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Wang Weiyi woke up from his contemplation and replied indiscriminately.The number of German soldiers gradually increased, and a few cannons were squatting there.A dozen German soldiers were smoking cigarettes beside the cannons.When they saw Hitler coming, they whistled Hey, Adolf, who did you bring Already It s the new company commander of the 3rd company, Lieutenant Ernst Brahm.With a swipe, the dozen or so German soldiers stood up together, threw away the cigarettes in their hands, and stood upright Lieutenant The German soldier was a role model wherever he went.You re welcome.Wang Weiyi waved his hand.Lieutenant, the battalion headquarters is here.Hitler brought Wang Weiyi to the gate of the battalion, reported outside, and then led Wang Weiyi inside.Major Deng Xiwei of the supplementary battalion was concentrating on looking at the map hanging on the wall.Wang Weiyi felt a little funny when he saw it.These Europeans, I don t know whether to call them naive or funny.They are wearing German military uniforms, but they are holding the standard equipment of the Commonwealth countries.Enfield rifles.As if they were afraid that others would not know that they were British.The two British soldiers observed for a while, but found nothing unusual, and then another group of German soldiers appeared.Wang Weiyi clicked, a total of eleven Individual.Surrounded in the middle and wearing a coat, cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd with a tense expression, Wang Weiyi recognized at a glance that it was the spy Andreas in the photo that Elena had shown him.Watching them gradually enter In the ambush circle, Wang Weiyi raised his hand At this moment, there was do gummies have thc or cbd a bang gunshot, and all the British who had not yet fully entered the cbd gummy for kids eagle e commerce group cbd gummies ambush circle fell to the ground.General Galwitz couldn t help but congratulate himself.If the counter offensive had not been launched in advance, once the enemy s 12 divisions arrived, it would undoubtedly be much more difficult for the German army to counter offensive.What a wise decision I made And it was Ernst Brahm who cbd gummies vs delta 8 gummies prompted me to make this decision.If I hadn t been moved by his heroic battle and decided to launch a counterattack in advance, then the results of the current battle may be different The sun has risen from the horizon again, and the sun shines on the battlefield.The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder smoke and green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd blood, and the sound of guns was still ringing, but a large number of German troops lined up neatly on the battlefield.What is surprising is that countless senior German officers also appeared on the battlefield.Your Highness, do gummies have thc or cbd one is Baron Alexon.When we launch an all cbd infused gummy bears relax out attack again, Germany with two Ernsts will be invincible.August s complexion suddenly became a little ugly, but He was still not used to hiding any of his thoughts Marshal Hindenburg, first class general Ludendorff, I don t think the war should continue.The people around were suddenly at a loss.Wang Weiyi knew exactly what was going on.Although Auguste was a fanatical militarist, after the Battle of Verdun, he became a supporter of peace and believed that this meaningless war should be ended as soon as possible.It s just that now that these words come out of his mouth, it is difficult for the people around him to react.Too many people died.August didn t take into account the feelings of others at all In Ardennes and Verdun, I saw countless outstanding German soldiers die, but what did we get We didn t To get the benefits we wanted before the war, even in the Somme we were forced to support hard.As soon as Wang Weiyi returned to the front line, he learned that the British army was strengthening its offensive, and the supplementary battalion was at the forefront of his third company.Wang Weiyi knew very well what kind of heavy pressure the third company would be under.Without any hesitation, he put all the reserves in his hand on the battlefield.He came just the villages fl cbd gummies in time The British attack was repulsed, and the morale of the 3rd Company and even the entire supplementary battalion was high because of his return.A miraculous battalion commander, what kind of battle is he unable to win Wang Weiyi set up his battalion headquarters in the third company, which was indeed selfish.After all, the third company was brought up by him, and in order to create countless honorable troops Second Lieutenant Hall, please report the situation.Just when everyone was a little disappointed, but turned around again, Felix immediately announced the pardon of Lieutenant Colonel Rosen and his companions in the name of His Majesty the German Emperor, and they could leave Germany at any time.It was a happy ending.8 Electric green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd book www.TX 8 . While Lieutenant Colonel Rosen and his companions were pardoned, Wang Weiyi received another favor In view of Ernst s outstanding performance in the war and his unparalleled outstanding performance in rescuing His Royal Highness Crown Prince William, Ernst was promoted to Baron Alexon von Brahm as major.From a lieutenant officer to a field officer, this is a qualitative breakthrough Not only that, but due to their excellent performance in battle before and their daring and bravery when they joined hands to rescue August, Skeleton Baron Ernst von Brahm and Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen was also awarded the German Order of Merit the Blue Marx Medal.In such a situation, my only option at the time was to pretend to believe them completely.Erwin, you said, if the enemy thinks you re tricked, what will they do with the real target Take advantage of the chaos and transport them out.Rommel replied without thinking.Yes, they took advantage of the chaos to transport them out.They don t know how many special teams we have sent.Wang Weiyi laughed loudly Now Ma Li should have caught Kilok, but De Sade is still here stupidly, I can t help but want to do gummies have thc or cbd see De Sade s expression after knowing the truth Rommel also laughed out loud, he also wanted to see De Sade s frustrated face.Being with Ernst Brehm is really a frightening but interesting thing.It is full of danger , full of wild excitement, but also full of fun.It is hard to imagine that after seeing through the enemy s conspiracy, Ernst would continue to implement the plan, use his tricks, and really rescue the fake Killock , so that the enemy s attention was completely attracted by him.Those French soldiers who were in a hurry felt a little strange when they saw this truck.What are you doing driving so fast around town Have the Germans already reached Reims Manstein puts a bunch of grenades within easy reachDamn it, couldn t the Orcus go any faster The truck was bumping very far away, and it got closer to the place where the gunshots rang out Major, I m out of bullets.Steck just cbd gummies for sale threw away the amp that had been emptied.The Rosa submachine gun drew out the pistol, and viciously pierced through an enemy s head.Ernst, I don t have many bullets left, I ve thrown away all the grenades.Rommel also cried out anxiously.Wang Weiyi s situation is also not much better, with the best cbd gummies for quitting smoking canada last bullet left.Where the hell is Manstein Is it really going to die here this time The enemy seemed to have sensed something, and they got up from their hiding places one after another, tiptoely attacking here again.Those French soldiers became panicked, first the rear wing, and then the front soldiers all turned around, wanting to know what the hell happened behind their asses Another shell flew out of the tank, and it exploded accurately on the French soldiers, which also caused greater confusion among the French.Colonel, look what that is Major Wolfe suddenly yelled loudly That is a flag, a battle flag Yes, Colonel Thomas also saw the tank rushing to the front A blood red background with a skull mark is flying on it the skull battle flag In the whole of Germany, there is only one person who is equipped with such a battle flag Baron Skeleton Ernst Alexson von Brahm One hundred and forty two.War Machine seeking monthly ticket Forward When Major Ernst Brahm said these words, Guderian, who was holding a machine gun, couldn t help but glanced at him.From now on, you will be the only user of this gun.Once your identity is confirmed, even I can no longer use it.Use Wang Weiyi was a little dazed What is the special purpose of this gun Should I be proud to hold a Mauser rifle that only I can use in the world Your IQ is always a big problem Xiao Ling said contemptuously There is a small chip installed inside this gun, which is connected to my program here, and I directly control it.Now, You can give it infinite cbd gummies review an order, say Wanderer authorized, P18 submachine gun , and see what happens Wang Weiyi was completely confused, ordering a gun Such crazy things spread I m afraid I ll lose my life.He reluctantly said Authorized by the Rambler, P18 submachine gun.The thing that stunned Wang Weiyi happened.The shape of the pistol quickly began to modify itself.Mistanov hesitated As for propertyMr.Moyol, that is not the most important thing, but there is a small jewelry box in those properties, which was left by my deceased wife.Mine is very commemorative, please be sure to bring it back You have to know how deep the relationship between nature only cbd gummies reviews my wife and I is 2000 mg cbd gummies sold near me What secrets are in that jewelry box Wang Weiyi will not be fooled by the lie of missing his wife.He can be sure that the jewelry box is of great significance to Mistanov.Mr.Moyol , I will not let you and your companions be busy.Seeing that Wang Weiyi didn t answer right away, Mistanov hurriedly said I will give you 30,000 Spanish gold coins as a reward What a big deal do gummies have thc or cbd Wang Weiyi began to be curious.His family property is all Detained But he can take out 30,000 Spanish gold coins anytime and anywhere Who is this Mr.We can t interrogate a German admiral We have reason to believe that the Countess Leonie must have learned some information from her husband We would be very grateful if the Countess would provide it.And we also learned that the countess has a good relationship with you You really remembered that Wang Weiyi sneered in his heart when he asked me to collect information from the countess.In fact, it is not necessary to find out the super spy What is difficult, just let Xiaoling adjust the information, but why should I help the Russians Wang Weiyi said indifferently Mr.Samoksky, what does this have to do with me Why would I beg the Countess for some super spy I have nothing to do with To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Almost everyone s eyes revealed a smirkexcept Elenaeveryone was guessing Has the countess looked at Baron Alexon This powerful countess can do anything she wants to do.Of course, this is not a good thing for Elena Aside from being younger than the countess and full of youthful vigor, Elena doesn t seem to have the upper hand Wang Weiyi also has some headaches.Since the trial, he has stayed do gummies have thc or cbd away from Berlin.Those are German politics He really doesn t want to get involved in any right and wrong.But refusing the countess invitation may cause trouble for the future Wang Weiyi came to Berlin alone with Depusey.Until he entered Berlin.He was still thinking about Elena s eyes full of distrust towards him Conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, the owner of the Alexandria Manor.The winner of the Blue Marx Medal, the pride of Germany, Ernst Alexson von.The countess didn t think there was anything strange.it s here.It is often possible to see some victorious generals at the gambling table, at least the countess has seen several.These people simply regard gambling as a profession.Cheating doesn t exist here, it s a scorned thing.What s more, that person was introduced by the respected Marquis Xindel Leaning in front of the bar, Martins pointed to a gaming table Look, that s the man.Looking there, the man looked about thirty years old, with a glass of wine in front of him.Look very focused.Blackjack is the so called blackjack.Players count cards to ensure that the points in their hands do not exceed 21 points, trying to beat the dealer.In front of Kugla was a Q and he took a sip from his wine glass No more cards.An 8 was placed in front of the dealer, and when a card was raised, another 8 appeared.Perhaps, William II s extreme self confidence has unknowingly infected his generals, and there is no way to change this.One hundred ninety.All the suggestions made by the liaison officer Wang Weiyi cbd gummy for kids eagle e commerce group cbd gummies are just reference opinions and cannot attract the attention of high level German officials.Although this meeting did not achieve any final results, Wang Weiyi knew that he could not change this period of history.He can t change everything.He knows what will happen to many things, but he can only watch it happen helplessly.Perhaps, this is the sorrow of a person who is familiar with the future history.When he left the office, the marshals and generals were still discussing enthusiastically, but Wang Weiyi only smiled bitterly.Baron Alexon, please wait a moment.Nicholas voice sounded from behind.The highest level meeting, the discussion of the core class, Nicholas is also unable to participate When he came to Wang Weiyi s side, Nicholas was silent for a while Baron Alexon, you really think we can t treat Mexico Help Yes, I firmly do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies believe so.Wang Weiyi nodded.I think so too, but it s a pity that no one is willing to listen to us Nicholas sighed Actually, I thought that you would be the first to oppose me I I am not against you, nor agree with you Wang Weiyi said lightly Everything I do is for this country.On the basis of national interests, all personal grievances can be temporarily put aside.Maybe you It s the same kind of personyou think I m a traitor, so you want to dig me out as a worm at all costsbut do you still think I m a traitor now I don t I think you are a traitor, but I still have my doubts about the miracle you performed on the Somme before.Nicholas replied very frankly The battle of Reims Soissons will come soon.When you are on the battlefield After another outstanding performance last time, I think I will apologize to you Wang Weiyi smiled, Nicholas was really exactly the same as the director of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff that he knew.Guo Yunfeng cbd gummy for kids eagle e commerce group cbd gummies gestured and said, I want to talk to her talk, do you understand His German was really bad, but Rommel understood it and waved his hand Second Lieutenant, I ll give you half an hourDamn it, who told me how to say half an hour in Chinese Forget it, as much time as he loves Last year, ah, actually two months ago, I went back to the UK with my father, and we had to do something for our country After leaving those people, Kelly told Guo Yunfeng I became a nurse, this is the first time I came to the battlefield, unfortunately I met you Don t worry, cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd I won t let them hurt you.Guo Yunfeng told Kelly very positively Just tell me, how is Shandong now I haven t been back for a long time, my family is all there.Not very good, the situation in Qingdao is not good, the situation in Shandong is not good, the situation in the whole of China is not very good.As Desimov entered his office, Desimov asked him to sit down Only Loban and Aojinian are the HCMUSSH do gummies have thc or cbd only ones who don t do their jobs all day long and often do things like rob their own people here.Sky, I can find them and ask them, but now let s talk about that gem You have to know, this happened on my property Wang Weiyi points Nodded, if you want to find Zachwoki, you have to rely on the power of Desimov, the local snake That is a big gem, a cursed gem, whether you believe it or not And I am a jewel collector By chance, I found out the whereabouts of this gem, so I tracked it all the way to ParisMr.Desimov, I advise you You don t want to touch this HCMUSSH do gummies have thc or cbd gem, but it s not just because it has been cursed, but even if you get it, you can t sell it.Who would pay a big price to buy it now Desimov hemp bombs cbd gummies get you high said Yes , it seems that he does not object to this statement.In fact, there was no one here to bother them.The war is temporarily far away from them.What could be more exciting than opening your heart in the heart of an enemy There were groans and whispers in the room, and then everything died away What happened inside It doesn t matter, what matters is that Wang Weiyi and Elena are finally together.Emotions need to be vented, even for people like the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm.Elena will remember the city of Paris, and she will definitely not regret this trip to Paris.A romantic getaway, no 206.Planning Major, something seems to be going wrong.Waking up early in the morning, Pipondu and Will.Ting Lande was already waiting there anxiously.As soon as he saw Ernst, Pipondu hurried up to meet him Since last night, a large number of secret police officers have appeared, all looking for a person, and they all followed him.They were still unable to break through here, so at their request, Germany sent General von Bello to command the 14th Army of the German Austrian Allied Forces secretly assembled in the Villach area.Colonel Ernst, this is going to be a massive offensive.Caporetto The largest mountain battle of the First World War Wang Weiyi quickly thought of this battle.Colonel Ernst, in order to ensure the victory of this battle, General von Bello requested that the Skeleton Commando be sent to Caporetto 214.Skeleton Commando Attack Colonel Ernst, General von Bello has requested to deploy the do gummies have thc or cbd Skeleton Commando to the front line of Caporetto, and this request has been approved Understood, General Galwitz Wang Weiyi did not hesitate at all What is the most important thing for a soldier to update at a high speed Constantly gain victories in the war, one victory after another, and establish your own supreme feats.General Ernst Manstein said the same thing You have been officially appointed as a major general of the German Wehrmacht Wang Weiyi was a little dazed.Army Major General He was actually appointed as a major general What s the matter This is simply the greatest honor for me Okay, Ernst, don t chat here.Rommel interrupted his thoughts General Kassel sent two divisions to help you clear the way, now we have to leave here as soon as possible.No.Wang Weiyi shook his head.Hitler seemed to have discovered something cbd gummy for kids eagle e commerce group cbd gummies Where are Steck and the others They are heading here.Wang Weiyi told them all If everything goes well, they will arrive before 0 00 am.Rommel shrugged Okay, then let s wait for them to come back.They didn t have any objection to Ernst s order, not to mention, abandoning his teammates was not what a skeleton commando should do.It was just a routine battle.With the support of such ferocious firearms provided by Xiaoling, as long as there were no mistakes in command, there would be no problem in holding on.That s not a miracle.Twenty two members of the Japanese army wiped out a do gummies have thc or cbd small team of the Japanese army and seized a large amount of supplies.This is barely enough.Compared with those things done by the skeleton baron, Wang Weiyi wants to surpass himself in this era.Five minutes, prepare for evacuation When Wang Weiyi said this, Li Lu, who had just moved a box of ammunition to the car, heard it and was startled Captain, there are so many Ammunition and supplies.The Japanese army will arrive soon, if we are greedy for supplies, we will all die here.After finishing speaking, Wang Weiyi added Only by keeping yourself can you kill more enemies.They don t understand the principles of the nation and the nation, anyway, they feel that Japan has invaded their own territory, and if they don t fight back, are they considered individuals Serving as a soldier and fighting a war is justified.But this officer actually gave three times the pension, which is not bad Get ready, start tomorrow morning, run now if you want to run, run openly, I, Wang Weiyi, will never leave you Wang Weiyi s voice rang in the ears of the brothers But it s the same, I went to Songjiang with me, If anyone is afraid of death if he loses the chain, I will shoot him first I am willing to follow the commander, fight to the end, and never retreat All the soldiers shouted loudly.This voice pierces Changhong Wang Weiyi s new legend officially begins here To be continued.You can t attack Maeda Yoshito panicked Attacking now will only make us a target Haka Sugawara Naomasa cursed angrily The imperial army will never wait to die here Maeda Yoshiro was desperate, and he didn t blame others.I just wonder why I was appointed as such a captain.Perhaps the most incompetent of all officers Captain Maeda, are you a coward Naomasa Sugawara shouted.Maeda Yoshiro smiled bitterly Your Excellency Captain, I can lead my team to charge, but we will all die soon.Please take care of yourself After speaking, he drew out his command knife For the sake of the empire, attack This It is the first time that the Japanese army has reactivated such a stupid, almost suicidal attack since the Russo Japanese War.And how did all this happen Naomasa do gummies have thc or cbd Sugawara So when those attacking Japanese soldiers fell in a pool of blood one after another, so after Tian Yi was hit by bullets until he couldn t even tell his original appearance, these dead Japanese soldiers might feel that this was a kind of relief do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies instead.Fire snake flurry.The four fighter planes tried their best to chase and strangle them in the air.At that moment, Wang Weiyi, who was watching the battle on the ground, suddenly remembered the countless air battles that took place on the European battlefield Red Baron Now, who is flying the plane in the sky Gao Zhihang, Gao Zhihang attached to the Air Force Teaching Corps Major Corps.Xiao Ling s words helped him solve the mystery in time.Gao Zhihang Gao Zhihang of the Four King Kong of the Chinese Air Force Wang Weiyi was startled, and then asked Has he not died yet No.There do gummies have thc or cbd are still a few days left, what are you thinking Save Gao Zhihang once like saving Richthofen But you can t do it, you can t There are no dark fighters.Little Ling, help me Wang Weiyi s voice sounded like he was pleading The National Air Force doesn t have much strength.On the battlefield, there do gummies have thc or cbd was a rare calm.At the same time, in order to find out the true strength of the Japanese army, Otsukahara Wei sent a large number of reconnaissance teams to find out the situation of the Chinese army.For any nation, when life and death are at stake, there will always be some people like this.No matter which country, which nationality is exactly the same.These traitors in charge of reconnaissance are by no means riding bicycles and wearing top hats running around like menacing spirits.That will only tell everyone I am here to spy on intelligence, come and catch me.The Japanese are not that stupid, and neither are the traitors.Walking on the road, one of them was wounded, using a gun as a crutch to support himself and move forward step by step.Stop Suddenly, several soldiers rushed out from the nearby woods, aiming their guns at them.Lu Mingzhai sighed, Yuan Wang smiled bitterly and said Yes, later Lu Deshan and Yuan Song bribed the man himself with the military salary, paid homage to the old man, became a member of the Green Gang, and all the more than twenty brothers also belonged to them.These soldiers were able to fight very well in the first place, they were fierce and they never left anyone alive, and they gradually gained a reputation in Shanghai Beach, even Boss Du was very polite when he saw them He suddenly shouted Said Manager Wang, you are right, my eldest brother is Lu Deshan, and I am Yuan Song I changed my name to Yuan Wang to tell everyone that we were wronged It s not that we don t want to fight, but that the person who only knows how to accompany the opera singers doesn t want to fight Forget it Lu Deshan interrupted him Manager Wang, I have nothing to hide now.Wang Weiyi said Oh , feeling a little disappointed in his heart, not the person he thought, no wonder he felt that William was so kind and familiar, so he was The Wittgenstein family.Thinking of this, Wang Weiyi remembered that he still had crystal creek organics cbd gummies a large amount of wealth for Hermione to keep and invest, and he didn t know how many times it had doubled now.With Hermione s ability, she would only increase her investment exponentially, Lieutenant Colonel, we can start now.Guo Yunfeng s urging voice sounded.William, I m leaving.Let s green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd continue talking when I come back.Wang Weiyi hurriedly left here as he spoke.Lieutenant Colonel William remembered something, but when he called out, the lieutenant colonel had already gone far.William muttered, just now he wanted to tell the lieutenant colonel that he vaguely remembered the name he had before.Therefore, starting from the spring of 1917, every German infantry on the Western Front was equipped with 5 rounds of K bombs, and the machine gunner was equipped with a whole chain of K bombs.At the end of the war, according to the requirements of the German Supreme Command, Mauser also produced a special anti tank do gummies have thc or cbd gun t gewehr with stronger armor piercing capabilities.It was the world s first dedicated green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd infantry anti tank weapon.Especially in 1888, an engineer named Monroe in the United States discovered that if the warhead charge was changed to a concave shape, the blasting effect could be improved.During World War I, German ordnance engineers further developed this technique.They have a distance between the tip of the warhead and the charge that is 2 3 times the caliber of the shell, so that the hollow charge detonates before it comes into direct contact with the target, further improving the armor breaking effect of the shaped energy.At this time, Akasaka Jijia rushed in Your Excellency, Captain, we can t support anymore, Shina People will rush in soon Captain Nakagawa has pledged his allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor You did your best, Akasaka kun.Qingkou Wusan didn t panic too much We have to bear a large part of the responsibility for the failure.But it is definitely not all.There are too many places to summarize about this war.Akasaka kun, can we finish now Finish Akasaka Yoshika was startled, but immediately understood the meaning of the captain No, Your Excellency cbd gummies philly the captain, we still have the ability to fight, please allow me to break the jade for the empire and His Majesty the Emperor Please take care, Akasaka kun Qingkou Wusan stood up and bowed deeply to him.Farewell.Your Excellency, Captain Akasaka Jijia strode out.When the news came out, the whole army was shocked Now, all Chinese officers and soldiers have only two choices either die in the position, or die under the guns of the law enforcement team There will be no third option anymore Let s fight, let s fight with our lives In Changshu, the squadron also faced a strong challenge in front of Xiao Zhichu s 26th Army was the Sixth Division of the R Army s Strong Brigade in front of Wang Weiyi s Huben Guard Brigade was the Japanese No.The 13th Division and the Ueno Detachment Lieutenant General Dizhou Libing, head of the 13th Division, who had suffered great humiliation, appeared on the front line in person.This time, he must not fail again Matsui Iwane gave him the strongest support.A large number of aircraft and artillery bombarded the squadron s position endlessly, with an intensity exceeding any previous one.Baron Alexon Xiao Ling s voice sounded so exciting You will magically Appeared in the blue sky, and then disappeared mysteriously Here, you will leave your myth Here, you will do gummies have thc or cbd leave a mysterious legend that the world will never be able to solve the mystery Elena was stunned Listen, she didn t understand why she was so do gummies have thc or cbd excited when she saw this dark fighter plane why she felt so excited when she heard Xiao Ling s words.Wang Weiyi is also passionate You will miraculously appear in the blue sky, and then mysteriously disappear Here, you will leave your myth it s here.You will leave a mysterious legend that future generations will never be able to solve the mystery Let s take off, Baron Alexon Wang Weiyi boarded the dark fighter plane, and the extremely familiar feeling came back Take off Baron Skeleton In the blue sky, the Fifth Flying Battalion of the Chinese Air Force appeared These are in order to defend China s sky sovereignty.Everything today is enough for them to cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd remember for a lifetime.They couldn t forget the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst, shooting the T34 majestically, they couldn t forget General Ernst s calm and calm command, and they couldn t forget the Baron s heroic posture of shooting with a cbd gummy for kids eagle e commerce group cbd gummies submachine gun at the most critical moment.All of this is enough for them to savor a lifetime.However, the sound of guns from Demyansk continued.Now is the time to test whether General Ernst Brahm can successfully bring his troops out of danger.Three hundred and ninety nine.The baron s family Madam, there is news from Germany that Baron Alexon has appeared again At the head of state s office, our insider reported to us that Baron Alexon is commanding the Skeleton Division of the SS.Breakout.United States.When the news of Baron Alexon s rebirth reached Leonie and Hermione s ears, the two couldn t help but smile wryly at each other.Yes, in Shanghai.Wang Weiyi nodded, He is with Hannah, but he doesn t know my identity.Nicholas, let s not talk about this matter for now.The sooner you go to France, the better.At the same time , I will also give you some suggestions, we must establish our one in France in the shortest possible time.Yes, I will, Baron.Nicholas said very firmly.He could feel that the baron was ready to do something when he came back this time What about Russia Our intelligence do gummies have thc or cbd in Russia is very weak, and those Chekas are very capable.Although I do gummies have thc or cbd am no longer in the intelligence department, I still have some students.They told me that several infiltrations by German intelligence had failed, and that a large number of agents had been arrested and swiftly and secretly executed.On the contrary, a large number of Russian intelligence agents were active in Berlin Russia, I have the means to re Build intelligence.Seeing the hesitant and fearful look on Williams face, Garcia pointed outside Think about do gummies have thc or cbd it, the car outside A car, maybe you ll be able to own one soon.So, Williams no longer hesitated Tell s stock, I think it will go up.It was not very satisfactory, and Tell s stock had a big drop in the afternoonWilliams s slow confidence took a heavy blow.But Garcia was not worried at all.He told Williams, wait patiently, who knows what miracle will happen tomorrow Yes, and Garcia As I said, the miracle really happened on the second day.As soon as the New York stock market opened the next day, Tell s stock green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd continued to fall, which kept hitting Williams heart.But at ten o clock, Fengyun Suddenly, Tell s stock stopped the downward trend, and the stock price began to rise rapidly Williams suddenly became excited and went up, up, up Tell s stock price kept rising 21, 22, 26, Williams felt himself breathing He couldn t control it anymore, he was gasping for breath, his eyes were fixed on the stock price without blinking, and Garcia was always looking at him with a smile.Prince Karami replied authentically.Of course, what he cares most about now is whether he can live to the day when he ascends to the position of Sudan Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Then, let s discuss the treasure of Priam now Prince Karami was stunned.After a while, he said dully, Your Excellency, I don t know about the treasure of Priam.I ve been imprisoned for too long, and I really don t cbd thc combo gummies know anything Look, Look at you.Wang Weiyi is still smiling You are a prince, why don t you even know the treasure of Priam where can i buy cbd gummies in nj Ah, it has a more famous name, the gold treasure of Troy.Our great German archaeologist Mr.Schliemann discovered six legendary ancient cities in Turkey, and unearthed a large amount of gold and treasures, and then shipped them back to green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd Germany.The Ottoman Empire protested vigorously for this.It is impossible for them to create any more miracles.British and Soviet warships began a rapid withdrawal from Ankara.The British ambassador Lehr even wailed We have lost the most important strategic point Now the direction of the war has no one to grasp After the German army s leading troops entered Ankara , They were surprised to find that they were no longer needed to fight here.God.What exactly did do gummies have thc or cbd smokiez edibles cbd gummies Field Marshal Ernst do in Ankara The expected fierce battle did not happen at all, and the German army entered the capital of a country without any hindrance.On the streets of Ankara, German tanks drove in on the streets of Ankara, a large number of German soldiers entered on the streets of Ankara, the German flag was flying And the skull battle flag, which has always inspired the morale of the German army, is also fluttering in the wind.All not a single dollar left The only thing he got was the glass of rum that Mr.Garcia gave him Williams, who slipped out of the back door, knew that it was absolutely impossible for things to end so soon, when the sun rose tomorrow , he will be completely finished.All his properties were mortgaged in the bank, that is to say, not only did he become a poor man again, but he also owed a large sum of money to the bank It was not until late at night that he dared to go back to the bank quietly.own home.The mansion that he was once proud of soon no longer belonged to him He looked around quietly, after making sure that there was no one there.Then he dared to sneak into his home.After closing the door firmly, Williams was relieved.After leaning against the door in a daze for a while, he turned on the light.This is a battle that is enough to go down in history in the Second Battle of Alamein.It is not how novel the combat method is, nor how tortuous the combat process is, but the indomitable spirit of sacrifice shown by Australian soldiers in this battle.Their losses in the German attack were unbearable.These Australian soldiers in the encirclement were killed every second, but their companions would fill in the gaps they left.The German artillery bombarded here violently.In less than half an hour, General Kim Bates had lost one third of his strength.General Kim Bates didn t say much, he just issued an order Remember the mission of your Commonwealth Army The mission drives these Australian soldiers to fight bravely, and the use drives these Australian soldiers to continue.At 7 45, the last hope of the Australians was completely cut off The German army wiped out their main resistance force and was preparing to launch the final attack.But what is strange is that these Egyptians have no regrets at all It seems that death is the highest honor for them But no matter what, this is still the most embarrassing thing in Egyptian history.A day I don t want to look back on Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng rushed out with General Kanlemu.When the tank stopped slowly in a deserted place, General Canlemu couldn t help but let out a long breath of fear.He really didn t expect them to be successful.At one point, under the heavy does cbd gummies cause high blood pressure rain of bullets, he thought he would die like this tank, but they did it after all Those German planes that appeared mysteriously also disappeared mysteriously againNo one knows do gummies have thc or cbd where they came from, and no one knows where they flew Are we safe Getting out of the tank, General Canlemu looked around.It s safe for the time being.Who will win this contest Montgomery or Rommel It seems hard to say now Montgomery lost his 4th Hussars, and Rommel gave up all hope that the Italian Ritoio Division would survive.However, at this moment, a telegram that shocked Rommel was sent to him.In the telegram, the Italian asked angrily why the reinforcements had not arrived yet Haven t the Italians collapsed yet Rommel now very much doubted the authenticity of this telegram.Yes, our air force has also carried out reconnaissance, and the Italians are still resisting God Rommel was completely shocked.The Italians have persisted until now.This is a moment that even God will be moved to tears.This matter happened, and at this moment Rommel immediately found out that it was beneficial to him.The whole army launches a surprise attack, let Rito Io Division persist for the last two hours The unbelievable thing finally happened on the Kantara battlefield Five hundred and eighty seven.Many brave soldiers.What an excellent army Montgomery gave a sincere admiration in his heart The failure of the Allied forces in North Africa this time cannot be blamed on someone.Maybe everyone is responsible, maybe the Allied forces were only defeated by one person the Skeleton Baron This is a man who is almost like a god, and no one can say that he can defeat this man who is like a do gummies have thc or cbd god.Wherever he appeared, the German army won without exception.And the bitter fruit of failure can only be tasted slowly by his enemies.At about eight o clock at night, Montgomery s adjutant sent him a telegram, which was actually sent directly to him by Baron Alexon.When receiving the telegram, Montgomery found that his hands cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd were trembling This was the first telegram he received from the Baron Skeleton The telegram stated that the war was over , give up, general, you have done everything you can do, and no one can do it more perfectly than you.So, at the risk of do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies being shot, he added some warning signals again and again when sending the report, hoping that the London headquarters would find something unusual.However, Gilbert s efforts blue moon cbd gummies 100mg were not successful.Every time a report was sent, those German intelligence officers sat next to him and monitored his every move.As soon as they saw something strange in the report, they immediately pressed 300mg cbd gummies reddit the switch to interfere, and locked Gilbert in the next room and beat him up., let him suffer a lot.Nevertheless, Gilbert never gave up this effort.He always believed that as long as his alarm signal was sent out, London would definitely see through the German conspiracy.Once, Gilbert took advantage of the German spying on him not paying attention, and inserted some false codes that were not easy to find in a message, sending a warning signal to the London headquarters.He walked to the front of the conference room and ordered everyone to sit down.Good afternoon First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone here.You are handpicked and the best soldiers among us.You have been selected to perform a highly confidential and extremely important mission.I am Captain Dorn.I ll be your commander during the operation.Standing up, he spread out a large aerial photograph, which he tacked to the wall behind him with a few thumbtacks.The photo shows a huge mountain fortress, with some artillery deployed, and several blockhouse style buildings.Heisenberg had never seen anything like it before.This is Polpov, a fortress of strategic importance in the mountains of Petros, overlooking most of the front line Then he added ominously It is considered It is a very terrifying single fortress, and it is even more difficult to deal with than the Maginot Line do gummies have thc or cbd for infantry and tanks.Therefore, Churchill not only did not support Hull pressed de Gaulle.Instead, he condemned the capitulating Vichy regime and defended de Gaulle at a joint meeting the next day.But Secretary of State Hull was equally stubborn.He first drafted a face saving statement, which Churchill refused After signing, he drew up a new draft agreement, suggesting that all armed forces be withdrawn from the island, and the two islands should be jointly managed by the United States, Britain, and Canada.Roosevelt had no choice but to persuade Churchill to put pressure on de Gaulle, and hinted that he would not hesitate to use force.Churchill was quite embarrassed.He had to force de Gaulle to accept Hull s plan., and had no choice but to urge Foreign Minister Eden to act as an intermediary again.Now that things have come to this point, cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd of course do gummies have thc or cbd de Gaulle can t buy anyone s face.It s over.Myristel said with a sigh.Thus, the German army s final attack here began cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd It s over.Tasotsky also sighed.He took a bayonet loaded rifle from Captain Otzkoman, and shouted to all the survivors Comrades, let us make one last charge Very brave, but when they die, Moscow will not shed a tear for them.In fact, Moscow may comment like this due to do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies the serious mistakes of Tasotsky and other front line generals, which destroyed the overall operations of the great commander Comrade Stalin, we suffered such a heavy defeatIn view of such reasons, it was decided to expel Tasotsky and others from their party positions, and to conduct a deep reflection in the army Nearly 800 Soviet troops.It means that more than 200 people were captured, which is very small.From this point, we can also see the determination of the Soviet army.When the skeleton baron appeared at this moment, he had already arranged everything.Yes, he admitted that the Skeleton Baron had arranged it very well.But there is one thing, if you agree to cooperate with the Skeleton Baron, you will completely betray your own country Time is running out, you have no choice Wang Weiyi stood up at this time I will arrange for your children to go to America.It is a very nice country And I can make sure that only I know your identities So.Tomorrow in the east of Moscow will happen The new explosion, and I hope that the troops in the west of the city are all transferred to the east of the cityMr.Timilenko, I know that this thing can be done, and you can do it without your own presence.Yes, is it With that, he picked up his hat and put it on.He bowed slightly to Dimilenko and Anna, and then left here He didn t need the couple to answer him.There were twelve men in this group of guns, and each gun was operated by two soldiers.They also have an observer, who is checking the situation with a telescope.At 11 o clock, a 20mm artillery battery.Edim turned the barrel and searched for the target with the scope.His scope is also green leaf cbd gummies do gummies have thc or cbd Zeiss , like Heisenberg s, and the rifle he uses is also Mauser K98K.I don t see anything.Looking up the hill.Edim moved the rifle up slightly.I see Watch out for the spotter.Heisenberg looked at the artillery spotter.Edim pulled the trigger.A second later, the observer collapsed.Good marksmanship You pay attention to their gunners He began to kill the enemy s gunners and loaders one by one.Edim fires at an incredible rate, pulling the bolt with dizzying speed and quickly reloading a new clip after five rounds have been fired from the magazine.He served in combat until the end of the cbd thc gummies austin First World War, and the French army rewarded him with a medal.And promoted to second lieutenant, when he was only 19 years old.It is precisely because of this.Malinowski began to be called a Frenchist.In the spring of 1941, he was in Timoshenko.At this time, he served as the Soviet Defense People s Representative.He observed the unusual deployment of the German army to suppress the border.He took the lead in warning the Soviet government The German army has the intention of invading Russia , that is, early detection Knowing that the German army would launch Operation Barbarossa to attack Russia in an all round way, in order to strengthen the defense of the Soviet Red Army against the German army, he urgently dispatched many outstanding officers from the Frunze Military Academy to serve in the front line troops to lead the army and prepare for the war.In addition to his 171st Infantry Division and Workers Brigade, there are also a large number of defeated soldiers who retreated from the Terek River and joined the guards of the port.Major Lyonkov no, Lieutenant Colonel Lyonkov now, one of them.Liaokov, who was said to have been extremely heroic on the battlefield, even when he was surrounded, still struggled to command the troops to break through, was quickly promoted to lieutenant colonel, and was not held accountable for the failure of the Terek River.It is said that during the first breakout, Liaokov charged with the slogan For Comrade Stalin, for Comrade Marshal Voroshilov , cbd gummies manufacturer private label and in the second breakout, he shouted For Dear Comrade Stalin, for the great Soviet charge This also quickly attracted the attention of the do gummies have thc or cbd Political Department after he led the troops to successfully break through.Your memory will be wiped, but you won t Forget, we are best friends.Your character will also be preserved forever Since I can remember that we are best friends, what else can I regret What s more, you promised me , will give me eternal youth, and I can t wait to get back to the feeling I had when I was twenty.Wang Weiyi smiled and took out a tube of injection, when he stuck the needle in, Richie Thofen heard his last words in this era When you wake up, you will see a wonderful world do gummies have thc or cbd that you have never seen before.Sleep now, my dearest friend, the Red Baron My love, I finally see you again.In Alexon Manor, Leoni and Wang Weiyi hugged each other tightly.Leoni at this moment has no tears, no sadness, only happiness.As long as you can be with the one you love, cbd plus cbd gummies there will be no sad things in the world.In the Roman phalanx, a mass of corpses and wounded soldiers lay there Then, the second round of attacks came again The boulders kept falling among the Roman soldiers, which caused HCMUSSH do gummies have thc or cbd heavy casualties to the Romans.The remaining soldiers avoided one after another, fearing that the terrible stone would fall on their heads.The Roman phalanx is completely in chaos The stones whistling in the air one by one made Callini and all the Roman generals dumbfounded.What is this, what is this Yes, it was a trebuchet, the Romans had it long ago, but how did the barbarians have such a weapon Moreover, this is not a trebuchet used in siege at all.How can such a weapon be used in a field battle Callenny is very familiar with trebuchets.One is the elastic trebuchet, which was used in ancient Greece and Rome.It relies on the elasticity of the bowstring to throw it.But where is Dadarit now Dear Centurion, our leader is attacking the leader of the mob, Ernst Charles Man said respectfully, and then pointed to a certain place on the battlefield Honorable Centurion, it s right there, come and see.Selms walked over unknowingly, followed his finger Looking in the direction But at this moment, something that made all the Romans unbelievable happened the dagger in Charlemagne s hand pierced deeply into the body of Senlms You Selms clutched his bleeding stomach in pain, and staggered a few steps.Angrily pointed at Charlemagne.For German Charlemagne uttered such a loud keoni cbd gummies side effects call For German All the Hessian warriors broke do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies out in such a cry that the Romans were terrified.The unsuspecting attack happened Those Hessians picked up their weapons and stabbed fiercely at the Romans around them, the Roman soldiers who had already let do gummies have thc or cbd down their vigilance.Absurd Pompey and Servius snorted at the same time.Wang Weiyi ignored them.Instead, he continued In the final decisive battle with the barbarians.Callene s legion suffered a disastrous defeat, but Gaius defeated the Vandals.Unfortunately, when HCMUSSH do gummies have thc or cbd the battle was over, instead of receiving any rewards, Gaius was severely reprimanded by Caesar.The sole consul, it is not because Gaius is my friend that I will support him, but a person who has won on the battlefield.Can t get a fair reward, but instead have to be punished.This is hard to believe Pompey nodded slightly.Everyone knows that Callini and Gaius are the two most powerful generals under Caesar, and they are also the most loyal subordinates.This is good news for Pompey, and it would be great if he could defeat the enemy from within.What do you think about the barbarians Pompey pulled back his thoughts and asked.Spulius will be the edible cbd gummy bears cbd gummy for kids new Crassus his strongest ally, the most beneficial weapon he uses against Caesar.And he probably never would.Any penny of Wang Weiyi will not be spent in vain.He needs his own investors to bring him ten times, or even a hundred times the return While helping Pompeo s colleagues, Wang Weiyi did not forget his other ally Servius.Xiaoling can create the most powerful army in this era.Also capable of making the fastest and strongest ships of the era.Once Servius owns the ship made by Xiaoling, the hope of victory will be greatly increased, and at the same time, the contradiction between him and Pompey will also increase.Between Caesar, Pompey, and Servius, a very complicated antagonism will form, and all of this will be provoked by one person Ernst Brahm He will silently manipulate everything behind the scenes The Tiber River, which has flowed for an unknown number of years, has a flat field in her arms.The prisoners only knew a few things.But even with these pitifully few things, Wang Weiyi listened very seriously.Sometimes important information often emerges from insignificant things.When the prisoner told everything he knew without reservation, Wang Weiyi nodded You shouldn t be a Roman soldier The edible cbd gummy bears cbd gummy for kids prisoner still hadn t reacted.A cold light had already flashed, and then a head rolled to the side.Wang Weiyi put away his saber Tibius, throw the heads of these captives in front of the Roman camp Yes, my lord consul.Thibius just killed a Roman, At this time, he was still in a state of excitement My lord, why didn t you directly launch an attack on the Roman camp Thebius, the night attack is not so easy to succeed.Wang Weiyi smiled The generals in Rome are not fools, especially I heard that Senardi is an experienced general. Some of the leaves were falling, and some light came through.Wang Weiyi saw a foot falling towards him. He jumped up from the fallen leaves suddenly, and thrust the branch in his hand from the enemy s lower body. In an incomparably miserable cry.Wang Weiyi picked off the American soldier s waist, and then rolled on the spot in time.Tud chug , several gunshots rang out.All hit the tree that Wang Weiyi avoided do gummies have thc or cbd in time. Enemy Enemy There he is.Anris is dead, damn it, he killed Anris like this, a large branch went through Anris s lower body Vero, surround him.Kill him The yelling of the two American soldiers clearly reached Wang Weiyi s ears.He quietly hid behind the trees, and then glanced at the thing he picked off from the American soldier he killed it was a grenade.He pulled out the safety of the grenade, and then silently counted twice.We have to rush there, deliver the supplies, and then transport them to Berlin via Frankfurt.Is there any specific plan Wang Weiyi asked ponderously.Not yet.Captain Scherer said honestly After the outbreak of the war, the Russian government quickly sent troops to Poland.After Poland resisted for a few days, the Polish government announced its surrender.But there are still a large number of German expatriates and pro German forces in Poland., we hope they will make a difference.The task of transporting twelve trucks from Poland to Berlin was obviously very difficult, and it could even be said that this was a new impossible task.Wang Weiyi thought carefully there for a while Captain, what preparations do you have We have prepared several vehicles and French military uniforms, hoping to get away with it.The front went very smoothly, and he and his team members successfully covered the convoy to pass through various checkpoints, but when they entered Frankfurt, the situation suddenly changed.Originally, in Korkaf s plan, the convoy would deliver the goods to the designated location tomorrow, so he chose Goethe University as the temporary hiding place for the action team.But what I didn t expect was that the Americans found them so quickly.He is not afraid of death, but he is thinking about the regret of not completing the mission Major, we are running do cbd gummies lower blood sugar out of bullets.When he heard this voice, Major Kongerkafu let out an oh , and now he must It s up to him to make a choice.Either fight to the death or surrender.A large number of US troops have entered here.And now the Russians are facing the dilemma of running out of ammunition and food.Killing this mobile battalion will teach the Americans a good lesson Increase the retreat speed Wang Weiyi reassembled the team Manfred, you command your commando and all the tanks and self propelled artillery to hide nearby.When the enemy approaches, give them a hard blow Yes, Lieutenant Colonel.Richthofen responded blankly.Captain Lampden was a little worried Lieutenant Colonel.Enemy aircraft will soon spot Lieutenant Manfred and theirs.Don t worry about this.Wang Weiyi smiled meaningfully.The Germans will never know, but they still have a most powerful ally Xiaoling and her Ziguang military base Major, our reconnaissance plane has spotted the enemy, and they are fleeing towards Ebomera All enemies Yes.All enemies.Major Abraham was very satisfied with the reconnaissance capabilities of the Air Force.The phone was connected quickly, and when General Olitz do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies heard the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol again, he was a little surprised Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, why are you at this time I Not Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Please call me Marshal Ernst General Olitz was completely shocked for a moment, and the voice on the other end of the phone also became trembling I m afraid I didn t catch it clearly, what should I call you Marshal Ernst, Ernst Brahm.Baron Alexson, conferred by His Majesty the Emperor, Adolf Brahm Honorary Grand Marshal of the German Armed Forces appointed by Hitler Wang Weiyi calmly gave the other party such an answer.I is this true Are you really back I m back, and I m on the Skeleton Master s position Although it was impossible to tell the truth from the fake, General Olitz s voice was so respectful Olitz, the Second Armored Army, respectfully obeyed your orders.confidence.Where is the Skeleton Master now Have they retreated again Westmoreland asked while looking at the map.No, no.Brigadier General Colfey s unexpected cbd gummies for sleep hemp bombs answer According to aerial reconnaissance, they are rapidly approaching Ibor.What Ibor Westmoreland was taken aback, and immediately understood the opponent s intention.Meaning They are going to provide reinforcements to the trapped German army in Ibor.We must not let them succeed Order, the air force bombed with all its strength, and Brigadier General Badger on the Ibor side stepped up the offensive against the Nordland battle group, Be sure to recapture Ibor before the Skeleton Division arrives.Order, the 11th and 12th Infantry Divisions quickly approach Ibor and form a siege to the Skeleton Division Yes, Mr.Commander, I will issue your order immediately Let Ibor become the burial place of the skeleton baron Westmoreland slammed the map There will be the place where he suffered his first failure, and there will be his nightmare He The era of the United States is over, and now is the beginning of the era of American power Colfie nodded silently, but at this moment, he suddenly had some strange thoughts in his heart, could Mr.Hart quickly said Your Excellency, in my impression, your guards haven t performed missions for a long time, right Why now Hope you understand my curiosity.I have also received the secret order from the head of state My trunk is full of lists of spies oh Well, since you have also received a secret order, I am sorry to do gummies have thc or cbd disturb you.Hart suddenly turned around and yelled at the soldiers behind him You idiots, how could you embarrass His Excellency the Commander of the Guards for so long Don t let it go yet Of course, scolding them like this is just for show, Hart winked at the soldiers.They made way cleverly.The old guy drove away without saying a word, Hart waved his do gummies have thc or cbd hand, and countless gunfires followed.The silence of the morning was broken.His car tires were all broken, and suddenly the trunk opened, and a middle aged man jumped out of it holding a pistol and fired two shots in Hart s direction, and a soldier fell beside him.Killed two American soldiers who were fighting the Germans outside.Thomp also ran over, and these German soldiers gathered together.The ghost bomber of how to infuse store bought gummies with cbd the US military swooped down, and it was obvious that Martin and the others gathered together to form a target.It s over.Martin thought, finally confessing that he was in the desert.He knew that it was useless where he hid at this time.Because a bomb came down Instead of the black bombs dropped by the American plane, rows of bullets suddenly appeared in the sky.The tail of the plane caught fire and lost control and fell headlong in front of the camp.The U.S.military s Phantom fighter jets passed by in the sky.German fighter jets lined up to engage them in an air battle.But this goal was not achieved, because the number of U.S.aircraft was too large.However, the bullets on the side of the wooden shed are getting denser and denser, and the soldiers are unable to lift their heads under the weight of the m2 heavy machine gun.And the m2 is heavy The chirping sound of the machine guns made them uncomfortable.Sergeant Kramm followed Sergeant Nord s plan and led the men slowly towards the wooden shed in the trench.They rushed to the side of the wooden shed and headed a few Then, Sergeant Crumb jumped out of the trench and fired a burst of bullets at a machine gun, killing the machine gunner inside instantly.Brothers Get in here A corporal rushed out of the trench with two South African soldiers.Within a few seconds, someone inside took over and fired again.These South African soldiers were beaten to death without any preparation.Fall back into the trenches.Moreover, in the U.S.raid on Britain, the Royal Navy basically suffered no losses.This has also become the foundation of the British counterattack.A fleet of the Royal Navy is coming for reinforcements in the direction of Egypt.In this situation.The situation of the Allied Forces in North Africa is actually not optimistic.A coalition of German, British, and South African forces has launched a counterattack in North Africa.Under such a situation, Canlemu finally made his choice clear firmly become an ally of the Germans He suddenly said to Wang Weiyi Mr.Baron, you are good at creating miracles, and I believe that the miracle of Egypt can also be born gummy cbd in brunswick ohio in your hands.I declare my allegiance to you I accept your allegiance, my friend.Wang Weiyi smiled He said I will leave Egypt temporarily, return to the North African Army, and deploy the entire battle situation.Good marksmanship Let me just say, as long as you are not afraid, your marksmanship is very accurate.That machine gunner is so far away from us, you can kill him with one shot.You have the potential to be a sniper.Just as Thomas turned his head, a bullet hit his helmet and sent it spinning in circles.Bad luck With the last attempt, Gattle became more courageous and killed the soldier hiding behind the wood.Don t be distracted anymore Die, damn Yankees.Thomas pulled the trigger again, crippling an American soldier.Just as one of his comrades was dragging him up, Thomas shot him in the neck again.Thomas flushed and reloaded the magazine again.He was about to do gummies have thc or cbd take aim, but Hear Gattle yell Watch out , and he was thrown to the ground.A shell with billowing smoke hit the house, and a hole was blown out of the red wall.Jelden put his mouth to Zaitsev s ear and asked, Is it still that dream Hmm OkayI understand you, I ve been having this dream ever since you learned of your brother s death.no way.My younger brother wrote me a letter two days ago.He said that he had been incorporated into the German army long ago, and he was in this damned place.It is not known whether he is dead or alive.After fighting for such a long time, this is the first time I have experienced such a disgusting battle.My brother also died here Second Lieutenant Shedevsov said this and sighed.Everyone knows that since he learned of his brother s HCMUSSH do gummies have thc or cbd death, he has cried several times every night.This is very rare for the strong Shedevsov.In the basement of the railway station Most of the soldiers sleeping here suffered from eczema.There were soldiers coughing, and some people sat on the ground and took two small bites of bread.He was passively beaten as a target, but if he enters the woods, Slater is not sure about the number of enemy Slaters at all.Even if Slater guessed it just now, he only guessed that the number of enemies is much higher than the troops he commanded.There is only a dead end to enter the woods, and it is even more impossible to retreat.If you retreat, your troops will enter the range of the enemy s cannons.Now it is really a dilemma.How can you fight like this when you meet the enemy for the first time No, it won t take long if you go on like this, and the 100 or so people in your D company will be wiped out.Second platoon Outflank from the left wing The first platoon outflanks from the right wing The third platoon and my firepower suppress and cover the do gummies have thc or cbd first platoon and the second platoon to complete the outflanking task Slater loudly gave the order to attack, hoping to separate the soldiers to disperse some of the enemy s firepower , although this will cost one s own troops a great deal, it is the only possible offensive route now.Ludendorff, I am very fond of this name.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly During the First World War, when I was a junior officer, I once saw Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff with my own eyesAh, I saw Marshal Manstein with me at the time.Colonel Ludendorff, where is Marshal Manstein now Originally, he was just asking later, but unexpectedly, Ludendorff s answer was To his surprise, Ludendorff looked around, and then said in a low voice Marshal Manstein is about to arrive in Farbermann.Wang Weiyi was startled, Manstein is about to arrive in Farbermann This was originally top secret, out of consideration for the safety of Marshal Manstein Ludendorff s voice was still low But there is nothing to hide from you.Wang Weiyi nodded and smiled.Manstein probably couldn t wait to see his old friend who had been separated for 20 years Soon.I will take full responsibility for this defeat and surrender No, Cheno General Ke.Your performance is very brave, and even this kind of bravery is not inferior to the Germans.Wang Weiyi said very seriously, and then he suddenly seemed to think of something Chenoke Sidi No I knew an Italian lieutenant colonel in WWI, just in Udine, he was also in the Borza infantry regiment, I remember him well, he was a man who preferred being a doctor to being an officer A proud smile appeared on Chenock s face He is my father.In an instant, Wang Weiyi understood everything It was the First World War, Udine, Italy.The war is over, and the heroic Lieutenant Colonel Stino has become a prisoner.Some Italian soldiers stayed in Udine because of needs, including Lieutenant Colonel Stino The lieutenant colonel did not have time to escape, and he also became a prisoner of the Germans.Heisenberg felt they were coming in.So he barely got up, ready to pull the trigger at any time.But as soon as he picked up the gun, he heard little Paul yelling loudly Get down Just after he finished speaking, a grenade was thrown out of the door.It landed outside the door that was close at hand.The violent explosion rang in my ears again.White takes over again in the spinning world.Heisenberg felt hot and humid liquid raining down on his face, and a piece of wood pierced straight into Heisenberg s shoulder.Heisenberg roared and pulled out the wooden stick from his body, and crawled towards little Paul in a panic, the smell of minced meat filled the gunpowder smoke.Fuck sir don t, leave me alone Little Paul grabbed Heisenberg in the smoke You re right we can t hold it give up the church, they will come in sooner or do gummies have thc or cbd later.Good boy Ruben nodded angrily, as if imagining that he could die in such a tragic way like a real soldier.Like cbd gummy for kids a real soldier Ruben shook his head in approval Zoff you wait.This battle I will get my own Iron Cross Hi Zoff threw down the cigarette impatiently, and grabbed the medal around his neck Little Lu When I die, if your kid is still alive You take my Iron Cross away Zoff looked at Ruben s surprised expression It s okay I send you off Reuben shook his head, made a joke and walked away.Zoff put on a pair of gloves.To make his burned hands feel better.Heisenberg.Why is it so quiet He seemed to have noticed something too.Hasen Heisenberg called the young man s name, and he rushed over Sir.I have a task for you now, drive my car back to find Rutherford, and tell him that if can i take cbd gummies before surgery his tanks don t come to reinforce the HCMUSSH do gummies have thc or cbd cemetery s defenses in 20 minutes, he won t have his share of the brandy I asked for tomorrow go Heisenberg slapped the young man on the buttocks.If that is the case, they will run back to the place where the German army came without looking back.The German armored support platoons gave them effective support, both physical and psychological.At least they saw a few tanks fighting with them, and they felt more confident They clung to some obstacles around the tank and began to block the approaching Russian crowd with firepower.The Russians who rushed to the front rolled over immediately, and the others each 250 cbd gummies looked for cover to shoot at each other Nocher admires the courage of the Russians Without the support of tank troops, dare to use infantry as the main force to attack the enemy s defense line with infantry and tank coordination from the front Maybe that s where their stupidity lies Perhaps not so many Russian families would have lost their loved ones if they had stayed in their own bunkers.There s only one way to cool it down feed the Russians more guns.Ruddock waved his fist excitedly and shouted No barrier can stop Germany s progress.Yes, no barrier can stop Germany s progress.Everyone in the audience shouted along with Ruddock.They believe that this sentence will come true soon Both DeGro and Troman were moved by the soldiers who were getting a little martha stewart cbd gummies coupons crazy on stage.After the scene gradually became quiet, Sweet suppressed his hands, and everyone stopped talking.Even a passionate young man like Ruddock calmed down, but he looked at Sweet with bewildered eyes, full of excitement.Okay, now that the assignment has been made, everyone should take a rest first.Then, Rudock, you will take two people to the two strongholds to monitor, and report back cbd gummy review purekana if there do gummies have thc or cbd is any situation.Of order.Petergoff, these Did you do it all Yes, I did it all.Wang Weiyi did not deny anything Do you know the messenger of revenge Do you know the story of the Count of Monte Cristo I can tell you frankly, I It is the Count of Monte Cristo who came here to take revenge.However, the object of my revenge is not your father, he is not worth my effort But, my father has already been implicated Tatyana s voice rose suddenly He will be killed by the Grand Duke, killed Our family will also suffer a terrible fate, and you have brought us all this I and yours Father has successfully handled these matters.Wang Weiyi s answer was very calm And your father s wisdom and judgment are not as incompetent as you imagined, Tatyana, what you have to do is not to interfere, but to quietly Waiting for the situation to change.ah.Mr.Murray.I ll give you the rent tomorrow night.Xie Lisa didn t seem to care at all I ve made a fortune, you know, I ve made a fortune, I will throw away the house deed in my hand today, and then I will give you money. Ah, then I m relieved.Mr.Murray always looked so polite If I have offended you, please forgive me.Who made me earn so much money without your ability A smug smile appeared on Xie Lisa s face Mr.Murray.You see, you can make as much money as I do.Why don t you get into the home deed do gummies have thc or cbd market too Mr.Murray shrugged his shoulders Ah, to be honest, I am not as courageous as you.I am edible cbd gummy bears cbd gummy for kids a very cautious person.I would rather live a peaceful life like this. That s a real pity.Xie Lisha actually looks down on people like Mr.Murray.They don t have any courage at all.They don t dare to move anything.At this time, they have been do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies watching After all this, Wang Weiyi let Alice sit on his lap They are all bad people, and bad people should be punished, tell me, are you afraid Alice shook her head, since her mother left her, she He has already decided to regard Mr.Moyol as his father.With his father by his side, he is not afraid of anything.Oh, by the way, my father is not Mr.Mojol, my father told himself.His name is Ernst can i bring cbd gummies into uk Alexson von Brehm.Look, we didn t have a very happy start.Capone still held the gun But I hope that the next cooperation will make us happy with each other Colonel Chernak Boch, we know you I got Gregory s order to assassinate the respected reporter Mr.Bordeaux Fu, so I don t need you to answer our questions, the only thing I want you to do is to testify against Gregory.No, this will never happen.The army will have the possibility of mutiny because of the serious arrears of military pay again.As for the people, it will push the wave of protests to a new peak It was terrible, Gregory thought it was too terrible Sure enough, the report of the Moscow Herald caused an uproar in Russia, and the Russian people were completely enraged.Large scale rallies and demonstrations were held on the streets to protest, demanding an explanation from the government, demanding the immediate resignation of the Grand Duke Bierstoka and accepting corresponding investigations.Before there was accurate information, Gregor used severe means to announce that all The rallies and parades are all illegal, and he is a patriot.He has never done the things advocated by the Moscow Herald , and he has already appealed to the court for the Moscow Herald to slander him A lawsuit was filed.One of cbd gummy dose chart do gummies have thc or cbd the parties, Milosevic, was not notified of his participation in the vote, and the fact that his house had been watched by the secret police made him terrified.Didn t it mean that Khmelitsky had been successfully assassinated Why didn t he die And why did Similov betray himself Milosevic simply couldn t figure out these things.He quickly thought of running away Khmelitsky would never let himself go so easily The only person he could still trust was Andreas.He hurriedly found the Russian Finance Minister to discuss about escaping together, but Andreas flatly refused What are you thinking, Your Excellency the Marquis What Khmelitsky hopes most is that you can escape, so that you have no way to turn over.You look from the window, although the secret police are outside.But the surveillance is not strict at bhang cbd gummies all, leaving you enough to escape Space, his purpose is just that As long as you are not in Moscow, no matter how wronged Khmelitsky wronged you, you have no chance to defend yourself But, I will go tomorrow I have been questioned by the temporary investigation team, how should I face them Milosevic asked in horror.They can t defend even if they want to, but the U.S.military can advance to the side of the British army through the lost dense forest, so as to cut off the British army s retreat. Retreat.If you are still afraid, I will lead people to hold them back, and you retreat to the city, how about it Steinman could no longer do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies bear his anger towards Romeo.He didn t expect Romeo to be so weak and indecisive at this time.You know, the US military is attacking again in the dense forest.Okaywe Destroy the fortifications and withdraw to the city.What equipment cbd gummies for diabetes shark tank reviews do you need Give me twelve tanks, just a regular tank company, you quickly retreat.After finishing speaking, Steinman waved to Cole, indicating to follow him back to the bunker to stand by.Brothers, listen to my orders yes Headset Reed s orderly voice.The rumbling Leopard 9 tank roared and began to drive towards cbd for sleep gummy the crossroads, while the German army was divided into two teams and scattered on the two wings do gummies have thc or cbd of the Leopard 9 to cover the side of the tank.At the same time, it relies on the Leopard 9 as a bunker.Go quickly toward the intersection.Manna, prepare the high explosive bomb Steinman pressed the headset and ordered, and the Leopard 9 cannon began to rotate with the turret, aiming at the intersection that was about to turn.Rabbi, Carl, when the time comes, machine gun fire will cover the Leopard 9 The rest of us will look for cover with me, and we will hold on to the crossroads for a while.Steinman understood in his heart that after capturing the crossroads.It is of great significance to the consolidation of the northern urban area, and it is on the main road.Mr.President, the landing battle may break out within a few hours.President William raised his head from the seemingly endless documents Has London completed its preparations Where is General Gandra Is he confident of victory Yes, the London side has completed full preparations.At the same time, I believe that General Gandra edible cbd gummy bears cbd gummy for kids will also be able to win the war.As the president s senior aide, Turner seemed very confident General Gandra is a very experienced general, and we have mastered the entire core of cbd gummy for kids eagle e commerce group cbd gummies the enemy s New Sea Lion Project.I firmly believe that the final victory will belong to us.Turner, maybe you are too optimistic.William But he sighed softly Many strange things happened before the outbreak of the war.For example, the son of General Gendra would suddenly be involved in the murder case.And their opponents are more full of combat experience.Participated in all cbd infused relax gummies three World Wars, formerly known as the Skeleton Commando , the Skeleton Division of the German Waffen SS Colonel Coleham, who is the leader of the Second Skeleton Infantry Regiment, knows what kind of responsibility he bears.He glanced at Major Maxim von Stroop standing in front of him, and then do gummies have thc or cbd cake cbd gummies asked in a steady voice Major Stroop, is your commando ready Yes Yes, Colonel, the Skeleton Lancers are ready for battle Skeleton Lancers this is the nickname everyone gave to SS Stellarup First Class Commando.Those who join this force always regard themselves as the guards of the Baron Skeleton.They uphold the will of the god of death, guarding the baron, and conquering any objects that attempt to threaten the baron.In the battlefield in their eyes, there will always be only two kinds of people the living and the dead No matter how dangerous the battle situation is, these brave and loyal Skeleton Lancers never disappoint Colonel Coleham couldn t see the slightest expression on his face I heard that those Americans across from you are called Bloody Rose , do you know the origin of this nickname Of course, Of course I know.The swarming troops launched a wave of high level attacks on the Canadians.The soldiers and armored vehicles swarmed up one after another, making every battle of the Canadians so difficult.And those ordinary British people.They took the initiative to provide all possible assistance to the Queen s Army.Catch Frank.Let him receive a fair trial These words still kept coming out of the mouths of the British.They couldn t bear the massacre of the British by a foreigner, and what they couldn t bear even more was that the foreigner was from Canada This is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth II is the head and symbol of the country, and now they have joined the ranks of slaughtering the British, which has do gummies have thc or cbd dealt a heavy blow to the British arrogance.They must be taught a heavy lesson, and must be taught how to treat honorable British citizens.A person s mentality will change with the change of the environment and the passage of time, just like Captain Roger at this time What about you, Captain Pattinson, what can you tell me At this time, Wang Weiyi set his sights on Captain Pattinson.My mission is similar to that of Captain Roger, but also has a more important mission.Captain Pattinson didn t want to hide anything.Since Captain Roger is doing the same thing as himself, there is nothing to worry about I have received a special order to transfer senior officials of the Fenton government.Of course, there are also their family members.Ah , I am referring to the group of hostages released on the Galaxy.Captain Pattinson s expression was a little strange Mr.Moyol, I think I can guess how these people were released And this time I received the strictest orders.And I guarantee you will be the first to know if they show any signs of leaving London.He has made preparations to serve Lieutenant Colonel Moyol with all his heart, and now his future and future are all in the hands of this mysterious lieutenant colonel.Any attempt to betray Captain Pattinson can be sure that he will The one who was severely punished by Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.This is the case for himself, and so is Captain Roger.From the first minute they met Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , they were already destined to end like this up Neither Captain Roger nor Pattinson spoke when they left the bar.When we reached the intersection, Captain Pattinson suddenly asked How did you get here, Captain Roger Ah, I called a taxi.I came by car, not my car., I borrowed it, and I don t want people to find out.No one can stop it.All the Fenton government and the Americans can do is just watch.The news of General Vincent and the Milton Keynes British uprising spread quickly in London, and the shouts of Long live resounded throughout the city.With the sound of the rumbling guns, every British person has already seen the hope of victory.Outside the city, there is the continuous attack of the powerful Axis forces inside the city, there are countless British people who are fighting.The uprising in Milton Keynes also completely cut off the last hope of the Allied forces.Now the whole of London has been completely surrounded.At 8 00 am on October 18, two hours after General Vincent and the British Army in Milton Keynes announced the uprising, Queen Elizabeth II and the Axis General Command issued a joint statement, Welcomes General Vincent and the British uprising in Milton Keynes and promotes General Vincent to Field Marshal of the British Empire. So.I will order a temporary cessation of all attacks.General Gundra, see you in two hours.See you in two hours, Marshal Ernst.The call ended just like that.It was simple.Very simple.General Gandra looked at his subordinates.His eyes suddenly became moist.This is definitely not a good thing for any general.A commander lost What is this He reported the matter to President William.President William did not blame General Gandra, he just told General Gandra , he is about to make any choice that he thinks is necessary in any situation that he himself thinks is necessary.He will not bear any charges for this.Similarly, President William also do gummies have thc or cbd wished General Gandra and all American soldiers Good luck to you.All obstacles have been cleared.October 20, 1966 1 00, General Gundra, Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces in London, announced.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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