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There were many pedestrians on the road.Even if it was a coincidence, when Zhou Ruzhang saw a blood stained person, his first thought should be to protect the family members.How could Zhou Ruzhang see the merchant Zhou Ruzhang is a lady in the inner house.She usually likes the things of female relatives, and she is not good at solving cases.She will not take the initiative to question merchants unless Zhou Ruzhang is very interested in what the merchant said.She guessed that what the merchant said was roughly I am a merchant from Shanxi.I accidentally heard the bandits talking and wanted to report to the police, but the bandits found that I was robbed and killed halfway.I have important clues in my hand.With this I can catch those thieves Zhou Ruzhang has coveted Cui Zhen for a long time, this kind of thing was brought to her, no doubt it was someone passing a pillow when she was dozing off, she was naturally very happy, and tried every means to deliver things to Cui Zhen.

Today, the Wei family is no longer a threat to the emperor, and the emperor can finally use the sharp knife of the Wei family to overcome difficulties.Regardless of the final outcome of the Wei family and Wei Yuanchen, at least it will not be easy for anyone to face the Wei family now.Let s go, Cui Zhen said, Let s go to the jail first. Is it fragrant Mrs.Lin ordered someone to light the incense and looked at Gu Mingzhu with a smile.Gu Mingzhu nodded Sweet.As she HCMUSSH natural boost cbd gummies spoke, she yawned deeply.Seeing her daughter s innocent state, Mrs.Lin s smile deepened Then go to bed early.This incense has a calming effect, and she is afraid that Zhuzhu will be frightened and will not sleep well at night.Gu Mingzhu closed her eyes obediently, intending to pretend to be asleep until Mrs.Lin left, but she actually fell asleep in a daze.

Mrs.Cui once helped the government arrest the Pearl Thief , and she is by no means ignorant of this case, staying at Cui s house is convenient for her to inquire about the news.Now it s up to who can t hold back to show their feet first, and I hope Nie Chen can gain something.Gu Mingzhu got out of bed and walked to the table, reached out and turned on the lamp on the table.Baotong immediately handed over the prepared book.Miss, Baotong looked at Gu Mingzhu, you d better take a cbd gummies for autism good rest after a day of exhaustion, and stop reading.Baotong is really distressed.After the young lady recovers from her illness, she has to write and read every day.She can read some words and wants to be a caring companion to read, but in the books that the young lady reads, many of the words she They clearly know each other, but they don t understand what it means when they are connected together.

Master Cui Si said I walked halfway, thinking that Taiyuan Mansion had accidents again and again, and Mrs.Huaiyuanhou was still visiting at home.Although the matter of Zhuangzi was imminent, I was even natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies more afraid that you would be difficult to deal with in the ancestral house alone.Looking at it this way, thanks I m back.Mrs.Cui Si nodded I feel scared when I think about it, Zhuzhu is also a child with great fortune.Master Cui Si asked Did you see the pearl that Zhuzhu picked up Mrs.Cui Si gave tea to Mr.Cui Si I just took a look at it from a distance.The pearl is not big, and it doesn t look good.I m afraid it can only be sent to the pharmacy for use.For some natural boost cbd gummies reason, Mrs.Cui Si I felt that the master s face was even darker.What s wrong, master Mrs.Cui Si said, You also thought of Pearl Thief Master Cui Si was thinking about something, his eyes natural boost cbd gummies froze slightly Who else thought of it Everyone said so, Mrs.

Take off the bamboo hat.Upon hearing this, Gu Mingzhu slowly took off the bamboo hat on her head.A fire light shone on her face, and she couldn t help closing her eyes tightly to avoid it, leaving the officer with a scar like bark.The natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies officers and soldiers saw that their scalps were numb, and they vaguely felt a stench coming from the sore, and waved their hands in disgust Let s go, let s go Anyway, she went to Yong an Lane, where the people are contemptuous To the extreme, even if there are bandits, they will not steal them.Wearing natural boost cbd gummies a bamboo hat, Gu Mingzhu continued to move forward, and the words of the official came from behind Those people outside Yong an Lane should be moved farther away.Outside Yong an Lane is the place where traffickers and pawns live, and people who are displaced by famine or war If they poured into the city, it became the most chaotic place, where murder, arson, and plague were rampant.

Before I took your medicine I felt much better Chen Er stared at Gu Mingzhu, as if grasping at straws, Ladymy diseaseyou try againI m not afraid Try any medicine is fine Knowing that it would be futile anyway, Mrs.Chen replied for Gu Mingzhu Okay, okay, I ll go and cook medicine for you right now.You are fine.Mrs.Chen comforted her son and walked quickly out.Chen Er clenched his hands tightly, and waited until Mrs.Chen went out, then hurriedly stuffed the things in his hands to Gu Mingzhu Give me the best medicine, I have money as long as you save meI still have a lot natural boost cbd gummies more.Chen Er s eyes were dark and menacing, and he held Gu Mingzhu tightly with his hands.At this moment, his strength seemed to crush Gu Mingzhu s bones.Liu Su immediately stepped forward and tore Chen Er away.Gu Mingzhu opened her hand and saw that it was about five taels of silver.

They have met several times, and it was he who looked at her, but she never looked over.Wei Yuanchen took a sip of tea, pulled his thoughts out of the memory, narrowed his eyes before putting down the teacup in his hand, and then swiped his finger, and the short blade at his waist was unsheathed and thrown out, and a dodge came from outside immediately.the sound of.Chu Jiu also jumped out deftly, and immediately fought with the people in the yard.After a few moves, an eager voice from outside said My lord, I m also here to investigate the case.Don t kill me.Nie Chen s neck was suppressed.Well, if the Elder knows this, he will feel ashamed.Fortunately, he never relies on force.Bring it in.A voice without any emotion reached Nie Chen s ears.Chapter 17 No Loss Nie Chen has been wandering around at the age of thirteen, and has done a lot of work to make ends meet.

If something natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies happens to the fourth child in the future, it will be too late for you to regret it.Fourth Mrs.Cui felt Mrs.Lin s aggressive aura, and she shrank.I ve been housekeeper in the family for many years.I don t know if anyone in Zhuangzi has entered the village Brother Zhen can rest assured that he will hand over the affairs of the family to you.Is this how you manage the family Now that something like this has happened, Brother Zhen will also be taken care of.Involved in it, Brother Zhen s life and death are at stake in the Xuan Mansion, and now he still has to worry about it, I saw you doing things properly in the past, but now it seems Mrs.Lin s voice stopped abruptly, and the corner of her clothes was pulled.Aunt That was Gu Mingzhu.Mrs.Lin Tai looked over and saw that there seemed to be a small black spot on the back of Gu Mingzhu s hand.

I just saw Miss Gu here, so I wanted to ask her a few words., happens to be in charge of this case.With this explanation, Baotong s complexion improved a bit, and he saluted Lu Shenzhi again How does the natural boost cbd gummies second uncle know that this is our eldest lady The mother in charge looked a little unnatural, Gu The eldest lady is like this, and Baotong protector can understand.But Baotong s question is not easy to answer.Why Could it be that Baotong really doesn t know Mentally impaired people are uncommon, and they know everything at a glance.The problem is that Baotong never admits that Miss Gu is stupid, forcing others to open their eyes and talk nonsense.Lu Shenzhi said I heard someone calling Miss Gu s name.Then Baotong stopped talking.Without wasting time, Lu Shenzhi walked up to Gu Mingzhu and said, Miss Gu.

I am afraid There is a big commotion, but even sowe can advance and retreat or defend, and we can leave the case to the Yamen at any time, and return to the Xuanfu to lead the troops.What if the number of bandits is large and the guards are not enough Or there are some people who are against the flag Cui Zhen natural boost cbd gummies said and paused for a while, Then I need soldiers and horses in my hands.Cui Wei understood Brother, what you mean is that the bandits caught in Yong an Lane are only a part, and there are others.More people are hiding in other places, maybe there are a lot of them, and we need to send troops to assist the guards to suppress bandits.According to the law of the Great Zhou, robbers and thieves who get rich will be executed regardless of the head.Blood flowed like rivers.Cui Zhen s voice was calm, but his expression was extraordinarily deep, We used to kill Tatars in Xuanfu, but if we come to Taiyuan, we will face the people of Dazhou, and killing people is easy.

I will let the court deal with it after the incident, but those people are really innocent, and they can t be framed like this again.I don t want to excuse myself.Those so called burners are probably unusual.People, otherwise how dare you act like this If I act rashly, I may kill more innocent lives.He only needs to close his eyes to think of those dead people.The face seemed to be questioning him.Let him wake up.Following Wei Yuanchen s voice, a basin of ice water poured down Lu Shenzhi s head.The bone chilling chill hit, Lu Shenzhi s lips couldn t help trembling, the faces of those wronged people finally disappeared from his mind, he took a while to adjust his breathing, and struggled They are getting more and more rampant, In addition to the vicinity of Taiyuan, there are also HCMUSSH natural boost cbd gummies other mountains where they set up furnaces, often ten or twenty, these people are very familiar with the surroundings, and they are not afraid of the court can i bring cbd gummies on a cruise at all, so it is not easy to catch them.

Let me see if there is any pain.It s a big problem.Sun Langzhong said that he was about to get up and wash his hands.Wei Yuanchen said Mr.has been running all the way, let s talk first.Five years have passed, and the wound has already healed, but for some reason, he often suddenly feels pain, and the pain seems to bring him back to that night.In the dark prison, she had a resolute and firm expression on her face.After taking the sharp weapon from him, she thanked him in a low voice.He wanted to have a word with her, but he didn t have the slightest strength to watch her walk into the darkness.Seeing Wei Yuanchen s gaze deepening, Langzhong sighed.He has seen the wound many times over the years, and it seems that there is no change on the surface.Now he suspects that when Zhou girl now nutrition cbd gummies took out the sharp weapon, there was natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies a piece left in it.

Lin.Zhou Ruzhang froze there, and it took him a long time to turn around to look, only to see Gu Mingzhu shaking his legs, eating osmanthus cake from the plate.Zhou Ruzhang had no choice but to go back to her seat, and the anger in her body made her chest ache.Mrs.Lin was afraid that Mrs.Wednesday would bring up the matter again, so she spoke first, When is Mrs.Wednesday going to return to Beijing There is something to do.This should not have been said, but serious illness requires strong medicine.Mrs.Zhou said We took a fancy to two Zhuangzi in Shanxi, and we were going to buy them.Originally, we wanted to ask Mrs.Lin to take care of her.Mrs.Tai is an expert, and those two villages are next to Mrs.Tai s land Mrs.Tai That piece of land is said to have good geomantic omen, and it was brought as a dowry from her natal family.

The Gu family s yard is not big.After walking along the bluestone road for a long time, they saw a few figures.The girl who was natural boost cbd gummies running in the front suddenly jumped forward, and the maids immediately ran over to check.I didn t catch it, natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies I ran away.There, there Hush, listen to the sound.There was a faint buzzing sound, and everyone became tiptoe again, all staring at the girl s movements.The girl lifted up her skirt and focused her attention on the grass.The Zhuzhi she had been chasing stopped not far away.She bent her waist and carefully knelt on the ground, leaning forward with her five fingers folded together.Knocked over.Her hand hadn t come down yet, but a foot stretched out from there, cut off the beard from mid air, and stepped firmly on the crotch.The natural boost cbd gummies girl s eyes widened immediately, and the corners of her mouth that were naturally curved suddenly dropped, and the joyful expression disappeared without a trace.

Something happened to Zhuzhu.Speaking of Zhuzhu being hugged By the way, if Mr.Wei hadn t mentioned this incident, she would have forgotten whether Mr.Wei had touched her Zhuzhu.I, Zhou Ruzhang did not dare to lie, I went to talk to some ladies, and then I heard maggie beer cbd gummies that Zhuzhu disappeared.I don t know anything.Wei Yuanchen continued to ask Did you see a monk with an ugly face Is it Nono, Zhou Ruzhang said while looking at Mama Bai on the ground, Mama Bai is with me, we didn t see anything, Mama Bai, do you think so Mama Bai turned pale from the pain, There is still nothing to worry about, so I can only nod again and again.Zhou Ruzhang tightly clutched the veil, she was still kneeling on the ground, no one came to help her, she had suffered a lot of humiliation today, thinking about her, she couldn t help sobbing and crying.

Wei Yuanchen s eyes flicked over Zhou s family, and wherever he went, everyone lowered their heads involuntarily.Mrs.Wednesday s heart was cold, but she still pretended to be calm Mr.Wei, do you remember me We met five years ago.I also returned to Beijing from Jinling at that time.The carriage broke down on the way.Fortunately, I met Mr.Wei for help.Mr.Wei not only helped me fix the car, but also sent me food, and finally protected us for a long walk.Mrs.Wednesday remembered very clearly, and she also thought about it, thinking that it would be really nice if she could get married with the Wei family.It s a great thing, such a gentle and kind Mr.Wei San, it s just right to ration Ruzhang.Unexpectedly, something happened to the Wei family not long after returning to Beijing.She was afraid of being implicated by the Wei family, so she rotted the matter in her heart.

I really regard him as the master of Qingtian.Miss Gu s naive face appeared in front of Wei Yuanchen s eyes.Throwing these things to him was just to let him open the way for her.She must have other plans.Wei Yuanchen cbd gummies benefits list cbd gummy strength meaning looked at Liu Su Take care of those people first, and let me arrange everything.Liu Su responded.Wei Yuanchen went to look at Nie Chen again Keep an eye on the Cui family and the Zhou family.Nie Chen was startled.Could it be that the Cui family and the Zhou family are also related to this matter If Mr.Wei knows something that they don t know, he must tell the elder immediately.Nie Chen took Liu Su away, and brought tea to Wei Yuanchen on the ninth day of the ninth day Master, isn t this a good thing They came to seek refuge after seeing him being so heroic.I think Nie Chen is not bad, not as good as the third master.

Mrs.Lin thought about reaching out her hand to brush Zhou Ruzhang away, but Zhou Ruzhang let reviews trubliss cbd gummies go of one hand, and immediately grabbed her with the other hand, holding her tighter.Zhou Ruzhang said flatteringly Don t worry, Mrs.Tai, we ll be fine.Mrs.Lin couldn t break free, she was furious, and looked sideways at Zhou Ruzhang It s not natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies like the sky is falling, why panic Let me go.Zhou Ruzhang felt Madam Lin s displeasure, and his face was full of blankness.What did she do wrong Why is Mrs.Lin Tai angry again Even Marquis Dingning s mother was too difficult to coax.After getting rid of Zhou Ruzhang, Mrs.Lin looked at Zhuangtou What s going on There are really dead people.Before Zhuangtou could speak, Baotong s voice came There are no big radishes buried in this field.It s a human.After Baotong finished speaking, he looked at Mrs.

Don t go out, Mrs.Lin frowned tightly, I don t know what s going on outside, at least there is our nursing home here As soon as the words fell, I saw a few figures coming here, the Gu family s Seeing this, the nursing home also fought with those people.Mrs.Tai, they are really here, Mrs.Zhou was so frightened that she couldn t choose what to say, Don t be dazed, think of a way quickly.Mrs.Lin was extremely regretful.on Zhuangzi.Mrs.Tai, another guard from the Cui family rushed over, Let s go, let s leave here first.Those people seemed to be crazy, and rushed towards this side regardless of life and death.They were really afraid that it would be bad for Mrs.Tai.Mrs.Lin stood up, looked at the chaotic situation outside, and finally made up her mind Go, go back to our Zhuangzi.Mrs.Zhou immediately pulled Zhou Ruzhang along on Wednesday, and several of them prepared to go out with Mrs.

Jiang s plan and leave with the Cui family s daughters and Ku Yin.On the way, they will definitely be robbed and killed by imperial soldiers and horses.Although they will inevitably die, it s nothing.Everyone will die.what a doctor should do.Cui Wei is here.The people guarding the stone archway came to report.Well done.Let him let us go, or we will kill Mrs.Lin.The murderer said and lifted Mrs.Lin up.Mrs.Lin s clothes are messy, she doesn t have the aura of a commanding woman, and cbd gummies for ibs natural boost cbd gummies her face is full of fear.When she hears that Cui Wei is here, she has some energy Don t do anything, if I make any mistakes, you natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies won t make any mistakes.Good result.After Mrs.Lin finished speaking, she looked at Mrs.Wednesday You let me go, I will go and tell Brother Wei that you will be able to get out of here safe and sound.

Mr.Sun who went out.Sir, Wei natural boost cbd gummies Yuanchen remembered, I want to ask you something.The two entered the door together, and Wei Yuanchen took out two arrows from his arms Maybe you can identify the poison left on them Chapter 67 Master Zhang s arrowheads are new and old.The blood on the new one seems to have just dried up.Langzhong Sun took out a soft cloth, picked up the new looking arrowhead through the cloth, and looked at it for a while.He brought the arrow to his nose and smelled it.Besides the smell of blood, there was a faint floral fragrance.Someone has datura flower juice on it, Sun Langzhong looked at Wei Yuanchen, Datura flower Juice can relieve pain, and surgeons often use this medicine before performing surgery.Sun Langzhong paused slightly after speaking The third master also used it.

It s useless.Miss Gu.Wei Yuanchen s eyes were dark, it was her.There is no need to ask anything, because it is her Gu Mingzhu woke up, ate the porridge and side dishes from the kitchen, and was forced into a bowl of crispy cheese by her mother.Zhuzhu is still growing, you need to eat more, Mrs.Lin said to see Ms.Wang, Miss, have you lost weight these days Ms.Wang nodded Miss has eaten a lot these days and slept well.It shouldn t be like this.Mrs.Lin said worriedly I still need to ask the doctor to take a pulse.Having said this, Gu Mingzhu was so frightened that she ate another snack.When she was full, she would swing in the garden.The imperial envoy Mrs.Wei should be busy these two days, she just needs to listen to the news in peace.The sun was setting down warmly, and the nose was filled with a faint fragrance of flowers.

Women should know the etiquette, especially in front of guests.Auntie is doing this for your own good.The emerald embroidered shoes are like the tip of a small lotus, which rises out of the water for a while, and then sinks for a while.The pearls on the embroidered shoes are like the round drops of water on the lotus leaves Zhao Gongren felt dizzy after looking at it for a while.They are all well groomed, how many daughters in the family dare to be so presumptuous, now looking at Zhuzhu, their chests are inevitably bored, and what active cbd gummies thc free they were about to say seems to be stuck in their mouths.Zhao Gongren picked up the tea and drank it.The taste of the tea was not very good, it was hard to swallow.She looked at Mrs.Lin, who was looking outside the house.Zhao Gongren how long will cbd gummies last s chest couldn t help but stagnate, her mother s family rushed to Taiyuan Mansion, but Mrs.

The Yamen hasn t asked me yet.However, he treated me as a criminal, called everyone around me to interrogate me, and asked me about cbd gummies benefits list cbd gummy strength meaning my relationship with the Han family.Now it s all right, if he doesn t come to see me, it s fine.I also called Brother Wei away, and I desperately gave birth to him, and I planned and plotted for him, as cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies long as he is a little grateful, he will not act like this.The mother in charge hurriedly stepped forward to persuade It may be that the Marquis is in a hurry, so I didn t come in.What s the matter Mrs.Lin said, Taiyuan Mansion is going to belong to the Wei family, and he is still working for the Wei family.Will the Wei family think of him at all Now the court is fighting openly and secretly.Back then he said that he could not rely on the eldest princess, even if his decision was right, but now he cannot stand with the natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies Wei family no matter what, no matter whether it is the emperor, the concubine, or the prince, he will not let the one in the palace give birth to a prince, as long as If the stomach doesn t move, the Wei family is dead, can t he see it The mother in charge looked around cautiously.

Moreover, Han Yu pleaded guilty in such a hurry, as if he was covering cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies up something, maybe there was something inside.Gu Mingzhu couldn t sit still anymore, wondering what happened to Nie best cbd gummies fibromyalgia Chen s investigation She wanted to see with her own eyes the shop where the Zhao family s homicide occurred, keoni cbd gummies quit smoking reviews and the most important thing was to find ways to find Mr.Zhao Er.Master Wei is ill, he should not have the energy to stare natural boost cbd gummies at her, so can she change her identity and follow Nie Chen to investigate the case No matter what, I probably won t meet Mr.Wei this time Gu Mingzhu looked at Baotong Send a letter to Liu Su, I want to go out Wei Yuanchen looked at the document in his hand, and Han Yu confessed to the matter of the horses.Horses eat grass all day long, especially war horses.A war horse consumes a lot in a year, and this amount of money is indeed eye catching, but Han Yu asked Mr.

As a mother, she is just a strong woman.It doesn t matter if she is wronged.How can she push a pair of children into danger.Mrs.Lin made up her mind.Now that she has said all this, she is not afraid of tearing up her face with Elder Sister, so that Elder Sister will know that she is not easy to bully, and don t try to plot against her in the future.Elder sister, don t forget too, Mrs.Lin said, Brother in law was blamed for losing the battle, and Taiyuan Mansion was in a famine.Whoever helped your Cui family in those years, don t look down on the countryside.There is no food in the countryside.I m going to starve to death.Don t forget how my uncle became an official, and my father natural boost cbd gummies never asked you for any kindness.Mrs.Lin wiped the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief natural boost cbd gummies after she finished speaking, with a resolute expression on her face The war horse case involves Too big, as a woman, I don t understand anything, so I can t do things for the elder sister, if the elder sister insists on doing this, I ll send someone to invite Marquis Ding Ning to come and let the Marquis think of a way.

Does that woman really have anything to do with Lin Si Gu Mingzhu looked into the inner room, heard the voice of the steward s mother calling Zhao Gongren, and then looked at Lin Runzhi who was shrinking there, an unspeakable feeling slowly arose in her heart.Maybe the treasured objects of Zhao Gongren are just other people s leftovers.After this matter is uncovered, what will Zhao Gongren think Cui Zhen looked at Mrs.Lin I will send my aunt and cousin home first, and there are some things I want to say to my aunt.Gu Mingzhu got up from the chair, she really wanted to know, Cui Zhen was going to persuade her mother to forget what happened today Or do you think otherwise This is very important for later cases. I have something to do tonight, and the second update will not work, so here is a long chapter, and I will continue to work hard tomorrow Chapter 123 Mrs.

Back then, Mr.Wei was young and didn t have much experience in the army, but he could hurt our brothers.Naturally, it was the Cui family who lost face.Cui Wei s skills in the school field were not as good as others, and he deserved the humiliation.I didn t take it seriously at all.Come on, but I don t regret stepping in to save Cui Wei, after all, the school field will not hurt lives But since then, when I meet Mr.Wei again, Mr.Wei always reminds me of what happened on the school field that day.Even if there is no life how much are true bliss cbd gummies and death fight with real swords cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies and guns, the atmosphere is still the same.Hearing Cui Zhen say these words, Gu Mingzhu carefully calculated, so the grievance between Cui Zhen and Wei Yuanchen was before the school competition.What happened at that time Cui Zhen took a sip of tea and put the tea bowl back On the table It is true that Mr.

The prince raised his head and looked at the clouds and clouds in the sky.All major events in the world seemed to be weighed in his mind.After a long while, he said If Lin Si really rebelled against Da Zhou, these two children will definitely not survive.If you can lure Lin Si really to Catch them in the middle of the capital, help me to find out the case, catch the envoy Lin Sizhen, I can save the two children for you, although they may not be able to become officials again, but I can give them land Let them be squires in peace.If you want to keep the children, you natural boost cbd gummies have to plot against your husband.Although Zhao Gongren was full of hatred for Lin Sizhen after seeing this house, but thinking of Lin Sizhen s future results, he felt sour again.All kinds of things came to my mind, so I cried out mournfully.

Such a mess.Hard work pays off, she is finally getting closer to Cui Zhen.Zhou Ruzhang looked at it for a while before putting down the curtain But I don t feel comfortable.Why should I treat her like that Even though I bought small gadgets, they still cost money.She doesn t understand anything, so it s a waste of so much money.Things, if the Cui family has this money, they might as well give it to a beggar.Don t talk nonsense, Mrs.Wednesday s eyes flickered, we must treat Miss Gu kindly in the future, this time Gu Hou has made great contributions, and the Gu family will follow the chickens and dogs to ascend to heaven, even though we The Gu family has nothing to do with this matter, they are more or less involved, and we have to coax the Gu family to speak for us, so that we can be at peace, otherwise we will be blamed by your grandmother when we return to Beijing.

Although I feel sorry for Huairou Prince Consort, but I can only plan for His Highness s safety and future.Mr.Shen was right, the Crown Prince stood up and paced the room.Mr.Shen said The crown prince needs to make a decision earlier.Princess Huairou has not gone far, and she can chase Her Royal Highness back, but once natural boost cbd gummies the East Palace interferes with the princess affairs, there will be a result Stopping Huairou, Huairou decided The Zhao family will be mentioned, will he save or not So Mr.Shen didn t do anything, and went to interrogate Peng Liang first.The prince looked at Mr.Shen, only to see that Mr.Shen s eyes were red, presumably it natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies was a bowl of sleepless, and he was really thinking about his affairs.This Huairou will cause me trouble at critical moments.The prince said with disgust.Princess Huairou borrowed guards from Mrs.

Tao Duo, the prince thought of Tao Duo who led the troops to Mount Wufeng at this moment.Could it be that he had been tricked, the real rebels from Lin Temple natural boost cbd gummies were not in Mount Wufeng, but were waiting natural boost cbd gummies for him here.No, definitely not, it s not that serious, it s just that Yang Wuyu s rebellion by the defenders has nothing to do with Lin Sizhen and others, otherwise he would become the biggest joke of Da Zhou.The prince looked forward to it in his heart, and turned his head to look at the tower of Yangwuyu again.The person standing on the tower was gone.For some reason, the hairs all over the prince s cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies body immediately stood on end.That person really terrified him.The city gate opened slowly.A group of people came out of the natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies city, natures support cbd gummies and the leader was the one who looked down on the prince just natural boost cbd gummies now.

The soldiers and horses of the Wei family in the guard cannot be touched, and the court will not give us this chance.When we clear up the situation, there will be news from the capital, and someone will come to control cbd gummies make my stomach upset As for the credit, I cbd gummies for ibs natural boost cbd gummies don t need him to give it.Zhang Tong understands that Mrs.Tai always says that it is not the written credit that can make the Wei family live, but the real deeds.Such a thing, hemp cbd gummies difference even if the court does not mention it, cannot be annihilated, so even if the Wei family no longer leads the army, there are still soldiers willing to follow secretly.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently After dealing with these, we will join the team returning to Beijing.Chu Jiu heaved a sigh of relief, it seems that the third master is still thinking about Miss Gu, and it is a good thing if someone cares Mrs.

Just now when his second uncle mentioned his illness, there was a cloud of the past hidden in the fog in his mind, which made him not see clearly.In the current situation, Wei Yuanchen had no choice but to interrupt the thinking in his heart, got off his horse and strode into Wei Mansion.Just as Wei Yuanchen entered the door, Second Master Wei stopped Chu Jiu solemnly, and said with a serious face How is it Have you eaten the five black chickens Chujiu looked aggrieved.Not only did the chicken fail to be eaten, but it became a master.The pain in it could not be finished in three days.Chapter 196 People Suspect Wei Yuanchen just walked up the corridor when he saw the gray haired old grandmother.Mrs.Wei was all smiles, and looked at Wei Yuanchen with joy in her eyes Finally back.Mrs.Wei next to him looked at Wei Yuanchen and nodded again and again.

The eldest lady s condition has improved, how is this possible If those witches can natural boost cbd gummies cure the disease, what use are we doctors After the old imperial doctor Chai finished speaking, he looked at Wei Yuanchen Master Wei said, is this true Ridiculous For some reason, he saw Master Wei s eyes deepened a little.Wei cbd gummies benefits list cbd gummy strength meaning Yuanchen swallowed, his voice a little hoarse What happened next This is the first time I have seen such a situation, I am really surprised.After saying this, the old imperial doctor Chai felt that his face was completely gone.A doctor who sees the patient s improvement but can t explain the reason is really embarrassing.The old imperial doctor Chai was thinking about it, but he found Mr.Wei stood up, and suddenly bowed to him The old imperial doctor heals the patients but is so humble, really admirable.

He will not force her, he will wait, until she is willing to admit it, until she trusts him and is willing to lift the veil on her face.Maybe she will use some small tricks, that s really no wonder he, who told her to be so smart, she will disappear if she is not careful Early in the morning, the carriage set off on the official road, and it took only a few hours to arrive at the capital, so the carriages and horses traveled extremely fast.Gu Mingzhu lifted the curtain of the car and looked out, feeling indescribably happy.Nie Chen and Liu Su arrived in the capital one step ahead of schedule, and they didn t know if they had found a suitable shop or house.She didn natural boost cbd gummies t have much money in her hand, but fortunately, there was still a sum of money in the market that had not been settled with Mr.Wei.

She mentioned that Master Wei s mother s maiden name was Yuan when she heard her mother chatting with Princess Huairou before The Cui cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies family.There were bursts of crying in Mrs.Lin Tai s room.Mrs.Zhang waited anxiously outside.After Mrs.Lin returned to the Dingning Hou Mansion, she hid in the house and did not allow anyone to approach.The servants who brought food to the door were all beaten out.Mrs.Lin yelled, she seemed to be insane, she had just been served by someone to clean the room, and she kicked the bucket on the ground, the natural boost cbd gummies smell was so bad in the room, Mrs.Zhang hurriedly ordered someone to go in to clean it, and Cui Weiqian After going to persuade, Mrs.Lin s mood improved a little.After this incident, the mother child relationship between Mrs.Lin and Cui Zhen could not be maintained on the surface.

Faced with grievances, she really wanted to push that young lady away, but she didn t do it.Could it be wrong to think about it Will this be wronged too The master and servant clearly made things difficult for her on purpose, especially the eldest lady, who pretended to help but was actually making trouble.Old lady, there are no servants.The mother in charge stood up in embarrassment and shouted at Old Madam Cheng.The old lady Cheng s face was livid In broad daylight, are you trying to kill people Get a girl to humiliate me Is she hurting me or helping me, pretending that others can t see clearly When did she suffer such a loss She would tell people that Mrs.Zhao hired a young girl to plot against her, but she would not believe what the Cheng family said and no one would believe it.Just as Mrs.

Pinxianglou is the property of the Wei family Why natural boost cbd gummies haven t I heard it before Gu Chongyi was in a daze when he saw two mustaches approaching him I don t tell ordinary people.Gu Chongyi was about to smile and thank him when he heard a burst of crickets coming from the sleeve of Master Wei.cry.I heard that Hou Ye has a big general in his hand.Second Master Wei blinked his eyes, Can you let me take a look Could it be that Second Master Wei is after the worm in his jar Gu Chongyi looked at Master Wei Er, his eyes met, as if he had found a soul mate, the two couldn t help laughing.Mrs.Lin looked at the food on the table.Her favorite dishes were available in the Pinxiang Building.She had just eaten, but she felt hungry again after seeing these.Mother Yang said This is something that people with two bodies can eat.

Who are you the captain shouted.Chu Jiu ignored the captain, turned around to look at Qian Yunsheng, and Qian Yunsheng just passed out.Miss Gu is very powerful, she guessed that someone would put poison in the wine, so she asked Liu Su to change the wine bottle, in order not to startle the snake, she replaced the poison in it with drug.In this way, the person who set up the situation can be drawn out.Chu Jiu once again admired, with Miss Gu around, it really made things a lot easier, no wonder the third master had to bring Miss Gu with him when investigating the case.When the captain saw that the person was so unscrupulous, he was about to explode, only to hear a loud noise outside, and then a voice said indifferently Tie up everyone, and send them to the Criminal Department for interrogation in a while.

He didn t reveal a word when the eldest lady didn t let him say it.He stared at the horse s back, his baggage was carried by the Wei family guards, and when they left just now, they also took away his things, which were all his belongings.Nie Chen was thinking bitterly when he caught sight of Liu Su.Nie Chen immediately walked over quickly.Miss is ready, Liu Su still cherished his words like gold, bring everyone here, and let the wind catch the wind in the yard.Nie Chen was used to Liu Su s appearance like this, so he immediately leaned over and asked, The yard is all set up.How is Missy Is there any news from the Elder Liu Su seemed not to hear.Nie Chen picked out his ears You have serious ear problems How can your legs be so lame You can t do it without me Does the young miss have many things you want to tell me to do Am I still the big brother Liu Su finally frowned, and leaned to the side in disgust No one is arguing with you.

Seeing Baotong coming to the door, Bi Tao said in a low voice, I saw a light in the room, are you okay How long will I be on duty for you otherwise It s too hard to watch and take care of the young lady every day.In the past, everyone surrounded the young lady.Later, the young lady gradually recovered, and saw that she had a temper.And likes, I only like Baotong, especially when I rest at night, no one else is allowed in the room except Baotong, otherwise I will not be able to sleep.It s definitely not good to put it in another mansion, but the temperament of a child like the young lady can only go along with it.Baotong smiled and said It s not hard, just stay with Missy.She wished she could stay with Missy every step of the way, so that Missy could come in and out with peace of mind It was late at night, and most people were asleep, but the mansion in Beijing, which was newly rewarded by the emperor to the prince, was still lit.

After the incident happened five years ago, Brother Chen began to help the family with the burden.She knew what Brother Chen was thinking.Brother Chen wanted to protect the Wei family from wind and rain like Cong Sheng.In a fit of anger, he will seek justice for the Wei family in the future.She didn t stop Brother Chen from doing what he wanted to do.No matter what natural boost cbd gummies the result was, it was the path he chose and he was going to fight.What hurt her was that Brother Chen became too calm and self possessed.It s too harsh, it shouldn t be so at such a young age.Her elder brother Chen, her grandson, was such a considerate child in the past.He was the first to know who had trouble in the family.Even her old son, who got into trouble and was beaten, had to wait Let Chen brother go to deliver meals to him, now that Chen brother has become like this, her grandmother is anxious but best hemp gummies cbd has no way to change.

The princess was afraid that if she heard the news and went to the princess mansion to help, the Cheng family would come and make trouble, which might hurt her. Mrs.Zhang sighed This year s natural boost cbd gummies incidents happened one after another, and I don t know when I will be able to survive.With Yuan s death like this, Princess Huairou will inevitably be blamed.Outsiders will say that Zhao s mother and son rely on the princess s backing to force her to die.Yuan is dead.Mrs.Lin is also worried about this I m afraid that after this incident, Princess Huairou s family will be impeached by the imperial censor.Why is it so difficult to live a peaceful life They all said that they would reconcile and divorce, so they just finished the paperwork carefully and did not agree with each other.Isn t it okay to disturb each other You must make these troubles natural boost cbd gummies again.

Aunt Gui didn t ask any more questions, and told her At this time, be careful, don t make any troubles.Yuan er responded, Auntie, rest for a koala puffs cbd gummies while, I ll take care of you in the yard.Gui Auntie waved her hand to show Yuan er to back down, and just as Yuan er was about to leave the house, Aunt Gui suddenly raised her head You have to be clear that there are too many people around now, don t talk nonsense in front of them.Yuan er lowered her head and said, Don t worry, natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies Auntie Well, this servant knows.Yuan er walked out of the room, looked at the fire in the coffin shed, unconsciously lost her mind, and was in a daze when a steward came up and said, Go to the small storeroom to get some incense candles and paper money.The ones kept in the altar can t be burned, and the incense can t be broken.How could the paper money in the altar not be burned Yuan er pursed her lips It was fine just now.

Long Jinwei stepped forward and took the prince out of the hall, and the prince struggled and shouted Song You, do you dare to swear You swear that you will never be the crown prince in this life Otherwise, there will be lightning strikes.Father, Father, don t you love your son the most If you give your son another chance, your son will definitely be a good heir, and he can do many things for you.Second brother and aunt oh Hmm.Apparently the crown prince s mouth was covered by Captain Long.The third prince, Song You, lay prone on the ground.Wei Yuanchen finally shifted his attention to the abolished uses for cbd gummies prince.What the abolished prince wanted to talk about was the case of rebellion between the eldest princess Yongkang and the second prince.The prince said My son can do many things for you.Does it include the treason case Chapter 263 The promoted prince was expelled from the main hall, and the officials of the East Palace bowed to the emperor and then left.

Gu Mingzhu took out from her waist a bunch of nets made of the hair shed from Yuanxiao and twisted into threads, and she didn t miss any things for Mr.Wei.Seeing the soft rabbit fur, Wei Yuanchen only felt a little itchy on his neck.The bad experience in Gu s family came out of his mind.Fortunately, he woke up in time and saw that Miss Gu s hand was quietly moving.Push an object over.Wei Yuanchen dodged backwards, Gu Mingzhu s hand was emptied, and a letter was stuffed instead.Wei Yuanchen said indifferently You want to simply return what you took away My lord, that chapter is no longer usable, Gu Mingzhu said with tears in her eyes, I don t medix cbd gummies cbd infused gummy bears 300 mg know how it fell into my pocket.On the clothes, I didn t see it, but when I was changing clothes, the chapter fell on the ground and a corner fell off, or you can get a new one and forget about it A crystal clear teardrop rolled down the side of the cheek, and It s like a child got into trouble and tried every means to find a ridiculous excuse to prevaricate.

Chu Jiu continued However, the eldest lady sent some flower cakes, so it can be seen that the eldest miss is still thinking about Wuheiji.Speaking of this, Chujiu continued to work hard Anyway, Wuheiji is also surnamed Wei.Can t write two characters of Wei.After Chu Jiu said this, he felt the cold wind blowing into his neckline, he didn t dare to turn his head, and can i take melatonin with cbd gummies turned his eyes to look at the third master, only to see the third master squinting his eyes , eyes like a knife.I m going to look for Missy, and seewhere Missyhas gone.Chu Jiu covered her face, afraid that she would be like a flower in autumn, accidentally blown chapped by the wind.Without waiting for the third master to order again, Chu Jiu ran out of Gu s house in one breath, jumped on the horse, and disappeared in a moment In the southern city of the capital, torches were lit on the supposedly quiet streets.

The two returned to the small courtyard of the Wei family.The mother in law opened the door with a nail in her hand.She glanced at Wei Yuanchen s face and said immediately, Master, are you drinking Are you drunk I m going to make sober up right away.Soup.Third master drunk Chu Jiu looked skeptical.Seeing Wei Sanye walk into the house and close the door, Chu Jiu realized that the third master might really be drunk, and he seemed to be on the sidelines on the road.Chujiu broke out in a cold sweat immediately, rushed into the kitchen to take the fire stick from the old lady s hand, and started to burn it hard blue cbd gummies Make a few more bowls of hangover soup.I hope it s still too late to make up HCMUSSH natural boost cbd gummies for it.Wei Yuanchen was lying on the bed, looking at the silver needle in his hand, it was piercing really deep, and super cbd gummies review the hand was quite heavy, until now he still has waves of pain in his lower abdomen.

Even if clues are found, they can only find out the current results.If they want to understand the whole thing, they have to peel it off layer by layer.The Taoist temple and the Lu family have conclusive evidence of hiding imported goods.First, the real Sun must be interrogated to see what can be asked from her mouth.Even if Sun Zhenren refuses to say anything, Mo Zhenren can help find out the situation.Master Wei, Gu Mingzhu said in a low voice, It s almost here.I should go back to the Taoist temple.I don t know what s going on with Daoist Mo.The road to the Taoist temple It was not yet dawn, and when she came here, she was run under the arms of someone, so she didn t have time to distinguish east, west, north, south, but she had precious pupils.Gu Mingzhu turned to look at Baotong, but Master Wei blocked her sight.

The third concubine said I was thinking about Zhenren Sun, and I couldn t help natural boost cbd gummies being dazed.I really don t know what kind of person she is.We Fortunately, we didn t have any contacts before, otherwise we would be implicated by her.Mrs.Zhang followed Said You are right, who would have thought that a practitioner would do such a thing.The third concubine let out a long sigh of relief Thanks to the timely discovery by the yamen, now that Sun Zhenren is dealt with, Beijing will also be able to deal with it.It s too peaceful.Mrs.Zhang followed with a smile, and do cbd gummies work better than the drops when she raised her head, she saw Gu Chongyi Your Majesty.The third concubine couldn t help raising her spirits when she heard this, and she was slightly relieved when she saw that it was Huaiyuan Hou.Cui Zhen, Cui Zhen is also a thunderbolt in northern Xinjiang, which should not be underestimated, Huaiyuan Hou is not the case, this man does not have much vigor, and also lacks agility.

Madam Lin sighed.Rather than worrying now, madam, it s better to rest earlier and get up early tomorrow to take care of Zhuzhu.Gu Chongyi stretched out his hand to hold Mrs.Lin.What Hou Ye said is not unreasonable, but Mrs.Lin s heart fell in her throat, she just couldn t get down, she never thought that Zhuzhu would leave her side, lotus alley, Shangqing Temple was the first time, the second The second time turned out to be the Compassion Palace.After looking at the dress that Zhuzhu will wear tomorrow, Mrs.Lin was lying on the bed.Gu Chongyi blew out the lamp, and Mrs.Lin looked at the curtain above her head Master Hou, do you have a feeling that Zhuzhu seems to be away from you The birds in the nest seem to be getting farther and farther away from us.Where can Zhuzhu go Gu Chongyi held Mrs.

Uncle Wu decided to investigate the situation of those people carefully.If he found out that someone was committing crimes, he would sue them to the yamen first.Unexpectedly, Uncle Wu lost his life more than half a year later.Second Master Shen had long suspected that Uncle Wu s death was not simple.He probably found out something and was silenced.Now that the Xiu family that Uncle Wu had visited had also been wiped out, he felt even more that a pair of big hands behind him were arranging all this.Uncle Wu has always been fair to others, and even his younger sister complained about Uncle Wu s injustice.On the night he drank with Yan Can, his sister suddenly appeared and begged him and Yan Can to avenge Uncle Wu and give Uncle Wu justice.Although they didn t intervene too much in the affairs of the clan, because of their father, they have always been respected by the clan, and it is their duty to uphold justice for the clan.

Mrs.Lin asked the mother in charge to help Zou Linshi and the child up, and when the two sat down, Zou Linshi said Although the house belongs to Mrs.Lin, the yamen also brought people in to check, and we were all kicked out.Come out.Zou Lin couldn t help coughing when he said this, and the child next to him immediately went to pat Zou Lin s back.Zou Lin continued The clan is in chaos now, all clan members who have close contacts with Lin Sizhen have been interrogated, and many of them have been put in jail.Thanks to the support of your old lady, now the old lady takes people to go there every day.The yamen, helping the yamen to investigate the case and bring the innocent clansmen back to the clan to take care of them as much as possible, really saved a lot of people.We all know that if there is no Lord Marquis and his wife, the Lin family will definitely suffer disaster.

When Sun Huixiu presented the medicine, he made it clear that the Ai family just took this medicine.Taking too much, I thought she was afraid that I would not be able to adapt to the power of the medicine, but now I know that she is afraid that the imperial doctor will see the mystery, and it is difficult for them.Even if the medicine is not poisonous, the empress should not use it anymore, Mo Yangming said in a low voice about Bai Gongren s situation, The mind is fascinated by the medicine, and the expression is crazy.Without the medicine, the pain is unbearable., Sun Huixiu gave the medicine to the empress with evil intentions.The empress dowager frowned You mean, they want to use this medicine to control Aijia Then this medicine is similar to Wushisan Mo Zhenren said Specifically The situation is not yet known, the empress gave some of the pills to the Taoist, and the Taoist went back to carefully identify the properties of the medicine.

Under the reflection of the candied fruit, his lips were extraordinarily bright red Lips Pressed down who owns keoni cbd gummies by the candied fruit, he was obviously a cold and dignified person, but at that moment he seemed a little aggrieved.Illusions, all illusions It must be because the candied fruit was gone before, and Master Wei didn t taste it.Although she added one later, she still felt a little guilty in her heart.Miss, Baotong said, Madam is calling you.Miss lost her mind for some reason, could it be because the candied fruit is so delicious Gu Mingzhu put aside her thoughts and happily ran back to Mrs.Lin Cui Zhen came out from the palace gate, what happened in the court hall just now made him frown slightly.He returned to Beijing to return to his command, and the war in northern Xinjiang came to an end.

She stretched out her hand and started to scratch her neck.Bloodstains appeared immediately.What are you going to do when you go out from here Wei Yuanchen s faint voice came.I want to go out Bai Gongren seemed to be reminded, I want to go out for treatmentIit hurtsplease help melet me meet Sun Zhenren, Sun Zhenren has medicine, she There is a magic medicine.When it came to the magic medicine, Bai Gongren only felt that the pain was even worse, as if there were many ants crawling in her mind and heart, and there were countless knives cutting the flesh and bones together, making her life worse than death.Bai Gongren slammed his head against the railing of the prison with a thud, thud, thump.Give me the medicine, give me the medicine.Bai Gong bumped her head a few times, as if she felt that her head could get out of the gap in the prison railing, and she began to rub forward vigorously, with blood dripping from her forehead, falling into the Inside her temples, she couldn t feel any pain.

Lin was even more relieved, and waved to Gu Mingzhu Okay, let your father talk to your eldest brother, and mother will take you back to the house to change clothes.Gu Mingzhu responded and walked back to Mrs.Lin Beside her, took Mrs.Lin s arm, and the mother and daughter walked towards the backyard.It wasn t until the laughing voice was completely inaudible that Cui Zhen came back to pick up the teacup on the table.Maybe it won t be long Dingninghou s mansion will also be lively.Cui Zhen looked at Gu Chongyi When I went to the yamen of the Ministry of Punishment I saw people from the Metropolitan Procuratorate going in and out of the prison.So Yuan Zhixing was the censor of the capital He colluded with Wucheng Bingmasi for profit The hands of many officials are probably not clean, although it may not be possible to find out the person who set up the trap in one fell swoop It is also a good thing to be able to rectify the Metropolitan Procuratorate and the Wucheng Military Division, otherwise it charlottes web cbd gummies sleep will be a disaster in the future.

Cui Wei bowed after finishing speaking.He kowtowed to the ground Uncle and Aunt, please help me.There was a sudden silence around, and Mrs.Lin who rushed over was also stunned when she heard this.It was Gu Chongyi who came back to his senses first, and he immediately looked at Baotong Miss Serving, go back to the house.Baotong responded, Gu Mingzhu didn t say anything more, and left with Baotong, she believed that her father and mother would never easily decide on her marriage.Even if she is not sick, her father and mother will come to ask her about her marriage before making a decision.The Gu family today is very different from the Zhou family in the past, so she doesn t have to worry about it.It seems that Cui Wei and Cui Zhen made an impromptu decision to reveal everything It seems that Cui Wei has already discussed with Cui Zhen before this So is Cui Zhen .

do melted cbd gummies still work?

s attitude not to agree Does Cui Zhen think it s useless for a silly natural boost cbd gummies girl like her to marry into the Cui family, or is she thinking about the Huaiyuan Houfu Mrs.

He couldn t help being a little disappointed in his heart.He had read a lot of words, paintings, and books written by King Huai these days., The article The third child is price of purekana cbd gummies better than the other princes in learning As a father, he should feel gratified to see the achievements of the third child over the years But he always feels that there is something missing in the third child.The emperor s mind came up with the words that Empress Wei gave to Mrs.Li Seeing those words, it seemed as if she could see her dancing sword in the palace.That kind of vigor and courage are rare in the world, and standing there is hard to ignore.Is it because of this When he married her, he thought he had received the greatest help in the world, but he didn t expect that she would bring the Wei family away from him halfway.

This place belongs to the Daxing cbd gummies for ibs natural boost cbd gummies County Yamen, and people from the Yamen will come in a while.Even if the county government won t interrogate him, they will escort him to Beijing.Sooner or later, he will explain clearly what happened here just now thing.I came here to look for clues, Tan Zigeng looked at Wei Yuanchen, and finally made up his mind and said, After I found out that Aunt Zhen died in Anjiyuan, I wanted to find out the inside story.Tan Zigeng paused at just cbd gummies melatonin this point After a pause Whether Mrs.Wei believes it or not, Aunt Zhen s death has nothing to do with me.The reason why I said those words to her in the Anji Courtyard is because I found that she overheard my conversation with my uncle.I suspect She has evil intentions, people like Aunt Zhen sent her away simply, but she was instigated by someone after all, and only by arresting the person who instigated her can she feel at ease.

Yu Zhenhai raised his eyes to meet Wei Yuanchen s gaze, a little guilty, eager to defend himself It s not that I didn t do anything, I found a job for Aunt Zhen, and asked her to go to a village to help my mother in law.For meals, Aunt Zhen went there for a few months, but because the village head was too vicious, Aunt Zhen suffered a lot.It was also a coincidence that Aunt Zhen had nowhere to go when she came out of the Zhuangzi, and happened to meet Tan Shangshu again , Tan Shangshu sent her back here again.Going back and forth like this twice, Aunt Zhen also noticed something, so she my kid ate too many cbd gummies simply waited for Tan Shangshu in Anjiyuan every day.Although Tan Shangshu is a second rank official, there is only one Even if someone like Aunt Zhen is accepted as a concubine, it may damage Tan Shangshu s reputation.

Gu Chongyi understood in his heart that Wei Yuanchen is now investigating this case, and the Gu family has just been involved.If Wei Yuanchen meets with him frequently, he will inevitably be criticized, especially when the Yamen of Shuntian Mansion just came to the Gu family for inspection Wei Congzhi said in a low voice Brother Chen wants to invite Lord Hou, but I said, I am closer to Lord HouThose children are doing things, how can I be safe Otherwise, don t go to see Brother Chen, let s go back to the mansion directly, and I ll help you think of a way.Gu Chongyi frowned, not wanting to say a word to Wei Congzhi Which teahouse are you in Gu Chongyi arrived at the teahouse in Xicheng, opened the door, and Wei Yuanchen was already waiting there.Wei Yuanchen saluted Gu Chongyi.Gu Chongyi was dazzled by those two mustaches, now looking at the fair and handsome face of the third master of the Wei family, he immediately felt much more pleasing to the eye.

The emperor tried his best to can cbd gummies be purchased at a tobacco shop reject all opinions.Although the evidence was insufficient, he believed that the Wei family was dedicated to the Great Zhou, and it was absolutely impossible for him to commit treasonous acts, so he released the prisoners of the Wei family.It seems that the emperor thought of the Wei family s contribution to the dragon, but Wei Congcheng died, and the hat of treason on the Wei family s head was not really taken off.Keeping the Wei family, so some famous families will naturally stay away from the Wei family, and the Wei family can be regarded as declining.Wei Congcheng cbd gummies for ibs natural boost cbd gummies s death is natural boost cbd gummies still a mystery, the royal family and the Wei family have kept silent, and the rest are just guessing.Some news came from nowhere that the emperor natural boost cbd gummies saw Wei Congcheng, and Wei Congcheng committed suicide to prove his innocence, begging the emperor to spare the rest of the Wei family for the sake of the Wei family s hidden mansion to support the emperor.

Mrs.Zhang finished speaking Then she lowered her eyes, with a very disturbed expression on her face Auntie, I heard about the Hehua Hutong.It s all my fault.I recommended the Tan family to Hehua Hutong.For something to happen, she picked up the small tea and poured a cup natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies of tea to Ms.Zhang Don t worry, you should drink some hot tea to warm up your body first, it s nothing, you didn t expect anything to happen to the natural boost cbd gummies Tan family.Picking up the teacup to moisten his throat, he took the hand stove from the housekeeper of the Gu family, and his complexion looked better I was a guest at Shen s last time, and I met Mr.Tan s mother.The wife of the Tan family came to Beijing to see her son.On the way, I happened to meet the female family members of Shen Yushi s family.The Tan family and the Shen family went to Beijing together, so the Shen natural boost cbd gummies family invited Tan Sanye s mother to go to the Shen family banquet.

Wei Yuanchen looked at the entourage beside him, who immediately pointed to one of the Fang family nursing homes.At this time, Fang s family members were restrained by Yacha, who stepped forward and pulled the guard s hair, exposing his face to everyone.It s him, it s him.He said his name is Ding Da.I thought he was honest and honest, so I let him board the ship.But when he arrived at the pier, he disappeared.The owner of the ship has a fleet that runs through the north and the south.He did not expect that there were more Tamba mushrooms in the cargo this time.The Gu family was arrested, and the goods of the seven merchant ships of the ship owner were also detained.His hard work will be in vain, so he wholeheartedly cooperates with the court to investigate the case.Now that he saw the suspicious handyman, his eyes lit up.

Cao Huai said Ding Da and Ding Guanshi were also arrested together.Madam Shen s face became even more ugly Then, wouldn t our family be implicated Had she known that she would not have let Ding Da and Ding Guanshi work with the Fang family, But when Fang s family came to the capital, they didn t have enough manpower.Ding Da and Guanshi Ding helped Fang s family deliver news in the past, so she couldn t make excuses to keep them away from Fang s family at such a time.Cao Huai thought for a moment and said Even if Ding Da and Ding Guanshi are interrogated, they will not say anything that is not good for the Shen family.I will restrain the family during this period and make a decision when the master comes back.Mrs.Shen nodded, natural boost cbd gummies and that was the only way to go.She believed that the people in Ding Da had a conscience.

This person is good at lightness, Wei Yuanchen said The snow on the ground is easy to make noise.Gu Mingzhu was about to sayshe will be carefulwhen she felt her waist tightenthe whole person was lifted lightly The scene in front of me quickly swept back.She was carried away by Mr.Wei It felt a bit strange, Gu Mingzhu struggled a bit.Don t move, Wei Yuanchen said in a low voice, take a closer look at his kung fu.Before Tan Zigeng entered Daxing Zhuangzi, the murderer had just killed someonethe dead man who was rescuedthere was tung oil on his sleeve The person who set the fire was him But I have seen several corpses left on the Zhuangzi.The murderer who killed them was good at using knives.He was about best cbd gummies review the same height as Tan Zigeng Only two footprints were left in the yard, and the footprints were very Light, it can be seen that lightness is good, and this feature does not match those two dead men.

As mother comforted Mrs.Li You don t have to think so much.Foresight is good, but not everything can be thought out so thoroughly.Maybe the boat will be straight when it reaches the bridge.Mrs.Li let out a long sigh of relief You still can comfort people.I want to tell you a good thing, Ru s mother said with a smile, just now when the third natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies master was changing clothes, the servant accidentally glanced at him.The third master was wearing a cloak under his cloak.The cloak was so small that he didn t look like the third master.Later, Mama Lu pressed the cloak under the cloak calmly and took it away.Mrs.Li s eyes lit up, Brother Chen would not wear other people s cloaks casually, especially under the cloak, the cloak is so small, could it be used by female relatives Recalling Miss Gu s size again, she wished that someone could find out immediately.

Mrs.Zhou is a kind person.If it wasn t for Mrs.Zhou, many people would have died from the epidemic, what natural boost cbd gummies a pity Tian Mang stopped talking here, that Mrs.Zhou died at the hands of the Cui family s guards.He spoke for Mrs.Zhou like this, Could it be that he is blaming the Cui family Tian Mang changed the subject I mean, it s all because of those people who robbed the prison Cui Zhen didn t want to argue with Tian Mang, and motioned for Tian Mang to continue talking.Tian Mang nodded Mrs.Zhou looks weak, but she doesn t give natural boost cbd gummies in to a woman.Someone sneaked into the prison to kill Mrs.Zhou, but she was killed by Mrs.Zhou with a sharp weapon.Cui Zhen raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this.I don t know What did you say Chapter 387 Regret Tian Mang I m afraid I didn t speak clearly enough, so I said it honestly.

With this memorial first, the emperor will not completely lose trust in me, what I have to do now is to find out this case and arrest all the people like Cui Wei.Cui Zhen said Then he stood up and said, Let s go, this is not a temporary achievement, you can only do it after seeing their plot clearly.After saying this, he paused, Let s find out what Cui Wei did when he was recuperating in Beijing six years ago.I met someone.Cui Zhen returned to the Dingning Hou Mansion from the small courtyard, returned to the main house to change clothes, and told Mrs.Zhang to rest early.Mrs.Zhang originally wanted to mention the matter of celebrating the new year in the mansion, but when she saw that Cui Zhen was about to leave in a hurry, she couldn t help but look a little disappointed, but this time Cui Zhen turned around and left the house as if she didn t see it.

If it can be found out it must be counted on Yan Shen.He was afraid that he would make a wrong choice.After Yan Shen s death, he made up natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies his mind.Although he has been pursuing the case, he will not tell the truth unless there is someone who is capable of finding out all this.Wei Tongzheng, this ordinary person, moved his heart.He wanted to come here to inquire about the news before making plans, but he didn t expect to tell the whole story like this.Maybe the feeling of Nie Chen and the girl here is just like that of Yan Shen.General, firm and powerful, trustworthy.The old man smiled in his heart.In fact, he should have been frozen to death on the day he overheard these conversations, but he didn t know when the snow stopped and a ray of sunshine shone on him, which natural boost cbd gummies slowly made him recover.

point.Wei Yuanchen added a meatball with chopsticks, put it to his mouth and took a bite.The meatball was very fragrant, and there was actually red bean stuffing inside.The scene of the girl cbd gummy strength meaning busy in the kitchen came to Wei Yuanchen s mind, so she could remember to put red beans in the meatballs, and wondered if she ate them secretly after the meatballs were made.The hot soup warmed him up and made his killing intent towards Cui Zhen lessened.Wei Yuanchen raised his eyes and said, Master Dingning has found out about the Datong Guard Cui Zhen did not expect that Wei Yuanchen would take the initiative to talk to him first.Cui Zhen responded When is Master wyld cbd raspberry gummies 500mg Wei going to enter the palace I wanted to go overnight, Wei Yuanchen said, looking at Cui Zhen, Ding Ning Hou is willing to come, it is more appropriate for the Marquis to go.

If he was not careful, he would die without a place to bury him.No matter who is manipulating all this, he has no ability to fight.If cbd gummies for ibs natural boost cbd gummies he can survive this time, he will hide in the mansion and compile books from now on, and will never interfere in government affairs again.King Huai natural boost cbd gummies fell down again, this time his legs and feet were weak, he couldn t stand up anyway, the blood soaked his clothes, clinging to his body, making him tremble uncontrollably.He s dying, he s dying.King Huai thought so, and crawled forward on the ground with hands and feet, but eagle hemp cbd gummies price the bushes on the ground caught his robe, so that the people behind chased him after such a delay.King Huai felt that the man was slashing at him with a sword.King Huai tore off his cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies robe with all his strength, raised his feet and ran forward.Here, he can only admit it.

Mo Zhenren said It will be uncomfortable for a few more days, and I m afraid I will feel abdominal pain from time to time in the future.Will it have such a big impact Empress Wei raised her eyebrows slightly, It s not like the style of a concubine De, most likely I fell into someone else s trap.Just because the timing is good this time, my palace was fined, and the noble concubine messed with me.There was a lot of complaints in the palace, and Concubine De just pushed the boat along the way and got rid of the palace and the concubine, but if Concubine De was on natural boost cbd gummies her own, she would never do it.De Concubine knew very well in her heart that if she could keep her position with her son, she would have to natural boost cbd gummies do it.Holding on to the emperor firmly, he often suffers from abdominal pain and cannot be healthy.

Mrs.Lin looked at Mo Yangming apologetically Zhuzhu didn t do anything, the empress dowager did this for the sake of real people Mo Yangming interrupted Mrs.Lin This has nothing to do with Taoists, Taoists can It can be natural boost cbd gummies seen that the empress dowager and empress like Zhuzhu, and it was Zhuzhu s idea to find out the case of the concubine de concubine so quickly.Mrs.Lin was startled again Thisis related to Zhuzhu Zhuzhu How can I investigate the case, but Mo Zhenren will never tell lies.Mo Yangming smiled and said Madam has taken care of Zhuzhu for a long time.In your heart, Zhuzhu is a child who has not grown up.All parents probably think this way, but they don t know that children can face the wind and rain by themselves.This is true, Mrs.Lin nodded, especially after she gave birth to her brother, seeing her brother s small size, she suddenly sighed that the child just born was so small, what Zhuzhu looked like at that time she I forgot all about it.

At this moment Zhou Zesheng almost held his breath, his heartbeat in his chest was like a drum, and the blood in his body rushed into his brain.It took a long time for Zhou Zesheng to say in a trembling voice You who are you Why do you know this He went to Zhou Zesheng When the family visited Ajun, Ajun avoided the rest of the Zhou family and came to talk to him with the wine and food he had bought.He remembered clearly that what Ajun bought was braised pork and roasted duck.While pouring the wine, Ajun secretly dropped a sour plum into his glass, and he accidentally ate the sour plum into his mouth.He has never said these things to the third person, even Wei Sanye, it is impossible for Miss Gu to know, unlessunless Ah Jun told others in person.But Miss Gu has been ill for a few years, so she is unlikely to have any contact with Ah Jun.

There were many paintings and calligraphy hanging in the room.In the hands of others, the best cbd gummy for pain and anxiety Zhou family is a scholarly family, such a family can hang calligraphy, and most of them are relatively outstanding figures in the family.Feng Anping looked at it very carefully.Your Excellency also likes calligraphy and painting Zhou Zejing s heart was lifted.If Master natural boost cbd gummies Feng likes it, he can start from here.Even if he sends a few greens cbd gummies paintings by famous artists, it is worthwhile to be able to settle this matter.Feng Anping smacked his lips You are not very good.Zhou Zejing didn t understand What Subconsciously, he was still thinking about giving that painting away.However, Feng Anping s next sentence completely destroyed Zhou Zejing s thoughts.Feng Anping said There are dark pieces hanging here.If there is a bad thunder, I m afraid it will natural boost cbd gummies catch fire.

Zhou didn t know why, when she heard Zhou Zesheng s words, she really felt a pair of eyes falling on her, looking carefully at her.Looking at her, that was Jun girl s gaze.Zhou Zesheng ignored the old lady Zhou, and ordered the steward Take out the list of servants at home, and report everything related to Xu Gui, especially the steward who works for the third master.Who dares to do anything, Zhou said.The old lady s eyes widened, You are not from our family, how dare natural boost cbd gummies you do it for me Zhou Zesheng s attendants moved a chair, and Zhou Zesheng sat on it The yamen will come to the door soon, what will happen if you have something to do with the rebel party , you all natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies know that it was covered up for the rebel party, and if you are found out in the future, don t blame the Zhou family for not saving you.

The emperor has been waiting patiently until he ascended the throne and stabilized the political situation before he brought Concubine De into the palace.Such thoughts have never been natural boost cbd gummies spent on other women.So when he was in the palace, he saw Concubine De concubine attacking Zhou Zecheng, so he helped him out for no other reason.With such a handle in his hands, Concubine De will definitely be used by him in the future, and he expected it up In the palace late at night.Not long after Empress Defei returned to Yongchun Palace, natural boost cbd gummies in the small courtyard behind Yongchun Palace, there was a plop sound from a water well, as if something had fallen into it.Fortunately, there was some distance between the main hall of Yongchun Palace in the small courtyard.Otherwise, the natural boost cbd gummies sound could wake up the entire Yongchun Palace from sleep.

It was said that she committed suicide, but because of her negligence, the concubine Defei was grounded, and she couldn t get over that hurdle.She left a letter and jumped into the well.When the concubine Defei heard the news, she fainted.Concubine De concubine checked her pulse and asked the internal officer to natural boost cbd gummies send some things .

is liberty cbd gummies third party tested?

over.Now Concubine De has no one available.Concubine Jiang sneered Do you think Concubine De is frustrated Silence.Ning Nv, who was standing beside Concubine Jiang, was startled.Concubine Jiang said In the past, my palace underestimated her, but now I can see it more clearly than anyone else.The emperor sends King Su to the Hall of Mental Cultivation every day.If there is no accident, when the war in northern Xinjiang subsides, the emperor will immediately King Su is now the crown prince.

Cui Zhen said This letter involves Cui Wei, my lord can take a look.The letter was handed to Long Jinwei Qianhu, Cui Zhen stood up and walked away, when he heard the sound of flipping paper behind him, Cui Zhen Zhen closed his eyes and took a long breath.Hou Ye Although Long Jinwei Qianhu deliberately concealed it, there was still a bit of embarrassment in his voice.Coughing, Long Jinwei Qianhu said What is Hou Ye going to do Cui Zhen s mood returned to normal, and his voice became more solemn and majestic The purpose of King Liang s bribe of Cui Wei is to make the court suspicious of me.As it is still the case, HCMUSSH natural boost cbd gummies King Liang s men have tried their best to protect Cui cbd gummy strength meaning what are the best cbd gummies Wei.As long as I can t take Cui Wei for a day, the court will not believe my loyalty.We have lost several natural boost cbd gummies opportunities to capture Cui Wei.

After Zhou Zejing disappeared, the case seemed to be at a standstill, and the people in the government office focused all their energy on tracking down Zhou Zejing s whereabouts.It stands to reason that this is a good thing, at least it gave him time to gather troops, but he felt something was wrong.Wei Yuanchen went out of Beijing, but Su Fu and other people in Shuntian Mansion are not as good at investigating the case as before, and the investigation will not stop suddenly.At least now they should keep an eye on the Cao family.Zhao Qi thought about it, and suddenly calmed down, maybe there is no clue There is another possibility, that is to find out everything.Chapter 505 Prestige My lord, I ll ask someone to inquire about the news again.Zhao Qi thought about it, and the cronies beside him hurriedly said.

Lin finally had a smile on her face, and stretched out her hand to hold Zhuzhu in her arms It s fine, but I m so anxious.Patting her daughter s back, Lin Madam s heart fell back into her stomach Mrs.Li is here, hurry up and salute Mrs.Tai.Madam Lin dragged Gu Mingzhu into the house.Opening the curtain, Gu Mingzhu saw Mrs.Li sitting on the chair.Mrs.Li was still hugging her younger brother Chun.Gu Mingzhu stepped forward to greet Mrs.Li.Get up quickly, Mrs.Li said with a smile, I will feel at ease when I see Zhuzhu.Mrs.Lin asked Mrs.Li, How is the empress They quelled King Su s rebellion, and now they are discussing the war with King Liang with the elders in the Hall of Mental Cultivation.Mrs.Lin was surprised Is the Empress Dowager in charge now Gu Mingzhu said The emperor is seriously ill, and we all have to rely on Your Majesty will help you with government affairs.

Thinking of this, Gu Chongyi couldn t help admiring Wei Yuanchen, who led troops outside to fight, but the men who stayed in Beijing could still see King Liang s plan.Wei Yuanchen is also good at knowing people, and the people he recruited in Taiyuan Mansion have made great contributions to him, and this time s big event is also coordinated seamlessly.Really, the younger generation is formidable.Gu Chongyi smelled the damp air on the sea, and calculated that he had spent a lot of time.This time, the political situation in Beijing and China has changed, maybe he doesn t have to be an idle natural boost cbd gummies who owns green ape cbd gummies person and can show his hands and feet.At that time, I can serve the country, and I can go home to be with my wife, Zhuzhu, and Brother Chun.I feel happy just thinking about it.No matter what, take down King Liang first, and go home for a few days to live a steady life.

Wei Yuanchen ignored Li Zhao The warship of the Great Zhou Dynasty will arrive in Pyongyang in less than two days.Hearing this, Li Zhao got up from the wooden bed and confessed to Wei Yuanchen It s all my fault.It was the fault of one person, and I only hope that the Great Zhou court will give Li another chance.Li Zhao s voice was loud, but the guards outside did not enter the door to check the situation.Li Zhao s heart sank completely at this point.When he was asleep, his people might have natural boost cbd gummies been restrained.What should he do Give it your all, or keep pleading Wei Yuanchen looked calm Do you think Liang Wang really wants to rely on you Li Shi to leave Da Zhou Li Zhao didn t understand what he meant.You are nothing more than a pawn to King Liang.King Liang just dragon cbd gummies used you to distract the soldiers and horses in the guard so that the court would find out that your Li clan in Pyongyang had colluded with King Liang.

Bang bang bang where the lights flickered, there was a sound of gong beating.The ship found them.Hurry where to buy cbd gummies in nyc up Hurry up Zi Ying urged, Don t be caught up by them.The boatman didn t need to give orders.Hearing the noise, they knew what happened.Before dawn, Da Zhou The ship should not go to sea at this time, unless something is found.Stop the boat, stop the boat The beating of the gong stopped, followed by a shout, which sounded a little far away.Tang shi clenched his hands, maybe there was still time.No Tang suddenly pulled Ziying back, We can t go to Li s big boat, this will lead the soldiers and horses from the guard station over there, how will Lord Hou get away then Ziying was stunned.Change the direction, Tang made up her mind, Let s go somewhere else.Even if she was caught by the court, she would still keep the prince.

Zhang.He will take care of these things, but now he wants a moment of peace.Cui Zhen went all the way to Huaiyuanhou s Mansion, first to meet Mrs.Lin, and then to say hello to his uncle and aunt.He heard from Cheng Yu that the Empress had married Wei Yuanchen and Zhuzhu, and he also wanted to send a congratulatory gift.Dismounted in front of the gate of Huaiyuan Hou s Mansion, the steward came to greet him, and Cui Zhen strode into the courtyard of the Hou s Mansion.Master Lin and Master Hou are waiting for you in the main room.Cui Zhen nodded and walked up the corridor CuiZou Xiang has come back yet Master is back, practicing martial arts in the backyard.Cui Zhen didn t say anything else, but walked straight forward, Xiao er naturally knew that he was coming, and didn t go to the main room because he didn t want to see him.

Maybe he avoided the hairpin in natural boost cbd gummies purekana premium cbd gummies price his mother s hand just now because he didn t want to die, or maybe he didn t want his mother to commit another crime.Cui Zhen went on to say My son will take care of the mother s death.Cui s ancestral grave refused to accept my mother, but my son asked Mrs.Lin, the Lin family can do it, and my mother can rest assured After Cui Zhen finished speaking, he pulled Mrs.Lin s hand This time Mrs.Lin didn t struggle, not because she forgave him, but because she didn t have the strength to break free, but Mrs.Lin s breathing was still short, and she couldn t return to calm for a long time.Are you not reconciled Don t hate me, mother, Cui Zhen said, I sent my mother away and killed my uncle and younger brother with my own hands.The killing is too heavy, and I will surely die a bad death.

Who are you Zhang s voice was hoarse, I ask you, who are you The man still lowered his head, and the guards of the Cui family who escorted him grabbed can cbd gummies cause hives his bun and turned his face up.Everything is clearly identifiable.Master Luo.Zhang seemed to have been hit hard again.She tremblingly stretched out her hand to touch the familiar face, but she panicked like a child again.so real.Mrs.Zhang screamed suddenly, shrank natural boost cbd gummies up and squatted on the ground.No, it s impossible, it s all fake, it s all fake.With a boom , the man was kicked and fell to his knees.Seeing the man fell in front of her, Zhang s heart felt as if a mountain had collapsed.Mrs.Zhang finally came back to her senses, threw herself towards the man, and tore at the man s face with her hands, but no matter how hard she tried, the face did not change, and the man s eyes became more and more familiar to her.

That s King Qing, right There s also King Minjun There are quite a few clan relatives.Someone here saw natures stimulant cbd gummies natural boost cbd gummies the clan and hurriedly reported it to Marquis Huaiyuan.The eyes of the Guozijian students on the wall over there have also changed from the hotness just now to a little sluggish.Some of the students couldn t stand still, and their bodies slipped down the wall, and then they were held by the arms of the two students next to them Where are you going Huh The supervising student pouted forward and said, I saw the teacher, brother Zhang, and brother Wang, it s up to you.How could he dare to confront the teacher And the moment he saw the teacher, he felt that all the poems he had prepared didn t make sense.How could he say such things so easily that he could laugh out loud.I knew you were unreliable, Zhang Jiansheng said as he opened his eyelids, his complexion changed, Zhangthe senior officer is here too.

The sedan chair was carried very smoothly, and soon arrived at the natural boost cbd gummies cbd gummies benefits list cbd gummy strength meaning gate of Wei Mansion.At this time, the Wei Mansion was also crowded with guests, and everyone was huddled together, waiting to see the bride.Xi Niang ordered to get off the boswellia and cbd gummies sedan chair, and the curtain of cbd gummies for ibs natural boost cbd gummies the sedan chair was lifted.Gu Mingzhu looked over and saw Wei Yuanchen was already standing in front of her.Amidst the cheers, Gu Mingzhu stepped out of the sedan chair and followed Wei Yuanchen into the gate of Wei s house.In the main room, Mrs.Yuan, who was sitting on the main seat, looked at Mrs.Li nervously Mother, why don t you invite Prince Qing over here, it s not good for your daughter in law to be here Brother Chen s identity is known to many clans, Prince Qing and the others are all here too, and asking Brother Chen and Zhuzhu to worship her She always feels that she can t stand it.

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