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I was just patronizing to take the lost old lady home, and I forgot to drive the community police electric car issued by the sub bureau.110 police car, ran too far, and ran out of power on the way Always have fast chargers in sight when you don t need them, and none when you need them.Just find a shop on the side of the road to charge it.The key is that you didn t bring a charger when you came out.I have no choice but to push it away.It was already lunch time when I arrived at the office.I was completely soaked and dizzy from the heat.I parked the car in the shed, plugged in the charger, and rushed into the air conditioned duty room to find water.There is a kitchen but no canteen in the office.Several policemen from the case handling team and the community team are sitting around the duty room with the internal staff Chen Xiujuan to eat.Come here, and bring an unused TV set together.When on duty, you can t go to the community service station to clean the air conditioner, Lao Xu realized it, and nodded repeatedly It s so hot that I can t stay here, go back and get it Come on, Chaoyang and I will watch here.Good brother, there is nothing to say Han Chaoyang sent Xu Hongliang outside the door and told him, Drive slowly on the road.It s okay, by the way, where do you have dinner There are so many small restaurants in the village, just eat whatever you want.The instructor said that every Subsidize us 300 yuan per month for food expenses.If you don t eat in the institute, of course you have to subsidize it.When it comes to his own interests, Lao Xu suddenly became energetic and couldn t help asking Chaoyang, this 300 is 300 for us alone.The two lit cigarettes, chatted and laughed, and soon came to the north gate of 527 Factory.The doorman is an old man in his sixties, lying in the shade of a tree at the entrance cbd gummies delta 9 of the reception room, listening to the radio and dozing off, ignoring the vehicles and pedestrians entering and leaving the factory area.On both sides of the main road in the factory area, there are small stalls selling melons and fruits and some cheap department stores.Just passing by like this will easily alert the suspects, so Han Chaoyang simply bought a big watermelon.Xu Hongliang happened to be thirsty, so he ran to the small shop across the street and bought two bottles of iced mineral water.The two of them just drank the water and swaggered to Building No.2 with watermelons in their hands.This is a Soviet style tube building with blue bricks and red tiles. Explain what, playing and singing with retired old men and women in Factory 527, right No problem, okay, I can tell you responsibly You, you will have plenty of time to play and sing in the future As far as your work performance is concerned, there is no need to continue to try it out, and if I can t deal with you, I will write Liu characters backwards In the past, hearing what he said, Han Chaoyang would definitely be very worried scared.But now is not the past.Four criminal suspects have just been arrested, a room full of fake certificates and printers and copiers used for making counterfeit documents have been seized, and there are more than a dozen suspects waiting to be arrested.Han Chaoyang was full of confidence, not nervous at all, he suppressed a smile and asked, Liu Suo, are you in the police office So what, get out of here immediately I have explained countless times that the police room cannot be empty, but it doesn t matter if he is not there, even the auxiliary police assistant is not there, the door is locked, what if the bureau leader patrols here.Put it here too.The USB flash drive is mine.Are there many photos and videos The capture of the four suspects is just the beginning, and the action must be fast if you want to break the entire chain, Liang Dongsheng is busy studying the suspects.Wechat, QQ and text messages, thinking about how to pry their mouths open in the shortest time, how could they care about these trivial matters, and their tone was a bit impatient.Han Chaoyang secretly wanted to call you Captain Liang, you are the captain, what s so special, and besides, you can t control me, so he said neither humble nor overbearing Not many, not many.You should join the wechat group in the institute, right You should have Wu Wei s WeChat, just send it to Wu Wei.Okay, I ll send it back.Wu Wei suddenly raised his head, hesitating to speak, Han Chaoyang picked up the USB flash drive as if he didn t see it, and didn t turn his head.The director, was later transferred to the street cbd gummies delta 9 to help out, and later assigned to the neighborhood committee, with rich work experience, these relationships can definitely be straightened out.Lao Jin high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies is quite powerful, otherwise he would have thought of taking this opportunity to recruit other people s security team Old Xu was still unsatisfied, lit a cigarette, babbled, and looked forward to the future of the police department.Han Chaoyang didn t want to be out of touch with the world like Wu Wei, so he clicked on WeChat Moments first, and liked the friends who posted today in Moments one by one, and checked WeChat messages when he was done.I don t know if I don t look at it, but I m startled when I see it.In just a few hours, there were actually six private chat messages.The first one is from the senior brother, saying that his girlfriend is leaving tomorrow afternoon, and asked if he has time to have a meal together at noon tomorrow.Jokes are allowed, but with so many people in the restaurant, it s clearly not the place for a joke.Worried about the influence, Secretary Tong waved his hand, raised his chopsticks and sighed Everyone, there are really not many comrades like Xiao Han now, and it is not an exaggeration to describe it as hardworking.He is obviously here to participate in a blind date event.Comrade Han maintained the order of the venue without complaint.Secretary Tong, I m sorry, I didn t do my job well, and I didn t expect so many people in advance.Leave the preparations aside, and then talk about Xiao Han, the event is over After that, many comrades, including you Shan Xiaoming, left in a swarm.You are the only one who is hungry, but others are not Look at Xiao Han, who took the initiative to stay and help Xiao Chen and the others clean up the meeting place.The city s public security is involved in the clean up and rectification.The Municipal Public Security Bureau also has an urban management detachment.Your police station will not care about what our street administrative law enforcement officers have.You will only call the police when there is a fight.I cbd gummies delta 9 have no choice but to engage in smiling law enforcement or even kneeling law enforcement We are also law enforcement officers, and we should be justified in law enforcement.Why do we have to smile and kneel It can be said that we have always been righteous.Zhuang, it will be fine in the future, with the assistance of your patrol team, we will be able to be confident.Chapter 49 The Great Investigation 1 Send Captain Tang away and hold the first meeting after the patrol team was established.It mainly studies how the patrol team will be managed in the future and how the security company will develop in the future.

The workload is huge, and it is almost impossible to complete the task by the public security alone, so many government departments, especially grassroots cadres, have participated.They have all used the search and comparison system for ex convicts and fugitives, and their words do have some truth.After the battle started, they had to go to the house to investigate.The patrol members were strong and well equipped, which could act as a deterrent and even control criminals who might be hiding in the village in time.After weighing it up, Han Chaoyang agreed, Okay, you guys take part in the operation and let Xiao Zhong be on duty in the police station.Great, thank you Han Da.Be careful, if the comparison finds a criminal suspect Don t be nervous, you must protect yourself.Don t worry, we are cbd gummies legal in nz are not the only ones who will be checked, there are patrol members.They are leaders, so there is no need to enter the house like other cadres.They say they are commanding at the intersection, but they are actually chatting.Seeing that Han Chaoyang called six or seven patrol members to come here, they also got into the official car and chased them all the way.here.A team is checking the identity cards and residence permits, and checking whether each family has gone through the registration of rental housing.The news 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation spread quickly, and almost all the villagers knew that this row of villagers was gathering in the alley to discuss, and agreed that this was a conspiracy by the land expropriation and relocation headquarters.While studying countermeasures, a few electric police cars came suddenly, two cars with bus logos came, and five or six special police and cadres of the working group came over.He himself admitted that he didn t kill one person, but two people He has been brought under control.Now, I asked Xiao Han and a few team cbd gummies manassas va members to lock him in the car.Murderer Secretary Yang was completely sleepy, and got up subconsciously.Two were arrested in a row, more than two.Just now, another person with a drug record was found.Xiao Han said that when the people from the police station came, he would take her for a urine test and blood test to see if she had taken drugs recently.The scrap collector on the east side of the market may be suspected of selling stolen goods, and five electric vehicles were seized in the small courtyard he rented, but he hesitated to explain the source.I knew that Chaoyang Village had a problem with mixed fish and dragons, but I didn t expect the problem to be so serious.People.But it s not appropriate to go to the street to mention it now, otherwise Secretary Yang and Director Gu will really think that we are responsible for the boy being taken away by the Discipline Inspection Commission and the inspector.Everything happened too fast and too suddenly Liu Jianye didn t know whether to be happy or depressed, so he frowned and asked What could happen to him Leak.Could it be related to the security patrol in the community The clothing and equipment of dozens of people are worth a lot of money.He is the captain and has a say in equipment procurement.Those bosses are willing to do business.Give kickbacks.It s unlikely.Why is it impossible Liu Jianye took the cigarette and asked.The patrol team is the entity of the neighborhood committee.The neighborhood committee is under the management of the sub district, and the sub cbd gummies delta 9 cbd lion gummies district is under the management of the district.He came and went in a hurry, what the hell was going on.Su Xian was confused and sent him downstairs and watched the police car drive out of the neighborhood committee compound.Just as he was about to go back to the office, he just turned around when he saw Xu Hongliang running downstairs with a happy face.Hong Liang, Director Liu said something happened in the institute, do you know what happened Yes.You know Su Xian was dubious.Xu Hongliang looked back at Lao Xu who was following him down the stairs, took out his mobile phone and shook it in front of her eyes, and grinned and said, Chaoyang fought back.In the morning, the instructor brought the Disciplinary Committee and inspectors here to arrest him.He is now bringing the Disciplinary Committee Go back to the office with the inspector cbd gummies delta 9 to catch the ghost.Wait.What else do you want to explain Xiao Han, I have something to say Let me tell you earlier, you have to make it clear to your leaders.The second son of the Zhao family brought so many people to open a room.The little girl at the cbd gummies delta 9 front desk asked them to pass their ID cards.He said that he opened a room to talk to friends.After the talk, Just leave, don t stay overnight in the hotel, and gave a few ID cards for registration, you can t blame the hotel for this, don t punish the old Gu s son together. How could he be punished together, the masses provide clues, we praise and return It s too late.Praise is fine, this matter is known to me, you and Lao Gu, don t tell others.After all, we 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation have known each other for so many years, and we can t see each other without looking up, so it s not good to let Lao Zhao, especially Lao Zhao s wife, know.Guan Xi Yuan could hear it clearly, and as soon as Han Chaoyang hung up the phone, he pointed to the anti theft door and said, Chaoyang, soldiers are so fast, I ll go find the car keys, and you report.I ll report, please, that s under your jurisdiction All the leaders are being trained at the moment, maybe they are in the court , Guan Xiyuan dare not go upstairs, while packing up the single police equipment, he said eagerly What time is it, I will report to you what is the difference Hurry up, don t waste time.Who will be on duty after we leave You report first, the leader will definitely arrange it when he knows.Guan Xiyuan ran faster than a rabbit, and ran out of duty as soon as he finished speaking room.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to bite the bullet and open the anti theft door, ran upstairs in one breath, stood at the door of the instructor s office, took a few deep breaths, adjusted his posture, and then shouted loudly Report There was no movement inside, and then With a shout, the door of the meeting room next door opened.

But seeing that he didn t come back alone, the policeman surnamed Guan from the Huayuan Street Police Station also came back, and he came back in the 110 police car, Su Xian stepped aside Okay, you do your work first, come back early when you are done, I want Have a good talk with you.Thank you Director Su for your concern.He really cared, and Han Chaoyang s thanks came from the bottom of his heart.But now is not the time to express emotion.After the team members lined up in front of the official vehicles, law enforcement vehicles and electric patrol vehicles, Han Chaoyang walked up to everyone and said very seriously Comrades, next time, I will ask everyone to assist the police officers in the assault.Check a hotel, to be precise, check seventeen suspicious people in a room.Due to limited information, we only have the number of people, and we only know the identity of one of the suspicious people, and we know that there are two women among the seventeen people.Wu Yafei sighed softly, turned and walked into the household registration office.Guan Xiyuan picked up the scissors and planned to open the carton to have a look.After thinking about it, he raised his head Chaoyang, why don t you go upstairs cbd gummies delta 9 to report and see if there is anyone in the investigation team.see them As for the report, it is even more troublesome.The leader of the office can t take care of anything now, and can only report to the bureau leader.Even if the report is urgent and important, in the eyes of the leader, it is a leapfrog report.Han Chaoyang didn t want to stand by like Chen Xiujuan, nodded slightly, and was plucking up the courage to go upstairs when there was a rush of footsteps in the case handling area.Looking up, the anti theft door was opened from the inside.Three criminal police escorted Ge Baohua out cbd oil capsules or gummies of the hall.Yes.The atmosphere in the office was rather depressing, and the morale of the policemen was not high.Director Du thought about it and patted Han Chaoyang s arm again, half jokingly I saw it all upstairs just now, the patrol team did a good job, but you are not competent as the captain, not because you are incompetent at work, but because you have no momentum.The team members call you Han Da , and you Han Da should look like a team leader.If you do a good job as a team leader, our cbd gummies delta 9 face will also be bright.The Huayuan Street Police Station couldn t be left in a slump because of this.Of course, Secretary Guo knew the good intentions of Bureau Du, so he smiled uncharacteristically, looked at the crowd and said, A trainee policeman in our branch can serve as a patrol with dozens of people and several cars. If you want to visit, how can you grasp the situation in the jurisdiction if you don t visit.I know you are busy and have a lot of things to do, but you can always make time if you squeeze.Take notes, visit a few companies today, visit a few companies tomorrow, you can visit once a year at most, and you will be able to clear the situation in the jurisdiction after the visit.Yes, I listen to you, if you have time Visit. When visiting, you have to have a good attitude and get along with the masses.Chaoyang has done a good job in this regard.If you have time, you can go around with him and see how he does community work. Okay, I will definitely go there when I have time.At the same time, the vanguard has arrived in the gummy cbd pills eastern furniture hypermarket.Many owners want to move on and plan to go to the district government, but are unwilling to go in.At that point, the neighbors are all at home, and there are people in front, back, left, and right.Even if the adults have no chance to call, the children have the opportunity to call for help, so it is a bit like an acquaintance committing a crime.Is Zhang Qiuyan rich This is a suspicious point, the whole village We all know that Qiao Xianhong is hiding from debts outside, and we all know that her family has no money, if it is really a burglary that exposes the murder, it should be committed by fleeing, and it is unlikely to be committed by an acquaintance.While chatting, several working group cadres walked this way Come.The special case team is responsible for solving the case, and they are responsible for land acquisition and relocation.Gu Guoli shook his head when he thought that each had his own division of labor Let s not talk about this, we don t need to worry about solving cases.Yes The leader kept issuing orders, but none of these orders related to himself.Wu Wei didn t know how excited he was when he heard that he was going to be transferred to the special case team.After all, not every policeman has cbd gummies delta 9 the opportunity to participate in the investigation of major and important cases.As a result, he joined the special case team and did the same job as before.We visited and asked Yangguan Village together, and returned to Yangguan Village at night to participate in the inventory operation.Wu Wei was really disappointed.He followed Liang Dongsheng out of the conference room, and as soon as he got into the police car, he couldn t help asking Master, people in the village don t know people from other places, and people from other places don t know villagers either.At most, they know their landlords.Han Chaoyang glanced back at his senior brother, then found another number and dialed it.Chaoyang, what s the matter Director Su, it s going to rain, are you done with it Su Xian who just got into the official car was very depressed, looking at the few villagers who were rushing from the field to the road, Reluctantly delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 said No, I really hope that there will be only wind and no rain, or less rain.If there is a big one next time, the field will be muddy, and the remaining dozen graves will be delayed for a few days.Only then can the relocation be completed.It is best to cut through the mess quickly for the work of relocating the grave, and the longer it is delayed, the more things will happen.Han Chaoyang could understand her feelings, but moving the grave was undoubtedly a trivial matter compared to the coming rainstorm, so he hurriedly reminded Director Su, if the rain is as heavy as last time, the sewers in the Dongming community will not be able to discharge at all.

Which unit What s going on here The city bureau s car, to Han Chaoyang, is all the leaders of the city bureau, and hurriedly raised his hand to salute Report to the leader, I am Han Chaoyang, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.The two sewer wells are not covered, and they may have been washed away by stagnant water, so we are guarding here to prevent passing vehicles and pedestrians from getting stuck in the wells.Han Chaoyang was thinking about drainage, and the patrolling leader was thinking about traffic.He took a look in the rain and shouted You are the community police in charge of this area, report to your superiors quickly, and ask your superiors to contact the relevant units to come cbd gummies delta 9 over.Take care of these two wells, and act quickly so as not to affect the 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation traffic, you know Yes Chapter 110 The Handsome Policeman 1 The storm finally stopped, hiding in the dark clouds After nearly three hours, the sun finally showed its face, and the air was filled with the smell of earth.Another rotten person in Shenghai Garden Han Chaoyang had .

what does cbd gummies have in them?

a headache when he mentioned this project, and couldn t help but say Secretary Yang, no matter how prepared we are, we can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.We may not even be able to cure the symptoms.This is not a time bomb, but a bomb that may detonate at any time.And the bombs will continue to explode, and our patrols alone cannot solve the problem.It s not just that patrols alone can t solve the problem, neither can the streets cbd gummies how long before sleep or even the district.Encountering such unlucky things, Secretary Yang was more depressed than Han Chaoyang, took a deep breath, and said expressionlessly The city is trying to solve it, it seems that there are several sets of plans, and cbd gummies delta 9 best cbd gummies for diabetes the plans have even been reported to the province, and they will be resolved sooner or later.It requires workers to have a medical examination, to sign an employment contract with the high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies workers, and to provide workers with insurance.Have you followed the regulations If you followed the regulations, would such a thing happen Luo Chunjun The situation is different.He just arrived yesterday, and he didn t have time to have a medical examination, sign a contract, or get insurance for him.Even if you have all these things, this is not a work related accident.The state has clear regulations on how to identify a work related accident.This does not mean that your construction party has no responsibility As Han Chaoyang said, if everything is done according to the regulations, such a thing will not happen.Call, I don t know if I am reporting to the big boss or contacting Xia Yunkui.To make trouble in the jurisdiction of the former master, you have to say hello to the former master.Okay, Bei Bei, leave it to them, and I ll take you back.Just going for a walk in the village.Chapter 155 To be a man, you have to be conscientious.Having a girlfriend is completely different from not having a girlfriend.I slept soundly that night and woke up with a smile in the morning.The first thing cbd gummies delta 9 I do when I wake up is not to wash up, but to call my prospective girlfriend immediately.Huang Ying was also very happy to receive the call from the unlucky guy.In fact, cbd gummies delta 9 she had been waiting for his call after returning home last night, but she waited and fell asleep while waiting.Right now, she was on her way to work at work, she held the steering wheel tightly and asked with a smile, Why don t you get more sleep when you got the time last night .Han Chaoyang opened the curtains, looked through the window at the team members who were training in the yard, and said happily while holding his mobile phone tightly, Yingying, I had a dream last night.Gao Junfei was very puzzled, but he still handed over the key.The young man took the key, passed him by, pressed the remote control from a distance, walked to the side of the car, opened the door and got in, adjusted the seat, put on the seat belt, lit the engine, and reversed the car skillfully.He was not in HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 a hurry, and his movements were done in one go.He slowly drove out of the parking lot in a blink of an eye, and disappeared in the sight of the plainclothes criminal police and anti narcotics police in a blink of an eye.Ya Bing, have Brother Miao s people left The car left and the money was gone, Gao Junfei was suddenly worried, and he called his brother in law while walking cbd gummies delta 9 towards the entrance of the parking lot.Let s go, just left.Chen Yabing closed the door, looked at the boxes of tropical fruits with methamphetamine hidden inside, and said happily Brother in law, they drove the car, how can these goods be pulled back, there are still a lot of fruits.In the past, it was just planted, and it was just a few years in prison.This time is different from before, this time his head is going to be lost, Chen Yabing is very clear about what awaits him, and said eagerly Report to the government, I will surrender, I will be frank and lenient, I will report and expose, I will help you arrest Brother Miao, I know how to contact him After all, he has been in the palace and knows how to save himself.Xi Hongbo snorted coldly, turned around and said, Put it in the car and take it back for interrogation.Not only did Chaoyang not know how thrilling this afternoon was, he hadn t even heard of the names Gao Junfei and Chen Yabing, and he was busy doing the generosity of others, inviting Grandpa Gu and Director Su to Boss Deng s restaurant for dinner with his prospective girlfriend.Han Chaoyang was very depressed, and couldn t help but point to her police rank Sister Miao, didn t you just go to the Legal Affairs Corps last year Why did you get the rank so quickly Miao Haizhu turned her head to look at the a Mao Er , asked proudly Not convinced I joined the job the year before last, and I had already passed the probationary period, but thinking of what my mother said, I couldn t help asking Sister Miao, did you join the job before you graduated Who said, I joined the job as soon as I graduated.I used to work at the Provincial Police Academy.I was seconded to the Provincial Department during the probationary period.After the probationary period, I went through the formal transfer procedures.The starting point is high, but it is different.Just thinking that people are more popular than others, not to mention being transferred to the provincial department, they may not even be able to go to the branch office, Miao Haizhu put away the police card, and said lightly The provincial department will organize cadres to go to the grassroots in a while.

She smiled and looked at Han Chaoyang with a lot of meaning.It doesn t matter if you can be a leader, no matter how big she becomes in the future, she won t be able to control me.It doesn t matter whether you will be in charge of her, the important thing is that you have a senior sister who will be a leader Forget it, I d better stay away from her and let her go on her Yangguan road, and I ll continue on my single plank bridge.Even if they tried to get a relationship with the provincial department, they couldn t get it.You re lucky, but you actually stayed away from it.Leaves a shadow, but already leaves a shadow.But Huang Ying just had this idea in a flash.She has been working for more than a year, and she knows very well that it is not so easy for grassroots civil servants to get promoted, not to thc free cbd gummy mention that Miao Haizhu will have to wait until the year of the monkey to become a leader.Han Chaoyang had nothing to worry about.Just as he went downstairs to go back, he saw Lao Hu and Lao Ding coming back with a suspect.It looks familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere Han Chaoyang signaled Li Xiaobin and the others to wait a moment, and stood in the hall waiting for Lao Ding to lock the suspect into the detention room.He walked up and asked curiously, Inspector Ding, what did you do just now What did Liu Suohe think of him The change does not mean that Lao Ding s view of him has changed.In fact, not only has he not changed, but he has become more disgusted by Guan Xiyuan s stimulation from time to time.Just do your job well, and don t inquire about what you shouldn t.Lao Ding opened the anti theft door and climbed upstairs without looking back.Han Chaoyang got his nose dirty, and after thinking about it, he walked to the door of the detention room and observed the suspect through the small window on the iron door.The people who can live here are either rich or expensive.You can t scare the snakes, dare not disturb the security of the villa area, let alone the owners inside.No police car came in, and the police all came in quietly from the southwest corner of the water park over the wall.Vice captain Jiao of the anti drug brigade of Yandong where to buy cbd gummies for sleep near me Public Security Bureau also squatted for more than three hours, and was also bitten by mosquitoes for more than three hours.In fact, it must be gathering people for skating, hold on, and wait to see if anyone else comes.Got cannabidiol life cbd gummies it.Since being transferred to the task force, Liang has not had a good night s sleep.Dongsheng was tired and sleepy, and wanted to smoke a cigarette to refresh himself, but he could only put the cigarette under his nose and smell it, not daring to light it, for fear of being exposed.After all, there are too many participating units.It is said that several large enterprises in the district are also participating.The competition is too fierce.Our street has three programs at once, and the judges will consider some other factors in the first round of selection.Well, They might chop off two and keep one, regardless of whether we sing well or not.Secretary Yang nodded slightly.Our branch has nothing to worry about.We will sing the opening song, which is internally determined by the Propaganda Department.Director Wen, the problem is precisely the opening song.Think about it, what song is Military Song of the Chinese People s Liberation Army It is really familiar , almost sang badly.The military song is so serious and cannot be adapted, no matter how well sung it is, the critics and the cbd gummy lab analysis audience can t hear it well.District Party Committee Secretary Ding and District Mayor Gao did not have time.District Party Committee Deputy Secretary Tong, District Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Gu, District Armed Forces Department Minister Jian and Deputy District Chief Zhu entered the venue accompanied by Secretary Yang.Director Gu of the Subdistrict Office and Subdistrict Office Deputy Secretary Zhou of the Working Committee went up to meet the district leaders and introduced the old revolutionaries, old soldiers and martyrs widows in Huayuan Street, including Grandma Chen who often reported false police to deceive the police to send her back to Chenjiaji.Although the old revolutionaries and widows of martyrs enjoyed the preferential treatment policy, they had never received reviews on smilz cbd gummies such courtesy.They were all very happy and excited.Congratulations to you.Thank you Secretary Tong, thank you Gu Minister.Don t thank us, we should thank you, thank you to all comrades in the choir and backup dancers, without your hard rehearsals and outstanding performances, we would not have heard such a high level chorus, and we would not have seen such a wonderful scene Come on, let s take a big group photo first.The person taking the photo had already prepared, and was waiting for the leader s words.Just like the commendation meeting, the leaders stood in front, the choir and dance team members stood behind, and took several pictures in a row.Everyone was very excited, and the most excited ones were Lao Pan and other drummers, because tomorrow they will be able to Take the photos to start their new business.I thought that the leader would leave after consoling the performers, but Secretary Tong turned around and smiled and said, Xiao Han, Xiao Huang, I heard from Secretary Yang that youyou are talking, it seems that there is no need to full spctrum cbd gummies participate in the Qixi Festival blind date organized by the Municipal Youth League Committee.After supper, take a shower and go to bed.There was another storm, and the two of them were exhausted and just fell asleep in a daze, when the mobile phone rang suddenly.Han Chaoyang gently moved Huang Ying s white arm away, reached out to touch the phone from the bedside table, didn t bother to look at the caller ID, and directly pressed the call button Who, what s the matter Chaoyang, I, Miao Haizhu, am I asleep Well, I just went to bed.We came back.We cleaned up a lot of small stalls that were occupying the road along the way, and temporarily detained a few large cars.There was no violent resistance to the law.What phone, if you don t sleep, others will sleep.Han Chaoyang was very depressed, and said with some impatience Thanks for your hard work, you should have supper when you work overtime.

, the staple food is a large bowl of noodles.The color is very average, and the presentation is not particular, not to mention the dining environment, but the taste is not bad.Han Chaoyang cbd gummies delta 9 usually doesn t eat much mutton, and only eats kebabs, but tonight cbd gummies delta 9 he ate a lot, because it really doesn t have the smell of mutton made by Yanyang Restaurant.He Suo, Lao Chang and Zhang Tianxiang drank a bottle of white wine, went back to the institute, washed their feet and went to bed.Instructor Hang leads the class.In fact, there is cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies delta 9 nothing to do in such a remote place where there are not many people.The class leader just can t drink, and can t sleep so early.He sits in the office and videotapes with his family and daughter.Han Chaoyang didn t sleep and didn t make video calls with his girlfriend who was thousands of miles away.There are no farmers in the forest area, and there are few decent roads.He can t run far with two legs.Just as he was speaking, the car drove away.Han Chaoyang staggered and almost fell because he cbd gummies thc free didn t support him just now.Fortunately, an armed police soldier had quick hands and eyes, otherwise he would have fallen off the car.Instructor Hang didn t bother to tell him to be careful, and continued Although he can t run far, the terrain in the forest area is complicated, full of mountains and mountains, and the vegetation is relatively lush, and there are only so many police forces that can be invested, so the superior decided to do as much as possible.Reduce the cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies delta 9 scope of the search.We are the vanguard, and our task is very difficult.After arriving at the Niangniang Temple, we divided into three groups and divided into three groups.I thought there was no signal just like before, but unexpectedly, there is not only a signal but also a strong signal.It should be that the headquarters received a report of someone shooting here, and sent the emergency communication cbd gummies delta 9 best cbd gummies for diabetes vehicle of the communication company to the vicinity.Han Chaoyang was ecstatic, and hurriedly dialed Jiang Li s police number.Jiang Li was really frightened.In the middle of the night, he suddenly heard gunshots from the south.From the direction, he guessed that it should be not far from the mountain where Yanyang s colleagues were located.He hurriedly called Yanyang s colleagues, but he couldn t get through.It is not in the service area, and the headquarters can t lock the location through technical means.Cui Ju and instructor Hang were rushing to Tanjiagou, while he, Lu Gang and other armed police were divided into two groups, led by Uncle Yan and the little guy to search the mountains overnight.I can t get through the phone, she probably blocked me.Deng Jing was very worried about the safety of her once very good girlfriend, and she was so anxious that she wanted to cry.I ll try.Han Chaoyang looked up at Dean Zhong and Counselor He who were on the phone in the opposite office to work as parents of students, and took out cbd gummies delta 9 the police phone to call Zhuman, but the other party didn t turn off the phone but didn t answer either.Perhaps everyone has been blocked, no matter whether they are familiar or unfamiliar numbers.Officer Han, what should I do Send her WeChat and leave a message on her QQ.What do you say Just say that the public security organs have intervened and are investigating those loan companies suspected of lending usury, and are collecting evidence.If it is found that those loan companies are suspected of lending usury, she will no longer have to pay high interest.I m a good person Making a mistake, he slapped his face several times, took out his mobile phone and dialed Wu Wei Angkor, Pei Qimin has been arrested.This kid will not die until the Yellow River, and he is so stubborn even to this point.There are so many workers in the mixing station, and Chang Mazi s cousin is at the door of the office.It was really inconvenient for Wu Wei to go out just now, and he was worried that if Qi Wenli, who had just been told, was taken out of the house and put in a police car, the people at the mixing station would inform Pei Qimin to confirm that Pei Qimin had been arrested.He finally relaxed and said excitedly Don t worry., Make no high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies mistake, he will speak soon.What should I do next Report to the superior.Which superior should I report to Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.If it does, I can call you from here Huang Ying chuckled, and then said, I promised her, I will go with Lingling at night.As long as Zhang Beibei is involved, it will be easy Angry, Han Chaoyang hurriedly changed the topic Honey, how is the situation in the village Has the demolition company started demolition , many people ran to pick up things.The manager of the demolition company was in a hurry and called Secretary Yang.When the security company was established, they paid tens of thousands.Sister Su led a team to patrol the village and arrested ten people in one afternoon.A few ran to pick up things, and some even wanted bricks and tiles.It must be the nearby villagers, but all the things they picked up belonged to the demolition company, even cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies delta 9 if the Chaoyang Community Security Service Company did not take money from them when it was established, it would be the same.Bureau Feng was stunned for a moment, thinking that Teng Jiming s tolerance was too small, and he told him yesterday that good steel should be used on the blade , but the result was that the two young men were still staring at the sand sifting field.But this is the division of labor of the task force.You, Yandong branch, pushed the case out of fear of trouble, so it s hard to say anything now.Director Feng looked up at Political Commissar Huang, held up his mobile phone and said, Still in the sand and gravel high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies field, how about this, I will ask for three days off for you and the special case team, and you ask two patrol members to watch for you.It is now 7 45 , report to the branch office at 9 o clock.What task Han Chaoyang subconsciously asked.Comrades from Longdao County Public Security Bureau came to our sub bureau to communicate.

Another party member development quota is wasted.Thank you Director Su, thank you Sister Su, you are my own sister, I will not make it difficult for you, I will behave well.Just know, you are not going to the high tech zone to replace Chaoyang Well, let s carry out the tasks well first, and we ll talk about other things later, and we ll definitely catch up by the end of the year to recruit party members. Now it s much more difficult to join the party than before, there are few places in the whole sub bureau, and even fewer are assigned to the office.The community has a party branch just like the police station.Director Su is the secretary of the party branch.Every year, the community recruits party members.The community residents who eat public meals cbd gummies delta 9 best cbd gummies for diabetes have either already joined the party, or are not interested in joining the party at all.Old Feng, why are you so happy, you answer the phone with a smile.I m laughing at Teng Jiming from the Gaoxin District Bureau.Be smart.Didn t he let Xiao Han stare at the sand sieve, did he come up with something else The sand sieve is old calendar.There is no rush to go out, thinking that the young man is the one in front of him.The talent discovered by Bole , Feng Ju simply accompanied Du Ju back upstairs, pushed open the door of the small conference room next to the stairs, took out a cigarette, handed it a cigarette, closed the door and lit it, and laughed while smoking Ju Du, Ju Zhou is right.We are not as good as you when it comes to judging people.Xiao Han is good, really good.Yes, sure.But Director Du was a little proud of being so recognized by Director Feng.He opened the window and asked with great interest, Don t be impatient, what s going on, did Xiao Han embarrass Teng Jiming again It s not to embarrass Teng Jiming, but to embarrass Teng Jiming Teng Jiming was careful, gave him small shoes to wear, and asked him to stay in the gravel field and stare at the sand.It turned out that the leader had already figured out how to pick this peach, Feng Ju suppressed a smile and suggested Zhou Ju, you can report it like this, but you have to report it.Yes, you are right, it is necessary to report in time, otherwise the high tech district bureau really thinks that we are taking credit.Chapter 352 Arrest 3 Under the background of the new era, the public security situation has undergone tremendous changes, which is a challenge for the public security organs, cbd gummies for ptsd especially the criminal investigation department.But the development of science and technology is also changing with each passing day.High technology has given the public security organs many new investigation The means, many things that were unimaginable before are not only not so sci fi, but have even been used in actual combat.Big river prawns, black fish, crayfish, eels, old turtles There is a big table full, if the dishes on this table in Boss Deng s restaurant cost less than 1,000 yuan, they can t afford it.Liquor is more than a hundred bottles of sea blue, and smoke is Greater China.But no one moved their chopsticks much, just talking.Director Qi first asked about Han Chaoyang s work situation, and then asked about Miao Haizhu s current situation.Hearing that Miao Haizhu went to the grassroots to take part in training and worked under Han Chaoyang s undermanship , tears almost burst out of tears, and he kept talking about how this happened skillful.Boss Miao took the opportunity to mention Miao Haizhu s personal problems, and said worriedly Chaoyang, Yingying, no matter how strong Haizhu is, she is a girl after all.What he really wants to ask is the second sentence Does Kang know Facts have proved that the young man has not forgotten that he is still a policeman at the Huayuan Street Police Station, otherwise he would not have made this call in front of Kang Haigen.Liu cbd gummies delta 9 Jianye felt a little more comfortable, and said calmly Your Zhongshan Road integrated police platform is under the leadership of the Xinyuan Street Police Station, the Branch Command Center, and our Huayuan Street Police Station at the same time.When the command center gives orders, you must resolutely obey them.Yes. When the leader mentioned command power, there was something in his words, Han Chaoyang subconsciously delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 looked at Kang Suo, wondering if he heard what Liu Suo said on the phone.How would you feel if you heard it.Just as he was thinking wildly, the police alarm rang again, and Deputy Director Xing of the sub bureau command center called again.All the village cadres arrived, and they all stood in the yard, not daring to speak.Director Cui walked into the conference room and asked solemnly, Yue Zhi, have you counted how many stolen cars have been seized Chief Yue of the criminal police detachment of Yanyang City Public Security Bureau cbd gummies delta 9 is mainly coordinating tonight, let s see if he is following him The Jiangxi County Public Security Bureau colleague behind him turned around and said, Old Feng, you report.Yes Deputy Director Feng looked down at delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 the latest statistics, and said calmly, Report to Bureau Cui.The deadline is three minutes ago., A total of 428 stolen cars were seized, including 391 electric cars and 37 bicycles Eighty six suspects suspected of operating stolen cars were arrested, but there must be more than that many who actually participated in the sale of stolen goods , because from what we know, they are all family run operations, even the elderly and children are involved.Brother, the only one who can truly inherit the mantle of the master is Chaoyang.Han Chaoyang was embarrassed by Jiang Ju s teasing, and hurriedly said Shi Ju, don t laugh at me, you are the most proud apprentice of the master.I m not kidding you, I m not joking with you.You are young and don t know much about it.Changqing joined the work earlier, so he should know something.I m cbd gummies delta 9 really not the master s most proud apprentice.How can it be impossible Shi Ju put down his beer and sighed I don t know what you thought when you were assigned to work in the institute.I was very reluctant at the time What s the point of being a police officer Every day Faced with three aunts and six wives, dealing with family problems, how could cbd gummies delta 9 it be fun to be a criminal policeman to solve a major case After working with the master for two years, he was in the office, not in the office, and even went 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation to sign up behind his back when the economic investigation team was set up in the bureau , He didn t know until he had to report for work the next day after the transfer order, did you think he was very disappointed in me.

It doesn t matter who you call Standing on the side, Han Chaoyang almost burst out laughing, thinking to himself that you have the nerve to say that it doesn t matter who you call, labor and management don t know how to open the lock but they have seen someone open the lock before, so that night I went to Fengju with Bureau Feng Yongxian arrested the suspect, and watched a special policeman open the security door similar to this one from the cat s eye with three clicks and two clicks.Lao Fan, who was about to laugh but didn t dare to laugh, didn t want to delay Liu Jianye for too long, stepped forward and said Drill it, just drill it.If there is no problem in the house and the lock is broken, I will pay for it.This house is mine, and the surname Bi is with me.It s hard to say anything. Old Fan, it would be great if everyone was as reasonable as you, Liu Jianye waited for this sentence, first praised Lao Fan, then turned around and said The owner has already spoken, and he is still in a daze What are you doing, hurry up and drill Oh, please let me go.Yes, Article 288 of the Criminal Law Amendment 9.Knowing that she was worried, Han Chaoyang searched the Internet on his mobile phone to find the corresponding legal clauses.Chen Xiujuan glanced at it, and murmured while helping to fill it out It s amazing, I ll handle a criminal case for the first time But this kind of case is too professional, I don t think it s that easy to 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation handle, you have to be mentally prepared, It is very likely that it will be a pot of raw rice in the end.Han Chaoyang could feel that this was not a mockery, but a kind of concern, a kind of reminder, and cbd gummies gall stones he couldn t help laughing It s not just me, it can be said that this is a case of the police department , even the Kang Institute is involved.A special operation is underway, and everyone in the institute has a case in hand.He glanced at him organic cbd gummies reviews I plus cbd sleep gummies usually ask you to read more books and learn more about business, but you always end high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies up not doing your job properly.Now you know that you are cramming for a while It is as important as any other job.If Chaoyang hadn t taken root in the community and sincerely solved problems for the masses, how could the masses trust him as much as they do now, and where did he get so many clues about crimes To be honest, I used to feel that Chaoyang It s just good luck.It s ridiculous to think about it now, this is not luck, this is the reward after hard work.Finally, there is a sensible leader who helps to speak Han Chaoyang was overjoyed, and couldn t help pointing at the eldest sister Do you understand now, Comrade Miao diamond cbd relax gummies Haizhu, you really should reflect on yourself.You actually look down on community work.As long as we can find out some famous people , it will be a matter of course in the future.Zhou Ju, I think what you said is really good It would be great to set up another brigade, and stop having a headache for Kang Haigen because there is no place.Chapter 414 Handling the Case 9 Han Chaoyang When they rushed to the police office, the interrogation was over.Kang was sleeping in the community police office behind the office, and Miao Haizhu was resting in the delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 female dormitory of the security service company.Bi Xunchang was not given the treatment to go to bed.He was still detained in the police room, his left hand was handcuffed to the heating pipe, and he just squatted in the corner and fell asleep.Fearing that he would hurt himself, Xu Hongliang arranged for two team members to sit on the sidelines and watch.After registering her ID card, she looked up and asked, Sir, do you have your household registration book No, do you need a household registration book to stay in a hotel Do you have an ID 750mg cbd gummies card , The child is not, and the control is very strict now, we need to confirm the relationship between you and the child.It s such a trouble, it s not used in other places We can t do it here.No matter how you look at it, this young dad doesn t look like a kidnapper Population, and the little girl is very obedient and seems to like to be with her father, but when Huang Ying asked about the household registration book and asked about confirming their father daughter relationship, the young man s reaction was obviously abnormal.Before Han Chaoyang could speak, Wu Wei took out the police ID card he had just received this afternoon, walked to the bar and said, Hi, I m Wu Wei, a policeman from the Huayuan Street Police Station.There are rooms available., It s just a big room, and you need to live with other passengers. If you live together, you can live together, it s okay.The tall man was about forty years old, his hair was half gray, and he looked at Han Chaoyang and Wu intentionally or unintentionally.Wei, immediately took out the wallet from his arms, and took out the ID card from the wallet.The short man was very young, he looked only in his twenties, can dogs have cbd gummy bears he also put down his bag, and leaned over to find his ID card.Strange things happen every year, especially tonight Those who come to stay here are not literary youths who are looking for poetry and distance , college graduates who come to Yanyang to find a job, or parents who bring their children to experience the atmosphere of the youth hostel.Female , two cbd gummies delta 9 more people who don t look like living in a youth hostel are ushered in.That is to say, the newly established parent company is equivalent to a small SASAC , which includes all the community s shares in security service companies and youth travel.scale and market value.Since delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 it .

do cbd gummies work for sleep?

s not listed, how can it have any market value Han Chaoyang realized that he wanted to build a big company, so that he could write materials for the report in the future.With such a large scale and so many assets, it would be nice to write.Cao Zefang didn t know what Han Chaoyang was thinking, and he didn t care what Han Chaoyang would think.He looked back at Zhang Beibei with a smile and continued For the sake of the community and the company s development, Beibei decided to HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 participate in the election of the community committee members as a candidate.As purekana cbd gummies for sale for The work division will be studied after being elected.

In fact, it is the transition of the sanitation contract area of the old Chaoyang Village to the Chaoyang Community.The only difference is that in the past, the funds for cleaning mainly came from the sanitation fees paid by the migrants renting in the village, but now it has become street appropriations.Han Zhaoyang came to his senses, thinking that it would be hard to find a cleaner, Zheng Xinyi actually agreed, Okay, Secretary Cao, Secretary Zhang, since you two trust me so much, I ll try.Okay, we That s it.Kang Haigen was dumbfounded, and secretly sighed that the efficiency of the neighborhood committee was so high, and can you take cbd gummies with blood pressure medicine such an important appointment and dismissal of personnel was decided after a few people cbd gummies delta 9 s discussions, unlike what the office wanted to do.For this report, you need to ask that person for instructions After talking about the community, Cao Zefang asked Kang Haigen why he came.Take a look, this is a set meal that was just launched in our store.This one is good, this one is good Grandpa Gu took the plastic wrapped set menu, thought about it for a cbd gummies delta 9 while pretending to be hesitant, and then pointed to set meal No.2 Little girl, give me this one.The child hasn t arrived yet., I ll give you the money first, and you can do it later.The old people in the community often bring their children to eat, cbd gummies legal in ct and occasionally buy them and take them home.The young proprietress is not a resident of the community, and she doesn t know Grandpa Gu.Said Okay, why don t you sit down for a while, and I will make it when it s time.If you don t eat here, I can pack it for you Okay, I ll wait here.Grandpa Gu walked behind Sister Wei He took out a thermos from the pocket of his bulging cotton padded jacket, and asked with a smile, Little girl, do you have any boiling water here But very stingy.A handsome face suddenly appeared in his mind, and Jiang Guangdong asked subconsciously Boss Feng, you mean that the community security patrol team where Han Chaoyang is also the captain has set up an anti picking team Well, it is Han Chaoyang who is also the captain.The community patrol team of the captain.Boss Feng, I m really a little stressed by what you said.But don t worry, he has a lot of people under him, and we may not be able to match him in other jobs, but Han Han Chaoyang still needs to practice for a few more years.I will issue a military order to you.If you are really inferior to him, I, the squadron leader, will quit and let you take the initiative. Jiang Guangdong, I appreciate your self confidence, but I have to give it to you, boy.Just to remind you, although he has just started to fight back, he has foreign aid and invited two masters.The members of the group first worship senior Wu Wenge as their teacher, and the shortest ones first worship senior Ji Kaiyuan as their teacher.Comrade Captain, what s wrong with drawing lots for such a serious matter The anti pickling team, which is still cbd gummies delta 9 in its infancy and is likely to die in three months, has no entertainment funds, and the money for meals is naturally paid by a group of apprentices.One person pays forty like a group of people, and the whole table is full, but it looks decent.Originally wanted to open a bottle of wine, but Mr.Ji shook his head, picked up the chopsticks and said, I won t drink at noon, and eat quickly.After eating, go back and change clothes.Gather at 1 00, and everything will be in place at 1 30.Send it in the morning.You can use this uniform as a formal dress, and you can wear it when you have a meeting, and you hardly have the chance to wear it at ordinary times.Let s work.Dr.Chen raised his arm and pointed to the door of the computer, and Han Chaoyang suddenly realized that the emergency surgery room was full of people just now, but now it was empty, and all the patients who were in a hurry to see a doctor were scared away by the word AIDS up.Chapter 498 Abducting Han Chaoyang No matter how stupid he is, he understands that the Sixth Hospital does not want to treat all AIDS related patients.With Dr.Chen s attitude, the leader of the hospital probably has the same attitude, so he can only call the eldest sister and ask her to send Jiang Xiaoquan to cbd gummies delta 9 the Second City Hospital directly.Okay, let s go directly to the Second Hospital.Miao Haizhu didn t know why, so she hurriedly asked the driver who had just driven to cbd gummies delta 9 the gate of the Sixth Hospital not to turn, but to continue driving along Zhongshan Road to the Second Hospital.Director Su, How did you know I guessed it, Sergeant Gu, Chaoyang is your apprentice.Why didn t you remind him of such a big event and such a critical moment His work performance is obvious to all, and his ideological awareness is no problem.I haven t made any mistakes, so what can I remind you Chapter 505 Work needs But he has been working for too short a time, and his qualifications are not enough.Grandpa Gu looked up at his wife who was greeting him for dinner , laughed and said The leaders of the bureau have already considered this aspect, otherwise the Zhongshan Road Police District can be set up, Chaoyang can integrate three voluntary security patrol teams, and the patrol team can create a Party Party Vanguard and a Youth Civilization.And the Youth Assault Team Su Xian came to understand like a revelation, and couldn t help laughing It seems that the leaders of the sub bureau don t value him one or two times, and they have worked so hard to accomplish this Yes, so he must Make some achievements, and you must not disappoint the bureau leaders Han Chaoyang finally realized what was going on, and he was ecstatic at once, but at the same time he was a little worried about gains and losses.Although Vice Minister Jiang does not expect the Anti Picking Team to achieve results as much as Cao Zefang, but the results are better than nothing, so he couldn t help laughing and asked Chaoyang, how many people are there in the Anti Picking Team Including the policeman who also serves as the squadron cbd gummies delta 9 leader and instructor, there are now a total of ten people.Ten people are too few.Think about it.The other squadrons have dozens of people, and only ten people in the anti picking team are not suitable.Chief Xiao Why don t we arrange a few team members to join the anti pickup team to strengthen the strength of the squadron directly under it No problem, although we don t have many security guards in the sixth courtyard, it s no problem to arrange two or three team members.Seeing Cao Zefang smile and not After speaking, Vice Minister Jiang turned around and asked again Chaoyang, what do you think Minister Jiang, of course I welcome, Han Chaoyang said with a smile However, strictly speaking, the anti pickup team is not obligatory, and the team members are out of production Instead, we need to take into account the emergency response.

, In fact, if you don t integrate, you need to train as much as you want to learn.After all, the nature of security and security work is quite special, politics must be reliable, and business must be excellent.Security must be trained and must be learned Vice Minister Jiang subconsciously said It makes sense, let me tell you what you think.But in fact, there are not many opportunities to organize training and political study.The policemen in every police station are like this.The whole day is either one or the other.They have no time to train, have no time to exercise, and even eat abnormally.Many policemen have irregular meal times and no time to exercise.Fat.It s obviously an occupational disease, and the masses still feel disgusted when they see it.Grandpa Gu felt the same, and said in a deep thought Chaoyang s words are on point.I was busy until I was about to leave work before returning to the bureau.Seeing that the door of the political commissar s office was open, Zhou Ju walked into the office and said with a smile Political commissar, the facts prove that it is timely and necessary to adjust the leadership team of the Xinyuan Street Police Station.It was a turnaround for the Xinyuan Street Police Station.Last night, a case of illegal transportation, storage and sale of fireworks and delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 firecrackers was seized, and more than 900 boxes cheapest priced cbd gummies of various types of fireworks and firecrackers were seized.Very satisfied.This is not a major case, but it was found in a timely manner, just before the superior came to check.Commissar Huang was equally happy when the superior praised him, but after thinking about it, he explained Ju Zhou, the Xinyuan Street Police Station cannot cbd gummies delta 9 be credited with all the credit.In the future, we can set up a bookcase, buy some books, order newspapers and magazines, and at the same time, it can be used as a company But we can t do the fine work of decorating, so we ll clean it up first, and then ask Boss Wu, who helped decorate the youth hostel, where can i buy serenity cbd gummies to help us decorate. There s a cafeteria, we can t live without a cafeteria The cafeteria is over there.Li Xiaobin turned around and pointed to the place where a truckload of yellow sand had just been unloaded, and introduced happily This is a place on the street, and it will be demolished cbd gummies delta 9 best cbd gummies for diabetes sooner or later.There is no illegal construction.We plan to build a row of steel structure houses along the west wall.After the completion, there will be a kitchen, a large dining room, a bathroom and a storage room.The toilet on the east side will also be rebuilt.m.After work.Han Chaoyang nodded He may work as a chef in a nearby restaurant, and the chef s salary is not low, and the monthly salary of chefs in small restaurants is more than five or six thousand.Bao Suo and the trainer also suspected that he was working as a cook nearby, Yu Zhenchuan knocked on the cigarette ash, and continued And we asked the five brats, and Tong Weijun, who was the most injured, was the closest to him.Tong Weijun recalled that he smelled something on that guy.There is a smell of oily smoke, and the smell of oily smoke is very strong, as if it just came out after cooking. Since there are clues, why come to me, since Bao leva natural cbd gummies Suo and Gu s instructor know, why don t you organize forces to visit and ask The trainer is at the scene, Bao Suo and Xu Suo are not idle, Bao Suo is leading people to check the surveillance near the delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 Internet cafe separately, Xu Suo is organizing forces to visit the restaurants in our jurisdiction.Han cbd gummies delta 9 Chaoyang knocked on the bar and said coldly, But every size counts.Do you want to let Mr.Yan go or not Do you have to ask Mr.Yan to pay for hair washing If you insist, I will help you contact the competent departments, such as the Market Supervision Bureau, such as the Consumer Association.The female clerk didn high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies t want to make matters worse, so she said bitterly Let s go, let s 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation think we re unlucky, okay He said with a straight face As a merchant, you should have the minimum integrity.You are setting up a consumption trap, this is defrauding customers, and even intimidating customers in front of me.Is there any business like this If you go to other places to consume What do you think when you see such a thing Officer Han, it s not what you said, the master who specialized in cutting thirty nine is indeed not here today, Xiaoqian is too cbd gummies delta 9 busy to forget.He actually led more than a dozen law enforcement officers and coordinators to support him As a result, Lao Ding, Miao Haizhu, the two policemen, Zhang Bin, Wang Jiayong and other auxiliary policemen had a lot of work pressure, so they stopped running around to fight the fire and just worked on site in the square, guarding the side of the police car Centralized mediation allows all passengers who are dissatisfied with urban management to come over.I was so busy that a convoy suddenly came from the direction of Zhongshan Road Nowadays, there are very few police cars clearing the way for leaders to travel.Lao Ding was taken aback and hurriedly signaled Miao Haizhu to continue mediation , while he squeezed out of the crowd and ran over to see what was going on.Unexpectedly, the convoy really came to the East Bus Station.Remember to call me when you Han Da come back.Okay, you go now.As soon as Kang Haigen left, Grandpa Gu walked over holding a big teacup and greeting people he knew along the street as usual.Chen Jie planned to introduce the situation of the police area to Sun Guokang, but the family called and asked when Li Xiaobin and Li Xiaobin would get married.Grandpa Gu walked into the police room, cbd gummies delta 9 looked at her with his head, and shifted his potion cbd gummies review gaze to Sun Guokang, asking curiously, Young man, what is your name A short and thin old man with wrinkles on his forehead and age spots all over his face , the back has begun to bend, wearing a winter duty uniform, with armbands but no police rank, let alone a chest badge and a police number.Sun Guokang directly believed that Grandpa Gu was an old auxiliary policeman in the Zhongshan Road Police District.

Stuff Is it okay not to pick it up in the future No more, what did you say I said, I won t pick it up if I say I won t pick it up.It s clear that you are talking nonsense with your eyes open Han Chaoyang knew people like him too well, but many of the surrounding villagers, including him, didn t think it was illegal to go to the construction site to steal things like scrap steel bars.They didn t dare to steal things that were really valuable, they just wanted to steal some Small things are sold to subsidize the family.They were sent to the Huayuan Street Police Station, but there was nothing to do with them.Han Chaoyang could only believe it tentatively, holding up his mobile phone and saying, Zhou Chunshen, I trust you once, and I won t look for your son today.If there is another time, if you are caught by others, you can push the tricycle cbd gummies delta 9 and follow me to the police station.Don t pull me, I can deal with it, his grandma, bullying me No one in the Xu family How do you talk, it is only right and proper to pay back the debt, who bullied you Han Chaoyang pushed the old man into the house, turned around and stared at the fat man with sharp eyes What do you want, who told you to talk Did I say Wrong, his son should not borrow money if he is capable, he has to pay back the money he borrows The misfortune is not as serious as his parents, and the crime is not as serious as his wife and children, so what does Xu Weimin s borrowing of money have to do with Lao Xu Old Tang came very quickly, bringing Xiao Gu They walked into the yard, grabbed the arm of a debt collector, and shouted while pulling it outside If Xu Weimin really borrowed money, he should go to the court to sue through legal means to harass the two people who have severed the father son relationship with him long ago.Oh.Huang Ying hurriedly hugged Han Chaoyang s waist, almost lying on his back and asked Husband, who is that person who said goodbye to you at the gate of the police station just now I don t think I ve seen him before.Sun Guokang, the policemen who have just been assigned to the Huayuan Street Police Station should have been trained in cbd gummies delta 9 the police officer training center.The superiors considered that the police force in each unit will be tense during the Spring Festival, so they should go back and forth for internship first, and then go back to continue training after the new year.You guys.Isn t the police office separated from the police station Why didn t he practice in the station, why did he come to your police office Passing a section of the road with many electric vehicles, he explained Our police area overlaps with the jurisdictions of the two police stations.Director Wen weighed it up, and said with a smile I know a lot about this aspect.The provincial police school s postgraduate registration work is based on the principle of combining organizational recommendation and individual voluntary registration.The recommended units are the political and industrial departments of public security organs at all levels According to the relevant regulations of the provincial department and the municipal bureau, our branch office should actively organize and recommend business backbones to participate in the registration according to the police training plan of our unit.The recommendation is definitely no problem, but the final qualification review is in the municipal bureau.If it can be approved, our branch bureau They will provide support during the study period, and the Municipal Bureau will provide support in terms of training expenses, which means that you don t need to pay for it yourself.I thought only a small unit like ours would help reimburse the tuition fees You and your leaders By the way, your leader agreed Say it, I said it all morning, our administrative service center has a small number of people, and we have always helped to reimburse tuition fees, but no one has reported.Great, this way we can Saved 60,000 to 70,000.Yes, the one year mortgage has been saved.Speaking of this, Han Chaoyang suddenly remembered something, and cbd gummies delta 9 asked curiously, Wife, what majors do you plan to include MBA, if you want to apply, just apply Apply for the most popular one Han Chaoyang didn t know how high the MBA tuition fee was, so he laughed and said, MBA is MBA.I was busy a few years ago, and you have time to help me buy some materials for the postgraduate entrance examination from the Internet.It was almost 4 o clock, and I was about to call to ask where Jiao Da was.A black Buick car slowly drove over from the north.Jiao Da pushed open the passenger door, looked around quickly, and strode to the Beside the iron gate, Wang Jiayong and two plainclothes anti narcotics policemen who looked familiar but couldn t remember their surnames followed up.Jiao Da, why did you come in person Han Chaoyang asked in a low voice.I m on bluebird botanicals cbd gummies duty today, Jiao Da smiled, looking at the building where Karoti Performing Arts Bar is located, and asked Is that iron staircase the fire exit Yes, the brown fire door below can be connected to the hall, and the brown fire door above The fire door leads to a private box, and the fifth and sixth floors seem to be an express hotel.Which box is the suspect in Is it big or not, and the environment is not complicated. Now that I know, it s good, if I tell you earlier, there won t be any surprises. Why is he like this It s not something shady to talk about, and it s so mysterious.Han Chaoyang picked up the toothbrush, thought about it and asked curiously Honey, have you asked my wife what his girlfriend cbd gummies honolulu hi looks like, is she pretty Pretty, where do you work I asked.Quickly tell me, don t be a secret, okay Why are you so excited about a girlfriend Huang Ying cursed with a smile, leaning against the door and giggling cbd gummies delta 9 My wife said that his girlfriend is very beautiful and juicy, and she has a good figure, which kind of little bird depends on others.She is also very capable and rich, and she is the chairman of an investment company.Hearing what my wife said, Zhen Chuan can catch up with her.Your master deserves the credit.

Not only did Grandpa Gu not show Ni Jianguo any more embarrassment, but Ni Jianguo also raised his glass to cbd gummies boon drink every time he toasted.After dinner, Ni Jianguo s lover helped clean up with Huang Ying and Zhang Beibei.Knowing that they had something to say, they proposed to go out for a walk as soon as the mistress was cleaned up.How could Ni Jianguo s lover, Huang Ying, and Zhang Beibei not know her good intentions, and tacitly took Ni Yujia downstairs together.Watching the ladies go, Han Chaoyang pulled out two decks of cards from the coffee table, and said with a smile, Master, let s play a game of double promotion.Isn t Chinese New Year just playing cards, watching TV, drinking tea, eating melon seeds, and chatting Well, I don t feel like I ve had a good year if I don t play a few games.It turns out that human relationships are also a kind of knowledge.Han Chaoyang was feeling secretly, when the police phone rang suddenly, and the caller ID turned out to be a number that had to be reached, so he hurriedly looked in the rearview mirror, and slowly drove the car to the side of the road.Mo Yunhu, what s the matter Officer Han, just now I answered a call just now.Wang Yigui, who used to serve a sentence with me, called me and said he was in the city.He asked me where I lived and if I could Come out.A few days ago, Chaoyang Community Property cbd hemp gummies for kids Company entered Xinmin Community.Stability prevails during the Spring Festival.At this stage, only services are provided, and the property owners of the community are not charged for the time being.The salaries of the personnel and the funds for the maintenance of the fence and the installation of monitoring will be provided by the community for the time being.Han Chaoyang had no choice but to ask, Boss Liu, do you have any trustworthy friends in Yanyang It s fine to invite your friends if you don t come back.After all, you are the person involved.Without a representative, we can t even make records, and you re not there, so we won t be able to tell exactly how much alcohol and tobacco was stolen. My friend, Police Officer Han, I ll call my friend right now and ask him to go to the store to see Look.Okay, tell him to call me when he arrives.Han Chaoyang hung up the phone of the owner of the Yan Hotel, and dialed the duty room of the Huayuan Street Police Station.When such a criminal case occurs, it must be reported as soon as possible, and the case handling team of the Huayuan Street Police Station will investigate and handle it first.If it cannot be handled, it will be handed over to the No.Sure enough, after driving about two kilometers forward, a traffic policeman and an auxiliary policeman appeared in front cbd gummies delta 9 of him.Stop Please show your driver s license.Do you know what lane this is Have you learned the traffic rules The traffic policeman raised his arm and saluted, and went to the window to check his ID.The auxiliary policeman held the walkie talkie and ran to the back of the off road vehicle while calling.The drivers who followed 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation the emergency lane were dumbfounded.waiting to be punished.Lao Hu was not nervous at all.He pushed the door and got out of the car, took out his ID card from the inner pocket of his jacket, and explained with his back to the car behind Comrade, we are on a mission and we are following a suspect.He is on the bus behind.There are also people from us on the bus, who have been following here from Yanyang.The suspect was arrested for fifteen minutes The former came out of the foothold, and Xiao Sun was quite responsible and offered to follow along.Commissar Huang looked up at Director Du, and asked with some embarrassment, How did you inform them I didn t hide anything.Han Chaoyang grinned, and continued The other thing is about the situation of our branch office.I said that we are under a lot of pressure to handle the case, and there are many strike indicators.I found that the surname Qiao behaved suspiciously, so I asked the leader on duty for instructions., and then went to the bureau to open a letter of introduction, and arranged for Lao Hu and Wu Wei to come with them.Youth has its advantages, youth is full of vigor, and inexperienced, the old seniors should allow young people to make mistakes.There are more than 60,000 RMB, several thousand Hong Kong dollars in the bag, a mobile phone, and a bunch of cosmetics that are not cheap.Minister Jiang has asked, and I have to go and have a look.Which Professor Liu There are so many professors in cbd gummies make you poop the school, I How can I know you Huang Ying was sensitive when she mentioned a woman, she raised her head and asked, You don t know which Professor Liu it is, how do you remember her name Didn t I just come back from the Second Squadron It s progressing, I ve introduced the basic situation of the victim, it s normal if I know it, it s not normal if I don t know it, it means your husband s memory is wrong.Huang Ying also realized that this jealousy was a little unreasonable, she thought about it and asked curiously How s the fault Since the leader of your bureau asked you to be the fault, you have to show something Mentioning these things, Han Chaoyang couldn t help laughing and said It s not a blessing to lose one s horse.Chapter 666 Inquiry is not interrogation Boss Zhong, no matter how busy you are, let cbd gummies delta 9 s go and see together for a while.Watch the surveillance and find out.It s very clear, why should he be a security guard to interrogate people, and who gave him the power He didn t want to check the surveillance, and his eagerness to leave caused another burst of laughter.He insisted on leaving, Han Chaoyang couldn t stop him.After all, he and Xiao Xu did have a dispute, but they exaggerated when they called cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies delta 9 110.It was not a false alarm report in the strict sense, but he couldn t just let him go.Han Chaoyang grabbed his arm and said with a smile Boss Zhong, you just called 110 to call the police, and the command center arranged for me to deal with the 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation police.The result.If you leave, how can I report to my superiors Officer Han, what do you want, anyway, I don t have time to watch the surveillance with you.

Han Chaoyang pretended he didn t see anything, went downstairs to the bathroom, and when he came back, he couldn t help but glanced at the meeting room.Zou Ju, Fan Ju and other leaders forbade others to use their mobile phones, but they were sitting around the conference table holding their mobile phones.Bao Qingshan didn t know where he was, and the deputy head of the Economic Investigation Brigade was not there, only Liu Jianye was on the phone inside.Chaoyang, do you have stomach Auntie Tan appeared behind her at some point, startling Han Chaoyang.Dinner ready Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.Dinner starts at 6 o clock, and you fell asleep.Xiao Jiang said you were on duty yesterday, so you didn t let them call.Aunt Tan was the biggest in this yard.She had no scruples, pulled Han Chaoyang s arm, and walked to the cafeteria While walking, he said with a smile, I left some food for you, let s go, go to the cafeteria to eat.Waiting for me, right It s hallo cbd 1000mg gummy worms not waiting for you, Hong Liang and Xiaobin didn t eat either.Where are they Aunt Tan was very well informed about the news, and she said in a spirited manner Wu Wei and Xiaokang came back from a business trip.Wu Wei is fine.Xiaokang cried in your police station as soon as he came back.No wonder, he went to Dongming Community with Chengquan As a security guard, he slept on bunk beds at the time, and got along so well, like brothers.In the end, after all that happened, he couldn t come back to see him off. Hong Liang and Xiaobin went to persuade him.Han Chaoyang asked subconsciously.Well, Mr.Zhang has gone too.Zhang Beibei HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 went, which meant that Yu Zhenchuan had also returned.Didn t they go to the 2.12 project Didn t the 2.12 case come to an end Han Chaoyang couldn t care less about the secrecy discipline announced by Bureau Fan, and even thought that there was no need to make such an exaggeration when investigating and punishing the pyramid schemes.There is a water dispenser where you want to drink water, and there are paper cups under the water dispenser.Take it yourself.Tell us when you are hungry, we will help you order takeaway, but you have to pay for it.If you want to go to the toilet, you have to tell us and we will take you there, understand clear.If you can t sleep, you can play with your mobile phone.If your mobile phone is out of are serenity cbd gummies legit battery, you can plug it in there to charge it.We have WIFI here.The password is the landline number of our police office.Did you see it That s it.Yang Xiaorong thought that the exposure of the money theft would be fruitless, but he never thought that Han Chaoyang was cbd gummies delta 9 so talkative, and he didn t even ask about the money theft, so he froze for a moment.Han Chaoyang slept for a long time in the afternoon, and now Not sleepy, go out and let Lao Ding go to the office next door to sleep for a while, then return to the conversation room, stand in front of Yang Xiaorong and continue Yang Xiaorong, we all know what you did in your hometown, otherwise we wouldn t have taken you away from the construction site.If you want the horse to run, you have to give the horse grass.You can t end up doing more or less.The other is that the name is not correct.The words are not going well, and the work is not easy to carry out without giving people a formal status as a population coordinator. These two problems are easy to solve.Didn t the bureau give us some funds, and we can squeeze out some for population management funds.Give some allowances to the team members who also serve as population coordinators at each construction site.As for the identity, I will go back to the Liu Office to discuss and see if I can distribute a set of auxiliary police uniforms to each of them.From now on, I will start as an auxiliary police officer of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Work.Liu Suo is definitely willing.Liu Hui couldn t help but said, It s their job to manage the immigrant population.I m helping with the investigation at Chenjiaji now. I knew you wouldn t just sit idly by, but why didn t you notify me of such a big event Can I take care of you when I m so busy in the morning That s right, let s get down to business, Liu So the suspect has been identified Lao Ding may be the policeman who has worked the longest in the Huayuan Street Police Station, and he is familiar with the situation in Huayuan Street, so Han Chaoyang wanted to drag him into the small task force of the two old men in the anti 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation pickup industry That s fine, let s just introduce the situation we have now.Lao Ding s high potency cbd gummies 750mg cbd gummies first reaction was indeed to ask why he didn t tell Mr.Liu Suoji what he found at the scene, and Han Chaoyang when to take cbd gummy before bed had to explain Just a few grasses, so many people went to the cbd gummies delta 9 scene last night, it doesn t matter who picked it up.You are a policeman, you don t sleep most of the night, you are so distracted, those who don t know think you are a criminal policeman of the criminal police team.Stop whining, ask Personally, are you familiar with Wei Ping We are a relocated community here, and people HCMUSSH cbd gummies delta 9 who have not moved out after moving here, as long as they live here, not rented here, they basically know each other.Wei Ping, I am very familiar with it.Carpenter, my old man asked him to make birthday materials when he was still alive, but he asked for cremation as soon as it was finished.At that time, the money was worth a lot, and even the wood and labor cost thousands of dollars.It was done for nothing, and it was useless.How to deal with it, you can only sell it to a junk collector who is not worth two pennies.Do you know his wife I said, Old Tang, you are a policeman anyway, why do you always miss his wife What are you kidding, I m telling you something serious Jiangshan Yichang s nature is hard to change, his old friend is still the same as before, and Old Tang is made to laugh and cry.Director Xing took a closer look, and asked curiously Chaoyang, is this Wei Ping suspected of committing the crime This only means that he came back before the crime, and left after the crime.Is he lame Not lame.3.If the 14 case is not solved, Director Xing s life will not be easy for 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation a day.After confirming that the person Han Chaoyang ran back to investigate in the middle of the night is not a lame person, he was really disappointed, but he still patted him on the shoulder Whether lame or not, as long as there is doubt Just check.Director, that s what I think.It would be great if everyone had the subjective initiative like you, what should we do now, should we go back or check here.How to check here, I will go back first.It s almost dawn, and now I can sleep for a while when I go back, so I won t keep you here, drive slowly on the way back.

Although Han Chaoyang didn t tell Xu Hongliang about the fact that even the anti pickup team was going to disband, Wu Junfeng and other anti pickup team members had a good relationship with the auxiliary police what do cbd gummies with thc do officers of the Huayuan Street Police Station, so he knew about it almost immediately.The patrol team is stationed in the area under the jurisdiction of the Huayuan Street Police Station.Liu Jianye is the biggest beneficiary.It used to be very difficult to check the foreigners in the village in the city.Now, just call Han Chaoyang and arrange two or three policemen to handle the matter.up.When encountering urgent cbd gummies 600mg cbd gummies delta 9 tasks such as chasing, intercepting and maintaining stability, it is much easier to execute than before.The old classmate is a stubborn donkey, it s hard to talk about it usually, but today is an 750mg cbd gummies cbd gummies for muscle relaxation opportunity.Xu Jun s uncle, Xu Shan, was a reasonable man.He wiped away his tears and said with a choked voice, This is fate.My brother s fate is not good.Let s talk about Sanjian Company.Han Chaoyang closed the folder and continued Everyone knows that the current projects are all subcontracted.Sanjian Company subcontracts the project to a big boss, and the big boss subcontracts the project To more than a dozen small bosses, that is to say, Xu Min has nothing to do with the Sanjian Company, because he is a worker under Yang Jinjin.But after Xu Min s accident, the vice president of the Sanjian Company and the big boss who contracted the project rushed to the office as soon as they received the call.When I went to the hospital, I arranged for manager Jiang Jianxing to be in charge of receiving you and discussing compensation matters after learning about the situation.Li Jun was confused and couldn t help asking Bao Suo, Is there something wrong with this woman The surveillance in the office was installed a few years ago, there is only video but no audio, only the surveillance screen in the office of the case handling team can be seen, but the voice inside cannot be heard, so Bao Qingshan simply sat down and stared at Looking at the monitoring screen, he whispered This Wang Can is very similar to the girl rescued by Liu Chengquan, the anti pickup team.Ah Otherwise, Chaoyang can come here in a hurry But But people can t be resurrected after death, even if it can be confirmed It s the same gummies with cbd oil recipie person, and Xiao Liu can t possibly come back to life.Chaoyang and the others are outraged, don t talk about it, just watch the surveillance.Han Chaoyang pulled out the chair and sat in front of Wang Can with a blank expression.Thinking of Xie Lingling s phone call in cbd gummies delta 9 the afternoon, Huang Ying realized what was going on.Although she didn t want to get married so early, she didn t want to embarrass Han Chaoyang.She bit her lip and laughed, Get up, don t be so nasty.Ying Ying, I love you, marry me.Han Chaoyang didn t give up until he reached his goal, holding the flowers even higher.Promise him, promise him, how romantic Yes, hurry up.Okay, okay, I promise you, don t be embarrassing here.Huang Ying cursed with a smile, leaning over to take the flowers.Han Chaoyang s heart throbbed, he got up and hugged her tightly, and a group of big girls and young wives shouted for another kiss.Shameless enough, Han Chaoyang didn t care, let alone shameless, kissed Huang Ying in front of everyone, then hugged Huang Ying, thanked him and walked to the side of the patrol car, first carried Huang Ying to the co pilot, then went around the front of the car and climbed into the driver s seat.After all, the power of role models is infinite.From a personal point of view, if you can help this favor, Xiaokang will really thank you for a lifetime.What if I don t agree Du Ju asked with a half smile.So I let Xiaokang go out first.If you firmly disagree, it s okay.I won t tell him, and neither will anyone else.Feng Ju and I know about it., the political commissar, director Wen and Liu Suo may not know.You still think for me Of course, you are my old leader.How can I let Xiaokang know that he can t stay in the branch office because you are stuck. Listen to your tone, am I a bad person Du Bureau was messed up to the point of both irony and laughter.How is it possible Han Chaoyang said with a playful smile Without you, there would be no patrol team, without me, Han Chaoyang, and even today s well off life.Wang Can carefully placed the flowers in front of the stele, knelt down on the ground again, and Lihua kowtowed in the rain, crying thank you and sorry while kowtow.Seeing the reporter go around the grave and take pictures of delta 8 cbd gummies cbd gummies delta 9 the crowd, Xu Hongliang and Yu Zhenchuan agora cbd gummies hurriedly helped Xiaokang up.Han Chaoyang took out the cigarettes from the plastic bag, took the lighter handed by Feng Ju, took out one and lit it, leaned over and inserted the cigarette into the soil in front of the monument, then took out another one, lit it again, and inserted it into the ground again.In the soil, I lit three sticks in a row and inserted three sticks, right to offer incense to my good brother who likes to smoke.Then he took out a bottle of wine from the plastic bag, unscrewed the lid, and poured it in front of the grave.Sanjiantao, and then He and Wu Wei drove back to the police station with the case files.Miao Haizhu and Lao Ding happened to be there, so they simply took them to read the materials together.Han Chaoyang and Wu Wei only found out about Luo Weixing s absconding with the money in the afternoon.Lao Ding is a community policeman in Chaoyang Community.He murmured He took more than one million yuan from Jiangjian Group in Jiangzhong, and received a so called security deposit of more than four million yuan from several contractors, adding up to nearly six million yuan.Why does he need so much money Money is a good thing, and no one thinks it too much.Han Chaoyang rubbed his chin and said in a low voice, Maybe he raised a concubine outside like Hu Songping, or maybe he owed money to others before and has been tearing down the wall to make up for it.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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