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2023-02-23 how to make cbd gummy candy just cbd sugar free gummies And cbd gummies in connecticut cbd only gummies.

Xiao Xiao, do you know how I met Chen Yanjin and the others How I asked.Qin Zheng told just cbd sugar free gummies me that it was Chen Yanjin and the others who contacted him on their own initiative Because of this series of strange murders, Qin Zheng was also looking for someone who could solve the case, so he knew about Master Chen Yanjin, the leader of Taoist Wu Kong who was well known, so he agreed to cooperate with them.After listening to it, I suddenly felt a little funny.This step by step is interlocking, pushing me directly into the fire pit, the calculation is really dead.After taking several deep breaths to calm himself down, he asked Qin Zheng what he planned to do next Qin Zheng replied that he didn t even know Chen Yanjin s method of killing people is too secretive, there is no evidence at all that she killed people, and we don t even know why she killed these people At this moment, I suddenly thought of a person.

Strange to say, the West Building has always been a restricted area in the village.Most people are fine and don t go anywhere.This is not because of ordinary hauntings, but because the old people in the village say that West Building and Huang Pizi s tomb was built in one place, and the feng shui is not good, especially every time the master who succeeded him died, the building became a land without an owner.But as far as I can remember, after the death of the last owner, nothing strange happened in this building, but people in the village still avoid this building.But at this moment, grandma is about to walk to the door of the west building Strange to say, this building has been abandoned for a long time and has long been a restricted area in the village.No one dares to come.A white lantern When the wind blows, the lantern shakes around, like two figures, very scary.

After coming and going, within a few days, the family really stopped.It is estimated that these skins were almost killed, and the rest were probably scared away and did not dare to come back.After a while, the manager of the Zhao family saw that something was going to happen at night, so he tied the big dogs to collars and tied them to several corners of the yard.Unexpectedly, Pi Zi, who thought he had how long do cbd gummies last in storage been bitten and was scared off, came back again I don t know where I learned these things, but I threw the poisoned dead chickens and ducks into the yard in the dark.The night before, a few big wolfdogs were used to eating cooked food it is said that the skin and meat are very nourishing They didn t touch those hard chickens and ducks at all.At dawn, the manager of Zhao s family took a look, thinking that these skins were about to make trouble again, but they were scared away by a few big wolf dogs, and they threw the dead chickens and ducks down, and didn t dare to enter the yard, so they didn t Taking it to heart, I ordered the long term workers to clean it up and throw it away.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, suppressed all my emotions, and asked grandma.Calculating your loved ones, is it good Chapter 24 He came, but grandma didn t speak to me again, and turned around and walked to the kitchen.Is it for sure that I won t run away Standing in place looking at the old grandmother s back, I sighed, now I really won t escape, because I don t know where to escape, and I can be taken in.Back in the room, I suddenly remembered a person The landlord s old lady, Liao Cuilian As soon as the thought flashed across my mind, I quickly took out my cell phone and turned it on, wanting to call the landlady s old lady.The phone was just turned on, and it was stuck for a long time, and then many text messages popped up.There were messages kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut from those who missed calls, and messages from Su Xiu, Qin Zheng, and Chen Yanjin, but the ones from my uncle were missing.

You re still back.Then he grabbed me and led me in.I lived in Qingjingzi s house for at least half a month, but I never walked alone in his front yard.Although the backyard, that is, the windows of the room where I live, are full of coffins, my subconscious mind tells me that the most dangerous place is the clean front yard.Otherwise, since I ve been gone for so long, maybe Gu Yicheng won t come looking for me Therefore, there must be something he is afraid of here, at least, it is still relatively afraid now.On the way back to the room, I didn t see Qing Jingzi at all, so I couldn t help but turn around and ask Su Xiu.Where s your master She groaned and told me that his master had gone out to pick up work.Picking up joy organics cbd gummy the job My face froze, and the corners of my mouth twitched uncontrollably.

I said, I will marry you.One where can i get cbd gummy bears just cbd sugar free gummies sentence, like a lightning strike, frightened me into a stiff body.Although Gu Yicheng said several times that he wanted to marry me.The promise that the man who raped me that night made to me is still vivid in my memory.In addition to the nightmare I had that night, the faces of Junli and Gu Yicheng kept switching in my dream.Suddenly, I had an ominous premonition.Gu Yicheng stretched out his hand, and just when I thought he was going to hug me into his arms, he pressed his lips to my ear and said softly.I don t like to let you see me killing people.When you see me in the future, you will remember it strangely.After finishing speaking, without waiting for my reaction, Gu Yicheng hugged me into his arms.My whole body froze, and I forcibly held back the thought of pushing him away.

But every time I wake up, I don t remember what happened in the dream and who she is in the dream.Having said that, Jun Li paused, as if he wanted to see my reaction.The next second, he continued to speak.But when I saw you for the first time, I felt very familiar.In the end, I didn t ask you to protect you.I actually appeared in front of you involuntarily.Looking at him quietly, listening to him quietly.Junli said.He has no memory and can t be sure if the baby in my belly is his.But the landlady s old lady, Liao Cuilian, reminded him insinuatingly.What s more, when Jun Li s hand touched my stomach, the baby actually moved My eyes widened in disbelief, and a big egg could be stuffed in my mouth.Jun Li was even more frightened for a moment, he lowered his head stiffly to take a look, then lifted it up.

I know that you have a lot of things you want to do.Just do what you want.Don t be afraid that there will be no one behind you.I will be there for everything.After saying this, Junli returned to his room, I was immediately stunned in place.My heart was stuffed to the brim, but I still felt a little uncomfortable.Junli, who has always had a vicious tongue and a dark belly, suddenly became sunday scaries cbd gummies coupon code so warm I lived here for several days in Junli, and my mobile phone was always on, but no one took the initiative to contact me again.It was as just cbd sugar free gummies if I had disappeared from everyone s sight, and there was no one like me anymore.I can understand that Chen Yanjin didn t contact me.After all, I have completely torn faces with her and Gu Yicheng, and I don t have any face to speak of.There is no way for her to lie to me once.

Do you know why the person in the video looks exactly like you I was immediately interested and asked her why She said three words to me.Puppetry.Seeing the mocking look on Su Xiu s face, I immediately felt that I had found the right person for my specialization in art just cbd sugar free gummies To say that I thought Su Xiu and Qingjingzi were more upright than Chen Yanjin and Wukong Taoist priest when I saw the appearance of Suxiu and Qingjingzi before, I was really right.There are also two schools of Taoism.Righteous way, and evil way.The righteous path naturally follows the Kangzhuang Avenue, an upright gentleman.The evil way, however, specializes in those heretical spells, including the puppet technique Su Xiu talked about.It s just that the price of practicing this puppet technique is too high, and there are very few people who practice it, so Su embroidery is this kind of reaction.

It was Meng Yue s body that rushed over.I saw that her eyes were already crazy, her whole face was hideous and inhuman, and her face was full of viciousness, she was obviously being pinched by Jun Li, but she was looking straight at me.How do you want to die Junli s voice rang out, without just cbd sugar free gummies any warmth.Chapter Thirty One Yin Yang Bureau Junli s voice had just finished speaking, and before Meng Yue could reply, Meng Yue was shattered into pieces in his hands.The next second, there was a roar from behind, and it was the male corpse who wanted to kill me earlier rushing over from behind.However, the moment he was about to get close to me, Jun Li kicked him to the wall and broke into two pieces.After HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies Junli finished all this, he didn t intend to stay, so he dragged me out of the community.Following Junli s side, I only feel that walking brings wind On the way back, Junli kept his stinking face and didn t say a word to me until he sent me to the door of the room.

After chatting with Su Xiu for a long time, she couldn t tell why.In the end, she closed the door of her uncle s house, saying that she should not go, pointing Maybe there is something unclean in there.After saying this, she directly took me back to Junli s house.On the way back, Su Xiu tapped on the side and asked me a few do cbd gummies show up in your system just cbd sugar free gummies times not to be brave, and to go to Xiao Jue to have a look, after all, he is a relative whose blood is thicker than water, even if he plots against me, he will not be able to plot anything.And I are pure kana cbd gummies legit can cbd miracle gummies reviews also see that whenever Su Xiu mentions Qimen Dunjia, she is very taboo, even as taboo about Qimen Dunjia as magic.Su Xiu s proposals were naturally rejected by me, and I picked up the topic and asked her if she came into my room when I was haunted by ghosts, did she find anything But she shook her head and said no, what s even more strange is that she only sensed something so yin as a ghost after something happened to me, and she didn t smell any yin before.

But I also know very well that practicing sorcery is a road of no return.If I really practice the above things, my life will undergo earth shaking changes.You haven t been forced to a dead end yet, so you haven t reached the point of practicing magic, right I closed my eyes fiercely, and then opened them.It was already clear.When I went to knock on the door of Suxiu s room next door, I found that she was no longer in the room.Just as I was about to go down to find her, I received a text message on my phone.Leave for a few days, something happened to my master.The sender was Su Xiu.When I saw this text message, I became more and more flustered for no reason.When Su Xiu was around, I was already being counted against.If she leaves now, wouldn t I really have to fight alone Sure enough, just after nightfall, I heard the sound of babies crying, one after another, which seemed particularly scary in this quiet night.

But Gu Yicheng and I have nothing to do with each other at all, how can I tell just cbd sugar free gummies him about the grassland I just feel that if I don t separate myself from him and let him continue talking, I won t be able to clean up even if are cbd gummies legal in south carolina I jump into the Yellow River.I stretched out my hand and wanted to let just cbd sugar free gummies go of Gu Yicheng s hand that was holding me, but found that he was pulling it tighter and tighter like a rogue.And Junli also stepped forward and pulled my other arm, breathing out from his whole body, his voice was so cold that there was no arc in it.Let go of her.Don t let her go.The two words seemed just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies to pop out of Gu Yicheng s teeth, and his gnashing of teeth could be clearly heard.Both of them keoni cbd gummy reviews held my hand very hard, just when I thought my hand was about to be pinched off by them.next second.The two of them seemed to have made an agreement, and they released me in a very tacit understanding.

Gradually, I was shivering from the cold, when Junli saw this, he looked back at me, took off his coat, put it on me, and asked.Is it still cold I pursed my lips tightly and shook my head.Only then did Junli pull me forward and continue to walk forward.Since I was walking on a remote mountain road, not many people stepped on it, so the soil under my feet was very soft, and I could lose half of my foot if I didn t pay attention.What s even more strange is that the closer you get to the west building, the softer the soil under your feet, and the easier it is to step on the air.In the end, Junli turned around and picked me up by the waist, and walked towards the west building.But after only a few steps, Junli stopped.I was a little surprised and wanted to look up to see why he stopped, but I saw a woman in white hanged to death on a tree behind Junli.

Woeful face.I just felt like someone had slapped me hard ult cbd gummies on the head, and I was at a loss when I stood there Didn t Junli lose his memory Why did he react so strongly when just cbd sugar free gummies he heard this name This isn t the first time I ve heard this name.Wo Yan, who is it Before I could think about it, Junli had already returned to his normal state, and he took my hand and walked just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies towards the red wooden door, but the uncle who was standing beside me had long since disappeared.Seeing Junli looking like he was going to take me out of the tomb, I flinched in fear and asked a question.Didn t you want to take your body Jun Li shook his head at me and said.Let s go out first.I kept my mouth shut and didn t talk until Junli led me out of the tomb, and then I realized that the sky outside was gray and bright.After arriving home, Junli not only didn t mention what happened in the tomb, but also told me not to think too much, get a good sleep, and tell me when I wake up.

This chain bridge is very long, and the wooden boards under our feet have long been broken, and just cbd sugar free gummies everything that can be broken is broken, so Junli and I did not walk on the wooden boards at all, but walked on the iron locks with thick arms like stepping on a steel wire.On the ground, if Junli hadn t helped me balance, I probably would have fallen without taking two steps.There was a strong wind and waves beside my ear, and the wind blew lightly, and the already thick black mist directly wrapped me and Junli in it.I couldn t see the road in front of me clearly, and I couldn t see the road under my feet.Kong, almost fell, Junli was very fast and grabbed me, but I was still startled and broke out in a cold sweat.In the next second, Junli actually picked me up and jumped across the chain bridge like a HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies dragonfly, and landed firmly on the other side of the bridge.

I closed my eyes weakly, but the moment I closed my eyes, I saw the severely injured Jun Li s eyes staring at me continuously.From the shape of his lips, I read six words.Don t give up, you can.Can I I even doubted myself.My eyes dimmed.The company of Junli, the calculations of relatives , the countless ups and downs that I have gone through before, these scenes are constantly flashing before my eyes.If even I give up myself, who can save me I can t die, I just cbd sugar free gummies definitely can I even took back the initiative of my body, so why give it up so easily I looked at Junli and nodded fiercely to him.The next second, the evil book cbd gummies in connecticut hawkeye cbd gummies flew out of just cbd sugar free gummies my body, and a huge force enveloped my whole body.The kit that was beaten by my uncle flew back into my hand automatically.The kit, open Volume 2 Death and Life Chapter 60 The moment the beauty kit was opened, a gust of wind blew around, blowing the already strong bloody smell in the air everywhere.

Countless fragments of my childhood flashed before my eyes one after another, they were so warm and real, if I knew the ending would be like this, I would rather never have it.Grandma took out a pill from her pocket and stuffed it into Xiao Jue s mouth.Seeing this, Jun Li raised his sword and wanted to make a move, but I stopped him.Yakimaru garbage.I gently shook my head at Junli and said two words.Forget it.My suffering.Just repay my grandma, my uncle s kindness to me in nurturing me, and from now on I will cut them off completely.But just when I wanted to pull Junli away, grandma suddenly turned her head, the murderous kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut intent in her eyes was undisguised.A few pieces of five emperor coins flew out of grandma s hand, cut through the air, and flew towards Junli and me.Junli blocked the sword fiercely, and let go of my hand holding his shoulder , smiled.

Although the Feng Shui of the whole village was still weird, the withered flowers and plants had sprung up again.After I came out, the landlady took off the purple talisman attached to my body.The moment I took it off, I turned around and ran towards the tomb.I can t leave Junli there alone Chapter 64 The child is gone But I had only walked a few steps when I was stopped by a question from the landlady s old lady.Do you hate it I knew that what she was asking was whether I hated Xiao Jue and grandma, she paused, and turned her head slightly to look at the landlady s old lady.He shook his head and said.I don t hate it.The old landlady smiled suddenly, deep wrinkles covered her whole face, combined with her cold breath, I thought the old landlady was weird and kind She stepped forward and took a piece of ice cold I put the thing in my hand, I looked down and saw that it was the white jade pendant that flew away earlier The moment she lowered her head, she took away the white jade pendant in my hand, the picture of cannaleafz cbd gummies to quit smoking a beauty in my hand, and the evil book in my pocket, and then said.

No matter how smart a woman is, she doesn t become a fool when she encounters love, but always thinks everything is too perfect, always thinking that this is true love, even if she senses something, she will continue to deceive herself and find excuses for the other party.So no matter how scumbag Tang Maru is, he once really gave the blood girl the beauty she wanted.The blood girl will still hold on to the past and not let go, sometimes it is not love anymore, unwilling, unwilling to give up, not believing, not facing it.Each has its own way.Then, I heard the blood girl speak in that trembling voice.Ask Yunjing.The sub sequence is carried around.Then when he came to Tianrui when his family was very close, what does it mean that he recruited peach blossoms Yun Jing smiled and said two words with a hint of sarcasm.

After I heard this, my heart suddenly became dizzy.Junli s coffin can t be lured out, so it has something to do with me Afterwards, Jun Li actually asked a question.Then can you sense where Xiao Xiao is Grandma shook her head, saying that it health hut cbd gummies was possible before, but the village was subordinated to a gossip array specially used to isolate fate, and she couldn t sense where Xiao Xiao was, but she could Surely, she was in the village now, and not far from here.My heart was raised in an instant, but grandma turned her eyes to me again at this time, and the hand holding Fuchen began to tremble in my fright.The next second, she suddenly walked up the stairs slowly, stood in front of me, smiled at me, and asked me.Little girl, can you show me your hand As soon as the words were finished, she suddenly stretched out her hand and pulled my hand in front of her.

The song is still the one played by Yunjing when I saw Yunjing for the first time, but the style of the song has completely changed, it seems to be very strong, and it seems to be very sad.Listening to it, the whole person is trapped in the soul stirring music, which can just cbd sugar free gummies t be forgotten for a long time.After listening to it for a long time, until the end of the song, I regained my senses.The moment I opened my eyes, I saw that Junli and Yunjing had already stood on the stairs on the third floor and stopped at the same time.looked back at me for a long time.Seeing that I had regained my composure, Xu saw that Yunjing asked me a question.Chunxia, are you dreaming of Junli with your eyes closed I was in a good mood listening to the song, but Yunjing s words put most of it out, especially when I heard him say the word Junli later.

Don t worry, I can t die for the time being according to the hexagrams.There will be no accidents.Go to Bichi and help me find a backpack.Be careful.The Xuanzhen Sect is also nearby.I m afraid that Tang Maru will also follow me.Here we come.When the blood girl heard that I sent her to look for the backpack again, she ignored do cbd gummies show up in your system just cbd sugar free gummies Tang Maru completely and was a little worried about me.She was just about to say something to me, but she saw that my face had already relaxed, so she knew it naturally.My temper was such that nine cows could not be pulled back, so I had to give up, sighed, told me to be careful, then turned and walked towards Bichi.But the moment the blood girl walked towards Bichi, the surrounding vines moved wildly again I can t figure it out, how come the blood girl was fine when she went to the side of Bichi to help me get my clothes, but now that she moves, these vines are so violent Unlesssomeone is coming When the blood girl saw this scene, she suddenly wanted to turn around, but I stared back.

He also chopped the two followers behind him and fell limp to the ground.I have to say, Xiao Jue wanted to save me.It is also quite hard.And the vine veins wrapped around my body suddenly shattered into pieces the moment they touched the sky thunder.I had already prepared for it, and landed on the ground steadily, unscathed.The moment I landed, Xiao Jue rushed directly to my side, holding me tightly with one hand, for fear that I would accidentally run away, and at the same time hurriedly ordered the people he brought to come out of here first.But this vine vein can kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut extend a hundred meters at least, how can it be so easy to escape In particular, the thunder that Xiao Jue attracted just now killed many Konjac corpses.From the accelerated attacks of these corpse flowers, I can see their hidden anger.

But the strange thing is that these black robed people coming in and out are very orderly, there is not a single one, and small groups are walking in the hall.Fortunately, the clothes that Yi Xue helped me buy were the palace clothes of the Orchid Palace.Although I am petite at the moment, I am wrapped in this robe, but it is quite unobtrusive.I looked around cautiously, making sure no one was paying attention to me, and then I hid in the dark and began to observe everything.But before I started to observe, the blood girl told me that it was strange that she couldn t sense Tang Maru s specific position here, and the position she sensed was very ethereal, sometimes in the east, sometimes in the west, just As if something interfered.I was quite frightened by her words, why did the more I walked in, the more I felt like I fell into a fire pit That time when I showed my sharpness, just cbd sugar free gummies Tang Maru couldn t fake the scared look in my eyes, but being afraid doesn t mean he won t plot against me Only in vertical form.

The moment I looked up, cbd gummies dosage for pets I asked Yunjing.So, you came here specifically to tell me this Yun Jing raised his eyebrows and smiled.Otherwise Not knowing where the courage came from, I took out the jade pendant hidden in my pocket and placed it in front of Yun Jing.Then tell me, what is the relationship between Huo Yan and me, and why Junli is close to me.After touching for a long, long time, he turned his gaze to my position again.Said something sarcastically.Do you really think you are a treasure It s just that when you were reincarnated, a little bit of my sister s soul happened to be fused, and it could become an introduction to gather my sister s soul.Tell me, why do you think Junli is close to you His voice just fell, The strength I had tried so hard to pretend to be shattered again, my complexion instantly turned snow white, I was unwilling, resentment welled up from my heart, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them again, I had regained clarity.

I frowned and asked Qin Zheng to take two extra masks to put on, but I followed him up the stairs, asking him questions as I walked.Is the quality of the policemen so poor now Can they vomit like this Qin Zheng shook his head and said that I would know it when I went up and saw it with my own eyes.Could it be more disgusting than the pictures you showed me before Just as he finished speaking, he and Qin Zheng had already walked outside the room where the incident happened.There were not many people inside, and there were a few forensic doctors and policemen standing there, their faces were so pale that I saw their hands trembling while holding the pens to record the files.I cbd gummies in connecticut hawkeye cbd gummies used to think it was a bit exaggerated, but just after just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies stepping into the door of the murder scene, my stomach was writhed by the pungent smell, and I almost threw up when I rolled my eyes.

Full of goosebumps.I never thought that a woman would be so horrified.You re so timid, what do you use to cooperate with me Bi Se suddenly said, her voice was as sinister as a snake and scorpion, and shuddered.I didn t say a word, I just covered my chest with the fly whisk, and kept walking back until I left the threshold of this family, and then I asked her.Come on, how can we let those innocent people go Yi Hongzhen said.Bi Se stood there and looked at me for a few moments, then walked in front of me stepping on the pair of bright red high heeled shoes embroidered with peach blossoms.Did I say that since you came, would I let those innocent people go As soon as I heard HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies this, I immediately understood that she never thought about letting those innocent people go, she just used this as an excuse to lie I m here Are wellness gummies cbd you trying to play tricks But now I can only bear it, because I know that even if Jun Li comes, he may not be just cbd sugar free gummies able to save the people in the police station.

My hands kept crawling on the ground, trying to climb down from the altar, but this action accelerated the blood flow in my body.In an instant, a bright red light burst out from the altar, directly enveloping me in it.I only felt that my soul seemed just cbd sugar free gummies to be separated from my body, and a strange force seemed to tear my soul apart.Junli just cbd sugar free gummies green ape cbd gummies near me s heartless face was still in my mind, and their smug laughter was still in my ears.Am I going to die like this I do not want A great desire to survive swept me, I just felt like I had broken through some seal, as if something in my body was slowly awakening The moment I opened my eyes, I had already got up from the ground, and the cold wind around me shook my head Mo hair blowing, combined with the blood all over my body, and the just cbd sugar free gummies where can i get cbd gummy bears just cbd sugar free gummies sinister and bloodthirsty expression where can i get cbd gummy bears just cbd sugar free gummies on my face, like a demon who just crawled out of hell.

I asked Master.Was it in her expectation that Bise plotted against me tonight, or did she see the whole process of me being thrown on the altar Master just cbd sugar free gummies simply replied to me.Yes.I asked her why But she told me that all this was my fate and I had to go through it.After hearing this, I laughed out loud and asked her.What do you mean by doom and doom, you have to go through it Isn t fate in your own hands But she didn t answer me, but told me that she had set up a formation here, and if I didn t enter the tomb of Huoyan, I couldn t Go out from here, and no one can sense my location, and can t come out to save me.Also said, in order to save unnecessary trouble.As soon as I come out of the tomb of Fuyan, I will change back to Zhang Chunxia, and she will give me the medicine when the time comes.I sneered twice and asked her.

The good game in his hand was shown to Junli.Show me why, won t you break the game Jun Li only took a look, then put my hand in front of my eyes.I rolled my eyes angrily and hummed to Junli, and then carefully shifted my attention to the situation where the palm was raised.But unexpectedly, I turned my attention to the game I had just just cbd sugar free gummies started.But he was stunned in the same place, Tianrui s death gate, Luokun Second Palace, master Fuyin.And Yunjing once told me that if you want to find something, you will come up with the Fuyin Bureau, nine out of ten you will not succeed, and this situation is very ugly, so I am a little embarrassed to tell Junli The result is calculated.When Junli saw my expression, he frowned and asked me.What s wrong Can t you figure it out I shook my head and said no, then pointed to one of the nine palaces in my hand.

Compared with Junli, it is almost indistinguishable Even though this domineering man was standing beside a woman who was so untainted by the dust of the world, she was not at all abrupt, and it made people feel that the two of them were a match made in heaven.On the other hand, Chu Lianqiao, with a cold face, is simply a miniature version of this man Until Chu Lianqiao taunted me again with two tsk tsk , Nympho.Only then did I realize my gaffe, and I smiled awkwardly, but before the smile opened, I froze in place.Chu Lianqiao, how did you recognize me You know, I have the face of Zhang Chunxia now With this face, I have never met Chu Lianqiao before And he said something like an adult, if there is a woman who can stand beside Uncle Junli and not be thrown out, and even grab Uncle Junli s sleeve like that, who else is there besides the nympho sister As soon as he finished speaking, before I could speak, the woman beside me suddenly spoke, saying that children are ignorant, and told me not to take it seriously.

The small building is hollow, with a stage in the middle, and there are many empty seats around, but Yunjing just ignores these empty seats.Take me up to the second floor.I just had some differences.Why did Yunjing take me to the second floor It wasn t until I got to the second floor that I realized that compared with the first floor, the furnishings on the second floor are really a sky, a ground, a private seat, and a second seat.But the strange thing is that no matter whether it is the private seat or the second seat, it is very empty, and there are hardly many spectators.Yunjing took me to choose a place to sit down, and then I asked a question.The acquaintance you said you d meet is Gu Yicheng Yun Jingjing nodded, but shook his head again, with an inscrutable expression on his face, which made cbd gummies near here it impossible for me to guess what he was thinking.

Sitting with Gu Yicheng and the others, they were evenly divided.The car had already parked in front of Junli s house, and before I opened the door to go down, I HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies asked Yunjing again.Then why did he say that he hadn t even seen the picture of the beautiful woman when Bi Se asked if he had it ask me.If you have a treasure in your hand, and there are four wolves sitting around watching you, will you show off that the treasure is in your pocket I shook my head and said no.However, his eyes widened suddenly and he realized that this was the case.He just stepped out of the car door and planned to leave.Yunjing suddenly grabbed me and asked me a question.Do you still remember what Xiao Jue said to me before I nodded and said yes.Didn t he just tell you that he saw the cruel thoughts of Huo Yan But at this moment, Yunjing was like a kindergarten kid who handed in his homework and wanted to be affirmed by the teacher, so he asked me a little nervously.

Finish this sentence.I slammed the door shut with a bang.The moment I closed it, I said sorry to Yunjing in my heart.The moment he closed his eyes, he slipped and fell to the ground and leaned his back against the door, his palms were covered with sweat.Master said, let me not trust anyone around me too much, but I really believe in Yunjing and treat Yunjing as a friend, even if he has such an attitude towards Xiao Xiao, how sincere is he for my other identity , I am not a fool to see it naturally.But now I don t even have the ability to protect myself, especially if Master s phone call is not available.If someone really breaks the game, what else can I use to get back my past life memory What do you use to make up the beauties What else can I use to break out of the just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies cocoon and be reborn For several days.

For a moment, everyone was amazed, as if they couldn t believe that this man could summon a ghost, and doubts and expectations flashed in everyone s eyes.Can At this moment, a male voice suddenly came from the private room on the third floor.Mr.Shen, do you mean that anyone who can use a picture of a beauty to summon a ghost can buy it for one yuan As soon as the words finished, the half open window of Xiao Jue s private room opened wide When he got up, a nameless oppression overflowed from him.Old Shen nodded and said to Xiao Jue.Yes, as long as anyone who can use the beauty picture to summon a ghost can buy it for one yuan.Die with joy.When Xiao Jue heard it, he sneered heh , and said, I ll try it too.While speaking, he had already left the window of the private room and walked down the stairs.

Yun Jing said that a national teacher is a sacred symbol, and once one becomes a national teacher, one is not allowed to marry, let alone have children.But Yun Qi, the national teacher, has an illegitimate son who can t be seen In particular, the mother of the illegitimate child died of dystocia on the day the child was born, and no one took care of her at all.Chapter 161 Yunjing s life experience So Yun Qi s illegitimate son was dressed as an eunuch and hid in the palace since he was a child.Because he was dressed as an eunuch and had no background, this illegitimate child had been bullied in the palace since he was a child, and even if he knew who bullied him, it would be useless for him and Yun Qi to file a complaint.after all.There is nothing but royal heirs just cbd sugar free gummies who can bully people in the palace.

Did you feel that when Princess Rongle saved the do cbd gummies show up in your system just cbd sugar free gummies illegitimate child, she looked like a god descending from the earth I pretended to laugh twice without speaking, and Yun Jing continued.Feng Shitian brought the illegitimate child back to her own kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut palace, and gave him all the delicious food in the palace, until the fear on the illegitimate child cbd melatonin gummy men s face gradually faded, and then she asked the illegitimate child.Little brother, what s your name The illegitimate son was a little scared, and didn t dare to tell her his real name, but looking at Feng Shitian s warm eyes like the spring breeze, he said two words in a low voice.Yunjing.Sure enough, as soon as Yunjing s words fell, Feng Shitian s eyes began to loosen, and he joked.Little brother, your surname is really bad.It has the same surname as that bad Yun Qi.

Yun Qi was cowardly, afraid that the matter between himself and Concubine Xian would be exposed, so he kept persuading Concubine Xian to abort the child in her stomach.But the child in my stomach is my own.Even if it s an illegitimate child, if you can t see the light, you can t bear to kill this child The cbd gummies for focus two were at a stalemate, so there was no more to say, and the days passed like this.In the imperial palace, cannibalism does not spit out bones, how can there be a wall that does not leak The news of Concubine Xian s pregnancy naturally spread to the ears of another noble concubine.Although Concubine Xian is not favored, one thorn in the side may be removed, but one is missing after all, isn t it However, this noble concubine was also very calm, until the day when the concubine Xian gave birth, everything was prepared, and she directly just cbd sugar free gummies led the emperor of Chu to just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies the palace of the concubine Xian.

Yes, he is in the sky, I have to look up to see him, can I not be small who are you I raised my head suddenly and looked at the pair of blood red eyes in the sky.I just cbd sugar free gummies was very scared in my heart.I didn t bring anything with me when I entered the illusion, and didn t the master say that If I was interrupted in the illusion, then I It is very likely that you will stay in this illusion forever and cannot get out Those eyes didn t answer me, but the demonic energy that gradually filled the surroundings let me know who he really is I looked around in fear, eager to find a straw to save my life, but no matter how much I ran on Changbai Mountain, I couldn t find it.I couldn t find Feng Shitian s body, and I couldn t even find the tomb where she was buried earlier.I actually lost my way in Changbai Mountain in the illusion, and the disdain in these eyes made me even more afraid.

Xu Shifu also noticed this, sighed, and even said something to me, Jun Li approached me, most likely for the sake of the beauty picture.After I heard it, I felt that this was a big joke.Although I died at the hands of Junli twice in the previous life, Junli has lied to me for the first time.In this life, I am so sure that I am a bad face.How could it be possible Lied to me I just said this to Master, and Master s tone instantly became tense, and he asked me Is Jun Li so sure that you are a curse With a sound.Master told me not to think too much, just let him feel what he thinks, and let me not expose it in front of others.I just wanted to defend Junli a few times, after all, Junli didn t care about the pictures of beauties at all, but just as I said the words of defense, Master actually slapped me.

You don t have to worry about it.Look at your boyfriend.The appearance of a friend is also a person who knows how to measure.But when the proprietress s voice fell, I became more nervous, no matter whether Jun Li has sense or not, but in such a dangerous place, he has been away for so long, how can I not worry I could no longer cbd gummy for pain anxiety and better sleep worry so much, I asked the proprietress to bring me a piece of paper and a pen, and the proprietress asked me if I wanted her to write down the exact location of the lake Then sighed.Brother Tushima.I m really scared of you.The lake is in the southwest, but it s so late, what if there is an avalanche or some sudden accident when you, a little girl, go into the mountain When I heard that the lake appeared, it was In the southwest, he was even more frightened immediately, and asked again.

It wasn t until Junli easily led me into the main tomb, and saw the coffin bound by countless iron chains as thick as a man s arm, that I realized that Ling Shun s main tomb is very strange, there is no one in the whole tomb.Aside from the funerary objects, the surrounding walls and floors were covered with iron chains How the hell is this a tomb Obviously a prison Junli pulled me forward, and lightly touched the iron chain on it.In an instant, the iron chain tied to the coffin turned into powder, and a strange gust of wind blew all the powder out I was immediately frightened by this scene.If I hadn t heard the sentence in Junli s mouth, I didn t expect you to be quite good at pretending.I would really think that it was Junli who shattered these iron chains No wonder when Chu Mo came in just cbd sugar free gummies last time, he told me that the seal was not loose, how did you put these broken iron chains back together again Junli spoke again, but the person sealed inside the coffin was like a real dead person, without any movement.

Also, Yunjing s Taoism is superb, and he is a master at studying Fengshui, Bagua, Qimen, and it was taught by Huoyan himself.It would be great to teach you these things.Junli said that s what he said, but I could still hear cbd gummies citrus his gnashing of teeth tone, but when I heard that Yunjing Taoism was taught by Fuyan, I couldn t help being a little surprised, and asked Junli Isn t Yunjing what it used to be Is it cbd sugar free gummies gnc the national teacher of the Chu State Since he is the national teacher, he has already mastered the techniques of astronomy, geography and divination.How could it be that Huo Yan taught him But Junli told me that before the Chu Kingdom was destroyed, Yun Jing used the same method as the national teacher.The technique of divination can also be called witchcraft, but after Fuyan was born, he taught him a whole body of skills.

Until the realm of forming alchemy is complete, you can step into the realm of Nascent Soul.The realm of Nascent Soul is what you need to refine the gods.The inner alchemy that was previously formed on the dantian was tempered in the body to condense the marrow again into an inner body.Dan.Once you step into the Nascent Soul Realm and condense an inner alchemy, then the soul will gradually flow into this inner alchemy until it merges with this inner alchemy, and you will be able to step into the realm of leaving the soul.Once the soul and the inner alchemy are integrated, even if you die, you only need to find another body and devour its soul, and you will not enter kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut reincarnation and become an adult again.And the realm of leaving the soul is the inner alchemy of the do cbd gummies show up in your system just cbd sugar free gummies Nascent Soul, that is, the soul, which can leave the body and travel to the void.

After all, I am real now, with my own powers I just got up from the ground and wanted to walk up to Junli and give him a hug excitedly, but he abruptly stepped back a few steps, and I missed it.Smell it chronic candy cbd gummies yourself.You left your mouth, and I said ah , but the stench from the tip of my nose came into my nose again.Only then did I realize that my whole body was sticky, not to mention dirty just cbd sugar free gummies as hell Why am I so dirty Before I woke up from the cbd gummies in connecticut hawkeye cbd gummies difference, Junli, who had previously disliked me and retreated, picked me up and threw me into the bathtub.Hot water was sprinkled on my body, washing away the dirt on my body, revealing the incomparably smooth skin.Then I suddenly realized, am I washing my marrow The moment I walked out of the toilet after taking a shower, I felt that if I had a hundred catties of RMB in front of me, not only would I be able to afford it, but I could also lead it to just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies run a dozen laps in Kunming without panting When I came out of the toilet just now, I fell directly into Junli s arms.

But looking at Gu Yiyun like this, it seems that he has known grandma a long time ago.Grandma didn t speak, her dead eyes fixed on Gu Yiyun s body, but Gu Yiyun seemingly casually shook the key in her hand, and said very patiently Zheng Qiuyun, I think you also know do they sell cbd gummies at walmart who I am, and no one can please me head on.What I want is very simple, I want Fuyan to release Ling Shun in person.The moment her voice fell, my face trembled violently.Unexpectedly, Gu Yiyun made up such a big chess game just to save the demon king Ling Shun.And not to kill me But what is the relationship between the devil Ling Shun and the devilish Gu Yiyun I glanced at grandma nervously, but saw that grandma was not at all shaken by Gu Yiyun s seemingly compromising words.When Gu Yiyun saw grandma s appearance, his eyes suddenly overflowed with a bit of fierceness If you toast, you will not be punished.

The moment I took the key out, Yunjing let out a tsk tsk , staring at it with eyes that I couldn t understand.I read.Yun Jing took the key and put it on the drop of blood that Junli dripped, following the speed of the spell in his mouth.The blood seemed cbd gummies 125 to come alive, and it started to flow, drawing a circle on the paper, surrounding the key.At the same time, the incense candle that Yunjing had lit before started to burn at an unimaginable speed, and within a short while, it turned into incense ash.But at the moment when the incense candle was burned into incense ash, a gloomy cold wind blew past, and the incense ashes were blown up directly.Not only did the blown incense ash not scatter in all directions due to the wind force, but it seemed to have been arranged in advance, and it was all blown on the two candles, enveloping the two candles layer by layer.

Although I know this, I feel very warm in my heart, but when I think of hearing Gu Yiyun s laughter just now, I was so frightened that I almost inserted the key into Ling Shun s coffin, so I don t get angry.I where can you buy uly cbd gummies was about to say something, but Junli, who hadn cbd gummies what are they used for t opened his mouth all this time, said to me, Let s go out first.The magic energy gushing out will probably rush directly in front of us within a few seconds.But at this time, we have come to a cliff like place in Lingshun s tomb.The top is unfathomable, and the bottom is a dark thc free cbd gummies amazon abyss with no end in sight.And the green light of the stars at the bottom seems to tell us that many corpses are buried below, and the ones emitting green light are all will o the wisps do cbd gummies show up in your system just cbd sugar free gummies The road ahead is blocked, and there is an iron bridge made of iron locks around it.

Regret I have no idea.But when I walked in this group of troops, I couldn t stop trembling all over, my eyes became foggy, and my nose was sore, as if the wind could shed tears.Too many images from the previous life reverberated kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut in my mind, and I could no longer concentrate my disturbed mind.I just felt like I was going crazy, with a splitting headache, but the images in my mind suddenly stayed at Martyrdom, before jumping off the city wall, and the part where Jun Li looked at each other.At that time, Junli looked at me with cold eyes, as if looking at a stranger, a gust of chill hit my surroundings, I just felt that I was about to lose control of my body, and I couldn t even stand on my feet The steps, my legs suddenly lost strength, and I fell directly to the ground.The moment I fell, Junli stretched out his hand to hold me, but I slammed it away.

Fortunately, the moment I saw this flower, Junli said directly, telling us to cover our noses and be careful not to inhale the pollen, otherwise I might really fall into a fairyland.This sea of flowers grows underground, there are caves dripping water above the head, and the sound of streams and rivers can just cbd sugar free gummies be heard beside the ears.The feet were a little wet, and after walking a few steps, the shoes were already filled with water.Junli pulled me tightly, walking in this sea of flowers, only a few steps away, there was a layer of white mist around, if it wasn t because it bloomed under the ground, and it was still in the tomb, I could really think that I I accidentally walked into the fairyland Yunjing followed us, looking around from time to time, not knowing what he was looking at, until Yunjing grabbed my sleeve and pointed to the bottom of the flowers for me to see, then I suddenly realized There is actually someone here But I am very clear that it is impossible for a living person to be in this tomb.

For a while, it surprised me a little.On the other hand, among all the people present, except for Junli and Yunjing, I was the one who didn t understand anything, but even though I was relatively calm, I still didn t dare to look Ling Shun directly.Looking into his eyes, there is always a feeling that I am kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut just an ant in front of him.He is too strong.But his gaze, from his appearance to now, has been on our side from beginning to end.I don t know if he is looking at me, Junli, or Yunjing Suddenly, he uttered a very pleasant and ear piercing voice Long time no see.Yun Jing snorted coldly, without speaking, his incomparably noble appearance appeared again.There is a saying that could not be better set off by Yun Jing.How I treat you depends on the relationship between the two of where can i get cbd gummy bears just cbd sugar free gummies us.In front of Junli, he can cuddle like a bird and show off an appearance of a living treasure, but when facing Ling Shun, Gu Yicheng, and Xiao Jue, he is all in an unfathomable and unattainable appearance Yun Jing s gaze was very cold, but in the cold, it gave people a kind of warmth, which was unpredictable at all, but it also had a kind of charm that made people want to get close.

It fell and landed on Gu Yicheng s body.I nervously glanced at Gu Yicheng.But at this moment, my scalp went numb for an instant, as if I was being watched by something, and I swallowed carefully.I slightly turned my gaze back, only to see Daheitian s bloodshot eyes staring at me In an instant, he rushed towards me, and I was caught off guard and my feet softened, almost being slapped by him I was slapped, fortunately I was petite and nimble enough, I rolled to the right fiercely, I dodged his attack, and the ground that was slapped by him was like a crack in the ground, sinking a hole Big hole and although I dodged his attack, I was still caught off guard by his burst of remaining power.He fell hard to the floor, and another mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth.Why are you staying Gu Yicheng s voice of hating iron and steel came from my ears, and I smiled at him cheaply.

The moonlight shines in a lot through the demonic energy.As if afraid of the moonlight, I was yelling on the ground under the moonlight.When I saw this, I immediately recited the sealing spell Heavenly thunder is fierce, landmine is faint, Liujia Liuding, hear my name , not to stay, to greet auspiciousness and bestow blessings, Yongzhen Demon seal up print Cracks were suddenly squeezed out from under Daheitian s feet, only to hear just cbd sugar free gummies rumbling and rumbling , Daheitian was directly dragged into the ground, but just as half of his body entered the ground At the moment, his hand was still waving on the ground, as if he wanted to grab something on the ground, and he was not willing to let it fall.I stood far away.I looked at him defensively, but suddenly found that I was standing there before.Bi Se, who was casting spells in the corner, suddenly disappeared Gu Yicheng was still lying on the side watching all this quietly, his eyes were a little dark.

There was a lot of snow around, and the cold wind kept blowing the white snow onto my head, body, and eyelashes, but it added a sense of mystery to my red dress.I just felt that I had been walking in the snow for a long time, as if I was about to pass through the entire Changbai Mountain.Finally, I stopped slowly in front of a canyon.This canyon is very strange, but there is a huge deviation from the layers of snow around it.The surrounding area is full of peach blossoms, and the canyon is filled with all kinds of plants.If it weren t for the snow outside, I would really think that it s spring here I only stopped for a few seconds in front of the canyon, and then walked towards the canyon without delay.This canyon is very big and beautiful, just like a paradise, people want to keep it forever after just one glance.

Seeing this, I breathed a sigh of relief.After that, Jun Li didn t know what kind of tricks Yunjing made in grandma s coffin.He just felt that Yunjing had been busy for a while, and then he took out an ink fountain thread from his just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies pocket and wrapped it around the coffin.After throwing away several pieces of yellow talismans, they put them in the four corners of the coffin before closing the coffin board.While covering the coffin boards, Yunjing went to the kitchen to get a few pieces of glutinous rice, sealed the gaps in the coffin boards, made sure there was no trace of air inside, took another bowl, and put it upside down on the top of the coffin , and then he closed his hand.Afterwards, the few of us sat on the sofa, looking at each other, looking at each other, and no one said a word.In the end, I ran to the room and took down the picture of the beauties in the room.

Even, the road has been paved for her next life The next day, there were rumors that Huo Yan was harming the world and Yao Yan, endangering the common people, and that it was the reincarnation of a monster.Yan s blood pays homage to the picture of the beauty, and the picture of the beauty is permanently sealed When Xiao Jue heard this, he was naturally very angry and wanted to dispel these rumors, but he received a letter instead.This letter was given to him by Fuyan.Huo Yan asked him, do you remember that before Jun Li fell into a love gu, she detoxified Jun Li If you remember, please ask Xiao Jue to help her spread these remarks, and even let Xiao Jue take the lead, let Jun Li kill Huo Yan When Xiao Jue heard the letter, his hands were trembling with fright what is going on, who will tell him It s not that he never looked for Fuyan and asked her why she did this, and it s not that he didn t go to Jun Li to ask whether he would kill Fuyan or not, and how to quell this rumor.

I ask him why He replied.He has cancer ouch, when I heard this, I felt like I just cbd sugar free gummies had just heard a big joke.Gu Yicheng is the only one who has cancer Who where can i get cbd gummy bears just cbd sugar free gummies believes it But what he said really killed my appetite, I let out a few breaths, and then asked him What kind of cancer did you have He smiled and answered my words lightly.Lazy cancer.I just felt that my blood was clogged in my chest.I can t vomit It s really a shame that he is so shameless that he can say this, and he gave him a hard look.I wasn t talking to Gu Yicheng, but I was in a hurry The more I think about it, the more I feel that Gu Yicheng HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies knows something is hiding from me, and Gu Yicheng has been driving for so long, but he has not driven to the place where Junli and the others are.I even have a feeling in my heart do cbd gummies show up in your system just cbd sugar free gummies that he is so special.

Let s not talk about whether the blood girl plotted against me, but I really can t do it with a living life Why ask for blood.I closed my eyes, put the blood amber back into the hands of the blood girl, told her to wait, then ran out of the candle circle, walked to the side of Junli and Yunjing, and gave them the text message Look.After they saw it, they suddenly smiled, and then Yunjing directly took out a fire talisman and gave it to me, and said to me Since you already know how to break the formation, why don t you go quickly When I saw him gloating He was so angry that he almost threw the fire talisman directly on his face.Taking a deep breath, I asked in a low voice Is there no other way Unexpectedly, Yun Jing smiled and replied Yes.Then he said But people teach You did this, and you don t do it, isn t it too disrespectful With a breath, I was forced to hold it in my chest, and Yunjing was almost mad at me Xiao Xiao, can you show me your text message At this moment, the blood girl suddenly spoke, with a bit of anticipation in her eyes, a bit of caution, and a vigilance that I couldn t understand The text message It wasn t sent by Gu Yicheng.

With a distance of eight thousand miles, does it mean that we can drift so long on the sea in one night I found a small hotel to stay, and had no dreams for a night.Early the next morning, I left the remote town near Xining, and then took an earlier flight back to Kunming.Everything seemed so harmonious, Xue Po was taken back, and the threatening blood girl who had been lurking beside me died, but the more this happened, the more strange I became It wasn t until the moment Jun left home that I suddenly remembered something The child s soul body was collected in the blood amber, how to get the child out, and this child is a soul body, how to become a human Involuntarily, I turned my gaze to Junli and asked.When Junli heard this, he seemed to have just remembered kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut this matter, so he was stunned for a moment, and then turned his gaze to Yunjing.

When the master heard it, there was a hint of joy in his tone, and then he asked me very carefully, are you sure Are you going alone I said um and said yes, but as if I remembered something, I tentatively asked Master Where are you, Master As soon as I finished speaking, Master paused and asked me Say where is she I said no, I was a little scared going into the depths of Changbai Mountain by myself, and asked her if she could come and accompany me.But the master immediately refused, saying that she can t do it now, she still has important things to do, and then he blessed me and said that the mother in law is a righteous god, as long as I pray sincerely, nothing will happen at all, so let me not think too much.But these words were heard in my ears, but they were more or less ironic.I have already started to wonder if this master was bribed by someone, or something happened to plot against me behind my back After all, the matter of going to the Niangniang Temple is related to the comfort of Junli and I, so I must act cautiously.

As soon as the words fell, the look in Bi Se s eyes was almost enough to eat people And I also think that what Jun Li said is a bit cruel, what is meant by imitation It s obviously imitation and plagiarism If you cbd gummies side effects want to scold, you have to scold harshly, what are you doing with literature and art Afterwards, the three of us exchanged a few casual greetings, and after getting a general understanding of what we learned from each other, we walked towards the Buddhist hall again.On the way, when passing by Master s body, the ten sewn up arms on her body had fallen off, and the eyes on her arms, as if they had been stabbed blind, all shed blood and tears and closed tightly.And Master s figure and facial features are not as ferocious as before, but I can t bear Master s corpse in the wilderness like this, and I want Junli and Yunjing to think about how to solve it, but Yunjing directly pinched the ignition spell, They just cbd sugar free gummies moved Master s body to a clean open space and burned it.

Diao vote brother Yun Jing directly stepped forward with the quilt in his hand, pinched the chin of the man with a hard mouth who seemed to be called Yang Feng, snorted softly, and directly poured the poisonous wine into his mouth.The moment it poured in, Yun Jing turned his head and gave me a faint look, his eyes were full of smiles, but it was a crisp smile.But when I looked at Yunjing s appearance, I thought it was too scary Although I knew that Yunjing had such a dark side, the side he showed today was too dark.With a bit of evil The moment the poisonous wine was poured into his mouth, the veins all over his body exploded, and his face was even more ferocious, his eyes were protruding as if cbd gummies in connecticut hawkeye cbd gummies they had been forcefully pulled out Yes, very scary.His mouth could no longer utter a single word, his whole body was so stiff that it was difficult to make any body movements, but at this moment, several holes were suddenly broken in his body, and in the holes, a steady stream of water flowed out.

No matter how powerful the three of us are, we are no match for two fists and four hands.They have already suppressed us in numbers, in Ling Shun s eyes.We estimate that it has long been the turtle in the urn, the thing in the bag.But Junli s appearance added a lot of mystery to the three of us.I don t know why, I thought Ling Shun was quite capable before, but when I saw that he was shocked by Junli s appearance now, I was a little surprised.At this moment, Jun Li took the initiative to attack and asked Ling Shun You have brought so many people here, what are you afraid of Don t you dare to make a move Jun Li Yue said so.The more difficult it is for people to figure out what his trump card is, the more it restricts Ling Shun s actions.Even when I looked at Junli s appearance, I felt that Junli seemed to have a trump card, and he was fully prepared, even the mantis catching the cicada and the oriole behind him.

But cbd gummies in connecticut hawkeye cbd gummies Su Xiu told me that she couldn t explain clearly, she just remembered that a few days before Xiao Jue disappeared, she and her master saw a man who was wrapped up in Xiao Jue s house with not even a piece of skin exposed.If it wasn t for the fact that her voice was female, she and her master couldn t be sure whether the person who came was a man or a woman.Nothing major cbd gummies in connecticut happened.Who would wrap themselves up and down without revealing even a piece of skin Since it was wrapped, something big must have happened, and it was so big that he couldn t even see people.But since such a big incident happened, she still ran to find Xiao Jue.Then there must be something very urgent Thinking of this, I quickly asked Su Xiu Can you describe this female voice, and what did she say to Xiao Jue After hearing this, Su Xiu replied I don t know what she and Xiao Jue said, but she appeared and shouted.

Sure enough, Gu Yicheng was hiding in this dark place, observing our actions carefully all the time.It s already night, and it s in the mountains, the surroundings are so quiet, any small sound can hover in the mountains, let alone the sound from the mobile phone As soon as Gu Yicheng finished speaking, Qing Jingzi spoke directly and asked, Who is the person calling you Gu Yicheng.I replied the words Qingjingzi lightly, and I didn t intend to hide it.After all, Gu Yicheng would call me directly, so he probably didn t think about hiding it.Chapter 286 Is it you As soon as I finished speaking, Qingjingzi was obviously shocked when he heard that it was Gu Yicheng who called, and asked me in a low voice What is he doing calling at this time , just cbd sugar free gummies so instead of answering Qingjingzi, who makes smilz cbd gummies he asked him to just cbd sugar free gummies stop what he was doing, and then asked Gu Yicheng What can you do When asking this question.

Junli replied unhurriedly, then took my just cbd sugar free gummies hand directly, passed through the crowd, and just as Junli was about to step out of the threshold, he turned his head, glanced at the young man, and said softly Give me a week to return your village to peace.I listened to Junli s promise, and suddenly looked at him with wide eyes in disbelief, you know, Junli never does anything he is not cbd gummies in connecticut hawkeye cbd gummies sure about Moreover, Junli never promises easily.Since he dared to speak, he must have a countermeasure, and it is very likely that he has discovered something After saying this, Junli did not stop, but directly pulled me back When we arrived at the aunt s house, when we were leaving, Qingjingzi and Suxiu followed in a very sloppy manner, and Qingjingzi was still on the way, asking Junli many questions like a chatterbox.

Suzhou embroidered the rope for the three of them.It can be said that there are as many embarrassments as there are.When I turned my gaze to the direction of Junli and Xiao Jue, I saw that Junli and Xiao Jue had already subdued the souls of Gu Yijun and my master, and the moment they looked at each other, their fighting spirit was almost instantly ignited rise.On par But the strange thing is that just after the eyes of these people met, they all turned to my position, and looked at me with fear and worry.Afraid What s going on here Before I could react, a pair of sharp claws were slashed across my neck, and my whole body seemed to be picked up, and I was pulled back fiercely, and Fuyan s corpse once again bullied me, subduing me down Damn it I rolled my eyes in anger, because the sudden appearance of Yun Jing and Gu Yicheng interrupted my previous action of trying to make a trick Because it is the corpse of Fuyan who strikes first.

It is better to lift the sand that cannot be grasped.Everyone knows this truth, but how many people can do it At this moment, Xiao Jue s voice that seemed to be about to die sounded from my mind You know me, if you can t get something, you will either destroy it, or you will destroy yourself.His character is too extreme But when I heard his last words, my eyes were filled with tears, and I said softly in my heart Love is deep, and love is deep, who is it Trembling all over, I wiped the tears Gan, walked forward, picked up the blood amber on the ground, and turned her gaze to the position of the previous corpse, she had already turned into nothingness, and on the ruins, there were still bits and pieces of hair falling.light stuff.I was about to put the blood amber on it, but at this moment, these things were actively embedded in the blood amber, and kept turning around in the blood amber until all the spirits were fused with the blood amber.

Even a layman like me can tell that 99 of the things in this boss s store are fake, and he can really open his mouth to talk nonsense However, the three of us carried so many things in our hands, and we looked like nouveau riche.We only picked expensive ones in the boss s store, and didn t pick the right ones.It s normal just cbd sugar free gummies kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut for the boss to want to fool us.But after Yunjing heard this, he seemed to be flattering and praised Boss, kids cbd gummies cbd gummies in connecticut I am dissatisfied with you.The three of us are experienced collectors.We like to collect everything.We have been to Panjiayuan before coming to your store.There The things here are really not as good as the ones in your store.He said these words HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies very smoothly, but when he heard my ears, he was even more surprised Originally, Junli Yunjing s behavior in this Yanzhi Hutong was very weird, but now their behavior is undoubtedly not telling me The reason why the two of them are so crazy to buy things here is to act like a nouveau riche, and the country people enter The village looks like the real target, but this antique shop, either there is something mysterious about the things in the shop, or there is something wrong with the identity of the owner.

It turned out that the boss was curious when he was young, and sneaked into the courtyard at night, but the moment he was on the cat, he saw a playful woman in a well attire sitting on the well.Just like Yin er in just cbd sugar free gummies the past, he was so scared that he ran home that night, wearing all the antiques at home that can ward off evil spirits, which was not enough In the early morning of the next day, I went directly to the temples and Taoist temples of great virtue and respect to ask for amulets, and posted them all over the room, so I felt at ease.It was at that time that the boss fell into the problem of love for talismans.When others go on a trip, they like to engrave XX on the wall to just cbd sugar free gummies visit here, but this boss has to go to the famous local Taoist temple to ask for talismans no matter where he goes.

After standing in this dark place for a while, Junli then pulled me, carefully pulled over to the side and took a small path to leave.After leaving, Junli took out his mobile phone and called Yunjing, asking where Yunjing was, and then dragged me to a very busy street next to Yanzhi Hutong to look for Yunjing.When I walked up to Yunjing, I saw Yunjing sitting on a chair, stepping on the table, holding a candied haws in his hand, I was shocked and asked Yunjing What are you doing Huh As soon as Yunjing heard my voice, he raised his head and glanced at me, and the voice of eating candied haws with a mouth full of candied haws sounded from my ear, somewhat vaguely Eat candied haws.After saying this, he fell from the stool He grabbed a candied haws in my hand and asked me if I would eat it I was about to take it, but when I saw that the candy on the middle piece of the candied haws had already been chewed by someone, I immediately stuffed the candied haws directly into Yunjing s mouth.

The boss looked at us a few times, as if he wanted to say something, but when the words came best price on cbd gummies to his mouth, he told us to wait here.He went out to see if anyone wanted to sell something, and then left the room.When leaving, he did not forget to close the door of his quaint room.When I saw his thing, I twitched the corners of my mouth and said jokingly The boss is half day cbd gummies really relieved to let us stay in his room like this.Junli and Yunjing didn t speak, but after the boss walked out the door , stood up, walked in front of these yellow talismans, and looked at the cbd gummy dosage for sogs yellow talismans posted on the wall one by one.After reading them, Yunjing still remembered the arrogant mocking sentence Brother in law, what do you say about these yellow talismans Is the Fu painting not as good as mine Jun Li raised his eyebrows, looked at Yun Jing just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies like a fool, sneered, but unexpectedly agreed with Yun Jing, and gave a faint um.

Hasty footsteps sounded from my ears again, unexpectedly, they came really fast But at this time, I understand very well that in the boss s room, we can still have a secret passage to escape, and we can find a stone room to hide in the secret passage.If we are still found in this stone room, then we really have to He had a head to head encounter with Ling Shun and the others.Immediately, all of my heart was in my throat, I was so nervous At this time, Junli and Yunjing also put away the previous teasing, and put on a serious and solemn expression.You dug the tunnel really cleverly.Ling Shun s voice sounded, and judging from his tone, he should be talking to the owner of an antique shop.It s not just Ling Shun, but even I, I m very puzzled How could an antique shop owner who had seen Yin er and was afraid that Yin er could not reach her, and even plastered yellow symbols all over the room in fear, how could there be a secret passage in the room leading directly to the place where Yin er lived In the well in the courtyard Moreover, this secret path is very ingenious, and it really just cbd sugar free gummies cannot be dug out by ordinary people.

He hurriedly got up from the stool, ran to the side and brought the tea set over, until he colorado cbd with thc gummies made a cup of tea, took three small teacups and poured them in front of us, Yunjing picked up the teacups, and then explained the purpose of coming After you left the yard with them, did they still make things difficult for you and ask you anything The boss shook his head and said no, and then Yunjing asked again Then they will just cbd sugar free gummies 100mg cbd gummies enter that yard later How did you get in Yunjing s question really hit the point, after the boss heard it, his face was a little just cbd sugar free gummies embarrassed, and he said tremblingly Break in With a poof , my mouth just The water I drank in my mouth spurted out in an instant.If it weren t for the fact that it was so close to the yard, I would have laughed outright.But after spraying, I was still a little puzzled, Ling Shun didn t act rashly because he knew that Yin er was at the bottom of the well, why hemp baby cbd gummies would he force his way in when he entered the courtyard Looking at the gazes of Junli and Yunjing, I found that, apart from me, even the two of them couldn t figure it out.

Apparently the boss s death.Not in their plan, Ling Shun s appearance, the two of them have long been prepared.Long time no see.Holding the dim lamp in his hand, Ling Shun pulled a far fetched sneer from the corner of his mouth, raised his feet and walked towards the yard step by step.Didn t I just meet you a few days ago As soon as his voice fell, I immediately replied.The sarcasm in his eyes was bottomless.At this time, Ling Shun had already walked to the corpse of the owner of cbd gummies market share the antique shop.Hearing what I said, he raised his eyebrows amusedly, said Yo , and said, You guys hid so deeply that day.I replied He gave him a sneer and didn t speak, but the moment he looked away, he found that the four mothers in law behind Yin er looked at Ling Shun with deep meaning.The few of them probably met before Junli and I showed up.

But it s strange.Yin er, who went in with Yunjing, and the four mothers in law are not by his side Xiao Xiao.Yun Jing called out to me, and the moment his voice fell, he walked towards me, pulled me behind him very manly, and glanced at Gu Yiyun and Bi Se angrily.You two, want to bully Xiao Xiao in front of my face I don t know why, but when I heard Yun Jing s words, I just felt that Yun Jing was really manly at the moment Although Yunjing and I often quarrel, and we sometimes rob Junli, but at the critical moment, we still agree with each other And Yunjing still protects me so much Oh, Yunjing, do you still want to be a hero to save the beauty Gu Yiyun slightly just cbd sugar free gummies raised his eyebrows and looked at Yunjing.The disdain in his eyes was quite obvious.Just when I thought Yun Jing would say something, he actually said back to Gu Yiyun When did I say that I wanted to be a hero to save the beauty Blind, I really wanted to take back what I had praised Yunjing before, but Yunjing rolled his eyes and said again This is not called a hero saving the beauty, this is called beating a dog in the water with a stick The moment the words fell, Yun Jing s breath surged, and a wave of air suddenly burst out, rushing up when the two of them were caught off guard.

It is precisely because of this that the later incident happened.Yin er suddenly disappeared.Everyone searched the whole city of just cbd sugar free gummies Beijing, but they couldn t find it.The things she traced When she left, she didn t want to take the picture of the beauty and the life extension lamp with her, but in the endChapter 332 The man behind the scenes She didn t know which muscle was wrong, and she actually took the beauty The picture is on the body together.At first Yin er fled, she was very worried, afraid that she would be discovered, but as time went on, except for the boss in Guangde Building who sent many people to look for her.The weird old man who adopted her never showed up even once Only then did her vigilance relax a little.The days passed like this day by day, she hadn t thought about hiding her name like this, and living the life she wanted without any ties.

After that, he squatted down directly, skimmed off the loess on the protruding field, and picked up the things under the loess.Buried under the loess is a shovel.The shovel is very new, and the paint on it has not been rubbed off.It is obviously not the one used by Yunjing when he buried my grandma.The moment I saw this shovel, I was even more confused.Could it be that my grandma s grave was really opened But the person who opened my grandma s grave, why did he leave the shovel here and not take it away, and also made such obvious traces, didn t he just want us to find out After the shovel was picked up, Yin er skimmed off the ash on it, looked at it 360 degrees, then put the shovel in my hand, and then called me a little embarrassedly.Xiao Xiao.Huh I stared.I know that after death, it s better to burrow into the ground, but I always feel that your grandma s grave has been opened.

But regarding the matter of my grandma s coffin, they will investigate patiently.So, there was the scene where the two of them were playing charades, saying that my grandma s body in the coffin would not be a fake at all.On the surface, the two of them were communicating when they said this, but in fact, they were testing Yin er For no other reason, the two of them rushed to Luofeng Village in a hurry, and didn t let me open the coffin to see my grandma for the last time.Isn t it just telling Yin er quietly, where can i get cbd gummy bears just cbd sugar free gummies is there something wrong with this coffin It is very likely that the reason why they rushed to Luofeng Village in such a hurry has something to do with this coffin That s why the two of them were sleeping, and Yin er quietly left to dig up my grandma s coffin, but finally couldn t open the coffin, so she took the path back from the direction of the west building.

Is Junli messing with Yunjing or trying to play with him If the human skin mask that Junli posted is particularly popular, then Yunjing is particularly eye catching.He is about 1.8 meters tall, but he has a very small, special woman s face and this special woman s face is covered with beards, which is almost as exaggerated as possible, but Yun Jing s expression when he walked out of the toilet was also a look of resentment, obviously out of anger, and he didn t dare to resist Jun Li.After I laughed a few times, I quickly sat up from the bed, ran to the toilet, and pulled Yun Jing out.The moment I closed the toilet door, I was stunned.What the hell, just now I thought the face Junli gave me was the face of a rough guy, but now I see it, I m going to be shocked How can this be described as rough Obviously there is a hole on the left and a hole on the right, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and a very big mouth.

At this time, Gu Yicheng and I have already reached another hidden door in the palace that can be accessed.I was about to raise my hand to push just cbd sugar free gummies the door open, but the moment I raised my hand, my whole body froze.I put on a human skin mask before, and covered up my fate, and the exposed skin was also coated with a special potion and became rough like cbd gummies effects a man s hand.It can be said that even if it is my grandma or uncle, it is impossible to recognize it.Mine, if Junli, Yunjing and I hadn t changed their faces together, the three of us might not have recognized each other.So, how did Gu Yicheng recognize me Suddenly, I looked back at him, there was a deep difference in my eyes, and I even took a step back without leaving any traces, as if I wanted to distance myself from him.My movements were very small, but Gu Yicheng s eyes were sharp.

No wonder it was said that this corpse could produce a steady stream of spiders.It turned out that his brain was already full of these white spiders.I found a way HCMUSSH just cbd sugar free gummies to kill the spiders, and I fought with these corpses, not as hard as before.I smashed the heads of these corpses in twos and twos, and then spread out the pictures of beauties to kill these spiders.I don t know how long it took, seeing that most of the spiders on the battlefield were about to be wiped out by me, I was about to stop to catch my breath and look at Gu Yicheng, but suddenly found that Gu Yicheng was fighting the white spider without occupying Shangfeng has many scratches on his body, and he doesn t know if it was scratched by the silk spit out by the spider, and there are traces of blood flowing out of his face, as if he was accidentally tricked.

Instead, he stood there and watched all this quietly.The opening speed of the coffin was a bit slow, and I don t know if it s because the lid of the coffin is too heavy, or the corpse inside has not been lifted at all.I waited for a long time before I saw a very thin white hand stretched out from the coffin.He was pinned tightly to the edge of the coffin.The moment I saw this hand, I was stunned for a moment.I never thought that the hand stretched out of the coffin would be so clean.Could it be that the corpse inside has become the level of a drought and can return to its original nature Suddenly, there was a shock in my ear, like the sound of something collapsing.I followed the sound and turned around suddenly, only to find that a pillar in the corner around here had collapsed at this moment What s the situation I asked Junli in a low voice, but Junli didn t speak.

Why don t she suffer a little bit now Time When did the four of you go in After recovering a lot of strength, Bi Se opened her mouth to speak, but what what does cbd gummies treat she said was still a little weak, and her whole body was exhausted.I glanced at her indifferently, then at Junli and the other three, and I completely began to doubt the people around me from the bottom of my heart.When Junli Yunjing and I went in, we both changed our faces.I think the change was successful, because when Yunjing and I passed by Bise, she didn t recognize me at all, and after the few of us just cbd sugar free gummies met, we all changed our faces.After we picked it, Bise recognized us.Therefore, it stands to reason that it is impossible for the old man to recognize us.Onlythere may be an informer around meChapter 364 Nosebleed Junli The three of them didn t speak, so I naturally didn t answer Bi Se, but directly asked her if she entered the tomb What happened after that, but when I asked this question, Bi Se seemed to have seen a ghost.

After saying this, he turned his head and glanced at Junli, and asked Junli in a low voice, Shall we set off now Junli didn t speak, but his eyes never left my side, he paused for a few seconds and then spoke , but didn t answer Yun Jing s words, but asked me Is there anything uncomfortable All kinds of shocks and fears before seemed to disappear in Junli s concern.I took a deep breath, shook my head, and said no, but Junli still looked at me with some uneasiness, as if I wanted to delay just cbd sugar free gummies my trip because of my fascination, and now I don t really want to find the last scroll of pictures of beauties.As for Yun Jing and Gu Yicheng, they naturally saw Junli s thoughts, and they were a little anxious, after all, they found the seventh volume of beauties first.I can take the initiative first, but they are also worried about my body, so they can t help but shut their mouths, standing where they are and worrying Seeing the appearance of the three of them, I blamed myself a little.

Said that you can break open the wax figure to see.If the thing in front of me is really my grandma s corpse, I may still have some decision making power, but this is just a wax figure imitating my grandma.I just want to propose, but I don t have the ability, so I can t help turning my eyes to Junli , but saw that Junli didn t speak, but looked at me.I don t know if Junli saw the displeasure and reluctance on my face, so I opened my mouth.He said to Gu Yicheng and Yun Jing Although this is not the wax figure of Grandma Xiao Xiao, the owner of the wax figure is also her grandmother.Isn t it a little bad to break this wax figure Jun Li said this very tactfully, but Which one of you here is not understanding Naturally, they immediately heard the subtext of Junli s words.After Yunjing and Gu Yicheng took a look at Junli, they stopped talking about breaking the wax figure.

It turned out that Master kept reminding me not to trust the people around me, not to be wary of Junli and the others, but the one who really made me wary was her But if that s the case, why does she want me to be wary of her while designing me Just for a moment, my heart was completely confused, but at this moment, Yin er was relentless, pressing me tightly with a domineering look Xiao Xiao, why do you say that you can be nine days old when you are born Xuannv was reincarnated, and there are so many people around to protect me, but I will be calculated by people since I was born, and I will be raised as a corpse king and ghost king when I grow up.Is there anyone here Yin er s appearance at this time is very scary, her jealous face is like a femme fatale, and I have seen her appearance on another person She is my sister Fengjiu in the previous life, Bise at this time.

Seeing that Junli and I didn t answer, the old witch got a little angry and stood up abruptly from the coffin.The moment she stood up, she didn t forget to step on the coffin under her feet, as if the person under the coffin was her.What an enemy it seems.Involuntarily, I asked her directly What exactly do you want What do I want, can you manage it , pointing to Chu Lianqiao who was hanging under the coffin, and said, Bring me the picture of a beauty, we can change it.Qi Qijuan s beauty picture is not aimed at me at all, but has other plans, and she did not show any killing intent towards me because, in her eyes, it is impossible for all of us to escape I didn t answer her, and She looked at each other for a long time, and after a long time, she suddenly frowned and asked me, Why, don t you want to change I still didn t answer her, but she suddenly let out a burst of laughter, mocking me in an extremely harsh tone, what did you say Do you still think that you are the aloof Nine Heavens Profound just cbd sugar free gummies Girl I m not even as good as my previous life.

There was no answer.Could it be thatmy master has encountered an accident Thinking of this, my heart suddenly became a little panicked, and my heart was pulled up in pain, and I looked at the old witch in front of me with even more anger.Ps The author really wants to make a joke here monster, give back my master, give me a stick from my grandson And after the old hag in front of me said all this, she looked at me with deep eyes.Viciously I ll ask you one last time, the beauty wants to change this child, do you want to change it or not I can hear it in his words.If I don t change it, then Chu Lianqiao s life will fall into her hands in an instant, but if this last scroll of beauty pictures is given to her probably no one present can beat her, let alone Before, she could easily fight against us without using the beauty map.

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