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Are you rich Han Chaoyang turned around and asked.No, it s purely voluntary labor.Xie Lingling looked at Xu Hongliang curiously, and explained with a look of embarrassment But it won t be in cbd oil gummy bears for sale vain.The army is quite large, and many officers have families, so it s an advertisement.Maybe people will send their children here to learn piano.Life is hard, and it s not easy for seniors.Thinking of his senior brother being in such a difficult situation, he still took in Lingling and himself without hesitation after a phone call from the teacher, Han Chaoyang felt sour, cbd gummies hawaii cbd gummies south carolina and hesitated for a long time before softly saying Lingling, this is Xu Hongliang, a colleague from my unit, sending me off.Come back to pack things, I can no longer live here, I have to move to the east of the city.The huge Yanyang has no relatives.

Han Chaoyang raised his hand to greet a doctor who came to change shifts at the community health service station, and asked with a smile, Mom, what s the matter with calling so early I can t call you if I have nothing to do I didn t mean that, Dad, did you go to work During this time, I went to the village and left early teusted cbd gummies in the morning.Criticism When the family asked about the situation here, of course they reported good news but not bad news, Han Chaoyang made up nonsense without hesitation I m not tired, I m fine, the leader is very concerned about me, the master is also very concerned about me, and my colleagues are all very good Get along.The leader cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina cares about you, and you should respect the leader even more, don t be lazy, and rush to do whatever job you encounter Don t worry, I will respect the leader and unite my colleagues.

Han Chaoyang thought as he walked, and suddenly found that he had his own shortcomings, as well as his own advantages.Other community policemen have become public security policemen or even criminal policemen.They are either on duty to pick up the police, or to help the case handling team handle various cases.community once.Compared with them, I am the real community policeman.During the training, the instructor said more than once that relying on the masses is a magic weapon for the public security organs.Since there is an opportunity to face the masses directly, we must use this opportunity.They can collect clues to crimes by sneaking around and building a few special eyes and ears.If I can turn the people in Chaoyang Village and even the entire Chaoyang community into Chaoyang people , then my sources of clues will be much wider than theirs The more Han Chaoyang thought about it, the more reasonable it became.

The red envelopes were snatched up in an instant, followed by a wave of expressions cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina of thanks such as Thank you boss.Thank you boss for having the opportunity to sleep together.I ll get one too.As soon as he joined the group, there were red envelopes to grab.Deputy manager Xu thought it was fun, and he handed out a big red envelope of 100 yuan.Xu Hongliang was the fastest, and the first to grab it, 18.66 Han Chaoyang s hand speed was not as fast as his, but his luck was better than his.The fifth person to snatch it was the king of luck, 48.88, actually snatched nearly half of it.Another wave of thankful expressions, and another wave of frantic and even blood spitting expressions when seeing that others are more than oneself, and not by one or two points more.Such a big bag, I didn t even get the average number What kind of luck is this I fainted in the toilet.

Just go, who is afraid of whom, I even sue that vixen Jiang Xiaolan dragged Jiang Xiaofang away angrily, Jiang Erhu stood at the door to see that they were really heading towards the court, He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and ran to the shade of a tree in the distance to make frequent calls, not knowing if he was looking for a relationship or a lawyer.Han Chaoyang didn t bother to talk to him anymore, went back to the police room and turned off the law enforcement recorder, and sighed softly, What is this It s are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review endless It s nothing good.Gritting his teeth, he came to the door and said Suo Liu and the trainer came to investigate the post last night.It is clear that someone is beating us behind the scenes.Who When I came back, I saw you cbd gummies compared fishing with a few old men from Factory 527, and I reported you to Liu Suo as soon as I arrived.

Don t girls nowadays like little boys Huang Ying couldn t help laughing You think everyone is controlled by appearance, of course, appearance It s also very important, the one that eats lotus root can t be taken out to meet people.This are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review girl is not only a hundred times prettier than expected, but also has a very cheerful personality.Han Chaoyang spontaneously felt a good impression, and said with a smile A certain person said last night that he was ugly, that he couldn t get married, and had no choice but to stay single forever.Is it interesting to lie, or do you want to give me a surprise Here You are pleasantly surprised, Police Officer Han, don t be too sentimental, but I will take what I just said as a compliment.It s not a compliment, it s really beautiful.No matter how beautiful you are, it s not as beautiful as those girls in the photos of your circle of friends, the Conservatory of Music, There are so many handsome men and beautiful women, tell me honestly, how many times have you talked about it You are so beautiful, there must have been cbd gummies south carolina many boys chasing you when you were in college, how many times have you talked about it I ll ask you first You talk first.

Now the urban management is also very formal, law enforcement must wear a law enforcement recorder, just watch the law enforcement video and you will know.Before being dispatched to Chaoyang Community, more than one time because he had been out of the police, there were too many people just now, and he sat in the back again, without recognizing him at a glance.Han Chaoyang stretched out his right hand and said apologetically, Captain Tang, I m sorry, I really didn t notice you were here just now., I should be the one who said I was embarrassed.What Han cbd gummies south carolina Da, Captain Tang, this joke can t be taken, if it gets to Liu Suo s ears, I will peel off my skin if I don t die.Chaoyang, I don t agree with what you said.I love it.Director Su s face straightened, he opened the folder, and took out the red headed document with the big seal of the street working committee and office, Look, it s printed clearly in black and white.

However, the registration and filing of rental housing requires the payment of taxes.This is changing the law to urge the foreigners living in the village to move.Anyway, they will move sooner or later.Han Chaoyang agreed I want to report to the office first.I will punish so many landlords at once.The office must not be unprepared.You report first, and the community has to make preparations.How about setting the inventory operation tomorrow night Big investigation 2 As soon as the founding ceremony of the patrol team was over, Xiao Guo took the bus allotted by the street to the talent market.He called back just now and said that 12 people had signed up.I will be stationed in Factory 527 within a week, and I will take over the street office and the guard rooms of several units in the street.

More than delta 8 cbd gummies no thc 30 people lined up neatly.In contrast, the law enforcement team members and coordinators of the Street Comprehensive Law Enforcement Brigade are really not enough.This is the stability maintenance force of the street As the immediate boss of the voluntary security patrol team, Director Cai of the Comprehensive Management Office was very satisfied, cbd gummies hawaii cbd gummies south carolina looked at each other with the two deputy leaders of the working group and Director Su, and ordered Comrades, act according to the plan and set off Yes Following the leader s order, the team members and cadres of the working group immediately walked as planned, and some got into the car.The large troops rushed out, the police lights flashed, and Director Su, who also put on the special police training uniform, was full of emotion and couldn t help it.

I didn t take the laws and regulations in this area and the reminders and warnings from the streets, police stations, communities, and village committees cbd gummies south carolina seriously.I am willing to accept punishment and learn from it.Don t cbd gummies south carolina make the same mistake.It wasn t until the Hong Bureau was interviewed by reporters that Han Chaoyang knew that there was a permanent temporary agency in the city called the Floating Population Service and Rental Housing Management Office , referred to as the Flower Management Office , which worked together with the Municipal Comprehensive Management Office.There are districts as well as streets, and cbd gummies south carolina the Hongju Bureau is one of the three deputy directors of the District Stream Management Office.No matter which unit, there is a leading department or business guidance department above, and the same is true for all the work carried out below.

From today onwards, I will be Grandpa Gu s closed disciple.In the shade, under the cover of the old master and a group of leading seniors, from now on I, Han Chaoyang, will be the only one who will bully others, and no one will dare to bully me again It s a change of luck, Xianyu turned around I said it earlier It will change luck soon, if you still don t believe it, believe it now, the things in the institute are nothing serious at all.She started chattering again, and Huang Ying said suddenly Han Chaoyang, Han Chaoyang, the most disgraceful aunt It s your face of being a villain.I ve been forced to be like that, and I finally made it through, and finally turned over, and you let me be proud.It s just a change of luck, and you are proud.Here you come, be careful that extreme joy begets sorrow.

The entrance of the Guan vegetable market occupies a place, and the fruit sellers are also taken care of by acquaintances, let her do it there first, and I can work here for a few days.Yangguan vegetable market seems to be in the third and fourth teams of Yangguan The intersection.It s at the T junction between the third team and the fourth team, Officer Han, have you been there He maintained order there for nearly six hours last night, but it was too late, the vegetable market had closed, and he didn t see his wife, or even his fruit stand.Thinking of Zhang Qiuyan s mother and son being brutally murdered at home, and thinking that Wu Wei s villain had sneaked into the task force with his master Guang, and he, the first policeman who arrived at the scene, knew nothing about the case.Liang, asked calmly Boss Wang, do you know that two people from the third team of Yangguan died She s only five years old The proprietress knows a lot.

How much honor Lao Gu has brought to the branch over the years, Lao Gu will have to start from scratch as soon as he retires.It is more difficult to establish a model that everyone recognizes and loves than solving a case.There are too many, since there are such conditions, of course we have to push the boat along.While she was thinking wildly, Bureau Du had already dialed Lao Gu s cell phone.Bureau Du, he is by my side.I know how many calls I have received from 8 30 to now.There are calls from street leaders, work group leaders, and people from 527 Factory, Chaoyang Village and Dongming Community.There are also comrades from are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review our sub bureau who called, yes yes yes, all congratulations, no matter if you want to know.Gu Guoli looked up at the embarrassed apprentice, and couldn t help adding You may not believe me when I tell you, there were several calls just now.

The girl came to the police station to ask exhale wellness cbd gummies review for directions.She said she was asking for directions, but she actually came to see Xiao Han.There were female college students from the University of Science and Technology, and nurses from the Sixth City Hospital.Hiding inside and not daring to come out, you said why the little girl is so courageous now.You came to the door so soon Director Du couldn t help but asked with a smile.I don t know who said on the Internet that Xiao Han didn t have a date.The next few times I didn t see Xiao Han.They were more and more disappointed.They lingered cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina at the door for a long time before leaving.Anyway, my place is very lively.I have been a policeman for so many years.It s the first time I ve seen it.This is not something shameful, and the positive impact is not afraid of being big The more Du Ju thought about it, the more amusing he became.

All in all, the future looks bright.They are a couple full of longing for the future, and even plan to buy a house in the city just like Han Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang was just joking just now.I don t know what cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies she was thinking.He stared at the computer monitor and muttered, I almost forgot.There is an anti drug task this month.There are no drug addicts in our jurisdiction.How can this drug be banned Like Chen Jie asked subconsciously.I m talking about a strike mission.This is troublesome.The woman with a previous drug abuse record that was investigated last time has moved away.Otherwise, you can look for her and see if you can collect some clues to the drug case.The mission could not be completed.Points will be deducted, although a lot of points have been added during this period, but Han Chaoyang still does not want to be deducted, he touched his chin and said There are three hotels in our jurisdiction, and we will go to make a surprise inspection at night to see cbd gummies south carolina if there are any passengers who have not registered.

After the call got through, Han Chaoyang was a little bit embarrassed.The day before yesterday, I told him that I couldn t afford it, and now I want to see the house again.I didn t expect that he didn t know what to say, so Huang Ying asked instead Chaoyang, do you want to see the house in Fairview Do you know If you want to buy a house, of course you have to look at a few more real estate properties.My mother wants to go and see, but I don t know if it s convenient, and if your friend has time.What s the inconvenience, wait Come on, let me call and ask.It seemed that she had an unusual relationship with the landlord, and she called back after a while, saying that he was free in the afternoon, and even offered to accompany the two of them.Han Chaoyang was embarrassed, Thank you in a hurry.Don t be afraid of not knowing the goods, but be afraid of comparing goods As soon as she arrived near Splendid Future, Ma Fengying fell in love with the surrounding environment.

He Yichang left as soon as he said that, got into the car and took out a police light, buckled it on the roof, and rang The siren left in a hurry, until the car gradually disappeared from sight, Gu Guoli looked back at his apprentice with a smile and asked, Chaoyang, what did you tell Team He Confused, Han Chaoyang murmured No What happened, I don t know anything.Chapter 145 Progress Criminal Police Squadron 3, Yandong Sub bureau, 7.17 Task Force Headquarters.Xi Hongbo, captain of the criminal police brigade, frequently called to give orders in the conference room, and Deputy Director Feng, who was in charge of criminal investigation, stood at the door and called Bureau Zhou to report the latest progress.From the current situation, the problem should be in Hairun New Village.According to the security of the community, at the end of November last year, some owners claimed that the decoration materials in their home were stolen.

The daughter is promising, and the old Miao looks proud.Teacher Ma was both happy and envious, and raised her phone again Haizhu is in the legal team of the Public Security Bureau.You know this team, right Her sister.Okay, I ll check WeChat now.To be able to get admitted to the provincial department is really a golden phoenix flying out of a mountain nest.Her father runs an illegal car, her mother is an illiterate farmer, and her family has no background.She was admitted by her real skills, and her grades were good since she was a organixx cbd gummies where to buy child.Han Chaoyang is not unconvinced.Click on WeChat to see , Sure enough, a person applied for a friend.Not only the application, but also the remarks, clearly written the words Miao Haizhu.As soon as the verification was passed, the other party sent a grinning smiley face, followed by a text message The most handsome policeman, long time no see, let me call you, is it convenient to answer the phone now She not only has good grades, but also has a very cheerful and bold and unrestrained personality.

After making the phone call, he sent a WeChat message and secretly took photos of his prospective daughter in law, so that his relatives and friends could see how good looking his future daughter in law was.The dinner was still held at the restaurant last night, but it was changed to a large box.The huge dining table can seat 24 people, and the food and drink are at least two grades higher than last night.Han Zhaoyang knew very well that tonight was Huang Ying s treat, and Huang s father and mother paid for it, and what they were talking about was all substantial content, so he was so embarrassed that he could only giggle along.On cbd gummies south carolina the woman s side, Huang Ying s aunt was speaking, and on the man s side, Teacher Ma was speaking.Grandpa Gu and Director Su took the main seat like referees, sitting between the man and the woman, but the two sides talked very harmoniously, and there were almost no differences.

Pause for three seconds, one, two, three, stand up straight, and breathe out slowly.Breathe and make a silky sound, not fast, slow and long, yes, yes, very good The young man is a bit interesting, at least he feels very professional, it s a pity not to become a music teacher Having never seen a professional chorus rehearsal, the eliminated leaders such as Secretary Yang, Director Gu, and Director Wen felt that it was very fresh, and sat on the cbd gummies south carolina side with their arms folded and smiled without saying a word.Okay, let s practice the chromatic scale, that is, the pitch of the melody.Teacher Liang, please play it for a while.Assistant Liang was already prepared, raised his hand and made an OK gesture, and leaned over to play the music.Let the choir members listen to and identify 12 accompanying voices with their ears, and then use the teacher student solitaire game for modeling training, so that people on the stage know grownmd cbd gummies review and understand what pitch is, and then train two to three voices, one after another Play the music, remind the people in the stands to pay attention to the change of the third tone in the major and minor triads and chords, and encourage them to imitate and listen to each other.

Although Grandpa cbd gummies hawaii cbd gummies south carolina Gu is also a community policeman, he wears A community policeman in a white shirt who enjoys the treatment of a researcher.With no other leader around, his word is an order.Everyone responded unanimously Yes Okay, let s split up and act quickly.Following Grandpa Gu s order, seven policemen, 14 auxiliary policemen, and Chaoyang from Huayuan Street Police Station and Xinyuan Street Police Station Seventy eight members of the Community Volunteer Security Patrol took action at the same time.The work here is very important, Grandpa Gu watched everyone go, and called Wu Wei again.Xiao Wu, where are you now Okay, don t come here, go directly to Danqiu Road, right, right, block the opening first, Chaoyang will arrange team members to replace you and set up checkpoints, and when Chaoyang arrives, you can talk to Xinyuan The auxiliary police from the Street Police Station went in to search.

No one dared to alarm the suspect.The policeman from the Xinyuan Police Station guarding the door raised his arms and pointed inward, not daring to run up to salute and report.Han Chaoyang hastily turned off the police lights and parked natures boost cbd gummies review the car at the door.Bureau Du pushed the door and got off the car, striding into the community.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies south carolina followed closely.Led by policeman Lao Lin from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and a criminal policeman from the No.4 Criminal Police Squadron, he and Director Du came to the garage of a residential building.Although this floor is planned as a garage, which is also sold to owners at the price of the garage, there are not many owners who actually use the small houses on this floor as garages.Almost all the original rolling gates were removed, some had to be installed with anti theft doors, some were equipped with aluminum alloy doors, some were decorated so beautifully that the old people who could not climb the building lived there, some were converted into kitchens, and some The owner of the garage has simply renovated the garage for rent.

I have fought with others, and I also know that one of you was injured, and the injury was not serious, and you urgently need to go to the hospital for treatment.Now I give you a chance to open the door and explain the fight, and you will have the opportunity to fight for leniency in the future.Give you a chance Think .

what kind of cbd gummies?

about it in minutes, if you don t open the door in a minute, we will break the door Still, the leader s words carry weight, and after waiting for five or six seconds, a light appeared inside.The anti cbd gummies south carolina theft door opened with a creak, and the tall suspect cbd gummies south carolina appeared in front of everyone.He raised his hands and said in an almost pleading tone Uncle policeman, it s none of their business to be a good guy.You catch me, I ll go with you.Quite responsible But this is not an ordinary criminal case, and it is not the case of Yandong Branch.

After 88 years, it has now become a mighty force that shakes the world The officers and soldiers of the People s Liberation cbd gummies honolulu Army, the armed police, demobilized and demobilized soldiers pay high respects I wish you a happy holiday Fan Xiaojing once again raised the microphone and said affectionately On special days, let the doves of peace fly across thousands of rivers and mountains, and convey our respect to the soldiers.Good wishes, brought into every military camp, and delivered to every officer and soldier.Tonight, we gathered in Huayuan Street Central Primary School with each other in a bright festive mood.The middle aged man is full of pride.Comrades Friends The August 1st celebration of Huayuan Street s Picturesque Flags Flying in the Country and Mountains is now starting, first of all, please enjoy the chorus Military Song of the Chinese People s Liberation Army The lights first hit the chorus conductor body.

Click on it every day.If you want to attract fans, you must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses.Director Su looked back at Director Tu who was directing the patrol team, comprehensive law enforcement brigade and sanitation personnel to clean up the venue, and smiled proudly As long as Pay attention, as long as you forward it, you can participate in the lottery.The prize for the first lottery is the tickets for the Bayi Song Festival in the district.I won 60 tickets with Director Tu.Everyone who participates has a chance to win.Neighborhood committees and patrol HCMUSSH cbd gummies south carolina teams, even if there are no prizes, we have to pay attention, turn on the phone, and pay attention.Okay, right away.Captain Tang, please pay attention too.Me too The more the better, besides you are not an outsider. The audience is paying attention, how can the performers and street officials not pay attention It turned out that Director Su was on a second job in the street.

Thinking so far Huang Ying was so dumbfounded that she immediately said, I ll transfer two hundred to you first, then natures boost cbd gummies review can you travel with cbd gummies internationally I ll hang up after I transfer it.If you don t want to go to work tomorrow, I ll still go to work.Hanging up, Han Chaoyang clicked on Accept, and directly transferred the money to Zheng Xinyi returned to the police room and said with a smile, Half of the two hundred that I just transferred cbd gummie pucks corvallis or belonged to my wife and half belonged to cbd gummies south carolina my mother cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies in law.It doesn t matter if I remember it or not.My wife so soon, my mother in law so soon, Zheng Xinyi said The more funny I thought about it, I couldn t help but tease Han Da, there is one less person, where is your father in law s Yes, I will Can t sleep, Huang Ying looked at the photo, sympathized with the cute little Binbin, and asked eagerly, Chaoyang, it s okay to raise money.

How are the other units preparing and singing well They are all prepared, except for the Education Bureau, almost all cbd gummies south carolina of them invite professional music teachers from outside to guide the rehearsal, and they all sing well, but we have double insurance.Director Wen is full of confidence, I couldn t help but look towards where the garden street choir was sitting.Singing with the chorus on Huayuan Street Well, it s not one song, but several large skewers.Big skewers, big skewers, remember to remind me to look at Hua Yibo s expression later, he He always takes cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies the first place, cbd gummies south carolina but I want to see how he doesn t get the first place. As Director Wen said, more than a dozen choirs from the District cbd gummies south carolina Party Committee and District Government cadres, the Labor Bureau s chorus, and the Education Bureau s choir Each unit sings better than cbd gummies south carolina the other.

The leaders were making jokes in the group, but in fact they were sitting upright, each with a more serious expression, putting down their phones and applauding from time to time, Han Chaoyang sat behind and couldn t see anything, let alone the leader would play like this, he was busy running over one after another of the audience took a group photo.Yanyang is cbd gummies south carolina the most handsome policeman.Many citizens have heard of and seen photos, but except for the people in Huayuan Street, especially Chaoyang Community, few people have actually seen it.Even if they meet on the street, they may not recognize him.Before the performance started, I didn t know who was the first to recognize it.Just like this, many audiences knew it.At that time, he was going to direct three bands to perform in turn.Just now he was going to direct the sub bureau choir to perform.

Thank you, Officer Han.Officer Han, you can t keep your word.No, no, I promise.The ones in front and the one behind couldn t hear, so I had to ask them to tell each other.Seeing that all the performers of the Huayuan Street Choir stood up, the girls finally got out of the way.Feeling relieved, Han Chaoyang hurriedly took people to the backstage to join the branch choir members.Just as I was about to ask the big guys to form a team first, and then I will cbd gummies south carolina go on stage etsy cbd gummies in an orderly manner, when suddenly there was a sharp pain in my left arm.Ouch Xiao Han, what s the matter At this time, the conductor couldn t make a problem, and Director Wang was shocked.It s all right.Su Xian suppressed a smile and stood in front of Han Chaoyang, and greeted Han Chaoyang Comrades, first organize the team, and walk through the seats during rehearsal.

There were three chorus squares on the left, middle and right, each with five rows in front and back.There are policemen who sang March of the Chinese People s Liberation Army at the beginning of the party, some retirees wearing white shirts, black trousers and white dresses, some young men in special police uniforms, some also wearing white shirts, black trousers or white The street cadres of the dress.A beautiful melody sounded, but it sounded relatively unfamiliar.Following Han Chaoyang s gestures, the rhythm of the melody became faster and faster.When Han Chaoyang s gestures changed, the chorus performers who sang the bass sang loudly.Go to the enemy s rear Get the devils out Go to the enemy s rear cbd gummies south carolina Get the devils out Director Hua suddenly came to his senses, thinking to himself what Glorious Progress is this, it s clearly It s really not a good Go Behind the Enemy.

Yes, let him treat us to dinner, I remembered this, Yanjun and the others will come over the day after tomorrow, and when the time comes, let the scammers and the police go with them.Let s go to Yanjun first.Chattering in front of them, let him pay the bill after singing.Let him treat us to a movie after dinner.Go to sing after watching the movie.Go to supper after singing.Snack after dinner.I ll go cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina home.Why send you, why not let him send me Please, I recognized the girl he was looking for.Sissy, I will let you do everything, don t rob me of this matter Okay.She was the first to discover the important situation that would make the liar policeman obedient, and she should be the first to keep tight on her emotionally and rationally.Zuo Yanqian didn t want to affect the relationship between the sisters because of a little fresh meat, and just gave it away.

, to build a high level student symphony orchestra.If it can be built, our PolyU students will be able to listen to at least four concerts a year, and 16 concerts in four years of university.At least there will be no blank in this area after graduation in the future.Chapter 217 He is the principal A university has a high level student symphony band, which can increase the reputation of the school externally, enrich the cultural life of the campus internally, and improve the artistic accomplishment of students and even teachers and students.So in developed countries, almost every university has its own student orchestra, and some university student orchestras have influence in the world.So much so that it is generally believed internationally that a famous university should have a high level sports team and a high level student art troupe.

How could Huang Ying know such a high ranking and important person, she had an incredulous expression on her face.Facing the most important decision in his life, Han Chaoyang really had no appetite, so he threw the remaining half of the egg filled biscuit into the trash cbd gummies lungs can, returned to her and said, Principal Nie wants to form a student orchestra, which can cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina improve PolyU s performance.It can also enrich the cultural construction of the campus and promote the artistic cultivation of teachers and students.To form a band requires a professional teacher.He said that he has been paying attention to me for a long time and thinks that I am suitable.The bad luck really changed, and he was actually hired by the president of PolyU.Pay cbd gummies south carolina attention, and follow for a long time Huang Ying was so excited that she didn t care to eat any more.

I don t think the problem should be serious.I have analyzed it carefully for Principal Nie.It is definitely not enough to build cbd gummies south carolina an orchestra with only one teacher.It s not a normal university, let alone a conservatory.It s not easy to recruit a full time music teacher.If they hire you, they ll hire me and Brother Wei at the same time.If the three of us are not enough, we can ask Yiming and Yiyi for help.Don t thank me, what s the relationship between us Okay, hurry up.Either way, you can send me your resume first.Do you have an electronic version of the photo Yes, yes, yes, I will talk to the leaders of PolyU tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.If They think there is no problem if you come back again, there is a 50 to 60 certainty.Didn t I just say that I can sign a military order for Principal Nie, as long as the school can recruit enough talented instrumentalists, I will be responsible if the band can t cbd gummies south carolina be made The truth is out, no need to deliberately ask Facing the temptation, the young man withstood the consideration, declined the kindness of Principal Nie, and strongly recommended his junior sister to be a music teacher at PolyU.

You may not believe it, the few villages on our side did not live until September 4th.It was not until 1994 that the villagers got access to electricity, and it was not until 1994 that the villagers watched TV.Now all seven villages in the township have access to electricity, mail, roads, and telephones.Instructor Hang added with a smile.It wasn t until 1994 that the electricity was turned on So the conditions are good now, Director He lit a cigarette and sighed, I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document to transfer some college students.Entering the public security system.Being a policeman, wearing a police uniform, is so majestic.I signed up impulsively, but was assigned to Jiangli s hometown, and worked in the Caodian Police Station for several years.

At cbd gummies south carolina that cbd and thc sleep gummies time, there were only three people in the police station, the director and the instructor.With me, not only did we not communicate on the phone, but we didn t even have a decent road.We had to rely on two legs to handle any case in the village, and just walked with wooden sticks as crutches.A few pairs of shoes were worn out a year.But at that time the village The first level organization can manage affairs, and civil disputes and civil mediation are basically out of our control, and there are not so many things now.He Suo is 49 years old this year, and he is a true old director At this age, when the head of the police station, in the Yandong branch So the conditions are good now.Director He lit a cigarette and sighed I graduated from Xinlan Normal University.At that time, the superior had a document that some college students should be transferred to the public security system.

What s going on The wind on the top of the mountain is strong, and the smell dissipates quickly.The police dogs the police dogs can t smell the fugitive s smell.The police with dogs are trying to find a way.Other police officers are searching for possible traces left by the fugitive.Deputy Director Wu of the Municipal Bureau didn t know much about police dog technology, so he subconsciously asked, Xiao Yang, how far can a police dog smell After running more than ten kilometers, can it find it There should be no problem about ten kilometers.Are cbd gummies south carolina you sure there is no problem No problem, the two police dogs being tracked are all meritorious dogs in the bureau, and we not only have The source of smell, the smell environment in the forest area is also more conducive to the tracking of the police dog.

Old Chang also drank a few glasses.He Pingyuan opened the suitcase and motioned for Han Chaoyang to put the luggage in, and called another policeman, only to find out that he didn t drink after asking.The policeman just went out.A villager in the whole family camp killed a wild boar.They wanted to confirm whether it was a wild boar.It are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review involved the protection of wild animals.They could only kill as many wild boars as they could.They could only kill less and not more.Killing one more was a responsibility.Knowing that he was in a hurry to see him off, Han Chaoyang said quickly, He Suo, it s important to get down to business.It doesn t matter if we arrive at the county town earlier or later.Then you wait in the car.He Suo, I Go.You stay with Xiao Han in the car, let me go, I know the situation better than you.

He Pingyuan was not at fault in the whole incident, but the relatives of the deceased did not give up.More than a dozen cadres in Xinying Township are still maintaining stability until now.The work of the relatives of the deceased could not be done, and the county leaders had kangaroo cbd gummies 500mg reviews no choice but to ask Wang Bureau and the Disciplinary Committee to do He Pingyuan s work.The three of them smoked cigarettes one by one, and the office was filled with smoke.The political commissar had been making sidelines for nearly half an hour just now, but He Pingyuan kept his head buried and remained silent.The county leaders are waiting for the news, and the Xinying Township cadres who are maintaining stability in the family of the deceased are waiting to help them mediate.Director Wang didn t want to waste any more time, let alone long nights and dreams.

The leader begged for mercy.You only have one chance, as long as you honestly explain the facts of the crime, as long as you have a good attitude in pleading guilty, as long as you can actively return the stolen goods, our public security organs can make an exception, and the school can also consider giving you a chance to change your mind and start a new life.Interpol The fact that they have been squatting at PolyU shows that they have the evidence, not to mention that the nonsense just made up cannot stand scrutiny at all.Zhu Youwei was so frightened that he didn t dare to quibble anymore, and he didn t dare to talk about it anymore.Tears of remorse rolled down his face, and he confessed the crime facts with tears in his nose It is confirmed that the suspect s psychological defense has been defeated upstairs, and the suspect has already confessed.

For the sake of eating roast chicken, Han Chaoyang forgave him graciously, and while eating in the police car, he talked about what he learned in the afternoon.I have also inquired about Chang Liqun s disagreement with Hou Shizhong.Hou Shizhong may think it is not a glorious thing, or he may not have thought that someone would frame him in this way.I never mentioned the relationship with Chang Liqun.Enmity and resentment, I learned about it from others.Do you think Chang Mazi is suspected of framing Boss Hou Wu Wei looked up at the other side of the river, and said in a low voice, There is a motive, but there is no framing.Time.Did you go to Chang Mazi Han Chaoyang asked.I went around the other bank and asked a few people, including the guard of the mixing plant on the other bank.The old man at the gate said that Chang Mazi and another boss planned to invest in a mixing plant in Fengyong County, No.

I won t sleep on the street.Just as he was talking, the phone rang suddenly.Seeing the caller ID, Teng Jiming was really excited, and hurriedly pressed the call button.Comrade Han Chaoyang, did you find something Report Tengda, today is about the same as yesterday, no valuable clues were found.Why call if no valuable clues were found Teng Jiming s face was not good looking at first, but now it became even uglier.He held the phone tightly and asked coldly, What s the matter , I promised the school leadership that I would accept the appointment and concurrently serve as a specially appointed lecturer at the School of Art of PolyU.Our branch leaders all know about this.The school informed me that I will attend the appointment ceremony tomorrow morning, and I would like to take half a day off.Are the community policemen free What kind of part time job are you doing If the person who made this call was a policeman from the Gaoxin District Bureau who was transferred to the task force, Teng Jiming would not only not agree, but would criticize him face to face, but the young man on the other end of the phone was not a policeman from the Gaoxin District Bureau, and he made it very clear , The leaders of the plant cbd gummies reviews Yandong Sub bureau know everything about it.

Okay, Thank you.Walking into the office with his bag under his arm, Chang Lihua asked curiously before he could speak Officer Wu, are you looking into the case of Hou Jiakang s death Manager Chang, you are very well informed.Wu Wei looked up at the photos and names of the managers hanging on the wall, put down his bag and sat down at his desk.Chang Lihua opened the filing cabinet, took out a paper cup, went to the corner and helped him fetch water, and smiled gloatingly The police station and criminal police team came to ask us, and even showed us the photos.Although we and Hou Jiakang They are business competitors.Although the relationship between our two families is not very good, human life is at stake.We cannot make trouble in this matter.We have never met that person.He is not a worker of Hou Jiakang, so he should have nothing to do with Hou Jiakang.

We found I have given the intermediary s contact information, do you want to ask the cbd gummies gq intermediary Kang Huatai s mobile phone number Mr.The mobile phone number, the reason why I can t get in touch is that I can t get through, cbd gummies south carolina thc free cbd gummies for sleep and the mobile phone is turned off. What should I do now You have something to eat first, and go back to the headquarters of the task force. Yes Han Chaoyang just put down the phone, Wu Wei He pondered and said Mercedes Benz RV can be rented to Tianxing Real Estate, as well as to others.If you rent out a million dollar car, you will not only have to leave a copy of the other party s driver s license, but will also ask the other party to pay a deposit, and may even bring the driver with you.With the investigation of the case, I think we are natures boost cbd gummies review can you travel with cbd gummies internationally not far from finding the murderer.

Fengchi Car Rental Company does not have a RV.The price is very high, and the car rental company even rents the car with the driver.In other words, in the past four months, this Cai Xiaofang was actually driving for Yang Jiandong.According to the owner of the car rental company, Cai Xiaofang and Yang Jiandong have a very good relationship.Cai Xiaofang is ready to quit.If you find Cai Xiaofang, you may find Yang Jiandong Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Yes.Teng Jiming nodded slightly, and continued But Cai Xiaofang resigned on the third day after Cao Shengkai was killed.He didn t even pay the last month s salary, and his mobile phone was disconnected, so his whereabouts are unknown now.Luo deputy detachment leader Stuffing out the cigarette, he raised his head and said, There are indications that Cai Xiaofang and Yang Jiandong are equally suspected of committing the crime.

Giving things away There is no reason to take it back.Sheng Yanwen sat up, hugged the pillow and said, Don t think I don t know, you haven t completely changed your career, you are both a policeman and a special lecturer at PolyU s School of Art, and you want to lead apprentices and help PolyU form a symphony band I have become a university teacher, how can I not have a decent piano.I m an amateur, I don t need such a good piano, and it s too expensive, I can t bear it.Chaoyang, don t do this, this is A little heart from me.This is not a trivial matter, and it has to be said, Han Chaoyang turned to look at Huang Ying, held the phone tightly and said, I ve got the heart, Qin will send it to you later.Yanwen, I don t want to It makes you sad, but I still want to say a few words from my heart.

Didn t Huo Xuebin take away his wages He also came looking for you., People also come to collect debts.If you come at the end of the year, you won t be able to see anyone.Last year, his family went out to hide from debts on the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month.They hid until the sixteenth day of the first month this year, and they came back after half a month.This is a new situation, Han Chaoyang chatted with the woman for more than ten minutes calmly, then walked out of the yard and continued to visit several nearby villagers homes.If you don t turn around, you don t know.If you turn around, you will be startled.The Huo family s popularity in the village is really not very good, and almost no one says his family is good.To sum up, it s all about benefits, some pure science lab good vibes cbd edible gummies are jealous, some are because the Huo family didn t get the honor of the Huo family when they were prosperous, and some are because they didn t borrow money from the Huo family when they encountered difficulties.

Zhou not only owes wages but also owes me.Money.Comrade Public Security, I am a butcher, and the stall is at the Xinmin Vegetable Market.That bastard Zhou Sen told me that the payment is due every month.Every time he goes to check out, he always finds excuses to procrastinate.From the restaurant s trial operation to now.Not once.Look, I owe more than 70,000 yuan in total.A short, fat middle aged man squeezed to the police station and took out do cbd melatonin gummies work a bunch of receipts from his bag.I have a little impression of Han Chaoyang, the restaurant.The scale of the restaurant is not small, with three floors up and down.The first floor is the lobby and banquet hall for birthday celebrations and most recommended cbd gummies wedding banquets.The second and third floors are all private rooms, which are very luxuriously decorated.It is also because it looks very high grade, and the working class can t afford it, so I never went in.

What is the current stage Zheng Xinyi asked.You can close the business if you can t keep going, but it s nothing to run away, and you can t owe wages to migrant workers who owe money to anyone Thinking of the main busy things during this compensatory leave, Han Chaoyang sneered The surname Zhou Things are too simple to think about, and you may not know that refusing to pay labor remuneration has already been punished.Article 276 of the Criminal Law clearly stipulates Evasion of payment of labor remuneration by means of transferring property, escaping, etc.or being able to pay but not paying Laborers whose labor remuneration is relatively large and who still refuse to pay after being ordered by the relevant government departments shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and shall also be sentenced to a fine if serious consequences are caused, they shall be sentenced to fixed term imprisonment of not less cbd gummies south carolina than three years but not more than seven years , and be cbd gummies south carolina fined A person who had only studied the Public Security Punishment Law and the Police Law actually talked about the provisions of the Criminal Law with eloquence.

Solve it in their way, what can they do Bureau Feng was stunned for a moment, then suddenly realized, and said cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina decisively Xiao Han, you have done a good job, please work harder, and immediately summon the contractor surnamed Chu to the bureau.At the same time, contact the contractor surnamed Qian and ask Find out his exact location, tell him clearly, and you must not act rashly.Yes If you want to arrest a suspect like Huo Xuebin, there is no way if you don t have clues, and you must never let him escape if you have clues.Bureau Feng immediately reported to Bureau Zhou that Zhou Bureau, who was having a meeting with the district committee, cbd gummies south carolina was really excited, after all, this was a cbd gummies hawaii cbd gummies south carolina case that the district committee was watching.Hastily asked for a leave, ran to the corridor and held up the mobile phone and said It will be easy at the China Myanmar border.

, the case has been on the way , overdue, and finally can only be dismissed.No matter how stupid Han Chaoyang is, he understands, Thinking to himself, no wonder Liu Suo rushed over excitedly, and hurried back after finding out the situation, so he knew that this was a very troublesome and even futile case Then what should we do Han Chaoyang asked with a bitter face.It s not difficult with me here, Miao Haizhu said with a smug smile, Chaoyang, it s not that my sister is bragging with you.You can t find anyone in the sub bureau who is more familiar with the laws and regulations in this area than me.The cases in this area are even more serious.Needless to say, I ve are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review studied more than all they ve heard combined.So there s an ambush here Han Chaoyang HCMUSSH cbd gummies south carolina realized that the big sister wanted to participate in the investigation, so he couldn t help laughing and said, Then tell me, how should we do cbd gummies make you laugh investigate this case They assist and provide technical support, that is, ask them to go to the scene to see whether it is a black broadcast or a pseudo base station , and after confirmation, find out which frequency is occupied and how much the signal covers, that is, ask them to help get a certificate And then Then continue to investigate and collect evidence.

The current suspects are very cunning, especially those who have been punished.They like cbd move gummies to shoot and change places.Han Chaoyang was convinced of this, and said in a low voice, The suspect just rented this house.He only paid three months rent and a small deposit.It seems that he will change places once the lease expires. The resources of the police cbd gummies south carolina office are limited, and it s time for a special public security campaign before the festival.Kang wanted to make a quick decision, so he got up and said, The most urgent thing is to arrest this surname Bi.Did he set up a black broadcast in other places You ll know when you catch him.Han Chaoyang said Only have his ID card information, only his mobile phone number.No record cbd gummies south carolina of his temporary residence as a foreigner was found, nor was there any record of his stay in a hotel.

She just opened a hotel in the memorial hall Wang The director of the factory glared at him, and said angrily You are still not convinced, let s open a hotel, and he came all the way to this unfamiliar place, and successfully inherited the house her uncle left her.In order to strive for equal treatment on the issue of compensation for demolition, I even went door to door to work with most of the village representatives and agreed to her moving her household registration.Thinking of it, she looked at him with a smile and said Chaoyang, don t be convinced.That girl Beibei is quite powerful.Look at who treats her as a foreigner.This is something that ordinary people can t do.Okay Well, she s amazing, and I m worthless.Although cbd gummies south carolina Han Chaoyang was not convinced on the lips, he was still convinced deep down in his heart.

As soon as Kang Haigen mentioned the monitoring center and the command center, Cao Zefang pushed the question to Lao Jin, and Lao Jin made a haha and pushed it to Xu Hongliang.Obviously, they have studied this issue today Kang Suo, there are a lot of security service fees to be paid at several construction sites, but there are more places to spend money.Xu Hongliang took a peek at Han Chaoyang, and then said in an how long do cbd gummies last official tone Why do your police divide the monitoring into several categories Isn t it because of investment and funding There are not many workers in several construction sites right now.You can wait until the Spring Festival is over.Look, it s estimated to be tens of thousands.We take other people s security fees, and we have to do a good job in security work.If we don t have money, we can t do anything, so we have to break a penny in half and spend it.

He may be complained if he says a wrong sentence, let alone Doing something wrong.He neither has a membership card nor a VIP card, nor can he enter any clubs.Even if you have the guts, you don t have the time to be a thief.Xu Ying laughed, and couldn t help laughing I can t do anything, is this interesting Very good.Huang Ying said with a smile Although the money is less, there are not many places to spend it.At least I can save a lot of clothes a year.Except for some necessary expenses, the money can be saved to pay off the mortgage, and I can save it for me to spend.Fourth, Don t tell her anymore, she s even more embarrassing After chatting with Han Chaoyang, Huang Ying suddenly remembered something, and immediately took out her phone Here s a link to forward it for me.For those groups you joined, it s best to ask your friends to help repost.

Nursing staff who don t know the bottom line.What s more, after the police office moved out, they could still rent out the house to generate income Han Chaoyang was convinced, and couldn t help laughing Director Xu, I m sorry, I have nothing to say about this matter.You have to go to our leader.It is probably useless to find our leader.Maybe you have to go to the branch leader.Brother, I know that moving is troublesome, but moving is definitely better than not moving.Although you don t count, your opinion is very important.Help, who makes us good brothers.Who is good brothers with you Even if it was before, you actually wanted to drive me away Will you help me with this No, I just like this place and I don t go anywhere.If you have the ability, you can evict me.It s fine to evict, we have more people than you, but we are only security guards, you police officers, you have power and power and guns, I, a community security officer, would dare to mess with you.

Han Chaoyang cbd gummy reactions reset the navigation, took the expressway from the west of the city, and arrived at the Baliqiao service area in only one and a half hours.Since the expressway is two way, the service area is also one on each side.Accompanied by the leader of the service area in charge of public security, he passed Through cbd gummies on empty stomach or with food the culvert connecting the two service areas, you come to the restaurant where the children work.Xiao Xu, where is the kid I just asked In the kitchen.Go and call him over, the comrades from the Public Security Bureau want to ask him for some information.What can a little kid do The waiter felt a little unbelievable, and took another look at natures boost cbd gummies review can you travel with cbd gummies internationally Han Chaoyang and Grandpa Gu before running inside to find someone.After waiting at the bar for about two minutes, a short and thin child followed the waiter and came out.

Seeing the police car he drove into the emergency lane, several cars that had already entered the emergency lane hurriedly cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies turned on their turn signals and turned into the slow lane, thinking that Han Chaoyang was a traffic policeman, and worried about being caught and fined.Han Chaoyang could see it clearly, and hated this kind of traffic violation that took his own and other people s lives as a disregard, but it wasn t that the traffic police didn t have the power to control them, and he could only watch them back into the lane they should be driving.Passing one car after another, just like this, I drove forward for about two kilometers.I saw three cars and an off road vehicle rear end, and they stopped crookedly in the middle of the road, occupying the fast lane and the slow lane, causing traffic congestion.

If I can give my superiors a satisfactory answer, I believe the superiors will not let this politically reliable cbd gummies south carolina and high quality anti pickup team disband.Han Chaoyang looked around at the crowd and added with a smile It s not an exaggeration to say that politics is reliable.According to regulations, making and issuing auxiliary police work permits to big guys requires a political review, but it was reported yesterday afternoon, and the work permit came down today.There is no political review.Why Miao Haizhu was curious.asked.It s very simple, because our anti pickup team is a party member vanguard Angkor is a party member, your instructor is a party member, Junfeng is a party member, Gu Jun, Cheng Quan, Zhang Binyou are are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review all party members, what else does the superior have Don t worry.The political status is fine, and they are all reliable, and the next thing is to see whether the business quality of the big guy is too good.

The army is a true cbd gummies south carolina veteran Wu Junfeng could understand Han Chaoyang s mood at this moment, and comforted him Han Da, Gu Jun will be fine.Didn t Chen Jie make it very clear that he just broke his head.Can it fall Han Chaoyang raised his hand to touch the back of his head, and said worriedly The brain is here, it s very dangerous, if it doesn t work, there will be sequelae.No, it must be a skin trauma.Wu Junfeng comforted him, and then asked curiously Han Da, you just said that Feng Shui is not good, what Feng Shui I don t know how many people will die in the Sixth Hospital in a year.Do you think the Feng Shui of the Sixth Hospital is good And we haven t had any accidents in Lunan for so long.An accident happened as soon as the police station moved to the Sixth Hospital.Isn t that What is bad feng shui It seemed reasonable, even logical, but Wu Junfeng was stunned, speechless for a while.

Political Commissar Huang put down his teacup, and pondered There is already a Kang Haigen.I think it is not appropriate to select a policeman from the agency to serve as the deputy director.It will affect HCMUSSH cbd gummies south carolina both the work and the morale of the team.Director Du said in a low voice Directly How about selecting from the policemen at the Huayuan Street Police Station It s okay to smoke a few cigarettes at night.Anyway, no one will see when the door is closed.Zhou Ju took out a cigarette from his bag, scattered one natures boost cbd gummies review can you travel with cbd gummies internationally and asked, It s okay to choose from the police.Who do you think is competent If you just watch Whether you are competent or not, as long as you meet the requirements, there are many candidates.That s true, but one must be selected.Comrade Yang Tao is very capable, has a sense of responsibility, and has a certain prestige in the institute.

So expensive Grandpa Gu was taken aback.It s been rising again during this period, master, don t think it s so expensive, people don t have enough to buy, now go to the sales department and ask only the lower floors that don t have sunlight in winter and gummy cbd extract the top floors that are cold in winter and hot in summer.This is too exaggerated.Thankfully, you bought it early.Grandpa Gu didn t want to delay the young couple from going to dinner, raised his arms and urged, Let s go quickly, don t make people wait, remember to bring me a good one for Director Su.Okay, Let s go.Let s go.When we arrived at the restaurant where Boss Miao was treating guests, the elders were all there, chatting and waiting.The young couple walked into the box under the lead of the waiter, and cbd gummies south carolina Boss Miao asked the waiter to serve the food.

Don t worry, there are quite a few of us, Han Chaoyang ignored the pleasantries, and turned around and shouted, Director Zhang, let s go , Lu Xingen couldn t help asking Director Han, don t you have a car I drank some wine at night, so I can t drive, Han Chaoyang climbed into the police car, closed the side door with a bang, and followed a policeman and four special police officers in the car.Smiling, he leaned on the back of the passenger seat and said, Team Lu, I won t go in later.If I smell alcohol, I ll be in trouble if those bastards smell it and complain.I thought you weren t afraid, While gesturing to his colleague to drive, Lu Xingen took out a box of chewing gum from the locker, turned his head and said with a smile, Chew two.It was Bao calmcures cbd gummies Suo s voice.Chaoyang Chaoyang, please answer if you receive it, please reply if you receive it.

The guy charged the police car.Report to the political commissar and Fan Bureau.These boys are the suspects who were suspected of tying up the tires cbd gummies hawaii cbd gummies south carolina of the earthwork engineering convoy for the high speed rail station project site two months ago.They have just been compared and they have confessed to the crime.See the political commissar When the deputy director came, Liang Dongsheng hurried forward and stood at attention to salute.Dare to make an idea of a key project, these brats are really daring Political Commissar Huang couldn t help looking back a few more times, and was about to speak when Liang Dongsheng pointed to Gu Tongjun who had just been escorted off the explosion proof vehicle of the Special Patrol Brigade by Wu Wei and patrol member Xiao Liu Report to the political commissar, this is the main culprit, the punctured tire is the He instigated it.

The widowed elderly and some elderly people with limited mobility come to have a haircut.Secretary Cao, I find it really interesting if you say it can be carried out It s not interesting, it s very meaningful Cao Zefang thought more and more The more excited he was, the more excited he said If you want to learn from Lei Feng to do good things, every unit is doing it, but it is difficult to persevere.It is to do it when organizing activities to learn from Lei Feng.We are different from those units.We have people and can be normalized.If I can persevere, I think we can take the activity of learning from Lei Feng to do good deeds as a job in our community in the future.Regardless of whether this political achievement is useful to me, it is better to have political achievements than to have nothing.

Then Wu Wei, Miao Haizhu, and Li Xiaobin were asked to help, and they drove the other four brats back to the prison.The police room cannot be empty, Han Chaoyang waited until Wu Wei and others came back before going back to the dormitory to rest.The alarm clock was set at 6 30, but was woken up by the phone ringing at 6 00, Han Zhaoyang was too tired and sleepy and fell asleep, Huang Ying pushed him a few times to wake him up.Who is it, what time is it Han Chaoyang asked in a daze.Secretary Cao is calling Today, the Organization Department of the District Committee may announce the list of the last batch of cadres to be appointed before the Spring Festival.There might be some inside information, shaking his arm, he said anxiously Quickly pick up, I ll pick up if you don t pick me up HCMUSSH cbd gummies south carolina Why did Secretary Cao call me so early He yawned and asked, Secretary Cao, I m Han Chaoyang, what instructions do you have Cao Zefang stood on the playground of PolyU, held up his mobile phone and looked in the direction of the cbd gummies south carolina teachers dormitory, and said with a smile, What instructions can I give you I haven t woken up yet.

The tire repair of the car was delayed.No matter how urgent you are, don t be in a hurry for three to five minutes, Lao Hu took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat, and held up the photo of the suspect sent by Han Chaoyang in front of him Your business is getting better and better.Big, I must know a lot of chefs who deliver food to more than 20 restaurants, take a closer look and see if you have seen this guy.It turned out that he was looking for someone Miao Si er came to his senses, took the mobile phone and looked at it carefully for five or six seconds, and murmured It looks familiar, I seem to have seen it before.Old Hu was amused, and immediately asked Where did you see that After a few mouthfuls, he pondered for a while, then suddenly smiled and said, I remember, I saw him in the wholesale market He seems to be the chef of the China World Hotel, and cbd gummies south carolina he went shopping with the purchaser.

While calmly answering the witness s inquiry, he checked the witness s ID number calmly, and found that the person he found was not the same person as the witness.Also a fugitive Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.Listen to me.Yu Zhenchuan found the chopsticks and said vividly He searched the escape information released cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies by the local colleagues according to the witness s accent, age and physical characteristics, and found that he was very similar to a fugitive with a criminal case.He was on duty at the time.The police were dispatched, and there were only him and Zhang Yan in the office.It would be bad if the suspect found out his identity and ran best cbd gummies for joint pain uk away.He was quick witted, and said sorry to the people queuing up to handle the business.There was a problem with the computer.No business, please wait a moment, saying that taking a picture of the computer failure interface and sending it to the technicians in the bureau will solve it quickly.

A bag of rice, a bag of noodles, and a barrel of oil are not worth much, but they are enough for you and your aunt to eat for a while.The wife is in poor health, and the old couple That little pension is only enough to see a doctor, and the family is really in trouble.The old man hesitated for a long time, and said with tears, Thank you, I will trouble you.Please keep the police and civilian contact card.If you have anything to do, remember to call.We will go to the community to do something, and we will come to see you when we have time.I will wish you New Year s greetings in a few days.II ll send you off.Don t give it away, you always stay behind.The police and civilian contact card is put away, or I will give you another one.Old Tang left another police and civilian contact card, and said to leave Walk.

Xiao Han, what s the matter Liu Suo, two things, Han Chaoyang knew very well that the old leader would not be in a good mood at the moment, so he said concisely The first thing was mentioned by you and the trainer last night.I went to the police station, and as soon as I opened my mouth, the political commissar said that the inspector team had investigated the process of Xie Liangju s arrest, and affirmed the role played by Wu Chunrong, Lao Hu, and cbd gummies south carolina Wu Wei, the registered policemen from the Xinyuan Street Police Station in the process of discovering and arresting Xie Liangju.If it were yesterday, Liu Jianye would be very happy to hear the news.But today is not yesterday, Liu Jianye subconsciously asked What about the second one The second one is Dai Lishi s clue.Inspector Tang and I just learned that he was indeed hanging out with Xu Weimin from the Taoyuan community.

Call.At the same time, Director Wen was reporting to Bureau Zhou, Political Commissar Huang, and Bureau Du about the online public opinion and the instructions of the Propaganda Department of the district committee.Minister Yan personally intervened, and it s inappropriate not to respond to online queries.Isn t it saying that bad things spread thousands of miles Why did they just forward them on these few websites.Now responding to netizens queries, Zhou Ju felt that it was a bit anticlimactic, so he put down the public opinion announcement He smiled and said Since Minister Yan has personally intervened, you are all ready to prepare and try to post the materials on the Internet before going to work tomorrow, so as to clarify the doubts on the Internet.Wait best cbd and thc gummies until tomorrow to go to work How can Director Wen not know the director s intentions, not only know but even think that it is possible to let the bullets fly for a while , he suppressed a smile and stood up and said, Yes, I will prepare now.

Old Dai subconsciously looked back at a few scalpers hiding in the distance and looking this way, and couldn t help adding.Great, Manager Qi, you are so awesome This is what we should do, are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review and it is also requested by the superior.The urban management has already begun to enforce the law, and is mobilizing several vendors near the bus stop to set up their stalls in designated locations go.Wu Wei is on the flyover, and Miao Haizhu is at the entrance.Seeing that the work of the urban management is not easy, Han Chaoyang said apologetically, Manager Qi, Da Dai, both of you are busy first, I ll go over and have a look.I have nothing to do, I ll go with you.Dai Sir, you stayed overnight, go back and rest early.There is nothing to do at night, I went to bed at 11 cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies o clock, so I am not sleepy.Besides, since there is such a big operation in front of the station, can I go with all of you here Lao Dai asked rhetorically, Pat him on the arm and insist on going together.

For the convenience of passengers, the East Bus Station has launched a telephone ticketing service six years ago, but few passengers know the telephone number for booking tickets.In order to facilitate the purchase of tickets for passengers and to reduce the green roads cbd gummy reviews pressure on conductors, there are QR codes for mobile phone ticket purchases in the ticket halls, but there are still not many passengers willing to scan the codes to download ticket purchase applications.Because of this, although the conductors were so busy that their mouths were so dry that they didn t even have time to drink water, there were still long queues in front of the twelve ticket windows, and they moved very slowly.An elderly migrant worker managed to get to the window and asked eagerly in Mandarin with a thick accent, Comrade, is there a bus to Yixi Hi, I ll check for you.

The stall selling counterfeit and shoddy leather shoes under the overpass was investigated by He Hong and other urban management, and everything was temporarily detained.Even the environmental sanitation is much better than before, fines are often imposed, and there are police and auxiliary police to assist in law enforcement.Few people dare to spit and throw cigarette butts and other garbage.Now there are only scalpers left, Miao Haizhu took out her mobile phone and looked up laws and regulations online, while muttering, Don t worry, I ll check and think about it.I ll wait for your news, and let me know if I find it.Han Chaoyang made up his mind to wash the face of the East Long distance Bus Station.Thinking of the women who gathered at the station in the afternoon and evening to solicit customers from the small hotel besides the scalpers, he walked quickly to the electric patrol car at the bus stop.

Exceptional promotion Appointment conditions Tang Xiaoxuan looked at it, and couldn t help laughing It s like a thesis, discussing the clauses on exceptional promotion in the Regulations on the Selection and Appointment of Party and Government Leading Cadres.The quality is outstanding, and the public recognition Gao, withstood the test at critical moments, worked in difficult places, performed outstandingly, made great contributions, and was promoted to a sub department because of work needs, as long as he meets one of the exceptions for promotion, he meets all of them I just know, The Organization Department of the district committee responded, let s cbd gummies south carolina see who can chew their tongues.Huang Ying put cbd gummies south carolina down her phone and said with a giggle Xu Jiameng, who had just returned to work from the Yandong branch, was also watching the news.

Rely on it Why is it impossible, I m not joking with you, there are all kinds of birds in the forest, and it will be really troublesome if you encounter a messy one.Understood, please slow down.Okay, goodbye.Back in the police room, he didn t see Chen Jie, but instead saw Kang Haigen cbd gummies south carolina and Grandpa Gu standing in front of the police station talking and laughing happily.Kang Institute, why are you free to come here today I m here to send you off, Kang Haigen looked across the road and said with a smile, This time we have two new police officers assigned to our office, and one is assigned to be an intern in the community team., one will be arranged in your police area.After receiving the notice yesterday, Han Chaoyang was not surprised, and asked, Where is the person Before Kang Haigen could speak, Grandpa Gu couldn t help laughing and said, Chen Jie took the grandson Go to the dormitory, let him put his luggage down first.

His surname is Han, and his name is Han Chaoyang.He is a good guy.No matter who encounters problems in our community, he will come to him.Leave the outside affairs to him, and we will continue to talk about our affairs.Tomorrow I invite the retired old chief physician of the Second Provincial Hospital to show you.For the Chinese New Year, how can you not prepare some New Year s goods Don t worry, we will help you buy the New Year s goods, and we promise to let you and Uncle Xu have a good New Year Just as he was speaking, Lao Xu s voice came from outside.Stinky boy, dare to cbd gummies south carolina come here.Do you want money I have a life.Believe it or not, I will fight with you Uncle Xu, don t get excited.Is there me Lao Xu, who wanted to fight desperately with the debt collectors, persuaded Go in and rest first, leave it to me.

Sun Guokang was dubious, hung up his phone, and clicked on WeChat.I don t know if I don t look at it, I was shocked when I saw it, it turns out that the young master is really awesome Thinking of never calling master until now, I couldn t help dialing my old classmate s mobile phone again, and said with a bitter face Zi Xiao, you don t know Han Da well, can you come out and have a meal together, help me Say something nice to Han Da for me.Please, he is your immediate superior and your master, so cbd gummies south carolina I need to say something nice to you Besides, I don t know him well, and even if I do, I have to leave.Keep him away.Our No.4 Squadron is an anti pickup squadron, and he also set up a plainclothes anti pickup auxiliary police squadron to fight against us.If it s just the auxiliary police under him, we really don t care, but he actually hired two foreign aid, It makes us very passive, I eat with him, if our leader finds out, he will have to pick my skin I didn t expect such a secret Sun Guokang asked curiously What foreign aid Why don t you work under him I ll find out in a few days.

Especially fire safety , Check at the same time as the visit, if you find hidden dangers, record and file them, report to the village committee in time and ask for assistance, such as asking them to arrange for people to clean up debris accumulated in alleys, public baths, etc.I can call out the inspection records for future reference.Check the rental housing and the registration of migrants, check the information of the are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review residents in the village, and meet or learn about the current situation of the ex convicts, key groups and mental patients in the village.It is best to coordinate with the village , see if there is a publicity on fire prevention and anti theft during the Spring Festival, remind the villagers to lock the doors and windows when they go out to visit relatives, do not gamble, drink as little as possible, set off fireworks and firecrackers must be in designated places, and be careful when setting off Safety Doing these trivial matters again, it is better to stay on duty in the police station than Wu Wei when he goes to the village, at least he can deal with the police whenever there is a case.

Hearing his voice, Han Chaoyang couldn t help thinking of how he kindly helped them in the Sixth City Hospital half a year ago, but was asked to help wash drugs from the suspect s feces.He didn t like it very much, but he still said politely Report Jiao Da, there are six people on our side, we just arrived are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review at the intersection of Jianshe Street.Six people, three on our side, nine people are enough.Jiao Da told his subordinates Drive faster, and said in an unquestionable tone After you arrive, wait nearby.If someone wears plain clothes, you can observe the terrain first.Don t act .

can i give my dog cbd gummy?

rashly, don t startle the snake, and wait until we arrive.Yes Let s do this first, and we ll talk about other things when we get to the scene.He ended the call as soon has anyone gotten high off of cbd gummies as he said it was over, and he really regarded the Zhongshan Road Police District as their subordinate.

Miao Haizhu came to her senses, gloated and said with a gleeful smile That s right.Sending to the sub bureau means handing over the conflict.The bureau leader will definitely not be happy.You caught the man.You can do it according to your needs.Anyway, this matter has nothing to do with our Xinyuan Street Police Station.Is it possible for a living person to be suffocated by urine Han Chaoyang believes that there will always be a way.Standing at the door for about ten minutes, waiting for Dai Lishi to eat and drink, walked into the police room and said, Guokang, you and Xiaokang will send him to take a shower in the back.The tip of the Fifth Squadron will cut his hair, please come and help him.Let s shave his face.The community mobilized the 527 factory and the residents of Dongming community to donate to charity.

He was not at home at the time, and his brother had his mobile phone number, so I called and got in touch. He committed a crime because of something.How many years have you been sentenced to Fraud, seven and a half years.He went to high school before me, he can speak well, cbd gummies south carolina write and count, and he performed better than us in it, so his sentence was commuted later., Then he was released on parole.Han Chaoyang asked Where is he from My hometown is in Fenghuai County, so I feel strange why he doesn t go home during the Chinese New Year.Mo Yunhu stood in a group of just Sweeping the scraps of firecrackers together, he thought about it and added He said he was staying at the World Trade Hotel, asked if he had time tonight, and called me to have dinner.Being able to speak well, write well and calculate, it shows that this Wang Yigui is very shrewd, and it is not impossible to make a career after being released from prison for a few years.

Just know.Han Chaoyang patted his arm and said with a smile, Lead the way ahead.You knock on the door later.I ll intercede for you and do your work for you.Everyone can make themselves and their families live a good life.The home of Dai Lishi s cousin, Dai Lijun, is a beautiful three story western style building.The balconies upstairs are all sealed with plastic steel.The walls are covered with gray imitation marble tiles.The walls are made of wrought iron.There are two red lanterns hanging on the side of the gate., and the couplet of Caiyuan Guangjin , one can tell at a glance that it is for transportation, and there is a car are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review parked in the yard.The courtyard was lit up, and it could be seen that the living room was full of people, and the door was empty.Although he lived very close, Dai Lishi seldom came here.

Don t worry about it, and Boss Liu, please don t worry.Cigarettes, what kind of cigarettes, I will register one by one later, there is a barcode on it, you see, there is a serial number under the barcode, you can also take a picture of each one, I will be responsible for missing or being swapped.Officer Liang, it s not that I don t believe you, I just don t think it s necessary.The friend of the tobacconist s owner walked up to the police car and said with a bitter face, We re careful when we open our doors for business.Being picked up by a thief is already very unlucky, and I don t want to run left and right to the police station.Can you help me and don t take the cigarettes away It s not that I don t help, but I have to take them back according to the case handling procedures.Understand Let me support you, why don t cbd gummies hawaii cbd gummies south carolina we not be able to hold the two brats criminally responsible even if we get all the stolen goods It is reasonable to say that Boss Zhang is just helping a friend, and Team Liang has said that, so he should understand and support it.

The most urgent thing is to solve the problem.Beijing is waiting for a reply.It is said that the anti drug detachment of Nanshan Branch has been alarmed.They have arranged for the police to go on the road and are following with our people.How to solve it, is it possible to tell people that we have no evidence or clues, just because that bastard has a drug history, just because that little bastard behaves suspiciously, so we organize forces to follow up and investigate What will people think They will definitely think that we have no evidence.I have seen drug dealers, but I have never solved a drug case.I am not even as good as a police student who has just graduated.I can t afford to lose this person.Our Yandong branch and even the Yanyang City Bureau can t afford to lose this person Ju Zhou, don t worry.

There are some dirty clothes to be sent up.Junfeng and Chengquan also have to go up cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies and take a shower.Come here, I m in the room.Han Chaoyang didn t know that they went through the garbage dump at night, His body was not only dirty but also smelled bad.He couldn t continue to follow without taking a shower and changing into clean clothes.Instead, he held his phone tightly and looked at Qiao Peiming who had just passed under the hotel with a smile and said, Old Hu, Xiao Sun s move is good.Holding up the mobile phone to start the live broadcast, the camera is aimed at the back, even if you walk in front, the suspect will not lose sight.Such a ghost, we can learn from this.That s what I mean, I will talk to the little girl in the group later Let Gu Xiaokang and the others talk.Okay.While chatting, the off road vehicle from Yanyang slowly stopped at the entrance of the small hotel.

Responsibility, not only let me pay for medical expenses, but also pay for lost work, which is tens of thousands, let alone I don t have so much money, I can t pay it if I have it, why The traffic police must have a reason for the traffic police, the traffic police What did you say at that time The traffic police said that he was going from east to west, and he was allowed to go from south to north.He said that he took are cbd gummies good for back pain natures boost cbd gummies review the main road, and I took the small road.Anyway, I should let him the road in the village., the same width, there are no big roads and small roads, isn t this partial to him And then I don t agree, they say they want to sue, so I go to the village cadres.The village cadres all avoid me, and they are arrested.I was stuck at home and said that the village doesn t care, anyway, they let me carry it alone.

Manager Zhang and Zheng Xinyi ran up and down to help pull the tape measure.Li Xiaobin organized security to maintain order below, and they were extremely busy.I ve been here for more than ten years, why did I suddenly think of installing an elevator Of course it doesn t matter if you install it on the first floor of your house.You don t need to climb it anyway.We live on the sixth floor.Young people are out of breath when they climb up.What about the big ones Yes, it s a good thing to pretend Aunt Wang, you also saw that the elevator is installed at the back, not the front, and it won t affect the lighting of your home.It doesn t affect the lighting.You don t need to pay for the elevator, do you pay for it or I pay for it The old aunt pointed to the location of the engineer and said angrily It doesn t affect the lighting or traffic, this is the common area, and my family has a share, I don t agree , let s see who dares to pretend here As they were talking, the owners started to quarrel.

As long as you perform well in the security company, the sub bureau will give priority to recruiting civilian personnel or coordinators in the comprehensive law enforcement brigade in the street.We will not only support highly educated comrades like Xiaomin They will even create conditions for them to take the civil service exam, cbd gummies south carolina and they have already passed two exams.If you don t believe me, ask Xiaomin.stuffy.He Zhedong made a start, and carbs in cbd gummies several single police officers from the special operations team found topics to chat with Jiang Xiaomin.There are few female policemen in the sub bureau, and there are as few lesbians in the patrol team.Several team members hate it in their eyes, but they are official policemen, with status and status, and the young men can only watch helplessly.People chatted and laughed happily.

Interested, but more interested in how to find the murderer.She put down her pen and couldn t help asking Uncle Ji, we know what you and Dai said, and the task force knows it too.The only thing they don t know is that the grass by the side of the septic tank has been pulled.Is there a murderer here After how much thc is in cbd gummy bears washing hands by the river, is it possible to climb up and grab the grass to wipe your hands Mei Tiejun couldn t help laughing and said There is a five guarantee household in our hometown who never wipes his butt with paper but grass.Since someone wipes their butt with grass It is entirely possible to grab the grass and wipe your wet hands.I have considered this point and discussed it with Lao Wu, and more than once.Mr.Ji stubbed out his cigarette, walked to the blackboard and pointed to the scene map he had drawn , analyzed in a threadbare manner The reason why I suspect that the murderer planned to throw the corpse into the septic tank is because of two reasons.

This is a happy event Huang Ying is here, and Old Tang is here.Miao Haizhu is the instructor of the Anti Picking Team, and he will come even more.Even Ji purmed cbd gummies Kaiyuan and Wu Wenge, who also slept for a day and just .

is cbd hen gummies legal in tn?

woke up Attended the meeting.However, the reaction of cbd gummies south carolina the team members surprised Han Chaoyang.Wu Junfeng looked back at Xiao Gu, then at Wang buy white label cbd gummies Jiayong, and said with a smile Han University, there is no need to apply for a job.It is very good now , We are already auxiliary police officers.We even have work permits issued by the Municipal Bureau.Xiao Gu thought it was right, and echoed, That s right, the auxiliary police officers who become sub bureaus will be under the supervision of the sub bureau, and they will also be subject to performance appraisal.It s all formalism, and the trouble is dead.

Han Chaoyang asked dumbfoundedly, What should we do then Xu Hongliang knocked on the cigarette ash and said slowly, Junfeng and the others don t want to be transferred to your branch s auxiliary police.Naturally, your branch won t help them pay social insurance and medical insurance.Others don t know that you know very well that you can and should support the work of your police office, but a smart woman can t live without rice, and it s impossible to support unlimitedly.Director Gu, no, it s Secretary Gu now.Secretary Gu said that the street funds are also relatively tight.There is nothing I can do to help.They both asked the street leaders for instructions and received support from the street leaders, which shows that they came prepared.Han Chaoyang didn t want to think about it at all, and asked along the line And cbd gummies south carolina then I think so, PolyU and the Sixth Hospital may give Mei Tiejun their basic salary and social security and medical insurance, but it is impossible to help Junfeng and Xiao Gu.

The headquarters is equivalent to a temporary government agency, and it is a municipal agency., have money.If you have money, you have money, but can someone give it to you So I have to invite Fan Ju to come forward Fan Ju is equally depressed when a good thing is done like this.If it were normal, he would find an excuse and push it away, but now he is a member of the East City Transportation Hub Engineering Command, and if something happens at several construction sites, he will be jointly and severally liable in the future, and the anti pickup team can He played a huge role in escorting key projects.As the leader in charge of this work, he must find a way to help solve it.The help is back, but the complaints still have to be made, and I can t spit it out.With so many members of the party committee in the bureau, they can only talk to the political commissar in private.

Where is Minister Jiang Ready to go Well, it shouldn t be a big problem. You re picky, well, you can tell Minister Jiang and I ll agree.But it s just this one time, don t make cbd gummies for relaxation cbd gummies south carolina another example.If you change the bureau again and again, don t look for me again.No, I promise not.You re not the director, so what s the use of your guarantee, we ll listen to what he says and watch what he does cbd gummies south carolina 100mg cbd gummies best cbd gummies for relaxation and sleep Having settled Section Chief Xiao, Han Chaoyang rushed to the PolyU security office without stopping.As expected, Deputy Minister Jiang just said on the phone that the new campus was busy with work, but he was sitting in the office on the third floor of the Security Office.Han Chaoyang knocked on the door and walked in.He said with a smile, Minister Jiang, thank you I was careful not to go directly to the new campus, otherwise it would be a waste of time.

Wu Junfeng likes to join in the fun, and follows the whole process, whether to report progress through the walkie talkie.Han Da, Xu Jun disagrees with sending his father s body to the funeral home, saying that he cannot be cremated until the cause of death is clarified.His father died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.The cause of death is very clear, and it has been determined to be a work related injury.What s the point Han Chaoyang asked puzzled while holding the walkie talkie.Maybe it s because I m worried that the compensation will not be in place.You know this kind of thing.It s completely different if there is a corpse.Wu Junfeng looked at the college students who were comforting Xu Jun, and said in a daze His classmates It s not a fuel efficient lamp at all, and there are a lot of people who don t know what to do.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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