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It was indeed Lieutenant Ernst Brahm who continued to fight.General, General Ernst Brahm s voice came from the other end of the phone again, which attracted the attention of everyone in the staff department.General, are you still there I have been waiting for you, Lieutenant Ernst.General, the battle is over.We captured the enemy s barracks and killed a total of 181 British.Casualties, we have no casualties The voice came out clearly from the microphone.There was an uncontrollable exclamation from the cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms staff, and even General Galwitz almost dropped the microphone in his hand Say it again We killed one hundred and eighty one British, Sauber The Prince Ke Battalion has been defeated The exclamation came from the staff natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms again, which was unbelievable.Two men took out a battalion of enemies Also wiped out one hundred and eighty one British soldiers No, only God can do this General Galwitz s voice trembled a little Lieutenant Ernst, are you sure Yes, I can be sure I guarantee it on the honor of the soldier Long live Germany Suddenly, someone called out loudly Such a call.After circling above for a while, the plane quickly left here Wang Weiyi, Guo Yunfeng and the three tanks have been lurking in a safe place, waiting there quietly.If you choose to break out in broad daylight, it is not much different from dying.Had to wait until evening for any chance of success.The faint sound of artillery continues to spread, maybe the British are attacking But they never dreamed that when they attacked, two daring men also attacked in their hinterland.This is simply the greatest mockery of the British.Guo Yunfeng has been monitoring the surrounding movement on a high ground.Fortunately, there has never been a British figure, which also reassures Wang Weiyi a lot.The sky best cbd gummies for pms darkened little by little Wang Weiyi suddenly thought of something, and then repeatedly scolded himself for being extremely stupid.I am in Germany I have been lurking there for such a long time, and pieces of information about the cbd and cbn gummies verge cbd gummies Germans have flowed out from me continuously, but let alone my identity as a German, even the British intelligence agencies have no A few people know about it.The purpose of this adventure is to send out this top secret information.I don t have much time.I took advantage of the time of the German counterattack and sneaked best cbd gummies for pms cbd 25mg gummies out.I have to go back within an hour, otherwise There is a possibility of exposure.Why hasn t the person who joined the joint come yet The officer took out a match and lit it, and then put it on the cigarette beside his mouth At this moment, a figure flew out, before the officer best cbd gummies for pms Before he had time to react, a strong arm was tightly wrapped around his neck.The officer struggled desperately, but he couldn t get rid of it no matter what Gradually, the officer s body softened, Still motionless, a cigarette that was not yet lit fell to the ground Wang Weiyi finally let go after making sure that the victim was dead.But what can you do if you beg others now Even if you feel drowsy now, you have to hold on.At this moment, the door was pushed open, and Depusey appeared in the living room, and then said in an unusually calm tone Madam, Baron Alexon, I brought back the person you want.Brother We recommend it, please Fifty eight.Hyena Wang Weiyi suddenly stood up.The Guo Yunfeng who appeared in front of him was simply not the taking cbd gummies to mexico original Four Knives.There were scars all over his body, especially the knife wounds on his chest were shocking.No one needs to say what kind of torture he had suffered in the Military Intelligence Service.Depusey stuffed a pocket into Wang Weiyi s hand This is your companion s item brought back from the Intelligence Bureau.The blow is an insult to the German officers Even though Guo Yunfeng is a Chinese, he is a subordinate of a noble officer, and the dignity of a noble officer cannot be provoked.While Wang Weiyi and the others were changing their clothes, Depusey drank some of each of the three cups of coffee, and then carefully put them on the table.No one could guess why he did this.Gentlemen, have you changed your clothes Then please come with me.Depusey said with a blank expression.The Countess banquet has begun.All the cbd gummies for shoulder pain celebrities who came were from Germany, and even Pilov, the foreign minister who had just returned from Austria, also came.The influence of the countess in Germany can be seen.Manstein and Richthofen had known Pilov for a long time, but it was the first time for Wang Weiyi to meet the German foreign minister.After a few simple greetings with Manstein and Richthofen, he turned his attention to Wang Weiyi, who is well known in Berlin recently Ernst Alexson von Baron Brahm, your deeds have spread throughout Germany, and I have the utmost respect for your fearless performance on the battlefield.Marklin seemed to have won the victory.When Second Lieutenant Hall stood behind the witness stand, Marklin asked in a condescending tone Second Lieutenant Hall, although you are standing in front of your superior now, I hope you will uphold the principles of an upright gentleman.Honor, let me tell you about what happened to Captain Ernst Alexon von Brahm that day.Yes, I will.Hall muttered, and after a while he mustered up his courage to say We conquered the enemy s position and captured a large number of prisoners, including Lieutenant Colonel Rosen Captain Ernst decided to release the prisoners.I tried to dissuade him, but he didn t listen to me and insisted Lieutenant Colonel Rosen was releasedandand Captain Ernst went to the British position best cbd gummies for pms and stayed for a long time before returning There was an uproar in the gallery, forcing Felix to yell loudly several times before they were able to quiet them down.Simond, there are too many people here, let s talk over there.The other party s mysterious appearance aroused the great curiosity of Watts.As Wang Weiyi came to a place where there was no one, Wang Weiyi said in a low voice Actually, De Sade didn t come here for some general, it was just a cover up.That s all.The real purpose of his coming here is for one thing gold Watts eyes lit up Gold Is there anything more attractive than gold How much gold is there asked Watts impatiently.Two hundred and twenty pounds and thirty five ounces Watts was completely stunned God, more than a hundred kilograms of gold What kind of concept is this This, I m afraid this is unlikely Watts murmured Two hundred and twenty pounds God, so much gold was shipped to Reims, why didn t I know about it Where did so much gold come from It belonged to a Russian nobleman.With the full assistance of Watts, the whole project will be made easy Things went very smoothly, except that Mr.Watts promised to do his best to assist, and the little French spy Pease also brought all the information Wang Weiyi needed to him.Elena, you are in charge of asking your good friend Bi Mengai to come out, and things will be much easier without his troubles.After Wang Weiyi figured out the situation of the post office, he immediately sent his The subordinates were summoned.He will definitely come out, I will drag him in the hotel for two hours.Elena said confidently.One hour is enough.Wang Weiyi nodded Fritz, I said I needed you to act, now you should play, Major De Sade.Fritz Erich von Mansch Tan shrugged.This is really a challenge for him.On the battlefield, he is fearless no matter what kind of enemy he faces, but now it is interesting for him to play a French major and go to the tiger s den to rescue a person without fighting.The girl wondered if she was in a dream.A German military officer appeared in Reims and asked her to set up tanks.Then, he actually gave herself another diamond Believe what they saw Major, the French are on their way.Stike pointed to the back and said.Wang Weiyi sent the rose to Elena who was watching all this Miss Elena, can you accept this rose We should take something memorable best cbd gummies for pms from Reims.Elena took the flowers, put them under her nose and smelled them Ernst, you are such a lunatic, a romantic lunatic.Hope you can bring me to Reims for vacation next time.I will.Wang Weiyi jumped on the tank Hey, best place to buy cbd gummies for anxiety near me let s go.The tanks resumed their heavy steps Those Frenchmen got out of the way, and their eyes were a little bit reluctant.Some even waved their hands to say goodbye to these Germans.They swore that they would never forget watching today I saw this scene In Reims, a group of Germans under the leadership of a German major did the most surprising and romantic thing.Wang Weiyi also Before he had time to ask what it was, he was pulled out of the hotel by Richthofen The carriage was already waiting outside, got on the carriage, and went .

do smilz cbd gummies really work?

directly to the outside of Berlin.about twenty He found the carriage, rushed to the hotel, and transported the three suitcases into his room.Not long after, Hermione came as scheduled.Seeing that what Baron Alexon said was ready and exactly as he said, Hermione showed a shocked expression again.It turns out that Baron Alexon really has so much wealth After a rough estimate, the total value of that batch of diamonds and gold jewelry has reached more than two million Reichsmarks.Hermione originally wanted to do a careful calculation The specific value, but Wang Weiyi thinks it is not necessary, so it is calculated according natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms to two million marks.Without our approval, not even a hound can escape.And you have run out of ammunition and food.The miracle of HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms the Somme cannot happen again.I said, I will never surrender.Wang Weiyi s voice became extremely firm I, Ernst Alexson von Brahm, is here waiting for you Rosen couldn t do it himself.For this decision, he must first ask his commander for instructions.After he left, the team members were in a best cbd gummies for pms mess, shouting that General Ernst must not stay alone, there was no possibility of escaping.Wang Weiyi looked at them with a smile My brothers, the war is coming to an end.Germany has lost, but we have not lost.One day, Germany will rise again.At that time, every one of you is needed.So, you Must live.This is the order, Ernst.An order from General Bram There was a deathly silence in the commando.The vast majority of us can t.Wang Weiyi slowed down his tone a little The Japanese army s charge was scattered in groups of five or six people, with light machine guns as the center of action, so that it would not become a heavy machine gun.A target for intensive shooting Japanese officers seldom wield their swords and call out to attack, and then the Japanese themselves swarm up.This kind of crowd tactics was no longer used after Japan suffered a lot in the Russo Japanese War The Japanese army charged silently, without blowing horns or shouting, but with gestures, in order to make the opponent not know where to fight.Can we do it All fell silent.Ouyang Yu and the other officers looked at each other, and the meaning in their eyes couldn t be more obvious.After all, they were taught by the central government to come out reviews on pure cbd gummies of the .

does 7-11 sell cbd gummies?

corps.Things are not always so perfect, but it seems that sooner or later I will master another language r language.Four knives, drive.After getting into the carriage, Wang Weiyi patted the roof HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms of the car, and then pulled the bolt of the mp38 submachine gun.The truck moved quickly, Ouyang Yu watched the truck leave his sight, and didn t know what to say for a while.Sergeant, this new captain is so courageous.There may be dozens of people in a team of Orientals.They really dare to go like this I don t know.Ouyang Yu shook his head honestly.Shaking his head If you have a chance, you can ask him yourself.But if each of us is as courageous as the captain, I don t think Xiao Dongyang will dare to be so rampant He said silently to the direction where the captain left He said, Good luck, Captain.Good luck, Captain Two hundred and sixty two.Possibility of landing.Commander, it is precisely because of this that when the Battle of Shanghai became more intense and our military resources were exhausted, the troops defending Hangzhou Bay were sent to the front battlefield one by one.Now, on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay, from Quangongting to Zhapu On the tens of kilometers long coastline, there are only two infantry companies of the 62nd Division, one company of the 2nd Artillery Brigade, and a few places for armed defense.There was neither heavy artillery nor decent fortifications.If the Japanese army attacked on a large scale, it would be impossible to defend with this force.Wang Weiyi finished speaking and came to the map Commander, look.The Japanese Army has formed the Tenth Army.Under the command of Yanagawa Hirasuke, I thought that the Japanese cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms would be escorted by the fleet to land at Caojing Town, Quangong Pavilion, and Jinsiniang Bridge near Jinshanwei in Hangzhou Bay, outflanking the rear of our army s defense line in the south.What will others do Yes, then one, please increase it to eight mortars, Commander Wang Weiyi, you have to change the way to have two mortar companies, right Xue Yue didn t know whether to laugh or cry For the sake of your desperate efforts in Songjiang, the company for you has been increased to six, and you are not allowed to bargain with me best cbd gummies for pms any more.Thank you, Commander Wang Weiyi cheered up I also need eight heavy machine guns, one light machine gun for each shift At the same time, I also need a submachine gun Wang Weiyi s requests were raised one after another, Hearing this, Xue Yue wished he could kick this daring guy a few times.What is he going to form Is he going to expand the guard battalion into a regiment Light machine guns, heavy machine guns, submachine guns, cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms mortars and projectiles Canisters, flamethrowers By the way, this guy actually wants a batch of trucks Where can I find you so many things Are you going to empty my warehouse Xue Yue s eyes widened.But this equipment does best cbd gummies for pms not mean that you can buy it if you buy it, you have to find a foolproof and proper way to get it out Major, the enemy has begun to attack Wang Weiyi poked his head out and saw two Japanese tanks appearing.As soon as he saw the tank, Wang verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies Weiyi s mouth suddenly revealed a contemptuous expression.Type 94 tank The main weapon is a Type 91 machine gun This kind of tank, if it can get close, the machine gun can also penetrate its weak armor.Other teams are afraid of it, but in Wang Weiyi s eyes, there is nothing scary about such a small bean tank.Even if I drive the A7V by myself now, I can easily kill several opponents Niu Zhenliang, it s your turn Vickers, driven by Niu Zhenliang, quickly and quietly pointed the muzzle at the Type 94 tank that was approaching without a driver.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and ninety two.Miss General General Claire Nicholas and Hannah Sean stood straight in front of General Steck.Sit down.Stark looked at his two juniors with a smile.These are the children of old comrades who fought side by side with me.Although Nicholas had a lot of friction with General Ernst at the beginning, after the battle at Montfaucon, all the knots in his heart were solved.Of course, except for Adolf Hitler who still remembered the things Nikolai did to General Ernst.Stark watched them sit down Why did you come back late Report to the general, we have encountered some troubles in Shanghai.Kroller said to the legendary former skeleton commando We encountered some troubles in Shanghai.It s time for interrogation by R himself.Oh, R himself Steck frowned.Raging Firepower Welcome to hell The brothers of the Guard Battalion seem to have fully adapted to this way of fighting now, fully adapted to victory after victory.R himself is not scary at all Yes, at the beginning of the war, the Japanese themselves had higher combat quality than the army, higher command quality than military officers, and higher individual combat quality than Chinese soldiers.But now all this is gradually changing When Wang Weiyi appeared, he taught every officer around him to command the battle, and taught every soldier around him how to kill more enemies while doing his best to save himself Fighting is not just a matter of desperate efforts 11 attacks a day, the enemy s offensive is not insignificant, even to the point of frenzy, if it is replaced by the past, the defense team s team will lose a lot unbearable.Don t make a mess Don t make a mess, find a place to hide Guo Yunfeng commanded while grabbing Fu Yu.Rushed into a small wood on the side.Two Japanese fighter planes appeared in the sky, HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms and they rushed towards us viciously At this moment, two American made Hawker destroyers suddenly appeared in the sky That s the National Air Force The soldiers on the ground suddenly burst HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms into thunderous cheers.On the Shanghai battlefield, the Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield when the Air Force suffered heavy losses, but now, they reappeared the Chinese Air Force The Hawk style appeared in the sky, and immediately, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the opportunity The air battle breaks out here Strings of bullets skittered in the air.Fire snake flurry.The four fighter planes tried their best to chase and strangle them in the air.Changshu and Jiangyin are too close, and it is the most important part of the entire Jiangyin defense battle In the link, once you engage in battle, you must stop the enemy as soon as possible Yes Guo Yunfeng responded Can I use Changshu s power Yes Wang Weiyi said without any hesitation When we arrive ree drummond cbd gummies in Changshu, You can do whatever you want, but the precondition is to stick to Kuncheng Lake and prevent the Japanese army from crossing by force.If someone stops you, you can say that this is Xue Yue s order.Yes, I understand.Guo Yunfeng nodded I Then let s go Then, he jumped into a truck and shouted to the first company that had already prepared Brothers, let s go, let s go, let s all go Hurry to Changshu, the little devil is coming soon Truck Started up and drove towards Changshu with a large number of Chinese soldiers.Wang Jinyong sat on the ground blankly, and Luo Yu was lying in his arms.The bullet that flew from somewhere best cbd gummies for pms hit Wang Jinyong s chief of staff.The brilliance of life on Luo Yu s face was fading, and buy cbd gummy uk his eyes were staring at the sky, not knowing what he was looking at there.Traveler, I m going to natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms die.Luo Yu said softly.Fart Wang Jinyong shouted I didn t let you best cbd gummies for pms die, how can you die Chief does cbd gummies show up on a drug test 2022 of Staff, listen to me, live well Traveler, I want to live too, but I really can t Ah.Blood kept coming out from Luo Yu s wound, his body was throbbing, but he still tried his best to say We have been partners for so many years and fought countless battles, but I really I never thought that I would die here and wait for the devil to be beaten away, remember to send me back.After finishing speaking, his eyes slowly closed Doctor, doctor, where is the fucking doctor Wang Jinyong s eyes were red roared loudly.Miss Tang, there are many battlefields, and the battlefield is not a confrontation of blood and fire Tang Weihong understood somewhat, but she didn t quite understand She asked unwillingly, Brother Wang, when will you come back again have no idea.Wang Weiyi said very frankly Maybe soon, maybe a long time later.But I will come back sooner or later, Shanghai is our Shanghai Shanghai it s our Shanghai Tang Naian and his wife quickly came with the things they prepared for Wang Weiyi, and they brought three hundred yuan with them, which was also used by their husband and wife to sponsor the War of Resistance.This, it s all them People s hearts.When a little bit of heart is brought together, best cbd gummies for pms in the end, the War of Resistance will surely be victorious At this time, they did not know that the War of Resistance would last as long as eight years Wang Weiyi in front of him is doing his best to change the direction of the war.So what about the third crossing Will the y element appear again Maybe, is there any connection in this Your Excellency, Baron, are you too happy Kenji Ueda s words made Wang Weiyi smile Yes, I am so happy.In this way, I can fulfill my father s wish.Ah, Your Excellency Commander, what should I do Thank you Don t thank me, thank the empire Ueda Kenkichi s words seemed to remind Wang Weiyi of something Ah, Your Excellency, Commander, don t worry.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Here I have already drawn up the telegram of Earl Malloch, and I can send it to him now.It is really a pleasure to cooperate with you.Kenkichi Ueda felt relieved.Now, the task entrusted to him above has been completed.He also fully trusted the purpose of the baron standing in front of him only for the ruby.During the two days that the baron stayed in Xinjing, he behaved very normally, without any deviant behavior.Hey, Michelle, we re going to be hanged.From another tank, green roads cbd gummies 50 mg Philipson said loudly, You say hang me first Our own best cbd gummies for pms hanged.Wittmann waved his hand Attack, break through here and we will enter the encirclement of the Russians You are such a madman.When he got into the tank, Philipson muttered Our The army is trying to find a way to break out of the encirclement, but we want to enter the encirclement instead.The words fell into Wittmann s ears verbatim, and he smiled Hans, don t you think it is better to enter the encirclement than to enter the encirclement Is it much easier to come out This small force consisting entirely of a group of lunatics began to attack Tiger took the lead, smashing shells at the enemy viciously, and then, G34 began to spit flames.The infantry jumped out of the truck one after another, broke their submachine guns, and attacked the Soviet positions with the support of tanks.There was a knock on the door Comrade Deputy Director.Your friend is here.Anna calmed down and said, Come in.The guard came in with the figure Anna HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms was very familiar with, and closed the door.Anna remained so stiff.Standing there, looking at the face that will never grow old.Tears fell from the corners of her eyes unknowingly, just like when they met for the first time in the country.Hello, little girl.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.When Anna heard the words little girl , Anna s feelings completely collapsed in an instant, her tears flowed down, and then she rushed forward recklessly, hugging the man in front of her Officer, where have you been these past few years I m fine, I m back.Wang Weiyi also hugged Anna and said.It s been a long time.Anna let go of Mr.Officer.She felt a little embarrassed that she would lose her composure like this.Mobile phone users please go to read.452.Dignity of the Cavalry Now, let us end the Battle of Kharkov On April 22, 1942, Marshal Timoshenko, Commander in Chief of the Southwest Front Army of the Soviet Army, concentrated the 317th, 393rd, and natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms 250th Infantry Divisions, are keoni cbd gummies legit the 26th Cavalry Division, the 5th Guards Army and the 37th Tank Brigade.East for a full scale breakout operation.On the same day, Ernst Kharkov, commander in chief of the German Kharkov Group, Marshal Brahm also put all the reserves in his hands and gave the order for a general attack The contest between life and death broke out here Soviet Army, fight for survival German army, fight for victory Wang Weiyi must meet the vital forces of the Soviet army to the greatest extent here, gain breathing time for the German army, and re plan the war.It sounds like It s ridiculous, but we have to admit that we are about to win the victory over Germany, but we can t win the victory over you.We have reached a consensus that such a heroic and fighting force should not all die here.We know you I will not surrender, I would rather fight to the last, and we will continue to suffer huge casualties, you have won.Wang Weiyi listened calmly, knowing that Colonel Rosen s words were not finished yet, Rosen was silent for a while and continued Said But we have a request, you have to come to us Go to hell Steck shouted We will not let General Ernst go to your best cbd gummies for pms place as a prisoner.Listen, we I would rather die here Go to hell, we will defend General Ernst to the death The commandos shouted loudly Wang Weiyi smiled best cbd gummies for pms and calmed down his team members, and then said to Colonel Rosen Colonel, they can get out of here if I stay, can t they Yes, they can go back to Germany, and under the watchful eyes of so many reporters Well, I promise you Angry Moscow.With Stalin s consent, the deputy director of the State Security Bureau, Timelenko, came in, and Beria gave him a wink Talk to Comrade Stalin, Comrade Timilenko.Yes.Comrade Beria.Timilenko cheered up According to my investigation, this is what happened.At that time, the German army had launched a frontal offensive in Kharkov, and our troops were surrounded, but at this time.There was a major named Laskimir who was said to lead a special operations team of the State Security Service.A big gap was torn open in the siege of the German army, and Marshal Timoshenko and some others were successfully rescued Laskimir NSA special operations team Stalin frowned Comrade Beria, Comrade Dimilenko, do you have such an organization No, never.Beria and Timilenko replied simultaneously.Ah, comrades, that strikes me as very strange.Song, Doctor Tang, Mr.Li, two Miss Tangs, hello.When this HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms familiar voice came to their ears, the Tang family all stood up, their faces full of disbelief Song Ziwen was curious Looking at them, verge cbd gummies wondering what the hell happened that man.Slowly took off the hat General Wang Tang Naian, Li Zufa and the Tang sisters all let out a trembling cry.Yes, they read it right, the person in front of him was him Major General and Brigadier Commander of the Huben Guard Brigade of the National Revolutionary Army Wang Weiyi Four years of waiting, four years of persistence.All come true in this moment Tang Weihong s tears flowed down her cheeks She walked towards the figure in the dream step by step, walked up to the person in the dream step how many cbd gummies a day by step, and then said with tears I know you are not dead.I have always believed that you are not dead Yes, I am not dead No one can kill me.Now, the enemy s attention will be completely attracted to Turkey Under the command of Marshal Ernst Brahm, the German army readjusted its strategic deployment and began to attack frequently in a more flexible way Mobilize German troops.And finally control the situation of the entire battlefield.What Wang Weiyi needs is victory Use continuous victories to restore the most glorious stage of the German army before And now, this big strategy has started Marshal Ernst.I am honored to report to you that Istanbul has been completely controlled by the son army according to your order When the high spirited General George Kepler stood in front of Wang Weiyi, Wang Weiyi said with a smile Congratulations, my general, Istanbul is now ours Congratulations, general.Istanbul is now ours When General Ernst Brahm said these words, the whole of Istanbul quickly fell into huge cheers.The sad spider asked for a monthly pass.Sadly, recently I found that the starting point coins on the account were decreasing very quickly.In the strangeness, I suddenly discovered that it was my wife who was using the account of the spider to read a certain book on the female channel.Then, she said, Husband, add some more money, and I ll give you a tipDaughter in law, would you please spare some time to read your husband s book Although the love between men and women is relatively best cbd gummies for pms small, it is still a book written by your man, isn t it Then the daughter in law answered a few words very straightforwardly I just like reading that xxx s book.Well, retreat.Ask for a monthly ticket, and comfort the spider s wounded soul It s the middle of the month.If you have a monthly ticket, please vote.Four hundred and ninety seven.At best cbd gummies for pms the same time, order the Bulgarian Army and the Yugoslav Army to strengthen their offensives on both wings to completely isolate Ankara.The war began to proceed in an orderly manner according to Wang Weiyi s idea And after news of Ayyash s loss so quickly reached Ankara.Ankara finally best cbd gummies for pms became panicked.A large number of foreigners began to evacuate the Turkish capital, but Turkey s decision to only allow entry and no exit made healing hemp cbd gummies for ed the situation suddenly complicated.Foreigners began to lodge serious protests against the Turkish government.They clamored to leave the city that was about to be covered natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms by war, but the soldiers responsible for defending Ankara stubbornly blocked their departure.It s messed up, and now Ankara has become completely messed up The treatment of the British is quite special.But in his mouth, the atomic bomb didn t seem worth mentioning in his eyes.What kind of terrifying military technology does Germany have that can make Baron Alexon so confident President Roosevelt suddenly smiled Look, I don t have the right to ask you to conduct such a military experiment.If the experiment is conducted in the United States, I think war will break out immediately, right Yes, Mr.President, I totally agree with your point of view.Five hundred and twenty six.Peace proposal Walker, I was very nervous just how much thc is in cbd gummies now Xiao Ling s words sounded in Wang Weiyi s ears I m very worried that Roosevelt must see this The experiment, the weapon of Ziguang military base, can cause a devastating blow to a certain place he designated, but this will cause the United States to panic, so it will conduct military technology research at any cost, and countless enough to destroy human beings several times Terrible weapons will appear in advance, this is the real disaster.And in the telegram, Marshal Ernst Brahm told Berlin very confidently that as long as the Kraken can be captured, the Allied forces in Africa will no longer have any secrets in his eyes As we judged before, the Germans fuel supply is about to run verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies out.Montgomery was somewhat relaxed The Germans front line is too long, and the advantage of the Mediterranean is in our hands.It s become very difficult, however, now I think we should take this Kraken and let him show his true colors Alexander fully agreed with his companion Yes, that Klingenberg is a very good guy, although he is an enemy, but I have to say that he did a good job in Belgrade and Joblu, it is nothing short of a miracle.Bernard, who are you going to send on this mission Montgomery thought for a moment.Call in Lieutenant Colonel Lewis, please.Those flamboyant tanks are devouring human lives everywhere.Chaos, the battlefield is completely and completely chaotic At the same time, Rommel, who defeated the 2nd Royal Artillery Regiment, does cvs have cbd gummy bears quickly launched an assault on the British 1st Armored Division.Part of the German 10th Armored Division also participated in the attack.The biggest problem for the British now is that the entire line of defense has been torn apart.The British and the French are fighting on their own, and the French and the Greeks are fighting on their own.At 3 30 in the morning, Wang Weiyi put the last card in his hand the 163rd Infantry Division commanded by General Dietrich von Kuhn This is the most elite unit in the African Legion, they were once a trump card in the hands of General Manstein And now, they appeared on the Karman battlefield The general attack on the British army has begun The a2 battlefield completed the breakthrough The c6 battlefield completed the breakthrough The news that the German army broke through the various battlefields continued to reach the ears of General best cbd gummies for pms Woodrow.Views have greatly improved.July 1798.Under the leadership of Napoleon, 30,000 French invaders defeated the Turkish troops stationed in Alexandria and Cairo.After entering Cairo, on the one hand, they did everything possible to please the Muslims in Cairo.On the other hand, ingenious administrative and financial measures were formulated, and new taxes were ordered to be imposed on private property, lawsuits, and such as bathrooms, hotels, cafes, mills, oil mills, and houses, which caused huge losses to Muslims in Cairo and aroused the people dissatisfaction.Then broke out the Cairo Muslim armed uprising against French colonialism.In this uprising.Religious people played an active role and influence.The imam and muezzin of the mosque openly called on the people to launch jihad against the tyrannical and violent colonialists elders, students and Islamic jurists of Al Azhar University formed several committees to lead the uprising in the university.The shelling continued all night.Day Before leaving, Sergeant Keller woke up everyone natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms Wake up everyone, we are going to deal with those Russians Everyone in the class woke up, and everyone quickly packed up their equipment.The commando walked to the supply truck, and several cooks had prepared greasy sausages and baked muffins on the campfire.Everyone Both got two huge sausages, a muffin, some ration packs and the commando water jugs were refilled.They also got seven rounds each, much to the disappointment of many because of yesterday s fight , used far more bullets than this.Thirty of the sixty cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms bullets were used by Heisenberg, and Heisenberg now has a total of thirty seven.At breakfast, the commandos were told that they would Entering the city and destroying the enemy.This gave Heisenberg a sense of foreboding.Ernst Bly Mu s first sentence has already closely linked Germany and Britain.His expression completely fell into Wang Weiyi s eyes Germany will return some British interests and help Britain stabilize their interests in the Far East.After that, I don t rule out Germany and Britain joining forces to meet the challenge of Japan and Russia Etc.Sir Monlington suddenly said I didn t seem to hear clearly just now, did you say that we will join forces to deal with the challenges from Japan and Russia Yes.Wang Weiyi nodded.Sir Monlington smiled Your Excellency the Baron, I think you may have misremembered.Japan and Russia are not on the same side.Even now, Russia is our ally Then what s the matter Wang Weiyi said indifferently Britain and France once fought the Hundred Years War, and now they are allies.The first inspection brigade is in charge of General Maris.Ah, yes, General Maris, I did remember wrongly.Wang Weiyi smiled.Ludwig and Guo Yunfeng best cbd gummies for pms glanced at each other and both smiled.It is impossible for Marshal Ernst to remember wrongly.Erklin, there is a dangerous journey, and there is a possibility of being attacked by the Russians.It is reasonable for Marshal Ernst to be so cautious.Now, there is no doubt best cbd gummies for pms about Colonel Van der Koe and the inspection team led by him Ludwig looked at the time Marshal, it s time for dinner, are you eating here or at my place The officer s mess.Wang Weiyi stood up I have dinner with my officers.Ludwig, are you best cbd gummies for pms coming with me certainly.Ah, and you, Colonel Van der Kok, come along too. Well, Marshal, it is my greatest honor to dine with you Six hundred and fifty one.Yes, once the Skeleton Baron is ready to do something, who else in the world can stop him The only way to help the Baron.It is to get rid of these damned Russians here strawberry cbd gummies by wyld as soon as possible Paul Hausser, who personally sits on the front line, has to put aside the matter of the Baron Skeleton for the time being.The most important thing now is how to complete the baron as much as possible overall combat strategy.Come on, these damn Russians are completely annihilated here Paul Hauser was a very good German general.He knew exactly how to lure the Russians into the trap that had been set little by little.At Samiros, Paul Hauser adopted a plan of increasing troops gradually.Squadron by squadron, reinforce the troops The Russian attack was very ferocious.Although most of the Third Army was composed of recruits, the power of the crowd tactics was brought into full play here.Our best cbd gummies for pms task is to tear apart the cover and retreat Now, the time has come to study the true loyalty of a Bolshevik.For victory and for the great Soviet, let s contribute our lives.Long live Comrade Stalin, long live the Bolsheviks, long live the great Soviet The sound of Ula sounded again, and the most tragic breakout operation of the 339th Infantry Regiment began Those Russian soldiers with grenades strapped to their bodies braved the dense bullet rain from the opponent s position amidst the sound of Ula.Crazy rushed up.They expect to rush to the front of the Germans, then pull the grenades on their bodies, and burn with the enemy However, their last request cannot be achieved The German machine guns block this advance path of.Killing these completely crazy Russians to their heart s content.The sound of explosions sounded on the battlefield, which came from the Russians.They faithfully carried out the orders of their superiors, devoted themselves to the battle faithfully, and sacrificed their lives faithfully on this battlefield.None of them are best cbd gummies for pms afraid of death, but this also makes their casualties the heaviest of all Soviet troops so far When the offensive was launched, they used crowd tactics to attack the German positions A offensive.Charge against the enemy s artillery fire, and advance against the enemy s bullet rain.They greeted each other loudly and encouraged each other loudly.Sand is their worst friend.After a round of artillery baptism by the German army.The soldiers of the 210th Infantry Division who were lying on the ground would stand up again, then hold HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms the sand, take steps, and sing loud songs.In the song Attack then.What they faced was the fierce blow cbd gummies and heart meds of the enemy.The German army exhausted all its strength to defend, while the Russian army Humans also use every ounce of strength to attack No one is willing to accept failure, no The soldiers of the German and Soviet armies are burning their lives here.They watched life go away from them, watched souls flying in the air, until the last breath of life left them.The survivors will never recall what happened here.They don t want to look back on this terrible history, and they don t want to think of everything they have experienced here.Forgetting is actually the biggest responsibility to yourself.Forgetting can minimize the pain for the rest of my life The sound of fierce artillery fire sounds so weak at this time, and even the cannon may feel tired after the battle has progressed to this point.Wang Weiyi was also exhausted.Comrade Military Commissar, now we must start the second plan.How is relax gummies cbd review your arrangement for Stalingrad The natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms second can i give my dog a cbd gummie near The Guards Army.The 4th Tank Army and the 65th Army have been arranged for the defense of Stalingrad.At the same time, I have also organized the 1st Workers Army, natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms the 1st Women s Army, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Guerrilla Battalions, and the 1st Workers and Peasants Red Guards The huge power of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd brigades When he heard the words huge power , Vasilevsky laughed at himself.Is this huge power Workers Army Women s Army Under the devastating attack of the German army, they may not even have the ability to resist., But now that I have to rely on them, there is no other better way.Comrade Commander, can you ask Moscow for reinforcements Khrushchev asked tentatively.Impossible.The task is given to Bran The 1st Battalion of the 800th Construction Training Regiment of Den Burg, the 1st Battalion has drawn 62 volunteers from its subordinate Baltic Company.These volunteers can speak fluent Russian, and their commander is the battalion Adjutant Adrian Feng.Lieutenant Fulksum.Lieutenant Volksam was born in Petersburg, Russia on December 20, 1914.His father was a senior German general who served in the Tsarist Russian Navy.Fulksam is fluent in Russian, English and German, and he studied economics at universities in Berlin and Vienna.In 1939, Fulksam, who had excellent language skills, was recruited by the Military Intelligence Bureau of the German General Staff and participated in the 800th Construction Training Battalion of Brandenburg, a small secret force of the Intelligence Bureau at that time, and participated in a series of special operations.Facing Malinovsky is General Model, who has always been known as a master of defense.In a series of battles launched by the German army, although Model s performance was not the most eye catching, his feats in previous defensive battles were unmatched by anyone.The menacing huge troops did not make General Model feel the slightest fear, but on the contrary, there was a victor s smile on the corner of his mouth.He knew very well that this was a forced attack by the Russians.During the daytime battles, the Russians had already suffered tremendous pressure, and now they had to counterattack.Come and buy Moscow some breathing time.And my task is to resolutely wipe out such an attempt by the Russians A large number of Tigers, Leopards, and Wasps appeared on the battlefield, and shells fell overwhelmingly, causing countless explosions among the attacking Soviet troops.I know, I know Linda s voice trembled, but She tried her best not to let the Russians see her fear, she held Sergeant Matthewman s hand tightly, and walked out with the doctor with brave steps.When leaving here, Staff Sergeant Matthew Mann turned around and said the last sentence Major, you will regret it, I promise you will definitely regret it Klingenberg and his commandos all watched When they arrived, two people walked out of the Soviet army s position.Through the binoculars, he could see clearly that they were Sergeant Matthew Mann and Nurse Linda who had saved countless lives.He also saw that the Russian machine guns had been mounted No get down, get down cried Klingenberg.Get down, doctor Get down, nurse all the commandos yelled together.Smolin, machine gun, machine gun, cover doctor Damn it, cover But no matter how the commandos here waved and shouted, they couldn t be heard by Sergeant Matthewman and Nurse Linda.Most of them are nobles of the tsarist era or their descendants.They hate you and your companions very much, such as Marshal Vasilevsky.Therefore, in order to make the smooth transition of Russia in the future, someone must cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms do it Out of sacrifice I understand, I understand.Zhukov actually smiled at this time You know what, I want to see Marshal Ernst even more urgently now. The Marshal is waiting for your arrival.Zhukov interjected I can end the war, but I must agree to one condition.Soviet officers best cbd gummies for pms and soldiers who lay down their weapons must not be harmed in any way, and officers below the general cannot be judged.Let us generals or marshals bear the responsibility.I will natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms convey it, but before that, please give an order to stop the fighting.Zhukov accepted this suggestion The gunfire was stopped in the Kremlin Few people refused to carry out this order, and the war has progressed to this point, and everyone is tired.It was not until noon that he was disturbed by the noise of the barracks.Some soldiers and slaves who had gone out to graze were attacked by the Celts on the mountain.Gaius cast a cold glance at the legionnaires who came back in a state of embarrassment, said a few words to the guards in front of the tent, then turned and walked back to the tent. know kung fu.The legion commanders, battalion commanders, and centurions of the camp who received the order came to his tent one after another.After the officers saluted, the commander s tent was quiet for a while.The officers knew that Gaius was watching them quietly according to his old habit.No one spoke, and everyone was waiting for the bad tempered commander to speak first.Do you want to know the reason why I rushed here overnight Gaius said slowly after confirming that there was no expression worth studying on the faces of these people.It wasn t until the Celtic pursuers slowly approached the foot of the mountain that he ordered the legion signal soldiers standing beside him to let the soldiers staying in the barracks come out and form a square formation.At this time.The two battalions of Roman soldiers participating in the attack on the stronghold saw the eagle flag of the legion and Gaius ceremonial guard next can cbd gummies help with alcohol withdrawal to it, and knew that their supreme commander had come to the battlefield.People are pushed by those behind them, and those behind them are pushed by those behind them.Similarly, the Celts chasing from the mountain could not stop.The narrow mountain road was tightly clamped by the rocks on both sides.The steep rock slope made them go down the mountain at an incredible speed, and everyone fell straight down like an avalanche.When he saw two maids who were supposed to accompany Nelia standing outside, he suddenly became suspicious So he approached quietly, and then ordered the maid not to speak with stern eyes.Then, he quietly listened to what happened inside To his relief, those things that easily made him angry did not happen, and Ernst was just there to introduce a magical place to Nelia.And listening, Caesar couldn t help being very curious about the place Wang Weiyi said.Your Excellency, please forgive my rudeness.In fact, Wang Weiyi had already heard the movement from best cbd gummies for pms outside, and when Caesar came in, he was not surprised best cbd gummies for pms at all I should have left here long ago, but Nelia Madame wants to know something more distant, so Ernst, my friend, don t blame yourself so much.Caesar didn t care too much I can t help but be attracted by your words Go.What can you do for me Anything, as long as I can do it.Wang Weiyi smiled and said For example, I can spend a lot of money , to bribe those powerful Romans to ensure that in case of crisis, you and your family will not be implicated, and I can also be responsible for relocating you and your family to a safe place, as long as you can agree I m afraid it s impossible to transfer them.Gaius sighed, I have to tell you the truth.I owe a lot of debt.Even if those people in the Senate are willing, I m afraid My creditors will not agree.Wang Weiyi smiled, this is a very common thing in Rome.in Rome.Even the most powerful people, their wealth is not huge.Their sources of funds are limited, and military generals can quickly accumulate good wealth through plunder through various wars.But not enough to cope with their profligate luxury, so almost everyone is in debt.Okay, everyone is ready to go.When the Germanians left one after another, Wang Weiyi opened the communication with the base Little Ling, I need you to help me prepare some weapons.Ah, don t worry, I don t want to What guns and ammunition, I don t want to be destroyed together.I need you to help me prepare some trebuchets in the shortest possible time Yes, the more the merrier.What do you need wood Hell, let your base mine the wood for you, I don t have that many people.Listen, I need it before Caesar comes Guo Yunfeng and Richthofen glanced at each other.It seems that the Rambler is about to use the power of the best cbd gummies for pms base.Once they have the trebuchet, it will cause great damage to the Roman Legion, especially in their psychology.It will also cause a great shock to them.The barbarians actually have a powerful trebuchet 740.They kept talking about skeletons, Vulcans, and blood devils there, discussing where they came from, and discussing whether there really was a Holy German Empire.Some people even started talking about the so called Holy German Empire.In fact, it is the territory of the devil.And the demon opened the door.Released his three generals, in the near future, there will be more demon messengers appearing.Caesar was keenly aware of the change in the mentality of his subordinates, and he had to change this situation.If even the general loses the confidence to win, then the victory will be out of the question He took out the best wine to entertain his subordinates, which was rare in the past.That s what Caesar did when he was victorious.But now they are the loser.How can you deserve such treatment I have experienced the riots of Spartacus Caesar s expression looked very relaxed I think the riots of Spartacus and the slaves, you should remember When we are strong.The barbarians allowed us to take away the wounded, which may shake the soldiers determination to fight.They may not Will fight again for the glory of Rome Now, Caesar s best cbd gummies for pms words are really confirmed The sun, moving westward a little, when night comes.Roman soldiers were unwilling to fight.That s enough, Kaleini.Not sure when.Caesar suddenly appeared beside Kaleini.Dear Governor, why are you here Kalini was startled and asked hastily.Let me see if our brave soldiers have defeated those barbarians.Caesar said lightly.Some ashamed expressions appeared on Kaleini s face I think maybe I m going to HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms disappoint you.The barbarians are too tenacious I thought Caesar would be very angry, but I didn t expect Caesar to be angry.He smiled Yes, the barbarians are still very tenacious, but have you noticed some details He pointed to the best cbd gummies for pms cbd gummies for penis growth battlefield the platinum series gummy bears 500mg of cbd Our superiority in strength and formation are increasing.No matter who can perform eye catchingly in this naval battle, he can become the hero of the city of Rome at once, and his future will be fully guaranteed.And the Roman citizens who watched the battle were also cheering loudly, eager to see the best cbd gummies for pms official start of the naval battle.As the real behind the scenes sponsor of this Poseidon Festival, Wang Weiyi has always been watching everything calmly there.Pompey was a very smart person, he did not take all the credit for himself and Jaculius, because the Romans knew very well that it would not be realistic for the sole consul to pay all the expenses for the Sea God Festival.Someone must have put out a large sum of money to serve as Pompeo s most reliable backing.And Pompey knew the psychology of the Romans well.So he deliberately let out the news that he has a very reliable new partner Spurius The wealthy Mr.The side rang My warriors, my people, the day we have been waiting for has finally come.A few years ago, the Romans suddenly appeared.They occupied our land, robbed our people, and forcibly imposed heavy taxes on us.We are patient, not because we are cowardly, but because we are waiting for an cbd and cbn gummies verge cbd gummies opportunity to defeat the Romans and restore our freedom And now, this opportunity has arrived With the help of the gods, Sencomalus legion was defeated, and we lost one of our strongest enemies He deliberately added the failure of Centumalus to the gods, because the rumors about the magical power of the demon messenger had spread among the Saxons in the shortest time, and many people began to talk about the Germans.The alliance and the powerful power they possess.Heilman must minimize such influence The gods will still help us win one victory after another, and no one can stop our desire for freedom.Hitler had told himself everything about Germany And you, Wolf, can you tell me what happened I don t know, F hrer, Wolf said cautiously.Then, the information we can grasp now is only a Major Moyol who appeared from nowhere, and a completely illusory skeleton commando.Kroller specially used the word illusory Skeleton Commando That was decades ago, do the Germans really expect a skeleton commando to save our fate Give up such illusions, my gentlemen His tone There was once again a disdainful tone towards the Skeleton Baron and the reviews of botanical farms cbd gummies Skeleton Commando, which made his subordinates feel seriously uneasy.If those fanatical Germans know, it may deal a heavy blow to their confidence in defending Berlin Olitz hesitated F hrer, now Major Moyol and his commando have begun to go to Dessau.Do we want to give them the necessary assistance Aid Kroll sneered, Now the enemy is outside Berlin, and we don t have any assistance to give them.There is nothing more exciting than this.Under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol , they actually killed an artillery battalion of the enemy Lieutenant Colonel.There is an American captain who is unwilling to carry out our order to bombard their companions.Richthofen came over and said.Manfred, don t you know how to deal with this situation Wang Weiyi asked coldly.Ah, I thought you d be soft hearted I won t be merciful, Manfred.Any kindness will only aggravate Germany s defeat.Yes, the Skull Baron is no longer Kindness, kindness is no longer applicable to this era The sound of the artillery fell silent, and the officers and soldiers of the 30th best cbd gummies for pms cbd 25mg gummies Reinforced Infantry Regiment of the US Army who were resisting the German attack did not know what happened.They rely heavily on artillery power, and they are not used to fighting without artillery cover.Leoni and Elena were unwilling to see such a situation.That would best cbd gummies for pms be a complete outbreak of civil strife in Germany.The baron would not be willing to do this, but under such circumstances, What other choices do they have At this moment, an extremely majestic voice suddenly sounded from behind the crowd Oliver.You are under arrest for treason, all German soldiers, lay down your weapons At this moment, an extremely majestic voice suddenly sounded from behind the crowd A large number of German officers and soldiers appeared, and they quickly surrounded the place.The muzzles of each of them .

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were not aimed at the German people, but Oliver and his subordinates When you hear that voice.Leonie and the others breathed a sigh of relief, Berlin will no longer bleed.When you hear that voice.Field Marshal Paul Hauser and Ludwig, the senior German generals, suddenly trembled.But what I want to tell you is that you will never know how powerful I am, yes, I will tell you without hesitation, my Strong is what you can t beat Of course, I agree with your words, surrender, sometimes it is not a shame.General Kerrett, if you are willing to make such a choice, I will accept your surrender.Kerrett couldn t believe that the other party would say such a thing.Is Ernst crazy At this time, does he think he can still win If this is the case, then I have nothing to say, I just Good luck to you, and see you on the field, Baron.Meet the general on the battlefield.Wang Weiyi put down the phone and smiled contemptuously.He had really been away for too long, and even an unknown kid dared to challenge him.In this case, let him teach him an unforgettable lesson Eight 155.Atedler and Eliot China, 1965.Fortunately, you have not let me down.Wang Weiyi is very grateful to Lai Li, with his help, the things he has to do will be much smoother.But before he could speak, Riley had already said Ernst, I think you know what I am.There is no one in this world who helps others for no reason, especially me.Wang Weiyi laughed immediately Of course, I never expect you to help me unconditionally.Riley, you will get the money you need.Give me your account number, and I will be on time every time I get your help as in the past.Put the money into your account.This is the simplest, most direct, and most effective way to natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms negotiate with Sidney Riley.His loyalty is not to a certain person, but to money.Such hired spies are sometimes the most reliable.Look.Talking to you is always so pleasant.Riley took out the account he had prepared and handed it to Wang Weiyi I will secretly assist Fels in arresting all the spies who are still active in Berlin.But he suddenly realized how ridiculous his idea was.He sighed a long time.Then slowly closed his eyes Colonel Marshall, commander of the 2nd Armored Regiment of the 2nd Armored Cavalry Division of the US Army.Killed on December 23, 1965, he was the first senior U.S.commander killed in the German counterattack.As an officer, he has done his duty.Karenbu Rommel knew that his troops had killed an American colonel when he was half an hour old, so he was very excited during the call with his father Rommel.General Kalumbu, I don t think there s anything complacent about it Rommel told his son coldly In the history of the Skeleton Commando, we have killed countless enemy generals, captured countless enemy generals alive, and even included marshals.I don t want you to report to me a second time that you killed or captured an enemy colonel.But the U.S.military doesn t seem to care about these losses Even Wang Weiyi has to admit that the United cbd gummies arthritis States has a strong and terrifying industrial production capacity.Even without Klore, a traitor to Germany, Germany has no certainty of victory over the United States.What Wang Weiyi can do on the battlefield is to defeat the enemy again and again, so that the Allied forces are divided internally, the Americans are divided internally, and the Americans rise up to oppose this war, thus completely reversing the situation on the battlefield.It sounds easy, but there are too many uncertainties in actually doing it.In the binoculars, those brave German soldiers are fighting back bravely.With a long history, reliable performance, and powerful MG heavy machine guns, they kept spewing out flames.road.However, in order to hide, they all crawled hard in the crevices of the ruins.Second Lieutenant Eric and Lieutenant Demri met on the road chatted while crawling to ease their nervousness.Hey, when do you think our reinforcements will arrive I can t tell.I really hope the war ends soon.Of course, that s exactly what I think.If in It seems to me that this war Demri suddenly stopped talking.He looked out through the gap, and several US Phantom fighter jets flew past.Dozens of bombs were dropped, and the few remaining buildings on both sides of the street were blown up.Then It was the second wave of ghost formation.This team began to throw incendiary bombs, and the two adjacent streets were blazing.Demri said in a low voice.As soon as the German best cbd gummies for pms cbd 25mg gummies bombers flew away, a large group of US troops appeared on the street.Simon closed the door and turned on the lights.Solomon changed it two times.I undressed, and from a box took out a mirror, a wooden comb, a brush, a towel, hair dye, silicon padding for my cheeks, and the page to replace Drake s passport with the picture on it.There was a picture of a man posted there that didn t quite look like Drake, nor did it look like Richard.Solomon.Five minutes later, Simon watched Solomon drive away.Then, he took out a bottle of whiskey, opened Drake s mouth forcefully, and forced the wine into it.Then he picked up a plastic syringe.There is no medicine in the syringe, only air.Carefully, he injected air into the opponent s arm.This bullet of air flowing through Drake s veins will eventually be delivered to the heart.The front desk of the Algaojin Hotel had no suspicion that Drake s passport had changed owners.The troops had been battled for a long time, and the commanders at all levels were experienced, and they fought all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America.However, it was such a force that was defeated again and again in front of the German army.Even their capital, Paris, was besieged for months and forced into a humiliating surrender.In the two world wars that broke out afterwards, the performance of the French army in front of the German army can only be described as clumsy.Such a shadow cannot be dispelled at all Now, the Germans are coming again From the first minute of the German offensive, Brigadier General Jean Wacker knew that his troops could no longer Block the enemy s attack.He can only watch the enemy charge, watch the enemy attack his position, and watch his troops quickly rout.The snipers are even more sharp eyed, The Killer shouted happily to Hewitt, Look Sir, ship There are boats by the river Hewitt looked over with his fingers, and sure enough, there was a Russian assault boat floating on the river bank under the control of their best cbd gummies for pms people.This should be the early morning battle, when the Russians attempted to attack Hugh from the waterway.It was captured by the Hewitt army when it was in the position of the Hitt military factory area.Ship Boat It s like people walking in the desert saw the source of water, and people s hope of life was rekindled.In fact, the person who cheered so much was Miss Nora beside Hewitt.She jumped at Hewitt s body excitedly and excitedly.Her eyes were shining with a moving light, and she said in a dreamlike voice I can see my mother again Nora had never mentioned her mother before.Ah, 74 people.Colonel.Report yesterday s casualties.Eight people died.Injured 4 people.Two people are missing.What happened ah Yesterday Lieutenant Frenberg s scouting party encountered a Russian force at the pigsty.Where is the Lieutenant now Killed in action.Colonel.Hey Zoff, the Ivans are coming soon.Heisenberg informed Zoff with an exaggerated tone.This big man has been with Heisenberg for many years.Zoff didn t speak, and Heisenberg turned his head HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms away.He was concentrating on turning over the next page of the calendar.Where s the ammunition Where is the ammunition Heisenberg looked at the soldiers standing respectfully and resting in front of him.Here.Back, sir.Heisenberg turned the paper over, and there was another long list.What s your name I haven t seen you before.Hazen, sir.Hazen Where is the kid Cisena who came to report yesterday Killed, sir.Captain.The young man turned his head to look at Zoff and then at Heisenberg, and said in an approximate manner You and Captain Zoff are both Iron Cross winners that s great One day I hope to get one too I m glad I don t have one Heisenberg took a last puff of his cigarette and exhaled gray mist.Then he threw away the cigarette butt in disgust like getting rid of an annoying fly.You what did you say No, verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies it s nothing.Hurry up and finish your cigarette, I have a task for you you go to defend the little Paul of the church, and the Ruben of the museum.And the priest and captain of the cemetery found me.Let them notify the soldiers.The Russians will attack tonight.Zoff and I are off now to meet the armor, and in half an hour take these three men to meet me at the armor position by the bridge.understand Yes, Captain.Ah, Marshal, what do I need to remember Remember the wars we have experienced, remember everything that happened here, remember the enemies we destroyed.No one can wreak havoc on German soil, not in the past, not now, nor in the future Yes, Field Marshal, I will remember that no one can wreak havoc on German soil Marshal, I also want to tell you that fighting side by side with you is an honor that I will never forget in my life Being able to fight with you is also an honor that I will never forget in my life Wang Weiyi said lightly So, now, let us continue to assault This is Robinster, a land completely stained red with blood Nine hundred and twenty five.The baron s rescue The sunset glows red in Robinster, this place is so beautifulbut But I know that the time of my death is coming This is the diary written by Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt, the commander of the 1st Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion of the SS in Robinstel, or more precisely , this is best cbd gummies for pms cbd 25mg gummies one of his last words where to buy charles stanley cbd gummies My brothers are dead, and my loved ones are dead.Although he had never heard of an oil field of such a scale in Armenia, the identity of the other party made Migroski think deeply about any sentence Jean said.There are many oil fields, but the urgent economic situation has prevented the Russian government from having enough funds cbd gummies fort lauderdale for exploration and exploitation.And in some oil fields developed with the German government before, after the war broke out, those Germans showed their courage.The facilities here were destroyed, and the Russian government had verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies no funds to restart the oil fields.The United States was eyeing these oil fields, but Russia did not want the United States to intervene in case Russia became more and more just cbd gummies for sale dependent on the United States.In such a situation Under the circumstances.The Russian government is in a dilemma.Migroski has also received a secret order from the Grand Duke of Berstoka to seek cooperation from a private chaebol to exploit the oil field.Ah, no, maybe I wish everyone good luck.Wang Weiyi stood up From HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms now on, I will reduce the number of meetings with you, a man named Capone Mr.will pass on my orders, and he can represent me.Yes, I wish everyone good luck.Wang Weiyi walked out of his office, the weather is good today, and it can make people feel good.Moscow in a way.It s your lucky place.Here, I have created many miracles.Created many things that are difficult for others to do.And this time, it s also a new beginning When he walked out of the building, he saw a familiar fiery red figure.It was Tatyana, Migroski s daughter.It s a little strange today, and Tatyana s face is also slightly sad.Can you walk with me and talk to me Tatiana seemed to be waiting for cbd and cbn gummies verge cbd gummies Wang Weiyi, but said immediately when she saw him.Wang Weiyi noticed the .

how long does paing releif last from cbd gummies?

motorcycle beside Tatyana Do you need me to take you for a ride Tatyana nodded silently It is still a familiar motorcycle, and it is still a familiar speed.Don t be nervous, I m not here to arrest you.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I m here to find a man, about fifty years old.Do you recognize this man, speaking not so best cbd gummies for pms standard German Carmon fell silent, and it could be seen that he didn t want to say something quickly Look.Mr.Carmon, I don t have any intention of arresting you.Wang Weiyi saw through it at a glance But this man is a very important prisoner.I guess he must have given best cbd gummies for pms you some benefits.Tell me.He is in Where.Otherwise, I can only take you away with great regret.No, I said.Carmon said hastily There is such a person, he gave me a lot of money, and I I have never seen so much money.He said that he is an American military officer, and he is very worried about falling into the hands of the Germans.He wants to hide here for a few days.You know, I can t even afford food.After the application was sent, it was submitted to the desk of Secretary of State William Henry best cbd gummies for pms Seward.He thought it was a copy submitted by someone else after the completion of the matter and filed it away.It was found again in his drawer decades later.General Lee regards the lack of response as the government reserves the right of legal prosecution Speaking of this, he was silent for a while General Lee s application for amnesty set an example and encouraged many former officers and soldiers of the Confederate States of America to accept becoming a Citizens of the United States of America.He failed, he surrendered, but that did not prevent him from being a great man respected and adored by almost all Americans. Major Howell immediately understood what the brigadier general natures only cbd gummies shark tank best cbd gummies for pms meant Are you ready to give up the fight too Brigadier General Dolby said with some bitterness Yes, I think I am ready to surrender too.call out call out call out The few German fighter jets that flew over just now flew back joy cbd gummies again All the German soldiers knew that the return of these fighter jets indicated that they were about to do heinous acts, and Donald immediately fell down when he saw this scene.The formation of fighter jets passed over the enemy s head at high speed, dropping piles of incendiary bombs on their heads like a goddess scattering flowers.boom boom boom Flames from the incendiary bomb exploded into the sky, dyeing the entire sky red.Once again the battlefield was illuminated.Apart from the eyes and the top of Donald s head, verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies everything else on Donald s face was blackened.He raised his head, looked around, and found that the US military was in a mess.Donald pulled out the rifle soaked in the dirty puddle, then slowly raised himself up and looked around.But I think the 51st Panzer Corps and the 52nd best cbd gummies for pms Panzer Corps cannot be dispatched, and they are cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms taking on heavier tasks.If elements with ulterior motives take advantage of this opportunity to make trouble, the best cbd gummies for pms army will be very dangerous.I propose to mobilize the 1st National Guard Division of Paris to Sinager thought about it for a while, and probably felt that General Roberto s suggestion was correct Then, General, I ask you to stabilize the army at all costs.After receiving the affirmative promise from General Robito, Sinager called the First National Guard Division in Paris Most of Paris has already taken action Gentlemen, the moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived In the headquarters of the Yetili Revolutionary Party , the new leader of the Yetiri Revolutionary Party, Litham, announced the news excitedly Let s go out of here together to support the great wave of revolution The entire conference room erupted in a tidal wave of cheers Go out, go out, join all the Parisians, and overthrow this government They rushed out like chicken blood, mouth Constantly chanting slogans, scrambling to be the first.He told everyone loudly There is nothing to be afraid of.In 1789, the government also dealt with it in the bloodiest way.Insurgents, all we have to do is use our own lives to fight for the power we deserve Uprising uprising uprising Such voices erupted from around.Lieutenant Colonel Adams seemed to be infected Mr.Leader, I admire your determination to fight for France, and because of this.I brought you a gift Under his command, more than ten trucks drove over, No one knows what s in the truck A weapon to fight for freedom Lieutenant Colonel Adams hopped into a truck.Pulling back the tarpaulin above, suddenly, a large number of weapons appeared in best cbd gummies for pms front of everyone.There was silence at first, and then cheers that could pierce the sky resounded through the sky.Long live Lieutenant Colonel Adams someone uttered such a cry.A letter Yes, it was addressed to his fianc e.Colonel Abel took the letter and opened it What I want to tell you is that I don t regret the path I chose, and I don t need you to feel bad about choosing me either Time is running beezbee cbd gummies 600 mg out and my mates are there Collection, that s about all I can write hereTake care.I love you Pisnoche.Colonel Abel smiled, and then tore the letter from Pisnoche to piecesPoor guy, he didn t know how he died until the end of his life.Did they think the revolution was really what they imagined it to be In fact, as long as Pisnoche nodded and became his subordinate, then everything would be easy to handle Unfortunately, he didn t do what he asked, so his ending was doomed from the very beginning One thousand fifty two.The final blow An unconfirmed gossip is quietly spreading among French officers and soldiers.Deputy Speaker Wendar, here I can be frank Say, you never set up any cabal, you never turned your back on France, but we need to find someone like you.You know I just put the opportunity best cbd gummies for pms in front of you, you can completely control yourself For three years, if you plead guilty and accept three years of prison life, you will only stay in prison for three months at most, and then you will be pardoned by Mr.President, and you will live very happily.Of course, your family.But you categorically gave up such an opportunity Wen Daer just responded to the person in front of him with contemptuous eyes On August 12, 1966, Vindal, the leader of the Vindal Conspiracy , committed suicide in the prison.He hanged himself with a belt.Although there were certain doubts about Wendal s suicide from the outside world, the doubts quickly disappeared with the passage of time.The first time I was ordered to return to the country, it was in 1952.In 1955, I was ordered to enter France again.I almost took the This is my second home.So you even married a French wife.Sergeant Oakes came over and said jokingly, Hey, that s probably the most beautiful French I ve ever seen.She s a woman.His wife is what he s most proud of, Kelleman puffed out his chest, Of course, I met that when I was in Paris, boys, you have to know that German officials are very popular in Paris.Yes.When we re enter Paris this time, I think maybe you can find a nice French wife.A burst of laughter rang out among the commandos.The major is very strict in combat, but when there is no combat mission, he always likes to joke with his team members, even if you offend him, it doesn t matter.They are now in France, and the US military base is beside them.I have killed a few people before.Wang Weiyi gave his own answer lightly A large number of police have surrounded two old houses in an abandoned manor, judging from the appearance of the houses.Presumably it was perfect stache cbd gummies review once inhabited by some English nobleman.This used to be a manor, and the surrounding terrain is relatively complicated.It is very likely that the resistance elements escaped due to negligence Nash made a brief introduction, and then called a policeman Albert Major, have you negotiated with the resistance elements inside Yes, sir, they have negotiated, but they refuse to surrender.Major Albert quickly replied The area inside is a resistance organization.Norden, we have captured him for a long time.Norden Nash frowned I don t want him to escape from us again this timeMajor Albert, Since they refuse to .

how many cbd gummies should i eat reddit?

surrender, get ready to attackMajor Moyol, which direction are you going to verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies take your agents We ll attack from the left.After 20 minutes, there were only a dozen people who could continue to fight by Huey s side, and Huey knew that the last moment had come.He looked at the time Okay, our battle is over, you have shown such bravery, I am honored to fight side by side with you.Don t sacrifice in vain, I think Bobby and the others have already It s cbd and cbn gummies verge cbd gummies far away.Now, put down your weapons and surrender Every black man knew that there was no hope, and they took a last look at Huey, then raised their white handkerchiefs and waved them continuously.The battle at Castri College was over, with 33 Black Panthers killed, 11 surrendered, and 6 badly wounded.The police and National Guard are in full control of Castri Collegebut they haven t found the kidnapped hostagesand of course they haven t found Huey yet.Huey came to the third floor, the bullets in his gun had been emptied, in fact, there were still bullets and he couldn t save the situation.Your Excellency, I best cbd gummies for pms think this is also my greatest luck.Wang Weiyi replied lightly During those years, I have experienced countless adventures, and I hope this will be my last adventure.I love war, but I don t want to see war.War should end in our generation.Although it seems very ridiculous, I still hope so.Both Duke Stephen and Sir cbd and cbn gummies verge cbd gummies Monlington nodded silently.The war should not continue Igor is a sad piano piece, which also means that this evacuation operation is full of sadness.These senior officials of the Fenton government never thought that one day they would be forced to leave their city, forced their families into exile in a strange America, they always thought they were the masters of this land.They would never leave here.However, the day has come after all.Each of them can only Carrying two pieces of carry on luggage, and there are regulations on the weight, this makes the family members of these senior officials of the Fenton government very dissatisfied.During the evacuation of the family members of officials.He did not directly intervene.The special investigation team just wanted to get some valuable clues from him.But among so many people, only General Gendra knew who was sitting there Whoever looks calm is the real mastermind Everyone in the special investigation team listened very carefully, and General Gendra sighed in his heart.This Lieutenant Colonel Moyol has already arranged everything perfectly.Lieutenant Colonel Mills will never Wouldn t know, he was walking into a terrible death trap.Everything you say is very important, Lieutenant Colonel.Major General Rodel thought he had already grasped a particularly important clue We thank you for providing us with these, but we hope you can keep it strictly confidential.Don t divulge any information.Captain Roger drank the coffee in front of him in one irritating gulp.Wang Weiyi ordered another cup for him But I think I may be able to help you out of the predicament Captain Roger s eyes lit up, and he listened carefully to what Lieutenant Colonel Moyol said I have a friend in the United States, and he has a very good relationship with the bank.With his influence, he can completely help you get rid of the bank s debt collection, and even help cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms you get rid of all debts.Of course, this is not without conditions.To be honest, he also has business dealings with Germany, and such business dealings involve military intelligence issues Captain Roger understood immediately.He took a breath, not daring to I believe that a senior investigator of the Army Military Intelligence and Investigation Bureau will know a person like that Don t rush to say anything.To be honest, he has no way to blow up a factory of this size.All he wants is to cause a big commotion and shock London and the Fenton best cbd gummies for pms government again Major Schuster is in charge of the security work here.He also received the news that the guerrillas attacked the barracks in the outskirts half an hour ago, but in his opinion, this seems to have nothing to do with him.His only task is to ensure that the army Factory safety.When Captain Bram appeared in front of him.Major Schuster checked his credentials carefully, and even made a special phone call to verify it.The cautious behavior of the British was fully revealed by Major Schuster.It s coming to check again.It s always checking every day.Major Shuster returned the ID to the other party It s really a headache.Every once in a while, different people are always sent to check.A Only then did he notice that there was a truck in the middle of the truck line.A black car, after a while, the door of the car opened, and an old man stepped out from inside.Adams hastily greeted him Are you Mr.A Yes, I am.The old man showed a smile on his face Mr.Bert Adams.Hello, when we are in touch.I am Mr.A, and Now, you can call me Tinland.Will Tinland.Will Tinland Adams thought the name was HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms very familiar, but he couldn t remember where he had heard it before.The president of Montagut Group.Edward whispered in Adams ear.Adams was a little silly when he heard it.He couldn t imagine that Mr.A , who had been helping him all the time, would be the president of Montagut Group.The former president, now, my company has been handed over to my son to take care best cbd gummies for pms of Will said with a smile And my main job now is to help you realize your dreams.And now best cbd gummies for pms obviously this opportunity has appeared in front of him.Will Tinland, a well known chaebol in the world, became their most staunch ally, which greatly improved their financial problem, which had always been tense.What could be more exciting than cbd and cbn gummies verge cbd gummies this Adams accompanied Will.Mr.Tinland inspected his base and armed forces, and it can be seen that Will is quite satisfied with the IRA.Mr.Adams, I must remind you that the Axis Powers large scale attack on Britain is about to begin.After returning to Adams headquarters, Will said, This may be the best opportunity for you and the Irish Republican Army., to carry out the largest armed uprising in the history of the Irish Republican Army, before October 8.Adams didn t seem to understand HCMUSSH best cbd gummies for pms it particularly Mr.Tinland, why was it before October 8 Because On October verge cbd gummies water soluble cbd gummies 8th, the Axis powers will launch a full scale landing operation.The Southampton Undercurrent General Cassano s uprising was not expected by the Allied Command before, and this once again disrupted the deployment of the Allied Forces.As a close friend of General Cassano, General Vincent was obviously suspected by the Allies.Due to General Vincent s reputation in the UK, the Allied forces and the Fenton government did not dare to deal with him openly, otherwise this would cause new turmoil in the army.According to Premier Wilkins suggestion, they adopted golf cbd gummy a more conservative plan.On the evening that General Cassano declared the Second Panzer Army and himself to renew his allegiance to Her Majesty, General Vincent was awarded the rank of General of the Fenton Government and, in view of the rapid development of the current situation, was ordered to command a Armored forces lined up in Milton Keynes.But those soldiers who died in battle will never be remembered again.Only on the Victory Day every year, the leaders of the country will stand in front of the tomb of the fallen martyrs and give an impassioned speech.At most, they will shed two tears in front of countless reporters to express their inner sorrow.Then, they rush off for a new round of cbd thc hybrid gummies trade or political negotiations.Those soldiers buried deep in the ground who fought to the death for the honor of the country can only wait for the next memorial day This is the sorrow of soldiers But now it doesn t matter if it s Skeleton Lancer or Bloody Rose.None of them would have thought of that.In their eyes, there is only loyalty and honor to the country, and they will never leave their battlefield until the last one.In this sense, the Germans and Americans who are sitting here fighting to the death are worthy of respect.Compared with the cheering Americans, the soldiers of the Queen s Army looked a little discouraged.Since landing operations.They have always maintained a strong fighting spirit and a strong offensive, but now they have suffered a setback in Southampton, which they did not expect before.General Jonall s phone call reaches Romeo s headquarters.Surprisingly, General Jonall did not blame Romeo, and General Jonall was very calm on the phone.He told Romeo that it is impossible for any war to be smooth sailing forever, and setbacks will only accelerate the growth of an army.Romeo was very grateful for the comfort of General Jonnel.He proposed a plan to use the airborne troops to capture Southampton, but was opposed by General Jonnel.The general told Romeo on the phone Please be patient.The amazing Baron Alexon is in Southampton and he will do cbd flav gummies something that will shock us all.And this is what Duke Stephen and everyone hoped SEE Turning all of England into one gigantic battlefield 1126.Farewell to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol The number of jobs has also increased suddenly.As the new heads of the two departments, Captain Roger and Captain Pattinson are not optimistic about the future of the United Kingdom.Maybe some officials are not clear, but they are all too aware of what London is about to face What is the situation.They also wanted to leave this damned, cursed city long ago, but they couldn t cbd gummies while breastfeeding best cbd gummies for pms do it.The task on their shoulders was heavier than anyone else.Even the best cbd gummies for pms day when London falls to the Axis powers they cannot leave, their mission is lurking Damn, who would want to do that But who made them US military officials But to be honest, they are not that worried, because they also have a talisman Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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