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The school club is going to perform.The clothes arrived.I couldn t hold back and tried them on.Then why are you running The uncle frowned slightly and put down the newspaper.When my uncle asked this question, I didn t know how to answer for a while, and paused for a few seconds before opening my mouth.A cockroach just ran under my feet, and I was frightened.Unexpectedly, as soon as my voice fell, the footsteps of da, da, da in the room came out again, and my whole body suddenly stiffened , HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog anxiety swallowed his saliva, and cast his eyes on the uncle, only to find that the uncle was flipping through the newspaper as if nothing had happened.Uncle didn t hear such a loud voice Involuntarily, I asked a question.Uncle, did you hear anything Uncle raised his head and asked me with raised eyebrows.What sound My heart was overwhelmed Could it be only I can hear this voice Seeing that I didn t speak, my uncle asked me what the sound was.When I arrived, I found that She was already there waiting for me.When she saw me coming, she nodded to me as a greeting, then threw the menu to me and asked me what eagle hemp cbd gummies customer service number I want to eat I went back casually and didn t eat spicy food.After that, she called the waiter and ordered a few dishes.When the meal was almost finished, she didn t say what she wanted me to come over.She didn t ask me until I couldn t sit still and wanted to leave.Did you grow up with grandma without father or mother When I heard this, I nodded in surprise.The corners of her mouth hooked slightly, raising a smile that I couldn t understand.I was born in the countryside on the tenth day of the twelfth lunar month, but I never encountered any weird things until the beginning of this month, I kept encountering ghosts.She said everything, and I couldn t help but feel a little excited, but I saw the calm expression on royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety her face His expression suddenly became quiet.But his movements are very flexible.After dodging a few times, I cbd oil gummies in hot springs ar was forced into a corner because I didn t know if the golden talisman would have any effect on him.I could only attack him like a dead horse.Before rushing towards him suddenly, the golden talisman was directly stuffed into his cracked mouth.Hearing the burning sound of hiss, hiss, hiss in the air, followed by a hoarse moan, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that it still worked.Taking advantage of this opportunity, I rushed towards the cbd gummies for dog anxiety gate, but at the moment when I was about to open the door, an indescribable chill rushed from my calf to my celestial cap, and I froze in place all of a sudden.A few seconds later I turned around, only to find that the corpse had already spit out the golden talisman from its mouth.It seemed that there was some kind of boulder highlands cbd gummies naturesonly cbd gummies deal with that yellow skin.I was afraid and didn t dare to ask more.At this moment, grandma was already standing in front of Huang Pizi s grave, and gummy grenade cbd she did not know when she had brought the oil lamp on her head in front of her.The light on the oil lamp swayed in the wind, making grandma s face very hideous In the middle of the night, I stood behind my grandma, inexplicably feeling that the temperature in the air had dropped a little again, and there were faint crying sounds coming from around Listening carefully, I felt that it was my auditory hallucination Grandma put the oil cbd gummies for dog anxiety lamp on the top of Huangpizi s grave, and she was desperately digging down the soil like crazy, her voice was sobbing as if she was crying for something.Seeing this, I couldn t bear it any longer, and rushed up to grab grandma, but just as I stepped out, Jun Li ruthlessly pulled her back and hid in the dark.After deleting these text messages with one click, I called the landlady s old lady, but no one answered.Swipe across the screen of the phone, saw Junli s number, endured it for a long time, and still dialed him, wanting to hear his voice, but the phone had already been turned off.I never thought it would be like this when I went home, so I turned off the phone again and lay down on my bed.This bed is very familiar, very warm, and gives me a sense of belonging, but it is no longer the taste I want.I don t know how long it took, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door, it was safest brands of cbd gummies grandma s, she patted me silently, and then spoke.Let s go out to eat.I opened my eyes and nodded to grandma, no resentment in my heart.Resentment is reserved for the weak.And I don t want to be calculated by others, I can only make myself stronger and become someone who can play games with them.If I hadn t seen it with my own eyes, it would be really hard for me to imagine that these corpses were really boulder highlands cbd gummies naturesonly cbd gummies murdered.Because the murderer looks exactly like me, and I was involved in these cases before, so now the police have set up a task force to arrest me.Even my details have been thoroughly investigated.If Qin Zheng hadn t stopped him, he would have gone straight to my school, my home, and started arresting people After I heard this, my complexion would have turned pale and ugly, not because I was frightened, but because I was angry.The first time I saw this video, I thought of a little bitch.Chen Yanjin After being dealt with by her like this, even if I jumped into the Yellow River, I wouldn t be able to wash it off I even suspected that as long as I took even one step outside Jun Li s house, I would be put in iron handcuffs and taken away.After I calmed down, I called Qin Zheng back and asked him what should I do now Qin Zheng replied me with two words, cold salad.Then he asked me if I was sure I could find the murderer who looked exactly like me I sighed and said no.Not to mention whether there are people who look exactly the same in this world, even if I find them, I don t think I can escape the crime of murder.After all, if she dared to plot against me like this, she must have thought of a way out and arranged everything long ago, so that I could only fall headlong into it, sinking deeper and deeper.Qin Zheng comforted me a few words, telling me not to panic, saying that he had tried to help royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety me delay for a week, and if I could think of a countermeasure during this week, things should turn around.After listening to Chapter Twenty Eight Trapped, I breathed a sigh of relief, but I was extremely grateful to Qin Zheng in my heart.I suddenly felt that I was being played by someone, rolled my eyes and just wanted to push him away, but the smile on his face deepened, but I felt a coldness and killing intent from his smiling face.Based on my temperament, I should throw her out.The next second, I couldn t help but shudder at Junli s mouth.Before I royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety could react, Junli hugged me even tighter.You said, I have been so disadvantaged that you took advantage of me, are you going to be responsible for me When Junli said this, I actually felt as if I really took advantage of him, and I just wanted to ask him what he thought How can I be responsible, but he pressed me hard on the sofa, and kissed me directly from my forehead with a forgiving and hot kiss.When it landed on my lips, the kiss was already extremely crazy.I was so dazed by Junli s kiss that I didn t even know that my clothes had been stripped until the cold wind blew by and I shivered from the cold.I became more and more afraid, and my heart became more and more uncertain.I was afraid that I would be snatched away by Gu Yicheng and become a bird in his cage.Just for a moment, cbd gummies for dog anxiety he suddenly let go of me, took out the handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the three fingers pinching my chin, as if I was such a dirty thing.In your heart, am I the kind of person who makes things difficult for others His voice sounded again, with a bit of sarcasm and sarcasm in his tone.I pursed my lips tightly and did not respond, for fear that once I spoke, I would reveal my guilty conscience.Gu Yicheng stared at me for a long time, then suddenly turned around and walked towards the door.Just when I was different and he let me go so easily, I heard his voice come into my ear again.I will make you willingly leave Junli and come to my side.Gradually, cbd gummies for dog anxiety I was shivering from the cold, when Junli saw this, he looked back at me, took off his coat, cbd gummies for dog anxiety put it on me, and asked.Is it still cold I pursed my lips tightly and shook my head.Only then did Junli pull me forward and continue to walk forward.Since I was walking on a remote mountain royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety road, not many people stepped on it, so the soil under my feet was very soft, and I could lose half of my foot if I didn t pay attention.What s even more strange is that the closer you get to the west building, the softer the soil under your feet, and the cbd gummies for dog anxiety easier it is to step on the air.In the end, Junli turned around and picked me up by the waist, and walked towards the west building.But after only a few steps, Junli stopped.I was a little surprised and wanted to look up to see why he stopped, but I saw a woman in white hanged to death on a tree behind Junli.Standing in front of the door of the west building, inexplicably felt a strong coolness sweeping over.Especially when I saw the two big white lanterns swaying in the air hanging in front of him, I couldn t help shivering.Junli didn t pull me in immediately, but stopped, stood in front of the door, looked around, didn t know what he was thinking, a slight sarcasm twitched at the corner of his mouth, and then he pulled me Pushed open the door of the west building.With a squeak , he opened the door that had been in disrepair for a long time, and a musty smell that had been dusty for a long time filled my nostrils.One couldn t hold back, and sneezed hard.Looking at the dark west building, I realized that I forgot to bring a flashlight before I came here.Involuntarily, I took my phone out of my pocket and wanted to turn on the flash, but Jun Li pressed it down, and he shook his head at me.Everything around is so finely detailed, but the stone gate is too ordinary, not to mention the engraving of any pattern, even the water chestnut on the stone gate is directly inlaid without smoothing.Although there is nothing marked on the stone gate, and there are no stone tablets around to indicate that this is a tomb, but the gusts of yin energy constantly gushing from the tight cracks in the door always give me the illusion that Junli is going to take me to the tomb , plus Junli s coffin is buried under the west building, I can t help but think that this is Junli s tomb, right I just wanted to ask Junli, but I found that there was no trace of people walking around here, but didn t Junli come last time and fight with his own corpse Involuntarily, I opened my mouth to ask Junli, but Junli seemed to see the question I wanted naturesonly cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with pain to ask from my eyes, and told me before I opened my mouth that the feng shui here is changeable.The moment the door was opened, what came to us was not the thick yin energy as imagined, but the .

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strong anger cbd gummies for dog anxiety that could not be contained, permeating the air continuously, making people feel refreshed when they smell it.Behind the Jingmen, a very spacious hall appeared.In the center of the hall was a Sima Road inlaid with white jade.Around Sima Road were rows of stone figures and beasts, symbolizing the status of the tomb owner during his lifetime.After taking the first step, the three of us stopped at the same time as if we had discussed it, and no HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog anxiety one stepped forward.Su Xiu pointed at Sima Dao in front of her with a dumbfounded voice.Master and I have visited so many tombs, but we have never seen such a large tomb.At the end, he added.The bigger the tomb, the more dangerous the things inside, but I m becoming more and more curious about the true identity of Huo Yan.If it wasn t for Junli holding me, I would have Butt can sit on the floor.Seeing this, Junli frowned, just about to turn around and ask me what s wrong But at the moment before he finished speaking, a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.You suffered such a serious injury I smiled awkwardly, seeing Junli s nervousness for me, my heart was so sweet.Junli checked my whole body carefully, then took out the white jade pendant from his pocket and put it on my wound.In a few seconds, the wound on my whole body completely disappeared I stared dumbfounded at the white jade pendant in Junli s hand, a little unbelievable, this jade pendant can heal wounds In the next second, Junli picked me up and kicked open the stone door that I couldn t open.The moment he kicked open the stone door, he cursed in a low voice.Come quickly, order But there was no response after reciting the mantra, did .

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I read it wrong The same beauty picture, the same mantra, the same summoning Baiqi, why doesn t my recitation work It s so funny.Do you think Lord Killing God can be summoned by anyone Even if you have a picture of a beauty, so what.It was the woman behind Xiao Jue who spoke, and her words were full of provocations.Her goal has been achieved, Bai Qi raised the corners of his mouth slightly, sneered, and pointed the long sword in his hand at me You lowly mortal, pay the price for your actions just now.Bai Qi killed too many people, and the grievances of countless people gathered to him.But he couldn t help him, and finally these resentments turned into evil spirits.Now he was already angry, and the evil spirits were scattered and surging.It can be seen that Qingjingzi and the others went back to Kunming first, and Suxiu came from behind.Qingjingzi is not the same as Suxiu.If I kept my eyes on him, I would be caught in a panic.I couldn t help but turn my gaze away, intending to walk in the opposite direction of them, but it took only a few steps.I actually saw Chen Yanjin coming out of the exit.Damn, isn t she still in that town And I didn t even see her in the plane I flew over just now For a moment, 10,000 mud horses galloped by in my heart.I was about to turn around and change the direction, but I heard someone shouting behind me.Chunxia, Chunxia, what a coincidence that you are here too.The voice belonged to Chen Yanjin.Chapter 71 Is it okay for you to leave him I froze in place for an instant, paused lightly, and walked forward, ignoring Chen Yanjin.After carefully looking at this situation, I was very surprised in my heart.The first time you started the game, it was a success But in the next second, I was embarrassed.How do you look at it Why do you feel that this game I started is so strange But then I found that not only was the game I played very strange, but I couldn t even understand what the eight gates, nine stars, and nine gods in each grid meant.In the end, I was so angry that I almost tore up the paper I used to start the game.Sitting on the bed and panting fiercely, I know that learning Fengshui and Yishu cannot be learned in a day or two, but now I am really about to be driven crazy In the end, the paper was crumpled into a ball and rushed into the sewer fiercely.Although I really want to learn Qimen Dunjia as soon as possible so that I can predict some things to avoid disasters, but what I need most now is some skills that sweetstone cbd gummies can save my life.The whole night I was disturbed by Tang Maru, I didn t dare to sleep until I watched the sun rise outside.I cbd gummies for dog anxiety just fell asleep with sleepy eyes.When I got up, it was already evening, and I cbd gummies info was the only one alone in the dark room.An inexplicable sense of loss suddenly rushed into my heart, and two words kept appearing in my mind.Junli.Although Master said she was fine, I was still very worried about him.After all, on the day he left, he was stabbed in the chest and fought with his grandma with serious injuries.After thinking about it, I called Master, but she seemed to know that I would ask Junli about something in advance, and said something to me before I opened my mouth.You can ask me anything you want.If you want to ask Junli, I ll hang up the phone.In one sentence, I swallowed the question I wanted to ask in an instant.When Tang Maru saw this, the sadness that flashed across his face made people feel pity , as if he could forget his sadness and jump into the sea in the next second because of the blood girl s madness.Maybe he used this method to calm down the blood girl when he encountered the madness of the blood girl, but now the blood girl s play is more real than anyone else.The heavier it gets.The next second, the blood girl let go of me directly.The moment she let go of me, the sound of bang bang bang kept ringing around., The moment I rushed, a cold voice resounded in my how long do cbd gummies take to wear off ears.Damn you.Tang Maru was frightened immediately, stepped on the cloth, and made a tactic with both hands, but the speed couldn t keep up with the speed of the blood girl s attack, and was thrown by the blood girl in an instant.The yellow talisman paper Five Emperors money that he hurriedly took out from his pocket was instantly shattered into pieces by the evil spirit in the air.My complexion turned pale in an instant, and just as I was about to refuse, Junli s laughter came from beside my ears.Not only me, but even Yun Jing couldn t understand what Jun Li was laughing at.In the end, when I came to Yunjing to discuss the matter of entering the Xuanzhen Sect, I was stillborn, and I didn t even have the chance to talk to him, so I was directly promised by him to follow Junli into Junli s tomb tomorrow.We ate lunch at Yunjing s home.During the meal, there was only Yunjing and I in the huge living room, including the entire dining table.There were three of us, Yunjing sat beside me, but Junli sat across from me., His eyes obviously did not rest on me, but I was stiff and uncomfortable.In the end, the two of them finished the meal in an orderly manner, but I was in a daze like chewing wax, and couldn t remember what I ate.When he heard my faint hmm , his face immediately turned pale, and he looked at me with a fierce look, and fled directly cbd gummies for dog anxiety to Junli s house.Beside him, he even yelled at him Brother in law Help me My heart suddenly turned cold, but I was also shocked.No wonder Yun Jing is so unusual to Junli, but brother in law, what does it mean In the next second, Jun Li put aside Yun Jing s hand wrapped around his arm, and said something to him.I m not your brother in law now.As soon as the words finished, Yun Jing s face froze, maybe he thought of something, and went downstairs with a bit of sadness When I cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety went downstairs, I was extra careful and looked back at the third floor, but at the moment the third floor was completely silent, and even the white candles that were lit around me went out automatically at some point.Until Yunjing couldn t bear it anymore, he asked Junli directly.Why don t you go out At this time.Junli has already drawn a gossip diagram on every corner of the tomb passage that he walked through.He looked back lightly and smiled at Yunjing, the calculation in his eyes was quite obvious.Someone blocked the road and wanted to play tricks, how could I ignore them Yun Jing was caught by Jun Li s calculating look.Junli didn t leave in a hurry, but found a stick at the side, and drew a picture of gossip in front of the wooden door.The moment he finished drawing the picture, Yunjing asked Junli with some concern.Will you draw pictures here to tell Xiao Xiao s grandma too clearly that you set up these formations Jun Li raised his eyes.With an evil smile on the corner of his mouth, he put the stick in his hand to play with, and said something to Yun Jing.It is the memory in your soul, the woman you want to see the most, and the medicine Xiao Jue gave you can make you blacken that woman in your memory, naturesonly cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with pain in fact she is not like this at all, but it will make you the most disgusting, The things you are most afraid of, and the people you want to see the most, merge together.After I heard it, I was speechless.The deepest memory in my soul is wanting to see a woman, which is already very absurd, plus those disgusting maggots, why should I be afraid Can some maggots be afraid to the deepest part of the soul He closed his eyes, sorted out his thoughts, and then asked Junli.Is it you who saved me Junli nodded, and I asked another question.What if I m stuck in the dream and can t get out, or what will happen if I follow the woman in the dream into the white light cbd gummies for dog anxiety Junli answered me with two words.The phone just beeped, and Yun Jing picked it up.From the other end of the phone, it could be heard that he was very excited to receive my call at this time, so excited that he lost his prestige as the master of the Xuannv Palace.He kept asking me where I had been the past few days.Whether I was injured or bullied by others, if anyone dared to bully me, he would rush to kill that person.When I heard these words from Yun Jing s mouth, my heart suddenly warmed up, and a smile overflowed on my face involuntarily.Say something to Yunjing.I m fine.I was rescued by kind people.I m healed.Isn t this coming back soon After Yunjing heard this, he didn t heave a sigh of relief.He kept asking me if I was okay.I was a little annoyed by the question, so I asked Yunjing if he was at home.If he was, I would go find him now When Yun Jing heard that I was going to cbd gummies for dog anxiety find him early in the morning, his tone suddenly became tense, saying that early in the morning, is it inconvenient for lonely men and widows I was immediately stunned by his words, if Yun Jing was in front of me at this time, I would have pulled the shoe off his foot and slammed it on his head, waking him up.Do you think that the person who hurt me can still walk out of here alive The smell of blood filled the air, filling all the breath around, but at this moment, the blood girl returned to the blood amber with tears all over her face.The rain that fell at the age of seventeen will not rain again at the age of twenty seven.So what if twenty year how are cbd gummies supposed to make you feel olds can afford ten year old gifts The time passed will not come back, and the wounds will leave scars forever.Chapter 116 The death of the girl who caught the turtle and snake spirit in the urn was quite miserable.I only took one glance at it and felt my cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing scalp go numb.But I think her death is not a pity, let s not talk about what she did to the blood girl, just taking her to be the deputy envoy of Youlan Palace is enough to see the ghosts who died under her hands.Do you know, Chunxia, although Xiao Xiao looks exactly like my sister, but the first time I saw you, I felt like you and my sister, like.Shocked, I asked him.How do you look like it He shook his head, said he didn t know, but asked me.Do you still remember cbd gummies for dog anxiety that I told you at the time that everyone thought Junli was short sleeved before Did Junli chase a man for a long time I nodded and said I remembered, and .

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then he told me that man , It was his sister Fuyan.He said that when he showed his true colors to others, he was boulder highlands cbd gummies naturesonly cbd gummies scolded as a mischievous face, which confused the king s heart and messed up the world.He said that when Junli and Fuyan fell in love, they fulfilled the duties of the people in the world.He said that when Junli married Fuyan, ten miles of peach blossoms were all over Chang an.But at the moment when the white jade dagger was about to be inserted into Bi Se s chest, an afterimage suddenly appeared on the side, knocking the white jade dagger to the ground.How dare you A male voice sounded, and the moment the voice sounded, cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety the voice of I sounded again.I want to see who dares to take her away today In an instant.The figure of I moved directly, and the moment I left, the white jade dagger suddenly fell into my hand and turned into a long sword.In the next second, there was a wow sound in the air, and the long sword in I s hand collided with the weapon in the afterimage s hand, shining a scorching light, instantly illuminating the entire night sky.Two lights, one red and one black, cut the sky in half, just like the moment when night falls.The Hell Sword passed by, the two exchanged positions, stood still against the wind, the pitch black long sword in After Shadow s hand hummed, and the yin energy behind him had already condensed into a solid body, like a god of death reborn I has cold eyes, long hair, and the radiance of the white moon in my hand casts a layer of dazzling light on me.It s not enough to be like an ant.But she walked towards me step by step, reached out and took my hand.A stream of unknown warm currents flowed into mine from her hands.I stared at her with wide eyes in disbelief, but I saw her smiling at me, uttering a sentence and a small white note.Exactly the same words.Rebirth from the cocoon.next second.I just felt a flash of white light in front of my eyes, and when I woke up again, I had already arrived at natures own cbd gummies the door of Shengmen, especially when I saw the bloody girl standing beside me, I was completely dumbfounded.Take a deep royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety breath.Turning his gaze to the blood girl, he asked.Thiswhat s going on here The blood girl told me that after I fell into the coffin, she had been trying to open that coffin, but later the coffin opened by itself, and at the same time , I crawled out of the coffin by myself, and kept chanting the words rebirth through the cocoon in my mouth, the strongest cbd gummies and while I was chanting these four words, I walked towards the outside on my own.When he saw me coming, he waved to me and asked me to sit beside him.I looked at Yunjing who was smiling at me.His gloomy expression kept appearing in my mind, until I gritted my teeth and waved the scene in my mind, and cbd gummies customer service then cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing I sat beside Yun Jing, but just as I sat down, I heard Someone behind me called my name, naturesonly cbd gummies and when I turned around, I realized it was the innkeeper.Chunxia, you re here to play again.It hasn t been long since what happened with Zhao Yijun and Chen Yanjin last time here, the boss naturally recognizes me, so I forced myself to smile with him and said to pass by After walking around, after a few pleasantries, the innkeeper left.But when Yunjing looked at me, his eyes aroused purekana cbd gummies for alcohol a bit of inquisitiveness.Have you been here before I nodded my head as a matter of course, and said yes, the master asked me to come last time, and it was here that I boulder highlands cbd gummies naturesonly cbd gummies met the little Taoist nun Zhao Yiyun.Maybe it s because what cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety I said is sound, Yun Jing also believed it directly, and didn t ask me more, instead, he took the initiative to tell me that he came here to make trouble for his face.He got the news that Xiao Xiao had a fight with Xiao Jue last night.After a fight, Fuyan Cannian appeared.He wanted to see if there was any change in Fuyan s tomb, and then asked me, do I want to go with him I shook my head and said I couldn t, the things Master asked me to do had already been done, and I was going back to Kunming soon.But I was thinking about how to get away from Yunjing.You must know that although Junli knew that I was fine now, if I went back later, he would probably go crazy looking for me.After Yun Jing heard this, he didn t force him to stay, and repeatedly told me not to play and disappear in the future, and let him contact someone if he left, and then he kindly helped me find a car to take me there city.As soon as I heard his words, my breathing froze, and then I realized that Zhang wellness cbd gummies free trial Chunxia and Yunjing had such a good relationship before that I could wear a pair of pants He caught a cold because he didn t match it, it s nothing serious, so let him stop thinking about it.But just as I finished speaking, Yun Jing actually said directly to ask me to wait for him at Junli highest cbd gummy s house, and he will come right away Before I could speak, he hung up on cbd gummies for dog anxiety me directly In my heart, ten thousand muddy horses ride the waves Sure enough, this lie can t be spread casually, it s especially easy to lose your wife and lose your army Chapter 145 Whereabouts of the Beauty Picture I waited for Yunjing at home for three full hours before I saw him drive a Bentley to the downstairs of Junli s house.The moment Yunjing opened the car door, before I had cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing time to ask him why he came so slowly, I heard him muttering whether the road in Kunming had changed again.I said sorry for being late, but there was no apology on my face.Without waiting for the host to respond, he went straight to the third floor.All eyes were on Gu healing hemp cbd gummies Yicheng for a moment, but Gu Yicheng seemed to be invisible, with a dirty face until he entered the private room, no one dared to pay attention.Not to mention anything else, if Gu Yicheng also went to the theater that time, boulder highlands cbd gummies naturesonly cbd gummies it can be seen that he also desperately wanted to get a picture of a beauty, so how could he be late Unlesssomeone stopped him halfway I don t know if it was intentional or not.As soon as Gu Yicheng was seated, the host actually started to quote the price.First, he touted the beauty picture, saying it was a priceless treasure.The minimum guarantee price turned out to be one yuan As soon as she finished speaking, there were bursts of discussions in various degrees around her, as if she couldn t figure out what kind of attention the person who auctioned cbd gummies for dog anxiety the beauty picture was paying attention to.But there are so many palaces, how can it be so easy to survive Even though she entered the palace and was bestowed as a cheap best cbd gummies virtuous concubine by the emperor, she became a real leisure concubine, but even so, she still couldn t escape the many struggles in the palace, and was constantly involved in the schemes of the concubines.Even Concubine Xian, who is pure hearted and ascetic, is also annoyed, and what s more, it s at this time.Yun Qi was granted the title of national teacher and was permanently stationed in the palace.The two of them were fateful mandarin ducks, but they developed feelings after going back and forth, and even concubine Xian was pregnant with Yun Qi s heir.One must know that Concubine Xian is not favored, the emperor has never been to her palace a few times, and suddenly she is pregnant like this, can you not be afraid But what was scary was cbd gummies for dog anxiety not Concubine Xian, but Yun Qi.The emperor just walked into the palace of the concubine Xian, and he smelled such a strong smell of blood.No matter how stupid he is, he can royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety guess what first look cbd gummies happened, let alone he is the emperor of a country The emperor rushes into Concubine Xian s palace, and pulls away the delivery room.When he sees the scene inside, he is so angry that he asks the guards beside him to get Concubine Xian up from the bed after giving birth, and asks her who the child is, and who gave birth.Where did the children who came out go.But since Concubine Xian dared to live, she had already prepared to die, how could she be questioned by the emperor with just a few words The soil farmer carries it.When the emperor saw that Concubine Xian was so tight lipped, he was so angry that he asked the guards beside him to royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety cut off Concubine Xian s hands and feet, throw them into the urn, and make them into human pigs.It wasn t until Junli searched for two years, but still couldn t find Feng Shitian s body, that he returned to Chao Gang and ascended the throne as emperor.At this point in the story, the sarcasm on Yunjing s face grew stronger.Feng Shitian was forced to cbd gummies for dog anxiety death by Jun Li unintentionally, and Huo Yan was killed by Jun Li himself.She used cbd gummies for dog anxiety two identities to appear beside Jun Li and died by his hands.You said that if she was really I m reborn, will I still die under Junli s hands My expression changed, and I always felt that I had discovered something, so I asked Yunjing.What do you mean Yun Jing shook his head, tsk tsk twice, saying that he didn t mean anything, but just felt sorry.When Feng Shitian was a princess, Jun Li died and took everything away.Feng Shitian was born again.She became a brothel geisha, but was bound by Junli s side.Thank you.She turned her head, smiled cbd gummies for dog anxiety cbd gummies ireland at the little boy, and stepped out of the ruined temple.At that time, she never imagined that she had unintentionally planted willows and willows, and brought such a great fortune to herself after her rebirth.It wasn t until she was far away from the ruined temple, and cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety Junli and Gu Yicheng were still following her, that she turned her head impatiently.The cheef cbd gummies two of you followed for a while, right Is something wrong, or Duanxiu has taken a fancy to me Tu said Shuaicai.Even though Qin Guofeng is open, but the man in front of him opened his mouth and shut his mouth while hanging the broken sleeve, which frightened Gu Yicheng and Junli for a moment, then Gu Yicheng burst into laughter, and Junli pulled the veins on his forehead After talking, he opened his mouth to ask a question.It turned out that a big truck almost rushed towards him just now But these two taxis were right in front of the truck, couldn t he see it My face froze for an instant, and the word ghost car came directly from my heart But at this moment, the driver turned his head and looked at me with that extremely pale face.He is dressed in a strange way, and his face is as scary as it is.If I hadn t experienced so many things, my psychological quality has made cbd gummies for dog anxiety a qualitative leap, and I could have been so frightened that I could have called out directly What were you doing just now The driver s voice was very cold.I rubbed my palms quickly, and I didn t answer him for nothing.I just wanted to reason with him and let him stop, but I smelled like paper being burned to ashes in the car.the taste of.Following this smell, I turned my gaze to my right hand, only to realize that the yellow talismans I took out earlier had spontaneously ignited out of thin air I didn t feel any heat at all, could it be a cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing will o the wisp I was so scared that I threw the yellow talisman out of my hand, but the instant the yellow talisman was thrown out of my hand, the spontaneous combustion speed was a little faster.Yunjing clearly said that you and Liao Cuilian were going to Changbai Mountain to strengthen the seal of the demon, but you suddenly appeared at cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing the auction, and And suddenly you can summon it at will.Is there something wrong Junli interrupted me and turned his gaze to me, I nodded without saying a word.But Junli told me that it was that time that he got back all his memories, including Junli didn t say what happened next.But the eyes that looked at me were very gentle.Aren t you afraid that I ll take you as a substitute for a bad face My breath was suddenly pierced by Junli, and I froze in place, not knowing what to say, but Junli hugged me But at cbd gummies for dog anxiety this moment, his strength tightened a bit.I never take anyone as a substitute, because I love you, only you.Whether you are Feng Shitian, Huoyan, or cbd gummies for dog anxiety Zhang Chunxia.The advantage is that I can use the power on the beauty map in the future and start to practice.As for the disadvantages Once the beauty map is activated, the seal of Changbai Mountain will begin to loosen again.After hearing this, I couldn t help but interjected to ask a question.Master, is the seal you mentioned meant to seal the demon The master said yes , every time a scroll of beauty pictures is activated, the power of the demon will increase by one point, and the seal will also become weaker accordingly., until all the beauties are activated, the seal will disappear completely.However, that demon is very powerful, and it is very likely that he will break through the seal before all the beauties are activated.Volume 4 Nirvana Returning Chapter 175 Dreaming back to the previous life 1 When I heard this, I trembled inexplicably, but I suddenly thought of a person in my mind Bise I still remember that it was not accidental that Bise was said to be a catastrophe when she was born in the previous life.Before I realized what it was, various noises kept ringing out from the crowd.The empress is about to give birth The teacher of the state is really a god alive, and the hexagrams calculated are accurate One disaster star and one phoenix star, I really don t know how the emperor will deal with cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety it.Hearing the chaotic voices in the crowd, I stretched out a hand to pat the shoulder of a passerby in front of me, but my hand passed through the passerby s body, and I was amilz cbd gummies frightened and stunned.Only then did I realize that what I entered was just an illusion, not really returning to the previous life.The surrounding roads became crowded in an instant, and it was the common people of Chu State that were all rushing towards the imperial city.I followed behind the crowd, feeling the familiar and desolate atmosphere that Chu State brought to me.And I called HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog anxiety her sister, and I even gradually faded away from my sinister, calculating appearance, forgetting that I am a person walking on a wire.I m just Huo Yan s younger brother, Yun Jing, not a master of the Chu State, and I finally have no hatred and burdens on my shoulders.I quietly watched Fuyan collecting pictures of beauties in the world, and quietly watched Junli who broke up with Gu Yicheng to divide the world.Fu Yan asked me Do can you overdose on gummy bear with 250 mg cbd you want to take back the things of Wei State I shook my head and said no.It s mine, it s mine, it s not mine, and it s useless to snatch it.Since Wei Guo can prosper under Gu Yicheng s hands, what s the point of me still fighting for it Aren t the common people in the world suffering In this, I have experienced too many disputes, and I have also seen too many joys and sorrows.But Yunjing smiled at this moment, and said a word to her flatly Okay.But at the moment when the good word was uttered, he suddenly took my hand and slapped it on my mouth This soul in the realm of leaving the soul I actually ate it into my mouth I suddenly widened my eyes and looked at Yunjing in disbelief, but Yunjing took out a yellow talisman and stuck it on my cbd gummies for dog anxiety dantian.When devouring, you go back to Junli, don t make a mess of me.I looked at Yunjing in a daze and asked him what was going on.But he told me that before he found that Zhao Yijun s horoscope was very strange, exactly the same as Gu Yiyun s.It wasn t until Zhao Yiyun became strange that he discovered that Zhao Yijun was actually a furnace that Gu Yijun had chosen long ago to accommodate her.soulful.So when something strange happened to Zhao Yiyun, he thought it was Gu Yiyun who was on her body.Beside the ears, there were bursts of giggling laughter from time to time.It was a bit like a singing voice, which made Zhao Yiyun s face turn pale from fright Seeing that I was a little calm, she asked me why I wasn t afraid I smiled and didn t speak.But I cursed in my heart, how could he not be afraid of me Junli is not by my side, I don t even have safety guarantee, but at this time, I have to swallow my fear and pretend to be imposing, don t I This corridor is very long, and there is still light at the end of the corridor, which from time to time illuminates the surrounding mirrors.Zhao Yijun and I walked carefully in this corridor, but after cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing walking for a while, we both stopped and looked behind at the same time But the strange thing is that when we were walking gummy cbd 10mg in the corridor, we saw something in the mirror.Seeing Zhao Yijun s flowing movements, I couldn t sit still any longer.I have entered the foundation building state, but I haven t tried how awesome this foundation building can be Gritting my teeth hard, I reluctantly grabbed a handful from behind Well, a handful The yellow talismans that Yunjing gave me, although naturesonly cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with pain they don t have any weapons, but combined with the real energy gushing out of my body, they treat these yellow talismans like bullets, and hit them one by one with precision, heading forward from a long distance away.As soon as the corpse was slapped, one of the corpses fell down the moment the yellow talisman fell on the forehead of the corpse.Seeing that there are fewer and fewer corpses, I rushed forward more and more, until the remaining corpses no longer dared to go up.The moment I stood watching Zhao Yiyun and me from afar, we leaned against each other, and she Gently squinting sideways, eyes full of approval Not bad, Chunxia, you re not that coward who is afraid of walking corpses anymore.Junli asked me Someone wants to trick us, do you want to go and accept the trick I was very depressed, but when I heard Junli s funny teasing, my eyes lit up immediately, and then I took out my phone and gave it to the teacher.He made a phone call, asked for a week s leave, and was about to go upstairs to pack his things when Jun Li called Yun Jing.In less than half an hour, Yunjing .

can you pass a drug test with cbd gummies?

rushed to Junli s house immediately, looking like a gentleman, with his feet on the sofa and a bag of finger cakes in his hand.When I saw Yun Jing like this, my eyes cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety suddenly went dark, he is an Aquarius Live in an alien forever, not a normal person.After I packed everything up, Junli asked me, did you bring the beauty picture Soil Festival Yidi.I nodded, but there was a flash of light in Junli s eyes that I hemp derived cbd gummies couldn t understand, and then he asked me to take a good look at the picture of beauties, and went straight out to Yunjing s car.It has to be said that Yun Jing is really rich and powerful, and it is very expensive to drive a car casually, and the most important thing is that he, a road idiot, usually brings a driver When we arrived at the airport, Yunjing had already made arrangements.It was not until we got on the plane that Yunjing asked me Isn t the magic key with you Show me it.Immediately raised a few touches of vigilance, and was about to refuse, Yun Jing saw what I was thinking and gave me two tsk tsk , and asked me Could it be that you are still afraid that I will release Ling Shun I hate him even It s too late, I wish he could be locked inside forever.After cbd gummies for dog anxiety hearing this, I still had some hesitation in my eyes, after all, my memory of Ling Shun is very short, except for the scene where I knelt down to him in my previous life, there were other people who mentioned it.We just arrived today.That homestay is Is someone dead Why have you been stopped by the police As expected, the owner of this hotel was very gossip, and quickly responded with tsk tsk twice, saying yes, someone dead in that homestay, dead She is also the proprietress of the homestay The proprietress has opened a homestay at the foot of Changbai Mountain for more than ten years.At first, she was market closed for selling cbd gummies alone, and then she got older in the past two years, so she took a younger sister from the family to take care of her with her.Fortunately, there was a younger sister by her side, otherwise she would have died and her body would not have been found.As soon as I heard the innkeeper say this, I was taken aback and asked the boss, How do you say it The boss told me .

how many cbd gummies to take at once?

then.It turned out that the proprietress had disappeared for several days before her body was found.What are you planning Afterwards, Junli pulled me and turned around and planned to go downstairs, but the moment we were about to go downstairs, the eyes of these ghosts in the room were suddenly stained with bright red, and they went straight to We rush.My back froze from being blown by the strong yin energy.Before I could react, Jun Li smiled and said to Yun Jing, You still don t accept ghosts Yun Jing gave Jun Li a vicious look, obviously All these changes were planned by the two of them, and Jun Li took out a command flag from his pocket, recited the mantra seemingly casually, and directly said that these ghosts were included in the flag.The whole process didn t take more than five seconds.I just stared dumbfounded until I realized that I asked Yun Jing Aren t these ghosts imprisoned Why can they still attack people Seems like.Junli looked at Yunjing lightly and asked him What about the Jingmen door Where is the open door When Tianzhu enters the Dui Palace, it should be seven, and when Tianying enters the Li Palace, it should be nine.After Yun Jing finished speaking, he led us directly towards the open door.Opening the door is the biggest auspicious door among the eight gates.At this time, the hexagram is resplendent and resplendent.I don t know what is waiting for us.But the moment we walked to the door, there was a sound of sand falling from the stone door that was cbd gummies for dog anxiety closed by Junli, and at the same time, there were cbd gummies for dog anxiety several bang bang bang sounds It seems that in the next second, the magic energy will break through this door and come to us.Yunjing hurriedly opened the door and pulled us in.But the moment we walked in and opened the door, and the moment I turned my head slightly, the door was directly shattered by the devilish energy And in the devilish energy, I seemed to see a person wrapped in the devilish energy, very Familiar figure This figure is very familiar, not as familiar as I have seen him in a distant past life, as if I have seen him in this life But the cbd gummies for dog anxiety moment I turned my head, I was dragged in by Jun Li, and then I was so quick to hide my ears , Almost at the moment when the demonic energy knocked open the door, the life door was closed, with an interval of almost one tenth of a second.Afterwards, I gritted my teeth fiercely, and was the first to walk into this corridor.It s strange to say that since the moment I walked up the corridor, every step around has disappeared, as if the footprints here were not left by my grandma at all, but carefully calculated by someone.But if someone is really planning, I really can t think of who it is except Gu Yiyun.Walking on this corridor, you can hear the quiet sound of a needle falling on the ground.The three of us walked very slowly and quietly, not at all like coming to rescue people, as if we were walking.Just when we reached the bottom of the tomb, I stared blankly at Yunjing, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog anxiety only to see a red light appear in Yunjing s eyes.But the moment I turned my head to see the origin of is it safe to eat cbd gummies while pregnant that red light, I actually saw that disastrous red coffin in the middle of the tomb again Damn it, wasn t this coffin placed in the tomb of Fuyan Although there is also in the underground palace under the grandma s bed in Luofeng Village, it is grandma who is buried inside So, grandma has been missing for so long, could it be grandma who is buried in this mahogany coffin Chapter 217 Everyone is here Not only me, but even Yunjing and Junli were shocked when they saw the red coffin.In the end, after talking about it, I still is it illegal to order cbd gummies didn t say why, but at this moment, my mobile phone rang suddenly.The moment the phone rang through the air, everyone immediately fell silent.Under everyone s gaze, I tremblingly took out my phone and saw that the person who called me was actually Gu Yicheng Tsk tsk, it turned out to be him.Before Junli and Xiao Jue could react much, Yun Jing taunted him directly.I glanced at Junli and saw him nodding to me, so I picked up the phone.I found the picture of beauties in Gu Yiyun s hand.I turned on the loudspeaker, and I hadn t told them about my cooperation with Gu Yicheng before.When they heard Gu Yicheng tell me about this, they all immediately panicked.Shocked.I booed them, and then asked Gu Yicheng Where is the picture of the beauty matter.I said hmm and didn t say anything.When I heard Xiao Jue s words, I didn t answer him immediately, cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing but stared at his face for a long time, trying to see some flaws in his face, but I couldn t see anything.At the earliest time, I felt that Xiao Juecheng HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog anxiety s mansion was deep, he was very shady, strategizing, scheming, and very powerful, he never did things that were thankless, let alone things that were not good for himself.But what he did afterwards was far from the feeling he first expressed in front of my eyes.Ever since I entered the tomb of Fuyan, activated the beauty map, escaped from the dead and was rescued by the master, and never called him uncle again, the impression he gave me was that he was extreme, cbd gummies for dog anxiety naturesonly cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with pain reckless, paranoid, and rather brain dead.Nothing else.But looking at him so introverted now, why do I feel in the fog Instead of answering the question Xiao Jue asked earlier, I asked him instead What does it mean that the highest level of a chess player is to use himself as a pawn Xiao Jue smiled, did not speak, but threw a question to me , Ask me, has he ever harmed me I answered without hesitation Yes.Can you tell me first, what s inside In the darkness, Gu Yicheng seemed to be smiling, but this smile replied to me without a smile on the surface.Magic.I don t know if I know what s inside, I suddenly relaxed a lot, until I walked outside a door that had been opened with Gu Yicheng, then I stopped and started talking again.Gua.However, the hexagram I made up is not to count the good or bad of this matter as before, but to count the good or bad of my what effect do cbd gummies have grandma.This time the game started very quickly, but when I saw the biggest Jimen in the game, the moment it opened and landed on the Qian Palace, my heart was half cold.Open the door and fall into the palace, for Fuyin.Serve the bird litter.And Fuyin is the master of silence, the master does not move, the master cannot break through.It means that my grandma s recent situation may not be able to break through.Following the marks on the map, before going outside the tomb, Yun Jing made a special game to see if there was any problem with the entrance of the tomb, and then burned the map Then he said The entrance to the tomb is here, but it s not the gate marked on the map, but this.Yun Jing then pointed his hand at the cliff behind us.The terrain in Guangxi is very steep, especially the mountain we came to, which is so steep that it is difficult to see the shape, but it is steep, but the cbd gummies for dog anxiety aura in this mountain is very full.In terms of feng shui, the feng shui here is excellent, but it is hidden by boulder highlands cbd gummies naturesonly cbd gummies some things.If you are not an expert, you can t understand it at all.The abyss at the foot is a Hengshan rock, Yun Jing roughly detected the location, then threw a rope, and slowly descended the cliff.On the other hand, Junli stopped me with one hand and jumped towards the cliff.Yun Jing hurriedly stepped in, and as he stepped in, he cursed Master, I m used to all kinds of complicated tombs, how can I ever see someone using such a low level organ formation to build a tomb Hearing this, he immediately rolled his eyes, walked in with Junli, and then replied to Yunjing, No matter how low level this tomb is, didn t you fall into the mud as well Yunjing snorted, and replied I fell into the mud, didn t I read it wrong Did I tell you to be careful not to step on it when I was about to be buried in the sand just now His last cbd gummies for dog anxiety sentence immediately held me back, hey, it seems The mechanism of the sand was really stepped on by me this staircase is not made of white jade like the tombs I went to, but royal blend cbd gummies for pain cbd gummies for dog anxiety it is made of stone slabs.All kinds of dust, when the three of us finished this staircase, all of us were covered with lime Yun Jing and I looked at each other, and we couldn t help laughing when we looked at each other, but when we turned our eyes to Junli, we saw that Junli was very calm.And, most importantly, what about the ashes on his face cbd gummies for dog anxiety The subsequent traps are relatively simple, and even I, with a little attention, can avoid them.I was vegan sugar free cbd gummies about to go to the tomb owner s tomb, but I didn t meet Ling Shun and his party for a long time.It made me and Yunjing nervous like a neurotic, and we couldn t get excited even at the slightest sign of trouble.On the other hand, Junli still, still calm.It seems that in this world, there are very few things that can cbd gummies similar foods cause ripples in his eyes, as plain as water.When I arrived in a tomb outside the main tomb, I saw several coffins made of black paint, and they all heard the sound of scratching the coffins.And in the air, there is a smell of rouge from time to time.This smell of rouge is somewhat similar to what I smelled on Bise before, and I can t be sure if Bise has been here before.Moreover, Yunjing is still that kind of gentle lion, even more docile than cats and dogs when he is not moving, but once he makes a move, he is more ruthless than anyone else.If there is any sentence that can describe him, maybe it is the sentence that does not sing, it is a blockbuster After walking in this tomb for a long time, we don t know if it s because of Junli, but we didn t step on any trap formations, and we didn t encounter any dangerous things.It s even safer than walking on the road.After all, when walking on the road, no one knows if the floor will collapse suddenly, right But no matter how safe it is, you can still see the traces of fighting in these places.It can be seen that Ling Shun and the others have walked where the three of us are now and it seems that we are getting closer and closer to them.Junli still cares about his children, doesn t he After all, there is no father who doesn t care about his children.But I always feel that at this juncture, if someone uses our child as a bargaining chip to threaten us, there must be his purpose.Or, it prevents us from taking pictures of beauties.Or, they just don t want me and Junli to be good at all.These two conjectures are faint, and the conditions are met.Among the people I know, there are at least four or five.Not to mention the two women, Gu Yiyun and Bi Se, even the men, there are three of them.Ling Shun, Xiao Jue, and Gu Yicheng.I know very little about Ling Shun in this life, or even had little contact with him, but every time I see him, I can see the strong possessiveness in his eyes.And Xiao Jue, who is acting like a lunatic now, probably can do anything.As soon as I heard what he said, I jolly cbd gummy quickly took out my mobile phone from my pocket, turned it on, and saw a text message from about twenty minutes ago.Get the snake gall before dawn, otherwise I don t know what kind of new conditions I will put forward.When I saw the text message, I was so angry that I was about to show the phone to Yunjing, but Yunjing asked Me, do you feel that the man behind the scene looks like a person I nodded, shook my head again, and said to him I don t feel like one person, but like many people.Xiao Jue, Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun, and Bi Se all have motives.Yun Jing is faint Hmm, he said, saying that he felt that Gu Yicheng also had motives.As soon as I heard it, there was a huge difference, and I asked Yunjing Why Gu Yicheng is now my man, standing here.But Yunjing asked me, what is the easiest way to dispel my doubts In my mind, I suddenly had an answer.Goosebumps all over his body from being disgusted all of a sudden, the villagers in Changbai Mountain must be mentally handicapped, right This is obviously not an evil god, but an evil thing.She looks so weird, how dare you worship her as a god But even if I have a general understanding of the matter of Songzi Niangniang, it is still useless.Let alone such a weird temple, I dare not go alone.Let me just say that the Songziniangniang Temple disappeared seventy or eighty years ago., I want to find her, where can I find her Involuntarily, I took out my mobile phone and sent a text message to Master, asking her for the exact location of the Songzi Niangniang Temple.After the text message was sent, she didn t reply to my question immediately, but asked me that she probably didn t leave with Jun And Yunjing said these things, right My back felt a little chilly, after all I had mentioned this to Yun Jing with my big mouth, although I didn t make it very clear, but Yun Jing had long been suspicious in his heart.However, I dare not drink the water that Xiao Jue gave me.After politely refusing it, Xiao Jue asked me if I was afraid that he might poison it.I smiled and replied What are you talking about, you are my uncle, can you hurt me In one sentence, his face turned red, and I was even more mean in front of him He took out the water bottle in the bag, said that he had brought water, and then took a few sips in front of him.It wasn t until he had had enough rest that he followed Xiao Jue towards the Temple of the Empress.At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the new moon in the sky was covered by dark clouds, which blocked the light he should have been shining.Walking on the mountain, the more I walked up, the darker the sky became, and the more I wanted to take out the flashlight to illuminate the way, but whenever I talked about this, Xiao Jue stopped me, saying that the flashlight was used in the middle of the night, Words like disrespect to the gods.It is obviously a very strange statue face, why the more I look at it, the more familiar it becomes, even so familiar Could it be A thought suddenly flashed through my mind, and my mind went blank for an instant.I directly mentioned the picture of a beautiful woman, found a support point, and soared onto the statue, before Bi Se could react.In an instant, I directly took the beauty picture and smashed the statue to naturesonly cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with pain pieces.You Bi Se s eyes widened suddenly, and she hesitated to say what she wanted to say.But I couldn t take care of that much, and suddenly a voice in my heart told me Master is being controlled And this Empress Songzi is very likely to be my master But the strange thing is, I smashed the statue to pieces and couldn t put it together, but there is no master s body in the statue How is this going Before I could react, the platform where the idol was placed suddenly exploded And from the cracked platform, a coffin made of black iron appeared brightly, and there were several sounds like fingernails scratching in the coffin.After that, he waved lightly at Yi Xue, and let Yi Xue put on the torture tool.When he said this, Yun Jing seemed to be a superior person, and even in some respects, he was somewhat similar to Jun Li I was just about to see what the instrument of torture was, but Jun Li took my hand.Chapter 273 Execution Junli pulled me suddenly, which surprised me a bit.I turned my head in surprise, and glanced at Junli, only to see Junli s expressionless face, and my hand.What seems to be more Junli let go of my hand, and I carefully exposed a corner of the phone to see, only to find it was a small white note.Then I carefully opened the note in the dark.There was a sentence written on it When Yunjing executes the execution, you go.When I saw this sentence, I was so surprised that I almost widened my eyes and looked at Junli in a daze Do you have handsome blood in your mouth But Junli still remained expressionless, as if he does cbd gummies give you energy didn t give me the note just now at all.The moment the beauty picture and the sky thunder collided, infinite thunder light was suddenly aroused, shining the sky very dazzlingly, like a golden light falling from the sky, shining the whole land Summon Yin Soldiers Jun Li s voice sounded from next to my ears, and I was a little at a loss for what to do.I stepped on the cloth and pinched the seal in my hand And at this moment, a voice suddenly appeared in my heart, and a very unfamiliar but familiar formula was introduced into my mind.Following the voice, I read the mantra directly Xuanzong of Heaven and Earth, the root of all qi.Extensive cultivation for cbd gummies for dog anxiety billions of kalpas, to prove my supernatural powers.Inside and outside the three realms, only Tao is the only one.There is a golden light in my body, covering my body.I can t see it.He smiled and said, Can t you use the beauty picture I gave Ling Shun a hard look, and was so angry that I was about to recite a formula again.There was a sudden ripping sound in the air, as if something had cut through the air The next second, the beauty picture suddenly fell from the sky.It fell into my hands, and at the place where the picture of the beauty was suspended before, a phantom of the gate with thick yin and gradually expanding suddenly appeared In just an instant, this phantom spread into a huge blood colored figure.At the gate, a pair of neat Yin soldiers came out from the gate, stood in front of Junli Yunjing and me, and knelt down directly to Junli and me See Xuannv Tianzun, Ten Palace Yan Jun As soon as I heard this incomparably neat voice, I was immediately frightened, Xuannv Tianzun, is it me Kill them.When understanding the situation, the village chief was also very cautious , All the villagers were sent away, and we came to the room, and carefully closed the doors and windows, and were very cautious when speaking.The village head is obviously more specific than what the aunt told us before, and when Xiao Jue stayed in the village, he also lived in the village head s house.According to the village chief, Xiao Jue once told him in private that this corpse had been dead for thousands of years, and when he died, he was wearing a bright red dress.The body of a woman, when she died, was extremely cloudy, which created the evil spirit of this corpse.Moreover, the village head also gave us the most significant reminder, that is, this corpse came to the village the day after tomorrow.Pay special attention to this corpse After hearing what the village chief said, Junli didn t react much, Qingjingzi and Suxiu looked at me together, then Qingjingzi whispered something in Suxiu s ear, Suxiu hurried to my side , attached to my ear, and asked You said, the woman who came to look for Xiao Jue that day, could it be this cbd gummies for dog anxiety corpse Xiao Jue didn t need to come to this village at all.It was a little less weird, but a little more festive.Junli stood aside expressionlessly, didn t chat with the villagers, and didn t give them any look, until he saw me slowly follow Qingjingzi and the others out of the dark, his tense complexion eased a little Not a lot.Did you see anyone suspicious Qingjingzi asked.The villagers shook their heads and said no.Afterwards, Qingjingzi stopped talking, but told the village chief that a major discovery had been made tonight, so let everyone go back first, and there may be some clues tomorrow night.As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd clearly showed a bit of excitement, and the village head directly called the villagers to go home and rest, and continue to wait for the news tomorrow.It wasn t until the village head resettled all the villagers that he said goodbye to us and told us to have a good rest at night and not be too tired.There was a hint of anticipation in my words, I don t know if I was expecting Gu Yicheng to do something, or if I was expecting him can cbd gummies help with headaches to appear.You personally offer incense and paper money in front of this tomb, and the owner of this tomb will come out automatically.At this moment.Gu Yicheng s voice suddenly sounded, I frowned slightly after hearing it, and muttered in my heart Why me sound, and then hung up the phone directly.He said that After hanging up the phone, Qingjingzi asked quickly.I told him about Gu Yicheng, and he gave me a stack of paper money and three incense candles, and I took them.Afterwards, he lit the three incense sticks, closed his eyes, bowed three times in front of the grave, and then inserted them in front of the tombstone.after.I burned this stack of paper money in front of the tomb again.The moment he fell, the young man s entire face turned blue with fright, his round eyes stared wide open, his lips trembled as if he had suffered a stroke.I was in a bad mood when I was being played around, but when I saw him being so frightened by my words, I immediately felt better, and I couldn t help but sighed in my heart, and murmured in a low voice This year is indeed Honest people are easy to deceive.Remember Yi Mucai.After learning about this, I was still a little puzzled.Pretending to be someone from Xiao Juelai s village, it should be Bise, but how did Bise know that Qingjingzi and Suxiu would come to the village with us Moreover, naturesonly cbd gummies will cbd gummies help with pain why did she pretend to be Xiao Jue and plan to keep us in the village The truth of the matter has mostly been cleared up, and Qingjingzi s overhaul has been completed.Shoot a relatively complete crystal pillar on the side directly towards us.Jun Li didn t move.Gu Yicheng, who was standing aside, made buy cbd sleep gummies a sudden cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety move at this moment, and also smashed the crystal bead to pieces with a wave of magic energy.Do you dare to go against me Ling Shun s eyes widened HCMUSSH cbd gummies for dog anxiety suddenly, and his gaze tightened when he looked at Gu Yicheng.And Junli, Yunjing, even Bise, Qingjingzi, and Suxiu all looked at Gu Yicheng with some doubts probably what they were thinking in their hearts.How could Gu Yicheng know how to use magic energy After all, no more than four people know that Gu Yicheng is Ling Shun s avatar.As soon as Ling Shun finished speaking, Gu Yicheng let out a heh and smiled.The laughter was so soft that it seemed that he could not hear it unless he listened carefully.If I m not mistaken, as long as you can seal the body of Fuyan s previous life and extract the soul in her body, you can take out the soul of Xiao Xiao s child in the blood amber.No more hesitation, he pulled me directly and ran towards the direction of Dragon Heart.The so called Dragon Heart is actually a karst cave with a gate formed by natural crystals.Because it is connected to the earth veins, the aura is strong, and the whole yin and yang are quite harmonious.If someone can live here for a lifetime, it is estimated that they can really prolong their life Healthy.But if I were to live in such a dark place for the rest of my life, I would probably go crazy In front of the crystal gate, Jun Li slowly stopped, and then kicked the gate open with one kick But at the moment when the door was kicked open, gusts of wind blades blew out from the door, and the inside was in a mess.It was impossible to see what happened around, and the sound seemed to be pierced by a sharp blade.In the end, it was Yunjing who asked him to take a step to speak, and we got cbd gummies for dog anxiety up and walked towards the antique shop.After entering the antique shop and coming to the previous boss room covered with yellow symbols, Yun Jing spoke directly and asked him, Do you know what is the biggest flaw in what you said Haomen turned his head quickly, seemed to be a little afraid of Yunjing, but curious, and asked him tremblingly, What is fountain of health cbd hemp gummies it Yunjing said with a sarcasm, Remember, you and us before As I said, the people living in that yard are very strange.Many people have seen Yin er s resurrection, but Yin er has been determined to be missing, right The boss nodded, did not speak, his face was a little pale , Yunjing glanced at him jokingly, and then continued Even if many people have seen Yin er s ghost, you have heard many strange legends about Yin er, but no one has seen her dead body, so you can t see her.But Junli, the moment Yunjing pointed at the mouth of the well, shook his head at Yunjing and said, It s not good to go to the mouth of the well now.Then, Junli actually pulled me and took Yunjing with him Go to the tunnel you came in earlier When I saw Junli s actions, I was immediately terrified, and it wasn cbd gummies for dog anxiety t just me who was also terrified, even Yunjing was too Let s go here now, aren t you afraid that Ling Shun and the others are ambush outside the door Wealth and wealth are in danger, sometimes, don t play cards cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety too much according to common sense.In one sentence, Yun Jing was suffocated immediately, It s even more confusing for me, and I m a little confused.It wasn t until he reached the outside of the stone door that he came in before that Junli stopped, looked around in the darkness, and whispered to Yunjing, cbd gummies for dog anxiety shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing Find the mechanism that opens the door.No matter how I feel, Yin er also wants to see it.What does my grandma look like in the coffin Without my obstruction, Yunjing quickly filled the soil back, and he didn t forget to help erect a tombstone in front of the grave, but Yunjing didn t engrave any words on the tombstone, but turned his head to cbd gummies for dog anxiety look at me.I asked in a low voice What s your grandma s name As soon as he finished asking, I was taken aback for a moment.I have lived for so many years, and I seldom hear someone call my grandma s name.Yes, I can t remember anything.You don t even know your grandma s name, do you Yun Jing asked, his face froze.No sooner had he finished speaking than I was about to reply.But Junli pressed my how to make gummy bears with cbd hand in the dark, the movement was very small, only the two of us knewJunli, what do you mean, tell me not to answer Afterwards, on grandma s tombstone, there was not even a name, and it stood there naked.But regarding the matter of my grandma s coffin, they will investigate patiently.So, there was the scene where the two of them were playing charades, saying that my grandma s body in the coffin would not be a fake at all.On the surface, the two of them were communicating when they said this, but in fact, they were testing Yin er For no other reason, the two of them rushed to cbd gummies for dog anxiety Luofeng Village in a hurry, and didn t let me open the coffin to see my grandma for the last time.Isn t it just telling Yin er quietly, is there something wrong with this coffin It is very likely that the reason why they rushed to Luofeng Village in such a hurry has something to do with this coffin That s why the two of them were sleeping, and Yin er quietly left to dig up my grandma s coffin, but finally couldn cbd gummies for dog anxiety t open the coffin, so she took the path back from the direction of the west building.After looking at each other, they both smiled.But as soon as the laughter came to an end, both of our eyes flashed a little shocked, and we even asked in unison Is there another person We couldn t be sure if there was anyone else in the cave, so we didn t shout directly.Out of Junli s name.But as soon as we finished speaking, we both turned our heads and looked around at the filthy, naturally formed underground cave in front of us.This cave is very large, with a pit on one side, and a pipe beside the pit, which is full of filthy excrement.If I guessed correctly, these excrement flowed out of Yin er s yard.It s just that the excrement is very dry, and it seems that no one has gone to the toilet in that latrine for a long time.And on the wall of this cave, there are many very simple ancient lamps inlaid, and the lamps are lit like shark s fish oil, which is endless.Size, if I m not mistaken the owner of these bones.Are those children inlaid on the door and made into human headlamps Stepping on a pile of bones, or the bones of such a child, is as pernicious as it is disgusting, and I can t help but slow down my steps by a few points.And the moment I slowed down, Yun Jing stretched out his hand and pulled me forward suddenly, not forgetting to shout Xiao cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety Xiao, are you stupid So many People are chasing you like this.How dare you be so slow Yun Jing s words sounded, and I turned my head suddenly, only to find that the heads behind me were about to catch up with us.Those cbd gummies for dog anxiety with pale eyes seemed to be able to eat people, and as they flew up, there were traces of flesh and blood falling from their heads, which was disgusting.I don t know how long I was chased by this group of cbd gummies price cbd gummies for dog anxiety people.Afterwards, Yunjing set up a game and figured out the exact location of Yin er s body, and asked Gu Yicheng went and took her out.Therefore, after Gu Yicheng took out Yin er s body, he left the tomb, and the two groups of people, Ling Shun and make gummies with cbd oil the old man, probably came to the tomb for Yin er s body.But Yin er s body had already been taken away by Gu Yicheng, so the two groups of them had no choice but to lose anything.However, such a large and ancient tomb certainly cannot belong to Yin er, but Yin er will be placed in this tomb, it must be related to the old man, so the old man has long known that this is a tomb, or that this is the The cbd gummies for dog anxiety grave of the old man.But Ling Shun and the others, like Gu Yicheng, never thought that there was a tomb below, so when best cbd gummies for pain 2021 Yin er s body was not found, the three of them not only did not exit the tomb, but continued to grope in the tomb.I didn t speak until Gu Yicheng finished drawing the numbers.Don t worry.This is not an ordinary mark.Gu Yicheng replied to me lightly, and then stopped talking, with a cbd gummies for dog anxiety sly look in his eyes, and he didn t know what he was thinking.It is estimated that he and Junli have explained this mark before, allowing Junli to find us with the mark.However, no one knows how big the tomb is.Jun Li got separated from me when I entered the tomb.If he entered the tomb earlier than I did, who should I make this mark for As soon as this question came to my mind, I couldn t help but ask it, but best cbd gummies for lower back pain Gu Yicheng, cbd gummies for dog anxiety the bastard, gave me a blank look after hearing it, and asked me You forgot, this tomb is based on gossip, Qimen Built by Dunjia As soon as I heard this, I quickly replied I know.But the moment I said this, I had the answer in my mind This tomb was built according to the gossip, Qimen Dunjia, not a rectangle, let alone a square, but a prototype So, what s happening now is that it s very likely that no one has entered the main tomb, and they are all walking around in circles, right But since this is the case, isn t Gu Yicheng and I in danger What if while walking here, I didn t meet Junli, didn t meet Yunjing, but met that mysterious old man, or Ling Shun and Gu Yijun But I also know that if I think too much now, it will only be useless to think too much.Just relax and follow me, okay Seeing Ling Shun like this, I couldn t bear it.All the things I did with Gu Yiyun and Bise have been dissipated in my mind.If we want to avenge Ling Shun and I, we must avenge it privately.When will the old man in this tomb intervene All of a sudden, I was about to cut off the rope hanging Ling Shun, but at this moment, Ling Shun suddenly burst out with a force and pushed me out, his face was grim, and his words were still lingering in the air.Get out I can t imagine how Ling Shun, who was at the end of his life, burst out with such power.Even the moment I cbd gummies for dog anxiety realized it, I couldn t resist.I could only watch myself being pushed out of this grave, while Jun Li Together with Gu Yicheng and Yunjing, they also left the tomb.But the three of them are different from me.As for Gu Yicheng s Bai Yupei matter, he gave me such an answer and left suddenly, which can already be seen.But before that, Gu Yicheng didn t do anything that would make me suspicious Could it be that, as Chu Lianqiao said, Gu Yicheng has been so obvious that even he can see it, but I haven t seen it all the time Thinking of this, I smiled slightly at the corner of my mouth, closed my eyes, held the white jade pendant tightly in my hand, turned my eyes to Chu Lianqiao, and said to him Sister, I m Now go in and get the painting, you wait for me outside, if you are in danger, run away Hearing what I said, he cut me off, and said in a childish voice My mother said, Running away when a woman is in danger is not something a man does.Although the atmosphere around here was very solemn, I couldn t help but burst out laughing after hearing what Chu Lianqiao said, blinking my eyes, and asked him A man Are you a man When I said this, I didn t forget to cbd gummies before work look him up and down, and at the moment when his face turned red from anger, I stepped directly into the hall in front of me Enter At the moment of the palace, I always felt that the surrounding air dropped several degrees, and it seemed that there was a gust of wind blowing from the side, blowing my whole body, and I couldn t help shivering fiercely.It seems that even though Junli is not at odds with Chu Lianqiao on the surface, in his heart he still protects him as one of his own.But I couldn t figure it out, since she had already taken Chu Lianqiao hostage, why did she tie up Ling Shun and the others You know, the three of Ling Shun and the others have nothing to do with me at all, I can t wait for them to die, but this old hag who looks exactly like Master in front of me didn t threaten me with Ling Shun and the others, it seems that they got rid of them Come to have another plan.Gu Yicheng sat on the side with his buttocks and was still quiet.He touched the piece of white jade pendant and looked at the white jade pendant as if looking at his lover.I feel a little regretful, I don t know why, and I still feel a little distressed, always feeling that there is something that Gu Yicheng didn t tell me.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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