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According to calculations, the survival rate of evacuating from the original position is less than 10 percent.Damn it, I m full of British people in front, should I charge the front to die Not only On the front, there are now British people in all directions, and the British and French allied forces have invested fifty one divisions in the Somme, unless you have the ability to defeat that many troops.What Wang Weiyi wants to do most now is to rush to Xiao Ling, and then put this A damn computer smashed to pieces.Analyzing Fortunately, Xiaoling s joint restore gummies with cbd following words gave Wang Weiyi a glimmer of hope You may be able to try your luck in the east.There is the Prince Soberk camp of the British army.If you can pass there, Maybe you can break away along Beash Of course, if you are captured, you don t have to worry about it, it s still relatively comfortable to live in a British prisoner of war smilz broad spectrum cbd gummies 300mg cbd gummies hemp seal camp, and you can come back when the war is over.

Wang Weiyi listened quietly, and he began to believe that it is true that there are very cbd gummies non thc few excellent lawyers in Germany in this era.With Marklin s performance, how can he put himself on the pillar of shame For a full 20 minutes, Marklin was seen performing there, and Wang Weiyi cbd gummies non thc did not protest or refute.Finally, Marklin finished what he had to say, and then respectfully said to Felix Dear Marquess of Yoxor, there is no doubt that Baron Alexon is guilty of treason, and I beg you to convict him , it will be entirely at your discretion whether to exile or hang him Felix s eyes fell on Wang Weiyi Baron Alexon, do you admit to these allegations No, I deny these false allegations Wang Weiyi stood up.Everyone s attention was on him, and everyone knew Baron Ernst Alexon von Brahm was about to defend himself.

It must be that Shamoksky who informs, I have to find a way to get them out.147.Mistanov s commission I have to find a way to rescue them.Mistanov s face was full of desire Of course, and my property, otherwise I would really have nothing.I went to question Samoksky, but he refused to admit it, this gentleman just overheard our dispute, and he told me that you can help me, that you can do anything Wang Weiyi ruthlessly He gave Richthofen a ruthless look.This damned red baron is just asking for trouble.Just as he was about to refuse, Xiao Ling s voice sounded Walker, you have to help him, this man will It is useful, and it can be of great use What is the use Wang Weiyi is a little puzzled, but under normal circumstances Xiaoling s judgment will not be wrong.Thinking about it Mista Mr.Nove, is it to rescue all your family and property My family must be rescued.

A carriage ran over him, and all the information he collected disappeared, and we have no way of finding out the identity of the spy Wang Weiyi interrupted and asked It has been a long time since the Russo Japanese War, why do you suddenly think of this spy now We investigated for three years, but found nothing.Later, there was a major personnel change in the Intelligence Bureau, and gradually no one brought up this case.Shamokski looked gloomy However, since last year, our intelligence has been leaked one after another.Whether it is the Germans, the British, or the Japanese themselves, they can always know what we are doing.Baron Alexon, I have experienced the Russo Japanese War, and I have experienced leaks.With my intuition, I know that the super spy has appeared again Wang Weiyi suddenly became interested in this super spy.

At an opportune time, Akashi hinted at Riley s danger and recommended him to serve Japan.Back in the office that day, Reilly searched the assistant s drawers and found a cipher index and a half encrypted telegram.The next day he found an excuse to send his wife back to London, and then went to Japan What s even more frightening is that before leaving, he killed the Russians who had doubts about him, and then successfully used the carriage Killed Manderov who was about to find out his true identity A ruthless person, Wang Weiyi thought in his heart, and then he listened carefully to Xiao Ling s words In Tokyo, Riley quickly got in touch with the liaison officer of the Japanese spy agency, and asked him It provides very detailed information on Russia s defense and navy in Lushunkou and other areas.

Kuglala doesn t recognize them either.The person who recognizes them is Sidney Reilly.Kugla couldn t help trembling You found another cbd gummy review wife and lived well in the United States, why did you take the risk of coming back Wang Weiyi stared at the super spy in front of him I think there must be something you can t let go of in Germany and Russia, which made you take the risk to come back.As for why you went to the Berlin Gambling Club Maybe you haven t participated in this kind of activity for a long time, and your hands are itchy again The psychology of a gambler is really hard to understand Kuglara shook his head I m not Sidney Riley, no.I ve never even heard the name.Wang Weiyi smiled Of course you don t have to admit it, but I know that the intelligence agencies of Japan, Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom are looking for you everywhere.

The Russian girl stood up carefully, and walked in front of Wang Weiyi with a face full of horror.She lowered her head, but still didn t dare to look at him Don t be afraid, as long as you don t resist, I won t hurt you.Wang Weiyi said calmly.The girl s nervousness was relieved a little What s your name Wang Weiyi tried to make his voice sound pleasant.Anna Yugari Semyonov.Anna Wang Weiyi had to struggle to hear what she said Do you often go to Kasmidov Yes, sir.Every time I need someone to transport supplies Wang Weiyi nodded Do you know the name of the officer on the other side Yes, sir.Every time The same person checked us, his name is Stepan Seeing that the officer did not seem to have any malicious intentions, Anna gradually became more courageous.Wang Weiyi smiled Anna, I need you to do us a favor, take us to Kasmidov.

Desimov is the one to focus on, he has a lot of prestige among the Russians in Paris, and it s even possible to dig up some very valuable intelligence from himbut.Obviously, there is nothing worth celebrating in the past few months Seeing that the major was a little dissatisfied, Odinensky said hastily One more russell brand cbd gummies thing, a foreigner came to Desimov s place yesterday , It is said that he is a gem expert Gem expert Desimov didn t pay much attention What is he going to Desimov s I don t think there are any gems in a place full of poor people We don t know.Odinensky would not say that he also coveted gems That man is very young, but he is very generous.I heard that he gave Desimov a large sum of money.Qian Major De Sade paid a little attention What s his name It seemsit seems to be called Moyol Moyol Major De Sade suddenly became nervous, but then he comforted himself, he was too sensitive.

Has been interrupted by General Cassel Shut up, Captain I know what you guys want to do Ernst is still on the other side, isn t he You have made a plan from the beginning, Ernst, who is bold and reckless, does not implement the retreat order, but insists on teaching the Americans a lesson You actually said it was to cover our retreat He wanted to deceive the enemy and retreat from Feixinan and Serrier, but his real purpose was to forcibly charge the pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies Marne River Bridge Captain, am I right Yes.General, we You guys General Cassel said coldly You are going to rush through the French positions.Together with Ernst to occupy the Marne Bridge again, right Yes, General Rommel straightened his body cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg Not only that, we are also going to blow up the Marne River Bridge It was a total blow up General Cassel and his staff were stunned there.

The big field fell.There are actually red eyed German advisers holding guns Rushed to the front line, forgetting the duties of command and coordination.Once the German adviser is sacrificed, the troops will lose their command, and there is no retreat route given to the troops in advance, so the defense line of the Communist Party will completely collapse.You must avoid such a thing Happened Understood.It was the first time that Wang Weiyi was so willing to accept the task assigned to him by the base Ensure the big field, ensure that the defense line will not collapse prematurely, and cover the army s retreat.The question is, where are my troops Walking Or, think of a way for yourself, this mission is codenamed Deathmaker , there are many defeated Chinese soldiers on the Songhu battlefield, and you don t have a skeleton commando to command now.

Those who were not afraid of death rushed out with Ouyang Yu and others those who were afraid of death jumped out of their positions in a flash of enthusiasm.Fear of death on the battlefield is nothing to be ashamed of.Everyone has had such a time.But once the environment around you is full of desperate people, you will naturally be infected by them.For example, it looks like this now The violent grenade just now made R himself unable to react at all, but now, Chinese soldiers suddenly rushed in front of him.Now, superiority in weapons is less important than who survives the fight.To be honest, during this period, the Japanese army s individual bayonet fighting skills far surpassed that of Chinese soldiers, and they all received strict training in bayonet fighting.But the problem now is R himself was beaten into a daze The flank was attacked, and the life and death of the captain was uncertain.

Now.It s time for revenge The head that was once lowered can be raised high again His big knife had already cut down two devils, and when he was about to rush towards the third devil, his vest suddenly felt cold, and then Fu Dezhang knew he was injured.And it hurts badly Fu Dezhang did something unimaginable to the Japanese soldiers who attacked him behind him he rushed forward suddenly, and pulled himself out of the bayonet then.Fu Dezhang turned around, roared wildly, and the sword fell fiercely on the Japanese soldier s head Blood splattered all over his head and face, and a head was cut in half abruptly cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review Fu Dezhang laughed loudly Kill Kill His left rib was in great pain again.Fu Dezhang grabbed the bayonet, bleeding.It flowed from his hand He didn t seem to feel it at all, grabbed the bayonet, and pulled it violently towards his side The bayonet stabbed deeper And the Japanese soldier was pulled in front of Fu Dezhang involuntarily.

He was always there too.Hannah sighed softly Father never showed his feelings in front of others, but there were a few times, I remember when I was a child, I slept at night No, when I get up, the light in the living room is always on.I secretly look at my father and find him crying quietly Do you know, general, in my impression, my father is so strong, I heard that even though we were defeated, my father firmly told everyone that one day Germany will rise again I asked him why he was crying, and he hugged me and cbd gummies non thc said that he lost a best brotherand when I grew up, I realized that his best brother was General Ernst Everyone misses him Stark also began to be emotional.But Kroller said loudly General, I think does cbd gummies help sexually cbd gummies non thc we should shift our thoughts on the Baron to the great cause of revenge for him Every German misses the Skeleton Baron, every German respects the Skeleton Baron, but we will not be sad, we will only use the most furious iron fist to complete the unfinished glory of General Ernst Conquer all of Europe Stark smiled slightly.

Yes, where are you from I have lived in the Ziguang military base since I was a child, and traveled through time and space with the walkers since I was a child, and then went to complete tasks one by one.But where are you from Guo Yunfeng shook his head I don t know Fu Yu thought it was the officer who refused to tell him.He said to himself I am from Shanghai.I was born in Shanghai, grew up in Shanghai, and went to school.My father works as a comprador in a foreign firm in Japan Guo Yunfeng s eyelids twitched, Fu Yu hurriedly said Don t get me wrong, sir.Although my father did things for cbd gummies non thc R himself, but after 18, his father came out of R s own foreign firm.Now he has opened a company in Hong Kong and has never been with R himself.I do business.Well Guo Yunfeng didn t know why he would talk to a little girl.

Don t make a mess Don t make a mess, find a place to hide Guo Yunfeng commanded while grabbing Fu Yu.Rushed into a small wood on the side.Two Japanese fighter planes appeared in the sky, and they rushed towards us viciously At this moment, two American made Hawker destroyers suddenly appeared in the sky That s the National Air Force The soldiers on the ground suddenly burst into thunderous cheers.On the Shanghai battlefield, the Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield when the Air Force suffered heavy losses, but now, they reappeared the Chinese Air Force The Hawk style appeared in the sky, and immediately, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the opportunity The air battle breaks out here Strings of bullets skittered in the air.Fire snake flurry.The four fighter planes tried their best to chase and strangle them in the air.

His mind seems to have returned to the days of bloody battles with his brothers Hey, Ernst Saint Ernst These voices rang in Wang Weiyi s ears one by one Unfortunately, Baron Alexon died in battle, just in Mongolia Faucon When he said this, Werner s expression was a little gloomy But some people say that Baron Alexon is not dead, side effects of cbd cannabidiol gummies without thc but missing.The head of state is looking for the baron like crazy AdolfWang Weiyi s heart cbd gummy vitamin surged with sweetness The head of state even erected a huge statue for the baron in cbd gummies non thc Berlin.Werner s voice was full of Worship Can you imagine, the F hrer erected a statue to a man If I could do that, I would have nothing to regret in my life Adolf, AdolfWang Weiyi silently chanted the name Does your father have any other friends What are they doing now Wang Weiyi asked pretending to be nonchalant.

How can you .

where can you get cbd gummies?

smell the slightest atmosphere of war here Wang Weiyi took off his woolen coat and top hat and handed them to the waiter, lit a cigarette, and observed the situation in the dance hall.Let s go, Manager Wang.Lu Mingzhai walked over.Wang Weiyi nodded, Oh, Boss Lu, I m so happy to see Nong.The manager of the ballroom walked up to him, patting his chest with one hand, as if confirming how happy he was.His eyes fell on Wang Weiyi, and he yelled again Oh, this gentleman has martha stewart cbd gummy box never seen him before, and he looks old.Manager Wang, this is Manager Zhao from the ballroom.Great style.Lu Mingzhai smiled haha Manager Zhao, the old position, is Boss Qiao here Here, come, I ll invite him to come and see you.After sitting down, he saw On a table not far away, a very pretty young woman wearing a sky blue cheongsam, showing her curves, was smiling and talking to him, while looking at him.

Lieutenant Colonel Beyer, what are you trying to do Seeing so many soldiers, Tang Weihong couldn t help worrying about Mr.Mystery.Ah, I don t know too well.Lieutenant Colonel Beyer shrugged I received an order from Mr.Consul General to immediately arrest the person inside and hand him over to R himself.You know, I m just an executor You can t do this Tang Weihong yelled loudly.I m sorry, Miss Tang, I can t do anything.Lieutenant Colonel Beye waved his hand Take Miss Tang to the back to rest.Send someone in to make the Chinese inside surrender immediately.However, the soldiers in charge of persuading them to surrender have not yet approached , There was already a gunshot in the ballroom, and then the people inside said in fluent French French, do you think you can catch or kill me I m willing to bet a hundred francs.

At least in my impression, that is A big boy who is shy in everything he says and does.Oh, cbd cbn gummies Ma am, have you seen the F hrer Roosevelt asked curiously.Yes.Mrs.Rorisa did not deny it It was a long time ago, and the war was still going on.I went to Germany to visit a friend of mine, and I met Adolf Hitler by chance.People change.Roosevelt said this, and then laughed Why should we argue about this What happened in Germany happened in Europe, not in the United States.Let s talk about something more interesting.Hermione said There is one interesting thing Tomorrow is my birthday Ah, I wish you a happy birthday.Roosevelt and Bankhead said at the same time.Thank you.Hermione nodded very politely I will hold a masquerade ball in my manor, are cbd gummies 25 cbd gummkes certifed puee cnd blend the President and Mr.Speaker interested in attending I swear no one can refuse such an invitation.

Just when Xiao Ling and the others thought that Wang Weiyi was about to return to Changshu, Wanderer suddenly asked, Xiao Ling, do you think that Riley is going to return to Changshu now still beautifulThe country is alive and well Yes, he s living a decent life in Washington now, and occasionally engages in espionage activities, but most of them are of a fun nature.There s still time, go to the United States, I have to find Riley.Wang Weiyi thought for a while and said.This time Xiaoling didn t have any objection Also, Guo Yunfeng and Elena cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review s bodies should be given a comprehensive inspection.Can the repair cabin fully cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg restore the body functions , I don t know very well yet, their safety must be ensured, and the inspection and repair time for this time is three days.I think you can stay in the United States for three days.

Qiao Zhihe muttered But why do you have to have Yamaguchi Hong to change I like this person.Wang Weiyi joked with haha In short, you brought this to Satomi Fu.Speaking of which, thisyou are by my cbd gummies non thc side Someone, call, call His eyes just fell on Zhang Sandao passing by Call Zhang Sandao Ah, Zhang Sandao, got it.Qiao Zhihe read the name again What about opium You won t let us burn it, but we have bought a lot of opium from cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review Li Jianfu.If Qiao Zhihe didn t talk about this, Wang Weiyi almost forgot In a few days, I will send someone to receive this batch of opium, and you ask Li Jianfu to send a group of Japanese military police to escort this batch of opium out of Shanghai.Qiao Zhihe s eyes widened Are you insane, to let Li Jianfu escort you Is there anything wrong I m sure Satoshi would do that.

He couldn t believe that he could see him here.He rubbed full spectrum cbd gummies 50g each his eyes, how could it be possible to look carefully How can HCMUSSH cbd gummies non thc it be How could he be so young after all these years Illusion, it must be an illusion, but he was a little unwilling to give cost of cbd gummies for ed up.He tentatively called out Brother Xiaohua.The officer didn t respond, and the young man let out a what are side effects from eating cbd gummies sigh of relief, saying, Brother Xiaohua wants to live, and he looks just like him at his own age, Guo Yunfeng.The sacks are all taken away, what do I use there Zhang Sandao came over aggressively, looking like he was about to quarrel.The three words Guo Yunfeng reached the young man s ears, and he stood there stiffly as if struck by lightning, Zhang Sandao, there are many sacks, you won t go find them yourself typical.Succeed, Guo Yunfeng, you have the guts, I m not playing with you Zhang Sandao was about to drag him to the traveler s seat.

The squadrons in the defense line fortifications of various countries have completed combat preparations.On the afternoon of the 31st, Xue Yue, the former commander in chief of the enemy, issued an order all departments must stick to their positions, and no retreat is allowed without orders from superiors.Those who give up their position without authorization will be shot to death Those who shake the morale of the army will be shot to cbd gummies non thc death Xue Yue acted aggressively this time.On the 31st, a division commander panicked under the bombing of the Japanese plane and fled the position with several cronies, resulting in the lack of command of the division and almost collapsed.After Xue Yue found out, he immediately led the law enforcement team to arrest the teacher and shot him on the spot A division commander died under the order of shoot to kill.

He hurriedly walked towards the division headquarters, Accept me Did he really say he wanted to receive me Ludwig, who was rushing here, thought he had heard wrong.Yes.He said he wanted to see you.Colonel Van der Wig said with a wry smile, General, it s embarrassing.I dare not disobey his orders I don t know why.Ludwig muttered.However, his footsteps stopped suddenly, and he saw something it was a huge banner Ludwig thought he was wrong, rubbed his eyes, and took a few steps forward, only then was he sure that he was right That is the skull battle flag Oh my god.Ludwig swore he couldn t be wrong.This skeleton battle flag was dedicated to Baron Alexon by himself, and disappeared along with the baron during the Battle of Montforkon.But how could it appear here now He also saw that Ludwig s body suddenly swayed and almost fell down.

Just like what he said, when the countess was popular all over Europe with her own charm, Adolf Hitler was just a corporal who followed Ernst Brehm to have the opportunity to enter the count s manor.Housekeeper Depsey, how are you, Countess Adolf Hitler asked very carefully.she s fine.That s good, you can let the countess return to Germany, and tell her that Baron Alexon will be back soon.Ah, I really should think about whether Germany should restore the nobility.After Adolf Hitler finished speaking, he turned his head again Videlio Housekeeper Videlio, can I sit in the baron s room as before Please, Mr.Adolf.Videlio stepped aside.What happened to him Dempsey couldn t help asking when Hitler left.I m used to it.Videlio sighed Since the baron disappeared, Adolf would come to the manor every month and sit alone in the baron s room for half an hour, and he didn t allow anyone to disturb him, even He still maintains this habit even after he became the head of the empire.

Riley poured two glasses of wine But I m doing a good job, right You tell me what I m doing.It s all done, and no one knows that the real leader of this piece of information is me.I have provided a lot of information to the national government, so that they can always grasp the movements of the Japanese themselves in the first time, but unfortunately, I can t receive it from them.to the penny The money I gave you is enough for you to open several more casinos like this.Wang Weiyi took the drink and sat down on Riley s seat Sidney, you did a good job in Russia.Then Of course.Riley s words were not without complacency I think you also know that I started to cooperate with the Russians and the Japanese themselves, and then started my spy career.In Russia, I have a lot of connections, and many high ranking officials are My friend.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.Somewhat hemp oil gummies with cbd strangely, the Soviet Union and Germany are at war, but both countries have given a large amount of assistance.What about you, Mr.Officer Anna said immediately, You have messed up the war.We surrounded so many enemies in Demyansk, but because of your appearance, 200,000 enemies jumped out of the encirclement, Comrade Silin is very angry.Ah, if he knows you are here, he will be happy to arrest you.Wang Weiyi is not afraid at all I am here, you can call and send your people to arrest me now.I won t, I will betray cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review anyone, but I will never betray you.Anna shook her head slightly and said, I will never betray you.Wang Weiyi was a little grateful.Well, at least you can tell me that you must have something important to what is cbd chill gummies come to Moscow to meet me at such a risk, right cbd gummies non thc Anna quickly guessed the real purpose of Wang Weiyi s coming here.

In a word, he attracted everyone s attention.How is he now Has his body been found In Stalin s mind, Marshal Timoshenko has already died in battle.And he must die in battle.Besides, he cannot accept any end No, Comrade Stalin Bei Lia said cautiously Not only did he not die in battle, but he is about to return to Moscow The atmosphere suddenly became extremely dignified Stalin didn t say a word.He put on a pipe and kept smoking there.This is the time everyone is most afraid of After a while, there is no sign The imaginary thunderstorm.Stalin said slowly Tell me, what is going on.Yes.Comrade Stalin.Belia, who had been waiting all this time, said immediately Everything came back with him, as well as Comrade Warwork, Chief of Staff of the Southwest Front Army, Comrade Belekov, Brigadier Commander of the Guard Brigade, and some officers and soldiers.

In a short period of time, he has already performed very well.He won all this for himself by his own ability.However, now Roosevelt has no choice but to smile at William What s the matter, what happened again Deputy Director Frank is here.He asked me to inform you that there are two more Two scientists have been kidnapped.William s words made Roosevelt s eyelids twitch Two more Damn it, Hoover, what are your agents doing Mr.President, I can t help it.Hoover said nervously The FBI has too many responsibilities, and there are so many scientists who need our protection.We simply don t have enough manpower.Besides, it s the first time I ve heard of the Manhattan Project.He didn t continue, but Roosevelt knew exactly what he wanted to say.Hoover didn t even know cbd gummies non thc that there was such a top secret plan before, and he didn t know the importance of those scientists.

Baron, why do you like to drink Chinese tea Maybe I have a relationship with China.Wang Weiyi shrugged Hermione, you can t call me Baron here, you have to call me Moyol, Mr.Moyol.But Zexi released another 100,000 shares Eat it, eat it all.Elliott Ah, I have to call you Garcia.No matter how much Dan Zexi releases, pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies it will be cbd gummies non thc eaten, and there is no need to report to me.Yes, ma am.Instead of being hit to 30 according to cbd gummies non thc Claire s plan, Berlane s stock was strongly pushed up to 48 In this competition, Berlane s stock actually rose by 6 Claire s face became a little ugly He said 200,000 shares, sell another 200,000 shares I want to see how does cbd gummies help sexually cbd gummies non thc much money Jinrank still has Claire, why do I have some bad premonitions Aisan looked a little worried.Yemilat also said, Yeah, did Jinrank get any financial support Take it easy, my friend.

When our reasonable demands cannot be met.We had to choose the situation of war.Germany does not want to see blood flow in Europe, Germany does not want to see life lost on the battlefield.We are willing to end wars in more peaceful and civilized ways, but that is not up to us.I would like to appeal to our enemies to sit down with a rational attitude and conduct a rational negotiation.Bombs can t solve all the problems, and civilized Europe doesn t need to use artillery fire to satisfy each other s demands The common enemy of Europe should be those who try to destroy human civilization Now, he expressed Germany s peace wishes in this way.He believed that the British, French, and Americans would soon hear his speech.When this message was conveyed, Wang Weiyi immediately changed the subject But if someone insists on carrying the war to the end, Germany will not flinch in the slightest.

The Turk took the pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies manuscript in fear, and then read cbd gummies non thc it out word by word under the threat of gunpoint Joblu s German nationals are being massacred by shameless thugs, and anti German forces cbd gummies stopped at post office are spreading across Chobleu We can t HCMUSSH cbd gummies non thc take it anymore, as of this evening, a hundred German expatriates have died at the hands of the mob Arise, wake cbd gummies non thc where can you get cbd gummies up, German expats Revolt for our survival This is the so called Joblu Uprising , also known as Joblu Massacre Night.Captain, many police are coming here.A subordinate came in and pointed to the outside.Judging from his expression, he seemed to have no idea what fear is Benz, you look at them here, continue to let He kept calling on the radio repeatedly, if they make any move, I approve you to kill them.Klingenberg said nonchalantly Others, come with me, we have to hold here until Marshal Ernst arrives.

But Inonu felt relieved.Although the Germans put forward such harsh conditions, they still verified his idea Germany is absolutely unwilling to have a full scale war with Turkey And then, the information that made Inonu even more delighted also reached his hands The German army has completely withdrawn from Sakarya and Yenishexie Yes, the German army does not want to continue to expand the war.They think that their purpose of threatening force has been achieved.Now, the two HCMUSSH cbd gummies non thc sides can sit down and negotiate.At this time, Inonu was confident, and the Germans were not stupid.Once Ankara was threatened with fall, the British and Russians would never sit idly by.At that time, Germany may fall into the quagmire of war.Inonu made two decisions first, he sent a plenipotentiary representative to conduct difficult negotiations with Kahn Order.

God, these two are real magicians When Wang Weiyi telegraphed his decision to command in Ankara to the senior German officers, Dietrich and General Kepler were dumbfounded.Baron is really crazy He said he was going to do something, and what he was doing turned out to be in Ankara Not only that.Now he will command the German offensive in Ankara Is there anything more incredible than this in the world But now the Baron is in Ankara, for the Baron.The German army must advance regardless Take down Ankara as fast as you can Dietrich and General Kepler quickly formulated a plan, and the sooner they arrived in Ankara, the sooner they could rescue the Baron.In order to achieve this goal, the 1st SS Adolf Hitler Guards Banner Division and the 2nd SS Reich Division must arrive at the designated battlefield as navan cbd gummies soon as possible.

Wang cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg Weiyi smiled and shook his head You and I are responsible for different tasks, so that we can regain control of the battlefield.Rommel has no choice, who can stop Ernst Hey, why didn t you invite us to the meeting At this time, a voice mixed with blunt German and Italian came from outside.It s General Rota of the Italian Army.Rommel whispered.Is it finally time to face the Italians again General Rota strode in with a very dissatisfied expression on his face Marshal Rommel, I heard that you are making a new strategic deployment.Could it be that the Italian generals have been Have you been abandoned General Rota, I am not in command of the Afrika Korps now, but our Marshal Ernst Brahm, Rommel introduced solemnly.Skeleton Baron General Rota gasped.Baron Skeleton is a guy that Italians will never forget.

At this time, this once confident man, The British lieutenant general, who felt that the last chance to defeat the Skeleton Baron was at hand, was completely in chaos.He loudly asked the high command to provide reinforcements to him immediately, but in a short period of time, General Alexander and Montgomery could not give him any reinforcements at all and the British high command finally faintly aware of his own intelligence There is a major problem with the system.The fighter , who has always been able to produce the most accurate information, provided the British with none of the information before the outbreak of the war.What happened The situation on the battlefield is no longer for the British to consider carefully.Wang Weiyi has decided to end the battle before dark today Here is the main force of the British.

Now is the time to settle accounts.And even at this time, the Soviet Union and Britain are still full of irreconcilable contradictions.In early 1942, Iran accepted the Triple Alliance Treaty.In fact, this new ally was divided up by Britain and the Soviet Union.In the south they occupied, the British supported tribal forces and opposed the central government in the north they occupied, the Soviet Union yum yum gummies cbd reviews supported the People s Party.Now that the Germans are here, it s time to end this Those diplomats blood will not be shed in vain, and neither will the Germans blood .In the Second Battle of Alamein , about 15,200 German soldiers were killed, missing, and captured.In order to win the victory, this price is completely worth it.It has always been the tradition of the German army to win more with less.

Everyone is extremely excited.They have fought with the Skeleton Baron more than once, and what they have brought them is countless glory.Now, it is time to make a grandiose note in the honor book November 15th.The Battle of Cairo entered the most tragic stage.On that day, the German army launched many assaults.The Allies stopped the German attack at a heavy cost.After every offensive and defensive battle, all that is left on the battlefield are broken parts of tanks and shocking corpses.The efforts of the German army were not in vain.They stubbornly seized several main positions and posed a great threat to the clinical cbd gummies scam Allied forces.And Montgomery also launched several counterattacks in a timely manner.In an attempt to regain these key positions, the attacking Allied forces were also met with fierce sniping from the German army.

The United States still understands the cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg principle of dead lips and cold teeth Well, under such circumstances.What Wang Weiyi can do is to make full use of the favorable opportunity of the great victory in North Africa to force Britain to sit down and negotiate so that Germany can devote all its energy to the war against Russia.And now all this is going on according to Wang Weiyi s vision This is what Wang Weiyi told Adolf Hitler.The unprecedented victory in North Africa not only stimulated the German people, but also stimulated Hitler.Iran has also been captured, which draws a line across the battlefield.And during the period when Ernst Brahm left temporarily.Germany is not idle either.According to Baron Alexon s instructions, a large number of scientific research expeditions rushed to the German occupied areas.

The floor he was on had been cleared, so everyone proceeded cautiously down the stairs.The commandos saw two dead paratroopers lying at the foot of the stairs, riddled with bullets.There was a passage ahead of the stairs, but the passage had been cordoned off by a waist high protective wall of sandbags and a heavy machine gun erected by the Russians.Three Soviet soldiers cbd gummies non thc fell dead behind the sandbags.Their bodies and the walls on both sides were blackened by gunpowder smoke, apparently the result of the grenade explosion.Heisenberg saw some paratroopers firing their guns a little further down the aisle, but he couldn t see what they were shooting.Heisenberg rushed forward, and a paratrooper motioned him to wait.One of the commandos threw a grenade in sunset organic cbd gummy bears the enemy s direction, and everyone immediately retreated behind the wall to avoid the shock wave of the explosion.

The British cabinet was extremely embarrassed and refused to reply, pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies so de Gaulle ordered to stop all contacts with the British government, and retired to the countryside on March 18.Now the British cabinet had to make concessions again.Because since de Gaulle delivered the famous June 18 speech, he has actually become the spiritual leader of the entire French resistance force, and his subsequent arduous efforts have consolidated his irreplaceable position in Free France.The Lord of the Admiralty was forced to compromise.On March 23, they informed de Gaulle that the British government no longer insisted on the original opinion, and promised that the admiral would not have any contact with the personnel of the Free French Navy within 30 days cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg Since then, Miselier has disappeared from the political arena.

Baron, I miss you You also have your own beliefs, if you were in my position, would you choose to surrender I will not be in your position.Wang Weiyi s answer was full of domineering I am sure I will not fail, and I will Can t fail.So now we are discussing your problem, not mine.Lindelof shook his head, he had never seen such a domineering Marshal Well, I admit that I am a loser now.Lindelof tried his best to calm down his tone But a loser who is about to have his own dignity, doesn t he Mr.Baron, you can Shoot me, hang me, but you can t betray my loyalty to the Bolsheviks.These words are just making excuses for yourself.Wang Weiyi said unceremoniously When it comes to your doctrine, I probably know it better than you.Profound.I think if my guess is correct, with the defeat of Erklin, first, Moscow will strictly block the news second, they will continue to drink the same as they did after the Battle of Kharkov, eagerly Do you want to find a scapegoat Who will this scapegoat be Ah, I think it must be you.

Now, all the roads have been paved The truck carrying the special unit and the hostages is slowly driving on the streets of Moscow.Halfway through the start, a huge explosion sounded in the east of Moscow.The good show has begun, isn t it Sidney Riley, who was sitting next to Wang Weiyi, shrugged and said.Yeah, the fun has begun Wang Weiyi smiled Reilly, you must not forget what I told you, and it must be completed before the end of the Battle of Stalingrad Yes, baron, but I hope my money can be remitted to my account in the Swiss bank in time.Riley said easily.You can get everything you want.Wang Weiyi looked forward Okay, you can send it to us.I hope to hear good news from you in Stalingrad.Stalin, who will die Come with your victory These were Riley s last words before getting out of the car.

Everyone has become a ghost in the night.In fact, it is not really a dark night.The blazing fire ignites the battlefield, and when the two sides approach.They can even see how to make homemade cbd gummies each other s faces clearly.The jumping bullet pierced the jumping heart, and the sharp bayonet cut open the artery flowing with blood When the pierced soldier fell down.Not only was there no regret and fear, but he also breathed a sigh of reliefGo to the fucking war, don t bother me again, HCMUSSH cbd gummies non thc just let me sleep here A large number of German snipers appeared directly in front, and this place became their hunting battlefield.Those running figures are their prey Aim then shoot and then, a life is mercilessly taken away Without the thrill of success, God knows if I will be the next target to be hunted down The Russians obviously still can t adapt to the assault methods of the German commandos.

A well deserved death.To die is to die vigorously.Now.All the tactics on the battlefield are useless, it depends on who can continue to hold on to the last minute of the soldiers on both sides.In the place closest to the enemy, more than two thirds of the troops under Wang Weiyi s command suffered casualties, especially the soldiers of the engineer battalion.They quickly regarded themselves as real commandos and fought the enemy tenaciously.They suffered a lot of casualties, but they refused to take a step back And here, they have nothing but the miracle skeleton baron.Also has two miraculous tanks s21 and s22.It is a miracle among miracles that these two German tanks have fought unscathed so far.But their life was not easy.Just now, the two tanks had fired their last shells.Wittman, Brandt, and everyone in the tank jumped out of their beloved tank.

Vasilevsky said helplessly Right now, Moscow is also short of troops, and once Stalingrad is lost, the German army will soon launch an attack on Moscow, and Moscow also needs strength to defend.Our source of troops is not Really endlessEven if Moscow can really mobilize troops, it will be too late Khrushchev fell silent.Now, it s all up to me.But the main force of the Stalingrad Front was surrounded.What else could one hope for Ask Marshal Budyonny to move closer to Stalingrad immediately.Maybe he can bring us some help.Vasilevsky settled down No matter what, we must hold on to Stalingrad It s not just about fighting for honor, but we must buy enough time for the defense of Moscow.Yes, Comrade Commander in Chief.Khrushchev said this, and suddenly remembered something Should we send A capable army, go to rescue Marshal Voroshilov Him Vasilevsky s face showed a trace of sarcasm You said that even if we can rescue him, he can still Will you survive Khrushchev understood immediately When the battle broke out, Voroshilov got everything he asked for.

And this officer, when he meets a senior officer, the senior officer will also tell them the same thing.But what is the real situation like The Soviet Army is about to fail The time has come to test a senior general like Shumilov.In the early morning of April 30, 1943, Shumilov issued such an order All officers and soldiers of the 64th Army.Leave your trenches and launch the most heroic charge against German fascism It looks very irrational.But in fact, this is Shumilov s last resort Hang out with your enemies especially when you re out of ammo and food Or, this is the only way out for the Russians The Russians are desperate After hearing the news on the battlefield, Wang Weiyi quickly cbd gummies non thc made his own judgment Their ammunition has been exhausted.Exhausted, they must endure our tragic artillery attack, they are not stupid to charge Then what should we do now Model asked aside.

Chuikov adopted exactly the same method as Shumilov, in the case of complete loss of artillery support.It must be tightly attached to the German army to minimize the German artillery advantage.This is very helpless, but very effective method.Even if the German soldiers tried their best.It also couldn t stop the waves of the Russians charge.They had to pull the trigger in their hands non stop for a second to be able to barely stop the enemy Some Soviet troops finally approached the German army after almost half of them were killed or injured, so more brutal hand to hand combat broke out.It s just that there are too few Russians who can rush up.When they rushed into the German positions, they found that they were surrounded by groups.What they are facing is a new round of massacre When a small battle is over.

Leonie, why do you say that Hermione was very strange The more and more developed traffic, let Germany and the United States The distance between them is getting shorter and shorter, and now Germany and the cbd gummies non thc United States maintain a very good relationship, as long as you want, you can come back anytime and anywhere No, I can t explain why, anyway, I I have this feeling, after returning to Germany this time, we will never see each other again.Leonie said in a daze I know the Baron, when the victory comes, he will leave quietlyyou know what When he left for summer valley cbd gummies owner the first time, I waited for him for nearly twenty yearsTwenty long years, I endured loneliness, lonelinessI have no way to wait for the next one Twenty years have passed, so I decided that no matter where the baron goes, I will always follow him.

Flags will be replanted all over the world.At the end of his speech, he told Beria and those guards who are still loyally protecting themselves until now, their mission has been completed, and from now on, there is no need for them to continue fighting, they can do make whatever choice they think is right.As for Stalin himself, he told the guards that he needed a good rest Beria knew what his leader wanted to do, and for the first time he opposed Stalin s demands on him and does cbd gummies help sexually cbd gummies non thc insisted on staying in the Here, I accompanied Stalin through the last part of his life.Stalin agreed.There have been faint gunshots coming in.At about this time, the German army had already begun to attack.Stalin lit his pipe, signaled Beria to close the door, and then said slowly Comrade Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria.Thank you for being with me during these last days.

brahm.When the new world order was re established, the skeleton baron who led all this Wang Weiyi, was ready to leave here.His mission in this time and space has been completed, and the new evolution of the Ziguang military base has also been completed.Soon, a brand new and unknown time and space will usher in these uninvited guests.Ziguang military base began to run slowly, three days later.It will officially complete all preparations before the shuttle.The y element that Wang Weiyi obtained one after another in various time and space is re radiating the power of radiation, and has completed a wonderful intercourse with the first y element There is something that Wang Weiyi can t imagine at all.After Xiaoling obtained Sophie s body, the Ziguang military base was temporarily closed for thirty cbd gummies non thc days.

This is not an honor that ordinary people can get. As for the guy who can use two swords Guo Yunfeng, although he performed extremely well on the battlefield yesterday, best cbd gummies for hip pain not many people believed that he would be able to defeat the beast Marris.Even the Germanians didn t know how to call his name .

does purekana cbd gummies really work?

on the battlefield.It is really difficult for them to pronounce the three characters Guo Yunfeng. Even though the battle hadn t started yet, Marris marched with the victor s footsteps, followed by the cheers of countless Roman soldiers, and came to the duel arena.According to legend, the giant sword in his hand killed about 30 gladiators.Every time it appeared, it always represented death and killing.He top rated cbd gummies cbd gummies non thc was tall and tall, and the scars all over his body showed off his numerous victories.In contrast, Guo Yunfeng standing opposite him seemed a little too inconspicuous.

Pompey also repatriated the captured pirates to their respective countries, or moved them to live in distant places in the South China Sea for resettlement.Pompey brilliantly completed the task of calming down the pirates in only 3 months.The sea trade, which had been stagnant for a long time, was restored, the safety of Italy and the countries along the Mediterranean Sea was guaranteed, and the control of the Mediterranean Sea was returned to Rome.At the beginning of 66 BC, the Citizens Assembly passed the tribunes, which also strongly supported the proposal of Manilius that Pompey led troops to destroy the pirates, and appointed Pompey as the commander in chief to fight against the capital king Mithradates VI, replacing Luculus, who had achieved great results in the war with the king of the capital, took over his army.

Servius noticed that Wang Weiyi s face was gloomy, and he hurriedly said No, Krasicius, I have important things here, and I will wait until later Sing to me your masterpiece.Ah, it turns out that the respected Spurius is also there.Only then did Krasicius discover Wang Weiyi, and he seemed a little regretful This was written by my sudden inspiration.I thought you couldn t wait to hear it Since you have something to do now, it doesn t matter, my friends and I will wait for you outside.When he left, Wang Weiyi s face became even more ugly Servius, these friends of yours can t stay here any longer, especially Krasicius.Praise your feats, satirize Pompey and his son of unknown origin This will cause you endless trouble.When Pompey, the loser, heard these poems, there was no room for redemption.

But what they don t know is that a group of ghosts are always swimming around them that is Wang Weiyi and his attack team Under Guo Yunfeng s meticulous training, although the frontal confrontation ability was still not comparable to that of the Romans, the attack ability of the Germans had been greatly improved compared to before.They know how to take advantage of their familiar terrain.Come and carry out continuous raids against the Romans, disintegrating the enemy s strength bit by bit.And those Roman scouting squads.It was their first .

can you fly with cbd gummies 2020?

target Wang Weiyi personally joined such an attack He and his team hid in the dark, hidden in the woods, patiently waiting for the arrival of those enemies.He has used this method countless times.Whether it was the British, French, or Japanese back then, they all suffered greatly from attacks like the Skeleton Baron.

Heilman was silent for a moment Go to the Germanic League His eyes slowly scanned his companions Now they are our last hope.I beseech the cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review merciful gods, who can make the people of the Germanic League forget my arrogance.I beseech the almighty gods, put all the suffering Add it all to me alone.The Germanic alliance has become the last hope of these Germanic people The breakout of pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies the Germanic people has begun Heilman did not betray his promise.He and his Saxons were at the forefront.They must do everything possible to fight a bloody way for their fellow men.They must use their own blood to atone for their wrong judgments.But where is the defensive position of the Romans so easy to break through Heilmann and his men fought hard again and again.But time and time again they were repulsed by the Romans.

If he is not willing to come back, then he will be the public enemy of Rome At that time, I can do whatever I want.Pompeo looked excited Spulius, my dear friend, how did you come up with this method Praise you, my friend.Tell me, if I can do it, what do you want from me in return I don t need anything, and cbd gummies non thc it is my greatest honor to be at your service.Wang Weiyi said lightly The more stable your power is, the more stable my position will be.In this sense, my interests and yours are completely involved.So your worries are my worries, and your joys are my joys.Pompey thought that he had found his most solid ally.The relationship between him and Spulius was even stronger than the alliance between him and Crassus and Case.Come here, just say I have something very important to see her.Pompey immediately issued such an order, and then he said to the Spriius gummy cbd watermelon slices MP Spulius, you have exchanged your loyalty for my greatest friendship.

Kroll listened carefully According to cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg In your estimation, how long can we hold on The outer line will be cbd gummies non thc lost in about half a month, and Berlin will directly face the Allied attack.Werner said frankly If we cannot get reinforcements, Berlin will do everything possible , and can t last for 60 days.The air defense warning sounded suddenly, but it didn t affect these people in the head of state s office.Kroller said slowly What about negotiations Is it possible to negotiate I m afraid it s impossible.F hrer.The first female foreign minister in German history, Hannah Sean, shook her head The Allies reject all Formal negotiations, now they have a huge advantage in their handsthe only condition they put forward is that Germany must surrender unconditionally As German soldiers, we will never surrender Werner said loudly F hrer, even at the last moment, we still have one weapon, the atomic bomb Atom bombs cannot be used.

You want to save Carus After getting an accurate answer, the smile on Gnapoli s face disappeared, and instead he said coldly How do you know I won t betray you Everyone in Dessau knows how close I am to the Americans.Those American military officers and cia agents often come to my home as guests.I know.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly And I also know that you are one of the very few German spies who have not revealed pure kana cbd gummy review their identity.Gnapoli finally smiled How many of you are here Four, but specific implementation actions.only me.Gnapoli was stunned by Wang Weiyi s answer, and it took him a long time to say, You are crazy.The Americans held Colonel Carus very strictly.A total of four American soldiers and two cia agents were detaining him and interrogating him around the clock.Do you want to rescue Colonel Cherus by yourself That s my business, Monsieur Gnapoli.

The sadness on Leoni s face completely disappeared, replaced by a bright smile Colonel, fortunately, you are not tall.Otherwise, you would not be able to get into such a small space.God, I don t know How did Major Joel come up with this method.Cherus still finds it inconceivable when he thinks about it now.He looked up and down the car in front of him Is this car custom made for you It was researched by the baron.When Leonie talked about the baron, her voice was full of pride He probably hasn t When I entered Dessau, I had already figured out a way to get out.Colonel Chelus shrugged, he really didn t expect that he was saved so easily The Baroness left, and Baron Preet was left alone.He is responsible for fulfilling his promise to unearth the treasure left by William II for Commodore Jonson and Major Davyn.

In fact, in the new chapter being written, the protagonist is about to return as a baron.Or to put it in more detail, after helping the German army through the most difficult stage, the protagonist will return as a baron.Finally, Begging for a monthly ticket again.808.Dog bites dog From the moment he entered Frankfurt, Wang Weiyi didn t seem to have any worries about how to get out of this heavily guarded city.No one knows where his strong confidence comes from, he even I also went to meet Colonel Kevic from the Americans.Colonel Kevic attached great importance to the information provided by the sudden appearance of Major Henri Ren Abel.After the Allied invasion of Germany, Goethe University was about 80 years old.was bombed, and the entire university was almost in ruins, and it was indeed a good place to hide.

Everyone Corporal Kambonan raised his head slightly higher.When he was about to give an order, he suddenly felt something passing through the side of his cheek, he was taken aback for a moment, and then fell to the ground covering his face and let out a miserable cry Oh, damn it, I Shot His mournful cry sounded so inarticulate a bullet went from one cheek to the other.Sergeant, don t move.An American soldier was trying to approach the corporal.But suddenly he fell to the ground.he died.Don t move, don t move.There are enemy snipers Corporal Kambonan shouted in an even more inaudible voice.But he used district edibles gummies cbd too much force, and the torn wound made him feel unbearable pain Sergeant Max put away his sniper rifle and quickly shifted his position.A good record, the opponent had one death and one injury, and this was just the beginning.

Lieutenant Jonas, Captain Manfred, can I trouble you to help me get rid of those two tanks Wang Weiyi said easily.It is my honor to serve you.Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen picked up the 72 bazooka, which is a pretty good weapon a powerful individual weapon developed by the Americans.It may have a different effect if used by the Germans The inner cylinder is pulled out, after the inner cylinder is locked into position.The firing mechanism is automatically attached to the rocket.I think the Americans will be mad.Amid Richthofen s laughter, rockets roared out.Almost at the same moment, the 72 bazooka in Guo Yunfeng s hand also roared.With two booms and booms , the huge tank stopped attacking at once.After a while, the tank s command tower was opened, and several tank soldiers jumped out in a panic.

It s time for us to counterattack.Now, I order that at 7 30 tonight, concentrate all artillery fire on the enemy s positions, and launch a counterattack on time at 8 00 Yes, I will fully carry out your orders, in the name of Ernst In the name of Ernst And this is exactly what Wang Weiyi wanted At 7 o clock, tell all the troops participating in the counterattack that I, Ernst Brahm, am back I must tell you again, it is the greatest honor of my life to fight side by side with you Eight hundred and twenty seven.The anger of Germany Before I recommanded the German army, I didn t know if I could lead them to survive such a difficult situation, but when I saw the high confidence of the German soldiers, look Seeing that my status in their hearts has not been lowered a bit, I cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review know that we will be able to succeed Generalissimo of the Army, Navy and Air Force of the German Empire Ernst Alexson von brahm.

Get in touch with your superior.Wang Weiyi thought for a cbd gummies non thc moment and said, Just say that you have killed all the Germans here, and will continue to follow the encounter plan.Lieutenant Colonel Naxon sighed and could only Do as the officer orders.What else can I do It wouldn t have happened if they weren t greedy and didn t want to kill more Germans.When Lieutenant Colonel Naxon sent a telegram to contact the headquarters, Wang Weiyi fell into deep thought.Who in the pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies end is constantly destroying Germany, and who is the murderer behind the scenes Eight hundred and thirty six.On the eve of the storm, Wang Weiyi decided to solve the mystery.It has broken away from the pursuit of cbd gummies non thc cbd gummies non thc the Allied forces and is infinitely close to Berlin.At this time, Wang Weiyi called Richthofen, Scherer, cbd gummies non thc and Lampden, and told them his thoughts carefully.

Here, Colonel Cherus has left some clues that maybe some mysteries will be solved.He walked into room 317 slowly, left everyone outside, and closed the door.Somewhere in room 317, Colonel Cherus left a clue.Wang Weiyi sat on the sofa and carefully looked at everything in the room.There is a painting hanging on the wall, which is Van Gogh s famous painting Man Smoking a Pipe.Of course, this is definitely not an authentic work, it is nothing more than a printing factory.Wang Weiyi noticed the direction of the smoke rising from the pipe, and someone tapped a point with a pen as a joke.Then his eyes turned upward, he stood up, took a stool, pushed open a movable ceiling in the portrait, and reached in again.When his hand retracted, there was already a small suitcase.Sitting back on the sofa again, he put the suitcase on the coffee table in front of him and opened it.

How much time is needed Because of the long freezing time, I need to check their physical condition and put them into the repair cabin for a comprehensive repair work.An optimistic estimate will take ten days.Yes, and I need to open all the core bases of the Constance base This, too, will take time.Wanderer, you must know that although you handed the password to Adolf Hitler before you left, the things you left behind are not that simple, and I also cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg need to check their performance.I will let Elena come to the base to assist me.Within ten to fifteen days, I can hand over your friends and the entire base to you.Wang Weiyi nodded There is another question, is it possible for the Allies to can you give your dog cbd gummies use nuclear weapons against Berlin This possibility is not ruled out, but one thing is that Berlin also has nuclear weapons.

The skeleton division and the US Second Armored Cavalry Division fought against each other at the beginning of the Battle of Berlin, and the two sides shed too much blood outside Berlin , Too many people died.Kerrett knew the Germans on the opposite side very well, and knew that they would never give up even at the last moment.Only by rushing into their capital and killing every soldier who captured them can they completely End this damn war.So, when Kreit showed up on the battlefield with his troops, he launched a ferocious attack without much adjustment.The German army s hard time has come Airplanes, cannons, and machine guns constitute the most magnificent scene on the battlefield.Blood was flying everywhere, and corpses were top rated cbd gummies cbd gummies non thc everywhere.Relying on superior firepower, the Allied forces launched charges again and again.

What made Corrett even more happy was that he finally forced Ernst Brahm to dispatch all the reserves he could.And, Ernst Brahm himself is here cbd gummy bear side effects againhere.Soon to be the place where Ernst Brahm suffered his first defeat.What troops would he have at his disposal No, not anymore.The Dutch Homeland Storm Division was his last available unit.Here, the Allies can slowly wear them down until the last of their soldiers is down.it s here.The once invincible Baron Alexon will taste the bitterness of defeat for the first time.Then.It was a direct attack on Berlin.Kerrett can even imagine that he is receiving the heroic cheers of all the Allied soldiers Tell Commander Garden, I control half of the German positions, and I am fighting with Ernst Bly Mu is facing off Kerrett s words were full of joy Let our planes and artillery intensify the bombing, yes, all night long, and I will create the most brilliant victory here.

But Basang Tashi is used to it You came here for the first time, I cbd gummies non thc asked you why you came, you said you came to pursue the mystery of life I said the only mystery of life.I have been searching for a long time, but I still can t grasp it, but you insist on staying here.I agree.Where are you from, your identity.I never asked, cbd gummies non thc but I know , You must have been a great man, Atedler.Tell me, have you found the mystery of life No.Yes, no.Perhaps no one has ever searched for the true mystery of life.No, master.Ateder replied very firmly I know that one person has been tracked down.Because I have seen it with my own eyes.It is an extremely miraculous thing.Ah, you are so lucky, I probably also You should look at that person.But why do you pursue the mystery of life Is it to seek immortality No, no.Ateder shook his head I don t expect to live forever, in order to come Here, I have learned the local language for many years, and I have given up a lot to come here.

Our dream is to be able to return to Germany.My grandfather, my father You all know each other and are good friends with you.But during their lifetime, they always wanted to go back to Berlin, but they failed to fulfill their wish, and I fulfilled this wish for them.Said At this point, Michael paused slightly Since my wife and I have returned to Berlin, and Berlin is suffering, I think I must do something for this city.Your Excellency the Baron.I His wife knows medical skills, and do walmart have cbd gummy bears she can take care of the wounded.I have studied civil architecture.I think I can also make some contributions Wang Weiyi nodded silently Please allow me to express my My respect to you.Only at this time can the tenacity of a person and a nation be tested However, I think I have more important things to ask you to do.

But your breakfast I haven t forgotten, I will supply you tomorrow morning.The soldiers laughed.This is their happiest moment.The most thrilling day.When will you be able to relive this life and death experience again They don t want to relive it anyway.Martin, who suffered some minor injuries, recovered quickly.He thought he could have a good Christmas, but he didn t expect an unexpected event to interrupt his beautiful vision.Together with Thomp, he was called by Major Ludman into a jeep.Major, where are we going Martin finally couldn t help asking on the way.Don t ask.Major Ludman, who usually looks very kind, said in an uncharacteristically pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies serious manner.Martin and Thomp looked at each other, neither of them knowing what was going on.The car drove all the way.The atmosphere seemed a little dull.

This is probably our best chance.Okay, I ll do it right away, and I believe the queen is also very happy to see you.When leaving, Canlemu did not forget to say Thank you, Baron, I am very happy 1500 mg cbd gummies to see you coming.I am also very happy to see you again, Marshal Canlemu.Wang Weiyi said calmly.At this moment, Canlemu was full of hope.He knew that the omnipotent baron would definitely be able to help Egypt Six hundred and eighty one.The atmosphere in the palace of the Abid Brotherhood reached its peak.These guests attending the welcome banquet will not care about the current situation in Egypt, nor will they care about the occurrence of a major uprising or the occupation of Egypt by the Germans and Americans or cbd gummies non thc the troops of any country.All they want is to ensure that their interests are not harmed.

Who are you Surprisingly, such a voice rang out from a room.Warmed SS SS Aldridge First Class Assault Brigade.I am Second Lieutenant Eric.The Americans have been wiped out by does cbd gummies give you fever blisters us, come out.Eric replied loudly.There was no movement in the room, and then the door was opened.Three German soldiers came out of it three very, very young soldiers, and the childishness on the leader s face seemed to have not taken off.They came to Eric and saluted Second Lieutenant, I am Private First Class Phyllis.We are besieged here by the Americans, and we have run out of bullets.If you didn t come, I would I think we ve been shot to death.He didn t notice the young man next to Second Lieutenant Eric, he thought, this person must be one of the second lieutenant s subordinates.Private First Class Phyllis.You ve done a good job.

God, Wang Weiyi remembers that the per capita income of a family of four in the United States was about 6,300 US dollars at that time, and how much money would it cost to stay in such a small and dilapidated hotel for one night Sir, do you want it The boss s attitude became obviously impatient In less than ten minutes, the only vacant room in this hotel will be booked.Ah, of course, it s a hundred USD.Wang Weiyi paid the money and took out another ten dollar sheet Can I have a bottle of wine A ten dollar wine.The boss s attitude changed suddenly, and he cbd gummies 250mg jar took out a bottle of wine from the counter with a smile on his face.Wang Weiyi.Give me two more glasses.The boss quickly took out two more glasses, and Wang Weiyi poured wine I like New York.I have been here in the past.Ah, let me treat you to a drink.

Because the climate and soil of the Netherlands are very suitable for the growth of this flower, under the careful cultivation of Clusius, bright flowers bloomed in a short time.At that time, someone Name it tuber1d , it is the tulip we are familiar with today He glanced at the mother and daughter who were listening with gusto Because tulips were rare flowers at that time, and they were indeed very beautiful after blooming, they won the favor of the rich and powerful, and were sought after by dignitaries for a while.The ubiquitous speculators, seeing this phenomenon, began speculating on tulips.They first bought tulip bulbs at a high price, and then resold them to the nobles of the court at a higher price.Gradually, the enthusiasm brought about by this flower became a popular trend, and more people joined the ranks of buying and selling tulips, even the fish and vegetable sellers got involved in the tulip trading.

The most terrible thing is the collapse of confidence Lieutenant General Taborski has nothing cbd gummies non thc to do at this moment.Those troops who were still struggling to continue fighting also encountered problems that the lieutenant general could not solve at all their shells were insufficient, and their fuel was running out What are those nasty bureaucrats doing in the country Before the war, they vowed to ensure that the officers and soldiers on the front line could get the most adequate supplies, but when the war really broke out, it seemed that no one cared about these things all of a sudden.Wrangling, constant wrangling between bureaucrats They don t even think about the urgency of the frontline soldiers.Meetings, discussions, meetings, and discussions have become the only things they do every day.

Kiritz laughed, and this joke produced such helpless and surprised expressions on the faces of many people.The children also came to the door with cigarettes in their mouths, according to the usual practice.Huo At this time, Fuman should pretend to be obedient and ask his question.Dad How did you let your mother give birth to me I mean how did Mommy get me Hoffman asked pretending to be obedient, and squeezed one hand into a hole, and inserted the middle finger of the other hand into the hole.The scout and Nash couldn t breathe from laughing.Mel laughed like an asthma The cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.Kiritz held back his laughter, About your question about how your mother and I were born Kiritz walked to the assault hall pretending to be deep.Then, while holding the cigarette between his hands, he stuck his straddle on the steel This is where I come from your mother has a hole here, and you are all born from this hole Scout Paulus had a sense of humor beyond their expectations.

The 82nd Armored Division was responsible for serving as the vanguard of the 8th Army.Lieutenant General Tiltini s fighting enthusiasm was not particularly cbd gummies non thc high.Some demands of the insurgents, not with bloody means.Anyway.All he wants to suppress are his own compatriots Driven by this mentality, the 82nd Armored Division s attack was not so violent.But the threat still exists In today s attack, the 82nd Armored Division conducted two attacks.In the temporary President s Office.Marshal Kong Jieao briefly introduced the battle situation The performance of those civilian armed forces still surprised me.They actually successfully repelled the two attacks of the 82nd Armored Division.However, they also lost more than a hundred people.From From Kong Jieao s introduction, Wang Weiyi can quickly judge that the attack of the regular Italian army is not violent.

Now that the curtain has opened, let s wait patiently for the good show to unfold.At this time, New York, and even the entire United States, fell into the craziest state just like Gregory.The New York stock market has reached an unbelievably high index.Correspondingly, the deed market has also reached the craziest stage.Wang Weiyi couldn t be more clear, this is the prelude to the collapse.And he will appreciate the good show directed by himself 30 pack cbd gummies Elliott had already been waiting for the Baron s arrival in New calm cures cbd gummies York.He was as anxious as the Baron, and couldn t wait to see the arrival of the Great Destruction.A Mr.Baron directed.The HCMUSSH cbd gummies non thc New York League starring a good show.The New York League made their final preparations, and they will watch everything that happened before their eyes with joy They will finally celebrate their victory again with champagne Some people will go bankrupt and kill themselves, but there are also people who can make a lot of money from it.

He is hungry and thirsty.Now no matter what, as long as it can fill his stomach, he will put it in his mouth without hesitation.It s a pity that he couldn t even find anything to eat.But Gregory didn t care, because there were still some beliefs supporting him in his heart.After all he had left Moscow, that terrible place, at least he was free.and.Soon he will withdraw his own 600,000.With such a large sum of money, the rest of the day will allow myself does cbd gummies help sexually cbd gummies non thc to live very comfortably.Those who laugh at themselves and betray themselves, what can they get No, they get nothing, they have nothing at all Thinking of this, Gregory felt that his steps became much lighter Leaving Moscow, he walked all night.He didn t arrive at the destination until daybreak, to be honest.Gregory himself didn t believe it, but he actually persisted He saw the unremarkable wooden house, which he specially arranged for his wife Suolkina.

Due to the strong interference of the jamming bombs, the fire control and communication systems of the American tanks, which relied heavily on high technology, were immediately paralyzed, and they began to back up one after another.Although the German tanks also lost their fire control systems, they would not lose their battles.The original fighting power.The German tanks rushed towards the US tanks like prehistoric beasts.Dangdang bang bang bang The German tank that launched a counterattack to the U.S.tank hit the U.S.tank at a very high speed, and the hit tank exploded on the spot, and the German tank began to fire wantonly, like a knife stabbing the enemy.Like a dagger, 12 tanks are like 12 daggers inserted into various parts of the enemy, and these positions are pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies excellent attack positions.

They pointed nervously at the private car.Taylor stuffed a bee tail why eat cbd gummies needle grenade into the gun mounted grenade launcher, and that Sarah Li s joke had long been forgotten by him.The surrounding civilians were in chaos.They ran and ran in the opposite direction screaming like a frightened flock.A considerable space was vacated on the street.Captain William raised his rifle and pointed the gun at the car while retreating to his convoy.I hope those refugees will not be harmed.The driver looked back at the scattered crowd It has nothing to do with them. Don t fucking talk nonsense Get out of here The soldier held the rifle in one hand, opened the door with the other hand, and roughly grabbed the driver.Boom There was a loud noise that shook the world, and the private car was blown to pieces.The living organisms around the car were engulfed by the explosion.

62mm armor piercing bullets are cbd gummies non thc wellness cbd gummies 300mg loaded into the chamber.That breath is getting stronger and stronger, and the pressure on Eric is getting bigger and bigger.He could feel, no, he was sure, it was him, the ghost.It was him who mercilessly took the lives of his friend Billy and eight other comrades in arms.The blazing fire was burning in Eric s heart, and it was time for cbd gummies non thc revenge.A vague black figure loomed over the path of the distant forest.Eric was about to pick up the cbd gummies non thc cbd gummies to help with anxiety sniper rifle, but before he aimed it, the black shadow flashed and pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies disappeared.Eric Met is a master, a real master.Only an extremely good sniper has such an instinctive reaction.He must have also smelled the danger and knew of Eric s existence.Eric felt inexplicably excited, and the more expert he was, the more fighting spirit he felt.

Long live France I believe that in the near future, when people know the truth, they will also shout Long live France, and also I will always remember your name.Apol Orange A great person who sacrificed his family, his wife and daughter, and finally himself for the victory of the revolution.I guarantee that your name will be remembered Remembered by France Speaking of this, cbd with delta 8 gummies he took out cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review a pistol Apol Olantier, the veteran of the Yetili Revolutionary Party , fought for the cause of revolution all his life, and finally.In the traitor Lang Betrayed by Stern, he was arrested.Of course, he fought the most tenaciously against the enemy, and cbd gummies non thc was shot dead by prison guards on the spot when he attempted to escape from prison.Fertim Berkeley, a cbd gummies non thc sympathizer of the revolution, managed to preserve his remains Orange did not understand a pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies word of these wordsFetime Berkeley, sympathizer of the revolution Could anything be more ridiculous than this But he no longer had the chance to ask these doubts in his heart The muzzle of the gun in Berkeley s hand jumped slightly.

You are hereMr.Moyol, it is indeed a cause for celebration to see you safe.Ah, I am so glad to see you here again Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Mrs.Delk glanced at Captain Pattinson who was busy in the distance, and her mouth showed contempt That coward, abandoned you, no matter how hard I begged him.When I returned to London, I begged I don t want to tell anyone the truth of that night, I am easily relented by entreaties, so I obeyed his entreaties against my conscience Now, Mr.Moyol, you can tell everyone, You were the real hero that night, not Captain Pattinson, who was a coward cbd gummies non thc and took the credit for himself Why expose such a lie Wang Weiyi didn t seem to be Especially caring As far as I am concerned, I will be leaving London soon.And the captain will be here for a long time.Give him some dignity, ma am.

Yelverton is not a particularly large city, but like any ancient British city, it has a very long history.In particular, the Yelverton Cricket Club here is very famous throughout the UK.Here, a special invitation is required to be a part of it.Once you join the cricket club, it means that you have successfully entered the upper class of the UK.Many people have submitted membership applications cbd martha stewart gummies more than ten years ago, but they often have to wait for a long time to receive the invitation letter There are a series of supporting facilities here.The hospitals here also gather the best doctors to provide necessary medical services to those members Mr.Lopez is of course a member of the club.Under his introduction, Mr.Moyol, Mrs.Delk and Mrs.White also visited this famous cricket club for the first time, and played a few innings in person.

Colonel Jed and Lieutenant Colonel Mills smiled knowingly at the same time They used to be enemies, but now they seem to be standing on the same front Major Barack is missing.All the suspected targets were concentrated on him, but General Gandra knew that it was impossible for Major Barack to accomplish such a thing He did not return to his barracks, but directly Came to the office of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.At this time, the general saw that Lieutenant Colonel Moyol was leisurely reading a newspaper.When the general came in, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol put down the newspaper General, you seem to be a bit late.He seemed to have known for a long time that General Gendra would definitely come here to find him You knew I would come Ah.You know everything.General Gandra s face was so gloomy When Special Envoy Singlag just cbd sleeping gummies arrived at the barracks, he once told me something.

They will leave London on the earliest special plane.This is a large transport plane dispatched by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the United Kingdom, General Gendra, under the personal order of President William.safety aspect.It was handed over to the FBI.All those who received the order to retreat prepared in a panic, so reluctant.That, too, seems to be heading to America.It s a pity that Americans have long had strict regulations, and each person is only allowed to carry two pieces of luggage.Even President Fenton s wife is no exception to this point.After all, the plane is only so big, and there are too many people to transfer out.And Lieutenant Colonel Mills also got a secret mission.At the same time, a group of precious British cultural relics were also transferred out of London on this transport plane Once London really falls.

Some people are saddened by this.Some people cheered for it.What more can I say It was an unforgettable period of time, and so much happened during this period.Maybe the London sky is really about to change color again.As for the family members of the hostages, they kept putting pressure on the government in their own way, asking the government to rescue their families immediately.The establishment of the Anglo American joint special investigation team has also put heavy pressure on many people.Especially for the agents and agents of the FBI and CIA, they can t know when bad luck will befall them, and they can t know what kind of future is waiting for them.Captain Pattinson thought the same way.You must know that Captain Eduardo didn t have many friends in the FBI before, and I may be his only friend.

Wang Weiyi calmly replied I am very glad that you Can go home Prose and his companions burst into tears at this moment, which they did not even during the most stern interrogation.Glad you are home.They have been waiting for this sentence for too longand it was Baron Alexon who said it to them Baron, you came to rescue us yourself.Pross cbd gummies non thc still finds it unbelievable God.We have already forgotten, and we all know how difficult it is for a spy to be released, but you actually Come and save us yourself This was the common thought of all the rescued spies.Wang Weiyi just smiled slightly Germany will never give up on its compatriots Germany will never give up on its own compatriots When these words came from the mouth of Baron Alexon , Tears once again filled the eyes of Pross and his companions Now, these spies are finally safe, they don t have to stay in the dark cells anymore, don t have to worry When will it be secretly executed.

Tuna willing to follow us wherever we put him. Why not, Thorpe Wang Weiyi smiled so brightly This must be a very interesting thing.Yes, Baron, I too think it must be a very interesting thing 1105.Mr.Olawiecki Tuna and Colonel Jade will not know what is going on.They are still deploying in an orderly manner according to the plan they made before, and they never He would think that Captain Roger, who has always been loyal and prudent, has betrayed his cause.Colonel Jed would never have thought that such a terrible thing would happen to him just because he refused his subordinates pleas for help before.Sometimes A small thing can often change a major event.Night fell on London, and a new wave of enemy plane bombing had just passed, at least from now on the British could have a fairly peaceful sleep.

Olaviecki, I don t know how to thank you.Without you, we are all in the hands of CIA now.You re welcome, Mr.Thorpe.Tuna looked cbd gummies non thc very calm Although we have escaped the enemy s capture temporarily, I think we should find a safe foothold.Of course.Thorpe smiled mysteriously Laughing A safe foothold, Mr.Olaviecki, we will get there soon.Tuna feels that his first step plan has been implemented very smoothly The tuna was brought to a manor, which made him feel a little strange.Judging from the appearance and inside of the manor, this should be a place where very important people live.This is my father s estate, Mr.Olawiecki.Thorpe introduced very warmly You probably don t know yet, but my father is Sir Monlington.Sir Monrington Grislow Tuna surprised, the famous Sir Monlington Damn it, he is also a member of the underground resistance organization.

To be honest, he has no way to blow up a factory of this size.All he wants is to cause a big commotion and shock London and the Fenton government again Major Schuster is in charge of the security work here.He also received the news that the guerrillas attacked the barracks in the outskirts half an hour ago, but in his opinion, this seems to have nothing to do with him.His only task is to ensure that the army Factory safety.When Captain Bram appeared in front of him.Major Schuster checked his credentials carefully, and even made a special phone call to verify it.The cautious behavior of the British was fully revealed by Major Schuster.It s coming to check again.It s always checking every day.Major Shuster returned the ID to the other party It s really a headache.Every once in a while, different people are always sent to check.

Let this beautiful city bleed, so pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies ask your army to go out and meet those militiamen.Adams hesitated, God knows what terrible things will happen once his army leaves Moyle But Will, who hadn t spoken at this time, suddenly said Mr.President, I will guarantee that Moyle will always be under your control, unless your army suffers a disastrous defeat or you die on the battlefield.Hearing Mr.Will s assurance, Adams was relieved Colonel Tarrant, I respect you, and I respect this city as well.I will leave Moyle with my brave and capable soldiers.Combat, and your task is to ensure the safety of this city.I think I can do this.Colonel Tarrant was also relieved When cbd gummies non thc you come back, Moyle will still be you Moyle.It was a political compromise, as much for Adams as it was for Colonel Tarrant.Or to be more precise, a temporary and unstable alliance was established before Adams and Colonel Tarrant.

Grave that word popped out of many hearts grave Yes, now London.Has turned into a complete grave Once you are in it, you can t break free, and you can t find the door to leave.Wang Weiyi has been watching everything in front of him.The city has changed dramatically in the decades since he first set foot in London.But no matter how wise people are, they probably never thought that one day this city would become a tomb made of steel.I really don t want to see this day happen.Sir Grislow of Monlington sighed softly It s sad, pitiful, as long as there is a slight possibility, I would rather do my best and negotiate with you.to resolve the war by means of negotiation, rather than by way of war. I think this sentence is very philosophical.Wang Weiyi said lightly The way of negotiation is used to solve the war, not the way of war.

The latter result is something that the highest levels of the Fenton government do top rated cbd gummies cbd gummies non thc not want to see.From the moment they betrayed Her Majesty, there is no turning back.No one can forgive them, and many times they even faintly feel that they cannot forgive themselves.A series of orders were issued from President Fenton s office, and until now, cbd gummies with pure hemp extract pure kana cbd gummy review he still asked his troops to continue fighting to the end.General Gandra rejected the request for the plane to take off again just an hour ago, and his answer was exactly the same.Under the current circumstances, it is not a big deal to start the plane rashly to transport President Fenton and others to escape the city and commit suicide respectively.Well, in that case, what else can they say Prime Minister Wilkins thought the same way.He was more afraid of failure than President Fenton.

Now time is life, and the enemy will catch up anytime and anywhere.When he was angrily about to question what happened to Colonel Pierce, he suddenly found that he was being watched.The top officials of these governments were then brought before the soldiers.Colonel Pierce looked at them, and then his eyes fell on his subordinates Officers, soldiers, did you hear anything Ah, maybe you didn t hear it, but I heard it, I pure kana cbd gummy review plus cbd sleep gummies heard the war It s over, no more of those terrible guns and cannons I hear, the bells of peace are ringing in our city What do HCMUSSH cbd gummies non thc you want, Colonel Pierce Fenton exclaimed angrily.But Colonel Pierce ignored him at all As a soldier, our responsibility is over.I will not leave London, and I will not continue to flee.If the future military court judges me guilty, I am willing to accept it.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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