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Tang Shuang drove his family s Volkswagen Passat to the nearest Lego Crown Hotel, where the buffet is affordable, and the most important thing is that the ice cream can fill you up.When Tangtanger heard that there was ice cream, she turned into a baby cow in liberty cbd gummies for ed can cbd gummies an instant.Even the seat can cbd gummies belt couldn t restrain her, and she jumped on the back seat.Ice cream was her cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld spiritual food Do you want to eat this Yes What about this Yes This Yes Tang Shuang Just say which one you don t want to eat, and I will give the rest You pretend.Candy said proudly I will eat it all, and I will be full.Tang Shuang threatened If you can t finish eating, I will never bring you here again.pretending After filling a plate full of food, Tang Shuang found a seat by the window, asked Tang Tanger to climb up on a chair and sit down, put it in front of her, and prepared a fork, Eat slowly, lady, don t eat all over your face.

The three dogs came from behind and jumped up and down around the three little masters.Tangtanger ran into the flock of birds, and a group of pigeons and seabirds flew in a fright.After hovering over his head for a while, they descended one after another.Tangtanger chased after him, deliberately scaring and driving them away.Tang Shuang told her It s okay to chase pigeons, but you can t hurt them Otherwise, the mother bird will be sad.Tang Tanger stopped, thought for a while, and nodded, Yes I can t hurt my brother Tang Shuang was a x400 cbd gummies little worried at first The three dogs will catch the birds, and it turns out that they are really overestimated.The Chihuahua lost the dignity of a dog and was chased by several seagulls Scared the shit out of me Erha became very playful, intentionally scaring the birds, but he didn t really jump on him.

But not long after, Tang Shuang carried her out.Tang Shuang was tearful, and Tang Shuang said, Ouch You re so scared that you still haven t come out.Candy raised her hand to wipe away her tears, and lied with her eyes open I didn t cry, I m a super baby.Tang Shuang laughed in his heart.He could understand Tangtanger s state, just like a child listening to a ghost story.He was curious and wanted to hear it, but at the same time he was terrified.His eyes were full of tears, but he still insisted that can cbd gummies it was not Fear is a physiological reaction.Tang Shuang took advantage of Tang Shuang s inattention, and sighed deeply, oops I frightened her just now Tang Shuang wiped away her tears and was about to go home.Look, a little hand is being held over, Tangtang er is almost trotting on her short legs to keep up.

Tang Shuang It seems that I still haven t realized the mistake, then I don t like you.Tang Tanger said in a mosquito like voice Well, something is wrong.Tang Shuang I didn t hear clearly, what did you say Tangtang er snorted, resolutely refused to say any more, and turned her head away.Tang Shuang left without saying a word, continued to type, and continued to hang.Tangtang er s eyes were red again, and she felt very wronged.Everyone admitted that she was wrong, and this annoying Tang Xiaoshuang still refused to coax her, what a monk.Jingjing bites the big villain The little guy ordered Xiaogouzi to be a stormtrooper, but Bai Jingjing refused to be cannon fodder, pretending to be stupid and cute, but she didn t dare to really bite Tang Shuang.Seeing Tangtanger was about to cry again, Tang Shuang quickly gave her some snacks, chips and juice Little people don t eat the food that comes from you, so Tang Shuang puts it by her hand.

She knew Tang Shuang s character.She was only a child, and if he asked Tang Shuang to take care of Tangtang, something might happen.Tang Shuang prepared some more breakfasts, but there was no more milk, and there was only one for two.Tang Shuang gave Tang Zhen and Tang Tang er a share, and the little guy opened his mouth to drink without any hesitation, but Tang Zhen said no and let Tang Shuang drink it himself.Tang Shuang said You worked so hard recording the show, you ll feel better if you drink some milk.I specially warmed it up for you, and you ll feel much better after sleeping later.I want to sleep for a while, sleep with my sister.Tang Shuang said Don t make trouble, you are not sleepy.Candy Ah, I am sleepy, I got up so early Tang Shuang said angrily Who told you to wake up So early, so early to scare me Next time I will lock the door, and can cbd gummies I can t let you in casually.

Chapter 91 The heart of defense is indispensable Xiao Shuang When Tang Shuang was leaving the airport, he heard someone calling him.Looking around, he saw the tall Tang Zhen standing in front of the crowd, waving at him.Didn t I tell you not to come He s sick Hearing Tang Shuang s concerned words, Tang Zhen was suddenly in a daze.The little boy who used to follow her butt and often opposed her had grown up in the blink of an eye., know how to care about my sister.The fever has subsided, so make a fuss.Tang Zhen said, reaching out to take Tang Shuang s suitcase.Ouch I can take care of the light of the Tang family, I ll just take it.Although Tang Zhen was wearing a mask, Tang Shuang could still keoni cbd gummies bradley cooper guess her expression at the moment, it must be anger.Call Tang Jiazhi again, and I ll beat you.Tang Zhen was very dissatisfied with this nickname, this guy likes to give people random nicknames.

Tang Shuang stood a little behind him, looked at this buddy curiously, raised her hand to look at her watch, it was 7 15 in the morning, whether she was an early riser or not, this point was considered relatively early.Tang Shuang was not surprised that this buddy got up so early, but that he was surprised by the large not pot cbd gummies can cbd gummies bouquet of roses in his hand.Seeing that he was excited and eager to try, he probably came to express his love to his sweetheart, but Tang Shuang really wanted to ask Early in the morning To give roses Does it fit The girl is probably still sleeping, even if she wakes up, her make up is not done, this is to put her to death Tang Shuang won t meddle in other people s business, but her heart is already active, this unlucky girl is going to be beaten up Caught off guard Soon, Tang Shuang knew that this unlucky girl was his sister The young man s name is Wang Qiangqiang.

Chapter 98 The Confused Little Lion Tang Shuang is sitting in the coffee shop, through the floor to ceiling windows, he can see the light rain outside the house, and the pedestrians on the road come and go in a hurry.There was a snickering sound from the front table.It was a young couple talking intimately next to each other.The boy whispered some jokes, which made the girl laugh constantly.Just talking, the voice became louder., completely disregarding Tang Shuang at the next table, who is alone.The girl looked back at Tang Shuang, and signaled the boy to keep her voice down, and the boy also looked at the single dog, seeming a little disdainful, but still going his own way.The girl was so teased that she leaned forward and backward, and couldn t care about Tang Shuang s feelings anymore.Tang Shuang was speechless, and chatted with Li Haonan on WeChat about the signing event.

That said, it s generally true.Below that is Huang Weiwei, the daughter of Tang Shuang s uncle, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen s cousin.She said with concern What s wrong with Xiaoshuang She looks very happy.Huohuo, don t talk nonsense.Xiaoshuang is a Good boy, I still want to introduce my best friend to him, Xiaoshuang, do you want to know her The last time I showed you the photos, it just so happened that you also fell out of love.If Tang Shuang were here, she would immediately private message Huang Weiwei, who Who the hell is spreading rumors that I m broken in love Such a private matter was actually exposed in the parent group, think can cbd gummies how long does a cbd gummy last about me, don t you Tang Zhen never imagined that she was going to help Tang Shuang feel proud, but now it turned into whether he was setting up a street stall or not How did he fall out of love Who broke up first What did his old girlfriend look like Can it be redeemed After all, he is his own younger brother, so he couldn t be too embarrassed, so he quickly posted three photos in succession.

Tang Shuang told Tang Sanjian about the future plan she had been thinking about all night, and asked for his opinion.He wants to take the postgraduate entrance examination.If he can pass the entrance examination, he will continue to study, master and Ph.D.At the same time, he handed over the deposit.Brother Sanjian was shocked, and then he was very relieved, feeling that this rebellious son finally started to look like him, although it was a bit late, but the prodigal son would not change his money if he turned back.He agreed with his plan to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and returned the deposit to Tang Shuang.One should focus on two things in one s life.Use reading to solve all problems, and to solve all reading problems.Reading can see a broader landscape.Success is not just about making money.

Tang Shuang first apologized to him.On the phone, he thought the other party was a liar and hung up twice.Zhang Fei expressed his understanding with a smile, and after sitting down and chatting for a while, the two got to the point.Tang Shuang didn t doubt Zhang Fei s ability as a director.What he worried about was how he, a great director with realistic themes, knew about martial arts and heroes.As long as he could answer these two questions, Tang Shuang would be satisfied., then he raised his hands in welcome.Tang Shuang said Some people criticize Heroes for dispelling violence on the surface, but also dispelling the cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld can cbd gummies conflict between justice and evil in Chinese martial arts novels, and integrating the martial arts world originally established in the conflict between good and evil as King of Qin.

This little guy judges people by their appearance.Sister Pan, just take the one with the bear, don t want anything else.After Tang Tanger got it, she couldn t wait to ask Tang Shuang to unscrew it for her.She wanted to try the taste, and if she didn t like it, she wanted to put it back and exchange it for the one with the little girl.Take it easy, don t finish it in one gulp, or your stomach will hurt.Tangtang er took the drink can cbd gummies with a smile, and gulped it down several times.It seemed to suit her taste, but she didn t have to finish it all at once.Bar.Tang Shuang was about to can cbd gummies how long does a cbd gummy last snatch it away, but Xiao Niuniu suddenly stopped by herself, looking helplessly at the fire coming towards liberty cbd gummies for ed can cbd gummies her.This is an extremely beautiful woman.Tang Shuang couldn t help but be attracted to her at first sight.This was an instinctive action.

After eating ice cream, you refused to leave, so I asked you if you were ashamed Candy was not at all Shame I want you to care Hmph Go home, I don t want you anymore.Tang Shuang took a deep breath, and seemed ready to beat the baby, but in the end he didn t do it because he thought of the last trick, since he couldn t outwit it, use force You can t coerce, you can t trick so what else can you do Look at me disgusting you Tang Shuang Come on, come on, if this is the case, then I will sing with you Tang Tanger was pleasantly surprised, although she is not afraid of Tang Xiaoshuang, but if she can turn an enemy into a friend, of course it would be the best, Xiaoshuang Frost is still useful sometimes.Okay Xiaoshuang is great Hehe Tang Shuang I have a new song, it s very nice, so, let me sing it first, you listen, and after you learn it, you can sing it again, okay Tangtanger was very excited when she heard that it was a new song.

Tang Shuang responded with a smile Ms.Chen s question is very good.There is another story in it, called the Qing History of the Tang Family.Zhang Yu asked with interest Oh The story here must be very interesting.The Qing History of the Tang Family Screenwriter Tang might as well reveal a little bit.Shi Yu booed and asked the audience if they wanted to hear it, and there was a lot of want.Tang Tang also jumped up and shouted excitedly I want to hear it, Tang Tang loves listening to Xiaoshuang s stories so much Tang Zhen looked at Tang Shuang, who was talking in the video without stage fright, with a full face.I am so relieved and proud that that follower has become so powerful.Chapter 183 Good boy bad boy Sister, don t come here.We ll be boarding in half an hour.Don t worry, you ll be safe when you arrive in Canton.

Seniors, you should start looking for a job at this time.If you haven t found a job yet, I can help.My company is still recruiting secretaries, although the salary is not high., about 5,000 a month, but it s stable, and it can help you transfer your account.This sentence contains a lot of information, his family runs a company, has money and status, Tang Shuang s life is miserable, and he s still out of town Rural household registration.Tang Shuang felt like beeping the dog at this time, where did this come from a neuropathy.Zhao Yayi was already angry, and asked Li Yu cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld martha srewart cbd gummies to apologize to Tang Shuang in a very serious tone.Li Yu can cbd gummies smiled at Zhao Yayi and said, Don t worry, the senior has a big heart and won t get angry over such a small matter.Besides, I hawkeye ss cbd gummies did it out of good intentions, senior, am I right Tang Shuang said with a smile You It s not true, I was really angry.

And Ye Liang s words just now were too hurtful.Why did he see Xiaoxiao yesterday and can cbd gummies send her away this morning Doesn t that mean that they spent together last night Thinking of this, Xiao Yungui looked sullenly at Ye Liang who knocked on the door and entered Zhang Tianfeng s office, wishing he could knock him on the ground and beat him to death.Seeing this, the people around him comforted Xiao Yungui not to be angry, and calmed down.Ye Liang just wanted .

how long does 500mg cbd take to work gummies?

to make him angry.Yun Gui, let s go over and have a look.Ye Liang is supposed to be here to hand in his graduation work.Let s see can cbd gummies condor cbd gummies for sale what he can shoot.We can get back to the scene later.Xiao Yungui thought about it, it wasn t so, he took two deep breaths, Go Let s see what this ignorant guy can shoot.Don t blame me for being ruthless if he is not popular.

Tang Shuang Why Sneaking at the door Tang Shuang was spotted, walked in with a smile, and asked Tang cbd gummies surfside beach Shuang curiously Xiao Shuang, what song strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood were you singing just now I haven t heard it before.Am I okay If I teach you, big troubles will happen, and this is how many disasters come about.Tang Shuang resolutely refused to admit it I didn t sing, you heard it wrong.Tang Tanger Huh The Lun family obviously heard it, what are you singing Tang Shuang touched the cute boy s head and asked Why do you always care about what song I sing I haven t asked you where you heard the song of Huangtu Gaopo Candy er pretended to be naive What yellow, yellow, Huangtu Gaopo Candy can t Sing.Tang Shuang said with a smile, You still lied to can cbd gummies my brother, and I was criticized by my mother when you framed me.Tang Tanger opened her innocent eyes and shook her head The Lun family really don t remember Hey, then, Xiaoshuang, please sing a little bit, Tangtanger can see if you can remember.

His idea is very simple.While he is young, he can do what he wants, and there is nothing wrong with experiencing it.Huang Weiwei pulled Huang Xiang and Shen Yi to mutter, Tangtanger stayed by her grandmother s side to listen to the story, grandpa was talking with Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian, Tang Zhen held the phone and didn t know whether she was chatting or playing.Tang Shuang confiscated her mobile phone You can t play with your mobile phone at this time.Tang Zhen looked at everyone and whispered, I want you to take care of it.Tang Shuang I don t care who cares.Tang Zhen was stunned.Dazed, she wrinkled her nose unconsciously Huh At this moment, Tang Shuang s phone rang suddenly, and at first glance, it was Ye Liang s Returning the phone to Tang Zhen, Tang Shuang walked away to answer the call.

Then the chick started talking As soon as she started speaking, she couldn t keep her little hands behind her back, because she had to make gestures while telling the story to match the story, creating a strong atmosphere for the story.Although Xiaozhuzhu occasionally couldn t speak a few words clearly, she was very good overall.At her age, her eloquence was surprising.Because today is the Mid Autumn Festival, there is a very big, bright and round moon above my head And as soon as she saw the moon, Tangtanger began to miss the rabbit.She especially liked the rabbit in the sky and the rabbit on the ground.But tonight, she likes and misses the rabbit in the sky more Because today is its holiday And the rabbit in the sky has become a spirit, and she is also a spirited little animal.Although they are different types, they have the same feelings After all, after the new era, small animals will no longer be able to become spirits.

It s not only beautiful, but also delicious.Don t look at it This pastry is crystal clear, but in fact the dough is very thick, one is enough to fill you up, if you eat another one, you will feel sick and want to vomit Maybe I m really old and my digestive system is not good.When I was young, I could eat a plate of cakes with thick dough, but I can t do it now.For example, there are so many crystal cakes left.Don t waste them, return them.It also fell into the ditch when I went back, why don t I take it back, feed the dog Director Zhang smiled, and then choked back.Do scholars beat around the bush when they swear People want to be angry but can t find an excuse For example, Liu Weiru took the opportunity to drink tea from a large teacup to hide the anger on his face.Someone at the scene gave an inexplicable laugh and said Professor Tang should eat more, because more qi will hurt the body, and filling the stomach can expel the qi.

A whole number.Although it did not exceed 100 million, the hit rate of 90 million is also very scary.At the same time Tang Shuang visited Lu Mingyi, a monthly ticket war was in full swing on the Starry Sky Literature website.Last month, The Romance of the Dragon and Snake hit The ticket to the moon ranks fourth, HCMUSSH can cbd gummies but the fans are not satisfied.They think that at least it should be in the top three, surpassing the previous I am a passer by.This directly led to a quarrel between the fans of the two books, and the matter passed after Li Haonan appeasement The competition for this month s monthly ticket list is even more fierce, but this time the opponent of Romance of the Dragon and Snake is no longer I am a Passerby this book ranks third, but it is more than 30,000 monthly tickets short of the top two.

She wanted to pull the candy away, but the little girl refused, stepped on the ground with both feet, and stopped the slippery car.Pan Fugui smiled and said Tangtang, you are right, they are just kissing, so don t be ashamed, watch me scare them.Saying this, the villain was about to sneak over.Tang Shuang stopped him What are you kidding me, you will be beaten if you do this, go back, let s go, don t you want to go to the movies, don t dawdle.Pan Fugui said eloquently Brother Dashuang, actually I m doing it for their own good.Look at these people, their parents have worked so hard to make money for them to study, but they play tricks, they just know how to fall in love, and they don t study hard.Ah, I think they should turn around and find a lifelong not pot cbd gummies can cbd gummies partner when they are promising in the future, don t you think I m right Oh, Tang Shuang couldn t help but look at Fugui with admiration, she didn t expect him to say such a thing talk.

Appreciate your face.Another kid at home Li Haonan thought to himself, why is this kid in the family so powerful that he tied Tang Shao tightly You are not even allowed to eat outside Li Jiatong quickly said that he was too polite, and things at work should be done as they should.Li Haonan said There is one more thing to tell Mr.Tang.I will be officially transferred to the Guangdong branch to work cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld next week.It will be much more convenient for us to contact in the future.Tang Shuang congratulated If you guessed right, It should be a promotion.Li Haonan was promoted, from an unknown editor in the Shengjing headquarters, to one of the deputy editors of the Guangdong branch, although he was ranked last among the eight deputy editors, he was the same as the editor.The previous comparison was already a leapfrog leap.

My money My money My money My money Tang Shuang couldn t stand the chanting, so she wanted to turn off the lights and leave.Tang Shuang said nervously Xiao Shuang, don t turn off the lights Tang Shuang stopped and asked, What s the matter Don t you want to sleep yet It s almost ten o clock.Tang Tang said proudly Hmph Xiaoshuang is telling a story Hurry up and tell a nice one to lull Tangtanger to sleep Tang Shuang didn t know whether to laugh or cry I thank you for looking up to me, but can you stop thinking about me so much Tangtanger acted like a baby Tell me one, it s all I gave you money, it belongs to grandpa and grandma Tang Shuang quickly covered her little mouth, Stop talking, I m afraid of you.Hee hee hee hee Tang Tanger suddenly realized, She mastered the weapon to subdue Xiao Shuang Tang Shuang Before I tell you the story, my brother wants to ask you a very serious question.

Tang Shuang is sleeping late again Not only him, but Candy Piglet too Huang Xiangning made breakfast, went to Tangtanger s room and woke her up, lifted the quilt and saw that there were two rabbits lying inside, Tang Xiaoguo and Tang Xiaotang, where is Little Piggy The little piggy is gone Huang Xiangning first went to the bathroom to check, but Xiaozhuzhu was not there.When she came to Tang Shuang s room, she only saw Tang Shuang at first sight, and at the second sight she saw a bunch of long hair protruding from can cbd gummies the quilt.She lifted the quilt slightly and saw that it was a lost little pig.This little pig is sleeping soundly under Tang Shuang s armpit, with a cbd gummies for anxiety online flushed face.That posture should really be seen by night owls all over the world.After seeing it, they will know how good sleep is, and will never suffer from insomnia again Xiaozhuzhu smashed his mouth in his sleep, Huang Xiangning cbd thc hybrid gummies looked at it for a while, and had an illusion, it seemed that Xiaozhuzhu was eating delicious food in his dream, so he didn t need to eat breakfast.

Good, but quiet and at ease.Han Chuang has studied hard for so many years, just trying to be quiet and at ease It doesn t make sense.The young man surnamed Zhang said that when Heng Nuo first came here, he was not withdrawn.Not only was he not withdrawn, but he was very cheerful and twizted up cbd gummies optimistic at that time.He was the one who organized the meeting of the supporting teachers once a month.He originally planned to go back after teaching here for a year, and Shengjing University planned to ask him to stay in school.Ah Then, can cbd gummies why did he stay here for six years Did he suffer any blows when he became like this The young man surnamed Zhang sighed and said, When he first came, he was not liberty cbd gummies for ed can cbd gummies alone.His fianc e was with him.A very beautiful girl.After one year of teaching support, the two will get married when they return to Beijing, and I still keep their wedding invitation.

Tang Tanger instructed Tang Shuang to be cannon fodder Xiao Shuang, go and reason with Dad and ask him to return the snacks to us Tang Shuang I ll give it back to you.It s none of my business.I m timid and scared.Tang Tanger said angrily, Are you still the brother of the little fairy You are a little fairy Afraid of a man with a big belly Is there still order in the fairy world Tang Shuang became a fairy if she didn t agree with her, and she couldn t help saying happily Thank you, little fairy Tang Tang, but I still don t dare, you go by yourself.Dad makes sense , which translates to Xiaoshuang, go and get beaten by Dad , and Dad returned what does 25 mg cbd gummies do the snacks when he was beaten enough.Tang Shuang was sad I don t like you anymore.You are not cute at all.You always push me into the fire pit.At night, I suggested to my mother to throw you away.

After serving tea to the adults, Tangtanger went to help her mother distribute big apples, one for each child, first for the pitiful little peacock, alas, this big can cbd gummies red apple is as big as her little face.They handed over to Xiao Putao, Qiqi, and Li Dun one by one.Xiaojin was reviews of jolly cbd gummies the last one, without any dissatisfaction, he stretched out his hands to receive it with full expectation, and then his face full of smiles collapsed in an instant.Candy is gone Candy is gone Candy is gone uncommon apothecary cbd gummies Little Piggy has no time to care if Xiao Jin s face is broken, she has already lost her face At this moment of celebration, Candy wants to cry.Chapter 352 Magic Candy I noticed the things on the table, in addition to fruit snacks, there are many snacks The problem is with these snacks Candy s heart is bleeding, it hurts more than a knife cut The snacks on the table are all hers She was confiscated this year Before I bought it, I was poisoned by my father I don t know where he is hiding, but Tangtanger has searched over and over again, relying on Little Pig s sixth sense of food, and Bai Jingjing s keen sense of smell, he couldn t find it.

The interview date of Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen was on the same day, it was not a coincidence, but Tang Shuang specially adjusted the can cbd gummies time after knowing the date of Tang Zhen s interview.United Life Weekly is headquartered in Guangdong Province, which is a 30 story building.Wei Tingting and others worked on the 25th floor.She stood at the glass window and looked down.She said to Jiajia, who was fat and fat, There are a lot of fans coming down here, and the traffic is a little bit stuck.Jiajia said while typing in front of the computer I heard from Maggie that since 5 30 in the morning, someone has been guarding downstairs, waiting for Tang Zhen.Wei Tingting wondered, Are so many little girls so crazy about star chasing now Jiajia didn t care Crazy or not, just look at our little Ru, she has been crazy since the day before yesterday, I don t understand, if she is a boy, I can still understand, a girl chasing Tang Zhen like this, I am also drunk.

What kind of trash talk is Piggy talking Sunflower Acupuncture Hand Hey Ha Shanshan zhemei hand hey ha Shanshan Sun Palm Hey Ha Loneliness stabs you with nine swords, hehe What s your father s name My father s name is cbd oil gummy benefits Sanjian My brother is the Great Demon King He will be lonely and stab you with nine swords Hehe I am also the Great Demon King Little Piggy crossed the finish line first.The little boy in black fell down, had a car accident, and hit the guardrail.is angry.Not far from blackening.Chapter 379 Tang Tang loves you so many candies who claim to be the Great Demon King.When they see Tang Shuang, they become the most obedient baby in the world.Acting coquettishly, the elder brother and the king yelled one after another.This posture is to pay back what should have been called this year.

When Tang Shuang opened her mouth to say Little Piggy , a small hand grabbed her face, squeezed it hard, and stretched it You are not allowed to call sister Little Piggy, you must be called Little Fairy, Little Princess, do you know that Didn t you keep calling him Little Pig today Before he finished speaking, Little Pig grinned and was about to bite his neck, little vampire.Tang Shuang threw her away, feeling like a farmer holding a snake.Candy put her hands on her hips and said loudly, Humph You re still talking You don t look like a big brother at all.If the Lun family is a little pig, then you are a big pig, your father is a big pig, and your mother and sister are Hululu.Isn t Hululu just a pig Tang Shuang finally knew that the emotion was only momentary, and she would return to normal after that.

2 contestant also had a hard time, the car tilted, and the speed slowed down, and the advantage of the lower half of the body was gone.I will enter the ninth immediately.It s a corner, and it s the last one.Let s see if there will be any changes.No, no, everyone is very stable.It is right to seek stability at this time.Okay, they all entered the straight road.It seems to be a little bit ahead, eh, no, it HCMUSSH can cbd gummies s No.1 who is a little bit ahead, eh, it s changed again, No.3 is faster, oops, the competition is so fierce, it s worthy of the competition of the 6 year old group, listen to the atmosphere at the scene, it s so enthusiastic The three slippery cars crossed the finish line almost head on.Tang Shuang couldn t tell who was the first, and felt that all three of them had a chance.Candy got out of the crowd and rushed towards the referee area, shouting loudly Uncle Uncle must be the number three kid first Don t mess around Tang Shuang rushed Go up and catch her, and after Tangtanger assured that she would not mess around, they came to the referee area together.

Candy s face was full of surprises, she liked the little cake just now, but the one in front of her metoprolol and cbd gummies was even more pleasant, it was so big, it was almost as tall as her.The little man couldn t wait to jump forward, smiling and pushing the cake cart with Tang Shuang, and asked curiously Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, do I still want to make a wish Cake This disappointed Candy, she still wanted to make a wish, the 6 wishes just now obviously couldn t satisfy her, she has many wishes, the diary in the safe no, it s a weekly diary, cornbread cbd gummies reddit emm it s not right, yes In the monthly diary, she wrote down many naive dreams, all of which she thought of and longed for during the year.For example, during the summer vacation this year, one of the wishes she wrote was to hope that the flowers in her heart would bloom sooner.

She was becoming more and more afraid of this sister in law, and she was even more difficult to deal with than Xiaoshuang.The little monkey Tang Yu leaned over, although he didn t say a word, but his funny expression conveyed the meaning very clearly look, my mother is scary, little aunt, you are no match.The little man s signing session is over, everyone has a copy of A Garden of Green Vegetables Become a Master , everyone reads and discusses, a very interesting group of green vegetables Tang Zhen praised the little sister sincerely Candy is really amazing, drawing is so good.Hee hee hee The little guy cocked his legs awkwardly.Tang Shuang also came to praise I think no other children can draw such a picture book, only our little sister can do it.Candy asked happily Why is that She was sure of Xiaoshuang I will definitely say that our little sister Bingxue is smart But what Tang Shuang said is Because only our piglets have become smart, how can children who have not become smart draw fine vegetables , this is impossible, fine against fine, king against king oh, speak up, don t do anything The little man jumped off the sofa angrily, chasing and killing Tang Xiaoshuang As a birthday party, there must be a program.

The villain s plan is to take a look at this big villain, but never remind him What kind of concern is it to remind, the little princess does not need such concern, Xiaoshuang should take the initiative to care about the Lun family, instead of relying on reminders, this is what mother said.However, as soon as the little man looked at Tang Shuang, he happened to meet his eyes, and saw that the bad guy was smiling badly, his eyes seemed to see through her mind, which made Tang Tanger panic, and then he was cute She said coquettishly, Hehehe , Xiao Shuang, I also want fried fried natural hemp cbd gummies groupon shrimp Tang Shuang put fried fried shrimp in oil for her, and chicken with chestnuts in Xiaoputao.Thank you, Brother Xiaoshuang.Little Putao thanked obediently.Candy asked curiously Xiao Shuang, why did you put chestnut chicken in the little grape instead of fried shrimp in oil Look, you put fried shrimp in oil for me and Little Peacock.

The man continued The current shareholding structure of Tuzi Entertainment is can cbd gummies relatively complicated.There are a total of 12 directors, the largest of which accounts for 35 of the shares.His name is Alumni.He is 68 years old this year and is the chairman of Tuzi Entertainment.He is also a director of a listed pharmaceutical company.Long, he is well known in the pharmaceutical industrythe second largest shareholder is Tang Shuang interrupted Please introduce this alum in detail.The man called up the attachment, which contained a very detailed introduction of alumni.This old man s main business is medicine, and music is more like his game.In an interview, he himself said that he joined the apprentice entertainment to please his sweetheart At that time, he was 28 years old, that is to say, 40 years ago, he joined Tuzi Entertainment.

Sure enough, not long after, the little man took the initiative to raise the topic and asked, Xiao Shuang, did you raise the flag when you were young What flag National flag Tang cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld Shuang asked.Well, it s the national flag, the handsome one.Candy replied happily, no need to ask, this happy can cbd gummies event must have something to do with raising the national flag.Tang Shuang said I have been promoted before.I used to be a small flag bearer, and I often raised the national flag.Candy said cheerfully Haha, can you teach Lun s house when you go back You don t mean to be a small flag bearer.Right Tang Shuang asked.Candy I won t tell you, the Lun family will tell mom first.Well, that should be it.The kindergarten hosts the flag raising ceremony every Monday.Tang Shuang went to see it once when the school started.

He felt that he did not come to mourn Xu Chengyang, but to demonstrate and ridicule didn t you smear me on the Internet How are you doing now I have no idea.The day after the memorial service, Tang Shuang asked Xu Chengyang s sister Xu Jiaojiao to meet her.Xu s family is from Yicheng, his parents and relatives have all gone back, Xu Jiaojiao and her cousin Chen Shaojian stayed in Guangdong Province, and continued to fight for Xu Chengyang s death.In the private room of the coffee shop, Tang Shuang personally poured coffee for Xu Jiaojiao and Chen Shaojian, and asked Xu Jiaojiao, Are you going to stay in Guangdong Province all the time When her grandma went to the hospital, she would never know that her brother had such a friend.Regarding today s meeting, she didn t know what to do, and Tang Shuang didn t say anything on the phone.

Li Haonan greeted Tangtanger with only half of his head exposed Tang Tang Do you still know Uncle Your brother and I are good friends I have been to your house Candy thought for a while, and remembered She was caught in the rain that day, and she even argued that it was the rain that caught her It wasn t that she was caught in the rain, and something very bad happened that night.She was cried by Xiaoshuang.She suspected that this uncle was speaking ill of her behind her back.Well, we need to ask about this matter clearly.Ha Tangtanger knows you Did you speak ill of the Lun family to Xiaoshuang that day Xiaoshuang turned on me later and made me cry Li Haonan No matter how Li Haonan feels Anyway, fortunately, Candy was found.Tang Shuang hasn t been told about the little man s loss.Tang Shuang is doing the final battle.

Worried that this guy would say it out loud, he said, Don t make trouble, if you yell like that in public, I can only jump from here.She pointed out the window, this is the 33rd floor.Tang Shuang made a gesture to grab her hand so that she wouldn t be distracted, but she was dodged and at the same time she was given a fierce stare.Tang Shuang withdrew her hand and said solemnly You dance and I dance too.Luo Yuqing smiled and said, You have the heart to throw down the candy Tang Shuang was stunned I can t bear it.Luo Yuqing knew that Tang Shuang loved his sister infinitely, and said, I don t want to touch you anymore.Take your hand here.The medicine hasn t been applied yet.Haven t put it on because he interrupted it.Luo Yuqing stretched out her hand Bring the medicine.Tang Shuang quickly handed the medicine to her, and said at the same time, Looking at your rich experience, you must have injured your wrist.

The album, and several other new albums, such as Meng Weiye s Leaf , also accounted for nearly 40.Does this mean that the digital album market is rapidly emerging Immediately, he couldn t think anymore.It wasn t that Tang Shuang s head was not bright, but it was an extremely smart head.Its profound thinking, fast operation, high IQ, and emotional intelligence were all comparable to others, but it had a Nemesis is a villain.Ah ah this is the beauty of spring we are reminiscing say that, that, emmmm say that rabbit Tang Shuang said with a smile It s spring, not a rabbit, you What ears.What light Spring light What is this Is it spring Candy asked curiously.Tang Shuang It refers to the scenery in spring.Tangtanger thought for a while, and said, Oh I see She said the explanation was clear, but she still sang Tell me about that rabbit Which rabbit is that rabbit Stop singing, stop singing, my head is going to explode.

Sun come out yet, come out Tang Tanger had been sleeping in Tang Shuang s arms just now, so the young man who was driving hadn t seen the cuteness of this little doll, but now hearing her blah blah blah, with her grown up tone, people couldn t help laughing.He was about to remind the children not to worry, it won t rain today, but when he saw a car in front of him having an accident, he stepped on the brakes and slowed down.Although still far away, the road surface is very slippery, and sufficient advance must be left.Tang Shuang looked out from the side, it was not an accident, it was just an off road vehicle climbing a small slope, but the car just couldn t go up, the tires kept slipping, and the rear of the car was blowing smoke, but it didn t work.The car still wouldn t move.A man got out of the car and was pushing hard.

Tang Shuang was startled, and didn t tie her shoelaces at all.After chasing after Tang Shuang, Balabala asked what to eat on the street, is there a street on the mountain, what is the best food here, did you bring any money, please bring more money Tang Shuang said impatiently Take it with you, don t worry, you won t not pot cbd gummies can cbd gummies be out of money.Tang Tanger held the big red persimmon in both hands, and followed him like a bug, saying maliciously Xiaoshuang, Dad said that you should bring more money when you go out to play, otherwise you will become a beggar and become a beggar on the street.You should really bring more money.Did you really bring a lot of money Little sister I don t believe it, don t be stingy at this time, or you can cbd gummy bears anxiety give me some money, and my little sister will save it for you.In order to dispel Tang Shuang s worries, he added Grandpa and grandma s money is protected by the Lun family.

She found a nest of scarabs in the house, and there were three of them together, so she named them Xiaoshuang No.1, Xiaoshuang No.2, and Xiaoshuang No.3, referred to as Xiaoshuangzi s family, and boldly rushed to him and asked him to visit him.Xiaoshuangzi s family said that the whole family wanted to be reunited.What kind of animal is this time Tangtanger was startled, probably because she thought of the nest of scarabs and the scene where Xiaoshuang was repaired miserably when she asked Xiaoshuang to go to the reunion.Hehehe smirked, so she wouldn t say it was a little goldfish in the pond this time.Chapter 567 Snowball Fighting Tang Shuang was about to ask Tang Shuang what kind of animal the little Shuangzi was, when a service worker from the villa came over.She was an aunt strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood in her 40s in overalls and asked Tang Shuang what she had for lunch.

The image of brother Sanjian and sister Xiangning crying automatically appeared in his mind.Tang Shuang, who was begging for food, was very talkative, and immediately said loudly The little sister who was beaten was crying and calling her father and mother, you are really good, my lord Tang Shuang Is this any different from crying father and mother Hold the king s hand, and the king will take you to eat candied haws.Candy happily held the hand of the king, and you can eat candied haws after selling a few words of cuteness.This is a good deal, and she is very happy.In a small shop on the side of the street, there is a bright red scene, not referring to the bright red lights, but the large handfuls of red candied haws inside.Candy shakes off the king s hand, rushes to the counter, and raises her face.

After a while, he struggled again, pointed at his little face, and said in a panic I, I am so good Look Why do I grow a beard Lie What s going on here Is the mirror queen can cbd gummies trying to not pot cbd gummies can cbd gummies deal with me What, what should I do It s not my fault that I m prettier than her.Saying that, sniffed sniffled , raised his hand and wiped the black beard on half of his face, but he didn t realize it, and looked at Tang Shuang helplessly, waiting for her knight to comfort her.What s going on Tang Shuang was baffled, and grabbed the little person to keep her still.After a closer look, she saw that her face was black.This guy did not know what to draw on her face.Beard, Tang Shuang laughed so strangely that he was convinced by this villain.As her confidant elder brother, Tang Shuang knew that this guy was an actor and was acting, but she still couldn t figure out what her real purpose was.

This run almost drove her crazy, she was not only tired, but also angry.Tang Shuang quickly and comprehensively judged the situation, selected Tangtanger as the breakthrough point, grabbed the babbling little person with teeth and claws, moved her from the top of the stairs to the bottom of the stairs, and then held her on the spot and continued.A smoke ran to the top floor of the villa.The little fairy couldn t help being furious, and the big fairy who kept comforting the little fairy not to be angry and not to ruin the house, followed Tang Shuang to the top strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood of the building.Xiao Shuang, who had no way out, unless she jumped off the building, was just a turtle in a urn and a dead end.Tang Zhen took Candy to the roof.The roof was a garden with rockery, trees, tables and chairs, wooden pavilions, and heavy snowfall from the sky.

After hearing Tang Zhen s words, Tang Tanger dared to hide beside Tang Zhen and look into the pool.The little yellow snake was so conspicuous, it was floating on the water at this moment, motionless, it was really fake.Huh Candy found out, let go of Tang Zhen s thighs, and stood on the shore to look closer, It s really not moving, is it fake Fake snake Is it a small snake, not a big snake Just now she thought it was a giant snake , scared her to pee.Fake snake, it s small, not big.Candy is not afraid.Tang Zhen comforted.Tangtanger squatted by the pool, watered the little yellow snake with his hands, and it really didn t move, it was really a fake snake She was not afraid in an instant, and then she had time to settle accounts with Xiaoshuang.Xiaoshuang was soaking in the water to take care of the little yellow ducks family.

Chapter 586 We are going to become immortals Very good, I completely agree, which TV series is it Tang can cbd gummies Shuang raised her hands to agree, the composer of this song is Tang Zhen, and being recognized by the TV series is also an affirmation of her composition ability Amazing Lah, my sister I ll just say strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood you re awesome.Tang Zhen narrowed her big eyes with a smile, here she doesn t have to fake her emotions, she can laugh when she wants to, and be proud when she should be proud.Thank you, Mr.Yu Xiang, too.Your lyrics are really good.It has improved my sister s song several times.Everyone who has heard it says that the lyrics are very artistic.In front of Tang Zhen, Tang Shuang didn t need to pretend her emotions, she would slap her if she wanted to, not in front of Tang Zhen, but with another person, he would just slap her if she wanted to, just be herself.

Tang Shuang Can you serve wine The little sugar man said without worry, Yes Tang Shuang didn t believe it How do you open it The little sugar man grinned Bite it open with my beautiful teeth, hum Look down on people Tang Shuang squeezed her little face, opened the wine directly, and said, can cbd gummies I m afraid your baby teeth will be broken, so I appreciate it.Hmph Candy was a little unhappy that Tang Shuang underestimated her, took her cartoon bowl, and said carelessly, Have a bowl Worrying that Tang Shuang didn t understand her, she emphasized It s wine Tang Shuang Ignoring her, Huang Xiangning said, Tangtanger, this is wine, you will get drunk, children can t drink it.Tangtanger was a little anxious, and said, Well, that, the Lun family worked so hard to bring wine can cbd gummies to daddy, hehe I m so exhausted, let s come and reward the little baby Chapter 599 The theme of the dinner is congratulations and candy It s not this thing, she can drink this thing every day, it s not rare at all, what she really wants to drink now is the big bear wine Candy who didn t ask for wine was dejected and murmured while hugging the small cup filled with juice, she was so active She brought the wine here In the end, she didn t give her a drink.

He cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld listened in the room for a while, but he didn t feel anyone coming upstairs, so he tiptoed to the railing on the second floor, right below was the storage room, and at the moment, the old Tang family s sun, villain and tengu were inside.Forget it, forget about the old Tang s Tengu, this is a victim, he was finally happy to get drunk for a while, and this ended up like this, tsk tsk tsk Tang Shuang only heard the sound of turning over things in the storage room, and an excited little voice.Not long after, there was the sound of footsteps, and Tang Shuang shrank back, only to see Sister Xiangning walking in front with Brother Sanjian, who was already drunk, followed by Little Tang, who happily hugged a The small box, needless to say, the small box is Brother Sanjian s Tengu treasure This is really a small scourge, you are still so young, you know how to catch the words of adults when the time is right.

This guy, as soon as he got in the car, took out this storybook from his schoolbag, read it seriously, and said that he wanted to prepare for the exam and make his parents, mother, sister, and brother proud.Wow you are so amazing, I have never seen Tang Tang who is so serious, it is really amazing, come on, my brother is optimistic about your 100 points in the exam, but ah, can cbd gummies Tang Tang, have you thought about it, in case you really pass reliva cbd gummies side effects the exam 100 points, do you really eat so many snacks every day Don t you want to compare your beauty with your sister Did you just give up Let me tell you, there is no way to be on TV if you are fat like a ball, because the ball will roll around Damn it You re the one Candy countered weakly.She didn t even have confidence in herself.If she ate like that, she would definitely become a ball, but Huh The Lun family can t finish eating Do you want to eat it for your brother Really My brother is also working hard, and my little sister should show love, and you can also bring it to the kindergarten to feed the little peacocks and little grapes, so you won t be afraid if you all get fat together.

It s nothing How could you do this Xiaoshuang I don t like you anymore The little girl had a stern face, folded her hands on her chest, turned her head away, and pouted her mouth, as if she had been greatly wronged , and decided to ignore Tang Shuang.Jiu jiu Tang Shuang poked the little man s fat little arm with his fingers, but it was useless.The little man still had a stern face, folded his hands on his chest, turned his face away with a pouted mouth, and the meaning was obvious , I don t want to talk to Tang Xiaoshuang anymore.Jiu jiu Tang Shuang poked the little man s fat little arm again, and the little man turned his face to the other side.Okay, okay, I ve convinced you, thank you, I ll go to your trubliss cbd gummies for arthritis pain parent meeting.After speaking, the little man still looked angry.Jiu jiu Tang Shuang poked the little man s fat little arm again.

The little man in black The son jumped up and said, It makes sense The Lun family is right No one can let the little princess wipe the poop of a child Hmph The Lun family didn t ask anyone to wipe the poop Candy er took a look The little sister in glasses, blushing, said to the little man in black She seems to be crying.You bullied Papa s little baby.Just as the little man in black finished speaking, a little man in white fell from the sky and landed directly on top of her head, with his legs straddling her shoulders.Caught into a chicken coop.The little man in black went mad with anger, ran wildly with the little man in white on his back, yelled loudly, and then plunged into the mud pit.Seeing this, the little man in white quickly jumped down, leaving the mud pit Yes, she has a clean freak The little man in black finally got rid of the little man in white, but he couldn t stop anymore, and turned into a little man in gray with a plop, standing in the mud puddle, looking at the laughing little man in white Son, I want to cry The little person in black and gray clothes pursed her mouth.

She took a deep breath quietly, She didn t seem so timid, then took two steps forward, moved to Tang Shuang s other side, found a gap, tilted her head and looked at the back of the desk, glanced at it, and then asked, Xiaoshuang, hide the chocolate Is it here Did it get eaten by a little mouse Why are you hiding it here You can keep it for the Lun family Tang Shuang used scotch tape to stick a box of chocolates on the back of the desk before, but now it has No more, he got out from under the desk and looked at the candy suspiciously Did you eat it No, no, nothing Hmph I can only rely on my little sister when I can cbd gummies how long does a cbd gummy last eat it myself.My little sister is not that kind of person The Lun family is losing weight now, and they haven t eaten snacks for a long time Look, they ve all lost weight Er stretched out her little arm and wanted to roll up her sleeves, but she couldn t do it.

Zhang Changan s voice sounded Chairman, Mr.Ding, the first song we performed is Black Iron Castle.Chapter 635 This place is so dangerous Tang Shuang was taken aback, Black Iron Castle Which Black Iron Castle Ding Xiaoquan seemed to know what he was thinking, and said that it was the most famous world music.Ji Yanjie hugged the guitar like a soldier.The first sound he played was a burst of fierce high notes, but it was not loud and clear, but fuzzy and chaotic, and even had some weird tones, as if hidden in the fog, looming.The famous song Black Iron Castle is so special.From the first sound, it seems so different.It is a grand orchestra composed by the British Hagley in the middle of the last century.It tells the story of the mid 19th century when human beings entered the steam age.It is said that in the UK, mad scientists gathered the wisdom and sweat of countless people.

Thinking about it now, it was really a big negligence.He only knows what it is, not why.After Tangtang er finished speaking, Old Tang s family fell into silence.The family of four, plus a puppy and a small parrot, all remained silent.Are you scared by me Is Candy very bad Killed Xiao Hei and Xiao Hua, ying ying Tangtang er raised her crying face, looked at her father and brother, and looked sideways at her mother.She asked if she was bad, but she desperately hoped that her parents and brother would not say that she was bad., don t abandon her, help her, she really wants to tell them that she is not that bad.But Xiao Hei and Xiao Hua were indeed killed by her.Every time she thinks of this, she feels very sad, and feels that she is really bad, a bad child, and the two little goldfishes are so cute, but they died in her hands.

Tang Shuang smiled and said modestly Write Just for fun, I like to open my mind.Zhang Tianfeng They are all very good original scripts, plan well, don t sell the copyright at will, these stories have vitamin world cbd gummies great value.Tang Shuang was stunned, and said sincerely Thank you, I understand.Zhang Tianfeng changed the subject and said, The nursery rhyme Shake to Grandma Bridge is very well chosen.It s the finishing touch.When I first understood it, it felt a bit creepy.Tang Shuang slightly Thinking about it, I understood how long does cbd gummies keep you high what he was talking about, and said with a smile, It s just ruining my childhood.I don t know if the audience will chase me for how much do royal blend cbd gummies cost it.Zhang Tianfeng also laughed and said, Fortunately, this nursery rhyme has already been circulated.For a long time, there is no songwriter, otherwise if the writer pursues your responsibility, it will be a big problem.

Tang Shuang unscrewed the thermos bottle she brought, fed her a little, and then took it away.Little Pig said Drink some more.Tang Shuang I can t drink anymore.If you drink too much, your stomach will be full of water.You will feel very uncomfortable when you jump the rubber band.Little Pig licked his lips Then let me lick the bottle.Tang Shuang Finally gave her another sip.Tang Tang Tang Tang it s your turn, come quickly.A child called Tang Tang and continued playing.Go and play, Tang Shuang said.Tang Tanger ran over in a flash of smoke, and the laughter spread far away.She didn t notice that Zhong Beiqi had already left secretly.Not only Zhong Beiqi, but also the staff who were standing by the side laughing and watching also dispersed, and they all took their places and returned to their jobs.

But she didn t intend to give in easily, and said stubbornly to Tang Shuang, Candy can cry too, cry loudly.The bosom brother cast a look over and said, Just don t shed tears, right, um, I understand, It s pretty good too. Hehehe Tangtang er is embarrassed, yes, she can cry too, but she only makes a sound and doesn t shed tears, which is the same as light thunder but no rain.The filming of Zhong Beiqi s scene was finished very quickly, and her performance was as good as ever.After filming this scene, I began to turn can cbd gummies indoors, and the scene where Xiao Li went to visit her first love was shot.This movie has no stars, but ordinary people.For Ye Liang, it is easier to control, and there are Miao Wen and Zhang Tianfeng to cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld help.Tang Shuang learned that Zhang Tianfeng came here almost once a week.He was very concerned about Ye Liang s work.

It s only 10 o clock now, and my little sister is already like this.Seeing this, Huang Xiangning invited her to go out for a run and bask in the sun.Today is sunny and warm.I want to be a little sun, not a sad baby.Let s liberty cbd gummies for ed can cbd gummies go, sister, go to the sun with my mother.Tangtanger immediately handed her little hand to Huang Xiangning, eager to go out and have fun.It s better to eat outside after a walk instead of going home, so that she doesn t have to wash vegetables or dishes.Huang Xiangning also invited Tang Shuang to go.Tang Tanger had a different opinion, thinking that Xiaoshuang should be kept, because Xiaoshuang is a boy and cannot participate in the girls walk.Candy is used to calling the walk with Huang Xiangning a girl s walk, which excludes Tang Shuang and Brother Sanjian.If Tang Zhen is at home, she can accept it.

The scene was similar to when she first came.At that time, she was loved by everyone, and she was instantly surrounded by people asking questions.The atmosphere was also very enthusiastic, but in an instant, the situation was reversed.Everyone abandoned her and chased Xiaoshuang instead.up Xiaoshuang was introduced to you by the Lun family Tangtang was not happy, both because the aunts bullied the little man, and because Xiaoshuang didn t care about her, she was squeezed out, Xiaoshuang didn t find out, or found out, but HCMUSSH can cbd gummies he didn t care, compared to little sister, little sister Shuang prefers big girls, this philandering big radish snort The little can cbd gummies pig jumped up and seized an opening with all his strength, ehhhhhh Squeezed sideways from a group of long legs and squeezed in with a small body Squeezing while rubbing oil on the long legs, the little girl was startled to scream, hee hee When I got inside, I looked up and saw that the long legs were like a forest.

She fidgets.Do you want to eat me Seeing that he couldn t get away, the little pig asked like this every time, he could only act cute.Tang Shuang touched her forehead and said, You don t have a fever, how could you have such an idea Why should I eat you I never eat children.Candy was a little happy, but still extremely worried, and asked But you eat little pigs, right Tang Shuang laughed and said, Yes, I eat little pigs.He fell, and was dragged back by the big devil in a very embarrassing manner, without any resistance.The little piggy in white jumped out again and asked if all the little can cbd gummies piggies in the world would end up like this.The little piggy in black jumped out and replied, not all the little piggies in the world ended up like this, some were directly beaten to death and then dragged away.

The poems written by my dad are not only high yield, but also of good quality, right, do you think I m right Xiaozhen, Tang Tang you think it s wrong, don t you Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger nodded subconsciously, and Tang Shuang immediately jumped up and said, What Do you think Dad can t write poetry Okay, you guys, a bunch of unfilial guys Dad, how do you think we should deal with them Don can cbd gummies t let them come first Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger finally realized that they had fallen into Xiaoshuang s trap Candy gritted her teeth angrily.Tang Zhen said bitterly I don t Tang Tanger also jumped up and said loudly The Lun family didn t say anything The poems written by Dad are so beautiful I really like to listen to them You should be listening to songs Well, I really like listening to it Tang Shuang Then you don t think the poems written by Dad are good, do you Tang Tanger nodded and said, Well Before she could finish the words, Tang Shuang jumped up again and said, liberty cbd gummies for ed can cbd gummies Look Dad Look at this little person, and she said that your poems are not good, you are a little villain, right Let her write poems.

Some of the media came can cbd gummies ahead of time, and Zhang Fei is familiar with them, so he was able to get such a good interview opportunity, instead of having to wait until the evening premiere to be crowded with a lot of media.Zhang Fei was watching the stage program very seriously.This was a warm up for the premiere.It started 30 minutes before the premiere, and after the show ended, the premiere officially began.How does Xiao Shuang feel Zhang Fei asked Tang Shuang who was sitting on his left.Li Ying looked sideways and continued to stare at the performance on the stage.It was his first time watching it and he was very interested.Tang Shuang thought for a while and said, Very good.We have the tone we set at the beginning, but the two who play Can Jian and Feixue need to be a little more lonely.When designing the premiere, Zhang can cbd gummies Fei and Tang Shuang participated in it, and it was Zhang Fei s idea to do a stage play before the premiere, but the basic idea came from Tang Shuang.

She raised her head and charles stanley eagle cbd gummies looked at the big tree vigorously, trying to find the figures of the little sparrows.Seeing this, Tang Zhen said, They must have gone home, they have a home, and they won t get lost.Candy didn t believe it, she didn t see it, so she had to put a question mark.Sister, look for them quickly Tang Zhen Then let s look for them together, don t be in a hurry, okay The two circled around under the big ginkgo tree, looking up at the dappled tree with their heads up, trying to find the motionless little sparrow , is really too difficult.At this time, a man s voice sounded Hello, what are you looking for Do you want my help Chapter 750 When Tang Zhen and Tang Zhener, a gifted baby from heaven, were looking for a bird, someone came over to strike up a conversation.Tang Zhen had already taken off her mask when she entered the theater to watch a movie, and she didn t put does cbd gummies help with adhd it on again when she came out just now, she thought it was because she would not be noticed at night.

I like this gift for me very much.Sister, she is a young man.Give it as a gift, I understand young people s minds very well.Luo s mother listened to Luo Peiqi s words, then looked at her daughter s expression, and immediately guessed that this is a gift from her future son in law When did Yuqing have a can cbd gummies boyfriend Chapter 756 The little peacock calls.The dinner is western food, which is very free, similar to a buffet.Everyone chooses the food at the table by themselves, sits down and eats if they like, or stands up if they want to.Many people get together in twos and threes, or stand by the window, and have dinner together by the night outside, or on the small sofa They formed a circle and started chatting.There were not only celebrities but also reporters at the dinner party.These reporters were friends with Zhang Fei, so it was a can cbd gummies rare opportunity to invite them together.

The three of them came out of the cafe and were about to cross the street and go to the hospital.Wait, so who, Lao Xu came out, Xiao Shuang blocked me.Ye Liang saw a thin, tall, gray faced middle aged man walking out of Uncle Hot at a glance.He was worried that he would be recognized He came out and quickly hid behind Tang Shuang.Guo Zifeng also took a step forward immediately, and blocked him with Tang Shuang s body.The three of them watched Lao Xu come out of can cbd gummies the store, walking in a hurry, and looking around.Ye Liang This guy is sneaky, and he knew he was going to do something bad.Guo Zifeng Could it be going to the bank It s really possible, follow up.Ye Liang said excitedly.Tang Shuang stopped the excited little Ye Zifeng, and said to Guo Zifeng Just in case, this old Xu may recognize Ye Zi and me, Guo Zi, follow up and see if you are going to the bank to withdraw money.

Chapter 785 The Great Demon King Huang Xiangning and Tang Sanjian went out from Old Tang s house at three o clock in the afternoon to visit stimuli rx cbd gummies reviews their son and daughter in the hospital.When the car stopped at the hospital, Tang Sanjian saw that the shops next to the hospital were surrounded People, after getting out of the car, they looked over there curiously.Huh He seemed to see a familiar face.Huang Xiangning was carrying a handbag, which contained food for Candy.There were two bananas, a cooked apple cut into five petals, and a small bowl of plain noodles, all of which were suitable for recovering strength as soon as possible after diarrhea food.What s wrong Why are there so many people around there Huang Xiangning also looked at the crowd.Tang Sanjian said I seem to see Xiao Guo inside, I m not sure, how about I go and have a look Huang Xiangning Xiao Guo He came to the hospital in the morning, didn t he go back You can cbd gummies go and have a look, come back as soon as possible, I Go to the hospital and have a look at Candy, she is about to wake up.

She didn t want Xiaoshuang to see it, and she didn t want her sister to see it.The family didn t have that much money, and the red envelope was only for the baby, so she had to secretly Give it freely, otherwise Xiaoshuang and Xiaozhen will be sad.Okay Tang Tanger agreed bluntly, and drove away Tang Shuang who wanted to rest on the sofa.The living room was empty, Tang Shuang went back to the study, Tang Zhen didn t know what to do in the room, Tang Sanjian was washing the dishes.Huang Xiangning and Tangtanger sat side by side on the sofa, the adults put their arms around the little one s shoulders, whispering.Okay, Candy, go and bring it to Mom.Candy ran back to her room, and came back with a stack of notebooks in a short while.Here Mom, you have to keep it well.Tangtanger handed the things to Huang Xiangning very preciously.

Su Dingnan said with a smile Dajian, don t be nervous, just a few of us talk about it in private, I won t talk about it outside, I understand the principle of flattering and killing.Tang Dajian said The theory still needs to be put into practice.Tang Jin may have some dry goods in military theory, but if he really applies it well on the battlefield, he will not be able to become a general without long term war training.It is said that it is so difficult to produce a real general in peacetime.It doesn t count if the military rank reaches a general, it refers to a general who can really lead an army and reap victories on the battlefield.When Su Dingnan and the others were chatting with the old Tang s family, Tangtanger, who had been floating in the rivers and lakes for a while, finally missed home, and brought the group she just organized Destroy You on behalf of the Moon to go home and take a look around.

Isn t the little princess enjoying this kind of treatment when she is sick She nodded to Liu Quanquan first, then to Su Dingnan and Zhang Ziwei, then to Dabai Erbai and the others, nodding and saying, That s right, that s it.Only she didn t nod to Tang Shuang, because of this matter Tang Shuang knew it, from beginning to end.Tang Shuang was speechless, this guy wanted to publicize his illness.Her godfather Liu Quanquan asked with concern Why is Tangtang er sick She was not allowed to eat spicy strips anymore, she went too many.The villain immediately changed his face, from Mrs.Xianglin to an expert who is worried about everything, waved can cbd gummies how long does a cbd gummy last his hand lightly, and said lightly Oh, don t mention these, it s over, my My brother said that during the New Year, we should forget the unhappy ones and welcome the happy ones, can cbd gummies Xiaoshuang, what is it called Tang Shuang said heartily, Get rid of the old and welcome the new.

Candy, do you know who gave it strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood to you Tang Zhen rolled her eyes at him, what is this painting of Gouzi She already guessed who drew it.Since the sweater was given by Jiang Yue, then this painting should also be drawn by Jiang Yue.It s Jiang Yue s painting, not Gouzi s.Tang Shuang quickly apologized I m sorry, I m sorry, I made a mistake, I mean this painting of a dog and Candy is very cute, super cute, Candy is wearing a bamboo dragonfly, is this about to take off Candy Candy er nodded That s right, Tangy er is ready to take off Where are you going Tang Shuang asked.Go save people Together with the Wang strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood Wang team, rescue those who are in danger Tang Tanger said firmly, this person s sense of justice is already overwhelming, and he will not hesitate to go up the mountain of swords and down the sea of fire.

Tang Shuang was browsing the crowd at random, but suddenly seemed to see a familiar face.To be sure, Tang Tanger showed him the painting for a closer look.Spread it out on your knees, and after looking at it, Tang Shuang thought about it, and said to Tang Zhen, Sister, please get a picture frame from the cabinet in my study, and I will frame Tang s picture.Candy Son, can you go with my sister Seeing Tang Zhen and Tangtanger going to the study, Tang Shuang asked Huang Xiangning Mom, are the sweaters and paintings sent by sister Yue Tang Shuang went upstairs, then nodded to Tang Shuang, and said It was given by Ayue, she wove the sweater for Tang Tang, and she also drew the paintings.She knows Tang Tang likes to draw, so from this year onwards Started strawberry cbd gummies by wyld learning in half a year.When your dad and I came back, she asked us to give Tangtanger.

Tang Shuang looked at these beautiful girls, and as they danced, more and more information was collected in her mind, and she felt more and more familiar with this scene, until she suddenly saw a girl s face clearly, and memories flooded her mind.He said to Huang Xiangning who was feeding the fish Mom Mom Huang Xiangning was still feeding Xiaoshuang s family carefully, and he didn t hear another Xiaoshuang in the family shouting.Tang Shuang shouted loudly Xiang Ning Sister Huang Xiangning finally heard it, and asked, What s the matter Xiaoshuang.Boo The little goldfish in the pond spit a bubble, it is used to candy My son called it so, thinking anti smoking cbd gummies it was calling it.Tang Shuang beckoned Come and see, Lantern Festival Gala, are these girls from Guangdong University Candy er s little milk voice answered him Mom is feeding the little goldfish with Tangy er, little girl Shuang, don t make trouble Tang Shuang looked up, and at some point, Little Piggy can cbd gummies was lying on the railing on the second floor, looking at him with a smile, while Tang Zhen was closing the balcony door.

Wow Xiaoshuang, the Lun family is only 20 Candy exclaimed happily.20 catties It refers to your one leg.Tang Shuang looked at the number on the electronic scale, which showed 20kg.Huh What s going on The number has become smaller.Candy said happily, You ve lost weight, and the Lun family has lost weight again cbd gummies discount Sister The Lun family is really a little fairy.Tang Shuang felt something was wrong, took a step back, and lowered her head When I saw it, I saw this villain s left foot tiptoeing furtively on the ground Tang Shuang said with a smile It really is the weight of one leg.Chapter 827 The little sister of the Tang family who is never forgotten.practice.Guangdong TV Station, the Baby is Coming program group, the main person in charge gathered in the conference room early this morning.After the New Year, the planning of a new program was put on the agenda.

Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang A shout suddenly came from the piano room, but the voice was too soft and gentle, and Tang Shuang, who was sitting in the living room watching Pao Wang Team , didn t hear it at all.Xiao Shuang Brother A loli Xiaoqingyin cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld yelled loudly, Tang Shuang heard it, and looked in the direction of the piano room.Guokuo Guoguo Quack This loud voice was loud, it was Tang Xiaowu who heard Tangtanger calling his brother, and came to join in the fun, yelling quack.When Bai Jingjing heard the cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld birdsong, she poked her head out of the kennel, looked at the situation in the living room, saw that it was the Great Demon King, she didn t dare to say anything, can cbd gummies she continued to nest in the kennel and buried her head in sleep, recharging her energy for night shift.What s wrong Tang Shuang got up and went to the piano room, standing at the door and asked.

It turned out that Tang Shuang and Luo Yuqing s phones were ringing at the same time.Luo Yuqing looked at the caller ID and said, It s my cousin s number.Tang Shuang looked at his cell phone and said, My brother s.The display on the phone was Ye Liang.Only then did Tang Shuang remember that Ye Liang was still waiting for him to pick him up at the airport, forget about this buddy In the beginning, Tang Shuang took can cbd gummies how long does a cbd gummy last the initiative to ask Ye Liang to pick her up as a cover, and moved Xiao Ye Zi to such a mess, but now she forgot about throwing him at the airport.Chapter 844 We are reconciled Tang can cbd gummies Shuang hurried to the airport again.After receiving Director Ye, she sent him home directly.Then she didn t go to Luo Yuqing s again, but went to Nanshan Theater.Tang Zhen and Tangtanger were eating box lunch in the background, Tang Shuang asked the little man, Is it delicious Judging by her expression, demeanor, and actions, she is indeed very tasty.

Isn t there a picture of him on the Internet At the premiere of Hero , Mr.Huang s family all left the country.Are there any photos at the scene Guo Jing.It s a pity that Guo Jing didn t take a photo of Tang Sanjian, she just glanced at it from a distance, as if she didn t talk much.Then let me take a photo of Tang Shuang.Just in time, Guo Jing found Tang Shuang before the concert and asked him to sign it.Jingjing, did you get Tang Shuang s autograph for me It s coming Then a photo of Tang Shuang appeared in the group.In the photo, Tang Shuang was wearing a casual suit with a smile on her face, standing with Huang Xiangning, and in front of them was Guo Jing in a selfie.Guo Jing asked Huang Xiangning I took a photo with Tang Shuang, so I left this photo.Tang Shuang is so handsome, I like him.

Cheng Xin glanced at Shang cbd gummy recipe strawberry cbd gummies by wyld Hui, then continued to look at Tang Zhen.She is also the protagonist at Tang Zhen s home game today, so she is not as pitiful as usual.She was very active during the meal just now.She drank some red wine, and she was a little charming.It looks extraordinarily charming, and Chengxin s eyes are shining.I heard that Ah Zhen is from Guangdong Province I don t know where she lives Yes.Although Tang Zhen drank alcohol, she was not drunk and her thinking ability was normal.She felt that the question asked by Mr.Cheng was too abrupt.I just asked where she lived, and she was not a close friend, so she hummed coldly and stopped talking.Cheng Xin said I ve always heard that Tang Zhen is the beauty of Frost.As expected, acquaintances are friends.Ah Zhen, let s toast.As he spoke, someone beside him immediately poured a glass of red wine and handed it to him.

Xiao Na praised Mr.Cheng is really young and promising.At the same time, she stared at Tang Zhen closely, using her eyes to stop her from telling the truth Tang Zhen blinked her eyes, opened her eyes a little bit, and said, Ah, I ve heard of it.It s good can cbd gummies for someone like Tang Zhen, who has a negative acting skills, to keep a frosty face and not act.Not only did she act differently, but it also made the atmosphere even more awkward.Anyone could see that her perfunctory attitude was too perfunctory and counterproductive.The young and promising Mr.Cheng has been scrambling in the mall for many years, and he knows the truth that emotions cannot be shown.Pressed back.When Tang Shuang came back, Cheng Xin was nowhere to be seen, and it was said that he had already left.After the simple celebration banquet, everyone left separately.

The little man stood in front of the TV, pointed at Tang Shuang on the TV with his little finger, and praised Tang Shuang crazily in front of Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning.The praise that was extremely stingy in the past, now poured out like he didn t want money.Especially when she heard her name was called at the end, she carefully brushed her wings and flew out.She walked around the house triumphantly and flew past the window.People all over the street yelled I have a girl Brother, his name is Xiaoshuang, he is a little calf, he is so powerful Tangtanger broke free from Huang Xiangning s arms and began to jump around, like a puppy running wild in the grass, going crazy with joy and losing his head for a while He ran wildly without thinking, and after a while, he eagerly came to his feet and wagged his tail to beg for mercy and show off his cuteness.

Tang Shuang was about to look for Tang Zhen, when another person walked in front of her with long curly hair.Tang Shuang I m Yin Bo, let s get acquainted.The young man opposite is Yin Bo, who won the bronze novel for The Neighbor s Wife.Hello, Yin Bo, congratulations.Tang Shuang said to the other party politely.Yin Bo glanced at Tang Shuang and said, You are silver and I am bronze.It feels weird for you to congratulate me.After thinking too much, I thought you were laughing at me.Tang Shuang was taken aback No, no, I m not This means, regardless of silver or bronze, they are the highest literary awards in China, and they are worthy of pride for a lifetime.Yin Bo smiled and said That s what you say, but if you can get silver, who would want bronze Are you right Are you willing to exchange yours with me Tang Shuang Where, are you kidding No matter how high or low, your own is better.

Jiang Shaohua said loudly I Not drunk I m sober Tell me, Li Ningxi I m not good enough for bacon flavored cbd gummies for dogs you My family is not good enough for your family Li Ningxi ignored him and said to the people around him Send him home.Several people immediately asked Jiang Shaohua thc cbd melatonin gummies to leave.How could Jiang Shaohua be willing to attack these people fiercely, but these people were afraid of his identity and dared not use force.When Jiang Shaohua saw Tang Shuang sitting next to Li Ningxi, he suddenly became furious This is the person Li Ningxi, you chatted with him for half an hour You said you HCMUSSH can cbd gummies specially invited him here You are fascinated by him Get out Get out of here Jiang Shaohua shouted to Tang Shuang.It seems that this is a bloody drama, and Tang Shuang is not interested in their affairs.Li Ningxi reprimanded Jiang Shaohua while saying sorry to him.

Li Haonan said, turning his eyes away from the sea in front of him, and looked at Tang Shuang burningly.Tang Shuang said with a smile, What you heard is good news.I will continue to publish new books.Li Haonan breathed a sigh of relief, finally letting go of the heavy burden that had been on him these days.He was promoted to deputy editor in chief of Guangdong Province because of Tang Shuang.If Tang Shuang were to leave, he would definitely be greatly affected.Does the new book have any clues Don t wait a year or two before starting to serialize the new book.Tang Shuang got up and took out a piece of A4 manuscript paper from the desk drawer.Li Haonan kept his eyes on the manuscript paper.Tang Shuang sat back on the sofa and handed the manuscript to him Look at it, it s just a brief introduction and the first wedge.

Seeing her look of lovelessness, Tang Shuang thought for a while, forget it, let s not talk about this kid.The child was kind enough to help, but he lacked a correct understanding of his own strength, so it was a disservice.In fact, Tang Shuang really wanted to ask her, don t you know these dishes Well, let s forget about the meat and seafood, at least you should know the vegetables, isn t there a book called A Garden of Vegetables Become a Master How can I mistake vegetables Then Tang Shuang denied this idea, because he found that most of the vegetable candies were recognized, and the mistakes were basically all meat and seafood.This is a seaside fishing village, and seafood is the main food.It s just that it s hard for everyone, and they all follow Candy to the end.The other children, except Feng Xiaofeng did not ask her for help, everyone else asked her for help, and she helped pick them out, so the result can be imagined.

If you cry, I will watch you cry without speaking.Chapter 918 Dreaming that I Can t Find You Anymore After comforting a few children not to cry, Li Guanping brought everyone to Tangtang er, and gave each of them a bottle of warm milk to drink.At the same time, he seized this opportunity and asked Candy why he was wearing a small comb.When asking this question, he tried to keep his tone gentle and objective.Cao Kai stood aside and watched quietly.He was a little worried about the communication between Li Guanping and Tang Tang.After all, it was his son who was beaten, and he could tell from his performance this day that Li Guanping doted on his son and wanted to If you want to be able to understand, you will be a child when you are old.He even wanted to handle the children s fight by himself to avoid embarrassment for Li Guanping.

The little man was terrified to death, kept sneaking sideways glances at the furious Zhang Martian, and approached Zhang Weitong with small steps.Oh, Tang Tang is here.Tang Tang is here to resolve the embarrassment again.Tang Tang is the king of saving the field.He saved Feng Chaoqun moon flower cbd gummies s field before, and now he is here to save Zhang Martian s field.The program team wants to give Xiao Candy Hard work Cao Kai should invite Tang Tang to drink coffee.Reciprocity.I, Tang Tang, come to the rescue every time.Tang Tang is doing well.Hurry up and comfort Xiao Tongzi, he must be can cbd gummies very happy.Sad.I feel sorry for Xiao Tongzi.I like Tang Tang.Oh, this is a philosophical question about the chicken and the egg.Haha, what Tang Tang said is very reasonable.What Xiaotongzi said also makes sense.Huh What kind of operation is this Tang Tang wants to talk to Xiaoji Haha, I have a hunch that it s going to explode.

I got caught peeking at Baby is Coming.No, I m going to have a Tang Tang with my wife tonight.Tang Sister That s impolite You should be called cousin The bullet screen swiping the screen began to float over the two characters cousin neatly There are red, strawberry cbd gummies by wyld cbd gummies for depression and mood black, blue and green colorful.Candy er didn t know that her dream wish had come true unknowingly.She repeatedly tried frantically on the edge of life and death, and wanted Tang Shuang to call her a little sister, but inadvertently, she became the cousin of countless people But she didn t look at the computer, and didn t know that she had become a sister, otherwise she would definitely not be going to sleep tonight.The first episode Baby is Coming came to an abrupt end in the climax, triggering a frenzy of complaints, and everyone is watching it with enthusiasm.

After getting an affirmative answer, she asked Tang Shuang what happened to her grandfather.At the Huaxia Literature Ceremony, when Tang Shuang delivered his acceptance speech, he once said that half of the prototype of Sand Dragon in Broken Soul Gun was his grandfather.The host remembered this sentence, so he asked this question.I remember Tang Shuang, your family is a scholarly family, and your father is a famous university professor, but from what you said, your grandfather seems to be a martial artist Not a martial artist, my grandfather is a Red Army soldier Tang Shuang said simply Learn about the situation of Tang Hongjun.The host seemed very interested in this and kept asking.Tang Shuang said what she could, and she could only apologize for what she couldn t.Tang Hongjun has a special status, and many things need to be kept secret.

Looking at the caller ID, it was Teacher Zhang.It turned out that the kindergarten friends learned that Tangtanger was sick and begged Teacher Xiao Zhang to call to care about her.Tang Shuang came to Tang Zhen s room and said to Tang Tanger who was squatting beside the suitcase Tang Tang, your phone number.Mine Tang Tang s Tang Tanger asked in surprise.She was looking at the suitcase eagerly, waiting for her sister to take out the most delicious food from it.Your Teacher Xiao Zhang is calling.Tang can cbd gummies Shuang said, can cbd gummies handing her the phone.Candy immediately took the phone and said loudly, Crooked Teacher Zhang Is it Teacher Zhang Do you want to be swollen Tang Zhen Tang Shuang Tang Shuang quickly said, Talk to Teacher Zhang carefully.Little Peacock and Little Putao are very concerned about you and want to talk to you, so they begged Teacher Zhang to call you.

Another example is my mother, such a thin and small mother, but Xiaoshuang, sister and her are hidden in her stomach, it is not easy At the same time, I thought, is this true Can mother s belly really hide the three of them Did Xiaoshuang pick it up Did my sister pick it up Only she, Little Tangtang Fairy, was born in her mother s womb Ah Xiaohong is finished giving birth Xiaohong is not pot cbd gummies can cbd gummies amazing.Seeing that Xiaohong has not squeezed out any more baby fish, Tangtanger said cheerfully, One, two, three, four, there are four baby fish Acridine, Xiaohong is really amazing, so happy.However, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen, who had do cbd gummies give you a headache some experience, had already noticed something was wrong.Something is wrong with Xiaohong after production.Xiaohong wobbled and floated to the surface of the water, her mouth opened and closed, looking listless.

They call on the current young stars to learn more from the older generation of stars like Hu Zhongyuan.Their excellent qualities are enough to benefit people for life.Especially best cbd gummies for high blood pressue Those little fresh meats who rely on traffic and have no singing or acting skills, relying on a face and fancy attire, have more pomp than anyone else, but they have nothing to offer.They should be against Hu Zhongyuan and reflect on themselves.In last night s concert, the media paid much attention to Hu Zhongyuan s farewell.The first one was Tang Zhen s first performance of Once Upon a Time You , although we seem to be used to it, the fact tells us that it just seems that all we can do is scream and admire.The perfect cooperation can cbd gummies with Yu Xiang once again created this atmospheric and sad song Once Upon a Time You.The combination of two completely different feelings played a perfect effect.

Tang Shuang looked at Tang Shuang can cbd gummies grinding her baby teeth angrily.Tang Xin on the side couldn t stand it any longer, and pulled Tang Shuang and said, Let s play two more games, let s fight it out Tang Shuang laughed and said, What are we going to fight It s male You can t even see such an obvious feature Tang Huohuo interjected, The obvious feature Where is it Pia The cheap Tang Huohuo suffered from Tang Xin s strangled neck.Ah help help, help, oops, dizzy, my hand is about to break, little Xinxin, please forgive me, hero Please forgive me Do you know I was wrong I know I know I was wrong Lah Ah, my neck is about to break Tang Xin let him go after tossing about for a while.Poor Tang Huohuo slumped on the sofa miserably, weeping silently, especially when he looked up and saw Tangtanger s pitiful eyes, he was even more ashamed A majestic diy cbd isolate gummies male was defeated so simply in a showdown.

He, brother Sanjian, and can cbd gummies Tang Zhen have already discussed in private that they will go to Miaoling Villa, which is the Yashan Sanatorium, to take Tang Tang s mother Jiang Yue back to Old Tang s house, and we will celebrate Mother s Day together.When Jiang Yue was pregnant with Tangtang, her husband died unexpectedly by her side.When Tang Sanjian rushed to the scene, he saw her slumped on the ground, with blood spattered on her face and body.The blood belonged to her most beloved person.She was not alone at the scene, she was surrounded by a group of menacing people.She was terrified and insane.Tang Sanjian was furious, and called Tang Erjian.Tang Erjian didn t rush here alone, but pulled a police team over.Tang Erjian, who usually talks less and keeps a low profile, seems to have the least sense of presence and a good temper, but in fact he is the most tempered among the three brothers of the Tang family.

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