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At the same time, block the surrounding area, so that the enemy on the opposite side loses the confidence to continue fighting and the hope of escaping.The end result is the collapse of the enemy.It s not okay to be suppressed like this.Wang Weiyi carefully observed the surrounding situation, and said loudly Si Dao, do you see the right side There is a blind spot where a person can hide and is not easy to be shot by the British.I will cover you and go there in a while Wang Weiyi discovered a characteristic of the British in the shooting.They used two stage shooting.After the soldiers in the first row emptied their magazines, the soldiers in the second row would immediately carry out a new round of fire suppression.And all of this is done by the officer s command, because there will be a very short gap.Wang Weiyi put away the bayonet, collected the bullets from the corpses of the British soldiers, and quickly disappeared into the woods with the Enfield rifle Montgomery sensed something was wrong.He is the captain of the pursuit team.Although he doesn t know what happened to Lieutenant Conk, he still feels that something is wrong.Maybe it shouldn t be in the woods at mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg all.Here, the superiority of military strength cannot be brought into play at all, and instead it will become a target for German shooting.The disadvantage of the Germans in numbers has become an advantage here So far, no one in his team has been killed, not because of the sympathy and kindness of the hunters in the dark, but because Montgomery ordered the team to slow down the pace of forward search.Before he figured out the whole situation, he had mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg to be responsible for the lives of the soldiers.Hindenburg nodded Lieutenant, what you said is very interesting.Although some words are whimsical, young people need such active thinking.But now that His Majesty the Emperor has summoned us, we can have a long chat next time.Yes, Marshal.Wang Weiyi watched Hindenburg and Ludendorff leave, and he didn t take this matter too seriously.He originally wanted to say that if he only relied on the power of Germany, if he went to war with Britain and France at mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking the same time, he would also have to deal with Russia.It is impossible to overcome, of course, there are various factors such as the terrible weather in Russia.However, he did not have the opportunity to continue.Wang what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you Weiyi ignored one person Adolf Hitler.Hitler took out his r Diary, walked to a secluded corner, and carefully recorded some words in his diary Today, Lieutenant Ernst told us that Russia is the incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg most terrible enemy, especially a unified and powerful Russia.General Bello fell silent, and his eyes fell on a point on the map Lance The high level officials did not tell Ernst everything about Kierock.This person is too important.The German side is trying to inform those in Paris.The spies were evacuated, but the time was too tight, and the contact information of some senior spies was all in the hands of Kilok, and the Germans could not be contacted at all.Once the intelligence system in Paris is completely destroyed, it will cbd gummies with coa be a terrible disaster Disaster The situation is really as Richthofen said, has the French been aware of the existence of the special unit What if Ernst s special unit is annihilated He is er Stern General Bello murmured, and then he turned around Captain Manfred von Richthofen, the only thing we can do now is to trust ster He has encountered incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg many dangers, and he has resolved them one by one, and he will do the same this time Go with the plan.You shouldn t be here When he said this, Mashataf felt that it was ridiculous.Now is the age of war, where can t there be enemies He quickly adjusted his statement Major Ernst, please order your people to stop attacking immediately., On behalf of Colonel Sergei, the commander of the 27th Infantry Regiment, I announce the surrender.Please guarantee the lives of the surrendered officers and soldiers.Wang Weiyi couldn t laugh or cry.This is the second time I have encountered this situation.The previous time was with the French, but the French were able to resist for a while, but in Kasmidov, these Russians did not resist at all.No determination either.How can you expect these soldiers to be victorious on the battlefield Hey, Erwin, you take a few people to Colonel Sergey s.Let Guderian mobilize a tank to go with you Wang Weiyi ordered .

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loudly, mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg he must ensure that the Russian officer on the opposite side can hear his order Major Mashataf, I hope you The colonel was able to immediately order his men to give up resistance, and our patience had a limit.Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went directly to the outside of Berlin.about twentyIn a matter of minutes, a manor appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.Where is this Wang Weiyi asked inexplicably.Elena pursed her lips and smiled The majestic Baron Alexon.Don t you even recognize your own manor Huh This is actually his own manor The area of the manor is not very large.But it was enough for dozens of people to live in.Anyway, this place used to be the territory of His Majesty the Emperor.When entering the manor, Wang Weiyi was even more surprised.Many people were there clearing the weeds and debris in the manor, and rearranging the place Alexson Manor This is Seeing Wang Weiyi s surprised expression, Manstein couldn t help laughing and said, If a baron arrives in Berlin and can only stay in a hotel all the time, he doesn t qualify.They were still eating delicious food there with great interest, and discussing Germany s victory enthusiastically.Wang Weiyi It was found that Elena was talking to Countess Leonie there, and her expression was very cheerful.Seeing Wang Weiyi appeared, Countess Leonie greeted him Hey, Baron Alexon, I am from Egypt mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg Lina heard some interesting stories about you, ah, I didn t expect you to be such a person The second monk Wang Weiyi was puzzled, and looked at Elina, but saw her pursing her lips and smiling quietly The majestic Baron Alexon, the invincible Ernst, when he first met the charming Miss Heinrich, he acted so slickly, God, I can t imagine The Countess laughed wildly, and seemed to think that this was the most interesting thing.Elena also laughed more and more happily.Wang Weiyi was a little embarrassed.You crazy.General Bello laughed Do you really want to enter Udine with such a small force Ah , I almost forgot, they call you Saint Ernst There is nothing you dare not do Colonel Ernst, if you can really be the first to arrive Udine.I will personally ask His Majesty the Emperor to give you the Grand Iron Cross as an exception It is said that His Majesty is very contradictory.He does not want to send you into battle again, because he does not know what reward to give you.This time I hope you can give His Majesty a big problem Wang Weiyi also laughed.The Grand Iron Cross, this is the highest honor that every German soldier dreams of, but there is almost no way to get it It would be a good thing to be able to get a big iron cross to wear Wang Weiyi, who has obtained the greatest autonomy on the HCMUSSH mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg battlefield, received support from the 33rd Infantry Regiment and also received artillery support at the same time.He secretly invited Johnny, the staff officer of the Joint Command, out.Johnny, I need some information about the Baron Skeleton.Beasley said straight to the point.Of course Johnny knew what he wanted Are you going to interview the Skeleton Baron Yes, this will make me the most famous reporter in America.Beasley s answer was very affirmative.Hey, Beasley, I have a good relationship with you, but this involves military secrets, I can t tell you.Johnny, Johnny, I don t like your attitude.Beasley took out a few Zhang put the dollar into his pocket Have you forgotten who is your child s godfather Have you forgotten who helped you in your most difficult time Listen, I won t reveal the secret, I just I want to get first hand information.Johnny smiled wryly Beasley, you are always so annoying.Well, I can help you once, but only once.Even if it is true, how can you use up so much gold If you stop now, not only will I not pursue this matter, but I will allow you to move it if you can move it The gold will leave safely, I promise Thank you for your kindness, General, but I must keep all this batch of gold, and it is up to me whether I can transport it away.Maridov said coldly However, you are right about one thing, you can no longer live in this world.Kerber smiled and said, Do you really have the courage to kill me The train stopped slowly and Samara arrived As soon as General Maridov opened his mouth, the train stopped and his body shook a little.At this moment, a gunshot rang out.Maridov looked down, blood was flowing down his chest, and in Kerber s hand, the muzzle of a pistol was still smoking.At the moment Maridov fell, he also pulled the trigger bullet, hitting the phone on the desk.The boxes were transported onto the truck, but the elated team members still couldn t hold back their yelling.Hey Stark, be careful, that s my gold Mali, what are you doing Don t sit on my gold God, I love this gold General, it s all shipped, we You can leave.Wang Weiyi nodded.Just as he was about to get on the train, he suddenly saw the team members stop and silently salute towards the back of the train.It seemed to them that that was where Elena Rommel, Manstein, Guderian, Model and Richthofen were buried in disbelief.What happened Ernst actually went to Russia and brought back a whole ton of gold God, this damn skeleton baron can do anything Ernst, you are so mean, you didn t take us with you when you snatched the gold Richthofen cried out in great dissatisfaction.Shh, keep it secret.Wang Weiyi put his finger to his mouth If we officers disappear together, it will definitely arouse suspicion, so I have to take Stark and them to act alone.From January to September 191, in just one month, the German army lost 150,000 people, more than 2,000 cannons, and more than 13,000 machine guns.quite.The military defeat made Germany s domestic political and economic crisis unprecedentedly acute.At this time, the Allied Powers were ready to deal the final fatal blow to Germany they decided to launch the Meuse Argonne Offensive The Entente s aim was to break down the mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg Hindenburg Line, which stretched from the coast northeast of Ypres to the Swiss border.The mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking offensive scheduled to be launched on September 26 intends to seize or cut off the railway lines that the Germans customer reviews of rethink cbd gummy drops rely on to mobilize troops and supplies.Without its transport system, an already weakened army would be further weakened.The are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies railway carrying German troops and supplies to the front stretched northwest from Metz to the main junctions of M zi res, Onoy, Mauber , Mons, Ghent, and Bruj , where there were many branch lines leading to different defense areas.An officer was fleeing hastily under the protection of several Japanese troops.Wang Weiyi smiled Si Knife, don t kill me Guo Yunfeng said nothing, asked a soldier to take a rifle, and then raised it With a beep , the Japanese officer stepped forward.Chong fell to the ground.Wang Weiyi carried a submachine gun and walked there in a calm manner.Eight Karma The few remaining Japanese soldiers rushed towards here like crazy What greeted them could only be bullets After killing those Japanese soldiers, Wang Weiyi walked up to the Japanese officer who was moaning in pain, and turned him over with his feet.Oh, it s an assistant Wang Weiyi smiled Nao Masa Sugawara Yaka, I want to serve His Majesty the Emperor Naomasa Sugawara cursed loudly.Oh, that s it.Wang Weiyi nodded Very good.As he spoke, he pulled out the bayonet and threw it in front of Naomasa mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking Sugawara, I ll lend you a knife.When the Japanese combat team worked hard to get closer, they were immediately hit by grenades and flamethrowers On the opposite side, what kind of army is it Kazushin Sugimoto, the captain of the Sugimoto Brigade, quickly came up with an idea Wang Weiyi That Wang Weiyi who has been known to more and more people in the Japanese Army recently How the hell did he show up in Xiguan After tens of minutes of attack, the Japanese army has already suffered more than one hundred casualties.Those heavy artillery fire and machine guns and grenades.For the offensive side, mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg it has a frightening lethality Obviously, in the face of such a heavily guarded position, it is most unwise to continue such an offensive.The Japanese army, which had left corpses all over the mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg place, withdrew The guard battalion officers and soldiers who had won several victories had gradually become accustomed to all this.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and ninety incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg one.The story of Baron Rose 1410 monthly tickets Jiageng Nanjing, November 1937.General Stark took a look in the mirror, and he always felt that he was not as mighty as wearing a military uniform in any clothes.He turned around, sat down, and lit a cigarette.In fact, he didn t smoke before, but since General Ernst disappeared, Stark has learned to smoke.Thinking of General Ernst, Stark s heart tightened.Someone in Germany has long said that if he hadn t disappeared back then, Germany might not have lost the war.The mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg reason why General Ernst disappeared was entirely because he was an upright and benevolent general.He did not want the members of the Skeleton Commando to die in Montforkon, so he gave up his idea of breaking out alone and gave all Players survive.Clark Gable and Greta.Garbo was named the most popular male and female stars in the United States, not one of them.Movie emperors and movie queens.The American baronial fever that swept across the United States followed.American street roses were swept away.Many people like to put a rose in their jacket pocket, and then say the most popular line in The Baron Rose at the ball Miss XX, I have learned the dance steps quite well now, can I ask you to dance This was what Ernst Brahm said to Heinrich Elena at the Champ de Mars in Paris.Of course, this movie is not without negative effects, many young roses who are fascinated by the Skeleton Baron.They began to worship General Ernst Brahm crazily.They also wore skull badges on their necklines and established the secret Skull Club.The way they meet is even more special, with their right hands raised high.Compared with this gang of young gangsters, Ding Lao Si was envious and jealous of his attire, so he asked them not to use knives, it would be better to strangle them to death, and then take off their clothes.Also make yourself majestic.Master Yuan, the one at the front is that Manager Wang, Ding Laosi said in a low voice.Yuan Wang frowned Fourth, I don t think they are businessmen.Just space candy brand 3000 mg hemp cbd gummies as he was wondering, the three of them had already walked in front of him.Manager Wang Wang Weiyi had a smile on his face Mr.I received the message from Yangzhou, this is Yuan Wang, Yuan Ye, right The unity of loyalty will last forever, and everything will not be invaded by villains.Yuan Wang was reading these two sentences, and Ding Laosi hurriedly approached Yuan Ye.They don t understand this.Then Yuan Wang remembered I am Yuan Wang, Manager Wang, did you bring the things Look.Ah, Traveler, how do you know Ouyang Yu asked in surprise.Oh, I have intelligence personnel from R himself Wang Weiyi casually found an excuse to perfunctory.Setting up an ambush in Wujiadao was originally a very important part of the whole plan, .

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and attacking the Ueno detachment was just an introduction.This is a tactic designed by Wang Weiyi, Xiaoling and Elena mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg together., to attack the Ueno detachment, the Japanese army must be reinforced.The Huben Guard brigade retreated immediately after completing the attack, and the Japanese army that arrived would definitely not return.At this time, Zhang Lingfu was decisively ordered to abandon Jiangjia Village, and The Japanese army has only one choice to encircle Jiuhu Town from two directions Wujiadao is the only way for mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg them to go medivex cbd gummies on the right But the only thing Wang Weiyi did not expect Surprisingly, the head of the Numata Tokuju brigade was also among them.You d better go see it yourself.Ludwig felt that the chief of staff s tone was extremely weird, and he was not like this in the past.After thinking about it for a while, they still walked out of their command headquarters.The German soldiers stood up one after another.They watched curiously as Sergeant Hans accompanied two people in old fashioned German uniforms and slowly walked past them The one in the lead was wearing an old fashioned German general uniform, and the one who followed him was wearing an old fashioned German captain s uniform.Moreover, this captain is holding a battle flag in his hand This is a blood red banner, a huge white skull, located in the middle of the banner, staring at the world in front of it with its empty and cold eye sockets Skeleton Battle Banner The German officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division couldn t be more familiar with it.Everything went very smoothly at first, but until the appearance of Baron Alexon, everything changed.He couldn t forget the humiliation Baron Alexon brought him, and couldn t forget those painful pasts.If it weren t for Baron Alexon, he would have been promoted to general long ago, instead of being promoted to major general until the fall of Paris.The shame must be repaid with blood Moreover, Baron Alexon has blatantly challenged himself.Although he is speaking to all resistance organizations in France, in De Sade mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg s view, he is targeting himself at all kill him The only way to wash away the shame is to kill him Tomorrow, Ernst s itinerary is to personally supervise the release of captured members of the resistance organization in the morning, and in the afternoon he will go to St.Mary s Hospital to visit sick children.Wang Weiyi said calmly But for the military executive, ah, that is, the commander in chief of the z y u Russian Legion that I also established , I think someone has a better format.As he spoke, he slightly raised his voice General Cole Korok, please come in When General Kolkorok appeared in front of these Russians, and Wang Weiyi introduced his previous and current identities, the Russian nobles exploded at once.Ah, a damned Bolshevik Hang him, hang him Supporters of Red Russia, we never need him There was confusion.But this did not affect General Kolkorok at all.He knew better than anyone here that no matter how noisy these Russians were, the final decision was still in the hands of Marshal Ernst.Please be quiet, my friends Wang Weiyi said calmly Yes, General Kolkorok did fight for Moscow before, but what is that There was also a war between Germany and Russia.Yes, you are right, Heinz William Guderian.Wang Weiyi smiled on his face But there is one thing you may not have thought that the Russians at this time are more eager to hope that Britain, France and the United States can Joining the war, Russia has been under too much mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg mana fx cbd gummies pressure from the outbreak of the war to the present.Their losses far exceed ours.The newly formed legion was put on the battlefield without forming a combat force.They are afraid that we will launch a new offensive.Therefore, we must let Britain, France, and especially the United States will not participate in the war in a short period of time.The German army is responsible for holding on.Order the free Russian army to continuously launch harassing attacks on the Soviet army, and delay the Soviet army to the are cbd gummies bad for you greatest mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg extent.Without hesitation, he devoted himself to the battle to defend Istanbul.But the gap in strength is very obvious.There are only 120 tanks in Istanbul, most of which are old fashioned tanks, which are completely behind in terms of firepower and armor.The number of their artillery is even more pitiful and the only tanks and artillery were destroyed by more than half in the previous continuous artillery strikes.Under the impact of the powerful armored forces of the German army, they could not provide more support to the infantry.However.The heroism of their infantry is astounding.These soldiers trained under the ancient Anatolian plateau are very brave and good at fighting, and most of them are willing to fight to the end for their young republic.They went forward one after another, using their what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you flesh and blood to fight against the powerful armored forces of the enemy time and time again.Now, the German planes can also helpGynik s battle becomes easier The planes continued to bombard the attacking Turkish army, and the layers of Turkish troops fell under the attack of the planes.And those German troops who were holding on to it even launched a counterattack at this time.Who is attacking When Marshal Greluman learned of this situation, he quickly issued an order for the Turkish army in Goinik to retreat to Cukasia, but the order arrived a bit late.Guo Yunfeng battle group and Myristel battle group are all best cbd gummies for kids dispatched The defender has become the attacker, and the attacker is defeated There are running Turks all over the mountains and plains.It s not that they are what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you not brave, but that they suffered heavy casualties during the attack that lasted almost half the night.Especially the appearance of planes had a great psychological impact on them.I never thought that .

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I would face him again.If the Skeleton Baron Now commanding his army to attack the UK, I will not hesitate to dedicate myself to my country, but not outside the UK Ambassador Swelling Lear faintly heard Rosen Some overtones from the General.If I guessed correctly, this Hero of the Somme is probably still shrouded in the shadow of that capture incident When a former loser faces a winner, can he adjust his mentality in time When the skeleton baron Ernst Brahm finally appeared, would General Rosen have the courage to face all this No one can answer this question, including General Rosen.Now, I just hope that such a thing never happens Five hundred and eight.The Battle of Ayash On July 26, 1942, the German army finally reached the last gate of Ankara Ayash According to the order of Baron Alexon, who was commanding in Ankara, the imperial division that arrived earlier launched an attack on Ayash.At 15 o clock in the afternoon, the tanks of the African Army and the Armored Division of Ariel moved eastward.Completed the full siege of the British army.At 1 30, Rommel personally directed the 21st Armored Division back to the north again.To hurry up.He took the lead, personally driving at full speed, overtaking the bewildered mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking British artillery and armored vehicles mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking and rushing to the coast.It was getting dark gradually.The 21st Armored Division charged into an unmapped minefield, and a tank exploded into a ball of fire with a terrible explosion.At dawn on the 1st, the 21st Armored Division was bombed by the British Air Force, but Rommel still urged the troops to continue northward at the fastest speed.Soon, the troops arrived at the Ganbut frontier airport, and the defenders had all escaped.If the soldiers want to ask, tell them that it is a change of defense.Erwin Rommel suffered the worst in his life.A failure on September 6th, Rommel finally withdrew his troops to the starting position of the attack.The African Armored Corps began to prepare for the defense of the British attack.The shadow of failure was hanging over the German army, but in the middle of the night on September 6th, things seemed to have changed.A figure who was enough to turn the German African Army from defeat into victory appeared, at least, this is what all German troops thought.As long as this person appears, no matter how difficult the situation is, you can get through it Marshal Ernst Brahm Where the Baron Skeleton is in danger, there is the Baron Marshal Marshal facing those who came to greet him German generals, Marshal Ernst Brahm looked solemn Call all senior officers to hold an emergency meeting immediately God like figures appeared, and the hope of Germany appeared.Laze is in Paris.Cleaning up the resistance organization there.As for Adolf, he will lead the whole of Germany, and people like Model and Ludwig will continue to fight on various battlefields, while we are in Africa, he said, in the Draw a circle with your hand on the map My dear Rommel, what do you see Skeleton Commando.It has already been reorganized Skeleton Commando has already been reorganized.People suddenly became energetic.For so many years, he has been waiting for this sentence.Ernst Brahm is back, the soul of Germany is back, and the skeleton commando is back.Let the myth of invincibility continue to reappear on the battlefield.Erwin, the situation is still very bad.Wang Weiyi s face became serious again Montgomery is not an easy person to deal with.What we urgently need now is to reorganize our intelligence system.But the British dragon trainers have disappearedThanks to the German soldiers for bringing us victory, and thanks to Baron Alexson for bringing us Victory to come.Under the leadership of the Baron.Great Germany will be invincible The Germans were sure they had won.In this war, the German army was already ahead of the British from the preparation stage.While the British were still complacent about their mastery of the density of the Enigma and the existence of the super spy fighter , Marshal Ernst Brahm filled this loophole in time.They continued to deceive the mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg British with false information.When the British were convinced of the large amount of wrong information they had, the victory mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg of the war was already in the hands of Baron Alexon.As for the Italians, they are just victims of this war At 1 pm, the battle of Kalman has reached its final moment A large number of German battle groups have completed their tasks, and the British army The mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg defensive positions were successively breached.After so many years of British rule in Egypt, they finally regained their freedom.Germany They don t think Germany will continue to colonize Egypt.After all, General Canlemu said very clearly, Germany is a friend of Egypt, and Germany is here to help Egypt Those mighty tanks, those majestic soldiers, will leave soon after the situation in Egypt is stabilized The Egyptians cheered likewise to the Germans, likewise to Baron Alexon.Looking at the crazy Germans and Egyptians, Colonel Tamusta, who survived the mutiny and suppression by chance, frowned General, do you really trust the Germans Why not, Colonel General Canlemu, who was excited, asked very puzzled.Anyway, I don t believe it.I don t think a country will help another country to gain freedom regardless of the cost.Colonel Tamusta said solemnly.De Gaulle has already clearly felt the coming crisis In addition to Britain, France itself is also full of unknown variables.After the return of Baron Alexon, the Germans adjusted their rule in France to become softer and more humane.The French, who originally had a weak will to resist, began to accept the current status quo more and more incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg as the attitude of the Germans changed.And this is what worries De Gaulle most.A completely Germanized France The current situation has de Gaulle in a state of distress, so even if he doesn t want to, he has to continue to put his hopes on the British But, these damned British ah De Gaulle asked for it three times before finally meeting the British Prime Minister Churchill again.But as soon as he talked about the turmoil that happened at the Royal Regatta, Churchill had already interrupted him, emphasizing the word royal.Colonel Menzies was greatly relieved by the Baron s understanding.Now, he also has a good impression of the baron.After all, if the Baron refused all cooperation because of the assassination, Colonel Menzies had nothing to are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies do.But apparently the Baron is not that kind of person Baron, I have a question and I want your help.Colonel Menzies calmed down his emotions From your professional point of view, what are the identities of those assassins Professional soldiers Or semi military training Are they trained Or are they just temporarily recruited Wang Weiyi thought about it carefully I think, judging from my assassination last night, the assassins are all agents who have received semi military training.Are you sure Is it Colonel Menzies pulled himself together.I m very sure.Wang Weiyi replied very seriously They have calculated the position of the bomb and the time of detonation very well.Destructive the entire organization from the top to the bottom The peripheral organization has been destroyed in the most terrible way.And he is now a prisoner.De Sade doesn t care about his own life or death, he cares about the future of France.The only thing he will never forget is his only meeting with General de Gaulle , General de Gaulle s encouragement to him, the words he said to him, it was from that day that De Sade had made up his mind to die for General de Gaulle.But now he is in a situation where he wants to die but can t die Calculated from the time, I have been in this room for about ten hours, but until now no one has asked me, no one has even come to give me a bite to eat gummy cbd 90 mg or a drink Yes, say even one word to yourself.This is the scariest thing Is it daytime now, or is it dark De Sade didn t know at all At this time, the door was pushed open, and a ray of light flashed in, making De Sade s eyes uncomfortable A person walked slowly Entering, this figure looked so familiar, De Sade s heart tightened, he forgot how many times he hadn t seen this figure.Let s take another adventure The food in the officer s restaurant is still very good, and it changes every once in a while.For example, today, there is a very special dish, grilled squid.To be honest, Wang Weiyi can t figure out why squid can be eaten roasted.He once told the British officials who were captured in North Africa that the food in Germany is not even flattering to himself.De Sade was there at mealtimes.Now De Sade is no longer an enemy.To some extent, he has become one of his own.Once a resolute revolutionary like this has abandoned his beliefs, he will have no way out, so his loyalty to his former enemies is unmatched.Moreover, sitting and eating with so many senior German military officers, there is no embarrassment on De Sade s face at all Wang Weiyi doesn t eat things like grilled squid, it s really hard to let go pharynx.But this is the thinking of the Soviet Army They always believed that the bravery and fearless sacrifice spirit of officers could completely inspire the patriotism and combat courage of the soldiers.Casualties They never I didn t even think about it.As long as I can win, it doesn t matter even if everyone is dead.Another row of Russians fell, but before the Germans on the battlefield had time to catch their breath, a new layer of Russians fell again.Charged up again.Can t finish killing, can t stop hitting vital leaf cbd gummies The German machine gunner s hand is soft the German sniper s eyes are becoming sore Swelling These Russians really crazy They began to wonder if the Russians never knew what mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking death was, never knew what pain was they even began to wonder.The Russians have no soul at all, they are just being dragged forward mechanically by a powerful mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg wizard Paul Hauser and Ludwig also watched and shook their heads., the USSR lost all foreign aid In the weather like Russia, if an injured person cannot receive effective treatment, the only result waiting for them is death.However, Colonel Trovic had nothing to do with what was happening in front of him.Not only him, even Major General Tasotsky could do nothing.I can only bless them to survive on their own.night.The sniper s sniper s sniper is still ringing, and if he is not careful, the sniper will take a life.certainly.At night, Soviet snipers still had the upper hand.It is undeniable that the Soviet snipers are more familiar with the terrain here and are more able to adapt to the severe cold climate.In contrast, the Germans cannot do these two points anyway.Because of this, General Paul Hausser, who was familiar with the situation, gave strict orders to the German army from the beginning.Victory, they wiped out 80,000 German fascists in Elklin Wang Weiyi has long been used to it, but Heisenberg and the others are completely dumbfounded Can it really be like this to reverse black and white Looking at the faces of those Russians full of anger what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you With a happy smile, the Germans could only send out a wry smile These sad and poor Russians With the cover of these marchers, Wang Weiyi and the others did not attract the attention of the Russians, and in the West With the cooperation of Denis Riley, they successfully reached a safe place.Baron, it s been a long time since we met.It seems that Sidney Riley is doing well in Moscow, and he actually put on a military uniform a major in the Soviet Red Army Hey.Riley, you have to tell me how you became a Soviet major.Wang Weiyi asked with interest.Wang Weiyi is not a real god, and he cannot see through everything accurately.Therefore, now a huge crisis has overwhelmed He enveloped him.However, probably Lindelof could not have imagined that the Skeleton Baron actually came to Moscow in person.The adventurous blood flowing in his body made Wang Weiyi regard all dangers as challenges, even as a game.This made him He has won countless reputations, but it also made him face crises that could kill him again and again.But he doesn t care.In his opinion, adventure has become an important part of his life.If there is no adventure, then he is not Walker it is no longer the skeleton baron.However, this time in the female worker s dormitory of the third military factory, the Russians have already set up a net.The Russians they surrounded, This is the real and biggest crisis The night has come, and the night has shrouded the earth.Maybe Marshal Voroshilov didn t have any idea of reinforcements at all He once severely criticized Marshal Voroshilov s mistakes, but he didn t think of it.Voroshilov actually took his revenge to the battlefield There are countless Soviet soldiers here there are countless Red Army soldiers cbd gummy bears 1000mg uk But he can t change everything, no If Marshal Vasilevsky was here, this situation would definitely not happen, but it is too late to notify Marshal Vasilevsky now.Since this is the case, then simply die here with honor Dawamirski is desperate With his own guard group, he rushed desperately in the encirclement of the German army, and tried his best to direct the troops to move closer to the 81st Panzer Army.And he did it successfully.But when he saw Struff.I can hardly believe this is my best friend.At this time, General Struff was covered in can cbd gummies help sciatica pain blood all over his body, and his military uniform was filthy.Of course, remember to inform Marshal Vasilevsky, after all, mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg he is the commander in chief.Yes, I ll do goldtop cbd gummies reviews it right away. Organize all our troops to avenge the comrades who died A gleam of brilliance flashed across Voroshilov s face The greatest attack is about to begin, and we will use a devastating attack to completely wipe out our enemies Yes, Comrade Marshal, under your command we will surely be able to win Voroshilov was not discouraged by the failure of the 56th Army and the 81st Panzer Army.On the contrary, he was very excited.At least, now that his enemy has been eliminated, he can devote all his energy to the front line.Victory, perhaps waiting for me there.Yes, victory, the most glorious victory Brothers, spiders need a monthly ticket The violent ones need a monthly ticket please vote if there is a monthly ticket, we still have a chance to go up, Thank you, thank you very much, thank you very much.Timoshenko glanced at his family and tidied up his marshal uniform .

do cbd gummies give you energy?

Okay, Comrade Dimilenko.Let s go.After finishing speaking, Timoshenko turned and walked out Timoshenko looked at the house for the last time, no matter what, he has lived here for a long time, people, staying incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg in one place After a long time, there will always be feelings When he came to the yard, he found that his loyal subordinates Volvok, Belekov and their families were also there.Seeing the Marshal appear, Volwork and Belekov had helpless wry smiles on their faces.The thought in their hearts is the same the Skeleton Baron has failed Perhaps even the Skeleton Baron did not expect that Stalin would attack them so quickly An officer wearing the uniform of the Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs stepped out of the driver s seat of the car.I fell in love with Elena twice, and I don t want this to happen to Leonie again.Maybe there is a way Wang Weiyi where do you get cbd gummy bears cheered up at Xiaoling s words.Under his urging, Xiaoling said I have made some breakthroughs in my research.Ability to retain some of Leoni s memories, such as the love you mentioned But, I must clear other memories, this is the responsibility of the base You are a wanderer, in the base Everyone must remain absolutely loyal to you I m already very satisfied with this, thank you, Xiaoling.However, Xiao Ling immediately said But, I have a condition Condition Wang Weiyi was stunned for a moment, he didn t expect that Xiao Ling would talk about the condition with himself.Xiao Ling continued In the past, you always liked to bargain with me, now it s my turn Okay.Wang Weiyi touched his nose Tell me about your conditions.University professors, doctors, military officers, and engineers all took to the cold streets to sell all kinds of small commodities at low prices, and some of them even had to beg.When Gorbachev participated in the Western Asia Peace Symposium in Madrid in November 1991, he even had to secretly leave the meeting early because his Russian delegation could not afford the hotel accommodation.A question that deserves special attention is, where did the huge national wealth accumulated by the Soviet Union for 70 years go Is it really like the economists say that the Soviet economy is already insolvent Will wealth really evaporate without a trace No, in fact, in the hyperinflation, the wealth did not evaporate, but the wealth was transferred To be honest, Wang Weiyi is really dumbfounded now.Probably explain to you carefully what happened, You won t understand too much.But this does not mean that The German army will slow down the offensive, but prepare for a larger scale offensive.That is to say, in the next seven to ten days, the German army will launch a decisive offensive, and the fate of Moscow will be finally judged in this battle For the word judgment.Stalin clearly felt uncomfortable.He just likes to judge the fate mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg of others.And don t like your fate to be judged.However, he must suppress such unhappiness at the moment Comrade Malinovsky asked me to convey his thoughts before he died.It are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies has become very unsafe.Vasilevsky faithfully conveyed Malinovsky s entrustment before his death And Comrade Zhukov and I also have the same idea, it is indeed very unsafe here Kalinin legitimized the decision of the delta 8 cbd gummies for sleep leader with corresponding orders, while participating in propaganda work.This is a bit surprising, but in fact, if you think about it carefully, it is not impossible.When an army and a country are completely desperate, no just cbd gummies 1000mg mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg matter what they do Things are no longer surprising.Vasilevsky finally fulfilled his wish, and he once again saw mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg the skeleton baron with his own eyes Marshal Ernst Alexson von Brahm Their first time We met many, many years ago.At that time, Vasilevsky was still young, but now, the traces of the years have been deeply engraved on his face.The skeleton baron sitting opposite him is still Still so young, it seems that the years have simply forgotten the existence of this person.I don t know how you did it Vasilevsky said with a pun, Some people say that you got Favored by Death, whose shelter keeps you from growing old and from failing.I would love to have confirmation of this legend from your own lips.All the enthusiasm and passion are fully released here.This is the truest instinct of human beingsevery collision, fusion again and again, the low call of the wild, the collision of flesh and blood, the great spiritual satisfaction.Let the body completely collapse.When pushed down to the pinnacle of happiness again, I couldn t resist shouting.But Xi Xiya, who couldn t bear it anymore, bit Guo Yunfeng s shoulder with one bite.Finally, Guo Yunfeng stopped the movement of his body and lay down on Xi Xiya s body, panting heavily.Xi Xiya s hands were still tightly wrapped around the man on her body, and her lips were still kissing Guo Yunfeng s earlobe, and then she asked in a low voice, Why, I feel like you haven t touched a woman for many, many years.In fact, Xi Xiya was not wrong, if calculated according to time and space, Guo Yunfeng has probably not touched a woman for thousands of years The two have been in love for a long time, and Guo Yunfeng really wants to vent again Once, but if you really do this, I m afraid you don t have to think about having the strength to go to the battlefield tomorrow.Wang Weiyi said lightly And I can guarantee that even if you all die Yes, I will avenge you too On the faces of Anluges and Thibius, there were gratified smiles, which is the promise of the consul Tomorrow, we will divide into two teams Wang Weiyi said his plan for the decisive battle I will personally lead all the warriors to fight the Romans first.When we can t hold on, Anluges, you will rush forward with all the reserves, including women and Old man, this may be our last battle.As for the children Wang Weiyi thought for a while The children are not allowed to participate in the battle, and they are transferred overnight.The farther away from here, the better. Children can fight, too, my lord.Anluges said hastily.No, children cannot be allowed to participate in the battle.He is the hope for the future revival of Germania Wang Weiyi said very firmly As long as we have children, we know that we have a how much are cbd gummies for sleep future.strange.Especially when 25mg cbd gummies 50ct Baron Alexon comes in.Those once extremely arrogant tribal leaders all stood up and greeted their consul lord respectfully.They didn t take their seats until Wang Weiyi sat down.Pilut, the leader of the Vandals, was the first to say My lord, the glory you have created.Even the bravest warrior can t do it.The hope you brought to the Germans, we have defeated Rome People, now, please allow me to make a bold suggestion, lead the warriors of all tribes, go and get Caesar s trouble We did not defeat the Romans.Wang Weiyi s answer was unexpected The sudden arrival The reinforcements only made the Romans feel panic, which forced them to retreat.However, the Romans still have a very strong strength, and they are fully capable of another major decisive battle.To save the defeat on the battlefield.Under the impact from both sides, the Germans retreated one after another, allowing the Hessians and Romans to complete the confluence When he saw the Roman general, Charlemagne half kneeled on the first floor My lord Rome, your humble servant Charlemagne, is willing to submit to eagle hemp cbd gummies tiger woods the mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg Roman Republic, and is willing to submit to the honorable Lord Caesar.Now, I and My subordinates are at your command.Selms despised these barbarians from the bottom of his heart, and if possible, he even thought of cutting off the head of the barbarian in front of him, but he still remembered green leaf cbd gummies Caesar personally My own instructions winning the battlefield is the first priority, and the key to victory is the help of these barbarians So, he controlled the contempt in his heart Get up, barbarians.You can help the Roman Republic win, and you will gain our respect.Even though he knew what Spurius did, he now had confidence in Spurius, without his help, he would not be able to win the naval battle at all.Wang Weiyi explained the details to be paid attention to one by one, and then said I hope you not only listen to it, but you must do what I say, otherwise you will miss this opportunity, and no one can help you.It s your turn.My friend, I really want to say those words of gratitude to you again, but I just want to keep my respect for you in my heart Servius said solemnly When I triumph again, you will be in Rome, and you will hear the citizens of Rome cheering for me, and you will hear them calling the name of Spulius He will probably never know, What Wang Weiyi wants is definitely more than that simple thing Servius, Servius At this moment, a person broke in The guests are waiting for you, look, I I have written a poem for you again, praising your meritorious deeds, satirizing Pompey and his unknown son, now let us sing it to you It was Krasicius who came in.This is a bit interesting, Wang Weiyi thought in his hearta commander actually listens to the words of a chief centurion In the end is the real commander of this legion What are the Romans doing now Wang Weiyi asked after thinking about it.It s very funny Guo Yunfeng actually laughed when he said this Caesar demolished the bridge over the Rhine when he was retreating, and now Centumarus is going to attack again , the bridge had to be built again, and Caesar s people were absolutely unwilling to help them.As a result, this made Centumalus very embarrassed, and he had to spend a lot of money on the construction of the bridge Wang Weiyi immediately understood But Caesar is messing around again, so every day of delay, the food consumption of Centumalus Legion will be one more day, and he will owe more debts to Caesar.Suppose the Archon is the enemy.That is simply unimaginable.Luckily nothing like this happened The fortune of the Germans was the misery of the Romans.A battlefield out of control.Let people completely collapse.A large number of Romans died in the fire, and the remaining ones, the shadow of death is HCMUSSH mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg also hanging over them.Senardi was powerless, his bodyguards were still loyally protecting the chief centurion s safety, and trying their best to find a way to survive.They called out loudly and summoned hundreds of soldiers who hadn t been burned by the fire yet, and then tried hard to open a passage.This is an extremely arduous effort.They have to face the postgraduate entrance examination of the fire and the stones falling from the mountains.They attacked again and again.Fighting with flames and boulders again and again more and more Roman soldiers joined the ranks, and the desire to survive when people were desperate what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you was unimaginable.However, the Parthian armored cavalry still rushed towards them like raging waves hitting the shore, karas orchards cbd gummies review and several gaps had already appeared in the phalanx.Suddenly, there was cheering among the Parthians, and Hels heard a terrified voice in his ear Our military flag Our military flag has fallen Ignoring the situation ahead, he hurriedly looked back, only to see a The figure jumped up and grabbed the eagle flag of the legion from the legion flag bearer who fell to the ground with the arrow.Holding the military flag, he strode to the queue of the first battalion.Comrades of the first battalion, the governor of Syria ordered me to be here.I am Yakulius, and I am with you Yakulius firm voice resounded throughout the entire front From tomorrow, Rome will I no longer call you the Sixth Army, but the Iron Wall Army Arrange the phalanx The commander is looking at us We are the Iron Wall the passionate Hells and his comrades roared together.Xiao Ling s answer was surprising again.Is the base completely out of control No matter where you go, no matter what you encounter, welcome it Wang Weiyi s answer is so firm.The base is in operation, please return to your position, time and space travel will start.Wang Weiyi cbd gummies green apple sat down, he could feel that the base was starting a new time travel.No one knows where the next destination is, but he doesn t care at all.He can face challenges, no matter what kind of challenges, this is just a new beginning of his adventures again and again.I have been I have seen I have conquered The fourth volume Land of Glory of Infinite Military Base is finished.The fifth volume Gate of Destiny is opened.ps Some words from spiders.Many brothers in the fourth volume feel dissatisfied with the setting of the time point of the Roman era, and the writing of the spider is not very smooth.Only Agent Brew was left outside.Davyn lit a cigarette and took a few puffs Bruce.Haven t they ever left Yes, they ve never left here.Bruce replied very affirmatively Brancher just cbd gummies 1000mg mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg and I have been They re all under surveillance.They ve been in this room since last night.Davyn nodded, apparently being overwhelmed.Baron Preet is just a playful nobleman, why should he do those dangerous things There is no need to monitor them for the time being.Davyn thought for a while All the power is used to find Carl.Chelus, I will ask General Jonsson to put the city under martial law.No one can leave Dessau without the orders of General Jonsson and me The baron is coming out soon, you should leave here first.Before his subordinates left, Baron Preet had already come out of the room.The baron s face was still not very good looking Major, yes, I did sleep with your subordinates, but I don t think it offended you.Wang Weiyi smiled disdainfully again.In combat, especially on the front lines, smoking at night was an unforgivable mistake, making them easy targets for enemy snipers.Probably the Americans are convinced that they completely control the battlefield, so they can be unscrupulousthen teach them some heavy lessons Wang Weiyi waved his hand, and several commandos had already taken out the grenades they were carrying, and pulled out the insurance on them.Until now, those American soldiers have not realized that the terrible danger has come Wang Weiyi raised his hand again Then, his hand fell down lightly The terrible nightmare of the Americans broke out at this time Several cbd gummies in ohio grenades were thrown out vigorously, and there were bursts of whistling in the air.Then, the grenade landed in the enemy s heavy machine gun position, and there was a cheerful explosion.At least he what can cbd gummies do for you has been authorized, so that he can command a beautiful battle General, I have a battle plan Wang Weiyi finally said what he said when he was on the holistic farms cbd gummies phone with the general.Real purpose If it s a simple defense, I don t think we can last much time in Antwater.So, I am going to give up Antwater What, you want to give up Antwater General Olitz exclaimed Major.Ah, no, Lieutenant Colonel, do you know what Antwater means Once you give up here, it means that the skeleton division will be directly attacked from the side.Once the skeleton division is defeated, the positions of the 36th and 37th divisions of the National Defense Forces will also be shaken at the same time.Berlin s outside positions will quickly collapse General Olitz s excitement was completely within Wang Weiyi s expectations General, there are still 1,700 soldiers left in the Nordland combat regiment, and we may continue to hold on for two to three days.The Baron returns.Miracles are not far from Germany After the robbery, Ibor fell into a strange carnival.Not just German soldiers, but German civilians as well.God.It is really unbelievable that the Baron really came back, and the Baron actually appeared in Ibor.Everyone was eager to see the Baron, and they crowded the streets, watching the German troops entering Ibor.When the Baron appeared with his team, the shouts also flooded the small city.Wang Weiyi kept his right arm raised, and at this moment he was as excited as every German here.The Germans have not forgotten themselves, they will still fight with them without complaint or regret.And this is cbd hemp gummies hemp bombs the most important thing Baron, the evacuation work is ready.After finally bringing the Baron into the temporary headquarters, Fels said We can retreat at any time.He straightened his body mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg and raised his right arm high Hi Ernst Ernst Brahm he is the skeleton baron No matter what order he receives, it can t reduce the respect these German soldiers have for the baron in their hearts Our reverence for the Baron Behind me is the Skeleton Master.Wang Weiyi said slowly General Fox.Do you think you can stop the Skeleton Master s impact Marshal, you can t Do incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg you know why I came here alone I don t know, Marshal I don t want to bleed.I don t want to see bullets shot at my fellow countrymen.Wang Weiyi glanced over the German soldiers one by one, and he found that everyone s face was full of awe Your guns are pointing at me now, and you are about to shoot me at any time, but even if my The body is pierced by bullets, and I still won t order an attack.That would be the start of the German Civil War.The major general came over No one is allowed to shoot.Put down your weapons, this is General Bach s order Then he untied his weapons.Walking towards those German people When he came to the crowd, he stood up straight and said, I request to see Marshal Ernst Brahm The crowd parted, and Wang Weiyi, who was wearing the uniform of the Marshal of the Empire, appeared in front of Laemde , Laimde stood at attention again.Then he raised his right arm straight Hey Ernst General, tell me the choice of Lieutenant General Bach.Wang Weiyi asked majestically.Yes, Marshal, General Bach has made a choice.He will be loyal to Germany and to you.He will never break his promise all for Germany Then tell me, choose General Bach in Where General Bach will never betray Germany, but General Bach will also not betray the trust that Head of State Keller has placed in him Laimde replied loudly Under such circumstances, he has only one choice.Ernest s answer is very positive We have an agreement that once I can successfully pass the blockade, then Buschmann will return to Charlottenburg and pick them up, and I will be responsible for finding the Allied troops.Commander in Chief He didn t dare to continue, but everyone could understand the meaning of his words.Fels asked Buschman and Ernest to be taken down first, and he was silent for a while before he said What I said here today , I hope you don t leak a word.General what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you Eredrick, Lieutenant Hart.Yes, General mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg Fels.Erederic replied respectfully.Hart couldn t figure it out General, Creole committed such a serious crime of treason, why didn t he make his crime public Lieutenant, now is not mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg the time, this will cause an uproar.Fels seemed very patient The announcement of such a crime must be announced by the baron himself, not us.Old Nicholas is your friend again..Do you know what old house he has in Berlin Major, you are really very clever.Marshal Ernst on the other end of the phone immediately understood what his subordinates meant It s near Lake Miguel in the southeast of the city.Old Nicholas had a house, and when he was at Montfaucon, Nicholas used to tell me that almost no one knew about his secret place, where he always went when he was upset.Thank you, Marshal Ernst, I think I know where to go.Major, you have done an excellent job, and whether you succeed or not, you have impressed me very much.Fels actually invented the position of temporary major, so I can tell you now that you are already an official major in the German army, good luck to you, major.Hart hung up the phone with trembling hands.Until this time, he found that his heart was still beating wildly there.It is a pity that such an armed force is only used to guard a base.The battlefield is their best destination Bang Leilei, accompany me to the cold HCMUSSH mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg storage When Wang Weiyi said this sentence, Bang are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies Leilei s face became extremely serious in an instant.He knew that Germany s greatest secret would soon be revealed The cold storage Konstan base these are all German secrets, and no one knows everything hidden there, except Baron Alexson And now, this secret will be solved by the Baron himself Bang Leilei, I regret what I did to Werner.Wang Weiyi whispered as he walked towards the cold storage.Boncreredo s expression dimmed for a moment Marshal, I am also very sad.After all, Werner is my son.If it was in a peaceful age, I would be immersed in mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg sadness and unable to extricate myself, but now it is war, and It s a life and death war for Germany, I know what I should do I just ask you one thing, Ernst, don t kill him, you can lock him up for life, but I beg you don t kill him It s not that serious, Bon Crayley.The frontal battlefield was not going well.And in his rear, he was attacked by those German commandos again.It was unbearable.This disgraces General Garden.Retaliation Only with the most tragic revenge can the determination of those Germans to resist to the end The artillery bombarded the German positions crazily, and the shells fell like rain.Facing the crazy artillery fire of the enemy, the German soldiers canna organic cbd gummies joe rogan remained calm as always.And the soldiers of the Skeleton Division and the Grossdeutschland Regiment are even ready to attack This is an attack that is almost unreasonable, and the conditions are not mature no matter how you look at it.But in the countless battles commanded by the Skeleton Baron, such unreasonable attack methods are too many.The terrible artillery fire finally began to extend And at this moment, a large number of German troops stood out from their positions.German troops and British troops will join forces to land in Britain and re establish a government that can truly represent Britain.And I, Ernst Brahm, solemnly swear here that I will personally accompany Her Majesty the Queen to re enter London There was bursts of applause and cheers, and those British officials and those German officials all came from Great confidence is felt in such oaths as Baron Alexon.The cameras in the hands of the reporters flickered wildly, and they had to faithfully record all this I would like to thank you again, Your Excellency the Baron.The queen suppressed her excitement I always think, I have to are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies do something for this war, just verbal encouragement will not do much, I have to There are some practical ones.So, I did my best to form an army among the British in Berlin, and my what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you small guard, for your command When the Queen s words were finished, an English army The team came here under the leadership of Sir Rosen.The church is decorated with pine, evergreen and holy berries everywhere.All the believers sat crowded just cbd gummies 1000mg mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg on long hard benches.The men wore bulky wool coats.Women were donned in bold aprons and colored shawls.When Gruber carried his guitar, he followed twelve boys, girls and boys up to the altar.The surprised crowd suddenly became a sensation.Gruber gave his band a slight nod, and the strings plucked.Then, Father Moore s tenor and Mr.Gruber s bass resonated harmoniously throughout the ancient church.Thus, the ancient Christmas hymn was sung for the first time.However, it was forgotten the next day.Among the believers who attended the Christmas mass at that time, no one expected that this song would become popular all over the world The crowd had gradually dispersed, and as they walked forward, Leonie said It was only It was by chance that this masterpiece was saved from the fate of being submerged.Let s talk about it.The soldiers gathered around.Sergeant Jason lit a cigarette and said, This is a joke about the president of the United States. Before they finished speaking, a violent explosion shook the soldiers dizzily.When they looked into the courtyard, they found a shot down American plane crashed into the courtyard impartially.Fortunately, there were no mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg casualties.A U.S.pilot who climbed out of the wreckage was taken away by the Germans for interrogation.As I said, I was unlucky this afternoon.Martin waved his hand out the window again Go, brothers.Several German fighter jets passed by in the sky.At the same time, at the command headquarters.Martin and their company commander, Captain Tupman.Several officers discussed combat operations.The U.S.and mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg Italian troops are attacking us with their last strength, and one of their regiments has already inserted in.Wang Weiyi said easily.Look, this will be the most perfect cooperation between the FBI and the CIA.Captain Fletcher seemed to have seen victory coming Let incredibles cbd gummies mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg us work together, and Cairo will soon HCMUSSH mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg return to calm.Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes, I also believe that Cairo will soon return to calm Eight hundred and eighty two.The Cairo armed uprising convoy was driving forward rapidly.Wang Weiyi, Benjamin, and the general director of the Abid Brotherhood , Luosan Rodibi, were sitting in the car in the middle.At this time, Benjamin couldn t contain his excitement.He had just captured Luo Sang, and now a greater credit was waiting for him.He could completely imagine that once the entire organization of the Abid Brotherhood was destroyed What kind of rewards are waiting for him.Of course, he is also grateful to Agent Brad Pitt.The shooter and the grenade thrower will definitely not come back alive.They are the most loyal believers of the Abid Brotherhood , and they have long been prepared to dedicate themselves to their cause.They are not afraid of death at all.I have to shoot deadly, otherwise I will be sorry for these brothers Wang Weiyi thought so in his heart Several figures appeared, and a cruel smile appeared on the corner of Wang Weiyi s mouth.The target was aligned, and he saw Tamusta.Actually, you could have become a hero.Wang Weiyi murmured before pulling the trigger.The bullet came out of the chamber, and with the enchanting and beautiful breath of death, it sank straight into Ta Musta s heart.In the scope, Wang Weiyi saw Tamusta covering his chest, shaking his body, then shaking again, and then fell to the ground.Guo Yunfeng nodded, Yunfeng.Fu seemed a little excited Have you ever been to China Have I been to China Guo Yunfeng felt that the child s question was really too ridiculous Soldier, I am a Chinese.Have you ever fought the War of Resistance in China Tell me, soldier, why do you ask this question Yunfeng Fu was silent for a while General, because my mother told me that she once knew a very brave soldier, he and Your name is exactly the same, also called Guo Yunfeng mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg Your mother, what s her name Guo Yunfeng asked while controlling his trembling mood.Fu Yu, General, my mother s name is Fu Yu Fu Yu, he, is Fu Yu s child. At this moment, Guo Yunfeng seemed to have returned to that fiery battlefield. There, he once had a wedding on the battlefield. That day, when Guo Yunfeng finished his mission and was about to leave, he stood on a landmine, and then Fu Yu appeared.and protected by the police.What s even more frightening is that in order to win his support.Some people are trying to get close to him in an attempt to let him continue to exert his influence and influence the political situation in Italy I also got the latest news that Vittorio may go abroad to escape justice The trial The three of them became extremely angry at once.If they could bear other things, then only this was unacceptable to them.In their eyes, Vittorio Mussolini is the biggest sinner in italy, he must stand trial and must take full responsibility for his cbd edibles chill gummies own crimes.Before that, they heard things like the new government will not try Vittorio for his crimes , and even allowed him to go into exile overseas.But they are far away from the core class, but there is no conclusive evidence.And they were far from satisfied with only taking out the heavy firepower of a Russian, the artillery was ready, Shoot at will The target is corrected.The previous scene will be reproduced The whole 098 began to shake violently, and their crew members almost fell from their positions.What happened They were lucky, the Russians The anti tank still missed them, even though the shells landed extremely close They had no choice but to reverse If their 098 was destroyed and they were all killed, the responsibility lies with Nuo Qier He focused on the heavy machine guns of the Russians, which had nothing to do with him, mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking rather than the anti tank gun that was enough to kill them.Nocher thought that they didn t have enough time and conditions to are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies compare with the already The Russian anti tank shooting with the adjusted muzzle Now, even reversing the car has become a luxury.Nuoqier nodded to Bodilla and the other two, meaning don t worry, I have my own measure Of course Nocher has a sense of proportion He doesn t want to be court martialed yet The top cover of the turret was opened by Hans before, so Nuoqier leaned out half of his body from the top cover quickly, and the submachine gun in his hand was not very heavy, until Nuoqier raised its thick and short barrel, The two motorcyclists seemed to realize that something unpleasant was about to happen The main driver of the motorcycle soldier put his foot on the power switch.Get ready to sprint.Crack clap clack Nochell is just a little bit short The submachine gun bullets broke the soil layer in front of mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking the motorcycle into bursts of sand.The two motorcyclists were not moving.Nuoqier smiled Hans Take enough and leave some for them Hans grinned and looked at Noqier, and then stepped a few steps to the side of the two motorcyclists who were no longer moving.Once such anger is vented, it will be a very terrible thing.The Ukrainian army that was charging suddenly encountered such a violent counterattack.They did not expect The entire charging what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you formation suddenly became chaotic Marshal, the front line has been disrupted.Admiral Demirasf hastily reported to Marshal Kolkorok who had just arrived at the front line.However, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Marshal Kolkorok s mouth Have you finally come to your senses Unfortunately, it s too late.General Demirasf, the German forward troops are only less than 20 kilometers away from us.Already.What.So fast Admiral Demirasf couldn t believe it.Marshal Kolkorok was still smiling there This is an order personally issued by Baron Alexon.The German army marched overnight.The disaster for the Russians is coming soon The disaster for the Russians is coming soon Volunkatsky worked hard to reverse the extremely passive situation of the Russian army on the battlefield.Want us to follow them Suppress, resolutely suppress Ah, what do the Germans need I can give them whatever they need, but I must tell them that I need their help now Yes A piece of bad news Andreas hesitated for a while Just this morning, the German army and the Ukrainian rebels launched an offensive again.Since we were defenseless, Kurt Skirk has fallen into their hands.Now, the German Ukrainian coalition forces are approaching Moscow.Gregory swayed and almost fell to the ground.The German Ukrainian coalition forces relaunched their offensive and captured Kursk Damn it, the Germans lied to themselves He felt that he had been betrayed, but he never considered that it was he who betrayed Germany first that led to such terrible results Gregory took a deep breath We can defend the Moscow It s hard to say.This person can make all your dreams come true.Of course, the precondition is that you must obey him unconditionally However, there has been fierce competition for the position of Grand Duke left by Gregory.Milosevic was eyeing this position, and Khmelitsky was also eyeing this position.These two vanguards when they were dealing with Gregory best taste cbd gummies have now completely turned their backs.They all think that they are the most suitable candidates.And at this time, HCMUSSH mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg the support of His Excellency the Baron has become a very important point Who do you think is more suitable for this position, Your Excellency the Baron In his spacious and comfortable office , Fristoya, one of the mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg members of the mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg special investigation committee, asked such a question.Are you referring to Milosevic and Khmelitsky Wang Weiyi said with a smile In the past few cbd gummies omaha ne days, they have been visiting me, hoping to get my support, and I have been thinking about it.I still remember you, especially Don t forget your father, everything is in the past, the alliance between Germany and Turkey is sacrosanct I hope that mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg the German and Turkish armies can continue to win That s it, Milliva.I think I will come to Turkey soon None of us can forget the baron Mileva put down the phone and sighed softly The past is gone.A new day is coming A new day has actually come The Allied Forces in Turkey are not huge, and under the attack of the German Turkish Allied Forces, the Allied Forces quickly Forced to withdraw from Turkey.However, the Turkish government did not stop because of this.They quickly formed a corps consisting of two armies to develop towards Germany in order to provide the most direct assistance to the fighting Berlin.Then, they Two to three armies will be formed in a month to provide troops to the German army in the Middle East.The crucial 20 minutes, and this is for the US military.It will be their deepest impression on the intersection of death.Steinman and his party hurried to the scheduled assembly point and saw the German soldiers who were still bleeding.Desk.Are there any casualties No deaths, there are more than a dozen wounded to varying degrees.Steinman twitched his face after hearing this, and said to all the German soldiers Everyone, in 2 minutes, we will The enemy launched a counterattack, and when the time comes, the infantry and tanks must cooperate closely, and we must let the US military know and remember this intersection Steinman said as he jumped onto a tank Everyone Let s go Drink Rumble Rumble Accompanied by the roar of diesel engines, 12 tanks led nearly 800 German troops to launch a counterattack.And I am in charge of these.Marshal, everything is placed in a very secret place in Hamburg, and this Only I know the place.Westmoreland and the United States attach great importance to these things.So they must get me out at all costs Wang Weiyi s eyes narrowed The war broke out After that, it is no secret that Germany s wealth was plundered, and the wealth is indeed huge.It is understandable that the Americans have worked hard to transport these cultural relics and works of art.However, Wang Weiyi didn t believe it at all.The war so far are cbd gummies bad for you justcbd sugar free cbd gummies has not been won or lost Wang Weiyi said slowly I am sure that there are such huge cultural relics and artworks hidden in Hamburg, and I am also sure that the United States attaches great importance to them, but.They will definitely not pay attention to the point of coming to rescue you again and again, they can wait until the war is over, and then search carefully.And for this, Colonel Joaquin has no solutionthe only thing he can do is to put himself at the forefront like an ordinary soldierhe and his tank , Bravely stood at the forefront, constantly using shells and machine guns to shoot at the enemy, and refused to back down even a step.He hoped to use this method to inspire the courage and determination of the soldiers, and to report that Brigadier General Duby trusted him.If the German armored troops on the opposite side are a group of black panthers smelling blood, then the 126th Armored Regiment of the US Army at this time.It was a group what do cbd gummies do for a person are cbd gummies bad for you of injured hyenas.The wreckage of a large number of tanks is lying on the battlefield in all directions, and some charred corpses are hung on the destroyed tanks.This is the most shocking scene, which makes people feel after the war.I was also in that alley at the time Dodoan s body trembled involuntarily Damn it, he thought at the time that something would happen, but he just cbd gummies 1000mg mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg never thought that the revelation would be in a child s mouth.He tried his best to control his emotions What alley I have never been to any alley.How dare you say that I killed Mr.Yetiri and Mr.Orange They all died at the hands of the secret police.Inside Now, the people in the conference room don t know who to trust.Mr.Sam, please stand up.Litham said at this time Tell us, what happened Is what Dodoan said true Sam stood up, and he turned to Langte Si took a look I don t know how to answer Before this, gentlemen, I was only a little man, and everything organic hemp cbd gummies I did was at the beck and call of others.If I said a word wrong, or didn t do something that someone told mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg best cbd gummies to quit smoking me to do that I didn t even want to do, maybe I d be killed in no time.Before, a large number of people have been transferred to various places to organize parades, such as Avaco in mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg the Paris Iron Works.Those who are still here are worried that the credit will be taken by others They must take advantage of this rare opportunity to express themselves well.When only Baron Alexon and himself animal cbd gummies were left in the office, Litum said cautiously Baron, the great revolution has begun, so I You too, go and be with your comrades.Wang Weiyi closed the book in his hand What an exciting day Litum s emotions were also completely mobilized by the baron s words, he nodded heavily at the baron, and then strode out of his office Baron, let me go too Dodoan said excitedly.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook his head, looking at Dodoan s puzzled eyes, he said in a low voice Dodoan, this is not a real revolution, the real revolution is completely different from what you imagined, I ask You stay here, stay by my side, and watch carefully, not with your eyes, but with your heart.The Piroko couple of the U.S.Military Intelligence Investigation Bureau appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.For the good friends in the past, the current Mrs.Delk just looked at them coldly and didn t say a word.She never thought that the Pirokos, whom she regarded as her best friends, would be such people.Apparently the Pirokos were still very embarrassed, and Piroko apologized to Mr.Moyol and said hot chocolate cbd gummie recipe Mr.Moyol, please accept my most sincere apology anyway.You saved Mr.Dona s life.life, but I did something I shouldn t have done.If an apology alone is useful, then such a thing can happen anytime, anywhere.Mrs.Delk said coldly.But it seems that Wang Weiyi doesn t really care about it Ah, I think your identities must be unusual.I don cbd gummies in walmart t want to ask you too many things, but what I want to say is that you have your responsibilities, and I can t blame you.Give them another welcome ceremony Yes, give them another welcome ceremony that they will never forget There was a mess all around, and everyone was stunned to see what had just happened.No one can believe it, absolutely no one can believe it.Damn it, damn it, those black people occupying Castri College actually have bazookas Where did these black people get these powerful weapons Obviously, they still showed mercy.The rocket did not directly destroy the excavator, and the person in charge of the excavator would never survive.The driver was only slightly injured, and the scare made the poor guy dare not get on his backhoe anyway Mayor Duira and Commissioner Douglas looked at each other At this moment they began to have the strongest concerns Mr.Mayor, I just received a letter from black people to the newspaper.Wang Weiyi brought Barack to the front of the map I need you to take Sinager to walk this just cbd gummies 1000mg mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg way.Only half A squad of American soldiers will protect him, and the armored vehicle will be transferred to the just cbd gummies 1000mg mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg originally set road, we will launch an attack here, so that Mr.Sinager can no longer complete the mission entrusted to him by the president This is not right.Possibly.Barack rejected the request of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol without even thinking about it I can assure you that I have no way to do this, and even if I could, I would expose myself I will be personally shot by the angry General Candela Never refuse a friend s request so quickly Wang Weiyi didn t care about the attitude of the other party Many things are impossible in my opinion.There s always a way around wyld cbd hybrid gummies ityes, when this attack happens, you ll be exposed.Using these few days, he can definitely do some bigger things.We have to hold a welcome ceremony for the arrival of Brigadier General Luke, don t we Wang Weiyi said with a smile after changing his clothes For General Luke, he is a guest, and it would be very rude for the host to not have a welcome ceremony.Yes.Your Excellency, I think you should have a goal.Sir Monlington said with certainty.Wang Weiyi smiled Yes, I think I probably have a goal.The Americans carefully formulated the Ash Plan mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg , but now it has been temporarily stopped after the exposure of the plan.Why can t we continue to start this plan Meng Ling Sir Don didn t quite understand what the baron meant.Let s do it together and create a grand scene.This is the only thing Wang Weiyi can tell the other party.He already cbd gummies sioux falls sd had a good plan in mind, Commodore Luke was shocked by this grand welcome scene.They are panicked and don t know how to continue on the road ahead.Fight to the end with the Americans Or make the same choice as Colonel Taurus Dorset was a vitally important strategic location for the Allies, and they could tolerate defeat at Dorset, but they could never hold Dorset to fall to the enemy without much fierce resistance.hand.General Cacchino and his 2nd Panzer Army were given the order to reinforce Dorset quickly.And this is exactly the opportunity that General Dorset has been waiting for.Like General Vincent, he had already sworn allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen again, but it was not the best time to revolt, and they had been waiting for the most suitable opportunity to arrive.With the start of the Axis Massive landings mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg they knew the moment had come General Cacchino did not show any objection to the tasks assigned to him by the Allied Command, on the contrary.This is telling us.They still have illusions about you.General Vincent, this is something we can use but not to revolt right now.Instead, when London is really under attack, give them a fatal blow General Vincent thought for a while, then nodded slightly.He trusted the Baron, and he thought everything the Baron said was absolutely true.The war would not have gone on so smoothly without the Baron.Although this form is seriously unfavorable to the Allies.Then shall we just stay here and do nothing General Vincent seemed a little unwilling.Wang Weiyi smiled Hey, General.I didn t say that.Temporary patience doesn t mean doing nothing.I think you have many other things you can do.For example, use your mile high cure cbd gummies 1000mg influence to command In our Armored Corps we are constantly making our officers and men aware of their allegiance.Those bombs and missiles are the main theme of this battlefield.Those soldiers who have long forgotten to die are the decisive factors in this decisive battle.On the afternoon of October 17th, the commander in chief of the New Sea Lion Project of the Axis Revolutionary Committee, and the outstanding military genius of the German Empire, Erwin G.Rommel personally arrived at the front and was in charge of commanding the decisive battle.For Rommel, the genius of the empire, he had never thought of it before.One day he will appear in London and direct the attack on this historic city.But all of this is now vividly presented in front of him.There is nothing more exciting than this.Soldiers strangled together, a battlefield full of war.It looked so majestic in Rommel s eyes.He thanked the miraculous God for allowing himself to participate in three world wars in a row.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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