicheng.Yicheng found out I thought about it all night, but I didn t understand what Gu Yicheng was thinking.I even got up early the next morning and was about to go to the regular meeting, but I was told that Gu Yicheng had something to do today, and the regular meeting was temporarily cancelled.Everyone is free to move around in Xuanzhen Sect and get to know each other well.I don t know why, but when I heard the news, I always felt like I was being seen through.After all, it all came from a bit too evil.What does it mean to allow everyone to move freely and get to know each other His unreasonable playing of cards really made me feel more and more.She is eagle hemp cbd gummies to quit smoking like the same heaven and earth as this snake girl.I couldn t understand what Tang best water soluble cbd gummies Maru was thinking and made such a choice.It can only be said that men are all cheap.He will never know how to cherish what he gets easily, and what he can t get, even if it s a broken shoe or a pile of scrap iron, he can treat it as a treasure.Zhao Yijun slapped the snake girl directly on the face, and asked her if she would say anything, with a fierce tone and a bit of ruffianism on her body.If I didn t know she was a Taoist priest, I would really associate her with female hooligans.The snake girl s face was instantly swollen from her best water soluble cbd gummies beating, and her eyes were full of tears, I felt pity for it.The moment Zhao Yijun took out what was stuffed in her mouth, a wailing sound came from the snake woman s mouth, and she kept shouting for help outside the door.When I saw her like this, I was a little worried.I just wanted Zhao Yijun to put something back into her mouth, but she stood there with one foot propped up as if she didn t hear her, and looked at the snake girl with a faint smile.Xu was set off by the weird atmosphere around him, the smile on Zhao Yiyun s face was particularly frightening.I stood aside and felt a little panicked The snake girl cried for a long time, almost uttering what she could say.I told them all, but seeing Zhao Yiyun and me so calm, she suddenly became quiet, trembling in fear.When Zhao Yijun saw her, he patted the snake woman s face lightly with one hand a few times, and then asked her.Why don t you shout anymore Isn t it loud and cool It seems that when Zhao Yiyun held the snake girl hostage, he had already quietly set up a formation around here, no matter what happens here Anything, there will be no trouble outside.Now cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies she just came in.You Unlock best water soluble cbd gummies this formation, and let s go out to find her.She must know where the picture of fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus beauty is in Fuyan s tomb It has long been thought that the thing they are talking about is a picture of a beauty, and it is not surprising to hear it now.It s just that he was inexplicably blamed and became the person Yun Jing arranged beside Zhao Yijun, so he was a little speechless.But he also became curious, what is the relationship between Yunjing and Zhao Yiyun, Zhao Yiyun actually wanted to find Yunjing so much I couldn t help but think too much, I found a support point, and I jumped directly from the high platform.There s no need to look for it, I m here.If I don t show up again, I won t be able to clean myself up by HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies jumping into the Yellow River.The moment it fell, I released the bloody girl directly.But they didn t know the next sentence, beautiful women are like poppies, whoever touches them will die or be injured.My complexion paled instantly, and I asked Yun Jing, what exactly is the picture of a beauty Yun Jing shook his head, saying that the beauty picture is just like his sister, and it has always been a mystery.After I heard this, I was suddenly taken aback.Like his sister, I have always been a fan.What does this mean With giant mixed blood.Isn t Fuyan Yunjing s older sister As soon as I asked this question, Yun Jing s complexion changed instantly, best water soluble cbd gummies and gloom, resentment, and even bloodthirsty that I had never seen flashed in his eyes Just one look, and I was startled from the bottom of my heart, and cold sweat broke out all over my body.Yunjing actually has this side In an instant, Yun Jing put away his appearance, got up and thanked me, saying that his heart was a little disturbed and he went to rest first.But I remember that before I changed my identity, I specifically told Yun Jing that my master had something to do with me.Got to go away for a while.Junli glanced at Yunjing indifferently, without too much look or expression, but Yunjing rushed to the dinner table like crazy, just when I thought Yunjing was going to fight Junli , but he stopped directly in front of me.Yun Jing s gaze was so fixed on me that he almost saw through me.I was covered in cold sweat when he looked at me, and I couldn t help muttering in my heart.Could it be that he recognized me But in the next second, what Yun Jing said directly shocked Junli and me.Didn t Chunxia live in your house before she left Why did she leave as soon as Xiao Xiao came back She also told me that her master had something to do and she was going to leave for a while, so I said how could I leave for a while Dead or alive, no direction can be determined.Surrounded by macros.This voice seemed to be a ray of light in the darkness, illuminating the road ahead of me.I gritted my teeth and walked in the direction of Wuming Village.As I got closer and closer to Wuming Village, the ghosts standing at the entrance of the village became more and more turbulent, and I could even feel bad things from them.Perhaps I have experienced the possession of Huo Yan s remnant thoughts, and felt the power of Huo Yan, suddenly a gloomy and strange light appeared in my eyes, my face was as cold zillas cbd gummy bears as ice sculptures, but Yin Hong s lips curled up.A weird sneer.I don t think I m a good person, but because I m too kind, I ve been tricked repeatedly.That HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies being the case, best water soluble cbd gummies then I want everyone to know that those who stand in my way will die.Holding the white jade pendant in one hand, and the beauty picture in the other, I just feel like best water soluble cbd gummies I m on the verge of chicken blood, the closer I get to this weird village, the more weird aura flashes from my body, scaring these ghosts They all retreated three meters away, stood aside and looked at me, not daring to approach me at all.

The accident you mentioned won t happen, right Junli shook his head, but stopped at this moment.Only then did I realize that Junli and I had already reached the top of the mountain.January weather.Changbai Mountain is very windy and frosty, but Junli standing in front of my eyes is like a picture scroll, beautifully blending with the surrounding scenery.Just as I was about to say something, the scene of Huo Yan kneeling suddenly appeared in my mind.The place where she knelt down seems to be Changbai Mountain Involuntarily, my eyes widened suddenly, and I always felt that there was some connection between them.But at this moment, cbd gummies text spam Junli pointed to the mountain peaks under his feet and asked me.Did hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies you see anything I nodded and said yes, Mr.Junli stood here and stretched out his hand, but he do cbd gummies hurt your liver has a regal demeanor, which makes people feel an best water soluble cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work urge to look up.After Jun Li heard this, his complexion darkened.Sycophant.I smiled nonchalantly.But I didn t tell Junli, this time I didn t flatter, but I really looked at Junli like this, and I thought of Junlin Tianxia.Unexpectedly.At this time, Junli actually asked me to start the game, and do the math, where is the specific location of the thing we are looking for.When I heard this, my face paused, and I said something quickly.I m not very good at it.Even if the game starts, it won t be broken.But Junli hummed indifferently, saying it s okay, let me do the math and practice my hand Finally, I bit the bullet and started a game.I don t know if it s because I haven t played for a long time.It was still because the things to be calculated were a bit difficult, and I had a long time to start the game.I didn t put best water soluble cbd gummies in the time until I had lined up the stems and branches of the hour, the territory, the sky disk, the nine palaces, the eight gates, the nine stars, and the nine gods.I stretched out my hand and gently patted Yun Jing s back while comforting him, and asked a question.Yunjing, what does it mean he s here As soon as he finished speaking, Yunjing suddenly whispered back to me.It s the demon in Changbai Mountain.I was frightened by Yunjing, and he actually said that the remnant was the demon sealed in Changbai Mountain But isn t that demon being sealed and hasn t come out yet Is this the demon s remnant After saying this, Yunjing stopped crying, but was very greedy for my embrace, and kept holding me and refused to let go, until I pulled him out of my embrace, only then did I hear him showing his childish side.Her face was white and tender, her eyes were red and swollen, and she spoke to me like a girl who was being bullied.Chunxia, holding you feels like holding my sister.Instead, I gloated and wanted to see this man make a fool of himself.The host asked the man, why do you think that this priceless beauty picture can be bought by you for one yuan At this time, silence is better than sound, the man did not speak, not even a rebuttal, but just quietly HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies looked at the host for a long time, so long that the contemptuous hearts of all the people present all fell silent for a while.This aura of indifference exuded from him, but at this moment it shocked everyone best water soluble cbd gummies s hearts and souls like a coercion, until the eyes of Lian Yunjing and Gu Yicheng.They all turned to the man, and then he slightly raised the corners of his mouth.It s just because I bought it.Before the words finished, there was already applause from below.For nothing else, just take this priceless treasure that has been bid up to a billion, and the fact that a man has such courage and dare to treat him as dung indifferently in front of so many big shots is enough to shock the audience.Don t you take away the dead person in front of you Xiao Jue raised his head slightly, squinted his phoenix eyes and pointed in Junli s direction.Several errands responded in unison.yes.But at the moment when everyone thought that Junli was bound to die, Junli turned his gaze to the evil in front of him and said with a smile.Didn t you say to compete fairly for the beauties before What s the matter, you summoned the errand first, so you won t give me a chance to fight As soon as the words fell, Xiao Jue felt a little helpless, and stretched out his hand to make the errand stop.With this movement, the beauty picture was thrown on Jun Li s body.This little brother really doesn t cry when he sees the Yellow River.Do you really think that anyone can use the beauty picture Do you want me to teach fda cbd gummies you a formula to summon the ghost best water soluble cbd gummies Xiao Jue s tone when he best water soluble cbd gummies said this was almost twitching On the surface, he was saying good things, but the sarcasm in his words made Jun Li laugh.The next second, cbd oil gummy bears for pain with a smile on his face, he threw the beauty picture in his hand into the air, and the beauty picture was suspended in the air steadily.Xiao Jue s expression changed instantly, and at the moment when everyone thought Jun Li was about to recite the mantra, Jun Li stomped on the ground viciously.The Ghost King of the Yin Division still hasn t come out to see me The arrogance in best water soluble cbd gummies his tone shocked me Presumptuousness Several errants shouted in unison, and the moment they uttered their voices, they rushed towards Junli with the Ecstasy Lock in their hands.With HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies the sound of the ground cracking, the earth s crust began to vibrate continuously, and even layers of sand began to rise from the surrounding walls.A ray of Yin Qi directly knocked down the Yin Zha who was attacking Junli.At that time, such a high city wall had jumped, so how could he not leave a way for cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies himself when Jun Li killed her.From his tone, I could hear full of trust, and even full of expectation, but the more this was the case, the more I couldn t help but ask.You mean, when Junli was going to kill her, she already knew about it Yun Jing let out a hmm , a few hints of sarcasm and hatred suddenly flashed in his eyes, but they were all fleeting.The irony is that Fuyan knew that Junli was going to kill her, but sent her to the door herself, hating hated Junli, right I don t know which tendon was wrong, but I actually replied to Yunjing.The misfortune is on me.Although I don t know how to wake it up, if you can tell why Junli approached me, I can help you.When awakening the misfortune, I will let you see him.The man hit oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies you just now, why didn t you fight back, didn t you fight back The boy didn t speak, but just stared at the road ahead, Feng Shitian couldn t help but speak again.Did you steal anything from him As soon as the words fell, the little boy said best water soluble cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work something righteous.I didn t steal anything With a sound of puchi , Feng Shitian laughed and said something.I know you didn t steal anything, so since you didn t steal anything, why didn t you fight back The little boy stopped, raised his head and glanced at Feng Shitian, his face turned pale.Because I best water soluble cbd gummies m afraid that he will hurt my grandma.Feng Shitian didn t say anything after hearing this, but asked the little boy to report his home address, saying that he would send him home.A little struggle flashed in the eyes of the little boy, and he wanted to refuse, but he seemed to think of something, so he gritted his teeth and led Feng Shitian towards his house.

Wonderful I brought everything together before going out, but I put the two volumes of pictures of beauties under my pillow.After all, the fused pictures of beauties are like dead objects and are useless at all.If I go to Xiao Jue and he gives me What kind of trap did you set up just to get my beauty picture The moment the door was closed, I still couldn t help looking back, and softly said sorry to Junli.I m sorry I can t tell him everything before he confesses to me completely.But I just came out of Junli s house, looking at the extremely dark street lights around me, my right eyelid always twitched a little fiercely, left for good luck and right for evil, left eyelid twitched for luck, right eyelid twitched for evil, I couldn t help but my heart was suddenly clouded.I had a bad premonition I walked out of the community and typed, I best water soluble cbd gummies quickly took out a pen from my pocket, and carefully rehearsed the stems and branches of the time in my hand, set the sun shield, arranged the land, the sky, the nine palaces, best water soluble cbd gummies Eight Gates, Nine Stars, and cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies Nine Gods, directly set up a game to cut off my life tonight Xu Shi saw me writing and drawing on my hand with a pen at night.A thick bloody smell came to my nostrils immediately.It turned out that a famous woman jumped from the three storey building, her brain hit the ground, and her brains burst all over the ground The woman s body was less than three meters away from me.Maybe it s too close, her gushing blood fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus splashed a lot on me, and I screamed Ah in fright, and stood up suddenly from the ground, just about to push back, the body in front of me The corpse that jumped from the building slowly stood up from the ground Since her waist was broken when she jumped down, only her legs stood up, and the other half of her body was hung on her waist like a hook.Being dragged by the feet like a broken watermelon, if there is anything to describe It s like a dancing girl didn t pay attention when she lowered her waist, and directly broke her waist and neck It s a big piece of shit.When I was piercing the soul, the image of Feng Shitian and Feng Jiu appeared in my mind for the first time, and I couldn t help calling Bi Se to Feng Jiu How could it be possible for an ordinary soul wearer to evoke the potential memory best water soluble cbd gummies of my soul best water soluble cbd gummies Unless, this is a deliberate setup by Bi Se, she doesn t want to kill me at all, but uses killing me as a cover to blind my eyes, what she really wants is to expose my identity as Xiao Xiao and Zhang Chunxia Because only Xiao Xiao and Huo Yan s souls merged, not Zhang Chunxia If I really do as she wishes today, it is absolutely impossible for me to get out alive after exposing my identity as Zhang Chunxia.Tuzhu Shuangba.I gritted my teeth hard and opened my eyes, as if something was waking up in the depths of my heart Chapter 173 The moment Jun Li promised to open his eyes, a voice of remembrance passed through his body.And Feng Jiu was even more grateful to Feng Shitian from the bottom of her heart, feeling that Feng Shitian was really kind to her, and she didn t HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies even complain about the Queen of Chu, and believed in the prophecy of the national teacher.He even blamed himself for being a disaster star, and he wanted to bring disaster to Chu.Why are you here, princess At this moment, a shrill father in law s voice suddenly came from behind Feng Shitian, which made Feng Shitian and Feng Jiu tremble in fright, and even attracted the attention of everyone in the hall.Feng Shitian glanced at this father in law hating iron and steel, and suddenly hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies hid Feng Jiu in the screen behind him, kicked the eunuch out, and then whispered something to Feng Jiu.Sister, wait for me hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies here, I ll come as soon as I go.Feng Jiu nodded in fear, and shrank behind the screen.My face suddenly turned pale, and I asked the proprietress ten years The proprietress rolled her eyes around her sockets.I replied It seemsit was twelve or thirteen years ago What s the matter, do you know the person in the photo I shook my head in embarrassment, only then realized my gaffe, and said that I didn t know him, but I was very Curious, but my heart is full of turmoil The person in the photo is undoubtedly my grandma.But Changbai Mountain is thousands of miles away from Kunming, how did grandma appear here What s more, in my childhood impression, my grandma never left my side for a day, and there were few people in that era who could afford to fly, and my grandma lived in Luofeng Village all her life.Handle things online, and never come back for ten days and a half months But the proprietress is also a poor person.Go to sleep.I had no dreams all night, and when I woke up the next day, the snow was so thick that it almost covered the windows with a layer of shells.When Junli and I woke up, it was still dark, but the proprietress was already sitting upturned on the first floor.Erlang legs, saw us downstairs and smiled at us, asked.Going to see the snow so early But I could hear another meaning from the fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus proprietress tone.She wants to ask us to enter Changbai Mountain so early, right From Junli entering Changbai Mountain late at night, and coming back safely from Changbai Mountain, and from the key and envelope my grandma left me with my hands last night, the proprietress naturally understands that Junli and I are not ordinary people.I turned around and smiled at the proprietress, nodded and said.That s right.I just hung up Master s phone, but Yun Jing s phone call came in directly.Where are you I want to meet you.I don t know if it was because I was cheated by Bi best cbd gummies for alcoholism Se once, but I was a little cautious towards everyone, and I just wanted to find a reason to refuse, but the other end of the phone called me three times.words.Zhang Chunxia My face turned pale in an instant, and I asked Yun Jing with trembling lips.When did you know As soon as the words fell, I realized that I didn t tell myself, but Yunjing didn t react much, as if he knew my identity a long time ago, and gave me an address.Let me go to him and he will talk to me.The address Yunjing sent was very close to the school, and I arrived at the address he sent after walking for about ten minutes.This is a coffee shop near hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies the school, Yun Jing is sitting inside the glass window, the sun is shining on him, making him very sunny, seeing me coming in from how many mg in1 cbd gummie bear the outside.Don t you think best water soluble cbd gummies life is too boring if you don t create some excitement If there is a hole in front of me, I really want to go straight into it Thanks to my hard work at that time switching between the two identities of Xiao Xiao and Zhang Chunxia, Yunjing actually knew everything a long time ago Soil clip winter skills.Then what do you want me to do My face turned cold for an instant, and Yun Jing s expression changed from the previous cynical to very serious.Chapter 188 The old friend Chunxia, are you willing to believe me For some reason, Yunjing already knew that I was Xiao Xiao, but still called cbd gummies 1000mg no thc me Chunxia, which made me a little flattered.I didn t know until a long time later that Xiao Xiao cbd gummies enhanced with melatonin s misfortune face belonged to Jun Li.But Chunxia spent the longest time with him, and in his heart, Chunxia belonged to him.

Fortunately, Yun Jing is on my side, otherwise I would become an enemy with him the end would be terrible, right When we arrived at Yunjing s house, Yunjing had already prepared dinner.During the meal, Yunjing looked at Zhao Yijun and smiled like a flower.If I didn t know that Yunjing was hiding a knife in his smile and planned to stab her in the back, I would have thought she fell in love with her.Zhao Yiyun And some people are born with a kind of charm, they are obviously trying to plot against you, but they can make you think that they are interested in you.I don t know who is the soul possessing Zhao Yijun s body, but when Yun Jing s tender gaze stares at him, he even blushes.After the meal, Yunjing deliberately asked me to go to a certain room upstairs to get some unused yellow talismans.Strange to say, the time passed by like this, and it seemed that more than an hour would come, but the spare car did not show up for a long time, and the passengers standing on the roadside waiting for a while felt a little nervous.impatient.The driver seemed to be in this situation for the first time, and was covered in cold sweat by everyone s responsibility.While best water soluble cbd gummies super cbd gummies for hair growth apologizing, he kept calling the company.But at this moment, a woman s scream suddenly came from next to my ears, which shocked everyone.I followed everyone s gazes, but saw that there was gradually a smear of water coming out from the bottom of the bus.Bright red bloodstains Could it be that the driver hit someone A middle aged man beside him spoke with a pale face.As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was frightened, but he still had the guts.I said how could a person who stepped into lyft gummy worms cbd edibles max strength 20 grams the realm of crossing the catastrophe and soon became an immortal be killed by me so easily.So I know that I killed you to harm Yan Yan , you also plan to die in my hands, just to protect her at this moment I can best water soluble cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work t tell, the will is quite strong.Gu Yiyun s sarcasm tone was not pleasant to my ears at all Grandma is actually willing to die for me, to protect me at this moment My tears couldn t 1000mg cbd gummies review stop falling from the corner of my eyes anymore, I knew, I knew that grandma couldn t really plot against me, and couldn t hurt me.But grandma didn t harm me, but died because of me Chapter 202 Kill all the people in the world against me The moment I was dazzled, the surrounding area was already covered by layers of strong demonic energy It s fine that Bi Se is a demon, I can understand HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies that she was born wrapped in demonic energy, but who can tell me why Gu Yiyun also Covered with devilish energy, and using it to such an extent I nervously crawled out of the coffin, stepping back carefully.Yun Jing yelled Hey, hey twice when he saw it, and scolded Jun Li for not being loyal enough, and then scolded Jun Li again in a low voice, until Jun Li turned his head with a Huh asteroids cbd gummies review With a hippie smile and a little bit of shyness, he called out to him Brother in law, let s go.But from Jun Li s livid face, I could see that he had already remembered Yun Jing s account in his heart.I sighed a little, hey, Yun Jing has messed with this ancestor again, next time he will be tortured by Junli more than he would be carried to the top of the building.It was night, and it was late at night.When the hotel owner saw that the three of us were going out so late, he felt a little different, and asked us, Where are you going so late Ignoring him all over, the two of them walked out together first, but there is a sentence that is not spoken, don t you reach out and hit the smiling face I stopped, pointed to them, smiled and said to the hotel owner They both want to see the snow scene at night, I will go with them.But even so, these white lights.It still hit the water surface of Yaochi, causing ripples, and there was a strange laughter of Huang Pizi beside his ears.Jie Jie.We sisters just want to keep you as a companion, but you dare to hurt us The yellow skinned child who was beaten back to its original form by Yun Jing suddenly opened his mouth from the water, and he didn t know if this yellow skinned child was The leader of this group of yellow skins saw that in an instant, this yellow skin suddenly jumped out of the water, rushed towards Yun Jing, and directly fought with Yun Jing.But this yellow skinned child, who had just been beaten back to its original form by Yunjing, turned into a human form at the moment of dehydration It has to best water soluble cbd gummies be said that Huang Pizi is cunning by nature, and it was all just pretending that Yunjing beat her back to her original form so easily This yellow skinned boy moved very quickly and was very cunning.Although Ling Shun never appeared in front of my eyes, he still let me know all the time that he had come out of the seal.Until the day when Junli and Yunjing left, he told me to be careful and to go to Xiao Jue if something happened, when I heard that he told me to go to Xiao Jue if I had something to do, I couldn t help asking Why But he called me a fan of the authorities, then left a kiss on my forehead, and left under Yunjing s ridicule.As soon as Junli left, my right eyelid began to tremble continuously.I always felt that something was going to happen, but there was no warning.It s been a long time since I contacted Master.After Jun Li left, I couldn t hold back anymore and called Master.What I didn t expect was that the first thing Master said when he received the call was to tell me not to is cbd gummies legal in hawaii be here in the future.In an instant, it was shattered into pieces in Gu Yicheng s hands.Hehe twice.A laugh came out of his mouth, and then he turned around and left the seat directly As soon as Gu Yicheng left, his supporters could only reluctantly follow him.What happened at the state banquet is still talked about many years later.But I never imagined that after this state banquet, Junli and Wuming would be called short sleeved.Some people say that they used to be a couple, but because Junli was the prince, they were separated.Many years later, Wuming came here for Junli s blood, and founded the Xuannv Palace for Junli.For a time, rumors spread all over the world.Flying around, Yunjing, who appeared together with Wuming, was completely ignored.At the same time, Wo Yan, a brothel geisha who looks exactly like Wu Ming, was also pushed into the headlines.He thought that she would step forward to obstruct, he thought that she would hinder everything, and he even thought that she would go directly to snatch the kiss.But she held back, trembling all over, and even threw herself into Yunjing s arms and wept.At this time, Xiao Jue realized that there was a cloud scene standing behind her.Yun Jing was an accomplice in the demise of Chu State, and even promoted many things to frame Chu State, but Fuyan didn t hold any grudge against him, and even regarded him as a friend.Xiao never understood, he really didn t understand why Huo Yan did this Served between the array to carry.He even started to be jealous of Yun Jing, jealous that it was Yun Jing who appeared by her side when he was just cbd 500 mg gummies in distress Instead of Xiao Jue himself Xiao Jue could only watch Fuyan cry for Junli and throw herself into Yunjing s arms, but there was nothing he could do.

Take a child out of here and raise her up.When Xiao Jue heard what Fuyan said, he was immediately frightened, and asked if something happened to Fuyan And thousands of years later how far away Immortal life, how unrealistic But Huo Yan smiled HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies and told him with a smile that she was dying But Huo Yan appeared in front of Xiao Jue alive and well, and told Xiao Jue that she was going to die, how could Xiao Jue believe it Constantly questioning, Huo Yan still didn t say the reason, but told him that after her death, she would send Xiao Jue a letter, which would explain everything.When Xiao Jue saw Fuyan s appearance, he naturally believed that Fuyan might really be dying But he knew that he couldn t ask anything because of his weight, but their conversation was clearly heard by Xiao Jue what does cbd gummies treat s mother, Zheng Qiuyun.I ran all over the house, but I didn t even see Junli s shadow I took out my mobile phone trembling all over, and cbd gummies pain management wanted to call Junli, but Junli s number was turned off And when I called Yunjing, Yunjing s cell phone was also turned off.I just feel like oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies I m so fucked up, what the hell is going on I couldn t help calling Xiao Jue again, wanting to ask him what s going on, but Xiao Jue s phone call couldn t be reached either the slave was bleeding.Taking a deep breath, I looked through the contacts in the phone several times inside and out, and finally my finger landed on Gu Yicheng s name.No one can be contacted now, if I call Gu Yicheng, he should answer, right With the mentality of giving it a try, I called Gu Yicheng, and the call was quickly connected.It is past twelve o clock, Gu Yicheng must have fallen asleep, and his voice was a little lazy And hoarse, very pleasant to hear, when I saw that it was me calling him in the middle of the night, there was a bit of ridicule in best water soluble cbd gummies his tone.Ask him Is this Gu Yiyun your real sister But he replied to my message, seemingly emotionally I want to know too.Looking at this text message, I feel more and more that Gu Yiyun is your sister.It s not too big of a deal to watch the excitement in the city, and it seems like I can t wait for this thing to become more and more troublesome.When we arrived at the small town near the tomb, the sky was already getting dark, but Yunjing and Junli didn t react much.Instead, they told me that I should be mentally prepared to draw without accidents.It should go down overnight.When I heard that they were in such a hurry, I quickly asked, Why But the one who answered me was not Yunjing, but Junli.They have set up so many organ formations for us.If we don t go down sooner, how can we be worthy of them Inexplicably, the more I listened, the more I felt that if Junli and Ling Shun met down there, they would definitely have to fight However, I heard that both of them have been suppressed by most of their strength in the mortal world, and they don t know who can beat the other.After speaking, Yun Jing climbed up directly with all his strength, and then kindly hung down.A rope asked me to pull, and after getting me up, Junli came up behind.After coming up.Yunjing asked me if I still remember that there was another entrance next to us before going down to the tomb I said I remembered, and Yun Jing said, if he guessed correctly, the other entrance leads directly to the second tomb.If we go through that entrance, we don t have to spend so much effort to go around the tomb of the Warring States period.to here.However, detours also have benefits.Gu Yiyun must have set up a lot of messy things in that entrance, and never thought that we would enter the tomb from the Warring States period from the entrance on the cliff.After I heard this, I nodded lightly and asked Yun Jing Since Gu Yiyun is so familiar with this tomb, and she and Ling Shun both went down to the tomb two days ago, does this picture of beauty no longer exist Yun Jing Shaking his head, he said that they should still be there, and they, most likely, are still in this tomb.Junli held my hand tightly, most of the fear in my heart dissipated in an instant, and most of this fear was also disgusted.How can there be a tree full of human heads I don t know how long this grove is.The further I walked in, the lower the surrounding air became.I couldn best water soluble cbd gummies t help shivering every few steps.Fortunately, after walking through the forest, nothing strange happened, and the heads on the trees were only scary.We just came out of the forest, and there was a slowly flowing stream in front of us, and the river was full of all kinds of flowers, and it was very beautiful to compete with each other.The creek is about four or five meters wide, but because the night was too dark, I couldn t see how long it was.A boat was parked on the river bank.The three of us stood on the river bank and looked at each other.I wanted to raise my hand, show Junli the Xuepo in my hand, and tell him that this is me and his child best water soluble cbd gummies but I found that I could come out, but I couldn t leave the place holding Xuepo s hand In the circle of candles, it seems that the circle of candles has formed a natural barrier, imprisoning everything in the circle in place.People who come in outside can come in and out at will, but the things inside the circle move.no I froze in place immediately, but at this moment, my cell phone rang, and that anonymous number sent me another text message And when I saw this text message, my eyeballs almost popped out You ask Yunjing to give you a fire talisman, which can lead to the fire of hell and burn the blood girl s soul, and the formation will be broken Seeing that I froze in place after reading the text message, the blood girl was a little surprised and asked Did Gu Yicheng send me a text message, and what was it I smiled awkwardly, said it was nothing, and quickly asked the phone to be put away, and put it back in my pocket.And when I saw this, I was even more skeptical.This incense candle is a good food supplement for all kinds of evil gods and ghosts.It is impossible for ghosts, evil gods or even righteous gods to dislike it.Moreover, although there is no portrait or photo of the Empress Songzi on this document, it can be seen from the descriptions of the villagers.But he still felt a slight chill down his back.This child giving empress is not the same as the ordinary bodhisattvas and gods we believe in, and even looks HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies very different from the evil gods circulated among the people It is said that this concubine girl has sharp mouthed monkey cheeks, long hair that can drag the floor, ten arms longer, and her arms are full of eyes.Moreover, her belly is huge, as if she was pregnant in October.I saw this description.If I m not wrong, if this Empress Dowager is really someone, she must have practiced sorcery and finally escaped into the magic way, or she was infused with demonic oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies energy by the demons when she died, and she was cultivated into the most yin If the most evil thing is placed outside, it will definitely be a scourge best water soluble cbd gummies for the evil party Don t you want a child Why don t you kneel down when you see Miss Songzi Bi Se s figure suddenly sounded from behind me.As she spoke, she walked to my side and even spoke to me familiarly.He smiled, and his tone was flat as if we were friends who hadn t seen each other for many years.What common service skills.I sneered and didn t speak, but my eyes were still fixed on the best water soluble cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work Buddha statue.I still remember that Bi Se told me just now that I knew this Empress Song Zi, but when I looked at this Buddha statue, I didn t really have the slightest hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies impression of it except that it was somewhat familiar.

I wanted to see if there was any place on the four walls that could be opened to let me go out, but when I hit Shiva in the middle with my strength, The moment it was on the statue, a shriveled corpse with no arms and only two feet left fell from the wall although this corpse was shriveled, it was exactly the same as the one on the statue of the Empress Sending Children If If I m not wrong, this is the real Empress Dove, but someone used Master s corpse to occupy the magpie s nest, and even sewed her ten arms to Master s corpse, sucking everything in her body.Power It s no wonder that the other statues on the wall are all evil gods, but the statue in the middle is the Hindu god of destruction, the statue of Shiva, which was originally used to cover up something.But I really can t even think about it, who can be so perverted and disgusting Seeing that this incomparably splendid Buddhist hall has been messed up by me, cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies but there is no way to get out, I can only run towards the road I came from.Middle Within a few breaths, the bodies of the four of them were covered with scars, and the bright red blood kept spilling out as if they didn t want money.After that, it took a long time for me to know what it was that I stuffed into their mouths.That black Gu worm, called Intestine Piercing Gu, once it falls into the belly of a person, it will continue to travel through the internal organs of the person, and even scurry through the skin, almost without piercing every part of your body.Never give up And these four Gu poisons best water soluble cbd gummies are the enhanced versions that Yunjing once brought from a Gu raiser in Miaojiang, with itching powder added on them, not only can make people s body feel extremely painful, but also make his skin itchy No way, even if you separate all the flesh and blood, you still can t resist the itching.Demon energy and blood, the whole person, as if fished from a pool of blood.But this is not over yet, on his body, the fine skin has revealed some corpse spots His corpse is already dead, but his soul has not been separated from the body at all.There is nothing better than death.Seeing this, I couldn t help sighing, my whole face was ugly, I wanted to say something to Yun Jing, but stopped in Yun Jing s inscrutable smile.On the other hand, Junli looked like a normal person, sitting do cbd gummies work for hair loss on the sofa, touching his white jade pendant in his hand.You guys better talk, or it s really Swallowing, I couldn t help but said to Qin Wei, only to see him turn his head slightly to me with an ugly face, wanting to say something, but hesitant to speak end.I know that this is the last breakthrough Suddenly, Qin Wei s face changed instantly, looking at his tortured and ugly partner, he said to me May I ask you to give him a good time.It was very close to the west of the village Listen to Qingjingzi Afterwards, he didn t say anything, just brought everything together and followed directly, but when he arrived at the open space, Qing Jingzi s expression became very embarrassed, and he asked the village chief Is there no other place in the village The village chief shook his head in surprise, and asked Qingjingzi What s the matter, is there something wrong with this place If he was not mistaken, at least cbd gummies long island this place used to be a mass grave.In fact, there is a problem with this place, not only Qingjingzi saw it, but even when I came here, I felt that the place is different.Although the temperature at night is a bit low, I just set foot on this place , but it feels cold and cloudy, and there is still a lot of chill Otherwise, Taoist chief, look, where is it suitable for formation When the village chief saw Qing best water soluble cbd gummies Jingzi s appearance, he was a little nervous and cautious He asked Qing Qingzi.After analyzing all this, looking at Qingjingzi s actions, I already knew in my mind that he was either pretending to show us to those who watched us secretly, or he was waiting until the incense candles were burned before making a decision.But time passed by like this minute by minute.Seeing that the incense candles were almost burned out, there was no movement in the grave, not to mention the remnant souls inside, there was not even a little trouble Let s go.At this moment, Qing Jingzi stood up from the ground and walked in front of the two of us when he spoke, but he did not stop, but led us directly towards the area where the village chief encloses go.The place where the village chief encloses the land is not far from here, and it didn t take long before he reached there.The villagers of the whole village sat in the enclosed circle, and a fire was lit in the middle.He has seen me and is still afraid of me When did you see me I asked in surprise, and he said with trembling lips, it seems, it seems to be when I died.Obviously, Chen Fugui s memory is not complete, just How many remaining memories can scare him like this I can be sure that I have never seen him except this time, so I couldn t help but ask again When you died, what did you see me like Unexpectedly, I As soon as the words fell, his breathing suddenly became a little tight, as if he remembered something, best water soluble cbd gummies he kept backing away in fear, but accidentally tripped over a stone on the ground, fell hard to the ground, and stared tremblingly.With both eyes, pointing at me Youit s you I looked at him like this, and my doubts deepened.I raised my feet and wanted to step forward, but he trembled on the ground in fear Don t come heredon t Come here, don t kill me, don t kill me Now, it wasn t just me, even Qing Jingzi and Su Xiu had doubts in their eyes, and asked me You have been to this village before, have you seen Is this person I shook my head and said, No.But as long as he lies in the coffin for seven days, he will directly deceive the corpse and turn into white stiffness Previously, there was a Chen Fugui who was bitten to death by what they called a corpse evil in Chenjia Village.At this time, the village head presented himself in front of everyone with such a death method.From the atmosphere, it turned into fear.Guess, you think I m a zombie, right After all, only people who are bitten to death by zombies will cheat And Junli, at this moment, took advantage of the heat and said, You guys still remember that the corpse that killed Chen Fugui before was a female corpse in red Not many people in the village knew about it.After all, when some things spread, it was easy to cause commotion, so there were a few whispers from where the villagers were standing.Come on As Jun Li said, with a little force, the head of the village head can be torn off, but no one dares to try, after all, oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies the dead are the most important.Although the coffin was opened by Junli, the villagers in the village, including the village chief s son, that is, the young man, knew in their hearts that none of the four of us touched the village chief s body.The scars on the how to count cbd gummies village chief s hazel hills cbd gummies reviews fda cbd gummies body were definitely not done by oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies us.But the clearer they are, the more doubts they have in their hearts.After all, when the village chief s son and a group of villagers came to us to argue, a group of villagers began to wash the village chief s body, put it in a shroud, and put it in the coffin.However, the villagers washed and changed the village chief s body and didn t find any scars on the village chief s neck.

How did Junli, a person who had never touched the dead body, know Sure enough, after examining the corpse, the young man looked at us with extremely tangled eyes, and asked two questions How do you know that my dad has scars on his neck and died before he was attacked by the corpse What Besides, if my dad died before he was attacked by the corpse, how did he get back to the house by himself After hearing this, Jun Li didn t answer immediately, but at this moment, he asked a question., the question that has been circling in my mind just now You can answer these questions if you want me to, but tell me first, who chose the site of Chen Fugui s grave It s not that I didn t ask, but I found out that the village chief was dead, so it was useless to ask.And he knew that the death of the village chief, including the surprise of many things, was all pretended by him When the young man heard that Junli dared to negotiate terms with him at this moment, his face immediately changed, as if he was very displeased, but Junli has this kind of ability.Unexpectedly, before Jun Li could answer this time, Yun Jing said with a half smile and a bit of joking The thing in the dragon s veins, I have a surprise for you, wouldn t it be bad to say it now Obviously, the people playing chess in this Chenjiacun game are Gu Yiyun, Ling Shun and Bise, but in the end it is Junli who is in charge But after listening to Yunjing s words, after much deliberation, I still can t figure it out.I understand.Is there anything that can cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies surprise me Is it a picture of a beauty It doesn t look like it Is it Xiao Jue Or the corpse of my previous life Thinking of the end, my brain was about to explode, but I still didn t think of any clues.Instead, I vaguely felt that Junli was becoming more and more like the biggest boss Everything will be over soon.I don t know if it s a coincidence, I just suddenly thought that Junli is the biggest boss, but Junli replied me this So What Junli fda cbd gummies purekana cbd gummies reviews tinnitus meant was that all the truth is gradually coming to an end after the incident in Chenjiacun I don t know why There is a strange feeling in my heart This cave is very deep, but the layout inside is exquisite.I am so heartbroken, and they are all together in an instant You look exactly like me.A very immature and somewhat innocent voice suddenly sounded from my ear, which made me tremble with fright, and two words suddenly appeared in my heart It s over Her intelligence has been born Almost instantly, I gritted my teeth and wanted to push the corpse away from me.Hee hee hee hee best water soluble cbd gummies hee, you and I look exactly the same.The immature, baby like voice rang in my ears again, crisp like a wind chime and melodious, but I was caught off guard by the disgusting goosebumps all over best water soluble cbd gummies my body.Pimples popped up.I pursed my lips and stared at the corpse fiercely, without saying a word, but she let out a huh and said to me with big watery eyes, What s so sweet in my mouth In a word, she raised her hand and scratched her head.What do you think Twitching the corners of my mouth, I answered the words this corpse lightly.The moment I replied, my whole body was filled with arrogance.The beauties picture was pulled out directly.But the strange thing is, the moment I pulled out when to take cbd gummies for sleep the beauty picture, the corpse actually let out another oops, pointed to my beauty picture and asked, Isn t this my thing My eyes trembled suddenly, it was incredible I took a quick look at her, and hearing her tone of voice, I was a little confused, even a little panicked Your things Who are you My face turned pale, and I asked differently, asking about the corpse in front of me, but she smiled flawlessly, the string of laughter was really nice, and those shining eyes even reflected a strange light at this moment, It was tightly received by my eyes.Ling Shun had a murderous look Looking at Junli.It s obvious that I can t afford to be pissed off.It s clear that everything I carefully arranged has become someone else s wedding dress, and what s more, the game I played has finally become my own bondage Whenever Ling Shun turned his gaze to my side, I could feel the strong resentment, resentment, and desire to rush directly from his gaze.The corpse kept struggling in the beauty picture, and the outside of the beauty picture kept protruding in pieces, as if her hands and feet were venting in the beauty picture, but the beauty picture showed a tenacity stronger than maltose at this time , no matter how the corpse struggled in the beauty picture, it remained indifferent.The battle outside the formation became more and more intense.Xiao Jue and Bi Se, who were weaker, had been shot down countless times, and fell directly to the ground with a bang bang bang , smashing several big holes in the ground On the entire battlefield, it seemed that only Ling Shun and Junli were left The captured Yun Jing and Gu Yicheng didn t show the slightest tension on their faces.Her body There was a bang , and the female corpse fell down and lay straight on the ground, her eyes were full of resentment, but her body was as stiff as a corpse.For a best water soluble cbd gummies while, I couldn t figure out what kind of trick Ling Shun was trying to do.I looked at him with some trepidation, didn t speak, and was waiting for him to speak first, but the first thing he said to me was Do you really like me I don t know why, but I always feel that Ling Shun is a bit persistent at this time, could it be said that the person who was very possessive and never gave up to achieve his goal just now is not him at all The more he plays cards unreasonably, the more I don t know what to do.Even at this moment, Ling Shun took my hand and said I knew it, you wanted to choose the cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies first one, since So, then let s go.When he said this, there was a bit of innocence in his tone, as if if I rejected him, I would be a heinous sinner The more the situation was like this, the more frightened I became, and I even asked Ling Shun to hold my hand in a daze, and walked outside.As soon as he entered the house, Yunjing looked around, and found a reason to say that he had a stomachache, so he directly borrowed the hut in the yard, and squatted in the stinky latrine for a long time Speaking of which, Yunjing still With a proud face, he asked Junli, Brother in law, you said that I have devoted myself to staying in such a disgusting pit for so long, do you want to reward me But Junli really rewarded Yunjing, reward rolled his eyes at him.Yun Jing oros cbd gummies reviews best water soluble cbd gummies let out an angry hum , and then continued to talk about things in the yard.There HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies are quite a lot of rooms in this courtyard, eight best water soluble cbd gummies or nine of them, some are empty, some are inhabited, but there is only one hut, which is the one where Yunjing is squatting.In ancient buildings, it is not surprising that there is only one latrine in a large room.Apparently the boss s death.Not in their plan, Ling Shun s appearance, the two of them have long been prepared.Long time no see.Holding the dim lamp in his hand, Ling Shun pulled a far fetched sneer from the corner of his mouth, raised his feet and walked towards the yard step by step.Didn t I just meet you a few days cbd gummies packets ago As soon as his voice fell, I immediately replied.The sarcasm in his eyes was bottomless.At this time, Ling Shun had already walked to the corpse of the owner of the antique shop.Hearing what I said, he raised his eyebrows amusedly, said Yo , and said, You guys hid so deeply that day.I replied He gave him a sneer and didn t speak, but the moment he looked away, he found that the four mothers in law behind Yin er looked at Ling Shun with deep meaning.The few of them probably met before Junli and I showed up.

At first, Yin er still received warnings from the old man.The old man even made a formation in the owner s room of the antique shop and set up a secret passage leading to her yard to better monitor her.Just in recent years This old man seems to have disappeared, and the world seems to have evaporated.Even if the owner of the antique shop and his son went to inform him, they couldn t find anyone At first, Yin er thought that this was the old man.The trick was to test her, but after a long time, she discovered that the old man was really missing The whole person disappeared like a stone sinking into the sea, and there was no news Once the old man died, Yin er had no one to check and balance.The antique shop owner and his son naturally lived in fear all day long.Even before the antique shop owner s father was dying, he specially asked the antique shop owner to ask for a few more yellow talismans, so as not to Yin er s revenge in the future.In just a few breaths, he completely concealed all his emotions and asked.I want a picture of a beauty, and he also wants a picture of a beauty.What do you think is our relationship The old man s tone was extremely arrogant, even a little arrogant.I couldn t help but feel a little terrified when I heard it.I turned my head and glanced at Junli.However, Jun Li s eyes flashed a bit of deep thought, as if he was also wondering who the old man in front of him was.Unexpectedly, as soon as the old man said this, Ling Shun smiled flatteringly at the old man, and said That s a coincidence, you want a picture of a beauty, and Junli also wants a picture of a beauty, but I want it It s just a beauty, I can help you grab the beauty picture, and you give me the beauty.And then After hearing this, the old man s eyes dimmed, and he didn t know whether he was tempted or didn t take Ling Shun back at all.When I heard Junli s tone, I was a little puzzled.What about the old best water soluble cbd gummies man When Yin er heard Junli s words, her face turned pale and she didn t answer.Both the painting of beauties and the lamp are in my hands.This is the fifth volume of the painting of beauties that has already come into existence, and it is also the fourth volume that has fallen into my hands.There is another volume in Ling Shun s hands, and the whereabouts of the remaining two volumes are unknown.But with the appearance of the old man, it seems that collecting all the pictures of beautiesis not that difficult at all.The whole night, I just sat in the cave like this and passed slowly, the atmosphere was a bit awkward, no one said a word, Junli let me lean on him, and put his hand on my stomach abnormally to warm my stomach At this time, I suddenly remembered I am so fucking pregnant, I seem to be a pregnant woman now It has been a while since the baby returned to my womb, but his soul has just been assembled and must be re delivered in my womb , stayed for ten months, and it was so quiet that I almost forgot that there was still Junli and I s child in my stomach But Junli remembered that at this time, he warmed my stomach Early the next morning, when the first beam of light hit the cave, I was awakened by the dazzling gaze.The front is already where the villagers live, but the closer I get to it, the more uneasy I feel in my heart, and even a little restlessness all over my body, as if I still resist it, I don t want to go there too much Immediately, my steps stopped, I pulled Junli s sleeve secretly, and asked Junli in a low voice Do you still remember one thing What is it best water soluble cbd gummies how long does it take cbd gummies to work My grandma once said, Tell me not to go back to Luofeng Village no matter what.I returned lightly.After Junli heard this, he twitched the corners of his mouth, touched my head with a smile, and asked me But haven t you come back so many times Pulling me, he walked forward again, quietly leaving a sentence Since everyone is here, why are you afraid of so many His overbearing words immediately diluted the fear in my heart I couldn t help it, I raised my eyebrows, and my whole body relaxed a lot, I followed Junli in a hurry, and went straight to kill him It wasn t until he got close to the old houses in the village that Junli s expression changed to a bit dignified.Everyone sat in the yard and looked at Junli, obviously wanting to see what Junli was going to do in the best water soluble cbd gummies next movie.But Junli didn t show any expression, instead HCMUSSH best water soluble cbd gummies he stood beside the coffin and put his right hand on it.He didn t know what he wanted to do.After putting his hand on it for a long time, he asked me Xiao Xiao, You want to open your grandma s coffin to see your grandma for the last time, and bury her in peace.When I heard Junli s words, I was taken aback, I never thought that Junli would ask me this question, and I I didn t even think about it at all, and I was able to see grandma for the last time.But the person is already dead, and it would be disrespectful for you to open someone else s coffin.Even if I want to see grandma for the last time, I don t want to open her coffin either.But Junli didn t say a word, he randomly took out one of full spectrum cbd gummies 1500mg the three masks, gave it to Yunjing, and gave it to me, then went straight into the toilet without looking back, Yun Jing and I were left standing there in a daze.We stood there in a daze for a while, and when we realized it, Junli had already walked out of the toilet with a very strange face on his face.And the breath on his body has long been suppressed to the lowest level.Even thrown into the crowd, as long as he doesn t make a sound, he won t be aware of him.Even though Junli and I have been together for so long, and know him so well, looking at him now, if I didn t know that he is Junli, I really wouldn t dare to recognize him.After Junli came out, he kicked Yunjing directly, and asked Yunjing to put a human skin mask on in the toilet.He is simply an unbeatable Xiaoqiang.How could he be stimulated by Gu Yicheng s words fainting Unless she wants to escape something, or she doesn t want to tell us what the three of them have experienced at all, but wants us to take her out.And although the four of us knew that Gu Yiyun was pretending, we were not so bored to wake her up.Instead, we looked at each other leisurely, and then Yun Jing spoke first and asked Gu Yicheng What are you doing What do you think we should do next Gu Yicheng shook his head, said he didn t know, and said with a smile that Junli was here, how could he have the right to decide.When he said this, Gu Yicheng s tone was not humble at all, but with a bit of strong sarcasm.Hearing it in my ear made me feel slightly uncomfortable, and gave him a vicious look.But cbd condor gummies best water soluble cbd gummies he gave me a chuckle back, as if he didn t want to decide these matters, he gave Junli all the right to speak.Junli replied to me lightly, but he didn t even bother to raise his eyes, and stared at the cloud scene under the water with all his attention, but I can also understand, after all, Junli has always said no cbd gummies help stop smoking He will help Yunjing, but if something happens to Yunjing, the first cbd gummies stop smoking reviews one to rush forward must be Junli.Yunjing underwater has already swam to the side of those court ladies and eunuchs, but Yunjing who swam to them seems to have discovered something, his eyes are full of shock, not to mention, even the movement of swimming is unbearable.He moved a lot faster, as if something was chasing him from behind, and swam in the water suddenly.Seeing this, I was a little worried, and asked Junli in a low voice, Is nothing wrong with him But Junli didn t answer me, his face was full of vigilance, as if something happened to Yunjing in the next second, Junli could jump into the water immediately.

Yu Shuai stroked.It s just that I ve stayed by Junli s side for a long time, and I ve learned a bit from his restrained temperament.Although I doubt Gu Yicheng, I m not stupid enough to show it, but hide this emotion In the bottom of my heart.After all, it is also good to have more defense in mind.No one knows if there is any eventuality in this world.If there is an eventuality, then the one who suffers is yourself, isn t it And Junli was being dragged by Yunjing, and he didn t know when he would come to rescue me.I stood there in a daze for a long time, but Gu Yicheng just stood aside and looked at me in a daze for a long time, until I regained my composure and raised my head to look at him, then he asked me What shall we do next What to do I shook my head, and was about to say I don t know, but I swallowed the words abruptly, then smiled at Gu Yicheng, and asked him Can you find a way to get back from here When Gu Yicheng heard this, he shook his head and said that he was not sure.Where did so many corpses come from, so that these rats can eat them And looking at the appearance of these mice, it doesn t look like they have been eaten for only a year or two, but more like they have been eaten for dozens of years, otherwise they would not have such a scale, but they are so courageous that they are not afraid of strangers More and more Of course, Gu Yicheng and Chu Lianqiao wouldn t be so stupid that they haven t noticed this anomaly yet.On the contrary, when best water soluble cbd gummies the rice vats were broken, they both pulled me behind me.However, they fought because they both wanted to pull me behindYu Jie crossed.After all, there are two behind them, and I only have one.In the end, I stopped the two of them directly.Now is not the time to quarrel, but I just feel a little speechless.What kind of competition is there between a kid like Chu Lianqiao and an adult Like a child.Chapter 383 Say no regrets at the end of fate end of the book Just at the moment of my doubts, the old hag s whisper suddenly stopped, and I saw her get into the coffin unbelievably, and suddenly A female corpse in the coffin was thrown out, and then she suddenly turned her head and looked at Gu Yicheng in disbelief.He asked him viciously You betrayed me I didn t understand what the old witch said, but Gu Yicheng smiled, besides laughing, he was still smiling, smiling so nonchalantly, even with a full smile.It doesn t matter.Where is Liao Cuilian s soul the old witch yelled at Gu Yicheng.At this moment, I suddenly realized that the old witch really wanted to fight against my master, and the thing sealed in the coffin was very likely It was my master, but Gu Yicheng dropped him Gu Yicheng, he Gu Yicheng didn t speak.

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