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Tan one by one, come on, call brother directly.Mr.Tan, don t do this Yi Lan wanted to break free, and any fool knows this situation Something is wrong Hey hey heyLet my brother take care of you, and I will make sure that your childhood will be comfortable and comfortable.Speaking of this, Boss HCMUSSH bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Tan opened his arms and wanted to hug Yi Lan.Ah Youyou stop Come on, good boy Of course Yi Lan would not commit the crime, and during the struggle, there was a lot of commotion in the office, but she was only a woman after all.He was pushed onto the sofa by Mr.Tan.At this time, Qi Fei couldn t bear it anymore.He immediately walked over and pushed open the office door, and stood at the door aggressively.Mr.Tan, bluebird botanicals cbd gummies who was full of alcohol, had already pressed Yi Lan on the sofa, pouted and rubbed hard on Yi Lan s face and neck, as obscene as he could be.In the end, they did meet each other, but Li Dafa not only saw Yi Lan, but when Qi Fei saw him, he also spotted Yi cbd gummy spam text Lan.After a brief astonishment, Li Dafa showed jealousy in his eyes.It was fine if the woman he admired refused to go with him, but he did not expect to date another man alone.It is conceivable that Li Dafa was rejected for this reason.I really didn t expect Yi Lan would fall in love with such a small distributor.How can I say that he is also a sales manager, so why is he not better than him Li Dafa stared at Qi Fei and said to himself.language.The seed of jealousy quickly took root in his heart, and sooner or later it would grow into a towering tree of hatred.Qi Fei felt Li Dafa s emotions from such a distance, which made him frown.Fortunately, the two sightseeing cars gradually went away, and he silently breathed a sigh of relief and said to Yi Lan I I feel a little tired, why don t you go back first Yi Lan turned her head and looked at Qi Fei That s right, you were so tired before, and you couldn t recover in three or two days, in fact, I shouldn t let you travel with me Qi Fei smiled slightly It s all right, it s very useful for me to look at the scenery and relax.Qi Fei looked at the slim back who was leaving quickly from afar, and he felt his heart throbbing.On the Internet, he was wandering, the one who made Qingyu confide in his heart, the one who made Qingyu admire him, the one who A person who makes sunny and rainy feel very relaxed.But in reality, he is still Qi Fei, and she is can cbd gummies cause dizziness still Cheng Siyu.Two completely different attitudes.Qi Fei already knew the truth, but Cheng Siyu didn t know, it was an unspeakable pain for him.It wasn t until Cheng Siyu completely disappeared from Qi Fei s sight that Qi Fei finally came back to his senses, and he was startled and hurriedly looked down at his clothes.Fortunately not work clothes.Qi Fei breathed a sigh of relief.If I tell her directly that I m wanderinghow will she react Qi Fei suddenly had such an idea, but then denied it himself.Oh shit It turned out to be the ghost of this guy Qi Fei couldn t help being a little scared, even if Cheng Siyu didn t say anything, he also realized that he was almost fired for no reason You know, if he was accused of harassing his boss in the company, it would really be the end of the game.Fortunately, before he was fired this time, Cheng Siyu personally conducted an investigation and saved Qi Fei from this innocent disaster.Now it seems that Qi Fei will be fine, and Cheng Siyu also said to him You can go.Yes, Mr.Cheng.Qi Fei was about to turn around and leave when Cheng Siyu stopped him again Wait a minute.Is there anything else Cheng Siyu said with a serious face, Although this is a misunderstanding, I still want to say a few words about it.No matter where or what occasion, personal image is very important.Yi Lan and Qi Fei were so shocked by this sudden event that they couldn t recover space gods cbd gummies from it for a long time.At the same time, the senior management of the group also knew about this matter, and immediately called Cheng Siyu to criticize it.Cheng Siyu What the hell are you doing Mr.Ma patted the table with an angry face.Standing in front of him, Cheng Siyu lowered his head slightly, not daring to say anything.Mr.Ma s voice trembled a little Let me tell you The chairman of the group called me to tell me about the City Daily s activities.The one you submitted is exactly the same President MaI Fortunately, the chairman didn t read your plan It would be strange if he didn t fire good life cbd gummies you if he knew you were plagiarizing You say you, why did you do this What kind of thing I thought you were capable, capable, and able to submit such a wonderful plan, but I didn t expectyou really let me down Cheng Siyu couldn t help being dumbfounded, she didn t americare cbd gummies expect that she would become a plagiarist instead , but looking at Mr.It s beautiful.One day, Qi Fei will leave here, and this day is getting closer and closer, and only in the Internet bluebird botanicals cbd gummies can he continue to keep in touch with Cheng Siyu.Invisibly, the relationship slowly established between the two has become a kind of spiritual support for Qi Fei.This is true for him, but it is also true for Cheng Siyu.Qi Fei had no intention of staying here for a long time when he entered the publishing station.Although two accidents in a row prevented him from making it, this did not affect his decision.Since he was going to leave, Qi Fei didn t need to show his abilities here, which relieved him a lot.He didn t have to worry about how to get promoted.As long bluebird botanicals cbd gummies as he supported Yi Lan, his travel expenses would be enough.Once settled, that s about it.The time was still so tight, Qi Fei also accelerated his pace.Judging from their reactions, they also appreciated the project.Cheng Siyu raised her head and stared at Qi Fei, as if she was thinking about something.At this time, Zhang Li couldn t hold back anymore, and said to Mr.Ma with a disapproving expression on her face Mr.Ma, I am in charge of the operation and management of the group, so the most important thing is cost and economic benefits., I just heard those things and felt something was wrong The customer resource development department of the distribution company used advertisements to exchange newspaper sales.Does it count asdeceiving yourself As soon as these words were said, the atmosphere in the conference room seemed to become a little awkward, and no one came out to speak immediately, President Ma looked at Cheng Siyu and knocked on Hu Zhiping.Even Qi Fei in the ward heard the crisp slap.Li Dafa was beaten so hard that his eyes were staring at him, he gritted his teeth and didn t dare to let go.I m an idiot I don t even know if the car is driving Are you an idiot Not only is my car scrapped, but I also turned him into a vegetable You really fucked me up Fuck Li Xuan scolded Li Dafa badly, then winked at the two strong men in black suits beside him, and the two immediately stepped forward, grabbed Li Dafa and beat him violently.That was exactly the punch to the flesh, and Li Dafa was beaten so hard that he kept wailing and begging for mercy.This movement was not small, and the people passing by in the corridor were all scared to avoid it, let alone anyone who dared to come up to stop it.Hearing Li Dafa s voice, Qi Fei felt more and more uncomfortable, so he got up and got out of bed as soon as possible, and then walked towards the door.I admire him more and more now.There are not many people like him now.These words made Qi Fei s emotions complicated.Seeing Qingyu, he continued to say In comparison, Manager Yi s boyfriend is really terrible.He couldn t bear the burden, so he ran away., the same man, why is there such a big difference Qi Fei replied This I can t say.Oh, I m worried about Qi Fei now, his new boss is just fancying him Kung Fu, let him work as a bodyguard, the company is not doing any serious business, I hope Qi Fei will not be led astray.Don t worry, I think a man like him, he will be sure and measured Yes.Well, I hope so.On the Internet that day, Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu used QQ to chat for a long time.After all, it has been a while since they haven t contacted each other.Before I knew it, it was past eleven o clock in the evening.The woman looked at Qi Fei s back and said to herself It would be great if I could meet this kind of person every time.He wouldn t behe doesn t like women, right The woman didn t think any more Well, anyway, she earned money and didn t have to provide services how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies to others.This is a good thing, so she immediately left the residential area.When Qi Fei returned to his place of residence, he immediately put the bag given by Li Xuan on the sofa and opened it to have a look.He didn t check medterra cbd gummies reviews the details carefully.On the top was a set of knives equipped by the special police, and another one that looked quite The small and exquisite black telescope is very textured and heavy in the hand.He couldn t help holding the telescope in his hand, and looked at it carefully.Just by looking at the workmanship, he knew that it was definitely a good product.Qi Fei smiled Brother Xuan, you are also a person who does big things, It s a big deal, of course, be cautious, how is the talk going It s okay.Li Xuan said with a mouthful of alcohol, then took out a pack of Zhonghua cigarettes from his pocket, and handed one to Qi Fei., Take one by yourself.Qi Fei hurriedly lit Li Xuan on fire.After Li Xuan took a deep breath, his eyes gleamed with a cold light, and suddenly cursed Fuck you Qi Fei was startled, and Qi Fei hurriedly asked what was wrong.What do you think that guy looks like Li Xuan asked angrily.Qi Fei was a little puzzled, he was not familiar with that person, how could he know what that person would be like, so Qi Fei could only speak based on his own feelings It looks very elegant, and you should regard yourself as Very tall, not easy to get close to people, very cautious in doing things, he should be a very thoughtful person.Li Xuan pointed to the stacks of bills on the coffee table that he had just poured out A stack of 10,000 yuan, I just took out half of it, and the remaining 150,000 yuan is just for the three of you Take out half of it Could it be that the other half is for Li Dafa It seems that Li Dafa has 150,000 yuan in his arms, and Li Xuan is really generous.Heizi and Maoqiu s eyes lit up, they picked up the money and stuffed it into their pockets without saying a word, and took away their own share, Qi Fei didn t move.Li Xuan raised his eyebrows What s the matter, Brother Fei, too little Qi Fei shook his head again and again No, no, it s already a lot, but I think it s mainly due to the strength of Heizi and Maoqiu, I don t need to take it.So much.Interesting.Li Xuan narrowed his eyes It s been so long, are you fucking polite to me The two guys just did some physical work, and they were able to arrest Li Dafa smoothly.He smiled knowingly and replied If we are friends in reality, I must take you to celebrate Take a look After sending this sentence, the other party didn t reply for a while, Qi Fei suddenly woke up, and found that he seemed to have touched something that shouldn t be touched.In front of the computer, Cheng Siyu lost her mind for a while, and her expression became a lot more lonely.At this time, she saw Piaoling sent a message Qingyu, are you still there Don t show me your photo Wellahem.Forget it, I understand The two fell into silence at the same time.A few seconds later, Qi Fei took a few deep breaths and sent a message Let s continue talking about your reinstatement.What I m worried about is that your immediate superior will have an opinion.Qingyu replied I was also worried before, and it was precisely because of this that I didn t use this method at first, but later well, it s just that he forced me to do nothing, I can only do that.Well, I will contact you later, bye.Bye.After hanging up the phone, Qi Fei was so excited that he couldn t calm down for a long time, and he walked back and forth in the room by himself.After walking for several laps, I didn t calm down.Not long after, his cell phone rang again.Qi Fei thought it was Cheng Siyu who had something else to do, so he picked up the phone and didn t look at it.When he got through, he said, Mr.Cheng, what else is there Mr.Cheng What the hell is Mr.Cheng, did you fucking hear my voice clearly I am Mr.Ye A loud voice came from the phone, and Qi Fei came back to his senses in an instant, this damn is Ye Dabao Needless to say, Xiao Bei must have told her brother about seeing Qi Fei.Dabao Is it you It s not who I am, I don t even remember my buddies, right Damn, you son of a bitch isn t dead yet Ye Dabao s voice sounded quite excited.Qi Fei rolled his mouth , and hung up the phone.After buying breakfast, Qi Fei sent it to Li Xuan.The two ate together.During the period, Li Xuan triumphantly talked about how he played with those two women last night.What he said was a detailed and exciting story., if Qi Fei hadn t accidentally learned the truth before, he would really have fooled Li Xuan.After eating, Li Xuan said to Qi Fei smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily I have to get a good night s sleep.Anyway, today is New Year s Day, so let 100mg cbd gummie taken during the day me give you a day off, Brother Fei, happy new year.Qi Fei immediately said Brother Xuan Happy New Year too.Well, you go out.Li Xuan yawned, showing a very tired look.Chapter 113 The first meal of the new year Li Xuan gave Qi Fei a day off, Qi Fei didn t know what to do, after much deliberation he decided to just sleep in his room for a day, anyway yesterday I almost didn t sleep all night, so it s good to catch up on sleep.Mr.Guang should have guessed what Qi Fei meant, he chuckled, got up and moved to the side of the curtain twice, and then pulled out a glass door.After he closed the glass door, the inside suddenly became quiet.Although the outside voice could still be heard, it was obviously louder and it would not interfere with the conversation.Only then did Qi Fei know that there was such a glass door.President Guang, you should have worked in these entertainment venues before Qi Fei asked.President Guang smiled Yes, I have been hanging out in nightclubs since I was thirteen or fourteen years old.Qi Fei showed a surprised expression, and President Guang said I have been an orphan since I was a child.I was adopted, but my adoptive father and mother passed away when I was eleven years old.After that, I had to support myself.Xuan er, what would you like to drink Gao Wei looked at Xuan er and asked.Whatever you want, you can bluebird botanicals cbd gummies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant drink whatever you want.Gao Wei said to the waiter beside him, What do you recommend A better drink.The waiter patiently introduced it to him, and then Gao Wei chose Let the waiter bring up the most expensive one.It s a pity that bluebird botanicals cbd gummies there are no private rooms, otherwise it would be better to sit inside.Gao Wei looked at Xuan er and said.Xuan er pursed her lips and smiled It s not bad to be outside, you can go dancing later, don t refuse me.How come, if you like, I can dance with you until dawn.The people were chatting, Xuan er suddenly turned her head to look, with a confused expression on her face, she said to herself It s strange What s wrong, Xuan er.Gao Wei also looked in the direction of her gaze He looked, but he only saw two tall fortune trees.For some reason, Xuan er felt a strange feeling when she entered this place.She couldn t tell what it was like, but she just felt uncomfortable.The last round of challenges Only special grades are challenged Friends who want to try it, hurry up the host shouted.Gao Wei quickly squeezed over and raised his hand and shouted bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Me I want to participate This handsome guy is so active, so please come up, this is your girlfriend next to him She is so beautiful The host smiled Speaking of.With a proud expression on his face, Gao Wei took Xuan er s hand and walked up.Since this last time can only challenge the special level, many people hesitated, and in the end only Gao Wei and Xuan er went up.As soon as Xuan er showed up, she immediately attracted the fiery gazes of countless men in the audience.Feeling these eyes with strong desire, Xuan er seemed very embarrassed, but Gao Wei was even more proud.She was already standing on the edge of the stage.Behind her was the dance floor and many men who were expecting her to fall.Xuan er subconsciously covered her skirt with her hands.She didn t want to stand here.Let the people below have a good time.Just when the host was about to call out the beginning, suddenly a dozen men came in from outside the gate.These men all had fierce expressions on their backs, and they were full of momentum when they came in.At first, everyone benefits of taking cbd gummies daily cbd gummy bears for joint pain was paying attention to the challenge activities, and not many people noticed bluebird botanicals cbd gummies them, but after these people came in, they immediately walked towards the dance floor with the most people.No small commotion.Seeing this situation, the host had no choice but to suspend the event.He took the microphone and asked those people The atmosphere here is indeed very lively and exciting, but gentlemen, you seem to be a little too excited Here There are a lot of people, please be careful The host didn t say a word, one of the dozen or so men immediately snatched the wine bottle from the person next to him, and smashed it on the ground.She ran out of the gate with a frightened face and didn t look back, only the immortal Xuan er stood there helplessly and extremely disappointed.The bald man laughed loudly This kid is a coward, but he is sensible.The vice president of the nightclub squeezed out a smile You guys should go play in the box, stand here, and the guests outside dare not Come in.Okay Get me the best box and serve me the best wine I am happy today the bald man said as he strode up to Lin Xuan er, and hugged her in his arms unceremoniously.Little girl, you are my man tonight, don t worry, I will not smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily treat you badly, I promise to make you happy The bald man s mouth was very close to Xuan er, and as soon as he opened his mouth, he exhaled disgusting bad breath, which made Xuan er feel sick.Her face turned pale, but it s a pity that she didn t have that much strength to get rid of the other party, and she was completely in despair at the moment.After thinking about it, he felt that the best way was to call the police.No matter what the relationship bluebird botanicals cbd gummies between the bald man and those policemen was, he just said that something happened in the nightclub.It will also rush over, at least it can interfere with the bald man.Thinking about it this way, Gao Wei was about to take out his mobile phone and make a call to the police, but just at this moment, he found a traffic policeman not far ahead checking the passing vehicles.Gao Wei was stunned for a moment, wondering why the traffic police were still busy so late However, he felt that he had done nothing wrong, so he drove the car over openly.Immediately, his car was also stopped, and the traffic police asked him to open the car window, and then asked, Sir, have you been drinking After drinking some wine with Xuan er, he couldn t help being nervous, and kept his mouth shut.Well, then That s fine.Brother Qi, I can tell, it s not convenient for you to talk now, and I m just asking what you re doing, I just hope you take care of yourself and be safe I won t call you Text message, so as not to spoil your business.Qi Fei said with a smile It s okay, you can call, this is really no problem.Really That s great But I know what s in my heart.Brother Qi, don t worry, you must pay attention to benefits of taking cbd gummies daily safety Well, I will pay attention, thank you Xiaobei.Hee hee, you re welcome After the call, Qi Fei returned to Li Xuan s room with peace of mind, and handed the phone back to him.Li Xuan looked at the call records, then put the phone away, Qi Fei baked cbd gummy said It s time to eat, let s go together.After dinner, Li Xuan said that he wanted to go outside, Qi Fei could only accompany him.Then, after wandering around for a long time, it was already past ten o clock when they returned to the hotel, and the two of them went back to their rooms.With trembling hands, the youngest fished out a small cloth bag from his arms and handed it to Qi Fei This thingyou help me deliver it, we are here this time to repay someone, and what he needs is hereYou leave it to him.Qi Fei s head grew dizzy To whom The third child swallowed a mouthful of blood Later, you also take off the amulet around my neck, and he will know it when he sees it.Brother, you are bio lyfe cbd gummies amazon kind, and I have nothing to repayyou give it to my benefactor, Naturally, you have the glory and wealth of your life.Hehis name is GongsunhaiBinBingang people, he is a big man, you can find out by askingand your companion, quickly burn that jade pendant with fire, Just let him swallow the ashes Take the rest of our body if you want benefits of taking cbd gummies daily cbd gummy bears for joint pain Just get rid of the poisonous insects inside, remember not to spray people s breath on it Otherwise cough cough cough The third child said these words with all his strength, then he trembled and died.The trees on smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily both sides were much sparser.Not far away, you can see a small river.The front is very flat, and you can see a relatively obvious road.This road winds forward and turns at a place of more than 100 meters.Can t see what s behind.I thinkit s quite normal.Qi Fei said with a confused face.While walking, Xiaotie pointed to a place more than ten meters away on the right Look there, is there a road Qi Fei took a closer look, and there was indeed, but it was blocked by big trees, and the vegetation was flourishing, so he couldn t see it for a while.Yes, it s just why does it feel like it s been abandoned for a long time Qi Fei was a little surprised.Xiao Tie s expression was solemn That road is the road leading from the village to the outside world.It is much smoother than bluebird botanicals cbd gummies the place we took.Qi Fei is not a soldier, nor has he ever been a soldier on the battlefield.It is not easy to keep calm in the face of such a situation.Relatively speaking, Xiao Tie is the calmest.Is there any way to get rid of that monkey Qi Fei asked.Yes, that is to kill it.But Shh Xiao Tie made a silent gesture, and Qi Fei hurriedly closed his mouth tightly.At this moment, the place where the three of them were hiding was under a big collapsed tree, surrounded by lush vegetation and surrounded by a large number of vines, it was difficult to be found under normal circumstances.It s just that once discovered, it may be very difficult to escape, basically it will be a catch.After Xiao Tie signaled Qi Fei to be quiet, he closed his eyes, pricked up his ears and listened carefully.Qi Fei and Li Xuan stared at each other and tried to listen, but there was no movement other than his own heartbeat.I can t slip, you Help me.With a smile all over his face, Cheng Siyu stretched out his hand to hold Qi Fei s arm, and leaned his head against it.A strong sense of happiness swept Qi Fei s heart.He saw the envious looks of the passers by passing by, obviously treating the two of them as a couple in love.It s just that there is more sadness and bitterness behind this sense of happiness.Qi Fei even thought that bluebird botanicals cbd gummies if Li Xuan saw this scene, he wouldn t know how he would die.I don t know if Li Xuan has anyone here, if he is accidentally seen, it will be over.Thinking of this, the sense of happiness disappeared without a trace in an instant.Qi Fei is not a cowardly man, but he had to choose to push Cheng Siyu away a little bit, and then support her in another way.Cheng Siyu was a little dizzy, didn t notice Qi Fei s abnormal behavior, and was immediately taken by Qi Fei into a taxi and returned to the hotel.After seeing the nurse busy for a while, Qi Fei walked out of the ward, met Dr.Wu on the way, and the two had a few words.Qi Fei, why does your face look so strange Dr.Wu asked with concern.Qi Fei smiled It s okay You have to take good care of your body.Your body is the most important thing.And when Yi Lan wakes up, you will have to undergo recovery treatment.You still have to work hard It doesn t matter, I m fine.Dr.Wu patted Qi Fei on the shoulder I said this because I want you to pay more attention to yourself.I will still help you take care of Yi Lan when the time comes.Well, thank you, Brother Ang.Then I ll go It s gone.Go.After listening to Dr.Wu s words, Qi Fei felt much better.Dr.Wu always gives people a positive and optimistic feeling, Qi Fei thought to himself, Yi Lan is really lucky , to meet such a good doctor.But Qingyu said Piaolingdon t say that again.In fact, even without your words, I have thought about our problems.I have thought about them before that, and your words are just a catalyst.In fact, I am very happy.Thank you, I didn t have the courage to face the cruel ending, but you gave me the courage to wake up, and I believe that you are also awake Piao Ling, we must all go on according to the established destiny, There is only such a fate between you and me, which is also destined, thank you for your company, thank you for giving me so much happiness, if there is a next life, I hope we can really be together, this life can not be done, But I will engrave all the bits and pieces of being with you in my heart, and I hope you can forget me, you should have your own life.Forget me, it s the last time to call you dear.In short, I tried my best to do it, and I am satisfied if I didn t disappoint Mr.Cheng.Cheng Siyu looked into Qi Fei s eyes Do you know why I was so eager to implement the plan Mr.Cheng must have his own ideas.As an employee, I just need to complete the task satisfactorily.Qi Fei didn t answer directly, but dealt with it ambiguously with this sentence.Cheng Siyu hesitated, as if she wanted to say something more, but she didn t say anything in the end.She stood up and picked up the plan, as if talking to herself or deliberately saying to Qi Fei It s almost time we have to put Send this thing to Director Zhang Qi Fei frowned slightly, logically he should get up and leave at this time, but he didn t move.After hesitating for a moment, Qi Fei looked at Cheng Siyu Mr.Cheng, I have a question I want to ask you.Qi Fei readily agreed, and especially reminded Xiaobei to pay attention to safety.Relatively speaking, the period before the implementation of the plan was the most tiring period, and now everything is almost stable, Qi Fei can also take a breath, otherwise he would not have time to accompany her when Xiao Bei came.After finishing the call, Qi Fei took a shower, and then went out to eat.The location was a five star hotel.After Qi Fei went in, he went to the restaurant, and then found the private room that the office director of the Metropolis Daily said.After entering the private room, Qi Fei saw two middle aged men.Qi Fei had never had any interaction with these two men before, but he also knew them.The slightly older man with a pair of gold rimmed glasses was a slightly bald man.The editor in chief of the Metropolis Daily, and the other thin and slicked back hair is the office director.Second, other families absolutely dare not recognize the number one.Qi Fei also had a smile on his face, nodding his head in praise from time to time.As for whether this was the truth, or whether the director was natires only cbd gummies drinking too much and talking big, or deliberately exaggerating to attract Qi Fei, Qi Fei didn t think too much about it.The director of Dabeitou talked a lot, and the editor in chief Liu seemed to be unable to hold back, so he found a gap to intervene and Qi Fei said, Xiao bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Qi, after all, smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily what we value most is talents.No matter what aspect of strategy it is, it is based on talents.As the core, bluebird botanicals cbd gummies for me, as long as it is a talent, I will accept it and give the best treatment, so that I can be worthy of the talent Well, Editor in Chief Liu is right, talent is indeed the most important thing After all, it is human beings who do things At this time, the director with a big back patted Qi Fei on the shoulder Speaking bluebird botanicals cbd gummies cbd gummies to stop smoking near me bluebird botanicals cbd gummies of conscience, I feel that if a master like Qi Fei s brother stays at the Evening News all the time It s a waste of talents How should I put it, when I learned that a talent like you who can plan such an awesome plan is actually just a temporary worker, I really feel incredible It s incredible They It s a waste No It s a waste of talents After the big backed director finished speaking, he showed a heartbroken expression.Zhang Wei curled his lips and said nothing, but the big backed director s eyes were shining.Zhang Li also stretched intentionally or unintentionally, and that posture instantly caught the director s eyes almost falling to the ground.Come on, let s have a drink.Zhang Li raised her glass with a smile.Director Dabeitou immediately made a cooperative action, but Zhang Wei was a little lazy.The three wine glasses collided together and made a crisp sound.I wish all our wishes come true, and I wish the big bomb released by the Metropolis Daily will detonate with the best effect.Cheers Zhang Li said.Cheers Cheers bluebird botanicals cbd gummies On this side, Zhang Li and Zhang Wei s siblings have reached an invisible cooperation with the office director of the Metropolis Daily.Taking her out.Ye Xiaobei said that he wanted to go to the bar for a while, Qi Fei thought about it, originally the best bars in Bingang belonged to Li Xuan, and smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily they were all in his entertainment city, but now that place has become Qin Wu s , Qi Fei is also inconvenient to go, which makes him a little troubled.After more than twenty minutes, Qi Fei got out of the car, and in front of him was a seemingly remote alley.There were people coming and going in and out of the alley, but compared to other places, it seemed very deserted.A gust of cold wind blew, Qi Fei shrank his neck, and strode inside.After walking for about twenty meters, he turned a corner and arrived at Brother Bin s hot pot restaurant.At the moment, it seems that bluebird botanicals cbd gummies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant the business of the hotpot restaurant is pretty good, with tables filled inside and out, and people sitting there.Of course, this kind of small place still can t compare with the business of a big how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies restaurant.Qi Fei didn t rush over, he stood under the wall of the alley and smoked two cigarettes, and waited for a table full of people to leave before he stepped forward.When Brother Bin saw Qi Fei appearing, there was a little kindness in his originally indifferent eyes.At that time, you will become the first responsible person, and finally it will come HCMUSSH bluebird botanicals cbd gummies from various departments and distribution stations in the company.For example, for example, the company s internal If employees need to handle some matters, bluebird botanicals cbd gummies or have some suggestions for the company, according to the company s procedures, they should first contact the bluebird botanicals cbd gummies company office, and then the office director will deal with it according to the specific situation.When doing all the above work, the office The director must take full responsibility for the things he is responsible for, and if he wants to do it, he must do it well.Yi Lan nodded while recording in the notebook.Qi Fei talked vigorously, and subconsciously took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, but he immediately realized that this is a restaurant, and smoking is not allowed in public places.After talking about this matter, Yi Lan planned to leave, but Tan Jianren came in slowly.As how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies soon as he saw Yi Lan, Tan Jianren smiled, but the smile looked uncomfortable.Boss Tan.Yi Lan called out politely.Tan Jianren bluebird botanicals cbd gummies nodded Oh, I was too busy the past few days and didn t have time to find you What can I do for you Yi Lan asked.Haha, did the matter come to an end The main reason is that you just left.I miss you very much Ever since Tan Jianren came in, he had been staring at Yi Lan, completely ignoring Qi Fei.Lan called him can t chew cbd gummies will well they still work together but he didn t respond.Yilan, at this manager s meeting, let s discuss the matter of you bluebird botanicals cbd gummies being the director of the office.I agree with it with both hands.I am very pleased to see you step by step.You have to work hard.This position is not good.I have a very important responsibility.Qi Fei opened the door and sat in.Viagra, how s your talk with the editor in chief of Metropolis Daily going Brother Fei, I don t understand what you re talking about.Viagra, you said that if your discussion with the editor in chief of Metropolis Daily was found out by the company s senior management, What will they do Zhang Wei broke out in a cold sweat from Qi Fei s words, and hurriedly knelt down to Qi Fei who was sitting behind him, and said, Brother Fei, we are all brothers, so speak up if you have something to say.It s time to have a good talk.Brother Fei, your lord has a lot of cbd gummies over the counter people.In the past, I offended Brother bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Fei because I didn t know Taishan.Please don t forgive me.Zhang Wei is about to lose his job, so Zhang Wei can t care about face, as long as Qi Fei doesn t tell the story today, even if he is asked to call him father, he can still call him.He didn t have the curiosity to care about the family marriage that Hitomi Shisha mentioned.It was a matter between their big families, and he was just a small ordinary person.Qi Fei still thought of Cheng Siyu, although the marriage between Cheng Siyu and Li Xuan was not a marriage between a big family, it was just Cheng bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Siyu s repayment.Seeing that Qi Fei didn t speak, Tong Shuiyan stretched out his hand and waved in front of Qi Fei s eyes, pouted a little unhappy, and said, Stupid, what are you thinking It s the first time we met, so why did you become an idiot after a short time, then if you get along for a few days, are you planning to change your name to Dear, Smecta or something like that Blushing, she said coquettishly Sure enough, men don t have a good thing.Qi Fei spread his hands helplessly, wondering if he was thinking too much.He looked at the phone number on the screen of the phone.It was an unfamiliar number in Langzhou.Although he was wondering who the other party was, he swiped to the right Answered.Qi Fei, I thought you wouldn t answer my call.Xuan er s voice came from the other end of the phone.Qi Fei, I think you must really want to know why the company went bankrupt.Seeing that Qi Fei didn how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies t speak, optimum cbd gummies Xuan er showed a wry smile, Qi Fei, I couldn t find you in Langzhou after the company went bankrupt, so I called you Parents, it is your mother who answered the phone, cbd gummies nh she told me that you are in Bingang, I came to Bingang to look for you twice, but I couldn t find you, I smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily don t know if you have time, let s talk.Xuan er s voice came to the back Somewhat choked up, after telling Qi Fei a meeting place, Xuan er hung up the phone.Qi Fei looked at the sky and took a deep breath.Chapter 292 Questioning Bei Dao Chuanzi Hitomi Shisha did not disturb Qi Fei s thinking, and quietly held Qi Fei s arm.Back home, Qi Fei did not avoid Hitomi Shisha, and called Xiao Wu.Brother Fei, I said I would look for you in two days I didn t expect you to miss my cbd gummies helps with anixtey reddit brother so much.Xiao Wu still had that ruffian tone.Qi Fei only wanted to know about Xu Kaixuan, and he didn t go around with Xiao Wu.He directly asked Xiao Wu about Bei Dao Chuanzi, Xiao Wu, I won t talk nonsense, is .

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Bei Dao Chuanzi still here Where are you.Xiao Wu frowned slightly, then laughed and said, Brother Fei, don t you want to exchange culture with that Japanese girl, right Wait a while and I ll bluebird botanicals cbd gummies have that girl taken away.Send it to you.Qi Fei was full of black lines, Xiao Wu, the important task of cultural exchange is up to you, I m not interested, I have something I want to know about her.Chapter 304 Good things come in pairs After the phone call with Cheng Siyu, Qi Fei smiled wryly.He used to be able to protect Cheng Siyu as an employee or consultant of the Bingang Evening News, but now He took back the company, can he still secretly protect Cheng Siyu Shaking his head, Qi Fei didn t continue to think about this matter any longer.The boat went straight to the bridge, and the car must have a way to the mountain.Cheng Siyu must be protected.Here I have to say that Hitomi Shisha and her classmates are all talents in fashion design.It is only a short period of time in Milan Clothing City, but it has allowed the company to gain a firm foothold in Langzhou.Milan Clothing has also gained a foothold in the clothing industry.Although Milan is still very small, Qi Fei believes that Milan will definitely become a large multinational company in the future.After finishing speaking, Xiao Wu smiled at Qi Fei, Brother Fei, you can t lose again this time.But I want you to join my mercenary organization.As soon as the words fell, Xiao Wu held two samurai swords and rushed into the dozen or so Japanese samurai.Qi Feike didn t dare to let Xiao Wu deal with it alone.One person, who was put in a city, joined the battle with a samurai sword in hand.Clang The samurai sword collided with the samurai sword, bringing up a string of sparks.Qi Fei blocked a Japanese samurai with a samurai sword Another samurai sword stabbed into the thigh of a Japanese samurai, but Qi Fei didn t feel any better, he was stabbed twice in the back, and his clothes were stained red with blood.With the samurai sword, he swung it behind him.Xiaowu chopped a samurai sword bluebird botanicals cbd gummies on the shoulder of a Japanese samurai, and waved the other one behind him.I hurried to the airport to buy a ticket from Bingang to Langzhou.As early as after the Milan clothing exhibition in Langzhou, the relationship between Jiazi and Hitomi Shisha became very good.She could see from Hitomi Shisha s eyes that she loved Qifei no less than herself.When she arrived in Langzhou, Jiazi went straight to Qi Fei s villa, where she saw Hitomi Shisha.Hitomi Shisha was a little surprised when she saw Jiazi coming, so she welcomed Jiazi in anyway.Shisha, can you not go back to get married Jiazi sat down, took Hitomi Shisha s hand, and asked while looking at Hitomi Shisha.Hitomi Shisha showed a bitter smile at Kako, will she get married She didn t want to either, but the reality was like this, so she had to go back to get married in two months.Jiaziyou should bless me, maybe this is my best destination.The next morning, after Qi Fei delivered Tong Shisha to the Milan company, he took Jiazi to Ye Xiaobei s home, and it was Ye Dabao who opened the door.Ye Dabao saw that the .

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person Qi Fei brought was not Tong Shisha, but another The unknown woman frowned slightly.Welcoming Qi Fei and Jiazi into the home, Ye Dabao was about to wake Ye Xiaobei up when Qi Fei held him in his arms, Xiaobei is also very tired at work, after a few days of rest, let her sleep for a while, don t Excuse her.Ye Dabao nodded, sat opposite to Qi bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Fei, looked at Jiazi for a while, and then his eyes stayed on Qi Fei, you are very capable, I haven t seen you for a few days, but I changed my girlfriend again Qi Fei smiled awkwardly at bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Ye Dabao, and said, Some things about Dabao are not as you imagined.Ye Dabao still didn t speak, and kept staring at Qi Fei like that, and Qi Fei didn t bother to explain to Ye Dabao , there is bluebird botanicals cbd gummies a saying that is well said, the more you explain, the more chaotic it becomes.Tong Zhan told Qi Fei that Milan clothing was also introduced to Hong Kong a few days ago.Because of the creativity of the clothing, it took a few days to gain a foothold in Hong Kong.survive.Qi Fei naturally understands this truth, but this is not the time to talk about Milan, and the top priority is to dissolve Hitomi Shisha s marriage.Fuck, I just want to know if your Tong family is in charge of this matter or not Just as Qi Fei and the others were chatting carelessly with their own concerns, an angry voice came from outside the villa.It is a foreigner whose Mandarin is not standard at all.Why does this voice feel familiar Qi Fei and the others looked at each other, and they all saw doubts in each other s eyes.Tong Zhan smiled awkwardly at Qi Fei and the others, and asked them to sit and drink tea in the room while he went out to deal with things.Qi Fei smiled wryly, he is not proficient in gambling, he shook his head, Looking at their performance just now, it must be pretty good.Li Xuan smiled and nodded, It s not just good, you know that they are a How much is a person worth Qi Fei shook his head, and Li Xuan stretched out a slap, They are worth half a million dollars alone.Back at the Galaxy Hotel, it was already afternoon, bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Qi Fei took a shower, and Li Xuan came out.Xuan told Qi Fei to go to the casino in Macau with him in a while, and let him see what cbd gummy worms the casino is like.There are many casinos in Macau, Li Xuan brought Qi Fei into one randomly, there are many people in the casino, and there are many types of gambling, from poker, mahjong to Pai Gow everything.Li Xuan asked Qi Fei if he wanted to play a few games.Qi Fei shook his head.Bai Jin admired Qi Fei s personality, When Qi Fei was working under Li Xuan, Qi Fei had rescued him once, and later Qi Fei left Li Xuan, Bai Jin thought that what is the right dose for cbd gummies he would not have an antagonistic relationship with Qi Fei in the future, but he told him what happened today.In the future, he and Qi Fei will be enemies.After Qin Wu s men left, Li Xuan came to Qi Fei s side and gave Qi Fei a meaningful look, I have to thank you for letting me know that Bai Jin is a traitor.Qi Fei smiled wryly in his heart, while Li Xuan In fact, I have been suspicious of Platinum for a long cbd gummies at whole foods time, otherwise it would not prevent Platinum from entering the underground casino.On the other hand, Li Xuan was telling Qi Fei that you found me a chess piece from a competitor back then, but he looked at Li Xuan as Not a word was said.She shook her head slightly and looked at Qi Fei with an angelic smile, Sister Tingting and that young master Long Yes, since both of them are interested in how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies each other, just say it, why is it like this.Qi Fei shook his head, and touched Ye Xiaobei s head affectionately, causing Ye Xiaobei to stick out his tongue.Hitomi Shisha, Jiazi and Ye Xiaobei who were singing were all tired from singing, Meng Tingting and Long Xiaotian on the other side still didn t speak, just looked at each other like that.Who is that If you really like our Tong Tong, you can say it out loud.If you look at it like this, the stone will bloom.Tong Shisha couldn t stand it any longer.I really don t know when they will see it.Yes If you like to say it out loud.Ye Xiaobei how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies did not forget to echo Hitomi Shisha.Qi Fei looked at the two beauties, Tongshiyan and Ye cbd gummies to stop smoking near me bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Xiaobei, with a smile on his face.He kicked the wretched man in the abdomen, and while Long Xiaotian was dealing with the wretched man s subordinates, Meng Tingting had already returned to Tong Shuiyan and the others.Long Xiaotian walked up to Meng Tingting, and smiled apologetically at Meng Tingting, Let s go, there are really a lot of ants in the way here.The manager of the entertainment place stood outside the private room, Long Xiaotian looked at the manager With a glance, he pointed to the wretched man lying in the private room and screaming, and said to the manager, Tonight s compensation and consumption can be found by that fat man.Don t worry, he won t give it to you.Leaving the entertainment place , Long Xiaotian planned to send Meng Tingting back, Meng Tingting told Long Xiaotian that she would be with Tong Shisha, Long Xiaotian smiled, turned around and waved, took a taxi and left.I didn t make you wait for a long time.After waiting for about half an hour, Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan came out of the company.Seeing them, Qi Fei waved to them and walked over.Said.Cheng Boss, look at what you said, I just arrived.Qi Fei opened the car door, waited for Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan to sit in, and then closed the car.It s just off work now, you must be hungry, let s go eat first.Qi Fei sat in the driver s seat, fastened his seat belt, turned his head and glanced at Yi Lan and Cheng Siyu who were sitting in the back row.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan nodded to Qi Fei, Qi Fei drove the car to the entrance of a Chinese restaurant and stopped, walked into the restaurant and the waiter greeted him warmly, Qi Fei and the three asked for a private room.The waiter led the three of them into the private room, Qi Fei handed the menu to bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Cheng Siyu and asked her to order.Heizi listened to Li Xuan s words and said with a smile When the market opened with the hand, I bet Brother Fei 20,000.How much is it Li Xuan also wanted to bet on it for fun.One to three and one to five.Hearing Heizi s words, Li Xuan couldn t help but twitched his cheeks a few times, and told Heizi, Go and bet on Brother Fei to win 100,000.Heizi smiled and went to bet.Qi Fei and Bai Xiye, who were fighting, didn t know that there were still people opening the market for their competition, and there were quite a lot of people betting on it.After some battles, Bai Xiye was shocked.He was born in a special soldier, and his combat skills and physical fitness were very good, but today s competition with Qi Fei made him realize that he was not as good as Qi Fei.Bang Qi Fei hit Bai Xiye s body with a palm, knocking Bai Xiye back a few steps, and at the same time, he was also punched by Bai Xiye.Md, I don t believe it.They smashed a few tables, but the wall still didn t break open.Bai Xiye threw a corner of the table in his hand to the ground, and his whole body hit the wall.Boom Qi Fei and Lao Jiu looked at each other, and like Bai Xiye, they hit the wall with their bodies.Under the combined force of the three of them, cracks appeared in the wall, and then it collapsed.After the wall collapsed, a space of about five or six square meters was exposed, and some drugs were bluebird botanicals cbd gummies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant placed in this space.Lao Jiu called Li Xuan who was outside the trading market.Li Xuan had a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and said a few words to the team leader policeman, who then entered the trading market with a few younger brothers.The person in charge of the trading market couldn t sit still, and the leading police went in.Contrary to the atmosphere here at Metropolis Daily, Bingang Evening News.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan sat in the office, watching the video of Milan s new product launch, they were sincerely happy for Qi Fei.Cheng Siyu said a little coquettishly, This guy, he didn t tell us about such a happy event in the company.Yi Lan nodded in agreement, When he comes back, we ignore him and let him smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily know the fate of offending us.Ignoring him is still a relatively light punishment.Cheng Siyu rolled his eyes, We will throw him into the blacklist and let him completely disappear from our contacts.Hehe Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan exchanged views Taking a look, he talked about these methods of rectifying Qi Fei, but in fact he didn t do that.Mr.Cheng, I ll call Qi Fei and ask when he will be back.After work, when she was walking down the stairs, Yi Lan asked Cheng Siyu to wait for her for bluebird botanicals cbd gummies a while, and she called Qi Fei.A gun dealer has been staring at the Bloody Queen since she appeared, and suddenly the woman in white that I saw two nights ago appeared in his mind , the figure of the woman in white and the bloody queen completely merged together.After being reminded by the gun dealer, other people on the street felt a sense of enlightenment.No wonder the man hit someone, but there was no killer to stop him.The drug lord who molested the Bloody Queen wanted to die right now.The wound on his face hasn t healed in the past two days.He originally planned to tell the Bloody Queen about the pain of that day, but that day he wanted to moles the white clothes The woman suddenly transformed into a bloody queen.The drug lords and gun dealers around saw the face of this pig headed brother changed, and they all had a gloating expression.It should be safe now.When the Bloody Queen left the room, Qi Fei had been listening to her footsteps.He was sure that the Bloody Queen had gone downstairs and left.Damn it, but the young master is exhausted.Facing other people, Xiao Wu may not feel such a great pressure, but facing the number one killer on the killer list, Xiao Wu only feels that there is a The mountain was pressing on his chest, if he hadn t been very determined, he might have been on the way to escape by now.This woman is even scarier than the man who came before.Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun have never fought Shisan, but Qi Fei has fought him.The Bloody Queen feels even more terrifying to him than Shisan.Hush Suddenly, Qi Fei gestured in a small voice, glanced at the window with his eyes, and told Xiao Wu and Zhao Yun to speak softly.The clothes on her body looked like they had been worn several times how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies in a row.The man in the sky was walking over with a swaying smile on his face.Come on, have a drink HCMUSSH bluebird botanicals cbd gummies with me.The man sat down beside Jiazi, took a sip of the juice in front of Jiazi, It tastes a little weaker.Jiazi s eyes turned cold, and she stretched out her hand to pull the man out of the mouth.Push away on the seat.Huh the man reached out and grabbed Jiazi s wrist, made a sound of surprise, shook the hair that hadn t been washed in the past few days, looked at Jiazi with unshaven eyes, I underestimated you.Jiazi moved quickly with the other hand He clasped the man s wrist, and at the same time raised his foot and kicked the man s abdomen.Tsk tsk The man bent down to avoid Jiazi s kick, and punched Jiazi s outstretched hand, then reached out to touch the hand that was held, benefits of taking cbd gummies daily cbd gummy bears for joint pain curled his lips and said, So A juicy chick, you can t be too hot tempered, otherwise the front will not be convex and the back will not be warped.Greeting posts are the most commonly used in the era of cold weapons.In modern times, everything is basically contacted cbd gummies with caffeine by phone.In some places where mobile networks are not popular, letters may still be used to exchange information.Li Xuan looked at the greeting card in his hand, and there were two words Qin Wu written on the cover.Li Xuan understood that this was Qin Wu s challenge to him.He opened the greeting card gently, and the content inside was very concise.There s only one sentence let s talk and there isn t even a place to talk on it.Brother Xuan, Qin Wu is here to challenge you.Heizi was also angry, and Qin Wu came to provoke Li Xuan one after another.If Li Xuan hadn t kept pressing him, Heizi would have gone to deal with Qin Wu long ago.Li Xuan smiled instead of anger, and asked Heizi to get a greeting card.After speaking, Tong Shuiyan walked out of the ward and walked to Zhang Yun s office.Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan looked at each other and followed behind Tong Shuiyan Walked out of the ward.Zhang Yun sat in the office very leisurely.Surprisingly few people came to see him today.He also heard about Wu Wei being taken away by the third child.At this time, he was thinking about what Wu Wei would be beaten up by the third child.So, will it become a pig s head.Bang The door of Zhang Yun s office was not pushed open, but was kicked open by Tong Shuiyan.After knowing the whole story, Tong Shuiyan got angry.Zhang bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Yun was taken aback, who the hell dared to kick the door , when he saw that it was Hitomi Shisha who kicked the door, he laughed happily.The sound of Hitomi Shisha kicking the door can be described as a stone that stirred up thousands of waves.The younger brother who spoke secretly glanced at Bai Jin, for fear that the old man would suddenly lose his temper.Qi Fei and Xiao Wu searched the receivers near the hospital, but they couldn t find Bai Xiye.The two met at the entrance of the hospital.Five people have been found.Ah Just when Qi Fei and Xiao Wu were at a loss, a family member of a patient passed by them, shook his head and said This world has really changed, a group of robbers rampaging in broad daylight I didn t know what they were looking for, so I called the police and told the police that since there were no casualties or property losses, there is no need to trouble them.Qi Fei walked up to the speaker Beside him, he asked, I heard you just said that there were a group of robbers in broad daylight How do I get from here to that alley Qi Fei smiled wryly.You can come to me.Xiao Wu kicked bluebird botanicals cbd gummies are cbd gummies legal in wisconsin the younger brother who was lying on the ground a few times, shook his head and waved his hands, and followed Qi Fei into the alley.The alley was five to six hundred meters long, and there were almost a hundred families living here.Qi Fei stopped walking more than a hundred meters away from the entrance of the alley.Although this is a dead end, there are too many people here.If Bai Xiye wants to hide, he can hide in any place.Finding him is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.Xiao Wu stood in the same row as Qi Fei, and what he thought was the same as what Qi Fei thought, Bai Xiye should know about such a big thing happening at the entrance of the alley Come out and leave with us, why hasn t there been any movement so far, could it be that the kid slipped away while we were fighting Xiao Wu scratched his head and said to Qi Fei thoughtfully.Moreover, the manager always had a smile on his face and respect in his eyes.Who is this person Could it be that he was sent by the headquarters Everyone was curious, and Clerk A of the children s clothing store asked Employee B beside him.Employee B shook his head, The manager is from the headquarters.When Miss Jiazi came, the manager also sent her off, but he benefits of taking cbd gummies daily cbd gummy bears for joint pain just smiled and didn t show any respect in his eyes.Employee B thought of Jiazi a few months ago When they came to the store to meet the manager, at that time they were harassed by some punks all day long, it was miserable.Jiazi didn t say anything when she arrived, and went straight up and beat up the gangsters.I heard that our boss is a very young handsome guy.Do you think the person sent by the manager will be our boss Employee C recalled a news he had heard before, and whispered to the few employees standing beside him.After arranging Ye Xiaobei, Tong Shiyan and Jiazi into the car, Qi Fei took the seat of the driver Bai Xiye and asked him to drive the car that Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuanzi were riding in.Bai Xiye was very happy about this, and ran over in a panic, pulling Xiao Wu who was sitting in the driver s seat, Sorry, this seat is mine, you should just go there honestly.Sit in the back.Fuck Xiao Wu burst into a rough sentence, I haven t seen cbd gummy bears on shark tank you for a few days, your injury has healed, don t you know how big the sky is and how red the flowers are.Xiao Wu was furious Sitting in the back row, he had previously planned to take Bei Dao Chuanzi and go back to enjoy the world of the two, but at this bluebird botanicals cbd gummies moment, it seems that that idea has become a bubble.Two limousines, one black and one white, drove quickly on the streets of Langzhou, and stopped when they reached Qi Fei s small villa.Xiao Wu looked at Bai Xiye s car and shouted loudly.Xiao Wu, why don t you make gestures with me tomorrow.Tong Shiyan looked at Xiao Wu and his eyes lit up, I haven t fought with anyone for a long time, I just want to use you to try my hand and see that my level has regressed compared to before How many.Xiao Wu s complexion became ugly.Why do you meddle in the matter cbd gummies to stop smoking near me bluebird botanicals cbd gummies between me and Bai Xiye You say that the competition has no eyes.If I hurt you in the competition, how will I face Brother Fei .Xiao Wu naturally would not accept the competition with the girl Tong Shisha, he waved his hand and said, I never compete with women.Looking at Tong Shisha standing next to Qi Fei, Ye Xiaobei and Jia Zi, Xiao Wu A wicked smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he thought to himself, The hot girl is pretty good, and the female ninja is also pretty good.She picked up Qi Fei s phone, and there was only one swipe to the right to unlock it.With a light swipe to the right, the phone was unlocked, and she entered the menu to find bluebird botanicals cbd gummies cbd gummies for appetite stimulant the little penguin.When she tapped the little penguin lightly and saw the QQ nickname on the screen, she thought she had read it wrong, No, there are many screen names called Piaoling, Qi Fei how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies must not be Piaoling.Cheng Siyu opened the phone with trembling hands.Qi Fei s information, when she saw the QQ number on it, she thought she was dazzled, it was a QQ number that she had memorized so well that she couldn t be more familiar with it.Which number, she deleted it at the beginning, and entered it into the add friend many times later, but she bluebird botanicals cbd gummies never had the courage to click the add button.Today, she saw that QQ number in Qi Fei s mobile phone, what does this mean It means that Qi Fei is Piao Ling, and Piao Ling is Qi Fei.I wanted to open the door and go out to have a look, but I was afraid that a fire at the city gate would hurt the fish in the pond.There are plenty of people who think like this neighbor.It can t be done, I have to open the door and go out to have a look.A neighbor couldn t help his curiosity, and this kind of watching made him very anxious.With one person taking the lead, the others became more courageous, and they came out of the room one after another, and stood far away watching cbd gummies to stop smoking near me bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Qi Fei and his cousin who were fighting in the room.Who is this man Why haven t I seen him before Neighbor A asked curiously.I don t know, maybe it s the girl s boyfriend.Neighbor B s eyes fell on Yang Xueyu, I heard that the girl seems to be a female star.Do you live in a rented house Neighbor C responded unflinchingly.It s just that I m not sure if that person is the one the full spectrum cbd gummies mn queen is looking for.His figure and back are very 2g cbd gummies similar to the information provided by the queen.What about the front the killer asked.The man was injured, and gauze was still tied on his face and head, so The killer didn t dare to look at the Bloody Queen.The woman in front of him was a murderer who became famous with countless blood and corpses.The world s number one killer.Take me to have a look.The Bloody Queen ordered coldly.In the snack bar, on the second day after Qi Fei was discharged from the .

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hospital, Yang Xueyu found the landlord and rented a room for Qi Fei next door to her, and Qi Fei also started his working life.After a day or two, the people around the community got used to the addition of an injured guy in the snack bar.You ran away last time, this time I will send you to see your grandma.No.3 said with a smile.After saying a word, Shenxing suddenly disappeared from where he was.The top of the knife.The fluffy palms, fluffy body, and his body that is one size smaller than ordinary people, combined, it seems to be a joke, but Lei Dao knows that whoever takes this guy as a joke is the biggest one.joke.A palm can weigh more than a thousand catties, as long as this light palm falls on Lei Dao s head, this dirty head will probably turn into a rotten watermelon in an instant.At the most critical moment, Lei Dao suddenly raised the long knife in his hand, with the blade facing upwards, and his body drew an arc with the long knife.As long as No.3 does not change his moves, the sharp blade will directly cut off his palm.Today s weather is smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily fine, the sun is very big, no, the moon is very round.Hey, we re fine, what s the point of flirting with an idiot.Mao, work, work, I said, there s a fly over there Hurry up and kill it.Sansha quickly threw away the Thunder Knife, pretended to be working hard, ran to the other side of the yard, squatted in the corner, pointed at the Thunder Knife, and issued two Sound weird.Is everything resolved In the room on the second floor, Wu Lan helped Qi Fei rub his shoulders and said softly.She can t help Qi Fei rush outside, all she can do is take care of the company and give Qi Fei a warm hug after returning home.It s almost there, but there are still many things to do in the future.Yes, benefits of taking cbd gummies daily cbd gummy bears for joint pain a little to the left, use your strength.Qi Fei said while directing Wu Lan, not to mention, Wu Lan s massage technique is really good.Such a simple comparison, Liu Zhengfeng believed it, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.Now the smog in Langzhou is so serious, although the country is making great efforts to save energy and reduce emissions, and promote clean energy, but with the rapid development of the city, smog is still a huge issue, and it is eroding people s lives and health bit by bit.As the deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, he asked his subordinate scientific research units more than once to research and develop this kind of product that can reduce the danger of smog as soon as possible.A lot of money has been invested, and many things have been produced, smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily but few are really useful.One, there is no one that can have the effect of these two small balls.How could this make Liu Zhengfeng unhappy Although it does not fundamentally solve the problem of smog, this product can greatly reduce the erosion of smog on people s lives and health.With your words, I feel relieved.The money will arrive in the account within a week.I hope you cbdistillery anytime cbd gummies can fulfill your promise to me.Liu Zheng said.Qi Fei nodded.With this official background, Qifei Environmental Protection has found the biggest backer, and it will be much easier to do things in the future.More importantly, after the money arrives, Wu Lan and her group of operation teams will definitely maximize its value, whether it is marketing or expanding reproduction, anyway, Qifei Environmental Protection has ushered in a new era of development opportunity.I heard that you have a delicate relationship with Wu Zhong s daughter.After finishing the business, Liu Zhengfeng started chatting with Qi Fei.It s okay, does the leader still care about the family affairs of his subordinates Qi Fei said.Qi Fei walked over quickly and said to Liu Zhengfeng.You are the protagonist of today s press conference, and I m kensi farms cbd gummies just an old man who came to take a look at it casually.How can I bother you.Liu Zhengfeng said with a smile.Hearing Liu Zhengfeng s words, the short man who had been following behind him couldn t help looking Qi Fei up and down.Immediately, bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Qi Fei felt very embarrassed, he, the hands off shopkeeper, did it too thoroughly.Indeed, this product in the form of a mask is more convenient for people to use.The effect of the previous small balls is good, but are you willing to stuff two small balls in your nostrils all day long However, although the purification effect of the improved environmental protection mask is as good as that of the small ball, the timeliness is shortened to one week, and the environmental protection chip in it must be replaced if you want to continue to use best cbd gummy for pain it afterwards.Qi Fei walked over quickly and said to Liu Zhengfeng.You are the protagonist of today s press conference, and I m just an old man who came x400 cbd gummies anxiety to take a look at it casually.How can I bother you.Liu Zhengfeng said with a smile.Hearing Liu Zhengfeng s words, the short man who had been following behind him couldn t help looking Qi Fei up and down.Did Liu Zhengfeng really take away Secretary Zheng Minister Liu, you should let the secretary tell me about your coming here, so that I can meet you at the gate.Qi Fei walked over quickly and said to Liu Zhengfeng.You are the protagonist of bluebird botanicals cbd gummies today s press conference, and I m just an old man who came to take a look at it casually.How can I bother you.Liu Zhengfeng said with a smile.Hearing Liu Zhengfeng s words, the short man who had been following behind him couldn t help looking Qi Fei up and down.However, if Qi Fei successfully defeats his competitors, he will become an idol in the minds of hundreds of millions of people overnight, a hero of environmental protection, and be worshiped by hundreds of millions of people.This is a double edged sword.No matter who wins, it will push the winner to an unimaginable height.I really don t know what kind of idiot came up with such an activity.In Yandu No.1, Wang Wutian was sitting in the lobby, with a laptop in front of him, which was broadcasting the National Convention Center s environmental protection product release conference in real time through the Internet.The screen kept changing, and the smiling faces of Qi Fei and David appeared from time to time.Everyone didn t seem to feel any pressure.Instead, they happily greeted and even chatted with the media personnel present.The gas was extremely strong, and as long as you smelled it, you would feel that the whole world collapsed.It was extremely disgusting.David and Jock were the first lucky ones to experience the power of feces yellow gas.At the beginning, they were full of doubts, and they scolded that the environment of the China National Convention Center was so bad that there was such a disgusting smell.The two of them how to make cbd gummy bears bluebird botanicals cbd gummies didn t notice anything unusual, but when they unconsciously took a few more breaths, they immediately felt their stomachs start to convulse violently, and the food they ate last night began to surge up, and they couldn t help it.Wow After all, Jock s body was thinner, and he couldn t hold it back anymore.He bent down and vomited it out.After spitting out thc cbd gummies reddit the first mouthful, he couldn HCMUSSH bluebird botanicals cbd gummies t control it anymore.As the backbone of Bingang Evening News, if she is not in good condition, how can she ask her subordinates to work hard This is a headache.She knew very well that the cause of her chaotic state of mind was nothing more than the man who fell from the sky.As long as she is awake these two days, benefits of taking cbd gummies daily cbd gummy bears for joint pain the image of that man will appear in her mind, with that wicked smile, that arrogant and domineering words, and that comforting warmth.Everything made her unable to calm down at all.She thought about it for a long time last night, and went to a nightclub to get drunk again.Then she gradually realized that it seemed that she was going to fall in love.For a strong woman, this bluebird botanicals cbd gummies is such a terrifying thing, she is bluebird botanicals cbd gummies used to unspoken bluebird botanicals cbd gummies rules, how can she dare to believe in love But when love suddenly fell on her head, she became at a loss and didn t know how to deal with it.This good buddy who grew up together can best understand his intentions and stop him in time.I can do it.If these channels are polluted, it may cause Qifei Environmental Protection some headaches.I am looking forward to seeing the faces of those arrogant people who are so arrogant.David said with a grin.Sometimes it s better to learn to be smart, otherwise, it s still easy to get slapped.This is your business, it has nothing to do with me.Wang Wutian said.He really wanted to see the scene described by David, but he didn t want these things to have anything to do with him, and he wanted to maintain a superior image.In other words, he was actually a little cbd gummy bear 20lb afraid of Qi Fei in his heart.After all, he was the one who made him taste the bitter fruit of failure one after another, but he would never admit it in his heart.When you go back to the base to see how I deal with you, don t fart.Watch how the masters fight.The sea lion shouted.Ever since this guy saw Li Er fighting with the judge, this guy seemed to be full of energy as if he had been hit with several tubes of chicken blood suddenly, and his injuries seemed to have eased a lot.They all rely on their skills for a living.Although they usually do various trainings, since the legendary Southern Dragon and Northern Tiger disappeared, it bluebird botanicals cbd gummies is difficult to see such masters attacking each other.Since seeing such a rare scene today, this opportunity cannot be wasted.I m a little weak.Is the majestic judge only so weak Li shook his second wrist, and the powerful counter shock force directly rushed to the judge s arm.Suddenly, the judge s short and fat body flew upside down.Lei Dao said to Niu Yi, who only breathed a sigh of relief, with red eyes.Ohthank you Niu Yi tried his best to burst out a few words, but before he could catch his breath, blood spurted out from his mouth.The hero is gone.Chapter 554 Very wronged Brother Niu Bing burst into tears.Sitting in the car, Wu Lan felt the heart wrenching pain again, tears streaming down her cheeks, and she couldn t stop it.He took out his cell phone and dialed the familiar number, a mechanical voice came from inside.Come back soon, your good brother needs you to see him off.Wu Lan sent a text message to Qi Fei s mobile phone number.Boom Suddenly, Li Er and the leader, who were fighting fiercely, confronted each other fiercely.The two separated, ten meters away, staring at each other, panting heavily.Rare opponents, hearty battles.Thinking of the little guy who would throw a stone at him, Qi Fei nodded seriously, and said, Well, I promise not to yell However, I haven t seen you for many years, and I don t know if I still remember me.Indeed, since their family moved out of the compound, Qi Fei has been very nervous.It is rare to see friends who used to play together in the compound.In addition, he joined the army at the age of sixteen, and then spent six or seven years in Central Africa and the Middle East, not to mention that there are still people who remember him.Qi Juanjuan did not speak, but smiled meaningfully, and then had a late breakfast with Ye Xiaobei.It s almost ten o clock, don t eat so much, we have to cook for ourselves at noon.Ye Xiaobei thought of the pots and pans he bought last night, and couldn t wait to try them out up.For this falsification, their military region has put in a lot of effort, especially in the special forces, and they have recruited many people for this, and asked them to cover Qi Fei.At that time, he didn t agree with this matter.It was really a waste of time and money, but the Military Commission directly issued a red headed document, telling them to arrange everything perfectly.What did the youngest Qi of the Qi family do in the seven years since he disappeared Why did the Military Commission open such a back door for him Combining the front and back, Li Yongjun deeply felt that Qi Fei was particularly mysterious.However, Mystery can t cbd gummies with pure hemp extract entrust her daughter s life to that person, can she Old man, is this really okay Li Yongjun couldn t help asking.Grandpa Li thought for a while, and said, At least it s safer than being around me.Qi Fei nodded and smiled.In his opinion, it is best that those criminals get the punishment they deserve.He is very satisfied with this result.Just when Qi Fei was complacent, Wei Yatong shook his head and said, Not yet.Are you planning to record statements for my sisters If so, you have to wait until they are out of class, after all, they are students., they are still in class now, if we rashly call them out like this, it would not be good.Qi Fei thought for a while and said seriously again.Wei Yatong gave Qi Fei a blank look and said, That s not the .

where to buy cbd gummies in tennessee?

case It s the three suspects inside who want to sue you What They want to sue me Qi Fei was obviously stunned for a moment.I have beaten them like this, yet I still have the guts to sue me Could it be that I am not ruthless, so they dare to do this Yes, they sued you for personal attacks on the enemy.Mainly, he didn t know what excuse Qi Fei would find.After all, this is not the first time.It s not up to you to slander or cbd gummies by actress not.Wei Yatong continued to act, and said, I m formally representing the police, and I m here to ask you a question.You can tell what you know.What is it I m not slandering you, there will naturally be a judge to judge.Hehe, boy, I think you still plan this HCMUSSH bluebird botanicals cbd gummies time, so I won t scare you to death Wait a minute, I just need to use my own means, if you don t believe me, you won t go HCMUSSH bluebird botanicals cbd gummies with my sister.Yes, Wei Yatong is acting all of this, just to trick Qi Fei into their separation.Hearing what she said, Qi Fei seemed to be really like that, so he nodded and said seriously Yes, what the police officer said is right.By the way, since you want to question me formally, shouldn t there be another policeman here Is it notarized here Want to play with me Then I will have fun with you.Suddenly, Ye Xiaobei and the three of them felt that the summer night was suddenly chilly, and they subconsciously cast their eyes on Qi Fei.It was found that he was looking calm at the moment.Oops Qi Fei is angry.Wu Hao, you drank too much, let s go first.The scene before him was the last thing Ye Xiaobei wanted to see.Shut up I didn t drink too much Wu Hao drank Ye Xiaobei, stared at cbd gummies to stop smoking near me bluebird botanicals cbd gummies Qi Juanjuan with burning eyes, and asked, Why can t you accept me Don t you want your dad to go back to Qi s house As long as you promise me , Our Great Wu family will definitely support your dad with a lot of resources and let him be promoted.As long as he is assigned to the position, it will be easy to return to the Qi family.It s over, this guy who is behind the news, wait a minute Really going to be killed by Qi Fei Come on, motherfucker, this douchebag who wants to save you is actually unwilling, and dares to continue to provoke Qi Juanjuan, you just wait to die.As a man, he felt that he must be eating very fast along the way.But it wasn t until today that he discovered that there are people beyond people, and there are mountains beyond mountains In front of big foodies, especially beautiful foodies, really, no matter how good you think you are, you will be refreshed by their speed You will deeply feel that the existence of female foodies and their energy are not calculated by the power of ordinary people.This part of the supper that let go of eating made Qi Fei deeply feel that he still didn t eat enough.What You said you were busy Do you think it s embarrassing for you to say this Qi Fei glanced at the three of them, and while eating, said lightly Of course it s embarrassing smilz cbd gummies benefits of taking cbd gummies daily It s like you are now It s the same as me snatching supper, I really feel very embarrassed.He said very bluntly Hmph, let me see where you are going now Waiter, come here Following his yelling, the waiter who was guarding outside soon came in.Go, call your security team, this bastard is causing trouble here.Xie Wenjin pointed at Qi Fei, and said unceremoniously to the waiter.Someone actually caused trouble at the Mandy Hotel Then the waiter must be Xie Wenjin, the color fell on Qi Fei with a little nervousness, and after noticing his poor quality clothes, he quickly backed out, picked up the walkie talkie outside, and contacted his immediate superior.Boy, you are very good Xie Wenjin found that Qi Fei didn t seem to have any thoughts of running away, and not only felt emotional.At the same time, I was also thinking, is this kid a fool with a big brain, or is he scared and doesn t care about his movements As for the stupid idea that Qi Fei is so confident because of his ability, Xie Wenjin will never have it.He knew that the corner of his eye must have been hit by the corner of the book.At the same time, without even thinking about it, he knew that the corner of his eye was bleeding.Even so, thinking of Qi Fei s anger, Mushroom Brother said directly without hesitation Qi Fei, the Third Hospital of the Imperial Capital did not explode, and all of our people were arrested.Boom The news Brother Mushroom brought him was like a bolt from the blue, as if something had exploded in his head.There was no explosion, and then all his people were arrested.This Where are the ten snipers They Did they complete their mission Seems to have thought of something, for the ten snipers he carefully arranged, Chen Tianming It was extremely tense.They were all arrested too, they were all arrested.Looking at Qi Fei s darkened expression, Brother Mushroom wanted to say something to comfort him, but it was all true.Following the clues, he found the person who released the information about the God Warrior potion.Afterwards, Qi Fei took Ma Xiaoxi to gather the members of the Tianjiao Special Forces, and immediately thought about the mysterious overseas island.After seeing the picture of the island as hell on earth, he took a deep breath and notified the head of state.The head of state was well aware of the seriousness of the incident and decisively notified the United Nations.The Russian Empire, the American Empire, the British Empire and other countries that have the right to know the news were all shocked when they learned that the researchers of God Warrior Potion actually had a secret base on an island on the earth.Therefore, he secretly dispatched his country s special operations team members to overseas mysterious islands for the first time On the mysterious island, the war was imminent.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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