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Let others continue their glory on the battlefield.The boys are full of energy, roaring loudly, and the pointed hats look so proud.Hitler came to his side panting, and he suffered some minor injuries on his hands, but it didn t matter Captain, we, we are about sunday cbd gummies to win Yes, Adolf.Wang Weiyi smiled He said We are about to win.Now I order you to bring this news to Colonel Kinklock.Tell him that the D9 position is already in our hands Yes, Captain Hitler said vigorously.On the other side, Guderian, who had just killed an enemy, looked at Captain Ernst with almost admiring eyes.He had also experienced battles, but he had never experienced such a fast and easy battle.It is like lightning to solve the enemy whose strength and weapons are better than his own.The joint cooperation of artillery and infantry completed the attack very well, but Guderian always felt that there was something missing in the attack.

Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, commander of the 43rd Battalion of the 42nd East Lance Division Lieutenant Colonel Rosen hurriedly said loudly Send these our wounded to the hospital immediately A sergeant hurriedly commanded several soldiers to help send the wounded down, and then asked strangely Lieutenant Colonel, who are these two Germans They are real gentlemen Lieutenant Colonel Rosen said solemnly, I can you buy cbd gummies in florida have never seen a gentleman more chivalrous than that captain.The sergeant was a little surprised Who is he Ernst Brahm.After Lieutenant Colonel Rosen finished speaking, he stopped worrying about the stunned sergeant and came to Wang Weiyi Captain, please allow me to make another rude request.Can you wait for me here for twenty minutes Okay, as long as you don t hold us captive.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.

Go, Wang Weiyi s hearts sank They saw several French soldiers pushing a bound man forward.And the figure of that person is too familiar Guo Yunfeng Guo Yunfeng was captured by the French Elena pursed her lips This is the bad news.When we entered the city, we found that Guo was being interrogated by the French.There is a piece of information that we don t know.A few days ago, all the Chinese laborers were all arrested.Transferred from Lance.There is not a single Chinese person here.It was as if a big stone was pressing on Wang Weiyi s heart.After all calculations, it was not expected that such a situation would happen.The French actually transferred all the Chinese laborers in Reims.Guo Yunfeng s eyes happened to be looking towards him too.He saw Major Ernst, then smiled at Major Ernst, then lowered his head and walked forward amidst the push and push of the French Wang Weiyi was sure that Guo Yunfeng would not betray his people, and the French would never think of a Chinese joining the soldiers sent by the Germans.

Yes, he could tell right away that it must have been done by Ernst Brahm purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida Baron Skeleton The Skull Baron is really in Paris he Another detonator was thrown out, and with the sound of explosion and thick gunpowder smoke, the French fell into complete chaos The French are going to suppress it Among the Russians who were marching, whoever yelled out loudly first, this was like a signal, and the entire Russian parade went into a state of madness.They fought desperately with the police in front of them, completely bursting out the anger accumulated over the years.It s messed up, the entire Champ de Mars is in total chaos The French people s meticulously prepared celebration meeting has now turned into a messy vegetable market that no one manages.Some were crying, some were yelling, some were calling for help The police were dispersed, and the secret police were also dispersed.

Bivorge also let out a cold snort.If not, he would have wanted to lock up all those Italians a long time ago.There is one more thing.Laurende lowered In his own voice This is top secret information.No matter what it looks like on the front, it doesn t matter.The 93rd Infantry Division commanded by Major General Trunway is marching in the rear of Udine.The s team has worked out a detailed plan.Plan, and after careful deployment, this time the Skeleton Baron will die here.Bivorge suddenly realized, and now he finally understands why the higher authorities attach so much purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida importance to Udine.All for that skeleton baron.Indeed, if the plan can be implemented smoothly, the Skeleton Baron will not be does cbd gummies help with inflammation and pain able to get away no matter how powerful he is.Using so much power to deal with a Skeleton Baron, isn t it a bit of a big deal So profound.

I don t have this right either.The enemy s counter offensive will start soon, and I must obey the orders of the High Command for the future of Germany.There was silence in the headquarters, only the voice still ringing in everyone s ears We we are attacking Colonel.The 0th Infantry Division of the U.S.Army is approaching us.With a straw in his mouth, Guo Yunfeng said indifferently, We will be able to reach those Americans soon.Si Dao, I m sorry, Wang Weiyi said suddenly said such a sentence.What s the matter, Colonel Guo Yunfeng was a little surprised.Wang Weiyi nodded back I told Rommel and the others to evacuate, and can you buy cbd gummies in florida only you were left behind.Hey, Colonel, how can you say such a thing.Guo Yunfeng interrupted the Colonel You have to know, my can you buy cbd gummies in florida fate You saved me, and I have to be by your side no matter what.

The four knives must be brought, and then Okus Steck, Boncrere, Ma Li, Sean who are responsible for driving them to Russia, and Ludwig must also bring them, including himself, a total of eight people He called these people over, and roughly told them that he would take them to Russia to complete a very dangerous mission, and then said This mission is not ordered by the command, it is entirely what I want to do.You guys Maybe you will die in Russia, maybe you can get rich, you can choose not to go. General, we are always together, right Ludwig, who was a little fanatical about the Skeleton Baron, immediately said, I will be with you Action.Hey, who doesn t want to get rich Steck whistled lightly No fortune is easy to obtain.General, I will go with you.You need to drive, yes Is it Orcus spread his hands.

He seems to have disappeared from the world.Is he in the hands of the British or the Americans inside Or in the hands of those vile French I will go into Paris, into London, into Washington, and search inch by inch until I rescue General Ernst.I have done everything General Ernst told me, especially when it comes to aiding China., I did a very good can you buy cbd gummies in florida job.Those damn queen monkeys, I really want to wipe them off the map, but I can t do that just yet.I hope China can teach Japan some lessons.Or should I help China arm a Skeleton Commando too Ah, no, this is really crazy, the Skeleton Commando can only belong to one person At this point, Hitler stopped the pen in his hand, he seemed to be thinking about something, and after a while, he continued to write General Ernst, where are you Where are you Germany has been rearmed, and we need a general like you to lead us to continuous victory.

From Sanhuqiao to Li s homeowner s position, the two troops fought bloody battles, holding back the advance of the Japanese army.Time and time again, even the Japanese army forgot how many times they had launched attacks, but the opposite position was like a fortress of chongs cbd gummies iron and steel.The casualties of the squadron were huge, but it was worth it for the entire battlefield.When the enemy s attack was repelled again, the soldiers looked very tired.They lay quietly in the position and seized the short time to take a good rest.After a while, perhaps a more brutal battle will break out.It is now 3 o can a dog eat a cbd gummy clock in the afternoon on October 27th.The time stipulated by the base is getting closer and closer, and Wang Weiyi is fully confident to stick to that time.This is the first task that Wanderer has accepted in this era, and it seems that it has made a good start.

They will command countless armies and issue the strongest roar to the enemy the cry of a strong nation rising At this point, it makes more sense than building an invincible commando alone.In the First World War, the Skeleton Commando led by Wang Weiyi never tasted the taste of failure, but it can you buy cbd gummies in florida could not bring victory to Germany.But this time it is completely different.Although China will win the war of resistance in the end, it will be obtained after paying the heaviest price.Can the loss be minimized Just can you buy cbd gummies in florida like what Wang Weiyi advocated .

how often to take cbd gummies?

on the battlefield use the smallest price to exchange for the greatest victory.This is also effective for a country.And just when Wang Weiyi started to deploy and retreat, a new command from the base arrived The first phase of the Daredevil Mission has been completed, and the self reform do eagle hemp cbd gummies work and upgrade of the base has been reopened.

Young, handsome and well groomed.At first glance, people who have can you buy cbd gummies in florida seen the world are much better than those thugs under him.But he hired someone to protect himself, not to put on airs.Zhang Xiaolin said calmly, I heard that your marksmanship is very good Yes.Wang Dehai said calmly.Well, give him a gun and three bullets.Set him a target in the yard.Let s see how his marksmanship is.Boss Zhang gave the order, and the target was quickly set up in the yard.Zhang Xiaolin didn t show his face at all, but hid in the house and watched through the window.It was the first time Wang Dehai saw it himself, and God knows if it was a killer.After a while, three bang bang bang gunshots rang out, and HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida then his apprentices shouted wildly, and saw Ah Si rushing up excitedly with a target Boss, can you buy cbd gummies in florida kill all three shots.

to vote for recommendations and monthly tickets.Your support is my greatest motivation.Two hundred and ninety one.The story of Baron Rose 1410 monthly tickets Jiageng Nanjing, November 1937.General Stark took a look in the mirror, and he always felt that he was not as mighty as wearing a military uniform in any clothes.He turned around, sat down, and lit a cigarette.In fact, he didn t smoke before, but since General Ernst disappeared, Stark has learned to smoke.Thinking of General Ernst, Stark s heart tightened.Someone in Germany has long said that if he hadn t disappeared back then, Germany might not have lost the war.The reason why General Ernst disappeared was entirely because he was an upright and benevolent general.He did not want the members of the Skeleton Commando to die in Montforkon, so he gave up his idea of breaking out alone and gave all Players survive.

Sir, do you have any family Fu Yu suddenly asked excitedly.Guo Yunfeng shook his head.But then nodded again Edifier and Elena are his family members Enemy, enemy Suddenly, someone shouted loudly.Don t mess up Don t mess around, find a place to hide Guo Yunfeng grabbed Fu Yu while commanding, and rushed into a small forest nearby.Two Japanese fighter planes appeared in the sky, and they rushed towards here viciously Right here At that moment, two American made Hawk destroyers suddenly appeared in the sky That is the Chinese Air Force The soldiers on the ground suddenly burst into thunderous cheers.On the Shanghai battlefield, when the Air Force suffered serious losses, , The Chinese Air Force gradually withdrew from the battlefield, but now, they reappeared Chinese Air Force Hawk appeared in the sky, and then, like two goshawks, they rushed towards the Japanese aircraft Air battle broke out here A series of A string of bullets flitted across the air.

Guo Yunfeng was furious when he heard that, he didn t have a good impression of that regiment leader.It seems that Qin Hebiao is going to give up Changshu.Once Changshu is lost, Suzhou, Jiangyin, Wuxi and other places will directly face the Japanese attack, and the entire defense line may be shaken.Come here, report the situation here to the head of the regiment immediately.Guo Yunfeng called a soldier and ordered, and then turned to Jiang Huasheng Squad leader Jiang, you will be under my command from now on You are familiar with the situation here, what do you say How should we stop the Japanese themselves Battalion Commander Jiang Huasheng hesitated The east bank of Kuncheng Lake to Xiangcheng Town is the defensive position of the 26th Army.Our place is actually the second line position.Commander Qin doesn t take my advice seriously.

Guo Yunfeng said green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy without looking back.Guo Yunfeng, do you want to rebel against me Qin Hebiao called out, purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida Can your two guns deal with so many of my guns Guo Yunfeng smiled San Dao, show them the guns we brought What Zhang Sandao also smiled, and then slowly untied his clothes.When the clothes were untied, the guards couldn t help but exclaimed His body is full of grenades Both Qin Hebiao and Meng Konghua s faces can you buy cbd gummies in florida turned pale with fright.At this moment, Guo Yunfeng said indifferently My body is also covered with grenades Three hundred and four.kill Brother, you have something to say, something to say Qin Hebiao and Meng Konghua said hurriedly, their faces pale.God, these two people are really here to risk their lives But I don t hate them that much Let them all go out Guo Yunfeng snapped.Get out, get out of here, all of them Qin Hebiao vented all his panic and anger on his guards.

Go home, isn t it here Is it our home Elena was a little confused, but of course, she felt a special kindness to Wang Weiyi s hug.Wang Weiyi let go of her Did you know, we still have another sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida home Three hundred and eighty three.The day of the massacre three shifts The 27th year of the Republic of China, April 4th, 193 AD.This will be the decisive day of the Changshu decisive battle And this will surely be a day that will be remembered in history Here, Wang Weiyi and his Huben Guard brigade are about to complete a seemingly arduous task annihilate the Ueno detachment It was a relatively complete detachment, and one could imagine how difficult it would be to annihilate it.But this is not something Wang Weiyi has to worry about, he has a secret ultimate weapon Xiaoling 6 o clock in the morning on April 4th.

Wang Weiyi liked him a little more, at least he was telling the truth.I ve already thought about everything.Wang Weiyi also said very frankly In the State Security Bureau, do you have any enemies I m talking about the person who always likes to fight against you Of course.Timilenko I just said a few words, and suddenly my eyes lit up Aha, I understand what you mean, you are going to let me go Yes, that s what I mean.Wang Weiyi reviews on cbd fushion gummies smiled It s the best of both worlds, isn t it I rescued the person I wanted to save, and you killed your first enemy, and then I took my people away, and you are still your comrade deputy director.Dimilenko nodded slightly Yes But I betrayed my country.Mr.Timilenko.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly Whether Germany will win the final victory or the Soviet Union will win the final victory, neither you nor I know.

A large number of Soviet troops have been assembled.This includes the Soviet Southwest Front Army and the Southern Front Army under the command of Lieutenant General Malinovsky.In total, it includes a huge force of 23 infantry corps, 2 tank corps and 2 cavalry corps.And on their front, for the German 6th Army and Kleist Group According to Marshal Timoshenko s order, the Soviet Army s Southwest Front Army will take the lead in attacking, and .

are cbd gummies good for dementia patients?

each assault group must break through cbd gummy dose the German defense within three days the 2nd Army advances 2 25 kilometers from the Volchansk area, and the 6th Army advances 2 25 kilometers.The army and the army level battle group commanded by Major General L.V.Bobkin advanced 25 50 kilometers from the Barvinkovo salient, creating conditions for the rapid corps to enter the battle.

Wait, wait.Prince Karami, who had a total mental breakdown, cried out, I d like to tell you everything I know Look, we re friends again Wang Weiyi sat down again, and then said with a relaxed expression Now, let us learn some secrets of the treasure.Prince Karami cheered up The thing is like this Hai Inrich.Schliemann made persistent efforts after discovering the treasure of Priam, and soon discovered the tomb circles of a total of 6 shaft tombs.There were countless exquisite artifacts in the tombs bronze daggers inlaid with gold and engraved with lion hunting pictures.There are two handles, each with a tall gold cup facing a dove and so on.In particular, the face of the male corpse is covered with a gold mask, and the chest is covered with a gold sheet.The female corpse wears a gold crown and other gold jewelry, and the child s corpse is wrapped in gold leaves.

If I If the guess is correct, there is a German organization in Ankara who is planning and directing all these things.General Rosen s face was serious, Swelling.Ambassador Lier also looked grave.What is going on here, in fact, they have already guessed without Henry reporting it.In order to successfully occupy Turkey, the Germans made too many and meticulous preparations.But where is this German organization 20:1 cbd gummies hiding now Several people turned their attention to Second Lieutenant Erne Second Lieutenant Erne shook his head can you buy cbd gummies in florida in despair.He really couldn t give them a decent answer The previous rescue of Kahn, the kidnapping of Karami, and the explosion of the dock I think this organization did all the cases.Unfortunately, we couldn t find their hiding place.General Rosen gave Henry a dissatisfied look, and Henry could only shrug helplessly.

I think I can Make up enoughMoyol, you are so kind, 60, everyone will be jealous of me Yeah Wang Weiyi stood up You really mortgaged all your things, and asked your brother to borrow a large sum of money After getting a definite answer, Wang Weiyi said slowly Are you really planning to buy such a large amount of stock, and won t you regret it in the future because of the sharp drop in the stock price This is the last chance Wang Weiyi gave her It s a pity that most people would be dizzy in the face of the temptation of money, so Rui Man nodded without hesitation.It s only a thousand shares, and I don t think it should bother Mr.Joe Cole.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly At this time tomorrow, you purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida will get the stocks you want here. Oh dear, I love you Rui Man dragged Wang Weiyi back to the bed, and now the only thing that can repay Mr.

As for their radio reconnaissance Listen, it s simply not popular.Erwin Rommel is a pure soldier, and he himself can t do anything about it, and the intelligence work of the African Legion was completely paralyzed after Colonel Fels was exposed.But with With the arrival of Baron Alexon and the successful rescue of Colonel Firth, all this will change soon The rescue of Colonel Firth has caused chaos among the British.Everyone knows the importance of Colonel Firth.Not only the British, but also Americans have become a little flustered.Colonel Firth is equally important to the United States.What makes people confused is that those Where did the Germans come from, and where did they get their weapons and explosives According to what Lieutenant Colonel Lewis said, the enemy used a large number of submachine guns and machine guns, and the explosives were also quite powerful, completely killing the British army.

Under the careful care of the beautiful Mrs.Goebbels, Rommel gradually changed his incompatible personality when he just returned from Africa, and he no longer lost his temper so much.During the day, he was busy sorting out various materials to be reported to Hitler.In the evening, at the request of the Goebbels family, he recounted his combat experience in Africa.In particular, he mentioned how the Italian noble officers, who were usually handsome, were cowardly when it came to war.They were so flustered that they couldn t even tell where to run These vivid descriptions always made the Goebbels family laugh out loud.Again the Goebbels would burst into screams of admiration and terror as he told how he had escaped death and capture.The expressive Field Marshal always provided a good evening for the Goebbels family.

The spy who can never be caught On May 25, 1940, the British MI5 received a tip off the big spy Murray appeared on Regent Street in central London, got into a taxi and can you buy cbd gummies in florida left.The London police can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only immediately sounded the alarm, deployed eyeliner on various piers, hotels, and streets, and sent a large number of police officers can you buy cbd gummies in florida to track down.Witnesses reported that Murray they saw was a middle aged man with a strong build and thin body.He was always well dressed, wearing a black and white tie.The most prominent feature is that it has a big mouthful of teeth.Since then, news about Murray has spread from all over the UK.He seems to have traveled to every corner of the UK.However, the strangest thing is that the British police detectives have not even found a person.A year long blanket search by the British police has turned up nothing.

Previously, the Germans had warned Mussolini that in view of the fact that Cairo had just been captured, there were still a large number of enemy agents active can you buy cbd gummies in florida in the city, which was very unsafe, and it was not recommended that Mussolini appear publicly.But Mussolini, who likes to show off, rejected the can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only kindness can a dog eat a cbd gummy how long does cbd gummies stay in your body of the Germans.He entered Cairo in an open car His men just stood in the open car, waving their hands Ri saluted the welcoming crowd, he must show his leadership in front of the Egyptians.What is a little disappointing is that most of the main Egyptian officials came out to welcome them, but none of the senior German generals saw it Ernst Brehm, Erwin Rommel, von Bismarck Mussolini decided that in order to punish Germany, when distributing benefits, it would further narrow what should be given to Germany.

Or, you are a spy, right Wang Weiyi, who had completely lost his normal sanity, nodded without any concealment Yes, I am a spy.Tell me, your real name.Wilder Miyamoto Xiaoling s voice sounded at this moment.Wang Weiyi did the most correct thing before losing his normal sanity.According to Xiaoling s instructions, he completely relaxed himself and gave everything to Xiaoling When Xiaoling s voice rang in his ears, Wang Weiyi repeated it purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida almost mechanically Wilder Miyamoto You are a spy sent by the Americans, aren t you No, my father is Miyamoto Genzo, and I am a spy sent by the Japanese Empire.Wang Weiyi kept repeating what Xiaoling said, this is his only chance purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida No, you are an American spy.Qing Shuidong raised his head and kept gesticulating in front of his eyes, using movements to lure Wang Weiyi deeper into the illusion before his eyes Look, what did you see That s what cbd gummies for sexual enhancement the Americans are giving You issued a latent mission Ah, that is your American boss, tell me his name With the stimulation of the drug and the movement of Qing Shui s hands, Xiaoling found can you buy cbd gummies in florida out in horror, I gradually lost control of Wang Weiyi s brain.

Well I admit it.It seems that biscuits are easier to accept than bombs.Churchill shrugged noncommittally I have to admit, you are a smart baron.And you are a wise prime minister.Wang Weiyi smiled.At least, the atmosphere of the negotiation is much more relaxed now No one came to disturb, only Wang Weiyi and Churchill were sitting in the garden.It was already evening, and Churchill looked at the distant Sky What a nightYour Excellency, to be honest, I have to thank you for ordering the bombing of London to stop.This at least gives me time to enjoy this beautiful evening quietly without an explosion.Of course, this is just my personal thanks I think so.There will be no bombing of London in the future.Wang Weiyi was also looking at the distant sky Germany now has a great advantage on the battlefield, but I still haven t ordered the resumption of the bombing of London.

Stopping without agreement seems like a good idea When the truce is a fact, as time goes by and the situation of the war changes, even those in opposition can no longer stand in the way of peace, The agreement we need will naturally appear.As if cbd gummies roanoke va seeing through Churchill s inner thoughts, Wang Weiyi said slowly So our current oral agreement will be regarded as a gentleman s agreement These words reached Churchill s heart.A gentleman s agreement This is indeed a pretty good proposal, and it will even be recorded in the history books because of it.Many years later, people will still mention such a gentleman s agreement A negotiation that changed the war.And the people who created this agreement Churchill and Ernst There are many things HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida involved, and I must carefully consider and seek the opinions of some people.

If under normal circumstances, only relying on a submachine gun and a pistol to think It is impossible to suppress can you buy cbd gummies in florida these enemies.However, the assassins were unlucky because they encountered the skeleton baron crawling out of the dead.Wang Weiyi knows how to choose the terrain He first slammed Standing up.Almost emptied the bullets in the magazine, suppressed the aggressive approaching assassin, and then quickly moved Major Rogermin to an abandoned building next to it.This was originally a library, Major Rogermin So tell Lord Alexson.There are many libraries in the city of London.This sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida one was unlucky and was hit by two bombs in the last German bombing of London.Then, the library was temporarily moved to another place Wang Weiyi has a sense of irony.The British library that the Luftwaffe bombed has now become a place to protect himself.

It s just a Montfortso.I should thank you, you gave me such an opportunity This is Wang Weiyi s sincere words, he really wants to thank these It was through their can you buy cbd gummies in florida efforts that the brave and fearless German soldiers gave themselves the opportunity to command a million strong army in a decisive battle.This decisive battle will be something I will remember forever After Montfort, I was desperate.I thought I would never see you again.Guderian said, But, you Miraculously appeared at our most critical moment General Ernst, after the war.Will you disappear again This was originally a joke, but Wang Weiyi did not expect it But he fell silent.After a long time, Wang Weiyi said slowly I don t know.But maybe I will really disappear again These words made several German generals I was stunned there Maybe.

Once we capture Erklin, we will have a forward base.General Model, are you sure you can capture Elklin in such cold weather Yes, I think I m sure.Model replied very positively Judging from the intelligence we have detected before, the Russians are deploying the area.I think this is our best chance.Moreover, I sent the Brandenburg Commando Wang Weiyi said Yes , such an excellent German general, maybe this is the source of his greatest confidence in winning the victory Large scale battles will not break out for the time being, but sporadic firefights continue to appear.Especially those snipers who brave the cold and hide in the dark will always take a person s life inadvertently.Everyone is waiting Wait and be patient, when the final offensive order is issued, this place will become a purgatory of blood and fire.

No one can predict the outcome, but from this moment on, no one can stop the war until the outcome is determined.The Luftwaffe, as always, provided the most reliable help to the ground forces.They tried their best to strangle the Soviet Air Force to death.They must seize the air can you buy cbd gummies in florida supremacy here.What was staged in the sky was the most magnificent scene, a large number of planes were engaged in terrible battles above the blue sky.Flames are constantly flying, and planes are constantly being shot down.But no one intends to withdraw from the battlefield, everyone is doing their best to engage in a life and death contest here.Fire spreads on the battlefield blood flows on the battlefield.No one can stop, no one can end.A hoarse call cannot stop the deepest fear in one s heart shouting with all one s strength cannot stop the human being s own fear of death.

Looking at the panting Guo Yunfeng, and then at the military uniform on him, Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Welcome to the battle in person Yes, I took the fight in person.Guo Yunfeng panted heavily Those Russians are really crazy., each of our machine gunners killed at least a hundred enemies, but they couldn t kill them all.My left and right flanks were all lost, and the Russians were almost under my nose just now.Persist for a few more hour.Wang Weiyi checked the time, but before he could say the next thing, sharp shells roared.The Russians are about to start a new attack Guo Yunfeng hurriedly hid in the position with Wang Weiyi I miss Ziguang Military Base very much now, HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida really, really, really miss it I m starting to miss it too Wang Weiyi s words As soon as it fell down, Elina s voice came from my ears Xiao Ling is teaching me how to make Kung Fu tea.

Stop A Soviet second lieutenant ordered the searchlights to turn on, blocking the Germans from advancing.His eyes fell on the German soldier, and he found that the military uniform was full of single holes, which immediately made him panic.suspicion.Ready to shoot.The second lieutenant said quietly, then looked behind the group of reinforcements who suddenly appeared, and found two tanks hidden in the darkness.Searchlight, shine it there The second lieutenant quickly saw the tank clearly with the help of the searchlight.Then he lowered his voice It s the Germans, shoot The gunshot rang out at once The German commando who was trying to get away with it fell to the ground at once We re exposed, attack Myristel gave his order loudly.The tank fired first, and the shells smashed down the enemy s machine gun position, and then all the weapons in the hands sandra bullock cbd gummy of the commandos opened fire.

, Wang Weiyi said Your goal has been achieved, so what about me What can I and my country get With the full can you buy cbd gummies in florida support of an army at my command Timoshenko added Especially when you are attacking Moscow.Your Excellency the Baron, although I have lost my freedom can a dog eat a cbd gummy how long does cbd gummies stay in your body now, I can still command many troops and get the maximum help for you to seize Moscow.Wang Weiyi thought for a while I still have a question, how can you command the army now that you are imprisoned here This is what you have to consider.A sly expression appeared on Timoshenko s face Here, I can t even mobilize a single soldier, and I may even be executed anytime, anywhere, so I think I have to leave this place to complete the reconciliation your agreement.Wang Weiyi laughed, and he almost burst into laughter Mr.Marshal, you are such a cunning guy, do you want me to get you and your companions out of here Timoshenko also smiled very happily Yes, what you said is absolutely correct Ah, can you buy cbd gummies in florida I once heard that Baron Alexon Wu can only do what he wants to do, There is nothing he can t do, countless people have been rescued by him, so now there are three people here waiting for your rescue Yes, I have saved countless people, but It is the first time to save a Russian marshal Wang Weiyi still smiled cbd gummy brand design so easily There can you buy cbd gummies in florida are people watching you everywhere, it is not particularly difficult to get you out of here, but how to get you out of here Safe transfer out of Moscow It really hurts my brain.

Look forward from here.Attacking soldiers are densely packed everywhere, and they are accepting the ultimate judgment of fate with their lives.The attack has not stopped Wang Weiyi has also been closely watching the progress of the front line.If the Soviet attack cannot be defended tonight.Kicked out by the Russians.Then can you buy cbd gummies in florida when the sun rises tomorrow, the fight will be even more brutal.But he firmly believed in Model.Since he appointed Model to block the Russian attack, he has never doubted the ability of his subordinates.Trust, sometimes on the battlefield is extremely important.It is precisely because of this willingness that Wang Weiyi s hand touched the phone several times, but he put it down involuntarily.Let Model go to the battlefield to show his talent to his heart s content At 10 o clock in the evening, the battle became extremely cruel.

Dr.Mashepu blamed himself on the side But when she was sent, she had already stopped breathing Wang Weiyi was about to say something when Xiaoling s voice suddenly came from his ear Wanderer, stopping breathing doesn t mean life has left this body.Sophie may still be saved.Do you still remember that you once Did you promise me anything Wang Weiyi immediately understood.He promised Xiao Ling to find a girl s body for her.Isn t Sophie ready made in front of him With the medical level of this era, stopping breathing means being declared dead.Why not give Sophie to Xiao Ling to have a try De Sade, do you believe me Wang Weiyi asked suddenly.De Sade, who was immersed in grief, was startled, and Wang Weiyi immediately said at random Please leave Sophie to me.Don t ask me what I want to do, trust me, I will not be sorry to Sophie and you.

Maslennikov smiled with relief.For him, the holy moment has come, and he will fight and die like a real soldier.For the same sacred and inviolable country in his mind He rushed out with a small number of soldiers, braving such fierce firepower from the German army.Bullets and grenades hit all the enemies rushing out densely, tightly blocking any way for the Russians to survive.Maslennikov could see his companions fall one by one, without the slightest strength to fight back.But he didn t care at all.For him, nothing could make can a dog eat a cbd gummy how long does cbd gummies stay in your body him happier than dying here.He shouted loudly, commanded hard, and called on his soldiers to fight with the same bravery as himself.He saw the enemy tanks appear, and then he ordered a company of soldiers to charge forward, shouting Ula.These soldiers were strapped with grenades and explosive packs.

Roman soldiers Guo Yunfeng s eyes widened What is that Wang Weiyi smiled and stood up That s nothing.If I m not mistaken, it should be soldiers of the Roman Republic, especially the daggers they use can prove their identities.And the armor on them, although heavy, is well made.We have come to the era of the ancient Roman Republic you mentioned Guo Yunfeng murmured.I don t know.I m afraid I have to go back to the base and ask Xiaoling Ah, it s Su Ling Wang Weiyi smiled and said, Let s go back first.base to go.When returning to the base, Sophie had already woken up, but she was constantly complained by Xiaoling The human body is really too fragile to withstand HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida a single impact.I m clearly sober.But this damn body just can t get up.This is my body, please leave my body.Sophie protested loudly.It s done, it s done, stop arguing.

Now you can talk, Ernst.Nelia said very curiously.Wang Weiyi touched his nose subconsciously Yes, in the places conquered and ruled by the Roman Republic, all people are proud of everything in the Roman Republic.Surname, accent, way of life, but not every place is like thisOr to be more precise, the Roman Republic is definitely HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida not the center of the worldit does not have the most land, it is not the largest country, and it does not have the largest population These words sounded unbelievable to Nelia.In the eyes of all Romans, even their enemies firmly believe that no country can have more land, more population, and no city state can be more powerful than the Roman Republic.Wherever the Roman legions went, they were able to destroy all forces that resisted them.Even the Germans, who are resisting the invasion from Rome, never think that they can really defeat the Republic.

A smile suddenly appeared on the corner of Guo Yunfeng s mouth.Seeing Maurice s body gradually becoming bulky and slow, Guo Yunfeng jumped on him.Just like that, he appeared in front of Marris, and then, almost calmly, inserted the left and right swords into Marris body.Marris froze there, and then, his great sword fell to the ground with a clatter. Guo Yunfeng slowly drew out his two daggers, and stood on the ground. Marris body swayed once, and then again.Finally, he fell to the ground with a crash. Marris is dead Marris the Beast is dead Everyone couldn t believe that the invincible Marris can you buy cbd gummies in florida was dead There was no cheering. Guo Yunfeng put away a dagger, then came to Marris body, bent down, and slowly cut off Marris head.This is what Marris likes to do most. kills his enemies every time.

If you want me to tell the truth.I don t want them to appear Wang Weiyi replied very calmly I hope my judgment is wrong But if Richthofen hesitated for a while What if the Romans really appeared Wang Weiyi smiled coldly Then the Romans will suffer from my revenge, and Nelia will also be punished.To my revenge He had no reason to doubt Nelia.Everything comes from Leoni s intuition.He can doubt everything, but he trusts Leonie.He knew that Leoni would not suspect a woman for no reasonBecause Leoni is not a jealous woman at heart A group of Roman soldiers came, about It looks like five hundred people.Guo Yunfeng walked back quietly at this time.Disappointment appeared on Wang Weiyi s face.After all, Nelia betrayed her own people, she had already betrayed Germania Gathering his mind, Wang Weiyi sneered In this case, let these Romans die here The murderous intention has been moved, HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida and nothing can stop the skeleton baron a large number of Romans Appeared the surrounding woods well concealed the attackers.

There is such a rule in the city of Rome, the investment of money always needs to be returned, no matter whether you are a commoner or a consul.Once can you take cbd gummies during the second trimester you fail to bring returns to investors, not only will your reputation be greatly affected, but you will also be pursued by investors for debts.At that time, the prestige of can you buy cbd gummies in florida the consul Dua was gone.Once you use your power to be strong, you will be criticized by the Senate and all Roman citizens, and even your status will not be able to be kept because of this.But now it seems that Spurius didn t care about these investments at all. Pompeo decided to explain anyway.Minimize Spurius dissatisfaction with himself You have to know that everything was arranged so perfectly, but the episode that appeared in 30:1 cbd gummies it really made me unexpected.What I can guarantee is that I will definitely Repay your investment Pompey, my friend, I still don t care about anything Wang Weiyi directly called the other party like this These monetary losses are completely acceptable to me.

Getting more and more exhausted.However, Crassus has not seen the rest of the main force for several months.Finally one day, the scouts of the Roman Legion reported to Crassus that a large number of Parthian troops appeared ahead.Crassus was overjoyed, and immediately ordered the entire army to start a battle formation.at first.He routinely lined up the infantry of the seven legions, with the cavalry on either flank, lest the Parthians should turn his line.But Crassus soon discovered that the Parthian army was emerging from all directions, and there was no fixed formation at all.Crassus realized that he had fallen into the opponent s trick.However, he knew that he had an advantage can you buy cbd gummies in florida in terms of military strength.So don t panic.He re deployed and formed a huge square array of fish scales with 40,000 troops.

But they found that the consul was standing so straight, unmoved at all.The fire was burning, finally.There came the screams of panic from the Romans, but at this point, what else could they do What about change Their painstaking efforts over the past few days were completely destroyed in this one night Guo Yunfeng was also watching, and when the fire was completely out of control, he said in a low voice Wanderer, when you are not here.I have carefully studied the situation in Germany, because of our victory over Caesar, those before The tribes that did not join us also came here after hearing the news.Now only a very small number of tribes are still waiting, including the Saxons.Oh, is there anything special about them Wang Weiyi asked casually.Guo Yunfeng nodded, and then told Wang Weiyi something special in a deeper voice There is a piece of land in the middle reaches of the Weser River that is occupied by forests and swamps.

In times of war, you should can you buy cbd gummies in florida also go through dangers with him.The oxen in the yoke, the horses in the bridle, and purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida the weapons are to affirm this meaning The beautiful Hesnia raised her head Sirders, I brought a pair of leather armor I made by myself as my dowry, which I have spent countless nights carefully stitching bit by bit.May it protect your body.However, only your bravery and my prayers to the gods can truly protect you in danger.I will pass on the wedding token you gave me unscathed to our son, and through him from their wives to their sons.Solders embraced Hesnia in his broad and solid arms, and kissed deeply on the bride s delicate lips With you, besides gaining honor, I will There is nothing to pray to Odin The two lovers kissed each other passionately, even ignoring the cheers that sounded at this moment.

There is no way to wash away such shame by you alone, and there will never be a way.When the Germans are united, we are an invincible force.But once we disperse, the Romans can easily defeat any of our tribes I feel sorry for what happened to Hellman, but he made an unforgivable mistake.He thought he relied on the power of several tribes.to defeat the Romans.But he was wrong.His last encounter was to die at the hands of the Romans, but I don t want to see such a tragedy happen again.He paused there, and then continued We need a complete organization and a strong keono cbd gummies leader, and the Germanic Alliance already has such a leader, and that is me what about you Are you willing to obey my command If you will.I will lead you into battle to avenge all those who died.If which is better to take cbd gummies or cbd oil you don t want to.I ll get you fed enough and send you out of here But what I can tell you is that no one can wash away your shame except me The refugees were silent, silent Then, Kai Luman was the first to kneel on the ground Dear Consul, all the Lombards are willing to obey your orders.

Since the first time travel, he has never been so depressed Feelings of helplessness, self blame, and sadness enveloped him.At this moment, he no longer thinks that he is an invincible walker, he just can you buy cbd gummies in florida thinks that he is a loser Wang Weiyi can already clearly feel the feelings of the enemies who fell in front of him in the pastcreated a brand new Germany, but how many years have passed, and this seemingly indestructible building in Germany is about to collapseI will become a sinner of Germany Yes, in another period of history, Germany will fail in World War II, but judging from Xiaoling s attitude, maybe this time the failure will have a more serious impact on Germany the base is silent , everyone held their breath and looked at the rambler Are you desperate, Wang Weiyi Xiaoling called out the name Wang Weiyi rarely Yes, these disasters were indeed brought about by you, but in that time and space, you created a new history of Germany, and you You brought greatness to Germany, in Demyansk.

Throw away the half smoked cigarette in your hand.Guo Yunfeng left the truck, Wang Weiyi restarted the car, then held a piece of wood against the accelerator, and the moment the truck rushed out ahead.He jumped out of the truck.The truck rushed straight into the hotel At the same time, Guo Yunfeng pressed the detonator in his hand A terrible explosion suddenly came from the hotel, tearing apart the hotel in an instant.Calm of the night Boom boom boom .Several huge explosions sounded one after another, and then the hotel was submerged in flames.And the three story hotel began to gradually collapse.Boom boom boom , in the distance, waves of explosions came at the same time.That was Max and the others, and they also detonated the entire convoy Wang Weiyi and Guo Yunfeng stood calmly outside the hotel.

So please tell me, how many people are in your commando Including me and my adjutant, there are thirty two of us. Are you sure you only have thirty two people Yes, General, I did not calculate roughly.General Olitz was silent for green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy a moment Major, do you know what this means It s possible that we ll be surrounded and no one will be able to get out alive.But we ve decided to do it.General Olitz was silent for the second time You really killed an enemy convoy It also included twenty four American soldiers. I still can t believe whether what you said is true.I will make my own judgment on the battlefield.But before doing so, allow me to express my gratitude to you and your men for your heroic actions, and to assist you in any way I can.Major, which unit are you in It doesn t matter, General.

Only Agent Brew was left outside.Davyn lit a cigarette and took a few puffs Bruce.Haven t they ever left HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida Yes, they ve never left here.Bruce replied very affirmatively Brancher and I have been They re all under surveillance.They ve been in this room since last night.Davyn nodded, apparently being overwhelmed.Baron Preet is just a playful nobleman, why should he do those dangerous things There is can you buy cbd gummies in florida no need to monitor them for the time being.Davyn thought for a while All the power is used to find Carl.Chelus, I will ask General Jonsson to put the city under martial law.No one can leave Dessau without the orders of General Jonsson and me The baron is coming out soon, you should leave here first.Before his subordinates left, Baron Preet had already come out of the room.The baron s face was still not very good looking Major, yes, I did sleep with your subordinates, but I don t think it offended you.

You have appeared on the battlefield.During the Second World War, although the German army suffered serious setbacks on the Soviet battlefield, it still had a very strong strength.When you led the German army to break out of Demyansk, do you remember how many German troops were assisting you in the breakout The ground is the crazy attack of countless German troops, and the sky is the crazy air strike of countless German air forces.It can even be said that when the skeleton baron reappeared, Germany almost mobilized all its forces to cooperate with you But what about this time This time it was Wang Weiyi s turn to be silent This time the situation is completely different Xiaoling said slowly Berlin is suffering from a force dozens of times stronger than itself.And firepower strikes, although their main force is still there.

Especially since you didn t expect us to be so bold, and our enemies couldn t even imagine it.Colonel Cherus let out a long sigh In any case, you succeeded in the end.Now, Cherus The colonel grew more and more curious about Major Moyol.What kind of person is this person Why does he always look confident no matter what he does What is his origin German intelligence or special forces These things are all mysteries to Colonel Chelus There is no doubt about Guo Yufeng and Richthofen s ability to handle affairs.Not only did they get a truck, but they also stole one from nowhere.car.I like to ride in a car.Wang Weiyi got into the car first You know.I really like the feeling of sitting on green ape serenity cbd gummies it.Because it s comfortable to sit there.Guo Yunfeng muttered.This group of daring Germans swaggered into Wilenburg, and now they are preparing to leave here swaggeringly.

And to do this, I must rely on your assistance.Captain Sheller, would you and your crew want to fight with me again Captain Scherer s eyes showed fanaticism I can fight side by side with you.is my greatest luck.Manfred, go can you buy cbd gummies in florida to investigate the situation of the enemy.Wang Weiyi quickly issued an order Captain Scherer, send someone to drive the convoy back.The rest are ready to fight.With the help of Xiaoling, Richthofen s investigation work is actually not very difficult, and the battlefield information is quickly fed back to Wang Weiyi.In front of the Nordland combat group is the third brigade of the Allied Marine Corps Attached to the 1st Canadian Ranger Regiment.This gave Wang Weiyi a feeling of novelty.The 1st Canadian Ranger Regiment In his memory.It seems that he has never fought against Canadian troops.

His eyes are black.His blood is red.His tank is galloping, his plane is soaring.The emblem made of skeletons makes the enemy tremble.The banner of death makes the day no longer.The rose is his romance, and the steel is his will.Ernst, Ernst, Ernst in the singing.These commandos entered their positions fearlessly.Don t you like this song, Major Sergeant Max, holding a weapon, glanced at Major Moyol curiously.Ah, I can t sing.Wang Weiyi smiled lightly.Is there anyone in Germany who can t sing this song Max muttered for the first time to express his dissatisfaction with Major Moyol.Wang Weiyi could hear his dissatisfaction, but he was not angry at all, but there was HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida still a feeling in his heart Fighting for these soldiers, no sacrifice is worth it The U.S.offensive resumed, but these German soldiers who kept repeating the Baron s Song over and over again forgot their fear and the threat of death.

It is not inferior to any type of Allied tank, and when facing the Panther.Wang Weiyi felt an incomparably cordial feeling in his heart again.Yes, the power he currently has is indeed not as good as that of the Allies, but he still has tanks, self propelled artillery, and 1,700 elite German soldiers.He decided to have a beautiful sniper battle here Help me get through to General Olitz directly.After redeploying the position, Wang Weiyi said calmly.Major, can you directly connect to General Olitz Lampden was not sure what he heard.Yes, call General Olitz directly Wang Weiyi repeated his words Captain, from sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida now on, don t have any doubts about my orders, even if you think my orders are wrong, You must also obey unconditionally.Tell them, it is Major Moyol who asked to speak directly with General Olitz Yes, Major.

Prior to this, Major Abraham s only task was to ensure that the enemy would not flee.Major Abraham confidently assured the brigadier general that he would not disappoint the brigadier general s trust The German army retreated under the strong firepower of the US military, but Wang Weiyi was relieved Laughed It s almost the same time, the US military has completely entered its trap, now, it s time to tell these Americans what a real war is Order Manfred, attack in sunset cbd gummies 24000mg full force When Wang Weiyi issued this order, the sad day for Major Abraham and his rapid assault battalion has begun The sound of the guns was torn apart Major Abraham s self confidence.Major, enemy, there are a large number of enemies in our rear The exclamation yelled that Major Abraham was taken aback, and he hurriedly HCMUSSH can you buy cbd gummies in florida looked to the rear.

He hurriedly turned sideways, a fatal blow The attack let him dodge.The attacker did not expect the opponent s skill to be so agile.After a start, he stabbed out again.Wang Weiyi are hemp gummies same as cbd grabbed his wrist at once, and then hit him hard.A dagger fell from the attacker His hand fell.Then he controlled the guy with a backhand.He pushed him against the wall and turned his head around hard.He found that it was the person who had been staring at him at the explosion site What do you want to do Wang Weiyi asked in a deep voice.Kill me The man twisted his body stubbornly.Just as he was about to continue questioning, Wang Weiyi suddenly felt a heavy blow to his waist.He hastily let go of the guy and stepped aside.But when he saw the new attacker clearly.But there was no counterattack at all.this.It was the kid who told himself that there was news of wounded soldiers here.

Baron Skeleton, Baron Skeleton, why is his influence still so great after so many years Impossible, it s impossible.Claire green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy wiped the sweat from his forehead, He kept muttering, He can t be alive, he can t be alive.The fear in his heart couldn t be expressed in words.It was the part of Fels speech that was so strong against himself that frightened him the most.Moreover, the baron actually issued so many orders in an orderly tone, who is the head of Germany It s me, not some skeleton baron But why is he so afraid in his heart I don t think this is true Wolfe, the head of the Intelligence Agency, said cautiously I think this is a conspiracy by Fels, who is trying to use the name of the baron to shake our society.The morale of the army weakens your majesty.No matter how you look at it, the skeleton baron should be dead.

In front of those old things, I have to pretend to be respectful, and listen to them without daring to resist at all.Damn, they still treat me like a dog Even my father, who knows what he thinks, is on the side of those old things all day.Damn, I wish they were dead right away Werner was completely stunned.This was can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies vs delta 8 the first time he heard such words from the head of state, the first time he heard the voice of the heart of the head of state.He never thought that the head of state actually had such thoughts in his heart, and he never thought that the head of state s heart was so dark.God, those people he scolded all made charles stanley cbd gummies reviews great can you buy cbd gummies in florida military exploits for Germany Werner tried to hide his shock. So, I will never lose everything I got Claire changed his tone Warner, are you willing to stand by my side On your side Werner His body trembled What do you want me to do Kroller stared at him firmly It is not allowed to spread the news that Ernst led the Second Armored Army to victory, and immediately stop the broadcast on the battlefield about this victory.

She recorded in her diary These bottles of wine are really heavy.My back hurts so much that I want to take them out and put them on the side of the road.Fortunately, just as I was about to throw them away, a car A large military truck stopped and gave them a green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy ride.My sister sat on a soldier s lap, and I sat between two soldiers.When I saw the boy sitting on my right, I felt a pang in my back.He has a very handsome face and is very green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy kind to the little ones.The care they give us is what we really need.I still remember us sitting in the truck.The can you buy cbd gummies in florida soldiers did everything they could to make me happy, telling funny stories, making faces to make me laugh, and occasionally asking questions about myself and my family.They also asked about my doll, and I told them it was called Charlotte, after which we formally introduced ourselves to Charlotte.

Ah, speaking of which, my stomach is also hungry, and I need to eat a big meal.Being a frontline commander is very hard work.The Italians treat war as a child s play.They don t think about what kind of impact they will have on the entire war situation.Even if they lose the victory of the war, it seems that it has sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida nothing to do with them.Serious mistake, he couldn t imagine that an Italian general would lie to himself, especially at such an important moment.Therefore, he didn t even have basic aerial reconnaissance, so he believed what the Italians said, and hurriedly pulled out from can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only the battlefield The 33rd Infantry Division of the French Army.This is also a mistake easily made by a commander who has no actual combat experience before and has just set foot on the battlefield.This is exactly what Wang Weiyi uli cbd gummies en español said.

Since you are here, you should fight for your faith Faith this is a very illusory thing, but it really exists around everyone.When you are most difficult, it will give you the most direct help.This is the huge energy that belief can explode Another attack of the enemy was repulsed.Although the National Army suffered heavy casualties, the position was still firmly in their hands.Major Mario, General Opperman, please go there immediately.Not knowing what happened, Mario hurried to the general, but when he saw the general s appearance, he was stunned.The general was hit by three bullets, and the three blood holes were continuously bleeding out.During the enemy s air strike just now, the general who was always on the front line commanding the battle still couldn t escape the pursuit of death.Major, come to me Opperman, who was lying there, said with a smile.

And trained, and those who failed were drawn into the National Army.We shall have no fewer than three divisions armed after Christmas.Thanks also for your efforts, General Fels.Wang Weiyi nodded The situation is very critical.All available power must be used.How about food reserves Not very optimistic.General Fels said matter of factly We have implemented a strict rationing system, but I don t think we will have any presents this Christmas.The German commanders in the field laughed.Yes.The situation is indeed very critical, but this cannot dispel the optimism of the sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida Germans, although Germany is not a country that is good at joking.Receive a sock, when the sock is opened, there will be countless soldiers, tanks, and planes inside.Wang Weiyi said half jokingly and half seriously I think every one of you would also like to receive such a gift.

The little girl was shivering from the cold.The husband quickly gave up his position Captain, please let this lady and the child pass first.The woman was grateful again and again, and the captain couldn t help saying Mr.You are sugar free cbd gummies recipe a true gentleman.After a brief inspection of the woman and her child, they were released smoothly.Finally, it was the couple s turn.The couple still behaved calmly and calmly.Sir, may I ask your name, where are you from asked the captain politely.Hello, Captain.I am Louis Ferdinand Victor douard Albert Albert Michael.Hubertus.This is my wife Cosferi, and we are from the Doron estate in the Netherlands.The long list of names made the captain a little dizzy, but the fact that he was from the enemy occupied Netherlands made the captain alert.Maybe the other party is a spy I heard that a spy case was only cracked in Berlin.

Field Marshal Brahm had prepared all this for Germany twenty years ago.Twenty years ago, before Baron Skeleton decided to leave Germany, he left Germany with a large number of advanced weapons ahead of that era in the Constance base.Even in this era, these weapons are still ahead.For example, the United States has just begun research on the three warhead missile, green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy but such a new type of weapon has been dormant at the Constance base for 20 years.Now, it s time for them to reappear on the battlefield and shock everyone The weapons can you buy cbd gummies in florida are densely displayed there.Enough to inspire any German who sees it, and enough to scare every enemy.The emergence of these weapons will have an unimaginable impact on the defense of Berlin The emergence of these weapons.It will even change the direction of the war Tremble, battlefield Tremble, Allies Tremble, all enemies of Germany None of them would have thought that the Skull Baron had unconsciously prepared for this war twenty years ago Now, it s time to activate can you buy cbd gummies in florida these weapons Of course, these weapons need operators.

There are can you buy cbd gummies in florida wooden sheds in the trenches for soldiers to rest.The door of the wooden shed in one trench was kicked open, and five or six American troops rushed out of it.Thomp continued to fire from the machine gun.Killed the U.S.military.There were American troops outside the trenches, shooting at the Germans.There are not many German troops in the trenches, and they will be wiped out if this continues.Martin s physique was a little weaker.There was sand on his eyebrows and eyelashes, and he couldn t see clearly.He felt a little dizzy.At this moment, a rope was hooked around his neck.The US military behind him had no bullets, and he didn t know where he got the rope.Martin, don t shake around A German soldier raised his gun and said 2.Martin was too frozen to speak.The target of the German army was too obvious, and the American army outside shot through his head.

They tiptoed to the exit.Pushed open the top manhole cover, one by one, and sneaked out.There was a roadblock in the post building, and the can you buy cbd gummies in florida US military set up machine guns there.However, the defense of the Americans did not seem to be tight, with only two machine guns.The gunman was at his post, the rest were sleeping in the building, and two were smoking under the eaves.The Bulgarian army took cover, preparing to sneak into the postal building.The manhole behind the machine gunner was opened It turned out that there was another group of Bulgarian troops who went the other way.The pair of Bulgarian soldiers jumped out and cut the throat of the U.S.army with a dagger.It s done The soldiers of the Bulgarian army waved their hands, and the Bulgarian army came to the door.At this moment, the purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida can you buy cbd gummies in florida body of the immigrant American suddenly moved.

He understood the other person just as Heisenberg understood him.However, at this moment, the Russian tanks on the square finally fired a fatal shot at the small post office can you buy cbd gummies in florida on the corner of the street.A high explosive shell flew out of the barrel, passing by the charging Russian infantry, the wrecked tanks on the front line, those fleshy corpses, all struggles and can you buy cbd gummies in florida hopes, and finally slipped steadily into the small window of the post office Immediately, the entire wall was torn apart, and the violent explosion brought stones to every space and penetrated into every gap.Before Heisenberg s eyes, Zoff s body was completely torn apart by this sudden blow His limbs bounced off the walls of the post office how much are natures only cbd gummies like those boulders, and his face was melted by the heat.The head flew out and stuck to the wall behind him like a piece of chewing gum The broken body was scattered all over the ground like flesh and blood after being looted by wild wolves.

Such an appointment is a shock.Everyone knew that the Grand Duke looked down on his two sons in law, but now the Grand Duke s attitude can you buy cbd gummies in florida has undergone a gorgeous change.The Grand Duke cbd gummy bears for sleep handed over a large part of the power of Moscow security flinstones cbd gummies to his two sons in law.What happened in the end Only Khmelitsky and Milosevic knew that Baron Alexson s priceless golden horse made the Grand Duke so ecstatic that he even forgot about the rebellion from Ukraine for a time.They have successfully won the trust of the Grand Duke and now it is time for can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only them to repay Baron Alexon Of course, Gregory did not completely delegate power to the two sons in law.There is groupon gummies cbd also a security minister on the head Yinuo.General Lilipolski.This is can you buy cbd gummies in florida Gregory s absolute confidant, a guy who can t be bought in any way Is there no way to make it cheaper Ah, yes, ma am, it can t be any more It s cheap.

Tucket opened the hatch and was about to get out.A big pile of snow fell from the sky.It covered his face.The wind was blowing the snow on his face, and it still hurt.He came to the place where the Russians lived.The door was knocked open Cries came from the cabin.An old bearded Russian man fell can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only in a pool of blood, and the rest of the family fell on top of the corpse There was hysterical crying.Go Jayne said in Russian, kicking the Russian boy.The boy was not very old, perhaps younger than Simon.With the basket on his back, he turned his head and stared at Jayne angrily.Yes, Russia like hatred.He should be the grandson of the dead old man.Hold it.Takot handed Lieutenant Jayne s pistol to Simon Did you see it Takot pointed to the eyes of the Russian boy in front of him This is the look of hatred.

He will quickly draw some strength from his own team for reinforcements, and then help the friendly forces to win.They will selflessly take out their only tank, or the only bazooka to help their allies So it seems that the German army is only achieving some sporadic victories, but these small victories accumulate together.The German army is rapidly controlling the situation on the battlefield.noon.Another German legend, the Death Knight Wittmann, appeared on the front line.The commander in chief of the armored forces of the German Reich brought the full power of his armor to those fighting on the front lines.These even include the old Tiger and Leopard tanks.In order to achieve the final victory of the war, all the last possessions of Berlin were taken out The Ninth Armored Squadron is attacking to the west came to Marshal Ernst Brehm s Next to him, Weidman gave an order loudly, and then he said, Marshal, I m here.

Denton did not agree, nor did he refuse, but vaguely stated that he would despise Washington, and he had no right to call the shots.This became Vittorio s last straw However, before he could wait for Washington to respond.The thing he didn t want to see the most happened in sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida the end the biggest wave of protests broke out in Rome since he came to power A general strike was declared in Rome under the leadership of the famous Roman labor leader Gogtello.A large number of workers and citizens took to the streets, demanding that the government stop its attack on Turin immediately.Demand improvement of people s living conditions, demand the downfall of the current government, and demand the punishment of the murderers who caused all this Chaos can happen anywhere, only Rome can t Vittorio began to deploy.

the Vittorio.Mussolini He must be kept in Rome, and he cannot be allowed to go to the country, otherwise, this purekana cbd gummies can you buy cbd gummies in florida will not allow him to receive a fair trial Manusia stood up and said loudly Please tell us what to do.We trust you, Mr.Moyol.We are willing to listen to you and let the executioner get the punishment he deserves.For this, we will not hesitate to pay our all Calm down, my friend, we still have a lot to do Nine hundred and sixty five.The temptation to eradicate the Second Revolution for political opponents is very tempting for Manusia and his companions.They believe that the fruits of victory created by themselves have been completely deprived I feel that I have been shamelessly betrayed.If such contradictions have not been intensified, then with the appearance of Mr.Moyol , they have reached the point of irreconcilability.

Oh.Nuoqier didn t have any sympathy for him So are you going to surrender to our army, or are you going to continue to resist He chose his words carefully Noqier Captain, our department sincerely wants to surrender cbd gummies for bulk to your sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida army, but I must get your personal confirmation If you have any questions, just ask Noqier Said boringly.My troops belong to the First Russian Army.Although many of our soldiers are not very old, most of them have fought against your army on the battlefield.Can you guarantee that after our troops surrender, these people will Can they be treated fairly and equally You don t have to worry at all, we are a democratic country.There is no doubt about the preferential treatment of prisoners of war.Major Chekavsky hissed in relief, and his face relaxed Thank you, I m worried about long nights and dreamsI will lead my troops to disarm your army this afternoon Okay.

Our army killed 21 enemy soldiers and took no prisoners.Our army was killed, our cbd gummies tye army was killed Having said this, the guard obviously hesitated.Continue.It s still an emotionless voice.Yes, our army killed 89 people and injured 56 people.Nine people are missing.Oh, I see, you go down.The missing persons on the battlefield are actually equivalent to the dead population.Nine hundred and sixty two.Arranged by the Grand Duke, Orbjok is fighting fiercely, and both sides are fighting for life and death around this place.And at this time However, Wang Weiyi appeared in Moscow again.With the resolution of the Ukrainian issue and the advance of the German army to the Orbjok area, it is time for the final resolution of the Russian issue.The Grand Duke of Bierstok ran away, He gave up Ukraine, and he didn t even bother with Orbjok.

Terina II spared no expense on the works of art she liked.Therefore, the master paintings she owned were not one or two, but often one painter s paintings were collected in one room, such as Rubens, and she also owned Da Finch s rare original oil paintings, and Saviour Mundi is one of her favorite collections Speaking of this, Ilya felt that he might have said too much You don t have to ask me how I got this oil painting, but I can tell you for sure.The collection I own is no less than that of Catherine II, and this oil painting was also inherited from Catherine Tsarina.Elliott breathed a sigh of relief.It has long been known that Gregory and his son embezzled a large number of precious cultural relics and artworks in Russia.And they are stored in the United States.This is also Gregory s last retreat.

Andreas came back frustrated with the banknotes This money is not enough Andreas He smiled wryly The colonel said that this map is worth 10,000 US dollars, not just a few pennies from beggars.What ten thousand dollars Gregory cried out Is he crazy And, where do I have 10,000 now On this point, Gregory did not lie.All his assets were lost, and the last bit of life saving money was no longer on him.At this moment, he really can t afford 10,000 dollars Your Excellency, Grand Duke, I m afraid we have to do this Similov s eyes were full of worry If we delay here, our danger will become less Got bigger Grigory kept muttering something in his angry mouthbut who else could he be angry with He searched all over his body.He couldn t find ten thousand dollars anyway, and Andreas and Similov who were beside him left too hastily.

Andreas smiled wryly Your Excellency, Grand Duke, I think you have to get some more money What, more money Gregory didn t even have the strength to get angry at this time Andreas, the bag is my last possession, where else can I find money I know.I know you re in a very difficult situation, but I m afraid we have nothing else to do but money Andreas sighed Otherwise, you will fall into the hands of those who hate you.I think that is the most terrible thing Gregory Gauri s body couldn t help but tremble No, no matter what, I can t fall into the hands of those shameful traitors That would make my life worse than death He took off his coat, revealing the shirt inside.Then.He unwrapped an ornament green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy from his shirt cuff It s a diamond.I think sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida it s worth a lot of money.Give it to some greedy vampires Not enough Andreas finished the diamond ornament, and then his eyes fell on the buttons of Gregory s shirt.

Steinman had been observing the battle just now with a telescope in the bunker in the distance, with a calm expression, he slowly put down the telescope, turned and walked to a large table in the bunker, and picked up a cup full of coffee Romeo, you A masterpiece.Wei Weiyun took a sip and put it back on the table I haven t seen such a spectacular sight for many years.Your and my masterpiece, this kind of thing should be Xikong for you Germans Are you used to it Romeo said casually with his back to Steinman.Steinman sneered and threw a salt flake into his mouth Romeo, what are you going to do next Steinman understood Romeo s meaning, this ambush was planned by Steinman, and this kind of mass killing, People often have the impression that only the German army can do it, and this ambush and the tragedy of the outer positions made the German army impress Romeo with a poor impression of a slaughter machine.

If there is no war, it may not be long before Bielerted will return to its former appearance A small group of German soldiers suddenly appeared, and when they were about to enter Bielerted, they were killed Major Lampden stopped him.Hey, where are you from The leader was a captain.He saluted Major Lampden, then looked at the German soldiers around the major, and then took out his ID card I am Ni Captain Weller of the Territory Storm Division, I was ordered to return to Berlin can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only with an important document.Ah, what kind of important document should be sent to Berlin in person Major Lampden checked the document carefully, Finding that there was no problem, he asked casually when returning the certificate to Captain Weller.Captain Weller carefully put away the documents I m sorry, Major, I have nothing to say about this, and I don t know the contents of the documents at all.

If no good solution is found, I m afraid we ll Are you worried we ll lose this war William smiled No, I m sure we will win the war.In Teton, the powerful U.S.military is launching a continuous offensive with the support of absolutely superior weapons and troops.The local German and British coalition forces have suffered extremely heavy casualties.I have already spoken directly to Commander in Chief of Westmoreland.The Allied forces are rushing to the line from Teton to Schmering, where we will meet Ernst G.Bram s decisive battle begins The decisive battle Turner was taken aback.He never thought that Mr.President would regard it as the location of the decisive battle.We have an absolute advantage William suddenly looked high spirited In Berlin, the Germans are bound to fight to the death in order to defend their capital, and the opening of the Konstan base has allowed Germany to have a large number of new weapons again, and they have the capital to persevere to the end.

The armies of both sides are mixed together, and the planes that keep appearing in the sky are also strangling life and death.Luftwaffe taking off from the airstrip at Fort Dukran.Just like their army brethren, they also showed their loyalty over Hanover This is the sky stained red with blood, this is the earth stained red with bloodplaced in The British Royal Second Division at the forefront already knew that the offensive of the British army on the front line of Teton had suffered a disastrous defeat.While they were shocked and distressed.He poured all his anger on the enemy on the opposite side.Sometimes war is not just war, war or can a dog eat a cbd gummy how long does cbd gummies stay in your body the truest manifestation of inner emotions These newly formed British troops, although their combat literacy is not high, they have shown His tenacity is admirable.

Woo, the helicopter formations of the 847th and 845th Aviation Squadrons flew over and landed slowly on the street.The troops who received the order began to riot.The soldiers began to get into the light transport helicopter one after another.After all combat capable members of Platoon A entered the helicopter, Pozik raised his rifle.Also drilled in.The sound of the engines began to grow high, and the helicopters of the 847th and 845th Aviation Squadrons slowly pulled up and began to head towards L beck Airport.It was the eyes and curses of the soldiers of the 42nd Assault Battalion who saw off the aviation squadron.Pozik was sitting in the crowded helicopter, his body shaking from side to side with the vibration of the fuselage.The radio communicator in the cab was ringing endlessly, which made people very disturbed.

Everyone at the scene immediately moved away from the window and found a bunker to hide.Sniper Duran yelled.Hope rushed forward, grabbed Allen and dragged him behind a wall away from the can a dog eat a cbd gummy how long does cbd gummies stay in your body window.The sniper was so powerful that Alan fell before can you buy cbd gummies in florida everyone heard the gunshot.Hopper pulled Allen and yelled, Damn it, Torres Get me your ass Cole Pozik yelled, Find that sniper and tell us when you find him.His exact location Okay Cole slowly climbed behind the wall closest to the window with his sniper rifle in his arms, took out the empty can he had been reluctant to throw away, wrapped it up in a scarf, and took the sniper rifle.The rifle held up.Then he took off his helmet and goggles and put them on over the bundled up empty cans.The empty can at this time looks like the head of a German soldier with his face covered.

Violence, bloodshed, just like the revolution in Paris.The spirit of the Paris Commune will be revived today I ask all the righteous citizens of France to arm, take up all the weapons you can, and turn France into a huge BattlefieldCatri and his lackeys must step down and go to the gallows, let them pay what they deserve for can a dog eat a cbd gummy how long does cbd gummies stay in your body what they have done Paris, act France, act To all who best cbd gummy bears love this country, act This is a headache for the French government.No matter how hard they try, they can t stop Yetiri from speaking to the whole French people.This mysterious voice continues to spread in France in a mysterious way, making France The government hates it to the can you buy cbd gummies in florida point that it cannot be added.Recently, Yetiri s attitude has also undergone obvious changes.He has become more radical, and he has completely changed from a pacifist to a violent one.

Even this is a dream that has appeared countless times in Berkeley s dreams He never doubted whether Baron Alexon could do it, because almost everyone understood one thing, as long as Baron Alexon was willing to do something, no force could stop it He No one knows the situation in France better than him.Russia is a lesson from the past.A once huge empire collapsed almost overnight, let alone France When the building collapsed again , so where will a person like him go Perhaps it is a pretty good choice to find a way out for himself now and find a stronger backer for himself.Thinking of this, Berkeley took a deep breath So, what should I do now When he said this, he had already regarded himself as a dog beside the baron, a dog that would bite the enemy according to the owner s wishes whenever and wherever Then, we are now on the same front that s it.

Fifty people died.Hundreds were injured.This massacre has worsened the relationship between moderates and radical reformers, and the disputes between revolutionaries, monarchs, and nobles have thus expanded Speaking of this, Wang Weiyi was silent for a while This is the history of France, the history of the Champ de Mars, is it like it is now I think it s a lot like that.Bloodshed, perhaps soon to be repeated in Paris.Dodoan, are you afraid Dodoan, who heard the story of the Champ de Mars for the first time, chi cbd gummies straightened his chest No.I m not afraid, I ll die for France like Mr.Yetiri child.Never say the word death easily Wang Weiyi s tone sounded so gentle To live, and to live well, you will know that living is always more difficult than dying.Maybe you can t understand this now, but when you grow up, you will know how can you buy cbd gummies in florida cbd gummies natures only difficult it is to be alive.

Orange sneered Don t look any further.The one in the photo is me Ah, it s a great honor to meet you.Berkeley put down the photo in his hand Speaking of which, you may not If you believe it too much, I am actually your admirer.Oh, don t look at me with disdain, it will make me feel very uncomfortable.Orange did not believe a word of the other party s nonsense The man in front of him is the biggest and most cunning enemy on the road of revolution.How could he say sera relief cbd gummies amazon can you buy cbd gummies in florida such a thing now You have to believe what I said Berkeley said slowly According to our information, you were originally a university professor.Enjoying a very generous salary and treatment, you still have A beautiful wife and an equally beautiful daughter, but you gave up all of this for your own career, and followed Yetiri on the so called revolutionary road Let s put it this way, anyway, I am absolutely This cannot be done in 1965, last year.

You promised peace talks with Germany, but now The Germans won another victory in France a few hours ago.We only have less than a week to go The councilors were dumbfounded.I can t believe that the German army s offensive has reached such a speed Robertson s voice sounded so severe The soldiers in France bravely defected for the victory of the revolution, and the soldiers in France fought for the victory of France.What are you doing when you are fighting for freedom and blood You are talking endlessly here.You are planning assassination after assassination.General Robito is doing everything possible can you buy cbd gummies in florida to protect your interests.The betrayal of General Robito The soldiers can no longer wait, we will use our own methods to determine the future of France Now, as a representative of the French military, I make the following demands to you He took a deep breath.

A report on the specific membership structure of underground resistance groups.Although Colonel Jed already knew most of it, he thought it was a good start.At least John Oslow has begun to serve him loyally.Wang Weiyi looked at Colonel Jed with a smile on the side.He knew that countless wrong information would reach Colonel Jed from now on.And Colonel Jed will make a wrong judgment based on such wrong information One thousand eighty.The struggle for power Nash never knew John.Oslo has been released, and he has fallen completely into the hands of the resistance.The endless attacks made Nash feel a headache.Now, there are more than a dozen attacks almost every day, and the worst thing is that Nash can t judge what the attackers are going to do.He originally thought that the attackers would can you buy cbd gummies in florida make some big moves recently, but what he didn t expect was that the members of the resistance organization seemed to like such small troubles.

I suggest that the entire latent operation be named Operation Azure according to Lieutenant Colonel Moyol s proposal.This is the origin of the huge latent plan Operation Azure I accept Colonel Jed s proposal.Mills nodded The key now is that we can you buy cbd gummies in florida need a leader to lead all the lurking leaders.Gentlemen, this is a very honorable but also very dangerous mission.The task, the person we need green ape cbd gummies reviews can a dog eat a cbd gummy will lead a huge latent group, and persist until the Allied counterattack arrives Indeed, everyone is very clear about the arduousness and danger of this taskNo one can tell when the London counterattack will come once the Allies lose Leave me in London.Someone said at this time.That was Lieutenant Colonel Moyol.Wang Weiyi said slowly Although I have not been in London for a long time, I already have an overall understanding of this city.

In the minds of those white Americans, they think that the black wife of Officer Leeson should be punished the most, not Officer Leeson himself.They called for the severest punishment that should be given to the black wife of Police Officer Leeson, driving her out of the city, and even throwing him in jail And the anger of the blacks also reached its peak.Shukako, the criminal in their mind, was acquitted, and Stuke, Peter, and Tell were only sentenced to life imprisonment, and they would be released on bail after 15 years.Then swaggeringly appeared on the streets of New York.And what about Lucy Who should be responsible for Lucy s death Even Lu Xi s family did not receive any compensation What s even more abhorrent is that the black wife of Police Officer Leeson has been treated so unfairly.

I hope you will not cause me any trouble.Pross looked at his handcuffs and shackles What else can we do under such can you buy cbd gummies in florida circumstances What The car drove for about an hour before stopping The car door was reopened, and a strong ray of sunlight came in.It made the prisoners in the car very uncomfortable.Pross was the first to get out of the car, and he saw Lieutenant Colonel Moyol at first sight.Lieutenant Colonel Moyol lit a cigarette It s another rare fine weather in London.Yeah, it s another rare fine weather.Prows sighed.It would be a good choice to die in such weather, but he soon discovered that something was wrong.This is definitely not like an execution ground where people are shot.Nearby is a manor.Who would kill 11 people in such a place Come on, come with me.Wang Weiyi threw cbd chicago fruit gummies away half of the cigarette.

Bacchus said first I know that the war has become irreversible, but I I once betrayed Her Majesty the Queen.If I betray President Fenton again, my honor will be tarnished again.If a soldier s reputation is tarnished twice, it will be a shame that cannot be washed away in a lifetime.And.Now that Southampton has a strong armed force of the US military, I have no chance of an uprising at all.Look, I like to talk to straightforward people.Wang Weiyi smiled and didn t take it seriously at all Your first worry I can fully understand, and I also made a very good retreat for you.General Bacchus, when Her Majesty the Queen was forced into exile, she summoned you urgently.And gave you a special mission to lurk with your army Come down and wait until the day of the counterattack comes.And now this day has finally arrived.

He is afraid to see me, afraid to hear my voice, but now he wants to hear me say something to him on the phone.What.Speaking of this, his smile became even brighter But I just didn t give him a call.I will let him wait, wait in suffering, and then he will make the choice he should make. Rommel and his companions looked at it, completely wondering what Field Marshal Ernst meant by this In fact, Wang Weiyi knows all too well what kind of character General Gendra is.When necessary, he will sacrifice himself to complete the last honor of a soldier.However, he would never joke with the lives of his soldiers.When the war is at its final juncture and everything is irreversible.He can make the most correct choice Allied Headquarters in London.The sound of the guns was strangely reduced, and even the plane that had been raging in the sky disappeared.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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