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Really, the local dealers are all here to pick up the goods, but there are too many goods, and they will meet them soon Too busy to ask us to help.When Lao Zhang saw Li Dexiao coming out, he seemed to find a punching can i bring cbd gummies into uk bag and poured out all his complaints.Li Dexiao chuckled lightly, If you don t get up early a few times a year, today is considered rare, hahaha.Don t talk about it, do you have anything to eat I just came here, and I haven t got anything How about How about I go and see if there are any leftovers from yesterday, and make you a bowl of fried rice with eggs It s too late, forget it.Lao Zhang, who was just about to get up, suddenly smelled a faint fragrance.I said, Lao Li, what are you doing behind Why is it so fragrant Li Dexiao was stunned for a moment, and then realized that it might be the smell of his wife s cake.They will buy one or two every day to satisfy their cravings, especially children and girls, who love to eat this rose flavored wife cake.Not only the taste is sweet, but also reveals a light floral fragrance hardware market.Ahao, why did you bring me to Mong Kok Didn t you just look for a shopkeeper on Nathan Road Zhang Dong asked weakly, tilting his head.Naturally, we need to find a storefront, but some preparations need to be done in advance, and I also fell in love with a store on Nathan Road, but its asking price is too high.Li Guohao came to Mong Kok mainly for Come to the largest hardware market here to find some necessary tools for opening a shop.How much is the rent Zhang Dong asked as he walked around with Li best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies Guohao.Ten thousand Hong Kong dollars What He robbed and asked for ten thousand Hong Kong dollars.En.Li Guohao nodded, thinking silently.The 130,000 yuan is about 40,000 to natures only cbd gummies review 50,000 yuan, except for the cost and labor prizes.Li s mother was surprised.Thousands.At that time, the promotional activities were cash draws, plus we made wife cakes, the profit was not high, so the profit was small.If this continues, the capital can be recovered in less than two days I m back, my God, how much money did you make Li Huifang counted there for a while, her eyes glowing, and she exclaimed.Li Guohao said, Well, if there are so many people signing up for membership every day, the cost of membership can be collected very quickly.My son is great Fortunately, I supported my son to open a store, otherwise he would have made so much money.At the end, Li s mother glanced at Li Dexiao triumphantly, I don t know who was the one who didn t allow his son to open the shop at the beginning Seeing his daughter in law like this, Li Dexiao also shook his head helplessly, and he suddenly thought, Guohao, the shopkeeper It s not a solution to have so much cash in it every day, and will those cashiers guard against themselves, or I ll ask your mother to come over and collect the money for you.Boss Rong, don t think that this wife cake is just a novel flavor.In fact, there is a lot to say about it.Rong Bingcai blushed, and he was also hit by Master Zhang s words.Li Ji is just relying on its novel and unique taste.Wife cake is the most classic Cantonese style tea, except for its minimal hemp gummy vs cbd ingredients and simple workmanship.The most important thing is to bake and fill.The layers of pastry must be as thin can i bring cbd gummies into uk as tissue paper, and it is good to eat crispy and fluffy.Besides, there is the taste of the stuffing, and the most popular flavors on the market today are winter jolly cbd gummies quit smoking antler stuffing, white sugar stuffing and so on.At this time , can i bring cbd gummies into uk Master Wang also interjected, You know, creating a filling by yourself so that it can be perfectly integrated into the wife s cake without feeling any discomfort is the most brilliant thing.Yes, buying a publishing house not only saves time, but we can also receive their resources.As for the employees, we can let them continue to work in the early stage, and we can investigate from them.Those who are capable can stay, and those who are not capable can be fired directly.Shangguan Xiaobao became excited as he spoke.It was his long cherished wish to open a real comic publishing house.Unfortunately, he has been in the industry for seven or eight years.Apart from being the editor in chief of a publishing house a few years ago, The rest of the day is to draw some adult comics with friends in private to earn living expenses.If can i bring cbd gummies into uk it is acquired, will the investment cost be very high Li Guohao directly said that he did not have much money.Shangguan Xiaobao also understood Li Guohao s can i bring cbd gummies into uk potential words, and after thinking about it, he said, As I said max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk before, there are many private publishing houses in Xiangjiang that are closed or have no business closures.In plus reality, Xiangjiang was originally a place of martial arts.Boxers who came from the mainland in the early years set up martial arts gyms of various schools here one after another.Among them, the well known figure is Ip Man s Wing Chun.Of course, this is mainly due did the shark tank invest in cbd gummies to Bruce Lee and Zhen Zidan.But at this time, the most famous martial arts in Xiangjiang in the 1970s was Hongquan, and Cai Lifo Central.Why did Li Sheng come here without saying hello Mai Qi, who was instructing the workers to decorate, suddenly caught a glimpse of a young man standing at the door, and looked closely at most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working it, wasn t it Li Guohao Li Guohao said with a smile, It s nothing, it s just that the store hasn t been very busy recently, so I ll come and have a look if it s not idle.It is in a very stable state, and the income is stable at several thousand Hong Kong dollars every day.Now there are more than 30 employees in the store.In addition to ten pastry chefs and five apprentices, there are a total of about twenty waiters.The duties of these employees are very simple.That is to sell and sell pastries.From their point of view, their future can only be like this.The upgrade system is to let them know that our company can provide them with a place with greater ambitions, such as the opening of a new store, where does the store manager come from Come Foreign recruitment No, you can choose the best performer among them.The position of store manager does not require much knowledge and ability.As long as she he can coordinate the work in the store, then she he is qualified There are not only store managers, but also team leaders and other positions.The salary can be increased a little bit, higher than that of ordinary employees, as long as it where to buy cbd gummies near me 10007 can highlight the difference in level.Li Guohao rolled his eyes at him and said, Don t even think about getting a car, but the company s purchasing department and public relations department really need a car, and they really need one for purchasing and advertising on weekdays.I don t care if the purchasing department wants one.But why is the public relations department here Li Qiang asked puzzled.Li Guohao stretched out his feet, crossed his arms and looked at the front, and said, Didn t you say that you want to open a store on Xiangjiang Island I don t think it will make them drive around, looking for some good streets and streets to distribute leaflets for our store.Propaganda.Well, this is also very good, the panda clothes you had before are very good, then we can arrange people to distribute leaflets with panda gummie cbd washington people in the streets near our shop, on the one hand, attract the attention of passers by, and can also Quickly connect our store with Kung Fu Panda, let people know that we are one family.Bi Ma Wen Haha, did this ghost get this name because he was tricked by someone Although Li Guohao knows that ghosts like to give themselves a Chinese name when they arrive in Xiangjiang, it is the first time I have heard of using the word Bi as a name.Dross, it is as weird as it is really.You re uneducated, right Do you think those ghosts are really so easy to be fooled Although the word Bi doesn t sound very nice to us, it is indeed a good word.Bi, in ancient times, it meant auxiliary It also means to assist.Li Guohao questioned Oh, whoever he is, the most important thing is that this ghost can definitely give us a loan It should most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working be possible.The competition between HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank has been fierce in recent years., customers like us who have a lot of turnover and are also regular deposits should be very promising, and I also know Shen Bi, so this kind of help should help.

Yes, I see.Zhang Dong nodded.Chapter 73 Near the Tianhou Temple Street Central store.Ah Zhen, what are you doing A girl asked Ah Zhen, who was heading towards a pastry shop.It s nothing, Huihui, I m looking for someone.Ah Zhen was a little disappointed to see that there was no figure of Li Guohao in the store.Hui Hui asked, Who are you looking for Zhen shook her head and said, You don t know him, forget it, let s go back first, how about going to my house to play Okay.Hui Hui said nonchalantly.The two came to Ah Zhen s house.Aren t your parents and sister here This wasn t Huihui s first visit to Zhao Yazhen s house, and she was very familiar with Ah Zhen s family, she asked as she looked at the empty Zhao s house.My parents haven t got off work yet, my elder brother got married and moved out, the eldest sister also got married, and the second sister hasn t come back yet Sister Ah Zhi went there It seems like I haven t seen her come to pick you up for a long time.We are contacting professional people to get specific things.Li Guohao doesn t can i bring cbd gummies into uk know much about the factory, but under normal circumstances, when buying a production line, there are usually technicians who will come to guide you, and you still need to find a professional person for the specific operation.By the way, I remembered.Li Qiang suddenly thought of a person and said, The person recruited by the purchasing department some time ago resigned from the food factory Call him to ask You mean Luo Bin Well, he worked in a food factory before. Then let me ask you.After a while.Robin came to the office.Chairman, are you looking for me Li Guohao nodded and asked, Manager Luo, I heard that you worked in a food processing factory before Luo Bin nodded Yes, that s right, it was made in a small food factory in Yuen Long, but later the profit was not good, and it was about to close down, so I was fired.Oh, I want to ask about the decoration of the branch.Li Guohao was suddenly pushed from behind by Zhang Dong beside him, and he immediately understood what his friend was thinking, and said with a smile.Then go in and talk, Xiao Min makes three cups of tea.Manager Mai said to his can i bring cbd gummies into uk daughter.Zhang Dong said from the side at this time I won t go in, just hang best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies around.Manager Mai glanced at Zhang Dong and his daughter Mai Xiaomin strangely, nodded without saying anything, what are the side effects of cbd gummies for sleep and said, Xiao Min bubbles Good can i bring cbd gummies into uk tea, you take Manager Zhang around the company.Zhang Dong was overjoyed when he heard this.Xiao Min also blushed and agreed.Li Guohao followed best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies Manager Mai to the office.Sit, Boss Li.Yes.After sitting down, Mai Qi said, Because five branches are being decorated at the same time, and we have a lot of other businesses in our company recently, the estimated completion time is about ten days.I saw Happy Tonight being broadcast on TV, which is TVB s oldest and longest running program.There are several hosts, both male and female, among which can i bring cbd gummies into uk Li Guohao can recognize at a glance, Shen Dianxia and future barbaric mother in law Wang Minquan.Li Guohao watched TV for a while, thinking that his grandfather would come to live soon, and then glanced at the small house, and suddenly thought of buying a house, and asked, Mom, what do you think we should buy a house Buy a house As soon as Li Huifang heard the word buying a house, she looked at Li Guohao with bright eyes and asked, Guohao, do you want to buy a house Housing prices will continue to rise in the next few years, can i bring cbd gummies into uk and buying a house now is the best choice.Although the idea of buying a best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies house was Li Guohao s temporary idea, after thinking about it, I think it is very necessary.Although giving honeycomb cakes for free will cost fun drops cbd gummies price can i bring cbd gummies into uk a lot of unnecessary fees, but in fact it is just adding the cost of advertising.Because the cost of honeycomb cakes is not very high, and there are not many people who are really willing or have time to queue up there to exchange newspapers for pastries.After all, it was already in the Chinese New Year stage at that time, and most people should go to work.The rest of the time is also busy with the New Year.It was Li Guohao s thinking that made him lose a lot of money a few days later.Okay, okay, the advertisement is here Seeing Xie Honghe adjusting the TV series, finally transferred to Li can i bring cbd gummies into uk s TV station, Li Guohao almost laughed out loud when the advertisement appeared.The last time I heard Shangguan Xiaobao say that in the comic club, everyone sat in a row to watch cartoons.Wing Kee across the road.Rong Binghua was standing at the entrance of the street, looking at the overall situation he had laid out with satisfaction, and was also very happy to see the crowd that had originally lined up dispersed.A few days ago, Rong Binghua found out that Li Ji was going to advertise on Li s TV station.He remembered his previous plan and decided to give Li Ji a heavy blow today.It seems to work well.Rong Binghua looked back at his shop in a good mood.There are also a lot of people buying new year s goods at the door.Rong Binghua s ad was successfully launched on TVB yesterday.Where s the money The young man who said he had a bad stomach at the door of Liji s store walked up to Rong Binghua and stretched out his hand to take out the money.Here you are.Rong Binghua readily handed the five hundred yuan to the person in front of him.That s fine, your grandfather is a descendant of the royal chef, you can use your grandfather s name to open a restaurant and sell your family.The name of the restaurant in the mainland has been moved here, and when the time comes, we will cooperate with our palace pastry company to jointly organize the Chinese Food Association This will not only involve us in the pastry field, but also lay a chess piece for entering the restaurant market in the future Opening a restaurant Li Guohao hesitated for a while and said Let me think about it, is it a big step for us to suddenly step into the restaurant industry It doesn t cost much to open a restaurant.No matter how bad the restaurant is, people go to eat, and the investment is not big.You can i bring cbd gummies into uk can invest privately.Didn t you raise a million from the company last time You can invest in opening a restaurant, relying on the name of your grandfather s royal chef.The daily turnover of the eight branches can only be stabilized at around 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and each store has a daily income of more than 5,000 yuan.After hearing this, Li Qiang thought for a while and asked, Can we use the members money Manager Wang told me the same thing before, but I m afraid that it will be troublesome if I don t have the money to refund it, just like Rongji before.It s gone.Thinking of the Rongji refund frenzy back then, Li Guohao still has lingering fears.There were too many people gathered that time, and now he counts himself as a big business, so there is no need to take that risk to use the members money, otherwise he will be punished.If someone gets out, there will be another wave of refunds, which will definitely affect his plan to join.We can post a notice in each branch to inform members that the money stored in the membership card will not be refunded once it is deposited.

Well, let s talk about this next year.Li Guohao laughed.The reason why he only rents and not buys is because Li Guohao thinks that there will be a stock market crash next year.If he buys land and builds a factory at that time, the stock will plummet and the loss will not best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies be a small amount of money.It s up to you.What about the expansion of Daronghua Company this time There was a meeting at noon.They discussed how to deal with Liu Peilin s move.Xiong Yi from the franchising department asked Chairman, why don t we be like them Cooperate with some pastry shops and teahouses, etc., and let them sell our pastries No.Gu Qianqian shook her head and said, Manager Xiong If according to what you mean, if we also hand over the pastries to those people for sale, it will cause great losses to our company and franchisees.Originally, she was enjoying Zhao Yazhi wiping her sweat can k9 units smell cbd gummies Hearing what Ah Zhen said, and seeing Zhao Yazhi sitting down shyly, Li can i bring cbd gummies into uk Guohao also sat down helplessly, and wiped the sweat off his face with Zhao Yazhi s handkerchief.I can t help it.I went to Nathan Road to prepare a new pastry.After it was ready, I remembered that I had an appointment with you, so I hurried over by car.New pastry, brother in law, what kind of pastry is it A Zhen asked with a greedy look on her lips.When Zhao Yazhi heard Ah Zhen calling Li Guohao s brother in law, she blushed and said, Ah Zhen, what are you talking about But Li Guohao was very comfortable listening, and he said Moon cakes, but they haven t been finished yet.I cbd gummies high times ll get them later in the Mid Autumn Festival.I ll eat it for you.Thank you brother in law.Not to say that it is used to store moon cakes.The main purpose is to give every customer who comes to the cbd gummies for anxiety and weight loss store to taste the best snow skin mooncakes.Skin mooncakes are stored in the refrigerator, and the best refrigeration temperature is 0 degrees Celsius.On the other hand, the best temperature for eating is at 4 degrees Celsius.So the previous refrigerator was specially used to store mooncakes, and the other one was used to store edible snowskin mooncakes.The ice skin mooncake after freezing is absolutely delicious in taste, just like eating a cake like ice cream, it is refreshing, sweet and not greasy, and it can be easily swallowed by chewing lightly in the mouth Early in the morning.It was still daylight.Zhu Qiaomei came to the bus stop with a yawn.She stayed up late last night to watch TV dramas, so she didn t have a good rest, so she would be sleepy in the morning.After all, at this time, most of the pastry shops are small and small Noisy, it is completely incomparable with the company, and the old brand shop is not good either According to statistics from the other two regions, Xiangjiang Island sold 8,650.5 million Hong Kong dollars, can i bring cbd gummies into uk and the New Territories sold the least, but there were also 7,085.41 million.Today, a total of 2,286,721 were sold, nearly 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars Li Qiang also said happily Chairman, it seems that you have decided to give out red envelopes Li Guohao said before that as long as the sales of mooncakes are good this time, he will give the company up and down, whether it is the manager, the cleaning staff, or the shopkeepers.The waiter gave out a big red envelope.A total of 2.3 million Hong Kong dollars was sold in one day alone, and Li Guohao knew how cool he was just thinking about it, and said proudly Haha, the red envelopes have been prepared a long time ago, as for how much everyone can get, it depends on your own efforts.Suddenly found that things have changed.Ah Hao Seeing Li cbd gummies peach Guohao s expression changed, Zhao Yazhi slightly called out.Eh Li Guohao glanced blankly at Zhao Yazhi, who was dressed so plainly.Zhao Yazhi asked worriedly What s the matter with you Are you feeling unwell No, it s okay, maybe I caught a little cold last night.After regaining consciousness, Li Guohao shook his head, shook his head and said with a smile.Are you really okay If you don t feel well, I ll accompany you to the hospital No, I was just a little dizzy just now, maybe I didn t eat anything at noon, and I m a little anemic.Seeing that Zhao Yazhi cared about him, Li Guohao smiled.I saw that Yi Ren frowned, and he didn t make sense of what he said, talking about catching a cold for a while, and anemia for a while.Ahao, are you afraid of my parents Are you afraid to go to my house Zhao Yazhi thought of a possibility.I thought to myself, maybe it was because of the female HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies into uk classmate I told myself before.Li Guohao touched his chin, and felt that the reason was very likely.Zhang Dong resigned, and Li Qiang has to go to the United States.Alas, the company is only left by me now.Li Guohao sighed.Chapter 155 Angry 1 3 Zhang Dong resigned, and the position of manager of the company s purchasing department was handed over to Luo Bin, the former second in command.After more than half a year, he is already familiar with the process, and Li Guohao is also very relieved to hand over the position of purchasing manager to him.Dong Dong Come in.Carrying a folder in her hand, Gu Qianqian pushed open the door of the office and walked in.What I have already discussed with the person sent by He Qianjin.This is a specific cooperation plan.Now, tell the managers below.Li Guohao said.Gu Qianqian asked, Manager Li is going to America Why is he going to can i bring cbd gummies into uk America Going to America to open a store.Li Guohao laughed.Go to America to open our dim sum shop Gu Qianqian asked in surprise.Well, I believe he will hold a meeting with everyone to explain before he leaves.After Gu Qianqian left.After dealing with the company s affairs in the past two days, can i bring cbd gummies into uk Li Guohao read today s newspaper.Ming Pao Landmark intends to forcibly acquire Heung Kong Milk Company Seeing this, Li Guohao frowned, and it seemed that the acquisition battle had officially started afternoon.Li Qiang called everyone in the company to gather for a meeting.I briefly said that I will bring some people to the United States to expand business.The chairman of the company is in cbd gummies can they make you high charge of the recent affairs of the company.Let them leave the phone number and the address of the orphanage.We will send people over to inspect the people who need donations and the number of people.They also kept it, but they asked us to donate some expensive ones by name.Cakes, coconut flavored glutinous rice cakes, and honeycomb cakes.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned, and said, These two are indeed very expensive, and the cheapest one costs five or six yuan each.They just said These two kinds These two kinds are high quality pastries, and they are sold by portion, and each portion is only one piece.Basically, some white collar workers eat more, so there is a sample in the display cabinet for everyone to see., It is made and sold by the pastry chef in the store.Not only that, there are many snacks that I have never eaten before What s the name of the orphanage Zhao Yazhi thought for a while and said, It seems that one is called Qingkang Welfare Institute and the other is called Jiabao Welfare Institute.

The man said.Then wait.Five or six minutes passed.With the sound of drip , one person put on thick gloves, opened the oven, and took out the baked pancakes inside.A faint fragrance immediately filled the entire room.Zhao Yazhi couldn t help but said, Ah Hao, it smells so good.Well, it s really fragrant.Li Guohao nodded, and suddenly asked, Do you use butter for your pancakes Well, butter not only improves the appearance of pancakes It is more golden, crispy and soft, and the fragrance is also very good.Soon, the butter cake with the appearance of a common flatbread on the street was freshly baked.One person picked up the cream wrapped in a cloth next to it, and relied on the backlog method to let the cream spray out from the tiny holes at the bottom.Soon the butter cake was covered with white cream.You have all seen snowy mooncakes.Apart from the difference in taste and production, the two actually have a lot in common.Li Guohao looked at Chen Zhipeng with satisfaction, the young man is very good, Just one click.Huang He, Chen Zhipeng, you two have also seen it.Although this is a little different from the production process of snow skin moon cakes, it is not bad.The skin and fillings are made first, and then it can be eaten after wrapping.This time I used The red bean filling can be changed to chocolate filling, or other flavors that Americans like.It is up to you to figure out how to improve the filling.I am only here for a few days.There are a lot of things that I need to deal with, so the store still needs you to do a lot of research here, and consider how to incorporate the fillings or desserts that Americans like into our pastries.The pastry competition is also coming to an end.Tomorrow is the championship match, in which Chang Xiaotu and Sun Dafu compete for the championship with another person named Liu Zhengfeng.How is it Do you think you can win the championship I have confidence Sun Dafu said confidently.You must know that he has been following Li Guohao to learn pastry techniques for a period of time before, and Li Guohao also mentioned some not very important secret recipes to him.Yes.Chang Xiaotu has only joined the company for a month, and when facing Li Guohao, she still has a lot of restraint, and she doesn t exaggerate.It s fun drops cbd gummies price can i bring cbd gummies into uk good to have confidence Let alone a competition held by our company, the championship was taken away by other people in the end.Everyone work hard, no matter which of you two wins the championship, the runner up or the third runner up, in addition to the bonus , I will can i bring cbd gummies into uk give everyone a big red envelope.Not knowing who the group of people were just now, Li Guohao glanced back and saw that no one was following him.He also breathed a sigh of relief cbd gummies cherry hill nj and found that he was a little thirsty.After looking around, he realized that there was HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies into uk a teahouse in front of him.Do you have anything to drink here Li Guohao strode in, went to the cashier and glanced at the menu on the wall and asked.You can t read Look for yourself.The teenage girl standing behind the counter glanced at Li Guohao and pointed to the menu on the wall behind her.Li Guohao didn t care too much about being teased by the little girl.This kind cbd gummies kidney disease of teenage girl is in the rebellious period, and judging from her non mainstream style, she can tell at a glance that she should be a little girl.Li Guohao didn t speak back, and didn t turn around to leave.If anyone wants to go to the can i bring cbd gummies into uk bathroom on the way, go out from the trail here, and the bathroom is outside.After speaking, Eugene pointed to a Aisle said.The assistant trotted to Eugene s side, and said in a low voice Director, it s ready.The line is ready, and it will start in about a minute.Well, I see, you Go tell everyone to prepare to start the machine.Yes.Eugene said to the audience again Okay, it s about to start, everyone be quiet Exactly ten past six.Citizens in various households in Xiangjiang, who were watching Li TV channel, also saw the official start of the program on TV.Hi everyone, I m Chen Fa A host in a suit stepped out from the back of the stage to the music, smiled and bowed slightly to everyone as soon as he came out.Next will be the finals where Chen Dafu, Chang Xiaotu, and Liu Zhengfeng will win the championship.No, no, I ll buy it.Alian quickly grabbed Axiang s arm.I didn t mean you.I told you to buy stocks to make money early in the morning.Look at the neighbors next door, Zhang Cui and Li Dahai.I made money by buying stocks later on, and now I heard that Zhang Cui is planning to buy a house in the New Century Community in front, and the house price is not low As soon as A Xiang said this, A Lian also best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies mustered up her courage and nodded, handed the backpack in her hand to the other party and said Then I will trouble you, A Xiang.Ok.Axiang nodded with a smile.Axiang used to buy stocks by herself, and met a person from a securities company.It is probably because this securities company is small in scale and its business is not very ideal.Secondly, it is because the more funds the better for stock speculation, so that people can bring people to the company and get a part of the commission.They only know that buying stocks can make money, but if they lose money, or the stock price If it falls, it will be the same as now, with a large number of people coming to sell the stock.The more stocks are sold, the more the stock price will fall.At that time, the people of Hongkong Land will find a way to buy these stocks back at a low price, and then try to find a way to raise the stock price.There is no damage to the company s stock price, but it may make a large profit from the difference.It makes sense If you don t sell stocks, let s go back and resolutely don t let the people who own land take advantage of it That s right, don t let people who own land cbd gummies vitality take advantage of it, let s go back Among the crowd, suddenly there were two or three people caught in the crowd shouted a few words.I still have to thank Manager Shen this time.If it weren t for you, I m afraid I would have to take at least 70 million shares in your bank to get it Li Guohao sincerely thanked.You must know that the difference of 10 million is basically the value of the palace pastry Shen Bi laughed and said The stock market is still falling recently, who knows if Nanshun s stock will drop a few more points tomorrow, if Mr.Li hadn t taken over, I m afraid the bank would have suffered even more losses Shen Bi s excuse.Li Guohao didn t point it out.After all, a well known large bank in Hong Kong like HSBC actually doesn t care about these few points of stock price profit.This is just a method Shen Bi found for this transaction that anyone who understands can understand.On the one hand, Shen Bi made it clear that he sold the shares because he was afraid of the bank s losses, and on the other hand, he wanted to avoid being caught by others in the future.

Most of them are people who get up early and go out for morning tea.Most people in Xiangjiang, as long as their income is stable, no matter how much they have, they like to get up early and go out for morning tea.This may be a habit.Guangzhou D, which is across the sea, is also a region that loves morning tea.As an ancient public communication platform, the teahouse is very convenient for people to exchange information and connect with max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk each other.Therefore, since the Qing Dynasty, practitioners from all walks of life have been used to drinking morning tea in teahouses every day before the market opens, exchanging industry information, understanding market conditions, and negotiating business.In addition, tea was very cheap in Guangzhou D at that time, which also formed the habit of the public to drink tea.They have already fallen to this point, and everyone did not expect to be able to To recover costs, or to make money, the big deal is to hold stocks for a longer period of time, and it may rise after half a year or a year.To put it simply, an item was originally worth 100 yuan, and it was not sold at 50 yuan.When it fell to 10 yuan, everyone didn t care whether it was sold or not.Anyway, it has fallen to this price, so keep it in your hand Let s wait and see.Jin Jiashi said Boss, in fact, you don t need to acquire Nanshun s entire capital.You now hold more than half of the stock, and you can completely control the power of the company.I know.Li Guohao nodded and said I have also thought about only controlling Lam Soon, but there are still many plans to be implemented in the future, it is better to spend more money now and fully acquire and delist On the one hand, Li Guohao plans to acquire Lam Soon, In addition to making flour, try to make some raw materials for catering, ranging from vegetables and fruits to small ones such as rice, oil and salt.Through the gaps between the seven or eight buildings opposite, Li Guohao saw a towering building being newly built, which was clearly higher than the surrounding buildings by more than one level.The Jardine Building, which was can i bring cbd gummies into uk being built in the distance, was at least 150 meters high The protruding part alone is nearly half higher than the surrounding buildings, and it really feels like seeing all the mountains at a glance.Li Guohao asked Li Qiang to investigate the information of the Jardine Group a long time ago.At that time, he Just looking at the size of the group and its past, Li Guohao is also very fortunate at this moment, he can take over the shares of Nanshun in a short time, if the people of Jardine come back to their senses, turn their heads and look at Nanshun, to At that time, I am afraid that it will be difficult for me to deal with the other party.That s right It s Xu Deming Next to him is his son Xu Guanghe.I also took a photo of him at a charity banquet not long ago The person before said a little excitedly Look at the people behind Xu Deming.Holding the cardboard box, it must be that Li Guohao bought Nanshun No way So fast Isn t it the compulsory acquisition offer that was published cbd lord jones gummies in the newspaper a few days ago The big frame glasses, said a little disbelieving.It should be right Xu Deming has a gloomy face, and Xu Guanghe has a depressed face.I think Li Guohao has successfully acquired Nanshun After the reporter finished speaking, he took out his precious camera, adjusted the angle and focus, and took continuous pictures.More than a dozen photos of Xu Deming walking out of the building and getting into his private car.After Xu Deming s car left, the reporter put down the camera reluctantly, It seems resilience cbd gummies that Nansun s acquisition by Li Guohao is a foregone conclusion, but I don t know why the Jardine Group didn t intervene I remember that not long ago The talents of its subsidiary Landmark bought Maxim s Cakes.Zheng family.I didn t expect that this little brother actually bought Nanshun He also completed the blitz so quickly Zheng Jiachun sighed after reading the magazine.What Do you know this young man Zheng Yutong asked while eating breakfast.He got up early and had just finished reading the news of the Oriental Daily, and now he was reading the news of the Ming Pao.Hearing what his son said, he asked curiously.Yeah, I knew this Li Guohao last year HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies into uk It s just that he was just a small boss of a pastry company at that time.I didn t expect to acquire Nanshun Group in just half a year Zheng Yutong asked Half a year Well, remember It was Miss He Chaoying who opened a new store in Macau last year, and I happened to be working in Macau, so I went there to support it.At that time, Li Guohao was just the owner of a pastry company.Later, I talked to him at a charity banquet held by the Governor of Hong Kong., only to learn that he has opened a food processing factory, and after a few months, he has acquired the Nanshun Group Zheng Jiachun was really amazed, he had known Li Guohao for more than half a year, and the two of them only nodded Apart from those two encounters, they basically had no contact with each other, but now they suddenly saw that the other party had grown to the point where they could stand shoulder to shoulder with themselves, and they were also shocked.Oh After listening to his son best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies s words, Zheng Yutong pondered for a while and said, Isn t the horse club recommending newcomers for another year recently Dad You mean to recommend Li Guohao Zheng can i bring cbd gummies into uk Jiachun asked in surprise.You must know that members of Xiangjiang Jockey Club are not just for ordinary people to join You must be an old member for more than three years to be eligible to recommend a newcomer, and if you recommend a newcomer, that newcomer can join It is also necessary to assess its ability, financial resources and other factors.Brother Zheng, I know this.Just do what you want.Real estate is always connected with some kind eagle cbd gummies price of community, whether it is now or in the future.Since Zheng Jiachun said these words, it means that he has connections with these gang members, maybe as he said, it is a meal for the wild dogs on the roadside.Well, you don t have to worry too much about this matter.The taxes you pay are not in vain.Those police officers are still somewhat useful now.The darkest years in Xiangjiang were before 1971.It was the time when Li Guohao traveled through time, and he pinched it very well.If he had made money a few years earlier, he might have attracted some people s attention.In the later years, the market share has already been occupied, and it is not as simple as it is now to enter.I also chatted with Zheng Jiachun about the Jockey Club event the day after tomorrow, which is commonly known as the annual banquet for the top tycoons.The annual Jockey Club, in addition to being a party, in the final analysis is to provide a platform for everyone, a platform for barrier free communication, as long as they are internal members, all are eligible to be invited.This is why many people hope to become an internal member of the Jockey Club.Even if they cannot become an internal member, they must at least be a member of the Jockey Club.After all, the Jockey Club organizes several such exchange banquets every year.Whether it s talking about business or getting to know people, being a member of the Jockey Club already shows that you are in a position above most people in Xiangjiang.The following situation is similar to the bridge that appeared in the movie.Members participating in the event can play in various entertainment places in the venue, drink and chat in the fun drops cbd gummies price can i bring cbd gummies into uk banquet hall next door, or find a place to talk business alone Chatting and drinking tea in the box.

Will it affect our flour mill You must know that the flour mill is for food products, and this area is also a heavy industrial zone, so it is not surprising that max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk it is affected.That s not true.Our flour mill is far away from them, but the air has not been very good.I heard that the government is planning to move all the heavy industries in Kowloon to Tai Po District in the New Territories.Build an industrial park of some sort, and gather all the heavy industries together for rectification.Uncle Li Zhengming also nodded and said Comrade Xiao Jiang in Wanwan also has an idea to build an industrial park in the Taichung area.When I came to Xiangjiang, What kind of new construction is going on over there.Shi Yuda, who was next to him, also heard from people early in the morning that the company planned to send someone to manage the instant noodles, and planned to divest part of the original Xiangjiang flour factory and open an instant noodle factory.He wrote a check for 10,000 yuan, and handed a check for 50,000 yuan.The driver is Zhang Guangming.Uncle Zhang, you will take these two checks to the 888 presidential can i bring cbd gummies into uk suite of the hotel just now, hand them over to a man named Zhang Bowen, and tell him that the 50,000 yuan is for their first month s salary.What comes out is money for buying some equipment for them, if not enough, please contact me.The ten thousand yuan is money for buying work clothes for them, remember to tell them all to buy black suits.Zhang Guangming recalled what the boss said, and also took it Check nodded, Okay boss.Yeah.Sitting on the company s elevator, Li Guohao couldn t help but want to laugh, thinking of those rich and famous stars he saw in later generations, surrounded by premium jane cbd gummies reviews bodyguards in black suits.Lots of fun.As soon as I arrived at the door of the office, I saw the secretary Xiao Liu walking towards with a cup of coffee.He spent all his money to get these weapons from Vietnam.Now the US Vietnam War has come to an end.Many black market dealers came up can i bring cbd gummies into uk purekana cbd full spectrum gummies with the idea of this batch of arms.When Brother Qiang heard this, he also put the submachine gun aside, and took out all the things in the shoulder bag.There were two miniature submachine guns, five small pistols, and two grenades Xiao Wu, how are things going over there Raptor asked looking at the man sitting on one side.I ve been stalking that kid recently, but he has a driver to pick him up when he goes in and out, and he rarely appears in other places except where he lives and goes to the company.Xiao Wu told some of the recent stalking.Someone next to him said, can i bring cbd gummies into uk Actually, I think it s better to change the target to kidnap that kid There are so many rich people in Xiangjiang, much richer than this kid, why don t we find a rich man and make a fortune Qiang Brother pondered for a while.Don t fiddle with it.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Chen Sheng suddenly looked embarrassed.He thought this thing was just like a phone.Since it could receive messages, it should be able to send messages as well, but he didn t expect that it was only a unilateral way of receiving signals.Seven side effects with cbd gummies or eight minutes passed, and he also threw the van behind him away until he couldn t see the opponent s car.Yu Weicheng also let go of his heart, and the speed of the car did not slow down.We got rid of us.Facing Yu Weicheng s words, Li Guohao didn t relax his vigilance, and having watched countless gangster movies and various movies, he also understood that if the other party really chose to do something to him, then it must have been premeditated, no It could have been thrown off so easily.Li Guohao said Don t take it lightly, drive back to the urban area as soon as possible Yes.The director himself also made a call to the Governor of Hong Kong.The governor of Hong Kong was also very shocked.The plane robbery the year before last made the British government lose face.Since then, it has built a team of sharpshooters.After becoming the governor of Hong Kong, he also spent a lot of money and contacts to get it Some members of the special forces came to Xiangjiang to train the anti terrorist teams in these cities.It took less than a quarter of an hour.The trainees of the special mission company also received orders from their superiors to stop training and directly participate in actual combat, which is real actual combat And those who have done meritorious deeds can directly pass the assessment without any further training.Because of the help of Li Guohao, Chief Zhou and Shen Bi, Ren Darong, who was eliminated because of poor English, entered the training camp again.At Mother He s birthday party, Xiao Bai also rushed over.When he saw Li Guohao, Xiao Bai s face was as ugly as if he had eaten shit.You must know that such birthday parties are almost always very close partners or friends.participated.Xiao Bai was also invited to participate because of He Gambling King.He thought that He Gambling King had taken a fancy to him and was about to recruit him as his son in law, but he didn t expect Li Guohao to be there This is annoying.Whether it is from the perspective of personal ability or business, Li Guohao is a few blocks away from himself.Xiao Bai relied on his father s relationship to become the second generation of Xiangjiang, while Li Guohao relied entirely on his own efforts to become an equal seat with most of the rich in Xiangjiang.Li Guohao is in the catering industry, not to mention that he has a future, but at least he can say it nicely.I just took out the cooling equipment in the refrigerator and optimized it to a certain extent, so this machine can be called a refrigerator.It doesn t need to be called a refrigerating machine.Because there are two completely different types of machines. What is the effect of refrigerating Wang Hongshen said In the past, if a refrigerating machine was just turned best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies on, it would take more than 20 minutes to fully cool down.It takes only ten minutes for the new refrigerator to freeze the dumplings.If the machine has already been turned on, the old refrigerator will freeze in about five minutes after it has finished cooling.And the new machine only takes two minutes Maybe faster That s pretty good.Li Guohao glanced at Wang Hongshen in surprise, he didn t expect that the other party really succeeded in changing the refrigerator, and the effect looked pretty good, but I also asked the can i bring cbd gummies into uk most important thing, What about the power consumption The previous refrigerators needed about 10 kilowatt hours of electricity per hour, and the new ones have been improved by me to minimize the power consumption as much as possible, but they also need It s about 8 9 kWh per hour.Found it Yes.Li Guohao touched his chin, pondered for a while and said, You ask the people from the headhunting company to fax the information over.Let me take a look.Okay.Chapter 266 I want to see the master again On the second day, the company s reception room.The front desk led a person to knock on the door and walked in, Mr.Di, the chairman, is here.Well, you go out first.After speaking, Li Guohao looked up and down the thirty year old man with a greasy hairstyle , well dressed man.Hi, Mr.Li.Di Yimin smiled and stepped forward to shake hands with Li can i bring cbd gummies into uk Guohao.Li Guohao shook hands briefly, pointed to the seat next to him and said, Mr.Di sit down.I have read Mr.Di s information.He graduated from the Department of Business Management at the University of Cambridge in the UK.He has worked in many large companies in the UK and the US.

Which hospital is Bruce Lee in At this time, Li can i bring cbd gummies into uk how do cbd gummies make you feel reddit Guohao felt regretful for his inaction.Although most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working whether he saved Bruce Lee or not had nothing to do with him directly, as a fan, he naturally did not want this man who has spread Chinese culture so early.death.Elizabeth Hospital Hey Hey President, are you listening Before Shangguan Xiaobao continued to say something, he only heard the blind tone of beep coming from the phone.Gascoigne Road, Yau Ma Tei, Mount Elizabeth Hospital.Countless citizens, reporters, and police officers who came to maintain order elite natural best cbd gummies gathered at the gate of Elizabeth Hospital.It is roughly estimated that there are at least more than 500 people at the scene.The nearby roads were even more blocked, with the beeping of horns, the noise of pedestrians, the sound of questioning by reporters, and the sound of scolding by police officers, one after another.Chapter 278 Market Research Quick frozen food has always been the focus of Li Guohao s attention.After all, there has never been a similar food in Xiangjiang.The factory and machinery have been prepared a month ago, but they have been debugging.There are two flavors of quick frozen dumplings, one with pork can i bring cbd gummies into uk filling and the other with vegetable filling.The price is not very expensive.Both flavors cost 5 yuan and 20 yuan.Wonton and glutinous rice balls are also the same price, and the taste is relatively simple for the time being, only meat filling and sesame flavor.Start selling the goods the day after tomorrow Li Guohao frowned slightly, and asked, Who suggested it Isn t it a bit too early.It was Manager Li s suggestion.Di Yimin said.uncle Li Guohao was taken aback, and then asked, Have you done a market survey If I remember correctly, the filling was prepared half a month ago, right Haven t you all done a market survey Have already done a survey gone.Li Guohao made his fortune through pastries, and is often called the pastry king by the public.Don t look at the humble name, but in fact, someone who can be called a certain king must be a remarkable person.Hmm.Isn t he not cooperating with our TVB What s the matter Li Guohao and Li s TV station have conflicts If you come to discuss business, there is a reason to refuse.Then I understand.Fang Yihua pursed his lips.By the way, the Miss Xiangjiang Contest will officially start in a few days.You send someone to invite Li Guohao to participate.Ah He may not be willing.How will you know if you don t try the next day.Li Guohao had breakfast at the villa, and was about to take a car to go to the company.He heard Li s mother said that Ah Zhi would come to the house for dinner at night, and nodded in agreement.This fledgling boy was restrained.He can i bring cbd gummies into uk was unwilling, but the company no longer completely belonged to him.He could only honestly accept Hongkong Land s advice and go to some fast food restaurant On the other side.After get off work, Li Guohao took Zhao Yazhi went home for dinner.After the meal, Mother Li took Zhao Yazhi upstairs to whisper, leaving Li Guohao alone to face his father Li Dexiao and grandfather Li Renzhong.Ah Hao.While watching TV, he suddenly can i bring cbd gummies into uk heard Li Dexiao calling himself, Li Guohao looked sideways and asked What s wrong, Dad Ok Li Dexiao faltered and didn t say what was going can i bring cbd gummies into uk on.Li Guohao was a little surprised, glanced at his grandfather Li Renzhong, saw his eyebrows raised, understood it, and said, Dad, just tell me if you have anything to say., I am your son, if there is a need for me, the son will definitely help you.Soon a man appeared on the TV.I saw him working overtime in the company.When he got home, he was lying on the sofa exhausted.Very hungry The man frowned and walked towards the kitchen.He searched the kitchen, but found nothing.He opened the refrigerator and saw that the refrigerator was empty.When he was disappointed, he opened the refrigerator and was pleasantly surprised to find a bag of Sanquan quick frozen dumplings .Then, the camera turned and came to another family.A woman got off work early, and her son came home from school arguing that he was hungry.She was too tired, but the son was hungry, so he had to go to the kitchen to find a way to get something to eat, and finally found a bag of Sanquan quick frozen dumplings.The screen switched back and forth again, the man was cooking dumplings, and the woman was cooking dumplings.I know, Xiaofang and the others looked for us to look at all the facades, but your grandfather and I have nothing to do at home, so I asked best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies Ah Qin to drive us around.Oh, have you found it yet Do you want me to arrange best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies someone to rent the store tomorrow, and if you don t want to rent it, you can buy it directly Now that Li Guohao has more than one billion in cash with him, Li Guohao has a lot more confidence than when he talked can i bring cbd gummies into uk about the tea restaurant with Li s father before, and he just said no.If you rent, buy it directly.Anyway, tea restaurants also need shops.If you invest in buying a shop, it is also a business that is sure to make a profit.Yes, your grandfather and I have already made a plan.Because it is a tea restaurant, the consumption level should not be very high.Many of them are in the house, in Central, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Mong Kok.Di Yimin nodded and said that it will be done as soon as possible.A good company must let employees agree with their corporate values and culture, otherwise it will be difficult to arouse the emotions of employees.If they do not agree, employees may simply think about it.I just mess around with my salary, I have no passion and no idea of struggle.Li Guohao has been reading some management books since he started the company.The most impressive passage in his mind is a good company, a company that can develop sustainably, a A company that wants to become bigger and stronger The most important thing is not the chairman or senior managers, but the most grassroots employees.Only if they agree with you can i bring cbd gummies into uk how do cbd gummies make you feel reddit and the company culture, then the future of this company will be There will can i bring cbd gummies into uk be no limit After chatting briefly with Li Qiang about the court cakes, Li Guohao turned and walked to the reception room.More than four million Li Guohao tweeted How is the box office of the movie The chairman manages such a large group, so he should be busy.Xu Guanwen complimented quickly.You must know that Li Guohao is not as good as before.He was just a new billionaire with a net worth of hundreds of millions.He was at most a can i bring cbd gummies into uk figure in Xiangjiang.But now it is a bit different.Earning hundreds of millions of dollars to return to Hong Kong, and investing a lot of money, either buying a building or building a school, in terms of personal assets, it should be among the top in Hong Kong.At the end, Xu Guanwen answered Li Guohao s question head on.Excitedly said The box office is a big hit In just one month since its release, the box office has already broken through more than four million Hong Kong dollars There is still half a month before the movie is released, and the current attendance rate is still very high.

The problem.One of the most worrying things may be the issue of the cinema.Li Guohao instantly understood the meaning of Cai Lan s words, and asked, Are you afraid that Golden Harvest will not give us the cinema It s not that I m afraid If Golden Harvest doesn t give it to the theaters, I m afraid they ll open their mouths and talk to us about the box office share.Friends Film Company can be said to be an instant hit, relying on the box office hit of Ghost and Horse Twin Stars , just like Bruce Lee back then, Xu s small character comedy style is particularly suitable for the current Xiangjiang people.Hearing this, best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies Li Guohao frowned slightly.He didn t care much about fun drops cbd gummies price can i bring cbd gummies into uk the money the film company earned, but considering that the 80s and 90s would be the peak period of Hong Kong s films, it would be a pity not to participate.There was a gap of about three centimeters.Is it so close Well, it s just a little bit short.The old god Zhao Yazhi said.Then how can I think you are so good Seeing Zhao Yazhi posing as a dance master, Li Guohao couldn t help but joked in the words of later generations.Eh Zhao Yazhi was taken aback, and it took a while to understand this sentence.She shook her head slightly.Every time she was with Li Guohao, she could always hear some relatively novel words or words from his mouth.Just learn more and practice more How long will that take Well it depends on your talent.A smart person like me can learn all kinds of dances in a day.As for you tsk tsk Maybe not for a lifetime.No way. certainly The two laughed for a while.Playing with you almost forgot my original intention of coming to you.Suddenly, Zhao Yazhi slapped her forehead and regretted.Zhou s mother stood at the door of the house and looked at her son who was playing lovingly and said.Mom, what are you eating today Ah Xing asked, watching his mother swallow her saliva.Chapter 328 Today s Interview Ah Xing is twelve years old this year.He has been studying in the primary school attached to the church before.His grades are average, but he understands max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk the difficulties at home.He will take the initiative to find odd jobs every time he is on vacation.Deliver food, or hand out leaflets or something.Zhou s mother looked at her son eating fermented soya bean bibimbap, and at the same time she saw her son s dilapidated cotton jacket, felt a little uncomfortable, and let out a long sigh.Mom, have you eaten yet Well, Mom just ate, hurry up, and Mom will take you to the street to buy new clothes later.He also asked Xiaofan to bring some people, wearing local clothes, he understands Thai, and asked the bodyguards to follow him, and pretended to be tourists if he couldn t do it.yes Chapter 340 Erawan Buddha Brahma So full Li Guohao lay comfortably on the armchair and touched his protruding belly.At first, when I saw all the dishes made of curry on the menu, I thought it was not very delicious, but I didn t expect that the Thai people do have a way of making curry dishes.The curry potato and chicken nuggets just now are very good.Chen Xuewen was toasting with Manager Jin at this time, when he heard the chairman say he was full, he put down his glass and said with a smile, Chairman, are you staying at the hotel this afternoon, or are you going to go around together Where are you going I just When I came to Bangkok, I found a local Chinese tour guide, thinking that it was your first visit to Thailand, Chairman, and I wanted to find a local tour guide to recommend some good scenery.Boss Li, we are going to the biggest muay thai martial arts gym in Bangkok later.It is best not to disturb their training when we visit in the past.After all, you should know that people who practice martial arts are a bit irritable.Tour guide Zheng said with a smile.Then what are you going to do Chen Xuewen, who was next to him, immediately asked back when he heard this.Tour guide Zheng explained There are many scenic spots in Bangkok, but the ones that are closer to the city center, except for a few temples, are Muay Thai martial arts halls.It may take some time to catch up to other scenery.After finishing speaking, he most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working thought of something, and smiled again You must know that this Muay Thai martial arts gym is not accessible to ordinary people, only VIPs or old tour guides like me are eligible.In fact, he himself didn t know much about the value of this fairy water.He just regarded it as a means of making a living.If it was an can i bring cbd gummies into uk ordinary person, he might sell it to Li Guohao directly when he offered one million baht.But Xu Guangbiao was in drug sales in his early years, and he knew how to observe people, which made him open his mouth.Gradually, he walked out of Xu Guangbiao s field of .

what happens when you eat cbd gummies?

vision.Chen Xuewen finally asked Chairman, what s so good about this fairy water I drank a little yesterday, but I didn t feel that it tasted good.You do not understand.Li Guohao shook his head.Those who like to drink will like it to death, and those who don t like it will never touch it.In addition, Red Bull should still be the first generation formula at this time, and the taste is much stronger than that of later generations.The first official supermarket in Hong Kong, Milk International and Lane Crawford s subsidiary, Dalian Lilian Co., Ltd., refer to the model of foreign supermarkets, and opened the Dalian Lilian supermarket in Central in 1960.It mainly focuses on Western style food and daily necessities.There are trolleys that are common now, and customers can choose goods freely.Due to the high class, the customers are either foreigners or wealthy locals.However, in the early 1970s, the general education level of the citizens improved, and with the economic development, people had spare cash, and they became more and more accepting of Western style supermarkets.The Dairy Link supermarket of Dairy Milk International has successively opened branches on Hong Kong best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies Island.Almost half of the supermarkets in Xiangjiang are owned by Dairy Milk International.It will no longer be the same as now.People will also tend to shop.So if Mr.Li wants to open a supermarket, he must take advantage of it now.Although the economy of Xiangjiang is gradually developing steadily, it is far from the level it was in the 1980s and 1990s.It s a bit like the mainland in the late 1990s.People went to the supermarket to buy things, not only for shopping, but also for fun.Li Guohao used to love to go to the supermarket when he was a child.Not only is there air conditioning in the supermarket, but most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working there are also various snacks and small foods.Although he can t afford it, it doesn t mean he can t satisfy his hunger.That kind of situation gradually disappeared with the popularity of supermarkets.In the future, people went to supermarkets to make big purchases, and they bought a lot of things at one time, mainly because the prices were much cheaper than can i bring cbd gummies into uk the supermarkets downstairs.

Forehead nice boss.Cai Lan was taken aback.He really didn t think about investigating how the audience knew about the movie.He thought about it carefully.If he could know where the audience who bought the tickets saw it, then he could increase the publicity.Well, you want to Suddenly, the door of the office was opened, and Zhao Yazhi stood at the door with a coquettish smile on her face.Seeing the beautiful woman standing at the door, Li Guohao made a shush gesture, using the phone without the microphone.With her right hand, she signaled the other party to come and sit on her lap.Seeing this, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help but rolled her eyes, and finally walked over and sat on Li Guohao s lap.Bet, I m sure there will be many viewers interested in going to the movies after reading today s newspaper Li Guohao said while stroking Zhao Yazhi s beautiful hair with his hand, leaning out and sniffing it gently The scent of shampoo, the faint scent of flowers makes people a little drunk and fascinated.After all, Jiaren s education and worldly experience are far inferior to those recruited.What kind of expression do summer valley cbd gummies quit smoking you have I will grow too.Seeing Li Guohao s surprised face, Zhao Yazhi couldn t help but picked up her small fist and hammered him on the chest in shame and indignation.The little pink fist and hammer on her chest was like tickling.Satisfied, as soon as he showed a satisfied expression, he saw Zhao Yazhi glaring at him viciously, Li Guohao pretended to beg for mercy in an instant Yes, our Ah Zhi is the most knowledgeable and the most intelligent person, this small matter is naturally easy to handle.That s about the same.A smug smile appeared on the corner of Zhao Yazhi s mouth.Just after Zhao Yazhi left, Zhang Dong, who hadn t seen him for a long time, called and invited Li Guohao to attend the children s 100 day banquet in a few days.One, I think it must be my sweetheart, and I couldn t help stretching out my slender hand to grab Li Guohao s hand on the table in front of many people.Zheng Jiachun smiled slightly when he saw this, but He Qianjin was very envious Glancing at Zhao Yazhi, she really wanted to find a man as good as Li Guohao.When she thought that her father had already discussed the engagement with Xiao Bai s father, she felt sad.He Qianjin had been ignorant of Li Guohao since a long time ago She was ignorant and had some good feelings, but with the appearance of Zhao Yazhi, this strand of love was cut off directly.She was born in a big family, and she knows that there are many women in the family.Sometimes it is an unbearable torture.This is also the reason why she envies Zhao Yazhi so cbd gummies really helped with anxiety much.Without him, it is all because of Li Guohao as an example.Every time a ship goes to sea, people will set up an altar at the pier to pray.This time, he intends to cooperate with Li Guohao.Seeing that Bao Daheng said seriously, Li Guohao didn t bother to ask, he pondered for a moment and said Then Uncle Bao, what cbd gummies with cbd oil kind of cooperation do you want I will arrange for someone to go to your company to talk to you about specific cooperation matters. it is good.next morning.Major media and newspapers published the news that Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce elected Hong Kong s top ten outstanding youths, and Li Guohao, who won the award, was highlighted by the newspapers.A teahouse somewhere.Hey, this Li Guohao has done so many charities, no wonder he can make the company so big I tom selleck super cbd gummies can donate if I have money You may not be able to do charity even if you have money Didn t you pay attention to the important point When Li Guohao was still a small company, he donated pastries to the welfare home every day.Seeing that Li Guohao was trying to trick her, Zhao Yazhi was also quite speechless on the other end of the phone and said Okay, anyway, there is nothing to do recently, except for discussing with Ms.Shen about the orphanage.Well, then you remember to come here early tomorrow. it is good.Li Guohao hung up the phone, thinking that Zhao Yazhi would definitely show an excited expression tomorrow, he couldn t help smiling slightly.Boom Come in At this time, the door of the office was knocked, and Ni Xingqing pushed open the door vigorously and walked in.Seeing Ni Xingqing, Li Guohao asked in surprise Xingqing Didn t you say you arrived in the evening After listening, Ni Xingqing looked at his watch and said, It s already past four o clock in the afternoon.Ok.Looking at the clock on the wall, it was indeed almost half past four, and Li Guohao asked again Has it been dealt with in the United States Yes, it was not in cbd high blood pressure gummies vain.She had short blond hair and delicate facial features.She looked a bit like Marilyn Monroe.Before waiting for Ajie to translate, Li Guohao said directly I am After finishing speaking, he saw Ajie can i bring cbd gummies into uk s surprised expression, and couldn t help but rolled his eyes at Ajie and said This basic English I am I still understand Mr.Li, my name is Angela, your custom made wedding dress has arrived, this should be the bride, oh my god, you are really happy, believe me, this wedding most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working dress will definitely be the best wedding dress for you HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies into uk in this life.The most beautiful wedding dress I ve ever seen No one Angela couldn t help saying after seeing Zhao Yazhi next to Li Guohao, and used several beautiful beautiful in a row Zhao Yazhi is not very good at English, but she can still understand the beautiful English words.Zhao Yazhi nodded blankly.Hearing the conversation between the two, Mother Li chuckled.Although she also thought the wedding dress was beautiful, she was past the age of fantasies, so naturally she wasn t very excited.Chapter 373 It takes about half an hour to buy an old building and demolish it.Just when Li Guohao was waiting impatiently in the living room, he only heard the fun drops cbd gummies price can i bring cbd gummies into uk sound of treading footsteps on the stairs.Looking up, he was immediately amazed by the scene he saw in front of him.The snow white wedding dress fell on Zhao Yazhi s slender body, and Fang Fei seemed to freeze best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies for eternity at this moment.Her black hair set off her white wedding dress, and the beauty s face was slightly flushed.The skirt that looks like a white peacock s tail feathers blooms max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk behind her, dotted with diamonds, like tiny shining celestial bodies, setting her off like a moon princess wandering in the mundane world.Slowly going down the stairs step by step, Angela behind her followed the staff of the company to help Zhao Yazhi hold up the long skirt.Does it look good Zhao Yazhi s face was still flushed, seeing Li Guohao staring at her stupidly, she smiled shyly.It s so beautiful Li Guohao praised from the bottom of his heart.I have to say that this tailor made wedding dress according to Zhao Yazhi is indeed greenergize cbd gummies 3000 mg very, very beautiful.With the high black hair, it sets off her as a noble, generous and elegant princess.How is Mr.Li Are you satisfied Angela asked with a smile when she saw Li Guohao s obsessed face from behind.I m very satisfied.After speaking, Li Guohao stepped forward and gently brushed a strand of loose hair from Zhao Yazhi s head behind her ears with his hands.Looking at her delicate makeup and the blush on her face, she couldn t help it.

But Li Guohao didn t care much about the meaning of this sentence, and said directly It s okay, I woke up drunk yesterday and didn t remember anything I told you not to drink at ordinary times, but you can t drink it when you need to drink.Last night, my in laws poured wine on me, but I didn t refuse anyone who came Li Dexiao showed can i bring cbd gummies into uk off his drinking capacity.Go, let your son learn from it, and encourage your son while drinking.What Li Huifang hates the most is drinking.Although she is from the Northeast, she grew up in Xiangjiang since she was a child.Apart from her accent and taste, her living habits are more southern.Li Renzhong looked at his grandson with satisfaction.Said to grandson s wife I have lived my life very satisfied, the only two wishes now are to open the restaurant, and the second is that I can hug my great grandson.Whether it is can i bring cbd gummies into uk from his personal entrepreneurial experience or from this competition, it is very topical.Most of the British newspapers are mainly based on praise.After all, Xiangjiang was under the rule of the United Kingdom at this time, and the Queen of England also came to the scene to participate in the opening ceremony, both public and private.Especially the British Daily Mail , in one night, they collected all the news about Li Guohao from the newspapers, media and can i bring cbd gummies into uk how do cbd gummies make you feel reddit rumors since he started his business.British Daily Mail The World Mixed Martial Arts Championship held with Xiangjiang yesterday openedSeeing that Li Guohao stopped talking, Cheng Xizhi asked curiously What do you mean, Li Sheng Li Guohao paused for a moment, thought for a while, and said with a smile Since there premium cbd gummies online is a selection of Michelin three star restaurants in foreign countries, why don t we make our own selection In fact, at the very beginning, Li Guohao set up the association to make it like Michelin.It would be a lie to say that he is not disappointed, Li can i bring cbd gummies into uk Guohao can only comfort himself slowly, maybe it will not be the next week s weekly magazine.After about ten minutes.Li Guohao and his party quickly arrived at Fifth Avenue.Looking at the fast food restaurant on 10 benefits of cbd gummies the street through the car window, Li Guohao was stunned, and Ajie was even more surprised Wow, there are so many people The crowd was dense and crowded.The long queue waiting in the fast food restaurant has been lined up from the door to the sidewalk tens of meters behind.This scene reminded Li Guohao of the lively scene when he first opened a palace pastry shop in Xiangjiang.But it was changed from Xiangjiang to the United States.After the driver parked the car, Li Guohao got out of the car, looked at the crowd gathered at the door, laughed happily, but worried about how he would get in.A smile crossed the corner of Li Guohao s mouth, and he snorted coldly I didn t expect that someone would dare to make false accounts.Don t look at the fact that the Guohao Group is getting bigger and more influential, but Li Guohao knows that the Guohao Group has One disadvantage is that it is too bloated.Last year, Li Guohao separated the original Guohao Foods in order to plan better in terms of management and finance.But I never thought that someone would dare to make false accounts.To blame, and only to blame Li Guohao himself, the financial management has not been strict enough, allowing the people below to catch the loopholes.If it weren t for the two shackles of Ni Xingqing, it would really be possible for this gang of fake accounts to get away with it.Time passed quietly, leaving only Li Guohao sitting in the boss chair with a sullen face in the office, not knowing what he was thinking.Li Guohao recalled that when he got off the car, there was a dense crowd, and he thought that all the residents of the town should be called for this acquisition conference.Zheng Jiachun nodded and said, Yes, I m already arranging people to register.There are a total of 12,312 households in the town.Because it is divided into batches, there will be more than 6,000 people present this time.I just went to the front to have a look.Almost six thousand people.Well, it seems that everyone is very concerned about the acquisition Li Guohao smiled, and the second generation of demolition existed in that era.Suddenly thinking of Li Chaoren, Li Guohao asked Then Li Jiacheng didn t come to make trouble As soon as Li Chaoren was mentioned, Zheng Jiachun smiled Who said there is no I heard from the people below that tomorrow Cheung Kong Industrial will follow us to set up a The takeover meeting, I guess why he didn t fight with us, but held it a day later, I m afraid he just wanted to see what my takeover plan is like, so that he can come up with a corresponding method.The question Li Guohao asked Hu Changqing was not a secret matter, but he asked the other party which company Wharf was in the industry, and at the same time asked about some projects operated by Wharf.Although Hu Changqing was puzzled as to why the chairman would ask about Wharf properly, he also told what he knew.Chapter 615 The building was capped and the land reclamation was completed.Wharf can i bring cbd gummies into uk how do cbd gummies make you feel reddit is a joint stock company.Its largest shareholder and founder is the Jardine Harmony Group Its main business is only one, and that is the port terminal that can berth large cargo ships and the exclusive most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working warehouse storage.Except for Kwai Tsing Wharf, which is being built by Li Guohao and Bao Daheng, about 70 of the port and wharf business in Xiangjiang belongs to Wharf.Just thinking about it.Suddenly, there was can i bring cbd gummies into uk a knock on the door of the office, and Qi Boheng pushed the door open and entered.Difficult, difficultstand up.Well, then I ll go first, and the milk side should also hurry up.Yes Leaving the experimental building, Li Guohao didn t go back directly, but turned to the factory of Guohao Foods, Instruct someone to call Chen Shao and ask him to come to the industrial park immediately.While waiting, most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working Li Guohao followed the factory manager around the food factory.Since Guohao Foods was split into several subsidiaries, the food company currently produces, except for various packaged pastries, most of the rest are biscuits, candies, potato chips and other snacks.Because the price of some snacks is relatively cheap, the sales in Xiangjiang have been very good, and they are deeply loved by the majority of students.Especially bear biscuits, which are affordable, plentiful, sweet but not greasy, and have always been the most sold food in the food factory., are places where employees rest temporarily.Please forgive me.Li Guohao sat down, smiled and said, It s okay, let s all sit down and talk. yes.After the two sat down, Li Guohao glanced at the lounge and said This room is quite clean, do you arrange for someone to clean it every day best cbd gummies for tinnitus most relaxing cbd gummies No one was specially arranged to clean it.The employees who took a break here did it spontaneously.After all, everyone doesn t like living in a dirty place.Director Zhang responded with a smile.Yes.Since it is a lounge, you can prepare some tea.Factory Manager Zhang slapped his forehead, and realized Oh, this is my mistake, Chairman, I will arrange for someone to bring some tea later.Okay, you guys will discuss this later.With a wave of his hand, Li Guohao took out the popping candy from Xiao Changhan s pocket, put it on the table and said, Try this.

Lao Li, Lao Li is here.I ll bring distinguished guests to your place for dinner.You must show off your best craftsmanship today Li shouted, it seems that he is very familiar with the owner of this private kitchen.After max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk a while, an old man with gray hair ran out of the house, and shouted, Here it is It s Xiao Fang, I thought who it was It scared me Slapped his chest, it really scared him just now, he was a little deaf, he didn t hear what Xiao Fang yelled before, but he saw seven or eight people coming outside through the gap in the window, thought they were here to arrest him Old Li, why have you become so timid When you secretly opened a can i bring cbd gummies into uk how do cbd gummies make you feel reddit restaurant before, I didn t see you so scared Fang Qianjin said with a smile.The old man blew his beard and stared, That s different Li Renzhong, who was standing next to Li Guohao, stared at the old man s face, and shouted Renzong Renzong When the old man heard his name being called with a familiar accent, he subconsciously turned his head and saw an old man in Tang suit staring at him Do you know me Renzong, I am your second brother Li Renzhong.They all looked rich or expensive, and at a glance, they knew that they were not ordinary people.Thinking of the second uncle introduced to him by his father before, he walked to his mother curiously.The side asked Mom, that person just now was really my second uncle Yeah, when you were young, your second uncle hugged you You even peed on your second uncle , Li Defang said embarrassingly Mom, this happened so many years ago, how can I remember it.How many years ago, it was also a good thing you did Li Defang didn t want to get entangled in this matter, turned his head and glanced at the few people in the room.He has been opening this private kitchen for several years, and he has also received many people from abroad.But most of them are not as rich as the second uncle, especially the second uncle s grandson, his own nephew Li Guohao.Mi Gao is going to talk to you recently.What about the inland Guangdong cooperative power network Hehe, this matter was reported in the newspapers at the beginning of the year.Yes, we at CLP Power do have this plan, and we are already negotiating.This is not something that can be concealed at all., Mi Gao naturally wouldn t say no.Li Guohao said with a half smile Mr.Mi Gao, the result of my negotiation is not very satisfactory He wants to cooperate with the mainland, Guangdong and Xiangjiang s networked power stations, but everyone knows what the mainland market is like at this time.It is said to be reform and opening up, but it is definitely impossible for him, a foreigner, to participate in some industries.That s why he wanted to use the public opinion of the newspapers to try to make the mainland fearful.I heard from Miss Meiqing that the teachers in that kindergarten are very good.Very strong, the school s facilities, safety and school spirit are the best kindergartens in Hong Kong.What s the name It seems to be a Catholic kindergarten.What is it called St.Mary Seeing this, he said, Manager Liang, do you think there is any way to merge the two TV stations Liang Shuyi frowned, and after thinking about it for a long time, she couldn t think of a good way, so she shook her head I m sorry, Chairman It is very difficult for the two TV stations to merge into one, and it is impossible for the government to agree, after all, our Fenghuang TV station is most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working basically an education station.Hearing what Liang Shuyi said, Li Guohao was moved, thinking that since the two TV stations cannot be merged into one , then the two develop together At present, although Phoenix TV s income and expenditure are gradually flat, the ratings of several TV dramas co produced with Nanyang Overseas TV Station this year are all good, and because of this, they have made a small fortune.Everyone here must be able to sit where they are today.They must have real talents and know that technology is the foundation of all development.The premise is that Li Guohao was able to develop the pastry shop to the entire Southeast Asia.In addition to the franchisee s strategy, the more important thing is the characteristics and taste of his pastry.However, when Li Guohao announced that he would invest no less than 20 million U.S.dollars in technology companies every year, it made everyone understand that the chairman really wanted to make a drastic move.Most of Guohao Group s current global markets and businesses are related to food and drink, whether it is snacks, cakes, beverages, or raw material supply.It seems that there is no need for technical content, only need to grasp the market, and invest money steadily every year.If a small bank can be acquired first and merged into the next applying bank, Whether it is for business, savings or personnel, it is of great help.Li Guohao doesn t know about the opening of the bank, but he also understands that the bank can t be opened if he wants to.Since Fu Zhengguang and the others all mean this, it is necessary to think about it.He nodded and said Then buy a small bank , Do you have any suggestions This question is based on Fu Zhengguang s strengths.As the former president of Standard Chartered Bank, he also holds multiple important positions in the investment department and finance department.Naturally, he knows how many big and small companies there are in Xiangjiang.bank.At present, there are more than 140 banks in Hong Kong, and more than 40 small banks.These small banks include family banks, joint stock banks, etc.If we win this If there is only one bank, in a short period of time, the business can be quickly developed to the United States.However, it is very difficult to obtain all the shares from the Yoowen Trust Company can i bring cbd gummies into uk and the founder of Yongheng.What Fu Zhengguang HCMUSSH can i bring cbd gummies into uk meant was very clear, Wing Hang max relief cbd gummies reviews can i bring cbd gummies into uk Bank was lost by PASS.Then he mentioned Wing Lung Bank.The shares of this bank are not very complicated.Except for Standard Chartered Bank, which has 10 of the shares, most of the remaining can i bring cbd gummies into uk can i bring cbd gummies into uk shares are in most relaxing cbd gummies how long does cbd gummies to start working most relaxing cbd gummies the hands of the founder, but it is a pity that Two years ago, that is, in 1980, it went public, and 25 of its shares were scattered in the stock market.It would be very difficult and costly to get them all back.Wing Hang Bank and Wing Lung Bank are the two I value more, especially Wing Hang Bank.They have obtained advanced banking technology from the United States from foreign trust companies.The Xiangjiang police wanted Zhong Zhengwen all over Hong Kong, and even issued extradition applications to several countries where criminals are likely to flee.But no matter what, many high level executives headed by Carrian Group Chairman Zhong Zhengwen absconded with money, and a large number of shareholders and retail investors suffered heavy losses.In order to recover the losses, the remaining shareholders of Carrian Group and the government worked together to try to restructure the debts, but no one cbd gummies warhouse in Xiangjiang now believes that they can restore this big ship full of wounds.If Carrian Group is in bankruptcy crisis, Carrian Group, the first large scale real estate group in Xiangjiang with a market value of about 10 billion yuan, is not far behind, and was the first to be forced to suspend trading in the stock market and declare direct liquidation, with the founder and chairman concurrently Xie Jinlai held a Bankruptcy Conference and bowed down to apologize to the shareholders, employees and partners who invested in Carnival Group in front of hundreds of media reporters.

The improvement of the property market is already unstoppable.In November, a large amount of foreign fun drops cbd gummies price can i bring cbd gummies into uk funds poured into Xiangjiang.With the help of the improvement of land and housing prices in Xiangjiang at this time, they carried out the same bottom hunting plan as Li Guohao.It is a pity that they came a little late, but even so, according to the current property market Judging from the rising trend, it is still very profitable.In December, the housing transaction volume of Hong Kong s real estate in January broke through the record 1.130,000 transactions, compared with the past few decades, reached an unprecedented high transaction volume.Chapter 788 Epilogue March 17, 1985.After half a year of recovery, the property market in Xiangjiang has returned to the peak period three years ago, and it is even higher than it was at the beginning.

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