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Although Xu Hongliang didn t say it clearly, Han Chaoyang could see that he was interested in his junior sister.After eating the food in his mouth, he said smoothly, Lingling, don t take a taxi later, let Hongliang take you back.No need to bother, it s very convenient to take a taxi.No trouble, I just happened to be on the way.Xu Hongliang glanced at Han Chaoyang gratefully, and began to make up nonsense.His home is in the north, and Guangming District is in the west.direction.Senior brother s colleagues are absolutely trustworthy, Xie Lingling didn t know why, so she asked with a look of embarrassment Is it really on the way Don t worry when you go back, that s it. Okay, I m full, eat slowly, I ll help you clean up here. No, don t get your clothes dirty, I ll let Lao Xu clean up later, I I m full too, let s go, the car is in the yard.

Both rich and talented, and full time Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and hastily promised Please rest assured, the two leaders.I will resolutely obey the instructions of the street working committee and the street office, resolutely complete how much are cbd gummies for ed the tasks assigned by the two leaders, and guarantee to lead a good team and maintain public security in the community.The relocation work is escorted.Okay, work hard, and when the land acquisition and demolition work in Chaoyang Village is successfully completed, I ll call your Wang Bureau and ask for credit for you.Rich and talented, Han Chaoyang has energy.Maintaining order at the venue all afternoon made him sweaty and his back ached.Director Su had a meeting all afternoon, and he was tired from sitting, but he was in high spirits and had no intention of going home from cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews get off work at all.

The morale of the team members is also very high, but is the equipment not all in place Report to Secretary Yang, Comrade Jin Dabao is responsible for the equipment finance, or let Comrade Jin Dabao report.The division of labor is clear, it s good, Lao Jin, tell me what s going on.Lao Jin hurried to the front, wearing a small special police T shirt on him, and reported in a decent Lizhenghui Report to Secretary Yang, explosion proof Shields, explosion proof helmets, stab proof vests, stab proof gloves, rubber batons, law enforcement recorders, warning belts and other equipment and supplies needed to assist law enforcement.Equip immediately.It turns out that the funds are not in place, and I will help you to rush.The leaders went to the police office for a round, and returned home after the tour.

The person who rents this room has a problem.Han Chaoyang pointed to the room with the door always closed, turned around and asked, Landlord, do you have a spare key Yes.Hurry up and get it.Noticing her house The anti theft door seemed to be open just shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart now, and Han Chaoyang said again Changsheng, you and Xiaoqian go in and have a look.The landlady was not happy, and turned around and asked Officer Han, what is there to see in my house Please cooperate too Our job.Thinking of renting out the house to outsiders but not reporting it, and then possibly being fined, or even knowing how much the fine would be, the landlady didn t dare to say any more, and reluctantly went back to the house to get a spare key.Wang Bing saw it clearly, and the boy ran into the house.Gu Changsheng didn t care if the landlord and the landlord s family members were happy or not, he pushed open the door one by one to check.

The colleagues in the office and the combatants cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies in the street made two more victories one after another.First, two thieves suspected of theft were seized in the fifth team, and more than 20 mobile phones were seized from their rented houses The suspect, the van parked at the door of his cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews rented house had 672 violations, and the traffic police team has been looking for him but has not been found.The victories are not small, but these victories have nothing to do with the Huayuan Street Police Station After working so hard until four o clock in the morning, not only was there no credit or hard work, but even all the previous efforts were in vain.The bureau leaders were very dissatisfied with the work in the institute.The director, trainer and several deputy directors had to reflect deeply, and ordinary policemen followed suit.

With his master and his old man covering him, if he couldn t get along at the Huayuan Street Police Station, he could go to the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Go back and inquire to see if there are any brothers who are more officials.If there is, it is not impossible to transfer to the agency.If you can be transferred to work in an agency, no matter which brigade you go to, you will have the opportunity to assess you and deduct Liu Jianye s points Thinking of these, Han Chaoyang was overjoyed.Grinning silly, a burly third cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews level superintendent patted him on the shoulder, Han Chaoyang, I m Yu Zhenchuan.I can hear your name cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews very well.I caught a robber and a murderer during the probationary period.The leader talks to us about you every day, saying that we are not as good as you, a new comrade who just joined the work.

I only heard Director Gu s voice from the street, but I couldn t see Director Gu s people.I climbed into the compartment of the law enforcement vehicle and found that he and several street officials were surrounded by the owners.There were at least a hundred people around him, and people outside couldn t get in., they can t get out inside.I can understand everyone s feelings.The street and even the district have been doing work, and even set up hemp cbd gummies sleep a special working group for the issue of Shenghai Garden.Please trust the government.Please give us a little more time.I promise to solve the problem in September.Before school starts on the 1st, we will help everyone solve the problem of children s schooling. Only solving the problem of schooling, other problems don t need to be solved The developer came from the district to attract investment, and the pre sale was also approved by the government.

I turned around at the entrance of the hospital and sat in the lobby for a while.The situation was not optimistic.There were scalpers who resold the expert account, and there were medical trustees who went to those scam hospitals to lure people.It is definitely not enough to rely on the security of the hospital.When Zhen Chuan comes back, he must study it carefully.Research.Although the case is small, the procedures for handling the case are the same.Just one Ke Jianrong, who was suspected of destroying the door locks of the merchants and making profit through repairs, made cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews the police office a mess.Thinking that it would be more difficult to crack down on scalpers cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews and doctors, Han Chaoyang asked with a wry smile Master, the Xinyuan Street Police Station should pay attention to these situations.

Go to bed early, it s getting late.Not only was it not early, but because of the most handsome policeman thing, I didn t sleep well.I was worried that reporters would come to interview early in the morning, and I got up very early.I went to canna organic cbd gummies review the cafeteria of the Sixth Hospital of the city with my master to have breakfast.I just finished eating a few bites when I was recognized by a sharp eyed nurse.After a while, more than a dozen came, including female doctors and nurses, and male doctors two.Officer Han, take another one.Officer Han, you are too biased, I want to take another one too, Xiaohui, hurry up, remember to apply beauty There is no other way but to cooperate with the master.Han Chaoyang showed his white teeth, smiled and took a group photo with them one by one, and even took a big group photo when it was over.

Chapter 118 Go to Han Chaoyang After summer, the temperature will be higher every time it rains.The streets and alleys of Yangguan Village, which were still wet in the morning, were scorched dry by the scorching sun at noon.There was no wind at all, and the branches and leaves on the treetops were motionless.In the bustling middle street in the morning and evening, few people could be seen, only the cicadas screaming desperately on the trees, and the external air conditioners hanging outside the houses were humming.Xu Hongliang had been running all morning, so he thought he could rest for a while after eating.Unexpectedly, as soon as he put down the bowls and chopsticks, Wu Wei proposed to continue the visit.People had to bow their heads under the eaves.The leader asked him to assist him in the visit today, so he had to bite the bullet and keep up.

There are so many outsiders, it s impossible to say, but I really didn t find anything.Let s talk about Qiao Xianhong s A few days after the death of the wife and child, your police officers passed it through like a sieve, and after that, you ran back to the village every three days, so there should be nothing wrong.As he said, the rate of seeing the police in Yangguan Village is very high now, Villagers see the police almost every day.Han Chaoyang didn t want to waste time here, so he got up and said, Are you busy this morning If not, take me around the village.It s not too busy, let s go.Which one do you want to go to He opened the door and said with a smile, Go to the first team first and see if Shi Guicai is at home.Shi Guicai, a prisoner released after serving his sentence, was sentenced to five years in prison for theft.

I don t know, the superior asked us to check.Got it, I m watching the groups I added, maybe some people don t read the group chats, I ll check them one by one.Okay, just ask, I There is still something going on here, please help me inform Changsheng and the others, and all the fellow villagers will help to ask.Chapter 134 Buying a House I thought that the villagers of Yangguan No.3 Team and the outsiders who rented in Yangguan No.3 Team HCMUSSH cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews would be the most likely to know the details of the surname Yao, so I rushed to ask a few of them.As a result, not only the people HCMUSSH cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews from the criminal police team had already asked, but they also had questions about the surname Yao.Yao didn t have the slightest impression.It s normal to think about it, since a suspicious person has been found, it is impossible for the task force not to organize a police investigation.

Don t worry.For someone like you who becomes kind and fraternal when you meet a beautiful girl, I think the precautionary measures taken by your elementary, middle and high school teachers and your mother are very effective.Physical isolation The one who just came to the police station tonight, you can figure it out.Chapter 149 Hostage Logically speaking, you should show 100 sincerity, but the key is that the physical isolation measures are not as good as before.Be applicable.Han Chaoyang was stumped, and said with a bitter face Yingying, we are talking about a private matter, and Zhang Beibei s joining the patrol is a business matter.She has come here, and she can t let her go for no reason.I know you don t like her, actually I am also afraid of trouble, if you give me some time, I will let her be watched, as long as she makes a mistake, no matter how big or small, she will be fired immediately Changing orders day and night, thinking about it is too childish.

If you have any news, please contact me in time.Okay.The reimbursement of gas money is troublesome, the car is not in good condition, and there are no seats in the back, so this van is usually extremely difficult.Open less.Han Chaoyang opened the car door and climbed into the co pilot.He had just fastened his seat belt, turned on the engine, and turned on the police lights when his cell phone rang suddenly.It was Li Xiaobin calling.Xiaobin, do you have any news I found it.I found someone who knows him.His surname is Luo, his name is Luo Chunjun, and he is from Qianma County.He just arrived in Yanyang the day before yesterday and is working at the construction site of Bishui New City, but he hasn t started working yet., I found this fellow from his hometown, we are almost at the Sixth Hospital, Han Da, where are you I just got back to the police office, I ll go there right away.

Such a walk, such a relationship, Huang Ying felt strange, looked at the brightly lit Yanhe Park downhill, and murmured I read a report before, a traffic policeman was on duty in his thirties, and his wife hugged him.I saw my child with him at the intersection, the cold wind was blowing, and adults and children were freezing together.It felt too fake at the time, and it seemed like a show, but now that I think about it, it should be true.Since we are talking about being in a relationship, we have to face this problem.Han Chaoyang rubbed the corner of his mouth and said proudly, Yingying, when we were maintaining order in Luzhuang at night, the head of the Criminal Police Division of our sub bureau praised me.At first, I was confused, and then I realized that a clue I reported a while ago was very valuable.

Okay, we Go back first, and call if you have anything to do.Be careful on the road, drive slowly.In fact, they can go back by squeezing two cars, the pickup truck can seat several people, and the streets are full of red sleeves It is normal for the coordinators of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade to come out at night to improve the city s appearance and sanitation, and to ban open air barbecues.However, the traffic police will not stop them if they see it.The reason why they asked them to drive the police car back together was mainly because they didn t like to drive the old van without air conditioning.After dismissing everyone, Han Chaoyang opened the door of the 110 police car and got into the co pilot.Guan Xiyuan had been waiting for a long time, turned on the turn signal, lightly stepped on the accelerator, and slowly drove the car out of the yard, leaning on the steering wheel and asked curiously Chaoyang, is the house settled It s settled, my dad My mother came over on Sunday afternoon, and went to go through the transfer procedures on Monday morning.

Very close, Lin Wenjing couldn t help giving a thumbs up.Han Chaoyang smiled, apologized again, and got out of the car to say hello to the master who had just returned from the inspection.Like the last time, Grandpa Gu resolutely refused to attend the young people s party, and proposed to call Yu Zhenchuan just like last time, so that he would not miss any chance to introduce a girlfriend to his senior apprentice.The five elements are short of housing, life is short of car, and card is short of money.Yu Zhenchuan, who is still short of girlfriend, has no hope of finding a girlfriend in a short time.Director Su is planning to relocate in Chaoyang Village, so he really can t get away.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to receive three ladies as a man.Huang Ying was the closest and came the fastest.

After confirming that he was indeed the same person as the one in the surveillance screenshot, he walked into the office opposite the auxiliary police duty room, and signaled that he was giving the suspect Lao Ding, who took the notes, came out.Gu Suo, what s the matter Look, this kid you arrested is not only a habitual criminal but also two accomplices, tell Lao Hu not to look for it, tell Lao cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews Hu to come back quickly, the stolen goods must have been transferred by him, dig three feet I can t find it.One look at the photo and you know it s a surveillance screenshot, and if there is a surveillance screenshot, it means that the brat in the detention room has committed crimes before and left evidence.Can the case in the afternoon be broken aside He will definitely not be able to escape the case with the surveillance screenshots.

As a result, she seemed to like it when she tried it on, and it looked really beautiful on her, but she was determined not cbd gummies for arthritis canada to buy it.Tired cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies of shopping, I went to KFC on the second floor of the shopping mall and bought two set meals.I sat down, ate, drank, and chatted on my mobile phone.There were not many people in the restaurant in the afternoon.If there were many people, Han Chaoyang would not dare to come in wearing a police uniform.He turned around and looked behind him, leaned over and said, Honey, I think the pink dress just now is pretty good.Don t save it for me.You should.Flowers have to be spent.Huang Ying quit WeChat and clicked on the selfie photo taken during the try on just now, and asked with a smile, Does it look good You are beautiful and have a good figure.There is a whole rack of clothes, and you look good in everything you what will a cbd gummy do wear The first time you open your mouth is sweet talk, I don t know how many girls I ve told you, don t be nasty.

Han Da, what s the matter, what a baby , I m dying of laughter.As soon as cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews he walked out of the west gate, Dai Jisheng couldn t control his burst of laughter.That s why you can t dote on women too much, or it will become like this.Well, you can t dote on women.If my life is like Chen Jun s, I might as well not find a wife.You can t say that, find someone now Is it easy for a wife After finding one, of course you have to be coaxed, but you have to master it.Han Chaoyang was feeling very emotional when his phone rang suddenly, and when he took it out to see the caller ID, it turned out to be Lu Jiaxi, a nurse from the emergency center of the Sixth City Hospital.Sister Lu, what s the matter Chaoyang, are you in the police cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies office, come here quickly, a patient has escaped from my place Did you pay the medical bill It s not that he didn t pay the medical bills.

It will be held in the auditorium, and the performance location will be determined on the lakeside stage of Yanghu Park.Although the open air venue has a larger space and can accommodate more people, the number of people is still limited for safety reasons.Huayuan Street is only divided into two.One hundred and twenty tickets.There were too many people and few votes.Secretary Yang and Director Gu didn t want to discourage the enthusiasm of the masses, so they decided to hold an August 1st Song Festival in the street.and several media reporters.In fact, the police station was notified yesterday, but they were busy rounding up the suspects smilz cbd gummies free trial Liu Suo and instructor Guan at night and forgot.They are just guests , no, they can only be regarded as spectators cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews with district leaders.Moreover, this is a street event and the sub bureau will not be played.

Yang According to the secretary s instructions, arrange someone to pick them up, and send them home safely after the party.It turned out that they were old revolutionaries, and they should be invited.Han Chaoyang hurriedly straightened his police uniform, trotted up to meet him, and tried to help him.In the end, Secretary Yang arranged things too well, some were sent by new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews family members, some were sent by cadres of the neighborhood committee or village committee, several people were in charge of one, Han Chaoyang couldn t get involved at all, but he also took this opportunity to get to know five people in his jurisdiction.old revolution.The first row of tables is for leaders as much as they are for them.Helping them to sit down, Director Tu asked people to serve the fruits, melon seeds and mineral water that he had prepared in the morning.

I am Tonight s host, Shi Yujiang, welcomes all leaders, guests and friends After two days of rehearsal, Fan Xiaojing raised the microphone tacitly Good evening, comrades in arms I am tonight s Host Fan Xiaojing, thank you for coming.Tonight, let our hearts have wings, fly to the barracks, fly to our cutest people, and use our loud and clear singing to praise the motherland and the soldiers.Celebrate the founding of the army on August 1 Festival The coming August is brilliant because of the midsummer sunshine.The coming August is brilliant because of the music cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies played in the army 88 years ago today, Nan The first gunshot of the uprising announced the birth of the Chinese People s Liberation Army.The People s Army has grown from weak to strong, fought bloody battles, and repeatedly defeated powerful enemies.

You are cheating The audience judges which unit sings well, and does not judge the performance.Although it is said that, you can get emotional points.You can also vote, or let all your comrades come out and sing first outside.A few songs.The street rehearsed a song, if it is sung now, the audience will be tired of singing, and it will not get a high score later, and there is no hope of entering the top three.Secretary Dong was very depressed, looked back at the three bands again, and said with a wry smile Secretary Yang, you are the leader, and our Changfeng Street is willing to bow down, and we will not compete with you.It s meaningless to say that, we are The Eight Immortals cross the sea and each show their supernatural powers.Just as the choir from the District Education Bureau has arrived, the education system has a strong lineup and its advantages are obvious.

Tingting, run away These days, your parents are really anxious, you are already 17 years old, you are not a child, you should know something, get dressed quickly.Hearing the movement inside, Qi Jie finally felt at ease, and actually shed two lines of tears.Han Chaoyang didn t have time to explain to the restaurant chefs and waiters who ran out to watch the excitement.The situation was very clear and there was no need to explain deliberately.Instead, he asked, Young man, where is your boss The boss and the boss s wife have gone back.Do you have their mobile phone number Yes.Call them, call now.What to do when calling the boss, the young man realized the seriousness of the problem, and subconsciously turned his head to look at a man in his thirties.Are you the person in charge here Han Chaoyang stared at can i buy cbd gummies at cvs him and asked.

Many policemen, including Han Chaoyang, would rather go to the Railway Public Security Bureau for exchanges than the Longdao County Public Security Bureau.Director Du obviously knew that no one wanted to go to difficult places, so he opened his small book and took a look, and called his name directly The party committee of the Exchange Branch Bureau has confirmed the candidates, and there are two places in the Huayuan Street Police Station.Please take care of Comrade Xiyuan and Comrade Han free sample cbd gummy bears Chaoyang.Prepare accordingly.Chapter 216 Professor Nie will send off Guan Yuanyuan in the evening as usual, and greet Deputy Director Kang.As a result, when Political Commissar Huang left, he said that the sub bureau had achieved good results in the Bayi Song Festival in the district, and that it would make persistent efforts to achieve good results in the Bayi Song Festival in the city as well.

When she returned to the provincial department after one year of training, she would have no chance to do mass work.For her own good Grandpa Gu didn t think Miao Haizhu was annoying, but he thought Miao Haizhu was a good policeman.I think that the better comrades not only need more training, but also need to understand more about the difficulties of grassroots work.Only in this way can she make correct decisions when she takes up a leadership position in the future.The more complicated the environment, the more arduous the task, the better the results.If Xiao Miao can chew on the hard bone of Xinmin Community, it will be easier to write the appraisal opinion in the future.Really let her go Let her go, don t hit her The enthusiasm of the new comrades.Just finished studying here, Miao Haizhu ran in panting, hurriedly apologized to Grandpa Gu and Old Tang.

A big round pot covered with small mirrors like a mosaic, if you don t get close , which 2500 cbd gummies at first glance really looks like a satellite TV receiver.Han Chaoyang smiled self deprecatingly, and asked curiously Chief Chang, the sun just came out, so can it be boiled Just heat it up.Thinking that there was a water dispenser in the duty room, and all the people in the office drank bottled water, Han Chaoyang asked, Is the water in the cellar undrinkable It s not undrinkable, mainly It s because the water quality is hard.Now that the conditions are good, you can drink pure water, but before you didn t have the conditions, you can drink the water in the cellar. Old Chang, what do you have for breakfast Just as he was talking, He Suo walked over with a smile.Let Xiao Han try our specialties, the water noodles, he must have never eaten them before The cadres searched the mountains and investigated.

They made a face to face meeting, and when Xiao Jiang suddenly remembered that he was By then, he had already disappeared.Xiaojiang came to shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart his senses, went out to relieve himself with an excuse, pretended to look for the toilet, and walked around the vicinity quietly, but found nothing.I analyzed that Feng Changdong might have just returned from diving, and the meeting with Xiaojiang just now was purely Coincidentally, he must have been shocked, but I m not sure if Xiao Jiang recognized him.So as soon as I received Xiao Jiang s report, I immediately asked Xiao Jiang to pack up his equipment and come back, so as not to scare the snake further.Feng Changdong was suspected of drug trafficking and shot and arrested, two years When the former county bureau organized forces to close the net, he jumped over the wall in a hurry, resisted stubbornly, and shot and wounded a policeman.

The leaders were upstairs studying what Han Chaoyang couldn t hear, and even if he could hear, he couldn t understand.Instructor Hang greeted the first plainclothes person who got out of the car, and then took everyone to the two adjacent offices.Not only closed the door, but even drew the curtains.It is worth mentioning that although the twenty or so reinforcements who just arrived were all in plain clothes, almost all of them were carrying bags in their hands.No need to ask, they knew that they should be equipped with weapons and equipment.Officer Chang, Lijiayao is so far away from the township government, why is it so mysterious It s too eye catching, and if people passing by see it, a phone call will make it known to everyone.Thinking about it, too, who would come to such a remote place if there is nothing to do, so there must be something happened to so many policemen at once.

Hearing footsteps, Jiang Li looked back at the little guy who was catching up again, and continued It s not a bad thing for the old man just now to come back.The neighbors have all moved out, and the water cellars left behind can be used.Not only does he no longer have to worry about water shortages, but he even has surplus water to irrigate his crops.This year s drought has hit many places, but his family doesn t have any.If a do melted cbd gummies still work person monopolizes the entire village s water, he certainly won t be short of water.Han Chaoyang subconsciously looked back at the little guy who had already caught up but didn t dare to follow too closely, thought about it and asked, Brother Jiang, what about the destroyed forest land at the east village entrance, will the forestry department hold him accountable I asked, and he said that it used to be his family s fruit forest, not the fruit, but the ginkgo tree that was popularized and planted in the village before.

When he was almost halfway down, he suddenly felt his legs blocked by something warm, and suddenly smelled a pungent smell of blood.Prickly cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews hair.If you touch it again, your hands will be covered in blood.boar It turned out to be a wild boar Han Chaoyang reacted suddenly, suddenly realized cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies who was the moaning person in front of him, suddenly realized what happened just now, he was nervous, scared and excited at the same time, and thinking that the guy s injury might be serious, he was suddenly ecstatic.Chapter 261 Manhunt 10 The person in front was still moaning, panting heavily while moaning.Maybe this forest is located in the leeward area, or maybe the wind has stopped, and there is silence everywhere.Han Chaoyang can clearly hear his breathing, which is very rapid, accompanied by groans.He can feel that he new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews is in great pain at the moment, and he can imagine his injuries.

Afraid of people, in fact, he did not fight the fugitive, but took advantage of his illness to kill him, rushed up and brandished a wooden stick when he saw the opportunity, and beat him violently The fugitive has been hunted down for the past few days and nights.He has no water, no dry shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart food, and can only rely on wild fruits to satisfy his hunger.He even dare not stay in the same place for too long.The wild boar was injured, so where would he be his opponent, but he got a big advantage by beating him sideways.However, being able to catch up to the fugitive when he heard the gunshots, niva cbd gummies shark tank knowing that the fugitive had a gun in his hand, still pursued so closely without hesitation, risking his life to reach a place only five or six meters away from the fugitive, it was not easy to do this.Captain Xu was about to say a few words of praise when a few people suddenly appeared in the video.

The leader refused to let him go, so Han Chaoyang could not leave, so he could only stay where he was, and was embarrassed by Fan Ju, who laughed at him on the phone, and Jian Yunping, who kept making funny faces.Zhou Bureau, on such a big matter, new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews I can joke, dare I In fact, I received a report from the Disciplinary and Political Committee of Longdao County Bureau at night.I was afraid of making a joke, so I rushed to the mountains overnight.The car couldn t get in.I walked cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews for more than ten years.Lishan Road, I didn t arrive at the scene until 8 30 in the morning, yes, yes, I saw everything I needed to see, and now I m standing on the top of the mountain where Xiao Han has been holding on for four days and five nights, and the arrest scene is at the foot of the mountain.Go to study The communication can capture a level A wanted criminal who shot and resisted arrest and cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews injured a policeman two years ago, and then sneaked back to his hometown to kill two people a few days ago.

With funds, an indoor children s playground was built in the No.3 Traffic Police Squadron.If a policeman is cbd gummies 30 mg for sleepany side effects injured during law enforcement, he will personally go to condolences as long as he is at home.In the past, the year end awards and award ceremony were usually only attended by the policemen.After he took office, he carried out reforms.Every time he would invite the family members of the policemen who received awards for their meritorious service to participate, and even shook hands one by one It s just that he didn t expect that Longdao County was so far away, and he still adhered to the principle.In any case, this is a good thing, Liu Jianye asked with a smile, Did Secretary Yang approve Huang Ying s leave The car travel expenses are counted as the street or the sub bureau It must be counted as the sub bureau, and the weekly bureau will not save this money.

Han Chaoyang put down the folder, motioned for Li Xiaobin to go in and find the person in charge of the construction site, and asked, Boss Shao, how many cars are there to pick up the muck tonight Eleven, we re here early.The tall driver looked The younger brother who was calling the repair shop said angrily What kind of boss am I I just drive a car and get a truckload of dirt.Who can I offend There are no cameras around.The intersection with the camera is 1.5 kilometers away.The construction site of the high speed railway station has just started to dig the foundation, and the infrastructure of the construction site has not been done well, let alone the installation of monitoring.Where to find the person who punctured the tire in the middle of the night, Han Chaoyang can only ask the situation first.

After finally waiting for the ceremony to end, just as he was about to say hello to the school leaders and return to the gravel factory, Xie Lingling suddenly came over and tugged at his sleeve, and while letting him look at his phone, he muttered, I said that was a cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews bad idea, don t you believe cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews me .Look, this is a big trouble Looking down, it was a video of Xu Hongliang leading a team to welcome Mr.Liang cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews s grandson.The bride should have just picked her up at this moment, and she should be standing at the gate of the Royal Court Hotel to welcome the relatives and friends who attended the wedding.Unexpectedly, what happened on the way to pick up the bride has already been uploaded to the Internet by netizens.Cai Shijie and the others really don t look like good people The comments on Weibo are all scolding, such as black bosses welcoming their relatives, hundreds of big hands mobilized, the scale is astounding The scene in the Hong Kong film reappears strongly urge the public security organs to find out who is so sacred, and strongly urge the political and legal organs to crack down on this kind of underworld.

Wu Wei reacted suddenly, looked sideways at Xu Hongliang and said in amazement Brother, you are overtaking on a curve What is overtaking on a curve I am highly enlightened and I believe in great communism., and emphasized very seriously Don t look at me with such eyes, I really believe in it The world is unified, distributed according to cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies needs, I want to have what Ma Yun has, and I want to be a policeman if you are a policeman.You say shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart communism How wonderful, I am willing to fight for this ideal for the rest of my life.I have never seen such a shameless person Wu Wei couldn t help laughing and cursing If you want to hit local tyrants to realize this dream, you will be the first one I hit.Becoming cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies so active, is it because you want to add points when taking the public exam, or because you don t want your girlfriend to marry a security guard Wu Wei was completely convinced, and whispered Whether you believe it or not, I will let you know the details of the case.

It shouldn t be saved for a long time, maybe only five or six minutes.You are an old calendar By the way, you have a driving recorder in your car.For a long time Han Chaoyang shifted his gaze to Xu Hongliang.The memory of my driving recorder is 16G, which can record for about 240 minutes, and then overwrite.My memory is not too big, which is similar to that of a mobile phone.There is also 32G, which can record for a longer time, and can record for about 480 minutes., That s 8 hours.Xu Hongliang paused, and then said There are more advanced ones, my friend just bought a car, and it is equipped with a cloud sharing driving recorder, which has an emergency lock function, choose to save Even if the memory is full, the emergency images will not be overwritten.Cloud sharing What cloud computing and cloud storage are popular now, but I only know what cloud, so don t ask me what s going on.

If we can solve the case, we can make it to this day Han Chaoyang sighed softly, leaning on the steering wheel and muttering, No matter what, we are getting closer to the truth.If we are lucky, the truth will be revealed before dawn.There is one more question.What s the question What if the Mercedes cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews Benz caravan is not a vehicle for dumping corpses In the evening, I was preoccupied with tracking and monitoring, and in the evening I was preoccupied with tracking down the actual owner of the suspect vehicle, and I forgot that all of this was based on The Mercedes Benz RV was based on the body throwing cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies vehicle.If it was just a coincidence that the car appeared near the body throwing scene on the night of the crime, wouldn t everything done now be in vain Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that he didn t know how to proceed, Wu Wei smiled again There are not so many coincidences in the world, I think the problem should not be big, besides, the technical police are investigating, the current criminal technology is so advanced, as long as Cao Shengkai got into that car, no matter it was a living person or a cold corpse, the technical police could find it out.

It s a new finding, if only analytical.Han Chaoyang felt the need to report to the special case team, immediately put down the lunch box and chopsticks, picked up the police phone and dialed Tengda s mobile phone.The result surprised Han Chaoyang.After listening to the report, Teng Da said solemnly Xiao Han, your analysis makes sense.The suspect is more cunning than we imagined.Because of our previous negligence, we may have alerted the snake.Now we can say anything.It s late, it s impossible to return the car, and it s useless, the only thing we can do is to try to find out their whereabouts. Yes Skynet is full of details, no matter how cunning they are, they will never escape the law, you continue to investigate Cai Xiaofang s whereabouts, I arranged for two people to check the car rental company, and then check the surveillance video near the car rental company, as long as they dare to play anti reconnaissance with us, it is impossible for them not to leave clues.

I don t worry about you leaving alone.No, their leader cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies seems to give him another What kind of task is assigned, I will go to the county town to take the bus the day after tomorrow afternoon, and he will drive back after finishing the task.There is a task, what kind of compensation is this I don t know, you can ask him later.Third Chapter 157 Going home 3 Han Chaoyang was not used to returning to the home he had been away for a long time.This unaccustomedness is not just returning from the noisy city to a quiet town all of cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews a sudden, nor is cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews it just that you were so busy yesterday that you are suddenly idle today, but that you are not used to living the life of a bachelor.In order to reflect the rigorous and upright family style of the old Han family, and also consider the feelings of his father in law and mother in law who are far away in Yanyang, Teacher Ma cleaned up his former room and let Huang cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews Ying sleep in the small room that has been used as a study.

Welcome home.Han Chaoyang didn t think about becoming a policeman until he graduated from university.He took the cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews police civil servant exam because he couldn t find a suitable job.Before that, he only knew the principal teacher of Linshan Middle School and a few cadres in Linshan Town, and he was really unfamiliar with the police station.What s more, the police are frequently transferred, and the police station has always been next to the town government, but the police in the station have changed a few times over the years.Han Chaoyang had never met Director Qi before, but he was still flattered and said So it s Qi Suo, Qi Suo is good Official account, you did a great job.I heard from your dad that he just won the second class personal meritorious service some time ago.He is promising and has a future.

The value of the case is not large, but the public outrage is not small.Xinmin Community is not only the can i buy cbd gummies at cvs jurisdiction of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, but also a comprehensive police platform on Zhongshan Road.As the actual person in charge of the police platform, Han Chaoyang was under pressure even though he was talking in official language just now.We can t go on cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews make cbd gummies like this, we must find ways to bring the thief who stole the electric car to justice Han Chaoyang pondered for a moment, then picked up his mobile phone and called Grandpa Gu.Chaoyang, what s the matter Master, Haizhu called me just now, saying that another electric scooter was lost in Xinmin Community.I know, it must have been stolen at night, and the owner went downstairs in the morning to ride the scooter as usual.I went to work by car, only to find that the small car shed had been pried, and there were two electric cars in it, the old one was not lost, and the new one was gone.

You have done a good job during this time, with you two here, cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews I have nothing to worry about in the area of Zhongshan Road.Liu Jianye once again Looking HCMUSSH cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews at his watch, he continued Also, remember to go to the high speed rail station engineering headquarters for a meeting at 2 o clock tomorrow afternoon, which is the former Chaoyang Village Committee.Didn t there be a car tire puncture case a while ago, and the superiors took it very seriously.We are required to arrange special personnel to participate in the whole process of project construction to escort the transportation hub project in the east of the city.Han Chaoyang asked cautiously Suo Liu, do you mean to let me participate in the whole process There are only a few people in the office, who else can we arrange besides you After all, you are the closest to the construction site and are most familiar with the situation in that area.

The backbone of the Yuanjie Police Station has a higher status in the Xinyuan Street Police Station than Wu Wei in the Huayuan Street Police Station.After all, no matter how capable Wu Wei is, he is just a rookie.When such a criminal case with little value occurs in the jurisdiction, the case handling team usually investigates first.If they, the police handling the case, can t handle it, it s the turn of more professional criminal police.The theft of electric vehicles occurred frequently in Xinmin Community, and the cumulative value of the cases was not small.The Second Criminal Police Squadron filed a case for investigation, but it still failed to solve it.Thinking of the old master cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews who asked his brother to adjust the monitoring , Han Chaoyang realized that the case that even the criminal police could not handle could be solved by the Zhongshan Road Comprehensive Police Platform, so he couldn t help laughing It s not a bad thing to lose another electric car.

There are windows.I have asked Sheriff Tang, Hongliang and Xiaokang to go around to the back of the restaurant from Hebin Road to prevent them from running through the back door and jumping out of the window.We enter from the main entrance, and there are more students eating in the hall, please pay attention The safety of students and other diners.Wu Junfeng is the best at fighting, one can really deal with two or three, he couldn t help laughing and said Brother Yu, we have so many people here, they shouldn t dare to resist stubbornly.It s better to be careful.Yu Zhenchuan smiled, took out his mobile phone and found a few photos secretly taken just now Let s take a look first, it s them, don t make any mistakes after entering, let alone let them run away.It s best to have photos.Han Chaoyang took it and looked at it for a few seconds, then handed the phone to Wu Junfeng.

However, at this time, social instability and signs of trouble caused cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews cbd and thc gummies benefits by various factors in the construction of key projects also increased, cbd cannabidiol gummies show up on drug test and the large flow of people, property and property brought intrusions.Property crimes happen from time to time We must not let individual village tyrants , road tyrants , and walking tyrants become stumbling blocks hindering the construction of projects Illegal and criminal acts of construction materials and equipment.I hope that the public security organs at all levels will combine special campaigns such as cracking down on gangsters and evil, and crack down on rectification, pay close attention to the dynamics of key personnel, and continue to carry out special rectification of public security and order around key projects The leaders spoke one after another , It s all about law and order On behalf of the sub bureau, Bureau Du stated that he will do his best to serve the construction of the project and ensure the safety of one party.

It seems that Deputy Director Xing is not joking, and there will probably be many female suspects to be arrested tonight, otherwise it is unlikely that the bureau will get out of the way.The policewoman was transferred here.Han Chaoyang didn t know what to say when Liu Suo s voice came over the phone again Xiao Han, Xiujuan is a lesbian.She has been in charge of internal work in the office and has almost never cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews been outside.I cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews also don t know what is going on at night.I don t know if there is any danger in matha stewart cbd gummies the action, so I don t feel at ease just letting her go. Don t worry Liu, I will take good care of Sister Chen. Okay, I can rest assured with your words.Time is urgent, Han Chaoyang didn t care about apologizing to Kang Zhi, and as soon as he hung up the phone, he opened the back door and ran to Director Su.

If you invest tens of thousands, you are the major shareholder.You don t think that Lao Jin can t even hold 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.Come out Come to think of it, the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company is too small, and it can only assess one million if its intangible assets are included.Han Chaoyang realized that after Director Su was transferred or returned to his original unit, Lao Jin would become the head of the security company.Then I thought that there was no point in discussing this matter, so I simply changed the subject You became a major shareholder of the security company by becoming a shareholder of the security company.Can the youth brigade continue Yes, I have my ideal and career, and I am not interested in security companies.Han Chaoyang believed her words, thought about it and joked Mr.

Isn t the Hong Kong and Macau Pass right there, and the temporary ID card seems to be there as well. I m a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station, not a policeman from the Immigration Brigade, so such a good thing is out of cbd adhd and bipolar gummies my turn.It would be great if I could be transferred there Now, Han Chaoyang didn t want to talk about this, so he suddenly thought of something, couldn t help laughing and said If you can be seconded, please help me to ask the old people over 70 years old how to get a free bus card, and ask what materials are needed Huang Ying chuckled and said, Ask the old lady in Chenjiaji who always reported false police to trick you into sending her home Hang up first, and wait for the news first.Okay, I will call you as soon as I have news.A senior activity room was set up on the third floor shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart of the neighborhood committee, cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews and Factory Director Wang, who never came to the neighborhood committee before, became here.

Director Su returned to the municipal committee, and Zhang Changjian, the former party branch secretary of Chaoyang Village, took over as the party branch secretary of the community neighborhood committee.Prepare for the first neighborhood committee election since the establishment of Chaoyang Community.It is worth mentioning that not long ago, all the residents of Chaoyang Village who had just changed from HCMUSSH cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews villagers to residents moved away.Everyone had money in their hands, and the few had two or three million in compensation for land acquisition and demolition.They were neither interested in returning to choose others, nor Not interested in coming back to run.The residents of Factory 527 are all old men and women, and all the young people in Dongming Community have jobs, so busy travel with cbd gummies for more than half a month that even the candidates for the neighborhood committee members have not been confirmed.

Seeing Liu Jianye, Kang Haigen and other leaders all raised their hands, what can Police Chief Yang, Lao Hu, Lao Ding, Guan Xiyuan and other policemen say, not to mention that Han Chaoyang and Gu Suo are indeed in the front of the performance appraisal score, and hurriedly raised their right hands The efficiency was astonishingly high, and the selection was completed in ten minutes.As instructor Xu said just now, work is far more important than selection.In just a short while, six people came downstairs, one to apply for cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews a new ID card, one to apply for a death certificate, two to accept mediation, and two cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews I m here to make a report.Everyone was busy, Han Chaoyang was worried that there was also a police situation in the police room, and was about to say goodbye to the leader, when the instructor Xu stood at the stairs and shouted Xiao Han, I still have something to do, I ll leave later.

And it s already November, and the conclusion of this case will definitely not be until 2016, so it can be counted as a task for 2016.If it is really as good as what the eldest sister said, there is no need to worry about whether the strike mission in the first half of next year can be completed.Sister Miao, you said that you can t find anyone more professional than you in the whole bureau, so come here quickly, and I ll send you a position.Okay, I ll be there right away One case, Miao Haizhu was ecstatic.Handling a case is far more troublesome than collecting a clue or even catching a fugitive.Not only must we race against time to ensure that the corresponding tasks are completed at each stage, we must not exceed the deadline.Moreover, the corresponding legal documents must also be able to withstand scrutiny, otherwise the colleagues who were reviewed would not hesitate to call back and repeat it, or even make a big joke.

I m still afraid of him Lao Ding sat down, turned on the computer and logged into the intranet, and sneered while filling in the feedback from the police just now Aren t they having a meeting this afternoon I listened for cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews a while in the back, and he asked cbd only gummies for sleep It s all about security companies and hotels.It s impossible for Zheng Xinyi not to care about his personal interests, so he couldn t help asking, What does he mean I don t know, Lao Ding sighed, raised his head and said, Zhang Zhishu can be regarded as a person who has experienced big storms, how could he be sun state hemp cbd gummies so easily seized power.Anyway, I don t think this kid is a fuel efficient lamp, and he won t stop if he doesn t do something.Stay in the district committee and have a good time Why do you want to be the first secretary of this community Isn t it because you want to make some political achievements and be promoted after you go back.

He needs to have good looks and a good figure.She has such a high degree of education, such a good job, and a kind hearted person.If something happened, how could Zhang Ziyue leave without saying goodbye, she must be worried that Ling Bin and Xinxin would be hurt.What they said was all reasonable, but so what if it was reasonable, they have already reported the case, and this is not under the control of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Just as Han Chaoyang was about to speak, the curtain of the main door was lifted suddenly, and two men, one tall and one short, walked in with bags on their backs.Hello, is there any room here Yes Zhang Beibei didn t bother to eat snacks when she was on business, she immediately got up and smiled, Sir, you should have seen it at the door.We are a youth hostel here.

Han Chaoyang also wanted to take reassurance that the two people who came later I figured out my identity, I really couldn t sleep when I went back at night, I didn cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews t give any face, I held up my mobile phone in front of her and said Chief Tang, I m Chaoyang, there are two guests in the hotel who are acting suspiciously, Wu Wei and I are here but there is no one.Wear a police uniform, can you come over and check the room with us.The weather is cold, and there are fewer police activities at night.Old Tang was sleepy, and it was time for the public security rectification before the festival.His superiors might come to check at any time, and he couldn t go back to the community police office to rest before 2 o clock in the morning.It s better to have something to do than to have nothing to do.Zhang Beibei was in a hurry, staring at him and muttering Don t make such a big noise, it s almost enough.

Okay, if I have any clues about this in the future, I will call you as soon as possible, but there is something I want to ask you for help first, I met a crowd asking for help, he is really pitiful Han Chaoyang briefly introduced Ling Bin s experience, and emphasized He and the child s mother are not married, and he has no obligation to raise the child, but he did not send the child to the orphanage, nor did he throw the child to us Police, but decided to be this father who has no blood relationship.He really treats him as his own, and he really values love and righteousness.How many people can do it now Women are emotional animals, and Qian Nana sighed It s really not true.It s easy, there are really not many people like this. This deed is so touching and full of positive energy Do you want to publicize his deeds and carry forward his spirit At least we can t cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews just sit idly by.

This is normal, the snack street outside the west gate of PolyU, opened several snacks in the second half of the year, The bosses are all college students.Han Chaoyang once also wanted to start his own business, and also wanted to open a piano store that sells musical instruments and provides training.He didn t know how to evaluate this phenomenon, but asked with a smile, Master, what exactly do you want to say Grandpa Gu put down his teacup and was very serious He said very seriously Hongliang wants to do something, I think we should support it.You have been working for a year, and you have dealt with community officials and village officials a lot.Think about it, apart from college student village officials, community and How many young people are there in the village Hongliang and Beibei are willing to take root in the community and do something down to earth, which is really commendable What s so precious, if there is no security company, no youth hostel, just an ordinary community worker maxibears hemp gummies cbd like Xinyi before, do you think they are willing to do it Chaoyang, it s meaningless if you say that.

He looked down at the caller ID and found that it was Lao Guan, a boiler worker from the Youth Hostel.Uncle shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart Guan, I m Chaoyang, what s the matter Chaoyang, didn t you show me a picture of a woman, and asked me to help keep an eye out for anyone looking for Ling Bin A woman came just now, just like the one in the picture cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies The woman looked alike, and said cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies she came in to find the toilet, and looked around as soon as she came in.Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and asked eagerly, Where is she The more I think about it, the more I will call you.Lao Guan pushed open the kitchen window as he spoke, wanting to see if the woman was in the yard just now.Where is Ling Bin, where is Xinxin, has she seen Ling Bin and Xinxin Han Chaoyang HCMUSSH cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews didn t dare to delay for a moment, he didn t even bother to put on his winter duty uniform, so he took the car keys and opened the cover of the police station and rushed out of the police station.

After questioning for a while, they finally figured out the situation.The foreign teacher hired by the British training was indeed a PolyU student and had how much to give cbd gummies for dogs not obtained a work visa.The next step is to do business, make notes for Lin Hongfang, the legal person of the British training institution, and the black students from Africa, and then criticize and educate the black students.Back in the police office, Xiaokang asked curiously cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews Da Han, what punishment will that Lin Hongfang receive Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Miao cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews Haizhu, who was not only proficient in English but also proficient in the law, blurted out According to the People s Republic of China Entry and Exit Law , According to Article 43, Paragraph strong full spectrum cbd gummies 2 and Article 80, Paragraph 1 of the Management Law, a fine of 5,000 yuan will be imposed.

In the end, every time it is important to say it, it is not necessary to do it.Am I the only one who can take care of it I really don t know who Liu Suo and the trainer are.What do you think Lao Dai is not an ordinary policeman like Lao Tang and Lao Ding, he served as the captain of the brigade before retiring to the second line, and he would send out any complaints in front of the leaders.Han Chaoyang hurriedly said cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies Dai Da, don t worry, it s useless to be anxious.There are only so many policemen in the station, and no one is idle.Liu Suo and the instructor really can t find anyone to come to help.I know the police force is tense, but no matter how tense the police force is, we must consider the priorities.Lao Dai patted the table and said with a sullen face There is a problem with the division of jurisdiction.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, what is needed now is a breakthrough, etc.With the model project under the bus station, it s easy to talk about other companies.And the model project is really far reaching Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing, and thinking about the severe public security at the East Long distance Bus Station and its surroundings, he pondered, Manager Jin, this business was introduced by the firm, and even Manager Qi said it was for Liu s sake, that is to say We are not only responsible for the station, but also for the institute.We have to do good deeds when we take other people s money, no matter how much it is, and we must do it beautifully. Of course, there are specialties in art, That s what we do.Although Lao Jin is no longer the manager of Chaoyang Community Security Service Company and the deputy captain of the voluntary patrol team, as the deputy general manager of Chaoyang Community Investment Company, the largest shareholder of the security company, he has great respect for the security company.

Dad Can you stop being in such a hurry If you don t buy it, it will go up again.Anyway, if you want to buy it, it s better to buy it early than later.The father and daughter were talking when Han Chaoyang s cell phone rang, and he hurriedly apologized to everyone, got up and left Go to the balcony to answer.Kang Suo, what instructions Kang Haigen walked out of the high speed rail station construction site, and after confirming that there was no one behind him, he said excitedly, Chaoyang, there are more than a dozen migrant workers who came to the high speed rail station construction site cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews today, all of whom are under Manager Wang s subordinates, and they drive the Audi A8.That Fatty Wang.If you live in our jurisdiction, you need to file for registration.Hong Liang asked the security guard to send a copy of the ID card to Chen Jie, and Chen Jie sent it to me.

Miao Haizhu was so happy that she thanked her in front of everyone.Don t thank cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews me.Letting you serve as the instructor of the anti pickup team is the meaning of the branch leader.Thank you too.If it weren t for you, there would be no anti pickpocket team.Without the anti pickpocket team, there would be no instructor.Don t talk about these , start the meeting.Yes, let s start the meeting.Miao Haizhu grinned and returned to her seat.The leader of the institute made it very clear that catching thieves is the job of the squadron leader and the instructor, and it cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews is the responsibility of the team leader to lead and manage the anti pickup team well.Han Chaoyang coughed dryly, and said without hesitation Comrades, we will have dinner cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews cannavative cbd thc gummies right away.We will use the time before the meal to finalize a few things.

The reason why I can t come is because the superiors have come to an inspection team, and they have to prepare relevant materials in the bureau. Why don t you arrange a few more people, if there are not enough people, why set up so many windows The real estate bureau has a staff, not to recruit people You can recruit people.Huang Ying invited them to the side, took over the file bag containing various certificates, and checked the relevant certificates for incompleteness, whether there is any need to go downstairs to copy, and said apologetically You two It s just a coincidence today, not only are there few staff to handle the business, but there are also a lot of citizens who come to apply for the certificate, let me help you two to see that the materials are not complete.We prepared according to the above, and there will be no shortage.

Oh, it s really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger Lao Jin was so happy that he knocked on the table and said Hongliang, let s make a statistics tomorrow to see what specialties the security cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews guards have, what certificates the skilled ones have, we need to know in our hearts, and we can find someone who can solve any problems we encounter in the future, without spending money to go out invite.Cao Zefang thought further, and said excitedly It is for statistics.We have so many talents in various fields that we can carry out some meaningful activities.For example, learn from Lei Feng to do good deeds.If someone in cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews the jurisdiction has a problem with the circuit, Let s arrange for an electrician to help fix it.If someone s water pipe bursts, we will arrange for someone to help with it.It would be best if someone who knows how to cut hair can buy a set of hair cutting tools, and it doesn t cost much.

Leave if you want, is it that easy Han Chaoyang patted the driver s seat annoyedly, and said with a smile The boss of the company It s not so easy to be a man.There are hundreds of people and more than a dozen duty stations here.Can he get away with him Besides, he is not only the general manager of the security company, but also a community cadre.During the Spring Festival, there are also people on duty in the community.Someone will come down to check the guard, let him come and show me Hong Liang, do you really have to be on duty during the Spring Festival The street requires people to be on duty in the community, but I am not the only one in the neighborhood committee.Community cadres new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews are not real.Although the salary of cadres is not as high as that of civil servants, they are much more free than civil servants.

Who went to investigate the scene, did they extract the fingerprints of the suspect, and did they compare with the fingerprints of the wanted cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews criminal in Xichuan At the scene where Lao Kong and Xiao Chen came out, the fight took place around 10 o clock last night.Wu Chunrong, a registered policeman from the Xinyuan Street Police Station, discovered this morning that the absconding suspect was very similar to the suspect wanted by the Public Security Bureau of Anguan County, Xichuan Province.Yes, nearly 10 hours later, the network administrator cleaned up and cleaned the scene, and the scene was accidentally destroyed, but it should be no problem to extract one or two suspects fingerprints, but it may take a little time.China is such a big country with a population of more than one billion Not only are there many people with the same name and surname, but there are also many people with similar facial features.

Han Da, we are all ready He Hong was promoted from deputy squadron leader to squadron leader ignite broad spectrum cbd gummies orange some time ago, holding back his energy, took out the leather bag from the law enforcement car, and said excitedly I just After returning from the brigade, we have applied for so many fines, Team Tang is very supportive, let us listen to you.A fine is a means, not an end.Yes, yes, it s just a means, not an end.Let s advise first, if someone doesn t Listen to advice before issuing a ticket.The chaos around the station needs cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews to be rectified, but it cannot be made to cause anger and grievances.Han Chaoyang looked cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews around and said, Comrades, we must treat vendors who set up stalls near the station differently.For those who sell counterfeit and shoddy products and are suspected of fraud, those who should be expelled should be expelled, and those who should be cracked down should be cracked down according to law.

Applicable Yes Miao Haizhu I clicked on the screen of my mobile phone, found some old news, and said happily Did you see that On March 15, 2013, the police from the cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews police station in front of the station discovered that Xia shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart Mougui and four others were illegally soliciting customers to stay near the train station, and they new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews were given an administrative warning according to law.Punishment On March 29, 2013, Liu Moujun illegally solicited customers in the west square of the railway station, and the police station in front of the station detained him administratively according to law.If it was changed to the past, and found that there was such a guiding opinion and so many cases, Han Chaoyang would definitely come to follow the gourd without hesitation.But now is not the past, when he was finally promoted and appointed as a deputy department level cadre, no matter what he did, he had to think carefully and never shoot himself in the foot.

Why don t you learn from Sergeant Gu and be a good person like Sergeant Gu A convincing master I think, the key people don t necessarily think about it, I am also a newcomer, when I first started working, I really thought what kind of master I wanted An undergraduate student from an art school and a postgraduate student from a police cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies matthew mcconaughey cbd gummies academy Disciple, think about how hard it is to be a master, Huang Ying said with a chuckle Well, you can do whatever you want, anyway, he is an apprentice and not mine.He is not your apprentice, but next time When you see him, you have to call your mistress.Don t, don t, what mistress, I m not that old, anyone who cbd gummies supplier dares to tease me will be in a hurry Strange things happen every year, especially this year.Han Chaoyang didn new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews t want to talk about this ridiculous topic anymore, and asked curiously Honey, why did Tang Xiaoxuan suddenly want to invite us to dinner We are in pairs, and she is the only one.

The old man has a son and a daughter, both of whom are very promising, one is in Dongguang, and the other immigrated to wellness cbd gummie bear 10mg Canada.It is said to raise children to guard against old age, but the children are promising but not around.There is only one person living in a big house of more than 190 square meters.Although the heating is very hot, it feels so deserted.Han Chaoyang took the remote control, checked whether the router and the set top box were plugged in properly, and said with a smile, Uncle Hong, why don t you go to Dongguang to celebrate the New Year, and celebrate the New Year with the children.They asked me to come But I m not used to going there, so I d better stay at home.When the police really came, the old man was a little embarrassed, picked up a box of Soft China from the coffee table, and asked Han Chaoyang and Sun Guokang to smoke.

Thank you, we won t.Han Chaoyang declined the old man s kindness, restarted the router, and found that there was either a problem with the network or a problem with the router, or the set top box was broken.Anyway, he and Sun Guokang couldn t solve it, so he just used the old man phone to dial the service number of China Telecom.In order to save operating costs, many companies are trying to toss users in different ways.The service number calls are all computer voices and various prompts, asking you to press 1234.If you don t hear the prompt clearly or accidentally press the wrong one, you have to start all over again The young people are all overwhelmed, let alone the old people who are deaf.After pressing for a long time, Han Chaoyang finally helped the old man successfully pass the phone warranty, and soon got a voice and text message reply, promising to arrange a technician to come to the door within three working days.

Don t tell me, right If you don t tell me, follow me to the office.Han Chaoyang grabbed his wrist and found that the boy was very thin.The young man was in pain, and hurriedly said Comrade policeman, I am not a bad person, I am going to work I don t even have an ID card, so what kind of job do I have II have an ID card.Identity What about the certificate Throw it away.Why throw it away It can t be used.Why can t it be used The young man realized that it was useless to make up nonsense, and said with a bitter face I used to be ignorant, and I sneaked out with my friends.I was caught by you when I crossed the ice, and I have a criminal record.Now I am checked by you no matter where I go.Not only was I checked, but I was also taken to the blood test and urine test.This is the case when I buy a ticket to enter the station, and it is the same when I stay in a hotel.

Okay, I ll go there first The security company has to consider the operating cost, no matter the Spring Festival or the usual 527 Factory Three Each gate has security guards on duty every night, but there is only one person in the duty room of each gate.Xiao Tian and Xiao Ke both came over.Han Zhaoyang realized that the south cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews gate and the north gate had lost , and hurriedly said Xiao Bin, Don t go, go back to the north gate quickly, and then notify the duty room at the east gate, and guard the three gates first, so as to prevent the suspect from taking advantage of the loopholes and running away from our noses.Tian Xiaobin suddenly realized that if the tobacco shop was really stolen, the thief Probably in the factory area, he hurriedly said Yes, I ll go back now Xiao Ke, guard the south gate.

This is not only a cinema, but also an auditorium and assembly hall, which can accommodate thousands of people, which is much larger than the current cinemas, and it can be cbd gummy beats seen that the factory invested a lot in the past, and the rows of the original cbd gummy bears wooden seats are mostly undamaged.The upright seat can be turned down.While searching row after row carefully, Zhang Jinhai s hasty and excited voice suddenly came from the intercom Chaoyang Chaoyang, I m caught The little bastard is hiding by our side, and it s under control.We ve got all the stolen goods Big plastic bag of cigarettes, full of good cigarettes Chapter 620 A thief broke into the factory 3 Little bastard, dare to come to our 527 factory to steal things, raise your head, let me see your face Did you hear that, deaf Now that you know you have no face to face people, what have you been doing Han Chaoyang climbed out of the old movie theater through the window, and the suspect who had just been arrested and was taken out of an activity room on the second floor of the labor service company was surrounded by the old factory manager and others.

He shook his hand, walked to the patrol car and shouted, Look up, look at me Bao Mourning was stunned, and raised his head subconsciously.Is there another accomplice Yes.How did you sneak into the community After all, it was an old comrade who had worked in the criminal police team and served as the deputy squadron leader of the criminal police team.Ask the point.Bao Moning didn t dare to lie, and said in a trembling voice At noonat noon, I came in on an electric car and waited outside for a while before coming in.Someone came to visit relatives in the factory, so we followed in.The security guard thought we were I was with them, and I didn t stop them and didn t ask.Liang Dongsheng opened the plastic bag to look at the stolen goods, and asked, How do you know that there is no one in the tobacco shop, and there is a rear window Several police cars parked around , so many policemen came, Bao Mourning was so frightened, he dared to speak nonsense, raised his arm and pointed behind him I don t know, it s my first time here.

Asked about Brother Liu among WeChat friends , he seemed very nervous again, so I think he is very suspicious, and it is unlikely that he came to Beijing to work. That s all I just rushed here now because I was delayed by asking colleagues from the Menbei County Public Security Bureau to assist in the investigation.Comrades from the Menbei County Public Security Bureau reported that Qiao Peiming lives in the countryside.His father broke his leg while working on the construction site the year before last, and he has not recovered until now., and can only do light farm work at home.His mother is not in good health either.I don t know if she is suffering from a serious illness.The house, this year is not good, and he has more than 30,000 in his card, but he has never done anything for the family.

He connected Qiao Peiming s phone and asked Qiao Peiming to get in the car.He was currently having Qiao Peiming inspect the goods.A bag shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart of beautifully packaged chocolate pure nr3 cbd gummies wafer biscuits, all in English on the wrapping paper.Qiao Peiming carefully opened it, took out a small package, and was about to tear it open, a figure suddenly rushed to the rearview mirror on the left side of the off road vehicle, holding a police card in one hand and a gun in the other, aiming at Brother Liu We are Nanshan Branch Yes, put your head in your hands and don t move Why did the police come Brother Liu broke out in a cold sweat and subconsciously looked at Qiao Peiming.Qiao Peiming was also stunned.He didn t know what to explain or listened to the policeman s hands covering his head first.The passenger door was pulled open from the outside.

Bao Haibing raised his head anxiously.Mao Kangle said coldly What s your name The ID card was just found out by Wu Junfeng, and it was placed in front of the computer together with the unspent money that was snatched the day before yesterday.Honestly said Bao Haibing.Where do you live and where are you from Huangyu Town, Qingshan County.Do you know why we arrested you Yes.Be more specific III robbed someone s things.Mao Kangle looked back and found that there was nothing but cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies the ID card and a stack of cash, and asked, Where is the thing you robbed Throw it away.Throw it away Did you throw away your mobile phone I didn t throw away my mobile phone, but I sold my mobile phone.Chapter 669 Face saving Bao Haibing, like most suspects, was extremely vicious when he committed the crime, and he was terrified to death after being arrested.

Why can t it be superimposed Huang s father lit another cigarette, took a sharp puff, looked at the road ahead and said with a gloomy face These are all compensations from outsiders, and the unit also has to pay.Xiaoliu sacrificed on duty, so it is impossible for the unit not to pay the pension.Now it depends on the attitude of your bureau leaders.The police are also members of the voluntary security patrol brigade of the sub bureau.What s the use of just admitting HCMUSSH cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews that Xiao Liu is an auxiliary police officer of your sub bureau, the key is the compensation standard Dad Huang is a cadre transferred from the army.Watching the news broadcast, and usually reading newspapers, I know more about this than Han Chaoyang.After taking a few puffs of cigarettes in a row, he continued There are special pensions and preferential treatments for the sacrifices of official policemen and civil servants.

Han Chaoyang put down his phone, thought about it, and explained, Sister Miao, search other websites, and look at the messages on the branch s Weibo, page by page Yeah.Miao Haizhu responded, Sitting in front of the computer again.Knowing that he was in a bad mood, Sun Guokang hurriedly lifted the cover of the police station and walked to the door of the police room again.Han Chaoyang followed, and asked in a low voice, How did the car that caused the accident rush over The car involved in the accident was driving from cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies west to east at the time, and the speed was estimated to be 50.When it was about to reach the zebra crossing, it turned left and made a sharp turn.The bastard may have drunk too much.He took the exit on the left as the entrance, and there happened to be a car driving inside.He slammed the steering wheel again to avoid it.

Maybe because the speed of the car was too fast and he was too drunk and unconscious, he avoided the car that came out of the hospital and rushed towards us.In order for Han Chaoyang to understand the situation at that time more intuitively , Sun Guokang ran to the gate of the Sixth Hospital to make gestures, then returned to the gate of the police room and said, Sister Miao and I were inside.It was too fast at that time.When the car that caused the accident hit the first electric car, I heard a sound but didn t respond.Come here, until the car that caused the accident hit the police car and hit the steps, I didn t realize that something serious happened.I ran out and saw that Cheng Quan fell here and was knocked out three or four meters.The bastard was in the car, the airbag was full of air, I couldn t see his face clearly, and there was a person sitting in the back row.

Thank you, it s the right thing to do.You talk about your business, I ll take out the trash.Mr.Hu, this place is really good, it s so close to the construction shark tank liberty cbd gummies site, and the environment is good , especially this hall, it s decorated in a bit of style.The engineer wearing glasses looked back at Mama Huang, took off his helmet and said with a smile.I mainly want to be cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews close to the construction site.In terms of conditions, how does this place compare with a hotel That s true, the short and fat engineering manager, who was obviously a subordinate of Mr.Hu, took out a cigarette cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews and said with a cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews smile, Jiang Gong, no To brag with you, we Mr.Hu have never stayed in a hotel below four stars before.The speaker has no intention, but the listener does.Listening to their conversation, Huang s mother suddenly remembered a sentence that her daughter often said Poverty limits imagination, and the rich people really don t understand the world.

Hu, naturally have dinners.When he returned to the hall again, Mr.Hu and the two men wearing hard hats had already left, and Da Ben who was parked outside was gone.While helping to clean up the coffee table, Han Chaoyang asked curiously Mom, Mr.Hu is alone.How can I book two rooms Who said he lived alone Several people Huang Ma looked back at the corridor to confirm that no guests came out, and said with a smile Usually two people live, and there is a woman , 21 or 20 years old, with a good figure and pretty looks.I didn t come out of the room just now, and you didn t see it.Now I m going out to dinner with Mr.Hu and the others.Huang Ying asked gossipingly Mr.Hu She looks forty, but that woman is only in her twenties Don t make a fuss, isn t that what rich people do.They live together Well, they live in 110, which is the big bed room on the east side.

Because several principal criminals rented in the best residential area, and there were cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews only three of them, there were not many members in the team, including him, there were only 14 people in total.As for how to deploy the patrol members to assist law enforcement, Xu Hongliang cbd gummies valentines didn t need Han Chaoyang to issue orders.The market supervision sub bureau and the public security sub bureau jointly enforce the law.Each action team has the leader of the market supervision bureau, law enforcement personnel, and members of the economic investigation, public security, civilian police and voluntary security patrol brigade of the public security sub bureauEverything is ready, and each action team takes over.Go upstairs to rest immediately after the task.If you can t sleep, you have to stay in the dormitory.

Liu Qiuping emphasized to his old comrades through the Bluetooth in the car that it was not the case yet, and at the same time cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews drove to Yandong in a strange way, wanting to take a closer look at this familiar yet suddenly strange place.The first police workstation I saw from Zhongshan Road was the police office of the Zhongshan Road Police District in the No.Handsome police officer Han Chaoyang knew that Han Chaoyang was the youngest deputy policeman in the Yandong branch, and that an auxiliary policeman in the police station died on duty at the gate of the police station.Seeing that the entrance of the police room was full of people, Liu Qiuping simply turned on the turn signal, drove the car into the Sixth Courtyard, found a parking space and parked it, and walked to the police room to see what was going on.

Ma Dang Huo Ma Yi narrowed down the scope of the investigation based on the current situation, and focused on the children of the chemical fertilizer factory and the residents around the chemical fertilizer factory.Mr.Wu felt that idleness was idleness, and Lao Ji would accompany him to investigate if he wanted to investigate.If he could find out the murderer, at least it would prove that the patrol team did not pay the two of them for nothing.It may be known that the toilet is by the river, and it is even more impossible to know that there is a septic tank behind the toilet.There is a cement cover on the septic tank.I think this direction is right, and we can start with the retired and living fertilizer factory workers , ask quietly if there is any man who fits the characteristics of the murderer, if there is no further expansion of the scope of investigation.

In short, the former Xinyuan Township has become the current Xinyuan Street, and it is close at hand, but it is not so easy to find cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews someone who has worked in a fertilizer factory in the middle of the night.No matter what time it is, Mr.Ji stared at Han Chaoyang and said, When I was on the phone with Liu Jianye just now, I said that you are the best at finding people.I didn t ask you to find the murderer, but just asked you to find the old man who worked in the fertilizer factory.Besides, you are Gu Guoli s apprentice, your master knows nothing about dealing with the masses, and you have the kind of master you have, so you have a good foundation among the masses Chapter Seven hundred and thirtieth homicide ten Ji The old man has already talked about this, and he only needs to write on his face whether you are a policeman Han Chaoyang had no choice but to agree to search overnight.

If it weren t for your patrol team, where would we find so many people in a short while Fan Bureau didn t dare to stay in the headquarters for a long time, and walked towards Hebin Road while holding the walkie talkie.While whispering By the way, Bureau Liu called me, and he will come later.Director Liu is in charge of security himself How is it possible Fan Ju looked back at Han Chaoyang, and patiently explained Although Liu Ju is not a district leader, he will be soon.He will accompany the district leaders to accompany the provincial and municipal leaders to inspect.It is said that after the inspection by the provincial leaders, an on site meeting will be held new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews to discuss with several construction units and the main persons in charge of the construction units.It is estimated that they want to know whether they have encountered any difficulties in the construction of the project, and then let the accompanying city leaders and The district leaders help solve it.

Check in, take everyone to an office, and get priority boarding later.It will take another three hours to arrive at Yanyang Airport, and the suspect can be escorted to the police station in up to four hours.Moreover, the suspect is very honest and cooperative.With all the calculations, a murder case was successfully solved within a week Liu Jianye was in a good mood and was about to call his old classmate to report that he had arrived at the airport when Han Chaoyang called first.Xiao Wu and Xiao Gu are unwilling, and it s understandable that they don t want to.After all, working in a security company, PolyU, and the Sixth Hospital, the treatment in cbd gummies for kids dose all aspects is no worse than being an auxiliary policeman.It s all right.I ll help you tell cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies Bureau LiuYes, yes, so the funds for the anti pickup team are no longer available.

Liu Jianye said while the iron was hot Liu Bureau, No problem, he was able cbd gummy for dogs cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews to find a way to solve it before, and he can do it in the future.Of course, we must express it in the Bureau.When the Bureau Zhou was here, he gave 30,000 yuan for anti pickup funds.You can give more.This money will not be wasted.Bureau Zhou and Bureau Du were planning to get Huayuan Street, PolyU and the Sixth Hospital to pay for our support and work. That s right, if the bureau pays the wages and pays social security, what is it called a voluntary patrol brigade.Director Liu weighed it up and said with a smile, You re right.Since the Polytechnic University and the Sixth Court are unwilling to release people, we don t need to do this.Who would think that the funds are too much, don t you think , we can give more, we need to study how much we pay, how and where the money is spent, and the bureau needs to audit it.

You can Talk to Manager Jiang over there.It s still the same sentence, you can defend your rights, but you can t break the law.Chapter 780 An accident happened at Boss Hu s construction site 6 Manager Jiang has a car, and the police car can shark tank liberty cbd gummies cbd gummies martha stewart accommodate a few people, and the Xu family To keep someone to take care of Xu Min s lover, Han Chaoyang just sent the cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews short man and five others to the neighborhood committee.The police cannot intervene in civil disputes, so Han Chaoyang sent them to the local police station and returned to the police office to report to Xiao Gu.The result is surprising, Xu Min s elder brother and Xu Min s two brothers in law are both in charge, each of them has his own idea, his own family actually quarreled first, Xu Min s elder brother was so angry that Xu Min s two brothers in law let go When I went to the station to buy a ticket to go back to my hometown, Xu Min s son, Xu Jun, had no right to speak, so he could only stop his uncle from leaving.

Understood, I ll register first.Han Chaoyang registered all the parties involved, including Manager Jiang and Xu Jun, and put cbd gummy bears shark tank shark tank liberty cbd gummies down the pen and paper.He said with a straight face Everyone, I know about Xu Min s situation.The community leader also told me on the phone about the reason why you had a dispute just now.In the final analysis, it was impossible to reach an agreement on compensation.Comrade police, no The inconsistency is that they have gone too far.My brother in law went to work on their construction site, bliss cbd gummies but died inexplicably.A big living person just disappeared.There are old and young, and my sister is left behind.He Junzi, an orphan and widowed mother, will pay 400,000 yuan in compensation, how will they live in the future Yes, they are unreasonable.Officer Han Manager Jiang, don t worry, I will ask you one by one.

One clue is broken just like that, but it doesn t matter, there are other clues when this clue is broken.Han Chaoyang was not disappointed, and said in a deep voice, Understood, thank you for your hard work, I will return to the police office later.Husband, do you have to work overtime tonight Huang Ying asked curiously.Boss Hu is in trouble again.One of his subcontractors stole the wages of dozens of migrant workers.The superior let us take over this case and put Wu Wei and I in charge of chasing them.Chasing them Don t The one who was surprised at first glance was just a small contractor.How long will it take to catch up, and our marriage will not be married Han Chaoyang couldn t guarantee that he would be able to recover the wages of the workers who were swept away.But he was full of confidence in being able to catch the suspect back, and he couldn t help laughing It doesn t matter, the technology is so advanced now, Sister Miao is preparing materials to apply for online pursuit, maybe he will be arrested somewhere in a few days, When the time comes, we will take the formalities and escort him back.

Yes, please go to the next door with your friend and my colleague to make new cbd gummies for pain cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews a record, we need to know something about it.Qian Shangui asked in amazement Are you the police It is the duty of every well being cbd gummies quit smoking citizen to cooperate with the public security organs in handling cases, please It s none of our business.We just arrived in Leken, and it s the first time we ve met Boss Jiang and Luo Gong.We ll figure out cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies whether it s your business or not.Please don t interfere with our official duties.Yu Zhenchuan reminded tacitly You two, don t dawdle, we just understand the situation.Satellite finally regained his composure, but instead of connecting Han Chaoyang s appearance in front of him with cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews winged cbd gummies Boss Qian, he asked nervously, Officer Han, youwhat do you want from me What do you mean Han Chaoyang asked back He said a word, and said coldly Boss Luo, the developer is irresponsible to do unfinished projects.

The man and the woman have a good relationship, and they don t care about spending money.Grandpa Gu is very relieved, and he cbd broad spectrum gummies reviews simply talked about the business Mr.Ma, Gao Accountant, since the number of people has changed, we will go to Shuxiang Garden to tell them later.One sound.Lingling s hometown also wants to come, and Beibei s hometown also wants to come to some elders.There are only so many rooms in Shuxiang Garden.You must make an agreement with them to keep as many rooms as you can.One day reservation.This is a big deal, we will go to Shuxiangyuan after counting the number of people, Huang Ma thought about it and added We also have to keep a few standard rooms here, and when guests arrive, we will make arrangements for Shuxiangyuan first.If the Scholars Garden can t be arranged, we can arrange it here.

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