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Generally speaking, only noble children can study in military schools.Rommel was born in a commoner.According to the original regulations, he could not go to military schools to study, but When Rommel joined the army, it was just in time for the Second German Reich to expand its armies and prepare for war, and the army needed a large number of officers.So this qualification was lowered, and it was lowered to soldiers of civilian origin like Rommel.In this way, in 1911, Rommel went to Danzig Officer Candidate School to study and began his cbd delights 3000mg gummies military career.In Germany, where the cbd delights 3000mg gummies hierarchy is very strict, Rommel and the nobility cannot be equated.Ah, Ernst, Erwin asked me to tell you when he was leaving that it was his regret that he didn t have time to say goodbye to you, but he hopes that you can meet again soon in the future.God knows when the next time he will Come up with a new problem, and then inexplicably let myself complete it.Seventy three.The autumn offensive of the new tactics has quietly kicked off.Not a single German soldier ever had any doubts about the success of the offensive.In the eyes of German soldiers, they possessed powerful force, confidence in victory, and unparalleled courage.Once victorious, it will be able to completely smash the enemy s Somme offensive and intercept the strategic goals of the Allies.General Galwitz of the Second Army put the 16th Bavarian Rifle Regiment at the forefront of the army s attack.In the general s view, the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment with Baron Alexson would be a completely reliable force.The supplementary battalion was placed at the forefront of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment.Third Reich The second phase of the Soarer Project mission officially launched The base restarts and upgrades itself Mission objective Reims, France, bring out or kill Dead Von KierockFour sorties support, status standby Xiaoling s new mission has been transmitted.How difficult is the task Wang Weiyi asked casually.I m not very optimistic that you can complete it.The difficulty is too high.Xiao Ling s answer made people dumbfounded I can provide you with information about the French army, but if you enter Reims with only a special unit, It is almost impossible to bring out Kilok under the noses of more than 100,000 enemies Wang Weiyi touched his nose What about precision bombing Walker, this is your mission, I am only responsible for providing you with the support you can get.I recommend that you simply kill Kilok as your only hope of success.Seeing the distance from the fat colonel, Manstein said in a ferocious low voice Ernst, you are definitely not A gentleman, I swear you are not I have to tell Elena to go and make her reconsider her choice.Wang Weiyi smiled, and said in a low voice, Come on, Fritz, when I go back this time, I ll help you find a good shotgun.He remembered that Manstein s greatest hobby was hunting, which was very popular among the nobles in both Germany and Russia.Are you sure I am sure.Manstein s face became better now.Hey, Moyol, Yunal, hurry up.Colonel Gustav on the stretcher shouted at this time.I love this fat man.Wang Weiyi laughed in a low voice.Indeed, without this fat colonel, there might be some twists and turns in entering Lance, but the occasional rescue made it easier to sneak into the French.It s just that the special unit can only come in.Wang Weiyi, the Baron of Kilok, came to the headquarters of the French army as agreed.There were already people sent by General Raffarin waiting for him there.After getting into the car specially prepared for him, Wang Weiyi silently memorized the road while bumping with the car.After driving for about 20 minutes, they came to a very remote house, where there were also a large number of soldiers standing there, watching everything around them vigilantly.Wang Weiyi was a friend of General Raffarin, so he was able to walk in unimpeded.There, Wang Weiyi saw General Raffarin and von Kierock, who always maintained a serious expression, again.Aha, my friend.When seeing Wang Weiyi, General Raffarin looked very excited, and then glanced at Will who was standing next to Wang Weiyi Is this the tailor you told me Yes Yes, general.Wang Weiyi said confidently Now the French are in a mess.On the front line, our army is attacking bravely.In Reims, De Sade is desperately arresting us again.They will not mobilize a large number of troops to guard the tanks Moreover, De Sade never dreamed that we, who were supposed to be hiding everywhere, would actually seize their tanks.Rommel thought for a while, and did not continue to raise his objections.Ernst.Brahm is such a person, there is nothing he dare not do.This is a bold officer.Ernst, since you have made up your mind, let s talk about your thoughts.We will act after dawn.Wang Weiyi confided the plan he had thought up a long time ago The French will definitely be strict at night.Surveillance is the most dangerous at this time.After dawn, the French who have worked hard all night will definitely be very tired.This woman with great power in her hands seems to have arranged everything very early.She used herself to deal with Mrs.Watts, and then arranged people around her , appeared when I needed help the most.Women Powerful women have to be wary of them all the time.This incident also taught Wang Weiyi a lesson.God knows when someone will stab you in the back I thought you would kill Watts.The Countess said with a little regret But you just made him lose all his property.Wang Weiyi smiled Countess, killed a People can t completely relieve hatred, but for a person like Mrs.Watts, once he loses his wealth, his power will also plummet.This is the best torture for him, isn t it I have to compliment you You are so wise.The countess also smiled It is my honor to be your friend.Ah, I think Elena will be unhappy.

There is no one in Berlin who has never heard of the name of Baron Alexon.Kugla s eyelids twitched, and he said immediately It s Ya Baron Lexon, it is an honor to play cards with you.Just the two of us Yes.Wang Weiyi sat down with the Countess I m not very good at playing this.You are very kind.Kugla threw up the chips I heard that you are invincible on the battlefield, I think you must have no opponent here Deal the cards Kugla got a Zhang J, Wang Weiyi got a 7.It seems that Wang Weiyi s first card was not very lucky.The second card was placed in front of Kugla, which was an 8.Kugla spread his hands Good luckBaron Alexon, sometimes I also want to go to the battlefield to experience the feeling It s time for you to ask for a card Aadd Get up at 1 o clock.It seems that your good luck has been used up on the battlefield.Just as Lai Li was about to speak, he suddenly felt a slight numbness in his waist, and then passed out on the ground.Wang Weiyi put away the syringe, squatted down, installed the tracker on Lai Li, then stood up and said Have a good dream, Mr Sidney.One hundred and sixty seven.You have poked a hornet s nest.When you wake up in the morning, Riley finds that the Skeleton Commando has left.Riley doesn t quite understand.Does the other party really trust him so much Although the other party has mastered him It s a secret, but it s a bit strange to leave here kana cbd gummies review happy hemp cbd gummies without saying anything.I checked my body, and there what are benefits of cbd gummies was nothing unusual.Maybe the skeleton baron is really too confident in himself, thinking that he is completely in control But help him It is still necessary to find out what the Russians are doing.Yes, cbd gummies for sleeping Colonel.Say Soquali Sub Brigadier General.Wang Weiyi refocused on the frontal battlefield If the information is correct, then we will delay some time.But I don t want to do that.Elena, what is the character of Brigadier General Soqualia Impatience, impulsiveness, and recklessness in doing things.If it weren t for his relationship with Major General Cross, he might have been in big trouble several times.So he has always been very grateful to Major General Cross.Colonel.Is it possible to use his this Temper draws him out Manstein offered his own suggestion.Wang Weiyi suddenly smiled I have another waywhy don t we attack Bonosa directly His subordinates were stunned there, and Wang Weiyi asked someone to bring a map Look , according to the information we have obtained from many previous reconnaissance, there is a small road called Agolivando, which can directly reach Bonosa Rommel pondered and said You mean to conduct a surprise attack through here good Wang Weiyi nodded My idea is thisErwin, Fritz, and Heinz, command your three units to launch an attack on the Swallow brigade, and put the Artillery, mortars, and machine guns were all used to drag Soqualia here, and I led the first team to go straight to Bonosa Colonel, this is too dangerous.Sergey also When I got to the front of the car, I was relieved to see that it was successfully controlled.Gold, gold While smiling, he quietly put his hand into his trousers.There was a revolver hidden in it.Kill Ernst first, and the remaining German woman will be solved.At this time, Wang Weiyi s attention is all on the driver.on the body The gun had been pulled out with a bang , and it was not Ernst who fell to the ground, but Sergey Wang Weiyi, who fell to the ground without even turning his head Killed Killed, you can t guess at all Yes, Sergey will definitely do it.Elena let out a cheerful laugh.Wang Weiyi smiled, Sergey s own greed took his life cbd delights 3000mg gummies Ernst, let me check inside the car, there are still enemies in the car.Elina opened the car door connected to the front of the car as she spoke.Nicholas, you shouldn t have come to the battlefield.After listening carefully, Wang Weiyi said regretfully, The Military Intelligence Bureau is more suitable for you.Speaking of this, he cbd delights 3000mg gummies suddenly said, Nicholas, I have to ask you for a piece of advice.If there is a possibility of a breakout, please lead the commando to complete the breakout Why don t you lead it yourself Nicholas asked in a daze.Wang Weiyi smiled and did not answer this question.two hundred and fifty two.Meuse, the place of death The Battle of Argonne continued in October, and the offensive of the American and French coalition forces was seriously hindered.Despite being inferior in arms and numbers, the Germans put up the most tenacious resistance.Especially in the hills of Monfocon, the blows suffered by the Americans are simply unimaginable.It s very sharp.Naomasa Sugawara picked it up with trembling hands.The bayonet was aimed at his abdomen.However, he did not have the courage to stab the bayonet in anyway The cowardice in his eyes has long been seen clearly by Wang Weiyi, and he also knows that people like Sugawara Naomasa do not have the courage to commit suicide of.Come on.Wang Weiyi said sarcastically You see other people s lives as worthless, and your own life is more important than anything else.Stop acting, it s almost done.Zhang Sandao raised his gun San Dao, don t kill him.Wang Weiyi hurriedly said.Why, didn t do cbd gummies give you headaches you say you don t want prisoners cbd delights 3000mg gummies Zhang Sandao didn t quite understand.Wang Weiyi smiled I m talking about ordinary soldiers, but this is an officer.Do you know who he is How much is he worth Forget it, you don t understand.

He asked us some questions about why we came to China, and then warned us to are cbd gummies safe to take cbd delights 3000mg gummies be careful in Shanghai, and then let us go.And the radio station was also given back to us.Kroller s words made Stecke s brows tightly locked together.What did R himself want to do Inexplicably captured two German agents, and then released them inexplicably Hannah said at this time General, we Investigated.I probably know some things, it seems that two people from the country pretended to be our identities and assassinated a country tycoon who was going to join the Japanese.Pretending to be you General Steck stood up, walked to his desk, and fell silent.What s going on Steck couldn t figure it out after thinking about it for a long time.The only information that Keller and Hannah could investigate I ve said so much.General Xue Yue is ordering his own troops and recruiting a large number of civilians to cbd delights 3000mg gummies repair them, hoping to improve the fortifications as much as possible before the arrival of the Japanese army Then, he came to the map and said The Japanese army that landed at Jinshanwei was strongly blocked by the Japanese army in Songjiang.We got some very reliable information on the way back.Songjiang resisted Wu Keren s 67th Army, which was also equipped with a battalion of the Guards Battalion of the 19th Army Command.Stark nodded Songjiang has a very strong effect on whether the Japanese army can be stopped, whether the Japanese army can be retreated to the greatest extent, and the improvement of fortifications can be completed.Do you think the 67th army can hold it cbd delights 3000mg gummies We can t be sure.Hanna helped Kroller and said But we also got a piece of information that the Sugawara Battalion of the 6th Division of the Japanese Army was annihilated by the Guard Battalion, and the captain Sugawara Naomasa was captured What Stike thought he cbd delights 3000mg gummies was overwhelmed You said that a battalion of the Chinese defeated a brigade of the Japanese and captured their captain Yes, indeed.They had already heard about the illustrious military exploits of this chariot in Xiguan.Niu Zhenliang, who was about to leave early, was surrounded by students.He wanted them to leave, but the students didn t listen at all.Instead, they kept calling cbd delights 3000mg gummies for him to tell hero stories.Niu Zhenliang wanted to get angry, but he didn t want cbd delights 3000mg gummies to hurt the hearts of the students.I can only work there anxiously and keep persuading the students.Not only him.The same happened to other troops who were withdrawing Get out of the way, get out of the way Several soldiers separated the students, and Wang Weiyi appeared with a straight face Niu Zhenliang, why don t you leave Are you going to wait for the Japanese plane to bomb Report to the battalion commander.They Niu Zhenliang pointed at those students aggrieved When he heard that he was the heroic battalion commander of the Xiguan Defense War, the battalion commander Wang Weiyi who defeated two brigades of the Japanese army arrived, and the students hula Surrounding cbd delights 3000mg gummies Wang Weiyi at once, Niu Zhenliang took this opportunity are cbd gummies safe to take cbd delights 3000mg gummies to escape.In the Battle of Songjiang, Wang Weiyi successfully joined the 67th Army and dragged the Japanese Army under the city of Songjiang.He did not allow the Japanese to cut off the Shanghai Hangzhou Railway, and bought the maximum time for the Chinese Army to perfect Wu Fu Line, Xicheng line and other Chinese defense fortifications.The Japanese army must face the iron wall built by the squadron The attack was definitely not as smooth as Matsui Iwane imagined.On the Wufu line, on the Xicheng line, on the Zhajia line, and on the Haijia line, the Japanese army encountered the most powerful resistance from Japanese soldiers What they are facing is the national iron wall built by cbd gummies minnetonka countless Chinese sons and daughters with their blood and lives In Changshu, the performance of the 13th Division of the Japanese Army on the battlefield was a mess, and they even lost a regiment leader.In short, they just don t do things for Japan.However, there are also those who see the word benefit without regard for themselves, such as Zhang Xiaolin.When we meet the former type of person, no matter what they have done in the past, we have to respect and respect him.Can you meet the latter kind of person I don t see anything to be polite about Zhang Sandao nodded silently.At this time, Guo Yunfeng opened another box, which contained six pistols and a large number of magazines.Guo Yunfeng put the guns and magazines on the bed Manager Wang, this It is more reliable to carry things with you As he was speaking, there was a knock on the door outside, and then Xiao Yangzhou s voice came in Mr.Wang, Mr.Wang.Wang Weiyi asked Guo Yunfeng to hide the gun and magazines under the quilt Come in.Little Yangzhou came in with a flattering look on his face Boss Cai s clothes will be delivered right away, have you talked with Laosi Ding It s a good deal, and the benefits will definitely not escape you.His Tang family has a relatively large influence in Shanghai, especially the French.Our company is located in the French Concession.He had to establish a good relationship with the Tang family.Wang Weiyi nodded, and probably understood a little bit.Today s harvest is quite big, and the company s affairs can be considered smooth, as long as all the links are opened up.A lifeline for the big Shanghai and the front line will be established.Of course, this There are actually too many things to do, and it all depends on the efforts of where do i sell my cbd gummie bears Qiao Zhihe and Lu Mingzhai The French Consulate in Shanghai.Aha, my old friend.Finally waiting for you to come to China.Lowello, the counselor of the consulate, warmly greeted a big fat man, and gave him a warm hug Gustav.My friend, I can hardly remember how many years we haven t seen each other.

In these nine attacks, without exception, two people wearing old fashioned German uniforms suddenly appeared like ghosts, and then killed the opposite Japanese in the fastest way, and then quickly left.Of course, they always leave behind a skull badge before leaving.The last attack occurred at the coming moment At this time, the entire Japanese army in Shanghai began to go on alert.Machine guns were set up at several major intersections.R himself frantically hunted down these two terrifying Germans all over Shanghai.Major Takahashi s task is to defend this area.However, Major Takahashi can be sure that the enemy will never appear again.As long as they dare to appear again, with the meager strength of the two of them, it is absolutely impossible to escape.Major Takahashi suddenly felt the ground tremble What is it Just when Major Takahashi was at a loss, he suddenly froze there He saw the tank Yes, he read it right Tanks, really tanks A German No.If It would be nice to kill Kenkichi Ueda I know what you re thinking, Rambler.Xiao Ling s voice became more serious You have the ability to kill R himself, but I don t want you to do so.Our goal is to find the third y element and even if you can kill Kenkichi Ueda, r himself will send a new commander I know.Wang Weiyi smiled Kenkichi Ueda is such a stupid and incompetent commander, it is good for us to put it there, I am reluctant to kill him.After finishing speaking, he thought for a while There is no way to take others there.Sidao is responsible for the cover, Elena, no, Baroness, let s go meet that Ueda Kenkichi together.Elena s face turned red.But for some reason, she heard the words Baroness In a few words, there is some inexplicable sweet feeling in my heart.At present, the war is stable, and R himself is suffering from internal conflicts and external pressure.The first sound was from Wang Weiyi, and the second soundwas from Xiao Ling Don t get me wrong.Xiao Ling quickly realized where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies his gaffe I m doing it for the base.Destruction is cheering because of your madness Yes, yes, you have always strictly followed the procedures.Wang Weiyi smiled.People want face, and computers also need face This is especially true for computers with intelligence like Xiaoling They did a very good job, except that the time set by the base to complete the task is not what was originally imagined, other All so perfect.It seems impossible to completely control the base now, but at least Wang Weiyi has taken the first step very well.Base, issued an order as he requested A very exciting start This also made Wang Weiyi firmly believe that sooner or later there will be a day when the base will be completely in his own hands Three hundred and thirty seven.Please give this gentleman a bottle of the best wine.Mr.Moyol cbd delights 3000mg gummies revive 365 cbd gummies stood up and dropped some money Director Frank, I have something else to do, so I have to leave first.From now on, Mr.Kasanovic and Mr.If you contact me, you can regard him as my spokesperson.Ah, don t you want to drink Okay, okay, for people like you, time is always very precious, and I look forward to seeing you again.Walking out of the illy restaurant, Mr.Moyol Wang Weiyi put on his clothes Hat Casanovic, I have set up a separate account in the bank for you, you can withdraw it anytime .

are cbd gummies a blood thinner?

and anywhere, the next one is up to you.I will work hard, I will never disappoint your expectations.Kasanovic s eyes were full of gratitude I really don t know how to thank you, Mr.Ernst.Thank your father, if he hadn t helped You won t stand in front of me like you are now.But this is not bad, Wang Weiyi s troops fought bravely, flexibly, and even a cbd delights 3000mg gummies little bit Cunning , if the officers and soldiers of the 3o5 Regiment can be allowed to follow this unit, the growth rate HCMUSSH cbd delights 3000mg gummies will definitely be very fast.It s just that Wang Weiyi is the colonel brigade commander.Although Zhang Lingfu is the regiment leader, he is also a colonel.Would he be willing to obey Wang Weiyi s command Thinking of this, she turned her eyes to Zhang Lingfu Lingfu, would you like to are cbd gummies safe to take cbd delights 3000mg gummies go to Kuncheng Lake Colonel Wang is in charge of the frontline command.When Zhang Lingfu heard this, he said loudly without hesitation Lingfu only wants to go to the front line to fight against the war.He has no other ideas.Brigadier Wang commanded well and made outstanding achievements.Any complaints good Xue Yue was overjoyed Then you immediately lead the 3o5 regiment to the front line of Kuncheng Lake Yes, killing the enemy in the War of Resistance, even if you die, you will have no regrets After finishing speaking, Zhang Lingfu and Wang Weiyi looked at each other and smiled.That night, under the dim light, Sun Zhifang, who was heartbroken like a knife, sewed her husband s head and body together with needles and threads Does it hurt Hold on My heart hurts more than yours My heart hurts more than yours Relatives Everyone in the Tang family was silent, and Mrs.Tang and Tang Weihong had already burst into tears.What kind of strange woman is this In front of the vicious Japanese army, she was kid cbd gummies so impassioned.Maybe the first minute he stepped into the Japanese army headquarters, he had already put life and death aside.For her beloved husband, she also forgot her own life and death I want to take away my husband s head, otherwise the two of them will bleed for five steps This is the strongest cry of a woman in this country Riro Katayama will never forget that day, and neither will all Chinese people No one will forget the cry I will take my husband s head away, or the two corpses will bleed for five steps This is the country This is an invincible nation The general s head is a true story.

The brigade has orders, don t feel bad Bullets, there are plenty of bullets Wang Weiyi s troops are definitely outliers among all troops.The officers and soldiers under his command have never worried about weapons and ammunition, and there will always be a steady stream of supplies behind them.In the minds of the officers and soldiers, the brigade seat is like a magician with boundless magic power, who can conjure as many weapons as he needs.Zhang Lingfu also felt hearty.Before leading the 305 regiment to the battlefield, the supplies they received were only half of the normal level.At that time, Zhang Lingfu was still worried, but once he joined the sequence of the brigade, everything changed completely.Look at the weapons in the hands of the brothers, American, British, and French, there are countless light and heavy machine guns, and the grenades are carried in boxes and boxes for casual use.Moreover, the officers and soldiers wear steel helmets, which is too important, which can protect the brothers to survive on the battlefield to the greatest extent.It is said that s German weapon masters cbd gummies with melatonin wholesale are the most well equipped, but now look at this, and then you can know what is really well equipped Needless to say, conventional weapons, there are mortars and tanks waiting prime gummies cbd behind them.With the roar of enemy mortars, the Japanese army began to attack.Previously, the officers of the Huben Guard Brigade had given lessons to the officers and men of the 305th Regiment many times The Japanese army s offense is very layered, and their tactical and individual qualities are far above the military.As for the way to deal with them, those officers who had participated in the Battle of Sanhuqiao and the Battle of Songjiang Xiguan also explained them carefully.Wang Weiyi pointed to the skull battle flag I have nothing else to ask of you, only that you never defile this flag Three hundred and sixty four.The night of the counterattack The night of the counterattack It s going to be counterattack night And the launch of this counterattack the Huben Guard Brigade The night is deep, and everything is so quiet.But in such night and silence, a large number of Chinese soldiers have already entered the designated positions.Counterattack Night Everyone is waiting patiently, no one is impatient.All the officers and soldiers knew Once their brigade commander decides to attack, it will be overwhelming and unstoppable At this time, Wang Weiyi was also waiting quietly.Behind him were one hundred and three members of the skeleton team.And in the middle of the team was a real battle flag fluttering in the night wind the skeleton battle flag When this battle flag reappears on the battlefield, what will it be like Soldiers are ready, mortars are ready, trucks are ready, tanks are ready Everything is ready, now only waiting for the order to be issued Time is passing by every minuteJiangjia Village has also been completely shrouded in darkness Early kana cbd gummies review happy hemp cbd gummies morning, 4 25.We can only exchange casualties and cold weather for the defeat of the Germans, but now The situation has changed.The appearance of the Skeleton Baron revived the fighting spirit of the Germans.In their eyes, death and cold are fearless.And what I am most worried about is not their breakout.Zhukov was silent there Comrade Chief of Staff, I have something in my heart, please don t tell Comrade Sling.When the skeleton baron appeared, I always felt that we would not be able to annihilate the German army.What I am most worried about is that when the spring season comes, the Germans cbd move gummies will be on the skeleton A new large scale offensive under the leadership of the Baron It is unbelievable that these words came from the mouth of the deputy commander of the Soviet Army.It is not too much to say that he shakes the morale of the army.Wang Weiyi said With a relaxed face, he said Where is the place This name sounds familiar, but I don t think I will be caught by the Russians.Little Ling said you are a lunatic, you are really a lunatic.Guo Yunfeng muttered helplessly Voice Since you are going, I have to accompany you to save you from doing more crazy things.Wang Weiyi carefully looked at Guo Yunfeng s face Hey, you have to put on makeup, right Your picture His face doesn t look like a European.Although Xiao Ling s makeup skills are questionable, it s not a problem to fool those Russians.In Ziguang military base.Xiao Ling and Elena have long been accustomed to the decision of Wanderer , and they didn t take it seriously at all.The robotic arm was there to make up for Guo Yunfeng.This made Guo Yunfeng very uncomfortable.But taking advantage of this opportunity, Wang Weiyi suddenly said to Elena From now on, I am a colonel of the Soviet Union, and I think my name is Kantelsky, which is a good name.The German army will launch a full line attack on the 13th, or the 15th at the latest This is attack versus attack Timoshenko made what he thought was the most appropriate deployment the 9th Army temporarily stopped its offensive and built defenses on the spot, and the follow up troops must arrive at the designated location on the 13th.The Southern Front continued its offensive.Timoshenko was still very mature and prudent.He planned to use the Southwest Front to hold back the main force of the Germans, and the Southern Front to make a breakthrough in the battle against the 6th Army as soon as possible, laying a solid foundation for the final victory in the Battle of Kharkov He judged one thing correctly Marshal Ernst Brahm did choose the Southwest Front Army as the key target of annihilation, but he didn t expect it.

But still stubbornly maintain their ancient and dignified tradition.across from them.It is the van der Wegney battle group of the German army s elite armed skeleton division.The German officers and soldiers of the 2nd Skeleton Infantry Regiment were stunned and at a loss for a short time when they saw countless horses appearing on the battlefield.What s wrong Why are there so many cavalry on the battlefield now Ah, the real cavalry, not the ones that just keep their cavalry numbers.What are these cavalry purekana 500mg cbd gummies without artillery cover doing here They re here desperately.Colonel van der Vene shook his head helplessly.He sympathized with these Russians.Such a charge could only make this place a big slaughterhouse.But what can he do German gunners moved into position.The German tank entered the attack position, and the German machine gunner aimed at the front and drew out his command knife.What do you want to do Dr.Turston was where can i buy cbd gummies for tinnitus completely stunned by what happened before him.I m sorry, doctor.When the voice sounded, blood gushed out of Dr.Turston s chest.There were three corpses here, Wang Weiyi looked at the sleeping Oppenheimer and said in a low voice, Little Ling, help me.This house is fully enclosed, and the outside is also a who sells cbd gummies in wilkes barre pa blind spot for surveillance.I will open a hole in the wall, and you can come out from here.Evacuation time, three minutes, start Director Frank, Inspector Manu And Brown is dead What Dead, dead, and Mr.Z is missing There were only three corpses in the room, and there were small holes in the walls.Frank and Orvis were dumbfounded.How did they do it How did they punch a hole in the wall without anyone noticing Who can answer them It s impossible, it s impossible Orvis murmured, If you want to make such a big hole, there will be a sound.This cbd delights 3000mg gummies is not fair to William.To Leoni, the same It s not fair either.One day, I will stand in front of him.Wang cbd delights 3000mg gummies Weiyi stood up I will make up for everything he lost, maybe in other ways, and now, Hermione, it s time for us to go to New York.Hermione also stood up Is it a war that is unfamiliar to you But it is all too familiar to me.New York belongs to Hermione s battlefield If Baron Alexon is the king of the battlefield, then Hermione is the king of shopping malls.Even Hermione is more terrifying in shopping malls than Baron Alexon is on the battlefield And now, this woman is about to fight Dan Zexi Fund in person Wang Weiyi saw that Leoni was looking at him affectionately, and he kissed her lightly on the cheek Wait for me to come back again, I will I owe you a wedding and I swear I will pay you back.Moyol, that gold mine in Africa, also has a share.God, this is really a man with a huge wealth in his hands schmooze for a while , Miss Ruiman gradually changed the topic to this Mr.Moyol, I have made some money, but making a movie is really not an easy task.And we will grow old happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies eventually, we have to think about the future, I really want to make some investments with my money Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Do you want to buy the shares of Joe Cole through me Yes, you are very clever.You are also very smart, Miss Reman.Wang Weiyi was still smiling lightly Everyone knows that this will make a lot of money.But private transactions will be investigated, why should I take this risk For a while, Miss Ruiman didn t know how to answer, yes, why did the other party take such a risk Look, you don t need anything.Cope with the situation in front of you.Listen, sir, I promise we won t hurt you.Wang Weiyi said lightly But if you are still unwilling to put down your weapon when I count to three, then I will be very difficultone When the word cbd delights 3000mg gummies came out of Wang Weiyi s mouth, the phil mickelson cbd gummies website Turkish soldier obviously became hesitant.The muzzle of the gun in his hand was also slightly pressed down Bang At this moment, the gun The sound was heard, and the Turkish soldier fell headfirst to the ground Klingenberg looked back and found that Guo Yunfeng had put away a pistol He glanced at the corpse on the ground, Wang Weiyi shrugged regretfully, and he came to cbd delights 3000mg gummies Prince Karami Your Highness, I am Ernst Brehm of Germany, and now I declare you free.Prince Karami stood up in a daze As the time passed by every minute and every second, Lafke and his companions had already died eight people Lafke Fuke was also badly wounded, but he smiled instead.Probably because everyone s cards were bad, no one followed, and Queen Farida was the first to join.Wang Weiyi didn t care about the money, and followed one by one.When the last card was dealt, Wang Weiyi had a pair of Q s.One thousand pounds, Mr.Baron, are you interested in following Farouk kana cbd gummies review happy hemp cbd gummies are cbd gummies any good I said provocatively with a pair of 10s, an ace and a k.I ll follow.Wang Weiyi quietly added a thousand pounds.Look, look what I have Farouk I suddenly became excited, and spread out his hole card, which was another ace.Two pairs Wang Weiyi shrugged and closed all the cards Your Majesty, your luck is good, you won.Aha, Mr.Baron, with all due respect, your card skills are not very good.Farouk I happily received all the money in front of him.At this point, Wang Weiyi admits that without the help of Xiaoling, his card skills are really bad When a new round of cards was dealt out, perhaps it was God s own arrangement, Wang Weiyi s hole card was still the black 3, but the face card was a red 3.

I just found it after searching for a long time on the military uniform.What s this Potassium cyanide or something else for suicide Was a German colonel ready to commit suicide for his country in such a way should i praise you Innschick s complexion finally changed At this time, Xiaoling said in Wang Weiyi s ear I have deciphered the telegram you provided me.Those numbers are some coded arrangements.For example, in the supply telegram of the 90th Light Armored Division, all numbers and troop numbers, armored vehicles The numbering together is German spy siren, carrying a lot of secrets.MayumCaptain Klingenberg led the team, fifteen people Wang Weiyi said softly Tone, these passwords are not worth mentioning in Xiao Ling s eyes.But other aspects cbd delights 3000mg gummies are difficult to say Now Wang Weiyi has at least made one thing clear, although Xiaoling is a terrible computer, she is by no means omnipotent.Countless German soldiers let out terrifying roars.Straight into the enemy s heart like lightning After all, it was the Greeks who suffered first.The Greeks have been looking for an opportunity all these years since they were defeated in Turkey and were completely driven out of Turkish soil.Tell the world that the Greek army can win a beautiful victory.And the African battlefield obviously provided them with a good opportunity Unfortunately, healthspan cbd gummies the battlefield is cbd delights 3000mg gummies not something you can win if you want to win Under the sharp German assault, it was already in jeopardy The Greek front finally could no longer hold on.There were Germans breaking in everywhere, and there was gunfire everywhere.Papasones in the chaos made his last effort to resist the attack from the Germans.While constantly reporting the harsh situation on the battlefield to General Woodrow.Colonel Dot nodded heavily I have to admit that the other party is very generous, and the money promised to me has never been less, but the problem is that I can get it The more you cbd delights 3000mg gummies have, the more you have to pay.There is no such thing as a free lunch.He still cbd delights 3000mg gummies hasn t figured out the true identity of the Baron Andrew in front of him.He only knows that he is a very powerful person.Because he Wife in the United States.Said that Mrs.Hermione of the Wittgenstein family has visited Colonel Dott s home.And asked Colonel Dott to do well in Cairo What does this sentence mean, Colonel Dott It s all too clear Who is Baron Andrew Can Mrs.Hermione be so obedient to him Tell me, Baron, you must have some special mission when you ventured to Cairo Colonel Dot took the initiative to ask, and Wang Weiyi also took it by the way How is the situation in Cairo now It s not special.Compared with what we have received, you will receive my most generous compensation for the grievances you have suffered.General Motta s mood is now a little better.Mussolini had great ambitions.During the war, Italy s national strength, especially its military strength, was relatively weak.The country that was often defeated in the war occurred in the Italian army.Whether it was fighting against France or the Soviet Union, even the guerrilla troops against Yugoslavia would be completely wiped out.Mainly due to the low morale of the troops and improper cbd delights 3000mg gummies command.However, with the country s weakness, the Italian dictator Mussolini had huge ambitions.His first step was to establish an African empire.When France established the Vichy government, it was clearly neutral, but in fact it was a puppet of Germany.As for another piece of information, it was a telegram from the Japanese Navy deciphered by the US intelligence agency.This telegram confirmed the authenticity of Baron Alexon s intelligence The Japanese army is very likely to launch an attack on a certain US naval base Now, it was up to Roosevelt just cbd cbd cannabidiol gummies to make the choice.He turned his attention to his young assistant, William, who was looking at the information without blinking.What do you think, William asked Roosevelt, smoking a pipe.I think it s true.William exhaled Both telegrams also point to the Japanese attempt.Mr.President, I think we must make preparations in advance How to prepare Roosevelt asked rhetorically.William was stunned, this is really a strange question.When the threat of war came, of course, he was actively preparing for the war and completely defeated the Japanese attack attempt.Heisenberg hesitated for a moment That s right, our Sergeant Keller was unfortunately arrested during an operation Oh, tell me carefully listen.Yes, Marshal.Heisenberg didn t dare to be negligent, and cbd delights 3000mg gummies quickly told the whole story.After capturing Erklin, the Brandenburg commando continued to carry out the mission.However, the team commanded by Sergeant Keller, After completing the mission, he encountered a Russian army.The strength of the enemy and us was completely out of balance.In order to cover the safe retreat of the whole team, Sergeant Keller took the initiative to stay with three commandos.The team was safe, but Keller went The soldier became a prisoner Ah, I understand, you want to rescue him.Wang Weiyi nodded But how can you be sure that Sergeant Keller is still alive Marshal, we captured a Russian captain in a few hours.

I don t have the skills of those spies.I can remember these materials so clearly, but I have the most powerful weapon Xiaoling Comrade General.I think you have cbd delights 3000mg gummies revive 365 cbd gummies misremembered, my superior is Comrade Demitesev Oh, yes, yes The war is so busy that I keep misremembering the names of people I don t know.Tasotsky seemed to suddenly realize It s Comrade Demitesev Ah, I forgot to tell you that I have asked Demitsev to send the files of you and your comrades, about It can be delivered when the attack is launched Wang Weiyi was shocked, cbd delights 3000mg gummies but he still listened calmly to Tasotsky s words Please don t worry, Comrade Major Waderos, I am not Not to doubt you, but as a commander, I must be cautious about everything.Of course, as an intelligence officer, you should also know this Yes, Comrade General, I am willing to accept any review.At best, you can only defeat itand these ex Soviet political and industrial cadres headed by Biryanlowski.Undoubtedly, it will assume an increasingly important role in the war.When they appeared on the battlefield, they didn t speak out immediately.Let the Soviet troops in the encirclement surrender.On the contrary, what they did made the German officers a little puzzled.Bill Janlowski is undoubtedly a representative who is extremely loyal to Baron Alexon and has decided to dedicate his life to the baron.The reason is very simple, the baron gave him everything that the Russians could not give at all money, power, women This is what every man longs for, but only after following Baron Alexon, you can Can have everything overnight.The fate of Biljanlowski was already tightly tied to Baron Alexon.Here Kenklar destroys itself Yes, now I have encountered a challenge from a strong opponent Double ask for a monthly pass in the last two days Brothers, there are still two days left for the double monthly ticket.If there are any troubles, you don t need to put them any more.The spider needs support urgently.Thank you, and sincerely thank you for your support Six hundred and seventy two.Under the guidance of the skull battle flag Soviet Army the siege has been completed Vasilevsky s strategic vision has been completed use Straff s 81st Panzer Corps as a bait to attract the German Central Assault Group, and then complete the encirclement, completely defeating the Central Assault Group with absolute superiority.Thoroughly Defeat the Skeleton Baron He achieved his purpose Subsequently, the German aerial reconnaissance plane also transmitted information, and a large number of Soviet troops appeared on the two wings of the central assault group, and a large encirclement had already begun to form When Wang Weiyi heard the news, he smiled instead Vasilevsky, finally succeeded once.They faithfully carried out the orders of their superiors, devoted themselves to the battle faithfully, and sacrificed their lives faithfully on this battlefield.None of them are afraid of death, but this also makes their casualties the heaviest of all Soviet troops so far When the offensive was launched, they used crowd tactics to attack the German positions A offensive.Charge against the enemy s artillery fire, and advance against the enemy s bullet rain.They greeted each other loudly and encouraged each other loudly.Sand is their worst friend.After a round of artillery baptism by the German army.The soldiers of the 210th Infantry Division who were lying on the ground would stand up again, then hold the sand, take steps, and sing loud songs.In the song Attack then.What they faced was the fierce blow of the enemy.Maybe we will arrive here soon.In this case, the task of attacking the cluster has been successfully completed so far What they have to do next is to persist as much as possible and kill as many enemies as possible.Ike, Guo Yunfeng, and Gillette all made a decision at this time.All the troops full spectrum cbd gummies 2021 who could not continue to hold their positions moved happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies closer to Marshal Ernst Brahm.Their purpose is very clear, even if there is only the last person left on the battlefield, they must protect Baron Ernst The burning earth quietly watched the human beings fighting on their own bodies without the slightest sympathy.She is sad, she is crying.But there was nothing she could do.War is always an eternal theme that accompanies human beings The desperate Voroshilov continued to invest troops on the battlefield in spite of everything.Despite heavy casualties, the Soviet army bravely advanced towards the high ground, but was immediately counterattacked by the Luftwaffe and ground German troops.During the battle for Stalingrad, the German army continued to launch a fierce attack on the Mamayev Hill Heights, but it has not yet achieved decisive results.Hand to hand combat and hand to hand grenade throwing battles often occurred.Chuikov vowed that no matter what happens, we will hold Mamayev s post.However, on April 21, when the German army attacked Mamayev Post, the position of the 13th Guards Division began to .

what are in cbd gummies?

collapse.At this time, the 62nd Army was in danger and urgently needed reinforcements.As of dawn on April 22, the fighting showed no signs of easing or pausing.As always, Ede At dawn on April 20, Chuikov ordered two regiments the 42nd Regiment of the 13th Guards Division and the 46th Regiment of the 112th Division under the command of Colonel Sologub to charge Mamayev Kurgan, demanding that they Hold this vital position at all costs.

And in the Battle of Stalingrad, it was undoubtedly the Luftwaffe that performed extremely well Luftwaffe bombardments over the battlefield were devastating happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies to the Soviets, cutting off communications between the 62nd Army and the elements blocking the German advance.On the evening of April 27, Chuikov realized the cbd delights 3000mg gummies seriousness of the situation.Under the attack of the 24th Armored Division of the German Army, the left wing of the 112th Division of Sologub, supported by the 189th Tank Brigade, was forced to implement a large scale tactical retreat.On the left side of the 24th Armored Division, the German 30th Infantry Division launched an attack on the right flank of the Soviet 112th Division and quickly advanced in the direction of the Dzerzhinsky Tractor Plant, which was on the left side of the Mechiteka River.The soldiers and civilians of the captured Russian regular army were mixed together.And among those civilians, there are old people, women, and even children.Children should not belong to war Wang Weiyi whispered.Women should not belong to war.The orthodox German Model also said.They can t help it.General Paul Hauser shrugged and said When our team began to attack Stalingrad, the Russians had lost a large number of their troops.They had to throw a large number of irregular armed forces into the The battlefield.They tried to restore their defeat, but they failed in the end Wang Weiyi looked at the team of prisoners thoughtfully Sometimes I have been thinking, if all the Soviet troops Let Zhukov, Vasilevsky and other Russian generals take the command without considering any unnecessary interference from the outside world, what kind of situation will the war end up with Can we still achieve such a victory He didn t use it His generals replied, but quickly gave himself the answer I think probablywe will still win, but it will not be the situation like todaywe will Pay more sacrifices, maybe the attack on Stalingrad has not started yet Model and Paul Hauser nodded thoughtfully.I can even foresee that a large number of Soviet generals will surrender with their troops, and the whole of Moscow will be seriously shaken.My generals, the battle for Moscow is about to break out.If at this time, there is a powerful Soviet general at the highest level like Timoshenko who is willing to cooperate with us, you can imagine what will happen.So, in my opinion, this is an opportunity we must grasp What if it s just a trap Guderian was still a little worried.Heinz, in Kharkov, I had a chance to capture or kill Timoshenko alive, but I tried every means to let him go.What will happen to him, considering that he was born in the old Russian army, although he has made outstanding military achievements, he has never actually gained the true trust of Stalin, and his countless correct suggestions have been denied by Stalin.The Soviet battalion commander Pintorov almost used a threatening tone and ordered Sergeant Matthew Mann to save the company commander.This company commander named Kapusky is said to be a heroic company commander who was personally received by Comrade Stalin, and he is very valued.I can t guarantee that I can save him.His injuries are too serious When Sergeant Matthewman said this, Pintorov pulled out his pistol On the head of the sergeant.But this happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies didn t make Sergeant Matthewman panic.On the contrary, he encouraged the panicked Nurse Linda to calm down with a smile in his eyes, and then said calmly Mr.Major, I am a doctor, and I will do my best.Try my best to complete my task, but I will never agree to what I cannot do, this is against my professional ethics, and it is also seriously irresponsible to the patient Pintorov was annoyed Looking at the German, he finally put down cbd gummies scam email his pistol helplessly You must save him.Death Fortress this is the new name given to Moscow by the Germans.It s also a very vivid name.In Moscow, a city wrapped in steel into a huge battle fortress, death is the easiest thing to see, and corpses are the easiest objects to find.The dignity of life happy hemp cbd gummies is trampled on for nothing here, and all eyes are only on one thing how many people did you kill in the last hour.Not by days, but by hours.As for how long a human life can survive on the battlefield, it can even be counted in minutes.On July 28, the German army launched a full scale attack on the Malinovsky Army with the Skeleton Division, the Imperial Division, and the 123rd Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht as the main force.Malinovsky s army participated in the Battle of the Terek River, and after the outbreak of the Battle of cbd delights 3000mg gummies Moscow, it took cbd delights 3000mg gummies the lead in the counterattack against the German army.Their strength had been severely depleted, and now the few remaining tanks were almost wiped out.Destroyed cleanly.They did their best, and each of them has done their best Even if they die, they die with a clear conscience.They are worthy of the title of tank soldiers and their country.Their blood testifies their loyalty to the motherland.At this time, some dying Soviet tank soldiers seemed to hear some songs sung in German in the bloody wind No matter the snowstorm or the scorching sun in the sky.No matter the hot day or the cold night.Even if the yellow sand hits the face Come, while we are still in good spirits.Our chariots, gallop to the storm Our chariots, gallop to the storm If the goddess of fortune, abandon us.If we never, can not return home.If the bullet hits us, where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies it will put an end to our fate.

A large group of men and women dressed as soldiers shouted They appeared and surrounded Wang Weiyi and his team.Judging from their attire, they were definitely not Romans, but is it legal to take cbd gummies on airplane probably Germanic Vandals or Goths.Roman nobles A leading soldier asked loudly.No.Wang Weiyi hurriedly said We are not Romans.The Celtics kana cbd gummies review happy hemp cbd gummies Ah, no.Just as Wang Weiyi finished speaking, a soldier beside him shouted loudly No, they must be Romans.Look at what they are wearing, and look at what that woman is wearing around her neck.They must be Roman nobles Kill them, kill them Kill them, kill them All the people roared together.Hey, hey Richthofen shouted loudly Have you ever seen a female warrior in the Roman legion His finger pointed to Elena.This sound made everyone quiet.They didn t know if there were any female soldiers in the Roman legion.He has seen both cannons and tanks And survived very well, let alone these troops using primitive weapons Of course, such combat conditions are even worse When the light infantry walked to a distance of about twenty yards, it stopped After coming down, these Roman soldiers raised their javelins and threw them out, and the javelins fell like raindrops.Scatter Under Guo Yunfeng s loud call, the Germanians dispersed quickly, but there were still screams from time to time.The Romans who are cbd gummies safe to take cbd delights 3000mg gummies had thrown their javelins immediately stepped aside.Then, the second group of light infantry appeared again.Another group A row of javelins fell like raindrops Finally, those Roman soldiers who held spears or raised daggers and protected themselves with shields appeared.The team looked so majestic and majestic, powerful The Roman Legion relied on such a phalanx to win again and again.Not only that, he even started to tease Wang Weiyi with words Tease a tease from a man In an instant, both Wang Weiyi and Richthofen understood that this is a man who likes men.In Rome, happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies there were men who liked women, men who liked men, and men both men and women.In the eyes of the Romans, this is not a big deal. But for Wang Weiyi, this is casper cbd gummies review absolutely unacceptable to him. Krasicius, the poet I respect.Wang Weiyi, who was fearless on the battlefield, actually took a step back in fear at this moment, for fear that this person s body would suddenly touch him I just spent a lot of money I bought two such beautiful female gladiators at a low price.I don t want to waste this beautiful evening Then, he moved a little closer, pointed to Richthofen beside him, and said in a low voice mysteriously Maybe he is more suitable for you.The Tenth Legion responded like a tsunami The grandson of the winner of eleven battles Yakulius, as brave as his father The future commander of the Roman army From the beginning to the end, Pompey never showed a slight smile that he usually wears, and he still has such a face at this moment.Do you believe in the vision of a veteran Without waiting for the soldiers to answer, he continued I m not bragging, this young man is better at commanding and fighting than I am then.Pompeo smiled for the first time today Besides, he has a good heart and is not as picky as I am There was a burst of laughter from the Tenth Legion.Immediately, cbd delights 3000mg gummies these arrogant soldiers stopped walking at the same time without hearing a single collision sound, and the six thousand right arms were as neat as a single human arm. Unable to restrain himself, Crassus ordered 5,000 light infantry and 1,000 Gaul cavalry to attack, breaking happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies the siege of the Parthians at all costs.Seeing the Romans attacking, the Anxi light cavalry immediately stopped shooting arrows and retreated across the board.Encouraged by the attacking Roman legion, they chased after them and gradually moved away from the square.At this time, the rest of the armored cavalry suddenly appeared, forming an iron wall, blocking the way of these Romans, and the light cavalry who had escaped before also turned around and surrounded the Roman army.In this situation, Crassus is still trying to calm down.He ordered the Roman soldiers to roar in unison.However, the morale of the Romans was already extremely low, and the roar was weak, like a dying cry.This day s battle is to repeat the above pattern.It was here that the disastrous scene of the Roman XV Legion took place The fire enveloped the valley in an instant, exactly as it was the day their bridges burned.The cbd delights 3000mg gummies entire Fifteenth Army was in complete chaos In pharma cbd delta 8 gummies review the raging fire, they wailed tragically.They desperately wanted to avoid them, but the fire refused to let them go at all.The soldiers in front pushed the soldiers behind, and the soldiers in the back rushed into the soldiers in front.The scene was completely out of control.The fire is also burning more and more intensely at this time It s catastrophic, it s devastating.No one can escape the punishment brought to them by the demon messenger, no one can escape such destruction.Ahead is fire.Behind is fire.There are fires everywhere.The burning soldier let out a heart piercing cry, waving his hands and begging his companions for help, but who can help them Those soldiers who have not been ignited by cbd delights 3000mg gummies the fire for the time being, looked at the miserable appearance of the burning man in horror, and avoided in panic, lest they would end up in the same end as their companions.

In a short time, he used his father s power and influence in the area of Picaenum to recruit a legion.On the way to Sulla s military camp, he showed his talents for the first time.He repeatedly broke through the obstacles of Marius subordinates, passed through many cities smoothly, and captured a large number of weapons and war horses.Sulla took a fancy to cbd delights 3000mg gummies Pompey, who was emerging in the happy hemp cbd gummies curts cbd gummies military, and regarded him as his powerful assistant.Pompey was only 23 years old at this time.Sulla won the Roman regime and implemented dictatorship.In order to close the relationship with Sulla and strengthen his own status, Pompey despicably abandoned his wife and married Sulla s daughter.After Sulla died of illness, the political situation in Rome developed in a direction favorable to the democratic movement. Yeah, maybe he really couldn t come back.General Olitz suddenly changed his tone Mark Linman, do you think a miracle will happen I don t think so.Possibly.But why am I so firmly convinced that a miracle will happen Seven hundred and ninety two.The confusing truth is that a German army that came out of God knows where unexpectedly attacked Schrottenburg and blew up an entire convoy, which shocked the Allies.Allied Commander William.Westmoreland directly issued an order to Lieutenant General Kerrett, the commander of the US Second Armored Cavalry Division.In any case, this German force must be wiped out to minimize the impact.Meanwhile, a new batch of supplies is due to arrive in a few days.No one feels more useless than Lieutenant General Corrett.Not long ago, his new attack was repulsed by German planes that appeared in the sky and tanks that appeared on the ground inexplicably, and now, he lost all his supplies.The German commandos looked at 50mg hempful living cbd yummy gummy bear candy gummies each other, God, is there really such a cowardly army They didn t even do any investigation, and just relied on the enemy s one sided words to think that so many attacking troops really came.The Italian soldiers looked relaxed, as if what was happening had nothing to do with them at all.Some of them even whistled.Major Bertinano was the last one to come out.Anyway, the surrender was surrender, and he had to maintain the demeanor of an Italian officer.Major Moyol, according to the order of General Almanck, all the Italian soldiers of the Alberto Infantry Battalion have put down their weapons and surrendered.Longenberg is now yours, and I hope you can keep your promise.Major Bertignano carefully reminded the Germans not to shoot behind them.Of course, you can rest assured about this.ah.Forgetful woman.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.So.Are you an arrogant man Annette retorted without hesitation Your wife is in Dessau, but you are looking for flowers and willows outside I don t think my wife would care.Wang Weiyi shrugged Woman, I shouldn t say these words like you.A woman s mouth shouldn t be used like that.As he spoke, he put down the wine glass in his hand, then took the glass in Annette s hand and put it down.Annette knew what he wanted to do, and was about to stand up, but was pulled on the sofa by Wang Weiyi, and then he listened cbd delights 3000mg gummies revive 365 cbd gummies To Baron Platt said What do you want to do.Agent Annette You can t beat me, do you want to draw out your gun and kill me ah.This reminds me.He took off the gun from Annette s body again and put it aside.Then, he groped on the other side of Annette s waist and found a pair of handcuffs.However, they also did not find any weapons.Let s go , let s go.Major Henner waved his hand.When the third batch of commandos led by Colonel Chelus arrived, the French had completely relaxed their vigilance.Wang Weiyi took out a cigarette and gave Major Henner What happened What s the matter, Major, why is the inspection so strict A group of Germans have been active recently Major Henner lit a cigarette cbd delights 3000mg gummies It is said that they killed many of our people, and the Americans also suffered heavy losses.God, what a terrible thing.Wang Weiyi exaggeratedly exclaimed Fortunately, I am French, otherwise I am those Germans and you will kill us immediately.Major Henner shook his head repeatedly with a smile Even if you want to admit that you are those Germans, it is impossible, respectable Mr.Abel.They have a tank, do you have a tank You probably only have a tractor.You re finally here, have the damned Germans been driven away Unfortunately, not yet, Colonel.Then you re here to get me out of here Colonel Guy asked expectantly.asked expectantly.Lieutenant Colonel Kars cbd delights 3000mg gummies shook his head sympathetically I regret again that the Germans did not accept our request.I think you will have to stay here for a while.Colonel Gay sat down dejectedly How did all of this happen Lieutenant Colonel Kars said his real purpose of coming here You have a whole reinforced regiment of soldiers with sufficient firepower.Why did you lose Ibor so quickly Lieutenant Colonel, to be honest, I have been thinking about this issue for the past few days Colonel Gay sighed But what makes me helpless is that I have never understood the beginning of all these nightmares.The enemy s The attack was very targeted and very sudden.

Heisen, you have also betrayed your faith, you have shamed the surname Heisen, maybe you have been threatened, but this is not a reason for betrayal.You are no longer the chief of staff.Arrest him Arrest him When this order was issued, there was cbd delights 3000mg gummies a Hula , and all the German soldiers pointed their guns at Werner.Werner did not resist, and none of the cbd gummies holistic health guards around him were willing to resist.Werner stared deeply at the baron I accept your order, Marshal.I did shame the Heyson family.When Werner was escorted away, he suddenly said Baron, I m really glad to see you back.Werner made a big mistake, but in fact this mistake is also understandable.He worried about the safety of his family, from this point of view.His behavior will cause a huge disaster in Germany.Therefore, he did not complain when he was arrested.Wolfe said cautiously As long as you can escape this disaster, you will always have a chance to enter here cbd delights 3000mg gummies again.Kroller didn t know what to say.There is always cbd delights 3000mg gummies best cbd gummies for sleep reviews a chance to enter here again is it possible No, this is nothing but self deception.The whole of Berlin fell into the hands of Ernst.Even if he left the Empire State Building, where else could he go Sooner or later he would be caught and brought before Ernst like a dog.F hrer, time is running out, we can t hesitate any longer.Wolf urged loudly, making Kroller s face pale Where s Hannah Go tell Hannah, I m going to leave, she s going to be with me Leave together F hrer, after hearing the news of Ernst s return, Minister Hannah locked herself up, and no one wanted to see her.I don t think she will leave with us.Is she going to betray me too Claire smiled bitterly Well, everyone betrays me, I don t care, at least I can leave Berlin and go to the Americans, William will give me Protected Hearing this, Wolff sighed a long time.Behind him, followed by Rommel, cbd delights 3000mg gummies Guderian, and Richter Huofen, every member of the Skeleton Commando The last one to leave the base was Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon He walked out of the base with Elena.Xiao Ling took a look, and Xiao Ling told them with a smile Go, the Constance base has been fully opened.You will have everything you want, and the base and I will always fight side by side with you now.Everyone is ready for the biggest miracle Constance Base, the night of December 21, 1965.Karen Bu Rommel has been waiting here for a long time.He received orders not long ago, Ernst.Marshal Bram will come to the base, and the baron s guard will be ready to enter the battlefield at any time.Kalumb is excited.He has been waiting for this day to come.Fight to the death for Germany.The only thing he didn t understand was, why did Marshal Ernst come here in person All he needs is a phone call, and all members of the Baron Guard can give their lives for him in any situation Look, general Suddenly, a soldier pointed to the front and said.The German army finally couldn t resist, and retreated steadily to the last position.The two anti tank guns that the German army had been hiding all the time opened fire, and the leading American tank quickly became scrap iron.But what Martin and the others saw was the same scene as the road battle.The sand where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies and stones raised when the anti tank guns fired exposed the target.American tanks mercilessly destroyed the anti tank guns.German casualties are increasing.Martin was the most excited one at this time, he couldn t remember how many enemies he had killed.He pointed a submachine gun at a window occupied by the US military and fired a full 30 rounds of bullets, knowing that the machine gun inside the window was not spouting flames.At this time, there were five corpses lying behind the window.After the German aircraft shot down two ghosts , they were wiped out by fierce firepower.And at this time.German artillery.The bombers were all in position, they withdrew their positions, found cover, and hid.Get down, get down.There were endless explosions on the hillside, on the road, and in the camp.Bombs kept falling around the US military, and a few minutes later.The campsite was thoroughly cleaned up.On the hillside, the remaining US troops on the road still did not give up resistance.At this time.A large number of German reinforcements arrived.The impact point observers reported the firepower of the US military and the location of the tanks to the artillery positions.The cannons roared and the shells poured down like a torrential rain.More troops from afar are coming.Look who s coming Captain Tupman said excitedly.But that s not what he wants to do.He suddenly raised his gun and fired two shots at the sky with a bang bang.As soon as the gunshots rang out, the scene suddenly became chaotic.Tamusta s bodyguard reacted quite quickly, and immediately pushed Tamusta to the ground.The second lieutenant fired his machine gun into the sky again.Then it was quickly subdued But.No one knew kana cbd gummies review happy hemp cbd gummies how many assassins were still here, and Tamusta didn t dare to stay here for a second.Under the protection of his bodyguards, cbd delights 3000mg gummies he hurried towards his car.But before he got close to the car, a grenade exploded nearby.With a loud boom , Ta Musta was pressed under the body again by the bodyguard.At this time, the anger and fear in Tamusta s heart had reached their peak.Since he established the Egyptian Officer Corps , no matter where he went, he always got flowers and applause from the Egyptians.

Mr.Moyol, the Abed Brotherhood will where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies always be your friend, and you can ask us to do anything for you.Luo Sang said respectfully Please rest assured, we will unswervingly carry this uprising to the end. thank you all.Wang Weiyi let out a sigh of relief.Now, the curtain of the counterattack has been opened, and everything is proceeding step by step.Germany Britain Egypt have been connected into a line, which is bound to become the biggest battle of the Allied forces.Threat.A good show is playing out on this land North African Army Supreme Command.Marshal Model, the Hohenstaufen Division has advanced tenaciously for fifteen kilometers Marshal Model, two divisions of the Wehrmacht, have completed the encirclement of the Italians Hey, teach those treacherous Italians a lesson Get them all out of here The voices in the headquarters continued to ring out one after another, and Marshal Model was always there listening calmly.But said To be honest, you kid is really strong, you actually fought hand to hand combat with the enemy cavalry, but you are really powerful, you actually held the enemy cavalry for more than 3 hours.By the time our tank units arrived your regiment was almost wiped out, and you were lying in a pile of corpses when I arrived.Haha, your kid has defeated the local cavalry where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies lieutenant colonel, haha.Hearing Dollinger s words, Slat was very grateful that his subordinates were able to contain the enemy cavalry for more than 3 hours.Seeing that the subordinates around him felt honored for them.By the way, Harvey, look What s next to your pillow.Dollinger looked at Slater with gentle eyes at this time The officers have already come when you were unconscious.They said that the courage and senselessness you have shown in battle is a manifestation of the honor of a soldier of the Empire, so you are specially awarded the Iron Cross as a reward, and you are awarded the Second Class Soldier Medal to all of you in the d company.More importantly, Germany s confidence and morale have increased again, and they began to believe that, as Baron Alexson said, the final victory must belong to Germany.Not long after the Berlin counterattack, a more favorable news came a large number of aid materials have quietly arrived in Berlin.This secret can only be known to the top.They come from the United States and secretly enter Berlin in a very special way.Moreover, the delivery party has also made a reliable promise that a new batch of supplies will arrive soon.This is a further boost of confidence in Germany s top brass, who now know they are not alone.There are still many people who are helping Germany in different ways Then, more news began to spread to Berlin.Baron Alexon first appeared in North Africa, and together with Marshal Model, gave the Allies The army took a head on blow.It s like giving it to your sister, and she has had a very hard life Wang Weiyi sighed.Luo Nanova .

what is in condor cbd gummies?

suddenly understood something Baron.Did you come this time to deal with my father This is a very smart just cbd gummy bears nutrition facts woman, and she immediately guessed the purpose of the Baron s coming here.Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Yes, I m here to deal with your father.against the whole of Russia.Your father and your country have betrayed my trust, and now I will deprive them of everything they have I know my father deserved what he deserved Rona Nova s voice Very lightly But, I beg you, don t kill him, he is already old.Please spare his life.She is still as kind as she was twenty years ago Wang Weiyi sighed again I don t know if I can promise you, it depends on your attitude of cooperating with me I I will do everything in my power to cooperate with you Ronanova hurriedly said, And my sister, brother in law, and my current husband.I think you should understand what I mean Like your son will suddenly Missing, like your sister will get sicker No, you can t do that.Nayekova and Djoswa cried out.As I said, I don t want to do this at all.Wang Weiyi said with a faint smile But it depends on you, not me.Do you really think Gregory can protect you You die, and he won t even shed a tear.I was thinking again, why do you want to do the dangerous job of sppoktacular cbd gummies bodyguard It is nothing more than cbd delights 3000mg gummies to support the family.A son and a sister need your support.Ah, I think that should win you your allegiance to me.At his signal, two bags were placed in front of them.After opening, the bags were filled with dollars.The dollar is the most circulated currency in the world.Wang Weiyi picked up a stack of US dollars This is what I use to show you goodwill.Wang Weiyi quickly replied This is what he said before he died, but you didn t finish it, Father.After he had said this, he struggled to sit up again and said, No, at least I m going to die in my uniform.And I think that s the most important thing.Yes, you know German history very well.The priest nodded Then Frederick hurried back to Berlin to succeed the king, named Frederick II.That is, the future Frederick the Great.But do you know the boyhood of this great monarch Wang Weiyi shook his head, and the priest smiled and cbd delights 3000mg gummies said He is a naughty child, a future heir to the throne who makes his father a headache.Friedrich.William set this rule for the court teacher, I don t want Frederick s mind to be full of useless things.He was only allowed to be taught modern German history, political economy, military strategy, mathematics, German and French.

Otherwise, it wouldn t have been blown up into that miserable state.The Russians hit and completely destroyed the Blaster As the turret was lifted off, the slender barrel of the Blaster was gone.The tattered body of the car ignited raging flames, which Pyroman had never seen before.Those poor armored soldiers are estimated to have become ashes at this time.The loss of a main tank did not slow down the pace and speed of the German attack The grenadiers squatted behind some mounds and potholes that were large enough to cover the flat bullets, and fired uninterruptedly with the light weapons in their hands.They will rush forward when they see the right time.Exhausting all kinds of methods, sometimes dodging to the side of the tank, almost every time they attack, they will fall scattered and uncountable numbers of people.This person can make all your dreams come true.Of course, cbd delights 3000mg gummies the are cbd gummies safe to take cbd delights 3000mg gummies precondition is that you must obey him unconditionally However, there has been fierce competition for the position of Grand Duke left by Gregory.Milosevic HCMUSSH cbd delights 3000mg gummies was eyeing this position, and Khmelitsky was also eyeing this position.These two vanguards when they were dealing with Gregory have now completely turned their backs.They all think that they are the most suitable candidates.And at cbd delights 3000mg gummies this time, the support of His Excellency the Baron has become a very important point Who do you think is more suitable for this position, Your Excellency the Baron In his spacious and comfortable office , Fristoya, one of the members of the special investigation committee, asked such a question.Are you referring to Milosevic and Khmelitsky Wang Weiyi said with a smile In the past few days, they have been visiting me, hoping to get my support, and I have been thinking about it.Milosevic s head exploded.Natalia said coldly This incomparably noble Marquis.In his bones, it is exactly the same as what Mr.Andreas said, despicable, shameless, and cruel.The pain I have suffered has nothing to do with today, so I don t want to say more , but the truth will be known to everyone sooner HCMUSSH cbd delights 3000mg gummies or later Milosevic tried his best to get rid of his relationship with the assassination of Marquis Pereas, but I can tell the honorable members that the assassination was planned by him Milosevic was too angry to speak.Did Natalia forget that she was her husband Did she forget that her downfall would not do her any good cbd delights 3000mg gummies But probably Natalia didn t Consider this more In the contest for the best position of power in Russia, Marquis Pereas far surpasses my husband Milosevic, which makes him angry, agitated, and helpless.Sasha, you are in charge of observing the target with the rangefinder.Steinman said and threw the rangefinder to Sasha.It s a good show.Tank brigade, 11 o clock direction, 255 meters away.Sasha first spotted the US tanks ahead.Russ, make a cold shot.As soon as Steinman finished speaking, six rockets flew out of the bazooka on Ruth s shoulder.Unexpectedly, all the American tanks that were flanked by the enemy were hit by the side and exploded.The remaining tanks panicked and began to pose in response to the German sneak attack.Cole, knock off the track shoes of the tank.Bang bang bang one round after another of large caliber bullets broke the track of the American tank, making it immobile, and then the British bunker began to attack the immobile American tank.Roll names one by one.That s it, cooperate with the British army.Instead, he may still think he s doing the right thing.I don t want to kill you.Looking at Gorte, who thought he was going to die, Wang Weiyi said in a disgusted tone Although from my heart, I really want to hang you, but I want to let you live, I will let you die.All the Germans in Bielert know what shameful things you have done.I will let you live in shame for the rest of your life, and your family Gorte s body trembled No , this has nothing to do with them You have to be responsible for your actions.Wang Weiyi said lightly You have added .

why are cbd gummies so high in calories?

shame to your family.Your family must use a long time to repay this shame.Gore Mr.Te, you can leave now.Gorte trembled, because he .

where to buy super cbd gummies?

knew that living like this was more painful than dying Wang cbd delights 3000mg gummies Weiyi took his tank and left the city with his guard battalion.If your country is invaded, you will do the same There is nothing wrong with this sentence of Reyt, no one wants to see themselves Our motherland was invaded This is a group of brave people, they are not afraid of death, they have long been prepared for this day to come.However, they also have their own responsibilities.Just when Duby was about to order , he suddenly thought of the last gentleman on the battlefield Ernst.Bram What would he do if he faced such a situation Dolby suddenly made up his mind Mr.Leiter, you were sentenced to death for killing allied soldiers, but do you think you did all these things alone Leiter was startled, then understood Knowing the intention of the enemy commander, he was a little grateful Yes, General, I did all these things by myself.Then, let s execute Leit.

Carl got out of cover and ran to the man who called him.As a result, he slipped halfway and fell to the ground with a plop.Just when Karl was struggling to stand up, pop He was hit in the forehead by an enemy bullet.Carl s head was smashed in half, and his helmet was thrown into the air.The rest of Karl s head was like a red rose in full bloom, with blood hissing out.He fell limp, dead before his body touched the ground.God cbd delights 3000mg gummies Karl is HCMUSSH cbd delights 3000mg gummies dead Old rules The fire squad began to increase firepower, attracting and suppressing enemy firepower.Squad 1 and Squad 2 quickly spread out to the left and right to expand the attack range.There s another enemy soldier, over there Pozik, with quick eyes and quick hands, raised his rifle and shot three times to knock down the allied are cbd gummies good for pain and inflammation soldier hiding on the ladder.Target down, stop shooting Pozik yelled.The reason why they want to get rid of Yetiri at all costs is precisely because they are worried about this person s huge influence among the French people But now all this It happened anyway Arise, citizens of France Arise, all who love this country Yetili s speech reached its climax in an instant Fight for a free France, fight for a strong France Get up get up get up Countless people in the square uttered such voices, and the scene went out of control in an instant.General Robito, let s end the welcome ceremony for now.As for your marshal, we will re award you elsewhere Sinagg was unwilling to stay here for a second.Roberto never thought that a good ceremony would lead to the current situation.At this time, two secret policemen came up Your Excellency, here is It s very unsafe, please leave with us immediately.Coordinates feba093 Suspicious euphoric cbd gummies price sound source, are your people setting up defenses there Over.No, over.Understood, the call is over.Then what the fuck is going on They kana cbd gummies review happy hemp cbd gummies may be enemies.Don t Fire up and keep watching That sounds a little off, it sounds like they re playing an instrument That s right That s probably their charge horn, or some shit march, they re just trying to boost morale , Regroup the troops and prepare for the next large scale charge.In my opinion, we are dead, they will blow our ass open Taylor, who was lying on the side, cursed in a low voice Chris, shut up Mouth Damn it.Your mouth is worse than the ass of a black sow on my farm Shh Don t make noise Gawyn put his finger in front of his lips.He paused silently for a moment, then slowly squirmed toward the corner, grabbing his weapon.And this is what Rodini envies the most knowing that his bank is now in the same downturn as the French economy not so long ago.A rumor was circulating in Paris, which set off a wave of redemptions that nearly bankrupted Rodini s bank.Although he barely survived the crisis, Rodini has already suffered a heavy blow.If he doesn t find a way to raise a huge where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies sum of money as soon as possible, Rodini doesn t even know whether he can survive this year.And he set his sights on Will and Mr.PiponduAbout a year ago, they had met several times on different occasions, and they had left a good impression on each other.Will and Pipondu even opened accounts with Rotini s French Dewey Bank.If they can get a stake in the Dewey Bank , there is nothing to be afraid of even another run on Rodini It s a pity that Will and Pipondu seem to be very busy these days.I have done everything Get ready Lantes cheered up and said loudly Violent methods will flood the whole of Paris, and most of the Parisians have been armed and mobilized.Within a few days, the storm of revolution will sweep across Paris.Just As great as the Paris Revolution once took place Then I thought I should congratulate you, and I want to be here to see your success with my own cbd delights 3000mg gummies eyes Wang Weiyi looked at the time Okay, do what you should do, the new board meeting of Dewey Bank is waiting for me.This is another goal of his in Paris.French Dewey Bank suffered a great crisis some time ago.The run on the bank almost caused the collapse of this once prosperous bank.In fact, Dewey Bank has a lot of money behind it.With a deep official background, many people on the board of directors are representatives of French government officials.Eric put his hand to his lips to signal her not to speak.She whispered curiously Uncle, what are you doing Hurry up Eric wanted to tell her to leave quickly.But a terrible idea surfaced, Eric waved his hand, trying to drive the idea away, but it got into Eric s brain like a poisonous snake, and took root there.I m playing hide and seek here.Eric struggled to spit out these words One thousand and forty three.The victim, the German army aggressively attacked France, and the news exploded in France like a bomb There is nothing more frightening than this.You must know that just a few days ago, the French government was still promoting the brilliant victory it was achieving However, why did the German army launch a counter offensive in France in a blink of an eye A sense of being cheated began to spread among French people, and the original distrust of the government was even stronger at this moment.

Commune, arresting Marat, who was also a revolutionary hero and leader.On May 26, he called for an uprising to purge the Girondins from the National Convention.On June 4, he was elected as the chairman of the new National Convention, presided over the adoption of the new constitution, and guaranteed citizens the enjoyment of personal, credit Wang Weiyi said lightly It is because are cbd gummies detectable his revolutionary will is too firm, which makes us have to get rid of him, otherwise, after the victory of the revolution, he will be the biggest stumbling block on our way forward.Berkeley, this is the revolution, the so called revolution This is the so called where can i buy smilz cbd gummies cbd delights 3000mg gummies revolution Revolution doesn t care how many ideals you have.The only purpose of cbd delights 3000mg gummies revolution is to kill the other party.In all revolutions, betrayal, betrayal, and blood are always cbd delights 3000mg gummies revive 365 cbd gummies full of it.Captain, many times I have been thinking about how such things happened, it is really terrible.Lieutenant Colonel Stam didn t know what to say with such an answer, but in fact, such an answer is that anyone can not be interfaced.And how do you see Germany as a country asked Frau Derk with interest.Mr.Moyol thought for a moment It s really a difficult question for me a nice country.Yeah Even if we are now in the position of war we have to say the same.This cbd delights 3000mg gummies country has always had many excellent qualities.If I were to sum it up, I think it can be described in three points.Courageous, tenacious, meticulous.The conversation here attracted the attention of many US Navy officers dining together on the USS Arizona.They all listened attentively to Mr.Moyol s words Let s talk about bravery.No matter which nation has a certain understanding of it, but for the Germans it seems that the bravery of sacrificing everything for the ideal is indeed a responsibility and an obligation.Now.As long as Major White closes his eyes, he can think of that terrible battle He and his comrades launched assaults again and again.But he was repulsed by the Germans again and again, and his comrades in arms fell one after another on the terrible charge There cbd delights 3000mg gummies are corpses all around him, but the goal of capturing the enemy s position seems so out of reach He has a best friend named Ruben.They had agreed that after the war they would go back to their hometown together and do something truly meaningful to them.However, during the last charge, Ruben was shot through his body by several bullets Major White never forgot.That time Ruben was lying in his arms and was about to die.He gasped heavily Why do you want to have this damn war.Why White, I don t want to die, I really don t want to die, save me, please , help me.Two minutes later, Nash suddenly heard Lieutenant Colonel Mills shouting angrily Damn, damn it Yes, damn it, John Oslow has been arrested What John Oslow has been arrested Nash was taken aback and couldn t believe it was true.John.Oslo had surrendered to Nash a long time ago, and he, who was in a high position in the underground resistance organization, made Nash ecstatic, thinking that he had obtained a piece of treasure.He quickly formulated a plan with Lieutenant Colonel Mills to let John Oslo continue to lurk in the resistance organization, and continue to provide Nash and Lieutenant Colonel Mills with the most valuable information and cbd delights 3000mg gummies in the These days, John Oslo clearly lived up to their expectations.It was captured by the CIA s Jed himself Lieutenant Colonel Mills was still yelling Damn it.I will lead all the latent personnel here to carry out long term resistance, all for the glory of the United States In fact, the best candidate for both Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jade is probably Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Although the qualifications of this lieutenant colonel in the UK cannot be compared with theirs, But the brilliance he displays is completely reassuring the most important factor is that leading all the Lurkers is dangerous but equally powerful.Whether it is to let the FBI or the CIA lead these lurkers, the strongest cbd gummies for ed other party is unwilling, and at this time Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has become their best and only choice The initiative of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol lifted the spirits of Mills and Jed Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, thank you for your bravery, we will provide you with all the support you need in all aspects.He is not reconciled, he is really not reconciled.So when he was letting the wind go, he was still alone in the corner thinking carefully about what went wrong A few people came here, and the guy in the lead, Officer Lisson, recognized that he was the big drug dealer Roters who had been arrested by himself.At that time, Rotes yelled at Officer Lisson when he was arrested Sooner or later we will meet again Sooner or later we will meet again, right, Officer Lisson Rotes said with a teasing tone But I really didn t expect this day to come so soon.Officer Leeson.Hope everything here can satisfy you.Get out of my face Officer Leeson said coldly.Ah, my dear Officer Leeson, I think you probably haven t figured out your situation Roters was very calm Here is prison.It s not your office, I have the final say on everything here.

This has also formed a vicious circle.Whether it is the British Fenton government or the Irish self government government, as long as the Irish Republican Army does not cause any major troubles, they would rather take an attitude of letting it go.The big event finally came.After Colonel Tarrant refused to are cbd gummies safe to take cbd delights 3000mg gummies carry out the order to suppress, Irish President Blatter appointed Brigadier in Chief Rolando to lead an army of 20,000 people from the national army and police cbd delights 3000mg gummies against the Irish Republic led by Bert Adams.Army to carry out full scale suppression.The two sides stationed troops in Hisrafa, and the war was imminent.Belt.Adams had no idea how the war would begin or end.He has only 5,000 soldiers for combat, while the opponent has a full 20,000 regular and paramilitary forces.Once it fails, it will be a heavy blow to the Irish Republican Army , and Moir s uprising will eventually end in failure.In the shortest time, the three core positions of Liposton were all attacked by a large amount of steel, and most of the positions were almost destroyed.Also suddenly increased.At this time, Colonel Enrique began to faintly feel that his decision may not be correct.Not only that, but the situation in Southampton has also begun to change.The British Royal Navy joined the attack on the city.So far, even Don Tanner wants to reinforce Colonel Enrique.It also seems to have been powerless.I don t know if I can continue After receiving a call from General Don Tanner, Colonel Enrique became uncommonly hesitant The enemy s attack is very fierce.Our casualties have already been heavy It s unbearable.But, General, I will do my best.I will do my best in fact, Colonel Enrique probably foresaw his own failure when he said these words.Anno A smile appeared on Annuo s face.He liked Michael s humor Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I think if there is no war.I will never have the opportunity to be on TV in my life.I also want to say something to all the citizens of Southampton, Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice To Anno The interview quickly spread throughout Southampton, and its influence was huge.Especially those who were still hesitant to watch what An Nuo said, many of them gave up their hearts because of An Nuo s speech.Selfish and cowardly, he bravely joined the ranks of the Freedom Army.Fate is often in your own hands, and the goddess of fate will not smile at you because of your cowardice.The words An Nuo said have been deeply engraved in the hearts of countless British people Frank s pressure increased immediately, and he found out in horror that at this moment he had to face the resistance of the entire Southampton.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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