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He didn t know why his name was Li Guohao in his previous life, but in this life he knew it was kana pure cbd gummies because the family tree was of the Chinese character generation.Named Guohao.That s right, Bruce Lee.I don t know what Golden Harvest is up to.How could he find such a person to make a movie How can Tillon s name be so famous In the past two years, Zhang Dong has become obsessed with martial arts movies.It just so happens that Golden Harvest s most publicized movie recently is Big Brother Tangshan , so it s not surprising that Zhang Dong will watch this movie.At this time, Li Huifang also came out from the back kitchen after washing the dishes, and happened to see Zhang Dong and Li Guohao sitting there chatting, and walked up to ask with a smile on their faces.Seeing Li Huifang approaching, Zhang Dong called out kindly, Auntie Adong is here, why do you two have something to go out Yes, Auntie, I am going cbd gummies for sleep 2021 to take Guohao to the cinema to watch a movie.

In recent years, with the recovery of the economy and the gradual increase in people s wages, everyone would go shopping and eat in their spare time.For entertainment, watching movies is one of the cheapest pastimes.Guohao, wait, I m going to buy tickets Seeing many people crowded at the ticket office, Zhang curtis concentrates cbd gummies Dong said to Li Guohao, then turned around and squeezed in.Yes, there were too many people crowded in.A movie ticket is not expensive five or six yuan, everyone can afford it.In addition, today is the weekend again, students on vacation, white collar workers resting, or couples come here one after another.Okay.Before Li Guohao could reply, Zhang Dong had disappeared into the crowd.Li Guohao stood on the street, looked around, and looked at the movie theaters in the 1970s.The movie theaters at this time are incomparable to those of later generations.

Li Huifang nodded.Li Guohao pointed to the ground for a while, and pointed to the wall for a while, It s not only great, just look at the tiles all over the floor, and the wallpaper on the wall.Before he finished speaking, he pointed again On the top of the head, And this chandelier on the head, it s so big, you don t need to guess to know that it s expensive Uncle Li, this tile was left by the previous tenant, and this chandelier was bought by Guohao at the second hand market, cleaned and hung up by himself.firepower.Li Guohao also explained, Dad, don t look at the decoration of the upstairs and downstairs as if it is very expensive.In fact, it only cost less than 30,000 yuan to remove the labor.And the expensive is still the upstairs compartment.All of them are soundproof wall panels.Thirty thousand Li Dexiao doubted this number.

Although there are not many people who read it, kana pure cbd gummies most of them are housewives., see if there are any discounts on it.Oh.Li Guohao nodded, suddenly thought of something and asked, Do you know which newspaper sells better now.Ming Pao, I love the martial arts in Ming Pao Novel.Ming Pao Li Guohao muttered thoughtfully.He naturally knew that Ming Pao was founded by Jin Yong, a master of martial arts novels.After reading Xiangjiang novels for so many years, are cbd gummies safe for heart patients kana pure cbd gummies he also knew that Ming Pao was supported by Jin Yong s novels in the early stage.Forget it, let s not talk about it.Even if you want to publish it in the newspaper, it s too late now.It will open early tomorrow morning.Li Guohao shook his head, shaking all the messy thoughts in his head.Let s go, A Dong.Do you remember that you will come over at four o clock tomorrow morning After Li Guohao bid farewell to Zhang Dong, he didn t go back to the tea restaurant, but went home directly, preparing kana pure cbd gummies to go to bed early, after all, he had to get up early tomorrow morning.

There are more than 300 people.You should know that the minimum initial deposit for our membership is 300.Some conditions are better.There are 500 and 1000.Son, what are 300 and 500 Does anyone buy pastries that cost so much Li Huifang didn t understand the membership activities in the store.Li Guohao explained briefly.How can anyone buy so much at one time It s just the money they deposited in the store.It s equivalent to putting 300 yuan in my place.If they want to spend it, they come to spend it until the money they save is gone.In any case, the HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies 130,000 yuan is already earned by the store.Li Dexiao accepted this model relatively quickly.In the past, there were acquaintances in the tea restaurant who came to eat without paying, and they settled the bill together at the end of the month.This membership system is similar to that.

Where are you going Li Huifang asked, wiping the sweat off her forehead with her arm.I have something to go out for a while.Li Huifang didn t doubt it, Okay, you go, there are me and your dad in the store.Mom, if there is anything in the store, you can tell A Dong.After a period of time, Adong followed me, and he was able to be alone.Well, Mom understands. Central, Central and Western District, Hong Kong Island.Mr.Mai, I m sorry to keep you waiting for so long.Li Guohao got off the bus, saw Mai Qi waiting outside the bus stop, walked quickly and apologized.It s okay, I just came here not long ago.Mai Qi smiled lightly and shook his head.Which store is there Li Guohao was not polite, so he went straight to the question.That s kana pure cbd gummies right, I came to Central this time to choose a place for the new store.

It s a company like yours that only has one name, and doesn t have kana pure cbd gummies its own company location or printing tools.Chapter 28 Publishing House Purse Bag Company That s very accurate, isn t my publishing house a purse company After listening At Li Guohao s words, Shangguan Xiaobao also shook his head helplessly.Isn t the publishing house he opened is the leather bag company he talked about.If Mr.Li wants to get a serial number by himself, he has to apply for it.This is more troublesome.You can find some specialized companies to do it.But I suggest that Mr.Li better buy one.Now Xiangjiang Publishing House is not in a good mood.If a privately founded company goes bankrupt, you can go for a full acquisition. Acquisition Li Guohao rubbed his chin and thought for a while, after all, it would cost a lot of money to acquire curtis concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies for children a publishing house, and he doesn t have much funds at this stage, basically All used to open new stores.

Now Li Ji opens its full spectrum cbd gummies for pain doors in the morning and closes in the evening every day.The business is endless, and the customers come like kana pure cbd gummies khalifa sisters cbd gummies tinnitus a cloud.The daily turnover has gradually increased, and now I can basically earn nearly 10,000 Hong Kong dollars every day.As for Wing Kee on the opposite side, it is dying day by day.The customers who HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies come here to buy every day are basically old people who are greedy for cheap.Why is the gap so big.This is to compare the current situation of the two stores.Liji s storefront is newly renovated, with all marble floor tiles inside, and the newly pasted strong paper, it looks very clean, and the place where the pastry is made is also separated by a glass wall, which can make people feel at ease about the hygienic condition.As for Wing Kee, it has been in business for many cvs cbd gummies years, and the environment inside the store is comparable to the newly opened Lee Kee.

Okay.By the way, You just said to give me a discount, are you the owner of this store Miao Kexiu recalled the signboard she saw at the door just now, in addition to the four big characters of Palace Dim Sum, there were also two small characters written in the upper left corner, Li Ji.Yes.Li Guohao didn t deny it either.Then why don t you give me free, anyway, we can be considered friends.Miao Kexiu suddenly grimaced and said with a smile.Li Guohao said before that the discount was not free of charge, but he was afraid that he would be suspected of having can cbd gummies help with muscle pain bad intentions just like the last time he met Zhao Yazhi.After hearing what Miao Kexiu said, he nodded and agreed, Yes, you can choose whatever you want.I m treating you.Hee hee, I m just joking, as long as you can give me a discount.Miao Kexiu didn t really want Li Guohao to waive the bill, but she was a little angry in her heart, just now she asked if he was here Going to work, I naively thought that he was just an employee, but I didn t expect him to be the boss.

The child ate everything.Ms.Deng, the wife of the governor of Hong Kong, is also a person who loves dim sum.No, after greeting the guests, she came to the dim sum area to look for the top ten dim sum that Li Ji said.When I came to the refreshment area, I looked at the many empty white plates on the table, and the corners of my mouth trembled indistinctly, before I turned around and chatted with the ladies who came.Before the banquet was over, Li Guohao retreated with Huang He and Sun Dafu.This time, he was at most kana pure cbd gummies a helper in the kitchen, and he was not the personal pastry chef of the Hong Kong Governor s Mansion.There was no need to wait until the banquet was over The next day, early morning.Zhang Dong deliberately bought many different newspapers.The headlines on the front page are basically about the night banquet at the Governor s Mansion.

Choose among the employees.Except for the employees who are in the probationary period, they all have the opportunity to become the store manager.Li Guohao asked Yes, yes.Didn oprah winfrey cbd gummies curtis concentrates cbd gummies t we plan to get a few team leaders before Let s do it together this time Okay, just give the employees some ideas and let them know that promotion can be achieved with hard work.Li Qiang thought for a while.Chapter 58 The stingy TVB Speaking of which, since starting the company, Li Guohao has also been free, running back and forth between the company and the comic publishing house every day, nothing to do, just looking around.It s already the beginning of January, and it will be the Chinese New Year phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy in a month or so.As the end of the year approaches, the business of the pastry shop becomes more and more busy.Everyone is preparing for the new year.

Chapter 59 Copyright Takeaway Then, Mr.Li, what do you mean Wu Guohua asked.Li Guohao sneered and said It s not what I mean, but whether you TVB is sincere to talk about.We sold the broadcasting rights to your TV station at a loss for the first one.If Kung Fu Panda hadn t become a big hit Will you come to talk about the second film Wu Guohua thought for a while, this time TVB executives only gave Wu Guohua a chance to increase the rate, which is 30 , and he will apply for any more.But Wu Guohua, looking at Li Guohao s face at this time, roughly guessed that if the negotiation fails this time, then the second part of Kung Fu Panda might end up in another TV station.I don t have the authority to negotiate prices.Wu Guohua said honestly.In fact, relying on Kung Fu Panda cartoons to make money, Li Guohao has no idea in this regard, he just wants to recover the cost.

Well, I m lucky.A lot of people have come to the store to buy pastries recently.This is not a lie.Since Kung Fu Panda was broadcast on TV, sales have increased.On the other hand, it is Yi Shu s article article.Yi Shu HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies is also very famous among literati, plus she is a woman in the new era, a feminist, and has many readers of female staff.As soon as her article came out, countless female fans rushed to Li Ji Palace Bakery to buy some gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies snacks.Hmm, okay.Li Renzhong suddenly remembered something, and said to Li Dexiao, Dexiao, do you still remember Brother Guan Li Dexiao frowned, thought for a while, and then asked uncertainly Dad, do you Are you talking about Guan Yunfei Li Renzhong said Yeah.Li Dexiao asked Brother Guan is looking for you I called me a few days ago and wanted to ask if I had time to go to his shop recently, and I said I would An old man became lazy, so he declined and said that he didn t want to go there, but your senior brother Guan told me that there seemed to be something wrong in his shop, and he wanted me to go over and help.

Li Guohao followed behind.I took a look at the restaurant.It is very traditional, it is a very ordinary restaurant, all wooden tables and chairs, a bit like the layout of some old fashioned restaurants that appeared in Hong Kong movies in the 1980s.Guan Qi, Guan Qi, come here quickly After Guan Yunfei led the two of them to sit down, he yelled at the back kitchen.Come here A young man walked out from the back kitchen.She was quite handsome, but she was wearing a dirty chef s coat, which made her look a bit sloppy.Guan Qi held a spoon in his hand and asked, Dad, why did you call me Guan Yunfei introduced This is my master Li Renzhong, quickly kneel down and kana pure cbd gummies call Master.Master Guan Qi glanced at Li Renzhong who was sitting there, knelt down honestly and shouted.Be good, be good.Li Renzhong had never seen Guan Qi before, and this was the first time he had seen Guan Qi, so he took out a big red envelope from his inner pocket and handed it to Guan Qi, Come on, Guan Qi, isn t it, the first time Master sees you I will give you a big red envelope.

In fact, Li Guohao was planning to come here to check the situation himself, and went to the Department of Health for consultation, but Li Qiang considered that Li Guohao s age might make people worry, so he asked him to bring the people in the store back to the company first.After all, the pastry shop has been called to suspend business at this time, and it doesn t make much sense for people to stay.Just now I greeted the people from Li s TV station and asked them not to report this matter for the time being.Xie Honghe wiped the sweat from his cheeks.Broadcast this message.Even if Li s TV station doesn t broadcast it, TVB will still broadcast it.Li Qiang frowned and said, This hygiene problem must be caused by someone, otherwise how could the Department of Health and TVB come here so quickly.

It really makes me work as a chef in a restaurant.What else can I do besides being a helper I haven t learned much about your cooking skills.Li Dexiao has self knowledge.When he was learning cooking from the old man, he spent three days fishing and two days drying the nets.He didn t even learn the basics.Apart from a little family cooking, he basically didn t know anything about the hard dishes in restaurants.Won t.Even if it is fired, it is just a shame.Seeing the father and son quarreling, Li Huifang consoled her, Dad, the tea restaurant s business is still good, there s no need to ask De Xiao to go to Senior Brother Guan, besides, Ah Hao is just an investment, and the real ownership of the restaurant is still Senior Brother Guan s.As soon as the words came out, everyone became silent.With a bang, the door was opened, and Li Guohao pulled out the key and walked in.

In addition, the second part of Kung Fu Panda is broadcast on Li s TV station, which kana pure cbd gummies attracts some people s attention even more. get off harrelson cbd gummies work.Li Guohao went upstairs and arrived at the door of his house.When he was about to open the door, he suddenly heard someone talking.Huifang, let me tell you that stocks are very keoni cbd gummies amazon profitable now.You see, I invested 30,000 yuan in it a year ago, and now I have earned 2,000 yuan.How long has it been I am planning to invest all my savings Go to the stock market.A fat middle aged woman recommended to Li Huifang standing on a public balcony not far away.Li Huifang felt hot when she heard that she had earned 2,000 yuan in just over half a month, HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies but she knew nothing about stocks kana pure cbd gummies and had never touched them before, so she hesitated and said, Yes, but I don t understand stocks.

Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads and looked at the manuscript in their hands.Franchise business model.The franchisee model, I believe readers should be aware of it, is a way to pay the franchise fee, and then the company will send a special person to help you open the store.Start by looking for a storefront and analyze whether the location is profitable.Some powerful companies can accurately analyze the average daily revenue of the selected store.After that is to guide the decoration, machinery, production and baking technology.Clatter In an instant, the sound of paper flipping sounded in the meeting room.Li Guohao leaned over to Li Qiang and asked, Brother Qiang, do you buy stocks What Do you want to buy stocks Li Qiang replied in a low voice.Well, I have a certain way to make money, but I always feel a little scared.

Indeed, the Xiangjiang stock market at this time is simply not too profitable The fat aunt who talked about stocks with Li Huifang before, heard from her mother that recently the fat aunt is going kana pure cbd gummies to buy a store on Nathan Road.All the money is earned from the stock market, and she eats some expensive ingredients such as abalone and bird s nest.Li Guohao wanted to call Li Qiang together when he sold it.Thinking about it, it shouldn t be a big problem, so he said, Just remember it.By the way, has the franchisee agreed on when to open Li Qiang shook his head Not yet.Everyone thinks that the day they choose is an auspicious day, and they will make money when they open their doors.This has been a stalemate for several days.After the decoration is completed, we will take advantage of the opening on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, and kana pure cbd gummies I will contact Li TV Station and Ming Pao to interview and promote it.

When he was young, he wanted to fly, so he would not be willing to be a cook, but after so many years, he realized that it is not that simple for a person to fly.Grandpa, I want to re open our family s signboard in Xiangjiang, what do you think Re open the restaurant Li Renzhong stood up excitedly when he heard this.Speaking of which, the ancestral restaurant was defeated by Li Renzhong, and he has been brooding about it for so many years.The older generation pays attention to something, that is, the ancestral kana pure cbd gummies family business must not be sold.Back then, the country was in turmoil, internal and external troubles, and selling the ancestral property was a last resort.Li Renzhong also used this reason to comfort himself, but there was always a knot in his heart, he always cbd gummies trader felt that he was ashamed of his ancestors, and he might not be able to explain to his ancestors after death.

Very cheap.Li Guohao reached into his pocket, and when he reached for the wallet, he suddenly remembered that he had given all the money to Master Dong, and now he was penniless, so he asked Zhao Yazhi in embarrassment Ah Zhi, do you have any money I gave all my money to that Taoist just now.Let me see.Zhao Yazhi handed the porcelain bowl to Li Guohao, opened her small backpack, rummaged through it, found three coins after a long time, handed it to Grandma and said, Grandma Here it is.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi paid the money, grandma took it with a smile, and then said to Li Guohao earnestly, You guys work hard.Haha Hearing what grandma said, Zhao Yazhi couldn t be happier.On the way back, Zhao Yazhi also kept imitating her grandmother s words and said Young people work hard Haha After finishing speaking, one person laughed smirkly.

The only airport in HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies Hong Kong, Kai Tak Airport.Palace Pastry also has a branch here.I got information from the branch store, saying that the sales of pastries have increased significantly recently.The sales of ordinary pastries are very good, but the best is the snow skin moon cake.Not only the branch at Kai Tak 25mg cbd gummies full spectrum Airport, but also other directly operated branches of the company, as well as franchised stores have received information that the sales of pastries have increased significantly recently, the most notable being the snow skin mooncakes, which big guys have never eaten before.A new type of moon cake.The taste is not only refreshing but not greasy, especially if it is only eaten under refrigeration, the taste is the best.Li Guohao also specially added an extra cabinet refrigerator to each store.

Ignoring the girl, Zhu Qiaomei glanced at the mooncake in her hand.Pure white It s really novel, Zhu Qiaomei has never eaten white mooncakes, and most of the mooncakes in the past are golden yellow.She took a bite, but before she could swallow it, Zhu Qiaomei s eyes widened instantly, and there was only one thought in her mind, which was that it was so delicious.In this scene, not only Zhu Qiaomei s magazine appeared, but most of Xiangjiang s magazines also had the same situation.Even major newspapers have them, whether it is Ming Pao, Xindao Daily, Dongfang Daily, or some small newspapers with only a few thousand copies, they all received ice skin mooncakes specially sent by Li Guohao.That s right, this is one of Li Guohao s propaganda methods.Because simply advertising in one newspaper, or multiple newspapers, is actually not very meaningful.

Li Guohao subconsciously picked up the phone nearby, only to hear a voice from the other end of the phone Hello, I m looking for Manager Wang.Manager Wang is looking for you.Li Guohao handed the phone to Wang Zhenzhen.Wang Zhenzhen took the phone and put it next to her ear, then said with a smile on her face, We have already calculated the amount here, has HSBC calculated it Yes, 2,286,720 yuan.I see, you can save it over there.From now on, keep the deposit slip and bring it to the company later.Yes, I see.After Wang Zhenzhen instructed a few more words, she hung up the phone.Li Guohao asked A call from HSBC Well, when I made a deposit earlier, I asked Xiao Xie from the finance department to go over and told me that the money from HSBC had been calculated and deposited into our company account.

Ahao, where are we going Zhao Yazhi had just returned from the orphanage when she was stopped by Li Guohao and called away.Speaking of which, since becoming the manager of the charity department, Zhao Yazhi has been quite leisurely, and she was not required to go to the orphanage every day, but she was the only one in the charity department, and she had nothing else to do, so she often went to The welfare home helps.Take you to try on clothes.Li Guohao said with a smile as he took Zhao Yazhi s hand and got into the taxi.Trying kana pure cbd gummies dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg clothes Zhao Yazhi shook her head and said, You don t need to buy clothes for me.I have a lot of clothes, and now I m either in the company or going to the orphanage.There s no need to buy those beautiful clothes.No, you can figure it out after the past. Oh.Soon.The taxi came to Tsim Sha Tsui and stopped in front of a tailor shop.

It was like a different person.It was so beautiful that even she was addicted to it.Wait for two days, that Master Zhong Having said that, I will step up to help you make it overnight.Li Guohao was also very satisfied, no, very satisfied with the dress that Zhao Yazhi wore before, which perfectly reflected all her advantages The eyeballs almost fell off on the spot.There are still two days I really want kana pure cbd gummies to wear it again.Zhao Yazhi was a little annoyed, why the dress was a bit out of shape with her, otherwise kana pure cbd gummies I would have bought it today.Don t worry, you can wear it for as long as you want in two days time Li Guohao said with a smile.At the end, he suddenly remembered Li s mother s order before, hesitated for a while and asked tentatively Azhi, do you have time recently how Zhao Yazhi asked blankly.

After returning from Zhang Dong s wedding ceremony last night, a former college classmate of mine called me and asked me if Xiangjiang had a palace pastry It turned out that Warner sent someone to Xiangjiang to talk to Li Guohao a few months ago.After discussing the European and American copyright of Kung Fu Panda , after obtaining the authorization, a simultaneous translation was carried out in the United States very quickly.In addition to translating Chinese into English, some details have been dealt with, and the animation is the same.Fortunately, when Li Guohao asked Shangguan Xiaobao and others to draw Kung Fu Panda , the style was very similar to the original ones of later generations.Although it was not up to that level in cartoons, it was almost the same as that of later generations in comic books.

This is my classmate in Australia, Zhang Nana, are cbd gummies safe for heart patients kana pure cbd gummies who is now working in a food company in San Francisco.Hello, Miss Zhang.Li Guohao smiled and called Hello.Zhang Nana held out her hand and shook it, Hi, Mr.Li.Okay, let s talk later.Li Qiang clapped his hands and gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies said, Let s go back quickly. On the way to Chinatown.Looking at the streets of the United States in the 1970s, I have to sigh that San Francisco is indeed one of the top cities in the United HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies States.The development of urban transportation is completely the same as that of later generations.The only change may be that it looks a bit old, kana pure cbd gummies and it is still asphalt roads.After looking at the street scene for a while, he felt a little bored.Li Guohao approached Huang He in a low voice, and asked, cbd edible gummies bears candies bag What kana pure cbd gummies is the relationship between this Zhang Nana and Manager Li I think they are very close.

Many ghosts like to come to Changji for Chinese food.Do you like Chinese food Huang He asked in surprise.Li Qiang rolled his eyes at him What do you think It s like steak, ghosts like to eat it, don t you like it kana pure cbd gummies Besides, Changji, for the ghosts who came to eat, the taste of the dishes is different from what we eat.Li Guohao remembered that he read information on the Internet before, saying that most of the Chinese food in foreign countries is sweet, and rarely spicy or salty.At this moment, he also asked curiously What kind of taste Sweet Anyway, you I can t eat it.Li Qiang thought of the magic modified scrambled eggs with tomatoes that he had eaten before, and felt a little scary.Um, alright.Li Guohao shrugged helplessly.It was a bit weird just thinking about sugar in a dish.A few people chatted for a while about interesting things in the United States recently.

But after increasing the amount of sugar, the taste has changed too much.It s exactly like the two kinds of dim sum we made.Huang He gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies shook his head and said.Li Guohao asked Haven t you considered combining western and mid point People s Chinese restaurants know how to cook Chinese food curtis concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies for children for those beautiful people Huang He looked embarrassed.In fact, Li Guohao mentioned this Chinese and Western food to him a long time ago.When he combined this matter, he was already working on it.Before he came to the United States, the technical department also recruited a pastry chef who knew pastries.But before it started, he was sent to the United States.If you want to refute it, think about it or forget it.Li Guohao pondered for a moment, then shook his head and said, Forget it, Huang He and Chen Zhipeng, you guys come with me to the baking room.

If you make solid fillings , then it s not called popping mochi. I know that.By the way, Chairman, what other popping cookies did you just say Huang He asked.Well, next I ll teach you how to make poppy cookies, which are similar to mochi. After teaching the popping mochi and popping cookies to Huang He and the others, Li Guohao also followed Li Qiang to the rented house.He just got off the plane in the morning, and he drove for another hour or two.In the afternoon, he taught everyone how to make pastries , and a little tired.Looking at the very American style room, he had no intention of admiring it.Instead, as soon as he changed hands, he threw away the suitcase in his hand, lay on the white sofa, and sighed, I m so tired.Li Qiang saw Li Guohao lying on the sofa Taking a break, he also shook his head with a wry smile.

More than 500,000 people came to participate.It s crazy 500,000 people attended the music festival Li Guohao was taken aback by this number.In his arthritis chronic pain cbd gummies for pain previous life, except for one or two big promotions in shopping malls, he saw thousands of people rushing into the shopping malls, and thousands of people doing morning exercises in high school, he really never saw it.Thousands of people gathered together, let alone half a million people That s the world of hippies I don t like hippies, I like rock and roll Zhang Nana made a common V shape gesture for taking pictures.That s not bad.I also like rock music.Li Qiang smiled.rock The bewildered Li Guohao was taken by two people to the temporary music venue Somewhere in the park.As soon as he got out of the car, Li Guohao glanced kana pure cbd gummies dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg around the venue, there were only about a hundred scattered people, and most of them looked relatively young, probably gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies either students or young people who had kana pure cbd gummies just started working for a long time.

A small diamond, with the help of a ray of sunlight, reveals a little reflected light, which is very beautiful.As long as you like it, it s not in vain.I ran for several blocks to choose such a necklace that matches you very well.Li Guohao stepped forward and put his arms around Zhao Yazhi, and said Just now I saw you were busy, what are you busy with It s nothing.Zhao Yazhi rubbed her hands, found a comfortable position in Li Guohao s arms and leaned against her and said, There are a few new orphanages recently, so let me help calculate the number of pastries to be donated every day. Ok Hearing that there were several more, instead of the Mingguang Welfare Institute just seen, Li Guohao asked Why Are there many welfare homes in Xiangjiang Zhao Yazhi nodded and said I didn t know it before.

The names of both restaurants are Shaxian Snacks , but they have completely different tastes in terms of food appearance and taste.Of course, it can be said that it is to take care of the local taste, but in fact, the two stores have no connection at all.Well, it may be called Shaxian Snack Bar uniformly.When it comes to opening a chain store, Li Guohao thinks of Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast food restaurant chain that he has eaten before.Whether he eats it in his hometown or in Canton, when he serves it, he may find that the taste is basically different except for the dishes and chopsticks.are exactly the same After eating, he chatted with his family for a while, and walked out of the store.Li Guohao didn t rush to go to the company.Instead, he found a car and went back to the new house, took a shower, and changed a set of clothes before going.

At this time, the camera hidden in the dark of the crowd was directly facing Li Guohao and the garbage bug, and the female reporter next to her was holding a microphone in her hand, reading the narration and saying Everyone saw it just now, a A young man in a suit who looked gentle dropped a piece of garbage on the ground, and the garbage bug who likes garbage is right next to him.Now, we will send a cleaning team to arrest the evil garbage bug and litter Garbage people.The female reporter just finished speaking.I saw a group of garbage cleaning brigades dispatched by the government that had been ready to go, the hula la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies la la la la la la la la la la group rushed forward, one by one with brooms and dustpans in their hands.And Li Guohao, who was looking at the garbage bug, noticed that there was a strange business nearby, and looked sideways, and saw seven or eight people rushing towards him with brooms in hand.

Walking into the western restaurant, I glanced at the clock on the wall.It was already past seven o clock.The two were led to a corner by the waiter, ordered two steaks and a bottle of red wine, and chatted about the latest interesting things.At this time , a TV set hanging on the ceiling of the western restaurant is broadcasting the news of Jade Channel.Garbage bugs are very happy, follow our lens to see the phenomenon of uncivilized littering.After the news anchor finished speaking, the screen on the TV changed.Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi happened to watch it at this time.Li Guohao s figure appeared on the TV.Haha, Ah Hao, you are on TV It s so embarrassing to be on TV with the garbage bug Zhao Yazhi saw that the person on the TV was Li cbd oil gummies nj convenience store oprah winfrey cbd gummies curtis concentrates cbd gummies Guohao, burst out laughing, pointed at the TV and laughed.

Well, I thought so too, it s just TVB s There are not many shares, and if I use Shaw s resources to help the TV station, I always feel a little twisted.Fang Yihua said Sixth brother, although the movie market is very good recently, I always think that the TV station is the future development trend, you see From its opening in 1968 to the present, the income of the TV station has gradually increased every year.On the contrary, the movies made by the Shaw Brothers have made losses and profits.I think Brother Six should spend more time on the TV station.Shao Daheng nodded Or We have kana pure cbd gummies to work both ways, recently I was cbd subkingual vs gummy discussing the transfer of shares with the people from Lijia, so let s see what their quotation is.Sixth brother Really kana pure cbd gummies Fang Yihua was pleasantly surprised when he heard it.Daheng Shao said with a smile That s right, the people from Lijia intend to sell the shares of the TV station, and I m ready to take over.

Uncle Zhang finished speaking on his own, and left suddenly on his motorcycle.Okay.After Uncle Zhang cbd gummies dave portnoy left, Li Guohao glanced at the names on the flower baskets in front of his shop, most of them were sent by the neighbors.Give me a dry fried beef river I said buddy, why is my fried rice not ready yet Have a cup of lemon tea Hurry up, I m going to work soon.Okay, okay, don t rush It ll be ready soon.Your fried rice.Would you like a cup of kana pure cbd gummies iced lemon tea As soon as I entered the store, I saw that it was full of customers.Some rushed to serve food, some just came to order, and some left after paying their bills and still feeling full after eating and drinking.How many people is this gentleman At this time, a waiter wearing a suit with the word Li Ji on it had memorized the other person s dishes, and was about to go to the back kitchen to report the menu, when he happened to meet Li Guohao who came in.

Ah Shui immediately walked in from the front and took away the fried Ushikawa carried it up.Li Renzhong asked when he was washing the sink beside the cauldron, By the way, Ah Hao, why hasn t that girl from the Zhao family brought you home for dinner recently Oh, Ah Zhi is busy with work.I m busy with work, so forget it.If you have time, remember to call people back for dinner, do you hear me Yes, I see. In the afternoon, in a teahouse box.Mr.Jin Jiashi, right Li Guohao looked at the man in front of him and asked with a smile.Yes, Mr.Li, you are much younger than I imagined.I always thought that the headhunting company recommended me to a mature middle aged man, but I didn t expect to be a young talent.Jin Jiashi laughed replied.Jin Jiashi is almost fifty years old.In the early years, he had been doing transportation in various countries in Southeast Asia.

Later, he started a shipping company with his friends, and was finally bought by Bao Daheng, and he went to deal with the import and export of raw materials.Mr.Jin is very polite.I read your profile in kana pure cbd gummies the headhunting company.I am very curious.No matter where you go, I believe that people like you will get the best treatment.Why did you come to my food raw material company that has not yet been established Supply company Jin Jiashi can be regarded as a manager in terms of experience and work experience.No matter which company he applies for, he will definitely be directly promoted to the position of senior management.You must know that the other party has been in contact with People from all walks of life, even Bao Daheng bought shipping from him in the early years.Mr.Li is over the award.Speaking of which, I have always been a failure.

The part of the stock market of Xiangjiang Antenna acquired on the Internet also has a lot of shares in Landmark.Everyone knows that Hongkong Land s acquisition of Milk Company has become a certainty, and there are no problems.When Hongkong Land acquires Milk Company, the stock price will definitely show an explosive growth.Li Guohao looked at the newspaper news of the day, and saw that the headline on the front page was Successfully Drinking Milk , which means that Landmark has successfully acquired the milk company.The stock price of Landmark Real Estate once soared to more than 300 yuan that day.It seems that the stock market crash is only a few days away.Li Guohao said in a deep voice while holding a newspaper.Dong Dong Before Li Guohao could say a few words of emotion, he heard the knock on the office door.

a week later.The Hang Seng Index fell to around 1000 points.The stocks bought by countless people have been reduced to waste paper, and the paper is too hard to wipe their buttocks gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies and it is easy to hurt their flesh.Stock Exchange.Watching the operator rewrite the Hang Seng Index in front of the blackboard, from 1100 points, in just ten minutes, it has been changed more than 20 times, and each time it is lower, lower Finally, before the market closed today, the Hang Seng Index fell below the 1,000 point mark and reached 998 points.Someone looked at the tragic situation before the market closed today, couldn t help crying, and shouted It s over It s over for him Sell it if it rises a little bit, sell it if it rises a little bit No, no, it s impossible, impossible Hundreds of people knelt on the ground, looking at the HSI 998 points today in pain, thinking Hurry up and sell stocks When it continues to fall tomorrow, I m afraid these stocks will really become waste paper Finally, someone came to his senses first, and after yelling, he immediately ran to the trading window of the stock exchange, thinking about selling the stocks quickly to recover a little loss.

It is better to directly find a well known local rich man or The big family will hand over the authority of the general agent to them to handle.They only need to charge a brand fee, and the money for the supply of raw materials is enough.By the way, they can also sell the products of their own food processing factory to Southeast Asia.Why not kana pure cbd gummies dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg do it.Well, I ll mention it to them.Ni Xingqing nodded and asked again What about HSBC Bank and Bao Daheng s big stocks Li Guohao thought for a while and said, I ll deal with it.Okay.That night , Ni Xingqing packed his luggage and set off for Singapore.At this time, Xiangjiang s stock price continued to fall next morning.Li Guohao invited Shen Bi to have morning tea together.A teahouse somewhere.Mr.Li asked me to come out for morning tea so early.Could it be that he is planning to return the previous 70 million loan to me Shen Bi took a sip of strong tea, put down his cup and asked with a smile.

Shen Bi of HSBC also gave a clear message.Although Shen Bi is now only a manager of the head office and has far less power than the later chairman of HSBC, he still has a little authority to buy and sell bank stocks.In addition, Shen Bi knows the high level , Applying that the stock market is not good now, in order to reduce losses, the bank sells some stocks that are obviously going to fall as soon as possible.This is similar to the situation when Li Chaoren bought Hutchison shares later, all of which were operated by borrowing some regulatory uncertainties from the bank.HSBC Bank has a 17 stake in Nanshun, and Li Guohao spent more than 60 million to get it.Compared with Yingjia s 30 million to buy 7 of the shares, the 17 of HSBC s shares is almost a special price.For this reason, Li Guohao invited Shen Bi to have a big meal at Yung Kee Restaurant, and thanked him very much.

You will go to the stock exchange to submit an offer to acquire Nanshun in the afternoon.I have prepared the acquisition kana pure cbd gummies plan a long time ago.Come here this time.Just to tell you.Ni Xingqing nodded.Jin Jiashi said next to him I asked some friends to publish some articles in newspapers, and they all agreed.That s good, I hope these newspapers will appear on the market as soon as possible.It s a downturn in the stock market.The stock market crash continued, and the Hang Seng Index also fell to more than 400, falling almost every day.Big companies need a little more.The impact of the stock market crash kana pure cbd gummies on them is at most a decline in personal and market value, but some small companies are different, and many of them have already fallen and stopped the market.For example, Xiangjiang Antenna, as early as the first time the stock market crash broke out, there was nothing to fall.

I m sorry everyone, Gouzi has not been in a good mood recently and said some nonsense.I hope you don t take it to heart Xu Deming is exhausted physically and mentally, please everyone.Although the Xu family has been getting closer to the people of the Jardine Group, it is only close.If He kana pure cbd gummies Gambling King and him just got in touch, the Jardine people may not help him to offend the other party.When Li Guohao heard this, he also understood that Xu Deming obviously wanted him and others not to tell the He family what Xu Guanghe said just now.After thinking about it, he said with a smile Chairman Xu, I think I came this time The purpose is self evident.Xu Deming said with a gloomy face Since Mr.Li has already acquired half of the shares, why is he being aggressive This is a company I founded by myself, and it took more than 20 years to achieve such I don t want to lose it Chairman Xu, oh, no, maybe we can only call you that today Li Guohao smiled and said, It s something we made up early on to delist Nansun.

After all, it was He Chaoying himself who led Li Guohao to acquire Bao Daheng s shares at that time Now the newspaper said it was a wholly owned acquisition and would apply for delisting in the near future It is conceivable that this is something that can only be done by spending at least a few hundred million in cash.Aying At this time, He Daheng came down from the second floor.What s the matter, Dad He Qianjin asked.I heard that you have shares in that palace pastry Hmm What is your relationship with that Li Guohao It s just ordinary friends And he already has a girlfriend.He Qianjin couldn t hear what his father said Meaning, frankly stated that Li Guohao has a girlfriend.That s it He Daheng thought for a while and said, There will be an event in a few days, since you know him, invite him to come and have fun.

Brother Zheng, I know this.Just do what you want.Real estate is always connected with some kind of community, whether it is now or in the future.Since Zheng Jiachun said these words, it means that he has connections with these gang members, maybe as he said, it is a meal for the wild dogs on the roadside.Well, you don t have to worry too much about this matter.The taxes you pay are not in vain.Those police officers are still somewhat useful now.The darkest years in oprah winfrey cbd gummies curtis concentrates cbd gummies Xiangjiang were before 1971.It was the time when Li Guohao traveled through time, and he pinched it very well.If he had made money a few years earlier, he might have attracted some people s attention.In the later years, the market share has already been occupied, and it is not as simple as it is now to HCMUSSH kana pure cbd gummies enter.I also chatted with Zheng Jiachun about the Jockey Club event the day after tomorrow, which is commonly known as the annual banquet for the top tycoons.

He Gambling King was at the same table, and now there were only three people left, Zheng Yutong and Huo Daheng.Several people were chatting, talking about the current sluggish economy of Xiangjiang and the future development trend.Zheng Yutong suddenly said Brother He and Brother Huo, have you heard What did you hear The two were puzzled.Britain sent a group of people to Xiangjiang, it is said that it is because of corruption.Isn t that what you are talking about Daheng Huo asked with his eyes brightened.He Gambler also frowned and said This time it must be serious, you know that there is almost no government official in Xiangjiang who is not bribed Zheng Yutong shrugged his shoulders and said with a light smile Whatever, anyway These things don t delay us from getting rich, but it s just troublesome, and it won t be so easy to get land in the future.

As for Yu Weicheng who is acting as the driver, he is also a person with similar personality to Chen Sheng, he is more introverted, but he is a little more active than Chen Sheng, and occasionally he will take the initiative to chat with Li Guohao while driving.soon.ten minutes later.They arrived at the private villa that Li Guohao bought.There were several servants standing at the door, all of them were introduced by Li Guohao through a nanny agency, all of them were locals from Xiangjiang, and no Filipino servants from wealthy families were used.The door is opened.Three cars drove in slowly.Chen Sheng opened the door first and got out of the car.After quickly looking at the surrounding environment, he also came to the back and opened the rear door.Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi s hand and got out of the car, and Li Dexiao and others got out of the car in unison after seeing this.

Master.A woman in her fifties, with a strong body, can be seen to be an expert at work.It is true that she has worked in the nanny industry for more than 30 years.Working in a big family, every employer who hires her is very satisfied with the other s job.I said that Aunt Zhang doesn t need to call me young master, just call me boss.Li Guohao glanced helplessly at Aunt Zhang, the nanny in front of him.She was good kana pure cbd gummies at everything, but there was one shortcoming, that is, he liked to call his employer Young Master, which is a bad habit of the old society.How to call it.Aunt Zhang grinned, revealing a pair of white teeth.She looks average, neither ugly nor beautiful., I just gurgled with water every day, or wiped it with something.But later, when an employer saw that her teeth were yellow and looked disgusting, she also dismissed Aunt Zhang.

Without me Order no one to stand up, kana pure cbd gummies otherwise don t blame me There were seven people micro cbd gummies in this operation, except Brother Qiang and a younger brother who drove a van and followed Li Guohao s car, there were four people here, and one person was On a secluded wharf in Kowloon, where there is a dilapidated diesel boat.For the kidnapping of Li Guohao this time, they have already prepared complete countermeasures.As long as Li Guohao himself can be caught, a group of people will sail across the sea to the slums of Macau for a few days, and then they will call Li Guohao s home or company, let them prepare the ransom.Damn it, who told you to shoot Raptor walked over quickly with a submachine gun and a gun in his arms, slapped Vietnam Boy, and cursed angrily.Vietnam boy was slapped in the face and the whole person was stunned.

After a brief look, the general content is that the hero is a pastry chef, and he fell in love with the boss s daughter, but he never had the courage to speak up.Then one day the TV station held an event called Cake Contest.The boss wanted to sign up to participate, and the plot after that was the same as most movies, defeating the rival actor to win the championship, and having kana pure cbd gummies a family reunion with the boss s daughter whom he had a crush on.It s okay.Li Guohao can understand the general content of the script, and he can also outline the general plot of the movie in his mind, but it s too much for Mary Sue, but thinking about it, movies in this era are basically such men and women The happy ending of the protagonists together is also relieved.Really I originally thought it would be the same as Xu Guanwen s movie, with some comedic effect, but I don t know much about it.

As the favorite racing event in western countries, this competition really reached the point where tens of thousands of people cheered Time passed quietly.A few days passed in a flash.Soon came the pastry competition.Pastry items are divided into dim sum, candy, and cake making.After the three items are completed, they will be placed on kana pure cbd gummies the display stands of the contestants.The contest party gave three days to make these dim sum.The main purpose of the International Skills Olympics is to focus on the word skills.I don t pay are cbd gummies safe for heart patients kana pure cbd gummies much attention to kana pure cbd gummies whether the pasta tastes delicious, because there are more than 30 countries participating, and each country has different tastes, so at the beginning A standard has been established, which is to score according to appearance and skills.To put it simply, as long as you make it good looking, it doesn t matter whether it tastes good or not.

Yeah, every time I come back from the flight, I still feel comfortable in Xiangjiang.Zhao Yazhi smiled when she recalled her previous experience as a flight attendant.When mentioning the airport, Li Guohao thought of something that Zhao Yazhi told him before, and he also asked By the way, Ah Zhi, diamond cbd gummies with melatonin when we first arrived in the UK, didn t you tell me that the airport seemed to be changing the supplier of the plane meal It should be, I also heard it from my former colleagues.Chapter 264 Everyone is changing back to Xiangjiang It s already mid April, and I stayed in England for almost six days, and almost visited most of the scenic spots in London After going around, he also bought a lot of gifts.In addition to some gifts from his parents, Li Guohao also gave Zhang Dong the Rolex watch he bought.

On the contrary, the business of franchise stores in Southeast Asia is booming.After the animation version of Kung Fu Panda was broadcast overseas, the business of the palace pastry shop is also increasing day by day.In addition to brand value, excellent quality is also one of the reasons for the business improvement Guohao Lam Soon s business in Xiangjiang has not expanded much, because it is almost monopolized.Even if the economy is affected, although it is not much.However, because of the popularity of palace pastries in Southeast Asia, the Southeast Asian business that was abandoned by Nansun has gradually grown, and branches have been reopened in Thailand and Malaysia.At present, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, four relatively large countries in Southeast Asia, have opened branch businesses.

Waiting for all kinds of rumors.But in fact, the most true, or generally accepted cause of death is drug allergy.Noit s impossible Li Guohao glanced at the calendar on the bedside table, and it was July 15th.Thinking of the day when Bruce Lee passed away in later generations, it should be July 20th.He has been thinking about how to save this day.I am a king of kung fu, go directly to the other party and say that you are sick, I am afraid that Bruce Lee will drive him away directly.Originally planned kana pure cbd gummies to invite Bruce Lee to come out for a sit down on July 19, after all, the two are old acquaintances, although the relationship is average , but I think the other party should give me a face.But why was Bruce Lee sent to the hospital for rescue several days earlier Could it be the so called butterfly effect What is impossible Shangguan Xiaobao was confused.

They joined as consultants for the time being.Li Guohao nodded, thinking that they were all here to make extra money.Jingle Bell There was a rush of phone calls.You go out first, and get the market research done as soon as possible.yes.After Di Yimin went out, Li Guohao also answered the phone, Hello, that one Chairman, I, Li Qiang. how Li Guohao didn t expect that it was Li Qiang who called, and asked, Is there something wrong with the company I just received a call oprah winfrey cbd gummies curtis concentrates cbd gummies kana pure cbd gummies saying that there is a serious shortage of people in yum yum cbd gummies the Southeast Asia Franchise Department, asking if we can send some people there.Chapter 279 Start a pastry school Lack of people Who is missing Li Guohao was stunned.Lack of pastry chefs Li Qiang said with a little excitement in his words, Xiong Yi called me just now, saying that there are now more than 100 people from Southeast Asia who have applied to join our palace pastry.

Ah Wen, go and get the equipment.Li Guohao asked Zhang Bowen who was on the side.Yes.Zhang Bowen went out, Zheng Jiachun said, Ah Hao, you really have a lot of people here, there are at least dozens of people along the way just now Well, more or less.As you know, what happened before, I had to get some security.Li Guohao smiled lightly.The total number of Guohao security guards is now almost more than 130 people.Except for more than 110 security guards, the rest are chefs and some handymen.These people have been eating Li Guohao for more than two months.It s time for nothing.This time I brought Zheng Jiachun here, on the one hand, I wanted to see how this place is doing, and on the other hand, I wanted to partner kana pure cbd gummies dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg with Zheng Jiachun and the others on this project.So many people are working here I don t think your place is very big, it seems that there is no need for so many people.

Zheng Jiachun clapped his hands.He was also having a good time today.In the cooperation with Li Guohao just now, the group of people in front of me are the best members to join the membership, and they also want to talk about it at night.Okay, there s something to play again Go, hurry up and wash.A group of people rushed up.Xiao Bai said, Brother Zheng, then I ll go up and take a shower first.Well, let s go.Zheng Jiachun nodded calmly.In fact, he was still a little upset.He meant that Ah San was standing at the door before.If Xiao Bai was a person who knew the current affairs, he would go to another office kana pure cbd gummies next door to stay first, instead of making a scene at the door.Seeing Xiao Bai who was going up the stairs gradually disappear into the stairs, Zheng Jiachun shook his head and said softly, Xiao Bai is a young master with a temper.

What do you want me to do Li Guohao looked at Ni Xingqing sitting on the chair in front of him.The affairs of the club have been settled, this is the contract.As Li Guohao s personal financial advisor, Ni Xingqing is often helping Li Guohao manage investment matters, just like he worked with Zheng Jiachun to open a hotel before, this time it is also Ni Xingqing who is operating.It s done so quickly Didn t you say that you are still discussing the club s specific plan Li Guohao looked at the contract in his hand in surprise.This matter has been discussed for half a month.Although the three bosses are very happy to cooperate, the people below are still busy fighting for the interests of the bosses.Not really What kind of shares or others are mainly curtis concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies for children due to some plans of the club, such as where the money is invested, and whether to set up a company to manage the club.

The movie Enter the Dragon It was filmed in Hollywood, Bruce Lee was very upset, but there is no way, if you want to break into the American market, you must shoot according to the American aesthetics.Now Enter the Dragon is in a sluggish box office in Hong Kong, and we can only hope that the film will be popular internationally.It s a big deal.Seeing Bruce Lee s decadent expression, Li Guohao sighed endlessly.Thinking back to the first time I saw Bruce Lee the year before last, his high spirited kana pure cbd gummies look like no one else was mesmerizing, and now the decadence is gloomy.Oh.Li Xiaolong hesitated to speak, and finally, he let it out in a foul breath.Actually, Brother Xiaolong, you can try to complete the concept of martial arts you proposed.jeet kune do.Looking at the decadent appearance of the once all powerful idol, Li Guohao said with some unbearable heart.

Jeet Kune Do Li Sheng, you know it too.Bruce Lee smiled.Of course, I m a dragon fan Li Guohao followed with a smile and said Some concepts put forward by Jeet Kune Do are very advanced, and it is blunt to say that there must be a place in the future fighting world Li Guohao knows that the mixed martial arts of later generations are uly cbd gummies for sale based on the extension of the concept of Jeet Kune Do proposed by Bruce Lee.I ve always wanted to perfect the concept of Jeet Kune Do, but I didn t have the time in the past, but now I think there should be a lot kana pure cbd gummies of time.Bruce Lee smiled bitterly.Don t think so.Li Guohao said with a serious tone Brother Xiaolong, you will definitely succeed in the future.Even if you don t make movies, you can become a master of the generation Well, boxing is popular in the United States now, and they don t pay much attention neurogan cbd gummies to the concept of mixed martial arts.

Li Guohao made his fortune through pastries, and is often called the pastry king oprah winfrey cbd gummies curtis concentrates cbd gummies by the public.Don t look at the humble name, but in fact, someone who can be called a certain king must be a remarkable person.Hmm.Isn t he not cooperating with our TVB What s the matter Li Guohao and Li s TV station have conflicts If you come to discuss business, there is a reason to refuse.Then I understand.Fang Yihua pursed his lips.By the way, the Miss Xiangjiang Contest will officially start in a few days.You send someone to invite Li Guohao to participate.Ah He may not gummy rings cbd be willing.How will you know if you don t try the next day.Li Guohao had breakfast at the villa, and was about to take a car to go to the company.He heard Li s mother said that Ah Zhi would come to the house for dinner at night, and nodded in agreement.

Although many newspapers and TV stations in Hong Kong have been tracking and reporting the events in the Middle East, due to technical reasons, the news will always come a day or kana pure cbd gummies two late.Li Guohao wanted to go to the United States early to wait for the opportunity.After selecting several English speaking bodyguards with Zhang Bowen, Li Guohao returned to his office, and just sat down when he heard the phone ring.Hello President, I, Shangguan Xiaobao.Shangguan Xiaobao s voice came from the phone.Brother Yuan What s the matter Did you call me for something Didn t the group send a lawyer s letter to Baoguang Publishing House a while ago Violent bloody pornography is involved.The comic Little Rascal has completely stopped selling, and we will compensate us for a loss of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars After listening, Li Guohao remembered that he seemed to have talked about this matter with the other party not long ago, but because it was really a trivial matter, he didn t remember it.

This is the joy of surviving after a catastrophe, which has surpassed the joy of simply making money.When countless people are drunk and dreaming of life and death, he is the only one Has been insisting on buying and selling.Whether it was from the brokerage, or some people who heard about Li Guohao s buying and selling, as well as those recruited traders who were pessimistic about him, he persisted and finally got rewarded Ni Xingqing walked up to Li Guohao excitedly and said, Boss, do you know how much we have earned , which needs to be calculated.We made 100 million US dollars And as the oil related stocks continue to fall, we will make more money Ni Xingqing couldn t help but trembled.100 million US dollars Isn t that only 500 million Hong Kong dollars Li Guohao thought that he would earn more, but he never expected that it was only 500 million Hong Kong dollars.

Hearing this, Bi Zhengyi, I didn t dare to make a guarantee.Huo Zhenting hesitated for a while.He wanted to buy it, but he was afraid of losing.After thinking about it, he said to the staff of the Jockey Club next to him Buy me the No.5 horse, 10,000 yuan, and put it in my account.You buy it Ten thousand Don t look for me if you lose.Bi Zhengyi shrugged.Whatever, anyway, it s only 10,000 yuan, and it s the same amount when you go to nightclubs on weekdays.Huo Zhenting said nonchalantly, he didn t buy horses to make money, but mainly for such a good deal.After all, Huo Zhenting glanced at Zheng Jiachun who had been sitting silently on the sofa in the back reading the newspaper, and asked, Brother Zheng, what are you doing Didn t you agree to watch Marseille together Why are you sitting there curtis concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies for children reading the newspaper again It s gone.

The price of a bag of Nissin instant noodles is about 1 yuan, and the portion is quite sufficient.Under normal circumstances, one person can barely fill his stomach if he eats a bag.But Li Guohao reduced the portion of the instant noodle cake a bit.Not to reduce costs, or harsh portions.The main reason is to be able to sell more food.I believe that many people have eaten instant noodles.When you are hungry, you don t feel very full after eating a pack of instant noodles, but when you eat the second pack, you feel that you can t eat any more.This is the result of strict and precise calculations by instant noodle manufacturers or companies.These instant noodle manufacturers in later generations mainly reduced the quantity of these instant noodles to the embarrassing situation that one pack is not enough, and two packs are too much for the sake of selling more instant noodles.

In Golden Harvest s cinemas, the average attendance is about 70 to 80 , and it is expected to exceed 6 million Hong Kong dollars before the movie is released. Four million Hong Kong dollars so tall Li Guohao remembered that Ghost Horse Twin Stars was indeed the annual box office champion, but it should be next year.I didn t expect it to be released earlier, and the box office has not changed much.Hmm Xu Guanwen talked about the box office with a look of pride and excitement.You must know that after Bruce Lee s movie Enter the Dragon hit the market this year, the box office of Ghost and Horse he directed and starred in exceeded four million in less than a month.In other words, it surpassed Bruce Lee I remember that we signed a guarantee agreement with Golden Harvest So, the film company should make a lot of money this time.

Mr.Huang, give me your business card.As long as it meets the company s standards, then whose products are purchased are not purchased Yes Yes, Li Sheng is right Huang Zhongbo said with a smile.While Li Guohao was communicating with several people, someone next to him whispered something into Chen Jiadao s ear.Chen Jiadao said Li Sheng, Chairman Liang has something to do with you, look President Liang Where is he Mr.Li, this way please.The service staff took Li Guohao to the conference room Go to the president s office outside In the president s office, four or five people sat scattered.Li Guohao and Chen Jiadao walked in together.This young man must be Li Guohao Liang Zhixun looked at the unusually young Li Guohao, and couldn t help feeling The future of our manufacturer s association lies in young and promising youngsters like Li Sheng Being complimented, Li Guohao He hurriedly said modestly Old Mr.

It can also be said that the concept of food industrial park has not yet appeared in the whole of Asia, and it is light industry or heavy industry industrial park.Li Guohao said quite proudly.There is also such a food industrial park in the island country, which is Nissin Food Co., but they are only making instant noodles for the time being, and they have not involved other foods.So it is reasonable to say that there is no other food industrial park in Asia except the one built by Xiangjiang Li Guohao.In addition to the food industrial park, it seems that Li Sheng plans to build a school and a building Qin Feng asked.Li Guohao was taken aback.The school matter was indeed one of the group s projects, but the building didn t seem to be gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies registered yet, and he didn t talk about it with other people.

Hotel managers have relevant subjects for you to learn.Everyone should know that my ancestors were the royal chefs of the palace.In school, I will also publish some secret recipes left by my ancestors or techniques for cooking and making dim sum, so as to provide the best learning environment and knowledge for the majority of students.And every year we will set up a scholarship, as well as auxiliary programs.Auxiliary plan My original intention of building a catering technology school is to let some people have more choices, but there are some people whose families are difficult after all, and they don t have the energy and time to study in the school system.So we planned this secondary program.We help some students from families with difficulties to complete their studies.During the study period, all his food expenses, including tuition fees, etc.

Really The companion saw that there was really a dragon does cbd gummies go bad and a tiger, and asked curiously What s so important about this dragon and a tiger Look at you, you are usually asked to read more, but now you know that you have little knowledge.The reporter He said proudly This dragon and one tiger are called dragon and tiger confluence in Fengshui.It is actually the most powerful formation in Fengshui to gather wealth.If you are not a real kana pure cbd gummies Taoist master, you will never dare to put it away.It s going to happen.The more the reporter spoke, the more excited he became, causing reporters from other nearby newspapers to stop and listen.Don t mention the lively talk about Feng kana pure cbd gummies Shui in the press area here.On the other side, behind the temporary stage.Li Guohao is chatting with many friends and colleagues.Ahao After Zheng Jiachun arrived in the car, he led the bodyguards all the way to the stage.

There are more and more guests, and Li Guohao is also in his heart.Very anxious, he are cbd gummies safe for heart patients kana pure cbd gummies quickly called Di Yimin and asked him to find workers and bodyguards to bring tables and chairs from the office building and provide them for you to sit on.You must know that the opening ceremony will last at least half an hour before it ends, and the tables and chairs prepared before are far away.It s not enough anymore The tables and chairs that were originally placed at the back of the stage were all kana pure cbd gummies moved to the front, and the chief seat was given to the Hong Kong Governor and his wife.Emperor Yu, speak well.As for the seats of other people, they are arranged according to their respective positions.Li Guohao in front is still receiving the guests with his bodyguards, and everyone sitting down has already started talking with tea and snacks.

Li Guohao s group treatment is not the best in Xiangjiang, but it s definitely the most humane.In addition to the influence of British capital, many large corporate groups have regulations on employee benefits.The businessmen in the old days were very kind to most of their employees.After all, if you want to earn more, the first thing is to do a good job in products and services, and the second is to improve the treatment of the employees below.Drive the emotions of employees and let them work hard.Xiangjiang now has important festivals every year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, and Queen s Day.Among them, the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid Autumn Festival all need to eat some specific food, or have gifts.If the company implements festivals to give benefits to employees, it will greatly increase the company s additional expenses.

The temples and Buddha statues that can be seen everywhere interpret the image of Thailand s Buddhist country.After watching the scenery for a while, Li Guohao has no interest in continuing to look at it.Except for some interesting temples, the others are not as good as Yuen Long in Xiangjiang.Turning his head to Xiao Fan who was sitting behind him, he asked, Isn t it Xiao Fan Chairman, I m gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies Xiao Fan.Hearing the chairman calling himself, Xiao Fan was flattered and said.What s the name of that place The chairman s place is called Roi Et.Oh yes, how far is Roi Et from Bangkok It may take about a day by car, the road over there is not good Very good, the road is not easy.Hearing Xiao Fan said that Li Yi Mansion would take a day, Li Guohao couldn kana pure cbd gummies t help frowning and asked, It will take a day How can we transport it when the road is bad This Xiaofan looked embarrassed, and didn t know how to answer.

It is valuable because Red Bull has proved its worth in later generations and can be accepted by the world.Not worth the money, that is, this formula is easy to imitate.In the modern technological society, pure full spectrum cbd gummies if you put Red Bull in a laboratory for testing, you can easily get what is added in it.I am looking for someone to study for a period how many more cbd gummies should i eat of time to find out how these ingredients are matched, and it will not take long to create a drink with a similar taste.There may be a slight change in taste, but as long as you do a few more experiments, the taste should not deviate much.Seeing that Li Guohao was smiling all the time but didn t reply, Xu Guangbiao couldn t help asking Boss Li, what do you mean One million baht, Mr.Xu Impossible, I can t sell it for one million baht Before Li Guohao could finish speaking, Xu Guangbiao shook his head desperately, vetoing it.

Look, I m just sitting and waiting.I I m not nervous, I just feel that time passes too slowly, it s not even eight o clock yet Li Dexiao stammered nervously and retorted.Li Renzhong looked at all this with a smile while stroking the beard on his chin.The situation at home is getting better and better, which means that the family is getting more and more prosperous.The Li family used to be in Anyang in the inland area.The local big family, oprah winfrey cbd gummies curtis concentrates cbd gummies just collapsed due to the war, can now regain their prestige in Xiangjiang, reopen their ancestral business, and show signs of catching kana pure cbd gummies up with the past, which makes buy cbd gummies for pain Li Renzhong laugh from ear to ear.Yes, today is tea The preparations for the opening of the restaurant started at the end of last year.It took about three months from site selection, decoration, and staff training.

It s already been filmed, because I have the experience of filming Ghost Horse Double Star before, so this time the crew shot it much faster.After all, the film was adapted from his pastry company.After thinking about it, Li Guohao agreed to go to the film company to personally The thing about watching movies.Chapter 357 Rende Catering and Culinary Technology School Not long after, Shangguan Xiaobao sent someone to deliver the three volumes of God of Cookery comics that have been printed and sold, and even the drafts that were still being drawn were brought to Li Guohao to watch.Since its establishment, Panda Comic Club has been using color printing technology to publish comic books.From the first Kung Fu Panda to the later Bruce Lee written by Shangguan Xiaobao, and now the new comic God of Cookery are all color comics.

It is almost difficult for the second generation to win this award.It is also true that most of the people who won the Xiangjiang Outstanding Youth Award in the following years were from grassroots, and very kana pure cbd gummies few were from families with superior family conditions and relied on their own abilities to win this award.Ahao heard that you are going to get married in a few months Zheng Jiachun said suddenly.When Zhao Yazhi heard the word marriage , she blushed and slightly lowered her head, not daring to look at anyone.Well, it s almost time.If you count the days, it will be less than three months.Li Guohao nodded calmly.He Qianjin on the side was obviously taken aback.She really didn t know about Li Guohao s getting married.Thinking of the past feelings, she couldn t help lowering her head and sighing, then raised her head and said with a smile Then congratulations to you two.

I came to you this time to ask if you are interested in taking over my business.Boat.Your ship Li Guohao was taken aback, and asked Uncle Bao, you want to sell the boat Yes, I want to sell some of the transport ships.Bao Daheng sighed and said You told me well before.Now that the price of international crude oil is rising day by day, the profit of our oil tankers is also getting higher and higher, but I have many ships that are not suitable for the current transportation., coupled with the fact that many international predators have gradually intervened in the transportation, I plan to re order a new batch of large ships.Li Sheng, don t worry, the ship I sold to you has absolutely no problems, it s just that the tonnage is too low and I need to buy a new batch of heavy tonnage ships.After listening to Bao Daheng s words, Li Guohao pondered for a moment, and he said Uncle Bao, your ships seem to be shipping ships.

Who will believe kana pure cbd gummies dragon fruit vegan cbd gummies 300mg what you say Even if you are are cbd gummies safe for heart patients kana pure cbd gummies in charge of news Business, but as the editor kana pure cbd gummies in chief of the newspaper, reviewing manuscripts is a must Li Guohao didn t expect that Pang Heshuo would open his eyes and talk nonsense, and couldn t help complaining.Okay, okay, chairman, I know that my natures only cbd gummies en español review is unfavorable, but curtis concentrates cbd gummies cbd gummies for children do you know how much our newspaper sales have increased yesterday and today We sold more than 10,000 copies For the business of our newspaper, you reluctantly acquiesced Come on down, besides, no one knows how much you spent on your marriage, and it s not like we wrote it, and it s not another newspaper. Editor Pang, editor Pang Oh, forget it, let s do this first.Li Guohao always thought that Pang Heshuo was a kind of more refined traditional literary businessman, but he missed one thing, literary businessman, literary businessman, with the temperament of a literati, naturally has the shrewdness of a businessman.

Ajie and Chen Sheng followed behind, and Ajie looked at the crowds surrounding the entrance of the fast food restaurant and said, Boss, how do you get in here The entrance is full of people Although there were many people at the entrance, it was not impossible to squeeze in.Yes, but Li Guohao thought that there were so many people at the door, and there seemed to be a lot of people in the store, so he thought for a while and said Forget it, let s not go in, I will go back to Xiangjiang in two days, accompany me to the front to buy some Take things back.Hearing Li Guohao s order, Chen Sheng and Ajie nodded.The three of them plus a Chinese driver sent by Bai Zhiming, the four of them strolled along Fifth Avenue.This is the first time for Li Guohao to visit Fifth Avenue in New York.I have to say that almost every item in the store is very expensive.

No problem, business matters.Li Guohao waved his hand nonchalantly, and didn t take Zhou Runfa s failure to heart.He thought of something, and asked Xu Guanwen, When will the movie be released Xu Guanwen said Already preparing.In addition to our own good friend theaters, we have also reached cooperation gummies cbd for arthritis kana pure cbd gummies with some scattered theaters.It is planned to be officially screened in Hong Kong on May 1st.After a month of screening, it will be released in Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other overseas markets on June 1st.Since the birth of Bruce Lee, several films have broken Hong Kong s box office records one after another, attracting the attention of many Southeast Asian and Asian filmmakers.Later, Xu Guanwen broke box office records many times by relying on Xu s comedy, which made more and more film producers in Southeast Asian countries and regions set their sights on the little Xiangjiang.

They have already rushed out of Hong Kong and entered the Southeast Asian market.It s just because of the production problem that there has been no large scale distribution.At the year end meeting at the end of last year, Li Guohao also said that in the next few years, he will focus on promoting the food of the food factory to other countries and regions.Li Guohao looked at the bags of bear biscuits produced on the assembly line in the factory building, and subconsciously touched his chin when he thought about going to the mainland this time.I wondered, if the mainland is reforming and opening up, if foreign investment is allowed, can I build a small food factory If I remember correctly, Wahaha seems to have made a fortune with the help of various small food.Suddenly, there was a panting sound from behind, the sound was loud, and Li Guohao subconsciously turned his head to look.

go.Chapter 716 I ve been in a state of envy all day After the age of 16, there is an endless stream of people who come here to propose marriage.In the end, Wu s father and Wu s mother fell in love with Li Guobang, and Wu Xiaohua and Li Guobang also fell in love with each other, so the two families got married.Early in the morning, all the relatives and friends of the Wu family came to the scene to help with the meal at noon.On the other side, Wu s mother also took a few young daughters in law who had married into Wu s village to dress up her daughter.When women in this era get married, they usually dress plainly and do nothing special, that is, they simply invite relatives and friends to their home for a small gathering.But Wu s father knew from Wu Xiaohua s mouth that Li Guobang s cousin is a very rich man in Xiangjiang, and this time he will come to the mainland to participate in person.

When Li Guohao proposed a wholly owned acquisition, Liao Liewen said in a very firm tone Mr.Li, Chong Hing Bank was developed step by step by my father from scratch, and it is absolutely impossible to want a wholly owned acquisition.It s possible Liao Liewu next to him also said Yes, this is our Liao family s ancestral property, Mr.Li, it is absolutely impossible for us to sell it.Li Guohao said with a smile Mr.Liao, don t worry, you can listen Listen to our quotation.After finishing speaking, he winked at Ni Xingqing.Ni Xingqing understood and handed the documents in his hand to the Liao brothers.He said Chong Hing Bank currently has 13 branches in Hong Kong, and the land and real estate of seven branches belong to Mr.Liao s real estate company, including ours.The Chong Hing Bank building we are staying at now.

It was cut off, but to continue to cooperate with HSBC in overseas business.After all, no matter how the new Guohao Bank develops, it will be difficult to develop its business like HSBC in five or six years.Go to so many countries around the world.Chapter 774 HSBC s joy and sorrow may have been accurately answered by Li Guohao.Find it out.It s not that I want to use my brains, but I want to see how many people will transfer their assets to the bank opened by Guohao Group in the next few months, so that they can react earlier.It only took a few days to check everything out.Shen Bi and the others didn t know if they didn t check.After a check, they found out that there were as many as 28,000 savings accounts cbd gummies near beckley wv opened by Guohao Group s employees in HSBC.Although some employees have opened multiple accounts in HSBC, one is a salary account and the other is a savings account, even if the reduction is doubled, there is still 1.

Li Guohao nodded and asked, How many people have accounts in Guohao Bank at present Chapter 775 Bank Opening and Operation The wealth management business is only attached to these two points.Fu Zhengguang lifted the mirror frame that had fallen to the tip of his nose, and said Because Chong Hing Bank and Guohao Bank have not yet merged, so if the total number of account holders of Chong Hing Bank is not counted, the number of account holders of Guohao Bank has reached 31,000 at present.People, including our group s savings funds, as of now have a total of 8.2 billion Hong Kong dollars.Only 8.2 billion Li Guohao rubbed his chin, not very satisfied with this number.A few days later, he not only deposited the group s savings in Standard Chartered Bank and Swiss Bank into Guohao Bank, but also brought his own private treasury , I also took out more than half of it, about hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars were deposited in.

In 1999, Li Guohao s eldest son Li Zecheng returned from his studies and took over part of the business of Guohao Nanshun, a subsidiary of Guohao Group.In the same year, Li Guohao listed most of Guohao Group s subsidiaries in Xiangjiang, and later invested in Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sohu and other Internet companies.In 2000, most of Li Guohao s assets were exposed by the media.The American Forbes Magazine s 100 Rich List selected him as the richest person in the world.Laugh at Bill Gates, the second child of ten thousand years.In the same year, because most of Li Guohao s assets kana pure cbd gummies came from the catering industry, he was called the founder of the catering empire by Time Magazine.2001 It took a year to finish this testimonial, and this catering giant was finished, with 1.86 million words, not too much to say, and much less to say.

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