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Iron Cross please recommend The news that the third company of the 16th Bavarian Infantry Supplementary Battalion relied on the strength of the company to seize the British position at the cost of one person s death quickly spread throughout the Somme.This is simply a miracle in the eyes of the Germans How on earth is this done The name of Lieutenant Ernst Brahm also spread throughout the Somme region.The Creator of the Miracle of the Somme.From now on, people have begun to recite this name best rated cbd gummies for sleeping Ernst Brehm the creator of the miracle of the Somme Lieutenant Ernst Brehm The commander of the best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects supplementary battalion with a serious expression Major Dunxiwei looked at Lieutenant Ernst standing best rated cbd gummies for sleeping in front of him.Although he tried his best to maintain the seriousness of a German officer, he still couldn t hide his joy The excellent performance of you and your third company in the G position, You have won a best rated cbd gummies for sleeping high reputation for the supplementary battalion and the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment, and I award you the Iron Cross First Class The Iron Cross was worn on Wang Weiyi s chest, and Wang Weiyi stood upright I will always remember this cbd gummies online ohio honor In my heart, and always remind myself of the responsibility this honor brings to me Everything is for Germany Everything is for Germany.

The bullets flew out from the muzzle of the gun, drawing arcs in the air, either they didn t know where to shoot, or they accurately best cbd gummies oil for pain penetrated into the enemy s body.Trench warfare is always the most painful thing, especially for the attacker.They often have to pay ten times and a hundred times more than the defender before they may be able to achieve the victory they want.But victory now looks so out of reach.The submachine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand is also spitting out flames, and now this submachine gun has become a reliable firepower point on the battlefield.Ruger s bullets fanned out and wounded the charging enemies.Often, one of the enemies rushed forward and fell to the ground with a plop , and then could never get up from the ground again.Adolf Hitler also behaved very bravely, the Mauser rifle in his hand never stopped shooting, maybe he was trying to wash away the shameful nickname of Cowardly Adolf.

Retreat, retreat, get out of this damn place Sergeant Hall also yelled angrily Remember that orderly, I will shoot him These damned unreliable orderly Hitler s face Somewhat unnatural, he was born as an orderly soldier.He looked outside the position, and was horrified to find that position G was completely covered by his own artillery fire.He green ape cbd gummies amazon best rated cbd gummies for sleeping grabbed Sergeant Hall and said, Sergeant, the lieutenant is still there The German soldiers who were about to evacuate He stopped in his tracks, yes, Lieutenant Ernst is still there green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping Retreat, retreat immediately Sergeant Hall did not change his mind because of this If we don t leave here, we will all die under the shells of our own people No, sergeant Adolf Hitler said here He best rated cbd gummies for sleeping became extremely stubborn for a moment The lieutenant is still there, we can t leave the lieutenant I must be responsible for the entire company Corporal Adolf Sergeant Hall said seriously Lieutenant Ernst will take care of himself Yes, now I am the supreme officer here, and I will never best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects give up everyone s life because of one person After speaking, he told his subordinates loudly I order you all to leave here now Although the soldiers were against Lieutenant Ernst was full of emotion, but under the order of Sergeant Hall, he had no choice but to reluctantly leave position B.

Hunting Game Start Lieutenant Conk led his people to the forest without any hesitation.The honor of best rated cbd gummies for sleeping an officer is to complete the tasks assigned by his superiors without any room for bargaining He dispersed the soldiers into more than a dozen teams, and slowly groped into the woods with a best rated cbd gummies for sleeping fan They didn t know that the muzzle of a god of death had been aimed at them Looking at a A figure of a soldier appeared under his gun, and Wang Weiyi showed a cruel smile at the corner of his mouth.On such a battlefield, there is absolutely no need for any form of sympathy The Enfield rifle has locked on to a target Wang Weiyi s meridian life balance cbd gummies hand is terribly steady, and his heartbeat is gradually slowing down.Even if a bomb explodes beside him now, Wang Weiyi can be sure that he will not move The target was locked Wang Weiyi s hand touched the trigger shot The bullet flew out of the chamber, and the crisp sound of the gunshot alarmed the forest that seemed so silent at first.

The light machine cbd gummies alex trebek best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin guns, rifles, and pistols best rated cbd gummies for sleeping in their hands fired at the same time, and the French were instantly killed and wounded under multiple blows.Two heavy machine guns have also been destroyed.Less than a minute before and after A ball of flames spewed out from the flame breathing soldier s hands, suddenly plunged this place into a sea of flames.The first assault team of the trench rushed in The French here were completely stunned, where did the enemy come from But they are not allowed to have more consideration, the Germans have already killed in Gunshots rang here, and several French soldiers who rushed out with guns fell into a pool of blood Eight minutes, Wang Weiyi and his companions only had eight minutes A French soldier rushed over howling, but halfway through the rush, he suddenly stayed there.

This damned Jew, he deserves to go to hell Adolf Hitler cursed with a livid face.If possible, he hopes to rush up now, and then give this Jew a hard lesson To the British Marklin became excited green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping Baron Alexon, why are you going to the British Can you give us a reasonable explanation In my understanding, if it is not an order from a superior, would an officer run to the enemy s camp I m really very curious.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly.Schlaf knew it was time to do it himself Second Lieutenant Hall, can you be price list for cbd gummies responsible for what you said Iof course I can But as far as I know, your supplementary battalion s reputation is not that high.Schlaf smiled slightly After Lieutenant Haus, the commander of the third company of the supplementary battalion, was injured, you very much hoped to take over the position of Lieutenant Haus, but it is a pity that it was Aleksson who became green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping the commander of the third company in the end.

The bullets in the magazine sprayed out.All the weapons on the truck were fired at the same time.Submachine guns, rifles, pistols, grenades What is intertwined is a terrifying fire net.Intensively hitting all the enemies they could see A gap was torn open in the large encirclement net carefully designed by Major De Sade.What Major De Sade can do now is to see the truck and rush out in such a swaggering way, but what is left for him is a pile of corpses Damn, damn, damn Major De Sade was furious, he had arranged so carefully.But he was still killed by the damned skeleton baron Catch up, arrest the whole city, cannaray cbd gummies and no one is allowed to leave Lance Major De Sade roared angrily.Major At this time, General Raffarin s voice came from behind, and Major De Sade barely held back his anger General, why are you here in person Don t worry, we will catch Ernst soon.

Simond.We meet again.Wang Weiyi walked in with Elena calmly , and behind him, several soldiers with live ammunition rushed in.The guests were cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek a little panicked, but when they saw that these people were wearing French uniforms, they felt relieved.Captain Moyol Watts said the name nervously and frightened Mr.Simond, why didn t you invite me to such a good banquet Wang Weiyi picked green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping up two glasses of wine as if nothing had happened, and handed a glass to Elena Miss Heinrich, such a good wine is very popular during the war.It s hard to get, we should thank Mr.Simond well.Elena raised her glass Thank you, Mr.Simond.My honor Watts embarrassed Smiled II really want to invite you, Captain hemp bombs cbd gummies 25mg Moyolbut I don t know where you are There was a fight outside With a loud voice, Wang Weiyi knew that it was Manstein and the others who were there to deal with the subordinates of Watts.

Tone There is a traitor among us Damn it, catch him and kill him Oh my best rated cbd gummies for sleeping god, traitor, it s too scary, he should be hanged When they heard the major s words, the officers and soldiers couldn t help but shouted loudly.Wang Weiyi calmed everyone down I know who betrayed us, but I don t know why he betrayed us.In my army, no one can do best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects this, no one can do things that betray their comrades.So , I want you to stand up All the people waited for the traitor to appear with the most angry eyes But for a full ten minutes, no one stood up.Come out I m a little disappointed, really, disappointed.Wang Weiyi sighed There is always a fluke mentality, thinking that I might be threatening, I don t even know who this person isReally, Si Di With a swipe, everyone s eyes fell on Si Di.Si Di s complexion suddenly became extremely pale No, major, it s not me, it s not me, I have never betrayed you Please calm down, Private First Class Sidi.

You can observe your magazine.It can freely switch to use any type of bullet.Of course, you have to find a way best rated cbd gummies for sleeping to solve it yourself.I ll figure out a way for the bullet myself.Wang Weiyi caressed the weapon in his hand fondly, and suddenly thought of another question What if this gun is lost, or someone steals it, and wants to destroy it forcibly when it can t be used Isn t the secret in the gun exposed Once this happens, this gun will self destruct together with its owner Wang Weiyi shuddered, and it would be fun to see whoever moved his precious idea.He thought about it for a while The name of the time space 11 style walker gun is too complicated, it doesn t sound good, let me think about it Frowning and thinking for a long time Others call me Baron Skeleton, but I think this gun is called Skull Gun.

, We have been on the road for a few days.Fortunately, there is no delay.By the way, are you A delivery man.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly I asked them to move the goods down.I asked My people are here to help you.No need.There are still some of my personal belongings on it.I met a beautiful Russian girl here and gave it to her.I don t want to be ruined.Wang Weiyi smiled He refused him.Doroleksky showed a knowing smile Turning around, Wang Weiyi whispered to Guo Yunfeng in Chinese Ready to fight Guo Yunfeng touched his nose with his hand, I touched the eyes again, and the movement was very natural.It will definitely not arouse the suspicion of people other than the Skeleton Commando Steck whistled as if nothing had happened, and put his hand on the grenade Ludwig wiped the clothes on his body, but his hands intentionally Unintentionally hit the machine gunModel and Mali seemed to have a fierce dispute there, and the two walked towards Wang Weiyi at the same time It s outrageous for you to judge said Model angrily.

I will, Colonel Sergey.Wang Weiyi smiled slightly.The gunshots gradually stopped.Those Russian soldiers who were in a cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek state of chaos and were unwilling to fight, after receiving the order to surrender, walked out of their hiding places with relief, and threw down what they lacked in their hands.Rifles with bullets.A large group of Russian prisoners were gathered together.The terrible suppression of the three tanks had already suffocated them.None of them had the intention to resist.The Russian soldiers who were imprisoned for the mutiny were also brought out.They had heard the sound of gunfire before, and they thought that a new mutiny had happened, but they never thought that it was the Germans who came Colonel Sergey was an enthusiastic Master, he knows how to protect himself in such a situation.

With this kind of firepower, no matter how many enemies come, they are completely capable.Be sure to annihilate them best rated cbd gummies for sleeping At the other end of the road, the shadows of the enemy began to appear Then more and more Russians appeared in the ambusher team Wang Weiyi put the whistle to his mouth Side The cannons and machine guns on the tank opened their mouths wide open, the Maxim heavy machine gun and Madsen light machine gun were ready to drink blood again, and the bullets of the Mauser rifle and Mosin 1891 rifle had also been pushed on The guns are loaded The hurried Russian pursuers are coming up Most of them have already entered the ambush circle A sharp whistle sounded Then, the cannons on the tank roared first, and the machine guns sprayed out their terrifying and deadly flames at the same time The ambush has begun Just as Wang Weiyi expected, the Fritoac regiment in the rush to pursue did not expect that the enemy fleeing in a hurry would have the intention to lay an ambush here.

The troops are sent to the front.But even so.The people who remain in the division headquarters are not what you and Hitler can deal with I still have plane support, don t I Wang Weiyi said slowly.I knew you would make this requestYes, Rambler, you still have four sorties to support Wang Weiyi smiled, even though he knew Xiao Ling couldn t see him Smile I need aircraft support now, two sorties, precision bombing, the target, the headquarters of the Eighth Infantry Division of the Russian Army.But, you must not blow up Major General Boris to death for me You re testing my patience, Rambler, and you re making an insatiable demand.I can clinical cbd gummies 300mg t guarantee that Major General Boris won t be killed I don t care about that, you have to do it for me anyway.And , once Boris is blown out of the division headquarters, if there are escort troops around him, you have to help me blow up his escort troops Then, four sorties may have to be used Use up all aircraft support at once What a loser s toy.

You can t say that, Major.Will s expression also relaxed You come, you are our distinguished guest, not to mention, you are our investor.Major, my place is too cluttered to be exposed.I think you will live here at Pipondu, who is one of the few places in Paris where he will not be disturbed.These are two trustworthy friends.Pipondu took out the wine best rated cbd gummies for sleeping he brewed and warmly invited everyone to taste it.To be honest, Wang Weiyi can t taste the quality of the wine.And he can t taste it at all.In his opinion, all wines are similar.It s just that the wines made by Pipondu seem to have a special flavor.Maybe this is the psychological factor Major, you have hit again this time.A beautiful battle.Will held his wine glass and said In Ci Nuoxi, the invincible General Ben Weihao became your defeat.This matter has spread all over Paris.

After examining a wounded, Lieutenant Colonel Stino told his enemy Ernst G.Lieutenant Colonel Blem War causes people to bleed and die, but doctors are used to save lives.These are two completely different professions, but I have done both professions now.To be honest, these Italians Although the behavior of people on the battlefield is very ridiculous, when the smoke of the war clears, some of their words are quite thought provoking.Wang Weiyi nodded in agreement There are many things you don t want to do, but you have to do them.Those you like to do how much cbd in gummies can only be put aside helplessly.Lieutenant Colonel Stino, please forgive my directness, I I don t think you are a good soldier, but maybe you can try to be a good doctor I agree.Stino was not at all angry at the other party s rudeness The war cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek will end sooner or later, right What else can soldiers do at that time Colonel, in fact, I have thought about it for a long time.

It s all the same.He s a soldier, and his country needs him to win, doesn t it There were still some things Laurend didn t say.At first, only a small number of British people appreciated what Ernst had done, but as the Baron Skeleton s miraculous achievements on the battlefield continued to best rated cbd gummies for sleeping accumulate, more and more people were curious about him and admired him, even some who were hostile to him before.his people.They are constantly extolling his deeds, and someone actually wrote a special article for him, questioning why Britain can t produce such a character Heroes are welcome everywhere.A well bred gentleman, a well educated nobleman, a brave officer, a baron who never knows what failure is These are the British evaluation of the Baron Skeleton.Even in the cabinet, some people became supporters of Ernst Brahm, and they also believed that the Skull Baron was the only German judge who did not have to be tried.

He will always charge at the front line.Perhaps, one day he will become a general and he will still be like this when he sees his colonel being suppressed.There, life may be in danger at any time, the eyes of the German soldiers were red, and the roar of the machine guns reached the craziest level.Several soldiers rushed up regardless of the rain of bullets, but soon fell under the enemy s machine gun fire, Don t charge, don t charge Wang Weiyi turned his head and loudly stopped his subordinates.He would never want his soldiers to risk it for him, and that was part of what earned him their love.Guderian carefully observed the situation, also ignoring the bullets whizzing past him, and then loudly commanded his gunners to let it go In Guderian s order, a shell shot off like a sharp arrow.There was a boom explosion from the barrel, and the French army s machine gun position was blown to pieces in an instant Nice job, Heinz Wang Weiyi roared and jumped up, the mp19 in his hand exploded with strong vitality.

Skeleton Baron, Ernst, Skeleton Commando, why do I always hear these words when I come here Don t you have any other topics Smith simply He didn best rated cbd gummies for sleeping t care and said That Ernst is nothing special.Under our attack, I really can t think of him having any other choice but to surrender.Everyone in the headquarters had a wry smile on their faces.Well, this arrogant American general hasn t really grasped the power of the Skeleton Baron.But Fu Xi nodded Yes, General Smith, I believe you have the ability to defeat the Skeleton Baron, I wish you good luck.Wait for me, I will bring that damned Skeleton Baron to you Two 136.Challenge the second Battle of the Marne launched on July 15, 1918.From the beginning of the outbreak of the battle, the German army still showed strong strength.The German army led by the Skeleton Commando advanced the front line by eight kilometers, and the Skeleton Commando successfully crossed the Marne River.

No one could have imagined that the US military s first battle in Europe would have such a result.The whistling of the mp submachine guns finally stopped.The German soldiers walked silently on the battlefield, silently admiring their trophies.Although these Americans did not fight well, best rated cbd gummies for sleeping their surrender gestures were quite standard.A large group of Allied planes flew overhead, and then rumbling explosions sounded behind.Wang Weiyi and his soldiers turned back.The bridge over the Marne River was finally blown up, and their way back was over.blocked.But the expressions on the faces of these German soldiers were still so calm.Now that you re here, you re ready.What s more, Colonel Ernst is still here.As long as the colonel is still there, he will definitely take them back.What about the captives Steck pointed to the group of captured American prisoners.

Behind, followed by countless commandos They they re back Full fire, sweep Wang Weiyi roared loudly.The gunshots on the battlefield became louder with his roar.Colonel, we are late.Steck rushed forward and gasped.He still doesn t know that it s time to call Colonel Ernst General Ernst Damn it, we encountered the follow up troops of the 30th Division of the U.S.Army on the way, and had a fierce battle with them, and finally escaped.Late It s better to arrive than never.Wang Weiyi looked at it, and the encounter that Steck said must be a hard fight, because many people in the team did not come back.Retreat, all retreat Wang Weiyi kept yelling Notify Erwin, the battle is over, the battle is over Retreat He asked Smith, Beasley, and Langton to be brought best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects in front of him Smith, in the Don t move here, and you will be rescued when the French come over.

, who has such courage Machine gun, machine gun cover Wang Weiyi roared with red eyes.In Li Lu s thinking, since the enemy has already been defeated, there is no threat, and now is the best chance to beat the dog in the water.The reason is that he soon realized that he was wrong.The Japanese machine guns began to roar crazily, and the soldiers in the front row immediately fell into a pool of blood, Lie down, lie down Behind, Wang Weiyi roared loudly.The brothers in the assault team all fell to the ground, and now it was the turn of Japan s own machine guns to wreak havoc.Suppress them Wang Weiyi had to keep himself calm Shoot with all firepower, suppress them Bring the assault team back to me The weapons of the fire team roared again, and started a crazy confrontation with the Japanese army.

Officer, I forgot to tell you, my name is not Juyi De.Moyol, my name is Wang Weiyi.Pushable.Si Dao, still obsessed with the hatred of the gambling contract, suddenly tore off a piece of the Japanese military cao s skirt, and wrote a few large characters crookedly on the wall with blood Killer, Wang Weiyi Well, the meaning is good, but the handwriting is too poor.Wang Weiyi admired it solemnly.Suddenly, Wang Weiyi stopped talking.He pulled Elena, gave Guo Yunfeng a wink, pouted at the pile of wood, and the three of them walked over there quietly.Guo Yunfeng suddenly Kicked the board away, revealing a hole behind.Come out Guo Yunfeng shouted in a deep voice.Wait, my own people Following this voice, a Chinese soldier in his twenties came out of his hiding place.Wang Weiyi was startled Are you the Chinese soldier that the Japanese hunted best rated cbd gummies for sleeping down The soldier didn t expect that the person in front of him could speak Chinese, so he nodded, Yes, when you killed the devil just now, I saw everything through the gap.

Sugawara Naomasa suddenly stopped What The Chinese are rapidly approaching us, They have tanks and trucks Hearing this, Maeda Yoshiro s heart sank, it s over, the Aihara team is over What I was most worried about finally happened.He calmed down Your Excellency, Captain, please retreat to the right immediately, and I will hold back the Chinese troops here Baka, let me escape in front of the Chinese This is absolutely impossible Naomasa Sugawara called out loudly All troops, stop pursuing, build defenses on the spot, and call for air force support Defeat this group of Chinese chasing troops Your Excellency, Captain It s too scattered The troops in front have chased far away, but the ones behind haven t caught up yet.Moreover, this Chinese army is well trained and has tanks, so we can t stop it Naomasa Sugawara listened Don t go in In Shanghai, I heard that the Chinese also used tanks, but they were also defeated by the heroic imperial soldiers.

They have never received their own training, can they carry out orders firmly during street fighting It s very difficult to say.Wang Weiyi now knows he was wrong The guard cbd fruit gummies recipe stars battalion has initially condensed into a whole.When breaking through the flank of the Japanese army, they were still very confused.When chasing the Sugawara Brigade, they have gradually adapted to Wang Weiyi s fighting style.When they arrived at Xiguan, they had basically understood how to fight.No matter how poor the understanding is, doing the same thing repeatedly will make perfect.The same is true for the brothers of the 43rd Army.They didn t join Wang Weiyi s command for a long time, but they simply heard how to fight a battle.In this street battle, Wang Weiyi deliberately broke them up, and they were led by soldiers from the guard battalion.

Help him up.Wang Weiyi put away the gun.Two soldiers raised their glasses, his face was pale.His legs kept shaking there.Are you afraid Wang Weiyi asked lightly.The glasses kept nodding his cbd zzz gummies review head, it could be seen that he was really scared.Press the muzzle down HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping an inch and you will die.Wang Weiyi said calmly and indifferently This is the battlefield, and no one knows whether the bullet will hit you in the next second.What can you stay here Mortars or heavy machine guns Or help us carry ammunition We don t need it, you have no battlefield experience.You will only be a burden here Who sent you here What are you here for Show your courage No need He pointed at the retreating brethren Because of you, my troops retreated an hour later than originally planned Do you know what this hour means to the army It means losing a battle.

He said right away Sir, this is Boss Cai Boss Cai, this is Mr.Wang Mr.Wang.Boss Cai cupped his hands Shanghai is cbd gummies alex trebek best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin in such a state, Mr.Wang is here at this time.There must be a way.Wang Weiyi said lightly Boss Cai doesn t need to know if there is a way.I m looking for you this time.I want to ask you to buy three suits, do you have any ready made ones Yes, of course.Boss Cai seems to have run across the pier, someone who has seen the world, and let the guys outside come in to help Mr.Wang and his attendants measure the body size.He was searching for something, and smiled lightly Boss Cai, we are serious businessmen.Boss Cai blushed, and hastily said a few perfunctory words What business does Mr.Wang do What to do to make money.At this time, the guy finished measuring the size, and Wang Weiyi tidied up the clothes When can you deliver them to me Within an hour, the clothes must be delivered to Mr.

I m here waiting for the boss to come out In fact, he was on time Wang .

do cbd gummies actually help with anxiety?

Weiyi, and his brothers were waiting outside Boss Cai rang the bell on the door, and after a while , the door opened, and Boss Cai hurried in with Wang Weiyi In the garden of the bungalow, there were several men and women standing.As soon as Wang Weiyi and Boss Cai came in, a girl in pink waved at them.She waved her hand Hey, Mr.Mystery.It was Tang Weihong who was smiling.Wang Weiyi never thought that Cai best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects He would bring him here.Cai He led Wang Weiyi to these people, first introduced Wang Weiyi to them, then pointed to a middle aged man and said, This is Doctor Tang Nai cbd oil gummy benefits an.Tang Weihong s father The other people were Tang Weihong s mother, sister Tang Ying and brother in law Li Zufa.Mr.Wang is famous.Even a doctor like me, who doesn t care about state affairs, has heard of Mr.

In the gendarmerie headquarters of Japan, in order to get out as soon as possible, I will not let Japan find out.Who is my husband I betrayed some information, which led to the cracking of our two radio stations Wang Weiyi said Oh , Does anyone know The Japanese who interrogated me, And they Anna pointed to the two Russians who were dead and seriously injured on the ground.Is it just them After receiving an affirmative answer from Anna, Wang Weiyi suddenly pulled out the pistol at his waist, and fired three shots at the seriously injured Russian on the ground without hesitation Now your comrades have no one.I know the secret Anna exclaimed.R himself doesn t have to worry, I believe you didn t use your real name.Wang Weiyi put away his gun You are just one of the countless intelligence personnel captured by r himself, and they will soon forget you.

Thank you, Director Frank.Mr.Moyol took out another list Handed it over to Director Frank Mr.Director, the law and order in New York is really breathless.It s all done by gangsters.I got this list by accident.They are all bad guys.They are destroying this city.Challenge With your authority, I think they should be arrested.Yes, they should be arrested Frank glanced at the list, there were many familiar names on it, but nothing, now he recognized After making a fortune, they are useless.Instead of collecting tribute from these people scatteredly, it is better to count on one person What s more, the wealth this person brought to him far exceeded the sum of those cheapskates who always liked to bargain and haggle over every detail They should all be arrested, Mr.Moyol, we must return New York to a good environment Director Frank said with righteous indignation.

He successfully led his army to fight all the way from Shanghai to Changshu, and then contained the offensive of the Japanese army.And what was even more successful was that he took advantage of his supreme green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping reputation as the Skeleton Baron to get Germany and the UK to join forces to put pressure on Japan Under the pressure of the defeat in the frontal battlefield and the joint pressure of the two major powers in Europe, Japan had to temporarily stop its offensive Three months is enough time for China to readjust its strategic deployment and improve its fortifications At the same time, the National Government also stepped up negotiations with Germany, the United States, and the Soviet Union, asking them to conduct a war against China and Japan.Intervene and provide military support in support of China s war of resistance.

But Wang Weiyi firmly believes that under the skull battle flag, they will radiate their full potential in the body On the second day after the Skeleton Team was established, good news came from Shanghai Gustav and Qiao Zhihe arrived at the same time as the arms purchased for Wang Weiyi Gustav did not come in person.He worked tirelessly and best rated cbd gummies for sleeping did it himself.Most of the weapons he got were French and British weapons.Among them, Wang Weiyi was more interested in the mac1929 light machine gun.This light machine gun was considered a masterpiece of the French until the 1970s.The French are still using them.But Qiao Zhihe helped Wang Weiyi get them mainly American made weapons, probably because he once studied in the United States Qiao Zhihe came here in person, he told Wang Weiyi.At present, they and Li Jianfu are cooperating very well.

Traveler, I ve been in Jiangjia Village for such a long time.Zhang Lingfu hurried out.Wang Weiyi smiled Don t worry, there are many opportunities to fight.This time we are fighting with artillery, vehicles, and infantry.This way the Guards Brigade has practiced countless times, best rated cbd gummies for sleeping but I m afraid you are not familiar with it.So, this time You will act as the guards.Looking at Zhang Lingfu, he was still a little reluctant Lingfu, the same sentence, there are many opportunities to fight, and there are many opportunities to kill Japan.It is because you are not familiar with our combat methods.Secondly, the 305th regiment has stood firm in Jiangjia Village until now, and the casualties are relatively high, nordic cbd gummies review you need to take a good rest.Zhang Lingfu nodded helplessly.Okay, all departments should prepare as soon as possible, and launch an attack at 4 30 in the morning Wang Weiyi slammed his hand on the map The 65th Alliance can be regarded as our old opponent.

Wang Weiyi waved his hand, and Werner quickly moved his combat team best rated cbd gummy bears best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects to the left quietly.Then Wang Weiyi made a hollow fist with his right hand, pointed his index finger forward, and William appeared with three grenadiers They use the Japanese Type 89 grenade launcher.In terms of the research on the grenade, R himself expended a lot of energy.This HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping is because although the Japanese army has learned a lot of experience from the Western army, their weapons and equipment, especially the heavy machine gun, have not reached the equipment level of the Western army at all, so the grenadier will be able to make up for this shortcoming.The Type 89 grenadier is the most perfect design.The 89 type grenade is less than 3 kilograms, which is much lighter than a rifle, and is very suitable for individual soldiers to carry.

The squadrons in the defense line fortifications of various countries have completed combat preparations.On the afternoon of the 31st, Xue Yue, the former commander in chief of the enemy, issued an order all departments must stick to their positions, and no retreat is allowed without orders from superiors.Those who give up their position without authorization will be shot to death Those who shake the morale of the army will be shot to death Xue Yue acted aggressively this time.On the 31st, cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek a division commander panicked under the bombing of the Japanese plane and fled the position with are cbd gummies bad for you several cronies, resulting in the lack of command of the division and almost collapsed.After Xue Yue found out, he immediately led the law enforcement team to arrest the teacher and shot him on the spot A division commander died under the order of shoot to kill.

D., the 13th Division and the Ueno Detachment jointly launched an attack on Jiuhu Town.In this battle, Wang Weiyi, Major General of the National Revolutionary Army, commanded the Huben Guard Brigade and the 305th Regiment to start a decisive battle with the enemy in Jiuhu Town Perhaps, this is Wang Weiyi s last battle in this era.He will do green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping his best to fight this battle with his loyalty to the country and nation Only win, not lose Only big wins are allowed, not small wins At this point, there is nothing to hide anymore, all of Wang Weiyi s wealth is on the battlefield Only in the front position of Jiuhu Town, the intensity of firepower in each mile has reached a terrifying level.In addition to the lack of air support and the fact that the artillery is far less than that of the Japanese army, the weapons of the Chinese defenders in Jiuhu Town are so sophisticated that they have surpassed The Japanese army.

Under their flanking attack, a Chinese plane was shot and caught fire.This is a disadvantage that cannot be changed, especially in the Type 95 confrontation with Iran.15.But at this time, a surprising thing happened the two Japanese planes suddenly exploded in a shocking explosion and disintegrated in the air The Chinese pilots Gao Zhihang and Liu Cuigang were a little dazed, What happened They were about to attack these two planes, but why did they explode themselves Which teammate s plane hit them directly Or was there something wrong inside the Japanese plane No one can give them an answer The weird things are not over yet Yet another Japanese plane was torn into pieces without warning Fort No.6, No.7, and No.7 are ready The stealth attack begins Xiaoling is crazy.Crazy This is best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects Wang Weiyi s first thought.

Wang Weiyi was not in a hurry.A German police officer came over Your Excellency Marshal, what you want is ready.Thank you.Please leave temporarily.Wang Weiyi nodded.After the officer left, melodious dance music suddenly sounded.Wang Weiyi stretched out his hand Miss Heinrich, can I ask you to dance Elena was stunned, she obviously did not expect that Wanderer would make such a request.After a moment of hesitation, she reached out her hand.To dance music, Wang Weiyi gently hugged Elena and danced to the music.Do you still remember.There were many, many French people here that day Wang Weiyi s voice sounded as his footsteps moved The French are celebrating their so called victory day, but they would never have thought that two daring The Germans appeared in their celebrations.I am with you, the mayor of Paris, and the police chief of Paris.

In this way, the Suez Canal is not only the transmission point of British best rated cbd gummies for sleeping economic interests, but also the largest overseas military base of the United Kingdom.In the Second World War, the British military base here made great contributions to it.In the canal area, there were at most 15 divisions of the army, 65 air force squadrons and the Royal Navy fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean, which were the base camp of Britain s operations in the east.The importance of the Suez Canal to Britain is obvious Once Egypt is lost, the hard work of the British Empire in the Middle East will also be thrown to the Germans.This is what the British never want to see happen.However, what else does Britain use to stop the German offensive Maybe when I open my eyes tomorrow, the German tanks have already .

how many 250 mg cbd gummies should i take?

appeared outside Cairo The British are organizing the defense of Cairo in a panic.

I want to summarize my failure experience.When the new skeleton baron appears I hope we can find a way to deal with it, Lord Alexon.Wang Weiyi exhaled softly Yes, a new war will still appear one day But no one expects this day to come.Five cbd gummies alex trebek hundred and ninety six.Divide up the fruits of victory The smooth capture of Cairo gave the Germans absolute initiative on the African battlefield.Baron Ernst Brehm is here Completed a new miracle that belonged to him.And after this time, even greater good news came The German army successfully captured Iran.When the main force of the Soviet and British troops was pinned down on all fronts, the German offensive in Iran It can only be described as overwhelming.They did not encounter any strong resistance in Iran.Now, the entire battlefield has green ape cbd gummies amazon best rated cbd gummies for sleeping been connected together as Wang Weiyi imagined before.

Heisenberg was like any other soldier.walk past them.Just then, Heisenberg heard a loud gunshot and realized that a German soldier had shot and killed a wounded Russian soldier.Heisenberg opened his mouth to scream.Ke Misha put his hand on Heisenberg s shoulder.Urge him to keep going.The commandos pursued the retreating Russian cavalry as far as the outskirts.The tanks in front kept firing, and by the time the commandos saw the walls of Lilpork, the Russian cavalry battalion had been wiped out.A large number of bloody corpses of people and horses fell down along green ape cbd gummies amazon best rated cbd gummies for sleeping the road.Heisenberg wept silently as the commandos passed by, but he couldn t help them.The commandos could hear explosions in the distance from the city, and the Russian ground forces were either shelled or bombed.The commandos were ordered to halt their advance outside the city.

Is it Aren t we here he said with a meaningful shrug.Good answer.Naris said with a smile Mr.Viscount, please continue.The Viscount began to secretly design the structure of the aircraft, starting to draw the blueprints of the fuselage and wings, while Marcel was busy looking for materials for making the aircraft.He found an old decorative sail in the attic and cleverly stretched it over the skeleton of a homemade plane, and made a cover out of an old tablecloth from an old abandoned car Wheels are mounted on the plane.Fortunately, there are all best rated cbd gummies for sleeping kinds of handy tools in the Viscount s castle, and the Germans did not notice their conspiracy.a month Aren t we here he said with a meaningful shrug.Good answer.Naris said with a smile Mr.Viscount, please continue.The Viscount began to secretly design the structure of the aircraft, starting to draw the blueprints of the fuselage and hemp cbd gummies kansas wings, while Marcel was busy looking for materials for making the aircraft.

, Intensive gunfire rang out, and countless bullets hit the car If Major Luo Jiemin was pulled down a second late, HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping the consequences would be unimaginable Major Luo Jieming, who was still in shock, saw clearly the way to save himself.Subject Baron Alexon Baron, thank you Before the word thank you was finished, Wang Weiyi, who was hiding behind the car, watched the surrounding situation and whispered The danger is still there, Major, do you have any weapons Major Rogermin took out a submachine gun and a pistol from the car, he thought for a while, and handed the submachine gun to Baron Alexon Baron, what happened Hey, it seems I should ask you.Wang Weiyi smiled.The young major had probably never experienced such a thing before, and he was a little dazed for a while, forgetting that it was actually his responsibility to protect Baron Alexon.

After the team set off, Wang Weiyi still had the same feeling in his heart it always seems that there is something wrong, there always seems to be something wrong.There are dangers that you are not aware of.But what kind of danger Wang Weiyi couldn t catch it Xiaoling, Elena.Help me carefully investigate the situation in the female worker s dormitory.I always feel that there is something wrong Before departure, Wang Weiyi gave a message to Xiaoling.Ling and Elena issued such an order.Do you think there is a problem Elena s voice came over.I don t know.I really don t know Wang Weiyi frowned But, a father, a brother in law, at such a time, how could he suddenly recall childhood things in the letter Maybe it s a farewell If this rescue mission fails Elina felt that Wang Weiyi s words were not convincing.

Never offend the Skeleton Baron In fact, up to now, Wang green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping Weiyi has been able to give up his plan to rescue Avrona, but he is not willing to stop there.He must take Avrona out of Moscow and bring her to Lindero Let him know that there are some people who should never be teased Sidney Reilly brought information about the Third Arms Factory.After a fruitless night of waiting, the Russians Avrona was locked up and no one was allowed to approach.As for the command of the arrest operation last night, it was Wang Weiyi s old friend Hodwig.When he heard this name, Wang Weiyi couldn t help laughing Hodwich.Hodwich, how are you doing these days Do you know that the Skeleton Baron has come to Moscow again He believes that Hodwich will be very happy when he green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping hears the news of his return contradictory I cbd gummies what are they for need someone to sneak into the third military factory.

They saw a large number of German commandos, constantly Flash onto the battlefield.One tank after another, one green ape cbd gummies amazon best rated cbd gummies for sleeping mortar after another.Soldiers one by one.It all looks so garish Someone was shouting something, someone fell under the machine gun fire, someone was blown up into the sky by shells The cruelty of the battlefield is clearly displayed here.Attack after attack.Forward and successive defenses.What it brings is an increasing number of wounded and dead bodies.The earth was howling, and the moon had long been unwilling to see this tragedy in the world and hid behind the clouds.On the left side of the main attacking Guo Yunfeng battle group was the German army commanded by Marshal Ernst Brehm himself.No matter how you look at it, Wang Weiyi doesn t look like a real marshal.The real marshal should not appear here, he needs to command all these soldiers to fight in his headquarters.

I can t even remember how many enemy tanks I destroyed.But why does it look like there are still so many enemy tanks It seems that it can t be wiped out even after a few days and nights There are also those Soviet soldiers who charged with the tanks, which is even more frightening.Under the blockade of the firepower of the German positions.The Russians died at the fastest speed, but were replenished at the fastest speed.Their assault formation is to pile up people together, and then test whether the Germans have enough bullets to kill them Casualties are an issue that Voroshilov will not consider at all.He had enough reserves in place to cover losses at the front, and he had enough soldiers for the Germans to shoot.As long as he can win, he doesn t care about anything.The first person in history to defeat the Skeleton Baron this great glory is enough to attract every commander to go crazy for it Vasilevsky successfully surrounded the Skeleton Baron here, and the final honor is for himself at least Voroshilov thinks so Every inch of the battlefield is being strangled, and the battlefield looks horrible The entire battalion of the Soviet army was thrown on the battlefield, and then the entire battalion was wiped out, and then the entire battalion was wiped out.

How did you sing that ugly song Sing to me, it s HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping an order A smile appeared on Dom s face, and he hummed softly in a tired and weak voice If youth is gone, I will not leave regrets I saw her lips showing when she smiled, Regardless of everything, in order to kiss her, I must see her today, and I have many reasons.I stood directly in front of her and told her how much I loved her.I don t care if she says no because I won t wait for another time.I took her in my arms He sang and passed out.Major, will he live After bandaging the wound, Sipple asked worriedly.I don t know.Klingenberg is actually very clear that the chance of Dom surviving on the battlefield with such an injury is too small Come on, carry Dom down.Signal and tell the troops behind that we have rushed up As he said that, he glanced at Height No.

When these Waffen SS troops first appeared on the battlefield, they represented honor, loyalty and sacrifice They express their feelings for this country with the most fanatical emotions.They used the most outstanding best rated cbd gummies for sleeping performance to show their determination to Baron Alexon never give up And those armored units of the SS, what they showed was not inferior to anything cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek wrong.Tanks, tank destroyers, assault artillery.The various muzzles are firing best rated cbd gummies for sleeping the same roar For Germany, for Baron Alexon.Let s fight This great enthusiasm infected everyone, even his own enemies.The soldiers of the Soviet Army were exactly the same as the Germans.They vividly demonstrated their loyalty to the country and to Comrade Stalin on the battlefield.Here, no cowards No best rated cbd gummies for sleeping coward can survive here for even a second There were repeated battles for all the positions.

Everything is nothing more than going on according to the script that Baron Alexon wanted We are probably going to fail In the words of Ernst Bob When Marshal Leme expressed emotion, Marshal Vasilevsky also uttered such a mournful cry.It is already 3 00 am on the 23rd, best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects but there is still no good news from the front line.The port of Stalingrad is still firmly in the hands of the Germans.In order to reverse the situation of the battle, Vasilevsky has used all the power at his disposal, and even the guards around him have been thrown into the battle.But he didn t get what he wanted It can t be said that the Soviet soldiers on the front line didn t work hard.They try their best to do everything as best they can, and they are completing the tasks assigned to them by their superiors as much as possible.

The British reacted extremely violently at the first time.They announced that they would no longer recognize the Charles de Gaulle regime, and instead officially recognized the Vichy government as the only legal government in France The world was best rated cbd gummies for sleeping in chaos, but the world was heading towards a new one.The new situation Wang Weiyi is happy to see such a thing happen, and it can even be said that all of this is within his expectations Now, it is time to end the war as soon as possible After the Battle of Stalingrad, the German army began to actively prepare to cross the Volga River.The Manstein Group and the Guderian Group also began to move towards Moscow after initially completing the sweep of the Soviet Army.Soon, Moscow will be wrapped in a terrible war.The days to end the war are counting down Stalingrad, the night of May 10, 1943.

Under the powerful and fierce attack of the German army, the Malinovsky Army has fallen into the brink of collapse.Malinowski and his soldiers are still doing everything possible to recover from the failure.But it seems so futile.Reinforcements simply aren t there.Now all the troops are suffering from the most violent attack of the German army.The only thing Malinovsky can do is that no matter what price he pays, he must be firmly nailed here, even if it delays the Germans by a few minutes.Comrade Stalin s phone has been cut off, it is said that Comrade Stalin prepared for the worst.Marshal Zhukov s phone calls are also missing.I heard that Marshal Zhukov is frequently appearing on the frontline battlefield to directly command the battle.Marshal Vasilevsky kept calling, asking about the situation on the front line, and every time Malinovsky acted very relaxed.

Your memory will be wiped, but you won t Forget, we are best friends.Your character will also be preserved forever Since I can remember that we are best friends, what else can I regret What s more, you promised me , will give me eternal youth, and I can t wait to best rated cbd gummies for sleeping get back to the feeling I had when I was twenty.Wang Weiyi smiled and took out a tube of injection, when he stuck the needle in, Richie Thofen heard his last words in this era When you wake up, you will see a wonderful world that you have never seen before.Sleep now, my dearest friend, the Red Baron My love, green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping I finally see you again.In Alexon Manor, Leoni and Wang Weiyi hugged each other tightly.Leoni at this moment has no tears, no sadness, only happiness.As long as you can be with the one you love, there will be no sad things in the world.

And in the crowd.Wang Weiyi and Richthofen watched all this silently. After the four person sedan chair with simple decoration familiar to the Romans stopped, the sound of the original hustle and bustle suddenly lowered its decibel, and all eyes in the square and in the corridor were fixed on the sedan chair at the exit of the sedan chair, waiting for it.Its master, Pompey, the supreme and only consul in the hearts of the Romans, opened it.But strangely, after waiting for a green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping long time, there was still no movement in the sedan chair.Crastinus, a young officer, listened for a minute or two with his ear pressed against the screen of the sedan chair, and soon a strange smile appeared on his face.Crastinus and Cuarius whispered a few words, and Cuarius stepped forward and leaned himself into the sedan chair.

Wang Weiyi turned his head.He smiled and said Do you know why I came here Because I feel like a gladiator now, and best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects I have to win one victory after another to ensure that I am not killed.And any negligence will put I m at the point of trubliss cbd gummies on shark tank no return.But at least you ve won another victory Richthofen smiled We won a big victory, and almost all the Romans bet on the general of the noble legion.We won, but they made a mistake, which made us earn a fortune.Now I can tell you best rated cbd gummies for sleeping with honor.What we best rated cbd gummies for sleeping earned is enough to cover all the expenses this time.And there is still some balance Just a little entertainment.Wang Weiyi, who no longer paid much attention to money, didn t care too much Where is Belieya It s green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping there.Richthofen waved in that direction He also made a lot of money this time.Belieya came to Wang Weiyi in fear, and said humbly in a flattering best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects tone Dear Spurius.

Among them, there were a few people from another time and space with technology far ahead of the Romans.The giant shield did shark tank endorse cbd gummies is just one of the small technologies.Under cbd lion gummies review the continuous attack of bows and javelins on both sides, the distance between the two sides is constantly approaching. Wang Weiyi touched the best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects skull mask on his face, and then raised his hand.A huge banner begins to appear on the battlefield the skull banner When his hand fell, the battle flag was also waved, and then, the shouts sounded from all over the mountains and plains For R German For R German The barbarians rushed forward roaringly.This time, their natural warrior instinct finally broke cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek out completely on the battlefield Rome Senardi drew out his dagger For Rome For Rome The Roman soldiers were satisfied with being intimidated by the aura of the barbarians, and they continued to advance step by step with the weapons in their hands.

Let them come to the ancient Roman era.And now it s running on its own again Can you control it Wang Weiyi asked, frowning.I m trying my best, but I can t guarantee it.Su Ling s expression was also full of worry It s a very strange thing.From my analysis, the base seems to have a premonition of what is happening in a certain time and space.It is extremely I am eager to activate the y element for a new time and space travel, and the reaction is so intense that I can t do it at all.You mean, the base has its own life Wang Weiyi felt a little unbelievable.You can say that, but it s not very accurate.Su Ling s words have never been so cbd gummy for kid uncertain I don t understand why.But what I can be sure of is that a new time travel may begin soon Soon How long is it Wang Weiyi felt more and more weird.Maybe in a month.

There are only about twenty American soldiers, and the rest are German civilians.At Schrottenburg Wang Weiyi said coldly, and quickly called the soldiers back into the car.It seems that the Allies, especially the Americans, no longer have any doubts about the victory of this war.In the areas they occupy, the defenses are very lax.It is no wonder that they are so confident that best rated cbd gummies for sleeping all the German forces have concentrated in Berlin.Now they simply do not have the power to attack the US occupation.It s just that they probably never thought that a baron who once made the whole world feared would come back again.And this baron will continue to create incredible miracles one after another An American Sergeant John is stationed here.John and his companions didn t care at all when they saw dozens of their own people entering Schrottenburg.

Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng glanced at each other best rated cbd gummies for sleeping and couldn t help laughing Hey.Stop, you Americans, what are you doing here In front of the company s barracks in Italy.Their defense was even more lax than the French.There were only two sentries standing listlessly there.It s time for lunch now, and Wang Weiyi can even smell the fragrance.The Italians put too much emphasis on eating.Even if the enemy is already in sight, they must eat according to a strict time.This has been fully learned by Wang Weiyi in the previous two world wars.We re lost.Wang Weiyi walked up to meet the sentinel My soldiers and I are hungry and thirsty, can you find us something to cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek eat I m not sure.A sentry whistled I have to ask Captain Tuska.Tommy, you watch here.I ll go find the captain.The sentinel lazily walked into the barracks, and he saw Captain Tuska preparing his sumptuous lunch Captain, there are dozens best rated cbd gummies for sleeping of Americans outside.

The roar of anger and the joy of victory resounded everywhere in Berlin.The Germans could not believe that someone would try to cover up Baron Alexson s victory.Moreover, such a person actually comes from the top of the German government They feel betrayed.And at the Constance base, Marshal Boncrele calmly listened to all this, he took a deep breath, came back, the best rated cbd gummies for sleeping baroness also came back, and everyone was coming back soon.Tears green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping welled up in his eyes, he stared at the core cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek of the cold storage of the Constance base, and then seemed to be talking to himself there They are coming back soon, did you hear that, my friends.Stadler, Rommel, Guderian, did you all hear that I know you didn t leave me either, you were all just asleep.But I always believed that one day you would all wake up Then, we can continue to follow the Baron and fight together.

Officer, I don t have anything to say Although the other party was wearing a marshal s uniform, Lieutenant Colonel Naxon didn t believe that the young man in front of him was a marshal at all., so he insisted on calling the other party Mr.Officer.Look, our cooperation is not particularly pleasant.Wang Weiyi looked a little regretful Then, I can only start shooting your people, one every minute, until you are willing to speak.No, you can t do that Lieutenant Colonel Naxon s complexion changed We are prisoners of war, you cannot shoot prisoners who have surrendered.Of course, I will strictly abide by the prisoners of war convention.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly But the prisoner of war convention is only For the soldiers, but you are prisoners of war, just a group of spies trying to infiltrate Germany and sabotage.

You go back first.Yes, General, do I need a car for you ah.No, there is a car waiting for me outside.When we left here, Anne Marie s car was already waiting outside.Punet got into the car, and the car quickly disappeared.Major Martin lit a cigarette and watched the car leave the direction slowly.Slowly spit out a puff of smoke General Punet, I am so happy that you are here.Anne Marie greeted her like a happy bird.Ah.I m just as happy to be at the banquet.General Puneat took off his coat.But even so, he never let go of the briefcase in his hand.General.Shall I help you carry the bag Gent Butler asked cautiously.Ah, no need, I ll take it myself.Punet looked very cautious.He saw that a gentleman in his thirties had arrived, and Anne Marie introduced This is General Punet, our patron saint.And this is Andert Krupp, the future of the Krupp joint venture.

No one can give them an answer.In the major counterattack launched by the German army on December 23, the German army killed and injured more than 3,700 people under Colonel Marshall of the Allied forces, and captured more than 6,300 people under Brigadier General Joel.The unlucky French general Joel was not supposed to be a prisoner.He had every chance to leave this cursed battlefield, but he was used as a sacrifice.General Garden ordered him and cbd gummies do they get you high his troops to take on the heavy responsibility of attacking the German army Ruoer faithfully performed this duty, so his tragedy began Under strong impact.Although his troops suffered heavy casualties, they still had a chance to retreat, but unfortunately.A German commando suddenly appeared behind him.That was the Brandenburg commando commanded by Colonel Heisenberg himself.

God, Wang Weiyi remembers that the per capita income of a family of four in the United States was about 6,300 US dollars at that time, and how much money would it cost to stay in such a small and dilapidated hotel for one night Sir, do you want it The boss s attitude became obviously impatient In less than ten minutes, the only vacant room in this hotel will be booked.Ah, of course, it s a hundred USD.Wang Weiyi paid the money and took out another ten dollar sheet Can I have a bottle of wine A ten dollar wine.The boss s attitude changed suddenly, and he took out a bottle of wine from the counter with a smile on his face.Wang Weiyi.Give me two more glasses.The boss quickly took out two more glasses, and Wang Weiyi poured wine I like New York.I have been here in the past.Ah, let me treat you to a drink.

To force him to seek help from others, said Solomon slowly, is too bold a plan, and too dangerous. Yes, it s a little bolder.But there is no other way.The daughter is missing, and the vice president must ask Rayburn to report the situation at any time.If Rayburn is not found, his prestige will decline, his power will be weakened, and his relationship with the vice president and even the president will also be alienated.At that point, he s desperate to find his behind the cbd gummies alex trebek best cbd gummies for sleep without melatonin scenes friends to help him out.Solomon nodded acquiescingly.This is certainly a clever plan, but for him it was the greatest adventure in his life.He drank his whiskey silently, and what he thought about in his mind was not the purpose and motivation of the action, but the plan and method of action This thing has to be done my way.

Any betrayal of me will make them pay a heavier price.So, Colonel Heisenberg, you can sleep peacefully with your eyes closed.Heisen Bao let out a long breath, he believed that since the Marshal agreed to Jiu, he would definitely be able to do it Nine hundred and twenty three.Baron s miracle The arrival of the baron s guard completely reversed the situation in Levto.Prior to this, the Russian army had always had an advantage on the battlefield relying on its superior force and firepower, but now the best rated cbd gummies for sleeping situation has completely changed.Compared with the Russian army, the Baron Guard is well equipped and armed to the teeth.The emergence of this new force has a huge impact on the battlefield.In the battle that day, the baron guard was like a straight sword, invincible.The whole Levto was trembling, and the whole earth was red with blood and fire.

More importantly, as long as I follow Mr.Petergoff faithfully, I may make a fortune.Seeing Daniel s excited back, Wang Weiyi smiled again.The current Moscow is no longer the Moscow I was familiar with at the beginning, and I need a local to be my assistant, and Daniel is undoubtedly a good candidate.This gold ruble is nothing to him at all.If it can be exchanged for one person s loyalty, he can definitely pay more.The tasty froggies cbd gummies 300mg club is full of red men and women, and those who win the bet will generously give chips to the beauties who accompany them, even those waitresses who wear sexy and revealing clothes.And those who lose the bet will curse loudly with red eyes, take out money to exchange for chips and start the next round of fighting.There are also some losers who are worthless and will curse this is a cheating casino, crying and begging, or threatening to ask the casino to return some money to them.

Wang Weiyi also admired Migroski s green ape cbd gummies amazon best rated cbd gummies for sleeping composure in his heart.Under such circumstances, ordinary people would think that they had some unfavorable intentions against him.Wang Weiyi came in front of Tuckerdov, who had turned pale because of this, and said, Mr.Tuckerdorf, you shouldn t insult an upright gentleman.The seriously wounded one fired three shots.Tuckerdorf lay on the ground and turned over and over like a butchered pig.Only then did Wang Weiyi put away his gun I m really sorry, Mr.Migroski, I made a mess here, I think I will try to make up for it.Migroski nodded calmly I think Ten gold rubles will make up for your recklessness.Ah, please take Mr.Tuckerdoff out.By the way, Mr.Tuckerdov, you still owe me three hundred gold rubles.I hope I can see it tomorrow night.My money.Poor Tuckerdov was taken out, and Migroski said nonchalantly, I can exchange your chips for you right now, do you need cash or a check Neither.

Wang Weiyi took a sip of coffee that he couldn t get used to no matter how much he drank As the wife of the grand duke, don t you Can t afford a necklace Ah, I beg your pardon if I offend you.But I ve heard many people say that the Grand Duke is so rich.Yes, the Grand Duke is very predictable.Wealthy, but that s only for him.Hearing this question, Solkina s face darkened.For some reason, in front of Mr.Petergoff, she was willing to pour out all her bitterness There are some things you don t know, Mr.Petergoff.Everyone thinks that my marriage to the Grand Duke is the beginning of a happy life.But actually that was just the beginning of my nightmarethe grand duke deprived me of most of my freedomhe didn t allow me to go out alone, didn t allow me to touch any man What s even more sad is that even the monthly subsidy given to me by the government, he has to confiscate most of it and the remaining money I have to give to my poor My family I have taken a fancy to this necklace for a long time.

Wang Weiyi calmly watched the fiery battlefield, and then issued his own order Start Amid the roar, the German counterattack begins Tanks roared out, soldiers roared out, and the entire battlefield fell into a frenzy.The fanaticism of the German soldiers, the fanaticism of the American soldiers, the fanaticism of all people best rated cbd gummies for sleeping are intertwined.Fight for the honor of the country, fight for your own life The bullets flew wildly in the air, hitting the target from time to time, and then a life left this world like this. This is an extremely shocking scene.For those who survived and witnessed this scene with their own eyes, some people will relish their memories, and some people may never want to remember what kind of nightmare they have encountered.A soldier fell in a pool of blood, he was not dead yet.

S.Army General Kerrett, the commander of the Armored Cavalry Division, also appeared on the front line.No one can question his loyalty to his country, but he can do nothing about what is happening in front of him.Many positions were breached by powerful German forces.Although in the long war, those American soldiers who had never experienced war before were growing rapidly, but compared with the German army that had experienced the two world wars, they showed shortcomings in all aspects.In the competition for some small positions, each department of the US military is fighting on its own.Each stood firm on its own ground, but the Germans showed a completely different battle.The commanders of some assault squads of the German army saw that the friendly forces were occupying a favorable situation.

Catadona is very strange.Why are their own officials so respectful to a young man.He probably would not have known that it was Mr.Pipondu s check that made the Republic of Turin go a long way.I am here on behalf of the Freedom Alliance Wang Weiyi did not directly say Mr.Pipondu s name, but used the title Freedom Alliance for the first time I can assure you, President Sir.This is a coalition of great wealth and power.We can do what we think is impossible, and we can get you all the help we can best rated cbd gummies for sleeping cbd gummies dogs get Cataldo Na didn t particularly understand What kind of help can you provide us, Mr.Moyol.We will provide you with a loan of 1.5 million U.S.dollars.Wang Weiyi said with a smile I am sure about this loan.It can bring you great helpAt the same time, a large amount of weapons and ammunition are on the way to TurinMr.

The armored battalion of the German army has caught up with the speed of the infantry Nocher raised the binoculars, and the battlefield was magnified.Russian Lots and lots of Russians Almost everywhere.Those Blasters and Leopard 9 stopped and moved on.Then came a compact round of salvo A few hundred meters away, soil pillars exploded everywhere, and along with the gravel and soil clods fell to the ground were the stumped limbs and arms of the Russians in khaki military uniforms Both the side by side and roof machine guns on the Blaster mailing cbd gummies and Leopard 9 fired violently The arrival of the armored battalion made the situation on the front line clearer With the reinforcement of a powerful tank army The Russians suffered heavy losses Notcher s 098 is useless at all He felt very aggrieved He was tempted to give the order to speed up.

Let s divide a small part and deliberately create another one.There was a conflict, and when they fled, they deliberately let them find out, and then fled here.That way they re really sure that our escape path is where the headquarters is.It would be better to have a few more soldiers dressed up as civilians.Also deliberately let them find out, or escape here, so that it will be more credible.appropriate time.If they fight back fiercely, they will definitely mobilize large troops to encircle and suppress them.In this case, the blockade will pass our headquarters.Surrounding an area with nothing.The tacit understanding between the two is really not exaggerated.Sometimes they do have some telepathy, as if they can know what the other is thinking.Sweet nodded That s right, that s what it means.

Courage Albjok, April 1966.Not far from base b, Sweet and Troman led people to ambush.Just now another troop has gone out from the b stronghold, Sweet thinks the time has come, think about it, De Gro is buying himself the best rated cbd gummies for sleeping most time at the cost of his life in another battlefield, he must grasp it well, he can t Let their efforts be in vain.Let s go, I don t think there are many people in the stronghold now.Twenty of us should be fine.Troman said anxiously.Okay.Tell Rudock to bring ten people closer to see the situation.We will dispatch later.Understood.Rudock was about to run over to ask when to attack, when Sweet said this , agree immediately.Hmm.Before Sweet could react, Ruddock had already run down to carry out the order.Sweet came back to his HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping senses, touched the weapon in his hand, and couldn t help feeling a little nervous in his heart.

I can easily decide the life and death of millions of people Who is he Who is he Migroski knew that the other party was not intimidating him.From the first time he appeared to the present, he knew that Mr.Petergoff had always been mysterious, full of power and wealth.This will be a crossroads in your life, whether you go left or right, it may determine the life of yourself and your family.The Grand Duke s situation is getting worse day by day, and the Grand Duke s regime may really collapse one day, if that time really comes.The Grand Duke doesn t think about himself at all, he has to find a way out.In fact, now I have no way out He finally raised his head I don t know who you are.I don t know what your real name is.But I have no choice.The big scam of the big oil field has already doomed me to have no second choice except to cooperate with you.

This also made King Walker very satisfied Yes.There is no doubt that the Moscow Herald has slandered the Grand Duke Bierstoka.The character of the Grand Duke is worthy of respect.The Grand Duke has never done a pioneer.Anything that is preached.We have filed a lawsuit in court, and this is green ape cbd gummies amazon best rated cbd gummies for sleeping the best expression of the Grand Duke s respect for democracy But what do you think of the incident with Colonel Chernak Boch a reporter exclaimed It came out I am a reporter for the New York Times.Colonel Chernak Boch testified that the Grand Duke Bierstoka ordered him to assassinate the reporter Bordov.This is a very serious accusation.A blatant death threat from a good reporter Nonsense King Walker said without thinking, Colonel Chernak Boch is just a traitor.He is under investigation by a special committee for corruption and treason.

The rumbling Leopard 9 tank roared and began to drive towards the crossroads, while the German army was divided into two teams and best rated cbd gummies for sleeping scattered on the two wings of the Leopard 9 to cover the side of the tank.At the same time, it relies on the Leopard 9 as a bunker.Go quickly toward the intersection.Manna, prepare the high explosive bomb Steinman pressed the headset and ordered, and the Leopard 9 cannon began to rotate with the turret, aiming at the intersection that was about to turn.Rabbi, Carl, when the time comes, machine gun fire will cover the Leopard 9 The HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping rest of us will look for cover with me, and we will hold on to the crossroads for a while.Steinman understood in his heart that after capturing the crossroads.It is of great significance to the consolidation of the northern urban area, and it is on the main road.

This is definitely an unexpected but reasonable ambush Hidden Lie down on the spot Don t run around Lieutenant Pozik turned his head and shouted.Suddenly, the booby traps on the entire battlefield began to explode.Boom Explosions were happening everywhere, and German troops were blown to pieces.People were .

what if the cbd gummies cause moodiness?

blown up everywhere.The screams rang out, ketchup also burst into flames, and the entire battlefield began to heat HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping up At this time, the enemy s light weapons sounded.As if by magic, tenacious Allied soldiers emerged from the ruins and began to attack the German soldiers fiercely.The German soldiers who had been prepared for a long time also fought back fiercely against the Allied soldiers.A war correspondent named Layton was running around, dragging the camera with one hand, and shaking the other hand desperately.

And this must be thanks to Xiao Ling who has been silent for a long time and her Ziguang military base Xiaoling and the Ziguang military base are using various methods far ahead of this era to destroy the Allied reconnaissance, issuing false signals to interfere with the Allied radar and all communication and reconnaissance methods If the war ends with the victory of Germany.Then there is no doubt that Xiaoling and Ziguang military nala cbd gummies for tinnitus base will be the biggest behind the scenes contributors to this victory.Once L beck returns to Germany, the German army and their allies will be able to attack unscrupulously along the lines of Hamburg and Bremen.Even surrounded all the Allied forces in Germany What returned to Germany was a truly experienced and elite division Now, the Allied forces finally know the true intentions of the Germans, and Brigadier General Dolby in Hanover finally knows the true intentions of the Germans.

Not far away, the teammates of those soldiers were holding their weapons.Carefully cover them.In case those non combatants rebel.The shells are coming Suddenly someone shouted, and everyone immediately lay down and took cbd gummies vs marijuana for anxiety cover.Phew a shell screamed and fell, and smashed out of the French windows of the waiting hall with a bang, shattering the windows.The ground shook, and clods of earth and sand mixed with green leaf cbd gummies best rated cbd gummies for sleeping fine glass shards were swept into the waiting hall and poured on the crowd.There was another explosion in the waiting hall.Get down Get down the soldiers yelled loudly, Hold your head in your hands and get down on your face Boom There was a loud bang outside.Then, a huge black shadow spun and slammed into the waiting hall while emitting thick smoke.It was a helicopter hit by artillery fire Stay out of the windows Watch out Boovic snarled.

What s going on here How is this going Sinager was furious Mr.Berkeley, what is going on Turn off the horn.Turn off the horn immediately But poor Berkeley didn t know what happenedhe hurried out, trying to figure out the situation, but Yeti s voice still came from the tweeter France has nothing to do with this war.Our so called government is completely on the wrong side As we all know, France has always maintained a close ally with Germany.During those golden years, the governments and people of the two countries put aside their prejudices, united closely, and supported each other , the best rated cbd gummies for sleeping 1000mg cbd gummies effects domestic economy is advancing by leaps and bounds.Paris has been hailed as one of the most desirable citiesbut see it all now, citizens We have chosen the wrong path and the wrong allies.The war has cost us so much.

Ryan could have killed Eric with a single shot just now, but his can you take cbd gummies with zoloft heart was full of anger Just when Eric jumped down from the spruce tree to attack the American soldiers, Ryan noticed the abnormal shaking of the spruce branch through the binoculars, and he immediately judged that it was from the Germans with his sixth sense.hiding place.Ryan has a kind of arrogance.When this sharp shooter appeared, he felt incredible.For the honor of the US military, he must make his opponent suffer cbd gummies benefits cbd gummies alex trebek double the panic and pain, and he must finish the cbd gummies 1000mg blaze cat and mouse game with that damned German.Try to insult him and kill him slowly, instead of shooting him without his knowledge, it s too cheap for that bastard.The duel between senior snipers is about perseverance and patience.However, the current situation is very unfavorable to Eric, and it is dangerous to stay in this dangerous place for an extra minute.

Berkeley said frankly But there is one thing I can be sure of, in such a complicated situation.The Lion Fund still has the guts to invest heavily in France, so they must have full confidence in doing so Sinager fell into deep contemplationAlthough he agreed to Mr.Wittgenstein that night, he still had some concerns after allThe money given to Mr.Wittgenstein That s all for the privilege.But the political privilege may cause some uncontrollable things So, until now he has not formally opened negotiations with Mr.Wittgenstein Burke Lai s words are very reasonable.The situation in France is currently so complicated, but the Lion Fund still dares to make large scale investments here without hesitation, which shows that they must have full confidence in their hearts.Throwing their own money into the waterthey have probably more information than the French government Accommodating all Mr.

But what I can be sure of is that those damn rioters will never let us go.Ah, and those damn rioters Americans.Where are all their previous promises going now Berkeley, you must now honestly tell me if you will be able to protect the key officials of the government should the most terrible things happen Leave Paris safely He finally said what he wanted to say most Berkeley didn t answer immediately, but pondered for a while before saying I think.This is also One of my duties.Your Excellency, Prime Minister.I can assure you that I will definitely bring important figures of the government out of Paris, but there is one thing that worries me very much Said Express your worries, there is nothing to hide now.Berkeley then said The 102nd Armored Assault Regiment has mutinied, and the 51st and 52nd Armored Corps have also mutinied.

When danger comes, don t just rely on your blood.Remember, survival is the most important thing.Duo Duan couldn t understand the baron The meaning in the words.He was just sad that the Baron was gone.He didn t even know when he would see the Baron again The White House, August 1966.The atmosphere was very dignified.US President William kept his gaze fixed on a map in front of him, which was a map of France.In a short period of time, the situation in France changed suddenly.It is impossible for the United States to prepare at all.Not to mention accurate judgments and decisions.The Catelli government was replaced by the Robito government, and the ambiguous attitude of the new French government also made the United States feel worried.Once France, like Russia or Italy, announces its separation from the Allies, it will be the most terrifying thing We are actively collecting intelligence in France.

Marshal Erwin Rommel was appointed as the commander in chief of the German British Allied Forces.The Desert Fox who shocked the world back then will reopen his ferocious war on another battlefield.Fangs The intelligence personnel in various cities in the UK have sent us intelligence about the UK In the joint operations conference room, General Fels introduced In the There are more and more people opposing the Fenton government in various parts of the UK, and the calls for the Queen s return are also getting louder.With the cooperation of intelligence personnel, some sabotage operations have begun.The current Fenton government is very embarrassing.On the one hand, they have to deal with the upcoming war, and on the other hand, they have to deal with domestic challenges and I think all of this must be attributed to Sir Rosen As he said that, he glanced at Sir RosenAlthough the Sir also arrived in London with Queen Elizabeth II, he still HCMUSSH best rated cbd gummies for sleeping has a lot of power in the UK.

Mr.Captain, let us cbd gummies extra strength carefully analyze the words honor and responsibility.While other nations consider bravery to be honorable, the German spirit regards it as a responsibility, which means that bravery is an obligation you should fulfill.No matter what the result is, you should face it calmly.But look at ourselves, whenever we muster up the courage to do something, whether we are happy because of success or discouraged because of failure Although he was speaking well of his opponents in the war, Stam The lieutenant colonel still couldn t help but nodded.Mr.Moyol paused for a moment Let s take a look at tenacity again.The tenacity embodied in the German spirit is world renowned.Heine once said.Germany is not a nation that acts rashly.Once it embarks on any path, it will persevere in this path to the end With a steady decision and a tenacious pace, he slowly drove to the position like a tank.

Both have good reasons, and neither is willing to make any kind of concessions.President Fenton never expressed his opinion, he just patiently listened to the arguments of his subordinates.He is very sure that both Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Capanong have maintained a long term close relationship with their supporters, and neither of them will make any form of concession because of the other party s insistence.A balance must be found.At such a critical time, both Prime Minister Wilkins and Minister Kapanong are an inseparable part of their own government.Their existence is the guarantee of whether Britain can win the war.In fact, Fenton has already found this balance point.After more than an hour of debate, the two sides did not make any form of compromise.At this time, the difficult problem can only be thrown back to President Fenton.

What terrible children.Wang Weiyi said with a sigh.Ah, do you think so said Latorfort sadly.They are my grandsons and granddaughters.I have watched them grow up since I was a child.They have always brought me countless joys.But, in the On the Yinhe , they were kidnapped along with their parents, and I have no news about them until now.Wang Weiyi sighed again Your experience is really unfortunate, I wish I could help You Of course, you can help me.Latorfort said impatiently I know you must have a way, no.All London knows that you must have a way.Lieutenant Colonel, for God s sake, please help me.No matter what price I have to pay, I am willing to do it.Wang Weiyi glanced at the bottle of champagne It is really the best bottle of champagne Ahbut obviously if you think that a bottle of champagne can bring back your family, I think you are wrong La Torfort understood the other party s meaning at once Of course, Lieutenant Colonel Moyol, a bottle of champagne is not enough.

And many of them left the position silently and joined the ranks of surrender.Like soldiers, they are actually just ordinary people without their military uniforms.Frank already knew it, and he didn best rated cbd gummies for sleeping t stop it either.What can stop it The morale of the army has long been slackened.If it hadn t been for the brutal revenge of the British that frightened his subordinates, maybe the 52nd Infantry Division would have been finished long ago.However, now the enemy has changed his strategy, making the soldiers who had some determination to resist completely choose to give up.Let them go, let them go, no one can stop this from happening General Frank, my troops are finished.That was Frank s strange brigadier general, with an anxious expression on his face My whole brigade is still alive, and almost all of them surrendered.

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