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I don t know, it seems to be the case, but I was busy with business at the time, so I didn t go to see it.It seems that my son took the box of wife cakes to school to eat.Yuball Xie thought for a while and said.You re at a big loss.I ve eaten old Li s wife s cakes.The taste is really good, especially the stuffing.One bite will leave you with endless aftertaste.Really, is it really so delicious Yu Wanxie was surprised to see Lao Zhang s drooling face.Lao Zhang smiled exaggeratedly, Although it s a bit exaggerated, but the taste is really good.Chapter 10 Hot Sale Near the entrance of Tongcai Street, a group of old ladies were chatting on the street.While chatting, suddenly the aunt said, Did you hear that What did you hear Everyone asked suspiciously.What kind of promotion is the Liji tea restaurant in front of you doing today Buy a catty of wife cakes and get a lottery ticket.As long as there is money in it, she will definitely come and spend it.One Hong Kong dollar is not a small amount.For poor families, the income is only one or two thousand a month, and what is worse.However, there are many poor people in the slums of Xiangjiang, and there are also many well off and middle class people.It is also one of the reasons why Li Guohao adopted the membership system.First of all, there are many discounts.Other stores have a discount at most, but this store will have a 10 discount one day every week.Part of the pastries in the store can be used Buy it at a 10 discount.Secondly, the purchases in the store are converted into points at a rate of 1 1.When you reach a certain point, you can exchange for Abao dolls, or add other gifts in the future.The only thing that makes Li Guohao a headache is that the magnetic card is still available at this time.Rong Bingcai is a traditional businessman who pays attention to profit first, which is especially important for every penny.For him, saving a penny means earning a dollar back.Not only is there a shortage of catties on the scale, but also He is quite mean to the employees below.When recruiting people, he said well, during the three month internship period, if you do well and become a regular, your salary will double and you will get a commission.But in fact, since the store opened two or three years ago, Not a single employee has been a full time employee, and no one has worked for three months.They all use various reasons to resign the other party when the three month period is approaching.Removed.Naturally, the applicant does not know the details of Rongji, just think about it, if the salary of a few hundred yuan during the internship period is doubled and the commission is added, it will be around 2,000 yuan a month.I ll go What kind of play is this Li Guohao looked at the doll book in his hand and said in surprise.What a handsome boy The long haired man smiled wretchedly.I saw a pair of men and women drawn on the paper, forehead Let s just treat it as a man and a woman.The woman was wearing a bra and a bra, and the man in the painting was staring at the beautiful woman s breasts with a wet face.These are not the key to Li Guohao s surprise.The key point is the painting style of these two characters.It is completely like a child s graffiti.The lines are not smooth., not attractive at all.What is Mr.Li doing Mai Qi came back to his senses, caught a glimpse of Li Guohao beside him with a dull expression, and asked with a glance at the book in his hand.Oh, it s nothing.Li Guohao hurriedly closed the doll book, he didn t want Mai Qi to think karas orchard cbd gummies review that he was a salty guy, even though this so called salty manga didn t feel any excitement to him at all.Although the price is a bit more expensive than Rongji, not everyone buys food based on the price.If Rongji wants cbd gummies for ed oregon hemp cbd gummies online to organize membership activities, let them do it, and ignore it for the time being.They.Wait for a few days.After I finish the business of the new store, I m trying to figure out hempleafz cbd gummies how to get rid of Rongji.After all, Rongji is an old brand, and there are still quite a lot of old customers here on Kowloon Island.If it s true If you give them time to get the number of members up, they may keoni cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for hair close their doors and go out of business by then.Li Guohao glanced at Rongji across the cbd gummies for hair 2000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair street with a solemn expression.You must know that Rongji Bakery has been open for more than ten years, and it can only develop in Kowloon Island, and has not opened a store across the district.There are also many pastry shops similar to Wing Kee in the New Territories and Xiangjiang Island If they also engage in membership activities, it will be difficult The only way now is to spread Lee Kee s brand throughout Xiangjiang, not only in Kowloon Island, but also in the New Territories and Xiangjiang Island Only in this way can it be done once and for all, and avoid having to compete with competitors for promotional activities in one place.When Li Wen came to her senses, Zhu Qiaomei ran tens of meters away, and hurried to catch up and shouted, Hey, Amei, wait for me The two squeezed in with difficulty.Looking at the dazzling array of pastries in the store, Li Wen was dazzled on the spot.She had bought pastries many times before, and they all bought them from a small pastry shop near her home.There were not many varieties, only a dozen kinds.But at this moment, there are at least 30 kinds of snacks in front of me.Li Wen said in surprise, Amei has so many pastries here Sure, you didn t read the leaflet The ancestors of the owner of this restaurant were imperial cooks in the palace of the Qing Dynasty.Naturally, there are all kinds of pastries for the emperor.There are all styles Seeing so many tempting pastries, Zhu Qiaomei s eyes glowed green, like a hungry little wolf, swallowed the saliva that didn t exist, and patted Li Wen s shoulder, Go , let s pick some Fire velvet shortbread This is good, take two.Let s go oregon hemp cbd gummies online together, otherwise I don t have the skills to be the store manager.After hearing this, Cai Shaodong suddenly looked at Li Guohao beside him, and asked with a smile, This is your friend who runs a pastry shop.Only then did Zhang Dong think of Li Guohao, Hastily introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce Dong Ge.This is my boss and my brother who I have played with since I was a child.His surname is Li and his name is Guohao.You can just call him Ahao., shouted oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk directly Ahao, right Thank you for taking care of my cousin.Li Guohao has been looking at this cousin Zhang Dong from the side just now.He is very strong and about 1.8 meters tall.He is still quite handsome Yes, the most notable feature is his pair of red phoenix eyes, slightly squinted with a murderous feeling.As far as Brother Dong is concerned, A Dong and I have been playing together since we were young, so we can t talk about taking care of them.I also ask A Dong for many things.It is also because I have seen through Zhang Dong s personality that I trust him so much, and I don t do many things behind his back.Cai Shaodong nodded with a smile on his face, then turned to Zhang Dong and asked, Dong, what are you looking for this time Brother Dong, can you talk in another place martial artist.Let s go Please drink water and talk while walking.The three walked to a small shop not far away.Along the way, Zhang Dong briefly told Cai Shaodong about this matter.Cai Shaodong took three bottles of Coke from the small shop, and handed each of them a bottle after paying the money.He unscrewed the cap and took a sip.After hiccupping, he asked Li Guohao, Ahao, what are you thinking What does Brother Dong mean Li Guohao was a little puzzled.Cai Shaodong looked at the two immature faces, and while he was amused, he also explained One of your stores is on Nathan Road, and the other is in Central.The same scene is almost happening in Central.Many children who have read the Kung Fu Panda comics saw the Po as a live advertisement on the road in Central and Nathan Road, and clamored to go to Li Kee to buy the same dim sum that appeared in the comics.Because tomorrow is Christmas, and because of Christmas Eve, the eve coincides with Saturday, and there are gradually more people going out on the street, many of them are a family of three, or couples go shopping. Just today, TVB also began to broadcast the first episode of Kung oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk Fu Panda in the afternoon.This time Kung Fu Panda was put on TVB, Li Guohao didn t even recover the cost of the cartoon, he simply negotiated cbd gummies for hair with TVB and charged a small fee, thus pushing the cost to the advertisement.The general meaning is that at the end of the cartoon, the name of Li Ji s court dim sum and soft advertisements in the cartoon will be added.

Hearing this, Li Qiang understood that Li Guohao was sure I said to myself, Where is it Although Mr.Li has spread his energy and funds too much before, but now that Kung Fu Panda is so popular in Xiangjiang, it is not the best time for us to develop I bought a sweet date.While Li Guohao complained in his heart, he stood up and held Li Qiang s hand and said, Mr.Li Qiang graduated from a famous university, I can t compare with him.I believe that with your joining, our Liji Pastry will definitely be able to dominate the pastry market in Xiangjiang Mr.Li is too polite, I am just icing on the cake Li Qiang also said modestly at this moment.After talking about Li Qiang s joining Li Ji, the two also discussed the issue of salary.Although Li Qiang used to earn US dollars in the United States, when he came to Xiangjiang, he still had to calculate according to the local salary, with a maximum of 10 to 20 percent added.This is What happened on Nathan Road last time happened to be that I lived nearby.I had also applied for a membership card at Lee Kee Palace Bakery before, and I have to say that the pastries of this shop are really delicious.Before the Christmas night banquet at the Governor s Mansion, I also invited the head of Li Ji to make dim sum.I was there that night and I was lucky enough to taste Li Ji These front page headlines are not the key point, the most important point is an article by Yi Shu.Who is Yi Shu Some people may not know that she is the younger sister of Ni Kuang, one of the four great talents in Hong Kong.Original name Ni Yishu.Yi Shu s article is like this.Businessmen plan more.As far as I know, this membership event is a new promotion method that came out of Liji Palace Pastry.On the one hand, it is to quickly gather funds for development, and on the other hand, it is also to stabilize customers for long term consumption in the store.A tall ghost hugs Li Qiang like a child.Shen Bi, you are too enthusiastic Li Qiang finally left his embrace and smiled.Shen Bi said cheerfully Yes, I haven t seen you for many years.When I met you in the Australian branch, you were still studying.Now four or five years have passed.After the two chatted for a while, Shen Bi glanced at Li Guohao and asked, Will Li Qiang introduce the person next to you Li Qiang said, Oh, sorry, this is my current boss, Li Guohao.Li Qiang Hello sir, I have to say that there are too many Chinese people surnamed Li, and I know many of them.Shen Bi smiled.Yes, Li is a common surname in China, similar to the English name Jack, very common.Li Guohao shook hands with Shen Bi.Just now Li Guohao has been observing this ghost.Shen Bi, who was over sixty years old, still looked very strong, except for his gray hair and beard, just looking at his face, it was really impossible to tell that he was over sixty years old.Do you want to go in and have cbd gummies for hair a chat Zhang Dong smiled strangely.Li Qiang was still in a daze, but when he saw Zhang Dong s lascivious smile, he roughly understood something, and teased him, How about going in for some soup The soup here is the best in Temple Street Li Guohao His face turned red.After all, he is just a silk.Although he is considered to be successful in his career now, the pastry company is also in full swing, but in fact his character and thinking are still the same mentality as in his previous life.Among the three people in the shop who were drinking soup, Ah Zhen raised her head and complained, Sister, didn t you say you took me to have a big meal Why did you come to Temple Street to drink soup Zhao Yazhi smiled and heady harvest cbd sour gummies said I am here When RB was training, the company made some sushi and other food every day.This is not the general manager of your company.You have to rent a car with your own money.Let others know that our company is very mean Li Guohao also discovered a problem, that is, the general manager of the company is still To rent a car, it would be embarrassing to let others know.Well, I see.Here, is this right cbd gummies for hair Li Qiang stopped the car and asked, pointing to a restaurant not far away.Grandpa Li Renzhong was a little motion sick.After getting in the car, he chatted for a few words, then sat there and pretended to squint.When he heard what Li Qiang said, he also opened his eyes and looked Well, that s right.After Li Guohao helped his grandfather get out of the car, he said to Li Qiang Brother Qiang, I ll ask you to go and see it by yourself today.factory place.Yuen Long is the flattest place in the entire Xiangjiang River, and it katie couric cbd gummies reviews is also where most of the factories gather.Thank you, Shigong Guan Qi happily stood up and took the red envelope.Only Guan Yunfei said in embarrassment How can this be done, master.Okay, I entrusted this to my disciple and grandson, not to you.Li Renzhong gave Guan Yunfei a white cbd gummies gq look.Guan Yunfei said nonchalantly, Xiaoqi, go and do your work.Oh.After speaking, Guan Qi went back to the kitchen.Li Renzhong glanced around the store, and found that the layout and decoration were still the same as it was more than 20 years ago, except that some tables and chairs had been changed, and the walls had been painted.Yunfei, your store is still the same.Yes.Guan Yunfei nodded melancholy.Can be changed in a small range.By the way, why did you ask me to come over this time Li Renzhong asked about the doubts he had in his heart early in the morning.Palace cakes are advertised on TV, newspapers, and buses.It also let more people know that there is such a palace pastry shop in Xiangjiang.Therefore, the hygiene of Liji s palace cakes did not meet the standards this time, which also attracted the attention of many people.The first thing Li Guohao did when he came to the company was to find Li Qiang and Xie Honghe.To be honest, Li Guohao doesn t care much about the simple issue of cockroaches and mice.After all, such external factors are always inevitable.No matter where they are, there are these two kinds of pests, but how many The problem.If there is a problem with the pastry, it is really a blind comparison.Li Guohao didn t know how the people from the Department of Health tested it, it might be a procedure like a laboratory test.But Li Guohao couldn t guarantee whether the pastries were qualified.It is also an old restaurant that has been open for more than 20 years.It was originally a restaurant in Yuen Long, New Territories.It gradually became famous in Yuen Long with its unique cakes.In 1962, it established a limited company to expand.In the second year The first creation of white lotus seed paste moon cake, so far has really stepped into the pastry industry.A few years ago, the first branch of Wing Wah Cake Shop was opened in Xiangjiang Island, and in the same year, a Da Wing Wah Restaurant was opened in Wan Chai.Ronghua Bakery For Ronghua Bakery, Li Guohao knew very well that this shop is also well known in GD.From Xiangjiang all the way to GD, relying on their unique moon cakes, they have occupied a lot of business in the pastry market.PS Wing Kee is over, but I won t write about the second similar shop, just to introduce that there are still other peers in the pastry field.

Although there were a lot of them, they had gradually dried up.Although these stores continue to buy roses, the prices are getting higher and higher, which makes Li Guohao very annoyed.Why don t they send the company s salesperson to the Netherlands to discuss the order of roses with the largest local flower export company.The Netherlands is one of the largest flower exporting countries in the world, and the DGP of the national part relies on this to complete every year.And of course Dutch milk and black tea.The flower industry has become one of the emerging and most dynamic industries in the world s economic activities.Flower products have become international commodities, and consumption continues to increase.The international flower market began in 1960, with annual sales of 10 13 speed increment.Dong Dong Zhang Dong pushed the door open and walked in.Seeing Li Guohao on the phone again, he teased and said, Oh, it seems that our boss Li is really in love.He keeps making phone calls every day, no wonder The finance department just told me that the phone bills have gone up a lot recently, so it turns out that the big boss is calling every day to talk about love I have something to do, Ah Zhi, I will call you later, okay bye.Li Guohao put it down On the phone, Zhang Dong looked blankly and asked, Why are you looking for me Ah Zhi Is that Miss Zhao Why did you hook up Zhang Dong thought of Ah Zhi a few months ago.The Miss Zhao I met by chance on Temple Street.What are you talking about hooking up It s so ugly, we are in love, we miss each other Li Guohao shamelessly used what Zhang Dong said to him before.Well, it does contradict our company s positioning, but there is no way to do it.Xiangjiang is so big.I calculated it before.In the current Xiangjiang pastry market, there can only be 30 mid to high end ones in Xiangjiang.Pastry shop.Although the pastry market is very large, there are only so many mid to high end ones.After all, compared with ordinary people, there are still too few people with a little money.No, I heard Gu Qianqian from the marketing department say that we can buy Xiangjiang opened more than 50 franchise stores, and she said that Xiangjiang s economy is rising now, and the high end pastry market will become bigger and bigger in the future.Hearing what Zhang Dong said, Li Guohao naturally would not say that Xiangjiang will have a big stock market crash next year, At that time, the economy of the entire Xiangjiang will go backwards, and the economy will cbd gummies for hair only recover after a few years of relaxation.Li Guohao pursed his lips and said, You should register the association as soon as possible.That s a registration of Chinese cuisine Association, or the Chinese Pastry Association Li Qiang asked back.Li Guohao pondered for a while, then thought for a while and said Register both The Chinese Pastry 2000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair Association is affiliated with the Chinese Food Association, which is equivalent to a branch.We can add other associations in the future.Get it done.Li Qiang nodded.Li Guohao suddenly asked Do you have any connections between Wanwan and Macau Li Qiang said Why Do you want to open a branch there I have this idea.I mentioned it to Zhang Dong before.I I feel that Xiangjiang s franchise plan is temporarily suspended, so it s important to develop these ten branches first. Let me ask. Xiangjiang Mid level luxury residential area.Li Guohao sighed, he still had no status, and in the eyes of the other party, he was just an ordinary person who made pastries.If he was invited by a rich businessman or celebrity, I think the other party will at least show face.When Li Qiang heard this, he lost his previous thoughts.Seeing that Li Guohao looked a little sad, he comforted him and said It s okay, when our palace pastry grows bigger and the Chinese Food Association is successfully established, if you want to come to the Hong Kong Governor s wife, she will come to participate At this time, Hong Kong is still under the jurisdiction of the British, but with the rise of rich Chinese businessmen and the fact that the locals are all Chinese, the newly appointed Hong Kong governor must win over wealthy businessmen and celebrities to support his re election, and implement policies.In addition to the retail space on the first floor, the second floor is a leisure place similar to a coffee shop.There are four boxes, namely the couple box and the party box, and the rest is the public leisure area, and there are also a lot of tables and chairs for entertaining customers to rest and chat again.As soon as he entered the box, He Chaoqiong shouted excitedly Wow, my sister has a lot of dim sum I saw a variety of Chinese dim sum on the table, at least more than 50 dishes.All of them were made by Li Guohao himself.It took him more than four hours to make these thirteen dim sum dishes, and the rest were filled with dim sum made in the shop.Looking at the snacks on the table, He Chaoying was also surprised by the scene in front of him There are indeed quite a few Although there were a lot of desserts at the banquet, most of them were in quantity, and there were only a dozen varieties at most, but there were more than fifty dishes in front of them, and none of them were heavy.When he was young, he wanted to fly, so he would not be willing to be a cook, but after so many years, he realized that it is not that simple for a person to fly.Grandpa, I want to re open our family s signboard in Xiangjiang, what do you think Re open the restaurant Li Renzhong stood up excitedly when he heard this.Speaking of which, the ancestral restaurant was defeated by Li Renzhong, and he has been brooding about it for so many years.The older generation pays attention to something, that is, the ancestral family business must not be sold.Back then, the country was in turmoil, internal and external troubles, and selling the ancestral property was a last resort.Li Renzhong also used this reason to comfort himself, but there was always a knot in his heart, he always felt that he was ashamed of his ancestors, and he might not be able to explain to his ancestors after death.Not less than one million Hong Kong dollars.You must know that the joint opening of ten stores this time includes ten districts in Xiangjiang In Li Guohao s opinion, it is not a problem for the first day s turnover to exceed one million.Even if there is no one million, he will say it will be one million.After all, this is a good way to promote the cbd gummies for hair company s franchise plan.When Li Guohao said this, Li Qiang immediately understood that this was just to promote the benefits of joining the palace pastry.On the opening day, the revenue exceeded one million Hong Kong dollars, and the average store is one hundred thousand Others don t care about the 100,000 yuan accumulated on the first day of the store s opening, plus a series of promotional discounts and lucky draws, they will only think that joining the palace pastry is profitable Back in the vegan gummies cbd office, Li Guohao took a look at his recent schedule, which he made himself, in case he forgot something important, it was not about future information, but something in the near future.

Li Qiang said with a smile Although Liu Peilin s actions seem to be very powerful, in fact, internal conflicts will inevitably arise within a short time.We don t need to think about ways to deal with them, and they will disintegrate this so called pastry alliance by themselves.Xie Honghe asked, What does Manager Li mean Xie Honghe didn t quite understand.If it was true as the chairman said, this time Daronghua Bakery and more than a dozen old pastry shops in Xiangjiang will cooperate to open a company.The well known dim sum and fame of the restaurant will definitely take away a lot of business from the store.Li Guohao glanced at Xie Honghe and asked Manager Xie, if you are the owner of one of the pastry shops, for example, you sell wife cakes, you are well known in Xiangjiang, and the taste is first class, comparable to our palace pastries.Chen Zhipeng said It s okay.Ms.He s welfare for our employees is quite good, basically according to the company s system, but Ms.He also added us a subsidy for food and lodging.Oh I added it to you Subsidy Well, I rented a small room for the two of us, and I also paid for food every day.Seeing this, Li Guohao encouraged That s good, don t disappoint Miss He s expectations, and you are here The store is ready, no worse than Huang He.I will work hard.Speaking of which, although Chen Zhipeng is now working under He Qianjin s subordinates, and the salary he gets is also paid by the other party, but in name he is still an employee of the company.How should I put it, it s as if someone was transferred to help in the past, but this kind of help is long term, and the same is true for the ten franchise stores in Xiangjiang.Dong Haonan had no choice but to let out a long sigh As the saying goes, wealth can reach the gods, and wealth can reach the sky.As long as the money is enough, buying the secrets of the sky will naturally solve the problem.Puchi.Li Guohao almost vomited blood, can this secret be bought with money It seems that he is also a fake Taoist priest.It seems that Zhao Yazhi is a white lady before, it seems that it is purely a coincidence.I brought more than a thousand yuan today.I don t know if it s enough.Ahao, how much money do you have with you Take it out.Seeing that money can solve the problem, Zhao Yazhi also breathed a sigh of relief.difficulty.There are more than three thousand.Li Guohao took out his wallet from his trouser pocket, and after opening it, there was a thick stack of money and banknotes, causing Dong Haonan to swallow without a trace.Just thinking about monopolizing the mooncake market in Xiangjiang makes me very excited.Then how Gu Yonghe asked excitedly.Liu Peilin smiled and said, Well, in a few days, I cbd gummies for hair will hold a shareholders meeting and call everyone over to discuss the matter of continuing to increase capital.At that time, we will be like this Liu Peilin didn t just say this to Gu Yonghe, I also told the other three shareholders.As Liu Peilin said, the company has too many shareholders.Small profits but quick turnover, the company has profits, and it s not a lot, but if it can be divided among fifteen people, it s pitifully small.People are greedy, and if they make money, they naturally want to make more In Macau, the He family is sitting together for a meal.Chaoying, how is the business of your store He Hongsen asked suddenly.Chapter 137 Dudu Yuen Long Bus Station.A group of commuters are waiting for the bus.One person asked Did you read the Ming Pao yesterday Why didn t you cbd gummies for hair read it The man said Mr.I haven t finished writing yet, how could I write a new book so quickly, besides, the day cbd gummies for hair after tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, isn t it normal to write an article about Mid Autumn Festival But Before he finished speaking, I only keoni cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for hair heard the rumbling, rumbling cbd gummies for hair sound, which shook the sky and resounded all around.People near the bus stop looked sideways.I saw a refrigerated truck coming from a distance, and then a One after another followed closely.Toot There are too many 200 refrigerated trucks, and they stretch like a long dragon.It just so happens that this road is the only way to go to Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island On the road, the refrigerated truck drivers tacitly honked their horns all the way to avoid accidents.Hi, Miss He.Hearing Li Guohao explain that he is a partner, Zhao Yazhi s face flushed.Hello, Miss Zhao.He Qianjin heard that it was Li Guohao s girlfriend, looked Zhao Yazhi up and down, and couldn t help but praised Boss Li, your girlfriend is so beautiful.This is not what He Qianjin said on the scene.At this time, Zhao Yazhi was indeed very beautiful.Wearing a decent black cheongsam dress with an old fashioned black handbag in his hand, he looks dignified and generous.Originally, Zhao Yazhi had some baby fat on her face, and she was often troubled by it.But wearing this traditional black cheongsam dress now solved this problem in an instant.Not only did the baby fat not lose points, but it added a bit of charm.Sister, your clothes are so pretty.He Chaoqiong raised her head and looked at Zhao Yazhi enviously.By the way, the company may hold a pastry competition recently.The pastry competition Xiao Wang asked in surprise.Well, the company and the following associations are going to jointly hold a pastry competition.Speaking of this, Li Guohao said You came at the right time, and you will go out later to recruit Manager Luo from the Purchasing Department, Manager Wang from the Human Resources Department, and Manager Xie from the PR department called to the office.Okay.After Xiao Wang went out.Li Guohao glanced at the fax in his hand, and casually put the paper on the table.soon.Luo Bin, Wang Xiaobo and Xie Honghe came to the office together.Chairman, are you looking for us Well, sit down first.Wait for the three to sit down.Li Guohao said in a long voice You should know about the Chinese Gastronomy Association on the first floor, right Yes, I mentioned it before.Even my son buys more than a dozen packs of bear biscuits every day, and he can t finish it, just for collecting cards.Xie Honghe couldn t help thinking of his son.said with a smile.It s normal.This kind of card collecting activity is the one that can arouse people s desire to buy the most, let alone a child.Li Guohao smiled.After 00, everyone has had this experience.Collecting activities have been popular for a long time, and even some people who have grown up or have children are fascinated by collecting games and activities.Li Guohao himself doesn t know why, maybe some cbd gummies south carolina people who do related research understand, but in the eyes of most people, it s not for comparison, or other things.I simply want to collect a complete set of cards or toys, and feel that this is the only way to be satisfied.

Does it feel very Q Li Guohao asked with a smile, Mochi is something like this., the filling is not the key point, the key point is the mochi skin, the mochi skin is well made, it can add a bit of brilliance to this dim sum.Very Q Everyone looked at Li Guohao in bewilderment, what does this mean.Li Guohao slapped his forehead and remembered that people still don t understand the meaning of Q.Q means that it tastes bouncy and strong.That s very Q.Huang He learned and sold.It s really Q.Li Qiang and others also started to learn in a decent manner.Huang He suddenly asked hesitantly It s just Say.It s just that the stuffing is too soft It s like drinking sesame paste, it flows out after one bite.That s what you want.Otherwise, why is it called popping mochi Li Guohao smiled and said Didn t I just say that You can make popping fillings with different viscosities according to the needs of customers.That s a good thing.Originally, the largest shareholder of the TV station was Lijia.How can there be more six brothers, if it wasn t for the sixth brother s Shao Brothers who have been helping behind, the ratings of the TV station don t know where it will drop.Shao Daheng frowned, and scolded Okay, don t say this in the future Speak out.Fang Yihua said Sixth brother, although the film market is very good recently, I always think that TV stations are the future development trend.You can see that from the beginning of 1968 to the present, the revenue of TV stations has gradually increased every year.On the contrary, Shaw Films Movies have losses and profits, I think Sixth Brother, we should spend more time on the TV station.Shao Daheng nodded It s better to do both, recently I m discussing with the people from Lijia about the transfer of shares, let s take a look at them What s the quotation Sixth brother Really Fang Yihua was pleasantly surprised when he heard it.This is Li Guohao s opinion.This place is really small.Li Guohao muttered to himself.Sitting next to him, Cai Lan heard this and said with a smile, It s not too small.The original studio was even smaller.If it weren t for the fact that there are more guests and audiences participating this time, and it s the finals , maybe even smaller.Speaking of this, Cai Lan asked, I mean, don t you think you haven t had a match before Li Guohao smiled awkwardly, he really hadn t watched the match on TV, so I went to a preliminaries with Xie Honghe to observe it.Okay, everyone, stop arguing, our show is about to start With a loudspeaker in his hand, Eugene walked quickly to the bottom of the stage and said to the audience and guest seats Everyone should know that this is a live broadcast, so I hope you don t make unnecessary noise, or There are audiences with children, I hope you can take good care of your children.The real handmade Shaqima is definitely not so hard to eat, it is not only soft and delicious, but also not too sweet.Although the Shaqima made by Liu Zhengfeng tastes good, it is still a very common type in the market.The three judges scored seven, six, and eight points respectively.In fact, it s still a bit high, but considering the emotions of the players and the competition, the three of them obviously added a point or two.Next it was the turn of Chang Xiaotu.Just after taking a bite of the milk red bean shredded coconut cake made by Chang Xiaotu, .

do delta 8 cbd gummies have thc?

Qin Shao couldn t help nodding his head and said in praise The cake made by Chang Xiaotu contestant is very delicious.Not only the milk is completely integrated into the flour, but it also tastes delicious when you eat it.The texture of the square cake makes the cake more lubricated and full of milk flavor, and the red bean filling inside is also a stroke of genius, but I am curious about the shredded coconut on the outside, why is it added Actually, the main reason is to look good.Everyone who was still looking at stocks at the stock exchange, seeing the Hang Seng Index once again increased violently, suddenly danced wildly with excitement.The operator holding the chalk was also wiping cold sweat.This is really crazy.It is completely unbelievable that the Hang Seng Index has reached such a height.It has never happened before.Rise up, keep going up Rise up and go up Everyone cheered, cheering together, hoping that today s Hang Seng Index can break through the 1800 point mark.half an hour later.The Hang Seng Index had been hovering between 1775 1776.After receiving the call, the operator immediately opened his eyes and put the phone down in a daze.Among them, Xiangjiang is the largest stock exchange.The Hang Seng Index was first modified.1775, down 77 points, now 1698.Li Guohao was a little puzzled.He didn t understand He Qianjin s words very well.After thinking about it for a while, he probably guessed what the other party was thinking.He thought he was just as impulsive as a young man, so he smiled and said, Miss He has a heart.Not for Xu Guanghe, but I really want to acquire Nanshun Group.Miss He, you are a franchisee of the company.You should be clear about the profit point of the company s franchisee plan, which is to earn from raw materials such as flour.Although the profit is meager, it is very objective in the long run.It has driven the company s reputation and increased the company s market value, which is the fundamental benefit of the franchise plan.Originally we had a very clear discussion with the flour mill, and the price given to us was a little lower than the ex factory price, but the flour mill was caught by the south.Saying goodbye to Shen Bi at night.Li Guohao got into Li Qiang s car.This Shen Bi is so good at drinking baijiu Don t all ghosts not like to drink it Li Guohao said, enduring the discomfort in his stomach.Li Qiang also said helplessly I didn t know that Shen Bi could drink liquor so well.I think he practiced in Xiangjiang in the past few years.By the way, isn t it too much for you to give Shen Bi five million Li Guohao dumped Shaking his head, rolling down the car window and blowing the cold wind, he said, It s not too much, Shen Bi saved me ten million, and I gave him five million for the sake of the future.He is a powerful person.In the future, the company s development I can t do without the help of the bank, with him, whether it s a loan or other things, I think it will be a lot easier.I didn t expect Mr.Li to be so young.Li Guohao has heard such praise countless times.Miss Bao, thank you.Being young has HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair its advantages.Generally, as long as you are a young man with a successful career, most of the upper class people are very willing to get in touch with each other.After all, youth is capital.Chapter 207 Before getting the shares, Li Guohao always thought that the most powerful person in Xiangjiang should be Li Chaoren, but in the 1970s, whether it was from newspapers, magazines or people s conversations, he learned that apart from He Huo and his like, the really powerful people The one who deserves the glory of the Chinese now is none other than Tycoon Bao.Bao Daheng started in 1950, at the age of 37, when most men are unwilling to change jobs or careers, Bao Daheng, with his perseverance, spent 20 years investing in shipping and transportation.

It s pretty good, but it looks a bit weird.Li Guohao s complexion was a little weird.He didn t pay much attention to Zhao Yazhi s clothes before, but he would put them on and look in the mirror, only to realize that the clothes were actually from the movie The usual kind of boss wears a black coat, but the style may be a little different.That s right, this black padded overcoat is very similar to the one worn by Gao Jin in God of Gamblers, a costume that often appears in many Xiangjiang movies.What s weird I think you look pretty in it.I haven t seen a few people wear this kind of coat.It should be the latest style this year.Zhao Yazhi asked from the side.It s nothing.Li Guohao shook his head, he would not say that this dress is very social.Just this one.After Zhao Yazhi finished speaking, she asked the clerk, Do you have any scarves here When Zhao Yazhi asked for a scarf again, she turned around to get it with a smile on her face, thinking to herself that today s commission might be quite a lot.He happened to meet the Hong Kong Governor s wife who loves dim sum.Otherwise, how could he become famous in the night banquet of the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion.Chapter 216 Once Become Famous and Know the World Part 2 The Zhao family.Ah Zhen was looking through the newspapers and magazines on the table boredly.In order to improve her abilities, Zhao Yazhi had subscribed to almost all the newspapers and magazines on the market.Ah Zhen suddenly caught a glimpse of Oriental Magazine, and saw that the cover of the magazine was a photo of Li Guohao wearing a black coat, her eyes lit up, and she shouted at Zhao Yazhi who was putting on makeup Sister Come on, Li Guohao is in the newspaper again Zhao Yazhi rushed over after hearing the news, Zhao s father and Zhao s mother also came over listening to the voice.Or watch some of his movies less.Half Weight , Ghost and Horse Twin Stars , Modern Times , Teppanyaki After 2000, the most well known one should be Baby Project co operated with Chen Long.The charterer and bandit leader played in the film, his superb acting skills have impressed many people who are not familiar with him, and Xu s comedy style is even more eye catching.If you ask Li Guohao which Xu Guanwen movie he likes the most, it is Joyful Ding Dong is the best choice.This film with Hong Gu is the most suitable for him in terms of comedy effect and plot.Li Guohao smiled and said Let s sit down and chat.Turning back to Zhao Yazhi, she said Ah Zhi, go get me a glass of water.it is good.Several people sat down, but Li Guohao found that Xu Guanjie had been staring at Zhao Yazhi who was leaving.You can call me brother in law.Hello brother in law.Listening to Li Guohao calling himself Brother in law, just as Chen Hui was about to continue the conversation, he heard Zhao s mother say from behind Okay, Ah Fang and Ah Zhi, clear the table and prepare for dinner.Several people ate and chatted.Chen Hui suddenly said Ah Hao, I heard from your eldest sister Ah Zhi that you are doing a big business now Hehe, it s okay, a little business.It s not just a small business.I read in the newspaper that you spent hundreds of millions to acquire Nanshun.This is a big deal Chen Hui looked at Li Guohao with some envy.career.Ah Hui is eating Zhao Yafang frowned, feeling very dissatisfied with her husband s behavior.Now that she was going back to her natal home, her husband didn t flirt with his father in law and mother in law, but kept chatting with Ah Zhi s boyfriend , What do you think of this Zhao s mother and Zhao s father also frowned.Both of them shifted their gazes to Ah Zhen who was beside her, only to see Ah Zhen eating with her head sullen, without saying a word.She suddenly understood in her heart that it seemed that the girl Ah Zhen was eavesdropping on the conversation between the two of them, and was running to Zhao s mother to make a small report.Zhao Yazhi said with a rosy face, Mom, there is no rush to get married.Why don t you rush Zhao s mother glared at her daughter and said, When I was your age, both your elder brother and elder sister were born My mother also started to force the marriage, and after thinking about it, she said, Auntie, actually, Ah Zhi and I have also considered the matter of marriage, but we have no experience in this area, and I will ask my parents to discuss it with you in a few days.Seeing the dilapidated public housing in front of him, Li Guohao was thoughtful.Speaking of it, since the new house was renovated last year, he has rarely gone back to the old house.Although his parents are still relatively young, they are also in their forties., Grandpa Li Renzhong is nearly seventy.There is no elevator installed in the old house, and it is very troublesome to go up and down the stairs.Public housing like this usually requires at least 20 or 30 floors.Tall buildings are built on the left, right, front and back, and they are connected together, roughly in the shape of a word.Zhao Yazhi drove the car carefully.Since she got her driver s license, she rarely drove.Recently, she took advantage of the company s bus to drive occasionally.He fixed his eyes on the front, frowned slightly and didn t know what he was thinking, so he asked curiously What s wrong with Ah Hao Ah Li Guohao came back to his senses, heard Zhao Yazhi s words and said with a smile It s nothing, I was thinking of a better villa area in Xiangjiang.I will do it cbd gummies for ed oregon hemp cbd gummies online as soon as possible.A report for your review.Yes.By the way, I have a project for you to look at.Li Guohao remembered a project he made yesterday, and took out a report from the drawer and handed it to Jin Jiashi.Jin Jiashi took it and flipped through it, and only looked at the first page, which wrote quick frozen dumplings, glutinous rice balls, and wontons , and asked in surprise Chairman, quick frozen dumplings and wontons Yes, most of the Quick frozen products are all meat or seafood.So far, there has not been any quick frozen food products.We have such good resources as flour mills.Why should we waste them We can buy a batch of quick freezing equipment and research and develop Quick frozen flour products.Almost everyone has eaten quick frozen food in later generations.During the holidays or when there is nothing to do, they will go to the supermarket to buy a few bags of dumplings and glutinous rice balls to keep at home for emergencies.Not to mention covering everything, as long as you invest a little, you will definitely have super high returns.After all, the speed of Xiangjiang is not a joke.With an investment of one million Hong Kong dollars, a new type of small film company can be established, and it is still a full shareholding system.However, it is not a good choice to fully hold the shares in the hands.The new city in the future will be caused by the imbalance of shares.The seven famous partners separated.So when he gave the money, Li Guohao said that he only needs half of the shares of the film company to invest one million, and the remaining half will be divided between the Xu brothers and Cai Lan.As for how to divide it, it is their own idea.After reading the new company s preparatory plan and share book, Li Guohao thought about some gourmet movies in the future.

Now I heard the title of the president of the Jockey Club above., I realized that these people are all of this level.Soon, a long list of names and characters were reported.The next one is a new friend.I believe most of the people in the venue treat him well.I understand very well, but not long ago, both the news and newspapers have focused on him.Jeske paused for a while, and said in admiration This is a new friend, and he is a young and caring business genius.I think some people should have guessed who I am talking about, that is the chairman of Guohao Nanshun Group, the chairman of Guohao Food Company, the chairman of Palace Pastry Company At the same time, he is also the chairman of the Guohao Love and Child Charity Foundation, Li Guohao, Mr.Li.Love the Children Charity Foundation When he heard the other party announce his name and title, although Li Guohao kept smiling on his face, he was happy in his heart.There are no goals or models for reference, so how to get a security company has become Li Guohao s top priority.The first five people were the ones Li Guohao was most satisfied with.The personal file also clearly stated this person s personality and experience, cbd gummies with thc reddit and his family status also fit the concept of a private bodyguard.This is the contract, please take a look.Li Guohao also took out the bodyguard contract that he had studied for several days from the briefcase he brought.Fourteen copies were originally prepared, but now three people left, and only took out eleven copies and handed them to them.It is clearly written above that as an employee, the three most important conducts are loyalty, confidentiality, and finally bravery Chief Zhou led the three of them downstairs.Sir Zhou, I m not going back now.Yes.Li Guohao came back holding Zhao Yazhi s hand, and the two of them also took a look at the display stands of other contestants just now.A hundred flowers bloom A very familiar name.Wei Chengzhi heard the name of this dim sum was very familiar.He glanced at the somewhat familiar Li Guohao, and suddenly asked in surprise Are you the Li Guohao from the palace pastry you know cbd gummies for hair me Li Guohao asked in surprise.I m also from Xiangjiang.I only came to study in the UK last year.I read the report written by Ms.Yi Shu in Ming Pao.Wei Chengzhi said in surprise, I didn t expect you to come to the UK to participate in the competition.Yes, brother , do you want to vote Support it Huang He smiled from the side.It s easy to talk about.Wei Chengzhi was also very happy to meet a fellow villager Wei Chengzhi had been looking for his girlfriend for a long time in the venue, and finally saw her at a display stand in the corner, and hurriedly asked, Lianyun finally found you You didn t vote for anyone else s ticket Right No Why Don t you dislike these snacks Ren Lianyun was taken aback for a moment, then teased.Yeah, every time I come back from the flight, I still feel comfortable in Xiangjiang.Zhao Yazhi smiled when she recalled her previous experience as a flight attendant.When mentioning the airport, Li Guohao thought of something that Zhao Yazhi told him before, and he also asked By the way, Ah Zhi, when we first arrived in the UK, didn t you tell me that the airport seemed to be changing the supplier of the plane meal It should be, I also heard it from my former colleagues.Chapter 264 Everyone is changing back to Xiangjiang It s already mid April, and I gummy bear cbd under the tongue stayed in England for almost six days, and almost visited most of the scenic spots in London After going around, he also bought a lot of gifts.In addition to some gifts from his parents, Li Guohao also gave Zhang Dong the Rolex watch he bought.Shangguan is at the front desk.Hearing that Shangguan Xiaobao came, Li Guohao was a little surprised, thinking that he didn t mean to come in the afternoon, so he told his secretary Xiao Liu, Let Mr.Shangguan come in, and make two cups of coffee by the way. yes.Soon, Shangguan Xiaobao opened the door and came in.As soon as he came in, he found Li Guohao was still eating, and said apologetically, I m sorry, President, for disturbing your meal. It s okay, have you eaten yet If you haven t eaten, I ll ask someone to bring some food over Since the company vacated a space as a restaurant, almost all employees eat here, mainly because the price is affordable, the portion is large, and the taste is good.Li Guohao also often orders a few meals in the company restaurant at noon in the office eat.Speaking of which, I m really a little hungry.Cai Lan glanced at the rather shy elder brother Long and Lin Zhengying, and also greeted with a smile, Hello.Originally Thinking that Cai Lan would take the initiative to introduce Li Guohao to himself and others, but he didn t expect that Cai Lan just greeted him briefly.He seemed to have no desire to introduce him, so Hong Jinbao also licked his face and asked, Mr.Li Guohao, who sat on the sidelines and watched for a long time, secretly laughed in his heart, he is no longer the young man who didn t understand anything at the time, since he saw Hong Jinbao walking over with his eldest brother cbd gummies for hair Long and Lin Zhengying, he already knew that the other party was running after him He came, and now hearing Hong Jinbao take the initiative to mention himself, it also verified what he thought in his heart.He just stood on the second floor and watched Zheng Jiachun play with the friends he called.He was not familiar with those people.If he was playing downstairs, some friction would be difficult to deal with.He Qianjin today He was wearing a skirt, and he didn t invite any girls to play today, so he didn t end up.Seeing Zheng Jiachun s sweaty and dirty appearance, he laughed and said, I said that it s rare for Brother Zheng to see you.You look so embarrassed.Ha ha It s fun.There are no places for leisure and entertainment on weekdays, except for the racecourse and the nightclub.Zheng Jiachun said with a smile.He heard Zheng Jiachun pointing to Li Guohao and said, I said, Ah Hao, the place you repaired is too small.It only takes me a few minutes to run back and forth At this time, the live action shooting game site was only two acres in size.You must know that in this place where entertainment is relatively scarce In the 1980s, in addition to going to nightclubs, they could only go to racecourses or casinos.These things may be relatively new to ordinary people, but for this group of wealthy second generations with good family conditions, they have already played.Tired and crooked, it s rare to come to Pingshan to play a gunfight game today, and naturally it s a joy to play.Everyone s body has long been covered in dust from colored blank bullets.Brother Zheng, Xiao Bai, you all stand at the door what Brother Zheng, your temporary exit is not a good thing.You shot me just now and I haven t taken revenge yet Yes, our blue team won just now, but you didn t see Jian Fu s expression.Fuck you, what s wrong with my face.I saw a fat young man in vain and said angrily.

No You don t need well known people, you just try to find some people who are familiar with trading.Fearing that this matter would be leaked, Li Guohao made up his mind to try to recruit some unknown people.Ni Xingqing frowned, and nodded in response, I know the boss.Chapter 289 Invitation from the two TV stations After Ni Xingqing left the chairman s office, he went straight home to pack his luggage and book a plane ticket, preparing to take the plane tonight.To the United States.After the other carolina cbd gummies party left, Li Guohao also turned his attention to Sing Tao Daily.Watching the two beauty pageants, Li Guohao had a thought.This kind of beauty pageant should have a very high ratings compared to the ratings.It should be of great help to the sale of frozen food in the future.After thinking for a while, he picked up the phone and called Huang Yaohua.Just because Li Guohao acquired Nanshun, the plan of the pastry shop was completely disrupted.Fortunately, Li HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair Guohao did not stop supplying them with flour.Of course, if Li Guohao stops supplying flour, the people from Hongkong Real Estate will find a way to join forces with the government, sue Li Guohao for a business monopoly, and force the other party to give up their shares.Not in vain Dinglingling Woodshun, who was upright, picked up the phone and shouted, Hello Who is it Mr.Wu, it looks like you have a bad temper today.Is the call I made too abrupt Although the person on the other end of the phone spoke Cantonese, he looked weird, and he knew it was a ghost.Hearing the voice on cbd gummies for hair the phone, Wood Shun frowned and asked, Sorry, Mr.McHans, I thought it was someone else.As the executive director and general manager of Hongkong Land, McHans has full responsibility Manage Land Corporation.Boss At this moment, Ni Xingqing walked over, looked at Li Guohao with dull eyes, swallowed his saliva and shouted.Huh Li Guohao raised his head in doubt and asked, What s the matter Is there something wrong Ni Xingqing said slowly In order to ensure that we can get .

can you take cbd gummies with high blood pressure medication?

the maximum benefit and prevent other things from happening, this time apart from the oil stocks, we will They are also planning to buy down various automobile companies and industrial companies, especially Ford Ford Li Guohao was stunned for a moment, and then he understood what Ni Xingqing meant.The oil crisis was born, and Middle Eastern countries banned the transportation of oil.Outside of those industrial enterprises, there are only large displacement cars left.Americans like muscle cars very much, that is, the kind of car with a particularly large displacement and serious fuel consumption.For the Big Seven, this is a humiliation, and it will also reduce the company s interests.But now, the situation in the Middle East has once again erupted, allowing them to see the hope of lowering oil again.On October 14, the United States intervened in the Middle East war.On the eve of the suspension of the U.S.stock market, news came that Egypt and Syria were defeated by miracle cbd gummies reviews Israel, which provided military assistance to the U.S.military the night of the 14th.Inside the hotel.Ni Xingqing sat there dejectedly.He no longer had much expectations for this money game.If the news that Israel defeated Egypt and Syria had not spread to the United States after the suspension of trading today, Li Guohao would have gone bankrupt.You must know that in the past few days, if it weren t for the fact that Egypt and Syria have been showing signs of suppressing Israel in the war situation, Li Guohao might have gone bankrupt long ago, and it wouldn t be delayed until today It is not to blame for Ni Xingqing s decadent attitude.Perhaps because of the increase in oil prices and the reduction in oil output, the Oil Dragon Balls were unhappy.They united to put pressure on the US Congress.In the early morning of the 17th, the United States announced that it would provide Israel with 2.2 billion US dollars in military aid.This act of adding fuel to the fire completely angered the oil countries in the Middle East.On the afternoon of the 17th, after receiving news of US aid to Israel, Libya announced an oil embargo to the US that day.The next day, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries quickly followed up embargoing oil shipments to the United States and the European Union.Everyone knows that there are many oil wells in the Middle East, which is also famous for its oil.To put it bluntly, if all the oil producing countries in the Middle East unite to ban oil delivery, the consequences will be unimaginable.After half an hour.Almost all of them gave some content debriefing.Li Guohao commented one or two from time to time.After Di Yimin reported the group s overall income and expenditures for the past one and a half months, Li Guohao glanced around and said Overall, the results for the past one and a half months are still very good.During my absence, all of you have done a good job.Very good.The Spring Festival will come in a few months, and I plan to use part of the net profit of the group at the end of each year to reward employees in the company, including you managers of course Listen to this Immediately everyone became excited.It was not Li Guohao s exclusive right to distribute bonuses in Xiangjiang on the eve of the Chinese New Year, but it would be a big deal to use part of the group s profits to reward employees.He Chaoying just called and said that she invited the chairman to attend Bao Daheng s birthday banquet the night after tomorrow, and asked if the chairman is free.Bao Daheng s birthday banquet Li Guohao was stunned for a moment, nodded without thinking much, and said, Promise to come down for me.Yes.Chapter 312 Two days after the birthday banquet, in the evening.Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi for a walk on the road in the middle of the mountain, because his villa was only a few hundred meters away from Bao Daheng s villa, so the two walked leisurely together.Chen Sheng and other bodyguards followed behind him five meters away.Ah Hao, we haven t walked this way for a long time.Walking on the road in the forest, the leaves on the branches on the left and right sides gradually withered and yellowed due to the arrival of autumn, Zhao Yazhi said feelingly looking at the nearby scenery.I didn t expect Mr.Li to be so young. I often buy and eat Li Sheng s palace cakes, they taste really good.When everyone around heard this, they immediately understood that the young man in front of them was the man who made headlines in major newspapers recently.Thinking of him earning hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S.stock market, the group greeted with flattery or admiration.Listen.This group of people greeted enthusiastically, Li Guohao smiled and nodded slightly to respond one by one.The number of banquets he attended was not many, from the very beginning when no one cared about him, now as long as he hears that he is Li Guohao, everyone will take the initiative to say hello.I have to Said, it s nice to have money.After dealing with a group of people, Jian Fu took Li Guohao to find a corner and said, Li Sheng, you left in a hurry last time, and I haven t had time to thank you.

When they were about to go out to the conference room, Zhao Yazhi pushed open the door and walked in.Li Guohao asked Are you ready Ready is ready, but still a little nervous.Zhao Yazhi looked a little nervous.In this large scale meeting of the group, every manager above the manager level has to speak on stage, and as the main person in charge of the Children Friendly Charity Foundation, Zhao Yazhi naturally needs to speak on stage.It s good to be nervous, but don t be too nervous.Li Guohao has held cbd gummies vs thc many meetings, and the group meeting has been held twice this year.He still has a little experience in this regard.But he has never tried a meeting with hundreds of people, and today, as the chairman of the group, Li Guohao is going to be the first person to speak on stage, which makes him a little nervous.He really didn t know about the release of Ghost Horse Twin Stars , and no one reported it to him.I reported it to the chairman at the beginning of the month.It seems that your secretary Xiao Liu answered the phone.Cai Lang said hastily.Li Guohao was the big head when the friend film company was established, but he also gave Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen dry shares, that is, bonus shares.They had the right to dividends, but they had no right to buy and sell., the shares will be returned automatically.Cai Lan and Li Guohao have a good personal relationship, but they are cbd gummies at costco very sensible, and usually only call him the title of chairman.Xiao Liu Just as Li Guohao was wondering, Secretary Xiao Liu came in with tea.Xiao Liu, did Mr.Cai call at the beginning of the month to talk about the release of the movie Secretary Xiao Liu thought for a while, nodded and said, That s the case, and I reported it to you, the chairman.The few cbd gummies for hair words that were warmed up in advance revealed too much content.Li Guohao started his business after graduating from middle school, and he went from the well known pastry king to the so called head of the catering empire.I do not understand.Didn t Li Guohao run a pastry cbd gummies for hair company How did he manage to become the head of the catering empire Time flies.January 20th.At three o clock in the morning that day, inside the newspaper factory of the Daily Daily, there was a babble of voices, shouts, and the sound of machinery swishing, all of which revealed that the people inside were stepping up to print newspapers.Yesterday the newspaper office counted up to 300,000 copies of newspapers ordered privately by newspaper kiosks or teahouses in Xiangjiang More than 20 times more than the 15,000 copies on January 19 Pang Heshuo was so scared that he didn t sleep all night.Yeah, there are new clothes to wear Hearing the new clothes , Ah Xing exclaimed excitedly.Just as Ah Xing was cooking quickly and thinking about HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair going out to buy clothes, her sister Zhou Wenji opened the door and walked in with a happy face.What s wrong with Wenji Didn t you go to class Mother Zhou frowned, instead of scolding, she asked instead.Although Zhou s family is poor, Zhou s mother has always wanted to provide the best education and environment for her children, so the money earned from part time jobs is basically spent on tuition and daily life.Mom, read it quickly Sister Zhou stuffed a newspaper into Mother Zhou s hand.Mother Zhou took the newspaper and glanced at it, Daily Daily The name of this newspaper was a bit unfamiliar, but thinking about the many newspapers in Xiangjiang, she didn t take it seriously and continued to read the content.Energy Pang Heshuo was taken aback.There are many interpretations of the word energy in Chinese, but for modern people, energy should be a consumable, or in chemical physics.Li Guohao was at a loss when he saw Pang Heshuo.Bite the bullet and explained Energy should be a kind of information, a kind of physical information.I don t understand the specifics very well, cbd gummies for hair hillstone hemp cbd gummies price but you can ask someone.What does the chairman mean Pang Heshuo asked with a question mark in his head, how did he shift to physics Our newspaper office should have its own positioning.I think it should promote positive energy and promote people s correct three view thinking.To be honest, as a person of later generations, it is very difficult to explain the word positive energy to people decades ago.Even Li Guohao himself cannot fully interpret the meaning of positive energy.He only knows that positive energy is a kind of Good yearning, a vocabulary to promote virtue.Three outlooks positive energy Pang Heshuo was completely confused.What the hell is this Is it the way I opened it wrong Do I need to start again Stop for a moment, since you know Zhengqi songs, it should be easy to understand the meaning of positive energy.The world is divided into positive and negative, so information should also be divided into positive and negative.For example, our newspaper has been reporting some celebrities and some rich people, making the general public think that only being rich can be considered successful.Do you think this is right Isn t it right Shouldn t we support people to work hard and learn the history of those wealthy people Li Guohao .Yes, what you said is reasonable, but if I teach you that you must eat abalone when you eat, drink good wine when you drink, despise beggars when you go out, see migrant workers, construction workers, and sanitation Workers, etc.In other words From secular common sense false to religious understanding of truth empty , it is empty view Not only Mr.Liu Yichang wrote a special article to praise Li Guohao s three views, but many literary masters and philosophy masters in .

how long til effects of cbd gummy felt?

Xiangjiang have expressed their own understanding of the three views and the meaning of positive energy.Among them, Mr.Jin wrote the most It can make ordinary people understand.The content of the article is When I wrote The Legend of the Condor Heroes in the early years, I put forward the concept of the great man serves the country and the people.With new experience, people often say how unfair this society and the world are to them.Some people can enjoy rich clothes and fine food from birth, but they have to work hard all their lives.And Li Sheng s Three Views can explain the root cause of all this for cbd gummies for hair how long do you stay high on cbd gummies you.Hearing the voice, he turned his head and saw that it was Zheng Jiachun.Li Guohao walked up with a smile and said, Brother Zheng, I didn t expect you to come in person.Thank you so much.Look, congratulations.After Zheng Jiachun finished speaking, he felt a lot of emotions in his heart.When he first met Li Guohao, he was just the owner of a small pastry company.Now in the blink of an eye, he has become a giant with his own food industrial park dominating Xiangjiang.Haha, thank you, Brother Zheng Li Guohao was naturally very happy when the industrial park opened today.The industrial park, which took more than half a year to build, is arguably the largest industrial park in Xiangjiang, although only less than a third of it has been completed.Chairman Di Yimin walked over at this time.What Mr.Jin, Mr.

Fourth Uncle, please.Li Guohao laughed, and called Chen Sheng to let him take Fourth Uncle Li Zhaoji to the place behind the stage to rest for a while.As soon as the fourth uncle Li Zhaoji was sent away, Chairman Liang Zhixun came slowly from the parking lot.When Li Guohao saw Liang Zhixun coming, he immediately stepped forward to support him and said, Chairman Liang didn t expect you to come in person, thank you so much.After Liang Zhixun glanced at the outer layout of the industrial park, he smiled Haha, Li Sheng s factory opened for business.Of course, the old man will come to visit in person.By the way, I am not the only one here.There are many people behind.A dozen or so people came down from the parking lot and took a closer look.Apart from Chen Jiadao, Huang Zhongbo, Lei Hongren, Wen Guoyang, Li Daofeng, Zhang Baixi and many other chairmen and council members of the manufacturer s association rushed over.Didn t I cooperate with St.Mary s cbd gummies for hair Hospital to give the workers physical examinations Are there any unqualified ones Li Guohao asked.There are rigid standards for workers in food factories.Not just anyone can be a job.First, they must be in good health, and second, they must not have any infectious diseases, even some simple diseases, such as skin diseases.Yes, it s best not to, after all, no one can guarantee that there will be omissions in the process of food production.There is one thing, not many, I have arranged other jobs for those people.Yep.For Huang Yaohua s working ability, Li Guohao is still very relieved.From the beginning of managing the food factory as the factory director, he has been hardworking, active in doing things, and well adjusted for all aspects of the arrangement.The two chatted for a while about the food factory.Chapter 345 The lion opened his mouth When he came to Xu Guangbiao to buy the formula, Li Guohao had already made three plans in his mind in advance.First of all, the first one is to buy the formula with one million baht just proposed.This is the simplest strategy and does not cost too much money.The second is to cooperate with the other party to win the Red Bull formula, and sign a good contract with Xu Guangbiao, and he can obtain the patent rights in all other countries and regions except Thailand.As for the third one, it is to take Red Bull directly to Xiangjiang for testing, reverse engineer the formula of Red Bull, and after improvement, launch functional drinks first to seize the market.One thing that is essential for all functional drinks is caffeine and taurine.These two ingredients are essential for the same type of drinks on the market.In fact, he himself didn t know much about the value of this fairy water.He just regarded it as a means of making a living.If it was an ordinary person, he might sell it to Li Guohao directly when he offered one million baht.But Xu Guangbiao was in drug sales in his early years, and he knew how to observe people, which made him open his cbd gummies for hair mouth.Gradually, he walked out of Xu Guangbiao s field of vision.Chen Xuewen finally asked Chairman, what s so good about this fairy water I drank a little yesterday, but I didn t feel that it tasted good.You do not understand.Li Guohao shook his head.Those who like to drink will like it to death, and those who don t like it will never touch it.In addition, Red Bull should still be the first generation formula at this time, and the taste is much stronger than that of later generations.It s better now.When I was just born, I saw it for the first time in the hospital When he saw him, he was taken aback, and thought to himself, was this born 2000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair by me Why is he so ugly After all, he has inherited my genes from Mai Xiaomin.It s fine if the skin is dry, and it s wrinkled like a seven year old.She looks like a little skinny monkey who has shed her fur.When Mai Xiaomin said this, she covered her mouth and laughed.Maybe it was because of his mother s laughter that the originally quiet little fat man immediately laughed cheerfully, like a baby like laugh, no, it was a baby like laugh, which made the nearby family and friends laugh too stand up.Li Guohao asked Have you chosen a name for the child Zhang Dong hesitated for a while It should be considered a name What else is there to call it a name Li Guohao complained.The opening ceremony scene of this Mixed Martial Arts HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair Championship, There have been audiences from dozens of countries around the world, more than 20,000 people Sally, the host of the American ABC TV station, was sitting in the studio on the third floor and said to the camera.Suddenly, there was a roaring shout in the hall Sally was taken aback, and her trembling caused the American attention watching TV to burst into laughter.Sorry, I was taken aback by the shouts in the venue.Sally came to her senses, then explained with a smile on her face and continued Let s connect to the scene and see what happened The harmony premium cbd gummies how many to eat studios of the national television stations all showed up.After a while, all the TVs showed cameras shooting the inside of the venue in the sky.In order to be able to broadcast it all over the world, Li Guohao paid a large sum of money to a satellite agency in the United States to help them use satellites for global broadcasting.Whether it is from his personal entrepreneurial experience or from this competition, it is very topical.Most of the British newspapers are mainly based on praise.After all, Xiangjiang was under the rule of the United Kingdom at this time, and the Queen of England also came to the scene to participate in the opening ceremony, both public and private.Especially the British Daily Mail , in one night, they collected all the news about Li Guohao from the newspapers, media and rumors since he started his business.British Daily Mail The World Mixed Martial Arts Championship held with Xiangjiang yesterday openedSeeing that Li Guohao stopped talking, Cheng Xizhi asked curiously What do you mean, Li Sheng Li Guohao paused for a moment, thought for a while, and said with a smile Since there is a selection of Michelin three star restaurants in foreign countries, why don t we make our own selection In fact, at the very beginning, Li Guohao set up the association to make it like Michelin.Boss, it seems that things are going well.Now there is an cbd low thc gummies uproar in the island country.We only bought the news from a keoni cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for hair few newspapers, and now the whole island country is reporting this matter.Ni Xingqing said happily from the side.That s right, this time I want to see how Ajinomoto s people do public relations Li Guohao s eyes turned cold, and he continued with a sneer By the way, which countries newspapers and media have already done it Ni Xingqing replied He said I have already contacted you.When Luo Dazhao sued yesterday, I arranged for people to send this matter to those newspapers.I think it should have been reported this morning.Well, very good.When Li Guohao heard that everything was done, he nodded in satisfaction.He had been waiting for this day for HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair almost a month.Now that everything was settled, he waited for it to ferment.

Thinking of this, Li Guohao regretted not calling Jin Jiashi back from Australia.Although he had already resigned from his position as the general manager of Guohao Lam Soon and became the manager of the Australian branch, the person who knows Guohao Nanshun best, It must be him.In the room, after thinking alone for a long time, Li Guohao decided to call Jin Jiashi over.If the time comes to discuss cooperation, Jin Jiashi, an old man from Nanshun, a national hero, will be there, so that the cooperation can be discussed more appropriately Chapter 655 Xiangjiang is easy to make money Li Guohao thought of this, he stood up and was about to go out and ask the people in the guest house where he cbd gummies for hair could call Xiangjiang.Bang The door was opened.As soon as Li Guohao stepped out, he saw two young women standing by the door.Lao Li, Lao Li is here.I ll bring cbd gummies heart palpitations distinguished guests to your place for dinner.You must show wyld cbd gummies price off your best craftsmanship today Li shouted, it seems that he is very familiar with the owner of this private kitchen.After keoni cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for hair a while, an old man with gray hair ran out of the house, and shouted, Here it is It s Xiao Fang, I thought who it was It scared me Slapped his chest, it really scared him just now, he was a little deaf, he didn t hear what Xiao Fang yelled before, but he saw seven or eight people coming outside through the gap in the window, thought they were here to arrest him Old Li, why have you become so timid When you secretly opened a restaurant before, I didn t see you so cbd oil vs gummies scared Fang Qianjin said with a smile.The old man blew his beard and stared, That s different Li Renzhong, who was standing next to Li Guohao, stared at the old man s face, and shouted Renzong Renzong When the old man heard his name being called with a familiar accent, he subconsciously turned his head and saw an old man in Tang suit staring at him Do you know me Renzong, I am your second brother Li Renzhong.You two take this money and use it.If it s not enough, tell Grandpa Third.Xiaoyan and Xiaoping saw the thick stack of banknotes that Grandpa Second took out.It was five hundred It startled the two little girls, so much, at least tens of thousands of yuan Not only the two little girls were taken aback, but even Li Renzong and Li Defang were shocked.They are often able to receive some businessmen from Xiangjiang or journalists on official business.They know the value of these Hong Kong dollars, almost Equivalent to RMB, such a thick stack is at least tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars It is difficult for ordinary Xiangjiang people to carry so much money with them at one time, and there is not so much money to carry.The two looked at Li Renzhong with disbelief, and thought to themselves, it seems that the second brother second uncle It is really developed in Xiangjiang.Ever since Manager Huang told me that I hope The laboratory was able to develop a new type of beverage, so I started to prepare it.I referred to all the beverages that are currently available in the market, whether they are local or foreign in Hong Kong.Then I asked Manager just cbd gummi bears Huang to help investigate the most popular beverages in the market.Among several beverage products, except for Coke, Sprite has the best sales volume, and of course juice drinks also have a lot of sales. Juice drinks are very simple, so I focused on Sprite.With Sprite s Inspired by distilled water, which was very popular in the past, and referring to the sparkling wine that must be drunk when eating Western food.So I added a small amount of glucose to the lemonade Xiao Changhan made this This is a brand new drink, the taste is very similar to Sprite, but it is more like sparkling wine, except cbd gummies for hair that it does not contain alcohol, the taste is still very similar, it is not very sweet, but it is refreshing and thirst quenching How about the cost Li Guohao is most concerned about the cost issue.When Li Guohao was in Kyoto, Zhou Dakang also received a positive answer from the above to his request to invest in the port and build a building, and approved the two investments.The building is a private investment of Li Guohao, and the above mentioned people did not intervene in this point, but the port will not work.After all, when the world structure is still unstable at this time, for such a wartime strategic place, it must be a stake Regarding this point, Li Guohao has already considered it.The port must be built in cooperation with the government.As for the specific investment share of the two parties, it is a matter for the two parties to sit down and discuss.Because Li Guohao was in Kyoto at this time, after Qi Boheng and others arrived in Bao an County, they also went directly south.I saw a man who was about forty or fifty years old, his eyes were red and red, and his heart was filled with anger.Regardless of the dissuasion of the people around him, he took the stone picked up from the ground and slammed it towards the gate, roaring as he smashed it.Said Return my hard cbd gummies for hair earned money 739 1980 TVB TVB eagle hemp cbd gummies for diabetes cbd gummies for ed oregon hemp cbd gummies online 1980 2 15 2 14 oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk can dogs have human cbd gummies 2 14 10 cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair .

can you drink alcohol and take cbd gummies?

keoni cbd gummies reviews cbd gummies for hair are cbd gummies legal in virginia cbd gummies for hair .740 1980 cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair TVB cbd gummies for hair hillstone hemp cbd gummies price TVB TVB TVB cbd gummies for hair 741 cbd gummies for hair hillstone hemp cbd gummies price cbd gummies for inflammation 1980 cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk cbd gummies ca 742 cbd oil gummies products 711 cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair hillstone hemp cbd gummies price are trubliss cbd gummies safe 2000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair 743 oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk cbd gummies vs vape reddit cbd gummies for hair cbd gummies for hair BOSS BOSS BOSS BOSS 744 cbd gummies for hair BOSS oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk BOSS baby cattle cbd gummies best cbd gummies for hair hillstone hemp cbd gummies price 12 2 3 5 6 8 9 11 745 BOSS BOSS cbd gummies for hair BOSS BOSS cbd gummies for hair BOSS melatonin in cbd gummies BOSS cbd gummies for dog pain BOSS 2000 mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for hair oregon hemp cbd gummies online puur cbd gummies 2pk HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair BOSS 746 BOSS cbd gummies for hair OK cbd gummies for hair .

how much are kushly cbd gummies?

BOSS BOSS BOSS BOSS BOSS 747 cbd gummies for ed oregon hemp cbd gummies online cbd gummies for ed oregon hemp cbd gummies online cbd gummies for ed oregon hemp cbd gummies online BOSS p19 cbd gummies emu cbd gummies for hair BOSS BOSS r mi o 748 5.Some confused viewers got a thrill of digging into the entertainment news.Undefended Tonight , which started broadcasting at 11 00 midnight and ended at 11 30, not only broke the previous ratings record for the first broadcast of the midnight show, but also got the proud rating of only 10 less than the previous day s Midnight Talker people grades.The next morning, the headlines of the major entertainment newspapers not only reported Fazai s love affair, but also many hypocrite writers questioned the show.They questioned whether drinking in the show would affect minors.With the two topics intertwined, with this, Undefended Tonight can be regarded as a complete explosion in Xiangjiang.What s more important is that Undefended Tonight did not go through the slightest bit of publicity and promotion, and it was broadcast entirely by Lu.

This year not only named the NBA, but also named the Super Bowl, which Americans must watch.At the end of the year, Huang Yaohua should give him one Satisfactory financial report.In addition to these subsidiaries that are still developing, when Li Guohao received Huo Zhenting s advice to hide his strength and bide his time this year, he also acquired several electrical appliance manufacturing factories in the name of the cbd gummies for hair group and merged them into Guohao Electric, preparing for the future development of rice cookers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.Household electrical products.In general, Guohao Group can be said to be a relatively large business empire in Xiangjiang, and even in Asia.Its products and business coverage have spread all over the world.Of course, these are only a large part of the total assets held by Li Guohao.Just like KFC is like McDonald s, it will become a giant sooner or later.But do you think catering is so easy Every year, the Guohao Food Laboratory Building needs to develop dozens of packaged foods with different flavors and varieties.The pastry company is even more cruel and outrageous, launching new flavors and varieties of pastries every week.With so many varieties and so many flavors, only the one with the highest sales and the best reputation can be kept until the end and become one of the signature snacks or foods.Even the Rende Catering Company and Liji Tea Restaurant launch several new dishes every month to stabilize the market.Not to mention the Panda Express in the United States.As long as the sales of the launched set meals decline, and some people don t like it after a survey, they will improve them.This transaction will only let everyone know that land prices and housing prices may be lowered, but not too much.Li Guohao has not yet figured out Qi Baiheng s real reason for coming Then what do you mean I think the current real estate prices are too high.The Land Administration, including the government, will definitely find a way to adjust the prices.If nothing unexpected, Real estate prices will continue to fall.I think we can buy some of them at the bottom when land prices fall to a certain level for investment or construction.Qi Baiheng s idea is correct.If the development follows the normal track, the British government will regulate housing prices this time., will inevitably slow down the rise of land prices and housing prices in the short term, and may also fall.At this time, it can be said that you can make a lot of money.I didn t know you came to the company to find me.Li Guohao smiled and walked forward to shake hands with the other party Since Manager Shen is coming, he should call me earlier so that I can go to HSBC Bank to visit you in person.Why let you come here How can I do that Mr.Li usually has a lot of affairs to deal with.How dare I ask Mr.Li to come to HSBC to find me in person.Shen Bi laughed.The two sat down and said a few more reserved words.After the secretary Xiao Liu brought the coffee and went out, Shen Bi revealed the reason for his visit and said in a joking tone I heard that Mr.Li The Guohao Group recently intends to develop the banking business.After that, our two banks can work together in depth.Li Guohao stared at Shen Bi s face for a few seconds, and said with a smile We have known each other for so many years, Manager Shen.Afterwards, when each person applies for a bank card of Guohao Bank, we will give him a ten yuan voucher, which can be used to buy any Guohao Group in all convenience stores, supermarkets, pastry shops, etc.in Hong Kong.product.Perhaps because he was afraid that the chairman would think it was a waste of money, Fu Zhengguang immediately said, We have calculated that even if all 4 million people in Hong Kong apply HCMUSSH cbd gummies for hair for Guohao Bank s bank cards, we will only have to pay 40 million Hong Kong dollars..I know.Li Guohao is not an idiot, how can such a simple addition and multiplication of numbers fail to calculate, what he cares about is not the money, but whether ten yuan is too little.After pondering for more than ten seconds, Li Guohao touched his chin and asked, Is the ten yuan too little Even if you go to the palace pastry to buy a snack, ten yuan can buy you three egg tarts at most.Whether the British continue to rule Hong Kong or return to the mainland will have a great impact and fluctuation on Hong Kong s economy.Li Guohao touched his chin and continued I don t know if you have noticed that the real estate economy in Xiangjiang is developing too fast.A few years ago, a thousand square foot mansion could be bought for only a few hundred thousand yuan, but now it costs four or fifty thousand dollars.If China and Britain talk about the issue of return this time, I think it will have a huge impact on Hong Kong s real estate.It is very likely that the real estate bubble will be punctured like Florida in 1926, and housing prices and land prices will drop rapidly.No one cares about it.Hearing this, Ni Xingqing immediately asked in cbd gummies for hair astonishment Boss, then you told me last month that you let me recharge my batteries for a period of time, was it for this Yes.After repeated discussions, it was finally proposed that the Hong Kong Xinhua News Agency branch, through the British Hong Kong government, invite senior officials from Hong Kong, members of the two councils, and celebrities from the business community to form a Hong Kong political and business crescent cbd gummies delegation to Beijing to participate in the National Day military parade.In the process of organizing the group, considering that the British have always used Xiangjiang democracy to respond to the return of Xiangjiang, the mainland also expanded the scope of invitations, trying to make the delegation include representatives from all aspects of Hong Kong society, so that more people can participate in the ceremony.The general public believes in the mainland s one country, two systems, unchanged for 50 years statement about Hong Kong.S.dollar fell rapidly to about 200 yen per U.S.dollar, a drop of 20.In March 1986, the U.S.authorities, represented by U.S.Treasury Secretary Baker, and financial experts represented by the director of the Institute of International Economics, Berg Stein, continued to verbally intervene in the U.S.dollar.In April 1986, as the dollar continued to fall against the yen, Wall Street and global consortiums saw greater business opportunities, and hundreds of billions of funds poured into the international foreign exchange market, starting a global spectacle of yen speculation.In May 1986, under the power of capital, the dollar fell to the lowest point in history against the yen, 1 dollar to 120 yen, that is to say, the yen doubled against the dollar.At the same time, Li Guohao threw out all the foreign exchange in his hands.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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