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Hmph, that s it Li Huifang glanced caviar cbd gummies review at Li Dexiao, a look of joy flashed in the corner of her eyes, she was very happy, but she said, Hurry up, I ordered several fried rice Yes.Mr.Li Dexiao He nodded honestly.Son, don t cut it, you go to the front and take care of it, let me do it.Li Huifang walked to Li Guohao s side and took a distressed look at her handsome son.Mom, it s okay, I m almost done cutting.Li Guohao had been a cook for seven or eight years in his previous life.How could he forget the most basic skill of chopping vegetables It s easier for his parents to quarrel, and he has already done everything that needs to be done.up.Okay, okay, you go to the front and take care of it, I ll come here.Without waiting for Li Guohao to respond, Li Huifang stepped forward and took the kitchen knife in his hand.Father Li waved his hand, Everyone, stop arguing, listen to me, today is indeed a lack of preparation, which led to the sale of the goods, but this event is for three consecutive days, that is to say, there will be a lucky draw tomorrow and the day after tomorrow That s it, that s fine.The man who yelled the loudest at the cbd gummy vs oil head took a rest when he heard that there would be activities tomorrow, and saw some wife cakes on the table, and asked again, Then do you sell these Sell it.Then put it on for me, and see if there is a catty.If there is no catty, I will count it as a catty.I will go and see.Li Dexiao quickly packed the cake, put it on the scale, and took a look The number on the electronic scale, It s just over a catty, here you are.Well, here s the money.After giving the money, the man came to Li Huifang with the lottery ticket and waited for the lottery In fact, promotional lottery, this kind of activity, in the eyes of most people, is a business that loses money, but in fact, except for a very small number of people who are actually advertising, it is basically a business that can make money without losing money.There are indeed tastings inside, but they are usually ordinary pastries.There is no way cbd gummy vs oil to try this kind of high quality secret desserts.After all, this thing is not very big, and the cost is high.If you try it, it is not Very likely.Zhao Yazhi glanced at the rest assured that Li Guohao pointed to, and seeing that there were indeed many people there holding toothpicks to try, she also nodded and said, That s fine.Put a small iron spoon in front of your eyes.Eat with a spoon, dig more at a time, preferably from top to bottom, so that you can fully eat the deliciousness of this dim sum.The honeycomb cake is very cbd gummy vs oil different, which is one of the reasons why Zhao Yazhi can t recognize it.The ordinary honeycomb cake on the outside looks like a dark red soft cake, except that there are many small holes in the cake.The main reason is that Mr.Li is so good at doing business.The store will open a premium jane cbd gummies mayim bialik branch after only a few days.Mai Qi saw the doubt in his eyes and explained.I don t know much about decoration, but to be honest, people who can decorate in Xiangjiang, or are willing to spend a lot of money to decorate shops and houses, are basically rich people.Manager Mai wants to continue to operate the decoration company Going on, there is only one way, and that is to take the hardcover route and expand the company s business to those rich people.Or cooperate with some small and medium sized developers, and let the profits be a little bit.It doesn t matter if you earn less, at least after working with them , so that your company s popularity will be improved to a certain extent.Also, Manager Mai can also try to seek cooperation from real estate agencies, and discuss with them the second hand house business they sell.Do you know any big brother or something Or someone who has something to do with it.What big brother do cbd gummy bears where to buy near peabody ma I know Zhang Dong had a bitter face.Although he was not good at studying, he had never been around outside.Where did he know such a person , thinking he might know some people.What is Dragon Tiger Master Li Guohao asked puzzledly.Zhang Dong explained, It s just to make a movie as a set, and to serve as a stand in for some people to hang Wia or something.Oh, it s this one.After listening to the explanation, Li Guohao realized that Dragon and Tiger Martial Artists are some stunt performers who specialize in dangerous work.Mixed up, he has been working as a dragon and tiger martial artist in Shaw Brothers.Well, do you have your cousin s contact information No, but we can go to him directly tomorrow.As long as there is no major business, he will not ask about it now.Zhang Dong will think about what to do.Zhang Dong asked The Central store also does this thing Li Guohao said Yeah.Zhang Dong reminded Then you had better agree with what I said when you went there, don t pay the same wages at the two stores.I know that Li Guohao rolled his eyes, as if he still needed your reminder, and said, Christmas will be in two days.How are the special Christmas snacks in the store doing During that time, Li Guohao was making those ten snacks every day.He made them, but he always felt that the taste was a bit wrong.Li Guohao rushed to his grandfather Li Renzhong s house by car, stayed there for more than a week, and finally solved the problem of dim sum.It has started selling again today, and the sales volume is not bad.I discussed it with Sun Dafu before, and both stores put up an advertisement at the door to remind passers by that the cbd gummy vs oil store sells special Christmas cakes.Yes.See Zhang Dong handled it well, Li Guohao also nodded in satisfaction, and suddenly remembered what happened on Christmas Day From tomorrow onwards, you will arrange employees to wear Po s panda clothes outside to attract customers.A stall, display Po dolls, and promote Po at the same time as the dim sum shop.What The animation company has already made a few episodes of cartoons, and I have discussed it with the people from TVB.It will be played HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil in the next few days.Relying on the influence of cartoons, I think the business in the store will have an explosive growth.PS The title of the previous chapter was always called Kung Fu Craze.

Same old style Rong Rong Bingcai said in disdain.Before Li Ji opened, there was an event to give away puppets, but the effect was mediocre.In Rong Bingcai s view, it was a waste of money.If you want to engage in activities, it is better to directly give away money, pastries, etc., so as to attract customers more vigorously.Send a puppet Hehe, can I eat it Nathan Road, Lee Kee Shop.Look, mom, is that A Bao A seven or eight year old girl pulled her mother by the corner of her clothes and pointed to the door of Li Ji not far away.The mother took a closer look and said in surprise, Yes, it s Po.Why did the Po in the comic book appear here While being curious, she walked over with the little girl.The cbd gummy vs oil little girl is still illiterate, and most of the time she reads comic books is just to look at the pictures, and occasionally her family members read to her.Ahao At this time Zhang Dong came up from downstairs.Seeing Zhang Dong approaching, Li Guohao grabbed him and said, A Dong, come here and let me introduce you.You have met this lawyer Fang before.This Mr.Li Qiang was recommended by the headhunting company.I have already hired him as the company If you have any questions in the future, please contact him directly.Hello, Lawyer Fang, hello, Mr.Li.After shaking hands with the two, Zhang Dong glanced at Li Qiang.Of course I know.After introducing Li Qiang and others, Li Guohao introduced his Zhang Dong This is the manager of our Nathan Road store, and also my good friend cbd gummy vs oil Zhang Dong.Previously, the purchases and other things in the store were all handled by him.Hello, Mr.Zhang.Because they were not familiar with each other, Zhang Dong and Li Qiang didn t talk much.Because Li Guohao was still busy with other things, Zhang Dong was asked to take .

are cbd gummies legal as federal employee?

three lists and run around on the road, going to three branches to post announcements.The situation at the Nathan Road store also happened at the same time as the Central store and the Mong Kok store.Some people were annoyed at why there were so many regulations on fines in the store, and some people who cared paid attention to the regulations on promotion.Chapter 54 Refunds 2 updates When the new rules come out, there are naturally some people who are happy and others are worried.Those who are happy have the hope of being promoted in Liji Bakery.Not only can they be promoted, but their salary will also increase, and this new attendance award, although the bonus is not much, only 100 yuan, many people still hope to get it.Master Rong is looking for your phone number Rong Bingcai told A Ping to let the group of people calm down first, walked over quickly to answer the phone, and said angrily, Hello who Boss, I m from the Central Store.Xiao Zhang Xiao Zhang Why are you calling at this time, don t you know you are very busy Rong Bingcai said angrily.Yes, but the matter is very urgent.Xiao Zhang said timidly.Tell me what s going on This morning, before the store opened, there were a lot of people gathered around the door.I thought they were here to buy pastries, but they said they were here for a refund If it s one or two, forget it.But , but now there are more than a few hundred people at the door What Hundreds of people Rong Bing was shocked.Chapter 56 Suddenly there were many more people Rong Bingcai looked anxiously at the excited crowd in front of him.No way, Rong Ji s frenzy of refunds has actually affected Li Ji, and at cbd gummy vs oil this moment, more than a dozen people have come to ask for a refund.After finally appeasing this group of people, I was afraid that someone would come to refund and cause unnecessary trouble, so I hurriedly notified Li Guohao to come over.Li Guohao and Li Qiang also hurried over.When I was taking a taxi, the taxi driver was still unwilling to take it, saying that there was a riot on Nathan Road, and the car would be smashed in the past.It was not until Li Guohao added a lot of money that the driver agreed.Chaos, chaos The whole Kowloon peninsula is in a commotion because of Rong Kee s refund After several hours.The two places of Nathan Road and Central gradually returned to normal.When Li Guohao arrived at Li Ji, there were many more requests for refunds.He casually picked up a handful of flour, put it in front of his nose and smelled it carefully, it smelled musty.When I put the flour in front of my eyes and looked carefully, I found that the flour was indeed a good snowflake powder from a distance, but if I looked closely, I found that there was a little light yellow and some black in it.The flour turns black because it has been damp and deteriorated for a long time.The shelf life of general flour is cbd gummies 1000mg jar about one year at room temperature, that is, 12 months.If the temperature changes too much, the shelf life of the flour will also be reduced, so it is best to store it in a relatively cool and dry place.Are these flours the same Rong Bingcai frowned and asked.Master Wang replied There are more than a thousand bags of flour shipped from Thailand.

Because the shop was handed over to HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil the boss Rong Bing to take care of it, and Rong Binghua didn t get along with him, so he went to the New Territories by himself to do other industries.It s just talking on paper.This is also one of the reasons why Rong Bingcai s father did not hand over the store to Rong Binghua.Hearing the word Li garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummy vs oil Ji, Rong Bing was cbd gummy vs oil very angry.To be honest, since Li Ji cbd gummy vs oil how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies opened, it seems that even his IQ has dropped a lot.In the past, no matter which famous pastry shop in Xiangjiang opened in Kowloon, he would Defeated with rich experience, but faced with Li Ji s confusing publicity methods and business model, he was quite helpless.Tell me what do you want Just tell me how much you want.Rong Bingcai thought that his younger brother was here to fight Qiu Feng, so he planned to spend some money to bribe him so that his mother would not know about it.It seems that I want to transfer to Li s TV station.After Wu Guohua finished speaking, he lowered his head and didn t know what he was thinking.Hearing that the other party was going to transfer to Li s TV station, Fang Yihua frowned.She didn t expect the other party to be so stubborn and directly refused to cooperate.It was Fang Yihua s decision to help distribute Kung Fu Panda to Southeast Asia and other places and ask for a part of the profits, but now the trouble has caused the other party to directly refuse to cooperate.If someone from the Li Family finds out, they may punish themselves, and it will be difficult to let Sixth Brother HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil know about it.But Fang Yihua changed his mind and thought .

will cbd gummies give you a high?

again, what he did was not wrong in the first place, it was just helping the company to fight for the interests, the other party s non cooperation was the intention of the other party, and it had nothing to do with him.Bi Ma Wen Haha, did this ghost get this name because he was tricked by someone Although Li Guohao knows that ghosts like to give themselves a Chinese name when they arrive in Xiangjiang, it is the first time I have heard of using the word Bi as a name.Dross, it is as weird as it is really.You re uneducated, right Do you think those ghosts are really so easy HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil to be fooled Although the word Bi doesn t sound cbd gummy vs oil very nice to us, it is indeed a good word.Bi, in ancient times, it meant auxiliary It also means to assist.Li Guohao questioned Oh, whoever he is, the most important thing is that this ghost can definitely give us a loan It should be possible.The competition between HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank has been fierce in recent years., customers like us who have a lot of turnover and are also regular deposits should be very promising, and I also know Shen Bi, so this kind of help should help.Li Qiang didn t expect Xie Honghe to say this, he laughed and said, Haha, Manager Xie is very funny.All right, let s follow the chairman s decision and open a few branches in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.Talked about it for a while.In the end, it was decided to open stores in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island.As for how many branches to open, this needs to be discussed again.However, according to Li Qiang and Li Guohao s idea, at least ten branches should be opened.At the beginning, the idea was to borrow 2 million yuan, but now we have 5 million yuan.The scale of this expansion will naturally be doubled.Li Guohao said to Wang Zhenzhen from the finance department Manager Wang is going to trouble you this time.It s best to analyze some of the more important stores we have provided to you as soon as possible, rent manpower and cost.Haha, I really think Ah Fa is so stupid.If you don t have the ability to do business by yourself, you can use these dirty methods.Ah Fa despised Rong Binghua in his heart, but on the face he pretended to hesitate and said Boss Rong, although I still know a few employees of Li Ji, but I have resigned now, and it may not be so easy to get in.You I also know that ordinary people in the bakery are not allowed to enter.Rong Binghua has been wandering outside for more than ten years, and he can t see that Ah Fa wants to raise the price on the ground.Although he was upset, he added a price 15,000 , I will give it to cbd gummy vs oil you as soon as it is done Twenty thousand And I want to get ten thousand first Ah Fa said directly.You Rong Binghua didn t expect that Afa would open his mouth like a lion, and wanted 20,000 Hong Kong dollars.Although he did not sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit provide the conception and creativity of Kung Fu Panda , he also added a lot of his own ideas.Naturally, he was very happy to be praised by Director Gao this time.Nodding his head, Shangguan Xiaobao said, It s not a problem to draw a set of educational cartoons for the TV station, it s just the cost of making cartoons and the consumption of personnel.Mr.Shangguan doesn t have to worry about this.As long as it can be produced and the board of directors is satisfied, the money will be no problem at all.Director Gao patted his chest and assured that as long as it is done well, the money will be big.it is good Palace Pastry Company.Li Guohao is discussing with the public relations department the publicity plan for the opening of the new store.This time, in order to raise the reputation of the palace pastry, Xie Honghe from the public relations department planned to launch a wave of powerful advertisements on TV stations and newspapers.

I saw Happy Tonight being broadcast on TV, which is TVB s oldest and longest running program.There are several hosts, both male and female, among which Li Guohao can recognize at a glance, Shen Dianxia and future barbaric mother in law Wang Minquan.Li Guohao watched garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummy vs oil TV for a while, thinking that his grandfather would come to live soon, and then glanced at the small house, and suddenly thought of buying a house, and asked, Mom, what do you think we should buy a house Buy a house As soon as Li Huifang heard the word buying a house, she looked at Li Guohao with bright eyes and asked, Guohao, do you want to buy a house Housing prices will continue to rise in the next few years, and buying a house now is the best choice.Although the idea of buying a house was Li Guohao s temporary idea, after thinking about it, I think it is very necessary.The employees below are also properly assigned.Considering that the new store might be overwhelmed during the Chinese New Year, or that the business would be delayed due to unskilled labor, a group of old employees were drawn from the old store to help.Among them are sister Wang, the store manager of the Nathan Road store, and Sun Dafu of the Central store.Several pastry chefs who have been in the store for the longest time, such as Huang He and Chen Zhipeng, also went to the new store to help.Wing Kee Bakery, lounge.I ll leave this to you, Ah Fa.It must be put in Li Ji s store before today Rong Binghua took out a black cloth bag from the cabinet and handed it to Ah Fa.Ah Fa took the bag, and suddenly the bag shook violently.I ll throw it away What is this Ah Fa threw the bag forward in fright.That s why Li Guohao only temporarily signed a one year contract with Datong Toys Factory, and the contract is limited to local sales in Xiangjiang.Shangguan Xiaobao interjected and asked Mr.Li heard from Zhang Dong that you seem to know Bruce Lee before Is it true It must be Zhang Dong who saw him talking to Bruce Lee in the movie theater last year.After Bruce Lee became popular, he thought he knew him. More than half a month passed in a flash.Recently, Li Guohao has been busy with the franchise plan in the company.Franchise franchise is not something that can be done casually.At the beginning, Li Guohao still took it for granted.It was not until he really got started with this plan that he realized that there were many problems to face.The main and most important issue is the issue of the food supply chain.Moreover, our company will directly cancel the franchisee s qualification for franchisees who import raw materials privately, and the franchise fee paid before will not be refunded.As for why, do you remember the problem of Rongji flour not long ago So, I would like to remind everyone here that you must not import raw materials from other places.The raw materials we provide are of absolute quality and safety.Our company is responsible for all the problems.Of course, the premise is that you follow the regulations and make the pastries according to the production process.Don t try to rush and let any problems occur in the pastries. We will send cbd gummy vs oil supervisors to the stores that you join from time to time.Inspections, if any problems are found, they will be reported directly to the headquarters for deduction of points.By the way, I haven t asked the lady s name yet Li Guohao was at a loss for words for a moment, and then remembered that he hadn t asked the names of these two girls, but it seems that they are of mixed race.He came with Ms.Shen again, wondering if he was a descendant of some British nobleman.Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce you.Ms.Shen on the side slapped her forehead and said, These two are the daughters of Mr.Ho in Macau.This is Miss He Chaoying, and that is Miss He Chaoqiong.Hello Li Sir.He Chaoying nodded politely.Hello, hello.Before Li Guohao could react, he responded when he saw the other party greeting, and suddenly thought of Mr.Ho in Macau, plus He Chaoqiong and He Chaoying, thinking to himself, could it be the mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummy vs oil daughter of the Macau gambling king in later generations Seeing that the other party was in a daze, He Chaoying asked politely Mr.The daily turnover of the eight branches can only be stabilized at around 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and each store has a daily income of more than 5,000 yuan.After hearing this, Li Qiang thought for a while and asked, Can we use the members money Manager Wang told me the same thing before, but I m afraid that it will be troublesome if I don t have the money to refund it, just like Rongji before.It s gone.Thinking of the Rongji refund frenzy back then, Li Guohao still has lingering fears.There were too many people gathered that time, and now he counts himself as a big business, so there is no need to take that risk to use the members money, otherwise he will be punished.If someone gets out, there will be another wave of refunds, which will definitely affect his plan to join.We can post a notice in each branch to inform members that the money stored in the membership card will not be refunded once it is deposited.

It was after the Dragon Boat Festival, so we opened it earlier this month.People in Xiangjiang generally believe in Fengshui auspicious days, cbd gummy vs oil so for such a big event as opening a store, it is natural to open on the auspicious day of the zodiac.May 20th, 520.Li Guohao pondered for a while and asked, What are the opening activities Several batches of lion dance teams said they would dance from the first store to the last store.Lion dance Hehehe Li Guohao chuckled and said, I didn t expect these franchisees to think of lion dance.Yes, I was also very surprised.In fact, it is the most normal thing for Xiangjiang to cbd gummy vs oil top cbd gummies open a new store at this time, but Li Guohao is a descendant, so he doesn t understand it, and Li Qiang has lived abroad for a long time.In addition, the money at this time is still very valuable, 500 yuan can maintain the living expenses of an ordinary person for a month, so it is inevitable for some people to ask for a refund.Li Guohao saw that Gu Qianqian said so convincingly, and remembered that he was really angry at being neglected at that time.He thought it was well hidden, but he didn t expect to be seen by others.Chapter 119 Small Problems When returning to the hotel at noon, Li Guohao was surprised to find that Zhang Dong was still sleeping on the bed.After waking him up, he asked Gu Qianqian, who was in the next room last time, and Mai Xiaomin, who was still in bed, to go downstairs for lunch.hotel restaurant.Li Guohao asked I ll go back in the afternoon, are you staying here for an extra night So early Didn t you say you re staying for an extra day Zhang Dong asked with a frown.Li Guohao smiled and said, Do you want to hear the truth or a lie Zhang Dong was about to speak when he saw Mai Xiaomin stuff a piece of meat into his mouth, chewing the meat and mumbled, A lie.Gu Qianqian replied.Li Guohao pondered for a moment and asked, Did you ask Ms.He if she could have a pastry shop in the casino In the casino Gu Qianqian looked at Li Guohao suspiciously.That s right.After all, the gambling industry is the most developed in Macau.Most of the people who go there to play are rich or gamblers.We can ignore cbd gummies non thc the gamblers, but we can t let go of this group of rich people.Gu Qianqian listened to Li Guohao s words , roughly understood what he meant, shook his head and said No, although I have been helping Ms.He manage the opening of the store before, I have never been to a casino, and I have never mentioned this to her.You have Miss He s phone number mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummy vs oil Li Guohao asked.Yes.That s cbd gummy vs oil fine.Wait for a while, maybe half a month.You call her and ask how her business is.If the business is good, you can mention by the way whether it is possible to set up a pastry area in the kitchen inside the casino.Li Guohao had the idea of opening a food processing factory a long time ago, more than once It has been mentioned, but it has not been realized due to various reasons.On the one hand, it stems from Si s timidity and uncertainty about herself in her previous life.But with the gradual improvement of his career, his personal confidence has also been greatly affirmed.I am capable, but there are some things I don t understand, but relying on my vision that is decades ahead, I can completely discard these things.It doesn t matter if you don t understand, just recruit relevant professionals to operate it, and be the big boss cbd gummy vs oil behind the scenes to control the overall situation.Do you really think those rich people know everything No, they just know how to use the talents under their hands.Investing in a food processing factory is not as simple cbd gummy vs oil as a stuffing factory.I know, but they No but If you have any questions, go directly to Manager Xiong of the Franchise Department.Yes.Xiao Wang nodded and turned to leave the door.After the people left, Li Guohao frowned.He didn t expect that Liu Peilin would recruit so many shops to join in just over a month.Boom.Come in.As soon as Li Qiang entered the door, he said directly I have checked clearly.Now there are more than 120 stores in Xiangjiang that cooperate with Liu Peilin.More than 100 stores Li Guohao knew that Liu Peilin and many The shops have cooperation, but I didn t expect that there are more than 100 shops.This is not a small number.Every day a shop sells pastries worth 1,000 yuan, which is almost 100,000 Hong Kong dollars Well, most of these are stores in the New Territories, but I heard that Liu Peilin intends to open new factories in Kowloon and Xiangjiang Island recently.I hope so.Li Guohao thought about what the two said, and it really made sense, as did the advertisement on the TV station.It has only been replaced with a new one today, and it may not be popularized so quickly to let more people know.Li Qiang stopped the car suddenly, turned a corner, and came to a temporary parking cbs the doctors test cbd gummies spot.Before a few people were puzzled, Li Qiang smiled and said, Here we are, it s really, you can find our sales point within a few kilometers, haha.Following Li Qiang s pointing, he saw a corner of the sidewalk not far away.A refrigerated truck was parked on the side of the road, and a group of people were gathering there.A few people got out of the car and walked over.Suddenly, a piercing soprano came from the crowd.Stop making noise Immediately, the crowd fell silent, and even Li Guohao and the others who had just walked over were startled.

Anyway, he really waited until the day he lost, and the person who invited him to dinner must be Li Guohao himself.Anyway, Li Guohao would be happy to lose by himself.In one morning, they ran through all the more than 60 sales outlets in Kowloon, and the two of them didn t go anywhere else, and went back to the company directly.After all, Xie Honghe and Gu Qianqian were there, so they were equal He ran back and forth non stop for a second.The company also specially sent a few people to watch by the phone to prevent the sales point from being out of stock, so it felt like notifying the food factory to send the goods.Just returned to the company.Li Guohao s buttocks are still Before I could sit still, I received a call from a certificate company.Mr.Li, I cbd gummy vs oil top cbd gummies m Du Deye.Manager Du What s the matter After receiving a call from Du Deye, Li Guohao suddenly remembered that he had invested more than one million yuan in the stock market.Live now Isn t it because I want to decorate a new house When Manager Mai helped you decorate, he also bought it together.The bed, sofa and TV are all ready.Oh, that s fine, I ll see you later I ll give you the money, and you can give it to Manager Mai for me.Li Guohao doesn t care about the home, as long as he can live in it, his parents and grandpa live in the new house, and he is too happy to be happy.Suddenly Li Guohao smiled and said, You still call him Manager Mai You should change your name.Zhang Dong blushed, I m not married yet, and Manager Mai is used to being called Manager Mai.I really want to call him Dad.It s a bit twisted.What s the twist, it s your father in law soon You still call him dad Li Guohao laughed.At this time, Li Qiang walked into the office, saw Li Guohao and Zhang Dong were both there, and said directly, Manager Wang is already calculating today s sales.Let s change to another one.This one doesn t suit you very well.After thinking about it, it s better not to lie at this time, sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit so Li Guohao told the truth.That s okay, I don t think cbd gummy vs oil it s very good looking.Zhao Yazhi didn t say anything, this dress was indeed a bit ugly on her body.Changed several healthy living cbd gummies sets back and forth.Neither are very satisfied.The store manager Zhang Nan also said strangely This lady has a good figure and is quite tall.It stands to reason that she should look good in a dress, but Yes, Zhao Yazhi is slender and has beautiful features.She shouldn t be so ugly in a dress.Li Guohao took a deep look at the beautiful woman, pondered for a moment, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.Come on, Ah Zhi, let me take you to another store..what I m sorry, Manager Zhang, I ll just buy my dress.Little sister, your skirt is also pretty.Zhao Yazhi said to Aqiong with a smile.After chatting a few more words, considering the time, several people entered the venue.As soon as I entered, I saw the Governor of Hong Kong, Ms.Shen and her family at the door to greet her.Chatted a few words, because someone came from behind, and they didn t chat much, so a few people went in.Chapter 148 Jardine Group 3 3 begged for a subscription as soon as she entered the banquet hall.I saw that the hall was full of people, and it was very lively.One by one wore bright and bright dresses, or communicated with friends, or greeted others, and what s more, they took this opportunity to discuss business matters.Li Guohao frowned.This is the first time he has attended such a banquet.Ms.Shen said in detail before that a buffet style banquet will be held at the beginning, and then everyone will be invited to enter a venue similar to an auction for today s charity auction.Sell it, saying it will reduce our brand value.Xie Honghe said that Li Guohao asked in surprise.Well, that s what Manager Xie said.After pondering for a moment, Li Guohao also understood what Xie Honghe meant.The canteens now are exactly like those opened by families in the 1980s and 1990s, and many of them are produced by small workshops.Things, even some of the things sold do not have trademarks or factory addresses.Haven t you considered making some small food that the public can afford Li Guohao asked.Yes.It s just not ideal.As you know, chairman, the pastries made by the food factory are basically improved from the pastries in the company s shop.Now there is something called Dingdingtang on the market.It s pretty good, I heard it s made by a private company, but their packaging is simple and the taste is average, the main cbd gummy vs oil reason is that the price is cheap.Wang Zheng s meaning is very clear, that is, the so called branch of the Chinese Food Promotion Association, the Chinese Pastry Promotion Association, has no effect at all, it is equivalent to self entertainment within the company.Didn t Mr.Cai recommend a lot of people to join Li Guohao asked in surprise.Mr.Cai recommended quite a few people, but there were only more than 20, and most of them were just food cbd gummy vs oil lovers.Wang Zhengdao.Then what do you mean Li Guohao asked.Wang Zhengdao Actually, I want the president to increase the promotion of the association.How do you want to promote it Newspapers, television.At the beginning of the association, it was just a temporary idea of Li cbd gummy vs oil Guohao and Li Qiang.At that time, they also wanted to improve their popularity or face.It is easy to introduce, this is the cbd gummy vs oil president of the Chinese Food Promotion Association, Mr.

IPO, IPO.Li Guohao read it twice silently.IPO at this time is a very safe choice, because the stock market is booming, and a company with nothing but leather bags can be listed in the mix.Liu Peilin s craftsmanship is good, and there will be more in the future.How can no one invest in a company that is likely to develop.Thinking of next year s stock market crash, Li Guohao sneered, originally thinking about how to solve Daronghua Company, who ever thought of breaking it without attacking it.Dongdong Secretary Xiao Wang came in and said, Chairman, Manager Li just sent a fax.Li Qiang Li Guohao curiously took the fax from the secretary.A HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil short fax where to get cbd gummies for sleep of a few hundred words was quickly read.Seeing the end, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing.Li Qiang sent a fax, probably saying that he has found a new store in the United States, a two sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit story building near Chinatown in San Francisco.Li Guohao mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummy vs oil and Li Qiang went downstairs.Hi, boss.Xiao Fei waited for several waiters and shouted excitedly.Um, royal blend cbd gummies reddit gummies with cbd hello.Li Guohao was taken aback for a moment, then greeted with a smile.Li Qiang on the side introduced the situation Ahao, let me introduce you.These two are Xiaofei and Xiaogao.This is the only girl in our shop, named Qiqi.Hello, boss.Qiqi looked admiring.Looking at Li Guohao.Hi, hello.Looking at the little girl who was about seventeen or eighteen years old in front of him, Li Guohao smiled.Thinking of one thing, Li Guohao asked I want to ask you something, have you ever eaten the desserts here Yes.The three of them said in unison.How do you feel It s not delicious.Kiki shook her head.Xiao Gao also said The Chinese in our area don t like to buy those snacks.Xiao Fei saw Li Guohao s doubts and explained the reason.I don t know how many there are in Hong Kong, but I know about fifty or more Xie Honghe said a horrifying number.Fifty stores He s not afraid of losing money He s going to buy shares soon Li Guohao stopped talking suddenly.He was about to talk about the stock market crash when he remembered that it was a how to order cbd gummy bears secret.He slapped himself twice in his heart.He must never say these things in the future.I went to the cake shop, the price is not very low, it is still relatively expensive, compared to the general small shop, it is not far behind us, it is sure to make money.Xie Honghe didn t pay attention to Li Guohao s last sentence.After saying this, he babbled and stopped talking, and then said Chairman, can I ask you a question Li Guohao was thinking about Maxim s Cakes, Landmark Real Estate, two different companies, how could they be connected together By the way, it was the Jardine Group.Li Guohao suddenly remembered what Zheng Jiachun had said to him before, saying that Jardine The people in the group had an idea to make a cbd gummy vs oil big splash in the catering field.Just when they got carried away thinking about it, they can cbd gummies dry you out only heard a question from Xie Honghe, and Li Guohao nodded indifferently and said, What s the problem go ahead.Chairman, the company has no money to expand.I understand that there is no way to do this.Then the company made a franchisee plan.Considering the first time, there are too many people who are not suitable to join, and I can understand it.Then, chairman, you invested in building a food processing factory because you wanted to enter the moon cake market and the packaged snack market, and I also understand.But why until now, the company s franchise department has completed the franchise plan, and the financial department s financial situation is also good, why not continue to open stores or find franchisees to expand Xie Honghe said a lot of things, and there were complaints in it.At this time, the waiter walked over quickly can u bring cbd gummies on a plane holding a tray, and after avoiding pedestrians, he put the milk tea on the plate on the table, and set up the refreshments one cbd gummy vs oil after another.Stockings milk tea.Looking at the milk tea in the glass in front of him, it looks a bit like coffee with milk.Li Guohao picked up the milk tea, took a few breaths, and took a sip slowly.Why is it a bit bitter Frowning, Li Guohao only felt that this silk stocking milk tea was completely different from what later generations drank, and this tea seemed to be brewed in a teapot, with a strong taste and a slight burnt smell.After drinking a few more sips, Li Guohao also gradually tasted the taste, feeling pretty good, although it is very different from what later generations drank, but the taste is not bad.The milk tea Li Guohao drank the most in his previous life should be Taiwan style milk tea.All the tables and chairs were replaced with new ones, and even the pots and pans in the kitchen were bought brand new from the market.Well, the decoration is not bad, and it s similar to what I thought.Li Guohao walked into the store again and looked around.Basically, the layout is a bit like the shadow of fast food in later generations, but the materials and layout still have a sense of the times.Mom, how much did it cost When Li Huifang heard her son ask about the cost of the decoration, she cbd gummy vs oil took advantage of it and said with a little satisfaction It s not much, it s only more than 10,000.I spent a lot of money on the electric fan, and installed .

where can you buy cbd gummies?

a set of air conditioners according to your requirements.More than 10,000 So cheap Li Guohao glanced at Li s mother in surprise.Li Dexiao said energetically at the side The previous sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit layout of the tea restaurant is good enough, this time it is just a renovation, it is not like the shop you opened on Nathan Road, and the ceiling needs to be re suspended.

Because Lam Soon Company is a listed company, its shareholding is relatively complicated, but generally there are three major shareholders, one is Xu Deming and the other is HSBC Bank , and the other is Bao Tycoon known as the ship king.Among them, Xu Deming has the highest shareholding, accounting for more than 30.The remaining HSBC and Bao Daheng only hold 30 in total, and the rest are basically in the hands of the stock market and small shareholders.Xu Guanghe suddenly thought of the main reason why his acquisition was so smooth, he hesitated to speak, and finally said Dad, Mr.William said he wants to become a shareholder of our company.William of the Jardine Group Xu Deming asked in surprise.That s right.They said that our shares will remain the same, but he will find a way to take their shares from HSBC HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil and Bao Daheng.Speaking of this, sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit Ni Xingqing said again I checked some businesses of this Yingjia.Most of them have nothing to do with the food industry.They are mainly engaged in real martha stewart cbd gummy estate and finance.So if we want to acquire his shares, I think it will not be a big problem.Wei Mo, Ni Xingqing Glancing at Li Guohao, he asked, Chairman, don t you really want to buy Nansun Group You must know that Nanshun s stock price is not low now.Coupled with the stock market and the cbd gummies smokedale company s profits, it has acquired another Xiangjiang Flour Mill, I am afraid that the premium is very high, so that it is possible to completely take control of Nanshun, and it may be very difficult without 800 900 million.The money is only about 130 million in total.It is wishful thinking garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummy vs oil to use the formal process to acquire Nanshun.The normal method is impossible to succeed in the acquisition.60 year on year.But the Hang Seng Index fell yesterday, and it continues to fall today.Combined with the situation of the stock market, I think it may still fall, at least to 1,000 points The highest peak of the Hang Seng Index is between 1775 1776 Hesitating, Ni Xingqing speculated that the Hang Seng Index would fall to 1000 points, that is to say, it was clear that the Hang Seng Index would continue to fall.No, cbd gummy vs oil I think the HSI may fall even more Li Guohao said firmly.There will be more falls Ni Xingqing was shocked when he heard Li Guohao s words.That s right, haven t you noticed that the stock market in Xiangjiang is filled with a lot of junk stocks and three no companies listed These companies with no company, no profit, and no industry are all created by those capitalists, using the influence of public opinion , to drive all the citizens of Xiangjiang, and let those who don t understand stocks think that as long as they buy stocks, no matter what stock they are, they can make money Even some people who understand stocks will follow blindly when they see such a crazy stock market Buy those junk stocks Recently, Li Guohao has also learned a lot of information about stocks.That s right, that s right, hurry up and sell it Sell Hehe, so what if I sell it, I bought it at 1500 points, and now it has dropped by a full 500 points, so he lost everything Some people follow the trend and sell stocks hoping to recover their losses.Some people who bought stocks at a high price have dull eyes and no reaction at all.Even if they sell at this time, so what, who will take over The top floor of the securities company.Sitting alone by how strong is cbd gummies the fence, watching the crowds and traffic below, shed tears of remorse, why didn t I throw away the stocks earlier, now the Xiangjiang antenna stocks in my hand have been completely reduced to junk stocks, and there are no ten shares for a dollar People want, once worth millions of stocks, now ten yuan may not be accepted by anyone.Even the sanitation workers will dislike to sweep these littered waste papers into the trash can.At this time, Li Chaoren has not yet entered Shen Bi s eyes, but Li Guohao has already emerged.Hehe, Manager Shen was joking.If I could have predicted the stock market in advance, I would have been prosperous long ago, and I wouldn t have to borrow 70 million Hong Kong dollars from your bank.Facing Shen Bi s question, Li Guohao was shocked., thinking to himself that this person is really .

are expired cbd gummies safe?

smart enough to guess the whole story in just a few troy aikman cbd gummies words.When Shen Bi heard what Li Guohao said, he didn t ask much, but just smiled and said, I m not very clear about the shares of Nanshun Group, but if you put it this way, I think HSBC does have their shares.If Mr.Li I need you to ask, as for the price Regardless of the price, Manager Shen, follow the market price.Li Guohao responded with a smile, this market price is actually the benefit Li Guohao gave to Shen Bi, and now the market The price of Nanshun is about 30 Hong Kong dollars, and it is still falling.In the same year, he opened a company my toddler ate a cbd gummy called Palace Pastry.In 1972, he took out a loan from HSBC to invest in a cbd gummies hamilton food processing factory Oh Bao Daheng listened to his subordinates report , surprised and said It seems that this Li Guohao started from scratch He has created such a big career in less cbd gummy vs oil than two years, what a formidable young man Well, it is said that this Li Guohao has a good relationship with cbd gummy vs oil Shen Bi of HSBC, Recently, I got a loan of up to 70 million from HSBC.said the subordinate.A loan of 70 million yuan Please also ask He Qianjin, the daughter of the gambling king, to contact Ah Rong to find me.Bao Daheng smiled and said, It seems that this young man has a lot of schemes.I checked, and recently this Li Guohao seems to be You have been buying Nanshun s stock all the time, so you are here to find the boss this time, don t cbd gummy vs oil you want to get Nanshun s shares from you Nanshun Bao Daheng was stunned, he thought Li Guohao wanted to With the help of his own shipping company, he sold the packaging videos produced by the food processing factory to the country, but he did not expect it to be for Nanshun.

I heard Shen Bi from HSBC say that people from Jardine were planning to buy shares of Lam Soon from their bank, but because Landmark was at war with the milk company at that time, they let it go temporarily.Nanshun s stock, otherwise cbd gummy vs oil there is no chance for us.He added However, it s okay to fall, so the next acquisition will be much smoother.Ni Xingqing glanced at Li Guohao in surprise, as if to royal blend cbd gummies reddit say Are you kidding me Perhaps feeling the meaning in Ni Xingqing s eyes, Li Guohao cried and laughed Buy Nanshun earlier, and also prevent people from Jardine from merging milk The company then turned around to deal with Nam Soon.This is Li Guohao himself comforting himself.He himself does not know where the Hang Seng Index will fall, and cbd gummy vs oil he can t say that when the stock unabis cbd gummies ingredients market really falls to the point where it can t fall, he is trying to find a way to buy Nanshun With the exception of HSBC who may sell their shares, Bao Daheng steves goods cbd gummies are they strong and Yingjia, including some shareholders, may not sell their shares and stocks anymore.Don t even say a word.What do you and Ah Zhi think I think that girl Ah Zhi is very good.She is beautiful and virtuous.You can t just drag it on like this, or you can get married soon.Li Huifang said.That s right, Ah Zhi is a very nice girl.Li Dexiao and Li Renzhong who were next to her also nodded in agreement.Mom, how can this matter be rushed Li Guohao also smiled wryly when he was suddenly urged to marry.It s not that he doesn t want to marry Zhao Yazhi, it s just that he wants to see what the other party wants.You don t ask other girls, why should they let other girls ask you Li Dexiao gave his son a royal blend cbd gummies reddit gummies with cbd white look.Your father is right, you can go there tomorrow and ask if he is willing.Maybe all mothers have the same idea, they all hope that their sons will get married and have children as soon as possible, so that they can have grandchildren as soon as possible.It is entirely possible to set up a special group meal organization to provide meals for major hospitals, schools, and government departments.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Jin Jiashi was thoughtful.At first, he thought that Li Guohao s acquisition of Nanshun was to provide convenience for the pastry company and to manage a little flour raw material business along the way, but he didn hemp cbd gummies for arthritis t expect the other party to think so big.Even vegetables, fruits and meat are included.It is not something that can be done in a short time to really bring all the raw materials related to catering into the scope of the company.I will try my best to do it.Li Guohao didn t expect Jin Jiashi to finish it in a short time, but he just told him Don t rush to do these things, after all, it may not be effective in a short time.After all, you are only ten meters away from the station, and you came here by running.But in the UK, this is impossible.As long as the bus door is closed and cbd gummies with ashwagandha the engine is started, even if you are next to you, the driver will shake his head and sympathize with you, You just lost it you just lost it Shen Bi subconsciously looked at the watch in his hand, and said with a smile, It s still one minute away from the agreed time.That s cbd gummy vs oil good.Li Guohao also sat down and smiled.I have already fixed the special warfare mission company that I told you before.There will be wellness cbd gummies review a group of eliminated students there soon.I also helped you get their personal information.After that, Shen Bi patted a thick stack of documents on the right side of the table.It s all about the personal data, resumes and family status of these sharpshooters.Hurry up and follow Seeing that he missed the hit, Brother Qiang also patted the younger brother on the HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil back of the head, telling him to follow quickly.Yes Little brother has a bitter face, is it so miserable to be a little brother Hearing several gunshots behind him, Li Guohao also subconsciously leaned forward, trying to avoid the flying bullets.The few shots all floated to the ground because of the distance.It s an assault gun Yu Weicheng and Chen Sheng exclaimed at the same time.They were familiar with the sound of the gunshot.When they participated in training not long ago, they also trained assault guns.They never expected that this group of robbers would charge.Guns are heavy weapons in the city.Assault gun Li Guohao didn t expect that the news he read before was actually true.When Xiangjiang was in chaos, he would always use a submachine gun, and AK would rob the other party for territory or a bank.Why was Li Guohao killed by vendetta Was he involved in gangsters Or did he offend someone Billion The millionaire was kidnapped This is a G spot that can attract viewers.In a certain tea restaurant, people watching TV were all surprised.They didn t expect that someone was holding a submachine gun and a hand mine.Hmph, these rich people It s better to die The rich hater looked at the news and laughed.I think this is kidnapping Kidnapped How could it be a kidnapping If it was really a kidnapping, Li Guohao would have been kidnapped a long time ago.Well, I think this Li Guohao belongs to the gangsters.Otherwise, how could it be possible to earn hundreds of millions of assets in such a short period of time You have a point.At this time, the waiter Ah Shui came up with the dishes.Seeing that the big guys were all looking at the TV above his head, he also looked sideways.

Well, this You deal with the matter, I hope that the zen bear cbd gummies matter will become a little bigger and let other newspapers know that slandering others can also be punished.Li Guohao snorted coldly, it was fine if he hadn t read this newspaper before, but reporter Chen published the magazine yesterday After showing it to him, it is natural to teach this group of uncrowned kings a lesson.After Fang Jian went out, Chen Sheng and Zhang Bowen walked in.A Sheng, isn t your leg still recovering Why don t you rest in the hospital Li Guohao asked in surprise when he saw Chen Sheng.The boss is fine.It s just a broken leg.It s like resting at home.It s not because of something.Chen Sheng smiled.He had already received the 300,000 that Li Guohao promised, and he felt sorry for Li Guohao, the employer.I am even more satisfied.The Zheng family s real estate company, New Century Real Estate, was founded by Zheng Yutong in 1970.It was successfully listed last year on the back of the stock market boom, but it never expected that the stock price would plummet all the way due to the stock market crash within half a year after it went public.In order to save the stock price, Zheng Jiachun also racked his brains to find a way, and finally discussed with the company s executives to spend a lot of money to build a five star hotel in Xiangjiang New Century Hotel The land of this hotel is in Tsim Sha Tsui.It was purchased by the Zheng family in 1971.It cost almost hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars at that time, and the area is 500 square meters larger than the 6,000 square meters of The Peninsula Hotel.If it is built, it will almost belong to does cbd gummies help stop smoking the largest large hotel in Xiangjiang.Found it Yes.Li Guohao touched his chin, pondered for a while and said, You ask the people from the headhunting company to fax the information over.Let me take a look.Okay.Chapter 266 I want to see the master again On the second day, the company s reception room.The front desk led a person to knock on the door and walked in, Mr.Di, the chairman, is here.Well, you go out first.After speaking, Li Guohao looked up and down the thirty year old man with a greasy hairstyle , well dressed man.Hi, Mr.Li.Di Yimin smiled and stepped forward to shake hands with Li Guohao.Li Guohao shook hands briefly, pointed to the seat next to him and said, Mr.Di sit down.I have read Mr.Di s information.He graduated from the Department of Business Management at the University of Cambridge in the UK.He has worked in many large companies in the UK cbd gummy vs oil and the US.After the woman left, the young man also hurriedly said, Old Dong, give me the money quickly.Isn t it only 50 yuan It depends on your urgency.We have cooperated for so long, and I will lose your benefits Dong Haonan rolled his eyes at the young man, took out fifty yuan from his pocket and handed it to the young man.It s 55 Sister Zhang gave you another ten yuan just now I ll go, you want five yuan too, here it is, walk around, hurry up and find a rich person, every time people come, they only have this little money Dong Haonan was unhappy and took out another five yuan and handed it to the young man, waving him to leave quickly.It s so easy to find a rich man Even if they find it, they are still looking for a real master, whoever is like you, just let me investigate the family situation of the other party The young man muttered endlessly, fearing that the people nearby would hear it, Dong Haonan also let him helplessly.While I am proud of getting money, I always use Li Guohao as an example for every fortune teller.This is Empress.Dong Haonan is over fifty, and his memory is not as good as before.When he saw a woman next to Li Guohao, who looked like the one he met last year, he asked without being sure.Say it, don t call me your mother.Zhao Yazhi said helplessly.When Dong Haonan heard this, he also confirmed Zhao Yazhi s identity, and shouted, What s wrong with this, no, no, my lady is honorable, I m just a mortal, how can I call my lady by her name directly.Okay, don t talk about Master Dong here.Li Guohao asked with a smile, You are here to tell your fortune, do you know a fortune teller named Dong Surnamed Dong Dong Haonan thought for a while.There are seven fortune tellers in this area.Except for himself, there seems to be no one with the surname Dong.Why are we not allowed to enter the hospital We have the right to visit patients in the hospital, and we have the right to allow Zou Wenhuai to be interviewed That s right, we have the right to interview, and you can t hinder the freedom of interviews I m just visiting patients That s all, please let me in May I ask Mr.He Guanchang, what kind of illness did Bruce Lee suffer from before he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment We received information from an informant that Mr.Bruce Lee spent the night at the home of a certain actress last night., May I ask if it is true He Guanchang of Golden Harvest Films was standing at the door at this time, looking at the fifty or sixty reporters blocking him in front of him, he also touched the sweat stains on his forehead, and when he heard their questioning questions, he also repeatedly Said, I only learned of this bad news this morning.

Lin Wenwei, the son of a family who runs a supermarket, also had his eyes lit up when he saw Li Guohao, and he quickly stepped forward to shake hands and said, Hello, Mr.Lin.Li Guohao replied with a smile.Chapter 281 The idea of a private club is two hours later.It s more than four o clock in the afternoon.Haha, this live action shooting game is really fun.Enough tension, enough excitement Zheng Jiachun came down from the battlefield sweating profusely in a combat uniform that was not very thick, and went to the office on the second floor to take off the combat uniform covered in colored powder.Not bad After a period of time, a shooting range will be established, and there will be special people to guide you to shoot, and then you can play with live ammunition.Li Guohao didn t go off to play in person.But I heard from our mother Sang that TVB TV station seems to be planning to get a Miss Xiangjiang, just like the Miss World in foreign TV, and is planning to recruit young, beautiful and qualified girls from all over Xiangjiang to participate in the Miss World competition.Shi Huo Zhenting pushed open the door and came in from outside the house, I know about this.He motioned to the girl next to Li Guohao to give way, sat down, picked up the wine glass on the table and filled it with foreign wine, and said with a smile, Xiangjiang I just heard about the Miss Contest when I was outside.TVB is planning to find a large scale Miss Beauty Contest.It is said that the first champion will be signed by Shaw Brothers and TVB, and will personally prepare a few plays for her.Shoot.That s not what you want Don t you just like to play Miss Beauty Pageant Zheng Jiachun said with a pun.Steady development is not bad, but for Li Guohao, he is a bit unwilling.You clearly know that there is a chance to make a profit without losing money, but at least the chance of making money is how to use cbd gummies to quit smoking 90 , and the remaining 10 is not failure, but timidity After struggling for a long time, Li Guohao decided to go to the United States.to this end.Li Guohao bought more than a dozen books on stocks, and tried to push the work for a period of time to Di Yimin, the general manager of the group, to study on his own.It s not about thoroughly researching stocks, which no one can research thoroughly.He just wants to simply figure out that if he operates, he can make money from this oil crisis.Instead of asking others stupidly like in the past.When Ni Xingqing saw Li Guohao saying that he would go to the United States in person, he knew that he could not persuade him, so he shook his head slightly and said, I know the boss, I will go to the United States tomorrow to collect some stock market information, and I am trying to find a way to recruit some well known traders.S.stock market.Some people say it s true, but others say it s false.In the eyes of the public, Li Guohao is just a young man who has had shit luck , relying on some craftsmanship from his ancestors, which made the palace pastry famous in one fell swoop, and then took advantage of the bank loan to take advantage of the stock market.Only then did the acquisition be completed, becoming a new generation of pastry tycoon.But this incident shocked Du Deye, the securities company who helped Li Guohao operate the stocks before.You must know that garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummy vs oil when the stock of Xiangjiang Antenna rose to a certain height, Li Guohao resolutely sold all the stocks to his company.At that time, the stock price of Antenna was around 40 yuan.After Du Deye helped the company buy it, he also made a lot of money and got a large commission from it.I didn t expect Mr.Li to be so young. I often buy and eat Li Sheng s palace cakes, they taste really good.When everyone around heard this, they immediately understood that the young man in front of them was the man who made headlines in major newspapers recently.Thinking of him earning hundreds of millions of dollars in the U.S.stock market, the group greeted with flattery or admiration.Listen.This group of people greeted enthusiastically, Li Guohao smiled and nodded slightly to respond one by one.The number of banquets he attended was not many, from the very beginning when no one cared about him, now as long as he hears that he is Li Guohao, everyone will take the initiative to say hello.I have to Said, it s nice to have money.After dealing with a group of people, Jian Fu took Li Guohao to find a corner and said, Li Sheng, you left in a hurry last time, and I haven t had time to thank you.At the end, He also took out his business card and handed it to Wen Guoyang, saying, Mr.Wen, you can call me anytime if you need anything.Hearing this, Wen Guoyang nodded with a smile and said, Okay.He took the initiative to chat with Li Guohao, I just want to be able to say hello in front of the other party and get acquainted with each other.After all, more people who do business are equivalent to more roads.And Li Guohao, a well accomplished young man in the Chinese business circle of Xiangjiang, was naturally the object of Wen Guoyang s enthusiasm About five or six minutes later, the venue was full of people.On the front center stage, cbd gummy vs oil a master of ceremonies stepped onto the stage and tried the microphone, which also made the conference room suddenly quiet.Thank you all for participating in the 1973 year end best 30 mg cbd gummies summary meeting of the Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers Association.

He only knows that positive energy is a kind of Good yearning, a vocabulary to promote virtue.Three outlooks positive energy Pang Heshuo was completely confused.What the hell is this Is it the way I opened it wrong Do I need to start again Stop for a moment, since you know Zhengqi songs, it should be easy to understand the meaning of positive energy.The world is divided into positive and negative, so information should also be divided into positive and negative.For example, our newspaper has been reporting some celebrities and some rich people, making the general public think that only being rich can be considered successful.Do you think this is right royal blend cbd gummies reddit gummies with cbd Isn t it right Shouldn t we support people to work hard and learn the history of those wealthy people Li Guohao .Yes, what you said is reasonable, but if I teach you that you must eat abalone when you eat, drink good wine when you drink, despise beggars when you go out, see migrant workers, construction workers, and sanitation Workers, etc.When Li Guohao heard this, he quickly waved his hands.Hong HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil Kong Top Ten Outstanding Youth is an award established by the Hong Kong General Chamber of International Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1970 four years ago.The main purpose of the election is to recognize young people who have made outstanding achievements in their work and made contributions to society.Encourage young people to actively participate eagle hemp cbd gummies para que sirve in social services, so that they can take on more important responsibilities for the improvement of society, and motivate young people to be proactive in personal career and social services.Although the name is called the Ten Outstanding Youths, the outstanding youths that are judged every year often do not meet the standard of ten people.From 1971 to 1973, for three consecutive years, only five people won awards each year.The stable period has passed, and the next step is the small orgasm.Chapter 334 The instant noodle advertisement was aired on the third day of the first lunar month, and the employees of the group have bid farewell to the short annual leave and started to work.During the Chinese New Year, the best selling gift packs are the Chinese New Year Gift Packs.Each gift pack costs 20 yuan, but it contains seven or eight kinds of snacks, which is the best choice for giving away Wing On Building.In the company, Li Guohao was watching the instant noodle advertisement on Li TV station, and saw the five members of the Wenna band devouring the noodles in big mouthfuls.It doesn t smell good.Coupled with the exaggerated acting skills of Zhong Zhentao, Tan Yonglin and others when eating noodles, you can feel the deliciousness of noodles just through the advertisement, which makes Li Guohao want to taste one or two.Boss Li, we are going to the biggest muay thai martial arts gym in Bangkok later.It is best not to disturb their training when we visit in the past.After all, you should know that people who practice martial arts are a bit irritable.Tour guide Zheng said with a smile.Then what are you going to do Chen Xuewen, who was next to him, immediately asked back when he heard this.Tour guide Zheng explained There are many scenic spots in Bangkok, but the ones that are closer to the city center, except cbd gummy vs oil for a few temples, are Muay Thai martial arts halls.It may take some time to catch up to other scenery.After finishing speaking, he thought of something, and smiled again You must know that this Muay Thai martial arts gym is not accessible to ordinary people, only VIPs or old tour guides like me are eligible.Speaking of this, Xu Guangbiao smiled He said How about this, Boss Li, you contribute capital, I will provide the formula, and we will jointly establish a new company.Then how much Mr.Xu wants me to contribute, and how much share do you own Xu Guangbiao thought for a moment, and he said 100 million baht Boss Li, you pay 100 million baht, and I give the formula, and each person gets half of the shares.100 million baht, equivalent to 5 million U.S.dollars, and 25 million Hong Kong dollars This money can almost be said to be able to call the wind and rain in Thailand, and it is also an absolute rich person in Xiangjiang.Hearing that Xu Guangbiao opened his mouth like a lion, wanting 100 million baht and half of the shares, Li Guohao couldn t help laughing again.In fact, according cbd gummy vs oil to the value of Red Bull in later generations, this price is not expensive, but there is one thing, it is the value of Red Bull in later generations, not now It can be said that the current Red Bull formula is not worth the money.It is a standard transport ship.It can be seen from the hull of the boat exposed to the river that the boat is old, the surface is rusty, and the ground is wet.Hello, my friend.The captain, wearing a yellowed white short sleeve, walked up to welcome Chen Xuewen happily after seeing Chen Xuewen.Hello Basong.Chen Xuewen replied with a smile in Thai.Get your people on board, we are ready to leave for Roi Et.Okay.After a while, the last person boarded the royal blend cbd gummies reddit gummies with cbd boat.Your people are all here Well, the boat can be sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit set off.Chen Xuewen looked around and saw that there was no one of his own on the pier, so he called the captain Basong to set off the boat.Here Li Guohao just boarded the boat and was about to leave Bangkok for Roi Et.In Bangkok s Chinatown, Chen Guangbiao was eagerly looking for something.After finally finding Lao Zheng in a shop in Chinatown, he hurriedly asked Where is the boss Li who was with you yesterday Lao Zheng looked at the person who came and thought for a while, then said in a daze Who are you from yesterday Ask Boss Li He has gone back to Xiangjiang.

Li Guohao stood at the bow of the boat, looking at all this curiously, as if he came to the tropical rainforest that only appeared in the movie.From time to time, strange sounds sounded from the grass on the bank.Chairman, be careful, there are many snakes, insects, rats and ants near this river.Chen Xuewen approached and said, When I first came to Thailand and went to Roi Et on this boat, a person on the same boat was killed by the shore.The poisonous snake hanging on the extended branch was bitten, fortunately the captain knew some ways to treat it, otherwise the man s life would be lost. Ah There are still snakes in this season Hearing this, Li Guohao swallowed Swallowing, turned and walked to the cabin, what he was most afraid of was snakes.The climate here in Thailand is like this.There are mosquitoes all year round.Upon hearing this, William agreed to this method on the spot The manager of the marketing department of the food company said, Why don t we go talk to the office No way Both Li Guohao and Huang Yaohua refused the matter.Just kidding, those foods that have been removed from the shelves have always been positioned as mid to high end foods.Even if they are stored in the warehouse and wait to get moldy, they can t be sent to a small shop like a shop for sale What is the original positioning of a food, so it must not be changed temporarily, otherwise the problem faced is that no one will buy it.Nongfu Spring was originally regarded as a relatively expensive mineral water in China.When others cbd gummy vs oil sold it for one yuan, it sold for one yuan and five.However, with the development of the economy and the improvement of people s consumption level, the price of mineral water has been soaring.At the moment of opening, the crowds who had already been waiting outside the store flocked in.They all came with the newspaper of Daily Daily , because the content of the newspaper mentioned that customers who hold Daily Daily can buy Within three days of opening, get a silk stocking milk tea with the newspaper.In less than a few minutes, the shop was full of people.The young waiters had never seen such a huge crowd, and they just stayed where they were at a loss.Seeing this, Li Huifang on the side hurriedly stepped forward to do her old job, calling out customers and asking them what to order.Seeing the proprietress in person, this woke up a few waiters who had only been trained and had no actual combat experience, and walked over with their menus.Seeing that the store was open and there was nothing else to do, Li Guohao said, Dad, I ll go back to the company first if there is nothing to do.It s Ching Ming Festival again in a while, Ah Hao, you and I will go to the graveyard to see your grandma when it s Ching Ming.Speaking of grandma, Li Renzhong s eyes darkened, and he sighed and said, You are just born At that time, your grandma still hugged you.At that time, your grandma loved you and teased you at home every day As he spoke, Li Renzhong couldn t help but fell into the memory.Li Guohao had no impression of his grandma at all.He only worshiped in the photos at home and on the graveyard.He stepped forward and took Grandpa s hand to comfort him Grandpa, you should be happier, Grandma will be happy if she knows that her grandson is so promising.Li Renzhong sighed Yes, she will be happy, after all, she loved you so much when you were young.Looking at the appearance of his grandfather Li Renzhong, Li Guohao was filled with emotion.I want to buy some small cargo ships with hundreds of tons in the inland rivers.Inland rivers Bao Daheng was taken aback, thinking of the mainland, knowing that there was only Li Guohao in the meeting room besides him, he still looked left and right, and whispered Does Li Sheng want to go to the mainland No no no Seeing that Bao Daheng misunderstood his meaning, Li Guohao waved his hands quickly, are you kidding At this time, the mainland is still ruled by the Gang of Four, and he has no guts to go there.It s Thailand.I have invested in Thailand and built a factory in Thailand.Among them, there is some distance from the seaside port, and the local roadside is not very good, so I plan to buy a few ships to transport from the inland river to the port, by water instead of land.It s Thailand Bao Daheng nodded slowly, thinking about his own ships, he said Don t tell me I really have a few small cargo ships, which transported goods from Xiangjiang to the mainland and the Gulf in the early years, but later the two places After the blockade, I gradually started international shipping. Who will believe what you say Even if you are in charge of news Business, but as the editor in chief of the newspaper, reviewing manuscripts is a must Li Guohao didn t expect that Pang Heshuo would open his eyes and talk nonsense, and couldn t help complaining.Okay, okay, chairman, I know that my review is HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil unfavorable, but do you know how much our newspaper sales have increased yesterday and today We sold mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummy vs oil more than 10,000 copies For the business of our newspaper, you reluctantly acquiesced Come on down, besides, no one knows how much you spent on your marriage, and it s not like we wrote it, and it s not another newspaper. Editor Pang, editor Pang Oh, forget it, let s do this first.Li Guohao always thought that Pang Heshuo was a kind of more refined traditional literary businessman, but he missed one thing, smilz cbd gummies dosage literary businessman, literary businessman, with the temperament of a literati, naturally has the shrewdness of a businessman.

The plan is to build the largest ocean cruise ship in Asia.The largest cruise ship in Asia today is the Red Sun of the island country, which can carry thousands of passengers and provide services such as bars, restaurants, gyms, and playgrounds.And Bao Daheng s cruise project is beyond the Red Sun , no matter in terms of tonnage, service and content.If you want to do it, you must be the number one in Asia, so that you can attract wealthy businessmen and ladies from all over the world to board the boat and go out to sea.Ocean cruises are probably a new type of tourism project that emerged in the 1960s.Earlier, cruise ships were still called cruise ships, mainly for passenger transportation.However, with the popularity of civil aircraft, cruise passenger transportation has gradually been abandoned by the times.When the chairman mentioned betting, Cai Lan hesitated and said on the other end of the phone I have investigated, but it is only a few big movie theaters, and there are still many places that I haven t asked.Just cbd gummy vs oil tell the result.Directors You ll win There s no way around this matter, who told the newspapers at the time that part of this film was adapted from the real events of Li Guohao, and the news that Li Guohao spent a lot of money on his wedding recently spread, which caused countless troubles.People go into the cinema to see the movie.Ha ha I knew it.Li Guohao laughed The restaurant will open on the 18th of next month, so you should come here early, and I will be waiting for your generous gift. yes.Cai Lan s helpless answer came from the microphone.He didn t remember the TV license he had issued.Restaurant syndrome The chairman is asking this Hearing Li Guohao mention Chinese restaurant syndrome, Huo Zheng smiled and said, I also know about this.technology department.Professor Huo, I m sorry to bother you even though I m off work soon.Li Guohao apologized.Although Professor Huo is working under Li Guohao, he is still a professor in the Department of Chemistry at Xiangjiang University, so he does not completely follow Li Guohao s face.It s nothing, I just have livewell cbd gummies something to do, I m going to work overtime today and go back.Huo Zheng smiled and asked, Chairman, who are you looking for Do you know MSG MSG Do you know what s the matter Have you ever studied MSG, and whether it is harmful to the human body Huo Zheng wondered, Why did the chairman ask about MSG I don t know if Professor Huo knows about MSG.Two people come down.Run Run Shaw The person who saw clearly was Sixth Uncle Run Run Shaw.Li Guohao quickly stepped forward to greet him, and said with a smile Sixth Uncle didn t expect you to come to my wedding in person.I thought it was the people from below who followed me.Just kidding Sixth Uncle Shao chuckled, As long as Li Sheng doesn t blame me for coming uninvited.What did Uncle Six say, I was afraid that Uncle Six would be busy.It s a bit busy, isn t it Did you just get off work The two exchanged a few sentences hypocritically.Sixth Uncle won t stay at the door any longer, please come inside.Li Guohao smiled and shouted to Zhang Dong A Dong will lead the way for Sixth Uncle.Oh.Zhang Dong nodded slightly, leading Run Run Shaw to follow Fang Yihua walked to cbd gummy vs oil the hotel.Looking at Sixth Shao Shao and Fang Yihua who left, Li Guohao touched his chin slowly.The door of the living room.Zhao Yazhi was standing there nervously holding her father s arm.I saw Zhao Yazhi wearing a wedding dress with a collar, her shoulders were half exposed, and her long gemstone earrings of the same color moved slowly with the lightly moving lotus steps.It even makes the skin look like creamy fat.The dazzling and dazzling crown on her head is beautifully worn obliquely on her beautiful black hair.If we say that the focus of attention of the men in the venue is on Zhao Yazhi s With a charming beauty like a fairy, what the women present paid attention to was the diamond necklace hanging around her neck that any woman could be fascinated by.Father Zhao led his daughter onto the stage step by step, behind Zhao Yazhi The long skirt is full of elegance and nobility.At this moment, no one is more beautiful than her, no one is more dazzling than her.Even the meals on the table were configured according to the highest ingredients , Abalone with bird s nest shark s fin abounds Ming Pao Yi Shu column For the rest of my life, you will be the wind and snow, you will be the ordinary, you will be the poor, and you will be the glory.I love you This sentence is not written by Qiong Yao, nor is it written by me.It is the promise Li Sheng made to his wife at the wedding scene yesterday.When the focus of the world s attention was on this extravagant wedding, no one could see clearly that this was Li Guohao s love for his wife.These few short sentences fully explain that love is not something that cbd gummy vs oil can be measured by money and material things.To give one s sincerity to one s lover and give one s best thing, this is love, and this is marriage.In the New Century Hotel.

Li Dexiao knew that he had said something wrong and quickly changed his words.Haha The relationship between father and son has been very poor for more than two decades, and the relationship has gradually recovered in recent years.Li Renzhong smiled knowingly, then sighed and said De Xiao, you are right.This time may really be the last time.Although I have been in good health for a few years, I am old anyway.I have only cooked 108 dishes of rare and delicious dishes in the Manchu Banquet once in my life.It was during the Republic of China when a warlord marshal heard that Fumanlou is a descendant of the imperial chef, so he came here specially to think about it.Try the emperor s state banquet.It was the first time I made a complete Man sunday scaries cbd gummies royal blend cbd gummies reddit Han banquet.It took more than half a month to prepare for it.He has experienced many earthquakes and natural disasters, but the one that left the deepest impression on him was Wenchuan.I remember that he was still a high school student at the time.After the report, I donated all of my only 20 yuan change to the Red Cross on the street.At this moment, I saw a 7.I don t know, maybe it s the boss s relative, or his son.The colleague also said blankly.I don t think so.I heard people say that our boss seems to be a young man.Could this be our chairman Another person said suddenly.While the people below were whispering to each other, Bai Zhiming clapped his palms and shouted to everyone in the office area in front of him Everyone, stop for a moment and put aside the work at hand.Hearing this, everyone They put down their work one after another, stood up and looked in the mayim bialik cbd gummies news cbd gummy vs oil direction of Bai Zhiming, but most of them hemp bombs cbd gummies high potency were staring at Li Guohao behind him.Anyway, he seems to be in charge of accounts.Li Guohao said directly without hesitation Okay, there is no problem in arranging Xiaozhi s work, but you But you have to tell Aunt Fat that if Xiaozhi can t work and is dismissed by other people s management, don t look for me.Although I am the chairman, the company has company regulations.In recent years, as Li Guohao s career has become more and more Growing up, some former relatives, friends, and neighbors have more or less found Li Huifang, hoping to arrange some good jobs.In this regard, Li Guohao also agreed, but he also said hello to this group of people who came from HCMUSSH cbd gummy vs oil the back door.In the company, he must follow the company s regulations and cannot do things in his own name.Although each fee may only be a few cents or a few yuan, the cost of a ship docking at the dock for loading and unloading cbd gummy vs oil is a considerable sum.Li Guohao, who sat up straight, looked at Qi Boheng who came in, and after calling him to sit down, he asked Just now Xiao Liu said that you came up to me before, what s the matter Qi Boheng said Chairman, the group building The topping has been completed, and now I am arranging people to carry out the interior decoration, which is expected to be fully completed in August, and we will be able to move into the new building in October After hearing the news from Ni Xingqing, Li Guohao raised his eyebrows and asked, Do you think you want to continue to open the store Except for the one that opened on the day I came back, the sales of the remaining three broke through 20,000 US dollars on the first day of opening Ni Xingqing said affirmatively.Before he went to the United States, he never expected that Panda Express would be so popular in the United States at this time Just like when KFC McDonald s opened a store in China, the store is full of business almost every day.Fresh and cbd gummy vs oil top cbd gummies tender, the taste is fresh and mellow, and the bottom of the leaf is delicate and flowery.Good tea, good tea President Liang didn t expect Bao Daheng to be so knowledgeable about tea.He laughed Haha, I didn t expect Mr.Bao to be a tea lover.If I had known, I would have sent a few more boxes Li Guohao then said Uncle Bao, if you like it, you can take the tea.I was just talking casually at the time.Bao Daheng showed hesitation on his face.He is indeed a tea drinker.He has drank Longjing tea, but it is not produced in the mainland.This time, the Longjing garden of life cbd sleep gummies cbd gummy vs oil tea is produced in Longjing Village in West Lake, Hangzhou.Authentic in You can only go to Kyoto in an honest green leather car.It is also possible to go directly south to Guangzhou and take a plane there to the capital, but this may delay a lot of travel, so I chose to take the green leather train, which can be reached in less than two days.It s okay.Zhao Yazhi shook her head slightly and said, I asked a few children s doctors, and they said they were like children.Children at Bao s age just like to talk a lot, whether it s with people or with some toys, they can communicate and talk to themselves, which is normal.Li Guohao has never raised children before, so naturally he doesn t know this I heard Zhao Yazhi say that there is no problem, but I still feel a little strange, what is there to talk about with toys.These words were only put in his own heart, but he didn t say it out.He nodded and said Arrange Zecheng to go to school as soon as possible, and the new semester will arrive soon.Let s find out which kindergarten in Xiangjiang is better.Yes.Why don t you go to Miss Meiqing s kindergarten Zhao Yazhi thought for a while, then suddenly said The kindergarten that Zhigang stayed in is quite good.

Afterwards, when each person applies for a bank card cbd gummies online sale of Guohao Bank, we will give him a ten yuan voucher, which can be used to buy any Guohao Group in all convenience stores, supermarkets, pastry shops, etc.in Hong Kong.product.Perhaps because he was afraid that the chairman would think it was a waste of money, Fu Zhengguang immediately said, We have calculated that even if all 4 million people in Hong Kong apply for Guohao Bank s bank cards, we will only have to pay 40 million Hong Kong dollars..I know.Li Guohao is not an idiot, how can such a simple addition and multiplication of numbers fail to calculate, what he cares about is not the money, but whether ten yuan is too little.After pondering for more than ten seconds, Li Guohao touched his chin and asked, Is the ten yuan too little Even if you go to the palace pastry to buy a snack, ten yuan can buy you three egg tarts at most.For example, if the savings amount is around 10,000 and the deposit has been completed for one year or more, you can send some rice, packaged snacks, cooking oil, etc.from our group.This activity was learned by Li Guohao from the major banks in later generations.Once when he accompanied his mother to the bank during Chinese New Year, he took a lot of oil and rice home.If the bank cooperates more, you can send some more expensive gifts, which you can decide for yourself.Li Guohao said this, took a sip of tea, and said This is a long term activity, but in order to increase the number of savings customers of Guohao Bank as soon as possible, you can do a bigger activity.For example, every customer who applies for a Guohao bank card or opens a passbook has the opportunity to participate in our opening ceremony grand draw.Before he could finish speaking, a reporter s terrified voice came from the TV Say Mrs.Chell fell down, and she accidentally fell down when she was going down the stairs At this time, the front line cameras of Phoenix TV were filming this process in the side reporter area, and at the same time, TVB and Li s TV station also This scene was broadcast one after another.In an instant, people who were watching the live broadcast all over Hong Kong exclaimed when they saw the Iron Lady wrestling.This fall, the world also exclaimed.Chapter 778 Total collapse, real estate crisis Mrs.Thatcher accidentally fell when she was going down the last step shortly after she walked out of the Great Hall of the People.It was actually no big deal.As the saying goes people stumble, horses stumble.No one stipulates that those in power can avoid irresistible factors.At this time, it is impossible to find someone to take over the project.If it is built, it can be sold for a little money.Time hastened to December.After the second round of Sino British negotiations in June, during this period, the two sides launched the third and fourth rounds of negotiations in August and October respectively.In the first four rounds of negotiations, most of them came to nothing due cbd gummy vs oil to the extremely tough attitudes of both sides.Especially in the fourth round of negotiations, British Foreign Minister Howe proposed to return only the New Territories, while still retaining the jurisdiction and sovereignty of Xiangjiang Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.During the negotiation process, Mr.Deng said directly, Xiangjiang is an inseparable part of China.This time in 1997, not only the New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula and Xiangjiang Island, but also outlying islands and affiliated islands were taken back.When he flew back to Xiangjiang, he publicly announced the content of the negotiation.It is unrealistic to reach an agreement that will allow Hong Kong to continue to be governed by the United Kingdom after 1997.The United Kingdom will give up all sovereignty and jurisdiction over Hong Kong after 1997.It will be initialed in September this year.A joint statement on the future of Xiangjiang.At the same time, the staff of Xiangjiang s Xinhua News Agency in the Mainland spread the rumors that Xiangjiang was afraid of communism to the ears of Mr.Deng in Kyoto.Regarding the rumors spreading cbd gummy vs oil in Xiangjiang that it is not good for the mainland, Mr.Deng wrote a letter to the current president of Xinhua News Agency, Wang, and asked Xiangjiang s Ta Kung Pao, Xinhua News Agency and other leftist newspapers to report the content of the letter.In the same year, the crop transgenic technology in the United States was perfected, and a large amount of farmland was purchased in the United States for planting and cultivation.On July 1, 1997, Xiangjiang returned to China, and Li Guohao, as the richest man in Xiangjiang, was invited to attend.Half a month after the reunification, the Asian financial turmoil hit, and the Western capital speculative consortium headed by Soros waved the banknotes in their hands and shorted the currencies of one country after another.In 1998, in the classic financial battle later known as the Battle of Hong Kong Financial Defense , Li Guohao raised funds from all his companies, raising a total of more than 100 billion U.S.dollars to resist the capital consortium headed by Soros.With the help of the People s Bank of the Mainland and the efforts of all wealthy businessmen in Hong Kong, Soros and others were finally defeated in one fell swoop, creating a legend belonging to Li Guohao.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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