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This situation would only change at night.During the night, there were only sporadic gunfire.The soldiers were holding their guns and enjoying the rare peace.Boncrele held the Mauser infantry in his hands and kept aiming at the opponent s position.He really hoped to kill one of the enemy s soldiers, but unfortunately the night was too dark for him to find the target Wang Weiyi quietly crawled to his side, and Bon Crayley noticed the lieutenant, and then he heard The lieutenant asked How about it Can you kill one It s too difficult, it s too dark, I can t find the target.Bon Keleile shook his head regretfully, and then put down the gun.At this moment, there was a flash of fire on the opposite side, and this detail immediately caught Wang Weiyi s attention.Then the flame flickered again, and Wang Weiyi was sure that he was right.The Chinese laborer Guo Yunfeng was much calmer.He is just a laborer, theoretically, he does not need to participate in the battle, and since he came to infused edibles gummy bears cbd France, he has experienced too many such scenes.Anyway, he used to wait for orders from the British, but now he is waiting for orders from the Germans.There is no difference for him.At this time, a German grunted and died beside him, and the Mauser rifle in his hand fell to Guo Yunfeng s feet.Guo Yunfeng made a movement.He picked up the Mauser rifle, and then pulled the bolt skillfully.With a sound of beep , a bullet flew out, and then accurately knocked down an enemy.All this fell into Wang Weiyi s eyes.He was very curious You know how to use a gun Guo Yunfeng was also very curious about why a German police officer could infused edibles gummy bears cbd speak Chinese.He nodded and killed another enemy Well, I think the British have used it before, so I know how to use it.Seizing position G, Elena has already taken this glib lieutenant with admiration.And now, he actually launched an attack on Prince Soberk s battalion, the most elite British army, with only two people German natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd pride If this is the case, then he is the pride of Germany It seems that we have to change our 30 pack cbd 25mg gummies view of the lieutenant.At this time, General Galwitz put the phone to his ear again Left, ten o clock, fire Under Wang Weiyi s order, the muzzle of the 20mm Breda gun turned to the ten o clock direction, and three shells were fired from the muzzles of the three tanks.Boom boom boom The position in the direction of ten o clock was instantly submerged in the artillery fire, and the position was destroyed under a round of artillery fire.Twelve o clock direction, machine gun, machine gun The six machine guns chug crazily spewing firepower, which was simply a lingering nightmare for the British who lost the cover of heavy machine guns.Pieces of British fell under the waving of the death scythe, and groups of British had infused edibles gummy bears cbd do cbd gummies have thc in them no ability to discount cbd gummies resist at all.The submachine best cbd gummies for anxiety and anger guns in the hands of Wang Weiyi and Guo cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach Yunfeng were also roaring terribly, the muzzles of the guns kept jumping, and Luger bullets kept taking the lives of every British person.This is simply carnage In front of the three No.1 Type B tanks, all resistance will be wiped out.Prince Soberk s battalion was in cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach complete disarray.This is not a war, this is a nightmare that people will never forget The firepower composed of six machine guns and two submachine guns is enough to easily harvest the lives here.Major John was completely desperate.This is not a human war, no It was an evil mage in the Middle Ages who broke the seal and let all the evil spirits in the underground come out of hell Gunpowder smoke shrouded here, artillery fire covered the barracks, and Prince Sobok s camp completely collapsed.Big fortune.Okay, everyone s mission is clear.Wang Weiyi looked at the time Everyone is resting now, and we will gather in seven hours.In the dark night, everything is quiet The stars in the sky are best cbd gummies for chronic pain blinking, and they seem to be looking at these soldiers on the ground curiously.If there is no war, this will be an intoxicating Night scene.Unfortunately, soon the sound of artillery will tear it all up Aren cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects t you asleep yet Elena came to Wang Weiyi s side and asked in a low voice.The current Elena is no longer the Elena when Wang Weiyi just met her.Her attitude towards Wang Weiyi has completely changed.Yeah, I haven t cbd gummies joe rogan slept yet, thinking about tomorrow.Wang Weiyi made room for Elena to sit down.War, war Elena said with emotion, Ernst, have you thought about what you will do after the war After the war Wang Weiyi was stunned for a daytrip cbd gummies moment After the war, he will leave here He said silently If the war really ends one notmal dose cbd gummies day, I want to go homeDo you know, Elena, I think about going home every day I want to go home too.I hate tanks.Guderian was obviously very disappointed with the environment inside the tank, and couldn t help cursing.Wang Weiyi almost collapsed.You hate tanks You are Heinz William Guderian Future Father cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach of Blitz and King of Tanks Heinz, have does walgreen sell cbd gummies you seen the machine gun Give the French a welcome.Wang Weiyi called out loudly.The machine gun in Guderian s hand rang, and a group of enemies fell under puur cbd gummies 500mg blueberry rings his gun, and all the remaining French fell to the ground.Guderian s mood improved immediately.The tank driven by Wang Weiyi rushed to the front, and the machine gun in Guderian s hand kept roaring, while the caviar cbd gummies review machine guns on the tank driven by Orcus and Rommel also started to accompany it at the same time The bullets from the machine gun swept towards the enemy in pieces, making it impossible for the enemy to look up.Richthofen s words elicited a burst of laughter Kiriyenko had never suffered such an insult.He swore that when his men arrived, they would definitely teach these arrogant Germans a lesson He doesn t know, but this is exactly what Wang Weiyi wants to see Everything has been arranged properly, Richthofen drew a big skull on the wall, and then wrote a line of German characters Ernst Alexson Von.Baron Bream s infused edibles gummy bears cbd happy trip to Vandys.Drawing is not what a gentleman should do.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head Hey, brothers, get ready, the Russians are coming soon who will play with this thing He was talking about the Thunderbolt Cannon.Steck came up and took a look Major, maybe I can try it.Heavy machine guns, thunderbolts, these weapons are enough for the Russians when they come.He touched the body.Mistanov said hastily I just want to say that the gold coins are late.Until you find what we lost in the jewelry box The task we received was to rescue your family, although I know those people have nothing to do with you we My second mission is to help you find the jewelry box.Now that I ve found you, I don t care what damned secrets are hidden in your jewelry box.Yeah Wang Weiyi s tone was very calm.Mistanov was continuing to defend himself.But his words had froze on his lips He saw a pistol pointed at his head Listen to me , Listening word by cbd gummies black owned word.Wang Weiyi said lightly You have to collect money after completing the commission.I don t want to hear any excuses from you.You paid me a deposit of 3,000 gold coins in advance, and I am 27,000 gold coins short, Spanish gold coins I will give you ten minutes now, I want to see this gold coin.Soon, he will grow into one of the best officers in the German army.Elena came to Wang Weiyi s side and held his hand Ernst, HCMUSSH infused edibles gummy bears cbd you will become the greatest soldier in German history.She didn t compliment, she said it very seriously.And this point, not many Germans will doubt One day, Ernst Brahm will become the greatest soldier in German history 199.Failed Officer May 5, 1917.When the Germans fired the first cannon, the German counter offensive that survived the French spring offensive kicked off And it was the Skeleton Commandos who made outstanding achievements in Ci Nuoxi who first provoked this counterattack The German artillery attack was deafening, and the sound of the artillery shook the earth.With Laner as the center, the entire battlefield trembled under the German artillery fire.Skeleton Commando is also in action A tank rushed out first, and then countless infantry appeared behind its huge body.No need, the Baron Skeleton is trustworthy Yes.Mistanov took the heavy box contentedly Mr.Ernst, it is really a pleasure to cooperate with you.If you need anything in the future, you can come to me.I will do my best to help you I think you and Mr.Shamoksky have something to talk about, so I won t bother you Watching Mistanov leave, Wang Weiyi s eyes fell on Samoksky Now HCMUSSH infused edibles gummy bears cbd it s time to settle our matter.I think I already have some information about that super spy.Shamoksky smiled bitterly Mr.Ernst, His Majesty the Tsar has suffered cbd gummies for period pain terrible things, and my intelligence agency is now out of my control.Those Bolsheviks hated me so much that they wished they could send me to the gallows today, and this vital information had nothing to do with me Speaking of this, he cheered up After a moment of concentration However, if such a tragic day really happens, this information may be able to save my life.Wang Weiyi stood up.He held Elena s hand Now, I think we are leaving Waiting in the warehouse that Pipondu said was about Two hours later, an old Baby Peugeot cabriolet appeared outside, and Desimov jumped out of it.Hey, Mr.Moyol, it looks like you re in serious trouble.Mr.Desimov.I think I did get into big trouble, but I think it cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects started with you.Wang Weiyi greeted her with a smile.Aha, such a beautiful lady.Desimov saw Elena.He didn t answer the question immediately, but greeted Elena very politely, and then said Where did I start Yes.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly Do you know Major De Sade I had some misunderstandings with him, so he was catching me everywhere.I think, probably because I went to your territory, someone leaked it, right Someone leaked it Desimov frowned My people are all loyal, exceptdamn, except for Loban and Oginensky, they are sneaky all day, I have to Go back and ask them well Ah, Mr.On the Shanghai battlefield, the Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield when the Air Force suffered heavy losses, but now, they reappeared the Chinese Air Force The Hawk style appeared in the sky, and immediately, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the opportunity The air battle breaks out here Strings of bullets skittered in the air.Fire snake flurry.The four fighter planes tried their best to chase and strangle them in the air.At that moment, Wang Weiyi, who was watching the battle on the ground, suddenly remembered the countless air battles that took place on the European battlefield Red Baron Now, who is flying the plane in the sky Gao Zhihang, Gao Zhihang attached to the Air Force Teaching Corps Major Corps.Xiao Ling s words helped him solve the mystery in time.Gao Zhihang Gao Zhihang of the Four King Kong of the Chinese Air Force Wang Weiyi was startled, and then asked Has he not died yet No.Some officers thought that the ship had bombed, so they infused edibles gummy bears cbd got up desperately to see what happened.As soon as he got up, he ping pong a few more violent explosions, and a hot wind swept across his cheeks.Three steps ago, the steel protective tube of the are cbd gummies good for joint pain telescope sank into several large holes immediately.The ship is still in good condition, but the port side is receding into a piece of water The first batch of 60 kg bombs fell between the Pinghai ship and the Ninghai ship.The water column aroused by the bombing connected together to form a water screen of incomparable height.The smoke, light and water vapor condensed in such a way that it actually covered all the shadows of the boats in Pinghai For the Ping Hai ship, this is a near miss.Although these near miss bombs fell on the port side, they did not damage the hull.If they cannot hold on, they will retreat from the Xiangcheng Town Line, and Changshu will directly Facing the Japanese attack, are you sure you can hold it Don t worry, Commander, I can hold Xiguan, and I can hold Changshu as well.Okay, then Changshu will be handed over to you.Xue Yue hung up the phone, Wang Weiyi took out the root and put it on his mouth, but he didn t light it for a long time.A match was brought over, Wang Weiyi looked at it, it was Ouyang Yu.Put it on the fire and light it.Wang Weiyi took a deep breath and asked slowly How do you say Changshu is guarded Let it in Do street fighting like in Xiguan Ouyang Yu asked tentatively.No, if the Japanese army is allowed to enter, then there will be a continuous influx of Japanese troops, and Changshu will be over.Wang Weiyi shook his head Unlike Xiguan, the main point of the Jiangyin defense war is in Changshu, and the defense of Changshu The main point of the battle is Kuncheng Lake, no matter what, the Japanese army cannot be allowed to cross the river.Wang Weiyi stood up from his hiding place and smiled.Li Lu strictly followed her orders, beating them with machine guns and grenades.In fact, it was played very blindly, but the timing was quite good.The Japanese army, who had been exhausted for days and nights, had reached their limits both physically and mentally.Under such circumstances, as an experienced commander, he would not rashly continue to order battles.And this is what Wang Weiyi is most willing to see it is not to infused edibles gummy bears cbd cbd male enhancement gummy kill or injure many Japanese people, but to drag them here to death.Make them tired, make them terrified, make them terrified at cbd gummies and diabetes the sound of guns.Now, it looks like it s doing well.R himself entered Jiangjia Village with great difficulty, but quickly evacuated amidst aimless gunshots.Wang Weiyi keenly grasped that the psychology of the Japanese army was undergoing subtle and imperceptible changes.When I wake up the next day, I often get dizzy and see the sun is yellow.After he told the eunuchs about the situation, they gave him some medicine.Although he could deal with those hungry court ladies after taking it, he gradually felt less and less interested in those infused edibles gummy bears cbd things The Little Wang Saner Wang Fengchi is Puyi s favorite eunuch.He is taller than ordinary women, tall and slender, without beard, beautiful and upright face, looks very fair and handsome.Therefore, He was deeply infused edibles gummy bears cbd favored by Puyi, and Puyi even gave him the name Wang Fengchi.Little cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects Wang San er was persecuted by eunuchs in the palace shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd since he was a child, and he had a sexual deviation that was contrary to ordinary people.He was once The old eunuch was used as a plaything, and at the age of seventeen or eighteen, he had another kind of sexual desire.God, Skeleton Squad That represents the supreme glory Skeleton Squad this, will continue the most glorious tradition of Skeleton Commando Three hundred and forty nine.Weapons and ammunition arrived.His His eyes are black, his honest health cbd gummies blood is redhis tanks are galloping, his planes are soaringthe badge made of skeletons makes the enemy tremble, and the banner of the god of death makes the enemy tremble.The day is infused edibles gummy bears cbd no morethe rose is his romance, the steel is his will Ernst, Ernst, Ernst The group of Germans in the newly established Skeleton Squad kept singing there, which made the Chinese soldiers full of curiosity.High speed update Who is that baron Why are the Germans so crazy Skeleton The team was shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd established, and Wang Weiyi also gave them a gift that was enough to make them go crazy again the skull battle flag When they saw the skull battle flag, all the Germans in the team stood up and held it up straight raised his right hand Hey, Ernst Hey, Ernst Hey, Ernst Wang Weiyi told them that this is a battle flag made by himself, and this action also made everyone in the skeleton team full of gratitude to Wang Weiyi Under the guidance of the skeleton battle flag fight Strictly speaking, these Germans People are not real soldiers, although some of them have participated in the stormtroopers.Those British, French, German, and American weapons of all kinds.The Huben Guards Brigade shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd has become a weapons world expo.Moreover, they have a trump card among trump cards Wang Weiyi Welcome to the battlefield of the Skeleton Baron Here r himself will know what the real war is Numata Tokushige seems to have seen the hope of victory.Just now, he received an encrypted telegram from Commander Dizhou again.The 13th Division will take a short rest with Jiangjia Village as the center, and then attack Jiuhu Town.The 116th Regiment must arrive as soon as possible.Jiuhu Town, and launched an attack on the opposite Chinese army, waiting for the main force of the division to arrive.The captain of the 115th regiment, Hachime Shimoji, was also eager for the upcoming victory.The annihilation of the 65th Regiment was a great disgrace in the eyes of the entire 13th Division.A smile appeared on the wounded soldier s face I I will work hard, general.When he finished speaking, his body twitched violently, and he died after a while.Ludwig closed his eyes and stood up Doctor, what else can you do General, there is nothing we can do, the medicine is almost used up, and what s more terrible.It s cold, and many soldiers could have been treated.But because of the damn cold weather Yeah, the cold weather, we still lack medical supplies, we always find excuses for ourselves.Ludwig smiled coldly But, if Baron Alexson is still around, he He never makes any excuses for himself, and he doesn t need any excuses Doctor, this is the Skeleton Division, and every soldier s life is precious.I order, you must do your best to save every soldier s life Life Yes, General General, new information Chief of Staff Colonel Reiter hurried over The 118th and 133rd divisions of the Soviet Belarusian Front have arrived on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi ordered Who is in command of the Second Armored Army Report to the general, it is General Paul Hausser.Give him power.Wang Weiyi said coldly I am waiting to see you , don t let me down. Yes, General In less than five minutes, Paul Hauser s call back arrived, and the telegram actually read I m looking forward to seeing you too.Don t let me My lads are disappointed.Wang Weiyi smiled, could it be that he started this very famous telegram in the history of World War II There he thought for a moment Give Paul Hauser another power, I would be very disappointed if I couldn t see your tank first Signature, Ernst Brehm.After a while, Paul Hauser s The second reply came God.I never imagined that in my lifetime I would fight with the Skeleton Baron.You will infused edibles gummy bears cbd be the first to see my tank.Salute to you, Baron.From the first day to the present, they have never seen such a group cbd gummies to help with alcohol cravings of German lunatics.They had clearly knocked down some German soldiers, but more German soldiers roared in and the roar of those German tanks never stopped The forward positions all collapsed under such a crazy assault, and the Soviet division commander Fishermikov was forced to shrink his troops.And constantly ask the two wings to provide support to it.But what cbd gummies burlington he received was actually a phone call from Chuikov, the commander of the Northern Front Comrade Fischermikov, the left and right flanks are also under fierce attack by the German army.I ask you to block it and persist until today.Afternoon Comrade Commander, this is impossible Fischermikov shouted, Those Germans are all crazy, my positions b and infused edibles gummy bears cbd f have been breached across the board.The loud noise also sounded at the same time as Corporal Stepan, who used his own body to block the enemy s tank.This is the seventh German army here to blow up a Russian tank in this way.No tears, no sorrow No tears here, no sorrow.What we want here is to fight, to fight, to fight without stopping for a second For Germany The attack of the Soviet army was once again repulsed by these incredibly tenacious Germans This is the eighth attack by the Russians How many people do we have, Lieutenant Ram Report to Colonel, we still have twenty four people.Very good Colonel Peter nodded with satisfaction We stopped the Russians here, I HCMUSSH infused edibles gummy bears cbd believe General Ernst has now broken through.Soldiers.Night is coming, if we guess wrong.The Russians will continue to attack in the night, and we have no chance of stopping it.Come back, come back and fight side by side with these friends again Listen, Ernst, you have to tell us.Richthofen made the house quiet How on earth did you put our How did you stay so young Have you really met God Maybe Wang Weiyi smiled and said, It is very troublesome to save Sidao.You have to know that Sidao was seriously injured in Montforkon, and he was almost dead.When I took him to the woods, I thought he was hopeless.But he worked hard and was very tenacious.He told me that he wanted to live and be with me.I knew some medical skills and tried to save him.Ah, by the way, my medical skills were taught who owns eagle cbd gummies by the Chinese teacher who taught me the Chinese language.Witch Art Manstein blurted out.In Europe, there are many myths and legends about the East.It is said that many people there have strong witchcraft, can drive the undead, and bring the dead back to life.Four hundred and forty one.The first phase of the Kharkov Battle of the Anti Chamber Commission ended with the victory of the German army.Subsequently, the German army successively captured Volchansk and Barkovo, and then organized a strict defense.The Russians would never accept such a defeat, and Slim, enraged, severely reprimanded every infused edibles gummy bears cbd general he could see.Including Zhukov and Vasilevsky, who also suffered failures at the hands of Marshal Ernst Brehm before.As for Marshal Timoshenko, needless to say, he was under the heaviest pressure.For this reason, Sling strictly ordered Marshal Timoshenko to organize all the troops that could be organized, and must regain the leadership of Kharkov before the arrival of May, and drive the Germans out of this area.It is very rare for Slim to reprimand Marshal Timoshenko, who has outstanding military exploits, in such a harsh infused edibles gummy bears cbd tone, because after all, before the outbreak of the all out war between the Soviet Union and Germany, the supreme commander of the Soviet army was not Slim, but the natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd Soviet Marshal and People s Commissar of National Defense Timoshen Brother during this period, all military orders were signed by Timoshenko and Zhukov, then chief of the general staff.This one tells the story of Baron Alexon before and after his participation in the Battle of Montforkon and his mysterious disappearance.The circa screenwriter never lived through the battle of Montforkon.A lot of content is fabricated based on imagination, no wonder this series of movies has caused serious dissatisfaction with Beasley since the second one.Clark Gable s acting skills are impeccable, but Eliza Riman s performance always looks a little blunt.Wang Weiyi was a little strange.Logically speaking, the film company shouldn t find such a person to play Elena.Beautiful and sexy, but her acting skills are obviously not on the same level as Clark Gable.Originally the heroine of this movie is not her.But her father is the major shareholder of the movie investor.Beasley solved Wang Weiyi s doubts in one sentence Ruiman has made several movies before, but whether it is Both the box office and word of mouth were very bleak.The Turk, who was still in shock, hadn t had time to wake up from the fear of the bombing, when he suddenly saw a person coming out from the radio station waving a white handkerchief.Speak the truth.These Turks had been frightened by those guys on the radio, and when they saw someone coming out, they held the weapons in their hands as if they were facing a big enemy.Hey, don t be afraid The man spread his hands easily Look, I don t have a weapon, do I Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, I m Captain Klingenberg, I m asking to see Negotiate with your supreme commander and mayor. Major General Iliglu and Saalesak, the mayor of Joblu, soon met the German captain who demanded negotiations Klingenberg The German was so bold.In the city hall, it seemed so calm I don t think you have any way to continue to resist.His troops could not stop the Germans attack, and he would never be Ernst.The opponent of natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd Marshal Bram.The do cbd gummies help you stop smoking weed only thing I can do now is to do everything possible to delay the enemy s offensive and buy as much time as possible for Ankara s defense.But is he up to the task Marshal Goris didn t know, and no one could give him an answer.At 00 00 on the morning of the 12th, that is, one hour after Marshal Ernst arrived at the front line, the Imperial Division took the lead in launching a tentative attack on the outer defense line of Istanbul.The battle group Myristel, who was in charge of launching the charge, couldn t believe the results of this attack.At this time, on the outskirts of Istanbul, a large number of Turkish troops who had retreated from the front line were pouring in, and the German army cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects did not waste a minute to launch an offensive, which caused a serious consequence the Turks defense line was in chaos The German tanks infused edibles gummy bears cbd launched a fierce attack, but the Turks were completely unprepared at this time.Alexander immediately interjected If Iran is lost again, the aid of the Soviets will strong full spectrum cbd gummies be infused edibles gummy bears cbd completely cut off.At that time, the entire huge battlefield will be completely divided pollen power bank cbd gummies into several pieces, and our connection with the Russians will also be cut off Yeah, Iran.Montgomery sighed heavily.The German army will take the lead in attacking Iran.Judging from the current intelligence, there is no objection.The key question now is how long it will take the German army to occupy Iran.The situation will become more hostile to whom.Favorable Five hundred and thirty nine.Cairo thief The thing that the British were most worried about happened. On September 10, 1942, Germany undeclared war and sent troops to Iran.One division of the German Armed SS and three of the Wehrmacht The division and Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, and Turkey combined wholesale cbd gummy a total of 200,000 troops, and they rushed straight to Iran.There were twenty of them, but if they wanted to kill a brigade of British with twenty people, it was not much different from dreaming.Come on, Elena, tell us if there is any way.Wang Weiyi knows Elena too well, since she is so calm and calm, she must have a solution.Elena showed a smile on her face There is a way, but it may not be successfulHere, Hibinku There is a company of New Zealand soldiers stationed here, and they have just withdrawn from the front line.General Raus was in charge of commanding the British, and it was impossible to completely block Giza with a brigade, so General Raus used a large number of troops that retreated from the front line for rest to increase the defense of Giza as a whole.Hibinku s army is the New Zealand A.Smith company.It has certain combat capabilities, but I must remind you that they are a company after all Twenty people deal with a company, and the difficulty is still huge Yes, but it s much easier than dealing with a brigade.Many brave soldiers.What an excellent army Montgomery gave a sincere admiration in his heart The failure of the Allied forces in North Africa this time cannot be blamed on someone.Maybe everyone is responsible, maybe the Allied forces were only defeated by one person the Skeleton Baron This is a man who is almost like a god, and no one can say that he can defeat this man who is like a god.Wherever he appeared, the German army won without exception.And the bitter fruit of failure can only be tasted slowly by his enemies.At about eight shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd o clock at night, Montgomery s adjutant sent him a telegram, which was actually sent directly to him by Baron Alexon.When receiving the telegram, Montgomery found that his hands were trembling This was the first telegram he received from the Baron Skeleton The telegram stated that the war was over , give up, general, you have done everything you can do, and no one can do it more perfectly than you.However, Colonel Shimamoto seems a little unhappy.Ever since Shimamoto became the captain of the Gendarmerie, he has been with us The Secret Service Headquarters grabs the credit, it s really not bad for a person who is not an official Hiroshi Yamaguchi snorted, and changed the topic What is the origin of Mo Guangzhi that Duan Yimu mentioned Mo Guangzhi was recommended by the previous police chief.He was the chief of the criminal department.It is said that he is very capable of solving crimes.He has solved more than a dozen major and important cases recently.But after Duan Yimu came to power, he fell out natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd of favor and has been at home lately.Hiroshi Yamaguchi nodded thoughtfully, Maybe this man named Mo Guangzhi can really help us get information.Xiaolin doubted He is a small chief of the criminal department and can get information I .

does cbd gummie help fissures?

doubt it.In any case, simply declaring the name of Duan Kazuki would not work, so Mo Guangzhi threw out the name of Hiroshi Yamaguchi.In fact, Mo Guangzhi guessed cbd gummies complaints wrong.Duan Yimu did get conditions from Songze, and Songze also sent Kobayashi to notify Gendarmerie Captain Masaichi Shimamoto.But the only thing he didn t expect was that Shimamoto was so worried about the spy agency headquarters interference with him that he didn t inform the vice captain Yoshimura Hidezou As soon as the gunshots rang out from the office, Yoshimura Hidezo naturally rushed over with his troops.However, the phrase Hiroshi Yamaguchi that Mo Guangzhi even cheated really confused Yoshimura.It is still possible to falsely pass on Duan Yimu s order, but if the false pass on the order of Chief Matsuzawa, then this person is purely crazy.Direct power generation to US President Roosevelt.Wang Weiyi said indifferently Japan is about to launch a surprise attack on the US military base at Pearl Harbor Signature, Ernst Alexson von Brahm The telegram has been sent I think this is what President Roosevelt would like to see.It will be the same as in history.President Roosevelt will just pretend that he has never seen this telegram.He needs this surprise attack and this war.Wang Weiyi rested his chin and said in a low voice President Roosevelt has long wanted to actively intervene in the war, but he has been under a lot of pressure, and the economic crisis that infused edibles gummy bears cbd is spreading across the United States this time makes him even more impatient.I want to use war to divert domestic dissatisfaction So, the only ones who suffer are those American soldiers at Pearl Harbor The Pearl Harbor Attack incident will still happen, but But at another point in time, another infused edibles gummy bears cbd cbd male enhancement gummy person came to take the lead.And now, Chapman s mission is to blow up the factory, which seems too impossible However, Chapman knows whether he can win the trust of the Germans.It is a key At this time, Britain was in a panic.They lost the victory in the North African War, and even their generals Alexander and Montgomery became prisoners of the Germans.Maybe when they wake up early in the morning, the British will see German soldiers appearing in front of them The name of the Baron Skeleton once again caused wild rumors in the UK, and almost everyone in the UK was talking about this invincible German general.And soon there were rumors that the Baron Skeleton did not want to continue the war, and he even wanted to have a face to face negotiation with Britain to end this cursed war as soon as possible.Yes, the war really shouldn t go onBritain has suffered a disastrous defeat on the battlefield, and its resources are almost exhausted.The morning breeze blows the parachutes off the ground.Edim landed behind Heisenberg, and he also completed the set action.Heisenberg saw several paratroopers rush to the edge of the roof and shoot down hard.Some skirmishers jumped off the edge and landed on the top floor, where several armored turrets were installed.Get out of the way they yelled from below.After a few seconds, the hollow charges exploded one by one.Heisenberg saw the smoke from the explosion rising into the night sky.Edim and Heisenberg came to the designated location as planned and controlled the entrances of the four barracks.Heisenberg saw muzzle flashes from the doors and windows of the barracks, and the enemies in the barracks finally responded.Heisenberg took out the MP40 submachine gun, put it into a magazine, and aimed at the flashing part of the muzzle to shoot.On that high ground, the Russians had two machine guns and even a t34 tank as their defensive force.Myristel, who was not well prepared, lost two of his men in the first attack.This annoyed him a little.In his view, the life of every German soldier is extremely precious, and it is impossible to see the Russians shouting Ulla and carrying out a suicide charge in the German army.But the lethality of two machine guns and a tank is too great, and the commandos who lack heavy weapons obviously cannot find a good way for the time being.Hey, do you need help Just as Myristel was infused edibles gummy bears cbd about to find reinforcements, a Tiger tank appeared.Weidmann s head got out of the tank, and the ace tank player with outstanding military cannaleafz cbd gummies review exploits looked at Myristel with a smile and asked.Hey, damn it, why did you come here Myristel said angrily, I only lost two soldiers.Yes, yes.It s very possible.But I just feel that something is wrong.I don t know where the problem is, but I still think it s better to investigate.If Wang Weiyi underestimated the power of faith this time.Underestimating Lindelof s courage to sacrifice for his country, he made a serious error in judgment, but he still has one last thing.But it is natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd also the most powerful weapon Ziguang Military Base This is a truly god like, omnipotent weapon Lindelof had planned everything, but Ernst Brahm threatened him that if he refused to cooperate, he would announce that Lindelof had surrendered.And a large number of so called confessions will be published.In Moscow, whether the news how long does it take a cbd gummy to work was true or not, his daughter and sister in law would be doomed.Lindelof was ready to sacrifice, but he also didn t want his relatives to be involved, so he designed a trap and told his relatives is cbd gummies good for your heart and his organization in the most special way.The Russians would not have imagined that a group of German spies would sneak into Moscow, and then became very interested in their military factories.When entering the factory, it was quiet inside, and Heisenberg quietly flashed out from the darkness Marshal, the place where Avrona was detained has been found out.In the temporary confinement room of the security department, there are only two guards outsideThe core part of the military factory has also been found.If you put a few pieces of explosives there, I think it will be very lively Klingenberg, you lead people to follow Heisen Go ahead, set up the explosives Riley, you and The Expendables.Keep an eye on the Russians outside the factory Wang Weiyi ordered one by one.Then he set his sights on Sidao Sidao, you and I go to the confinement room.Once it was leaked, he and his wife pointed out that there was only one last way left shooting Comrade Stalin will never be merciless Comrade infused edibles gummy bears cbd Beria, Comrade Dimilenko Khodevich hurriedly came to them with sweat on his face We are launching Investigation Have you found anything Comrade Stalin is waiting for a report.Beria said coldly.The loss was very heavy Hodwig wiped his sweat We found a survivor, he said that last night, there was a colonel named Madrov holding Hold on Say Beria became impatient.Yes entered the factory with an order issued by you personally Beria s expression changed after he said these words.Hodwig was afraid of causing any trouble, and hurriedly continued In the factory, we found a lot of explosives.Obviously, this is a deliberate sabotagethe enemyinfiltrated the military factory Timilenko could now verify what he had just thought he back Baron Alexon Although there is no evidence, Timilenko is very sure of his judgment, it must be Baron Alexson Destroy, destroy Beria murmured.Why is Vasilevsky so sure about Ernst.Will Bram choose the Terek River as the location of the decisive battle There, he had to withstand attacks from all directions.In a sense, the Terek River is a dead place Would the Skeleton Baron really do that Khrushchev looked at Vasilevsky, and swallowed the words again Tenklar did not stop the assault group in the German army, and Krasnodar did not Stopping the Germans, Mozdok, whose defense is quite weak, also failed to stop the Germans.The assault group in the German army commanded by the skeleton baron has become a nightmare for the Russians.They were obviously surrounded, but they were still making assaults as usual continuously making assaults It seems that the besieged are not the German army, but the Soviet army in general.Around the German army, a large number of Soviet troops gathered, and behind the German army, a large number of Soviet troops also followed.On the night of September 13, 2006, the 41 year old first deputy governor of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Andrei Kozrov, was assassinated by two gunmen and died the next day.The driver was killed on the spot.On October 11, 2006, Alexander Prosin, manager of the Moscow branch of Russia s VTB Bank , was shot in the head near the elevator in his private apartment and died.At about 22 00 on November 21, 2006, when Konstantin Meshelyankov, the first vice chairman of the board of directors of the Russian professional construction network commercial bank, drove to the door of his apartment on Novosuzevskaya Street in Moscow, he was suddenly shot by the murderer One shot to the back and one to the head killed him instantly.Who is killing people And who is destroying the evidence After listening to this person s shocking story, Wang Weiyi felt that he was almost out of breath If the Vantaa case is true and there is no mainstream Western media reporting on it, there is no doubt.Burn it, field Burn, Moscow Burn, Russia Even if the battlefield roses are withering here, the anger of all German soldiers is completely ignited at this moment.They know what method to use to avenge Sophie, and they know what method is the best reward for Sophie who has saved countless lives At this moment, Sophie was lying quietly on the hospital bed.She has no way of knowing that the soldiers outside are avenging herself, she can t hear anything, and she can t see anything.De Sade shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd was sitting beside her, holding his daughter s hand tightly, tears were streaming from his eyes.The daughter is so peaceful, as if she is in a deep sleep.But De Sade knew that her daughter would never wake up again.He also owes his daughter an apology.A deepest and deepest apology as a father Seven hundred and thirteen.With the firm establishment of Stalin s status and the development of the construction of the Soviet Union, Stalin s prestige has increased unprecedentedly.By the 1930s, the personality cult of Stalin had reached a very serious level.From 1935 to 1938, Stalin carried out the Great Cleansing Movement, that is, the anti revolutionary infused edibles gummy bears cbd movement.A large number of outstanding party, government, and military leaders and famous intellectuals, as well as ordinary cadres and the masses were charged with various crimes.was brutally suppressed and persecuted.In June 1941, he served as the chairman of the National Defense Committee and in August of the same year as the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Soviet Armed Forces.After the outbreak of the German Soviet War, Stalin was the supreme commander and supreme leader of the Soviet armed forces.At the same time, Centumarus was appointed as the governor of the newly established Germania province.In fact, these people all know that the so called aid to Caesar is just to supervise him and disperse his power In order to pray for the victory of this war, Rome made sacrifices to HCMUSSH infused edibles gummy bears cbd the temples of the gods.Then there were discussions of minor issues whether to raise taxes on luxuries such as imported silk, gems and spices whether to increase the original three juries to four.Let this new addition deal with petty claims whether a highway to Gaul should be rebuilt, etc., almost entirely in Pompey s opinion, and the morning passed at work.When the official document with the seal of the Senate was sent to Centumaros, since the province of Germania is directly under the control of the Senate, he is now the governor of Germania, but cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach there is only one symbol missing.The Germans then charged one after another against the weakest link of the Roman legions their flanks without cavalry protection Of all cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects the Germanic tribes the Cimbri and the Teutons fought the Romans the longest and were also the most valiant.assumed cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach this responsibility.They repeatedly attacked the Romans flanks, forcing the Romans to divide their troops in embarrassment to protect their flanks from being overwhelmed, which also largely dispersed the cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach Romans forces on the infused edibles gummy bears cbd frontal battlefield.Kaleini was completely unaware that the barbarians would use this tactic so cleverly.In his impression even when Ernst Brahm started to command the battle, infused edibles gummy bears cbd the barbarians would only attack from the front, and they never considered other tactics.But this time it was too unexpectedCalleni and his Roman legion infused edibles gummy bears cbd were passive from the beginningwhile the Cimbri and the Teutonic struggled to level up When the Romans were flanking, Wang Weiyi personally commanded the front, and continued to fight among the Roman legions.Wang Weiyi did not directly say Caesar s name Compared to him, what is Servius And , put the legion into the hands of Servius.You may have other uses.I have heard that although Centumare s legion has reached Gaul, he cannot do anything without Caesar s support.If At this time, Servius s legion also arrived in Gaul, and considering Servius personality, what do you infused edibles gummy bears cbd think will happen Pompey s eyes lit up. At this moment, he fully understood what Wang Weiyi meant. Caesar was a proud man and would never allow others to divide his power.In terms of Centumaros personality, he is definitely not Caesar s opponent.But the situation is completely different if Servius is sent to Gaul.Servius is also a proud person, what will happen when two people who are proud and whom no one wants to let go together infused edibles gummy bears cbd I may have the opportunity to eradicate two enemies in one fell swoop.But he didn t think wana cbd thc gummies price about Caesar s character at all.He will allow things that betray him to happen.The only thing that makes Hellman unhappy now is the leader of the Germanic Alliance, the so called consul Ernst G.Bram rejected his request and joined infused edibles gummy bears cbd forces with himself.In infused edibles gummy bears cbd the previous cooperation negotiations, Heilman put forward several requirements, such as his own alliance, never joining the Germanic alliance, and never accepting the leadership of the so called natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd Germanic consuls, they must be independent.The reason why Heilman made such a request so confidently was that he believed that the Germanic League needed the help of the Saxon League, and he could natural only cbd gummies infused edibles gummy bears cbd definitely make various requests with a big mouth.But what he didn t expect was that the other party didn t follow his own way at all.After the activities of the triumvirate, Pompeo s measures in the East were approved.In order to better collude and use Caesar, Pompey, who was nearly 50 years old, married Yulia, Caesar s daughter, who was only 14 years old.Time and time again, Pompeo keeps repeating the same thing.At the beginning, he formed an alliance with Caesar to deal with the Senate, and now, when Caesar threatened him, he decided to unite with the Senate to deal with Caesar.As long as he can keep his power, he doesn t care about doing anything.Among them, the role of Representative Spulius is undoubtedly huge.In addition to money accidents, Pompeo also found that he can provide himself with more things.We must keep track of Caesar s dynamics.Pompey whispered to the Member of Spulius beside him You are a well informed person, my friend, are you willing to do such a thing for me Of course, my dear Pompey.However, at this moment, they are about to lose the consul Randerer, the base will start up in three hours.Xiao Ling s voice came again.Wang Weiyi silently looked at the Germans and everything familiar around him.Here he is Ernst Brahm in Rome he is called Spurius.Wherever he is, he has left his legacy behind.He had some regrets about leaving, but when he thought about it carefully, he didn t have too many regrets.Here, he used the shortest time to make the originally scattered Germanic people into a whole, and made the Germanic tribes quickly become stronger.When they face the invasion of the Romans again, these brave Germans must be fearless.They already know how to fight Maybe one day they will come back, maybe At that time, the names of the three demonic messengers will inevitably reappear But no one knows when this time will come again Ziguang military base.And tell them, please inject this tube of injection into their bodies before they die, and then enter the cold storage to preserve their bodies forever.Because, he doesn t know when he will come back, and when he comes back, he still hopes to Seeing these friends appearing in front of him lively and vigorously, he let out a deep breath Then what about in North Africa Who is commanding the German army Otto Moritz Walter Model Marshal.Wang Weiyi was completely silent there and couldn t say a word There are still a few votes to be on the list, please ask for a monthly ticket.Brothers, there are still a few monthly tickets to be able to be on the classified list.Do you have a rich monthly ticket Seven hundred and ninety three.Infantry Battalion Otto Moritz Walter.Marshal Model Iron Wall Model Wang Weiyi no longer knew what to say.But from the time the Germans left until the Americans came in, the Italians stayed in their cells leisurely and contentedly, and they were willing to come out only when the Americans opened the door.Why such an ally Kars hasn t cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach figured it out yet.The performance of the Italian army on the battlefield was as bad as it could be.When they were in North Africa, they who betrayed the Germans took the lead in attacking the German army, but they were defeated by the unprepared German army.It took a lot of effort for the US military to rescue them.When entering the German mainland, the Italians vowed to the Allied Command that they would act as a forward.As a result, the striker fought against a small number of German troops three times, and each time the result was the same with the absolute superiority of fire support and absolute superiority of troops, he was defeated by the Germans The Commander in Chief of Westmoreland and all the senior commanders of the Allied forces except the Italians have been disappointed with these guys.Besides, I don t believe that Mo cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach Major Joel was able to reach Dessau.He must have been killed by the enemy now.The subordinates looked at each other, and let out a long sigh in their hearts Okay, now I don t want to be superstitious It s time for a dead person or a commando that no longer exists to rescue us.Kroller showed some impatience The only thing we have to do now is how to deal with the predicament in front of us.My generals, please Go back to your posts.Yes, F hrer, all for Germany.All for Germany He watched his generals go out.Kroller s face was a bit hideous, he sat there for a while, grabbed the phone on the desk Pick me up to Hannah, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hannah.How is your progress The Americans are thinking Damn, they are thinking at this time Tell them, the situation is very critical now, and I will not take any responsibility if the situation gets out of control Finished.As he himself said in many .

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cases, it is definitely not a shame to escape The Germans are preparing to retreat, and Lieutenant Colonel Kars, who has received new reinforcements, has decided to settle the battle cbd infused gummies recipe within two days.His troops were actually dragged here by these Germans for four full days.This is simply unimaginable.However, Lieutenant Colonel Kars clearly saw that the Germans could not hold on for much longer.As long as these Germans can be eliminated, any shame will disappear A new offensive is beginning.As with every cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach attack, the U.S.continued to suppress the Brest German position with a lot of firepower, and then under the cover of tracked armored vehicles and a tank.Carefully advance towards the German positions.This is the favorite of the Americans, but it is also the only offensive method that can be used.Located in northeastern Germany, surrounded on all sides by the state of Brandenburg.The rivers Spree and Havel flow through the city.Originally a marshland northeast of the Elbe, two settlements of West Slavic tribes , the names of Berlin are Berlin and Cohen.It was not until the 12th century that the Germans expelled the Slavs who settled here, and only two villages and towns were established on the banks of the Spree River, and their Slavic names were used.Berlin was built in 1237 and is located in On the east bank of the Spree River, it is a settlement of merchants.Cohen is located shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd on the west bank of the Spree River and is a fishing village.In 1307, Berlin and Cohen merged into one city, named Berlin, and became an important city under the rule of the Aska family.Commercial center.In the 14th century, Berlin joined the Hanseatic League, an important commercial alliance in the plus cbd gummies pictures Baltic Sea and Northern Europe.The circle around the badge is gold Gold Skull Badge Only one person in Germany can wear such a badge At that moment, Jonar suddenly remembered the infused edibles gummy bears cbd incident that happened in 1942 that his father, General Ludwig, told him countless times The German soldiers stood up one after another, and they watched curiously as Sergeant Hans accompanied two people in old fashioned German uniforms and slowly walked past them.The one in the lead was wearing an old fashioned German general uniform, and the one who followed him was wearing an old fashioned German captain s uniform.Moreover, this captain is holding a battle flag in his hand This is a blood red banner, a huge white skull, located in the middle of the banner, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets Skeleton Battle Banner The German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division couldn t be more familiar with it.Just like the war torn Germany is waiting for him to save.He is afraid to see Some things that I don t want to see.However, he has come to this point.There is no way to turn back.No matter how difficult the road ahead is, he must go on alone Marshal, Fei General Charles is back.Oh, is it so Let him come to me immediately.When Fels appeared in front of Wang Weiyi again, his face was a little dignified Marshal, something happened.What happened I m afraid we don t have that easy access to medix cbd gummies review Berlin Berlin, 1965, Office of infused edibles gummy bears cbd cbd male enhancement gummy the F hrer.F hrer.The situation in Berlin is out of control.A large number of Germans took to the streets.They shouted to punish those who concealed the truth in the government, demanded that the government announce the truth, and demanded to welcome Baron Alexon into Berlin.Have any measures been taken Keller, who was looking at the document in his hand, asked without raising his head.These are all given to me by you.When these things get out, I will be severely punished by the leader.I would be cast aside by the Italians.But if you withdraw from the war, Italy will be retaliated by the United States.I cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects will never agree to your request, Mr.Pipondu.You can go out and expose me now Do not worry.Mr Prime Minister.Pipondu smiled slightly Do you think things are really that simple Ah, I want to make a call first, please wait a moment.After finishing speaking, he stood up and wanted to make a call.He waited for a long time before he said to the phone, Mr.Kasanovic Yes, I m Pipondu.ah.you re good too.Did you do what I asked you to do Very well, Mr.Bertrul, Prime Minister of Italy, is going to speak to you.Then he put the phone on the table and sat back again Mr.Prime Minister, this is Mr.I don t want to live like this, and I don t want to overdraw my future.When asked about his own ambitions, he said that from now on he would live a carefree life.No one in the family can compare the expenses.The ancestors of hard work finally learned how to spend money.Wang Weiyi knows these things that others don t know.They have happened in history, but they haven t happened with the appearance of Wanderer.He knows about Ondt Krupp bring it.Wang Weiyi said lightly.The information was quickly sent to him.Wang Weiyi chose a few of them and looked at them carefully.After about half an hour, he raised his head again The cannon secretly manufactured by Krupp for the military was quickly bombed on the way to the front line The secret factory set up by Krupp was actually bombed by the Allied Air Force the next dayFels, in several serious leaks, all of them have a relationship with Krupp without exceptionI don t believe in Ondt Krupp, arrest he Arrest him Although the evidence is very insufficient.Why does a marshal commanding a battle on the front line carry money with him This made Marshal Model a little embarrassed.In the end, a staff officer took out three marks to help the Marshal get out of the siege.For these three marks, Martin vowed that no matter how difficult it was, he would never use them in his life Model, tell me about the situation of the German army in North Africa.In Model s headquarters.Wang Weiyi asked impatiently.Model infused edibles gummy bears cbd cbd male enhancement gummy has recovered from the excitement The entire North African Army, under my direct command, has 6 divisions of the SS and 12 divisions of the Wehrmacht.There are 6,360 tanks and infused edibles gummy bears cbd 3,500 aircraft of various types Wang Weiyi was very surprised.He did not expect that the North African Legion still maintained such infused edibles gummy bears cbd a strong force.Model commanded not only the German army, but also the South African army.Then they stared at the bread.They said that this way they would not be so hungry.Saving food.The door to the basement was pushed open.Captain Bondarev came in Everyone There is good news When the soldiers heard this, they cheered up Can we leave here Captain That s right The soldiers cheered, and Captain Bondarev went on to say We are going to leave here, and another company will come to replace us.And we are in charge of taking back the Post Office Great, we can finally change the air But how do we get there It s raining so much outside, and the Americans are everywhere, I m afraid such a small force is not enough Kinot said.This is the crux of the problemthe sewer here is not connected to the post office.Is it next to the building We go down the sewer.The reason why everyone was dispatched in this ghostly weather was because of the heavy rain.Only then did Hewitt realize cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects the importance of her mother in Nora s heart.It was Hewitt s responsibility to send such a good girl to her relatives.Hewitt secretly Swear.Yes, we can go home now Hewitt also hugged her tightly.Yes She responded to Hewitt with the same enthusiasm, Boom her steel helmet fell in a warm embrace, and her golden shawl and long hair poured down like a waterfall.Sir, I m going to contact the people by the river.The Killer made a grimace, and took a step forward knowingly.Hewitt stroked her hair, feeling the soft breasts against her chest comfortably, and the unique fragrance of women made Hewitt fall in love.Raindrops of kisses involuntarily kissed her slightly dirty face, because this was no longer an expression of passion, Nora was a little flustered, she struggled to get out of Hewitt s arms, Hewitt respectfully let go Her.Command an entire army of massive skeleton commandos.It s ridiculous that I had to lead my commandos in the last battle at Montfaucon, the last battle of the First World War I witnessed my brother Falling under the guns of the enemy, I witnessed the commandos die one by one in front of me From then on, I swore that no matter where I went, I would never give up Any German soldier Major Raff understood perfectly Marshal, you are the bravest officer I have ever met.none of them.I once wanted to ask you for a gift to wait until after the war.I can show off to my companions, but I now know that there is no need for this, at wana cbd hemp gummies least, I know what I have done Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes, when the war is over, everyone knows what they have done and what they have experienced.This is their most precious wealth.Let all their efforts come to naught.Instead, they were targeted for annihilation.Regarding this war, Marshal Wartuksky recalled this way we almost wonthe reasons for the failure are many.Shameless Persia Cheek s capitulation, the disgusting things I trusted Travert to do to our rout I have a clear conscience at Robin Stall because I ve done one All the responsibilities that the Russian Marshal can do When reflecting on this war.We should blame the bureaucrats in the country General Taborsky died in battle.He was painful to me Said he was out of ammunition and fuel, where were the supplies that were supposed to arrive long ago I didn t know until after the war that the supplies we needed were still in the base.The reason Ironic, even irritating reason, because the War Department and the Logistics Department haven t agreed on how much supplies should be shippedfor God s sake, I want to strangle these bastards Marshal Huatuksky thought he had a clear conscience and was fully worthy of the uniform he was wearing.Hearing the news, Tsar Peter was furious and sent troops to bloodbath the Cossack camp, and Russia and Ukraine have since formed deep grievances.In 1709, the Russian army completely defeated the Swedish army in Ukraine, and Ukraine s dream of independence was shattered.Later, Peter the Great specially formed the Ministry of Little cbd gummies epic series huntington beach Russia to implement a comprehensive Russification colonial policy in Ukraine, and rebuilt the social structure of Ukraine in accordance with the Russian social model, values, language and culture.Tsarist Russia assimilated the upper Ukrainian ruling class with a combination of hardness and softness, established the official status of Russian, degraded Ukrainian as a hillies language, banned the publication of cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects Ukrainian books and textbooks, and forced Ukrainians to abandon their mother tongue and culture.Migroski has come to see you several times, and he asked me infused edibles gummy bears cbd cbd male enhancement gummy to tell you that once you come back, please be sure to visit Club.Wang Weiyi changed his clothes I m going to find Mr.Migroski now When Zakhov saw Mr.Petergoff on the 21st floor, his attitude became extremely polite, and he didn t need to do any more inspections.Migroski had already explained, Mr.Petergoff is the most distinguished guest of the Royal Club.Mr.Petergoff, Mr.Migroski went out with Mr.Ivan and Miss Tatyana just now, and he told me that if you come, please wait here for him.Yes, you can take any chips in the club.Zachwolf said in a flattering tone.This is an enviable thing.Chips can be taken at will, which is what every gambler dreams of seeing.The club is still as luxurious as before, and the same as before.The same is full of gamblers.Bodilla coughed twice and looked down at the floor.Then he raised his head and looked at Nuo Qier No, I thinkwe should just obey Nuo Qier and several other people looked at Bo, who was hesitant to speak, at the same time.Dilla.This time, they have a few days to rest, and then No training missions, no officer meetings, rare moments of leisure.Nine hundred and sixty seven.Battlefield Ukraine Great advice from Bodilla Nuoqier s anger also dissipated.Soaked in the cold and refreshing river water, no amount of unpleasantness will be turned into nothingness.Unexpectedly, there is such a geomantic treasure near the camp.Nocher swung his limbs vigorously, allowing his body to dive parallel in the water.Before the war, Nocher had been a top ranked swimmer at the German military school.He once dreamed of becoming a great swimmer.I ordered the arrest of several leading rioters, but I cannot guarantee that the situation will cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects not expand.Not only that, such worrying situations have happened one after another in various troops.Your Excellency, Commander.Now is the most tense moment of the war Dahlcroft pursed his lipsCome to negotiate with you first.Heyeraff especially emphasized the word negotiation HCMUSSH infused edibles gummy bears cbd instead of persuading surrender , which made it easier for Dahlcromf to accept This is real respect, isn t it Because Marshal Ernst praises your determination and sacrifice, he is unwilling to face the betrayal of his subordinates when you are unprepared.Marshal Ernst also asked me to bring you some words He looked at the general Marshal Ernst asked me to tell you that the real betrayal begins with Russia, what Russia needs is not Ge A person like Li Gaoli is a powerful government that can truly consider the country s future.But you know where they are, Orbjok, the beginning of our German victory.You say, we want What to do.Hit them until they obey.Let the Russians climb back.Seeing that Sweet s two words immediately mobilized the morale of the troops, DeGro felt that such a person was exactly what Deutschland wanted.needs.Sweet slowed down, and then continued In fact, the Russians have always been afraid of us.They have been making trouble for us cbd gummies 5mg cbd gummies epic series huntington beach and trying to weaken us.Why, because they are afraid, yes.Fear They don t want to see a strong Germany rise.Don t look at our Berlin being attacked, it s only temporary.The scene of the Russians crying for their parents and mothers will appear soon when they flee for their lives.Is there anyone who can stop the German soldiers from advancing Footsteps, let me tell you, no No The people listening in the audience felt a fire in their hearts that made their whole bodies almost boil.He is hungry and thirsty.Now no matter what, as long as it can fill his stomach, he will put it in his mouth without hesitation.It s a pity that he couldn t even find anything to eat.But Gregory didn t care, because there were still some beliefs supporting him in his heart.After all he had left Moscow, that terrible place, at least he was free.and.Soon he will withdraw his own 600,000.With such a large sum of money, the rest of the day will allow myself to live very comfortably.Those who laugh at themselves and betray themselves, what can they get No, they get nothing, they have nothing at all Thinking of this, Gregory felt that his steps became much lighter Leaving Moscow, he walked all night.He didn t arrive at the destination until daybreak, to be honest.Gregory himself didn t believe it, but he actually persisted He saw the unremarkable wooden house, which he specially arranged for his wife Suolkina.Without looking back, they didn t have to go into that room anymore And inside, a knife was placed on Gregory s tentacle He also knows very well that at this time, it is best for him to pick up this knife and end his life without hesitation He picked up the knife with trembling hands, and aimed it at His hearthis hands were trembling.His whole body was tremblingthe knife stayed on Gregory s heart for more than ten minutes, and then.He understood one thing, what Baron Alexon said was not wrong, he really didn t have the courage to commit suicide He threw away the knife in his hand in frustration, and then rummaged around the room frantically.He hoped to find one or two valuable things, but he was once again disappointed.The cleanliness here is more thorough than his pockets The Baron, nothing was left for him He thought of a very serious question, how can he survive in the future Gregory will never be able to give himself an answer A few months later, an old man appeared on the streets of Moscow A beggar, he doesn t even have the skills to beg, and he always gets less than his companions every time, and sometimes he can t even get a little food.At this time, a car stopped , Alice came out of the car accompanied by Migroski.She bounced and came to Wang Weiyi s side Dad, .

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where are we going now Germany, that s our country.Wang Weiyi hugged Alice and smiled Let s go home We back go home A brand new Germany awaits his return home One thousand and four.The situation in the Turning World has changed a lot.Italy s government was the first to change, and pro Germans came to power.The New York stock market and the housing contract market collapsed, and the savings that countless people worked hard for a lifetime disappeared in an instant, and a new round of terrible economic crisis began to come unstoppably.A large number of factories went bankrupt and a large number of workers lost their jobs.This is a more dire economic crisis than the one in 1942, and even war cannot solve it.She is still maintaining this baron from hell Where is the source of the information Wang Weiyi finally asked the question he wanted to ask the most.These are all top secrets belonging to the Constant base, and even Kroll, the German head of state at the time, didn t know it at all.The leak of this intelligence is a recent event, within Germany.No, it is at the top of Germany, and there are also senior American spies hidden He didn t blame those who were in charge of intelligence, for them.It is impossible to investigate high level real power figures.I don t know.Baron, I didn t deceive cbd gummies epic series huntington beach 500 mg cbd gummy effects you on this point Ryan emphasized his tone In your interior, there has always been one of our highest level spies lurking , It can even be said that it has never been used before, until Kroller died, we lost all sources of information, and had to activate this person, I HCMUSSH infused edibles gummy bears cbd only know that his code name is The Harvester The Harvester At least now Wang Weiyi knows the code name of the highest level This is a spy who was inserted into Germany when Adolf Hitler was in power.The beginning of the tragedy.The whole infused edibles gummy bears cbd army advances Break into the city Sergey decided to fight hand to hand.He quickly got into the turret and put on the hatch cover.A large number of heavy tanks roared again with their huge bodies, and drove towards the town at a faster speed.Brigade Commander, everything is normal There is no hostility.Xiao The enemy is coming Boom boom The small town in front was originally very quiet, but suddenly the roar of rockets and cbd 1000mg gummy dose explosions broke the hypocritical tranquility.Two clouds of smoke rose in the small town.At this time, there was a roar in the small town, and a Tanks rushed out of the town, this is an elite unit of the US military.Attack For victory British tanks fought with countless American tanks.The disparity in the number of battles not only tested the quality of weapons and combat skills, but also the courage of the soldiers.Someone is hurt Pozcla yelled, holding Lingela.Lingela fell infused edibles gummy bears cbd to the ground, his eyes were dull, and his mouth was covered with blood.The medic Torres ran over, examined Lingola carefully, then patted Lingella s chest in disappointment, and shook his head, I m sorry, sir, he s dead.Pozik was full of annoyance , He tore off Lingela s collar, and tore off Lingela s ID card forcefully.Lieutenant Pozik turned his head and found Arklet standing aside in a daze, staring blankly at Lingella s body.Pozik stood up, took out a body bag from the medical soldier s bag, patted Arklit s arms, and ordered Pack Lingela s body Arklit was frightened dumbfounded.Right Next person, be alert Oscar Mike Crack A bullet from nowhere hit Private Allen s stomach hard and pierced through.boom There was a gunshot in the distance, and Allen snorted and fell to the ground clutching his stomach.Moyol, this boy is in your hands, of course.You have to pay attention to him, even if these opposition guys are just A child is also very cruel Ah, I think I will.Wang Weiyi smiled and watched the police leave, then smiled and stretched out his hand to the child on the ground Would you like to get up and drink with me Coffee, sir Probably the first time the child has been called sir.Although he was beaten badly by the police, he happily accepted the invitation of Mr.Moyol What satisfied the children most was that this Mr.Moyol was not like those general Like the bolt full spectrum cbd gummies gentlemen and wives who have been sympathetic for a long time, they hypocritically asked about their injuries and whether they were going to the hospital.He felt that he was already an adult, and this little injury was nothing at all.And I m still alive.Really, I absolutely don t want such a tragedy to happen to me again He pulled his hand out of his pocket, and a pistol appeared in front of Sam s eyes The strange thing was that Sam didn t have any fear at all.The smile on his face became even stronger Dear Mr.Lantes, I know that this day will definitely appear, and I have already prepared for it.You probably don t know one thing, if the news of my death spreads Go out.Then in one day.What you and I have done will soon be known to all France Lantes hands trembled.Hell, it never occurred to him that Sam would do such a thing.This is also the situation he fears the most.Despicable Langtes scolded angrily.Ah, yes, sometimes I think I m mean.Sam said infused edibles gummy bears cbd with a smile, But I can t help but think about my own safety.If I really mean mean, then I think we are actually the same kind.Damn workers.Damn Lieutenant Colonel Thierry was furious, but he had nothing to do Get me to the Prime Minister s office, immediately Mr.President.Hurry up and take a look In the voice of his subordinates, Thierry came to the window, and he saw a scene that he will never forget Countless workers poured out from various workshops, and then gathered together, facing the factory gate with great momentum Going in the directionthe military police who were supposed to be there at the gate of the factory, but now they have completely lost their shadowthe workers left the Paris steel factory without any hindrance It s over, Thierry s head felt dizzy.He knew something big was going to happen in Paris today What Did the Paris steel workers strike and take to the streets for demonstrations When he heard the news, Sinager still couldn t believe it was true, and then the phone on his desk rang again one after another Ah There was also a strike in the garment factory and the cement factoryDamn it, why did the guys in the restaurants go on strike Bad news came one after another, and it seemed that the whole of Paris was going on strike in just a short time.But the frank Pisnoche didn t realize what he did wrong at all Colonel, General Robertson ordered us to continue staying here for one night.At this time, his adjutant came over and whispered The general said that something special will happen during the day tomorrow at the latest.This made Abel The Colonel finally calmed down from his anger.The adjutant continued But in the battle just now, our position has been retreated for a long time.Now, the First National Guard Division has set up an artillery position across from us.I think this will cause us serious damage.It s a huge threat, I m going to organize a commando to destroy the artillery positions Wait, what did you just say asked the somewhat absent minded Colonel Abel.I just said that I m going to organize a commando to destroy the artillery position Ah, I understand.If General Robito can become the president of the republic, then they will not have to worry about some terrible situations I personally and Luo General Beato has also maintained a very friendly personal relationship during this period Wang Weiyi continued I can also guarantee that after the victory of the revolution, the German government will fully support your position in France.please believe.This is the most solemn promise of a Baron This is the most solemn promise of a baron This is the most solemn promise of Baron Alexson What are you waiting for, infused edibles gummy bears cbd my officers General Robertson suddenly raised his voice too high Fight for France Long live the revolution Fight for France, long live the revolution The officers burst out There was an earth shattering cry.August 2, 1966, planned by Baron Alexon.It is not that we have chosen war, it has been imposed on us.It s not that we chose war, but that war was imposed on us.When Mr.Moyol said this, Major White kept nodding his head Yes, it s not that we chose war.Rather, war has been imposed upon us.I can t imagine, what good would such a war do us Chris comforted her husband in a soft voice, and Mrs.Delk s eyes turned red.At this time, the train stopped in Winchester, and Wang Weiyi stood up Let us forget the pain.Bar.Major, madam, I have a car here, would you like to give me a lift He suddenly felt that this distressed major might soon become a very good helper for him One thousand and sixty eight.Double sided plan This limited edition Alfa Romeo 2600 car undoubtedly attracted Mrs.Delk The eyeballs of the husband and wife of Major White.There are only a handful of people who can own this car in Europe, and even in the United States.Gentlemen.The enemy is planning a large scale military operation to attack the British mainland.I have received the task of ensuring the safety of the British mainland at all costs, so I appear here as a furniture dealer.We already know about Tel Avivsky s defection, and I will ensure that Tel Avivsky s intelligence can be kept safe Sent to LondonMr.Pirocco, Mrs.Pirocco, do you cbd gummies amazon reviews really think that I just met you by chance The Germans and the Queen s spies want to get rid of Tel Avivs at all costs Kei, I will be responsible for ensuring your safety, but in Lopez s manor, we still have negligence.And this negligence is almost fatal The Pirocos nodded silently If it weren t for Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, maybe Travivsky would have turned into a corpse by now Fortunately, we successfully sent the information back to London.The American had already guessed that he was in London, and no one else had guessed that.It must be his son William.A great kid, he inherited many of his strengths, he also has keen insight and judgment.And now in London, it was not just a contest between the Axis and the Allies, it had become, to some extent, a contest between father and son.No matter who wins this contest, there is absolutely no loser between him and William The Americans have found you in London At your own estate.Grislow was a little surprised Your Excellency the Baron.Then I think you should evacuate here immediately, and I will prepare an evacuation route for you.No, Sir Monlington, I don t think this is serious enough that I must leave to the point.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly The Americans are just suspicious, they don t know where I am, and I think we still have plenty of time before Singlag meets the British.He waved to the 11 prisoners.Following the American lieutenant colonel into the manor, they didn t see anyone else, they just saw a middle aged man coming up to them with a smile.But the guard in the car stood beside him.Welcome, gentlemen, I am Sir Grislow Monrington.The man introduced himself with a smile.Sir Grislow Monrington Pross and his companions were a little dazed, they had heard the infused edibles gummy bears cbd name many times.But why bring them to meet him Is Sir Grislow Monrington coming to carry out the execution for the police The handcuffs and shackles were removed from their hands.Grislow continued to say with a smile Then, I think I should introduce this Lieutenant Colonel Moyol to you.His full name is Ernst Alexson von Bly Hum Whether it was Pross or his companions, they were completely shocked.Ernst Alexson von Brahm Baron Skeleton Pross couldn t believe what he heard at all, he said in a trembling voice You, you are Baron Alexon Yes, I am Baron Alexon.By the time they understand, it s too late.At this time, the sky in London began to rain again One thousand one hundred and three.The continuous ferment of Captain Roger s Galaxy incident was something that no one could have imagined before.With the release of President Fenton, Prime Minister Wilkins, infused edibles gummy bears cbd and the family members of President Kapannon, the incident has become more serious, and even the Fenton government has lost the trust of its subordinates.More and more people dare not place their hopes on the Fenton government, and Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has become their greatest hope.This omnipotent lieutenant colonel has every means to solve all kinds of troubles for you.You have to believe that I can save your family, but at the same time, I need your assistance, and the assistance depends entirely on what price you can pay.Anuo, the leader of the underground resistance organization in Southampton.Pross quickly replied Mr.Annuo is waiting for your reception outside now.Bacchus heard every word very clearly, and he smiled involuntarily.Annuo and the guerrilla English Free Army under his command are still well known infused edibles gummy bears cbd in the UK.The clearance operation of the Freedom Army also achieved good results, but it was still unable to completely wipe out Annuo and his armed forces.Of course, this also forced the activities of the Freedom Army of England to move underground When An Nuo came in, he was very respectful.He also didn t know Wang Weiyi s real identity Mr.Moyol, I have received the order from Duke Stephen, and my free army and I will fully accept your command from now on.Duke Stephen The name surprised Bacchus a little.The flags of Her Majesty and the Axis Revolution fly again on British soil.It was bound to be the last battle of the Battle of Britain, and it was even going to be the last battle of World War III.There is nothing left to save, and both sides have brought their best strength to the battlefield.Everything that can be mobilized has already been mobilized, and the commanders of both sides must ensure that every bullet in their army is used in the most appropriate place.On ulu cbd gummies the 16th, the two sides had already engaged in a fierce exchange of fire, and there was not even a tentative attack.At the beginning, the two opposing sides put out all their strength.They recklessly attacked and defended, their eyes were red, and they used all their strength, gnashing their teeth and fighting together.No one wants to take a step back, and everyone knows what it will mean.However, now he had to obey President Fenton s order, and despicably abandoned those companions who were still fighting.What is respect Coward No.I can t even be considered a coward, I m just a poor wretch who can t even control his fate and future, and can t even die.Even if he could escape from London, what would it mean Do you hide and hide all day like a mouse He didn t know what to do with himself.He doesn t know what his future holds.No.I can t go on like this.Colonel Pierce suddenly stopped and said firmly, Yes, I can t go on like this.What s the matter, Colonel His adjutant, Major Bruce, was a little confused.Surprised.Bruce, do you think we still have hope Colonel Pierce asked, and then seemed to be asking himself there I will not allow this to happen again.I will not let my soldiers continue to lose An honor for a soldier Major Bruce understood exactly what the colonel meant shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd this time.The situation Kennedy faced was very difficult.Externally, it is a failed war.Internally, it is the economic crisis and sharp racial conflicts that continue to spread in the United States.Defeat in war is acceptable, but domestic problems must be resolved immediately.On October 29, Kennedy declared shark tank cbd gummies episode infused edibles gummy bears cbd the war over and the Confederacy no longer existed.On November 1, the United States and Germany led Europe began post war negotiations.It will be a long and difficult negotiation.The Americans had lost a war for the first time, and they would lose more in subsequent negotiations.In the same month, the European integration negotiations initiated by Germany also officially kicked off.It is undoubtedly the wisest choice to proceed with negotiations on European integration at this time.As the savior of Europe, as well as the United Kingdom, France, Russia and other European powers are firmly on the side of Germany.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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