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The first victory, Wang Weiyi, quietly appeared behind the British.The British were yelling something while firing their guns.From their looks, they seemed cbd gummies for insomnia near me to be trying to escape.Wang Weiyi slowly took out the two grenades, pulled the fuse, and threw them out is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations forcefully.Boom boom Two explosions sounded, and the British screamed.Immediately afterwards, Wang Weiyi what happens if a dog eats cbd gummies jumped up suddenly, and the MP18 submachine gun in his hand fired Those British who hadn t woken up from the explosion of the grenade were soon attacked head on and face to face.In an instant, the British were killed and wounded.And those German soldiers, as if they heard the signal, jumped out of their hiding places one after another, and rushed up fiercely.The sounds of submachine guns and rifles rang together, and the battle ended after gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me a while.

What is his identity A small lieutenant, not a nobleman, how could he be qualified to meet Wilhelm II He smiled Thank you for your kindness, Mr.Manfred, but I think my place to stay is still on the front line.If you are able to see His Majesty the Emperor, please convey my respects to him.He was just casually saying polite words.Although he wanted to see William II, what does a German emperor have to do with him But Richthofen took it seriously Don t worry, Mr.Ernst, I I will definitely convey it personally.His Majesty the Emperor admires heroes like you the most.I think he must also be interested in meeting you.Wang Weiyi smiled indifferently.Forty four.His Majesty s invitation to the German counteroffensive began on September 21st and ended on September 22nd.All the positions that had been voluntarily abandoned before were restored, and the front line was tenaciously advanced three kilometers.

If you choose Russia cbd gummies for insomnia near me as the enemy, you must concentrate all the forces that can be concentrated, completely defeat them with a thunderous and lightning like offensive, and do not give them any chance to breathe.This will be the only chance for Germany to win The last few words were imagined by Hitler himself based on the words of Lieutenant Ernst.He thought Lieutenant Ernst would say so.Hitler had an almost blind admiration for Wang Weiyi, and he firmly believed what Wang Weiyi said.Every word, even if he had to choose between Lieutenant Ernst and Field Marshal Hindenburg, he would rather trust Lieutenant Ernst.Hitler thought that a small person like himself should worry about the relationship between countries.The big fact is too ridiculous, but God knows if one day this diary will come in handy.

What kind of people are these two They simply can t imagine how such a battle cbd gummies for insomnia near me is going on They treat those British people as HCMUSSH cbd gummies for insomnia near me a child s play, and let the so called pride of the British people be shattered.William II was high spirited Even though they lost the tanks, they were still fearless.They fought bravely with the enemy and killed another twenty British guys.Aha, is there anything more glorious than this Long Live Germany Someone shouted out.Long live Germany Long live His Majesty the Emperor All the people seemed to wake up from a dream and shouted crazily.William II stood there, followed by everyone s cheers.This was his most glorious day, and he even felt that it surpassed the day when he became the throne.This is also The day he will never forget, it was that brave German judge who brought him such a high honor Wilhelm II raised his hand and made everyone cbd gummies for insomnia near me quiet again I, and all of you, Everyone must remember this person s name, and never forget it.

In this way, there is an inseparable connection between himself and the disappearance of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.Ernst, the situation is very serious.General Bello said worriedly At present, this situation is still being kept in absolute secrecy, but we don t lifestream cbd gummies price know where the Crown Prince has gone, whether he was born or not.If this news If it spreads, the morale of the army will be seriously shaken.It can even be said that if His Highness the Crown Prince dies in battle, he will die for Germany, but if he falls into the hands of the is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations enemy It would be terrible if August fell into the hands of the enemy as a prisoner Come here, Captain Ernst.General Bello called Wang Weiyi to the front of the map According to our analysis, cheapest cbd gummies reddit His Royal Highness the Crown Prince was bombed by British planes in this area.

We shall see the captain come out cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon of the court with his noble head held high We ll see the captain come out of the cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies courtroom with his head held high Hitler was sure he could see this day coming.One hundred bets November 6, barstool sports cbd gummies 1916, Berlin.The whole of cbd gummies for insomnia near me Berlin waited with bated breath for this day A big event is happening Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm will be tried.His Majesty even set up a special court for this purpose and appointed the famous Long Sword of Justice Finn Yoxo The Marquis of von Felix presides over the trial, His Royal Highness August and Prince Joachim will also hear.There are also cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon rumors that Field Marshal Hindenburg and General Ludendorff will also be present at the trial.There is no doubt that, This is an extremely luxurious lineup.And all the focus is on one person Baron Alexson Outside the Imperial Academy, Berlin people gathered early in the morning, whether they supported or opposed Baron Alexson, Even those who remained neutral all had the same purpose to see the legendary Ernst Brehm for themselves Regardless of whether Baron Alexon was actually guilty of treason or not, at least one thing has been done to everyone.

There are already several people waiting in the office.And these people should not have appeared in a general s office Pease, a low level spy, Watts, the boss of the Lance gang, and General von Kierock Let s get straight to the point, General.Here, it seems that Major De Sade has become the protagonist How is everything going It went very well.General Raffarin said The Germans are completely fooled Now, that lieutenant named Moyol is very sure that what he saw was the target this time, General von Kierock.De Sade glanced at Von Kierock , and Kerlock looked The original arrogant look disappeared immediately, replaced by a face full of flattery.Mr.Simond, where are you Major, Moyol took me cbd gummies for insomnia near me for a fool.He actually thought that I really believed that there was a lot of gold in Reims. Watts said quickly He asked I m creating chaos in Lance, and I can take advantage of it Major De Sade listened carefully Have you figured out how many of them there are Unfortunately, I haven t figured it out yet.

General Bello fell silent, and his eyes fell on a point on the map Lance The high level officials did not tell Ernst everything about Kierock.This person is too important.The German side is trying to inform those in Paris.The spies were evacuated, but the time was too tight, and the contact information of some senior spies was all in the hands of Kilok, and the Germans could not be contacted at all.Once the intelligence system in Paris is completely destroyed, it will be a terrible disaster Disaster The situation is really as Richthofen said, has the French been aware of the existence of the special unit What if Ernst s special unit is annihilated He is er Stern General Bello murmured, and then he turned around Captain Manfred von Richthofen, the only thing we can do now is to trust ster He has encountered many dangers, and he has resolved them one by one, and he will do the same this time Go with the plan.

This time he will be rewarded again after completing the task, and he can t be so far behind.Head turned sideways.Suddenly, I saw Second Lieutenant Mark on another plane pointing down.Richthofen looked down at the ground, then lowered cbd gummies for insomnia near me his altitude.what is that There seems to be someone on the ground And what is there to stop cbd gummies for insomnia near me Get it, .

does shark tank endorse cbd gummies?

tanks That s a tank Aha, tanks Enemy tanks This is an area controlled by the French, and the cbd gummies for insomnia near me German army has not reached here yet Ernst, look, Manfred s plane Elena suddenly pointed to the sky shouted.That bright red plane is really eye catching, no matter where it goes.As long as you see this maverick plane, you will know that the Red Baron Richthofen has arrived.Manstein yelled loudly and waved his hands towards the sky, hoping that Richthofen in the sky could see him, but of course this was impossible.

But I don t think this is a fair duel.If you are interested, tomorrow You can cbd gummies for insomnia near me come here again, and I will choose two soldiers to fight with you fairly.Forget it, I m not so interested.Wang Weiyi wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth At least you are the ones who suffer today.After finishing speaking, he continued Ordered a glass of wine.A smile appeared on the corner of the second lieutenant s mouth I am Alexander Mikhailovich gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me Vasilevsky Wang Weiyi almost spit out a mouthful of wine.Who Vasilevsky The future Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasilevsky, the chief of the Soviet Army s General Staff in World War II Vasilevs Ji didn t notice the change in the other party How natures only cbd gummies official website about you, sir who are you Ah, I m Moyol, here to do some small business.Wang Weiyi settled down Second Lieutenant Vasilevsky, you have to know that many things here are very cheap.

Ah, no.Wang Weiyi cheered up Don t worry about it, Adolf, we have to wait patiently here, or we will have a chance to break out Adolf Hitler nodded very trustingly, he found that I didn t panic at all.If I were here alone, my legs would tremble with fright.But the major is by my side, and where there is a major, there will be miracles A one minute countdown to aircraft supportTen, Nine, EightThree, Two, OneAir support is dispatched, twotwo more will be dispatched in three minutes Following Xiaoling s voice, Wang Weiyi adjusted his emotions Adolf, do you believe in the existence of God Believe, God is watching us.Yeah, God is watching them, maybe he will send two angels to save us Wang Weiyi muttered, looking at the sky involuntarily.Under the influence of the major, Hitler His eyes also turned to the sky Airplane support is about to arrive, bombing will take place in 30 seconds When Xiaoling s voice fell, two Albatross biplane fighters appeared above the battlefield.

Wang Weiyi smiled and didn t care too much.God knows if he will have a chance to get this huge investment in the future, and what era will he travel to next time He has no bottom at all.Let God decide everything After a break, Manstein, cbd gummies st louis mo Richthofen and Elena came to the gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me hotel, relying on the intuition of women.Elena seemed to be aware of something Fortunately, Richthofen rescued Wang Weiyi in time Hey, Ernst, let s go and see the same thing with us.Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to the outside of Berlin.about twenty The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to outside Berlin.about twenty The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to outside Berlin.

Many things are unpredictable.The planes began to bomb the French positions, and Wang Weiyi picked up the binoculars.It can be seen in the telescope that although the method of bombing by the pilot s hands was inaccurate, it still caused chaos in the French army.Some of the French lay prone on the ground without daring to move, and some ran around.This even includes many military officers.Who can tell me what the French flag looks like Answer It is to paint two colored stripes on a white flag.Wang Weiyi suddenly remembered several jokes related to the French army.A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth Erwin, why is the First French Empire almost invincible Rommel was stunned It s because of Napoleon, right Wang Weiyi smiled and said Yes, but there is one more important point , Napoleon is a foreigner.

Capturing Tolmezzo is nothing, Udine is their real goal General von Bello gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me once promised Colonel Ernst Brehm that as long as he can capture Udine, he will try his best to plead with William II Think of Baron Alexon, the Grand Iron Cross, the highest honor of the Germans cbd gummies for insomnia near me Now, Ernst.Colonel Blem s chest lacked such a large iron cross medal that could not have been obtained.Thanks to the Italians, their material warehouse has replenished the skeleton commando to the greatest extent.Although the fighting quality of the Italian army is not very good, their weapons are really good.Wang Weiyi decided to cross the Tagliamento River Crossing here, you can see Udine.The tank unit commanded by Guderian has no way to cross the river.They can only detour from the other side under the cover of Manstein s third unit.

From Sanhuqiao to Li s homeowner s position, the two troops fought bloody battles, holding back the advance of the Japanese army.Time and time again, even the Japanese army forgot how many times they had launched attacks, but the opposite position was like a fortress of iron and steel.The casualties of the squadron were huge, but it was worth it for the entire battlefield.When the enemy s attack was repelled again, the soldiers looked very tired.They lay quietly in the position and seized the short time to take a good rest.After a while, perhaps a more brutal battle will break out.It is now 3 o clock in the afternoon on October 27th.The time stipulated by the base is getting closer and closer, and Wang Weiyi is fully confident to stick to that time.This is the first task that Wanderer has accepted in this era, and it seems that it has made a good start.

Ah, yes, Wang Weiyi.Xue Yue nodded You said this Wang Weiyi Could it be that he didn t die I don t know, but I think it s unlikely that the brothers who retreated from Sanhuqiao saw with their own eyes that he left two boxes of gunpowder and saw the explosion with their own eyes.Besides, if he really didn t Death, why haven t you returned to the army Xue Yue sighed, it would be a pity if such a good officer really died for his country.Now on the battlefield, what is most lacking are such officers.Notify the entire group army that our army fought the enemy bravely in the big field.In the case of seriously backward equipment and weapons, we defeated the Japanese pirates with less and defeated the is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations Japanese pirates.It was a great victory gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me for Sanhuqiao.Special commendation Xue Yue thought for a moment No, I always think that Wang Weiyi is not dead and send some more people to look for me, and let those people from the Lixing Society and the Secret Investigation Bureau of the Military Commission also look for me.

And what about the troops led by Sugawara Naomasa There is an open area around.There was no place for soldiers green roads cbd gummies to hide to return fire.Dig foxholes immediately Team has appeared The machine guns on the truck formed a dense fire net, tightly suppressing the Japanese army, and this was the first time these soldiers from the country had tasted such a feeling.Submachine guns and rifles are also firing continuously.When R himself was about to set up mortars to fight back, the tanks arrived The artillery was the first to speak, with a boom.Suddenly, how much are eagle hemp cbd gummies a burst of flames rose from the Japanese mortar positions.There are only four words to describe this kind of battle Hearty Every country soldier has this feeling R ben was beaten so hard that he couldn t look up, Naomasa Sugawara jumped into a rage Attack, attack No, Your Excellency Captain.

Put it down is still fluent in Japanese, still with a slight smile, Wang Weiyi waved his hands towards Mamoru Otsukahara.Otsukahara Wei hesitated for a while, but still took his hand away from the command knife Who are you You are asking an interesting question.Wang Weiyi smiled and cbd gummies for inflammation and pain cbd gummies for insomnia near me slowly drew the dagger across Otsukahara Wei s neck, Then his people came behind Otsukahara Wei My name is Wang Weiyi Otsukahara Wei s complexion changed.He had heard the name before, Why do you want to come to China This is not where you should come.Wang Weiyi s voice was not good, but it was enough for Otsukahara Mamoru to hear every word clearly.I Otsukahara Mamoru only said this word, and he could no longer say anything.The dagger pierced his throat, and his hand tightly covered his mouth, and the dagger bit by bit Otsukahara Mamoru His throat was slashed open, the slash was deep and slow, and the blood gushed out.

Compared with this gang of young gangsters, Ding Lao Si was envious and jealous of his attire, so he asked them not to use knives, it would be better to strangle them to death, and then take off their clothes.Also make yourself majestic.Master Yuan, the one at the front is that Manager Wang, Ding Laosi said in a low cbd gummies for insomnia near me best cbd gummies for energy 2021 cbd gummies hialeah fl voice.Yuan Wang frowned Fourth, I don t think they are businessmen.Just as he was wondering, the three of them had already walked in front of him.Manager Wang Wang Weiyi had a smile on his face Mr.I bioessentials cbd gummies received the message from Yangzhou, this is Yuan Wang, Yuan Ye, right The unity of loyalty will last forever, and everything will not be invaded by villains.Yuan Wang was reading these two sentences, and Ding Laosi hurriedly approached Yuan Ye.They don t understand this.Then Yuan Wang remembered I am Yuan Wang, Manager Wang, did you bring the things Look.

I will give you everything you need in the shortest possible time.send Wang Weiyi nodded Okay, I will wait for you But, I still need you to find someone for me After finishing the order in a low voice, Gustav nodded again and again, patted his chest and said that the matter could be done in the afternoon.This is our first cooperation, there is no gunfire, no gunfire, I believe everyone is happy to see such cooperation.Wang Weiyi stood up However, Mr.Gustav.The news that I m still alive, I don t want it to spread so soon.You have to know that I still have a lot of things to do in China I understand, of course I understand, who would have trouble with money Gustav knew this all too well.He decided to keep this secret for the baron until the baron himself was willing to disclose his cbd gummies for insomnia near me identity.This is related to his future money The atmosphere in the concession is currently very strange.

The brutal Japanese army cut off the general s head and looked at her husband s head without saying a word but tears.Sun Zhifang and Katayama Riro made gestures to see off the guests, but Sun Zhifang s beautiful eyes burst into flames I want to take my husband s head away, otherwise the two of them will bleed for five steps I want to take away my husband s head, otherwise the two of them will bleed for five steps Riro Katayama was completely shocked.After being silent for a long time, he finally presented the certificate with both hands We are two countries.General An is for his country, and I am for mine.But we admire his bravery We must learn from his spirit.Sun Zhifang held the wooden box containing General An Zhu s head tightly to his chest, and boldly walked out of the Japanese Army Headquarters.

When he traveled through time and space with you, and Another time and space met a person from the previous time and space.It is that Lu Daxiong, there may have been some mutations This passage is a bit like a tongue twister, Wang Weiyi nodded, maybe there is such a possibility.The transformation and upgrading of the base is very fast now, which has surpassed the first German crossing, and, remember the Yevgeny gem you brought back from Paris Look Following Xiaoling s order, a mechanical arm appeared holding a gem wrapped in a special transparent material Yevgeny Gem the second Y element However, there are some changes in this gem , its whole body began to show some flickering light, and it seems that it has some similarities with the Y element, the core component of the base.It is regenerating radiation Xiaoling s In a word, Wang Weiyi almost jumped out.

Crazy blow to the sky fulfills people s wishes Wang Weiyi finally waited for a chance to kill the Japanese general Numata Tokushige The terrain of Samurai is just too good for a nice ambush.A large number of Chinese soldiers lurking here are waiting quietly and patiently Wang Weiyi is also waiting Xiao Ling, Elena, I need your support.In a place where there is no one, Wang Weiyi activated support from the base I need aircraft support, precise shooting, and completely disrupt the 116th Wing.Unlimited support gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me The Rambler s request is is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations acceptedweapon support six camouflaged Soviet made Iraqi 15 fighter jetsdo you need artillery support Xiao Ling offered again support.Need.Wang Weiyi was overjoyed What kind of artillery support can you provide me You will know when the time comes With Xiaoling s comprehensive support, Wang Weiyi s last worry disappeared It was very strange.

Boom The Japanese army s heavy machine gun position was completely blown away The gunners on the six wheeled chariot themselves were startled, why is it so powerful And it was shot so accurately Those infantry brothers were also stunned.Today s shells are as if they have eaten enough gunpowder, and they explode with accuracy.When the sun explodes, he will be killed or injured Are those gunners crazy An Fei couldn t control that much anymore.Under his order, the soldiers launched a tsunami cbd gummies for insomnia near me like attack.The six wheeled chariot began to advance with the soldiers, and the cannons and machine guns on the vehicle continued to speak.Suppressing those Japanese who tried to resist.Under such a sharp attack, the Japanese army kept retreating, and a huge hole was torn open Flare An Fei said coldly.The second red flare was launched into the air, and the troops commanded by Zhang Sandao roared in The spirits of the brothers were fully displayed.

But all this is not a problem at all in the eyes of the German soldiers who are preparing to fight.Only with the Skeleton Baron, all difficulties will be overcome The main force of the German army will be the laughing buddha cbd gummies 11 Tiger tanks of the Pailan battle group And it was General Ernst Alexson von Brahm who commanded them to fight Tiger tanks are waiting quietly The figure of T34 gradually appears The location of the decisive battle chosen by Wang Weiyi is extremely beneficial to the German army whose tank numbers are seriously at a disadvantage.The terrain here is narrow, and it is completely impossible for the huge number of Soviet tanks to be deployed.Take all the favorable sides to your side as much as possible The Soviet army apparently also found the German tanks lying in front of them, and several T34s rushed over first Demyansk tank battle broke out On the battlefield, the German tanks occupied an excellent position on the battlefield crazily and arrogantly, and calmly smashed shells at the Soviet tanks.

Everything today is enough for them to remember for a lifetime.They couldn t forget the 609 tank commanded by General Ernst, shooting the T34 majestically, they couldn t forget General Ernst s calm and calm command, and they couldn t forget the Baron s heroic posture of shooting with a submachine gun at the most critical moment.All of this is enough for them to savor a lifetime.However, the sound of guns from Demyansk continued.Now is the time to test whether General Ernst Brahm can successfully bring his troops out of danger.Three hundred and ninety nine.The baron s family Madam, there is news from Germany that Baron Alexon has appeared again At the head of state s office, our insider reported to us that Baron Alexon is commanding the Skeleton Division of the SS.Breakout.United States.When the news of Baron Alexon s rebirth reached Leonie and Hermione s ears, the two couldn t help but smile wryly at each other.

When we started bombing, the British were very organized.No panic.Do you know where the horror is Fire engines in London can go to any fire without any hindrance I also heard a story that when we started bombing, many people were still as usual Go to the library and read The bomb exploded outside the library, and even hit the roof of the library, but do you know what these British people did They just changed places to find a light Nice place The German generals gasped.If it is true what Marshal Ernst said, then this nation is really terrible, and it is impossible to make them surrender by relying on bombs It doesn t matter if there is a shortage of butter in the UK It doesn t matter if there is a shortage of bread in the UK It doesn t matter if there is a shortage of medicines in the UK Wang Weiyi s voice gradually became severe They can bear it Their people even moved to let those Soldiers are full Bombing Bombing will only make the opposition support zh ngf Bombing will only make the British more united The Royal Air Force takes off again and again, shooting down our planes again and again, and our power is rapidly Decrease The voice rang clearly in everyone s ears Our strength is rapidly decreasing Wang Weiyi s eyes swept over them slowly, and then he said cbd gummies for insomnia near me slowly What we need is victory, Instead of wasting your own strength and carrying out blind bombing So we need another way to solve this problem.

As for the z y u French movement I don t think a person who has been a prisoner is qualified to lead it Boom , a piece of laughter came from the mouth of the Germans.The baron was mocking de Gaulle for being a maximun strength gummy cbd prisoner of the gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me Germans.Prime Minister P tain is the hero of France, and de Gaulle is just a former prisoner.Wang Weiyisi didn t even smile Is it better for a country to be led by a hero, or a shameful loser I think on this point , all the French people don t need my advice.The only thing that makes me wonder is, isn t everyone in the z y u French movement aware of this We are willing to negotiate with all resistance movements to listen to their demands, but there are two points can cbd gummies interact with fluoxetine , number one, I will not face a past captive number two, this must be done when the violent movement ceases.

Stalin s words were full of sarcasm Who can tell me, where did a team that did not exist at all come from Or is it some of our comrades who risked their lives to rescue the respected Comrade Marshal Timoshenko without permission No one answered, this matter is indeed a bit strange A shadow rose in the hearts of Zhukov and Vasilevsky, and they faintly sensed that something was wrong.Marshal Timoshenko is in big trouble Already.Comrades.Stalin s voice continued to ring in their ears Let s imagine that so many heroic Soviet soldiers were surrounded and unable to break out, but our Marshal Timoshenko managed to escape the encirclement.Why is this Can we imagine that there are some inside stories between him and the Germans that we don t know Zhukov and Vasilevsky shuddered.Once Comrade Stalin insisted on such a crime, Marshal Timoshenko might be in a cbd gummies george strait catastrophe.

Mr.Marshal, you don t have to say that.Kahn quickly replied For the sake of Germany, I will not suffer any loss or danger personally.but I must warn you that from the information I have received, the British and the Russians have agreed to give Turkey the necessary military aid, and the first military aid from the British will arrive soon, and they have sea superiority , we can t stop their fast delivery.Yes, they have a strong sea advantage.Wang Weiyi sighed.Britain s maritime superiority has always been a headache for him.He can command the German army pure cbd gummies 3960 howard hughes parkway to win again and again on land, but he can t conjure up a powerful fleet to defeat the sea overlord Britain.Unless Britain is willing to give itself enough time to order the aircraft carrier under transformation to be launched smoothly, but it will soon be able to do so, only one or two aircraft carriers cannot reverse cbd gummies for inflammation and pain cbd gummies for insomnia near me Germany s disadvantage at sea.

Some people blame, but some people are thinking of secretly contacting Marshal Goris Wang Weiyi listened very carefully to Kahn s description of the domestic situation in Turkey, and a smile appeared on his face.Very well, this is exactly the normal order I want Mr.Kahn, I want to ask you one thing.Wang Weiyi said suddenly I want you to return to Ankara immediately and tell Yi Envoy of Nonu, I would like to consider negotiating with Turkey Kahn was taken aback.Could it be that Germany sent troops to Turkey just to accept negotiations No, Marshal Ernst will not do things halfway Sure enough.Wang Weiyi then said slowly But it will give You bring great danger Kahn fully understoodMarshal Ernst Brehm was going to use negotiations as an excuse to paralyze the Turks and win a new German raid.Time.

But, will Inonu listen to him It seems to have seen what Kahn is thinking.Wang Weiyi said lightly The conditions we put forward are.First, President Inonu must immediately announce his resignation, establish a provisional government headed by Marshal Goris, and re election three years later Second, the Turkish army must withdraw from these strategic points Wang Weiyi brought Kahn to the front of the map and pointed to several points on the map.No, Inonu and the Turkish army absolutely cannot agree to these two conditions.Kahn just called out, and saw Wang Weiyi smiling and said Yes.They certainly can t say yes, but we ve shown our willingness to negotiate.Yeah Kahn understood instantly The more unreasonable and outrageous the request, the more it proves that the German army does not want to continue the war to the end.

It s over, what happened here is over Robben.Williams was nothing more than a shooting star in the frenzied New York Stock Exchange, and after a while, no one remembered who he would be.Wang Weiyi opened the car door, and said when he entered Tomorrow, we still have a lot to do, don t we Yes, tomorrow, we have a lot to do.Mr.Baron, I can cooperate with you , is our greatest honor.See you tomorrow, my dear Baron.Five hundred thirty three.Devil s cbd gummies for insomnia near me contract first update Ro Williams, once a big star on the New York Stock Exchange, died.According to the police investigation report, he died by suicide, and he even left a suicide note, in which he confessed to himself to the utmost.But what his investors need is not his confession, but what to do with the money they invested in what to do Nobody can have a way out of that money, because with the stock market crash it was wiped out.

Wang Weiyi was not worried at all whether this would expose him.Arranging these guards, Farouk I must not know, he would never have the guts to kill a British baron.Everything was arranged by Queen Farida in private.After finishing off these killers neatly, Wang Weiyi saw that the lights of a house in the distance were on.He tidied up his clothes and walked towards it calmly He pushed away At the door of the house, the woman who had been waiting for a cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies long time turned her head Take the gem It was Queen Farida.But she couldn t say what she said next, because she saw Baron Andrew standing right in front of her.Ah, Mr.Baron, you are here.Queen Farida quickly regained her composure, as if nothing had happened.Yes, I m here.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Those ignorant slaves, no one came to inform me.

Queen Farida hugged her chest in horror, but that seductive brown body was unreservedly presented in front of Wang Weiyi The brown body, the perfect figure, is simply amazing.People are crazy I am the queen, you can t do this.Queen Farida backed away in fear, but she retreated to the bed As I said, the queen is in my eyes The money is worthless Wang Weiyi still walked towards her slowly I will not be merciful to those who try to is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations kill me.Punished.You have two options, one is to throw me out now and I ll turn around and walk awaySecond, I think you know what to do He didn t force itJust waiting patiently After a generation cbd gummies few minutes, Queen Farida finally lowered her arms covering her chestThe proud pair The twin peaks appeared in front of Wang Weiyithe beauty that makes people breathless When the madness passed, Queen Farida fell on the bed weakly This is the summer resort that Farouk cbd wyld gummies I specially built for her when he married her, but perhaps Farouk I would never have imagined that this place where only the king and a man were allowed to enter is now is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations With a second man.

The so called Devil s Land became a nightmare in the minds of the Commonwealth Army.The tanks that were crowded together became the prey of the Germans.The most terrifying thing is that the Germans seem to have known that the British tanks would be crowded here at this point in time, and they have made all perfect preparations in advance.If the Germans had hesitated, or hadn t made any preparations, the battle would have been completely different.One hour Even though it is crowded, it only takes the British an hour to successfully get 500 tanks out of the devil s land.So, what will be the result The result would be that all 500 tanks of the British would be able to go to war Wang Weiyi is actually very clear that in another period of history, the British did not expect their tanks to be crowded to such an extent in the minefield, and the Germans did not expect it.

The first negotiation between Egypt and the United Kingdom broke up unhappy When these things reached Wang Weiyi s ears, Wang Weiyi, who was receiving a special guest, suddenly felt that it was not a good idea to seize Egypt now.dream.No matter what, even if there is no hope of success.You must try it yourself.If Egypt can fall into his hands ahead of schedule, it will be great news for Germany on the battlefield And at this time, the guest Wang Weiyi is receiving is his old friend.General Rosen The unlucky General Rosen became a prisoner of the Germans in Ankara.Fortunately, the Germans knew that he was a friend of Marshal Ernst, and he took the risk to testify for Marshal Ernst in the Berlin special court, because he also Full of respect for this British general.No one even imprisoned his freedomand General Rosen also wanted to take advantage of this time to take a good look at what cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies the army commanded by the Skeleton Baron was likethe only regret Unfortunately, he never saw his old friend Ernst Brahm.

No, no, Rosen, you are wrong, I never let my friends betray the interests of the country.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly I just want you to go back to China and tell your government everything you saw in Turkey and Africa, and cbd gummies for insomnia near me let them know what happened in these placesContinue the war, It is a terrible disaster for both sides Rosen nodded.He is an upright soldier.Although he does not approve of continuing the war, he will not let him betray his motherland no matter what.Even when necessary, he is willing to fight and die for his country.However, Ernst Brahm s request is not too much.Whatever he sees here, he will tell Britain.Let them clearly understand , The damage to Britain if the war continues will be enormous.Especially now that Marshal Ernst Brahm is back, the troops under his command will be a terrifying and daunting force Guaranteed monthly pass Guaranteed monthly pass, spider I need the guaranteed monthly pass in your hands.

Surprisingly, this temporary drawing In the circle, there was only one escape incident among 1,500 captives Draw the ground as a prison Wang Weiyi laughed in his heart.But the only escape incident also aroused his curiosity.Colonel Abigail The most clear, because those Italians went vortex cbd gummies to them Colonel Kettering nodded his companions and said.Colonel Abigail also showed a smile on his face It s unimaginable The fleeing incident That evening, I was preparing to command the army to enter the battlefield, and suddenly I saw a large number of Italians appearing.I thought I was attacked by the enemy, and I was about to order the soldiers to prepare for battle.Who Come to think of it that s not the case at all I met Colonel Tavasch, the Italian, and he told me that he had escaped from Colonel Kettering for the very simple reason that the English there did not serve them coffee Wang Weiyi and all the British military officials were dumbfounded.

The radio, the tweeter, and General Canlemu s statement came out almost instantly, which shocked the British to the extreme.The radio station is completely controlled by the British, but how did the rebels do it What is even more shocking is the rebellion of General Canlemu.Although the British had taken some precautions before, they still did not expect Canlemu s mutiny to come so quickly and suddenly.Now, the whole of Egypt knows that an armed uprising led by General Canlemu has broken out All of Egypt has taken action Order to Revolt at General CanlemuLess than an hour after the order, the Egyptian army stationed outside Cairo quickly attacked the British army and attempted to launch a direct attack on Cairo to meet General Canlemu and the insurgents who were fighting in Cairo.at the same time.

At this time, the situation in Cairo was irreversible for General Montgomery.The failure in North Africa would force the British to obediently carry out the follow up work according to Wang Weiyi s wishes.The initiative is in the hands of the Germans Of course, Wang Weiyi has to do one thing now.His old friend Farouk I is about to run away.A message from Sir Andrew to Lord Andrew.Probably Mr.Roliman would never have guessed that Baron Andrew actually has another identity Baron Alexon Five hundred and ninety three.The last battle in North Africa Now, it is time for Wang Weiyi to do what he should do.Farouk I is a very important pawn for the future German rule in Egypt.Such a person should not be allowed to cbd gummies for insomnia near me continue to be controlled by the British.In fact, Farouk I was unwilling to leave Cairo at all, and nearly half of his wealth was in this city.

Go At 9 am on November 18, 1942, Bernard Montgomery, commander in chief of the British Eighth Army, ordered all Allied forces in Cairo to cease resistance.Britain surrenders When Montgomery walked out of his headquarters, the sun shone on his face, he tidied up his clothes, and walked out calmly.On this day, Montgomery will never forget, he vowed to keep everything that happened today firmly in his heart.Five hundred and ninety five.Cheers Germany At 9 am on November 18, 1942, Bernard Montgomery, commander in chief of the British Eighth Army, ordered all Allied forces in Cairo to cease resistance.The British Empire, which once occupied absolute dominance cbd gummy bears europe in North Africa, finally lowered their once incomparably noble heads.Great Britain failed Cheers ring out in Cairo Germans, Egyptians such a victory, so hard to come by 9 10, Ernst Brahm A telegram was sent to Berlin, the telegram was as simple as it could be At this moment, I am standing in Cairo joy organics cbd gummies for sleep watching the entry of heroic German soldiers Berlin, morning of November 18, 1942, F hrer s office.

Dirty dealings, dirty politics.When Wang Weiyi left Mussolini s residence, Mussolini was still in deep thought.This blacksmith s son may appear to be a rude person on the outside, but in fact, since he can sit in this position, there is always something special about him.What he has to consider is how to minimize the impact of this matter in Italy.It is a good way to calm domestic public opinion with the help of the Germans, but will cbd gummies vs cbd oil I always be controlled by the Germans in the future This is what Mussolini must consider.At this time, there was a sudden explosion of thunder outside, which startled Mussolini, who was in deep meditation.Is there such a terrible thunderstorm in Africa At this time, Wang Weiyi, who was sitting in the car, also heard the thunder.He knew that a storm Hitler holds a formal meeting to delineate Germany s and Italy s respective spheres of influence in Africa.

Wang Weiyi smiled faintly.I will definitely return to Japan one day, but not in my current status, but as a victor.Such a country does not have much meaning to exist on the earth.While helping Germany win the war, Wang Weiyi also decided to help China win the war more easily.This, perhaps, is his responsibility Six hundred and seventeen.Wollaston Center Berlin, Wollaston Center.This place, which looks no different from ordinary houses, is the spy training center of the German intelligence agency.Here, the Germans, who have always been rigorous, continue to send newly trained spies to any corner of the world just like they are producing on an assembly line.Germans don t see spies as normal people, just a product.Once such a product appears, its power will be astonishing.In many cases, a good spy can play no less role than an elite Waffen SS armored division.

As for another piece of information, it was a telegram from the Japanese Navy deciphered by the US intelligence agency.This telegram confirmed the authenticity of Baron Alexon s intelligence The Japanese cbd gummies for insomnia near me army is very likely to launch an attack on a certain US naval base Now, it was up to Roosevelt to make the choice.He turned his attention to his young assistant, William, who was looking at the information without blinking.What do you think, William asked Roosevelt, smoking a pipe.I think it s true.William exhaled Both telegrams also point to the Japanese attempt.Mr.President, I think we must make preparations in advance How to prepare Roosevelt asked rhetorically.William was stunned, this is really a strange question.When the threat of war came, of course, he was actively preparing for the war and completely defeated the Japanese cbd gummies for insomnia near me attack attempt.

We can pass the news of Baron Alexon s secret visit to London through different channels, so that more The British know that the baron appeared as a peace envoy, and he came to seek peace.The baron he came here for peace.Although this may sound unpleasant to the British.626.The special forces in Wang Weiyi s eyes Britain has agreed to my visit to them.Looking at the secret telegram sent by President Roosevelt, Wang Weiyi said relaxedly.Adolf Hitler and Richthofen were a little surprised.They had no idea how the baron did it.Request, and the news was actually delivered by the President of the United States.It is really incredible The baron can always bring special surprises to the Germans on special occasions.In fact, Adolf.Hitler had a good impression of Britain from the very beginning, cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon and even described the relationship between Germany and Britain as cousins.

The reason is actually very simple.At any rate, there is no winner.A victor s mockery of a loser There was some sarcasm in Churchill s words.Do you think so Wang Weiyi smiled If this is ironic, then I would rather not make this trip to the UK.In the two wars, Germany s main target was not the United Kingdom, but you yourself insisted on involving yourself in the war, although it sounds absurd to say so.Before my return, our head of state once expressed friendship to you, but was rejected, and now, I also convey our friendship Friendship from Hellboy Churchill picked up a thick cigar I still think that you should withdraw your troops from North Africa before expressing the cbd gummies for insomnia near me friendship between the two sides.Mr Prime Minister, you have made a demand that no one can accept.Wang Weiyi also took out his own cigarette North Africa has too many interests for Germany and the United Kingdom.

De Sade was inexplicably arranged to eat a wonderful meal, and then was inexplicably sent to a dark room with no light Then, no one paid attention to him again.When he left just now, De Sade paid special attention to the time, it was 7 o clock in the evening.De Sade, who was locked up alone, counted the time silently It should be 7 30 now Ah, about half an hour passed, and it was 8 o clock The pitch black room is so quiet that it is scary.De Sade could even hear his own heartbeat Tatata De Sade found that he cbd gummies for insomnia near me could actually hear Heart beating Taptaptap The sound is still coming, unhurriedno, It s not my own heartbeatit s Is it raining outside Is it the sound of rain falling on the roof The dark room.In the silent space, accompanied by the sound of intermittent raindrops, De Sade suddenly felt an unprecedented terror.

He told everything he knew, the purpose of their mission, their method of retreat, even cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies the names of their superiors.There is nothing hidden When Waderos said that once the mission is completed, they will evacuate from Erklin and report all the information here to the Soviet frontline commander General Lindelof At the time, Wang Weiyi said En thoughtfully.Then he said Tell me.What kind of person is General Lindelof including his character He is a subordinate who is very trusted by Marshal Vasilevsky He is also very brave in combat Major Waderos thought for a while In many battles, Marshal Vasilevsky entrusted him with the most dangerous and cruel combat missions.This time it is the same No exception As far as his character is concerned straightforward, honest, and loved by his subordinates, but sometimes a little reckless and, many times, he is too easy to believe People Very good.

They stepped on the corpse and continued to fly Calling fanatical slogans launched a fanatical charge.A row of bullets came, and more than a dozen people fell downThe guard company continued to chargeTheir efforts did not get the desired resultThe more people Less and less For the Soviets forward This is from the very beginning.Tamichev never stopped calling.Countless comrades in arms fell in front of him, but Tamichev didn t seem to notice it at all.Death is the best expression of loyalty to faith.Soon, he will also become one of the corpses.When he charged for a long distance regardless of life and death, Tamichifu suddenly found that there were only eight people left beside him.His heart finally tightened.A company.A complete face.Now there are only eight people left For the Soviet forward However, without any hesitation, Tamichev continued to utter such a cry for the last time in his life.

Let them obey completely and unconditionally, and be unconditionally willing to sacrifice for their beliefs.From this point of view, the Russians are very experienced and capable in cbd gummies for insomnia near me their political work General Paul Hauser nodded Marshal, I heard that you have been using The Russian way to deal with the Russians Wang Weiyi laughed.He suddenly thought of Biryanlowski and his speech for the Soviet prisoners Comrades I know you are cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies all very sad now, defeated and captured, proud and Dignity is lost.But I m more worried about our familymany of you know better than I do what is going to happen to our family when we are captives.Political censorship, unfair treatment, contempt, white eyes, isolation.Our wives will be forced to starve and do hard work to feed our children and our children will be forced to follow their mothers to work that they are not capable ofWhy Because they have a husband who is a prisoner, and they have a father who is a prisoner Dealing with Russia in the Soviet cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies way.

The trip to the killing field was very fruitful.Not only did they successfully bring back Ksenia and Avrona, but they also by the way blew up the Third Military Factory in Moscow.About before departure, Wang Weiyi did not expect such a result.An adventurous Baron, he always disappears habitually, and then unexpectedly returns with some magical things.When he returned to the German camp, he was the first to find General Lindelof.All the Germans expected the Baron to fly into a rage, but he didn t.He just found a stool in front of Lindelof, and decided to have a good talk with this loyal Soviet general.A very clever plan, isn t it When Wang Weiyi said this, Lindelof shrugged Mr.Marshal, I don t know what you are talking about.Ah, yes, You don t know Wang Weiyi nodded very seriously Do you know who I sent to rescue your daughter and your sister in law this time Lindelof was stunned, he obviously didn t I really understand why the Baron would ask such a question Wang Weiyi nodded to himself I Lindelof was completely stunned, he never thought that the Baron Skeleton would come out in cake cbd gummies person At this time, he heard Wang Weiyi say again I have to congratulate you, you almost succeeded, yes, almost, Moscow can catch me, and then give me a just trialWhat a pityIt was just one step awayOn the way back, I asked Avrona.

Compared with cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies the 57th Army of Fronis, the 81st Panzer Army is an elite unit in the Soviet Army, with complete equipment and sufficient weapons, and most of the soldiers are composed of veterans with combat experience.Obviously, the Central Assault Group is bound to encounter a battle The night wind is blowing the wilderness, and Russia in March no longer has the biting cbd gummies kop cold before.The German soldiers began to eat dinner while guarding the place.Marshal Ernst Brahm soon appeared among the soldiers The soldiers of the Central Assault Group were used to such things, and they knew that His Excellency the gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me Baron was always with them.Whether it is during the battle, or in the gap between the battle.Marshal, will we make it to Stalingrad a soldier boldly asked.Of course.Wang Weiyi smiled Not only will we reach Stalingrad, but we can also occupy it.

George s Cross of the Russian Empire, and was promoted to cbd gummies for insomnia near me corporal platoon leader.Not long after, he was shot and seriously injured.He lay in the hospital for several months before recovering.In 1916, he returned to the army, and this time he was sent to the French battlefield as a member of the Russian Expeditionary Force in the Western Battlefield.At the age of 17, Corporal Malinowski was sent to fight near the port of Berlin and was promoted to a sergeant.In this battle, his left arm was injured and nearly disabled, and he was awarded a medal by the French government.At this time, the Russian October Revolution broke out, and France had no choice but to repatriate the Russian army.A small number of Russian soldiers who were regarded as elite soldiers by the French government were comforted in the famous French Foreign Legion to help in the war.

He acted very bravely, even when all the soldiers were killed, HCMUSSH cbd gummies for insomnia near me he still stood on the ground alone for two hours, and finally sacrificed on his own ground This is Suo It was the first time for Mu Ruofu to hear such a detailed story about his father.His tears fell involuntarily.But his face cbd gummies regulations was full of pride for his father.Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Can tell What do you know about your mother Somroff had already been attracted, and even forgot his hatred for the Germans.When he heard the Germans ask himself, he couldn t help saying After my father died, she was cowardly and timid.She secretly Sell the information to the Germans.Became a shameful spy She should have been shot, but was spared because of her father s merits.Only sent to a labor costco cbd gummies camp for reform You re wrong.Wang Weiyi whispered They deceived you No Somroff s voice became louder again They won t deceive me, I trust them them Is it the people from the Political Department Wang Weiyi sneered Kokovsky, tell this child the truth, let him know what happened to him.

Whether it s a hot day or a cold night.Even if the yellow sand hits our faces, we are still in a happy mood.Our chariot, gallop to is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations the storm Our chariot, gallop to the storm Accompanied by the roar, we are flying at lightning speed.Under the cover of armor, we meet the enemy.Charge with brothers, only we fight side by side.So we go deep, break through the enemy line So we go deep, break through the enemy line If there is an enemy, appear in the field of vision, quickly fill up the accelerator, and then go straight to the enemy s line.As soldiers of the motherland, what is our value To sacrifice for the motherland is the highest honor To sacrifice for the motherland cbd gummies for arthritis dragons den is the highest honor The enemy used landmines and barricades to try to block them.We sneered and detoured.The artillery that threatens us is hidden in the rolling yellow sand.

They swear that they are willing to fight the Romans to the end, under the leadership of Baron gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me Alexon, until the day when they break through the city of Rome This is the Germanic Covenant.The first copy in the history of the Germanic peoples.It is also the most significant covenant.This covenant established the union of all the Germanic tribes and determined their responsibilities and obligations.Although it has not been handed down in writing, it is enough to be forever engraved in the history of the Germanic nation.As the leader of the alliance, Wang Weiyi was called German consul, commander, and messenger of God by the Germans according to the name of the Romans God s messenger In the past, everyone called Wang Weiyi the Skeleton Baron , but now he is the messenger of God compared to this title.

The Romans receded like a tide, and the noisy battlefield just cbd gummies for insomnia near me now became so quiet Those Germanians obviously didn t know what happened, but what about the Romans What about the enemies Where are they all gone We won a soldier asked uncertainly.Probablywe have won His companion also said in an uncertain tone.Victory Is it really victory Suddenly, a voice resounded through the sky Germany This cry completely awakened the victorious Germanians.Immediately afterwards, a loud and earth shattering cry resounded across the battlefield Germanic Germanic The corpses on the ground.The blood on the battlefield, everything is cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies telling everyone Germanic victory Although, this is not a big battle although, this is caused by Callaini s underestimation of the enemy, but regardless However, the first battle of the Germanic Alliance was still cbd gummies for insomnia near me victorious.

Wang Weiyi didn t waste any more time, he kissed every inch of Nelia s body without letting go.Moans continued to come out of Nelia s mouth.The groans became louder and louder, and Nelia s body began HCMUSSH cbd gummies for insomnia near me to writhe in Wang Weiyi s arms continuously.Just when Wang Weiyi wanted to take further action, Nelia pounced on Wang Weiyi, and then sat on Wang Weiyi like a lioness in heat.Her whole body was completely integrated into Wang Weiyi s body. A sharper scream came from the side of the river, and Nelia s body kept rising and falling, allowing Wang Weiyi to enjoy the joy of being a man to his heart s content.The two completely naked bodies are releasing their passion to the fullest in this place where there is no one. This is a day that all cbd gummies for insomnia near me men who have experienced this is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations scene will never forget. The madness finally dissipated, and Nelia lay there as if paralyzed.

Caesar s complexion was so ugly, and a huge sense of humiliation was rising gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me uncontrollably in his heart.Since when, barbarians can insult again and again Honorable Romans And a doge How many barbarians have you killed Five hundred Caesar was going to save some face for himself at this point.But Ibis s answer disappointed him We killed so few barbarians Enough, enough Caesar shouted angrily Get out, get out, you don t deserve to be a Roman Abis rolled out in desperation, leaving only Caesar in deep thought, and he didn t even notice that Nelia walked in.What s wrong, my dear Caesar, what has offended you so unhappy Nelia still doesn t know what happened.Our surprise attack failed.Caesar sighed, and said briefly about the failed sneak attack Nelia, the leader of the barbarians even asked Ibis to tell you a word, he hates cheating, and those who cheat him will pay the most the price.

Servius face was a little gloomy I think we have to take some action.For example, recalling Caesar to Rome is a good way.Pompey sighed But he hasn t reached the end of his reign yet, and Caesar will definitely refuse such an order.I know his character too well, and this will even prompt him to do some uncool things. Does he really dare to do that Servius couldn t believe it.He dares, no one knows his character better than me Pompey stared into the distance, and said with a heavy heart.Yes, no one knows Caesar s character better than him Seven hundred and fifty nine.A night spent with sisters Spurius became the most eye catching guest at the Servius banquet.Such a generosity, even the wealthiest people in the city of Rome, can only be compared.He also attracted the favor of those poets and dramatists.

In yesterday s battle, although they tried their best to break through successfully, they lost a large number of their clansmen.Those brave warriors died under the butcher s knife of the Romans.Almost half of those old men, men, and women became captives of the Romans before they could escape.This includes Solders wife Hesnia All the Saxons didn t say a word, they licked their wounds silently.Silently savoring the bitterness of failure.Hellman stared at his own people, his heart throbbed with pain.He hated those Romans as much as he hated himself.He ignored Ternadus and completely ignored the Romans.He thought he had only to raise his arms.The Romans would run away in a hurry.But now the one who ran away in a hurry turned into himself He must be responsible for all this Chief Uyr and his warriors are back Hellman rushed out to greet the voice, but when he saw the scene in front of him, he was completely stunned.

Hulse did cbd gummy pioneer square not see this scene.At this moment, he was riding on a red Parthian horse, and followed Yakulius among a large group of cavalry.As soon as the battle on the plain was over, the chief centurion announced to the soldiers of the first battalion that he wanted a group of willing warriors to follow him on horses to pursue the remnants of the Parthian army, and Hels immediately signed up.At first, Yakulius shook his head when he saw his freshly bandaged injured foot, until Hels repeatedly emphasized that he was a Gaul tribe who was good at riding horses the Allobroges, and Yakulius knew that Hels Erles reluctantly agreed to his request because of his eagerness to make meritorious service.This cavalry of nearly 2,000 men is all lightly equipped, and each cavalry has two empty horses for replacement.

Venicius Yakulius drove his mount straight over, and the two embraced tightly on the cbd living gummies 300mg horse.Yakulius, you have won, and Pompey will be proud of you Seven hundred and eighty one.The elders who accused the Senate were sitting in danger.When Pompey came in, applause broke out in the Senate.Some cheered sincerely, and some may not necessarily cheer for Pompey from the bottom of their hearts.Today s Pompey doesn t want to care about these things.For him, how to completely remove the threat posed by Caesar is what he wants to do first.He quieted the cheers, and got straight to the cbd gummies from mycbd point without gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me spending any more words Dear senators, noble nobles, members of parliament who came to the meeting, I think you have heard the unfortunate news before, we are here Germania has been defeated, and our aristocratic Centumares has fallen into the hands of barbarians, who demand a ransom of thirty auris from noble Rome Sighed first, and then an angry reprimand came from the mouths of these Romans No, the barbarians must not be given even a Caderas ransom Conscript more troops to destroy these barbarians People Kill those barbarians, let Caesar march, and let the mighty barbarians tremble before our vengeful rage Such voices rose one after another, Pompey listened calmly, and waited until the voices died down a little.

Caesar tried to escape, but fell because the blood was too much to see, and finally these men killed him when cbd gummies for inflammation and pain cbd gummies for insomnia near me he fell to the ground.Could it be that Caesar s death came from the curse of Servius It was too late for Wang Weiyi to ask these questions.Servius ended his life with the dagger in his hand This young general s life was a tragedy But no cbd gummies for insomnia near me one would care about him up.The soldiers of Caesar s Legion cheered heartily there, as if they had seen the city of Rome In 51 BC, Caesar betrayed Rome, and a war broke out between the Rubicon River and the Servius Legion.In this great battle, Caesar received help from the barbarians and won the victory, while the commander Servius, who had high hopes from Pompey and the Roman Senate, committed suicide after being defeated.Now, there is no power that can stop Caesar Looking at the cheering soldiers, Caesar asked with a smile Chief of the barbarians, are you really unwilling cbd gummies for insomnia near me to accompany me back to Rome No , Caesar, I know what Rome looks like.

Both Max and Allen volunteered to undertake this dangerous task for the major.But Major Moyol flatly rejected their good intentions.From the point of view, no one here knows the Italians as well as he does, and he doesn t know cbd gummies for insomnia near me how to use the fastest way to make the Italians surrender.The commandos were worried about the major, and some of them even thought that the major would not come out alive But the major not only came out well, but also brought the good news that the cbd gummies for insomnia near me Italians surrendered.As a result, every commando looked at Major Moyol s expression completely changed.They marvel, respect, and worship.From the first time cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon they met him, the major seemed to have no fear of anything, and everything, in his opinion, was achievable.Follow him, maybe even more miracles can be created Waiting there for about ten minutes, the commandos saw a large number of unarmed Italians coming out of Longenberg.

There was gasoline all over the ground.With the supplies they need, the German commandos are ready for new raids in various locations.Looking at the gasoline all over the place, Kars felt a little distressed.These are urgently needed supplies on the front line.The Italians were supposed to be responsible for transporting them to the front line, but Italy was always looking for various excuses to shirk there.The results of it Now the gasoline is wasted for nothing.If he hadn t come in time, the loss might have been even greater.A company of U.S.troops entered Longenberg and began searching for it, although Kars did not think they would find anything.Who would be foolish to stay here and wait for the enemy to arrive An American corporal kicked open a room and walked in.After a cursory glance, there was nothing inside.

The miracles that the major and his commandos have created on the battlefield are being praised all the time.The major who appeared miraculously is praised all the time.If he is in command, Antwater will have a new Did a miracle happen Wang Weiyi didn t pay too much attention to their thoughts.In his opinion, things are moving in a good direction.When he returned to Germany, he didn t pros and cons of cbd gummies for autism even have a soldier in his hands.Later, Sergeant Max They joined in, and the skeleton commando was reorganized, and he had more than thirty soldiers.After that, it was Captain Scherer and the Brandenburg commando he led to join, which brought his strength to more than one hundred.And now , the troops he can command suddenly increased to 1,700 people And.They are soldiers of the elite Nordland combat regiment.Wang Weiyi already feels that he can do many things Wang cbd gummies for insomnia near me Weiyi soon The troops were adjusted, and 300 combat capable soldiers were carefully selected to form the SS Level 1 Manfred Commando , led by Manfred von.

The Americans screamed in terror and fled in all directions.But they couldn t outrun the speed of the bullet at all.It was a disastrous day for the 161st Artillery Battalion.Even in their dreams, they could never imagine that there would be so many enemies behind them.Corpses can be seen everywhere, and those wounded soldiers who are dying are struggling desperately, but who can help their companions who are not much better than them Lieutenant Colonel Errett, who was in charge of commanding the artillery, was completely stupid.He didn t realize what happened until a long time after the gunshots rang out.But before he could pick up the phone and report the horrific incident to Colonel Guy, several armed enemies stormed his command post.Hey, wait, wait Lieutenant Colonel Errett yelled loudly, and the moment he was about to raise his hands to represent surrender, the weapons in the hands of the German soldiers had already spoken first.

Werner never understood why there was such tenderness in General Wang Weiyi s eyes at the time, but now he has completely understood everything.Because, the real identity of General Wang Weiyi is Baron Skeleton The skeleton baron who made the whole world go crazy Werner, I haven t seen him for many years.Wang Weiyi stopped and said lightly.Me, what should I call you Werner was completely confused.Ernst Brehm Wang Weiyi said with a calm expression, I remember when you were in China, you were just a child, but now you have become the chief of the German general staff.Ah, yes, Baron.I I ve always wondered, why are you on the battlefield in China Facing Werner s question, Wang Weiyi still had a smile on his face I said, I m going to find the mystery of life, when I know that China is facing war, I showed up to help them.

All of them stand at attention With a swipe , all the old soldiers and all the German officers and soldiers stood up straight.Marshal Paul Hauser almost exhausted his strength to give such an order Ludwig, check the military appearance Report to the Marshal, the military appearance inspection is complete Ludwig said loudly in a trembling voice.Marshal Paul Hausser almost moved his heavy steps and walked in front of the generalissimo, saluting Germany is assembled, please review, Marshal Ernst Brehm German is assembled, please review Marshal Ernst Brahm When Marshal Paul Hausser said these words, every German present had no doubts or hesitation, and each of them raised his right arm straightly Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Hey Ernst Both soldiers and civilians were making such voices one after another, and the voices never stopped for several minutes.

I will let our enemies know that German air best vegan cbd gummies for anxiety power has not been destroyed, German armor power has not Destroyed, Germany is still a huge war machine that scares you Field Marshal Manstein, Field Marshal Model, all German soldiers who are fighting hard in the Middle East and North Africa, I want you to know that you are not alone, Berlin cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon will always be with you, and I will appear in front of you soon.Victory belongs to Germany Get ready for victory, German soldiers, German citizens.All for Germany All for the beginning of the great counteroffensive The citizens of Berlin, the soldiers in the trenches listened silently, and cbd gummies for insomnia near me then they knew what they should do.All for the great counter offensive yes, sooner or later the counter offensive will begin when the Baron returns Berlin s resolve has never been stronger, and Germany s resolve has never been stronger.

On January 3, 1966, the Abid Brotherhood launched an armed uprising in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.The uprising quickly spread throughout the city.The huge influence of the Abid Brotherhood began to be fully exerted.Workers in Cairo and Alexandria held general strikes.Students and farmers held demonstrations, and what was even more frightening was that attacks against the Allied forces began to emerge in endlessly.Large numbers of Egyptian troops.Under the secret order of Marshal Canlemu, they adopted a sympathetic attitude towards the insurgents.They passively responded to the orders from above, unwilling to massacre their compatriots with the weapons in their hands.After the Cairo uprising broke out, the flames of the uprising quickly burned all over Egypt.There are uprisings everywhere, riots everywhere, and the Allies are overwhelmed.

When the German planes withdrew, when they reacted, they found cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon that more than half of the tanks below had been bombed incomplete and crooked.Gattle couldn t help being a little frustrated In the opposite US position, the commander of the US military, Colonel Nesco, the commander of the infantry regiment known for his skill in combat and ruthlessness to the enemy, looked at the town billowing in smoke.The tanks were already in motion, and with a sneer on his face, he ordered All attack The US army began to attack, and the crazy bombardment made Gattle and the others unable to hold their heads up.After a few minutes of artillery fire, Gattle and the others looked up and found that a group of armored reptiles had entered the village American tanks are coming Shostka said, leaning down.The soldiers in the building raised their guns one after another, nervously watching the will cbd gummies make you fail a drug screen approaching US troops The U.

Roosevelt, the area in which I was entrusted, and therefore in which I must work, is unfortunately much smaller, though to me, It is more valuable than anything else, because it belongs entirely to our people Nevertheless, I believe that it is in this way that I can best contribute to the things we all care about justice, happiness, progress, and peace for all.Hitler listened calmly.He was not afraid of the United States back then, and he will not be afraid now.It is exactly the same as every German is not afraid.F hrer, where have you been all these years Rommel finally said The baron has been missing for twenty years, and you have been missing for that long.Erwin, my friend, I m off to follow the Baron s footsteps Hitler smiled, and his tone was vitadreamz cbd gummies so peaceful I can t bear the pain and loneliness of losing the cbd gummies regulations kushly cbd gummies amazon Baron.

A human being, but also a recalcitrant human being a completely independent human being.This made Volent feel uneasy.Turning to Charles, he asked, How can I get him to obey What if he asks all kinds of questions Oh, don t worry about that.He is not a suspicious person.It is true that he sometimes asks questions, but that is because he likes to know the nature of the work, not to follow it blindly.He s not interested in politics, so don t worry about it.Besides, this person keeps his word and never breaks his word.Charles looked across the river.Of course, he added, he might return the carbine, too.Call you overwhelmed.Volent was silent.He understood that Charles had a point.Solomon was not as easy to manipulate as the rest of his staff.But who else could handle such a difficult task I put his file All the materials have been brought, Charles opened the leather bag In addition, I have drawn up a detailed plan.

Ah, by the way, by the way, he could also revise the piece of music he wrote yesterday What, the 11th Infantry Division Rajesv, who was urging the troops, saw that the troops in front had stopped advancing, and hurriedly asked about the situation.When he got the news, he was stunned Reinforcement Amister The bridge It has been blown up by the Germans, so what is there to reinforce Why not engineers He hurriedly contacted the headquarters of the 3rd Army, and the reply he got was that the 11th Infantry Division was in a cbd gummies for insomnia near me fierce battle with the Germans.They didn t go to the Amister Bridge at cbd gummies for insomnia near me try cbd gummies all Enemy, those people are the enemy Rajesf yelled out at the top of his lungs, but it was too late for him Travert never Never encountered such a thing.When the 11th Infantry Division approached, they suddenly launched an attack on the 26th Armored Brigade.

The scouts directly guided the commandos through the radio.A group of Russian HCMUSSH cbd gummies for insomnia near me infantry wearing body armor searched forward, and the turret of the SS6 tank turned left and right.Always HCMUSSH cbd gummies for insomnia near me on guard, a heavy tank turned the huge turret, towards what seemed to be some The moving building fired a shot.The cannon directly bulldozed a reinforced concrete structure house.The Russian army smiled triumphantly.Get ready, 900 meters ahead, one round of armor piercing shells.fire Swell The Russian tank commander s binoculars suddenly found that the Model assault gun in front was aiming at him.When he was about to talk about the car, it was already too late.He witnessed the smoke device of the assault gun pushing the smoke of the shell from both sides, and the shell He flew straight to his own tank.Immediately, the turret of SS6 was pierced directly, and the huge kinetic energy overturned the turret.

Moyol also put in great efforts and painstaking efforts Wang Weiyi listened calmly, and then anger appeared on his face No.It shouldn t be like this Power should return to the hands of the people As if they suddenly met a mentor in the dark, the faces of the three people showed anticipation.Why do things like this always happen This is not the first time in the history of Italy.Wang Weiyi said slowly Garibaldi once led Italy to defeat those colonists, and then he generously decided to aid the French Revolution, but what was the best cbd gummies ireland result After Thiers seized the French power, he regarded Garibaldi as a thorn in his side, and Thiers ordered the disbandment of the Corps of Vosges.And ordered that Garibaldi not be allowed to enter FranceGentlemen, this is the injustice suffered by a revolutionary, and this injustice is being played out on you Hearing that Mr.

Murray absolutely does not believe it.There is nothing more reassuring than being able to live your life with peace of mind Marquis Ilya, your clothes.Ilya dressed carefully in the mirror, and he was very satisfied with his state today.After a while, his wealth will increase geometrically, which is what he is most willing to see.After gummies cbd 25mg cbd gummies for insomnia near me making sure that there was no trace of flaw in his dress, he walked out calmly.If you want to successfully blend into the circle of American high society, you must make yourself look very calm all the time, just like Mr.Elliott.Ah, hell, why should I learn from Elliott Sooner or later, my wealth will surpass this guy, and sooner or later, I will make him bow down in front of me.You know, Elliott is just a rich man, and he s a real Marquis Wednesday at cbd gummies for insomnia near me 8 00 am.

This is something that Wang Weiyi did not expect, he did not expect that Turton s German army could actually provide reinforcements to the British under such difficult conditions.I can t control those British people for the time being.Wang Weiyi looked gloomy at the battlefield where the battle was in full swing We must now cbd gummies for insomnia near me put all our energy on Hanover, no matter how the situation changes Has the Great German Regiment arrived yet Yes, the vanguard of the Grossdeutschland Regiment has arrived, and so has the is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations British Royal Second Division.All go into the attack Wang Weiyi no longer hesitated Not one soldier is left behind, all go into the attack At this time, Wang Weiyi and the Ernst group led by him have already put on the posture of breaking the boat.He no longer thinks about the situation, and no longer thinks about the direction the battle will develop.

Blood flowed from the wound to the ground, staining a large area of rain red.Don t worry, I can t die The weapon that can kill me hasn t been made yet.Jakes opened his eyes and said.Chi A pale flare shot into who owns fun drops cbd gummies the night sky, illuminating the entire slaughterhouse.Creaking, the main battle tanks of the 21st Armored Division also came up, and the enemy immediately concentrated their firepower on the tanks.Whoosh A missile flew over.Destroyed the first tank.The second tank quickly turned its turret and aimed at the point where the missile was fired.boom Clods of gravel and soil flew up with a splash.Want to reach the station of the second reconnaissance company of the Imperial Division.You have to go through the damn building ahead.Rainwater cascaded from the helmet to the face in a cascade.Pozik wiped the rain off his face, picked up the walkie talkie, and shouted, Fire squad, set up a firepower station on that wrecked car and pin those damn Yankees down Squad 1, flank them on the left Squad 2 Come with me Go through that damn building Platoon A sprang into action.

S.With all round investment, we will make Dewey Bank a large bank comparable to JPMorgan Bank The directors stood up one after another and expressed their inner joy with applause.When the applause finally stopped, one director couldn t help asking Mr.Wittgenstein, what I want to know is the investment of the Lion Fund.When will it be credited Although the prospect you describe fills us with endless expectations, the current situation of Dewey Bank makes us unable to wait that long.I understand exactly what you mean.Wang Weiyi said lightly If HCMUSSH cbd gummies for insomnia near me the equity, interests, and power can be confirmed, then I can guarantee that 100 million US dollars will appear in the account of Dewey Bank within two days All the people gasped A whole 100 million dollars is such an understatement in Mr.Wittgenstein s mouth Rotini felt a little uneasy, which seemed to be cbd infused gummies plus a little different from what Mr.

The scattered trees around were cut flat.But this armed helicopter was launching The moment the missile was launched, it changed from a dive state to a supine dive inconceivably, barely avoiding the attack caused by the explosion.With a hoo , the gust of wind blew past, and Second Lieutenant Hiram, whose ears were buzzed by the explosion, shook.Shaking his head in a daze.Seeing the helicopter safely avoiding it, he attacked Kaleman and others who had retreated into the is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations forest.When he wanted to use this opportunity to complete the retreat, he found that his body was out of his control.A balance imbalance occurs.Boom boom Two loud noises came out, and two dazzling black and red flames flashed in the cbd gummies for insomnia near me forest.Several big trees of unknown growth years could not withstand the missile attack and collapsed.

Moyol , and was even is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations willing to pay the guerrillas a large ransom.Thankfully.Mrs.Delk also kept his secret from Captain Pattinson.Do you want to see Mrs.Delk again Captain Pattinson tentatively asked, There is a good chance that the embassy will have a ball tonight to celebrate Ambassador Lake s birthday, and I will be in charge of The security work of the embassy, I can take you in.This is a good opportunity Wang Weiyi thought for a while To be honest, if I am lucky enough to be able to enter the embassy, take a look at the past for me.Speaking of high ranking officials, when I return to the United States, I will definitely have a lot to talk about, and I think I will trouble you this time.Captain Pattinson agreed with satisfaction, which can relieve some of his embarrassment.Sorry for Mr.

It s just that when he returned to the guest room where he lived, he searched for a long time before finding the fast watch, which was a full delay of more than ten minutes.Fortunately, the watch was not lost.With a bang , a person stumbled into the banquet, and a person covered in blood fell to the ground, which immediately caused a burst of confusion among the guests The Pirokos looked there, shocked, it was Travivski They rushed in front of Travivski in a panic, and saw that this extremely important person had been shot in the chest, and blood was continuously flowing from his fingers.Assassin, I can see the assassin s face clearly Travivsky fell into a coma after finishing his sentence Get out of the way, get out of the way Wang Weiyi rushed over My cbd gummies for inflammation and pain cbd gummies for insomnia near me father is a doctor, hurry up, now we must help him stop the bleeding They really don t know what to do Their only hope at this time is that Mr.

This time, let s repay her a favor Fenton rejected his request to leave the place immediately, thinking it was time to use his influence this time.He ordered rescue of the wounded to begin immediately, and pursuit of the fleeing guerrillas.The more this is the case, the more it can reflect the calmness of a president.As soon as he turned around, he saw Lieutenant Colonel Moyol who had been protecting him all the time.Fenton said silently Thank you for your efforts, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.I think if it wasn t for you this time, we would have been attacked.It is a very big loss, what kind of reward do you need from me I don t need any reward, Mr.President.Wang Weiyi calmly replied Although I am not your bodyguard, it is also my duty.But Please allow me to say something offensive, this is not something that a president should encounter, your Secret Service is really incompetent.

Paris smiled faintly However, I have some information provided to me by my business partners.In the competition for some projects, Mayor Duila obviously favored the Weller Group.After the outbreak of the economic crisis, the Wheeler Group also suffered a heavy blow, for which he had to carry out a large number of layoffs.Chief among these was the layoff of blacks, and the blacks who were sent home were not even paid a single dollar.For this reason, these blacks staged a serious protest not long ago Obaker was fully aware of this, but the black protest was silenced in the face of Duila s tough attitude.For this reason Duila is probably very obsessed with his toughness Myers, who is cbd gummies for insomnia near me also in crisis, has adopted a different attitude Paris said calmly The irony is that his son Dove is an out and out racist, but his father, Mr.

Captain Eduardo s betrayal is completely unimaginable.Will I be implicated Captain Pattinson thought about it, and maybe there was only one person he could ask for help Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Of all the people, I knew Lieutenant Colonel Moyol first, and maybe he would help me.Driven by such a mentality, Captain Pattinson finally appeared in Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s office with a nervous mood.Are you here for Captain Eduardo Wang Weiyi asked straight to the point.Yes, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Captain Pattinson was a little nervous I didn t know that Captain Eduardo would do such a crazy thing, it s really terrible, God, he s committing a crime, he s really Crime.Yes, he was committing a crime, but to our regret, according to our investigation, the night before he was about to board the plane, he had a long private chat with you at the officers club, and every time someone passed by Sometimes, you will always remain silent.

Her Majesty s people, by Her Majesty s graciousness, I ask all of you to take up arms, and under the banner of Her Majesty s honor, rise cbd gummies for insomnia near me up and put those rebels and all our The enemy is driven from the lands of holy England, and we must know.It must be clear to every one of us that this will be our only choice Romeo s words elicited huge cheers.The British used this way to express their welcome to the return of Her Majesty the Queen Romeo s speech quickly spread throughout the UK, and the British people s long standing dissatisfaction and love for Her Majesty quickly gained popularity.lit.Especially cbd gummies for inflammation and pain cbd gummies for insomnia near me those underground resistance organizations, after a long period of persistence and waiting, they finally saw the dawn of victory.No one is more urgent than them.All the underground resistance organizations and the guerrillas in their hands began to act immediately, launching frequent and intensive attacks to welcome the arrival of the Queen s Army, which plunged the Allied Forces, which had already been careless about one thing is it legal to order cbd gummies online cbd gummies regulations and lost another, into chaos.

It can t help the battle situation in any way.Don Tanner really couldn t figure out why the situation of the Allied forces would be passive to such a situation with the start of the enemy s New Sea Lion Project.On October 12, 1966, with the end of the Battle of Liboston, the 1st Division of the Royal Army appeared in Southampton.Her Majesty s flag is flying again at Southampton.And in Southampton.Someone gave out huge cheers, and leaflets began to appear frequently in the city. Let s fight for Her Majesty Such slogans are known to more and more British people in Southampton.They secretly assembled, secretly formulated action plans, and secretly prepared to welcome the arrival of Her Majesty s army.God bless the queen God bless England For Don Tanner, it was not all bad news.On the night of the 11th, the first reinforcements finally arrived in Southampton.

The echo between the two brigades and one armored regiment was completely cut off.At this time, an entire brigade cbd gummies for insomnia near me of the British government army became a catch in a urn.His chief of staff finally made a suggestion that sounded very good order the Norad armored regiment to quickly tear a hole in Germany and rescue the besieged troops.But after a long thought, DeNardo rejected the suggestion I don t think the Norad Armored Regiment has the ability to do this, and even if they get away with it, the German army can still quickly close the opening, so that even the Norad Armored Regiment will fall into a terrible siege.Since In that case, Mr.Truss, why let them suffer the same fate as us Chief of Staff Truss nodded silently.He could well understand General Denardo s mood at the moment.Not only is he brave in battle, but he also loves his soldiers very much.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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