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Adolf Hitler s eyes were red.Damn Sergeant Hall, damned Jew Like Steven, Hall was a bloody Jew Selfish and shameless How could they just give up the lieutenant All Jews are the same, they deserve to be expelled from the pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies army, no, from all of Germany Even, they should all be sent to the gallows However, the current Hitler can do nothing about what happened to Lieutenant Ernst.twenty one.Let s rush out together The artillery fire finally eased a little.Wang Weiyi shook off the clods cbd gummies snakes and gravel all over his body.God blessed him, he was not killed by the bomb With a huh , he leaned on the ground and opened the communication between the little spirits Little Ling, hell, I m trapped here, where do I have to retreat A British army has come from They came up from behind, and they have a howitzer regiment.At that moment, Rommel was extremely shocked.Ernst Brahm It was para que sirve condor cbd gummies his cbd gummies snakes friend Lieutenant Ernst who created this miracle Oh God, what an unimaginable result, how did he create this miracle And when Rommel knew that Lieutenant Ernst had fallen into a situation where he could not break out, he was the first to ask his superiors to take the initiative.If possible, he was even willing to take his company alone to rescue Lieutenant Ernst.However, his request was rejected.Ernst, Ernst, you have to carry on no matter what, the counterattack cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies will start soon.The creator of a miracle should not be defeated so easily by the enemy.Hold on, hold on no matter what I m out of town now, starting tomorrow, there will be three shifts every day, please recommend Thirty one.The spy Wang Weiyi didn t know that the counterattack was about to advance.In fact, it was the same for him whenever the German army launched a counterattack.Their result was nothing more than fighting to the last moment.Although I don t cannaverda cbd me gummies know what the British think, the fiasco of the Prince of HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes Wales camp will undoubtedly completely anger those British.The siege will begin soon Guo Yunfeng seemed a little greedy.He picked up two SMLE rifles and collected a lot of bullets.It seemed that he had a vague premonition that there would be a fierce battle soon.Wang Weiyi smiled.Without the support of tanks, what s the use of bringing all the rifles and bullets Could it be that with only the strength of two people, can they really kill enemies dozens of times their size Looking into the distance, Wang Weiyi pointed to the front Si Dao, let s go, let s fight a guerrilla with the British The two people who had caused a lot of trouble in the heart of the British army quickly disappeared on the battlefield.Although he only suspected that he was a spy, if Guo Yunfeng told everything that happened on the battlefield that day, Colonel Nicholas would definitely suspect other things Adolf, help me with something.Wang Weiyi suddenly raised his head Go and invite Manstein, Mr.Richthofen and Ms.Elena, and say that I have a very serious matter to discuss with them Adolf Hitler didn t dare to neglect anything, and left the hotel in a hurry.As soon as he left, Wang Weiyi immediately resumed the communication with Xiaoling, and told what happened, but he didn t expect that Xiaoling didn t pay much attention to it In order to protect the secrets of the military base, I have been given a privilege to shoot at anytime, anywhere.Kill the person who discovers the secret.In ten minutes, I will launch a targeted bombing and completely blow up the Military Intelligence Bureau.Ernst, you and me, Manstein, you let the Chinese sit in front Richthofen has already considered this point.Fortunately, Guo Yunfeng s comprehension in this aspect is still good, besides, he only needs to sit in front with his legs folded, and hold the faucet for balance.It was wobbly, but with the coordination of Manstein s pedaling behind, the two people s movements quickly became consistent.Four big men, riding two tandem two wheelers, this scene looks somewhat funny His assistant Boritz stood aside, waiting patiently.The time passed by, and it was five minutes since the usual time to go out for a walk.The habit of time.Pompestein finally finished reading the documents in his hand and closed the file The espionage activities of the British and French are becoming more and more rampant, and three more were caught yesterday.I fully understand, Colonel Nikolai.Wang Weiyi said with a smile.Is your subordinate healed from his injury now The injury is almost healed.I can rest assured that.Nicholas seemed to be fluent, but suddenly said Your Chinese friend was interrogated by Major Pompestein.Do you think there is a possibility that after your Chinese friend came out, he started a revenge plan action There is no such possibility at all.He is still lying on the can you get cbd gummies at walmart bed.Wang Weiyi said without thinking What s more, do you think he can be familiar with the roads of Berlin Also, you don t even believe in his outstanding performance in the Somme, do you think that one person can kill Major Pompestein and so many of his companions Several people around could not help but smile If Nicholas admitted it, it would be tantamount to admitting how incompetent his military intelligence bureau is.Elena blushed a bit.Yes, she had to admit that she had really struggled to get this badge from Colonel Jose.She knew that Ernst would definitely like it.Wang Weiyi was grateful Nodding to Elena, he said everything without saying anything.He wore this skull badge on his neckline, which added a special temperament to him.This badge that witnessed the brilliant achievements of Marshal Mackensen The badge, worn on Wang Weiyi s neckline, looked so appropriate, as if it was born specially for him.A flash of inspiration flashed in Richthofen s mind, and he blurted out Skeleton Baron What Wang Weiyi and Elena didn t hear clearly for a while.Richthofen s face was flushed, and he said excitedly You call me the Red Baron, look at the way Ernst wears this badge, Skeleton Baron Ernst Alexson von Brahm Skeleton Baron This name does not have any derogatory meaning in the eyes of Westerners.Wang Weiyi sighed I saved Lieutenant Colonel Rosen, but I didn t expect that Lieutenant Colonel Rosen would accomplish me in turn.As the old Chinese saying goes, where there is a cause, there is an effect, do you believe HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes it When you really understand human emotions, cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies maybe you won t be so cold and always mechanically execute what you say and do things After Wang Weiyi said these words, he felt a little funny, he actually expected a computer to have emotions I seem to understand a little bit and I feel your anger, and is it sadness Xiao Ling said suddenly, but this shocked Wang Weiyi.Did he hear wrong Xiao Ling could actually feel his anger This is understandable, and it can be judged from the way he speaks, but What about sadness Sad emotions are completely incomprehensible to computer programs Why Why did this happen Reminiscent of Xiao Ling once said that he would be bored , this is clearly a human emotion.Marshal Hindenburg looked at the time Major Ernst, I hope you leave as soon as possible, I have prepared for you OK car.Very tight schedule.General Ludendorff and I still need to go to His Majesty, work hard, Major Ernst.All for Germany.All for Germany Several senior military generals left the manor, and Crown Prince William stayed behind.He stared at Wang Weiyi for a while Thank you, Baron Alexon.You have already said your thanks in court, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.Wang Weiyi replied.But this can t express the gratitude in my heart August smiled I can t imagine what will happen once I fall into the hands of the enemyyou will become a legendary German general, .

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Baron Alexon.I d love to join you in this operation, but I can t because I m the Crown Prince of Germany Wang Weiyi understood his mood very well.

Big fortune.Okay, everyone s mission is clear.Wang Weiyi looked at the time Everyone is resting now, and we will gather in seven hours.In the dark night, everything is quiet The stars in the sky are blinking, and they seem to be looking at these soldiers on the ground curiously.If there is no war, this will be an intoxicating Night scene.Unfortunately, soon the sound of artillery will tear it all up Aren t cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies you asleep yet Elena came to Wang Weiyi s side and asked in a low voice.The current Elena is no longer the Elena when Wang Weiyi just met her.Her attitude towards Wang Weiyi has completely changed.Yeah, I haven t slept yet, thinking about tomorrow.Wang Weiyi made room for Elena to sit down.War, war Elena said with emotion, Ernst, have you thought about what you will do after the war After the war Wang cbd gummies vs thc Weiyi was stunned for a moment After the war, he will leave here He said silently If the war really ends one day, I want to go homeDo you know, Elena, I think about going home every day I want to go home too.So far, we haven t figured out the specific residence of von Kierock.Manstein said straight to the point The spies who were supposed to connect with us here have not yet appeared, and we have no information at hand The spy didn t show up Wang Weiyi frowned.Manstein shook his head affirmatively.What s wrong Once the spy who responded to him was captured by the French and confessed to .

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the special unit, the situation would suddenly become complicatedeven the whole team would be in dangerto complete pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies the kidnapping For von Kierock s mission, intelligence has become a crucial point, but now this most important point has been cut off at once.There was an agreed knock on the door, and everyone picked up the weapons in their hands.Guderian stood up and opened the door, and the horsepower came in.Found the whereabouts of that Chinese man.Not a stab wound either, what kind of hands do you think they are, Erwin Hell, I don t know.Rommel pulled out a grenade and put it within his reach.Stek, left, there are enemies on the left, kill them In the dull roar of the Starkville Perosa submachine gun.Wang Weiyi said loudly I couldn t think of it at first, but I just thought it shouldn t be the hands of cbd gummies snakes a pair of noble generals.Later, the words of Kilok made me understand.He kept discussing with me about alchemy.Yes, this is the hand of an alchemist, who has been in contact with chemical substances cbd gummies snakes and machines all year round.The yellow and black parts were eroded by chemicals, and the wound was cut by a machine Rommel understood a bit But what if Kierok really likes alchemy yes.Yes, there is a possibility.Wang Weiyi lowered his head, and a bullet flew over his head, and the submachine gun in his hand fired back in the direction of the bullet We have seen all the information related to Kilok. Hitler s firefighters, who caused cbd gummies snakes Zhukov to suffer a disastrous defeat Iron Wall Model Never thought that the first confrontation between the sharp Offensive Spear Zhukov and Defense Shield Model would happen ahead of schedule Perhaps, all this is because of his own appearance Well Baron Alexon, my mission is complete, I keanu reeves clinical cbd gummies have to go to Russia to do my own business.At this time, Lai Li s words interrupted Wang Weiyi s train of thought I hope you have good luck. Thank you, Sidney.Wang Weiyi smiled and said We will meet again, I am very sure of this.If you need any information, you can come to meOf course, I will go to you when I have time Riley politely agreed, but he didn t take cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal cbd gummies snakes it seriously.Only Find Ernst by yourself, Ernst can t find himself no matter what Omjet.Colonel Fritojak has been waiting here for three days , but there was no sign of the enemy at all, which made him gradually anxious.I will It is our honor to prepare the most comfortable and luxurious room here for you to live in Hope you have a good time here.After Wang Weiyi expressed his gratitude, he came to the room specially prepared for him.It was indeed a luxurious and comfortable room.After seeing off the manager and closing the door, Xiao Ling s voice came over immediately Again Is there anything to thank you cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies for coming to Berlin, Baron Alexon Come cbd gummies snakes on.Wang Weiyi sat down and raised his feet comfortably The atmosphere is really fanatical.From the moment I entered Berlin, I could feel that Germany is preparing for the final decisive battle at any time You have a lot to do in this, Rambler.Xiao Ling s tone of voice didn t seem so polite If it weren t for your miraculous performances on the battlefield, you wouldn t have plunged the whole of Berlin and even the whole of Germany into a war crazy atmosphere Hey, it s also your fault here.Rommel came over, Dr.Katz said very gratefully Thank you, Captain, your character is worthy of respect.You saved a life ah, I forgot, do you speak English Yes, doctor.Rommel nodded Please rest assured that you and your patient will be properly placed As for the nurses here, they are not combatants and I don t think they will do us any harm.So after a simple cross examination, they can choose to leave Guo Yunfeng was bored by the side, and he couldn t help muttering I m really hungry You are chinese At this moment, something unexpected happened Nurse Kelly asked in fluent Chinese Are you Chinese Everyone was stunned.Can you imagine that a British nurse could speak such fluent Chinese Guo Yunfeng also stayed there completely, since he went abroad as a Chinese worker and joined the German army After that, except for Lieutenant Colonel Ernst, he has never heard such fluent Chinese Moreover, the accent of the other party still has the taste of his hometown Shandong II am Chinese , from Shandongyouare you Chinese too As soon as Guo Yunfeng said this, he realized that cbd gummies snakes his question was completely wrong.It was just at the place of a prostitute, Wang Weiyi spent a little money to inquire about some situations.The prostitute told him that if he wanted to find any information here, he had to go to a tavern where Russians like to gather here.The Russians in the neighborhood like to turn it into wine quickly if they have a little money in their hands There is everything you need Name of the owner of the tavern His name is Desimov, he is from the Caucasus region, and he came to Paris earlier.He is quite difficult to deal with, but he is very loyal.No matter what troubles the Russians in Paris encountered, they could always find him and solve them.Just another gangster When Wang Weiyi heard this, the first thought came to his mind When he entered the tavern, there were already a few Russians sitting inside.They hated the insurgents who participated in the riots to the extreme, and kept yelling there.Curse the Bolsheviks, and the apostates who betrayed the Tsar.Hey, stranger, what do you think A Russian who had obviously drunk stood up and shouted drunkenly towards the place where Wang Weiyi was Do you think those people should all be hanged Wang Weiyi Slightly smiled I don t know much about the situation in Russia Damn stranger, you suspect that you are a Bolshevik The drunken Russian staggered and wanted to come over, but Desimov stopped him loudly Sit down.You drunkard Even though he was drunk, the Russian was still extremely afraid of Desimov, glared at Wang Weiyi bitterly, and sat down without saying a word.Not all Russians are like this.Desimov spread his hands You have to know what kind of mood a person will feel when he hears that such a big thing happened in his country.

This is a bit surprising.It seems that the pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes resentment between Desimov and Major De Sade is very deep.Do you want to know who I am Wang Weiyi smiled faintly My name is Ernst Brahm.The Skeleton Baron Desimov blurted out with his mouth wide open in surprise The creator of the miracle of the Somme, the Baron Skeleton Yes, I am.Desimov looked at the other party in disbelief.He really couldn t believe that he was facing the Skeleton Baron God, how bold is this man He actually appeared in Paris in a big way Then, Obviously, that gem has a very important effect on the Baron Skeleton, and even the whole of Germany Thinking of this, Desimov waved his fist excitedly Great, I was still worried about whether you were sure to deal with De Sade, but now that you are the Baron Skeleton, what else can I worry about How about it Baron Alexon, Desimov is willing to serve you.Only in the interval of dancing, bullets will be occasionally spit out, adding some excitement to this dance And every spit of bullets will always pose a huge threat to the enemy Although the dark fighter is not as brisk as his companions.Even a little heavy, but as the dance progressed, his dance steps gradually caught up with the rhythm of the red fighter.Tud chug The two German fighter planes opened fire at the same time with a tacit understanding, and the fierce firepower instantly tore a fighter plane of the British Royal Air Force into pieces.1 o Richthofen whistled, and the plane climbed rapidly.At this time, he cbd gummies effexor suddenly saw Ernst s plane being chased by two enemy fighter planes in a panic, and immediately rushed down from the sky viciously like a goshawk.Plop The bullet hit a British plane silently, and the thick black smoke immediately drew a terrifying black line in the air.After all, his number was too small.The machine gun gradually became unable to suppress those enemies who were not afraid of death.After all, when Maxim first appeared on the battlefield, the damage caused to the enemy was terrifying.However, it stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes was just a machine after all, and humans could quickly find it.The way to deal with it.However, Model is still as stable how to use cbd gummies for pain as a rock.Inform Second Lieutenant Wymos that he is ready.Model said calmly.The enemy got closer again, and the barrels of the machine guns on the ground were completely cbd gummies snakes emptied, but the machine gunners were still shooting desperately.Sean s Maxim was so eye catching on the battlefield.This machine gunner who was the first to follow Colonel Ernst Brahm will always be the most reliable firepower point on the battlefield.Bullets sprayed out, and the enemies who fell under this heavy machine gun could no longer be counted with numbers But Bang Clay s arms became sore from the thunder shot.The Germans are retreating, and they won t have the energy to do anything.But no matter what kind of speculation, what Laurent must face now is a strong counterattack from the German army.As the battle progressed, Laurent began to realize the fact that there were too many counterattacks against .

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the German army.A large HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes number of German troops appeared on the battlefield, launching a flood like attack on the British positions.Terrible offense.German reinforcements have arrived General Laurent finally figured this out.Now, he had to make where to buy eagle hemp cbd gummies a choice either continue to mellow out man cbd gummies hold on here, or retreat immediately.There is no doubt that General Bivorge is inclined to the former.But he forgot that Laurent was a rigid Englishman, and he was quite devoted to his duties.Once an order is received, it must be completed without compromise.In order stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes to regain here, they paid a heavy price.Several regiment is cbd oil more concreated than gummies level combat units were completely wiped out.Although Monrington has been promoted to lieutenant general, and even though Rosen, who is missing an .

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arm, has also been promoted to colonel, they are still facing the same enemy Ernst Alexson von Brahm the skeleton baron Facing the bloody battlefield, Monlington and Rosen could only smile wryly.No matter what time it is, Ernst will always be that Ernst, the invincible skeleton baron Germany s strength is waning, while Britain and France have greatly increased their strength because of the full support of the United States, but they still cannot defeat Ernst Ernst and his skeleton commandos, as long as they want, can take any position they want as long as they want, they can defend any trench they want to defend.You see, I haven t forgotten you.It s a pity that Elena will never come back, Manstein said sadly.Everyone fell silent.Elena will never come back.Rommel pulled himself together Ernst, we have just received an order.Due to the tight frontline battles, cbd gummies snakes a large number of casualties, and a lack of combat experienced officers, we will soon be assigned to other units.Wang Weiyi Nodded, he knew about it, and it was what he suggested to the high command.After completing the task of capturing the gold, Wang Weiyi didn t know what the next and last task he faced would be, and it might be extremely difficult.Rommel and they must live until the end of the war That s why he made this request to the high command and assigned them to the cbd gummies organic hemp extract 750 mg second line troops.I have to go and talk to them.Manstein seemed very dissatisfied Why did you take us apart Why Only when we are together can we cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal cbd gummies snakes guarantee the greatest combat effectiveness Hey, Fritz, I think the high command must have their reasons for making such a decision.You can t attack Maeda Yoshito panicked Attacking now will only make us a target Haka Sugawara Naomasa cursed angrily The imperial army will never wait to die here Maeda Yoshiro was desperate, and pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies he didn t blame others.I just wonder why I was appointed as such a captain.Perhaps the most incompetent of all officers Captain Maeda, are you a coward Naomasa Sugawara shouted.Maeda Yoshiro smiled bitterly Your Excellency Captain, pollen power bank cbd gummies hemp vs cbd gummies I can lead my team to charge, but we will all die soon.Please take care of yourself After speaking, he drew out his command knife For the sake of the empire, attack This It is the first time that the Japanese army has reactivated such a stupid, almost suicidal attack since the Russo Japanese War.And how did all this happen Naomasa Sugawara cbd gummies snakes So when those attacking Japanese soldiers fell in a pool of blood one after another, so after Tian Yi was hit by bullets until he couldn t even tell his original appearance, these dead Japanese soldiers might feel that this was a kind of relief instead.The last batch to leave was Wang Weiyi.Here, there is no need to shed blood anymore.The next place to bleed will be in Songjiang Here, the guard battalion, the remnants of the 43rd Army, and the security team fought bloody battles, killing 1,423 Japanese bandits, wounding more than a thousand, and capturing one.It was an unprecedented victory for the team since the all out war for Japan began.In this campaign, on the national side, 424 members of the security team were killed in battle, 239 were killed or injured by the remnant of the 43rd Army, and 191 were killed or injured by the guard battalion.in terms of casualties.The Japanese army is significantly ahead of the team.But this is not some glorious leading Night, 11 55.There are still 5 minutes before cbd gummies snakes the arrival of the 13th day.In fact, when night came, Wang Weiyi had already completed the task, but he was still the last one to retreat.

If my guess is right, the d l 4th Brigade will not be able to withstand it tomorrow.Now that they have been maimed in Shanghai, and weapons and ammunition are extremely scarce, it is a miracle that they can withstand the Japanese pirates nine charges.Xiao Zhichu was speechless, and he also knew that Wang Jinyong really tried his best.You can block the enemy s nine attacks with a crippled army, what else can you ask him to do Wang Weiyi took the initiative to ask for a fight He is only going to use two battalions Two battalions just want to hold back the Orientals It sounds cbd gummies snakes so ridiculous.I m afraid that two battalions are not enough for the Japanese to fill their teeth.Military seat, come here.Wang Weiyi invited Xiao Zhichu to the front of the map Originally, I used my first battalion to defend Kuncheng Lake, but now, I have used a battalion of the regiment to take over the defense., The security is HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes very strict.Brigadier Wang, if you want to save An Fei, I m afraid you don t have enough strength, right Wang Weiyi smiled If you want to save someone, you may have to use force. Brother Wang, you really want to save An Fei When Tang Weihong heard it from the side, she became excited I ll go with you You Wang Weiyi smiled I don t look down on women, but there are some things that women really can t go with.After finishing speaking, he pondered for a while I have to find out the specific situation.Mr.Tang, can you help me find a car with the French Consulate brand And if something happens in the future, you won t be implicated Ah, Although this is a bit difficult, it can still be done.Tang Nai an quickly replied I know the driver who helped the French Consul.I saved his life once, and he always wanted to repay him.After a while, he said slowly Brother and so many brothers are doing good for the country, but I, An Fei, are still alive, man If you can t die for your country, what face do you have to live you are wrong.An Fei turned his head and saw health synergy cbd gummies that it was Wang Weiyi who was speaking, and Wang Weiyi said indifferently Only by living can you take revenge better.General An has been martyred, and those of us who are alive should live on.Tang Nai an sighed Brother An, your father s people are moving around in Shanghai trying to rescue you.They don t know that you have been rescued.I will inform them now No need.An Fei stared cbd gummies snakes at Wang Weiyi Brigadier Wang s life saving grace, An Fei will never forget it.I have a family feud with the Japanese pirate country, and I have to avenge it.Brigadier Wang please accept me as a pawn in front of the horse.A torn letter was found in his pocket.Your Excellency, Commander, please give me half an hour.Hiroshi Yamaguchi said, took the pile of shredded papers to the table, and put them together with all his heart.Kobayakawa Koi sat there without making a sound.Yoshiro Miyamoto kept looking there for half an hour.Hiroshi Yamaguchi turned around with a complicated expression Your Excellency, Commander, please come here.Koi Kobayakawa stood up and walked over Hiroshi Yamaguchi pointed to the letter that was barely pieced together on the table and said It was smashed too badly.And the time is too tight.There are only so many pieces that can be put together.Then, he handed the magnifying glass to the commander hands.Kobayakawa Hongyi took the magnifying glass and went up to it I received the money, I am very happy to have a meeting on the second floor.There are many, many stars in the sky, and each star is a person., Every star has a story.When the star is the brightest, it is the most glorious moment in a person s life.When it turns into a shooting star, a person s pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies life is gone Yes Is it Guo Yunfeng said in surprise.His head, involuntarily, also looked at the sky.There are no stars to be seen, only clouds.But behind the clouds, Guo Yunfeng seemed to see countless stars blinking.Every star is a person, what about yourself Which star are you On March 30, 193, the assembled Japanese army launched a full scale attack on several defense line fortifications of the National Revolutionary Army.The tragic battle that was later called the Battle of the Defense Line broke out At the same time, enemy police reports sounded at the Wufu Line, Xicheng Line, Zhajia Line and Haijia Line and other permanent defense fortifications.Very tenacious.Wang Weiyi fully agreed with his opinion It is worthy of many of us to learn from.Suddenly , a string of bullets sprayed out from Werner s submachine gun, and a Japanese army that rushed out quickly fell on his ground Under the gunpoint General, there are still 30 minutes.We can still rush in.The machine gun in Wang Weiyi s hand suddenly danced, and the two Japanese soldiers hiding in the dark had not had time to pull the trigger, and they had already been swept away.Became a honeycomb.In front, Wang Weiyi and Werner s two submachine guns, in the middle, are two light machine guns, and the rest of the soldiers searched and moved forward.And the six wheeled chariot, which seemed invincible here, faithfully covered the infantry.It s a whole, a machine that s been polished to perfection.There seems to be someone coming over there He raised his gun nervously, and asked in a low voice, Who Stop Don t shoot An extremely deep voice came.The sergeant and the soldiers around him saw the person coming, and they almost suspected that they were wrong.The person walking in front is wearing an m1899 eagle helmet.Wearing a general s field uniform for soldiers, with a medal of merit on it.On the feet are m1865 high boots.The man in the back wears an m1896 style officer s large cap, with Bavarian light infantry double cuffs on the sleeves of the field uniform, and an m1894 style Bavarian version of the 6th level marksman ribbon on cbd gummies snakes his shoulders.The two looked unusually young.How many years ago is this military uniform Who are you The sergeant didn t relax his vigilance and asked after swallowing.Yes.They will do that.Wang Weiyi nodded In the Soviet Union, the treatment of the dead in battle is completely different from that of the cbd gummies market prisoners.I m starting to like Belyanlowski now Those prisoners of war Some of them have lowered their heads, and some of them even wiped their eyes quietly because they thought of what happened to their family members But.It s not our fault Biryanlowski s voice suddenly increased We fought for our country, and we fought until we ran out of ammunition and food.We were forced to become prisoners.Any country, any country In every battle, there will always be prisoners In the Russia that was overthrown by us, the families of the prisoners will be comforted and properly resettled.When the prisoners return, they will be cheered like heroes.This point, no matter in the old Russia, or in England, or France, or even our enemy Germany But only in Moscow, such an abnormal and terrible situation can occur Even if we are all released now, you all know what awaits Y all, censorship, censorship, never my cbd gummy bears ending censorship They ll make us account for what we said in the POW camp, they ll make us account for each other, and then we ll all be re introduced into the military, but not We fight, but we are required to step on landmines, and we are required to block enemy tanks with our flesh and blood There is no difference between life and death And our family will still suffer from never ending misery His voice gradually became good night cbd gummies agitated.

Ah, thank you for your kindness.Williams hesitated, pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies But I don t have a degree, and I m afraid they won t want me.Moyol The gentleman smiled, and he took out a business card and gave it to Williams Look, take my business card, their manager will be very happy.I appreciate you, sir, and I will not forget you.Good people always get good things, isn t it so, Mr.Williams To be continued.Mobile phone users please go to read.468.Kidnapped, kidnapped New York, May 30, 1942.Some nervous looking people turned up outside the Turston clinic in New York.These people vigilantly observed the actions of all pedestrians around them, as if everyone passing by was their enemy.In the distance, some people armed with weapons hid in concealed places, their guns pointed nervously at the outside.Director Frank, I m Major Orvis from the Army Intelligence Bureau, and I m ordered to be on alert today.You can get support at any time.James, after Mr.Z goes in, you are responsible for guarding the door of Dr.Turston, No one is allowed to go in.Yes.Frank glanced at Major Orvis The Iron Gate Operation begins.Yes, the Iron Gate Operation begins Dr.Turston was really confused I don t understand what happened today.Mr.Oppenheimer is a regular customer of his own, and he comes here twice a year, but why did he make such a big fuss today Those normal patients in their own clinics have been invited away, and the ones outside are all pretending to be federal agents.Was Mr.Oppenheimer in trouble Ah, and his assistant was also replaced by a beautiful and charming Miss Heinrich.This was ordered by Chief Frank himself in a secret phone call.It is said that Miss Heinrich is also a federal agent.When Mr.What I want to say is that the Russians are moving too slowly.They should have reached Ankara long ago.Inonu Some helpless.The British are counting on the Russians to take the lead in the war, but the Russians are expecting the British to enter Ankara as soon as possible.They know the importance of Ankara, and no one is willing to abandon Turkey as an ally, but they don t want to waste their strength prematurely The strange mentality has prompted these two countries to watch each other The question is, how can I make the British general counsel in Ankara understand the current situation Ambassador Swelling Lear, what is the real situation in Ankara How is it After meeting with President Inonu, in the British embassy in Ankara, General Rosen asked seriously.It s not very good, General.Swelling Leer replied honestly Although the Turkish army of 500,000 is gathered here, without external assistance, it is hard for me to believe that the Turks can win.You can t say that the Turks were not tenacious and brave enough.Although they lacked the confidence to defend Ayash, they still showed their extraordinary courage in the face of the fierce German attack.On the battlefield, there have been many scenes of Turkish soldiers carrying explosives and blowing up German tanks.They are almost using their lives to block the German attack.But this is no longer all on the battlefield If you spend dozens or hundreds of lives just to blow up an enemy tank, then the price you pay is too heavy.And after attacking Ayash.The Germans finally played another card in their hands the United Turkish Free Army commanded by Field Marshal Goris.The United Turkish Free Army , which was rearmed by Germany, performed even better than the German cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal cbd gummies snakes army in the city of Ayash.And the origin of the disaster comes from us Wang Weiyi admitted that Xiao Ling s words were correct.The emergence of weapons that do not belong to this era will only lead to crazy military competitions among countries, increase the research cost of new weapons, and the whole world will fall into a disorderly war.However, he still wants to tell Xiaoling that if a country has advanced weapons such as nuclear weapons, it will be the leader of the world and the creator of disasters.When more and more countries have nuclear weapons, Then no one dares to use it first unless the leader of that country is a lunatic who wants to destroy the world Look, we re always discussing weapons, which have no real meaning to world peace.A smile reappeared on President Roosevelt s face I m a disabled person, and I don t even have the ability to walk normally.Some things, some serious situations, these are a test for you, but also your best chance.I hope you are ready to meet these challenges William didn t know What is stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes the crisis that father is talking about When he came to Leoni and Hermione, Wang Weiyi said slowly A new round of economic crisis will come soon William, the terrible economic crisis sweeping the United States, if you are the president of the United States, how would you deal with such an economic crisis William thought for a while, and then slowly spit out two words from his mouth War Wang Weiyi and Hermione laughed at the same time.There is no doubt that under the current situation, this is the fastest and most correct way.War War can greatly stimulate domestic industrial demand, and war can cbd 5000 mg gummies bring countless unemployed people back to work.He forgot how he came from a penniless poor boy to today.Maybe Mr.Garcia and Mr.Moyol are watching all this coldly But the news that Zeshi Fund is short on gold stocks gradually spread.The ever victorious Golden Rank Fund is firmly bullish on gold stocks.Their helm, Mr.Robben Williams, believes that gold stocks will rise to an unbelievable level, investing every dollar in the stock market.It can be multiplied hundreds of times.Now Robben.Williams had become a big star in the New York stock market, a figure of legend.A myth that investment has never failed once.Anyone who does not believe in Mr.Williams is a fool A large number of Americans have handed over their money to the Gold Rank Fund and entrusted Mr.Williams to invest for them.Who would not want to see their money multiplied several times or hundreds of times Originally well capitalized King Rank Fund.This has been proven many times in the history of the United States.Now, no one can prevent the arrival of a new economic crisis.Maybe this crisis is more terrible than any previous one.Suicides are happening every day, every hour in the United States, and those bankrupts live in fear and despair.They protest and march, but in the ruthless capital market, no one will shed a tear for them.A large number of bankrupt companies have caused a large number of unemployed people.The atmosphere of depression has shrouded the United States.Even someone as tough as President Roosevelt.There is no way to deal with the current situation at all.Since he took office, he has worked hard to fight against the American economic depression.He finally led the United States through the depression and revived the American economy, but almost overnight.

France has long been frightened by Germany.In the European battlefield, in just a few days, the French team that was once known as the number one in Europe.It was a disgraceful defeat to Germany.When Liberty Law was reorganized.The French did not have much confidence, but de Gaulle did what he could to reinvigorate their morale.In the first battle of Alamein, the French performed relatively well.In a certain position, facing the indiscriminate bombing of the German army, the French actually persisted for a whole day.But when their morale and confidence gradually returned, they unfortunately encountered the Second Battle of Alamein This was a terrible tragedy for them At the beginning of the battle in Mann, the 2nd Free French Brigade still fulfilled its missions according to the deployment.In the end, they cbd gummies snakes came together and caused the worst failure Major General Johnson, who was forced to draw out his troops, cbd gummies snakes soon had a gap in the original complete sequence.Originally, this gap was not very large.But the terrible thing is that standing opposite General Johnson is the Desert Fox Erwin Rommel Rommel will never let go of this once in a lifetime opportunity He quickly mobilized his troops to launch the most ferocious assault on this gap Now, the danger of being torn apart was also placed in front of Major General Johnson.The momentum of the German offensive is too fierce, especially their commander Rommel can always find the enemy s weaknesses and flaws most accurately.At 6 o clock, Rommel successfully commanded his own army and penetrated into the defense line of the 1st Armored Division.Since the Japanese army did not carry out the third attack, and in the first two attacks, the Japanese army only focused on striking military targets, and did not attack Pearl Harbor s various shipyards with complete shipbuilding facilities and oil depots storing 40,000 gallons of fuel.In the future, the U.S.military used the equipment of the shipyard to quickly salvage and repair the damaged warships, and it was the use of fuel from the oil depot that best cbd gummy for sinus infection made the aircraft carrier attack frequently, restoring the combat effectiveness of the Pacific Fleet in a short period of time.Imagine that even if the Japanese army only blew up the oil depot, it would be enough to prevent the intact Pacific Fleet from dispatching for six months.This is the biggest mistake the Japanese army made in this sneak attack After the Japanese planes started bombing, the Japanese pocket submarine I 16, piloted by Lieutenant Yokoyama Masaharu and Sergeant Major Ueda Sadaji, who sneaked cbd gummies snakes into Pearl Harbor, also took advantage of the fire and fired two torpedoes, both of which failed to hit the target.Skeleton What the Baron said was so calm and calm, without the slightest emotion, no matter what he said he would do, he would definitely do it as long as conditions permit.But pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies what can I do now He is just a prisoner.At least, Lindelof has begun to regret his choice Youhow do you want me to cooperate with you Lindelof Drov finally gave in.He could not care about his own life, but now his daughter and wife and sister are firmly in the hands of each other, and the most terrible things can happen anytime, anywhere.He absolutely allowed himself to kill them Look, our conversation is on the right track now, isn t it Wang Weiyi still looked so flattered You promised me something in the past, and now you have to cooperate with me Lin Deluo cbd gummies snakes The husband smiled bitterly Okay, please give me the paper and pen, I think you can get everything you want.One of the benefits of sleeping in a foxhole is that if your position is shelled, most of the shrapnel and shock waves will pass over your head.Heisenberg prayed silently in his heart, secretly grateful to the person who made the decision to sleep in a foxhole.Just then a shell exploded a hundred feet away.An armored division of the German army was stationed between the commando division garrison and the road to Burstein.The shelling appeared to be coming from that direction.The shells whizzed pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies through the air and exploded after falling to the ground.Several members of the commando huddled tightly in the foxhole.Get as low as possible.Their steel helmets are fastened securely to their heads with buckles.Shells thundered all around them.Whoever shelled the commandos must have known the exact location of the commandos.At this time, he saw Liaokov picked up the phone on the table Comrade Yaxinlev who picked up the Workers BrigadeComrade Yaxinlev I am Ryokov.Hello, we have a new reinforcement coming soon, please take care of them coming in Yes, Comrade General Katanovsky is with me Okay , The final victory must belong to us After speaking, he put down the phone and looked at Katanovsky coldly.Comrade Liaokov, there is still a batch of supplies arriving at night, and you are still in charge.Comrade Yashinlev, the brigade commander of the Workers Brigade, will follow your command and be careful to ensure the safety of this batch of supplies Katanovsky remembered what he had said.It was he who guessed that Liaokov was HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes given such power Yaxinlev, who was simple minded and impulsive, would never have thought that his cbd gummies snakes general had After being kidnapped, he never thought that Liaokov would be a traitor.Wang Weiyi and the German generals laughed.Model asked someone to bring it and handed it to Somrov Hey, kid, eat slowly, these are all yours.Find someone to ask about the child.Taking advantage of this time, Wang Weiyi said in a low voice.It is not particularly difficult to find out about Somrov s situation.About his life experience, it was quickly sent to Wang Weiyi s hands.Because the children in the Soviet Youth League, the situation and Somroff is basically the same.Especially their commander Kokovsky, who knows the situation of these children well.In the war.Although Kokovsky lost an arm, he survived and became a Kokovsky was also brought before Wang Weiyi.He didn t hide anything, but told the German Marshal about Somrov s situation Wang Weiyi sighed Yes, he guessed that there must be many tragic stories about this child that he didn t even know Watching Somruofu put the last food into his mouth, Wang Weiyi said Your father was a captain and company commander, and he was in charge of defending a position during the Battle of Kharkov.take off In an instant, Tiger and Leopard let out a vengeful roar and rushed forward.The No.3 and No.4 assault guns, the stalker, and the wild bee followed closely with the roar of battle.Stuka and Dornier With the roar of death, they went straight into the night sky, me 110 and fw 190 turned into assassins in the night sky.Sneaking in the sky.Whether it is a snowstorm or a scorching sun At some point, the inaudible March of the Armored Soldiers suddenly sounded in the attacking echelon, but this seemingly weak sound was like a prairie fire.It gradually became huge.Gradually, every squad, every platoon , every battalion, amidst the roar of chariots and the roar of fighter planes, began to sing loudly.The voices of the soldiers gradually became uniform.This warm atmosphere made every battle hardened The soldiers felt passionate.

The Japanese Germanians were also dying, but more corpses of their enemies fell beside them.Enough, as long as you kill more enemies than yourself, even death is worth it.Time passed there.The casualties are constantly increasing, but there are too many Romans, and it seems that they can t be killed no matter how they are killed.Guo Yunfeng looked at the sun, it was almost time. They ve done the job perfectly.Moreover, the mission has been overfulfilled, there is cbd gummies snakes no need to continue to increase casualties here.R Germania, retreat Guo Yunfeng issued such an order loudly.The executive power was a bit lacking, and the Germanians were red eyed.Not many people heard his orders.R Germania, retreat Guo Yunfeng raised his voice again cbd gummies snakes and roared loudly.This time it finally caught the attention of the Germanians.This largely limits the performance of the Roman Legion.Victory is something to look forward to.Caesar kept an eye on the battlefield.From the first moment Su Keers was killed, he knew that it was impossible to eliminate these barbarians today.But he was not in a hurry, even though she faced another attack failure, he quickly saw the barbarian s weakness.There are only so many of them, and all their elite fighters have gathered to the front line.And as long as the battle is delayed, Germania s power will inevitably become less and less, and the final victory belongs to itself.So Caesar could tolerate one or two defeats, and what he wanted was the final victory Caesar s timely order to sound the horn of retreat was also a relief for the Romans who were fighting hard.Once again the Romans were defeated, causing the Germanians to cheer wildly.Caesar murmured, Very good, we can finally see victory today.Suddenly, his brows frowned, and he said to himself Where are the children Where are the children of the barbarians He didn t see the children of the barbarians, and this couldn t help but make him feel ominous You cbd gummies snakes must know that although Caesar was unwilling to admit it, he already regarded the barbarians as his worst enemy in his heart, and now is the best time to eliminate all the barbarians.Thoroughly cut the weeds and roots.But why in these manpower a child is not seen Did you run away last night If this is the case, it will be a very big hidden danger for the pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies Romans.However, Caesar has no time to think about these for the time being The Germanians on the battlefield are already very strenuous.Under the powerful impact of the Roman legion, they were divided into several pieces, and many Germanian warriors fell under the butcher s knife of the Romans.Wang Weiyi replied very positively And I can also guarantee that I have many ways in Rome, and I can find many friends who are willing to speak for you.Don t forget that gold is even stronger than an entire Roman legion.Gaius couldn t agree more.The smile on Wang Weiyi s face became stronger But the prerequisite is that I need to end this war as soon as possible, so that I can go to Rome and do things for you, my friend.Gaius nodded and glanced again Gold in hand You have proved your financial strength to me, so I think it s my turn to do something for you now.I think you probably don t know that you are facing a terrible crisis.Oh, is that so Wang Weiyi asked calmly.Yes.Gaius voice became low Caesar s envoy is currently in secret contact with the leader of the Franks, Dadarit.Although I don t know what conditions Caesar cbd gummies for sale walmart set, but I think when you are busy fighting frontally, the knife from the back must be uncomfortable.Poor slave, can t you see that your sister lost to you on purpose Servius said to Servia sarcastically, the poor sister looked at the sister who was lying on the ground, and she saw How many complex human emotions are contained in Tieria s tears filled eyes There is pain, there is joy, there is compassion The huge stimulation that cbd gummies snakes came one after another finally made Sylvia unable to hold on, and she fell backwards in a daze.Servius supported her Poor Sylvia, pollen power bank cbd gummies hemp vs cbd gummies you were frightened tonight , but I think Tieria has turned you into a qualified fighter.It took a while for Sylvia to understand what happened, and she ran to Tyre, who had just stood up with the help of two slaves.Beside Leah, she hugged and cried with her sister.Servius came over Beautiful Sylvia, now accompany your sister to bandage the wound, and then change into your favorite clothes and come over.Pompey sneered My friend, it seems that I have read you correctly.You have a very clear understanding of what happened between Caesar and the barbarians.Then you can tell me, is there any other reason for Caesar s failure besides the strength of the barbarians I don t think there should be any Wang Weiyi felt that there seemed to be something else in Pompey s words.Where is Gaius Didn t Gaius tell you something Pompey s sudden arrival surprised Wang Weiyi again.Could it be that Pompey already knew what happened in Germany Has his identity been exposed If this is the case, then the relationship between himself and Richthofen The situation will become extremely dangerous But Pompey seemed to be saying something that couldn t be easier You have the fastest horse to deliver the message for you, and Rome also has the fastest horse and the fastest horse.Only a few places are lush water grass.There are rectangular wooden houses scattered here and there, which are the camps where the Saxons live.Before it was dark today, the bonfire had already been lit, and the aroma of barbecued game wafted through the camp.Naked Germanic children ran around the racks where the food was being grilled, and some children squatted on the ground to watch the actions of the adults.The adults were making a light yellow sauce made of salt and other condiments Brush on the game layer by layer to make the aroma more attractive.Although these children were naked and dirty, they had a strong body that the Romans most envied.Because they are all breastfed by their own mothers.In the distance, older children are rolling in the dirt with the tribe s sheep, pigs, and goats.He yelled furiously Tnadus, I swear, if I can catch you, I will peel your skin from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, I swear Tenadus laughed loudly Stupid savage, do you really think that success is possible The venerable commander Gaius has cbd gummies snakes brought a whole legion, and your end will soon come Just as his words fell, Gaius majestic voice came again The barbarians refuse to surrender, soldiers of the Roman Republic, destroy them, and tell them what will happen to them when they betray Rome Under his order, the Roman soldiers Neatly start moving towards this.A battle that could not be called evenly matched broke out here Not only were the Saxons at a disadvantage in numbers, but the weapons they used were completely incomparable with the sophisticated equipment of the Romans.Some of them continued to fall, and some of them continued to die.

They were jealous of your great military exploits and your prestige, so they found a random excuse to bring you how much are the cbd gummies to quit smoking back to Rome, and then put you to death.As you My relative and most loyal subordinate, sugar free cbd gummies for anxiety I firmly oppose your return to Rome.There, the despicable sword is already waiting for your arrival The room was quiet, and no one spoke They knew that the situation was very serious, but they didn t expect it to be so serious.Are you 3000mg tub of cbd gummies sure, Anthony Caesar asked slowly after a long time.I m sure, Caesar.Anthony nodded vigorously This is what Senator Spulius told me.Mr Spurius, who is that Why have I never heard his name I was a little curious at first, maybe it was because I had been away from Rome for too long.Tias Meleus Spurius, a young congressman who is in the limelight, and also a person who Pompey values very much Anthony quickly replied Caesar, although she Pompey is highly regarded, but I can see that he still respects cbd gummies snakes you infinitely.Caesar, can represent Rome Go back to your team Servius glanced at the enemy line involuntarily.At the front of the line, there were three strange men sitting on three horses, and Servius suddenly remembered the three barbarians circulating in Rome.Skeleton Consul, Vulcan Loki, and Blood Devil.He looked behind these three people and saw a large group of barbarians in a neat lineup, and these barbarians were completely different from the barbarians that Servius imagined.The same.They protected themselves with armor and shields, and their short swords looked sharper than those of the Romans.The groups of soldiers holding stone hammers or spears seemed to be telling the Romans there Germanic Man, he has also armed himself Servius frowned Caesar, have you really degenerated to the point of being with barbarians Instead of being friends with those who betray me, it is better to choose enemies who are willing to help me.There are different troops coming in and out here from time to time, and they often leave after spending a night here, no big deal.Sergeant, gather your soldiers Wang Weiyi said very solemnly You are so lazy, if the Germans launch a sneak attack here, you will all be killed Well, I met another pretending guy up John murmured in his heart, but he didn t dare to offend a major, so he managed to gather all his subordinates together, a total of twenty four listless soldiers.Americans are constantly cursing this damn major in their hearts.What a lovely afternoon, completely ruined by this prim major.Is it all here, Sergeant Yes, Major, all my people are here.Follow me into the house, all of you Wang Weiyi said, and came to the nearby stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes building without looking back.In an empty, abandoned house.Probably he s going to exercise his majesty as an officer again John murmured, and led his men into the empty house behind Wang Weiyi.Allen did not hide anything If In the past, I would have suggested surrender, but this time it was different.When Major Moyol named us the Skeleton Commando, I felt a kind of pride inexplicably, and I was willing to die for this name We It s the same.All the commandos replied so calmly.Max smiled again Then, let s do it together The commandos emerged are cbd gummies safe for teens from hiding together, all weapons in hand.It expresses the firm determination of the German soldiers fight to the end fight to the last minute fight until the last soldier falls Once again the Americans are feeling the determination of these tenacious Germans The German commandos fought like 19 maniacs.A soldier was shot and fell.But the rest of the people didn t see it at all, and continued to spit the bullets in their guns at those enemies.The tragic decisive battle the tragic last battle When you are called this name Skeleton Commando from the first minute, it means responsibility, courage, sacrifice. Some of the leaves were falling, and some light came through.Wang Weiyi saw a foot falling towards him. He jumped up from the fallen leaves suddenly, and thrust the branch in his hand from the enemy s lower body. In an incomparably miserable cry.Wang Weiyi picked off the American soldier s waist, and then rolled on the spot in time.Tud chug , several gunshots rang out.All hit the tree that Wang Weiyi avoided in time. Enemy Enemy There he is.Anris is dead, damn it, he killed Anris like this, a large branch went through Anris s lower body Vero, surround him.Kill him The yelling of the two American soldiers clearly reached Wang Weiyi s ears.He quietly hid behind the trees, and then glanced at the thing he picked off from the American soldier he killed it was a grenade.He pulled out the safety of the grenade, and then silently counted twice.Colonel Chelus let out a long sigh of relief.He knew very well that even if he returned to Berlin smoothly, it did not mean that he was safe.In Berlin, there must be the enemy s senior spies lurking, and he may encounter accidents anytime, anywhere.But don t worry now, even if something happens to me, I have found someone who can reveal the truth the amazing Major Moyol Major, General Werner has agreed to let you command all the troops.He already knows about your deeds.At this moment, Captain Scherer came over with a cheerful tone.Maybe he also thinks that it is the most correct choice for him to be commanded by Major Moyol Then, let s start.Wang Weiyi calmly said I can only send you here, take care, Colonel Chelus.Thank you for your efforts, and please don t forget what I said to you.Take care, Major Moyol.The tragic Lieutenant Colonel Errett died inexplicably in this way After the gun battle broke out, the armed combat pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies members of the Elder Combat Brigade led by Stephen also arrived in time.then.Here it has become a one sided massacre for Americans.Countless American soldiers died sadly, and countless American soldiers were pierced by bullets.Painful wailing and mournful cries resounded together, making this place even more gloomy and terrifying.Those dying American soldiers.A hallucination suddenly appeared in front of my eyes a big crack opened in the ground, and then, groups of undead appeared, waving the weapons in their hands, destroying everything that could be seen in front of them.And among these undead, a knight riding a war horse with flames all over his body was watching all this coldly.He understands how much power the opponent has.Also understand the limited artillery fire that the opponent can use.But where did the enemy get so many cannons Where did you find such heavy artillery fire General Kerrett was at a loss.His chief of staff, Colonel Ryan, was also at a loss But at this moment, Wang Weiyi was watching all this coldly.When the German counterattack fired the first artillery fire, he immediately issued an order to the base Xiao Ling, start Xiao Ling, start If the artillery fire organized by General Olitz is still limited, then the assistance of Xiaoling and her Ziguang military base will be the decisive force in this counterattack At this time, Xiao Ling didn t think about anything anymore, and it was completely messed up at this timeSince this is the case, let everyone have a good fight The Ziguang military base uttered the most terrifying roar This is destructive power, enough to overwhelm the enemy Terrible attacks from the base kept roaring out, and precisely landed on the American positions.

Take Are you here cbd oil gummies not helping for inflammation Yes, bring it here.Wang Weiyi said solemnly Generals, I order you to return to your posts and complete your tasks.Yes, Marshal Oliver was brought in , although the possible failure had been envisioned, it failed so quickly.It s something they didn t think of.They still underestimated Ernst s great prestige Oliver was a little nervous, which had never happened before.Only others have always been nervous in front of him.Wang Weiyi looked at him calmly, and after a long time he said slowly Just a few hours ago, I thought Kroller was still sitting here, but in fact this seat does not belong to him.Oliver, I think you have interrogated Many people, including Colonel Cherus Yes, including Colonel Cherrus.Oliver felt that there was no point in concealing these.Then where is Colonel Cherus now Did Crew order you to arrest him Colonel Cherus has committed suicide.The Leopard tank made a huge roar, and then rushed out like a monster.And behind it, there are a large number of German cbd gummies snakes soldiers rushing out Wang Weiyi is very clear that the German army now lacks air cover, unless Xiaoling completely unlocks the Constant base, and Richthofen officially fulfills his mission Responsibilities of Luftwaffe Marshal.Before that, everything possible must be done to neutralize the enemy s air superiority.The German counterattack was officially launched, and the French army, cbd gummies snakes which had suffered shell raids, was now in a panic.In their hearts there is a natural sense of fear of the German army.The French suffered at the hands of the Germans in World War I and World War II.Even their capital, Paris, was quickly captured.The cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies French army is no match for the German army this is the idea in the minds of most French judges.Your Highness, this place is very dangerous.Please follow me to a safe place.Really Is there a safe place in Germany now Of course, if you think it is safe, then it must be safe.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Even if pollen power bank cbd gummies hemp vs cbd gummies the enemy invades Berlin, Berlin is still safe.Michael smiled You are exactly the same as the baron my father said.I never know what fear is.After inviting His Royal Highness and his wife into the car, Wang Weiyi whispered to the adjutant beside him, Inform Fels to investigate the authenticity of His Royal Highness and his wife s identities.Also, invite Leoni here.At such an extraordinary moment, He must be cautious, he will never allow himself to make any mistakes.When he came to his office, Wang Weiyi cbd gummies snakes asked Michael and his wife to sit down.At this time, their identities were a little awkward.Heroic Spirit Corps Ziguang Military Base, December 21, 1965.Wang Weiyi entered the base cbd from hemp gummies slowly, at this moment he could not express his feelings.What language should I use to describe it Excited nervous Excitement, it seems to have both, but they also don t seem to be so accurate.In fact, when he left Germany for the second time, he didn t really expect this day to come.However, he still had to welcome this day.Is he ready Yes, he was sure he was ready.He was sure he was ready for it all.His friend his comrade in arms his brother who lived and died together From the Somme to France, from the North African battlefield to Russia They fought side by side together, through life and death.Together they have experienced the myth that others can hardly imagine.Together they pushed Germany to a pinnacle.But the flamethrower is naturally finished.Damn The coalition forces trapped in the trenches cried out in agony.Major Ludman and Martin sneaked behind the stones behind the wooden shed during the charge, and the American machine gunners were dazzled for a moment Kram and the others were so noisy over there, and they didn t see them.Of course, Sergeant Kramm and the others also Only when these two guys cheeba chews cbd gummies broke up with them in the positional battle.I didn t care about them, and I didn t know that there were more of them.Major Ludman stayed with Martin.He became a lot smarter, he thought hard, and came up with an idea he just found two bottles of wine from a US military corpse, the glass bottles were newly bought, and the readings must be high enough, really, I was too nervous just now cbd gummies snakes , I actually forgot about this.However, the more this happened, the more Colonel Nesko had an impulse let all the Germans tremble under their own guns When this offensive started, Colonel Nesko had already made the most difficult preparations Sure enough, when the U.S.army entered the range of the German army, all the firepower on the German army s position was turned on.Those assault guns, accompanied by bazookas, roared and returned the shells to the Americans.Unfortunately, several tanks and armored vehicles became sacrificial objects.They lost the power to move on, and the tank soldiers inside climbed out desperately.Turn around and run towards the back of yourself.However, those German bullets poured mercilessly into their bodies.Any battle is enough to turn the battlefield into a hell on earth Wang Weiyi and Nesko thought of this at the same time.What an excellent general who can restrain them.But now it s a bit different.Wang Weiyi nodded silently, yes, the contradiction between the SS and the Wehrmacht has always existed, but he never thought of it It hasn t changed after all these years.Especially in Germany s most critical moment, such problems are absolutely not allowed to exist.A solution must be found.A united country and a united army are the key factors to overcome all difficulties Nine hundred and eighteen.Commando Let s talk.Yes.On the 18th, the equipment inventory is as follows one Model assault gun two Zhanti stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes assault guns two 10mm guns five mg62 machine guns 48 mp60 submachine guns Heisenberg, look at this Zoff shouted excitedly, pointing to a sex calendar on the wall A sex calendar ha The Russians must have come for this Heisenberg turned his head away with a smirk.However, before each battle, Zoff will pretend to be innocent like this.I don t know if he really believes this, or just to comfort himself, so that the nightmare that is about to befall them seems It s not that scary.Heisenberg smiled and handed Zoff a cigarette.The enemy s attack plane circled over their heads again.This time, it swooped down and fired two rows of bullets.In cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies the baptized two story building.There were screams from the broken windows.It seemed that something had been broken.Hey Daiss Send two men to bring the wounded out, and call a medic Zoff yelled to a soldier manning a cannon on the street corner behind him.Only recruits dodge during air raids.Veterans know life and death are preordained and you can t avoid it.They continued walking down the devastated street , at the end of this street, is a bridge, and the river is their only hope of stopping the entire Russian regiment from driving in.

Paul.Rutherford chimed in Go get some mines and bury them in the church I want to see more sparks when the fireworks go off.Captain Reuben.Heisenberg raised his head and looked at the big man The museum is a two story marble building, and we should be able to hold on there for a while.I will give you 3 mg62s, and I will give you 60 grenades in the armored warehouse.Is that enough enough The big man stood at attention and gave Heisenberg an exaggerated salute.But Ruben, I don t want you and your sugar and kush cbd gummy bears review people to die in the museum listen, when more than half of your people are killed or killed, then withdraw.Take you and Paul s men to join the priest at the cemetery position behind you.understand Aren t the armored assault guns going to support us sir When the big man said this, his eyes were fixed on Rutherford.Heisenberg called Zoff s name and told him that the German army was now retreating as planned.Hearing his order, the soldiers reluctantly fired their last shot, then helped the highline wellness cbd night gummies review uk cbd gummies sleep wounded beside them, and left the position.Everyone gathered at the gate of the church, ready to rush out together.Enemy bullets came in through the gaps in the bunkers, and the pillars of the church were shot by sparks from time to time.Hasen come here Heisenberg called the young man s name, and he ran to Heisenberg with a hot weapon, seeming to have overcome the fear just now.Stay behind me don t go far At this moment there was rapid shooting and shouting from the back door of the church those screams of horror that echoed repeatedly in the empty hall.Little Paul has done his duty.Quick Now Heisenberg ordered loudly, Get out The main entrance was kicked open, and dozens of soldiers moved towards the side entrance of the museum 30 meters away.Before that, they once thought they had been abandoned.However, now they can cbd gummies snakes know very clearly that Berlin has not abandoned them, and Germany has not abandoned them.Send the Akele battle group to Robin Stell.Calm down from the excitement, General Miller issued such an order.This was the last reserve team he could use Tell Robin Stell to all the children who are still fighting, Marshal Ernst is here, pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies and our reinforcements are here.He was sure that such The good news can maximize the determination frosty chill cbd gummies of those German soldiers to fight to the end Order all the troops to advance at full speed Standing on his tank, Wang Weiyi coldly issued such a command Order.With the miraculous surrender of Great Russia, there is no obstacle on the way forward.Even, Boschek and his troops acted as the vanguard of the whole army.Command an entire army of massive skeleton commandos.It s ridiculous that I had to lead my commandos in the last battle at Montfaucon, the last battle of the First World War I witnessed my brother Falling under the guns of the enemy, I witnessed the commandos die one by one in front of me From then on, I swore that no matter where I went, I would never give up Any German soldier Major Raff understood perfectly Marshal, you are the bravest officer I have ever met.none of them.I once wanted to ask you for a gift to wait until after the war.I can show off to my companions, but I now know that there is no need for this, at least, I know what I have done cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies Wang Weiyi smiled faintly Yes, when the war is over, everyone knows what they have done and what they have experienced.This is their most HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes precious wealth.On his flanks, the Grossdeutsche Regiment and the Royal 1st Division fought alongside him throughout, taking equally heavy casualties.How long can they last Wang Weiyi asked, staring at the map.Guderian said Judging from what we have so far.I think the position will still be in their hands in three to five days I have already reinforced them stimuli rx cbd gummies cbd gummies snakes with some tanks and artillery, starting pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies this morning.Richthofen has also ordered the Air Force back into battle Very well, then my headquarters will be set up in the Skeleton Division.Wang Weiyi said without a second of hesitation.For such a crazy and bold decision, Rommel and Guderian have long been familiar with it.The most dangerous front line can always see the skeleton baron.Once a counterattack is launched, the enemy must be dealt the heaviest blow with the fastest action in the shortest possible time Wang Weiyi used three most words in a row Gentlemen, don t waste time here, let s take action When the baron came back, the grand opening of the Battle of Berlin officially began The situation facing the Skeleton Division is far more serious than what they said The whole division has been under heavy pressure in the air and ground bombardment of the Allied forces.At that moment, General Aveeno was completely shocked In the face of the Allied air strikes and artillery fire, these German children behaved so calmly.Ivy Nuo was sure that he did not use the wrong word composure They endured the enemy s shelling with the greatest determination, even though the surrounding gunpowder smoke filled them, they were all firmly fixed on their positions like a rock.And when the French army started to attack , all the firepower on the battlefield started to erupt at the same time.It was terrible, could this group really be children All the children of the n i Bottler, like a real soldier, calmly attacked the group of enemies who rushed up, G Machine guns and P submachine guns combined with grenades and flame guns formed the tightest fire net on cbd gummies snakes the position.And when the enemy s armored forces began to attack, the children were not afraid at all.The child actually smiled I m probably the oldest in the whole teacher.One day later, it will be my birthday, and by that time, I will be 10 years old.1 year old.Matt, live well, I promise to spend a 1 year old birthday for you.Jekat also smiled at him I need each of pure kana premium cbd gummies reviews pollen power bank cbd gummies you to live well.I also need each of you to HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes see the German victory.I will try, General, Matt replied loudly.Jekat stood up, but he knew he was deceiving himself. Most of the youth division will die, they will not be able to see the victory coming, but watermelon cbd gummies 500mg they have no regrets, they know what they are doing.For the glory of Germany, he fought until the last moment of his life. Enemies appear densely and densely, and you can t see the end at a glance.And those nasty tanks and armored vehicles were extremely arrogant in the eyes of the young teacher.The first to be hit by the Allies was the 29th Infantry Division of the French Army, and the first cbd gummies snakes bluebird cbd gummies to be hit It was also this French army that was destroyed.You cannot say that Aveeno and his French soldiers did not try their best.Most of them fought to the last moment.There are actually many reasons for the failure.But They lost anyway After Colonel Zijang surrendered, General Avanor had lost any chance of winning.The only thing he could do now was one thing pollen power bank cbd gummies fight to the end or surrender In fact, Aveeno had already thought about this answer when the German army began to launch a counterattack Continue fighting After losing so much of cbd gummies snakes the main force it was impossible.Surrender may be a disgrace to a soldier, but it also has an advantage, which can save his soldiers to the greatest extent.He is a soldier, not an executioner, cbd gummies snakes and he will never remain stubborn even when the defeat is certain Moreover, he has an idea that he doesn t know, he wants to study the German army at the closest distance, See why they were able to win despite such a disadvantage.

Of the four sons, the most qualified to become president is the eldest son Joseph Jr.But the ruthless war shattered his wishful thinking.During one flight, the plane he was piloting exploded due to a malfunction, and he and the co pilot were blown to pieces.This was the first disaster that the Kennedy family encountered after many disasters.Two weeks later came the bad news.The second daughter Catherine s newlywed husband Lord Hartington, an Englishman, died in a skiing accident.A cbd gummies snakes buy botanical farms cbd gummies few years later, the widowed Catherine had a new boyfriend, Earl Fitzwilliam, an Englishman.On May 13, 1948, the two rented a small plane and went to France for vacation.In the mountains, both crashed and died in strong winds.After the death of the eldest son, the hope of the family rested more on the second son, John Kennedy.But at least he saw one thing, Moscow was turning into a tomb But who will be buried in cbd gummies snakes this grave A large number of policemen and soldiers appeared on the streets of Moscow, especially tanks.Khmelitsky, Duyoshenko, Tangroniv The order received by the admiral, once any uncontrollable things happen, they will be resolutely suppressed without hesitation.But the people of Moscow are not afraid at all, they still gather together, shouting against the grand duke And the slogan of the government No one can stop their determination to change all this Among the crowds of those parades, the secret police even found the editor in chief of the Moscow Herald , who was named by the Grand Duke in Bordeaux Mr.Fu.Major, I saw Bordov A secret policeman pointed towards the front of the crowd Should he be arrested immediately Are you crazy The major glanced at his men Arrest Poldorf The few of us will be overwhelmed by angry mobs in no time, and damn it, I don t want to take that risk.They know that the United States does not have the ability to use force against Russia.So they can do something unscrupulous I will assist you to develop real oil fields.Wang Weiyi suddenly smiled Of course, not the so called Armenian oil fields.Mr.Fritoyav, to be honest, we have mastered a large number of oil field storage locations in Russia, as well as an astonishingly rich natural gas reserve, which will allow you to solve a large number of employment problems and ease economic pressure and contradictions in Russia , able to get your government on its feet quickly Of course, this has to be jointly developed by Germany and Russia Russia will become one of Germany s largest and most feared supply bases.Fritoyaf is a very smart person A huge country can continuously provide you with supplies including crude oil, which will ensure that you and your Germany win the final victory of the war Wang Weiyi smiled, and then nodded cbd gummies for alcohol withdrawal cbd gummies snakes slowly to admithe did so many things in Russia for this purpose.The entire three way intersection was full of American troops.The armored doors of the bunkers were opened, double barreled anti tank guns and machine guns protruded from the perforations, and the German troops on both sides of the road also took out their weapons.The British army only waited for the order to be issued within the range of the army s weapons.Boom The bunker opened fire first, hitting the infused gummies cbd recipe first tank in the front block, and then destroying the second tank in the convoy.The US tanks behind them reversed cbd gummies snakes one after another.Boom The Germans on both sides of the road also opened fire, and the rocket hit the last tank, causing it to catch fire and explode.The entire convoy was completely blocked on the road.The tanks on the highway drove off the road into the dense forests on both sides in order to avoid the attack, but as soon as they entered the dense forest, they were trapped by the simple bunkers arranged by the German army Some slow tanks were directly destroyed by the artillery in the bunker on the road, or the track shoes were smashed by the German anti material rifles when they reversed and fled, losing their ability to move, and then directly destroyed by the artillery one by one.According to all the information, I think Lantes is completely untrustworthy, and he is more greedy for power than anyone else Yes.I never said that he is trustworthy Wang Weiyi With a slight smile So, we still need someone to further promote all this.The person Wang Weiyi said was Berkeley.The guy who is also impatiently waiting for Saturday.In his report, all the police and secret police in Paris are ready, and General Robito s armed forces are gradually entering Paris, and the operation will start within the specified time.At this time, Berkeley and Roberto have completely entrusted their fate to Baron Alexon They have already cut off every escape route Berke Mr.Lai, when the French government is overthrown, there will be a lot of vacancies in the new government, for example, the French president and prime minister will need new candidates.In his headquarters, he actually received a call from Marshal Ernst of Germany Even in his old age, he can still clearly remember every conversation he had with Marshal Ernst that day Kakeka Zhunjing, I m Ernst HCMUSSH cbd gummies snakes Brahm Marshal Ernst, it s an honor to hear your voice here.Although we are now on opposing sides, this cannot hinder my respect for .

can i take cbd gummies with kratom?

you.Thank you for your compliment, Commodore Kakka.After the battle broke out, you and your troops showed enough courage.The situation is now completely out of your control.And I can also tell you very clearly that Lieutenant General Carson is no longer able to give you any form of support.As a commander, I think it is time to consider how to preserve the lives of survivors.Are you asking me to surrender Yes, I am asking you to surrender.As a soldier, he would feel that surrender would be the greatest shame, but it is seriously irresponsible to the soldiers to fight to the end even when he knows he will fail.Captain Pattinson left with Mr.Moyol when boarding his car.Captain Pattinson didn t start the car immediately, but said cbd gummies snakes after a moment of silence Thank you, Mr.Moyol, I also solemnly apologize to you for my cowardice that night.You don t need to apologize Captain.Wang Weiyi smiled and said Anyone in that situation would think otherwise.The most important thing is that we are all safe.Captain, I will leave London soon, and you will probably still be here Staying for a long time, I don t want to lose a friend cbd gummies snakes like you.Captain Pattinson smiled, and he has regarded Mr.Moyol as his true friend from now on After taking a hot bath and eating something, Wang Weiyi asked about Mrs.Delk s situation.Mrs.Delk has returned to the embassy and has been properly settled.And it is said that she entrusted many people to find out the whereabouts of Mr.Cooperating with British intelligence.Major Barack originally wanted to refuse, but then he thought of his own money.If he made a fuss with General Gendra, he would be sent back to his country immediately due to the general s personality.And before his eyes, the charming face of the English widow appeared again.Under the temptation of money and beauty, Major Barack finally succumbed Since then, one after another, the most important information of the cbd gummies snakes US military has been sent to Nash Although he learned from Nash He was rewarded with generous money and could continue to provide him and the widow with a luxurious life, but he was always worried that something would be revealed to the public one day.Nash protected him very well, and the general didn t know everything he did outside.However, this didn t mean that the general would never know.

Paris, we have successfully provoked the economic crisis, and the serious confrontation between blacks and whites, armed riots It will also be our best opportunity.How are you going to proceed to the next step Callis College is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us Paris replied respectfully Said To be honest, I didn t expect things to become so big.The whole of the United States will soon be fully involved.The members of the Brandenburg commando have entered the Calis Institute and successfully prevented The entry of the police, and we will further incite all the blacks in Oakland to enter the Calis College incidentbut the only thing that worries me now is the military s involvement Yes Yes, once the army intervenes, the Black Panther Party and the mere results of the commandos will not be able to stop them.Ah, Lieutenant Colonel, you misunderstood.Captain Roger said hastily I can still handle these bills, I m just complaining to you.I think we all know that the victory of the war seems a bit illusory now, why do we Still staying here Does the British war have any direct relationship with us A soldier is captured on the battlefield, and he will be released when the war is over, but what about us Once caught, We will be tried for espionage, and in better cases, the government will exchange us back after more than ten years.At that time, we are out of touch with this society, and we don t know what else we can do.In worse cases What Maybe we ll all be shot for espionage This is the situation most potential spies are most afraid of facing The fate of a spy being captured is completely different from that of a soldier after being captured Wang Weiyi listened carefully Listening to what Captain Roger said, he sighed deeply Captain, I completely agree with you.Let himself and his family live a better life.However, everything cbd gummies snakes has completely changed since he was transferred to the UK.His life has become full of challenges and dangers But he did not method, he can t change the decision made by his superiors It s just that he always feels a little awkward when these words come from the mouth of Lieutenant Colonel Moyol Look, let s go back to the United States.Wang Weiyi said slowly You refused my help just now, but in fact your financial situation is far worse than what you said.You owe a lot of money to the bank , eh The vampires in the bank are not going to let you off just because you re a secret agent and you re fighting valiantly for your country.From what I know, the bank has given you an ultimatum if you If you can t repay the loan, your house will be confiscated.Will nodded solemnly Yes, I have cbd gummies snakes already contacted the Baron before I arrived in Ireland.He will himself come to direct your armed struggle.Of course, before that we will launch an armed uprising in advance Adams perked up.Do you have a map here certainly.Adams asked someone to bring a map of Northern Ireland.Will pointed cbd gummies snakes to the map and said Moyle, our uprising will start from Moyle first.It is close to Rathlin Island, so it can advance and retreat freely, and can get support from the sea.What we can assure you, Mr.Adams, is that there will be a steady stream of weapons in your hands.Adams watched the map carefully Yes, this is a good place for the uprising.Here we have a large number of sympathizers.I m sure we can get the support of the locals.I think the only thing we have to deal with there is the cbd gummies snakes NKVD, and with the NKVD we are equally likely to win them over to our side.Maybe the cbd gummies snakes British were careless This is the only explanation given by General Gendra What he didn t know was that Wang Weiyi, who was active in London, did not tell the Ash Project The British, as he once said to his subordinates, the only ally they can rely on after the Great Britain was devastated after the war is Germany, and the alliance between Germany and Britain will become more stable.Once the plan to establish a Greater European Union has the full support of the British side, the implementation of this plan will be smoother than imagined.These damn things Duke Stephen s angry face was almost distorted The industry of the British Empire has been so devastated, which will make the reconstruction of Britain after the war even more complicated.Why did they do this Why The eyes of Sir Grislow Monlington and those British people are also beating with angerUnforgivable, this is absolutely unforgivable thingI thought the war had already started At the end, but now suddenly such a situation appeared Both Fenton and those Americans deserve justice Wang Weiyi watched calmly without saying a word.

Moreover, the FDA has taken significant steps to combat misinformation about FDA-regulated products being communicated online, in the news, and by high-profile public officials, celebrities, and other outlets. We continue to look for opportunities to combat misinformation head-on in ways easy for consumers to understand and communicate the potential for real harm. Find trusted health information from the FDA and our government partners. See the resources below.

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