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Putting the cakes and handwritten Buddhist scriptures on the table with her own hands, Zhou Ruzhang looked at the dark tablet with a very sad expression.She looked at the steward of the Cui family and said, I want to recite the auspicious scriptures for my elder sister a few times.The steward of the Cui family Knowing it immediately, he said Miss Tuesday will call us if you have any orders.After speaking, she led the people out.Zhou Ruzhang knelt on the futon and opened the scriptures in his hands.The room was quiet, and the corners of Miss Tuesday s lips curled up slightly, revealing a smile.Marquis Ding Ning married Miss Zhang s family two years ago.Unexpectedly, Miss Zhang s family became seriously ill shortly after entering the house, and it seemed that nothing would happen.After going there, she married Marquis Dingning as his stepmother It is a good thing for sisters to marry the same person, so she came to Cui s house now, as long as the joints are slowly opened up, it will be a matter of course.Could it be that the white shadow just now was this girl Then she made a big joke.Miss Biao, why are you here Cui s steward looked at the girl, Miss Baotong is looking for you everywhere.Where is Baotong The girl smiled happily, looking very childish, I m picking flowers in the garden, and I can t find her in a blink of an eye.Before the girl finished speaking, a voice rang out Miss, miss Immediately afterwards, a maid walked in the door in a hurry, swinging her big feet.Before Zhou Ruzhang and others could see clearly, they rushed up to the girl, Miss, I have found you.The servant girl looked at the girl carefully as she cbd gummy factory spoke, and when her eyes fell on the girl s messy clothes and loose bun, she immediately looked up.Frowning, she looked at the people in the room rather unkindly Who bullied my lady The girl shrank her shoulders and hid behind the maid.Baotong, let s go.Gu Mingzhu held Baotong and walked out.Looking at her daughter s back, Mrs.Lin nodded in relief.Walking out of Mrs.Lin s room, Gu Mingzhu s eyes brightened.She wanted to slowly reveal the news of her healing up to her father and mother Back in her own room, Gu Mingzhu took off her dress and changed into a neat short brown one, then put Zhou Ruzhang s purse in her arms.During the day, she pretended to throw her purse into the water, but she was actually deceiving Zhou Ruzhang.The moment she threw it out, she put the purse in her sleeve, and what she threw was just a stone.The same is true of the scattered silver that Baotong handed her.This kind of cheating method was taught by Master Zhang.In the past two years, she practiced hard while lying in bed.Not only can it pass the time, but it is also a good thing to have more skills.Today s Cui Zhen how to make gummies with cbd oil cbd gummies efectos seems to be more kind than Gu Mingzhu remembers.child.She, a fool who has been like a child since she was a child, aroused some empathy from him, and in this case, she took advantage of it without hesitation.Cui Zhen is not a person to be fooled with.She has already experienced it just now by the lake.If she hadn t been cautious and had made arrangements before, she might have been caught by cbd gummies efectos him.The sharp edge still needs to be sharpened.The current Cui Zhen is her The best whetstone, even where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon Cui Zhen has no doubts, she, Gu Mingzhu, can be regarded as standing.Zhuzhu, I bought sweet fruit on the way back from Xuanfu.Cui Zhen still had a sullen face, but his voice was slightly soft, I ll have someone fetch it for you tomorrow.Then Gu Mingzhu smiled again , as if he got the best thing in the world Big brother is the best.The doctor looked even more anxious than when she was suddenly stopped just now.Wei Yuanchen shook the porcelain bottle, sniffed it at cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics the end of his nose, and looked at Chu Jiu Let them go More cross examination The third master obviously found something strange, what is in the porcelain bottle Chu Jiu returned the medicine box to the doctor, and took the porcelain bottle from the third master.This is my wife s medicine.Since the third master let them go, there must be no problem with the porcelain bottle.Just as he was about to return it to the doctor, the doctor rushed over at this moment.It fell from the doctor s hand.With a pop , as the HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos porcelain bottle shattered, a rotten stench was emitted immediately.Chu Jiu couldn t help covering her breath, but the doctor felt like a treasure being ruined, groping the ground with her hands, and then wiped the spilled things from the porcelain bottle on her face.It was the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Huaiyuan, who was almost killed in the Golden Pagoda Temple.According to Miss Gu, there were other murderers in the Jinta Temple at that time, and he always wanted to know what the murderer looked like, but the Cui family said that Miss Gu was mentally incompetent and could not explain clearly.Even if he is insane, he might be able to reveal some useful clues.Now Miss Gu is in front of him Lu Shenzhi thought about walking towards Gu Mingzhu.Chapter 20 Dominate the teenage girl, fluttering butterflies in the green bamboo forest, finally caught one, turned her head to show off to others, but accidentally let the butterfly break free, and the smile immediately froze on her face.But soon she forgot about it and found it again in the bamboo forest.Lu Shenzhi looked at Gu cbd gummies efectos bluebird cbd gummies Mingzhu, Miss Gu s mind is just a child, and she will never grow up, no wonder the Cui family firmly said that it is useless to ask her., We are really being targeted by the yamen, and we don t need them to do anything, we will die by ourselves.The old woman s eyes were filled with tears, and she patted Lu Guang s shoulders with rough hands over and over again, trying to comfort him, but she knew These are all in can you buy cbd gummies online vain.Everyone mystic cbd gummies in the courtyard fell silent, and after a long while, Mrs.Chen said, I can t come anymore, lest I be targeted, and you don t want to go out, Brother Zhang Let s go and save, Lu Guang interrupted Mrs.Chen, We will think of a way, since they framed us as the Pearl Thief , we are, and if there is another theft case outside, let s see how they frame Brother Zhang.Mrs.Chen s eyes widened You are going to steal Lu Guang nodded Looking at Mrs.Chen It s a pity that you can t help now.Ziying must be more careful when doing internal affairs alone.

As if someone had poured a basin of ice water from head to toe, his nose was sour, and tears almost fell down.Madam Lin didn t see her obviously because of Zhou Rujun.Why is Zhou Rujun still influencing her life five years after her death Does it have to cause her to lose a good marriage Mother, Zhou Ruzhang threw himself into Mrs.Wednesday s arms, I hate Zhou Rujun, why didn t she die earlier, the prince sent many gifts every year because of my family s life saving grace, and something happened to her, prince The presents are getting less and less, why is she so annoying.Mrs.Wednesday tightly covered her daughter s mouth Stop talking nonsense, people will listen to it, how are you going to marry Zhou Ruzhang whimpered cry Gu Mingzhu stared at her mother and ate a lot of food, then stood up from the brocade tree with satisfaction, and let Baotong accompany her to play with bamboo dragonflies in the yard.Although you resent the Pearl Thief in your mouth, in fact, you still suspect that there are other inside stories in your heart, and you don t want to believe that the Pearl Thief broke his promise.He not only used you but also burned the relief food.Lu Shenzhi listened to Wei Yuanchen s words.He completely gave up struggling, just like the rumors said, this Lord Wei can see through people s hearts, and nothing can be hidden from his eyes.Lu Shenzhi swallowed Maybe I m a stupid person, and I still have a little fantasy, but who knows what happened back then except the Pearl Thief The person who set up the situation clearly knows best cbd gummy for sleep the past seven years ago, otherwise it wouldn t have happened.Use cbd gummies efectos it.But the Pearl Thief I know is dedicated to helping the poor.In times of famine, he would rather starve himself than distribute rice grains to the refugees.The sharp gaze like a blade swept over, Chu Jiu felt that he had fallen It s a piece of flesh, well, he has already given up half his life to persuade him, and if the third master made any mistakes, it would not be a dereliction of duty.But Huafang, girl, it s not bad for the third master to make some mistakes, right Stove head According to records during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty, iron mines set up furnaces for smelting, and Xu Shanzhu was the head of the furnace.Taking the name on the information, Lushou is the leader of those who opened the iron mines.Chapter 31 Boarding the ship Cui Zhen sits in the guard room and waits for the news from the guards.Lord Hou, the guard stepped forward and said, Lord Lu didn t come to the yamen today.We avoided people and went to the Lu s house to check, but we didn t find any trace of Master Lu.If she wanted to know the real inside story, now was the best chance.Didn t I tell you to take a shower and change into clean clothes Mrs.Chen grabbed Gu Mingzhu, Why does it still smell like medicine Gu Mingzhu pointed to the clothes on her body, indicating that they had already been changed.She changed it, and purposely didn t put asafoetida on her face.How can a place like Huafang allow a smelly medicine lady to go up there, but people who have been with herbs all the year round can t have the slightest smell of medicine.Details must be attended to.Mrs.Chen was sighing, and another person walked out of the room.Gu Mingzhu seemed to be the woman who asked her for abortion medicine last cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics time.The woman wore a pink dress tonight, and she looked extraordinarily delicate.This is Ah Jin, Mrs.Chen said with a smile, you have seen it before, Ah Jin used your medicine very well, and this time it is also the job she found for you.Mr.Ding drank happily, and waved his hand to let the guards around him go to get the food and drinks, the group seemed to have relaxed their vigilance.It is really a fat and big bait, waiting for others to bite.After a few glasses of wine, Mr.Ding began to look at the guests in the cabin, and the expression on his face gradually became complicated, with a bit of anticipation cautiously.Gu Mingzhu already knew in his heart that who sells botanical farms cbd gummies this Mr.Ding was just a puppet, and he would never be the real person in charge.How could he be so impatient in setting up such a big game.In order to confirm her guess, when Mr.Ding looked over, she suddenly got up and walked to the boy, reaching sugar free cbd gummies for a jug of wine.Mr.Ding s eyes fell on her, his eyes became slightly blurred, his interested eyes flashed across his face, he wanted to say something, but he could barely stop, his eyes looked away reluctantly.Otherwise, how could they live in such a shabby place Hou s help to survive.Not only the Cui clan, but even the in laws have to rely on vigorade cbd gummies Marquis Ding Ning, it is really not easy for Marquis Ding Ning.Zhou Ruzhang couldn t help feeling hot when he thought of Cui Zhen s mighty and handsome appearance.Unfortunately, Marquis Dingning s wife was unlucky.Know what it s like to have a virtuous wife and family.If she is allowed to marry into the Cui family, she can guarantee that Dingning Hou Cui Zhen will be able to go smoothly from now on, as long as Cui Zhen treats her well, so what if there are two Ding Ninghou wives in front She didn t insist on marrying Cui Zhen, she just felt that Cui Zhen was too pitiful, the Zhou family owed Cui Zhen and should be compensated.Zhou Ruzhang entered the main room after thinking about it.

She felt that the dream was a sign to her that the old Marquis did not die back then, and the one who left was she cbd gummies canabbinol HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos is gone.After the old Hou Ye left, her nightmares disappeared as expected.From then on, she believed in these things very much.Although she was deceived by a fake Taoist priest in the capital, her dreams would never go wrong.Broken, is cbd gummies nicotine blocking she really near the end of her lifespan She had to find another way to save her life.Mrs.Lin thought of Zhuangzi as her dowry.When she lived in Taiyuan Mansion with her two children, she went to live there for two days when she fell ill, and her condition soon improved.There was an accident at the ancestral grave, and Yu s mother was arrested.She wanted to move to Zhuangzi, and now she couldn t wait for a moment.She would leave tomorrow.First, she would go to recuperate.The woman in the car looked at the old man s back and did not dare to move.There was a sound of footsteps, and several figures sprang out from all around, surrounding the two of them.The woman clenched the handkerchief tightly, looking a little flustered.The old man turned the car slowly as usual, turned around and pulled out a steel knife from the car, and stood in front of the woman.His back was no longer hunched, and his whole body became more energetic, and he no longer looked like an old man.He slowly raised his head montana valley cbd gummies website to reveal his ugly face, which had been disguised, but people who knew him could still recognize his identity.He is Yan Hao.Ziyuan in the where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon car bit her lip, her flustered heart gradually calmed down, looking at Yan Hao s back, her eyes became a little firmer.Yan Hao, where are you going A person walked over slowly.He would come out again.Will Master Wei come the people around him whispered.Mr.Jiang shook his head No, there is trouble at the Tieshan Mine, and those homeless refugees will entangle him, and Lu Guang and those people have our people around them, so if they make trouble for them at a critical moment, it will be enough for them to suffer., He is just one person, and he doesn t have three heads and six arms, so how can he do so many things.It s a pity that those Tieshan mines were investigated.What are you afraid of, Mr.Jiang said, This is still our world, and the surname Wei can t Stay in Shanxi forever.Speaking of cbd gummies and other drugs these, Mr.Jiang lifted his spirits, turned around and wanted to lead his horse to leave, and when the imperial envoy Mr.Wei came back to his senses, they were already thousands of miles away, and it was up to him to explore the mines and open the furnace Means, less than two years to start over.Chapter 62 Faceless Zhou Ruzhang opened his eyes wide, his mind went blank, he even forgot to breathe, and quietly waited for the sharp sword to pierce her through.The tip of where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon the sword barely stopped in front of her.Zhou Ruzhang wanted to see clearly again, but he felt a pain in his stomach, his whole body was kicked away by a force, and he fell heavily to the ground.Frightened, Zhou Ruzhang couldn t make a sound, but just lay there with ashen face , dare not move.Looking at Miss Zhou who was kicked away, Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief.The murderer blocked Miss Zhou in front of him as a meat shield, and the sword in his hand almost cbd gummies efectos couldn t hold back.Kill cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics her, not so good.Let her go, I really feel bad, so I just let her suffer.Now that there is no one in sight, Chu Jiu felt very relieved and swung the sword in his hand again.Clearly.But how could a master be in charge of anything.Mother Zhao nodded.Cui Zhen then asked Have you ever met my aunt and Mr.Zhao Er Mother Zhao lowered her eyes and did not look at Cui Zhen No.Lie, Cui Zhen smiled coldly Since this is the case, there is no need to worry.Let my aunt go back to Shaanxi in a few days Zhao s mother panicked Master Hou, it may be related to the case of the lost war horse.My Gong family received the news from Mr.Zhao Er, and Mr.Zhao asked Mr.Gong to inquire about this case Cui Zhen s face remained calm, but his gaze changed.First, something happened to his mother Zhuangzi, and now the Lin family came to Taiyuan Mansion because of the war horse case.It seems that the Lin family and this matter cannot escape the dry cleaning, but they don t know how much they have been implicated.My lord, Nie Chen said to Wei Yuanchen, I ll go and see if there is a lock that matches this key.Wei Yuanchen said Yes.Nie Chen walked out quickly, and Gu Mingzhu immediately followed Nie Chen closely.Wei Yuanchen raised her eyebrows as she watched the two figures leave together.Her temperament seemed very weak, and she was very dependent on Nie Chen.If he asked, Nie Chen would definitely say that he had some relationship with her, and that she also .

where can you buy cbd gummies near me?

had some opinions on detective matters, otherwise Nie Chen wouldn t bring her with him.Wei Yuanchen s eyes turned slightly, wondering if Nie Chen knew all the ins and outs, or was she also deceived Thinking about what Nie Chen did before, it is probably the former.Third Lord, Chu Jiu whispered, That s a woman.Wei Yuanchen didn t respond, of course he knew it was a woman.

Wei Yuanchen said Sir, what do you think of the woman s medical skills who stopped the mother in law s bleeding Sun Lang stroked his beard and said, She learned the skills of scribblers, but it can be seen that she knows a lot about medical skills, otherwise it would be too difficult.He couldn t stop the patient s bleeding in time, and cooperated with me to complete cbd gummies efectos the suture.Wei Yuanchen said Then, can she or her master s medical skills cure Miss Gu s previous anemia Langzhong Sun didn t expect Wei Yuanchen to mention it.When it came to this matter, he couldn t help being startled Could it be that the woman knows the Gu family More than that, Wei Yuanchen said, She is Miss Gu.I just heard a boom outside, as if something had fallen to the ground.Chu Jiu outside the door covered his head, he was just hanging upside down on the eaves to eavesdrop No, he behaved as his guard, and he heard the third master say this out of nowhere.First, the body of Si Cheng must be carefully inspected to see if there are any clues.Second, Lin Sizhen is more or less involved in the War Horse case, and what is missing now is the evidence.It can be regarded as adding an important clue to the subsequent investigation.Wei Yuanchen stood up and walked towards Gu Mingzhu.Mrs.Lin hurriedly hid her daughter in her arms.Wei Yuanchen looked indifferently, looked at Gu Mingzhu and said, Who asked you to call Lin Runzhi There was no joy or anger in his voice, and his eyes were calm, so it was difficult buy cbd gummies bulk canada to understand his thoughts.Gu Mingzhu was obviously frightened and refused to speak.Wei Yuanchen was very patient, she came to report to him, and he reciprocated, so he repeated Who asked you to call Lin Runzhi Gu Mingzhu then said Aunt Aunt eat pomegranate Wei Yuanchen got the answer, raised his head and ordered Call the women who help in the yamen.Wei Yuanchen was reading the post in his hand, and the crown prince invited him to the banquet, which didn t surprise him.At that time when the Zhao family s organs exploded, he knew that there must be an eyeliner hiding around the Zhao family, waiting for the result, so he asked the hidden guard to find out the eyeliner, followed him quietly to check, and sure enough, he found the prince by the river outside the city.Seeing that he was not killed by the bomb, the prince naturally wanted to tear off the window paper as soon as possible and fight him face to face.Wei Yuanchen said How is the Cui family Chu Jiu reported carefully Cui Wei took Mrs.Lin back to the Cui family s old house cbd gummy discounts and never came out.Marquis Ding Ning stayed at the Gu family, and the crown prince was sent to the old house.When Cui Zhen walked into the house, he saw the prince walking towards him with a cbd gummies efectos warm smile.Cui Zhen bowed to the prince Prince.No need to do this, the prince stretched out his hand to grab Cui Zhen s wrist, as if very enthusiastic, The last time I met Lord Hou was when my father held a banquet in the palace half a year ago.When I came to Taiyuan Mansion, I happened to have a good chat with Lord Hou, and my father often said that the only ever victorious general in the Great Zhou Dynasty was Marquis Dingning, so let me ask Marquis Dingning a lot about the formation of the army.Cui Zhen followed the crown prince.Walking forward, walking on the Qingshiban Road, I heard the sound of a piano, the prince has a good temperament, especially the lyre.Cui Zhen frowned slightly.When someone confessed to the case of the elder princess, the elder princess lured the prince into the mansion with Zhou s beauty and good at the lyre.He left Zhang Tong outside because Zhang Tong has a clear mind, unlike Chu Jiu, whose brain is about the same size as the five black chickens.Chu Jiu shook his head No, everything is calm, maybe Mr.Lu live cbd gummies thinks he can still control it.Otherwise, Zhang Tong would have made a move long ago.Wei Yuanchen narrowed his eyes.Lu Shenzhi is very smart, but if it is said that he has not mastered the ability to control the overall situation, unless she is helping outside.It s so calm, even if there is no news, he probably knows what the situation is, the prince s people are doing those shady methods in secret.Wei Yuanchen looked at Chu Jiu and said, I ll ask you to bring the things you prepared.It may come in handy at any time Outside the city of Taiyuan Prefecture, Lu Shenzhi slowly approached the mountain with his people.Chapter 111 At the banquet in the prince s mansion, Mr.Wei, who has learned badly, everyone looked thoughtful.expression.Mr.Wei is right, according to this inference, Master Zhao Er must be dead.Master Zhao Er is dead, and Wang Daochang is also dead.How will this case be investigated For such a big matter, Mr.Wei, as an imperial envoy, has to report to the imperial court It doesn t sound like a problem.After Wei Yuanchen finished speaking, he took the secret box from Chu Jiu.This special secret box was given by the emperor to the imperial envoy.The lock on the box has two keys, one in the hands of the imperial envoy and the other in the hand of the emperor, and the rest cannot be opened.Wei Yuanchen ordered Chujiu Go to the Yamen now, do as I said, and immediately hand over the secret box to the guards, and let them go to the capital overnight.

Wang stopped crying, and she knew that Mr.Wei the little girl told her was the imperial envoy who arrested the prefect of Han.He heard that when dealing with the prefect of Han, he used He was tortured and cut off half of the prefect Han s body, not trubliss cbd gummies amazon to mention how terrible it was.The same is true for the officials in this yamen.Anyone who is suspected of being involved will be whipped first.After the master Lu was beaten, he had to go around on errands.His blood was soaked through the official uniform.Many people saw it with their own eyes.of.That s why the little girl spoke to her in a pitiful tone.Thinking of her situation, Mrs.Wang couldn t help but feel chills in her heart.Those people wouldn t come up and attack her, right Gu Mingzhu stood up and prepared to walk out of the cbd gummies efectos prison.This girl, Wang s daughter in law immediately got up and threw herself at Gu Mingzhu s feet, please tell us what s going on here Daughter in law Sister in law get up I m just helping the yamen investigate the case, I don t know much.Ah.Lu Shenzhi said in a deep voice, If what you said is true, the yamen will naturally consider it.Wang s daughter in law immediately thanked Lu Shenzhi a thousand times.Sure enough, after a while, the Liao family came to answer.The master of the Liao family understood something when he saw Mrs.Wang.He never asked too much about making jewelry for others, because some things might not be seen, especially those precious gems.Knowing too much is not good for him, but now The yamen came to the door, and Wang Daochang was dead, so there was no need for him to hide it.There is such a thing.Mr.Wang said that those jewelry were made by a foreigner, but the inlay of the gemstone was not firm, so he came to me to repair it.I remember the phoenix hairpin, top hairpin and The gemstones inlaid in the heart are extremely precious, Master Wang also took out a few ordinary gemstones, saying that they were left over from the heads, and asked me to make a white jade flower hairpin, earrings and armbands.After all, the Wei family is the best.Huaiyuanhou thought so, walked to the gate of the palace and got on his horse, and was about to urge the horse to go forward, but Huaiyuanhou felt a pair of eyes looking at him.Those eyes were full of scrutiny and curiosity, like the sun at noon, it was very dazzling among the crowd, Huaiyuan Hou immediately turned his head to face it.That is the second master of the Wei family.How could Second Master Wei be so interested in him all of a sudden Chapter 139 The Difficult Father Gu Huaiyuan Hou decided to say hello to Second Master Wei, whether he will come up to talk to him is up to Second Master Wei himself, after all the dignitaries in Beijing will take a detour when they see him, I m afraid that I will have the slightest relationship with him, a horse manure nobleman., There are not many personal guards to protect the carriages and horses, and if there is a estrangement in the heart, it may not be good for the situation.The prince sighed If I don t say anything, I m afraid Wei Yuanchen will target you.Cui Zhen smiled faintly Wei Yuanchen and I have been in cbd gummies efectos trouble for a long time, and now I don t know why.The prince s eyes flickered until he stopped Perhaps the northern border was once guarded by the Wei family.Cui cbd infused gummies for sale Zhen s cbd gummies efectos eyes With a flash of energy, there was faint discontent on his face What does the Wei family have to do with the territory of the Great Zhou It would end so hastily.The prince naturally understands what Cui Zhen is thinking at this time, and for no reason, he has passively moved the guards around him, and anyone will be furious.You must know that these guards are no small matter, touching them is like being forcibly stretched into his arms.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to pick up the five black chickens, and the two followed the chief.When they passed a well, Baotong suddenly said This is an orange.An orange is used to draw water from a well, and it should be very common in the village.The head of the where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon village nodded.I think of one thing, Baotong said, I heard that when the Tatars rebelled in northern Xinjiang, a general demolished the houses in the village and ordered the people and soldiers to make more than a hundred catapults to repel the Tatars.People, since then the people have known the benefits of the catapult, and have set up tangerines beside the well one after another.This tangerine is the same as the catapult, and the water can be pumped out with one pull, saving a lot of effort.Listening to Baotong s words At the same time, Li Chang s whole body stiffened.Friendship, why does the Wei family rely on nothing Gu Chongyi s expression gradually became surprised.Mrs.Lin said Everyone in our family is here.The master said that we have nothing to do with the Wei family, and it is even more impossible for me and cbd gummies efectos Zhuzhu.Then what is the purpose of the Wei family treating us like this Gu Chongyi pondered, and the Wei family wanted to Win over him So the Second Master Wei came to inquire cbd gummies efectos about him, as if he had hidden something good and the Wei family was thinking about it.This is not cbd gummies bend oregon good.The worst part is that they seem to owe favors to the Wei family.Gu Chongyi became uneasy.Maybe his trick of pretending to be crazy was seen through.Although the Wei family didn t say it outright, they already knew it.It cbd gummies efectos seems that the future road is not easy to walk.

I also hit it by mistake, Huaiyuanhou smiled slightly, as if he was very impressed by Wei Yuanchen s words, I never expected to find out such a big case.The young lady s innocent smile seems to be twisted extracts cbd gummies the same, anyone who sees it will feel that Huaiyuan Hou has no intentions.However, after witnessing so many wonderful performances by Miss Gu, Wei Yuanchen is well versed in this way, even if the father and daughter talk about smallpox, he will not be fooled again.Huaiyuan Hou said heartily Let s go, let s talk in the village first.With that kind appearance, it seemed that he had no defense against Wei Yuanchen.When the group entered the city, Gu Mingzhu also came down from the city wall.Standing on the steps, Gu Mingzhu waved to Hou Huaiyuan Daddy.The voice was soft and sweet.Huaiyuanhou got off his horse immediately and went to meet his daughter.Are you slowly preparing to arrive at dawn Master Wei s voice came, but the words stopped cbd gummies help with relaxing abruptly cbd gummies efectos in the middle.Gu Mingzhu was very sorry, but she always felt that she would be left here because of this horse, which was found by Chu Jiu.Sirmy lordI Gu Mingzhu was stammering when she saw a hand stretched out.Master Weiinvited her to take a ride together Gu Mingzhu hesitated.Wei Yuanchen looked at Miss Jiang shrinking, she was pretending to be timid and dodging, she seemed to dare not to ride with him, but in fact she was unwilling.He should have a way to deal with her various identities, so that he won t recognize her if she changes suddenly in cbd gummies efectos the can you give a dog cbd gummies future.At that time, Rujun also approached her secretly, but she didn t realize it.In her mind, he was no different from those patients when getting along in the prison.Cheng Yi s fists and feet kept falling on Qian Yunsheng s body, and Hou Yong beside him was trembling with fear.It s your turn next.Cheng Yi kicked Hou Yong, and now he understood why his mother wanted to die and how he could bear such an insult.After beating the two of them up, Cheng Yi walked out of the room and saluted Wei Yuanchen Thank you, Mr.Wei.These two people deserve to die, but he won t kill them now.They sent them to the Palace of where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon Hades.Cheng Yi said Next, I will go to Cheng s house first, and then to Yuan s house.He wanted to seek justice for his mother Dong dong dong came a knock on the door.Yuan Zhixing, Zuoqian capital censor of the Metropolitan Procuratorate, woke up from his dream.He immediately got up and asked for tea.It should be the time for the court.At this time, the servant wanted to give him a cup of tea to wake him up.Su Fu went on to ask Who is it that took your family away Qian Yunsheng rushed to answer It s the Tatars.We have been walking in northern Xinjiang all the year round, and we can tell that they always have a fishy smell on their bodies and their voices It is also slightly different from us, and they said that it is useless for us to report to the government, and the where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon government of Dazhou can t control them.When Qian Yunsheng said this, the lobby of the Shuntian government office was quiet, and Su Fu frowned in thought.Mr.Cheng also understood a little bit, and finally knew why Cheng Yi brought him to the government office.Cheng Yi didn t want him to confess to framing the Zhao family, but to get him involved in Lin Sizhen s collaborating with the enemy.The reason why Mrs.Zhao was caught by Mrs.Cheng, she has to bow her head in front of Zhao Shi.Yuan Shi thinks I will definitely dislike all the main houses in the world.She dislikes the status of a concubine, and she has been relying on others for many years, but she will not be used by others at such a time.If Mrs.Zhao enters the Huairou Princess Mansion, if she wants to can cbd gummies help with headaches intervene , has long been reminded of Princess Huairou.The Shanxi mutiny created Lin Sizhen and others.Lin Sizhen and those people harmed the crown prince.They were her mortal enemies.She wanted to arrest them all.How could they help.Your Majesty is right, but The female officer is very worried.Your Majesty wants to catch those people, so don t give the Wei family a chance because of this.Empress Wei is very cunning, like a poisonous snake that penetrates every hole, let her coil here cbd gummies efectos In the palace, Bao Buqi would bite them one day.Chu Jiu looked at the serious expression of the third master, and immediately said Our manor The reception banquet here is better than theirs.Compassionate for the people around him, the third master is not inferior to Miss Gu.Chu Jiu continued Nie Chen and Liu Su were afraid that our guards would go to the banquet, and even made excuses not to keep us, as if they could come to our banquet.The more Chu Jiu said, the more indignant he was How kind the third master is to them, all of them seem to have no conscience, and they still work for the Cui family in Taiyuan Mansion.Could it be that in their hearts, the third master is not as good as the Cui family They can t drive us away here, and they can t go there Have you gone to the Cui family With a snap , Wei Yuanchen threw the teacup over and said, Pour HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos tea.

They live in the cbd gummies efectos mountains all the year round, they don t like to interact with people, and they prefer to exchange the herbs in their lord cbd gummies hands for money.The shopkeeper hopes that what he meets is a herbal collector.As long as he wins over this person, his pharmacy will not have to worry about these good medicines.Sending the shopkeeper away, Liu Su entered the door and said in a low voice Let s wait at the door of the pharmacy.Someone from Yuan s family invited some doctors to go to see a doctor together.In this way, it can explain why she is often not at home, and why she takes on some work as a doctor, because she, a herb picker , is getting older and can no longer go into the mountains, and the herbs she picks are getting worse and worse.I have to see a doctor to earn some money.Liu Su picked up the medicine box, HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos and the two of them were about to go out.He did not know how much medicine he took, but it was of no use at all.Looking at the servant who delivered the medicine, her anger rushed to her head Go away, they are all trash, where is the real medicine Why haven t you found it yet It s gone, the mother in charge said tremblingly.It s the last bit.Bai Gongren s eyes were red Have someone find the real man.The mother in charge said, The real man has left Beijing, and he has been away for a long time, Mr.Gongyouhave you forgotten She didn t forget, but she really couldn t bear it any longer, Bai Gongren was crying and snot, wishing to die immediately.Or let people go to find the master, the mother in charge said softly, let the master think of a way.No one is allowed to go, Bai Gong s expression became grim when he heard this, don t let the master come back.After Gu Mingzhu checked repeatedly, she looked at Bai Gongren again.Bai Gongren had lost all strength after tossing all day, and took advantage of the effect of the smoke just now, to rest with half closed eyes.Gu Mingzhu compared his mouth to the steward, and the doctor looked at the patient s tongue coating and tongue appearance when he saw, heard, and asked everything.The steward of the Yuan family didn t expect that the doctor was still dumb, so he tentatively called Bai Gongren in a low voice Mr.Gong But Bai Gongren ignored her.How could Gu Mingzhu miss any opportunity to find out the news, and finally encountered Bai Gong s illness, so he had to watch it carefully.Gu Mingzhu seemed to want to take a closer look at Bai Gongren s leg injury, approached Bai Gongren a little bit, and then HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos quietly lifted the gauze on her face.Yan Tanhua was calculated to lose both arms, and he has been tracking down his murderer.Master, maybe Yan Tanhua has found some clues.With these as the premise, she wants to read those little things that Mrs.Li said.Even if there are no clues, she can learn a lot, but Master Wei clearly You can ask Mrs.Li for these things, why did you mention it when she was a guest with her mother.A small cage was brought up.Mrs.Li said lovingly to Gu Mingzhu Look, Zhuzhu, here There is something you like.There are many things in the box, from small frogs to wooden birds, and some small tops.Gu Mingzhu was attracted by a few small locks, and stretched out her hand to take the bunch of small locks in her hand.Mrs.Li smiled and said The empress also liked to play with these objects when she was in her natal family.Now hearing Gu Mingzhu s words, he dexterously squatted down and picked up the white jade like chess pieces on the ground, and put them into the chess basket.The dead are gone, Gu Mingzhu said, My lord must have made a decision in my heart.I want to find out the people who framed the Wei family and avenge Mr.Wei.On that day, my lord can let go.Really Wei Yuanchen He said, If there are other knots in my heart, how can I solve them Gu Mingzhu said Your Excellency is right Wei Yuanchen was silent for a moment There was a person who took care of me in prison and was able to save my life.Well, it s a pity that she also passed away unjustly, every time the old illness relapses, I will think of her.Gu Mingzhu s heart trembled, Master Wei was talking about her, it turns out that Master Wei still thinks about this matter, is it because he feels that the kindness cannot be repaid Gu Mingzhu was silent for a moment and said Since that person saved your lord, you want your lord to be safe and healthy, and you don t want that momentary kindness to be your lord s bondage.Gu Mingzhu stood up and said, Bao Tong, let s go out and have a look.She was very worried about her father, although Master Wei Er s temper didn t seem that strong, he was more cbd gummies efectos like a ripe persimmon hanging on a branch, his father didn t care much about it.It may be a disadvantage, but everything in this world has a just in case.Gu Chongyi walked into the mansion quickly, and the steward immediately came up where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon to meet him.Seeing the situation of Lord Hou, the steward was startled.Why did Hou Ye look so disheveled, as if he had been rolled in the ground several times, and the corners of his robe were all shattered It s torn, and it looks pretty messed up.The steward hurriedly said Master Hou, what s the matter cbd gummies efectos bluebird cbd gummies with you It s okay, Gu Chongyi looked into the main room in the inner courtyard, and then at himself, Is it sloppy The steward nodded Master Hou , cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics You didn t suffer, did you How could he suffer, he beat Mr.

Daddy, what s cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics the matter Gu Mingzhu walked up to her and stood on tiptoe cbd gummies efectos to wipe the dirt on Gu Chongyi s face.It s okay, Gu Chongyi looked at his daughter and said softly, I went out to practice boxing and kicking for a while, why did Zhuzhu get up so early Baotong said with a smile Miss knows that the master is going to go to the yamen at this time, so she insists on coming to see her.Look at the master.Gu Chongyi couldn t help being overjoyed, a smile appeared on his face My good boy, you still remember that Daddy went to court at this time.Zhuzhu s illness is really much better.Gu Mingzhu said Mother has a belly, Zhuzhu takes care of Daddy.Gu Chongyi couldn t help his nose sore, and reached out to touch the top of Zhuzhu s head Daddy is still in charge, Zhuzhu is young, so she needs to sleep for a while, but occasionally It s okay to come and send daddy to court.Wei Yuanchen waved his hand, nonchalantly Go He didn t take this matter to heart at all, Cui Wei couldn t possibly get the slightest favor from Zhuzhu, no matter .

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if it was Rujun or Zhuzhu.He can only guard against and deal with Cui Wei.Wei Yuanchen said Go to the Cheng family to see what s going on there.Even if the Cheng family refuses to let the government office carry Yuan s body to Yizhuang, they will have to wait for the autopsy before they can collect the body.The Cheng family blocked it as Yuan s wife, but Yin Sufu of Shuntian Mansion would never give in, not to mention Princess Huairou went to stabilize the situation.If the Cheng family killed someone, don t just cover it up like this.The suspicion is very high.Mr.Cheng abandoned his wife Zhao a few years ago, and it is very likely that he will repeat the same cbd gummies efectos trick cbd gummies efectos and kill Yuan.Aunt Gui looked at Cheng Yi at the door My lord, I will tell you everything I know, and I only hope that my lord can take care of my fourth master.I understand best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummies efectos that Mrs.Zhao and my lord are kind hearted, even if it is The concubine of the Cheng family will also give him a way out, but here he can only wait to die.Master Cheng scolded Mr.Jiang, what did you conspire with Cheng Yi Do you know what the crime is for false accusation Jiang Your name Aunt Gui suddenly smiled, There are too many concubines in your mansion, and you have forgotten what my concubine s surname is The concubine s surname is not Jiang.Before I became a concubine, I felt that I had a place in your heart, but now it seems that it is a concubine s delusion.It s gone.After speaking, Aunt Gui knelt down and fixed her eyes on Cheng Yi, her eyes full of anticipation.Hui Xiang began to tremble, This matter has nothing to do with me, it s not me Xue Laotong judged Madam Yuan dismissed the others, leaving you alone, who else is it Hui Xiang looked into the yard.Second Master Cheng said at this time You went to see your father in the study today.What did you say Cheng Yi sneered The witness is here, and you still don t admit it The old master mud bodhisattva can t save himself when he crosses the river, but will he save you as a servant Hui Xiang couldn t kneel anymore when she heard this, and sat there paralyzed Although the madam has no evidence in hand, she still threatened the old man and said that she would reveal Mrs.Zhao s affairs, and the old man called me to question.I am honestly saying that the madam has not obtained any evidence yet, but the old man thinks it will be a matter of time.Wei Yuanchen nodded Since we have clues, we must find out.Gu Chongyi didn t want to take care of the Wei family s affairs, so he opened his mouth and didn t say anything.Wei Yuanchen interjected When my father was alive, he supervised the affairs of the Daning Metropolitan Guard Office, and he was also implicated and imprisoned because of the collusion between the Daning Metropolitan Division and the Second Prince.I was fined heavily, and I sent people to investigate the case in the capital of Daning, best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummies efectos which may how to make gummies with cbd oil cbd gummies efectos arouse suspicion, but the case has to be investigated here.Our Wei family did not do anything illegal, so naturally there is no need to avoid suspicion.Is that right Gu Chongyi couldn t help frowning, he was how to make gummies with cbd oil cbd gummies efectos here to ask for some news, but Wei Yuanchen said this, cbd gummies efectos as if he was worried about the Wei family.Chu 9 quickly walked to the door, he couldn t help touching his ears, he seemed to be right, red ears are not from cold, what s going on Feeling troubled in his heart, he saw Feng Anping waving to him.Feng Anping was holding cbd gummies efectos a bag of beef in his hand, and his eyes lit up in the ninth grade.Not far away, Xue Laotong couldn t help sighing when he saw this scene.He taught a lot of students, and he didn t expect that the mantle might be handed over to Feng Anping, the most unpromising man.Feng Anping is good at everything else, except that the bribery problem passed down from his ancestors cannot be changed.Fortunately, the Feng family still has an ancestral advantage, that is, they are so poor that even if they bribe, they can t get anything good.Every time they see Feng Anping Anping s washed white clothes, he felt quite comforted in his heart.

They have been enshrined in the hall.Next, we will serve the senior brother.Do a few religious ceremonies.Zhenren Sun came out of Beijing because his brother became a monk in Shandong, I don t know if it is true, but Gu Mingzhu remembered that the Nalu family also came from Shandong.Walking into the gate of the Taoist temple, Nv Guanzi first led them to offer incense, and then whispered The quiet room in the backyard is ready, a few minutes Is there hot spring water Nv Guanzi said suddenly Interrupted by a crisp voice, Nuguanzi turned her head to look.The girl s face was full of enthusiasm, as if she couldn t wait to see the hot spring.Yes it s in the quiet room.As soon as Nuguanzi finished speaking, the girl ran out of the hall, obviously looking for the quiet room.Zhuzhu, the old lady Gu ordered immediately, Hurry up and catch up with the eldest lady.Mrs.Gu was startled.Ming Wan and Ming Lan came to see, they had long forgotten about Zhu Zhu who lives in Mo Zhenren s place.The old lady Gu said in a low voice If there is something wrong, the mother in charge of the Hou s mansion will come to report.Although there is a commotion here, Zhuzhu probably doesn t know how far it is from the wooden house.Madam Zhang is still worried Zhuzhu Different from others, I still have to go and have a look to be at ease.Why bother Madam, said Mrs.Gu, she looked at the manager beside her, What are you still doing in a daze, why don t you go over and see the situation.Gu Minglan said I ll go with the steward.A smile appeared on Mrs.Zhang s face immediately, and she was about to praise Gu Minglan when Gu Mingwan said It s dark and the road is not easy to walk, my sister should stay and take care of grandma, let me go.Her kung fu was not as good as her senior brother, and she gradually fell In the next multiplication.The mechanism on her arm was used up, and seeing that there was no chance of turning the tables, she snorted coldly when she heard Mo Yangming say this I am not doing it for money, what is good and what is evil Brother is doing evil, but you It s just that you don t know it yet, but you are the evil ones who serve the ferocious beasts and let them kill more weaklings.In vain do you claim to be smart, but you can t see through this Mo Yangming looked at Sun Zhenren It seems that the younger brother has done something.It s a big deal.Zhenren Sun knew he had said something wrong, but it was hard to stop.When did you start Mo Yangming asked, Aside from buying and selling imported goods in private, what have you done Zhenren Sun stopped talking.Mo Yangming sighed The empress fell from a high place and was injured.The empress lost her life because of it.It is not easy to recover to the current situation.Falling from a high place Gu Mingzhu heard some mysteries from Mo Yangming s words.I am afraid that what happened back then cannot be explained clearly in one or two sentences.Go back, Mo Yangming told Gu Mingzhu, it s not easy to walk when it s dark, what you heard and saw in the palace today, don t mention it to anyone except Marquis Huaiyuan and his wife.Gu Mingzhu said Don t worry, Master, I will remember everything.Gu Mingzhu left Shangqing Temple, thinking about what Empress Wei and Master Mo said in her mind.Empress Wei is both civil and military, and she is an extremely smart person.She was worried about the third princess.The three princesses are running around, what s the inside story Every move of the Empress affects the entire harem.I don t need to marry a wife to help me.I don t have much ambition.I just follow my elder brother in and out of the barracks.Although I am mentally incomplete, but carefree and carefree, I don t have many thoughts, and a person like eldest brother naturally cannot marry such a woman, but I don t have a heavy burden on my shoulders, and I don t need to support the Cui family s lintel, so why not Looking at each other, Cui Zhen s attitude did not waver in the slightest Zhuzhu is still young, and my aunt once said that she has no intention of marrying Zhuzhu, so you should stop thinking about it.Brother is still the same, Cui Wei smiled softly, As long as When you make a decision, you don t allow anyone to question it, it s the same in the army, and it s the same at home, everyone, including mother, must act according to your wishes, and if you resist the eldest brother, you will be dealt with mercilessly.What she thought in her heart seemed to have been seen through by him a long time ago.Gu Mingzhu continued Bai Gongren also saw the dead Ah chan in the house.Maybe the person who pretended to be a ghost in Cui s house and in Yuan s house is the same person.Like the colored threads arranged on a loom, there is no clue to put them there, but they are carefully passed by the shuttle slowly, and soon a picture will appear in front of you.And now is the time when it will come out.The case between Taiyuan Mansion and Jingzhong was originally on the same line.The real Sun and Yuan Zhixing were closely related.They took advantage of Bai Gongren s guilt towards A Chan to firmly hold Bai Gongren in their hands, and let Bai Gongren Ren blames Ah Chan s retribution for her leg injury.Bai Gongren was tortured deeply, but he was still full holistic health cbd gummies full spectrum of guilt.

Then there is Miss Bai, the real man thinks carefully, whether Miss Bai left any important words back then, and whether she has acted strangely.Something seemed to come out of cbd gummies efectos Mo Yangming s mind, but he couldn t sort it out for a while.Ah chan has been away for more cbd arousal gummies than ten years, that is to say, someone quietly arranged these more than ten years ago What is the purpose of the younger brother in rushing to control the empress dowager cbd gummies efectos with medicine As she thought, this case is not easy to investigate, but she is so old, what is there to be afraid of Mo Yangming s eyes were bright, he had been huddled in the Taoist temple for so long, and his heart had never been at peace.Mo Yangming let out a long sigh of relief.She accompanied the empress dowager through many mountains of swords and fires.Chapter cbd gummies efectos martha stewart cbd gummies coupon code 352 The reminder to Gu Chongyi He rushed out of the tea house and rode away on horseback.Just now he thought of the ups and downs of the Wei family in these years, and felt that Wei Congzhi was not easy.As a result, these two idiots always surprised him at critical moments.It s nothing more than falling asleep, but he s still being haunted.Don t you think that your drowsiness is the result of being drugged by the shopkeeper Otherwise, how could they yell black shop It s really stupid.After seeing Wei Congzhi, who would be ashamed to compare himself to being stupid Gu Chongyi looked at the clothes on his body.From Shuntian Mansion Yamen to Hehua Hutong, the robes looked a little messy.He wanted to go back to the house and change clothes before going to Tan s house.After thinking about it for a while, he went straight to Tan Dingfang, so cbd gummies efectos that he looked even better.Find the person who instigated that handyman Wei Yuanchen said The prisons in Shuntian Mansion and the Ministry of Criminal Justice are already overcrowded, and it is useless to arrest them now.It is better to get people to follow him closely, maybe we will get more clues, no matter what.I can t find out, and I can bring that person back for interrogation at any time.Cui Zhen nodded, and Wei Yuanchen s doing so would indeed be more helpful to the case.Cui Zhen said Did Tan Zgeng really kill someone I heard that when the yamen went, there were already six corpses on the Zhuangzi.The guard cbd gummies efectos who Mr.Wei rescued from the Zhuangzi insisted that Tan Zgeng was the murderer.Wei Yuanchen heard From these words, it is known that Cui Zhen asked someone to inquire about the news, and he might have been to the Daxing county government because of this matter.Gu Mingzhu thought for a moment, then couldn t help showing her head and said, My lord, guess whose eyeliner is that man staring at the Daning people The opposing person is most likely Tan Shangshu.The two of them arrived at Huaiyuanhou Mansion, and with Mr.Wei around, Gu Mingzhu naturally didn t have to dig into the dog s hole.Wei Yuanchen easily crossed the Gu family s wall and sent Gu Mingzhu to the inner house.Gu Mingzhu looked at Wei Yuanchen, reached out and took off the cloak Master, put it on quickly, it s still warm.The girl put the cloak on his shoulders, and cbd gummies efectos then quickly disappeared into the yard.Wei Yuanchen looked at the girl s face.Looking back, it took a long time to put on the cloak and go out.The steward of the Gu family just woke up, rubbing his eyes and preparing to go to the big kitchen to prepare breakfast, when he felt as if a figure flashed in front of him, the steward subconsciously lowered his head and said, Master Hou.As she spoke, the girl patted the medicine box on her body with a confident expression on her face.Looking at his daughter s clear eyes, they are no longer as dull as before, and there is even a bit of aura in the eyes, and the expression is full of begging, which makes Gu Chongyi s heart soften, it seems that he thinks too much Yes, Zhuzhu just wants to show hurt to others.Master Hou, the eldest lady couldn t sleep and wanted to take the medicine box to see Mo Zhenzhen, but just heard that the steward said that Wei Sanye was injured, and asked someone to invite Jiang Langzhong, so the eldest lady wanted to come and have a look, Baotong said.Busy explaining, Missy has been treating people with Mo Zhenren these days, and she is probably used to it, soso Zhuzhu followed suit and nodded Daddy, I can see.Could it be that she accidentally heard the thoughts in her heart Mrs.Lin deliberately said seriously What s wrong with Master Hou If she didn t pretend to be angry, Master Hou would not explain it directly.Gu Chongyi raised his head and finally said Madam, do you think Zhuzhu likes Mr.Wei Ah Mrs.Lin was completely shocked, How is this possible Zhuzhu told Lord Hou Gu Chongyi shook his head.Mrs.Lin said That s Lord Hou s own wild thinking.Gu Chongyi looked at Mrs.Lin When did Madam like me Did you tell my father in law at that time Mrs.Lin only felt her face heat up, and a blush appeared on her cheeks , she naturally didn t tell her father.At that time, she was not sure about the character of Lord Hou, so how could she mention it to her father But Zhuzhu shouldn t be able to, right Thinking of this, Mrs.

Cui Zhen s eyes became sharper when he said this You and I have been in Datong for so many years, what I said to you Is there still less You didn t pay attention to a single word.Cui Zhen turned and walked out of the room, hearing the footsteps fading away, Cui Wei in the room showed a contemptuous smile, if it wasn t for his mother and here, he He has already left Dingning Hou Mansion.Now that he has thought about it, the person who should leave the most is the eldest brother.After the eldest brother leaves, the family will be stable and everyone can get their wish Cui Zhen returned to the small study in the backyard, and the family officer Wang Jing neatly brought a cup of tea to Cui Zhen.Wang Jing said Madam just gave orders to ask Master Hou to go to the main house.Cui Zhen condor cbd gummies amazon reviews didn t make a sound, but raised his head to look kangaroo cbd watermelon gummies ingredients at Wang Jing Do you remember all the people the Second Master met in Datong Wang Jing told the secret The letter was passed to Cui Zhen There are two deputy generals, three persons from Zhengqianhu and deputy Qianhu, two governors, and ten persons from one hundred households, but not necessarily all of them have personal interests with the second master.Lord Hou, Wang Jing said in a low voice, The emperor has never summoned you to enter the palace, did he become suspicious of you Cui Zhen said When King Huai ordered the officials to intercede for me, the emperor should have been suspicious.Now that Cui Wei has made great achievements again, the emperor will be even more .

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suspicious, whether I am too incompetent to be inferior to my younger brother, and I can t see the abnormality in the Datong Guard, or I deliberately conceal it to cover up for King Huai.Wang Wang Jing became nervous when she heard this Then what should the Marquis do Cui Zhen said indifferently I wrote a secret document to the emperor before cbd gummies efectos returning to Beijing.I will hand over the military power and ask the emperor to secretly investigate the Datong Guard So, I did the same thing after entering Beijing.It s like two worlds.Cui Zhen rode away from Gu s house on horseback.On the road, he met a man who passed by him.Cui Zhen turned his head to look.The man was sitting on the horse s back, his body rose and fell with the horse s hooves.He looked like teenagers in company.Going out for a spring outing is both self satisfied and casual.Anyone who reads it will sigh What a dude.Isn t it the second master of the Wei family Except for Wei Yuanchen, the rest of the Wei family still had contacts with the cbd gummies efectos uncle.The Wei family really wanted to win over the Huaiyuanhou s residence Gu Chongyi stretched his robe, and just came out of the study, when he saw the steward coming to report, but before the steward could say anything, cbd gummies efectos there was a loud noise from the door.Chongyi, look what I brought here.This is a bird that came by boat.This chicken is also used to running legs.How You haven t seen this bird, have you Wei Congzhi put the birdcage in front of Gu Chongyi, It s thanks to Prince Huai.Gu Chongyi cbd gummies stores near me said How to say Wei Congzhi lowered his voice Prince Huai s mansion was searched , Those officials who intend to defect to King Huai have prepared a lot of rare objects, seeing such a situation, many people took the things to the cbd gummies efectos shop and sold them, I just just picked up a bargain.Gu Chongyi listened I understand that the ramming goods in front of me are not for the purpose of picking up a bargain, but to inquire about the news behind my back.Gu Chongyi said How is Huaiwang s mansion now Wei Congzhi said Chen Jia, the steward of Huaiwang s mansion, dug out a box from Huaiwang s treasury.The box was filled cbd gummies efectos with patterns cbd gummies efectos of various firearms.Master Wei took the opportunity of visiting relatives and friends in the new year, and went out of Beijing to wyld gummies cbd thc Daning and Shandong to investigate the situation.She is just leading the people in the field to investigate the case, but Mr.Wei has more things to do.Gu Mingzhu felt that her clothes were being torn, and it was Baotong who reminded her.Zhuzhu, Mrs.Lin looked at her daughter and smiled, What are you thinking Zhuzhu has been distracted for some reason these past two days.Gu Mingzhu said I m just thinking about those lanterns on the street.Yes, apart from the lanterns, she might still be thinking about those cases, nothing else.Chapter 397 Madam Lin refused to bring Gu Mingzhu and Gu Mingwan to the house to talk, and asked people to call Zou Linshi and Zou Xiang over.Maybe the Chinese New Year is lively, but Zou Lin s spirit seems to be much better than usual, Mrs.Wei Yuanchen nodded I only used some dry food on the way back all the way.Gu Mingzhu said, Then I ll go and have a look in the kitchen.Before Wei Yuanchen could speak, Gu Mingzhu left the house and went to the kitchen.The kitchen was empty and no one was there, only the burning hearth.Gu Mingzhu was about to call Ziyuan and Ajin to help.During the new year, the kitchen had prepared a lot of meat and vegetables, stewed a pot of chicken soup, and served a few more bowls.Plain noodles, you will feel very warm after eating.What are you going to do A voice came from behind.Gu Mingzhu said without thinking Cut the chicken into pieces, then soak some mushrooms, and make a pot of chicken soup.As soon as the words fell, she realized that something was wrong.The one who asked her was not Lu Guang, let alone Zi Yuan, but Master Wei.

Gu Mingzhu couldn t help being stunned, she didn t want to play tricks on Master Wei, she wiped it with her sleeve, but the charcoal dust couldn t be wiped off no matter what.What s wrong Wei Yuanchen sensed the clue.Gu Mingzhu said with apologetic cbd gummies fx expression Master, you are not clean anymore.Wei Yuanchen s heart skipped a beat.He has been innocent for more than twenty years, and has he ever been stained with dust It s okay, I ll wipe it off again.The girl said seriously.It s been a while.He couldn t help asking What about now Gu Mingzhu nodded in satisfaction I m fainted.I couldn t see clearly.The shadows of the two people seemed to merge into one under the light.The aroma in the kitchen kept wafting out.Lu Guang, who was hiding in the east room, clutched his screaming stomach and didn t know what was going on.If you say that the Zhang family has ulterior motives, I will try to find out the news.After Gu Chongyi finished speaking, seeing Wei Yuanchen still standing beside katie couric cbd gummies cost him, he came back to his senses where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon Mr.Wei, you don t have to be so polite.That s right, Second Master Wei said, They are all a family, thank you for cbd gummies efectos coming and going, you can t help seeing outsiders, Chongyi, you don t need to call Chen brother Wei Sanye, they are all children of your own family, just calling them by their nicknames makes them feel close, doesn t it Second Master Wei was paralyzed carelessly On the chair, his legs were shaking regularly, like an old man.Gu Chongyi was too lazy to talk to this guy It s not too late, I m going home now.Gu Chongyi walked forward, the second master Wei on the chair jumped up, and stuck to it like a bug, and the two went downstairs, Let s go together on horseback.No matter what you say, you will bring your daughter with you.As for Cui Zhen, Marquis of Dingning, they will still think of other ways to deal with it.Their daughter has done a lot over the years.Zhang Congju thought of this Wait for the news from outside As soon as Zhang Congju finished speaking, the door of the study was knocked open, and then Qiu Hai walked in.Qiu Hai where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon s face was ashen, and his eyes were a little anxious.Grandpa Zhang couldn t help being surprised when he saw this, and vaguely knew what happened.After Qiu Hai inquired about the news in Huaiyuan Marquis Mansion, he sent people to Shandong to inquire about the news, and only then did he know that Wei Yuanchen sent people to Shandong to inquire about the case of the Xiu family with the Shuntian Mansion.After such a long time, the matter of Yan Shen was found out again, and the clues that Yan Shen found may be held in Wei Yuanchen s hands again.The sword s edge slashed on King Huai s shoulder, and then kicked it over, causing King Huai to fall to the ground.King Huai felt that half of his body was torn apart, and the sword he was holding tightly in his hand was also lost.The man grabbed his injured arm, and when he raised his head.With a slap , he slapped King Huai heavily on the face.King Huai s eyes were staring, and his ears were buzzing.Another slap was thrown on the other half of the face, and then his crotch hurt, and he was kicked firmly.King Huai curled up and fell to the ground, and screams came from his mouth.Bah Qiu Hai spat, If you run away again, I ll kill you.Qiu Hai flew up and kicked King Huai s jaw again.Blood flowed from King Huai s mouth, and before the blood froth could be completely spit out, he was grabbed by the bun on his head and dragged forcefully.Open it, the candied fruit inside is still fine, why It seems a little unreasonable.Gu Mingzhu pursed her lips and did not speak.Wei Yuanchen s hands were still on the purse around his waist, and he looked at Gu Mingzhu steadfastly, his expression looked unusually calm, but his Adam s apple couldn t help rolling.Master Wei in front of him looks a little more stupid than before, and looks a little cute.Gu Mingzhu only felt that she was enveloped by the heat from the warm cage Maybe it was too fast I didn t get it.Wei Yuanchen stretched his arms, speaking slowly and with a thick ending Slower this time Mrs.Wei s fair skin, slightly red lips, handsome face is amazing, the stretched slender arms look relaxed, but there is an inexplicable tension, just like her drumming heartbeat.Gu Mingzhu leaned over again, just as she was about to take the purse from Lord Wei s waist, but felt her waist tighten, and then she threw herself into Lord Wei s arms again.Concubine Jiang s expression gradually became fierce, making her wait for death, delusional, she would rather die than die, from now on she will start to prepare, find an opportunity, and help her youngest son ascend the throne, when the time comes, she will secretly assist the government, and no longer rely on others day King Su hurriedly entered the Hall of Mental Cultivation, and then rushed to the emperor before he collapsed.Father, Su Wang s voice was full of worry, What s wrong with you My son is in a state of anxiety in the center of the mansion, waiting day and night for Father to call his son into the palace.I m fine, said the emperor, still maintaining his majesty, Don t panic like this.Huang Chang ordered the Imperial Hospital envoy and others to retreat, cbd gummies efectos and then closed the door tightly, allowing the emperor to talk to King Su.

Red up What should my sister Wan do When they cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics first got the news, they didn t dare to does cbd gummies help with panic attacks tell Sister Wan.The master had found out the exact news, and now it s time to disclose it to Sister Wan, so that Sister Wan will also die.The idea of marrying the Tan family.Meng Shi thought about getting up and going to see Sister Wan, at this moment the mother in charge came to report Madam, the eldest lady is gone, she may have taken the servant girl out through the back door.Meng Shi felt dizzy when she heard this, Sister Wan will not go out to cbd gummies efectos find the Tan family uncle, right This child, Meng Shi didn t know what to say, because she was spoiled by her, Hurry up and get someone to chase him If there is another mistake, she will not be able to live.Chapter 468 It s Not Easy Feng Anping stared at the back door of Gu s family in Hehua Hutong.Miss, Chu Jiu walked into the yard and whispered in Gu Mingzhu s ear, there s been some movement in the Zhou family.It s Zhou Zerui, right Gu Mingzhu was not surprised.Compared with the second uncle, the third uncle was even more restless.Chujiu nodded I m in Dongcheng.Zhou Zerui does some business and has a brush and ink shop in Beijing.On the surface, his third uncle is bookish, often recites poems against others, and makes friends.In fact, he is greedy for money and lust, and is the easiest to control.If she wanted to find out what happened that year, it was easiest to start with the third uncle.Gu Mingzhu said Tell Zhou Qiye, let him go and arrest people The Zhou family is not peaceful anymore, so she doesn t hesitate to strike while the iron is hot Zhou Zerui wandered around the East City, and then entered a restaurant.My lady, Mama Wang pointed at Mama Liang, Ask her, before Jiang Yue was martyred, she had spoken to Jiang Yue, what did Jiang Yue say Mama Liang didn t know what Mama Wang had confessed to before.The inside story, but when she heard Wang Mama mentioning Jiang Yue, she understood at this moment that Master Qi might be investigating the death of the eldest wife.Mama Liang asked Mama Wang excitedly and urgently Do you know something I asked you at that time, but you refused to tell me.I have long suspected that there is something wrong with it.Mother Liang, did Jiang Yue say anything top cbd gummies us when Mrs.Zhou passed away Gu Mingzhu interrupted Mother Liang.Now is the best time to try cbd gummies efectos the case.It must be done in one go and not be swayed by emotions.Mama Liang is a smart person.Hearing this, she knew what she should do Jiang Yue said that she didn t know why she fell into such a deep sleep.Gu Mingzhu smiled slightly, look, you can t hide.Chapter 483 Bah, you deserve it too Zhou Zejing greeted Su Fu in the courtyard Master Zhifu.Su Fu nodded.Zhou Zejing immediately said My lord, please go to the house to talk.Su Fu raised his foot and stopped after taking a step.He turned his head and looked out of the courtyard.Su Fu ordered Let the folks come over too Zhou Zejing froze, what kind of friendship is this, allowing Mr.Su to take care of the folks like this.Now that the magistrate Su said so, Zhou Zejing didn t dare to disobey, and nodded to Guanshi Jiao.Guanshi Jiao was a little nervous, he was afraid that people in the market would question him after entering the door, butthe prefects of Shuntian cbd gummies efectos Prefecture are all here, I m afraid they can t cover up what happened back then.Seeing Guanshi Jiao walking cbd gummies efectos towards this side, Gu Mingzhu jumped off the bluestone, and without waiting for the steward to come up to speak, she led her people to catch up with Mrs.Zhou Ruyue had just uttered a word when she was interrupted by Zhou Ruzhang s sharp voice.On weekdays, people pretend to be virtuous and virtuous, and even want to stand shoulder to shoulder with the eldest sister.Bah, you deserve it too.Chapter 484 My favorite play, Zhou Ruzhang, broke into the yard recklessly, as if he wanted to catch Zhou Ruyue out.shredded.The second room steward where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon wanted to step forward to stop him, but Zhou Ruzhang pushed him away.Zhou Ruzhang said When you see something going on in your family, you will make trouble.Who said that it has something to do with our third room Maybe the second room is cbd gummies efectos bluebird cbd gummies behind it, and we have no separation.Then Xu Gui is not just working for my father.A few days ago, I saw Xu Gui talking to the second uncle.The second room manager said Second miss, you can t talk nonsense.Concubine De shuddered for no reason Those who know those are my confidants, and they will never reveal their words.That s not necessarily the case, Huang Chang sighed, People s hearts are unpredictable, who knows What will happen, if you want to be safe, you have to make people shut up forever.Concubine De s eyes gradually darkened I know it well.Only the dead are the safest, Huang Chang is reminding her to cut grass and root out.Huang Chang bowed and continued to lead Concubine De to the .

how often should i take cbd gummies for anxiety?

Hall of Mental Cultivation.The two of them didn t say anything else until they opened the door of the Hall of Mental Cultivation, and Huang Chang said Go in quickly, empress, don t make the emperor wait anxiously.Concubine De stepped into the hall and quickly walked into the inner room.Your Majesty.Seeing the emperor leaning on the soft bed, Concubine De threw herself on the side of the bed with a sore nose.

Could it be that he was wrong Or was Chu Jiu resentful towards the third master because of cleaning the pigsty, so he defected and took refuge in the common people Gu Mingzhu said Master Ge sent the news cbd gummies feeling reddit back.The Cao family has a village in Dingxing County.The Cao family moved all the people in Jingmao Hutong there.I just asked Nie Chen to take someone to check it out, in case they got it.The news is to escape.Gu Mingzhu could imagine what was going on in Dingxing County, and she also thought of Rong Niangzi.Rong Niangzi HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos was born in Lehu, and Tang, the daughter of Dejiaofang s criminal minister, personally taught the piano art, and was good at singing and dancing.She was a famous beauty in Yanle Hutong in the capital.Rong Niangzi was accused of gathering other entertainers to buy officials gummies cbd for anxiety for the eldest princess.Qiao Zheng was taken aback by what he said.Qiao Song continued If we had found out about this earlier, we might be able to do this, but now it s too late, not only is it too late, but we will be punished if we fail.Qiao Zheng s face was still full of confusion Uncle Where did this come from Qiao Zheng sighed, his cbd gummies reviews amazon nephew was really dull So many people related to the King Liang case appeared in the prison of the Ministry of Criminal Justice, and there were criminals who wanted to take advantage of the chaos to kill Zhou Zecheng s eldest daughter Zhou Shi , What can we see from these Qiao Zheng thought carefully, and his eyes lit up Uncle said that there is a person from King Liang in the Ministry of Punishment, so he His official position is not low, and he may have been by our side all the time Qiao Song said, The emperor has entrusted me with a heavy responsibility, and I have always felt that all cases should not escape my eyes.No need, Zhao Qi stood up, It will take a lot of effort to come and go, and it will delay the opportunity of the battle.Zhao Qi said and looked around Send the news to the capital directly, we are also ready to raise troops The confidant was stunned The troops from Lintao haven t arrived yet, just wait for two more daysMaybe nothing can be found in Beijing and China in these two days Zhao Qi looked at the confidant There can be a plan, but We can t be lucky.When they handle the internal affairs well and arrange manpower to protect the capital, what if we have a few thousand more people If we don t achieve the results we expected before, then we will regard now as the best opportunity and don t miss it Don t come again.This is what Mr.Yang taught him.Mr.Yang where to buy cbd gummies near me cbd gummies reviews amazon is a great talent.Unfortunately, he later contradicted his ideas.The servants have been by the emperor s side all these years, and they can imitate the emperor s handwriting.Concubine De s eyes widened You want to correct the edict If the emperor finds out, he will be exposed immediately Huang Chang said calmly The emperor will not know, because the emperor has a stroke from Queen Wei s anger, and he is already unconscious.He just waited for King Su to come., and hand over the Great Zhou Dynasty to King Su.Concubine De looked at the Hall of Mental Cultivation You are you going to kill the emperor now Huang Chang looked at Concubine De with deep eyes Your maidservant is ready, if your empress is also When the preparation is done, the servants will serve the emperor to drink this bowl of tea.Concubine De was looking forward to this cbd gummies reviews amazon can you take cbd gummies while on antibiotics day, but best cbd gummies for diabetics cbd gummies efectos in her mind, the emperor would help King Su to the throne, and she never thought about this.She called him the emperor of Dazhou, but he was an emperor who couldn t make any decisions.The emperor s breathing gradually became short cbd gummies efectos of breath.Empress, Concubine De, who was kneeling beside her, couldn t help but plead, I beg you to let my son go, lock him up, and save his life The miscarriage was not all my fault , please don t take revenge on my son. I didn t accuse you of how to make gummies with cbd oil cbd gummies efectos this, you have no ability to do this.Empress Wei said and looked at the emperor, the one who favored Concubine De was the emperor, kill her Son and heir, it is the emperor who is suppressing the Wei family, and Concubine De is just a pawn.Concubine De couldn t help heaving a sigh of relief, maybe King Su still has a chance of life The empress knows, our mother and son are also being used by King Liang, and they are all behind the scenes.In the chaos, Liang Wang saw a person slowly approaching him.That was Wei Yuanchen covered in blood.Block him.As soon as the people around King Liang finished speaking, Wei Yuanchen urged his horse forward like an arrow piercing straight at King Liang.King Liang s personal guards blocked Wei Yuanchen s attack, and the rest of the guards continued to move forward to protect King Liang.Who are you The guards suddenly noticed a suspicious person approaching.Although the person was wearing their armor, he did not follow their orders to resist the imperial reinforcements.This person is wrong.The guard stabbed at the man with his sword on his horse, but the man dodged the long knife, but was knocked away by the horse, the guard just wanted to breathe a sigh of relief.With a boom , the firearm exploded in my ear.

After Gu Chongyi finished his calculations, he involuntarily glanced at the sea.What about people Why don t you come back There are no imperial ships nearby Wei Congzhi must have drowned or been swallowed by fish, right The big ship of the Li family in Pyongyang slowly sailed towards Dazhou.Li Zhao, the eldest son of the Li family, was looking at the map in his hands.They had an agreement with King Liang before, and they would come to help when King Liang raised his troops.If King Liang s attack on the capital goes well, they will send many soldiers and horses to Yongping Mansion, and if it doesn t go well, they will also send large ships to meet them.I really didn t expect that how to make gummies with cbd oil cbd gummies efectos King Liang would be defeated so quickly.Li Zhao heaved a long sigh, it really wasn t that easy to change the dynasty, but fortunately, King Liang had other plans, and after returning to Daning, he could make a long term plan.The imperial doctor said that he will get better with careful medication.The emperor on the couch seemed a little agitated.At that moment, the emperor struggled to grab King Huai s sleeve, and a gululu sound came from his throat.King Huai listened carefully, and in that strange voice, King Huai seemed cbd gummies efectos to hear two words clearly The throne.The throne.Like a thunderbolt koi hemp extract cbd gummies exploding on King Huai s head, King Huai shuddered and retreated subconsciously.These two words were too scary for him.Eldest brother, second elder brother, fifth younger brother, and King Liang were all defeated in front of him, and he had to risk his life to narrowly escape.He has seen treason before, and he has also seen palace changes.His father s love for Concubine De, mother and son, and his use of Concubine Concubine are even more noticeable to him.Even if you rush back now, it seems too late, right This has gone a long way without realizing it.Taking advantage of her mother s absence, Gu Mingzhu got up and slipped out of the carriage.Wei Yuanchen, who was leading the troops in front, turned around just in time.The four eyes met, and there was a slight ripple in the pupils of the two pairs of eyes.Gu Mingzhu stretched out her hand and waved the handkerchief.Under the sun, the girl s cheeks were slightly red, and the corners of her mouth were raised into a bright HCMUSSH cbd gummies efectos smile.Wei Yuanchen couldn t help feeling a little lost.General Wei seems to be smiling.I see it.The general is really handsome Not far away, Gu Houye looked at the empty Ten Mile Pavilion, so where are Madam and Zhuzhu where it goes Shouldn t he be forgotten No, Gu Houye rubbed his eyes, and carefully looked at the people on both sides of the road again.Chapter 537 The truth is revealed that the elders of the Wei family and Pei Shangqing had a banquet in the Huaiyuan Hou Mansion before leaving.Marquis Huaiyuan left Wei Yuanchen behind to talk, seeing the two of them going to the front study, Madam Lin told Gu Chongyi Master Hou, don t do anything, wait until the injuries on your body are healed.Gu Chongyi frowned and looked at Madam Madame is worried that I will break that kid Mrs.Lin nodded Master Hou wants to be merciful.I know.Gu Chongyi relaxed his brows a little, and strode towards the front yard, feeling inexplicably happy in his heart.It seems that in the eyes of his wife, he is still very happy.awesome.Mrs.Lin heaved a long sigh, she had no choice but to lie.Could she say that she was worried that Master Hou would break herself Lord Hou thinks about teaching others every day, as if he can beat others.Mrs.Lin was thinking about how to get out of the siege, when she heard Lord Hou say Although the marriage gift is a bit sudden, fortunately, Zhuzhu won t get married for a while.Mrs.Lin s heart was cold, and Hou Lord, which pot is not open and which pot to lift.Oh Lin Qicheng said, Since the empress gave the cbd gummies greensboro nc marriage, the Ministry of Rites will choose a few good days, right When is the latest Gu Chongyi was dumbfounded, the old father in law walked around barefoot all day in the fields, but he knew all about these things like the back of his hand.At the latest, next August The Ministry of Rites selected three dates, one in June this year, one in March next year, and the last one in August.But still more than a year.Lin Qicheng frowned slightly, and looked at Gu Chongyi Come on, accompany me to the garden.Empress Wei said I have to ask my mother and sister in law to buy more.With a daughter like her, the mother should know it well, and it must be natural to deal with it.That s it, Empress Wei smiled, I will reward you in the future if you don t have enough.It is also her first time marrying a daughter in law, so there will always be things that are not well thought out.Empress Wei told the female officer Some things should not be rewarded by the servants, but let the Wei family deliver them, so as not to be stained with the rules, and they will be unusable if they are put upside down.rest assured.After finishing these, Empress Wei opened the memorial again to read it.The servant walked into the main hall and told Madam, Prince Qing is waiting to be summoned summer valley cbd gummies cost with a sign.So soon, Queen Wei said, please come in, Prince Qing Holy, Old King Qing is already seventy four years old this year, and his body is fairly strong, otherwise he wouldn how many cbd gummies does it take to ease pain t have rushed over from Pingle Mansion so soon.

Cui cbd gummies efectos Zhen ordered, and drove the horse first.People in the market have found out about Mrs.Zhang, so he should personally send the reward.Cui Zhen went all the way to the small courtyard, Wang Jing was about to go up and call for the door, when she heard a squeak , the wooden door just opened.An old man in his fifties or sixties looked at Wang Jing in surprise, and was about to .

what is cbd gummies get you high?

speak when his eyes fell on the face of Cui Zhen who was not far away.The old man frowned suddenly Marquis Dingning Cui Zhen looked at the old man., only saw the old man put his hands into his sleeves, his eyes were cold.Wang Jing wanted to say something but was stopped by Cui Zhen.Cui Zhen stepped forward and said, Sir Here, Sun Langzhong waved his hand Master Cui must not want to hear this Before Sun Langzhong finished speaking, Cui Zhen saluted him Mr.Cui Zhen was at a loss, who was talking Where is he Everything he saw just now flashed through his mind quickly.Father, mother, Cui Wei, and Zhou Rujun seemed to have lived a lifetime, the life he wanted.Cui Zhen understood that everything he saw was his obsession and regret.No wonder Zhou Rujun didn t respond to him, so what if she agreed He still owed her, never fully.It wasn t until now that he realized that what he cared about was not what she wanted.She also had people and things she cared about, her parents and relatives.Finally thinking it over, Cui Zhen smiled.It s good to go here, it s perfect.Dangdang the sound of the iron ring striking again.But he doesn t want to respond, the people around him are gone, and he is tired, no matter whether these are true or not, he just stay here, this is the best result he can achieve.The steward responded hurriedly and went to report.Gu Chongyi entered the door, changed his clothes and walked to the study.Just as he walked up the corridor, he saw the steward of the porter come to report.Master Hou, Second Master Wei is here.Gu Chongyi was taken aback, didn t this thing just come back from the southwest The southwest has won the battle, the imperial court and the Wei family should have a banquet, why did he come here No, no Gu Chongyi waved his hand, Just say that I m sick and have a headache and don t see anyone.Every time this thing is found for him, it s not a good thing.The banquet he carefully prepared for his wife must not be disturbed by Wei Laoer.Before the steward turned around, Gu Chongyi saw a figure rushing towards him in a panic, and it was Wei Congzhi.Gu Chongyi s face darkened, it was too late Why does Lord Hou have to eat in the study Mrs.

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