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She walked over with a smile on her face.There was a faint scent of soap beans on the girl s body, obviously she had just bathed, and there were traces of water on her crow green hair, which hung there randomly, making her look even weaker.Seeing this, Mrs.Lin couldn t help shaking her head Why don t you want to comb your hair again Before Cui Zhen could speak, the girl hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd had already walked over cheerfully, her little hands searching Cui Zhen s waist.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin called to stop Gu Mingzhu, don t do this.But the girl didn t seem to hear.In Gu Mingzhu s memory, Cui Zhen would often bring some sweet fruits to her as gifts, and over time, when Gu Mingzhu saw Cui Zhen, he would subconsciously ask for them.In the hearts of children, there is never too much sweet fruit.Although everyone is afraid of Cui Zhen, in the eyes of the child Gu Mingzhu, there are no such taboos and deterrents.She vaguely dreamed about the situation in her previous life.She carried the medicine bucket and walked in the dark and damp prison, and finally stopped outside a prison cell.There was a figure curled up on the haystack.In the mouth, the man refused to open his mouth in a coma.Eat, if you don t eat, you will really die.She opened her mouth to persuade, but she didn t know if he heard it.His body was as hot as coals, and she pressed her cold hand on his forehead, as if she was talking to him, and she seemed to be persuading herself There is hope only if you live.Miss.Baotong s voice came, Gu Mingzhu suddenly woke up.It s strange, gummy foods cbd she hasn t dreamed about her previous life for a long time, what happened tonight Are you really scared But she is obviously not afraid Chapter 10 News After thinking about it, Gu Mingzhu was completely awake.Very different.Hearing this, Cui Wei said, What if it s an accomplice Nie Chen pursed his lips, Then the Pearl Thief doesn t just steal, he also kills.Cui Wei said After seven years, the Pearl Thief is naturally different from before, but what is a bandit going to do to buy so many dead men Is it possible to rob them openly Cui Zhen took two steps forward, suddenly stopped and turned his head Maybe the things they want to take are not easy to get, such as the Lumi silver that Shanxi will escort to the imperial court.I robbed Kuyin seven years ago, and now I want to take Lumi silver, Cui Wei snorted coldly, I just want Look at how this thief stole money from under our noses.My lord, Nie Chen bowed to Cui Zhen, I want to go and see that murderer again.Cui Zhen nodded, Nie Chen turned and walked slowly towards the murderer cell.Lin said Could it be that the dead man who killed Zhuzhu belonged to the prince Cui Zhen shook his head I don t know yet, but I don t think the prince needs to use the name Pearl Thief if he wants to kill someone.Some people are secretly fighting against the prince, and by doing this, he wants to attract more people to deal with the prince.Madam Lin couldn t think of a reason for a while.Does my aunt know Wei Yuanchen Cui Zhen said, The third son of Queen Wei s elder brother, I heard the news that he has come to Shanxi.Wei Yuanchen was ordered to investigate the theft of the war horse.Maybe he will find his aunt.Auntie wants to pay more attention to Wei Yuanchen.Take precautions.This person is ruthless and will use everything to the extreme.It is not ruled out that he will use some methods secretly to deal with the prince.Now that the Wei family came to Taiyuan Mansion, they would definitely confront the Crown Prince overtly and secretly, and they would not let it go easily, especially that Awei is not someone who can be fooled at will.It is not easy for her to make waves in the prince s territory, and it would be great if she can take advantage of the situation, so Awei and her may not be incompatible, and maybe they can make a good deal.Before returning to Gu s house, she asked Liu Su to send a message to Nie Chen to find out the details of A Wei.She wondered if Nie Chen received it and whether he could find that person smoothly.It s a pity that she has to go home so early, and now she can only wait quietly for news.Gu Mingzhu yawned, since she had nothing to do, let s go to sleep first, thinking of her wrapping herself in a quilt, twisting and leaning against the bed, she closed her eyes peacefully It was still dark, but the whole Yong cbd gummies good for inflammation an Lane was illuminated by torches, and the government sent many more people to search the hiding places of those people just now over and over again.Huaiyuan Marquis smoothly.The mother in charge hurriedly said, If Mrs.Lin wasn t a clan sister like you, how could cbd gummies good for inflammation she be as beautiful as she is today.It s impossible for people Good luck for a lifetime, Mrs.Lin stretched the veil in her hand, She doesn t think about it anymore, and I won t help her anymore.After this time, I hope that Marquis Huaiyuan will follow our Brother Zhen wholeheartedly and do something for Brother Zhen , is not an ungrateful person.The mother in charge responded, and paused for a moment before asking Then shall we still do that thing The mother in charge refers to Zhou Rujun.It was a good day for Taoist priests, but now that something happened at home, it was really difficult to deal with.The mother in charge lowered her voice Why don t you take it easy Mrs.Lin frowned immediately You don t know how the old gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio god is effective, how can you change the good day at will, and other things are fine, only this one can t listen to brother Zhen, let the matter go It s all over my heart.Mrs.Chen pursed her lips.Although she was worried about Ziying, she really closest cbd gummy worms near me couldn t do anything now, lest the help would not be successful and it would be a bad thing.Mrs.Chen felt that she was extremely useless, and she was about to leave after sitting for a while.As soon as she walked out of the yard, she saw a figure carrying a medicine box in the distance.Her eyes lit up immediately, she closed the door and turned back to the yard.I have a candidate, Mrs.Chen said, I can t go out, and it s not convenient for you to go out, so why don t you call someone else to go, don t tell her anything, just let her go to Ziying, Ziying just needs to use it a little.She can also come in handy at critical moments.Moreover, others may attract attention, but she will gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio not be suspected.Lu Guang frowned Who are you talking about Doctor, Mrs.

I have a headache, Gu Mingzhu told Baotong, Please bring mother over here She was uncomfortable, and her mother needed HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation to take care of her, so she couldn t go to Cui s house.At night, she had to carry the medicine box to see a doctor for the girl from Huafang, so she really couldn t spare any energy for Mrs.Lin Tai.When mentioning Huafang, Gu Mingzhu immediately thought of the girl she met at Mrs.Chen s house, who was pregnant and asked her for a set of abortion pills.Could the Huafang girl mentioned by Mrs.Chen have something to do with that woman What the hell are Mrs.Chen and these people doing At this time, the action should be for the quarrymen in the prison.If they want to rescue the quarrymen, they must get rid of the suspicion of the quarrymen.In places like Huafang, rich businessmen and dignitaries often go there, and they naturally carry A lot of money.Not to mention these people, the owner of the painting boat does not know how much money he makes in a day, if the money is stolen, it will definitely be another big case.Are Mrs.Chen and the people in the village trying to divert the attention of the government If the Pearl Thief is still committing crimes, the person arrested in the prison may be innocent.But she felt that this was a bureau, a bureau to let Mrs.Chen and others enter the urn.No matter how you look at it, something will happen tonight.Baotong looked at the frowning of the eldest lady, and knew that the eldest lady must have encountered difficulties Missy, we don t do anything dangerous.Gu Mingzhu shook cbd gummies for smokers her head, as long as she was well prepared, she could get out no matter what, but I don t know Why think of what happened tonight, vaguely have a strange premonition.Cui Zhen frowned, did he guess wrong Didn t the Huaiyuanhou Mansion directly related to this case and Wei Yuanchen, the investigator of the case, cooperate in cheef botanicals cbd gummy cubes amazon private Except for Mrs.Lin, there should be no one in the Gu family who can associate with Wei Yuanchen.Cui Zhen put down the teacup in his hand, and stood up The Cui family is now involved in this case, so Auntie has to be more careful.If she hears the wind or has any news, let someone come and let her know.Mrs.Lin nodded head.Cui Zhen said goodbye and walked out of the house.As soon as he stepped into the corridor, he saw Gu Mingzhu running over happily.When Gu Mingzhu passed by Cui Zhen, he raised his face and smiled at Cui Zhen.on cbd gummies sample uk the ground.Cui Zhen bent down and picked up the grass rabbit on the ground and handed it to Gu Mingzhu.Sure enough, many boats were parked on the lake, and some people were busy lighting the red lanterns hanging on the boats.I ll listen to my orders later, I shouldn t have said anything A Jin said and stopped here, I almost forgot that you are a mute, the dumb is the best, Aunt Chen is also thoughtful.A Jin fell into thought with her face down In the middle, she staggered in a daze, and threw her body forward.Thanks to a pair of hands holding her, she looked up and saw that it was the doctor.Thank you.Ah Jin said.Gu Mingzhu took out a sachet from her arms and stuffed it into Ah Jin s hand, signaling for her to put it away.Ah Jin put it on the tip of her nose and smelled the faint scent of medicine.Gu Mingzhu pointed her finger.When she met Ah Jin for the first time, Ah Jin suffered from arguing and headaches.She even wanted to steal the tribute plate from the Cui family s ancestral grave.Wei Yuanchen reached out and took off the largest gold hairpin from the doctor s head, and threw it into her arms Take off the ornaments on your head, find a jade hairpin to wear, and change into a beanie, don t play tricks anymore.The real greed for money is greed for money and life, this doctor can clearly see the situation in front of her.The doctor flinched, touched the golden hairpin on her head reluctantly, and was about to turn around and walk back when Wei Yuanchen glanced at her waist again Take off those jade pendants too, and HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation come back from the big boat in a while.Bring back the clothes in good condition, not one piece missing, otherwise I will send you to the Yamen immediately.Gu Mingzhu nodded again and again to indicate that she knew, and changed the headgear according to Wei Yuanchen s words, and changed into a light crimson beige.She was thinking wildly, and found that Master Wei was walking towards this side, and a big shadow firmly shrouded her in it.Chapter 45 Jiageng Zhou Ruzhang, the leader of the melon eating turtle fairy leader, trembled, with a pitiful look on his face.Overhearing was only a trivial matter, and she was a female family member in the inner house.Master Wei would not do anything to him, would he Master Wei Zhou Ruzhang s voice trembled.Did you hear that The tone was like ice and snow in winter.Zhou Ruzhang s tongue was tied up Nono I didn t hear anything.Then stay here and listen carefully.Zhou Ruzhang didn t even have the courage to look up at Mr.Wei.How could she be fascinated just now Confused, he felt that Mr.Wei s appearance was very rare, so he insisted on coming over to take a closer look.

Lin is running away.Now it seems that they stayed on purpose.Third Apart from Lu Shen, the only person who can take on this case is Yan Hao.Yan Hao is related to Tieshan Mine, and he was the same magistrate of Taiyuan Prefecture seven years ago, and he personally killed the magistrate Wang.Setting up a game around hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd Yan Hao is indeed easier to get away with it.It s a pity that Yan Hao is the bait in Master Wei s hand, and now he is waiting for Master Wei to take away the whole fish pond.Needless to say, Zhuangtou must be arrested, and the Mr.Jiang that Yan Hao talked about must also be stationed nearby, so naturally he cannot escape Master Wei s eyes.It is impossible to set up such a big game relying on Mr.Jiang and a dealer alone.Who else has not surfaced Gu Mingzhu looked at the front yard.Lin Tai in the stomach, and Mrs.Lin collapsed to the ground screaming.Tears flowed down Mrs.Lin s eyes.When did she suffer such pain.Cui Wei outside the stone archway was very anxious.He didn t dare to lead people to attack rashly.He cbd gummies good for inflammation was afraid that the murderer would hurt his mother s cbd gummies good for inflammation life.I remember that Second Master Cui is very good at arrows.Couldn t Second Master Cui kill those criminals with one arrow That s how Second Master Cui captured those who robbed him in prison.A cold voice sounded from behind Cui Wei Cui Wei turned around and saw Wei Yuanchen and Cui Zhen, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, with a mocking expression on his face.Chapter 61 Innocent Cui Wei was a little startled, but soon came back to his senses, Mr.Wei was holding a bow in his hand, and the mouth of the arrow shaft was already buckled on the bowstring.To find such a thing, it was not because of his good luck or God helping him, but because of his boldness and carefulness.Feng Anping said I didn t dare to open the bamboo tube privately.Such things should naturally be handed over to Mr.Wei.Wei Yuanchen opened the small bamboo tube, and a note appeared in it.Feng Anping next to him opened his eyes wide and leaned over to take a closer look.Wei Yuanchen unfolded the note, and there was a line of small characters max relief cbd gummies for dementia written on it Seven years ago, I was injured with a poisoned cold arrow, and now I still have an arrow, it is hard to appease the hatred in my heart I only hope that the truth will be revealed as soon as possible, and there will be no more unjust cases in the world.Feng Anping leaned over and took a look, his face was full of surprise Seven years ago What does this mean Wei Yuanchen s eyes were slightly deep.She wanted to know when she came this time.The relationship between the Gu family and the Wei family is right in front of our eyes, so why not look at it Gu Mingzhu heard footsteps behind her and knew it was from Zhao Gong.How could this Zhao Gong come to Taiyuan Mansion suddenly Just now Lin Runsheng said a lot about stallions, so he obviously knows them very well.Lin Sizhen works in the Xingdu Division of Shaanxi Province.Most of the stallions in Dazhou came from the northwest.Could it be because of the war horses that they are so concerned about this case These things can be investigated slowly, I don t know how to pass this level now, if Zhao Gong finds Wei Yuanchen sleeping in the guest room of Gu s family, I don t know what will come out.The door was opened slowly.Gu Mingzhu held the bamboo ball and looked into the room.Cui Zhen was thinking of this, when he heard Zhao Gongren s voice from outside Don t stop me I have already found buy cbd gummies bulk out that she is sneaky, do you have anything to say to Master Hou behind my back Master Hou is my nephew, isn t it I will listen to your servant s instigation.Zhao s mother shuddered and subconsciously took two steps back.While speaking, Zhao Gongren raised his leg and stepped into the door.When he saw Mama Zhao, he immediately raised his joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation hand and slapped Mama Zhao s face.With a sound of slap , Mother Zhao was beaten so hard that she stared at her eyes, she swayed twice, and hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy.Master Hou, don t listen to this old bastard s instigation, Zhao Gong said humanely, This old bastard s daughter is getting married, and she dislikes me for not adding enough boxes.She even looked carefully at the paper with ghostly symbols in her medicine box, trying to figure out what was written on it.All these things that cost him a lot of heart and energy are all blindfolds.After seeing the black rabbit, he thought he had exposed Miss Gu, but now he realized that the previous discovery was just the tip of the iceberg.Miss Gu is a liar, the doctor is a liar, and this cowardly woman is a liar, so so far the biggest thing they have in common is liars.So where did Miss Gu s medical skills come from Could it be that she was the one who cured her In this case, why do you want to hide it from your mother There are more doubts about her than the war horse case, but it just makes people think that she is just a simple and kind cabinet lady, and no one will be on guard against her.

position, the lock springs will open one by one.The cbd gummies good for inflammation content of the swivel ring, or plan, or celestial stems and earthly branches, or ancient seal characters It really takes some effort to open it.Third Lord.On the ninth day of the ninth day, he finally saw Wei Yuanchen, and immediately passed the box over.Wei Yuanchen walked forward with the box without asking, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed Wei Yuanchen s footsteps.Feeling the tail behind her, Wei Yuanchen remained calm, she really didn t want to let go of any chance to get clues.Thinking that the Pearl Thief might have used the hidden arrow with traps, leaving her might be able to confirm his suspicion.Walking into the study, Wei Yuanchen found that the tail behind him was missing.Really cautious.Where s Nie Chen Let Nie Chen come over.Gu Mingzhu s troubles have not subsided, and Wei Yuanchen came to her again, and one after another came to find her bad luck.When did this end Mrs.Lin asked her servants to carry the grand teacher s chair in the center of the hall.Although she had a bad impression of Mr.Wei, Mr.Wei didn t come to ask Zhuzhu for a question.Mrs.Lin pulled Gu Mingzhu even tighter, and said in a low voice Zhuzhu follows mother, don t run around.Hearing this, Chu Jiu couldn t help but click her tongue inwardly.I haven t forgotten yet, it seems that the road of the third master in the Gu family is full of thorns, and it may be difficult to walk.Wei Yuanchen said flatly Mrs.Lin hasn t replied to me yet.Mrs.Lin took a deep breath and said, Imaybe cbd gummies good for inflammation I didn t hear clearlyI thought Wei Yuanchen didn t wait for Mrs.Lin Madam finished speaking Mrs.Mother Qian wanted to help, but Mrs.Lin refused.She wanted to coax Zhuzhu to peel it by herself.Gu Mingzhu s eyes fell on the crystal clear pomegranate.Mrs.Lin Tai felt that she had done the right thing, and put more effort into putting the pomegranate seeds into the small white porcelain bowl one by one.Mrs.Lin continued Why doesn t Zhuzhu go to play with Lin s younger brother Mother Qian s eyes lit up when she heard this, if Miss Gu shouted for Second Master Lin in a fuss, the troubled side would not be safe, cbd gummies good for inflammation Mrs.The madam really has a way.Gu Mingzhu still looked at the pomegranates.Mrs.Lin said Can you invite the younger brother of the Lin family to eat pomegranate together Gu Mingzhu showed a happy smile on his face.Mother Qian said in a low voice The second master of the cbd gummies good for inflammation Lin family is in the study.Chapter 111 At the banquet in the prince s mansion, Mr.Wei, who has learned badly, everyone looked thoughtful.expression.Mr.Wei is right, according to this inference, Master Zhao canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation Er must be dead.Master Zhao Er is dead, and Wang Daochang is also dead.How will this case be investigated For such a big matter, Mr.Wei, as an imperial super cbd gummies review envoy, has to report to the imperial court It doesn t sound like a problem.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he took the secret box from Chu Jiu.This special secret box was given by the emperor to the imperial envoy.The lock on the box has two keys, one in the hands of the imperial envoy and the other in the hand of the emperor, and the rest cannot be opened.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chujiu Go to the Yamen now, do as I said, and immediately hand over the secret box to the guards, and let them go to the capital overnight.Many of the officials in Taiyuan Mansion are the Crown Prince.The crown prince is very clear about the affairs of the Taiyuan Mansion.Now that the case has just come to light, the crown prince has come here and ordered the guards to kill the second master Zhao.Isn t it clear that these cases are related to the East Palace How about the crown prince Would you do such a foolish thing Who would dare to slander me like this, the crown prince frowned, with a calm expression, I recommended officials for the Great Zhou Dynasty, and now I came to Taiyuan Mansion to find out the case.Even if the words are brought up in front of the emperor, no one will believe them.People s words are scary, and it is always right to be careful, Wei Yuanchen raised his lips slightly, not knowing who he was laughing at, Isn t there someone who said that the official and the prince The Lord is the enemy of life and death, and he will kill each other if he has cbd gummies good for inflammation natures one cbd gummies where to buy the opportunity.We suspected that Wang Daochang s brother and sister in cbd gummies español law s family were hiding nearby, so we burned a handful of grass in his yard, making people think that the house was on fire, and sure enough, we brought the family back.Thinking, doing things will come naturally, Wei Yuanchen got on his horse and said, What did brother and sister Wang Daochang say Nie Chen said They just said what they said and didn t know it., Said that we arrested the wrong person, I m afraid we still have to deal with it, my junior sister is questioning her.Nie Chen also rode up to follow Are you cbd gummies good for inflammation going to interrogate the Wang family No hurry, Wei Yuanchen He said, Go and complete Zhao Er s papers first, and then we can talk about it after getting them to the officials for signature.Isn t it more than an hour before Miss Gu wakes up She is so smart, but it s not that porcelain cup, it s more than enough to deal with a woman.

When Gu Mingzhu walked out of the guard room, Nie Chen happened to be walking towards him.Senior brother, Gu Mingzhu stepped forward and whispered, I ll go back first.If there is any cbd gummies good for inflammation news, senior brother ask Liu Su to give it to me.Nie Chen nodded.Brother remembers one thing, Gu Mingzhu reminded Nie Chen, to settle the bill with Mr.Wei.People in the market have to be clear when they settle accounts.She has worked so hard all night, and she always has to earn some hard money , Thinking about her is really not easy.Master Elder is going to the capital soon, Gu Mingzhu said.Without money, you can t do anything.Shops in the capital are very expensive.Nie Chen s eyes lit up.Junior Sister Jiang told him if she would take him there too.Counting them all, if they all go to the capital, it will indeed cost a lot, so naturally they have to save enough money in advance.Mrs.Yang understands better, if the Yamen is looking for clues, those bandits dare not show up, but if there is a reward, they may take the risk.Wei Yuanchen said You have a lot of eyeliners, isn t it also shameful Like that The doctor walks around the streets all day, and she should be able to find out a lot of news, but you sent her out Mr.Wei won t still have a grudge against the doctor, Nie Chen said The doctor fell into the water last time.After getting cold, I went back to the countryside to recuperate from my illness, and it is not convenient for my mother in law to come out to do things when she is too old, so maybe she will take good care of her life in the future.Do you want to take care of your life when you are old Wei Yuanchen thought about best price cbd gummies Miss Gu s immature expression, and immediately came to his mind the appearance of her pretending to be deaf and dumb, walking forward with her back bent.She had someone repair the Chaoshou Corridor, bought Shoushan Stones in the garden, and planted some flowers and trees.The master likes the exquisiteness and gentleness of cbd gummies good for inflammation natures one cbd gummies where to buy the southern house.She also asked him to make a small pond and raised a few koi in it., as soon as she heard that the master was coming back, she would start tidying up the house and polishing the bluestone roads on the ground, just to please the master and make him miss this home.But her well maintained house looks like a joke compared to this one.Zhao Gongren held the hairpin tighter in his hand.She knew very well how precious the Shoushan stone at the door was, and there was a piece of bamboo inlaid with gold and jade planted in the yard, and Zhao Gongren suddenly understood why the master smiled so much when he saw the yellow grooved bamboo she planted.Mother knew that it might be difficult to return to Beijing after leaving., but afraid that he would be sad, she held his hand the day before leaving, with a smile on her face, and asked him to wait for her to come back.He had been looking forward to it since the day his mother left, but the whole Cheng family seemed to have no mother in their hearts.Half a month later, he finally got the news of his mother, but it turned out that something happened to the boat his mother was on, and all the people in the boat fell into the river, and no one survived.He guessed at that time that this was all a trick of the Cheng family.They didn t find his mother s body.The Cheng family hastily erected a tomb.Everyone knew what the Cheng family had done, but the Zhao family was charged with crimes, so no one would go there.The Bandit kidnapped his mother and asked him to exchange it with one hundred thousand cbd jello gummies taels of silver.If the bandits come to snatch them, he can also blackmail the bandits.If he takes them by force, he will destroy the bank notes.When the time comes, they will get nothing Cheng Yi opened his mouth to speak again, but someone grabbed his throat.As long as the man exerted his strength, his throat would be crushed immediately.Cheng Yi was stunned, his shoulder was grabbed, his whole body was lifted, the door next to him was opened, and he was dragged into the room.Everything happened in an instant.These people are like ghosts that lock people s lives.Their quick strikes make it impossible to fight.His cronies who guarded the yard should have been killed, sonic imports cbd gummies right Cheng Yi regretted it, not because he was going to die, cbd gummies good for inflammation but because he didn t do the whole thing well.Lin was eating with Gu Mingzhu in the house, when she jones cbd gummies heard the commotion outside, Baotong went out to check without ordering.Not long after, Baotong entered the door, and waited until Mrs.Lin swallowed the food in her joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation mouth before opening her mouth, Ma am, Mrs.Wei and Lord Hou fought, fortunately the crown prince went to stop them, but both of them were injured.Gu Mingzhu put down the chopsticks in her hand, and Mrs.Lin stood up What s the matter, why do you want to do it How are the two injured Baotong said Master Wei hurt his armpit, Lord Hou The neck was stabbed with a sword.What Mrs.Lin exclaimed, and it was okay to be stabbed in the neck, Where is he now Mrs.Lin said that she was going to go out to check.Baotong said It s all in the front yard.The crown prince asked the accompanying doctor to go to treat the wound.

Madam, don t worry.Although Hou Ye hurt his neck, the wound is not deep, and there is no danger of life.Mrs.Lin heard this a little An Xin Where is Master Wei Bao Tong said Master Wei hurt his left armpit, and he refused to let the doctor come forward to check.Gu Mingzhu thought carefully, both of them seemed to be seriously injured, and the stabbing to the neck was a little careless Anyone who knows Mr.Wei knows that Mr.Wei has an old wound on his left armpit, causing an old disease Mr.Wei is afraid that he can t even take care of himself, let alone guard these horses and cbd gummies summer valley horses.Master Wei knew that there would be an accident on the road, and Cui Zhen naturally also noticed the strangeness.It is impossible for the two of them to fight at this time, are cbd gummies legal in north carolina no matter how much their grievances are, they must be acting.What do you think about this Mrs.Wednesday s eyes were red with anxiety, How can something happen to Hou Ye at this time, everyone from the top to the bottom has to rely on him, Mr.Wei This is not a discussion., is to kill people If the sword is tilted a little, the person will be gone.Zhou Ruzhang cried even more, Brother in law is so HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation pitiful.Chapter 154 Escape Tears rolled down her cheeks, she cried and peeked into the room, hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd Gu Mingzhu looked at this posture, if there weren t so many people in the yard, Zhou Ruzhang would definitely pounce on Cui Zhen when he came out.Gu Mingzhu recalled Zhou Ruzhang s appearance when she was at Zhou s house and called her big sister behind her back.It was somewhat similar to the current situation, and they were all means to achieve their goals.At that time, she knew in her heart that she had no parents and depended entirely on her grandmother and aunt for the day.Ma am, Baotong opened the saber pouch at his waist, and took out two daggers, one large and one small, I will also protect you and the eldest lady.Apart from the contents in the pouch, Gu Mingzhu and Baotong two Each of them has hidden arrows, which can be used at critical moments.Mrs.Lin looked at Baotong and didn t know what to say for a moment.Baotong had changed a lot in the past two years, and her aura seemed to be able to stand on her own.Mrs.Lin said We will all be fine.Speaking of this, Mrs.Lin thought of Cui Zhen saying that Master Wei was also injured, should she send some wound medicine Mrs.Lin told Baotong Take the wound medicine we brought to canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation Mr.Wei Her mother is kind hearted, and Gu Mingzhu was also a little worried that Mr.Wei s drama would go too far and really cause the old disease.Is it because I didn t rest well because of my elder brother s business One step ahead, the Cui family members will rely on you, you must not let down your vigilance at all times.Cui Wei looked at Mrs.Lin s frown, and her aunt seemed to be particularly worried today Is there anything difficult for my aunt Brother, tell me when you leave.You must take good care of Auntie and Zhuzhu, and if Auntie has something to do, just let me do it.Chapter 161 begins Mrs.Lin promised Princess Huairou to keep it a secret, not to mention that Cui Zhen didn t tell Cui Wei about this matter, there must be something Naturally, she would not reveal any concerns indiscriminately.What s the matter Mrs.Lin said, It s just that the horses and horses are exhausted and a little tired.If there is any trouble, I will tell you.He walked slowly towards the main room and moved the two wooden cbd gummies good for inflammation boxes on the kang in the main room.A censer and a few handfuls of sandalwood.The chief hesitated for cbd gummies good for inflammation 500 mg edible gummies cbd a moment, then removed the incense burner and sandalwood, and then lifted the wooden board behind, and a broken simple knife appeared in front of him immediately.Li Chang looked at the simple knife, his old hands were trembling, and his eyes were blurred.Old general, when you defended the Yulin guards, you were framed by traitors when you didn t want to.Everyone was furious when cbd gummies good for inflammation they heard the news, but what s the use The court arrested the rebels, and everyone had to shut their mouths and swallow their tears.Now Northern Xinjiang is in chaos again, I don t know if it s the real rebels, or the imperial court s party struggle The head of the village showed a trace of hesitation as he spoke, but soon he wiped the corners of his eyes with his sleeve If it was in the past, it would be considered that the imperial court came to inform , I would also suspect that when the court framed Zhongliang back then, it was not an excuse to communicate with internal and external enemies, but this time the Wei family investigated the case in Taiyuan Mansion, arrested the black hearted magistrate Han Yu, and rescued many cbd gummies good for inflammation oppressed people.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up the five black chickens, and the two followed the chief.When they passed a well, Baotong suddenly said This is an orange.An orange is used to draw water from a well, and it should be very common in the village.The head of the village nodded.I think of one thing, Baotong said, I heard that when the Tatars rebelled in HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation northern Xinjiang, a general demolished the houses in the village and ordered the people and soldiers to make more than a hundred catapults to repel the Tatars.People, since then the people have known the benefits of the catapult, and have set up tangerines beside the well one after another.This tangerine is the same as the catapult, and the water can be pumped out with one pull, saving a lot of effort.Listening to Baotong s words At the same time, Li Chang s whole body stiffened.

She was a little embarrassed, but it was nothing.As long as the son in law and mother in law are safe and sound.Princess.A familiar voice came from outside.Princess Huairou didn t care about the etiquette, she threw herself to the door of the carriage and opened the curtain to look out.Cheng Yi s face appeared in front of Princess Huairou, and Princess Huairou immediately showed a happy smile.Cheng Yi looked at the embarrassed princess and was speechless for a moment.He had never seen a princess like this before.Her hair was in a messy bun, and a few strands of hair stuck to her face with sweat.There is also a shoe missing on the top, which shows how dangerous it was just now.Princess Huairou thought about Mrs.Zhao How is mother in law Hearing the princess voice, Cheng Yi woke up like a dream, and then he said in a hoarse voice Mother has been saved, don t 450 mg gummy cbd watermelon rings worry Then Good.Where s Madam Gu Chongyi looked at Baotong next to him.Bao Tong immediately said Madam is in the village, everyone is safe and sound.A smile appeared on Gu Chongyi s face, he did not know how much he regretted the journey, he knew that they should not have left their mother and daughter in Shanxi.Daddy s wrong, Gu Chongyi said to Gu Mingzhu, No matter what happens in the future, our family will stay together and never be separated again.The emperor ordered him to return to Beijing to report on his duties, but in fact, he joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation had already deployed manpower inside and outside the Hou Mansion , secretly watching him.The officials of Xingtaipu Temple had agreed to cbd living gummies drug test him and were willing to disclose the inside story, but they suddenly committed suicide by taking the charge on themselves, and they must have been threatened.But he was very honest, standing there waiting for his wife to fetch cloth strips to re bind the wound.After finishing all this, Huaiyuan Hou had no time to change clothes, he helped Madam Lin to sit down, touched Madam Lin s swollen belly, and then strode out the door.Gu Mingzhu was afraid of delaying the conversation between his father and mother, so he hid outside the yard with Bao Tong.She looked up at the sweet scented osmanthus on the tree, smelled the fragrance of the flowers, and felt indescribably happy.She thought that the family would be reunited after returning to Beijing, but she didn t expect her father to come to pick them up earlier, which was a surprise.Gu Mingzhu heard Baotong shout Master Hou.Just as she was about to turn her head to look at her father, her body suddenly lightened and she was already hugged by her father.She was a pearl thief pursued by the court, or the Qin lady that the prince had been looking for all along.work Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes slightly, logically Gu Hou should know, otherwise Miss Gu is over fifteen years old, how could a father treat her like a child, lifting and hugging her at every turn.Wei Yuanchen turned around and walked forward.Chu Jiu saw that the third master s face was getting worse and worse.He gave Miss Gu a pitiful look.It would be good for Miss Gu to look at the third master.As for the wound, how sad it is to leave alone like this.Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Wei s torn clothes, felt a little unbearable, and let go of her father s arm Daddy, I m going to find my mother.Some meatloaf can be regarded as a bribe, so that Mr.Wei will not stare at his father closely.Chapter 186 In the question, the house prepared by the chief was cleaned up very cleanly, and a few sets of clean clothes were also presented.She didn t know where those things went after she died.Someone was plotting joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation against the prince secretly, and placed all kinds of eyeliner around the prince.His father was also teaching the prince in the East Palace, and he died to save the prince.Does the death of his father have anything to do with the person behind the scenes Baotong took the lamp out, Gu Mingzhu turned around, and gradually fell asleep after thinking about it.Mr.Yang s face suddenly appeared in her mind.In fact, when she was in the prison, she guessed that Mr.Yang should know his father.Mr.asked, but was denied by Mr.Yang.She didn t get a chance to continue asking, and now she feels more and more strange every time she thinks about it.Don t worry, she will find out gradually that no one who should pay the price can escape Liu Su sent Wei Yuanchen the news from Nie Chen.Even if there was an inside story about the Shanxi Mutiny twelve years ago, cbd gummies good for inflammation Zheng Bian and Lin Si would be blamed.Really, no one else will be involved, as long as Mrs.Zhao dies, her reputation will also be ruined.Who else will cling to the Shanxi mutiny The Cheng family was afraid of Princess Huairou, but she was not.On the surface, the Yuan .

where to buy pure cbd gummies near me?

family had a close relationship with the imperial concubine, but secretly she had other backers.Yuan Shi ordered people to reward Mama Du with silver, and Madam Du was still needed to help her deliver the news about the old lady s affairs.After Mama Du left, Yuan called her confidants into the house Go over there and have a look, let them be careful and get things done.A figure came out of Cheng s mansion.Zhang Tong immediately had someone follow him The small courtyard of the Wei family.

They live in the mountains all the year round, they don t like to cbd gummies good for inflammation interact with people, and they prefer to exchange the herbs in their hands for money.The shopkeeper cbd gummies good for inflammation hopes that what he meets is a herbal collector.As long as he wins over this person, his pharmacy will not have to worry about these good medicines.Sending the shopkeeper away, Liu Su entered the door and said in a low voice Let s wait at the door of the pharmacy.Someone from Yuan s family invited some doctors to go to see a doctor together.In this way, it can explain why she is often not at home, and why she takes on some work as a doctor, because she, a herb picker , is getting older and can no longer go into the mountains, and the herbs she picks are getting worse and worse.I have to see a doctor to earn some money.Liu Su picked up the medicine box, and the two of them were about to go out.He also promised the Cui family to carry the eldest sister to the ancestral joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation grave.Zhou Qi scolded his second uncle and father and wanted to make trouble in front of his grandmother.At that time, his grandmother was sick, and his family stepped forward to stop her.Qi was taken away, and Zhou Qi never came to the door again after that.The old lady Zhou looked calm How do you know that Zhou Zesheng is related to the Wei family Zhou Ruzhang said The person who saved the cbd gummies good for inflammation mother and granddaughter seems to be Uncle Qi.The granddaughter wants to confirm the identity of that person., but said that the man was the guard of the Wei family.These days, he took the Wei family to guard the village fort.The granddaughter wanted to see that man again, but was blocked again and again.In the end, she never saw the real face of the man again.The man walked in without making a sound, as if appearing out hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd of nowhere, which made 20 count cbd gummies for sleep cbd gummies good for inflammation people panic.The old Wu Zuo and others also saluted Wei Yuanchen, and then reprimanded the yamen servant I m canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation not going down., he only hated himself for being too timid.Gu Mingzhu glanced at Liu Su, and Liu Su went out with the clerk.The Yacha stood still outside, and Liu Su stepped forward and said, My girl scared you.The Yacha said in a low voice, It s because I m too timid.I was scared once when I went to clean the room, so I Liu Su immediately said What s going on The Yacha looked towards the green bamboo forest, and when he passed by the green bamboo forest, he heard a whimpering cry.He asked who it was, but the sound stopped abruptly, and he walked quickly After chasing after him, the cbd gummies good for inflammation natures one cbd gummies where to buy forest was also empty, and he always felt that someone was following him.If his mother left like this, his marriage with Ms.Mu would be doomed.Cheng Yi said Did your mother explain to you, what should the Mu family do Even if she tried to prove her innocence by dying to save her face, she must have mentioned something to you.What should I do next to make the Mu family agree In this marriage, your mother has always loved you and thought of you in every way, so how could such a big matter not be revealed with a few words.The cbd gummies good for inflammation second master Cheng was stunned when he heard this What do you mean Cheng Yi looked at the third master Cheng and said, The third brother is can you get gummies with cbd and thc doing well in his studies.I still know how capable the husband is at home.Has your mother hired a new one The teacher is here If you want to study in the Imperial College, relying on the face of the Cheng family may not be able to do it.However, some details of today s case still need to be scrutinized.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it, but she didn t notice when Mr.Wei stopped in front of her, so she bumped into it.Big my lord yes I m sorry Suddenly it changed back to his little stammer, Wei Yuanchen looked at the sky, there was still some time.Wei Yuanchen said I m going to report this case immediately, you and I go to the yamen to sort out the documents.There is still one hour to go up.Although the trial of the case is almost over, there is still time to go to Shuntian Mansion Yamen to do the paperwork.The time is really rushed, but it is better to close this case earlier.Wei Yuanchen walked forward, and Gu Mingzhu was about to quicken his pace to catch up, when suddenly Master Wei stopped again.Gu Mingzhu only felt him take a step forward, blocking her behind without leaving a trace, and then Cheng Yi hurried out from Cheng s house.Xue Laotong Judgment looked at Su Fu and said, Your Excellency came to Shuntian Mansion Yamen to be the parents official of the people, but Shuntian Mansion is very important to Da Zhou, the Emperor said that Your Excellency is the First Governor , even though it is an honor, it also pushes His Excellency away.When you are how long does cbd gummies stay in system on the cusp of the storm, so many eyes are on your lord, you have to be more careful.Su Fu laughed at himself What is important, but it is only during the applause of others, avoiding the East Palace, the imperial concubine, gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio and the three The prince and the fifth prince, when handling a case, we have to guard against these people s hands, and Qiao Song from the Ministry of Punishment fights openly and secretly, how much energy can be used on the people, this official is so useless, maybe one day I will ask myself If you leave your post, you won t be in the vortex.

The prince s expression looked extremely crazy Royal father, look at how my subjects have been harmed by them.The prince said and removed the veil covering his face, and the terrifying scars immediately appeared in front of everyone , the crown prince tore off the hair crown on his head, and the cbd gummies good for inflammation wig that the palace servants worked so hard to put on also fell off.Many people hadn t seen the prince s appearance after being injured, so they couldn t help but gasped.The prince s hair was disheveled, and his face was ferocious Father, look, it s him.He wants to sit on the position of the crown prince, and step by step, he will make his ministers look like this.The best way to eat cbd gummies face of the third prince changed slightly.Going crazy in front of the courtiers, but the third prince had the experience of being stabbed by the crown prince with a piece of porcelain do cbd gummies work for pain before, and now his expression is still calm, and he immediately knelt down and said Father and emperor, I swear to the sky, I have never harmed my elder brother, If I have any intention of competing for the crown prince, I will let my son let me never be a descendant of the Song family.How could Mrs.Lin not worry, Master Hou held back The fire in the chest must be released through this, there is really an injury, that s really She is not the same as when she was not out of the cabinet now, she doesn t want to have a big belly here, and feed Lord Hou on the other side Deliver medicine.Mrs.Lin walked all the way to the courtyard, but before she got there, she heard the sound of the spear dancing.She stopped and hit her.She went now to add to the chaos.Have someone prepare some medicine, and invite a doctor to come in.The rest is up to them, Mrs.Lin turned and walked back thinking like this, the child in her stomach was also dancing around halfway.Mrs.Lin patted her stomach with her hands.She always felt that such scenes would be indispensable in the Hou Mansion in the future.She will definitely find a chance to avenge me.However, I can kill her.Once she kills her once, she can be killed a second time, and the people around her are the same.Qiao Song found out the case of Dali Temple .

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Zheng Tang Qing s favoritism and perversion of the law, so he became famous.The Tang family is Tang Qing s daughter.Tang shi faked his death and escaped.Later, Tang shi came to seek revenge on him, and wanted to get rid of him with the help of the second prince.The second prince s rebellion was revealed, and he went to Fujian to arrest the Tang family.It was also at that time that someone broke into the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice and robbed the prison.But Qiao Song knew that Tang was not dead, she would come back sooner or later, and he was waiting here to see what tricks Tang could use The Gu family.Thinking like this, he slowly closed his eyes and fell into a dream Gu Mingzhu changed her clothes and sat by the bed.Miss, Baotong said worriedly, Why is your bun messy She obviously tied her bun tightly, so it won t get messed up no matter what.Gu Mingzhu said When I was hiding behind the tree, I didn t want a big yellow fairy to jump on my shoulder and knock off the little crown on its head in a panic.Gu Mingzhu climbed onto the bed while talking.Baotong stepped forward to cover the brocade quilt I heard that Huang Daxian likes precious things, next time the servants don t need the small crown inlaid with jade.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Then Baotong took the lamp and left.The room darkened, Gu Mingzhu raised her head to look at the window, the bright moonlight was still above her head.Ajun.Her heart was still flustered, she wanted to know the reason but didn t want to ask, suddenly remembered the plate of red cbd gummies on an empty stomach bean cakes in front of Zhou Rujun s grave, when she came to Beijing, she met the aunt on West Street in the Wei family s small courtyard.Tai must also feel sorry for Lao Hou in her heart.Master.Mrs.Zhang s eyes were slightly red Not only that, if we hadn t persuaded Mrs.Tai not to even eat, our Lord Hou would not hesitate to seriously injure Mrs.Tai in order to catch Lin Sizhen.Master Hou is also suffering.I only hope that Master gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio Return to Beijing hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd earlier to untie the knot with Mrs.Tai.The third concubine s heart brightened Then you have to persuade Mrs.Tai, don t blame Marquis Ding Ning, Marquis Ding Ning did this for Da Zhou, if Marquis Ding Ning didn t , Mrs.Tai would have been implicated by Lin Sizhen long ago, and the court thought that she had made great contributions to cbd gummies good for inflammation Marquis Ding Ning, even though Mrs.Tai was at fault, she would deal with it lightly.After the third concubine finished speaking, she found that Zhu Zhu had left and returned at some point, and stood in front of them.Gu Mingwan finally received the compliment from the third concubine, she lowered her head slightly and blushed and smiled.Three princes and concubines.This hand is also pretty, said the third concubine, it must be a girl who is good at women.Mrs.Gu said My sister Wan knows many kinds of embroidery methods, and all the clothes on my body are made by her own hands.Finally talking about her strengths, Gu Mingwan let out a long sigh of relief, and stopped talking about that idiot.It has been hundreds of years since Taiqing Temple was built, and it has been expanded three times.The quiet room behind the main hall is for female relatives to live temporarily.Seeing people dressed as servants walking around, Gu Mingzhu asked Nie Chen to inquire beforehand, and had a general understanding of this Taiqing temple.

Zhuzhu.There are many female relatives going up the mountain, gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio and it is difficult for people to guess her identity without stating her surname clearly, but Mo Yangming has heard this name from the hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd Queen Mother.You are Miss Gu Mo Yangming said.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Really, Mo Yangming remembered about the Gu family, Huaiyuan Hou accidentally uncovered the war horse case, Huaiyuan Hou s various empress dowagers did canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation not go into details, but mentioned that Huaiyuan Hou s daughter, Gu Mingzhu, was born with dementia , nicknamed Zhuzhu.The apple of the eye.The Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife did not dislike their daughter suffering from dementia, just like Master Bai and his wife did not dislike A Chan back then.Thinking about it this way, Miss Gu is somewhat similar to Ah Chan.Mo Yangming looked carefully at the fancy lock in his hand, and saw that the word Dan was engraved on it, and it really was the lock made by Ah Chan.Don t care, why are you going to commit suicide this time I know that my father and mother blame me, and they will blame me until they die But I really do it for the good of the Bai family.Bai Gongren tightened his fingers Reallyreally Don t HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation blame me, A Chan has been ill for a long time.Didn t the real person notice it when she got along with her She kept talking nonsense about getting married, saying that there was a man who liked her, didn t dislike her legs, and would welcome her as his wife.That man is not only famous, but the most important thing is that he is dedicated to serving the country and the people, he is a hero.Speaking of this, Bai Gong looked at Mo Zhenren fixedly Does the real person think it is possible A Chan has a mediocre appearance and was born with a disease in her legs.He has a photographic memory and is always cbd gummies good for inflammation cautious.He remembers these things clearly.Chu.Qiao Song went on to say If this case is true, Yuan Zhixing used merchants to buy and sell private goods in private, and naturally he could also get to know those Tatar merchants through them, so he persecuted Zhao, framed Peng Liang, and made Ximen soldiers Ma Si s men went to catch Peng Liang, and cbd gummies good for inflammation the arrangement was perfect, I didn t expect Master Wei to notice the strangeness beforehand.The emperor thought about Qiao Song s words.Qiao Song continued Lord Wei found out that the person who went to Shanxi to harm Mrs.Zhao was from the Daning Capital, and Yuan Zhixing happened to have been to the Daning Capital.Not only that, when General Zhao was defeated in Northern Xinjiang, although Yuan Zhixing was only He was an authentic seventh rank supervisor of the censor, but he went to northern Xinjiang to inspect the military camp with Shi Ze, who was then the censor of the capital.Chapter 302 Finally got eaten When Wu Zuo asked about this matter, he joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation heard Wei Yuanchen s voice.When did Yan Shen ask you for news Kong Laozuo didn t have to think about it carefully It was when he won the third place in the Dali Temple exam.At that time, everyone called him Yan Tanhua, and now seven or eight Years Wei Yuanchen joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation continued Even if this cbd gummies good for inflammation case canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation was investigated seven or eight years ago, it has been a long time since A Chan s death, there must be a lot of documents backlogged in the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion, why would you help him look through them Kong Laofu said His master is Xue Lao Tong San, although at that time Xue Lao Tong San could not be reused and was sent by the yamen for some unimportant errands, but those of us admire Xue Lao Tong San very much, and the strict Shen didn t come alone, and he brought a famous post.Lin didn t ask any more questions, and ordered the steward Clean up one of the guest rooms in the backyard, and then invite old imperial doctor Chai to come.Zou Lin immediately got up and thanked.Clan sister, don t be like this, Mrs.Lin said, At that time, Zhuzhu was sick and had a cbd gummies good for inflammation rash on her body.Everyone was afraid that it was pox, but the clan sister was always helping me take care of Zhuzhu.Now that the clan sister is sick, I am the same.The family sister should not think about other things, the most important thing is to get a good medical treatment.Zou Lin nodded, her eyes fell on Zou Xiang, her expression flashed with sadness, and her heart was full of mixed feelings and became a mess.She knew that Mrs.Lin would not agree immediately, but after all, they were left to live in the mansion, so there was still a glimmer of hope.Mrs.Wei has a majestic appearance and a kind heart, and this Empress Wei is also like this.She is confined in the Kunning Palace and does not interact with outsiders.It is not for herself, but for the entire Wei family.The palace servants and servants of Kunning Palace are here with Empress Wei, and all of them are lazy and casual in doing cbd gummies good for inflammation things.They seem to have ignored this master for a long time, but they don t have the slightest bit of resentment.If you isolate the fallen leaves and the bleak atmosphere, you will feel the happy and harmonious scene between the master and the servant.The Yulouchun brought by the Compassionate Ning Palace was placed cbd gummies do they help with sleep on the long table in the inner hall by the palace people.Empress Wei could see it when she raised her eyes from the position where she was sitting.

The war in northern Xinjiang was stable, and the imperial court ordered Cui Zhen to return to Beijing as soon as possible.Inquire about the situation of the Beijiang Guard.When she came out of the palace, Cui Zhen had already entered the city.The triumphant return of General Changsheng, although this battle should not be publicized, and the cbd gummies good for inflammation common people did not line up to welcome the triumphant soldiers, but there must be officials from the Ministry of War and Rituals to welcome them, which must be very honorable.After the glory, Cui Zhen will deal with the affairs of the Cui family.In the guest room of Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Zou Lin couldn t swallow it after a half meal, but she urged Zou Xiang You have to eat more, so you won t get canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation sick, lest I pass it on to you.Zou Xiang nodded obediently.Many people will die if we solve this case by means.As soon as the words came out, the room was immediately quiet.Cui Zhen continued A lot of soldiers have been implicated in Northern Xinjiang.This time Captain Long brought a team to Yulinwei and killed more cbd gummies good for inflammation than 60 generals and generals.There seemed to be a bloody smell in the room.Zhen hurried on the road overnight, and his eyes were covered with blood Ao er is a surprise attack, and the real people of Lin Temple are the internal response The imperial court won this battle because of the soldiers and horses cultivated in the northern Xinjiang for ten years Die There are countless people.Next, more people will be conscripted into military service Food cbd gummies cure ed will be supplied to the military in northern Xinjiang for a year on New Year s Day The emperor s anger can be imagined.Under the reflection of the candied fruit, his lips were extraordinarily bright red Lips Pressed down by the candied fruit, he was obviously a cold and dignified person, but at that moment he seemed a little aggrieved.Illusions, all illusions It must be because the candied fruit was gone before, and Master Wei didn t taste it.Although she added one later, she still felt a little guilty in her heart.Miss, Baotong said, Madam is calling you.Miss lost her mind for some reason, could it be because the candied fruit is so delicious Gu Mingzhu put aside her thoughts and happily ran back to Mrs.Lin Cui Zhen came out from the palace gate, what happened in the court hall just now made him frown slightly.He returned to Beijing to return to his command, and the war in northern Xinjiang came to an end.Even if she hadn t figured out what the elder sister was thinking before, after the Shanxi case, she couldn t understand it any more.The reason why the elder sister wanted Zhuzhu was because of the Gu family The population is small, she and Master Hou dote on Zhuzhu, and after Zhuzhu gets married, the eldest sister can use Zhuzhu to contain the Huaiyuanhou s mansion, she will not joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation agree to it just because of this.Mother, Gu Mingzhu looked at Mrs.Lin, I don t know when the rain will stop.Mrs.Lin listened to her daughter continue to speak.Gu Mingzhu said I want to visit Anjiyuan.Gu Mingzhu hugged the medicine box, rubbing her fingers on the medicine box.Mrs.Lin subconsciously refused It was raining so hard outside How could she go out from home, but soon she thought that she often prayed for God s blessing Let Zhuzhu be healthy Accepting a real person as an apprentice This is God s will in the dark.Gu Mingwan opened the curtain and looked out eagerly.Old lady Our wife and eldest lady went to the Wei family for a banquet, and they are not at home today.The old lady Gu continued, Where is Lord Hou hands up.The old lady Gu said sadly Then we will come back tomorrow.Gu Mingwan put down the curtain, his eyes suddenly turned red Grandmother What should I do Father went out early in the morning, just in time to bump into Tan Sanye walking out of the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion I didn t know yesterday Something happened at night.A cbd gummies good for inflammation woman died in the Anjiyuan Blame it on Mr.Tan How could Mr.Tan be that kind of person The Tan family took care of the Anjiyuan all day long, so why did they cause such a disaster.Gu Mingwan felt wronged for Tan Sanye when she thought about it, and when she heard that her uncle was also in Anjiyuan yesterday, she and her grandmother came to hear the news, but they missed it.Mrs.Zhang Exclaimed So, the Zhang family is really good.Tian Gongren nodded.The Zhang HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation family is smart, kind and knows how to manage.Even the master has some money with the Zhang family and asks the Zhang family to help with some business.All the guests had arrived, Mrs.Li invited everyone to the banquet, Tian Gongren came back to his senses, and followed everyone to the main room in the backyard.Mrs.Zhang took the opportunity to drag Zhang Shi to the side You asked me to talk more with Tian Gong and asked cbd gummies good for inflammation about her family affairs.What exactly do you want me hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd to find out I helped.Mrs.Zhang was at a loss, and Tian Gongren didn t say anything for a long time, and she didn t know whether this help would be helpful.The female relatives all entered the main room, Gu Mingzhu deliberately walked slowly, passing by Shoushan Stone, she deliberately stopped for a moment.

Zhang thought about it, and took it from Miss Gu.The purse was carefully hung on Gu Mingzhu s waist, fearing that it might not be tied tightly, so he tied two extra knots.Gu Mingzhu looked at the smile in Zhang s eyebrows, just saw Grandma Wei approaching, she grabbed it eagerly, Master Wei sent it forward, and the purse was in her hands, and now Grandma Wei It was cbd gummies good for inflammation tied around her waist, it seems that she has not returned this purse.Chapter 337 Good Omen Mrs.Li looked at the door, for fear that the eldest daughter in law cbd gummies good for inflammation would bring someone over to say that there was a disturbance in the garden.Fortunately, the eldest daughter in law came back happily with Miss Gu.It s fine.Mrs.Li breathed a sigh of relief.Today, when she saw Brother Chen wearing gold and silver, standing shining brightly in the sun, she knew it.This time, even if she was burned herself, she would have to go through it again.Mo Yangming was about to get up and go back to the Taoist temple.Someone from the Anjiyuan came to see Mo Yangming again.Mo Yangming adjusted his Taoist robe and looked at Gu Mingzhu Zhuzhu, let s go.Gu Mingzhu was about to walk in front of Wei Yuanchen However, a hand suddenly grabbed the corner of Wei Yuanchen s clothes.My lord.Wei Yuanchen heard the girl whisper I found something strange, these two objects should be made by one person.The girl s eyes were full of smiles, and the rippling smile made Wei Yuanchen s heart warm.What did she call him canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation My lord, not Wei lord.She said it so smoothly, only her own family would call it that.Chapter 348 The World s No.1 Vinegar Wei Yuanchen watched as Gu Mingzhu carefully raised the two hidden weapons that resembled sleeve arrows in front of him.I asked someone to go to Tongzhou Wharf to inquire.The ship that transported the goods of the Gu family had handymen on board to help carry the goods.After arriving in Tongzhou , the handyman left without a trace, and he didn t even have time to ask the boss for his wages.Gu Chongyi s heart lit up So it may be that someone has tampered with it secretly.Wei Yuanchen said I have asked people to track down the Handyman.Gu Chongyi let out a long sigh of relief, before he could think of a solution, Wei Yuanchen found a way to start, and this junior of the Wei family is indeed cbd gummies good for inflammation very good.Chapter 351 Cooperating with Gu Chongyi to think about what Wei Yuanchen said, if someone has been staring at the lotus alley, then what happened to Tan Zigeng Was he wronged like Hehua Hutong Gu Chongyi put away the paper in his hand, Wei Yuanchen helped in this way, did he not forget his wife s life saving grace I don t know what the uncle and nephew are planning.In addition, we also used Some damaged artillery in the arsenal, it is by these firearms that the city was defended.When Tan Dingfang said this, he let out a long sigh Moreover, the officials from the Ministry of War and the officials who went to manage the weapons joined the soldiers and horses of General Zhao after the city was broken.The official was killed in the camp.Although it was later found out that it was a centurion who killed the official of the Ministry of War, who ordered the centurion The censor suspected that General Zhao was afraid of being impeached by the officials of the Ministry of War, so he ordered people to attack the officials of the Ministry of War.Tan Dingfang thought about it carefully Since Old General Zhao got the news from the lieutenant general that there is something wrong with those artillery pieces, can someone go to check after Daning is taken back Tan Dingfang nodded However, those artillery pieces have been taken away by the Tatars.Yu Zhenhai nodded desperately Second Master I will never say, don t worry Master Fang Er said After this incident, I will give you a sum of money and let you leave the capital to retire.How many sons will you have Let them study, and they will have the opportunity to obtain fame and become an official in the future.This is the only one you have.A chance to turn around.Hearing this, Yu Zhenhai was overjoyed, as if thinking that the Yu family would also have a high rise mansion in the future The population is prosperous.I m not talking in empty words, the second master Fang took out a key and handed it to Yu Zhenhai.It s the Zhuangzi on the west side.That Zhuangzi and its contents are all yours After that, I ll give you another 100 acres.Good land.Yu Zhenhai s eyes widened Never thought he would have today.Who will stabilize the harem Some people will never be able to hold a high position, while some are born to stand high, and no one can change this.Mo Zhenren came back to his senses after a while, and looked at the little apprentice It s a pity that this is not the past, otherwise the Empress would like you and often take you to Kunning Palace, you can learn a lot from the Empress.Gu Mingzhu said The Empress is very happy.Great, right Mo Zhenren nodded.Gu Mingzhu went joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation to Mo Zhenren s side Master, can you tell me joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation more about your mother Mo Zhenren smiled You will see it soon.Empress Wei nodded as she looked at the cages in front cbd gummies good for inflammation of her.The servants immediately closed the cages and sent them to Jing an Temple outside the palace.Concubine Mi s coffin was parked in Jing an Temple, waiting to be sent to the concubine mausoleum for burial.

It turns out that the Xiu family got a ship steward a few years ago.The family earned a few businesses at sea, and gradually gained the trust of Master Xiu.The reason why the Xiu family was able to prosper was that the ship steward took care of it.It was originally a good thing, but Master Xiu suddenly discovered that although adverse effect of cbd gummy icd 10 he was still a nominal The person in charge, in fact, the Xiu family s fleet has long been out of his control, and even the eldest son he sent died accidentally when he was out at sea.Old judge Xue looked at Wei Yuanchen I heard this and roughly understood the intention of the ship steward.Wei Yuanchen said The steward of the ship took advantage of the Xiu family s reputation and connections at sea to recruit pirates.Xue Laotong nodded Use the name of the Xiu family to do things, and then kick the Xiu family away after achieving the goal.Wei Yuanchen walked around the partition, and sure enough, he saw a figure standing stiffly in front of the window, Zhuzhu must be feeling sorry for Yan Shen.Wei Yuanchen didn t speak, and went straight behind Gu Mingzhu, stretched out his hand and gently placed it on her shoulder.My lord, I m cbd gummies good for inflammation sorry The girl s voice was hoarse.Those cases will be investigated clearly, and those who were framed back then will be rehabilitated.The girl nodded My lord, can I ask you one thing.Yes.Wei Yuanchen s voice was very soft, as if he was afraid As if to scare her.Can how to eat a cbd gummy you turn your head away first, II Gu Mingzhu put her hand on her chin, Can you turn your head away first, my lord, I may have blown too much wind, and I used a battered fake chin It s cracked, and it s about to fall off, I m afraidto frighten the adults.The old lady sat down on the chair and looked at Gu Chongwen angrily Sister Wan With a father like you, it s really Before the old lady could finish her sentence, the maid beside Gu Mingwan said timidly Miss said that if she can t marry Mr.Tan, she will be a sister in law.Look Look, the old lady Gu slapped her palm on the table, Poor sister Wan.Gu Chongwen didn t know how to appease his mother, so he saw Zhuzhu s little face come into the room again The banquet is ready, mother Waiting for the clan grandmother and clan uncle in the flower hall.The old lady Gu had to swallow the anger that was about to be released, and she had to bow her head under the eaves, the poor two children.The old lady Gu stared at Gu Chongwen There will be a day you regret it.The Gu family happily held the banquet.The Guozijian Jijiu Mansion is a desolate scene.Cui Zhen remembered Zou Xiang s appearance when he was holding a bow and arrow, and the look on his brow made him very kind, because it was somewhat similar to him when he was a child.So, Zou Xiang is his child Why did his child live outside, take the Zou family s surname, and hate Zhang and him so much Cui Zhen didn t come back to his senses for a while, following Zou Xiang s cries, seeing that the room was becoming more and more chaotic, a figure walked in quickly.Said in a crisp voice Bring the medicine box in the side room, and pour a basin of warm water.A slender and petite figure walked straight into the inner room, and at this moment the servants stopped running around in a panic, Zou Xiang cried The sound also stopped.Zou Xiang, Aunt Zu is fine, just a moment dr oz cbd gummys of emotional agitation, she will wake up after I use the needle, and Aunt Zu will recover after a while, you have to talk well, don t make her worry about you like that, understand All the troubles subsided in this instant, and even Cui Zhen s mind returned to clarity.Master Hou and Madam will give you a bite to eat.When you grow up, you will have your own family , why don t you listen I don t want to, Zou Xiang said, it s useless to live.I ll go with my mother.Zou Lin s breathing seemed to be stagnant, and it took a long time for him to cry You wolf hearted thing, you forgot how your mother is.She gave birth to you She risked her life for you, but you said that life is useless, I ll kill you, you bastard.Even though Zou Lin said this, he didn t hit Zou Xiang again, but beat Zou Xiang s body.The hands are getting tighter and tighter.Cui Zhen looked at Zou Linshi and Zou Xiang quietly, he tried hard to recall where he had seen Zou Linshi, until now he vaguely came up with hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd a general idea.Cui Zhen waited for Zou Lin s crying to subside HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation before saying My aunt helps my mother take care of a house in Shaanxi.Mrs.Zhang was not very smart, but fortunately she understood his thoughts very well and could do things just right.He didn t want to Looking for a wife hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd who is good at dancing with long sleeves and has too many thoughts, I am afraid that she will fight with her mother endlessly and make the inner house dirty.He thought he knew Mrs.Zhang very well, and it was also because Mrs.Zhang was gentle and virtuous when she first married in, and he blindly gave in, which made his mother stretch her hand on Mrs.Zhang s dowry.It is difficult to gain a foothold in the Hou s mansion, but she did not expect that Mrs.Zhang is more scheming than her mother.His mother can easily see through his mind, but Mrs.Zhang He still can t see through her mind until now.I don t know if she is hurting others because of jealousy, or if she has other plans.

In addition to what he knows, Mrs.Zhang has done something What Could it be that he was wrong from the beginning, seeing Zhou being killed by his younger brother and marrying Zhang into the mansion, all the roots started from this.Master Hou, Mr.Ge Zhenning, deputy envoy of Zhangzhou Haidao, is here.Hearing the steward s report, Gu Chongyi nodded, Please invite him into the study.Cui Zhen looked at gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio Gu Chongyi, and Cui Zhen knew Ge Zhenning when they met It was already arranged to come to Fuchu.Gu Chongyi said Zhenning is not an outsider, Brother Zhen, you also stay here.Cui Zhen responded, stood up and followed Gu Chongyi to meet people Mrs.Zhang was sitting in the flower hall, feeling quite uneasy.She looked at the mother in charge beside her, and motioned for the mother in charge to inquire about the news.Gu Mingzhu s eyes brightened, and he said confidently The hawthorn promotes qi and dispels blood stasis, my lord, these are good for you and very suitable for the symptoms.He said and picked up cbd gummies good for inflammation natures one cbd gummies where to buy the silver pot to brew.Wei Yuanchen looked at Lin Zongzong floating on the teacup, he felt a cbd gummies good for inflammation burst of warmth before he drank it, is she concerned about him But these are supplements, and he is so weak in her heart Although not so happy, he didn t want to miss it either.Wei Yuanchen picked up the tea and drank it slowly.The taste is really sweet, with a slight sourness in the sweetness.Gu Mingzhu immediately drank another cup.While she was stretching her sleeves, Wei Yuanchen vaguely smelled the smell of medicinal wine Is anyone in the mansion injured Before Gu Mingzhu could speak, Baotong next to him said, In order to help Uncle Zou cover up, the eldest lady was thrown away by Marquis Dingning.Zhang s slender body shrank and leaned against the soft edge, her whole body how to take just cbd gummy bears was shaking in horror.Mrs.Zhang seemed to recognize it at this time Mother Jiang what happened If he hadn t been prepared, Cui Zhen would feel unbearable when he saw Mrs.Zhang like this.Cui Zhen looked at Mother Jiang, who knelt on the ground Madam Yao Qing is not dead She told Lord Hou everything about that year, Lord Hou everything knows Madam Zhang s heart sank , her chest fluttered, and Zou Xiang s face appeared in front of her eyes.Sure enough, cbd gummies good for inflammation something happened.The first time she saw Zou Lin and Zou Xiang in the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion, she should have someone investigate.If she made a move at that time, gummy foods cbd are cbd gummies legal in ohio It wouldn t be possible for Lord Hou to know about it and make trouble to this extent.So today in Huaiyuanhou s mansion, she was completely fooled.Grandpa Zhang said Qiu Haicai heard the news, and now that my little sister is in trouble again, the top priority is to stabilize the current situation.They can t be allowed to continue to investigate along the clues of the Shandong pirates and the shipyard, otherwise they will be investigated soon.Come on us.Mrs.Zhang s eyes drooped I know what I m going to do, I ll send out the news, ask the Ministry of War and the Metropolitan Procuratorate for help, and let Qiu Hai arrange the things at hand, hillstone hemp cbd gummies gummy foods cbd don t let others Grab the handle.Grandpa Zhang bowed and retreated Huaiyuanhou Mansion.Just before dawn, Gu Mingzhu got dressed cbd gummies canada sleep and went to the garden to see Mrs.Zou Lin.From a distance, she saw Mrs.Zou Lin being supported by someone standing not far away, watching Zou Xiang bow and shoot an arrow.That is who are you and what are you going to do Whether it is forced or willing, it is one s own choice.Gu Mingzhu reached out and touched Zou Xiang s head Go back and stay with my aunt.Zou Xiang kept looking at the girl s figure Leaving, just yesterday cbd gummies good for inflammation when Miss Gu helped him, he felt another kind of warmth.Gu Mingzhu returned to her room, changed her clothes, and then went out again.Today she will enter the palace kangaroo cbd gummies 250 mg is that total with Mo Zhenren.Be careful, Mrs.Lin instructed, Speak less in the palace, and be more cautious in doing things.Gu Mingzhu said Mother, don t worry, the empress is very gentle.My daughter removed the netting in the palace and didn t make it up.Madam Lin didn t blame me.Mrs.Lin said It can t be like this today.Gu Mingzhu said with a smile This time I am prepared, my daughter brought some into the palace, if you want to tear them down, you can take them with you.The war horse case in Taiyuan Mansion was started by Huaiyuanhou, and Huaiyuanhou didn t seem to intervene in the subsequent cases, and he didn t have any involvement behind his back.Don t waste your energy, the Wei family will check the coastal guards and shipyards, and the Marquis of Huaiyuan will not stand by.They are all smart people, if they join forces to deceive Aijia, Aijia will be fooled.The queen mother waved her hand There is no perfect solution in this world.The Ai family has thought about it over and over again, so let s do this.I hope the Ai family has not lost sight of it.Mo Yangming said The empress dowager has made up her mind to help, otherwise she will not Let the Taoist see the queen s symptoms, and let the queen come out to preside over the funeral after Concubine Mi has gone.

Empress Wei nodded Empress Wei s expression seemed to be as calm as water, but her heart couldn t help but move.When Mo Zhenren came to Kunning Palace to treat her injuries last time, she had guessed that Mo Zhenren meant to help the Wei family, but she was not sure at that time.Unexpectedly, Brother Chen really invited Mo Zhenren.Empress Wei thought that Miss Gu s smile appeared in her mind, it should not be due to Brother Chen alone.Mo Zhenren said The Empress Dowager promised to ask the Guo family to help investigate the case.Mo Zhenren did not explain the cause and effect to Queen Wei in detail, but Wei Queen already understood Are they going to use the navy Mo Zhenren went to twist the needle The empress dowager was really smart, and she didn t need to explain the inside story, no wonder the empress dowager was willing to extend her hand.I m leaving.Wei Yuanchen stood up, It s almost dawn.Gu Mingzhu nodded.Fortunately, everyone in the family was looking after her mother tonight, and Yang s mother couldn t care less about coming to the small study, otherwise she would have to Block it straight.Wei Yuanchen stretched out his hand, Gu Mingzhu hesitantly passed it over, Master Wei s hand always seemed to be warmer than hers.The two walked to the door holding hands and looked up at the sky together.It is said that the sky is darkest when it is about to dawn, but now that the moon is in the sky, Wei Yuanchen remembered that today is the Lantern Festival, and the lanterns in the courtyard of the Gu family just happened to be lit, so he stood with her to watch the lanterns.Wei Yuanchen looked down at Zhuzhu beside him, and the girl raised her head slightly, wondering what she was thinking.Jiang Shi seemed to know that he would open the door to check, so she stood on the bluestone, where he could see it when he opened the door, and looked at him canopy cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation from a distance.That Jiang family seemed to be able to see through his thoughts, Zhou Zejing shrank in his heart, feeling a little scared.Gu Mingzhu looked at Zhou Zejing, no one could stop the person she wanted to take away and the case she wanted to investigate.Zhou Zejing said It s just Zhou Zesheng s dog, how capable it is, who can Zhou Zesheng invite to help As soon as Zhou Zejing finished speaking, he saw someone running all the way.At the gate of his yard, he knocked on the gate.Second Master, Master Yin Su of Shuntian Mansion is here.Su Fu came in person, he couldn t see him, Zhou Zejing took a deep breath, how could Zhou Zesheng invite Su Fu Although he still can t figure it out, Zhou Zejing can only bite the bullet and walk out of the house right now.Tell me, what do you know, Zhou HCMUSSH cbd gummies good for inflammation Zesheng said, If you don t tell the truth, I ll hang you from a tree again.Zhou Zejing felt the rope around his neck being pulled tightly by Zhou Zesheng again, and he said in a panic Cao The family killed the eldest brother and sister in law, because the eldest brother knew the secrets of the Cao family and Concubine De.Zhou Zesheng said, What secret Zhou Zejing shook his head I don t know all about it, but the Cao familythe Cao family raised women and sent them to powerful mansionsEven the East Palace has such womenBesides, the concubine De Concubine De Zhou Zesheng said How is Concubine De Chapter 497 Unforgivable Zhou Zejing closed his mouth, just about to think about it, when the rope around cbd gummies good for inflammation his neck tightened, he immediately couldn t breathe again.Zhou Zejing couldn t stand the torture again and again, he tried his best to nod, but all he could do was make the flesh on his face tremble.Feng Anping was still thinking about the ins and outs of the whole case, and it took him a while to come to his .

can minors have cbd gummies?

senses.It was raining heavily and it was inconvenient to walk, and Ms.Jiang should smilz cbd gummies scam have her reasons for making such arrangements.A fire was lit in the room, Gu Mingzhu sat beside Zhou Zesheng, Chu Jiu and Liu Su also entered the room.Feng Anping saw Nie Chen and Liu Su, and knew that they came with Miss Jiang, but he didn t understand why Sanye Wei kept Chu Jiu behind.This is exile Feng Anping smacked his lips.Could it be that Chujiu didn t serve Wuheiji well Wei Sanye didn t want him anymore and threw him to the common people.Feng Anping rubbed his waist, wanting to give Chujiu some beef jerky Comfort comfort.But looking at Chu Jiu s high spirited appearance, Feng Anping felt that Chu Jiu seemed to be living a better life than him now.The daughter in law is afraid that after the revelation of Concubine De, King Su will do something.The soldiers and horses borrowed from the Queen Mother are to prevent King Su from changing.If King Su had no intentions, my daughter in law would not use these troops.Besides, if someone takes the opportunity to attack the city at this time, the generals we can use will guard the city gate and wait for reinforcements.The Queen Mother Nodding, the queen was worried that if the capital was in chaos and someone would take the opportunity to attack the city, the soldiers and horses guarding the capital would be hard to deal with.Arrangement first, after all, is to grasp the opportunity in one s own hands.Okay, said the Empress Dowager, it s urgent, let s arrange it Empress Wei got cbd gummies to help stop drinking up and was about to leave when she remembered something again and said in a low voice Tomorrow morning, I have to trouble my mother to pass Master Mo Zhenren into the palace.

Do you think King Su will be able to become the new emperor after he successfully enters the palace Your mother and son have been on the throne from the beginning.Being used by others, such a stupid and incompetent person, even worse than King Liang who secretly peeped at the imperial power, how can he become the king of a country After finishing speaking, Queen Wei looked at Shen Lan Go on.Shen Lan nodded Concubine De s piano skills and music theory were all taught by a female gentleman, who was recommended to Concubine De by the King of Liang.Concubine De concubine was able to win the emperor s favor, and she also got advice from that lady.Now Now that I think about it, how a female gentleman would know what the emperor likes should have been planned by the King of Liang long ago.The slaves are by the side of the Concubine De, so I know this, and know that every time the Concubine De is in trouble, the King of Liang will go to Cao Cao The family pointed out that Liang Wang said that if the emperor hadn t taken a fancy cbd gummies for calming to De Concubine, he would have married De Concubine as his concubine.Gu Mingzhu was a little surprised.Mrs.Li heard that something happened outside, so she took someone to the mansion to take care of her mother and younger brother.When my mother was giving birth, it was fortunate that Mrs.Li was by her side to make up her mind.Last time there was chaos in Beijing, Mrs.Li also sent someone to inquire about the situation.It is the same now.Thinking of this, Gu Mingzhu is very grateful to the Wei family and Mrs.Li.The carriage arrived at the gate of the Hou Mansion, Gu Mingzhu got out of the carriage, and Mama Yang, who was in charge, rushed up to greet her Miss, you are back.Mama Yang wiped the corners of her eyes, and heard that King Su led troops into the palace gate.The madam was so anxious that she asked someone to prepare the car, and wanted to go to the palace to pick up the eldest lady immediately.The number of cavalry brought by Wei Yuanchen was difficult to suppress the rebels, but they were extremely flexible.The five square flag waved and immediately changed direction, and Wei Yuanchen turned around and headed towards Gongji City with his men.They re going back to the city, the rebel lieutenant yelled, follow them.They could take advantage of the opening of the city gate and rush into the city.Wei Yuanchen led the cavalry to the bottom of the city, but when they approached the city gate, they suddenly scattered sideways.The rebels who were chasing after them heard a sound above their heads, and stones and rolling logs were thrown from the city wall.As if in the blink of an eye, the dust was everywhere, and I don t know how many lives died reviews on cbd gummy bears on the battlefield.Liang Wang looked at the figure of Wei Yuanchen not far away, two clusters of flames were burning in his eyes, and he drew out the long sword at his waist.Immediately after the waist was lightened, the short blade was pulled away, and the waist belt was loosened immediately, and the armor was also pulled off.A person who appeared from nowhere put on his armor and took his money.Put the bag in your arms.Then the man put on his clothes and ran to their formation.Chapter 518 The Dawn of Victory The soldiers and horses brought by King Liang are dressed similarly .

where can i buy cbd gummies for tinnitus?

to the generals of the Great Zhou Dynasty.The cloth armor on their bodies is also from the Great Zhou Guards.The only difference is that the inner collar is changed from white to red Zhu Wu put cbd gummies good for inflammation natures one cbd gummies where to buy on the vice general s armor, tidied up the red collar, blackened his face, and pretended to crawl out of the thick smoke.According to Mr.Wei s previous instructions, he and Lu Guang detonated all the firearms they had bought in advance, and then left with a few people.Wei Shi knew that he couldn t see, and doing so was deliberately humiliating him.Empress Wei continued General Wei captured King Liang alive.If the emperor is healthy, he can personally reward the soldiers who fought.They are all heroes of the Great Zhou.Without them, the people of the Great Zhou would be caught in the flames of war.The emperor s chest After a while, who should he go to reward Wei Yuanchen Delusion, Wei Shi don t want to use him to do anything again, thinking of this, the emperor made some vague voices in his throat again.Datong has also won the battle.Cui Zhen is fighting against the enemy with Huairou s son in law in Yongping Mansion.I believe that there will be good news in Beijing soon, and Dazhou will be restored to stability.Empress Wei glanced at the emperor on the sick bed, Concubine Knowing the emperor s thoughts, I will arrange these things for the emperor, reward the heroes, eradicate the traitors, make the Zhou prosperous and the people stable, this has always been the emperor s wish.Zhang.He will take care of these things, but now he wants a moment of peace.Cui Zhen went all the way to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, first to meet Mrs.Lin, and then to say hello to his uncle and aunt.He heard from Cheng Yu that the Empress had married Wei Yuanchen and Zhuzhu, and he also wanted to send a congratulatory gift.Dismounted in front of the gate of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, the steward came to greet him, and Cui Zhen strode into the courtyard of the Hou s Mansion.Master Lin and Master Hou are waiting for you in the cbd pharm gummies main room.Cui Zhen nodded and walked up the corridor CuiZou Xiang has come back yet Master is back, practicing martial arts in the backyard.Cui Zhen didn t say anything else, but walked straight forward, Xiao er naturally knew that he was coming, and didn t go to the main room because he didn t want to see him.

After entering the hall, Cui Zhen saluted Lin Qicheng and Gu Chongyi.Get up, Lin Qicheng said, It s hard for you, I m coming to see you.Lin Qicheng looked at Cui Zhen carefully while speaking Are you injured I saw that you lost a lot of weight.Now Beijiang has won the battle., you need to take care of yourself when you come back.Cui Zhen looked really different from before, he seemed to be a different person, before he was high spirited, joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation his eyes were clear and bright, and he was full of self confidence, but now he is too thin to say the least , There is a twilight between the brows.Lin Qicheng sighed inwardly, this kid Cui Zhen has the heart to serve the country, and he is fair in doing things on weekdays, but he is dragged down by his mother, younger brother, and vitafusion gummies cbd wife.I went to see your mother, Lin Qicheng said, If her illness doesn t improve, I m afraid she won t have much time.Zou Xiang s eyes turned red immediately, and he looked at Cui Zhen stubbornly She said the same thing before my mother passed away, she said she was tired and would be fine after a nap, but she never woke up again.Cui Zhen knew Zou Xiang is talking about Zou Lin.I won t, Cui Zhen looked at Zou Xiang seriously and said, I will live, and I still want to teach you the Cui family s marksmanship and teach you how to ride and shoot There are still many things joy organics cbd gummies cbd gummies good for inflammation to do.You don t Deceived Not deceitful.Hearing this, Zou Xiang finally couldn t help it, tears welled up in an instant, but he immediately covered it with his sleeve.Cui Zhen moved his body with difficulty, trying to comfort Zou Xiang, but after all he was exhausted, he patted the bed and said, Brother Xiang, lie down, I ll talk to you Zou Xiang hesitated for a moment, or Carefully climbed onto the bed and lay beside Cui Zhen.Wei again.Gu Mingzhu was thinking about it when she felt her waist tighten and was held in Wei Yuanchen s arms again.My lordThird Lord Gu Mingzhu struggled, It s too late.She was already late to get up, and if she continued to make trouble, it would be too late.Only then did Wei Yuanchen let go of his hand, allowing her to fiddle with it.It was the first time that Gu Mingzhu found out that it was not an easy task to dress people.In the end, it was Master Wei who helped her to buckle her belt.Putting on the accessories and smoothing the robe, her Master Wei became neat and beautiful again.After eating, the two went to Mrs.Li s house.Gu Mingzhu looked up, and sure enough everyone was there, Wei Yuanchen and Gu Mingzhu offered tea to the elders.Mrs.Li looked at cbd gummies good for inflammation the seat beside her Zhuzhu, sit here.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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