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Mr.Zou is polite, it s all thanks to everyone Bruce Lee said a few words rather modestly.Brother Xiaolong, what s the matter with you today A young are cbd gummies bad for your liver girl next to him looked at Bruce Lee in surprise.Bruce Lee asked puzzledly, What s the matter Kexiu This is not the Bruce Lee I know.He is full of confidence.He should be cbd gummies organic able to say it at this time.Then Miao Kexiu raised her chin slightly, narrowed her eyes slightly, cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic imitating Bruce Lee in the past Said confidently, This movie will definitely break the box office record of Xiangjiang moviegoers Touched Miao Kexiu s forehead.Haha, that s right, what Kexiu said is right, isn t this the Bruce Lee we know Zou Wenhua was stunned for a moment, he was a little slow to react as a middle aged man, and then he understood what Miao Kexiu meant, and he burst into laughter laugh.I have also eaten their food.Although the taste is not bad, it is not unique.It is famous in Tsim Sha Tsui because of its opening year.It s been a long time, everyone is familiar with it.This store was the first destination of Li Guohao and Zhang Dong s one day trip to Xiangjiang.In Li Guohao s opinion, the taste is still acceptable, better than ordinary street pastry shops.But in this year, in this fast growing Xiangjiang, where people s horizons are increasingly broadening, delicious food, good looks and gimmicks are the criteria for attracting people s eyes.This is why there cbd gummies organic will be more and more western restaurants in Xiangjiang in the future.Opening a pastry shop is not as simple as talking about it.Li Dexiao said in a deep voice.I know Dad, you trust me Li Guohao looked at Li s father seriously.Li Huifang nodded.Li Guohao pointed to the ground for a while, and pointed to the wall for a while, It s not only great, just look at the tiles all over the floor, and the wallpaper on the wall.Before he finished speaking, he pointed again On the top of cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic the head, And this chandelier on the head, it s so big, you don t need to cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic guess to know that it s expensive Uncle Li, this tile was left by the previous tenant, and this chandelier was bought by Guohao at the second hand market, cleaned and hung up by himself.firepower.Li Guohao also explained, Dad, don t look at the decoration of the upstairs and downstairs as if it is very expensive.In fact, it only cost less than 30,000 yuan to remove the labor.And the expensive is still the upstairs compartment.All of them are soundproof wall panels.Thirty thousand Li Dexiao doubted this number.As long as there is money in it, she will definitely come and spend it.One Hong Kong dollar is not a small amount.For poor families, the income is only one or two thousand a month, and what is worse.However, there are many poor people in the slums of Xiangjiang, and there are also many how many 20 mg cbd gummies should you eat well off and middle class people.It is also one of the reasons why Li Guohao adopted the membership system.First of all, there are many discounts.Other stores have a discount at most, but this store will have a 10 discount one day every week.Part of the pastries in the store can be used Buy it at a 10 discount.Secondly, the purchases in the store are converted into points at a rate of 1 1.When you reach a certain point, you can exchange for Abao dolls, or add other gifts in the future.The only thing that makes Li Guohao a headache is that the magnetic card is cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic still available at this time.I ll go What kind of play is this Li Guohao looked at the doll book in his hand and said in surprise.What a handsome boy The long haired man smiled wretchedly.I saw a pair of men and women drawn on the paper, forehead Let s just treat cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost it as a man and a woman.The woman was wearing a bra and a bra, and the man in the painting was staring at the beautiful woman s breasts with a wet face.These are not the key to Li Guohao s surprise.The key point is the painting style of these two characters.It is completely like a child s graffiti.The lines are not smooth., not attractive at all.What is Mr.Li doing Mai Qi came back to his senses, caught a glimpse of Li Guohao beside him with a dull expression, and asked with a glance at the book in his hand.Oh, it s nothing.Li Guohao hurriedly closed the doll book, he didn t want Mai Qi to think that he was a salty guy, even though this so called salty manga didn t feel any excitement to him at all.I know, it s just a little uncomfortable.Li Huifang had heard her son explain the current situation in the store before, and now seeing that the business has really declined, she felt a little empty.After all, yesterday s profit was 130,000.Everyone else s business is getting better and better, but their own store is doing well, and the business is going from bad to worse.By the way, I almost forgot.I heard A Dong say today that you are going to open a second branch Are you in such a hurry to open a new branch Will there be any problems Li Huifang asked worriedly.It s okay, it s still the same as the store we are opening now, with a membership system, basically we will quickly gather funds in a short period of time, and then we will rely on this money to open the third store and the fourth store In this way, In less than a year, there will be pastry shops opened by our Li family in the entire eighteen districts of Xiangjiang.It s free A Zhen thought of the deliciousness of Li Ji s pastries, her eyes turned green, and she swallowed the non existent saliva.Puchi, haha Zhao Yazhi looked at A Zhen s greedy look, and laughed, A Zhen, are you just thinking about those delicious things That s something As if the little secret in her heart had been broken by humanity, Ah Zhen blushed and said cautiously, I m all how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety thinking about my old lady, okay, I m not someone who betrays my HCMUSSH cbd gummies organic old lady for food.You have to think about it, you know better than me what kind of person mom is, if you don t find a boyfriend in advance, mom will definitely urge you to go on a date with that doctor Huang every day.Thinking of her mother s stubborn personality, Zhao Yazhi sighed, Oh, I didn t want to fall in love so early, so I finally applied for a job as a flight attendant.Li Guohao, who was adjusting the stuffing, gave the two of them a white look Just now, why didn t you two speak in front of the foreign devil and beat him up Hehe, isn t it you who are the boss Of course we dare not steal your limelight.Sun Dafu rubbed the back of his head and smiled awkwardly.Huang He said Yes, boss, you were so imposing just now, that Chinese food has a long history Okay, stop talking nonsense, you two give me a hundred and twenty points, and I must do my best this time.Alright, show those foreign devils a look The two said in unison Yes Chapter 49 The sisters of the He family held a banquet for the Governor of Hong Kong this time, which was a rare large scale banquet in recent years.Although there have been many wealthy businessmen entertaining guests in the past few years, the scale can t compare to this time.This route is acceptable.Now that Hong Kong s economy is developing rapidly, people have more and more spare money.What I said cbd gummies organic is that I have pursued the improvement of the quality of life.The mid to high end is no longer serving the rich as before, and the common people can afford cbd gummies organic it, and they are willing to eat delicious and more expensive pastries.After listening to Li Qiang s words, Li Guohao also felt that he Maybe I have too much confidence in myself, I think I am a time traveler, and under certain circumstances, I have the halo of the protagonist, and I can succeed in anything Just like now, the pastry shop has opened another branch, and Kung Fu Panda comics are also becoming popular in Xiangjiang.Mr.Li Qiang, what you said is very reasonable.It s true cbd gummies organic that I was too whimsical Li Guohao swept the dust away and said with a smile, As expected of a student who graduated from the Management Department of XN University in Australia.

In the past, a restaurant where Li Guohao worked part time organized a spring outing every year.Yes, it is a spring outing, take a bus to go to the local area, or to visit tourist attractions in surrounding cities.The hotel pays for you cbd gummies organic to play for free.Of course, if you buy something, you have to pay for it yourself.This is also considered a benefit.My idea is to propose this welfare system first, let every employee know about this welfare, and let them know that in the company s development, whether it is a store manager or a small waiter, they can get the corresponding welfare for their labor, so that Their sense of identity with the company has increased.Li Qiang explained that when he first started planning the company, he wrote the welfare system only for the sake of the company s long term development, not to implement it from the beginning.Ah Fa noticed this, but just as he turned his head, he saw the young man whom Sister Wang called the boss standing behind him.He looked angry, and it seemed that he had been here for a while.Thinking about what he just said, Ah Fa, like Ah Ming, was instantly frightened and stupid, and the dough he was making in his hand fell to the ground with a snap.Afa, cbd gummies organic Amin, what are you doing Why are you still making pastries at such a late hour Didn t you say that after three o clock in the afternoon, even if a certain pastry is out of stock, don t make any more.I understood Li Guohao s words, but when she came closer and looked, she frowned and asked, the dough balls and fillings that had been made on the table.I, I just saw that there were not many wife cakes in front of me, and I was thinking of making some.Well, this matter really needs to be eliminated early.Li Qiang nodded, indicating that this matter will be implemented as soon as possible.Li Guohao also said regretfully Actually, cakes are wasted every day, and I am also very heartbroken.Money is a trivial matter, and it is shameful to waste food.Li Qiang glanced at Li Guohao in surprise Then what do you think Li Guohao thought carefully After thinking about it, I suddenly remembered a news report I read in my previous life, and asked Actually, the pastries we throw away are not expired, but because they have been left overnight, the taste is relatively bad, and some pastries are indeed not suitable for long term storage, so We just throw it away.You said, what if we gave these thrown away cakes to the sanitation workers for free every day Yes, it is possible.I really don t know about that.Rong Binghua heard that Li Guohao unexpectedly Integrating the pastry shop into a company, you must know that there is no one in Xiangjiang that has established a company like Li Kee.While my heart was shaking, I suddenly thought of the word listing.Could it be that Li Guohao wants to go public Now the stock market in Xiangjiang is very good, and Rong Binghua has also bought some, most of which are some real estate companies or real estate developers.Food companies have not been listed until now.Seeing that Rong Binghua was silent, Manager Zhang also said cryptically, Dabinghua, about the five points.Don t worry, big eyed boy, I ll go to the bank and call your account as soon as I get the loan Manager Zhang said nervously, Don t, don t hit my account.Withdraw money, cash, and then hand it over to me.Okay, old lady In the 1970s, Xiangjiang was very lively at night.Even though there were not many night markets everywhere, there were quite a few.Yau Ma Tei Temple Street.There are people coming and going around, and there are countless hawkers and stalls on the road.Li Guohao asked in surprise Are there so many people in Temple Street at night Zhang Dong nodded Yes, it s not like you haven t been here before.Why are you so surprised The two used to be in Kowloon, but they were just playing around., there is no place they have not been to.It s just that Li Guohao came through the soul, so naturally he doesn t know these things well.I forgot, I haven t been here for a long time.Li Guohao smiled awkwardly.Li Qiang next to him pointed not far away and said, Not far in the past was the oldest shop of Rongji, and the founder of Rongji made his fortune here.Did you two work there before Rong Binghua asked casually.The other side is Li Ji Li Ji Rong Binghua said in surprise.Yes.Rong Binghua casually asked some questions about Li Ji curiously, and Ah Fa followed suit.A Ping, A Ping Rong Binghua shouted.A Ping quickly opened the door and asked, What s the matter, Boss Rong You take the two of them to change clothes, go to the back and get familiar with the environment first.Oh.After the three left, Rong Binghua sat down.Sitting on the chair, thinking about what Ah Fa said just now.Maybe we can use this method Chapter 76 New ideas Please collect and recommend tickets Mid January.The climate in Xiangjiang is not that cold, similar to that of GD.Under normal circumstances, it is around 10 20 degrees, and the lowest temperature will not exceed 5 degrees.The most important thing is to ask what Mai Xiaomin means, and see if she wants to marry you.This Zhang Dong is also a little worried, he has known Mai Xiaomin for half a year, and they have been in love for almost five months , these five months, the two of them stick together whenever they have time, it s very sweet.Zhang Dong doesn t doubt whether Mai Xiaomin likes him or not, he just cares about what she said, and he doesn t want to let Manager Mai know about his daughter s relationship prematurely.stand up.Li Guohao saw that Zhang Dong s face was strange, and he didn t know what Zhang Dong was thinking, so he patted him on the shoulder and said, Don t think too much brother, you have to say what you have to say.Understood, it depends on what Mai Xiaomin wants.How about this, I will give you two days off, and you can settle this matter before you come to work. I understand.Xie Honghe nodded, thinking to himself Yes, let s let If you do it yourself, you will be praised if you do it HCMUSSH cbd gummies organic well, and you will scold you if you do it badly.Chapter 84 Jinhua Restaurant early in the morning.Li Guohao took his grandfather Li Renzhong into the car rented by Li Qiang.Brother Qiang, in the last few days, go to the car dealership to see if there cbd gummies organic is a suitable car, and buy a car as a means of transportation.Because it is normal, and when he is not working, Li Guohao always calls Li Qiang Brother Qiang, after all, the two are private The relationship down there is pretty good.Oh Are you willing to buy a car Didn t you say that the company won t get you a car until you learn how to drive Li Qiang glanced at the rearview mirror, turned around a corner, and said with a smile.

Just now, our TV station s interview vehicle was also blocked on the East Street.We had no choice but to get out of the car and walk over.Zhang Yingying took a breath, and said in standard Cantonese to the camera Just now I walked along the blocked lane for a long time, and finally found the culprit that caused the traffic jam.Crack The cameraman turned off the camera and said, Yingying, you can t use the word culprit.Oh, sorry, speak quickly Zhang Yingying adjusted her posture and made an OK gesture.After the camera turned on, she continued.Smiling, he said, Our reporter walked for a long time just now, and finally found the cause of the traffic jam.Then the cameraman moved the camera to Li Ji s palace pastry.I saw the camera photographing the recruitment of Liji Bakery and the long queue of people queuing at the door.The hospital checked that the old man already had some geriatric diseases, coupled with the sudden food poisoning, it took a lot of time to send him to the doctor for treatment.If the old man died of food poisoning, then Rongji would be really down.Not only would it be down, but it HCMUSSH cbd gummies organic would also be involved in some troubles, which might lead to lawsuits Lee s.I m not going Li Dexiao glanced at Li Renzhong, shook his head and rejected boosted cbd gummies the proposal.Li Renzhong immediately frowned in displeasure and said, Do you want to stay in a tea restaurant for the rest of your life Now that Ah Hao has started his career, and he has become a shareholder of Brother Guan s restaurant, why don t you help him It s not that I don t want to help Ah do delta 8 gummies have cbd Hao, It s just that you know my cooking skills.I know how to make ordinary family stir fries or simple dishes.Li Guohao watched a lot of excitement in the temple, a series of traditional customs such as lion and dragon dances, big headed dolls, etc.Played in Wanwan for three days.At first, I planned to go with my grandparents, but my grandparents said they would stay longer.The company has been officially at work for several days.Although there is no shortage of the boss Li Guohao, he still wants to go back early, so he went back to Xiangjiang with Li Huifang Get off the plane.After Li Guohao sent his mother home, he took a taxi to the company.Li Guohao just returned to the company s own office and sat down.Zhang Dong came in and said, How is it How does it feel to go to Taiwan for a few days To Zhang Dong, said Here, this is for you and Mai Xiaomin to pray together, and bless you to have a baby early.I discussed with the chairman before and decided to set up a product technology department, hire some pastry chefs with unique insights into pastry, and develop new pastries.I believe everyone knows that the rose wife cake was invented by our chairman.A novel stuffing.We authorized the signboard to others, what if that person makes trouble, or the same problem as Rongji happens Xie Honghe asked.Our marketing department and the franchisee management department that will be established next will be fully responsible for this.Li Qiang added Next, our company will can cbd go into a gummy ball establish a franchisee management department to be responsible for the training and guidance of franchisees.As well as all the business and other issues.For details, you can take a look at the document just sent out, which has a detailed franchisee business model.He didn t mean to stay, but just gave Li Guohao a hard look before leaving.It made Li Guohao feel innocent in his heart.It seems that he didn t provoke this person.Doctor Huang By the way, could this be Zhao Yazhi s blind date, that Dr.Huang From entering the door to sitting down and chatting for a while, Li Guohao didn t look at this plain looking person.He thought it was a relative of the Zhao family, but he didn t expect it to be that Dr.Huang.After Dr.Huang left, Zhao s father and Zhao s mother chatted with Li Guohao for a long time.Most of these are the elders asking Li Guohao and answering.Knowing that Li Guohao started from scratch and established a company in half a year by relying on his ancestral craftsmanship, the two elders were happy for their daughter, and at the same time, seeing Li Guohao also had a bit more of a mother in law s mentality of looking at her son in law The entrance of the restaurant.Li Guohao had the idea of opening a food processing factory a long time ago, more than once It has been mentioned, but it has not been realized due to various reasons.On the one hand, it stems from Si s timidity and uncertainty about herself in her previous life.But with the gradual improvement of his career, his personal confidence has also been greatly affirmed.I am capable, but there are some things I don t understand, but relying on my vision that is decades ahead, I can completely discard these things.It doesn t matter if you don t understand, just recruit relevant professionals to operate it, and be the big boss behind the scenes to control the overall situation.Do you really think those rich people know everything No, they just know how to use the talents under their hands.Investing in a food processing factory is not as simple as a stuffing factory.Many people around my house are not working, and the whole stock market is the first thing in the morning.Just go to the stock exchange to see the stock price increase, do you think this is a good phenomenon Li Guohao asked rhetorically.You mean the stock market will suddenly fall I don t know, I m not a cbd gummies in gaylord mi financial expert, I just think the Xiangjiang stock market is a bit crazy.Li Guohao s words are true.There are also, but this time is even crazier.These crazy stock speculators are already carrying out crazy stock speculative behavior based on the fact that they only want stocks and not banknotes.Li Guohao suddenly thought of something, and said again I think the place chosen this time should be much larger than the stuffing factory before.You can sign a contract with the person who rents the land.We will pay once a year, according to the annual land price.Rent.It seems that you are sure that the stock will fall Li Qiang raised his eyebrows when he heard this, which obviously predicted that the stock market would have a major turning point, otherwise it would be impossible to use such an obvious loss.Method.Almost, if you believe me, all the money invested in the stock market will be recovered before the Chinese New Year this year.Li Guohao did not say clearly.En.Seeing Li Guohao s swearing, Li Qiang also believed in what the other party said Central, Lu Yu Tea House.Sorry for being late, both of you.Li Guohao looked at Shangguan Xiaobao and the other man sitting opposite him and apologized.There is no president and we have just arrived.After Li Guohao sat down, Shangguan Xiaobao introduced By the way, I forgot to introduce you.

It s useless.Liu Peilin only needs to improve the environment of his factory.It doesn t matter who sells it to him.At worst, let those sellers clean it up a little bit.Li Qiang shook his head.After discussing for a while, everyone couldn t come up with a good way to deal with Ronghua s marketing plan.Seeing that it was getting late, Li Guohao had no choice but to say Forget it, let s do this for now.Everyone is hungry, so hurry up to eat and rest for a while, and prepare for work in the afternoon.At this time, HCMUSSH cbd gummies organic Li Qiang said Chairman, the matter of the factory building Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell everyone that the company may restart the previous pastry processing factory recently, but this factory will be independent, divested oras cbd gummies from the company, and will reopen a company to operate.If you have any questions Friends who have experience in this field can introduce them.Li Guohao s descendants have personally made it in Guangdong and Guangzhou.Although it may not be as good as the taste made by the founder, it is indeed unique in this 70s Li Guohao believes that as long as he cbd gummies organic releases this ice skin mooncake, he will surely seize the entire mooncake market Everyone has eaten traditional mooncakes for many years.Faced with this kind of snowy mooncakes that not only look very sweet, but also taste better, you will definitely be interested, so you can buy them and bring them home for your family to taste A teahouse in Central.Sister, do you think that if Li Guohao knew that you resigned for him, he would jump to the sky happily Ah Zhen couldn t help thinking about Li Guohao s happy look when he learned that Zhao Yazhi had resigned as a flight attendant.laugh.Zhao Yazhi thought about it, and according to Li Guohao s temperament, it was possible to cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic jump up happily, and said with a chuckle, Maybe.Of course, this is also a pastry.Li Qiang suggested that if you want to do public welfare, you can also bring some welfare homes.He said that in recent years, Xiangjiang has been abandoned, or because of certain circumstances, the number of orphans has become increasingly prominent.He spends hundreds of dollars a day to make a few boxes of pastries., for those children to eat.At that time, Li Guohao thought about it and felt that it was feasible.Anyway, he didn t spend a lot of money, at most tens of thousands of yuan a month, and it was regarded as public welfare.But ever since Li Guohao got up, he followed the truck to the orphanage and found that the environment of the orphanage is still very poor.For some reason, most of the children can t eat enough and don t wear well.Li Guohao is a kind hearted person by nature, and he can t understand some poor people.It s up to you to figure out a way.Because the ice skin moon cake is delicious, but it has a characteristic, that is, it is not suitable for preservation.In other words, the shelf life is not very long.If it is made in a store, the general shelf life is three days, or it is only three days at room temperature.If it is exposed to sunlight, it may deteriorate in less than an hour.Why is it so easy to spoil so quickly The main reason is that the snow skin mooncakes have not been baked.Although the skin and filling are cooked, just like ice cream, under the long term temperature changes, bad things will happen.The popularity of refrigerators in Xiangjiang is not very high now.Unlike later generations, refrigerators are an indispensable appliance in every household.I ll try my best to find a way.After all, one is a person who relies on the secret recipe passed down from his ancestors to dawdle, and the other is a person who innovated moon cakes by his own ability.After listening to Gu Yonghe s words, Liu Peilin also picked up a piece of snowy mooncake, tore open the packaging bag, looked at the pure white mooncake, and lifted it above his head.With the help of the lights in the office, he could vaguely see the red mooncake inside.Red bean paste.Take a bite.Chew carefully.Suddenly, Liu Peilin opened his eyes and stammered, This, is this still a mooncake This is a crust made entirely of glutinous rice.He ate the glutinous rice, the cbd gummies organic main ingredient of the mooncake crust, in one bite.Glutinous rice Can mooncakes be made from glutinous rice Gu Yonghe asked in surprise.According to his impression, aren t mooncakes generally made of flour Liu Peilin didn t answer Gu Yonghe s words, and threw the ice skin mooncake that had only eaten one bite on the table.There are only eight stores, how can I compare myself to cooperating with hundreds of stores at the same time.Even if Li Ji wants to cooperate with other stores at this time, they don t have the hands to make moon cakes.That s good.After listening to Liu Peilin s words, Gu Yonghe suddenly realized that Li Ji s snowy mooncakes taste really good, but there is no place to sell them.Going to sell is completely inferior to cooperating with hundreds of stores.By the way, it doesn t make sense for those shareholders to divest and leave.Liu Peilin asked.No, in just two months, the investment money has been made several times, and even the secret recipe has been taken back.Do you think they will be dissatisfied Gu Yonghe said a little unhappy.It s just a small amount cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost of money.Liu Peilin said with a smile It s not bad to spend such a small amount of cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic money to get rid of these people.Which building is Wing On Department Store Well, Li Ji s people hung a huge advertisement more than 30 meters high on the roof.From the roof to the middle of the building, you can see the Mid Autumn Festival advertisement of Li Ji s snowy mooncakes from a long distance Liu Peilin widened his eyes in astonishment and said What Thirty meters high Almost, I didn t count it, it s just that it s very cbd gummies organic big, it takes up one third of the area of Yong an Building.You know how tall Yong an Building is.It takes up one third, and it s at least twenty or thirty meters long.Gu Yonghe didn t calculate it carefully at the time, but when he was driving by cbd gummies organic from there, nearby pedestrians pointed at the building upstairs in amazement, Gu Yonghe stopped the car curiously at that time, looked up, and suddenly found this huge Advertisement.How is Ah Hao s mooncakes selling Mother Li Huifang asked first.Li Dexiao and Li Renzhong also looked at Li Guohao eagerly.Li Guohao glanced at his family and said with a smile It s okay, I sold more than 2 million Hong Kong dollars today.More than 2 million, more than ten thousand More than 2 million Hong Kong dollars.Well, don t look at more than 2 million yuan.In fact, the real profit is not much.To be honest, the cost of ice skin mooncakes is much less than traditional mooncakes, but the fillings and materials used by Li Guohao are the best.So it was relatively flat, but he spent a lot of money on the packaging, and the selling price was a bit more expensive than ordinary mooncakes, so he didn t make a lot of money.Of course, if all the mooncakes were filled with roses, they would make more money.

Let s start with us as a way to enter the pastry market., is the most suitable.The more Li Guohao heard it, the more tense his brows became.Palace pastry is his only industry now, and it is also the first company to reshape his life.How could it fall into the hands of others for nothing, let alone the fact that Fang s ancestor was still a ghost selling opium, that would be impossible.In the stock market crash in 1973, Guilao forcibly bought Huashang Company.The combination of the two made Li Guohao suddenly think of a Hong Kong movie Eavesdropping 2 that he had seen in his previous life.The plot inside seems to tell the story of a group of people who relied on the stock market to defeat the ghosts when the stock market crash broke out in 1973, and they will dominate the future financial market.Okay, then I ll go to the chairman first.Well, let s go.After Xie Honghe left, Li Guohao After finishing things, I was about to take a break and eat something when I suddenly saw animal biscuits on the table.I have an idea in my heart.Picking up a big bag of biscuits, Li Guohao went straight to Zhao Yazhi s office.As soon as she entered the office, she saw Zhao Yazhi discussing matters with a female clerk, when she heard the door opening, she looked up in surprise and said, Ah Hao, why are you here Nothing, I brought something to eat, you can try it.Li Guohao laughed.What is it Zhao Yazhi opened the bag curiously, Is it a biscuit Is it the kind of biscuit you mentioned in the factory last time Well, it s about the same.Come out and tell you something.After speaking, Li Guohao said to the other two people You also eat.Then what if there are not so many people participating No one participated Haha, how could it be This time the champion will receive a one time champion bonus of 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, and at the same time You can also get employment opportunities in the palace pastry with an annual salary of 50,000 to 100,000 Li Guohao said with a smile.One hundred thousand Employment opportunities with an annual salary of 50,000 to 100,000 You don t think I m doing this competition just to promote the association If this competition is not as I expected, let alone a sensation in Xiangjiang, the least audience watching There will be fewer, the champion is chosen, so just let it go for nothing As long as this game is played in Xiangjiang, the greater the influence and the more people watching, it will not only stimulate the growth of the association, but also be a big influence on the royal pastry brand.Yes.Luo Bin nodded in agreement.Li Guohao said to Xie Hong again Manager Xie, I hope you can find the person in charge of Li s TV program and tell them that our company is going to hold the largest pastry competition in Xiangjiang next time.Ask them.Are you interested in winning the right to broadcast live As for Manager Wang, you will be responsible for providing cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost some manpower assistance for the pastry competition.If you don t have enough manpower, you can temporarily recruit some people.I see.Li Qiang said again The next specific matters, you can discuss with the people from the association.I am busy with the affairs of the factory recently, so I won t get involved.If you have any questions, just come to me.Good Chairman. United States.Li Qiang was holding a fax that had just been printed in his hand.They also bought a lot of bear biscuits, but they didn t get the A Bao card once.Most of them were pigs and sheep.Kind of useless cards.The noise from Zhang Zhi s side became louder and louder.A young boy in a school uniform, followed by five or six followers, each of them walked over with five or six bags of bear biscuits in their hands.Did you win Abaoka Tuya boy asked.Zhang Zhimeng nodded and said, Yeah.Sell it the boy Yaya asked.Sell Zhang Zhi was a little confused.I ll give you ten yuan to buy your Abao card The dragging boy took out ten Hong Kong dollars from his pocket and waved it in front of Zhang Zhi.ten bucks Zhang Zhi s classmates, as well as the students gathered around, were shocked.A pack of bear biscuits only costs 50 cents, and the portion is so big that it is enough to feed myself for a day.Invited by the pastry company to participate in a grand mysterious event.As for what this mysterious event is, it cbd gummies chico ca is naturally the pastry contest that the company will prepare next.Xie Honghe, who was sitting opposite Li Guohao, glanced at the set of fifty seven Kung Fu Panda cards placed on the chairman s desk, and was shocked.You can t imagine that such a simple card collection activity can actually drive huge profits for the company.You must know that more than 100,000 packs of bear biscuits can be sold every day.With the continuous fermentation of this card collection activity, the sales volume is also increasing.Higher and higher.Regardless of the fact that bear biscuits are sold cheaply, at fifty cents a pack, the profit is quite good.Chairman, this card collection activity is really crazy.Naturally, he doesn t know about the Eagles.Li Qiang, do you still remember the Woodstock Music Festival two years ago Zhang Nana asked with a smile.It can t be that kind, right Forget it, I don t want to hang out with those people.Hearing about the Woodstock Music Festival, Li Qiang frowned, and suddenly said dissatisfied.No, this time it s a cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic small one, and it s not so chaotic.It s a very relaxing rock concert.Zhang Nana recalled the music festival she saw on TV back then, and it was really crazy.Woodstock Music Festival Li Guohao couldn t understand what the two were talking about.A music festival in 1969 was also the year I first came to the United States.Li Qiang was still shocked when he recalled the pictures he saw on TV.He never felt that a concert could attract so many people.His eyes were so crazy, That music festival attracted people from all over the United States, and some people from Canada.Li Guohao thought of the crowds at the entrance of Maxim s Bakery in the morning, and he couldn t help it.The new store opened, and the activities were relatively well done, and many of them were losing money and making money.The company has been doing promotional activities before, and the discounts are relatively low.However, Maxim s Cake is a Western style cake shop after all.There were not many cake shops in Xiangjiang before, and most of them were sold together in coffee shops.Yes.I sent someone to look at the price list of Maxim s Cakes, and most of them are much cheaper than ordinary cake shops and coffee shops in western Yunnan.Gu Qianqian said.Well, I ll figure out a way to do this.By the way, it s better to ask the company s salesperson to go outside to investigate the neighborhood Li Guohao said casually.

Xu Guanghe said.Xu Deming pondered for a moment, nodded and said As long as we don t take the shares from us, it doesn t matter.As long as we firmly control the shares, this Nanshun belongs to our Xu family But we still have to pay attention, this Jardine Group is Cannibals don t spit out bones.Yes, I know.Xu Guanghe said nonchalantly, he has been fighting with Mr.William recently, and the relationship between the two is very good now That night, after five o clock.Li Guohao got into the driver s car and rushed to Li s TV station.Tonight s pastry competition finals, but invited a lot of celebrities and writers, in addition to Cai Lan Yishu and some acquaintances who met Li Guohao, there are also many guests invited by Li s TV station, otherwise Li Guohao alone would not be so good Big face can invite these celebrities to join.Uncle Zhang, go find a good place to park the car.After speaking, Li Guohao got out of the car.As soon cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic as Li Guohao got out of the car, he heard someone calling him, Ahao Ah Hao can do it now, I got a driver to help you drive.Uncle Zhang smiled and glanced at the car going away.Hehe, the company needs it.Li Guohao smiled.The car you gave Adong the last time is still dusting at home.You have asked this kid to learn his driver s license a long time ago, but he has not been able to.Until now, he can t even drive a luxury car.You are more comfortable, Ahao.There is a driver to help drive.Hearing Uncle Zhang s question about the driver s license, Li Guohao was also a little embarrassed, if he had a driver s license, he would not have hired a driver to drive for himself.Okay, I won t tell you anymore, I still have some things to do.Li Qiang said .

what is cbd gummies for sleep?

with a smile from the side The directors of HSBC would like to thank Mr.Shen for recovering their losses Taking advantage of his drunkenness, Li Guohao took out a check from the inner pocket of his suit.Although Shen Bi didn t ask for anything before, Li Guohao couldn t pretend to cbd gummies organic be deaf and dumb, so he covered up the matter and said with a smile Manager Shen has worked hard cbd gummies organic recently, I think your suit is a bit old recently, this is to buy a suit for Manager Shen Money is a small favor from me, Manager Shen, don t refuse me After speaking, Li Guohao put the check on Shen Bi s desk.Shen Bi glanced at the long string of 0s on the check, which totaled five million Suddenly the corner of his mouth smiled and said Then the suit I bought can be regarded as the most expensive suit in the world Haha Manager Shen deserves it.Although this store is not a well known international brand, it is also one of the best brands in Xiangjiang.The owner used to be a famous clothing designer, and later opened his own store to create a brand.Buying here is either rich or expensive.As soon as you hear the word scarf Li Guohao swallowed his saliva, and suddenly remembered a series of gangster movies such as God of Gamblers, Gambler, Underworld, Young and Dangerous, True Colors of a Hero, and Legend of Lei Luo that he had seen.No way, a black coat, a black suit, and a white scarf have almost become the essence of Hong Kong gangster movies.Whether it is Hong Kong gangster movies or gangster movies from other countries, most of them are based on these three things moment.The clerk came over with these five or six scarves of different styles and colors.This time they sent Li Guohao to acquire Nanshun, just to see if the people from Jardines would intervene Besides, the daily news now except for a stockholder jumping off the building, it is that stockholder because he borrowed People who traded stocks at usury were hacked to death on the street.Everyone read the news badly, it s time to make something interesting and attractive Just imagine A young man in his early twenties, in just two years, relying on himself With his ability, he created a big pastry company, and spent hundreds of millions to acquire the old Nanshun Group The man said more and more passionately, and he waved his fist excitedly New Xiangjiang Dream The title How attractive Chapter 213 Xu Deming s Giving Up No cbd gummies images one came down to pick it up Jin Jiashi frowned and looked at the door on the first floor of the building., I came to the chairman s office early in the morning when I was at work.Li Guohao sat down to accept Jin Jiashi s report, and before reading it, he couldn t help complaining This soundproof door is really inconvenient, and cbd gummies organic cbd gummies albuquerque I always have to get up to open the door.In the office, the desk at the door was prepared for the secretary.Jin Jiashi laughed.The word secretary has many meanings.Li Guohao s first thought was the well known one, Secretary if you have something to do, if you have nothing to do Cough, Let s talk about it when the time comes And remember to talk about Guohao Nanshun in the future Li Guohao discarded the unrealistic thoughts in his mind, turned his head and opened the folder to read, flipping through the papers one by one Suddenly, there was no sound in the office, only the sound of flipping through papers.When Zhao Yazhi said this, she revealed With a little bit of envy, the villa on the top of Victoria Peak is the dream of many Xiangjiang people.It has a wide view and an excellent geographical location.Li Guohao thought that Zhao Yazhi would say it was a villa area in the middle of the mountain, but he went there not long ago, the geographical environment is very superior, the surrounding trees are dense, and the roads are also very well built, not to mention the villas, which are scattered in rows The separate villas are mostly British style buildings, mixed with trees and jungles, and they look extremely grand.There is a villa area on the top of Victoria Peak.Li Guohao had heard of it in later generations, but in his impression, the villas in the middle of the mountain were mentioned the most, so he subconsciously thought that it was the gathering place for rich people in Xiangjiang.The weather in Xiangjiang is basically pleasant in all seasons, but this winter is indeed a bit too cold.Go in earlier, there should be heating inside.Okay.Li Guohao turned to the driver Zhang Guangming and said, Uncle cbd gummies organic Zhang, please park the car inside.There is a dedicated parking space inside the racecourse.It s the boss. When she was about to enter the Jockey Club, Zhao Yazhi also took off her coat and handed it to Li Guohao.After showing the invitation letter, she passed the guard smoothly.Li Guohao walked into the Jockey Club holding Zhao Yazhi s hand.At this time, in the Jockey Club banquet venue, maybe it was a little early, and there were not many people, scattered around, Li Guohao raised his eyes and scanned for a week, but found no acquaintances, so he was going to find a place to sit Come down for a rest.

When did this happen Li Guohao frowned when he heard that.He had worked part time and knew that some work related injuries often occurred while working, which was also part of work related injuries.Before the chairman took over the company.Well, don t worry, since I have taken over, there will be some measures that should be taken, and I will arrange for someone to cbd gummies organic deal with this matter.Chapter 238 Profiles of sharpshooters After visiting the flour mill, Li Guohao also followed Shi Yuda to a small factory next to the flour mill.This is where noodles are made.In the past, almost all the noodles in Xiangjiang were provided by our factory.It was only later that some factories specializing in making noodles were opened, and we also reduced the production of noodles.The noodles on the assembly line are cheaper in price, but in terms of taste, they are not as good as handmade noodles, and they lack some strength.In the past, conditions did not allow them, so they could only be treated conservatively, taking medicine on time, and occasionally visiting the hospital for examination.This year s charity banquet, the Governor of Hong Kong raised a large amount of charitable funds.In addition to allocating part of the construction of a new large scale welfare home, he also gave a sum of money for orphan medical expenses, plus some donations from well meaning people, and the love of children under Li Guohao Charitable foundations are barely able to pay for these expensive surgeries.In addition to Annie, who suffers from leukemia, who needs long term hospitalization for treatment, an orphan with a cleft lip in an orphanage will also stay in the hospital for a few days, waiting for the doctors to come up with a good plan for cleft lip repair surgery.He didn t suffer any injuries and stayed in the hospital until the afternoon before leaving.It was because Li s mother and Zhao Yazhi were worried that he went for another boring examination.In the study of the villa.Li Guohao was leaning on a chair, and there was a color TV set on another table not far away, which was broadcasting the evening news.Instead of watching the TV, he raised his head and looked up at the ceiling, with a lot of thoughts in his heart.The life after time travel is very comfortable, not to mention smooth sailing, but it can be regarded as calm, but this incident made him clearly understand that although the times are good, there are also many disadvantages.At this time, Zhang Bowen knocked on the door with several bodyguards.Come in.Li Guohao oros gummies cbd looked up at the door.I saw Zhang Bowen walked into the study, gave some instructions to the bodyguards, and then walked in alone and closed the door.Those were real talents.Chapter 253 At the end of the interview meeting, only a few important points were reached.First of all, the first one is to expand the business of the Southeast Asian franchisees of palace pastry as soon as possible.For development, the second step is to establish an independent instant noodle factory and a quick frozen food factory, merge with Guohao Food Co., Ltd., and re divide the original personnel management.The cbd gummies organic general manager of Guohao Food Co., Ltd.is temporarily taken over by Huang Yaohua, and Li Guohao s uncle cbd gummies organic Li Zhengming is the department manager of instant facials.Huang Yaohua is also responsible for recommending other personnel management.The personnel department will conduct an assessment before assigning personnel.promotion.As for the International Skills Olympics, Li Guohao thinks about it.Since the skills competition was held in London, whether it was a hotel or a taxi driver, including some jewelry sellers, Countless shops are looking forward to selling clothes.You know, the contestants from most countries in the world are here this time, at least there are more than a thousand people.Apart from participating in the competition, they will definitely want to come out to have fun.When they come out to play, they need to spend money.After asking Li cbd gummies organic Guohao for instructions, the two translators they brought also walked over quickly and said to the intercepting taxi driver, No need.At this time.Two cars and a minibus drove over.Chairman Chen Chen from the technical department shouted loudly from the passenger seat of the car.Soon, Li Guohao and his party got into the car.As the car started slowly.He just stood on the second floor and watched Zheng Jiachun play with the friends he called.He was not familiar with those people.If he was playing downstairs, some friction would be difficult to deal with.He Qianjin today He was wearing a skirt, and he didn t invite any girls to play today, so he didn t end up.Seeing Zheng Jiachun s sweaty and dirty appearance, he laughed and said, I said that it s rare for Brother Zheng to see you.You look so embarrassed.Ha ha It s fun.There are no places for leisure and entertainment on weekdays, except for the racecourse and the nightclub.Zheng Jiachun said with a smile.He heard Zheng Jiachun pointing to Li Guohao and said, I said, Ah Hao, the place you repaired is too small.It only takes me a few minutes to run back and forth At this time, the live action shooting game site was only two acres in size.There are two options.It depends on which one you choose.According to history.Li Guohao knows that TVB is the last TV station in Hong Kong.There have been several amazing TV stations, but they couldn t beat TVB in the end.This also shows that TVB TV station still has its own way.But now it s a bit different.With Li Guohao, who has more information about the next few decades, he can wait until Li s TV station goes bankrupt, buy the TV station, set up his own media organization, and advertise 24 hours a day Play all the food in your company.But that s just obscenity.It is not now that we really want to buy a TV station.The chairman s words are very reasonable There are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests, and this is how it should be in business.Huang Yaohua patted his flattery lightly.A rich man worth billions is now worried about 10 million.At first, when discussing with Zheng Jiachun and Qianjin He, they planned to wait for a few months, but never thought that it would be so fast, and they would discuss how to get the club in half a month.Forget it, let s talk about it in a few days.Li Guohao thought to himself that if he couldn t do it, he would go to He Qianjin to borrow it once.I believe that according to the relationship between the two, the other party should borrow 10 million.As for why he didn t ask Zheng Jiachun to borrow it, it might be out of face.Compared to He Qianjin, although Zheng Jiachun had a good impression on Li Guohao and took good care of himself, he was still inferior to He Qianjin, a wealthy daughter whom he had known from the beginning.There is another way Ni Xingqing said suddenly.

Li Guohao smiled, and he didn t dare to guarantee that no elderly people would come to the college entrance examination.information.There are more than 100 primary schools, middle schools and universities in Xiangjiang, 90 of which are established by the government or the church, and only a small part are privately run schools, among which primary schools cbd gummies for diabetic neuropathy and middle schools are the most.Jian Fu said this, and asked He said, Sheng Li, what kind of school do you think your school is Technical school Specialized in cultivating vocational and technical personnel I understand, I only know that technical schools in later generations are technical secondary schools.Elementary school is definitely not suitable, and middle school is not suitable.It can only be compared to a university for the time being.Both TV stations will buy it, do you understand There is an extra advertising fee, but in order to launch it as soon as possible, I can only spend some money.Okay, I know.TVB TV station.Sixth Uncle Shao has been busy with the affairs of the film company recently.Today is the premiere of the TV series Misty and Rainy.Sixth brother, you can just watch it at home, there is no need to come to the TV station and wait to watch.Fang Yihua personally brewed a cup of wolfberry tea for Uncle Shao Sixth, brought it to the table, sat down and said with a smile.After all, it s a TV series that the TV station spent a lot of money on.Naturally, I want to come and watch it for myself.Sixth Uncle Shao picked up the tea and blew it lightly.After taking a sip of the tea, he saw wolfberries floating in the water and said with a smile You still like to put goji berries in your tea.Hongkong Land Company is also the major shareholder of Maxim s Company, so Woodshun s tone of voice was naturally cautious.Well, it seems that I called at the wrong time.McHans said on the phone Just now the financial side sent me the performance report of Maxim s Company.It s like this Wood Shun was just about to explain.No need to explain.If Maxim s Bakery doesn t improve next month, I will consider closing five branches in order to maintain the interests of the company s directors.McHans is a standard Westerner who pays attention to interests., almost disregarding favors.Can Wood Shun was startled when he heard that five more stores were going to be closed.Although he is the chairman of Maxim s Company, he and his younger brother own 51 of the shares.Although he is not afraid of the company changing hands , but if the other party comes to divest, my company will be over.The club invested with Zheng Jiachun and He Qianjin has not yet collected the 10 million yuan.There is no other way but to temporarily mortgage their own shares, thinking about waiting a few months and relying on the oil crisis to solve the problem.thing.Shen Bi didn t ask Li Guohao why he was short of money, and said on the phone Yes, I don t know how much Li Sheng you want to borrow Twenty million Okay, I will send someone to contact you later.Then I ll trouble Manager Shen.Haha Li Sheng was polite.Shen Bi smiled, and then said cryptically In a few months, it will be time for the board of directors of HSBC to formally appoint the taipan.Taipan chairman of the bank, top leader.Li Guohao said firmly Don t worry about Manager Shen, I will definitely support you A long time ago, Shen Bi had already vaguely mentioned the matter of the HSBC Taipan, which was a very, very important opportunity for him.If I am too tired, it will hurt the brain nerves.The specific doctor said I don t really understand the symptoms of my illness.I only know that I may not be able to make movies in the future.Bruce Lee sighed.Does Brother Xiaolong want to make money, become famous, or spread Chinese martial arts Hearing Li Guohao s words, Li Xiaolong fell into deep thought, and after a long time, he said slowly There are some reasons.I once gave myself Three goals.The highest paid actor in the United States, with which I will win worldwide fame, and earn 10 million before 1980, cbd gummies organic and live a happy life with my family.Now you have completed several Li Guohao s later generations have also heard about these three goals, and now seeing Bruce Lee say them personally, he is also deeply moved.Not a single one.Bruce Lee said in a bleak voice.This incident reminded Li Guohao that having the memory of the future does not mean omnipotence, as if he has always believed that the US stock market will fall on October 6, in fact Not only did it not fall, but it has risen a lot.Shaking his head slightly, Li Guohao put all these negative emotions to the back of his mind, the past has passed, and now he is focusing on the future.Now there is 300 million U.S.dollars as support, which is equivalent to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars.In addition to repaying HSBC 300 million and a small part of the benefits, there are about 1.2 billion.How to cbd gummies organic spend this huge sum of money has become Li Guohao s top priority.If it was in the past, if he had just crossed over, what Li Guohao thought about was probably buying a house, buying land, and waiting for the value to rise.The father and son would go out for a run every day, looking for a place with a good market entrance, a good appearance, and a reasonable rent.Because Li Guohao withdrew all the money not long ago, the plan for the tea restaurant has not been implemented.As soon as father Li and grandpa arrived home, Zhao Yazhi hurriedly drove over on the back dinner at night.Li Guohao drank a glass of baijiu on a rare occasion.He hardly drank alcohol at ordinary times, unless he was entertaining or going to some banquets, he would drink a little bit.Ahao.Father Li thought for a while and said, You have been in the United States for more than a month, and your grandfather and I often go out to find a good market.Didn t I arrange someone Li Guohao frowned.asked.Before he went to the United States, he had asked Di Yimin to arrange for a new company to be set up, and he had also recruited a few salesmen, just to look around for shops.The newspaper headline of Xiangjiang cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost s Sing Tao Daily appeared on the newspaper.First of all, there was a big question mark, followed by the words US stock market plummeted, everyone lost, only he won .

where can i buy royal cbd gummies near me?

.As for why they didn t name names, the main reason is that Sing Tao Daily has a cooperation with Guohao Group, and there are tens how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety of thousands of Hong Kong dollars in advertising fees every month.Earnings decrease.But the content of the article, as long as you are from Xiangjiang, you can basically guess who it is.First of all, the article mentions that the person whose surname is Li is very young, and was a sensation in Xiangjiang some time ago.There are many rich people with the surname Li in Xiangjiang, but there are only a few young people with the surname Li, Li Guohao, Li Chaoren, Li Zhaoji and the person who made a sensation in Xiangjiang not long ago is probably only Li Guohao Whether it was during the stock market crash, spending hundreds how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety of millions of Hong Kong dollars to acquire Nam Soon, or the kidnapping time soon after, Li Guohao became the subject how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety of Hong Kong media s keen reports, but he was helplessly surrounded by many bodyguards.

Li Sheng As soon as he arrived at the living room on the first floor, he heard a voice behind him.Turning around, it turned out to be Feng Yongfa whom I just met before Mr.Feng Sheng Li went there just now, so I ll be easy to find.Feng Yongfa walked over with a smile and said.Oh, I just went to the bathroom.Li Guohao casually found a reason, and then asked Mr.Feng wants to ask me something I want to ask Li Sheng about something small, but does Li Sheng have time Oh Please tell me, Mr.Feng.Li Guohao recalled Zheng Jiachun s introduction just now, and Feng Yongfa in front of him seemed to work for some kind of Sun Hung Kai Securities Company Could it be that he wants to ask himself about things in the United States It s not convenient to talk here, why don t I visit Li Sheng s company tomorrow Feng Yong asked with a smile.The problem.One of the most worrying things may be the issue of the cinema.Li Guohao instantly understood the meaning of Cai Lan s words, and asked, Are you afraid that Golden Harvest will not give us the cinema It s not that I m afraid If Golden Harvest doesn t give it to the theaters, cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost I m afraid they ll open their mouths and talk to us about the box office share.Friends Film Company can be said to be an instant hit, relying on the box office hit of Ghost and Horse Twin Stars , just like Bruce Lee back then, Xu s small character comedy style is particularly suitable for the current Xiangjiang people.Hearing this, Li Guohao frowned slightly.He didn t care much about the money the film company earned, but considering that the 80s and 90s would be the peak period of Hong Kong s films, it would be a pity not to participate.He only knows that positive energy is a kind of Good yearning, a vocabulary to promote virtue.Three outlooks positive energy Pang Heshuo was completely confused.What the hell is this Is it the cbd gummies organic way I opened it wrong Do I need to start again Stop for a moment, since you know Zhengqi songs, it should be easy to understand the meaning of positive energy.The world is divided into positive and negative, so information should also be divided into positive and negative.For example, our newspaper has been reporting some celebrities and some rich people, making the general public think that only being rich can be considered successful.Do you think this is right Isn t it right cbd gummies organic Shouldn t we support people to work hard and learn the history of those wealthy people Li Guohao .Yes, what you said is reasonable, but if I teach you that you must eat abalone when you eat, drink good wine when you drink, despise beggars when you go out, see migrant workers, construction workers, and sanitation Workers, etc.Fourth Uncle, please.Li Guohao laughed, and called Chen Sheng to let him take Fourth Uncle Li Zhaoji to the place behind the stage to rest for a while.As soon as the fourth uncle Li Zhaoji was sent away, Chairman Liang Zhixun came slowly from the parking lot.When Li Guohao saw Liang Zhixun coming, he immediately stepped forward to support him and said, Chairman Liang didn t expect you to come in person, thank you so much.After Liang Zhixun glanced at the outer layout of the industrial park, he smiled Haha, Li Sheng s factory opened for business.Of course, the old man will come to visit in person.By the way, I am not the only one here.There are many people behind.A dozen or so people came down from the parking lot and took a closer look.Apart from Chen Jiadao, Huang Zhongbo, Lei cbd gummies organic Hongren, Wen Guoyang, Li Daofeng, Zhang Baixi and many other chairmen and council members of the manufacturer s association rushed over.Although he is well known in cbd gummies organic the world, he is definitely not as high as twenty years later, let alone be conferred a god in thirty or forty years.Mr.Zhang Daqian is the same.As the auctioneer reported 2 million once, 2 million twice, 2 million three times, congratulations to Mr.Li Guohao Li for winning the painting of Mr.Zhang Daqian s Red Fu Girl Sitting in the corner of the auction, Zhang Daqian was very surprised.Although his paintings have been affirmed by many international painter associations, they have never been auctioned for a huge sum of 2 million Hong Kong dollars At best, only a few people spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to buy it.Thinking of this charity auction, Zhang Daqian understood.The other guests only thought that Li Guohao was doing it for charity.After all, his Child Friendly Charity Foundation is the only private charity foundation in Hong Kong, and the amount of food donated to welfare homes is as high as millions of Hong Kong dollars every year.You spent so much money to take the picture Li Guohao turned around and saw that it was cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic Zhang Daqian Surprised and said Mr.Zhang did not expect you to participate in this auction Of course, otherwise, how would that Red Fu Girl appear Zhang Daqian stroked the long white beard cbd gummies organic on his chin and smiled Is this painting an auction item provided by Mr.Zhang Not bad Zhang Daqian nodded, and said, Li Sheng, you haven t answered my question yet.It s worth it, it must be worth it, I think it s three million Less, if I can accept a higher price, Mr.Zhang s paintings can be said to be the contemporary Tang Yin and Tang Bohu Li Sheng Liao praised How dare I compare myself with Tang Yin Zhang Daqian heard that Li Guohao compared himself to Tang Bohu, a master of calligraphy and painting, shook his head again and again and said with a smile.En.Zhao Yazhi nodded slightly, with a sweet look on her face, she would probably remember that scene for the rest of her life, Li Guohao calmly cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost raised the auction price again and again, as if he would not give up if he couldn t get it, so The charm exuded is intoxicating.Where is it I want to see that watch.After hearing the elder sister s confirmation, Ah Zhen ran to her side excitedly, tugging at the corner of her clothes and shouting.What are you looking at That s a 10 million watch.At this time, Zhao s mother rushed over, and when she heard that Ah Zhen wanted to look at the watch strap, she hurriedly scolded.You must know that this watch is worth 10 million yuan, and I m afraid it will hurt you to death if you bump it casually.It s okay, if Ah Zhen wants to see it, I cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic ll show it to her.It is impossible for me to sell you the chickens that lay eggs.Hearing this, Li Guohao almost laughed out loud, he didn t know if the Red Bull was selling well in Bangkok, but the other party said that they planned to expand the production scale, which provoked Li Guohao laughed.As for the small workshop just now, no matter how good the sales volume is, it is impossible to make too much money, and if I remember correctly, when Xu Guangbiao first came, he was carrying a bamboo basket on his back, which seemed to be filled with Red Bull How much sales can the products that require the boss to go out to sell in person.What do you mean, Mr.Xu valhalla tropical twist cbd gummies Boss Li, you also saw that my factory is very small now, and it is difficult to expand the scale to distribute the goods to the whole of Thailand in a short time.

Gradually, more high end mineral cbd gummies organic water than Nongfu Spring has appeared.For example, Baisuishan Yibao costs two or three yuan, Evergrande Bingquan costs five or six yuan, and foreign brands cost more than ten yuan.Seeing HCMUSSH cbd gummies organic that the sales volume of Nongfu Spring is declining year by kush burst cbd gummies year, coupled with the booming high end mineral water market, Nongfu Spring finally can t stand it any longer.At first it was the main feeling, but it didn t work.Later, their plan was changed to turn Nongfu Spring into a luxury item.The mineral water that was originally packaged in plastic bottles was changed to a glass bottle, and various patterns were drawn on the simple and clean outer layer of wrapping paper, which was garish.It s not that it s not good looking, nor is it that this kind of mineral water is not good to drink.When the public thought it was another anti corruption agency, it was officially launched yesterday afternoon.An arrest warrant has been issued for Godber Is the former second highest person in charge of the Kowloon District Police Station finally going to be brought to justice Li Guohao raised his eyebrows when he read the headlines in Ming Pao.Are you here Last year, the streets of Xiangjiang were once blocked by parade crowds.They were all forced to take to the streets by Godber, the most famous money grubber in the Xiangjiang police force.Li Guohao remembers very clearly that when he was driving on the street, he could often see people holding a banner saying twizted up cbd gummies Anti corruption, arrest Gerber Yimin led a person in.Chairman, this is the Zheng Baoxing I mentioned to you earlier.Following Di Yimin s introduction, Zheng Baoxing said, Hello, Mr.It s better to invest in some industries.He said How about this, Mr.Zheng, you said that it is not that detailed after all, why don t you make a detailed plan and make a decision after I read it Zheng Baoxing said confidently No problem.Li Guohao Then he stood up with a smile and shook hands with the other party Then I m looking forward to the proposal made by Mr.Zheng. evening.As soon as Li Guohao arrived at the house, he heard Li Dexiao shouting excitedly inside.Dad, why are you so excited Li Guohao put on his slippers and walked in and asked with a smile.Ahao, you came back just in time.Just now Cheng Xizhi called to say that the total sales of the twenty one stores exceeded 250,000 Hong Kong dollars today.This is the first day they can sell so much Sold so much Li Guohao was also quite surprised when he heard that the sales volume was 250,000 Hong Kong dollars.But Li Guohao is different.He has the idea of pleasure for most young people in later generations, and he also feels that making money is too easy to spend casually.Speaking of which, it was really easy for him to make money, and both times he used the memory of later generations to make a fortune in the stock market.On the other hand, Zheng Jiachun, He Qianjin, Cai Lan and others who knew Li Guohao, read the newspaper saying that Li Guohao would spend 100 million to hold a wedding, and they all had different ideas in their hearts.Zheng Jiachun was thinking that his newly opened hotel might be able to make a name for himself this time and make a big splash how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety in Xiangjiang.And He Qianjin is just envious, envious, envious As for Cai Lan, she also thought about how to use the chairman s marriage to promote the movie, and finally added an extra line of words on the poster before the movie was about to be released, Talk about the pastry king.Shen Dianxia said slowly The two people walking slowly are our bride and groom today.her father.When I was young, the person I admired the most was my father, he was so strong and hardworking, a pair of arms supported the whole family Like the process of most weddings, Father Zhao merged the hands of Li Guohao and Zhao Yazhi, enduring the tears that were about to overflow from the .

can i buy cbd gummies in australia?

corners of his eyes, turned around and walked down the stage without a trace of muddy water.Watching Father Zhao leave , Zhao Yazhi felt an inexplicable pain in her heart.When she was do cbd gummies have weed sad, she felt the comfort from her lover Li Guohao, and she smiled warmly in her heart, saying that she was fine.We are all very curious about one thing, Li Sheng you How did you meet Ah Zhi Seeing that the corners of the bride s eyes were red, Shen Dianxia quickly changed the subject and asked.He can hum a few lines, but he doesn t know how to compose music, and he how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety can t remember a few words.He can t write classic songs casually like other time travelers.Chorus He Zuozhi wondered for a while, and it was quite good to have all the performers and the host come on stage together to sing a big chorus.It was not only lively, but also brought all the performers together.The chorus is not bad, but what should I sing He Zuozhi cbd gummies organic said to himself.Seeing this, Sun Yubiao next to him said directly, Why don t we go to the studio downstairs and ask those singers I think they know a lot of songs, so why don t you ask them directly.Okay. Jin Jiashi and Di Yimin looked at each other, as if they were asking who would speak first, and in the end it was Jin Jiashi who said first This is the chairman.When I first came to the company in the morning, I received a message from Thailand.A long list of English, every word was hammered on Li Guohao s forehead.Fortunately, Cheng Xizhi s English is good.After translating it once, Li Guohao said with a smile I am very happy to accept your interview, but I am just curious, will this interview be published in Time Magazine In a panic, this interview is actually the result of her own initiative.Because of how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety her curiosity about molecular gastronomy, and knowing that Li Guohao is still in New York from her colleague Tom, she decided to use the name of Time Magazine to do an interview.other side.The panic soon ended.Lina cbd gummies organic gathered her thoughts and said, I can t guarantee this.Every year we interview a lot of people, but only a handful of them can be published in Time Magazine.After hearing Cheng Xizhi s translation, Li Guohao was a little disappointed , if it can be featured in Time Magazine, it will be a huge help to both my fast food restaurant and myself.A smile crossed the corner of Li Guohao s mouth, and he snorted coldly I didn t expect that someone would dare to make false accounts.Don t look at the fact that the Guohao Group is getting bigger and more influential, but Li Guohao knows that the Guohao Group has One disadvantage is that it is too bloated.Last year, Li Guohao separated the original Guohao Foods in order to plan better in terms of management and finance.But I never thought that someone would dare to make false accounts.To blame, and only to blame Li Guohao himself, the financial management has not been strict enough, allowing the people below to catch the loopholes.If it weren t for the two shackles of Ni Xingqing, it would really be possible for this gang of fake accounts to get away with it.Time passed quietly, leaving only Li Guohao sitting in the boss chair with a sullen face in the office, not knowing what he was thinking.

The average speed of a new store in two months will not be more than a few years.I want to come Panda Express is available in most states across the United States.A few days ago, I visited the painting boats of Zheng Daheng and He Gambling King, which gave Li Guohao the idea of expanding Fumanlou.Fumanlou is a Chinese style restaurant.It is still difficult to develop abroad, because the tastes are different after all.However, Uncle Chang s Cheong Kee Restaurant gave him an idea before, which made Li Guohao understand that it is not impossible for the United States to develop Chinese style restaurants, as long as there is a little change in taste.After listening to Li Guohao s words, Guan Yunfei frowned, and said worriedly Ahao, you mean that you want to buy Jinhua Restaurant Uncle Guan is not an acquisition, but a merger Li Guohao said I am planning to set up a new catering company, Fumanlou is just one of the brands, just like my Guohao Foods, there are dumplings, glutinous rice balls and snacks in various packages.You two will communicate with Director Xiao later.My idea is that I can make a hard candy and eat it with this popping candy powder, in that case, it should taste better than just eating popping candy.Chen Shao listened quietly to the chairman s words , I saw Director Zhang quietly stretched out his hand, carefully picked up the bag of popping candy, poured a little more into his palm, and stuffed it into his mouth again thinking that no one was paying attention.Wow, do you want to be so exaggerated, Director Zhang Chen Shao said directly in horror.hehe Seeing being discovered, the chairman cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost and manager Chen looked at him.Director Zhang touched the back of his head in embarrassment, and said embarrassedly The popping candy that the chairman said is really amazing.For the first time, I feel not bad.In the past, Xiao Fang, who used to be arrogant and arrogant, was accompanied by his side, which is enough to show that he is a big man Li Renzong said happily again Let s go, go in and talk, go in and talk Immediately, everyone followed Li Renzong into the house.Just when Li Guohao was about to enter the house, he thought of something, grabbed Chen Sheng and Ajie, and told his grandfather to how much do keoni cbd gummies cost go to the toilet.Under Li Renzong s explanation, he found a public toilet outside.Li Guohao didn t go into the toilet, but asked the two of them Asheng, Ajie, which one of you speaks Mandarin better Boss, I can t speak Mandarin Ajie shook his head, his ancestry is from Guangdong People, who have been speaking Cantonese, can t speak a word of Mandarin.But Chen Sheng said I ll talk a little bit.Okay, then Chen Sheng, go back to the guest house and bring me a white box inside my suitcase.Before that, Li Guohao bought several cargo ships from Bao Daheng for the group s cargo shipping business, but this time he reached an agreement with the mainland.If we cooperate, those cargo ships may not be enough.Li Guohao asked I don t know if the people from the Sixth Machinery Department can build cargo ships.how Ahao, do you have an idea Bao Daheng raised his head and glanced at the other party.Yes, Uncle Bao, you should know that a lot of my business now needs to be shipped by sea.I bought a few cargo ships from you before, which were barely enough, but this time with For inland cooperation in grain foreign trade, cargo ships are somewhat insufficient.Li Guohao has his own ideas about buying ships from the mainland.First, the price of the ships must be cheaper than foreign ones.Secondly, the quality should be guaranteed.I heard from Miss Meiqing that the teachers in that kindergarten are very good.Very strong, the school s facilities, safety and school spirit are the best kindergartens in Hong Kong.What s the name It seems to be a Catholic kindergarten.What is it called St.Mary Seeing this, he said, Manager Liang, do you think there is any way to merge the two TV stations Liang Shuyi frowned, and after thinking about it for a long time, she couldn t think of a good way, so she shook her head I m sorry, Chairman It is very difficult for the two TV stations to merge into one, and it is impossible for the government to agree, after all, our Fenghuang TV station is basically an education station.Hearing what Liang Shuyi said, Li Guohao was moved, thinking that since the two TV stations cannot be merged into one , then the two develop together At present, although Phoenix TV s income and expenditure are gradually flat, the ratings of several TV dramas co produced with Nanyang Overseas TV Station this year are all good, and because of this, they have made a small fortune.8 1979 9 178 752 cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic 1980 78 82 97 cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic how to make cbd isolate gummies 78 cbd gummies organic 753 redstrap cbd gummies cbd gummies what do they do for you how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost CA770 CA770 cbd gummies kenai farms CA770 cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic 754 cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic T cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic 755 cbd gummies for pain near me how to make cbd isolate gummies 70 80 cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic clinical cbd gummies cost 1 2 how many mg of cbd gummies should i eat reddit 160 cbd gummies that were on shark tank cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic cbd gummies organic 756 cbd gummies organic cbd gummies for pain near me how to make cbd isolate gummies cbd gummies organic kana cbd gummies near me 757 cbd gummies organic gaia cbd gummies price how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety cbd gummies near cbd gummies organic 170 cbd gummies drug test cbd gummies organic cbd gummies for inflammation cbd gummies organic when will tiger woods cbd gummies appear on store shelves 12 cbd gummies organic 20 1000 how to make cbd isolate gummies can cbd gummies cause anxiety 758 10.But whether it is right or wrong, harmful or harmless, the research on genetically modified crop technology is a subject that relevant scientific researchers in every country are studying.After all, the earth s resources are limited, but the future human population is unlimited In mid December, in Xiangjiang Guohao Building.In the chairman s office, Li how long does a cbd gummy take to work Guohao saw Professor Huo Zheng who hadn t seen him for several years.Huo Zheng said a few words to Li Guohao, and then he got to the point Chairman, at present, the food research center in the United States has achieved preliminary success in the research of molecular food.Based on various experiments, we have researched more than a dozen A material and technology that can maintain the original appearance of food, but change its taste Well, I know all of this.The lowest price of villas in Mid Levels has dropped to 2.3 million.People who live in the villa area of Mid Levels are either rich or expensive.It stands to reason that it is impossible to sell them at such a low price.After all, Mid Levels is always the most upscale residential area in Hong Kong, and there are still many wealthy people in Hong Kong who buy them.up people.However, the collapse of Xiangjiang Real Estate and the suspicion of war in the public have prompted a large number of wealthy businessmen to sell their homes and immigrate overseas.If it is said that in the past month or so, only the real estate has been in a state of collapse, housing prices and land prices have fallen rapidly, and it has not yet reached the point of bankruptcy and liquidation.Then at the beginning of November, Carrian Group, which had grown from an unknown real estate company to the fifth largest real estate giant in Hong Kong in just three years, was comparable to New Century Real Estate and Landmark Real Estate, with as many as 100 subsidiaries.

The increase of nearly one million population has created huge demand for the market, housing prices, land prices and rents have soared, especially the rapid and huge increase in rents.This is the boom period I set.1950 1952, North Korea The war broke out, and the U.S.imposed an embargo on the mainland As Li Guohao mentioned the U.S.embargo on the mainland, the charter king and Huo Daheng showed reminiscence expressions.A little connection.1953 1957 After Li Guohao described the prosperity and decline of Xiangjiang Real Estate from 1946 to 1973, he mentioned the situation in recent years Since the stock market crash, the economy of Hong Kong has declined a lot., not only the stock market plummeted, listed companies and shareholders suffered heavy losses, but the real estate industry was even more crowded.There seems to be one in Central.It s been about a year, but the subway west station started in August last year. It shouldn t be.Li Guohao frowned and said, It s impossible for Zhong Zhengwen to know that Xiangjiang Real Estate is going to collapse.The project should not cut corners.I think so too, I exchanged a few words with Manager Qi in the morning, and I also suspected that someone deliberately bankrupted Carrian Group.Carrian Group is a relatively important action in Li Guohao s bottom buying plan.Originally, it seemed that the government took the lead in helping to integrate resources to recover the losses.Presumably, it would hang around for half a year.Who knew it would go bankrupt just after the New Year.Chapter 783 is Li Jiacheng again Although Carrian Group was founded less than four or five years ago, because of the many financial backers behind it, the initial registered capital was 100 million Hong Kong dollars.At the same time, after Ni Xingqing handed over the 500 million real estate he bought to Qi Boheng to announce it, soon, the house price how much is ocanna cbd gummies of Xiangjiang Island rose by 20 as a whole.The Kowloon Peninsula has also risen by 14 , but the New Territories is still dying.Qi Boheng s announcement of the bottom hunting plan by several people has cbd gummies organic caused the property market to rise a lot.This makes He Gambler and the others very puzzled.You know, they haven t even given them any money yet Li Guohao found a reason to prevaricate the doubts of these people.Half a month later, early March.The real estate market in Xiangjiang has experienced a 6 month low period, and the overall real estate market has risen by 10 , which makes many real estate developers and individuals see the hope of the real estate market recovery.On December 24, Li Guohao spent 26.500 million yuan to buy the Carnian Group after bankruptcy, as well as all the remaining companies and real estate projects of the Carrian Group, including the Carnian Building in the Central District of the Carrian Group, the Hengtong Building of the Carrian cbd gummy reviews reddit Group, and the Bought and sold, sold and bought the Golden Gate Building, and waited for the property rights of 3 buildings.Just when Li Guohao commanded Ni Xingqing and others to continue buying real estate in a big way, He Wei, who flew from far away England, finally arrived in Xiangjiang on December 27th.When getting off the plane and going through the security check, He Wei revealed a shocking news in front of the Xiangjiang media, This negotiation may be the last time we talk about the ownership of Xiangjiang with China Newspapers and the media have interpreted various meanings, some of whom believe that this is the last statement of the British side, and that if there is no agreement, a fight will begin.In the same year, Kung Fu Panda cartoons and animations were released in the mainland.The honest and cute panda Po quickly became popular all over China.The corresponding toy development and the exclusive toy dolls presented by Burger King made many children of the right age cheer for him.Fascinated by it, they clamored for their parents to buy it.In 1990, Li Guohao increased his investment in American Panda Express and spent 800 million US dollars in the European market.In just one year, more than 100 Panda Fast Food branches have been opened in the United States, and more than 300 branches have been opened in European countries.In the same year, Panda Express had 2,000 directly operated stores around the world, becoming another leading fast food brand after McDonald s and KFC, and the world s first Chinese style fast food with over 2,000 directly operated stores across borders.In 1999, Li Guohao s eldest son Li Zecheng returned from his studies and took over part of the business of Guohao Nanshun, a subsidiary of Guohao Group.In the same year, Li Guohao listed most of Guohao Group relax gummies cbd s subsidiaries in Xiangjiang, and later invested in Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sohu and other Internet companies.In 2000, most of Li Guohao s assets were exposed by the media.The American Forbes Magazine s 100 Rich List selected him as the richest person in the world.Laugh at Bill Gates, the second child of ten thousand years.In the same year, because most of Li Guohao s assets came from the catering industry, he was called the founder of the catering empire by Time Magazine.2001 It took a year to finish this testimonial, and this catering giant was finished, with 1.86 million words, not too much to say, and much less to say.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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