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In fact, the courses have ended, and the internship, work, and college life have basically bid farewell.The ex girlfriend heard him sigh, but still shook her head and turned away.She loves him, but he is too unmotivated, in other words, too lazy, with a calm temper obviously, this is not the life she wants.Take care Tang Shuang said.There are can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar many words in my heart, but this is the only sentence that comes out of my mouth Tang Sanjian, a professor of the Chinese Department of Guangdong University, was sitting in the living room with a serious face at the moment.As soon as Tang Shuang entered the door, the anger that had been brewing for a long time finally found an outlet, and cursed at him Tang Shuang was stunned What s going on The weather is too hot, Brother Sanjian combusts spontaneously Dad, stop scolding just now calm down calm down The anger was too strong, pouring water on it would only increase it.Tang Shuang said persuasively.But Tang Shuang is buy organic cbd gummies jar not a vegetarian either Tang Shuang is sick because Xiao Shuang didn t take good care of her, hum I want to tell my mother that Tang Shuang is sick.Tang Shuang Could it be that my love dinner was made for nothing I worked so hard to comb your princess hair for nothing I dress you beautiful clothes for nothing After some haggling, Tang Shuang finally settled Tangtanger s deal.To be precise, a deal was reached, but Tang Shuang insisted on saying it was settled for the sake of the so called adult s face.Tangtanger seemed a little worried about buy organic cbd gummies jar Tang Shuang s reputation, and said uneasy, You can t play tricks, you can t tell a little rabbit and two little rabbits ten little rabbits, oh, it s such a long story.Tang Shuang wiped away her old tears, and such a young person began to disbelieve him.Tang Shuang spread out her small hands and said to Tang Shuang, Xiao Shuang, Xiao Shuang, give Tang Shuang your phone.I don t have the phone numbers of Xiao Putao and Qi Qi either.Then just call Little Putao.Tang Shuang I don t have a phone number for Little Putao or Qiqi.Shuang, Xiao Shuang, are you lying to a child Tang Shuang pinched her chubby face with lightning speed, Really not I can flirt with you.Candy deflated She pursed her mouth and said sadly Yeah I m looking for Xiaoputao and Qiqi.Tang Shuang said, But I can ask for you.Tangtanger immediately said sweetly Brother Hurry up Well.Tang Shuang asked Teacher Zhang of Tangtanger Kindergarten, and got the phone numbers of Xiaoputao and Qiqi s house.Tang Shuang supervised the whole process, looked at Tang Shuang with my admiring eyes, and said, Xiao Shuang is awesome, give me a call.Tangtanger I want to try on all the clothes just now.The shopping guide girl took off five pieces of clothes in one go, Tangtanger was eager to try, and couldn t wait to take off the little clothes she was wearing Showing a fat belly.Tang Shuang covered her face, quickly carried her to the dressing room, and taught her with a straight face, You are a girl, how can you take off your clothes in public You are not ashamed, zero thc cbd gummies and you are not ashamed of yourself.Tangtanger then thought When she woke up, she seemed to be unable to do this, so she laughed dryly, and said, Don t dare to do it again next buy organic cbd gummies jar time.Tang Shuang It s not that I dare not, but that I can t do this, understand She seemed to nod her head, but her eyes were fixed on the new clothes in Tang Shuang s hands, Hurry up, Xiao Shuang, the girl needs to change.Domineering, seized every opportunity to sing I ask you, can you open the door Tang Tanger replied crisply Can t open the door I m afraid there will be a big bad wolf Tang Shuang Whose kid is this Why So smart Tangtang er danced her hands and kicked her feet in excitement, Bai Jingjing was almost kicked off the sofa by her.Chapter 43 The King of Destroyer Ever since Tang Shuang took the initiative to tell a story and boasted again yesterday, Candy s little tail has been raised and never let go.The smug little girl has forgotten Tang Shuang s terror again This was an extremely terrifying thing It is true that most of the time, Tang Tang is the younger ancestor of the old Tang family, but the twenty days when Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning were away for their honeymoon are definitely not in the ranks of this most of the time.She dragged Tang Zhen to watch cartoons with her, Pao Wang Squad was her favorite, and she wanted to share it with her sister.What she wants to share is her treasured ice cream, and for the first time, she shared a box with Tang Shuang as a reward for his good storytelling, keep up the good work This made Tang Shuang flattered, which was a treatment he had never enjoyed before.The little man also pestered Tang Zhen to accompany her to draw pictures and play the piano.She played Little Star during the day and Little Rabbit, Be Good at night.But she doesn t know how to play Little Rabbit Be Good , and Tang Zhen taught her by hand according to the melody in the end.The little girl excitedly played buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies and sang in a childlike voice, ouch it was like the rhythm of a solo concert.After Tangtanger watched TV, she finally remembered her wish to be on TV, and acted like a buy organic cbd gummies jar baby and begged her sister to take her to the TV.Candy picks up hellokity again, feeling that Kitten has been left out in the cold, so she must take it too plus.But soon, she felt that she had neglected the giant buy organic cbd gummies jar panda again, and wanted to hold the giant panda in her arms and walk around.Ouch I m so exhausted Giant panda, you are too big, Tangtang er is still small.Tangtang er sat down on buy organic cbd gummies jar the floor, there were too many dolls in her room, they were all over the place, and she was too small to be It cbd gummy and ibuprofen who owns green ape cbd gummies might be all in her arms, so she thought about it and came up with a good idea.She climbed onto the bed excitedly, threw all the dolls on the HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar bed, and then came to the small desk, and took out the little turtle on the table and the little giraffe on the chair After a while of busy work, Candy finally put all the dolls on the bed.There are only kittens, dogs, pigs, rabbits, turtles, and giraffes all of them are turned out.

If Tang Shuang hadn t stopped her, she would have yelled Hello, fellow villager affectionately.There were many other colors that she couldn t name, so she buy organic cbd gummies jar had to ask Tang Shuang.Tang Shuang told her that this was brown and that was, and at the same time asked her not to yell, which was very rude.A lot of eyes The little girl opened her eyes wide, which aroused her curiosity, and asked why everyone s eyes were different, and kept harassing Tang Shuang.Chapter 80 I wish you a can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar happy life together Tang Shuang ignored this curious chick.He had been looking for someone in the crowd when he suddenly saw Huang Xiangning and waved.Huang Xiangning also saw them.He hadn t seen them for a few days, and a pair of healthy and lively children appeared in front buy organic cbd gummies jar of him.Nothing could be happier than this moment.After several hints, Wang Ming finally noticed the sign.They also took the initiative to approach, and the woman and the man were interested, and the progress was very smooth.Today is the first date between the two.Wang Ming had planned for this date for a long time, and everything was carried out step by step according to the plan, and it went smoothly.Yin Qingqing never stopped smiling all day long.Finally in the evening, Wang Ming held the girl s hand.If it wasn t for sweaty palms from excitement, he would have held it forever.When we were having dinner, an entertainment news program was broadcasting on the TV in the restaurant.About the upcoming new film of the great director Zhang Fei, the host was holding a copy of Hero what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar and was talking about it.Wang Ming was taken aback.He chased Heroes and liked it very much, but he never bought the physical book and forgot.The little girl was full of energy, and she led Bai Jingjing s puppy, running around in front of her, giggling.Tang Shuang squeezed Tangtang er s fat arm and said, Come on, follow brother for a couple of laps.Tangtanger s eyes spun around, trying to get away.Tang Shuang held out a family card I m so lonely running alone, can Tangy er accompany my brother, okay Run, because now she wants to act coquettishly and play cute to win Xiaoshuang s can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar favor, so that he will respond to every request, and children will buy whatever they want Thinking of this, Tangtanger became angry again, who on earth killed her snacks, how could this make the child happy The villain looked at Tang Shuang and sighed heavily Oh I really can t do anything with you, so let s run with Xiaoshuang, really, I m still a child Tang Shuang couldn t laugh or cry, and touched the villain Teach the little girl to move her body first and do stretching exercises.Huang Xiangning was not happy, and knocked Tang Shuang on the head Don t starve out Candy Haven t you been running around with Candy these days, just to make her lose weight Then you ll blame me if you get fat.I m neither fat nor thin.I said it s hard to do Huang Xiangning thought about it, feeling sorry for the little baby, and worried about this and that when he was away from home.Anyway, I can t lose weight Tang Shuang understood, meaning that she could gain weight Well, the breezy little fairy breeding project is about to die In order to be able to go far and fly high, Tangtanger did not shy away from saying that she was fat, and she answered in a childlike voice I dinner lady cbd gummies will be fat, I can go to the scale.There is no need for the scale, why should the family care about it.Tang Sanjian drove the siblings to the airport, Tangtanger said, Dad, let s drive Tangtanger s new car, it looks great Three words.He made up his mind and wanted to send the photos to the group of loving and loving families.He still remembered that Tang Zhen sent a photo of him walking with wind, which caused him to be reprimanded by all the parents.However, he was so complacent that he guarded Tang Tanger, but he didn t pay attention to Tang Zhen.The Frost Goddess jumped and snatched Tang Shuang s high raised mobile phone, and then murmured together with Tang Tanger to delete the photos.Chapter 180 Xiao Shuang grinned shyly.Tang Shuang put on her apron and cooked for the two sisters who had taken a bath.Soon, delicious dishes came out one after another While murmuring indistinctly, Xiaoshuang is still amazing, but it s delicious.My sister didn t know how to cook.She s so hungry and scary.I ll never buy organic cbd gummies jar go into the kitchen with my sister again blah, blah, blah, blah, blah Tang er, you re stealing vegetables.Tang Shuang said to Tang Zhen and Tang Tanger, Don t go to the press conference of Heroes tomorrow.You should watch the live broadcast at home.But if she goes, she must bring Candy with her.The scene will be full of media, and Candy will also be exposed by the media.The villain is too small and needs to be protected.Tang Zhen nodded and said, Pay attention to the details yourself, talk less and listen more.Tang Tanger said worriedly, Xiao Shuang, are you afraid What should you do if you are afraid My sister and I are not around.Tang Shuang Then cheer me up now.The chick immediately moved to his side and breathed on Tang Shuang who was sitting on buy organic cbd gummies jar the sofa.Tang Shuang Have you brushed your teeth The little girl giggled dryly, and kissed Tang Shuang, Come on, little Shuangzi Tang Zhen took out the clothes prepared for Tang Shuang from the room Try it on.

I shouldn t be criticized, cbd gummy indigestion but what Mom and Dad said is never wrong, so I decided to accept it, and said in a low voice Oh, I see.After speaking, the little girl began to act coquettishly, and asked Tang Sanjian with concern Dad, do you have a toothache Tang Sanjian kept covering his cheeks, and said in a muffled voice Yeah Tangtang er was such a considerate little padded jacket, immediately jumped off the chair, came to Dad s side, and beat his back for him.People have a toothache, so what s the matter But brother Sanjian is very useful, his teeth don t hurt anymore, his waist is straight, his back can lift a thousand weights, he can touch the melon seeds on the little man s head, and like it.Huang Xiangning said on the sidelines that Old Tang was angry because he had quarreled with people in the newspaper these two days.Oh, I really underestimated this child Ah, the logic of analysis has two brushes.Tang Shuang immediately grabbed the little cutie who was about to sue, and said with a smile Don t get excited, it s my fault, let me confess, okay, Tang Tang keep it a secret, okay, just order whatever you want, I ll bring it to you when I come back Tang Xiaoshuang didn t really want to file a lawsuit either, since filing a lawsuit is a move that hurts both sides, so she just put on a show and subdued Tang Xiaoshuang, now that he s surrendered, Tangtang can raise conditions.What to eat I want to eat too pollen cbd gummies review much, I want to eat whatever I see, and I am about to order food happily, when I suddenly think that Tang Xiaoshuang likes to lie very much, and I have been lying to deceive her just now.Would he eat a lot by himself and bring the rest to Candy Or he ate ten and only brought one for Candy Thinking of this possibility, Tang Tang er felt uneasy for a moment, and there was not such a 100 trust between the siblings.If you don t tell it, how will I know you want to hear it Do you want to hear it or not, just say it, or just nod your head, turn your legs, I have told you how many times, if you have something to say, don t hold it in your heart, who knows what you are thinking if you hold it in your heart , I don t know what you are thinking and how to meet your needs, for example, for Shuangshuang, love should be spoken out loud.Guo Zifeng What the hell dynathrive cbd gummies pomegranate is this today How could I have made friends with two of these guys Ye Liang laughed and put his arms around Guo Zifeng s shoulders Xiao Shuang looks like a good person, but in fact he has a bad stomach.This kind of person is the most to be wary of.If you are not careful, you will be deceived by him.Unlike me, who is open and honest, who wants to deceive you You and I will also remind you first, right Give me your mobile phone, and I will send a text message to Shuangshuang, just saying that I miss her, I need you, now Guo Zifeng was going to be spoiled by these two people.Tang buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies Shuang continued to threaten, but Ye Liang laughed and said that he would take Candy to the nightclub.Tang Shuang Guo Zi, bring your nail clippers, I ll pinch this bastard to death.Guo Zifeng wanted to kill Ye Liang a long time ago.Knives and forks, any one can kill a second hand product.Ye Liang hurriedly hid behind Tangtanger and complained Tangtanger, I said I would take you to the nightclub, but Xiaoshuang and Guo Zi disagreed and beat me, what should I do Guo Zifeng HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar said Brother, can you hit Xiao Ye Zi and then take me to the nightclub Ye Liang It s not my own after all I m so miserable Tangtang er patted Ye Liang and comforted him Little Ye Zi, don t cry, I will kiss you if I hit you, kissing you won t hurt.Ye Liang Say don t lie to me like this, unless your kiss is on morphine.Tang Shuang watched the buy organic cbd gummies jar little hot girl clinging to the legs of the table, helplessly, Ye Liang said in a low voice, Go find a coffee shop nearby, and just treat it as a nightclub.There s really nothing you can do with this elm head Chapter 210 Falling apart Iron Triangle A few people came to a cafe, there was no deafening music, the atmosphere was very quiet, there was a girl sitting quietly on the stage and singing, it was Love Is What You Need , but the style was different, it was changed to An authentic folk song, like whispering softly, in the current atmosphere, it has a special taste.After this song captured the school, it conquered all kinds of cafes in the streets and alleys.As soon as she sat down, Tangtang yelled, I m thirsty Tang Shuang looked at her, no matter how she looked at her, she felt that this girl did it on purpose, she just wanted to drink., will also be distributed to various associations, and the mail room of the dormitory, etc.Shi Guangnan The theme can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar of this issue is to pay tribute to the master.Tang Shuang To can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar pay tribute to the master Which master Shi Guangnan shook his head and said, Don t you read the news Mr.Liu Pao just passed away last month Tang Shuang quickly searched for Liu Pao in his mind, and there was a flood of information.This person had a rich and rough life experience.He had personally experienced wars.When he was young, he was a storyteller in the countryside, and he was best at horror stories.During the period just after liberation, he traveled all over the country to tell stories, barely earn a living, and struggled to make ends meet.However, he gained a great reputation and left many what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar well known and creepy stories.

But this appearance not only did not make Pan Fugui feel better, but made him even more sad and vigilant.Who knows when it would be perfect, but Little Candy Demon suddenly came over without even saying hello, which caught him off guard.Especially now that buy organic cbd gummies jar Pan Fugui has exposed his ultimate weakness, buy organic cbd gummies jar can the little devil let him go if he finds out He had a hunch that this was not over.If someone caught him, he might not be able to fight this kid in the future.Thinking of this, Pan Fugui felt a little sad, he didn t want to watch movies anymore, he just wanted to look up at the stars.Or the vast starry sky is more fascinating cbd gummy and ibuprofen and more reassuring There is no intrigue, no competition between you and me, everyone is born free and carefree, I really want to become a stubborn fish and swim in the endless starry sky At this moment, Tangtanger s big eyes are full of eagerness, hold up Putting the little hands in front of my eyes, I looked and looked, well, these are a pair of magical hands Of course, buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies there is also the magical little Shuang beside her If you find something interesting, of course you have to play .

how long do cbd gummies work for?

to your heart s content.Tang Shuang knew that Pan Fugui and Tangtanger were discussing about buying snacks, but she had no time to talk to them.Li Haonan called, and it was about the film and television copyright of The Romance of the Dragon and Snake.Before the Mid Autumn Festival, he sent a text message saying that he had a favorite partner, but he didn t talk about it in detail at that time.Li Haonan said that he would fly to Guangdong Province to discuss in detail after the festival.Tomorrow he will bring the other party to Guangdong Province, and now he is telling Tang Shuang the details on the phone so as to prepare for tomorrow s meeting.Chapter 283 Stay up in the middle of the night and get up to practice martial arts Is that little pig still up Early HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar the next morning, Tang Shuang sat at the dining table after washing up, Tang Sanjian was eating breakfast alone, and Huang Xiangning came out of the kitchen.Underneath, bit the quilt of the little bear and pulled it back with all his strength, where to buy baypark cbd gummies while Tangtanger let out a hey, and pulled it up with all his strength.A puppy and a child started a tug of war on the stairs.Bai Jingjing is also here to rebel Seeing this strange scene, Tang Shuang didn t can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar go over to help, but took out his mobile phone and lay down on the railing to record haha Tangtang er was even stronger, dragging the bear quilt and Bai Jingjing, who buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies was biting on it and not letting go, back to the room, ready to close the door and beat the dog To this end, the biological chain of the old Tang family has been clearly demonstrated.Tang Sanjian extorts Tang Shuang s money, Tang Shuang takes Tang Shuang s money by force, and Tang Shuang can t get anyone s money.If you see through cbd gummies veritas farms it, you have no choice but to roll up your sleeves and hit a dog to vent your anger.This is stealing their jobs Who wants to work with laymen who point buy organic cbd gummies jar fingers at their expertise As an outsider, Qiu Sen was able to maintain rationality and analyze this matter objectively.He thinks it is impossible for the author to ask for the right to intervene in filming, and any normal person knows that this is impossible.It should be rumored by the film and television company.This kind of news is false and true, most of it is true, and a small part is false, so Qiu Sen inevitably had some bad impressions on the three swords of the imperial guards.He is now considering whether to negotiate with the other party after arriving in Guangdong Province.But I was very reluctant, buy organic cbd gummies jar the dragon and snake were too suitable for him.Chapter 300 Going, Eating, Going, Eating The Youth Film Festival finally opened, and many outsiders came to Guangdong University.But the staff hadn t dispersed yet, and Shang Hui was interviewing everyone, chatting and laughing happily.Seeing Tang Shuang coming, she was relieved, and if she came later, she would not be able to delay.Zhang Tianfeng was chatting with Qiu Sen.Ye Liang went to ask the teacher for instructions, but Tang Shuang didn t know what to say.Tang Shuang saw him pointing at himself, and then Zhang Tianfeng and Qiu Sen also looked over.Zhang Tianfeng saw Tang Shuang at a glance, and what Qiu Sen saw was the little one at Tang Shuang s feet That little guy is showing his teeth and giggling at him, hehehe She knows this cool uncle wearing sunglasses, he is an acquaintance, he wears sunglasses and eats spicy strips, and imitated him today It s just that he still wears his sunglasses, but Tangtanger s has already cbd gummy and ibuprofen who owns green ape cbd gummies been taken off.This is because Tang Shuang restrained himself, and didn t want to make a big deal, otherwise the other party would not feel good about it.Considering Tangtang was by his side, Tang Shuang didn t want the little man to see the violent scene.At the same time, although the other party was unreasonable, Tang Shuang also didn t want to beat him in front of his son.There is no need to be merciful in private, but in front of children, even buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies the greatest anger should be endured.What s more, many children around are watching, and they can t bring a group of dolls.Tang Shuang didn t want to fight, and the opponent couldn t win, so in the end they let it go and went back to their respective houses.The two adults did not follow the rules of the rivers and lakes and speak harshly.The buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies two villains have done a lot of Jianghu drama for them The little boy buy organic cbd gummies jar in black asked Candy if he had signed up for the slide race, and he wanted to beat her in the race Candy is not afraid She was very competitive, and she also said that she would beat the little boy in black to tears during the competition Crying and calling Dad like today Along the way, Tang Shuang guided Tangtanger to reflect on what happened just now.

A Taoist Friend of mine Tang Zhen was speechless for a buy organic cbd gummies jar long time after reading it.Although it was lyrics, it told a story.A sad and melancholy love story.Women are all connected, and their immunity to this kind of work is negative.Even though Tang Zhen looked frosty, she was still extremely moved in her heart.Thinking that it was her younger brother who wrote these words, Tang Zhen asked curiously, Are you in a relationship Ah, huh buy organic cbd gummies jar No, no.Tang Shuang turned her face away.Come over to meet her face to face, staring at the guilty face, and said, Yes.Tang Shuang Hehehe, really not.While speaking, Shang Hui was thinking in her mind.While writing lyrics, Shang Hui was thinking in my mind.What I was thinking about was that year and that day, the Breeze Plaza amidst the heavy rain, and Shang Hui who was sad and crazy.Tang Shuang wanted to get out of here today, which was an extreme test of his adaptability.For example, at this moment, the first glass of wine is going to be drunk by him.Although it is a small glass, but with the first time, the second time, the third time will it be far behind The first principle of drinking group battles is to take it easy in the first half, and then exert strength in the second half.If you can t hold it in the first half, it will be bad luck and you will be carried out.Tang Shuang is not a fuel efficient lamp, holding a wine glass and said to all the staff I, Tang Shuang, am very happy to see you all.I have been wanting to see the crew.I buy organic cbd gummies jar finally got the chance, but it was still a step late.Today we lost one of them.Man, it hurts my heart, it s a pity, if Brother Yang is here After Tang Shuang finished speaking, the originally noisy scene suddenly became quiet.The most important thing in life is to seize the moment and enjoy yourself in time.Who knows in the future, let s talk about it when you encounter trouble.The boat will be straight when it reaches the bridge.Don t worry about it Although she ran away, she came back after a while.Tang Shuang was cbd gummies treatment basking in the sun in the yard, and Tang Tanger came with a little rabbit doll, Xiao Shuang, are you basking in the sun Tang Shuang squinted at her, and now he didn t bother to talk to her.The pig spirit leaned over with a grin, and stuck to Tang Shuang s side, with a playful smile Don t be angry, how can a brother be angry at every turn There will be wrinkles.Tang Shuang What do you want to do, just say it Zhu Zhujing distanced himself from Tang Shuang and said, The Lun family wants to tell you that only old men bask in the sun, and Xiao Shuang is a little old man I , don t run away Zhuzhujing stood at the door, confronting Tang Shuang, and would run away if something went wrong.Not long ago, she bewitched Xiaoshuang to find her father and ask her to come back.If she didn t eat it at home, it would get moldy.Why don t she take it out and feed it to the children.Xiaoshuang refused, Xiaoshuang was afraid of death.Finally saw it today She still remembers the sour shapes of the little rabbit and the little turtle next to the big apple That was her favorite, and later became her demon They are twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen all there One is quite a lot, woo woo woo It makes the hero burst into tears At this moment of celebration, Zhuzhujing wanted to cry I am the little sun, I am a strong baby After a while of self comfort, Candy finally got over it, and then made a decision She wants to eat hard Eat back She no longer cares about the beautiful character design, who has time to control this now, hurry a gift from nature cbd gummies up and eat Eating is the most important thing.Dance Kiki was asked to dance It was a horrible dance.The little peacock s face was bright red, and he covered his face with his hands, peeking through his fingers, so awkward, so embarrassing, but so funny.Xiao Jin Hahahahaha It s so funny, Kiki, you re so funny, you look so stupid Kiki s story is not funny, do cbd gummies make you feel anything his awkward dance unexpectedly became a hit, so after a democratic decision, he was asked to dance again one Kiki Next, Xiao Jin In an instant, everyone s face was unkind Xiao Jintongxie, do you feel that you are more or less lucky Did not feel it Xiao Jin, who feels super good about himself, spoke with confidence.It was a story about a little crocodile named Yaya.It s funny, the little peacock was amused and giggled.But the little peacock only laughed once and then stopped, because everyone hinted that she was not allowed to laugh.Chapter 362 The coquettish little piggy The next morning, Huang Xiangning has always been the little piggy who wakes up.Today he desperately wants to call Tang Shuang, saying that he will allow the badass knight to help the little princess get up.Badass knight Since this is the case, is it okay to be in the cold palace not good Hurry up princess hug Pick up the little princess from the princess bed to wear a princess dress Princess dress No Tang Shuang didn t dare to say no, it would cause trouble.This sentence was said by Miss Xiangning, who is in charge of basic necessities of life Little Piggy was very dissatisfied, and lazily protested The Lun family is a little princess, and the little princess must wear a princess dress.This doll has not yet woken up, and is still immersed in the princess dream, it is necessary to wake her up.

A good opponent can set off one s own excellence.Tang Shuang and Ling Wendong are constantly fighting in language, and they are not at a disadvantage.On the contrary, in Director Mu s view, not only is Tang Shuang not being led by the nose by Ling Wendong, but he has faintly taken the initiative.Perhaps Ling Wendong got what he wanted and was satisfied with this interview, so the following topics began to focus on the outline, for example What books does Tang Shuang usually like to read Parenting books, fairy tale books.Ling Wendong originally just asked casually.In his opinion, this kind of question is tantamount to nonsense, but Tang Shuang s answer made him startled, parenting book you are married Have a child Immediately, he looked at Tang Zhen, who was particularly eye catching, and wondered if it was with this big star, right As soon as Tang Zhen what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar came in, Ling Wendong noticed it, not only he noticed it, but no one at the scene could ignore it, beautiful people were always the focus of attention wherever they went.When she was taking a nap, she didn t want to lie down, she wanted to lie on her stomach, arching her body, saying that this is how little HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar turtles sleep.Not only did she do this by herself, but she also encouraged Qiqi, Xiaojin, Li Dun and others to come together.Little turtles live in nests.Tang Shuang Did they do the same Teacher Zhang Uh The little brother s focus is different from hers.I always sleep like Tang Tang when I sleep.Tang Shuang imagined that scene, it was so picturesque.He pointed to the chattering piggy in the corner, and asked, How long has she been like this Teacher Zhang said it had been half an hour.Tang Shuang patted the little man s shoulder and said, Little turtle, come out, come out, stop squatting, aren t your legs sore Candy seemed to feel that her legs were sore, Oh, it s really sore Yeah.Tang Shuang You need to warm up first for long distance running, and move quickly.Zhao Yayi immediately jumped on the spot.Tang Shuang O O Seeing Tang Shuang s speechless expression, Zhao Yayi blushed and smiled very happily I have already run in the morning, and my body is already active, senior brother, let me ask you a question.Zhao Yayi hesitated, looked around guiltily, and someone came over.Hello Tang Shuang, the horror novel you wrote is very good.Two boys passed by.They first looked at Zhao Yayi, and then they saw Tang Shuang.Their eyes lit up, and they stopped and said.In the past, thank you for liking my novels.Understood, we all know that Goddess Zhao ran 1,500 meters, so go quickly.After walking two steps, she turned around and said that you two are a good match.Tang Shuang Would you like some water to moisten your throat Zhao Yayi hummed.There is a touch of strength in this kind of strength.Qiu Sen pondered on the other end of the phone, one thing Tang Shuang said was indeed reasonable, and the other thing was that Tang Shuang was the screenwriter and original author, and in the signed agreement, the film s He has veto power on important matters, including starring roles and martial arts directors.So if Tang Shuang disagrees with Chen Fengsheng, Qiu Sen has nothing to do.The two chatted for a while, Qiu Sen said, I ll think about it again, and hung up the phone.Tang Shuang listened to the beeping voice on the phone, she had no choice.Maybe Qiu Sen was a little unhappy, but he would still mention what should be mentioned, and he would insist on it.In fact, according to Tang Shuang s narrative, the most suitable martial arts instructor has been revealed.Go to Dad and let him guide you to get 100 points.Want to slip Want to change the subject no way Little piggy is not so easy to fool.Tang Shuang ran up to Tang Shuang briskly, stretched out her hand to stop her, and she was not buy organic cbd gummies jar allowed to leave Speak clearly What Tang Shuang pretended to be stupid.You play with other children, not with your younger sister, blah blah Give me a chestnut convince me.Candy picked up a green pear in the fruit basket, hissed, took a bite, and the juice drank Splash, like a little mouse, while holding a green pear and gnawing, said You help the little peacock open the water bottle, not the younger sister, errrr It turned out to be this matter.settle accounts.Tang Shuang You unscrewed it all at once, how can I help Another sentence was hidden in my heart and I didn t say it.How can the Tang family Xiaozhuzhu bear hillstone cbd gummies cost it The pig was changed to Nine Hundred Million Girls Dream.The first video of buy organic cbd gummies jar Nine Billion Girls Dream is a gray dance, and the second video is a crazy dance.Xiaoshuang, Xiaoshuang, show me if someone is careful about the Lun family The buy organic cbd gummies jar little pig came to Tang Shuang blithely and asked to watch the video.After so long, has anyone liked her She looks so good.Tang Shuang looked at her watch and said helplessly Just three minutes later, you have watched it five times, may I bother you to say, huh Go, go, go back to bed, mom is looking for you.Little Zhuzhu salivated, grinningly stuck to Tang Shuang s side, and would not leave without saying anything.Huang Xiangning came over and urged Xiaozhuzhu to go to bed.Mom, I am very energetic and don t want to sleep.

After leaving the large troops, they have been hanging behind the convoy, unable to squeeze in.Seeing the ninth corner, she was about to be eliminated.There was another crowd in front of her, and three slide cars fell down.The little peacock overtook them instantly and entered the first camp.There were four slide cars in front of her, and the race Into the final sprint.Tangtanger held Little Putao s hand and stood at the finish line jumping up and down, and Little Peacock s parents were also waiting nervously at the finish line.The little peacock finally crossed the finish line hand in hand with the third place.Li Na stepped forward and hugged her daughter in her arms and took off her helmet.Can t make it to the final.Li Na wiped the tears off her face.She thought she wasn t crying, but her eyes were full of tears when she fell down.With a bang, the 190cm tall Mohawk fell to the ground by the waist The other person hesitated for a moment, and then there was no chance, because the people at twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen the scene swarmed over to persuade the fight, Tang Shuang buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies quickly hugged Candy, who was sitting on the ground, in case there were too many accidents.The good match scene suddenly became chaotic, noisy and swearing, there were a lot of cheering groups on Moxigan s side, and there were also many people on Tang Shuang s side, if it weren t for the on site staff to rush Come here and separate everyone, I m afraid we will have to fight.Huang Xiangning hurried over from the crowd Is Tangtang hurt Show me Tangtang, Tang Tang Tangtang stretched out her head from Tang Shuang s arms Mom, I m here.Huang Xiangning hugged Tangtang In his arms, it was confirmed that he was not injured, but that the fall hurt a little.It was one of his dreams.Tang Shuang had begged many times, please lend him can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar the little princess.Tang Shuang did not lie buy organic cbd gummies jar about this.But tonight s situation is a bit complicated, it s too cold, and it s a bit cold.In order to reflect the old Tang s family rules that brothers share weal and woe, with Tang Tang er s consent, Tang Huohuo called Tang Shuang.It was a video call and asked him are cbd gummies bad for you to Come and listen, don t refuse, you will be sad.In the end, Tangtanger saw that her Huohuo brother was working buy organic cbd gummies jar so hard, and told him to go back quickly, Tangtanger had heard enough of bedtime stories.Tang Huohuo wanted to coax the little princess to sleep, but it seemed that the little princess was in good spirits, so she had to retreat by herself, and told Tang twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen Tanger to sleep well.Special reminder, Dabai might be arrested tomorrow morning to practice kung fu, so be honest Sleep, don t play secretly under the quilt.Maybe there is a bamboo dragonfly, with this bamboo dragonfly, you can participate in the dream party of Tinkerbell and Tinker Bell Candy couldn t wait to bend down and stare at the ground tightly.It was like sweeping a landmine, and she actually swept it She rushed forward two steps like crazy, the best cbd gummies on the market and held a pink bamboo dragonfly tightly in her hand.Her big eyes were full of wonder and looked again and again, ah, the bamboo dragonfly that she wanted in her dreams finally arrived This I really found the child show us quickly.A voice suddenly rang out from the crowd looking down for the bamboo dragonfly, and HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar then everyone stared at the little one in the crowd, and then stared at the little one in the crowd in unison.Then staring at the pink bamboo dragonfly on the little hands of the little ones in the crowd Oh no, Brother Huohuo, run The little man was startled, as alert as a bird in the grass.Tang Tanger stuck out her tongue triumphantly at Tang Shuang look, grandpa still loves me the most, hehehe.Candy is right about this point, no matter which twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen generation of the old Tang family, Tang Sanjian s generation, Tang Shuang s second generation, or Tang Yu s third generation who is the only seedling, everyone has respect and awe for Tang Hongjunonly less intimacy.After all, he was a character from the war years.He was a person who broke through the sea of swords and blood.He had an evil spirit on his body.Serious, full of majesty like iron.Tang Shuang, Tang Huohuo, and Tang Jin admired Tang Hongjun very much since they were young, but they rarely got along with each other like ordinary grandparents.Whether it was intentional or not, everyone subconsciously avoided him, including the little monkey Tang Yu.Deng Ke knew that Tang Shuang didn t like to show up, so in order to dispel his doubts, he said Chen Shenfeng is an artist of Tuzi Entertainment, and their boss is called Fan Liwen.I ve been looking for you on Weibo for a long time, but you haven t responded, so I took a few turns to find me here.Since they are so hardworking, I believe they have a certain degree of sincerity.The so called enemies should be solved rather than tied, Mr.Tang You might as well listen to the other party s point of view, continue to chat if you are satisfied, you can achieve your goal and save time, so why not do it, if you are not satisfied, you can do whatever you want without delaying the matter.Tang Shuang said to This Mr.Fan has no interest, and he doesn t have the time to guess what he wants to talk about.

To choose what to dig, you must first know what is there.Candy looked at this kid s bamboo basket, looked at that kid s bamboo basket, and asked What are you Do you have ginseng here No, then what are you After asking again, I didn t find out who had dug up ginseng, so I went to ask the young lady, and the young lady said that there must be ginseng in the field, but everyone didn t dig it up, so come on.Tangtang rushed over excitedly, and started digging on the field ridge again, and found sweet potatoes, don t Got a carrot, don t I got a potato, don t Got it huh little mouse How could there be little mice When the other children heard that there was a little mouse in the field, they were curious and frightened at the same time.They ran away, but there were also a few bold ones who came around and stood beside Tangtanger, chirping excitedly.After Xu Chengyang s incident happened, many students, especially those from the Chinese Department, organized gatherings, signed joint signatures, and helped Xu Chengyang s family members publicize the incident on the Internet.In the first few days, the momentum was great and the effect was obvious.However, it quickly disappeared.According to Tang Shuang s information, the college gave verbal warnings to the leading students, especially Xu Chengyang s roommate Lu Haoming.groups, his postgraduate graduation was suspended.Tang Shuang had a very bad impression of the school when Yuan Jiangwei and others blatantly suppressed the students.Some administrative executives were obviously bureaucratic and ignored the interests of the students.Tang Shuang felt the same and was filled with righteous indignation.Tang Shuang Well, You asked a very good question, but it is actually the responsibility.Tang Tanger couldn t wait to ask Is it the responsibility of the principal and father who didn t do well What is their responsibility Tang Shuang said The responsibility of father is to teach You are sensible, brave, and kind, but you slipped out of the kindergarten this time, which is a sign of ignorance.Dad thinks that he did not teach you well, which made the principal and Mrs.Zhang worry.And the greatest responsibility of the principal is to guarantee you It s safe, but you sneaked out, it s very dangerous, she what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar didn t stop you in time, protect you, and let parents worry So you see, neither father nor auntie did a good job in cbd gummy and ibuprofen who owns green ape cbd gummies their responsibilities.Dad caused trouble to auntie, and auntie made father worry.Tang Shuang described everything that Tang Shuang had never experienced, especially dreams, This made her stare in her eyes, she opened her mouth wide, she just nodded at this moment, how could she remember scaring Xiaoshuang, she was already fantasizing about rolling in the snow.Do you really want to Tang Shuang took away Xiaozhuzhu s water gun, put it on her waist, and put her arms around Xiaozhuzhu s shoulders without any trace, and led her into the room.As she walked, Xiaozhuzhu said I really want to.That s it, there s no problem.Little Zhuzhu voluntarily climbed to the single sofa and sat down, while Tang Shuang sat on the edge of the bed, chatting face to face My brother is here to help my little sister realize her dream.Yes, since we want to, let s discuss where to go, shall we Tell me where you want to go first Tang Tanger sat on the sofa with her feet dangling, and Bai Jingjing stood beside her feet with Erye Guan on her back, tilting her head to look Looking at the little master, and then at the big devil, Tang Shuang stared at her indiscriminately with a bewildered expression on her face, this bastard Bai Jingjing was very sensitive to danger, she tilted her head vigilantly to look at the big devil, grinned cutely, then pretended to sniff here and there in the room as if nothing had happened, and then slipped away quickly Go to grandma s house Little Pig immediately thought of grandma and grandpa.I can t use it.Alas How can there be children who don t have new clothes, and there are no new clothes for the New Year How can this be Well, Candy is a good baby who is willing to help others , take the little red flower, I d better help them.Then she said to Tang Shuang vigilantly Xiao Shuang, you can t empty out the treasure chest of Candy, I don t have that much money yet , I don t know how to work, this is all saved by the Lun family.And what was deducted from me, Tang Shuang thought.He was very satisfied with Tang Tang er s attitude, and praised Wow Tang Tang is really amazing We don t need to use up all our money.It doesn t matter if you donate more or less, just do your best.The key is that we did it.We helped people in need, and they were very happy after receiving our help.For example, some children put on the sky blue down jacket worn by Candy, and she would say wow, the clothes are so beautiful and warm.Candy said crisply Okay , I m here, Xiaoshuang, don t be afraid, I ll protect you Ten minutes later, Tang Shuang dragged his big suitcase, Tangtanger dragged her small suitcase, came out of the room one after the other, followed by Bai Jingjing.Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning asked them if everything was ready, Tangtanger couldn t wait and said loudly Don t worry No problem We re leaving, goodbye, Mom and Dad After finishing speaking, Little Pig dragged a small suitcase and walked out, as if he couldn t wait to elope to the moon with the boy.Huang Xiangning was very worried, worried that the little baby would run away from home and never come back, so he quickly stepped forward, grabbed the little man, knelt down and said, Why is Tangtang leaving in such a hurry Mom hasn t whispered to you yet.

This was not comparable to the little monkey Tang Yu.Tang Yu climbed trees like flying, but she and Xiao Guizi could only fall down Tang Shuang said to her kindly I know there is a way to eat bright red persimmons without climbing trees.Do you want to listen So what are you waiting for, hurry up, Tangtanger nodded impatiently Listen, listen, I want to listen.As she spoke, buy organic cbd gummies jar she couldn t help but grabbed Tang Shuang s trousers, and Tang Shuang laughed and said, Come on, come on, I kick this tree, and the persimmon will fall.Just pick it up under the tree, okay Tang Tanger s eyes lit up, how can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar could it be bad, she didn t wait for Tang Shuang, she kicked it first by herself, with a very soft slap.The persimmon tree didn t move at all.It looked down at the kid who dared to kick it, curled its lips, and continued to guard its persimmons, preventing the big villains from snatching them.Isn t it good now The Lun family is not a little fun gummies cbd villain like a little monkey.The Lun family will not steal money from a little monkey.Lie.Tang Shuang stopped and looked back at the little man who was staring at him with a smirk The little monkey was beaten half to death for stealing money, and almost hung on a branch.If you don t want to hang on a branch, you can Don t even think about it.Oh, it s really sad to say it.Tang Yuer also knew that Tang Yu was taught a terrible thing about stealing money, because the little monkey asked his uncle to intercede miserably, and his uncle, At that time, she was caught in the room to hold a small animal story meeting.She shook her head seriously, and said with fear on her face Tangtang doesn t steal money, it s wrong to steal money, the Lun family doesn t do that kind of thing, the Lun family has money, and the Lun family even gave the little monkey a hundred dollars.After delivering the presents, Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen packed their luggage, and Tang Tanger packed her own mini suitcase.Her small wooden squirrel, small seahorse water gun, big persimmons, persimmon cakes, etc.were all neatly placed in the box.Inside, Tang Zhen checked it afterwards, it was very good, there is no need for adults to rearrange it.The short term tour of Lushan Mountain by the three brothers and sisters of the old Tang family ended here, and they began to prepare to go down the mountain.Pan Wenling and others have already driven over to pick them up.Although the trip to Mount Lushan is over, the three brothers and sisters of the Tang family will not be separated for the time being.In order to let Tangtanger and Tang Zhen stay longer, Tang Shuang decided to take Tang Zhen s car to Hongcheng, and then from buy organic cbd gummies jar Hongcheng City to fly back to Guangdong.Tang Shuang and Li Na watched Tangtanger and Little Peacock bouncing into the kindergarten holding hands, chatted with each other, and left.Chapter 606 900 Million Girls Dream is Tang Zhen s Daughter Morning, Maoyan video.The account of Jiuyi Girls Dream is extremely lively.The little princess Pahuiwu who disappeared for a long time finally reappeared.Everyone cbd gummies safe for liver opened the newly uploaded video.This time what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar it was not dancing or singing, but a little girl in the snow Jumping back and forth, jumping in the bamboo forest for a while, jumping for a while by the frozen lake, jumping for a while on the brightly buy organic cbd gummies jar lit streets of the small town, jumping for a while in the garden, jumping for a while in the hot spring, and jumping for a while Jumping and jumping on the big bed, the silver bell like laughter was sprinkled all the way.The door was open and the lights were on.Tangtang er leaned against the door, stretched out her small head and carefully peeked in.It turned out that Mom and Dad didn t go on a date, they were running here It s really There s nothing to do after eating How good it is to lie down for a while or watch TV, why do you run, sticking out your tongue and HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar panting like Jingjing, is that so beautiful Tangtanger knows treadmills.Apart from the Lonely Bird Picture in Tang Sanjian s study, she also has grudges and grudges with the two treadmills in the gym.The past is unbearable, she was caught on the treadmill by Tang Sanjian, and even carried up by Tang Shuang.Everyone s goal is the same, which is to force her to run, not to achieve the advanced goal of losing weight, just to let the little sister not eat but play, but also love sports, and be a healthy and sunny little fairy.After thinking about it, buy organic cbd gummies jar she retracted her hand and raised her orchid finger, emmmmm This hand just wiped the poop and hasn t washed it yet.Hey especially thinking of the touch when wiping the poop, hey Vomit Chapter 624 Tilting up the orchid and pointing to the glasses, the little sister put on her pants and limped away from the smelly toilet.Seeing this, Tangtanger pointed at the orchid and asked, What s wrong with relax gummy worms cbd infused extreme strength you Is it in your trousers The little girl with glasses shook her head, it s nothing I, my little feet are numb Oh Candy understood You have been pooping for too long, how long have you been pooping The little girl with glasses thought for a while and said It s been a long time Then How long is it The little girl with glasses thought for a while and said, It s been a long time How long is it The little girl with glasses thought for a while and said, I was pulling when Miss Tang Tang came.

Although Tang Shuang is not good at attacking Ji Rubing again, he can refute and correct other points of view.After the boy who asked if he didn t understand, and who didn t believe that tears are students thinking in the workplace, he said It s the first time I heard that Asking if you don t understand is a derogatory term, and it s hard for me to agree with this classmate s point of view.The boy was taken aback and said, If you have a different opinion, please tell me.Tang Shuang said I went to Singapore to stay in a hotel once, and I was accompanied by a Singaporean friend.We stayed for two nights.Everyone knows that there is a note in every room in the hotel, but who is serious about it Have you ever written a note to the hotel Presumably not, even if you have, it is very rare.Ji Rubing smiled and said that she had never written.Liang Qiao went into the steam room and meditated while steaming.Li Ying and the others were still in the what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar massage room, really tired.Tang Shuang swam back and forth twice.Just as she emerged from the pool, a bath towel was suddenly handed over.When she looked up, it was Zhang Yu.Sister Yu The young man s arrangement is very good.After such a massage, the whole body relaxes a lot.It is very cold in the north at this time, but it turns out to be colder in the buy organic cbd gummies jar south, wet and cold.Zhang Yu said, stretching out his hand Come up Tang Shuang hesitated for a while, and simply took Zhang Yu s hand, and came out of the swimming pool, but just about to go ashore, Zhang Yu s hand suddenly let go, and pushed him, with a bang Tang Shuang looked up Pour it into the pool.Ah you Haha I will punish you a little bit.Tang Shuang curled her lips and continued to argue Who doesn t know how to say thank you Don t just say nothing, you have to thank them with practical actions.Tang Shuang asked curiously Then how should I thank you Tang Shuang continued She curled her lips I don t know, I don t want to thank you.Why are you curling your lips Tang Tang er s dissatisfaction with Xiao Shuang twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen began to accumulate, You disdain for the little baby Tang Tang er turned to Tang Shuang Lip curls and tut tuts are very sensitive and can easily be provoked.Tang Shuang chuckled and didn t speak, but the meaning was already obvious.The little piggy was so angry that he began to grind his teeth.Seeing this, Tang Zhen buy organic cbd gummies jar slapped Tang Shuang as if, and said, What are you doing, don t make my sister angry Tang Shuang Tang Shuang was secretly on guard against Xiaozhuzhu s sudden violent attack and hurting people, but a scene cbd gummy and ibuprofen who owns green ape cbd gummies that he and Tang Zhen could not imagine happened Little Zhuzhu jumped off the chair with a click, turned around and came to Tang Sanjian and Huang Xiangning, straight Kneeling down towards them, she said in a plausible voice Mom and Dad have worked hard, thank you for making the baby so cute Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen turned pale with shock Not only were they shocked, Zhang Yu and Liang Qiao next to them also looked incredible, as well as some spectators in the second row.Her palm was soft and tender, and her palm was sweating.Sister, do you have a tissue Candy buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies s palms are sweating.Tang Shuang asked Tang Zhen.Open your palms.Tang Zhen said holding a tissue.Tang Tang stared blankly at Tang Zhen wiping her little hands, and said, Sister, are your buy organic cbd gummies jar palms sweating Tang Zhen said no, Tang Tang asked Tang Shuang again, and Tang Shuang also said no, so here comes the problem.Why are Tangtang er s palms sweating Tang Shuang pinched her little face, and she quickly slapped her big hand away.You re wearing too much.Tang Zhen looked at it, and it seemed to be the case.Candy was wrapped tightly when she went out, and it has been like this since she entered the theater.There is air conditioning here, no wonder the little guy s palms are sweating.Are you hot Tang Zhen asked.Tang Zhen emmmmmm let s not watch it now, let s watch the movie first.Tangtanger thought for a while, and agreed to this suggestion.She was not worried about whether she could fly, she had always believed that she could fly.What she was worried about was that it was pitch black here, she couldn t see clearly at all, and it would be bad if she hit her head.Although you don t need to fly to show your sister now, you must be prepared to fly at any time, so Tangtanger mind daily gummy chews cbd rummaged in his trouser pocket for a while, but couldn t find it.He patted Tang Shuang s arm and asked in a low voice Xiaoshuang Tangtanger s Bamboo dragonfly Tang Shuang had heard what she and Tang Zhen had said just now, and knew that this guy buy organic cbd gummies jar wanted to fly, so she said impatiently Watching a movie, don t worry about bamboo dragonflies.In the end, Tangtanger missed her puppy, the little parrot, who was being taken care of by Tang Huohuo, emmmmm, Huohuo is not here yet.On the way home, there is a section of Yanjiang Road, along the Shengjing River all the way to the west, the coast is very lively, many people put Kongming lanterns in the Chaojiang River, one by one floating into the night sky, twinkling on the river, so pretty.There are also flickering lights on the dark river surface, and there are many river lanterns floating on the water.Some people put Kongming lanterns on the scene, and many people put cbd gummies get high river lanterns.Tang Tang buy organic cbd gummies jar do cbd gummies have thc in them lay on the window of the car, yelling in surprise, Tang Shuang pulled over, and Tang Zhen took Tang Tang to the riverside to watch the lights.The night wind was blowing gently, which shook people s spirits.

At this moment, the riverside was full of laughter and laughter.People gathered together in twos and threes, looking at the sky and the river, praying and making wishes.Tang Zhen s residence can overlook this location.On the first night when she first arrived in Shengjing, Tang Shuang was sitting in the small living room chatting.Through the window, she could see the scene of Kongming lanterns being placed across the river.The lights were ups and downs in the night sky.Floating, twinkling, very beautiful.Tang Zhen and Tangtang er each held a river lantern in their palms, and Tangtang happily waved to Tang Shuang, showing off her river lantern Xiao Shuang, look Very beautiful.In Tang Zhen s hand was a lotus lantern.The lotus bloomed and the candle lighted up, reflecting her beautiful face.Xiao Shuang, come quickly, we are going to light up the lights Tang Tanger greeted Tang Shuang, thinking that he was walking slowly, so she ran over quickly, took his hand and ran towards the river.Two words, although I can t understand what the exact words are, but I guess it should be Tang Zhen.There is a line of words below buy organic cbd gummies jar it, which reads To Ye Liang, my friend, please remember it in your life, that is South na Wu mo Ah a Mi mi Tuo tuo Buddha fo.This My sister Zhen wrote it Why did you send me such a sentence Ye Liang looked at Tang Shuang suspiciously, feeling that this kid was fooling others.This is to bless you The Buddha s words, you think you can give it away casually It s not that close relatives can t give it away, so keep it at ease Namo Amitabha Weird.Guo Zi, look, this child, say Don t say anything, I thought you were a wooden man, no wonder Tangtanger called you one, two, three wooden man elder brother.Guo Zifeng, who was silent, finally showed his presence, took Ye Liang s record, looked at it, and said very firmly It was written by Xiaoshuang.Ye Liang looked at Tang Shuang and Guo Zifeng blankly, and sighed Why did Xiaoshuang pay for it Tang Shuang What do you mean, you, what exactly do you want to say Ye Liang said with a smirk Hehe I really want to kick Xiaoshuang out.Chapter 778 How much is this At 11 30 in the evening, a riot broke out near the basketball court of Guangdong University.The nearby residents were woken up by the noise and dared not turn on the lights.Looking from the window, they vaguely saw three figures, One of cheapest cbd gummy bears them stood on the side and did not move, while the other two were fighting very fiercely.Xiao Shuang, stop fighting stop fighting I surrender, I wipe, why are you so fierce Ye Liang surrendered readily, but he still couldn t defeat Tang Xiaoshuang.He had never won since elementary school.Tang Shuang let go of Ye Liang, pretending to be relaxed and said Born to be fierce.After the three of them were sure, they went crazy for a while and calmed down.Ye Liang looked at the time, it was exactly midnight, he changed his laughing and wide eyed appearance just now, thought for a while, and said It s really a huge sum of money, but it doesn t seem to have anything to do with me.Guo Zi went.At this point, Ye Liang shrugged and said, You two split up, I wish you good luck.You don t want it Tang Shuang asked in surprise.Ye Liang sighed It s pretentious to say that you don t want it, but it really has nothing to do with me.Tang Shuang no longer had a playful smile on her face.disposal.He didn t expect that Ye Liang would take the initiative to ask to quit.He was the one who was most concerned just now.But he didn t immediately say that you would come to share together, if it was just him and Ye Liang, he could say this right away.Hearing Tangtanger s question, she said, Mom went home and went to bed.She took care of you in the hospital last night.She didn t sleep.She s very tired now, so she needs to rest. Ah Candy said in surprise, Is there no impression of Candy s swelling My Is mom okay Oh, I want to kiss mom You moaned and chirped in the second half of the night, and slept like a piglet after uly keto cbd gummies reviews dawn, so you didn t have the time to pay attention to other things.Mom is fine, I just need to take how to make cbd gummy bears a rest.Mom will be very happy if Tangtang is healthy.As for my sister, she is sleeping in the living room outside.She also stayed with you all night.She didn t sleep well last night, and now she needs to rest.Come on, sit down and feed you porridge.Tangtang er touched her little butt with both hands, jumped up and down a few times, and said happily Huh Hehe, Tangtang er s little butt doesn t hurt Lah Tang Shuang smiled and said, Congratulations.Candy said a little disappointed The big orange cat can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies ignores me Acridine.Tang Shuang Why are you ignoring you The big orange cat talks to me, and it will definitely talk to you too.If you don t believe me, go and try.Because the big orange cat is afraid of the Lun family, Tangtanger murmured to himself.Just try it.She walked towards the yard with small steps.The big orange cat was still lazy and seemed to be asleep, but when Tang Tanger approached it, he raised his upper body vigilantly and stared at her.Cat, big cat Come on, Miss Sister hugs you.Tangtang er buy organic cbd gummies jar smiled all over her face, clapped her hands, and then opened her hands, as if coaxing a child younger than her.Meow The big orange cat was unmoved, and looked at her arrogantly, then continued to lie down, put its head on its outstretched forelegs, and squinted its eyes.

Because of these relationships, today these three people came to Old Tang s house to pay homage to the early years and visit Tang Hongjun.Although Tang Shuang just found out that Su Dingnan, Zhang Ziwei, and Liu Quanquan were coming, but in a short period of time, after a little thought, she basically understood the general context of the matter.Dad, Dingnan is here.Tang Dajian reminded.Five troop vehicles ahead drove over, slowing down, and then eight men in military uniforms dismounted, the leading three were Su Dingnan, Zhang Ziwei and Liu Quanquan.Su Dingnan was tall, but a bit ugly.He was wearing a military cap.If Tang Shuang had guessed correctly, there should be a big, shiny bald head under the military cap.In Tang Shuang s memory, Su Dingnan lost his hair very early, and in the Mediterranean Sea, when we saw him later, he was bald.The ants crawled out of their pajamas Emmmmm They all pretended not to hear it, but they dare not believe it anymore. After Sun Jin sent Zhang how long does a cbd gummy work Fei and others away, he stayed in the backstage studio.Although the recording of the program is over, their work is far from over.This program was recorded for a full four hours, but it only took one hour for the official broadcast, and a large number of clips needed to be cut.Sun Jin and the editors first clarified the theme of the interview again, and then roughly judged which clips were the key points and which clips were dispensable based on the topic.Finally, after a quick scan, they determined some clips that buy organic cbd gummies jar could be cut immediately.When the editor saw the clip of Tangtanger grinning at the camera, he said without hesitation Cut this clip.Sun Jin looked at it and said, Wait, go back and watch it, and play it at normal speed.She didn t know what stimulated her these days, but she thought of it and shouted to go there to play.Today, Tang Shuang showed great kindness and decided to take the kid there to have fun, on the premise that the kid would stop can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar yelling at him about the director.It s true that Tangtang er didn t yell twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen anymore, but it wasn t that she didn t want to yell, but her what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar attention was diverted in an instant, and she was all focused on going to Yanhuahai to watch the lanterns, and buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies she had no time to think about the director.Who is the director Who is the director do you know it If you don t know him, why keep thinking about him I don t want to Think fun, delicious, and beautiful Yanhuahai is not only a buy organic cbd gummies jar beautiful lantern, but more importantly, there are a lot of fun and delicious food there.Just thinking about it makes people drool, and I can t help it Let s go The little man ran between Tang Shuang and Tang Zhen.They both met in a school performance because they were the backbone of literature and art.Later, it was because of Tang Shuang that they became close friends and became good friends.friend.Shang Hui is one of Tang Zhen s few good friends at school.After Tang Shuang and Shang Hui broke up, Tang Zhen and Shang Hui still maintain a good buy organic cbd gummies jar friendship, and it seems that they have more daily contact.Thinking of this, Tang Shuang couldn t help thinking of Shang Hui s madness under the heavy rain in Breeze Square.This picture has been deeply imprinted in my mind, as if I would think of it when I heard the name.From this, it can be seen that Tang Shuang was full of guilt towards her.The matter with Shang Hui back then how should I put it, it was very tragic.There are not many people who know the inside best cbd gummies for joint pain 2021 story, unfortunately, Tang Zhen is one of them.Look at Cao Kai, such a capable person, he did not survive until his early 40s.Tang Shuang said I know, this circle is not easy to mix for sure.I understand Ah Hui s situation, so you invite her to host the concert, I have buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies no objection.Sister, don t worry, I what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar have no problem with Ah Hui , It s not an enemy, but a good friend, I didn t think of it before, otherwise I would ask you to host her.I m happy for her if I can help her.Tang Zhen breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and said, That s good.Tang Zhen Shuang thought of the little one at home, and reminded Tang Zhen, However, sister, you have to do some work for Tangtang, the little guy has a problem with Ah Hui, she doesn t like her, but I don t know if this little fool still remembers.Tang Zhen asked in surprise, Ah, this is, why What s going on At last year s Youth Film Festival, Tang Shuang was slapped by Shang Hui, and Tang Shuang and Pan Fugui saw it.There is only one reason why Tang Zhen, nicknamed Bingshan Beauty, can smile so brightly and warmly, and that is another incomparably bright smile in her arms.It was a little girl with long hair and a smile on her delicate face.If Tang Zhen s smile is what does cbd gummies good for buy organic cbd gummies jar the bright sunshine in the cold winter months, then the smile on this small face is the fragrant spring flowers, the wilderness where the grass grows and the warbler flies, the joy of all things growing wildly in spring, and the bright summer The beach Anyone who sees such a smiling face will be immediately infected and can t help but smile.For example, at this moment, everyone in the theater is smiling.This smiling face was submerged in the darkness, but everyone knew that he she was laughing, HCMUSSH buy organic cbd gummies jar because there were crackling laughter buy organic cbd gummies jar in the air from time to time.

She didn t have to worry about her elder sister leaving halfway.She could finally pour out all her thoughts and love for her elder sister.Tangtanger raised her head, stared at her eyes, and sang in a childish voice Take care of you every day I want to put it on for a long time The little man gave full play to her imagination, and her sister was imagined out of the mirror by her.She just sang her heart to her sister.But that s not enough.She loves her sister, and she believes that her sister loves her too.She loves her sister as much as she loves her.So after she sang a section, Tang Zhen in the mirror also started to sing, expressing her apex cbd gummies love for her.In fact, this duet is Candy s imagination , and it s all performed by the little dramatist alone.Tang Shuang made full use of Tangtanger s dramatist attributes, and used the mirror as a medium to let the little dramatist direct the play by himself.Tang Shuang could only hear Tang Shuang s singing once in a while after one wave had passed and before another wave arrived.This little guy s singing voice should be the most special singing voice in the whole theater because it was so childish.Tang Shuang accurately judged from hearing the singing voice that Tang Shuang couldn t sing these songs, and she was seriously out of tune Tang Shuang looked at the little guy, but the little guy didn t even look at him.He stared intently at the older sister who was interacting with everyone and singing on the stage.Her little hands kept saying hello, and her little body bounced around, but the older sister didn t Pay attention to her.It doesn t matter This does not affect her passion.As soon as Flowers in Dreams was released, Tang Shuang took Tangtanger to buy the record, and relatives and friends gave gifts.This man is really too much.Don t mess around.I m trying to scare chickens and monkeys.When you become famous, you will encounter many such situations.These people are like flies, swarming here.I have to tell these flies, stay away from the little fairy of the Tang family.And, today, Xiao Na Tang Shuang didn t like the way he handled it.Knowing that Cheng Xin had thoughts about Tang Zhen, she even brought him to the banquet hall privately.Just because people don t hate , then it s good to make one more friend.Standing in Xiao Na s corner, this may be normal, but after all, she is a businessman, and she pays attention to being slick and versatile.But Tang Shuang looked at things from Tang Zhen s point of view, and he would help her put an end to things Tang Zhen didn t like.Originally, I didn t want to torment this Cheng Zong, but since he was relentlessly following him and would not die if he didn t do anything, we used him as an example and let Xiao Na know that the Tang family has energy, and this energy is greater than this so called Chenghai Group.Goodbye, Mom The Lun family is going to find Xiaoshuang The little man got out from the gap in the iron gate without looking back, and eloped briskly under the moonlight.Bai Jingjing didn t know why, so she excitedly followed run.Tang Tang, come back Tang Sanjian chased after Tangtanger.Seeing this, Tangtang had to drop the suitcase and used the snake like movement practiced in chasing Tang Shuang, ahhh, shouted Don t come after me I m going to find Xiaoshuang.Don t come after me I m super fierce I m also super fierce Tang Sanjian madly chased the villain.Ah, I m super fierce Let the Lun family go Xiang Ning Go ahead and block this kid You can t catch him A few minutes later, Tang Sanjian walked buy organic cbd gummies jar out with a pink pocket suitcase out of breath.In the front, Tangtanger walked behind dejectedly, and Huang Xiangning postponed.Wen Pinru Tang Shuang had heard of it, she was an actor.Li Guanping and his 4 year old son Li Yushu.Tang Shuang had never heard of Li Guanping.Li Xiulun introduced Mr.Li Guanping is an actor, mainly acting in dramas, and is very famous in Shengjing.Li Guanping is not well known, But Li Xiulun chose him because Li Guanping is older, 48 years old, and his son is only 4 years old.He is a typical old man.Such a pair of father and son is naturally very interesting.Tang Shuang thought that she would look up Li Guanping s information after she went back, and try to be familiar with the people who filmed the show together.There is also Zhang Huxing and his 6 year old son Zhang Weitong.Is it Zhang Huxing Tang Shuang asked.Yes, Zhang Huoxing from Xiangjiang.Zhang Huxing is an actor from Xiangjiang, famous for playing gangsters and villains.I don t know such a simple truth Really, it says which kid doesn t know, let him ask me After finishing speaking, he pointed to the old hen, and said to Zhang Weitong, who still had doubts, Go ask the little chicken s mother to see if she said so.Zhang Weitong faltered, and finally said dejectedly I don t know how to talk to chickens.Tangtang er spread out her small hands The Nalun family has nothing to do.Zhang Weitong turned back and asked cbd blueberry gummies retail his father Dad, can you talk to chickens Zhang Xingxing said honestly I don t know it now, but I will ask Tang Tang s brother to teach me in the evening, and I will be able to do it in how to soak gummies in cbd oil due time.Zhang Weitong nodded happily Then will you teach me Zhang Xingxing If you want to learn, I will teach you.Thank you, Dad Well, buy organic cbd gummies jar let s wash our hands and face, and we will find a house later.

Aren t you fyi cbd gummies effects rich today No, uh, no The Lun family is rich It feels like you are getting richer and richer.What is getting rich suddenly It s just people who are stupid and have a lot of money.I hate it By the way, he gave Tang Shuang a hate punch.By the way, have you thought about how to use the can i take cbd gummies on airplane buy organic cbd gummies jar money Huh Xiaoshuang, will you return it to the Lun family Yes, yes.Although it is stored with me, you are not prohibited from using it.If you really want Spend the money, and I can give you some.Tangtanger never expected to be able to do this kind of operation, she was so happy, and began to think about the things she wanted to buy, the first one was dolls Buy dolls There are so many dolls in your room that you can hardly be found, so don t buy them.Which child would think that he has too many dolls This is impossible Xiao Shuang, Tangtanger wants to buy a little cat doll, little cat, meow meow buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies This guy was cute, with his fists on his mouth, meowing like a cat, and after a few meows, he kissed Tang Shuang.Candy is full.I ve eaten, um, I ve eaten.Lao Li opened the lunch box, and a smell of food wafted out, tempting Candy all the time.Did you really eat You can eat a little after you eat.Candy put his hands in his trouser pockets and said coolly No Candy is full, full, I can t eat any more, hiccup , The Lun family hiccups, ho ho ho Lao Li asked Tang Shuang Have you really eaten Tang Shuang Really, you can feed auntie, it s already 8 o clock.Old Li did not doubt that he was there, so buy organic cbd gummies jar he fed his wife.Tang Tanger and Tang Shuang looked at each other, stuck out their little tongues, and shrunk their mouths, pretending to cry, starving the baby.Lao Li s wife took out a big apple from the bag next to the bed and handed it to Candy.Candy took it now, just took a bite, and said to grandma with a smile Grandma, the big apple is so delicious, so sweet, suck it it s so delicious, it s the best big apple I ve ever eaten, Lily, take a bite too.That, there is nothing else that can be bought.This is edible.Tang Shuang didn t look at him, smiled and stretched out her hand, taking Lili The little girl slapped it full of peanuts, but there were only a few in Tang Shuang s hands, and even if it was a little, Tangtanger robbed three of them halfway.Hee hee, eat some Xiaoshuang Wow, it s really delicious, it smells so good.Candy put the peanuts in his pocket with a smile, and first hid them to store some dry goods.This is already instinctive.These are boiled peanuts.Tang Shuang peeled one and tasted it.It was indeed very fragrant.It was not as dry as buy organic cbd gummies jar fried peanuts, and it was more delicious.It s delicious, thank you little Lili.Tang Shuang thanked little Lili with a smile.Little Lili smiled when she heard this, and said sweetly that you are welcome.I don t want to care about cbd gummy and ibuprofen who owns green ape cbd gummies you, but at noon, Lily will see Seeing you lying in the hospital with blood streaming down your face, I don t know what you will think, for such a young buy organic cbd gummies jar recipe for cbd gummies girl, a father should give her a sense of security, this is your responsibility Do you know the responsibility Tang Shuang asked.Know, know.Know cbd fruit gummies kaufen what Know responsibility.Then tell me.Uh, uh Can t say it It seems that you just say you know it.Do you want me to tell you Responsibility is that as the head of the buy organic cbd gummies jar family, you have to support your parents and let them spend their old age in peace.Responsibility is that you want to Raise your daughter and let her have as happy and carefree a childhood as possible.The responsibility is to ensure that no one will move things at home to pay off debts at any time At 11 30 in the morning, the sprinkler sang Only a mother is good in the world Returning to the square with the melody, Tang Shuang had been waiting here a long time ago, and took the rosy cheeked Candy from the car, and then the cheerful little Lily.How is your contact with Luo Ming going He natures boost cbd gummies 10 mg was going to shoot Snowy Mountain Ghost , and I gave him Mr.Wang s phone number a few days ago.Tang Shuang thought of Luo Ming.Last week, Hero held a celebration banquet.Zhang Fei introduced them to each other.The other party, let them get in touch further.I don t know how the conversation is going now.Peng Lei said Director Luo has already contacted Mr.Wang, and we are following up.We will set up a project team today to connect with them.If all goes well, everything will be settled this week.To be honest, Tang Shuang was really worried that Luo Ming would make Snow Mountain Ghost a twisted cbd gummies cbd gummy and ibuprofen bad film, not a bad film, but a rotten film in the clouds.When will the script come out When the time comes, ask me for a copy and send it to me to have a look.It should be soon.It would be great if Miss Xiangning was here, she is an expert in taking care of goldfish, and in the hearts of the three children of Old Tang s family, she is omnipotent.Although she generally doesn t do much.But every time you go out, you must succeed immediately.After giving birth to a baby fish, things seemed to be much smoother.One after another, the baby fish were squeezed out and sank to the bottom of the water.Everyone became tense again, staring closely at the great little red.Is this giving birth to a baby So this is how babies are born Is Tangtang er also born like this Tangtang er was amazed, it was the first time in his life to watch a small animal give birth.Tang Zhen Isn t mom amazing and great Candy nodded repeatedly, that was quite great.For example, Xiaohong, are cbd gummy bears illegal it is really not easy for such a small fish to hide so many baby fish in its belly.

Of course, the insignificant one among them is me.They are different from the young people who are emerging like river crucian carp these days.They are not handsome Yes, they are not handsome, sorry, I said a fact that many listeners may not like, this is relatively speaking, compared with other young singers, they are more like a powerful group, not an idol group.This is even more commendable.The reason why Tang Zhen s younger brother values them is obviously due to their strength.Last night, they performed very well on the field.They were very personable, especially the song Until the End of the World they sang.It was intense, high pitched, and emotional.People are envious and jealous.With Hu Zhongyuan s bonus, Yu Xiang s help, and Tang Zhen s younger brother Tang Shuang who is hiding behind the scenes, there are good reasons to be optimistic about Tunan Band I hope their future will live up to Hu Zhongyuan s last hit.The best composer of the Golden Melody Award is the greatest affirmation of my talent.Of course, I also want to thank my sister Tang Zhen for her beautiful voice and superb singing skills.These songs are perfectly interpreted, she is really a musical spirit.Tang Zhen smiled while listening to it, Xiao Na and Luo Yuqing also laughed out loud.At this moment, Tang Shuang was still praising his sister, she was really a good brother in the world.After Tang Shuang said a few words, seeing that everyone in the audience hadn t recovered yet, they looked at each other with different eyes.Some are unbelievable, some are pranks, some are watching jokes, some are delighted and shocked, some are suddenly enlightened, some are confused He joked What s going on here Someone suggested me to wear a mask before I came, but I still Now that I have come on stage like this, everyone around me will know that I am Yu Xiang.Candy s comics have been published, and A Garden of Green Vegetables Become a Gentleman has now become a collection of books for many children.Since the beginning of this year, the sales volume of this book has been rising steadily.Not only has it not shown weakness, but it has a strong stamina.Tangtanger s songs are also very popular, and the number of auditions and downloads on the music source website is gratifying.After returning from Shengjing, her copyright income is 1.2 million.Not 1.5 million, but 1.2 million RMB Tang Shuang pooled in 300,000 yuan to make the children happy and cultivate their self confidence.Although this kid doesn t need to be cultivated at all, her self confidence is always bursting.Tang Shuang looked at Tangtanger, who was serious about learning characters, and thought of the upcoming Mother s Day.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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