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He paused, but still held back his silence.I planned to pull Ali, but unfortunately she has a thin skin.Shen Yan said in a low voice.It wasn t that she was thin skinned, but she knew that there was a boy with her, so she was too embarrassed to come here.Lin Sheng cbd gummies for muscle relaxation knew that Ali was also Shen Yan s best friend and best friend in the class.But with him in general.The two of them didn t talk much, they walked quickly along the side of the road, turned two street corners, and soon found an alley in an old block.The alley is only two hundred meters away from the school, and it is filled with various book stalls.Chapter 008 In the evening.In the alley, there are more than a dozen book stalls here and there.In some cases, a mushroom shaped cbd gummies piece of rag was spread out on the ground, and a piece of plastic paper was placed on it to place books.With his mature IQ far exceeding that of other peers, he does have an advantage in many subjects, but there are many pure computing subjects, there is no way.For this type of discipline, sea tactics are the only way.Time passed in continuous review.Soon it was time to go to the Steel Scale clubhouse to attend classes every week Steelscale clubhouse.Ding, ding, ding.In the middle of the field, Lin Sheng was feeding Ma Dilan with moves, only defending but not attacking.The two swords kept clashing and colliding with each other, and the fight was impressive.My dad told me not to go out for a while and go out in the wild.Russell leaned against the corner and said lazily.Me too, it should be the previous case.Xia Yin calmly replied.What happened to you I asked my dad, but they didn t tell me.They just kept it from me.The girl s name is Anxi, and everyone in the family calls cbd gummies for muscle relaxation her Xiaoxi, she is his cousin and aunt s daughter.Because I live close by, I come here occasionally.An Xi can be regarded as one of the relatives, and he has the most familiar relationship with him.But maybe it s because their personalities don t fit very well, and the relationship between the two is average.After eating, I just made hot sauce at home, and my mother asked me to bring some to my aunt and uncle.But I forgot to bring the keys can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews when I went out Anxi said with an embarrassed smile.You are also in the third grade of junior highso hardworking Lin Sheng HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation sighed, and glanced at the textbook in her hand.The thick magazine like textbook, better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation with an old cover, had obviously been turned to the brink of exhaustion.Brother Shenchen, where are you going My aunt and uncle are off to work, let me eat with you later.It s not the kind of fracture and disability, just a little injury to scare him.It s just that I didn t expect that Lin Sheng, the hungry wolf, was forced out, and they were all can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews eliminated in one go, and a pistol that the leader of the gangster had hidden with him was forced out.There is no intelligence information at all, and I don t even know where the root cause is It s so annoying Lin Sheng was upset.Even if you want revenge, you cbd gummies for muscle relaxation have to know who the target is.The key now is that he doesn t even know who is targeting him.Chapter 051 Encounter 3 By a port.A large container, as the crane grabs it, is continuously placed on the docked freighter.Near the port, next to a small supermarket for workers to shop.A tall, thin man in a gray windbreaker and a round hat was looking at the huge long body of the freighter from afar.Strangely, this chill did not make Lin Sheng feel bitter.After a while, the chill completely disappeared.It was as if everything had melted into his body.Is this the end Lin Sheng stretched out his hand to look, and his body seemed to be the same as before.It s just that the whole body becomes lighter.He tried to clench his fists, all the muscles in his body pumped.Suddenly, a syllable could not help but read from his mouth.Holy blood burning Heck deep cbd gummies for snoring in the skin, something seemed to be slowly igniting.An inexplicable huge force spread rapidly from Lin Sheng s heart, as if it was born out of nothing.Power, a steady stream of power, surged into Lin Sheng s body like a blow.Under the moonlight, traces of blood began to appear on the skin all over his body.Boom.Lin Sheng tightly covered his heart, and suddenly tore off his collar.What do you think Like Everyone will share 500 at a time.Three times a week to cooperate with patrols, that cbd gummies for muscle relaxation s 1500 per cbd gummies for muscle relaxation person.After paying taxes a month, it can be close to 6000.The income is not bad.Lin Sheng nodded in response.There are so many Saru who was playing chess was slightly taken aback.It s so much, after all, it s a bit dangerous.It s normal to have a higher salary.Russell explained.Saru thought for a moment.I have a younger brother who doesn t do very well and is as strong as me.Can you bring him over and does mayim bialik make cbd gummies join the club as a patrolman Brother Lin Sheng narrowed his eyes.You can call and have a look.If your strength is really similar to yours, then you will definitely have no problem joining.Chapter 070 Resources 1 Port patrol officer is a good job with a good salary.That is to say, only with Xia Yin s face in the club can he get a certain quota through connections.Lin Sheng leaned his head against the hemp cbd gummies amazon hole and quietly looked inside.There is still a day and night cycle in this place Lin Sheng s heart moved, and he continued to investigate the whereabouts of Gray Angel.The strange stone pillar in the middle still stood quietly in place.On the stone pillar was the gray angel that had returned to its original posture.It was the same can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews as when I saw it for the first time, with a spear in one hand and a shield in the other, with its wings spread out and motionless.Lin Sheng squatted at the hole and began to think.In terms of speed and strength, I definitely can t win now.Although because of breaking through to the third level, the holy power is awakened.But the strengthening of the body by the holy power is not completed in an instant, but requires a process.

Boom He was immediately hit on the bridge of the nose by a punch, and he staggered and fell to the ground with blood all over his face.Blood So much blood Fatty yelled in horror, My nose is broken It s broken Damn itmy nose is broken There was a cry in his voice, and he cried outright cbd gummies for muscle relaxation stand up.MomMomMomMom He wanted to curse, but the pain was so painful that he turned into a crying mother.The rest of the boys looked dull.They looked at the blood on the fat man s face, and then at Lin Sheng who withdrew his hand and looked calm.The three ran away, and the remaining one tried to support the fat man, staggered and ran away.Lin Sheng looked at their backs, feeling a little emotional for a moment.How long can such a cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies peaceful natures only cbd cbd gummies campus life last No longer thinking about it, he walked calmly, walked to the side of the road and reached out to stop the car, ignoring the pointing points of the students around him.Fatty s blood seemed to be hot and hot, continuously evaporating a large amount of gray mist steam.Lin Sheng staggered back a few steps, limping his back against the wall.Use holy energy to heal knees and strained muscles.There was only a bare hilt left of the broken sword in his hand.There was a clearly visible huge hole in the middle of the wooden shield.It has cbd gummies for muscle relaxation been completely destroyedit s a pity This wooden shield is much stronger than the metal shield.The covering area is also large enough, which is very best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd useful.Too bad it s now completely obsolete.Throwing away the shield and sword hilt, Lin Sheng tore off the twisted and dented breastplate with great effort.He touched his sternum and felt that at least four bones were broken.Ahem After coughing a few times and spitting blood, fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Lin Sheng walked slowly to the fat man who was completely cbd gummies hrm motionless.Gray is the largest, followed by red, then blue.The red light group I chose last time was the one I chose to summon the Black Feather Swordsman.The blue light group is only slightly smaller than the red light group.It may be to summon weak troops such as heavy armored soldiers.The last gray light group That gray ball of light was much bigger than the other two balls combined.It was almost cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies the same size as the ball of light when he summoned the Holy Shield of Brutality.It should be the fire breathing fat man I just killed Lin Sheng guessed in his heart.There has been an explanation on the spiritual circle, as long as you recall the image of the monster you want to summon in advance before summoning, you can increase the probability of appearing when summoning to a certain extent.He just did it.Unexpectedly, his personal force can definitely play a big role.Therefore, he decided to go back and stay with his father first, so as to ensure his safety, and fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation wait until the case is solved during this period of time.As for the affairs of the meeting, it is also possible to conduct remote control through the phone, and there is Mr.Daoling, so there is absolutely no problem.Chapter 130 Berserk 1 The second day.Lin Sheng became obsessed with practicing the piano, because he couldn t enter the dream world, so he simply devoted himself to the blood blue harp all day long.He has already discovered that using this thing to cultivate, the growth rate of the holy power is really fast.So I don t want to waste any time at all.There are no changes on his side, but there is trouble on the side of the Iron Fist Club.He, Tasa Diba, even if he is reduced to this point, he is definitely not someone who can come up to take a bite of any trash character The speed of the humanoid praying mantis is getting faster and faster, more and more anxious.He was also followed by black shadows running fast.He has already found the specific location of the Iron Fist Club through the sub body, and now he has mobilized the nearest sub cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies body around, and began to surround the entire club.Go all the way along the road on the edge of the dense forest.The human shaped praying mantis was extremely fast, and in less cbd gummies for muscle relaxation than ten minutes, it arrived at the outskirts of Huaisha City.Along the way, more and more mantis offspring gathered around him, and in a blink of an eye, there were more than twenty of them.Along the way, fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation these praying mantises flashed past the shadowy corners around them, their concealment ability is so strong that it is terrifying.Lin Sheng returned to the green pool.The dark green pool is still pure bliss cbd gummies tinnitus the same as before, with no movement and no waves.Lin Sheng followed the pool and began to look for clues around the side.Regarding the monster cbd gummies for muscle relaxation at the bottom of the pool, he didn t believe there were no clues left, and there must be relevant records left.At least let him know what kind of existence he is facing.He searched the surrounding wooden shelves for a while, but found nothing.Then go into the passage cell at the end.He also dragged out a large skeleton there before, which alarmed the arm face monster at the bottom of the pool.Go straight down the passage.In the cells on the left and right sides, there is a bone with a strange shape, some of which are incomplete and partially missing.Some are complete but the bones have already been crisped, and they crumble when touched.

The man was about thirty years old, wearing a light yellow trench best gummy cbd for pain coat, a yellow round hat, and gray square rimmed glasses.A black silk scarf was pinned to the chest.It seemed that he had just attended the funeral.Standing in the lobby, Lin Sheng felt hairy all over after fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation seeing the man for a moment, and took a step back, not daring to vent his breath.Not because of anything else, but because this man s appearance is exactly the same as that of Major Dongdi who was killed by him before And different from Dongdi, this person just stood there, and the evil energy all over his body was like a flame that could not be suppressed and burned outwards.Ordinary people may not be able to see this phenomenon, but Lin Sheng has turned into a half dragon at this time, and he can see the abnormality of the other party with his eyes.He just cbd gummies for muscle relaxation quietly watched Vickeren s impassioned speech and put forward one proposal after another.However, these seemingly powerful proposals couldn t even pass the first round of voting.They were rejected one by one.A total of three rounds of voting resolutions are required, but now, he can t even pass the first round of voting Vickeren tried hard to save the situation, trying to persuade representatives of other countries to agree to his proposal, but until the end, he had a best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd thick piece of paper in his hand.There was a large stack of proposal drafts, none of which was passed.When the meeting adjourned, the other delegates left.He sat alone on the seat, looking down at the proposal he had worked so hard to sort out for a long time.There was no response for a long time.This is Wicklen s fourth speech at the Congress of the House of Representatives.These patterns are very detailed, but with a touch of rough style, it looks very beautiful.Without saying a word, he slowly walked up the steps, stretched out his hand and pushed the door gently.Long Amidst the slight rumbling sound, Lin Sheng slowly pushed the door open, revealing the scene inside.Behind the door is a long dark hall.The hall is like an underground mausoleum, with red cbd gummies what are they good for braziers lit on both sides, set up with brackets.The ground is gray black stone slabs carved with rough patterns.The ceiling above the head is in the shape of a triangular cone, and there is actually a blue diamond shaped gemstone inlaid there.The gem is emitting a faint blue light beam, which is projected down and just landed on the throne at the end of the hall.The throne is empty, without any living things.Chi Suddenly, the screen flashed, and everything around him changed rapidly.The black fog all over the sky HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation is like a thundercloud, rolling continuously, pressing down layer upon layer.The entire Black Feather City seemed to be an isolated island in the black sea, helpless, fearful, flustered, and at a loss.Countless city dwellers raised their heads one after another, looking at the sky that was slowly descending.The King of Steel stood high on the city wall, and a group of soldiers quietly stared at the gradually descending black clouds.Not a word.President The great knight Cole Red was not found President, there is no one at the Assassin s Guild It s too late A large amount of hallucinogenic black fog appeared on the wasteland outside We are surrounded No North, there is still a gap in the north to leave cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies The adults in the city are almost gone President, let s go Let s block here A blood armor elite in the Warriors Guild followed one by one.It seems to be two species with the previous arm.Almost at the same time, after Maham released the lore, he was exhausted for a moment, his reaction was a beat slow, and he was immediately blasted by countless arms that roared towards him.See Your ugliness Hahahahaha Kadulla s huge human face laughed and growled.Even the heavens can t help being partial to me because of my beauty Kadulla laughed wildly, and the center of his brow suddenly lit up with a glaring white light.In the dark, the surrounding air gradually darkened, only the white light between Kadulla s eyebrows became brighter and more dazzling.Die Yan God Arm In the white light, a huge white arm seemed to stretch out from the light, spread four fingers, and slowly grabbed Mahamu.The speed of the giant hand is not fast, but there is a faint feeling of huge and powerful oppression during the movement.Boom Kadulla couldn t even support the float, his cbd gummies for muscle relaxation face fell slowly, and the bottom hit the beach, splashing a large amount of gravel.I m going to eat you He screamed, trying to grow a new arm and attack Maham who was not far away.But as soon as he separated a little arm, a series of small explosions of colored flames were immediately triggered.The explosion made him miserable, and his injury was serious again.Hahahaha Maham laughed out loud.Floating on the sea, looking at the dilapidated Kadulla from a distance.Let me end all of this, hehe He raised his right arm, which was almost charred, with difficulty, and his fingers slowly condensed a little green light, pointing to Kadulla.Fingertip cannon Chi The green light shot out and hit Kadulla s forehead with a bang, but only a little black smoke came out.

boom The wall on the side exploded suddenly, and a big hole was broken.All kinds of rubble were splashed in all directions, and a tall figure in police uniform was slowly walking in through the gap.Munihua, get out and die The figure suddenly roared, and a large airflow exploded from his body, blowing away the flying lime around him.Lawrence Little Jayne Adolf by the pool was stunned, recognized the identity of the visitor, and stayed where he was.When did the little Jayne, who went out of his way to become a policeman, actually have such a weird power Without waiting for him to react.Some patrolling guards on the inner wall rushed over and shot a series of guns at Little Jayne.Little Jayne twisted his body, cbd gummies for muscle relaxation dodged left and right, and after a few sprints, he arrived in front of the security guard and slapped him.If someone forced Saru and Chen Minjia to do something to them, the soldiers he left behind would definitely resist cbd gummies for muscle relaxation immediately and lead them away.Since there is no news, it is very likely that Xiao Weiqi was bluffing.After leaving the store, Lin Sheng immediately asked his parents for Chen Minjia s contact number, and called directly through the satellite phone.Apprentice Adolf also quickly arranged manpower to investigate the matter.Gather intelligence.Although the company in Adolf s family is not the strongest company in Shumington, it still has branches all over the country and has certain business contacts with foreign countries.Although Celine s side is a little messy, Adolf s family has a certain amount of business on both sides of Redon Mega, employing a best cbd gummies reviews lot of employees from both countries.His fighting style has always been no nonsense, and he is tough when he goes up.Run if you can t beat, kill if you can beat.So Roar has no chance at all.Roaring meditation only took two minutes.Lin Sheng closed his eyes quietly, feeling the rapid melting of the King of Steel s soul agglomeration in his mind.A large amount of invisible and colorless soul power merged into his body, and was quickly stained with his mark and breath.Lin Sheng could feel that the holy power group between his chest and abdomen was increasing at a terrifying speed.Almost every second will improve the results of his days of penance.The Saint Force is like a glass that is constantly being filled with water, a large amount of water is boiling, surging, and spinning inside.Hum A faint white holy light loomed from Lin Sheng s body.What Lin Sheng was concerned about was that there was a transparent corridor between the platform and the building.A fully enclosed glass corridor.The entrance is exactly that circular platform.This looks like a back door A special back door that needs to be reviewed for entry qualifications Lin Sheng lifted cbd gummies for muscle relaxation the yellow curtain around the platform and observed the patterns and symbols carved on it.He is not the guy who didn t know anything before, after absorbing a lot of memory, he can recognize very few of these lines and symbols.After all, although the knowledge system of the temple is centered on the holy power.But the part of the gray print and the part of the summoning ceremony are based on the basic symbols and mysterious lines after all.It can be said that the gray seal system is derived from the magic system.The girl s long hair was tied into long double ponytails, she was wearing a white T shirt and a black and white plaid skirt, and there was a winged diamond hairpin pinned to her hair.It s back again The girl took a deep breath, with an intoxicated look on her face.The aroma of fooda lota lot of food She closed her eyes, and a blush appeared on her fair cheeks.I really want to She stretched out her little feet wrapped in white silk pantyhose, stepped on the edge of the tall building, and took a step forward.Hiss Pale arms grew out of thin air from the wall of the building, firmly supporting her feet.I cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies can t I have to find the person my brother is looking for first I can t delay my business With a light leap, the girl jumped out from the top of the building, and suddenly turned into countless black smoke in mid air and swept down.And holy power is actually the manifestation of soul power, if it is consumed too much, it will be bad for his own state.In four days, I should be able to meet the most basic requirements for the Temple of Morning Light.I am a five level holy power fighter, and it takes four days to meet the requirements for the construction of a basic temple.Lin Sheng recalled Heiyu City The powerful little temple in the palace.Feeling that he still has a long way to go His consciousness quickly withdrew from the virtual space and opened his eyes.The feeling of preparing the temple at this time is also somewhat different.There is obviously a lot of dust and debris inside the temple, but best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd at cbd gummies for muscle relaxation a glance, it gives people a feeling of cleanliness, sanctity, peace of mind, and comfort.This feeling came very inexplicably.

But no matter what he thinks, as long as he gets within ten meters of the Night King, he will be killed instantly.Lin Sheng didn t even know how he was killed, where the attack came from, and what the weapon was.Fortunately, after his death, he can continue to enter the dreamland every other day without waiting for time.Otherwise, he would have too much idle time to waste just waiting for the recovery time. The twelfth day.Lin Sheng opened his eyes slowly, and stood at the entrance of the temple again.She still wore the familiar pajamas.Twelve days He sighed.This is definitely the one he died the most.The number of deaths before, combined, is not as high as this time.But it s okay.Lin Sheng s eyes became firm again.This time, it will definitely be completely resolved He looked up into the darkness deep in the lobby.This substance can be continuously attached to the human body, and a large amount of combustion releases heat.Dark red flames spewed out continuously from the flamethrower, falling on the center of the Night King s back.The flames fell on the Night King and began to burn.He didn t move, as if everything was normal.If Lin Sheng hadn t discovered that this trick was indeed effective.He will not always insist on this seemingly useless method.click.Suddenly, a crisp sound reached Lin Sheng s ears.He was about to throw away the spent flamethrower, when he heard the sound, his whole body froze.He hurriedly turned to look at the Night King.The Night King sat there quietly.It was like waiting for the clerk to serve him a cake.His purple eyes had dimmed.But at this time, it still maintains a faint brightness and peace.Don t be nervous.The old man added calmly.The higher ups must be inclusive, open minded, and take in so many small and medium sized forces in one go.I don t know what their plan is There is no way to control it now.There are too few people.The middle aged woman complained.That s the business of the boss.Don t think too much about cbd gummies and interstitial cystitis it.There has been a change The companion on the side suddenly reminded.On the Temple Mount, the black smoke from before gradually dissipated.Everything returned to the previous state.But for some reason, several people always cbd gummies for muscle relaxation felt that the Temple Mount at this time and the previous temple There are many what is the strongest cbd gummies subtle differences in the mountain.But let them distinguish the difference, and they can t point it out.Lin Sheng quietly watched the completed temple.It should be called the Shadow Temple now.But as the opponent s huge and terrifying fel energy flames suppressed him, he gradually became powerless.It seems there is no other way After all, he could no longer suppress the surging instinct in his body.Since there is no way to suppress it, let s indulge He took a step back suddenly, and the long sword in his hand stopped suddenly, unexpectedly stopping the sword in the confrontation.En Yinan also saw this scene, and was slightly taken aback.Under his natural evil energy field, the opponent actually gave up resistance Although the natural evil energy field is only a series of ranks, it can emit the most basic breath.But once the existence of envoys such as Ping Hai Achievement List is not activated, they will soon fall into a state of madness and chaos if they are eroded by this breath.Ow A huge translucent phantom lizard suddenly appeared behind Yinan.It lowered its head and roared wildly in the direction of the Night King.The frozen state was broken instantly.Yinan finally barely regained his body control.Just now What the hell is going on His eyes were red and he didn t react at all.From the moment I felt something was wrong, the situation that was good just now suddenly changed.As a last resort, he shattered the sea gate and released the realized lizard of the body soul from the sea of equality.It s just that before he could urge his luck, the soul monitor lizard Hilux unexpectedly emerged spontaneously, roaring with his body guard.Then cbd gummies for muscle relaxation there was the guy cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies who called himself the King of the Night, who suddenly seemed like a different person.The most important thing is that under his feet, he got the dark shadow that was climbing up, and it was still spreading up.May I best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd ask, teacher, in the third class workshop, which professor is the strongest and has the highest achievement The bald old man waved his hand, not bothering to answer.But Milisa on the side snorted and sneered disdainfully.It was funny that Lin mothers market cbd gummies Sheng asked such a naive question.If the teacher answers your question directly, it s tantamount to cheating.She answered casually in a low voice.I just came from Xilun, so I don t understand anything Lin Sheng said distressedly.Then choose whatever you want, it won t make any difference.Milissa replied casually.She didn t bother to care about the Xilun country bumpkin next to her.Anyway, she, Milissa, definitely wants to be named the strongest professor.She has investigated all the information and intelligence this time in advance.Among the third class workshops that can be selected in this round, the strongest professor is She picked up the pen and lightly moved the evil energy on the table.

The door of the hall was open, and the empty first floor contained nothing but a few pieces of black metal furniture.Finally, when it was about to get dark.A figure slowly walked in from the door.Lin Sheng and Milissa quickly just cbd hemp infused gummies 3000mg got up and looked towards the gate.An old man in black robe with silver hair, hooked nose, and green eyes was slowly walking into the hall holding a wooden staff.The old man saw Milissa and Lin Sheng at a glance.His eyes fluctuated slightly.Test the advanced energy measurement crystal first.I don t want to waste time on garbage.Milisa and Lin Sheng were swept away by his eyes, and suddenly felt hairy all over their bodies, as if they were cut by some kind of cold and sharp blade.Goose bumps came out.Lin Sheng s heart trembled, knowing that this was an instinctive reaction caused by the opponent s strength surpassing his own body.Complete the third stage first, and then start to shape the mind The third stage can be completed in about three months according to the normal progress.Lin Sheng looked at the textbook in front of him, and his mind moved.A trace of green evil energy emerged in the air in front of him.The first stage, increase.Lin Sheng controlled the evil energy to slowly attach to his fingers.Soon all five fingers surged with a little bit of strength, the skin and muscles were hot and trembling, and a desire to move came to my heart.Lin Sheng gently raised his finger and pinched a metal cup on the table.The silver metal cup twisted slowly but firmly.The strength has not increased much, maybe I have too little evil energy.It may also be that my body is strong, and the influence of this evil energy is too small.Chapter 275 Experiment 3 Lin Sheng collected himself and continued to move forward.Along the road in the woods, twists and turns, all the way forward.Soon, another black eagle crouched in front of the road, blocking the way forward.This time the Black Hawk was a little bigger than last time.The feathers all over the body seem to be harder.hold head high Hei Ying stood up slowly, his black eyes were empty, without any emotional change.Thump, thump, thump It flapped its wide wings, soared into the air, circled in a circle, and slammed into Lin Sheng fiercely with a huge kinetic energy.There is nothing to say, meeting is just hate.Lin Sheng turned on half dragon transformation, his body was strengthened by the holy power, and he raised his hand suddenly.A series of green fel energy threads exploded and shot out quickly.It is less than one tenth of the Dungeon Soldier.It s too weak Unless I kill hundreds of people in a row without interruption, the accumulated soul power is meaningless.But the information and memory is liberty cbd gummies legit provided are very good Looking at the new wave of strange people approaching gradually , Lin Sheng learned that the Holy Light can restrain them, and his mentality is much calmer.You only need to pay attention to controlling the holy power in a very small range, and don t let it leak out and fluctuate.He strode forward and took the initiative to walk towards the new weirdo.A faint white holy power flickered in his eyes.Chapter 279 Strength 1 The monsters shattered one after another, turning into countless light spots and dissipating.Like a spider web, the black threads flew towards Lin Sheng densely, following his movements and rushing into his chest.doodle.There was a sudden sound of car horns from downstairs outside the window.Lin Sheng walked quickly to the window and looked down.In a small open air parking lot under the building, two black limousines are slowly driving into the car.The appearance of the car was brand new, clean as a mirror, the door opened, and several corporate men and women in business suits and professional skirts came out.Trouble.Lin Sheng frowned.He didn t want to confront the Wan En Cult people head on.The weirdos who were hiding had to be found as soon as possible.The ghost knows what tricks this Wan En Cult has that he doesn t know about.He is still in the period of hiding his strength and biding his time, so there is no need to come out to make waves.Go and test it out.If you can, knock everyone out.Lin Sheng whispered.The speed suddenly increased several times, and it was about to hit Milisa.puff.At the critical moment, a layer of isolation layer woven by green silk mesh accurately appeared in front of Milissa.Firmly blocked Xiao Ling s bullet punch.The silk screen turned suddenly, and a large number of green spikes extended from the surface, about to fly out.I admit defeat Xiao Ling hurriedly said loudly.Umandira glanced at Milissa in surprise.This little guy seems to be quite talented, which made him a little impressed.Next.He rated Xiao Ling s performance in his heart, and continued to speak.It was a little quiet off the court, and everyone s eyes were focused on the two people.One is Lin Sheng sitting next to Umandira.There is another one, a soft blonde girl sitting on the other side of Lin Sheng.The blonde girl s name is Margaret.

Lin Sheng stood motionless, but looked at Margaret through the sword light and crystal.Please continue.Margaret s eyes became serious.With a wrong footstep, the whole person disappeared in place, and appeared beside Lin Sheng in an instant.Xingyun.Chi Chi Chi Chi And this kind of fel energy is used sparingly and precisely, which allows her to have longer lasting stamina.It can also reduce the damage of evil energy to the body.Unfortunately, when the sword was about to touch the surface of Lin Sheng s clothes, a diamond shaped green crystal accurately emerged, blocking the sword tip.Ding The cross sword bent suddenly, almost at ninety degrees.Margaret had no intention of ending the battle with a single sword strike.There was a flash of cbd gummies for muscle relaxation green light on her elbow, and the cross sword disappeared instantly.Such a disciple is hard to find even with a lantern Then, it s a tie.He judged aloud.Lin Sheng and Margaret returned to their respective positions, saluted each other, and returned to their seats.Margaret cbd gummies for muscle relaxation sat calmly on her seat, her heart was not as gentle and calm as she looked.She knew she was defeated.The last sword, the Comet Sword, was a burst of nearly half of her own evil energy.In the end, he was stopped by the other party s understatement.You really deserve to be a top genius whose initial evil energy has reached 500.She stretched out her hand to straighten her messy long hair, and smiled again.Lin Sheng sat beside her, also smiling.Senior sister s swordsmanship is the best.I can t hold it up just a little bit.Although I have a lot of evil energy, my use is far less precise than senior sister s.But still hesitated.Although he was in a bad mood, there was no need to kill someone for such a trivial matter.Lin Sheng paused, retracted the evil energy, and just flicked it up with his fingers normally.Boom.Before Fiona could figure out what this sentence meant, a finger flicked her forehead, and her head buzzed.Time ticked by.When she regained consciousness, Lin Sheng was no longer in sight.She touched her forehead, and her eyes showed more intense desire.A transcendent is most likely a transcendent I guessed it right Wait, even a transcendent, as long as they are human, they have weaknesses and desires That circle is what she has always wanted to get close to.And now, meeting this Transcendent, who was obviously a good person, was her best chance.She, Fiona, is best at controlling such a good person.Umandira said without hesitation.That freshman named Lin Sheng I heard that his evil energy reached more than 500 when he first awakened He is a top genius again Frendiman was a little impressed.Actually, it s not much.Over the years, there are still many freshmen who can achieve it.It s nothing.Umandira waved his hands hypocritically.But the heart is very comfortable.Hehe.Fren sneered, too lazy to watch this old guy perform.He stood up, walked to the castle window, and looked down.In the school field, there were students gathered around a corner, watching the two people who were fighting on the field.Margaret held the rapier, and each blow was like lightning, piercing the opposite side like a storm.Standing opposite her was Lin Sheng whom the two had just mentioned.Lin Sheng only defended but didn t attack, green crystals appeared around him uninterruptedly, precisely blocking Margaret s attack.Then, why is the world over there called the world of dust Is there any reason Lin Sheng asked.He became more and more interested in the dark side of the real world.It s very simple.On the road ahead, a green light flashed, and an old man with white hair and long beard in a white coat appeared.He adjusted his glasses, his eyes were calm, and he was smiling.Because all the dead monsters that invaded from there, after being eliminated, will turn into black dust and disappear.Life and death should not be revealed so directly.The power of evil energy should not be just like this.Mastered.The old man opened his arms and gently hugged the two professors, Umandira and Daisy.It s good to cbd gummies for muscle relaxation see you again, my children.Umandira, Daisy, you look as good as last time.You re still as young as ever.Lord Sarnsloka.The driver stopped.Impatiently, he picked up a small black book and waved it.The complexion of the people inspecting outside changed, and they let them pass immediately.There were a total of ten students who went to Pine Forest Town this time.All sitting in this car.It is said that two groups of people have been supported before, and we are the third wave.The manpower is sufficient.It s just that the mentors in the mine have not come out, so we have to patrol around all the time.It s just a bit troublesome.The blond girl with braids, named Melissa, was also one of the fellow students sitting next to Lin Sheng by the cbd gummies for muscle relaxation window.Among the ten people, apart from Lin Sheng, she had the highest value.to more than one hundred.Of course, the numerical value is something that is not sure how much others have hidden.

She opened her mouth wide, her whole body was cold, and she wanted to scream.But his throat seemed to be blocked by something, and he couldn t make any sound.She watched helplessly as the female high school student s hand slowly moved up along her hand.Catch her cbd gummies online order wrist, forearm.Suddenly, a large brown bowl was placed behind the head of the female high school student like a basin.Boom With a huge impact force, the big bowl shook the table and even the ground violently.A circle of light yellow soup was in the form of water mist, and exploded from the edge of the large bowl.A big thick hand was pressing down on the bowl, forcibly pressing the high school girl on the table, unable to move.Tao Zi stared at the hand in shock, then turned her head tremblingly, and saw a somewhat familiar face.Yes yes it s you she called in a voice close to a scream.It s just that Lin Sheng doesn t care, as long as he shows the possibility of curing Besber, Cavendian will believe it.Just when he was cbd gummies for muscle relaxation planning to absorb Cavendian into the temple, Madilan brought him another important piece of good news.During the raid on the Tower of Seven Locks, Campas Warren, the old dean who led Bain University to resist the cultists, was still ineffective after several rescue treatments.His injuries became more and more serious, and had deteriorated to the point where he could not recover.The existing medical methods and evil energy methods have not had much effect on it.Dean Campas systemic hematopoietic function began to fail, cbd gummies for muscle relaxation and his brain showed signs of atrophy.All internal organs continue to appear strange phenomena similar to rejection.Campas, as one of the most important figures at Bain University, is one of the five seats next to Su Na s two vice presidents, and is at the same level as Cavendian.This cbd gummies for lung detox practice, huh, I didn t expect it to be really successful After the Holy Light was born, the effect was obvious My brother is no longer demented, my sister is no longer paralyzed My dad s injuries are all healed, my grandparents illnesses are all healed, and even my mother doesn t know when she will live That s enough, what do you say The people below don t want to say anything anymore, just be happy The more Lin Sheng said, the more sincere his feelings.So, my mother didn t actually die, she just At that time, there was no hope, so I secretly fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation ran to other places to live alone.Later, seeing hope, she came back again.So with hope, everything will be fine.Everyone said yes He kept his composure and hurriedly rounded it up.But although some of the people below didn t believe it, better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation most people actually believed it.Many areas in the city, under their maintenance, still maintain the stability before the terrorist attack.Chapter 359 Chaos 3 Lin Sheng returned to his residence.Although he had no urge to save the world, he saw that his original living environment had suddenly turned into this terrible level.The mood is also subtle and uncomfortable.Lie and other envoys who were finally killed did not dare to call for the time being.But seeing the black tide approaching in front of him, Lin Sheng also knew that the invasion of the black tide might be real.Today there is only one envoy of the Templars, and that is the Night King.With only one rank envoy sitting in charge, the strength of the temple is actually far inferior to the major forces and families in the world of evil energy.Perhaps, I can try to solve this problem by myself.It raised the machete high, and a puff of a black heart phantom exploded at the heart of its chest.In an instant, the skeleton man s machete, which was more than one meter long, slashed down heavily with huge explosive force.Chi With a huge impact force, the dirty and dilapidated machete slashed at the old man s face quickly and heavily.If this knife hits, the old man s entire head will be split in two.But what was strange was that the machete stopped so abruptly.It hovered over the forehead of the old man, less than a few centimeters in the air.It was like a solidified amber worm, motionless, quietly floating in place.The phantom black heart on the skeleton man s chest thumped again, beating violently, trying to break free from the huge restraint.But fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation to no avail.The old man began to exude a suppressed, huge and inexplicable pressure.The three headed Dun En was sitting at the dining table eating the corpse of the monster he had just picked up.Yes, he was already starving.Although the monster s corpse didn t taste very good, it was better than being hungry.Just when he raised the fork, he was about to pierce it down, but the shock suddenly interrupted his eating.What s going on Tang En s vigilance was extremely high.If we were to say who could live the longest in this dangerous and mysterious town.Then Twain must be the well deserved number one.It may be that someone is fighting outside.I can feel the conflict and fluctuation of energy One of the heads said in a low voice.Could it be the two groups of people from before Tang En didn t think too much about it anymore.Putting down the fork, he tidied up in the house with incredible speed, then slammed open the door and walked away.

The golden luster is very faint, but if you look closely, you can still find the difference.Those golden colors are like countless ups and downs of gravel, which float and disperse in the clear water, sometimes gather and sometimes disperse.Sure enoughit s done.Lin Sheng took a bottle and filled a bottle of water into the water tank.With a puff, a black smoke condensed behind him, cbd gummies for muscle relaxation turning into a red armored warrior, reaching out to take the water bottle in Lin Sheng s hand.Take it and cbd pure herbal gummies reviews dilute it 100 times, and distribute it to 100 core believers.Let the chief inspectors decide the quota.Feedback the effect to me tomorrow.The red armored soldier responded, and quickly left the research center with a water bottle.Lin Sheng took a little as a specimen sample, and then re covered the water tank.But at this time, what the three of them didn t expect was that the moment the red armored warrior appeared, he scanned the laboratory area with his eyes, and immediately smashed the alarm button on the wall with his palm.Enemy attack Woo Woo The harsh siren exploded in an instant, and the soft yellow light of the entire laboratory turned into a dazzling red light in a blink of an eye.The three of Lingyin didn t move, they took a big bag full of things, and rushed towards the gate.Get out first The concentration of abnormal energy here is too high, there is no way to build a teleportation array Understood The three of them passed through like locusts.In the entire laboratory, there were no rare materials for building evil spirit gates.It was also the hard disk of the experimental computer used by Lin Sheng to record data.Moreover, these mildew spots are rapidly approaching the location where the colorful liquid dripped.Lin Sheng stared at the cbd gummies for muscle relaxation mildew spots with serious eyes.He could feel that these mildew spots were not mold at all, but some kind of special energy enabling substance.A just cbd gummy ribbons 1000mg large amount of energized substances is being rapidly absorbed and disappeared by a small piece of water in the center.Soon, in less than half a minute, the entire culture solution began to emit white water vapor.The scale of the total amount of culture fluid is dropping rapidly.Lin Sheng remained motionless and still watched everything that happened.Chapter 391 Planning 2 The total amount of culture medium is getting less and less, less and less.Soon, there was only a palm sized colored liquid left in the entire culture tank.Lin Sheng stared at the ball of water, and suddenly stretched out his hand.If it weren t for his high resistance to soul type attacks, any other six winged limit would be dead here.Kill The three headed clay figurine charged again, and the wound he had just caused had already healed.Lin Sheng held the sword in both hands, his armor clattered and his body arched.The blood of the rock dragon was opened rapidly, and two half meter long black dragon horns sprouted on the top of the head.Death He slashed horizontally with his sword, and collided with the three mud giants again.Boom Amidst the loud impact, the ground under Lin Sheng s feet cracked and exploded.His long black hair was torn by the strong wind and kept flying backwards.Against the huge force, the three headed clay figurines did not take advantage of it.They roared angrily, and the first clay figurine began to crack purple eyes, staring at Lin Sheng, trying to confuse him.But the other two attacked simultaneously from both sides.Alleviated his decline.Hurry up You two Su Ge yelled angrily when he saw that the two were still standing there in a daze, green roads cbd gummies thc motionless.One of the two was a burly young man, wearing ordinary black short sleeves and camouflage trousers.There are no talent stones worth noting on him the stones that sign a contract with goblins, the more beautiful the color and texture, the higher the talent The other was an honest looking farmer, whose face was pale with fright when he saw this scene.A mowing sickle in his hand fell to the ground with a clatter, and his whole body was shaking.Judging by his attire, he is simply an ordinary farmer on the edge of the Fairy Tree Sea.An ordinary human who came to find a goblin to sign a contract That farmer is a guide Su Ge guessed the answer in a flash.As these suppressors really obtained various powerful secrets, they began to practice powerful combat secrets that they were not qualified to practice before.The gap was widened at this time.And this level is the period when the evil energy begins to grow explosively.For a powerful suppression level, the value of evil energy can even reach more than 100,000, or even 200,000 It s all because the evil energy at this level is no longer just absorbing the dark side power of one s own mind, but can absorb the negative spiritual power better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation of the outside world and transform it for one s own use.After the exercise, Lin Sheng had lunch and chatted with Ma Dilan and others for a while to confirm the can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews situation at Bain University.Only then did he know that recently, many people from surrounding towns have defected to join Hengrui Kara.

In addition, they themselves belong to energy life and are immune to physical blows.It can be used to test the force value of the goblin empire.Soon, the rumbling sound gradually disappeared, and was replaced by long, sharp and mournful sounds.The cry was like the desperate cbd gummies for muscle relaxation roar of life before death.In the center of the giant tree, those senior officials of the Fairy Empire who were watching the show seemed to have begun to receive information.Everyone was a little flustered.Lin Sheng didn t need to contact the Demon Hand of Degal, he could imagine that the battle situation must be unfavorable to the Fairy Empire.A creature like the evil spirit, don t look at him as easily and freehand as chopping watermelons when facing each other.But in fact, it is the holy power that can harm evil spirits, and at the same time, he himself is immune to the soul power attacks of evil spirits.However, there are no facial features on her face, only one green eye that occupies more than 90 of her face.The huge eyeballs will turn a few times from time to time, as if observing the surrounding situation.The entire goblin empire has a population of about cbd gummies for muscle relaxation three million.Among them, there are 40,000 people who can participate in the battle.There are about 3,000 people who belong to the contract goblins.In the territory of fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation the empire, there are goblins, humans, and some descendants of forest giantsThe most recent census was three years ago.The population here is much richer than that of Kafibo.It just happened to be suitable for Lin Sheng to try various tests.Where is the library here Take me there.The first thing Lin Sheng thought of was books.For him, books are the most real things that record the world.Campas said in a deep voice.As the dean of Bain University, his knowledge and experience are beyond those of others present.I have fought fiercely at the entrance and exit of the dust world for three years, and I have never seen this level of existence.A newly joined regional inspector on the other side said.This person does not have a name, but people call him Zihuo.His evil energy training method, the ultimate attack method, is to inspire a powerful purple flame.This kind of flame is extremely poisonous.Once it is contaminated, even a five winged evil energy user of the same level can last for half an hour at most before falling to the ground and dying.Zihuo, you haven t gone deep into the dust world after all.It s a very weird place.The boundary between life and death is extremely blurred there.If I can simply refine it from the rock and soil, I can control some extremely pure The crystal composition can completely make the observation window of better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation this stone ship.Lin Sheng said regretfully.The thin slate has reached its limit and cannot be made wider or thinner.The semi enclosed boats are speeding forward in the brown sea.A large amount of seawater was scattered, splashed, cbd gummies for muscle relaxation and then disintegrated and scattered in midair.As the stone boat moved forward at high speed, it pulled out a long white horse.A large area of sea quickly passed beside Lin Sheng.He operates very carefully.Because the power of the rock dragon s blood is too strong, all actions must be done in any detail.Otherwise, if you are not careful, you will over operate, which will lead to uneven force, and the hull and propeller will crack and break instantly.A pure white holy light shone down from above his head, and a whole set of heavy and thick pure white armor quickly emerged from his body.Fel Energy cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Crystal Wall The evil energy that reached the suppressive level quickly transformed into a crystal barrier and spread all over his body through numerous procedures.Half dragon transformation, rock armor A powerful ability belonging to the blood of the rock dragon was also activated at the same time, covering Lin Sheng s body with a set of earth yellow thick rock armor.At the same time, Lin Sheng s form changed dramatically.Dragon scales grew all over his body, his physique swelled, and two spiral dragon horns protruded from his head.Finally Chaotic soul power Lin Sheng sensed the four kinds of attacks that were approaching all around.My heart quickly calmed down, and the sea door opened in my mind.After a few days.Some of these portals were canceled because Lin Sheng determined that they were worthless during the exploration process.Some were left behind because of abundant resources, or the existence of research value and other reasons.Lin Sheng found a total of three of the ones that were confirmed to have fragmented auras.In all three, he dispatched a large number of troops to investigate carefully.The results returned by the army all show that the opposite space is relatively broad and comprehensive, with space for the survival and activities of intelligent can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews life.Lin Sheng pondered for a moment, he was worried about asking his subordinates to look for such an artifact level treasure.If it is found and swallowed by itself, it will be a real loss.So after thinking for a while, he decided to let someone check the space information environment over there first, and then enter it himself.

The gray tornado continuously bombarded King Sagittarius, interfering with his offensive and defensive movements.It greatly restrained the power fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation of King Centaur s explosive lore.When conquering the secret world you ordered, the two HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation legion chiefs discovered this giant cbd gummies for muscle relaxation hall.There are two giant cbd gummies for muscle relaxation kings inside, two top powerhouses who rule the entire secret realm.The herald is a translucent evil spirit with the head of a snake.Ling, at this moment began to narrate in a low voice.Faintly added a gloomy and cold atmosphere to the whole palace.Giant King Lin Sheng rubbed the handle of the giant knife lightly, pondering.Yes, translated from the evil spirit language there, the local aborigines there indeed call them the twin kings of giants.The evil spirit with the snake head and human body replied.That is to say, it also belongs to the world of evil spirits Are they all evil spirits, including the twin kings Lin Sheng immediately understood.It s fine even if you dieyou don t have to worry about this and that all the time.He just sat on the steps calmly.Looking at the blue sky with clouds.Look What is that Suddenly Xie Qiaoyue exclaimed.Pointing to the distant sky.The other five looked in the direction she pointed.From a distance, a dense black cloud was slowly moving towards them.Nothat s not a cloud, it s a worm The woman in pajamas suddenly exclaimed.Adolf looked carefully, and sure enough, the black cloud was not a cloud at all, but countless dense black worms.Because they are too many, they gather together and become a natural disaster like a cloud.Adolf looked at the place shrouded in black clouds in the distance, everything there, including the scenery, was being quickly devoured and bitten by countless bugs.Together with the whole vision of death, it is rapidly disappearing.Immediately, the entire sleeve meat began to rot and become fleshy, turning into a part of a monster like a living thing.At the same time, a pungent and unpleasant poisonous gas drifted out from the sleeve.Lin Sheng had no choice but to cut off his sleeves immediately, and deal with the monster s attack more attentively.Chapter 572 God making 1 In the ear piercing screams.Lin Sheng s body continuously burst into pieces of white light, resisting the strange limbs frantically rushing around.His speed and divinity are of no use here.The surrounding area was covered with sky and earth, without a trace of space, all were attacks from the monster girl opposite.However, after resisting for more than ten times in a row, Lin Sheng felt faintly that the girl opposite seemed to have no experience in fighting at all.The man made a decisive decision.It s just that he just turned around and led people to leave.Suddenly the entire spaceship was shaken.Strong explosions and shocks came from beneath his feet.An invisible terrifying shock wave instantly penetrated the walls of the spaceship layer by layer, knocking all living creatures unconscious to the ground.Damn it Power furnace It s a power furnace This was the man s last thought.Just a moment before he fell to the ground unconscious.Out of the corner of his eye, he could see black mist seeping in from the door of the monitoring room.Pairs of blood colored eyes hidden in the black mist opened one after another, staring at him.Just when all eyes were about to fall on royal blend 750 mg cbd gummies the man.Get out A little red light suddenly flew out from the man s body, and a young girl s voice came out of the light.But all the eyes were completely ignored, and they still rushed towards the man one after another.Hong Guang was not afraid, and took the initiative to meet him.Soon the two were intertwined, squeezing and merging continuously.After a long time, the red light weakened a lot, and flew back to the man and hid it.Lin Sheng s heart skipped a beat, and he wanted to take a step forward to examine the red light carefully.But all of a sudden, countless pictures flowed and poured into Lin Sheng s mind crazily.That is the countless memories behind.It s like fast forward.Again and again, Nurgna kept guarding the man who was attacked.She was forced to constantly devour all kinds of monsters that attacked.This kind of devouring made her even more distorted and deformed.Men turn bad luck into good luck every time.This is a charming beauty with soft blue hair, and her sharp style is completely two extremes.Orpheus is a very gentle person by nature.Gentle, but surprisingly firm when persistence is needed.In verna farms cbd gummies order to relax on this trip, Pei Lin specially changed into a white floral dress that she didn t like to wear very much, and a pair of thin black silk under the skirt.It s anti blooming.On the other hand, Opheus, who is usually gentle and beautiful, changed into a pair of slim fit overalls for the convenience of climbing the mountain this time, looking capable and a bit boyish.The other two boys and one fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation girl are a couple and a rich second generation with an awkward and indifferent personality.The relationship is a little farther away from them.Although it is also very good, but the circle is still divided into close and distant.

If you have time, you should walk around more with your cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies relatives.Otherwise, even the closest relatives will gradually fade away with the distance.Pei Peng is slender and handsome, with narrow and long eyes, which faintly look like red phoenix eyes.It s just that the pupils are rare double pupils.There is a second pupil in the pupil, if you look closely, it will give people a hollow and strange temperament.Alright cousin, I ll come back and visit uncle when I have time.Pei Lin hurriedly replied.Pei Peng smiled slightly, said no more, and strode away with a few people.After leaving Pei s house, the group got into a fully enclosed soundproof car.The vehicle galloped along the street, and soon left the Pei family, left the city, and drove into an independent manor in the suburbs.The vehicle slowed down slowly and stopped by the gate of the manor.At the same time, they also carried special arm guards newly developed by the Temple Research Institute.These metal arm guards made of the hard carapace of powerful monsters in the Kuroshio tide brought great offensive and defensive advantages to the clergy.As long as the strength they bear does not exceed twice their body strength, then all priests will be crazy warriors HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation who are not afraid of life and death before the Holy Light is exhausted.The holy light endows them with powerful self healing and protective powers, and the evil energy endows them with high resistance to mental and spiritual attacks.These clergymen who survived the doomsday offensive of the Kuroshio are all heavy armor tanks that can recover through the Holy Light as long as they don t die.Moreover, it is also cbd gummies for muscle relaxation a holy light tank with powerful attack power.No one wants to leave their hometown and go to other strange worlds.If there is still a glimmer of hope, then salvation will only be the only option.Chapter 594 Persecution 2 The main body.Just as cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Lin Sheng fell into some inexplicable emotion.A voice slowly sounded in the soul.What happened The Lord of the Night took people away.When did it happen Last night, according to our judgment, they should be going in the direction of the existing Begarin Fortified City.No message No.The corner of Lin Sheng s mouth twitched.After mastering a lot of information about Han Yu and Nisi, he also has a certain understanding of these existences that may become big bosses in the future.But that s all.Yezhu was originally destined to marry his sister Lin Xiao, and according to the information disclosed by Han Yu and the others, it was also a part of what was destined to happen.The two cbd for sleep gummy figures approached quickly.Then face each other from afar.God haired Sola Kadulla had already learned the identity of the other party s image from the mouths of other corpse demons.The leader of the temple, Kadulla Sola s eyes were closed, and he was wearing a slender silver armor.The armor only covered the vital parts, and the rest of the skin was exposed, showing the blood red patterns carved on the white skin.I thought it would take a long time for us to meet, but unfortunately, I guessed wrong.Kadulla smiled.Besides, I m not a temple leader.Let me introduce you again.She pulled up her skirt and saluted.My name is cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Kadula, and I am under the command of the Holy Spirit Palace, the advance army of the temple, and the first vanguard officer.Vanguard officer Sora s hand holding the giant sword tightened suddenly.A mere priest dares to shoulder the responsibility of the whole world.I really don t know if it s stupidity or arrogance.His huge body became more and more solid in the sky.God is not only supreme.It is also the cohesion of the will of the Holy cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Spirit of the world, the supreme existence that protects sunset cbd hemp gummies review the world.When darkness falls, God will shine light and illuminate everything.When pain comes, God will open his arms and save Soul.When the future is unpredictable, cbd gummies for muscle relaxation God must bear everything, explore everything by himself, and determine the future.God, best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd bear everything and face everything.Lin Sheng bent down, his huge eyes were like a black abyss, unfathomable.You who are so weak, how can you carry the whole world on your back The silver eyed woman behind Sola trembled all over, unable to respond.After carefully sitting on the spot and comprehending it, Lin Sheng checked his divinity again.The speed and divinity of the small dots, the density is almost connected into a thin line.Perhaps when the light spots of divinity are connected into a line, some kind of qualitative change will occur.Lin Sheng had this kind of premonition.Now because of the yin and evil wheel, he also has a certain sensitivity to fate and the future of time and space.Even if he doesn t consume the evil eyes behind him to predict the future, he still has a subtle sense of some special things and changes.Lin Sheng roughly observed the changes in absorbing the boundary source this time, and estimated the progress a little.If there is another group of just that much boundary source, it will almost be able to connect the speed and divinity.

The monsters eroded by the Kuroshio are not soulless, but their souls have been eroded and transformed into a special kind of existence without intelligence and wisdom.Despite the absence of intelligence, basic biological instincts are present.So Lin Sheng took advantage of this to try to transfer his power of will, using the monsters in the Kuroshio as the source of his power of faith.Here s a try.An extremely dangerous attempt, if successful, he will gain an indescribably powerful will.And this wish will be combined with the Kuroshio as one.If the Kuroshio is not extinguished, he will not be extinguished.But once he failshe will become the next demigod to be attacked by the black tide.Just like the dream weaver in the Pillar of God.The reason why Lin Sheng went into space and chose to come to such a far and high place to ignite the magic fire was because he considered the possible danger.Without a few hundred years, it will basically not develop to the miserable world where Lin Sheng lives.And the blood race world even used their cbd gummies for muscle relaxation unique cbd gummies for muscle relaxation secret method to guide and export all the places where the black tide appeared to other planets.They diverted the water to the east, and established portals to other planets where the Kuroshio appeared.In this way, the speed of the Kuroshio spreading was infinitely delayed.Of course, this is also what they think has delayed the spread of the Kuroshio.Then, you are responsible for this matter.For the rest of the matter, if you encounter an invincible situation, you can report again.The purple skirt Nuzhenzu was a little impatient, and ordered.Then, I order you to leave.The man in the black cloak slowly exited the palace, leaving this cold and dead hall in the thick red mist Bloodline World City of Huiye Mohala.As for the monsters that may appear in the Kuroshio, she didn t let go at all.In my eyes, in the records of so many years, there were baron level monsters at the highest cbd gummies for muscle relaxation cbd gummies for muscle relaxation where to buy purekana cbd gummies Kuroshio, and there were not many of them, so they could be easily wiped out.So this is not in her consideration.In addition, the focus is on the rebels.Intuition told Tirayami that those lowly human rebels would never give up this once in a lifetime opportunity.They will absolutely try to destroy the shuttle gates to sabotage the great plans of the Empire.Thinking of this, her sharp blood HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation red eyes swept across the entire construction site once again.There are still people coming and going on the construction site, and the construction machines are constantly moving rapidly.The construction workers are like ant colonies, constantly going up and down around the shuttle door.You can apply to enter the reincarnation pool, baptize with holy water and reincarnate with blood.Officially joined the human gene and became a member of the human race.At the same time, Lin Sheng also asked the research institute to draft a higher race bill on the supremacy of the human race.Among them, various welfare benefits, taxes, etc.for the human race have determined very good conditions.For other non human races, it is completely different.There are a lot of exorbitant taxes and compulsory obligations.But the benefits that can be obtained are pitifully small, compared with the formal human race, the gap is far away.As soon as the reincarnation pool came out and the bill was confirmed, the world was in an uproar.Other races tried to demonstrate, but under the high pressure control of the sanctuary, the so called demonstrations were soon suppressed.Suppressing the anger and resentment in his heart, Brun lowered his head and bowed respectfully to Lin Sheng as a salute.Then he raised his head, took a deep look at the entire bookstore, turned around and left resolutely.Because he already knew that he would not get any help from the bookstore.During the period of obtaining the supernatural power, he experienced many wonderful things that he never thought of before.He didn t want to back down, and he didn t want to go back to that humble and pitiful life like a dog.Just wait, I ll be back Walking hundreds of meters.Bren just turned his head and looked in the direction cbd gummies for muscle relaxation of the bookstore.He clenched his fists tightly, the anger in his heart was like a volcano erupting, but there was no expression on his face.I, Brunsimir, one day, I will make you regret it Just wait He roared in his heart.If that where to buy cbd gummies near me myth and legend is derived from a true story.Thenthe most conspicuous place in the entire Infinite City is undoubtedly this golden circle.With his current level of intelligence, he can solve a puzzle of this level , basically easy.Golden Shenzhou Lin Sheng stood silently for a moment, and a large number of white figures rushed out of him continuously.These monsters, which seemed to be the original residents of Infinite City, rushed towards Lin Sheng regardless of their own safety.It s a pity that they hadn t rushed far before they were disintegrated by the surrounding divine power particles and disappeared.Try it In order to confirm the guess in his heart, Lin Sheng tipped his toes, and the whole person immediately flew best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd up and flew straight towards the golden ring above the top of the tower.

The principle is clear, plus he is a master of manipulating the soul, it is not difficult to imitate and shape the helmet.But it wasn t the pursuit he wanted.Chapter 717 Cohesion 2 No matter how powerful the battle helmet is, it is only a foreign object manipulated by the soul.Although it is a foreign object, it can unscrupulously incorporate a large amount of materials to build various weapon better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation defense systems.But this is not its own strength and evolution.Moreover, this does not mean that those ordinary people and ice specials who do not have the qualifications of war helmets will never have further hope.Mecha helmets are only powerful weapons.And weapons can be used by people.Therefore, as long as they are strong enough, even humans can use these ultra technical weapons.In this way, Lin Sheng followed the basic science of the world he had absorbed, as well as the battle helmet shaping method.The inside line and the base on the Green Lake star completely lost contact.At this time, Lin Sheng was busy cracking the third level authority in his hand Siyuanhai.Lin Sheng didn t jump into the huge spiritual sea as soon as he came in.Instead, he floated aside, quietly pinching the chip in his hand and thinking.After these years of research, he more or less understood the secret of this chip.That s why he brought the chip here this time.I hope there will be no more mistakes this time.Lin Sheng frowned, and flicked the chip out gently.Chi.The chip, which looks ordinary on the surface, just flew towards the huge spiritual sea.Immediately, a light red arc suddenly exploded on the surface of the chip.Here we come Lin Sheng was convinced, and rushed up quickly, rushing into the circle of pink arc.I know, I know.There was a slight trace of helplessness on Sasha s cold face.As a member of a middle level dance troupe on Kazilan Star, Mei Kesha followed her manager and was invited to perform a small scale dance performance on Capital Star.But apart from her identity as a dancer, she also has another unknown identity.This trip to Capital Star also has another purpose.The transport ship sailed in the deep starry sky for about half a day, and stopped at a space port for a while.Soon another group of people boarded the boat.After boarding the sour gummy cbd cigarettes ship this time, the number of passengers on the Hongying has also increased a lot.The popularity has gradually increased a lot.More and can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews more people came out for sightseeing on the deck.Lin Sheng still stayed in the position he had chosen every day.That Sasha also hid behind the baffle to rest every day, until someone came to find her specially.Lin Sheng s heart moved, and he immediately released several soul tentacles to search for information in the minds of the people in front of him.Soon, some secret information about the city was found from the minds of these people.Wait Here Lin Sheng suddenly seemed to have discovered something.He moved his eyes and looked at one of the rooms.From the minds of several people, he unexpectedly got a piece of good news.Although there is no second level authority here, there is a third level authority There was a hint of surprise and surprise on his face.As expected of a capital star, a mere port city can still have a third level authority.He walked quickly to the door of the room.Boom The door of the room burst open suddenly, and a thick white mechanical arm inside grabbed Lin Sheng viciously.Lin Sheng squinted his eyes and listened carefully to the explanation.So what does this have to do with me reaching my limit he asked aloud.Because the real spirit has a spiritual personality.How many souls a true spirit can hold is predetermined from the very beginning.said the voice slowly.Like a group of animals, although it can continue to evolve with the change of time and environment, this evolution has a limit.He paused for a while, then continued According to the description you can understand, that is, no creature can evolve infinitely and become stronger infinitely.The true spirit is the pattern, the frame.It is the core of maintaining the order of the dimensional universe.Everything operates and revolves according to inherent rules.Each individual must not go beyond his own limits.And recently, in order to avoid the sudden political purge, she ordered to speed up the experiment, and it turned out that something went wrong after such a speed up.A group of Kuroshio monsters whose strength far exceeds that of the previous types rushed out of her laboratory and began to wantonly slaughter the surrounding people.These monsters are immortal and will regenerate soon after being killed.And it is also extremely polluting.Under Sila s plea, Anseria made another move and went to strangle the Kuroshio monster.Lin Sheng watched all this quietly from the side.With the rapid flashing of the screen.He suddenly saw an astonishing fact.Anseria is actually using her own blood, after dilution, to cure the polluted Kuroshio monster And her blood is really effective The strangers who had just been polluted quickly recovered with the help of her blood.

When they looked at Lin Sheng, they were more curious.In other words, the appearance of these two people is almost fake.Lin Sheng allocated a trace of soul power and swept it over the two of them.Immediately understood their state.You are just a trace of soul escaping here.It seems that it should be the infinite city in your dreams He activated the device that opened the mask to block the sound, allowing the voice to pass out.You how do you know Kane was taken aback, turned slightly nervously, stood in front of the little girl, and stared at Lin Sheng solemnly.This is not where you should come, go back.Lin Sheng said lightly.He released a trace of divine power and better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation gently penetrated into the bodies of the two of them.We will see you again.Now, you should wake up.He said calmly.These two people are almost two world signs sent to his mouth, the cbd gummies for muscle relaxation so called God will be condemned if he does not take it.It doesn t matter what the Willi family does.The key is Kenhart McAllen said from He straightened up on the recliner, cbd gummies for muscle relaxation his face extremely irritable and ugly.Isn t it good for this little trash to be a good for better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation nothing You have to do so many things to cause me trouble He stood up, kicked the cat girl away, and walked back and forth a few times in a gloomy manner.For a long time, he has only attacked middle and low level mages.In this way, gaining benefits can be painful, but it will not tear his face.Just afraid of getting into trouble.But now Contact the buyer immediately and ask him to bring it back He ordered decisively.Chapter 784 Ruling 2 The deputy master has already tried to contact the thing said it has been used up that is a one time mage certificate it will disappear immediately after being used up.But this condition is actually very vague, life is basically guaranteed, disability is also a basic living, and paralysis is also a basic living.So to a large extent, it depends bay park cbd gummies for copd on the conscience of the owner.And this rescue depends on whether it threatens the owner s own safety.If there is a threat, the owner can choose not to act.This is a standard master servant contract.You can sign it now.Lidu picked up the pen and wrote her name on it.She has given up everything.Chapter 801 Promotion 1 Accepting senior sister Lido as a servant has no effect on Lin Sheng s life.In addition to making his daily life easier, he still continued to immerse himself in his spell research.In magic research, Lin Sheng pays attention to absorbing the knowledge system of this world as much as possible at every step.Turn around slowly.Her eyes were wide open, staring at the direction of the Lanying Tower, with doubts and a little puzzlement.There, there is a huge, terrifying luxury cbd gummies and oppressive atmosphere that is breeding and cohesive.That s an enemy attack Dora had never seen such an aura before.It was strange, sacred, but also filled with depression and madness.Ken Hart She suddenly felt a glimmer of hope cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Hundreds of floating cannons flashed densely with magic aura.They circled in the air beside Lin Sheng, spinning and dancing rapidly, continuously releasing the stored enchanting spells onto the cross sword.Each best cbd gummies reviews edible gummy bears cbd floating cannon can enchant dozens of sets of spells, and hundreds of floating cannons are all prepared for Lin HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation Sheng s enchantment.At this moment, the sword in his hand had almost turned into a ray of pure light.Of course, the material cost of the mage tower is at your own expense, and the free one is mainly the employment fee of the mage.But now, the Evil Shadow Sect has been successfully defeated, and he has officially embarked on the road to return to his hometown, Cuijing Fortress.Jingle Bell.Suddenly, a crisp bell sounded from the front of the horse path.The speed of the carriage slowly slowed down.Lin Sheng s thoughts broke away from reading, and he lifted the curtain of the car to look forward.What s going on Master, there s a convoy going to the direction of Werley in front, asking if we have a spare wheel and want to borrow it., turned to Lin Shenggong and said.In cbd gummies by just chill products this era when the third level fighters are the guests of the lords, the second level fighters can be regarded as the elite.I don t know why he is willing to come to do this simple guard work.So closing only needs to remove the supporting force.After Lin Sheng gave the order, he went to the bathroom to take a shower, dry his hair, and put on new clean clothes.After all this is done, the world gap at the seal of purgatory has been completely closed.The rest of the sacred aura seemed to be a little confused and at a loss.Lin Sheng didn t pay attention to that much.After closing the gap, he checked his body condition, then issued an order through the Guangming Society, and left the castle quietly alone.He needs to go to the place where the better delights cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation mage tower is built and carefully plan the overseer.This mage tower is not just a mage tower, he wants to continue the construction process and build a truly cross world complete descending magic circle.A permanent Advent Circle.After all, when the gods enter the world under the Holy Spirit Palace, they will be suppressed by the world s rules, and in turn, his body, entering this world, will also be suppressed by the world s rules.

As soon as the group cbd gummies for muscle relaxation left the gate of the castle, they ran into Lin Sheng who was slowly getting out of the carriage with a staff in hand.Because of the urgency of the situation, Bei Tansi, who had no time to greet Lin Sheng, just waved to him, and hurried towards Ryan s location.What are they doing Is there something urgent Lin Sheng looked out to meet the castle supervisor, Horn, with a questioning expression.The old supervisor shook his head, also a little dazed.I don t know.Master Bei Tansi didn t mention that there is something urgent.Lin Sheng came back this trip with the intention of packing up his things for the last time and then moving into the newly completed mage tower.Thinking of this, he didn t bother to pay attention to what kind of tricks Bei Tansi and his party were playing.Then came the feet, the wings, and finally the head.Follow the spirit of my lord.A grand and cold and ruthless message spread from the astral giant in an instant.Conquer, rule, and destroy.The giant raised his head, with a gap between his brows.A dazzling white light shot out from it, enlarged in front of it, forming a huge star like white vortex.The giant flew into fundrops cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation the vortex without hesitation, followed by a large number of interstellar warships behind Holy Spirit Palace.Evil and sacred singing reverberates in the air all the time.Inside the white and sacred exquisite palace.Lin Sheng himself sat on the main seat, looking down at the many commanders below.A few years ago, his current form has undergone tremendous changes.The spiritual breakthrough brought by the true spirit allows him to absorb more wish power without limit to strengthen himself.Sunata asked earnestly.Now you are the only Holy Son descending to the main plane.The Death Sentence King has already begun to attack the Kingdom of God of the Lord of Light.You keep paying attention and decide whether to shoot or not depending on the situation of the battle.Lin Sheng said calmly.Understood.In addition, because the strength of the gods of the Lord of Light is a bit HCMUSSH cbd gummies for muscle relaxation wrong.So after the Death Sentence King breaks through the God Kingdom of the Lord of Light, you will immediately solve the other God Kingdoms of the God of Light.is that OK It s not a big problem.Sunata nodded.Very well, I ll wait for your good news. Victory will be brought to you.Sunata bowed Chi Chi Chi Chi White beams of light, like real ones, swept across the sky one by one.Countless angels broke their wings and fell.Here, there were also traces of civilization, but judging from the signs, it has been destroyed for too many years.Soon Lin Sheng found a new Kuroshio entrance here.He continued to fly in along the entrance, and after passing through a vesicular intestinal tract, there was actually a brand new world with a higher concentration behind it.Lin Sheng did not stop, but continued to penetrate one by one.Through worlds.And the concentration of the Kuroshio is also constantly rising.Finally, after rushing out of the entrance of the Kuroshio for the sixteenth time, the concentration of the surrounding Kuroshio has reached the limit that Lin Sheng can bear.After one world, there is another world with higher concentration Lin Sheng frowned.He was floating above a huge black ocean, and the sea below was calm, like a dead lake.That s it.Lin Sheng smiled.There is nothing difficult about becoming a reincarnation.The real difficulty is to see the reincarnation watch first.Just like Bei Tansi back then.Finally, he glanced at Bei Tansi in front of him, Lin Sheng thought for a while, then returned to the main body and switched his consciousness.At the moment of switching, he was also observing the change of the reincarnation watch.But this broken watch did not respond at all, obviously unable to perceive the connection and fluctuations inside the soul.After getting the watch, Lin Sheng reconfirmed that there was nothing wrong with Bei Tansi, and then sent it back to the Mage Tower.Sitting back on the top terrace where he was used to, Lin Sheng stroked his can cbd gummies help with anxiety best cbd gummies reviews Samsara watch lightly, looking at his own attribute information on it.In a blink of an eye, the portal closed.The world has once again returned to tranquility Holy Spirit Palace.Lin Sheng played with cbd gummies for muscle relaxation cbd sleep gummies near me the notebook in his hand.With the powerful computing power of Shenghe, it only took an hour to translate the recorded language.He also passed through the Holy River and roughly understood the content here.Heiyuan The place of origin The ultimate power That small world is the origin of all black currents Lin Sheng frowned, judging from the contents of this notebook.The dead world he arrived before was the origin of the black abyss called by the owner of the notebook.That is the fundamental origin of everything in the Kuroshio.It used to be the gathering place of the most rooted negative energy in countless worlds.But later, an existence called a dragon came into contact with that world and opened the gap in that world.

At this time, Ryan had turned into a black monster with eight spider legs growing out of his back.The flesh and blood of his whole body wriggled, and under the skin there would be human faces protruding from under the skin, and there would be countless hideous and tiny insects protruding from it.As if the whole person is going to explode at any moment.The paladin who was about to restrain Xia Weier was also cut into countless pieces in the rain of red light and fell to the ground.Grass was cut and trees slowly slipped and fell.Countless purple leaves were ignited by the light beam, the fire spread, and thick smoke billowed into the sky.In the flames, Ryan used his remaining rationality to suppress his manic instincts, and controlled the red light so that it would not hurt I wantto swallow you alive He roared manically, the spider like thorns on his body grew rapidly and protruded.

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