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Colonel Roll answered the phone and calmed down his emotions Lieutenant, I am the staff officer Colonel Rolle, I cvs cbd gummies have the deepest admiration for your bravery, but you can t retreat along the direction of Biash.Why According to our reconnaissance plane s reconnaissance, a large number of new enemies have been added in the direction of Biash The other end of the phone fell silent Wang Weiyi put down the walkie talkie and sat down silently.He doesn t blame Xiao Ling.Xiao Ling is just a computer.Although she has a certain amount of wisdom, all her judgments are based on data, and the situation on the battlefield changes rapidly, which is not something a computer can handle at all.Maybe there is an error in the data, maybe because of the appearance of a person who does not belong to this time and space, the normal historical track has been disrupted, and a large number of enemies have appeared in Biash, who knows Si Dao.

He quickly found the information on the farmer, purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep lit a match, and watched the green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review information turn into ashes again.The cannonball knocked down for tens of seconds Wang Weiyi rushed back to pick up the Enfield rifle, and rushed forward desperately Boom boom boom violent shelling There was a sound behind Wang Weiyi At this time, the door of the Ziguang military base opened, and Wang Weiyi quickly got in Guo Yunfeng s eyes were fixed on the front, when Lieutenant Ernst s voice came from far behind him Si green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Dao, it s me, don t shoot.Guo tropical twist cbd gummies Yunfeng didn t even turn his head.How s the situation Wang Weiyi came to his side.He really didn t expect that Guo Yunfeng could stay here for three hours without leaving.Discipline is always what a soldier should implement most At this time, the German counterattack had begun on a large scale.

But they cost of cbd gummies for arthritis dared not show their faces in public, and could only hide until a German army passed by.They finally escaped.Where s Guderian and Guo Yunfeng Steck and Boncrere where can i find the strongest cbd gummies shook their heads in confusion Wang Weiyi sighed, now he can t do anything but wait patiently Captain, there are gunshots ahead Wang Weiyi pulled himself together Concentrate your weapons, divide into three combat teams and follow me The figures ran towards him one after the other.The figure looked so familiar, and hope rose again in Wang Weiyi s heart.Heinz Wang Weiyi called out loudly.Captain A familiar voice came It s Heinz Wilhelm Guderian And behind him was Guo Yunfeng A stone in Wang Weiyi s heart finally fell.The German soldiers shot at the enemies who were chasing up.The British who were caught off guard did not expect the German army to appear here, and immediately turned around and ran away.

Marklin immediately replied Colonel Nikolai of the Military Intelligence Bureau of the Army Staff can personally prove this.Nicholas immediately stood up Yes, the honorable Marquis of Yoxo.Rosen, whose full name is Ray Horshaw Rosen, is the commander of the 43rd Battalion of the British 42nd East Rance Division.According to our information, he is the son of Douglas Haig s sister, and he is deeply trusted by Haig.We purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep had a chance of capturing him, but unfortunately lost it to Baron Alexon.Since Baron purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep Alexon let go of such an important person, can we continue to doubt his so called Miracle of the Somme Marklin said while the iron was hot I absolutely don t believe that relying on the power of one person can kill so many enemies.I can assume that this is simply a trap staged by Baron Alexon and the British intelligence agency Lawyer Marklin, I object to your statement that is based on speculation without evidence.

The shameful thing happened Mark Lin s complexion changed drastically.The other party did not answer the question directly, but began green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review to question the character of the witness.This is a very terrible thing Marquis Felix had already asked Second Lieutenant Hall, have you ever done such a thing I Hall was a little scared I received an order from my superiors to retreat Retreat Schlaf said disdainfully When your superior, Captain Ernst, is fighting bloody battles on the front line, buying enough time for your retreat, you actually abandoned your superior Lord Marquess of Yoxor, I know that there was a person who witnessed all this happening at the time, and he is also in the public gallery now, so I would like to ask him to come out.After getting permission from the Marquis of Yoxo, Schlaf turned to the public gallery Mr.

Not only did he let Guo Yunfeng stand on the witness stand, but he also equipped a special translator.Every word of Guo Yunfeng was transmitted to everyone s ears through the translation I have been fighting with Captain Ernst, and Captain Ernst killed a lot of people, and the captured British tanks also killed a lot of people He tried to explain the situation at the time every detail.His expression was excited, and he described the battle plot in detail, from how to attack Prince Soberk s camp, to how to destroy the Welsh Regiment, and how to be surrounded by enemies.They hunted and hunted down their enemies one by one, without missing a single thing.When he had finished the whole story, he raised his voice Captain Ernst is the bravest man I have ever met.He never betrayed hishisI don t know how to say that word Belief Schlaf helped him to speak out Does anyone of you now doubt the authenticity of the miracle of the Somme Marklin said loudly Don t forget, everyone, he is a Chinese Is his testimony credible Lawyer Marklin, I doubt your attitude very much Schlaf said calmly Yes, he is a Chinese, but his character and bravery make him a true German.

If I had the chance on the battlefield, I would shoot and kill Baron Alexon without hesitation, but now it is not about war, but about the honor of a soldier and the conscience of an upright man.If I don t come, I don t deserve to be an upright person, and I will be spurned by everyone who knows the truth Mr.Lawyer, I think you may not understand the thoughts of honest people Lieutenant Colonel Rosen responded unceremoniously.This is another humiliation that Marklin suffered today.Rosen no longer paid attention to him But I also hesitated, I thought about what would happen once I came to Berlin thing I m going to be arrested and wait in a POW camp until the end of the war, should I I told myself that if I chose to avoid it, I would spend my life in shame and guilt.I gathered all the wounded who had returned to the hospital that day on the battlefield and told them about it.

Seeing that the famous Baron Alexon actually took the initiative to talk to himself, Orcus suddenly felt flattered Colonel, my company commander chose kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review me.I have never played with this thing before.I have learned it for about a day.Our The autumn offensive started, and top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing I was transferred to the front Wang Weiyi nodded Has there been any accidents Ah, no.Orcus opened the conversation This job seems to It was born for me, when the British started bombing, the trucks in front of me were all overturned, and I was the only one who sent a truckful of supplies up When he said this, O Cus couldn t contain his pride.This person may be able to use it.Wang Weiyi thought to himself, and said Ocus, this time we are going purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep to the enemy s place to carry out a mission.Would you like green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review to go with me Me What can I do Orcus didn t quite understand.

Until Guderian showed up with Pipondu and Will, only Elena, Hitler, Ma Li, Okus, and green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Guo Yunfeng were left.Guderian, take Pipondu to help me with something.Wang Weiyi whispered Go find a bottle of good wine, I guess I can find it in the black market.Remember, I will go to Lance Hotel.Guderian responded Major, do you have money I think a good bottle of wine will be very expensive here.Wang Weiyi was stunned there.money Where can I find money by myself Except that Colonel Thomas gave the detachment a sum of francs on green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review do cbd gummies help with ed top cbd gummies for sleep departure.But all these francs together might not be worth as much as a bottle of fine wine.Especially during wartime, they can only go to the black market, and the price HCMUSSH green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review will obviously be higher.Seeing Major Ernst s embarrassment, Guderian seemed to understand something I ll find a way, I will definitely get it before five o clock.

Major Ernst Brahm, who commanded the tanks forward, was calm, composed, majestic, and full of determination to win.In Guderian s heart, tanks are by no means as annoying as he said.On the contrary, Guderian also believes that tanks, hazel hills cbd gummies ingredients a .

can doctors prescribe cbd gummies?

new type of war machine, will play a great role in the future battlefield.Major Ernst Brahm seems to have a more thorough understanding of tanks than the British who invented this new type of war machine.He actually mixed infantry and tanks together, with the tanks providing fire support to the infantry and the infantry covering the tanks Going forward The effect achieved is completely different in whose hands the tank is used.When the tank first appeared on the battlefield, it did cause a lot of psychological shock to the Germans at the beginning, and achieved good results, but the Germans quickly found a way to deal with it, and the record achieved by the tank was negligible of.

Looking at Stepan, the second lieutenant was afraid that this time, like any other time before, he touched the ashes in front of Anna again.But when those people walked in front of them, the smiles on the faces of these Russian soldiers froze.Now countless guns are aimed at them We are German soldiers, cooperate a little, and you can save your life.Wang Weiyi took out a pack of cigarettes from Stepan s pocket, and asked politely, Is there a fire Lieutenant Stepan tremblingly took out a match Wang Weiyi struck a match, lit a cigarette, and then threw the match on a bullock cart full of hay The fire was very intense.Quickly wrapped the ox cartA black smoke rose into the sky.We can start.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Colonel Sergey green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review was a little uneasy, why he didn t know.Colonel, there seems to be a fire at the outpost.

Wails sounded everywhere, and the division headquarters had become Hell on earth Protect the general, protect the general Shevaski, the chief of staff of the Eighth Division, yelled frantically.Hell, these German bombs seemed to have eyes, and the bombs kept falling on the division headquarters.Shevaski, don t panic At this time, Major General Boris still kept his composure.No, General, you have to leave here immediately Shevaski desperately pulled up Major General Boris You guys, come with me, get out of this ghost place quickly Another bomb fell, and it landed in the office where General Boris came out just now.General Boris was still in shock.If he came out a little later, he would be killed there.One hundred and eighty one.Wait The bombing of this wave of German planes was so accurate that it was unbelievable.

In fact, there was no one here to bother them.The war is temporarily far away from them.What could be more exciting than opening your heart in the heart of an enemy There were groans and whispers in the room, and then everything died away What happened inside It doesn t matter, what matters is that Wang Weiyi and Elena are finally together.Emotions need to be vented, even for people like the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm.Elena will remember the city of Paris, and she will definitely not regret this trip to Paris.A romantic getaway, no 206.Planning Major, something seems to be going wrong.Waking up early in the morning, Pipondu and Will.Ting Lande was already waiting there anxiously.As soon as he saw Ernst, Pipondu hurried up to meet him Since last night, a large number of secret police officers have appeared, all looking for a person, and they all followed him.

Rows of Americans were blown to the ground.At this time, the German soldiers who were defending the front also shouted and jumped out of their positions, rushing towards the enemy like an unstoppable flood.It s messed up, Smith and his 0 Infantry Division are completely messed up War, not the drills Smith had at West Point War is accompanied by blood enough to flow into a small river and corpses enough to pile up into mountains War is enough to turn a person who is green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review extremely calm in daily life into a madman.It purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep is a pity that Smith understands this a bit late.The 0th Infantry Division of the US Army was in chaos, especially the serious casualties of officers and soldiers, which made their command system completely dysfunctional They ran around like a flock of ducks being driven, and Tan was chasing them relentlessly behind.

Petersburg, and decided to keep the treasure in Kazan kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review for security reasons.No matter which statement is true, in short, a large number of treasures are waiting to be discovered in Kazan.When they arrived in Kazan, the White Guards had already launched an attack on Kazan under the command of General Kerber.The citizens of Kazan were so kenia farms cbd gummies frightened by the rumbling gunfire that they hid in the basement and did not dare to come out.The city was controlled by the Bolshevik Red Army, which had seized power for less than a year through revolution, and two anti Bolshevik White Guard troops the Czech Legion and the subordinates of Kolchak, the main general of the White Guard at the time, led by Kerber tried to Occupy the city of Kazan.There was constant gunfire and gunfire outside the city, and the residents were wondering how long the Red Army would be able to defend.

The new Captain Wang has been urging their internal infantry brigade to start attacking countless tactical teams.The Japanese offensive team is constantly approaching the 18th Division s position, scattered very widely, and the attack speed is not fast, but the Chinese here Soldiers have suffered countless times in such seemingly unintensive attacks countless times.But not now, they have a new captain Wang Weiyi Stability stability Wang Weiyi s long voice rang in the ears of the soldiers, Stability let them get closer to prepare the fire team prepare The Japanese army got closer, and Wang Weiyi suddenly shouted Shout out Fire Maxim, zb26, and m18 are all firing Bullets poured on the Japanese army like a storm.Not to kill many enemies, but to suppress the firepower of the Japanese army The mp38 submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand roared at the same time.

Possibility of landing.Commander, it is precisely because of this that when the Battle of Shanghai became more intense and our military resources were exhausted, the troops defending Hangzhou Bay were sent to the cbd gummies for sleep no melatonin front battlefield one by one.Now, on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay, from Quangongting to Zhapu On the tens of kilometers long coastline, there are only two infantry companies of the 62nd Division, one company of the 2nd Artillery Brigade, and a few places for armed defense.There was neither heavy artillery nor decent fortifications.If the Japanese army attacked on a large scale, it would be impossible to defend with this force.Wang Weiyi finished speaking and came to the map Commander, look.The Japanese Army has formed the Tenth Army.Under the command of Yanagawa Hirasuke, I thought that the Japanese would be escorted by the fleet to green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review land at Caojing Town, Quangong Pavilion, and Jinsiniang Bridge near Jinshanwei in Hangzhou Bay, outflanking the rear of our army s defense line in the south.

They have never encountered such a scene.Generally, the team is on the ground and is waiting for it, passively defending.And now, the team actually launched green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review such a fierce initiative In the sky, there is no plane to cover the Japanese yet On the ground, the Japanese artillery has not arrived yet When the machine gun was erected.Chinese soldiers are about to rush in front of them When the machine guns of the Japanese army roared, the Chinese soldiers were completely fearless of the threat of death, and marched forward one after another on the corpses of their brothers They did it These fearless, straight backed Chinese soldiers rushed into the Japanese army The big knives in their hands rolled up like a gust of wind, and they chopped down the Japanese army one by one, and returned all the humiliation they had suffered in the Northeast to the Japanese themselves here Company Commander Fu Dezhang has never been so happy as today When he escaped from the northeast, he was just green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review do cbd gummies help with ed a green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review squad leader, and those scolding sounds that made people feel extremely humiliating are still echoing in his ears.

MGM Films kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review announced the purchase of the film adaptation rights of Baron Rose , and it began shooting that year.The actor of Rose Baron Ernst Brahm chose Clark Gable, who became the most popular star in the United States with his Red Dust , and the heroine Heinrich Elena was played by Mi Another star of Gaomei, starring Greta Garbo, who has become a first line Hollywood star with Remnant Flowers.The director is the ace director Stroughen.In 1935, the film The Baron Rose was officially staged, capturing the hearts of countless Americans.Especially when Beasley adapted it himself, the scene where the hero and heroine parted for the last time before the end of the war was praised as one of the ten most tearful scenes since the film came out.With this film, Skeleton Baron became the first film in Hollywood history to win five green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Oscars that year.

Li Zufa graduated from Yale in the United States.Tang Weihong is the youngest daughter of the Tang family.Her father His father, Tang Naian, once studied in Germany and is a famous doctor in Shanghai.Hearing the words study in Germany , Wang Weiyi was a little bit concerned, only to hear Lu Mingzhai continue I heard that there are four chefs in Tang Jiaguang, and two green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review chefs are in charge of cooking.For dim sum, one chef is in charge of making Western style dim sum, and another chef is in charge of cooking.The sisters go to the dance party, and the equipment is very expensive, not to mention jewelry, a pair of exquisite embroidered shoes is worth two hundred snowflakes.Wang Weiyi listened I m speechless.Lu Mingzhai said even more vigorously There are no less than a group of men who pursue the Tang sisters, including celebrities like Song Zi and Yang Xingfo.

He also has a nickname King of Opium Of course, Satomifu, who has just accepted a job in Shanghai and uses Hongji Shantang Pharmacy as a cover, is not yet called the King of Opium.Intense competition with Japan s two major kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review consortiums, Mitsui and Mitsubishi.Although they are all from Japan, and although they are all engaged in the opium business, Satomifu represents the interests of the Kwantung Army Because of this, the relationship between Satomi Fu s Hongji Zendo and Mitsui and Mitsubishi is both cooperation and competition.Satomi just took over this job, so not only can t compare with the British in terms of qualifications and contacts, but also can t be compared with Mitsui and Mitsubishi.Although he is backed by the head of the Eastern Army and the R ben strategy, the chief of the 8th Division of the Army Ministry, Kage Saeaki, it is still very difficult to develop quickly.

In Reims, De Sade failed, In Paris, De Sade will not succeed either.His sorrow lies in meeting the most terrifying enemy in his life Four hundred and twenty five.Chateau and kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review company Paris, Chateau Margaux.Representatives of the high society in Paris, Pipon Duhigan of Chateau Margaux, and Wilding Lander, chairman of Montagut, raised their wine glasses For the green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review can you bring cbd gummies on the plane Baron For the Baron The two drank up their mouths.Wine in the glass, what a delight.Baron, back God, they have been waiting for him for more than twenty years, and now, their benefactor is finally back What could be more gratifying than this Look, I said the baron will definitely come back.Even though he was extremely serious in front of others, at this moment, in front of his best friend, Pipondu still showed his usual nature I I already knew that the Baron would come back, and I had predicted it a long time ago.

Wang Weiyi sighed softly Call back Marshal Timoshenko for me.General Karetov and his subordinates acted bravely, but now they are almost dead.I don t do cbd gummies work for tinnitus know how to describe it.Quantitative The corpse is right in front of me, and my boots are already soaked in blood.There is no hope of continuing to resist, and I think you know what is a wise choice Ernst Alexson von Brehm.After finishing speaking, he He sighed again Get ready to kill more enemies, my officers and gentlemen.There green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review do cbd gummies help with ed is no hope of continuing to resist, I think you know what is a wise choice Ernst Alexson von Brahm.Timoshenko put down the telegram in his hand, looking sad Comrade can i bring cbd gummies in my carry on Karetov has accomplished what a Bolshevik should do, but we failed to succeed.They all acted heroically.His staff officer Chief Warwork said After the successful breakout, each of these fallen soldiers should be given a medal.

Until now, a small cinema has decided to release the film.And, it will be tomorrow night.Looking at Baron Alexon, Casanovi Qi Sheng was afraid of angering the baron, so he hurriedly said Ah, don t worry, I won t let it show.I have already top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing arranged for people to go to that cinema tomorrow, and they brought a lot of snakes.Why Wang Weiyi wondered at him Glancing at I should be happy that someone filmed The Baron Rose for me, and now that The Adventures of Mr.Ernst is filmed for me.Why spoil it Casanovic, Don t do such naive things, let it be released with confidence and boldness.Ah.By the way, remember to buy a ticket for me.Yes, Mr.Baron.Kasanovic felt very strange.Could it be that Mr.Baron always But not angry Wang Weiyi has already decided to see what Chaplin, a talented comedy master, made for himself.

Ernst Alexson Von.Baron cbd gummies vs viagra Blem is about to stage the most horrific and largest kidnapping case ever in the United States.And the crux of the matter is.Even if the U.S.government finds out that these scientists who are extremely important HCMUSSH green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review to them have disappeared or been kidnapped, they dare not speak up.Because it involves a top secret project the Manhattan Project A whole America is kept in the dark.Wang Weiyi, a top secret plan worth two billion US dollars, began to challenge the entire United States with the power of one person In other aj squared cbd gummies words, he has officially embarked on a road plan to challenge history and is quietly proceeding.But at this time, a financial investment company quietly opened HCMUSSH green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review in New York.Joe Cole Brothers Investments.No fuss.in New York.Countless such companies open every day, and countless such companies close every day.

He was unable to re establish his position, unable to re adjust his forces, and the German offensive had arrived In less than ten minutes, the Myristel battle group had completed a breakthrough on the left wing.Subsequently, the puppy cbd gummies Guo Yunfeng battle group completed a breakthrough in the center.What shocked Colonel Bernaja was that the German army mobilized at least one regiment for this assault.Take a battalion against a battle regiment of the German SS, and there is absolutely no possibility of any victory, no army of any country can win.A regiment of the SS has many elite troops, and its weapons are terrifying and sophisticated, which is beyond the reach of all countries.Under the intensive firepower of the German raiding forces, the Turkish army suffered heavy casualties in the first round of confrontation Colonel Bernaja knew that he was completely unable to fulfill Marshal Greluman s important task While commanding the troops to desperately resist the German attack, he kept calling for reinforcements to Marshal Gleluman.

busy.Twenty minutes, I can definitely buy twenty minutes for you, but you must answer my question first If you can rescue His Highness the Prince, how are you going to treat him Turkey needs a sultan, not some president.Wang Weiyi replied with a smile.Rafke s eyes lit up Turkey needs a sultan This is what they dream of.Another point is Rafke s selfishnesshe Once met His Royal Highness in a very difficult situation, His Royal Highness told him that Hamid II told him where the green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review treasure was stored, as long as Rafke could rescue himself, he was willing to share half of the treasure with Rafke.Grammar sharing That is a huge gold treasure that will shock the whole world The loyalty to the Sultan and the temptation brought by gold have troubled Rafke for many years.He has persisted until now for his faith.

Baron, I know the approximate location of the treasure, but I can t point you to the location of the cave right now.Prince Karami said with some regret.Wanderer, this information is enough.Xiaoling said in Wang Weiyi s ear at this time As long as I have a general direction, I can detect the exact location of the treasure within two days.Wang Weiyi smiled and stood up Prince Karami, you will soon ascend to the position of Sultan of Turkey.Five hundred and seven.Until this time, green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review do cbd gummies help with ed the Turks did not know that their greatest enemy, Ernst Brahm, was now in Ankara, right under their noses.Even if you tell the Turks now, maybe they won t believe it.Who would believe such absurd information On the streets of Ankara, visibly tense as the Germans advanced.A large number of Turkish soldiers and policemen appeared, constantly checking every suspicious person passing by, which had never happened before.

I never thought that I would face him again.If the Skeleton Baron Now commanding his army to attack the UK, I will not hesitate to dedicate myself to my country, but not outside the UK Ambassador Swelling Lear faintly heard Rosen Some overtones from the General.If I guessed correctly, this Hero of the Somme is probably still shrouded in the shadow of that capture incident When a former loser faces a winner, can he adjust his mentality in time When the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm finally appeared, would General Rosen have the courage to face all this No one can answer this question, including General Rosen.Now, I just hope purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep that such a thing never happens Five hundred and eight.The Battle of Ayash On July 26, 1942, the German army finally reached the last gate of Ankara Ayash According to the order of Baron Alexon, who was commanding in Ankara, the imperial division that arrived earlier launched an attack on Ayash.

Halder Fortune belongs to Wang Weiyi However, Xiao Ling was completely indifferent to all this, but she slowly told Wang Weiyi Wanderer, you must look at this thing.Wang Weiyi saw the fourth y element If the existence green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review of the second y element caused Wang Weiyi s great shock, then with the successive appearance of the third and fourth y elements, Wang Weiyi had already become calm.Maybe sooner or later there will be fifth and sixth y elements Did you find it in the treasure Yes.Little Ling answered the question It was found in one of the boxes, and it didn t receive much attention.Like the elements obtained before, this One piece has no radiation.But when I took out this element, I found that it had a strong reaction with the previous three y elements, and the radiation was recovering at a very fast speed Wang Weiyi sat there staring at this strangely shining element, and suddenly said Little Ling, I am imagining a possibility.

Severe gambling addiction, once lost 150,000 US dollars within 7 hours.Farouk also has a well known eccentricity.Farouk learned the art of stealing from an old pickpocket in prison.To thank the pickpocket.Unexpectedly, he was released from prison for an unprecedented time.After finishing his studies, Farouk went to all kinds of balls and parties in the palace, wandered among the distinguished guests and stole, and took the things he got as his personal collection.His most well known deed is that he successfully stole the pocket watch of British Prime Minister Churchill, and finally returned the pocket watch to Churchill because the British government protested against purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep Farouk.Wang Weiyi still remembers that Farouk also stole the funerary objects from the king s body when the funeral team of the Shah of Iran passed through Egypt in 1844.

The first negotiation between Egypt and the United Kingdom broke up unhappy When these things reached Wang Weiyi s ears, Wang Weiyi, who was receiving a special guest, suddenly felt that it was not a good idea to seize green cbd gummies cost Egypt now.dream.No matter what, even if there is no hope of success.You green health cbd gummies reviews must try it yourself.If Egypt can fall into his hands ahead cbd gummies causing insomnia of schedule, it will be great news for Germany on the battlefield And at this time, the guest Wang Weiyi is receiving is his old friend.General Rosen The unlucky General Rosen became a prisoner of the Germans in Ankara.Fortunately, the Germans knew that he was a friend of Marshal Ernst, and he took the risk to testify for Marshal Ernst in the Berlin special court, because he also Full of respect for this British general.No one even imprisoned his freedomand General Rosen also wanted to take advantage of this time to take a good look at what the army commanded by the Skeleton Baron was likethe only regret Unfortunately, he never saw his old friend Ernst Brahm.

Wang Weiyi suddenly took Elena into his arms, and then kissed her deeply It was so unexpected, Elena was not prepared at all The man is strong She wrapped her arms around him, her lips that smelled of tobacco sealed hers, and in an instant, Elena completely lost herself Unable to help hugging this man, Elena is now healed He knew that there must be many secrets between himself and this man that he didn t even know At this moment, Guo Yunfeng, who heard the iron gate had been opened, walked in with three large travel bags.Just in time to see this scene, he watched it quietly for a full two minutes The man and woman who were kissing passionately did not notice that their companion had already entered.In the end, Guo Yunfeng couldn t bear it anymore I have no objection if you want to make out, but we kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review have to finish the work first.

Kanler General Mu didn t believe it at all.Although the Luftwaffe had appeared over Cairo before, General Canlemu firmly believed that this was just a surprise attack launched by the Germans after the British were busy suppressing the mutiny.Once the British army pays attention to it.There was no way the Luftwaffe could have flown to Cairo.Elena smiled slightly General Canlemu, can you make me a cup of coffee We can wait patiently and see what will happen in ten minutes.After making a cup of coffee, Xiaoling s smiling voice sounded in Elena s ears Hey, Elena, the way you speak and act is becoming more and more like your husband.Elena couldn t help but pursed her lips and smiledIndeed, what she said just now was a replica of Wanderer.Hearing that Xiao Ling also called Wanderer her husband , Elena couldn t help feeling a different kind of feeling in her heart Okay Xiao Ling The voice sounded again As you wish.

It was an emergency and we had to see Xiong immediately., otherwise it would be impossible for us to know who Bear iswait, wait, I know what s going on Yamaguchi Hiroshi suddenly changed his face Yuki Mio is also The most trusted student of the teacher, he once met the son of Xiong Matsuguchi Taro used to be in charge of receiving telegrams from Xiong in ChinaKenji Katsuji was in kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review charge Translator of the telegramall five of the dead, all had various ties to the bear So they re all dead.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Now, most of the people who have seen Xiong and his son, and who have inextricably related to Xiong , who may expose my plan, are dead.It s just you, my friend.Hiroshi Yamaguchi s heart jumped wildly, and he finally guessed what the other party wanted to do It was green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review do cbd gummies help with ed terrible, this was really terrible.

Heisenberg heard the sound of bullets splattering as they hit the concrete walls and the ground.Bullets screeched through the air.The enemy machine guns were so close to Heisenberg that they could hear the brass casings drop to the ground.The air was ree drummond cbd gummies fox news filled with gunshots, bullets, explosions and screams.The silent fortress turned into a noisy battlefield in an instant.In addition to these sounds, Heisenberg could also feel the heat from the explosion and the flamethrower.The smoke filled the air, and it was impossible to see the situation 10 meters away.The Heisenberg cat ran to the wall with its waist bent, raised its gun and fired.At the same time, another paratrooper threw a grenade at a Soviet shooter around the corner.Heisenberg shot the shooter in the face.He fell down.The enemy bomber was also hit by Heisenberg before he had time to hide around the corner.

Captain Dorn issued an order Look for their radio station.Send a report to Berlin that we have taken control of the Popov Fortress.Dorn seemed shocked by the success of this operation.He looked around suspiciously and said Guys, you did it Great job Edim and Heisenberg found the Russian armory and immediately armed themselves with two rifles.Even though there were no scopes attached to the rifles, they felt they could shoot far more accurately with rifles than with submachine guns.They put the mp 40 submachine gun back into the special pocket of the jump suit.And zip it up.The height of the fort was more than a quarter of a mile, and the only way up the mountain was a narrow mountain road, which was easily contained by the firepower of the Heisenbergs.The design of the fort.It can stop the attack of thousands of soldiers and armored vehicles.

Then he untied the food bag tied behind his belt, It contained cold rations.A military canteen filled with water hung on the belt green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review beside top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing the food bag.Heisenberg took out the food and ate it.The distributed food included a small piece of bread, butter, honey, cheese, jam and Baked potatoes.Heisenberg also got a box of sweets and some tea bags, which Heisenberg saved.After dark, some comrades continued to monitor the enemy s movements, others tried to sleep for a while.The air was full of shells It was difficult to fall asleep.Heisenberg had a nightmare of Russian soldiers who were killed, and the commandos walked past them.Heisenberg also saw some heads crushed by the tracks of the tanksHeisenberg hadn t noticed this before.Heisenberg was awakened, and that night, he couldn t sleep again.The commando stayed in the foxhole until the next morning.

certainly.I used some royal privileges and was lucky enough to meet the Skeleton Baron Well, I hope the Baron won t let me the next time I see him on the battlefield.Really let me see his bravery Wang Weiyi smiled.He has some affection for Elizabeth.She is naive, but she is not stupid, and she is even tinnitus relief cbd gummies very best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review shrewd.She is very clear in her heart, even if she is ten Adding together Elizabeth, it is impossible to be the opponent of the Baron Skeleton.The Baron is just giving way to her like everyone green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review else.But after this duel and the fueling of those who did not see it with their own eyes, Elizabeth, the future heir to the throne, will obviously add a mysterious aura to herself because of the duel.This is probably the real purpose of the seemingly reckless Elizabeth Yes, a very smart woman child Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart.

How they got orders.How they lurked into London in batches, how they were assigned weapons and explosives They were even familiar with all the codes and instructions of the British and French intelligence cooperation agencies This is definitely a masterpiece of our own people And this one of us is Major General De Sade The man who met them in London and supplied them with arms was known as Mr.X.This Mr.X seems to be very capable.It is possible to get all the activities of the Baron Skeleton in London, and provide them with enough weapons and explosives However, the true identity of Mr.X is not completely clear to these assassins It has exceeded the scope of Colonel green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Menzies investigation.This involves the intelligence agencies of Britain and France, as well as Major General De Sade, kangaroo cbd gummies shipping the darling of the French Intelligence Agency.

Attack Elklin directly Lindelof s thinking is not wrong at all, do cbd gummies come up on drug test as long as Erklin can be recaptured, no matter whether the green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review German army goes east or west.Their rear will be completely cut off, so that the advancing German army will inevitably become a lone army In theory, Lindelof s choice was not wrong, best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review but it fell right into the arms of Baron Alexon.This is exactly what he wanted After two full days of attack, the Soviet green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review army did not make any breakthrough.In the severe cold climate, the German army was very tenacious.This also exceeded Lindelof s expectations.Until now, Lindelof is still holding on to the past thinking.He stubbornly believes that winter is Russia s most advantageous defensive weapon.The enemy simply cannot adapt to the climate here.However, the German army today is not the German army in 1942.

Next target Edim asked.Heisenberg continued to search for targets for Edim, and among those killed by his guns were enemy machine gunners, officers, snipers and infantry.There was no sign of sympathy, pity or apology to be seen on Edim s face, he was a veritable killing machine.He aims and shoots, and someone in front of him must be killed, or fall to the ground in pain.When Heisenberg s bullets were about to run out, Edim told Heisenberg to wait here, and he went back to be trū cbd gummies get the bullets.He told Heisenberg to keep firing with the remaining bullets he had left, and kill anyone who came up.Edim went for a long time.Within half an hour, Heisenberg found and killed three enemy snipers.Heisenberg, what s the result Edim asked after returning.Three snipers were killed Heisenberg replied.Excellent He patted Heisenberg on the back lightly and said, Enemy snipers are one of the most important targets of the commandos.

Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Dom.He remembered the soldier who liked to ask questions How old are you I remember you told me.21, marshal He heard the marshal talking to himself.Dom s excited nose was a little red.It s 21.Wang Weiyi nodded, and his eyes fell on top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing another player What about you What s your name How old are you Fletz.Sipple, I am also 21 years old.What a wonderful age.Wang Weiyi sighed My soldiers, I am proud of you.Now, on Height 3, there is enemy artillery, and on Heights there is a regiment of corporal Russians defending, I need you to charge up, and behind, there are two SS battlegroups that will launch after you complete the breakthrough Attack, I want to hear of your victory.My soldiers, please don t let me down.Marshal Ernst, I will never let you down.Klingenberg replied sonorously.

In a series of operations, the brilliant victory of the Ernst Battle Group was astonishing.The Soviet army lost a large and terrible number of troops in this series of operations only in Stalingrad.Surrounding regular and irregular troops, they killed 470,000 people and captured 390,000 people.30,000 people kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review are missing.The German army and their allies were killed, captured, and missing 80,000 people Judging from this battle, the strength of the German and Soviet armies is no longer on the same level, and the quality of the troops on both sides is terribly declining.Opening a huge gap And in the countless battles that made up the entire Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets lost most of their equipment, and as for the veterans with combat experience, almost all of them were lost.And of course their senior commanders.

Timilenko turned towards Looking back, I found that the baron s subordinates sitting on the truck had quietly held their guns Comrade Deputy Director, Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky was sitting in that car.His One of the guards had a seizure, so he wanted to stop the passing traffic to see if there was any medicine, and I didn t expect you to come here.I m going to see Comrade Marshal in person Dimilenko said, Passed by in the limousine of Marshal Vasilevsky, and when he came to the limousine, the windows rolled down.Yes, Marshal Vasilevsky.It has long been heard that he was ordered to lead troops back to Moscow from the front to join the ranks of the defense of Moscow, but he did not expect to meet him at this time.Hello, Comrade Marshal Vasilevsky.He and Marshal Dimilenko were old acquaintances.

A huge spring gushes out from the deepest and darkest place in Niflheim, carrying the cold air of the ice and snow world for thousands of years, rushing from north to south to the Jinenga gap, after tens of millions of years Over time, many ice mounds slowly piled up beside the Jinenga Gap.To the south of the chasm, there is a country of flames called Mosbyheim, where flames shoot out into the sky all year round, HCMUSSH green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review and the whole place is filled with extremely intense light and heat.The soaring flames ejected from the Flame Kingdom splashed out many hot sparks and landed on the ice mounds piled up beside green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review the chasm.The ice cubes melted into water vapor after encountering the high heat Mars, and were frozen again by the strong cold wind blowing from Niflheim.Repeatedly like this, for thousands of years, under the continuous influence of the heat waves of the flame country purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep and the cold air of the ice and snow country, these ice mounds slowly gave birth to life, and the huge ice demon Ymir was born.

Beyond the bounds of the captivity, no matter how much you search, you will find nothing but seas, uninhabitable wilds, tribes of hostile savages, and chiefs of independent lands who would be more than happy to sacrifice a loathsome Fugitives in exchange for protection from Rome.But I am not willing to do this, I want revenge, I swear that I must take revenge, for revenge, I will not hesitate to pay any price, I will lurk by Caesar s side Liya woke up suddenly from the dream.She opened some heavy eyelids and found that she had sweated a lot, but her body that was extremely heavy was now relaxed.What happened Ah, Thinking about it, she was sick, and gradually fell into a coma.Now Is she better now She suddenly found a person who had fallen asleep sitting next to her bed.She saw clearly, That s Caesar Nelia struggled to sit up, this action immediately woke up Caesar, and he cried out in surprise Are you really healed My favorite Nelia Yes, my Caesar.

The tribal leaders were shocked again.Some people dared to use Vulcan Loki as their own mask, this is not the scariest thing.The scariest one is the one with the skull mask.No one could see clearly the appearance of the man green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review natures boost cbd gummies for copd behind the skull mask, but this mask made of unknown materials made people feel a chill from the bottom of their hearts.Some people even had this idea in their hearts This person must have been cursed by some demon This is the Baron Alexson who was conferred by His Majesty the Holy German Emperor and he , is the assistant of top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing Baron Alexson, Baron Albrecht who was also canonized by His Majesty the Emperor himself.Anluges solemnly introduced Wang Weiyi and Richthofen to everyone, and then introduced them one by one.Those tribal leaders introduced them.The order of the Vandals, Pilut, the leader of the Goths, Leubis, the leader of the Franks, Dadarit After introducing them one by one, top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing Wang Weiyi didn t want to waste much time I think You all already know that.

They re still friends at least and Caesar I m afraid that he will fail again, and fail when victory is within sight.His reputation will suffer another serious blow.Now, Gaius was thinking about when he should find a chance to meet with Ernst again, to see if the agreement between them was worth it, and to see if Ernst could fulfill his promise.Gaius made his own calculations, but Kaleini, who had been fighting at the forefront, couldn t bear it any longer.Under the repeated attacks of the barbarians, he lost too many soldiers, and several phalanxes were completely destroyed.The barbarians destroyed, and the Roman soldiers were whining under the slaughter of the barbarians He couldn t even reorganize the troops Are you really unable to hold on Caesar quickly understood what had happened when best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review he saw Kaleini appearing in front of him.

Wang Weiyi and those Germanic warriors played the ancient Germanic archery game.Baron Alexon, who existed like a god on the battlefield, kept losing to those Germanic warriors when playing archery games.As a result, this also caused everyone, including Richthofen, to burst into laughter.There is no sign of the progress of the war here At the same time, in the Roman barracks, Caesar held a reception to entertain the generals who were about to go to the battlefield.At the reception, Caesar green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review never mentioned anything related to the war.Instead, he told them some interesting stories in Rome, which also aroused laughter from the Roman generals.Wang Weiyi and Caesar have done everything they could do before the outbreak of the natures only cbd gummies official website war.The only thing they can do now is to put down the burden of their subordinates to the greatest extent and go to the battlefield in the best condition.

Accompanied by sobs and quarrels, and the cheers of the Romans, the final naval battle of the Roman Poseidon Festival finally began Those ships appeared on the water, waving their respective flags, and frantically joined in this mock war of fighting for honor, status, and money The white warship of Yakulius, from the best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review very beginning It showed a strong combat effectiveness, especially the sailors carefully selected by Pompey above, who were simply pretended to be amazon cbd gummies reddit professional soldiers in the Roman Legion, and their combat effectiveness was not comparable to that of the improvised sailors.On this point Pompey cheated.But Pompey didn t care at all, he needed Yakulius to win, and he needed a new hero who could replace Caesar Under the attack of the white warships, the civilian army was killed one by one.

The lush weeds next to him completely feel rite cbd gummies blocked him, and there were several big green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review trees with flourishing branches and leaves next to him.He leaned against the trunk of a century old tree with his back.I sat down in the wild grass, and fell asleep slowly accompanied by a burst of cool evening wind The moonlight in the Germania jungle is as green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review beautiful as the sunset in the Italian peninsula, and it also has a mysterious and dignified color.The Germans worshiped the moon very much, and their moon god, unlike other peoples, was a man and under this mysterious moonlight, every part of the wood seemed to be doubled in twilight.midnight.Ya Yian suddenly heard a voice in his ears.Several small stones rolled in front of him, and he felt as if they had been kicked off by one foot, and it seemed that someone was walking quietly above his head, very lightly, as if trying not to be heard of.

These damned guys are all obeying Caesar, not themselves.Although I sent people to send them a lot of gifts.But judging from the feedback from the messengers, it seems that they are not very enthusiastic about themselves.When the war is over and Germania is completely her own.Let s give these tribal guys a little bit more A Roman legion, plus the strength of an auxiliary legion, makes these Romans look very mighty and majestic.As a result, Centumalus depressed mood improved a lot.While stationed, the loyal Senardi took care of everything.He sent people to set up sentries around.And sent a large number of scouts to detect the movements of the barbarians.Centumarus doesn t have to worry about these trivial things at all.About eleven more reconnaissance teams were sent out.Both Centumalus and Senardi firmly believed that when the sun rose tomorrow, all the information on the barbarians would be gathered in front of them.

These soldiers who have just entered the barbarian territory not long ago, even though they have heard countless times about the power of the barbarians.But they never really cbd oil capsules or gummies saw it.But now, they saw the same solemnity of those barbarians, facing the Del Romans who were getting closer and closer, they didn t see the slightest panic.And what surprised Senardi even more was that the barbarians actually had reviews for eagle hemp cbd gummies their own formation.It s not like in the legend, once the battle breaks out, they will rush forward without any rules.Is the previous intelligence wrong, or is the barbarian changing himself Can t wait for Senardi to think about it, the dense rain of arrows has already fallen overwhelmingly.The Roman soldiers raised their shields to prevent the arrows from falling on them, but there was still a gap.

He yelled furiously Tnadus, I swear, if I can catch you, I will peel your skin from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, I swear Tenadus laughed loudly Stupid savage, do you really think that success is possible The venerable commander Gaius has brought a whole legion, and your end will soon come Just as his words fell, Gaius majestic voice came again The barbarians refuse to surrender, soldiers of the Roman Republic, destroy them, and tell them what will happen to them when they betray Rome Under his order, the Roman soldiers Neatly start moving towards this.A battle that could not be called evenly matched broke out here Not only were the Saxons at a disadvantage in numbers, but top cbd gummies for sleep shark tank cbd gummies ear ringing the weapons they used were completely incomparable with the sophisticated equipment of the Romans.Some of them continued to fall, and some green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review of them continued to die.

The first battalion moves on.The chief centurion ordered from behind.The legions of the Romans began to move forward slowly again, and the huge catapults also stopped firing, moving awkwardly under the protection of the three legions.The Parthian commanders seem to have not figured out a good way to deal with this situation.The kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review range of Roman slings has far exceeded their bows and arrows.power.He could only watch the Roman legions advance gradually.Fortunately, the Romans could only move forward under the protection of catapults, and the speed was very slow.From time to time, a few groups of Parthian cavalry would rush over, taking advantage of their fast horses and sharp arrows to attack.Such harassment was simply innocuous to the tens of thousands of Roman troops.Finally, the Parthian commander lost patience and decided to try his cavalry.

He needs Gaius, this person will play a very important role in his entire plan Did you arrange all of this My dear friend Gaius asked with lingering fear after breaking away from the terrifying eyes of those barbarians that could almost kill people.Wang Weiyi smiled extreme strength cbd gummies and nodded Yes, I arranged everything.Not only that, I also helped you make the most appropriate arrangements.This aroused Gaius s great interest.I think Caesar must have sent you to negotiate with me.Without the other party saying anything, Wang Weiyi has already helped him out He decided to reject the senate s call up, but before that, he made sure that we will I will not attack Gaul, so that he can enter Rome without any worries.You can t hide anything from you, Ernst.Gaius nodded Caesar did arrange it in this way, and at the same time, he also Will let me stay here and guard Gaul for him.

And tell them, please inject this tube of injection into their bodies before they die, and then enter the cold storage to preserve their bodies forever.Because, he doesn t know when he will come back, and when he comes back, he still hopes to Seeing these friends appearing in front of him lively and vigorously, he let out a deep breath Then what about in North Africa Who is commanding the German army Otto Moritz Walter Model Marshal.Wang Weiyi was completely silent there and couldn t say a word There are still a few votes to be on the list, please ask for a monthly ticket.Brothers, there are still a few monthly tickets to be able to be on the classified list.Do you have a rich monthly ticket Seven hundred and ninety three.Infantry Battalion Otto Moritz Walter.Marshal Model Iron Wall Model Wang Weiyi no longer knew what to say.

I know your desire for war is very important.Urgent, but have you ever thought about it, even if we can send some troops, what impact will it have on the overall battle situation Karenbu nodded silently Yes, even if the eight thousand soldiers of the baron guard Even if they are all sent to the battlefield, the situation on the battlefield cannot be changed 8,000 soldiers.In the face of a huge enemy, it is nothing more than a drop in the ocean Here is where our hope lies.Bon Claire said in a daze, I remember the night before the Baron left.He told us, He is not the hope of Germany, the Constance base is the hope of Germany, if Germany encounters danger one day in the future, this may become the source of saving Germany Kalumbu s eyes flickered with flames Then why not unlock all the bases Karumbu.

There is only endless shame left for the Americans But Lieutenant Colonel Carls still has an advantage.First, he now knows that his biggest enemy is in Brest on the opposite side At the same time, with his reinforcements, the force he can mobilize now is close to three battalions.He further believes that the skeleton commando can escape successfully this time Lieutenant Colonel, Major Mario is missing Captain Christopher just said such words, Lieutenant Colonel Carls said coldly I know, the major has been captured or killed in action.Captain, you ve been fighting the Germans all day, do you have any good advice Those Germans are amazingly tenacious in combat Captain Christopher said honestly And their entire position is airtight.We can t find too many opportunities.But they have a weakness that cannot be solved at all, and their numbers are simply too small.

Now, the enemy s continuous force is appearing, and the weapons and equipment have become more powerful.It has become impossible to stay here Three days have passed, and green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Wang Weiyi has fulfilled his promise to General Olitz, and it is time to retreat.Major, Alan is back.Following the voice, Alan appeared in front of the commandos, and Sergeant Max was the first to meet him Why have you been away for three days I m lost.Allen gasped a few times However, I still found a way for us to retreat, which was not shown on the map at all.Do you remember this way Wang Weiyi asked calmly.Yes, Major, firmly in my heart.It will be dark for two hours.Wang Weiyi looked up will cbd gummies show up on a test at the sky Persist for another two hours, and retreat after two hours He never He will not waste his troops in vain, and when the conditions are ripe, retreat will be his green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review first choice.

For God s sake, I never thought that such a terrible thing would happen.Moyol, the name Now it s like a demon over us.Brigadier General Budger, 3rd Brigade, U.S.Marine Corps, November 1965.When he heard the news of the demise of the Abraham Rapid Mobility Battalion, Brigadier General Badger s inner pain was hard to express in words.This brave major, the first to follow him to Germany, the first to join the attack on Berlin, and now, he has left his life here.Brigadier General Badger had no way of knowing how he would face the major s fianc e when he returned to the United States.The brave fighting power and excellent fighting skills of the German army are deeply imprinted in the hearts of Americans.Even though the previous battles in Germany were so smooth, now, no US military officer or soldier dares to despise these German soldiers.

I miss you, I really miss you every day, I dream of you every day Steward Videlio s tears also fell quietly, he wiped his tears, and supported Joseph Little Joseph, I miss you too, we are back, we will never leave again Are we going to talk in this dilapidated garden all the time Butler Dempsey interrupted them in dissatisfaction The baroness needs a warm room.Ah, yes, Butler Dempsey.Joseph did not forget his duty Although this place has changed from before, I still prepared a few rooms, especially the baron s room.I cleaned it every day, because 500 mg edible gummies cbd I didn t know when the baron would suddenly appear.Joseph Never forget your responsibilities.From this point of view, Butler Vidlio did not choose the wrong successor.Take them to the Baron s room.After closing the door, Joseph couldn t wait to ask What happened Where have you been for the past twenty years Why have you all regained your youth Where is the green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Baron Has the Baron returned with you You have a lot of questions, but I can answer you one by one.

I am a very narrow minded person.I m not denying that at all Fels said unhurriedly I am loyal to the baron because the baron once risked his life to save me.So I swear to give my all to the Baron.However, I will never forget those who have offended me.General Bushman, now that I am the victor, what kind of revenge do you think I should take against you The flesh on Buschman s face was throbbing.Everyone knew the horror of Firth.As he himself said, his heart was not open at all, but very narrow.Type of person.What would I have brought to myself when I laughed at him at the beginning It s not polite to keep silent, General Bushman.Firth s words interrupted Buschman s train of thought You have family members, I can start with your family members, what do you think Bushman gave in completely What do you want to know Know what you ve been through.

Your Highness, this place is very dangerous.Please follow me to a safe place.Really Is there a safe place in Germany now Of course, if you think it is safe, then it must be safe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Even if the enemy invades Berlin, Berlin is still safe.Michael smiled You are exactly the same green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review do cbd gummies help with ed as the baron my green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review father said.I never know what fear is.After inviting His Royal Highness and his wife into the car, Wang Weiyi whispered to the adjutant beside him, Inform Fels to investigate the authenticity of His Royal Highness and his wife s identities.Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.

Heroic Spirit Corps Ziguang Military Base, December 21, 1965.Wang Weiyi entered the base slowly, at this moment he could not express his feelings.What language should I use to describe it Excited nervous Excitement, it seems to have both, but they also don t seem to be so accurate.In fact, when he left Germany for the second time, he didn t really expect this day to come.However, he still had to welcome this day.Is he ready Yes, he was sure he was ready.He was sure he was ready for it all.His friend his comrade in arms his brother who lived and died together From the Somme to France, from the North African battlefield to Russia They fought side by side together, through life and death.Together they have experienced the myth that others can hardly imagine.Together they pushed Germany to a pinnacle.

Be careful A soldier shouted, and he took up his gun and pointed it at another trench connected to here the coalition army thought that there was no one in it.Unexpectedly, there were five American troops inside.Just as the soldier was about to pull the trigger, a stream of flames sprayed over, burning the soldier and jumping out of the trench, where he was shot to death by a machine gun it turned out to be a flamethrower Be careful and shoot Grab their flamethrowers Corporal Denise shouted.A British soldier hesitated because of this sentence, and his head was shot through.They were helpless for a while.I had no choice but to fight back frantically at these American troops.Fortunately, the machine guns above seemed to have their own people, so they didn t dare to fight too hard.After all, the Americans were carrying a flamethrower, and a bullet hit the fuel tank, and these American troops were engulfed in fire on the spot.

But the flamethrower is naturally finished.Damn The coalition forces trapped green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review in the trenches cried out in agony.Major Ludman and Martin sneaked behind the stones green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review behind the wooden shed during the charge, and the American machine gunners were dazzled for a moment Kram and the others were so noisy over there, and they didn t see them.Of course, Sergeant Kramm and the others green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review also Only when these two guys green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review broke up with them in the positional battle.I didn t care about them, and I didn t know that there were more of them.Major Ludman stayed with Martin.He became a lot smarter, he thought hard, and came up with an idea he just found two bottles of wine from a US military corpse, the glass bottles were newly bought, and the readings must be high enough, really, I was too nervous just now , I actually forgot about this.

He thought for a while Lieutenant, I ll take you to see Captain Fletcher.A faint smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth Captain Fletcher, the captain of the FBI in Cairo, was not as careless as Benjamin, although he saw Brad Pitt However, he still worried about picking up the phone and wanted to confirm it himself.Wang Weiyi is not worried about this at all, and knows that Xiaoling will solve all problems for himself I am Fletcher , I need you guys to help me look up a guy ah, yes, that s his name ok, he is indeed your agent there thank you very much assistance Putting down the phone and returning the documents to Wang Weiyi, the expression on Fletcher s face became a lot more polite Then, please tell me what you want me to do, purekana cbd gummies shark tank top cbd gummies for sleep Agent Pete.Robsang handed over the document to his subordinate Nolak Bambi.

S.military.The rest of the Bulgarian soldiers also rushed out of the carriage.He launched an attack on the platform with fierce firepower, but suffered heavy losses when blocked by US tanks.Zaitsev suddenly found that they were only in a position with a tank and a machine gun.Dozens of U.S.troops.It seems that the US military is relatively weak in this section of the platform.Zaitsev, as a veteran who has served for a year, cannot lose face in front of the recruits.Although he still can t change his timidity, he still has a good face.He gritted his teeth and looked at the two behind him.A recruit shouted Koslov and Yuri, you two come with me Zaytsev Why are you going Kinot shouted.You ll know later, Jarden Cover us As Zaitsev s friend, Jarden already knew what he was going to do, and he shot at the U.

And General Roshen, the commander of the U.S.9th Armored Division, also saw his glorious future Defeating the Skeleton Baron killing the Skeleton Baron there is no better chance than this That would make him a famous general who caused a sensation all over the world There are not many German troops here.Once such an opportunity is missed, they will never have a second time This task falls to Colonel Nesko.General Roshen trusts Colonel Nesko, and every time he entrusts him to the colonel, he can always use the best way to complete the task Colonel Nesko is also very excited at this time, and everyone Similarly, he had heard the name of Baron Skeleton countless times when he was very young.From the bottom of his heart, he respected Baron Alexon, and the best way to respect a person was to defeat him on the battlefield.

Beside the tank, Wang Weiyi saw an American colonel.This is probably the Colonel Nesko who hunted him down in the intelligence.Ah, that was exactly the prey I was looking for.There was a faint smile on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth And at this moment.Phyllis also knew what to do.He also found the colonel, and he knew very well that the colonel was the target of Marshal Ernst, and no one could compete with Marshal Ernst.He clenched the gun in his hand Although the time of cooperation with Marshal Ernst is not long, the excellent sniper team does not need too much communication to know what they should do at the right time The thinghe squeezed the trigger in his hand hard Bang an American soldier fell into a pool of blood without warning.Attack, enemy attack The American soldiers shouted loudly.

Slat also quickly followed their pace, and Slat ran forward for about 20 meters.There was a sudden muffled sound beside him, and Slater turned his head to look, Oh my God It was a bazooka shell that hit a soldier next to Slat.He was blown to a bloody mess, blood was sprinkled on Slater s body, and Slater could even feel some pieces of meat hit Slater s face in the middle.The distance between Slat and the soldier was about 7 8 meters, so one can imagine how powerful the rocket was.The German soldiers charged forward for a short distance and came to a forest.Oh, God.The infantry inside probably had the strength of a battalion, and they quickly overwhelmed the German soldiers.Slater was very annoyed now, where the hell did Company F go My task should be to support green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review and support them, but now I have become the main force of the charge.

But the ridiculous thing is that Slat originally thought that the shell was aimed at the tanks of the German soldiers, but he never expected that this highly lethal armor piercing shell actually targeted the German infantry Come onthat s not a field artillery or somethingSlater really wonders if those French artillerymen have cute baby goldfish in their brains And the most ridiculous thing is that these few shells fell and did not hurt the German soldiers at all, but all hit their own garrison, and heart piercing howls of pain followed the explosion of the shells.One wave after another.I really didn t expect that the French used their own cannons to hit their own infantry Haha, God helped Germany.I thought that the bombardment of best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review the cannon might last for a while, but after the last shell fell and exploded, there was no more movement.

To force him to seek help from others, said Solomon slowly, is too bold a plan, and too dangerous. Yes, it s a little bolder.But there is no other way.The daughter is missing, and the vice president must ask Rayburn to report the situation at any time.If Rayburn is not found, his prestige will decline, his power will be weakened, and his relationship with the vice president and even the president will also be alienated.At that point, he s desperate to find his behind the scenes friends to help him out.Solomon nodded acquiescingly.This is certainly a clever plan, but for him it was the greatest adventure in his life.He drank his whiskey silently, and what he thought about in his mind was not the purpose and motivation of the action, but the plan and method of action This thing has to be done my way.

Wang Weiyi looked at them silently, then nodded silently What a lovely soldier, with such a soldier, what else can he worry about The names of these two soldiers are Carter and Val Special.After the Robinster battle, Wang Weiyi did not forget them.He sent someone to find their whereabouts.When the search team found them, Carter and Walter were dead.And in their Beside them were the corpses of a few Russians.They rang the grenade the moment before they were captured.They never let down the glory of a soldier By Wang Weiyi s side The number of German soldiers began to increase.When they killed a squad commanded by a Russian captain, he was able to command 33 German soldiers.Moreover, he also had a Leopard 9.And a captured ss6 Although it is still a little less, it seems to Wang Weiyi that it is already a force that cannot be underestimated.

The Orthodox Church spared no effort in promoting the tsar s political ideas, and the tsar was resisting the invasion of neighboring countries such as Lithuania, Polish Catholic countries, Turkey, Iran Islamic countries and Mongolia and other pagan countries.And in the later external expansion, the Orthodox Church was also used as the banner, as was the conquest of Kazan.So it can be said that Kazan was conquered.It is both a political and military victory and a religious victory.The establishment of Basil s Ascension Church marks that Moscow has become the religious and political center of Russia.It is a milestone for the Russian nation to get rid of foreign rule, complete the great cause of reunification, and then gradually become stronger until the establishment of a multi ethnic centralized cbd gummies wyld state I heard that a lot of wealth is buried here Wang Weiyi couldn t help asking.

Demirasf used various methods to enter Moscow and visit the Marshal, the last time it happened two months ago.At that time, the marshal told his subordinates calmly Wait patiently, maybe the situation will change soon because the baron has returned Of course Demirasf knew the marshal Who was the baron mentioned, and he knew that the marshal s judgment would not be wrong, so when he returned to Ukraine, intensive operations had already begun to be deployed.And now, with the Baron s help.Marshal Kolkorok is really miraculously back Russia s 6th Armored Army, 62nd Armored Assault Division, Russian Air Force Flying 11th Battalion Almost half of the armed forces in Ukraine.Both swore allegiance to Marshal Kolkorok, and on March 7, 1966, Ukraine was declared seceded from the Russian Empire.The Provisional Council of Ukraine was established.

Brothers, get ready More than a dozen trembling warriors crawled over from behind and approached Takot, waiting for his arrangement.Hansen.Take Joe and Locke to the left behind the pile of snow and wait for my order to charge.Otto.Don t scratch your feet yet.Take three people and carry a dynamite package to the ditch on the right.Simon, The five brothers with best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review the commandos of the Brandenburg commandos followed me, and we walked in the front.Everyone threw away their loads and supplies, and ran fast those who want to eat meat and smoke, run with their mouths in their mouths Say it.Takot turned around and patted Simon s helmet You guys are not allowed to run in front of me Start now, prepare for the attack for 60 seconds.Wait for my signal.Go The soldiers began to move to both sides.My bullets won t let you go.

The injured child in front of him is one of them. He had a bullet in the abdomen, and General Jeckart was not far from him when he was shot.When the French began to charge, the child stood up a little recklessly, and shot best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review at the enemy desperately with the submachine gun in his hand.This of course exposes itself.Fortunately for him, the bullet only hit him in the abdomen, at least he was still green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review alive.Jekat could see the pain on the child s face, and he could see that the child was struggling to bear the pain.He called in conscripts to bandage the brave boy, plus edible cbd gummies and he advised him to leave the position immediately.But his suggestion was rejected by the child, just as he rejected Marshal Ernst. If I can still move, I will not leave here.The child behaved quite stubbornly Every soldier of the Army Junior Division has sworn to the Baron and the F hrer that we will fight for Germany to the last moment of our lives Son, what s your name Matt.

Chuck was lying on the ground panting in shock, and then a few soldiers directly under the team came.Seeing him lying on the ground, they helped him to the last German defense zone.At this moment, everyone knew that it was impossible to hold on.They must break out The 138th regiment has been disabled by the U.S.military, and a small part of the rout has retreated to the southwest.The 3rd Battalion of the 151st regiment was all killed after being surrounded by the U.S.military.The surviving soldiers and officers of the 1st and 2nd Battalions were with Chuck, and green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review the divisional line had held the Eastern Front where they were now.Chuck s foot was hit by green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review a ricochet in the tendon according to the law.The ambulance soldier took it out with pliers, sprinkled some ammonium powder, and tied the bandage.

He also understood.Its goal is its own 098.Bodilla took his headset off his head.I glanced out from the side window of the turret Hurry up Reverse the car and we re going to die The two guns didn t best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review deliberately bombard the grenadiers, best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review they shot crookedly Nuoqier yelled loudly Reverse Quick Get out of this The skills of those Russians are not very good.This time they had nothing to gain, they just collapsed a large pit with a diameter of 1 meter on the ground not far from the side of Nocher s 098 car body.At this time, 098 has gradually exceeded the range of the big 5 gun The retreat of the German army prompted the Russians to attack.It cannot be said that they were eating but not fighting, because the German army was kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review indeed in chaos.If Nochier is the commander of the Russian army.The order to attack will also be issued Their 098 was lucky not to be hit or destroyed by shells in the true sense It was just patronized by some small caliber bullets, and what was produced was only some flying sparks.

He bit the bullet and said Mr.Fristoya, we need a foreign minister in the government.Mr.Grand Duke thinks that you can take up this position with your qualifications and reputation.I wonder if you are willing Fristoya and Prandy glanced at each other and smiled inwardly.Fristoya immediately said Thank you, Your Excellency the Grand Duke, for your kindness, but I can t take up this position.I am very satisfied with the current situation and I am not going to make any changes.Please go back and tell His Excellency the Grand Duke that he should re is cbd gummies good for weight loss select a more qualified foreign minister.In response to Mr.Fristoia s refusal, King Walker was silent for a long time before saying Is there really no room for negotiation Mr.Fristoya, after all, green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review His Excellency the Grand Duke is in charge of everything in Russia, and I don t think it s a wise choice for you to do so.

Elliott s voice.His anger disappeared without a trace.His Excellency, Marquis Ilya.Let me remind you again that if you fail to pay the ransom before the loan time comes, then all your collateral will belong to the Wittgenstein Group.Ah, and on behalf of Gates.Mr.Morgan reminds you that your loan from Morgan Bank is also coming due.You have to know that Morgan Bank does not want any bad debts.Mr.Morgan will be very unhappy because of this Okay.That s all I have to say, I wish you a sweet dream.The phone was hung up.Ilya stared at the phone in a daze, and suddenly pulled out best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review the wires of the phone with all her might, and then slammed it to the ground with all her might.Villains, these villains who have made trouble If they were in Russia, they would all be caught and thrown into prison by themselves He swore that he would never admit defeat, and he must try his best to save everything he lost.

And this is the sacrifice that all Germans at Dukelandsburg must suffer.In the war for the defense of the country, the interests of the individual are irrelevant, the most important thing is to let the nation maintain its independence and freedom.And this is the most difficult, but it must be done.All the Germans were thrown into the battle, which made the New Zealand soldiers who were still there feel great fear.They didn t know why they were in such a situation, and they didn t know why they wanted to participate in this battle.own war.But at such a time, they have green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review no turning back.Die in battle or surrender, this is their only choice.Major General Ellington knew that his final moment had arrived.If he had relied on his instinct, he would have wanted to resist to the end, but the facts told him how difficult it was to do so.

They must ensure that the entire landing force can land smoothly to the designated location.Undisturbed by enemy artillery fire.But in fact, the landing troops were almost on the shore, and the enemy did not move at all.The gunship sent back a message that there was nothing here, and the bombing of the planes and the shelling of the navy turned the entire target city upside down.No moving objects can be seen on the ground, everything is finished, the landing area is absolutely safe If that s the case, I ll buy those pilots drinks Gawyn muttered.Chris beside him turned around and said, You think I don t want to After hearing the conversation of the soldiers in the cabin.The co pilot turned around and asked, Then if that s not the case, I have to buy you a drink Must Lieutenant Pozik said to the pilots in the cab, causing some people to chuckle.

Pozik retracted his body to change the magazine, just in green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review time to see the war reporter.Lieutenant didn t say anythingWell, he cbd gummies ama just changed the magazines for his rifle.Boom A shell hit the side of the bunker.The clods of sand and gravel were shot up.It splashed on Lieutenant Pozik.Layton tightened his body reflexively, covering his head with his arms.A main battle tank shot fiercely at the enemy with machine guns, creaked and drove past the reporter, and rushed forward.The 40th Assault Battalion and the 45th Assault Battalion encountered the enemy in the Blue 1 and Blue 2 Districts, over The communications green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review soldier roared into the microphone.As soon as those Allied soldiers showed up, they were locked by German soldiers.Lieutenant Pozik leaned out from the side of the bunker, raised his rifle and kana cbd gummies for pain green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review fired at the area framed by the red frame of the electronic goggles.

Arklit hesitated for a long time.Then he sat down slowly under the uneasy eyes of everyone.Some people chuckled lightly.Arkley Te took a book out of his bag.He opened it.A picture slid out.It was a pretty young girl with a smile that would captivate any man.Who is this The quick eyed Jakes snatched the photo of Aklit, It s so beautiful, is that your girlfriend The brothers suddenly became interested, and they all gathered around.Give it back to me Arklit reached out to grab the photo in vain, but Jakes dodged them all.Look There are words behind the photos Dear Diana, Jakes read aloud, flipping through the photos.I could die in battle at any moment, but if my death pays for someone else s life.If I can kill all those ugly enemies, then I will not hesitate Now that I have become a soldier, since I have come here, I must accept death at any time.

The brisk melody flowed from the flute along Gawin s lips, and the notes fluttered out of the flute like happy birds Gawyn was intoxicated by his own music.The Leiden reporter on the side held a cigarette and picked up the video camera.The soldiers were infected by the sound of the flute and began to sing obscenely.Soldiers on the positions of other units also returned.Turning around, joining the chorus On the first day of Christmas, my beloved sent me an unsecured hand grenade.On the second day of Christmas, my beloved gave me two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured hand grenade.On the third day of Christmas, my beloved gave me three bars of soap, two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured hand grenade.On the fourth day of HCMUSSH green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review Christmas, my beloved gave me four beetail needles, three bars of soap, two delicious roasted peace doves, and an unsecured hand grenade.

Connor accidentally killed Mista by mistake The last round of machine gun fire was over, and the fighter jet formation began to return, and the U.S.military was beaten to pieces.Pozik grabbed the walkie talkie and roared All the where to buy serenity cbd gummies combat units in row A advance a hundred yards and establish a defense line in area B.We will drive them all back Huh The US military could no longer hold on , ready to retreat.The German firepower began to gradually increase.Hurry up, the enemy has retreated, we must seize the time to strengthen the defense line Donald and Sally recovered from the surprise, and tried their best to control Connor who was on the verge of collapse.They dragged Connor away.Like a real criminal, Connor dragged himself to the ground, crying, Kill me I killed him I killed him green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review The rain didn t stop until the next morning down means.

God, I can t do this.Major Barack said in panic It s all in the hands of General Gendra, and it will make me Go to court martial.Aren t the things you did before enough to make you go to court martial Wang Weiyi was not angry Major, I think you have to be clear about your current situation, or you have to deal with us.Continue to cooperate, or I will tell General Gandra everything.You can think about it carefully, at least cooperating with me is more pleasant than cooperating with the British.As for you saying that there is no way to get it Ah.I suppose it s your modesty.You have many ways of obtaining these documents.Money I can give you a lot of money, three hundred thousand pounds I think is a very reasonable price Barack The Major s breath stopped Three hundred thousand pounds Three hundred thousand pounds No matter how hard he worked, even if he died on the battlefield and received double the pension, he still couldn t get that much money.

However, I think what I have to tell you is that all of us blacks have an American dream, and this American dream is just to allow us to get more dignity and recognition in this country, not greedy demands.We have paid far more than white people, but no matter how hard we try, we cannot get your recognition Bobby s tone gradually became a little heavy I have a friend in New York who is also A black man, after countless years of hard work, finally became an enviable supervisor in a white company.But, do you know what kind of life he lived His secretary doesn t spread office gossip to him because they get along more restrained than most.As a middle level executive of a billion dollar company, he has the natural native cbd gummies right to eat in the supervisor s restaurant, but he cannot imagine sitting at a big table with the company s president and other senior executives.

Although many celebrities have proposed similar concepts before, it is the first time that a leader of a country has said this personally.Hitler s voice continues to be best cbd gummies for sleep reviews green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review heard there Of course, this is not an immediate solution.Now our top priority is those enemies across the sea.Gentlemen, the moment of our glory has come.Gentlemen, the time has come to end green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review the war.I can tell each of you frankly green hornet gummy 100mg cbd review that while we were actively preparing for the landings, our Baron Alexon had already entered England and made countless efforts there.Yes, I think you heard me right, the Baron entered England earlier than any of us.He made the war easier, and this is only by virtue of his own strength.Perhaps many people will find it incredible that a marshal of the German Empire would do such a risky thing But for the German officers, this was just the most ordinary of all the adventures the Baron had experienced All his life he had never known what it was to be afraid.

Don Tanner lowered his voice There are no reinforcements, and all reinforcements have been captured by the enemy and guerrillas.It s contained.Colonel Depra was stunned.No reinforcements No reinforcements Damn it, there are no reinforcements So many soldiers are still persisting in such a passive situation because they still have a little fantasy in their hearts, thinking that as long as they persist a little longer, reinforcements will come, but now they have heard this from General Don Tanner.news.How does this make me talk to those soldiers who are still fighting bloody battles How did this make me face those subordinates who fought to the end Colonel Depra, please keep calm.Don Tanner sighed Actually, General Frank and his troops are the last reinforcements we can get.But the fighting enthusiasm of the soldiers cannot be suppressed because of this.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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