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Hello, are you Bruce Lee Seeing that Bruce Lee was about to walk by, Li Guohao, as a fan of Bruce Lee, naturally would not let go of this opportunity to say hello to his idol, and stepped forward to block Bruce Lee and his party.While excited, he also unknowingly put on honorifics.En Yes, I m Bruce Lee, do you know me Bruce Lee looked at Li Guohao in front of him strangely, thinking that he might not be that famous.He s a child star, probably not many people remember him now.Brother Xiaolong is talking nonsense, don t you see your Big Brother Tangshan on it Miao Kexiu pointed to the poster on the wall, on which was Bruce Lee s head portrait and his name.Yes, yes, can you sign me Li Guohao did not refute Miao Kexiu s words.It is impossible to say that he came from a later life.He especially likes Bruce Lee.It looked golden and crispy on the outside, and sprinkled some white sesame seeds.Just from the appearance, I thought it was made by a master chef of.There is also a layer of transparent paper wrapped on it.Although I don t know what it is for, it is harmless.Bite down hard.While eating, Li Dexiao s eyes seemed to glow white.What kind of stuffing is this Why does it melt in your mouth What s the stuffing inside Li Dexiao opened his wife s cake and saw a mass of dark red stuffing inside.He asked curiously.Having been a chef in a tea restaurant for 20 years, Li Dexiao naturally knows how to make this kind of cake, which is one of the favorite cakes of Xiangjiang people.Although he doesn t say how delicious it is, he has eaten a lot of wife cakes.Wife cakes with this taste It was the first time he ate it, and he really couldn t remember what it tasted like for a while.This way, 110,000 yuan is gone Li Guohao looked at the passbook in his hand, and he couldn t help sighing that the remaining 130,000 yuan was the family s last savings.I said Guohao, you really want to open a shop here Zhang Dong, who was called out temporarily, asked in surprise when Li Guohao said that he had taken down the shop opposite Nathan Road Wing Kee.Yeah, it cost me nearly 110,000 yuan My God, what are relax cbd gummy worms you thinking Don t worry about it, I asked you to come out to ask you, which decoration company is better in our area.Li Guohao asked.Renovation company Let me think about it.Zhang Dong really didn t know much about the decoration company, and said after a while, I really don t know which one is better, but there is a decoration company on Nathan Road ahead.Okay, let s go and have medigreen cbd gummies cbd recovery gummies a look.Li Guohao nodded and let Zhang Dong lead the way.For store planning, decoration is the most important thing.Often the decoration style of a store can determine the future business of the store.In fact, the times are different, and the aesthetics of decoration styles are also different.Forty years later, the 21st century has entered 10 years.At that time, people pay attention to nostalgic style, and some shops with old decoration style and a sense of age at a glance are very popular because of this.For example, the old BJ hot pot uses traditional cbd vs weed gummies long wooden benches, and the big mouth mandarin duck hot pot, even the chopsticks and teacups are close to the feeling of the 1980s and 1990s.What s more, the posters of the times are pasted on the walls of the shop, such as people are iron, rice is steel, and you will be hungry if you don t eat a meal , Grandpa Mao said that it is shameful to waste food a lot of attractive eyeball stuff.Yes, yes, we are here to ask about the decoration.When Zhang Dong saw the beauty, he looked like a pig, and he was not shy.Instead, he leaned against the front desk carelessly, blinking his electric eyes that he thought were charming, and looked at him secretly.Hee hee, those two please follow me.Seeing Zhang Dong s appearance, the little beauty smiled and led the two of them to an office without showing any dissatisfaction.Dong Dong Who is it A deep voice sounded in the office.Dad the little beauty just yelled, and then hurriedly covered her mouth, Manager, there are two people here asking about the renovation.With a bang, the door opened from the inside, and a middle aged man in a suit walked in.He came out, glanced at the little beauty, and then at Li Guohao and the two of them.Hello, both of you, please come in.The baker behind needs to add one, the waiter needs to add two, and the cbd recovery gummies cashier needs to add one.With sufficient manpower, you can take turns to rest in the morning and afternoon, and you can also open the store until around 8 or 9 o clock in the evening to get off work.Son Just as Li Guohao was about to disband, he heard someone calling him from behind, and turned his head to see if it was his mother and father.Why are you two here, parents Is grandpa home Before five o clock, fearing that grandpa would be exhausted, Li Guohao told him to go home first.Well, I m home, and I m still drinking wine and watching TV at home, and I keep talking about my grandson When Li Huifang said this, she looked quite smug.I was worried in can i buy cbd gummies at circle k in phoenix the morning until the afternoon, until my grandfather Li Renzhong came home, and during the chat, I learned that it just opened today, and the business is surprisingly good.Zhang Dong sorted out his words, When I got cbd recovery gummies off the bus stop this morning, vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies I saw some billboards at the door of the opposite Rongji Bakery.I thought they were going to have some promotional activities, so I walked over to have a lookI found out that they also want to engage in membership activities.I don t know if they are following us Rongji also wants to create membership cards Li Guohao was not particularly surprised, but just a little upset, as expected.It still happened.Chapter 37 Recharge and Free Event Not long after receiving a call from Zhang Dong, Li Guohao took a taxi and rushed to Nathan Road.leadership.nathan.As soon as Li Guohao got out of the car, he saw a long queue cbd plus delta 8 gummies at the entrance of Rongji opposite, and frowned when he saw this scene.Walk quickly to the store.Li Guohao glanced at his store, and there were only a few customers buying pastries, which was much different from the usual situation.After listening to Zhang Dong s words, Li Guohao was I am sure that my shop is indeed being targeted by a group of young and Dangerous boys.He has never encountered such a thing.In his previous life, he had been a society governed by the rule of law.Even if there were some hooligans, he would basically report to the police and leave.But Xiangjiang Watching the movie, one by one backs up to the police.Although the reality is not clear what is going on, it is useless to call the police.Li Guohao s way of thinking has always been the same as that of later generations.If you have a problem, you should call the police, but it seems useless to call the police at this moment.There will be no way for a while, so you can only ask Zhang Dong, A Dong, do you know how to do it Zhang Dong Thinking of his own situation in the past, he said, I don t know much about this, cbd recovery gummies but some people went to my house to collect protection fees and so on.I used to go to the place where he worked, and it was on the Shaw Brothers studio.Under normal circumstances, he is basically there.If it doesn t work, we can go to his house to find him. Ok.Li Guohao nodded, and reminded again, By the way, Dong, from tomorrow onwards, the money in the store platinum hemp herb cbd gummies will be deposited before the bank closes in the afternoon.Don t wait until the next morning.It is not safe to go back at night, so put it in the store.I am also afraid that someone will go in and steal it.I see.Zhang Dong nodded.Well, let s talk about it tomorrow.Let s go back after counting.When you say that, I always feel that someone is watching outside.Li Guohao stood up and glanced at the dim streetlights outside the glass door, and said worriedly.Hmm.After the two of them counted hastily, they picked up the leather bag and stuffed the money into it.On the contrary, some parents who dote on their children are looking around to see if such a palace pastry really exists. nathan.A large truck stopped at the entrance of Li Ji Palace Pastry Shop.Zhang Dong walked out suspiciously, and saw Li Guohao get off the car.A Dong went in and asked someone to come over and help, and move all these in Li Guohao called out.Hearing the sound, the employees in the store came out one after another.What s in it Zhang Dong looked at Xiaorengao s box and asked suspiciously.A Bao doll.Muppet Why did you get so much money I said how did you spend the money so fast It turns out that you were wasting it everywhere.Zhang Dong curled his cbd gummies ruidoso new mexico lips in dissatisfaction.No wonder he always felt that the money in the store was spent too quickly.The two stores have collected at least one million in cash so far.Some wages will be deducted, and if the overtime is too long, the wages of the day will be deducted.Then there is the question of the perfect attendance bonus.In addition to the two days of vacation stipulated by the company every month, if you ask for one more day off, the full attendance bonus will be directly deducted.The amount up to the perfect attendance bonus is one hundred yuan.And then the next part is some penalty system.Skip this part, the bottom is the promotion system and the welfare system that the company is preparing.Every employee has the opportunity to be promoted.Even the lowest level waiter will be promoted to the team leader based on her his performance, and at the top is the store manager, and behind the store manager there are regional managers and the like.Employee promotion is divided into three types 1.If the family conditions are good, it is natural that the child s wish is satisfied very quickly.Generally, he gritted his teeth and became a member.Those who almost went to Liji to buy pastries to take back for the children to eat. the next day.Wing Kee Bakery hadn t even opened yet, and there was a large crowd gathered at the entrance, not only the Nathan Road store, but also the Central store and other branches were packed with people.Rong Bing, who was sleeping at home, suddenly received a call from the store, telling him to hurry over, something big happened.Rong Bingcai also got dressed in a hurry, and rushed over without brushing his teeth or washing his face.As soon as I arrived at the door of the store, I was taken aback by the crowd of people outside the store.Why are there so many people pioneer woman cbd gummies for diabetes Originally, there were quite a lot of people gathered around the door of the store, and with the addition of those passing by to watch the excitement, there were naturally even more people.It s a pity that he passed away early due to illness, and Rong Ji was handed over to his eldest son Rong Bingcai.When Rong Bingcai was young, he was cbd private label gummies very diligent, not stupid, and he did things well.Maybe it was because after his father died, the family was the only one, which led to his lack of enterprising spirit these years, and he has been sticking to the three families.branch.Since it was taken over in 1965, only two more branches have been opened.One of them is the current Nathan Road Wing Kee Bakery, which is also the largest and the best business among the five branches.It stands to reason that Rong Bingcai is not aggressive enough, but more than conservative, but recently, bad luck has caused Rongji s reputation to decline severely.The day before yesterday, because of the flour problem in Thailand, what is a cbd gummy cbd recovery gummies Rong Bingcai had a what is a cbd gummy cbd recovery gummies lot of headaches.You are I, Dabinghua.When Manager Zhang heard the nickname, he said happily, Dabinghua Rong Binghua It s you, kid.How did you have the time to hit me Haha, I thought you were about to forget me.Rong Binghua laughed loudly, and finally said, Are you free tonight I ll treat you to dinner.You boy haven t contacted me for so many years, and you invited me to dinner with just one phone call., there is a problem, there is a problem Manager Zhang laughed.Rong Binghua said cheerfully Haha, something is bothering you, let cbd recovery gummies cbd gummies gnc s see if you can give me a thin noodle All right, where can I eat HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies Yong Kee Restaurant.Wow, such a big deal Go to Yung Kee to eat That s right, you are Manager Zhang now If you don t invite you to eat in a big restaurant, how can you be worthy of your position Rong Binghua mentioned his position cryptically.HSBC passbooks were found on their bodies.Li Qiang glanced at Zhang Dong with a smile and said, Chairman, I ll call the meeting first.Well, let s go.Just eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies as Li Guohao finished speaking, Zhang Dong rushed over.Hey, hey, don t touch it, I ll give it to you.Being attacked suddenly, Li Guohao also took a step back subconsciously, and reluctantly took out a passbook from his arms and handed it to him.After receiving the passbook, Zhang Dong found a seat excitedly, and slowly opened the passbook.The amount shown on the first page was a full five million.Looking at the string of numbers, he felt a little dizzy.Five million makes you so excited Li Guohao laughed.Speaking of which, Li Guohao was also very excited.He had never seen a huge sum of five million in his previous life.Although it came from a loan, it was still very shocking.Impolite.In fact, until now Zhao Yazhi has not quite figured out who Li Guohao is in front of her.She can t be blamed either, after all, the two of them only met once, after more than half a year, and they met by chance, it s strange to be able to remember who the other party is.It s embarrassing, at this moment, Li Guohao felt that he was a little self indulgent.After all, when I used to read novels, those Hong Kong entertainment actresses would post them instantly after seeing each other.Li Guohao tried his best to keep a smile on his face and said, Nothing, nothing.Ah Zhen saw Li Guohao s embarrassment, so she smiled and said, Why is Boss Li so free to eat out so late today By the way, I will go there in the afternoon.I wanted to find you at the Central store, but I didn t find you there Li Guohao remembered what Ah Zhen said to himself before, I m sorry, Ah Zhen, I have been staying in the company for a while Company You Aren t you working in the store Ah Zhen asked.The five stores currently open It is estimated that the expenditure will be about one million Hong Kong dollars.On average, a store is two hundred thousand, including rent, decoration and equipment, etc.But the rent accounts for almost two thirds.After listening to Li Qiang s speech In the report, Li Guohao asked The rent is still too high.Is it possible to buy some stores Now that we have sufficient funds, we can definitely buy the stores.Li Qiang shook his head and said, I have considered the issue of rent, but some market They cbd gummies for pain relief near me won t sell any better stores, after all, the profit will be higher if rented out.Is there any place in Xiangjiang suitable for building a factory Li Guohao asked suddenly.Li Qiang asked What Do you want to open a food processing factory Well, now that I have sufficient funds, I want to open a factory to make some high end pastries, seal them well to increase their shelf life, and then take them to department stores and other large shopping malls.Originally, the comic agency was short of manpower, and it was even more difficult when new comic production was added.Is there any short, only a few cbd recovery gummies minutes of popular science and education cartoons Thinking about it, Li Guohao had a flash of inspiration.He remembered a short video series he had watched on the Internet before, called UFO Talk.I have an idea, please listen to it.Oh, ok, let me take some notes.Shangguan Xiaobao attaches great importance to Li Guohao s ideas, but he edited most of the plots of Kung Fu Panda.its ability.You can draw a short story, and it will take about 3 5 minutes after it is made into a cartoon, and it doesn t need to be coherent like a normal cartoon.You can draw a picture, add text and dubbing next to it.For example Wash your hands before eating, you draw three pictures, a table with delicious dishes, a child, a pair of parents, with text and dubbing, the father tells the child to wash his hands, but the child does not.If I really like it, I will advise him to spread the matter out as soon as possible and do whatever he wants.That would be the best.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Manager Mai also agreed with this method.People in this day and age get married very early, and since Mai Xiaomin is not studying, it is not bad to find someone he likes to marry early.What s more, Zhang Dong followed Li Guohao, so his personal conditions should not be too bad.After chatting for a while, Li Guohao got up and left.on the way back.Zhang Dong asked in surprise, Does Manager Mai know Well, it may be that the two of you have called frequently recently.Li Guohao would not say that it was because of his hesitation that Mai Qi knew about it.What should I do about this Xiao Min said that she doesn t want her father to know.Seeing that the traffic jam problem could not be resolved, the bus driver turned off the engine and picked up a large teacup from the side to drink tea.The people sitting in the bus waited for a long time, but the bus still didn t move, so someone urged impatiently I said hurry up, I m going to be who sells royal cbd gummies late soon, but I ll have to deduct money for being late That s right, hurry up, driver, my child is what is a cbd gummy cbd recovery gummies still in class Hurry up, I m in a hurry to go to work at the company Someone took the lead in urging, and after a while, all the people sitting in the bus started urging.The driver, who was already troubled by the traffic jam, got out of his seat very annoyed after being strongly urged by the passenger, and shouted loudly at the back Don t rush I am also in a hurry, the fucking traffic jam in front makes me How can I get there Before the driver could continue to say anything, the vehicles behind were honking their horns one by one, and some even got out of the car and shouted towards the front Fuck you, hurry cbd recovery gummies up, traffic jams What are you doing in the front The driver became even more angry when he heard that, he poked his head out of the window and shouted at the back Dost your mother How do you get past the traffic jam ahead If you want to go over, fly You re saying it again The man in the back is also a bad tempered person.Wing Kee across the road.Rong Binghua was standing at cbd recovery gummies the entrance of the street, looking at the overall situation he had laid out with satisfaction, and was also very happy to see the crowd that had originally lined up dispersed.A few days ago, Rong Binghua found out that Li Ji was going to advertise on Li s TV station.He remembered his previous plan and decided to give Li Ji a heavy blow today.It seems to work well.Rong Binghua looked back at his shop in a good mood.There are also a lot of people buying new year s goods at the door.Rong Binghua s ad was successfully launched on TVB yesterday.Where s the money The young man who said he had a bad stomach at the door of Liji s store walked up to Rong Binghua and stretched out his hand to take out the money.Here you are.Rong Binghua readily handed the five hundred yuan to the person in front of him.Although it is not clear whether the police department will file a case for this matter, what should be done is still to be done.Li Guohao called lawyer Fang Jian and asked him what to do in this situation.Fang Jiandao If you can find the evidence that these cockroaches and rats were deliberately sent into your store, purekana cbd gummies quit smoking you can sue him.But according to your current situation, I advise you to prepare for the worst, after all, the other party If you do this kind of thing, the evidence will definitely be cleaned up.The entire company started crisis public relations because of this incident.But the only thing to be thankful for is that the awareness of hygiene and food safety at this time is still relatively weak among the general public.For them, things like cockroaches and mice can often be seen at home or in other restaurants.Although there cbd recovery gummies were a lot of them, they had gradually dried up.Although these stores continue to buy roses, the prices are getting higher and higher, which makes Li Guohao very annoyed.Why don t they send vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies the company s salesperson to the Netherlands to discuss the order of roses with the largest local flower export company.The Netherlands is one of the largest flower exporting countries in the world, and the DGP of the national part relies on this to complete every year.And of course Dutch milk and paradise island cbd gummies reviews black tea.The flower industry has become one of the emerging and most dynamic industries in the world s economic activities.Flower products have become international commodities, and consumption continues to increase.The international flower market began in 1960, with annual sales of 10 13 speed increment.After reading the manuscript, only a handful are still cbd recovery gummies watching it.There is only one way of franchising our palace cakes in Xiangjiang now That is franchising, what is franchising, I believe you already know it before you come here, I will not say anything here.If you choose to join our company, that is Agree with the future development of our company and have the confidence to achieve a new business.In principle, our company s plan in Xiangjiang is to open a total of 18 pastry shops, yes, that s right, only 18, which belong to In 18 districts of Xiangjiang.Our company has already opened eight branches, so there are only ten stores left for you Boss Li didn t say that before We have so many people here now, ten stores Isn t it too little A man with a thick beard said a little dissatisfied.Someone took the lead, and the rest of them naturally opened their mouths and said, That s right, Boss Li, we have at least 30 people here, and there are only ten stores.Did you find it, sister Don t worry, I found it.He Chaoying looked at the number on the notebook, picked up the rotary dial telephone on the table, and saw it often seen in old movies and TV shows, one number after another.kind of.Hello, this is the governor s house.Hello, I m here to find Ms.Shen.Excuse me Just say that He Chaoying is looking for her Okay, please wait a moment.The maid on the other end of the phone put down the phone and went to the Governor of Hong Kong Madame has gone.Not long after, Ms.Shen picked up the phone and said with a smile, Is there anything Ah Ying can do for me Ms.Shen, I m sorry to bother you., recently I have been arguing about wanting to eat again, there is no other way, so I have to call you, and want to ask where is the pastry chef who made Hundred Flowers After a few words, Ms.Now that Gu cbd recovery gummies Yonghe said this, he couldn t laugh or cry.Chapter 116 Going to Macau Li Huifang had a rare chat with Gu Yonghe for a long time.Gu Yonghe is also a person who doesn t know what to say.When asked by Li Huifang, he happily told about the gathering of pastry colleagues this afternoon.Maybe he thought that this matter has nothing to do with Li Huifang, so he just said it.That night, after Li Guohao went back, he heard Li Huifang tell the story.Hearing that someone actually formed a company to attack him, Li cbd recovery gummies Guohao smiled lightly and said, Mom, don t worry, now that our palace cakes have taken root in Xiangjiang, it s hard to be shaken by external factors.Li Huifang was still worried He said There are more than a dozen pastry shops, and many of them are old brands that have been famous in Xiangjiang for many years.After three days of running in and debugging, it was finally able to make packaged snacks today.After receiving a how long does gummy cbd last call from Huang Yaohua, it also hurried over.Li Qiang cbd recovery gummies has always been in charge of the affairs of the factory.Li Guohao only came here to see the scale of the factory at the beginning.This is the second time he came here.When he arrived at the gate, he saw that the outside of the factory had been repainted.There is a sign on the wall by the door.Guohao Food Processing Factory That s right, Li Guohao narcissistically named his new company and factory Guohao.On the one hand, it corresponds to his own name, so that people can tell at a glance that this is Li Guohao s industry.On the other hand, it also has the meaning of Guohao Guohao and national pride.Welcome the chairman to come to inspect Huang Yaohua led dozens of workers standing at the gate of the factory, all wearing newly made pure white work clothes, cheering up to welcome the boss.The method that Li Guohao gave Huang He to make snowy mooncakes before is suitable for personal production in shops, used in places with strong assembly lines like factories, and Not very appropriate.So Li Guohao asked Huang He and Huang Yaohua to take care of this matter.Go in and have a look.Li Guohao walked in behind the two, and the rest how long does the cbd gummies to start working of the dozens of workers standing at the gate of the factory also followed cbd recovery gummies in a hurry.Let s open a line first, let the chairman have a look.Because the production is still uncertain, Huang Yaohua didn t dare to do more, so he asked a few workers to open a line first.Okay.A worker in white overalls called a few people to wait at the production line.He walked to the back of a very modern machine and pressed a button.The sound of humming mechanical wheels suddenly sounded in the factory.Du Deye suddenly said Recently, a company in Xiangjiang is about to go public.Our securities companies agree that this stock has great potential for making money.I don t know if Mr.Li is interested in continuing to invest.What stock Li Guohao asked One sentence.Du Deye said Xiangjiang Antenna.Xiangjiang Antenna Yes, this is the listing information they submitted in the stock market this time, as well as the prospectus they are going to make public.Speaking of this, Du Deye said with a smile This information is ordinary But I can t see it.I believe everyone who buys stocks should know how profitable a securities company is, and the peak period of Xiangjiang Securities Company was from the 1970s to the 1990s.Because it can buy and sell stocks on behalf of customers, so as to draw commissions, and all the money of these customers is in the securities company, relatively speaking, it also provides more benefits for the securities company invisibly.Let s change to another one.This one doesn t suit you very well.After thinking about it, it s better not to lie at this time, so Li Guohao told the truth.That s okay, I don t think it s very good looking.Zhao Yazhi didn t say anything, this dress was indeed a bit ugly on her body.Changed several sets back and forth.Neither are very satisfied.The store manager Zhang Nan also said strangely This lady has a good figure and is quite tall.It stands to reason that she should look good in cbd recovery gummies cbd gummies gnc a dress, but Yes, Zhao Yazhi is slender and has beautiful features.She shouldn t be so ugly in a dress.Li Guohao took a deep look at the beautiful woman, pondered for a moment, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.Come on, Ah Zhi, let me take you to another store..what I m sorry, Manager Zhang, I ll just buy my dress.Chen Zhipeng met Zhao Yazhi once when he was at the store on Nathan Road, but it was so long ago that he had long forgotten about it.Now, seeing this beautiful woman looked familiar, he asked, Huang He, who what is a cbd gummy cbd recovery gummies is this He smiled and said, Madam Boss.Oh.The office.Azhi, why are you here Li Guohao saw the door of the office was opened suddenly, thought it was Huang He and Chen Zhipeng who had something to do, looked up and saw that it was Zhao Yazhi, and asked in surprise.What Don t you welcome me Zhao Yazhi asked with her lips pouted.Li Guohao stood up with a smile, poured Zhao Yazhi a glass of water from the water dispenser next to him, and handed it to her, Why, aren t you busy with the orphanage I m angry when I say it.When talking about the orphanage, Zhao Yazhi puffed her mouth and said angrily.This movie was also a starting point for Li Guohao to go to Guangzhou to learn Cantonese tea.It will cost a lot of money to hold such a large pastry contest Wang Zhengdao This is much medigreen cbd gummies cbd recovery gummies more than the cost of advertising in newspapers and TV To hold a game, at least there must be preliminaries, group matches, semi finals, finals, championship matches and other messy events.What s more, since it is a competition, there must always be a bonus, and others are not willing to participate what is a cbd gummy cbd recovery gummies if there is less, and it is not worthwhile if there is too much.Who said that competitions have to cost money Li Guohao smiled.There are many competitions in later generations.Not only did they not spend a dime, but they also made a lot of money by relying on competitions.But you still have to try it out.Huh It doesn t cost money to host the competition Wang Zheng asked in surprise.Difficulties What s the problem Naturally, the stock market crash is about to be faced.But what Xie Honghe said is very reasonable.If you don t seize the opportunity to expand now, are you really waiting for the other party to complete the layout and spend time and money with the other party Li Guohao heard such a sentence before, and suddenly remembered it at this time when others are still watching, if you want to succeed, you must enter the water.When others enter the water, you have already taken a few steps ahead of others.Isn t it the same for doing business The stock market crash is coming soon, but in fact the stock market crash does have an impact on Xiangjiang, and the impact will be very large, whether it is a major company or a small citizen.But because of the stock market crash, the world stopped turning Just because of the stock market crash, did you stop eating what you should eat and drink what you should drink No, it s still the same And when the stock market HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies disaster arrives, it is actually a cleanup, cleaning up a batch of junk stocks listed on the market.Looking at his running route and gaze, it seems that he is coming to his side.Li Guohao was subconsciously startled, maybe someone saw him saving money and wanted to eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies kidnap him.You must know that Xiangjiang has always been very dark and terrifying before it returned to China.Didn t you see the news that a certain rich man was kidnapped and torn up run Li Guohao was surrounded by these three or four people as soon as he started running.Seeing the people from the cleaning brigade coming, the garbage worm next to him also hurriedly shouted Ah, it s actually someone from the cleaning brigade Don t arrest me, I m a garbage worm, and I love the person who throws garbage the most Who are you Huh What do you want to do Li Guohao didn t pay attention to what the garbage worm said, HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies he walked to the guardrail of the road without any trace, thinking that if someone came up to grab him later, he would turn over and run away immediately.Not knowing who the group of people were just now, Li Guohao glanced back and saw that no one was following him.He also breathed a sigh of relief and found that he was a little thirsty.After looking around, he realized that there was a teahouse in front of him.Do you have anything to drink here Li Guohao strode in, went to the cashier and glanced at the menu on the wall and asked.You can t read Look for yourself.The teenage girl standing behind the counter glanced at Li Guohao and pointed to the menu on the wall behind her.Li Guohao didn t care too much about being teased by the little girl.This kind of teenage girl is in the rebellious period, and judging from her non mainstream style, she can tell at a glance that she should be a little girl.Li Guohao didn t speak back, and didn t turn around to leave.His long hair was already soaked, and the sweat slid down his bangs from the corners of his eyes to his chin.He looked only about twenty years old, and he was at a very high spirited age.On the face, there was a long centipede shaped scar from the corner of the eye to the corner of the mouth, which seriously damaged his original delicate face.Drink some water.The cleaning middle aged man glanced at A Fei, shook his head, took out a teacup from his satchel, and handed it to A Fei.Thank you uncle.Ah Fei pursed his lips, took the teacup and thanked him in unproficient Cantonese.You are my nephew, so I have to take care of you when I come from Vietnam.Yeah.Ah Fei didn t thank him because he was his uncle, but thanked him very politely before drinking water.You child, you are still too born.The uncle shook his head helplessly.This room is too fucking small.There is only one room and one toilet.Brother Qiang cursed a few words and helped Ah Fei use the wooden stool A makeshift bed was built.After everything was packed, Ah Fei thanked, Thank you Brother Qiang.It eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies s fine.How cbd recovery gummies is your sister Brother Qiang waved his hand and asked.Xiuchun is fine, but the medical expenses are relatively expensive, and I can barely pay with the money I earn every day, but Ah Fei also lowered his head cbd recovery gummies sadly when he thought of his sister s large medical expenses for a kidney transplant.Brother Qiang, as A Fei s fellow villager, naturally knows about his sister s situation, thinking about what he discussed with his brother today, this matter needs a scapegoat, took a deep look at A Fei, pondered for a moment and said A Fei, I have a little After a deal, your sister s medical expenses shouldn t be a problem after the deal is completed, it s just up to you if you dare What s the matter I can do it Ah Fei heard that he could earn enough for his sister s medical expenses by doing one HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies thing Fei, super cbd gummies 300 mg for sale quickly looked at Brother Qiang with excited eyes.Let s take a look at the cakes made by contestant Sun Dafu.He chose the traditional Cantonese dim sum, the nine layer cake Master Wang held up the microphone and cooperated with the camera to shoot, interpreting The nine layer medigreen cbd gummies cbd recovery gummies cake is always in the process.The special sweet rice cakes in Foshan and Hainan are very exquisite in workmanship, and they also contain very beautiful meanings.Nine layer cakes, nine layer cakes, whichever one lasts for a long time, means rising step by step.The traditional method is to soak it with white rice , use a stone mill to grind into water powder, stir it into a slurry, add sugar water, put a thin layer of water powder on a copper plate, heat and steam it, and then add powder layer by layer to nine layers.We can see that Sun Dafu is using a stone mill to grind When making water powder, a little horseshoe powder water chestnut was specially added, which is not included in the traditional production method.Later, he started a shipping company with his friends, and was finally bought by Bao Daheng, and he went to deal with the import and export of raw materials.Mr.Jin is very polite.I read your profile in the headhunting company.I am very curious.No matter where you go, I believe that how to tell fake cbd gummies people like you will get the best treatment.Why did you come to my food raw material company that has not yet been established Supply company Jin Jiashi can be regarded as a manager in terms of experience and work experience.No matter which company he applies for, he will definitely be directly promoted to the position of senior management.You must know that the other party has been in contact with People from all walks of life, even Bao Daheng bought shipping from him in the early years.Mr.Li is over the award.Speaking of which, I have always been a failure.At this time, it has entered the end of December, and there are only a few days before January 1973.After Li Guohao met with Jin Jiashi last time, he quickly finalized the appointment of him as the general manager of the new company.Jin Jiashi also lived up to Li Guohao s expectations.In just a few days, he recruited a group of talents and rented an office above the pastry company.Jin cbd recovery gummies Jiashi has sent someone to contact some flour mills in Wanwan.There are many eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies flour mills in Wanwan, but many of them are private workshops, and they are only sold on the street.Only a small comrade Jiang in Taipei built an industrial park, and there is a relatively formal and large cbd gummy delta 8 scale flour mill, but the price has been negotiating Not close.The flour factory may have noticed that Li Guohao had found another flour supplier, so he didn t show politeness to Luo Bin, and just said a word.Some took it and put it in their pockets, cbd recovery gummies some took it and threw it on the ground, and some directly held it in their hands, their cbd recovery gummies justcbd cbd gummies eyes wide open.Keep an eye on the stock market.Go up, go up Keep going up, keep going up Go up A group of stockholders looked at the stock market and shouted frantically.The stock trading in the 1970s was made up of a huge splicing blackboard and countless chalk tips.It is not controlled by an electronic screen like later generations, so the public comes here early and waits.The only fun every day With passion, it is standing in front of the blackboard, screaming and screaming at the blackboard Xiangjiang Taipingshan mid level villa.Li Guohao took Ni Xingqing into the special car and went straight to the villa area of Xiangjiang Regal.The land price here in Xiangjiang is not cheap.It seems that Hongkong Land has lost a lot of money.After all, they exchanged five shares for one milk company stock, but in fact, as long as Hongkong Land s people manipulate the stock and let the stock price fall, it will be the shareholders who will lose the most at that time, because they The milk company s stock was HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies exchanged for five Landmark shares.After the young stockholder read the contents of the newspaper, peaks cbd gummies some educated people who understand stocks secretly thought about the possibility of this matter.First of all, Hongkong Land exchanged five shares for one milk company s shares, which must be a loss.Secondly, if the people in Hongkong Land try to lower their company s stock price, then there will definitely be a lot of stockholders who will come to run.After all, many stockholders don t understand stocks.Who knows if the price of Nanshun will drop to a dozen or a few yuan tomorrow, so this is HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies what he told Shen Bi to follow the market price Shen Bi chuckled lightly and said, There s no rush for now, I ll talk about it after I go back to the bank and check it out.Okay.Li Guohao didn t urge him either, and it was lucky that Shen Bi could help.If HSBC had a infusion cbd gummies little help from Shen Bi, as long as the money was in place, the Ying family would have no problem buying it, then Bao Daheng would be the most difficult one.Bao Daheng is the Asian ship tycoon, and he was only reported by the news last year.He is not only rich but also powerful.Even those ghosts dare not look down on him.After all, a Chinese businessman can set a new record in Asia in just twenty or thirty years.The title of ship king is not something that ordinary people can achieve.Coupled with the rise in various prices, the entire trading market was in a sluggish state.The same is true for palace pastries, and their business has dropped a lot.Da Ronghua has basically ceased production.There is only one workshop barely surviving.There is no way for everyone to have no money.Who else would go to restaurants and tea houses for tea.In the pastry industry, the worst one should be Maxim s Cakes.Many people made profits due to the stock market earlier.Most of the money these people earned was used to buy houses and daily necessities, which once caused housing prices to rise.As for Maxim s cbd recovery gummies cbd gummies gnc Cakes, no matter whether they were rented or purchased houses, they suffered heavy losses due to the stock market crash.New Territories Land Purchase Li Qiang looked at the report handed over eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies by Li Guohao in his hand, and read out the name with a strange expression.Before the Hong Kong stock market was booming, many people went to Macau by boat to gamble.But at this moment, the Hong Kong stock market crash broke out.Recently, there have been fewer and fewer people going overseas.He Gambler is thinking about expanding the company s business to Southeast Asian countries, and transporting people from there to Macau to gamble.No problem.Huo Yingdong smiled.Huo Yingdong also owns a lot of shares in the Lisboa Casino in Macau, so he is naturally willing to develop the shipping business.The two chatted a few more words about the recent situation in the stock market, and then talked about some recent situations in cbd sleepy gummies the market.By the way, Brother He, I don t know if you know the news that was reported in the newspaper recently.Huo Yingdong asked with a smile.Oh What news I just came back from Macau, and I haven t read any newspapers in Xiangjiang these days.Li Guohao didn t know if he would make money by doing this, but he didn t want others to intervene, just like Xu s father and son, who obviously didn t deal with him, who knows if he will be playing tricks secretly.In addition, if the impact of the stock market crash is minimized and the voices condemning Jardine come down, and when the people of Jardine return to support the Xu family and his son, and then propose a capital increase or something, Li Guohao has no money to talk to them Play.Although Li Guohao can use his controlling rights to refuse the capital increase, he is also afraid that some irresistible forces will happen.Therefore, in Li Guohao s view, the full acquisition of Nanshun earlier, although it may cause problems in the capital chain, is much better than holding a controlling stake Soon, the eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies two cars arrived at the downstairs of the cbd gummy scams building where Nanshun Group is located.Three years ago, I was able to spend more than 2 billion to buy the land, and now the is cbd gummies legal in tennessee people of Jardine have taken down the milk company cbd gummies daily without injury, which has greatly increased the strength of the group.If we really help Xu Deming is playing with himself, I am afraid that Li Guohao may really leave the stage sadly.Li Guohao is full of emotion in his heart.The bigger the business, the more he feels small.Throwing away the unrealistic thoughts in his mind, Li Guohao chuckled and said OK, let s go in They were almost waiting at the door, and they were already in place, waiting cbd recovery gummies for us to go up.A group of people walked towards the building with strides.Not far away, there were two people who looked like paparazzi taking pictures with old fashioned cameras.Did you take a picture A person asked.Actually, Boss, according to your wishes, it is entirely possible to form a group, including Nanshun and Guohao Foodstuffs as subsidiaries.As for the palace pastry, it can also be included as a holding subsidiary.Ni Xingqing raised his mouth aside.Li Guohao pondered for a while, and he said It s okay, you can handle this matter as soon as possible.Suddenly thought of the comic company, and said By the cbd recovery gummies cbd recovery gummies way, I used to have a comic company, how about merging together keylife cbd gummies review It doesn t matter, anyway, the established group is the parent company, and even if its subsidiaries are not wholly owned, as long as they hold shares, there is no big problem.Ni Xingqing said casually.That s fine, you can also get this by the way.Li Guohao had just finished speaking.There was a knock on the office door.Come in Li Guohao said.In fact, it was Li Guohao who generally knew that the box office of this Ghost and Horse Twin Stars movie was good.Since the other party came to his door, how could there be any reason to refuse this profitable business when it came to his doorstep Hearing Li Guohao s words, Cai Lan was very moved.He also thought that Li Guohao was not going to invest in making movies.After all, the other party had never been in contact with this industry.It was indeed an unwise choice to rashly spend millions of dollars in it.Unexpectedly, Li Guohao actually agreed directly, and mentioned that he believed in himself.Really Xu Guanjie was delighted Li Guohao rolled his eyes at Xu Guanjie.He didn t forget what happened just now, so he said, Do you think I m joking Mr.Li is a little excited.Xu Guanwen also laughed quickly.Guohao Nanshun is engaged in the business of flour and other raw materials.If it is bigger, it is a raw material food supply chain.If it is smaller, it is a company that wholesales raw materials.However, Guohao Lam Soon has its own production site, so it can be regarded as a factory, which is somewhat different from the simple food supply chain of later generations.In the later generations, the simple food supply chain may be equivalent to a platform that brings together all raw materials from all over the country and cbd recovery gummies even the world, unified procurement, production, and distribution, so as to reduce transportation costs and earn profits by the way point.To put it simply, it is a bit like selling goods from the south to the north, and goods from the north to the south.Of course, it is not that there is no self sufficient food supply chain, but that kind of scale is still relatively small, and it can only prevail in a certain area at most.In the future, the food used for charity purposes is no longer limited to cakes, but can be expanded to include flour, cooking oil, vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies salt, etc.On the other hand, you can also get a batch of packaged food from Guohao Food Factory.Anyway, the Guohao Group has all these things, and Zhao Yazhi is in charge of the Charity Department s expenses, so I m not afraid that someone will play tricks on it and seek personal benefits.Chapter 221 It s another spring, February 2nd, New Year s Eve.Comic Club.President, this is the first volume of the Chinese God of Cookery I drew.Shangguan Xiaobao tidied up the dozens of comics on hand, and handed them to Li Guohao who was sitting directly opposite.After receiving the manga, Li Guohao briefly read a few pictures.The style of painting is a bit like the previous Bruce Lee book, and the style is a bit like the later Hong Kong manga, Fengyun, Chinese heroes and the like.Although the police have been called, the police really don t have much expectation at this time.after an hour.Yuen Long, New Territories, Guohao Food Processing Factory.On the cement floor of the factory building, there were many cakes being processed, the wreckage all over the place, and several cbd recovery gummies mechanical assembly lines were also smashed to pieces, and many accessories were hanging crookedly on it.The glass of several offices cbd recovery gummies not far away was also smashed, and glass shards were scattered all over the place.The small factory building looked extremely miserable.There were quite a few injured workers sitting next to them.It seemed that most of them were only slightly injured.Either their faces were swollen or they were holding their arms, thighs and other injured parts and crying there.Li Guohao looked at the miserable situation in the factory in front of him, his cbd recovery gummies face was livid, at first he simply thought it was nothing serious on the phone, but he never expected that the factory would be brought down to this point by those Feizi.That s fine.I don t know how to sell it to the island countries.What year and month.As long as it can .

are cbd gummies legal in south carolina?

be sold in Southeast Asia without paying patent fees, Li Guohao knows that the earliest inventor of instant noodles was a cook in the late Qing Dynasty, and Momofuku Ando was born in a good age and understands patent law, otherwise he really wouldn t It must be the cbd recovery gummies medigreen cbd gummies cbd recovery gummies other party s turn to become the father of instant noodles.You apply for patents for quick frozen dumplings, all countries As long as the countries that can apply for patents apply for me, Li Guohao said.I will apply for patents as soon as I make them.By the way, not only quick frozen dumplings, quick frozen wontons, quick frozen glutinous rice balls, but also all foods that can be quick frozen.No, I have to apply for the technology of quick frozen food.It s only less than 1.6 million.Normal.The land here has a time limit, only 99 years, so it makes sense for the price to be cheaper.Seeing Li Guohao s doubts, Zheng Jiachun also explained There are three types of land in Xiangjiang, one is unlimited, and if you buy it, it will be yours forever.There are almost no such places in Hong Kong, and the only known one is St.John s Cathedral in Central.The other is the 999 year land lease contract signed by the Hong Kong government around 1900.There are quite a few of these in Hong Kong, but almost all of them are in the hands of some rich people.I was lucky to buy that building.As for the other one, it is your kind of land with only 99 years. How is the house Decide quickly whether to buy or not It s really cold here.Zheng Jiachun suddenly laughed badly and said, It s a good place to have a pool party in summer.6 million to Xiao Fang, he told him by the how long does cbd gummies last in your system way that he should send someone to clean the whole villa inside and out, some furniture and electrical appliances The floors and beds should be replaced.On the way cbd recovery gummies back, Li Guohao and Zheng Jiachun were in the same car, and they had come here together before.Ahao, should I take you back to the company first, or take you home Zheng Jiachun asked.Take me back to the company first, there is still something to do at the company.Li Guohao remembered that his grandparents and uncle came to the house for dinner tonight, so he still had to go back, but the company still had something to deal with, by the way You have to call Zhao Yazhi together.That s right.Zheng Jiachun said suddenly The matter of He Shenghe that you told me before has been settled, and I medigreen cbd gummies cbd recovery gummies won t make trouble for you in the future.Now the store in the United States has been isolated and filled with the new company.He also said By the way, you will go down later Send a fax to the United States and let Huang He come back.Master Huang Ni Xingqing asked.Since Li Qiang came back, Huang He has been working as the store manager.Ok.Li s new house.As soon as he entered the room, he saw his grandfather Li Renzhong sitting on the sofa chatting with his grandpa and grandma.The uncle and aunt next to him were also sitting there, and his cousin and cousin were bored watching TV.Hearing the sound, everyone looked sideways.A Zhi, let me introduce you, this is my grandpa and grandma.Li Guohao smiled and pulled Zhao Yazhi to the front, introducing his grandfather, uncle and family.Hi, grandpa and grandma.Zhao Yazhi bowed her head and called out in a can tsa detect cbd gummies very polite manner.Suddenly, Chen Sheng remembered something he was carrying with him, and quickly took it out from his pocket.BB machine Li Guohao exclaimed.BB machine Chen Sheng looked back at Li Guohao suspiciously, seeing the other party staring at what he was holding, he also explained, Boss, this is not a BB machine, it is a pager, the latest foreign one.Electronic products can send signals to the police station.Yu Weicheng glanced sideways, and then moved his gaze forward in an instant, Brother Sheng, you didn t hand in this Didn t it mean that the person left, this pager must be called Did you go up there This pager is the latest foreign product, it is very expensive, and it has not yet become popular in Xiangjiang, and most of the people who know about it are some technical personnel, and it is also a secret pager tool for the Flying Tigers.My name is Cheng Fei, and this is my colleague He Qimei.Two policemen in plain clothes knocked on the door and said directly as soon as they entered.Hello, Officer Cheng.Li Guohao looked at the person and asked, I wonder if Officer Cheng knows where my two bodyguards are now Before Li Guohao asked Li Mu and Zhao Yazhi where his two bodyguards were now, and when he learned that they didn t know, he also asked the police as soon as he saw them come in.Don t worry, Mr.Li, your two bodyguards are very good.There is no accident in safety, a bodyguard named Yu Weicheng is now taking notes at our police station, and another Chen Sheng accidentally broke his leg on the mountain, but there is no serious problem at all, and he is now receiving orthopedic treatment at St.Mary s.After Officer Cheng finished speaking, he also briefly talked about what happened last night.Besides, even if they do sue them, I m afraid they won t be too happy Xiangjiang s reporters are the craziest group of people Li Guohao has ever seen., whether it is now or what you have seen and heard in your previous life.In the late 1980s, Li Jiacheng was already counted as the top rich man in Xiangjiang, but he was also abused by the newspapers for killing his wife.Li Guohao let out a long sigh of relief, and also let out the cbd recovery gummies depression in his heart, and asked, Is everyone here It s almost there, and I m waiting for you in the meeting room now.Jin Jiashi said.Then let s go.The company s group meeting was decided half a month ago, but all the subsidiaries of the group are very busy, and a lot of business needs to be dealt with.The palace pastry has just been established not long ago, and many things need to be dealt with by the new manager there.At Mother He s birthday party, Xiao Bai also rushed over.When he saw Li Guohao, Xiao Bai s face was as ugly as if he had eaten shit.You must know that such birthday parties are almost always very close partners or friends.participated.Xiao Bai was also invited to participate because of He cbd recovery gummies Gambling King.He thought that He Gambling King had taken a fancy to him and was about to recruit him as his son in law, but he didn t expect Li Guohao to be there This is annoying.Whether it is from the perspective of personal ability or business, Li Guohao is a few blocks away from himself.Xiao Bai relied on his father s relationship to become the second generation of Xiangjiang, while Li Guohao relied entirely on his own efforts to become an equal seat with most of the rich in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao is in cbd recovery gummies the catering industry, not to mention that he has a future, but at least he can say it nicely.When Wang Hongshen said this, he also heaved a sigh, this is already the limit, and he spent a long time on saving electricity, which is still not ideal.That s right, it s good to save a little.It s good to save a kilowatt hour of electricity every hour.It seems that there is no difference, but it can save a lot of open source over time.Manager Li, have you sent this technology to the patent department of the group Apply for a patent Li Guohao suddenly thought of something and asked.Since Li Guohao applied for patents for some of his ideas and technologies, the group also recruited a few people with experience in this field and set up a patent department.Up to now, the company has almost a dozen patents.The uncle Li Zhengming next to him said It has already been delivered, but this new refrigerator has some other patent rights, so the patent department of the group is trying to find a way to bypass these patents.I have seen the best one, before this, I only saw that the billionaire Li Guohao in Xiangjiang has this fate Really Although I don cbd recovery gummies t know Li Guohao, but the woman heard the fortune teller say her fate Comparable to that billionaire, while secretly delighted in his heart, he quickly asked, Then why hasn t our family been so rich until now The fortune teller frowned, glanced at the woman, I thought this person was really annoying, so I gave a hundred yuan, and continued to ask questions here, but for the sake of my own reputation, I asked again, Have you remarried How do you know, Master The woman said in horror asked.The fortune teller glanced at the other person behind the woman, looked at each other and said, That s right, you should have been prosperous and rich long ago, but because of your remarriage, Wangve s fate was lost.If he is engaged in real estate in the future, let this A master went through the motions and talked about how good this real estate is, and I believe there will be an endless stream of people to buy it.Chapter 273Food high tech simply surveyed the surrounding environment again, and Li Guohao got in the car and drove Master Dong Driving towards Xiangjiang Island.In the car, Li Guohao glanced at Master Dong, who was in his fifties, and said with a smile, Master Dong, how about I give you a fortune Oh Master Dong was taken aback.There will be reporters coming to interview you in a few days.You d better rent a better place.What does Li Sheng mean Master Dong asked confusedly.Do you know Chen Lang Chen Lang That feng shui cbd gummies and cancer master Yes, I think Master Dong s Feng Shui cbd recovery gummies skills are no less than that of Chen Lang.For each franchise store, the company will send some pastry chefs to guide or work there, so as to ensure the quality of its own signature.Originally, more than 50 overseas branches were already the limit.After all, the company did not have many pastry chefs.Most of these dispatched employees were unemployed after the collapse of Daronghua.After they have undergone systematic training, they are sent to work in various places Now there are almost no redundant pastry chefs in the company.There were still a few pastry chefs who were taken away by Huang He to open a branch in England.Li Qiang said helplessly on the phone.Since last year, the pastry company has been recruiting pastry chefs, just for the sake of franchise stores.At first, it was a local franchise store in Xiangjiang, then gradually it was a franchise store in Macau, and then it was a branch in Wanwan.He took Jian Fu s business card, and saw Vice Principal of Shenggonghui St.Peter s Primary School printed on it.Heh.Looking at the position of vice principal, Li Guohao glanced at Jian Fu s immature face again.People who are at most five or six years older than me can be the principal Just this superstitious virtue Chapter 284 There is no eternal enemy.Early August.The weather in Xiangjiang is still hot.Guohao Food Company s popsicles were officially launched half a month ago.For the distribution of goods in various supermarkets and supermarkets, 20 distributors have been recruited for this purpose, with branches in Kowloon, Xiangjiang Island, and the New Territories, and there are even two in Lantau Island and Outlying Islands.Lantau Island covers an area of more than 140 square kilometers, equivalent to two Xiangjiang Islands, and is also the largest of the Xiangjiang Islands.Health care Fang Yihua smiled.By the way.Sixth Uncle Shao suddenly thought of something, and quickly asked, How many people have signed up for Miss Xiangjiang s beauty pageant recently A lot.People come to the TV station to submit their resumes almost every day.How many good seedlings are there Since it is a Miss Beauty contest, one of the most basic elements is cbd recovery gummies beauty.Otherwise, no matter how high your diploma is, no matter how good your education is, it will be useless if you are full best cbd gummies for the money of knowledge and talent.Shao Liushu has been making movies for decades, and he knows the audience s preferences like the palm of his hand.There are a few, and they are pretty good in terms of family background and appearance.Fang Yihua thought for a while and said.Then you can sign a contract with them in advance.As for who will manage the club in the future, it will be decided by discussing with Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin when the time comes.The manager of the club must have certain social and management skills, otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with this kind of private club.Boss, after your money arrives, we have arrangedThe platoon people are building the two main buildings of the club, and other buildings are also in preparation, and it will take at least half a year to complete.Zhang Bowen said truthfully.The club now plans to build a total of two buildings, one is the gun club building and the other is the entertainment building.The planned floors of the two buildings are both fifteen floors, symmetrical from left to right, a bit like the American Twin Towers.Half a year so long Li Guohao was taken aback.Presumably it has not been invented or cbd recovery gummies born yet.Protein powder is an indispensable supplement for future fitness people, and the price is very expensive.If you take the lead in tinkering with it and apply for a patent, you should be able to make a fortune.And I can also find Bruce Lee s contemporary spokesperson.I believe there will be many people who want to have the same perfect body as Bruce Lee.Li Guohao rubbed his eternal sleep cbd gummies chin and thought.Immediately, he shook his head, throwing this matter out of his mind.The top priority now is still the matter of the stock market, and the rest will be discussed later.It has to be said that Li Guohao now has the basic elements of a businessman, and whenever he sees a slight business opportunity, he wants to get involved.I chatted with Bruce Lee for a few more words, and asked if the other party was interested in Xiangjiang.He never imagined that the Americans at this time maintained an arrogant attitude towards the war in the Middle East, and almost believed that those countries in the Middle East would be defeated, so everyone Going up Ni Xingqing has considered this situation before.The war broke out, and the stock market will either go up or down.However, considering what Li Guohao said about the oil crisis, he also decided to short some stocks.But he is not an American, and he does not know that Americans are overbearing.This is what led to the current situation.No The news of stopping the transportation of oil is either today or tomorrow Be sure to stick to it Li Guohao bit the bullet and sent a message to Xiangjiang by fax, authorizing Di Yimin to gather all the funds in his group and remit them to HSBC Bank today.He didn t know where Li Guohao got the 300 million U.S.dollars.One must know that this amount of money is equivalent to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars At the headquarters of HSBC Bank in Xiangjiang, Shen Bi looked at Li Guohao with a plain face, and asked in surprise, Li Sheng, did you rob the Bank of America Because cbd recovery gummies there were only a few stocks or futures that were shorted, and there was no such thing as leverage.Double, so the money earned is not particularly large.If you are interested, you can look up the oil crisis.This can be said to be a global crisis.If you use .

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leverage to make billions, it is not a problem, but the author will not, and he does not want to develop too fast.I am going to attend the wedding now, and I will come back to update in the evening, sorry guys.Chapter 303 How should the money be spent Facing Shen Bi s interesting questioning, Li Guohao chuckled, but he had never seen such a surprised expression on Shen Bi s face.The two chatted about the club and some Hong Kong news in the past month or so.As for Zhao Yazhi, when she got up at five or six o clock in the morning and was about to go downstairs for breakfast, the moment she put on her clothes and opened the door, she saw Mother Li standing near the stairs with a smile on her face.On the spot, Zhao Yazhi blushed like a monkey s butt, and shyly called out Morning Auntie.I understand, you and Ah Hao are both young people Mother Li said this.Zhao Yazhi was even more ashamed.She didn t even eat breakfast, so she drove home.She didn t go home yesterday, and her clothes didn t change.She smelled of sweat.She needed to go home and change into a new set of clothes before going to the company After about ten minutes, I saw Li Dexiao in a suit, with a contorted expression, grabbing the tie hanging around his neck with his hands, and Li Huifang followed him, patting his troublesome hands from time to time and saying Don t Pull it, and it will crooked if you pull it Does this suit me right Li Dexiao wore a suit except when he got married and took wedding photos, and he has never worn it since then, and he dresses casually on weekdays.At the same time, Bruce Lee won the competition with New York karate champion Mike.This simple fight was also spread by a Chinese filmed before and sold to a TV station in New York.When the reporter named Fei Erke saw the video of Bruce Lee s competition on the TV station, he caught a glimpse of Li Guohao This made Philke think a little bit, visited Chinatown, interviewed Bruce Lee, asked cryptically who was the man standing beside him at that time, and was told that he was a friend of Xiangjiang.After learning Li Guohao s name, Philke quickly wrote a report and published it in the New York Times Magazine.It caused a great stir in the United States.After all, someone HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies who can make money in the stock market is Asian, which makes many people jealous.However, Li Guohao has already returned to China, and no matter how the news is reported, there is no way to lead him.Why didn t you drive with Ah Zhi Zheng Jiachun asked in surprise as he watched the group of people walking.It s not too close, so I just want to go for a walk and exercise.Yes.Zheng Jiachun nodded.At this time, a beautiful woman in her twenties and sixteen years old got out of the car, dressed in an evening gown, and dressed quite elegantly.She walked down slowly with a satchel in her hand.Oh, I forgot to introduce you, this is your sister in law, Ye Meiqing.Zheng Jiachun introduced with a smile.Hi sister in law.Li Guohao didn t expect Zheng Jiachun to be married, and he had never heard Zheng Jiachun mention it before.I have always heard Jia Chun mentioning Li Sheng, saying that Li Sheng is a young talent, but this time I finally met the real person, but he is much younger than the rumors.Ye Meiqing said with a smile covering her mouth.The problem.One of the most worrying things may be the issue of the cinema.Li Guohao instantly understood the meaning of Cai Lan s words, and asked, Are you afraid that Golden Harvest will not give us the cinema It s not that I m afraid If Golden Harvest doesn t give it to the theaters, I m afraid they ll open their mouths and talk to us about the box office share.Friends Film Company can be said to be an instant hit, relying on the box office hit of Ghost and Horse Twin Stars , just like Bruce Lee back then, Xu s small character comedy style is particularly suitable vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies for the current Xiangjiang people.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned slightly.He didn t care much about the money the film company earned, but considering that the 80s and 90s would be the peak period of Hong Kong s films, it would be a pity not to participate.Lei Hongren echoed.I don t know how many times he was said to be young, which made Li Guohao wonder if he was going to grow a beard, but it was just a thought, and he smiled and said Where is there, I still have There is a lot to learn from you guys.Li Sheng was joking.Huang Zhongbo laughed, then vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies hesitated for a moment and asked I heard that Li Sheng s food industrial park will be built soon Well, the first batch of factory buildings will be built next month, and the progress of the total completion may be less than half a year.Li Guohao nodded.The first batch of factories have been built in the food industrial park, and the food factory plans to move part of the assembly line there and relocate the factories.After it is built, do we need a batch of new assembly line machinery Hearing this, Li Guohao finally understood the reason why this group of people came to him.Since Guohao Group borrowed 200 million Hong Kong dollars from Li Guohao, it has already started to deal with raw materials.In addition to planning to build a special sugarcane processing plant in Thailand, there are also rice processing plants.It will cost at least 100 million Hong Kong dollars in total from the farmland to the factory building and various supporting fresh keeping transportation.If you want to expand market share in Southeast Asia, you need more money for publicity and opening branch companies Wait.Okay, then chairman, when do you think we are going to leave Jin Jiashi nodded and asked.Well Li Guohao pondered for a while, and he said After the vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies fifteenth day of the first kenai farms cbd gummies scam lunar month, there will be a charity auction at the Governor s side in a few days.I want to participate, and I need to know about the sales of instant noodles.I don t care about the extra 2 million.On the other hand, after Li Guohao successfully photographed Zhang Daqian s Red Fu Girl , his face was filled with joy, and despite the surprise of Zhao Yazhi next to him, he laughed again and again.How well known Zhang Daqian is in later generations, almost anyone with a little common sense knows that his paintings have been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.Among them, the painting Red Fu Girl can be said to be one of Zhang Daqian s iconic paintings Well, being able to buy it at a price of 2 million at this moment is considered a bargain.Well, it should be regarded as taking advantage of it, but it is not necessarily true.If you buy two villas for 2 million, you can sell them for tens of millions in future generations.Not to mention money, but the value of collection is still very high.Zhao Yazhi nodded and said I know mom, Ah Hao said to send a safe tomorrow, and I will lock it in the safe when the time comes.The price of this watch is so high, and the Zhao family is not an independent villa complex, and those who come and go are afraid of encountering thieves, so Li Guohao also sent someone to buy a safe and send it there.As for the Li family, Li Guohao was questioned by Li s mother as soon as he returned.After confirming that his son spent 10 million to buy a watch for his daughter in law, he was both happy and sad.Just when Li s mother had the mentality of marrying a daughter in law and forgetting her mother, Li Guohao took out a box of jewelry from the paper bag he brought back and handed it to Li s mother.Mom, this is for you.What Li Huifang took the square red gift box in doubt.When combined together, it makes people feel that it is a good brand.There are a total of 21 Lee Kee Tea Restaurants in Xiangjiang, except for the Kowloon Peninsula.Except for the old store on Tung Choi Street that has been open for more than 20 years, most of the remaining new stores are concentrated in the Kowloon Peninsula and Xiangjiang Island, and only one has opened in the New Territories.The main branch of the Kowloon store is in Yau Tsim Mong District , that is, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok.Xiangjiang Island is concentrated in Central, which is a commercial area with many buildings, so it is the focus of attention.At this time, Zhao Yazhi also drove to the tea restaurant Outside the door, he took out two three legged toads one by one from the rear compartment, and walked in quickly.Yes, thank you, Mr.Li.Although Li Guohao didn t get an affirmative answer, Huang Yulang would be ecstatic as long as there is a turning point.Back to the company.Li Guohao directly called Shangguan Xiaobao and asked about the infringement of Bruce Lee s name before.After cbd recovery gummies learning that Huang Yulang was abandoned by his boss Huang Guang and wanted to pay 200,000 yuan in compensation, he finally understood why Huang Yulang would He ran over and begged himself to let him go.Huang Yulang is still a bit talented.How about this, if you sign a long term contract with Huang Yulang, this compensation will be regarded as his salary paid in advance.Shangguan Xiaobao was obviously taken aback on the other end of the phone.I didn t expect Li Guohao to call in person because of this matter, but the boss could only nod and said I know the president.Chen Zhi said modestly.Here, Li Guohao is chatting with people behind the stage, and the students and parents who have been waiting for a long cbd recovery gummies time in front are also talking about it.Did you see that Li Guohao just now He is so young, he is only four years older than premium jane cbd gummies owner my son.How can he become a billionaire What You sent your son here because you wanted to become the next Li Guohao s Of course The man proudly said, My son is very talented in cooking.He cooks by himself at home.Come here to learn the skill for a year, and I ll open a restaurant for him when he returns home.Big restaurant Five minutes later.The school s entrance ceremony for freshmen officially started.After Chen Zhi took the lead to speak on stage, he said directly Next, let s invite the principal, Mr.Li Guohao, to come on stage and give a speech for everyone.Seeing Li Guohao looking at him, Chen Zhi smiled and said Principal Li, I don t know much about catering, so I consulted Master Wang vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies and several cooking masters., According to the teaching content they provided, the lessons were compiled.Zhao Yazhi looked at the environment of the cubicles in the factory building, and couldn t help asking How long does it take for students to graduate after studying According to our lesson preparation, cbd recovery gummies it takes one year for normal study to successfully graduate, but it still depends on whether the individual works hard.Basically, our culinary training is divided into knife carving and cooking, and the baking is similar.From the most basic noodle kneading to baking and the making of more delicate dim eternal sleep cbd gummies cbd to sleep gummies sum After HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies talking a little bit, Chen Zhi said Actually, it all depends on which subjects the students have reported themselves.In the early years The blockade between the mainland and Wanwan was probably twenty years ago.Can this ship still be used Seeing what Li Guohao was thinking, Bao Daheng said with a smile Mr.Li, you need to know the ship It s not a car.A car may become old after more than ten years of driving, but a boat can last for more than 50 years if it is maintained and maintained One third of the ships under my banner were purchased more than ten or twenty years ago, and they are still in good condition.As long as the price is reasonable and there is no problem with the ship, then I will help Uncle Bao solve this problem Li Guohao laughed directly without thinking too much.Haha Seeing that Li Guohao agreed so readily, Bao Daheng immediately laughed and said I really didn t misread you Regardless of Li Guohao s sluggish face, Bao Daheng said again Actually, I am not looking for you this time to sell you my old ships.My dad means Zhang vermont cbd gummies eternal sleep cbd gummies Cheng, and my father in law means Zhang Wen.What about you Me I didn t think Zhang Dong touched the back of his head with a little embarrassment and said, It s not like you don t know how I can think of a good name because I m so bad at studying.Hearing what Zhang Dong said, Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him You should learn to make decisions on your own.You are already married and have children.If your father disagrees with your father in law, you need to resolve it yourself.I know.Zhang Dong nodded slightly.On the other side, Zhao Yazhi, who was teasing the little fat man, was chatting privately with Mai Xiaomin.Xiao Min, did you have any pain when you gave birth It hurts, it must hurt, I m about to roll on the ground in pain Thinking of the process of giving cbd recovery gummies birth, Mai Xiaomin couldn t help shivering and said Let me tell you that giving birth is really painful.The one standing next to Xu Guanjie was very familiar, Li Guohao thought for a while, isn t this Wen Cai, the disciple of Uncle Nine This one is very famous in Hong Kong zombie movies.I seem to remember that he is Xu Guanwen s younger brother, what is his name Xu Guanying.Thinking of this, Li Guohao sized up Xu Guanwen, then sized up Xu Guanjie, then looked at Xu Guanying, and couldn t help sighing, it s really a dragon with nine sons, each of them is different.Xu Guanjie is handsome, he can be said to be an idol in the 1970s.Although Xu Guanwen is not handsome, he is tall, but Xu Guanying is older than his elder brother Xu Guanwen, and he is so short.However, these words are what Li Guohao thinks in his heart, and it is impossible to say them in front of others.Turning his head to look again, he found that Zhou Runfa was also there.However, the New Territories Real Estate Company sent high profile personnel to every street to notify the acquisition of New Territories Real Estate from door to door, and informed them to participate in the acquisition meeting of New Territories Real Estate.This also alarmed Superman Li.Seeing this, Li Chaoren knew that there was no way to make the acquisition quietly, so he had to call Ma Zhengkang back and ask him to go to Yuen Long Town to hold an acquisition meeting, but the time was after the New Territories real estate acquisition meeting.Chapter 592 Hot Acquisition Scene In this acquisition conference, Zheng Jiachun has great ambitions, and wants to sign acquisition contracts with all the residents and residents at once today.For this reason, king louis cbd gummies two activity plans were specially formulated.Uncle Bao, these tens of thousands of shares make you so happy After Li Guohao finished speaking, he picked up the red wine on the table, looked at the bewitching red wine in the glass through the light above his head, and drank slightly.Take a sip.The bottle of Romanee Conti that Bao Daheng opened tasted really good.Even Li Guohao, who has never liked red wine, couldn t help but take a couple more sips.Ahao, you don t know.Bao Daheng looked at the busy crowd in the exchange below, and said with a bitter face Since William Keswick, the chairman of the Jardine Group, asked people to fully withdraw the shares of Wharf, now As soon as Wharf stocks appear on the market, they will be taken away immediately.Apart from me and the people from Jardine, there are many people who want to cbd recovery gummies make a fortune from it.He picked up the teapot and empty cup on the table, poured a cup of tea for the other party, and said, Uncle Bao, have you also received the notice from President Liang Yes.Bao Daheng took the tea cup and put it in his hand, sighing.He took a deep breath and said, I don t know.It s a good thing or a bad thing to tell us to come here this time Speaking of cbd recovery gummies this, Bao Daheng took a surprised look, glanced at Li Guohao, and said with a hint of complaint Say Get up, Ah Hao, what you did is wrong, why didn t you tell me .

do cbd gummies make you laugh?

in advance when you received President Liang s invitation to go north, I just found out today that you were also invited. Uncle Bao, it s indeed mine this time.Wrong.Li Guohao cbd recovery gummies smiled naively and said Chairman Liang invited me to go north, the time may be the same as Uncle Bao, it was in October, I think it will be the same when the time comes, anyway, we should be Let s go together.Only when the price is moderate can he sell it on the market.Xiao Changhan smiled If it is mass produced, the cost will be cheaper than Red Bull.After all, this new drink is just mixing the ingredients with water.Huang Yaohua said after hearing this If the cost is lower than Red Bull, It seems that the profit of this drink is still very high, and compared with Red Bull, the taste of this new drink is a bit more popular.Although Li Guohao did not taste the new drink, but from the description of the two, it is also I can guess what kind of drink it is, it is nothing more than a combination of Qixi, Sprite and a little grape juice.The taste must be very good.Li Guohao asked Well, everything is done Basically everything that needs to be done is done, just waiting to apply for the trademark.Xiao Changhan said truthfully.From Wangfujing No.3 to Wangfujing No.21, a total of six floors will be built, with a total commercial area of 1.1 10,000 square meters, and a super large storage warehouse will be built behind the supermarket After Li Guohao heard Fu Shengkuan said that it might take a long time, he didn t think about staying longer, so he went directly to Inner Mongolia.I stayed there for another half a month, and after watching the construction of the ranch and the dairy processing plant, I returned to Bao an County at the beginning of July.Oh, no, it should be called Shenzhen.At the beginning of June, Baoan County was renamed Shenzhen City, and the county was officially withdrawn from the city.In a flash, he had been in the Mainland for two months, which Li Guohao did not expect.He originally thought that it would be good to stay for ten days and half a month, but he never thought about staying for such a long time.Li Guohao pretended to come back to his senses and said.The two asked What s the matter Li Guohao said slowly I read a book not long ago, which said that when others are greedy, I should be fearful.I should be greedy when others are fearful.If others are greedy, I am afraid, and when others are fearful, I am greedy These short dozen words seem simple, but they have a different taste when understood.Zheng Jiachun couldn t meloxicam and cbd gummies help but his eyes lit up, and he asked curiously What book is it Who wrote it I also looked back.Cough Li Guohao coughed violently I forgot the HCMUSSH cbd recovery gummies title of the book, I will find it later and tell you.After finishing speaking, I thought in my heart, it would be great if I could find it.This is what Buffett said ten years later.I m afraid he premium jane cbd gummies amazon is not a big man now.Huo Zhenting understood the meaning of this sentence, but he didn t understand Li Guohao said the meaning of these words and asked Then what do you mean Li Guohao narrowed his eyes slightly, raised his eyebrows and said, The collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate has almost reached the point where everyone is talking about it.That company is Li Jiacheng s Changjiang Real Estate.In the past few years, besides investing in Xiangjiang real estate, Li Jiacheng s main investment direction is to cooperate with Canadian real estate developers and bring Xiangjiang people there to buy houses.In the past two years, thousands of Canadian single family houses how much are green otter cbd gummies and urban apartments have been sold.But this time, Li Jiacheng has made a lot of money.When Xiangjiang real estate collapsed and the prospects of Xiangjiang were bleak, many middle class families and rich families chose to immigrate, and the cbd recovery gummies first to bear the brunt was the United States, followed by Canada.Housing prices and consumption levels in the United States are still very high at this time, so many people choose to immigrate to Canada, where the land is sparsely populated and housing prices are cheap.755 billion yuan.During the period, they also successively launched the Dawn Assault and invested 3.5 billion yuan in three major development projects including the Central District Exchange Square, the old wing of the Miramar Hotel, and Baibi Mountain.Last year was still brilliant, and the cbd recovery gummies company s market value once soared to nearly 150 per share of Landmark.After just one year, it almost reached the brink of bankruptcy.If it weren t for the support of Jardines, as well as the help of the British government and HSBC, I am afraid that the end would not be much better than that of Carriand.You must know that before Li Guohao s 10 billion bailout, some financial media exclusively reported that since its establishment, Hongkong Land has suffered a huge loss of 1.583 billion yuan for the first time, and its total debt has soared to 17.

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