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Then he said, Alan, tell me in good conscience, can I treat you well Said When saying this, Mr.Tan patted the back of Yi Lan s hand lightly with his cbd gummies from amazon hand.Yi Lan s arms trembled slightly but before she retracted, she replied cautiously I know that you treat me well and take good care of me, and I am very grateful, thank you.Of course you have to thank me, but are you going to How do you express it Mr.Tan s attitude obviously became ambiguous Actually, when you first joined the company, I fell in love with you, and I couldn t help wanting to love you.Yi Lan panicked Mr.Tan, don t say that, I have always regarded you as the most respected leader, you Mr.Tan firmly grasped Yi Lan s white palm, breathing alcohol and said softly Alan, Why do you have to be strangers to me like that, I will not be happy if you talk to Mr.Okay, then thank you Mr.Cheng.It s okay, just have a meal.When the food came, Cheng Siyu suddenly asked, Do cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon you drink Feeling like a dream, he was even secretly grateful to God for the snow, otherwise he would not have had the chance to have dinner with Cheng Siyu.His mind was full of fugues at the moment, when he heard Cheng Siyu talking about drinking, he thought that the other party asked him to drink with him, so he agreed directly, and then subconsciously prepared to pick up the knife and fork to eat steak.At this moment, Qi Fei suddenly noticed that Cheng Siyu seemed to be staring at him, and he realized that if his movements were too skilled, he might be exposed.Western food is very common in the West, but when it comes to China, it becomes a lot more upscale, and people without a little money really can t afford it.Qi Fei was also very surprised I was planning to go to the train station.I came here to get some fresh air and take a walk.I didn t expect to meet you here so late.I m also here to get some fresh air.Cheng Siyu said , Then she looked at the sea in front of her I read your resignation letter.Qi Fei didn t know what to say, so he had no choice but to keep quiet and quietly looked at Cheng Siyu s beautiful side face.At this time, the bell of the train station came from a distance, and Qi Fei felt that the voice seemed to be urging him leave quickly.Just when Qi Fei was about to say goodbye, Cheng Siyu suddenly said in a sad tone It s just a coincidence that I was suspended just after you resigned.Qi Fei was even more surprised now Why things.Cheng Siyu said very plainly, but there was deep sadness in his eyes.Show mercy, Brother Fei The flat headed man begged Qi Fei for mercy with a look of horror on his face.At that time, he saw Qi Fei grabbing his brother s neck with one hand and lifting him up.If you want to hit two fists directly, you have to lose half your life if you don t die.Qi Fei looked into the eyes of the flat headed man Sorry, I m also a part time worker.You must listen to what the boss says, and the thing is that you were at fault first.If you were willing to listen to premium hemp cbd gummies me at that time, it wouldn t have become a cbd gummies from amazon problem.This way, let you learn a lesson.After saying this, Qi Fei swung his right fist and hit the short haired man on the cheek, knocking him to the ground.One more punch.Li Xuan said casually.Gritting his teeth, Qi Fei grabbed the crew haired man by his collar and pulled him up, then punched him again.Li Xuan held cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect his head high, with one arm slanted on the back of the chair Qi Fei saved your life, and he didn t even want any money if I gave him it.This would give him a good job so that he can spend more money.Make some money, could it be possible that you let him continue to stay in your Laoshi subsidiary company The salary is not much and there is no future, he will be able to make a lot of money at that time, I am helping you pay back the favor, don t be ignorant of good people.Cheng Siyu His expression was a bit complicated, but he still didn t speak.Li Xuan continued with a sneer on his face I still say the same thing.Staying in that company won t make you any good, and you won t be famous.Qi Fei is like that, and so are you.Besides, I don t even want you to be good for nothing.A woman What are you doing You can t stay at home and be a full time wife You just don t listen to me.It s okay, don t worry.Then Brother Fei, take it easy.Well, if there is any problem, I will notify you in time, and don t mess around before then.Yes Brother Fei Qi Fei held a pistol in his arms , got out of the car with a solemn expression, then entered the company and found the general manager s office.Qi Fei took a deep breath before knocking on the door.Come in.Li Dafa s voice came from inside.Qi Fei immediately opened the door and saw Li Dafa sitting in the spacious office at a glance.But Li Dafa hadn t raised his head yet, he was probably looking at some document, Qi Fei went straight to the other party s desk.Have you got the information Just put it on my desk.Li Dafa said.Qi Fei didn t move or speak, but cbd gummies from amazon do cbd gummies help tinnitus just stared straight at the top of Li Dafa s head.Li Dafa vaguely felt that something was wrong, and even felt a strange chill, so he raised his head to look, and his expression changed immediately.After a glance Okay.When Heizi and Maoqiu entered the bedroom and cbd gummies from amazon closed the door, Qi Fei looked at Li Dafa and asked, Aren t you going to sleep for a while Be me, can you sleep Qi Fei didn t answer, took out a pack of Zhonghua cigarettes from his pocket, opened it and handed one to Li Dafa, Li Dafa took the cigarette and lit it, took a deep puff, stimulated by nicotine , His mood also eased a lot.Qi Fei lit one himself, and then sat beside Li Dafa.The two smoked by themselves and remained silent until Li Dafa finished one, Qi Fei gave him the first one, Li Dafa took it unceremoniously and started smoking again.After a few more seconds, Li Dafa said Qi Fei I really didn t expect that you would work with Li Xuan.How long have reviews for purekana cbd gummies you been with him Why do you want to follow him Qi Fei said casually Also It didn t take long, wasn t it just to make money with him, you know.Chapter 92 Dangerous cbd gummies from amazon sound in the box After two crisp sounds, both the tiger s head and the wolf s head were smashed open.The severe pain and strong dizziness caused the two to stagger back a few steps.Bright red blood flowed out from the hair of the two of them quickly, where to get cbd gummies for anxiety reviews for purekana cbd gummies Langtou couldn t hold it any longer, and sat down on the ground, the lights in the private room seemed to emit countless dazzling halos in his eyes.Hutou deserves to be the one with the best physical fitness and skills among the three, even though he was hit violently on the head by Qi Fei with a wine bottle, he didn t fall down, but instead aroused his tyrannical spirit.Just when Qi Fei was about to strike again, Hu Tou quickly wiped off the blood on his face, bent down with a roar, picked up the coffee table in front of him, and threw it at Qi Fei viciously.When Langtou and Snaketou saw their elder brother s face flushed purple and his eyes bursting out, his appearance was so horrible that they were so frightened that they almost lost control of their bladder and bowels.The three of them had never killed people before, but they didn t expect that one day they would become the ones who were killed, and they would die so painfully.Bai Jin s expression was gloomy and cold, and he tightly covered Hutou s mouth and cbd gummies from amazon nose.Hutou had a strong physique, and he struggled for a long time before he became silent, and was finally smothered to death by Baijin.The faces of the wolf head and the snake head were pale, and there was a horrified whine from their throats, but their mouths were blocked, and they didn t know what they wanted to say.Platinum didn t want to listen to the two people talking, so he walked over in a hurry and killed the two people in the same way one after another.After I saw your text message, I immediately cbd gummies and disposable vapes thought that the issue company s situation is essentially the same as your friend s situation.Almost, so I also thought that the root cause must be found immediately Then what is the root cause Qi Fei asked knowingly.I analyzed it carefully later.I think that the sudden appearance of so many complaints may not necessarily be due to the delivery problems of our company s publishers.As the boss, I still know the situation of the employees below.They are very hardworking and their overall quality is excellent.Very high, as long as there is a detailed delivery form, they will definitely do it seriously.Well, yes.Then Cheng Siyu said Looking at it this way, if there is a problem with the relevant data obtained by the delivery personnel , For example, if the quantity is wrong, or the address is wrong, they can t do anything, and something will happen.Actually, it s nothing.Cheng always wanted to ask cbd gummies for pain book where you were and what you were doing.I didn t say anything.I just said that I hope Cheng can understand me.I don t know if she will be angry with me or blame Yu Xuan.Brother.Qi Fei s expression was serious.Li Xuan nodded, as if relieved, he admired Qi Fei and said Brother Fei is really reliable, you have to do this, very good Thank you Brother Xuan.Qi Fei is completely relieved now, everything he has done is thoughtful, including telling the matter to Li Xuan is also intentional, anyway, Li Xuan has heard what he pretended to say, so it is better to pretend to report it.In this way, Li Xuan s doubts can be completely dispelled.At the same time, Qi Fei believes that the smart Cheng Siyu will never call Li Xuan to ask about the situation.Cheng Siyu knows that if she does that, Qi Fei will definitely be killed.Have you ever encountered it Xiao Tie shook his head No, but my father encountered it when he was young, so don t think about it, the things at that time may be very common, but they couldn t understand it at the time Qi Fei nodded, did not continue to ask, then went outside alone, moved a chair and sat in the yard, Li Xuan and Lao Tie were fishing on the cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect other side of the pond, depending on the situation, the hand painting was not small.Qi Fei has nothing else to do, but can only smoke with that person, and without his mobile phone, he can t contact Cheng Siyu, which doesn t feel good.In this way, he endured until the evening when Li Xuan and Lao Tie came back from fishing, both of them carrying do gas station cbd gummies work a net full of big fish.Li Xuan said to Qi Fei with a proud face Brother Fei, you didn t go fishing.There are two medical kits left, I gave them all, what else do we need This Xiao Tie hesitated.Qi Fei thought for a while, and then said to Li Xuan I ll cbd gummies from amazon go and send them some compressed food Xiao Tie, do you still have water Have.Well, give it to me.I ll give it to them.After all, it s human life.Maybe we can help each other out of here, and then go to the village to make plans.Xiao Tie handed his water bottle to Qi Fei, and Li Xuan didn t object.He rubbed his chin and wondered what cbd gummies from amazon he was thinking.Qi Fei walked over slowly with compressed biscuits and water Dude, I have something to eat.and water, I ll bring you this first, I don t have a gun, I hope you don t be nervous.come on.The man said.At this moment, Li Xuan also walked over quietly, and he signaled Xiao Tie to stand still and not to speak.The fifth child lost his head, so naturally he couldn t stand up again, but Qi Fei couldn t heave a sigh of relief, because Li Xuan had already come here and pointed his gun at the third child.The baby HCMUSSH cbd gummies from amazon is mineheheheit s all mine Li Xuan grinned grinningly, and slowly pulled the trigger.Qi Fei yelled no, quickly rushed towards Li Xuan, and suddenly raised the muzzle of the gun.A series of gunshots rang out, and the bullets hit the top of the cave.Suddenly, the gravel kept falling down.Li Xuan became furious, knocked Qi Fei over with the barrel of his gun, and strode towards the third child Qi Fei was dizzy, but he hadn t forgotten what he was supposed to do.He gritted his teeth and grabbed Li Xuan s feet.One was because he didn t want him to kill people in the past, and the other was because he was worried that the falling stone would hit Li Xuan Li Xuan s appearance became more and more ferocious, he raised his gun and fired several shots at the third child, and then aimed the gun at Qi Fei s head.Dongzi was driving while humming, when suddenly he muttered strange.Before Qi Fei asked him what was going on, Qi Fei himself saw two black off road vehicles chasing up at a very fast speed.It stands to reason that it is not surprising to encounter a car on the road, but Qi Fei and the others felt something was wrong.Dongzi hesitated whether to speed up the car, or let the two off road vehicles pass first, but then he saw that one of the off road vehicles rushed behind his jeep.The off road vehicle did not slow down, and slammed into the jeep, shaking Qi Fei and Cheng Siyu almost to the bottom of their seats.Before the two could recover, a person appeared from the off road vehicle, with a gun in his hand, yelling loudly.Dongzi s face changed when he heard this, and Qi Fei hurriedly asked what the man said.When you return to the company, you will definitely help me build a high quality and capable sales team.Cheng Siyu s soft voice sounded right next to Qi Fei s ear, and Qi Fei s heart was pounding, he didn t continue to perfunctory, yes Cheng Siyu said very seriously Mr.Cheng, I promise you.That s really great Qi Fei couldn t see Cheng Siyu s expression in the dark, but he knew that the other party must be smiling at this moment.Immediately Cheng Siyu said Since you promised me to return to the issuing company when the time comes, I think we have to leave here It is impossible for Fang to trap us By the way, Qi Fei, if you agreed to my invitation, will there be any conditions Cheng Siyu asked him.Qi Fei thought for a while Is there a condition, this is really there.What is it Hey, I ll tell you when I go out.Qi Fei didn t know if his judgment was right, and he was still worried that even if his judgment was right, the length of the cave might be beyond his imagination, and he might not be able to get out in the end.In the darkness, the two supported each other and continued to move forward, and the terrain was gradually rising, but the surrounding scene did not seem to have changed much, and there was no bright light ahead.After four or five hours, Cheng Siyu was so tired that he had to stop and rest for a while.Qi Fei caught a few palm sized fish from the shallow water.Since it cannot be roasted with fire, it can only be swallowed raw.Cheng Siyu couldn t stand the taste cbd gummies affect blood pressure at first, but he was so hungry that he could only eat it.These fish are not big, but the meat quality is very good.He was really not used to it when he first started eating it, but he still felt pretty good after eating cbd gummies from amazon it.After leaving the park square, Qi Fei has been secretly following Cheng Siyu.Unexpectedly, Cheng Siyu purekana cbd gummies near me went another way, which made Qi Fei even more nervous, but he couldn t go to remind him., can only continue to follow.Later, Qi Fei found out that there were three sneaky guys following Cheng Siyu, so Qi Fei followed decisively.Originally, he wanted to get rid of them in advance, but if he did that, he might expose himself to Cheng Siyu, unless it was absolutely necessary, Qi Fei didn t want to do this.So when Cheng Siyu was forced into a dead end later on, Qi Fei started to cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect act under the cover of the dim light.He first dealt with the two robbers, and after taking Cheng Siyu s cell phone and money back, he quickly dealt with the one who wanted to moles her.The whole process took a very short time, and those three gangsters were not Qi Fei s opponents at all, so they were very easy to deal with, and Qi Fei was able to keep his identity from being exposed.Qi Fei couldn t help being curious about what this guy was looking for with Li Xuan, and it was so mysterious that it was inconvenient to talk about it when there was a third person.Qi Fei disliked Li Dafa more or less, so even though he was curious, he still stood up consciously and said to Li Xuan Then brother Xuan, I ll go first, you guys talk.Li Xuan smiled cbd gummies from amazon and waved Waving his hands It s okay, sit down, you re not an outsider.Li Dafa showed a hesitant look, and quietly glanced at Qi Fei, Qi Fei cbd gummies from amazon was also hesitant, but Li Xuan said that, so he had no choice but to sit down again.After all, I haven t left him yet.Oh, Brother Fa, why don t you sit down too Li Xuan enthusiastically supported Li Dafa s shoulders, and pressed him on the sofa, which made Li Dafa very awkward.Qi Fei and Li Dafa were sitting together, out of the most basic courtesy, Qi Fei still greeted him Manager Li should be doing well, his face is full of flesh, and his face is full of red.Qi Fei smiled and handed the flowers to Ye Xiaobei Xiaobei, you are welcome here.I gave cbd gummies for sleep and anxiety amazon this to you.Do you like it Ye Xiaobei s eyes lit up, holding the flowers with a happy face Said Brother Qi, I like it, thank you so much Why are you being polite to me.Qi Fei said Come with me now, I will drive you to my place.When Ye Xiaobei arrived at the place where he parked, Ye Xiaobei asked, Brother Qi, is this the car you bought Put her luggage in the trunk, and then opened the co pilot s door for her.Go up.Qi Fei said.Ye Xiaobei quickly got into the car, Qi Fei also got in, and then Qi Fei started the car.Brother Qi, where are we going Ye Xiaobei asked curiously.Qi Fei didn t even think about it I have to find you a place to live.I have a room in my place, so I ll let you live there.Ye Xiaobei s eyes widened Live with you Will you dislike it No, no.Career, various mutually beneficial cooperation activities, do you think this is very good Qi Fei nodded It s really good, Mr.Cheng s thinking is very broad and innovative, she is really a very good company boss.Qi cbd gummies at the vitamin shoppe Fei s words came from the heart.Judging from what Mr.Yang said, Qi Fei couldn t help but admire Cheng Siyu.In terms of long term strategic development, Cheng Siyu cbd gummies for dementia patients s thinking is stronger than Qi Fei s.Qi Fei had never thought of so many things, and inadvertently, Qi Fei learned something again, that is, to expand his thinking, he must have a long term vision and deep thinking.Mr.Yang s affairs were almost finished, and then Qi Fei chatted with him for a few more words, and then they said goodbye to each other and left.After leaving, Qi Fei took the documents in his hand and went to Li Xuan s company.The other party also has a good background.If you form a relationship with him It s not good for me, so it s better to make the relationship with him better, at least not so stiff, everyone can benefit from harmony.Li Xuan snorted and said bluntly What cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon can he do I I really don t take him seriously.Xu Kaixuan shook his head This is not the time to be impulsive, I know you young people often get angry, but when you encounter things, you must use rational thinking to think about it.Things have to take a long term view, don t rush to find a solution to the immediate problem, if you really fight with Qin Wu, and the matter becomes serious, it will not only affect you, but also affect your where to get cbd gummies for anxiety reviews for purekana cbd gummies parents and confuse them It s not good to go in.The reason why you are going to Langzhou is because you are worried about this matter If it really affects you because of this matter, do you think you will feel better Many things have two sides, we don t want To think about a problem unilaterally, sometimes you need to use it flexibly, think more about how to deal with it in a better way, and solve this problem, what do you think Li Xuan couldn t refute what he said, but Li Xuan s expression was still It seemed so unwilling.In order not to let Xiaobei continue this topic, Qi Fei Fei hurriedly said again If you like cbd gummies from amazon this telescope, I will give it to you.Ye Xiaobei grinned No need, I can just play with it.After talking, Xiaobei looked around with the telescope I got up, and said that this telescope cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect is really good, and it can see things far away.Just when Xiao Bei shifted her gaze to the door of Qi Fei cbd gummies from amazon s bedroom, she suddenly exclaimed.Qi Fei suddenly became nervous Xiao Bei, what s wrong with you It s okayBrother Qi, II ll take a shower first, it s getting late and I m going to bed too.Oh, let s go Go Ye Xiaobei blushed and put the binoculars on the sofa, then hurried to the bedroom.Qi Fei was very puzzled, and looked towards his bedroom.The door of the bedroom was not closed, and there was nothing scary inside What s wrong with Xiaobei After thinking about it, Qi Fei picked up the binoculars and followed Xiao Bei s previous actions to look there, and he immediately understood.But now, the last bit of psychological comfort is gone.Qi Fei s mind was blank, all he could feel was despair and pain.As everyone knows, when Cheng Siyu deleted Piao Ling s QQ account, he was so uncomfortable that he almost collapsed.The feeling of digging out the heart alive is nothing more than that.Qi Fei didn t know how he recovered his mental state.Anyway, when he opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on the living room floor, surrounded by empty wine bottles, and the room was filled with a pungent smell of alcohol.The sunlight coming in from the window was a bit dazzling.After the dizzy Qi Fei regained his composure, he stumbled to find his phone and checked the time.It was still past ten o clock in the morning, but the whole day had passed.Qi where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies cbd gummies from amazon Fei slumped on the sofa weakly, squinting his eyes and scanned the messy ground.It is necessary to develop the rest of the business to generate income as much as possible to form a diversified business Mr.Ou just said that the general department needs to increase the retail business.Now the retail business of the group newspaper is not optimistic.This must be taken seriously.And the content that has been vigorously developed, and the expansion and development of the sales market, everyone is currently groping forward, the two of you should have a lot of room for development, and I hope that you can give full play to your best abilities by then.Qi Fei listened very carefully to what Cheng Siyu said, and he began to think about his own work at that time, but there was another point in Qi Fei s heart.That is, he was very surprised that Cheng Siyu would arrange Zhang Wei here to stay in the same department as him.Because of this, if there is a mobile newspaper selling team that can transfer and sell at any time, it will be able to fill the gap, which will play a very important role in expanding sales and gradually occupying the newspaper retail market in Bingang.My general idea, specifically, is this.First, the company is recruiting.I calculated it.Initially, forty mobile newspaper sellers will be recruited, and their remuneration and related expenses will be allocated according to the rate of the newsstand.Their remuneration is based on It is paid by sales.I calculate that if a newspaper seller sells 200 copies of newspapers a day, his monthly income can reach 2,000.If 400 copies a day, that is 4,300.However, more and more people are finding it difficult to find a job, so judging from our treatment, it is still very attractive where to buy not pot cbd gummies in the overall wage level of Bingang.Brother, it s just to be polite, but I call you that now, but I admire you from the bottom of my heart.I finally realized that there is too much difference between me and you.From now on, I must study hard from you and look forward to flying Brother, don t hesitate to enlighten me.Zhang Wei s move made Qi Fei feel a little overwhelmed, so he could only say a few words of modesty casually.Then, Zhang Wei said to Cheng Siyu solemnly Mr.Cheng, I listened carefully to every word Qi Fei said.His plan is really much better than mine, and it is extremely perfect.Therefore, It can be seen that the company adopts his plan is the best, and I sincerely hope that the planning plan that Qi Fei worked so hard to make will be truly successful.In fact, Zhang Wei doesn t need to say, can cbd gummies help with sleep apnea Cheng Siyu already knows whose plan to use, but Zhang Wei said This attitude makes people think that he is also very good.Really How long has he been here It must have been a long time, I don t know, I didn t ask.Cheng Siyu I just chatted with Qi Fei casually, the main thing is to eat, I have to say that the hot pot here is very good, and any dish you put in it is very delicious, Cheng Siyu can t help but praise again and again, saying that many big restaurants No hot pot can compare to this.The two ate for half an hour, during which time other customers came one after another, and the small shop seemed much more lively.Just when Qi Fei was about to check out and leave, suddenly two young men with mischievous eyebrows walked in and shouted Boss Boss Where are you Brother Bin came out in response.When he saw these two people, Brother Bin showed a look of disgust, and then said to the two of them Isn t it the date yet Among the two young men, the one wearing the peaked cap laughed a few times, walked up to Brother Bin and raised his head.Zhang Li snorted coldly, Looking at Qi Fei with a depressed face For your matter, I really worry about it.There are only so few places.It is not easy to win.I can tell you directly that the other few who also want to become regulars are at least College degree, you are a high school graduate with the lowest education, just because of this, I am really worn out, and I have spent a lot of talking, there are six people, only one can pass Qi Fei sneered in his heart, and then He said casually That s really a big thank you to Director Zhang.That s about the same.Zhang Li rolled her eyes But you plan to just say thank you Otherwise Qi Fei suddenly revealed Weird smile It s very polite for me to say thank you.Zhang Li was taken aback What do you mean Chapter 231 won the first prize Qi Fei looked indifferent I heard that although there are only six places issued by the Ministry of Manpower this time, as long as they are submitted, they will be approved.Ye Xiaobei didn t tell Qi Fei in advance, in order to give him a surprise, but when he found the office, he found that Qi Fei was not there.Beauty, who are you looking for Zhang Wei, who was sitting on a chair drinking tea, asked with a smile.Excuse meis Qi Fei here is cbd gummies addictive Zhang Wei sized Ye Xiaobei up He should have gone to eat and hasn t come back yet.Are you hisgirlfriend Ye Xiaobei blushed and didn t deny it He didn t admit it either, but asked, Then when will he come back Zhang Wei wondered secretly, he didn t expect Qi Fei reviews of cbd gummies to have such a beautiful girlfriend, which made him a little jealous.He said casually It s only one o clock now, maybe he will come back after work, let s go to work at 2 30, why don t you wait for him here Then Zhang Wei got up and gave Ye Xiaobei a bath With a cup of tea, Ye Xiaobei sat behind Qi Fei s desk.Before Qi Fei could speak, Zhang Li said again It seems that you really care about her, not only because of her that you deliberately keep a distance from me , and even gave her a prize to please her Qi Fei frowned slightly, he vaguely felt that something was wrong.Zhang Li continued You are really confused.It s okay to please her, but you have to be careful.At least you can t let others know about the relationship between you, right It s good, you put your own future Give it away Qi Fei was surprised, before he thought that Xiao Bei s winning the lottery would be deliberately operated in secret, although he couldn t figure out how to make Xiao Bei win a prize without knowing the location of the winning card.Waiting for the prize, but he really doubts people like Zhang Wei.But seeing what Zhang Li said now, it seemed that Ye Xiaobei s winning was purely due to her luck.Zhang Li added There is a saying that is good, you can lose your horse and know it is not a blessing.Although you have been dismissed here, it also means that you have other possibilities for development.Maybe it will be even better.No just to help you, I have found a new way for you, to tell you the truth, this new way is much better than your previous job HCMUSSH cbd gummies from amazon at the Evening News, it is like heaven and earth.Qi Fei s eyes Didn t raise it You are talking about Bingang Metropolis Daily.That s right, Metropolis Daily has always wanted you to go there, and even if something like this happens to you, they still want to hire you.After all, you are a talent.If you make a little mistake, you can still HCMUSSH cbd gummies from amazon correct it, as long as you pass by, the position of the CEO of the publishing company over there will be yours.I used my ability as a special soldier for so many years to find the guy who killed her, and then cut off his head and brought him back to her grave to worship.Could it be because you killed her She was dealt with by the state later Qi Fei asked with wide eyed eyes.When Qi Fei heard Ning Bin say that he had killed that person, Qi Fei didn t feel scary at all, he just felt that he finally vented his anger and comforted the girl s spirit in heaven.Ning Bin shook his head With my ability, I won t let them find direct evidence to prove that I am the murderer But since that guy also has some forces behind him, and he also investigated the relationship between me and her, so we There is cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect still a lot of suspicion, due to the interference of the forces behind that guy, and I did not go back in time, which delayed the arrangement for me in the army.Qi Fei sat on the sofa in a daze for a long time, and he didn t recover from the pain until the cigarette burned his fingers.Damn Qi Fei cursed with a blue face.Now that Qi Fei has no job and can t find work elsewhere, it seems that there is only one way for him to leave, and that is to leave Bingang.Qi Fei smiled wryly, thinking that he reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies wanted to leave here too many times at the beginning, but he failed in the end.Who knew that this time he finally made up his mind to stay here, and he would be forced to leave.This feeling is really fucked up.Qi Fei stayed at the place where he lived for a day without going anywhere.At night, he turned on the computer and stared at the screen blankly.After hesitating for a while, he didn t log in to QQ.At this time, Qi Fei was in a state of confusion, he felt that there were too many things in his life, and he didn t want to get involved in many situations, but he was always involved inadvertently and involuntarily.After talking about this matter, Yi Lan planned to leave, but Tan Jianren came in slowly.As soon as he saw Yi Lan, Tan Jianren smiled, but the smile looked how to make cbd edible gummies uncomfortable.Boss Tan.Yi Lan called out politely.Tan Jianren nodded Oh, I was too busy the past few days and didn t have time to find you What can I do for you Yi Lan asked.Haha, did the matter come to an end The main reason is that you just left.I miss you very much Ever since Tan Jianren came in, he had been staring at Yi Lan, completely ignoring Qi Fei.Lan called him together but he didn t respond.Yilan, at this manager s meeting, let s discuss the matter of you being the director of the office.I agree with it with both hands.I am very pleased to see you step by step.You have to work hard.This position is not good.I have a very important responsibility.The change was too sudden, and when Bei Dao Chuanzi realized it, Qi Fei had already pulled him over.Xiaowu glanced at Bei Dao Chuanzi with interest, and shook his head, It is said that Little Japan is quite greedy.I didn t believe it before, but I believe it when I saw it today.Xiaowu asked Bei Dao Chuanzi to order her subordinates to release his two mercenaries, but Bei Dao Chuanzi didn t cooperate, so he didn t need Xiao Wu Wu said that cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon Qi Fei also knew how to do it.He pinched Bei Dao Chuanzi s neck and told Bei Dao Chuanzi s men that if he didn t want to watch Bei Dao Chuanzi die, he could do as Xiao Wu said.Kitajima Chuanko explained to his subordinates in Japanese that Qi Fei and Xiao Wu could not reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies understand.Fuck Xiao Wu cursed, and gave Qi Fei a wink.Qi Fei held Bei Dao where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies cbd gummies from amazon Chuanzi s hand, and couldn t help but increase his strength.What, cbd gummies from amazon besides, our family owes you enough.Auntie, I don t like to hear you say that, what do you mean your family owes me I am very happy to see my uncle in good health.Yi Lan s father liked to hear Qi Fei s words, so he took a stool from the side and asked Qi Fei to sit down and chat.Yi Lan s parents asked Qi Fei about his business trip, Qi Fei told them that the company arranged for him to go, and when he came back, the company had something to do, so he didn t come to visit them, but Qi Fei didn t tell them about his injury.Qi Fei, when did you come back Why didn t you tell me Wu Wei came to check up Yi Lan s reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies father in the ward, and gave Qi Fei a big hug when he saw Qi Fei.Brother Wu, I just came back not long ago.The injury on Qi Fei s back was not healed yet, and he was afraid that if Wu Wei exerted too much force, the wound would burst open and bleed.Seeing that the female killer gave up using the gun, Zhao Yun walked down from the roof of the building, took Cheng Siyu out of the office, took the two girls out of the office, and asked the two girls to go to the security room to wait for a while before he went to help.fly.The security guard asked what happened to Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan, and why they looked a little shocked.Cheng Siyu didn t tell the security guard that a killer was going to kill her, but just told the security guard that he saw Xiaoqiang in the office.Besides, on the top of the building opposite the Bingang Building, Qi Fei has fought against the female killer several times.This woman is very strong.Qi Fei did not bring her down several times, but he was stabbed by the dagger in the female killer s hand.A few wounds came out.The female ninja looked at Qi Fei s gaze, saw that Qi Fei s eyes didn t look pretentious at all, thought for a while and said What do you mean That brother of yours is going to take away someone from the Yamaguchi gumi Who is he going to take away A woman named Bei Dao Chuanzi.Qi Fei spoke softly, but the female ninja could hear it.Chuanzi How could it be her The female ninja frowned, as if she was thinking about something.After a while, the female ninja looked into Qi Fei s eyes and asked cbd hemp dropz gummies Qi Fei, Who is Chuanzi and your brother What kind of relationship.Couple relationship.Qi Fei thought for a while, it seems that this is the relationship between Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuanzi.Impossible.The female ninja showed disbelief in her eyes.Qi Fei spread his hands, I have nothing to do if you don t believe me.Yarn vinegar.Hookah, the company has a lot of things to cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect do, so don t come to pick us up.Hearing what Qi Fei said, Tong Shiyan s expression changed, and he said with some displeasure Idiot, I cbd gummies from amazon haven t seen you for a long time Well.The Hitomi Shisha who acted coquettishly is as cute as the Hitomi Shisha when he scolded others, Xiao Wu was a little crazy to see it, if it wasn t for Kitajima Chuanko pinching his lower abdomen with his hand, maybe this guy would still do something something came out.The task of driving fell on Zhao Yun again.Qi Fei, Hitomi Shisha and Jiazi got into one car, and Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuan Zi got into another car.Stupid, do you think you missed me when you returned to Bingang Tong Shuiyan took Qi Fei s arm, leaned his head on Qi Fei s arm, and talked with Qi Fei with a small mouth.Mr.Cheng, I haven t gone out to have fun for a long time, why don t we go out to have a good time later.Yi Lan was also under a lot of pressure in the company, and was looking for an opportunity to go out to have fun and relax.Okay, Yi Lan, where are you waiting for me, I ll come and find you.Cheng Siyu nodded in agreement with Yi Lan.Afterwards, Yi Lan gave a cbd dosage in gummies location and told Cheng Siyu where she cbd gummies from amazon was waiting for her.After finishing the call with Yi Lan, Cheng Siyu went to the bathroom to wash her face, picked up a satchel and went out.After arriving at the place Yi Lan said, Yi Lan and Wu Wei were waiting there, Yi Lan, Brother Ang didn t keep condor cbd gummies owner wellness brand cbd gummies you waiting long.Yi Lan shook her head, smiled and took Cheng Siyu s hand, I and Brother Ang has just arrived, and the private room, Brother Ang, has already been booked.Zhong Da walked into the room and told him what Xu Kaixuan asked him to do.Xu Kaixuan sat on a recliner, swaying with his eyes closed, reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies which was quite leisurely.After Zhong Da finished speaking, he stood beside him, waiting for can my dog eat cbd gummies Xu Kaixuan s instructions.Gongsun Hai, Gongsun Hai, you are making me very difficult.Since you are Yutai s backer, I have no choice but to use Yutai to do the surgery.Xu Kaixuan opened his eyes, and a cold light flashed in them, facing Zhong Da He ordered Contact the bidding side and ask them to submit the bid to Tianlong Real Estate.Zhong Da nodded and left the room.In Gongsun Hai s home in the seaside villa, Gongsun Hai stood on the balcony looking at the sea covered with waves, and asked Xiao Li behind him, How is Qi Fei doing Xiao Li told Gongsun Hai that Qi Fei s side Everything is going on the right track now, and they don t need to worry about it.Langzhou, Tingyinxuan.Li Xuan was sitting in a private room, HCMUSSH cbd gummies from amazon beside him besides Heizi, there was a man with a handsome face who was five or six years old.Heizi, is this what you found for me Li Xuan looked at the man and frowned slightly.Heizi saw that Li Xuan s face was a bit unhappy, so he poked the man standing beside him with his hand, telling him to say hello to Li Xuan quickly.However, the man seemed to be ignorant, looking at the decorations in the private room, and finally stopped on Li Xuan, and said calmly, Are you the boss of Brother Hei Li Xuan was not angry when he saw cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon the man talking.Looked at him, and said proudly Yes, I am the boss of Heizi, let me show you what you have, if you can satisfy me, the treatment will also satisfy you.Li Xuan said Heizi gave Heizi a wink, and Heizi said to the man, Brother, I ve offended you.After a pause, Li Xuan continued The matter of eradicating the five forces of Qin is a bit rushed this time, so I will let you come here tomorrow.Qi Fei arrived in Langzhou the next day.He did not tell Tong Shisha and others about his arrival in Langzhou, nor Tell Cheng Siyu and Yi Lan that he left Bingang.Tingyinxuan, in Li Xuan s private room.Sitting Li Xuan, Heizi, Bai Xiye and Qi Fei, Bai Xiye sized Qi Fei up.This Qi Fei doesn t look very good.Apart from being handsome, he really doesn t see any ability Bai Xiye was a little puzzled, just this little boy, is he really as powerful as Heizi said Naturally, Qi Fei couldn t explain Bai Xiye s doubts.After entering the private room, his eyes fell on Li Xuan.Brother Xuan, can we talk about the business now Qi Fei frowned and looked at Li Xuan and asked.Bai Xiye is a fighting madman, seeing Qi Fei today, naturally he couldn t let Qi Fei leave like this.I heard from Heizi that you are very good at fighting.Today, I, Bai Xiye, challenge you, Brother Fei.Bai Xiye said very sincerely.Qi Fei couldn t laugh or cry in his heart, what does it mean to be able to fight well It seems that the most able to fight in China should be the urban management, but Heizi did not forget to cheer for Qi Fei and Bai Xiye, Brother Fei, just promise him, this kid just deserves a beating.Li Xuan watched with interest.Looking at Qi Fei and Bai Xiye, although Bai Xiye hasn t been here for long, he is really good at fighting, and he also wants to see who is better between the two of them.Qi Fei looked at Heizi and Li Xuan, and finally fell on Bai Xiye, and nodded with a smile.Crack A wine glass was thrown on the ground by Qin Wu, and the liquid in the glass spilled on the floor.Qin Wu s face was ugly, Li Xuan, you are promising, and you dare to take one of my drug trading markets.Bai Jin stood quietly aside, Qin Wu s eyes fell on Bai Jin, and he roared angrily You trash, what kind of kindness do you want to repay for letting you kill Qi Fei that day, it s all right now, Qi Fei Joining forces with Li Xuan gave me a trading market.The more Qin Wuyue said, the angrier he was, if he had known that Bai Jin would repay Qi Fei s kindness, he would not have sent Bai Jin to be an undercover agent.Bai Jin just stood there quietly without saying a word.What happened today was beyond his expectation.He thought Qi Fei would not cooperate with Li Xuan, but the two of them joined forces to take Qin Wu a drug market.Comrade police, are you not afraid that I will sue you for casually searching our trading market The leading policeman didn t take the threat from the person in charge of the trading market seriously, and looked at the trading market casually.The person in charge of the trading market glanced at the person in charge and said Anyone who dares to stop us from performing official duties will be pulled out and shot immediately.The person in charge of the trading market originally planned to bribe these policemen with money.But they hit a wall.Not only did these policemen refuse to accept his bribes, but they even asked him not to interfere with their performance of official duties.Comrade policeman, is there some misunderstanding in this The policeman in charge could stand up, but the person in charge of the trading market couldn t stand up.I remember that night under the cbd gummies from amazon moon, I met you in the vast crowd The woman frowned when she heard Xiao Wu talking endlessly about how to meet her, Sir, I think you really admitted your mistake It s my first time to come to Langzhou.Xiao Wu s face is definitely thick enough, listening to the woman s words, he didn t forget to tell some things about Langzhou that he heard from Qi Fei.The woman listened to what Xiao Wu said in a dignified manner, looked at Xiao Wu and asked and answered Seeing that you speak so seriously, are you a native of Langzhou Xiao Wu nodded, looking up at the sky at a forty five degree angle, Langzhou is my hometown.I have lived in Langzhou for more than 20 years.There is no place I don t know.The woman s eyes lit up, Then do you know Milan Yes.Xiao Wu s eyes flickered With a sly smile, she said to the woman, Not only do I know where Milan is, the chairman of Milan and I are still brothers.It is rare that Yun Changkong does not have a beer belly.Seeing Qi Fei sizing him up, Yun Changkong didn t apologize, nor did he light a cigarette keoni cbd gummy bears for him.The anger in his heart was burning, and he asked Qi Fei very bluntly, cbd gummies from amazon Are you Qi Fei, Milan s boss Fei nodded, I am Qi Fei.When Yun Changkong was looking at Qi Fei, Jialin was also looking at Qi Fei.She had seen a lot of handsome guys, so she thought Qi Fei was just a boy with a hookah., but at the moment she saw that she was wrong, she felt a great aura from Qi Fei, an aura that she had never felt in any man before.And Qi Fei also has a handsome cheek, which left a deep impression on Jialin s heart.I don t know if Qi Fei is good at it.It is said that women are like wolves at 30 and 40 like tigers.Jialin is just 30 years old this year.Because of her well cared for, she looks like a woman of 27 or 8 years old.Stupid, I sent an invitation to each of the three giants for the new product launch event.Hitomi Shisha came to Qi Fei s side, looking at Ji Ruxue s design on the wall with her hands folded, feeling a little worried He said, Will Yun Xiang cause trouble for us at the press conference Hitomi Shisha is not afraid of Yun Xiang s revenge, but she still has to think about Milan s employees and Milan s reputation.Qi Fei hugged Tong Shisha into his arms.This female man has paid too much for Milan, If Yun Xiang dares to make trouble, we can find it for him later.When Qi Fei said this, On the contrary, Xiao Wu s rascal tone, Tong Shihyan put her head tightly close to Qi Fei s arms, for this man, no matter how hard or tired she was, she would not complain at all.Langzhou Police Station, inside the chief s office.The bearded man s younger brother wanted to help his boss, but when he saw Long Xiaotian, he immediately reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies panicked.With their boss as a lesson from the past, they are not willing to follow in the footsteps of the bearded man.Do you remember now Hearing Long Xiaotian s devilish voice, the bearded man nodded vigorously, and he greeted the wretched man s ancestors for eighteen generations over and over again in his heart.If he hadn t told the pretty girl in the hotel, would he have been able plant md revive cbd gummies reviews to enter the hospital It doesn t matter if you enter the hospital, can you provoke the current condor cbd gummie killing god Just thinking about Long Xiaotian s tricks, the bearded man felt like crying, and regretted that he didn t check the almanac when he went out today.After Long Xiaotian cleaned up the bearded man, he also cleaned up the bearded man s younger brother before leaving the hospital.It is clear that kicking out some cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect of the nonsense in the company at this time is good for the company s future development.Sister Tong, reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies I m so sorry.Milan just wants a ruined temple, and there is a threat of being blown down by the strong wind at any time.Our family still has a wife and children who need to be supported by me Hitomi Shisha interrupted the employee who was talking, I understand your suffering, and you don t need to say anything more.From today onwards, you will no longer be an employee of Milan.After leaving Milan, there are some things you can say, and cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon some things you can t say You must know it in your heart, so I don t need to say more.After a pause, Hitomi Shuiyan glanced at the staff in the hall, and asked, green otter cbd full spectrum gummies Who else is like him, you can leave now.Hitomi Shuiyan As soon as the words fell, 20 or 30 employees stood up one after another, wanting to say goodbye to Tong Shisha, but were stopped by Tong Shisha with a wave of his hand, I just said it very clearly, If you want to leave, go now.Everyone has been waiting here for two or three days, and the things that should be done must be almost done.The smile had disappeared, and the bloody queen looked coldly at the drug lords and gun dealers standing around, taking it easy.Said Presumably everyone knows that the construction of a city or a place requires a lot of manpower and financial resources.Since the Golden Triangle wants to change its current appearance, it needs a lot of money from everyone.The Bloody Queen s words were not very good Concealed, the people present are naturally cbd gummies from amazon not fools, they can understand the meaning of her words, just ask them to pay for the construction of the Golden Triangle.Don t worry, there will be a corresponding record of how much money everyone present at the Golden Triangle has paid.When the time comes, build a stone tablet called what is it, and record the names of everyone on it for the commemoration of those who come later.After Qi Fei walked over, he stood back to back with the Bloody Queen and Zhao Yun, and the wolves surrounding them cbd gummies from amazon were only twenty meters away.Wow Aww The wolves were roaring, countless pairs of green eyes were staring at the three of Qi Fei, their white teeth were showing, and their mouths were whining, and the saliva was also flowing down.Wait for a while to fight, you two carefully observe the position of the wolf king.As long as you capture the thief and the king, as long as you kill the wolf king, maybe our crisis can be resolved.Half of the torch in his hand has been discarded by Qi Fei.Holding a wooden stick, he whispered to Zhao Yun and the Bloody Queen while guarding against a sudden attack by the wolves.This is for you.The Bloody Queen took out a silver dagger from somewhere and handed it to Qi Fei.Li Xuan didn t know, maybe it was because of his physical defects over the years that he was overwhelmed.I can t start, but I can t stop the chatterbox this time, and I said a lot of things about him.Qi Fei has been quietly listening to Li Xuan, it is rare for Li Xuan to have a chance to release, let him release the suppressed emotions of more than 20 years.On this day, Li Xuan and Qi Fei sat in the park chatting until three or four o clock in the afternoon before leaving.When they left, Li Xuan asked Qi Fei to keep it a secret for him.Even in the future, he should not mention this matter to Cheng Siyu.Some people know that he is not good at that.Qi Fei cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon nodded in agreement, patted Li Xuan on the shoulder, and gave him a reassuring look.After leaving the park, Qi Fei and Li Xuan separated.He was thinking about what Li Xuan said today.If Xiaotian can marry her, she is really The blessing of the Long family.In a word, Long Ao is very satisfied with Meng Tingting, his daughter in law.Tingting, you must not have eaten yet, I ll ask Xiaotian to take you out for dinner first.Long Ao gave Long Xiaotian a wink as he spoke.Long Xiaotian took Meng Tingting s hand, left the ward, and found a snack bar near the hospital.After the two ate something casually, they returned to Long Ao s ward.Xiaotian, I want to talk to Tingting about some things, you and Ah Fu go out first.Long Ao issued the order to evict the guests, but the object of the eviction was his capable subordinates and son.Long Ao and Meng Tingting talked for an hour in the ward.During this period, Long Xiaotian couldn t help but want to come to the door of the ward to listen to the conversation several times, but Fu Bo stopped him.Xiao Wu quickly got down from the driver s seat, opened the back door, and waited respectfully for Xiao Wu and Qi Fei to get out of the car.After getting out of the car, Xiao Wu patted Zhao Yun s shoulder, When will we go to drive the speeding car on the mountain road Zhao Yun s face collapsed, maybe Qi Fei didn t know what the speeding car Xiao Wu said was, but in his heart Very clear about what flying car refers to, La shrugged and said to Xiao Wu Boss, let me see if you drive a flying car.It s okay.Xiao Wu pretended not to see Zhao Yunla s shrugging face, and continued Let me see how shark tank smilz cbd gummies episode far you have progressed.As long as I meet my requirements, I will let you participate in that kind of racing competition in the island country.Yes, Liu Chen s power can be called a hegemony in Changsha, if compared with the mafia, it is not a star.Hitomi Shisha and the others drove the car out of the parking lot and parked it in an inconspicuous place outside the Milan company.Sister Tong, do you where to buy cbd oil gummies think the two of them can do it Ye Xiaobei poked his head out of the car window and asked curiously.Hitomi Shisha shook her head, This kind of thing depends on the feelings of the two of them, we just need to watch.Ru Xue is a blank slate in terms of emotions, you didn t see her embarrassment just now Jiazi remembered the few of them passing by Ji Ruxue, Ji Ruxue s helpless and embarrassed face, she shook her head slightly, with a wry smile on her lips.Boys should be married and girls should be married.It s time for Ji Ruxue to find a boyfriend.Meng Tingting said very directly.Tingting, let s talk about the fact that Long Xiaotian borrowed you.After arranging Ye Xiaobei, Tong Shiyan and Jiazi into the reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies car, Qi Fei took the seat of the driver Bai Xiye and asked him to drive the car that Xiao Wu and Bei Dao Chuanzi were riding in.Bai Xiye was very happy about this, and ran over in cbd gummies from amazon a panic, pulling Xiao Wu who was sitting in the driver s seat, Sorry, this seat is mine, you should just go there honestly.Sit in the back.Fuck Xiao Wu burst into a rough sentence, I haven t seen you for a few days, your injury has healed, don t you know how big the sky is and how red the flowers are.Xiao Wu was furious Sitting in the back row, he had previously planned to take Bei where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies cbd gummies from amazon Dao Chuanzi and go back to enjoy the world of the two, but at this moment, it seems that that idea has become a bubble.Two limousines, one black and one white, drove quickly on the streets of Langzhou, and stopped when they cbd gummies from amazon reached Qi Fei s small villa.What are you looking at, don t you know who owns Tingyinxuan One of Qin Wu s subordinates pushed away one of the bald man s subordinates, and stretched out his hand to pull the modern girl.I scolded the neighbor next door.There are no tigers and monkeys in the mountains to dominate.The bald man was also angry, where to get cbd gummies for anxiety reviews for purekana cbd gummies and shouted at his two younger brothers Call me, isn t there a Qin Wu behind Tingyinxuan I ll be afraid of him.The two younger brothers were waiting for the bald man s words, and they had followed the bald man for many years, and they had never fought, even killed people.Qin Wu s horse boys had fought before, but they were just standing behind to cheer and cheer, and their momentum was suppressed by the opponent for a while.Crackcrackcrack The bald man s subordinates knocked Qin Wu s boys to the ground, and the bald guy walked up to the arrogant guy just now.Are you afraid that Jialin will find out that you have a mistress outside and come back to take care of you Han Yu thinks highly of Jialin, and if he can poach Jialin from Yun Changkong, his competitor, he would be very happy.Every family has a difficult scripture to recite.Yun Changkong is a married person, and his wife also knows the relationship between him and Jialin.In the past, she would point fingers at Jialin., His wife can only hide when she sees Jialin.Why don t you give Jialin to me I just don t have enough assistants here.Han Yu said sincerely, Then you can find a female assistant again.It s up to you who you want to take care of in the future.Forget it.Yun Changkong kept shaking his head, Jialin was more important to Yun Xiang than he, the chairman, and many of Yun Xiang s plans were thought up by Jialin, so she gave Jialin to Han Xiang.That means telling Qi Fei, how about it, enough for some face.Everyone turned their attention to the man in the corner.He looked a little thin, but he was still quite handsome.As a result, some little beauties began to wink at Qi Fei.Hehe, hello everyone, I m Qi Fei.Actually, I m not late, but I don t have a membership card, and the security guard didn t let me in, so I squatted at the door for half an hour.Qi Fei said seriously.He always thought that being a person should be honest, not to tell lies, and at the same time not to show off, but to be down to earth.Of course, what he said was too down to earth.Hearing Qi Fei s words, everyone laughed in unison, and some men and women showed undisguised 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spike.You despicable Chinese people, you wait.No.3 finally put down such a sentence, spread out his movements with his buttocks between his legs, and ran away without a trace.As long as this cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon matter subsides, there will be nothing more to do in the future.We are stumped, now, do you have confidence in me Qi Fei said.Everyone remained silent.It would be strange to have confidence.Okay, today is the cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon third day of Qifei Environmental Protection s opening.Presumably the planning department has already prepared the launch site for the company s listing and establishment.At nine o clock in the morning, we will start on time.After Qi Fei finished speaking, he stood up and walked People, leaving these people with eyeballs all over the floor.Boom Jiang Fan pushed open the wooden door of Lu Yang s study hard, making an ear piercing sound.Such a reckless behavior made Lu Yang frown.Last time because of Zhao Zhuoming and the old thief, Lu Yang was already somewhat dissatisfied with Jiang Fan, but he didn t say anything because the Lu family still couldn t do without him.This bastard is really thick skinned, he dared to advertise himself as a conscientious and responsible company, did you think about two heavy words when you hit someone Now I still have the face to ask for applause, cbd gummies from amazon and say such a big nonsense, people don t care what company you are, anyway, it will soon become a joke company, everyone waited for a long time to come in just to find out about the so called violent beating the truth.Therefore, when Qi Fei wanted where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies cbd gummies from amazon to applaud, no one was willing to applaud because they felt it cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect was not worth it.It seems that everyone doesn t want to listen to me.Well, I m just such an easy going person, so cbd gummies from amazon just skip the company introduction and go to the scene to ask questions.Qi Fei nodded to Chen Wenli who was acting as the host The on site questioning session will last for 20 minutes.It was because of that person that my plan was sabotaged several times.There is no real progress yet.However, Qi Fei offended a lot in Langzhou.People, everyone wants him to disappear, and I m working hard to make it happen.A look of panic appeared on Wu Lun s face.Slap As soon as the words fell, Wu Lun received a heavy slap.Trash, for delaying the family s plan, you will not be compensated if you die 10,000 times, said the old man.My lovely little brother, I haven t seen you for so many years, it seems that it s time to catch up on the past.Find something to do.Early in the morning, Lei Dao waved the machete in his hand and ravaged the lawn.Since the establishment of Qi Fei Environmental Protection, Qi Fei came back occasionally.Wu Lan, Martin, and the others all lived and boarded in the company.Inject allergens into his body, and he will heal naturally in three or four days.However, if a master fights, even scratching an itch may result in death, not to mention a leg that is not working well.Coupled with the infinitely strengthened Shoutian Pill, the feces yellow gas can really make people sick when they smell it Number three is very depressed.If possible, he really wants to cry aloud to vent his inner frustration.Isn t it just to kill someone, everyone has a good fight, you slap me, I kick your balls, it s so good, as for making so many disgusting methods, it s really a despicable act.The more I think about it, the more depressed I become, the more depressed my butt hurts, the gas is cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon now corrosive.In such an environment, No.3 s combat power is getting weaker and weaker, but Lei Dao is like a fish in water, opening and closing the long knife in his hand, forcing No.Can this kid speak Can t it be seen that he is martha stewart cbd gummies coupons older and needs to have some status But in the end Wu Yi still held back, and if he couldn t bear it, he would make a big conspiracy.As long as Wu Lan was taken away, Qi Fei would be just a small fish, and he could kill him whenever he wanted.I don t think you are qualified to ask about this matter.This is the Wu family s business.Wu Yi said.Also, I warn you to put down the Wu family s number one successor as soon as possible, otherwise, you will be subject to endless revenge from the Wu family.When the century old medical family ascended to the top, it was hard for ordinary people to imagine how much energy they would gather and burst out soon.Therefore, Wu Yi has the confidence to still be so arrogant in Langzhou.You said him, I have beaten him back and forth three times, every time I beat him into a dog, cbd gummies from amazon there is no doubt, in fact, he was a dog, and he rolled away in front of me last time, would you like Listen to the details Qi Fei said.Such talents are naturally cultivated by the Lu family.They need a public figure who can speak out for the Lu family in the media.However, such a person who is very well known in the society is the most cowardly person among all the people present.He has already endured tremendous pressure to stand on the stage and host this banquet, but the leader of the younger generation of the Lu family Wang Wutian didn t give him any face.Because Wang Wutian felt that this person was too wordy, it made him have an urge to pull out that person s tongue.The theme of today s banquet is simple and clear, it is to celebrate Wang Poluo s birthday.As for its hidden meaning, everyone has tacitly understood it.What is the use.It s a good thing to set off the atmosphere and warm up the scene, but you have to distinguish between the priority and the secondary.This woman actually kept a hand.Da Kunzi s expression changed a HCMUSSH cbd gummies from amazon little.The wine bottle just now woke him up.At the same time, he did not forget the purpose of blocking this woman today.He s not just here for a friendly show, of course, if he can, he won t refuse.This woman is the person his boss Qi Fei is looking for.He got the photo of this woman from Qi Fei a long time ago, and just happened to meet him today, so how could he let her go.If it were a mature man with knowledge cbd gummies from amazon and status, he might be able to confuse her or even conquer her with cbd gummies from amazon his charming smile and good conversation.Chatting, drinking and drinking, a few hours passed quickly, so Qi Fei also arrived.But he is a hooligan, and Dou Da can t read a basket.All he can do is to be a hooligan and flirt with girls.The person who is here will be the result now.I ll see what they can come up with differently.Qi Fei said.It s good for young people to be angry, but in where to get cbd gummies for anxiety reviews for purekana cbd gummies the future, you must never fight unprepared battles again.Now you are very passive.Liu Zhengfeng said to Qi Fei.In Yandu No.1, Mobile No.1 transmitted all the on site situation of the National Convention Center to Wang Wutian s computer in a timely manner and screened it instantly.When Wang Wutian saw Unbearable standing next to Qi Fei, he frowned slightly.This figure from the back was too familiar, but he just couldn t remember who it was.Uncle, help me to see if any of you are not at home Wang Wutian picked up the phone and dialed a completely unfamiliar phone number and said.Wutian, are you watching the farce at the National Convention Center A man s voice came through the phone.By the way, I forgot to tell you that one of our deputy ministers, Liu Zhengfeng, took his secretary An Jun out early this morning, and he hasn t come back yet.Is it possible that after Ali s mother, there will be another business empire in Huaxia .

how much melatonin in yum yum cbd gummies?

that can sweep the cbd gummies kids adhd world Everyone is looking forward to it.However, some people can t see others living better than them.Coupled with the super copying ability of the Chinese people, this wonderful environmental protection mask finally ushered in the first sad hurdle shortly after it came out.Inside the building of Momo Group, all employees are highly mobilized, like a precision instrument, cooperating with each other and running at high speed.In the president s office, Wu Lan, Li Wan, and Martin were all sitting on the sofa, frowning as they looked at cbd gummi bears jgo the Langzhou Morning News in front of them.Is the emerging environmental protection company a conscientious enterprise or a black hearted killer The environmental protection mask that claims to be able to fundamentally solve the hazards of smog has become a poisonous hand that steals the user s name.Now that he has got a fierce armored vehicle, this guy is like drinking several barrels of chicken blood in an instant, and every hair is very excited.It s boring.I m still going to race against the storm.For a player as good as me, do you still want me to hide in this bastard american shaman cbd gummies review shell Hua Zhihu expressed his displeasure, his head held high like a Proud cock.Then you stay here by yourself.Qi Fei waved to Hua Zhihu, and got into the armored vehicle first to enjoy the warmth.Bye bye.Shen Cang was even cooler, raising his middle finger to Hua Zhihu.Chapter five hundred and forty three played big Hey, you can t be so heartless, okay, I m a child who needs love, wait for me.Suddenly, Hua Zhihu s pitiful howl sounded from the desert.Boom A muffled gunshot brought a dense flame, which quickly dissipated in the wind and sand, revealing the shattered corpse.However, the two still found a chance and punched at the same time, hitting the leader s crotch.Now, the leader experienced the most extreme sourness of a man.Damn it.The leader got used to it, and rushed forward again, without any reservations.At this time, the two people standing next to each other looked at each other after seeing the expression of the leader s bird egg being pulled out, and they both saw surprise and fear in each other s eyes.The two of them didn t regard Ersha as a master enough for them to pay attention to at all before, especially after the leader directly killed Niujia with thunder, the two of them felt that the life in Huaxia was so boring that they couldn t find a good opponent even in a fight.But now, the two of them feel a little scared.Being able to persist under the leader for such a long time, and even dig out the leader s bird eggs, cbd gummies from amazon this kind of strength is enough for the two of them to drink a pot.However, Uranus doesn t seem to have any thoughts of reminiscing about the past.Give you a chance, guess how much reward and compensation you can get in exchange for this injury Tian Wang said.This old fellow directly changed the subject, causing Qi Fei, who was still immersed in anticipation of the past, to lose his head, his mouth was dry and he didn t know what to say.Ah, you can t chat too well, if you do this, sooner or later, you will turn people into insanity.Give me a large sum of money Qi Fei asked.The king shook his head.Give me a lot of orders Qi Fei asked again.We have discussed this before.Tianwang replied.Give me a bunch of beauties Qi Fei frowned and thought for a while before asking.Chapter 558 Immediately after the new mission, three clear black lines appeared on the forehead of the Heavenly King.You re asking endless questions, right If I could answer it, I would have said it reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies a long time ago, so why don t you ask endless questions I don t want to say it.Qi Fei thought for a while, and these cbd gummies from amazon four words popped out.Why the king asked again.Because I m afraid of death.Qi Fei replied.The Heavenly King was furious at Qi Fei s words, but now he couldn t care less about what he asked for, so he swallowed his anger and said, Okay, I don t care about these trivial things with you, I have something serious to tell you, as long as you accomplish it, you I will promise you anything you want Qi Fei was about to refuse, but the Heavenly King said again This matter has something to do with the Qi family in the capital, and helping me is also helping yourself, don t you always want to go back to the capital Qi Fei Wenyan frowned, and wanted to refuse but didn t say anything.bump The moment the short inch burly man was kicked flying, Qi Fei stepped forward a few steps, and his big feet stepped directly on the short inch burly man s chest, feeling the trembling from his body, watching the cold sweat on his forehead Then, he said lightly again Can we talk now After finishing speaking, the big foot that stepped on the short inch strong man s chest was crushed a few times.The pain reviews for purekana cbd gummies tommy chongs cbd gummies caused the body of the short inch man to tremble, and at the same time he let out a horrifying cry.This guy is not a human, he is a devil Yes, Qi Fei s violent scene directly frightened such a short and strong man who thought he was well informed.While being moved and horrified, he also felt his whole body go numb.Youyouwhat do you want Let me tell you, if you act recklessly, my elder brother will not let you go Ah the short inch man who was trampled by Qi Fei felt With severe pain in his chest, he threatened tremblingly.Yes.Ye Xiaobei took a look at the anime scenes, found that the movements of these people were very stiff and cbd gummies from amazon shook his lips, then said pitifully Are you sure you really don t want to help them Is there even a need to ask Qi Fei nodded without hesitation Of course not Thank you Brother Fei, I knew you would definitely help me, you are the best Before Qi Fei finished speaking, Ye Xiaobei took the first step, and then initiated a good person card.This speed made Qi Fei feel extremely wronged.However, he didn t go into it.Instead, he looked at Ye Xiaobei, Nervously said Hey, why don t you tell me to help Ye Xiaobei glanced at Qi Fei up and down, his eyes flashed brightly, and said Hey, the old man wants me to go on a blind date Pfft These words directly made Qi Fei startled for a moment, and then he couldn t help laughing out loud.As soon as they came out, they looked at everyone s similar scene, and found that Uncle Qi was not there, and they were all stunned.But then they said in unison Uncle Qi, next time you dare to tease us like this again, you will die Bang The girls closed the bedroom door with smiles on their faces, and then they didn t forget to turn off the lights.In fact, even if Qi Fei didn t remind them, at this point, they were going to turn off the lights and go to sleep.Moreover, the habit of turning off the lights at twelve o clock was developed under the various high handed politics of the former guard, so Qi Fei didn t need to worry cbd gummies reddit 2021 about it at all.Qi Fei, who had been listening to the movement at the door of the guard, confirmed that there was really no one outside, then he secretly opened the door with his back covered in cold cbd gummies from amazon sweat, glanced outside, and heaved a sigh of relief.Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, the muscles on his body trembled inadvertently, his whole body cbd gummies from amazon tensed up, and he rushed out with a swish.Ah Li Xiaoya was directly pushed against the wall by Qi Fei, supported by both hands, and stared at him closely with aggressive eyes.I don t know why, seeing Qi Fei s eyes, Li Xiaoya s heart was beating non stop.I am not dreaming, he is right in front of me Really, they actually met again Could this be the so called fate Although Li Xiaoya is not a nympho person, nor is she a sentimental person, but when she encounters this kind of thing, she still can t stop her romantic thoughts.Who are you Looking at this woman, Qi Fei s thoughts returned to the cbd gummies from amazon cruise ship in the South China Sea.That was his cbd gummies from amazon last mission before retiring.At that time, Qi Fei was thinking that there would be no more intersections.28 girls dormitory building At this time, Wu Yaqin sativa cbd gummies knew about this matter, so it was really up to Qi Fei to decide.So, he stepped forward What s going on here Did you fight Fight No, we didn t fight.Qi Fei quickly denied.Not a fight Such an obvious thing, you little guard, you still want to lie to me This is not a fight, could it be that they fell down by themselves Thinking of this, Wu Yaqin felt that the security guard in front of him had a problem with his character.It was really not a good thing for a person like him to be the guard of the No.28 girls dormitory building.I just abused them unilaterally.They never beat me.Just when Wu Yaqin was shocked, Qi Fei said regretfully.puff Qi Fei s words made Zhou Sisi and the others couldn t help laughing.However, after thinking about it, it seems that it is really what he said.Facing Qi Fei s shameless plan, everyone was speechless.He has been in the army for seven years and has carried out so many cbd gummies from amazon peacekeeping missions.Qi Fei has told too many ridiculous things.He has seen that in underdeveloped and politically turbulent areas such as the Middle East and Africa, what happens every day is often more real than in novels.Well, maybe life is actually more absurd than fiction.Didn t someone say that novels come from life Killing your companions for a sip of water, selling your body day and night for food, stabbing your brother twice cbd gummies from amazon 1000 mg cbd gummies effect in the back for money There are too many, too many, if you don t see it with your own eyes, it s hard to believe that human beings can do so much beyond the limit of your tolerance thing.Of course, we are not preaching here.What we want to tell everyone is that when facing your enemy, you should either hide far away, or make him powerless to resist.It was just an appetizer, an appetizer with a little warning.At the same time, it can be regarded as saying hello, telling Ye Zhicheng that they are coming.This approach can be said to be arrogant, but this time the joint mercenary organization has a lot of top combat power, which is why they are so arrogant.They are very calm, it is impossible for the Great Heavenly Dynasty to use large scale force to deal with them.Because if cbd gummies from amazon this is the case, the Great Heavenly Dynasty will be ashamed.Not only that, in modern cities, those large scale battles cannot be used.There are people everywhere in Langzhou.If an army of that size is really used, the problem will be serious.At that time, it is bound to set off a storm internationally.Therefore, at this time, they can only use small scale special forces.Looking back, I enjoyed the sourness from the sidelines.After adjusting his breathing, Qi Fei still stared at the movement of the opposite building without moving.Third brother, let s see if there is any movement outside.Our mission has failed this time.If not, we will retreat quickly.As the boss of this team, he clearly knows that the territory of Dajing City is not suitable for staying for a long time.This is the imperial capital of the Great Heavenly Dynasty, no matter how crazy they are, they are not as good as the giant beast of the country.If you can leave early, it is safer to leave early.But brother, didn t we make an appointment to deliver at three o clock in the morning tonight Just leave like this The second child who was wiping his gun thought that the goods they desperately brought from the Golden Triangle hadn t been sold yet, if they left like this Yes, how serious is the loss In order to get this batch of goods, they borrowed a batch of usury from the Golden Triangle to get it.Qi Fei looked at the scene of the skateboard girl in distress, and found that she seemed to have no chance to call for help.He knew that he could not delay any longer, so he pushed the person standing in front of him, and shouted, Get out of the way cbd gummies vs delta 8 cbd gummies from amazon Hey guys, this guy wants to run away, everyone stop him, don t let him run away.The classmate who was pushed saw Qi Fei s movement and shouted loudly.I greet his uncle, this is going to kill people, and you still want to run away Students, beat him up Let s see if he still dares to run away after beating him up.Someone shouted In a word, someone really made a move on Qi Fei.Facing the fists of these people, Qi Fei fought back unceremoniously, and beat these people hard in a few blows.Chapter 641 Stabbing each other Students, this guy definitely hits people, isn t he a good guy, he actually hit us, let s go Beat this guy up Hearing this, Qi Fei almost wanted to spray them all in the face.Ignoring this son who always beat him up, Zheng cbd gummies from amazon Maocai directly contacted Qi Fei s father, Qi Chen, the third child.Recently, Qi Chen, who has been transferred to a good department, felt a little strange when he saw the caller ID on his phone.Zheng Maocai, why are you calling me In fact, Qi Chen didn t feel awkward at all when they asked his son to withdraw the marriage.After all, back cbd gummies from amazon then, my son didn t agree with this marriage.Although it wasn t all because of this incident, it was somehow related to him when he went to serve as a soldier.During the seven years when their son disappeared, they felt a lot of guilt for this incident.This is why during the time in the hospital, when the Zheng family came to talk about retiring the engagement, he was not in a hurry, but left it to his son to do it all.Qi Zhengyang Although he has the heart, but unfortunately, he doesn t have the ability to lead such a huge ship as the Qi family.Killing Qi Fei now is tantamount to ruining the future of the Qi family in advance.The Qi family is gone, will his stain still be there It has to be said that for the future of the Chen family, Chen Tianming really thought far enough.In fact, to put it bluntly, all his thoughts were just to convince himself to kill Qi Fei.What he wants to think about now is how to kill Qi Fei reasonably.After all, in his opinion, killing Qi Fei is really easy.However, it is not that simple if there is no trouble after killing them.After all, for a family without a future, if they get into a mess, they won t be able to speak rationally.The prestige of the Qi family in the military world is not comparable to that of the Chen family.

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  • 1. 1Due to the conserved nature of VP37, tecovirimat resistance-associated substitutions in one orthopoxvirus are expected to apply to other orthopoxviruses.


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