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Immediately afterwards, a slender hand stretched out from the white shadow, and pinched another piece of sweet scented osmanthus cake.The lights in the house began to flicker, as if they would go out at any moment.Zhou Ruzhang got up in a panic, and the white shadow seemed to be startled by her, and suddenly turned his head and rushed amazon liberty cbd gummies towards her.Zhou Ruzhang felt that something covered his head, and then a pair of cold hands began to grope around her body, and finally settled on cbd gummies for flight anxiety her neck.Come here come here Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help shouting cbd gummies for flight anxiety loudly, his hands and feet kept moving, wishing to shake off the things on his body immediately.The servant at the door heard the movement in the room and immediately opened the door to check.The strong wind poured into the house and blew out the candles in front of the memorial tablet.Nie Chen Instead, his expression calmed down That s why Master Hou asked me to ask questions.Although his expression returned to normal, his heart was not calm.He and the Elder split up to find clues to the case of the Ding family.In the Elder s house, he knew that the Elder had succeeded when he saw the map, but he couldn t imagine how the Elder found it.After hearing Marquis Dingning s words, he understood the details.The female family members of the Zhou family apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last came to Cui s house with clues, and they were supposed to hand them over to Marquis Dingning, but they were taken by the Elder.Under the watchful eyes of everyone, he got the clue but was not caught by Marquis Dingning.The Elder Master is really powerful, no wonder he can take the lead every time, a thousand gold is easy to get, but a good teacher is hard to find, the Elder Master is not only his benefactor, but also his half master, he will ask the Elder Master more in the future.Unfortunately, it was convenient for their Gu family to get out in time.The Gu family s house is not as big as the Cui family s, but it s small.It s very convenient to guard, and they are all the servants of the Gu family who come and go.You don t have to be wary of the Cui family s eyeliner.The people Cui Zhen ordered to come also understand.Those who behave properly will only be guarded outside and will not enter the inner house.Another important reason is that it is much easier for her to leave the yard.Seeing her long lost courtyard, Gu Mingzhu joyfully ran along the corridor with Baotong.Slow down, don t fall.Mrs.Lin couldn t help telling, seeing Zhuzhu so happy, she felt relieved, and after thinking about it for a while, she decided to immediately cbd gummies taste bitter write a family letter to Lord Hou to let him know about the situation in Taiyuan Mansion.The steward of the Gu family welcomed Feng Anping into the main room, and Feng Anping immediately saluted Mrs.Lin.Feng Anping said Yesterday I heard about the Jinta Temple in the yamen, so I wanted to visit my wife and cousin, cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety and happened to find that my wife has come back.There are many rules, and Cui Zhen s mind is unpredictable.Now that he is better, he doesn t have so many worries.Feng Anping asked, Where s my cousin Madam Lin smiled Zhuzhu is playing in the garden with Baotong, let her come over in a while.Feng Anping looked in the direction of the garden.Gu Mingzhu walked into the greenhouse and looked carefully at the inconspicuous flower wall in front of her.Outside the flower wall was a small open space covered with vines.Under the vines was the entrance of a by serarelief cbd gummies cellar.This seemingly abandoned cellar was the same as the outside.There seemed to be a few people sitting on the ground in the darkness.She couldn t see them clearly, but she knew that those eyes were on her Even though he had prepared for it, his heartbeat would inevitably speed up at this time.What are these people doing hiding here I only heard Mrs.Chen say Xiaoer s energy has improved these few days, but she took her medicine.Xiaoer is thinking about you, so let me keoni cbd gummies negative reviews apple cider cbd gummies bring her here.The man s voice was hoarse Why bother.People Let s take a look when everyone is here, this is Xiaoer s intention.As soon as Mrs.Chen finished speaking, Gu Mingzhu turned and walked out of the house.Hey, what are you doing, lady Mrs.Chen hurried to stop her.Gu Mingzhu pointed to the room, then waved her hand, as if she was very scared.It s all here, are you afraid that we won t admit it I ll give you the money first.We are walking among the streets.Although there are many people coming and going in Taiyuan Mansion, people like my lord can detect their whereabouts even if they cover up.Tonight, my lord appeared in Yong an cbd gummies for ain Lane, and I found some clues, so I followed him.Come up.Your Excellency went to Yong an Lane to investigate the case I don t know if it was the Pearl Robbery case seven years ago, or the Jinta Temple case today Your Excellency came to Taiyuan Mansion alone, and he brought not many people.I am willing to serve my lord.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes How much reward did the Marquis Dingning give you Nie Chen did not hide it Two hundred taels is the biggest deal I have ever received.Wei Yuanchen Indifferently said After taking the reward from the Marquis of Dingning, now he wants to borrow from me.She is really kind Chapter 22 is about me, Lu Shenzhi, looking at Miss Gu s back.The girl is innocent and innocent, and I don t know what to worry about.It really hurt him, he couldn t think of Miss Gu s meaning for a while.Bai, what do you mean Lu Shenzhi unknowingly sat back on the chair, bowed his head in thought, after a while, the maid next to Miss Gu came in, and the maid saluted him and found a piece of silk on the wooden floor.It was Miss Gu who left behind.Such a careful servant girl, who stays with Miss Gu every day, must know some details that have been overlooked, but the servant girl is not a member of the yamen, and will not connect the details with the case, which requires him to deliberate.Lu Shenzhi stopped Baotong with a heartbeat Did Miss Gu say anything after she came back from Jinta Temple For example, the murderer who escaped The murderer Baotong was very angry when he mentioned it, My lord must Catch him and punish him, that man is simply too hateful, he played such a heavy hand on my lady.Ancestor, the feeling of dying has returned.Mr.Wei distributed the spoils to him, and not only that, but also asked him to sign a document as a nomination certificate.His life is gone.Wei Yuanchen s voice was even colder What are you waiting for, why don t you go over and check it out Master cbd gummies for flight anxiety Wei, think again, I m not suitable, Feng Anping mournfully said, I haven t married a wife and had children yet, and I don t know what to do.I didn t pass on the family line to Feng s family, otherwise you should change someone else, Mr.Han, the Tong Zhi of Taiyuan Mansion, has a higher official position than me You are the general judge of Taiyuan Mansion, in charge of litigation and supervising the superiors, Wei Yuanchen said sharply, Get it done quickly.I have to send the document into a secret box and present it to the emperor.Zhou Rujun and Zhou s family were like a fly stuck in her throat, which made her feel sick.Mrs.Lin Tai said I don t see Tell them I m dead.At the door of Cui s house.Zhou Ruzhang opened the curtain and looked at the Cui family.Something happened to the Cui family.She and her mother happened to come to comfort Mrs.Lin, and the most important thing was to clear up the grievance for Mrs.Lin.She heard some bad rumors that Mrs.Lin Tai returned to the clan because of the elder sister s tomb.At home, we get along very well with Mrs.Lin Tai, and those rumors are self defeating.Zhou Ruzhang felt that he was very smart, and he thought of the joints so quickly.Madam and Miss, please go back, the Cui family steward stepped forward and said, Mrs.Tai is not feeling well, so I won t see any guests today.Zhou Ruzhang s smile froze on his face, and he cbd gummies dose cbd gummies for flight anxiety watched the door of the Cui cbd gummies for flight anxiety family close in front of her.From the corner of his eye, Wei Yuanchen saw the medical woman quietly moving forward, then stretched out her hand to the plate closest to her, took out a piece of pastry, and stuffed it into the mouth behind the leno In it, it is the same as that day in front of Ru Jun s grave.The greedy mouth is always the same.He didn t stop her, but watched her every move quietly.Who is this doctor woman Appearing in Yong an Lane, Cuijiazu s grave and Huafang seemed to be for this case.Who is the doctor working for Her every move was vulgar and disregarding etiquette, she looked like someone who often wandered around, but he felt that it was not that simple, and now he had a chance to test her.Just as Wei Yuanchen thought of this, he saw apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last the doctor s woman walking towards him.He didn t stop him, wanting to see what the doctor s purpose was, but saw the doctor s hand raised.The bright red beige, the skirt with gold threads, that s all.On her head, she wears a fringe that can reveal the hair accessories, revealing a big bun, which is full of gold and silver ornaments.She walks out unsteadily like a Dowry for long legs.No one in this world is more gaudy than her.Chapter 34 Wei Yuanchen s yellow face was slightly darkened, the corners of his eyes were wrinkled again and again, and the air in the room seemed to be much colder all of a sudden.But the doctor didn t see it, she was still playing with the jade ornaments around her waist, those rings were hung on her belt one after another, there was no sense of beauty at all.She is wearing all of Miss Ziyuan s most valuable items, is she planning to snatch a few of them later Wei Yuanchen remembered that when he was in Yong an Lane, the doctor woman picked up the silver and took a bite.Wei Yuanchen carefully looked at the document in front of him.Now that Yan Hao has never shown up, Mr.Jiang and the others should already be anxious.Wei Yuanchen ordered Let people continue to search around the lake to make Mr.Jiang think that we haven t caught Yan Hao yet.Don t forget to take Lu Shen there.Those who are cautious will panic even more.After finishing the order, Wei Yuanchen rubbed his cheek with the back of his hand, then grabbed the collar and rubbed his neck, frowning slightly.It was the first time on the ninth day of Chu that he saw the third master like this.What are you looking at Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes, with a somewhat menacing expression on his face, but with a face with a rash, it made people feel less scary.Chu Jiu shrank his neck.Mr.Sun is back.The guard s voice came from the yard, and Chu Jiu hurriedly ran outside I ll pick up Mr.There are some things that should never have been kept secret from the very beginning.My lord, butTaiyuan Mansion is like this, we dare not trust people casually.When Nie Chen spoke, Chu Jiu had already gone out and brought Liu Su in.Seeing Liu Su, Chu Jiu remembered the very unpleasant experience that night.Nie Chen said My lord, Liu Su s ears are broken due to illness, so I need to talk to him about my lord s questions.Wei Yuanchen looked at Liu Su Let him speak for himself.Since he came to the door, there is no need for him to ask Nie Chen nodded to Liu Su, and Liu Su knelt on the ground Xiao Min Liu Su, please be the master for the people, and restore the Pearl Thief s innocence.The Pearl Thief did not steal Kuyin seven years ago He did not set fire to Ao Cang, he was framed by others.Liu Su paused for a moment Seven years ago, the Pearl Thief stole relief food to force Wang Zhifu to open a warehouse.Bao Tong looked at the Gu s Nursing Home Follow Madam and Miss every step of the way.Madam Lin couldn t help sighing.If she had known this would happen, she would not have taken Zhuzhu out, and hoped that what she was worried about would not happen.Gu Mingzhu took out two bamboo tubes from her waist pouch and tied them into her sleeves while Mrs.Lin was not paying attention.After gummies 5ml cbd doing this, she looked around, looking for an inconspicuous place to hide.Zhuzhu, come quickly.Mrs.Lin shouted, and Gu Mingzhu walked over quickly.Everyone entered the house, Mrs.Wednesday ordered the servants to pour tea, the tea had just been served before she had time to drink, when she heard hurried footsteps from outside, and then Cui s steward came in to report.Mrs.Our nursing home is fighting with those people.He heard from Liu Su that the Pearl Thief was poisoned seven years ago.The arrow was injured, so the Pearl Thief was taking revenge on the prefect of Han Wei Yuanchen carefully checked hanover hemp cbd gummies the note again.One end of the note was not flat, it was torn from a piece of paper.Mica powder is used.This kind of paper is not common, and the price cannot be compared with ordinary paper.Recently, it has become popular among the female relatives of high ranking officials and dignitaries in Beijing.Female relatives like to use this kind of paper to copy scriptures.Mrs.Lin Tai came to Taiyuan Mansion from the middle of Beijing, and now she is at Zhuangzi.Could this kind of paper be brought by Mrs.Lin Tai If the person who attacked Han Yu took paper from Mrs.Lin Zhuangzi and wrote this note, did he tear off the paper at random and use it, or did the other half of the note also hide another mystery After the man attacked Han Yu, why did he leave this note Feng Anping s eyes suddenly lit up, and he finally thought about it No wonder the prefect Han said that the arrow was poisonous, maybe it is true.Mr.Sun who went out.Sir, Wei Yuanchen remembered, I want to ask you something.The two entered the door together, and Wei Yuanchen took out two arrows from his arms Maybe you can identify the poison left on them Chapter 67 Master Zhang s arrowheads are new and old.The blood on the new one seems to have just dried up.Langzhong Sun cbd gummies dose cbd gummies for flight anxiety took out a soft cloth, picked up the new looking arrowhead through the cloth, and looked at it for a while.He brought the arrow to his nose and smelled it.Besides the smell of blood, there was a faint floral fragrance.Someone has datura flower juice on it, Sun Langzhong looked at Wei Yuanchen, Datura flower Juice can relieve pain, and surgeons often use this medicine before performing surgery.Sun Langzhong paused slightly after speaking The third master also used it.Cui Zhen looked at Zhao s mother What is the purpose of you sending someone a letter to me Why didn t Auntie tell me directly Zhao s mother pursed her lips I have no other choice, so I came to find Hou without telling the truth.Lord, the maidservant cbd gummies in zip code 70364 should have told Mrs.Lin Tai, but Mrs.Tai is sick now I m afraid I don t have the energy Cui Zhen said with a sullen face Tell me, what happened Mother Zhao looked at it again Looking at the door, I m sure there cbd gummies for flight anxiety do five cbd gummies get you high is no one who can lower his voice and say Master Hou, you have the opportunity to persuade my Gongren not to trust her mother s family.Although I was brought by Gongren from her mother s family, now the slave looks like Zhao Er The master apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last is a bit too outrageous.Cui Zhen said I m afraid I can t control these things.What about my aunt and natal family, how can I, a nephew, intervene Mother Zhao hesitated to speak But if this continues, I m afraid that the master will be killed.Chu Jiu immediately woke up.Congratulations, congratulations.Zhao Gongren didn t know how to cover it up, so someone hurried into the yard.Mr.Gong, something has happened.Chapter 81 Murder Zhao Gongren looked at the steward, who immediately stepped forward and spoke in a low voice.Mr.Gong, said the manager of the Lin family, You asked us to go to Uncle s shop to pick up things, there was a murder case in that shop, the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper were all killed.Zhao Gong was surprised How could such a thing happen The steward of the Lin family said When we arrived at the shop, the shop hadn t opened yet.We called for a long time, but no one answered.The shopkeeper and the staff were all tied up in the house The manager of the Lin family didn t dare to recall that scene.There was blood all over the place, and everyone died.Moreover, Han Yu pleaded guilty in such a hurry, as if he was covering up something, maybe there was something inside.Gu Mingzhu couldn t sit still anymore, wondering what happened to Nie Chen s investigation She wanted to see with her own eyes the shop where the Zhao family s homicide occurred, and the most important thing was cbd gummies for flight anxiety to find ways to find Mr.Zhao Er.Master Wei is ill, he should not have the energy to stare at her, so can she change her identity and follow Nie Chen to investigate the case No matter what, I probably won t meet Mr.Wei this time Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong Send a letter to Liu Su, I want to go out Wei Yuanchen looked at the document in his hand, and Han Yu confessed to the matter of the horses.Horses eat grass all day long, especially war horses.A war horse consumes a lot in a year, and this amount of money is indeed eye catching, but Han Yu asked Mr.Let me see.A familiar voice came, and Gu Mingzhu raised her head to see Mr.Sun, but she didn t expect that the yamen invited Master.Sun Langzhong carefully inspected the woman s leg wound, the wound was deep enough to show the bone, luckily the bleeding was stopped in time, otherwise I m afraid she would die before he came.Sun Langzhong immediately opened the medicine box, and then looked at Gu Mingzhu Come and help me.Since he can stop bleeding, he must be good cbd gummies dose cbd gummies for flight anxiety at medicine, so it is suitable to be his helper.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Washing, suturing, applying medicine, bandagingGu Mingzhu helped Sun Langzhong complete the process in one go.After the completion, Gu Mingzhu looked at Sun Langzhong, and almost blurted out Master.Although they couldn t recognize each other, it felt really happy to heal the wounds with the master.It is hard to say whether they will be hostile or cooperative.However, how they get along is their own business.After the war horse case, he will not have too much contact with the Gu family, these things have nothing to do with him.Wei Yuanchen ordered Take Lin Runzhi and the servants who serve him away together.What happened in the inn that night obviously had other reasons, so cbd gummies for flight anxiety naturally Lin Runzhi could no longer stay in Cui s house.Lin Runzhi looked terrified when she heard this, but fortunately Qiu Sui was there to comfort her, and it looked extremely pitiful that the child was taken away like this.Mrs.Lin hurriedly prepared some things for Qiusui to take away with her.Seeing Lin Runzhi turning her head three times a step at a time, Mrs.Lin couldn t help but sighed repeatedly.After Wei Yuanchen left, Cui Zhen and Mrs.When the prince came, the situation in Taiyuan might be revived Variety.Cui Zhen looked at Cui Wei What do you want to do There was more majesty in those eyes.Cui Wei immediately lowered his head I m just so angry, it s gotten to this point, no matter what our family does, the surname Wei will not let it go, why not Why not Cui Zhen said coldly, Going to the prince Of course not, Cui Wei raised his eyes again, with a calm expression, If you don t go to the prince, you can sue Wei Yuanchen, and let everyone know that Wei Yuanchen used his power to pervert the law for personal gain.Cui Zhen suddenly With a smile, his expression was not fierce, but it made people look cold After a long time, I taught you such an idiot.What kind of thing are you You want to use the prince to suppress Wei Yuanchen, and then don t serve the prince.I have been teaching you patiently all these years.What is the final result Let you watch Mother, you blindly follow her wishes, and now you have to show your favor to the prince.If this continues, not only will the Cui family lose, but the soldiers of Datong and Xuanfu will also be purged.How many people will be implicated because of mother s fault You go back Think about it carefully before coming to talk to me.Cui Wei pursed his lips and stood there silently for a while, wanting to say something, but saw that Cui Zhen had turned his head and had to turn around and leave the room.After a while, when everyone was almost gone, Cui Zhen sat on the chair.Mrs.Lin outside listened to the movement in the room, and ordered the servants Pour a cup of tea and send it to Lord Hou.Gu Mingzhu also felt strange, why Cui Zhen didn t leave with Cui Wei, but stayed here instead, could it be possible Do you not want to go home and face Madam Lin Madam Lin sighed for a long time Brother Zhen is not easy.If he was Wei Yuanchen, he would have already started to plan, a dignified son of a foreign relative, would he really be the parent and official who judged the case Unexpectedly, Wei Yuanchen didn t take action for a long time, and he focused on searching for clues and evidence.I really don t know how the Wei family cultivated this descendant.People who are black and white, never live long in this world, and even cheat each other.I don t understand, it s no wonder that the Wei family ended up in such a situation.The originally glorious family was willing to put the current emperor on the throne, but in the end they were jealous and disgusted.Mr.Shen shook his head, and threw the chess piece in his hand back into the chess basket.Sir, the entourage came forward to report in a low voice, the government has received news from Mr.How could I do those things that dig my own grave Please let Your Highness learn from you.Mr.Shen said and kowtowed deeply.Hearing these words, the crown prince was troubled.He still believed in Mr.Shen.Maybe Mr.Shen accidentally fell into the trick of the other party s confidant this time.If he made a mistake and killed a confidant, I m afraid no one would be willing to serve her The prince thought this way and took two golden bee cbd gummies steps forward to help Mr.Shen up Mister s hard work, I have seen it in my eyes, and now I am walking on eggshells, and I can t make a mistake.Right now we are at a disadvantage.Next You have to do everything possible to win the game.The behind the scenes staff immediately think about countermeasures, Mr.Shen said, We must make up for the mistakes and repay His Highness s kindness.This person has always kept the interests of the Cui family at heart, cbd gummies for flight anxiety so it is not surprising that he would make such a choice.Wei Yuanchen said If Cui Zhen mentions the Shanxi mutiny, he must tell cbd gummies for flight anxiety me a word.The old Ding Ninghou was alive when the Shanxi mutiny happened, and many of the generals who gathered in the Shanxi mutiny were originally from Shanxi.Ning Hou went to the battlefield together, maybe the old Ding Ning Hou knew the inside story, and it would be great to get some clues through Cui Zhen.Thinking of this, Wei Yuanchen raised his eyebrows slightly again.Miss Gu heard about the Shanxi mutiny from Wang Dakou, and at this time she asked Nie Chen to come forward to say these words, confirming that the current case is closely related to the Shanxi mutiny.She must have found new doubts in Cui s inner house.They had ambushed the surrounding bandits, and the Yang s bodyguards calmed down the bandits in an hour.In the village where cbd gummies for flight anxiety I live, those passers by can still use flags to talk to each other.According to what the bandit said, the people in the Yang s bodyguard are very similar Before Nie Chen could say anything, Wei Yuanchen said, The soldiers of the official government Horses.In terms of actions and coordination, the manpower in the market place is no match for the soldiers and horses of the government.Nie Chen nodded The Bandit also knew a member of Yang s Escort Bureau, and that person was also a military household like him, but Nie Chen s eyes flickered when he said this The military household reported his death in battle., The imperial court also issued a pension, but the bandits are sure that they are not mistaken.When he walked up to his mother, his mother was startled at first, and then she returned to normal.She asked him with a look of alienation What s the matter here, master There is water and fodder in the house.If you need a woman, you can get it.The mother refused to meet him.He confessed, and he revealed his identity, and his mother also reasoned that he had identified the wrong person.Later, the centurion returned home, saying that they had evil intentions and drove them out.Maybe my mother has a new home and doesn t want to go back to Cheng s house.There is nothing to miss about Cheng s house.He wanted his mother to be good.Since his mother made such a choice, he should also follow his mother s cbd gummies for flight anxiety thoughts.He tried to leave some belongings but was rejected by his mother.He could only order someone to take care of him.Baotong handed the medicine to the East Palace steward, who turned and went back to the room, but Mrs.Wednesday had no time to speak, so she had to stand aside with her mouth pursed.Go back Mrs.Lin ordered, and looked at Cui Wei who was beside her.Cui Wei s face was ugly, his fists were clenched tightly, and his eyes were fixed on the room.It was obvious that he refused to leave no cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety matter what.Mrs.Lin didn t say much, the brothers practiced martial arts and fought together, and when the elder brother was injured, the younger brother was naturally concerned.Ma am, apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last Baotong said in a low voice, I heard that it was Cui Erye who called Hou Ye, so that Hou Ye was distracted before he was stabbed.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Baotong, Baotong was also much more alert, and knew how to ask questions Crucial news.I have always been a princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty.I cbd gummies for flight anxiety have never been myself, and I have never been a housewife.No matter what the result is this time, I want to be Once.If I can help the son in law cbd oil gummy worms and mother in law, I think it is more worthwhile than being a princess.Princess is really, Mrs.Lin didn t know how to say, I knew before that it was not easy for a princess to be stared at every word and deed., now Mrs.Lin didn t want to say those depressing words, she raised her face Everything will be fine, after this difficult time, the princess and the son in law will be more harmonious.Princess Huairou smiled sweetly The son in law doesn t know me yet.I will go, but I have made up my mind a long time ago.Madam Lin understood Princess Huairou s thoughts I will stay here tonight with the princess and wait for news with the princess.It can be regarded as the sky pays off, I went to work with a general guard under Zheng Bian s command, and found that they had contacts with the Tatars.It was said that General Zhao had contacts with Jinong, the eldest son of the Tatar Khan.The letter written by Jinong to General Zhao was intercepted, and then General Zhao was charged with colluding with foreign enemies.This is not the case.The people who really communicate with Jinong are the military generals on the border.I learned from Mr.Na Wei that Jinong had a younger cbd gummies for flight anxiety cbd gummies recipe jello sister who was born with a beautiful face.In order to win over others to serve him, Jinong married that sister to someone else as a concubine.The portrait of Sister Nong is Zheng Bian s concubine.After Zheng Bian died, the Tatar woman returned to Tatar and married a tribal leader.The carriage stopped slowly, and the servants began to help the female relatives get off the carriage for a rest.Liu Su took penguin cbd gummies reviews the opportunity to come to Gu Mingzhu s side Nie Chen and the others are right behind.I have already discussed with Nie Chen.If there is any movement here, Nie Chen will bring people to keoni cbd gummies negative reviews apple cider cbd gummies meet him.I don t know if the Cui family members will come with us.Let s go together.Gu Mingzhu shook her head, her mother and daughter were abandoned that time at Mrs.Lin s Zhuangzi, not to mention that Mrs.Lin would treat them as a burden when she saw soldiers and horses coming, and would never bring them with her.They go together.How about the princess Gu Mingzhu asked.Nie Chen made people pretend to be the villagers and woodcutters around them, and kept watching the situation in the mountains.Into the yard.Maybe it was taken away by Huang Daxian, Baotong said, Yesterday, I found one in the yard.It was huge and was running fast.If it wasn t for Xiaobai, I would have taken a reed chicken away.Hearing Huang Daxian s words, Mrs.Lin stretched out her hand and touched Zhuzhu s head Okay, don t talk about it.These days, she heard a lot of strange things from the aunt in the village, and she remembered them at night.Still afraid, it would be terrible if Zhuzhu was frightened.However, the person who took the box should not be a thief.There are many guards inside and outside the yard.If there are really skilled people, they will not just take away a box of candied fruit.The thing is not expensive, and it is really useless.The women in the capital use it to cbd gummies for flight anxiety cbd gummies recipe jello pack some ointment and carry cbd gummies for flight anxiety it with them, so Zhuzhu uses it to pack food.Mr.Wei seemed to be in a good mood today, he had packed up the official documents on the table early, and he didn t seem to be going to be busy with official duties all night.Hearing that Mr.Shen was really determined, Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu immediately said I ll send the news, and let people go there immediately.Chu Jiu had already seen that the news sent by Miss Gu every time was very important, and there must be no mistakes, otherwise he would be with that cup of tea.Like really bitter tea, sooner or later the cbd gummies for flight anxiety third master will dislike it.Thinking of this, Chu Jiu looked at Wei Yuanchen again.The third master secretly liked Miss cbd gummies for flight anxiety Gu and knew how to cover it up.These two days, he has become more blatant.Now that he has received the news from Miss Gu, he does not know how happy he is.Chapter 204 The door of Hongxiu Tianxiang s house is closed by Chu Jiu.Master Wei seemed not to have noticed Liu Su and Gu Mingzhu, and was still doing what he was doing on his own.Gu Mingzhu stood still not far away.Mr.Wei was in a good mood.It was very different from Taiyuan Mansion, where he always had a cold face, treating people indifferently and alienated, just like that smilz cbd gummies contact number pond with unfathomable depths.Powerful, but too lonely.Now it is like the clothes on his body, adding a bit of freshness.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu looked over again through the gauze, and the figure of Mr.Wei was also hazy, like a painting that can be handed down from generation to generation.My lord, Liu Su bowed, I don t know if there is any news from Nie Chen.Wei Yuanchen raised his head and saw Gu Mingzhu standing behind Liu Su.The arrangement was good, how could they all be arrested all of a sudden.The clerk of the yamen stepped forward and said Madam, please move into the yamen.I will be ordered to come and ask your lady.The words sound polite, but their attitude is very tough.Yuan s fingertips were cold Let s go back to the house.She is Mrs.Yuan.After returning to Cheng cbd gummies for flight anxiety s house, she hid in the inner house, and she didn t believe that someone could come and arrest someone.Ma am, said the clerk, Ma am, do you really want to do this Yuan Shi squeezed her veil tightly Who gave you the courage to interrogate foreign wives at will If you really want to get me, you have to show evidence.She believed Brother will definitely save her, as long as she returns home, everything will be fine.After Yuan finished speaking, the Cheng family carriage moved forward.In addition, how could such an injury cause Bai Gongren to hurt like this, and Bai Gongren s pain did not seem to come entirely from the injured leg, so it was futile for all the doctors to heal Bai Gongren s legs.After reading these, Gu Mingzhu walked on contentedly.The doctors outside the door were still pondering whether to wash the wound with prickly ash or use a knife to release the bruise, but Bai Gongren s legs did not seem to have bruises and sores.What is this for A voice sounded.Master.The stewards and servants of the Yuan family saluted one after another.Gu Mingzhu looked over, and this person should be Yudu Yushi Yuan Zhixing.With a sullen face, Yuan Zhixing glanced slowly over the doctor, and then looked at the mother in charge Madam has an old illness Yes.Before the mother in charge could explain clearly, Yuan Zhixing strode into the house, looking very He was concerned about Bai Gongren s body.After exhausting all his strength, the prince fell on the soft couch.What a waste.The prince seemed to hear someone whispering in his ear in a daze.What a waste, where did the ability to bully me when I was young I thought I could use you for a while, but I didn t expect you to be so miserable.After a while, I should let you die.Give me another ride.Chapter 232 The honored guest The prince suddenly cbd gummies for flight anxiety opened his eyes, but there was no one in the room.It was already dawn, and the sun shone in through the window, but the bright sunlight could not illuminate the shadow in the prince s heart, and the prince looked around in fear.What about people Where did people go The prince was about to shout.My lord, the Third Prince is here to see you.A steward s voice came from outside.It was him, the prince s eyes widened, it must be him, he sneaked in and said cbd gummies for flight anxiety those words.Mrs.Li said Looking at Zhang Shi I gave cbd gummies for flight anxiety you a little thing before, and your father praised it for its exquisiteness.Zhang said with a smile I remembered it when my grandmother said that.The craftsmanship of the prison, even if you make some playthings, it looks good.After my father took that thing away, he and Mr.Shen looked at it for a while, but I haven t returned it to me yet.Mrs.Li said with a smile Take it here and let the pearl pick it up.Take a look at Zhuzhu, if you like it, give it to Zhuzhu.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen kept looking at Mrs.Li and didn t come to see her.It seemed that getting these playthings from Mrs.Li was just a casual mention and had nothing to do with her.But she I mentioned to Mr.Wei before that we should pay more attention to cbd gummies for flight anxiety the people in the Qin Tianjian.There are too many gossipers in Beijing, so I carbs in cbd gummies will take Zhuzhu back to her mother s house.Hearing this, Gu Chongyi, It was like being poured a basin of ice water over his head, half of the anger in his chest was extinguished, and his mind became clear again, but his fists were still clenched tightly.If Wei Yuanchen was in front of his eyes, he would definitely swing his fist over.It doesn t matter what kind of foreign relative apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last he is, or the empress nephew.Wei Yuanchen looked like a human being, how could he be so shameless, thinking about his pearl, could it be that he can dogs eat cbd gummies believed that there was nothing they could do about him, so he dared to be so unscrupulous.Gu Chongyi immediately helped Mrs.Lin to a chair and sat down What does the Wei family mean by this Send these things and let it be done I don t want them either, and ask Wei Yuanchen to take off an arm as an apology.If grandma refuses to agree , are you going to kneel forever I don t know what s so good about the Huaiyuanhou family s daughter, so she deceived my grandson for nothing.At this point, Mrs.Li stretched out her hand to grab Wei Yuanchen s arm Get upGrandmother agrees.Wei Yuanchen s tightly tensed jaw eased a little, and a smile appeared in his eyes Grandma, don t worry.Don t worry, Mrs.Li watched Wei Yuanchen get up, But seeing you happy now makes me happy too, after what happened five years ago, there s nothing else I can t think about.Wei Yuanchen helped Mrs.Li sit on the chair.Mrs.Li thought about Miss Gu carefully If you leave her illness aside, then the child is really gratifying.She is really uncertain about Miss Gu s illness, she really has dementia, how will she manage the family in cbd gummies for flight anxiety the future How to go through ups and downs with Brother Chen But thinking cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety about Brother Chen s words carefully, there must be something strange in it, otherwise Brother Chen would not have let her take the objects made by Li Guanzheng to Miss Gu.It looked very cute.really good.After opening all the locks, Gu Mingzhu placed two drum locks, one large and one HCMUSSH cbd gummies for flight anxiety small, in front of him.The appearance of the small tumbler lock is the same as that of the big one, except that when the outer tumbler is turned, it feels a little rough, not as smooth as other locks, especially when compared with the big tumbler lock, It should not be from the hands of one person.Gu Mingzhu held the small drum lock in his hand and looked carefully, and found a small mark on the drum, which seemed to be engraved with a word.Seeing this, Baotong immediately picked up the oil lamp and moved it towards it.Miss, there is a word right.Baotong tilted her head back and looked over again.This servant has eye disease and can t see very clearly.It should be the word single.Why don t you feel fat Mrs.Lin touched Zhuzhu s face, Do you often run around in the garden without resting Bao Tong comforted Mrs.Lin Miss is not fat, but her body is getting bigger and bigger.The healthier you are.On the contrary, Mrs.Lin looked at Gu Mingzhu with a smile Go play in the garden.She became more and more lazy and insisted on going out for a walk when the garden was warmer.Gu Mingzhu got up and walked out.Mrs.Lin s stomach suddenly moved, and the child in her stomach seemed to be eager to play with her sister.Don t worry, don t worry, Mrs.Lin said gently, After you are born, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for flight anxiety you will spend more time with your sister.The child in her belly cbd gummies dose cbd gummies for flight anxiety moved more happily as if she disagreed with her words.Gu Mingzhu shuttled around the garden, and Baotong went out to meet Liu Su while the manager was not paying attention, and brought back the news that Nie Chen had found.Madam Lin ordered the steward You call Princess Huairou and tell her to take care of herself, and she will surely get through the crisis safely.The steward responded with a bang and stepped back.Mrs.Zhang can see that Mrs.Lin is really worried about Mrs.Zhao, and she has no other considerations.She is worried that Mrs.Zhao is the idea of the housewife.Besides, Mrs.Yuan s death may also involve the Shanxi mutiny case that is under investigation She always felt that when Lord Hou was in Taiyuan Mansion, someone was around to influence Lord Hou.Could it be Mrs.Lin After Gu Chongyi came down to court, he met Cui Wei who was waiting outside the palace gate, and the two of them also heard the news that Yuan Shi had hanged himself on the way back home.Cui Wei thought for a while when he heard this and looked at Gu Chongyi Uncle, do you think Yuan s suicide has anything to do with the Shanxi mutiny case I always feel that Yuan s death is a bit strange.Cheng will definitely refer to Mr.Wei s book when he goes to court at dawn, saying that Mr.Wei is bullying others so that Mr.Wei cannot continue to investigate the case.Of course she wasn t worried about Mr.Wei, she was afraid that they would not be able to intervene in these cases openly.Gu Mingzhu walked to the side and waited for Master Wei to come and speak.Wei Yuanchen stepped up to follow, and Gu Mingzhu immediately stepped forward and whispered Master Wei Mr.Wei is too tall, so she had to stand on tiptoe to get closer to Mr.Wei s ear Time is running out.Going through the cbd gummies dose cbd gummies for flight anxiety investigation step by step, I am afraid that the result may not be found at dawn, and I have to ask the son in law to help muddy the Cheng family s water, so that it is easier to catch fish.Wei Yuanchen nodded in agreement.The courtiers who used to be close to the imperial concubine feel at ease seeing this situation.The emperor is at the peak of his spring and autumn.It is not certain who will inherit the throne cbd gummies for flight anxiety in the future.The nine princes of the imperial concubine may not have a chance.Besides, there were also abolished princes in the previous dynasty who became the crown prince again and ascended the throne example, although the eldest prince seems to be insane, it is good to have a glimmer of hope.As soon as the emperor s words came here, the prince suddenly laughed, and then he stared at the third prince and said viciously Do you want to be the next East Palace Hehehe, then you can give it a try and try the feeling of sitting on the position of the crown prince., do you think you can do what you want Your end may not be better than mine.If the patrolling censor of the Metropolitan apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last Procuratorate finds that the Bingmasi is not doing things well, he can directly impeach the yamen.If there is any collusion between them, the defense of the city gate will be in vain.Qiao Zheng seemed to understand You mean that someone abandoned the car to protect the handsome, in order to keep the Metropolitan Procuratorate and Wucheng Bingmasi.So Once said, the Yuan family became even more suspicious.Now that Wei Yuanchen is still collecting evidence, they act immediately, and there is still a chance to make a head start.Qiao livingtree cbd gummies Song stood up and walked forward Also pay attention to those folks.Qiao Zheng said Don t worry, uncle, the folks in the capital are only doing things for Wei Yuanchen, and they seem to want to rely on Wei Yuanchen for a foothold, as long as they guard against Wei Yuanchen.Chu Jiu continued However, the eldest lady sent some flower cakes, so it can be seen that the eldest miss is still thinking about Wuheiji.Speaking of this, Chujiu continued to work hard Anyway, Wuheiji is also surnamed Wei.Can t write two characters of Wei.After Chu Jiu said this, he felt the cold wind blowing into his neckline, he didn t dare to turn his head, and turned his eyes to look at the third master, only to see the third master squinting his eyes , eyes like a knife.I m going to look for Missy, and seewhere Missyhas gone.Chu Jiu covered her face, afraid that she would be like a flower in autumn, accidentally blown chapped by the wind.Without waiting for the third master to order again, Chu Jiu ran out of Gu s house in one breath, jumped on the horse, and disappeared in a moment In the southern city of the capital, torches were lit on the supposedly quiet streets.But drunk Gu Mingzhu was thinking, her eyes lifted up, from cbd anxiety gummy bears misty to clear, the tiredness immediately disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.But his hand was still on her shoulder, and his palm was hot as if it was on fire.Master Wei, hempzilla cbd gummies reviews Gu Mingzhu said, Are you drunk Do you want to go back and rest first She often goes out at night, and every time she sees Wei Yuanchen, he is busy, and she has cbd gummies for flight anxiety time to catch up on sleep during the day Well, Mr.Wei still has to go to the Yamen on weekdays, so it will definitely be too much for him day after day.Gu Mingzhu looked around, Chu Jiu was not there, so cbd gummies for flight anxiety leaning on her was not an option, but Master Wei botanic farms cbd gummies didn t intend to retract his arms.In the tranquility of the night, it seems that only the heartbeat of each other can be heard, and the strange atmosphere lingers around.Has the real person forgotten I I saw A chan sitting on a chair when I entered the door, Blood spurted from her neck, and I thought about saving her, but too much bloodsprayed all over my body, the wound was very long, from left to right, and I couldn t even cover it.I yelled loudly to call my father, mother and elder brother over, but no one could do anything.After so many years, that scene is still fresh in Bai Gongren s memory, with blood gushing from the wound and Ah Chan s mouth, A chan s eyes were half opened, there was a strange sound in her throat, her body trembled and she couldn t breathe, and finally there was no more movement.Bai Gongren remembered his own nonsense today and continued The things I said today were all angry words.I didn t think that Ah Chan would dieI scolded herbut I always said those things in the past.During the day, she paid attention to the disciples around Sun Zhenren.This Xuanwei was whole bag of 1000mg cbd gummies the most pious when he recited the Daoist scriptures.It was only then that Xuanwei took away the dullness from the statue.Zhu Shi also kowtowed again and again, since there is fear in his heart, as long as he uses it a little bit, he can get things done.Gu Mingzhu was so happy that she couldn t help but picked up the purse on her waist, took out the candied fruit and put it in her mouth.With a candied fruit in her mouth, she remembered that Master Wei was still by her side.It is rare that Lord Wei not only agrees with her idea, but also colludes with her.If someone cooperates with her in dressing up, it will naturally get twice the result with half the effort.Gu Mingzhu wanted to share a piece of candied fruit with Master Wei, but when she squeezed her purse, the candied fruit was gone.Chapter 299 In the dark prison cell of the sweetheart, the adult in front of him was wearing a dark official uniform, with a majesty like a mountain, he was overturned head on, Bai Jingkun could hardly breathe, let cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety alone resist.Bai Jingkun kept shaking his head No, I didn t.When I was leaving, the second younger sister happened to be looking for Ah chan.I was standing outside and heard the second younger sister scolding Ah chan I listened for a while, and saw my mother rushing away.Come, I hurriedly took some money and left home.I thought it would be a big deal and I would run away, and those people would not be able to find me, so I just gave up.Gu Mingzhu looked at Bai Jingkun carefully, Bai Jingkun was completely suppressed by Master Wei, under such circumstances, what he said should be the truth.Nie Chen stepped forward to speak, but found that Mrs.Wei and Mrs.Gu were not in high spirits.Did something go wrong with this case Miss, Nie Chen cbd gummies for flight anxiety whispered, Are you okay Gu Mingzhu shook her head.Nie Chen felt relieved, he was extremely busy during this time, Master Wei always had something for him to do, and he hadn t talked to Miss Gu carefully for a long time.For some reason, Nie Chen always had a feeling that Mr.Wei hated him very much, and this matter became more and more serious after he returned to Beijing.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and looked at Nie Chen Go to Dengzhou Mansion with the Wei family guards Nie Chen couldn t accept it for a while.Cake and a few small pickles, he is leaving again Nie Chen said, Go cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety to Lu s house Wei Yuanchen nodded I m afraid the government will not find any clues if we go to investigate.Wei Yuanchen spoke first, What do you think about this case Gu Mingzhu said, I found the person Ah chan admired, and I always felt that that person approached Ah chan with ulterior motives, saying that he wanted to marry Ah chan, maybe it was all calculations.Wei Yuanchen also had such thoughts.Gu Mingzhu suddenly raised her head and looked at Wei Yuanchen carefully Master Wei may be very clear about what this man is thinking.Wei Yuanchen s heart sank, what did he know Calculations with ulterior motives Chapter 301 Congratulations Gu Mingzhu wanted to discuss the case with Mr.Wei, but found that Mr.Wei s expression darkened and his eyes became darker.What s wrong Did she say the wrong thing Seeing Wei Yuanchen s face gradually approaching, Gu Mingzhu immediately waved his hands My lord, if you have something to say, don t worry.If it wasn t Yuan Zhixing, then who was it A chan said that the man has an official position and is a hero who is dedicated to serving the country and the people, cbd gummies for flight anxiety Gu Mingzhu said, A chan is very smart, even if the man lied to her on purpose, at least he appeared to be like that on the surface.Mr.Wei thought carefully about whether there was such a person among the civil and military forces of the Manchu Dynasty.In people s eyes, he was a passionate official who did his best for the people of the country.He was good at riding and shooting.He is very familiar with Hongyi Cannon dr goldens cbd gummies and other firearms, if he hadn t lied to Ah Chan about getting married, he hadn t married a wife fourteen years ago, so buy cbd gummies bulk he is between thirty five and sixteen to forty years old now.After Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, she fell silent If that person is really a person with ulterior motives, we will definitely be able to find him, just afraid I m afraid he is not, Gu Mingzhu said, If he is killed in battle, Ah Chan After hearing the news, she would commit suicide if she had no hope, then But Gu Mingzhu always felt that Ah chan would not do it.Part of this inexplicable irritability and depression came from his mother, and part from himself.Although his father s case was found out, the darkness in his heart could not be driven away.Cui Zhen walked into the garden, now that he is awake, why not think about the real matter of Lin Si, this battle of real swords and guns is over, I don t know how many schemes are left in the dark, the guardhouse where Lin Si really led soldiers must be tidied up, His Datong is not stable.What he did in Shanyin, he fell into someone else s game.If he wants to seek peace for himself, he must bow his head to Lin Sizhen and others, and eventually he must serve Lin Sizhen s master.Many of this bureau was set up around him, and that man s intention was very clear, that is, he wanted to hold the entire northern border in his hands, and taking down so many guards and soldiers, he was naturally preparing for rebellion , who will be the person of this layout How many people were planted beside him If those people are not arrested, this matter will not end.Cui Zhen nodded Okay, I m fine today, so I ll take you to play in the courtyard.Mrs.Lin sent someone to invite Cui Zhen to the main room in the backyard.Gu Mingzhu took a look at Baotong and jumped ahead.Baotong knew it well, and turned around to look for Zou Xiang along the path Zou Xiang was summoned by Mrs.Lin to say a few words, but unexpectedly on the way back, when he looked up and saw Cui Zhen, his heart seemed to jump out of his throat.This is the first time for Zou Xiang to see Cui Zhen in person.Before, he only saw Cui Zhen on the picture scroll.Although it was the first time, he knew that he would never be wrong.Zou Xiang panicked, his hands were covered with sweat, he rushed into the room and grabbed Zou do cbd thc free gummies work for pain Lin s sleeve.Seeing that Zou Xiang s face turned pale, Zou Lin immediately dismissed the servants and said in a low voice What s the matter After thinking about it, Zou Lin said in a low voice Who are you talking about Marquis Dingning or Zhang Zou Xiang refused to speak, her nose fluttered rapidly, her small body was arched, as if she wanted to hide in Zou Lin Under her quilt, she never came out to see anyone again.He obviously trusted Wei Yuanchen very much.The blatant win over of the imperial concubine was much worse than that of the Wei family.But no one can pick out the fault of the Wei family, even if they see the situation clearly and sue the Wei family, what will be left behind is the reputation of treacherous ministers who killed loyal and good people.Thinking of this, Qiao Song suddenly felt that he shouldn t be in the prison today.Qiao Zheng said that there might be important clues for Wei Yuanchen s interrogation today, and he didn t want to miss it, but stepping into the prison of Shuntian Mansion, why not cheer for Wei Yuanchen.Qiao Song wanted to retreat but it was too late, he stood under the lamp, and the people in the prison not far away could see his face clearly.Sure enough, a hand stretched out from the cell not far away.He went in and reported Old lady, people from the yamen went to your house and tookthe medicines you used The steward went to see Gu Chongyi as he spoke.When Mrs.Gu heard Gu Chongyi say Tanba wild rice , huuman cbd gummies katie couric she knew something was going to happen.What medicine Just as Gu Chongyi asked, he saw Feng Anping walking in the door accompanied by Mr.Ji, the Tuiguan of Shuntian Mansion.The yamen behind Mr.Ji was holding a box.Mr.Ji saluted Gu Chongyi Master Huaiyuan, I found Tamba wild rice in Gu s house.Mr.Ji said, Take it to Lord Huaiyuan to have a look.There were two jade tubes and some ground leaves in the box.He took some out and put them on his nose to smell them, and it really was Danba wild rice.Gu Chongyi s expression was even more serious.He looked at the old lady Gu Where do these bland wild plants in my aunt s room come from The ones we bought in are cbd gummies legal in wi our hands were definitely not transported to Beijing by our family We are wronged, we were wronged by others.Gu Chongyi sighed inwardly turned around and walked outside.Gu Chongyi got on his horse and left the lotus alley What happened today made him vigilant, and a pair of hands quietly reached into Gu s house when he was not paying attention.I don t know how long it took to let the horse gallop, but as soon as Gu Chongyi cbd gummies for flight anxiety came back to his senses, he saw a person following him He was pouting his buttocks He brought his face closer.Wei Congzhi, hasn t this person been kicked out by the Wei family yet Wei Congzhi had cbd gummies for flight anxiety a look on his face Concern Chongyi, I heard that something happened to the Gu family, so I hurried over Well, did you find something Gu Chongyi frowned When did he allow this thing to call him by name After that night, he saw the sound of huqin coming from this thing s ear.Saying it out of the mouth makes people furious.Some clues can be seen from these details.Gu Chongyi grabbed Tan Dingfang Master Shangshu, you still have the spirit to worry about these things.Your nephew murdered and went to prison, and my grandson was also arrested in the Shuntian government office.What should I do I don t have any thoughts in my heart Does your nephew have any relationship with Yuan Zhixing and those people Come on, you go to the prison with me to find out.Tan Dingfang was dragged staggeringly, and managed to stabilize his figure Guhou.Tan Dingfang put down the cbd gummies for flight anxiety cbd gummies recipe jello map and grabbed Gu Chongyi s wrist with his backhand Don t worry, this matter is probably not for brother Geng, but because of me.Gu Chongyi was startled, then frowned What does Shangshu Tan mean Do you know the inside story Tan Dingfang shook his head Although I don t know everything, I can guess a little bit.Xiao settled in Baoding Mansion first, and then rushed to the capital after receiving the news.Not knowing what happened, Mrs.Xiao suddenly changed her mind and brought them to Daxing Zhuangzi.Mrs.Xiao was very cautious, how much per dose natures tru cbd gummies to take she didn t allow them to go out and walk around casually, she only said that they would stay in Zhuangzi for a while, they were startled by Mrs Xiao s words at first, and they were afraid that something big would happen, but Zhuangzi was always calm, and they also Gradually relaxed his vigilance.On the day of the accident, he was guarding the back door, when he suddenly saw a fire, he immediately went into the Zhuangzi to check, and saw Tan Zigeng murder with his own eyes.The old man rescued by the Zhuangzi was a farmer Xiao Niangzi was looking for nearby.He just sent some fresh vegetables and fruits to the Zhuangzi.He had just entered the Zhuangzi that day when he felt a headache and was knocked unconscious on the ground.When he woke up, he happened to see Tan Zigeng fighting with someone.Gu Chongyi told this to Cui Zhen On the surface, it seems that Tan Zigeng killed people, but if you check carefully, you will find the problem.Wei Yuanchen said Bai Jingkun said that the real person in charge of the Lu family, Auntie, settled down in Baoding Mansion.We found the bank notes of the Baoding Mansion cbd gummies for flight anxiety Bank on Zhuangzi, and the surviving guard also said that Mrs.Xiao brought them from Baoding Mansion.Therefore, the mother and son who were burnt to death seemed to be Auntie s mother and son, that is, Bai Jingkun s wife and son.After checking this, some people would think that the Lu family s incident happened, and Tan Zigeng s move was to kill people.Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised, now that she is not afraid of being discovered their whereabouts, why did Master Wei ride the same horse with her instead.Chu Jiu immediately said The horse that the eldest lady is riding has hurt its hoof for some reason and is limping.Lame Gu Mingzhu blinked, feeling a little guilty in her heart, why didn t the horses meet her have a good result That horse obviously looks very handsome, but there are times when he stumbles.Chu Jiu said I ll take it to take care of it and raise it properly, Missy don t have to worry about it.Gu Mingzhu suddenly found out that he hadn t seen him for a few days.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on Liu Su, and Liu Su cbd gummies for flight anxiety nodded to apple cider cbd gummies reassure her that Liu Su will take care of the matter here.Wei Yuanchen galloped forward on his horse, Gu Mingzhu shrank his whole body in his cloak.The Palace of Compassion and Ning is the closest to the concubine s place, and the news was sent to the empress dowager first.Grand Concubine Mi went crazy, she stabbed the palace servants and servants around her with a dagger, and the servants ran to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to deliver the letter.Hearing this, the Queen Mother frowned.Concubine Mi gave birth to a prince for the former emperor.It s just that the prince was physically weak since he was a child, and he managed to raise him to leave the palace to build a HCMUSSH cbd gummies for flight anxiety mansion, but cbd gummies for flight anxiety he died in the third year after the emperor ascended the cbd gummies for flight anxiety cbd gummies recipe jello throne.Dowager Mi begged the emperor to posthumously designate her son as King Hui, and asked him to be buried near the tomb of the former cbd gummies for flight anxiety emperor.Come to King Hui to be protected by the former emperor.The female officer couldn t help but said My Lady, why on earth are you The palace is going to be chaotic, Queen HCMUSSH cbd gummies for flight anxiety Wei said after thinking for a moment, We can t make them work too hard.How did the empress see that there was going to be chaos in the palace Empress Wei said Didn t Brother Chen say that, there is another mystery in this case.The female officer was startled When did the third master send someone to send the news to the palace Empress Wei picked a jade flower hairpin from the dowry and handed it over.To the female officer He said, you can only hear it if you listen carefully.This case was investigated by the Ministry of Criminal Justice.Brother Chen has not spoken.She knows Brother Chen, so she knows that there is something else going on in this case without asking.She also knew the character of the noble concubine.I stood aside and watched coldly, seeing her blood splattering, that scene Whenever I feel where can you buy cbd gummies in pittsburgh pa When it is boring, I will recall it carefully and experience it again.Tan Dingfang drew out the long knife at his waist and stabbed Chen Weicheng with it.Master, the steward stepped forward again, Master, didn t you see it This man has been irritating you, and maybe he wants you to kill him here.We are onlookers, and we can see clearly.You killed him.The blame will all fall on your head.Tan Dingfang stood there in a daze, he looked at Chen Weicheng You have this idea, you want to die at my hands, this is your scheme.They were ready to swarm up and hold Chen Weicheng down.Chen Weicheng looked at Tan Dingfang viciously, his face was full of disappointment and unwillingness It s just one step away I m your subordinate, if you kill me, it s like covering up your crime, and apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last what you say cbd gummies blog will have nothing to do with it.As a result, Aunt Sun s fetus moved and almost had a miscarriage.Your mother was furious and ordered Aunt Zhao to be sent to the nunnery.Aunt Zhao was upset cbd gummies kanha and committed suicide before leaving the house.Girl Qing saw Aunt Zhao s body Being carried cbd gummies for flight anxiety out, the whole person was terrified.She always felt that Aunt Zhao died because of her.When she went to pay respects to Aunt Zhao at night, she happened to hear Mama Jiang, who was in charge of Aunt Sun s yard.Ghosts must not haunt her, she also obeyed Aunt Sun s orders, and deliberately pretended to be a ghost to put blame on Aunt Zhao.Qing girl was already guilty, how could she bear such news, she hurried forward to pull It was a coincidence that Mrs.Jiang was going to take Mrs.Jiang to see your mother and Mrs.Zhang.The mother in charge next to Mrs.Lin thought for a while and said After Mrs.Zhou died, I went to the Taoist temple to ask for talismans, thinking that I would bring bad luck to the house.I happened to meet Mrs.Zhang who was also going to offer incense.I saw Mrs.Zhang was well educated and handsome, so I talked to her a few words and learned that Ms.Zhang came from Guangzhou, and my father worked in best cbd gummies for pain the chief envoy., so I invited Mrs.Zhang and her mother to come and sit at home.Mrs.Zhang is quite clever, but I don t know how to tell that I like suet jade, so she made me a forehead inlaid with suet jade, and talked to me.I also fell in love with me.At that time, it was the time of the Empress Dowager, and the married women wanted to send some gifts to the Palace of Compassion.I asked someone to embroider a birthday picture, and when I showed it to the Zhang family s women, Zhang s sharp eyes saw something.Wei Yuanchen waited for a while before the girl beside him said, My lordcan Nie Chen give you the bill Yes.Wei Yuanchen responded.Gu Mingzhu said seriously I ve done the calculations, and it s not bad.Okay.Your lord is indeed so generous.Well, it would be even better if I could keep the candied fruit left in my waist Princess Huairou s mansion.Mrs.Zhao did needlework all night, and raised her HCMUSSH cbd gummies for flight anxiety head to see that it was almost dawn.Maybe it was because she was used to running around in those years.She was not used to having people around her all the time, so she sent the servants out early.Peng Liang has been away from the capital for a long time, and he hasn t even come back for the Chinese New Year.Thinking about these years, although they are not husband and wife, they still live together.Every New Year s day, she will inevitably miss Brother Yu and feel sad.What kind of chaos will it cause.Third Master, sir is here.Wei Yuanchen hurriedly stood up when he heard Chu Jiu s report, and before he reached the door, he saw Pei Shangqing open the curtain and walk in.Pei Shangqing seldom left Pei s house, but this time the matter was very urgent, so he avoided people with the account and came to the yard to look for Wei Yuanchen.Wei Yuanchen said Just give me an order, sir.I ll just go home.Pei Shangqing took off the cloak on his body I know you can t get rid of your body, and there are too many things to prepare.I m waiting at home and worrying, it s better to HCMUSSH cbd gummies for flight anxiety go home.Come here.Pei Shangqing s health is really bad, especially in winter, he is especially afraid of the cold, so Mu Qiu hurriedly brought another warm cage and put it at Pei Shangqing s feet.The man s face was cold, his eyes were firm, and he stood beside him and said indifferently The Fang family colluded with Yuan Zhixing to smuggle goods for profit, and the Shen family recruited officials to plan for you to be the crown prince, but Old General Zhao was not murdered by the Liang family, and Lin Sizhen did not.Not for your life.These words sparked a glimmer of hope in King Huai s heart, he raised his head and looked at the person in cbd gummies for flight anxiety front of him.This person is Wei Yuanchen.It was Wei Yuanchen who found out the war horse case, and it was Wei Yuanchen who together with the Criminal Ministry exposed the Fang family and the Liang family.He should have hated Wei Yuanchen, but looking at Wei Yuanchen now, all he felt was a glimmer of hope.You were framed.Hearing Wei Yuanchen s words, King Huai nodded desperately.The emperor frowned, Is Cui Wei related to Prince Huai s mansion Cui Zhen shook his head Weichen will rush in after he has figured this out.Jing reported to the emperor that the minister felt that not only was Cui Wei not involved with Prince Huai s residence, but that they deliberately framed Prince Huai s residence.They had already made preparations when the court did not find out Prince Huai s residence.The emperor fixedly looked at Cui Zhen., signaling him to continue.Cui Zhendao While the minister was still in high school, Mrs.Zhang deliberately got close to Prince Huai s mansion.King Huai ordered someone to intercede for the minister in the court, making the emperor suspect that the minister was colluding with Prince Huai s mansion secretly.That is to wait until after the case of Prince Huai s mansion, let Wei The ministers also cannot return to Datong, so Datong can replace the generals on the border.This person actually knew his surname was Zheng, so did he know that his father was still alive Your father Zheng Ruzong Qiu Hai followed the voice, trying to listen carefully to what the man was saying, but before he finished speaking, another wave of feather arrows struck.Cunning Qiu Hai stretched out his hand to block the flying feather arrow, and when he stabilized his figure again, he found that King Huai was gone again.Qiu Hai looked forward again.King Huai, covered in blood, staggered forward.Qiu Hai was about to go after him, when an object fell at his feet, like a thunderbolt.With a boom , the firearm exploded, and the smell of saltpeter and gunpowder diffused in the forest.King Huai continued to run forward, and when the rebels caught up with him again, a figure finally jumped out and grabbed his arm.Boom.A strong force sent Qiu Hai flying, and Qiu Hai fell heavily on the ground.Blood dripped from the corner of Qiu Hai s mouth.No matter how fast he moved, his right leg was still injured, and his eyes were dizzy.He struggled get up.When did they bury the firearms It was obviously when they were chasing after King Huai, sothey had arrived long ago, and they hadn t rescued King Huai for a long time.They were placing these things, and they couldn t care less about King Huai s life.Just as Qiu Hai was thinking, Gu Chongyi s voice came from behind cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety Don t let any one go.Gu Chongyi apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last heard Wei Congzhi not far away saying I can t escape if I m lame He cursed What a cheap mouth.If it were him, he couldn t bear it, and had to get up and fight Wei Congzhi for his life.Sure enough, Qiu Hai held the sword and rushed towards Wei Congzhi again.She overcomes obstacles in the front, while others can only reap the rewards in the back.Concubine Jiang didn t dare to think deeply, for fear that those thoughts would overwhelm her and obliterate her cbd gummies for flight anxiety whole body, but she couldn t help thinking about it, the emperor didn t hesitate at all when he abolished the prince.Because the emperor had no intention of letting her son inherit the throne, she was caught off guard and could hardly bear the blow.If it was Concubine Jiang who was usually resourceful, she should have stepped aside and stopped talking in such a situation.But now she has lost her former wisdom.Your Majesty, Jiang Guifei said, The poison was put on the chestnut cake.The Ninth Prince likes to eat chestnut cake.This poison is aimed at the Ninth Prince.Please ask the Emperor to be the master of the Ninth Prince and find out who poisoned it.It s a pity, it s only one step away, but this time when he returns to Northern Xinjiang, he will start to straighten out his soldiers and horses.He can feel that Wei Yuanchen and .

how long does cbd gummy take to work?

cbd gummies 300mg viagra the others have found clues.caught off guard.Is there any news from the Zhang family and Qiu Hai yet Didn t the uncle deliver a letter Zheng Ruzong looked at the cronies beside him.No, said the friend, there has been no movement.Not quite right, Zheng Ruzong sensed danger, and it was easy for Da er to send some news to him.No matter what the situation is, it shows that the situation is very tense.Let s go overnight, Zheng Ruzong made up his mind, it s not easy to be found at night.They are in the dark, and they can escape by the moonlight.Although there are many soldiers and horses in the court, they don t know where they are, so there is nothing they can do Zheng Ruzong made a decision to go to Yanqing Guard overnight, but for the sake of caution, they would not go directly to the guard, they would go around and then inform the lieutenant guarding the guard.Mother, Mrs.Yuan became anxious, Why don t you speak Don t make my daughter in law anxious.Mrs.Li still smiled and said nothing.Madam Yuan looked resentful.How about this, Mrs.Li said, you steamed two pears for me, and I ll tell you.Mrs.Yuan said in embarrassment Two are too many, the pears are cold and damp, yesterday you secretly let the mother in charge I made two.Mrs.Li didn t expect her daughter in law to find out about this, but in order to eat pears, the old lady quibbled It s my mother Chen coughing in my room, and I asked her to steam pears to eat.Mrs.Yuan Don t believe me Didn t you taste it No, I fell asleep.Mrs.Yuan said You know when you are asleep Mrs.Li said Didn t Mother Chen tell me that early in the morning Mrs.Tai Lie and quibble, just for two pears, although Mrs.Yuan was unwilling a hundred times, she still softened her heart One pear, no more.Gu Mingzhu was about to step into the carriage when suddenly there was a rush of hooves approaching from far away.Gu Mingzhu turned her head to look, and the figure became clearer and clearer.Wearing armor, majestic.It s really Master Wei.Mrs.Wei is not really worried and wants to meet her again, right Chapter 469 Lost and Found Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen on horseback.The officials from the Ministry of Rituals hadn t left yet, so Master Wei couldn t get off his horse and walk in front of her.Gu Mingzhu looked around and waved.If I knew she should pretend to be a woman, maybe I could squeeze forward to toast the soldiers.Wouldn t it be more harmonious than now I used to dress up like that when I met Mr.Wei in the teahouse before, admiring the lanterns together It was a very good scene when I think about it.You have to know what to do.Gu Mingzhu smiled slightly, she knew it well, she survived, if she didn t survive, she probably would never have the chance to see everything in front of her clearly.Chapter 479 Liwei Mrs.Zhou looked at Zhou Zesheng who was in armor.She heard that Zhou Zesheng had been transferred from the guard to the capital, but she didn t expect him to be so majestic that he dared to bring someone directly to his door.What are you doing Mrs.Zhou stared at Zhou Zesheng solemnly with a sullen face, Old Qi, you must be informed first when you come to the house, and you can t bring these people here.Is there any courtesy Zhou Zesheng sneered Clan aunt hasn t forgotten the etiquette.What are you talking about Mrs.Zhou was a little angry, Last time you entered the door and cbd gummies for flight anxiety cbd gummies recipe jello made a big fuss.Zhou Ruyue had just uttered a word when she was interrupted by Zhou Ruzhang s sharp voice.On weekdays, people pretend to be virtuous and virtuous, and even want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the eldest sister.Bah, you deserve it too.Chapter 484 My favorite play, Zhou Ruzhang, broke into the yard recklessly, as if he wanted to catch Zhou Ruyue out.shredded.The second room steward wanted to step forward to stop him, but Zhou Ruzhang pushed him away.Zhou Ruzhang said When you see something going on in your family, you will make trouble.Who said that it has something to do with our third room Maybe the second room is behind it, and we have no separation.Then Xu Gui is not just working for my father.A few days ago, I saw Xu Gui talking to the second uncle.The second room manager said Second miss, you can t talk nonsense.After the sister in law passed away, he I went to my sister in law s room to check again, I m afraid I left some evidence Zhou Zesheng cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety didn t say anything clearly, but everyone knew who Zhou Zesheng was referring to.Mrs.Zhou hurriedly defended Zhou Zejing Impossible, Zejing would never do such a thing.Don t wrong him.Another accident.Zhou Zejing tried his best to stabilize his emotions Mother, you don t have to argue with him.If I have anything to do with these things, the Yamen will come to interrogate me.Can t help but feel cold, does the yamen really think that his sister in law s death has something to do with him Zhou Zesheng gave Zhou Zejing a deep look No matter what, we must cbd gummies for flight anxiety find the real culprit who killed my sister in law.If Jun died in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice, the Zhou clan should come forward to be fair to Rujun.Could it be that he was wrong Or was Chu Jiu resentful towards the third master because of cleaning the pigsty, so he defected and took refuge in the common people Gu Mingzhu said Master Ge sent the news back.The Cao family has a village in Dingxing County.The Cao family moved all the people in Jingmao Hutong there.I just asked Nie Chen to take someone to check it out, in case they got it.The news is to escape.Gu Mingzhu could imagine what was going on in Dingxing County, and she also thought of Rong Niangzi.Rong Niangzi was born in Lehu, and Tang, the daughter of Dejiaofang s criminal minister, personally taught the piano art, and was good at singing and dancing.She was a famous beauty in Yanle Hutong in the capital.Rong Niangzi was accused of gathering other entertainers to buy officials for the eldest princess.In fact, those clues have long been placed in the criminal department, and I am negligent.Maybe this person is his.Teacher, Guo Ji, who is now sick in bed, used to go to discuss with his teacher whenever he encountered difficulties.Qiao Song couldn t help laughing again, perhaps his mentor was waiting for him to see which side he would stand on.Qiao Zheng said Uncle, what should we do As soon as Qiao Zheng s words fell, he heard his cronies come to report My lords, Su Fu, the prefect of Shuntian Prefecture, is here.I found you so quickly, Qiao Song said, It seems that they have already guessed the situation of the Criminal Department, and now they come to test my meaning.Uncle Qiao Zheng was a little anxious.Qiao Song waved his hand.The situation in front of him was urgent, and he needed to make a decision immediately Even if you are a dog, you can only have one owner.The cbd gummies henderson nv Cao family had insight into Mrs.Zhou s intention and ordered Bao The second sneaked into Zhou s house and killed Mrs.Zhou s family.You thought that if Zhou Xueshi and his wife were killed, no one would know the inside story, but they didn t know that Mrs.Zhou also told Zhou Zejing about the whole thing.On the night Mrs.Zhou passed away, Zhou Zejing saw Bao Er again at Zhou s house.Zhou Zejing knew that this matter must have something to do with Cao s family.Under the influence of interests, Zhou Zejing didn t say anything, just wanted to wait and see what happened, and use this handle in exchange for greater benefits in the future.This is Confessions of Zhou Zejing cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies for flight anxiety and others.Gu Mingzhu said as she handed the booklet in her hand to Empress Wei, saying this in front of Shen Lan, to let Shen Lan know that were to buy cbd gummies the evidence is solid and Concubine De can t deny it.After the emperor dies, you will be enthroned as emperor.Cao Dashi stuffed the list into Su In the hands of the king This is the general who needs to be dealt with.It s not too late, let s do it quickly.King Su held the list, his gaze was like a sharp knife, and he strode towards his cronies.Master Cao followed behind King Su.As a civil servant, he never expected to see such a scene one day.He took a deep breath, and when he passed the hurdle in front of him, the Cao family was the real relative, the Queen Mother s mother.family, he finally managed to obtain this supreme wealth and splendor for the Cao family.My lord, one of the cronies went back and forth, that s not right, the people on this list are not in the camp.What King Su frowned.Could it be that these people had already got the news and avoided it Impossible, news has just come out from the palace, they should not have time to prepare.Boom.The firearm exploded, and the billowing smoke engulfed the rebel troops.King Liang and the lieutenants around him all stared round.Sure enough, there was an ambush.There were screams of misery.With the help of the billowing smoke, Wei Yuanchen turned his horse s head, broke the arrow shaft on his shoulder, swung his spear and turned his head to kill the remaining rebels.Baptized his armor.They came back again.They escaped again.There should be no firearms this time.However, there was another boom from a different direction.Lu Guang and Zhu Wu got up from the pit, before shaking off the dust on their bodies, they rushed to the next place where the firearms were buried.Alsobe carefulthere is still an ambush Don t chase, don t chase King Liang saw that the soldiers under his command were in complete chaos, and he couldn t help clenching his fists Why did Wei Yuanchen act like this Too many firearms The imperial court s reinforcements did not arrive, which means that the imperial court did not prepare in advance, and in this case, so many firearms should not have flowed out.Mrs.Lin quickly stood up Go and apple cider cbd gummies how long does a 10 mg cbd gummy last tell Lord Hou to ask Zhuzhu to change her clothes, and we will go to receive cbd gummies for flight anxiety the order.Just as the arrangements were made, another steward came into the yard Madam, the old lady in law is here, and he has arrived in the city now.The door.Mrs.Lin was stunned, her father came, how could it be such a coincidence, father likes Zhuzhu so much, when he just mile high cure cbd gummies entered the door, he heard the news that Zhuzhu was going to get married, she didn t know how she felt.Alas, the master s injury is no longer a serious problem, is it Mrs.Lin became worried again, hoping that her father would show mercy to the master.Chapter 539 Intimate Let the steward pick up my father, Mrs.Lin ordered, Tell Hou Ye again, so that he can get ready.That s all Mrs.Lin can do, anyway, the person who called his father to the capital It wasn t her, but Master Hou himself, and Master Hou was also in a cocoon.Luo Yu felt a pain in his chest, and his body froze there, feeling hot blood flowing out.Mrs.Zhang laughed loudly Hahaha, hahaha.She wanted to avenge Uncle Luo s family, but she didn t expect to kill him herself in the end.Laughing too hard, tears flowed out, Zhang felt that she was a joke.This man married another woman and gave birth to children.He had long forgotten her, but she killed her own child for him.She still remembers the pain during the miscarriage.It was Cui Zhen s child, but it was also her child.She didn t even bother to see what the child looked like.At that time, she only wanted to hurt the Cui family and Cui Zhen, and the Cui family who was disturbed by this little life was not at peace.She forgot that it was also her child, and her blood flowed on her body.Zhang s eyes were wide open, panting heavily, waiting fiercely for Luo Yu to die.Brother Chen will pay homage to the ancestral temple tomorrow before welcoming his relatives.You should go to the Ancestral Temple.The rest of the people in the room froze.Mrs.Li frowned and looked at Prince Qing My lord is joking, brother Chen wants to pay homage to the ancestors of the Wei family.Old King Qing said with a smile It s right to pay homage to the ancestors of the Wei family.The gods and masters of the family were enshrined in the Taimiao together, and among them were the ancestors of the Wei family.When Cong Sheng was alive, he went to the Taimiao to worship his ancestors, have you forgotten Mrs.Li said What s the matter, Cong Sheng has received grace Only then can I go, brother Chen will get married tomorrow, there is no such rule. That s a matter for the Ministry of Rites, Mrs.The petals were thrown up and blown into the skirts of the two people and the flying black hair.Slowly synthesized into one, no longer separate from each other. The main text is over, and the extra episode continues.Chapter 565 An Uninvited Guest Second Uncle Fanwai In Huaiyuanhou s mansion, Gu Chongyi was shaking the recliner to bask in the sun.Finally, the spring came and the flowers bloomed.It wasn t too warm in February, but today s weather was exceptionally good.The warm spring breeze mixed with the fragrance of flowers blew on him.Gu Chongyi breathed a sigh of satisfaction.Of course, it would be even better if Madam and Zhuzhu are by your side.In the blink of an eye, it has been almost a year since Zhuzhu got married, and the house bought by the son in law next to it has also become the Wei Wang Mansion.

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