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Yes, specialized in the work of more than 200 households in Chaoyang Village.The district sent a work team here, and the deputy secretary of the district committee Zhang personally served as the work team leader.The police had to take it seriously and cooperate with all their strength.It was against this background that Han Chaoyang was sent to the Chaoyang Police Office.Chapter 6 Take office immediately Secretary Su, this is Xiao Han.He has been stationed in the police office from today on.Deputy director Xu originally planned to introduce the auxiliary police and assistant police stationed at the same time.A BMW that is pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety so cool that it can t be any more cool, it s as if you didn t see it in front of you.I know you, Xu Suo.We have dealt with Xiao Han more than once.Hello, Director Su.The community secretary is not the village party secretary, but a sub section cadre sent by the street.

Comrade police, I called the police, I called 110.What s the situation, where is the snake The snake is in my house The little girl said with lingering fear Isn t it hot today I didn t go out.I took the children to watch TV at home and watched the sound of hissing coming from the window.Looking back, my soul was frightened.A big snake swam into the living room of my house through the window.I was so frightened that I picked up the child and ran out.I ran downstairs and called 110 on Sister Chen s cell phone. The snake is still at your house When I came out, I Lock the door, it should be there.Which floor do you live on 1102.On the eleventh floor, how did the snake climb so high Han Chaoyang felt a little unbelievable, checked the law enforcement recorder again, called Lao Xu and the community security to enter the elevator together, stood at the elevator door and asked the last question How big is a big snake Aunt Wang said nervously It s so big, it s so big, the head is on the coffee table, and the tail is still on the balcony Give me the key, let s go up and have a look.

This matter couldn t just end like this.Now all the owners of the community know that there is a big python in the community.Not everyone likes snakes, and everyone is not afraid, especially families with children.What s more, if a big snake can run the first time, it can run the second time, and the third time, what should I do if it runs out again Could it be that it came to catch snakes for her every two days It just happened to come back.If she doesn t come back, I will go to find her.Chapter 8 Big Snake 2 As soon as Han Chaoyang finished speaking, there was a rush of roaring in the room, Hold it, hold it, hold it Tighten up Xiaoqian, take the bag and put on the headgear first Okay, okay, it can t move, its grandma is very strong and wants to pester me Hold on, hold on, take it easy, don t make it too big Energetic The public pure canna cbd gummies security fire brigade does not charge for firefighting, and I did not expect snake catching to be so professional.

Han Chaoyang raised his head and said, The injury is not serious, do you want to go for an injury appraisal Don t be angry after telling me, I don t think your injury is very serious.Jiang Xiaolan He and Jiang Xiaofang made a move, but the circumstances were obviously minor.We can only fine them a little, which is not enough to take compulsory measures, let alone hold them criminally responsible.Xiao Zhang, please listen to a word of advice, Officer Han is really For your own good.If you don t let me go, fx cbd gummies 1500mg pure canna cbd gummies police officer Han can only fine them.A few hundred dollars is a small matter, but the fine itself is a big matter for them.They will be even more angry and full spectrum cbd gummies hemp bombs will definitely get worse.What will you do then As soon as Zhang Zhishu finished speaking, Xie Jun also said earnestly I watched them grow up.

Dealing with smart people is good, Han Chaoyang He said slowly Manager Zhang, I guess you have fx cbd gummies 1500mg pure canna cbd gummies often gone to the community to hold security prevention meetings.The superiors asked us to clarify responsibilities, make good use of the resources in the jurisdiction, form an alliance to jointly prevent, and improve the community s prevention capabilities.The voluntary security patrol team conducts security patrols in places and areas with a large flow of people and complicated public security.Obligation means that there is no money, and people s life is so stressful now that even if they are willing to be volunteers, they do not have the time and energy to do this.Retired old man My wife does have time, but their physical strength and energy can venus cbd gummies katy couric cbd gummies t keep up, and on such a hot day, if they collapse while patrolling, it will be a big trouble.

Back in the police office, Xu Hongliang had already returned from the Dongming community s assault training for the security guards who will participate in the stalking operation tomorrow.Knowing that Xie Lingling was there, he showed great hospitality and specially managed the community cadres on duty at night to borrow the air conditioned meeting room, buy drinks, order takeaway, and treat Xie Lingling to supper.Han Chaoyang never had any psychological pressure to beat a local tyrant like him, so he asked his junior sister to come to the banquet happily, and Lao Xu even went to buy a bottle of cold beer to feast on.Junior Sister s boyfriend, Han Chaoyang, has only met her once, and pure canna cbd gummies he doesn t have a good impression of her boyfriend.He feels that the boy is a bit domineering, but he just kept it in his heart and didn t say it.

I saw her picking up the cup and taking a sip, drinking the juice as if she was drinking, her movements were graceful, and her every frown and smile made people mesmerized.With good looks and cheerful personality, he really stands out from the crowd and dominates the show.He can be called the most watched star in the entire restaurant.He has a lot of background, he actually knows the district leaders, and he talks and laughs happily with the district leaders Han Chaoyang was very surprised, he put down the cardboard box calmly, turned his back to her and found a plate to find something to eat.As a result, as soon as she picked up some food, she heard her laughing Chaoyang, how did you get this far Turning around, the leaders eyes were all focused on him, with wonderful expressions, Han Chaoyang said embarrassingly I, I helped clean up on the top.

The city s public security is involved in the clean up and rectification.The Municipal Public Security Bureau also has an urban management detachment.Your police station will not care about what our street administrative law enforcement officers have.You will only call the police when there is a fight.I have no choice but to engage in smiling law enforcement or even kneeling law enforcement We are also law enforcement officers, and we should be justified in law enforcement.Why do we have to smile and kneel It can be said that we have always been righteous.Zhuang, it will be fine in the future, with katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummy bears near me the assistance of your patrol best gummies cbd team, we will be able to be confident.Chapter 49 The Great Investigation 1 Send Captain Tang away and hold the first meeting after the patrol team was established.It mainly studies how cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies the patrol team will be managed in the future and how the security company will develop in the future.

The young policeman in this area pointed to the open courtyard door and asked, Whose house is this My house, what s the matter How many foreigners live in your house Fifteen or sixteen , anyway, it s only fifteen or sixteen.A middle aged woman walked to the door anxiously.Come in together.While Han Chaoyang was speaking, Gu Changsheng and Gu Xinhua had already led the team members into the yard.One led his subordinates to search for blind spots with a flashlight, and the other knocked on the door one by one tacitly.Check your ID card and residence card, turn on the light and open the door, and open the pure canna cbd gummies reviews doors.Get your ID card and residence card ready, and hurry up Here we come.Immediately, I m getting dressed.The doors of the bungalows opened one after another, and most of the renters were young men and women, and they walked into the courtyard one after another with their ID cards.

Now attitude is everything.Do you want me to ask the information on the intranet sentence by sentence, or you Take the initiative to say it I said, I confess.Tan Kezhen was frightened, and said with a mournful face I, I was obsessed with ghosts, and on the spur of the moment, I robbed with Wu Zhian and robbed a person.Han Chaoyang pretended to look at the police Tong, and asked Who did you rob Miss, a lady who works at Emgrand KTV.How much money was robbed Just robbed a mobile phone, but didn t get much money, all change, less than 100.Did you hurt anyone No, I just frightened her with a fruit knife.Where did you rob her In the alley to the west of the Internet cafe of the E family.It turned out to be a criminal suspect of robbery with a knife Man, even though he was unlucky enough not to katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummy bears near me get much money, the robbery itself was serious.

Two brands and one team.Don t ask clearly now.Tomorrow, the district leaders will ask the bureau What did the leader say Xiao Bi, others don t believe that I shut down the remote, don t you believe it Heaven and earth, we caught the suspect, not only by us, but also by our comparison I believe there is What s the use, the key leaders believe it or not.No, I have to report it to Bureau Du later.Xiao Bi didn t say anything in his mouth, thinking that if you really caught the suspect, how could he fall into the hands of the street comprehensive management office Here, how could the Street Comprehensive Management Office twist to the sub bureau with such a pure canna cbd gummies big fanfare.Thinking of the word twist , Xiao Bi felt it was wana cbd gummies for sleep funny.Nowadays, people are more fearful than each other.When they see illegal crimes, they are afraid to avoid them.

Under the bus stop sign.The young man sitting in the co pilot pushed the door again and got out of the car.He ran to the entrance of the police room and saw a female assistant in a uniform with the word Special Service and a male assistant in the same uniform with the word Secret Service sitting at the desk.By the side, I couldn t help but opened the glass door and asked, Which unit do you belong to Is there any police in the police room Hello, we are the voluntary security patrol team of Chaoyang Community.There are policemen in our police station.Officer Han is doing publicity in Yanhe Park.What can I do Body camera on the shoulder.Volunteer security patrol, never heard of it.It s quite formal, and there are law enforcement recorders.The young man neither showed his ID to identify himself nor said anything.

What s the matter Secretary Guo walked out of the conference room with a sullen face.Due to the angle, only Xu Suo and Gu Suo could be seen.They were sitting at the conference table with solemn expressions.Han Chaoyang didn t dare to peek any more, so he settled down and stood at attention to salute Report to Secretary Guo, I just received a report from the masses that a key population in my jurisdiction just brought two women and a dozen men to open a business at the Pengcheng Express Hotel.I don t know exactly what to do in the room, but it s definitely not going to be a good thing.Two women and a dozen men gathered together to gamble or take drugs.Secretary Guo came to his senses and said without hesitation If you have any clues, go and investigate.Why are you standing there Secretary Guo, I I didn t mean cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies that.

I have never seen such an unlucky person, and I have never encountered such a funny thing.Huang Ying laughed so hard that her flowers trembled wildly, and she was full of flair in an instant.Although Han Chaoyang s job is not very good and his family background is not very good, but he looks good and is a good person.Su Xian really wanted to bring the two of them together.After thinking about it, she sighed Hearing what Xu Hongliang said, there is really nothing he can do about this afternoon.Sometimes the Commission for Discipline Inspection really overcorrects when doing things.When the wind turns into rain, no matter what happens I will make an appointment on October 1, and I will ask you to understand the situation.After the discussion and understanding, he will not give an explanation.

The efficiency of the police security room is very high.The room inside has been transformed into a lounge for on duty police and auxiliary police.There are two wooden beds, a writing desk in the middle, and a locker moved from somewhere against the wall I don t know where the desk outside has been moved, and I don t know where to bring two sets of office desks and chairs like a grid room.One set has two computer desks, a total of four, placed on the inside, set up as two A small office area.The side next to the door is empty, obviously used to place the police station that is being processed outside.There are several chairs near the door.One can tell that these chairs are prepared for the people who come to call the police or do business, and they know that these chairs will be placed outside the police station in the future.

Grandpa Gu was not disappointed.He thought about it and asked, Chaoyang, what about you Master, what am I Chaoyang was stopped by the question, scratched his neck and said with a wry smile Master, I am different from Zhenchuan.I am still in the probationary period.I really haven t thought cbd essence gummies about it so much, I really haven t thought about it so far.Others may not believe his words , Huang Ying believed.Because he was too unlucky some time ago, really unlucky.He was so miserable in the unit that no one wanted to see him, and it was a question of whether he could survive.He didn t care about thinking so much, but he still suppressed a smile and joked You don t want to make progress.I really want to get ahead, but I m not even a party member, do I have a chance to get up pure canna cbd gummies Write an application Don t be kidding, there are quite a few policemen in the station who haven t joined the party, and there s only one or two places a year, so there s no chance Me.

Our fellow villagers get together in the evening.In fact, we just just cbd gummies 500mg dosage buy some food and a few bottles of wine to have a meal together.If you didn t let us build a WeChat group, we wouldn t be able to get together.Would you please go and have a sit and sit together It s inappropriate. Da Han, they ve met you before and chatted with you in the group, so you re not an outsider.To mobilize the masses, you can t just rely on WeChat groups.If you want to build a good relationship with the masses, you need to chat online as well as online.Only in this way can we get closer and become friends with them.This is an opportunity and a good way to expand the ranks of the Chaoyang masses and broaden the sources of clues.Han Chaoyang weighed it up, and said with a smile Okay, since we all know each other, even if I don t have time, I still have to make time.

Yuan Le was elated and pointed at the police car I m sorry, I can t help you with this favor.If I really help you with this favor, I will lose my job.This is pure canna cbd gummies not a place to talk.He is suspected of theft.You don t have a residence permit, and you don t have a residence permit.I know if you really don t know whether he stole the car or not, and you don t even know if there are any accomplices, so go to the police station and tell the police. Officer, how could we be accomplices, and we can t leave, There are still people working outside, and we have to change shifts at dawn.That s your business, cooperate, don t toast or eat fine wine.Just as they were talking, Han Chaoyang, Gu Changsheng and others were already suspected of Xiaonian, who stole the electric car, put on the patrol car and was letting other migrant workers who had just put on clothes into the van.

In these photos, there are too many small advertisements for repairing the rolling gates.Some of the rolling gates are covered with .

where to buy cbd gummies for sleep near me?

dense stickers, and the time is a bit long.Some merchants have forgotten what the person who repaired the rolling gates looks like.Only eleven of them can be confirmed.Tang Junweidun After a pause, he added This is only in our district, and only the main and secondary roads.If you count the corners, I guess there will be more.He can only repair one or two doors in a morning.If he instructs Lu Xingfan and Wang Jun destroyed too many door locks in one night, and he couldn t repair them at all, and it is impossible for Lu Xingfan and Wang Jun to go out at night and only destroy one or two door locks, so my master and my senior brother think that he should have an accomplice.

And he is eleven years old and knows a lot of things.Thinking about it, what the police uncle said makes sense.He didn t make a fuss like he did in the patrol car just now.He followed Chen Jie into the police room with his head drooping and his head downcast.It s very easy for Lao Xu to take care of the child, and he doesn t have to worry about giving this kid his mobile phone to play with.But those games on the phone are really ruining people.Han Chaoyang didn t want the little fat man to be addicted to the games and go astray in the future, so he followed up and asked, Xiaobao, did you lock the door when you came out It s locked.Where are the keys There s a hole in the wall next to the door.I put the key in the pure canna cbd gummies hole, and my dad usually puts the key there too.The color TV is almost nothing of value, and it doesn t matter if the door is not locked.

So you must keep calm when you arrive at the scene, pure canna cbd gummies no matter how chaotic the situation is, no matter how chaotic the situation is.Which leader gives an order, you have to think about it carefully before deciding whether to execute it or not, and how to execute pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety it.Chapter 128 The investigation police room can t leave people, Grandpa Gu took a ride to Zhongshan Road to do business and went back first.Previously, Lao Lu, a community policeman in Guanyangguan Village, was pure canna cbd gummies waiting for the pure canna cbd gummies handover.Han Chaoyang couldn t leave in a hurry.He had to take over the corresponding accounts and understand the situation of key populations.He didn t go downstairs until pure canna cbd gummies after 10 o clock.Li Tianzheng, can you go back now Gang, I just finished it.After not sleeping well all night and being fined again, Li Tianzheng was listless.

Besides, buying a house is also an obligation for us as parents.Now it is no different than before.When the child grows up, he not only has to help buy a house, but also a car.We have limited conditions, so we can only help him buy a house, and the car must be on his own.Teacher Ma, children and grandchildren have their own blessings, you should take a look at it.Yes, it is their business to buy a car.Chaoyang doesn t need to buy it, and he doesn t do business.Don t talk about business.What do you want a car for Use it.No Gu Guoli didn t like the current atmosphere very much, and it was Han Chaoyang who said it, but he embarrassed Xu Hongliang who was sitting beside him.Ma katy couric cbd gummies Fengying didn t think so.She looked back at her son and said with a wry smile, Officer Gu, it s different now, not to mention in Yanyang, even in our hometown, it s hard to find a partner without a house or a car.

It s better to have money than to have no money.Who would think that there is too much money How will the key money be spent after applying for HCMUSSH pure canna cbd gummies it According to the regulations of the superiors, after receiving this subsidy, two special managers for floating population are required.What are special managers , On average, less super chill cbd gummies 1000mg than 500 yuan a month, where to recruit people with a salary of more than 400 yuan a month.Thinking about it, this subsidy is a bit tasteless.Han Chaoyang thought for a while, and couldn t help laughing Cun Chief Cui, the street will give you 10,000, and the village can find a way to squeeze out some matching funds.Your place is not like Chaoyang Community, where there are booth fees, sanitation fees, and money for renting out the facade of the village office.If you think about it, 20,000 yuan should be no problem.

Miss Zhang is enthusiastic about public welfare and actively supports the work of our police office and our patrol team.A member of our patrol team.Ms.Zhang, this is Huang Ying, Yingying works in our street finance office, and has helped me a lot like Director Su.Not only did Su Xian know about the recruitment of voluntary patrol members, but she also printed posters All the money was approved by her.Since the recruitment is open to the whole community, if people meet the conditions, they don t even ask for anything in return, so they can t be driven away.Su Xian really regretted giving him the money to print posters in the morning, but thinking of the title he used in the introduction just now, from the title he could tell how close he was to these two beauties, she felt much more comfortable, and didn t move Sensitively cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies said Ms.

When the motor vehicle encounters the electric scooter, it ignores all the reasons.The young couple had no choice but to reluctantly swipe their cards to pay.The colleagues in the traffic police team were very responsible.They didn t say goodbye to Han Chaoyang until the relatives of the person riding the electric bike arrived and explained a few words to them.When other people s affairs are finished, pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety how long will I have to wait After sending Officer Chai away, he just turned around, and a beautiful face appeared in front of him.Han Chaoyang couldn t help crying because he couldn t help asking, Sister Lu, if I really want to run, can you stop me and catch up The monk can run away but not the temple.If you dare to run away, I will go to your police office.Not everyone has the opportunity to detain the most handsome policeman.

Such a walk, such a relationship, Huang Ying felt strange, looked at the brightly lit Yanhe Park downhill, and murmured I read a report before, a traffic policeman was on duty in pure canna cbd gummies his thirties, and his wife hugged him.I saw my child with him at the intersection, the cold wind was blowing, and adults and children were freezing chill cbd gummy bears together.It felt too fake at the time, and it seemed like a show, but now that I think about it, it should be true.Since we are talking about being in a relationship, we have to face this problem.Han Chaoyang rubbed the corner of his mouth and said proudly, Yingying, when we were maintaining order in Luzhuang at night, the head of the Criminal Police Division of our sub bureau praised me.At first, I was confused, and then I realized that a clue I reported a while ago was very valuable.

, It was very helpful to solve the bloody case in Yangguan Village, our instructor said that we may have to compile materials and give me awards.What is another Huang Ying asked curiously.Didn t you catch a robber and a murderer last time My master said that the materials have been reported to the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau.If the murder case in Yangguan Village is solved, they may be rewarded for meritorious service.At least one reward.I m still in the probationary period.Well, if you can make meritorious service, you can receive awards, and you will be rated as an advanced individual in the city s flow management work, and I feel that my work performance and work performance should be considered acceptable.It must be admitted that he was very unlucky when he was in the institute, and he was exhausted.

I know.I m a party member and I know better than you.Not only do I know that Xiao Han is a good character, responsible for his work, and has people in his heart.I also know that there are many little girls who like him.You are close to the water and you are the first to get the moon.If it weren t for your aunt Classmates, help me, can it be your turn for such a good boy It is obvious that Director Su often speaks kind words in front of his aunt for the unlucky guy.Huang Ying was so depressed that she asked with a bitter face Mom, what do you mean by that, do I have a high relationship I don t mean that, I mean that Xiao Han is the most suitable, and this is your own We talked about it.We are a good match, very good, very good match, I have agreed with your aunt, I will not cook pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety at home on Saturday night, I will go to a restaurant I have booked all the boxes, just the restaurant where you celebrate your birthday.

I don t even know To be honest, I really didn t expect you to be a policeman.I thought you would be a teacher just like your mother.You are so good at playing the violin and can play any musical instrument.It s a pity that you don t want to be a music teacher.It s good to be a policeman, Sister Miao, aren t you also a policeman Han Chaoyang raised his hand to greet the oncoming Old Xu, motioning him to sit .

what is the best cbd gummy for pain relief?

down.Miao Haizhu was really happy to meet an old acquaintance in a foreign country, and he was also in the public security system.He held his mobile phone tightly and smiled I am different from you.Being a policeman is my ideal.By the way, I have forwarded your news, and the unit Colleagues said that you are the son of my junior high school head teacher and my junior junior, but they don t believe it.

He turned to look at the colleagues in the branch office who were almost staring at him, and then said Three Leader, don t be in a hurry to practice together.I m going to listen to everyone s voice first, take turns, sing a few words alone, and see if it HCMUSSH pure canna cbd gummies s more appropriate for comrades to sing low notes or high notes.Considering that some comrades are really not good at singing , and some people may be eliminated in the future.Everything revolves around the overall goal of winning the first place, and we will be eliminated if we have to, you can figure it out.Yes Chapter 182 Sharpening the knife without cutting Mr.Chai said, Fei Zhenzhe, what are you sorry for Don t waste your time.They were all rehearsing in their spare time, and PolyU s indoor basketball hall was not in vain, and they charged by the hour.

Okay, this favor is mine.Make a note, I ll treat you guys to dinner later.Huang Ying felt a little unbelievable that someone was rushing to work overtime.Crossed the zebra crossing side by side with Han Chaoyang, walked towards the snack street outside the west gate of PolyU, and murmured Chaoyang, Wu Wei is very hardworking.Well, hehe is very hardworking.He knows everything about work, and rushes to do everything.It seems that he has never had a day off since he was assigned to the office.Liu Suo and the instructors like him like this.In fact, not only Liu Suo and the instructors, but almost everyone in the institute likes him.This People are afraid of comparisons, and it can be said that I was so unlucky in the past, and it has something to do with his good performance in this job.You have the nerve to say that Huang Ying human cbd gummies reviews laughed loudly.

He leaned on the window and said, The command center asked us to quickly support HCMUSSH pure canna cbd gummies , let us assist in the search.Is the leader of your sub bureau here, who do we ask to accept the mission The leader is on his way here, and now my master is the commander in chief, and I am the deputy commander in chief Han Chaoyang cbd gummies for not smoking was excited and thought it was a little funny, but now was not the time to laugh, so he said without hesitation, Please wait a moment, let me ask our leader.Han Chaoyang, a patrol car has arrived from the patrol detachment The patrol detachment went really fast, but no matter how fast it is, it can be as fast as our branch office.We need people now, but we don t need other units to take credit.Before Han Chaoyang can say After that, Deputy Director Xing stared at the large monitoring screen with the communicator and said Please set up another line of defense on the outside, can i buy cbd gummies without a card Xiao Han, you guard your line of defense, I will switch to their call frequency, and I will tell them Yes Han Chaoyang put down the communicator, raised his head and said with a smile, Brother, let s go first.

No one dared to alarm the suspect.The policeman from the Xinyuan Police Station guarding the door raised his arms and pointed inward, not daring to run up to salute and report.Han Chaoyang hastily turned off the police lights and parked the car at the door.Bureau Du pushed the door and got off the car, striding into the community.Han Chaoyang followed closely.Led by policeman Lao Lin from the Xinyuan Street Police Station and a criminal policeman from the No.4 Criminal Police Squadron, he and Director Du came to the garage of a residential building.Although this floor is planned as a garage, which is cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies also sold to owners at the price of the garage, there are not many owners who actually use the small houses on this floor as garages.Almost all the original rolling gates were removed, some had to be installed with anti theft doors, some were equipped with aluminum alloy doors, some were decorated so beautifully that the old people who could not climb the building lived there, some were converted into kitchens, and some The owner of the garage has simply renovated the garage for rent.

He is quite famous on the Internet.Although he is still in the trial period, his work performance Excellent, became popular pure canna cbd gummies on the Internet, and was praised as the most handsome policeman in Yanyang.The leader of the Yandong branch asked him to come to our school to study, which shows that he is the key training object of the Yandong branch.The most handsome policeman in Yanyang, He Suo, How handsome is he Zhang Tianxiang couldn t help asking.I found it after searching the Internet.I guess I must be more handsome than you.No kidding, hurry up and clean up.He Suo, one more question, where pure canna cbd gummies does he live at night In the residence, said He Pingyuan, who was about to clean up Turning around, he said The Wanju Bureau considered that our rural police stations are not necessarily able to get used to the difficult conditions.

It s okay to come, what s the matter It s nothing, I just don t feel at ease, call and ask, are you used to life I m used to it.I m greeted by the institute at night.I just came back from dinner.The mutton here is really delicious, without any smell.If it s not too far away, it s not easy to bring fresh things.I really want to bring dozens of catties back.I ll give you a taste.Huang Ying and Zheng Xinyi couldn t bear it any longer, burst out laughing, one laughed so hard, the other laughed so hard.Sister Miao, who else is there, what are you laughing at Han Chaoyang was confused and subconsciously asked.Who else will talk about it later, talk about you first, and talk nonsense with your eyes open.Just now Xiaobin called Guan Xiyuan to ask Guan Xiyuan, but Guan Xiyuan was not as good as you said.

It s not your fault.No, Jiang Li didn t even bring it with him.Come on, that s an A level wanted criminal, and as long as there is a clue, he will organize forces to round him up, and now he is actually discussing this.Jiang Li felt as if he had been splashed with cold water, and said eagerly Instructor, I m only 28 this year.I m not old and dim.I will never make a mistake.If I make a mistake, I will take full responsibility for it Just to confirm.What should I do now, what did the bureau leader say Standby.Where is it Attending the anti drug work meeting next door.Am I mistaken, is the anti drug work important, or is it important to attend the anti drug work meeting Important, Jiang Li felt a little absurd, and just as he didn t know what to say, the trainer Hang suddenly said It s almost eleven o clock, you cook at noon.

Although she just arrived yesterday and is leaving today, Huang Ying was not pure canna cbd gummies disappointed.After participating in the grand but brief ceremony of Fire Line Meritorious Service and Fire Line Joining the Party , she, the quasi police wife, was really proud of the unlucky guy and proud of having the unlucky guy s cbd gummies to help stop smoking shark tank boyfriend.On the way pure canna cbd gummies from Longdao County to Xinlan Railway Station, I don t know how many times I opened the box to see the medals.After reading the medals, I picked up my mobile phone to thank my relatives and friends for their congratulations, and replied to their WeChat messages.Ke Jing was equally elated, and couldn t help leaning into her ear and asking, Yingying, how much is the bonus for second class merit There weren t many passengers in the waiting room, and some gentlemen accompanied the two bureau leaders to the smoking room fx cbd gummies 1500mg pure canna cbd gummies to smoke.

Han Chaoyang led the crowd around twice, and then returned to the bus stop sign.Climb into the electric patrol car, sit in the car and observe the young man in front of him waiting for the bus with empty hands.Husband, do you want some water I m not thirsty, you can drink it.Returning to his territory and patrolling with his girlfriend, Han Chaoyang felt like he was on vacation, holding the steering wheel, feeling very happy.But Zhang Beibei felt cbd gummies college station tx very uncomfortable, thinking to herself that this woman is too nasty, to call her husband so many times, just pretending not to hear her, Huang Ying suddenly asked Beibei, how is the lawsuit going Halfway through, they re cowarded. Counseled They knew they couldn t win, and I didn t want to argue with them, so I settled out of court. How did you reconcile Thinking back to the past twenty days, Zhang Beibei Very depressed and frustrated, he leaned against the car window and said quietly I will give the two sisters 100,000 yuan each.

This little policeman seems to know everything The old lady was overjoyed, she turned her head and asked with a smile Young man, will you take me back Stop at the door of the store and ask you to get off at the door of your house.I thought you were driving.What is the difference between I driving and the bus driver driving You take the police car and the bus is the same.You can get off at the door of your house.I pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety didn t bring any money, the old lady took out another card from her pocket for fear that Han Chaoyang would not believe it, I use this to see a doctor, and it doesn t cost money.I know, your old martyr , enjoy the special care policy, and you don t need to spend money to see a doctor.Han Chaoyang helped her to the bus stop, and while checking whether the bus arrived, he said with a smile Actually, you are over 70, and you don t need to spend money by taking the bus.

I don t know if you ever played pranks when you were young.Anyway, I did a lot when I was young.What do you mean The corpse may have appeared in other places at first, and was deliberately transported here by the murderer or someone else, and buried in the sand on purpose.It may be to disgust or even revenge on Boss Hou, or it may be for nothing.Fun.Usually there are only gravel carts in this area, even if the surrounding villagers wander around, they won t be able to visit here.In other words, the murderer is unlikely to trick the victim into this gravel factory.But this area is a It s a good place to dump the corpse, there are few people, and it s not easy to be found in a short time.Do you think my analysis makes sense Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.There is a possibility of a prank, Wu Wei s eyes lit up, and he said while clutching his arm If it wasn t a prank, it would be difficult to explain why the corpse appeared here.

You can t just report things without evidence.Wu Wei was ecstatic when he had the opportunity to investigate the case.He laughed and said, Isn t this great We are now the leaders of Guiteng University, but the Stone Bureau is our real leader.Let s divide the work, you are the one here to watch I m still here to keep an eye on you, whether you re going to visit and ask or I m going to visit and ask. What kind of work is assigned, and it s still in the original shift, you go to investigate the case, and I ll continue to help sift the sand. Okay, I ll go ask Boss Hou first A prank, I just said it casually That s a dead person, anyone who is not a fool will avoid it, who would play such a prank, and actually take it seriously.Han Chaoyang was annoyed and amused, but thinking that he had made this conjecture, he absent mindedly asked it when he returned to the work area.

The convoy has just set off from the bride s house, and it is about two kilometers away from the first pass.According to the local custom, whenever it encounters a bridge, it pure canna cbd gummies will stop and set off firecrackers, and there are many large and small bridges in the local area, so the convoy can t get up fast.The boy stopped again, and the boys were setting off firecrackers with cigarettes in their mouths, very busy.Huang Ying, who had just rushed over from the faculty dormitory of PolyU to deliver pure canna cbd gummies a dress to Han Chaoyang, couldn t help laughing and said, 8 BMWs are going to pick up the bride, and we have booked more than 30 tables at the Royal Court Hotel at noon.How much will katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummy bears near me this wedding cost Teacher Liang is just such a grandson.He and his wife s retirement salary is so high, and his son and daughter in law s salary is not low.

Okay, Thank you.Walking into the office with his bag under his arm, Chang Lihua asked curiously before he could speak Officer Wu, are you looking into the case of Hou Jiakang s death Manager Chang, you are very well informed.Wu Wei looked up at the photos and names of the managers hanging on the wall, put down his bag and sat down at his desk.Chang Lihua opened the filing cabinet, took out a paper cup, went to the corner and helped him fetch water, and smiled gloatingly The police station and criminal police team came to ask us, and even showed us the photos.Although we and Hou Jiakang They are business competitors.Although the relationship between our two families is not very good, human life is at stake.We cannot make trouble in this matter.We have never met that person.He is not a worker of Hou Jiakang, so he should have nothing to do with Hou Jiakang.

Both are civil servants, and they are also volunteer patrol members of our patrol team.Okay, be careful.What can happen in broad daylight.The old factory organic cbd gummies wholesale manager is full of confidence in the two boys, regardless of what they are going to do , walked to the door with his hands behind his back and said with a smile, Yingying, let s go, I ll go inside with you The police situation is an order.stone field.Before the car was stable, he pushed the door and got out pure canna cbd gummies of the car, grabbed a worker who had just weighed a large truck, and asked, Master, where is the dormitory Is Pei Qimin in , he should be here.Take us there.Comrade policeman, what are you looking for Don t ask if you shouldn t, hurry up.Okay, I ll take you there.Han Chaoyang followed the workers to the dormitory, keeping his composure Pull out the roots.

I m not joking, he really doesn t know, it s entirely the two brats we caught this afternoon who made their own decisions , They originally thought of transporting the corpse to bury you in the sand pure canna cbd gummies to disgust you.After the corpse is found, it will definitely mess you up.Let their boss see you cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies as a joke, and their boss may treat them differently.The result is the first When I woke up the next day, I suddenly realized that it was a person s body, not a dead cat or a dog.The two boys were scared, and they dared not tell anyone, let alone tell their boss, and claim credit in front of their boss.I It s not about dealing with Chang Mazi, but it has nothing to do with their work Boss Hou was dubious.You are righteous, treat the people who work under you well, and your workers must think of you in every way.

Together with Tang Xiaoxuan, Xun Shihan, PolyU Vice Minister Jiang, School Guard Director Zhang Jinhai, and seven monitors from the Chaoyang Community Security Company, a total of five tables were set up.It is said to be a celebration banquet, but what the leaders talk about the most is when will the young couple get married Han Chaoyang could only smirk while holding his wine glass, while Huang Ying s pretty face was flushed by the teasing.He Pingyuan could feel that this was not only the young man s celebration banquet, but also a reception banquet specially prepared for him.He was very happy and moved.Considering that Yanyang s colleagues were too enthusiastic to drink too much, every time he picked up the wine glass, he just tasted it.Take the opportunity of toasting or being toasted by others to take a few photos or videos and send them to the work group in the pure canna cbd gummies office.

Huang Ying suddenly felt a little sympathetic to this woman, and subconsciously asked What happens after success Bless you, wish you happiness.I don t know when you will get married, but I can be sure that I can t tophatter cbd gummies come back to drink your wedding wine.In fact, I shouldn t come this time, and I shouldn t disturb your life.Chapter 326 Show up Han Chaoyang and Wu Weigang assisted the technical police who arrived in a hurry to copy the video.Vice Captain Gong personally called and asked them to go back to Yuanfeng Hotel to pack their luggage immediately, and then report to the Second Squadron of the Third Brigade of the Traffic Police.There is no doubt that the project command has changed places.It was previously located in the Yuanfeng Hotel not far from the gravel quarry, purely for the convenience of case handling.

If we can solve the case, we can make it to this day Han Chaoyang sighed softly, leaning on the steering wheel and muttering, No matter what, we are getting closer to the truth.If we are lucky, the truth will be revealed before dawn.There is one more question.What s the question What if the Mercedes Benz caravan is not a vehicle for dumping corpses In the evening, I was preoccupied cbd infused fruit gummies with tracking and monitoring, and in the evening I was preoccupied with tracking down the actual owner of the suspect vehicle, and I forgot that all of this was based on The Mercedes Benz RV was based on the body throwing vehicle.If it was just a coincidence that the car appeared near the body throwing scene on the night of the crime, wouldn t everything done now be in vain Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that he didn t know how to proceed, Wu Wei smiled again There are not so many coincidences in the world, I think the problem should not be big, besides, the technical police are investigating, the current criminal technology is so advanced, as long as Cao Shengkai got into that car, no matter it was a living person or a cold corpse, the technical police could find it out.

From the establishment of the task force to the present day and night for more than ten days, no one has had a good night s sleep.If there is no smoke to refresh oneself, they will really fall asleep.Teng Da first handed Deputy Captain Luo a cigarette, then took out one and lit it himself, then threw the remaining half pack of cigarettes to Zhang Qiuping and the others, and said, Half an cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies hour ago, little Xu Cha The record of Yang Jiandong s hotel opening in this city is the most are bolt cbd gummies good recent one on the 12th of this month.Xiao Xu, you are responsible for checking this line, go to those hotels to check the surveillance video, and see who he opened the room with.Take a look at him Who did you meet during your hotel stay Yes Gong Da learned in Kaijing County that Yang Jiandong owned a black Audi A6L car, but the system of the vehicle management office showed that he did not have a motor vehicle under his name.

You said something mysterious during the meeting.Is this technology going to work Does it work Will it work, Luo Zhi, why would you ask such a question The technical policeman on the other end of the phone simply put down his work and got up to popularize science In recent years, portrait recognition technology has developed rapidly and has been applied in many industries, such as the VIP visitor system in the financial industry, face self service withdrawal, face recognition, etc.Remote account opening face access control system, cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies face attendance system, and face conference system in the building management industry face screen saver and face login in the IT industry face payment, face transfer, etc.in the Internet financial industry Make up, anime, and face scanning are already very common and popular, why can t it work, why is it useless.

The nature of opening a casino is different.If you are involved in a criminal offense, you should be sentenced to a fixed term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance, and a fine Teng Jiming came to his senses and asked eagerly Luo Zhi, so they have been opening underground casinos in our city The bureau was a gambling nest that was chased to the city to take it away.At that time, more than two million yuan in gambling funds were confiscated on the spot.You said that such a habitual criminal can do nothing but return to his old business, but I didn t expect him to follow him Yang Jiandong got one.Chapter 340 Voluntary Invitation Teng University reported a new situation and assigned a new task.The new information reported was about the identity of the third suspect who surfaced in the afternoon, which made Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei a little excited, because they thought that Yang Jiandong s gang was running an underground casino.

The police car drove forward for about four minutes, turned into a fork in the road with the turn signal on, and stopped behind a building.Director Feng tacitly turned off the new age cbd gummies engine and stopped.Several policemen got out of the police car, and one of them seemed to have seen it.Director Feng, you came over in person in the middle of the night.It s definitely not a small case.What is the situation and how can we help you Bureau Feng held the second police inspector s hand tightly and said straight to pure canna cbd gummies the point Arrest a few people suspected of intentional homicide.We suspect that they are hiding in Room 601, Building 2, Yangdong Huayuan.Lao Qiu, you know, this kind of case should not startle the snake, I would like to ask you to help me, find the community property to check the surveillance, and see if I can Find a vantage point to monitor every move in Room 601.

Deputy director, I can t decide this matter, so don t embarrass me. Who can decide Director Du. I m not familiar with him. It s useless to be familiar with him.As a leader in charge, you must consider The morale of the team, if you hand over the cases that are almost done and hand them over to others, the police handling the case below will not be chilled, how do you let him lead this team in the future Teng Jiming thought to himself that I was caught by you just as soon as I found out the clues here.Cut off at a critical moment, how can there be such a coincidence in the world, subconsciously looked back at Han Chaoyang, took out his mobile phone and said Feng Bureau, this is not a small matter, I want to report to our Bureau Xu.It s okay, Report.Director Feng winked at Han Chaoyang, opened the fire door and led Han Chaoyang into the elevator corridor, actively pure canna cbd gummies avoided, and asked Teng Jiming to report to their branch leader.

If it is well managed and if conditions permit in the future, it is necessary to carry out some activities such as environmental protection and outdoor activities under the leadership of the Youth League Committee.Outreach, cultural exchange and other activities Han Chaoyang was so impressed that he thought she was lucky, White Wolf with Empty Gloves found such a shrewd financial backer as Zhang Beibei An outrageous partner.Opening a hotel can be related to the Belt and Road , and opening a hotel can open the core socialist values Wu Wei was stunned when he heard it, and Grandpa Gu was also eye opening, and couldn .

how many just cbd gummy bears should you take?

t help asking Director Su, I should be able to win a lot of preferential policies after hearing what you said.Not much, Director Su put away the documents, He said with a look of disappointment There are many policies to support college students entrepreneurship, but there are not many of them in substance.

I am a national public official and a policeman, so cbd gummies for tinnitus reviews I won t go to eat unless I make it clear. Don t worry, I won t let you violate the principles.Zhang Beibei pretended to be unhappy.Huang Ying obviously knew what Zhang Beibei was up to, she giggled and said, Stop HCMUSSH pure canna cbd gummies talking, go back to the dormitory and change clothes, I m going crazy from hunger Okay, okay, how about you wait at the door, I ll go change it on an electric bike. Here s the bike, we ll walk over there. Going back to the dormitory and changing into casual clothes, I rode my bike away from the west gate of PolyU, but just at the gate I ran into Xie Lingling, who had already received the invitation Xie Lingling from Xie Lingling rushed to the hotel on an electric bike.Zhang Beibei seemed to be thinking about her International Youth Hostel even when eating hot pot.

You can either stand behind the bench, pure canna cbd gummies or stand on the stairs leading to the second floor, or lie on the guardrail of the corridor on the second floor to admire.Some people sang along, some held up their mobile phones to take pictures, and a girl leaned over and ran to the front and held up her mobile phone to take a selfie with the singer.Han Chaoyang stood on tiptoes and watched for a while, then turned around and walked to the bar, brushed off the snowflakes on his body, took off his down jacket and said with a smile, So it s him Do you know Not only do I know, Lingling also knows, Yanyang is so big, and there are so many singers running on the field, I don t know if I want to.Han Chaoyang took out the thermos cup from the bar, unscrewed the lid and took a sip of pure canna cbd gummies water , and continued I forgot what my surname is.

Han Chaoyang asked The party organization in Chaoyang community is lax Lax It s not much, but it s not much better.Huang Ying picked up the plate and explained while scooping up dumplings venus cbd gummies katy couric cbd gummies The current Chaoyang Community is the merger of the original Chaoyang Village, 527 Factory, and Dongming Community.The reason is that there is no sense of belonging to the place.The owners of Dongming Community come from all over the place, and it is even more scattered.The villagers of Old Chaoyang Village have all moved out due to land acquisition and demolition.Without it, can the party organization not be dispersed Han Zhaoyang reacted, and couldn t help laughing Think about it, otherwise, the candidates for the neighborhood committee members won t be determined.Twist the rope into one rope.Miss Su has returned to her original unit, can Zhang Zhishu twist the three ropes into one rope It s not that he is incapable, but he doesn t pay attention to these things.

What happened next Then she disappeared and has never been heard from.Han Chaoyang sighed, and added Actually, I got lost twice before, but not far away.The old bachelor was worried pure canna cbd gummies that she would get lost again, so he put his ID card in her pocket, thinking that if she got lost again, kind people or the police They will send people back according to the address on the ID card, but the ID card finally fell into the hands of Wan Xiaoxia, and the facial features are still somewhat similar.Such a coincidence Grandpa Gu thought for a while and then asked Have the accomplices who were arrested met Sister Wei The experience of going out to work until the age of 21 and meeting Zhang Boyu in the past three years has not been investigated.China is so big, who knows where she worked in those three years, and who knows who she came into contact with during the working period.

Okay, let s go to the conference room at the back.Han Chaoyang realized that they were going to the Three Treasures katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummy bears near me Hall for nothing, and immediately put down the disposable paper cup and opened the back door.As soon as the three of them walked out of the police office, Xiaokang sat down and asked curiously, Sister Miao, which unit do they belong to Although Miao Haizhu didn t know each other, she guessed a general idea from what they said just now, and couldn t help laughing.He said It should be from the High tech District Bureau.The Jida just now was either the captain of the criminal police or the deputy captain.The criminal police chief of the Gaoxin District Bureau can t control Han Da.Why is Han Da like a mouse seeing a cat He put others together, and made them miserable, that is, the case of the high speed rail station construction site dumping dead bodies, didn t you go to help watch the sifting of sand for a few days at that time Xiaokang came to understand as if enlightened, and couldn t help asking One case turned into two cases.

He did not expect to be so popular.Seeing someone below taking pictures with a camera and mobile phone, he quickly asked the team leader to check the police appearance of the students and remind them to have Sequence got off the car, and after getting off the car, they had to line up quickly, so they were the first to get off the car with a smile.Xu Hongliang, a 2011 student of the Judicial Police Officer Vocational College, general manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, and deputy captain of Chaoyang Community Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade, warmly welcomes Dean Chen to come to our community to inspect work Xu Hongliang stood at attention and saluted, welcoming the voice of the leaders of his alma mater to follow His name is just as loud.When Xu Hongliang entered the police academy, his home had not yet been demolished, and it was far from the glory days when he worked at the Huayuan Street Police Station.

If it weren t for the fact that Chen Jie went to the school to contact students for internships, Vice President Chen would not have remembered him as a student, but now he is very impressed with him, and even thinks pure canna cbd gummies that he can be set as a role model for students who choose their own careers and take root in the grassroots, because Judicial police officer professional students are not the police academy of the public security system.They used to train prison police officers.Now prisons also have to take the entrance examination, and there is not so much demand for new police officers.The rate of students entering the police is getting lower every year.Really.It is very necessary to establish a correct outlook on employment for students who will be unemployed as soon as they graduate.Vice President Chen returned a salute first, then held his hand tightly and said with a smile You are already the general manager, whoever says that you don t become a policeman will have no future President Chen, I have let you down.

Miao Haizhu had already walked around to the door on the left, knocked on the car window and shouted Get out of the car and be interrogated, do you hear me Don t do anything wrong, and don t be afraid of the police knocking on the door.He was so flustered that Han Chaoyang decided that there was something wrong with him, picked up his police ID, grabbed his right arm and dragged him out of the car.At this time, Kang Haigen had pure canna cbd gummies already handcuffed Hu Qinglin, clutching his right arm tightly, and turned around Xiao Chen, Go and help Police Officer Han.Okay Kang Suo, I m here, Xiao Chen, you don t have to come here.Miao Haizhu came around from the rear of the car, and together with Han Chaoyang pushed the young man back into the taxi , While searching, he gritted his teeth and asked What s your name, where are you from, why don t you get off the bus Lu Shaotao, from the west of the city, and you don t wear police uniforms, I don t know you are police We didn t wear police uniforms, Our colleague wears it, but your eyes are not good, pure canna cbd gummies so you didn t see it Han Chaoyang touched his waist and his trouser pockets to confirm that there was no weapon, then pulled him around, grabbed his side head and asked Master, how much is the fare The taxi driver was stunned for a moment, then hurriedly looked down at the meter Comrade police, thirty eight.

If you catch a lot of thieves, you will see it naturally.Grandpa Gu is different from Grandpa Ji, he has no airs at all, and has never looked down on a security officer cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies like him.Wu Wenge is happy to pass on experience to Grandpa Gu s closed disciple Han Chaoyang.It can be seen that they commit the crimes with the same methods, and the most used method is the blurring method.With one hand, medical records, clothes, schoolbags, satchels, umbrellas or plastic bags are used to block other people s sight, and with the other hand Carry out pickpocketing.Or gang crimes.This kind of pickpocketing mainly occurs in places with a lot of traffic on the street and on buses.One or several pickpockets deliberately squeeze, push, and cover the victim to artificially create crowding and divert the attention of the victim and others.

I took a picture and sent it to you to see if it s interesting Everyone pretended just now He seemed to be okay, but as soon as he entered the arena and boarded the PolyU school bus, the inside of the car suddenly boiled.The old factory director said excitedly Everyone, everyone, I don t know if we can detonate the Internet, but we have already detonated the airport.I just watched it carefully.There are at least four or five hundred people watching, and at least one or two hundred people singing along.Director Wang, there are more than four or five hundred people, maybe seven or eight hundred, I squeezed it out Never having participated in such an interesting event, Vice Minister Jiang was really infected and couldn t help asking Xiao Han, tell your senior brother for me later, don t cut my scenes when editing.

Okay.Han Chaoyang paused, then pointed to the phone he had just put down and said, Our original group needs to be used, these are all resources.Can the Fourth Squadron have A few informants, how many eyes and ears can we have We have our advantages, as long as we do the basic work well and mobilize the masses, it is not impossible to catch more than them.Wu Junfeng was full of confidence in this and couldn t help laughing.Han Da, we are only responsible for the arrest.They not only have to arrest but also handle the case, and also go for approval.It is estimated that only half of them can actually go to the street to arrest the current people.And although we only cbd gummies advanced potency formula have a dozen people, we have people from the whole company to help If you mobilize the masses again, you will definitely not be outmatched by them.

How do you manage and build without taking your salary Did you make any specific requirements Grandpa Gu asked curiously.Too many, Han Chaoyang took out a stack of work plans and rules and regulations formulated in the political office in the afternoon from his bag, handed it over with a wry smile, Master, take a look, this is the Zhongshan Road Police District Volunteer Security Patrol Training and Assessment Outline , which is Zhongshan Road Police District Volunteer Public Security Patrol Post Assessment and Reward and Punishment Measures , which is About the Establishment of Zhongshan Road Police District Party Vanguard , Youth Civilization and Youth Assault The implementation plan of the team activities What do you know, this is the leader of the bureau helping you raise capital Grandpa Gu took the document and browsed it, then asked nonchalantly, What else Branches, collectively referred to as the Voluntary Security Patrol Brigade of the Zhongshan Road Police District.

The current funds mainly come from two sources.Secretary Cao helped us solve the basic salary of the team members, and the sub bureau provided some supporting funds, which are mainly used for bonuses and overtime pay for the team members.That is to say, when PolyU arranges players to join the anti picking team, we need to pay the basic salary of the players Special funds for stability maintenance.How cbd gummy chews could Cao Zefang miss this opportunity, and asked abruptly, Minister Jiang, should PolyU also have funds for comprehensive management and stability maintenance We have a comprehensive management office, of course there are funds for this, Deputy Jiang said.The minister didn t want to be underestimated by the first secretary of a small community, he picked pure canna cbd gummies botanical farm cbd gummies review up his cup and turned back with a smile, Jin pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety Hai, you will work out a document with Chaoyang tomorrow, where to buy cbd gummy and after I finish it, I will go to the school leader to get some funding.

After waiting for more than twenty minutes, the convoy finally arrived.Instructor Gu received the report earlier, together with Yu Zhenchuan and other policemen, with the assistance of the team members, took more than a dozen suspects out of the KTV, and stuffed the suspects into several police cars as before.The boss and the manager were all arrested, and even the computers used for settlement in the bar were taken into the police car, not to mention the ledgers.Although they were not officially seized, the KTV obviously couldn t be opened anymore.The two security guards first turned off the neon lights outside, then turned off the lights in the KTV, and handed over the keys to Instructor Gu who supervised them to turn off the lights and lock the doors.Go to get off work by electric car.There are too many people watching the excitement, and they are very busy after returning.

If you make a mistake, you don t have to grab credit like this Han Chaoyang was confused, but the attitude of the two old leaders was very firm.If they didn t agree, what would they say Bite the bullet and agree.After finally sending away the two old leaders who were inquiring about their crimes, Lao Hu s phone call came again, and he complained as soon as he opened his mouth.Chaoyang, you were too dishonest about what you did in the morning.You told half and half of it, and I was scolded by Liu Suo for more than half an hour.You are young and have a degree.You will be promoted to a minor soon, and you can improve in the future.How old I am, it really doesn t matter if I make meritorious service or not, but I still have to work for ten years before I can retire, and I still have to work in the institute.

Well, I didn t know that Xu Weimin owed a lot of debts outside.I didn t know that dubious people often came to harass Lao Xu.It s almost the Chinese New Year, and those guys will definitely come again.They are desperate, and the consequences will be unimaginable Chapter 551 Liu Anhuaming Old Tang is really worried about something happening to the old Xu s family.After thinking about it, he took out his mobile phone and said solemnly while searching for the number If those debt collectors come again, The door must be blocked to prevent Lao Xu and his wife from going out, and Lao Xu s home HCMUSSH pure canna cbd gummies has no phone, and it s useless to have a police contact card in hand. That s true, I have to HCMUSSH pure canna cbd gummies ask the neighbors to help pay attention. It s just right I know someone, please drive slowly, I ll call first to see if he s at home.

He said it was open at the entrance, but in fact he rented a house at the station.This kind of thing is really dark under the lights.Miao Haizhu hurriedly changed the subject, and analyzed one by one We have the right to control those who sell fake invoices and issue fake certificates, but it is difficult to deal with them.Most of them are women, some are pregnant, some are holding children, and the case value is not worth it.Big, they will be detained for a few days at most, and they will return to their old jobs when they come out, there is no good way to take them, but it is definitely better to take care of them.Yes, we should take care of them.Han Chaoyang nodded, motioning for her to continue.The sale of magic poker and magic mahjong is to take advantage of legal loopholes and play around the edges of the law.

The conductor tapped the keyboard swiftly, then raised his head and said, The tickets for 8 20 are sold out, and the earliest train is at 1 15 pm.Will you wait until the afternoon I m sorry, there are a lot of passengers on the bus during the Spring Festival travel season.Do you want it at 1 15 Don t ask the comrades behind to buy tickets.On the other hand, he took out his pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety cell phone and started calling.A man in his thirties approached him and asked, Going to Yixi, right The 8 45 bus, do you want to go The old migrant worker subconsciously put down his mobile phone and asked suspiciously, Is there a bus to Yixi Where do you sit Yes, there are several shifts, the man glanced back, and said in a low voice, We are katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummy bears near me passing cars, so cars can t enter the station, and the station doesn t let us solicit passengers here.

Not only do I have a girlfriend, but I just got a certificate.I just got a wife sentence.Married Qian Nana heard it for the first time, and found it inconceivable.Thinking of his equally excellent wife, Han Chaoyang confirmed proudly It s pure canna cbd gummies over, but I just got a certificate, and there is no wedding for now.Qian Nana just got married for more than a year, it was hard for Qian Nana to understand, and she couldn t bear it.Zhu Zhu said with a smile Officer Han, Han Chaoyang, you are efficient enough.The wife talked about it when she was in college, or since high school.She has been waiting for graduation.As soon as she graduates, starts working, and settles down, hurry up.Got married Reporter Qian, these are not important, the important thing is that I have a wife and a family, and I have to go home after do cbd gummies reduce anxiety work.

Just imagine.Tonight s meal is definitely not as simple as an interview, because there is no need to invite a meal for an interview, and to help the sub bureau to publicize that the sub bureau will invite her in turn.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang dared not go, and smiled Reporter Qian You can interview me Han Chaoyang because you think highly of me, Han Chaoyang.It is reasonable to say that you should go.If you don t go, you don t know how to flatter.But there are regulations in our bureau that you can t accept media interviews casually.If you must interview, you must first contact the political department Should I fill out a form first, and then make an interview outline I don t know about that.I am on the front line of law enforcement, and I don t work in the political department, let alone in charge of propaganda.

After the negotiation, I will find someone to renovate after the Chinese New Year, and when the decoration is completed, I will bring these equipment over.Are you going to reopen What can we do if we don t continue to work Don t look at the best place for cbd gummies reddit mess here.You spent a lot of money when you katy couric cbd gummies cbd gummy bears near me bought it.Understood, I know that fitness equipment is very expensive.Han Chaoyang smiled, and continued Boss Meng, did you have a lot of memberships when you were working in Xingye Plaza , you re going to close down, that s not good.Knowing that the police would ask, Meng Lang had already prepared his speech, and said with a flattering smile, Officer Han, I m busy right now Don t worry, when the work in front of you is over, I ll Contact the members who applied for the card one by one, add them to WeChat, and refund them one by one.

Xiaokang lit a cigarette and added And they drove the person here by themselves, not the ambulance.It s really busy, Director Yu and the others haven t had a meal yet, so no matter how hard we fight, we won t lose this lawsuit.The relatives can understand how something like this happened during Chinese New Year.Han Zhaoyang breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to ask why Wu Wei and Miao Haizhu were not there, Xiaokang pointed inside and smiled, Han Da, Sister Yingying is here.She is in the office and just fell asleep. Han Chaoyang muttered, and immediately ran into the police room.Huang Ying dozed off on her desk, and woke up with a start at the sound of footsteps, raised her head and yawned and asked, I m back, what time is it It s past four o clock, why are you sleeping here I can t sleep when I go back alone.

Knowing that the young couple was going to pay New Year s greetings to Grandpa Gu, they deliberately left the car with them.Han Chaoyang and Huang Ying took two bottles of wine, two cigarettes, a box of milk and a box of fruit that Huang Ma had prepared earlier, pure canna cbd gummies and drove to the downstairs of Grandpa Gu, just in time to meet Bao Qingshan, the director of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Standing in front of the doorway to welcome a middle cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety without thc aged couple and a girl aged eighteen or nineteen, the family also carried all kinds of New Year s goods.Chaoyang, Yingying, how did you get to this point I was on a 24 hour shift, and police cases followed one after another, so I fell asleep.Bao Qingshan instructed him to back the car into the parking space, while Then he asked puzzledly How did you drive the car in When I came, the security guards wouldn t let me in, so I had to park at the gate of the community.

Han Chaoyang paused, and then said He has already been like this, and the procuratorate filed a public prosecution after the new year.Because he ran away during the first residential surveillance period, the court will definitely pure canna cbd gummies give a heavy sentence, and he will be sentenced to real punishment.Even if he can come out, he will be released on medical parole.And his illness is not ordinary.Uremia caused by chronic nephritis, to put it bluntly, how long he can live even if he insists on dialysis is not true.That is to say, he is unlikely to marry a wife, and he probably won t be able to marry if he wants to.In the future, it will involve a problem of inheritance.He not only has a house but also land, no matter whether it is deserted or not, the land acquisition must be compensated, and the compensation for demolition is not a small amount.

The other is that there are several cameras in the car.Qiao Peiming s current seat is just below the cameras, and the monitor is installed.On the right hand side of the driver, Xiaokang can clearly see every move of Qiao Peiming with his head.Xiaokang, can you see clearly Wu Wei asked quietly, holding his mobile phone.Xiaokang looked at the monitor with his head, and replied in text The camera is not high definition, and he keeps moving, so cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies he can t see the phone screen clearly.The little girl next to her lowered her head inadvertently.Xiaokang was worried about revealing her identity, so she didn t reply with text, and directly sent an OK emoji At the same time, Lao Hu, who was following the bus, supported the steering wheel and said with a smile Junfeng, Xiaogu, there should be nothing wrong on this journey.

There are workers around each construction site Vendors in local businesses, and migrant workers working on construction sites have this demand.Han Chaoyang smiled and said This is a good thing, but you have to say hello to Team Tang.Otherwise, Team Tang and the others will come and ban them as soon as they set up the stall.Those who cooperate are fine, and those who don t pure canna cbd gummies cooperate will even violently resist the law.At that time, there will be a lot of troubles.I said hello earlier, and Team Tang said that as long as they don t engage in open air pure canna cbd gummies barbecues and don t affect the surrounding environment of the construction site, there will be no problem.That s fine, the vendors have business, and the migrant workers What you want to eat and buy can be settled on the side of the construction site.

He is not only responsible for managing accounts and keeping attendance, but also takes turns in the police office, and even takes care of management.He can be called the right hand man of the captain Han Chaoyang.Now that you say you have to go, pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety you have to go.People go to high places and water flows to low places.If you want to stay, you can t stay.Han Chaoyang had no choice but cbd gummies and work to take advantage of the fact that there was no police situation in the morning to discuss with Chen Jie who would be more suitable to hand over her and Xiaokang s stall, and then ask her to help take care of it for a few days after confirming the candidate, but he just sat down The landline in the police station rang.Hello, pure canna cbd gummies hello, yes, yes, whoopie cbd gummies I will notify the police on duty now Chen Jie put pure canna cbd gummies down the phone, and while taking notes quickly, she said with a gloating smile Han University, Xinmin Community has officially opened without end.

I was not convinced, so I argued, but he did it, pushing me from here to there.The one who pushes you is not the one who hits you.Isn t pushing the same as doing it Is there a difference There is still a difference, but pushing is wrong.Han Chaoyang put down his pen and turned around and asked, If you don t I remember incorrectly that your surname should be Xu, Xu Guangming, right Yes Xiao Xu said hastily.Why do you push Boss Zhong Report Han Da, I pushed him, but he pushed me first.Xiao Xu walked to the opposite pedestrian entrance, and explained while gesturing I am standing here on duty, and he came in from here.I asked what building I lived in, and he scolded me, spitting on my face.I asked him why he scolded, and he pushed me, from here to there I knew it was deliberately finding fault Han Chaoyang pretended to be skeptical, and returned to the man who called the police Boss Zhong, you all insist on your own opinions.

Her son was still young and still didn t understand what death meant.He ran over to persuade his grandmother, then his grandfather, and was pure canna cbd gummies best cbd gummies for child anxiety finally hugged by his grandmother and mother.Liu Chengquan s brother in law, Lu Jieping, and a cousin of Liu Chengquan became the backbone.The old party secretary and deputy director Li invited them to the neighbor s house so that Feng Haijun and Xu Weizhong could do their work.Feng Haijun reported Liu Chengquan s sacrifice with a very heavy heart, and Xu Weizhong repeatedly emphasized that Liu Chengquan was a good boy.A few years older than Liu Chengquan, he took Liu Chengquan with him when he was a child, and played with Liu Chengquan when he grew up.Liu Chengjun, who has a very good relationship with Liu Chengquan, opened a shop selling electric cars in the village.

As long as there are migrant workers coming, they need to register, and Han Chaoyang immediately picked up the walkie talkie and called the police office.Facts have proved that Xu Hongliang really takes the management of the immigrant population seriously.The security guard on duty at the high speed railway new city construction site reported to the police office in the morning.Liu Hui said that Lao Ding planned to go there with Lu Yibin, a community grid member who just arrived from Chaoyang Community.The wages of community grid workers are low.The original fifth day of junior high school found a better job at the job fair in the city.Not surprisingly, he will never come again.Sister Liu, what is Sergeant Ding busy at the moment The police are dispatched.There was a traffic accident at the gate of Yanxing International.

Reporting from the masses, isn t this a frame up Hu Songping is a person who has seen the world, and he is not afraid of the police and The auxiliary policeman suddenly opened the small drawer of the mahjong table Look, keep your eyes open.There is no penny, not even a chip.Is this gambling If you are not sure, you will not take action easily Guo Yanfeng glared at him, and raised the phone in front of him There is no money, no cash.Unlock it, and turn on the phone.The phone is automatically locked, and you need to use your fingerprint or enter a password to open it.Hu Songping directly believed that the problem was with Shuimu Nianhua, and secretly decided to talk to the boss of Shuimu Nianhua, without looking at his mobile phone at all, he looked sideways at an auxiliary policeman standing in the corner and said, Officer Guo, let me If I unlock it, I will unlock it Do you know what I do, and how many commercial secrets are stored in my mobile phone Yeah, why do you look at our mobile phone It s an invasion of personal privacy, do you know Don t use this Staring at me like that, I m not scared I have a lawyer, give me back my phone, I want to call my lawyer, and let my lawyer tell you.

Including the one on Huayuan Street, there are already hundreds of people involved in pyramid schemes.The scale is huge.It s really rare Yanyang is creating a non pyramid marketing city , and Dongming Community is the base area, Han Chaoyang can t believe that there is such a large scale pyramid scheme gang under his nose, muttering Dongming community also has them.When did they come Bao Qingshan knew what Han Chaoyang really wanted to say, and said with a wry smile Everything shows that this is most likely a Southern MLM group.They will not develop local People, they don t even use coercive violence and other methods, they mainly ask for their health, play the emotional card, and even set up some kind of company as a cover, and almost all of the Northern MLMs we attacked before, so you didn t find it, I didn t find it , Liu Jianye didn t find it normal either.

I don t worry about this, I just ask, how to prepare if I don t ask clearly Xu Hongliang got into the car, held the steering wheel and said with a smile Well, I ll go there first.Look at how many spare sheets and bedding are in the warehouse, and let Aunt Tan and the others prepare for dinner at night.Okay, I ll go there right away. Where are you, do you want to go to you I m in the police station, no need to pick up, I ll drive the police car over there.The patrol brigade and the security company were not registered at the new do cbd gummies ease pain site, and the office and team members of the security company were not moved here, but the warehouse and canteen were opened four days ago.Han Chaoyang drove to the old district committee compound, Xu cbd vegan gummies 1000mg jar pure canna cbd gummies Hongliang He was talking to Aunt Tan, the supervisor of the cafeteria, at the entrance of the cafeteria.

If there were not fx cbd gummies 1500mg pure canna cbd gummies more than a hundred team members standing by, I don t know what kind of chaos would have happened in the big cafeteria.Han Chaoyang was thinking about what time to get it when his cell phone rang suddenly.Hong Liang, I m going out to fx cbd gummies 1500mg pure canna cbd gummies answer the phone.Go, I m here.Han Chaoyang walked out of the cafeteria quickly, stood beside a police car to connect to the phone, raised it to his ear and asked, Inspector Ding, is it Isn t there a police situation, is it too busy You have a big operation, even if there is a police situation that is too busy, the pure canna cbd gummies command center will not send us the police.What is that Lao Ding got into the electric patrol car , Holding up his mobile phone, he said with a wry smile Do you still remember the little kid who didn t have an ID card that was found at the East Coach Station last night His home may be far from the police station, or the local police station may be busy during the day.

On behalf of the District Committee and the District Government, they expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Bureau for supporting Yandong s work for many years, and welcomed Liu Bureau to Yandong to perform their duties.Bureau, Fan Bureau, Zhang Da and Xi Da are closely united around Liu Bureau, continue to maintain the excellent style and tenacious quality of our Yandong County Branch, and protect the overall situation of Yandong s economic and social development.Xu Hongliang knows These are normal, because the security company needs the support of the sub bureau, and they have been very concerned about it since they knew that the leaders of the sub bureau were going to adjust.It is more normal for Lao Ding to know, he is known for being well informed.Han Chaoyang venus cbd gummies katy couric cbd gummies regained his composure, and asked curiously, Director Liu is here.

First of all, the identity of the victim has been confirmed.Teng Aihua, 26 years old, a member of the fourth group of Xiangyang Village, Dafeng Town, Heqing County, a senior high school student, was unable to repay the loan due to failure to open a restaurant, and was listed as a dishonest person subject to execution by the Heqing County People s Court.In November 2014, he ran away from Heqing County to avoid debts.It is unclear whether he had contact with his relatives during the period of hiding debts.Secondly, the murderer is most likely a man between the ages of 35 and 45, with a lame or disabled left leg, a height of between 1.85 and 1.95 meters, a weight of about 98 kilograms, a burly figure, and a tall man.Martha He spoke very seriously, and marked the key points on the white blackboard with a water pen while talking.

Taking advantage of Fan good life cbd gummies Bureau s opportunity to go to the bathroom, he dragged Han Chaoyang to complain, pure canna cbd gummies and asked Han Chaoyang why he didn t say hello in advance.Fan Bureau s new division of labor includes contacting the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Since he is here, he must listen to the report and check the work of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.It is impossible for Han Chaoyang to wait at the Xinyuan Street Police Station.He said hello to Fan Bureau.Ding went back to the police room first.As a result, when he was approaching the police office, Liu Jianye suddenly called.Chaoyang, it s a false alarm.There are wild cat and wild dog bones in the septic tank, but no one is there.Although it s not a good thing, it s not a bad thing.If there is a second victim, it will be the murder of two people.

It s not that they don t know how to praise.Their considerations and concerns are justified.Old Tang looked up at Miao Haizhu, and sighed softly Now that you have achieved some results, the leader praises you., I have a sense of accomplishment.If I become an official pure canna cbd gummies auxiliary police officer, no matter what I do, I don t have equal pay for equal work, and I don t have much status, so I wouldn t want to. I would.Jiang Xiaomin interrupted abruptly.Huang Ying couldn t help laughing and said The leader of the sub bureau wants anti pickup team members, not you.What s the use of your willingness Jiang Xiaomin sighed angrily Newcomers have no human rights.It s good, what kind of auxiliary police.That s right.Jiang Xiaomin smiled, turned around and continued to work on the tasks assigned by Xu Hongliang in the afternoon.

Director Feng has good intentions, but kindness can sometimes be counterproductive.If he didn t help to raise the funds for the anti picking team with Director Liu, Director Liu would definitely not ask Wu Junfeng and the others to become official auxiliary police.As smiles cbd gummies for the funds for the anti picking team, Think of a way, find alms for PolyU, the Sixth Hospital, Huayuan Street, and even the East City Transportation Hub Engineering Headquarters.Although it is a bit troublesome, it can be solved.It is good now.He will definitely think that the anti pick up team is out of control.As the .

are cbd gummies safe for kids?

director, he will definitely not allow a bunch of brats to wear the uniforms of the branch s auxiliary police and refuse to accept the management of the branch.Because if something happens, the branch will take the blame.

Since the children were in different elementary and middle schools, and the female policemen in the bureau were often delayed due to work, this preferential treatment of the police fell to nothing.There are not many female policemen in the criminal police team, mainly the police station and the detention center.Considering the practical difficulties of the lesbians, the leaders of the several stations turn a blind eye to picking up the children during pure canna cbd gummies work hours, and at most ask not to pick up the children.Wear police uniform.I didn t expect that even this would not work now You can t leave the post during working hours.It s okay to go wherever you want, but you have no guarantee during off duty hours.If you can go to and from get off work normally, you don t need people to work overtime every three days.

Han Chaoyang realized that the trouble was serious, and hurriedly took out the walkie talkie Xiaomi Xiaomin, I, Han Chaoyang, are Police Chief Tang and Junfeng in the police office Be there.Please hurry to the emergency center.Yes The police office was christmas cbd gummies very close to the emergency center, and after waiting for about two minutes, Old Tang and Wu Junfeng arrived.Han Chaoyang pointed to Yang Qianjin, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, and said expressionlessly Inspector Tang, Xu Min, a migrant worker at the construction site of the East Coach Station, died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage when he was pouring concrete.You are here to accompany Chief Inspector Yang.Go in and see the dead.When something like this happens, the most fearful thing is that the foreman will run away.It is said to accompany, but in fact it is to let the contractor watch over.

I would like to express my gratitude to the old branch secretary who understands righteousness.Xu Hongliang even organized the security guards to get off the car and line up, arrange their clothes, and collectively salute and say hello to Liu s father and Liu mother.The Liu family had known that the leader of the Yandong Sub bureau was coming, but they never expected that they would come all of a sudden to be so safe.Looking at Han Chaoyang, Xu Hongliang, Wu Wei, Yu Zhenchuan, Xiaokang and other comrades in arms of Liu Chengquan before his death, they suddenly lost their minds.I don t know how to arrange so many people to eat at noon.Han Chaoyang had already thought about it, and he took Liu Ma s arm and said, Auntie, don t worry about lunch, we brought dry food.And and we have a lot of pure canna cbd gummies work at work, so we won t be here for a long time, so let s go to your house for a while , and then put a grave for Chengquan, and then I went back.

Han Chaoyang sat in the police room, looking helplessly at Miao Haizhu who just came in, hesitating whether to call Director Huo or go to the headquarters to report in person later.A person who is about to become the bridegroom s official should be happy.Why is he so sad when he comes back Miao Haizhu took off his hat and asked.The man was not caught, not to mention the wages of the workers, how can you make me laugh Han Chaoyang sighed, with a helpless expression on his face.Miao Haizhu sat down in front of him, put down the car keys and said, What do I think You need clues to arrest someone, and you have to be a little bit lucky.Our police are human but not gods.What can we do if we don t have clues Can we just arrest someone and bring them back Intervention Although you say so, the reason is the same, but the leaders will definitely think so, maybe they don t think this is a big case, and Luo Weixing is not a repeat offender, so it should be easy to catch.

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