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Yanhe Park is actually a green belt along the river.It is under Hebin Road, and you can see the scene below from the side of the road.Lao Hu, a policeman from the prevention and control team of Huayuan Street Police Station, looked down curiously, and recognized the clothes at a glance.Han Chaoyang, who was dressed in a police uniform, was playing the violin, fascinated by it.This kid, I finally found an organization, and I m really into it It s really Han Chaoyang, oops, look at the way he shakes his head, hahaha, I m convinced, he shouldn t be admitted to our Yanyang City Public Security Bureau Civil servants should apply for the Hong Kong police. What do you mean by applying for the Hong Kong police There is a police band in Hong Kong.The leader of the band seems to be a senior superintendent, wearing a white shirt.A leader who doesn t consider his subordinates is not a good leader, and this one in front of him is more sympathetic to his subordinates than Director Liu, Han Chaoyang Very touched, he quickly said Director Su, I have no objection.Then let Lao Jin be the manager, Xiao Zhong be in charge of business, Xiao Guo originally studied finance, let her be in charge of financial logistics.First It s the best way to set up the airs.Xiao Han, don t be too careful about everything.Although you are the guide, you will still be the main job in the future.You must manage well and lead the team well.I just said Xiao Han Zhong is in charge of the business, mainly referring to the management aspect, since the company is registered, we will use this advantage to develop the security business.Thinking of the future prospects of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company, Director Su walked to the bulletin board, pointed to the planning map in the window, and couldn t help laughing It s our advantage to rely on mountains and water.We call the number on the number plate the fate number , referred to as the number.Every young man and woman Everyone has a number that belongs to you. During the event, we will determine who will participate in various activities by combining our own numbers and randomly drawing numbers.Please put your own cbd gummies addictive best place to get cbd gummies near me number on a more prominent position on your body., remember the serial number of the opposite sex with the best impression, and take the initiative to increase communication.Although I am cbd gummies for anxiety with thc late, it is not too late, and the activity has just begun.Standing on tiptoe to see, it looks like that, the two hosts, one male and one female, are cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus on stage cadenced and sensationalized.There were reporters taking pictures, and some reporters were taking pictures.People in the audience also raised their mobile phones to take pictures, cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me but there were too many people, and after searching for best place to get cbd gummies near me a long time, they did not see Guan Xiyuan and Wu Wei.Han Chaoyang was so confused that he didn t know what to say.Director Su folded his arms and smiled again The leader knows very well that if there is no money, best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg there will be no one, and no one can do anything, so best place to get cbd gummies near me they are trying best place to get cbd gummies near me to help us expand the base area, the security guards and guards who work without a license in the street office and some units in the street , All will be cleared within a week, and we will send security guards to take over.The purpose of allocating these two vehicles is to improve our emergency maneuvering capabilities.What emergency maneuvers, that is, if something happens, the leader makes a phone call, and I will take it with me.people go Han Chaoyang was completely convinced, and couldn t help asking with a smile Director Su, am I a street cadre or a policeman at the police station Is that important Anyway, it s work.In the morning, there are porridge, steamed buns, and pickles, and at noon and evening, there are boxed lunches.Can.The name is pasted on the lunch box, and you can take your own, which is neither mistaken nor hygienic.After the meal, the team members who didn t need to go to Dongming Community for duty gathered in the yard again.Fully armed, they marched to the compound of the village committee in two columns shouting one two one.The street cadres and working group cadres went by car.As soon as they arrived, they helped work under the command of Director Cai.Set up best place to get cbd gummies near me an awning and set up a desk.Pulling the warning belt is like setting up a security check channel, setting up eight channels for queuing up to receive punishment.The street was more prepared than expected, and even asked an advertising company to spray paint ten large posters urgently, and placed them in the yard along the courtyard wall, all of which were such as Public Security Punishment Law of the People s Republic of China , Criminal Law of the People s Republic of China , Legal knowledge on dealing with illegal and criminal acts involving rental housing, such as the Yanyang City Rental Housing Management Regulations, the Yandong Province Floating Population Management and Service Regulations, and the Yanyang City Individual Rental Housing buy cbd gummies australia Tax Collection Management Measures.The leader aside, at can dogs have cbd gummies for anxiety least the colleagues are not a big problem.Now they may misunderstand me, but I will soon be able to settle down with them, as long as we unite For the majority, even if the leaders wanted to give me small shoes, they would have nothing to do with me. So confident Who am I, I am Han Chaoyang, captain of the Chaoyang Community Volunteer Security Patrol Team, small community, big society Small policeman, great achievements, it s me Just wait and see, this police officer will change his luck soon, this little thing can stump me, what a joke.Narcissistic and arrogant, full of self confidence, this needs to be enlightened A comforter Huang Ying was very surprised, she giggled and said, I ll go, the leader has already forgotten who I am after a few compliments, I want to see how you mess up next, and see if you are a Xiaoqiang who can t be beaten to death Chapter 64 mobilizes the masses Sister Su, did you disturb your rest No, I just got home too, are you at the neighborhood committee The more Huang Ying thought about it, the more strange it became.In this way, not only can avoid The masses have been criticizing each other for blame, and it can increase the speed of police dispatch to the greatest extent, so that the masses can avoid wrongdoing.This platform is well established, and one should have been established long ago.Deputy Director Jiang of the Security Department of the University of Science and Technology The replacement deputy director level, although Grandpa Gu enjoys the treatment of a researcher but has no administrative position, it can be said that he has the highest position among the people who participated in the meeting.Because of this, he speaks without any scruples.He knocked on best place to get cbd gummies near me the table and said in a somewhat dissatisfied tone As for the police office, you can see it everywhere on biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil Zhongshan cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me Road, there is one on the south side of the road, one on the north side of the road, one in the Sixth best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg Hospital, and one in our school, but only the police office has no police.He said he came to the police office, but he was still in his jurisdiction most of the time, and only at night was he really in the police office.I originally thought that the master and apprentice would have dinner together, biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil but the plan was not as good as changing.Han Chaoyang apologized repeatedly, and did not take a shower and change clothes until the master and brother s dinner was arranged, and Yu Xucheng, who had been waiting in the police room for nearly half an hour , Riding the electric car borrowed by the security guards to Sanlizhuang together.There are quite a few fellow villagers in Xiaoyu, seventeen in total.Eleven of them were migrant workers squatting on the side of the road, in front of a piece of cardboard with water, electricity, shingle oil and other jobs.They were all relatively old, and the oldest one was 62 this year.Chapter 118 Go to Han Chaoyang After summer, the temperature will be higher every time it rains.The streets and alleys of Yangguan Village, which were still wet in the morning, were scorched dry by the scorching sun at noon.There was no wind at all, and the branches and leaves on the treetops were motionless.In the bustling middle street in the morning and best place to get cbd gummies near me evening, few people could be seen, only the cicadas screaming desperately on the trees, and the external air conditioners hanging outside the houses were humming.Xu Hongliang had been running all morning, so he thought he could rest for a while after eating.Unexpectedly, as soon as he put down the bowls and chopsticks, Wu Wei proposed to continue the visit.People had to bow their heads under the eaves.The leader asked him to assist him in the visit today, so he had to bite the bullet and keep up.It s a coincidence, but I can t compare with you.My parents can barely help me buy a house in Yanyang.Zuo Donghai dare not even think about it.My family is like selling iron.Don t cry about being poor, those who can afford a house are not poor.Huang Ying unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip of water, introducing with envy Chaoyang, Jiahui is amazing.She has a Ph.D.from Yanyang University, majoring in information and communication engineering.We spent family money on college, and she started making money when she went to college.She bought this house with her own money.So An Ms.is a scientist, disrespectful and disrespectful.What kind of scientist, she is just a woman of science and engineering.Don t be modest, a scientist can apply for a patent and go to a large research institute in the East China Sea to do scientific research A doctor who can develop a patent is very powerful.Several medical staff pushed a bleeding patient straight to the emergency area, along with a traffic policeman and a young man and woman, who knew it was a traffic accident.With so many people in the hall, Han Chaoyang realized that he couldn t always sit still.I thought to myself that the medical staff in the emergency center knew that they were being hostages and playing the role of temporary relatives.The family members of other patients did not know that they were wearing eight pieces and had work cards on their chests.On patrol, if you always sit still, you will think you are being lazy.Walked over to say hello to the traffic police, and watched the excitement for a while.Officer Chai, we have installed driving recorders, and there are surveillance cameras at the intersections.You can find out whether we violated the regulations and who is responsible for it The key is not our responsibility Since there is no responsibility, what are you afraid of, and you have insurance, the insurance company has been to the scene Don t worry, it s important to save lives, don t waste time, first pay 10,000 yuan for medical expenses, and get the receipt Alright, let s talk about other things later.He is not a homeless beggar and does not meet the conditions for assistance.Even if he is a homeless person., we can only provide food that meets the food hygiene requirements, and provide accommodation that meets basic conditions.Help contact their relatives or work units, and provide travel vouchers for those cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus who do not have transportation fees to return to their domicile or work units.As for sick treatment, only Only those who suffer sudden illness where can i purchase condor cbd gummies in the rescue station will be sent to the hospital for treatment.You should think of other ways, we definitely can t do it here. Station Master Chang, you can t do anything, what can I, a community policeman, do Who told You call the police whoever tells you to send the person to the hospital.Okay, I ll call the command center.Knowing that the rescue station won t take care of it, Director Pang and Lu Jiaxi looked at each other and hugged each other.Playing the piano under the overpass or in the tunnel.I m not joking with you.When I was in college, I performed on the streets and played for a whole morning.Kind people passing by threw dozens of them into my piano case. Where are your parents and your mother , resigned and eloped with me, what would your parents think, would they be disappointed in you No, definitely not, Yingying, you don t know how much my mother likes you, she called me on the way back Call and say Accountant Huang is nice, Accountant Huang is nice, let me take the initiative.If she knows we are talking, she must be very happy.Huang Ying just asked, not really wanting to resign, let alone going to another city.It feels so good to HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me be liked by others, and just as we chatted, Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang suddenly.Hello, sour gummy bears 500 mg cbd hello, Lao Yan, hello, hello, what s the matter Lao Yan, the parking lot manager on Shijia Road, sat in the toll booth best place to get cbd gummies near me and looked at the young people who were smoking under the street lights diagonally across the road.After confirming that he was indeed the same person as the one in the surveillance screenshot, he walked into the office opposite the auxiliary police duty room, and signaled that he was giving the suspect Lao Ding, who took the notes, came out.Gu Suo, what s the matter Look, this kid you arrested is not only a habitual criminal but also two accomplices, tell Lao Hu not to look for it, tell Lao Hu to come back quickly, the stolen goods must have been transferred by him, dig three feet I can t find it.One look at the photo and you know it s a surveillance screenshot, and if there is a surveillance screenshot, it means that the brat in the detention room has committed crimes before and left evidence.Can the case in the afternoon be broken aside He will definitely not be able to escape the case with the surveillance screenshots.His annual salary plus year end bonus is tens of millions.He bought a house there and married a wife.My cousin and sister in law are taking care of their children.Where are your grandpa and grandma Not here anymore, otherwise my uncle wouldn t be able to go to Dongguang.So it hemp bombs cbd gummies 300mg s just your aunt and uncle at night And Su Sister, this generation is completely messed up, I can t be called Sister Su at night, I can be called Director Su just like you at night.Huang best place to get cbd gummies near me Ying couldn t help laughing when thinking of the relationship between her aunt and Su Xian.Han Chaoyang only knew that Director Su was a temporary cadre, and never thought of asking her which unit she was in.Just as she was about to ask, Huang Ying smiled and said, My aunt and Sister Su are classmates at the party school.We lived in a dormitory, we just met each other, and we have a very good relationship.Han Zhaoyang felt very strange, holding up the phone and staring at his son, he asked, I found a job.What class do I have Li Tianzheng greeted Master and the master s family, ran out of the courtyard where the funeral was being held and explained Brother Han, I haven t played mahjong these days, so I won t play if I don t want to.I found a job, and I have been working with Ren Zhongcai from the second team for several days Although Han Chaoyang couldn t be as clear as Grandpa Gu about the situation in the jurisdiction, but Li Tianzheng said that Ren Zhongcai still knew him, so he couldn t help laughing and asked You learned the scriptures from Ren Zhongcai, and you plan to become a monk like Ren Zhongcai It s not a real monk.He also drinks and eats meat, and also has a wife and children.Brother Han, I really can t find a suitable job.What happened before, hurry up and check it out, and report it immediately when you check it out.There is such a thing Niu Zhikuan, who was on duty at the west gate of Dongming Community tonight, almost burst out laughing, and hurriedly stubbed out his cigarette butt smiltz cbd gummies and ran inside to watch the surveillance.Chen Jun called frequently.Han Chaoyang and Dai Jisheng paid attention cbd gummies addictive best place to get cbd gummies near me to both sides of the road.When they were approaching the north gate of Dongming Community, the intercom rang, and Niu Zhikuan shouted excitedly Han Da Han Da, the surveillance shows that the female owner is at 1 21 If you guess correctly, you should hide in the children s playground.Not out of the community Unless you climb over the wall.Okay, let s enter from the north gate, and you call the brother on duty at night to help Look for it.What does the conductor do The role of the conductor is great., can be said to be the soul of a choir or a band.For example, during rehearsals, the conductor must participate from the beginning to the end.Notes are dead, how to express them, how to balance their strengths and weaknesses, and how fast they are, all depend on the conductor.As a chorus performer, I stand among the crowd because I am in the mountains.The conductor is different.The conductor can coordinate the role of the chorus as a whole from a commanding position. He asked you to dismiss the class, but you still speak for him I m not talking for him, I m discussing the matter.Tang Xinrui took a big sip of water, wiped the corners of his mouth and continued During the performance, the conductor is also very important, because the live environment is different from that during the rehearsal.How is this different from crossing the river and tearing down the bridge Huang Ying, you Don t laugh, you still have to do a deep self criticism, and you also have to admit your mistakes to Secretary Tong The young man is good, and the girl is his subordinate, and the chances of being remembered by the deputy secretary in charge of the party and the masses are rare, so cbd gummies addictive best place to get cbd gummies near me Secretary Yang decided to help them.Pretending to be a very serious look, half joking.How could Han Chaoyang not know the good intentions of the leader, and hurriedly said Secretary Tong, I made a mistake, and I will review it with you.The flower sedan chair was carried by everyone, and Director Gu of the Propaganda Department joked Xiao Han, what s the use of just reviewing, and there is no sincerity in reviewing only.Secretary Tong is a matchmaker for you.Those working groups in Chaoyang can also forward it, and you can count as much as you can raise. Okay, I ll leave the donation to you, Grandpa Gu nodded, then turned around and said, Doctor Cao, Xiao Lu, you guys Can they respond to the leadership of the hospital, and can they reduce or exempt part of the medical best place to get cbd gummies near me expenses Knowing about Xiao Binbin an hour ago, he promised to reduce part of the medical expenses, and believed in the strong character of Grandpa Gu and the most handsome policeman , so he agreed to treat him first and give the neighborhood committee and the police office time to raise donations.Saving people is like putting out a fire Director Su transformed himself into the commander in chief of fundraising, and assigned tasks to everyone.She personally accompanied the mother of the child who had just finished eating to see Xiao Binbin in the hematology department of the Sixth Hospital.Entertain yourself.Mr.Liang, I have a stomachache.Organize yourself.I ll go to the bathroom.Go, I m here.Too many things happened today, purekana premium cbd gummies for ed Han Chaoyang was not in the mood to organize rehearsals, and he had practiced for so many days and even performed on stage, as long as he kept at it, there was really nothing to rehearse.Chaoyang, are you all right Do you want to go to the Sixth Court Just after finding an excuse to walk out of the basketball court, Huang Ying trotted and chased him out.It s nice to have someone who cares Han Chaoyang looked behind him, pulled her aside and smiled, It s okay, I just want to come out to get some air.What s wrong Why did budman oc good life cbd gummies I suddenly want to come out to get some air The instructor Guan has been adjusted.I know, Cai Didn t the director go to your office for a meeting in the afternoon, and he said that Xu Weizhong replaced Guan Yaoyuan as an instructor.People go to high places, and water flows to low places.I can t block his way.I don t even know how to talk to him.There are several colleges in the Polytechnic University, and the old campus is just opposite the Chaoyang Community Police Office.There are tens of thousands of students in several colleges, and there are foreign students How much tuition can tens of thousands of students charge a year, and the province will return hundreds of millions of funds every year.Not to mention anything else, if you look biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil at the teaching buildings, office buildings and dormitory buildings in the two new campuses, you will know that most of them are rich, and the treatment of rich teaching staff is naturally not bad.If a young man jumps to PolyU, not only will his salary be better than working in the branch office, but he will not be so tiring working in the branch office, and he may even have the opportunity to go abroad.It is set.If the number of beds is less than 20, it is a rental house, which can only provide long term rental services, and is not allowed to operate short term accommodation business of less than 30 days, which means that you have to find a way to increase the number of beds.The suite you just bought Obviously it can t be put down, even if it can be put down, it doesn t meet the fire acceptance standards.Didn t you just say that short term rental is very easy to do Since you think the possibility best place to get cbd gummies near me of losing money is not high, then expand the scale of operation and see if the community is the best.Is there any house for rent in the building, rent a few sets, and act as a second landlord , first collect 20 beds.He said easy to say and the problem is not big means that he will help, but the bed is a matter of principle, if If you get less than 20, you will not be able to apply for a certificate.Director Su took a few deep breaths, calmed down a little, and raised his head again Chaoyang, full spectrum cbd gummies side effects continue.The owners There are many appeals, Han Chaoyang reported one by one, Director Su researched one by one, and Manager Zhang was sweating profusely.There are so many tricks, don t say that the owners have opinions, I have opinions as well Director Su knocked on the table, and said very seriously Zhang Zongjiang, for the sake of your support of community work, I will give you a rectification.Opportunity, take the initiative to admit the mistake at the meeting tomorrow afternoon, continue to collect what should be collected, and refund what should be refunded to others, or count it as the property fee for next year.Director Su, if I do what you say, I really can t do it anymore.Pick it up, hum, let me tell you, you don t want to do it, and some people want to do it., Huang Ying couldn t help laughing.Is there any mistake How could it be possible to fight side by side with me The grassroots police stations in Yanyang, Jia an and Cangjiang cities started a one year study and training life as ordinary policemen.I thought I would be assigned to a grassroots police station with difficult conditions, but I was assigned to your branch and then to the new police station.Yuan Street Police Station.Police stations with difficult conditions, rural police stations may be more difficult, but there are no people in the countryside now, and the rural police stations are fine.Letting you government cadres go down will not be effective for training.The leader said the same.Yes, it s okay to come to the Xinyuan Street Police Station to exercise, didn t expect us to have the opportunity to work together, right I really didn t expect that, but I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, and you re working at the Xinyuan Street Police Station, so we HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me don t count as colleagues.No progress is normal.Yingying, I m not afraid that the work will be difficult, the main reason is that the residents in the community are really annoying Miao Haizhu has nothing to hide, and said angrily I beat more than a hundred people One phone call, five of the ten owners I contacted found me annoying, and the remaining half had three opinions, some supported, some opposed, and some followed the trend.Everyone cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me agreed with him and he agreed.It was like It s about me, Miao Haizhu.Now you know that community work is difficult Cities are not rural areas, and the city is a society of strangers.Many residents organic vegan thc free cbd gummies who live in the same community are best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg old and dead.Do you think this is your hometown, what s the matter, the village group leader called the big guys together and briefly said, there may be villagers who have different opinions, but as long as someone takes the lead in responding, it can basically be passed.They were spooky.Did someone die I dug a hole on the mountain.Hole, just stuff the coffin in The instructor Hang subconsciously looked at the side of the road, held the steering wheel and smiled, I have a lot of imagination, I guessed wrong, these are not coffin holes, they are water cellars, they were all dug before.When it rains, the rainwater will flow into the cellar along the road.There was no such condition before, and I was reluctant to use cement and yellow sand.I simply dug one.The bottom will leak and the top will evaporate.It will not be preserved for a long sexual cbd gummies time.Now it is all abandoned.No one uses it.It turned out to be water, Han Chaoyang thought about it and asked, Instructor, the left side is so steep, the mountain is so high, and it s still a dirt mountain.Will it collapse In the small village I passed just now, many houses were also built.Where is the farthest Lijiayao is the furthest away.It takes half an hour to drive.We best place to get cbd gummies near me will go there tomorrow.Now the road is good, and it is more convenient to go to the village.Three years ago, there was no such a good road, and I could only drive a motorcycle.I fell down once while driving a motorcycle, and my bones were broken.Han Chaoyang thought to himself, not to mention the bad roads in the past, but I dare not drive on this good road now.It is all winding mountain roads, and there will be a sharp turn after a while.If one accidentally falls under the cliff, he will be smashed to pieces.Jiang Li doesn t know him Thinking about something, he introduced enthusiastically Because there are few people, there are not many police cases on our side, and sometimes we don t get together for a few days, but there are many jobs.The Bureau of Stone did not dare to delay for a minute, and seized the time to interrogate Feng Guobao, who was likely to know about it, on the spot.Feng Guobao, I can tell you responsibly that he can t escape 100.Even if he is lucky and can escape cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil like last time, how far he can run and how long he can abscond, it will be a matter of time before he is caught.If he is now Arrested, you are suspected of harboring fugitives.Although the problem is very serious, it is not particularly serious.If you run away this time and you are arrested in the future, your problem will be very serious, and you will probably die of old age in prison.Changdong is my nephew, Because it s not shameful for him to go to jail. Changqin is also your niece Director Shi, what s the matter with Changqin Feng Guobao, are you really confused or pretending to be confused, you never thought that Feng Changdong knew about his hometown It s very dangerous.Uncle Han, have you ever eaten wild boar meat No.I have.My dad used to hold one end in a tong, but later he refused to do so, and even the tong was searched.Wild boar is good.Do you want to eat Han Chaoyang asked with a smile.Delicious The little guy grinned, thought about it and said, Don t rush away, eat meat at my house tomorrow, there are two fangs in total, one for each of us.He is not only enthusiastic, but also reluctant to get along day and night People go for a few days.Living in the barren mountains for a long time, there is no one to talk to at ordinary times.Han Chaoyang can understand the little guy s feelings, but he can t help him, so he pretends to be relaxed and asks What s the use of fangs It can ward off evil spirits.Wear it with a rope and hang it around your neck, it s very effective.Fan Ju, the top of the mountain is very windy.Let s go down if you don t want to take a few photos.Shi Ju, Jiang Da, you are busy with your work, don t delay your business because of me.The terrain is so high, it is really seeing all the mountains Small , thinking of such a great achievement in leading the team exchange, Fan Ju was full of spirits, and motioned Jian Yunping to help him take a photo with Han Chaoyang.Of course you are happy to show your face now.We still have a lot of things to do, so we really don t have time to accompany you, Shi Ju and Jiang Da exchanged a look, and said apologetically, Fan Ju, since you plan to take another look at the top of the mountain, Jiang Da and I will go first, Old Chai.Accompany you, just call if you have anything to do.It s okay, what can I do, you are busy with your important affairs.The family that was beaten killed the sheep, called relatives and friends, and ate mutton together at night.Han Chaoyang looked up at the direction of the waiting room, and continued, One of the relatives is a cadre, the deputy director of the Forestry Bureau, who is in charge of the forest police station, and drove the police car of the forest police station to eat mutton at the beaten house.As a result, the next day Early in the morning, He Suo was sued by the family that was beaten, and before the case was settled, he was sued for favoring the family that was beaten, saying that he had eaten mutton at someone s house the night before. Did he go, did he eat The mutton from the client s house is easy to investigate It sounds like a joke now, but it was really terrible to He Suo at the time.Hua and Lao Zhu and his wife.A look of bewilderment.Isn t that Teacher Hua and the parents of the students yuka clothing cbd gummies who went to report megyn kelly and cbd gummies the case last night The missing students seem to have come back.Go and see what s going on.If they really come back, the case can be dismissed.Chaoyang should stop helping with the search.Oh, I ll go take a look.Xiaokang came to his senses, put down the flyer and ran over to ask, then happily ran to the two of them I m best place to get cbd gummies near me back, it s really that kid, Sister Yingying, you still have sharp eyes, I I really didn t notice it just now.Where did he go, why didn t he call home Huang Ying asked curiously.Xiaokang was also ignorant, picked up the flyer again and laughed This kid is very smart.He was tricked into engaging in pyramid schemes.He found something was wrong, and ran out while the people in cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me the pyramid schemes were not paying attention.Now the most important thing is to increase the best place to get cbd gummies near me school s popularity, but it must not be famous because of this Vice Minister Jiang was just angry just now, not indifferent to Zhu Man s life and death.As soon as Han Chaoyang finished his sentence, he said firmly Contact first to find out where she is.Dean Zhong, you d better give her the information yourself.Call her parents and talk to her parents.At this cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me time, her parents words are more convincing than ours.Okay, I ll call myself.Although he didn t ask a word, Old Tang has figured out the ins and outs of what they said.I don t know how many cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus times I have encountered loan disputes before, and I don t need to ask carefully to know that female college students owe a lot of debts.Rolling from 10,000 to 300,000 to 400,000 sounds outrageous, but a single debt is at most unaffected.Police lights flashing, sirens blaring.The car in front seemed to realize that the police had encountered a serious police situation, and those who could avoid it all gave way.Slow down, be careful.Don t worry, it s okay.Since the police station was equipped with this brand new 110 police car, Wu Junfeng usually drives a lot, but he has been driving cautiously because of the scruples.Encountering a serious police situation, the opportunity is rare.How could he miss this opportunity to enjoy the privilege , constantly honking the horn, overtaking all the way, and even running red lights one after another.It took him 23 minutes to arrive in half an hour s drive The gravel plant is located in a remote location, with few cars and few people.There was a bread police car parked outside the gate, and it was easy to know that the sub bureau and the high tech sub bureau coordinated, and the police station in charge of this area arranged for the police to come.There used to be, Lao Du took a puff best place to get cbd gummies near me of cigarette, who owns lucent valley cbd gummies and pondered Lu Hong from the second team is not a good guy.When you see a bicycle on the road, you will go over and pull out the valve core of the tire.They didn t provoke him, and he doesn t even know who owns the car.Don t you think that s not the case Do you harm others and benefit yourself Forget it.Han Chaoyang took out his notebook and cbd gummies addictive best place to get cbd gummies near me wrote down the name Lu cbd wholesale gummies Hong.However, that kid seems to have changed his ways in the past few years.After all, he is older and his children are older, so he can t do it well.Now he has a motorcycle and collects sheep in strong cbd gummies uk the vicinity, and sells the feed by the way.Old Du suddenly remembered something, and added He is not a reformer, he usually does a lot of immoral things.If you harvest sheep, you can harvest sheep.He was expelled from school for fighting, and has been doing nothing in the county since then.During the Spring Festival this year, his cousin took him to work at a construction site in best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg Donghai, but he found it bitter and tiring, and ran away after working on the construction site for less than a month.Until now, he has not been with his family Get in touch.There are indications that these two guys should have nothing to do with Cao Shengkai s death, but the investigation still needs to be done.Teng Jiming stubbed out the cigarette butt, turned around and said, Luo Zhi, I went to several business offices of CCB today to check the monitoring, and found that he went to the counter to deposit money alone, and he didn t look panicked.The female teller who handles his credit card is talking and laughing.But it must be admitted that the good brother s nonsense was very effective, and Huang Ying was no longer angry, but became worried.Yingying, don t worry about him, who is he He s a pig man Naturally, Xu Hongliang would not be so stupid as to expose him, and joked while holding the steering wheel Now that you think about it, you are really his lucky star.As luck would have it, two murderers were arrested, one of them was a Grade A wanted criminal from the Ministry of Public Security, best place to get cbd gummies near me the pig bumped into the fugitive, he bumped into the pig, you said how lucky he was, you blessed him so much Lucky, what can he do Really Xie Lingling took Huang Ying s arm and said with a chuckle, Before I cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me met you, he was so useless, he was not welcome in the institute, and he even helped Brother Wei to save him.Chapter 325 The Fantastic Woman Han Chaoyang knew very well that the leader didn t doubt whether the two could take the dash cam back, but was worried that the video in the dash cam might have an accident.It is one of the key evidences for the conviction and sentencing of suspects in the future.There must be no mistakes, and it is safest to let professional people copy it.All I can do now is wait, but I can t wait.Sister in law, please keep everything that happened just now strictly confidential, especially about the car we found from the recorder.No matter who cbd gummy bears from just cbd reviews asks, you must not disclose it.Is best place to get cbd gummies near me the driver a murderer Probably.Don t worry, I won t talk nonsense.Please.After reminding Meng Wenjun, and just about to comfort her a few more words, Miao Haizhu called again.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to ask Wu Wei to watch in the car, open the door and walk to the opposite side to answer the call.Wu Wei s thinking suddenly became a little jumpy, and he murmured No , Have we been exposed Before Han Chaoyang could hemp gummies cbd oil speak, a loud voice suddenly came from the phone Car No.5, Car No.5, please repeat what you just said..Wu Wei was taken aback, and hurriedly threw away the cigarette butt and sat up straight.Just say what you want, don t talk nonsense.Reporting to Tengda, I find it a bit strange.There are several routes from the exit of the airport expressway to the west of the city.You can take the elevated road, the North Second Ring Road, the South Second Ring Road, or even the Third Ring Road.No matter which route you take It s smoother than the one best place to get cbd gummies near me I just took.I best place to get cbd gummies near me was so busy tracking and monitoring, I never thought that the route I just took could be called the best place to get cbd gummies near me most congested route Teng Da 750mg full spectrum cbd gummies frowned slightly, wondering if he had been exposed, when a botanical gummies cbd green light came on ahead.Makes sense, what about San Han Chaoyang asked eagerly.The third is that they are very cautious.This kind of caution and caution obviously did not happen suddenly.From the phone call records, it can be seen that their level of caution is comparable to those of those cunning drug dealers, or even worse.In other words, they are always on guard against us, and over time, they will underestimate us and think that the public security is nothing more than that.Li Kaiyi smiled and said confidently I have seen many suspects like them.They are indeed very smart, and it is indeed a headache, but they are often mistaken by their cleverness, and many cases are solved like this.If they are not so smart, we may not be best place to get cbd gummies near me able to catch them for a while.Three hundred and thirtieth Nine chapters of habitual offenders Brother Li, so the suspects are very cunning, so cunning that they won t go anywhere we can think of Wu Wei asked suspiciously.It was originally planned to be operated by the investment and development company in the district, but now the citizens don t see it that way.Many people question whether it is necessary for the Bureau of Veteran Cadres to build such a luxurious office building.You said that the upper floor is the activity center for veteran cadres.Do veteran cadres usually go there for activities In short, if the migrant workers continue to make trouble, the new building of the Bureau of Veteran Cadres will become the focus of public attention again, so the contractor who stole the project money is honored to be included in the Fox Hunting Operation as a chase target.Bureau Zhou was also very puzzled, usually the branch bureau applied for some funds, but the district always said that there was no money, so how could they get money to build the building of the Bureau of Veteran Cadres But this is the task assigned by the district, and it is the branch s job to arrest the fugitives and recover the stolen money.I haven t seen Lao Xu for half a month, but I didn t expect him to start business quietly.His family s conditions were really difficult, and Han Chaoyang supported him from the bottom of best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg his heart.He thought about it and asked, His wife is not in good health, and his wife must not be able to open a food stall by herself.Has he resigned Is he not working in the clinic anymore The food stall has just started, and today is the second day.I don t know whether it will make money or not.Do you think he dares to resign Wu Wei sighed lightly, and continued He is in After working in the office for so many years, there is hard work without credit, and the family is really difficult.He made up his mind to open a food stall.Your master supported him and asked for best place to get cbd gummies near me four days off for him and the office.As long as I can make money, I will do it.Think again, think about it.Yu Qinggong really couldn t remember, he was frowning, his wife Gan Xinlan was wearing clothes Walking out of the bedroom, he took a peek at Boss Gan, and said anxiously, Comrade Public Security, on the night of the 27th of last month, I, I, I seem to have a little impression.door to door.It was really greedy for petty gains and suffered big losses.Gan Xinlan regretted it and said with a bitter face That day, some bosses borrowed a place to play cards and gave me two hundred yuan, so I opened the door of my brother in law s office and let them play cards inside.Thinking it was a big deal, Yu Qinggong remembered, and subconsciously said, They also gave me two packs of cigarettes.What are the surnames of those bosses, and HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me what do they look like Zhang Qiuping asked while the iron was hot, and the names were right.There are fewer people, public security is good, and the crime rate is very low, let alone major cases.Thinking about it, they really have no chance of doing meritorious deeds.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say, so Qi Suo changed the subject Chaoyang, I called Bureau Li of the Baoyi County Bureau for you this afternoon, and he also knew you, the most handsome policeman, and I heard that you are half a policeman.The fellow is very happy, let me tell you how you need help, just ask.The office is not busy tomorrow, I will ask Xiaoqian to accompany you, and meet Li Ju first Chapter 359 It s not a good thing at all.The superiors repeatedly requested to reduce the burden on primary and middle school students, and the school could not really not make up classes due to the pressure of admission, otherwise the admission rate would not be comparable to that of the middle schools in the county.I called and asked if I could borrow it.If I could borrow it, I would install it quietly.No one would tell me.Just say, as far as we know, so as not to startle the snake. That s fine, Xiaobin and the others will pretend, the cameras in Yangguan Village are all dressed up, you can call and ask if you can receive it. Okay, I ll just Hit.Remember to help me bring a good one to your parents, and you and Yingying drove back, drive slowly on the way back, there are too many cars on the road now, you byo life cbd gummies must pay attention to safety.Master, don t worry, We won t drive fast.Han Chaoyang lives in his hometown, but his heart is in the police office.While looking for He Yichang s mobile phone number while holding his mobile phone, he laughed secretly that although he had not been working for a long time, he also suffered from the occupational disease of the grassroots police.The name has been chosen, it sounds very domineering, what is it called Chaoyang International Youth hostel This brain hole is too big, Han Chaoyang asked in amazement That is a haunted house, can you open a hostel Don t be so feudal and superstitious, if you say that people are buried underground, where has no one been buried Huang Ying asked back, and said happily Sister Su held a meeting with Director Gu and the others last night to study the feasibility of Zhang Beibei s opening a youth hostel.It turned out that it might not pay for it.First of all, there is no problem with the source of customers.The East Bus Station is not far away.Foreign tourists know that it used to be a memorial hall.As long as the price is right and the environment is good, they will definitely stay there.And there are so many project sites around, workers are reluctant to spend money to stay in hotels, and project managers are willing to spend money.Liu Jianye was puzzled, and Han Chaoyang was equally at biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil a loss.While they were pondering what to do, Captain Yue of the Criminal Police Detachment of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau and Deputy Director Cui of Wuchun Public Security Bureau, who was in charge of criminal investigation, were organizing more than 400 criminal policemen, public security policemen, and assistants from the public security organs of the two cities.The police and voluntary security patrol members launched a massive siege operation against Huayu Village, which is suspected of crazy operation of stolen cars The newly built rural cement road best place to get cbd gummies near me cbd gummies for teens is full of cars, and the caravan is nearly one kilometer what is best cbd oil or gummies long as far as the eye can see.There were 110 police cars, special police explosion proof cars, buses with local license plates, and even cbd gummies natures only 300 mg eight trucks specially used to transport the seized stolen cars.Calm down first, go back and think about it, and then make a decision after thinking about it.Money Don t worry, Han Chaoyang said His eyes shifted to Hang Weifang again, and he warned very seriously Hang Weifang, Inspector Gu made it very clear just now that your family s savings, including the compensation for land acquisition and demolition, belong to the joint property of your husband and wife I think you are a first time offender., remember the previous ones in advance, if you dare to unilaterally transfer and hide again, don t blame me for being rude to you, and I will definitely investigate your legal responsibility at that time Officer Han, don t worry, it won t happen, he just I was confused for a while, and I can assure you that you will come to me if something like this happens again.Gan Suo s words really touched Grandpa Gu s heart.Compared with the Huayuan Street Police Station, he has more affection for the Changfeng Street Police Station.Just as he didn t know what to say, Instructor Cheng said with a smile If you don t waste money, you won t waste money.The four dishes and one soup in the evening are all what you like to eat Sister Lu did it Grandpa Gu asked subconsciously.Who else is there besides her We can t replace her as the chef.Grandpa Gu couldn t vegan cbd gummies near me help sighing when he thought that Sister Lu s working years in the restaurant were longer than his own Sister Lu is sixty five this year, right Is there any benefit to not having a staff, as long as you don t drive her away, as long as she can work, she can keep working. It s impossible for her to work in the institute at such an age, let s not talk about it, let s go , let s go eat first.Naturally, he would not miss any opportunity to hug the thighs of the Huayuan Street Police Station and even the Yandong best place to get cbd gummies near me best place to get cbd gummies near me Branch, and work overtime at night.Very positive Han Chaoyang was about to go back to the police room to see how the interrogation was going.Kang Suo and Lao Ding brought the suspect out through the back door.Chaoyang, are you ready Ready, you can act at any time.Kang Haigen looked at the team members who were ready to go, and thought to himself, Liu Jianye, don t you take this case seriously I will let you see how serious this case is.There is a boss, holding the suspect s arm tightly, suppressing the excitement in his heart and saying Then let s go, you make arrangements, who gets in which car with whom.Chapter 412 Handling the case 7 Big The troops did not go straight to several other black broadcasting dens, but first went to the office to ask the case handling team to borrow cameras and video cameras.This matter is very important, Han Chaoyang quickly said Alright, drive slowly on the road.Then we will split into two groups, let s set off quickly.I sent the seized black radio to the police office, and it was already 4 o clock in the morning when I returned to the faculty dormitory of PolyU.Han Chaoyang was very sleepy but dared not sleep, so he set the alarm on both his mobile phones , and then turned out the reference book , and studied in the dining room and living room how to write the documents for applying for interrogation and how to use French.Chapter 413 Handling the case 8 Worried about affecting Huang Ying s rest, Han Chaoyang Did not go to bed, finished the draft application for interrogation, and fell asleep on the sofa in the dining room.Before lying down, I covered myself with winter duty clothes.Of course, Wang Jianping, the squadron leader, has to clean up his past humiliation.After a side investigation, it was confirmed that Wan Xiaoxia did not return to Zhang Boyu after she absconded, but changed her name and surname to give birth to the child, and even made a boyfriend.She immediately asked for instructions and reported to her superiors, and followed and monitored Ling Bin herself after obtaining the consent of her superiors.From Fujiang to Yanyang.After listening to Team Wang s introduction of the case, Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking So my senior brother also knows about this case Your senior brother Wang Jianping was confused by the question.Han Chaoyang said proudly Shiju, your Shiju was transferred from our Yanyang.Shiju s master was my master when he first started working, and he came back when my master retired last month.She obviously started this matter first, but now that it is almost happening, she pretended to be embarrassed.When it came to personnel changes, Zheng Xinyi couldn t help asking Secretary Cao, Manager Jin will be the deputy general manager of the new company.What about the security company , general manager and legal person.Of course, this also needs to be determined in accordance with the Company Law and the articles of association of the security company, after the general meeting of shareholders.Cao Zefang smiled, and continued There is a lot of work ahead, and there is some work now It can be done.We did some research today and decided to register and set up a company under the parent company to provide housekeeping, medical care and cleaning services.We are not good at high technology and the Internet, but service is our strength and we have advantages.This is normal, as long as most people who have used QQ have encountered it, they have never been to that place, and QQ has not been stolen, but they are prompted to log in from a different place.It should be due to the server or the line.He just finished his work and helped Ling Bin turn off the computer.On the way back to PolyU, Huang Ying talked about Ling Bin biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil again, and talked about the letter Ling Bin wrote to Zhang Ziyue on his best place to get cbd gummies near me blog.It s uncomfortable to watch, and even I will cry if I watch it again.What kind of mood do you think Zhang Ziyue will feel after watching it This is a hypothetical question, the premise is whether she can see it, and whether she will go Look.After so many days of tossing and tossing, he was as tired as a dog, but in the end there was no progress at all, Han Chaoyang really didn t want to talk about this topic anymore.It s very simple to remedy, criticize and educate her, and she won t be fined.No punishment, what a joke Don t forget what we do, violations must be investigated, law enforcement must be strict, understand I helped you fine the Xinyuan Street Police Station, but I was the one who was unlucky.What s the matter Han Chaoyang became more and more depressed as he thought about it, and said worriedly, Will the PolyU campus guards support our work in the future Put aside Lingling s work.It s very worrying.She hasn t passed the probationary period, and the band hasn t really started yet, only the investment has not achieved results, and now there are many people gossiping, if Vice Minister Jiang takes advantage of the problem, Lingling may not be able to keep her job Isn t it How could it not be so People hired Lingling because of my face.From the perspective of instrument configuration, eagle hemp cbd gummies diabetes a good symphony band has been transformed into an orchestra.All of them, look to the right, look forward, take a break In front of his girlfriend and his students, Xu Hongliang didn t want to be like Han Chaoyang s subordinates, and directly ignored the link of reporting to the team leader and team instructors, Looking around at the security guards who participated cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus in the reception, he said in a cadence Comrades, the students from the Judicial Police Academy who came to our community for internship will arrive soon.Because it is the first time to cooperate, Vice President Chen of the college attaches great importance to this, and he spared precious time from his busy schedule.Time to send the students over in person.Comrades, please cheer up and welcome the leaders, teachers and students of the Judicial Police Academy with full enthusiasm.It was useless to find the Ministry.Han Chaoyang wasn t worried at all that he would be complained because of this, but Grandpa Gu felt that he couldn t let Vice Minister Jiang make this call.If he called and finally got a reply that the case could not be filed, then he would definitely be embarrassed, and he is a very face saving person.people.Minister Jiang, don t worry.Grandpa Gu walked in front of him and said helplessly Minister Jiang, Director Wang, Chaoyang didn t just shirk, this is a private prosecution case, and the police really have no jurisdiction.Private prosecution cases, although There is reason, although you can go to the court to sue, but the cost of litigation is too high, and the time alone is not enough, the people are most afraid of encountering such a thing, in fact, the front line law enforcement police are also afraid.There are restaurants in the high speed service area, and there are restaurants that need chefs, side dishes, and even handymen.Han Chaoyang is determined to help Wang The director retrieved the mobile phone, and if he didn t find it, he would be unable to hang out in PolyU.Then he asked, How tall is that kid, what does he look like, and does he have any obvious physical characteristics About 1.6 meters, quite thin, Boss Wen said excitedly when he saw a middle aged woman walking in, Officer Han, my wife is back, and my wife has a picture of him, and I don t know if she has deleted it.Please ask my sister in law.Okay, wait a moment.Boss Wen ran to the best cbd gummy stop nausea wife who was walking to the back kitchen, explained eagerly, best place to get cbd gummies near me and then grabbed the phone to search for photos.After everyone waited for about three or four minutes, he happily ran back to the bar, held up his mobile phone and said, I found it, but luckily I didn t delete it.I m sorry, how to deal with the accident There is a traffic police.You have already called the police.The traffic police should arrive immediately.I am a security policeman.I just happened to meet.I don t know what kind of traffic accident happened.I don t know if anyone was injured.Come up and have a look.Yes.As long as no one is injured, be careful when driving in the future, and be responsible to yourself as well as to others. I said that the hats I wear are different, so I m not a traffic policeman. That s it, you guys continue to wait, you can t occupy it for a long time The emergency lane, police cars are the same, let s go first.Han Chaoyang had no right or interest in dealing with traffic accidents, so he opened the door and got into the driver s cab after explaining, passed the accident scene from the emergency lane, and drove happily on the empty lane where the front door was not blocked.Knowing that the command center would arrange this way, I didn t call the command center at cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus that time, and it would be great if I just turned the suspect over. Uncle Wu, you didn t get spit on by the suspect. Don t worry, no, even if you got spit on.It s okay, I m almost seventy, so there s nothing to be afraid of.The policemen are not allowed to smoke in the lobby of the police station, and Wu Wenge didn t have so many worries, so he took the cigarette from Yu Zhenchuan and put it in front of the lighter Yang Tao was holding.Take a good sip.AIDS seems to have an incubation period, and the incubation period seems to be quite long, which is really nothing to him.After thinking about it, Han Chaoyang asked curiously, Uncle Wu, where is the suspect What does the Xinyuan Street Police Station plan to do It has been returned to the owner.What s the matter, Jin Hai, call quickly.PolyU is so active, Cao best place to get cbd gummies near me Zefang even more Not wanting to miss this opportunity to show his face, he immediately raised his head and said, Hong Liang, what are you still doing in a daze, give an order.Oh, I ll call right now.Participate, also take out the mobile phone to make a call.Han Chaoyang first forwarded the video to the command center and the instructor of the Xinyuan Street Police Station respectively, and then dialed the number of the command center.Director Xing was on duty again tonight.The Yuan Street Police Station issued an order, but there are too many people to be interrogated.The police force that can be deployed now is definitely not enough.They may pay the bill and leave at any time.Please gather your patrol team urgently and rush to the hotel to wait for the patrol and Xinyuan Street.Hurry up I forgot to call and ask, and I only found out they had left best place to get cbd gummies near me when I arrived here. Which Secretary Zou Zou Jingnan.Miao Haizhu put down the fork, looked up and said, What memory, Zhen Chuan said that she also investigated you before, Because of lending money to Zhang Beibei.She has become the Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, why didn t I know Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Captain of the Supervision Team, I just mentioned it some time ago.How powerful Zou Jingnan is The Xinyuan Street Police Station seems to be planning to investigate some law breaking and discipline breaking police officers.Thinking of this, Han Chaoyang couldn t help asking Sister Miao, biogold cbd gummies phone number what best place to get cbd gummies near me s going on with In the Mood for Love It is because the police force is insufficient, and the number of investigations is small, and the second is that they are too cunning.The widowed elderly and some elderly people with limited mobility come to have a haircut.Secretary Cao, I find it really interesting if you say it can be carried out It s not interesting, it s very meaningful Cao Zefang thought more are well being cbd gummies legit and more The more excited he was, the more excited he said If you want to learn from Lei Feng to do good things, every unit is doing it, but it is difficult to persevere.It is to do it when organizing activities to learn from Lei cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me Feng.We are different from those units.We have people and can be normalized.If I can persevere, I think we can take the activity of learning from Lei Feng to do good eagle hemp cbd gummies amazon deeds as a job in our community in the future.Regardless of whether this political achievement is useful to me, it is cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil amazon cbd gummies for tinnitus better to have political achievements than to have nothing.The command center is the department in charge of 110 It s normal for the center to be unclear.Han Chaoyang held the steering wheel and explained with a smile The command center consists of the command hall, the 110 alarm service desk, the emergency command room, and the computer room.The 110 alarm service desk is only a part of it.The center not only accepts public security alarms, conducts pre disposition and dispatching command, but also is an information research and judgment, decision making staff, and even responsible for investigation and research, drafting of important documents, and responsible for confidentiality and archival work.The old factory manager really didn t know these things , murmured Isn t this similar to an office You re right, the command HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me center has both the office and the intelligence and information brigade.It was the first best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg time to participate in the showbiz party, Xu Hongliang was so excited that he changed into a suit and even a tie.Xie Lingling was wearing a red woolen overcoat, HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me looking lovely and charming.What are you guys doing It s almost New Year s Eve and we re having a meal together, so it looks like we re getting married Han Chaoyang put down the rear armrest and leaned comfortably, but couldn t help but tease him.This is the first time I ve met your friends, so of course I have to dress formally.Xu Hongliang looked at the two of them through the rearview mirror inside the car, held the steering wheel and asked back When it comes to marriage, you have all got your certificates.We ve been living together for a while, when do you plan to hold the wedding Yes, we re waiting to drink your wedding wine and eat your wedding candy Xie Lingling couldn t help turning her head and laughing.Well, it has been inspected, and it will be announced soon.Liu Jianpeng was very surprised, and couldn t help asking Chaoyang, didn t you enter the Public Security Bureau last year Yes, you invited us to barbecue before the exam.You are promoted like a rocket Liu Jianpeng looked back at the crowd, laughed and said, Boys, Chaoyang always does things that we never thought possible, and we also earn a lot of money by running training courses with Kang Wei.He went to take the civil servant test, and he also took the police civil service test How difficult it is for the public security to get promoted.My neighbor is a policeman.He is about to retire and still works in the police station.Deputy department The Wang Xun who had dinner with me last time, that buddy from the Cultural Bureau, seems to be a deputy department.Even the HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me seniors are helping.Of course, Han Chaoyang can t leave.He went downstairs to pick up Xie Lingling and others and followed suit to set up the stage.He adjusted the sound again, and went to the office to let the actors make up and change clothes.He was busy until 1 30 in the afternoon when the police and auxiliary police from various units participating in the social activities came to report one after another, and he was a little relieved.Just as he was about to find something to cushion his stomach, Director Wen suddenly shouted Xiao Han, don t worry about it here, Zhou Bureau and the political commissar have something to do with you, so hurry over.What s the matter I don t know, hurry up Come on, Bureau Zhou is waiting for you in the political commissar s office.Oh.Han Chaoyang turned around to greet his brothers and sisters, and came to the door of the political commissar s office in full police uniform.Qian Nana lost no time in saying Officer Feng, Yanyang Online is not like our Yanyang Daily.The website has many pages.If the branch is interested, you can create a column.You can provide the content, and even give the branch permission.What does the branch think When it s time to publish, you can publish whatever you want, and you can edit it in the background as you want. Yanyang Online is one of Yanyang s several portal websites, and the owner of the website seems to have jumped out of the provincial newspaper.Not a small amount of advertising newspapers.Although the current traffic of this website is not large, it is still very large compared to the branch s official website, official Weibo and official WeChat public account.Propaganda has tasks, and it would be great if a column for the Yandong branch could be opened on the portal website.Not only do I have a girlfriend, but I just got a certificate.I just got a wife sentence.Married Qian Nana heard it for the first time, and found it inconceivable.Thinking of his equally excellent wife, Han Chaoyang confirmed proudly It s over, but I just got a certificate, and there is no wedding for now.Qian Nana just got married for more than a year, it was hard for Qian Nana to understand, and she couldn t bear it.Zhu Zhu said with a smile Officer Han, Han Chaoyang, you are efficient enough.The wife talked about it when she was in college, or since high school.She has been waiting for graduation.As soon as she graduates, starts working, and settles down, hurry up.Got married Reporter Qian, these are not important, the important thing is that I have a wife and a family, and I have to go home after work.Director Wen best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg weighed it up, and said with a smile I know a lot about this aspect.The provincial police school s postgraduate registration work is based on the principle of combining organizational recommendation and individual voluntary registration.The recommended units are the political and industrial departments of public security organs at all levels According to the relevant regulations of the provincial department and the municipal bureau, our branch office should actively organize and recommend business evolved cbd gummies backbones to participate in the registration according to the police training plan of our unit.The recommendation is definitely no problem, but the final qualification review is in the municipal bureau.If it can be approved, our branch bureau They will provide support during the study period, and the Municipal Bureau will provide support in terms of training expenses, which means that you don t need to pay for it yourself.Are you busy If not, can you hide nearby and keep an eye on me so that they don t leave when we arrive.I m not busy.I m not going back to celebrate the New Year anyway.This is the bill I have to collect in the afternoon, and the money has already been received.Okay, please, don t get too close, as long as you can see it, you must pay attention to safety.Don t worry, I haven t seen anything.After nearly a week of practice, Sun Guokang was so excited that he finally got a real police report.Angkor, where are you I m still in the East Railway Station, what s the matter The masses called the police.Someone gathered to take drugs at Karoti Performing Arts Bar in the west of the city.Guokang and I are rushing best place to get cbd gummies near me to your side.Gather your team quickly Let s go there together when we get there.Okay, I ll call Junfeng and the others.Why There is a lot of mobility, and suspects who commit crimes in our jurisdiction can go to other sub bureaus in less than ten minutes.If everything is done according to the procedures, the suspect will not be arrested, and the case will not be resolved Han Chaoyang put down the walkie talkie, Then best place to get cbd gummies near me viralix cbd gummies 300mg he continued And pornography, gambling and drug cases have certain special characteristics.In order to avoid local protection and put an end to human relations, the Municipal Bureau recently required the public security system to break the regional jurisdiction restrictions, and all sub bureaus and police stations can fight across regions.So people say Can you also come to our jurisdiction to catch gambling and whoring Yes, the bureau still has assessments for this, if there are pornography, gambling and drugs in our jurisdiction, we don t know, and if they come here and arrest us, we will be deducted points.Don t tell me, right If you don t tell me, follow me to the best place to get cbd gummies near me office.Han Chaoyang grabbed his wrist and found that the boy was very thin.The best place to get cbd gummies near me young man was in pain, and hurriedly said Comrade policeman, I am not a bad person, I am going to work I don t even have an ID card, so what kind of job do I have II have an ID card.Identity What about the certificate Throw it away.Why throw it away It can t be used.Why can t it be used The young man realized that it was useless to make up nonsense, and said with a bitter face I used to be ignorant, and I sneaked out with my friends.I was caught by you when I crossed the ice, and I have a criminal record.Now I am checked by you no matter where I go.Not only was I checked, but I was also taken to the blood test and urine test.This is the case when I buy a ticket to enter the station, and it is the same when I stay in a hotel.The old factory manager and Mr.Liang ran over from behind the administration building, and when they saw Han Chaoyang, they asked eagerly, Xiao Han, what s the matter, is there a thief in the factory The thief probably didn t run far, and probably hid in the factory area.Dare to come to our place to commit crimes, and you will be ashamed The old factory manager looked around, took out his mobile phone, clicked on WeChat and sent a message, and gritted his teeth.Said The factory area is so big and there are so many dead spots.How long will it take for you to search for it.If something like this happens, you need to mobilize the masses.Why don t you call me earlier.I don t want to disturb you, and I don t want to destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival. All the thieves have come in, so it s peaceful The old factory manager always thought that the 527 factory was his territory, and he thought the typing was too slow, so he raised his mobile phone and said best place to get cbd gummies near me Everyone, Hurry up and tell each other that there are thieves in the factory.After confirming that the police from Yanyang and several auxiliary policemen followed up calmly, Ni Guoxiong dialed Lao Hu s cell phone and said in a low voice Lao Hu, your car is not a Beijing brand, and it is easy to attract suspects if you follow too closely.Be alert, and you are not familiar with the road conditions.Get in my car, let Xiao Sun get in your car, he is familiar with this area.Okay, I ll go there right now.It s time to meet, Lao Hu s heart is pounding, no Know how to report the case to others after meeting.When the matter developed to this point, it was impossible to see it, so I had to untie the seat belt, and told Wu Junfeng and Xiao Gu not to talk nonsense after seeing the criminal policeman Xiao Sun of the Nanshan Branch, then bit the bullet and ran to the black modern police station in Beijing.Go to a small restaurant for a meal, and I ll take you there to stay after the meal.Han Chaoyang was so tired and sleepy, he said in a low voice, Forget about the meal, I ate it on the train, and I m not hungry now, I ll get a room first Sleep for a while.Keep following what you want to do, keep checking what you want, and leave me alone.Okay, I ll take you to the hotel.Chapter 635 The unprofessional colleague said that he arrived in Beijing, Seeing my colleague in Beijing, I should call back and report to the bureau leader.But this matter is too embarrassing.Calling is just to add trouble to the leaders and make the leaders have a bad year.Han Chaoyang weighed it over and over again, thinking that since he was carrying out the task of taking the blame, he should take the blame well, be responsible, and not add obstacles to the bureau leaders.The others didn t see it, but they could imagine that they were either on the side of the road or went to the entrance of the village in advance.Just when Han Chaoyang was worried that Qiao Peiming might accidentally look up and was about to close the curtains, Xiao Sun followed Xiao Gu tacitly, and was sandwiched between Xiao Gu and Qiao Peiming, with a distance of three to four meters.Nowadays, people look at their mobile phones while walking, and Xiao Sun is no exception.It s just that he didn t expect that he not only played with his mobile phone while walking, but also started a live broadcast, holding his mobile biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil phone while walking and talking to the person on the other end of the video.Seeing this scene, Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and immediately dialed Lao Hu s cell phone.Chaoyang, let s go to the door of the hotel right away.The old chairman will personally lead the team to arrest Pingshi.I just talked to Bureau Yu of the Pingshi City Bureau on the phone, and they will do their best to assist.Remind best place to get cbd gummies near me me, Xiaohan, they have done a great job in Beijing.We must not lose the chain in the rear, let alone let our colleagues in Beijing see jokes.Don t worry Zhou Bureau, everything has been deployed here.Considering that the suspect is only in Pingshi and only has the suspect s mobile phone number, asking Qiao Peiming, who has already been arrested, to call too many questions will easily arouse the suspect s alert.I just called Xiao Han discussed it, Xiao Han is asking Qiao Peiming to call the suspect, after the phone call, he will send a courier package from Beijing, and it will arrive tomorrow afternoon, Lao Xi and the others will just keep an eye on the package after they arrive at Pingshi.Going out and selling it can make a lot of money The price of drugs was the highest before and after the Anti drug Day.I have never met one.Da Liu in our office caught an addict.According to the kid, he bought it for 1,200 yuan per gram, and it was not pure.After buying something, this box is really worth four to five million.So expensive Han Chaoyang thought it was inconceivable.If you don t believe me, you can ask him.Qiao Peiming, is it true or not Qiao Peiming didn t know Yu Zhenchuan, but was very familiar with Han Chaoyang, and he couldn t even forget it in his life.Seeing Han Chaoyang staring at him, he could only say listlessly I didn t know it at first, but I only found out later. Do you feel that the first purchase was sold at a loss It s a bit of a loss. It s a loss, you bastard Han Chaoyang glared fiercely.The man suddenly crossed the zebra crossing, ran to the sidewalk at the entrance of the shopping mall and followed him.After following for about two minutes, he suddenly quickened his pace, ran up and yanked off the bag, and ran away as soon as he got it The girl was stunned for a moment, and then she came to her senses, shouting and chasing after her.However, she was wearing high heeled leather boots, so she couldn t run fast or run at all, so she could only watch the little bastard get into the crowd and worry.With such a big commotion, it was impossible not to startle passers by.But the passers by who almost noticed her yelling stopped subconsciously.Some looked in the direction of the suspect s absconding, some looked around without reacting, and some walked over to talk to her.The whole process was quick, less than three minutes before and after.He has a wide range, can receive orders, and then come to us after receiving orders.When there are fewer than ten or twenty people, when there are many, five Sixty people lined up.There are also some big companies holding events, and the audience cannot be without audience, and the audience cannot be without applause.He can also receive such a large order, and sometimes hundreds of people go to it at a time.Compared with before That, this one is even smoother Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and asked Has he ever looked for you Have you ever been a babysitter Chen Haisheng smiled embarrassedly and said, It wasn t he who was looking for me, I was looking for him.The money It s a lot of money.If you don t have a good relationship with him, he usually doesn t call.I met him late, and I have lined up six times and participated in two activities.Just as I was about to return the tools to others, the sound of firecrackers in the east wall was loud and deafening, and the loud noise triggered the sirens of the vehicles parked nearby, one after another, continuously.The air was filled with the pungent smell of gunpowder, and the confetti produced by the explosion of firecrackers in the air even flew into the yard of the engineering headquarters.Mei Tiejun dusted off the powder on his uniform and muttered, Fireworks and firecrackers cannot be set off anywhere during the Spring Festival, and they can t be set off anywhere after the Spring Festival.A lot of leaders came here, and the leaders of the headquarters are also next door.The developers and construction units want to make good luck, but who dares to control them if they want to set fire.When he came back, he saw the rows of magnificent bicycles.He platinum x cbd gummies review took the prepared meal from the canteen to the police office, and discussed the new things that happened before him while eating During the discussion, the landline in the police office rang.Han Da, Director Liu of the Police Security Office is looking for you.Liu Hui turned her head and said.Oh, here we come.Han Chaoyang answered the phone and said with a smile, Hello, Director Liu, what instructions do you have Xiao Han, the district just purchased a batch of electric vehicles for the sub bureau.Your patrol team has twelve vehicles, this time there will be no distribution ceremony, you will bring someone to collect the vehicles in the afternoon.The bureau is going to distribute electric vehicles, if I knew it, I would best place to get cbd gummies near me not have downloaded the bike sharing app, registered an account and paid a deposit up.Han cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me Chaoyang looked at the wound on his face sympathetically, and said slowly, Boss Hu, it s not that I didn t help, but your wife called 110 and claimed that you were a prostitute.The command center of the sub bureau ordered us to call the police.Clearly, you have to report to the police station.Your worry is justified, your wife is very excited, but don t worry, this is the police room, she should not dare, and we will not allow her to do anything.Officer Han, she How can you believe what you say, and besides, Xiaotong and I are not in the same day or two, you know these things, how could it be prostitution best place to get cbd gummies near me I know, but the superior doesn t know, so I will ask her about the situation later, do it A transcript, let her go after clarifying the situation.How about this, you ask Xiaotong first, and make a transcript for Xiaotong first.handwashing Xiaogu asked puzzled.It s normal.Old Ji took the cigarette from Wang Jiayong, lit it up and said, After death, people will become incontinent.When the forensic doctor examined the corpse, he found that the victim s pants were full of urine and feces, and there were traces of urine and urine from the thighs to the shoes.It was hard to say whether it was on the hands of the suspect.Miao Haizhu pondered and said, The urine and urine flowed down the trouser legs all biolife cbd gummies review cbd gummies para disfuncion erectil the way to the best place to get cbd gummies near me shoes, so the victim was carried by the murderer to the river, vertically It s possible, and it s very likely.Old man Ji took a puff of cigarette, and suddenly said We can simulate it on the spot, my old bones can t carry you, and I can t stand your back, Junfeng, Jiayong, you two try.Okay Wu Junfeng was overjoyed, stood up and said Jiayong, I will carry you on my back, you will be a corpse.After she finished her work, she saw that there was a cbd inflammatory gummies missed answer, thinking that Weiping just Asked how the family was doing, didn t take it seriously, and didn t reply to Wei Ping.She didn t know Wei Ping was back I didn t know at first.Qin Tao glanced at the transcript he had just made in it, and continued to report After Weiping got home, he called her again.She claimed that it was lunch time and she didn t receive it, and she didn t notice the missed message on her phone.She said she was too far away from home and was alone at night.It was not safe to go back home.While working in a restaurant, I met a nature made cbd gummies very enthusiastic fellow villager, the victim Teng Aihua, and asked Teng Aihua to take her home.When I got home, I opened the door and saw that Wei Ping was sitting in the living room watching TV.The forensic examination identified that Teng Aihua was killed on the night of the 11th, and cbd gummies black friday sale the time was wrong Liu Qiuping was suspicious, and Qin Tao said again Yu Xiufen hurriedly explained that Teng Aihua is both a colleague of the hotel and a fellow from Qinghe, and that Teng Aihua rented a house nearby and dropped by to take her home after get off work.Teng Aihua must have been terrified too.I said hello, turned around and left.Wei Ping may have become suspicious, but there cbd gummies for seniors best place to get cbd gummies near me was no conclusive evidence of Yu Xiufen s cheating, so he HCMUSSH best place to get cbd gummies near me didn t ask her about the relationship between Teng Aihua and asked her how many phone calls she had made.Why didn t you answer Yu Xiufen might have a guilty conscience and deliberately changed the subject, complaining as before, complaining that Wei Ping is incompetent, worthless, unable to make money, and how hard she is working in the restaurant, and the two of them started arguing.A few best place to get cbd gummies near me names, and said with a smile Qian Zhi said that several policemen in our branch have performed very well, especially Wu Wei and Xiaokang, who is still on probation, and they will definitely be appraised for their merits and awards after the case is over.Xiaokang is not a policeman in our branch.no how is this possible Really not.Director Feng knew the situation best, and explained with a smile District Chief Liu, Xiaokang was originally a patrol member under Han Chaoyang, and later he was admitted as a police officer in the Fengyong County Public Security Bureau.Manpower is relatively tight, and it will be a while before leaving Fengyong County Bureau to report, so I took the initiative to stay on the last shift.The clues to the 2.12 case were first discovered by Han Chaoyang, so he was transferred to the special case team.It is said that Ju Feng will go there in person.Xiaokang thinks that the problem of dressing is not a trivial matter, and is about to get the police uniforms sent to dry cleaning yesterday.Han Chaoyang hangs up The mobile phone came out of the conversation room Xiaokang, let s go, let s go to Fengyong together.What are you going to Fengyong for It s okay to report to the Fengyong County Bureau now, because all the new policemen who joined this year are trained in the Police Officer Training Center of the Municipal Bureau, and I can t keep up with the report now, so I can only wait for the next one.Han Chaoyang secretly thought Xi Da told you not to There is a reason for rushing to report.It is because of you to go to Fengyong in the afternoon, and judging from Director Feng s tone, this is a task assigned by District Chief Liu himself.First, he The troops he served in are far best place to get cbd gummies near me away, and the second is that there is discipline in the propaganda, which needs to be approved by the head of the army, and he has been retired for two years, and many of his comrades who fought together at that time have also retired, so how do you find them Han Chaoyang is constantly emphasizing Regarding the difficulty of interviewing the army, Feng Ju suddenly said If you want to go to Xiao Liu s former army for interviews, we can help you to contact them.Journalists are not afraid of trouble, and we shouldn t be afraid.Ju Feng, can we really get in touch Chaoyang subconsciously asked.I don t have such a strong feeling if I don t come here in person.Director Feng wanted to help Liu Chengquan get some treatment after his death.He patted his thigh and said, If we can t get in touch, we can ask the Armed Forces Department to best place to get cbd gummies near me help us.Call up.Coincidentally, their director came to Yanyang to arrest people before, and asked our branch to cooperate, so he was very polite.We are the provincial capital after all, and it is normal for brothers to come to our jurisdiction to handle cases and ask us to cooperate.Han Chaoyang said this, but he was thinking in his heart that a phone call and an investigation letter could do the job, why did he have to make a trip.It is very troublesome to reimburse the expenses, and it is difficult to come back after traveling so far.Very tired.Wu Wei didn t know what he was thinking, and continued The procedures for checking the call records have been completed, and we will go cbd gummies addictive best place to get cbd gummies near me there as soon as the mobile company starts work tomorrow.There are a few records of ticket purchases for planes, trains and long distance buses, but they are from two months ago, and there are no recent ones.Han Chaoyang simply handed over the jacket to the anti pickup team who participated in such an operation for the first time and are still excited.Newcomer Zheng Bai handed the boarding pass with the luggage list to Xu Hongliang, and asked Xu Hongliang, Shi Junhua and Boss Qian to get the luggage first, while he went straight to the police room in the arrival hall with Wu Wei and Yu Zhenchuan.After knocking on the door a few times, there seemed to be no one inside.Just as he was about to turn around and ask the airport staff who was checking whether the luggage of the passengers would be taken by mistake, a policeman in his thirties walked over from the crowd.Is there anything wrong Who are you looking for Han Chaoyang quickly took out his ID, turned his back to the passengers on the same plane who were walking towards the luggage tray, and explained with a smile Hello, I am Han, a policeman from the Yandong Branch of the Yanyang City Public Security Bureau.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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