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As several thunderclaps exploded in the sky, the capital ushered in a downpour in July.Zhou Rujun stood up, the girl s long hair was scattered behind her back, her face was thin and haggard but still breathtakingly beautiful.The cell door was opened by the jailer.Zhou Rujun stretched out her hand to pick up the medicine barrel, and followed the jailer out of the cell where the female relatives were held, cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies and walked deeper into the prison.Give me a bowl of medicine, I m going to die.More than a month ago, a sudden epidemic level goods cbd gummies high times cbd gummies review spread in the prison, and the guards and prisoners fell ill one after cbd gummy worms 250 mg another.The doctor came to treat him.The imprisoned female relatives what dosage cbd gummies also fell ill one after another, and she was safe and sound.Sun Langzhong looked at her and said, Follow me to distribute medicine She nodded and started walking in the prison.Mrs.Zhou and Zhou Ruzhang also looked at each other in dismay.Fourth Mrs.Cui stood up and apologized Master Hou is back, I ll ask someone to prepare it.Lord Hou knows that Mrs.Third and Miss Second are here, and he said he would come to see you.After Mrs.Fourth Cui left, Mrs.Zhou looked at the Zhou Ruzhang When I see Lord Hou later, who sells royal cbd gummies what do you want to say Zhou Ruzhang swallowed, she did too many things wrong today, I m afraid she can t hide it Cui Zhen dismounted from his horse and walked quickly into the gate.Fourth Mrs.Cui hurriedly stepped forward to salute Master Hou, you are here.The Marquis of Dingning did not follow the order of the clan s children, but regardless of age, Cui Zhen cbd gummies for sale in bulk still respectfully called out Sister in law Fourth.Mrs.Cui looked at it One glance at the robe on Marquis Ding Ning and the long sword on his waist, the wind and dust could not suppress the murderous aura on his body, she didn t dare to look up for a while, if she had known that Master Hou would come back, she would not have let the fourth master go out.It is related to the safety of their yard, Madam Lin naturally dare not be careless Call out everyone in the yard, and let Hou Ye s attendants look around.After a while, all the people gathered, Cui Zhen asked the attendants to check.No one s hair is wet, came in and reported personally, We have checked carefully other places except Miss Gu s room.Mrs.Lin ordered I have asked someone to call Zhuzhu, wait for Zhuzhu Here you go, go and have a look After a while, someone outside said Miss, please walk slowly, the road is dark and you can t see clearly While talking, Gu Mingzhu, who was wearing a lotus color dress and long hair, walked in.There was a bit of childishness in the girl s eyebrows.After looking at everyone in the room, her eyes fell directly on Ding Ninghou Big brother, you are here.By means of these people, more information can be obtained.Cui Wei said In the past two years, a man named Nie Chen has helped the court arrest many criminals, especially in the past few months, he has helped the court solve two major cases.Chen, come here.Let s see how this Nie Chen is, if available, recruit him earlier, Cui Zhen pondered for a moment and said, I received the news that that person is also leaving for Shanxi, and he must be ahead of him.Figure out the situation.Chapter 5 The thief thanked Guixianren and Fanhua leader for not having to get up early, which is another biowellness cbd gummies benefit of being Gu Mingzhu.Everyone knows that Miss Gu sleeps most of the time, and no one will disturb her when she is sleeping.If she is accidentally woken up, she will have a headache for several days.This gave Gu Mingzhu a lot of time to be alone.Is it really Gu Mingzhu didn t hold on to this matter, and turned her head to look at the next hut.Last time she came, Mrs.Chen asked for abortion pills for the woman in the hut.The woman was only fifteen or cbd gummies for sale in bulk sixteen years old, and she had already sold it.The two masters, this time because they angered the master s wife, were still kicked out even though they were pregnant.Mrs.Chen said The medicine given by the lady was good last time, and the little hoof s stomach was emptied, and now it is sold to a family in the east of the city.Gu Mingzhu seemed not to take these things to heart, and gestured to Mrs.Chen with her hand After a moment, he finally pointed to himself.I know, said Mrs.Chen, if something like this happens again, I will definitely go to you.Your prescription is much better than that of that child s woman.After using fruit, joss sticks, and pressure wins, she must know her own weaknesses.As a result, she neither made a sudden windfall nor felt uncomfortable, which shows that these things are all deceptive tricks.Or she wasn t a ghost at all, but reincarnated in the Gu family, and Zhou Rujun was just a memory of her previous life.Although these cbd gummies for sale in bulk are useless to her, she still wants to take a closer look.After all, this is the purpose of Mrs.Lin Tai s trip.When she took the ghost shaping stick in her hand, she found something strange.The ghost shaping stick is a bit heavy, but there is another mystery in it.She searched carefully, and finally found a damaged part under the ghost shaping stick, a circular cut, like a plug added to the ghost shaping stick, she used a hairpin to pry the plug open, and poured out the He took some powder and sniffed it at the tip of his nose, and a smell of saltpeter came.The figure of the doctor disappeared at the end of the road, and Wei Yuanchen came out of the forest.ThirdThird Master Chu Jiu put on a bitter face, What should I do Finally, I have the opportunity to come to worship once, do I want to go back and make the red bean cake again Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, Chu Jiu bravely said Otherwise you will manifest as Miss Zhou and call someone to eat the tribute for her.After Chu Jiu finished speaking, he suddenly felt proud, how could he think Such a good excuse.He really is a little clever ghost Wei Yuanchen took a few steps forward and stood in front of Zhou Rujun s grave.Just now when the doctor gave medicine to the rabbit, he couldn t help but think about the past five years ago.Although the doctor was greedy, she was still kind hearted.She saved the little rabbit hiding next to her grave.Missy, did you come back with presents The long ears are a little rabbit.Miss, where did this come from I picked it up, Gu Mingzhu said, Bring some traumatic medicine from home, as well as cloth strips just quietly bring the medicine box to my cbd gummies for sale in bulk room.Hitomi responded and went to do it immediately.Poor little guy, thank you for meeting my cbd gummies for sale in bulk lady.Baotong didn t know how many times he sighed like this.The little rabbit s left hind leg was wrapped in cloth strips and looked very pitiful.If it is exposed to the wind and the sun outside, I am afraid that it will be close to death.From now on, you don t have to suffer.Baotong gently stroked the little rabbit s furry back.Gu Mingzhu looked at cbd gummies for sale in bulk Baotong with a smile, and Baotong looked as happy as if a flower had grown on his head When people ask, they say they saw it in the garden.I just stay here to do something for the people.In recent years, there have been frequent earthquakes near Taiyuan.I secretly investigated and found that someone opened Tieshan privately, so I asked people in the village to find out the whole story.In recent years, food prices have been high, and the people are hungry.I was tricked into mining rocks in the mountains.I thought I could earn some money.They lived on money, but when they went, they were guarded and made to work in the mountains day and night, and those who tried to escape were all killed.Those who vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk occupy the top of Iron Mountain Note 1 gathered many vicious and homeless people By my side, the quarrying people have no way to resist, after I found out, I was going to go back to the yamen and take people into the mountains to arrest those stove heads, but I didn t expect After some unknown, the whip had stopped, and Lu Shenzhi raised his head with difficulty, Looking for cbd gummies for sale in bulk Master Wei s figure.These people moved very neatly, and they looked like habitual offenders.The old bustard pointed with his fingers Look, my lord, there are still things in their pockets, which must be property that they are going to take away.The Yamen immediately went up to check, and sure enough, they took out cana cbd gummies the money from those pockets.This is my family s silver coin, Mr.Ding said, there is my family s engraving on the silver, it is absolutely indistinguishable.Character.The stolen goods were both obtained, but Han Yu hesitated, and turned to look at Cui Zhen, only to see Cui Zhen s eyes were deep, thinking about something.Lord Hou Han Yu was about to ask when he heard a commotion outside The escaped bandit is here that s him come quickly.The Yacha went to check first, and Han Yu followed out.Cui Zhen didn t move, his eyes were still on those thieves who were caught, maybe what happened tonight was not what he saw in front of him.Ding Turning around, he wanted to run away, but he never thought that a figure had already arrived cbd gummies for sale in bulk in front of him, stretching out his hand and hitting him on the back of the neck.Chu Jiu looked at Mr.Ding who was lying limp on the ground, and finally let out a sigh of relief.He pretended to be captured here and lost all face, and this was the only way to save his dignity.Master Wei came to Huafang tonight, but did he find any clues Cui Zhen, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked.Wei Yuanchen came slowly Yesbut I don t need to tell you.Cui Zhen continued Then Lu Shenzhi is in Master Wei s hands Turned.His gaze was cold, and his eyes were as deep as the sea Taiyuan Mansion Lu Tongzhi is in my hands.Cui Zhen said Then it is Mr.Wei who ordered people to leave the city tonight Wei Yuanchen glanced over Cui Zhen s face, with a slightly contemptuous expression Dingning Hou, you have exceeded the rules.Wei Yuanchen wanted to pull Gu Mingzhu aside, but when he broke free twice, he was bitten too tightly by her and couldn t get away.If .

can cbd gummies raise blood pressure?

he was in Jinta Temple, he would have already used his strength, but now he can t help her for a while, don t Seeing that all the servants of the Gu family are cowering and cowering, they look at a loss and dare not come forward.If Miss Gu is the one who suffers, the servants of the Gu family will immediately change into another look.Wei Yuanchen looked at Gu Mingzhu s eyes again, his eyes were dull and somewhat dull, obviously different from ordinary people.He is really like an ignorant child, and he is bullying this child.The mother in charge finally stepped forward and grabbed Gu Mingzhu Miss, Chong er is over there, I saw it jump there with my own eyes.Really, Miss, listen earth cbd gummies carefully.Wei Yuanchen s face was cold, let him go to Gu s house more If it wasn cbd gummies for sale in bulk t for the case, he wouldn t pay attention to whether Miss Gu was pretending to be stupid, let alone visit her.After the case is over, he will not go to Gu s house to see a play again.Chujiu looked at Mr.Sun and vegan gummies cbd level goods cbd gummies then at his third master.They both went to Gu s house, why the situation is so different, one is so embarrassed, and the other is full of praise, is it possible that the Gu s family still treats guests with relatives It s not good for the third master to go on like this.If you don t say anything else, you will ruin your body first.Sun Langzhong stopped talking further, and after so many years of persuasion, there is no improvement, and he can only hope that the third master Wei will think about it The third master wants to ask if there is any problem with Miss Gu s illness Langzhong Sun thought for a moment, then nodded with certainty There is a problem.Save the people imprisoned there.Nie Chen responded.As for the peddler who is staring at the elder s shop, I will have someone investigate.Nie Chen heaved a sigh of relief, I m going to the mountains Wei Yuanchen said, Let Liu Su go, the person who stopped Lu Guang was the one who stopped Lu Guang.Liu Su, this is only reasonable and will not arouse any suspicion.Nie Chen nodded and bowed to salute I would like to congratulate my lord in advance, and my lord will successfully solve this case and restore peace to Taiyuan Mansion.After Nie Chen withdrew respectfully, Chu Jiu came forward Third Master, I can see that this person is not a good guy.Fortunately, he thought Nie Chen was good at first.I m hungry.Wei Yuanchen ignored Chu Jiu.Chu Jiu was full of smiles Third Master has been tired all day, otherwise I would have stewed that chicken What would Third Master want to eat As long as you speak, I can get it.Hearing this, the attendant also said My lord, let the doctor come over Go find it.Bao Tong didn t wait for Han Yu to speak, and immediately ran away, looking for Lang Zhong to bring him here.The eldest lady said that there is no evidence without a confession, and the eldest lady used datura flowers instead of poison on the arrow, so Mrs.Han felt guilty and thought she had been poisoned.Find a doctor to come over and explain everything Mr.Han said.I ll go find you, servant girl.Bao Tong didn t wait for Han Yu to speak, and immediately ran away, looking for Lang Zhong to bring her here.The eldest lady said that there is no evidence without a confession, and the eldest lady used datura flowers instead of poison on the arrow, so Mrs.Han felt guilty and thought she had been poisoned.Find a doctor to come over and explain everything Mr.Rujun said that Mr.Zhang stole day lilies to relieve his nostalgia.After Mr.Zhang was executed by the court, Rujun asked cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies me to help collect the body and send a pack of good day lilies to pay homage.Mr.Zhang should be from Shanxi people.Shanxi, Mr.Zhang, was poisoned two years ago.Wei Yuanchen raised his head.Chapter 68 All the complicated clues came to mind.Who is Master Zhang Wei Yuanchen s eyes changed, this master s identity is so close to Pearl Thief , is it really a coincidence Someone is still secretly arranging.Wei Yuanchen immediately looked at Chu Jiu Let the secret guard send a message to Second Uncle, let him check this Master Zhang.Chu Jiu responded and immediately turned around to make arrangements.Wei Yuanchen believed in Mr.Sun s medical skills.The Pearl Thief was hit by a poisoned arrow and would undoubtedly die.Lin s father benefited from the recommendation of Old General Lin to enter barracks.Therefore, although Mrs.Lin s father, Lin Qiming, was old general Lin s nephew, he was said to be the one who really took over the mantle of old general Lin.Although Lin Qiming is no longer here, the eldest daughter married a nobleman, the eldest son Lin Sizhen has a reputation in the Shaanxi Xingdusi, and the second son has also served in the army.The status of this line in the Lin clan has long been Surpassed Mrs.Lin s father.Gu Mingzhu has figured out these things a long time ago.She has just woken up from this body and is still unable to move.She lies on the bed every day and listens to the family members.When it was time, she was also surprised that it was such a coincidence.After major events, my grandfather was indifferent to fame and wealth, and spent most of his time walking in Zhuangzi.Mrs.Lin said The sister in law should know that we all just came back from the Zhuangzi.I was pregnant and took Zhuzhu with me.I was frightened a lot on the Zhuangzi.Naturally, I have to take a rest.Zhao Gongren sighed I m not blaming you.At this time, I should think about the elder sister.The Cui family is not easy now.The elder sister has also been blamed by the husband s family.Now there are still people who are holding on to the Cui family and want to use this case to drag the Cui family.Go into the water Mrs.Lin looked at Zhao Gongren Who is sister in law talking about Who else, Zhao Gongren cbd gummies for sale in bulk pursed his lips, that imperial envoy.Gu Mingzhu took out a piece of candy fruit from his waist while listening Putting it in can you travel with cbd gummies on a plane her mouth, my aunt came to Gu s family in a hurry, just to say bad things about Mr.Lin didn t speak, Lin Runsheng was weak The voice came That is a good western war horse, it can be used as a stallion.I want to take a closer look.The western war horse is very rare.Zhao Gongren stroked Lin Runsheng s hair distressingly, it is worth you to take a closer look.That s an excellent stallion, with bright coat and mighty physique, not even as good as his father s war horse, Lin Runsheng said in a low voice, It s just four or five years old, and it hasn t been castrated yet.If it can be bred Zhao Gongren said with a straight face, Nonsense, your father is a war horse bestowed by the emperor.Lin Runsheng resisted the pain It should also be bestowed by the emperor.Such a good breed of horse is not available to ordinary people.Don t let my mother be killed.As long as you can borrow it and use it, it will be fine.Even if we don t want to get involved, we have to cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies prove our innocence now.Said After finishing these, Cui Zhen said You go and rest, there is no need for mother to go, if you don t go, she will fall asleep in a while.Cui Wei lowered his head and was silent for a moment Brother, there seems to be a gap between you and mother, is it because The marriage with the Zhou family I shot and killed Zhou Rujun, and it has nothing to do with my mother.The situation at that time Cui Zhen frowned I told you that incident is over, I already disliked that Zhou family, even if she If I don t die, I won t marry a woman like that.Back then, the Zhou family ordered the servants of the Zhou family to lead me to a meeting, but the eldest princess was already waiting there.You don t know about this.You thought I heard that she looks Mei couldn t help but go to the appointment, and let her be at her mercy from now on, she must have underestimated me.But Lin Runzhi saw Si Cheng in the inn again, what s going on Who is lying Chapter 99 Slap Mrs.Lin heard about what happened at Zhao s house last night, but she didn t know the details.Even so, she still felt terrified when she heard Lin Runzhi say these words.No wonder Baotong told her that Qiusui, the maid next to Lin Runzhi, wanted a lot of tranquilizing incense.Lin Sizhen and his wife cherished these two sons very much.Lin vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk Runzhi must have experienced this kind of setback for the first time.He saw his uncle attacking others with his own eyes, and someone sneaked into the inn quietly at night.It s natural to be uneasy.However, it is expected that the scene at that time must be very terrifying, otherwise Lin Runzhi would not be able to leave such a deep impression.A child completely trusts the relatives around him, and every time the relatives show a kind side in front of them, but suddenly one day, he sees the ferocious face of the relatives, and the shock in his heart can be imagined, so it is not only Fear is a psychological blow.If the Cui family belonged to the crown prince, they would use this as an excuse to sue the crown pure cbd gummies 1000mg cbd gummies for sale in bulk prince and help the crown prince deal with Wei Yuanchen.It is easy to hide a spear in the open and difficult to defend against it.If everything is uncovered, some things will be easier to handle.Master Hou is here, Lord Hou Cui Zhen strode into the courtyard while the servants shouted.The slaps in the room are not over yet, this kind of punishment is mainly torturing people s hearts, naturally the slower the better, so Cui Zhen caught up to hear the last slap.Slap was like hitting him in the face.Chapter 100 Mrs.Lin s cry came from the room of shame.The woman who was being executed cbd gummies for sale in bulk retreated from the room.The two men remained motionless.In the front is Wei Yuanchen standing with his hands behind his back, and in the back is Cui Zhen with a gloomy face.It is precisely because of this that the subsequent plans can be made.Wei Yuanchen really gave up like this, and all the subsequent arrangements were done in vain.That is a real pity.Mr.Shen took a few steps back and told the people around him Keep an eye on the gate of the mansion.Unless it s something very important, no one can come in and disturb you.The guards clashed.Apart from the banquet tonight, the most important thing is to keep Wei Yuanchen here, so that there will be fewer people in charge cbd gummies for sale in bulk outside, so everything can go smoothly.Where did Lu Shenzhi find out Mr.Shen asked.The entourage said We tracked down Wang Daochang, and went to the Taiyuan Mansion Guard, it seems that we will not rest tonight.Mr.Shen nodded, the Crown Prince came to Taiyuan Mansion, they naturally had to move faster.The battle between the crown prince and Wei Yuanchen in Taiyuan Mansion has already begun, and a move has been passed just now.Although he still doesn t know exactly what happened, it doesn t matter, this battle is cbd gummies for sale in bulk obviously not over yet, as long as he continues to read, he will understand everything.Chu Jiu quickly walked out of the prince s courtyard.I interrupted the banquet of His Highness the Crown Prince, Wei Yuanchen picked up the wine glass at this time, I will punish myself with a drink.This was the first time HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale in bulk Wei Yuanchen picked up the wine.But at this time the prince is no longer in the state of mind just now.He was the one who set up the situation before, and he only thought that Wei Yuanchen would be trapped here by him, but now everything is uncertain.After about a quarter of an hour, there was a commotion from the door.Wei said.Then why don t you all go over and see the situation together, Wei Yuanchen said, With so many people going together, maybe we can come up with a better idea.Wei Yuanchen wanted to drag everyone into the water.It s not too late, Wei Yuanchen said, everyone get up and ride out of the city to vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk see what kind of trap it is.Someone kidnapped Mr.Zhao Er, and Wei Yuanchen kidnapped the entire Taiyuan Mansion officials The backyard of the prince s mansion.Gu Mingzhu wanted to sit down and rest, but just took two steps but spit out a puddle of filth with a wow.The servants of the Prince s Mansion were so frightened that they all avoided him.Zi Yuan immediately stepped forward with a panicked expression on her face Sister, how are you You haven t recovered from your HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale in bulk illness, and you really shouldn t come to tune the piano.He has only one purpose, to kill Master Zhao Er and be captured alive by the yamen.Then under the torture of the yamen, he will confess that he was ordered by the prince, but soon the yamen will find out cbd gummies for sale in bulk that he has received a large amount of money.When questioning him in this way, he couldn t help but tell the truth to the Yamen.The truth was that he had received favors from the Wei family before, and this time he took money from the Wei family, and cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies blamed all of this on the crown prince.Even if the people in the yamen shot him dead, and he had no chance to fraud the prince, the yamen would suspect that the prince had something to do with it, because he was the guard of the east palace, and along this line, he would still find that he let People sent a lot of money back to his hometown, and he has cbd gummies for sale in bulk a foreign room in the capital.It falls on the crown prince.Many officials couldn t help but gasp.Master Wei dared to say this, and he said it in front of the prince.The prince was about to speak, Wei Yuanchen continued Unfortunately, this matter is full of loopholes.Even seeing the result, it is still unconvincing.It is obvious that the second master Zhao can be killed immediately.Come Someone immediately echoed Yes, yes, Mr.Wei is right, this is clearly to frame the crown prince.Everyone turned their heads and saw that Feng Anping went up the mountain at some point, and got mixed up among the crowd.This judge of Taiyuan Mansion is probably not a fool.He dared to speak casually without knowing what was going on in front of him.The prince looked angry and stared at the guard majestically Say, who ordered you The murderer lowered his eyes, the current situation is different from what he thought, Wei Yuanchen was not fooled, and exposed the truth of the whole thing The strange thing is, if he said that he was bought by the Wei family, no one would believe him.Many of the officials in Taiyuan Mansion are the Crown Prince.The crown prince is very clear about the affairs of the Taiyuan Mansion.Now that the case has just come to light, the crown prince has come here and ordered the guards to kill the second master Zhao.Isn t it clear that these cases are related to the East Palace How about the crown prince Would you do such a foolish thing Who would dare to slander me like this, the crown prince frowned, with a calm expression, I recommended officials for the Great Zhou Dynasty, and now I came to Taiyuan Mansion to find out the case.Even if the words are brought up in front of the emperor, no one will believe them.People s words are scary, and it is always right to be careful, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, not knowing who he was cbd gummies for sale in bulk laughing at, Isn t there someone who said that the official and the prince The Lord is the enemy of life and death, and he will kill each other if he has the opportunity.I have worked hard to bring you cbd gummies for sale in bulk up, and it is hard to get where you are today.I don t want to be rich, I just want to live in peace, who knows You still have to go through these things.Didn t your eldest brother teach others with a straight face all day long He also said that I was a burden to the Cui family, and he was the one who harmed the Cui family in the end. Mother, don t say that, Cui Wei said, Didn t the elder brother send you off Has my aunt gone back home Maybe it can calm her vegan gummies cbd level goods cbd gummies down, as long as she doesn t say anything, no one will know about it.Mrs.Lin turned around and sat back on her chair After this time, I can see that your aunt is not like us.One heart, no matter how good she is, it is useless.If outsiders really know what happened today, it must be the trouble of the family.Sooner or later, she will be pissed off by that fool.Cui Wei frowned slightly as he watched the servants of the Gu family leaving in a hurry Back at Gu s house, Gu Mingzhu pulled Baotong and spoke in a low voice.The master and servant bit their ears like this, as if they were playing.Gu Mingzhu said What did you hear Baotong nodded But I didn t hear it clearly.There was a manager s mother guarding the door, and I only heard a word when I walked around the corridor.Gu Mingzhu said Be careful For the best.That Cui Wei seemed gentle and had no idea, but she knew that this person was ruthless.When she was shot and killed in the prison, she didn t hesitate at all.Although after becoming Gu Mingzhu, Cui Wei gave people the impression that It s just Cui Zhen s echo, but many things can t just be cbd gummies for sale in bulk seen on the surface.The crown prince nodded, he thought it was a combination of kindness and power, and Mr.Shen must be more loyal to him You go and read the documents Submit it directly to my palace, and don t let others touch it.Mr.Shen bowed and level goods cbd gummies high times cbd gummies review walked out, the prince still became suspicious, so he had to check the evidence himself, and when he walked into the garden, when the wind blew, Mr.Shen s forehead felt cold , I don t know when he broke out in a cold sweat.This time he lost, he lost everything, not only failed to frame Wei Yuanchen, but was also suspected by the crown prince.The most frightening thing was that the crown prince wanted to join forces with Wei Yuanchen to find out who was behind Zhao Er.Mr.Shen felt the sweat on his back soaking through his clothes.If he couldn t protect that person, how would he explain to the young master Mr.What are you going to do One piece of red bean cake is in one mold.You are squeezing two pieces of red bean cake into one mold., can it work Fortunately, the cbd gummies for sale in bulk outside is crushed, but the inside is still good.Wei Yuanchen vegan gummies cbd level goods cbd gummies looked at the red bean cake cbd gummies for sale in bulk in a daze for a moment before he came back to his senses.Just now he always felt that he seemed to know something.When I was in a trance, I couldn t remember it.Leave a good plate, Wei Yuanchen said, bring the rest Chu Jiu silently looked at those red bean cakes, it seems that today s meal is to accompany the third master to eat these.Wei Yuanchen sat on a chair in the courtyard, his body was covered with a faint aroma of red beans, and his restless mood gradually calmed down.Third cbd gummies for sale in bulk Master, Chu Jiu said suddenly, I suddenly missed that doctor woman.Mrs.Zhou said Don t be greedy, be careful of your appetite.With the care of the Crown Prince and Marquis Ding Ning, it seems that they can return to Beijing comfortably Nie Chen, Liu Su and others followed the carriage all the way forward.The first day after coming out of Taiyuan Mansion was fine.After all, it was not far from the guards outside the city.If someone made a move, the soldiers and horses of the guards would arrive soon.So they don t need to be too nervous today, but they don t know what will happen in .

does walmart sell cbd gummies in store?

the future.Nie Chen looked what to expect from cbd gummies around, and then looked at Liu Su with a strange face Didn t you say that Junior Sister will go to the capital together Why is she still missing Although it would be dangerous to follow these carriages and horses, she is a girl who falls into the trap.It s even worse after ordering.It is not uncommon for the bamboo dragonfly in his hand to fly near this house, and the Gu family is also placed in the east courtyard, so how can they drive it away Mr.Shen looked away, maybe he was thinking too much, it was just a coincidence that Miss Gu appeared at the door.Mr.Shen said The post house is cbd gummies for sale in bulk too small, the princess has been wronged living here, if not, move to the nearby Zhuangzi Princess Huairou shook her head, It s fun when everyone is crowded together.Interrupted by Miss Gu, Mr.Shen thought for a moment and then said Princess said that the son in law has never heard of it Why don t you let the people in the East Palace search around and find out the news about the son in law lucent valley cbd gummies website earlier, so that the princess can feel at ease.Princess Huairou still Hesitant, she could feel that the son in law didn t like her being too close to the prince and the are cbd gummies good for joint pain imperial concubine, and every time he entered the palace to greet the imperial concubine, the son in law was in a bad mood.Miss Gu appeared in front of Princess Huairou s house again today.If Miss Gu was an ordinary person, he might have become suspicious, but a foolish young lady naturally cannot have any schemes.What he should really suspect is Cui Zhen.Maybe Cui Zhen has colluded with Wei Yuanchen long ago.They thought that Cui Zhen was right under their noses and nothing would go wrong.They didn t expect that Cui Zhen would suddenly investigate Lao Dingning Hou s case made their arrangement come to naught.The matter of Taiyuan Mansion has reached this point, and it is already irreparable, so I can only think of other ways now, so as not to make the loss even bigger.The prince must not be allowed to return to the capital smoothly.If the court seizes Lin Sizhen and others, if they use this to uncover the case of the Shanxi mutiny, then they will lose more than the soldiers and horses they managed to raise.Now he can only use his tricks to let Lin Sizhen kidnap the prince and go to seek refuge with Ao er Dusi.But this matter is not so easy to do.After all, there are many guards in the East Palace and the local guards.The Wei family and the Yamen also have manpower.Neither Ding Ninghou nor Wei Yuanchen are easy to deal with.Only by finding a way to get the prince out of this team can we wait for the opportunity to do it.Although the prince has no skills, he is extremely cautious, and he has suspicions about him before.If he wants to deceive the prince smoothly, he must find a suitable reason.Fortunately, he still has Princess Huairou and his son in law to use.If the prince is arrested, everyone will be in chaos.Wei Yuanchen and Marquis Dingning will try their best to rescue the prince.Losing the prince is a capital crime.Zhou Zesheng nodded, Wei Sanye wanted them to hide in the dark, in case In case, so many soldiers and horses are mobilized, and the border guards are involved, the situation is changing rapidly, and I don t know what will go wrong.The two separated after they finished talking, and Wei Yuanchen took Chu Jiu back to the motorcade first, so as not to be found by Zhou Zesheng Cui Zhen also came out of the woods, and met Cui Wei who was chasing him on the official road.Cui Wei was looking around, and immediately raised his head when he heard the sound of horseshoes.Cui Weize immediately stepped forward and said, Brother, I finally found you.Cui Zhen s face was dark and he didn t speak.Cui Wei s expression of concern was palpable Did Wei Yuanchen embarrass elder brother Cui Zhen said coldly I didn t ask you to stay with mother all the time, why did you come here Cui Wei immediately said Listen to what the guard said Eldest brother follows Wei Yuanchen alone to explore the road, I m afraid elder brother will suffer.It s easy to say, and the tactics are neat, but to implement it is to fight with flesh and blood.There is no battle that a soldier cannot win.When boosting morale, Wei Yuanchen said this lightly, but it was enough.The general and the army don t need to say too much, just level goods cbd gummies high times cbd gummies review do it.Wei Yuanchen kept rushing forward, unlike Lin Sizhen who was protected and fled away first.On the ninth day of the ninth day, the soldiers surrounded him from behind, pressing forward step by step, and kept fighting forward, and finally proleve cbd gummies saw Wei Yuanchen s shadow from a distance.Chu Jiu finally breathed a sigh of relief, the silver spear in the third master s hand was dancing imperceptibly, and he probably didn t suffer any injuries, but His eyes fell on the third master s side, the three handed knife beside him had been unsheathed, And they all disappeared, which shows how fierce the third master s offensive is.A name emerged in Lin Sizhen s heart Cui Zhen.Impossible, didn t Cui Zhen return to Beijing early Even if they heard the news here, they would not bring troops here so soon.Or, is it Datong s reinforcements But they had an agreement in advance that he was the only cbd gummies and cataract surgery one who took the troops to seek refuge with Ao er Dusi when the incident happened, and the others would stay behind to be dispatched by the young master.If Shanxi is moved, wouldn t it cbd gummy bears seattle pioneer be exposed to people Lin Si really calculated, but still felt that the person who came was probably an enemy rather than a friend Go to the two cavalry to find out the news, if there is nothing wrong, let the arrows be fired, and the others will follow me to hide in HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale in bulk front.After speaking, the soldiers divided into two groups On the road, Lin Si was really anxious, and he was even more anxious when he didn t hear the sound of the arrow for a long time.Shen will relax his vigilance.Yes, Liu Su said, that Mr.Shen secretly sent letters to the capital, and Nie Chen asked the people to follow them all the way to see where those letters will be sent.Follow those letters to find Mr.Shen s accomplices , Wei Yuanchen put down the teacup in her hand, she was really thoughtful, and she would not miss any details.After Liu Su finished speaking, Chu Jiu entered the door and told Cheng Yuma and Huaiyuan Hou invite the third master to come over. Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked out.As soon as he walked out of the courtyard, he saw Cheng Yi, the son in law of Princess Huairou, who came to greet him.Cheng Yi saluted Wei Yuanchen.Cheng Yi said Thanks to the help of Mr.Wei, the princess and my mother are safe and sound.Wei Yuanchen helped Cheng Yi up You don t have to do this, my son in law.With a snap , the palm of her face was pressed against his face.The crisp sound reminded Gu Mingzhu that she seemed to have slapped Master Wei inadvertently.The atmosphere in the room seemed to freeze.Gu Mingzhu squinted her eyes to see, her hand firmly stuck to Lord Wei s cheek, her little finger stuck to his straight nose, and under her palm was his thin and full lips.When he breathed, the warm breath fell on the back of her hand, in the palm of her hand, and her fingers were curled up from the heat.His eyes seemed to be darker than before, and the slender Ruifeng eyes seemed to be foggy, and then cbd gummies for sale in bulk he swallowed slowly.The throat beads are rolling and the neck is slender.At such a time, she still has the heart to look at these things She should think carefully about how to get over it.Mr.Wei has suffered many injuries in the battlefield, but it must be the first time to be slapped in the face.After saying this, the Second Master Wei suddenly grabbed Wei Yuanchen s wrist You have a solid relationship with Second Uncle, so does Miss Gu suffer from insanity When I grow up, I am afraid that one day I will learn the truth, and there will be some mishaps after too many sorrows and joys.You must know that the mother s heart is not too big, and she would get angry from time to time with such an obedient son After the second master Wei finished speaking, he found that Wei Yuanchen s eyes were deep, and he was lost in thought.Going to call Wei Yuanchen again, he heard the voice of the steward coming from the door.Go and tell Mrs.Tai that the third master is back.The Wei family was filled with joy, and Mrs.Wei was helped out of the hanging flower door Where is Brother Chen Let grandma see if he is injured Wei Wei Yuan Chen heard the hustle and bustle coming from the yard, and then came back to his senses.The eldest lady s condition has improved, how is this possible If those witches can cure the disease, what use are we doctors After the old imperial doctor Chai finished speaking, he looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei said, is this true Ridiculous For some reason, he saw Master Wei s eyes deepened a cbd gummies manchester little.Wei Yuanchen swallowed, his voice a little hoarse What happened next This is the first time I have seen such a situation, I am really surprised.After saying this, the old imperial doctor Chai felt that his face was completely gone.A doctor who sees the patient s improvement but can t explain the reason is really embarrassing.The old imperial doctor Chai was thinking about it, but he found Mr.Wei stood up, and suddenly bowed to him The old imperial doctor heals the patients but is so humble, really admirable.Thinking of what happened five years ago, Mrs.Wei couldn t help but have a sore nose, she wiped the corners of her eyes from the veil without leaving a trace, and said Don t worry, mother, brother Chen will be fine.Yes.After serving Mrs.Wei, Mrs.Wei went to Wei Yuanchen s room to do needlework, and the surroundings were peaceful.After a while, Mrs.Wei raised her head to look on the bed, and saw her son s face that somewhat resembled her deceased husband s.Worry and longing were mixed together, which made her a little dazed for a while.Wei Yuanchen slept soundly this time, and when he woke up, the lamp had already been lit in the room, and his mother was doing needlework under the lamp.Mother.Wei Yuanchen spoke, and Mrs.Wei immediately stepped forward to check happily.Mu Qiu brought the medicine up and served Wei Yuanchen to drink it.Wei Yuanchen was impeccable in everything he did.Whether he was investigating the case in the Taiyuan Mansion, or finding something wrong to go to Tao Duo later, he did it under everyone s nose, which made it impossible to question, that is, on the way to rescue the prince, he injured the prince This point was attacked by the censor.But no matter who encounters this incident, he will be impeached.Either let Lin Sizhen go, or hurt the prince, whichever he chooses is wrong.Gu Chongyi sat down and said Successful, I also heard about the East Palace.Mrs.Lin immediately said How is it Gu Chongyi said When Cui Zhen rescued the prince, the rebels dropped the torch on the prince s hair.He was burnt and his face was injured, the prince will not show his face in front of people for a while.Even if he walks out of the house vegan gummies cbd level goods cbd gummies next time, he probably won t be the prince.Mrs.Lin was surprised Will Brother Zhen be punished by the court for this No, Gu Chongyi said, No one will mention these things.Mrs.Lin was a little puzzled.Gu Chongyi said in a low voice The news came back to Beijing, saying that in order to save his life, the crown prince did not hesitate to yell at Lin Sizhen to take him away.Madam Lin gasped, That s really Such spineless, lost With all the face of Da Zhou, Donggong is absolutely unwilling to mention it again, so Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen will not be punished.Mrs.Lin brought a cup of tea to Gu Chongyi However, since the crown prince has become like this, why is the imperial concubine making such troublesome arrangements Questioning the concubine party, Gu Chongyi quickly took the tea and helped Madam Lin to sit down, The emperor is at the peak of spring and autumn, and the nine princes will grow up in ten years.After Gu Mingzhu checked repeatedly, she looked at Bai Gongren again.Bai Gongren had lost all strength after tossing all day, and took advantage of the effect of the smoke just now, to rest with half closed eyes.Gu Mingzhu compared his mouth to the steward, and the doctor looked at the patient s tongue coating and tongue appearance when he saw, heard, and asked everything.The steward of the Yuan family didn t expect that the doctor was still dumb, so he tentatively called Bai Gongren in a low voice Mr.Gong But Bai Gongren ignored her.How dr fauci cbd gummies could Gu Mingzhu miss any opportunity to find out the news, and finally encountered Bai Gong s illness, so he had to watch it carefully.Gu Mingzhu seemed to want to take a closer look at Bai Gongren s leg injury, approached Bai Gongren a little bit, and then quietly lifted the gauze on her face.Bai Gongren opened her eyes in a trance, and half a bright red face appeared in front of her.She immediately exclaimed You Ah Chan come come here Bai Gongren struggled, his upper body He and his buttocks twisted, as if they were about to fall off the bed in panic, the mother in charge hurried forward Mr.Gong, what s the matter with you She s not Ah Chan, she s the doctor who came to see you.A red birthmark, did it scare Gongren Seeing that the doctor was still standing there, the mother in charge couldn t help frowning and reprimanded I haven t stepped back yet.Gu Mingzhu s original intention was to make Bai cbd gummies for sale in bulk Gongren exclaim, she Taking the opportunity to look at Bai Gongren s tongue, the jade tube that the steward of Yuan s family held out just now has traces of smoke, if Bai Gongren has used this kind of light rice for a long time, there should pure cbd gummies 1000mg cbd gummies for sale in bulk be traces on his teeth.The guard couldn t help hesitating when he heard this, and was just how do cbd gummies help a little dazed when the Crown Prince had already rushed to him.Big The third prince just yelled a word, the prince cbd gummies for sale in bulk threw himself on the third prince, raised the broken porcelain in his hand and scratched at the third prince s neck.The broken porcelain cut through the skin of the third prince s neck, and blood flowed out immediately.The prince gritted his cbd gummies for sale in bulk teeth and waited for another deep cut.The third prince came back to his senses and grabbed the prince s arm with all his strength, trying to shake off the prince with his hands and feet.The prince was pushed staggeringly, gritted his teeth cbd gummies texarkana and got up to fight the third prince again.He cbd gummies for sale in bulk had a ferocious face, veins floating on his forehead, and the broken porcelain piece in his hand scratched his palm, but he didn t realize it, and was determined to kill the third prince.Putting the prince to death, he murmured Kill you, kill you, I m going to kill you Come on, come on The third prince held his neck, and the guards stepped forward to pull the prince, The whole yard was in a mess.Prince, prince, this is the third prince, please let go.It was he who hurt me, it was him, the prince stared at the third prince, he blamed me for pushing him off the tree back then.I ve always wanted to take revenge, but just now, he sneaked into my room and told mehe s going to kill me, I ll dieyou can t live.The guard pulled the prince away with difficulty.The crown prince ordered in a trembling voice Take your highness down quickly, and ask the imperial doctor to see the wounds of your highness and the third prince, go quickly.The two guards lifted the prince up, and the total spectrum cbd gummies georgetown ky prince still kept shouting Kill him, Kill him.Oh Wei Yuanchen She raised her eyebrows, I remember that the doctor can heal all kinds of injuries, and she even pure cbd gummies 1000mg cbd gummies for sale in bulk gave me medicine as a gift when I was in Taiyuan Mansion.Gu Mingzhu blinked, but is she going to rely on her no matter what Gu Mingzhu said The doctor s wife does have a cure for all diseases, do you want to try it Wei Yuanchen s expression did not cbd gummies for sale in bulk change, which was regarded as acquiescing.Gu Mingzhu lifted her skirt and turned to Baotong.Baotong took out a piece of drawn talisman paper from her waist pouch and returned to Wei Yuanchen.The fire sickle lit the talisman paper.She reached out and threw it away.The ashes just floated into the teacup in front of Wei Yuanchen.Her movements are neat and done in one go.My lord, this water is Before Gu Mingzhu finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen put the teacup to his mouth and mixed it with the ashes.I will find some good things and send them to the Wei family.I don t owe them anything.We can talk to each other in the future.He didn t pay much attention to Wei Yuanchen before, but it seems that from now on, he will pay close attention to this Wei.Although he thought about it clearly, Gu Chongyi s anger surged as soon as he thought about it.He carefully protected the Master Hou, Second Master Wei is here.The steward reported in a low voice outside the door.Gu Chongyi raised his eyebrows, just in time, he patted Mrs.Lin, signaled her to rest assured, and then strode out of the house The Wei cbd gummies for sale in bulk family.Mrs.Li sent away the people around her, carried He began to look at Wei Yuanchen who was standing beside him Can you tell grandma now what is the problem Chapter 242 Love Seeing today s situation, Mrs.If grandma refuses to agree , are you going to kneel forever I don t know what s so good about the Huaiyuanhou family s daughter, so she deceived my grandson for nothing.At this point, Mrs.Li stretched out her hand to grab Wei Yuanchen s arm Get upGrandmother agrees.Wei Yuanchen s tightly tensed jaw eased a little, and a smile appeared in his eyes Grandma, don t worry.Don t worry, Mrs.Li watched Wei Yuanchen get up, But seeing you happy now makes me happy too, after what happened five years ago, there s nothing else I can t think about.Wei Yuanchen helped Mrs.Li sit on the chair.Mrs.Li thought about Miss Gu carefully If you leave her illness aside, then the child is really gratifying.She is really uncertain about Miss Gu s illness, she really has dementia, how will she manage the family in the future How to go through ups and downs with Brother Chen But thinking about Brother Chen s words carefully, there must be something strange in it, otherwise Brother Chen would not have let her take the objects made by Li Guanzheng to Miss Gu.Let s go Chapter 243 Dating Xiaoshulin Where are you going Second Master Wei thought that Gu Chongyi was full and had nothing to do, and needed to have some fun.If you go to the flower boat, you will not be able to follow it.Seeing the horse riding away from the busy city, the pure cbd gummies 1000mg cbd gummies for sale in bulk further he walked, the second master Wei was a little uncertain.This route seemed to be a trick of a child.He tricked the doll out and sold it with a piece of sweet fruit.Gu Hou didn t have it yet.Yiguo caught him out with just one sentence.Second master Wei s finger that was pinched by the crab hurts again.all right A majestic Marquis would never lie to him, thinking so, Second Master Wei let the horse slow down, but the two of them were already outside the city at this time.Master Hou, Wei Er Master said, It s better not to go to the dark place, don t dare to blow on the lamp when you sleep at night.The mother in charge said I don t know what s going on, you should be more careful Watch carefully on the road, just now a little girl got lost in the garden and said I couldn t get out no matter what, I peed my pants in fear, thanks to being discovered by the rough envoy, otherwise there would be a big accident.The mother in charge said meaningfully You have always been prudent, and my wife treats cbd gummy candies you well on weekdays, presumably Nothing can go wrong.What can go wrong Got lost in the garden They are all servants of the Cheng family, and they can walk out of the garden with their eyes closed, so how could they get lost The mother in charge specifically said that Madam treats her well on weekdays, do you think it is Madam s reason Isn t that haunting The mother in charge said Don t be dazed, let s go If you cut off the incense, the crime will be even greater, and the wife will be even more angry.Just now when Wei Yuanchen mentioned Daning Dusi, Su Fu was even more disturbed, thinking that Mr.Wei was trying to find out which gummies have the highest dose of cbd the case, but the Wei family had recruited him back then.Xungui still has a reputation for oppressing poor people.Ever since Wei Yuanchen started handling the case, someone has been reminding him not to be used by the Wei family.In the past two days, rumors have been circulating, saying that the reason why Wei Yuanchen is holding on to the case of Old General Zhao is that he is speaking for those aristocratic families just like Wei Congcheng, Minister of the Ministry of War.After all, many of the soldiers who died in Yulinwei After being a famous general, these people were so wronged that they recovered again, and they would hold the military power of the Great Zhou firmly in their hands.Liu Su was silent for a moment In my heart, the eldest lady is Master Zhang.In Nie Chen s heart, you are his master, Master Zhang and master are gone, but fortunately you are here.Gu Mingzhu s heart warmed, and she would try her best to protect them Look Liu Su only saw Gu The eldest lady pointed to the vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk sky No matter what happens, the sky will be bright.And she will definitely walk at the moment of dawn, looking at those people hiding in the dark.Looking at the young lady s relaxed footsteps, Liu Su almost revealed the secret in his heart at this moment.In fact, in Nie Chen s heart, the young lady is his adoptive father, not his master.The difference between master and adoptive father is almost the same Back at Gu s house, Baotong immediately came forward to help Gu Mingzhu change her clothes.Send it to your door to ask for a fight.When Gu Chongyi was in Shanxi, he saw Wei Yuanchen leading troops into battle, and his palms were also itchy.After leaving the father in law s house in Shaanxi, his muscles and bones hadn t been stretched, and he hadn t been able to break a sweat when he was in Shanxi.Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi I couldn t bear it anymore.Gu Chongyi stood up and said, Today is considered a half day s leisure.If Wei Tongzheng has time, come with me to the courtyard.Wei Yuanchen responded happily Mrs.Lin cbd gummies for sale in bulk was sewing, and the news came from the front yard.Mother Yang said Master Hou and Mr.Wei went to the courtyard, and asked someone to take the iron spear and long what are the benefits of taking cbd gummies knife over.Mrs.Lin was startled, and she was about to do it again What s going on Mother Yang said, Master Hou said to stretch the confinement, so that Madam don t have to worry.Thinking about it this way, Miss Gu is somewhat similar to Ah Chan.Mo Yangming looked carefully at the fancy lock in his hand, and saw that the word Dan cbd or hemp gummies was engraved on it, and it really was the lock made by Ah Chan.Mo Yangming couldn t help muttering If Ah chan is here, I will be happy with you.Gu Mingzhu raised her head Where is Ah chan Mo Yangming said She is gone.People s words messed up his mood, or because of the little girl in front of him, Mo Yangming s mind was full of Ah cbd gummies for sale in bulk Chan s figure.Mo Yangming said She also promised me that she would be happy and joyful at any time, but she did such a cruel thing by herself, and her sister, who was the one who got it Really, Mo Yangming remembered about the Gu family, Huaiyuan Hou accidentally uncovered the war horse case, Huaiyuan Hou s various empress dowagers did not go into details, but mentioned that Huaiyuan Hou s daughter, Gu Mingzhu, was born with dementia , nicknamed Zhuzhu.The third prince s concubine s expression changed, showing a little nervousness, and she immediately blurted out What imported goods premium cbd gummies 750 mg What exactly is it Mother said I don t know yet, I sent someone to ask.Where is Master Sun The third princess said, Go and call Master Sun here, there are these things in the Taoist temple, do Master Sun know about them Mo Yangming said How could she not know, I m afraid it will be difficult to find her for a while.The third concubine panicked in her heart.Wouldn t it be her fault Don t panic, said the third concubine, the matter is not clear, so don t have too much suspicion.Since someone has come to the yamen, we will deal with it properly.We are just female relatives, so we can t help you at all.Stay here with peace of mind.That s it.After finishing speaking, the third concubine found that the people around her hadn t moved, and immediately said, Go and find Master Sun.Bai Jingkun swallowed Yesbut I was doing it for her own good.I was doing it for her.After taking the medicine, she really laughed.It s light, her legs are not so heavy anymore, she seems to be able to walk.Wei Yuanchen said So Ah chan made a compass for you, and asked you to exchange it for the fairy medicine Bai Jingkun shook his head If Ah chan Chan is as smart as my father.She is as stubborn as my father.After the medicine wears off, she still asks me where the medicine comes from, who is the person who asked for the compass, and what I have done in private.Father, when I heard this, I panicked, so I slapped A Chan hard and said a few harsh words.Didn t you kill A Chan A stern voice came from above Bai Jingkun s head , Bai Jingkun shuddered, he raised his head and looked into Wei Yuanchen s deep eyes again.Part of this inexplicable irritability and depression came from his mother, and part from himself.Although his father s case was found out, the darkness in his heart could not be driven away.Cui Zhen walked into the garden, now that he is awake, why not think about the real matter of Lin Si, this battle of real swords and guns is over, I don t know how many schemes are left in the dark, the guardhouse where Lin Si really led soldiers must be tidied up, His Datong is not stable.What he did in Shanyin, he fell into someone else s game.If he wants to seek peace for himself, he must bow his head to Lin Sizhen and others, and eventually he must serve Lin Sizhen s master.Many of this bureau was set up around him, and that man s intention was very clear, that is, he wanted to hold the entire northern border in his hands, and taking down so many guards and soldiers, he was naturally preparing for rebellion , who will be the person of this layout How many people were planted beside him If those people are not arrested, this matter will not end.Lin nodded.Mrs.Gu smiled and said Sister Wan s foot injury is also healed.If it is convenient for Madam, can you take her to learn more I m afraid not, Mrs.Lin said, I don t know people very Next time I have a chance, I will ask someone to call Sister Wan over.Mrs.Lin cbd oil gummies canada flatly refused, and Mrs.Gu couldn t help but feel that she had been refuted, but because she still had something to ask, she couldn t express her displeasure, so He got up and said Then don t bother your niece and daughter in law.Just talk when your niece and daughter in law have something to do.If there are female celebrities at home and you can t do housework, let your sister in law and nieces help.Gu Mingzhu got up and saw her off.Gu Mingzhu smiled Zhuzhu is free to come to the lotus alley, and grandma will cook something delicious for you.She stared at Bai Jingkun with red eyes The Lu familyThe Lu family must have been arranged by Yuan Zhixing, you are weak and incompetent, how can you lead a caravan Youyou Bai Gong struggled and was about to hit the ground again.Bai Jingkun s face was full of snot and tears, he looked at his sister blankly Auntie will not lie to me, she did not hesitate to elope with me and was almost beaten to death by his father, we finally got together, she obeyed everything amazon cbd gummies Me, she also gave birth to my flesh and blood, how could she harm me.Qiao Zheng couldn t help but said, Who is the concubine you are talking about Where is she After speaking, he realized that he was impatient, uncle and Wei Yuan Chen Du stood there quietly, and his emotions were completely influenced by this interrogation.Qiao Zheng broke out in cold sweat on his forehead.I said a long time ago that they are going to the Wei family s banquet today.This trip is not in vain, Mrs.Gu comforted Gu Mingwan, Don t worry too much.If there is real evidence, why would the yamen let Mr.Tan out These things Small things can be resolved quickly by Tan Shangshu.Grandma s words are reasonable, but Gu where can i find cbd gummy bears Mingwan still can t rest assured that if it was so easy, Tan Sanye would not say those things to his father, and he must be cautious when letting his father go out to do business , it s best not to move.Tan Sanye was usually a man of few words.He had never talked so much with his father.If it wasn t for an emergency, he would never have spoken.The more Gu Mingwan thought about it, the more she felt that things were not simple.Gu Mingwan said Grandmother, let father listen to Tan Sanye s words, and don t pick up those goods.Have you heard the news Wei Yuanchen s voice came from the other side of the rockery.Gu Mingzhu found this way of meeting very interesting, under the watchful eyes of everyone, the Wei family would never have guessed that his third master was hiding in such a narrow hole.Looking at the height of the hole, Mr.Wei probably couldn t straighten his back, it level goods cbd gummies would cbd gummies for sale in bulk cbd gummies for copd shark tank be a loss of majesty Chapter 336 Can t help but Gu Mingzhu leaned against the rockery, wanting to see clearly how Lord Wei is dealing with himself in it, and then saw Lord Wei wearing a royal blue robe with a waist full of ornaments, just in time He stood there with his body bent and his waist bent.Gu Mingzhu resisted to laugh out loud.Wei Yuanchen looked at the flashing smile in the girl s eyes, was he laughing at him Let her find an excuse to feed the fish in the back garden.There are many doubts about the second prince s rebellion.The soldiers and horses in the hands of the second prince and the eldest princess are not enough to force the palace.As cbd gummies for sale in bulk for the confession by the people in the second prince s mansion, the second prince s original intention was to ask the emperor to abolish the East Palace and make him the crown prince.That is even more nonsense , have reached the step of leading the army to conspire against, either you die or I live.Only by taking the throne in one fell swoop can it be considered a major event.Don t the second prince and the eldest princess understand Wei Shangshu mobilized Daning soldiers cbd gummies for sale in bulk and horses to help the second prince, which seemed reasonable, without Daning soldiers and horses, the second prince would not be able to compete with the Beijing camp soldiers and horses.After all, Brother Geng is thinking of me, so he will step into other people s trap step by step.I have grown up, I know his temperament very well, if he dared to kill and set fire at every turn, I would not bother to teach him so much.After saying this, Tan Dingfang looked at Gu Chongyi As for the younger brother in your clan, he may also be implicated by our Tan family.Those people wanted to frame us.The Gu botanical garden cbd gummies review family happened to be buying and selling rice with Brother Geng, so they were plotted together.Gu Chongyi looked bewildered What are those people plotting against you Do you want to push everything Yuan Zhixing did on you Not only that, Tan Dingfang said, I suspect that there is also the case of Old General Zhao, and I want to push it as well.For me, General Zhao s defeat in northern Xinjiang was a strange thing, someone must be responsible for it, and I participated in this battle and made military achievements.Tan Dingfang couldn t help trembling when he said this If I knew Returning victorious, but with such a result, I would rather die in the northern border, maybe I can meet Ah chan instead.Regarding Miss Bai s matter, Gu Chongyi didn t know what to say, but said Since the matter has come to this One more step, Lord Shangshu should report the past to the court, so as not to be used by others.Tan Dingfang calmed down again, put away Ah Chan s painting and put it away properly, and sat down on the chair again, and then continued If it wasn t for Wei Your Excellency found out that General Zhao s mutiny pure cbd gummies 1000mg cbd gummies for sale in bulk was framed by HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale in bulk others, and the case of General Zhao in northern Xinjiang will not be brought up again, so he took this opportunity to settle the matter of Daning.When King Liang rebelled, Daning level goods cbd gummies high times cbd gummies review was in chaos.This matter is definitely inseparable.In fact, the person who set up this situation was to let Tan Shangshu and Tan Zigeng cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies bear these charges, and Yuan Zhixing also intended to prepare a confession today, presumably he was instructed by others.Cui Zhen heard this.The case seems to be clear, the next step is to catch the person who framed the Tan family, there is nothing he can do right now.Cui Zhen didn t come to a conclusion, but looked at Gu Chongyi, feeling that there was still something inside the case that his uncle and Wei Yuanchen hadn t explained.But it was impossible for Wei Yuanchen to tell him, and it seemed that his uncle was not going to mention it at this time.Gu Chongyi said Before the case is clarified, you can t be careless.Unless the culprit is found, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.The figure was graceful and graceful, and suddenly his mind flickered and he just stood there in a daze.Wei Yuanchen immediately came back to his senses, and closed his eyes while lowering his head What are you doing The lamp was finally placed on the table.Gu Mingzhu said I ll illuminate the adults.Wei Yuanchen raised his head I said what are you doing when you look at people like that just now A person always has to put himself in the shoes of others.Gu Mingzhu said It s probably because I m thinking about Marquis Ning Who Lord Wei s voice was not high but it seemed cbd gummies for sale in bulk to be filled with resentment, and he stared at her carefully, making her also Then there was some tension Gu Mingzhu immediately said It s Mrs.Ding Ninghou Mrs.Zhang always looks at Cui Zhen like that in front of the public, level goods cbd gummies high times cbd gummies review I feel a little strange.Cui Wei s words didn t shake Cui Zhen at all, he raised his eyes to look at the steward What are you waiting for Mother in law He stepped forward and supported Mrs.Lin Tai s arm.Seeing this, Cui Wei knelt down to Cui Zhen Brother.Seeing Cui Wei kneeling like this, Mrs.Lin yelled, You are trying to force your mother and younger brother to death Outside People still think you are some kind of Changsheng general, but you are actually a black hearted beast.Brother Wei, get up, you don t have to kneel to him, I don t recognize him as a son, and you don t have a big brother from now on.We, mother and son, moved out , We don t have to rely on him to live. Mother can go, Cui HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale in bulk Zhen said coldly, It s just that when you step out of the gate of Dingninghou s Mansion, there are only two places to go, cbd gummies for sale in bulk either the prison where the female relatives are held, or Cui Zhen.Now that Mrs.Zhou is dead, it is impossible for him to seek proof of this matter.Wei Yuanchen s sinking expression suddenly appeared in Cui Zhen s mind.Will Wei Yuanchen know more Cui Zhen suddenly smiled, is he going to ask another man about his wife s affairs It s the biggest joke in the cbd gummies for sale in bulk world that he really did that.Cui Zhen turned and looked at Wang Jing You go to the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice and find a reliable person.I want to ask about the situation when the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice was robbed.Chapter 382 Make up Cui Zhen sent Wang Jing out, and sat in the study for a while, carefully thinking about the changes around him in the past few years.If the Shanxi case hadn t reminded him, he would still be kept in the dark.There are still many things he doesn t know, and as he slowly finds out, he will eventually know.But Wei Yuanchen speculated that this was the work of the prince, and Cui Wei was also a princeling.When Wei Yuanchen went to Shanxi to investigate the case, he was going to wipe out the prince and the Cui family, but later found that he was not on the prince s side, so Wei Yuan Chen did not attack the Cui family.Even so, Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies for sale in bulk still would not let Cui Wei go, and secretly ordered someone to monitor Cui Wei.Cui Zhen stood up at this thought, Wei Yuanchen probably knew Cui Wei better than him.Could it be that he is going to ask Wei Yuanchen about his wife and brother Chapter 388 That s all Tian Mang, the benefactor s daughter, knew.The eldest princess was given to death.The second prince committed suicide.Discussing this matter, Hou Ye asked someone to ask him, and he remembered these details after careful recollection.She wanted to rush to the second brother s house and discuss with the second brother.She didn t know how much disaster would befall the cbd gummies for sale in bulk Shen family, but the master said that if the Zhang family could If I can help, I will definitely try my best to take care of the Shen family.Even if I lose my official position, it would be nice if I can save the lives of my eldest brother and second cbd gummies for sale in bulk uncle.Mrs.Shen was about to put down the curtain of the carriage, when suddenly she saw a figure flashing in the crowd, as if a person without arms was hidden in the bustling crowd.Stop.Shen yelled subconsciously.The servant didn t know, so he hurriedly stopped the horse.Madam Shen was stunned for a moment and suddenly shook her head It s okay, I thought I saw someone I know.She thought it was Yan Shen, but Yan Shen had already died.You must have never seen it before.Wei Congzhi s voice resounded throughout the front yard of the Gu family.Wei Congzhi was triumphant Let the children in the family come and see, you see how quiet you are here, without the slightest atmosphere of Chinese New Year, and with such a bird it will be extraordinary immediately.Gu Chongyi frowned and moved forward Walking to the yard, I saw Wei Congzhi standing triumphantly in the yard holding the bird cage.Wei Congzhi looked behind Gu Chongyi Where are the children Didn t I tell you to call the children Gu Chongyi s face turned dark, what children It s not just to trick Zhuzhu out, so that Zhuzhu can feed the flower cake made by Zhuzhu to his big fat chicken.With the sound of flapping its wings, a big black chicken ran towards the back house uninvited with its buttocks pouted.I m leaving.Wei Yuanchen stood up, It s almost dawn.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Fortunately, everyone in the family was looking after her mother tonight, and Yang s mother couldn t care less about coming to the small study, otherwise she would have to Block it straight.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand, Gu Mingzhu hesitantly passed it over, Master Wei s hand always seemed to be warmer than hers.The two walked to the door holding hands and looked up at the sky together.It is said that the sky pure cbd gummies 1000mg cbd gummies for sale in bulk is darkest when it is about to dawn, but now that the moon is in the sky, Wei Yuanchen remembered that today is the Lantern Festival, and the lanterns in the courtyard of the Gu family just happened to be lit, so he stood with her to watch the lanterns.Wei Yuanchen looked down at Zhuzhu beside him, and the girl raised her head slightly, wondering what she was thinking.Thinking that her son was about to go to Yongping Mansion, Zhao could not recover for a long time.The bones of her father and the guards who died in Yulin had not been sent back for burial.Her son was about to go to the guard to lead the army, and what he was facing might be turmoil.Daning.Thinking of this, Mrs.Zhao drove away the worries and haze in her heart.She ordered the servant girl to fetch water to freshen up.After Brother Yu left, she went to comfort the princess.At this time, it was the princess who needed the most attention In an alley in the outer city of Beijing.An old man is sitting on a chair and slowly drinking rough tea.At this time of the day, he should be busy preparing groceries, putting some needles, threads, and miscellaneous utensils cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies on his cart, and walking around the streets to sell them.If those Tatars were related to this case, wouldn t they be saying that the Shen family was collaborating with the enemy The Shen family thought that Yan Shen was using this to blackmail the Shen family to get more benefits, and even sent a bank note to make Yan Shen shut up.Who are those people Claiming to be from a scholarly family who came from the chief assistant of the two dynasties, they are all idiots with good looks on the surface but dirty inside.Pooh If they hadn t asked Yan Shen for help, Yan Shen had already joined Dali Temple, how could there be today s catastrophe The elder of the Shen family, the Minister of cbd gummies for sale in bulk Rites, even came to threaten Yan Can.If Yan Shen dared to blackmail the Shen family again, the Shen family would not give up.Naturally, Yan Can refused to accept the money sent by the Shen family, and he never told anyone what the Shen family had done, and he didn t even reveal a single word in front of Mr.Wei Yuanchen met him at a flat food stall, the two sat down, and the man started to make flat food.Cui Zhen didn t speak, because Wei Yuanchen should know why he came because of his intelligence.The man finally brought up two bowls of hot flat food.Cui Zhen was not focused on the flat food, but when the flat food fell on the table, his eyes flashed sharply.The man put the bowl lightly, especially the bowl for Wei Yuanchen.The hot noodle soup was right next to the bowl, but it didn t tilt at all.This flat food stall was planted by Wei Yuanchen, Cui Zhen already knew it very well, no wonder Wei Yuanchen was cbd gummies for sale in bulk able to find clues so quickly.This man should be an ordinary person, with a strong aura of smoke and fire that walks in the open all the year round, it is difficult to be found in the crowd.The face of this man looked very familiar to the emperor.He should have been in and out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, although he had never served him personally., but is already very close to him, maybe it doesn t take too long to stand at the closest place to him, and you can touch him with your hand.But such a person has a different heart If there are problems with the director of rituals, how many people can he trust If everyone around him can get the poison, will the poison appear in his food next time The emperor thought of Concubine De in the inner palace again, she was the woman he liked the most.He carefully protected their mother and child, thinking that one day she would sit on the queen s throne and let him and her child inherit his throne.But she moved such a mind to calculate The emperor didn t want to believe it, but he couldn t convince himself, because the actions of the ladies and servants of Yongchun Palace were all too clear that there was something wrong with Yongchun Palace.Where are fallen leaves They are paper money for the dead.Who threw a handful of paper money at him Zheng Ruzong frowned and looked around, and an old man carrying a cargo box appeared in his sight not far away.As he walked, the old man took out a large handful of paper money from his pocket, and with a slight wave of his hand, the paper money fluttered in the wind.Chapter 458 Despicable The night gradually faded, and the sky turned into a dark gray.Zheng Ruzong was able to see the old man clearly.The old man had talked with him on the official road and asked him whether he wanted to take the official road or the waterway.Zheng Ruzong s eyes tightened, he wouldn t think it was a coincidence, how could he be followed by an elderly peddler after taking so many HCMUSSH cbd gummies for sale in bulk roads with him.Therefore, the old man is not a shopkeeper, but a man who came to arrest him.The murder of father and Rujun was a secret plot by King Liang s party, and the emperor took the opportunity to add fuel to the cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies flames, and would always let them pay back with interest.Wei Yuanchen got on his horse and walked out of the alley to the street.He saw a postman galloping past in front of him.The bag on the postman s back was written with the words delivery immediately , which was a military document.There is a war, I don t know whether it is the northern border or the coast In the small courtyard of the Gu family, Mrs.Lin watched the mother in charge put away the rewards from the empress dowager.She still couldn t believe that Zhuzhu got so many things.It was Mo Zhenren who helped treat the symptoms of the concubine Defei s poisoning, so it seemed that Zhuzhu was responsible for all the credit.Your Excellency squeezed walnuts faster than the servants smashed walnuts.Gu Mingzhu sincerely praised Your Excellency is really amazing.Does this boost his morale Wei Yuanchen curled his lips, and she was the only one who could think of such a way.My lord, I picked out the walnut kernels.How about I make you a plate of walnut crisps Okay.Then she will eat less and peel more for Mr.Wei.As the walnuts were squeezed open, her heart calmed down a lot.Zhuzhu beside her was still carefully picking out the walnuts.She ate the broken ones by herself, and picked out the big ones for him.At least he is more important than walnuts.There s no need to make walnut crisps, it s good to eat like this.Hearing Mr.Wei s words, Gu Mingzhu thought for a while, then cbd gummies for sale in bulk best tasting cbd gummies picked up a large walnut kernel and put it into Mr.That was his sister in law Zhou Zerui shuddered.The second elder brother said just now that what Wei Yuanchen wanted to check was his elder brother s Death, sister in law is a female family member in the inner house.After passing away for so long, no one will ask about her.Rujun s death has nothing to do with him, he just asked someone to draw a painting for Rujun, and he gave the painting to the crown prince.Master, what s wrong cbd gummies for sale in bulk It s as if you ve lost your soul.Mrs.Zhou Zerui s voice trembled in fright, and then he said angrily, What are you doing, woman Are you going to scare me to death Mrs.Wednesday was anxious I wanted to ask about family matters, but I was scolded for no reason, and I was stunned The concubine saw that the master s face was not good, so I asked with concern Before Mrs.Zhou Zesheng smiled and said It s just right.Gu Mingzhu said Then let s go there first, and if we finish our work, maybe the mutton will be so soft.Hearing that Miss Jiang was going out, Lu Guang and the others went to change their clothes After a while, everyone stood by and waited for orders.Gu Mingzhu looked at Nie Chen first, she had told Nie Chen in advance, and Nie Chen knew what to do.Nie Chen said I ll go to Feng Tong and tell him, we ll help find clues about the Zhou family s case.Shuntian Mansion s yamen is short staffed, so it s only logical to ask ordinary people to help with small things.Nie Chen was about to walk out with Lu Guang.Master Ge also got up The old man also stretches his hands and feet.Gu Mingzhu said, Mr.Ge, I need your help with something important.In charge, but Miss Jiang s status in the market is at least not inferior to that of Nie Chen.My lady, Mama Wang pointed at Mama Liang, Ask her, before Jiang Yue was martyred, she had spoken to Jiang Yue, what did Jiang Yue say Mama Liang didn t know what Mama Wang had confessed to before.The inside story, but when she heard Wang Mama mentioning Jiang Yue, she understood at this moment that Master Qi might be medterra cbd gummies sleep tight reviews investigating the death of the eldest wife.Mama Liang asked Mama Wang excitedly and urgently Do you know something I asked you at that time, but you refused to tell me.I have long suspected that there is something wrong with it.Mother Liang, did Jiang Yue say anything when Mrs.Zhou passed away Gu Mingzhu interrupted Mother Liang.Now is the best time to try the case.It must be done in one go and not be swayed by emotions.Mama Liang is a smart person.Hearing this, she knew what she should do Jiang Yue said that she didn t know why she fell into such a deep sleep.After the eldest wife passed away, I also saw the second master quietly opened the coffin of the eldest wife cbd gummies for sale in bulk and carefully looked vitality x cbd gummies cbd gummies for sale in bulk at the body of the eldest wife for a long time.Gu Mingzhu frowned slightly when he heard this.Zhou Zejing should know what happened that night from Mrs.Zhou, so why did he go to check his mother s body Zhou Zejing is different from Zhou Zerui.Behavior.Could it be that, as Zhou Zerui said, the mother asked Zhou Zejing to help investigate natures only store cbd gummies his father s case, so Zhou Zejing knew some inside information about the case, and felt that his mother s death was related to the investigation of his father s cause of death, so he also became suspicious of his mother s death, so he carefully Go to examine the mother s body to see if she was murdered.All the blame points to Zhou Zejing The Zhou family.Inner organs, time is running out, so they assassinate corrupt officials to eliminate harm for the people.Zhang Yuan may be the Pearl Thief.Years of experience in handling cases told Qiao Song that this conclusion is not wrong.Qiao Zheng stood there in a daze.Qiao Song continued Every time we investigate a case, Wei Yuanchen is one step behind.Wei Yuanchen seems to know that there are other inside stories in these people s cases.Did those people pass the news to Wei Yuanchen Qiao Song nodded.No, Qiao Zheng said, When Wei Yuanchen entered the prison, those people were beheaded one after another, cbd gummies for sale in bulk and Wei Yuanchen was seriously injured and couldn t even speak.How could he talk to those people Qiao Song said This is also what I can t figure out, but there is another mg of cbd gummies person who has seen those people and Wei Yuanchen.That person vegan gummies cbd level goods cbd gummies is nothing.King Liang began to despair, and when he was about to fail, the man let go of his hand again, allowing him to float upwards.King Liang s eyes widened, and when he saw the man s face, he understood everything.King Liang knew this face, it was Wei Congzhi.There was a playful smile on Wei Congzhi s face, and hatred was mixed in the depth of the smile.King Liang was panting heavily.Wei Congzhi was deliberately torturing him, making him struggle between life and death and unable to escape.The Wei family was avenging him for Wei Congcheng.Just after he figured this out, King Liang s body sank again, sinking again.This time Liang Wang was not angry, nor was he fierce enough to break free, only despair and fear.The sea water squeezed into his body again, and death hit him again.She has been trapped in this life, and she is destined to be entangled with these things endlessly.Wealth and prosperity will eventually come to an end, the only thing that should be cherished is his own life, her son, it would be better if he could be less helpless and more at ease, that s what she thought about sending him out of the palace back then.Empress Wei came back to her senses Mother, have you thought about how to persuade the Gu family I will think of ways with my mother.Chapter 532 Surprise Huaiyuanhou s mansion was full of joy.Gu Chongyi made great contributions, not only was he promoted but also received a lot of rewards.Looking at his wife, daughter and infant son, Gu Chongyi has never been in such a happy mood, but thinking of Zhuzhu s marriage, his smile restrained a little.She even felt that Zhang Shi also took advantage of the child in his stomach.Zhang s pulse case of miscarriage in the past has always been strange, and this pregnancy is also just right, just after Lin Sizhen was found out, the birth seemed to leave a way out for herself just in case.Can a woman do this for the future of her father and brother Well, after King Liang was killed and all Zhang s clan was captured, Zhang didn t seem to give up, trying every means to instruct his cronies to inquire about the news.What is Zhang planning It is because of this suspicion that the jailers have been interrogating the Zhang family.Once Liang Wang died, the rebels in the prison couldn t bear it any longer.Nie Chen should sort it out and hand it over to Cui Zhen.Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and came out of the house.Cui Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, he won, and he is still the ever victorious general.General.The deputy general s voice came.Cui Zhen raised his head and saw tears in the lieutenant general s eyes, and then he looked at him, a knife pierced his stomach, the blade just penetrated deeply along the damaged armor, hurting his body internal organs.Blood gushed out, staining his clothes and the horse s back red.Cui Zhen heard his voice hoarse Did we win The lieutenant nodded We won, King Liang was shot.Okay, that s good.The capital was saved, Da Zhou was saved, his home All the people he cared about were saved.worth.This is the best result.Cui Zhen looked towards the direction of the capital, but at this moment everything in front of him had collapsed, and there was only one person standing not far away.

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