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God Wang Weiyi was really dizzy.Elena is actually the adopted daughter of the well known German aristocrat, Admiral Livinsky No wonder she is so purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain familiar with people like Manstein and Richthofen.Wang Weiyi managed to recover from his surprise I heard she is Rommel s cousin Yes.Richthofen nodded Elena s biological mother is Erwin s mother.My cousin That is a distant relative, Wang Weiyi thought while listening to Richthofen After Elena became the adopted daughter of General Edward, the two families still have contacts.The reason why Erwin was able to enter the Danzig Officer Candidate School as a civilian, in addition to the needs of the country, the Livinsky family also played a certain role.Of course, this does not hinder Erwin s reputation.It s too complicated.As if noticing their whispering, Elena smiled and said, Lieutenant Ernst, do purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain you still hate what I said If that s the case, then I apologize to you again.And at this time the dance began.Interested in dancing together Baron Alexon.Elena s voice sounded behind her.Wang Weiyi rubbed his nose and smiled wryly Miss Heinrich Elena von Liwenski, please don t make fun of me.Sarcasm I think you misunderstood.It was completely different before, without the cold arrogance he had when he was on the battlefield, his smile was like a flower, and he became more and more charming Baron Alexon, as His Majesty said, it has been a long time in the history of Germany that a commoner has not been promoted at once.I think this is your pride.Okay, okay.Wang Weiyi decided not to argue with the other party on this issue I will not call you Miss Livinsky in the future, please don t call me Baron either.Elena covered her mouth and smiled, Wang Weiyi scratched his head and said, I don t know how to dance at all, and I m not interested in it at all.You must go at once.Although Elena was reluctant for Wang Weiyi to go to the countess, she still said seriously If you are a minute late, your Chinese friend s life may not be saved, you cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies can only try your luck. Go ahead, Ernst.Richthofen also stood up with Manstein Fritz and I went to the intelligence agency to find a way to delay Pompestein.Elena, you don t have to go, you still have to work under Nicholas.Elena nodded.Wang Weiyi golden love cbd gummies no longer had any hesitation, and immediately asked Hitler to go to the hotel to contact the carriage Directorate of Military Intelligence, Army Staff.It was the third time that the translator who could speak Chinese woke cbd gummies back pain up Guo Yunfeng who was in a coma Tell me, what kind of connection does Captain Ernst have with the British Is he a spy sent by the British Guo Yunfeng reluctantly opened his eyes.Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, commander of the 43rd Battalion of the 42nd East Lance Division Lieutenant Colonel Rosen hurriedly said loudly Send these our wounded to the hospital immediately A sergeant hurriedly commanded several soldiers to help send the wounded down, and then asked strangely Lieutenant Colonel, who are these two Germans They are real gentlemen Lieutenant Colonel Rosen said solemnly, I have never seen a gentleman more chivalrous than that captain.The sergeant was a little surprised Who is he Ernst Brahm.After Lieutenant Colonel Rosen finished speaking, he stopped worrying about the stunned sergeant and came to Wang Weiyi Captain, please allow me to make another rude request.Can you wait for me here for twenty minutes Okay, as long as you don t hold us captive.Wang Weiyi said with blitz d8 cbd gummies dog cbd gummies near me a smile.Should we ask Colonel King Klock for instructions Second Lieutenant Hall, please note that now I am the highest military officer here.Wang Weiyi s expression was serious, and his dissatisfaction with Hall was not a day or two, although he admitted that Hall was a dedicated officer, but Once one 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep blitz d8 cbd gummies s opinions are repeatedly opposed by cbd gummies back pain subordinates, no one will feel happy.Hall shut his mouth knowingly.His class is not as good as Ernst s, his status is not as good as Ernst s, and the degree of attention from above is even worse than Ernst s.Throughout the supplementary battalion, all officers and soldiers followed Ernst s lead.Seeing Hall shut up, Wang Weiyi didn t pursue it too much.Such a trench assault team will appear sooner or later, and I just let it appear on the battlefield at an accelerated rate.These people must be doing something, Rommel was very sure.I haven t seen them these days, and God knows what they are going to do again.With Ernst Brahm around, there was nothing they couldn t do.Come, come A voice interrupted Rommel s train of thought.I saw a truck rushing over like crazy, and as soon as it stopped, a group of people on it jumped off.Hey, Erwin, here we come.Erwin, congratulations.Where is the bride Erwin, we have to see the bride.A smile appeared on Rommel s face Damn, Where have you been Quickly told the priest to start, Rommel s eyes fell on the box cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain in Wang Weiyi s hand What is this Huh He walked in a hurry just now and took the box directly to his hand.When Rommel asked, Wang Weiyi sent the box in front of Rommel in a strange way Erwin, this is a gift from us Ah, thank you so much.Just as Lai Li was about purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain to speak, he suddenly felt a slight numbness in his waist, and then passed out on the ground.Wang Weiyi put away the syringe, squatted down, installed the tracker on Lai Li, then stood up and said Have a good dream, Mr Sidney.One hundred and sixty seven.You have poked a hornet s nest.When you wake up in the morning, Riley finds that the Skeleton Commando has left.Riley doesn t quite understand.Does the other party really trust him so much Although the other party has mastered him It s a secret, but it s a bit strange to leave here without saying anything.I checked my body, and there was nothing unusual.Maybe the skeleton baron is really too confident in himself, thinking that he is completely in control But help him It is still necessary to find out what the Russians are doing.left.Colonel Sergey also knew very well that he had reached this point and there was no turning blitz d8 cbd gummies dog cbd gummies near me back.If he could not stand out here, with so many crimes added up, he could only be hanged to meet him.The only hope of life is on the opposite side Sergey frantically urged his soldiers to launch wave after wave of attacks.The casualties of the 27th Infantry Regiment were rapidly increasing, but no one cared about it at this time.They cbd gummies blueberry are not fighting for blitz d8 cbd gummies dog cbd gummies near me any forces now, they are just working hard for their own survival Live or die The position was actually torn open by these Russian soldiers who had no intention of fighting at all.The ability to survive in a desperate situation is astonishing.Those Russian soldiers let out a lunatic Ulla sound, and then rushed towards this gap in groups Major, those Russians really opened up the position Rush Get out, get out Major, my tank is unable to move forward Guderian, give up the tank Don t worry about anything.At least they seem to prefer to maintain such calm until the end of winter.But this is just the calm before the arrival of a bigger war Taking advantage of this rare free time, Wang Weiyi reorganized his skeleton commando team.The team is still four teams, but it has been expanded to five hundred and five Ten people, each team member here is carefully selected from various German troops.With the top brass of the German army and their fullest support, the current skeleton commando team has become the trump card of the German army, and they will be sent to complete many impossible tasks one after another.Armed with heavy machine guns and mortars, this trump card unit will be satisfied blitz d8 cbd gummies dog cbd gummies near me no matter what request Ernst Brahm puts forward.The Germans own tanks were still in the factory, and Generals von Bellow and von Galwitz managed to get Ernst Brahm four tanks captured from the British.He never cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies highly edible cbd gummies imagined that his troops would fight such a shameful battle.The Skull Commandos are the most elite troops of the German armytheir weapons are excellenttheir soldiers fight bravelythey have a pretty good commanderWait, wait, etc., General Raffarin knows it all too well.He also didn t expect the 79th Infantry Brigade to win immediately, but he never expected that Gustav and his troops would be defeated so quickly and thoroughly.This is simply intolerable The spring offensive has just begun, and the war zone he is in charge of is about to become a laughing stock again The terrified Gustav received the most severe reprimand from General Raffarin, but he could not give him any punishment, because everyone cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies knew that Gustav was the most trusted subordinate of General Raffarin.Punishing him is like slapping yourself hard on the face The only thing Raffarin can do now.In the sky, the shadow wielding a sickle is still carefully checking whether there are any survivors in this battlefield.One hundred and ninety six.The rights of Hitler s diary April 17th, the second day after the enemy s attack after changing commanders Adolf.After writing this, he glanced at Guo Yunfeng, who was silently cleaning his rifle not far away.Lieutenant Colonel Ernst s comments on China came to mind, and he decided to add this paragraph to his diary China People have also shown their bravery and loyalty in the war, and this nation also has noble blood flowing in it.This has been proved a long time ago, if not for the Chinese couple in Austria who kindly provided me with food and funds, maybe I would be starved to death now Unfortunately, it is said that China lacks a real The leader of Guo Ah, he is not so suitable to be a leader, he is more suitable to be a follower of a leaderMaybe one day Germany and China can join forces God knows, I m not a leader.Did I not act decisively enough Or is your firepower far stronger than Verdun Maybe.Wang Weiyi answered the other party s question All our firepower is very well coordinated, Maxim, Madsen, mortars, tanks, and even rifles.Of course, we also have artillery and planes to attack us.Offer unconditional support.But in my opinion that s not all Our soldiers know when and what to do, and they know better what it means to be a Skeleton Commando.In this army, anyone who shows cowardice on the battlefield will be ruthlessly eliminated by us.They regard victory as their highest honor, and death as the best reward for soldiers, I think, your soldiers can t do this Crowell nodded silently, and he drank Taking the last sip of wine, he stood up Lieutenant Colonel, now I am your prisoner, and I will stay in the POW camp until the end of the war.A real soldier should be the same in solitary confinement whether guarded or unguarded.For each meal, food and drinks were brought to them on time, along with wine and cigarettes, as well as a newspaper of the day.This was a special order from General Galwitz.Just today s newspaper published the news of that day s sky battle The magical Baron Skeleton, the God of War, and the Baron Red, the dancer in the sky, once again joined forces to create an incredible miracle The article introduced the battle in detail.The second air battle, and the brilliant victories achieved by the two barons.The Germans cheered, but they would never have guessed that the two barons were now in confinement.Poor skeleton baron, poor red baron Okay, stop arguing.Wang Weiyi lay on the bed weakly If you make any more noise, you will be locked up for a few more days At first, I thought that I would get a medal for my first air combat victory this time, but who would have where to buy cbd gummies nearby thought that I cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain would be put in confinement instead.Your enemy Diego.Everything that should be done is done, and Colonel Diego has nothing to worry about.He took out a cbd gummies back pain pistol from the desk drawer and stuffed it into his mouth.The moment he pulled the trigger, the colonel Not even any hesitation.Two hundred twenty four.Enemy or friend Dear German Commander, please forward this trustee to my wife, I will express my deepest respect to you.Your enemy Diego.Wang Weiyi sighed Find someone to send Diago Take Colonel Diego s letter back, and please bury the Colonel s body properly.Although the combat effectiveness of the Italian army is ridiculous, Colonel Diego is undoubtedly worthy of respect.Udine fell into the hands of Skull Commandos.Not since the Battle of Caporetto has the Skull Commandos fought this easily.They met with little serious resistance.This operation code name has some origins, Francis.Drake is a famous pirate, in the eyes of some people, he is a nobleman in the eyes of others, he is a pirate.In 1572, Drake gathered a group of people to cross the American continent and saw the vast Pacific Ocean for the first time.At the same time, he robbed the mule team transporting gold in the South American jungle, and then shot down several Spanish galleons, and finally succeeded.returned to the UK.He thus became the queen s confidant.And rumors of an ulterior relationship between him and the queen have also been criticized in history.The British Spanish naval battle broke what is the shelf life of cbd gummies out, and Drake s pirate fleet played an important role in the war in which Britain defeated the Spanish Armada.And Drake was also named Lord of England, reaching the highest peak in the history of pirates.I don t have this right either.The enemy s counter offensive will start soon, and I must obey the orders of the High Command for the future of cbd gummies back pain Germany.There was silence in the headquarters, only the voice still ringing in everyone s ears We we are attacking Colonel.The 0th Infantry Division of the U.S.Army is approaching us.With a straw in his mouth, Guo Yunfeng said indifferently, We will be able to reach those Americans soon.Si Dao, I m sorry, Wang Weiyi said suddenly said such a sentence.What s the matter, Colonel Guo Yunfeng was a little surprised.Wang Weiyi nodded back I told Rommel and the others to evacuate, and only you were left behind.Hey, Colonel, how can you say such a thing.Guo Yunfeng interrupted the Colonel You have to know, my fate You saved me, and I have to be by your side no matter what.They obviously could escape safely, but they rejected such an opportunity.Beasley decided to record this scene most faithfully They are not stupid , nor are they stupid , but a group of soldiers who regard each other s friendship as more important than life and death.Even a hostile stance, but I still can t help expressing my truest admiration for their behavior like this Having achieved great success, the third attack of the French army was repulsed again.The commando maintained a very tenacious position.Each of them showed the firmest determination.No matter how difficult it was, they fought Waiting silently.They won t leave this position until everything they ve been waiting for appears.As an enemy, I think the Skeleton Baron must be defeated, but as a neutral, I have no doubts that it s a praise worthy A great act of praise The gunfire continued, and Beasley closed his notebook and looked at the battlefield in front of him.The Maxim heavy machine gun and zb26 light machine gun have been erected, and the submachine gunners are all in place.The brothers of the 18th Division suddenly increased their firepower, and they all became HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain eager to try.They wished that the Japanese army would start attacking now, so as to test the power of these weapons.At this time, battles had already begun on the adjacent positions, and that was when other units of the 18th Division and the Japanese army had engaged in fire.Wang Weiyi sat down by the trench and poked Ouyang Yu beside him Do you have any cigarettes Yes, Captain.Ouyang Yu quickly took out a half pack of cigarettes.He took the cigarette and lit it How many brothers are here There used to be a regiment, but now there are only so few left.Ouyang Yu sighed The commander gave the order, and the soldiers finished beating, and the officers went up.You are Wang Weiyi Niu Zhenliang s eyes widened The one who killed the little devil at Sanhu Bridge Wang Weiyi Seeing that the major nodded, Niu Zhenliang stood at attention again Major, brothers have all heard of your reputation, and we are willing to fight side by side with you Okay.Wang Weiyi turned to the supplies not far away Warehouse pointed Over there, material warehouse, you need to supply some supplies.Gasoline, ammunition, take whatever you see, you are welcome Yes There are 11 tanks, all types.British, Italian, and Chinese imitation armored vehicles At least for now, it is enough.It would be great if there were German Type I tanks, but now these tanks are all in Nanjing Hey.What are you doing, looting Hey, put it down, put it down, it wasn t you who moved itMortars.My mortarswhat do you need so many machine gunsthat truck will come in handy.The other was shocked, but before he could react, a black gun was aimed at his head If I were you, I would not act rashly.Wang Weiyi smiled and handed him over.weapon, and searched his pockets.A document was found.From the Lixing Society Wang Weiyi looked at the ID, then handed it back to the spy, put away the gun Tell me, what are you looking for The spy respectfully said Major, we found you Arrived in Nanjing.After reporting to Director Dai.Director Dai asked us to invite you over Please, please be fair and aboveboard, I almost shot just now.Wang Weiyi pointed to the unconscious man on the ground Help him up, I ll go with you to see Director Dai cbd gummies back pain Wang Weiyi didn t expect Dai Li to find him.Now most government agencies, factories and mines have withdrawn from Nanjing.And the spy organizations like Lixingshe also began to actively deploy latent spies in Nanjing to cbd gummies back pain prevent the Japanese from continuing to 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep blitz d8 cbd gummies spy on the Japanese after the fall of Nanjing and prepare for future counterattacks.These two people will rebel sooner or later, especially Meng Konghua.Xiao Zhichu smiled lightly Why did I put them in Changshu I dare not put them on the front line.The impact of defection on the front line is too great.However, they It is certain that they have contacts with R himself, cbd gummies review cannavative but it is impossible for me to say that they will defect to the enemy now.Speaking of this, he glanced at Wang Weiyi, but found that the young lieutenant colonel had no expression on his face However, if you kill them, purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain let s kill them.Keeping two people who will rebel sooner or later will be a disaster.I heard that Commander Wang is highly regarded by Commander Xue.It would be good if he could temporarily help me control the regiment.Wang Weiyi said it as if nothing had happened, but he actually admired it in his heart.Yannick turned back and said to his companions.His companions stood up one after another.At this moment, R himself had to stand up 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep blitz d8 cbd gummies too.The power balance is too great.Yannick raised his hand straight up Cut for Ernst The scuffle broke out, two of the Japanese were seriously injured, one was slightly injured, and suffered heavy losses.The melee was not over until the captain of the Prince of Bavaria , John Laws, forcibly ordered the sailors to separate them.Captain John Laws was very angry that such a thing happened on his ship.But when he heard what had happened, the captain picked up his pipe Why would anyone insult the baron I cbd gummies back pain ve seen the baron once, in Berlin, and I can t forget the baron.Hell, I have to go to the country Find a how much is eagle hemp cbd gummies safe place for you to disembark, Shanghai is within the control of the Japanese, good luck to you guys.Yoshiro Miyamoto has no room for resistance.When he was taken away, Kobayakawa Koi said with a cold face Shanghai is completely sealed off, and no one is allowed to be released without the order of the Gendarmerie Command Hay Hiroshi Yamaguchi became a little worried about Wang Weiyi.How would he leave Shanghai for the night Three trucks drove slowly, and the searchlights at the city gate turned on.Stop Following the call of the Japanese military lieutenant, the heavy machine gun was set up in an instant.Mr.Wei, we have a pass.The individual quickly jumped off the truck, took a pass and handed it to the lieutenant.The lieutenant only glanced at the pass No, no one is allowed to pass except the pass of the Gendarmerie Command Yeah Another cold voice sounded Can t I even be responsible for it myself no Wei Cai said this, turned on the light, saw the man s face clearly, and quickly stood at attention Mr.To train a qualified sniper, two hours is absolutely not enough, but these two hours can allow many of them to survive.Looking at the time, Guo Yunfeng turned to Zhang Lingfu and said The regiment Seat, that s probably it.Now, it s time for us to go to the battlefield. Battalion Commander Guo, kill a few more devils and help those brothers who died A cruel smile appeared on the corner of Guo Yunfeng s mouth.The bullets whizzed by, sometimes the bullets jumped around, but it didn t affect Guo Yunfeng at all.He lay quietly on the ground, patiently catching every possible target.I heard from those brothers that there was a very powerful sniper among the Japanese who had killed more than ten brothers, including three officers and seven snipers.Guo Yunfeng likes this kind of challenge, the stronger the opponent, the more courage he can arouse, the muzzle of the gun jumps lightly like an elf There are still a few gaps with those Japanese snipers, but it will be made up soon He saw that Zhang Sandao was moving tens of meters away from him, so he made a six gesture.The 91 type grenade it uses is only 0.45 kg, and the eight rounds in an ammunition bag are only 3.6 catties.Including the grenade, the entire combat system is less than 7 kg, benefits of cbd gummies 500 mg which is much lighter than a light machine gun.Due to its light weight, the grenadier team will not be able to fight with the front line infantry in time due to the heavy load like the mortar team or the heavy machine gun team.In actual combat, the grenadier team can even charge with the infantry.So this is what Wang Weiyi attaches great importance to The three grenades in the hands of William, Yannick and another German fired at the same time, and the Type 91 grenades fell towards the Japanese machine gun position one after another, continuously Amidst the loud explosion, the front of the Japanese army s position was in a mess.When Wang Weiyi set foot cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies on the military base, he took one last look here This is, his country This is, his nation Leaving today is for a more glorious return in the future The door of Ziguang military base closed slowly.The third time travel is about to begin Xiao Ling told them Wanderer, the Yevgeni Gem cbd gummies back pain has fully recovered its radiation.Now, you can set the time and place of travel by yourself, but I cannot It is guaranteed to be successful.Because the fusion performance of the two Y elements is not particularly stable.The two Y elements are placed in a special device, and the strange lights flashing with each other seem to be mated.Together, but it always seems to be a little bit worse.What will happen if you fail Wang Weiyi looked at the Y element and asked.I don t know, maybe the base will explode, maybe the base will travel to any time and space.On August 27th, when the situation in Danzig cbd gummies back pain was gradually getting out of control, the German battleship Schleswig Holstein sailed into the port of Danzig and moored in the harbor in the name of a courtesy visit.On August 31st, when night fell over Europe, Hitler looked at his former comrades in arms Rommel, Manstein, Guderian, Model, Richthofen and then slowly said In the name of Ernst Alexson von Brahm, let us begin In the name of Ernst Alexson von Brahm In the name of Bram, let s get started All the people said in the most solemn tone.Let s get started The 150,000 German troops continued cbd gummies back pain to reach the starting area on the Polish border.At dawn on September 1, the German army invaded Poland.In the sky, the German fleet roared A few minutes later, the Polish military and civilians suffered the largest air attack in cbd gummies back pain human history.General, the Soviets are preparing to attack.The sudden arrival of information made Ludwig calm down.Now is not the time to think about how to break out, but how to repel the enemy s attack All troops, position, position, ready to fight what is the best cbd gummy for pain relief The Soviet artillery fired, and the shells fell around the position, which seemed to be testing the willpower and endurance of the German soldiers.However, these boys of the Skeleton Division have long been accustomed to this fighting style.When the preparations for the artillery fire were over, the Soviet army, which was so dark and invisible at can i eat cbd gummies while drinking a glance, rushed towards the German position shouting Ulla.This was the most tragic battle.Those Soviet troops used the tactics of crowds, layer by layer, layer upon layer, like a tide, rushing towards the position wave after wave.But all this is not a problem at all in the eyes of the German soldiers who are preparing to fight.Only with the Skeleton Baron, all difficulties will be overcome The main force of the German army will be the 11 Tiger tanks of the Pailan battle group And it 3000 mg cbd gummy was General Ernst Alexson von Brahm who commanded them to fight Tiger tanks are waiting quietly The figure of T34 gradually appears The location of the decisive battle chosen by Wang Weiyi is extremely beneficial to the German army whose tank numbers are seriously at a disadvantage.The terrain here is narrow, and it is completely impossible for the huge number of Soviet tanks to be deployed.Take all the favorable sides to your side as much as possible The Soviet army cbd gummies back pain apparently also found the German tanks lying in front of mayim bialik eagle hemp cbd gummies them, and several T34s rushed over first Demyansk tank battle broke out On the battlefield, the German tanks occupied an excellent position on the battlefield crazily and arrogantly, and calmly smashed shells at the Soviet tanks.Now, it must be the turn of the ace unit of the Soviet army the 3rd Panzer Army under the command of Magfriedlov.No matter what, the enemy must be blocked The 3rd Armored Engineer Battalion of the German Skeleton Division.When Colonel Chris of the Captain armored engineer battalion called out the word captain , he always felt a little awkward.The countryman standing in front of him Guo Yunfeng, his legendary story is also well known in Germany.If he hadn t been killed at Montfaucon, he d cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies be at least a major general now.But the problem is, he has not been officially appointed yet, but it is not appropriate for a school to report the battle situation to a captain, so Major Chris said to himself and changed his title The colonel supports the Russian armored battalion.Let s get closer Hearing the name Colonel , Guo Yunfeng was stunned before he realized that he was calling himself Kill them Let the soldiers lie in ambush, gather Molotov cocktails and cluster grenades for me, let the boys Get on with it.Prince Bierstoka The sun shone into the room.When Wang Weiyi woke up, he found that Ronanova had left and left him a note Mr.Baron, I am looking forward to your arrival.Wang Weiyi smiled, got up, got dressed, and opened the door When he saw the baron, he found that Riley was waiting there in person.He smiled ambiguously Aha, my dear friend, how was your day yesterday Not bad.Wang Weiyi smiled.That s good.Riley still had that nasty smile After breakfast, I want to take you to meet some friends.The friends Riley mentioned were all that he planned to take to Russia.It doesn t look like any of these people are very good people.The white haired one is called Yepergen, and he is proficient in Russian and customs from all over Russia.The bearded one, named Smith, is proficient in radio magic.That frivolous looking guy, named Cromanson, is proficient in all guns.But what Dimilenko couldn t figure out was that the skeleton baron could completely kill Timoshenko on the battlefield, but Why spend so much effort Killing or capturing Timoshenko is a one and done effort, but doing so now seems a bit superfluous.Is there any next move for Baron Skeleton Timilenko thought for a long time , I still haven t been able to figure it out.Or what the skull baron is thinking mail cbd gummies in his heart, no one can guess To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to cbd gummies back pain the starting point .to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets, you Your support is my biggest motivation.For mobile phone users, please go to m to read.Four hundred and sixty three.The battle to return to Kharkov, New York, is over.As Zhukov judged, the German army also needs time to rest and adjust.Moyol, that gold mine in Africa, also has a cbd gummies back pain share.God, this is really a man with a huge wealth in his hands schmooze for a while , Miss Ruiman gradually changed the topic to this Mr.Moyol, I have made some money, but making a movie is really .

can kids use cbd gummies?

not an easy task.And we will grow old eventually, we have to think about the future, I really want to make some investments with my money Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Do you want to buy the shares of Joe Cole through me Yes, you are very clever.You are also very smart, Miss Reman.Wang Weiyi was still smiling lightly Everyone knows that this will make a lot of money.But private transactions will be investigated, why should I take this risk For a while, Miss Ruiman didn t know how to answer, yes, why did the other party take such a risk Look, you don t need anything.Yes, you are right, Heinz William Guderian.Wang Weiyi smiled on his face But there is one thing you may not have thought that the Russians at this time are more eager to hope that Britain, France and the United States can Joining the war, Russia has been under too much pressure from the outbreak of the war to the present.Their losses far exceed ours.The newly formed legion was put on the battlefield without forming a combat force.They are afraid that we will launch a new offensive.Therefore, we must let Britain, France, and especially the United States will not participate in the war in a short period of time.The German army is responsible for holding on.Order the free Russian army to HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain continuously launch harassing attacks on the Soviet army, and delay the Soviet army to the greatest extent.Those German soldiers who shouted strongly, those tanks that patrolled the entire city mightily.Those battle flags flying everywhere everything is proclaiming The invincible German army back From now on, they will forget all the shadows of failure, and they will be in Ernst.Under the command of General Bram, climb to a new peak of glory this.It is exactly what Wang Weiyi wants to see confidence German troops were everywhere in Istanbul.Surrendered Turkish troops can be seen everywhere, and immigrants from various countries can be seen everywhere.Istanbul is a very special city.The first quarter of the 20th century was a period of chaos that marked the death of the Ottoman Empire and the birth of the Turkish Republic, and in 1908 the city was captured by the Young Turks, who deposed the hated tyrant Abdul Hami De II.When he was imprisoned by those rebels, in order to escape, blitz d8 cbd gummies dog cbd gummies near me he admitted the fact that the treasure existed in front of the leader of is it bad to take cbd gummies every day the Rafke Army, but he still did not tell the specific burial location of the treasure to Rafke.Now, how could such a secret be shared with the Germans Wang Weiyi s complexion gradually became gloomy Prince Karami, I am very reluctant to say the following.But, can I save you Then let the Abdul family regain its former glory, but your attitude is really serious.I m very disappointed.Do you know It is said that Hamid II s brother has relatives alive, ah.That is your brother.I think we can find him and raise a new sultan Prince Karami s complexion suddenly changed Wang Weiyi watched the change of his facial expression lightly As for you I think I can return you to Inonu Kara Prince Mi s complexion completely changed, turning pale.And other things, no matter how hard he tried before, still happened.For example, Adolf Hitler ordered the attack on Russia.Still implemented the Barbarossa plan.For example, Adolf Hitler still stupidly chose Italy as Germany s ally.Stupid, this can only be described as stupid, there is nothing that can drag Germany down more than choosing Italy as an ally.However, such a thing still happened after all.Wang Weiyi now has no energy to continue entangled in this matter, and must quickly reverse the situation on the battlefield.In the early stage, he ordered Erwin Rommel to strive for a big victory, and Rommel did it heartily.After the second time, he ordered the German army to defend on the spot.Rommel did well too.But various emergencies forced him to attack.Moreover, his opponent is Montgomery, his lifelong enemy.Fighter is not just a person, but an organization Lieutenant Colonel Minard, Colonel Innschick, and Major General Hoperick are all fighters.With where can i buy royal blend cbd gummies the British completely kept in the dark, the fighters can be fully utilized.A piece of false information that confuses the enemy will be sent to the British through Enigma and fighters With the efforts of Marshal Ste Brahm alone, he was gradually reversed The first false information has been sent out by Colonel Inschick The Germans already know that the Kraken is dead.Now it s a mess Field Marshal Ernst Brahm reprimanded all senior German officers including Erwin Rommel Supplies are still out of reach and the Germans are in a very bad situation Passive And when this false information was sent out, the supplies that had already arrived finally began to replenish the African Legion.Under the careful care of the beautiful Mrs.Goebbels, Rommel gradually changed his incompatible personality when he just returned from Africa, and he no longer lost his temper so much.During the day, he was busy sorting out various materials to be reported to Hitler.In the evening, at the request of the Goebbels family, he recounted his combat experience in Africa.In particular, he mentioned how the cbd gummies back pain Italian noble officers, who were usually handsome, were cowardly when it came to war.They were so flustered that they couldn t even tell where to run These vivid descriptions always made the Goebbels family laugh out loud.Again the Goebbels would burst into screams of admiration and terror as he told how he cbd gummies back pain had escaped death and capture.The expressive Field Marshal always provided a good evening for the Goebbels family.When the time comes Regret.But.No matter how hard and soft Major Vatter tried, Gilbert kept his mouth shut.He has a bitter hatred for the Germans.How could he give in to these people Seeing that none of these tricks could achieve his goal, Major Vatel had no choice but to resort to his last killer.Major Watter said to Gilbert Our patience has a limit.You can keep silent, but you must be responsible to another woman.She is your girlfriend, Miss Joyner, that young and beautiful Egyptian.Girl said Major Watter, pressing the bell button on the desk.A side door was HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain opened.Gilbert turned his head, he was stunned by the scene in front of him his beloved girlfriend Joyner had been stripped down to her underwear, and was being held tightly by several tall German agents with.Gilbert, my dear Please help me The emotionally vulnerable girl pleaded with cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies tears in her eyes, in fear and pain.Seeing Yoshimura Hidezou hesitantly stopping, Mo Guangzhi knew he had succeeded more than cbd gummies back pain half, so he followed up with a smile and said, By the way, I forgot one more thing, about yesterday s case, I have some ideas.Clue.Yoshimura Hidezou s eyes lit up immediately, and he hurriedly asked, What clue Mo Guangzhi blitz d8 cbd gummies dog cbd gummies near me first twitched himself, and then said in a low voice, I suddenly thought, would the murderer be proficient in Japanese Yoshimura was taken aback for a moment, then understood in an instant, and nodded again and again.Seeing this, Mo Guangzhi knew that Yoshimura s thoughts were no longer on the office cbd gummies back pain side, so he clasped his fists together and said, Then I won t disturb Captain Yoshimura s official duties, and I have to take care of the office affairs as soon as possible.Now all he can think about is this clue.Hou Dalei quickly took out the documents inside, and then took out his camera.Excitedly pressing the shutterHolding his breath, Hou Dalei took out a document from his pocket, and quickly replaced the original document in the safeThis document was handed over by General Wang.For Big Brother Moah, Hou Dalei is a little confused now, whether he should call Big Brother Mo Mo Guangzhi or Yuan Wang Things were done so beautifully that when they left the Soviet Russian office, the Russians didn t even notice what happened to them.The whole plan is like this.The Japanese Kwantung Army needs someone to put a fake document in a secret safe in the Soviet Russia office.Hiroshi Yamaguchi purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain took a fancy to the temporarily dismissed Mo Guangzhi Yuan Wang.But at this moment, a person who no one could have expected appeared in Harbin Wang Weiyi Wang Weiyi also needs to put a fake document in the safe of the Soviet Russia office Therefore, Wang Weiyi and Yuan Wang will plan A fake document was replaced, which belonged to Wang Weiyi, but the Japanese thought that what was replaced was the fake document they provided to Mo Guangzhi.Shimizu moved a stool and sat down We know that your father handed over a very important piece of information before he died.Have you brought it Yes.Wang Weiyi pointed I shook my head The information is here, there is no safer place than putting the information in the head.Qing Shuidong was very surprised It is said that the information is very huge, can you remember it My childhood memory It is very outstanding Wang Weiyi made up a good excuse for himself Master Shimizu, when can I see the senior officials The intelligence must be reported to them immediately, otherwise there will be danger anytime, anywhere Qing Shui moved silently Is your body able to take it For the sake of the Japanese Empire, even if I die, there is no problem Okay, if this is the case, I will report immediately.Qing Shui He stood up again I think if everything goes well, the senior officials will be able to listen to your report tomorrow.At the same time, Wang Weiyi s comments on these countries also made the originally awkward atmosphere active now Woke up, there were more arguments about European countries, and exchanges between German generals and British generals began.This is a good start, Wang Weiyi thought in his heart.It was probably Richthofen cbd gummies back pain who brought the topic to the fore.When it came to the neutral country cbd gummies back pain of Switzerland, for some unknown reason, the generals of Britain and Germany began to argue about Switzerland.Wang Weiyi waited for them to pause and said About the fact that this country is actually very strange.Even the Germans find the Swiss extremely rigid and rigid.The Swiss have nothing to do with the words friendly and welcoming, they are, quite frankly, rude.It should be noted that there is a big cultural difference between German speaking Swiss and German speaking Swiss.At the same time, there is also a giant warship Richelieu that the French Navy is proud of, and it is currently berthed in Dakar After receiving information about changes in the enemy s situation, de Gaulle discussed with Admiral Cunningham they decided to continue to implement the Dakar plan code named Deterrence.But when they arrived at their destination two days later, another unlucky thing happened a thick fog To achieve the dramatic deterrent effect Churchill envisioned, there must be excellent visibility, so that the opponent may be intimidated by the powerful formation of the British and French fleets.However, the weather is not beautiful, and the rare thick fog in this area makes it impossible for people to see anything.The envoy sent by de Gaulle was shelled, and two people were seriously injured after the British gunboat and the coastal battery exchanged fire for a while, a British battleship and two destroyers were severely damaged.Whoever wins will completely change the cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain trend of the battlefield.Under the guidance of false information, can i pass a drug test taking cbd gummies Linde Lieutenant General Rove made a wrong judgment.He firmly believed that the entire German army in Erklin was falling into a kind of chaos, and this was a great opportunity for the Third Army.They needed a beautiful victory and needed Capture Elklin to lay the best foundation for the entire decisive battle The shells roared, every cannon screamed, and the sound of rumbling explosions drowned the battlefield.Everything, the deafening sound, as if Thor is swinging a sledgehammer to hit the ground.Terrible battlefield, terrible death Tasotsky used all the cannons he could use to bombard the German position without interruption, but on the Erklin side, there were very few counterattacks, which once gave Tasotsky the illusion Is it true that, as Major Waderos said, the German army had a cbd gummies back pain cbd gummies back pain big problem in Erklin If this is the case, then the victory may not be in vain Just as the war is in full swing, a person is watching all this with cold eyes the Skeleton Baron Although he himself is also facing great danger, this is just a routine for Wang Weiyi.This would have been a good thing, but with Marovsky arriving at the same time, there was an order direct from Moscow.In the order, due to Tasotsky s cowardice on the battlefield, which caused huge losses to the 190th Infantry Division, he was dismissed on the spot, and the position of front line commander will be taken over by Lieutenant General Marovsky.It was like a bolt from the blue.However, at this time, Tasotsky did not care about personal honor, but carefully reported everything that happened on the battlefield cbd gummies back pain to Maluvsky, and finally said Comrade commander, I think the German army s preparations There have been some changes from the information we had before, they are very well prepared, well organized, and their weapons are powerful, so I think That s my business, Comrade Tasotsky.Let them obey completely and unconditionally, and be unconditionally willing to sacrifice for their beliefs.From this point of view, the Russians are very experienced and capable in their political HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain work General Paul Hauser nodded Marshal, I heard that you have been using The Russian way to deal with the Russians Wang Weiyi laughed.He suddenly thought of Biryanlowski and his speech for the Soviet prisoners Comrades I know you are all very sad now, defeated and captured, proud and Dignity is lost.But I m more worried about our familymany of you know better than I do what is going to happen to our family when we are captives.Political censorship, unfair treatment, contempt, white eyes, isolation.Our wives will be forced to starve and do hard work to feed our children and our children will be forced to follow their mothers to work that they are not capable ofWhy Because they have a husband who is a prisoner, and they have a father who is a prisoner Dealing with Russia in the Soviet way.Now Ludwig feels that the magic of the baron is not only reflected in his invincibility on the battlefield, but that he knows when and what method is the most suitable With his collaborators As more and more appear, the battle becomes easier and easier.Before, batches of Soviet troops were wiped out in the north, but now batches of Russians walked purekana cbd gummies cost out of the trenches and surrendered with their hands raised.The speed of surrender was surprising even to the Germans.For this, Birjanlowski and his Brigade of Collaborators received a special award from Field Marshal Ernst cbd gummies back pain Brahm.And this is bad news for Lindelof.If he still has a tenacious cbd gummies back pain will to resist, even if he is defeated, Lindelof is confident to fight to the last moment and continue to kill the Germans.But once the will to resist completely disappears, everyone knows what the outcome will be The air strikes come again and again, and the shells fly in layers, which makes Lindelof s already gloomy mood even worse.The National Day will not stop updating, but I want to work harder to conceive ideas and consider the plot carefully.The process, because the most important part of this volume is coming.When the time comes, the brothers will see a crazy spider again.The spider wants to work hard to write this book well, and this is inseparable from Brothers support.During the double monthly ticket period, the results cbd gummies back pain of this book will be determined this month, so the spider implores cbd gummies back pain brothers, let s burn our passion and madness.Thank you, and sincerely thank all brothers Six hundred and sixty three Moscow University, never betray your faith Lindelof set up a strategy, he told his daughter and his wife and sister in a very special way, no matter what kind of unfair treatment they encountered, never betray their faith And the motherland Although he suffered a defeat on the battlefield, Lindelof succeeded on this front.About before the battle broke out, even if the Germans occupied it, they did not expect that the Central Assault Group would be able to hold on until now when it was completely at a huge disadvantage in numbers and was surrounded on all sides.This is simply an incredible miracle Actually, think about it again.This is nothing unusual, where there is a skeleton baron.A miracle must happen It seems that when the skeleton baron appeared, he came for a miracle Germany s large scale counterattack has begun The exhausted Soviet army on the Terek River, although they still have an advantage in numbers, they can no longer cope with the powerful German assault On March 24, the cbd gummies back pain 1st Soviet Tank Army became the main target of the German attack.Immediately, Model ordered a fierce attack on the 5th Soviet shark tank smilz cbd gummies Assault Army.They were less fanatical than the SS soldiers, but more rational in war.Their officers knew how to organize an attack as well as how to organize a defense.They calmly organized the defense on the position, and calmly resisted the wave after wave of attacks from the enemy.Even, in the fiercest moment of the battle, they were able to deal with cbd gummies back pain the wounded with astonishing calmness As long as there was a chance, they would never let those things die.But now the Russians can t take care of these anymore.They desperately need to recapture the port and re open the lifeline of Stalingrad.Casualties are simply not within the scope of their consideration.They drove the soldiers to attack again and again, using human lives to try to open the way of life.But the land of death turned their countless efforts into a waste of water.Said something but could not understand.That cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies s the envoy sent by Caesar.Wang Weiyi told Guo Yunfeng exactly what Gaius had said to him.Guo Yunfeng sneered If that s the case, then arrest Caesar s envoy, and then use this opportunity to eradicate Dadalut En Wang Weiyi said one word.Suddenly thought of something Wait, maybe HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain I have a better plan.Sidao, why can t we take advantage of this opportunity Guo Yunfeng didn t quite understand the meaning of Walker s words. Wang Weiyi did not take any action against the Caesar s envoy, probably when it arrived in the early morning.Caesar s messenger, Sulpiki, left here quietly.Sulpiki is still very satisfied with the results of his mission to the barbarian camp this time.Under their own oppression and temptation.Dadalit agreed to cooperate with the Romans, and when the decisive battle broke out, the Frankish tribe would deal a fatal blow to the barbarians.Many people came to his place, offered a glass of wine to Spurius , said a few words, and then invited him to be a guest at a convenient time.The gates of Spurius will always be open.Wang Weiyi smiled and agreed to cbd gummies back pain them one by one.He knew very well that there were several types of people who were most popular in Rome powerful officials, generals who had won battles, or rich people like himself. Among them, the poet Krasicius seemed to be particularly interested in Wang Weiyi, and he kept saying some irrelevant words beside Wang Weiyi, and kept asking Wang Weiyi if he had heard this poem or that poem.Poetry is too difficult for Wang Weiyi to understand, especially the poetry of ancient Rome, what is in it is simply a bible for Wang Weiyi.But despite seeing that Spulius didn t understand poetry at all, Krasicius showed no displeasure.Not long after Pompey s triumphant return, Manilius was assassinated by his enemies, leaving behind a son, Cuarius, who was adopted by Pompey.What Pompey is going to introduce to the Senate and all the Romans today is Cuarius who has grown up.Wang Weiyi vaguely guessed the purpose of Pompey s invitation, but he was not very sure.After thinking about it for a while, I am very happy to accept your invitation, my lord the sole consul.Pompeo smiled with satisfaction.Of course, Wang Weiyi and Richthofen were also full of curiosity about the Senate. The Roman Senate at the foot of the Palatine, like a king, despises the crowds that flock to it, no matter how excited they are, It never twitched the corner of its mouth.Since yesterday afternoon, the citizens of the smilz cbd gummie Roman Republic have known that Pompey, the sole consul, is coming to the Senate today.The sole cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies consul, please don t worry, all the expenses of your adopted son will be borne by me, not healthy cbd gummies only that, but also all the bonuses in the Sea God Festival will be borne by me Take charge Pompey smiled, very happily.He was now convinced that he had read the right person.What he wanted to win over Spulius was his huge financial resources, although Pompey didn t know how huge the financial resources of Spulius were.But he just had the feeling that this person had wealth no less than that of Crassus.After Crassus death, the alliance between Pompey and Caesar was completely broken, and he needed to find a new rich man to form an alliance with himself and serve as his inexhaustible and inexhaustible treasury.And Spurius filled the huge hole left by Crassus when Pompey needed help most. Pompey s face was full of smiles cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain Then, how do you want me to repay you I don t need to repay your contribution to you.Some comrades grabbed the Parthian spears and screamed.They were dragged off their horses and stabbed to death with daggers others ran under the Parthian horses and stabbed them in the belly.The catapults were no support for them, they were dwindling in number, and there was only the ninth battalion left behind them, and if the cavalry were to charge into the cbd gummies back pain clearing where the catapults were placed, we would be doomed At the moment when my palms were covered with sweat, a shrill ox horn sounded from far to near, and every time it stopped, there was another new ox horn sound, which became more and more clear.We veterans all know that this is the Parthian s urgent military message, and something must have happened, otherwise the trumpet sound would not be so urgent That day, when telling this story, Hells He took a breath and drank the wine in the glass.He told me carefully about the crisis that happened in cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain Rome, and asked me to tell you again and again, never go back, there are huge traps there Waiting for you Caesar fell silent again He had to make hillside hemp cbd gummies a choice, obey the order of the Senate and return to Rome, then he would lose everything he had from now on or refuse to obey The order of the Senate, then, he will have to face a direct war with Rome What choice should we make He looked at his subordinates and found that everyone was looking at him with extremely nervous eyes.He knew very well that he was their backbone right now, and everything he did would have the most direct impact on them.Caesar was silent, silent.After a long time, he slowly opened his mouth and said My aunt Julia s family is the descendants of emperors from the maternal line, and the descendants of immortal gods from the paternal line.Thankfully, Leonie managed to do just that You can leave tomorrow.Wang Weiyi put away his smile That Chrysler has been specially modified, and there is a HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain place for a person to hide under the back seat, and cbd gummies back pain Davyn will personally send you out, no one will come to check carefully.Once you leave Dessau, with a special pass signed by Daveyne and Jonsson, you can pass through the American interrogation.Just in cbd gummies back pain case, I have Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen prepare to meet you outside the city.What about you cbd gummies back pain Leoni was a little worried.I will stay here for a while until you are safe.Wang Weiyi kissed the baroness lightly Don t worry, I have experienced more dangerous things than this.This is just one of my countless cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies adventures.It s just a small episode.I will come to join you soon.Leoni nodded trustingly.They can also defend the city with their lives like soldiers In the name of the baron all Germany mobilize For Allied soldiers, this cbd gummies fredericksburg va is not very good news.All of them have never seen a real skeleton commando.But they have heard the legendary story of this German army since they were young, and it has already been deeply imprinted in their minds.When Major Moyol and his team continued the myth of the Skeleton Commando with miracles again and again, that kind of fear naturally emerged in the bottom of my heart A mysterious German commando is quietly changing everything.These changes were clearly seen by the Allied commanders on the front line, and they were immediately heard by the Allied Commander in Chief Westmoreland.Westmoreland plus cbd unwind gummies is also very clear that there is only one way to solve this problem completely eliminate the Skeleton Commando.Many of their commanders, They grew up in the war, and their combat experience is rich.To put it bluntly, it is not comparable to those of us who only received training in military academies.Lieutenant Colonel Kars did not hide this at all blitz d8 cbd gummies If Under the same conditions, we are not the opponents of the German cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies army at all, and we will be easily killed by them on the battlefield.In the Second World War, the United States stood by for too long There is another very important s reason Lieutenant Colonel Kars looked at the opposite position We have had an absolute advantage since the beginning of the battle.Our officers and soldiers take it for granted that victory must belong to us, so we dare not go too far during the battle brave.And what about the Germans They are basically in a desperate battle, and all their potential has exploded.It will be a great honor in my life if I can fight with the legend Wang Weiyi was silent for a while But have you considered such consequences You will become Traitor, when Germany fails, you still talk about going to a military court to be tried I thought about it.Major Mario said calmly But what is more important than being able to realize your dream Wang Weiyi smiled lightly up.What is more important than being able to realize your dreams It is really a strange thing for cbd gummies back pain an American to join the Skeleton Commando In the dark night, the Skeleton Commando who had persisted here for four days began to retreat.Weapons and ammunition that could not be carried were collected.Bombs were planted at several key locations.When the Americans set foot on this position, the explosive explosion will set off a huge wave of air, and the HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain firelighters cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies carefully piled up by Sergeant Max will submerge Brest in the sea of flames Perhaps, that would be a magnificent sight Wang Weiyi lit a cigarette, took a few deep breaths, and kept his eyes on the other side.They didn t know what the Germans thought All get out of here Wang Weiyi s voice sounded loudly Left wing, we continue to attack Assault on the left wing The soldiers of the Nordland Battle Regiment had been completely mobilized, they didn t care about their destination at all, and they didn t even think about why the lieutenant colonel did this.They have defeated the enemy once, and they will definitely be able to defeat more enemies again Tell General Olitz that the First Canadian Ranger Regiment has been defeated by us Wang Weiyi especially emphasized the word destroyed , although they did not really do it.However, he knew that General Olitz would understand what he meant General, General Westmoreland personally ordered the 3rd Brigade of the Marine Corps to pursue the enemy When this order was placed in the hands of Brigadier General Budger, he felt that the order was a bit inconceivable.German soldiers never shed tears.Wang Weiyi was also trying his best to control his emotions Raise your head, Colonel Fels Colonel Fels the one who was successfully rescued by Wang Weiyi in Egypt.Then he followed Baron Ernst Brahm to fight.The baron s most trusted intelligence officer Colonel Fels Wang Weiyi never dreamed that he would be here Meet Colonel Fels Fate always likes to play tricks on people Yes, German soldiers never shed tears Colonel Fels voice was still choking Baron , you are back, we have been waiting for your return, but we all thought you would never come back.But, I waited, I waited, I really waited for this day He almost burst into tears again.But Wang Weiyi said lightly When you have faith in your heart, miracles will always happen.Colonel Fels.I am back, and I will continue to lead you to fight Colonel Fels did not ask why the Baron came back, let alone why the Baron is .

will cbd gummies make you gain weight?

still so young and full of vitality after so many years.This is a day cbd gummies back pain that must be remembered forever in history The night is quiet, and the U.S.military cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain is not used to fighting at night.Their artillery shells continued to fly, harassing the German troops on the ground.Their flares are constantly rising into the air, and they must use this method to ensure that the enemy will not sneak attack on them.However, the soldiers of the German army are indifferent to the scenes that happen every night, and they know better what will happen soon The German army will never lab quality cbd gummy tincture ingredient forget this night, and neither will the enemy for a lifetime.This is the wrath of Germany The cannon were all in position, as had happened countless times in the past, and once Baron Alexon decided to engage in a battle, all the firepower that could be mobilized would be at his service.Punet kissed Anne Marie lightly on cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain the back of her hand Miss Anne Marie, I am also very happy to see you again.What did you bring us this time Some food and medicine.Anne What Marie brings is what Berlin lacks the most right now.Like a magical magician, she can always bring these necessities to everyone.Thank you very much.Puneat said sincerely Many of our soldiers and civilians were injured in the bombing just now.I think your cbd gummies for tinnitus for sale medicine will help them.This is what I should do After Anne Marie finished speaking, she asked her housekeeper, Mr.Ghent, to distribute the food and medicine to everyone.Pnut had great respect for Miss Anne Marie.While distributing food and medicine.He took Miss Anne Marie to visit the place after cbd gummies back pain the bombing, and told the other party confidently that when the enemy s next attack came, he would give the enemy the most powerful counterattack Ah, General, I admire your bravery.We won t be having the dinner.That s really embarrassing to me.Puna Te said gratefully As soon as the meeting is over, I will take your car to your place as soon as possible.I am sincerely waiting for your appearance.Miss Anne Marie said goodbye to Punet with a charming smile While Punet was staring at Miss Anne Marie s back and was very excited because of her invitation, two of the Germans who were clearing the rubble straightened up, and then Leaving here quickly Anne Marie sent an invitation to General Punet, and General Punet will attend Miss Anne Marie s dinner on time after the military meeting at 7 o clock today What kind of military meeting is today Air defense.In the recent period, the Allied bombing of Berlin has not only been more intensive than before, but also the accuracy has been greatly improved.Although in this 30 meter section without any cover, any moment of hesitation and slowness will be fatal.But for these soldiers who lived through life and death and lived with each other day and night, abandoning their wounded companions was an unacceptable choice.So did Heisenberg.Zoff Zoff Come on come on Heisenberg ran and shouted back at the big man.Zoff was like a giant, holding his machine gun and moving calmly in the hail of bullets.Whenever he fires, the blaze lights up his shouting face Nine hundred and twenty one.At the end of the final battle, cbd gummies back pain phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy with the muffled sound of Model s assault guns, the Russian attack was finally completely suppressed.When the German troops arrived at the museum wing safely, Zoff finally rushed over without any danger.He almost finished firing the last round of mg62.Where is the major now He said he d be on the top floor of the hotel. Well very well.Heisenberg touched his forehead and tried to stand up, but the ground was trembling violently.Heisenberg was forced to stumble down again.What s going on Hasen looked into the distance.He frowned Russian tanks are attacking The sky was dark, and three huge searchlights were shining in the direction of the church behind Heisenberg.Russian troops kept coming.Terrifying figures of tanks appeared in the light, some were burning, some were chargingHeisenberg knew at a glancehe couldn t hold it anymore Go you go get Zoff for me Now Heisenberg pushed the young man away.Father where s the priest I want cbd gummies email scam to find the priest cbd gummies back pain Heisenberg grabbed Hasen back again Go to Zoff leave me alone Heisenberg turned over and crawled with difficulty among the flying bullets.Looking in the direction of her finger, Wang Weiyi showed a wry smile on his face ah.He saw a car, and it was an expensive car.But, it s a motorcycle.It is a BMW military R12 motorcycle produced in Germany during World War II.This is an antique car, but its performance is quite stable.What s even more outrageous is that there is actually a shotgun inserted in the place where the front of the car was originally used to mount weapons.Before the war broke out, I specially asked cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain someone to buy it from Germany.Tatyana s tone was a vera cbd gummies little ostentatious, and she looked at Wang Weiyi Why, don t you dare to sit Ah, this is Russia.Everything is up to the owner.Wang Weiyi thought for a while What makes me curious is, who will drive this car Tatyana was even more curious Can you drive this kind of car Can I drive it Wang Weiyi almost laughed.But he didn t move, he was still shooting with his submachine gun as steadily as before.Are you injured Matt didn t know, he didn t have time to check his body.Another magazine went empty, and Matt tried to reload it, only to find he couldn t move. He found that his consciousness was blurring, and his hands didn t obey commands at all.What exactly happened here His vision became blurred. Ah, what is that heaven Is there really a heaven Matt found that countless wonderful white lights appeared in front of his eyes, and his soul was gradually leaving his body. That s great, Matt let out a cbd gummies back pain long breath. Another cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain attack by the French was repulsed.The children of the young division did not greet the victory with cheers, but checked their weapons silently, preparing for the next battle.Hey, Matt, the enemy has retreated, so there s no need to continue fighting.It s not because of how fierce the war is going on here, but because of the shocking combat effectiveness shown by the German children in the Junior Division.Avano, who is romantic and prefers being a screenwriter more than being a general, faithfully recorded everything he saw with a pen and sent it to the domestic Grand Paris.An army of children is fighting , and soon the Great Paris published such an article.It was also through this newspaper that the story of the German Army Junior Division quickly spread in the European continent and in the United States.Everyone knew what was going on in Berlin, everyone came to know that a group of German kids were fighting for their country.What did we gain in the war, what did we lose in the war Someone began to reflect on this question.Yes, someone should take responsibility for this war Wang Weiyi is also watching the performance of those children, he is even more concerned than anyone else, If possible, he is willing to withdraw all the Army Junior Divisions from the battlefield immediately.All hope has been lost Kreit cheap cbd oil gummies full spectrum saw a large number of troops in disintegration, and also saw a large number of corpses.He has no sadness and anger, the only thing he wants to do cbd gummies back pain now.Just completely yourself in the final mission on the battlefield.Maybe the Germans can help him finish The fighting on the night of the 22nd has never stopped, and gunshots and explosions sounded from every corner of the battlefield throughout the night.Fights happen every second.Some American soldiers surrendered.Some people think it is a great shame for soldiers to surrender, but many people don t think so.In their view, being alive is more important than anything else The battle reports are constantly collected in Wang Weiyi s hands, and the war situation is already very optimistic for the German side.The Italian Akmote Armored Division has never taken any action, which is the most satisfying.Moyol.Before, he cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies was full of doubts, whether Mr.Moyol could fulfill his promise, but in such a short period of time, he really did it.Well, since he can overthrow Vittorio Mussolini s rule, he can also easily overthrow himself.Once he can t complete the task he entrusted to himself, then.The ending he faces may be even more tragic than that of Vittorio.I am willing to serve you anytime, anywhere, Mr.Moyol.Now, Bertrul bet all his treasures on Mr.Moyol I am waiting for your call.Wang Weiyi is very satisfied with the other party s attitude I will give you new instructions at any time.Mr.President, purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain I hope you will sit in this position as long as possible.Italy has lost a dictator, and they need another dictator.Bertrouel s Eyes lighted up April 10, 1966, after the briefest of interrogations.More than a dozen people, including Catadona and Nadov, cbd gummies back pain were sentenced to death for treason by a temporary secret court.The Russians would not be so stupid stimulant cbd gummies reviews as to let the retreating Germans retreat smoothly without killing or injuring a single person Their commander must have given the order to pursue at this time Noqier saw from the direction of the woods, the leading Russian soldiers of the Russian army that had sneaked into it gradually appeared.But their 098 continued to move forward, and the crew of Nuoqier all thought it was an extremely unwise decision to do so purekana cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews cbd gummies back pain Noqier understood what they were worried about, and looked at age limit for cbd gummies the fragmented chariot wreckage around them.The Russians have great anti tank firepower Although Nocher has not found signs that the Russians have tanks participating in the battle so far.It s just the huge number of infantry who are chasing from the front.camouflage Nice camouflage Rummel slowed down the speed of 098.Like a nouveau riche, the Russian regime guards its property like a miser.Probably they think that if they have these, they have everything.They are no longer willing to spend more money to upgrade weapons and equipment.When major countries are equipped with new aircraft and new tanks, the Russian army is still using a lot of equipment left over from World War II.Such as t 34 tanks.Such a tank is simply a toy in front of the sophisticated Leopard 9 or Destroyer 3.Even in World War II, the t 34 was far from being an opponent of the Leopard or Tiger, let alone so many years have passed So on the battlefield you can see one sided tank battles.Numerous t 34s have yet to reach their range.It was destroyed by German tanks.And those Model assault guns that assisted in the battle also exerted terrible power.S.military did not react for a while, and the troops in the dense forest fell into chaos.The American tanks on the road were once again flanked by firepower from three different directions.Many tanks were destroyed by random artillery before cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies they understood what happened.The remaining tanks were still fighting with the British army.But the final fate was destroyed.Some American tanks panicked and entered the minefield of the German army while dodging the attack in a hurry, and all their tracks were blown up One thousand and seven.Chewing gum and Captain America Marshal, we have reached Bielerted.General Karoner of the Greater German Regiment said, pointing to the front.Wang Weiyi got out of the tank and looked in the direction of Bieler Ted.It was one of the German cities that was liberated with the advance of the German British Allied Forces.If there cbd gummies back pain is no war, it may not be long before Bielerted will return to its former appearance A small group of German soldiers suddenly appeared, and when they were about to enter Bielerted, they were killed Major Lampden stopped him.Hey, where are you from The leader was a captain.He saluted Major Lampden, then looked at the German soldiers around the major, and then took out his ID card I am Ni Captain Weller of the Territory Storm Division, I was ordered to return to Berlin with an important document.Ah, what kind of important document should be sent to Berlin in person Major Lampden checked the document carefully, Finding that there was no problem, he asked casually when returning the certificate to Captain Weller.Captain Weller carefully put away the documents I m sorry, Major, I have nothing to say about this, and I don t know the contents of the documents at all.The battle is over, at least our battle is over.I don t expect to be such a great figure as General Li, but at least I am too.I don t want to let my soldiers lose their lives in the war for nothing.Major Howell nodded silently.Who wants to die Brigadier General Dolby connected the phone with the Allied Command Mr.Commander, there is no hope for Hanover, and where can i get cbd gummies for anxiety we are losing fast.So, for the lives of the remaining soldiers, I will order everyone to drop their weapons and surrender.Yes, the responsibility for all this will be my own.Thank you for your understanding and best of luck to you and the Allies Then he put down the phone, turned his head slowly and said Then let this terrible thing end now One thousand and twenty two.Lieutenant Pozik was numb to massacre.According to the combat instructions, row A rushed into the waiting hall.At least, he doesn t have to worry about losing the bank that he has devoted half his life to, even though the real power of the bank has been taken by Moyer Wirtgen Stein, but at least he is still the chairman of the board of directors.Although some in my heart are not very willing.But what else can he do in the current situation Sinager trusts Mr.Wittgenstein, Lucien trusts Mr.Wittgenstein, all members of the board of directors trust Mr.Wittgenstein, and he has no way to confront Mr.Wittgenstein in any case.So be it.Preserving one s own efforts is more important than anything else At this time, Sinager and Lucien were not fully focused on the Dewey Bank.They felt a great fear of the German offensive , just like all French officials.They didn t have much confidence cbd gummies back pain in whether the French army could withstand the German offensive Sinager had a special meeting with the US ambassador to Paris.For Lucien, this was probably the best result he could imagine.in the afternoon.When the special court reopened, former French President Cathar and former French Prime Minister Sinager appeared in court together.They used to be invincible in France and now they look like two poor worms.When facing the court s charges against him, Sinager denied all the allegations Yes, I am the prime minister of the French government.But that s all.All decisions made by the country must be approved by Mr.Khatri , otherwise I can t do it even with a franc.For this reason, it should not be me who should be cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain judged, but our Mr.Cattery.His words immediately aroused boos cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies from the audience A guy who always likes to pass the responsibility to others is always disliked Mr.Carter, what do you want to say about this Facing the police officer s questioning, Carter s face Flushed I think Mr.The appearance of Duke Stephen will be of cbd gummies back pain decisive significance to Wang Weiyi in his actions throughout London.The energy of this helper HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain has surpassed that of Monlington.Everyone has weaknesses, and maybe his weaknesses cannot be seen from the outside, and it may even seem that this person has no loopholes to exploit.But, maybe he just hides his weakness to the deepest part of his heart.But now what Wang Weiyi has to do is to attack his weakness with all his strength.At this time, London is experiencing the biggest crisis since the establishment of the Fenton government.The upcoming attack of the Axis force makes the Fenton government have to face this time, perhaps the most 600mg cbd gummies powerful challenge.Fortunately for them, they have obtained all the information about the New Sea Lion Project of the Axis countries, which makes them feel a lot easier when dealing with this crisis.These two Americans are fully awarebut what can be done Who made their superiors pick them And the evacuation operation also began to appear somewhat panicked.You know, not so long ago no one in Fenton s administration had foreseen the possibility that the war would end in the defeat of the Confederates.The scene of chaos was entirely predictable.Every official wants to let his family members leave first.At this time, all manners and gentlemen have been completely thrown out of the sky.What is more important than the lives of family members Especially those planes that keep appearing over London are like reminders.Those officials kept trying to find a way to evacuate their wives and children from the UK in the first batch.The families of President cbd gummies for tinnitus from shark tank cbd gummies back pain Fenton, Prime Minister Wilkins, and Minister Capanong deserve special care.But Captain Angus said decisively No, I know I will be welcomed like a hero Especially his beloved Her Majesty will give him a heroic award One thousand ninety five.After the kidnapping, the Yinhe was kidnapped This news shocked everyone.Colonel Jed, Mill Lieutenant Colonel Si and Lieutenant Colonel Moyol were almost dumbfounded after listening to Captain Eduardo s statement.When the communication of Galaxy was shut down, there was a deathly silence, and no one knew what to do.God, Captain Eduardo turned traitor Captain Eduardo hijacked the Galaxy.In addition to a large number of British precious cultural relics on it, more importantly, there are countless senior officials of HCMUSSH cbd gummies back pain the British Fenton government on it That After a long time, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol was the first to react , and he swallowed hard Inform the British immediately.Such allegiance is meaningless It is also the best decision to make a choice for himself in advance.He will not track down the identity of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , let alone consider other things.All he can do now is to abandon any illusions, and Moyol Lieutenant Colonel Joel is cbd gummy bears where to buy near peabody ma closely linked.A bottle of champagne made La Torfort understand many things that he could not understand before.Wang Weiyi smiled and looked at La Torfort.He was the first, and soon, More British officials will find me, and they will all make exactly the same choice as La Torrefort.They will all cooperate with me, and they will provide me with any information they need.Most of the United Kingdom has been controlled in their own hands, which will be a good start.The Fenton government has not yet figured out what kind of cbd gummies back pain person Lieutenant Colonel Moyol is.No matter how hindered the reinforcements are, they can still arrive at the battlefield in the shortest possible time.He has nothing to worry about.But what he didn t know was that he was preparing for the 1000mg cbd gummies for sleep blitz d8 cbd gummies battle.The Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , who made the Fenton government and the Americans gnash their teeth, has quietly appeared in Southampton.To achieve the greatest victory with the least cost this is always the war that Wang Weiyi hopes to see.Although a strong attack can also achieve victory, it will cost him the lives of a large number of soldiers and consume a large amount of vitality of the troops.This is the result he does not want.Southampton looked solid.In fact, it is not invulnerable.Because there is still a turbulent risk factor here the 6th Division of the British Army commanded by Major General Bacchus Everyone knows that General Cacchino cbd gummies back pain gas station cbd gummies s uprising had a great impact on the war.And many of them left the position silently and joined the ranks of surrender.Like soldiers, they are actually just ordinary people without their military uniforms.Frank already knew it, and he didn t stop it either.What can stop it The morale of the army has long been slackened.If it hadn t been for the brutal revenge of the British that frightened his subordinates, maybe the 52nd Infantry Division would have been finished long ago.However, now the enemy has changed his strategy, making the soldiers who had some determination to resist completely choose to give up.Let them go, let them go, no one can stop this from happening General Frank, my troops are finished.That was Frank s strange brigadier general, with an anxious expression on his face My whole brigade is still alive, and almost all of them surrendered.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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