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By means of these people, more information can be obtained.Cui Wei said In the past two years, a man named Nie Chen has helped the court arrest many criminals, especially in the past few months, he has helped the court solve two major cases.Chen, come here.Let s see how this Nie Chen is, if available, recruit him earlier, Cui Zhen pondered for a moment and said, I received the news that that person is also leaving for Shanxi, and he must be ahead of him.Figure out the situation.Chapter 5 The thief thanked Guixianren and Fanhua leader for not having to get up early, which is another benefit of being Gu Mingzhu.Everyone knows that Miss Gu sleeps most of the time, and no one will disturb her when she is sleeping.If she is accidentally cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies woken up, she will have a headache for several days.This gave Gu Mingzhu a lot of time to be alone.Feng Anping turned his head and cbd 500mg gummies saw Chu Jiu.Chujiu, sir Bring the beef.Feng Anping s face froze there.How did Chujiu know that he was beefy Chujiu, you HCMUSSH cbd 500mg gummies want to Chujiu said Feed the chicken.The door was closed heavily, Feng Anping blinked, and the chickens of Master Wei s house were indeed so different.in the house.Wei Yuanchen drank tea slowly, Chu Jiu walked in and reported My lord, after Miss Gu pushed the murderer down the mountain, you let me check the situation.I saw the servants of the Gu family looking for Miss Gu.The servants of the Gu family just happened to Walking near the place where the murderer fell, if they hadn t heard Miss Gu s shout, they would have found the injured murderer soon.Wei Yuanchen nodded, if Miss Gu deliberately calculated the murderer, it would definitely make people Wait at the foot of the mountain to confirm the murderer s life and death.There seemed to be a few people sitting on the ground in the darkness.She couldn t see them clearly, but she knew that those eyes were on her Even though he had prepared for it, his heartbeat would inevitably speed up at this time.What are these people doing hiding here phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial I only heard Mrs.Chen say Xiaoer s energy has improved these few days, but she took her medicine.Xiaoer is thinking about you, so let me bring her here.The man s voice was hoarse Why bother.People Let s take a look when everyone is here, this is Xiaoer s intention.As soon as Mrs.Chen finished speaking, Gu Mingzhu turned and walked out of the house.Hey, what are you doing, lady Mrs.Chen hurried to stop her.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the room, then waved her hand, as if she was very scared.It s all here, are you afraid that we won t admit it I ll give you the money first.He could hear clearly what the man said in the house.The doctor woman was invited to treat them and had nothing to do with this case.So he brought Chu Jiu and others here to ask the doctor.Wei Yuanchen walked towards the doctor woman.The doctor woman began to shiver and tremble, but she just clenched the silver in her hand a little tighter, and when Wei Yuanchen came to her, she had already shrunk behind Liu Su.Can t talk Gu Mingzhu nodded.Illiterate Gu Mingzhu nodded again.This man s pair is like a pool of cold water.Most people can t help but tell the truth after seeing it.Then why do you practice medicine Wei Yuanchen said calmly.Gu Mingzhu still hugged the medicine box tightly.Open the medicine box and let me have a look.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu immediately stepped forward to take the medicine box from the medicine woman s arms, held it in her hand and opened it, and moved the lantern in her hand to make it easier for the third master to check.Then Nie Chen and the people behind him really had some tricks.Who is the person behind Nie Chen Is it related to the Pearl Thief cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies seven years ago Chapter 18 Terrible Wei Yuanchen looked at a greeting card left by Nie Chen, on which Nie Chen s name was clearly written.People who have been doing detective work all year round can know it after a little inquiring in Taiyuan City, so Nie Chen Don t dare to lie.The real problem is what Nie Chen didn t say, such as how the map was obtained and from whom.It doesn t matter if it s true or not right now, it will all be known in the future.Third Master, Chu Jiu said, I ll have kana cbd gummies for copd someone check out the details of that person.Wei Yuanchen threw the map in his hand to Chu Jiu Go here and check first.Nie Chen didn t say what the map is useful for, He also probably had a guess.Tai is changing clothes.As soon as the mother in charge finished speaking, Cui Wei frowned when she saw a maid carrying water in.It seemed that the mother was going to take a bath.Mom takes a bath at this time Mrs.Huaiyuanhou is still at home, and the fourth brother has just been imprisoned.There are still many things to be arranged in the family.Since the mother has come to Taiyuan, she should take charge of the overall situation.What is the reason for this He knew beforehand that his mother was going to come to the clan, and he didn t mention it to his elder brother.First, it was because the mother s decision could not be changed.Second, the investigation of the case in Taiyuan was very important at the moment, and they didn t have more energy to deal with other things.Although he received the news that it was His mother secretly asked someone to tell him, but the eldest brother had a close friend in the mansion, so someone must have reported it for him, and the eldest brother did not stop it, nor did he want to refute his mother s face.She almost immediately thought of those bugs, and subconsciously waved her sleeves, trying to brush away the bugs that lingered in her heart.However, such a small movement made Gu Mingzhu s feet unsteady, and she staggered and fell to the ground.Touch porcelain success.Woo Gu Mingzhu opened her mouth and immediately cried out.Mrs.Lin stood up immediately Zhuzhu.The mother in charge next to her also hurriedly helped Gu Mingzhu.Mrs.Lin s majestic expression disappeared without a trace.She was going to smilz cbd gummies reviews phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial frighten Mrs.Cui Si with all her might, and make Mrs.Cui Si panic, so that she might be able to ask the truth, but she didn t expect to be interrupted by Zhuzhu.Zhuzhu, aunt didn t mean it.Mrs.Lin didn t know what happened to her, she would think of the centipede that crawled on her obscene clothes when she saw Gu Mingzhu, but just now she just waved her hand, Zhuzhu Why did she fall down In the eyes of others, she thought she was venting her anger on Zhuzhu.

As he had guessed before, it was related to quarrying, and the place where they went to hide the stolen goods today had several severe earthquakes.The clues are connected in this way, the thief confessed that the place where the stolen goods were hidden had his intentions, and wanted to lead him to find out the case, but the stolen goods were not in the cave, and someone took the stolen goods in advance, so they pounced.null.He had the scouts check carefully, and there were no footprints near the cave, which was the result of careful cleaning.The person who took the things must stand to the left of the person who led him to solve the case, and he became a pawn involved in it.Cui Zhen slapped the table with his palm, and Cui Wei who was next to him was startled, and immediately got up Brother, what s wrong Cui Zhen remained silent, he had to be careful when he had military power in his hands, cbd 500mg gummies he would definitely be wooed and used by others, when he made military achievements and was reused by the court, he thought clearly, he must not take refuge in anyone until the last moment, but to try his best Replenish energy and store energy as much as possible, accumulate his own strength, so as to ensure that the Cui family will not fall down at any time.The bright red beige, the skirt with gold threads, that s all.On her head, she wears a fringe that can reveal the hair accessories, revealing a big bun, which is full of gold and silver ornaments.She walks out unsteadily like a Dowry for long legs.No one in this world is more gaudy than her.Chapter 34 Wei Yuanchen s yellow face was slightly darkened, the corners of his eyes were wrinkled again and again, and the air in the room seemed to be much colder all of a sudden.But the doctor didn t see it, she was still playing with the jade ornaments around her waist, those rings were hung on her belt one after another, there was no sense of beauty at all.She is wearing all of Miss Ziyuan s most valuable items, is she planning to snatch a few of them later Wei Yuanchen remembered that when he was in Yong an Lane, the doctor woman picked up the silver and took a bite.He stepped on the weaving in the grass to test her reaction.But this place is no longer the Golden Pagoda Temple, nor is it on the Huafang Lake, but the Gu family, her place, let him gain the upper hand again, she must be unhappy in her heart.And in order not to make best cbd gummy on amazon such a temptation happen again and again, let it be confirmed this time.Woo After the collision, Gu Mingzhu immediately burst into tears.She didn t believe that Mr.Wei could make a move on her in front of the Gu family, and it didn t matter if he did it.In the future, Mr.Wei might not have the face to come to the door again.No matter what he chooses, her goal can be achieved.Wei Yuanchen also frowned.In front of Miss Gu s slender body, she burst out with strength that cannot be underestimated every time.This time, her voice was cbd gummies green lobster harsher than in Jinta Temple.It is very hard to confront him all the time Master Wei, Mrs.Lin came up to him, How good is this, Zhuzhu is too ignorant.Mrs.Lin complained, but pulled Gu Mingzhu behind her, like an old hen guarding her cubs I will definitely go back and reprimand her.Rebuke Coaxing to eat the sweet fruit Wei Yuanchen sneered in his heart, his face remained calm I remembered something that I haven t asked Miss Gu.It turned out that this was the reason why he came back.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently Miss Gu, do you still remember that there were monks who stopped you at the Jinta Temple and didn t want you to go up the mountain Mrs.Lin had never heard of this verse, so she turned to look at her daughter.Gu Mingzhu doesn t need to act, because there is no such part at all, the Master Wei in front of him is talking nonsense with his eyes open, bullying her is a stupid girl and can t make any response.Gu Mingzhu was still looking at the broken porcelain on the ground.Mrs.Lin patted Gu Mingzhu on the back lightly Zhuzhu is not afraid, it s fine.She wasn t afraid at all, she was just looking at the talismans stuck on the bottom of the porcelain pot, it was strange, if those people were in the capital The purpose of scaring Mrs.Lin is to make Mrs.Lin bring fake Taoist priests into the ancestral grave of the Cui family, and light gunpowder to blame those people.But now this situation has been broken, and Mother Yu has also been arrested.Why are those people still pretending to be ghosts What exactly are they trying to do Gu Mingzhu thought of the geomantic land that Mrs.Zhou mentioned, could it be that she wanted to lure Mrs.Lin to that land Mr.Wei stared at the Cui family, probably because he discovered some problems during the interrogation of those fake Taoist priests, and felt that this matter was endless.Madam Lin handed the Tamba wild rice to Zhuangtou Go and have a look.Madam Lin saw that the family sister had made up her mind, so she stopped persuading her, and they all walked up to Zhou s Zhuangzi together.Taking advantage of everyone s inattention, Baotong lowered her voice Miss, or I ll check around.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, it was really too dangerous for Baotong to go alone, now she deliberately said that there were snakes, so that the people cbd 500mg gummies in the village People search around, maybe they will find clues, even if they can t, they are on guard.Gu Mingzhu stopped in her tracks and leaned into Baotong s ear.Even a fool can talk to a maid like this.As long as others don t hear what they are saying, they won t arouse suspicion.Gu Mingzhu said Go to the carriage and get my saber bag, let our nursing home come over, and say I m afraid there will be more snakes to disturb me.

Just now She walked around outside, her eyes lit up and her heart widened.We don t have much time, Gu Mingzhu said, we have to pack it up quickly, so as not to reveal any flaws.Baotong nodded.Before that, order the guards to protect my mother.Han Yu is the magistrate of Taiyuan.If he has no problems, he will take good care of this Zhuangzi.Even if he has problems, he will not tear off the skin on his face until the end.Even if he went crazy, there was no need to embarrass them, the mother and daughter, they didn t know anything.Gu Mingzhu arranged everything.Before her mother came back, she walked out wearing a bamboo hat.She wanted to find a big tree and put the small bamboo tube here.Yan Tanhua taught her to make this small bamboo tube.The arrow will be ready to go, and when the mechanism is closed after releasing it, an arrow will be shot quickly.Gu Mingzhu raised his head, Wei Yuan Chen told them the news on the note, was it because cbd 500mg gummies he was grateful for his mother s care After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he continued to walk outside.Mrs.Lin looked at Wei Yuanchen s back and couldn t help shaking her head.The Wei family was not easy.My son, the situation of the Wei family may not change.I don t know how difficult it will be in the future.The closer I get to the power, the more dangerous it is.Mrs.Lin suddenly felt that she was very funny.Their Gu family was just a fallen noble, so where would it be their turn to worry about this Today s accident passed smoothly, and it will be as if nothing happened in the future.On the ninth day of the ninth day, Wei Yuanchen was helped onto the horse, and the third master looked mighty and extraordinary again.Where are the other two shops Gu Mingzhu asked Liu Su.Liu Sudao It s not far from here, the two shops are safe and sound, but it just so happens that when the accident happened in this shop, the shopkeepers of the three shops gathered here to drink, so they were murdered together.The shop was sealed up by the Yamen, and ordinary people were not allowed to does uly cbd gummies work enter.Standing outside the shop, Nie Chen saw the two of Liu Su coming, and immediately greeted them.The Elder asked someone to send a letter to him, asking him to bring a woman to investigate the case.Nie Chen could feel that the elder was very concerned about this case.If so, why didn t he show up from the beginning to the end Just like saving him from the prison back then, he was never allowed to see his true face.After a long time, Nie Chen gradually discovered that the Elder had great trust in him.Gu Mingzhu called out Liu Su.Then she walked forward quickly.The mother in law shook twice, rolled her eyes and fell to the ground, but fortunately Liu Su took the first step to support her.Gu Mingzhu didn t care about anything else, tore off a woman s skirt, and bound her wound.Wei Yuanchen s eyes fell on cbd 500mg gummies cbd gummies vs tincture Miss Gu, she was binding the wound of the mother in law, her every move seemed so strange, but for some reason it gave him a feeling of deja vu.Chapter 92 The wound on Granny s leg was still bleeding, and the cloth towel pressed on it was soon soaked.Gu Mingzhu looked at the old lady.When she faced those stone quarrymen before, she knew that they were terminally ill.I had no choice but to give some tonics as comfort.Now that the woman s life can be saved, she will naturally do her best.Gu Mingzhu looked at Liu Su You have to tighten it even more.Fortunately, they are involved in the same case.As long as he is ruthless enough, it will be enough to deter those who do good things.All he can do for her is to leave her a piece of peace, so that she will never be disturbed by those things again.It s almost enough to dream here, he is already in a very bad situation, and he must wake up soon.Just as Wei Yuanchen thought of this, the sound phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews of the smilz cbd gummies reviews phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial piano not far away suddenly changed, and the shift sound made him feel very familiar, as if a string was being shaken in his mind.The fog in front of him seemed to be blown away by the wind, revealing the person sitting in the pavilion not far away.Such as Jun.Wei Yuanchen stepped forward quickly, the wind gently blew her clothes, she turned her back to him and slightly tilted her head, looking at the lyre under her hand.Also come to involve others.Then my aunt told me, who told my aunt what happened in Shan in Cui Zhen said, I was very careful that day, and I only brought my personal guards to go.Who by my side leaked the news Gu Mingzhu walked out from behind the Babu bed, and quietly returned to the original little chair and sat down.Hearing Cui Zhen s words, she immediately looked at Cui Wei.There should be Cui Wei in the bodyguard, right He doesn t mention Cui Wei now, is he trying to keep Cui Wei Zhao Gongren didn t speak, but just squeezed his hands tightly.Can t Auntie say it Cui Zhen said, The Shanyin incident was a trap from the very beginning.When did my aunt know about it when she wanted to grab me and drag me into the water When war broke out on the frontier Or did you start planning a long time ago So I, like Master Zhao Er, are both pawns in my aunt s hands, and it s fine for my aunt to use me, and I don t have the slightest soft heartedness when I attack my brothers.

This was originally his choice.When his father passed away, the moment he wanted to go to the Yamen, their mother child relationship ended here.Although he chose to remain silent in the end, what he got in exchange was only superficial harmony.Cui Zhen, Mrs.Lin and others left, Mrs.Lin ordered the door to be closed tightly, and then looked at Cui Wei who was kneeling on the ground.Mrs.Lin Tai said Is the matter about Shanyin true Cui Wei nodded slowly.Mrs.Lin Tai lowered her voice You went too Cui Wei nodded again.Mrs.Lin Tai s heart was beating fast, and she clutched her chest tightly He just poked my heart, and he even took you to do such a thing.Mother, Cui Wei raised his face, eyes glowing Full of concern, Don t be angry, although you violated the law, it s not what you think, brother is for the court and the people, I Shut up, Mrs.It s not just out offavor.There must be interests between them Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice.Wei Yuanchen looked over, and she finally spoke.Chapter 141 I m Not Sour anymore Gu Mingzhu felt Wei Yuanchen s clear eyes resting on her body.Is there something wrong with what she said Since we doubted the Shanxi mutiny, we must start with Zheng Bian.It just so happens that Yang s cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies accent is also in Zheng Bian s ancestral home in Henan.It is always correct to check the situation cbd gummie amazin of Zheng Bian and his family.When Zhao Gongren was in Dongdaxiang, most of the things he said were out of anger and jealousy, but one sentence was true, the Yang family had always been in Taiyuan Mansion, and he had people in his hands, and he kept black tie cbd gummies in touch with Wang Daochang from time to time.Take care of the affairs of Taiyuan Prefecture.Without the Gu family s secret road, it would not be so convenient for Miss Gu to go out, and it s better if she doesn t come out, so as not to have to go around.I m here to deliver food to Mr.Wei, please accommodate me.Liu Su s voice came.Wei Yuanchen tilted his head slightly, with a calm expression on his face.People in the market were also trying to find ways to enter the post house.Without his order, not even a fly could fly in.Wei Yuanchen raised his foot and walked forward.He took back the badge he had given to Nie Chen earlier, and their actions would inevitably be hindered.Chu Jiu followed behind and began to count the steps of the third master.One, two Walking two steps forward, Wei Yuanchen remembered the account handed to him, he had already paid the money, why not use them Let him in quit smoking cbd gummies for sale Wei Yuanchen ordered lightly.The Baotong girl next to the eldest lady brought back the five black chickens.Wei Yuanchen didn t care when he heard that the five black chickens were lost, but the last half of Chujiu s sentence made him raise his eyebrows slightly, and ran to Gu s yard Wei Yuanchen raised his head, and Chujiu took Baotong away Entering the door, Chujiu was holding a five black chicken in his arms, and Baotong was holding a few chicken feathers in his hand.Master Wei, Baotong saluted him cbd 500mg gummies with his head down, the osmanthus cake on the table and the meat pies in the kitchen.They are all newly made, it is not very convenient here, there is only such crude food, I hope Master Wei will not dislike the poor craftsmanship of the cook.There is no such thing as a pie in the sky.Miss Gu borrowed manpower from him and ordered people to come over to find out the news.The third master likes this fat chicken Before that, the third master probably didn t look straight at him, right Besides, didn t the second master buy this chicken to make up for the third master He was already fat when he came here, how could he be raised by the third master Baotong s face was ugly I really don t know, please punish me Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, it turned out that the master and servant could still have a guilty conscience.Baotong said cautiously This servant will send more flower cakes, Xiao Xiaobai likes to eat it very much I hope I can grow tail hair sooner.Wei Yuanchen took a deep look at the five black chickens, frowned and waved.She waved her hand This is the end, let s go Baotong breathed a sigh of relief and exited the room step by step.Although Mr.Wei did not scold her, she felt that she owed Mr.Inquiry into this matter, what can he do with a child Mr.Lu was his teacher at the time.He saw what he was thinking and persuaded him to be patient first, and then do what he wanted to do when he had the cbd gummies have legal thc in them ability.Finally, he made it to the day when he could go out of the house alone, and he immediately went to the place where his mother fell into the water to inquire about the news.He looked up the case files of the local yamen and asked the people who punted on the river.In addition to asking how many bodies were fished out of the river after his mother passed away, he asked whether anyone had ever been rescued.When he heard a boatman say that he seemed to remember someone swimming to save someone, As if he had rescued a feel elite cbd gummies female family member, he began to look around for traces of his mother.

Wei, and the two started fighting outside the inn.The prince still regarded it as some serious matter It is inevitable that there will be anger along the way, so don t worry about it.Don t worry, I ll just call them up later and talk about it.Cui Zhen and the Wei family s quarrel is a good thing for him, and he is happy to see it come true.I moved my weapon, Tao Duo said, It looks like he s about to see blood.Then the prince got up from the couch, I ll go out and have a look.Don t miss the opportunity to win over Cui Zhen, if he Support Cui Zhen secretly, and Cui Zhen will have his heart for him.The prince walked out of the posthouse, the two people at the door were fighting vigorously, no one would intervene when the generals were is rachael ray selling cbd gummies discussing privately, but it would be different if they were desperate.The case of Taiyuan Mansion had a clue, and the emperor s eyeliner around Huaiyuan Hou s mansion was also withdrawn, so he submitted a memorial requesting to return to Taiyuan to pick up the female relatives.You must arrive at Taiyuan Mansion as soon as possible.Marquis Huaiyuan took the water bag and drank it with his head up, and then looked at the guards Go to the post in front to change horses.When Wei Yuanchen woke up, the sky had already begun to light up, I didn t expect him to sleep so deeply.Wei Yuanchen got up and put on his robe.A scent blows in through the crack of the window, it s not a delicacy from mountains and seas, but a sweet and sticky smell wrapped in the smell of fireworks.Standing in front of the window, Wei Yuanchen vaguely saw someone busy in the kitchen.The wind blew, revealing a corner of the dress in front of him.Mrs.Lin said What should I call you Madam can just call me Zhou Qi.Zhou Zesheng turned and left after speaking.After dealing with these matters, Mrs.Lin finally breathed a sigh of relief, and Mother Yang helped Mrs.Lin into the room to rest.Mama Yang knelt down and took off Madam Lin s shoes Madam s feet are swollen, what should I do Madam is a double body.Don t make a fuss, Madam Lin laughed, You forgot Back then when I fell heavily in the yard with Zhuzhu in my arms, nothing happened, if I could stay here, the days to come would not be too difficult.Mama Yang s eyes were a little red, and she held back cbd 500mg gummies With the sourness in his heart I hope that we can wait for the reinforcements from the imperial court smoothly, so that Madam and Miss will suffer less suffering.What kind of tribulation is this Mrs.Ma am, take a break too.Mother Yang helped Madam Lin to sit beside her.Mrs.Lin s eyes fell on Zhuzhu in the corner.Baotong took Zhuzhu to make medicine, and Zhuzhu looked a lot like that.For such a long time, she was only busy with the things in front of her, and didn t pay attention to Zhuzhu, and Zhuzhu didn t make trouble for her, she always worked quietly.Mother Yang followed Mrs.Lin s gaze and said, Ma am, Missy s illness has really recovered.Hush, Mrs.Lin silenced Yang s mother, don t scare Zhuzhu, and don t pay too much attention to her.Zhuzhu is getting better gradually, and she has to follow Zhuzhu s wishes, too much help sometimes Backfired.Mama Yang nodded.The corners of Mrs.Lin s mouth rose slightly.Zhuzhu had been ignorant of everything since the beginning, but now she has gradually improved.I really didn t realize that a person like Mr.Wei also likes to eat desserts like red bean cake.Princess Huairou breathed a sigh of relief, as if she had finally achieved a great event.In the empress s palace, she once encountered Wei Sanye asking her for the secret recipe of the red bean cake in the royal dining room.She only knew Zhou s recipe in the eldest princess s mansion.Missy also likes to eat red bean cakes, but she still hasn t figured out whether Mr.Wei caters to what he likes or whether he has the same taste as Miss Zhou.I only hope that Mr.Wei can cbd 500mg gummies like it Take it up, Princess Huairou said, Go and report to Mr.Wei again, I want to have a few words with Mr.Wei in private.The servant responded.When Princess Huairou thought about it, she felt a hand was lifted up to wipe her cheek.It s going to make things worse.Mr.Wei is concerned about Uncle, but he doesn t understand these things.When Uncle is in a daze, he may drink the milk.The question is, how can I say no taking cbd gummies with alcohol Gu Mingzhu looked towards the yard On the ninth day of the ninth day, the goat s milk was boiled and placed on the table, and the cook also made a bowl of crispy cheese for the third master.The goat s milk is a bit hot, it will take a while to eat, and the crispy cheese is just right, the third master will use it in a while After everything was ready, Chu Jiu said Third master, I m going to see the injured general.Wei Yuanchen Nodding, he turned and went into the inner room to look for official documents, and was going to take care of Zhou Zesheng while reading the official documents here.There was no one in the house for a while.

Zhou Ruzhang huddled next to Mrs.Wednesday in fear, not knowing how his grandmother would punish them The Gu family s carriage stopped at the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion.Gu Mingzhu helped Mrs.Lin out of the carriage, and the steward immediately stepped forward to meet her.Entering the courtyard happily, Baotong took Gu Mingzhu s hand, the master and servant raised their heads and saw a paper kite flying above their heads.Gu Mingzhu blinked, this is Liu Su sending her a message, think about the bamboo tube around Mrs Wei s waist, maybe she will try to get out of the house tonight, and I don t know if the dog hole she left is still there up.Chapter 202 Anxiety Huaiyuanhou s mansion is full of excitement.The madam and the young lady have lived in Shanxi for a long time, and the back house has always been deserted.Cuckling the five black chickens cried out, stretching their necks to look around, and when the chicken s eyes fell on Wei Yuanchen, they immediately flapped their wings, like a falcon descending from the sky, fiercely pounced on its prey.Chu Jiu was taken aback.Although the third master was at fault, if the five black chickens pecked at the third master, the consequences would be unimaginable.He was about to stop him, but the five black chickens suddenly turned their heads, and the sharp beak pecked at Chu On Jiu s arm, it seemed that Chu Jiu was the thief who robbed him.The five black chickens flapped their wings, as if they were fighting Chu Jiu endlessly.Wei Yuanchen ignored the man and the chicken in the yard, turned around and walked into the house with a net, and calmly told the boys in the yard Get the hot water ready, I want to take a bath.Hearing what Auntie said, Wei Yuanchen looked towards the door and saw Gu Mingzhu standing there listening carefully.At that time, the young master gave you money, how dare I just accept it like this, it is the young master who reminded me.The young master said that life is hard for a person, and I really think about it.Although I know that I may not be able to repay the young master for the rest of my life.But for the sake of the man in the family, I have the cheek to take natural cbd gummies for ed it.Wei Yuanchen went to see Gu Mingzhu again, but she was still standing there, under the cover of the fence, her expression could not be seen.In the past, she would talk to the aunt when she went to buy red bean cakes, but now she will come over Ma am, you don t need to take this matter to heart, Wei Yuanchen said, My aunt helped me far more than the money I gave.Stay here for a while.When Mrs.Zhao heard this, her whole face seemed to light up a little I am really a lucky person, she looked at Madam Lin, I made Madam laugh, I originally invited Madam to come over as a guest I didn t expect my wife to look at our family.Mrs.Lin couldn t help laughing That s because the princess, son in law, and wife don t avoid me, and the whole family is just as good.Mrs.Zhao took a look at the steward.Mom, the mother in charge immediately sent some pairs of embroidered shoes.The shoes are very big, and they look like they cbd 500mg gummies are for people who are full.Mrs.Zhao said with a smile I have nothing to do to make a few pairs of shoes for my eldest sister.The craftsmanship is crude.I hope Madam will not dislike her.Putting it down How good is this, you have to work hard for Madam.Hearing this, Qian Yunsheng hurriedly said, But from then on, we didn t dare to look for Mrs.Zhao and Peng Liang again, for fear that we would be killed by Peng Liang if we were not careful.Later Aoer Dusi We mentioned the matter of the Zhao family, which aroused the attention of the people around Aoerdu Si Jinong, who asked us about Zhao and Peng Liang.We took the gold and silver and told them all.We thought it was sent After making a fortune, we returned to Dazhou with the goods and continued to do our business.It was not until more than a month HCMUSSH cbd 500mg gummies ago that we found out that people were watching outside our house.One night, someone sneaked into our house and took away our family members.We will do what they want.It was then that Qian Yunsheng realized that cbd gummies and viagra his greed had caused a catastrophe.Inside the Kunning Palace, the queen was looking at the small fish in the tank Put it in the garden in a few days.It s not suitable to stay here when it grows too big.You should also look at the vast world outside.The female official responded Your MajestyPrincess Huairou will come into the palace tomorrow.Empress Wei nodded.Is your empress going to take care of the Zhao family s affairs The female official said softly, In case the princess comes to ask what you mean Empress Wei didn t answer, and thought for a while before saying Old General Zhao fought for the Great Zhou all his life, and died on the charge of crimes.It really shouldn t be, but luckily I have a good daughter and a good grandson.After finishing speaking, Empress Wei raised her head to look at the sun above her head, the sun was very dazzling, but she still opened her eyes according to her own will.

Sure enough, Bai Gongren s teeth turned yellow and black, and when he opened his mouth, he exhaled a stale stench.The Yuan family s foundation is not deep, and as the imperial censor of the dosist cbd gummies capital, there is not much money, so how can they use such herbal medicine all year round, and the Danba wild rice has only the effect of dispelling dampness, so why can it cure Bai Gongren s disease Who is the A Chan in Bai Gongren s mouth Could it be that Bai Gong saw the red birthmark on her face as blood Chapter 229 I really miss Bai Gongren being surprised by the cbd 500mg gummies doctor s wife.The mother in charge of the Yuan family ordered the doctor s wife to back down, but the doctor s wife seemed to be frightened stupidly, and froze in place in an inappropriate way.For some reason, even though the cbd 500mg gummies mother in charge said it was a birthmark, Bai Gongren still panicked, always feeling that the doctor with the fence was up to no good.After exhausting all his strength, the prince fell on the soft couch.What a waste.The prince seemed to hear someone whispering in kinja deals cbd gummies his ear in a daze.What a waste, where did the ability to bully me when I was young I thought I could use you for a while, but I didn t expect you to be so miserable.After a while, I should cbd max gummies cbd 500mg gummies let you die.Give me another ride.Chapter 232 The honored guest The prince cbd 500mg gummies suddenly opened his eyes, but there was no one in the room.It was already dawn, and the sun shone in through the window, but the bright sunlight could not illuminate the shadow in the prince s heart, and the prince looked around in fear.What about people Where did people go The prince was about to shout.My lord, the Third Prince is here to see you.A steward s voice came from outside.It was him, the prince s eyes widened, it must be him, he sneaked in and said those words.What method did you use Hearing Master Wei s deep voice, Gu Mingzhu raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling relieved suddenly.Master Wei really It was because of his old illness that he said those words in front of the elders of the Wei family.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, her gaze was no longer so blank.Wei Yuanchen went on to say My illness fell in the prison five years ago.The wound seems to have healed, but I don t know when it will suddenly hurt, like festering.I have invited many doctors to see it, but I can t help it., just like what I said in the main room just now.This disease has really plagued me for a long time, and it s cbd 500mg gummies nothing more than normal.If it happens when I m doing business outside, it will inevitably be dangerous.I really want to get rid of this disease completely.Gu Mingzhu looked at Master Wei, his clear eyes were suddenly mixed with some emotions that she couldn t understand.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law will cbd gummies give you a buzz to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third master meant to let him work with Miss Gu.Gu Mingzhu happily said Then I ll go talk to the son in law.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu, who immediately understood that the third master meant to let him work with Miss Gu.Walking out of the room, before Chu Jiu could speak, he saw Miss Gu turn her head and hand him something, which was a bulging purse.Some snacks, Gu Mingzhu said, It s hard for you to teach Liu Su boxing and kicking.This is a reward for him There should be food in this purse, Chu Jiu s eyes turned hot, in Miss Gu s heart, he is indeed better than the third master, cbd 500mg gummies otherwise why didn t Miss Gu give it to the third master.Chu Jiu said in a low voice It will cbd gummies thin blood s my good fortune to be able to do something for the eldest lady.It s just that I can t tell the third master about this good fortune, lest I end up with the same result as five black chickens.Yuan er was talking nonsense, when suddenly she felt a bright light falling in front of her slowly, Hui Xiang shrank her neck, raised her head tremblingly, and then the light saw Cheng Sanye s face.Third Master Cheng s expression was a little excited, super chill cbd gummies get you high and his eyes were slightly red What you just said is the truth If you tell lies, my mother will definitely not let you go.Standing there in a daze, she didn t know what was going on now, and slowly raised her head, the figure hanging in mid air in the room had disappeared.Say it.Third Master Cheng took two steps forward.Yuan er sat slumped on the ground.The third master heard everything she said just now, and it was too late to deny it.Thinking of this, she kept nodding Yesit s true Third master Cheng Staring at Yuan er firmly Then why didn t you say it before Yuan er then tremblingly said Your maidnot because you are afraidbut because you are afraid of being blamed by your family If the servant girl shouted at that time, she might not be able to save MadamBut this servant really doesn t know what happened Madam believes in Huixiang the most, and it will be too late when this servant finds out.

Zhao has been witnessed, and now we only need to find the murderer who attacked Mrs.Zhao.You can t deny it.Wei Yuanchen seemed to know what he wanted to ask, and the topic directly led to phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews Mrs.Zhao.Gu Chongyi said The murderer can still be found That man is not an ordinary murderer.Wei Yuanchen s eyes darkened, He came from the capital of Daning.He was punished by General Zhao before.Someone finds Mr.Cheng and is willing to get rid of the Zhao family for Mr.Cheng, and there may be something hidden in it.Hearing the news of Daning Dusi, Gu Chongyi s heart sank, and it was true, he had suspected that the case of Mr.Zhao might be investigated.In northern Xinjiang, it is now confirmed.Wei Tongzheng wants someone to go to the capital of Daning to investigate the case Gu Chongyi thought for a moment and looked up at Wei Yuanchen.Master Wei Er was exactly the same as he was in the woods that night.It s fake, Gu Chongyi thought about it repeatedly afterward, the Second Master Wei didn t seem to be suffering from any illness from fainting to waking up, and now he used this trick again, obviously to deal with Yushi.When such a thing happened in front of the palace gate, the censor didn t have the face to mention Wei Yuanchen again and blame the Wei family, otherwise it would be like deliberately embarrassing the Wei family.The Wei family couldn t suffer much from this stuff, Gu Chongyi glanced at Wei Congzhi on the ground, just in time to see a censor raising his foot and stomping on Wei cbd 500mg gummies Congzhi fiercely while taking advantage of the chaos.Gu Chongyi couldn t help trembling in his heart, he seemed to feel the pain, and Wei Congzhi on the ground remained motionless.Miss, thanks to the quick response of Miss and Baotong.Catch her.The mother in charge ordered, and several women rushed to Xuan Ming.Gu Mingzhu on the tree handed the wooden stick in her hand to Baotong, and agreed that she would stab one first, and then Baotong would do it when smilz cbd gummies reviews phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial someone climbed up.Chu Jiu was helping in secret, and they had no burden at all to do it.Miss, Baotong looked at anxiously, why don t they climb anymore.She also wanted to hit her with a single blow like the eldest lady.Gu Mingwan had never seen such a scene before.Gu Mingzhu climbed cbd 500mg gummies up a tree for a while, and the Taoist girl flew to catch it, and then fell down again.What is this doing Is the gangster disguised as a Taoist nun, or is the Taoist nun just a gangster Gu Mingwan wanted to leave here, but he didn t dare to leave.Seeing that he was about to meet Gu Mingwan, Sun Zhenren was hit hard on the leg.Fortunately, she was very cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies steady in her footwork, and she stabilized her body after only a few staggered steps, but Mo Yangming behind her had already caught up.Sun Zhenren frowned, someone was hiding in the dark to help.It must not be someone from the government, who could it be Sun Zhenren had no time to think about it and had to deal with Mo Yangming.Mo Yangming said Brother, this is the end of the matter, you don t cbd 500mg gummies need to run away anymore, you should go to the yamen and make it clear, it is also atonement for yourself, take a good look at the Shangqing Temple, the master will be in your hands, and you can see how you can turn this place into something What does it look like The Taoist holy land hides filth, you are a cultivator, what do you want the money for Sun Zhenren was fighting with Mo Yangming while guarding against the people around her.The Empress Dowager walked out of the inner hall and looked at the Yulouchun on the long case, then turned her head and told Mo Yangming I remember that Empress Wei also likes Yulouchun, please send this flower to Kunning Palace, and then show it to Empress Wei.Waist, after she gave birth to the third princess, she suffered from back pain, this medicinal wine of yours is very good, use it for Empress Wei.Zhenren Mo agreed.The queen mother said Go out of cbd 500mg gummies the palace cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies after seeing the queen s illness, and come back in a few days.The female officer held up Yulouchun , and Mo Zhenren took Gu Mingzhu to salute and was about to leave.By the way, the queen mother said, the golden pagoda of Empress Gaozong is enshrined in Taiqing Temple, and the phoenix coffin of Empress Zhongzong was also parked there.Is Lord Hou in the house Mrs.Zhang s voice came from outside.As a result, the tense atmosphere in the room was eased, and then the curtain was lifted Mrs.Zhang walked in quickly.Mrs.Zhang s face was full of worry and anxiety When she was walking, her feet became weak and she cbd max gummies cbd 500mg gummies couldn t help but staggered That figure cbd 500mg gummies swayed like a flower and a willow, and she almost fell to the ground Thanks to the steward next to her, she took a step forward, Only then did Mrs.Zhang support her.Madam Zhang lowered her head in embarrassment gummy crocs diamond cbd and embarrassment standing there not knowing what to say.Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Zhang Why don t you even wear a cloak when it s so cold Let s go back I ll have a few more words with my second brother.Mrs.Zhang responded, squatted down and salutedthen turned her head Get someone to help you out of the house.

This can also explain why Aunt Zhen lives in Anjiyuan at such a young age.Gu Mingzhu felt that she should go back and ask Bao er carefully.Since Bao er reminded her to come here, she was worried about Aunt Zhen s situation.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu walked out quickly.Miss, why are you still in the house When everyone saw the dead person, they rushed to report to the steward in the yard, thinking that Miss Gu had already been escorted away.Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and ran around Anjiyuan, as if frightened.All the way from the yard where the female relatives lived to the house where Baoer was recuperating.Bao er had just finished drinking the medicine and was resting in his father s arms when he heard footsteps, and then he saw the young lady who was treating him leave and return.Dead.Jiao Zhong was about to talk to Miss Gu when she heard the lady speak.What Just as Jiao Zhong asked, he felt that Bao er beside him suddenly held him tightly, and then, as if he was half frightened, he curled up in his arms.Chapter 332 Jiao Zhong patted Bao er on the back, soothing Bao er s emotions.A thunderstorm exploded in the sky, and the wind and rain intensified, even Jiao Zhong felt the slightest chill.Jiao Zhong looked at Gu Mingzhu and Baotong Who is the eldest lady talking about Just now the eldest lady went to see Aunt Zhen, could it be that she was talking about Aunt Zhen Baotong said Aunt Zhen, Aunt Zhen is dead.Bao er opened her lips and said in a weak voice Dead, dead.It seemed to be repeating Baotong s words, and also seemed to be muttering to herself.Jiao Zhong sighed for a long time Is it too late to go If I hadn t heard from Bao er just now, I wouldn t have known that Aunt cbd 500mg gummies Zhen was sick.Tan Sanye turned his head, Bao er s room was dimly lit Bao er couldn t sleep anymore, he could see the tears on Aunt Zhen s face when he closed his eyes, and then Aunt Zhen s pleading voice Please, please, I don t want to die.But Aunt Zhen Still dead.He won t say it, otherwise he will be the next person to die.Jiao Zhong went out to fetch water, the room gradually quieted down, Bao er wanted to stretch out his head to see why Dad didn t come back after going out for a while.What s your name Bao er A voice suddenly sounded.Bao er froze, her face full of horror.Bao er, how did you buying cbd gummies in rome italy hurt cbd 500mg gummies your leg You were bio life cbd gummies cbd 500mg gummies on the roof that day, right I yelled, and you ran away in fright.What did you hear Bao er trembled like chaff I I didn t hear anything, I didn t see anything.Bao er felt the quilt being ripped off I know you heard it, that s why you asked Miss Gu to visit Aunt Zhen.Her nickname is Zhuzhu.You should have heard of it.The jewel in the palm of Huaiyuanhou People who have never met Miss Gu have heard of this title.The Huaiyuanhou couple have been seeking cbd living gummies for nerve pain medical advice for their daughter for more than ten years, and they want to cure her daughter s dementia.Mrs.Zhang went on to say Mo Zhenren accepted Miss Gu as an apprentice.With Mo Zhenren s enlightenment, Miss Gu s illness must recover faster.Tian Gongren nodded, there are many female relatives in this flower hall, everyone Everyone kept the rules of etiquette, everyone drank some tea and talked at most, relax mom cbd gummies only bio life cbd gummies cbd 500mg gummies Miss Gu was eating red bean cakes as if no one was watching.Miss Gu s appearance is both comfortable and joyful, which is not annoying to people looking at.It s nice to be free, Tian Gong said humanely, you don t have to think about anything, and you don t have to worry about anything.Wei Yuanchen said, It s Aunt Zhen herself.Are there wounds on the tongue and in the mouth Is it because Aunt Zhen cut her hand with a piece of porcelain in her mouth She wanted to die so the cut was extra deep, and her wrist was cut open , the blood gushed cbd 500mg gummies out immediately, and Aunt Zhen s face was next to her That s why it was splashed with blood Gu Mingzhu said and paused, Maybe Aunt Zhen didn t want to die too embarrassingly, so she picked it up with her hands.Take off the quilt and wipe off the blood on your face.With that said, Aunt Zhen really committed suicide.Gu Mingzhu immediately remembered Ah chan s death.According to the results of the autopsy conducted by the old Wu, the wounds on Ah chan s body also seemed to have committed suicide rather than being killed by others.In order to investigate Ah chan s case back then, phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews she found the Anjiyuan.It happened that there was also a woman in the Anjiyuan who committed suicide.Aunt Zhen and Ah Chan seem to have nothing to do with each other, but they both happened to live in or often went to Anjiyuan They were also disabled, and they all died horribly.One cut their throats, the other cut their wrists.Wei Yuanchen said I have people staring at Tan Zigeng I will also investigate this aunt carefully to see how she came to Anji Yuan.Gu Mingzhu nodded I will also go to Anji several times in the past two days Go to the courtyard and ask the people inside for news about Aunt Zhen.One more thing, cbd gummies distributor Wei Yuanchen took a step forward, I ll have someone go to the Imperial Hospital to inquire about Mrs.Dingning Hou s condition in the past few years.Mrs.Zhang suffered from blood deficiency due to miscarriage and blood loss.

When Mo Zhenren called out Ah chan, Gu Mingzhu guessed the result, this Aunt Zhen cannot be Ah chan, although Aunt Zhen is about the same age as Ah chan , but A chan s legs are sick, and Aunt Zhen is missing an arm, so Mo Zhenren saw Aunt Zhen s appearance and called A chan by name.There is only one possibility, bio life cbd gummies cbd 500mg gummies that is, the two people have similar appearance.A person with a similar appearance to Ah chan appeared in Anjiyuan, and was threatened by Tan Zigeng before his death.She had suspected that Tan Shangshu might know Ah chan, but now it seems that this possibility is very high.So Tan Zigeng hesitated to tell the whole truth that night.Was Tan Zigeng afraid that after telling the whole story, people would find out the truth of the year Mo Yangming suddenly asked, How did cbd capsules and gummy bears give same effect she die Gu Mingzhu told Master Mo about the cause of Aunt Zhen s death, and now Master Mo asked again because he had doubts about Aunt Zhen s death.Or someone intentionally burned this hidden weapon together with her body so that we can identify her.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she was about to wipe the hairpin clean and put it back on her back.Your Excellency, you might as well show these things to Bai Jingkun.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the two hidden weapons, Perhaps Bai Jingkun can see who made these things.After Gu Mingzhu said this, Baotong at the door lightly With a light cough, Gu Mingzhu knew that Master Mo was looking for her.My lord, I m leaving first, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, If there is any news, my lord will ask Liu Su to send it.Gu Mingzhu raised his feet and walked out, but when he reached the door, he thought of something and then retreated.Wei Yuanchen was overjoyed, she thought of something, he straightened his sleeves and was about to reach out to pick up her candied fruit.He shivered solidly.He came to Shandong to inquire about newsmainly looking for the big boat that the Lu family used to go to sea.Drifting on the sea for the past few days, Nie Chen has suffered a lot he vomits all kinds of meat and eight vegetables, and he has to work hard to mark it on the cbd gummies distributors map.If he can t find the trace of the big ship, he may have to go farther Where As long cbd gummies arling texas as he thought of this, he couldn t hightech cbd gummies help but spit out the acid water in his stomach.Xue Laotong stepped out of the cabin and patted Nie Chen on the shoulder Persist for a few more days, there will be storms and waves on the sea, and the boat will return to the shore to take shelter.Then it will be our chance.After arriving in Shandong, Xue Laotong There are not enough people around, so I ask the people in the market to help.Qiao Zheng s eyes fell on the boss of the boat Wei Tongzheng, why don t you hand over the boss of the boat to the Ministry of Criminal Justice This way the case can be investigated faster.This is the end of the matter It s useless for Wei Yuanchen to hold the boss of the boat again, he still needs to thank him Wei Yuanchen, if Wei Yuanchen hadn t been in front of him to investigate the case and found Tan Zigeng and Aunt Zhen He wouldn t have handled this case so easily.Wei Yuanchen hesitated for a moment Looking at the boss of the boat You go with Mr.Qiao, and report everything you know to the Ministry of Criminal Justice, so that your case can be clarified earlier.The boss of the boat nodded.Wei Yuanchen looked at the members of the Fang family Master Qiao, can you use the staff of the General Administration Department to help escort the prisoners No need, Qiao Zheng said, The General Administration Department is still familiar with the documents Escorting the prisoners will be left to the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Ning Gong, but at this moment he changed his mind, he didn t need to ask the Queen Mother, he knew what the Queen Mother meant.Once Concubine Mi and the palace servant died, although many inside information could not be pursued, how could the Empress Dowager fail to see the inside story of Concubine Mi s crazy It is a fact that Concubine Mi secretly colludes with King Huai, but it is also the method used by the noble concubine to attack King Huai.That s why the Empress Dowager let the Wei family suppress the noble concubine s aura.The emperor turned around and went back to the inner palace.Wei Shi hid in the palace for a long time to avoid the sharp edge, and he also checked to see if she would walk out of the palace gate In Kunning Palace.As soon as Empress Wei finished writing a line, she ordered the female officer to put away the old ink block.This is the difference between her and the Wei family.She has a son, but the Wei family does not.Just because of this, the Wei family is not as good as her The heavy snow stopped, the snow on the streets of the capital was swept aside, and the streets gradually returned to their former noise.Zhenren Mo changed into light clothes and sat on a simple tea stall staring at the passers by on the road.She kept watching the movements of the Tan family for no other reason than she could not fully trust Tan Dingfang and A chan.Totally innocent in this matter.When he saw several people pulling their horses forward, Mo Zhenren also stood up, left a few copper coins on the table, and walked forward behind those people.After successfully leaving the city gate, those people did not ride their horses but pulled their horses into the woods beside the official road.

Gu Chongyi s cbd genesis gummies review mind Suddenly, seeing her daughter walking over to give Wei Yuanchen a pulse, cbd 500mg gummies it seemed that her bio life cbd gummies cbd 500mg gummies daughter had transformed into a real apricot grove master.Gu Mingzhu checked Wei Yuanchen s pulse, Mr.Wei s pulse is stable and there is no sign of poisoning, and the cleaning of the wound can be left to Jiang Langzhong.After packing up the medicine box, Gu Mingzhu walked out with Baotong, and walked out of the study in one breath.Jiang Langzhong arrived just in time, and when he saw the medicine bottle left by Gu Mingzhu, Jiang Langzhong also praised him again and again After all, it was made by the real Shangqing Guanmo.These are good wound medicines.I just phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews apply them to the third master.Waiting for Jiang cbd 500mg gummies Langzhong to wrap up the wound on his shoulder, Wei Yuanchen got up and said goodbye to Gu Chongyi I still have to go to the Yamen, and the Lord Hou has to pay more attention to the movement of the lotus alley in the past few days.King cbd 500mg gummies Hui s coffin was also parked in Jing an Temple back then, which is considered to be her kind mother s heart.The queen mother asked someone to help her into the hall, It s been a hard time for the queen.Empress Wei saluted the queen mother.The Empress Dowager immediately lifted Empress Wei up Look at you, you are much thinner than before, but your hands are not cold, and your complexion is much better.Empress Wei said I will miss you a lot.This concubine warmed the queen mother s heart.I still remember that one year, she was not feeling well, and she was sick in a daze when Princess Lu s Wei family entered the palace.At that time, Wei was calling her mother, and calling She feeds her medicine.After she recovered from her illness, she became much closer to Wei Shi, and Wei Shi didn t change her words when there was no one around, and kept calling her that way in private.Empress Wei sat down to make tea for the Empress Dowager Although the emperor did not agree to move King Hui to the cemetery of the former emperor, the concubine s tomb where Concubine Mi is buried is not far from the tomb of King Hui.Get together.Hearing these words, the Empress Dowager felt a sense of loss, sometimes she was just like Concubine Mi.There is no need to talk about the dead, the queen mother lowered her eyes slightly, the queen should have heard the movement in the imperial concubine s palace in the dowager s place.Empress Wei nodded and said, I heard phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews that several people from the palace of Prince Huai were arrested in the imperial concubine cbd 500mg gummies s palace.Eyeliner, last night a palace official committed suicide by throwing himself into a lake.The fairy medicine used by Concubine Mi was also found in Concubine De s palace.Pei Shangqing said The foundation of your mother s body has been destroyed.This pregnancy is unexpected.In addition, she is pregnant with twins.The princess is born weak.She is not half the size of an ordinary baby when she is born.Her crying is extremely weak.The imperial doctor concluded that she would not survive that day, and the empress was hit hard.Moreover, it can be inferred from the newborn little princess that the situation of the second child may not be optimistic.Is it worth sacrificing one s life for a child No one can tell.It was expected, but the empress decided to let the imperial doctor use needles to delay the birth of the second child, and climbed up to the Baojin Pavilion with the unborn child in her belly and the newly born princess in her arms.Wei Yuanchen looked calm, with a pair of The clear eyes became deeper unconsciously, and it took him a while to return to normal.Cui Zhen frowned, the mother in law saw the sharp weapon in Zhou s hand, could Cui Wei not see it Seeing Cui Zhen s face became more gloomy, Tian Mang explained to Cui Wei in a low voice Maybe Second Master Wei didn t see it, let s talk about this The reputation of the Cui family is at stake, and we must not take any risks, if the rebels really do something to Mrs.Zhou, even if the rebels are killed that s that s Tian Mang couldn t continue.Zhou s life is not worth letting the Cui family take risks for her.This is what Tian Mang wanted to say, right Cui Zhen s heart surged for a while, and he couldn t tell what it was like.In the hearts of Tian Mang and the prisoner in law, Cui Wei shouldn t let someone shoot Zhou, otherwise Tian Mang wouldn t be so guilty to explain cbd 500mg gummies to Cui Wei.It was cbd 500mg gummies dark that day in the prison, since the crossbowmen were able to ambush Zhou Shi to death, he could also kill the traitor directly.In addition to what he knows, Mrs.Zhang has done something What Could it be that he was wrong from the beginning, seeing Zhou being killed by his younger brother and marrying Zhang into the mansion, all the roots started from this.Master Hou, Mr.Ge Zhenning, deputy envoy of Zhangzhou Haidao, is here.Hearing the steward s report, Gu Chongyi nodded, Please invite him into the study.Cui Zhen looked at Gu Chongyi, and Cui Zhen knew Ge Zhenning when they met It was already arranged to come to Fuchu.Gu Chongyi said Zhenning is not an outsider, Brother Zhen, you also stay here.Cui Zhen responded, stood up and followed Gu Chongyi to meet people Mrs.Zhang was sitting in the flower hall, feeling quite uneasy.She looked at the mother in charge beside her, and motioned for the mother in charge to inquire about the news.

Zhang s slender body shrank and leaned against the soft edge, her whole body was shaking in horror.Mrs.Zhang seemed to recognize it at this time Mother Jiang what happened If he hadn t been prepared, Cui Zhen would feel unbearable when he saw Mrs.Zhang like this.Cui Zhen looked at Mother Jiang, who knelt on the ground Madam Yao Qing is not dead She told Lord Hou everything about that year, Lord Hou everything knows Madam Zhang s heart sank , her chest fluttered, and Zou Xiang s face appeared in front of her eyes.Sure enough, something happened.The first time she saw Zou Lin and Zou Xiang in the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, she should have someone investigate.If she made a move at that time, It wouldn t be possible for Lord Hou to know about it and make trouble to this extent.So today in Huaiyuanhou s mansion, she was completely fooled.Now she finally bowed her head and asked him for authority.He really didn t expect that it would come so soon.He thought that Wei Shi would endure it for a few more years, but after all, he thought highly of her.The emperor suddenly felt that it was very boring.He, Zi Tong, had lost his natal status, lost her majesty as a queen, and now lost the last bit of her self esteem and face, and fell into the mud completely.Don t worry about her any more.The emperor said coldly What else Huang Chang didn t speak for a long time, the emperor frowned and looked over Say.He didn t want to bother to look.Huang Chang s voice was low The queen said that you let the noble concubine do whatever she wants, if you don t clean up the mess, I m afraid people will see that there will be troubles at the right time.The war is also the result of their careful arrangements.Wei Yuanchen continued Although we have uncovered the war horse case, the private mine case, and the pirate smuggling case by officials of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, behind these cases, there are still people who are fueling the flames and trying to Cover up the truth.Wei Yuanchen handed over the account of the shipyard to the servant, who presented it to the emperor.What they want is not to be greedy for some money, nor to secretly seek a reserve for some prince.They are using the internal political parties of the Great Zhou to arrange their own eyeliner and cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies tko gummies cbd manpower, so that the soldiers and horses of the Great Zhou will be driven by him.Zhou s officials serve him.After Wei Yuanchen said this, he met the emperor s gaze Does the emperor remember Jinzhou Weizhen Fu Zheng Ruzong cbd 500mg gummies The emperor naturally remembered that Zheng Ruzong was a general, but it was a pity that he had served in Daning Fortunately, Zheng Ruzong fell into the water and died in a battle, otherwise Zheng Ruzong would definitely be a big obstacle when he personally conquered Liang Wang.Was King Huai aware of their intentions After King Huai was taken out of the palace, he looked panic stricken, as if he had lost his soul, and let them manipulate him, so he relaxed his vigilance.After he captured King Huai, he bound King Huai, toasted him and refused to eat fine wine, and the next way was to make King Huai suffer.Qiu Hai was getting closer and closer to King Huai, and King Huai turned his head to look at Qiu Hai who was about to approach him, the sharp blade in Qiu Hai s hand glistened in the sunlight.King Huai didn t dare to think about what would happen after being captured, and he didn t have the energy to think about it.He made marks along the way, so that the court soldiers and horses chasing them could use this to identify the direction.Just when he stopped to rest, King Huai vaguely saw a figure flashing by in the woods, so he made up his mind, found an excuse to enter the forest, and cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies ran back while the guards around him were not paying attention.After Concubine Jiang finished speaking, she felt the emperor s two sharp gazes falling on her.The gaze no longer had the thoughtfulness and affection of the past, but was full of suspicion and anger.The emperor said coldly What do you want to say Concubine Jiang Gui didn t know why, but she saw disgust on the familiar face in front of her, as if someone had punched her hard in the chest, making her breathless.There was chaos in the middle, and he said numbly Your Majesty, those cakes are from Concubine De s palace, and Concubine De gave them to the princes and princesses.If the princes and princesses had eaten this food at that time, the emperor would have thought about it.What is the result Concubine Jiang looked at Concubine De who was lying in the emperor s arms That would really be a disaster.The female officer also gave Master Mo some vegetarian food, but Master Mo did not move after thanking her.Gu Mingzhu admitted that she did not have the heart of Dao like Master Mo.Empress Wei said Try it, it tastes right.How can you refuse the queen s kindness Gu cbd 500mg gummies Mingzhu had no choice but to pick up a piece and put it in her mouth.There are eight yuan on the plate, she can eat two or three four or five yuan is no problem, just in time for the empress to talk to the master.Empress Wei said So Concubine De is in good health now Zhenren Mo has been to Kunning Palace twice, and he is very comfortable getting along with Empress Wei.They don t know how to say half a sentence and hide half a sentence.Many people deliberately want to appear inscrutable, cbd 500mg gummies but they don t necessarily have much thought in their hearts.

Empress Wei arranged all these, turned to look at Gu Mingzhu, with a smile in her biogold cbd gummies to stop smoking eyes, Miss Gu really likes snacks, next time she will ask the phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews palace staff to prepare more.If there were no Zhuzhu in Yongchun Palace today, the case would not go so smoothly.Empress Wei s expression is more gentle, which shows that Brother Chen has a better vision than her.Gu Mingzhu felt Empress Wei s gaze, and she raised her eyes to meet each other.Are you still eating Queen Wei asked.Gu Mingzhu wanted to say that there was still a lot, but she couldn t eat any smilz cbd gummies reviews phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial more, but when she looked at the plate, she found it was empty.Gu Mingzhu sighed in her heart, because the glutinous rice cake was too soft, and it melted in the mouth.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and stood up to salute the empress Thank you, my servant, I m full.He thought that he had covered everything well and would never be seen by others, but he didn t know that he was the one who really didn t see through, and he was always struggling in the situation set up by the court.The old man was still whispering, Zheng Ruzong listened carefully.Come out and collect the money.You can get by with the money.It s inconvenient for you to lose your hands.You need money to ask someone to serve you.Don t be reluctant, we made a lot of money HCMUSSH cbd 500mg gummies by revealing the list.Don t worry anymore , none of those people can escape, you The old man s voice stopped abruptly, then he turned his head to look at Zheng Ruzong, and smiled.Let me smile for you The smile on the old man s face made Zheng Ruzong take a step back involuntarily.The appearance of the cbd 500mg gummies old man highland pharms cbd gummies in front of him seemed to overlap with another figure, which seemed a bit strange under such circumstances.He just waits for the imperial court to attack the imperial warships from behind when they start a war with the rebels.If the situation is what he thinks, the imperial court will Send more reinforcements.Second Master Wei boarded another Cangshan boat, and Gu Chongyi could not hold back his words Don t die.Second Master Wei raised his eyebrows Chongyi, you owe me such a big favor, and you will have to pay it back in the future.He was obviously fighting for the imperial court, but in the end, he owed a debt.Gu Chongyi didn t bother to take care of that thing.The face of everyone in the Wei family probably grew on that thing s face, and Wei Sanye knew the general situation and knew how to advance and retreat., will not do such a thing.Just as Gu Chongyi praised Wei Yuanchen in his heart, a gust of wind suddenly hit him and made him sneeze unexpectedly.Now he temporarily uses the Wei family and the queen cbd 500mg gummies mother to contain Liang Wang, that is also an expedient measure, the noble concubine is calm on the surface, but she must have a different heart in private, who else can he trust Who will help him with political affairs The emperor thought of Concubine De, but even if Concubine De had nothing to do with King Liang s party, she luxury cbd gummies murdered the prince and tried to blame the queen.Such a crime was on her head, so she could only be imprisoned in Yongchun Palace first.He deliberately called Concubine De Speaking, doing so will inevitably conflict with Wei Shi.Now that the Queen s Treasure and Book were handed over to Wei Shi, now that he reaches out to interfere, Wei Shi will confront him tit for tat.He understands Wei Shi s temperament very well.The grandson has always refused to let her invite Baoshan.Once a child has figured it out, she can show her talents.After Mrs.Li finished speaking, she asked Wei Yuanchen Do you have any other plans The empress bestows a marriage.Mrs.Li was slightly taken aback, if the empress could bestow a marriage, it would be considered as the order of her parents.Okay, Mrs.Li said with hot eyes, Okay okay this is the best.But Mrs.Li quickly came back to her senses.Brother Chen did cbd max gummies cbd 500mg gummies this.Could he Mrs.Li looked at Wei Yuan Chen.Wei Yuanchen nodded, with a firm gaze Grandmother, I know everything, and I have also asked my husband to verify it in private.In fact, I have been suspicious of many things for a long time.My father asked me to study with Mr.Pei, and asked Mrs.Lu to help take care of it.The incident in my small yard, when I was a cbd 500mg gummies lord jones cbd gummies child, I fell from a tree and fell, which made my father, mother and you very anxious, obviously my second brother was injured more seriously than me, but everyone crowded around me.Zhou Zejing was overjoyed, his words obviously convinced the judge of Shuntian Prefecture.While talking, Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Jerui also walked outside the main room.Mrs.Zhou s voice became more choked cbd 500mg gummies Who are you talking about My Jun girl Why are you talking about Jun girl Zhou Zerui comforted Mrs.Zhou in a low voice Mother, don t worry, we all know that Ah Jun was wronged, and the truth will come to light one day.Looking at the sad faces of the Zhou family, Feng Anping nodded for the third time, and then asked a question This The official understands that you love Miss Zhou, and that she was wronged.So, since this is the case, have you ever defended Miss Zhou The room suddenly became quiet, and the old lady Zhou s sobs followed abruptly.end.Chapter 474 The Truth Zhou Zejing did not expect Feng Tongpan to ask such a question.

Zhou didn t know why, when she heard Zhou Zesheng s words, she really felt a pair of eyes falling on her, looking carefully at her.Looking at her, that was Jun girl s gaze.Zhou Zesheng ignored the old lady Zhou, and ordered the steward Take out the list of servants at home, and report smilz cbd gummies reviews phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial everything related to Xu Gui, especially the steward who works for the third master.Who dares to do anything, Zhou said.The old lady s eyes widened, You are not from our family, how dare you do it for me Zhou Zesheng s attendants moved a chair, and Zhou Zesheng sat on it The yamen will come to the door soon, what will happen if you have something to do with the rebel party , you all know that it was covered up for the rebel party, and if you are found out in the future, don t blame the Zhou family for not saving you.From that moment on, she and Huang Chang were on the same boat.Her child became the emperor, and Huang Chang would also be in charge of the ceremony Superintendent, this is the promise she gave.Under the expectation of De Fei Empress, the sky finally gradually darkened.Concubine De changed her clothes and walked out of Yongchun Palace under the cover of female officials and servants.Seeing Huang Chang standing not far away waiting for her, Concubine De was relieved.Empress Wei ordered her to think about her mistakes in the Yongchun Palace.After all, the emperor is in charge in this palace, and the courtiers trusted by the emperor will secretly take care of her, just like this time, they will always find a way to bring her out.The emperor gave Empress Wei face, and Empress Wei is also a person who knows the cbd gummies for stress and anxiety depths, so she would not stop her at this time.Concubine De cbd 500mg gummies is as smart as Wei Shi, but Wei Shi will never learn to be submissive.The emperor said I let King Su try to deal with political affairs.When King Liang is settled, I will help him remove all obstacles in front of him and help him sit on the throne.It s the most important thing.Concubine De s tears fell on the back of the emperor s hand, Those are trivial matters.You woman, the emperor said sternly, but the look in his eyes became more gentle, the empress and concubine know how to read the political situation, especially the empress is no different from those officials in the previous dynasty.Saying such foolish words all the time, I want to make your son the crown prince, and he will definitely be the next emperor of the Great Zhou in the future, don t you like it Concubine De was still sobbing I want the emperor to get better.This was enough, Zhou Zesheng let go of the rope, Zhou Zejing coughed violently, finally calmed down and said, Concubine De may have something to do with Pyongyang Lee.People s reactions are expected by Zhou Zejing, isn t this the secret that Zhou Zesheng wants to know He stabilized the person first, and then made other plans.Zhou Zejing was thinking about it, when he saw the female family member walking a few steps forward, calling out a person next to him, that person was Feng Tongpan, who was wearing an official uniform, followed by two Officials in the yamen.Zhou Zejing opened her mouth wide in surprise, the dresses of the people still fluttering freely in the wind, like the clouds in the sky that people can t catch, she didn t know what she was going to do next.Gu Mingzhu said to Feng Anping Master Feng, did you hear what Master said just now on Tuesday Feng Anping nodded I will ask the civil servants to write it down and present it to Lord Fu Yin.Qiao Zheng said Those suspicious people Su Fu mentioned Master Su will catch them, Qiao Zheng straightened his official uniform, If we can If you prove your innocence, you will naturally have the opportunity to participate in the trial.If not, he and Qiao Zheng will be the next ones to be arrested, so now he is going to find his mentor, Guo Ji Kunning Palace.Empress Wei read the letter from outside the palace several times, then stood up and went to the Palace of Compassion.This time, she wants to invite the Empress Dowager to help her stabilize the situation in Beijing.If the arrangements are not proper, maybe King Liang will attack the capital.Da Zhou is about to usher in a new emperor.Chapter 501 Embarrassing the cbd 500mg gummies Palace of Compassion and Peace.The queen mother looked at the peony in front of her eyes Take it out and throw it away, it can t be saved.Start the boat.Standing on the blessing boat, King Liang ordered.The big ship galloped forward slowly.There is a boat in front.No, there is also a boat chasing from behind.There is also a boat on the left, and on the rightMy lord, we are surrounded by people.Before the sound rang, King Liang had already seen a boat suddenly appearing from the sea.The ships that came, nothey didn t pop out of nowhere, but hid behind the reef, like hunters waiting patiently cbd 500mg gummies for the prey to step into the trap.What should I do Put down the boat and escape As soon as King Liang thought about it, he heard a miserable cry.Someone has boarded the ship.The sound of fighting followed, and several frogmen touched the ship at some point, and fought with the guards on the ship.Zhao QiZhao Qi Someone on the fast moving boat was shouting with all his might.

Seeing such an army makes people feel inexplicably at ease.Not to mention one Liang king, even ten Liang kings are no match for the Great Zhou court.Go, Mrs.Lin said, Follow forward.She walked too fast, and she didn t see clearly yet.All the way back to the city, the cheers of the people in Beijing almost suppressed the sound of horseshoes and footsteps.Mrs.Lin felt more and more that Wei Sanye looked a little more powerful than the young Hou Ye.Mother, Gu Mingzhu said, we will go home soon.Mrs.Lin said Yes , what are you going to do if you don t go home Could it be that the daughter wants to see Mr.Wei alone Of course not.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips Mother, I mean, let s go home like this Aren t we here to pick up father Father should be behind Mr.Wei.Mrs.Lin stood there in a daze, yes, they She came to pick up Lord Hou, not to see her son in law, why did she even forget about this matter.After returning to the mansion, she gave careful instructions, saying that Brother Chun was crying and they were late leaving the house, so they met at the gate of the city instead.Lord Marquis didn t dare to say anything, could it be that she made a mistake in agreeing Even though she was thinking this way, Mrs.Lin still felt guilty, and she was going to make some food with her own hands as compensation for Lord Hou.Ma am, the steward walked quickly into the inner courtyard, Madam is happy, Lord Hou has been promoted.Mrs.Lin said What official position did you get promoted There, even though the five army governor s mansion is not as good as before, but the official position is too big, why does the court trust Lord Hou so much The steward said happily It s cbd 500mg gummies true, General Wei is now in charge of the Jingwei commander, and his official position is not as high as that of Lord Hou.After Gu Mingzhu said this, Zhu Wu opened his eyes wide again, JiangJunior Sister Jiang, yes, why didn t he think of it, so when he was in the village, it was not Miss Gu who followed Liu Su, but Mrs.Liu Su followed Miss Gu, and it was the same when he arrived in Beijing.Liu Su pure bliss cbd gummies tinnitus was cbd 500mg gummies always by Miss Jiang s side.How are they so stupid It turned out that the adoptive father they had always wanted to see was by their side.After reading the diagram, Zhu Wu carefully put away the diagram, then bowed to Gu Mingzhu and said, Miss, from now on Gu Mingzhu said, Whatever you want, you Just understand in your heart.Zhu Wu was relieved after hearing this.Zhu Wu thought for a while, but the line of adoptive father still can t be spent, HCMUSSH cbd 500mg gummies otherwise the people in the world can t be united, and the other brothers and sisters still have to visit the foster father.The king of Liang handed over all the Fujian sea ships to Zhang My family, your Zhang family has made a lot of profits.The Zhang family wants to follow the dragon s merits and strive for wealth and glory for themselves.How can you care about a woman like you You don t dare to hate me if you have resentment in your heart.You should go to find me Father and brother.Hearing Luo Yu s words, Zhang opened her mouth, her teeth and lips were bright red, she froze there, and then began to shake her head non stop, she couldn t tell what was true and what was false.After Luo Yu finished speaking, he ignored the Zhang family, and crawled a few steps to get to Cui Zhen s side Master Hou, what the Zhang family did really has nothing to do with me.After I was exposed in Datong, I have been staying in Wulianghahe Goryeo, I now have won the trust of the elders of the Wuliangha tribe, besides the leader, my father in law is the largest one in Wuliangha, and I can let my wife and family persuade my father in law to submit to the court.Sun Langzhong ignored the great monk, who hated him very much, and insisted on walking with him after meeting him, and even said that he could not cure the disease, so the great monk would help.When encountering a patient who was rescued by Yao Shiwang, after the patient passed away, the great monk would perform a ceremony, making him always feel that the great monk followed him deliberately for alms.The third master Wei came to pick him up, and the great monk wanted to come with him.This is not a monk, it is simply a dog skin plaster.But what Sun Langzhong didn t expect was that this monk was also acquainted with Cui Zhen.Sun Langzhong looked at Cui Zhen after the pulse diagnosis Cui Hou has injured his internal organs, and the wound has begun to fester.Although I have diagnosed the root cause of the disease, the injury has been delayed for too long, and it may not be cured.That s bio life cbd gummies cbd 500mg gummies right, you gummy cbd amazon can pretend you didn t hear about it.All the clan members in the room could hear the cold sweat all over their bodies.Can they pretend they didn t hear Can it be regarded as disbelief What about the result Who will bear it If it is not done well, disaster may be imminent.Why is the emperor still in the prime of life This matter needs to be settled before the death of the old King phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews Qing.Even if the sky falls, the old King Qing has to support it.Don t want to lose the blame.Chapter 557 During the ugly wedding, Wei Yuanchen put on his auspicious clothes and went to the main room.Mrs.Li had been waiting in the main room early, and when she saw Wei Yuanchen walking in from the outside, a smile immediately appeared on her face.Seeing his mother s smile from ear to ear, Wei Congzhi sighed in his heart, after all, Brother Chen is the heart of his mother, but Brother Chen is worse than him, he is the tip of his mother s heart, just this little difference, Brother Chen Even riding a horse can t catch up.

There was a burst of laughter in the welcoming team.The supervisors complained bitterly, if they did not distinguish between teachers and students, they would not have identified their students as students.Just when the supervisors were hesitating, Wei Yuanchen jumped off his horse, walked to the gate of the Gu family, reached out and knocked on the gate of the Gu family, and said loudly My father in law, my mother in law, my son in law is here to welcome you.The old King Qing raised his voice and said Marquis Huaiyuan, let your son in law come in Among the welcoming crowd, Zhu Wu tugged at the hem of Liusu s clothes and said phil mickelson cbd gummies free trial super cbd gummies 300 mg reviews in a low voice, So should we be welcoming the bride, or blocking it Liu Su pretended not to hear He couldn t give an answer to such a complicated situation right now.Zhu Wu had a lot of cbd 500mg gummies questions today Then tell me, after the adoptive father gets married, what should we call Mr.The night was still growing, so she really shouldn t worry about Mr.Wei, she should be worried.Woohoo, she reached out and hugged Wei Yuanchen s shoulder My lordThird Master Her legs were sore.If I knew it earlier, I wouldn t prescribe any medicine to invigorate the kidney qi for the adult.He doesn t lack this.In the end, he is not the one who suffers.Chapter 562 Hand in hand with Gu Mingzhu, she just felt extremely tired, much harder than running out to investigate the case for several nights in a row.Her temples were wet with sweat, and her body seemed to be falling apart.Although she took the initiative, the final result was far from what she thought.Although it hurt the first time, but fortunately it passed quickly.She was full of tenderness towards the lord in her heart, and cared for his difficulties for many years.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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