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I connected to the British call and thought it was from the British, but I didn t expect it to be from you.General Galwitz had no time to HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk think about why the British call received his headquarters Lieutenant, where is your current position I don t know, General.I m attacking Prince Thorbek s battalion The voice from the phone was very loud, and the entire headquarters fell silent.Almost everyone thought they had heard it wrong.General Galwitz also thought he had heard it wrong, so he was taken aback for a moment before kanha cbd gummies review asking You What are you doing We how long cbd gummy work are attacking Assault on the Briton s Prince Thorbork s battalion God, when the German army has already retreated, there are still troops attacking Lieutenant, didn t you receive an order to retreat The Prince Sobock Battalion is the elite of the British, how many troops do you have on hand General, I have received an order to retreat There was a boom explosion on the other end of the phone, and then fell silent.

Propaganda is nothing more than exaggerated propaganda.Now that the war has progressed, in addition to genius commanders like Hindenburg and Ludendorff, heroes from low level officers like Wang Weiyi are needed to boost everyone s morale.The Miracle of the Somme just gave German propaganda the best chance While reading the newspaper there, the hotel waiter knocked on the door and told Wang Weiyi that there was an officer outside who wanted to see him.officer Wang Weiyi froze for a moment, straightened his clothes, and asked the waiter to bring in the officer who wanted to see him.He was a tall, thin faced colonel in his forties.Seeing that the other party s official rank was much higher than his own, Wang Weiyi hurriedly stood at attention.Hello, Lieutenant Ernst Brahm, creator of the miracle of the Somme.

You also arranged for Pease to let the enemy enter a trap Enough, Rimon, don t brag about me anymore, Only when the plan is all successful can we start celebrating.If the other party is really Ernst Brahm, then killing him will give me a great sense of success.Major, there is information from the front that the Germans have already Start a large scale build up.It s about to start.When the enemy s first gunfire sounds, that s when we start to move.Rimon, you are responsible for sending the real General Kilok out, and the enemy s attention has been completely distracted.We re attracted.Yes, Major.Major De Sade held up the copy of A Tale of Two Cities.It was the best of times, it was the worst of times Watts sat in his spacious living room, feeling comfortable.In his hand was a little bag full of diamonds.

No matter how calm people are here, they will become crazy here, and even cowardly people will become numb here.Numbness to the enemy s life, numbness to one s own life The enemy rushed up again and again, but was repelled again and again.The Brave General Ben Weihao, who participated in the Battle of Verdun, once again felt the cruelty and helplessness of the battlefield.Every victory is piled up with human lives, and there is no room for opportunism.The losing party is forever defeated, but the winning party has nothing to be happy about.No one knows whether he will be alive in the next battle.When the second charge also failed, Ben Weihao had to temporarily stop today s attack.The battle has just begun, and the relationship between victory and defeat has not yet been decided.On the ground, there were layers upon layers of corpses, and a gust of cold wind blew, making people tremble involuntarily.

He was a little worried, but Wang Weiyi acted as if nothing had happened.Isn t this a good thing His outstanding performance on the battlefield actually caused the enemy to set up a special plan to deal with him.As a soldier, he can do this One step is something to be proud of.Danger Of course there is, but where is there no danger Even on the battlefield he is most familiar with, a bullet can take his life anytime and anywhere.There is nothing to worry about.He is even very I am willing to tell those who made this plan that I am in Udine and I am waiting for their arrival.General von Bello personally summoned Colonel Ernst Brahm.General Bello told Colonel Ernst He expressed appreciation for the outstanding performance of the Skeleton Commando under his command in the Battle of Caporetto, and then told Colonel Ernst that the main purpose of the Battle of Caporetto had been completed Wang Weiyi heard the general s words In other words, the uninterrupted attack for more than a month has defeated a large number of Italian troops.

Kobayakawa Hongyi s face became serious You have to win this bet for me, and don blessed cbd gummies for pain uk t lose the Germans.Of course, if they blessed cbd gummies for pain uk re gathering battlefield intelligence and what s going on in China, so be it.The sooner the empire s victorious battles in China spread to Germany, the better.Ha Yi, I understand.Teacher, can I arrest them if necessary No, you can t Kobayakawa Hongyi s complexion suddenly became serious Unless they might endanger the empire.I still say those words how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk just now, we must make Germany our cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews most steadfast ally Yes, I will do my best to help the teacher win this bet To be continued.If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point qidian.to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my biggest motivation.Two hundred and seventy one.A message from an old friend, You are really brave, Mr.

The Skeleton Baron once again showed his ferocious minions here R himself was unable to react at all when he was beaten by such a ferocious assault method.They have never even seen such an attack style.The officers and soldiers on the truck jumped off one after another, those terrible and violent firepower knocked everyone out of their heads in Japan.The Japanese army was completely suppressed suppress Complete repression Another incredible thing happened.Two Japanese soldiers with bayonets rushed forward screaming Aww , but they were quickly shot by two submachine guns.There is no power to resist There were nothing more than two corpses beaten into hornet s nests on the ground It was Guo Yunfeng and Zhang Sandao who did it Two people who don t like each other.Those who are full of energy will compare who can kill the most devils.

On the left flank, the 107th and 108th divisions fought bloody battles, advancing one after another, and held their positions under the successive attacks of Japanese planes, artillery, and tanks.At dusk on the 12th, the Japanese 11th The follow up troops of the blessed cbd gummies for pain uk brigade arrived one after another, and the battle was extremely cruel.When the situation was extremely critical, Wu Keren, the commander of the 67th Army, went out of the city several times to supervise the battle, regardless blessed cbd gummies for pain uk of his own life and death, and took the lead in charging by his own soldiers, eventually suppressing the enemy.Chief of Staff Deng Yuzhuo died in battle.However, the 67th Army successfully completed the task.When the officers and soldiers retreated with all their strength, many soldiers shed tears towards Jinhebang and Desheng Lane, the two places where they fought for five daysHere, countless brothers are buried here foreverHere, countless cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg Chinese soldiers will never rise again Among the officers and soldiers who died in battle, the highest rank was the 107th Division Chief of Staff Deng Yuzhuo Their sacrifices are worthwhile, they bought enough time for Songjiang to deploy their defenses There are only the last three days left before cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews the stipulated 15 days to stick to Songjiang And in the battle to defend the outer line of Xiguan, a troop was born out of nowhere, and its performance on the battlefield can only be described as amazing Huben Guard Battalion The results how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk achieved by the Guards Battalion are unbelievable.

However, the stern of the Pinghai ship was hit by a near miss.A 30 pound heavy machine gun was blown up, and Meng Hanlin, a trainee commander in charge of the No.1 gun position, died while carrying the ammunition himself.The machine gunner was wounded.Zheng Lixiang, the helmsman of the motorboat, saw that no one was operating the machine gun, so he rushed to the machine gun desperately, holding the handle of the gun to his chest, and was shot through.Yan Zu Guanshi, who rushed forward to grab the gun, was also killed by fragments.Gunnery Sergeant Zhang Yucheng, who was repairing the machine gun, was seriously injured.In this air strike, two soldiers of the Ninghai warship, which was the second target, were also injured.This bombing also damaged the Yingrui ship.The left torpedo gun and one torpedo of the Yingrui ship were pierced, and more than ten holes were pierced through the foremast and ship s side iron plate.

So, Wang Weiyi finally understood.It suddenly occurred to her that Tang Ying was already married so there was nothing she could do, but if anyone could get close to Tang Weihong and rely on Song Zi s influence, it would be beneficial to his career in the future.It s just that the Tang family is really daring, having such a relationship with Song Zi, an important figure in the national government, dares to stay in Shanghai.Although the Paramount Ballroom is in the Shanghai International Concession, it is not absolutely safe hell.At this cbd gummies for tooth pain time, a voice came, and a young man dressed in Western style came over Boss Lu, the person next to you Who is this friend, I don t think he s with you.There was obvious sarcasm in the words, but Lu Mingzhai was not angry at all, instead he said with a smile Joe Fox, you don t have a sting HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk in your mouth anymore Qiao Fox Qiao Zhihe During the introduction, Lu Mingzhai didn t hide anything, and straight to the point told Qiao Zhihe that the young HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk man beside him was Wang Weiyi, who had recently made a name for himself.

Wang Weiyi said lightly.Tang Weihong s eyes showed envy Do you still understand the languages of other HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk countries Wang Weiyi thought for a moment I can probably speak German, English, Russian and Japanese Now, Tang Weihong s eyes blessed cbd gummies for pain uk were extremely surprisedGod, at first I thought the other party He is just a handsome and ordinary businessman, but it seems that the other party is far from that simple.Tang Weihong, who was completely curious, made another appointment with Wang Weiyi for the dance tomorrow.Then he left with curiosity.Brother, I still It was the first time I saw Miss Tang like this.Qiao Zhihe smiled and said at this time My good fellow, you can speak so many languages When I was studying in the United States, besides English, I also wanted to master a foreign language.But I found that my energy is really not enough This is not what Wang Weiyi thought Brother Yuanyong, why do you have to go to cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg that ball Before Qiao Zhihe could answer, Lu Mingzhai had already said for him My brother, if we want to accomplish things in Shanghai, we must consider all kinds of forces.

The cost will also increase greatly.That s not a problem at all.Lowelow Don t care about it And I can give you a suggestion.I heard that you have a batch of obsolete weapons in your hand.They are all second hand goods that were not used more than ten years ago.You haven t been able to sell them, right After getting Gustav s affirmative answer, Luo Weiluo lowered his voice Gustav, I suggest you sell all these weapons to China Will they want it These weapons are older than my father Gustav asked suspiciously.I will.Luo Weiluo replied very positively The premise is that you are willing to spend money in the early stage to bribe those Chinese officials who are negotiating.As long as their requirements are met, even if you tell them it is a mortar Cannon, they will pretend not to see it.Aha, I like it.

Yes.Elena nodded, pointing to the Russian woman before leaving I seem to have seen her somewhere.Oh Wang Weiyi was a little strange, and looked at the Russian woman This Russian woman was about thirty seven or eight years old.For some reason, Wang Weiyi saw her for the first time.Just like Elena s feeling, she felt very familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before.The Russian woman finally woke up, her eyes fell on Wang Weiyi s face Thank you Then, she was stunned there as if seeing a devil, her whole body was dumbfounded It is completely impossible to describe her expression in words, horror, surprise, surprise These expressions appeared on one face at the same time What s wrong with you Wang Weiyi said with asked in Russian.You Monsieur German officer said the Russian woman in a trembling voice.

Now, with the strength of brigades and regiments in his hands, he can fight the Japanese cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg army well Colonel With this cry, Werner and William walked over together.These days, Germans and Americans have become good friends.As soon as he saw William, a warmth surged blessed cbd gummies for pain uk in Wang Weiyi s heartthat was his son, the dearest son However, he is not ready to tell William the news yet He calmed down and put away his thoughts How about it, did you cause trouble during the few days I was away Hey, hey.We don t.William shouted loudly We all stayed here honestly and well behaved, familiar with the squadron Colonel, Werner did cbd gummies for spd a good job, I think you can specialize Set up an army and let Werner blessed cbd gummies for pain uk be my adjutant Damn, William, you are crazy Werner yelled out I am a German second lieutenant, what about you You are cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg nothing Officer, what qualifications do you have to command me William spread his hands Werner, you are a German military officer, but this is China, have you forgotten China We are all outsiders here, but compared Under the circumstances, I seem to be better The two foreign boys argued loudly, the purpose was to see who was better.

I order you to stand firm until 6 00 pm today.Then all evacuate the position Understood, Lu Zuo, you are not allowed to lose your position before 6 pm Listen, Zhang Lingfu.It s not that you are not allowed to lose your position The position, but at six o clock, all must be evacuated, I don t want to see too many casualties before the victory comes Yes, brigade seat Zhang Lingfu put down the phone, he was still a little strange.Now the war is still going on, and the Japanese army s attack has become more and more fierce, but why did Lu Zuo say the words victory is coming Has he already determined that this battle will end with the team s victory He can t blessed cbd gummies for pain uk allow him to think too much.In the afternoon, as he judged, the Japanese army launched the most ferocious general attack.The Japanese themselves are human beings.

Seeing you as a spiritual pillar, the whole of Germany will be crazy because of your return, what you need to do, no one will oppose you You can lead Germany to another track and use your own way to support China s war of resistance.Isn t this more beneficial to China than you can only command one team Rambler, go change history Wanderer, let s change history When Xiaoling said this, Wang Weiyi thought he had heard it wrong Did Xiaoling say this This stubborn set is his duty to ensure the normal historical track My computer actually encourages me to change history God, I changed history by myself, did Xiao Ling also change it Go back Go back to Germany Use another more powerful and authoritative way, To help China win another victory in the War of Resistance Wang Weiyi asked slowly twin elements cbd gummies shark tank Can you control the time you travel through I don t know, but I ll try cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg my best.

Ueno Hiromitsu didn HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk t take it to heart at all.Qingkou Wusan was not a professional soldier, but a history teacher.Let a teacher command the army of the empire What are the people at the top thinking But his own Ueno detachment is different.The Ueno detachment has the most sophisticated weapons and the most brave soldiers Defeat the Chinese army on the opposite side in one fell swoop, and let the Ueno detachment s reputation resound throughout China Brigade seat, the Japanese army has launched a full scale attack Wang cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg Weiyi nodded, raised his wrist to check the time 9 o clock, get ready to start It was 55 am on April 1st, 1933.All the departments of the Huben Guard brigade have designated positions today, the engines of the cars have been started, and the muzzles of the chariots have been polished.

Their goal was only one to break through breakout At the forefront is the second level commando The soldiers commanded by Lieutenant Blank had even charged into the depths of the Soviet army.They even discovered the cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg Soviet rocket artillery cluster Kill them Lieutenant Blank didn t hesitate at all.He understands the meaning of these rockets too well.If they are allowed to fire, the skeleton division in the breakout will suffer huge casualties With the support of a Perzf IV tank and a stalker tank destroyer, these crazy German soldiers actually launched an assault on the Soviet rocket artillery cluster Crazy, really crazy Blank II Assault Squadron is completely insane The 75mm semi automatic KwK42L70 artillery on the Perzf IV tank spit out shells like crazy The Perzf IV tank is here at this moment, and its ferocious fangs are completely exposed at this moment And the two G34 machine guns fired bullets like a torrential rain without stopping for a moment.

Part of the troops stayed and waited for the arrival of the troops, while the rest of the German soldiers followed General Ernst to launch a new attack.Paul Hauser s Second Panzer Army was also desperately fighting The order they received was to support General Ernst, but obviously they didn t want to simply do these things.The Imperial Division, the Nordic Division, and all the troops that could participate in the battle frantically launched wave after wave of attacks on the Soviet positions.It is necessary to assist the Skeleton blessed cbd gummies for pain uk Master to tear a gap General Ernst must be rescued This is a dead order that cannot be changed General Paul Hausser, General Ernst has broken through the Soviet army s first position, and is launching a violent attack on the second position When he heard the news, Paul Hausser suddenly became furious I What are the soldiers doing cannabidiol cbd gummies General Ernst has broken through the first line of defense, what about us What are we doing Damn, are we all cowards I assault General Paul Hausser, the F hrer telegraphed General Paul Hausser, do you need me to come to Demyansk in person to blessed cbd gummies for pain uk pick up General Ernst What s next No Alright, general, that s all there is to say.

He remembered that when the head of state told this story last time, there were still twenty five divisions, and now the number is getting more and more exaggerated.The skeleton commandos all rushed out, but I was trapped.Hitler was so enthusiastic The baron came back without hesitation, he saved me, you understand, saved me He drove I picked up a truck, kidnapped a Russian general, and then we rushed out.By the way, my Chinese friend Baron Guo was shooting with a submachine gun, and I threw grenades vigorously in the carriage.Boom, boom, Russians I was blown up and running around, and we just rushed out.You are brave, Fuehrer.No, it was not my bravery, but the Baron s bravery that saved me Hitler immediately corrected him If there is no Baron, now that I am dead, there will be no more heads of state in the empire.

The combat quality of the hemp clinic cbd gummies 1000mg reviews German Wehrmacht is no faster than that of the SS, on the contrary.Their military discipline is stricter.Although the commander lacks a kind of fanaticism, he has more composure and calmness.Wang Weiyi is already sure that he will end the Battle of Istanbul in the shortest time At night, the bombing did not stop at all, but it tended to intensify.The bombing continued throughout the night.Flames and explosions tormented Istanbul.It wasn t until the 13th that the bombing tended to weaken slightly Marshal Goris and his soldiers heaved a long sigh of relief.Although they suffered heavy losses in such bombing, they could finally recover.It s time.However, they didn t know that this was just the beginning of a larger war In the early morning of July 13, 1973, Marshal Ernst Brahm gathered all the artillery that could be concentrated.

Another day will pass.Wang Weiyi said before getting into the car A new day is coming, are you ready, blessed cbd gummies for pain uk Mr.Garcia I m fully ready, Mr.Moyol, but the Zehi Foundation is also fully ready. Let s get started, what a crazy day, what a wonderful day 530.The Great Crash Part 1 New York Stock Exchange, Monday, August 21, 1942.Investors lose their last sanity, stimulated by Joe Cole s ton of gold, dreadful money It poured into the exchange like a flood.As soon as the market opened that day, the gold stocks broke through the 100 mark without any suspense But Zexi Fund was not affected by this, and they continued to sell blessed cbd gummies for pain uk gold stocks.First, 10,000 shares and 10,000 shares were sold, then 50,000, 100,000 With the huge new influx of funds, Robben Williams and his King Rank Fund bought them all, gold The stock price continued to be raised all the way 109115 Cheers continued to ring out in the stock exchange, everyone waved their fists, and erupted loudly with joy.

Wang Weiyi also asked Xiao Ling to check, blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd indica gummies but Xiao Ling also had no information at hand.Colonel Dott only knew this, and when he said it all Baron, if you really want to know who the fighter is, why don t you just ask Colonel Fels is botanical farms cbd gummies a scam Shall I go blessed cbd gummies for pain uk to America to find him cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg Wang Weiyi asked casually.No, he is in Cairo.Colonel Dot s answer revived Wang Weiyi What You said Fels is in England Hasn t he been escorted back to the United States No, that s a smoke bomb we let off.Colonel Dott no longer hides anything Colonel Fels HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk still has many secrets, as well as the German spy network lurking in Cairo.We have to dig out everything, so he has been kept in Cairo, but in order to confuse the Germans, We released the smoke bomb that he has already been escorted back to the United States Wang Weiyi was in high spirits, and if this was the case, he would have a chance to rescue Colonel Firth.

The only difference is that they use more sophisticated methods and have more helpers than the real thieves They are directing Millions of troops act as their helpers Wang Weiyi rubbed his head Si Dao, when did you become so philosophical God, I think you can buy smilz cbd gummies be a philosopher when the war is over There are many heroes but many enemies.Several Egyptian soldiers were severely beaten The bloody soldiers returned to the barracks and cried out what happened to them, which aroused the vigilance of their companions.After careful inspection, they found that the wages they had just received were all counterfeit money There is also a ridiculous banknote among them, which even Wang blessed cbd gummies for pain uk Weiyi didn t find at the time, it was printed on blessed cbd gummies for pain uk an Egyptian pound.It turned out to be the imaginary head of Cleopatra This was a small prank on the whim of Bernhard Kruger when he was preparing to destroy these test objects.

After fierce fighting, Egypt suffered 2,000 casualties.British Army 2.Fifty thousand men landed and occupied the harbor.And wantonly looting.Facing the invasion of the British army, the Motherland Party immediately issued a letter to the people.Announcing a deadly war between the Egyptian nation and the English, and promising the peasants to cancel their debts to foreigners.The majority of peasants blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen responded to the call and enthusiastically joined the army, and anti aggression demonstrations were held in Cairo and other cities.Under the leadership of Arabi, the Egyptian military and civilians focused on strengthening the northern front in Cairo.On July 28, the Egyptian army defeated the British army in the battle of the Daval village.In the next three weeks, the Egyptian army repelled several enemy attacks one after another, preventing the British army from attacking Cairo from the north.

Perhaps, this is a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder When Wang Weiyi s own future is still uncertain, he has already made an idea of how to assassinate Tsukada Gong just like what Xiaoling said , This person is really a lunatic Sakagaki Seishiro and Tsukada Kou asked about the situation of Wild on the way from the United States to Japan, but did not continue to ask about the core secrets.They told Wilder that he would fly to Japan tomorrow on a special plane Wang Weiyi tried his best to pretend that he was moved to finally return to his hometown , and his excellent praise did move several senior Japanese military officers.The banquet began, and it was very richly prepared, and there were even Japanese geisha.This is not only to welcome Wilder , but also to welcome the Shanghai occupation army to welcome General Seishiro Sakagaki and Lieutenant General Tsukada Attack.

Now, German paratroopers are everywhere.Several more grenades were thrown into several other barracks, and the air was filled with the sound of gunshots and explosions of grenades.Six hundred and twenty three.Attack the fortress Heisenberg saw a Russian soldier running out of a building instead of a barracks, with a rifle in his hand, aimed into the darkness.Heisenberg shot him twice, and he fell headfirst.Good marksmanship, friend, said Edim, who was about ten feet away from Heisenberg.Heisenberg gave him a thumbs up and continued to search for the enemy.It didn t take 10 minutes, except for one barracks, the gunfire in other places had subsided.The enemies in where can i buy cbd gummy bears that building were attacked last, so there was time to prepare.Heisenberg saw a group of paratroopers on top of the barracks.One of them was holding something that looked like an S24 long handled grenade, with six grenade bodies tied to it.

In the Naval Hospital, patients who had been recuperating in the hospital were sent to temporary wards outside to make room for the wounded who were brought in on stretchers.Many young sailors lost arms and legs, and hundreds more were burned by the flames.The bravery of these young men was unbelievable the ward was full of injured people, many seriously injured or dying.But there was silence, no one groaned.After the first attack wave, the US military is ready for battle.The second wave therefore came under heavier anti aircraft fire.Twenty Japanese planes were shot down, including 6 fighters and 14 bombers.At 9 45, the second wave of planes began to return.Fuchida circled Pearl Harbor at a low altitude to take pictures of the scene after the bombing, and was the last one to return.At ten o clock, the task force led by Lieutenant General Halsey and centered on the Enterprise aircraft carrier completed the task of transporting reinforcement fighter jets to Wake Island and was on its way back to Pearl Harbor.

U.K.Cabinet conducts emergency consultations.Decided to mediate as best as possible.In the end, Miselier had to give in, and de Gaulle included him in the newly formed Committee of Nine, because he is undoubtedly blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen an outstanding naval officer and can still serve the Free France in his post General de Gaulle successfully resolved this crisis with my intelligence, but he soon ushered in the third Miselier crisis Naris continued with a sneer This Regarding the severity of an incident, if I hadn t reported it to General de Gaulle, perhaps General de Gaulle would have resigned by now Menzies nodded silently.Yes, the third incident brought the Anglo French alliance almost to the point of a complete break.Even, this also involved the United States, completely mingo rad cbd gummies and completely disrupting the overall plan of the British government There are two small French islands off the coast of Newfoundland in North America St.

, the USSR lost all foreign aid In the weather like Russia, if an injured person cannot receive effective treatment, the only result waiting for them best cbd gummies on sale is death.However, Colonel Trovic had nothing to do with what was happening in front of cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews him.Not only him, even Major General Tasotsky could do nothing.I can only bless them to survive on their own.night.The sniper s sniper s sniper is still ringing, and if he is not careful, the sniper will take a life.certainly.At night, Soviet snipers still had the upper hand.It is undeniable that the Soviet snipers are more familiar with the terrain here and are more able to adapt to the severe cold climate.In contrast, the Germans cannot do these two points anyway.Because of this, General Paul Hausser, who was familiar with the situation, gave strict orders to the German army from the beginning.

Ludwig was astonished to the extreme.As far as he knew, most of these captives, at least on the surface, seemed to be stinky and tough diehards.What a willing Russian to surrender.It seems that Biryanlowski and his companions really know the Soviet army very well.These political cadres may be born with such an instinct Then, what Biljanlowski had to do surprised Ludwig even more.He released those new collaborators who were willing to surrender.Biljanlowski, what do you want to do Ludwig asked rather dissatisfied Do you want them to go back and take up arms to attack us again Please don t worry, General.Bill Janlowski is full of confidence These people will return to their companions and use their personal experience to persuade their former friends to surrender.No one can move sun state hemp cbd gummies legal cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg people s hearts more than their own words.

Now, the battle seems to have little suspense.Kunitzke was killed.When the German army broke into the position fiercely, Kunitzke decided to give up resistance.He waved the white flag and led a small number of soldiers out of the position.He has come to surrender.He meets a German soldier who appears to be alone.Kunitzke asked his subordinates to put down their weapons, and then prepared to tell how much is condor cbd gummies the opponent in simple German that he was not going to continue to resist.However, before he could speak, the submachine guns in the hands of the German soldiers roared Kunitzke and his men all fell into a pool of blood.The German soldier didn t even take a second look at the Russian corpses before rushing into the battle again His name is Fletz Sipple Marshal, the Ike battle group has completed a breakthrough.

In the minds of all German and Soviet soldiers, the only thing they think about is fighting or fighting I can t ask them to do more, they have done everything they can They are watering the battlefield with their blood, and they are fulfilling their promise with their lives Fight for the honor of the country It doesn t matter whether it s a German soldier or a Russian soldier, they all do it so well The earth is burning, the mountains and rivers are trembling When 6 pm came, the final judgment of the 81st Armored Army arrived.Under the strong assault of the German army, the 81st Panzer Army almost lost all its positions.Everyone, including Struff, has been forced to the narrowest position.And Struff, who repeatedly asked to retreat.But he received a cold and ruthless order from the headquarters Don t take a step back Now, Struff and his soldiers have only one last option die here all in battle But they discovered an unbelievable scene the German army was not prepared to annihilate these remnants at all The armored troops of the German army roared away, the soldiers of the German army roared away The leading troops broke out of Kenklar.

Keep going When the division commander s blessed cbd gummies for pain uk order was passed to the commander of the Soviet army who rushed into the German position, the commander was at a loss Yes, the German position is indeed under his control, but at this time, there are only 117 people left in the whole regiment A regiment, a whole regiment, means there are 117 people left And among these survivors, including regimental clerks, cooks, and medical soldiers They have completely lost the ability to continue advancing.But now the commander s order has been issued.The head of the regiment stayed there for a while, and called all the people in front of him Comrades As soon as the three words were uttered, the Luftwaffe had already roared in, and a large number of shells were flying towards them.Seeing it fall here Amidst the sound of explosions, the last hope of these Russians was buried When the raging German planes finally left, the head of the group got out from the burial in the mud , his body was wounded in many places, but he felt no pain at all Comrades, take up arms and prepare to attack No one responded to himno one four weeks Quietly, so quietly that people feel scared.

He also watched the heroic resistance of the guerrillas who were not regular soldiers.He is very pleased, at least until now, there are still troops loyal to him certainly.Failure is doomed.At first, the German commandos didn t know that this was the headquarters of the 62nd Army of the Soviet Army.Judging from the firepower and combat quality of the personnel blessed cbd gummies for pain uk on the opposite side, they thought they encountered some Russian workers or women s troops.However, the intelligence agencies of the German army noticed from the telegrams exchanged by the Soviet army and the unusual movements of the Soviet army on the battlefield that they had caught a big fish.On the two wings, those Soviet troops who can still fight are approaching here desperately, trying to tear apart the German blockade.The Germans who noticed this anomaly.

When this day really comes, I will leave everything here without hesitation.To experience with you the secrets you have explored I would too.Manstein and Model said at the same time.You I m afraid not.Wang Weiyi said very seriously When the war is over.A new Germany, a new world order will be established, and Germany at that time needs you even more.Why Manstein didn t quite understand Why can Manfred go with you Wang Weiyi laughed again Manfred is a very good air combat master, the famous Red Baron, he can fly the plane to win countless victories in the sky, and he can also command the air force to bring us glory, but he is fundamentally He is not a good no, he is not even a qualified leader.Giving him the task of leading the country forward will only lead to disaster When Wang Weiyi said this, instead of being angry, Richthofen smiled happily.

But Ershakov didn t feel distressed at all.In his opinion, even if everyone died.As long as it can stop the enemy s offensive, it is completely worth it.At night, Marshal Zhukov how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk actually appeared in the headquarters of the 20th Army in person.This surprised Ershakov very much.Marshal Zhukov is not very relieved about the situation on the front line.This is a very important part of the entire defense of Moscow.Once lost, it will affect the situation of the entire shark tank cbd gummies stop smoking defense of Moscow.Not only did Marshal Zhukov come, but he also brought reinforcements from two entire divisions. I know that you lost more than 20,000 soldiers in today s battle, and I will give you supplies.Zhukov told his subordinates As long as possible, no matter how many people you lost, I will give you supplies.Thank you, Comrade Marshal Zhukov Ershakov cheered up.

On September 2, the Skeleton Division, the vanguard of the German army, broke through the obstacles of the Russians and appeared in front of the last defensive position of the Soviet army.The Kremlin is already in sight.On the same day, the Luftwaffe launched a heavy bombing attack on the Kremlin.The most eye catching palace in Moscow was completely exposed to German artillery fire.On the 3rd and 4th, a large number of German troops and their allies arrived, and the final battle of the Battle of Moscow was about to break out.Victory is already in front of us After summoning all his subordinates, Wang Weiyi told them Since the outbreak of the German Soviet War, we have experienced a gift from nature cbd gummies victory and failure.We have Infiltrated Moscow and was driven out.In Demyansk we faced despair, but we survived, and the war has taken a huge turn since then.

The Germans will rush in here soon, and then arrest all of them, even Shooting.Although the failure was expected a long time ago, when the fate of failure really came, it undoubtedly made people feel uncomfortable.Stalin asked them many questions.They couldn t answer either.Stalin wasn t disappointed at all.The reactions of these guys had already been in his how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk expectation He stood up slightly trembling Comrades, since you have nothing to say, please allow me to leave here for a while He didn t care about these guys anymore, but walked Staggered out.After a while, Beria came in, not only him alone, but also many soldiers with live ammunition behind him.Comrade Beria, what do you want to do The person who spoke was Comrade Stalin s most important right hand man, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Bolsheviks , Secretary of the cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews Central Committee, executive adviser of the Soviet Supreme Command, and general political commissar Zhdano husband.

Although she was suffering from illness, she still couldn t hide her beauty.Even compared with Leoni, she might not be inferior How much After calming down and looking around, Wang Weiyi can determine that Nelia is indeed suffering from malaria, so he has a bottom line in his heart.He took out a pill and asked the maid to how long does cbd gummies last in your system bring it.Helped to swallow it, and then said Probably in the middle of the night today, it will be effective.Caesar had never seen this kind of strange pill, and he was dubious about Wang Weiyi s words If it really works, then you will earn my respect.Come on, please send Ernst to find a clean place to rest.He sent Wang Weiyi away, and sat down beside Nelia.In any case, no matter whether the medicine worked or not, he must be here to accompany Nelia.After sitting there for a while, Nelia gradually He became quiet, and fell asleep after a while, which greatly increased Caesar s confidence.

Pompey slowly expressed his true intentions However, the damned barbarians defeated Caesar.Although we sent the Centumalus Legion, we still made no progress.The arrogance of the barbarians must be beaten, and the insult to the Roman Republic must be repaid tenfold.I therefore hereby propose to the venerable senators that the gallant Servius be sent to Gaul, he and Caesar.The blessed cbd gummies for pain uk most valiant generals of the two Roman republics, together with Centumalus, will give us great victories Crazy.Pompey is really blessed cbd gummies for pain uk crazy.Many senators and congressmen thought so He actually wants to keep his two enemies together.Isn t this adding a bigger enemy to himself But There are others who don t think so at all.The only thing they think is that Pompey is too smart to put Caesar and Servius togetherIt s completely conceivable.

Damn it, it s coming again Hels cursed angrily, spitting outside the thick stone wall.A small group of Parthian rangers appeared in the field of vision of the pass guards.The Parthians are a people on horseback.The Parthian horses in their crotch were not as tall as the Spanish and North African horses in the Roman legions, but they were strong and powerful.high speed, He has good stamina.He has been trained to run in small steps since he was a child, and he runs fast and steadily.Therefore, the are cbd gummies good for you blessed cbd gummies for pain uk Parthians could still shoot arrows with great accuracy while galloping on horseback.And what scares the Roman soldiers the most is Parthians can turn around and shoot arrows on their horses when they retreat quickly, but their accuracy is not affected in the slightest.The Parthia Returning Horse Arrow has become a nightmare for the Roman legionnaires.

It wasn t Pompey and those fellows in the Senate that Caesar worried about.His only concern was the barbarians across the Rhine.Will they be willing to negotiate Will Gaius be able to complete the task he entrusted to him If the barbarian refuses to negotiate, what should he do Caesar didn t want these things he worried about to happen, he had to eliminate all hidden dangers before the decisive battle Seven hundred and eighty four.The change of the base Caesar s worries are actually superfluous.His negotiating request is exactly what Wang Weiyi, who has just returned to the Germanic camp, is eager to see.He provoked all of this for one purpose, to buy time for the Germans as much as possible, and to make his own efforts for the growth of the Germans as much as possible.Because of this, when Gaius, who was the envoy of Caesar, appeared, all the Germanic people who had suffered from Gaius in the past all clamored to kill him, but Wang Weiyi decided to stop their attempts.

The sight had locked on the target firmly, and then Richthofen coldly pressed the button A missile escaped, drew the most perfect arc in the air, and then accurately landed on the body of that A 4.With a bang, the A 4 disintegrated directly in the air, and the pilots in the plane didn t even have the chance to escape by parachuting.The German troops on the ground burst into wild cheers.Since the outbreak of the Battle of Berlin, these enemy planes have been invincible in the sky, causing the German army to suffer a lot.And now these German fighter planes that suddenly appeared finally wiped out the anger of the German soldiers for 21 days.Come on brothers in the sky Come on Luftwaffe Come on Deutschland The formation of 12 planes beat the Allied forces powerless in the shortest possible time.

There are only about twenty American soldiers, and the rest are German civilians.At Schrottenburg Wang Weiyi said coldly, and quickly called the soldiers back into the car.It seems that the Allies, especially the Americans, no longer have any doubts about the victory of this war.In the areas they occupy, the defenses are very lax.It is no wonder that they are so confident that all the German forces have concentrated in Berlin.Now they simply do not have the power to attack the US occupation.It s just that they probably never thought that a baron who once made the whole world feared would come back again.And this baron will continue to create incredible miracles one after another An American Sergeant John is stationed here.John and his companions didn t care at all when they saw dozens of their own people entering Schrottenburg.

I m sorry, General, I told my subordinates that I m used to it.I suggest that you take advantage of this period of time to step up fortification renovations, readjust your forces, and launch some local counterattacks against the enemy at the right time.This will buy a lot of time for the defense of Berlin Major.why should i trust you You don t have to believe me, General, but you ll soon know I m not lying.One more thing I must implore you, a large number of German civilians from Schrothenburg are moving to Berlin.In order to draw the enemy s attention away from them, I must deliberately expose all communications to the enemy.I hope you can cooperate with me.Do you have a radio station somewhere Yes, I found an old radio.Major Moyol.Let me make sure, you re exposing yourself to the enemy.Let the enemy chase you, I think, there is no problem with my understanding, right Exactly so, General.

Davyn introduced the fair haired beauty to Baron Preet.She is cia agent Annette Brody, the second batch of cia agents who entered Dessau for reinforcements.Mr.Baron, although Agent Annette is a woman, you must not underestimate her ability.She is enough to guarantee your safety, and he is very familiar with everything in Dessau.In Davyn s introduction, Annette was given a lot High rating.Hello, Baron.Hello, Agent cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews Annette.Wang Weiyi smiled and shook her hand, and then shook her hand for an extra second.Look into Angette s eyes.It seems to be full of tenderness.This can t help but make Annette feel something different about this handsome baron in her heart Leonie, who witnessed all this, smiled.He knew that Baron Alexon was going to be on Agent Annette s body.Some breakthroughs have been made The guests how many 300mg cbd gummies should i eat invited by Brigadier General Johnson on behalf of the baron came one after another.

And the current front is a small group of enemies.Then the commando will destroy them without hesitation.Along the way, Max roughly calculated that they had almost killed more than thirty enemies.And even more rare.None of them were injured.It is not easy to do this, but with Major Moyol around, all tasks become easier.Although the speed of advance is not very fast, it is getting closer and closer to the agreed pick up location, Haimer Forest Major, Villenburg is coming soon, if we pass Villenburg smoothly, It is already very close to Hammer Forest, and the possibility of escape is even greater.Max, who is more familiar with the situation in this area, said.When he finished speaking, Guo Yunfeng, who was in charge of the investigation, also turned back.There was about a company of French soldiers in Villenburg.

You lead a platoon to advance steadily, and I will be responsible for supporting you from the side.Yes, Major.Captain Ron accepted bravely.task.The group of American soldiers was regrouped and groped forward cautiously.They had no way of knowing where the Germans were hiding, let alone what would happen to them later.Captain Ron seemed very cautious, he kept urging his soldiers to be more careful. But the new nightmare for American soldiers began very quickly. When they walked to a place with lush jungle, suddenly, several grenades roared and drew several complete arcs in the sky, and then fell beside them.Boom boom boom After several explosions in succession, the cbd gummy buttons uk cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg miserable cries of the US troops resounded through the forest.However, this is just the beginning.Eight Germans with American weapons appeared, and flames were sprayed from the eight guns at the same time.

There is no hope of continuing to fight.Major Kongerkafu sighed Hey, we haven t completed the mission, and we can t continue to fight.I think surrendering is our best choice now.The team members were unusually quiet, each of them They all know the current situation.They can do nothing else but surrender The gunfire finally stopped in the building.Colonel Kaivic let out a long sigh of relief, these tenacious enemies From the beginning of the attack to the present, it has been a full two hours.The U.S.military suffered heavy casualties.Finally ended this cursed battle.Those enemies who threw away their weapons and held their heads walked out of the building under the surveillance of the US military with live ammunition.Their heads were brought before Colonel Kevic.Name Konrkaf Nicholas.Where are you from Did you kill the American soldiers in those guard posts We are Russian armed forces.

Skeleton commando, Major Moyol.Westmoreland kept repeating these two names, and then he stood up abruptly Tell Brigadier General Budger that Brest must be recaptured at all costs, and all the Germans must be wiped out there., must defeat the myth of the undefeated skeleton commando And that damned Major Moyol Yes, General, I will give your order The chief of staff nodded.But at this time, neither he nor General Westmoreland was sure that the Allied soldiers could do this Eight hundred and twelve.Ernst s raid war Once the machine is started, it means death and killing.Since the enemy has chosen such a method, then we will return ten times and a hundred times the death and killing to them.This is the same for any enemy.Ernst Alexson von Brahm.November 1965, Brest battlefield.The war machine has been activated, in Germany, in Berlin, on the Brest battlefield.

General Budger s phone has been connected.On the phone, the Brigadier General asked about the situation on the battlefield with concern, but he got a frustrating answer.The Brigadier General was a little unhappy.He blessed cbd gummies for pain uk told Major Loriot sternly that Commander in Chief Westmoreland had personally ordered that all Germans here must be wiped out.In order to meet the requirements of the commander in chief, he again reinforced a blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen battalion in Brest, which was unified under the command of Major Loriot.Major Loriot blessed cbd gummies for pain uk feels the heavy weight on his shoulders God, a small German commando has received special attention from the Allied Commander in Chief Picking up the binoculars and looking towards the enemy s position, the Germans are busy preparing for a new round of challenges from the enemy.And the most eye catching thing is a battle flag flying fiercely on the German positions the skeleton battle flag Like all Allied officers, Major Loriot had heard the magical story of this skeleton battle flag since he was very young.

Now, the enemy s continuous force is appearing, and the weapons and equipment have become more powerful.It has become impossible to stay here Three days have passed, and Wang Weiyi has fulfilled his promise to General Olitz, and it is time to retreat.Major, Alan is back.Following the voice, Alan appeared in front of the commandos, and Sergeant Max was the first to meet him Why have you been away for three days I m lost.Allen gasped a few times However, blessed cbd gummies for pain uk I still found a way for us to retreat, which was not shown on the map at all.Do you remember this way Wang Weiyi asked calmly.Yes, Major, firmly in my heart.It will be dark for two hours.Wang Weiyi looked up at the sky Persist for another two hours, and retreat after two hours He never He will not waste his troops in vain, and when the conditions are ripe, retreat will be his first choice.

What happened to your artillery today Why is the blow so accurate, and why is the blow so violent The effect has far exceeded my previous imagination And Wang Weiyi, who was standing in the tank command tower, also touched his nose Little Ling, are you really crazy I like this Feeling.When Xiao Ling said such an answer.Wang Weiyi couldn t help shivering.The fearless Randerer was really scared this time.He is an invincible baron, but Xiaoling Su Ling is a war machine at all.This appearance is a blonde beauty.A weak woman who looks powerless, actually blessed cbd gummies for pain uk holds the most terrifying weapon in the world Ziguang Military Base I m very lucky, you are my man.Wang Weiyi said these words slowly The artillery attack for a full half an hour caused the US Second Armored Cavalry Division to suffer losses that cannot be counted.

Only one army can use this blood red skeleton battle flag, and only one cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews person can use such a battle flag.The officers and soldiers of the Skeleton Division raised their right arms straightly, and the officers and soldiers of the Nordland Combat Regiment raised their right arms straightly, and then they shouted in a neat voice blessed cbd gummies for pain uk Saint Ernst Saint Ernst St.St.Ernst This is the cry of the German soldiers, this is the cry of Germany Glory to Germany glory to Germany Tanks are not moving fast.Then it stopped among the soldiers, the conning tower opened, and a familiar yet unfamiliar figure appeared to the German soldiers.on him.Wearing the uniform of the marshal, he held the authority of the marshal in his hand.When he appeared, the shouts of the German soldiers were almost crazy Saint Ernst Saint Ernst Saint Ernst Some soldiers shouted hoarsely, but They still shouted there desperately, they had to vent their excitement and grievance in this way.

I really can t believe my eyes, what kind of miracle blessed cbd gummies for pain uk can keep you looking Your beauty It just makes me intoxicated.Thank you for your compliment, Marshal Paul Hauser.Leonie smiled and said, As long as the faith is not dead, there keino cbd gummies will always be miracles, isn t it Ludwig, are you okay Is it Okay, I cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg m fine.Ludwig s voice trembled a little.But when he saw Elena, he still couldn t believe what he saw Elena.I saw you shot with my own eyes.It was with best cbd gummy bears for anxiety the Russians, but now, you I was saved by the Baron.Elena also smiled there All of this, when the Baron returns, he will tell you what happened.Marshal Paul Hauser let out a long breath.When the Baron returns, he ll tell cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg you what happened Baron, he s coming back soon Then, he turned to Oliver Oliver, are you really going to arrest the baroness Do you know what you are doing and what kind of punishment you will receive Oliver also couldn t believe that these old soldiers were all Appeared.

Firth said with a smile.Bushman sighed deeply Well, how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk I am willing to tell you everything I know.After Marshal Ernst issued a six hour ultimatum, I knew how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk the Empire State Building could not be held, so I was the first to sneak out quietly.But then Ernest found my hidden hiding place in Berlin.He told me that F hrer Kloll was out of danger, that there were many loyal troops outside Berlin, and that he had to leave Berlin to regain his power.And my task is to take Ernest out first, check the situation, and then find a way to take Head Kroll away.I had no choice but to agree to him.I thought I was still a general after all, and no one would stop me, but who would have thought that I would meet such a bold lieutenant.Of course he was talking about Hart, which made Hart stand out proudly.Where is Kroller hiding now Facing Firth s question, Buschman shook his head, but quickly explained I really don t know, Ernest ordered me everything.

The Leopard tank made a huge roar, and then rushed out like a monster.And behind it, there are a large number of German soldiers rushing out Wang Weiyi is very clear that the German army now lacks air cover, unless Xiaoling completely unlocks the Constant base, and Richthofen officially fulfills his mission Responsibilities of Luftwaffe Marshal.Before that, everything possible must be done to neutralize the enemy s air superiority.The German counterattack was officially launched, and the French army, which had suffered shell raids, was now in a panic.In their hearts there is a natural sense of fear of cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg the German army.The French suffered at the hands of the Germans in World War I and World War II.Even their capital, Paris, was quickly captured.The French army is no match for the German army this is the idea in the minds of most French judges.

Wang Weiyi was very satisfied with the performance of his subordinates Officers, our situation is very difficult now, but in fact the enemy s situation is not much better.Whoever can grit his teeth and persist until the end will win this war.Tomorrow , I will personally appear how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk at the front.And closely watch your heroic performance I will live up to the name of the skeleton This is the answer of all the German generals December 1965 13th.The war has reached a fever pitch.On every inch of the ground, bombs are constantly combing here, and soldiers on both sides are strangling without risking their lives.Every minute and every second, someone died, and the blood soaked the ground blood blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen red.The cruel battle cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews makes everyone forget the threat of death, and they only have one goal in their eyes the enemy Either kill the enemy, or be killed by the enemy The artillery attack of the Allied forces arrived very punctually, and they went to an artillery brigade, which made General Garden extremely annoyed.

Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.Although Michael and his wife are the heads of the Hohenzollern family and descendants of the former German emperor, Wang Weiyi is theoretically their subordinate, but at this moment, the status of the two parties has undergone earth shaking changes.Wang Weiyi is the real leader of cbd gummies 500 mg Germany.But this does not seem to be a barrier that affects each other s conversations.Wang Weiyi asked, Dian Thank you for welcoming me personally, Your Excellency the Baron.Michael said, controlling his excitement, You don t need to call me Your Highness anymore.

Colonel.General Corrett s call General, this is Marshall.Yes.The situation is very critical.The enemy is almost in front of me.I need reinforcements.General, I need the blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen strongest reinforcements Colonel, I can t provide you with reinforcements Can you get some more troops out there There are enemies near my headquarters.Colonel Marshall couldn t bear to hear this.With a wry smile, he asked General Kerrett for reinforcements, but General Kerrett asked himself to send reinforcements instead.General, I regret to tell you that not a single soldier from my side can be dispatched I will do my best as an American officer, and even I am ready to die in battle.Ah, good luck to you then, Colonel.Corret put down the phone helplessly.He never dreamed that the current situation would appear, even though he had been fully vigilant against the German army before.

Yes, under the leadership of Baron Alexson.German soldiers.German citizens.I beg you to obey Alexander unconditionally Baron Alexon s order must be unconditionally implemented, this is the most necessary prerequisite for Germany to win Michael expressed his unreserved feelings for Alexon The support of the Baron was the same as that of his grandfather and father back then.The Germans in Berlin listened quietly, and when Michael s voice settled down, bursts of warm applause rang out.That s a descendant of His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm, that s a real German.He did not return when Germany was at its strongest, but appeared at its most dangerous.From this point alone, he is worthy of everyone s respect.Then.When the applause settled, Baron Alexon, whom everyone was looking forward to, appeared.He is still as young and as dignified as ever I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I can t say such words, because the enemy is still preparing to attack Berlin.

Wang Weiyi was silent for a while Go home.go home Model didn t understand what Ernst said at all.Go home Wang Weiyi repeated these two words repeatedly Rommel has already returned home.Guderian has gone home.Now.I m taking you and Manstein home.Model was does cbd gummy make you sleepy stunned there, and then, he suddenly seemed to think of something Ah, yes, they have all woken up.Wang Weiyi smiled again Yes, my dear friends, they have all woken up when they fell asleep.In order to wake up.I need a new you, and Germany needs a cbd gummies for tinnitus cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg new you.Model.Would you like to go to sleep and wake up again I do.Model s answer is so firm I am willing to do anything for you, just like when I was in the Skeleton Commando.Wang Weiyi stared deeply at his friend Then, give your subordinates an order that you will rest for a few days due to physical reasons.

Although Phils and those South African soldiers were all white, due to psychological prejudice, Second Lieutenant Gyunthel looked down on them a bit.This blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen tone was very unpopular, although these The South African soldiers didn t understand German, but they saw something on their commander s face and picked up their guns.Hey There is no blessed cbd gummies for pain uk need to get angry over such little things.I think everyone is here for the mission It s not worth fighting for such a small thing Major Ludman smoothed things over.Arrogant Germans.Phils was a little angry You will regret it. Okay, let s get started.Sergeant Nord shrugged blessed cbd gummies for pain uk and said.They were about to reach the village, and the South African army had already separated from them to the south of the village.At this moment, bursts of bullets were fired from the sand dunes are cbd gummies good for you blessed cbd gummies for pain uk on both sides, and several soldiers were killed on the spot.

Everyone here will not know what magical happened during the two days when Model was ill Things.Now, blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen he has also become a member of the Heroic Spirit Legion A familiar figure strode in, and at once, all the officers in the headquarters stood up straight, and then raised their hands raised his right arm Hey Ernst This is Marshal Ernst who has been missing for a few days.These officers have heard all kinds of stories about the baron.Often at the most critical moment in the war, the baron will always disappear for blessed cbd gummies for pain uk a few days, and then something is enough to change the direction of the battlefield.Things will always happen.No one knows where the Baron went.But everyone knows that these things are planned by the Baron.The same is true this time.When the German army launched a full scale counterattack, Ernst Marshal Brahm disappeared as before, and then.

S.troops on the platform with a submachine gun.Zaitsev and the others crawled forward, threw a grenade on it, and accidentally blew up the US machine gun.When the US machine gun went silent, Jalden and the others became more courageous.Then, before the U.S.military could react, Zaitsev turned over and rushed to the platform, slipped to the side of the tank, and avoided the grenade thrown by the U.S.military.An American turned over and rushed into the tank to kill him, but he inadvertently exposed his target and was shot to death by Bulgarian soldiers.Unfortunately, Koslov and Yuri had very little combat experience, and the blessed cbd gummies for pain uk ignorant had no fear.They were already fooled, and they rushed to the platform swaggeringly, but they were all killed in the blink of an eye.My God Zaitsev cried out in pain.

General Karofi, I need to pick up General Karofi, the commander in chief of the Allied Middle East Command Roshen yelled at the phone, General Karofi Yes, we were given by the enemy.Surroundedah, I don t know where the 9th Infantry9th Armored Regiment No, I don t know where the hell they areI m here now Very passive, very very passive, the enemy is fighting everywhere around me I need reinforcements, I need planes to pick me up from this damn place immediately What Defend on the spot, Waiting for reinforcements Well, I can last two days, maybe only one.Ah, no, I don t know I won t surrender Luo Shen put down the phone in frustration.In fact, he also knew very well that the reinforcements would not be able to arrive in a short period of time.What did those intelligence personnel do for food Why didn t there be any news before so many enemies appeared No, dr phil and dr oz cbd gummies He suddenly remembered that there was no news.

their enemies.During this day, the Russian 3rd Army suffered a devastating blow.Everywhere you see the rout of the enemy, everywhere you see the surrendering Russians.Marshal Huatuksky chose to retreat, and this decision came too late The helicopter landed in the headquarters of the 3rd Army, which was specially sent to pick up Huatuksky.Marshal s.It is a pity that the number of passengers on the helicopter is limited, and it is impossible for everyone in the entire headquarters to sit on it.Before cbd infused gummy recipe boarding the helicopter, the marshal vowed to those poor subordinates that he would return to Robin Stell with reinforcements and more planes as soon as possible.What they had to do was to continue to persist here and continue to fight here.Then, the helicopter carrying the Marshal rose into the sky Those subordinates who were abandoned by Marshal Huatuksky cursed at the sky angrily, they never believed that the damn Marshal would come back to rescue Their.

They have long been disheartened by Gregory, and Milosevic even had a fierce quarrel with Gregory because of this.Wang Weiyi has already stopped Tatyana.Myself.Now that it comes out of Ronanova s mouth, it is nothing but confirmed again.I beg you.I beg you to leave him a way out, he is my father no blessed cbd gummies for pain uk matter what.Ronanova begged.No one knew better than him that her father would never be a match for the baron, absolutely It was easy for the baron to take his life.And all I could do was to win the sympathy of the baron Wang Weiyi stared at the poor woman I can t promise you anything, but I will try my best to satisfy you.Rona Nova, arrange a meeting with them for me tomorrow.Yes, baron.Rona Nova Wa said cautiously.Now, her fate has been closely linked with the baron.Wang Weiyi understood this woman very well, no matter what he asked her to do, she would agree, and she, her husband, her sister and brother in law were all very important links in his whole plan.

Ryan panted, We have also contacted the headquarters.The Akmote Armored Division was indeed attacked by the Germans.attack Kerrett didn t realize the problem at all, and he didn t even think about the good show that the Germans and Italians put on together.He called on his soldiers to make a last effort, and Italian reinforcements were imminent.Their only tank became a pile of scrap iron under the ferocious attack of the German army, and now they can only rely on infantry to stop the German steel monster.More and more American soldiers were killed, but now they have nothing to do General.Suddenly, Ryan s weak voice came.Kerrett hurriedly looked there, and found that his chief of staff had fallen into a pool of blood, he rushed up Medical officer, medical officer Ryan, hold on, hold on, the medical officer will be here soon Hey, General, I m afraid I can t hold on cbd gummies how long does it take to kick in anymore Ryan s face showed bitterness It is my greatest luck to be able to fight with you.

Scores of enemies put down their weapons, and they no longer had any point in continuing to fight.At 15 00 on the afternoon of March 23, Marshal Ernst Brahm announced the end of the Second Berlin Counterattack In this battle, the US 2nd Armored Cavalry Division suffered a devastating blow, and the rest of the Allied forces also suffered heavy losses.The defeat of the Allied forces this time far exceeded the loss of the first Berlin offensive and defensive battle.After the war, Westmoreland, the commander in chief of the Allied Forces, had to say sadly This failure has dealt us too much blow, to the point where we cannot bear it In the future In the long years, we have no strength to launch a third offensive.In addition to facing the frontal enemy attack, we also have to face endless resistance in the occupied areas.

But before a concrete result, he implored the protesters to remain calm to prevent the situation from worsening.This is also the only thing that can be done.People still trust the mayor of Turin.During his are cbd gummies good for you blessed cbd gummies for pain uk term of office, he adopted an attitude as friendly as possible to the people of Turin.The responsibility for the sharp social conflicts does not lie with him, but with the high ranking Italian government Barely temporarily controlled the people, but What Catadona thought was when the Italian Prime Minister would be able to arrive Probably no one thought that Mr.Bertrul, the Italian Prime Minister who was on the plane at this time, Sitting face to face with a man named Mr.Moyol.Before he got on the plane to go to Turin, he received a call from Mr.Pipondu from Milan, telling him that his best friend Mr.

But how did he persuade the Grand Duke The Grand Duke must find a scapegoat for this failure.General Volyn Katzky is still standing there straight, he is not afraid of big tools at all No, maybe he was afraid before.But now he has nothing to lose.His men were dead, surrendered, and the entire 12th Army was nearly finished, and he felt responsible.It is also necessary to strive for some fair treatment for those subordinates Your Excellency, the Grand Duke, the failure is indeed unbearable, but there are many reasons for the failure.The equipment and combat quality of the German army far exceed ours, I must admit.Compared with the German army, blessed cbd gummies for pain uk we are not at the same level Gregory was quite satisfied with these words.At least when facing domestic public opinion after failure, he can shift all the responsibility to the enemy s overpowering.

Ah, of course, victory seemed so empty that there was no hope at all.But as a soldier, even if he dies, he should die on the battlefield.The enemy s attack is coming all at once, and the whole position is filled with gunpowder smoke and flames.And there was an 100x cbd gummies unpleasant smell in the air.The Russian soldiers around were lying lazily scattered, and an enemy attack had just been repelled.Warren Katzky s company was down to a third of its men.Judging blessed cbd gummies for pain uk from the expressions on the faces of these survivors, they don t seem to care about the outcome of the war, or even their own life or death.On the battlefield, everyone is already numb.Why bother to think about those many things What s the use of painting a better tomorrow In the end, there were only two delta 8 thc cbd gummies choices surrender or die in battle.Let everyone go through every day numbly Hey, we have to check the weapons blessed cbd gummies for pain uk and ammunition.

Petergoff.Let s continue the topic just now.Wang Weiyi also smiled there Yes, Your Majesty, we will buy you a spacious and luxurious building in Hawaii Island.We provide all the servants and all the facilities in the villa.As long as you are willing, you can spend a pleasant vacation are cbd gummies effective on blood sugar levels there anytime and anywhere Ah, I am so looking forward to it Boris didn t hide anything Thank you for providing me with these, but you know that traveling is a very troublesome thing.It costs a lot of money, and Russia s funds are not rich.I heard that our soldiers at the front are running out of food, I can t waste money for my own enjoyment Wang Weiyi laughed again Are you insulting me, Your Majesty It would be our greatest honor if you could go, and all expenses will be borne entirely by us.Ah, speaking of which, I have here a check for a million dollars which you may cash any time, and I hope you will accept my little gift Boris smiled.

Babarovski.With the voice of Fritoyaf, this strange questioning meeting officially began.The Marquis of Andjak walked in with his head held high.He looked at the reporters arrogantly, and among them he even discovered the Russian The famous reporter Bordov.These incompetent guys, these guys who can only use pens.What qualifications do they have to watch a joke of the Marquis Mr.President, I ask that those irrelevant people get out of here As soon as he got to his seat, Milosevic exclaimed I am a marquis, and blessed cbd gummies for pain uk cbd gummies kopen those commoners should not be here.This remark immediately aroused boos from the gallery.Quiet, please be quiet Fritoyaf managed to silence the venue with a loud voice Marquis Andjak, if the civilians can t be here, then I think I should leave too.Because I am also a commoner The Marquis of Andjak and the Grand Duke of Bierstoka have been overthrown.

After a brief discussion, Fritoyaf said Then, please tell us everything you know.Yes, I will truthfully I said it.Andreas said calmly After Gregory was overthrown, Mr.Similov and I lived together in the house of the Marquis of Andjak.I am very touched by my care, but this does not prevent me from being awakened by my conscience.I want to say frankly that both the Marquis of Andjac and the Marquis of Pereas are very grateful for the vacancy of the Grand Duke interest, the battle between the two is also very fierce, and it is even no exaggeration to say that the two marquises want to kill each other This sentence made Khmelitsky s expression change, and Andreas words were not juicy cbd gummies 2000mg in the plan.But Andreas continued This is a secret in Moscow that is not a secret at all.The only difference between them is that the Marquis of Andjak started in advance.

Not daring to make a sound, as if a small noise would break the already unusual tranquility and bring about an eternal disasterA ghost like shadow flashed into the trench Contact A German shout broke the silence on the ground.Yes, disaster is coming the sound of bayonets piercing the body The enemy is coming Ban Zai Ban Zai Sirens are on the battlefield Echoing, the voices of the American infantry were mixed together, and the frightening sound of long live sounded The American army is coming fire In the thick fog, the American infantry was still charging in groups, and they exposed themselves in front of the defenders when they were almost at zero distance from the defenders.Thousands of U.S.troops suddenly rushed out of the smoke, and the distance from the defenders had reached zero, and countless devil like shadows rushed into the trenches.

Yetili s voice heard on such an important occasion, and how to make the French There is absolutely no way for the government to block this voice.But all of this is not important to them just cbd gummies 300mg now, what is important is that the French people have heard their calls Yetiri also couldn t hide the brilliance of excitement on his face.For the first time, he felt so hearty, and for the first time, he felt that he was so successful.He told the French people everything he wanted to say, and he let every Frenchman hear blessed cbd gummies for pain uk his truest inner voice.Perhaps victory still has a long way to go.But it doesn t matter, now they already have one of the most reliable backers Baron Alexon This god like baron can always do things that others can t even imagine.Always magically let you fulfill the dream in your heart.It s just that the baron can t share this joy with himself now The baron went out very early, and it is said that he wanted to bring someone back, but he only took the big man Pratt.

You can keep most of your property , but you also need to sign a statement and some legal documents now, you will unconditionally transfer Dewey Bank to the Lion Fund, and the return will be that you can guarantee the lives of you and your family, and of course, Your property.Rotini didn t know what to do.Do you give away most of your life s hard work to others No, it was really terrible, and he never thought that such a terrible thing would happen.I this is not my decision alone, there are other members of the board of directors.Rotini said in a dying struggle.You don t need to worry about these things.Wang Weiyi stood up and stretched his muscles All you have to do is to sign your own name on this statement and these legal documents.As for other board HCMUSSH blessed cbd gummies for pain uk members Ah, I Think I ll take care of these things.

Lieutenant Colonel s body.They even suspected blessed cbd gummies for pain uk that Lieutenant Colonel Stam might have made some secret contact with the British or Americans.Prepare to mutiny.It was only because of some problems that made him give up such a plan.Lieutenant Colonel Stam will be in big trouble.Of course, those American passengers on the Arizona were also temporarily ordered not to leave the warship.But some how do cbd gummies work for anxiety blessed cbd gummies for pain uk special passengers are excluded.Like Mrs.Delk.Captain Pattinson of the fba came to the Arizona in person.He met Mrs.Delk and expressed his condolences to Mr.Paul Delk, the military attache of the US Embassy in London.Adjutant Paul has already known about your husband s misfortune.Captain Pattinson said with a sigh He called me specifically and asked me to pick you up to London and take good care of you.Ma am, please leave here with me Let s go.

The Piroko couple of the U.S.Military Intelligence Investigation Bureau appeared in front of Wang Weiyi.For the good friends in the past, the current Mrs.Delk just looked at them coldly and didn t power cbd gummies price say a word.She never thought that the Pirokos, whom she regarded as her best friends, would be such people.Apparently the Pirokos were still very embarrassed, and Piroko apologized to Mr.Moyol and said Mr.Moyol, please accept my most sincere apology anyway.You saved Mr.Dona s life.life, but I did something I shouldn t have done.If an apology alone is useful, then such a thing can happen anytime, anywhere.Mrs.Delk said coldly.But it seems that Wang Weiyi doesn t really care about it Ah, I think your identities must be buy cbd gummies in memphis tn unusual.I don t want to ask you too many things, but what I want to say is that you have your responsibilities, and I can t blame you.

Gentlemen, please note that what the police found at Shukako s home was a baseball bat Carter raised his voice And just now Mr.Stuke proved that cbd gummies full spectrum 300 mg 1500 mg cbd gummies reviews Shukako was Hit the victim severely with a wooden stick.There is the most essential difference between a baseball bat and a wooden stickI want to remind the judge and jurors to pay attention.They had agreed to rob on the spur of the moment.Would Mr.Shukako make a special trip home to fetch a baseball bat No, this is completely out of line with normal human thinking.before the robbery happened.They didn t know whether they were going to rob a white man or a black man, and it never occurred to them that they were going to beat each other up.And this baseball bat did not appear in any evidence of the prosecution.The police only relied on the so called statement of the witness and a baseball bat stained with the blood of the so called victim to testify that the person at the time was the murderer.

In this case, the only option is to sacrifice Colonel Jed.Another more suitable replacement was selected.Even this replacement, Wang Weiyi, has already been chosen Captain Roger of the CIA.Captain Roger was not a man of courage, nor a man of conviction.Captain Roger was full of complaints about leaving himself in the UK to continue fighting, but Colonel Jed chose him for only one reason although Captain Roger always liked to complain.It also seemed a little timid.But he is a very dedicated person, he will not innovate, nor will he make decisive judgments without the permission of his superiors, but he has one advantage that others cannot have the tasks entrusted to him by his superiors He can always complete it without compromise This is what Colonel Jade values most Captain Roger is currently an assistant to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.

He admitted that Will s words were all true, and that there were too many supporters and sympathizers of the Irish Republican Army whether in Moyle or in the Internal Guard under his command.If there are too many, he can t control the situation at all.However, he must not just watch his beloved city fall into a terrible war Let me tell you what to do Will said slowly As long as such a thing has never happened, once the Irish Republican Army uprising breaks out in Moyle, all you have to do is restrain your troops from being involved in the war, and don t attack the Irish Republican Army.If the army shoots, don t support them either.Remember, there are National Army forces nearby, that s their business.If you take a stand early on, it can get you into a lot of trouble.Since the war blessed cbd gummies for pain uk is unavoidable, what we have to do is to minimize the losses caused by the war in this city Colonel Tarrant stared blankly at the other party, savoring the meaning of Will s words carefully.

We were all fooled by the enemy, and we were all played by Baron Alexon in the applause.Turner nodded In this case, should we release them immediately and let them go back to work Release them William glanced at his subordinates Turner, sometimes we know that the other party has never done these things, but we can t change their fate.Too many things happened in London and in the UK Things, we need someone to take responsibility for these things.Turner fully understood that Lieutenant Colonel Mills and Colonel Jade were the ones who had to take responsibility for this.In fact, they have no fault at all.If it must be said, then their only fault is that they sat in that seat.The kidnapping of the Yinhe and the leak of a series of information all require someone to take responsibility for this, or more precisely, a scapegoat is needed.

What you have to do is very simple, stick to your existing position.Once there is a stalemate, immediately turn around on the battlefield and launch a full scale attack on the US military.Seeing that Bacchus was still hesitant, Wang Weiyi s expression gradually became serious General Bacchus, you don t have much time to think.When Her Majesty s troops attack Southampton, I guarantee half the English people in the city will stand up.And, can you make sure that your subordinates don t have such thoughts I ve given you everything you want, now it s your attitude.Bacchus picked up a cigar, but did not light it.It could be seen that his heart was full of contradictions at the moment.He held the cigar in his hand and kept turning it.After a long time, he slowly put it down.Come down Please tell Her Majesty that Bacchus will be Her Majesty s and the British Empire s staunchest defender He has completely abandoned all illusions, and he knows that he can no longer hesitate.

An Allied fighter plane billowed smoke into the air, and it tried to contain it, but it was an elusive goal.The pilot jumped out of the cabin and watched his fighter plane fall to the ground.And the fate of the pilot.It s not much better than my own plane.When the white parachute cloud dispersed, it quickly became the target of enemy fighter planes, and the ruthless bullets completely sank into his body indifferently.The white cloud withered in an instant.This is just a microcosm of the entire air battle.The air battle had progressed to this point, and every Allied commander watching knew they were about to lose support from the air, and they were about to face bombardment and bullets overhead to meet an attack from the ground.This is probably the saddest place for them.General Jonnel, I think we can start the attack.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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