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The business in the store this morning was even better than yesterday.When I left, the number of members who had processed today had exceeded 300.Three hundred people is 90,000 yuan.You must know that retail and afternoon business are not included, which also urgently makes Li Guohao step up the pace of expansion.It seems that the business of Mr.Li s pastry shop is very good, otherwise cbd gummies and driving he would not have called me to open a new shop two days after opening.Mai Qi recalled the negotiation where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving between Li Guohao and himself when the two met for the first time.The general situation is that Li Guohao will open a new store within a month, and at that time the store decoration will be handed over to Mai Qi Decoration Company.If it is not achieved, then the decoration cost will be increased by 20 of the original price.

Then, that, is your boss there The boss is here.After finishing speaking, the employee said how many cbd gummies should i eat for anxiety to Li Guohao who was chatting with Zhang Dong behind him, The boss is looking for you.Li Guohao tilted his head and looked towards the door, Hello, what can I do for you Well, I saw a recruitment post on your door, may I ask if you are still recruiting The young man expressed his intentions.Recruitment, I don t know what position you want to apply for Pastry chef.Technical talent, Li Guohao asked, Yes, can you make pastries Yes.Yes.Dong, you take charge and take him Go to the back for an interview.Zhang Dong nodded, and said to the young man, Come on, follow me to the back and have a look.The young man followed Zhang Dong to the bakery.Zhang Dong asked while walking, What s your name My name is Sun Dafu.

In addition, Li Guohao distributed a set of custom made uniform style work clothes to each employee, which was red and black, and looked neat and elegant at first glance.Wing Kee Bakery.Rong Bingcai, who was answering the phone, suddenly said angrily, What Li Ji is going to open a new store in Central What s wrong asked Master Wang who happened to pass by.Hanging up the phone abruptly, Rong Bingcai glanced at where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving Master Wang and said with displeasure, Li Ji has opened a new store in Central, which is less than two streets away from our store in Central.Ma, it seems the opposite Li Kee is sincerely trying to get along with me Wing Kee has five branches in Hong Kong, one in Nathan Road, one in Central, one in Mong Kok, one in Yau Ma Tei, and one in Kowloon Tong, basically all in the Kowloon Peninsula.

These two places can be regarded as the most prosperous commercial districts in Kowloon.Basically No young and Dangerous guy in the world has the guts to come here to collect protection fees, after all, the British government sends police forces to patrol these two places every day, and in the past, asking for protection fees was courting death.Speaking of this, Cai Shaodong took another sip of Coke and continued Many of the buildings on Nathan Road are invested by the British.Do you think these British guys will let the gangsters make trouble But you said that there are young and Dangerous people staring at your store.Maybe your business is too core cbd gummies good.Offended some people.Brother Dong, you mean that these young and Dangerous boys are not here to collect protection money, but sent by others to make trouble Li Guohao asked.

Seeing that there was a dim sum area not far away, she took Followed her sister He Chaoqiong to walk over there.As soon as they arrived at the dim sum area, He Chaoying and his sister Arjun heard an exclamation at the same time.English Wow, what kind of dessert is this It s really delicious A foreign girl covered her mouth and said excitedly in English.After hearing this, quite a few companions next to the foreign girl curiously picked up all kinds of pastries on the table.Sister, I want to eat He Chaoqiong looked at the cakes on the table, drooling already, and looked up at her sister and said.Okay, I cbd gummies and driving ll pretend for you.He where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving Chaoying picked up the white plate next to it, took another clip, and led her sister to look for her favorite snacks on the huge long table.Chapter 50 After Li Qiang served Li Guohao s last dessert Hundred Flowers , the gummies for sleep cbd cbd gummies and driving pastry making basically came to an end.

Some wages will be deducted, and if the overtime is too long, the wages of the day will be deducted.Then there is the question of the perfect attendance bonus.In addition to the two days of vacation stipulated by the company every month, if you ask for one more day off, the full attendance bonus will be directly deducted.The amount up to the perfect attendance bonus is one hundred yuan.And then the next part is some penalty system.Skip this part, the bottom is the promotion system kore cbd gummies review and the welfare system that the company is preparing.Every employee has the opportunity to be promoted.Even the lowest level waiter will be promoted to the team leader based on her his performance, and at the top is the store manager, and behind the store manager there are regional managers and the like.Employee promotion is divided into three types 1.

Even the police patrolling the roadside thought there was a riot and hurriedly called the headquarters to send support.A large number of riot police arrived with a clatter.One by one, they held batons and shields to block the front and back of the HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving street, for fear that the group of rioters would harm the people nearby.It was too much trouble.Not only are there more people gathered on Nathan Road, but also on the Central side.The police station was also afraid that it would be the same as in previous years, so they hurriedly sent additional police force to support, and police vehicles rushed over with a large number of riot police.Originally, only Nathan Road and Wing Kee stores in Central had many people gathered around for refunds.As time went by, as soon as the news spread, it was just a simple refund.

Li Guohao also tried to appease him again and again, and after talking a lot, he was able to stop this frenzy of refunds.Rong Bingcai at the other end has had eight lifetimes of bad luck.This time not only the number of refunds exceeded a thousand people in total The amount is as high as more than three hundred thousand.Even after the police station learned the whole story, they sent cbd gummies and driving someone to contact Rong Bingcai and asked him to close his business for a few days.Until the refund was over and the store was closed, Rong Bingcai still didn t know why so many people came to refund the money.You must know that this kind of large scale crowded refund is impossible to complete privately, unless someone instigates it behind the scenes.But Rong Bingcai learned from the staff that Li Ji on the opposite side had many people who asked cbd gummy for relaxation for refunds in the past.

Wu Guohua said Then I ll just tell you Mr.Li, the main reason binoid cbd gummies for asking you this time is for Kung Fu Panda.The ratings are very good, almost surpassing the TV series made by Uncle Wang, so the station hopes to broadcast a few more episodes every week.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned and said The production of cartoons is extremely complicated.It s more time consuming than filming a TV series, and now the animation company and our publishing house are rushing to complete two episodes every week, if we increase the number of episodes, the quality may not be guaranteed.When there are more than 24 pictures in one second When the human eye sees it as a continuous image.Therefore, when making an animation, there must be 24 pictures in one second.Generally, one picture is called a frame, so there are 24 frames in every second to make people feel that the cartoon is moving, not a manga.

It s hard to explain to the Li family, so you need to talk about Guohua again.This Wu Guohua didn t know what Fang Yihua was thinking.Selling the copyright of Kung Fu Panda animation to Southeast Asia, of course, is to get a little profit, but Li Guohao may not agree to this kind of talk.What Is there a problem Fang Yihua glanced at Wu Guohua.Wu Guohua swallowed his saliva and said, No problem, I ll try to talk about it as much as possible.As a former minister of the Shaw family, Wu Guohua really wasn t so afraid of Uncle Liu, a look scared him so much that he dared not say anything.But facing Fang Yihua, the concubine of the sixth uncle, not only Wu Guohua was in awe, but even other employees of Shaw Brothers were a little afraid of her.This thing has to start from last year.A popular Shaw Brothers actress offended Fang Yihua because of her popularity, so she was forced to arrange a tertiary film for her in the name of her contract.

I don t need you to take care of what I do Rongji is now the master of the house, and it s not up to wyld cbd sleep gummies you to intervene whether it s good or bad Rong Bingcai was so taunted by this younger brother who used to look cbd gummies and driving down on him, he became angry from embarrassment.Yes, I really don t care, but mom can If I tell mom about this, tell me whether she will let you continue to be the head of Rongji Rong Binghua threatened.When Rong Bingcai heard his mother was mentioned, he frowned How old is Mom, don t bother her with this matter, if anything happens to her, you will see me Rong Binghua held on to the handle and said I don t want to tell Mom, who made you so confused now, you are doing things without thinking, and you are about to smash Rongji s signboard.If this continues, Rongji may not be far from closing Speaking of this, Rong Binghua deliberately emphasized the word closed door.

As soon as he heard the boss say that he stood behind him for a long time, Ah Fa s face paled instantly with fright, and there was only one thought in his mind, that it was over, he must have heard what he just said.After Li Guohao told this matter, Sister Wang s expression gradually became embarrassing.Sister Wang, you are the store manager now, you can handle this matter, and then just make a report to the company.Although Li Guohao is the boss, he is right, but now that there is a store manager, he still has to give Sister Wang some advice.It s up cbd gummies and driving to her to deal with the matter of face.I understand.Sister Wang nodded heavily, and looked at the two in front of her angrily.You must know that she has only become the store manager of the Nathan Road store for a few days, and such a situation of publicizing private pockets, stealing and cheating, or it happened in front of the boss.

There are millions of deposits, and it is a member who has processed a large number of refunds from Rongji in the past month or so.Also watched Kung Fu Panda, and the children in the family Parents who have no choice but to do it.The daily turnover of the three branches is tens of thousands.By the way, can the company get a loan from the bank now Li Qiang asked suddenly.When Li Guohao heard the word loan, he frowned Why do you talk about loans in a decent manner You also know that the company has 500,000 in debt.As for whether I can still get a loan, I don t know.Li Qiang rubbed his chin and pondered for a while Said According to the development of cbd gummies and driving our company, the bank should be happy to give us a loan.After all, we have so much turnover every day, and we still have millions of deposits in the bank.

I see.Well, I m hanging up, I still have something to do.Goodbye.After hanging up the phone, Li Guohao held his chin and thought.In fact, it is the best choice to broadcast cartoons on TVB.Who made TVB live into the 21st century.But facing TVB s unreasonable demands at this moment, Li Guohao will naturally not get used to it.Fangzheng s TVB at this time has not yet reached the point where Xiangjiang is the only one.Throwing away all his troubles, Li Guohao once again turned his attention to the book The Functions of Managers on the table Radio Channel, TVB Television Station.In the Purchasing Manager s Office.Fang Yihua was surprised What People from Panda Publishing House disagreed They also said that they would never cooperate with TVB again Yes, Shangguan Xiaobao, the chief editor of Panda Publishing House, was very unhappy with our request.

When I was in school, my dad liked you the most.Every time I come to the store, I will bring you delicious food.You.Rong Binghua saw Manager Zhang s heartbeat, and used human relations at the last moment.Manager Zhang grew up where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving in a poor family and worked hard in school.After meeting Rong Binghua, he often went to Rongji to play.Rong Binghua s father knew that Manager Zhang was a good boy, so he often gave him some pastries.Okay Just this once, and I don t want anyone to know about the five points.Don t worry brother, if you come out of this door, God knows you and I know you Chapter 68 Since Zhang Dong resigned from the position of store manager and became the manager of the purchasing department, it is also very difficult to see each other again.Apart from being able to meet him every day at the company, it was difficult to meet him in other places, which made Mai Xiaomin very annoyed, and once asked the company to ask Zhang Dong to accompany her to the movies.

Li Guohao thought about some companies that have adopted the strategy of franchisees in the future, and the best of them should be Braised Chicken and Rice.Relying on the strategy of franchising, it has successfully landed Chinese food in the United States and successfully listed.Although the market value is not high, it can be regarded as the leader in the Chinese food industry.If you want to truly make the company bigger and stronger, and become a multinational enterprise, there is only the strategy of franchising.Didn t you object to me being a food processing factory at the beginning Why are you talking more and more vigorously now Li Guohao glanced at the excited Li Qiang and asked with a smile.Li Qiang said I am opposed to food processing factories, mainly because I am opposed to selling pastry packages to shopping malls.

Mr.Shangguan, our TV station has agreed to your terms.A middle aged man with slightly bald head smiled and stood up to shake hands with Shangguan Xiaobao.Thank you, Mr.Liao.This time we can negotiate smoothly, thanks to Mr.Liao s help.This time, Shangguan Xiaobao talked with Li s TV station for a long time, and finally settled the matter of overseas copyright sales Liao Bufan laughed and said In that case, we would also like to thank Mr.Shangguan for giving us the right to broadcast the second part of Kung Fu Panda to Li Husheng.You must know the ratings of every Saturday and Sunday some time ago.TVB s pressure is terrible.Shangguan Xiaobao and Liu Mingguang, the director of the publishing department of the publishing house, laughed at the same time.Indeed, the ratings of Kung Fu Panda are very high.

Director Gao Liao Bufan hurriedly greeted the person coming.Director Gao nodded Is Manager Liao the artist of Kung Fu Panda Yes, let me introduce you to Director Gao.This is Shangguan Xiaobao, the editor in chief of Panda Comic Publishing House, and the editor in chief of Kung Fu Panda.He drew Kung Fu Panda.Liao Bufan introduced.Director Gao greeted and said Hello, Mr.Shangguan.Hello, Director Gao.Shangguan Xiaobao glanced at Liu Mingguang beside him, and both of them found each other s doubts in their eyes.Seeing Shangguan Xiaobao and Liu Mingguang s puzzled cbd gummies and driving looks, Director Gao said with a smile, I m really sorry for interrupting you this time, but I want to ask Mr.Shangguan for help.Director Gao is being polite.What does the director want from us Shangguan Xiaobao was very puzzled, what did the director Gao in front of him want to ask him for It s like this.

He himself works in the procurement department.Unexpectedly, the contact person found me and invited me out for dinner, saying that she wanted to advertise on TVB.Haha, of course we need to contact the advertising department for this advertisement.Director Wu was invited this time to make cbd gummies and driving a small cbd gummies and driving rachael ray cbd gummies amazon advertisement in the TV cbd gummies and driving series.Rong Binghua laughed.Wu Guohua asked curiously In the TV series That s right, isn t Director Wu in charge of TVB s procurement department Rong Binghua said a lot, roughly meaning that he wanted to insert a soft advertisement in the TV series.As for why he contacted Wu Guohua, the director of the purchasing department, instead of the advertising department, he had other plans.Rong Binghua mainly wanted to save a large amount of advertising expenses, and discussed this matter with Wu Guohua in private.

If it weren t for him, he would gummies for sleep cbd cbd gummies and driving still be just a cub in the slums.It s okay, it s okay if you have the heart, master knows you re busy.Li Renzhong knew about Guan Yunfei s situation in his heart.Guan Yunfei is a nice person, if his business is doing well, he will definitely visit him during the holidays, but if he feels lonely, he won t be able to save his face and come back.This is Dexiao s son, Guohao I haven t seen him for many years Guan Yunfei glanced at Li Guohao beside Li Renzhong, and could vaguely see his previous appearance from his appearance.Li Renzhong smiled and said Well, this is my grandson, Li Guohao.Guohao, call someone.Li Guohao nodded and said, Uncle Guan.Li Guohao had met Guan Yunfei before, but it was just It s been a long time.Okay.Let s go up and talk.Guan Yunfei stepped forward to pick up Li Renzhong, and led him HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving into the restaurant.

Among the established restaurants in Xiangjiang, apart from Yung Kee, Lianxianglou is the oldest, followed by Jinhua cbd candy gummies Restaurant.Of course, there are some well known restaurants, such as Fengcheng Restaurant.What do you mean, Yunfei Li Renzhong asked.I hope the master will come out and help me Guan Yunfei took a serious look at Li Renzhong and said sincerely.Li Renzhong thought for a while, but did not immediately agree.To be honest, although his cooking skills have not fallen, after all, he has cbd gummies and driving not been a chef for more than 20 years.He is not allowed to work in a place like the back kitchen.At this time, Li Guohao asked, Uncle Guan, when did the Lianxianglou shop open Guan Yunfei heard this, thought for a while and said, Probably around July last year.Uncle Guan has I never thought about it, it s not just a matter of craftsmanship, it may be related to other things.

It is more serious than our previous hygiene failure.It will make more people pay attention to food safety issues.It is right to slowly open branches for the time being.Yes.Li Qiang said again A few days ago, I saw a piece of land in Yuen Long, New Territories, which is held by HSBC Bank.I am going to discuss with HSBC to see if it is possible to buy this land for us The next step is to invest in stuffing food factories and food factories.A company, or a food company, must have its own food processing factory.Whether it is future development or cost saving, it needs the assembly line of the factory to complete.The main purpose of opening the palace pastry factory this time is to make fillings and make convenient sealed packaging pastries.After all, pastry is also a kind of snack.It is a kind of snack that people eat after dinner, just like potato chips and French fries, except that pastry can also be eaten as a staple food.

No, it s not Aunt Fat looking for me, it s Aunt Fat who I m looking for.Ask her if she has a way to buy stocks.Li Huifang was afraid that Li Guohao would think it was cbd australia gummies Aunt Fat s idea and would trouble Aunt Fat, so she said directly It turned out that I had this idea.You Mom, why are you buying stocks Li Guohao looked at his mother Li Huifang in surprise, a woman with no education, would think of oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation finding someone to buy stocks Do you remember cbd gummies and driving the one selling bozai cakes opposite our tea restaurant Li Guohao thought hemp emu cbd gummies for a while and said unsurely Gu Ji Yes, that kid Gu Ping gummies for sleep cbd cbd gummies and driving doesn t make bozai cakes now, he just goes to speculate in stocks I heard I sold all the stores, invested more than 400,000 yuan in stocks, and made 20,000 to 30,000 yuan in less than a month So much money Li Guohao had never bought stocks before, and he didn t expect to make such a profit.

Hehe, what kind of stocks are there to make money Although the stock market in Xiangjiang is very good now, there has never been any business that is sure to make money.Just play around Stocks are fine, but oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation don t go deep into them, this is something that most people can t handle.Li Qiang chuckled lightly.Ordinary people can t play it Li Guohao rolled his eyes when he heard this, this kid still where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving loves to hit people so much.Just when Li Guohao was about to continue to say something, Gu Qianqian who was on the side said Chairman, I just read the document, it is mentioned that our company will help the merchants who join, from brand, technology, and storefront Is this a bit broad Li Guohao shook his head and said Manager Gu is something we must guarantee as the head office, and it is also something we must do well.

This time Li Guohao plans to invest one million.This is currently the largest fund that Li Guohao can use.The five million borrowed from HSBC before was used to open five branches in China, as well as a series of promotional advertisements, plus the stuffing factory opened in Yuen Long, basically it was used in sevens and eights.The 1 million invested by Li Guohao is the money that the palace pastry has earned so far.That s right, from last year to now, the company s net profit cbd gummies and driving is only one million.Although the company still has several million in HSBC, all the money was deposited into the membership card by the members in advance, and the money must not be moved unless it is absolutely necessary.Du Deye had been waiting for Li Guohao at the gate of the company early in the morning.After asking about the target, he said with a sunmed cbd gummies 10 mg smile, Hello, Mr.

At first, he was annoyed that his daughter was dating without telling him, but now He also calmed down and asked with a smile.Yes, uncle After Li Guohao said this, he secretly glanced at Zhao Yazhi next to him, only to see that the other party gave him a fierce look, and shrank his head in embarrassment.Mother Zhao said, Sit down.Thank you, Auntie.Li Guohao said politely, and then found a chair and sat down.Ah Zhen behind her also secretly ran back to the seat beside Zhao Yazhi and sat down.A Zhen, you stinky girl, how can you say that Mr.Li is my boyfriend Seeing A Zhen coming back, Zhao Yazhi secretly pinched her waist lightly, and whispered in her ear.Oh, don t pinch me Ah Zhen patted Zhao Yazhi HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving s hand angrily and said, What Do you want to go on a blind date with that Dr.Huang Mom has spoken this time, so it must be confirmed I won t say you have How about a boyfriend.

Father Zhao pulled Li Guohao to chat at the door again.Zhao s mother pulled Zhao Yazhi aside and said, A Zhi, your father and I will go back first, and you can go shopping with Ah Hao.Mom, let me go back with you.Li Guohao chatting with his father in the distance.When Mother Zhao heard this, she glared at Zhao cbd gummies and driving Yazhi on the spot and said, Ah Hao has come here so busy, what s wrong with you hanging out with him Let me tell you, Ah Hao is so handsome and capable, you have to be careful Yes, and your job as a stewardess should be resigned to me as soon as possible.There are a lot of foxes these days, since you are in a relationship with Ah Hao, you should hurry up and kenai cbd gummies near me talk to him about marriage.Mom, say What, he s not my boyfriend at all, what about getting married Zhao Yazhi said unhappily when she heard about the marriage.

Li Renzhong heard what his son and daughter in law said., also hurriedly said That s right, Ah Hao, don t spend money to open a restaurant because of grandpa, it s better to focus on your company.That s what Li Renzhong said, but he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.Li Guohao glanced at his grandfather and saw that he said so, but he always felt that he didn t think so in his heart, so he said It s okay, I opened ten branches this time.Not only did I not spend a penny, but I also made more than a hundred dollars.Wan I will make more money in the future You made a million without spending money to open ten stores Is the son real or fake Li Renzhong, Li Dexiao and Li Huifang were surprised at the same time road.Chapter 111 520 Facing his family s questions, Li Guohao smiled and said, Of course it s true.

The main reason is the promotional activities on that day.In addition to the 30 discount for the entire site, there is also a prize draw once when you spend 300 yuan, and the 520 couple event.As long as couples or couples come to the store to buy together, they will all get pastries A little gift from the shop for free.Sitting in Li Qiang s car, Li Guohao spent half a day walking around all ten stores.Seeing that the business of each branch was very good, he was naturally very happy.Come big profits and fame.Do you still want to look around This time the ten stores jointly held an event, which attracted many customers to buy in the store.It seems that today s turnover should have a qualitative breakthrough.Li Qiang drove the car and took a look.Li Guohao beside him asked.Forget it and go back.

Okay, let s go there quickly, cbd gummies and driving don t let people wait in a hurry.Go back to the hotel to have a rest, and go out for a stroll at night.I have heard that the night market in Macau is very interesting.Upon hearing the game, Mai Xiaomin s eyes lit up and said Okay, okay, I ve wanted to come to Macau for a long time.Zhang Dong looked at Mai Xiaomin like a child, and smiled helplessly I said, grandma, you are going to get married soon, can you not So playful.Mai Xiaomin snorted coldly, glanced at Zhang Dong and said, What You don t want to accompany me How dare I Zhang Dong immediately acted like a resentful woman when he heard this.Hahaha Li Guohao laughed out loud, this A Dong fell under Mai Xiaomin s hands.That night, the three of Li Guohao walked around the cbd gummy bear night market near the hotel after Gu Qianqian.

What s the matter There are so few fairy voices.It s not in vain for me, Mr.Dong, to meet the two of you.The middle aged man who claimed to be Mr.Dong heard Zhao Yazhi s question, his eyes lit up, cbd gummies and driving and then he calmed down, pretending to be exclaimed.Li Guohao frowned, what exactly does this person want to do, and asked I said this Dong, what do you want to do Sorry, sorry, Pindao hasn t introduced himself yet.Although I have left the Taoist temple, you can call me Qingfengzi.Dong Haonan said apologetically, cupping his hands.Haonan Hearing this name, Li Guohao would always think of a certain movie for no reason.That s right, Haonan In a flash, Li Guohao remembered that Dong Haonan called himself a poor man before, and smiled inwardly.It seems that this person is a liar.But Zhao Yazhi, who was at the side, asked with some doubts Master Qingfengzi, what do you mean by what you just said These professions are very popular.

Li, but it s okay to say.Recently, I have made a big change in my career.Dare I ask if the boss can detect good or bad luck Li Guohao didn t say much, Let me tell you that my career has changed a lot.Dong Haonan frowned, shook his long sleeves, stretched out his right hand, counted with his HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving cbd gummies and driving fingers, closed his eyes and cbd gummies 250 mg muttered something, and finally asked I don t know what aspect of Mr.Li s career Food.Without soil, the earth cannot be covered without soil, the earth cannot bear everything on it.Therefore, heaven, earth and people cannot be without soil.Trees without soil will lose the power of cultivation fire without soil cannot shine in all directions gold without soil If there is no water and no soil, it will not be able to overflow in all directions.If the soil has no water and no trees, it will not be able to support all things.

After all, I don t have a woman to accompany Mr.Cai to dinner.Cai Langyi He also laughed and said, I can eat a hundred flowers made by Mr.Li himself.It s really delicious.I want beautiful women.I want delicious food without beautiful women.Cai Lang just said, Li Guohao and Shangguan Xiaobao looked at each other and laughed.Strongly push the testimonials.I read the comments before, saying that the layout is too small, or that I have been writing about the pastry.Let me simply respond here, the layout is not small.Speaking of this, I would where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving like to give a special thanks to Dao Tseng Wuchen, who wrote very good comments in the book review area before, and I also revised the outline according to his opinions.The catering industry does not only refer to hotels, beverages, fast food, snacks, etc.Of course, these things are enough for me to write for a while.

A little more.I have no objection.On the surface, these people seem to agree cbd gummies and driving with Liu Peilin taking more shares, but in fact, they still see Liu Peilin paying more money to buy shares, otherwise this group of businessmen who are smarter than monkeys will Willing to give up shares As long as there was no objection from everyone, Liu Peilin said again Well, as I said before, you all took out your own signature pastries to jointly open a pastry company, which is specially used to make pastries, and is working with some small pastry shops, teahouses, restaurants, etc.Cooperation, while we make profits, we naturally have cbd gummy for relaxation cbd melatonin gummies amazon to give up part of the profits to these partners.So, everyone s pastry recipes must be handed over to the company.Of course, I will send someone to strictly control them, and we will never leak a little bit.

The only airport in Hong Kong, Kai Tak Airport.Palace Pastry also has a branch here.I got information from the branch store, saying oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation that the sales of pastries have increased significantly recently.The sales of ordinary pastries are very good, but the best is the snow skin moon cake.Not only the branch at Kai Tak Airport, but also other directly operated branches of the company, as well as franchised stores have received information that the sales of pastries have increased significantly recently, the most notable being the snow skin mooncakes, which big guys have never eaten before.A new type of moon cake.The taste is not only refreshing but not greasy, especially if it is only eaten under refrigeration, the taste is the best.Li Guohao also specially added an extra cabinet refrigerator to each store.

At this time, the camera lens was also aimed at a group of children, and I saw that each of them was holding a puppet of Panda Po.After seeing this, Ms.Shen finally confirmed that the Li Guohao reported on TV was the one she knew.A pastry shop owner.Margo what are you doing MacLehose looked curiously at Ms.Shen who had been standing in front of the TV.It s nothing, I just saw an acquaintance.Ms.Shen backed away, looking at the news that had ended, thoughtful.the next day.company.Hong Kong governor Sir Mak will hold a charity gala recently.Whether it s TV stations or newspapers and magazines, they naturally cooperate with each other to the best of their ability.Since before the Mid Autumn Festival, I where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving have been reporting some charity related matters, including the night of the Mid Autumn Festival when Li Guohao s name appeared on TV.

Let them leave the phone number and the address of the orphanage.We will send people over to inspect the people who need donations and the number of people.They also kept it, but they asked us to donate some expensive ones by name.Cakes, coconut flavored glutinous rice cakes, and honeycomb cakes.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned, and said, These two are indeed very expensive, and the cheapest one costs five or six yuan each.They just said These two kinds These two kinds are high quality pastries, and they are sold by portion, and each portion is only one piece.Basically, some white collar workers eat more, so there is a sample in the display cabinet for everyone to see., It is made and sold by the pastry chef in the store.Not only that, there are many snacks that I have never eaten before What s the name of the orphanage Zhao Yazhi thought for a while and said, cbd gummies and driving It seems that one is called Qingkang Welfare Institute and the other is called Jiabao Welfare Institute.

Wang Zheng s meaning is very clear, that is, the so called branch of the Chinese Food Promotion Association, the Chinese Pastry Promotion Association, has no effect at all, it is equivalent to self entertainment within the company.Didn t Mr.Cai recommend a lot of people to join Li Guohao asked in surprise.Mr.Cai recommended quite a few people, but there were only more than 20, and most of them were just food lovers.Wang Zhengdao.Then what do you mean Li Guohao asked.Wang Zhengdao Actually, I want the president to increase the promotion of the association.How do you want to promote it Newspapers, television.At the beginning of the association, it was just a temporary idea of Li cbd gummies tinnitus review Guohao and Li Qiang.At that time, they also wanted to improve their popularity or face.It is easy to introduce, this is the president of the Chinese Food Promotion Association, Mr.

Wang Zheng took a peek at Li Guohao when he said this, and saw that he didn t respond He continued So I discussed with Manager Xie that only eight districts will be opened for the preliminaries, and in the eight districts, a display stand for the Chinese Pastry Association will be set up at the same time, so that all the pastry chefs who come to participate in the competition will be able to participate in the competition.On site registration information, on site participation in the preliminaries.This method is very good, and it will save them from coming to the headquarters of the association.Li Guohao nodded.This method is very good, and it will also save a group of people from coming to the company to fill in the information.Yes, just to consider that some people may not run back and forth at two ends.

Okay.Li Qiang shrugged helplessly.This time he came to the United States to open a store.He really took it for granted.He doesn t like desserts, and he hasn t eaten much since he came to the United States.Otherwise, he would have considered these issues in Xiangjiang before.What happened to the monosodium glutamate before Li Guohao suddenly remembered what his grandfather and old friend Uncle Chang said about the harmfulness of monosodium glutamate when he was in Changji Restaurant.Oh, you said this.Li Qiang explained In 1968, a Chinese named Guo Haomin felt unwell after eating in a Chinese restaurant, so he went to the hospital for a physical examination.After checking the reasons, he arbitrarily believed that MSG caused his physical discomfort, so he wrote a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, the largest at that time.

Zhao Yazhi knew clearly This competition is held by the company, and the company s is Li Guohao s.Since it is Li Guohao s business, Zhao Yazhi is naturally very concerned.The first thing she does when she comes home from get off work every day is to turn on the TV to watch the Xiangjiang Chinese Pastry Promotion Competition The program.People in Xiangjiang are a bit of a gambler.Judging from the horse betting and lottery, they have basically bought similar lottery tickets.After all, it is not uncommon for people to get rich overnight.Of course, everyone in the world has this idea, certified natures cbd gummies reviews except for the rich.From their point of view, winning the lottery is just a matter of good luck today.It may be one of the pleasures of the general public to bet on which pastry chef can reach the top three or win the championship directly.

One star good restaurant worth stopping by two stars first class cooking, excellent food and wine pairings, worth the detour, but not cheap three stars perfect and consummate cooking, Worth making the trip for superb food, a good selection of house wines, impeccable service and superbly refined dining, but free trial cbd gummies it will cost you a fortune.The chef is the same.Samsung selection.In a word of arrogance, if Michelin praises a person who has just learned cooking skills as top notch, then no matter whether the cooking of this person is delicious or not, he will definitely become the object of competition among many restaurants.Of course, this is just a joke, Michelin will not smash its own brand.In the same way, the main purpose of Li Guohao s establishment of such an association is still to influence, and now it is only in the pastry industry, or Xiangjiang.

There are still people who can t pass the driver s license Then he said to Zhang Kaiming Uncle Zhang, why don t you go back first, we can go back later by ourselves.How can this work Boss, it s not very convenient to hire a taxi at night.Zhang Kaiming said.It s okay, I live opposite.Li Guohao smiled and pointed to the neighborhood road not far away.The boss lives across the street, right Then what time will I pick you up at the gate tomorrow morning Zhang Kaiming asked.Li Guohao thought for a while and said Nine o clock. it is good.After Zhang Kaiming left, Zhao Yazhi took Li Guohao s arm and said, I m finally used cbd gummies store bethlehem pa to someone sitting in front of us and listening to us.Li Guohao patted Zhao Yazhi s little hand that was holding his arm and said, Just get used to it.I ll treat you to a big meal today.

Uncle Zhang finished speaking on his own, and left suddenly on his motorcycle.Okay.After Uncle Zhang left, Li Guohao glanced at the names on the flower baskets in front of his shop, most of them were sent by the neighbors.Give me a dry fried beef river I said buddy, why is my fried rice not ready yet Have a cup of lemon tea Hurry up, I m going to work soon.Okay, okay, don t rush It ll be ready soon.Your fried rice.Would you like a cup of gummies for sleep cbd cbd gummies and driving iced lemon tea As soon as I entered the store, I saw that it was full of customers.Some rushed to serve food, some just came to order, and some left after paying their bills and still feeling full after eating and drinking.How many people is this gentleman At this time, a waiter wearing a suit with the word Li Ji on it had memorized the other person s dishes, and was about to go to the back kitchen to report the menu, when he happened to meet Li Guohao who came in.

Li, where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving I have read your information.At a young age, relying on the handicrafts handed down from your family, you started from scratch.In just one year, you set up a palace cake, a food processing factory, and a stuffing processing factory.As well as several businesses such as packaging and processing plants.If you are not courageous, I am afraid that you will not have such a big achievement.I just lack the courage to break the boat.I don t know if Mr.Jin knows why I set up Your own food supply company Li Guohao asked a question.Jin Jiashi thought for a while and said, Is it because of Jardine Land I know that Nanshun belongs to the Jardine faction.It just so happened that Landmark Real Estate acquired cbd gummies and driving Maxim s Cakes not long ago and opened a large scale store.And Nanshun acquired If you say that, it s not that Nanshun deliberately seized the flour and other raw materials from Mr.

Why don t you find a way to solve Hongkong Land and its subsidiaries first The main reason is that William has speculated a large number of low quality stocks before, just like Xiangjiang Antenna.A large number of British capital and Chinese businessmen took the lead in creating profitable junk stocks.Faced oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation with the madness of the stock market, not only the British capital group tried to enter the market, but the Chinese businessmen rushed in one after another.Unfortunately, the British capital group knows the stock best.British capital is rich and powerful, and its relationship with the government is stronger than that of Chinese businessmen, and cbd gummies and driving it has a very deep interest relationship with the UK.Naturally, it mainly suppresses Chinese businessmen in the stock cbd gummies and driving market.In the past two years, a large number of Chinese business companies have been swallowed up and acquired by British capital pastry company.

Wan Fuhao was shocked in his heart.He didn t even care about the business in the store, and hurried to the tea restaurant with the magazine.I said, Lao Zhang, why are you running in such a hurry It was the morning and it was not very busy.It was rare for Li Huifang to sit down leisurely and calculate the income and expenses for the past two days.Here, is this Ah Hao Zhang Dong s father picked up the magazine excitedly, and handed the cover to Li Huifang to read.Li Huifang took the magazine and looked at it.Isn t her precious son Li Guohao on the cover Surprised It s Ah Hao Why is he in a magazine You have given birth to a good son Zhang Dong s father said excitedly.Listening to the movement ahead, Li Dexiao and Li Renzhong also walked out of the back kitchen.What The three of them couldn t believe it when they heard Zhang Dong s father s words Ahao has become a billionaire Not only some strangers got to know Li Guohao, even Huo cbd gummies and driving Zhenting and Zheng Jiachun, who had dealings with Li Guohao in the past, were surprised after seeing this newspaper or news.

Or watch some of his movies less.Half Weight , Ghost and Horse Twin Stars , Modern Times , Teppanyaki After 2000, the most well known one should be Baby Project co operated with Chen Long.The charterer and bandit leader played in the film, his superb acting skills have impressed many people who are not familiar with him, and Xu s comedy style is even more eye catching.If you ask Li Guohao which Xu Guanwen movie he likes the most, it is Joyful Ding Dong is the best choice.This film with Hong Gu is the most suitable for him in terms of comedy effect and plot.Li Guohao smiled and said Let s sit down and chat.Turning back to Zhao Yazhi, she said Ah Zhi, go get me a glass of water.it is good.Several people sat down, but Li Guohao found that Xu Guanjie had been staring at Zhao Yazhi who was leaving.

Li will definitely become a member smoothly. After a few cbd gummy for relaxation cbd melatonin gummies amazon days.This year s Spring Festival, Li Guohao did not go to his uncle s house in Wanwan with his mother to visit relatives, because Li s mother said that the uncle s family would bring grandpa and grandma to Xiangjiang for a period of time.I heard that it seems that Nissin instant noodles are in Wanwan The business is not very good, and many people have been laid off, cbd gummies and driving including my uncle.This time when I return to Xiangjiang, my uncle is going to come back and look for a job again.McGee Decorating Co.Li Guohao walked in holding Zhao Yazhi s hand.It used to be a dilapidated company.Because of the good business in the past two years, Mai Qi made a lot of money, and also refurbished the company.The number of employees has grown from one person to more than twenty.

Get rid of him Mai Xiaomin laughed.No, I m wrong, okay Zhang Dong said with a bitter face when he heard this.Li Guohao and the three beside him laughed loudly.This time I came to Zhang Dong not only to see him, but mainly because Li Guohao wanted to slightly modify several offices of Nanshun Company, the most important of which were his chairman s office and the new charity department office.Most of Nanshun s offices have a large glass wall, and the manager can check the situation of the office area outside the office, but Li Guohao wants to change the cbd gummies and driving charity department a little bit I went back to the company in the afternoon.Not long after Li Guohao sat in oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation the boss chair, the phone rang in a hurry.Before he could speak, Huang Yaohua s anxious voice came from the phone Chairman The factory was smashed up Smashed up What s going on Are you injured asked.

Okay.Quick frozen food is not as simple as quick frozen meat, and the stuffing inside the food must be considered, and at the same time, how to maintain the taste after quick freezing No change, these are all technologies, and they are all patents that can be applied for.Thinking of patents, papa and barkley cbd gummies Li Guohao also thought of some snacks and stuffings he made, and considered whether to apply for a patent.After thinking about it, he decided not to apply.Most of these innovative pastries and fillings are slightly enhanced and improved by Li Guohao based on some common pastries of later generations, combined with his own ancestral secret recipes.The real important palace secret recipes are still in his mind, as well as those of the Li family On the family recipe.The secret recipe, unless you don t want to expand your company or shop, can never be kept in a state of absolute secrecy.

The weather in Xiangjiang is basically pleasant in all seasons, but this winter is indeed a bit too cold.Go in earlier, there should be heating inside.Okay.Li Guohao turned to the driver Zhang Guangming and said, Uncle Zhang, please park the car inside.There is a dedicated parking space inside the racecourse.It cbd gummies and driving s the boss. When she was about to enter the Jockey Club, Zhao Yazhi also took off her coat and handed it to Li Guohao.After showing the invitation letter, she passed the guard smoothly.Li Guohao walked into the Jockey Club holding Zhao Yazhi s hand.At this time, in the Jockey Club banquet venue, maybe it was a little early, and there were not many people, scattered around, Li Guohao raised his eyes and scanned for a week, but found no acquaintances, so he was going to find a place to sit Come down for a rest.

The door of the ward.Dean Cheng has troubled you this time.Thanks to your help, these children can receive the best treatment.Li Guohao thanked Cheng Shimin, holding Cheng Shimin s hand.Cheng Shimin was one of the thirteen internal members of the Jockey Club.This time, Li Guohao s Child Friendly Charity Foundation was able to bring some sick children from the Lovely Home to the hospital for treatment.help given by the other party.Mr.Li, you are being polite.It is our duty to show love for these poor children.Cheng Shimin smiled and said, Mr.Li, I still have business to do, so I won t be here to accompany you any longer.President Cheng, you are busy.After sending Cheng Shimin away, Li Guohao looked in through the glass window of the ward, and saw that Zhao Yazhi was holding the panda puppet he brought, and was talking to the seven year old Annie was playing, looking at the young Annie s naked head, her heart ached.

Slow down, lean to the side, and let the car behind pass first.Yu Weicheng was a little puzzled at first when he heard Chen Sheng s words, but then cbd gummies and driving he suddenly understood that this was their tacit understanding after years of training, and he knew that Chen Sheng would not Say something useless.Yu Weicheng also glanced at the van behind him through the rearview mirror, and asked, What s the matter He slowed down a lot while asking.After hearing the conversation between the two, Li Guohao, who was sitting in the back seat, also looked back through the rear glass, and saw a dilapidated white van following closely behind.Before Li Guohao asked what gummies for sleep cbd cbd gummies and driving was going on, Chen Sheng had a dignified face and said seriously, Boss, I m afraid we are in trouble Trouble You mean the car behind In this situation, but I have seen many such movies, I panicked and quickly asked, Is the car behind us following us Leave a lane for the white van behind to pass first, but they not only did not overtake, but also slowed down the speed, it seems that this car should be coming towards you, boss Chen Sheng analyzed through a few small details just now.

Seeing that people with missions and meritorious deeds can pass directly through the exception, it is also heart warming produits huiles gummies cbd As long as there is any major case in Xiangjiang, except for the police who know it immediately, it is not the reporter of the uncrowned king.I don t know where I got the news.TVB and Li s TV reporters drove their live broadcast vehicles to Pok Fu Lam Village regardless of safety.Some newspaper reporters also followed the orders of their superiors, and drove to Pok Fu Lam Road one by one with a driver s license or by car.At this time, Li Guohao, who was hiding in a house, was pale and sweating behind his back.He was wearing a good looking suit, which was stained with a lot of mud because of running on the wasteland, and the cuff was scratched by unknown weeds.Yes, he glanced dully at the villagers and the two bodyguards hiding in the house, and calmed down a little.

But if he didn t take over, Li Guohao felt that it was a waste.This group of people had participated in rigorous training.If they were let go this time, it would be difficult to have such a good opportunity in the future.Let them go to various companies and stores as security guards hehe.Next Take over all Li Guohao said with a sullen face.All Zhang Bowen said in surprise Chairman, there are more than a hundred people, and they will spend more than 300,000 yuan per month.Tell these people that the first month s salary is two thousand, and the second month Pay an official salary of 3,000 yuan, and at mountain sky cbd gummies the same time tell them that someone who hires them in the future will give a percentage of the amount paid by the employer.But everyone must sign a long term contract Li Guohao is also afraid that his own security company in the future After becoming bigger, it would be bad if someone came to cut off the beard, and directly gave a relatively high quality treatment.

shareholders, including He Qianjin, as well as agents of some well known wealthy businessmen.Welcome all guests, friends from the press As the host spoke on stage, the guests waiting below also started chatting.Soon, the host said Welcome Mr.Zheng Jiachun, chairman of the board of directors of New Century Group, welcome members of the board of directors of New Century GroupWelcome Mr.Li Guohao, chairman of Guohao Group, and welcome Miss He Chaoying With the host With these words, the guests who were invited to cut the ribbon came onto the stage one by one, picked up their golden scissors from the plates brought by the employees, smiled, asked the reporters below to take a few photos, and then cut the ribbon together.Okay, thank you for the ribbon cutting The firecrackers not far away also sounded at this time, and with the final shout of the host, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the start of the construction site officially came to an end.

After giving Zhang Dong a blank look, Li Guohao said, I said, in total, this is using my factory to practice hands, right No, but you also know that 5 thc 5 cbd gummies my father in law has no experience in this kind of work.Although there are many cement workers and bricklayers under his command, they have not actually participated in this kind of work.Zhang Dong also patted his chest and cbd gummies and driving rachael ray cbd gummies amazon assured, Don t worry, when the time comes, you will send someone to inspect and accept.If there is anything that does not meet the standards, I will say it here first.I promise on behalf of my father in law that I will never charge a penny.And help you to re do that project well.Li Guohao thought about it carefully.Huang Yaohua cbd gummies and driving hadn t given a letter of approval for the re establishment of the food factory, and he didn t know how the factory was planned, so he didn t make sure I can t give you this Guaranteed, because Huang Yaohua hasn t given me an approval letter yet, but I think besides a few large factories, there should be some buildings like dormitory buildings and canteens.

own film company.Just when he was thinking of getting close to the condom, he saw a young handsome boy sitting beside him, and saw that handsome boy kept looking at the three of them.Hong Jinbao frowned slightly.This young handsome boy looked familiar.He seemed to have met him somewhere.After recalling it, he asked the big brother Long next to him with a look of surprise, Ah Long, do you think that the one next to Mr.Cai Lan is the one who is the billionaire recently Millionaire Li Guohao.It s him I just saw his news in the newspaper not long ago.The eldest brother Long followed Hong Jinbao s gaze and saw Li Guohao sitting beside Cai Lan, and the two had a close relationship , I suddenly thought of a possibility, the high branch that Cai Lan climbed could be this one As soon as Hong Jinbao heard his eldest brother Long s affirmation, he wanted to take the two of them there to get to know each other, so he walked over and said, Mr.

There is a stage with dozens of sofa tables under it.There are men and women sitting there chatting and listening to songs, and there are also boxes for VIPs.Speaking of which, this is the first time Li Guohao went to a nightclub after time travel, and he wanted to come here before, but he didn t have time, and he was not very interested in the entertainment at oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation this time, so he never came.Just entered the nightclub.I saw a middle aged woman who was dressed just like her mother and still had a charming smile walking over.Isn t this Young Master Zheng It s been a long time since I saw you come to play.Hehe, I m busy.Zheng Jiachun didn t have much interest in chatting with his mother Sang, so he just asked, Is the private room still there Yes, how could it be possible not to be here Young Master Zheng is cbd gummies and driving here to play, even if someone has to let them out.

Recently, we have been advertising on TV stations and newspapers.Basically, it costs 10,000 no cbd gummies on amazon to gummies for sleep cbd cbd gummies and driving 20,000 yuan for advertising, and I think it will be a big expense when it is officially listed.Advertising still needs to be done, not only done, but also continued.Not enough, you can ask TVB and try to find a way to advertise on them as well.Li s TV station is a pay TV station, and the mass base is not as good as TVB, so it doesn t matter if you advertise oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation pastry in the past, after all, people who watch pay TV stations, Don t care about the more expensive price of the palace pastry.But it is different now.Frozen food is a cheap and affordable food, which makes it possible for rich people and ordinary citizens to buy it.If you ignore the advertisements on TVB, you will wait until the frozen food is officially launched in the future.

Support, I m afraid Li Guohao really can t hold on to the news that the oil countries in the Middle East announced an oil embargo.Shen Bi was definitely responsible for earning so much swedish fish cbd gummies money from the U.S.stock market this time.If Shen Bi hadn t unconditionally believed in cbd gummies and driving Li Guohao who was far away in the United States, and had illegally borrowed 100 million yuan, facing Li Guohao would have been bankruptcy and liquidation.It is very likely that the defendant is suspected of two crimes of embezzling company finances and misappropriating company finances.Capitalism is like this.Your company does not mean that it really belongs to you.As long as you took money from the company and did not return it, or did not pay taxes, then sorry, the law does not allow it, and you will be sued by the tax bureau and the court.

Seeing Li Guohao s mysterious look, Zhao Yazhi slowly opened the small gift box, only to see a shiny diamond ring lying quietly inside the box The moment she saw the diamond ring, Zhao Yazhi s tears flowed down uncontrollably.To tell the truth, she was always worried about one thing, that is, Li Guohao would gradually forget himself because he became richer and richer.Zhao Yazhi is very beautiful and beautiful, but it doesn t mean she is the only one.As for the beauty, He Qianjin is also of where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving mixed Chinese and Western blood, which is no worse than Zhao Yazhi.Coupled with the other party s family background and cultivation, this makes Zhao Yazhi feel ashamed.The questioning just now, and the pretended anger, was just to see if Li Guohao would care about him, to ask himself why he was angry.As for Li Guohao s patient explanation and guarantee, Zhao Yazhi felt very sweet in her heart, and also threw away some bad thoughts in her mind.

Well Let s all sit down and talk.After Li Guohao waved his hand for everyone to sit down, he said again This time I will go to the United States to handle the business over there.This matter is troublesome to everyone.It should be The chairman is joking.It cbd gummies and driving s all 60mg cbd gummies a matter of duty.Everyone said that this is completely what they should do.Okay, let s all sit down first.Let s report on the performance and 12 pack cbd gummies development of the past one and a half months, starting with Manager Li Qiang.Li Guohao took the lead in naming Li Qiang, because the palace pastry company was his first company, and at the same time It is also a company in which he does not control all the shares.When Li Qiang was called, he also nodded, and handed cbd gummies and driving over the document in his hand to the recorder in the conference room, asking him to hand it over to Li Guohao.

There is a high rise building built 20 years ago in West Kowloon.The geographical environment is very good.Among the rentals, the price is also very cheap.The only disadvantage may cbd gummies and driving be that it is a little shorter, only eight floors.Only eight floors Li Guohao frowned, is the eight story building a little short.There cbd gummy for relaxation cbd melatonin gummies amazon are a few high rise buildings over there, but there are no extra floors for rent.Many of the original tenants of this building suffered heavy losses during the where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving stock market crash at the beginning of this year.In addition, several cbd gummies vermont floors of tenants expired, so now the entire building is rented out.It is waiting for rent.Is it possible to buy it Li Guohao asked.purchase buy it Li Dexiao next to him cbd gummies and driving was surprised when he heard that his son actually wanted to buy an eight story building.

A corner of the villa.Li Guohao went to look for Zhao Yazhi.He Qianjin and Zhao Yazhi were chatting among a group of noble ladies, and when Li Guohao came over, he smiled and took Zhao Yazhi s hand to bid farewell to everyone.Coming to Li Guohao s side, He Qianjin took a sip of champagne and asked with a smile Ahao, I heard that the company is planning to build a school Specialize in cultivating pastry talents He Qianjin is a shareholder, so he naturally knows about it, but Maybe he didn t understand clearly, so Li Guohao explained No, the company is just a cooperation, and I personally funded the establishment of the cbd gummy for relaxation cbd melatonin gummies amazon school.Is the franchise business in Southeast Asia very good Do you need to set cbd gummies and driving cbd gummies and driving up a school to train pastry chefs He Qianjin told the court She didn t know much about the pastry company s operations, but she sent a director to act as an agent, and she came to Xiangjiang from Macau to hear the agent s mention of this matter.

In Golden Harvest s cinemas, the average attendance is about 70 to 80 , and it is expected to exceed 6 million Hong Kong dollars before the movie is released. Four million Hong Kong dollars so tall Li Guohao remembered that Ghost Horse Twin Stars was cbd gummy bears in otsego indeed the annual box office champion, but it should be next year.I didn t expect it to be released earlier, and the box office has not changed much.Hmm Xu Guanwen talked about the box office with a look of pride and excitement.You must know that after Bruce Lee s movie Enter the Dragon hit the market this year, the box office of tom selleck and cbd gummies Ghost and Horse he directed and starred in exceeded four million in less than a month.In other words, it surpassed Bruce Lee I remember that we signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest So, the film company should make a lot of money this time.

There is a TV show called Winner Weekly , which is hosted by the five of them.After seeing the Winner Band at the entrance of West Kowloon Street at noon, Li Guohao had a thought.Bruce Lee and Xu Guanjie are also very popular now, but generally speaking, they can only be popular in the film industry.And the Winner Band is It s different, as an early pop band in Xiangjiang, their long wavy hair can attract many young girls and boys.I don t know if it s an illusion of Li Guohao.In later generations, he always felt that some fans of boy groups or girl groups , is a little bit crazier than cbd gummies and smoking wrrd the fans of actors, or they are willing to spend money.And now Xiangjiang can be regarded as a new pop band, the Winner Band, which was popular in the four years between 1974 and 1978 The whole of Southeast where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving Asia.

Yes.Seeing this, Zhao Yazhi imitated the plot that appeared in the movie, pretended to pinch the non existent skirt corners with both hands, bowed slightly, and put her slender hands in Li Guohao s palm.The understanding of dance, or in other words, twisting the waist to the rhythm of the song.The magical rhythm of Sha la la sounded in HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving the ear, and Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi looked at each other in the spacious room, you come to me Going forward, twisting their respective waists, from time to time, Zhao Yazhi s clear and graceful laughter can be heard The song is over.The two leaned on the sofa panting.Ah Zhi, how did I dance just now Sample A smile appeared cbd gummies and driving on the corner of Li Guohao s mouth.It s not bad, it s just a little bit worse than me.Zhao Yazhi babbled, and then used her thumb and forefinger to draw a gap.

Seeing this, Zhou s mother glanced at her daughter Zhou Wenji s face in surprise, and she asked, You want to learn to be a chef in this school Wait, various types.Zhou s mother pondered for a moment, Let s talk about it after you graduate from the sixth form, if you are admitted to university, mom will definitely support you to go to university. This scene of the Zhou family was staged in many places in Xiangjiang.The family conditions are better, and the children study well, so I have no idea about this.But the child s studies are average, so he started to think about it.You must know that the newspaper mentioned that students from poor families can be exempted from tuition fees, and the payment will not be deducted from their salary until they have a job.This also gave hope to many families with poor conditions.

As the leader of Xiangjiang s younger generation, Li Xiansen has a very outstanding mind, hard work, and a compassionate heart Following Governor MacLehose s words, Li Guohao, who was sitting in the audience, felt embarrassed.This kind of person who is praised in front of hundreds of people, who is not big do cbd gummies hurt your liver hearted or calm, will almost feel a little shy.And Li Guohao still He was not so calm, and he was not a big hearted person.He blushed a little when he was praised so intuitively by MacLehose.On the other hand, Zhao Yazhi, who was sitting beside him, looked at him with admiration.The Hong Kong Governor s boast is not an experience that ordinary people can have Today, after seeing so many people who can only be seen in newspapers, she can intuitively feel Li Guohao s connections and strength.

I don t care about the extra 2 million.On the other hand, after Li Guohao successfully photographed Zhang Daqian s Red Fu Girl , his face was filled with joy, and despite the surprise of Zhao Yazhi next to him, he laughed again and again.How well known Zhang Daqian is in later generations, almost anyone with a little common sense knows that his paintings have been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.Among them, the painting Red Fu Girl can be said to be one of Zhang Daqian s iconic paintings Well, being able to buy it at a price of 2 million at this moment is considered a bargain.Well, it should be regarded as taking advantage of it, but it is not necessarily true.If you buy two villas for 2 million, you can sell them for tens of millions in future generations.Not to mention money, but the value of collection is still very high.

With a sound, the red rope boy was hit hard by the whip leg, and suddenly he felt his eyes go dark, and the sky turned around.The black rope boy was in a trance, and when he saw the red rope boy s expression in a trance, he backed away a little.Two steps, and then a sudden step forward, the whole person flew into the air, and slammed into the opponent s head with the hardest knee bone.With a plop , the red rope boy was OK on the spot, fell to the ground and tried to crawl I got up, but my head was hit by this impact, and I obviously had some concussion.I gritted my teeth and stood up slowly, staggered a few steps, and finally fell to the ground.This seems to be a long just cbd gummies 250mg period of competition, but it is only a short one or two Minutes later, this shocked Li Guohao who was standing in the audience.

And members of parliament, etc.This time, some important local officials, including the Land Commission and the Taxation Bureau, came together with the chairman of the Investment Promotion Department Madam.They came this time not only to visit Li Guohao, a super from Hong Kong Apart from being a rich man, he also received preferential investment policies.As early as three months ago, when Chen Xuewen came to Thailand, he had cbd gummies to help focus already greeted the officials of Roi Et Province.Ask the people who know the local area best.In a wooden house, everyone sat down.Madam smiled and said Boss Li, we welcome you to invest in Thailand very much.Our government of Roi Et Province will definitely give you the best preferential policies.Mediling from Thailand, my team and I are happy to come to Roi Et to invest.

Before I also mentioned that the prices of the products sold in the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are much higher than those of the small stores.Disregarding the uniqueness brought by the supermarkets, the prices of the same products vary from one to the other.Manager Di, you should choose Let s open a small store. Of course. Yes, supermarkets are very common in foreign countries.They attract people to shop for business competition, so the prices of supermarket products are much cheaper than ordinary small stores.Do this There are several advantages.The first is to attract customers to go shopping.As more and more people go shopping, those customers who go to the supermarket to shop, after buying their favorite items, see that the prices of various commodities in the supermarket are much cheaper than those in small stores.

Hearing the beauty calling him, Li Guohao turned his head to look at Zhao Yazhi, grabbed the other s little hand with his left hand, and squeezed it lightly to show that he was not angry.Then he turned his head to the Ming Pao reporter and said, You just said whether there will be a safety hazard in the factory building.You can rest assured that we have hired a special person to reinforce it and renovated the interior.You can go in later.Take a look.As for why you said the school was eagle hemp cbd gummies lakeland fl set up in the factory building, it is mainly because our new school is still under construction, and we will not be able to find a spacious and suitable teaching where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving place for a while, so we can oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation only teach in the factory building for the time being.After simply answering the two questions, Master Wang ran out with a group of school teachers, and cooperated with Chen Sheng and others to stop the reporters who tried to ask questions again.

And In Xiangjiang, I cooperated with some idle movie theaters and formed a theater alliance to help some private film companies release movies.It is because of these two monopolized businesses that in the past few years with the help of Bruce Lee, several movies have been sold well.Completely revitalized the film company.Coupled with the fact that Enter the Dragon sold tens of millions of dollars overseas, Golden Harvest made a lot of money, and thus laid a strong foundation for Golden Harvest in the future.Let s do this for now, As long as Jiahe s people are not too overbearing, give them a little bit more.Li Guohao doesn t have the energy to argue with Jiahe s people for this petty gain.I know.Cai Lan nodded slightly.In fact, Golden Harvest suddenly charged more money for overseas films than they were greedy.

The distinctive Xu s funny style combined with the meditation and meticulousness of baking pastries still has a sense of conflict, but the plot finally went to the UK to restore the international skills at that time The scenes of the contest were shot with sincerity Ding Lingling Li Guohao, who was reading the newspaper, heard the phone ringing and picked it up, only to hear Cai Lan s voice on the other end of the phone.Who will go to see it in the future Cai Lan complained.Li Guohao was a little confused by Cai Lan s words, and suddenly thought of something and asked Is there no film review Yes, almost all of them are reviews after the movie is released, but the movie has not yet been released.Doesn t this reveal what our movie is about You can see that Oriental Daily has almost finished the plot of our movie.

I came to you this time to ask if you are interested in taking over my business.Boat.Your ship Li Guohao was taken aback, and asked Uncle Bao, you can cbd gummies help with copd cbd gummies and driving want cbd gummies and driving to sell the boat Yes, I want to sell some of the transport ships.Bao Daheng sighed and said You told me well before.Now that the price of international crude oil is rising day by day, the profit of our oil tankers is also getting higher and higher, but I have many ships that are not suitable for the current transportation., coupled with the fact that many international predators fab cbd sleep gummies have gradually intervened in the transportation, I plan to re order a new batch of large ships.Li Sheng, don t worry, the ship I sold to you has absolutely no problems, it s just that the tonnage is too low and I need to buy a new batch of heavy tonnage ships.After listening 10mg cbd gummy to Bao Daheng s words, Li Guohao pondered for a moment, and he said Uncle Bao, your ships seem to be shipping ships.

He didn t mention the wedding to me, only that I will be satisfied when the time comes.Zhao Yazhi said a little shyly.Ah I m so envious of you, Ah Zhi, a wedding of 100 million I knew I shouldn t have married Zhang Dong so early I should wait a few years to let him earn more money, so that I can have a grand wedding.Mai Xiaomin looked at Zhao Yazhi enviously.The wedding that was built for a hundred million yuan, you can guess how grand this wedding is with just your butt.It is definitely more grand than the 20th anniversary celebration of the Queen s enthronement last year.Dong is also very good.Look at how kind he is to 1 to 1 cbd thc gummies you.He has been working hard since he got married.I heard Ah Hao say that you are planning to buy a villa in Mid Levels Ok.Mai Xiaomin said happily Yes, we plan to borrow a little money to oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation buy a set in the lower half of the mountain.

After speaking, Li Guohao yelled at the waiter and ordered everything he wanted.After ordering, Li Guohao asked Bruce Lee When did Brother Xiaolong come back I was thinking that you might not have time to return to Hong Kong in the United States, so I didn t call cbd gummies and driving rachael ray cbd gummies amazon you to say that I was going to get married.Yesterday I just arrived in Xiangjiang in the afternoon, and I just came back because of something urgent.I just called Zou Wenhuai, and he said that you will get married in the evening, so I will go home and tidy up.Is it for Game of Death Yes and no.Bruce Lee said with a gloomy expression, When my master passed away the year before last, I was busy making movies abroad.I was so proud that I didn t take this matter seriously, and I forgot about it when I turned around.After staying in the United States for more than a year, I thought a lot.

His main business is in the catering industry.If he wants to enter the TV industry, it must be for the sake of his company.You don t have to worry too much about cooperating with him.But with Run Run Shaw If you don t, it s like raising a tiger for trouble, and sooner or later it will explode and hurt people Aren t you afraid that Li Guohao is also an unfamiliar cub Zheng Jinghan asked with a smile.He Zuozhi suddenly laughed and said There is nothing to worry about.If you know that Li Guohao invested one million to establish the Friends Film Company, gave up half of the shares to the two main persons in charge of the company, and never managed any business within the company.You will understand that cooperating with him is the happiest thing for every power hungry person cbd gummy for relaxation cbd melatonin gummies amazon Is there such a thing Zheng Jinghan has never paid much attention to this aspect, so he is naturally not clear about Li Guohao s investment in Friends Film Company The thing is, you must know that Cai Lang and Xu Guanwen are the envy of many directors and producers in Xiangjiang.

The one standing next to Xu Guanjie was very familiar, Li Guohao thought for a while, isn t this Wen Cai, the disciple of Uncle Nine This one is very famous in Hong Kong zombie movies.I seem to remember that not pot sleep cbd gummies he is Xu Guanwen s younger brother, what is his name HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving Xu Guanying.Thinking of this, Li Guohao sized up Xu Guanwen, then sized up Xu Guanjie, then looked at Xu Guanying, and couldn t help sighing, it s really a dragon with nine sons, each of them is different.Xu Guanjie is handsome, he can be said to be an idol in the 1970s.Although Xu Guanwen is not handsome, he is tall, but Xu Guanying is older than his elder brother Xu Guanwen, and he is so cbd gummies and driving chill cbd gummies review short.However, these words are what Li Guohao thinks in his heart, and it is impossible to say them in front of others.Turning his head to look again, he found that Zhou Runfa was also there.

This time Benson came to Xiangjiang, whether it is necessary to continue to exist.After thinking about it for a while, he finally decided to keep it.After all, the milk company also wants to develop foreign markets.He said, I still keep it.As for the person in charge in Australia, Director Benson, you recommend someone to take over your position.Good.Benson nodded.After chatting for a few more words, Li Guohao said with a smile I heard that Director Benson is a well known scientific research expert in Australia a long time ago, and he has rich experience and technology in dairy technology.In addition to solving the problems just mentioned, I also want you to take a look at the latest food sterilization technology developed by our laboratory.Oh New sterilization technology Benson couldn t help thinking when Li Guohao mentioned the new sterilization technology Dadong, you must know that he himself is an expert in food, and naturally knows how good a good sterilization technology is, which is beneficial to food safety and preservation.

Li, after all, I I haven t worked in your group, and I don t know much about your group s internal situation, so I don t know how to invest and what to invest in.However, what I want to talk about is the disadvantages of Guohao Group that I know so far.An investment consultant refers to a person who is specially engaged in providing investment advice and is paid.That is to say, it is the person in the stock exchange who guides you to buy and sell stocks.In layman s terms, it is like an ancient military adviser who specializes in giving advice to the lord, which city should be attacked, how to attack, and where the attack is beneficial to him.This Hu Changqing is also smarter.He didn t know a lot about investment in the catering industry, so he avoided the important ones and chose to start with Guohao Group s current operations.

Although it is just a small movie, the props and some explosion scenes in it are all carefully crafted by Xu Guanwen, costing more than two million Hong Kong dollars.This is at this time The Xiangjiang is almost an astronomical figure, you know, the current annual box office record of the movie is only more than 7 million Hong Kong dollars.Chapter 595 invites an investment cost of 2 million Hong Kong dollars, in order to recover the cost in Xiangjiang, the box office must break through 600 More than ten thousand Hong Kong dollars, otherwise it will be a loss Others Li Guohao may not be at ease, but as long as it is a movie made by Xu Guanwen, the box office is still guaranteed.This is the same as Zhou Xingxing in the later generations.Someone bought it.Miss Lin s acting skills are very good, she perfectly portrays the image of a strong woman Li Guohao looked at Miss Lin, who was a bit weak, and had to admire her acting skills.

After thinking for a few seconds, Shen Bi stood up with a smile and said Then I understand Mr.Li.It s getting late, and I should go back to the bank to deal with some trivial matters, so I won t disturb Mr.Li s work.Why don t you have a cup of afternoon tea together It s been a while since I went to the Peninsula Hotel for afternoon tea.Next time we have time together.After the two reserved a few more words, Shen Bi said goodbye and left.After sending Shen Bi cbd gummies and driving away, Li Guohao returned to the office.He had expected that Shen Bi would definitely come to talk to him about the bank cooperation.After all, when Guohao Group opened a bank, Shen Bi and HSBC were the most influential people and companies.Considering that HSBC is where to buy keoni cbd gummies cbd gummies and driving one of the banknote issuing banks in Xiangjiang, Li Guohao did not directly discuss the cooperation with them.

September 24th, the day of formal negotiations between China and Britain.Since the morning, the three TV stations in Xiangjiang have been opening up a separate channel to broadcast the scenes of Kyoto in the mainland in real time.From time to time, political science, economics and other experts invited by various TV stations chatted there, imagining the outcome of the Sino British negotiations.The host of Phoenix TV turned to Jin Sheng, a well known political commentator in Xiangjiang, and asked, Mr.Jin, what do you think the final result of this Sino British negotiation will be He held up three fingers and said There are three kinds of results.One is that the UK agrees to China s recovery of Xiangjiang the other is that China agrees to continue to hand over the jurisdiction of Xiangjiang to the UK The Falklands War will happen soon.

Li Guohao, who was beside him without saying a word, said with a smile Ahao, you still have the foresight.It actually made the people of Guohao Real Estate withdraw their investment early.It s all thanks to Brother Huo.Li Guohao smiled and said When I went to the mainland with Brother Huo last year, he told me that the mainland intends to take back Xiangjiang.I thought at the time that if China and Britain negotiate the Xiangjiang issue, the real estate industry and The stock market has been destroyed, so it has been pressing the group not to go public, and it is also pressing Guohao Real Estate to invest in buying land and building buildings.It would rather not make a profit than lose money.Huo Zhenting s cheeks blushed when he heard the words.He said it, but he didn t take it to heart.On the contrary, Li Guohao, who was reminded by him, always kept it in mind.

The mainland discusses the Xiangjiang issue in detail.This sudden move by the UK made Daheng Huo and others worried again.Seeing this, Li Guohao could only postpone the next investment.On March 18, when British Foreign Minister Howe led a diplomatic mission to the mainland via Xiangjiang, he publicly announced that the UK is very likely to give up the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Xiangjiang in 1997.These remarks seem oros cbd gummies cbd gummy for relaxation to indicate that China and Britain have reached a unified consensus on the ownership of cbd gummies and driving Xiangjiang.The war seems to be getting farther and farther away from Xiangjiang.But what followed was the continuation of the topic of the mainland wanting communism in Hong Kong during the 68 riots more than ten years ago.Compared with the arm wrestling between China and Britain, which is a real war, the topic of communism that may be implemented after the mainland takes over Hong Kong can be said to have caused huge waves in Hong Kong.

In the same year, the crop transgenic technology in the United States was perfected, and a large amount of farmland was purchased in the United States for planting and cultivation.On July 1, 1997, Xiangjiang returned to China, and Li Guohao, as the richest man in Xiangjiang, was invited to attend.Half a month after the reunification, the Asian financial turmoil hit, and the Western capital speculative consortium headed by Soros waved the banknotes in their hands and shorted the currencies of one country after another.In HCMUSSH cbd gummies and driving 1998, in the classic financial battle later known as the Battle of cbd gummies and driving Hong Kong Financial Defense , Li Guohao raised funds from all his companies, raising a total of more than 100 billion U.S.dollars to resist the capital consortium headed by Soros.With the help of the People s Bank of the Mainland and the efforts of all wealthy businessmen in Hong Kong, Soros and others were finally defeated in one fell swoop, creating a legend belonging to Li Guohao.

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