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Qin Zheng s As soon as the words fell, the anger in my heart burned instantly.Is this old fox plotting my feelings to death But now, I can only swallow this breath secretly, and speak in a good voice.Yesterday my landlord, Liao Cuilian, invited me to meet in the old town.She also gave me the kit.As for how she can still rent the house to me after she has been dead for a year, I don t know if I can still see her.Jin The pouch was knocked off by someone on the way.Qin Zheng didn t respond to me after listening, but nodded vaguely, and said a little funny.You mean, did you go to hell I nodded in embarrassment, but Qin Zheng laughed loudly, and then said.I don t know how you saw your cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys landlord, but I believe it.As for the kit, it wasn t knocked off by someone, it should have been stolen, because the deceased had a history of theft and was imprisoned.After the death of the landlord Liao Cuilian, we sealed it once.But girls kept staying in and dying inside, and before they died, even if we entered that room, we couldn t detect any signs of people staying in it.Only after they died After that, it will be revealed that there were people living there.So even though so many people died, we couldn t find any clues, and you are a special case.After he finished speaking, he are hemp gummies cbd paused, as if thinking Look at my reaction, are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg it s just that at this moment I ve been so scared that my face is cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys expressionless, so he can only continue.Before you moved in, no one had died there for three months, and you were the only one who could make us aware of the person who moved in.So, since I moved in, you have been monitoring me very clearly One couldn t hold back, I directly opened my mouth and interrupted Qin Zheng s words, he seemed to have expected it when I interrupted, not only didn t get angry, but nodded.Let s go.I stood up and took Natuo s bag containing the bloody wedding dress on the ground.I wanted to walk out of the coffee shop with him, but the moment he stepped out of the coffee shop, he stopped and turned his head.ask me.Do you believe that there are ghosts in this world Seeing that I didn t speak, Qin Zheng moved, and opened his mouth while walking outside.I know you won t be able to go back tonight.I ll take you to the police station to stay overnight.After I heard this, my eyes widened in disbelief.I was about to say something, but he pushed me into the car.So, did he know something to ask me out tonight When we arrived at the police station, there were still on duty policemen inside.They were not surprised to see me here, as if they all recognized me.After nodding to are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys Qin Zheng, he took me to a lounge, and then threw the quilt for me.It was already afternoon when I woke up, Yigulu took off the bloody wedding dress on my body, ran to the toilet to wash my face, HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys but felt the smell of the water was a little strange, I picked up my hand and smelled it, But I can t tell what it tastes like.It wasn t until I looked at the washbasin again that I realized that the faucet that was still flowing out of water just now was bleeding blood Moreover, the blood was still steaming, as if it had just flowed out of a person s body, not fully It got cold I screamed in fright, and rushed out of the toilet.I wanted to look for my uncle, but I found that my uncle was relax cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys not at home at all.My hands were groping around my body, but I fun drop cbd gummies scam forgot what I was looking for., I was almost frightened into chaos, until I got out my phone, and then I quickly called Qin Zheng.Even Chu Lianqiao at the side rolled her eyes at me, saying that I was too excited.But that s my grandma The grandma who brought me up suddenly became like this, I can t ignore it, right Just as I was about to make an excuse in a low voice, my grandma suddenly quieted down and stopped crying.Instead, she raised the original oil lamp again and walked towards the place where Junli, Chu Lianqiao and I were hiding I was scared It was serious, but Junli and Chu Lianqiao were calm.Just when I thought I was discovered, I saw my grandma passed us, with a fierce face, and walked into the very strange building.Lou I heard a lot of legends about the West Tower when I was a child.How could I let my grandma enter such an evil place I don t know where the strength came from, I took advantage of Junli s inattention, pushed away his are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys body that was imprisoning me, and rushed in front of grandma to stop him.Don t worry, neither your grandma nor Junli will die.Chu are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys Lianqiao said with a very mature face, not at all like a five or six year old child.After hearing what he said, I suddenly turned around and asked a question.Really Chu Lianqiao shook her head, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, which was exactly the same as Junli s virtue.Fake.Being made a joke by the kid, I felt a little upset, and gave him a blank look, but he stepped forward and grabbed my hand like an adult.Let s go first, Junli will find us are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys later.It was already dawn, if I guessed correctly, it would be around four o clock or almost five o clock, grandma shouldn t have much trouble with Junli here, I couldn t help but sigh With a sigh of relief, she turned around and asked Chu Lianqiao.Why did Junli s body appear here The question was just out of my mouth, and I thought that I wanted to ask it in vain.You re still back.Then he grabbed me and led me in.I lived in Qingjingzi s house for at least half a month, but I never walked alone in his front yard.Although the backyard, that is, the windows of the room where I live, are full of coffins, my subconscious mind tells me that the most dangerous place is the clean front yard.Otherwise, since I ve been gone for so long, maybe Gu Yicheng won t come looking for me Therefore, there must be something he is afraid of here, at least, it is still relatively afraid now.On the way back to the room, I didn t see Qing Jingzi at all, so I couldn t help but turn around and ask Su Xiu.Where s your master She groaned and told me that his master had gone out to pick up work.Picking up the job My face froze, and the corners of my mouth twitched uncontrollably.Early this morning, we wanted to take out Meng Yue s body for another autopsy, but found that Meng Yue s body was missing.We went to the first crime scene to find it Monitoring I actually forgot that there is surveillance in the community Involuntarily, most of my drowsiness was awakened by fright, and I asked quickly.And then Then things got more and more serious, and I couldn t bear it any longer.The superior gave me three days.If you can t find evidence to prove that you didn t kill the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys person, you will be in danger As soon as I heard Qin Zheng s heart turned cold for the most part.damn it I m are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg afraid everything that happened to me yesterday was all in Chen Yanjin s calculations, right A week was already tight, now three days In three days, even a god may not be able to do it, right Seeing that I didn t speak, Qin Zheng became a little anxious and asked me what happened yesterday.Because if I don t open the door, the door can be cracked by Suxiu I just stepped forward and opened the door, only to see that Suxiu brought in big and small bags, threw them beside the sofa and sat down unceremoniously, patting me on the shoulder while sitting.I m afraid that something will HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys happen to you alone.I want to come out and stay with you for a few days.The master disagrees.I quarreled with him and was kicked out.I am really homeless.Before I could answer, she turned the table Last night I drank half of the water I drank, and just after drinking it, I can you travel internationally with cbd gummies gasped and asked me something.Am I loyal enough The one who laughed was called slutty.Seeing her expression, I couldn t help laughing, it s nice to have friends.She raised her eyebrows at Suxiu and said.Enough.I chatted with Su Xiu for a while, and then let her stay in the room next to me.Aren t you going to open it in front of me As soon as her voice fell, I felt a little embarrassed for a moment.The way I took the package was so stiff that I could feel something was wrong, let alone Suzhou embroidery Taking a deep breath from the bottom of her heart, she smiled at Su Xiu and told a lie that she didn t even believe.Only then did I escape from Su Xiu s questioning gaze and return to the room.Locking the door, my heart was beating fast, and I felt that I was almost unable to breathe due to the tension.The text message was sent to me by the landlady s old lady.And the things in this package were naturally given to me by her, but I was a little afraid to open it Chapter 39 The text message sent to me by the landlady s old lady is very simple, telling me that she has something to give me, It has been placed at the door of Junli s house, and I was told to be careful, the contents of the package cannot be seen by anyone.He should be more anxious than me, right No one was talking, and the atmosphere suddenly became quiet.The place where Junli lives is a bit remote, and it is difficult to hear the sound of car horns at night.Most of them royal cbd gummies for arthritis are the sounds of wind blowing and grass falling, and leaves falling.I went to Luofeng Village to get my body back, but I got into a fight with my body.After a pause, Jun Li relax cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys suddenly opened his mouth.My eyes widened in disbelief, and I fought with my own corpse No wonder he would say that the blood on his body was not his, because it was the blood of his corpse.Before I could speak, Junli hugged me tighter and asked me suddenly.What kind of person is your uncle This is the first time that Junli has taken the initiative to mention uncle.I shook my head, said I didn t know, and then asked Junli.Jingmen is a little far away from Shengmen, about two hills to climb, Qingjingzi held the map in one hand, and stared at him with the other.He walked in the front, and Su Xiu and I followed behind silently Voice.It s no wonder that someone at Gu Yicheng used Qimen Dunjia to predict that Su Xiu and I would be noticed by Suxiu.It turns out that Qingjingzi is an expert who knows Qimen Dunjia.But no matter how I think about it, I still can t figure it out.Why do I feel so familiar when I see Qing Jingzi start the game with Qimen Dunjia An unbelievable thought flashed through my mind, my eyes widened suddenly and I slowed down Could it be the ghost of that evil book in the cbd gummies hbgb60 bag Maybe it s because my movements were a little big, Su Xiu didn t understand, so she looked back at me and asked.What s the matter I smiled awkwardly and said it s okay.Taking a deep breath, I turned my gaze to Junli and asked him what to do He didn t answer me directly.Instead, he stepped forward and tugged at the chain bridge.At the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys moment of tugging, the sound of clang, clatter from the iron chains colliding with each other could be heard in his ears, and the chain bridge had been destroyed by time.The sound of corroded planks falling from iron locks.I swallowed, found a big stone from the side, and threw it down, wanting to see how deep it was, but found that two people threw the stone the size of palms down, and there was no echo for a long time are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys The next second , Junli turned around and asked me.Do you dare to go this way I shook my head with a pale face, and said something with my lips tightly pressed together.No not too dare.Jun Li laughed out loud, and squeezed my are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys hand tightly.Is there any difference between whether the master recognizes it or not And the letter from the landlady s old lady is even more pleasant.The master is just a guide to enter the Taoism.I simply cannot grow up.Not only did she let me practice by looking at the contents of this evil book, but she also reminded me to be careful in the near future, as Xiao Jue might start hunting me down.And if she wants me away from Gu Yicheng, Gu Yicheng will definitely be very unwilling and wants to catch me I am not too afraid that Gu Yicheng wants to catch me, but Xiao Jue and grandma Growing up beside them, they know too many things clearly, what s more, I don t even know if they have cast any tracking spell on me.Furthermore, if they use Qimen Dunjia as my location, I guess I will be caught soon.And it s not that the landlord s old lady didn t think of this, she reminded me of conscience that in my room, she put a bottle of elixir for me, which can change my breath and appearance, temporarily deceive the heavens, and let anyone I can t even see through my fate, but this elixir has side effects.In the next second, the short haired girl next to me broke the deadlock, telling me not to cry, if someone really wants to rape , don t just stand here, the most important thing is to find the murderer.As soon as she finished speaking, she called out to everyone sitting in the living room to hold my hand and lead me towards the stairs, completely ignoring Chen Yanjin.The moment I walked up the stairs, the short haired girl held my hand tightly and said to me carefully.Look at that woman just now, she s not a good thing.It s definitely not safe for you to live with a girl, or sleep with me at night I heard.His eyes widened suddenly, looking at the short haired girl.Want to agree, but are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys want to refuse.I agreed because I was afraid that something would happen to me at night.He refused because he was afraid that after living with this girl, he would be implicated on her.I wanted to refuse, but her attitude was firm and she was helpless in the end.I issued an IOU to Zhao Yijun, and I have already taken so many things from him for no reason, so I am really embarrassed in this situation.Seeing me like this, she couldn t say anything.After I finished typing the IOU, she spoke to me again.Oh, by the way, the poison on the ring was poisoned by Chen Yanjin, and I cleaned it up for you.said Ata Jidi.After I heard it, I felt a lot more grateful in my heart, so I asked casually.This place is so remote, what are you doing here She didn t treat me as an outsider and said something to me.Looking for people, looking for things.As soon as I heard it, I suddenly became more interested.Ask her what she is looking for.She said three words to me mysteriously.A painting.As soon as she finished speaking, I froze all over, I only hoped.I suddenly turned the page of Qimen Dunjia and locked my eyes.Here it is, read the Feng Shui gossip carefully, and keep the essentials that can be remembered for the time being in my mind.Compared with the complicated Qimen Dunjia, Fengshui gossip is much easier.There are still a venus cbd gummies funky farms cbd gummies old verson few pages in the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg back that teach simple talismans.Although these talismans are not very effective, there is no problem in dealing with ordinary ghosts.I got up, put the evil book on the table, and then wet the brush, and then After staining it with cinnabar, he spread the yellow talisman paper flat, raised drew barrymore cbd gummies his breath and concentrated his mind according to what the evil book said, and then slowly drew this evil talisman kratom cbd gummies on the yellow talisman paper.Since it was the first time I drew, the drawing was somewhat different, but the spell was not difficult, and I was not discouraged.It s been very quiet these days.Apart from learning Qimen Dunjia, I also haven t forgotten to read Fengshui and Bagua.There is still hope for a survival or two.I folded the evil spirit talismans drawn in these chapters and placed them in various corners of the room.I also deliberately followed the evil book and pressed the five emperors money on the evil spirit talismans to get twice the result with half the effort.I put a five emperors coin on it.When I was sleeping, I put the beauty picture, amber, evil book, and white jade pendant under the pillow.Not long after I fell asleep, I felt that the temperature in the air was getting colder and colder, until finally , suddenly woke me up from the freeze.The moment I woke up, my hands were already under the pillow, and I was planning to take out the beauty picture and hit him hard on the face as soon as the person behind my back dared to show up.When he was sleeping tonight I had a dream.I dreamed that there was a female ghost in red in this house who was harming people, and I was living with him as a girl.I was afraid that something would happen to me, so I cbd gummies oct 1st came to visit.After I heard it, I felt like hehe, this house is not well feng shui, isn t it all your fault But my face turned pale with fear, and I asked him.Bad feng shui What s going on When he saw that I was scared, he ignored my question and asked if I had seen the female ghost in red I let out an ah , and quickly reached out to touch his forehead, and gave him a look with those stupid eyes.What year are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys is it, you still talk about Fengshui and female ghosts When he saw my words and actions, his forehead was instantly stained with anger, and his hands on the door frame were a little white, faintly A sign of an approaching storm.What do you mean But he walked to the side and turned on the light in the room.The moment the light was turned on, the oppressive feeling in the room disappeared immediately, and I was slightly relieved.In front of me, Tang Maru searched the whole house on the third floor and the outer three floors.Whenever I tried to go up to obstruct him, I was scared back by his vicious HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys expression.I know that the Bloody Girl s breaking the bond with him has offended his most sensitive nerve, and his ability to bear it for an hour is already the limit, and now he doesn t even want to pretend to be with me anymore.If I dare to stop him, he won t mind killing someone for fun.Until he turned over the whole house.Not only didn t even half of the blood girl s hair be found, there wasn t even a single suspicious footprint.Jiaojiao, I didn t even have time to tell you that I love you.The blood girl trembled all over, and the hand holding the dagger let go instantly, and the dagger fell from her hand with a bang , but Tang Maru felt that Seizing this opportunity, he squeezed his hands and stamped Five stars are colorful, illuminate the mysterious light, thousands of gods and sages, protect my true spirit, giant beasts, and subdue five soldiers.The moment the sound fell, he took out a ghost shocking copper bell from his pocket and shouted.Take it The blood girl was instantly enveloped by a golden light, are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys and fell to the ground in response, struggling continuously in the golden light.Damn that bastard Tang Maru actually wanted to take her in But how can Tang Maru be the opponent of the blood girl The blood girl struggled for a moment, and the next second I heard the sound of the copper bell breaking in the air.Looking at Xiao Jue s murderous look, I was so scared that my legs went limp.He he must have recognized me, right But in the next second, Xiao Jue shifted his gaze from me to Yun Jing, and asked him what he was thinking Yun Jing directly ignored Xiao Jue s question.He waved to me and let me sit beside him.I bite the bullet, walked towards him, chose a seat that is closer to Yunjing and farthest from Xiao Jue and sat down, but I was suddenly shivered by the murderous aura of Xiao Jue.Seeing Yun Jing, he turned his eyes to Xiao Jue and said.It s not like you to reveal your emotions at every turn.When Xiao Jue heard this, his face froze immediately, and the next second he put away his murderous aura.But when I heard these words, I was very surprised.This Yunjing is just the lord of a palace under Gu Yicheng s subordinates.To put it bluntly, he is Gu Yicheng s subordinate.Even Gu Yicheng and Xiao Absolutely disagree.It may not be possible for Xiao Jue to put away his aura with a single word.Involuntarily, I became more and more curious about Yun Jing s identity, and especially wanted to know how Master made Yun Jing accept me.The decoration of the hall is the same as the outside, it is very Chinese style, Qingyun, cbd gummies rx a set of tools for making tea is placed on the coffee table in the middle, the tea has been brewed, and Yunjing pours the brewed tea into the cup calmly , placed beside Gu Yicheng and me.And does cbd gummy contain thc the moment Yunjing put the tea in front of me.I can clearly see a look of envy in the eyes of the woman standing beside me, and there is also a bit of jealousy mixed in this look of envy.Only then did I realize that there were quite a few people standing around, and they seemed to be of high status.Cheating.When the bloody girl heard this, her complexion sank, she quickly smiled and shook her head and said it was impossible, even if Tang Maru didn t love her, it was absolutely impossible to cheat on her.But as soon as she finished speaking, Yun Jing stepped forward and put my hand in front of the blood girl, pointing to the palace in the upper right corner and said.The gate of life is forced, and it is in the same palace as Tianrui, and it is in the second palace of Kun at the same time.It is the Fuyin bureau.Fuyin is quiet, the master is not moving, and the master cannot break through.It means that when he comes to Teng Snake to lie to you, he will not be able to break through.It landed in the Kun Second Palace, and there is Fuyin standing beside you, the truth is covered by something, you can t find it at all.Why did I feel that Junli took Yunjing to Luofeng Village to get back his own body But in the next second, Yunjing s exalted voice sounded in my ears, and he rejected Junli directly HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys and ruthlessly.No.As soon as the words fell, there was a sudden sound of footsteps.It s so lively, why didn t you call are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg me Chapter 89 Gu Yicheng VS Junli Gu Yicheng s voice rang from my ears in an instant, and all of us fixed our eyes on him for a moment, but I saw him wearing a pony suit and holding a small cage in his hand.The cage was not big, but there was a canary in it.He walked in front of us relax cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys slowly, and sat down beside Junli.Not only me, but even Yun Jing thought that the moment Gu Yicheng sat next to Junli, Junli would get angry, you know, the moment Gu Yicheng sat down with a small cage, his eyes were full of provocation.Women are not as cleanliness as he is.But among the people present, which one is not like a human being Gu Yicheng s face changed back in an instant, but the provocation in his eyes became more intense, and he asked Junli with a smile.If I raise Weiyan as a canary, do cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys you think it will be more beautiful than the one in my cage Jun Li didn t answer Gu Yicheng s words, but opened the cage in front cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys of him instead.Just release the canary in the cage, and Gu Yicheng will say a word.Although sparrows are small, they yearn for the blue sky.Gu Yicheng s face changed slightly, and he asked Junli.You have no memory and don t care about the misfortune.What about Xiao Xiao What if I tell you that I am the only one who can find Xiao Xiao now The moment Gu Yicheng mentioned my name, I took a tight breath, afraid that he would know me What a secret, but the next sentence he said, he laughed out loud in his heart.Gu Yicheng s pretentiousness is too great, and I am sitting in front of him.He didn t even pay attention to me, so he wanted to bluff Junli Was it so easy for Junli to bluff But in the next second, Junli made a movement that surprised everyone.He waved lightly at the canary that landed on the treetop, and the canary flew towards Junli on venus cbd gummies funky farms cbd gummies old verson its own initiative.Come, it landed lightly on the back of Junli s hand.Jun Li smiled and stroked the canary s feathers, kissed the top of the canary s head lightly, and then let it fly, and at the moment of letting it fly, he replied to Gu Yicheng.It s yours, it s yours, it s not yours, it s useless for you to snatch it.We ll see.After Gu Yicheng said this, he smashed the empty cage venus cbd gummies funky farms cbd gummies old verson he brought before leaving.It wasn t until he completely disappeared from our sight that Junli turned his gaze to Yunjing, exuding a natural aura all over his body, every gesture of his hands and feet gave off an arrogance that wanted to be worshipped.I spent a whole day at Yunjing s house, chatted with him a lot, but once I wanted to change the topic to Junli, Gu Yicheng, Xiao Jue, and even the pictures of beauties, Yunjing was quite shy , but I can still see from his words that the few of them used to be friends, and they had a good relationship.Before leaving, I just inquired about Junli s news in the name of accompanying him into Junli s tomb tomorrow.But Yunjing told me, let me not take it too seriously, Junli s tomb is so easy to enter, even Junli himself may fall into it, not to mention When I heard what he said later, I thought he was going to tell the truth, and just now I listened intently, but saw his expression suddenly changed, telling me to go back and be careful, and bring more self defense when I come to him tomorrow.I had no dreams all night, and the next morning, I cleaned myself up early.The song is still the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys one played by Yunjing when I saw Yunjing for the first time, how many cbd gummies can you take a day but the style of the song has completely changed, it seems to be very strong, and it seems to be very sad.Listening to it, the whole person is trapped in the soul stirring music, which can t be forgotten for a long time.After listening to it for a long time, until the end of the song, I regained my senses.The moment I opened my eyes, I saw that Junli and Yunjing had already stood on the stairs on the third floor and stopped at the same time.looked back at me for a long time.Seeing that I had regained my composure, Xu saw that Yunjing asked me a question.Chunxia, are you dreaming of Junli with your eyes closed I was in a good mood listening to the song, but Yunjing s words put most of it out, especially when I heard him say the word Junli later.Only then did he say something quietly.Xiao Xiao s grandma is nearby.Chapter 99 Save me When I heard Yunjing s words, I suddenly started to panic, but Junli just gave a faint hmm , and then led us to the first floor, passing through the entire lobby on the first floor, where we stood In front of the three meter high mahogany door that came in earlier.This mahogany door was automatically closed when we came in.Standing in front of the wooden door at this moment, I feel a sense of depression.Jun Li gently placed his hand on the mahogany door, and pushed the wooden door open with force.The moment the wooden door was pushed open, a wave of death and yin qi rushed towards his face.The tomb passage also comes into view.Junli didn t leave in a hurry, but found a stick at the side, and drew a picture of gossip in front of the wooden door.The moment Xiao Jue and the others dragged me to the edge of the green pool and wanted to escape, the entire green pool turned emerald green, and the inside was completely blocked by vines.up Xiao Jue s face was terribly gloomy, but I gasped and asked Xiao Jue when he could take me away.Xiao Jue said two words to me harshly.Shut up In the next second, he threw me into Qingjingzi s hands, stepped on the cloth under his feet, and made a quick tactic with his hands again.The difference was that this time he took out a mahogany sword from behind, He also bit his own middle finger, smeared the blood on the middle finger on the gap of the wooden sword, and blurted out the fluent relax cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys mantra in an instant.Nine Heavens Profound Brake, turn into divine thunder, radiant heavenly power, lead it with a sword From his tedious steps, it can be seen that using a sword to lead thunder is much more difficult than his last spell, as expected , The moment the thunder was brought down, Xiao Jue s steps were a little weak, and even the clothes he was wearing relax cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys began to ooze are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys bright red blood.strength.Yunjing stood beside Junli, looking at me with surprise on his face, I just wanted to say hello to Yunjing with a smile, but the tingling pain in my heart reminded me that Zhang Chunxia knew Yunjing, and Not Xiao Xiao.Junli gently helped me sit up from the hospital bed and told me.I was in a coma for half a month, but I didn t mention anything about what happened to him, Gu Yicheng and Xiao Jue after I was in a coma.And I can see from the look in Junli s eyes that even if I ask, he may not necessarily say it, so it s better to let him cbd thc gummys in spokane say it himself when he wants to tell me.Junli walked to the side and poured a glass of water in front of me, telling me not to speak in a hurry.Drink some water to moisten my throat first, only then did I realize that my throat was so dry that I couldn t even utter a word.Closing my eyes, the scene of her single handedly fighting against thousands of troops appeared in my mind, and I suddenly understood a lot.Only such a woman has the courage to say that sentence, Qiu Yun 30,000, count me as arrogant and unruly as 3,000, right But I think, if I stand in front of thousands of troops and horses, I will definitely be scared to death, and it is too late to run, how can I sit there and play the piano so calmly In addition, in the scene in the dream just now, the relationship between Xiao Jue and Fuyan should be very good, it is impossible to admit the wrong person, but the scheming bitch that Xiao Jue is protecting not only looks a little bit like Fuyan It s nothing like that, even that unruly aura doesn t match at all Sighing, I put everything in my heart and stopped thinking about the reasons, and of just cbd vegan gummies course I wouldn t be so stupid as to think that I was the legendary evil face.Swallowing his saliva, he mustered up his courage secretly, and then he nodded at Yun Jing.That s right, what else Yun Jing didn t speak, but just opened the tea on the coffee table in front of him, and washed the tea on the coffee table over and over again.After brewing tea, he was satisfied with the color and taste after brewing for a while, then he stopped, poured the tea into the cup, and placed it in front of me.The moment he put it down, he said something to me.Xiao Xiao and my elder sister look exactly the same.When I heard this, my heart suddenly clicked.The reality is exactly the same as what I dreamed in my dream I didn t notice Yunjing when I was in a coma, but I woke up from the hospital as Xiao Xiao, and stayed at Junli s house for so many days, even if Yunjing was still there, I didn t see how old he was Response.The moment I stepped on the stairs to the first floor, a chilly breath penetrated into my bones.Only then did I realize that the following The yin energy that had condensed a long time ago almost turned into a solid body.Walking down the first floor, you will see a large hall.There are many tables and chairs in the hall, but these tables and chairs have long been full, leaving no empty seats at all.Chapter 111 The sharp edge is revealed When I saw this scene, I couldn t help but sneer in my heart.It seems that although Xuannv Palace has a high status in Xuanzhen Sect, it is not so popular.But when I think of Yunjing s attitude towards Gu Yicheng, I am relieved HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys again.If anyone dared to embarrass Xuannv Palace, it was because Gu Yicheng acquiesced, otherwise, who would dare Thousands of muddy horses galloped past my heart.But the strange thing is that these black robed people coming in and out are very orderly, there is not a single one, and small groups are walking in the hall.Fortunately, the clothes that Yi Xue helped me buy were the palace clothes of the Orchid Palace.Although I am petite at 1000mg cbd gummies reddit the moment, I am wrapped in this robe, but it is quite unobtrusive.I looked around cautiously, making sure no one was paying attention to me, and then I hid in the dark and began to observe everything.But before I started venus cbd gummies funky farms cbd gummies old verson to observe, the blood girl told me that it was strange that she couldn t sense Tang Maru s specific position here, and the position she sensed was very ethereal, sometimes in the east, sometimes in the west, just As if something interfered.I was quite frightened by her words, why did the more I walked in, the more I felt like I fell into a fire pit That time when I showed my sharpness, Tang Maru couldn t fake the scared look in my eyes, but being afraid doesn t mean he won t plot against me Only in vertical form.After saying this, she hung up on me directly Chapter One Thirty Five The ghost welcomes the bride, and I froze in place.No wonder the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg master said that I was born in a difficult family and rushed into a sha.Let me be careful, it turned out that I rushed into this sha.It is Bise.I wanted to call Junli and talk to him about it, but I was afraid that Junli would object, so I didn t know what to do for a while.At this moment, Qin Zheng called me, saying that a person in a serious condition in their police station had fallen into a coma, and asked me what to do, can I go over and have a look now.Gritting my teeth hard, I told Qin Zheng not to worry, to settle the people in the police station first, I have a way, let him wait for my news.After hanging up the phone, I closed my eyes, put the phone in my pocket, took two taxis, and went to the address that Bise gave me.The ghost welcomes the relatives I was so scared that I hid directly in a family beside me.Although there were two dark coffins facing my back in this family, compared to this welcoming team, it was more The little witch sees the big witch.I looked at the welcoming team, and my back kept getting chills.I saw that the welcoming team was about to pass by my eyes But at this moment, a gust of wind blew around me, blowing the eight The curtain on the sedan chair was blown open, and the pale face of the woman who was being carried inside immediately came into my eyes.Isn t this the scheming bitch that Xiao Jue has been protecting Before I could react, she seemed to have noticed my gaze, and turned her head to look at me with a stiff head.Although the smile on the corner of her mouth was not as fierce as Bi Se, it was exactly the same as Bi Se until this one The moment the welcoming team disappeared in front of my eyes, I breathed a sigh of relief.Still an old man Although the old man was leaning on a cane, he looked very tough.He was wearing a mandarin jacket from the period of the Republic of China, followed by a few followers, and a young woman in her twenties who was wearing a foreign dress supported him.The old man chose the most remote seat and sat down.From his actions, it can be seen that he should be a frequent visitor to this theater building, and from the surprise in his eyes, it can be seen that he is very likely to know Xiao Jue., Gu Yicheng, Yunjing and the others Could it be that this old man is the legendary mysterious seller from Jiangsu and Zhejiang Before I could recover from the difference, a seductive figure appeared in my peripheral vision.When I saw this figure, I froze immediately and looked back.No need to look at the face, just by looking at the green cheongsam, one can guess that the person is Bi Se.Isn t it easy for him to get it back His amnesia is such an idiotic question that he can only deceive Xiao Xiao.Why do you take it seriously My face changed instantly, shaking non stop The corner of his mouth was curled, and a sentence came out after a long time.But last time, when we entered Junli s tomb to help him get his body, didn t the ghost attached to his body say that he could only choose one of memory and power In the end, we brought out the evil face, Junli.Did you compromise As soon as this sentence was finished, Yunjing s car are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys had already driven to the door of Junli s house, and the moment it stopped, Yunjing said to me.Sometimes what the eyes see is not necessarily true, it may also be acting, isn t it Then his face tightened, and he asked me if I fell in love with Junli When saying this.Jun Li he must have known that I was a misfortune, right While eating the dumplings, I asked him if he was the one who took away the beauty picture at the auction that day, but he said hmm and didn t speak.He touched my head and let out a disgusted Huh , you are going to stink.I froze when I was eating the dumplings, picked up my sleeve and smelled it, and then remembered that I had been in a coma for so many days, it seemed I didn t take a bath Junli laughed out loud when he saw my movement, and then went to the bathroom to help me drain the water.After Junli s water was put away, my dumplings were finished, so I washed myself clean.Once again, just after getting dressed, I found that Junli had already changed into his outfit and was waiting for me downstairs.Where are you going I just said.This is not the first person who suspects that Junli approached me for a purpose, but I still can t believe that Junli, who cares so much about me, has a purpose for approaching me And eyes can t deceive people, if Junli s eyes on me can deceive people, then can Junli s tense eyes when I was injured can be fake But when I heard these words in Master s ears, she got a mocking smile.You really don t want to die until you reach the Yellow River.I didn t say anything, I quietly held the phone, and then Master asked me a question.You were killed by Junli himself in your previous life, do you still want to die by his hands My expression changed instantly, and I asked my master nervously.In the previous life, why did Junli kill me After hearing the story of Yunjing in Chapter 160, the master smiled sarcastically and didn t speak, but it made me feel that everyone around me seemed to be covered with a veil.Although Yun Qi cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys is a highly respected national teacher, but the place he is in is the palace that can eat people after all, and he has offended the heirs of the royal family.If one accidentally funky farms cbd gummies old verson exposes the identity of the illegitimate child, then no matter how highly respected he is, he will also Falling from the clouds into the ditch.Therefore, the most common saying that the illegitimate son has heard since he was a child is that Yun Qi asked him to bear it, and when he grows up to inherit the status of his national teacher, he will openly repay the scars they put on him.The hatred intensified in the illegitimate child s heart, and he was forced to learn intrigue and calculation.He even swore secretly that one day he would have the power in his are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys hands, and he would destroy the people who deceived me that day.Before I realized what it was, various noises kept ringing out from the crowd.The empress is about to give birth The teacher of the state is really a god alive, and the hexagrams calculated are accurate One disaster star and one phoenix star, I really don t know how the emperor will deal with it.Hearing the chaotic voices in the crowd, I stretched out a hand to pat the shoulder of a passerby in front of me, but my hand passed through the passerby s body, and I was frightened and stunned.Only then did I realize that what I entered was just an illusion, not really returning to funky farms cbd gummies old verson cbd thc gummies reviews the previous life.The surrounding roads became crowded in an instant, and it was the common people of Chu State that were all rushing cannaverda cbd gummies towards the imperial city.I followed behind the crowd, feeling the familiar and desolate atmosphere that Chu State brought to me.Shengmen flourishes in the four seasons, are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys especially the moons of Chou and Yin, which are in summer, rest in autumn, imprisoned in winter, and die in spring.It is difficult to break through when it falls into the palace of Gen and Fu Yin I couldn t even walk through the Sanji Gate, so I nervously glanced at the location of the Fierce Gate, but the moment I are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys wanted to break the location of the Fierce Gate, the devilish energy around me became stronger What are counts custom cbd gummies those blood red eyes in the sky What do you want I looked up at him nervously, only to find that his are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys eyes were like two scorching fireballs, which might shoot out fire at any time, burning me to death Swallowing, I raised my head and asked him.Are you a demon He ignored me, but at this moment I was so nervous that I couldn t concentrate on ending the game, and suddenly there were all kinds of bang bang bang sounds in my ears I was so scared that I just turned my eyes to the side, but suddenly saw that the snow on Changbai Mountain started to collapse Oops Only then did I remember one thing.When I heard Yunjing say this, I didn t react.I just felt a little strange.This Yunjing took the wrong medicine or changed his sex.Although he told me that he knew that I was Zhang Chunxia a long time ago, but now he is helping me like this.What cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys do you think I stared at Yunjing silently for a long time.Yunjing knew that I was suspicious of him, but he didn t express anything.He looked at me a few times, then got up and said that he was taking me home.I tsk tut twice, mockingly.Now road idiots can take the driver s license test, and they can recognize the road.Yun Jing s face darkened, and he muttered with a laugh.Since I planned to help you, I have driven all the roads in Kunming hundreds of times This sentence was so small that I couldn t catch it, and I asked Yun Jing what he was talking about alone.I stared at her for a long time, thinking of countermeasures in my mind, but at this moment, Bi Se suddenly gave an order, and the group of blood are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys demons rushed towards me and the blood girl.The blood girl blocked me behind and helped me block a lot of attacks, but the sticky blood on the blood demon s body dripped on the blood girl s body, and I heard the sound of tearing, tearing and was caught There is a big hole missing in the replacement position in the drop.I was a little scared at once, and took out a few yellow talismans from my pocket to help the blood girl, but the blood girl said You go first The yellow talisman may not be useful to them Laughing, she asked, How dare a mere blood girl stand in the way Just are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys as Bi Se finished speaking, she suddenly teleported and moved directly behind me If you have the ability, you are summoning Huo Yan Remnants come out My face turned pale in an instant, and at the moment when Bi Se s pale hand was about to pinch my neck cbd thc gummies There was a bang in the air, and the blood demons around were instantly blown into pieces.By the way, Xiao Xiao, your uncle is Xiao Jue, and grandma is Xiao Jue s mother, right Who told me that Huoyan valued Xiao s family very much during his lifetime, are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys but Xiao s family didn t know how to praise him, and in the end they even killed Huoyan together with Junli.Don t tell me that your grandma gave you this key, because this key has always been in Fuyan s hands When I heard Zhao Yiyun s words, I was a little dumbfounded Although when I saw the paper with the handwriting written on the wretched face, I guessed whether my grandma and uncle treated me like that, there might be something hidden, but are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys according to what Zhao Yijun said, my thoughts became are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg more intense But how did Zhao Yijun know so clearly But I didn t ask.I always felt that even if I asked, she would use their Taoist reasons to prevaricate me.Beside the ears, there were bursts of giggling laughter from time to time.It was a bit like a singing voice, which made Zhao Yiyun s face turn pale from fright Seeing that I was a little calm, she asked me why I wasn t afraid I smiled and didn t speak.But I cursed in my heart, how could he not be afraid of me Junli is not by my side, I don t even have safety guarantee, but at this time, I have to swallow my fear and pretend to be imposing, don t I This corridor is very long, and there is still light at the end of the corridor, which from time to time illuminates the surrounding mirrors.Zhao Yijun and I walked carefully in this corridor, but after walking for a while, we both stopped and looked behind at the same time But the strange thing is that when we were walking in the corridor, we saw something in the mirror.Blood debt No matter how my previous life was arranged, no matter what Gu Yiyun s identity is.All I know is that she killed my grandma and wanted to kill my grandma A wave of hatred washed through my body in an instant.I am Huoyan, but I am also Xiao Xiao.I did not live in the era of Huoyan.All I know is that I, Xiao Xiao, have never been a soft are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys persimmon Only soft persimmons can be squeezed continuously, only soft persimmons can be bullied cbd thc gummies blood pressure like ants.What kind of shit training, what kind of shit layout I just want all those who plot against me and those who have hurt me to be trampled under my feet Gu Yiyun looked at me who was full of hatred, and immediately took a few steps back in fright, his face was terribly pale, and a wave of devilish energy suddenly gathered in his hands, wanting to throw it in my direction.Nine Heavens Yingyuan Thunder God Puhua Tianzun The voice of the formula just started, and before the formula I pinched out with both hands hit the mirror, the mirror returned to calm again.If I hadn t dreamed of the proprietress in my dream, and seen such a weird image of her in the mirror twice, I would have thought all of this was an illusion.Taking a deep breath, my right eyelid kept trembling, and I always felt that something unexpected would happen today.Suddenly, the sound of drizzle came out of the window, I gently opened the curtain, looking at the scene of wind and rain outside, my heart tightened I actually saw the proprietress again under the window, she was just like in the dream, she was so wet, she shouted at me with her swollen facial features Flee, Xiao Xiao, run away When I looked at her carefully, she disappeared again, as if after I are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys woke up from a dream, the illusion of seeing the proprietress kept flashing in front of my eyes.When Yun Jing heard this, he immediately shook his head and said, The souls of the two sisters, the hostess of the homestay, are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys must have been imprisoned.Even if they forcibly conjured up their souls, they would not be able to recruit them.After hearing this, Jun Li smiled and asked me I don t understand, it s like a secret signal between him and Yun Jing Before he died, did you tell me who I am Yun Jing raised his head differently, and asked Junli You remember it Then he muttered to himself It shouldn t be, she didn t mean to But Junli directly interrupted Yunjing s words, cut his finger, and dripped a drop of extremely bright red blood on the white on paper.Try it with my blood.Yun Jing didn t do it directly, as if everything related to Huo Yan was very important in his mind, he asked Jun Li When did you remember it Do you know I know that in the life you didn t remember I know, I know everything.Chapter 212 Oops Junli didn t speak in a hurry, turned his head and HCMUSSH are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys glanced at Yunjing lightly, then jumped forward lightly, and landed firmly on the other section of the chain bridge, but the moment Junli put me down.There was another sudden shake from the chain bridge, if it wasn t for the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys 1000mg cbd gummy dissimilar look in Jun Li s eyes.I really thought it was Junli who made it to fix Yunjing Suddenly, there was a sudden click from the chain bridge, and this cloud scene suddenly widened its eyes, and stood there sluggishly, with a livid face as if holding back urine.In the next second, the cable bridge suddenly broke in half from the middle.Yunjing was frightened and exerted his strength suddenly, trying to jump to the other side, but there was another crackling sound from the cable bridge, and Yunjing s already broken bridge deck At this moment, there was another rupture, and now, Yunjing didn t even have a point of help Brother in law, save me On the side, he didn t even wrinkle his eyes, and waited until the moment when Yunjing had fallen from the bridge towards the endless abyss below first class herbalist oils cbd gummies Jun Li lightly exerted force on his toes.Also a master But isn t he a demon Before I could react, this group of corpses had already rushed towards the three of us, their eyes were full of red light, and their faces were too ferocious to be described by zongzi.What the hell, is it a demonized corpse Destroy the corpse Yun Jing s voice passed by my ears, I nodded slightly to him and said Mie.The state of Chu has been extinct for thousands of years.These corpses have long since died on the battlefield, but they were hidden in Lingshun s tomb by people with ulterior motives.But the best way to belong to these corpses is to disappear, funky farms cbd gummies old verson cbd thc gummies reviews right One life is two, two is are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys three, three is all things, but when all things finally disappear, they all disappear into the world like dust.As the saying goes.No Bodhi tree, nor stand mirror.There is nothing, where is the dust All the things of time, but they are not brought with birth, and not taken away with death.Uh huh The moment the voice came out of my mouth, I just felt like I wanted to cover my mouth but after Junli heard it, he laughed, his voice was so nice, and a few words seemed to be enough Teased all my senses.Do you want to These three words made me feel numb all over, can I say I don t want to But when I looked into Junli s eyes, I nodded as if I had been enchanted I didn t realize it until the moment I nodded when Junli saw me nodding, he suddenly smiled, with a bit of a smile on his face Evil, very seductive he looks very enchanting, like a drug, once people get on it, they can t forget it A wave of indescribable senses hit me, and I just felt numb all over , as if my body is not my own Chapter are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys 230 I can t get out of bed This feeling is a bit familiar and Junli s figure overlaps with the man from that night I don t know why, my He let out a sigh of relief from the bottom of are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg his heart, and even said a word from the tip of his heart Fortunately, it s him.There were a large number of stalactites scattered above the head, which was unique.Because the entrance of the cave is vertically downward and not tightly closed, it has been scoured by mountain rain and groundwater for a long time.The silt in the cave is three to four meters deep.Buried under mud.Junli stopped in front of the cave, and finally hugged me and jumped onto a stone platform in front of him.Not long after he landed, Yunjing s voice rang in our ears.Brother in law, if you don t take me away in are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys such deep mud, you think I ll fall into it and be buried to death Junli didn t say anything, but returned to the original place reluctantly, picked up Yunjing s collar with one hand, and swung Bring Yunjing to the stone platform where I am standing.This cave is a bit strange.The surrounding stone walls are very smooth due to the beating of rain all year round, but a stone platform was raised out of thin air for the three of us to settle on.And these stone walls are still scattered with some tattered pieces, which are broken into an unknown number of iron chains, as if they can fall directly when the wind blows.But this undoubtedly does not tell us three that it is very likely that something was hung on the wall, and it has been hung for a long time.Yun Jing and I looked at each other, and then the two of us turned our eyes on Junli, and the moment our eyes were on Junli, Junli said The hanging on the wall, It should be hanging coffins.But these coffins fell to the ground and were corroded by rain and mud.This sentence also confirms the origin of the dead bones in the mud and the funerary objects.But the strange thing is that the stone wall of this cave has nothing but the place where we are standing and some iron chains, and it is very smooth.I don t know if Yunjing got into trouble because he followed me, or if they had a festival that I didn t know about before, but I can t just watch Yunjing die in front of me Gritting my teeth fiercely, I exerted all my strength and jumped out from Junli s side.I didn t have a weapon in my hand, but I held the beauty picture into something like a stick, and jumped out from Junli s side without saying a word., rushed to the battlefield ahead.One after another, my body erupted, and I directly fought with this group of skeletons, which attracted a lot of attention for Yunjing, but there are too many skeletons, and they have already arranged it On this day, I don t know what is the reason, and the army of skeletons poured into the battlefield who carries cbd gummies near me continuously.Junli glanced at me, saw that I was barely able to suppress the battlefield around him, and then told me to be careful, without my burden, I ran to Yunjing s side in two or three, like an eagle catching a chicken.I was caught in the middle of the boat, with Junli in front and Yunjing in the back.I wasn t too scared to see the weird scene around me, but I felt a little disgusted by the crowd of people s heads staring at us.It wasn t until the boat slowly flowed out of the forest that I asked in a low voice Why was the forest so strange just now Why did the human head grow on the tree Yun Jing asked me, have you heard of the silk tree Albizia julibrissin trees have been extinct thousands of years ago, and the forest just now is full of albizia julienne trees.I shook my head and said I hadn t heard of it, but at this moment, Junli took Yunjing s words and introduced me to the acacia tree in that forest.The origin of the name of the Albizia tree is because it can emit a strange fragrance, which makes people hallucinate.Said When she said this, the desolation in her eyes made her feel extremely distressed, but her tone of voice was serious.No matter how I asked, I just didn t say anything.Who instructed her Gradually, my fiery heart was also extinguished by her, and then I asked who manipulated her, and after she didn t tell me, I couldn t bear it no matter how much I could bear it, and I suddenly got out of her confinement The middle one came out flexibly, and turned around to subdue her, but she pushed me out of the candle circle the moment I started Before I could react, there was a click in my ear, like Something fell at are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys my feet, and I subconsciously looked down, only to see that blood amber was thrown out of the candle circle by are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys the blood girl.How is this going Puzzled, I raised my head to ask Junli and Yunjing, but I saw a raging flame in their eyes In an instant, I turned around suddenly, only to see that the flames from the circle of candles all ran to the bloody woman, almost Within a breath, the blood girl had been burned into a burning man.After hearing this, they both asked me the same question at the same time Is the person who asked you to send you to the Niangniang Temple the one who gave you the blood amber How uncertain, what is uncertain, I can t say it myself.As soon as I finished speaking, Yun Jing suddenly asked me The person who gave you the blood amber was Liao Cuilian, right When I heard that, I was taken aback, and subconsciously asked, How do you know vermont cbd gummies But he didn t He didn t speak, but got can cbd gummies cause erectile dysfunction up and left Jun Li s house, his behavior was quite strange.Zhen Yacai.And Junli also went upstairs directly, leaving me in place.The more this is the case, the more I feel a little strange.I always feel that the two of them have formed a CP, and they can communicate with each other with eyes It wasn t until the next day that Junli and Yunjing asked me to pack up my things and said that the three of us would go to Changbai Mountain again.The moment Junli opened his mouth, I froze in shock and said with organic cbd gummies co2 extraction wide eyed eyes, Protect her What do you mean But Junli didn t answer me anymore., but let me wait and see, I will naturally understand the meaning in a short time.Since Junli has already said that, it is hard for me to say anything.Towards the afternoon, Yunjing suddenly called us and asked Junli what to do if he said that Bise was quiet, didn t eat or drink, didn t cry or make trouble, and didn t look like a captive at all But Junli replied sarcastically Why do you care so much about her Since she doesn t want to eat or drink, then don t give her food and drink.When Yunjing heard this, he quickly asked Junli Don t give it to others.Eat and drink, what are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys should I do if I m starving to death As soon as I heard his words, I was speechless.When I heard Qing Jingzi s words, I immediately rolled my eyes, and said it lightly, a week Even why Xiao Jue was sealed in the coffin, why did he run away, who was the person hiding in the dark, who dared to speak such big words without finding out what was in the dragon s veins But when the village head heard it, Qingjingzi gave him a positive answer, nodded immediately, and said a few good words like flattering by the way, and then sent us back to the aunt s home.After returning to Auntie s house, Qingjingzi even asked Junli a lot of questions, but Junli answered them one by one in a slightly perfunctory manner.After that, Qingjingzi returned to the room with Suxiu, leaving Junli and me alone.After washing up, he planned to go to bed, but Junli closed the doors and windows very strictly, then went to bed, hugged me into his arms, and said softly I think the village has been calm for so long, tonight Something might happen.Goosebumps are up.But after hearing Junli s words, the young man bent down, and was about to check the village head s neck, but Junli suddenly stopped him.The moment he stopped, Junli asked me to take a talisman that can shake corpses.Fearing that this corpse would suck people s anger and suddenly cheat the corpse, I also asked me to give the young man a piece of exorcism, just in case the young man sprayed the wound with corpse poison.After doing all this, Junli asked the young man to carefully examine the village chief s body.Remember brother Xiuyang.But it s okay not to check, everyone was shocked when they checked On the neck of the village chief, there was actually a scar, which seemed to be cut open by a very thin fishing line.It was very secretive, but it separated two thirds of the joint between the neck and the body.Dead body The moment the voice fell, the defense in the young man s heart was broken immediately, and he shook his head in horror are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys Don tdon t It depends on how you cooperate Su Xiu smiled coquettishly, but Jun Li didn t I laughed out loud at this moment Chapter 298 Reunion The moment Junli laughed out loud, I saw Su Xiu s complexion suddenly changed.She looked around and asked, Who is it Who dares to hide in the dark and keep sneaking out Throwing it on the window sill, before I could react, Jun Li rushed in.He pulled the young man who was tied up before him behind him.And at this moment, I slowly came out from behind the curtain, looking disappointed, and looking at Suxiu with a half are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys smile.The expressions on Su Xiu s face are very rich.Black, white and red are constantly switching, gritting their teeth, and staring at me viciously.The moment I turned around, I saw a transparent boulder highland cbd gummies shadow on the altar, which looked exactly like Xiao Jue.And the moment I turned around, the shadow had gradually become thinner and lighter until it turned into nothingness.His eyes were very calm except for the strong reluctance and nostalgia.As if everything had been prepared long ago, I stood where I was, frowning quietly, forcing back the tears that almost came out of my eyes, deep in my heart.I whispered to him Goodbye.I didn t inhale until the persistent thoughts disappeared for a long time, and the last thing related to Gu Yicheng in this world disappeared.Nose, turned his eyes back, but saw that the eyes of Junli and the others were all focused on me.I smiled at them, not knowing whether I was laughing at my embarrassment or at them.It is rare for Yun Jing, Gu Yicheng, Xiao Jue, and Junli to appear in the same scene, and they are also in the same camp.Sighing, I gradually brought my thoughts back, looked back at Junli, and asked him What kind of person do you think Xiao Jue is Junli replied blankly You Don t you know Obviously, I didn t want to answer my question, and I didn t intend to ask more, but I suddenly remembered that Qingjingzi and Suxiu had been living with me and Junli for a few days before this They live in another room at Auntie s house.Will there be anything left in the room After all, before there were three volumes of beauties and no way to crack Xuepo, but now Xuepo has been cracked, but are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys after being wrapped by Ling Shun, there are four volumes of beauties that have not been found.I don t know if it was a bit of luck, I searched all the relics of Qingjingzi and Suxiu, but I couldn t find anything, so I was very disappointed.Why are you coming back What are you doing so far away What Didn t you let me do that Did I venus cbd gummies funky farms cbd gummies old verson say that far away Finally Junli said to let me stay away from him, but there was a distance of a fist in the middle After a long time of tossing, after Junli just got up and went to the kitchen to make dinner, but when he got up, it was already past nine o clock in the evening, it could almost be regarded as a supper After dinner, Jun Li and I changed our clothes, but for are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg some reason, we actually wanted to go for a walk on the street.The moment I walked onto the street, are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg watching the crowds coming and going on the street, my heart immediately relaxed a lot, and my complexion also eased.Walking on the street, I felt a sense of desolation in my heart.I don t know how long this quiet life can last, and I don t know what the ending will be when everything is settled.Even a layman like me can tell that 99 of the things in this boss s store are fake, and he can really open his mouth to talk nonsense However, the three of us carried so many things in our hands, and we looked dr cbd sour gummy worms like nouveau riche.We only picked expensive ones in the boss s store, and didn t pick the right ones.It s normal for the boss to want to fool us.But after Yunjing heard this, he seemed to be flattering and praised Boss, I am dissatisfied with you.The three of us are experienced collectors.We like to collect everything.We have been to Panjiayuan before coming to your store.There The things here are really not as good as the ones in your store.He said these words very smoothly, but when he heard my ears, he was even more surprised Originally, Junli Yunjing s behavior in this Yanzhi Hutong are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys was very weird, but now their behavior is undoubtedly not telling me The reason why the two of them are so crazy to buy things here is to act like 25mg cbd gummies for pain a nouveau riche, and the country people enter The village looks like the real target, but this antique shop, either there is something mysterious about the things in the shop, or there is something wrong with the identity of the owner.after all.How can anyone who is a grandfather talk about this prostitution with his grandson Therefore, when the are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys old man heard Yun Jing say this, he are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg hesitated for a long time, and then completely ignored the matter of Yun Jing and his partner getting lost, and asked Yun Jing How did your grandfather tell you about Rouge Alley How could Yunjing be so clear with the old man What he wants to do now.Either they entered the yard, or they had other attempts.So Yunjing said Oops again, jumped up anxiously, shook his head, and said, Now is not the time to talk about my grandpa.My little friend and I got lost.I searched the whole alley for him.There are a lot of people outside without them.I didn t bring my mobile phone, do you have a phone at home, old lady Obviously, Yunjing s purpose was to enter this courtyard, but the moment Yunjing finished speaking, this The old man directly shook his head and said, No phone.Although there are not many things that can be seen, it is enough.But the moment my eyes went out, I was taken aback Wai Wai Muba.It was Ling Shun, Su Xiu and Gu Yiyun who came here Every time I saw them, it was either in some dark tombs or at night, so that now I see the three of them in the daytime, but I am not used to it.No wonder Junli and Yunjing dragged me and refused to let me go out just now.Could it be that the two of them had already are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys guessed that it would be Ling Shun and the others Involuntarily, I asked in a low voice, but Yunjing raised his eyebrows and asked me if I still remember that he said that Ling Shun would return to Beijing in about three days I nodded and said I remembered, and then suddenly realized, but at this moment, the voice of the quarrel outside became louder, as if it was deliberately loud for us to hear, Gu Yiyun asked the boss, How dare you take yours Guaranteed by name, have there really been no two men and one woman with extraordinary looks coming to your store When I heard Gu Yiyun s words, I was a little nervous, and I don t know if I was afraid that the boss would confess us, or because I didn t want to talk to you.Only then did he say Where how can there be any words, who told you Although he was quite frightened, there was still some compliment in his words, Ling Shun gave the boss a flat look, and smiled.He asked without a smile No How did I hear that because you saw Yin er s soul, you were so frightened that you asked for amulets everywhere and posted them all over the room This sentence made him tremble all over, but before he could reply, Ling Shun continued, Why don t you take us to see your room full of yellow symbols Three hundred and twenty first Zhang Lingshun broke the door As soon as I heard Ling Shun s words, I broke out in a cold sweat from fright, and quickly turned my head to look at Junli and Yunjing, only to see that they were still leisurely.But when I turned my head to look at Ling Shun and the others, the boss couldn t stop Ling Shun and the others, and was thrown to the ground by Ling Shun.The closer she got, the clearer her face and body became.She looked exactly the same as the one I dreamed about, but there was a big change from the rumored one.Yin er is not as ordinary and vulgar as the rumors say, but is very delicate and beautiful, with a bumpy figure and an indescribable aura all over her body.I recognize you.Before I walked in, Yin er s fluttering voice sounded from my ears, and she was also speaking to me.I didn t say a word, I just stood where I was, but Tong Xin pulled Granny Su up behind Yin er.It can be seen that Granny Su was still cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys very afraid of Yin er, but funky farms cbd gummies old verson cbd thc gummies reviews Tong Xin and Yin er The relationship with her should be good, especially protecting her.The scene suddenly became a confrontation between the two parties, and even the people in the other two rooms came out at this moment and stood behind Yin er.Two people can manipulate the beauty map.But this old man searched all over the world, and found that as long as a person has a yin fate and is a yin body, he can connect with the breath of the underworld.Refining the ancient lamp, day after day, year after year, until the yin body and the ancient lamp are fused together, then he can become the third person in the world who can control the beauty map.But this method sounds easy, but it is very difficult to do That s why there was the scene where Yin er became the pillar of the Guangde Tower later, because the place of fireworks is a filthy place full of yin energy, and only after Yin er stays here until she can completely fuse with the life extending lamp can she be released.Become the pawn in the old man s hand to control the beauty picture.At first, Yin er didn t know all of this, and was even very grateful to the old man, but as time passed, urba cbd gummies Yin er felt more and more that something was wrong with this matter.Because, she found that her body began to change At first, there were only some small black spots on her body.In the end, she found that there were black spots on a large area of her body, one by one, as if she had been dyed by someone.It was very scary She searched for doctors everywhere, There was no answer, and I asked the old man who adopted her, but the reply was that let her carry the lamp, the painting, and the spot all the time, and it would disappear.But after the black spot appeared, the old man s more and more weird things were exposed to Yin er s eyes, and Yin er even found out that the old man even bribed the owner of the antique shop and his son to spy on her She found out Afterwards, I was very scared, almost without any preparation, and hid in the city of Beijing.You know, with these old ladies.If they hadn t been kept and let them die in Luofeng Village, it would have been tainted with karma Start the game Qimen Dunjia Yin er s eyes widened when she heard it, as if she was a little surprised.There was someone next to me who could do Qimen Dunjia, and there was a bit of fear in her eyes.I don t know if it was because Yunjing would The matter of Qimen Dunjia reminded her of that old man.After all, isn t that old man also a master of Qimen Dunjia Yun cbd gummy machine Jing said indifferently En , he did not speak, but cast a look at Junli, the meaning was obvious, he was asking Junli, are you entering Luofeng Village now Junli nodded lightly, without hesitation, took my hand and walked directly towards Luofeng Village.Just stepped into the boundary of Luofeng Village, a strong yin energy that seemed to suffocate me suddenly came to my face, permeated my whole body, and made me feel a little uncomfortable On the other hand, Guanyin er, her body has long been corroded by Yin Qi, facing this thick Yin Qi at this time, she didn t react much, but closed her eyes with some enjoyment.It seems that the old man called us to stop.It was probably a coincidence.At that time, when Junli Yunjing are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys and I were disguised, each of us I are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys took the voice changing pills, and I dressed very sloppily.In order to make the effect realistic, I didn t wash my hair for several days And this is the neighborhood closest to Yanzhi Hutong.Maybe the old man happened to come here and wanted to find some people Help saw the three of us, who looked like migrant workers, and stopped us.Surrounded by balls and died.To be honest, after hearing what the old man said, I was about to agree.After all, we are watching from the dark, it is better to watch from the side, wouldn t we be able to know more information like this Unexpectedly, Jun Li twitched the corners of his mouth and refused straight away.After the refusal, he pulled us both and walked forward without looking back.After all, how can the environment portray people so realistically Thinking about it, I was about to walk to him from this door, but at this moment his voice suddenly sounded Wait While speaking, his brows frowned slightly, and he didn t know what he was thinking.What, and my movements were stopped by his voice, and I stood still.I have activated the mechanism of the formation in this tomb before.So this empty hall has already changed its appearance, there are big and small eyes everywhere, if you are careful, you can really die without a place to die.It is precisely because of this that I looked at Gu Yicheng standing on the Sima Road so casually, with a bit of laziness in my eyes, and I couldn t help but feel a little suspicious in my heart.What are you waiting for After a pause, I asked.It seems that the tomb was dug up and there was no way out for him However, from the fact that Bi Se crawled cloud 9 cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys out of the tomb in such a panic and wanted to ask me and Yunjing for help, it can be seen that after the three of them entered this tomb, it was not as easy as imagined, but what happened Things have suffered, so the three of them are likely to get separated.The younger brother in order.The three people with good abilities couldn t get out of this tomb.They were forced to be like this by this tomb.If Yunjing didn t use his own ability to block those heads for me, it shouldn t be an accident, right Thinking of this, my heart suddenly rose, and my face turned pale with worry, I just hope Yun Jing must be fine After roughly understanding these things, I asked Gu Yicheng Then when you came in, did you meet Junli, did you see Junli But it changed instantly, and he said to me differently I was just about to ask you, why didn cbd gummies for sleep mg t you stay with Junli When I heard his words, my expression changed instantly, my eyes widened, cbd gummy worms 3000mg and there was no response for a long time come over You know, I always thought that Gu Yicheng and Junli were staying together Now that Gu Yicheng suddenly told me that Junli had never met him before, my whole heart suddenly became agitated, worried about Junli, plant md cbd gummies reviews and also worried about Yunjing, and I didn t know how they were doing now.So I was quite scared, if the Gu Yicheng in front of me was someone else cbd gummies neuropathy pretending to be, wouldn t I not even be able to tell the real Gu Yicheng from the fake Gu Yicheng But if the Gu Yicheng in front of me is not pretended by others, then I am too low in disguise, and I was recognized casually, then, Junli, Yunjing, and me, the three of us are in this tomb Isn t it dangerous Gu Yicheng obviously didn t understand the meaning of my words.Seeing my serious expression, he sighed and said lightly You forgot You took all the disguise masks from me As soon as he finished speaking, my face froze for an instant, and even my breathing slowed down a bit Wei Xupudi.So, I really think too much Gu Yicheng wasn t someone else pretending to be, and I disguised myself very delicately, so I wasn t recognized by others Just for a moment, I blushed so much that I wanted to find a hole to drill down.But she ignored her wobbly figure, and didn t realize that all her strong disguises were exposed by her wobbly body.Did the three of you get separated Yun Jing s voice sounded, with a bit of sarcasm in his tone, presumably because he saw Gu Yiyun in such a mess, and thought that Bi Se was about to die before going to the tomb The appearance of my heart is very happy.Gu Yiyun still ignored Yunjing, but at this moment he snorted coldly, as if Yunjing had pierced through her most uncomfortable part.If I was ridiculed like this by Yun Jing at this time, Gu Yiyun would definitely turn around and leave without paying attention to Yunjing, even the previous Gu Yiyun would do the same, but the current Gu Yiyun is abnormally incapable, Being ridiculed by Yun Jing for being like this, he still stood there motionless.But I also know that Yunjing s ability to conceal his fate is not bad, and the human skin mask Gu Yicheng brought is also not bad.How could where to buy pure kana cbd gummies it be so easy to be seen through The only person who can have this ability is the leak of the inner ghost.As soon as I thought of this, my heart rose instantly, I closed my eyes, and there was disappointment and even fear all over my body.The old man hiding behind the scenes to plot against me may already be someone I know, people around me.If the people around me are really like Ling Shun and Junli said, there is an inner ghost, then how should I face it Xu Shi saw that I hadn t spoken all the way, and Yun Jing saw him at the side, so he couldn t help being a little surprised, stepped forward to pat me, and asked me Xiao Xiao, what s wrong with you Ling Shun gave you the picture of beauties, you collect them all I read six volumes of pictures of beauties, should I be happy I raised my head, looked at Yunjing, smiled at him reluctantly, and then whispered I know, I m fine, I m funky farms cbd gummies old verson cbd thc gummies reviews just a little tired are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg It s over.The moment the words fell, Yun Jing nodded half understanding, and didn t say much, but Jun Li turned his head and glanced at me at this moment.Junli looked very calm at this moment, I thought he was just following my voice to see me because of what I said, but I didn t expect him to ask me at this moment Next, how do you want to go How could I have imagined that Junli would ask my opinion at such a critical moment, he shook his head abruptly and said, I don t know either.But Junli gave me two choices, let me choose by myself, one One is to keep going, one is to get out of here.As soon as I heard the second choice, I suddenly asked Junli What do you mean by leaving here But at this moment, Junli threw the two volumes of pictures of beauties to me again, and then said flatly There is still a volume of pictures of beauties.I returned all the pictures of beauties that I got, and I can t leave him behind just for these two volumes of pictures of beauties What s more, Yin er is just a young man, how can Ling Shun, the devil king of the devil world, be worth much I sighed lightly, and was about to make a decision, but Junli gave me a meaningful look at this moment, and said slowly, I think we can find pictures of beauties.Look for a picture of a beauty, what should Ling Shun do After hearing Junli s words, I was a little dumbfounded.I never thought that Junli would suggest the same way, but as soon as I finished speaking, Junli was so lazy I lazily replied Don t worry, I won t die.Although I don t know the specific situation of Ling Shun, I am relieved to have Junli s words as a guarantee.Since Junli said that he can t die Then he shouldn t be able to die, right But it was still hard for me to leave Ling Shun behind, but Yun Jing also began to suggest that I leave here and look for pictures of beauties.Thenare they okay Bi Se asked again Dao, while talking, slowly walking towards Junli and me.I shook my head at her, then nodded abruptly at her, and after a pause, I said, There should be something wrong, and there should be nothing wrong, I can t tell When I said this, I once again There was a pause for a while, and then there was a doubt in his eyes, and he said again Why didn t you say what you saw and are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg what happened when you entered this tomb Unexpectedly, at this moment, Bi Se took a deep breath, as if she had made a big decision, and said to me This tomb is like a huge formation, which covers everything.After entering this tomb, there was a voice telling me that what I saw, saw, and heard in the tomb, I can t tell anyone, otherwise I will fall into hell When she said this, After a pause for a few seconds, he continued Ling Shun, Gu Yiyun and the others also heard this voice.And Gu Yicheng s expression also changed into an incomparably stern expression, standing on the spot and no one said a word.But the quieter it was, the less the person hiding in the dark made any movement, as if he wanted to keep Gu Yicheng s unfinished sentence stillborn and not let me know.And Gu Yicheng obviously sensed the intention of the person hiding in the dark.He showed me a meaningful smile, raised his eyebrows, and opened his mouth to speak to me, regardless of the sound of footsteps coming from him.How loud it was when I spoke, it seemed that I wanted to use this method to attract people who were hiding in the dark and peeping at us.What I never expected was that Gu Yicheng actually asked me, do you think the two of us are in the palace at the bottom of the lake.When I heard Gu Yicheng s words, I immediately twitched the corners of my mouth.Compared to Chu Lianqiao, Gu Yicheng listened to my words and didn t even stop walking, and didn t even look at me.I was so angry with them, and it wasn t the time to attack, so I had to swallow the breath forcefully, and after a cold snort, I didn t care about them.As I was walking, there was a creak and creak sound around me, and the sound of something scurrying around on the floor.As soon as these messy sounds sounded, the three are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys of us stopped in an instant and looked around.Chu Lianqiao wanted to go to the pile of rice vats to check, but I stopped him Don t mess around.Let s go.But as soon as I finished speaking, Chu Lianqiao gave me a blank look, and snorted coldly You think I m you, afraid of everything.If you say such things, people will be angry, but I can t do anything about this little ancestor.After chatting with Chu Lianqiao for a long time, Gu Yicheng, who was standing aside, seemed a little annoyed.After all, Chu Lianqiao s hostility was so obvious, and he was pushing him out so clearly, he could bear it to the limit.Involuntarily, Gu Yicheng walked directly towards the two of us, frowned, and asked, Have you guys finished speaking Can you leave when you re done Chu Lianqiao heard Gu Yicheng s angry tone , snorted disdainfully.He even rolled his eyes at Gu Yicheng, then pulled me and walked outside, not even bothering to talk to Gu Yicheng.I looked back at Gu Yicheng, and found that his forehead was slightly angry, as if my bottom line was being provoked by a kid again and again, and I was a little uncomfortable.If it wasn t for Chu Lianqiao, he was Chu Mo s son , I guess they could go straight up and kill this little kid As pure relief cbd gummies review we walked, seeing that the three of us were about to walk out of the palace, there were bursts of creaking sounds all around.Yin er at this moment is very scary, her face is hideous, although she is still dressed in black as before, but her extremely red eyes are like a devil in the middle are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys cbd gummies 500 mg of the night, and her eyes are full of blood.Full of stabbing and bloodthirsty, she was completely like two extremes with her before.At least, in the past, she hid many thoughts well.I was relax cbd gummies are cbd gummies bad for your kidneys holding tightly to one end of the beauty picture, and she was holding the other end.Both of them secretly exerted strength in their palms, as if they both wanted to get the beauty picture in their pockets, but my strength was not small, and her strength was also great.Due to her inhuman identity, her strength is surprisingly strong, so I can only use the funky farms cbd gummies old verson cbd thc gummies reviews strength in my body to compete with her.Fortunately, the picture of beauty is not an ordinary scroll, otherwise it would probably be broken into several pieces by the two of us in such a fight Our eyes were looking at each other, and the breaths from all over our bodies were fighting against each other.Yumu Festival No.There is nothing wrong with people being afraid of death, but I especially look down on such people who are greedy for life and afraid of death.Can you let me go Yin er raised her head and looked at me with tears in her eyes.There was no killing intent in her eyes, and the only thing left was the strong desire to survive.I looked at her quietly, not in a hurry to speak, but waited for the moment when her nerves were about to be completely crushed by death, and then opened my mouth quietly.Chapter 378 Finale 5 Tell me everything you know.Just as I uttered this sentence lightly, the moment the voice fell, Yin er seemed to have seen the last ray of dawn, and immediately Holding on to the last straw, she nodded at me suddenly Okay what do you want to know When I heard her words, I sneered from the bottom of my heart.

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